Defensive Hangover & Sunday Paper Round

It is hard to know what to make of yesterday’s 2 – 2 draw with Boca Juniors. The first half and opening exchanges of the second saw Arsenal in control before a collapse for the final quarter of the match, conceding a two goal lead in the process. Had Vito Mannone been a slacker then Riquelme’s late free kick might indeed have produced a late winner for the visitors.

Samir Nasri received a mix reception, significantly more positive in volume than negative but a sign perhaps that all is not forgiven. His performance was as mixed as that of the team. He did not dominate the midfield, that was a role gobbled up by  Jack Wilshere’s mix of energy and quick passing / movement.

The first half defensive pairing of Djourou and Koscielny were far more secure than when Squillaci replaced his compatriot for the second forty-five minutes. The jitters of the crowd transmitted to the pitch or was it vice versa? Either way, a clean sheet that had been protected with hard work in the first half – and a little luck – was always under threat; the equaliser inevitable once the first goal conceded.

Arsène recognised that weakness post-match but as of yet, has not addressed it. Koscielny looked more assured, confidence borne from some extra gym work perhaps? It is a fair assumption that he and Thomas Vermaelen will form the first half pairing today, Djourou resting following a full 90 minutes yesterday.

Elsewhere, Carl Jenkinson filled most with confidence that he can deputise for Bacary Sagna, his willingness to push forward continually without over-exposing the defence a good sign. Aaron Ramsey scored a peach of a goal following good work by Carlos Vela but was not able to dominate the midfield in the way that Cesc would. Samir Nasri’s failure to step into the breach indicates that a change in style would most likely follow the captain’s departure unless a direct replacement is sourced, an unlikely outcome.

Gervinho and Arshavin both worked the flanks well in the first half, interchanging frequently so as not to let defenders settle but most joy came when they were on their notional sides of the pitch, the former and Jenkinson worked well in the attacking third.

As for the rest, adequate is a word I would use to sum it all up. Traore did well in some situations, not so well in others. van Persie needs to shake the rust from his set pieces but was sharp as a tack for his goal, a good sign. Chamakh, positive but needs to develop a more ruthless streak similar to the one that brought ten goals in his first seventeen Arsenal games.

In fact that point could be levelled at the whole of the team. Too often in key areas, sideways passes is met with resistance, neat flicks, twists and turns are baulked by visiting defences. A bit more responsibility in shooting from distance or even early needs to be taken. That does not mean every time, simply that more variety needs to be introduced.

As for Boca, Arsène wanted to see what style they brought to The Emirates. It was not so much style, more stereotype. Ask anyone what they expect of an Argentine side and its a fair chance that they will say a mix of Sir Alf’s words and Maradona. It was like watching a skilful Manchester United side with all of the bitching and whining that went on at the referee. Still fair play to their manager, I did not believe it possible to find a winger who was shorter and fatter than Andy Reid but Boca have such a man.

Post-match, Arsène broke out his Mary MacGregor songbook when speaking of his captain being torn between two lovers, the Spanish media believe it is only the small Mata of Juan signing before Cesc leaves. Oh, that and the £5m the Catalan will forgo to leave Arsenal. The Daily Heil believes that we are all stupid; there can be no other reason for them really expecting us to fall for the old ‘Arry’s Gonna Sign Someone Good gag. I’m still waiting for someone to link Adebayor back to the club. Perhaps Arsène could do that to take some of the heat off Samir Nasri…

Arsène declared that he was going to do business sooner rather than later, tantalisingly offering the thought that he is going to be spending somewhere between £10m and £30m on a player or two. Or perhaps that’s £6.50 on players and the rest on private resuscitation facilities, the thought of money leaving the club too much for him to bear…

That’s harsh to be fair to the manager as the purchases will be funded by sales although how Nicklas Bendtner and Emmanuel Eboue can be on the verge of leaving the club when Arsenal are not close to agreeing deals is an interesting example of manager-speak.

AC Milan want Cesc to leave Arsenal who want Eden Hazard to leave Lille. There’s not much chance of either deal happening so things really are quiet in media land. Henri Lansbury received a vote of confidence despite speculation about his future – presumably he’ll sign for Norwich or Brighton this week. Joel Campbell meanwhile could not resist the overtures of Big Richard Law(insert your own gags here) and will sign for £1m when Costa Rica fly home from Columbia.

And Theo Walcott is going to miss the start of the season, a story which sums up nicely how badly the media misinterpreted the manager’s words yesterday.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. to read the morning sermon…

  2. it took 45 min for boca juniors to dscver our defensu]ive wknssees. whilst at arsenal nby tlks abt it

  3. good post YW.

    Good game through the hour but some of our defensive frailties showed up again.. Boca hardly had a sniff but could muster two goals.

    I thought our defensive problems were not due to the personnel he have. But from yesterdays game, i am clearly wrong.

  4. A real mixed bag yesterday, some of the play in the first half was fantastic and we probably could have scored more goals. Premiership clubs are unlikely to give us that many chances and AW has said in the past that we need to be more ruthless in front of goal (shoot, for godsake shoot). My views on Nasri are likely to be coloured by the possibility that he leaves, but he seemed uninterested and unmotivated yesterday, a strange way to present yourself to fans you might have to play in front of next season. That was probably true of a number of players in the team in the second half though. When is Chamakh going to grow a pair and try to get on the end of a pass in the box? When is Vela going to get involved in a game for more than a few minutes? When is Arshavin going to give us more than half an hour in 90 minutes of play?
    The central defensive pairing of choice appears to be TV5 and Kos now, but the back-up to that pairing are really making me nervous. Djourou and Kos did reasonably well in the first half, but appeared to be vulnerable to the simple ball through the middle. When Kos was swapped out for Squllaci in the second half the wheels really fell off, this doesn’t look like something that can be coached out of them – if they can’t understand how they should be working together on positioning now they never will.
    Zonal marking for set pieces now appears to be the way forward, but that only works if there is a leader barking out orders as to the movement of opposition players. Either the goalie or a commanding CB needs to be barking out instructions. Just because every player should know their job and position, doesn’t mean they are going to react to movement without somebody taking control at the back. Great defenders like Adams and Campbell were always looking around, watching the movement of the opposition and trying to marshall their ranks. We seem to have lost that, hopefully TV5 will take on that role.

  5. Heard something yesterday about a new defensive set-up at corners – four zonal markers with another bank of two a little freer in front of them… anybody shed any light? I missed all the Boca corners.

  6. I think we dealt with setpieces well yesterday.

  7. Why is Almunia still around? Is it the same issue of paying an average player so much that he’s prepared to sit out his contract rather than move on for cheaper wages? Re Borgarde of Chelsea fame?

  8. yeah limpar it was zonal but i have to say we still dont really have enough players who attack the ball aggressively enough in the air

  9. and that goes for both boxes – in fact Djourou jibbed out when he had a chance to attack one of Jenks’ crosses and only made a half hearted attempt

  10. Ok lets make realistic observations, we faded in the 2nd half because Frimpong tired and failed to protect the back four as well,(fairly understandable) a kid against stars. The front three lacked the same quality and failed to keep the ball upfield as well.BJ are further down the fitness road and later in the game it showed when all of our players who did the 90 minutes were less efffective.
    Our defense of set plays was never tested.So no coments on Zonal marking were is preseason and these things have to be tried,overall they have been positives and negatives but no real answers to last seasons questions,those will be needed when a starting 11 is picked at Newcastle.

  11. Columbia under 20 team is something special. They tore France with coqueline and sunu apart. Sunu scored a great goal but is a very erratic player,coque worked had but struggled with Columbia skilful passing. The lads for Columbia no8,no9 and 10 were special. Especially Ortega no 8 I think, great feet and vision, the striker scored two and earned a penalty is also going places. We should be looking at sour American teams for cesc’s future successor. Not uruguay though !

  12. Can we just sell Nasri and buy Mata today? It’s already glaringly obvious what sort of effort Nasri will put in this season. In January he can agree terms with another club and we’ll get nothing. Missing out on £20m is stupid.

  13. Nasri was just going through the motions.A sign of what to expect next season.Every game he plays is costing us £500k next season

    Why oh why is there no communication between our back four???

  14. Nice post YW,
    It captured my feelings about the match well.

    On the positive side, was very impressed with Gervinho, Jenkinson and Frimpong. I’m more than happy with the last two as back up for Sagna and Song. On an individual level, the performances were adequate throughout the team, but something is still not quite right with the system.

    Agree with the poster who said, our set play defence ability wasn’t really tested so not much can be said yet about improvements there (if any). Lets hope Henry’s Red Bull makes more of an effort today.

    We are still rather susceptible to balls played in behind our high line during open play. Any decent No 10 (e.g. Riquelme) will expose us time and again, and that really needs working on. To much time and space for opposing attacking midfielders to pick passes. Admittedly it happened more during the second half and is probably due to tiredness and the substitutions.

    My biggest disappointment was with the effectiveness of our attacking play. Close to the end of the match, a stat came up that showed that we had just 2 shots on target (less than Boca Junior who had 3 shots) and that is poor by our standards. Not sure if the game ended with those stats but we should be doing much better than that.

  15. Philbert

    our zonal marking was very much tested on set pieces and, if Boca had had better headers of the ball, would have conceded. There were at least two occassions when Boca players got on the end of corners and were completely unchallenged. I agree that Frimpong tired, but the first goal was conceded by Squillaci losing the ball too far up the field and the second by a simple ball which split our defence with Djourou appearing not to know how to clear the ball. I know that seems harsh on Djourou, but I assumed that ball was being cleared out for a corner and suddenly its in the back of the net.
    Squillaci has no place in this team and was a poor emergency buy late in last summer’s transfer. Why haven’t we replaced him yet?

  16. from

    on the commitment of Nasri and Fabregas…
    ….If Fabregas is committed to this Club and wants to stay, no money will get him out of here. We are not in a position where we need to sell our players. We want to keep our players. We are not looking after money. We want the players to stay here, from our side that is clear.
    on Fabregas being at the game…
    Cesc loves deeply this club, he loves deepy as well Barcelona. That shows you that an honest player can love two clubs at the same time. He cares about this club and that’s why I hope he can keep him.
    on the possibility of Nasri leaving for nothing…
    It’s not ideal for us on the financial side but, on the sporting side, he is an important player. We have to deal with the situation one way or another. In the next ten days we have to be clear on that front.

    Its clear fab wants to leave, but if he stays (as Wenger hopes) then we know we’d get 1 more year from a great player. I am cool with that.

    I love Nasri (my jersey has got his name on it), but I don’t think what he offers us is particularly unique. We can get a player (e.g. Mata, Nzogbia, etc) that can offer us a comparable number of goals/assists. So, I’m not quite sure I agree on his importance to us from a sporting perspective.
    And before someone says how do we know a new player will settle immediately, consider that (like Frank observed at 10.32) we can’t be sure of getting full commitment from Nasri this season either. Unlike Cesc Nasri needs to be playing at his best to make any sort of major impact, whereas a 75% fit/committed Cesc is still better than most midfielders in the prem.
    Besides, we know from experience that the vast majority of Wenger’s big money signings have excellent first seasons with us. Its the second seasons that are usually dodgy. E.g. Reyes, Arshavin, Nasri, Verm, and Kos (hope he bucks the 2nd season syndrome trend).

  17. Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional.
    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional.

    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional.
    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional

    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional.
    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional.

    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional.
    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish, Djourou is Shit and Wenger is delusional

  18. the biggest disapointment yesterday wasnt the conceding the goals,although that was bad enough, it was the absolulute staleness of our attacking play afterwards .just like last the end season its our lack of ability to recover when we have lots of time to do so that worries me most. also is chamakh a different player to the one who started so well at arsenal. On current displays Bentner is a much better option. yogi you didnt mention how well jack and frimpong played.

  19. good preseason friendly and we can see the team better. Still a friendly. I wanted to thank Passenal for the review of the game yesterday very insighful, honest but positive.

    Just a question- does every team have a weakness? i think every team does considering no one was perfect last season. What weak part of our team can we handle and what has to go? If our forwards were crazy good would you guys chill on the defense letting even 1 goal? what weakness in our team is most tolerable(remember no one is perfect).

  20. annoyed by not getting defenders early to integrate with players an get arsenal culture of ply.AW wake up

  21. I wished squillachi to play in my country league, Ethiopian premier league. Dont u agree?

  22. ist gooner, your structured and well thought out argument is truely enlightening however there are two massive holes in your argument Djourou is a good player and wenger a genius who has achieved something no other manager in a hundred years has. so although your lyrics are crap the tune looks good.

  23. We really have a chance to bring back some silverware this season but, nothing will change unless we get an experienced ready to rock n roll Centre Back that has already spent time in the Premiership.

    Djouru, as witnessed many a time before does not have the concentration level required to be a top Centre Back and Squillachi, should never have been brought in the first place.

    Wenger, isn’t stupid and I strongly believe that he will address this area.
    Going forward there is no team better and pleasing on the eye than our beloved Arsenal.

    Can’t wait for the show to begin.

  24. seedick | July 31, 2011 at 9:26 am

    Those who chose not to talk about it are partly to blame for the 6yrs without fuckall.

    Sick to death of hearing how great Djouru, is after watching him switch off completely during matches and costing us goals. A decent back up when accompanied by a proper CB like TV he’s ok but, on his own we are truly fucked and will see the same old crap again.

