One Of Us Speaks: The Parable of Robin van Persie

Big Al’s back and talking Dutch Masters

After falling foul of a strict corrective regime under Bert van Marwijk at Feyenoord, Robin van Persie slowly found his feet with us in a supportive environment where great care was taken to ensure that he was happy and comfortable on and off the pitch. As soon as he was treated like a grown up, he started acting like one. On the cusp of a season in which he’ll likely play a more central role than ever, his story offers a welcome antidote to the idea that we’re too soft with our young, budding talents.

This is from November 2004:

The way Arsenal take care of young players is incredible; they look after your family, they make sure your house or flat is in the right area. They have special people who are looking after us all the time. At London Colney ’s training ground you get trained to live the life of a top sportsman

Eight years ago, van Persie was the enfant terrible of Dutch football. He left his boyhood club Excelsior Rotterdam at 16 after falling out with the coaching staff. Then after breaking into the first team at local rivals Feyenoord in 2001, he spent much of the following three seasons in trouble with authoritarian manager Bert van Marwijk. Much of the drama sprung from being forced to play on the left wing and adhere to the manager’s rigid tactics.

A trawl through the Feyenoord news archives from this time is like reading the school reports of a nascent supervillain. When he wasn’t lighting up De Kuip with moments of breathtaking skill, he was prone to bouts of on-pitch indiscipline. These included baiting the manager in his goal celebrations, refusing to warm up properly during a crucial Champions League qualifier with Fenerbahce, openly trashing the team system, and consequently kicking his heels on the bench or moping around for the youth team.

He was also a divisive figure outside the club. One of the most dramatic incidents came when he turned out for the reserves at Ajax’s training ground, De Toekomst on 15th April 2004 – a dark day for Dutch football. At the final whistle of a customarily heated encounter between the old rivals, scores of Ajax hooligans stormed the pitch, and you can guess who they singled out for special treatment.

As the mob closed in, teammate Jorge Acuña jumped to Van Persie’s aid and spent the next few days in hospital recovering from bruised ribs and concussion. Robin took a couple of blows, swung back, and was eventually shielded from the melee by Marco van Basten, his future Oranje coach. After the incident he thanked Acuña for intervening, the Chilean midfielder shrugged it off with, “You’d have done the same for me”.

Prior to that, Feyenoord had been trying to find a new home for their precocious but troubled talent, who now had just over a year left to run on his contract. Mysteriously there weren’t many foreign takers for this young tearaway. Steve Rowley had been watching him on and off since his breakthrough in 2001, was convinced that he could be set straight and advised Arsenal to bid. A £5 million offer was rejected. That appeared to be the end of it, and PSV emerged as new favourites.

Even more strangely, after the brawl at De Toekomst, even domestic interest ebbed away. Feyenoord’s asking price was slashed and a new £2.75 million bid from Arsenal was accepted in May 2004.

It’s interesting to read that certain physical aspects of a player at a young age, e.g. running stance, are identified as an indication of how they will develop in their playing career. Could the same apply to mental development? Were the aggression and cockiness of van Persie then, a precursor to the focus and self-belief of today? Was this what Rowley had in mind when he ignored the cloud hanging over Van Persie’s young career?

van Marwijk followed RvP out the door that summer. Despite winning the UEFA Cup with the club in 2002, his lack of success in nurturing Van Persie – regarded by many as a superior talent to the emergent Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben – was seen as one of his major failures.

When it came to filling that precast bad boy role, RvP was a bit of a disappointment in his early Arsenal years. There was a silly red card against Southampton, a harsh sending off in the Champions League against FC Thun, and not much else, despite plenty of provocation most memorably from Chris Morgan and Andy Todd.

On the technical side, RvP’s career has come full-circle. In Feyenoord’s youth teams he started out as a shadow-striker with freedom to roam, which is very similar to the role he now plays, after spending a number of years on the right for Arsenal and the Netherlands. The video below is from 2000:

The technique is familiar – that unbending posture and implausible sense of balance. The big difference is free-kicks; his efforts eleven years ago were a little less violent and a little more lofted. Even when you look back at many of his classic efforts for Arsenal, like at Fulham or at home to Wigan in the Carling Cup, he strikes the ball with a degree of power but didn’t bludgeon them the way he does today. What’s also interesting is that his prowess from dead-ball situations is inversely related to his development as a goal-scorer. Could there be a certain quality that he’s cultivated as an efficient finisher that might hinder his direct free-kick taking?

It’s a minor quibble, as RvP as shown that he’s more than just a goal machine, with 26 of his 25 PL career assists coming in the last three seasons. This campaign should see yet more creative and goal-scoring responsibility as he drops deep to pick out runs by two of the fastest wide forwards around, and finishes moves with characteristic speed of thought and immaculate technique.

And there you have it – a blog about Robin van Persie that didn’t once mention injuries. What? Oh damn.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Love Van Persie. Nice to see that it is actually a childhood dream for him to play with us. I really hope that we can win a trophy or two next season, I want to see him lift one of those Premier League Cups in an Arsenal shirt!

  2. i dare say, not many managers could have calmed the beast in him, .AW is the exception. next coming of DENIS THE MENACE, they said. he still has to get more refined to come close to the maestro , but he is on his way. pleasure to watch.

    heck only FIFTEEN DAYS LEFT..
    congratulations to liverpool… 🙂
    keep shipping..

  3. Please stay fit all season!

  4. If Robin stays fit the whole season he will score well beyond 20 goals. The sky is the limit for him. Really can’t wait for the season to start, he has to extend his record by scoring in Newcastle and then at the Old Toilet.

  5. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    RVP u r so good!!! Keep ur comitment and u become a legend of the legends.

