Samir & Cesc Might Prove Two Into One Won’t Go & More Gossip


That was the sound of the straw that broke the camel’s back. The situation surrounding Arsenal has plummeted to ludicrous depths. Summer speculation about incomings and outgoings ploughed downwards through the bottom of the barrel into the bowels of the earth.

Cesc and Samir Nasri may or may not have been ordered to pull a sickie on Member’s Day this week. No, wait, they have been ordered to turn up so that they can be in one of the sixteen official photos of the squad. For the second, the squad will shuffle around, Cesc and Samir will exit the group for the touchline.

Having messed about and been a general distraction for everyone, the pair will then take it in turns to rejoin the group so that photos are available which cover every scenario and outcome. The usual hour long shenanigans will be extended whilst they await the arrival of Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson to take Arsène’s place in the photoshoots, with the Cesc and Samir show for each one also being incorporated.

I am guessing that no-one in the press corps has heard of Photoshop which rather negates the need to take so many snaps? Still never let a practicality get in the way of gossip and ill-founded speculation.

Keiran Gibbs will however complicate matters by needing an end of row seat to accommodate his crutches. The Box Office cannot handle such rudimentary requests so Gibbs is going to have to make do with whatever allocation he is given. That will be a shock for Arsène and the club who were unaware that the full back was injured, Gibbs having pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes last weekend by playing.

No, wait, this piece is warning us that he might miss games through injury which I find disturbing. I mean, whoever heard of an Arsenal player being injured? Almost as unusual as an Arsenal player recovering quickly from injury. Another example of Jack Wilshere being led astray. Fit within a fortnight? It’s a rocky road you are travelling young man.

Still some sanity is needed. The Gibbs report, combined with the photoshoot, show the depths to which sports reporting in this country has plummeted. If Cesc or Nasri does not turn up, the absentee(s) departure(s) will be a certainty. Until such times have we trodden so far down the path of despair and ill-will that a potential absence is deemed a credible option? If that genuinely is the case, why bother at all?

Onto the serious stuff though, transfer speculation. Surely with the rubbish spouted about existing staff, a bit of credibility-restoring thought has gone into this morning’s efforts. Sadly, no. Whatever has been ailing the reporters assigned to Arsenal, is part of a general malaise sweeping the sports desks.

Take Phil Jagielka. Arsenal have been trying to but Big Phil is being all coy. The fluttering lashes of bigger wages and Champions League football hold no sway with ‘Jags’, who prefers the sallow complexion of David Moyes to all of that luxury and recognition. Whilst I am prepared to concede that some might decide to stay put, placing personal happiness above the chance for silverware, Jagielka would be a rare breed.

But could it be that Arsenal have paved the way for no more bids, a change of reason for failure? No more ‘not enough money‘ or ‘the fee did not represent good value‘, no, this one is going to fail because ‘the player did not have enough ambition to play for Arsenal‘. All the while, Jags will be sitting there wondering where the Hell this bad press came from.

Still no worries, Scott Dann has been identified as the defender we want, rather than Gary Cahill or Christopher Samba. Which is nice. Well, obviously not for those two because rejection can be hard to take but you know what I mean.

And Joey Barton won’t do the decent thing and bugger off to West Ham. Yet.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Lazy post

  2. Poo Bum

  3. stonroy

    Lazy comment.


  4. I let you have it this morning Goonerton….Been busy changing nappies..Morning YW..

  5. Phil Jagielka may be a ‘rare breed’ but he may sincerely believe that Everton have a chance for European football at the end of next season. He may have seen that Everton, under David Moyes, made a remarkable effort towards the end of last season to finish just behind Liverpool. He may also believe (what is in the media) that Arsenal are a team in dissarray and crisis.

    I can’t make any assumptions as to why Wenger has so far failed to buy the CB of his choice (whoever that may be) but perhaps the negative rumours surrounding the club could be influencing possible targets, only time will tell, Wenger still has till Aug 31st to get the work done. And anyone who says that is too late for someone to integrate into the team, just remember how in January nearly every fan was screaming at Wenger to get in a new CB. January is just as difficult to integrate into the team as September.
    Anyway, I’m waiting for the team and Wenger to do their talking on the pitch at St James on the 13th and not in the current media and blog frenzy.

  6. Please not Scott Dann, he is no better than what we have. Would prefer to try Bartley if that is how low our standards have fallen. If Arsene genuinely wants a CB (as he seems to) then he may have to pay slightly more than he wants to. If would be better to paid a bit more, than get lower quality.

  7. Yeah Go Stonroy! You tell him.

    Getting up early and trawling through the days tabloid shite, writing, proofing and correcting and hyperlinking 6 articles and tagging the finished piece before a probable final run through of changes, updates and corrections. And all done by about 8am.

    He is a lazy bastard and no mistake. 😉

    Can’t you change your name, Stonroy, to something more suitable like

    ‘Pointless Comment Twat’…?

  8. Ras, man you still wearing nappies?! 😉

  9. YW
    Lets be honest Jagielka will win the same at Everton as he will Arsenal next season

  10. Not to drag away from your “lazy” article YW – but thought this was a good piece/worth a read from Desi last night.

    Morning all.

    I feel like we might see some action today – for no reason at all.

  11. In my head, I can’t see Jags or Dann as first choice – I’d rather Kozzer and Verminator.

  12. Yes but he was nailed to a cross at the time Cbob.

    Are you okay sir? Bit early to be dragging the sun of God into things, no?

  13. @Goonerandy at 8.54am

    >”please not Scott Dann, he is no better than what we have”<

    Andy, you are doing a diservice to Verminator and Kos, two of the best CB's in the EPL.

    I agree however, that Bartley should be given the chance.

  14. Nothbank – I think you have misunderstood my post mate. That was the exact point I was making. Dann would not really offer us anythnig new, nor would he realistically challenge Kos for a place in the side.

  15. I agree, Dann really would be scraping the barrel, he is no better than any of the centre halves we have at the club. Sounds like media bullshit though, it’s not like we haven’t seen him playing in the Premier League before, so why would we be sending a scout to check on him?

  16. Rather a good article Jonny.

    If only Yogi wasn’t so lazy!

  17. Gooner Ted always brings out the profane in me, Jonny.

    Not to mention sheer exasperation at his misery in following our great club.

  18. @Goonerandy

    🙂 I read it wrong, apologies to you monsieur!

    You can tell I’ve not spoken with Herbert C yet today, my comments are far too sensible, that is however, about to change. Chill and take the Pill……. you know it makes sense!

  19. Bob
    Its a fact last six seasons we have won as much as Everton.I’m not making it up.It was YW who said Jagielka was giving up the chance of silverware

  20. This is also well worth a look, to neatly illustrate all the big transfers that have happened so far across Europe. Malaga, the latest rich man’s train-set, have made 10 so far this season!

    Crazy world, modern football.

  21. Dann would be a value (and insufficient quality) purchase. Would be hugely disappointed if we signed him. That would be 3 of our 5 CB’s who have had serious year long injuries in the last 2 seasons.

    With the increasing likelihood of Fabregas and Nasri leaving, we look set to make a hefty profit. No excuses for value purchases. We should buy the best player we can afford.

  22. If we are to sign only 1 cb then it has to be mertsacker samba or alex in that order. i would rather give bartley and miquel their chance to shine instead of squillaci. for me the likes of jagielka and dann are on a par with djourou. The first 3 i mentioned would make excellent partners for vermaelen the only other 2 considerations would be cahill and huth (could we get him as part of a deal for bendtner)

  23. Yes he did, Ted, but when was the last time you posted anything that showed joy for the game?

    You see, for me, it’s not necessarily over critical comments on the team that are tiresome, it’s the lack of enthusiasm and sheer exuberance at the approach of another campaign.

  24. Last of The COuntry Gentleman

    @Gooner Ted

    Its a fact last six seasons we have won as much as Everton.I’m not making it up.It was YW who said Jagielka was giving up the chance of silverware’

    Everton may wine as many trophies, but they have been in absolutely no danger of winning any either. At least Arsenal have (and will be) in contention for honours.

  25. gooner ted – thats wrong what you saying. With Arsenal Jagielka has the oportunity to play the likes of Messie and Ronaldo and Pastore and whoever we meet in the quartefinals and semi finals and finals of CL. with Everton he has the oportunity to fight for a mid table spot. Liverpool, Tottenham and even Fulham in addition to the usual suspects will all finish before them. Who knows maybe Sunderland and Stoke will to. Especially after they have been shopping as they have.
    For a player like jags playing the CL is a victory in itself. He will never have that oportunity again and will NEVER EVER get it with Everton.

    If you think that Everton is on the same level as Arsenal then you do not know the true suffering of fans that has no CL to look forward to. thats just arrogance from your side gooner ted. Arrogance and ignorance.

  26. i dont think Cahill can give us the leadership needed at the back. when did he last play a highpreassure game? like never?? When did he last play in a game that actually mattered?

  27. Poodle – That logic does not really work mate (not saynig you are wrong about Cahill mind). By that logic we would never sign players from clubs which don’t play in big matches. Also pressure is relative, and to a dedicated pro every game matters. That is what seperates a good player from a great player in many cases.

    I heard a good story (from Keown I think) how training games often ended in arguments as so many of the players wnated to win so badly, even though it was only in training. Winning mentality.

  28. Why Jageilka? He’s on the same level with Djourou and only suitable as a back-up. I think Cahill will be better but also over-valued. In the long run, Arsene will go for another French or African-French. I only pray that Grimaldi don’t sell us another Squillaci.

  29. I know that logic does not work. yet that is what the fans demand, someone to “lead” our back four. Someone with expeerience. someone that can “Influence”.
    If we are to listen to the “supporters” and go for what criteria they want then who are we to buy Andy? it certainly cannot be Cahill. Alex would fit the bill though with his background and experience.

