Gag Him, Someone, Please & Transfer Gossip

When Peter Hill-Wood speaks, you generally know that you wish he would keep quiet. This morning is no exception. With the media enjoying the discomfiture around the club, Hill-Wood will merely have exacerbated the mood of some, antagonising others. The problem Whimsy has is that his claims to be a custodian and anything linked to that are hollow. The calf was fatted ready for the sale of the club for a number of years, he was a beneficiary in that no matter how much he may try to deny or distance himself.

As Arsene said, we are looking to buy some players but we are not going to do our business in public. They are going to have to be bloody patient – as we are.

The problem is that the manager and particularly Ivan Gazidis, emphatically claimed that this would be a ‘busy’ summer. Thus far, it has been anything but that and although patience is a virtue, the season starts in twelve days. Bar one addition (Jenkinson won’t be a regular unless there is a serious injury to Bacary Sagna) and departure, the first team squad will be the same as which that collapsed last year. Talented as they are, they need strengthening.

The atmosphere is such that doing business quietly merely feeds the frenzy since there is nothing to counteract the seeping negativity. We can live in hope but for only so long. Too often this board leaves the manager out to dry, opting for the occasional pat on the back,

I am 100 per cent behind Arsene and so are the board. I think he has done fantastically well

A hollow claim having already put the transfer burden onto the manager earlier. He did get something right though,

I think [booing] is unattractive but I suppose they pay their money and are entitled to do what they want. I think it is unjustified.

A draw in pre-season is not the place nor the time. Recognising their frustrations has never been a strong point of the board at any time yet to have done so would perhaps placate some. These days, the board seems even more out of touch. Whimsy’s attempt at justifying the current run of trophyless seasons was the touch paper being lit,

Some people have gone 25 years without a trophy and it is becoming more and more difficult with all the people with ­unlimited pockets

I don’t need to read anything to know what reaction he will get for the ’25 years’ observation; simply because others have not won anything, does not mean Arsenal should swallow the same medicine. That said, it has ever been thus at the club, spells of success followed by lean years. The success of the 1930s followed by the fallowness of the late 50s and 60s. The double year followed by fifteen years with one FA Cup before Graham delivered and squandered the chance to build a dynasty. A truly cyclical club, if ever there was one.

Wenger has stemmed that to an extent but the gap between trophies is growing and will at the end of another trophyless season, be at the levels of the 1970s. At that point, what happens? Online there will be a crescendo demanding the manager’s head, the concern is that KSE listen and react in a kneejerk manner for the current board show little appetite for a fight.

Elsewhere, Samir Nasri is apparently the subject of a £22m take it or leave it bid from Manchester City, one that Arsenal will receive in the next couple of days. The delay seems to be that the fax containing the offer got sent by mistake to every national newspaper sports desk. It would be a good deal for Arsenal, especially as it is around the same fee being demanded by Valencia for Juan Mata although that seems to change on a daily basis. And is either too much, too little or just right.

The bank of Manchester City is proving more reliable than that of Barcelona who have a three-pronged attack on signing Cesc. The flaw in the reported game plan is that Darren Dein and Cesc are the only ones talking to the club about the move, Barcelona still looking behind the futon in Sandro Rosell’s office for any loose cents that they can use in their bid.

Nicklas Bendtner meanwhile will probably be hoping that Arsène will be concerned over Marouane Chamakh’s apparent loss of confidence and saving him from the living Hell that is Stoke City. £9m says those concerns would probably be over-ruled. And if the thought of Bendtner at Stoke brings a wry smile, Joey Barton at Arsenal brings a very nervous and thin grin. They are joking. Right….?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Fffffiiiirrssstttttt…..

  2. Morning YW…Have I missed something over the years? Why does Whimsy as you refer to him choose to speak to the Daily Etoile?..He appears to be completely out of touch…

  3. Well, Yogi, we are going to have to be bloody patient, aren’t we? I may not always agree with what P Diddy H to the W (with the kind permission of @arseblog) has to say, but I find that more and more, his words are resonating with me. The only disagreement I have with him here is the part about people paying their money and thus being entitled to act like utter morons. I emphatically disagree with him on that one. The fact that you paid £x to watch a game does not give you the right to refuse to support the team then boo if they do not produce the veal steak you were apparently promised in the small print on your ticket. It’s a sickening attitude, and one I cannot condone in any way, shape, or form.

    Those who booed are cretins, and if they can’t see that opponents actually relish playing us at home now because they know we have easily the worst home support in the league, then I despair.

  4. I’ve asked the same question. Reason seems to be a good relationship with Brian Woolnough.

  5. I think we should sell Nasri, and use the fund to but Mata. That will leave the squad much as it is now and would still need further additions to be able to say we have improved the squad significantly. We will have only spent approx £5M net though, so we should still have plenty of cash swilling around.

    The second we sell Nasri however, we should inform Barca that Cesc will definately not be sold this year so they can stop wasting their time with any further bids. They have missed their window, and Cesc will have to be professional and knuckle down at Arsenal (at least for another year).

    Nice post YW.

  6. – but
    + buy

  7. Personally Law, I find him repugnant. Everything he says is to set the manager up for the fall. Transfers were, we’re told, the remit of the board. Arsene identifies the targets, they do the negotiations. It is time for Gazidis & co to man up and admit to their part in the proceedings rather than infer that the manager is doing the work. Unless, of course, things have changed and AW is doing the negotiations in which case it is little wonder that transfers take so long since he has the small matter of training to deal with. And the media. In which case perhaps some of the old boys club might do the decent thing and bugger off. (Gets off high horse)

  8. Well said, The Law. All we can do is be patient. No amount of complaining on the internet or booing in the ground is going to make things happen. We all know that we cannot bring in players until others depart (particularly a certain Catalan). But of course the club should rush out to buy players they may not need and end up with more players than they can afford. That would be some very smart business there.

  9. Ah well he’s entitled to choose whom he wants as his friends….

  10. Great post, I do wonder what PHW has going on between his ears……

    As was mentioned last night, we are currently not ready for the new season, however, a couple additions over the next few days, and momentum is back with us.

    My major gripe is that a CB has been touted for well over a year, a new LB must have been thought about as soon as Clichy’s departure was announced, surely our scouting network has targets lined up?

    In fact,this must be so. We have bid for Jags in two consecutive summers. This is stark admission we need a new CB.

    You either need a new CB or you don’t. You can’t need one at the right price. Sometimes we have to pay market value.

  11. Yes, well said law.

    Having said that, I would sell nasri today if an offer was made and spend the money the same day on mata, assuming he is an actual target.

  12. @ The Law
    Completely agree with that. After all, what is the viable alternative?

  13. The most notable thing about this summer is the incredible lack of activity across the whole of football. Arsenal have actually done more business than most clubs in the capture of two first team/squad players. If they secure Miyachi’s permits that would effectively be 3 new players available for utilisation. It’s not what we were promised but it’s not a BAD start is it?

    Would I prefer that more deals had been sorted by now – of course – who wouldn’t?

    But let’s be honest, the landscape has clearly been complicated by clubs destabilising our players and in other areas by most teams trying to buy in players for as little as possible whilst trying to sell for as much as possible. Valuations are often differing so wildly there is seemingly little common ground.

    There are numerous other complications in completing transfers and the layman’s view of ‘how transfers happen’ often simplifies the reality to levels of stupidity. Too many fans seem to forget they have never actually been involved in the transfer of football players personally – yet they are self-styled experts.

    It’s frustrating being patient but I am still proud of the way we try to do our business quietly and professionally. Wenger and Gazidis believe in a duty to the club not to spend stupidly and not to conduct business with a megaphone. We are not perfect but we aspire to having a little more class and dignity than the rest and for that I am willing to take the inevitable difficulties that arise.

    Promises have been made but the door has not shut – to my mind recriminations should start only when it is clear, beyond all possibility, that those promises can no longer be fulfilled.

  14. Of course no-one advocates boo’ing.

    Personally I wish the incorrect correlation made on here between viewpoint and boo’ing would be dropped.

    Anyone who spends a portion of each day, debating the same issues, with the same people is clearly passionate about the club.

  15. And why don’t we judge the busyness of the transfer window *after* the window shuts? We have already brought two completely new players and would already have a new CB if he hadn’t preferred ManUre. I think that’s not too shabby.

  16. – brought
    + brought in

    @ Jonnybrou
    Top points. Agree with all of that.

  17. Man, I love this blog, Loads of Gooners who share my sentiments. Booing the team after a pre-season game they didnt even lose is just idiotic. Yeah I am sure both Cesc and Nasri thought. “Wow what a great set of supporters why would we ever want to leave?” Morons

  18. Greetings all. Yogi, while I agree that PHW cant claim to be a custodian anymore, some of his comments do make sense. As a club we cant keep updating our fans on who we are looking to buy and who we are not. All we can do is quickly strengthen areas that need to be strenthened in our team. Right now, because Barca are fooling around with the Cesc bid, we are paralysed and cant add a creative player like Mata because if Cesc stays we dont need Mata. As it stands we can only move ahead by identifying players in central defence as that is in our hands and not Barcelona’s hands.

    We have bid for Jagielka and may move for Cahill only towards the end of the transfer window because only then will Bolton come down from their ridiculous valuation of 17 million for a player with a year left on his contract. Except on Jagielka I dont think we can move any faster than we already are.

  19. FunGunner

    So our bid for Jones, is again, stark admission that we are trying to strengthen at CB.

    The similarity between Jones and Jags is that they are both very comfortable, and have signifcant EPL game time playing DM under thier belt.

    If we needed and wanted Jones, what has our contingency been over the last two months?

  20. Passenal

    >We all know that we cannot bring in players until others depart (particularly a certain Catalan).

    That’s not what the club has said about their transfer kitty. The mantra is “The money is there, the manager chooses not to spend it”; setting up Arsene for the fall.

    Fabregas and Nasri are extraneous to this summer’s activity in that if they go, their fees will fund their replacements. Mata is not another Fabregas, from what I have seen he is more like Nasri in terms of his style of play.


  21. Yogi, surely squad sizes mean we cant bring in more players till some leave?

  22. It’s also important for peole to realise that all the constraints on us, the transfer situation, none of these things disappear just because we faded badly last season or we haven’t won a trophy for six years. We still have to function in the real world.

    @ Luke
    Our bid for Jones and our bid for Jagielka are public evidence that we are trying to sign a CB, is the point I was making. I have no idea what point you are trying to make with the rest of your comment.

  23. Drew, it’s an interesting point and it could be handcuffing Wenger.

    Epxected departures have not gone, neither have the publicly stated departures.

    Perhaps we need to be more cut throat in our treatment of outgoing players?

  24. Quite so FG – though with the spending capabilities of Chelski, ManC, PSG, not to mention Real Mad, Barce and ManU it is more like trying to function the UNreal world!

  25. “The problem is that the manager and particularly Ivan Gazidis, emphatically claimed that this would be a ‘busy’ summer. Thus far, it has been anything but that” How would you know? The fact that we’ve only made two confirmed signings (while reportedly dealing with Nasri and Cesc’s contracts/transfers) doesn’t mean that we haven’t been very busy trying to sign other players!!! Much of what P H-W has said now and in the past would probably be best left unsaid but it makes far more sense that the bitching of many supporters with inflated victim mentalities.

  26. Very true FG.

    But let us not get completley stuck in the financial constraints quagmire. We have a significant transfer kitty. If we are to believe the well respected swiss ramble, then anything between £40-£50 million has been identified. Considering we look to be selling Fabregas, spending £30-£40 million this summer, will see us breakevn/make a profit.

    We set aside £16 million for Jones. That money is still there, we are bidding for Jags and potentially other targets. We are not crippled financially to the degree some like to hind behind.

    Which leads me to response to your earlier post FG, it is clear with have identified a CB as a new addition, that would be three consecutive windows a new CB has been bid for. Surely we should have had multiple targets lined up considering its been a over a 12 month search already.

  27. I also think it’s pleasantly naive to think Arsenal are acting secretively behing closed doors all the time.

    In age of twitter, facebook etc, where regimes and scandalous papers are brought down by rapid information sharing, do we really believe that Arsenal are only being portrayed by absolute nonsense in the press?

  28. A great many of the players we are supposed to be shipping out also fall under the homegrown category. Bendtner certainly does, so his departure does not open up a space in the squad. Nor would Fabregas. Nasri would allow Mata and I think so would Eboue although I am not sure about that.

  29. I can’t believe they still use faxes…i got this scanner that copies a picture in like 10mins but then you got it for keeps…its amazing lets show it to the filthy mancs

  30. “do we really believe that Arsenal are only being portrayed by absolute nonsense in the press?”

    Erm yes by and large I do. 98% of transfer news is nothing but hot air trumpeted from journalists arseholes.

  31. All you positive gooners, of which there are many on here join our little group on Facebook.(Click on my name) Not treading on Yogi’s toes as it is more about building atmosphere than news. Anyway Yogi is the Don. Yeah that’s right the Don!

    Yogi does ACLF have a FB page?

  32. I well recall Wenger’s comment that it would be a busy Window for Arsenal. He doesn’t say that very often which is why I remember his words.And who is to say that it isn’t busy? Clubs have no doubt been contacted and are reluctant to sell. Clubs will sell but the fee is too high. Clubs will sell, the fee is OK but the player won’t move.
    There are so many imponderables in the transfer system, these days, that to imply that no news is bad news is surely wrong. It has always been the Club’s policy to carry out its transfers with as much secrecy
    as possible…..for obvious reasons which still prevail today. I can remember in 1938 when Arsenal bought Bryn Jones from Wolves for a world record fee of £14,000, nothing was made public until the newspapers
    published the done deal.
    I remain convinced, because of Wenger’s earlier remarks, that significant trading is still to be done and we would all do well to await the 1st September before reaching any conclusions.

  33. Drew10

    Nope, there are caveats re homegrown under-21s, etc. You can have more players at the club in any case, just not naming them in the squad for the EPL.


  34. drew10

    No FB page, CBA with FB. We’re on Twitter!/Yogis_Warrior but that’s it!


  35. @ Luke | August 2, 2011 at 9:15 am and August 2, 2011 at 9:20 am

    It would appear to have escaped your notice that we have just bought a couple of players. In any case, I said “constraints”, not just financial constraints, although those still exist. Read Jonny’s first post for a run-down. Swiss Ramble is making an educated guess as to £45-50 million “transfer kitty”. YW estimated £30 million the other day. The truth is that none of us know for sure. You are speaking from a position of ignorance as to that and the way transfer deals are done.

    How can you cite two CBs that we tried to buy in the same window, and then imply that we don’t have multiple targets? As for it being “three consecutive windows” or “a 12-month search”, you appear to have forgotten that we did actually buy 2 CBs last summer and another one the previoius January.

    Why is it “naive” to think that we conduct our business privately? Is that even what you meant to say?

  36. Eboue is not homegrown but looking at those we are trying to sign, few trouble the squad composition. Jagielka is English, for example, ditto Jenkinson. Only Gervinho has troubled us – can’t remember if Clichy was classed as homegrown or not. But last season, there was not much pressure on the numbers of foreign players, only Gervinho changed that?

  37. Grant

    You presume things are going on behind the scenes to prove your point. I am sure that they are but in the same way you dismiss the argument of not being busy, you cannot prove activity either.

    As for Nasri and Fabregas, that is not the inference made by Gazidis and Wenger which you well know. Best not to infer stuff like that taking up the time, some of the natives will get very restless if that is the case.


  38. “do we really believe that Arsenal are only being portrayed by absolute nonsense in the press?”

    Erm yes by and large I do. 98% of transfer news is nothing but hot air trumpeted from journalists arseholes.

    Ditto from me.

  39. @ YW
    I think bids for Gervinho, Jenkinson, Mata, Jones, Jagielka and Alvarez all prove activity. And that’s just the negotiations we know about.

  40. Well if we buy Mata and a defender in his prime in addition to gervinoh before END OF TRANSFARE WINDOW. it will indeed have been a buissy summer. when did we last buy three fully capable first team players ready to challenge at a top level???

    and for all of you who think it has not been a buissy summer. IT AINT OVER YET!!!
    there are three officcial summer months that is July,June and Agust. you cannot say it has not been a quiet summer or a bad summer. You can only judge the summer once its over. Just like you can only judge a team at the end of the season. Arsenal was top before xmas last year but ended as no4. Liverpool has splashed lots of cash in the first summer month but may still end up with the worst deals as everyone els waited and got the better players for less.