    Fix this area and we can do the business.

  25. Cesc. Don’t be torn. Just fuck off and let Aaron make it his own.


  26. DeiseGooner | July 31, 2011 at 9:59 am

    “yeah limpar it was zonal but i have to say we still dont really have enough players who attack the ball aggressively enough in the air”

    What is it that Samba likes to do all day long again?

  27. my thoughts…

    1. Frimpong was very good – lets hope he stays fit this season
    2. Kos looks to be getting better and better
    3. Traore might not be the polished left back solution – but he looked no different from Clichy last year
    4. For £1m. Jenkinson looks like a good squad addition
    5. Another goal from Ramsey – who maybe the player over the years ahead to silence the ever groaning ‘shoot’ vocals from the home crowd

    Was the performance, mentality and outcome any better than last seasons closing fixtures – No. Does it seem like no time has past – yes.

    Jury still out

    Worth pointing out
    I thought Sakho was great in the game before ours!

  28. goonerwife,
    “If our forwards were crazy good would you guys chill on the defense letting even 1 goal?”

    If we outscored everyone all the time. No one will ever complain (not seriously anyways) because we’d be winning pretty much every game! We certainly would have won more trophies by now….

    Football isn’t always as easy as outscoring everyone though. Not even the crazy best attack can always do that. We also have the more recent problem of not always able to score after conceding (especially in the last 30 mins or so of a game), as yesterday games and some of last season’s games showed.

    Also I have a feeling that our inability to score is often connected to the goals we concede. Its like conceding those cheap goals sets the whole team back mentally and affects even our attack. They start to become belaboured and lose their incisiveness.

    In short, we need to build from the back now. Having a very strong defence is increasingly looking like a good way to give our forwards more confidence to do what they do best. Its still pre-season, so we still have some time to get things right.

  29. Spot on Goonerton

    The things being said about Djourou were being said about Senderos 4 years ago.There comes a time you have to say like we did with Senderos that Djourou is not up to it

    Why do some Gooners keep burying their heads in the sand? Dont you want us to get better players in?

  30. “Those who chose not to talk about it are partly to blame for the 6yrs without fuckall.”

    Utter rubbish – fans do not manage the club. Endlessly talking about what we might think are shortcomings makes no difference whatsoever. What supporters can do and have failed to do for some time, is support the players on the pitch. This team needs confidence and belief so that they can fulfill their potential. Moaning and groaning does not create a winning atmosphere.

  31. olukoya oluseun

    plss can anyone tell me why squilachi is being blamed by everybody for the first goal,when it was Ramsey that lost the ball….squilachi is crap though!

  32. 1st Gooner says:
    July 31, 2011 at 10:59 am
    Djourou is crap, Djourou is rubbish,
    Djourou is Shit and Wenger is

    Well from ur post, I think I know who is crap and delusional.. YOU!!!

  33. arse or brain

    I thihk that’s the issue, fans are divided over the view on Djourou. Sometimes he is immense, as in our home game against Chelsea last season where he dominated Drogba (although some argue Drogba was out of form for a lot of the season) and sometimes he is an accident waiting to happen.
    I agree with goonerton that Djourou has serious attention problems during games, he seems to switch off to the simplest of defensive duties like the ball through the middle and the movement of players at set pieces.
    An experienced Premiership CB is surely going to benefit the team. I was interested in Keown’s views yesterday when he said we should have Distin. We should have bought Distin a long time ago, maybe at 33 he’s a bit long in the tooth but still a great CB.

  34. At set pieces, I think a combination of zonal and man marking is the best. The opposing team always has players who tend to attack the ball and catch out those just standing in a zonal marking system. you put your best headers on these couple or so players and then arrange the rest in a zonal marking system. What do you guys think?

  35. Hey, where the real Frank?

  36. or rather ‘where is’, duh!

  37. Passenal,

    Of course what we think has no bearing but, the point I’m trying to make is that us as fans shouldn’t be happy with players like Djouru and Squillachi when it is so fucking obvious that one is complete shit that wouldn’t get into any other Premiership team and the other is ok as long as he is with a more commanding CB.

    No defensive sense or positioning whatsoever.

  38. olukoya oluseun says:
    July 31, 2011 at 11:25 am
    plss can anyone tell me why squilachi
    is being blamed by everybody for the
    first goal,when it was Ramsey that
    lost the ball….squilachi is crap

    No, ’twas Squilacci that lost the ball, not the goal again.

  39. olukoya oluseun

    check your replay again, the commentator got it wrong. It was 18 not number 16 who lost the ball. Ramsey chased back alongside him but it was def Squillci who lost it.

  40. Seeing that defending from our CBs. Then watching the legend Martin K, doing the punditry had me thinking about the way he and Adams defended.

    Remind yourself of how those two legends defended then think of what we have now and tell yourself all is ok.

    If you do you are truly mugging yourselves off.

    What a load of crap. Get a CB in and lets take all the silver on offer. We have everything else in place.

  41. I would really love to see DJ and squilaci as arsenal first choice cos it would make football even fun to watch,as we would get to see the greatest of all comebacks of all time

  42. ken

    I think we tried to play a bit like that last season (Wigan for example), but we couldn’t quite achieve the comebacks.

  43. According to rumours Thierry Henry will play the first half for NYRB and the second half for Arsenal today! 😀

  44. I would really love to see DJ and squilaci as arsenal first choice cos it would make football even fun to watch,as we would get to see the greatest of all comebacks of all time.

  45. Following the line of thought from my previous post…

    We like to see ourself as an attacking team and have invested so much into that area over the years in terms of training, tactics, and personnel. Everyone in the world (even opposing fans) acknowledges our attacking prowess as a result, but you have to wonder why we rarely top the goal scored charts at the season’s end?
    Perhaps there is something to the notion that being weaker in defence (compared to our peers) hampers our effectiveness at the other end of the pitch.

    Usually teams that score more than us have actually also conceded less than us, so the theory that being an attacking team necessarily implies defensive sacrifices doesn’t quite hold.

    I know Bill has been making a similar point for years, but unlike him I’m not advocating for a more defensive style. However, I do believe that we can do more in this area than we currently are, not just with set pieces but defending in open play as well.

  46. excellent point about manager speak YW

    i noticed that last can you be on the verge of a transfer when your nowhere near close to a deal?? wierd one that..

    another wierd one is how theres no deadline on cesc and nasris future..

    what if deals are done on august 31??
    what if barca offer the 40mil at 11.30pm on the last day?? that gives us no time to replace him..unless wenger has no plans to replace him??

    just like he said we dont need much strengthening cos we were close last year??

    i just hope that we are being more assertive than the manager makes out and we are tying up deals for players whether cesc and nasri stay or not..

    id hate to think we missed out on mata this window and someeone else gets him..just for the sake of trying to keep nasri for another 12 months, only to lose him anyway…

    more assertiveness needed, and a CB

  47. Goonerton @11.11 n 11.14 your Spot on in my opinion..
    Frank @ 11.23 Spot on in my humble opinion…

  48. one things for sure..
    wenger and gazidis better not be sitting on their hands again this window playing blind to the issues at hand..

    cos if the fans are marching last year and already booing at the emirates bloody cup, they’ll be ripping the seats out of the emirates next may if nothings changed..if we have a bad summer to go with the bad end of last season and we see another year of the same ol same ol, all this after a 6.5% rise and a 7th year without diddly..that will be it for wenger..
    he threw one too many water bottles last year for him to now try and convince people a summer holiday was all this team needed..

  49. Man Ure kids got their butts kicked by Qatari team, Aspire in the Milk Cup Premier Final. Both teams had only conceded one goal in the run-up to the final with Man Ure scoring 16 and Aspire scoring 19 in four games. Drame looked really good scoring a hat trick in 25 mins and pretty much making the fourth. Not sure if the Untied kids just flattered him or he’s really that good, probably a bit of both.

  50. YW – enjoyed your post.

    Was unable to see or listen to the match…….so I will make no observations.

    Even though many Arsenal fans may feel that the day was futile……our manager might have received the break he has needed in the Cesc saga.

    Without Messi and Xavi….. barca was impotent at creating anything against a less than impressive ManU. Loads of harmless possession by Barca……but no midfielder with the craft and guile to supply their attackers or create any real threat on De Gea.

    There will be many questions raised by the Barca media, their fans, and even internally for their inept attack.

    Now Arsenal may actually see the Barca board step up with a real offer for our captain.

  51. As per usual a complete over reaction to a pre-season run out. The midfield was non exisitent towards the end of the game, basically when Boca started to get some joy. Frimpong was knackered (not a surprise given he played the whole game and is getting back into shape and form after such a long lay off) and Ramsey a bit sloppy and casual.

    As Gains69 said yesterday, when Djourou plays left sided CB, he tends to get caught out, while Squillaci for me anyway, shouldnt get a look in, unless we are playing the likes of Accrinton Stanley ij the Carling Cup. THat may seem harsh given Sqillaci had some decent games last season, but when the new CB arrives, I cant see him playing any games next season, apart from a few cup games.

  52. Arsession

    Thats not the 1st time that has been levelled at Barca. Take out Xavi and Messi and they are pedestrian and toothless.


    Calm the fuck down man, you are frothing at the mouth. Baseless bollocks. I am sure Wenger and Gazidis are just sat in their office playing Ker-plunk mate.

  53. Wavey

    I saw some of that game. The lad Cedric for Aspire was pretty good too man.

  54. For those who haven’t seen the goals in the Man Ure nippers game:

    Not just for watching the Aspire talent, but also cos its just great to see Untied get a sound thrashing.

  55. Dex, i have it on good authority that they prefer to play jenga – they see it as some kind of symbolic reference to how the club is just one move from falling to pieces

  56. Very droll Deise man!

  57. Without Messi and Xavi….. barca was
    impotent at creating anything
    against a less than impressive ManU.
    Loads of harmless possession by
    Barca……but no midfielder with the
    craft and guile to supply their
    attackers or create any real threat on
    De Gea.

    Well, same as Arsenal without Cesc…creativity almost zero.

  58. Apart from the 2 goals they created Tat!

  59. I see what you mean henristic.

  60. What is the best stream today for the game?

  61. Yogi:

    Thanks for the analysis. Will be fun to see how we play against TH14 today.

    Hopefully we will still be in for a good CB and a LB and may be even a DM. Frimpong going to be a good player by all accounts but its asking a lot of a teenager to fill that role on a long term basis in Song is hurt and during ACN.

    We really need another CB. Despite their obvious talent as players I am still concerned that the partnership of KOS and TV is going to have the same issues that Gallas and TV had. Our back ups have not inspired a lot of confidence up to this point.

    No clue why the boss has not given Keown a chance to help the club. I defensive coach would probably be the most important and least expensive signing we could make. How could that have hurt us? No Comprendo.

    Dester @ 1:14:

    I think people are over reacting to preseason because so far it feels a lot like what happened last season. I really had hoped the difficulties of last season would give the team some sense of urgency. I understand that you don’t want anyone getting injured but you get the feeling that the team is waiting for the season to click in mentaly. We have seen from years past that this squad has not been able to been able to reignite the afterburners at will. Had hoped for a cracking pre-season to build a little momentum. That said its true that the results are meaningless.

  62. Bill

    What does that even mean?

    Whatever it is you are trying to say, the over reaction is still that. The players tired (Frimpong) there were a lot of changes in personnel and the team and play suffered as a consequence.

    Djourou was outstanding last season, right up till he got that injury at OT. So suggesting he hasnt impressed is more down to your lack of football knowledge and you not having the ability to form your own opinion.

    But, I am well aware of your position on things Arsenal; pessimistic always pessimistic!

  63. LeGrave on tour

    At the end of todays game Arsene will make a statement along the lines of if we sign players great but he is confident that the squad he has is strong enough. We will have several shit bids turned down for various CBs and Matas arrival will signal Cesc’s departure.

    This season will be like a black comedy, where everyone knows the ending.

  64. Henristic @ 11:45:

    I agree, you have to build a team from back to front. That doesn’t mean you play defensive football but your football team has to start with a solid defense. I don’t want us to become a defensive football team, I just want us to play better defense. Those are 2 very different things. As the tables clearly point out playing good defense and having an attacking team who score a lot of goals are in no way mutually exclusive.

  65. LG on tour

    Shit man, get yourself down to the Dr’s in the morning, you sound utterly depressed. Get some happy pills in you sharpish dude!

  66. @ Dexter
    I’m not stating anything that is not obvious…..just that this match was a refresher for their media, fans, and manager about their LACK OF DEPTH in the creative area.

    Alcantara is a star!


    your comparison is fair……but Arsenal are not in debt by $500mil.

    Re: the ManU match…..
    Rooney had the ball taken away from him – EVERY TIME HE TOUCHED IT. Barca could be playing 1 v 4 and manU still could not win the ball back. ManU did score from 2 good counter attacks…..but for the other 89 minutes they could NOT maintain possession……and little threat in attack.

  67. Arsession

    I was agreeing with you dude! I think Alcantara should be part of any deal for Cesc. I think Barca have gone on and on about signing Cesc, that they feel they have to see it through, even though they could have their own one already at the club! So, its only right we take the newer one off their hands!

  68. LeGrave on tour

    Dexter –

    Just a prediction, I would be interested in hearing your.

  69. LeGrave on tour

    Dexter –


  70. LG on Tour

    I think we will sign Mata. I am also hopeful that we get Alcantara from barca as part of any deal for Cesc. Especially as the classless twats dont have the cash to pay what he is worth. I thought PHW’s comments about cesc were very encouraging and thats a first for him!

