A Pre-Season Warning For Arsenal

The weekend is over, yesterday by all accounts marred by booing which is, well, bizarre. A pre-season tournament, the club’s highest goalscorer returning, sunny weather and on Saturday at least, a good atmosphere for youngsters to enjoy. Instead the abiding memory is going to be one of dissention.

There is a time and a place for discontent to surface but I question the manner and timing . Is The Emirates Trophy really the place? Is booing the manner?

Arsène did not help matters post-match though,

They have to put that into perspective. People always want to win and that I understand but I don’t think we need to put any extra pressure on ourselves. The most important thing now is to prepare and take the pressure when the results really matter. I don’t think you can compare playing friendly games with playing in the championship.

Ignore the sniping about winning your own tournament in The Sun, lifting this particular trophy has been no guarantee of success previously. There is a legacy from last season, that is for certain, and to an extent Wenger and Gazidis shoulder that blame. Early in the summer, quick and decisive action was promised on the transfer front, it did not come to pass and in that there is no particular issue as deals can break down as we have seen.

A simplistic view is that a quick PR win would have arisen with a key signing happening before the weekend, unveiled on Saturday or Sunday. It seems Arsenal are incapable of that, negotiations interminable for players coming in or leaving. I hope for Arsenal’s sake that there are new faces to arrive, to freshen the place up and to drive the players forward. Jack Wilshere is of a similar mind,

We are not a spending club but we still managed to stay up there with the top teams. And we have to win things this year. Maybe if we had a few more faces we could really push on. If we get a few more players we can really challenge for the title.

Around March and April we have to stay really strong. We are confident we can be up and around it then so we have to remain strong at that crucial time.

Arsenal do not help themselves. As much as he is a self-publicist, Redknapp constantly makes noise about signing quality players. None happen but the point is that there is a sense of activity – I am sure though it is equally frustrating when none arrive. Arsenal allow the media to set the agenda which is never a good starting point and requires a change of mentality. There are signs that this is happening gradually with more chatter from the manager and board but right now, they need action.

If a key player in the squad believes it needs to be strengthened, surely the manager must be acting to do so? What mental effect arises if nothing changes and the deadline passes? Do the players bond, pull together and drive themselves onwards? Last season suggests otherwise.

The real problems come from two key players wanting to leave, neither doing so (yet) but neither committing to the club in totality. Each story is irritating, nothing more. Collectively, the paint a picture of a club that has no leadership, no drive forwards since key personnel do not want to be there. Arsenal are not to blame for Barcelona dragging their feet but I believe they are resigned to Cesc leaving otherwise they would have been more decisive in setting deadlines. Wenger and Hill-Wood contradicting each other indicates a lack of cohesive policy in this respect.

Nasri will stay for another season (at least, if you are optimistic) but to be honest, if he is not going to show the necessary drive and commitment, he can leave now for a fee rather than dawdle for a season and leave on a free. As for Cesc, according to the Spanish media, the real deadline for signing Cesc is this weekend but it will pass with nothing having happened, dragging on for another week.

Friday is the closing date for registering players for the Champions League qualifiers, Cesc will no doubt be included in the Arsenal squad should he still be at the club. We need to be clear, this is not for the Champions League itself, simply the two-legged tie this month. Even then, this deadline is somewhat spurious since he will not be necessarily cup-tied for the tournament having played for Arsenal. The rulings have changed, presumably to cover new signings at the highest level of the game, and unless Arsenal are drawn in the same group as Barcelona, Fábregas is free to play for both clubs in this season’s competition.

The manipulation of the fee has already begun, this week will be the final offer coming from Barcelona apparently. It is presented by Mundo Deportivo as €40m when in fact it is no more than €35m. Their rationale is €29m is fixed, €6m is variable and Cesc is forgoing €5m which makes the fee €40m. With adding up like that, little wonder that banks and governments are always in trouble. It is simply too bizarre for words.

The view in Spain is quite simple; if Cesc refuses to play, he will force the issue. Well, his absence this weekend has brought some backlash with his critics using it as a stick to beat him with. The only issue I see is his continuance as captain. If he remains at Arsenal, remains captain, the sop is there for all to see.

Personally, I would find it hard to believe that he will be able to inspire or lead the team, it would be better for all if he passed the baton willingly – and somewhat – voluntarily, a course of action that offers him the chance to save face. The media will make of it what they will in any case.

Right now there is a feeling that the club is lacking direction. This needs to be addressed decisively and quickly. The season is less than a fortnight away and we need to be ready for it, opening in a positive frame of mind. The warning signs are there that it will be a long season if a bad start is made.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. This a very good post, one that some of the more deluded pro-Wengerites posting here would do well to consider.

    This team is in a very dangerous position right now. I honestly do not understand what is going on at the club. Sure money is a factor, but is really so hard to sell sullen, want-away players and replace with quality. No doubt Fabregas is a great player, but Nasri is overrated. There presence is unsettling the team. So sell them and replace with Mata, Cahill, and a new player. Why is that so hard?

    There seems to be a total lack of direction and cohesion at the club right now.

  2. Fab needs to go so that we can concentrate on the theplayers who are willing to play for Arsenal. RVP looks very happy to lead the team and I woul keep him as captian. he deserves it, He has been top class in his attitude and his efforts on the pitch.

  3. YW – A good post. Depressingly you are 100% spot on as well. We are not exactly in a position in which to hit the ground running this season.

    The Cesc captaincly issue is a difficult one. If he stays I am not sure how productive it would be to take the captaincy off him. That said, if he hands it to another player it will (maybe accurately) seem as though he is just waiting to go.

  4. If Wenger had sat down and worked out what he could do to antagonize the clubs fans to the point where they actually booed the side in a pre-season friendly I doubt he could have come up with a better course of action than he has embarked on recently. I don’t agree with the booing. I think it is corrosive and self defeating. But I do understand it.

  5. Arsene better know his time could be up soon er than later. Unless he can start winning games ,the clamour for his head will grow.Arsenal are the only team in the world who pass more than any other team except maybe Barcelona. Bear in mind the latter play in Spain where the odds are sky high in their favour.
    The name of the game is shooting and scoring goals not endless passing confronted by over zealous defenders who will not hesitate to break a limb or leg when the going gets tough.
    The AKB will be in for a shock if the FM’ s tactics are nothing new and are predictable.Well last season he asked fans to judge him in May. This season it could be end of Sept/Oct.
    Of course if he can adapt to the reality it’s adifferent ball game. Problem is his ego. He thinks he is always right and evryone is wrong.By the time UEFA fair financial play is in place,he could be in the wilderness .

  6. Top post.
    This club has been lacking leadership for the past 3 years.

  7. The drawn-out nature of transfers at Arsenal, both incoming and outgoing, tests the patience. Having had all Summer to get any business done, we are now 13 days from the start of the season and no business of substance has been done. We have the core of a squad here who can win all sorts of trophies, but the uncertainty over players who have been integral to the first team over the past few seasons is doing nothing for the mood of the fans and as Wilshere’s comments show is also p[laying on the minds fo the players.

  8. So disappointing glad I did not go. We need to sort out the back (although it was not really their fault). Confidence begins at the back. At this rate I would not be surprise if Robin Van Persie is thinking about his career too!

  9. Silent Stan is needs to put Wenger out of his slumber.

  10. I agree the boos are as a result to the fact that noting has changed since the end of last year. 2 days in a row the team threw away a lead. Friendly or not these games matter, see Mancini’s reaction to that stupid back-heel.

    I await to see what Gervinho can bring, some good signs but already a lot of ‘arsenalitis’ coming though: failing to shoot on the edge of the box and trying to taking the keeper on when a side side pass (to rvp i think) would have granted a 2nd goal.

    hope to see some new signings soon as we just need something to grant some positivity and freshness.

  11. Good post – but this wasn’t a warning, it was a statement of intent.

    Warnings have been given by fans over the last two years, in countless matches and forums with the club, that we weren’t happy with the (lack of) direction the club was taking.

    The warnings weren’t heeded and now we find ourselves in a situation where a significant portion of the fans will try to set the agenda. The team (and Arsene) should be under no illusion that every time the club drops points, regardless of the circumstances and to whom, they will get booed.

    Personally I can’t see Arsene lasting past Christmas with the fixtures we have at the start this season, and the sad thing is that this could have been avoided with some tactical purchases in the transfer window.

    Prepare for an unpleasant season – because unless we win every game we play, the Emirates is not going to be a fun place to visit this year.

  12. Very good post YW and realistic.Unlike some of the blind Wengerites who cant see the faults at the club.Cesc and Nasri should have been sold in June allowing us to
    bring in replacements and bed them into the team in pre season.Sadly this summer has been as depressing as the last 5.

  13. Shame about this:

    Bolton’s Lee Chung-yong out for nine months with broken right leg – http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/jul/31/bolton-lee-chung-yong

    I wish him a speedy recovery, and hope he can regain his form. He is one of the better players at Bolton

  14. Rich. I think you might be right. But Wenger has allowed Cesc and Nasri to set the club’s agenda. Two players who don’t want to be here. Now I fear he will use them as an excuse for his own complacency.

  15. Top, to post YW…..a crucial week begins.
    Very, very crucial on many levels
    Does he really have that blind of a spot?
    By Friday the 5th, things should be clearer
    Till then
    In Arsene I Trust.

    ….i remain POSITIVE

  16. Top, top post YW…

  17. Adam

    Thats my point.It was no secret that Cesc wants to go and Nasri will not sign a new contract.Everyone knew that months ago.But Wenger made no plans to replace them.His comments about keeping Nasri and letting him walk for free was the talk of a mad man.Not only would we lose £20m but we will have a half hearted player playing for us.And what is Kroenke doing sitting back in Denver letting all this happen.

  18. The Cesc saga is ruining the season. A key player leaving will entail a major change in thinking, since there are hardly like for like replacements for players of this calibre the tactical and formation side will need to be tweaked to compensate for that. Hence until there is a definite conclusion to this saga either way, I can understand why Wenger is not able to take the decisive steps in the transfer market. Then there is also the question of money, the amount spent on new targets will depend to an extent on what we get for Cesc if he were to leave. Hence I don’t expect much movement till that piece of the jigsaw gets sorted.

  19. The boo boys simply have no patience. There is a whole month left in the Transfer Window. Wenger knows our shortcomings and will attend to them. He has said as much. Arsenal have always been ultra cautious in transfer matters and we supporters will never know how things are progressing behind the scenes. We simply have to trust the Emirates hierarchy and wait and see. WHY?…because we have no choice. But by the 1st of September, all will be revealed and then our feelings can be expressed.


  20. Gooners Ted. I agree mate. Wenger should have issued both with an ultimatum early in the transfer window. Nasri should be at Man City now and Ces’s future should have been sorted. We should be well past both these situations and Wenger should have been concerning himself with assembling a winning team, and only that. People moaning about the boos yesterday should ask themselves just why it happened. Seems to me it is just a sign of the frustration that fans feel and a reaction to yet more broken promises. Sadly enough I believe things will have to get worse before they get better. Still, with Squillaci in the team I am sure that won’t take long.

  21. Nicky. Good point. But I think the frustration and resultant boos are more of a cumulation spanning several seasons prior to this when similar promises have been made and broken. Just a thought.

  22. What we watched was dross and a repetition of what weve seen the whole of last season.I dont want the following to happen
    a)Wenger coming out and lying to the fans about “buying..if there is quality for the price we want to pay”…or “we are mentally strong and have thw qualities”….etc.

    b)I dont want any more players coming into interviews saying we are prepared…”prepared”…is one of the worst words that we can use on this team.

    c)Any more news of nasri/cesc and whether they are committed or not…frankly most of us dont care anymore.

    d)Wenger coming out at the end of transfer window and saying how he “tried our best to sign players”…

    This mollycoddling of players has to stop.They are pros and are supposed to behave like one. They have to harden up for the club and deserve the shirt.Else they should be sold…even at a loss…we as fans dont care for 10-20 mill loss when the whole spirit of being a gooner is being lost here.And before someone comes out calling those of us who want action as plastic…think again.u cant have it both ways. U want the board and manager to do well, but no one should interfere with them according to you AKBs. Then w\hen are we supposed to vent our frustration at the manager who has taken us faithfuls for granted.We are asked not to talk abt it during season,at the end of the season,preseason, at the meet with AW or anywhere else. What are fans supposed to do then? just support the team that is being slowly turned into a circus by AW? I fully support the boos and for a reason.though it might not help us win matches, atleast it lets the board know they cant back wenger in every one of his stupid ventures any longer.

    We need a new defence coach,a gk coach, 1 solid defender, 1 LB,1 striker and 1 DM as cover to song. The following dross has to be sold-eboue(why the hell was he played in the emirated cup?),bendtner,almunia,diaby,squillaci( even if it means we incur a loss in the short run). We need AW to get a new No.2. Cesc/nasri should be either sold to the highest bidder or asked to just shut up and play for us 100%..weve had this problem for long….Either these changes are made or AW will be sacked…mark these words AW will be sacked before the end of this season..i would love to have these words rammed down my throat, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results….rant over….up the gunners…

  23. Wow its clearly not a happy day in the world of arsenal. The team looks totally clueless without cesc on the pitch, you have to wonder who could replace him and quick. Nasri has been shit in that no.10 role and I can’t think of any other player good enough for the role, except scheijier. I won’t blame wenger for all this tho, the board had hopped barca would have payed the 40m sooner. Its really not looking bright right now, but all that could change in 2 weeks, wenger needs to get the fans back onm his side. 2 or 3 quality players and a strong start to the season would do the trick

  24. Ars is a pathetic looser!….he can’t see peoples pain at all.Thank God is not a king or president of a nation!…can’t stand d dude again!

  25. Nicky

    Your post could have been written in any of the last 5 summers.Wait till deadline day and everything will be alright.Remember the Alonso fiasco?We should be buying players early to bed into the team not getting them cheap on deadline day
    As for the fans having no patience these are the same fans who were asked to cough up another 6.5% rise on there season tickets and you ask them to be patient

  26. Did anybody else notice how Riqueleme constantly slized our defence, it reminded me of our Fabregas, shame he is leaving. Pls don’t play nasri as a no.10. Ramsey isn’t ready and wilshere looks like a box to box midfeild general. Riqueleme anyone?

  27. Amy Lawrence is an uncredible twit.

    Pardon my French an’ all that.

  28. Yogi, the most negative post I’ve ever read on this site, however it sadly reflects the feelings of the huge majority of fans. Just hope Arsene reads this and asks himself why this site, normally so positive, feels it necessary to question the leadership of this great club.

  29. See Myles Palmer is reporting that we are about to sign 3 experienced players this week, 2 of which already play in the EPL. For once I hope the bollocks is right!