  41. FG

    Being a listed company and with publicly accessible accounts, one can deduce our transfer kitty after some sound economic analysis. Which is exactly what swiss ramble has done. Have you even read the article?

    The point is, you blindly assume we are acting quickly based on your position of self proclaimed ignorance, in which you provide complete trust with the regime.

    However, remarks like this from Wenger or the board are not indicative of this window early. Signings, money, weakenesses being addressed etc have been common themes for a couple of years during each window.

    I am fully expecting a new CB. We have admitted we need one by the bids we have logged. That is my point. My other point is that we do indeed have a pot to p*ss in, so if we dont land our targets, there can be no excuses.

    As has been clearly identified, its a very volatile situation in all corners of our club at present. The simplist way to sooth those fears would have been to hold true on a promise. Signing Jones was meant to be that statement, I was a bit miffed when nearly 8 weeks passes before we logged a bid for Jags.

    Like I said, lets see how the next two weeks unfold, but we are leaving it dangerously late.

  42. Jags, Jones = two bids made, both in the press
    Mata, Cahill = enquiries made, both in the press

    The same applies for other clubs. Downing, Young, Adam, Aguero, De Gea, Jones, Wickham , all completed transfers which offical bids were registered in the press.

    All I am saying is that amidst the standard speculation, there is very tangible, very real content surrounding recruitments.

    Its not an opinion. Its merely looking at what has happened across all EPL clubs in the last 2 months.

  43. Newcastle Away went on offer to red members.

    I can’t remember the last time that happened for an away game.

    Will be very interesting to see how many bums on seats there will be at Liverpool. I pray for a sellout. I highly doubt it though.

    Factions of the support are sending (albeit shitty) statements to the manager and the board – how will they respond?

  44. Wenger actually said the market would be relatively quiet until august, didnt he?

    Wenger feels that the transfer market is unlikely to heat up until much closer to the start of the new season.

    “Currently, everyone is standing still,” Wenger said in an interview with a French radio station.

    “Everyone expects everyone else to make the first move. Everyone holds on to their cards, hoping for the major transfer.

    “Nobody blinks until late July, early August. Then we will analyse the gaps in each team.”

    Seems he was right. Not what i wanted us to be doing but there you go….

  45. Really Deise?

    United and City are all but finished. Chelsea require one more.

    On the continent, Barca are finished, Bayern, Inter, Juve, PSG, AC have all been adding significant players.

    Why should we be responsive to others moves? Why cant we identify a target, buy him, and let our rivals act on our actions? Surely waiting for City / Chelsea to get involved only inflates the market anyway?

  46. Well said, The Law. All we
    can do is be patient. No
    amount of complaining on
    the internet or booing in
    the ground is going to
    make things happen…..

    It will make the players feel the shame like the fans does.
    And we who said Mata and fabregas can not stay in the same team?

  47. I am sure some people on here would fit nicely into the cast of 1984. Unfortunatetly I and a few other brave souls on here would be hunted down by the thought police.

  48. yeah luke – late july has just passed and its early august now, when we are seeing movement – but do you really think all the big deals have been done? History tells us it really heats up nearer the deadline. Like i said i wish ours was done and dusted but if im honest i kinda knew it would pan out like it has

  49. Yeah true Deise, and I think you are right. The flurry at end the August is always interesting.

    I just wanted this window, considering its magnitutde, to be different. I wanted, and believed the club at the capabilities to unviel the additions we needed on July 1.

    I believed in it. I believed that we would come out all guns blazing, add who we need, sell who we dont, and be a squad settled and ready for pre-season.

    It hasnt transpired that way, we may have everything we need by the end of the window, but who knows.

    Newcastle A, Liverpool H, United A

  50. It is a bit pointless comparing our transfer dealings with other clubs. We are probably in more need of new recruits that other teams. Also the deadline has another 4 weeks, but our first game is only 12 days away. We would really want any new player in way before then so they can get to know their team mates. Especially in the case of a defender.

  51. ***

    Only linking to the above post for the obvious and relevant reason

    a) It’s a funny post. Almost as funny as the one above
    b) IT is here

  52. Luke 10.02
    Away Tickets for EPL games going on sale to Red members hasn’t happened very often and must be worrying for the club. Travelling fans are generally seen as the most ardent and loyal. What does this suggest is going to happen at home games esp when playing “lesser” teams???

  53. What other big company would have a buffon like Peter Hill-Wouldnt as its figure head?Does Kroenke have doddering old fools like him working for his American teams?
    To all those saying the window closes in a months time thats all well and good but the season starts in 2 weeks time with CL qualifiers as well.

  54. What’s the Mata Dad, your N° Juan son wants to come to Arsenal…..

  55. “Jags, Jones = two bids made, both in the press
    Mata, Cahill = enquiries made, both in the press”

    What’s your point? What about the 10, 50, 100 or so other bids the press claim we have made/are going to make? Gervinho’s deal was completed 30 or so times and he was reported to be in London for a medical pretty much every day for 3 fecking weeks.

    How do you KNOW we enquired about Cahill? Because the Daily Mail said so? Because an agent said so? Because a team said so?

    The amount of disinformation is perhaps only bettered by the amount of misinformation.

    Are we at war with Eastasia or Eurasia? The Ministry of Truth will give the answers.

    Or, if you don’t know your Orwell, don’t believe everything you read Luke.

    Oh and for the record I’m not convinced anyone has done great business yet this summer. De Gea is a huge risk for start and whilst business has been done quicker in other quarters has anyone seen a signing who looks more promising and immediately settled than Gervinho?

  56. @ Luke

    Swiss Ramble does not know all the detail. He is estimating. YW’s estimate was almost half the amount. That is the point.

    The “ignorance” I referred to, which we fans all share, was of the exact amount of surplus cash which could be available. And furthermore the amount that Wenger has to spend is fluid because it depends partly on who leaves. The Cesc and Nasri situation is making matters more complicated than usual.

    I did not say anything about acting quickly; I said we were active – all the bids which the press found out about are proof of that. Even if news of them had not been published, I would still have taken the club’s word for it that we were trying to get deals done.

    We have made one early signing in Jenkinson, we tried to sign Jones early. Gervinho was signed in principle before we went on tour.

    You claimed we did not have multiple targets, while listing multiple targets. You seemed to have forgotten that we signed three CBs in the last 20 months.

    Landing a target takes more than just money. The selling club, the buying club and the player all have to agree. Other clubs don’t get all their targets either.

    And I expect the board and AW are devastated that they couldn’t do everything exactly to your timetable, but hey, this is real life and the real football transfer market.

    Deals and negotiations are not “registered” in the press, by the way. Journalists find out about them. They invent transfer rumours as well. Were you unaware of that?


    @ finsbury
    I saw that post – very good.

  57. Jonny – I certainly don’t believe everything I read. Hence why I paid significant reference to the standard transfer speculation.

    All I am merely trying to point out, is that in an age of social media, the papers are not just reporting BS. There will be some truth in the reports – perhaps, just perhaps, the stories that linger for a while Samba (BBurn confirm bid in Jan), Jones (bid confirmed this summer), Jags (as before) there is some truth in the reports.

  58. Alex Ice Cream

    I don’t understand why anybody is surprised or upset. We have been shi1te in the trasnfer market for years, this is just another year.

    Its just more evidence of the paralysis at the club. There is still time but quite frankly if it happens great, if not more of the same…

    I am thoroughly bored by it all

  59. FG – As I said, we are a listed company, with full disclosure of our accounts. You can, 100% deduce an educated figure of what we have available.

    Still considering the £30 million figure, its not like we are skint is it?

  60. With the possible exception of Fab’s mindset it does not unduly worry me if we start the season as we are and add signings near the deadline.

    The defence was a problem last year but I am more than happy with Vermalen and Koscielny as first choice CB. Having VM will undoubtedly help in terms of passion, drive and organisation.

    Gervinho will add something new as (probably) will Frimpong.

    Last season we played for most of it with Almunia in goal and this year we have the settled more mature Chez.

    Up top we have shed Bendtner and we have arguably the world’s best striker, in the peak of his career, looking fit, sharp and committed to the club. If he can stay fit for 75% of the season or more (instead of the usual 50%) we will be ‘Jordan’s tits’ – more than a handful.

    I still believe our first team is very strong and we will have to hot the ground running but keep calm, and carry on is the motto for the moment.

    Reasons to be positive.

    As you were.

  61. Gooner Ted, Buffon? dont tell me we are in for him again???

  62. Jonny,

    Have we sold Bendtner? Sporting Lisbon?

  63. Jonny – “Last season we played for most of it with Almunia in goal”

    Did we? Fabianski and then Szchezny I thought (I may be wrong).

  64. am calling my mom i think she has some spare billion Zim dollars to donate to Barca and help them end this Cesc thing its getting tiring!

  65. The transfer window is a load of shit and should be scrapped. It has forced up prices of players beyond all reason as clubs scramble around for the same players all at the same time. The FFP rule should have come in alongside the scrapping of the transfer window. Plus it pisses me off the way it puts pressure on the management to find and buy loads of players within a few months or else be seen as a failure.

  66. drew10 – It is a very good point.

  67. @ Clay
    ha ha

    @ Jonny
    Agree again.

    @ Luke
    No, you can’t deduce, you can estimate. Two reasonable estimates, one almost twice the size of the other. That is the point. Even AW probably couldn’t give you an exact figure because some of the cash will be set aside for performance bonuses and other things like that.
    I didn’t say we were skint. But whether the cash amount is £30 million or £50 million, it is limited. City and Chelsea have virtually unlimited cash to call on.

    @goonerandy | August 2, 2011 at 10:50 am
    You are right – Almunia started the season but soon after WBA he was superseded by Fabianski until he got injured and then it was Chesney until the end of the season. With cameo appearance from Jens of course.

  68. I actually like the transfer window, and think it plays into our hands.

    Can you imgaine if City had a full year to conduct dealings?

    The window is exciting, its another test of a football club.

  69. It would be much easier to conduct transfer business when the media are distracted by actual football going on. Plus it might stop ‘arry Tax evader from trying to sign anyone linked with Arsenal.

  70. Have you read the article FG? Anyway, its irrelevant. We both know and accept we have significant funds and certainly enough to cover a new CB which we are obviously active in the market for.

  71. Drew10, agreed, the focus of the media would be elsewhere. but then, so would all of football. Wenger certainly wont have time to run the rule over players in an already saturated season?

    Gazidis and his counteparts at other clubs will have a completley different agenda during the season no?

    The window is what it is. Everyone will listen, everyone will propose.

  72. Luke, FPP means they wouldnt be able to constantly spend loads of money throughout the year.

    In fact the way the transfer window works pushes players prices through the roof, and with ALL the media focused on breaking every story the chance of snapping up a bargain like we used to is now very unlikely.

  73. I wouldn’t sit there crossing your figures waiting for FPP to benefit Arsenal.

    Do you honestly think the sister entinity of one of the most powerful/corrupt organisations in the world is whiter than white.

    UEFA enforce FPP to the degree some Arsenal fans want/expect, City et al could walk away and form a new league. Club power is huge.

    The handling of any breaks in regulation will be very interesting to follow.

  74. Sorry Jonny @ 10:333 am – The Orwellian in all this is not Luke, who is at least consistent in banging for “activity”, rather it is our finger-waving, hard-ass, fence sitter who made the following grand statement:
    “I am sure some people on here would fit nicely into the cast of 1984. Unfortunatetly I and a few other brave souls on here would be hunted down by the thought police.”
    What is the source of this “bravery” you may ask? After vacillating all summer, hard ass finally posted this gem:
    “I think we should sell Nasri, and use the fund to but Mata. That will leave the squad much as it is now and would still need further additions to be able to say we have improved the squad significantly.
    “The second we sell Nasri however, we should inform Barca that Cesc will definately not be sold this year so they can stop wasting their time with any further bids. They have missed their window, and Cesc will have to be professional and knuckle down at Arsenal (at least for another year).”
    Talk about wanting it both ways.

    YW – I have to agree with your blog today. PHW are setting up Wenger. In their calculating minds managers come and go so long as the golden calf remains fat. On the issue of transfers, I suspect that selling clubs will begin to blink in the upcoming days as the window draws to a close. That is how the Spuds picked up Van der Vaart last year for only 9 million (Euros or Pounds). Patience is a virtue in every walk of life.

  75. Luke, I agree 100%. It will be very interesting to see if FIFA or UEFA have a backbone when it comes to throwing out some of these huge clubs from the CL.

    At least after the scandal of bribery some of these teams might be less inclined to go down that route.

    Although they will find other ways of injecting stupid money onto the clubs like the recent citeh sponsorship deal.

  76. Just wondering, if we take it that our strongest first choice team is likely to consist of:

    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Jethro
    Song, Wiltshire, Rosicky/Cesc
    Gervinho, RVP, Arshavin/Nasri

    What really is the fuss all about with 30 days to go to the end of the transfer window. Clearly, Vermaelen and Koscielny are the preferred starters and Djourou is very much available, Jethro seems like he’s settling down well, and Rosicky is a reborn Mozart. The arguement that we have to rush and complete all our signings before the season starts is somewhat of a red-herring.

    I have no doubt that there’s going to be additional signings, and the desperation being displayed is baffling.

    It’s a known fact that journalists sit down and literally invent phantom transfer stories because they have column inches to fill. Why would

  77. Darius, desperation? No.

    Disappointment, yes.

  78. Booing wankers the lot of them. I’d take our transfer fund and invest it in buying out those fuckers’ season tickets. Money well spent.

  79. ** Why would they do it differenntly, that’s why it’s called the silly season *** I should have concluded there.

  80. Good suggestion Markus.

    I am not impressed with the reptitive act of using the manager as a shield over the years. Though, as a tactic, it seems to work with the more gullible.

    More terrible news from (re: Ryo Miyaichi)

    “My plan is to get a work permit for him and to put him on the pitch for Arsenal Football Club,”

    One could feel that there may one or two more signings to may be made But if that’s not a football story to excites the football fan, along with Jenks, I don’t know what is.

  81. Luke – why are you disappointed? I still don’t get it.

  82. Why don’t all the influential blogs and fanzines get together and condemn booing in a big bold, unmistakable way? Big front page headlines BOOING IS FOR CHILDREN, SHUT THE FUCK UP… Maybe badges handed out… or ball-gags. Really attach a stigma to the fuckers.

  83. Shotta – Good man. You never let me down 😉

    Want it both ways? I don’t really get what you mean by that. I want us to improve our squad. If that is wanting it “both ways” then fair comment.

    You still have not given me an example of my “fence siting”. But I don’t really expect you to if I am being honest (as there isn’t one).

  84. Disappointed that our squad isn’t settled and is largely the same group of players who saw out last season. Our captain and nasri are still huge question marks, and thats only being placated by the signing the of gervinho.

    Im hugely excited by Jenkison, Frimpong, Gibbs, Ryo, Afobe, but I’m not banking on them to be the difference in us closing the gap on the teams above us. It wouldnt be fair.

    Wenger is in the market for a CB. Personally I feel we still need a LB and another striker. With our hardest season start in years and with Fabregas, Diaby, Wilshere, Walcott all on the injury list, I was hoping we would have some solidarity to the set up at this stage.

  85. Darius – I would imagine that it is because the team is not really that differnt from last season. And as we saw, that team had fundemental flaws despite its good football. Ergo, why would the coming season be any differnt?

  86. Limpar – Not a bad idea. I wonder how many would sign up for that?

  87. Or we do what Markus said. Though frankly I’d rather we ran them out than buy them out.

  88. All those in favour of Markus’ idea say aye.


  89. All we really need is the Gooner to harden the fuck up and run a frontpage 1st home game of the season saying BOOING IS FOR KIDS – SHUT THE FUCK UP. They love a bit of booing though, so it won’t happen.

    So I propose a printing-press break-in. An ACLF message to the boo-boys crudely wallpaper pasted to the front of every shite rag off the press. By 3pm Saturday it’s gone viral. Booers are being gagged, bound and kicked down the gangways… nipped in the bud. Move on.