  30. morning yw, everyone..
    twelve day to start the season. I’m feeling great about the teams chances this year as is. i also feel at least one more player coming in, although not sure in which position. i can see us scoring more this Year. i can also feel that we will concede less this year. i think BARKA will make one last ditch effort as we get closer to the window closing. i think they have the money but they sense weakness and want to get Fabregas on the cheap. i can’t see CESE asking for a transfer, and i can feel the hurt he most be feeling after the shinanigans we have witnessed this summer. I’m completely unsure about SAMIRs situation and this is the reason why i feel we are in strong for Matta. wish and hope for the best. also would like to see the support get behind the team before the season commences. it would make a world of difference to the results on pitch, but somehow i don’t see that happening since i feel the ultimate agenda with a minority section of the fans is to drive wenger out at whatever cost even if it is detrimental to the team in the short term( in their minds).
    A R S E N A L !!!!!

  31. I hope we buy Mata even if Nasri stays. He will be a direct replacement for Nasri next season and will have this season to get adjusted to the PL without any preassure.

    Faith as the liverpoolsupporers always say.
    Faith people!

  32. Poodle – I am pretty sure that Arsene is not listening to the supporters on this issue. It seems as though, between Jagielka, Cahill, and Samba Arsene has identified what he wants (obviously we don’t don’t know his targets, but htis seems to be the case). If that is the case, I would be happy with any of them, the manager knows where we are fallnig short at the back. The Dann things must be complete media fantasy. He is nowhere near good enough for this club.

  33. Poodle – Good point on the Nasri/Mata angle.

  34. Only thing I am afraid of is that if we sign Mata and he starts to flourish under Wenger – as is expected – we might soon hear stories about his Real Madrid DNA and how he desperately wants to go home and Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil and Kaka will come knocking around telling everyone how Mata’s heart aches for a swift return to Spain.

  35. Evil – I am sure it will, but thems the breaks.

  36. You can’t worry about that Evil – that way lies madness.

    At the very worst we would sell for a tidy profit if went to RM (plus he would v likely have been a big success here if he was signing for them).

  37. Bored, bored, bored. The press speculation is seriously doing me in. Arsenal rumours cover more pages of the sport sections then any other team. Our CB targets of Cahill, Jagielka and Dann are all joining us or not joining us for various reasons and Samba, who was being touted around as a nailed-on Arsenal signing, has now fallen as low as being a target for Spurs.
    Mata is either joining us or not with a report attributed to his father/agent saying we have had an offer rejected but will be back, whilst one story suggested we didn’t have the cash until we had sold Fabregas (completely at odds with the messages from the Board that we have had a solid transfer pot available for at least 2 seasons).
    We also appear to be back in for Campbell (I think that’s the Costa Rican rather than Sol), as he appears to have decided to agree to the only offer that was really on the table after offers from other clubs never materialised. And just to wind up those who say we need to focus on experienced players now rather than keep targeting kids for the future, we are apparently about to nab a 16 year-old from Real Madrid.
    I’m not even going to go anywhere near the Cesc and Nasri stories, but I’d love to get hold of a full set of the photos they are allegedly going to take tomorrow especially the limited edition one with Big Sam as manager.

    Thanks YW keeping me amused and helping to keep it real.

  38. Jonny / Cbob

    Sorry I meant to reply earlier to your earlier comments but I can’t be arsed.


  39. I dont rate Jagielka anyway. Samba is the one we need

  40. Nice summing up Wavey.

  41. Thanks Yogi – so long as the sentiment was there. Well kinda.

    Actually sod it! That’s the last time I defend you over being lazy!



  42. The world of Arsenal fans has truly gone stark raving fucking mad. I haven’t seen one Gooner say they thought Joey ‘GBH’ Barton would be good for Arsenal. Then, one fabricated mention in the media that Wenger is after him and all of a sudden, fans are saying, Yeah, lets get Joey ‘fall over from a silly push’ Barton, he’s just what we need. FFS
    It’s the same with Jags, Samba, Cahill, Parker and all their fucking relations, once mentioned in the press and all of a sudden, they are the answer to all our problems.
    I reckon we should get Mad Frankie Frazer for CB….. mental through and through, just the job.
    People need to realise that last season we DID have the team to win the title, and this season we HAVE got the team to win the title……. what was missing was the mental and physical strength to make it happen, this comes from within and not kneejerk reactions similar to Abromichelski’s 50m purchase of a one goal wonder like Torrid.
    No matter how many ‘quality’ players the fans think Wenger should buy, the real issues emenate from within the club………. that needs to be sorted before we begin to purchase players who we think may have the mental strength to motivate the team.
    Lets see what Verm/RVP/Wilshire and Ramsey bring to the squad before wasting money.

  43. Telegraph claims Fabregas has resumed light training and £35M bid coming in today (going to c£40M with add-ons).

    Walcott also in light training and optimistic of being fit for the start of the season.

    Ho and indeed hmmmmm.

  44. Johnny

    I heard it was 30 mil + add ons.

  45. We have plenty of cover if Nasri goes, and plenty of Mata-type players. What we would have trouble finding is a central player with an assist record on a par with Cesc, who averages 18 a season for the past 5 years. Hopefully Rosicky and Van Persie can fill in if it comes to it. Mata? Could develop centrally, but isn’t the finished article.

  46. The Board shouldn’t accept any bid lower than 40m for Fabregas. They should push back Barca’s arrogance. 40m cash down, no credit arrangement. No negotiations should be required. We need not sell so they should pay 40m and take him else he stays.

  47. I would say that if Mata is really the player who has been identified to replace Nasri or Cesc then we should just get on and sign him. I don’t see why it’s dependent on either of those two leaving this Summer, from their stances at the moment if they don’t go this Summer then they’ll surely be gone at the end of the season and as has been said above, having him for a season alongside those two if they don’t leave would do no harm at all. I don’t believe for a minute that we don’t have the finances in place to sign him if we really wanted to.

  48. “With the increasing likelihood of Fabregas and Nasri leaving, we look set to make a hefty profit. No excuses for value purchases. We should buy the best player we can afford.”
    – No shit, Luke.

  49. @markus do you think there even exists a player atm that is as good as Cesc in waht he does best? I struggle to think about who that is atm. I dont think even Snejider is that good.

  50. Alcantar must be delighted about the “homecoming” of cesc. he will have to be very very very very patient as with cesc and Xavi infront of him he will play reserve footy unil hes 24. Surley there might be enough games to rotate bouth xavi and cesc so they get around 20 matches a year each. but to rotate Alcantar to? that will be to much.

  51. besides is Sneijder not even moer injuripron than our own RVP?

  52. Bob,

    You should start preparing for our meeting. We will watch Arsenal this season. And the drinks of course.

  53. Jags would be an ok option, if Wenger isn’t going to fork out on Cahill, though why he is being stingy I just don’t understand – don’t stretch beyond Arsenal’s means, but according to everyone there is plenty of funds available. Cesc isn’t going unless Barca start to behave seriously and with the prelimenary CL fixture looming the decision isn’t one that will plough on to the end of the month. Nasri is a 1/2 season over-rated player (quality yes, but get him off the pedalstool). Gazzump Utd and go for Sneidjer – if it means selling off players then it is worth it.

  54. Dups – either way it puts him on a par with Andy fucking Carroll.

    In the red corner weighing in at c£37 million the best midfielder in Europe and probably the entire world, cultured, polite, dedicated a role model for all Cesc Fabregas.

    In the black & blue and blue corner weighing in at £35 million a player who only one season prior was being hawked for £2 million and had no takers. A drinker and clubber in every sense of the word he has been arrested numerous times including

    14 September 2008 released after a caution
    7 December 2009, he arrested after a nightclub fight accused of smashing glass in a man’s face and was charged with assault
    October 2010 pleading guilty to common assault and was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £2,500 compensation.
    18 October 2010, Carroll was charged with in an incident with his ex-girlfriend. The charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. Two days following his bail, Carroll’s car was set on fire whilst parked on Nolan’s driveway, with the club captain’s garage door also being daubed with obscenities.
    When not drinking (he was recently warned to curtail his drinking habits by Fabio Capello) and assaulting members of the public/his girlfriend he also enjoys beating up his own teammates, having broken Steven Taylor’s jaw and his own hand in an incident in 2010.

    Can’t we just lock the cunt in a cage with Joey ‘the bastard’ Barton and let them beat each other to a pulp? I’d pay to see that.

  55. URAHotSpudInDisguise

    @NorthBank1969 –> Thank you. You made my day mate. 🙂 . Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We are sheeps who boo their own players after a Pre Season game. Pathetic.

  56. Some nice link up play between Yogi, Cbob and Jonny there, with Yogi scoring the goal

  57. I think its very obvious that cesc is almost unreplaceable.But then again thats been said on this blog again and again.

  58. Wenger’s strategy is clear as daylight. It is to keep this team together and supplement it from the emerging players, returnees, and the 2-3 bright purchases we make every year, few of which have failed. It is methodical.

    Therefore, kneejerk reactions are not useful to the ludicrous media speculation, whose reports continue to betray an extraordinary ignorance, even of current and pretty well known players in the team.

    Wenger has quite simply dug his heals in and said, no, we keep Nasri and Cesc, we have work to do. They are fully part of my plan. Let us first obtain clarity before rushing in where fools tread.

  59. pastore wemt for 37M. surly cesc is worth more.

  60. While Luke cavalierly heralds the departure of Cesc (and Nasri), before anyone else jumps on the bandwagon, I think it may be very helpful to see what Cesc brought to this team in 2010-11 even though it was blighted by injury. What is amazing from Mr Renoog’s videos is the number of key passes that produced goal-scoring opportunities that were spurned by our forwards. If not for this wastefulness, Cesc could have had an astonishing 20 assists instead of 15.

  61. What must pre-occupy the manager’s mind, right now, is not utterly stupid transfer gossip but creating a cohesive unit rapidly within the many changes afoot, which is what really happened in the emirates cup.

    We must solidify with all the incoming/returning/emerging players set to take the stage, in some way. 3Gs looks OK. TV and Kos need to resume their acquaintance on the pitch, they have hardly worked together, and they need to work with Fab. Gibbs and Traore have a lot to work to do, and need to get a bit tidy with both the defensive unit, and the left sided attack. Frimpong needs to work hard to link effectively with midfield play, and so far so good. Jenks has work to do. Rosicky has work to do.