  30. i knows myles palmer is mostly full of hot air but for anyone who wants to cling onto us signing anyone 🙂 he says hes heard whispers we will sign 3 players this week with 2 coming from the premier league and all 3 being internationals

    YAY !

  31. ‘I question the manner and timing’

    Of some of the comments. As if they haven’t read the above post. One, no two, wait three, ok then, four question marks:


  32. On the bright side, vermalean and koscinely look a live patnership

  33. Very realistic comments Yogi its time to accept that Cesc and Nasri go and that we have 60 million to spend plus 14 million if we sell NB and Ebuoe, and it should all go on players as the 15 million we save on wages will be enough to fund new players wages.

    The team has been built around Cesc and we will need to change our style as we did when Henry left.

    I worry if we draw Dynamo Kiev or similar in the qualifying round if we will survive

    if we have a strong squad with more depth we can still make top four

  34. Did someone mention Palmer.


  35. I don’t know what all the hysteria is about. I didn’t even hear any booing. It seems to have originated from a small group on the West Stand. All blown out of proportion as usual.

    Did anybody actually enjoy any of the football at the weekend? Did anyone realise that we actually made many chances, and should have had a penalty yesterday?

  36. Fuck. Looks like a rejected scene from LOTR in here now.

    I’m still waiting for Amy Lawrence’s African Clique to be kicked out of the club. What’s that? Song’s still here. Gervinho?


  37. Avaris15

    A small group who had ESPN’s mikes directed towards them.

  38. sorry to bring palmer into it finsbury 😉
    I must say the booing was heard a few times via the espn mikes! I understand some frustration with certain situations at the club but i dont understand booing at a friendly. But hey this is whats happening and i just hope something happens before the start of the season to happy up the place – we really dont need this negativity stinking up the joint at league games – especially with the first month of fixtures we have!

  39. Finsbury,

    And that’s how every other person in the world heard it, and not me, who was in the stadium. Most around me were applauding. Miffed in some instances, but most were quite pleased with a good day of football, and pleased for Henry and NYRB.

  40. We got 3 whole Mexican waves going around the stadium. If fans were really hacked off, that wouldn’t have happened. Ridiculous.

  41. Yes, Avaris, I enjoyed the football!

    Disappointed not to see Ryo in the flesh. *sniffs*.
    No Walcott, Nasri resting. But Gervais was a little nippy. I got my pace fix.

    A little upset to have missed some gr*tty cricket whilst watching a meaningless friendly game if truth be told.

  42. Finsbury/Avaris 15, with all due respect you can’t dismiss what happened yesterday by saying it was a “small number”. I was in the clock end and there was quite a number around me booing as well. For the record I think they were wrong, as arseblog pointed out if they react like this in a friendly what will it be like when we drop our first points of the season. Having said that as yogi pointed out this was borne out of frustration of a lack of movement in the transfer market after having been promised such.

  43. With all due respect you can’t mention Palmer and expect to be taken seriously.

  44. “On the bright side, vermalean and koscinely look a live patnership”

    Oh look at that, an actual brightside. well done.

  45. Baafuor from Ghana

    Wenger will not change!His Ego is too big that,he won’t admit his mistakes.
    Even if he signs any defenders,it will be a Silvestre or Squillaci or Campbell mak II type.

  46. I’ll leave you guys to it then. My life is too good for this shit. i actually cant wait till the season starts.

  47. Shame about the booing.

    12 Days till the start of the season. We really are leaving it late.

  48. Very good post Yogi. Pretty dam forthright!


    You dont need to try and antagonise people mate. Dont follow the lead of twats like gooner ted. (Unless you are one and the same, very familiar posts, Hmmm)

    There’s no doubt the club have heaped pressure on themselves, the manager and players by not being seen to be more pro-active in the market, as well as the uncertainty with regards to cesc and nasri.

    Words are easy, its a time for actions now.

    The booing yesterday was pathetic, embarrassing and completely self destructive. Just look at the crap the media are running with today.

    Thanks again Yogi

  49. I want to find a reason to say that the people who booed were wrong but I can’t seem to find any. Yes it’s a preseason friendly. BUT its a tournament no less. Tournaments and Arsenal currently don’t mix well so I thought it would have been great to win the cup at home – to give the players and the young ones like Frimpong a reminder of just how much it means to the fans for the team to lift a trophy. Any trophy.

    Over the two games, the goals we conceded can all be put down to basic defensive errors. We weren’t caught out on a speedy counter or got beat by an opponet’s moment of magic..it felt like defensively nothing has changed from last season. It was as if the lessons that should have been learnt were not learnt.

    I feel Bartley’s own goal is excusable given his relative inexperience and the tricky position the ball was in – any touch and it’s odds on to go in. But the play leading up to the cross was frustrating. I felt that we should have cleared our lines properly.

    How we managed to let a team so far away from us in terms of quality and calibre(no disrespect to NY Red Bulls), nick a goal and win the cup from almost under our noses, I’ll never understand. We should have realised that keeping it tight at the back was going to be the way to win since we couldn’t seem to get decent chances to score late on. Shut up shop and protect the lead…we were unable to do that last season in the league against better opponents, and we’re seeing it again.

    That said, Rosicky was a real breath of fresh air in the team and that was brilliant to see after such a long time. If only that outside-of-the-foot curler went in!

    With regards to Cesc, I think this is where we could really do with Fergie’s ruthlessness with players. I think Wenger wants to acknowledge Cesc’s dedication and loyalty thus far to Arsenal by selling him only to Barca, but frankly they are being such a pain in the ass. It makes sense for them not to splash out so much for a player who’s going to warm the bench but that doesn’t mean they’re not gonna stop unsettling him. Sigh.

    What if the deadline passes and there’s no improved bid? Is Cesc going to say “Screw Barcelona, I’m all for staying?” Are we going to let Barca toy with us until they decide its time to replace Xavi/Iniesta? We’re Arsenal. Not a small team that can be pushed around. Right? But the way the club handles the Cesc issue, it doesn’t feel that way! There’s so much uncertainty brought on by this…even new arrivals seemingly hinge on either his departure or him staying. Seems like everything depends on Barca finally making up their minds.

    If the media are to believed and Nasri is really holding out for money then why not sell him and reinvest in the team? Certainly he’s not irreplaceable is he? What’s the point in keeping him for a year then losing him for nothing instead of getting whatever we can get for him now, 20 million pounds or not? If he signs on fine, but if he doesn’t, then that’s another place in the squad opening up for anyone who would give an arm and a leg to play for the club.

    Just my very frank opinion on everything that’s going on with the club!

  50. Another bucket of cold water in the face -and on a monday as well!

    I do agree Yogi. What is pisspoor though is the reaction to your post from some of the usual, and some unusual, idiots on here this morning.

    Daddy gave them permission to whine.

    All too predictable, all too sad.

    Yes, we are not good at managing the media or expectations.Yes, Cesc and Nasri should leave.

    We will make more signings though and it is still pre season.

    Look forward to the season, there’s a rollercoaster ride to come. Manage your own expectations. Hope to win, don’t expect to. It’s sport. Otherwise take the road of that poor fan from last evening. Give up on football and start watching wrestling.


  51. DEise

    Myles palmer?

    You can do better than that mate! 😀

  52. RVP to replace Cesc

  53. JD Gooner,
    I’m not dismissing it, I’m just stating that it wasn’t as widespread as those watching ESPN or a live feed might have thought. I may be stubborn, but I’m not deaf.

  54. To be honest the club has never ever been good at PR. Usually Hill Wood can never say the right things, Wenger is too much of a pragmatic and Gazidis words are usually only drops of water on a hot stone. I have long resigned to ignore all the speculation surrounding our club because I simply know that no good will come out of it. Expectations need to be kept in check and while I would love for the club to come out strong in the beginning of August and tell Barca to bugger off, sell Nasri for crazy money while at the same time announcing the signing of Mata, that is simply not going to happen. That’s not the way things are run and I have learned to accept it. It’s not going to change and expecting year after year that we are going to do things differently is simply deluding oneself.

  55. myles palmer is a prophet…

    He KNOWS things!!!!!

  56. *in the formation, I meant, & for the armband. Sagna to be his deputy.

  57. Evil

    For the first time in living memory, I found PHW’s most recent comments really positive.

  58. the boos were in order – it sent a clear message.

  59. Sorry to see your frustrations boiling over Yogi. I think I’ll give this place a miss today as it looks like it’s just an invitation to the boo boys to really go for it.

    I disagree with you re the media because as you also say in regards to the captaincy

    “The media will make of it what they will in any case”.

    We are not media darlings like the spuds – ‘arry can spout off any nonsense and get good press for it because of his nationality, whereas it’s open season on the funny Frenchman. Like it or lump it, we cannot complain when other clubs openly talk about signing our players , turning their heads in the process and then do the same thing ourselves. How much credibility do you think Arsene would have if he was constantly talking about buying this one and that one and then none of it materializes? For all you know our targets might be waiting to see if they will get a chance at the man city trough before signing on. If that is the case, we have to wait until they’ve done their business and leave the field clear for others with a smaller purse. We may not like it, but that is the reality of the situation. The game is all about the money now and other clubs and players are trying to maximise their income. Getting Gervinho was a good piece of business, but the club get no credit for it. The novelty has already worn off and it’s back to ‘what have you done for me lately?’

  60. Cannot take a word of myles palmer rubbish- this is the guy who claimed an exclusive of “reo coker having medical exclusive”and cursed djurou african heritage after a mistake in a game . And the alonso situ was dependent on barry movin to liverpool,if the story is to be belived but blame wenger.

    It appears the last few months the intensity of the blame wenger for everything wrong on the planet brigade has gathered pace so as well as causing the downturn in the economy,famines,phone hacking etc..he is responsible for the demise of arsenal football club. Not many managers when they finish working with a club leave it able to cope and survive the next managers plans and ambitions- just ask arry.

  61. It is impressive that Arsenal have personally informed the more dim witted among us of what their negotiating teams are doing in the transfer market.
    I have not received my Email from Arsenal.com.So thanks to all the posters who have let me know that the club is doing fuck all and no new players will be brought in.
    It is also good that so many poster think we should just sell our best player for whatever Barca deem fit to offer us.
    Also it is a good president to set that if either of the Manchester clubs want one of our player we should cash in and strengthen them without any ado.
    Chelsea say they want some youth,I wonder should we offer them Jack and Rambo for what ever they might want to pay us .After all its just a case of buying replacements .Nothing to it so we are told.

  62. “JD Gooner,
    I’m not dismissing it, I’m just stating that it wasn’t as widespread as those watching ESPN or a live feed might have thought. I may be stubborn, but I’m not deaf”.

    I agree, it was not widespread and certainly no one in my section was booing. Dependent on where the microphones were placed you only need a handful for it to sound more widespread than it was.

  63. A lot of the booing, was probably done by fans [?] who only go to the occassional game, and are probably infuenced by the poison they read in the Press and hear on the radio/TV.
    Good post Yogi, as always.
    Thought Afobe did well.

  64. “the boos were in order – it sent a clear message”

    It did indeed Boozy.The trouble is the message was to the rest of football that Arsenal have some of the worst supporters imaginable
    Pathetic behavior form sad spoiled tossers

  65. I just watched Benik Afobe’s post match interview on Arsenal player. What an articulate and pleasant young man he is. He also speaks French, so he should do well at Arsenal!

  66. Anyone would think the Window closes tomorrow.
    There’s 30 more days for Arsene to do business.
    Plenty of time for a couple of signings.

  67. I think Afobe has all the physical and technical attributes to be a very valuable member of the squad.
    Age doesn’t come into it, it’s ability that counts.

  68. Passenal,
    I saw that pop up this morning – will be sure to watch it. I’ve seen him play now, and would like to see if he comes across “The Arsenal Way”.

  69. The Emirates cup was the last chance before the season proper for the fans to express their views of how things are going. And the cup also presented a microcosm of last season, in with a good chance to win something until late on but in the end the team letting the fans and themselves down.
    other than booing how else can the fans let AW know how they feel?
    Would a concerto of “Arsene out” chants have been better?
    You cannot win the league before Christmas is a cliche, but Arsenal so often contrive to lose it by the end of August.
    Howmany more transfer saga’s are we going to be put through? Ashley Cole, Baptista mark 1, JAR, Baptista mark 11,last years attempts to find a back up centre back ending with Squillaci pulling out of a champ league qualifier at the last minute?
    With the start of season we have, this was one close season when we needed to strengthen early. But it always going to be difficult when AW dictates the values of players to the board, as he seems out of touch with the current transfer market.

  70. Good post Yogi. Sadly addresses the volatility of the club at present.

    But in times like these, there is always a huge opportunity. The sale of Fabregas, addition of Mata and a CB, and the pendulum of momentum is back with us.

    Is a worry how many players call for new faces – let’s see what Gazidis and co have been working on over the coming weeks.

  71. typical morning, so much pessimism it is depressing.

  72. Is the booing so surprising. Arsenal spent loads of time in the opposition half. There were some good moments but on the whole it looked like last season. A game like this if we win by a good margin it brings confidence,self belief, and excitement amongst the players let alone the fans.
    The team need to feel like winners. To gather momentum for the coming season.

    Arsene is not stupid. He needs to find new ways of moving forward. It appears he is in a rut. Is he devoid of new ideas? Is he stubborn? I don’t know the answers I am not a premiership manager. I do know that Arsenal have not won anything for a good few years. That is not success. The team continues with the same faults as the last few years. That will become a recipe for mediocrity.
    Change is needed and not just players. Arsene needs to stop and think about this. If he can’t create changes then he needs to go out and find a new tactician to come in and help him.

  73. JohnN ,perhaps you could drop Wenger a note.Tell him the true value of players.Share your knowledge with the old fellow.
    Why is it only Arsenal who take ages over deals?
    Look how quickly Chelsea have wrapped up the deal for Modric?
    Remember how Real quickly tied up Ronaldo within only 2 years,
    Unitted have taken no time at all to sign their new world class midfielder,erm what’s his name ?

  74. Yogi,

    Another good blog. I think Rocky on ‘Arsenal, Arsenal’ has done a good job talking about the boo boys of yesterday.

    Great work

  75. Luke ,thank fuck for you.this”let’s see what Gazidis and co have been working on over the coming weeks.”is exactly what is needed.

  76. Hi

    Nice to read a rare well written and thoughtful article. This shouldn’t be about pro or anti Wenger sentiment, this is about Arsenal football club as a whole lacking leadership and ambition, not learning from mistakes and tolerating losing too well. I hope we see some positive moves to sort this out in the next week or I fear we won’t qualify for the Champions League. Wenger is an excellent manager, but without the right players it doesn’t matter how good a manager you are, failure is inevitable. It’s amazing that we have yet to bed in new signings to the team, really lazy and bad management, but the board are as much to blame, trying to save every penny. The club seems in limbo right now with an owner that neither talks nor cares, reminds me of a ‘Stepford Football club’. I’m starting to think that the Russian would be a far better owner to have.