  6. We will always love Robin Van Persie. I also think that we haven’t seen the best of him and will do so this coming season.

    Never wanted to see us splashing out stupid amounts because we don’t need to. The way I was feeling last week is a mad contrast on how I feel this morning regarding our so say “lack of transfer activity”.

    Mata, is hopefully on the way. Cesc, now realising that bearca don’t actually want him as much as he thought and Wenger is still chasing Phil Janks. Although I would much rather Cahill or Samba, at least Wenger, is trying to get CB in.

    Joel Campbell’s dad has so say changed his tune and according to Costa Rican sources he should be a Gunner any time now.

    And to top off that “Good To Be A Goonah!” feeling. Jack Wilshere, will be on the cover of FIFA 12. Even though I’m a Pro Evo man myself it’s still nice to see.

  7. over three hundred posts for the great article regularly read on this site, yet not many are pushing the LIKE included, at times. what gives?
    let’s start with that before posting.
    tnx to dgob for the good news regarding JOEL CAMPBELL.maybe the clearer heads prevailed this time. great addition, if the special permit is forthcoming… 🙂

  8. Very interesting Big Al.Some stuff there new to me.

    I suggest Denis might have helped settle the lad and apply himself as well.

  9. @goonerton
    Yeah, but the hairless git is next to him. So one half of the cover is ruined.
    Btw. I really hope that Pro Evo will get the Arsenal license anytime soon. Been like 5 years until they had Arsenal in it properly.

  10. Van Persie showed last season that he can scroe goals regularly and be a real leader of the team. Hopefully he can carry on where he left off and steer clear of injuries, he deserves an uninterrupted season at some stage! I agree with Evil, a fit Van Persie is nailed on for 20+ goals.

  11. Please can we get a left back in?

  12. Excellent change of pace OOU. I long to see a fit RVP deliver over a whole season – we will win something for sure. He loves this club and wants to stay and win. These are the players we should get behind, not prima donnas who don’t want to work for it or would rather chase the big bucks.

  13. If he can do two things this season- stay fit all season and further add to his goal tally by converting the truly uncanny amount of shots against the goal-frame, then he will comfortably top 30 goals.

    Not since Merson have I seen a player with such unerring ability to find the woodwork.

    As a result we topped the ‘woodwork league’ last season with (if memory serves) something like 17 rebounds. I don’t think any other team even came close.

  14. Awesome article, and very insightful.

    VP is one the planets most gifted footballers, its always impossible to ignore the what if’s of him being fit for the whole of last season…

  15. If he plays in a meaningless international friendly and gets injured I’m going to write him a strongly worded letter. Very strongly worded indeed.

  16. Thanks OoU. Great insight in to RvP’s early years. A nice change of pace too. Making me very excited about the Emirates cup this weekend.

    Agree with others that if he doesn’t manage to get scythed down in an international game, he’ll easily stay fit and bang in plenty of goals. I see him linking up well with Gervinho too.

  17. Ha Jonny.

    Nothing quite like a strong worded letter to get your point across.

  18. Avaris, agreed. I can’t remember the game last year, but The Gas dinked the ball into RVP, he (without anyone seeing) had already picked out Walcotts run, a touch of class to control the ball, and with his back to the goal, just tucked it around the corner, feeding Walcott into a one on one, which he duly buried.

    Is Walcott one of the best finishers in the league? His goal away at Shaktar was outrageous.

  19. Luke, was that not against Blackburn away last season? A top quality finish from Walcott that one, it pinged off the inside of the post as I recall.

  20. many great players have past demons inside of them…cantona, best(remember him??)charlie george was also a bad boy at times in the early days. kenny burns became notts forest captain under brian clough when he was probably one of the baddest boys of all time.It bepends on an understanding manager and in this case the scout steve rowley.
    Rvp is a top quality player…probably the best player we have and that includes cesc….he is also a great bloke, choosing his football contentment at arsenal over the money he could get elsewhere.
    It all reminds me of the recent ballotelli “incident”…i dont reckon mancini handled him correctly…i think an arm round him and a sensible word would have been better……it was a friendly and a bit of unpredictability and entertainment was welcome for me.

  21. “It’s a minor quibble, as RvP as shown that he’s more than just a goal machine, with 26 of his 25 PL career assists coming in the last three seasons”

    Wow. – RVP is so good, he can defy the laws of mathematics! nice.
    Other than that great perspective on early RVP – he’s a genuinely top class player now for my money. If only him and walcott can start to function the same way Bergkamp and Henry/Wright/Wiltord/anyone he played with did.

  22. @ OOU
    Thanks. And thanks for posting the clip.
    I love Robin – the fire and the drive to do well and also the passion for the beautiful game in its most beautiful form.
    It is a mystery as to where those goals from dead balls have gone. Perhaps it’s as simple as accuracy having been sacrificed for power?

    @ consolsbob
    I think it is highly likely that DB10 had something to do with it. I also think the whole experience of going to jail for two weeks and tcontemplating losing everything caused him to mature.

    @ Block 4
    Yes – the great thing about RvP is that we can almost literally rely on him to score in almost every game. Knowing that Robin will nearly always get us something must be great for team morale – knowing he’s good for one or two goals in most games. Some players have hot streaks where they score hat-tricks, or score in every game for six games then don’ score for six games, but when RvP is fit he is remarkably consistent – hasn’t had a dry patch since two seasons ago when he was working out how to play that false 9 role, and even then he assisted and worked for the team. He is an absolute gem

  23. Luke – Sometimes Walcott looks such a natural finisher. Sometimes he looks worse than me!. He is still inconsistant with much of his play. He can look unplayable, or he can look like a schoolboy. Hopefully he will start to become more consistant as he matures, and the added competition for his place will only help him.