  62. Ashburton Patriot

    Oi all you Anti Bartons whos better Barton or denilson, or diaby or frmpong or coquelin.
    Sign Joey barton he’ll bring some fire. Im not sure about wenger actually and i dont even think is that great a manager, he had the best squad in the world between 03 and 05 and couldnt win the champs league, Guardiola or SAF would have won the CL with that team.
    we were good because we had Henry PattyV Pire and a top quality backline. Our team has got worse and worse and the only man who can fix it has just been sitting down trying to fix the problem by throwing water bottles. Get rid of him

  63. We need big boy Sammy Allardyce NOW! He is on record as saying (and I for one believe him, totally) that given the chance he could manage any team, anywhere, anyhow, and win loads of trophies, because he is a great man manager. He checks all the boxes for me. Ugly as sin. Scary ugly. Articulate as a tractor. Chews a lot, or something. Once played football. English grit through and through. No bullshit. And has beaten all the big teams, all of them, using non-fairy real men players.

  64. Wow – this is a quite extraordinary piece. I don’t agree with all of it but it’s undeniably powerful stuff and just brilliantly argued. Somebody ought to Fed-Ex it to the Arsenal powers for deliberation. Y’know just to give them a kick.

  65. Ashburton Patriot

    Sam Allardyce is shit.

  66. Aaah but he’s English shit.

  67. Jonny @ 9:13 am

    thanks for the link……nice out of the box analysis.

  68. @Ashburton Patriot

    You are very funny. Had me laughing there until I realised you were serious. Then I thought what a twat.

  69. poodle at 11:15 am,

    No that’s the thing not many teams play with a Cesc-type player picking out passes. I don’t think we could replace Cesc by buying. We’d have to look at what we already have. Either Rosicky, or if he can’t do it for us a tweak in formation with RVP playing creatively through the middle in a Bergkamp role. We have plenty of players who like to make runs and get on the end of passes but very few who love to pick out a pass.

    RVP, Ramsey, Rosicky and maybe Wilshere. But none are as accomplished as Cesc. But who knows, if one of them had a run in that position… Rosicky and Ramsey look like they both have their eye on the role.

  70. “Sign Joey barton he’ll bring some fire”

    What’s he going to do? Burn down London Colny?

  71. Ashburton Patriot

    i am not a twat.
    im just fucking angry at him for whats goin at our club.
    Who else can i blame for this deterioration its not the players fault that they are shit its wengers fault for buying them and overpaying them and not being able to sell them and then not being able to buy anyone decent. so he repeats the cycle.

    Dups are you pro or anti Wenger

  72. I’m pro Wenger. You seem to forget who built that ‘best squad in the world between 03 and 05’.

  73. So glad we have a manager that is willing to be hated by wankers.

    Our boss puts himself in the firing line, that’s what they are supposed to be for. Too many managers put their reputation before the club, afraid their lagacy will suffer with bad press. When is the last time Wenger had some fucking good press? Or ‘Arry had some bad?

    Get behind him and lets win the league this time.

  74. @ ZimPaul
    Wasn’t BIG SAM taking the reigns at Real Madrid?

  75. Ashburton Patriot

    Yup i agree that he built it… i wasnt really being serious about the not a good manager part.
    But who do you blame for whats going on at the club. people say we play better footy now than we did in 05 and i think thats bollocks. the only thing you could say is better about the club now is our stadium.

  76. Ashburton Patriot

    Markus we wont win the league with a substandard squad

  77. Ashburton Patriot

    If as you say we have a ‘substandard squad’ how do you explain the wins over Barcelona, Man U & Chelsea last season.

    Obviously some things need looking at as far as consistency in results but I don’t think a wholesale change is needed.

  78. Ashburton Patriot

    Sunderland beat Chelsea Wolves beat united Hercules beat barcelona.
    Are they all going to win trophies this year. No.
    but i will agree that wen the teamis totally motivated and injury free we do quite well.
    but if we dont have enough competition with in the squad and not enough back up to rest players that will get tired then this year will be even worse.

    dont say that we have sufficient back up because our sufficient back up just showed us how insufficient they actually are in pre-season. we need to replace clichy and we need some more top quality at the back to help out the ever improving TV5 and koscielny.

    we still need a good CF for when (not if ) VP gets injured and we need another DM to keep song on his toes. whic is why i want Barton. he’s not a high profile player and wont get angry if he only starts 10 games this year but you know that if he comes in he’ll give u 100% in every match… that will let song know that if he slips up he’ll be benched

  79. @Ashburton Patriot

    We wont win the league with substandard supporters.

  80. jonny 12.03

    thanks for the link

  81. Ashburton Patriot

    How is it substandard to want the best team available.
    How is it substandard to tell the useless players in our team to bugger off
    it is substandard to see your team going down the drain and do nothing about it.

  82. Markus @ 12:33 pm
    Agree – look within the existing ranks: Ramsey, Wilshere, or Rosicky.

    Ramsey’s pre-season form (to date), he still looks (to me) to show the effects of being out a year……so I see the ’11/’12 season as his chance to regain his confidence and re-fine tune his match game……to date he shows much more confidence in finishing than Wilshere.

    I can see Wilshere playing a deep role with Song – both strong at winning the 50-50 balls and both with the talent to take the ball forward in attack. (ditto for Diaby)

    A healthy Rosicky is more than capable of orchestrating our attack.

    At this moment, I do not see our captain leaving. Having the cloud of departure lingering through another season is not in Arsenal’s best interest.

    I wonder the psychological toll on this player if another offer is too low for Arsenal to accept.

    I have reset my priorities for the upcoming Arsenal season:

    1. Arsenal show a year of improvement and our manager regains the respect he so rightly deserves.
    2. knock Barca out of the CL competition
    3. finish ahead of ManU, Chelsea, and ManC in league play
    4. win a trophy

  83. Arsesession, I think Ramsey started in the middle on Sunday and moved to cover Wilshere when he went off. Rosicky started left and when Afobe came on moved to the middle and played a blinder. Tough to know who makes that role their own (other than Cesc obv).

  84. ZimPaul Knows.


  85. no serious club will buy barton. Signing barton will not “show intent”. I think he will end up in Tottenham. he will take over from Modric as Modric will join Chelsea.

  86. @ashburton what do you know about the players motivations anyway? you know them or something? Cos if you dont then how can you possibly know what they think or feel?
    Your allegations are very strong, you better have some proper evidence to back it up with.

  87. Yogi I like the font in the comments section, which one is it?

  88. “How is it substandard to want the best team available.
    How is it substandard to tell the useless players in our team to bugger off
    it is substandard to see your team going down the drain and do nothing about it.”

    Such a facinating comment.

  89. Ashburton Patriot

    Poodle that wasnt too clever. Against united at emirates you could see from the off that they wer totally motivated to get the 3 points same against chelsea and Barca. when our team is commited to getting a result you can see it. Hard talkes, less mistakes, tracking back, fighting to win the ball wehen they lose it. you dont need to be a psychiatrist to see wen someone is motivated.

    when newcastle came back from 4 nil down that was due to them beeing motivated, was it bcos of the fans or because of the coach i dont know but i certainly wasnt down to us playing badly. that is motivation its evident in actions.
    if youve ever ben motivated you’ll know what i’m talking about

  90. “With the increasing likelihood of Fabregas and Nasri leaving, we look set to make a hefty profit. No excuses for value purchases. We should buy the best player we can afford.”
    – No shit, Luke.


    Shotta. The comment was written in reference to the potential bid for Dann. It is also applicable to last summers recruitment of Squillaci.

    Its a common theme on here. Do we use all of our resources available to strengthen the club? Well, no. I dont think we do.

  91. so you actually think they went out for the last 10 matches of the year not caring if they won or not? that they did not have the motivation to win the league? taht instead of wanting to win when the title was so close they were all thinking of their vacations instead?

  92. ACLF Fantasy League is alive and kicking:

    Code: 820625-204250


  93. Ashburton Patriot

    who would we take over barton then because if song gets injured long term we are fucked right now. which dm would wenger sign now to supplement song. or do peple have faith in Frimpong to have a good year.

    Gadget explain the fascination

  94. If Song was injured and we had Barton we would be fucked anyway. hes not good enoug.

  95. Ashburton Patriot

    Caring if you win isnt enough, wanting to win isnt enough. to be succesful you need to be hungry to win you need to give your best and focus all the time. if we had united’s desire nothing could stop us. a few players proved that they are hungry Wilshere VP especially but it needs to be a whole team effort.
    for me they just didnt show the real arsenal. in the last 10 games every1 except VP could have played miles better.
    If they wer so motivated howcome they couldn pic themselves up from the Carling Cup loss.

  96. Northbank1969 | August 3, 2011 at 10:42 am
    Joey Barton playing for Arsenal is kind of funny, We’d really have hit rock bottom if it was to happen.

    Diaby just do me a favour, If Wenger was to lose his mind and sign him please punch him out first thing you see him. I can’t stand the despicable dickhead!

  97. Ashburton Patriot

    Barton can pass better than song and he’s a better tackler. those are the two key compnents of a DM. anyway so you would rather have Frimpong or Coquelin than Barton.
    I wouldnt mind Koscielny at DM but then wenger would HAVE to buy 2 CB’s and i cant see him doing that

  98. Gadget is back, I have missed your witty comments over the weeks.

    Ashburton, you are not Burton in disguise, are you? and could you please enlighten me on how how one can measure desire In football sense.

  99. Ateeb. Good news. I assume that you have taken the decision and will be in London this autumn?

    Brave man. Expected no different from you.

    Start looking ahead and pick a couple of games. Now we are ‘crap’ there will be no problem getting tickets!

    Frank recommended a pub where you can get beer and milkshakes. We’ll get Limps to check it out.

  100. Jonny – that article was painstankingly accurate.

    Lets get behind the team. looking forward to Liverpool.

    Best £71 I ever spent………..

  101. @ Jonny 12-03
    Thanks . . . brilliant read. Sums up well how I feel

  102. As for Nasri he might be warming the bench next season. the team for next season will be as follows:
    Sagna Kozza Vermi Gibbs
    Song Wilshere
    Walcott Gervinho

  103. Frimmpong is 5 times better than the thug Barton

  104. Barton better than Song, the world has really gone mad!!!!!!

  105. Ashburton Patriot

    soz. firstlady this is my first time on this site at all.