  90. Oop, sorry.


  91. Darius – I would imagine that it is because the team is not really that differnt from last season. And as we saw, that team had fundemental flaws despite its good football. Ergo, why would the coming season be any differnt?

    @Goonerandy – is it really the same team without changes? Clichy has left, Vermaelen is available, Gervinho is a new player. When you say you wanted things to be different, pray tell, why aren’t you considering the introduction of Gervinho and the return of Vermaelen plus the promotion of Jethro and the signing of The Jenks? Is it that it’s not Hollywood enough for you?

    Clichy, Denilson, Bentdner, Eboue and Almunia have already left or are on their way out. That’s already 20% of last seasons 25 man squad.

    And this still with 30 days left in the transfer window – the business is not complete. Unless you wanted 11 players to be changed and we get rid of everybody.

    So your claim above that the team isn’t that much different from last season is not factual at all and is absolutely misleading.

  92. fucking most definitely aye!

  93. Darius

    Alumina, Bendtner, Eboue are still very much at the club.

    Perhaps our inability to shift them is slowing down our recruitment process?

  94. Darius – Fair point. I suppose I should have worded it diffently. I don’t believe the team is significantly changed enouhg for it to be better. TV5 coming back is a definate plus, and hopefully he will kick on from his impressive 1st season. Maybe that alone will make the difference, but it would be asking a lot.

    We have downgraded in the left back slot which ever way you look at it. Jenkinson is strictly a reserve for the first team, and I would argue that Eboue is a better reserve full back, so any injury to Sagna would leave us with two rookies in both full back positions.

    Gervihno looks good so far. Happy with that. So pro’s and cons really, which is why I think that this team (as it currently stands) if not a marked improvement on last season. Which was my badly worded inital point.

  95. Almunia was shuffled out the back, blindfolded, spun around four times and told to wander off. About mid-May that happened. He’s still in Islington I think, but he’s not ‘at the club’.

    I think we should get quite a bit for Bendtner and Eboue. Probably end of next week.

  96. Assuming no serious injuries to our top players during internationals, and no “unexpected” departures, yes the team may be strong enough, but will the squad be strong enough to rotate any players for the cl games, with massive pl games following them? Theo is already a doubt and we don’t know the seriousness of Jack’s problem yet.
    If Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue and Cesc leave our squad would be down to 19 over 21 players, 6 home grown and 13 even if none of those leave we would have space for 2 more players, (3 if Almunia left out of pl squad as we don’t need 4 goalkeepers)
    And of the over 21’s 4 are either currently 21 or 22.
    I suppose the problem I have is that in so many windows past AW has spent his time saying he is looking to strengthen and nothing happens, or we get the likes of Silvestre or Squillaci, so I find it difficult to believe anyone will come in until it actually happens.

  97. Goonerandy, I think Frimpong will have a big season this year. He looks the real deal! Whats that? Walcott – English, Wilshire – English, Gibbs – English, Frimpong – English, Afobe – English, Ramsey – Welsh, Bartley – English, Jenkison – English. Now wonder the media have needed to drum up some negative stories about us recently they can no longer hit us with the foreign poofs tag!!

  98. Darius @ 11.18 hear, hear.

    The first team is stronger than last year.

    My bad with regards Almunia not playing most of last season though the broader point stands – a settled Chezzer as first choice is a much better position to be starting the season than where we were this time last. The Fabianski interlude did us no favours but I am happy that a season on we have good competition between the two for a starting berth.

    Fabianski is extremely well regarded by those in the know and I feel we have yet to see his true worth.

    Lot’s of people have said that Rosicky looks like a player reborn – I missed most of the play over the weekend but this would be thrilling news indeed.

    With regards the need to strengthen, Tony over at Untold made some valid points

    Namely that in 2002/3 Arsenal ended up five points behind Manchester United and we responded by selling Seaman and Luzhny and bringing in 16yo Fabregas, Lehman, Senderos and Clichy.

    By the end of the season Man U finished 15 points behind us.

    Sometimes it does not take massive change for a big change in performance – we know where our problems lie. We are young and talented and we can and should improve.

  99. Darius unfortunately Almunia Ebuoe and Bentdner have not been sold yet and are stilll costing us 150k a week. Nobody wants to pay them the salaties they get at AFC thats unfortunately true for Squllachi who can sit around for 2 years and still get paid. Jenkins was signed earlier in the year but because of paperwork did not get completed till now. We have defensive flaws and need a real defensive coach,

    Nasri and Cesc will go lets hope we get good replacements and a stronger squad

    The board have no influence its just Kroenke and if they are plotting to get rid of AW its just good for him as PSG have as much money as Citeh and he will end up there as Director of Football,

    FPP will have no effect due to creative accounting,

  100. I pretty much think the exact opposite of this chap ^^

  101. Why would they be plotting to get rid of Wenger? He makes them money whilst keeping them competitive, in a business sense it would be a stupid move.

  102. I love the naievety about financial fair play. City have just signed a £400m stadium sponsorship deal with Etihad, essentailly sponsoring themselves as their owner is a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family and Etihad is owned by the Abu Dhabi government which are essentially one and the same thing. This deal is over twice the next biggest deal anywhere in any sport in the world. It’s so obviously bent, but I’m sure an army of City’s lawyers are lined up to defend it. When push comes to shove, UEFA and FIFA will do all they can to ensure the status quo, the gravy train is just too big.

  103. @ Jonny 12:+01

    I can actually remember the dread I felt at the start of that particular season. It was only the legend that is Jens to be added to the first team. I thought we were finished.
    That’s why I find it hard to accept that wenger doesn’t know what he is doing cause he was attacked the year before for sayin we can go a season unbeaten but then he actually did it with the addition of 1 goal keeper in the transfer window.

    Arsene wenger- legend and genius.

  104. My stance on the transfer window is that I would like another signing or two but I’m not going to be a dick about it if it doesn’t happen.

  105. Is it true that Mata has one year left on his contract at valencia?

    If so, then we could get him next season when our dear friend Samir leaves for free. Sounds about right!

    After being impressed with PHWs comments last week, he has returned to his old self again! Ho hum.

    Whether its true or not, the impression given is that Arsenal simply are not proactive in the market, making comments made earlier in the close season seem hollow. This leads to certain fans calling Wenger a liar. They like calling him that, he is always lying to them apparantly.

    I am sure to some, whoever we signed wouldnt be good enough, but to most, we’ll be happy with a couple of new additions. The nasri to City story is just plain made up. Some bored hack with a deadline and paper to fill.

    Guillem Balague is a bullshitting chancer. His assertion about the deadline passing on a deal for Mata was as intricate and conveluted as a Hitchcock thriller! Turns out to be complete bollocks! I think we’ll sign Mata, but waiting for any deal for cesc to barca is dangerous IMO. The way these catalan cheapskates are working, they will draw it out to the very end of the window, so us not making a signing is very very risky. I dont see it as weakening our hand, cesc’s value doesnt depend on us signing a replacement, why would it?

    And the boo-ers can fuck right off. No place for them at Arsenal. But, I’d run out the twats who run the Gooner at the same time.

  106. Bendtner thought he was good enough for Barcelona,his dad said there were a string of German clubs after him including Bayern and Dortmand………….he could be on the way to………………….Stoke!!!!!!!

  107. Jonny

    On what basis the 1st team stronger than last year? Same players minus Clichy, plus Gervinho leaves us no better than level. If by stronger you refer to players returning from injury, let’s see that they stay fit before counting our chickens.


  108. I think we’ll make a bit of money off Bendtner and maybe Eboue. I think it’s important for us to keep Cesc and Samir and I think we will. I have become a bit silly about Juan Mata so I hope we get him in and cover ourselves in case one of the aforementioned fucks off next summer. Johan and Squillaci haven’t helped themselves bounce back from end of last season so I’d like another defender there to put pressure on the 1st choice pair. I think that’ll probably happen this week or next.

    Other than that I think we’re tip-top ready to go. Frimpong will ‘do a Jack’ this year, and Gibbs will ‘do a Clichy’. Sorted. On for the title again.

  109. Jonny, the Red Bulls keeper stopped Rosicky from getting about three assists on Sunday. He only got the one!

  110. Darius

    Whilst you are factually correct in asserting that there are 30 days left (Arsenal always seem to manage an extra 1 more), the start to the season we have means it is imperative that we are ready. At the moment, nothing untoward has happened in terms of injury to key players or losing personnel but with 11 days until a hectic period of matches commences, including some crucial to the season, leaving signings until the end of August is a questionable course of action.


  111. LA

    Your are deluded.Cesc and Nasri are gone.There is no way in hell Kroenke would let a £23m asset go for free next season

  112. Gooner Ted

    Factually incorrect – neither has left the club and would Kroenke let Nasri go on a free? Damn right he will if he believes that the short-term interests of Arsenal are served by that course of action.


  113. LA

    Surely that’s Johan and Squillaci ‘together’ haven’t helped themselves? If we avoid that pairing – or pairing Squillaci with anyone – we might be alright although I’d prefer a defender in.


  114. solgooner – cheer up mister sol means sunshine but you sound so damn miserable.

    We can and will offload those three players – we are just holding out for the right price.

    We pay well but in order to get the players we want to sign/stay we have to. Squill hasn’t worked out but, if we sell Bendy for 9M and Eboue for 4M, that’s hardly awful business for the club – especially if they have further sell-on clauses.

    It’s funny how the same fans who complain about paying players too much because the players did not work out are the same fans who want us to splash higher amounts on big name, proven stars (who demand even higher salaries). It is not an exact science just look at half of the brilliant signings Man City have made!

  115. You sound a little frustrated Yogi. Heard it all before?

    OK, ideal scenario.

    All outgoing players as mentioned clear off.

    Cesc sold to barca for £40million. Nasri to whoever will have him.

    Complete deals for Mata and CB.

    Would that make you happy? It would do for me.

  116. YW 12.28pm

    If Cesc did stay till the 31st there is no way he will play for us before then.He hasnt kicked a ball in anger for 5 months he has has no pre season.You need to start the season running not signing players after we have played 3 league games and the CL

  117. CBob

    Selling Cesc and Nasri and only signing Mata wouldnt do for me man. Anyway, Barca wont come up with the requisite amount and selling Nasri to City would be very damaging to us. Better to sell him abroad, if at all

  118. YW

    Nasri goes on a free its to Man Utd if he goes now its to City.Which is the best of two evils.And we would lose £20m to buy a replacement
    And yes they are gone.Nasri’s body language over the weekend told you all you needed to know

  119. Consols – I really don’t think we can afford to lose Nasri and Cesc in one summer.

    My ideal solution would be sell Nasri and keep Cesc. The Nasri cash would hopefully fund the Mata transfer. Our own transfer kitty would get us a CB ready to play in the first team. I would like a left back as well, but am resigned to Gibbs starting the season.

    I think maybe Frimpong will be gambled on to understudy Song. It is a risk, but from what he has shown so far he would not let us down.

  120. Cbob @12.44pm

    It would indeed. If players do not have the desire to play for the club, let them go. Find those who do.

    I will add my concern is that we are going to enter the start of the season with nothing resolved, the start to the season is quite unforgiving.


  121. gooner ted

    Please give it a rest with the amatuer sluething man. You have no idea what nasri’s body language implies. he might have had trapped wind for all you know. He looked concerned enough when Jenks scored that OG, he consoled him. This idea he is gone is all in your head. Thats a fucking scary place BTW.

    Flamini had the best season of his career with a year to go. Its funny how doomers like you see the negatives to suit your view points.

    We sell nasri now, we are weaker, regardless of the money we bring in. Now all of a sudden, you give a shit about money? I thought that was what Wenger has been doing too much of?

  122. Don’t forget Nasri has a say in this. If he has any sense he will stay for the last year of his contract and be able to get a huge signing on fee next year. Arsenal cannot force him to sign for another club.

  123. goonerandy

    Frimpong may well be used as Song’s understudy. However, seeing as how Frimpong has chosen to represent Ghana. Is there a chance he could be off to the ACN as well?

  124. Ted

    You don’t know where Nasri will go if he is on a free – United are the favourites of the media but not the only ones who can pay extravagant salaries. Agree though that if he goes now, City is his most likely destination. KSE will weigh up what the cost of foregoing the £20m now is against potential increased revenues and prize moneys if he stays.

    And don’t harp on about body language – you don’t know Nasri so cannot ascertain his mindset. Anyone who claims they can with 100% certainty is a fool.


  125. Dexter – Hmmm, good point. I don’t see us buying a central midfielder though. Well, not unless we sell both Cesc and Nasri in which case we would need Mata + 1 top quality midfielder. And I really can’t see us doing that.

  126. Yogi tomorrow we will know our CL cpponents hope its not Rubin Gazan prefer Twente or Liege

  127. Dexter Djouru used to be a DM

  128. Sol – I would prefer Liage or Twente as well. So I can go 🙂

    We really dont want to be playing CB’s in midfield. It is Champ Manager stuff. For a short spell we could probably get away with what we have depending on the games. Hopefully we won’t have to though.

  129. Plus a CB if you read my post Dexter.

    I’m with Yogi, if players don’t want to be here then they must go.

    As for Cesc’s worth, it is only what someone will pay for him. If that’s only £40 mill, so be it.

  130. Consols – But that is the assumption that we want to sell. As we don’t his worth is what we vaule him at. And for me, given his standing and stats over the past few years it should be no less than £50M. Anything less, and we have been well and truly mugged.

    Who care if he wants to leave? He is under contract and is our most important player. He is obvisouly not that desperate to leave (not saying he would not like to, as he obvisouly does) or he would have pu in a transfer request.

  131. Yogi – just saw your question from earlier.

    I think we are stronger because we have many young players who are a year further into their development. We know from seeing players like Song at this age this can make a huge difference. The Velas, Ramseys, Walcotts, Wilsheres are at an age where they develop very quickly. Many mistakes of youth have been made and will have been learnt from. We know that perhaps some won’t come on as much as we would like but there is good reason to believe most will.

    I think we are stronger because we will not have Almunia playing in goal for any point this season and his replacement is more experienced and will be more confident than last.

    We cannot know which players we will miss this season but it would be unfortunate in the extreme to miss TV for a whole season and I do think – though he is not without flaws he is a vital component of the team. He has some warrior spirit which was much missed last term – not to mention his goal contribution.

    I think we are stronger for shedding Bendtner, who destroyed so many moves with his iron-toed first touch and promoting the exciting Afobe.

    I think we are stronger with a rejuvenated Rosicky and even Arshavin.

    I see the problems with Fabregas but I hope both stay for one more season – if Barce pay the money Fab can go – but I am convinced they simply don’t have it.

    There are a few more imponderables but, as we are at present, I see a more solid defence (Clichy leaving does not concern me greatly) and TV is back. Koscielny I think will prove his doubters wrong and show his class.

    I see a plethora of options in midfield (especially if Miyachi gets a permit) plus a back up DM at last (that’s a big boon IMO).

    A lot depends on RVP staying fit up front but I am glad to see B52 leave and I think Afobe could make the grade.

    I’m naturally positive in my outlook but I really don’t see reasons to panic (as some are).

    I am convinced Wenger will sign 2 or 3 and that this Nasri/Fab situation will come to a head one way or the other. I am also pretty sure that Wenger et al are doing all they can to resolve things in good fashion.

  132. Andy

    He has been our most valuable player, is he still? At the moment he is a loose end and a liability.

    If he commits to the club and plays like he can then, yes, welcome back Cesc. If not then I don’t care about how many hypothetical millions he is worth.

    As the poor boy only wants to leave us for Barca, he has driven down his value. If, as reports suggest, barca are asking him to lower his wages to go there to ‘help fund’ his transfer than you wonder how many more insults he will take to tell them to ‘fuck off’.

    If he doesn’t and swallows all these humiliations from the team that is ‘determined’ to have him then it suggests he is desperate to run home. In that case, good riddance.

  133. I don’t think that Cesc will go for a ‘mega fee’ when ever he goes. He has seen to that.

  134. Consols – I know what you are saying, and do agree to a point. But are yuo suggesting that any player who states they want to leave we should just flog on the cheap? They are assets and the end of the day.