  24. @ big tone
    funny you should say that abotu Balotelli – he popped into my mind when I was reading the post as well

  25. big tone. I agree.

    Great post OOU. I’m really enjoying your friday blog spot. Good stuff with a different pace and feel. Well recruited YW.

    I’d rate RvP the best striker in the EPL and our best player. I’d be confident in putting a bet on 30+ goals after a full season. Look at his work this year. Record breaking.

    Great video that, never seen any of that stuff. Love the last comment. The guys a fucking rock. I would love to see him as club captain next season.

  26. OOU – Nice post by the way. RvP really has developed into a class act.

  27. Yeah the intelligence he shows when talking about football almost outshines his über confidence. Not quite though.

    Good shout about balloteli that. We’ll wait a couple of seasons til nobody wants him and swoop in. He’ll need a hell of a wage cut though.

  28. andy did you go to the game last week?

  29. Els – Yes mate. I though it would be a quiet pre-seaons affair. 41000 at the ground and a great atmosphere.

  30. Rvp is the best. love him. He takes a while to settle into a season and then you cant stop him. unless you injure him of course.

    2 seasons ago i decided never to question his ability or usefulness to us ever again. Barring injury, he can be the leagues top scorer.

  31. Nice andy. Looked like a decent do. They’ve been getting some serious attention for all the pre season games. I think the emirates cup will have the lowest gate!

  32. Yeah, it wa a good day out. All the Koln fans were pretty friendly and I ended up having a few beers with some of them.

    Flying back to the UK later tonight for the Emirates cup. Should be good.

  33. Love VP. Plays like an artist. The only player that is good enough to wear no. 10 after another dutch master. His talent deserves more trophies. Very loyal

  34. Thanks for the positive comments, guys. And yeah, as Prof JY says, his PL record is 26 assists over the past three years out of 37 in total, although I do like the idea of him smashing the rules of maths with his passing skills.

    Also, I mulled over a couple of the ideas towards then end with LA, so thanks to him!

  35. still my best gooner

  36. I love the fact even then he was best mates with the crossbar

  37. Good post OOU, very refreshing to read something different once in a while. Hope you keep it up!

    On a completely unrelated note, I was looking through Cesc’s twitter profile and noticed that he follows Arseblog. I found that rather impressive.
    I know some on here don’t like the Irishman, but good to know that Cesc is exposed to the view of one of the saner and more balanced voices in the gunner online community.

  38. Henristic – Agreed.

  39. Great stuff OOU. Hate to bring this up but I must. One year ago the usual suspects, aka the “realists”, spent an entire summer, pre and post world cup, describing him as useless because he is always crocked, made of glass etc. It is precisely the same nonsense about Diaby that we had to endure on ACLF yesterday.
    Interestingly, it seems to me that most of us who are veterans of these skirmishes refuse to get dragged in, I assume because it is futile having a sensible debate with the purveyors such patent nonsense.

  40. The upsetting thing is I genuinely don’t think he is an injury prone player. Most of his injuries have been the result of bad tackles or putting himself into bravely into positions that have caused injury. It’s been a combination of atrocious misfortune and sadly, one suspects, a little bit of targeting from the opposition.

    Compared to Fabregas, Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky et al who, I’m afraid, were just not very well constructed.

  41. Who doesn’t like Arseblog?

    I love it – you don’t have to agree with every utterance to admire its consistent quality and passion. On the whole, I think it is pretty balanced too.

    It’s fucking great news that Fab reads it – I have often wondered if players read these blogs or, by and large, ignore them.

  42. Shotta – I don’t think I was involved in those discussions, but it is a valid point. There is no way we should be getting rid of him, but it does leave Arsene with a bit of a problem. He main striker cannot seem to manage more than half a season of games. The half he does put in is pure quality, but the half he is not there leaves us soming up short a bit. Especially when we only play with one striker.

    Such a shame, as if he remained injury free for a season (like other have said) I have no doubt he would be the top scorer in the lge. He really could be the difference between siverware, or another empty season. Fingers crossed.

  43. Let’s not underestimate the connection he has with Cesc though and how his departure could affect Robin. What a legend.

  44. Wow. Henristic singing the praises of the chief blog whore. Pandering to the lowest common denominator in the Arsenal support can always be justified as having an alternate point of view, I suppose. Good job, Henristic.

  45. Arseblog and ACLF are the only 2 blogs I read.

  46. Shotta – What a bizzare post @ 11:23.

  47. O brother!

  48. Shotta – I normally have you down as a bastion of sanity but are you referring to Arseblog as the lowest common denominator?? If so, porquoi?

  49. excellent article. this is the kind of thing i want to be reading! not interested in will he join or will he leave. i think it is way more interesting to focus on who we have in the team, and how they link with tactics, training, the history of football, etc.left me with a regret of what we have lost through RVP being injured but excited about the upcoming season. Sagna next?

  50. i do read arseblog but not as much as before. When he mellows down again i will go back. Right now he is not too balanced. The media bullcrap is getting to him. Happens to the best of us.

    But come the start of the season i hope he goes back to being funny and cool.

    I only read ACLF and ArsenalArsenal.

  51. Jabba's delights


    ha just chucking people in the same boat as they think something about one player. As usual you gloss over what was said.

    The debate was about who was better jack or diaby…………..not whether diaby was useful to the squad. It was stated that he is different to what we have and can be sublime at times but Jacks consistency makes him better. Anyway we move on.