    Firstlady how many last minute goals and comebacks did united make. i hate them but i will always respect them because they never say die.

  106. “how come they could not pick themselves up after the carling cup” i dunno Ashburton i guess they all were just longing to lay on the beach. especially Diaby and Denilson that just dont care at all and are lasy as hell too. …..

  107. Ashburton Patriot

    i never said he’s better than song i said he’s a better tackler and passer.
    Songs got better anticipation and good control he is better at breaking up play and brining the ball forward and he scored a few goals last season. i like song a lot more than most people on the arsenal squad and i want to see the best out of him and i know that will only happen if song is challenged to keep his place game in game out

  108. @luke what is it that jonny said that was so smart? and why does it cost 7£?

  109. oh found it :p

  110. He posted an excellent article at 12.03 Poodle

    And £71. that was the cost of my very reasonably priced ticket for Liverpool.

  111. Limestonegunner

    What the videos from Mr. Renoog linked by Shotta show is as well is that even in a subpar year, bedeviled by a late start after the WC (third summer tournament in a row), by recurring hamstring injuries, and the summer Barca speculation, Cesc Fabregas plays hard and can make those around him play better by putting them through and breaking apart defences. What is amazing is how many long accurate passes he makes that are direct and devastating if they can be finished off. Gervinho will help in this respect. This will be exciting. And I saw plenty of enthusiasm for Arsenal–I am not saying his attitude was perfect in every respect, so I support replacing him as our captain.

  112. The 12 Pins nr. Finsbury Pk station is a good one CBob – Nice big pub, so easy to get served, big screens and a fine pint of Guiness.

    At the back bar they also have the world’s fastest Bar Man.

  113. Not sure about being able to get a Milkshake in there though!

  114. £71 is a lot Luke – Where were you sitting for that – Club Level!!!

  115. Ha! Yeah, sadly no free pints waiting for me, NB Upper. Right behind the goal. Ahh the pigeon catchers.

    Put myself on the ST waiting list 18 months before I graduated, thinking I was being a genius.

    Still around the 36,000 mark.

    Might get one just as I can afford Club Level!

  116. any truth to the rumours they also done a couple of snaps without Wenger aswell.

  117. Dukester

    You need to read paragraph 3 of the post…


  118. Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that defender Kyle Bartley has signed a new contract with the Club.

  119. Still 36,000?

    Well that surely puts the rumour to bed that ten’s of thousand’s didn’t renew….

    Looks like it was just the fans we dont really want anyway who didn’t!

  120. Nice post yogi.

    The whole media thing has gotten out of control. Your tabloid culture and the blogoshere are much stronger in England compared to here in the USA. The media are like a pack of wolves who dog-pile on the easiest target. It’s their job to sell papers and get hits on the Internet. They sense weakness right now and are making the most of their opportunities so it’s created a perfect storm of flying dung. All very predictable. The only way to stop it at this point is to start winning some trophies. Patience is a virtue but there are clearly times when a little too much patience is counterproductive to the long term good and I think the club is past that point. No one thinks we should spend ourselves into oblivion but a little more urgency from london colney would go a long way towards giving the players and fans a welcome mental boost.

  121. Great news Dups.

  122. Matt

    Vaguely recall that the number doesn’t correspond to the actual waiting list. It is something like Red members begin with a certain number, Silver a different, etc. Also, the allocations depend if you are asking for 3 together, for example.


  123. Exactly, TBH, my silver lining from last seasons finish was the belief that I would drop significantly on the list. Only fell by c.7k spots

    Plenty on offer on lease, just don’t want to borrow a seat. When I get mine. Its mine. Weird like that. Like moving in with a new family.

    Probably at the moment, I never get to sit next to the same people (other than the lads I go with).

  124. Bob,

    Yes sir. I didn’t want to delay it anymore. I thought I’d reach London and see where it goes from there. As things stand now, I might not have to hustle and can focus completely on my studies. Grand fathers are a blessing.

    Yeah, I’ll see the schedule. I am late for my Visa, will be hectic the first month because I will reach late. We’ll pick the games mutually. Any game that doesn’t involve watching Rooney in real life would do.

  125. The brass have been taking the piss out of us for years. Every since getting rid of our winners and not replacing them then bringing in a whole load of shit from France to turn them into very rich load of shit.

    I have mentioned it before and still stand by my claims that the brass (grey suits) have taken us for a ride while they check their bank accounts every month.

    They know Wenger, is too much of a old school gent to say “I have asked the board and they refused”. So they continue to take the piss and we suffer and make excuses and fall out with fellow Gooners about the subject.

    I Really felt it over the last few days because I couldn’t read any real news regarding our club due to Laptop charger getting chewed up. Last week it looked like Mata was on his way but, sure enough it’s back to the typical Arsenal way with transfers which is long, drawn out and then doesn’t happen.

    We haven’t got the quality to cover the CB position except for TV. This has been witnessed by the whole world by Arsenal fans, past players and non Arsenal fans. They can’t all be full of shit and doomers can they?

    If this chasing of Phil Janks, Cahill and Samba, is purely a smoke screen and next week nothing happens then what will that mean for us as a club? How does it make us look?

    How is it that other clubs say they are looking at a players on Monday. Meet with club and player on Tuesday. Player in for medical on Thursday. Player signed and picture with player holding team shirt up with big shit grin on face come Friday?

    They have properly fucked up club and Wenger, is a fool for taking all the flak for it.

  126. Ah, I see.

    Still, I am still optimistic that apart from the usual annual ‘wastage’, that the majority who did not renew will not be missed….

  127. Ashburton Patriot

    finally some sanity
    thank u goonerton

  128. Hope cesc plays against benfica this weekend. He needs to get some time on the pitch before the CL qualifier. I think RVP is suspended for the first leg because of the ridiculous red card he got at the nou camp.

  129. Bill,

    Just in case you missed it. Cesc, doesn’t want to play for Arsenal any more and has felt this way since WC and wearing a fucking Barca shirt with a smile in front of the whole world.

    I never want to see him in our colours again no matter how good he was. Even an average player would suit me fine as long as he wants to play for The Arsenal.

    Must be the same feeling getting to go out with a certain girl or woman after years of chasing and now you can because the man she was going with hasn’t turned up.

  130. How you guys think we should deal with the FA and carling cups this season? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I hope we give afobe and frimpong and lansdbury some playing time in early rounds of the CC but if we get close we should go for the title with stronger teams. I think we should make a real effort to win the FA cup. An FA and/or a CC title with a season long title challenge and a strong finish would be a great start to reversing the negative whirlpool even if we don’t win the league.

  131. Ashburton Patriot

    FA cup. first team unless its small league 1 teams just too avoid fatigue and injuries smae story with carling cup. but if we fail to qualify for CL then we should put alot of emphasis on Cups… its the easiest way to get a trophy and will make the players and fans confident about coming seasons and take the pressure off your much loved Wenger and maybe he can return to his former glory.

    would like to see frimp, lansbury and hopefully Miyachi alot closer. we should also play gerv so he can adapt faster to the english game

  132. 1st you say, “Every since getting rid of our winners and not replacing them then bringing in a whole load of shit from France to turn them into very rich load of shit.”

    Then, “I never want to see him in our colours again no matter how good he was. Even an average player would suit me fine as long as he wants to play for The Arsenal.”

    Bit of a contradiction don’t you think?

  133. Excellent Ateeb. OK, no matches with Rooney.

    I can vouch for Grandfathers being a soft touch myself.

    Matt, thanks for the tip. I don’t care much for Guiness though and Ateeb only drinks fermented yak’s milk yoghurt milkshakes.

  134. To all those saying if we signing Barton we would be scrapping the barrel.So signing Silvestre and Squillaci wasnt

  135. Markus @ 1:27
    I noticed the same switching…….and we’ve seen that our system allows players
    the creative license to read the defense and move up/back/in and out.

    Returned home today, and viewed a replay of the Red Bull match. Rosicky had the most impact of anyone on the pitch.

    Ramsey and Gervinho a bit unlucky with finishing.

  136. Ted

    What sort of logic is that? Signing Barton is OK because we’ve signed crap players before?


  137. firstlady at 1:41 The font looks like Trebuchet MS size 10 to my canny eyes… after I copied and pasted it into word and it told me… lol

  138. Ashburton Patriot

    How can you compare Barton with squelch and sylvester. Squelch and sylvestre wer bothe spent forces signed to paper over the cracks in our fragile defence. Barton is an inspirational fighter who has qualities that we lack at the cloub. IMO hes similar to Ray, Parlour wasnt the most technically gifted player but he had fight and did the basics exceptionally well.

  139. According to the CSS the font is

    Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana

    Depending on platform you are viewing on.

  140. How the hell can you say Barton is like Ray Parlour. Ray was not a thug and was a far better player.

  141. Upon watching those videos, you realize the class of Cesc Fabregas. Quite simply, the man is magical!

  142. The rumoured new offer expected to come from Barcelona is meant to be £35m, but we are are expected to receive only £29.6m upfront with the balance in add-ons from appearances etc. So we are willing to accept a fee which includes add-ons as if he were some 17 year-old? Do some of the add-ons include appearances for Spain? So that is how transfers for experienced players works nowadays then is it? Did Chelski only pay £40m for Torres upfront with the balance coming on appearances and call-ups for Spain? Did Real Madrid only pay an upfront fee with add-ons for Ronaldo? I think not.
    Surely Fabregas must now realise that Barcelona’s half-hearted attempts to buy back their prodigal son insult him as well as Arsenal. Whilst all the time they and their players whinge in the press about Arsenal’s kidnapping of their long lost child at an early age they make no serious attempt to buy him back.
    Come on Cesc, wake up and smell the coffee. Stay at Arsenal where both the club and the fans love you and where the price put on you if we ever had to sell demonstrates the true regard you are held in. A team where the manager has largely built the attack around you.
    Or you could go to Barcelona where they spent all of their transfer budget on a South Amercian player who has no pedigree in the Champions League and where they try to get you on the cheap because they might need you in the future and think you belong to them anyway.

  143. I cannot believe that Barton is still getting traction.

    At least what I’ve seen in recent years, there is an Arsenal playing standard as well as
    an Arsenal character standard; both are mandatory.