    Look when Manure sold Ronaldo. Just because he wanted to leave did they sell him in a cut price deal? No, they drove a hard bargain and got a great deal from it. We should do the same. If they want him, they should pay market value. It makes no odds if they are the only club in the running. We have no need to sell, so therefore don’t need to slash our price.

  135. Regardless of differing opinions here, everybody wants the same thing. Whatever is best for Arsenal football club. I can’t see how letting our best player go on the cheap is doing that.

  136. We don’t have to sell. True. We can have a player who doesn’t want to be with us picling up his salary for the next 12 months. How much is that worth?

    He is a one club man and that club is barca, there is no competition to drive up his fee. Whether now or in 2-3 years time, we will ultimately get what barca are prepared to pay. They know this. Cesc has created his very own little world, hellish though it might ultimately turn out to be.

  137. Consols – Yup, I do agree with that. I suppose your 1st paragraph is the decisive one. If he does not get his move, will he still perform for us. Personally I think he would, which is why I think the club should be sticking to its guns over this.

    If he were to start playing up, that would be a different matter. Like I said earilier though, he has not even submitted a formal transfer request (which would see him waive cash that we would have to pay him upon selling). Why has he not done this?

  138. To be quite honest Andy I have to agree with Consols. I am totally pissed off with this saga. Consols is right in that Cesc f***ed us up here when he announced that BBB was his only destination. Effectively that meant there was never going to be a bidding war and therefore we were never going to get the proper valuation. Quite frankly a professional footballer who allows himself to be s*** upon so much by a team and still wants to go there makes you wonder what kind of dignity he has. This saga is coming to its only possible conclusion.

  139. I don’t know. Why didn’t he play in the Emirates cup?

  140. Injured I thought. He has not been training long due to his Hamstrings. Make of that what you will I suppose.

  141. @ Dexter
    I think………. flamini’s best season was his last (07/08)……again I’m not positive, but I believe his last was the only season that he was considered a regular starter.

    re: some individual pre-season comments

    Frimpong: for me, he IS Song’s back up; he’s young and will make some mistakes,
    but certainly an example of our manager finding young talent.

    Jenkinson: impressed with his maturity and solid technical / tactical play (like Kos); I’ve watched a lot of football, can’t remember seeing an own goal like that. Maybe Szcz was having the same thoughts.

    Rosicky: performance against Red Bull “a true artist with the ball”. It’s why I follow Arsenal!

    Gervinho: exciting and promising.

    RvP: historically a slow starter, I’m hoping that 11/12 season will be the beginning of a string of Bergkampesk seasons. He is certainly capable of producing 25 / 25 numbers. (goals / assists) imo…..

    Gibbs: I like this kids calmness and attitude; I want to see him succeed. Anyone playing defensively for Arsenal has the added pressure of high expectation.

    I’d much prefer to discuss the matches, the team and player actual performances…..than speculate about transfers and set my own time frame expectations that are totally irrelevant to reality.

  142. @Yogi.

    Granted, it would be positive from a psychological point of view to have everyone in place sooner rather than later, but you get to learn that the Arsenal is just the Arsenal. If things are happening slowly on the negotiation side to bring players in, the best the technical staff can do is prepare the best team available to start while the transfers are being sorted.

    Not ideal in terms of winning hearts and minds, but functionally, the first choice team as is shaping up should be able to handle the heat while the new recruits settle in. Based on how Arsenal has conducted their transfers, this summer is somewhat different as we are in unchattered territories. The last few years have shown that without fail, the players to have a key role in the start of the next season always come in during the first 2 weeks of July, without fail. Gervinho, Koscielny, Chamakh, Vermaelen, Nasri, Sagna, Rosicky, Hleb etc, all who played or continue to play key roles. The important thing to note here is that the transfer window offically opens on the 1st of July.

    Other players who came in later on towards the close of the season were bought after hard nosed negotiations that sometimes went to the brink ala Arshavin. My sense is that the players who come later will naturally take longer to bed in, but the squad should be good to start the season any how.

    This summer is different because of the sheer amount of media and fan pressure to make significant changes. Based on Arsenal’s M.O, they haven’t done anything different to say that they’ll bust a gut to sign players while there’s still time to negotiate.

    Between Nasri and Cesc, my sense is that Nasri is the more likely to leave, especially with the purchase of Mata (if it materializes). Nasri is not likely to leave if Mata isn’t signed.

    Unfortunately, the Cesc soap opera will not end untl 1st Sept when the doors are nailed shut and Cesc realises that BBB have yet again hang his arse out to dry. If he can then knuckle down and deliver as we know he can, then we’ll take him, but hopefully without the captain’s arm band. Otherwise, my personal view is that he should be sold to the highest bidder. If Barcelona want him that much, they’ll still come up with the money. We have a more than capable replacement in Rosicky.

  143. I don’t think there’s any reason to believe other than what Cesc and Arsene have repeatedly told us; and that’s that Cesc loves the club. I don’t care if he ‘also loves’ another club. He has ‘also loved’ that club for as long as he’s been with us and it has never got in the way of him fighting his guts out for the Arsenal. I hope he stays and think he will do.

  144. It is pretty boring, isn’t it, Arsesession? I think it’ll all be decided pretty soon. My bet is Cesc’ll jog out on Member’s Day and all will be forgotten… for another year.

  145. @ consolsbob
    I agree with everything you say on Cesc.

    A less than 100% fit Cesc is still better than most players, but a less than 100% committed Cesc is no use to us. He probably would still get great numbers of assists and orchestrate play and all that, because he is a brilliant footballer. But would he put his shoulder to the wheel and drag us over the line come next February onwards? Would he put his body on the line for the team? All that is questionable. We need is players who want to play for this football club.
    Did you see Afobe’s intervew recently? Heartwarming.

  146. I’m with Andy. We simply can’t sell Cesc on the cheap. What sort of reputation are we building for ourself, considering that Ronaldo left in similar circumstances for a world record fee. It will just confirm the view that we are ‘soft’ club.

    We don’t need to sell. If Barca won’t pay up, fine, we keep the player until he hands in a transfer request. Then we put him on the open market for the highest bidder ass Wenger himself suggested a few weeks ago.

    As long as Cesc is an AFC player, I believe he will play well. His professional pride will allow nothing else. Perhaps he won’t be as motivated as he would be for Barca, but he” still give us a good number of goals and assists, not to mention the fear factor of playing with a world class player on your side.

  147. Limpar – Hope you are right. It makes far more sense to sell Nasri and Cesc stay. I like Nasri, but if he is refusing to sign a new contract we should sell and get Mata. That said, Arsene was pretty candid when he said Nasri is staying so who knows?

  148. Yes, Fun. Excellent.

  149. @ cbob
    Wenger said Cesc was not focussed, as well as the dodgy hamstring coming into it.

    @ Limpar Assist
    I have no doubt that he loves being here, why wouldn’t he? But he puts Barca ahead of us. Wenger has to decide whether he is going to play his heart out for us or not, regardless. Wenger so far is not convinced.

    The saga feels very different this year – last summer AW was sure enough of him to issue that very strong statement. This year he is effectively up for sale if Barfa want him enough.

  150. FG, what was Afobe’s interview?

  151. “Juan Mata is expecting Arsenal to return with a fresh offer for him, despite Valencia bluntly turning down the Gunners’ previous offer.

    Mata’s father has revealed the Spanish side simply declined the north Londoner’s offer, but has revealed that the 23-year-old midfielder remains hopeful
    he will be on his way this summer.”

  152. I can see what Consolsbob and you are saying, FG. Completely. I agree to a certain extent but I think we underestimate Fabregas. He is not some sulk like Ronaldo. I think he is genuinely tied-up in this club and if he stays he’ll play better and with more passion than ever – as he does each season.

  153. Great post again yogi. I think we should bring in backup DM west ham has admitted they would sell scotty parker Not a long term solution but we don’t need long term with frimpong waiting.

    Owen Doyle has said he would not stand in the way of Cahill moving.

    We could have done most of our business now if we had wanted. it’s naive to believe otherwise I think. We are playing our usual game of brinksmanship. It’s almost like we are addicted to the process.

    No one has any real idea who is in charge and who is actually making the decisions. Is arsene asking the board to make the moves and they are blocking his wishes and stalling?When things were going well we all assumed it was arsene making the decisions and pulling all the strings. When things are not going well we blame PWH and ivan and the board Hard to know what is really happening and I agree with yogi’s assessment yesterday that the ship seems to have lost control of it’s rudder at least for now. The CF4 and Nasri situations are both difficult no doubt but we knew each situation would be an issue long before this summer started. None of what has happened this summer is a surprise yet instead of dealing with these situations it appears we have let them paralyze us. Again evidence of a breakdown at some level in the leadership of the club. The fans are unhappy the players all want us to sign new players. All could have been avoided with some decisive action earlier. Hope the club can overcome this and play well because with the results of last season still fresh in mind there is a lot of mental baggage to carry into a new season.

  154. Just bumped into David Seaman in High Wycombe, should’ve asked him who he thought would start between the sticks when the season begins.

  155. @ Jonny
    It’s on ArsenalPlayer – a short interview after his first team debut – just a quick chat about how it went, but he also talks about what it meant to him and his family to play for Arsenal. He came across as sincere, humble and intelligent and very likeable. He also speaks French, just to top it off!

  156. Absolutely – Arsene has to decide. I’m trying decide myself (!) To me, in Malaysia at least – it very much sounded like he was resolved to keep him. Maybe that’s changed with these unsettled comments… I don’t know. Could go either way, it’s up to Arsene and AFC really.

  157. Limpar – Yup, I agree with that. I think he would be 100% professional and still perform at the highest level for us.

  158. I say ‘really’ but of course it’s entirely up to them.

  159. That’s the point Fun. Not focused. What if he is not focused come October?

    Enjoy the cricket Limpar? Where’s MJ?

  160. Chezzer :0)

  161. Yeah, Cb, loved it. Serendipitously a cable shorted out somewhere under the floorboards in the office – started making great cracking sounds beneath us – so the server switched off and it was down the pub from just before lunch and onwards.

    Shame it became such a battering in the end. The Indians have lost their mystery for me now – debagged unceremoniously. Great to dish it out like that to the aussies, or the saffas… and great to see us march up the rankings of course… but somehow I was left craving a fairer fight.

    Maybe Sehwag will help. But they need some proper bowlers.

  162. @Bill.

    Arsenal doesnt need a backup DM. We have Emmanuel Frimpong. Scottie Parker won’t offer anything more than Frimpong does and is over-rated.

  163. He is a professional footballer who loves the club. Do you honestly think that mid October he is going to wandering around the pitch wondering what could have been? I don’t buy it.

    The only way our hand could be forced here is if he started to refuse to play. Then we really would be backed into a corner. But at the moment that is not the case so we should just stick to our valuation. Why should we pander to Barcelona? We are a top European club, not a selling club.

  164. It’s an unknown,Andy.

    I don’t want Arsenal to take that risk.

    It’s not pandering to barca, it’s solving a problem.

    Fuck barca and their love children.

    Yes Limpar, It was a real thumping. Can’t see them coming back from that. First class application and that is not something that you have been able to say about many recent England sides.

  165. Darius – I like Frimpong too. But to play devils advocate (as I like to do), he has never played a competative game in his life. A slow paced pre-seasonn game is a world away from the PL.

    Personally I am not sure what to make of Parker, but I think he is decent enough. A good solution would be a years long loan for him. W Ham would be happy as they could have him back if they get promoted, plus we would get an experinced head in the squad with a bit of personality about him. Everybody wins. Good for Frimpong to learn from as well.

    Obvisouly this won’t happen, I’m just sayin 🙂

  166. “I’d much prefer to discuss the matches, the team and player actual performances…..than speculate about transfers and set my own time frame expectations that are totally irrelevant to reality”,

    Arsesession if only more people would think like that. I feel this whole transfer saga has dragged on long enough, if I were a time machine I’d just change today to 31st of August to end all this transfer blur blur. Since I am not I’ll have to bear with it for awhile longer until the transfer window closes.

  167. Consols – Fair enough, and I agree it is an unknown. I just hate the fact that we will be soft letting this happen on the cheap IMO. Our best player wants to go home, and they are skint. That is the long and short of it; why should we lose out?

    We should take Manure’s Ronaldo stance on this. He was far more likely to have sulked his way through the season.

  168. I’ll get slated for this,but all this talk of some players has to make me point out one of my worries for this club this season..

    If we go into this season, even without Cesc/Nasri leaving, and if Wenger gets his way with Miyachi getting a permit, we will start the season with these players 21 or under:

    Wilshere, Ramsey, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Chezzer, Gibbs, Traore, and possibly Bartley and Afobe.

    While the last 2 would see very little time, Wilshere, Chezzer, and Gibbs are probable starters, and Ramsey, Frimpong, and Jenkinson would be 2nd choice so would see a lot of time even barring injuries.

    Wilshere, Chezzer and Ramsey are proven to me. Gibbs is a work in progress who I’d prefer was still 2nd choice, the rest have pre-season under their belt. Unless, of course, 20 matches at Juve is proper exp for Traore and the SPL is enough for Bartley, which doesn’t, imo.

    I don’t have the quote, but I could have sworn Wenger said he wanted to get more PL experience in the squad… and it looks like we are actually getting younger and less experienced.

  169. heh.. I forgot Miyachi in the list, but you get the point.

  170. I think Frimpong would tear strips off Parker in a top class match.

  171. Busch – Valid point. Frimpong and Jenkinson don’t have 10 competative games between them.

  172. I also think fitness had as big a say in a test as it has done for a long while, Cb. Our quicks were relentless and their’s, well, they weren’t that quick for starters… but the whole outfit looked a bit flabby round the edges for the best side in the world. Resting on their laurels too long.

  173. Limpar – On what evidence? A couple of pre-seaosn games over years of PL experience?

  174. ConsolsBob

    You lisunderstand me. I saw your post. I was saying IF Cesc AND Nasri go, just signing Mata in response to losing 2 creative midfidlers, wouldnt be a good outcome for us, IMO.

    Thats why I think having Alcantara as part of any deal is the way to go. This dude looks better than Mata! And seeing as how it is a remote possibility hoping that barca cough up enough for cesc, then adding him as part of the deal makes sense on a few levels, well for me anyway.

  175. Darius

    >We have a more than capable replacement in Rosicky.

    Yeah, they are both injured for the same amount of time each season so it should be a seamless transition….


  176. Yup. Coupled with the legs, engine, and hunger of a 19 year old. Reckon Parker would get eaten up for breakfast.

  177. Cesc has dedicated his career so far to us and Wenger’s vision for this new Arsenal team. If he does stick around you can bet your arse he will be 100% fighting for his team.

    Real Madrid were fucking idiots to pay 80 million for a player who clearly wanted to join them anyway.

    All for now.

  178. Darius:

    You might well be correct but I agree with andy’s devil ‘s advocate approach at 3:14. I said this yesterday, frimpong will be a top quality player for us in a couple of years buts it’s just to early to make the assumption that he will do well as the only back up to song this year The only evidence we have is a few preseason games. He is only 19 and if he ends up playing a lot of important games and is inconsistent or worse it will hinder, not help his development and will hurt the team. In addition he might end up at ACN.

    Not writing off or slagging frimpong but very few people in the world would consider that a reasonable risk to take for a team that plans to be fighting for a PL title next April.

  179. firstlady

    Thats a nice thought, unfotunately the season hasnt started yet! And if you get in your time machine and fast forward to 31st August, you would have missed a fair few competitive games!

    What sort of fan are you? Wanting to miss Arsenal matches like that? 😀

  180. I think that no one so far has bought Parker despite him being linked to basically every team on the planet sends a clear message. To be honest, if we are just talking footballing skills, I’d rather have Barton than Parker.

  181. Limpar – Ah right you are. Lets just stock the team full of fit 19 years olds then. What could go wrong 😉

  182. Busch
    That is a point I’ve been trying to make for sometime. It is not just pl experience but the stamina needed to see out a full season without wilting at the end. We could well start the season with only 10 players 25 or over.

  183. @GoonerAndy.

    The rationale that he doesn’t have experience doesn’t wash. He’s not playing the game alone. And Yes, Frimpong would run circles around Parker.

    the evidence is in front of you – you just refuse to acknowledge it by sitting on the “let’s wait and see” fence and by using the cover of a devils advocate. Have some faith in the lad.