    I also think we will sign a CB, although I rate Jagielka as the best English CB, I would rather Cahill, or Samba as I feel they would compliment our CBs better (Vermealen and Koscielny)

    I would also like us to sign a DM, although I am really impressed with Frimpong, I’d like him to go out on loan as he has missed a lot of football due to that injury. But we do have Coquelin (whose at the U20 WC)

  71. Dexter:

    Johan had a great couple of months but he ended the season very poorly. Neither of us know for sure which Johan we will get this season. Is it the one who had the run of good form or the one at the end? He certainly does not have enough history to say for certain which is real. Nothing wrong with hoping we get the best Johan but it makes no sense whatsoever to not prepare for the the possibility that the latter part of the season or most likely somewhere in between is what we will get. Same with Squill, he had some OK games but also had some not so good times. If you call wanting to be prepared as pessimism then so be it.

  72. Dex.When did you decide we need a DM ? 🙂
    Oh yeh now I remember you mentioned it before ,right ? 🙂
    I don’t believe that was Frank earlier

  73. Bill

    The clue was in my post man. He was injured TWICE and rushed back. You choose the dark side as is your perrogative. Thats it, no more discussion is warranted dude.

    No, it wasnt you wanting to be prepared thats the pessimistic bit, it was saying Djourou has not impressed when he clearly has!

  74. George

    Have I mentioned it once or twice?

  75. LG on Tour

    Its a shame that you choose to jump in with the negatives 1st. When giving criticism, it is the done thing to start with the POSITIVES! But thats when one is giving constructive criticism!

    Talking of positives. I think in Jenkinson, we have got a little gem of a player. Frimpong has looked very tidy, hard working, tenacious and tough. Koscielny was solid as fuck. Gervinho has just slipped in effortlessly.


    UP THE GUNS!!!!!

  77. LeGrave on tour

    Dexter –

    Its a hard grind looking at the positives for me that were not there last year. Ummmmm Ok Traore isnt a bad LB and a season in the first team could easily see him rise to Clichys level, which isnt that difficult.

    JD, I dont think he is as bad as people say, also Kos I like, he has something special however I still think we need the one CB who is an aerial force which then means JD and Kos only come in now and then, but thats life.

    I agree with a lot of your last post and would take an excellent DM over a CB I think this would improve us more, once again this view is skewed by the fact I think JD and Kos are actually decent players.

    Jenkinson I disagree with, if/when we come to rely upon him he will come up short.

    Ok, OK not going to go to neg now.


  78. Djourou played well up until the United Injury. I am not sure how it was only a couple of months.

    It seems we only played well for a couple of months overall last season. If in fact we collapsed at seasons end, that is quite an accomplishment for a team that was poor for the majority of the season.

    I went to an MLS game yesterday for the first time and watched The Houston Dynamo vs the Seatte Sounders. Granted the play wasnt first class but Houston have won 6, lost 7 and 9 draws and inspite of this the crowd supported them like crazy. No boos apart from for the other team.

  79. boca j receiving a beating. still cant believe pastore is going to psg. had him down to doing a good job in replacing cesc. good player

  80. LG on Tour

    Ha! That was nt so hard was it? 😀

    Again, I agree with most of your points there. I think the lack of midfield cover and protecting the back 4 was a factor in us conceding last season. And now we have sorted the GK position that is another positive too.

    Djourou is getting an unfair amount of criticism for me. he was outstanding last season. Him and Koscielony are a very good pairing. I bet JD and Vermealen will be e.

  81. I really never thought I would reach a point where I think it better that Cesc leaves the club, but today I think I finally reached it. He is obviously one of the most skilled midfielders in the world, but I think the cost to benefit ratio of keeping him has officially swung into the red. The worst thing our squad could possibly have going into a new season is a squad with a few of its key players that aren’t fully committed. After last season’s indifferent, end of season display, anything similar this year and the shit is going to hit the fan.

    If Cesc stays and is properly committed then I will definitely support him, but it seems that is not such a strong possibility any longer. Really sad that he wants to join a team where he will not even be in the starting lineup simply because it is his boyhood club. Not going to be good for his career.

  82. I’m sorry, but how does months after being rushed after injury affects a player.
    Let’s be sincere here, JD form has dropped considerably and he needs to buckle up, especially with his concentration.

  83. Tateezee

    Its fucking pre-season man! As I said in my 1st post today;

    over-reactions all round.

  84. Paul;

    Johan did not play that much the first 1/2 of the year. He had a great run in Jan/Feb. After he came back from injury he did not play well. If we had a 5 year history of him playing the way he did in Jan/Feb it would be easy to write off the end of the season as a run of bad form and forget about it. I don’t want us to get rid of him but we should bring in another player so we have adequate cover in case he doesn’t play well or gets hurt again. The last 4 years we have repeatedly assumed the best and not prepared for the alternative and paid a price.

  85. Goonerton, the realists have been talking shite for some time now. So much so that every pundit and commentator relates doomer talking points for large spells of a game. I mean, we could be dominating a team, like we did Boca during the first half yesterday, and some pundit cunt is moaning about our zonal marking of set pieces or the fact that we need a big lump at the back. I don’t know about you, but it seems like the pundits are reading things directly from blogs like Le Grove. What’s sad, however, is that you fuckers have the same footballing nous as Robbie Savage and think you know what’s best for our team.

  86. Bloody brilliant game of cricket going on. I’ve never seen a run out like that before in all my years.

    Slack play by Bell but poor sportsmanship by India.

  87. Tateezee, what is it that you are asking.

    Djourou got a dislocated shoulder and came back too quick. I am sure you are not telling us that players come back from injury and just play the same way they were always playing.

    Think about the use of a shoulder as a football player.

  88. I doubt you have ever assumed the best Bill. You dont seem capable of such thoughts!

    Bill, just state that you would like a new CB. I’ve done it, its easy. Its your assertion Djourou hasnt impressed which is where your point falls down faster than Ashley Young!

  89. Bill, your recent criticism of Johan Djourou seems to be heavily influenced by the doomers. I wish you’d read the posts you were writing three months ago. You used to be Djourou’s biggest cheerleader. Also, Djourou had an impeccable first half yesterday. Don’t tell me you just watched the second half and are commenting, as per usual, on something you have no fucking clue about.

  90. Also coming back from a long term injury means that you will have to get up to speed with actually games and not just practice.

    Its only reasonable that injuries will have an effect.

  91. LeGrave on tour

    covering 4-0 4-1 with lower bets and 5-0 5-1 with higher bets.

    Also Rosicky to get a goal, the last time he scored was in black and white but to be fair to him he has been better in pre season, sharp even.

  92. Ok Bill, but why is it that you dont criticize the popular players who didnt produce at seasons end and in this pre season. I dont agree with you on JD but at the very least you should critique across the board and stop harping on the same players.

    When Djourou played he was great until after the injury when most of the team was crap what are your suggestions as far as the others who faltered?

  93. anyone can tell me why the espn host kept saying fabregas is leaving?

  94. Arsenal

    Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Ramsey, Song, Wilshere, Gervinho, van Persie
    Rosicky has looked sharp. Would be great for him to get his mojo and scoring touch back!

  95. Can anyone give me a nice stream for today? I refuse to pay for ESPN.

  96. I would worry when any pre-season friendly reveals no flaw or fault, no rustiness of lack of fitness, no mental fragility, no lack of stamina over 2 halves, no team fissures somewhere in the middle, no bad pass, no poor free kick, no defensive misjudgement, and a happy cheery smurfy-smiley crowd and manager, all of which added up, by definition, would mean something is terribly, horribly rotten by Arsenal standards.

    A pre-season friendly is – for Arsenal – a chance to experiment, play with ideas, test a combination or two, stretch muscles, try something out of ordinary, see if the goalposts are where they used to be.

    One looks for what works and what doesn’t, and why, a critical process without which the season will unravel. The Emirates Cup was always a clever idea, semi-serious workout, of zero consequence.

  97. korih

    If it was Ray Stubbs, then there’s your answer! Its Ray ‘dumbass’ Stubbs!

  98. Dexter – Good morning you positive bastard 🙂 Arsenal to win 5-3, with Henry to get a hattrick and all the doomers to moan that we need an entire new defense, retards that they are.

  99. RVP captain again.

  100. Looks like a bloody full house. That’s Henry power for you!

  101. Top o’ the mornin to you Irishgray! 😀

    Very emotional seeing our Enry back!

  102. Put a jumper on george.

  103. http://www.premier–

    Found a stream that seems to be working

  104. Am soooooo looking forward to this game!!!

  105. Henry is looking sharp

  106. gervinho was too fast there.

  107. Possibly the midfield I most like at the moment. Ramsay / Song / Li’l Jack. Although we have so many options I am pretty fickle as to my favourite.

  108. Fuck!! JW off injured!!


  110. What?? Oh fuck.

  111. JW off injured

  112. As I was saying the midfield three of TR7/Song/Ramsay is pretty mush my favourite at the moment.

  113. Have to say he did not look too upset, he may just be taking a precaution. Now let see how good Afobe is, I am expecting a lot from him.

  114. Just precautionary with Jack

  115. Shorry, typing with a lishp.

  116. Time to see what Afobe is made of!

  117. Steww – Too funny 🙂

  118. anyone with english commentary and updates on jack?

  119. Watching FSC but they are not saying anything about Jack

  120. I was just thinking how strong Gervinho looks, shrugging off challenges, then he collapses when obstructed as if shot. So he has guile as well as muscles.

  121. is on afobe gonna play on the right?

  122. Decent play by RVP, no real finish to it though

  123. Dam it but every time Gevinho gets the ball I am on the edge of my seat screaming at him to GO ON!!!! LOL I can see many a spilt beer in my future with him playing for us

  124. Brilliant tackling back by TR7.

  125. Definitely got something about him that Gervinho dude.

    Great play by Afobe there. And another pemalty not given!

  126. Great touch by Afobe, good save

  127. Dex – no penalty there, contact but it was fair.
    Steww – well said, Rosicky flying back 30 yards to make that tackle

  128. Offside my arse!

  129. Great free kick by TH14, terrific save by Szcez

  130. Best outxome there;

    Good freekick by Henry and a decent save by Szczesny!

  131. Nicely don Ches

  132. Stop copying me Irishg! 😀

  133. Henry!!!!! ooohhh.

  134. Nice try by Rosicky with the outside of his right foot

  135. More shots = good thing!

  136. Irishgray at 4.49 – more of that from the midfield and the defence is less exposed.

  137. lol Dex

  138. Brilliant RVP – maybe deflected but he dug it out of a hole.

  139. This Van Persie bloke has got some serious skills!

  140. Definite penalty there, the goal is coming unless TH14 says otherwise

  141. Now that was a definite penalty, not given yet again. The signs are not good!

  142. How is that not a pen? I mean seriously????????/

  143. Things looking a bit sleepy out there. This is where you need someone to go mental and run it from our box to theirs and back before an audacious 60 yard back heeled lob.
    Just saying.

  144. Afobe certainly looks the part, twice he’s been in the box n both times created potential scoring opportunities you can certainly see why he is a prolific goal scorer. I love tr7’s energy. Ramsey looks more comfortable up the pitch n two or three times has found himself in great scoring positions. Gervinho what a direct player just loves the way he runs at people.

  145. Rune – I love that post you just made. That’s a fan right there. No whinging no negativity just seeing what’s good and celebrating it.

  146. RVP with the head no less!!!!

  147. Brilliant a peach of a cross n rvp what can he not do

  148. Beauty. Simple and yet beautiful.

  149. 1-0 to the Arsenal!!! 🙂

  150. Omg gervinho should have scored but what a player

  151. Rosicky is up for it isn’t he? Some wonderful passes

  152. Can I just say the commentary on Fox is surprisingly unannoying.
    Gervinho stopped by a good save.

  153. Great first touch pass by Rosicky!

  154. TR7 looks sharp ,who said that .Oh yeh me .Well he does

  155. Rosicky with some sumptuous passing and vision there.

  156. Rosicky is outdoing cesc he is in top form Nasri needs to think long n hard if he wants the central spot

  157. Thats RvPs 473rd consequetive game he has scored in!

  158. TR 7 is better than Nasri in the middle

  159. TR7 is actually thinking faster than his team-mates out there. He is a lesson in holding off the opposition and delivering the killer ball.
    Amazing squad really. You lose l’il Jack and TR7 slots in and has a great game.

  160. Decent half. Hope Bartley gets a chance second half.

  161. @Rune & George
    Full agreement. Nasri does not have the vision Rosicky has.

  162. Steww – good point about the commentary on FSC, do you know who is commentating?

  163. Stew I am humbled to support arsenal what a team to support!

  164. Rosicky to replace Fabregas 🙂 what a lovely pass that was to Gervinho!!

  165. Heh Darius,
    Your lil Mozart might finally I’ve up to his name eh? Good game from him so far

  166. 10 million gervinho v 22 million downing 20 million Henderson wenger is a genius

  167. Good to hear TR7 hitting some form…

  168. Rune – if we only had more posters like you!! I have to wonder where all the doomers piss off to when players like Rosicky are having a good game, same for Gibbs by the way.

  169. Love to see Bartley the partnership of kos n vermintor has to be first choice. I have said it so many times koscielny will be one of the best cbs to player in the pl. He has everything pace skill reading of the game !