    End of discussion!

  144. I agree with Arsesession.

  145. That’s the point Wavey.

    If Cesc is willing toput up with being treated like that by barca and yet is still ‘torn’, then we really can’t afford to keep him. He’s a lost cause.

  146. Arsesession

    I wish Barton would get traction. Preferably a traction engine running over his head.


  147. Sorry but I dont believe Barton is the type of player we want or need in the team. So we want a player that goes out to intentionally harm players and has tried to hurt one of our own on more than one occasion. When winning trophies becomes that important to you, balance is lacking in your life if you ask me. To me this man should never even be playing football, unless we are talking about American Football.

    He is inspirational now!


  148. Barton is a complete twat, and I really hope we don’t sign him. He is a decent footballer, but no more than that. It will be intersting however if we do sign him; will fans start to take to him if he starts to put in good performences for us?

  149. Arsene can’t risk a bargain, and a risk when it comes to signing players.

  150. Ashburton Patriot

    Is it fair to judge Joey cos of his past off the field antics.
    No1 gets pissed of with Gerrard when he goes to jail.
    Yes he’s dirty on the field but if you watch interviews about DB10 he was dirty on the field. Keane and Vieira wer dirty on the field jacko is dirty on the field. cut him some slack.

    remember Duncan Ferguson and vinny jones… great entertainment,
    dont act like you wont enjoy Joey hacking down Nani wen we play united.

  151. But they never smashed a team mates cheekbone in training, or indeed stubbed out a cigar in a trainee’s eye did they?

  152. Last of The Country Gentleman

    @Ashburton Patriot | August 3, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    What you describe is not support – thats glory-hunting.
    Supporters of all clubs want the best for their team, but demanding ‘galactico’ type signings is selfish, unrealistic and foolish. Why not support what is there – if you can’t, then why not just support a team with the endless millions to buy the palyer du jour every transfer window.

  153. Yes it is fair to judge him cos of his past off the field antics.

    “Well Joey, I see you’ve committed a couple felony’s in the past, but i’m willing to overlook those because your recent twitter posts have me very amused.”

  154. Vinny Jones, great entertainment FFS. You obviously do not like watching football, maybe rugby is more your game.

  155. Good comment Wavey!

    I believe the problem with this Cesc thing is that it is too emotional and its hard for Cesc to look at the facts. It seems that he doesnt realise (or doesnt want to) that their behaviour is disrespectful to both himself and Arsenal.

  156. Something is smelling like James.

  157. Come on Arsenal Patriot, stop clutching at straws. Barton has shown no desire to Change. I remember when we played Castle in one of the cups, that guy kept plouging down our players with a smirk on his face. He has no regard at all.

    On a different note, Barton would be a walking red card in an Arsenal shirt. So Ashburton Patriot, if you want us to play with 10 men whenever he plays then yes we should purchase him.

    Come on now, lets gets real!

  158. If barton was worth having Newcastle would not be trying to get rid of him. Last thing the squad needs is a locker room cancer, more drama and press coverage. This is as clear cut no-brainer as you can get. The good thing about it is that it makes Newcastle a lot less dangerous to our ankles and probably easier to beat.

  159. Barton will give the squad some of that we so desperately need. A real cutting edge.

    Props to Finsbury.

  160. some of that >GR!T<

  161. Barton is not good enough to be an Arsenal player.

    He’ll end up doing a decent job for Bolton or Blackburn or someone.

  162. Ashburton Patriot

    Country Gentlemen I love most of our players but to be honest this group of players will have to be very lucky to win a trophy
    I don’t want the best polayers in the world, I want the best available players. I actually think our startin 11 is quality but what happens wen they get injured.
    Its costly to gamble on your youth team remember Craig Eastmond in the CL?

    Paul N anothr thing I’ll give to wenger is his abiltiy to change people
    I think that in the same way he stopped adams drinking habits he could calm barton down
    But realy its not fair on him if we judge him and say that he can’t change or that he’s not trying.

    Just out of intrest howmany red cards did JB get last year. I know wilshere, Kosc, and song didn’t do too well in terms of cautions and fouls.

  163. dups

    If it is at all possible, I thought it smelt worse than James. Perhaps an older brother…


  164. YW

    Hahaha. Considerably older.

  165. Ashburton Patriot

    Dups I am a big rugby fan. But not nearly asmuch as I love footy. Favorite side after england is new Zealand cos they combine raw strength with pace and slick skill and passing. A bit like arsenal of 03 04 05 actually.

  166. Ashburton Patriot

    Oh yeah really like the name Dups. Nice touch.
    Took me long enought to get it

  167. Ashburton, Barton is a violent player and we dont need that at the club. I see no reason to buy/try a player with the expectation that Wenger will change them when they havent shown anything. Look at Barton’s attitude? he has been on the wrong end of the law and continues to act like a thug without regard.

    Arsene didnt buy Adams did he and it could be that the man wanted to change. Arsene can change no man.

    As far as red cards, he gets away with murder but if he played for Arsenal he wouldnt.

  168. Rubin 3:0 against Kyiv on aggr so far. They are among our possible opponents and would be a tough draw in the CL qualifiers. Odense would be fine though.

  169. GA: “Barton is a complete twat, and I really hope we don’t sign him. He is a decent footballer, but no more than that. It will be intersting however if we do sign him; will fans start to take to him if he starts to put in good performences for us?”

    Come on, Andy, you’re making this fence sitter stuff just way too easy for your detractors.

  170. If Barton was signed, I would be surprised if he made it out of the locker room with anything less than 4 broken bones. Get him Abou!

  171. Barton is as good as a leper at this point. Newcastle was his last chance at playing for anyone half decent and he even threw that away because he is an imbecil without self control. Personally, I think he’ll probably end up playing at Stoke. Pulis seems to revel in his role as scum bag.

  172. If Barton ever played for Arsenal, he would be red carded every single game (as would Vidich). We are not allowed to be physical.

  173. goonerton | August 3, 2011 at 3:11 pm
    – Ranting is your right but please be honest if you expect us to take you seriously.
    ” Cesc, doesn’t want to play for Arsenal any more and has felt this way since WC and wearing a fucking Barca shirt with a smile in front of the whole world.”
    – Is that how you describe the forcing of a Barca shirt on Cesc by his Spanish team-mates led by the incorrible Pepe Reina and Puyol. To prove, he doesn’t want to play for the Arsenal since the world cup he simply led us with 15 assists in 2010-11 while countless through balls to our forwards were squandered.

    “I never want to see him in our colours again no matter how good he was. Even an average player would suit me fine as long as he wants to play for The Arsenal.”
    – Well Joey Barton is good enough for you since he is quoting Hegel, Kant, Orwell et al in search of a job.

  174. Lol shotta good quote there. Let’s just pick up an average Joe who has been supporting the Arsenal all his life to replace Cesc Fabregas. hmmmm

  175. Ashburton Patriot

    Fine. I’ve heard you all and I understand your points but I disagree.
    Shall we agree to disagree.

  176. Meanwhile in Monaco, Fabian Barthez had an unhappy return as a guest in a Manchester United XI as they lost 8-2 to Marseille in a charity game.

    Cameroon defender Nicolas Nkoulou and Ivory Coast striker Jordan Ayew put Marseille 2-0 up but Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley made it 2-2 at half-time.

    In a one-sided second half, Benoit Cheyrou and Loic Remy scored twice apiece, Ayew also grabbed his second and Alou Diarra was on target as the Coupe de France holders completed their rout.


  177. We could do that Ashburton. Unless you want to start proving how correct our opinions are and calling each other cunts. Either way works with me 😉

  178. Agree to disagree?

    I’m not agreeing to that.

  179. There a slight problem with this thinking of “best available players”. When I think of availbale, I think of something being unclaimed and easy to obtain. This would suggest then that the “best available players” would be the best of free agents and those who have successfully submitted a transfer request.

    But I doubt that is what’s meant by “best [or simply] available players”.

    In any case, one could make a convincing argument that any player is eligible for sale (and therefore available) if the price willing to be paid satisfies the owner.

    It seems obvious then that the availabilty of a player has more to do with the financial abilty of the purchaser than it does the seller, and I suppose, if one is simply on the market for one player, one is free to spend as much as they want or rather can, but is to do so wise?

    If that is not murky enough, what happens if you are on the market for multiple positions? One must then make a valuation of quality and need, and these must be tempered by the finances available.

    It’s a bit of a juggling game, but in doing so, in going for the best available players, do you ever assemble the best available group?

  180. My favorite posters are the one who say they believe Arsene is the man for the job.
    Well as long as he changes he transfer policy,And team tactics,Well as long as he does as poster B and his like minded ,moronic, imbecilic, uninformed mates have decide what is required,in conjunction with Sky Sports news,whilst in an Arsenal boozer.

    Quiet day today ,must be the lazy post 🙂

  181. Don’t want this to come off the wrong way but Barton would kick the shit out of Diaby. Based on nothing other than personal perception!

  182. And good’ay to you George. I spent my past hour or something trying to argue with this dude named Gambon over at “le groove”

    Interesting logic being used over there, I must say.

    him: “Its at the point now where I actually hope we lose our first 3 games in a row.”
    me: “WTF mate?”

    him: “william.Its pretty obvious. If Wenger is replaced we will finish in the top 4. If he stays we wont. We need him out asap, so the best result is for us to lose the first 3 games, while we still have 35 to save our season. The alternative is to fall out of the top 4 and lose CL money, then Wenger gets sacked. This would be a disaster as the board will pull all funds and the club will die and become the new Villa.”

    At that point I think I died slightly inside. He claims to be an Arsenal fan lol.

  183. Dude, if Diaby wasn’t cultured and was, you know, retarded like Barton, he’d kick the shit outta him.

  184. Luke is correct.The most important factor in the outcome of a fight is a bad intention.Barton has that is spades

  185. the problem in this tranfare window is that nobody wants to sell unless the offer is riduculouse or the player is outdated. Look at the transfares so far. No good player have mooved for under 20M have they?

  186. and one of them was Cole with 1(!) year left on his contract! for 20M?

  187. lol sorry Yong. not Cole. A Young.