    Yogi great post. Love everything about RVP, lets hope we do enough this summer to convince him to sign anaother contract he has only 1 year to run after this. He is Mr Arsenal and if he stays fit this could be the year where he puts himself in contention for major individual honurs. Wilshere young player of year, rvp top scorer and player of the year……that would be lovely

  52. What i’ve realised is that the players read everything. I think they should filter what they read. People are mostly assholes. who need that. Can you imagine tham reading le grave. i shudder at the thought.

  53. It may be that Arseblog dares to acknowledge, and even dare discuss any failings of the club. For some that is unforgivable 😉

  54. Shotta is obsessed with arseblog. but hasn’t managed to put forth any real argument as to why exactly he thinks the owner is the ‘chief blog whore’, whatever the hell that means.

  55. I’m going to unashamedly mention that’s it’s only ACLF for me. Cesc can keep arseblog, what would he know anyway.

    Anyway I don’t like to brag but I’m actually erm… Glen Helder. Or someone.

  56. Shotta really doesn’t like Arseblog it seems. I’m with Andy, in that this site and Arseblog are the 2 blogs i read every day without fail.

    Thanks OOU – a great article about a great player and man. Arsenal, through thick and thin. Love the vid from the archives too, nice one!

  57. RvP – What an artist! And even his twittering with Cesc is amusing. So Cesc reads Arseblog !? Well, good for him – he’ll have read alot of good stuff about himself and some funny things about his Barca mates.

  58. Jabba's delights

    Arseblog is a quality read and offers a different perspective to this blog without the rudeness or hysteria of a le grove. Shotta just hates anyone with a different perspective to his own

  59. els – and there i was thinking you were Chris Kiwomya…

  60. I can imagine not everyone agrees with arseblog’s views on everything, and some don’t enjoy his humour. But going so far as to call him racist and the ‘chief blog whore’ is more than ridiculous.

  61. Off home to start packing. Got to be in Dortumnd by 5 for my flight to London for tomorrows Emirates Cup 🙂


  62. Was he called racist? Must have missed that one.. Of course, no-one agrees 100% with everything written on any blog, that would make for some pretty boring reads, and comments sections. He definitely makes me chuckle sometimes though, with his weird rants!

  63. So there’s some truth to the talk of our attempts to Jagielka it seems. Again I’m stumped as to the reasoning behind our interest in him, considering he won’t come cheap.

  64. Geo,
    Yes he was.

  65. Henristic! We’re damned if we do, and we’re damned if we don’t! You can’t hark on about us needing signings, and then as soon as we’re making bids for the “established English CB” we supposedly need, you complain that he won’t be cheap!

  66. Hmm, ok…

    I haven’t paid Jag enough attention to know whether he’s good enough or not. People on here have mainly been in favour of the deal though, and his suitability to the team, so I’ll have to wait and seen before making judgements of my own. The fact that I don’t notice him much in games, is probably a good sign though, most of the time when you notice a CB is when they’ve fucked things up..

  67. How dare you Geo. Kiwomya?

  68. Goonerandy @ 11.45 – I was fearing that might be the posited reason.

    There is nothing wrong with criticising Wenger – in fact it would be madness not to. It’s only the manner in which it is done that concerns me.

    I really like Untold but there is no doubt that we could not have every site being as sycophantic and doggedly defensive as that.

    The thing is that whilst I love, admire and respect what Wenger has done for the club and I maintain he is the best man for the job I also feel he does have a few notable failings. Its annoying feeling lost amidst what is an increasingly polarised landscape. I can see points on both sides of the argument but there are a few posters in the comments here who will jump down people’s throats the second anyone differs of opinion in critique of Wenger and, for me, that’s a pity.

  69. Geo, exactly the same position as me. Never really picked up on him, so it can only be a good thing! The fact that we’re in for him means that Arsene rates him and figures he can play for us.

  70. Oh for the record I read this, Arseblog, Youngguns and occasionally Untold and Beautiful Groan.

    Anyone got anything else they would put forward?

  71. I hadn’t even heard of Jenkinson, but the scouts did their job (as well as they always do) and picked up a very impressive player at a good rate. I’ve got high hopes for the lad. Arsenal fan all his life, versatile, tall, and is English. Lovely.

  72. Oh, and he can score some cracking goals 😉

  73. Apart from regulars ACLF and Untold I like the False Nine site (cheers LA!) and of course ArsenalVision, BackwardsGooner, ZonalMarking (E’s a gooner!) and the Brains Arsenal Column. When I can.

  74. Never read Beautiful Groan, will check it out… Goonerholic is another good one, some great historic articles too.

    Sorry els, I take it back..! lol

    Avaris – as usual, Le Prof knows! Either way, I’d be happier with someone of his experience in the EPL than Squillachi, if the dreaded injuries kick in again… Don’t get me wrong, Skilly isn’t terrible, but we definitely look shaky with him back there.

  75. Some Arsenal fans of significant vintage within the community in N & N/E London that I know have written to the Arseblogger in question regarding the ‘ridiculous’.

    The hit raking ‘brochure’ was very revealing. A little late tbh, and shit! I don’t think it was responsible for duping $iteh, their inability to check Ade’s record at Monaco did that. Therefore regardless of the above and what he may or may not have written since it’s fair and reasonable to state that he has given the impression of wanting to be a lesser Palmer at times.

  76. False Nine site?

  77. avaris15 | July 29, 2011 at 12:04 pm
    “Henristic! We’re damned if we do, and we’re damned if we don’t! You can’t hark on about us needing signings, and then as soon as we’re making bids for the “established English CB” we supposedly need, you complain that he won’t be cheap!’