  170. I second Rune breaker!

  171. Any news on Jackie W? Didn’t watch the first half. Was it a challenge or was it an off the ball type thing?

  172. I like you Rune – you go right onto the good guys list.
    irish – I don’t know who the commentators are but I’ve actually watched a half without screaming at them once.

  173. True dat Rune. Koscielny will be great this season, hope to see Bartley 2nd half

  174. I have always preferred Rosicky in the middle as opposed to out wide…he has never lost that mozart magic. If he is able to find full form again we are very fortunate indeed. I think many forget how amazing he can be when he is on his game. If we get the old Rosicky back it would bode really well for us this season.

  175. Afobe seems t have a little something about him as well. Hard to gauge a lot from the quality of opposition though. And Gervinho looks like he is going to give teams hell this season. Such a willing runner and great timing of the runs as well. With our quality of passing he should have no shortage of goal scoring opportunities this season,

  176. The commentator ain’t so bad today.

  177. Lookss like there will not be wholesale changes at the start of the second half…time to get some match fitness I suppose.

  178. Enjoyable first half.rosicky has been really good.afobe is doing well.gerv looks likely to score next.rvp the captain,nice.the back 4 havent been troubled at all.

  179. Have to mention Afobe on the right with Sagna looks very dangerous, they seem to have that natural understanding of each other. Same to be said about Gervinho, who at one stage was back helping Sagna out at right back, the next flying down the left wing to send in a dangerous cross, what a mouth-watering prospect for the Arsenal!!

  180. Rosicky had a tough few seasons due to injury but anyone who knows anything about football would he is a top talent one of the best on his day. 90 percent of doomers are simply result oriented, you can never get them to understand that football is more than just the final score- I know I am watching arsenal at a special time and have to make the most it.

  181. Henry wanted to play for Arsenal 2nd half, but the ref said no.

    Jack has an ankle problem, apparantly

  182. from twitter:

    cesc4official Cesc Fàbregas Soler
    Robbie Savage is in the corner where i nutmegged him a couple of season ago. He must like it.

  183. Afobe and one Chuks Aneke are youngsters Wenger says have everything except experience.

  184. Ooohhh almost scored straight from kick off

  185. Awww, too bad Thierry didn’t get his wish. Would’ve been a dream to see him in our shirt again …

  186. Dex – now that would have been something to see!!

  187. We have a fine skipper-in-waiting, Robin Van Persie.
    Arsenal true and through!

  188. So it was true about TH14 wanting to play for us in the 2nd half. Legend is too mild a word really. Agree, commentators are doing a good job.

  189. I see Afobe already has his “man” body too…looks quite sturdy…similar to Frimmy

  190. Rvp I can see what he was trying to do setting it up afobe when it would have easier for him to go for goal. It would do wonders for afobes confidence to score on his first full debut. Thats why I love rvp- very intelligent player

  191. Dam shame innit! The ref said it was against the laws of the game, yet it happens in testimonials all the time.

    Jobs worth!

  192. Where is afobe playing. Is he behind RVP or playing on the wing. He always played in the middle for the reserves didn’t he. Be great if he be effective on the wing too.

  193. Bill

    Afobe is on the wing…rotating through the middle occassionally

  194. The pressing has been top class red bull look spent probably the peg game catching up with them but credit to the lads they have really kept the tempo going

  195. Gibbs is tackling so high up the field. It’s risky but I bloody love it. Keeps the pressure on.
    Do we read anything into the unchanged line up?

  196. Look how TR7 created that chance by fierce tackling back again.

  197. Rvp so close to goal of the day completely left the goalie flatfooted n who won the ball to set him tr7

  198. I think Arsene just wants some additional fitness for many of his first 11 players

  199. Lol rvp has insane skills

  200. Rosicky…….. WOW

  201. I think this will be our first choice defense…add lil Jack back to the midfield with Cesc or Nasri, and a front three of Van Persie Gervinho and one of Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott…decent little lineup that…

  202. Looks like tr7 is over his injury he just ran 70 yards to prevent a certain goal

  203. Great play again from Afobe.

  204. Brilliant play by afobe should have been two up

  205. Afobe looks good.

  206. That was a scary challenge from Marquez on RVP…had my heart rate up…

  207. Commentator treading dangerous line with pro Spud comment.

  208. Steww The commentator, Jon Champion, is a spud mate!

  209. Afobe on the left wing shows pace skill strength n vision this boy has a bright future so composed on the ball n has hardly given a misplaced pass. Does the simple things well.

  210. If Afobe and Vela both have good seasons on the wing this year one could question the need of a Mata really.

  211. RVP’s touch is just silly good…effortless

  212. I think RVP is going to claim that captain’s armband without a doubt…seems really untenable to give it back to Cesc after the recent comments from Wenger.

  213. Tracking back has impressed me today, from a lot of our midfield.

  214. LeGrave on tour

    Vela to get a goal

  215. I would really like to see Chamakh get his confidence back…we need him to contribute this year.

  216. Love the fact that Afobe is popping up everywhre, left, right and centre. Brilliant!!

  217. Good position from Ches

  218. I prefer Song’s hairstyle this year too by the way 🙂

  219. Afobe is really exciting! If him,Lansbury and Bartely can establish themselves as backups this year, together with Wilshere and Gibbs playing in the first team, we got a nice little group of gunners coming through.

  220. Kyle Bartley coming on.

  221. Bartley’s on, nice.

  222. Decent performance from Afobe.

  223. Afobe did really well today, very impressed with him. His all round game is excellent.

  224. Now kenyan Gunner’s copying me! Pffft! 😀


  226. Eboue looks a bit chubby! Give george’s man boobs a run for their money! 🙂

  227. LOL Dex 🙂

  228. Thierry having a little sulk.

  229. LeGrave on tour

    “The other brother looks very alike”

    Slighty inbred, slighty retarded.

  230. E-BOOB-E? 🙂

  231. Our crossing has been awful!! Need to work on that

  232. What did AA just do??

  233. we are watching a rosicky reborn… what an amazing feeling seeing the young ones growing and claiming their spots. let others spend on hired guns, give me a good youth program anyday…
    up the guns!!!!

  234. That’s it I’m selling my season ticket etc etc etc

  235. well that was a bit silly.

  236. I don’t know about you guys but that goal had me laughing!!! Fucking doomers are being spoiled!!!

  237. then again maybe NOT winning Ems Cup will give them the little push needed to win the rest 🙂
    thats what im going for.

  238. I know it is just pre-season, but you practice how you play…needs to be better…

  239. SNOOOOOORE!!!

  240. But back back to the serious business, yes Kamran we are seeing TR7 getting back to what he does best. Lots of other real positives too. Of course if it remains a draw then that won’t be the story some will revel in..

  241. if it remains a draw suga3 will be back with aic and the gang and the best thing will be to avoid this page for some days…

  242. Despite the conceded goal overall very good game the first team definitely looks ready for pl opener. Major pluses gervinho is ready, frimpong will add depth to the squad and best of all welcome back rosicky nonstop running for 90mins n man of the match. And of course jenkinson looks an absolute steal at one mill. Reports from Spain also say mata is a done deal with jagielka a possibility we maybe starting the season stronger than last season.

  243. I’ve enjoyed watching this with you guys. Positive and taking real pleasure watching our team play it’s what it’s all about.
    As poodle says I’ll avoid the blogs (except Untold Arsenal) tomorrow.

  244. signings to come soon anyway wouldnt worry too much…not bartleys fault atal…

  245. don’t mind the damn score. realt ,who cares. the exciting part is seeming the chemistry the team is showing presently. there is much more to come from this crew. hope Jack is ok. and theo…. would much rather start the season with those two on deck.

  246. Well said Rune. Fact is when our first team is out we are unstoppable, it is only when we made 6 changes that we became a bit sloppy. Thought our CB’s did excellent and dealt with everything that came at them. Rosicky was exceptional in the middle. Any update on Jack?

  247. Could have predicted that late goal. The attack fails to capitalise on the chances created, yet its the defence that gets it in the neck, again.

    Saying that, how many Arsenal players were in our box, yet still allowed the NYRBs player a free run at goal?

  248. Happy to overeact again – how the hell do we continue to concede goals and give up games when we are in charge? What is the point in bringing on Chamakh – he did fuck all? What is Vela meant to be there for?
    Feel sorry for Bartley, but anybody could have touched that in to their own net, but for some reason we give a team who have harldy had a sniff all game a gift at the death.
    Its either a lack of application due to arrogance, or a genuine inability to break down defences either way it is not just a one off its a continuing theme. Newcastle must be salivating at the thought of playing Arsenal at home on the first game of the season.
    Pre-season is no longer an excuse, we have two weeks until the start of the season.

  249. Only real complaint I have is that we did look at times like we had run out of ideas when we got to the edge of the box. That and our crossing and corner taking was awful, we really need to work on that.

  250. I blame Eboue again!

  251. That’s for the updates gents – no ESPN in this house. Reading ACLF, watching the cricket and lieing on the sofa with a few tins – perfect Sunday…!

  252. Rvp is simply one of the most complete players I have ever seen he could as big a legend as bergkamp.

  253. Dexter

    well don’t blame it on the sunshine!

  254. That is a load of shit Wavey, get a grip man.

  255. Newcastle salivating? Get fucking real dude! There are over reactions, then there is just losing a grip on reality!

  256. Afobe, that’s some player we have there. I’ve only seen him play with the youths but after watching him team up with the senior team I just can’t see the need to buy Joel Campbell.

    I think Ryo is off back to Feyenoord. Him not playing in this tournament probably means he didn’t get his work permit.

    Good to see Bartley get a run with the senior team. His own goal was a pitty.

    Home support booing our players for a draw in a friendly is truly dispicable. It must have been platics day at the Emirates.

  257. well I am feeling like the end of last season. Nothing new. Same old problems.

  258. Well the next one is Spain v costa rica n our boy Joel Campbell looking forward to this. Watching France coquelin n sunu had a nightmare as Colombia destroyed France. I do not think sunu will make it at arsenal but coquelin is an interesting option, very versatile with a great engine. He has got two good feet too which is a plus.

  259. Met take a chill pill shit happens just support the team ffks

  260. Rune

    What position did Coquelin play?

    Martin Keown

    “What Arsenal do each year is a minor miracle.”

  261. Gains69

    Ryo wasnt allowed to play because he doesnt have a work permit, yet.

    I am not surprised we are lined with attackers as well as defenders. We can definitely improve our cutting edge, imo.

  262. Wavey – would that be the same Newcastle who lost to Leeds today…?

  263. Right overeaction out of the way – possession play was fantastic against a poor team. RVP took his chance well having found it difficult again against a team playing deep where he has to play a lot of the game with his back to goal. When we are that dominant we should really be playing two up front.
    Gibbs looks awesome going past players, but he needs a bit more work on his crosses. Afobe looked very useful and Bartley did some really good work for the time he was on. Ramsey makes some great passes, Rosicky worked hard and Song is excellent in front the defence. The pressing high up the field was positive and I’d love to see it more.
    Gutted at the booing at the final whistle, but love to hear Keown still talking with such affection for the team

  264. Gains69 Joel Campbell is I think ahead of afobe in a sense he has made full international debut n is the star for the under 20. For a one million I think he is a good bargain and worth a punt. I see afobe play more as a central striker and Campbell on the left. I am more worried about vela he really needs to step as this could be his last season.

  265. Dexter

    fuck off. Dont fucking insult me. I have an opinion and I am expressing it. If you dont like it too fucking bad. No reason to get fucking insulting.

  266. OK I am off to the park for some frisbee and then Sushi with the Girlfriend, enjoy peeps and when the doomers show up as they will just tell them to fuck off!!

  267. Supercod

    Haha! Nice one!

  268. I wanted to see Vela played upfront. I would love it if our team were able to play through balls to a speedy striker that can finish his chances. We don’t seem to use that sort of weapon anymore. Trying to beat a packed defence when they’re all camped infront of their goalkeeper is not something I want to see the team rely upon so much.

  269. When you see that ball ping- poing around in the box you just know we are in trouble. That ball should have reached row z instead it keeps coming back and the panic sets in. all the goals we have concessed are very similar, a loose ball from a set piece causes chaos in the box..I feel sorry for Bartley, he did not deserve that. The problem is very clair to see regardless who is in defence and that points to a lack or poor defensive coaching at the club. I will not read too much in this game but the same problem is still there and needs sorting out properly.

  270. LeGrave on tour

    “Home support booing our players for a draw in a friendly is truly dispicable. It must have been platics day at the Emirates”

    As I said weeks ago when the season starts, if it starts badly, the booing will be on a level that many on here will be shocked by. The good will has gone and the big talk before renewals followed by inactivity when the cash is in the bank will not wash this year.

    We could start off flying and then we wont see if I am right, we may start off badly in which case we will see how the crowd reacts.

    In relation to the “plastics” comment, the fans that went today will have been a lot more forgiving than those in regular attendance. When I said this several weeks ago, yogi and others said they know no one that thinks badly of Arsene etc etc, my experience from going to the games on a regular basis is very different to this, so quite frankly I dont know where you guys sit because it sounds like a different stadium.

    Anyway, the proof is in the pudding and its close to being served.

  271. Stop acting like a prick wavey. Embarrassing yourself man.

  272. Supercod

    that’ll be the ones. The ones who will be playing long ball all game. The tacttic we seem to struggle with.