    Scott Parker has his moments, but he doesn’t make the socks roll up and down.

    What is it anyway – are we just clammouring for signings for the sake of signings? Whatever next, Joey Barton? Because – wait for this – Arsenal needs “steel”?

  184. Darius

    Your aversion to us signing anyone is very very odd mate. Frimpong is untested, I like the look of him, but that was a pre-season runabout and he has missed a whole season. I expect him to be loaned out, plus he could well go to the ACN with Ghana.

    I appreciate your optimisim, but I think its misplaced here.

  185. Afternoon folks. Question to those people hoping for Mata to come in. Doesn’t he seem like the type of player we already have plenty of? When we are drawing matches against the lower table teams, our usage of small, technical midfield/wingers is slated. People ask for more steel and brawn in the squad. What do you think Mata would bring to the side that we don’t already have Is Mata’s dribbling skill much better than Nasri (doubtful) ?

  186. @Yogi – true – a Cesc replacement might have a better end of season record with injury.

  187. I think Parker may end up at Spurs. I quite like his attitude, I just don’t think he’s a very good footballer.

    Yeah, much prefer a midfield of hungry 19 year olds like Jack and Manu brought up the Arsenal way. Talk about players who want to play for the club.

  188. @ goonerandy
    Song is first choice, so unless we have a disaster, Frimpong won’t be playing every game so stamina over the season shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

  189. Darius – “The rationale that he doesn’t have experience doesn’t wash. He’s not playing the game alone. And Yes, Frimpong would run circles around Parker.

    the evidence is in front of you – you just refuse to acknowledge it by sitting on the “let’s wait and see” fence and by using the cover of a devils advocate. Have some faith in the lad.”

    The rationale about experience washes very well. The guy has never played a game outside the reserves! I like him and think he could be a very good player for us, but come on, use some common sense.

    What evidence is it that is front of me please?

    Who is saying wait and see? Again you descibe me as a fence sitter, but don’t give any example of why this is. It seems as though that is your favorite slander, but actually just make it up to make your argument seem to gain more credibility.

  190. On the evidence, Frimpong had a place in the first team squad last season. Alongside Wilshere.

    If some were reckless enough to mention Wilshere’s name this time last season, the Predictables would howl with and beg for a Cole/Parker.

    CB’s? Well, I would not have complained if Kyle got some games last season. But I also think that 5-6 CB’s, like when Senderos was out for the whole season is a safe number(although some amongst the Predictables like pretend Senderos wasn’t on the squad lists. Hey ho). Given AFC’s record with the injury gawds.

  191. I think the Mata speculation is tied into the belief that Cesc and/or Nasri will be on their way out this summer, so they look at him as a replacement or roughly equal skill (to Nasri).

    I don’t think there would be much, if any, clamoring for his signing if Nasri was resigned up and Cesc recommitted.

  192. Busch we can see Wenger is trying to bring in more experienced players but then we also can see that we have players like Koscielny & Chamahk who should now be settled and ready to show their true strengths. You are right there is a lot of youth and Wenger should be looking to complement this but it looks to me as thought he is – we just have to hold the faith.

    If he fails to do so judge him when the transfer door has shut.

    Thank God I have a deep love of cricket so that I can get through the summer with something else to focus on. England were simply magnificent against India. :0)

  193. Fun – Yup, you are right in that.

  194. Dexter, Arsenal are not in the market for a defensive minded midfielder. Get used to seeing the Frimpers around. I don’t mind another player signed in the role if they’ll improve the squad, and I’ve even mentioned that I hoped we’d take a punt on Tiote from Newcastle – but it’s not going to happen.

  195. Bill T

    We’ve made a bid for him mate, so Wenger sees something! Perhaps his dribbling, directness is better than what we currently have? Or perhaps he IS a replacement for someone?

  196. Wilshere had a pretty successful loan spell at a PL team under his belt this time last season. And he really only got the PT he did because of injuries. If we are supposed to expect a world beating 19 year old every summer.. then fine, but seems a bit of a risky prospect to me.

  197. @Jonny
    Same here, if it wasn’t for cricket I would’ve gone mad with all the speculation bullshit surrounding Arsenal. Unfortunately we have to wait for 8 days now until England can stake their claim for top spot.

  198. Darius:

    Rosicky has never really played central midfield effectively in his time with us. He was a wide player during the only season he was an impact player. Last season his performances did not inspire were spotty and he did not play much even when cesc was not fit most of last year Again I am not writing him off and dont advocate selling him but assuming he will be a capable replacement based on his playing well in a couple of preseason games this year is at best hopeful. Thats even before we factor in his ability to stay fit Unfortunately unlike the frimpong situation there really is not an simple solution. If we bring in Mata or someone like that at least we have some more options. Ultimately I agree with something that yogi said a couple of days ago that if cesc leaves we will probably have to modify our system to some degree the way we did when Henry left.

  199. Darius

    Just like GoonerTed likes to say nasri is off and so is Cesc, the same applies to you. You have no idea who we are in for or not.

    Frimpong himself, said he expects to go on loan. There is also the real prosepct of him going to the ACN.

    Things you refuse to even consider mate.

  200. Why would Spurs buy parker when they can Get Barton for free? He will be this seasons VdV, cheap and good tottenham standard. ‘Arry will sort him out and the press will warm to him as he’s ‘Arrys boy now. Him and bale will be this years favourites.

  201. I have my Cleveland Indians to keep me fairly occupied, but of course they give me a completely different set of ulcers to deal with. heh

  202. Gareth “7 goals 1 assist PFA player of the year” Bale.

  203. Busch i’m from Chicago and that central division is soooo bad. Chi sox are under .500 win pct and we still have a shot to make the playoffs.

  204. Oh brother! I do not want to appear like I am unhappy with Frimpong getting games or anything. I just think, after his long injury lay off, he needs to make up for lost time. The best way for that to happen is to go out on loan and play every week. Not sit on the bench and play infrequently, if at all.

    And given the poisonous atmosphere at the Grove, I dread to think of the debilitating effect that could have on him, or our other raw youths for that matter.

  205. @Bill – Pray tell, do you really know why Rosicky earned the nickname Little Mozart? I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t earned playing out wide. I’m really bemused at the suggestion that Rosicky has no experience in running a game from central midfield.

    @GoonerAndy, Frimpong’s performances, regardless of whether its pre-season already suggest that he can provide adequate cover for Song. If you agree with Fun, then yes – you’re ignoring the evidence that he is capable of providing that cover. He’s not being asked to play day in and day out.

  206. How funny Evil, I had literally just been lamenting the gap before the next one!

    If only we had less one days and more tests. One-dayers leave me cold.

    On a brighter note, once the next starts its one of those glorious weekends with football in the middle of a big 5 day cricket sandwich. England to go top of the world and the barcodes to get royally shafted by a rampant Arsenal season opener.

    *wipes drool from keyboard*

  207. Bill

    if Rosicky was a 20yr old i would agree with you but here you talking about a player who is the captain for his country. I believe he is capable to replace Cesc if he can get his form back coz before he joined us he was really good.

  208. LOL Dexter – did you re-read your posts…..

  209. Playing Rosicky in the middle, more centrally makes perfect sense. And yes, he has plenty of experience there. Its his natural position as far as I can tell. The fact he wouldnt be expected to run up and down the wing would also benefit him and us.

  210. Darius

    It was more a case of reading those around mine man!

  211. Spot on Darius – LilMoz is one of the million or so central midfielders we have who rarely gets to play there. I’d LOVE to see him get back to his real capabilities – especially his long range goalscoring threat.

  212. Darius – If you bother to read back, you will see that I am not against Frimpong providing cover. I merely stated (and playing devils advocate) that getting Parker in would be no bad thing for all parties.

    I ended getting into this debate after Limpar’s ridiculous statment that one of our reserves (who has never played in any profesional pro team) would “tear strips” of Parker. Regardless of what you think of him he has been a good performer the the lge for a number of years now.

    You still have not answered my question (from today and yesterday) about your view that I am a fence sitter? Can’t think why 😉

  213. Clay

    Rosicky replacing Cesc could work, that is also why I think signing someone like Alacantara would be great business. He could learn from Tomas and wouldnt be expected to jump straight in to replace Cesc. Rosicky could carry that burden in the shirt term at least.

    I have convinced myself now!

  214. Anyway, off home now.


  215. Been reading but not contributing today, but reading through posts.

    Just want to add my support (again) for Rosicky. Terrific player, and has the vision that Cesc has. He can pull the strings in our midfield, just as he did (literally) when he serenaded Petr Cech.

  216. I watched a lot of Dortmund before Rosicky moved to us and the skills he has, you don’t forgot those or unlearn them. I also fully agree that through the middle is were he has to be played. Nasri got the skills for a wide man, Rosicky those for a conductor in the centre of the field.

  217. LOL Andy – if you insist. Some of your posts don’t hide the fence sitting attributes. They do jump out.

    And on Frimpong – my points of view are based on his ability to provide backup – not to be the primary.

  218. If Parker manages to sign for a Premiership side we may just get to see about that, andy.

    I think if there’s a place in the squad for Frimpong then he’ll bypass Wilshere’s 500-odd minutes at Bolton and come straight in as back-up to Alex Song.

  219. Even spurs fans would be ashamed of Barton, poodle. They would fucking hate that. Hope it happens.

  220. Limpar – NO!!! Barton to Spurs would be a disaster for us. Any derby match would be blue touch paper to incite the cunt to ‘do’ one of our players – they would fucking encourage him too.

    No. Best for everyone if he goes abroad. I hear Saudi Arabia is nice. :0)

    Or we could just have him ground down and sold as dogmeat.

    Either is fine with me.

  221. Bartpn will go to West Ham. Then Parker will be off to…..

  222. Darius – Heh, you intrigue me. You still persist without giving any example or evidence even when directly asked. Perhaps is says more about you than me. If they “jump out” it should not be hard to show me a few examples should it?

  223. what are people talking about parker for, would you hear barca doing that no, do people want us to be the best in the world or are your dreams limited to our critics predictions, maybe they have apoint

  224. Andy.

    Believe it or not, it is possible for people to draw inferences from what you write without the need for specific evidence. And just for the record, I did point out on a previous blog post why I felt you were sitting on the fence. You even responded and tried to argue otherwise – so I’m not going to go over that again because you want me to indulge you.

    I’m sure people form an opinion about various issues based on what I write – and that’s OK with me, I don’t have to agree or disagree with every view.

  225. And don’t want to to indulge me Darius. I was just intrigued if you could back up what you were saying (which you seemingly can’t). Its all good.

    I agree with your last couple of sentences though. That is pretty much my stance too.

  226. Stewart Robson says it’s time for Cesc Fabregas to leave the club.
    I will tell you what I think.Its time Stewart Robson left the club.He should never again be allowed through the doors.

  227. Stewart Robson is an idiot. he has no insight, nothing fresh to say. He gets paid to give his opinions, therefore he has no morality, he is basically a whore! 😀

  228. Mata stories are the best example of why you should make your own players.

  229. Cesc Fàbregas may be the best midfield player in the world.
    How anyone can think we should just let him go for £27 million in installments (allegedly) is beyond my understanding.
    People papping on about how if he does not want to play for us he can fuck off need to have a word with themselves.Really,how many player want to play for any club that much?
    RVP perhaps and that is our lot.They are playing staff,employees,not fans,
    We should do everything possible to keep Cesc at the club.Forever ,never mind for another year.
    Nasri can take his annual assist and go to Manchester.
    Cesc is huge for us .

  230. I like a whore .Not Robson though.

  231. Andy and henristic

    We will not be able to hold out for big money for cesc the way that the red mancs did with ronaldo. 1) barca does not have as much money. 2). They are currently on top of the world and don’t really have an urgent need for a player like cesc, unlike real which was and still is trying to catch up with barca.

    I think I am beginning to agree with cbob. If we try to hold out for a Ronaldo type deal we will never get a deal. That would be good for us if cesc was fully committed to stay until his contract ends but thats a very big if.

  232. Letting cesc go for anything less than £50m would be scandalous in my opinion Georgey. I also dont go along with those suggesting we should let him go because his heart wouldnt be in it if he stayed.

    Thats an outdated concept these days. If player’s hearts had to be in it for them to play for a club, then City would have about 3 players in their squad right now. They are all there for the money, bar possibly 1 or 2.

    I am sure if they could earn the same at their favourite or home town clubs, they’d happily trade places.

  233. And right on cue, dear old Bill jumps in and gets it wrong! 😀

  234. Bill – But that is sort of my point. It is not like we are trying to offload him. If Barca can’t afford him, they should come back when they can. We are a selling club that does not want to sell. The onus is on them to come up with the cash, not on us to drop our price.

    If Arsene is trying to clear some of the squad out (like Bendtner and Eboue) he may well have to drop his price. But not for a player we don’t want to sell.

  235. I like Bill.His opinions not so much.

  236. Newcastle without Barton is just as good as Birmingham getting relegated. I hope he goes and plays for someone in Scotland. The league needs less Bartons and Bowyers.

  237. Again, I dont see the all fuss about the transfer market and I cannot see how Arsenal’s statements have been disengenous about bringing in players early, we have. Hopefully more will come in but I can sure see reasons to be excited this coming year.

    Funny how the emirates cup has magnified this tranfer talk.

    I dont get it, but thats me.

    As far as Frimpong, he must be something special to get a player like Riquelme’s attn, to the point where he said he was the most difficult player along with Wilshere. Now that is saying a whole lot.


    God bless!

  238. I agree, George. Bill seems like a great guy to have over for a BBQ, but his opinions on football are very simplistic. And that’s putting it nicely.

    Real Madrid paid so much for Ronaldo because he’d just won a CL trophy and was named FIFA player of the year. That and the fact that Real Madrid pay silly money for players is why Ronaldo cost so damn much. I mean, they paid world record fees for Zidane and Figo before him. They like to make these big buys in order to show off to their supporters.

  239. Cesc is suposedly torn only between Arsenal and Barcelona right?.. So after seven years of loyalty, dedication, some of you would be willing to SELL him like a piece of scrap metal to a team like Manchester City, when you know that is the LAST thing he wants?? I mean, this is not Adebayor were talking about ffs!!.. Some Arsenal fans demand “respect”, but will they ever give it??

  240. Limpar: “Why don’t all the influential blogs and fanzines get together and condemn booing in a big bold, unmistakable way? Big front page headlines BOOING IS FOR CHILDREN, SHUT THE FUCK UP… Maybe badges handed out… or ball-gags. Really attach a stigma to the fuckers.”

    I think some songs and some banners around the stadium, reminding the booers that they are acting like Spuds, would work as well, no?

  241. I am ok with letting Cesc go but the money has to be right. Big players like Cecs are not sold for monkey money in todays market and Barcelona are as much a part of that problem as Chelsea, City, United and RM. Since Barca are used to spending big money on players they should come with the bread or shut up.

    If Cesc wants to go so badly, he can give Barcelona some of his own money to offset the fee. If he hands in a tranfer request then it is the highest bidder.

    George if most footballers are not fans etc then Cesc should see out his contract. If its business it is business however the club shouldnt feel as if their hand is being forced to sell when he was the one who agreed to the terms.

  242. Wait. Was that an actual paragraph by our poignant little pidgeon, Cuervo? Not a 3 page rant. Congrats dude, you wrote something that is fairly readable.

    George, i’ll never work!!! Although I am supposed to send a presentation to a woman in London today. I’m thinking about throwing a little “Up the Arsenal!” at the end of my email, but i’m worried she might support the hammers, or worse…..tootingham!

  243. I’d sell him like scrap metal to Real Madrid or anyone who matches his valuation. The way Barca has acted through all this is infinitely more direspectful than flogging him to the highest bidder. You Baca supporters, even the non-Catalan ones like you, have such victim mentalities. All these years of success hasn’t changed that one bit. Get over your inferiority complex already.

  244. Yes ,and we demand loyalty whilst a n every growing number of fans show no loyalty to our grearest ever manager and THE most loyal man in the game.WTF?

  245. BillT

    That would be funny. Imagine if she isnt even into football and you are shouting, Up the Arse! at her!!??