  188. And he is not that good ,is he?

  189. Ashburton Patriot

    I used to say that Wenger is the man for arsenal if he changes his policies.
    But he won’t. Its like hoping denilson becomes a good arsenal player, it won’t happen. Therefore if he won’t change and arsenal keeps being mediocre then he has to go,
    Not so?

  190. Ashburton. Arsenal being mediocre? C’mon man we aren’t THAT bad.

  191. Bill ,We are not any form of bad

  192. Imagine admitting that ,deary me

  193. So to completely change the subject and maybe lighten the mood:

    Does anybody know why the song goes, “We all follow the Arsenal over land and sea and Leicester”?
    All London clubs sing it inserting their name (obviously) and each one of them talks about some epic game against Leicester, although I can’t believe we all played epic games against Leicester (they’ve never been THAT good).
    One story I heard was that it is actually to do with the first motorway sign at the start of the M1 at Staples Corner (the route north for many travelling London club fans) which reads “The North and Leicester”. This being because Leicester was the first city after London on the M1.

    Anybody know if this is right or if there is another story?

  194. Wavy- makes sense to me i happened to have driven passed that very same sign, not 45 minutes ago; never made the connection to the song so thanks for giving me something to ponder over dinner.

    Certainly lightened the mood for me 🙂

  195. Ashburton Patriot

    Well were not good. 2 wins since feb is not good.

    Would you say we are good.

    How do u define mediocre

  196. You argued with Gambon?

    He’s the most moronic, cunty-minded of all of the Le Grove posters. At least half of the people who regularly post on Le Grove hate him or think he’s a dick.

    He is not reflective of anything that is Arsenal – just a reminder that some people are about as pleasant as pancreatic cancer.

  197. Doesn’t the sign at the bottom of the M1 say THE NORTH and then Watford???

  198. Asburton, something went awfully wrong but for a team to play so poorly for 3 months and still end up in 4th place it means that there is more good than bad.

    This team is good, very good actually but they didnt play up to their potential at the end of the season for whatever reason.

    Wenger will get it right or if you know exactly what should be done you should give him a holla.

  199. Legrave on tour

    LOL William.

    When people come on here and say something negative you get some people who do not try to counter with an argument, they just get jump on them, its the same for people that go to Le grove and are positive.

    What can you do? The middle ground is nearly empty now. Its like US politics where regardless of policy people only look at party politics, so if JD and Kos were to have an amazing season some would never admit it and if we sold Cesc and Nasri and bought no one some would claim that Arsene was on the right path.

    This site, like LG, has people that are rational and will debate, however just as LG has people that will not engage in discussion to understand where you are coming from this site does as well.

  200. Well said LeGrave. As much as I want to prove my “AKB ness” my opinion is not ultimately correct. The mere fact that we have doomers and AKBs is hurtful to the club.

    I would have loved be to a part of this club when Wenger had 100% support. Back in the days when we did some serious damage in the league!

  201. When you can step back from all the arguments, we are still a very very good side in the most competitive league in Europe. We are very close to having a winning team; so very close. Ironically that is where most fans get their frustration from. We have been so close for so long, but have not quite taken the next step forward.

  202. Phil Mickelson went for more than 6 years without winning a major. He still had 100% support from the fans. I would imagine he actually gathered more support as the major-less years went on. Fans wanted to see Phil win the big prize because he is a quality golfer.

  203. …i remain POSITIVE.

  204. why do i always get censored at LeGrove? All i do is speak my mind and point out that they are all wrong.

  205. Def the North and Leicester. Motorway signs tend to identify distances between cities and only the smaller signs flag towns when you are close to them.

  206. Ashburton Patriot

    Paul N
    I like ure positivity and I wish I could be positive about the situation tbh
    Life is that much better wen u have hope, but wen the inevitable happens, it feels worse than death.
    But United are Good, Chelsea are good, Barca, real, inter, AC are good. We used to be on that list but we’re not now.

    I would be interested in finding out what u think is the reason for our failure

  207. Yet we beat the first three names on that list last season

  208. and we didn’t beat Man City both home and away for the simple reason that Mancini realised the only way to get a point was to park the bus.

  209. wavey the leicester song is about our f.a cup exploits and nothing to do with motorway signs other clubs have just latched on to it

  210. and do I think the result against Barcelona would have been different if RVP hadn’t been sent off? Hell Yes!

  211. Ashburton- A mediocre club wouldn’t have fans booing at a pre-season draw.

  212. aob

    you sure cos Chelsea and West Ham both claim exactly the same? All teams claim to have invented the song.

  213. and why does everybody focus on Leicester? Why not Sheffield (Wednesday or United) as we have certainly had some cup ties against them?

  214. wavey ask any old arsenal fan they ll tell you the same back in the days when we had 400 replays in the f.a. cup its a old song most chelski fans wouldnt remember that

  215. it cant be easy writing posts everyday when we have been given nothing to talk about..
    btw i work in the print game ( a couple of years back we had the contract for the arsenal official magazine) but great point about photoshop..nail bang on the head…

    and bartons not coming…lets not get worked up about that one.. 😉

  216. aob

    How old? I’m no spring chicken and a couple of my mates have been season ticket holders for 40 years and they don’t know.

  217. heres what id would do..

    id take citys offer for nasri and let him rot on their bench..then replace him with mata
    id ask for thiago as well as a decent wad and tell barca the deals on..if not we take as near to the 40 we can and we use it all to make a cheeky bid for sneijder..

    then theres just the cb issue..two would be great but ones take both jags and cahill cos i cant decide which one id want if i had to choose only one..

  218. sorry wavey about the age thing but remember the seventies cup games thats when our away fans first started singing it thats why i know its an arsenal song the other clubs are just pretenders

  219. Ashburton Patriot

    Beatin good teams isn’t what makes u good.
    With that logic wolves are good.

    And Wavey had bendtner scored at the end we might have won the cl. That could have given us the push we needed, but he missed, why cos he’s crap. And he’s like our second striker. A good teams second cf would have buried that.
    Utd have Rooney then Chich or Berb.
    Chels have drog then torres or anelka
    Barca have villa then Bojan.
    We can bee good if we have quality depth until then we won’t.

  220. Ashburton, the reason for our failure is that for some reason we couldnt get our confidence back and thats what the team needs to work on, not letting bad situations keep them down. The CC and Barca losses and the way they happened were just to much, not to mention that we really did enough to win some matches even at the end of the season and some goals were called off for some odd reasons. So yeh, a lack of confidence did us in.

    As far as Wenger – I wish he wouldnt rush the players back from injury and I would like him to rotate the squad more often to keep players fresh. I am not for the wholesale changes like we do in the cup matches because the team is disjointed but maybe we could change 2, at most 3 players so that they stay fresh.

    I still believe we were the best team inspite of our failures, I havent looked at it that way before but I look at our team and for the life of me cannot see how we didnt win the PL. Its not down to talent, their resolve has to be strengthened. Some good additions (we have made made some so far) hopefully will help towards that end also.

    well, thats my view!

  221. The whole we beat Barca, we beat Man U we beat Chelsea is so damn stupid. How many teams beat us? Are they all now top teams for winning against us?
    Its a silly measure as even Ruben beat Barca, I think. So by that measure they must be as good as us.

  222. Ashburton Patriot

    Bill at the moment we are mediocre. The fans have high expectations which aren’t being met£
    Therefore we are underachieving and thus we are mediocre. Do u really think that if the squad plays like that we’ll suceed . Not a chance.

  223. Not talking about beating the odd ‘good’ team. Talking about beating 3 good teams in one season. Any team in the Prem can beat any other team on their day if the ‘good’ team as an off day, but beating three teams like that isn’t done by any bunch of muppets.
    I accept that Bendtner’s first touch is ropey at best and a player with a bit more composure would have buried it, but when you rattle off the list of seond strikers for the other teams they didn’t all shine last season did they? Maybe Chelski should have arranged an upfront fee plus add-ons for Torres because he hasn’t really shone so far.
    And even without RVP on the pitch we got ourselves into a position to almost knock Barcelona out, with RVP on the pitch for the whole game we would have been the team progressing.
    In the incident that got RVP sent off we so nearly beat their offside trap so we were clearly startting to get to them.

  224. And I know we ended up having more off days than most, especially at the end of the season.

  225. There is as speculation that with RVP we would have won against Barca as it is speculating that Samba will be shit at cb for us. You cant make that claim because you really are just guessing.

  226. wavey i agree with you and i believe bentner is a quality player (although not a natural goalscorer) his all round game is better than most young strikers he will be ideal for someone like everton although i wish we was keeping him much better than chamack at the moment

  227. Ashburton Patriot

    Sensible… Paul. Like I said earlier first 11 top quality. After that were practically useless. Rotation is healthy and neccessary but u can’t rotate if u know ur back ups are shit.
    This prem was ours to lose. Good squads (not just first 11’s) take opportunities like that with both hands, we didn’t. How ever had we bought schwarzer we probably wouldn’t have lost 5 points against brom… if we had adequate cover Eastmond wouldn’t have scored an own goal in the cl group stage and we may not have played barca. And who knows what could have happened. I’m not sayoing top players don’t make mistakes, but they are less succeptible.

  228. Gunnerjones

    of course I’m speculating. Unless I suddenly have the ability to change the past so I can see what would have happened with RVP on the pitch I have to speculate, but I believe we were starting to put pressure on them when RVP was sent off.

  229. Ashburton Patriot

    Wavey, we we’re the only team out of us utd, chelsea, City(not entirely sure) and liverpool to beat wolves.
    Are wolves quality now

  230. Ashburton

    as I said any team can have an off day, did Wolves beat all the others or draw with some of them? There’s a difference between going out to win a game and defending in depth so that you don’t lose.

  231. ashburton patriot, i didnt mind bendtner to be honest..
    he used to wind me up but i prefer him to chamakh on his current form….only thing is time is naturally up at arsenal he was a serial under acheiver..time had just run out..
    it didnt help that we switched to 433 cos it meant he had to be played as a wing forward which he isnt..he needs to play centrally with two wing forwards around him or in a 422 with a partner , really..

    if gervinho is replacing bendtner though then thats a good deal i reckon..hes more suited to the role..hope ryo gets a permit too..the more wide guys the better..