  273. arse or brain

    more positives than negatives today, afoebe played well ,rosicky great vision but was knackered at the end , we do need to be more clinical and we definatly struggle when the front line is not holding up the ball, chamack still woeful really hope he regains some form. I thought bartley looked confident not worried about knocking henry off the ball so like i say mainly positive

  274. Gains Coquline played in the middle as the hold md. Kakuta played upfront showed some nice touches but was subbed, surprisingly so but for me he was not direct enough n should never play as a striker. La gazette kakuta gave France better balance but they had no creativity in midfield. Defence was all over the place too.

  275. Dexter

    there you go again getting personal. Why?

    Because I don’t agree with you?

  276. wavey

    Fuck off you sad plastic cunt. Fuck you, you are the one who started with the insults. I said you were over reacting, you responded with all the insults.

    Leeds beat Newcastle, so that obviously correlates to them beating us doesnt it?

    You fucking loser

  277. Yeah, Joel is a good punt for £1m, but Afobe looks the business too. I couldn’t get over how pro he looked for a player who hasn’t been too involved in the senior set up. He has size, trickery, good ball control and comes with the added benefit of having been brought up playing Wenger ball.

  278. I don’t agree and have never agreed with AIC or Jabba in their opinions, but I have said before that I am very concerned about the first month of the season.

    You may think its overeaction, but I am getting more and more uncomfortable. If this was a tournament at the start of July I would be more relaxed, but its not it is a tournament two weeks before the start of the season.

  279. I would love to know what Thierry said to Nasri in his ears. Nasri covered his mouth so no one can lip read what he is saying. I think Thierry told him to sign that contract.

  280. You over reacted to my saying you were over reacting to a pre-season game!

    How fucking funny is that?


  281. Wavey – possibly. That said, if we sign Jagielka, Djourou, Squillacci and Bartley will be fourth, fifth and sixth choice centre backs.

    I’m taking more positives than negatives from the weekend. If we’d walked it complacency sets in.

    Incidentally is Inter Milan’s season over already then…?!

  282. Did we just finish the Emirates Cup in 3rd place out of 4?

    Wow. We definitely need to be more prepared for the season, because I think we all know that this team is a lot better than what our results show

  283. Gains,
    You might dismiss the boos, but I sure hope Wenger and the club aren’t. If we thought home support was awful last season, I shudder to think just how bad this season will be, especially for those who believe in-stadium support is important to how we perform.

    Re the game itself; I thought we did ok-ish. Not quite as clinical as we ought to be yet, but its early days. Afobe showed that there was substance to the hype about him. I was very impressed with Rosicky, but I wonder how many of his tricks and passes will come off in PL and other competitive games.

    Bartley will be fine, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to let an own goal in a friendly bother him that much. I just hope its the right decision to keep him (if we do), because i still have this nagging suspicion that both him and the club might be better served with another loan spell.

  284. The only thing I would say I in relation to defence is that a collective defensive awareness is what we lack sometimes. We keep the ball to negate the opposition attack n the goals conceded today n yesterday were as a result of changes in midfield. The minute we couldn’t keep possession we came under pressure. Since we play from the back it is highly unlikely we will play hoof ball even in the last few minutes. But where u have a one goal lead positioning in the defensive third is key, then fault not down to Kyle rather eboue on the right was caught out n left cbs exposed.

  285. arse or brain

    ahh legroan on tour ,now theres a funny bloke ,like a million others since the prem started all you do is moan you dont support your team or your club just whinge until we 3-0 up .you are the epitimy of why my beloved football has been stolen and raped since the prem started ,sometimes you have to pay your dues sometimes you just have to support sometimes victory is seeing a youngster come through sometimes you have to be patient and wait for that silverware to come along and then my friend it is all the sweeter

  286. Dexter ,I am back now so I will take over the personal attacks ,OK? 🙂

  287. Seriously, pre-season is nothing like the real thing. Teams evolve during a season. Trying to judge the team by today and yesterday is really not a good gauge for me.

  288. Afobe looked very impressive. A strong lad, who won’t look out of place in the EPL.
    Wonder if he’s actually in Wenger’s plans for this season?

  289. Right you are George. Its all yours dude!

  290. Henristic,Why will TR7 not be able to pass in the Prem.?
    He is an excellent player is he not?

  291. Thought Ramsey had a good game, hope there isn’t too much of an over-reaction from certain parties.
    It’s only a pre-season after all…!

  292. i would not worry about this result. If it was serious game you will see a different set up and not 6 changes, However the problem still remain and it remain to be seen wether the new centre back will make all the difference. the problem is possibly behind the scenes (Coaching ) then Wenger needs to get an extra coach to work on set pieces. Lets hope we will see a better defensive performance soon.

  293. Its funny, even Savage says we need 2 players! Hardly the complete overhaul is it?

    I’d like 3 more personally!

  294. One stone-wall penalty turned down yesterday by our dear old referee mates, and another two today…

  295. LeGrave on tour

    Arse or brain –

    Not only do you know nothing about me but I doubt you have read anything I wrote today, and not my last point either.

    As opposed to making judgements based on thin air why not use your brain instead of your arse to think.

  296. George,
    *Sigh* I didn’t say he can’t pass in the PL. I just wondered how many of his flicks will come off in more competitive games. Not many came off last season if you recall. I like his style, and I thought he had a good game, but this is a pre-season friendly as many others have noted, and we were playing against a rather poor side compared to many prem opposition.

  297. I hate to say this but I would like to see a LB and a world class striker,
    Lol at me .world Chamakh looks to think he is not up to it.He seems lost.

  298. When is our next game, anyone?

  299. LeGrave on tour

    Henri –

    Aug 6th Benfica.

    Anyone hear what Arsene said?

  300. Henristic: “You might dismiss the boos, but I sure hope Wenger and the club aren’t. If we thought home support was awful last season, I shudder to think just how bad this season will be, especially for those who believe in-stadium support is important to how we perform.”

    I’m not dismissing the boos. I think that booing your club after drawing a friendly is downright imbecilic. I mean, what kind of spolied little bitch do you have to be to boo your own players when this game is just an exercise to assess fitness levels and the maturity of the boys coming through the academy. Not to mention that it sets a pretty sour mood even before the season begins. If it was up to me I’d round all those idiots up and spray them with tear gas before banning them from the stadium for life.

  301. “flicks and passes” you said H.The man can pass in any company ,it took it that you doubt it.If I misread you ,i am sorry

  302. Arsene Wenger is just continuing from last season,seriously there is no change at all.The end of Arsene Wenger’s reign is close.Something is seriously wrong if the board and Arsene Wenger cannot recognise.I can’t see Arsenal finishing above 6th this season.We must forget Mata,Cahill,Benzema and Samba Arsenal board needs to go out and sign a coach.

  303. Dexter

    you are a cunt.

  304. Gains,I think we will know with tomorrows posts who are the “what kind of spolied little bitch do you have to be to boo your own players “are.I could hazard a guess right now.

  305. Wavey,For your information Asan1960 is a cunt.Try to see the difference..

  306. Sorry George, just a bit sick of being laid into when you havean opinion. I don’t agree with everybody on here but don’t think its necessary to attack people. I believe this site was better than those that use personal attacks on anybody who doesn’t agree.
    I know I was overeacting, I even said I was but doesn’t mean I’m not concerned.

  307. Wavey piss off back under the rock you came from!!

  308. LeGrave on tour

    George –

    Ankle AW “He might be out for a week”

  309. 1 loose Cannon @ 6:58:

    Adding Martin Keown to our staff would bring the attitude of a lot of the fans around and who knows what it could do for the players. How could it hurt? The boss indicated early in the summer that he did not consider making any additions to the coaching staff. Lot of things the club is doing that are difficult for those of us who are outside looking in to understand.

  310. Irishgray

    really? nice one

  311. Wavey. Dex is a really good bloke.You two should start again and say “no harm done”
    And you are right this is a cut above other sites.

  312. George

    okay, appreciate your input. What say we forget about it Dex?

  313. Martin should be given a job.
    He is first class ,knows his stuff ,and buys into Arsene 100%
    PR man’s dream as well.
    We should start a petition,

  314. A facebook page or something?

  315. I just don’t get it-why should anyone work themselves up, do people honestly think that wenger and the board want to run the club into the ground. If wenger were to say he is walking from arsenal then all the top clubs would be lining to sign him up including barca. And who would you have replace wenger? Without wenger would we be talking about overmars, viera, Henry,pires,ljunberg, cesc et al. If 6 years is too long for some without a trophy go support leyton orient or something!

  316. Gainsbourg69 | July 31, 2011 at 7:11 pm
    “I’m not dismissing the boos. I think that booing your club after drawing a friendly is downright imbecilic. I mean, what kind of spolied little bitch do you have to be to boo your own players when this game is just an exercise to assess fitness levels and the maturity of the boys coming through the academy. Not to mention that it sets a pretty sour mood even before the season begins. If it was up to me I’d round all those idiots up and spray them with tear gas before banning them from the stadium for life.”

    Hahaha… if only, eh?

    Two questions for you Gains;

    a) Do you think the stadium support matters?
    b) What in your opinion should be done to improve it

  317. arse or brain

    le groan actually it is you who are making presumptions made on air. you do not know what i know of you or what i have read about you,a dangerous game in all forms of life . i suggest you not only look around you but also read the things write and remember sometimes the brain can be dominated by the arse .to whinge is easy to support i suggest takes a great deal more.

  318. I think there is a direct correlation between those who boo n readers/listeners of the sun,daily express, talkshyte,Alan green, daily mail, the three match of the day wankers, oh n warren button, Tony cascarino and Martin Samuel. And of course our embarrassing ex players led Ian not so wright and Paul Mersin

  319. Rune breaker ,You are right off course .
    The problem is that many of us believe this team is capable of not just winning trophies ,but off dominating .And when we fall short the disappointment is huge.
    Some of the more stupid among us then start to look for someone to blame.Arsene is the main man so he gets the bile.
    What they forget is that but for him we would be considerably more disappointed every year,
    And when some of our best players look like leaving then it looks like another developing stage might be needed .And that causes more impatience.
    We should not lose sight of the fact the if not for Arsene ,the move to the Em’s would have meant mid table at best.Some may argue against that ,but I believe it to be the case.

  320. We were just so predictable.How many shots did we have on goal over the weekend?
    And we are going to lose our two creative players this summer
    Gervinho looks hit and miss and the back up to RVP doesnt bear thinking about.Chamakh is lazy and Vela is all flicks but nothing else
    The shocking thing is nothing has changed over the summer break and questions need to be asked about Wenger.Its as if last season never ended

  321. Le Grave On Tour

    Since you ask, I go to The Emirates, normally on the Clock End. However, if you went you’d find that most people appreciate the manager including all of those who give him a standing ovation.

    Still I doubt you can see that from the bar.


  322. george r

    This team is a million miles away from winning anything.Take your head out of the sand and face the facts.Fabregas one of the worlds best players has been at the club for 8 years banging his head against a brick wall.Every summer he see’s we fail to bring in the quality which players of his quality should be playing with not Diaby Denilson and Song.Well now he has had enough,the same goes for Nasri.Vela a failure at WBA is back at the club utter madness.Stop defending Wenger he is the root cause of the problem

  323. Wavey

    No probs man.Its all good

  324. Yogi – I can see that from my sofa in New York!!! He and those like him see and hear what they want too, and then they twist that info to suit their needs. May as well talk to the wall mate.

  325. LeGrave on tour

    Arse and brain –

    Ok mate whatever you say.

    Yogi –

    I dont know if your last comment is meant to be insulting, if so its poor form from you.

    Both yourself and Arse and brain seem to be jumping down my throat making judgements on me based on my post relating to the atmosphere in the ground should we start badly next year. If you read the post at no point do I say anything rude or even say that I myself will boo.

    But hey, its just another blog where no one can have an opinion without people judging your support etc etc etc.

    Thats life.

  326. Mark.Before any abuse some points
    “Gervinho looks hit and miss” He looks a lot more hit than miss to me.
    “Chamakh is lazy” Lazy is one thing he is not.
    “Vela is all flicks but nothing else” ridiculous thing to say,not even worth a reply
    “we are going to lose our two creative players this summer” Nasri had one assist last year,hardly qualifies him as creative ,does it?

    So all in all your post was crap and shows you to have little or no understanding of football.

  327. Mark,your stupidity means a debate would be pointless.

  328. LeGrave on tour

    And again Irish Gray –

    “He and those like him”

    I never said that is what I am going to do, or that is what should happen, I said that is what will happen.

    Wow its funny how judgemental people are on here and yet talk about how you cannot have a reasonable discussion on other sites.


  329. LGOT

    >so quite frankly I dont know where you guys sit because it sounds like a different stadium.

    >If you read the post at no point do I say anything rude

    The top quote is from your earlier post and disproves the comment in the second since it was, well, rude and condescending.

    Hence the rudeness it got in response.


  330. Mark what is your reply to this?

    We should not lose sight of the fact the if not for Arsene ,the move to the Em’s would have meant mid table at best.Some may argue against that ,but I believe it to be the case.

  331. So is it true that TR7, the one we bought, showed up on the pitch today? If it’s true. I see a very bright season ahead.