  246. Hitting on women via email from another nation is totally cool.

  247. Paul ,I have no reason to think that Cesc will not honour his contract if we so desire.Have you ?Perhaps you know something I don’t?

  248. Bill how goes it with Mrs. Robinson?

  249. Paul, you have to understand that the default position Barca operates from is that we kidnapped Cesc and that he’s rightfully theirs. Nevermind that it was Cesc and his father who wanted to test the waters in London because they thought Wenger would give him more opportunities. They are more interested in playing the victim and try to low ball us because if they pay as high a fee as we are asking they’ll be seen as giving in to ransom demands. Mes que un club, remember that. They are a family of loyal Catalans who never do anything dirty or underhanded to get their way. Those are the tactics of the white devils in Madrid.

  250. Cuervo, get over yourself.

    I believe Cesc has gotten away with a lot of crap because he is such a good player and likeable. Ade was an idiot but I am not seeing much difference right now between him and Cesc. The only difference is Ade made his feelings public verbally.

    I dont even care about his two loves to be honest. He signed a contrat and is getting paid nicely, I believe he should play for the team that gave him a chance. If he wants to leave, Barcelona MUST pay up, if not they should shut their traps.

    Goerge, It seems only Wenger is loyal.

  251. Back to today’s post .I think young Mr, Grace was 100% right in what he said.Perhaps Yogi just does not like smokers

  252. We’d never get 50mil for Cesc. I’m beginning to doubt we’ll get over 40mil.

    It’s a shame how it’s all played out,but it seems Barca feel they are in the drivers seat and don’t mind Cesc getting more and more disgruntled at our not ‘letting him go’ so as not to have to pay a big fee in what they think is buying back their rightful player.

    It’s all crazy talk , but in this instance, the crazy person’s world is the one that will win out because I don’t think Cesc will ever see what most of us do, that they are insulting him with their low bids (and insulting a club he professes to love).

  253. She has really taken to the barking noises I make when she walks by my office. I’ve realized it is all about direct eye contact. Once that is established, I let the dog noises work their magic.

  254. If Barca had never shown an interest in Cesc he would have been with us for life.
    Why we should compare him to a mercenary cunt like Ade is beyond me .And frankly bang out of order

  255. he professes to love


    professes ? what now you are suggesting he is a liar as well as a disloyal dog?

  256. George,

    Arsene has repeatedly said he wants him to stay, what else could Cesc possibly want to hear? It is for Cesc to say I am staying. He wants to keep the doors open, therefore he is not committed (right now) to his contract even though he knows Arsene’s stance.

  257. George, maybe you are right about Cesc and Ade and I stand corrected but that doesnt mean that we have to treat Cecs with kid gloves either.
    I am not for that, this coddling of millionaires just doesnt sit well with me, no matter how talented they are.

  258. In my opinion we have to let him go even if the price is below his value. It is clear and Wenger confirmed his head is not with Arsenal. in this situation you just have to put your hands up and let him go. Madrid have agreed to meet the asking price but the player only wants to join Barcelona. I would say let him go because next year his value will be even less specially if he has a bad season. It may turn out the worst decision he will ever make in his career and i won’t be surprised if he ends at City or Milan in 2 seasons. I’m not too concerned because Wilshere has proved he is more than capable of filling in. We need to sort out the transfers soon close the door and concentrate on the football. I feel we lack a man behind the scene who would break his back to get the transfers done.

  259. Cesc wont be sold then Busch because there is no way Wenger and the board will agree to a cheapskate deal. Thats why adding a player to any deal is probably the only way this thing would be resolved in this window.

    He is staying otherwise

    Paul; Please do not even compare cesc to Ade man. That is outrageous! Ade had one decent season, got so full of himself he demanded to spoken about in equal terms to henry and held the club to ransom over a massive new deal, while all the while openly flirting with Milan, barca and anyone who’d have him.

    Cesc has given us many years of top level performances. Granted he also owes the club and Wenger for allowing him the time to develop, but he has done his bit and still been pretty dam loyal. Even this year, he has not made noises like others have; ie Modric, Teves.

  260. Paul N

    Cesc would like to go to barca. But he also is very respectful to Wenger and Arsenal and knows that Arsenal will not and should not just cave into barca and let him go for peanuts. Wenger and Arsenal deserve more than that. And until barca come back with a suitable offer, he is staying and yes, if that means he stays another season, he will.

    It has always been about that as far as I can tell. He didnt go last summer because, again, barca offered us fuck all for him. Its as if the drawn out nature of this saga has gotten to people so much, they are happy for cesc to be sold on the cheap, as george says. That just isnt an option for me.

  261. I should have added 1LC to my last posts. That is not an option. Please stop with this stupidness.

    Oh lets just give in? Cesc is torn, Wenger said. He didnt say he wasnt with us. At least try and get it right man.

    Lets sell our best player to a bunch of classless cunts and do it on the fucking cheap?

    Oh give me strength man.

  262. Dexter, I said I stand corrected about my statements.

    I would prefer Cesc say that he wants to go to Barcelona. Arsene convinced him last year, it seems that is what is going on this year. This is very unhealthy for the team and must not go on.

    He hasnt been anymore loyal than most in the team if you ask me His playing for team that gave him a chance warrents loyalty.

  263. It is a difficult one, unlike Ade Cesc grew up at Barca still has all his family there. He is not asking to go for more money in fact he is willing to take a pay cut to go to Barcelona and that proves his love for Barcelona is first then Arsenal come second. i would not say he is wrong to feel like that but that just proves the point I made earlier. We have to let him go and move on.

  264. I have sent you some Dexter(strength that is)

  265. Come on, Cesc is about as loyal a servant as you’re likely to get in the modern game. And we aren’t even his hometown club. But there is only so long you’ll remain loyal to people who constantly bring your loyalty into question.

    Ideal scenario is that he says right, fuck it, I’m going out on a high a plays like a demon for us the next season (or two), wins a few trophy’s then leaves an absolute legend. He was probably more gutted han anyone that we won nothing last season.

  266. Dexter, I dont disagree with your last statement but we should look at the situation for what it is. We have a player that would prefer going somewhere else. There in lies the problem, we dont want to have a team with a player who doesnt want to be here. Barca not having the money doesnt change that position.

    How can this be good for the team on a whole? He was unsettled last season and didnt give his best for a while, he shirked his leadership responsibilities when we played Barca in the 2nd leg and we are where we were at the sart of last seaon.

    Sorry, but that is just not good!

  267. Common. How old s cesc, really… all this talk of wanting to go back home. he has enough years to do that evne given that a typical footballers career is short. benni maccarthy just went back hoe to South Africa, aged 33, that kind of stuff. even going back aged 28 or there abouts at the end of his current contract, he would still be in his prime. its not like our game is that different from Barcelona that he wont be able to finish. Except maybe its the lure of playing here under pep as coach?

    All parties should just calm down and clear their heads and get o with the new season!

  268. Markus, people constantly bringing Cesc’ loyalty into question? Are you saying that Cesc wants to leave because his loyalty is being questioned?

    I agree with that 1lc. If he really wants to go it is not good for us to keep him.

  269. I agree that we should let Cesc go. Just from a moral point of view it would be our obligation to respect his wishes. But the problem is, and I surely hope that he sees that as well, that Barca are not willing to pay the going rate for him. And if they refuse to do that, we just can’t sell. They behaved unruly during the whole of those past several years, it would just show a total lack of self-respect if we let him go on their terms. So while I hope for Cesc that he gets his wish, because I have a high affection for him and if he does not want to be here any more we shouldn’t force him, but the only way he should leave us this season is if some big Spanish trucks filled to the top with money make way over the English channel.

  270. Paul, it doesn’t help.

  271. Markus, is it even relevant to the situation? I dont think so. The situation started with Cesc and can be ended very easily by him.

    I would prefer him to stay but only if he wants to be with the team.

  272. Look guys (Oh thanks for that George!) we are not going to agree on this and I am not going to ever see how selling Cesc on the cheap is good for Arsenal.

    I think Markus has something there;

    Cesc stays for one more season, we tell Barca in no uncertain terms, you have 12 months to save up all your pocket money and you can buy cesc for the right money next year. Fuck off till July 2012 dickheads!

  273. Dex, I dont think we should sell Cesc for cheap. I think Barcelona should pay. My issue is will or is Cesc be committed to the cause. Thats most important.

  274. Limestonegunner

    Can this summer get worse? I walk into a staff meeting to meet the new senior administrator who started today. He has a North or East London accent. A doubt creeps into my mind. He has a strange and seemingly involuntary smile that looks more like baring teeth. A slouching, curled posture in his chair but a sharp and ferret-like face. I can’t imagine him in red or as an Arsenal fan.

    He asks if we have any questions to ask of him after he has begun introducing himself, confirming that he is from London though he has lived here in Canada for thirty odd years. I wonder if I can ask jokingly what club he supports but suppress the urge. Someone else asks what part of London–North London–I groan inwardly because I know even before the new boss unprompted goes on to offer very proudly that he is from Tottenham, N17, and an avid Spurs supporter with a street sign from White Hart Lane he plans to affix on his office door right next to a sign “check your ego at the door.” Unbelievable. Authoritarian business cliche on top of Spud obsession!

    This is a very unexpected experience as a North American–to have a boss who supports a rival football club. I know this happens very frequently there in London, but I never imagined this would happen in a provincial small city in Ontario. I depend on any advice on dealing with a Spud boss that the good folk of ACLF can offer.

  275. PaulN

    He is a professional footballer, he will play like he always does and give his all. I think we need to concentrate more on selling nasri to Inter or AC Milan!

  276. I remember doing this when I used to DJ.

  277. Limestonegunner

    sorry for the digression from the debate of the day. Just remember, if you continue on with our internecine struggles over the defense, transfers, the Cesc and Nasri sagas, that at least we are all gooners.

  278. “I would prefer him to stay but only if he wants to be with the team.”

    Agree with that. If the move doesn’t happen I hope he can show the kind of character and focus that he has up until Barca started fucking around with his head.

  279. Limestone

    That is a bitch man! However, I have had many soud supprting colleagues and most of them have been good for a laugh, while some have been completely nauseating!

    Unless your other workmates will let it slip, I would keep football out of it with him man. He might get really upset when we hammer the spuds this season!

  280. It looks like you support arsenal only for trophies.
    What does he suppose to say? “We will not bring any players because in my opinion we have competitive squad already”. What will be the reaction of fans then? The so called fans who want arsenal to win trophies can’t compare their hunger for success with arsene. Not even close.

    My advise to such fans, please leave arsenal alone. You are not helping anyway. Don’t renew your season tickets and hit arsenal where it hurts more. Creating negetive blogosphere and environment isn’t gonna help anybody. Develop a hobby instead.

  281. Paul N- 3 years ago the thought of Cesc leaving was scary for me, at that time I thought ”
    No way” but the crap that we had to put up with every year made me sick, from DNA to kidnapping and “Cesc is suffering” nonsense. You might say their slimy tactics has got the better of us but no, we cannot go low to their level. Wilshere coming on last season made it easy for me to accept that we can do well without him. Now is the time to let him go and let this team bond together for the new season, stability is key in the new campain.

  282. PaulN

    Ha! You used to DJ too man? Nuff respect! 😀

  283. We shall see dexter. I am not confident regarding the young man, at this point that is.

  284. PaulN

    Vieira was physically out the door and on his way to Real Madrid, he had a last minute change of heart and stayed. His last kick was the penalty that won us the FA Cup. Cesc isnt that far gone, for me. He is “torn” between Arsenal and Barca. So if/when Barca fail to come in with the agreed amount and he stays with us, I am confident there will be no fall out from Cesc.

    But, yes, we shall see.Lets leave it there (for today!)

  285. Yes 1lc, we need a united front. Even if we dont win anything this season, I believe the younger players will be around for the long haul and we will get there.

    LOL @ Dexter!!!

    YEH, I remember going to the record shops every saturday. T

  286. …i remain POSITIVE.

  287. Yeh Dexter, not much more can be said about it. A committed Cesc is one of the best in the world and at the end of the day I do hope he stays.

    I was to harsh on him earlier. Thanks for pointing that out George!

  288. A certain Mr Henry was at the Ems. on Sunday.I did not hear many calling for him to fuck of to Barca the disloyal cunt!!
    No but he sulked his way through his last year a was more of a hindrance than a help.He spent the same time at the club as Cesc and was agitating for a move after only 5 years.But he is a Legend?And rightly so.But he was more disloyal than Cesc ,for me.
    I can here it now “but he won us stuff”Well he would not if he had had to wait for project youth rather than be surrounded by Dennis,Paddy ,Pires et all.
    So we should hold off on condemning Cesc who has been a wonderful player and professional for us.

  289. Sorry if I seem on one chaps.But this is Cesc we a talking about 😦

  290. Looky there, I agree with George!

  291. Henristic I thought we were mates?

  292. Darius.

    Your point about rosicky playing in the middle for his country is true and i had not thought about that Little difficult to ignore that he wasn’t effective in that role last year and to think that he somehow had a total rebirth of those skills at this point in his career based on a couple of good preseason games.

    we really have no other good options if cesc does not play for us and we really can’t go out and find anyone similar to cesc In the open market so i we have to hope your right

  293. Dexter:

    Do you really think we will get 50M for cesc? I don’t think there is a chance that will happen. I don’t know the correct answer in this case. Cesc and barca have us over a barrel since they don’t really feel any urgent need for him and cesc really wants to be there. I cant argue with you if you think we should only sell him for what he is realistically worth as a matter of principle.

    If we don’t sell him this summer I guess we will see how it all plays out this season and then go thru it all again in january and next summer. By then we will have a much better idea h ow cesc will handle all this The best option would be for cesc to give up his obsession but his actions so far this summer are not encouraging.

  294. I think you made some points George. It seems that it wouldve been better for us to sell Henry a year ealier, if he was a hinderance.

  295. Limestonegunner

    Thanks for the sympathies, Dexter. I will certainly have to keep football off the table. I think this guy might be the nauseating sort of Spud fan, alas!

    In the meantime, let’s imagine that Cesc plays for us in our match against Benfica, scores and controls the play, putting to rest the idea that he can’t focus on and commit to playing for Arsenal this coming season.

  296. some good points…

  297. Limestonegunner | August 2, 2011 at 6:56 pm
    – I had to laff at your predicament. In the football backwater where I live it seems so unlikely. No experience/no advice. Good luck though.

  298. Limestone @ 7:56:

    That would be great and change this from a difficult decision to a no brainer.

  299. Limestone

    You could always act as knowing nothing about football in England and ask him if his team has won the league recently. That should get a groan.

  300. I dont understand why you guys think we cannot sell Cesc to another club? Players often want to go to clubs but are forced to go elswhere due to many reasons.

    If Cesc is not 100% comitted to Arsenal and Barca cannot afford him, both him, barca and Arsenal know that is not an ideal situation. He will be sold if he cannot commit. He will be either forced out or rot on the bench. And with those two options i think Cesc would rather play for Real than sit on the bench of Arsenal for a season. But i would be very dissapointed if they gave up and sold Cesc for under his value just to satisfy his needs.
    I dont think we own cec anything, we pay for his service after all. If he did this for free and out of love to the club purley we would own him everything. but as he does it for what is it?90k a a week i dont think we own him anything.

    On a different note. Can you belive Barton is on a 80k a week contract??? thats madness!!!

  301. Good Evening All enjoying reading the various comments posted by all..Like YW and other posters on here I’m concerned that we have not got our transfer dealings done as soon as possible- circs allowed…..We’ve All got to sing the same song..Enjoy..

  302. Limestonegunner

    Nice idea, Dups!

  303. Limestonegunner

    Shotta, lol! But as one of the romantics (Byron, I think) said something like: if I laugh it is because I can no longer cry!