    Still a week or so to go though, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for quality signings very soon or we’re seriously looking at 6th/7th place league position next may.

  77. never in wenger career has he been scared of walking on to the emirates.

    he is now

  78. Wenger should resign today and release a statement saying
    “fuck it the fans are not worth the effort”

  79. George – Lucky for us he is not a 13 year old boy then eh? 😉

  80. Maybe we should cut our losses early. i.e. cash in on Nasri and Cesc and get on with it!

  81. I think this latest post is refreshingly realistic, in the past I have found some articles to have a somewhat rose tinted view of Arsenal’s situation. This understandable, as most supporters will defend their club up to a point and some will always say we should “look at the positives”. That’s fine, but if you don’t address the negatives you will never make any progress.

    What I can’t understand is why it is taking so long to address the issues. I did a quick search through the archives on Arsenal.com and can see that Wenger publically stated “We need to add, of course, and we will do” on May 20th. (http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-looking-to-add-to-strong-base-)

    Then three days later, on May 23rd, he publically acknowledged where our current failings/weaknesses are; “We have shown that we have the technical quality to win the league but certainly not the defensive solidity to do it”. (http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-we-have-quality-we-need-solidity).

    Those posts are now 10 weeks old, and our failings were abundantly clear way before then, so why haven’t we addressed the need to improve the “defensive solidity” as a priority???

  82. Andy,It seems 13 year old boys know as much as him. It would appear from reading some of the posts at least.

  83. Kenyan,so take £27m in installments for Cesc?You think?

  84. George – Ha, maybe so.

  85. I think this latest post is refreshingly realistic, in the past I have found some articles to have a somewhat rose tinted view of Arsenal’s situation. This understandable, as most supporters will defend their club up to a point and some will always say we should “look at the positives”. That’s fine, but if you don’t address the negatives you will never make any progress.

    What I can’t understand is why it is taking so long to address the issues. I did a quick search through the archives on Arsenal.com and can see that Wenger publically stated “We need to add, of course, and we will do” on May 20th.

    Then three days later, on May 23rd, he publically acknowledged where our current failings/weaknesses are; “We have shown that we have the technical quality to win the league but certainly not the defensive solidity to do it”.

    Those posts are now 10 weeks old, and our failings were abundantly clear way before then, so why haven’t we addressed the need to improve the “defensive solidity” as a priority???

  86. Who thinks we should “progress” past the spending power of City ,United and Chelsea simply because we are the Arsenal?

  87. How can anyone understand or justify the booing. If the fans have it in for the board or Wenger it is simply not the time of place.

    We have some very loyal players, I can’t imagine what the likes of Van Persie must think. If they ever need a reason to leave they have got another one.

    I personally enjoyed watching the football over the weekend, Gervinho was a breathe of fresh air, Afobe was awesome (never seen him before), Frimpong has impressed me once again, the new guy Jenkinson was pretty solid at RB, and our CB’s looked very steady. It wasn’t vintage Arsenal but there were many positives to take from pre-season so far.

    I don’t see how you can use our transfer dealings as an excuse for your rant today YW. Comparing Wenger’s comment to Redknapp tops your post off. The whole point of Wenger not revealing his cards is so he ‘doesn’t reveal his cards’ !! It is that simple. You tell the world you are after so and so and everyone is after him. More so with Wenger because he almost always plucks great players.

  88. George – To be fair, not many are asking that we do that.

  89. Less moaning and booing, more Herbert Chapman and chill.

  90. By thinking we should finish above them you are doing just that Andy.

    PS “you” does not mean you Andy.

  91. Chris – I agree.

  92. George – Not sure that is true. They can’t buy all of theb players. We can still spend relatively sensibly and be better than them.

  93. The miserable cunt from the online Gooner reckons we will announce the signings of both jagielka and Gary Cahill

  94. No way, George Rodger, the full 40 million!

  95. Delia--Block 112

    I was committed elsewhere at the weekend but recorded both games from ESPN. The results of both games did not reflect our possession. What was needed was a Cesc/DB10 to provide that incisive pass and without that playmaker we will struggle this coming season! Yes, there were the old defensive failings at the back but these occurred when our first choice CBs were off the field and when players were tired and feeling the heat.After all our players are still working on their fitness and the opposition teams were well into their seasons.
    The return to form of TR7 was a big plus and we can only hope that it is a sign of things to come and not a flash in the pan. The youngsters did themselves proud and there really is hope for the future.,
    My biggest worry is that the prolonged saga of Barca and Cesc is affecting the confidence of the team, the true fans and providing the media with negative comment which our fickle supporters are lapping up!
    AW just sell him, never mind the undervalue xfr fee offered by Barca . Too much damage has already been done to the club and there are other fish in the sea to be caught by the 31st of August , just get on with it and do a deal with City over Nasri at the same time. We need to move on.
    Having said the above, I still believe quality reinforcements will arrive and we will enjoy a decent season at the Ems. As for the Booing , shame on all those who took part.
    As always COYRs

  96. Smoke shit, don’t talk it!

    The people who boo their team at a friendly bring shame on their club…….. if they think it is having an affect, yes it is, he is giving the media and fans from other clubs a stick to beat us with.

    It will also eventually filter through the psychology of the players……… that will really help the team spirit.
    The players have to get over their dissapointments and continue to play…….. it’s a small thing to ask the fans to do the same.

  97. Many Arsenal fans, mostly locals, are a disgrace to any football club. They seem to buy this shit that Wenger’s “ego is too big” and that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. Wow! When he leaves, which he might, and Arsenal has an ‘arry type managing, a good old boy, the club will drop to mid-table and then these debates will be over before they start. Sam Allardyce will take the job as his great return to EPL. Now that would be bloody funny, really funny, the biggest worst joke on football fans ever. Bless what you have when you have it, or lose it.

  98. You smokin today Northbank!!! 😀

    Right on bro!

  99. I think we should progress past the other top four teams, if anyone doesn’t see it that way then we have very different ideas about how success for Arsenal is measured. True winners don’t accept anything but the best, that means planning to finish 1st.

    We don’t need to spend excessively on one player, such as 38m on Aguero or 35m on Sneijder. We need to buy a proven premiership CB, an experienced LB who’s instinct is to defend 1st and attack 2nd, and an experienced keeper. We could probably get those three players for a combined value of 35-40m and then we would be in business.

  100. The old board who sold out to Kroenke let us down. There is no board at AFC just Kroenkes stooge Gazidis and Wenger. What a difference from the new liverpool owners, they keep the fans informed and put their money where their mouth is.

    Usmanov is a real billonare not just on paper his rights idea would have allowed us to compete not just be a selling club unfortunately he has no say and cant even look at the books and see the crazy wages being paid to players we cant sell

  101. Russ We wont buy an experienced LB like Enrique as AW thinks Gibbs and Traiore are adequate

  102. Dex,
    Is that the same cunt (JD Evans) who a few months ago said he had it on good authority from someone(the tea lady at the Emirates) that it was a done deal Cesc to Real Madrid and Samba to Arsenal?

    I don’t read Online Gooner any more, too many haters and moaners. If Yogi continues with posts like today, ACLF will become like that and Le Grave.
    Or perhaps the likes of Le Grave on tour, AIC and Jabbas left bollock are starting to influence Yogi 😦

  103. “Excitement” will be an FA cup semi final against Sunderland! “Joy” will be a shin-breaking 1-0 win over Everton, away. “Happiness” will be not dealing with with relegation battles having safely secured ourselves in the top 12 by late March. A plucky home win against Liverpool will keep fans happy for months. Sam will be a much loved figure of fun. It will be us against the world. The difference is the world will get on with it, “Arsenal who?”. Barcelona will laugh and laugh, mainly because it will all be quite funny.

    The future is what you make of today.

  104. Russ – I would agree with that apart from the keeper. Szcheney is wet behind the ears, but I am happy with him as the No1.

  105. solgooner, I know. But I don’t agree with that, we need players with real 1st team experience in the defense and neither of them have that. I like Gibbs alot, but I don’t get the feeling he is a ‘true’ defender and that is exactly what we need.

  106. Hell, I can see Tony Adams becoming manager, and us breaking into the top 8.

  107. Sol @ 1:02 – That is madness. Kronke will be much better for the club in the long run. He has a proven track record in the sports industry. It was DD that kick started the whole takeover, so the blame for where we are now lies firmly at his door.

  108. Eventually, James Murdoch will buy Arsenal and relaunch NOTW.

  109. I don’t know about you guys – but did anyone notice Little Mozart conducting an orchestra on the Emirates Park this weekend.

    I think he should be given the role of playing in the middle. His experience, vision and creativity is far superior than that of Nasri or any other player in the team bar Cesc.

    I also thought Jethro was solid and had a good game. Vermaelen and Koscielny are clearly the first choice CBs – and I think the new signing has to fight it out with Djourou.

    Gervinho will have a bigger impact for Arsenal than drogba had for Chelsea. Just let him settle and get the cobwebs out.

    Ramsey is not yet ready to fully take over, but will improve significantly with good pitch time this season – perhaps a trade off with having Mozart play a key role in the middle of defence.

  110. NB69 – I think some of the posters on here need to heed your advice! Chill, people.

    This was a pre-season friendly FFS, one where players aren’t going to be giving it their all (sensibly) in order to avoid unnecessary injury etc before the toughest start to a league campaing in years. This will mean less last ditch tackles, less lung busting runs for seemingly dead balls etc etc etc. The histeria is absolutely ridiculous, and Arsenal fans will recieve exactly that, ridicule, for the way we conduct ourselves. This will blatantly effect the players, and the club, even to the extent where some players might start to lose faith in the team, and manager. This would be a massive problem, and things like yesterday could be the deciding factor for Cesc, and Nasri.

    So basically if you’re going to be our voice at games, grow some fucking balls you spoilt twats. This is the club we are meant to support, not jeer. I know the regulars on here would never take part in that shite though, that’s why it’s the best blog out there.

    I thought Koiscielny/TV5 partnership looked awesome. Kos looks like one the the best CBs around at the mo (imo), with his snappy style, great anticipation, great timing on the tackle, and absolutely superb playing of the ball for a CB. Some of the attempted passes (as well as completed ones) were out of this world, and if some massive star was playing like that, they’d get pundits, fans etc creaming themselves all the way to the back pages.

    Dont sell Cesc for anything less than what he’s worth. I would rather have him stay at his 2nd dream club, than be bulllied into submission by those Catalan scumbags. Nasri, well he can do what he want frankly, as I think he can be replaced without too many problems.

  111. goonerandy, I would imagine in part you’re happy with him as number one because you’ve had to put up with Almunia for so long. I’m with you on that, he’s good but, again, I worry about his lack of experience. We just don’t know excatly what we’re going to get out of him, only time will tell, and that’s the problem. We’ve taken a punt on other keepers and it’s cost us dearly.

    Of course he’s an improvment on Alumnia, but if you compare him to the best keepers (Cech or Van Der Sarl; Keepers who have put points on the board and have played an integral part in winning the Premership) I think there is still some way to go at the moment, and that is a concern.

  112. Andy Kroenke has never won the NBA or NFL super bowl or NHL finals a team he was part owner of won the 1999 superbowl Colorado won the MLS but thats less than the Carling Cup

  113. Northbank,

    Well said.

  114. Darius – Rosicky was superb. Absolutely. Great to have him looking back to his best.

    I also forgot to mention Traore – who i though was excellent in the forst game. Much better defensively than when i last saw him, much better. I am definitely confident in those 2 fighting it out for LB now. Apologies to Traore, who, a few weeks ago, I had judged before seeing play for the first time in ages… My bad.

  115. Darius I agree with you TR was great but can he play that way against the thugs in the EPL he is still injury prone

    Whatever happens we need a playmaker as Nasri and Cesc will soon be gone

  116. Darius – “Gervinho will have a bigger impact for Arsenal than drogba had for Chelsea”.

    Really? I hope you are even a little bit close to being right.

    Sol – Which is more than the fat pie headed Usmanov

    Russ – Yeah, you may be right. Still, if we are going to be spending I would rather it be spent elsewhere. He looks to have somthing about him, and I have every confidence in him. It has been a while since that feeling about one of our keepers.

  117. YES Darius! Mozart was pulling all the strings in midfield yesterday. Agree that he is a far better player than Nasri, and always has been. Far more productive, and keeps the game flowing. Hitting all the right chords, so to speak.

    My attention was drawn to a video compilation of his game yesterday (thanks Limpar Assist) – so here it is:

    No idea how to embed it. But it’s worth the jump over.

  118. Absolute bollocks. The weeping and wailing about the lack of transfer activity, lack of transparency, lack of leadership etc is just plain fodder for those who want AFC to join the football spending bubble. Apart from Man City’s unchecked spending underwritten by the sheiks of Abu Dhabi, and the splurges by ManUnited and Liverpool on over-priced English talent, none of the other big clubs have tied up any big deals. Chelsea – Negative, Spurs – Negative. Yet it is already clear that given the insane prices for players plus wages, it is inevitable the transfer records will be equaled, if not broken, by the close of the window. Football spending grows unchecked in an era where massive cuts in government spending across Europe and now the USA are underway, heralding an era of contraction in economic growth. These bear all the signs of a bubble that will inevitably burst. Like the recent housing bubble, all the innocents were rushing in when the investment bankers and bondholders, like Goldman Sachs, were already through the exit. A similar sense of panic and hysteria is taking root among Arsenal supporters who have been fed and nurtured the ideology that you can’t succeed in football without spending big. Patience is no virtue in football yet it is the precursor of success in all other walks of life.

    The meme about lack transparency and lack of leadership have no bearing on the substance of the problem. Proof positive: Due to Man Utd’s recent success no one knows or cares what the plans the Glazers have for the club. Yet their massive financial challenges have not suddenly disappeared. They are all swept under the carpet because they recently won the EPL despite being massively outplayed in the Champs League Final.

    Sorry Yogi but on this post I am in disagreement. Frankly all you are doing is emboldening the weak-willed who think failing to win a trophy in six years is a massive disaster and whose current mantra is spend some effen money even if we travel with sweat and not with petrol.

  119. solgooner

    Pray tell – how do you know Rosicky can’t play that position for a season. What do you mean by he’s injury prone. he’s only had one major injury that kept him out for 18 months- and you can’t legislate for that. Last season, both RVP and Cesc spent more time injured than he was.

    The evidence of what he’s capable of delivering is right in front of you yet you prefer to find excuses why you think he can’t do it. Rosicky is one of the most experienced players in our squad and he didn’t get the nickname of Little Mozart by accident.

  120. Bloody ‘ell Yogi,
    You moderated me a deleted my post!
    Just because I said you may be getting like Online Gooner or Le Grave?
    That really is the pits……….. and yes, Online Gooner moderates posts as well so perhaps I was right.