  332. Ateeb,he is back .perhaps, 🙂 He did look good ,better than good..

  333. Is this Legrave fella from Le grove?

  334. YW

    what do most fans appreciate Wenger for?.This is a man who has know since Sol left in 2006 we needed a commanding CB who would boss the back four.In that time he has signed Silvestre Koscielny Squillaci and a 36 year old Sol.Are we supposed to appreciate that? Yes Wenger was great up until 2006 but only a fool would deny we have not gone backwards in the last 5 years.We judge him on the here and now.Two weeks to the season kick off and still no CB

    Look at the likes of Arshavin who is not fit and cant be asked,Chamakh who has been awful since last november.Where is the manager to give them a huge kick up the arse and stop massaging their egos

    I was in North Bank today and the groan that went out when he brought on Eboue who is leaving and not Jenkinson who is the future summed up what the fans think of Wenger.A manager who was once great who had a team of great players but is now a manager who has lost the plot and there is no one at the club to tell him.

  335. There is only one way of telling that, George. Did he, used the outside of his boots to pass and shoot?

  336. arse or brain

    le groan ,dont act the injured party whatever the facts are about your love for the club the main point remains,your opinions sound that of spud.that is the reason your opinions are being attacked and your loyalty doubted.which is why i said earlier you should read your own post’s . it is also why i suggest your a recent follower of the game as your statments betray you ever having gone through a bad time with the club .like i said pay your dues

  337. LeGrave on tour

    Yogi –

    You think that is rude?

    “When I said this several weeks ago, yogi and others said they know no one that thinks badly of Arsene etc etc, my experience from going to the games on a regular basis is very different to this, so quite frankly I dont know where you guys sit because it sounds like a different stadium.”

    I thought your last bar comment was a joke but obviously not. I know now where the others get their cue from in relation to their judgemental attitude and quite frankly when you get involved as well its dissapointing but not unexpected.

    You know I am polite and also try to answer the questions of other posters on here, to contribute. As I said nothing I put in the post was even about me being negative it was only an observation of what I predict will happen.

    Anyway, enough of sounding like the victim. Lets just post how great Arsene is and how we will win the league for fear of being jumped on and judged by everyone including yourself


  338. LeGrave on tour

    Arse and brain –

    Again you know nothing about me whatsoever and your way off the mark in all your conclusions.

  339. Legravegoburyyourself,

    Arsene is the best manager in the world. No doubt about that. Only a fool would doubt that. And we will surely win the league next season. Fuck off.

  340. george r

    If Nasri is no good

    Why ? 1.Is Wenger wilinging to burn £20m and keep Nasri for the remainder of his contract and let him leave for free next summer

    2.Does the most succesful manager ever want to sign him

  341. Great shot with the outside of his right foot Ateeb.

  342. John Champion (commentator)

    Rooney’s younger brother is on.
    He has his own attitude, his own style and….

    his own hair.

  343. Excellent comment from twitter

    “booing a friendly? really? you were doing mexican waves earlier, dont act like you were taking it seriously”

  344. The over-arching positive from the entire weekend is, with and without Fabregas and/or Nasri, we have sufficient quality to win the Prem, providing we can enhance our offensive potential and cut down ion the silly defensive mistakes. On the offensive side there is a zip and speed to our passing which is striking and we are trying to attack more down the flanks unlike last year’s default of excessively going through the middle (note the number of times our fullbacks and wide forwards went deep to the byline and bring the ball back).

    It is apparent we are working on the defensive side of things, the pressing by the forwards and midfielders was consistent and not half-hearted, the zonal defense to deadball situations has been adopted and (based on the sideline mic) there seems to be more verbal communication between defenders and GK. I am not worried in the least by the goals we leaked as this will drive the players to greater effort. Most of the time the goals conceded are due to lapses in concentration and/or lowering of teamwork, especially after substitutions. These are all curable in short order.

    Only lazy commentators will repeat the cliche “same old Arsenal”. The players simply have to develop a thick-skin and tune out the boo-boo boys. Success is within our graso.

  345. arse or brain

    le groan , not really conclusions more an impression of your attitude if you dont want to appear that you love arsenal losing you need to change the way you write. again how do you know i dont know you seeing as my comments are about your post’s and not your lifestyle and actually your not that mysterious. please read your post’s annd maybe you will wake up to the fact that your either a spud or an expert in negativity,either way you are at least misguided.

  346. Mark said

    “Mark | July 31, 2011 at 8:18 pm
    george r

    If Nasri is no good

    Why ? 1.Is Wenger wilinging to burn £20m and keep Nasri for the remainder of his contract and let him leave for free next summer

    2.Does the most succesful manager ever want to sign him”

    Samri is very good .But not our most creative.As you said .There is a difference you know.
    Well I say you know but clearly you don’t.
    Do you understand now or are you still struggling?

  347. Ma\rk

    Eboue coming on instead iof Jenkinson, who is the future (signed by Wenger, obviously) caused some groaning where you were?

    Sounds about right. I have had the misfortune to sit around loads of moaning cunts at the ground mate.

    Arshavin looks fitter than ever, Chamakh will be fine. Stop bitching about the players FFS man.

    This is pre-season. We wont have a clue how things are till September man.

    And writing off Gervinho before he has played a competitive match, when the concensus is nothing but positive is fucking low man, real bullshit

  348. @mark Nasri is good but hes not anything near Fabregas. For all you know he may sign a new contract which makes your 20M speculations just that, speculations. Nobody has actually tabled a bid for Nasri yet the 20m is just what the tabloids think hes worth.

    You do not know if AW is willing to keep Nasri neither, for all you know he can flogg him in end of Agust and replace him with Mata.

    Its typical wannabees to speculate in things they got no clue about. pfft.

  349. LeGrave on tour

    “Appear to love Arsenal losing”

    As demostrated by the fact I backed us to win today 4-0 4-1 5-0 and 5-1 as I said in my earlier posts.

    And also when I said I backed Rosicky pre game to score because he was looking sharp.

    Yeah youve got the measure of me mate, do you work for the MET?

  350. last time i checked, in AWs mind Nasri and Cesc are both “issues that needs to be solved”.
    Nothing is decided on any of them yet.

  351. @dexter you know the reality is:
    If we won Emirates cup the hysterical fans would say “awha ems cup does not count anyway, we always win it and it means nothing. We can play well in this cup and still loose the rest. Ems cup says nothing about our potential to win something next season, and it has been proven before. ”
    when we dont win the hysterical fans say “awha we were so shit, we did not even win the Ems cup. We wont win anything now. We are so shit. Just look at the EMs cup. If we cannot even win that whats the point?”

    So the conclusion would have to be, whatever happens in the Ems Cup, the hysterical fans would still be hysterical. Nothing can really calm them down. thats just how it is i think.

    They live up to their own reputation created by the tabloids.

  352. Thoughts from today.

    The PSG ‘A’ team are better than the Boca ‘B’ team. Without Riquelme, Boca could not create anything worthwhile. Gameiro looks like a good player although he didn’t score today and the French Peter Crouch is quite skillful for such a tall player. That was an entertaining match.

    I thought the Arsenal game was really entertaining too. TH was loving all the attention and lapping it up. Kos mostly kept him under control. He only managed to get away to cause problems when Kos had to empty his pockets before leaving the field.

    It was great to see Rosicky re-born. He was superb today, attacking, defending and what a sublime assist. I hope we see that for the whole season. Gibbs was impressive at LB as he had to be on his toes up against a speedy little winger in the NYRB team. Remember they are in the middle of a competitive season, whereas we are two weeks short of full fitness for our season. I thought it was really good of us to let Thierry walk away with the trophy. It means nothing to us, but it’s a nice memento for him.

    Those over-reacting to a pre-season practice match need to get a grip. If you were Liverpool supporters you would have slit your wrists by now. We’ve won this trophy before and it bore no relation to what we did in the following season, so not winning it means f*ck all.

  353. LG on Tour doesnt need me to defend him, but I think his comments have not been too abusive, or outrageous. Especially when compared wuth some of the idiots who post on here.

    If we had won this games this weekend it would have been pointless. It would have been suggested “its only a fucking friendly” etc

    No win situation really.

    What we learned though was this;

    Gervinho has a real spark about him and could be very important to us.
    Rosicky still has it in him to be a big player
    Vermealen and Koscielny are top class
    RvP is magic
    Traore and Gibbs both looked good
    Jenkinson is tireless and no nonsense, which I like
    Djourou, when partnered with a left sided CB is a better player
    Our keepers are fine
    Wilshere will be a big player for us
    Frimpong did excellently
    Afobe looked really sharp and not at all out of his depth

    There are obviously some issues to sort out before the transfer window closes, players’ futures need resolving one way or another and yes, new signings STILL to arrive.

  354. LeGrave on tour

    Dexter –

    Thank you. I never believed Wavey when he said you were a cunt, ok but just breifly!


  355. “Eboue coming on instead iof Jenkinson, who is the future (signed by Wenger, obviously) caused some groaning where you were?”

    Jenkinson played 90 minutes yesterday. Why push him to play again today if he doesn’t need to? Plus it was a nice gesture for Eboue to have his last run out at the Emirates if he is on the verge of departure.

  356. arse or brain

    amazing you can be so wide of the mark, backing someone to win when the chances are quite good is not a great measure of support although in your blue and white house maybe it is, that comment says everything about you and how you justify yourself , so yes today you have got one thing right i have got your measure and ive seen it all before and you said i didnt know you absolutly priceless

  357. LG on Tour Haha! I’m touched dude! 😀


    Yeah, we should have pushed him till he got himself crocked, all so we can keep a few whingers happy!

    And, did you like our strongest line up first half today??? 😀

  358. LeGrave on tour

    Arse and brain –


    Man you are really boring. Have a good evening. Laters.

  359. LeGrave on tour

    dexter –

    Evening, have a good un.

  360. “The over-arching positive from the entire weekend is, with and without Fabregas and/or Nasri, we have sufficient quality to win the Prem, providing we can enhance our offensive potential and cut down ion the silly defensive mistakes. ”

    So we just need to attack better and … er… defend better?

  361. £4.6m net spend with 2 weeks to go. This isn’t what we were singing about at Fulham.

  362. Good news. Wilshere set to miss England friendly

  363. “And, did you like our strongest line up first half today???”

    I would have no worries with that first half line up in any game and I’m sure had they stayed on for the full 90 minutes we would have won today without too much trouble.

  364. Looks like Wilshere will miss the England friendly with Holland. Thats cool then!

  365. Laters LGOT


    I know what you are saying, but still I do think there will be several new faces to come in and a couple more departures.

  366. Henristic: “Two questions for you Gains;

    a) Do you think the stadium support matters?
    b) What in your opinion should be done to improve it”

    The stadium support matters as much as any player on the pitch. If people in the stands are booing it means they are not pulling their weight. The players feed off the energy of the support and push themselves even more if they’re encouraged. If they’re constantly reminded of how dissatisfied the crowd is they will carry an unnecessary load on their shoulders. It’s simple psychology, mate. Imagine you were working for someone who constantly overlooks the good things you do and the only attention they do give you is nothing but criticism. Would you give them 110% or would you go through the motions until you fucked off to a work for an employer who pays just as well?

    For an example of terrific support see our game against Barcelona at home. I think the support was so good that night because possitivity rang out throughout the stadium. If a player misplaced a pass it wasn’t the end of the world because the crowd saw what a monumental task the team had before it. I truly believe that game would’ve been a blow out had the crowd not kept up its support for the whole ninety minutes. I mean, when we started to get on top of them in the second half the crowd was fucking roaring. Thanks to that the players rewarded the crowd by scoring two beautiful goals.

    Now contrast that game to when we play the likes of West Brom or Newcastle. Personally, I think the crowd just assumes that we should be beating these teams and don’t offer any support because of that. I mean, how fucking arrogant is it of some fat cunt in the crowd to think premiership opposition is just going to roll over and die because we’re the Arsenal? This unacceptable. The support should make every game we play, regardless of opposition, as hard as possible on the away side and offer our boys all the support they can muster. I mean, they pay a hefty fee to have the opportunity to watch our team play, so why not make an enjoyable day of it instead of having a shitty time and leave the stadium upset? I don’t know about you, but if I ever get the opportunity to watch Arsenal at the Emirates I will yell my fucking arse off just for the experience of it all.

  367. Arsene knows…. He said the only reason why there are no Formula 1 drivers in Africa is that they have no opportunity to prove themselves. Wenger is a believer…digest that one. He turned Adebayor who couldnt hit a barn door in Ligue 1 to a 30 goal a season 25 million player and thats not even the half of it. Wenger ias a f@ckin genius. We will be victorious…trust.

  368. Gains,
    That’s all well and good, but what should be done about the poor support? What would you advice management/board to do apart from tear-gassing and banning those who boo (as appealing as it sounds, its not a particularly viable option).

    Or are you saying the team is pretty much doomed? Because like I said earlier, the players won’t be getting much energy from the crowd this season.

  369. Joel Campbell watch has had a pretty good first half. Very skilful and almost scored a brilliant solo goal. Also got some serious pace to burn. Physically not yet ready for premiership but again wenger seems to have another anelkesque signing if the early promise is fulfilled.

  370. I thought the booing was deserved today.

    I mean Ian Bell was clearly just walking off for tea.

  371. Henristic: “That’s all well and good, but what should be done about the poor support? What would you advice management/board to do apart from tear-gassing and banning those who boo (as appealing as it sounds, its not a particularly viable option).”