  232. When RVP got sent off we were going through.They had to score ,we did not,

  233. Ashburton Patriot

    Point taken jj
    What abt the defence what dyo reckon needs to be done.

  234. Ashburton, It doesnt matter that we played Barca because they didnt beat us fair and sqaure. I dont think we should look into the past for we it was in our hands to kick them out anyway.

    As far as top players, they usually dont get their overnight. There is a process usually a process to get the toughness as far as not losing confidence that goes along with the talent. We have talent but the mental element needs working on a bit.

    Gunnerjones, we may not have won with RVP on the pitch but with him on it was us who was going through at the point of the sending off. we kept Barca at bay but for Cesc handing them a goal. Based on the fat that out of 2 out of 3 matches, you could say we proved that we were the stronger team towards the end of matches I really liked our chances to get it done.

    Its a guess but a guess with a facts in its favour.

  235. JJ are you in a better humour today?

  236. based on the “fact even

  237. Geez! I am not paying attention to what I am posting.

    hope you can understand my points any how.

  238. “As far as Wenger – I wish he wouldnt rush the players back from injury and I would like him to rotate the squad more often to keep players fresh. I am not for the wholesale changes like we do in the cup matches because the team is disjointed but maybe we could change 2, at most 3 players so that they stay fresh”.

    I wonder if the way that Arsene has mixed up the teams in pre-season is part of a change of approach? He’s definitely trying different combinations to get the right balance in the team. I think he might have stumbled on something with Rosicky in the middle.

  239. It was a stumble.If Jack had not stumbled Rosicky would have been out wide

  240. Nobody cares when Bendtner saves our ass in the FA cup by scoring against Ipswich. Or his other goals which helped us gain points this campaign.

    If you are really going to judge Bendtner’s touch on one instance, may i suggest you judge him by this clip ( in particular, the moment at 00:43.

    But no, Bendtner sucks because he miscontrolled a pass.

  241. Great point Passenal!

    I for one loved that so many things were tried this pre season and that many players got a chance to shine. The score lines were not the objective at all. (not sure where I read this but there was a preseason where Chelsea only won one match but went on to claim the PL).

    Yes George, it was a stumble indeed.

    I for one am surprised that so many thought Rosicky was past it. Even last year he was great at the beginning of the season until being upset by injury. Hopefully he stays fit because he is world class when he is on form.

  242. no problems with GK or RB..
    im hoping gibbs will shine ..but im nervous for him…but he has it in him to attack better than clichy, defensively hes not much cop but down the flanks he offers more..
    i think if he had TV/cahill next to him to help him he would grow into the defensive side and we’ll have ourselves a kushty back 4..

    if our main CB’s next year were TV/cahill JD/koz id be happy

    if frimpong and lansbury get a pop then that balances out the midfeild more..

    oh and more wing forwards.. 😉 get mata gervinho and bring ryo through..lets play 433 properly..lets start destroying teams with 3 pass goals instead of playing midfeilders out there and looking like a 271 trying to pass it thru a brick wall..

    then im done 😉


    The most balanced media article I have read on the latest Cesc speculation.

  244. yeah george im having one of my dont worry about it days..
    what will be will be…


    Cesc NOT ordered to turn up on members day, NO plans for alternative photos.

  246. ha ha – I see Passenal posted the same article!

  247. Thank fuck for that JJ .i WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE
    Sorry did I startle you?

  248. FG, great minds link alike! The original story was typical media mischief making. This one will probably not get half the coverage because it’s far too reasonable and lacking in sensationalism.

  249. @ Passenal
    As they say, a lie gets halfway round the world before the truth has laced up its boots.

    I have also been thinking along the lines of your earlier post. I hope it is the case – we had a problem in the cups last season with teams which did not have enough understanding or creativity, as well as being a bit short of pace. The mixing and matching, the resurgence of Rosicky and Ramsey and the additions of Gerv, Jenks and (hopefully) Ryo, should go a long way to addressing all of those problems.

  250. Ashburton Patriot

    Fair points bar the bendy video. I’ve seen vidZ that make denilson look good.
    Paul why should we wait anylonger for our back ups to come good. They’ve had 5 years most of them?
    Wouldn’t it be good to buy ready made players.

  251. Reports on Turkish TV that Eboue has signed for Galatasaray for €4 million.

  252. Ashburton Patriot

    Buying ready made players does not mean you will be stronger this season. Some take time to settle in others never settle.

  253. Ashburton Patriot

    Yes but its better than gambling on our under 20’s for 6 baron years.

  254. Ashburton, what backups are you talking about and anyway it wasnt the back ups that let us down? I believe we have an excellent bench but we played too many of them at the same time, to expect some free flowing football I think is a bit too much when they never play together apart from training.

  255. Those under 20s are not under 20 any more though.

  256. Message to Arsene Wenger

    For f….s sake Arsene buy a centre half.
    If you don’t we probably wont make Champions League and you would have betrayed the true supporters who have supported you the past six years.
    If you don’t buy before the end of the month supporters will start to believe that you were not really in the market to buy anybody and that you feel the second rate defenders we have bar a couple are good enough to make top four.
    Lets all get real we are not good enough to win the Emirates cup which is Mickey Mouse yet alone anything more serious.
    Fans will turn on you and you would have ruined your reputation as the greatest manager Arsenal Football Club has ever had.
    We have the money Arsene, for christ sake spend some and get a quality defender before anything happens at the ground that i don’t want to hear.
    I am a long term supporter and have been going to see our great team for over fifty years and want us to get more success under your management and not hear you getting the bird which nobody wants to experience.
    Do it Arsene PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE before its too late.

  257. Asburton, again the problem was not our under 20’s, the main problem was that our big guns coudlnt hit the blasted targett apart from RVP. For my money that was where we lost the thing more than anywhere else. Many teams shouldve been burried and sapped of confidence but because we didnt take our chances they gained confidence on us many times.

    Given the way things ended you could possibly say that we couldve played some more youngsters when the big boys couldnt get it together. It couldnt have hurt thats for sure and many of them have proven themselves capable by way of the CC.

  258. Ashburton that is.

  259. Still smells of James to me.

  260. goonerforlife If you have been a to see our great team for over 50 years I will plait piss
    School kid if ever I read one

  261. Sorry to see Eboue go if true, but I guess he deserves first team football without the baggage at this point in his career.

  262. Look ACLFers.He said this

    Ashburton Patriot | August 3, 2011 at 6:39 pm
    I used to say that Wenger is the man for arsenal if he changes his policies.
    But he won’t. Its like hoping denilson becomes a good arsenal player, it won’t happen. Therefore if he won’t change and arsenal keeps being mediocre then he has to go,
    Not so?

    Why would you try to reason with someone who wants Arsene to change and be a moron like them?

  263. Don’t want this to come off the wrong way but Barton would kick the shit out of Diaby. Based on nothing other than personal perception!

    Is that why Barton threw himself on the ground like a little bitch when Diaby grabbed him by the neck?

    I wouldn’t mind watching a no holds barred Diaby v Barton bareknuckle boxing match. My money would be on the tall, gangly feller to rip that little, Morrisey wanabe cunt to pieces.

    Ashburton patriot, others have been humoring you for long enough. Why don’t you fuck off somewhere else and talk to other like minded morons who think we’ll finish no higher than mid-table this season?

    By the way, Bojan is no longer at Barcelona and it’s barren not baron.

  264. Gains.I have not humoured him

  265. Turkish newspapers are notoriously full of shit. I wouldn’t believe anything they say about Eboue.

  266. Pointless!!!!

  267. have an article on jenks being no2 to mention of eboue..

    looks like hes gone..

  268. Dennis assists the assister then scores.
    He should be at Arsenal doing something.Anything,

  269. Ashburton Patriot

    Wow. Wen I said u20’s I meant our young back ups like Denilson and Diaby I know ther older than 20.
    Paul yes our first teamers did badly and if we played our younger ones it would have been worse. What impact did djourou, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Eastmond have. Fuck all. If we had a CB combo of TV and Cahill and had Kosc as back up. That’s solid.
    If song was out and we played M’vila or Joey we would have been fine and when VP was out and Chakh and Bendy flopped if we had some1 like gameiro or Lukaku we probably would have done better.

    So are wengers’s policies working… Are they bringing in trophies no. Now most of our fans are angry and dissapointed with Arsenal.
    How are we morons if we fail to believe that policies that haven’t worked for 6 years will work in the 7th.
    Here’s a promise if wenger wins sumthin this year without strengthening our squad, I will publicly say tha I am a fool and deserve to be hanged.

    Gainsburg do u type perfectly every time ur on ur phone.

    I’m notsaying that being Anti wenger is right nor am I saying that being an AKB is right. All I’m saying is that if nothing changes with our manager, nothing will change in our trophy cabinet.
    Football’s Changing so should we.

  270. Wengers policies have worked ,yes.
    Wich other team has ever finished top 4 ,any year let alone every year.with a team that cost net minus 5 million pounds.

  271. Ashburton Patriot

    George that is so dumb.
    We can still succeed while having balanced books.
    Cesc wants to go sell him 40 mil
    Nasri wants to go 20mil
    Clichy gone 7 mil
    Eboue on his way 4mil
    Bendtner goes at least 7mil
    That’s 70 mil. Added to what we’ve got that’s enough to buy some good players and still have lots left.
    I am not askin for him to spend 50mil on a player but 50 mil on 3 makes sense. We’d still make 20mil on the transfer window.
    Succes doesn’t have to be the enemy of financial prosperity

  272. “Cesc wants to go sell him 40 mil”

    We would but Barca will not pay, surely you understand that!.

  273. He might this year but that was not previously an option.So the 6 years rubbish you spout is just that.Rubbish

  274. Dups,you think?
    And he does not get that Cesc is not replaceable Well acutally he does not seem to get much.
    He is however quite polite. So not all bad

  275. So we replace Cesc and Samri with good players from the good player shop?And having done that how does it make us better?

  276. Ashburton Patriot

    +-80mil minus 50 mil is around 30mil that’s more than we usually make.
    We also decrease our wage bill significantly.