  121. I don’t see why Arsenal using our brilliantly assembled war chest is advocating a City-esque splurge? Suppose its the easiest place to take cover.

    Zimpaul – You do realise that Arsenal were a big club before Wenger, and will remain to be so long after he is gone.

    The fact that you think we will struggle in his absence, not only in playing style, but calibre of replacements (no matter how tongue in cheek) is a clear indicator of your obessesion with the man.

    Like I said earlier, its a shame to see our great club in such a volatile and fragile moment, lets look forward to the coming weeks were the obvious and growing fears surrounding our ability to mount a title challenge are squashed.

  122. DARIUS. Lets hope you are right and he has a fabulous season but when we got him at a very cheap price it was because he had injury problems in Germany

  123. solgooner,

    He’s not at all injury prone. He had one major injury, which was a complete mystery to medical professionals the world over. It’s a minor miracle that he didn’t have to retire early, and that he was able to prove yesterday why we were so keen to keep him. He’s fucking solid. Did you see himself tackling all over the field? Rushing back 50yds to make up for a mistake he’d made further up the field?

  124. Rosicky is a good footballer who has been robbed of his best years by injury. A realy shame as I really think he could have been a special players for us. He still has a role at the club though; he is experienced and still a quality act when fit.

  125. I know most miss long range bullet’s from Rosicky, but I’m looking forward to him re-mastering the outside of the right boot cross. Truley exceptional. Used it loads in the 08 title push. Real delight.

  126. goonerandy,

    What’s to say that his best years might still be ahead of him? He’s 30 now, but if you saw what he’s capable of yesterday, then you should be very excited about him being part of our squad this year. Now that his mystery knee problems have been solved, he should be as fit as the best of ’em. He also has a calming influence on the team. He doesn’t panic when on the ball, and works his arse off chasing to get it back!

  127. Luke – Cross? Why would he need to do that? 😉

  128. avaris – Just been realistic mate. I like Rosicky. On the other hand, lets not get too carried away. That was first first really good game for a long long time.

  129. Andy well said lets see what happens after our first week with three games in 7 days

  130. GA, I was thinking Theo could get on Djourou’s shoulders at set pieces?

    Or use Arshavins back as a launch pad he could run up?

  131. goonerandy | August 1, 2011 at 12:39 pm
    George – Not sure that is true. They can’t buy all of theb players. We can still spend relatively sensibly and be better than them.

    So we should be the one and only club that can overcome such a financial handicap?
    Because we are the Arsenal?
    Or what?
    If its that fucking easy why don’t other clubs keep finishing above us?

  132. I wouldn’t say Rosicky is close to starting berth, but having him on form, with his calmness and experience will certainly be an added bonus.


  134. Andy he is 30.and a fantastic talent,Why diminish him?

  135. Are there any players in the league that our fans would not label”injury prone”if they played for us?

  136. George – By your logic, the table would just mirror teams spending. We regularly finish above teams that outspend us. I am not saying it is easy, but what I am saying is that I don’t think anybody realistically expects us to match the spending of the clubs above us. But that does not mean we can’t finish above them (providing we address our well kown problems).

  137. Andy and solgooner

    does being realistic mean sitting on the fence? Your buttocks must hurt a great deal.

    I would suggest that what Rosicky did was not an illusion and was very real. It was inevitable that 18 months out of the game would take a lot out of him – but his class is permanent.

    I’m intrigued by this “let’s wait and see” policy. Take a punt and put some hair on your chest.

    The same applies for Jethro. I say he should be dropped in the deep-end so that we see what he’s mde of. Surely the better thing to do is back him to the hilt and give him the confidence to perform, rather than “oh – I’m not just sure yet on Jethro; the jury’s out; let’s wait and see”.

    As much as I don’t know that he’ll be the best LB option we have, you don’t know that he won’t.

  138. Jack only lasted 5 minutes yesterday-injury prone?

  139. George – Who’s “dimishing him”? Certainly not me. The chances are he has missed his best years through injury. Hardly a scathing assesment of him is it? I am only stating the obvious. Like I said, I still think he has a role in the squad.

  140. goonerandy,

    I’m not getting carried away, but you have to admit that you were impressed with what you saw yesterday? And that you’d forgotten how good he can be? I just thought it was a bit off the mark to say he was injury prone. Sure, he had an injury that kept him out a long time, but he should now be back at his best. Not showing any signs of slowing down or losing stamina, nor his peripheral vision.

  141. Yes Andy I know.but what I am saying is it takes something very special in order to overcome financial handicap.We do it but this is the exception to the rule.That makes us exceptional .why? Because Wenger is exceptional.

  142. Darius – How am I sitting on the fence?

    I have stated that whilst I like Rosicky, I think his best years have been lost to injury. I have also said on a number of occaisions that I don’t think Gibbs is good enough at this point in time to be our 1st choice left back. I know you may not agree with that, but how is that fence sitting?

  143. Andy,As a rule the table does just mirror spending.There are few exceptions

  144. solgooner

    You dont half come out with some priceless shit man!

    Kroenke is crasp because none of his US teams have won stuff? But Usmanov is cool with you?

    How old are you man? If you are older than 15 then you need a good slap and I am more than happy to oblige you. I’ll be at St James Park watchung my team, no booing allowed though

  145. goonerandy getting splinters in his Arse again! 😀

  146. Yippee, the cavalry has arrived at last 🙂

  147. George – I agree with that.

  148. Dexter – How so?

  149. They say it takes as long to come back to your best as you were out for.
    Don’t ask me who “they”are though

  150. goonerandy,

    How about just a little positivity? You need a kick up the backside, remind you who you support. Fuck all of this stuff going around. Be the better person and ignore all the media crap and just enjoy football. There is always going to be room for improvement, sure, but when there’s a positive, try and enjoy it a little, and not “sit on the fence” and saying “let’s see”.

  151. George, careful, don’t start twisting scenarios to engineer criticism for Wilshere.

    Rosicky is injury prone. Thats why we picked him up for so cheap 18 months after moving for 18million, we took a punt on an extremely talented, injury prone player. No different to United signing Hargreaves (even though, theres was a stupidly expensive punt)

    Rosicky, by major difference, has been very unlcuky in his recovery. Its not a criticism of the player, we knew what we were signing.

  152. Northbank

    I know why you were moderated and if you want to use language like that, well, its hard to have sympathy.

    I see that anything that deviates from the line of “Its alright, its OK, nothing to worry about” is now Doom & Gloom…


  153. Luke we got him cheep because his club was skint.
    What player does not get injured?
    none i suggest.So at Arsenal they would be called injury prone

  154. Averis – “How about just a little positivity? You need a kick up the backside, remind you who you support. Fuck all of this stuff going around. Be the better person and ignore all the media crap and just enjoy football. There is always going to be room for improvement, sure, but when there’s a positive, try and enjoy it a little, and not “sit on the fence” and saying “let’s see”

    I know who I support mate, and don’t need the likes of you to remind me. What media crap? I don’t get my opinions from the media. And please, show me where I have sat on the fence and said “lets see”. I think you will find that you have just made that up.

  155. Luke,

    But now that the problem that was causing his “injury-prone-ness” has been cured once and for all, and he has now regained fitness, can’t we be a little supportive?

  156. Rosicky is a talented player, he has had terrible luck with injuries, but looks to be over those problems.

    That is a GOOD THING. Why the fuck shouldnt he be considered for a place in the team, ALONG with others?

    GA; I got no idea. Just saw Dariious saying you were sitting on the fence. Thats your usual position though mate. You must have a rock hard arse man.

  157. Avaris, of course – look, I wasnt criticising the player in any instance. I am very pleased he is returning to form, and have stated in this thread how much value he will bring to the squad.

  158. ” can’t we be a little supportive?”

    Much easier to be negative.You get to say” I told you so” then.

  159. Good impression of Peter Hill Wood there GA! “the likes of you” indeed!

    Next you’ll be saying we dont need his sort round here!

  160. Averis – “But now that the problem that was causing his “injury-prone-ness” has been cured once and for all, and he has now regained fitness, can’t we be a little supportive”

    Supportive? Do you think that people follow him around pelting him with rotten fruit screaming “you injury prone freak”? Every time he pulls on the shirt I would expect him to get 100% support from every fan. Why wouldn’t you?

  161. George, I’ll think you will find no-one will utter those words, and no-one will want to.

    We all love the Arsenal. Whether you think everything is perfect, or that the club is falling to pieces, the common ground is the passion for the club and the game.

    Anyone who thinks that we need a new keeper, new LB, new x, y and z doesnt want to be proven right in thier fears. All the posters who get hammered on hear for being ‘negative etc etc’ would rather have egg smashed on thier face, as it means the team is performing

  162. GR

    Can’t wait for the first “I told you so”…


  163. GA

    You only have to read other blogs to see how Rosicky gets treated mate. Today for instance, the dude from the online Gooner had a piece about us signing 2 CBs! Yet he still couldnt resist slating the likes of Rosicky. He is basically pissed off he is still at the club.

  164. Dexter – Now I think you may be getting your opinions from elswhere. I may be many things, but am not really a fence sitter. I will give an opinion, without really caring if people agree or not. No need to fence sit.

  165. Luke

    Mate, I think you are being way too nice about a certain section of our support. They love nothing more than a good old “told you so.” They lap it up when we lose more than when we win. Seriously, that sick shitis prevalent man.

    Those who simply want us to improve, sign a new player or 2, well that shits totally different.

  166. Luke – Exactly. I would be more than happy to eat humble pie about something if it meant the team was performing. I would even have seconds.

    Dexter – I know what you mean about the general thoughts on Rosicky. Never signed up for it myself though. I like him, he is simply a very good footballer.

  167. GA

    Stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really think!

  168. goonerandy,

    Don’t be ridiculous. Of course that’s not what happens. I’m just suggesting that instead of just going down the old “he’s injury-prone” route, appreciate that he’s actually over that now, has showed what he’s capable of, and, I don’t know, just be a little bit excited about what he can provide us with.


    No problem. I’m glad to have him in the squad too. Looking forward to seeing him getting some proper game time this season.

  169. fîrst bob now yogi. who’s next?

  170. Andy.I agree mate,you do give your opinions come what may,And often very reasonable they are.If we are going to have a go at people I can think of a lot more deserving than you.

  171. ConsolsBob I think Dukey’s referring to George

  172. Dukey,

    It’s just people are getting realistic instead of idealistic. It’s a new trend.

    What a load of rubbish comments today. Sad to see how Rosicky’s performance yesterday has been reduced to a blip. People can’t just support anymore.

    I hope he stays fit this season, we’ve all forgotten what he brings to the pitch. He is exactly what we needed when it comes to creating goal scoring opportunities.

  173. Avaris – It was toungue in cheek mate 😉 I am fairly sure you didn’t really think that.

  174. Ateeb

    There were many positives from the weekend, sadly overshadowed by a few mindless selfich twats.

    Afobe and Frimpong were both excellent. Juan Roman Riquelme, no less, heaped alot of praise on our 19 year old midfield dynamo!

  175. goonerandy,

    No worries dude. Just a little hacked off with those who concentrate on the negatives too much and don’t appreciate the positives, as Ateeb has just alluded to. I felt that we played generally quite well yesterday, and just didn’t finish off the chances we had. Players looked sharp. Looking forward to this weekend’s game 🙂

  176. Frimpong was very good I thought. His distribution was a bit hit and miss, but his work off the ball was very impressive. He closes down really quickly, and you expect him to win every tackle he goes in to. I like him.

  177. george 2-1. dexter 6-1. shotta 100-1 frank 500-1.

  178. Is this weekends game on TV? (ESPN?)

  179. Dexter,

    Looks like Frimmy enjoyed those comments. He was quite chuffed on Twitter.

    Afobe too was very good, considering he was playing in a different position to his normal role, and it was his first game in the first team. Nice compilation here of his stuff: http://youtu.be/i4rvzguaexY

  180. Duke – What is that? Odds of getting laid? 🙂

    I would imagine Frank would be able to bore his victim to sleep and then have his wicked way, so his odds should maybe be shortened (a joke before anybody gets all excited ;))

  181. Duke

    I’ll take a tenner on Dexter thanks!


    I dont mind the fact Frimpongs passing was a bit awry. I think we have enough good passes in the team man. His closing down, as you mentioned and tackling are more important for me. Basically all the defensive elements.

  182. Getting excited about Frank getting laid goonerandy? I think you could have worded that a bit better man! And yeah, the game’s on ESPN

  183. Dexter – Yeah, I agree. It is not that his passing was bad either (he hit some really nice passes), just a bit inconsistant. As you said, his defensive qualities are his main assets, and that is just the type of player missing from this current squad.

    Sometimes players need luck and timing to make it at a club. We do not have many players in the same mould as Frimpong, so if he gets his chance he may be able to make a mark for himself sooner rather than later.

  184. Ha, maybe so.

  185. Frimpong looks the nuts. I should imagine that his years of playing alongside Wilshere will pay dividends. The passes that go astray might not necessarily be bad passes, just a case of not being on the same wavelength as the receiver – that’ll come with practice.

  186. Frimpong may well get chances this season man, even though I really thought he was going to be loaned out. But given his impressive display, he may well be considered ready now. Its a real shame he had that bad injury last season.

  187. I even remember some Gooners only too eager to write off Frimpong! The lad was out with a serious injury and I read a few times other Arsenal fans saying he was shit, over rated etc. That kind of attitude just stinks man.

    Regardless of how the kid develops, the willingness to write off a young player before his AFC career has started is the kinda shit that pisses me right orff!

  188. Dex,is Frimpong not injury prone?

  189. Any player who gets an injury for Arsenal is injury prone george! A crock, walking wounded, a liability and should be put down like a sick dawg!

  190. Dexter,

    Let’s hope he get’s that chance, eh? Because I’m pretty sure that he will make the most of it if he does. Those who wrote him off are only doing so because they’ve convinced themselves that we need to pay for quality like his.


    You’re absolutely right. Jack got his chance last year, and it looks as if Frimpong will get his this year.

  191. like Ramsey,Diaby , Rosicky,TV Cesc Theo RVP Jethro,Djourou

  192. Right on avaris mate!

    Catch you all laters.

  193. Yogi:

    thanks for the post. The frustration comes from the fact that I just do not understand a lot of the things the club is doing. We developed this current MO to handle the transfer market during the lean years and now we dogmatically cling to something that was at best a necassary evil. The reluctance to add a defensive coach is another example. A cynic would say that the club does not want to let in any outsiders who might not toe the party line or disrupt the current power base. The statements that the club has makes again and again about transfers just throw gasoline on the fire. The boss and Ivan know exactly how their statements will be interpretted by the media and fans and it almost feels like our management is intentionally frustrating the fans and players just to get them back for their impatience. I know that is not true but thats how it feels sometimes. I really hope we get off to a good start because otherwise it could really ugly both on the pitch and in the stands. The players have a lot of mental baggage from last year and nothing has really been done so far to lighten that load. Its frustrating but we have no choice other then to deal with it.