    Lol, I can see why you’d think from my post that my main concern is his cost. I take it you weren’t on here the other day when I expressed my concerns about his similarity to what we already have and therefore not being what we need (i.e. great on the ground but not fantastic in the air)

  78. Have a look at soccermetrics and the Swiss Rambler, for a wider view of football

  79. Geo

    False nine blogspot. It’s not an Arsenal blog, a wider football blog.

  80. Jabba's delights

    Will get jumped on but is actually quite a good site. They do in depth analysis of foreign teams and players. Whilst their transfer rumors are boring and often wrong they do give insight into foreign teams that you cant seem to find on other sites

  81. Geo, I think Squillaci get’s a bad press. He’s not an awful player. Just another case of being rusty because of a lack of games, and lack of consistency at the back. He’s a perfectly capable deputy in my eyes. He’s got experience, and at his age, is content knowing he won’t get to play every week.

    Henristic, sorry if I jumped down your throat a bit there. Your comment just seemed to contradict itself. I’m afraid I missed your comments the other day, but I would agree with you on that front. Djourou just needs to sort himself out positionally, and he can be that tall header of the ball, clearing any danger.

  82. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice one, OOU. One of my favorite posters here with a post on one of my favorite Gunners. Doesn’t get better than that. Leave it to goonerandy to rain on the parade though.

    I agree with Shotta, too. Arseblog used to be a decent read but I cant vouch for him nowadays as I stopped giving him hits after the Adebayor thing. That pissed me off. I only read a few blogs, I usually get my Arsenal fix from ACLF, Untold Arsenal, Arsenal Vision and Young Guns.

  83. I for one really hope that RVP stays fit this season. I’ve got 100€ riding on him at 12/1 to be EPL top scorer.
    However, today I put another 50€ on Gervinho with odds of 28/1 to cover my back. Did it today because if he scores a few more over the weekend the odds will shorten rapidly.

    OOU, good article mate……… you can see sometimes when RVP plays for us, his young passion comes through, without the stupidity!

    Will Balotelli be the same……… possibly, but Mancini isn’t able to nurture that type of mercurial talent, and will send him on his way.

  84. I used to give top priority in reading Arseblog, primarily for his articles sense of humor. (which I believe is his real talent)

    However, during the past 2 seasons (approx), he’s spent more time analyzing player’s performances and that is when (for me) he is just an average fan (with player bias). I even found his match descriptions, his attempts to detail play, were filled with errors.

    So if match analysis was flawed, how can you sit in judgment abt player (and manager) performances. Oh, that’s right – its just a blog.

  85. avaris15,
    No worries, but how did my post contradict itself?

    JD’s problem is not just about positioning (although i agree its a major issue), but he lacks aggressiveness as well. He doesn’t have that ‘do or die’ attitude to winning any and every ball that comes close by.
    Only Verm has that quality among our CBs at the moment, but unfortunately he is limited by his height. .

  86. Northbank1969, I put £20 on RvP a couple of weeks back. Tempted to throw a couple of quid on Gervinho too before the weekend.

  87. Arsesession,
    What’s wrong with being ‘an average fan’? And its not like arseblogger pretends to be anything else?

    Can I ask what else you expect from a fan blog?

  88. Henristic, I was of the understanding that you wanted us to buy an English CB, and then complained about the price. I was wrong. As you pointed out, you have stated before that he’s probably not the kind of guy we’re in need of.

  89. Jabba's delights


    Your spot on with your 12.37 post. Its wanting someone to compliment what we have. Jagielka ia a fine player but is very similar to what we have. Maybe his attitude and schooling at Everton can help the team.

    Either how its good to see some pace gather in the rumors with Mata and him. If we got those two and signed a striker and the added work on the training ground works i think we could be in with a great shout of being very competative this year

  90. ACLF.K.B!

    Avaris – “Geo, I think Squillaci get’s a bad press. He’s not an awful player. Just another case of being rusty because of a lack of games, and lack of consistency at the back. He’s a perfectly capable deputy in my eyes. He’s got experience, and at his age, is content knowing he won’t get to play every week.”

    That’s all true. Your last sentence is also a big reason why we will probably keep him in the squad. I was probably a little harsh on him, but imo he’s our worst defender, so I used him as the person to be replaced by any pending CB arrivals…

  91. Jabba's delights

    Gunnerblog is reporting we have now signed that Joel Campbell

  92. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a load of cliched bs, Henristic. How do you measure “do or die”? Is it just based on height? I mean Koscielny is as aggressive as they come and practically wins any and every ball that comes his way. I’m not sure any defender wins any and every ball that comes by, but I do applaud your pursuit of perfection. Even if it’s unattainable. I’m not going to go into depth, and I don’t have time to respond again but I just wanted to tell you I thought that was rubbish. You don’t give our defenders enough credit, IMO.

  93. Geo, it wasn’t a particularly harsh assessment. As you say, he is probably the least capable of our main CB’s. Personally, I’d rather Bartley be given a chance to fight for a place.

    I feel bad that decent players like Djourou or Koscielny might fall down the pecking order. But I guess it’s more about having competition for places, and injury cover. They’ll inevitably get their chances, and it’s up to them to prove that they can be the first pick!

  94. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Of course we’ll be competitive, JD. We were competitive last year. We’re winning the league Mata and Jags or not.

  95. @ Henristic
    maybe average fan was not the best choice of words……..criticism is just fine when you back it up with factual details. Average fans usually parrot media spin – rarely provide insight.

    Take this post by OOU as an example of an Arsenal fan, comprehensive understanding – not just surface issues.

    When you make and give time to develop a blog sight…..I expect a higher standard….and if you frequent this sight……you’ve already shown a tendency to expect MORE.