  277. I don’t see the big deal about the photograph tomorrow. As it stands he is an Arsenal player, and by the looks of things not even close to a move. Why wouldn’t he be there?

  278. And it is no good speculating how much we have to spend, because in truth nobody aside from a select few at the club actually know. What will be, will be.

  279. Here is my prediction
    We will not sign as good a player as Cesc.So if he goes we will be weaker .End of.

  280. George – Yup. If he does go we may strengthen by buying a few players, rather than a direct replacement. I suspect Asrene will not let Nasri and Cesc both go anyway, so I would have thought Nasri would play centrally. As it goes I don’t think Cesc will end up leaving.

  281. Nasri with 1 assist in his best year should not be considered creative.Arshavin is far more creative

  282. He is, but not suited to that role I think. Cesc drops very deep sometimes (as does Nasri) and also drops in when we are under pressure. He is a midfielder, whilst AA is most defiantly a forward.

    Cesc/Roscky/Nasri are the 3 players most suited to that role I think. It is a good option though against weaker sides, or if we are chasing the game. RvP could do it as well in that scenario IMO.

  283. I agree with George. Cesc is really difficult to replace in the short term. You can’t just replace the best midfielder in Europe with so much ease. But I don’t see the point of keeping him if he’s not committed. We can adjust, through different tactics I guess. Evolve our game plan perhaps, to accommodate the absence of Cesc? Difficult but could work. I’d rather keep him as well, given he is committed. Which I believe he has been past seasons. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  284. I think with AA in there we would be far more direct,I would be happy for a change in playing style if Cesc goes ,rather than keeping the style that was built around him ,without him

  285. beat me to the punch .I agree 100%

  286. Ashburton Patriot

    Okay so please tell me what u want to do guys.
    Do u want to just sit by and hope that it works out. I don’t think u guys realize how fukd we are.

    Cesc and samir have their minds elsewer. And if we don’t sell cesc this year we always have next season. So I’m not worried about that at all.

    All I want to know is why AKB’s think this year will be better. What have we done differently.

    We sold our best LB didn’t replace him.
    We still have a calamatious defence.
    We still can’t defend set pieces.
    We still play the same tippytappy ineffective bs footy
    We still don’t have back up for Song even though we got rid of denilson and diaby’s injured (frimp is too young and just not goos enough)
    We still don’t have good Cover for VP
    We have a demotivated captain
    Arguably our best player in Samir wants to go

    What has been done so differently that we can say is inspiring. Apart from Gervinho, who won’t help out in a defence that leaked through a shocking amount of goals.
    Last season we we’re better placed than we are now to win the league.
    This is the million dollar question.

  287. Ashburton Patriot

    Well at least we agree on Arshavin.
    He got too much slack from the fans. One thing I like abt him is that even wen he has a bad game he can still score or make assists. Quality player and I’ll be guuted if we lose him.

  288. 1)Gibbs is a England’s 2nd choice LB
    2)TV and Kos are as good as any CB pair in the league, and have not conseeded from a set piece .So how do you know we cant defend them?
    3)BS is the best RB in the league .So how is our defence calamitous?
    4)The best team on the planet plays tippytappy so what is wrong with it?
    5 )Diaby is only out for a few weeks and Frimpong is good enough
    6)Chamakh is cover For RVP that’s why he got him
    7)How do you know how cesc will play?No evidence to make me think his game will suffer
    9)Argue as much as you want Samri is not anywhere near our best player,and could do a Flamini in his last year and play much better.

    Any more questions you would like an answer to?

  289. Now please go back to Le Grove where you belong.
    Thank you for remaining polite and goodbye

  290. Ashburton Patriot

    Gibbs is not nearly as good as clichy. He goes forward toooooo much and leaves gaps that chelsea utd man city tottenham and any other team will counter.

    What happens if Verm and Kosc get injured. Are u confident with djourou and squil.

    Even with our TV and Kosc we’ve still looked a bit shaky in the preseason. Cologne should have beaten us if they could finish.

    Notice how I said innefective tippy tappy. Plus it works in spain and europe but not in the prem and its actually very predictable and easy to defend.

    Frimpong is not good enough, he hasn’t even played a decent team yet so we can’t say much. He’s got potential but he’s not ther yet.

    Chamakh is innefective. He’s a good player but not for us. He was utterly useless in preseason

    Judging Cescs last few performances… I hope he plays well but I doubt it. Even AW doesn’t like keeping unhappy players.

    Allthough I don’t think that he is our best he is a big part of how we play and wenger prefers him to shava anyway. He’s also been very average in preseason

    You still havnt told me what we have done differently that gives you so much hope for the coming season.

  291. What I hope for is that this young team clicks .
    That will be enough for me

  292. You will at least have to come up with few suggestions rather than simply winging .
    Who do you want to come and go?

  293. Ashburton Patriot

    Well good luck with that. I’m off.
    I admire your faith in Arsene and our system even in a situation where it seems were on a sinking ship.
    I hope for your sake that this young team does click but I highly doubt it.

    P.s if we don’t slate every1 with a different view to our own ACLF and Le Grove would be much better blogs than they are right now. You could have some really good debates.

  294. Ashburton Patriot

    Befor I leave.
    I want Cahill or Sakho.
    Sakho preferably cos he can substitue as an LB
    I wouldn’t mind Barton but I’d prefer Mvila or Mavuba
    I wanted Mata bt we can’t aford him. We should get gameiro or lukaku. There u go. Realistic targets that would make a difference.

    It wouldn’t even be that hard to sign them.

  295. You wouldn’t mind Barton? I bet you wouldn’t mind Shawcross or Taylor, either.

  296. Ashburton Patriot,

    Mind-boggling. How is Gameiro or Lukaku more realistic? If it was that easy to sign Lukaku I’m sure Chelsea would have sealed the deal a long time ago.

    As for Gibbs vs Clichy I do not need to remind you that Clichy wasn’t as good as you made him out to be, with some glaring errors leading to goals conceded last season. He probably seems to look better now only because of the tinted-glasses + poaching by city.

    That being said, however, I see great potential in you achieving spectacular results in the upcoming Football Manager 11/12 game.

    That aside, I’m quite excited about this season, regardless of whether Fab and/or Nasri stays or goes. Slightly nervous given last season’s collapse, but nonetheless quietly optimistic.

  297. Barcelona just got trounced 4-1 by Chivas of Guadalajara. Pep out.

  298. Ashburton, you’re right. We should sign players who have proven nothing beyond a few nice you tube clips worth of football in second rate leagues.

    Dude, leave the scouting to Arsene and stop day dreaming.

  299. Chivas 4 Barcelona 1

    Now lets talk about poor pre season results shall we.

  300. Beat me to it G69!

  301. Ashburton, yu miserable no blow wow!

    If one is not strong your comments could make them go into deep depression.

    legrove is up your alley they are already depressed, please dont bring that spirit on here!

  302. Did you watch those two goals by that one kid? W-O-W!!!!

    I didn’t go watch Barcelona get pulverized. I’m regretting it like you wouldn’t believe. Would’ve loved to have gone wearing my Arsenal shirt.

  303. Le Grove may not be enough for Ashburton.

  304. Yes G69, the goals were great!

    I liked how they defended Barcelona. They kept cutting out the runs behind the defense. Very well done.

    Messi is really the player that makes that team tick as he can create out of nothing.

  305. Paul-N,

    I’d say they still would be a formidable team without Messi. You only have to look to the success of the spanish national sides to figure this out (compared to the success of Argentinians). Its all in the system!
    In fact you could say its the Barca team that makes Messi tick.

    I know a lot of people don’t appreciate tippy-tappy football, but if it is implemented right, it can be devastating in ANY league, including the prem.

    I hope Wenger stays the course and is able to make the necessary tweaks that ensures we eventually dominate.

  306. Ashburton Patriot

    I’m not depressed.
    I’m being realistic.
    Looking at the situation from neutral ground I doesn’t look like we’ll win anything.
    That’s my view.
    I oh yeah I’ve never watched Mavuba or Mvila on youtube. I watch Mvila play for france and Mavuba play for Lille. They have proven to me that they have skills that could benefit arsenal£
    I like gameiro cos of his movement. His runs are very direct and I feel he would link up well with rosicky or nasri or whoevers in the whole.
    I’m not getting into the Barton issue again.

    I am not going to accept that change will come from me hoping the team clicks.
    What if we don’t win anything nxt year. Will you still have the same faith. What will it take for say that wenger isn’t the man for the job? Relegation?

  307. Ashburton Patriot

    What sre those tweaks henristic

  308. @Henristic
    Though the Spanish side and Barcelona play different kinds of football, I think it’s evident that Barca has a lot more to do with making Messi look good than the other way around.

  309. Evil,
    Barca and Spain play different kinds of football? Really?
    Their games are based on the same philosophy aren’t they, even though the tactics change a bit sometimes depending on personnel etc.
    I may be wrong but in Euro 2008, Spain played a 4-2-3-1 mainly because of Torres. At the world cup though, they pretty much stuck with 4-3-3 because Torres was out of form. Barca also played more of the 4-2-3-1 when they had Zlatan and Toure, otherwise they play a 4-3-3 or a 4-6-0 even.

  310. @Henristic
    In theory the formation is very similar, that is undeniable and both employ the possession game. However the difference between Spain and Barcelona lies in directness and defensive work — to be honest it’s almost like polar opposites. Barcelona play offensive possession football, while Spain play defensive possession football.
    During the whole 2010 World Cup their strategy was to keep possession to deny the opponoents creating scoring chances as opposed to keeping possession to create chances themselves. This is also evident in that their goal average for the whole tournament was barely above one goal a game — moostly boosted by the results in the group stages because all of Spain’s wins in the knockout rounds were 1-0. I am not sure if that change had been made because of Torres’ form and them therefore lacking a proper attacking outlet but it marked a huge difference to the Spain of 2008 which scored on average more than 2 goals a game.
    In comparison Barcelona will only rely on possession as a defensive measure when they are ahead and it’s late in the second half.
    So while Spain 2008 did resemble Barcelona somewhat closely, there are huge differences in the Spain side of 2010 and Barcelona though I am not sure if that’s because of Torres or simply because Spain changed managers inbetween tournaments.

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