    All this said it would turn around very quickly with 2 or 3 transfers that the fans and players could get excited about, finishing the Cesc and Samir saga’s and a good start to the season. However that is a lot to ask.

    I don’t agree with anyone who says Wenger’s job is on the line. Wenger is the only one who will remove Wenger. Unless he is covering for his bosses everything he says and does indicates that he is in complete command of the ship. I am sure the board would bend to his wishes if he demanded that they did.

    I hate to see people boo in the stadium since the thing that is annoying them is not the players fault. I don’t have any problem criticizing management in the blogs and the press but I don’t think we should dump on the players.

  194. Next two weeks things are Gunnar move I can feel it:/…….rosicky is quality always has been deadwood my arse…squillaci not on the bench for Sunday a sign of a cb coming no?.. Positive for the season coming I mean there no reason not to!

  195. Yogi you said this

    “Arsenal allow the media to set the agenda which is never a good starting point and requires a change of mentality.”

    I disagree. The media say whatever they want about the Arsenal. Judging by Wenger’s snippy and clever remarks to the journalists at his press conferences, I would assume that he hears what the media is saying, but could not care less.

    Also some of those dudes posting up near the top gave me a bit of a chuckle.

    “It’s only the Emirates Cup, but it would still be nice for the boys to lift a trophy blah blah.”

    Uh oh, we didn’t win the pre-season trophy that we have won for the past 3 years. When we did win the Emirates Cup, people (rightfully) disregarded it. Now that we lost, it is a sign of concern.

    “Wenger is scared to walk out to the pitch at the Emirates.”

    Is that really what you think? I’m sure he feels a lot of stress and anxiety prior to each match, but to say he is scared of managing his team on their home field seems far fetched to me.

  196. Andddeeeeee,

    I think the opportunity was given to Bartley, who, for the time he was on the pitch, looked very good, OG aside.

  197. Dexter;

    No one is writing off Frimpong. Thats ridiculous. My concern is that he is 19 years old and could in theory be thrown into an incredible pressure cooker if Song goes down and during ANC. Players like Cesc and Jack W who can handle that are rare. How many of our rivals at the top of the table would count on consistently good play from a 19 year old in a critical position like our DM? With few exceptions even the best players are consistently inconsistent at that age. I really beleive Frimpong will be a huge player for us and I am not slagging him at all by saying I think its to soon for him. IMO he should get at least a season on loan and then come back ready to beat out whomever is ahead of him in the pecking order. If he is really as good as we think he will have no trouble winning his spot. Exact same thing with Kyle Bartley.

  198. nothing can excuse booing… and at pre season no less! watch this same team win @ benfica this weekend as they have always won their away matches more than home!

    As someone commented earlier, fans should let go of last season and make a fresh start!

  199. Dear, ill informed, illogical Bill

    How the fuck do you know who has or hasnt written off Frimpong? Are you privvy to all the blog posts I read over the last year?

    Of course you are not, but you STILL felt compelled to jump on in and get it 100% WRONG as per usual.

    Dear oh deary me.

    You need to up your game man.

  200. Bill you said”The frustration comes from the fact that I just do not understand a lot of the things the club is doing”

    I which case how can you know what they should be doing ?
    You don’t understand because like the rest of us you are not in possession of the relevant
    facts,Yet you seem happy to assume the club is getting it wrong.

  201. I understand the nerves that come along with asking a 19 year old to play, and excel, in our squad. Liverpool had a kid playing at right back for the 2nd half of the season and he did well. In fact, I have heard people on here say Walcott sucks because he didn’t have a good game when faced up against that kid. ” ill informed, illogical”

  202. messi was the best player in the world aged 19.

  203. I think the most worrying thing from throwing away these leads in friendlies is the nonchalant way the team view the mistakes. I have always believed that any sports team should practice the way they intend to play in competitive matches. It is the only way to repeatedly learn how to be consistent.

    The “turn it on, turn it off attitude” is clearly still with this club and it feels like it comes straight from management. Not very confidence ispiring. The negativity around the club needs to be sorted fast though. We will see how things shake out in the next few weeks…I too, still reamin positive.

  204. The reality is that the staff are working hard behind the scenes trying to build this team up. Do you want us doing all of this out in the public? No, because that would be hypocritical of us. I have absolute faith that we are doing everything possible to bring in the players we need.

    Personally? I’d like to see Cahill. Sure, he’s a name that keeps getting bandied around, but I think he would compliment our defence well. I’d also like to see Mata.

    As much as I love seeing Cesc and Nasri play, if their hearts aren’t in it, we should let them go elsewhere, but not at a value less than we deserve. Let the rest of the team get used to not having them around, and we know where we stand.

    Of course, I’d love to see both say “y’know what, we want to stay, and we want to win” signing 5 year extensions, but anything can happen.

    What does everybody else want to see? First choice 11’s based on what you want to see at Arsenal?

  205. If they’re good enough, play ’em.

  206. If players are only in the first team when mature how do you develop them
    should Jack go out on loan until he is 24?
    The team needs youth just as it needs experience.
    Otherwise you become Chelsea.

  207. Szczesny
    Jenkinson – Cahill – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Wilshere – Ramsey
    Mata – RvP – Gervinho

    That said, if we don’t get Cahill and Mata, I’d have Koscielny and Walcott, and still be very happy. So many other combinations possible too. Rosicky, Bartley, Frimpong, Afobe, Sagna, Djourou, Arshavin, Chamakh, Miyaichi – probably missing loads more.

  208. avaris15,I agree onward and upwards.We fell short last year but that has gone now .No amount of crying and bitching will alter that.
    People who think that one of the best managers in the world(the very best for me)does not learn lessons from the past are frankly ,err umm ,stupid twat’s

  209. probably missing loads more.

    Yeh ,Cesc 🙂

  210. avaris.never seen anyone put Jenkinson ahead of Sagna

  211. George, a quick point regarding being injury prone…

    Ramsey / Frimpong / RVP / Diaby 3 years ago are all instances of impact injuries…

    When you have a player pulling up every 3-6 weeks with minor muscular injuries, then its a bit more apparent of said players physical make up. Especially with your hamstring. Once thats gone, its just a matter of how often it will reoccur.

  212. Sagna = Best RB in the EPL

  213. I think that bringing in a tallboy to play defense against the more long-ball oriented sides of the league would help. The passing looked very sharp yesterday, and NY’s offense was reduced to passing between the back four and longballs up to the front man.

    One thing I would like to see is more one touch passing. For me that seems to be the way to break down a 9 man defense. While other teams rely on long balls (therefore a larger element of chance) to create their chances, our squad is precise and controlled. If we can control the game possession wise and put away the first chance we create, the game becomes much easier. Passing becomes less rigid and more fluid. Yesterday there were a few chances that we should have put away before RVP’s header. Ramsey was clean through on net, RVP worked his way inside from the RW and had a clean look at goal only to shoot it straight at the keeper. If these chances were taken, the match would have been much different.

  214. george rodger,

    I know I was missing Cesc, and Nasri for that matter, but was assuming that they wouldn’t be there. As I said, I would be very happy to see both stay.

    I like Sagna, and he’s been good for Arsenal, but I like what I’ve seen of Jenkinson so far. He’s more aggressive, has more urgency, is quicker, and has more years ahead of him. He also doesn’t cross the ball just for the sake of doing so – he’s good at recycling possession. I’m not downplaying Sagna’s ability, I just prefer Jenkinson and think he’s capable of playing consistently for us.

  215. WOW! this is a bit deep after a pre season thingy that we have won frequentlty that didnt lend to winning any big trophy. This is one of the few times I disagree with the post but such is life.

    I for one dont care about good PR. As Passenal stated Arsenal will never be seen to have good PR becuase Wenger is always whinging and he turns his nose up at english football as if he is better than everyone else.

    How many times has the british media twisted his positive comments and used them as a stick to beat him with? The only thing good PR is for is to appease the fans who need to calm down and let the team work.

    Is it really new players that is the problem or is the problem new players that “we” believe Arsenal should buy? Seriously, because I am sure that some players have come in, and I would dare say better than all of the overpriced players that I have seen go to other teams in the PL.

    Wenger said he will buy, when they come in will be good enough for me.

    Be blessed all!

  216. Well written article YW. Barca and Arsenal cannot meet in the group stages. If Arsenal get through the qualifier they will be seeded in the first group as they are ranked 5th top team in Europe (European Coefficient – behind only MU, Barca, Chels, and Bay Mun). Yes, Arsenal despite losing to Barca in the last 8 and 16 in the last 2 years are the 5th most consistent team in Europe. AW has taken them from 38th to 5th in his time here. Many would do well to consider that, particularly with the “self sustaining” budget constraints he has.
    Other than a few stupid clubs with more money than sense the transfer window has been very quiet and therefore I expect a lot of activity late in the window and many cut price deals. If you’re happy with your squad for the first month why spend inflated figures now?

  217. From what is being said we have basically missed out on Mata as his old contract expired Sunday and his new contract with a much higher buy out clause is now in place. Of course this could be a load of rubbish, but if true it means that by holding out for an extra £5m for Cesc and not buying his replacement beforehand we would probably have to spend £10m more for a replacement.
    I really hope this is not true, but somehow find it hard to dismiss.

  218. Bill Turner,

    There were a couple of glimpses of that one-touch stuff yesterday. It got the crowd fired up. Normally instigated by Rosicky, although the other players around him were pretty sharp on it too.

  219. Luke I agree with your post about injuries. Getting Shawcrossed is different than the minor 4 week ankle niggle. Maybe it really is a problem with the actual physical make up of the player.
    Andrey is a tiny little dude but he has avoided the trainer’s table since he signed. Diaby is a tall, athletic build but always seems to be less than 100%. Here’s to hoping the surgery went well and that Abou will come back ready to dominate, new ankle and all.

  220. Vice you said – The “turn it on, turn it off attitude” is clearly still with this club and it feels like it comes straight from management.

    How did you come to that conclusion?

  221. JohnN You are right it is probably a load of rubbish

  222. Joey Barton has been put on the free transfer list. Worth a punt as a backup to Song for games we need a bit more bite in the challenge?

  223. “How did you come to that conclusion?”

    mmmm ,how indeed?

  224. Free? what ?get out of here.Even I would sign him free

  225. Dexter:

    I should have said: “I don’t think anyone in their right mind would write off Frimpong.” You are right because I am sure there are some who have already done that and they can believe whatever they want

    I stick what I said that I think he will be a huge player for us by world cup 2014 or may be even sooner. I expect he will be our starting DM through the rest of this decade. I just think in this environment its way to early to make him the 1st backup and only realistic option for DM if something happens to Song.

    George @ 3:39:

    Just like everything this is all our opinions. How can you be a fan and not have opinions about whats happening at your club. Perhaps its OK for you but thats not how it works for the vast majority of people.

  226. Avaris I believe that one touch stuff is contagious. I know that most of our players are skillful enough to pull off some quick one touch passing, maybe they are nervous or something? The players need to play with attitude. Then again, many fans will get upset when a pass is misplaced. Andrey is always trying difficult first time balls and he gets a chorus of groans when a pass goes awry.

  227. GR, Yogi,

    I honestly don’t think anyone really wants to say “I told you so”, because if you get to that point it means that Arsenal have failed in someway.

    I pointed out certain issues with the team (as I saw them) last season and I said that I didn’t believe we’d win anything unless we addressed them. I took some real stick over my comments and a number of people on this site labelled me a “doomer”. I said i’d come back at the end of the season to discuss it again, so that we could see what had happened.

    The rest is history, but in the end I just didn’t see the point in coming back to say to people (like Frank, where is he these days anyway?) “I told you so”. It seemed pointless, because I didn’t think it would change anything and, more importantly, it certainly wouldn’t have changed the outcome of last season for Arsenal.

    My experience is that some people just won’t listen to constructive criticism, they can’t accept it. But, as much as it annoys me, I can sort of understand their mentality. It’s a bit like a parent and child relationship, some parents just can’t stand to hear any criticism of their child…they simply refuse to believe that they can do any wrong. The same principle seems to apply to some fans, they love the club and go into defence mode whenever anyone utters a word of criticism.

    But, as I said in an earlier post, you have recognise and accept your failings before you begin to resolve them. Sticking our heads in the sand won’t get us anywhere.

  228. Still 12 days to go, still plenty of chances to buy players. I would have preferred us to buy earlier to bed them in to the team, but transfer markets are clearly not like that. If you have the money of Untied, Chelski or Citeh you just buy players at the asking price and get them in as soon as you can, if you are Arsenal you try to negoiate a deal for a player and have plenty of options available to you to ensure that you don’t overpay. Plenty of fine tuning in there and maybe we play a bit too tight sometimes, I’d be happier seeing us pay the £1m – £2m extra which allegedly gets the deal done. We do need to ensure that the key players identified on our shopping list are signed up sooner rather than later which means we also need to sort out the exiting players quickly as well, not just Nasri and Cesc but also the likes of Bendtner, Aluminia and Eboue. If we are doing these deals we surely have to do them quickly as we need to sort out numbers we are allowed to bring in in terms of squad composition.
    On the subject of squad members talking to the press about the need to bring in players, I can understand the press scrabbling around for a story from the very limited scraps offered by the club, but surely the manager talks to the players about thoughts for the coming season. That must include ideas for additions to the squad, maybe not specific players but certainly about areas whch may need strengthening. If that’s the case why aren’t players like Wilshere just saying, “the boss has a plan, there are players he is looking at, but I don’t know specifics”. Instead he seems to be asking the team to buy rather having confidence that they are going to.

  229. Bill Turner,

    You’re absolutely right. I think it is contagious and it’s very much linked with confidence. When it works, which as you say, most players are capable of doing it, then we’re unstoppable. It’s effective, and it tires the opposition’s players. It also gets the crowd going, which in turn helps the players. This is why we need less moaning and groaning and more cheering! 😀

  230. We really have to get back to the joy of the sport and cut all of this moaning out.

    I find it funny that many believe that our constant moaning will drive Arsene to do something and buy the players “we” think we need but many of the same people dont see any power or very little in them cheering the team on. That is backwards to blow wow!

  231. Paul-N,

    Spot on. It’s unfortunate that most fans want to concentrate on the negative aspects, and completely ignore the positives. It’s also wrong to ignore the negatives, but I’m confident that work is going on behind the scenes to make the changes we need.

    Some fans who just sit there and moan at games need to think about how lucky they are. There are so many other fans who would bring more of an atmosphere to games. Ironically, it’s these people who complain about the Emirates having no atmosphere.