    @ Consolsbob – 8:24 am….
    Bergkamp and CRYUFF.

    OOU – thanks for the excellent post!

  96. @ Geo
    I’m sure Shotta will explain himself, but I have to say right now that he certainly did NOT accuse Arseblogger of being racist.

    @ Jonny, Geo
    Arseblogger is intelligent and he’s funny, although I found his humour a bit samey after a while.

    BUT what I don’t like about him is that he takes up an opposing stance on certain things – like a player or our tactics – and starts a virtual campaign about them which some of his fans embrace unquestioningly. (One of the many commendable aspects of ACLF is that YW, who DOES criticise AW when he sees fit, doesn’t campaign against the manager’s decisions.) We then get a meme going – that Player X is crap, or AW is losing it, or Song shouldn’t be rotating with Wilshere – without any real scrutiny as to the validity of the argument or the source. Arseblogger is just Some Bloke Off The Internet, but some of his legions of fans think he is infallible. He has power but accepts no responsibility. He led the calls for Song to be got rid of, but no-one holds him to account for having got it so wrong. (And the Adebayor stunt pissed me off as well.) I feel these things hurt the club and make the manager’s job more difficult.

    @ Jonny
    Your comment about the defensiveness of some commenters has led me onto something I’ve been meaning to say for a while. Many fans are insistent on the rightness of criticising Wenger’s wrong decisions and are infuriated because people like me rarely criticise and usually defend AW. This almost reflexive defence of Wenger is for these reasons: 1) There are very few times in football when you can say a decision is wrong or right in itself, and 2) AW has shown that he takes decisions in the best interests of the club.

    Regarding point 1), what I mean by that is that there are so many factors out of a manager’s control – sometimes the “right” decision turns out wrong and vice versa. But so as long as he made his decision on reasonable grounds in the best interests of the club, and things work out a lot more often than they don’t, I won’t criticise.

    I take a holistic, realistic view of his tenure. None of us know all the imperatives AW has to balance or all of the constraints on him because we are not insiders. I don’t think he’s a perfect manager (who is?) but he is one of the best there has ever been and as near to perfect *for Arsenal* as can be – there’s no need for me to enumerate his virtues, to you, I know. I can’t surgically remove any bits of Wenger I don’t like and add in bits of another manager, so I accept him as he is.

    Moreover, he is widely misrepresented and misquoted (by Arsenal fans as well) and many of the things he is accused of are unfair (lying, hypocrisy, anti-English bias, etc) – so I am quite protective of him for that reason. I also admire him as a person and believe that most of the time he does the club credit. So that is basically why I am a paid-up member of the AKB! 🙂

  97. Developments on Mata….

    All paper nonsense or a modicum of truth in the reports do we think??

  98. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I gotta jet, but I struggle to understand why some feel Squillaci isn’t good enough to be our 4th or 5th choice CB.

  99. FG – “@ Geo
    I’m sure Shotta will explain himself, but I have to say right now that he certainly did NOT accuse Arseblogger of being racist. ”

    I certainly didn’t see that earlier, and find it hard to imagine he’d go down that route…

    And re Arseblog – I commented a few times, a couple of years ago on their site, and didn’t like the format, but mainly didn’t like most of what the ‘fans’ were saying. I can understand why people don’t like Arseblog that much, but i like to read his articles in the morning, to get a slightly different tone on what tend to be about the same news stories that are written here, and to have a chuckle. My parents live in Ireland, and I can’t help reading his articles in a deep Kerry accent! Try it, the humour might come back for you…! 😉

  100. Nasir, it’s easy to go with the flow isn’t it? Once a player has a perceived weakness, or is out of favour, it’s easy for people to take other people’s opinions as fact, instead of having an opinion of their own. As I said, I think he’s a very good squad player.

  101. Jabba's delights


    I think becuase our 4th or 5th choice cb may actually get alot more game time than you might think if we dont sign anyone. Vermalan is our 2nd choice left back. This added to the fact that he had some utterly disastrous performances at key moments down the stretch…..i would imagine thats why people are worried

  102. So much comments on Arseblog and so little on the best footballer in the EPL: RVP. I guess Big Al didn’t leave any room where one could shower more praises on RVP. Excellent read. Can’t wait to see him on the pitch.

    Fucking Come on….!!!

  103. Avaris – that’s the problem, don’t want to ‘hurt’ Kos’s development (joke). But seriously, I would be happy for TV5/Kos to be our starters this year. I’d have a combo of any of those 2 and JD too, without any worries. They will only get better this year, and will all have a full season under their belts in the Prem, with some lessons learnt I’m sure. It will be a matter of rotating much of the squad all year i reckon, hopefully giving us fresher legs coming into the dreaded run in..

  104. @ Ateeb.
    Very apposite observation. Let’s not let a blog in celebration of the best striker in the PL get hijacked.

    Robin van Persie. Simply the best.

  105. Nasir – he is a good squad player, but you would also say he’s one of our worst CBs no? So if we had Bartley and a signing at CB, where does that leave Skillmeister? 6th choice? Without Bartley, then see no reason why SS wouldn’t play a part this season. Surely one of the best 5th choice CBs around.

  106. Geo, I’d happily see those two as our first 2. With JD, SS and KB as backup. If one fucks up, promote another. Keep ’em on their toes.

    Ateeb, very good point. RvP is a true gunner! Hope he has a good season ahead. He can win me some dosh! 😀

  107. Arsesession | July 29, 2011 at 1:04 pm
    @ Henristic
    maybe average fan was not the best choice of words……..criticism is just fine when you back it up with factual details. Average fans usually parrot media spin – rarely provide insight.