    The booers would reject any type of goodwill gesture from the club because until Arsenal gets turned into Chelsea, they sack Wenger and get rid of every player they don’t like they won’t be happy. It is up to the non-booing fans to shame the booers when they start acting up. The non-booers should whistle at them or start singing songs that remind them that they’re supposed to be supporters first and foremost. They could also bring noise makers to the stadium and go nuts any time the booing starts up. What the club could do is make the atmosphere more lively. Maybe play the goal scorer’s favorite song or make it easier for brass bands to get into the stadium. That sort of stuff.

  372. Gainsbourg69 | July 31, 2011 at 9:05 pm
    “Now contrast that game to when we play the likes of West Brom or Newcastle. Personally, I think the crowd just assumes that we should be beating these teams and don’t offer any support because of that…. I mean, how fucking arrogant is it of some fat cunt in the crowd to think premiership opposition is just going to roll over and die because we’re the Arsenal?”

    – Regrettably I have come to the conclusion that this is the way it is and is going to be in the future. It is the price for the success Wenger has brought this club. Now the majority of our supporters think it is our divine right to roll over teams the likes of West Brom or Newcastle. Here is where I agree with the misgivings of YW and Consols; too many of the last year’s players “appear” to not understand that this is the price of playing for a big club like Arsenal. Despite the setbacks of the Carling Cup and Champions League, players have to be professional and tough it out when playing shit teams like Stoke and Blackburn whose only ambition is to play ten men behind the ball and catch us on the break or on set pieces. No matter how talented, if you don’t have that mental toughness you won’t make it at Arsenal. (Note that Messers Nasri and Fabregas.)

    Therefore no use G69 expecting better home support. It is simply wishful thinking.

  373. I went to the game today and clearly we are not at our best as yet, especially offensively but that is hardly a surprise given the fact that it is pre season and offensively we were missing Wilshere, Cesc, Nasri and Walcott. If Cesc and/or Nasri leave then we will replace those players with creative players. We had a young team out there today and players like Ramsey are yet to reach the level of someone like Fabregas.

    These issues will be addressed before the transfer window closes, either Cesc plays or he is replaced in the team.

    I was sat shaking my head at the booing at the final whistle. Seriously, WTF?! I could have sworn it was a pre season friendly. So is the situation now that if we do not pick up three points in every game then our ‘supporters’ have to boo the team? How on earth is that going to help? Please can someone explain that to me.

    Playing at home is supposed to be the equivalent of the 12th man right? If this continues then we will have to play with 10 men every home match. Disgraceful and pathetic, but that is just my opinion.

  374. I think the biggest lesson the team SHOULD have learned last season is that they shouldn’t rely on the fans for support. They have to do it themselves. There will be many who will continue to support, nonetheless. But when the shit hits the fan, the players got to learn to pull themselves together on their own.

  375. Rune

    We have not signed Campbell yet.

  376. Just got back from the Emirates and had a quick flick through twitter and comments on here.

    Good to see many agree with me on Rosicky. He had an absolute blinder. Easily MOTM. Glad his injury is well behind him, and he’s getting back to his best. As somebody mentioned, easily better than Nasri. Vision is far superior.

    Was very impressed with Gibbs. Aside from one failed slide tackle that I can recall, was a very complete performance. Assured in defence, and wasn’t afraid to take players on down the other end. Will be better than Clichy.

    Very happy with Ramsey’s performance. I thought he popped up in all the right places, keeping possession until the right pass was on. Rarely wasted a chance to make something happen. Nobody looked more “hungry” than him today.

    Afobe looks a real talent. An absolute natural, despite not playing in his preferred position. Strong and quick – easily got to the byline a couple of times and threw a couple of promising crosses in. Great to see him getting an opportunity with the first team, even if it was at Jack’s expense.

    As for the booing? I certainly wasn’t one of them, and didn’t think it was too loud. Having a long journey ahead of me, I was out of my seat by the final whistle, but don’t recall thinking that there was a lot of negativity there. If there was substantial booing, my friend (a Scouser, and massive Boca fan) would have picked up on it and taunted me about it, but this didn’t happen.

    Would love to see the Cesc saga tied up once and for all. Was kinda sad not seeing ANY new shirts with “Fabregas 4” on the back – seems that most are consigned to the idea that he’s leaving. The Armoury could have made a fortune on those shirts today!

  377. LeGrave on tour

    Just watched a pony keiffer sutherland film and had to come back to see the crack on here.

    G69 –

    Excellent point re barca and the support, the minute they scored I remember everyone started singing straight away, no booing no drama. Chelsea was also great, no one sat down for the entire game.

    However in relation the the crowd I do get the feeling that its a case of the players not really getting the fans onside also, the fizzing shot which goes just wide or the crunching takle that leads onto the fans then singing.

    This might sound funny however the style of play doesnt lend itself to being supported in the same way as an all action style may do, if you get what I am saying. Also I always find that games that start in the evening are more vocal than 3 oclock kick offs in the sunshine, people come with some sort of picnic attitude.

    Anyway, fucking keiffer Sutherland needs to stick with 24 cause his films are shit. Anyont know a good film I can watch something obscure?

    G69 – as I said before great points you made and I agree with them however I feel the interaction between fans and team sometimes is a bit more chicken and egg.

  378. Just got back from the Emirates and had a quick flick through twitter and comments on here.

    Good to see many agree with me on Rosicky. He had an absolute blinder. Easily MOTM. Glad his injury is well behind him, and he’s getting back to his best. As somebody mentioned, easily better than Nasri. Vision is far superior.

    Was very impressed with Gibbs. Aside from one failed slide tackle that I can recall, was a very complete performance. Assured in defence, and wasn’t afraid to take players on down the other end. Will be better than Clichy.

    Very happy with Ramsey’s performance. I thought he popped up in all the right places, keeping possession until the right pass was on. Rarely wasted a chance to make something happen. Nobody looked more “hungry” than him today.

    Afobe looks a real talent. An absolute natural, despite not playing in his preferred position. Strong and quick – easily got to the byline a couple of times and threw a couple of promising crosses in. Great to see him getting an opportunity with the first team, even if it was at Jack’s expense.

    As for the booing? I certainly wasn’t one of them, and didn’t think it was too loud. Having a long journey ahead of me, I was out of my seat by the final whistle, but don’t recall thinking that there was a lot of negativity there. If there was substantial booing, my friend (a Scouser, and massive Boca fan) would have picked up on it and taunted me about it, but this didn’t happen.

    Would love to see the Cesc saga tied up once and for all. Was kinda sad not seeing ANY new shirts with “Fabregas 4″ on the back – seems that most are consigned to the idea that he’s leaving. The Armoury could have made a fortune on those shirts today!

  379. Hmm… managed to post from two accounts!

  380. On a more positive note, it was great to see my man Mozart waving those sticks over our midfield. I knew he had it in him still. He came out the traps quickly after last pre season and I saw no reason why he couldn’t do it again. Granted it was only pre season against opposition who we should be beating but watching him live is a wonderful experience. What really struck me was the intelligence of his off the ball movement to make space for himself in the smallest of gaps before he received the pass.

    With the squad as it is right now I would be tempted to play him above Ramsey at this moment in time. I think he looks sharper than Aaron right now although Ramsey has plenty to go before he reaches the level he was before he got Shawcrossed.

    Afobe did himself justice as well. I am sure the lad would have loved to have played through the middle but he put in a very good shift out wide. Making good diagonal runs and powering past the full back on his side. Bright future for that one I’m sure.

  381. Right im leaving one comment here to get things off my chest. I dont care wether anyone agrees with me or not. I attended the game today vs New York and I have to say that my patience has finally snapped. Lets clear one myth first, I am not an Emirates newby, I have been a supporter most of my 32 years. For the first time ever today I found myself not wanting to be at the stadium supporting Arsenal and it breaks my heart to say that. The clubs soul has gone. The players dont care a fuck, today was half hearted bollocks that a sell out crowd payed good money for. The Emirates cup is a cynical money making exercise that we all fall for (my ticket was a birthday gift by the way). You are not a fan to Arsenal FC, you are a customer. All they do is get at you to buy this buy that. We are taken for granted with an attitude of oh well theres plenty more mugs where they came from. I waited 10 years to get a silver membership and now I have it I dont want it. The Emirates Stadium is an atmosphereless soulless bowl to cater for Londons corporate suits. Its full of so called fans who do not understand the game. All they worry about is getting shit overpriced food and drink and leaving early to beat the transport chaos outside. Any atmosphere is artificially whipped up by the tannoy, it should be spontaneous. Highbury had charm, tradition, real fans and atmosphere. Lets be honest here, Chelsea and man City have killed football dead and you must be deluded to think otherwise. My love of football and Arsenal has died. Its not the same game I grew up with. The present players lack passion and a rapport with the fans. There are no Adams, Wrights, Georges, Rocastles for the fans to love. I hate feeling like this but i cannot just keep going to matches pretending im enjoying it anymore. You can slag me off, abuse me, whatever. I have faced facts and some of you need to do the same. Arsenal FC is shadow of its former self.

  382. I cant understand why people ,I would have said fans but anyway,can not understand how the arrival of Chelsea has changed football
    .Now they came along and just corrupted the transfer market and wages,Back to back titles was the result,United had to respond and did to the extent that they are in shit loads of debt.
    Now even worse City have popped up with 50 times more than the Russian,
    In this period we have financed , built and half paid for a new stadium.
    Yet or fans seem to think nothing has changed since 2004.And we should compete with these 3 on fee’s and wages.

  383. Kevin, don’t you think that is a bit OTT considering it was only a pre-season game?

  384. Kevin Cutler.
    You said ” Chelsea and man City have killed football dead”
    You are right.
    And you have said nothing to upset me .And I tell you that I am as easially upset as it gets on here,
    I am really sorry your passion has gone,But its not just Arsenal is it?

  385. Dups,He is disillusioned with the game ,in general not the team today.And he has a point,

  386. LeGrave on tour

    Oh and lets not forget that although we may want to have a good atmosphere if you have a vocal person standing and chanting some fans will actually tell them to be quite and if the stewards get involved they will be on the side of the picnic fans.

    so we dont help ourselves with the people we hire to steward the games either.

  387. as a fan who supports this club from across an ocean, it’s hugely disappointing to see what horrible fans we have attending games at the Emirates. These jackasses should be condemned to watching MLS games with me in 100+ degree heat. How stupid to abuse the privilege it is to watch the Arsenal in person.

    Speaking of MLS, congrats to NYRB for winning the Emirates Cup. I know that winning it doesn’t mean much, but as a supporter of MLS I’ll say that we could use whatever shred of prestige we can get. Granted our league is far short of Premiership quality from a technical and tactical standpoint, but our players are strong, fit and committed. It’s hard to appreciate how fit MLS players must be to play in the extreme heat of a US summer- just ask the Newcastle players who played in my provincial town last week. And it was great to see the pride on Thierry’s face both in being an Arsenal hero and in leaving the Emirates with the Cup. Well deserved.

  388. GR

    I agree he has a point about the game in general but today being the final straw is a bit OTT.

    If it was a PL game I would understand but players will not be able to give 100% in the Emirates Cup, they are not ready for the season.

  389. Thanks George, its nice that someone undetstands where im coming from. Noone was more passionate than me for Arsenal when i was a kid, a teenager and my early 20s. I come from a family or North london born and bred Gooners. I have fought with myself for 2 or 3 years now to get that passion back but i cant do it anymore, I just dont enjoy it anymore. Is it a sport or business? Are you a fan or customer? Judging by the extortionate ticket prices I think we know the answers deep down.

  390. Kevin Cutler

    you have written precisely what i am thinking. i lay the largest blame on the grey suits. i am however slightly more generous inasmuch that i am giving wenger until kick off this season to turn things around before facing some difficult decisions and choices.

  391. LeGrave or avaris15

    Why the 2 IDs?

  392. Dup’s I see what you mean now.Perhaps ,but who knows when each of us reaches the end of their tether ?

  393. loud

    Thats mighty big of you mjan. Give the manager till the very 1st game of the season. We really need “fans” like you mate.

    Lg on Tour

    Give it a rest with the Kiefer doom mongering! 😀


    Mate, its pre-season, sure its a cynical money making excercise. The manager and players would, I imagine, rather be working on fitness and tactics and shit instead of having to look like they really give a shit about winning a meaningless tournament.

    To suggest the players werent arsed today, well, would you be? And for me, they looked pretty fucking interested anyways.

    I feel for you that you feel this way. I thinki you have completely over reacted man.

  394. Loud,I don’t think Kevin has a beef with Arsene.
    I understand his stand.not yours.
    But its good of you to give him another 2 weeks.I am sure he will appreciate it

  395. Dex, are we telepathic or what?

  396. Dex

    i did make the point that it is the money men i blame.

  397. george

    what you think doesnt concern me

  398. dups, I’m logged in here on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. For some reason, it decided to send my post from 2 of those accounts. Odd.

  399. what you think doesnt concern me

    Dont understand your question Loud

  400. I wish more who feel like Kevin Cutler would do the same. If you no longer feel the passion for the team, stay away rather than suck the life out of the atmosphere at the ground that the rest of us would like to create and enjoy. Arsenal don’t have a sugar daddy on an ego trip and cannot afford to service the level of debts that manure have, so we have to compete within our resources. It’s only the talent of Arsene that has kept us competitive on a fraction of their resources, yet instead of getting credit for it and acceptance of the reality of the situation, we have so called supporters aided and abetted by the media slaughtering him for not jumping on a speeding bandwagon that is heading for the buffers. Unbelievable! Some people call themselves realists when they are actually totally unrealistic, expecting champagne when all we’ve got is beer money.