  232. Good to know we are on the same page Avaris. I understand that people will criticize the team when all the fancy flicks yield no end product. I also think that these flicks and close quarters passing are the key to unlocking tight defenses. Once we are behind the defense it is a whole different story though. Yesterday’s game was an example of how poor our finishing can be. I recall Gervinho being clear through and he took one touch too many. Oh well, I can say I really enjoyed watching the game yesterday, and that the season to come will be one for the record books.

  233. Glad you enjoyed it Bill, as did I. Ever the optimist, I too feel that it will be a landmark season for us – for all the right reasons.

    Agreed about the finishing though. Gervinho took a touch too many. RvP should have scored, instead of laying it off to Afobe (although admirable). If these had been scored, the one we conceded wouldn’t have been such an issue, we would have won the trophy, and there would be a lot more optimism for the coming season.

  234. the question of moaning is the same as the age old question of should it be up to the crowd to raise the players or the players to get the crowd going? Ideally there will be a synergy where they feed of each other.
    however, the player who will never get the crowd on his side is one who doesn’t look to be trying. lack of skill can to some extent be forgiven, lack of effort never is.
    it is clear that certain elements within the club disdain the supporters. AW has said many timesin the past not to judge him on the players he signs but rather on whether he wins matches and plays attractive football. Unfortunately for him, he has not won enough matches lately.
    i think the reason many fans are upset is that that club doesn’t seem to be trying it’s hardest to win things. This is not a criticism of the team. It is the year after year mantra we hear of the club saying it has money to spend but can’t find the right players which most just find unbelievable.
    This closed season looked to be something better, and still may turn out to be, but it seems to be going the way of so many before it.
    The club doesn’t see the need to raise te spirits of supporters, and then seems surprised by the negativity around.

  235. @ avaris15if it was not a friendly im sure RVP would have socred instead of trying to boost the confidence of a young arsenal striker by helping him to get a goal.
    also after some more matches Gervinho will set those balls everytime. Id rather he played poo in the ems cup and became better through the season than play great now and then loose momentum at a more important stage tbh.

  236. GoonerG, you have to be joking. Since when did a club like Arsenal take the cast offs of Newcastle.

  237. barton for free huh. i bet tottenham wil sign him after they fail to get Mata.

  238. Barton will replace Modric.

  239. I dont buy anything of what you said John, because the crowd was rockin against Barcelona. So it would seem to me that the supporters do the same thing that they accuse the team of, they only show up for the big mathces.

    And to be honest how can a team win the majority of their matches if no effort is being put forth?

    How do these people know that the club is not trying their hardest to wiin things. Surely if Wenger believes the players are up to it, he shouldnt just buy for the sake of it.

    We claimed we needed defenders and what Arsene went and got two defenders last season. Dont know about you but it seems he tried to improve the team. Your comment isnt true, is it?

    Wenger has done a great job, the players let him done at the end of last season. They were good enough to win the PL.

    So wait, did Arsenal purchase any players as yet?

  240. JohnN I must disagree.
    ” The club doesn’t see the need to raise te spirits of supporters, and then seems surprised by the negativity around.”

    The same club who last year made it to a cup final. A cup final that feature the Arsenal versus “relegation fodder” Also the same club that just signed a quality player for 11 millions. Would you take James Milner at 20 millions or Gervinho at almost half the price? T

    My point, you have every reason to get excited about this team and the new season. Whether or not you choose to is a decision made by yourself rather than the club.

  241. let him “down”…

  242. Paul you said it well. The fans will cheer non-stop when Chelsea comes to the Emirates, but it is a different situation when the likes of Bolton visit.

  243. Bill,you have opinions which I respect and you know that every well
    I have opinions ,But I try only to have opinions about things I am at least somewhat informed about.
    I have no idea how, why ,where, if ,have,will ,can or do the board and management carry out transfer dealings and contract negotiations.
    If you are happy to form opinions from a position of almost total ignorance,dig in.

  244. GoonerG

    A bit more bite? I thought it was bad enough when he put a cigar into someone’s eye. Christ knows why we need anyone who would do a Tyson?!?!?


  245. Why would Barton be free?

  246. Well said Northbank, Passenal, Shotta and Paul N especially.

  247. Makes no sense at all Bill T. I just wonder how well this team could do and wouldve done if the supporters would stop being selfish. I really do believe the support couldve pushed the team past the toubles last season. How the heck is it that we are so negative after these freindly matches? Really immature stuff if you ask me.

  248. I’m not a fan of him myself, just posing the question as we were somehow linked earlier in the summer.

    He’s not agreeing a new deal at Newcastle and obviously something has happened in the background so they are willing to let him to go this summer rather than let his contract run its course.

  249. “Wenger has done a great job, the players let him done at the end of last season. They were good enough to win the PL.”
    Paul,I believe that is true but lots of people do not.
    There is the age old problem.Faith or no faith?
    We will never convince a doomer that we can win just as they will never convince us that we cant.
    But it must be better to like your life with hope ,surely,
    And it must be better to support rather than heckle.
    Blind faith and unending support can only help the team,What harm can it do?

  250. You realize this is the same Joey Barton that went foot first into Diaby’s ankle then fell onto his arse like a sissy boy when Diaby pushed him. Fuck him.

  251. Jabba's Delights

    12 days before the new season starts and we still have it all to do. Captain and Nasri situations still up in the air, Defence stilll looks very patchy and we still lack genuine competition for places. 30 days until the end of the window but that shouldnt be our deadline we have 5 ding dong massive games before then and at the moment we dont look strong.

    Arshavin, Chamck, Nasri, Vermalan, Koscillny Gervinho transfers all took ages to play out we dont have time anymore and as time run’s out price goes up. Doomers call this out every fricking year but its the same. Our manager is playing with fire the horrible booing at the ground shows where the support is……….failure to start well and things will get messy very early.

    Therre is nobody else to blame for this scenario other than our manager and front office. Very poor summer work so far and starting the new season in this situation shouldnt be the case, plain and simple. We should start acting like a big club

  252. Barton is a good player,but a vile person.
    As young Mr, Grace would say”not our sort”

  253. Haha George It can’t do any harm at all. Unless it is possible for one of the players to get depressed when they hear their name being sung by thousands of fans.

  254. Bill ,Barton saved his team from utter humiliation that day .He is a disgraceful human being,But you would pick him on your side if it came to “hey boy’s hey”

  255. Yes Bill 55000 fans singing your name would sap all your confidence 🙂

  256. Paul n

    sorry for the late response…i came to.the conclusion that the attitude comes from management because Arsene specifically spoke about the issues with a nonchalant attitude…saying essentially.that it.doesnt matter because it.is preseason…sorry for all the typing errors…replying from a smart phone ismessing me up.

  257. 15 minutes until tea time .tick tock tick tock

  258. “Arshavin, Chamck, Nasri, Vermalan, Koscillny Gervinho transfers all took ages to play out we dont have time anymore and as time run’s out price goes up”

    Well that is a brilliant comment because all of these players are at the team so why the does it matter that it toolk a long time.

    we dont have time anymore, I wonder why and how so many deals get done at the last minute?

    We shouldt have a problem with prices going up, we need some overpriced players in our squad. Pool and United have strengthened more than us based on that premise alone.

  259. I would just like to at least hear something different being said…maybe acknowledging that the defensive issues are unacceptable at any level and we will be sure to have it sorted before the season opens…something that shows we are at least taking it more seriously…it is really only a pet peeve of mine…i am confident that we will be solid with verm and kosc back there…

  260. Jabba

    >Defence stilll looks very patchy

    I disagree with that. Vermaelen and Djourou were fine over the weekend, as was Koscielny. Once you get below them, there is a problem – Bartley is inexperienced and Squillaci is well, Squillaci. Traore was promising at left back on Saturday whilst Jenkinson was better at right back. The full back positions will be alright.

    The lapses in concentration are the concern and that comes as much from the team’s defending than anything else, not just the back four. Where a new defender will help is two-fold. Firstly, they will intensify competition for the first three I mentioned above. Secondly, if they are experienced, the theory is that they will organise. Or improve organisation. We will see on that.

    We have time but it would be better for time to be spent integrating players into the squad rather than negotiating. Prices don’t go up the closer to the deadline you get, prices are already set now. The only time they will go up is if an auction starts – Arsenal will drop out at that point. The trouble is that Arsene and Gazidis both hinted / spoke out about how busy the summer would be – so far there has been little evidence of that. The manager once he identifies the targets passes them onto the board to sort out deals, that is where we are falling down. Wenger is getting grief because he is the public face of the club.


  261. Ben P: “This a very good post, one that some of the more deluded pro-Wengerites posting here would do well to consider.

    So sell them and replace with Mata, Cahill, and a new player. Why is that so hard?”

    I love these realists, I really do. One the one hand they carry on about delluded Wengerites and then they list a bunch of players they want as if it’s as easy as plucking them out of the fridge. This particular moron should be a FIFA licensed agent. He seems to know so much about the transfer market he’d make a fortune in a week.

  262. Jabba's Delights


    There is certainly a school of thought which suggests that arsene constantly making excuses for collapses or failure that the players might start taking to much of it on board. However one doesnt know what goes on behnd closed doors. The fact is the results arent good enough and whatever is going on needs to be improved. Dropping to leads again is quite simply not good enough when the players should have had it drummed into them this summer. Our set pieces actually look worse. If our attack take very little pride in training at them how can the defence get better.

    Lets hope there is a busy 12 days ahead as if we go in like this and we come undone again, the support will rightlfully call for the managers head which is such a shane but its a problem of his own making. We have money he is in charge of nearlly everything by his own choice

  263. “The trouble is that Arsene and Gazidis both hinted / spoke out about how busy the summer would be – so far there has been little evidence of that.”

    You need to buy a new car. You have an idea of the price you want to pay, and are knowledgeable about the VALUE of other cars. You won’t pay 35,000 for your run of the mill sedan, and you know that a Mercedes will be running you at least 50,000. You spend your summer going from dealer to dealer trying to pick out the right vehicle. After two months of negotiating with various dealers, you managed to find one car right in your wheelhouse and another newer car that is sure to age well. Would you call that an inactive summer?

  264. Vice, I am with Arsene on this, there needs to be perspective. Even Arshavin said that it was not important that the team win the competiton since they had won it and it didnt mean anything in the season.

    I like how many players got time in and we saw some great talent that is coming through.

    The fans do needs to chill, how can we be so up in arms about some pre season matches?

    We need to take it down a bit. We cant allow last season to influence how we see this one. It is a new day and I dont know about you but I expect Arsene and the players to get it done, as I do every year. I am willing to be disppointed anew but expect greatness.

  265. Lunchtime, yo.

  266. anything from 4th upwards is overachieving

  267. Russ | August 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    “I think we should progress past the other top four teams, if anyone doesn’t see it that way then we have very different ideas about how success for Arsenal is measured. True winners don’t accept anything but the best, that means planning to finish 1st.”

    that satement is really deluded – so cause i plan to finish 1st that makes me a “true winner”

    i thought the team that finished 1st are “true winners”

    Also in 100 yrs we won the league like 13 times. so i guess all the other yrs we were planning for failure.

  268. Bill

    When you need 3 cars, to have none by now can be classed as inactive.


  269. I have been listening to Talkshite for the 1st time in about 2 years.

    God, what a dreadful experience that was!

    Adrian Durrbrain is still a cunt I see.

    Apparantly Wenger wanting henry to play for 5 minutes is a disgrace and shows we are fucked? The fact it was Henry who wanted to play for us 1 more time, is neither here nor there.

    This dude actually said it would impact on our preparations for the new season!

    And he wonders why people still bang on about him having an agenda?


    Yeah, you SHOULD have said that mate! Haha! No probs man.

  270. Paul. I to expect the winners cup but can accept less without calling it failure

  271. Paul N,

    I know there needs to be perspective. I am just of the mindset that every time you step on the pitch the discipline and mindset needs to be there. Consistent practice yields consistent results. I am only drawing conclusions based on things that are released for general consumption. Obviously I have no real idea what is talked about behind closed doors. Like I said earlier, I feel very confident with Verm and Kosc back there…still a lot to be positive about going into the new season.

  272. Yogi .If you have bought one and are just waiting for delivery of the other two that is not inactive.

  273. Prices go down as the transfer window winds down. Teams hold out for the best price, but if they are desperate to do a deal, they will take a more reasonable offer. That’s how we got Arshavin at the price we did and it’s why BBB are playing poker with the Cesc transfer. Arsene identified that we were toothless upfront towards the end of the season, so his first purchase was Gervinho. His goals and assists for the price we paid is good business. The other players we are after depend on offloading or losing players we would rather keep. It is sensible not to buy until you know what you need. At the time Arsene spoke about being active in the transfer market, I don’t expect he was planning to have the Nasri and Cesc situations upsetting his plans. He also needs to assess his current squad and the academy players during pre-season to decide whether to stick or twist. Makes sense to me.

  274. Normally best to leave player valuations to the experts, but Barton on a free seems to be overpriced.

  275. Of course Wenger and Gazidis will stand accused of not doing enough this transfer window, especially after they both said how busy things would be.

    It doesnt matter what the extenuating circumstances are, they will get shit for it, I am afraid.

    But, considering the relative quietness of the market in general, I would imagine lots of late deals this year. Not good for the nerves I know, but thats how its panning out!

  276. I hear you vice but the team defended well until a host of changes were made and maybe some tiredness. I dont believe Arsene is saying it doesnt matter but that the over the top criticism isnt warrented.

  277. Merlot

    Haha! Good one man.

  278. Arsene should start doing a Harry and just tell people to fuck off

  279. Yogi, we’ve bought 2 players. Just because Jenks cost £1m does not make him invalid. He is probably on a similar level to Phil Jones who cost manure £16m. Does a player only count if he cost a lot of money?

  280. George @ 5:09:

    When you do things differently you will be praised as brilliant when it works but will open yourself to second guessing when it doesn’t. The boss has brought us a competitive squad on a budget but has not been able to overtake the top teams. You can argue endlessly that our unique MO in the transfer market is not the reason for the lack of trophies but it certainly is the thing the fans, media and most important the players focus on. Expecting fans, media and players to be happy with the status quo that appears to have hit a brick wall and not say anything just because they are not privy to all the detailed negotiations is not a realistic thing to hope for. Debating management decisions when a team fails to meet it’s own and the fans expectations has been a part of professional sports for as long as there have been sports and fans.

  281. The point I was trying to make previously was that if the club has a bad ending to the season, does very little to counter a whole summer of negative press, publicly states it needs to strengthen, in particular to add height to the side and does little about, then has poor results in a pre-season tournament in front of a full house of supporters, it should expect a negative response.
    I don’t know which players we need. If AW had come out and said the squad was strong enough I would have believed him. But he said it needed strenthening and even if we bring in players this week, they won’t now be ready for the start of the season due to having to go away for international duty and having no time to practice with the team.