  304. You gotta love goonerandy. He actually thinks his opinions play a vital role in some sort of vast scheme to spread the truth doesn’t he? His crusade against the supposed Thought Police at ACLF is frankly one of the funniest going on tbe internet right now, imo. You won’t find a more thoughtful man than Arsene Wenger in football. What kind of person consistently paints the club he supposedly loves in a bad light and does nothing but play the Devil’s advocate all day? Get off the fence youre either with us or youre against us we dont need half ass fair weathered supporters like yourself. I’m sick of these leaches sucking the fun and blood out of a healthy successful thing. I’m with LimparAssist and to a lesser extent Markus. Run the moaners and negative vibes out of town. Screw them and their sense of entitlement, they can go sigh and stomp their feet at the pub. Theyre worse than these glory hunting United supporters over in the States who think theyre going to walk the league every year and deny they get preferential treatment. We really do have some of the worst supporters around. I dont care how many games you go to or how much money you supposedly spend on the Arsenal. Get behind the squad or fuck off, IMO. And don’t act like constructive criticism is outlawed here. It’s just ignorant. Some here go over the top and receive harsh words simply because one can only see something they love get crapped on so many times. The grass is greener mentality displayed by most of the faux “realists” is worrying. I can’t even wrap my head giving Manure a back handed compliment let alone shower them with praise. Its that mentality that brings your motives and support into question, imo. And I haven’t even got to Scott Parker yet. You know you’ve got it ass backwards when you’re trumpeting Scott Parker over the plethora of options we’ve got in the middle of the park. Just my two cents. iPhone rant over.

  305. If we do end up selling Cesc for 30-40 millions, we will have caved in to Barfalona’s constant bickering and, quite honestly, gigantic man crush with Cesc. Have you ever seen a player be so blatantly tapped up before? I mean, a Barfa jersey was forced on him, Xavi has pictures of Cesc on his nightstand, and there was that time when Pique and Puyol took a picture of Cesc down off the walls of the Emirates and made out in front of it.

    Limestonegunner, you should definitely take heed to Dups’ advice!

  306. Loomer, that was an impressive iPhone post. My thumbs are much too large to type on those eyephones.

  307. Oh and I’m Nasir Jones-Nasri—-> Loomer. I’ve decided to part ways and moved on to something that will never betray me.

  308. Poodle.Tell me who do you think is 100% committed to Aesenal
    Iwill put it another way .Which of our players would not want to go to Barca if they came a courting?
    Imagine the glee were we to sign a player of Cesc’s caliber .He is like Dennis Bergkamp was in 1995.One of the best 10 players in the world.

  309. Loomer,he aint gone yet.good post fella.

    Bill.Show Mrs.Robinson your big thumbs and you will be well in

  310. Jeez the “will we ever buy a player saga” Is still dragging on I see. I have to laugh as the same people who smugly point to our “world class academy” are the very ones who seem to groan the loudest when AW promotes these players to the first team squad. Frimpong, Afobe and Bartley are 3 players who if Man Utd had bought for 20m we would be pointing to as new blood and wondering why we are not doing the same. As it is MU buy untested players and VOILA!! the doomers are wondering who we should be buying for 15, 20m!! Jenks, Gervinho and Miyaichi are 3 additions. TV returns after almost a season out. Kos6 is looking to be the man to be first on the team sheet. DJ was playing great until he got injured. Traore is back fighting for a spot. And still the transfer window is nowhere close to being closed.

    FUCK THE DOOMERS!!! They are no longer (if they ever where!?) worth replying to. On the matter of whether Cesc stays or goes, why oh why has nobody mentioned the fact that Spain are now reigning Euro and WC champions yet he does not start because he has to stand behing Iniesta and Xavi, but if he can go to Barfa and fight them there for a place it may also further his international career? When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of staying or going, I believe that may play a huge part yet no one seems to mention it, weird!!

    Anyways, time for some beer and pool, beats the abject misery of some posters. Thank God for alcohol!!! 🙂


  311. Loomer – That has to be the most boring post today, well done.

  312. Andy I disagree.
    It was a good post.
    No need to have a go at you though.But the rest was good

  313. where Dexter gone now?

  314. good post again today yogi..

    i find the contradictions that come out of the club abit mystifying to be honest..
    wenger is quick to remind us that he wont a spend alot of money due to the recession but ivan and his crew have no problems asking us to part with all ours…
    then weve got the whole we will buy early, oh no wait a minute, we be patient..its ok phw, weve only given you 7 years of patience..maybe thats the reason why its now at breaking point???
    and then theres the little matter of us having a strict wage structure where the ceiling could be a litle higher than what it is right now..but aparantly we need that wage structure, even though we have no problems paying a manager who doesnt win anything 6-7mil per year..

    signings please boys..the squads not strong more words (lies) just do it..

    ppl wil still believe arsene is bullet proof but he isnt anymore..the board love him cos he makes them profit every year but no baord can back a manager that gets booed regular at home games and is driving the waiting list down..

    wengers losing control here..i hope he realises before its too late…

  315. Interesting as that’s how I feel about 98 percent of your posts, GA. Different cloths and all that jazz. It’s not enough to have to see every newspaper hack and TV pundit shit on us I guess. I won’t begrudge you for throwing in a few punches while the Arsenal are down. Go right ahead knock yourself out pal. Literally.

  316. i dont care if hes 100% commited or not tbh. aslong as he gives us 15 assists and 15 goals a yaer he can hate us if he wants to. those 15 assists and 15 goals maybe what gives us a trophy this year. Look at Tevez, he “hates” city aparantly. Yet he wins them trophies. He wants to leave, they say no shut it and honor your contract, he hates it. He is not socialising with his team mates and he is quiet in the dressingroom, he does not even speak English!!
    yet he wins them trophies and is their talisman.
    If Tevez can win city trophies when he “hates” them surly Cesc can win us trophies when he is unhappy. And that is the reason not to sell Cesc.

  317. George – I was more menaing about the “get behind the team” matra that he was banging on about. I haven’t seen many not doing that today. Most of the discussion was regarding the sale of Cesc, yet he starts spouting predictable shite that makes him look a bit daft really.

    Loomer – Interesting to know what classes as “punches” I have thrown at the team today? Don’t recall doing any of that.

  318. Internet punches, Andy. Internet punches.

  319. BillT – Heh, I gathered that.

  320. So you pay lots of money to boo and yell insults at the club. Great investment, really.

  321. JJ give it a rest ffs

  322. “I hate this club nowadays but i’m still going to drop a couple thousand each year on tickets!!!”

  323. Arsense Wages are going up faster than the Space Shuttle

  324. JJ at the end of 2004 did you think we would go unbeaten forever ?
    Very good of you to be patient with the boss for 7 years .I mean him fucking about collecting his 8 to 9 Million (see what I did there )doing his level best to ruin his reputation .

  325. I think Cesc has a pretty good idea of where he would stand in the Barca squad, and doesn’t have a problem with it.

    Pure supposition, but I think he see’s ‘the greatest squad ever’ and what they are achieving, and that many are his childhood friends and ‘mates, along with a ‘Spanish golden age’, throw in the manager is his childhood idol on top of it being at ‘his club’ and he wants to be a part of it.

    I don’t necessarily agree with those judgments on the Barca team, but I think that is what he sees/is told.

  326. JJ I don’t think that Arsene Wenger is bulletproof (unless he wears kevlar under his suit.) I simply think he is the best man for the job. Being the best man for the job doesn’t necessarily require a constant influx of tin cups. A great manager will consistently put his team in a position for success. Is it Wenger’s fault that our players, the guys on the pitch performing, couldn’t score goals during those last 10 matches of the season?
    “Samir, Samir, you’ve got it all wrong!!! You were supposed to fake out THREE defenders, one-two with Arshavin, then slot it to the far post. I SAID FAR POST GODD*MNIT”

  327. Well I for one wont be shooting at him ant time soon.
    Ungrateful short memories and shortsighted.some people.

  328. Yup, Arsene is still the man for the job.

  329. I agree with that Bill T. At some point we have to look at the fact that Arsene is not playing. The same players that failed were the ones that got us into position to fail and beat all of the big clubs they faced along the way.

    For me, the end of last season is still a shock.

  330. JJ

    I told you you’d be on smack by the end of the week. Looks like I was a bit optimistic in my prognosis.


  331. wengers a great man george, and a class manager so i think he deserves a good wage to be honest..
    world class managers come with world class prices so whatever hes paid doesnt matter exactley how much hes on..

    i dont wnt to see him go personally but i dont think hes got much time anymore..the warning signs are there and it just needs sorting out..
    i hope he has a masterplan..its just that ive seen this arsenal fc transfer script before..many times and to be truthful mate im getting worried..
    no more bluffing, lets just see wengers hand..

  332. JJ

    THese lies you talk of, do you honestly believe that shit? When players are interviewed at the end of a game and are asked inane question after inane question, are you hanging on their every word? Do you not think things can change? Players, agents, clubs and multi million pound deals aint as simple as they are on a computer game man. This rationale that Wenger lies is one of the more insidious doomer mantras that I detest. I have criticised the manager plenty, but to suggest he lies to the fans, intentionally is fucking warped.

    Getting back to the post match interviews, when a player says he is over the moon, do you think he is being literal? Should we call him a liar because in fact he isnt over the moon, he is in a mock tudor mansion in Romford.

  333. I agree with Bill Turner, all we can expect the boss to do is to gather a capable team; its the player’s job then to cross the finish line,

  334. Bill. Yes it’s his fault. 100% down to Arsene. He picks the side. He trains the players. Who else could it be ? It’s his job.

  335. C’mon JonJon. See Wenger’s hand? I would expect by now you know that Wenger, Arsenal in general, will not disclose much info to the public.

    To go public about our transfer wishlist is to openly let Man City tempt our targets with some extra cash in their pocket.

  336. JJ

    Like I said, this transfer waiting game is frying your brains dude, best to avoid posting I think mate. You will only get pelters on here man! Lets talk about something else eh?

  337. In other news, Wilshere has only got slight inflammation, so should be cool for the season start. Hopefully it will keep him from the England friendly though.

  338. JJ, what of the players that have come in? do you rate them at all and do they give any indication that Arsene is trying to do what he promised?

    Is that bluffing in your view?

  339. whoever said tomas could take on cesc’s role is nothing short of a retard.
    the person should be given a labotomy.

    fucking spuds on wind ups hate em…

  340. DFB. So Arsene was the one training RVP to volley near post from a 2 degree angle?

  341. per
    consolsbob at 2:56 pm –

    Right here, Sir! Well, lets just say which team in the world would perform with their best bowler (Zak), two of the best batsmen (Viru & Gutam) out injured? Add to that Harbhajan Singh played half a match. Not a fair contest for me anyways..
    Noone seems to have briugh this up, but I solely blame f*cking IPL for the. BCCI have become to Indian cricket, what Man City & Chelsea are to European Football.
    That said, I take nothing away from the English; did everything right against a depleted Indian squad.


    @ Dexter & JJ – sorry guys, you can carry on now!

  342. Well JJ if you don’t begrudge. him his salary why mention it?
    Wenger only identifies targets.No doubt he advises on a maximum fee but he does not do the donkey work.He most certainly does not lie.
    How anyone,Yogi included ,can say with ant degree of certainty that we have been inactive is beyond stupidity.For all they know ,after weeks of negotiations ,we could be 5 minutes from 3 huge signings.
    Probably not I know,but my point is nobody can possibly know.

  343. @dfb – do you play FIFA of Championship manager by any chance?

  344. of = or

  345. Yes ! Arsene is the one who trains players to pass, pass, pass rather than shoot, shoot, shoot. I don’t give a ff if VP misses a couple of shots. What I don’t want to see is our best forward passing sideways when 6 yards in front of the goal with only the keeper to beat.

  346. mj_gooner: No, never, what makes you think that ?

  347. The same players got us to the league cup final & in the race for PL till 6-7 games to go..

  348. mj_gooner: No, never, what makes you think that ?

    do you want fries with that?

  349. Well the pass pass thing was working beautifully until the end of the season and has worked more often than not. I believe when confidence is low players dont behave instinctively. Too much thinking.

  350. Oh fuck saje dfb, you buying into that bollocks are you?

    PaulN; Exactly man, there was a definite loss of confidence infront of goal, players deferring the responsibility of shooting to a team mate as the confidence ebbed away. need to make sure that shit doesnt happen this season. Having options in attack should help. Thats why Gervinho will be a good signing, for me.

  351. Yes they did. Then they fucked up. I don’t blame them. They do what they do to the best of their ability. They don’t pick the team or construct the squad. Arsene didn’t perform in the run in. He didn’t do enough to push them over the line. It’s where he should earn the money.

  352. What was that George??

  353. Yeah, there you go, you saw the ability, if they couldnt show the ability in the last few games, was it the manager’s fault?

  354. At the end of the day the buck must stop with the manager. He selects the players and tactics. That said, I believe the players have left Arsene down. Where he has to earn his money is rectifying this. If the players keep on letting him down, there has to come a point where he is ruthless and cuts some of them loose. I think we are in the process of seeing some of this now.

    The players leaving the club at the moment have all (IMO) not been of the quality required at this club. Arsene put faith in them, and gave them the opportunity to shine but really have not done so. I really think he thought that this squad would have won things by now.

  355. You dont blame them? Thats big of you, mate not to mention slightly deluded! They are all complicit in that shit man. They aint 5 year olds,

    But I saw somew of your posts you put up the other night. You seem a bit snide.

  356. So mata it seems is a replacement for Nasri? Or perhaps a very good investment in the squad we have? We have made a bid for him. So Arsene is sticking t his word.

  357. Never mind, DFB, there’s been enough of this non sense over the past 3 months. As Arsesession says, lets discuss something more significant..

  358. goonerandy

    Who thought they wouldnt beat Brum man? That was fucked up and TBH, not sure I want to go over it, yet again!

  359. I don’t think Frimpong should be considered more than a 3rd option at DM.

  360. George: I think you’re a pathetic twat. Why use a phrase that insults people who do a worthwhile job ? Do you think that people who work in a fast food outlet aren’t worthy of posting on here ? Do you think that only the intelligentia should be allowed to post views here ? I’ve never seen you post anything that adds anything to the football debate. I;ve seen you lick lots of arses in an attempt to receive reciprocal strokes from others.

  361. The buc stops with the manager because he is the manager but that doesnt mean that everything that goes wrong is his fault.

    I guess every game a teams loses is down to the manager.

  362. What bollocks am I buying in to Dexter ?

  363. Like I said, I thought you seemed a bit snide dfb. You are going some way to proving my point man.

  364. Good comment by the way GA!

    I believe dfb is looking at things too simplistic.

  365. The bollocks about the team not shooting.

    But I dont think i can be arsed discussing shit with you. Not seen you on here apart from once before and already you are abusing people,

  366. Pass pass pass is magical when we beat teams 3-1. When we draw 0-0 with Blackburn it is all Wenger’s fault!

  367. i mention it george because like good managers, good players need good player wages also
    we seem to concentrate our wages around the average players and we resrict our wages for our top players..

    theres this wage ceiling ppl keep talking about and theres also talk of nasri only wanting to leave for financial reasons so why dont we higher the ceiling and offer nasri rvp and cesc new improved contracts..

    weve got no problems paying wenger top whack but if we cant stay competitive with wages for the key players in the team then how do we expect their heads not to be turned, for financial reasons obviously..

    all im saying is that its all a bit can we afford to give wenger humungous amounts of pennies but we cant offer our best players a bit more to help convince them to stay abit longer??

  368. Dexter, Honestly ? You don’t think we avoid shooting ? Do you watch many games ? Snide ? In what way ? Guess I’m just tired of listening to some of the crap posted here.

  369. He’s only abusing george!!!

  370. I guess Dfb seems somewhat sensible in his approach, I mean we would all like to see us take some shots more than we do. But I doubt that is the core of our problem. Holistically, our problem also stems from our financial commitments, as well as hosts of other things, which also includes mental hurdles that needs to be crossed over. I don’t know if a new player will help us with that. But I would like to see all the players committed to that cause, regardless if they succeed or fail. Arsene has made mistakes, I am sure. But that’s football, he’s playing with a hand behind his back. I think he’s doing a wonderful job.

  371. He is a simpleton.
    Hope that added to the debate 🙂

  372. dfb

    When did this happen?

    >What I don’t want to see is our best forward passing sideways when 6 yards in front of the goal with only the keeper to beat.

    Please don’t bore me with generalisations, I want real examples where I can look at a dvd / match highlights to see this.

    If it’s not true and you were exaggerating, please have the good grace to apologise…or suffer the disparaging consequences.