    Take this post by OOU as an example of an Arsenal fan, comprehensive understanding – not just surface issues.

    When you make and give time to develop a blog sight…..I expect a higher standard….and if you frequent this sight……you’ve already shown a tendency to expect MORE.

    @ Consolsbob – 8:24 am….
    Bergkamp and CRYUFF.

    OOU – thanks for the excellent post!

    Not that high a standard given that ‘site’ is misspelt twice!

    Gunnerblog, Goonerholic and Goodplaya are all decent reads. Don’t agree with everything that they write but some good points on each and they come from different angles.

    Surprised that difference of opinion is so frowned upon among posters on here…

  108. I just love hearing players talk of training, improving, wanting to learn to deal with the nature of the EPL.

    Its so freshing.

  109. @ Geo | July 29, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I agree that Jagielka would provide depth – he is quite similar to what we have now. Our unhappy experience in the last few seasons of injuries laying waste to our central pairing has probably prompted AW to believe that for us, even four CBs is not enough. Bartley’s almost certainly off on loan, but we would have five CBs, all quality and all with experience, even if not all in the PL. Jagielka was also part of a defence which conceded the fewest set piece goals last season (7). If the deal happens, it will be one of those last-minute jobs, which also suggests PJ is not expected to go straight into the first-choice line-up.
    What we really need is a couple of settled CB partnerships, players staying late after training to do a bit more work on set-piece defending and really committing to it in matches.

  110. Fungunner – TBH you sound as though you are pretty much on the same page as me – I certainly feel there is no other manager who could have seen us through the enormous metamorphosis, which the club is still undergoing, nearly as well as he has. He is the right manager at the right club.

    He has my eternal, undying respect for what he has done for the club and it aggrieves me greatly to hear the way he is spoken about in certain odious quarters.

    That notwithstanding it is important that mistakes are acknowledged and learnt from. The fact we are shopping for another defender is in some respects tacit admission that he failed to add adequate depth to the defence last season. The sad thing about that was that everyone warned that it was a gamble – that he had failed to strengthen this area – but he was unprepared to pay over the odds to do so. He could not have known that Vermaelen would be out the whole season but it’s such a pity that with one big purchase we would most likely have won something last season.

    And yes I recognise that is speculative but I think most neutral observers of The Arsenal would agree with the sentiment.

  111. Have I mentioned how fabulous Robin can Perfect is?

    (That was for Ateeb)

  112. Love your post Big Al….
    our Robin really has come into his own rather well considering. I put it down to natural chemistry between him & AW. Both are positive, optimistic and creative individuals who respect process. They are tailor-made for AFC and are already legends.

    I might need to get out a lot more as I ONLY contribute/ read ACLF for my gooner fix.

    I believe Squilly not having the Verm beside him in his debut season really got bamboozled at times by the EPL. It really is a different physicality here compared to La Liga, etc.
    For example, Denilson looks much bigger than most players in the Brazilian league which definitel was not the way he looked in England.

    …i remain POSITIVE

  113. Dennis Bergkamp has said that Robin used to follow him around the training field and locker room asking him question after question about technique and vision.Dennis says he has never met such an inquisitive footballer.
    Robin said that one day when he was left out in favour of Dennis he watched the first half wanting to be critical of Dennis,But when the 45 was up Dennis had not made 1 single error .Rvp decided then and there that he wanted to reach that level.He just might.
    Although Jabba tells me that as he is always injured that means he can not be considered as consistent and therefore is not as good as Jack.That was your argument ,right?

  114. I agree FG – the main issue (as you said) is that we haven’t had a truly settled CB pairing for a while. If we’d had that last season, I’m sure we would have ended the season in a better position. If Bartley does go on loan, then I see no problem with bringing in Jags, or the other 2. I wonder what Wenger’s preferred CB partnership would be if any of these Cbs are signed?

  115. “I just love hearing players talk of training, improving, wanting to learn to deal with the nature of the EPL”

    What else would you expect from a new player in a new league? There is time before his DNA can be brought to the table.


    You’ve mentioned about mentioning. I’m waiting for the mention. 3 Adjectives to describe Robin Van Persie, will never be enough.

    Especially when compared to the paragraphs, lines, words and alphabets devoted to Arseblog. Screw him. Confused he be.

  116. FG,

    “None of us know all the imperatives AW has to balance or all of the constraints on him because we are not insiders.”

    But we do know,because the likes of Le Grove and indeed Arseglog has told us.And they are all knowing and should be believed .Right?

    Great post by the way FG

  117. Interesting post OOU thanks. Rvp surely is our best player at this point and one of the best players in the world. Glad he was able to conquer the demons of his youth.

    I love nearly all transfer rumors when they involve someone coming to us especially if they are defenders. Jagielka would be an excellent addition although I had my heart set on someone who was a little more lumpiform. Still dreaming of sending Bartley on loan and bendtner and mannone to fulham and getting back hang eland and schwarzer but at this point will take whatever we can get. Go Ivan!!

  118. Jabba's delights


    One player can play half a season straight the other cant string 5 games together there is a difference.

    Any luck finding where the emirates is yet Georgie, hilarious how you talk and yet you cant muster the minerals to get down to the ground. Your the worst fan of the lot. The one who only joined us when wenger came and you spend zero of your hard earned more likely our hard earned on the club that they claim to love…………..pathetic fan.

    Done speaking to you dicrepid scrounger until you actually go and watch a game.

    Would you like a ticket with that?

  119. Jabba

    Do you have to resort to the tired old cliched bollocks about not going to games means you are a shite fan?

    Anyone who doesnt have a manuel Alumina duvet cover and a Denilson lampshade is a shit fan in my book

    I know plenty of shit fans who go to games.