  282. Apparantly Mata was expecting to go to Arsenal, yet we didnt go in for him, mush to mata and Valencia’s surprise. Now its dead.

  283. geegunner, you’re missing the point.

    The question was:
    george rodger | August 1, 2011 at 12:15 pm
    “Who thinks we should “progress” past the spending power of City, United and Chelsea simply because we are the Arsenal?.”

    This question he is asking refers to the financial resources of those other teams and infers that some people may think, because those other clubs have greater spending power, that we should not necessarily expect to progress past them.

    My point is, as a club, and irrespective of spending power, we shouldn’t expect anything less than the best (finishing first) and if anyone does accept that then they don’t have winning mentality.

    I didn’t say that ‘true winners’ always win, but they will always do whatever they can (spend money, change tactics etc) to be the best. That’s why I don’t completely accept this argument about the other teams having the more spending power and what that should means to our expectations.

  284. @ Yogi’s Warrior | August 1, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    The trouble is that Arsene and Gazidis both hinted / spoke out about how busy the summer would be – so far there has been little evidence of that.

    sorry but we have signed one less player than Man utd and the have concluded their business for the summer.

    seeing as the transfer window is still open its a bit premature to suggest that they are sitting on their thumbs.

    I am nnot happy @ the situation(esp nasri) but noticed that it is now become open season on Arsenal and wenger but we need to close ranks and stick together instead of fighting each other


    Spanish midfielder Oriol Romeu from Barcelona B for a fee of €5m; Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois from Genk for a fee of €9m; Brazilian midfielder Lucas Piazon from Sao Paulo for a fee of €7.5m.

    Manchester United

    Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea from Atletico Madrid for a fee of €21m; Midfielder Ashley Young from Aston Villa for a fee of €18m; Defender Phil Jones from Blackburn for a fee of €18.7m.

    Manchester City

    Argentinean forward Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid for a fee of €40m; Montenegrin defender Stefan Savic from Partizan for a fee of €6.7m; French defender Gael Clichy from Arsenal for a fee of €7.8m.

  285. Avaris @4:07 – Really? I have to say I think that is a bit mental. Sagna has been one of the best right backs in the lge for the past few years. Jenkinson has played no more than 15 professional games in his life, and a handful of pre-season games for Arsenal. He looks decent enough, but nowhere near Sagna’s level (as you would expect).

  286. Our pre-season preparations have been different this year, so of course we are not as fit as we would normally be by the time the Emirates cup rolls around. We are 2 weeks away from the start of our season whereas NYRB are in the middle of their season, so they are certainly match fit. It was a good work out for our players under the circumstances and that is what pre-season is about. Had we won that trophy I can guarantee that the same people accusing the team of lacking the competitive edge would have been whinging about how meaningless the trophy is. We’ve already lost 2 players during pre-season, so it would have been criminally irresponsible to play at 100% intensity and risk losing others that we need to be fit to start the season.

    If Newcastle don’t want Barton, I certainly don’t want him at Arsenal. He is scum and would not fit with our style of play. The good news is that he will not be able to break one of our players legs on the opening day of the season. I’m sure ‘arry will think he’s a triffic signing for the spuds, so it won’t be the last we see of him.

  287. Passenal, he’ll probably go to the Ammers with Alladyce.

  288. If you want to talk about poor pre-season results, look no further than a club known as Milverpool.

  289. this is a good post..

    bottom line is this is dragging on and the club is becoming heavily burdened…the emirates wont be a nice place this year if we dont sort ourselves out..
    i think wenger and gazidas actually did realise the importance of this window but our summer has been nothing short of shit really after all those promises made earlier and the actions of the fans at the emirates last weekend wasnt suprising really..but its a worrying sign of things to come if this isnt sorted soon..

  290. Wait, Miyaichi is an Arsenal player also isnt he?

    Thats another player that has been purchased or does it only matter who you buy just before the new season starts.

    John, if the manager said they are on the case for a new defender I am not sure what you are complaining about? If at the end no one is purchased then make some noise but until that point dont work up your blood pressure.

    geeGunner, what does the list mean? It seems to me that we have the most talented buy thus far and Jenks sure looks the part.

    More players are said to be coming in but does that mean they must come in on our time table?

  291. “15 minutes until tea time. tick tock tick tock”. (George Rodger)

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  292. Paul N: “I dont buy anything of what you said John, because the crowd was rockin against Barcelona. So it would seem to me that the supporters do the same thing that they accuse the team of, they only show up for the big mathces.”

    They’re worse, Pauly. Not only do they not show up for the big games, they sit there and moan like overfed cows. Further, they think that playing smaller teams should be a stroll in the park. For realists, they sure as hell don’t see the reality of the premier league. A league that has become incredibly tough for all top teams regardless of spending. But that’s Wenger’s fault for bringing so much success to the club.

  293. JJ, what on earth are you talking about?

    Yogi, on this article I have seen some of the worst comments to date. This is nothing short of the “sky is falling” nonsense. It seems it has embolden people to even make things up.

    It seems as if we have lost all sense of reasoning and understanding and the comment section is filled with many childish rants that first, give little to no credit to what has been done and secondly make it seem as if the transfer period is over.

  294. JJ

    Of course the delays in bringing in new faces has worked against the club and manager. Not ideal thats for sure. I hope we sign a few players, but I am not desperate to see them in this week. That would be nice obviously, but we have good enough players right now, what we will need is additions for the weeks and months ahead, once the window closes.

    I think, for some people, it would be wise to avoid all contact with blogs and media! Me included! 😀

  295. paul n..
    im talking about the post.. have u even read it today??

  296. My point is, as a club, and irrespective of spending power, we shouldn’t expect anything less than the best (finishing first) and if anyone does accept that then they don’t have winning mentality.

    – so who idea was it to stay @ highbury and not to try to become one of the best clubs in the world, who’s idea was it to swap a 38,000 stadium for 60,000 to generate the same income as man utd – must have been the insightfull supporters posting comments.

    Good ol arry can run several clubs to admininistration but is held as a great manager cause he signed defoe 3 x. Debt has been increasing on nearly all cubs since 2004 not many are reducing their debt burdens and most teams are begging for sugar daddies to support them but for not financially putting the club at risk and trying to safe guard its success through you know the old fashioned way of generating our own income instead of borrowing from sugar daddies wenger is vilified and is trying to destroy the club.

    and also as someone said earlier the league table often reflects the money spent table – the highest spenders normally win the league. its only through an exceptional manager like wenger that we are an exception to the rule but blame it all onb wenger – he is a c*nt!

  297. I, for one, want Barton at Arsenal. We need him at the training ground so that our players can practice their two footed tackles on him. Also, I’d use him as a one man wall for Van Persie’s free kick practice. And until Diaby gets back on his feet, he’ll need upper body conditioning. What better than a real life Joey Barton as Diaby’s punching bag? Sign him now Arsene! It would be criminally negligent not to.

  298. Go figure that G69!

    Again, I couldve see us lifting the PL title last season with better support. That doesnt mean the players are not responsible but when they were down the crowd couldve helped lift them out of their funk. Thats what support should do.

  299. Passenal @ 6:08.

    Even if what you say is true about prices going down near the end of the window wouldn’t it make more sense this season to have done our business early since we risk missing out on players by our brinksmanship? It seems like the process has become more important then the results. Saving a couple million quid is great but not nearly as important as 5 yrs ago and certainly the savings are no longer as important as strengthening the squad.

  300. I dont agree with the post either. I think what you said is nonsense.

  301. dex
    to be honest mate its the dudes like you i feel sorry for this season 🙂
    your one of the good guys and i dont envy you having to sit their and witness first hand the abuse thats going to be thrown around the stadium next season if this all goes tits up..

    you can ignore the blogs and media but its hard to sit in your own stadium and witness your own fans booing your own players..

    you’d be better off just going to the away games.. 🙂

  302. thats fair enough paul.

  303. Good grief Bill. I would hate to put you in any position where you were responsible for financial decisions, no matter how menial. Your cavalier approach to signings is a lot like Rafa Benitez. Spunk a lot of cash at over-rated players and eventually sell them at a loss.

  304. True, Pauly N. When the boys were wilting in the last few weeks of the season, the supporters could’ve definitely helped if only by foregoing the boos and the moans. I don’t get how reminding players that they’re shit will motivate them.

  305. Bill,That you cant see the difference between forming an opinion whilst being “informed” and
    forming an opinion whilst being “uninformed”is somewhat worrying.Because I had you down as an intelligent person,It is worrying because it looks like I could have misjudged you.

  306. Yogi you responded to my story by saying “When you need 3 cars, to have none by now can be classed as inactive.”

    I don’t know about you, but I believe that Gervinho is a good buy, and if the 3 cars you mention are a striker, defensive mid and a CB, we have found 1 of those cars. We bought a young player for 1m who has looked the part this pre season. Jenkinson has been able to get forward well enough. More importantly, I’ve noticed his long, powerful strides have allowed him to recover quickly, preventing counter attacks down our right hand side.

    I feel like you are not giving the club enough credit for the purchases they have made this summer. FFS Liverpool bought a kid for 16 millions, we buy ours for 1 million. Henderson is a BMW while Jenkinson doesn’t even make your (Yogi) addition to the garage.

    Worst case, I would say we have added 1 and 1/2 of the 3 cars we need.

  307. Shotta, according to Bill that doesn’t hurt. He also thinks that having money in the bank just sitting there is a waste.

  308. In non arsenal news, here are some freeze frames from the world championship of diving. Funny stuff. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/picturegalleries/8652357/Divers-faces-frozen-in-action-at-the-FINA-World-Championships-in-Shanghai.html?image=13

  309. That seems like common sense G69,but if they did Wenger wouldnt know how they feel and be inclined to go and do what they say.

    You know what I just want to enjoy watching my team play, if we dont win then so be it. Too many arm chair managers and too many people have little or no respect and are filled with self entitlement.

    Its as if these people are telling Wenger how to do his job, I mean it is absurd beyond belief. Everything is just overboard right now, post a few pre season matches.

  310. JJ

    I hear you man. Not looking forward to some home games, if they are as bad as last season.However, we have 3 very tasty fixtures dont we! And 2 of them away, so, when we have 7 points from those 3 games, I think the disgruntled whingers might have chilled out a bit.

    And then, when we’ve added to the squad as well, these fuckers might even be able to manage a song or 2 in favour of their own team! 😀

  311. Bill, I think that with Afobe, Frimpong, Jenkinson and Gervinho we have surpassed Yogi’s three car minimum.

  312. Paul-N | August 1, 2011 at 7:13 pm thanks for that paul N

    so we have signed 3 players

    ryo myachi, gerviniho and carl jenkinson

    boy that wenger and glazadis are really taking the piss with new signings then.

    i looked at some of those transfers on that list and was like “who”?

    really who the hell have united +chelsea signed.. okay de gea is a talent and so is jones but please the money they spent on those 2 players alone is un real. i happy with our lot so far and would like another 1 or 2 or 3 but if we dont get then wenger is a total c*nt for signing players i have never heard of!!!!!

  313. I would agree Gains. Afobe looked very big and strong and physical. He will be a nice addition to the squad i’m sure.

    I do think that bringing in a tallboy defender would be of benefit to the squad. I understand (and prefer) to have CB’s in the mould of Koscielny, but getting someone who is tall as a motherfucker surely will help our set piece woes.

  314. oh and Ashley young – good player thats for sure but i still rather walcott (i know i said it) but i think walcott is more effective than young, as a winger and striker

    but thats just my opinion

  315. a couple of signings this week would change the whole momentum dex..

  316. George:

    OK. We have to disagree about this one.


    So we wait until the last minute and if we can’t get the transfer done or someone hijacks it thats no big deal. Just part of the cost of doing business our way. the fans that we say are so important to our success and the players will just have to suck it up for the sake of saving a few quid. I guess we will have to disagree.

  317. Paul, what’s funny is that these people wouldn’t even be able to feel this inflated sense of entitlement if it weren’t for Wenger winning so many trophies. However, since they are able to piggy back on the man’s football prowess, they see themselves as worthy of demanding more and more as some sort of right they themselves have earned. It’s absolutely ridiculous the way they say things like; “I feel this is a make or break season for Wenger, if he doesn’t get it right he’ll have to make way for a new manager with fresh ideas.” Having the cheek to say that one of the guys most responsible for modernizing football is running out of ideas is truly incredible.

    I’m not asking for Wenger worship, but, for f-s sake, the man knows his stuff and he is up to date with his football philosophy. I feel that the moaners are the ones who allow jack asses like Robbie Fowler to even have an opinion about our team. If you watched the pre-game against Boca you would’ve seen Keown try everything in his power to restrain himself from telling Robbie to stop being so ignorant.

  318. Yeah true JJ, but if they dont happen this week, then you;ll be agitated and pacing the floor going ape shit man! Not putting time vlimits on it means less stress! 😀

  319. Ashley Young has been a less than impressive purchase for a majority of red Mancs. Most of them feel, as do I, that he’s a one trick pony.

  320. Bill, I don’t think so. A tall guy may help us against cloggers who rely heavily on set pieces but they’re not the only teams who score from them. And since tall motherfuckers would be worth fuck all against smaller, more mobile teams they’d be a bit like having a luxury. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind it at all if we had two one big, one small partnerships at CB, but I think that players like Cahill and Samba would be panic buying. If we can get a big lump, say Distin, and we end up with him Djourou, Koscielny and Vermaelen, it wouldn’t be bad thing. But panic buying is not something we should do, especially when the likes of Cahill and Jagielka come with a premium just because they’re English.

  321. Not putting time vlimits on it means less stress! That is my motto when it comes to work lol.

    “I’ll get this report done in about 2 weeks. 4 weeks later, oh yeah, report.”

  322. im already on the prozac 😉

    ive got nothing to lose…

  323. BillT Good motto man! 😀

    JJ You’ll be on smack by Thursday dude!

  324. Gains I agree, the last thing we need to do is one of these newly crowned “statement of intent signings.” We have already done our own impersonation of a statement of intent signing. Instead of spending 35 millions on a young englishman, we spent 11 millions on the Ivorian player of the year.

  325. Bill:
    “So we wait until the last minute and if we can’t get the transfer done or someone hijacks it thats no big deal. Just part of the cost of doing business our way. the fans that we say are so important to our success and the players will just have to suck it up for the sake of saving a few quid. I guess we will have to disagree.”

    Straight out of the Rafa Benitez school of spending. Overpay on a lot of mediocre over-hyped players just to appease the fans and help run the club into the ground. The scatter shot approach may land you a Torres eventually but who remembers the manifold dross who had to be sold at a loss year after year. I am sure you think there are a lot of John Henry’s waiting in the wings ready to bail the club out when they go skint. Just because the club never thought of saving a few quid.