  373. Dexter – Brum? I didn’t mention that game mate. I just meant in general they have let him down.

  374. we dont have that american shoot on site ask questions later who cares if it all goes tits up policy.

  375. JJ

    Yeah, well we cant match City for wages dude. Ade is apparantly on £170k! If we raised our ceiling, which I wouldnt have a problem with to say, £150k, then would that keep nasri? Does he deserve top whack, or should he be on slightly lower? And maybe City have offered him £185k. What happens then?

    Its fucking difficult mate. All I know is, RvP and Cesc havent had an issue with the wage structure, yet we need to change it because Nasri was outstanding for half a season?

  376. Fuck off Duke 🙂
    One simpleton having a pop is quite enough

  377. goonerandy

    No, you misunderstand, I was bringing it up as an example of how the team should have won something and were expected to.

  378. are you calling me a simpleton georgy porgy?

  379. Ha ha Duke…….

  380. Its fucking difficult mate.

    Its not difficult Dex we should not try to compete with city it would be madness.They will just up the anti again if we do

  381. Ah, right you are.

  382. YW

    Sorry didn’t this happen at the Emirates on Sunday. Or did I completely miss something ?

  383. Just having a giggle with you ,my pal,Dukey .You know that

  384. George

    Do you want to rethink your 10.29pm comment? I think you do. No, really, I think you do.


  385. if Gervinho had passed to RVP for a tap in this board would have been a happier place since Sunday.Instead of trying to score himself.
    It can work both ways you know?
    Well actually “you ” clearly don’t.

  386. dfb

    Yeah, you are mssing something. Do tell, come on, you’re making out that is a real, regular problem. One instance in one game is not proof of an endemic problem.


  387. dfb

    I watch plenty of games thanks, I go to most of them too. The lack of shooting (as has ALREADY) been mentioned was something that became an issue when the team fell away towards the end of the season, when the confidence levels dropped significantly.

    The fact you think it is a major issue leads me to believe you dont watch many games and have just picked up on a lazy tabloid cliche.

    And the fact you are basing it on the Emirates Cup games? Well, what can I say? Pffffft, seems a good enough response.

  388. Yogi I meant that your words are latched on to by others and they assume that there is little activity.I am not suggesting what you seem to have read into it.

  389. If only RvP had scored a goal every game instead of passing all the time eh? What is he like? Always passing. Oh wait.

  390. Ateeb

    Who is 2nd choice DM mate? I am watching France (Sunu has just scored btw) and Coquelin is playing the holding role for the U20 team.

  391. YW. OK, one example isn’t proof I agree. But it is an example ! Do you not believe that we tend to over elaborate rather than put a boot through the ball ? I do, and I think we lose out from that rather than benefit. Just an oppinion of course. Maybe we could look at some some stats ? Do you have any ?

  392. Dexter. I go to all home games.

  393. I would agree that sometimes we try one pass two many when a shot is on. As has been mentioned, when it comes off it really is effective. The main problem with this is though, teams sometimes sit very very deep against us safe in the knowledge that we will still try and pick our way through. A bit more variation would make us much more of a dangerous team.

  394. I disagree regarding Frimpong, Ateeb. The boy needs games, he’s shown that he’s capable; some of the posters above said he lacked experience. Well, where does it start? 2nd choice is good for me, Song manages quite a lot of games a season, so 10-15 starts in all competitions would not that big a risk.

  395. If I am out every day looking at cars and test driving them,do I only become “actively” looking when I sign the cheque for the purchase?

  396. I don’t for a second believe you can drive George 😉

  397. Dexter/mj Gunner,

    DM is a very volatile area in our squad. All defensive lapses are blamed around either the defenders or the DM, and not the whole team. Wilshere escaped critcisim because he isn’t thought of as a DM, which in fact is his job as well. Denilson, whose sole purpose is set out to be defending, has been irrationally blamed and look what happened. I’d trust someone with experience for that position. We’re good going forward, we can experiment there. Not at the back, not after the last few seasons.

  398. Ateeb

    Yeah, I agree, Wilshere has defensive responsibilities when played as one of the 2 central midfielders. But who is the 2nd choice? Are you saying we need to sign one?

  399. Dexter ,do you think we need a DM?

  400. dfb

    When I make a wild assumption, I tend to back it up. Not claim that shooting from 6 yards out is spurned regularly. If you’d said about shooting outside of the box, well, few would have disagreed since Opta have made it well-known that Arsenal did not score one EPL goal from outside of the area last season.

    I mean if I was making an outlandish claim I’d have said we were not buzzing in the transfer market because we had signed one full back and one forward this summer thus far, activity which is slovenly when compared to the claims of the Arsenal manager and CEO that this would be a busy summer. That you see, is beyond stupidity….you know, pointing out that the club has once more made a PR gaff in their outlandish claims.

    The question is, which is worse? Ivan Gazidis telling us that we will be busy this summer or Keith Edelman telling us that there is a sizable war chest to spend. The difference? Well, the latter lost his job, those statements seem to have a contributing factor…


  401. George @ 11.39

    Put the shovel down, that hole ain’t getting any smaller… 😉


  402. Wow Yogi using dfb’s comments to have a minor rant about a completely different sunject!


  403. George

    You know the answer to that one mate!

  404. Dex

    Do you think I might have a bee in my bonnet about this one? Or a sizeable hive?


  405. Yogi.Shovel is back in the shed.

  406. I agree with YW, not completely though. There has been too little activity so far. As things stand, we could lose both Nasri and Fabregas as well. Which will be a cyclical problem, we’ve faced since 2008, of losing our midfield maestros. It will take time to adjust, and a big step back. The key lies in holding on to both of them. That to me is the activity needed this summers. I think the squad was fine last season, except add 1-2 players. Which we have done. Losing Cesc would be a big loss, which though I want, because he’s been acting very immaturely. I don’t know if he can be replaced in the short term, medium term of course he is replaceable.

  407. YW. Fair enough. I agree with all of your outlandish claims too, 😉 Tell you what. From now on I’ll start counting those occasions when we pass in the box rather than shoot. Then I might have some hard and fast evidence rather that just hearsay rumours …. 😉 . My problem is that I’m not sure we can solve our problems with signings. I hope we can, but I’m afraid some of our ills stem from our basic philosophy. Which a few new signings won’t fix.

  408. Dexter,

    No I think Song should be enough. He seems less injury prone. And in his absence I won’t mind seeing a midfield of Wilshere-Ramsey-Cesc/Rosicky. Rosicky and Ramsey might be a good alternative than a purely defending mentality player.

  409. dfb

    Don’t bother with stats on passing around the edge of the area, we all know that problem exists. However I don’t think it is a philosophical problem, simply one of confidence where the players do not believe enough in their own ability to score or shoot accurately. Given our struggle to get enough bodies into the penalty area at times, shooting from distance would seem to be a simple and easy option but it is obviously not.


  410. YW

    I think there could be a good business opportun ity there. What with all that honey n all.

    I am hoping/assuming the business that is yet to take place is all in hand and will come to fruition sooner rather than later. However, the sooner is becoming much later than I had anticipated!

  411. Ateeb What have you done with Diaby?

  412. Dfb,

    While you’re at counting. Do me a favor, and calculate the number of times we passed our way to a goal? That would also show the positives of passing into a good position rather than shooting our way into a goal. I can bet, the former strategy would work better.

  413. The year before last did we not score the most from outside the box?
    Where is Denilson when you need him

  414. George,

    Completely forgot about him. I apologize, but then again, if only he could get off that injury table for long enough period. It will happen, but not sure when.

  415. He will be back early September and play in every game for the rest of the season .Pffffft.

  416. George

    Untill the window shuts, I got faith brother. Its just fuel for the fire for all those with axes to grind though man. The transfer sagas are grating dude.

    Now we are supposed to wait until barca have sold off all the cutlery from the staff canteen and had a few cat boot sales so they can get the readies to buy cesc!

  417. YW, I agree with you 100% in your comments on attacking. When I say It’s a philosophical issue I think I mean in terms of our attitude to defence too. It isn’t obvious to me that we place as much emphasis on that aspect of our game as we possbibly could. That’s why I’m not convinced that a new body or two will make much difference. But I hope I’m wrong in that.

  418. This operation hopefully, will finally rid Diaby of those niggly bastard injuries. here’s wishing him well anyways.

    And on that positive note, I am off.

  419. Ateeb. OK i’ll try but maybe you could confirm it too ? 🙂

    Off now, good night.

  420. I sincerely hope that this season we will stop taking the Cup seriously again. Not playing first teamers in it and, most importantly, not bringing Cesc on in those matches, if he stays. Don’t really need him to miss league or CL games because he got injured in the kiddie cup.

  421. A rather boring depressing day on ACLF. Tomorrow will be better. Since I bought into the plan many years ago, I am a lot more interested in its progress (and process) than in its end-results (trophy) at the moment, but I want both like we all do. I disagree the team is not stronger, and the criteria is the plan. The progress is fairly easy to spot. At Arsenal you never really have to search too hard for good news. The good news for this period is called Frimpong, Gibbs, Ramsey, Jackie, TV, Chewie/Fab, 3Gs, plus probably Vela and also Traore, Afobe, Miyaichi, Jenks. I count six players almost ready, absolutely ready, or back, plus one great looking newbie in. And then five showing promise, maybe next year’s crop (with a newbie). That’s progress, and a stronger team. Right there. That’s six probable regulars/plus bench who were not in the mix all, most or some of last season. Six players. Probably two to go.

  422. Had we bought these six players, all six, I think we would be a little bit thrilled, come on you can admit it: they are striker: 3Gs (we did buy), a DM: Frimpong, a LB: Gibbs, a CM: Ramsey, a CB: TV, a GK: Fab. Plus Jenks, so seven. What might we have paid for this little lot? I think 40 millions worth. Go figure. Am I incorrect? None were involved all or most (or a chunk) of last season.

  423. ZimPaul – I posted something similar earlier on and it was completely ignored, I think a lot of people are just stuck because they and every one else have no real idea as to what is going on. It is all hearsay and therefore should be treated as such. Only a few days ago somebody posted that Newcastle where going to destroy us on opening day because we have not improved our squad. Look at them now!!! Liverpool have just lost Gerard, his replacement is Adam, who was decent but is nowhere near SG;s standard. United have lost the best GK in the EPL for the last 4 years and have replaced him with a 20 year old with no experience. When we did that we where laughed at but when they do it it is a stroke of genius!! LOL 🙂 Man City’s players just cannot settle because their manager insists on buying attack-minded players and then playing a defensive game against the top clubs.

    On Arsenal’s GK situation, I have not seen one person who was posting for all of last year that our GK’s sucked having the balls to say that they where wrong. We have in Szczezznyyzzzzeenny and Fabianski and Manone, 3 fantastic GK’s with more potential than Utd’s new boy. On the CB issue, who is Utd’s 3rd choice, who is Chelsea’s 3rd choice? I can guarantee they are not that fucking good either. Our’s at the moment I would say is Djourou, none too shabby.

  424. Dam curiosity!!! I just went back and read even more of today’s posts, talk about fucking depressing! Shame on a lot of you but as usual there are those who will not take the bullshit lying down. FunGunner as always you are a true fan and a voice of reason, thank you. There where many more but they know who they are.

    Yogi, I love your blog man and though we have differed in our opinions from time to time, you always back your opinions up and are not afraid to admit when you are wrong(which is very rare by the way). I have to say though I will not be posting for the next few days nor will I be reading any comments that are posted as they are the same arguments over and over and over again. I will of course still read ACLF every day but simply cannot take the negativity. I have noticed that you yourself have been posting a lot more than usual, so I tend to think you agree. Please do not take this as veiled criticism of you or your blog as it most definitely is not, rather the opposite as I do not know how every day you can consistently do what you do to the standard you do it.

    This is a direct quote from the Arseblogger himself as of today:

    “Even yesterday, over on the news site, I posted a piece about Benik Afobe and how delighted he was, as a kid who had supported Arsenal since the age of 6, to make his debut. Literally within a couple of comments it had turned into a bitchfest about how this player was shit and the manager was a cunt and so on. I mean, I get that people are unhappy, but the relentless negativity is just hard to take. Even nice things, good things, happy things, positive things, are used to further the agendas of the unceasingly miserable.”

    This “bitchfest” has gone too far and the ones fermenting it will simply disappear as soon as we win something yet we let them dictate the very nature of the blog we know and love so well. As the song says: ” It’s just a shame, that’s all”

    COYG 😦

  425. dfb @ 11:31 pm,

    A little simple and adopted point of view, maybe!?

    If you consider the logic of ‘keeping possession’ to which you refer, it does not all amount to over elaborating in the box. It also means that your opponents have the ball less to hurt you; your opponents expend more energy in retrieving the ball (unless they all sit behind the ball and defend); you drag opposing players out of position; you develp opportunities, and you entertain spectators.

    Whilst not suggesting that you do love football the Stoke (Wolves, Blackburn.. insert your own selection here) way, it does raise the question to what you would advocate as a replacement for our style. Or did you intend to encapsulate your footballing philosophy in your desire for our players to: “PUT A FOOT THROUGH THE BALL”?

  426. Irishgray

    Don’t despair, come join the band of merry warriors and fight the good fight on today’s post:

    Samir & Cesc Might Prove Two Into One Won’t Go & More Gossip


  427. I’d like to know where on your season ticket application it states, ” When buying your season ticket, we the board, manager and the team, guarantee, pledge, promise that Arsenal FC will win silverware this season” and ” if we don’t you have every right to boo us off the pitch”

    Surely, when someone buys their ST it is to watch football and the team they support. If they spend vast amounts of money to just moan and boo, then they must be truly radio rental.

    Yogi, you often advise posters to back up there arguements with proof, yet you do the exact same thing with assumptions. Earlier today you said,

    ” (the board) in their statements are setting him
    (Wenger) up for a fall”

    And where exactly did you get this information? Can
    you back that statement up with proof?
    It smacks of hypocrisy!
    I doubt very much that the board want Wenger to fall or fail. The greatest manager ever at Arsenal. Unless there is serious backroom disharmony and they want him out, which I honestly can’t see.

  428. Northbank 1969

    If you want proof, look back at all of PHWs comments over the years about how Arsene has money to spend but chose not to. That is not a board offering support to the manager, one that is holding its hands up and saying, “It wasn’t us, it was him”


  429. The brass have been taking the piss out of us for years. Every since getting rid of our winners and not replacing them then bringing in a whole load of shit from France to turn them into very rich load of shit.

    I have mentioned it before and still stand by my claims that the brass (grey suits) have taken us for a ride while they check their bank accounts every month.

    They know Wenger, is too much of a old school gent to say “I have asked the board and they refused”. So they continue to take the piss and we suffer and make excuses and fall out with fellow Gooners about the subject.

    I Really felt it over the last few days because I couldn’t read any real news regarding our club due to Laptop charger getting chewed up. Last week it looked like Mata was on his way but, sure enough it’s back to the typical Arsenal way with transfers which is long, drawn out and then doesn’t happen.

    We haven’t got the quality to cover the CB position except for TV. This has been witnessed by the whole world by Arsenal fans, past players and non Arsenal fans. They can’t all be full of shit and doomers can they?

    If this chasing of Phil Janks, Cahill and Samba, is purely a smoke screen and next week nothing happens then what will that mean for us as a club? How does it make us look?

    How is it that other clubs say they are looking at a players on Monday. Meet with club and player on Tuesday. Player in for medical on Thursday. Player signed and picture with player holding team shirt up with big shit grin on face come Friday?

    They have properly fucked up club and Wenger, is a fool for taking all the flak for it.

  430. If Bendtner, is still in a Arsenal shirt come KO, then count me out of it.

    I have seen far too much talent forced to leave because they couldn’t get a chance but, for some reason which I still do not know Bendtner, has been given more chances then any other footballer would get in a top side in any country.

    Players like him sum our club up. Couldn’t hang onto Henry, Edu, Flamster, Pires, Gilberto. But have fought to hang to Bendtner.

  431. Northbank1969 | August 3, 2011 at 8:18 am

    “the fans will eventually decide Wenger’s fate”. Cock head Ivan quote.

    Doesn’t that sound like trying to set somebody up for a fall to you?

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