  401. Goonzablazin. With all due respect mate its a bit out of order calling me a “horrible fan”. I find that hard to take coming from a bloke in the USA. I have put a lot of my money and emotions into Arsenal FC over a number of years. That is a bit different to you watching it on TV from thousands of miles. As I said, I hate feeling this way. Supporting a club should be for life, in the blood. Sadly for me, the passions gone. Thanks for the nice comments and support guys.

  402. Passenal.Spot on but harsh on Kevin .He is suffering badly.
    I would be devastated if I lost my passion for the game.I really feel for him

  403. loud

    Apologies if I misunderstood you man


    I completely understand your disadin for football in general mate. The money swilling around is horrendous and will eventually kill the game as we know it I am afraid. Unless something is done to stop this obscene wages and fees. Hopefully the UEFA FFP will go some way to helping that shit. I find it abhorrant that clubs can spend any amounts of cash, with no comebacks, while other clubs go bust trying to keep up.

    I remember watching Sky sports and Rodney marsh was saying that he could envisage a day when players would be on £100k a week. Everyone else laughed at him and I did too. I just couldnt see it ever happening, never mind less than 10 years later!

    It is a real concern, as is the high price involved in following games.

  404. Passenal You would have missed this from Martin Keown today, he said, and I quote;

    “What Arsenal do every year is a minor miracle.”

    Says it all really.

    Of course we can improve, I think we will too.

  405. Kevin,
    Goonzablazin was not talking about you ,I don’t think,

  406. Blackburn have signed a Goodwillie

  407. Dex

    cool man;
    just to put things into perspective – my familys association with Arsenal goes back to the
    1940s/50s. would have to check with grandpops to be exact.
    i just hate the way the money grabbing suits are destroying a once proud club.

  408. Not really george, I am applauding him for his honesty and suggesting that there are others who have lost it but rather than admit it, they continue to follow the team and heap abuse on them when they are trying to win in an environment corrupted by big bucks. I admire Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for trying to win another way and resisting the temptation to jump on that speeding bandwagon. I’m sad that not everyone can see how hard he is swimming again the tide and that people who claim to love the club can’t just give the negativity a rest and offer some support in what must be a difficult situation. I guess that is also why I’m so pissed off with the selfishness of Nasri and Cesc. I understand it from their personal perspectives, but I don’t support them, I support Arsenal and I feel their behaviour is doing damage by adding to the general negativity around the club.

  409. SLEEPERS was a good movie to watch and had keifer in it along with julia roberts. enjoy

    kevin i see where you are coming from as far as money men taking over the game. but this should create the opposite emotions in you. unless your are hell bent on just winning. AFC is in this game competing with real moneybags for godsakes. and producing a fantastic product in the process. the ARSENAL WAY is destined for a DINESTY. DON’T GET OFF THE WAGON NOW. you will miss the boat. no better model than the one we are working with. and no better coach than AW to deliver. it won’t be every year but when it comes it will be sweeter than a hundred titles bought. AT ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB WE EARN OUR TITLES ,NOT BUY THEM..

  410. Passenal.In that case I agree with every thing you have said.

  411. Fucking typical daily fail! Wilshere says that we could do with some new faces at the club and apparantly that is a swipe at Wenger?

    Go fucking figure. Pathetic low rent tabloid twats

  412. I could put up with 4th and the moral high ground,Its not ideal but the Cesc and more so Nasri shit is making me think we might not be able to catch up.
    I believe we can but money is such a factor that it is more difficult with every passing week.

  413. i agree with GR & PASSENEL. AFC & AW are swimming against the current that is football today. be proud and doubleup your support. every voice counts. i dare say, being as close as we were last year before the letdown, if the support was louder and unconditional the outcome might have been completely different.

  414. George

    Its very tricky at the monet man. With Nasri is more simple, we either keep him, or we sell to now. With Cesc, its more difficult as he will go if the money is right. But the way barca are pissing about, that could be anytime right up till the transfer deadline.

    What I would like to see, is the club blocking any move that happens too late in the window. Unless we are really well paid for that deal. That would include, for me anyway, a player like Alcantara being part of the deal.

    What we should do, is sign players regardless of what we think might happen. Mata is a great start.

  415. dexter, martin in on the money with his comment. i wish we could get him on board as a coach or at least replace the useless twat doing the commenting on arsenal tv.

  416. I agree Dex, because even if Cesc stays, there might be some hangover as he will be so disappointed that his boyhood heroes didn’t care enough to pay up or he might blame Arsenal for putting too high a price on his signature. He will also have to face an unprecedented for him backlash from the support. I don’t think it will be as easy for him as it was after last summer’s shenanigans.

  417. what happens if they don’t leave dexter. we have depth in some.positions which in its self ksne bad but will block the progress of the young ones. I’m with YW. we need to see who is gone before adjusting to the situation. A DEADLINE IS WHAT WE NEED. after that refuse to negotiate with the sneaky cheap basterds. i tell you, they have and/ or had the money, but they think our position is weak and want to get CESE on the lowball.

  418. Dex ,Its not about Cesc and Samri now its the princibal that we simply cant keep the team together because of the spending power being brought to bare.
    The team will never mature as we will constantly be replacing our “poached “stars.
    And I simply dont see an answer.

  419. Fuck me I am turning doomer

  420. Where is Limp’s when you need cheering up?

  421. George its not easy, to say the least! However, with Cesc, its a bit different than Nasri. Cesc has this love triangle sentimental thing going on. With nasri its purely about money.

    We have to try and sign players whose sole motivation isnt cash!

  422. hay George, cheer up mate. you know the score man. we might not be able to compete with money bags but that’s been the case since 1992.. the few titles won since have been great. only team in top six with net spend of about 5 mil a year ,as compared to the high of 40mil on average per year for chelski.

  423. Kamran I know all that but City have taken it to a whole new level and like Kevin said it is killing the game.
    But the media and Sky in particular are lapping it up .
    It is just wrong on every level.
    And our thick as fuck fans think our £20m. profit per year should see us compete.

  424. Ah George man, its not so bad mate. The uncertainty over Cesc and nasri is unsettling I am sure. It would be nice if we could have a close season without this kind of shit. But football is a lot more transient these days, with players moving on alot more frequently.

  425. But Dex Nasri is not the first and will most certainly not be the last,
    An extra 2 or 3 million per year is pretty appealing to even the wealthiest

  426. you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time. dexter is right.
    the house of cards will come crashing down one day and till then this the only game in town.
    wish there was a way to organize a different league and enforsible financial regulations, but that is a monumental task and till things do change, I’m glad to see AFC as the flag bearers.

  427. I know George, its sick and horrible and there is no hard and fast way to combat it. However, instilling a great team spirit, coupled with commitment and a strong work ethic goes a long way IMO.

  428. Dex,But it is that bad
    And Arsene is a fucking genius yet he gets shit of halfwit dumb arse cunts with fuck all else to do but depress the rest of us.
    I am so fucked off that someone who deserves huge credit gets disparaged by lesser beings

  429. Mr Fabregas is so loved and badly wanted at Barcelona they want him to chip in to pay for his transfer. Cesc need to wake up and smell the coffe. He is not wanted, he is not going to play ahead of Xavi iniesta , Pedro and the new boy sanchez. after fews years on the bench he will be sold to Man city.

  430. Someone said that when he was at marseille, Nasri signed a new deal, even though he was going to leave the following year. He did it so marseille would get a good price for him.

    So, that would be a pretty decent thing for him to do right about now, if you asked me.

  431. take away the moneybags of liverpool,manure, chelski, man shitty and presently the TOTs. tell me who would have won most titles in the past ten years. ??

  432. As Martin, said each year he works fucking miracles.And tomorrow Jabba, Luke and the other diparaging shit bags will be out in force

  433. 1lc

    Its got to a stage now, with barca, that its more down to pride than anything else. They have set themselves up as the Barca DNAers and cesc is one of theirs and he deserves to go there, regardless of whether they actually want him in the team!

    Machismo bullshit is what it is!

    I could see it, if cesc didnt go this season, that by next year, they would seriously not be interested, because of Alcantara and possibly others, but would STILL have to make the same noises yet again.

  434. Well I will be ready for the cunts tomorrow,I can tell you 🙂

  435. I seriously think that if we make a few choice signings, then we can challenge for the title next season.

    That is not too shabby now! 😀

    Laters dudes

  436. Cesc is huge for us.
    I don’t get this just let him go malarkey.I really don’t.

  437. 1lc, maybe he is desperate enough for trophies to pay his way to where there is no competition and he is ‘guaranteed’ to win one. As good a player as he is, I’ve just got a bad feeling that he will live to regret this move if it happens. It would be much better to go back when he has become a winner with AFC and they are desperate to buy him rather than being an afterthought once they’ve secured their main target.

    Dexter, Marseille was the club he supported as a boy and the one where he spent his whole career prior to his move to Arsenal. I doubt that he has developed the same love for Arsenal in his 3 years here.

  438. George

    Its always been about one thing; Barca coming up with the money. That hasnt happened and it still doesnt look likely either.

  439. Passenal

    Yeah, I appreciate that, but it would go someway to tempering his move and show its not just about getting a humoungous signing on fee next year

  440. later dexter,
    george ,regarding CESE. he was on board since 16.he believed in AW AND ARSENAL PROJECT. he no longer believes and as such will be of no use to AFC. he might even be of detriment. i bet you he is suffering big time with BARKAs behavior. there is still a way back and he is loved even now ,but he needs to take some action NOW. love is a two way street. cese needs to know that AFC and the fans won’t wait for much longer. Nasri(and his jackass greedy agents) are beyond contempt. he hasn’t payed his dues as Fabregas has. i have no time for them and fast losing the last morsel of respect i had for him.

  441. Dex the trouble is that that is likely exactly what it is about.And can you really blame him?
    He signed a 4 year deal .no more no less

  442. Kamran,with all due respect that is your opinion and nothing else.
    You are not fully aware of Cesc’s circumstances.You may think you know enough to fuck him off ,but the reality is you and everyone else knows very little

  443. Passenal- Wenger worked hard with him from a young age to give him this opportunity and it will be such a shame that it might go to waste. He had the chance to become one of Arsenal all time great if he stays and win trophies with Arsenal and I belive our time will come.

    Dexter- It was me who actually said that about Nasri on this blog. I remember him been in the same situation at Marseille he had a year left when Arsenal came in for him. he knew he was coming to Arsenal but still extended his contract by a year so marseille don’t lose out. Like Passenal has said Marseille is a different case but I still belive he will possibly do the same at Arsenal. and extend his contract for a year or so, I don’t know it is just my gut feeling, he does not come across as the type of guy who would run his contract.

  444. george, i have loved this kid and watched him develop over the years and i don’t want him to go. i think his future is with us. i think going to BARKA is going to seriously impede his progress at this time. but does he himself see all this.
    he is like a guy who was winked at by a girl he wants and on that evidence he is jilting his own girlfriend ,and now the new girl DOESN’T WANT HIM. i think i know what’s going on inside him right now. luckily, ARSENAL AND AW will forgive and take him back, but he needs to speak and say what is on his mind and his desire to stay and his commitment to the club.. and NOW…

  445. My feeling is the next season looks to be one of the most exciting for Arsenal for a long time. This team has character; it is an exciting mix. I have a feeling Nasri and Cesc are good to stay, but really don’t care. Wenger’s timing was good; his seeming off the cuff remarks said go or stay, but I’m busy now OK. Perfect. Isn’t it good to see Afobe, Frimpong, Gibbs playing their part; Ramsey mature beyond his years, TR7 enjoying himself. And Arsenal? Our first choice 11 and bench looks very exciting; if Arsenal settles quickly we are going to be a handful. It’s going to be about how the players coming in handle themselves.

  446. gervinho has hit the ground running and more of that is going to rub off on the rest. so has Jenks. if we have a good start to the season ,certain sections of the support will get of their backs and at least we will have one less front to fight. So from your mouth ,zimpaul, to gods ears. we all want this team and ARSENAL reach their potential.and win titles.

  447. @KevinCutler- I wasn’t really referring to you specifically, but having read your reaction to my post I’d have to say that you don’t understand how fortunate you are to be able to watch games in person. There are millions of us around the world who would gladly take your place if only we could. So no sympathy from me, pal. If you have “lost the passion” and can’t bring yourself to be positive about the team, stay home. You are entitled to nothing.

  448. Its going to be a terrible season.A continuation of the end of last season.If it didnt work last season change was needed.But watching the pre season games NOTHING has changed.
    The defence still cant defend.There is no leader at the back.
    Its the same pitty patty one pass too many fooball.
    Its no fucking good having 75% possesion and not winning
    Its 4th place or bust.Anyone who is deluded to believe this team with out Cesc and Nasri has a pray of winning the title needs to see a doctor pronto.

  449. I missed the game yesterday as I was travelling back to Germany. A real shame to hear about the booing. Good day on Sat though; free food and booze for me in box level (won a competition). Football wise there seems to be no real change from last season. Lots of possesion, without really being decisive. Defensive errors costing us goals.

    Wilshere looked nice and lively again, but Nasri really could not impose himself in midfield. Nor could Ramsey (great goal though).

  450. Today’s none too happy post is here:

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