  326. If the Arsenal has caused you to start taking anti-depression pills, following sport may not be the best hobby.

  327. I’ve just seen Spain triumph at the under 19 championships. There is an organisation that decided on a style of play, which they ensured was practiced throughout all levels of the game and now they are reaping the rewards. Does that sound at all familiar to people?

  328. Passenal it sounds very familar. If of course, you substitute England for Spain and “losing constantly” for “reaping the rewards”

    Or you could be talking about the awesomeness that is the Arsenal.

  329. Project youth has failed.I recommend Rafa scatter-guns from now on,
    Hence forth to be known as “Bill’s Law”

  330. its not panic buying..
    we know where we messed up we know what we need to do so find a player that has that attribute we miss and buy him..

    the only part that is panic about it is if we dont buy..

  331. We have just bought Gerviniho in a half price sale, just about to get a wopping £9m for bendy so why fanny about getting this ma\ta.

  332. Do any of you care to have a fantasy EPL league?

  333. I will have City Bill

  334. I was talking about Arsenal, which is a work in progress but based on a similar philosophy. If the Spanish style can triumph at all levels internationally against different playing styles, why will it not happen to Arsenal? We just need players and especially supporters to hold their nerve for a little longer.

    The England analogy is apt too. A root and branch change of philosophy is well overdue, but the will is not there. I don’t expect the average supporter to accept the move away from the blood & thunder style. We’ll just have to wait for the Arsenal academy graduates to outnumber the cloggers in the international team, if the dinosaurs in charge of the game here will only pick them. Wilshere was often overlooked for the young England age groups, it took a foreigner to pick him for the senior squad. Afobe is one of the few of our players who regularly gets picked but that is obviously down to his physique. He looks like a man already!

  335. It seems we are in a state of panic now.

  336. Why is the Mata deal dead then Paul!!

  337. I was aiming to be a bit tongue in cheek there Passenal. The Arsenal analogy is very good though. 4-3-3, technique, and positional intelligence are traits we expect to see in Arsenal players all through the ranks.

  338. Is it because Wenger is incompetent Duke?

  339. Are we going to have to play the season with two players that dont want to be here.

  340. @Passenal. Very much indeed. and it took ywars to build to boot! How many times in the past did Spain nearly win something or the other… Together with the Dutch, some of the best teams that never won it. Then since Euro 2008, they have been unstoppable.

    AW, please hold on to the dream, we will get there!

  341. I don’t want to do my job ,yet I do it every bit as well as someone who loves it.

  342. Because its my job and I have pride in myself

  343. What dies 17 00 local time in Colombia translate to in GMT?

  344. dies = does.

  345. YW, just clicked the tweet link and this page goes.

    You have still not worked on the fact that clicking on links should open them on a new page or tab! Common! YW, u can do it

  346. Team Spirit. I would recommend the “ctrl+click technique” Opens any link in a new tab and saves Yogi the trouble of editing the site.

  347. Heard today that a clause in Matas contract expired at midnight last night pushing the trigger on his release fee to jump from £23 million euros to £32 million euros in exchange for a huge rise in his wage…

    It seems he spent all day yesterday awaiting the call from Arsenal which never came.

    So to recap we have Nasri who will go for nothing next year and a ready made replacement that we could have got but not now as AW has pinned his faith in Nas….


  348. @ Bill. thanks. its what i have always used. just that one in a while one tends to click before remembering. lol

  349. Shotta @ 8:35:

    “Straight out of the Rafa Benitez school of spending. Overpay on a lot of mediocre over-hyped players just to appease the fans and help run the club into the ground.”

    As often happens you grossly overstate the case in order to make your point.

    You have been fighting doomers and trolls for so long that even the mention of the subject “transfers” brings your blood to a boil and you start see images of Rafa or Jose all hell-bent on destroying world football. We will just have to disagree regarding the way AFC should use its now ample resources and what our priorities should be with regard to transfers.

  350. What point was that Bill,, he just rants because he is a miserable git, no point ever.. Kind of like me.

  351. @ian, and u knew he spent all yesterday waiting for the call because?

  352. Ian, you read that in the media and you have no idea how true it is. Spanish players don’t always settle outside Spain, so he was always a risk, if he was ever a serious target for us.

  353. I think Mata seemed like a positive signing. Then I realized we would be spending north of 20 millions on a small, technical attacking mid. Don’t we already have at least 5 of those players?

  354. THat was funny GJones!


    I saw that, however, it doesnt make sense though. Why would we pay his transfer fee before the medical/personal terms are agreed? As for him being a ready made replacement. He is a good player, with zero prem league experience. He isnt ready made, he is a gamble, Nasri isnt.

    For gods sake, why is it that people need to find things to slate the club and manager for? Did you listen to talkshite ian? is that where you got your opinion from?

  355. Grumpy ,He must be good Harry wants him

  356. Bill. 9.22.

    You have shottas card marked.

  357. He does. His posts are usually sort sort of hysterical rant. It keeps me entertained to be fair though.

  358. I have more fuel for the “slight media bias against arsenal” debate. 101greatgoals.com says this.

    “Valerenga have a good-Fellah as they hold Liverpool to a 3-3 thriller” Valerenga being a club from Norway.

    compare this to the headline about the Arsenal match.

    “Arsenal Bulls it up again: New York win the Emirates Cup”

    So I am to believe that Liverpool were held to a draw in a 3-3 thriller, whereas Arsenal “bulled” it up. No mention of a scoreline either, they only mention Arsenal fucking up and NY winning the cup.

  359. Jeeez, Liverpool have had a shocking pre-season, yet you wouldnt know it. Just how it should be really.

  360. No doubt at all about a media bias!

    and we did not even lose any game!

  361. Funny how losing this emirates cup is a terrible way to start the season.

    We won it the past 3 years and look at all the trophies we won because of our pre-season success!!!

  362. La Liga correspondent Graham Hunter thinks Barcelona are undervaluing Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas
    And this twat gets paid to give his expert opinions?

    I think Bill could get a gig on talkshite, telling them how we should sign hangeland, or Samba, or cahill! 😀

  363. He’s wrong obviously Dexter. Cesc has Barca DNA, and the Catalans are broke so Arsenal should do the decent thing and sell one of their best players at a discount, because of course they can just pop down to the football player supermarket and pick up a replacement.

  364. Hey, if i had a chance to get paid to talk footy all day I would snap it up in a heartbeat!

  365. Its only taken Graham Hunter 2 years to work out that barca are undervalueing him!

  366. Lol Dex. Don’t forget about the bi-weekly stories suggesting a 30 million bid submitted by Barca.

  367. Arsene makes the less intelligent person feel………………….well…………………….less intelligent I suppose. hence jealousy hence bias.

  368. I’m probably being wildly optimistic here, but it seems like we were never in for Mata to begin with if this midnight clause is anything to go by. Could it be a smokescreen for something else Wenger’s working on?

  369. Bill, you will never be on Shotta’s level so you should let sleeping dogs lie. Just drop the matter altogether and keep your idiotic, Rafaesque wishes to yourself.

  370. That midnight get out clause sounds like a pile of poo to me! Buying Mata before selling Cesc is like admitting that he is already gone. I’m not sure that Arsene is ready to let him go. Maybe he is being overly optimistic, but he is nearer to the situation than we are, so we have to go with his take on the situation and see where it leaves us come 1st Sept.

  371. I saw Mata play in the u-20 euros and he wasn’t even Spain’s most influential player. Thiago Alcantara and their captain (#4) were the go to players for the Spanish side. Seeing the realists make a big deal out of not buying such an unproven player while denigrating the likes of Eboue, Diaby, Rosicky, Chamakh and Bendtner (all senior internationals) sums up the extent of their football knowledge.

    geeGunner, Chelsea seems to have bought players that will go straight into their academy. If you want to count those as legitimate transfers, then we have bought two boys from Barcelona (Toral and that RB) Gervinho, Jenkinson and have promoted Frimpong and possibly Afobe, who are just as good as new signings. That means we have six new players. With regards to Man U they have bought two senior players and one reserve. I don’t think Jones will get much playing time except for Carling cup games and any game where MU are likely not to lose. Again, if you’re counting peripheral players then we’ve bought/promoted more players than they have. Man City has bought three players and they’re probably going to lose about five. Balotelli wants out, so does Tevez, Santa Cruz, Bellamy and Adebayor. I don’t see what advantage they have over us, especially if we keep Cesc and Nasri for one more year.

  372. whatever happens I trust Arsene to do what is best for the club.
    Cesc will have to do as he is bid

  373. G69:

    Good advice, I will keep it in mind.

  374. @ Gainsbourg69 | August 1, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    They should listen to Jessie J – forget about the price tag! But it’s exactly the opposite. The fact that manure spend a shedload of money on potential or so-so players automatically makes them better players than the bargains Arsene picks up. You can’t brag to your mates about the big money or big name signing with the way he does business. But if you’re really an Arsenal supporter, you would know that this is how we roll.

  375. Et tu “hard-ass” (goonerandy | August 1, 2011 at 10:04 pm)
    You finally lifted yourself from the fence to join the ever-optimistic dukey-G and Bill to say how happy you are with my posts. I am honored that I get your attention.

  376. I like your posts Shotta. They make me laugh, and that can only be a good thing.

  377. I’m honored by your laughing GA. Pity I can’t say the same about your finger waving middle-of- the-roadism. It is pathetic and fittingly has earned the scorn of most regulars on this board.

  378. anyway I fully expect us to receive delivery of two shinny new cars before the end of the week

  379. Shotta –

    a. I don’t really see how my views are middle of the road. Please give me an example.
    b. I am sure I will recover, as many (not all) of those who are scornful speak drivel most of the time anyway.

  380. Shotta – Didn’t think you would come up with one (same as Darius earlier).

  381. stop bickering
    Tonight we are selling Cesc Nasri Arshavin and Chamakh
    We will need some reinforcements then because it all reliable interwebby stuff.In the papers and everything

  382. Gainsbourg69 | August 1, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Sweet even more new players to represent.

    :I saw Mata play in the u-20 euros and he wasn’t even Spain’s most influential player. Thiago Alcantara and their captain (#4) were the go to players for the Spanish side. Seeing the realists make a big deal out of not buying such an unproven player while denigrating the likes of Eboue, Diaby, Rosicky, Chamakh and Bendtner (all senior internationals) sums up the extent of their football knowledge.”

    Tell you the truth i havent seen mata play – but now you say alacantara did seem to get mentioned more a bit a the time.

    the thing i am most worried about is the Ces and Nasri situ (not happy about but what can you do). If they both stay will they be commited, motivated- how that impacts on the team fans etc. If they go we need replacements but the season is on already.
    One of our strenghts is our team inter play as most of the player have played together for a few seasons and the understanding has been growing between players. rip out nasri and cesc and put in 2 new guys so soon to the start of the season and we could have issues.
    But im hoping it gets resolved sooner rather than later.

  383. We heard from so called spanish football Expert Balague and The other guy forgot his name saying that Arsenal did not bid for Juan and and now the deal is over, but his father came out and said this:
    “Valencia simply rejected their( Arsenal )offer ” “After some hesitation they answered ‘no’ to the Gunners’ offer.

    “So my son remains a Valencia player, for now. But I don’t think it’s their last offer.

    “There are several offers for Mata and I think that Arsenal will come forward again. The situation is still evolving.

    If Valencia hesitated it means the offer was close to what they wanted, so the deal can still be done. The Catalnas need to stop counting those old Pesetas and hurry up with their shit . The whole Fabregas saga is simply not healthy for the team.

  384. Just out of interest (George et al). Why do you all spend so much time on here ? Are you at work and have nothing better to do ? Or is this your whole life ?

  385. both


  386. Lol GoonerAndy pick a damn side already would ya!!

    DFB. We like to talk about the Arsenal. I wouldn’t say it is my whole life, but, on a controversial day, this forum can consume up to two out of my 24 hours.

  387. Some seem to be on for 12 hours or so. Professional almost … I admit to regular reading but don’t have stamina to last all day.

  388. I just have it on in the background during work.

  389. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply anything. Just interested in who posted what. I’m now in the “few reds” + opened the Islay malt mode of posting. So probably missed the interesting stuff.

  390. So much for accusing Barca of lowball offers huh Yogi?? Mata bid rejected!.. Just goes to prove, that Arsene Wengers valuation is not allways the true value of a player, just like what he asks for Cesc..

  391. Cuerno, we can always sell him to Man City or Real Madrid for twice what Barcelona is asking. How’s that for true value?

  392. Pardon me if this has been posted already. A note on FB –

    “I have very little hope off having this publish as I never do when I tend to slag the press but I will have a go and waste15 minutes …

    I was at the at the stadium for the Arsenal New York Rb game and I didn’t hear any boooos. I didn’t ear any disgruntled fans singing for anyones head, or even any angry fans. This morning I see all this booo headlines all over the press including F365. So I gave a good check to my ears… All is in the right place. My mates can remember anything either so…

    I just downloaded the video of the game, watched and listened to make sure you know…Nothing for 90 minute then a 2 seconds half hearted just about noticeable grunt at the end whistle …Reading the press this morning you would have thought we were near to a Riot in there… I just find this all ridiculous. Especialy the quote from Wenger obvioulsy adressing the unhapiness of the fans “They have to put that into perspective…” that you insert to make it sound like he is aknowledging the riot of the century when in fact he is adressing the natural concerns that fans have after drawing again such an easy game.

    60,000 people will know the truth, the rest will believe an outrageously exaggerated lie peddled by the press in unison! So blown out of proportion… I can’t believe this is your own headline news!!! This is not a virtual world, some people are affected by your journalism…

    In time some people might even lose their jobs because of those exaggerations. Any integrity left anyone? Or is it just a free for all? Arsenal and Wenger are the usual cheap shot of the pre-season months I guess… Not consuming/spending enough to make nice juicy headline ar we?

    If we had signed Benzema or Mata yesterday night, those micro boos that grew on steroids over night wouldn’t even have existed… That is the sad truth. by the way…Van Persie was awsome.

    – Frogooner (via f365)

  393. @Cuervo

    Are you saying Cesc is NOT worth 45m?

  394. Wenger and board out! Sadly we can’t move the board because it’s a privately owned business

  395. I can understand the frustration of some of the fans. And since fans pay a lot for tickets that go into high player wages, I think they do have the right to moan. On the other hand I think we need to keep things in perspective. The Emirates Cup is the time to try out new things and new players. I don’t mind having draws in these friendlies if it means having a good look at players like Frimpong, Afobe, Jenkinson and Bartley. And with them getting valuable experience as well. Also , I really believe the management is earnest about bringing very good players for the team. Note I did not say “earnest about spending money”. I sometimes hear people say that we miss player player A by 2 million, or player B by 3 million – how the heck do they know? People still debate how much we actually paid for Theirry Henry. Keep the faith – we will win the EPL and Champions League this year!!!!!!!!!!

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