    The cunt who is editor of the Gooner for one. He still owes me £100!

  120. OOU

    Great write up today man. RvP is a genius, love the guy and yes, he was written off by plenty of “real” fans.


    For once, give it a rest. You dont have to respond to every fucking post you dont like the tone of mate. It has taken me a good while to learn that one dude! 😀

  121. Good post Jabba,
    Only 3 mistakes in it .Getting better .
    But then after yesterdays meltdown anything is an improvement

  122. Bill

    I garee man, I do like a good transfer rumour that involves players coming in.

    Yesterday was quite a moist day for me, with the Mata and Jagielka fluff flying about!

  123. 84-5!

    Game on. We have a Test series!

  124. Jabba

    I saw the Gunnerblog story about Campbell. I hope he can get a WP and not be loaned off to Espana, if we have actually signed him. He looks well tasty. Pretty big (6ft) fast as fuck, technically gifted and left footed. All good man.

  125. Bit confused by this

    Sounds like he had the surgery around a month ago but the club only bothered to mention it today.

  126. Well for the record, I don’t think we need Jag or Cahill. I certainly don’t think we need another left back. I know I do bang-on about the youth, but for me that’s Arsenal.

    Name another team that can boast as many defensive options as us? Before the doomers start I’m likening Bartley and Miquel to Smalling and Jones (our boys don’t have the price tag around their necks but that means zero). It’s not the players we have it’s the overall tactic. I think this is a side effect of playing such advanced wingers. I would like to think that Wenger is Sorting this by schooling Gibbs and Vermaelen in the art of restricted runs. Sagna adapted far better than Clichy to the new system and our right hand side has been a lot more robust. It’s no coincidence that the entire left hand side of the team gets grief (Clichy, Arshavin, Vela). We will already dramatically improve with the central defenders now having played together and the return of TV (no small thing).

    I fear that we are making this signing to appease fans. Is Jag the answer? I’m not exactly one for studying opponents defenders, he’s never stood out either way for me. However as mentioned by many, if he thinks he’s walking in and demanding a first team role over JD, LK, TV and SS, he may be in for a shock. It has been mentioned that we need players with epl experience. If this means plumping for the best available that fits that requirement then we need to re-assess.

    Look I’ve been wrong once before, this could be my second strike but I don’t think so. I’ll create a safety net now and say that even if we did sign Jagielka or whoever, and they do play well. It doesn;t mean that Koscielny or Djourou couldn’t have done that anyway. It does mean that Bartley and Miquel will require the patience of saints to be given a chance.

  127. PHW said the price we are asking for Cesc is not unreasonable.That is worrying.
    We must have agreed with Cesc that he can go if the offer X amount.For once I wish they would be open and tell us what X is.

  128. Good day to you george! Are you causing trouble again?

  129. “Anyone who doesnt have a manuel Alumina duvet cover and a Denilson lampshade is a shit fan in my book”

    Too true.

  130. JamesM I have been telling people on here for weeks.But they keep insisting he broke down in preseason.
    I even mentioned it yesterday.I makes no difference to those who have labeled him a “deadwood crock”

  131. Jabba's delights


    Its the diot George who trys to get rises out of people for zero reason its pathetic from a middle aged man.

    As stated yesterday alot of our foreign fans are exceptional gooners and would move heavan and earth to attend games. I just think the way George speaks to people he should make more of an effort to attend some games especially considering he lives in england. Its fine for him to call AST members cunts but at least they put their money where their mouth is for the club they support. When it also comes out that the only reason he suports arsenal is wenger then he should probably realise that his opinion on arsenal matters is quite warped. George i might not be able to spell but i know that im a genuine arsenal fan who will be there long after Arsene has left this planet you………………well we will see if you can muster the effort to get on a tube and take yourself to a few games this year before i call you a fan.

  132. No Dexter, just pointing out the stupidity of some of yesterdays comments to some of our more stupid posters

  133. Before the doomers start I’m likening Bartley and Miquel to Smalling and Jones (our boys don’t have the price tag around their necks but that means zero).

    Bit of a stretch there. I liked Miquel vs Orient but Smalling has proved to be a decent player for United’s first team and Jones has a full season in the Prem under his belt. Championship and SPL aren’t the same.

    They don’t need the patience of saints, they just need to be the best at the club.

  134. Van Persie didnt leave Excelsior Rotterdam at 16 he was 12 when he signed for Feyenoord and it was not because he feel out with the coaches it was because Feyenoord wanted him and excelsior rotterdam are their feeder club

  135. Good post els. Agree with you completely.

    Diaby is on his own pre-season. Doesn’t matter, we’re well loaded in the midfield. He’s never been the core of the team, but only a potential. His time will come. If not, so be it.

  136. Jabba's delights


    Yer Campbell does look like a great talent, hopefully could be the spur king carlos needs forfill his potential. Sporting have come out and said no truth in the bendtner story which is a shame. Why cant we offer him to everton and some cash for Jagielka

  137. els

    Jagielka is a top class defender and player. personally I think he is too simila to what we already have I would go for a different CB.

    But, if he came in, he would definitely add to our squad and strengthen it, no question.

    After last season, I really dont see how anyone would be against us signing a top CB? I would also suggest we need a defensive minded midfielder too. I was dreaming of Arturo Vidal, but he’s gone to Juventus, so hopefully he’ll end up another Melo!

    As for bartley, he will hopefully be going out on loan and the rumours are it will be to a prmier league team, which is excellent news, if true.

    And Miquel, who also impressed me, will hopefully get run outs in the cup games and possible go on loan come January, or after

  138. George i might not be able to spell but i know that im a genuine arsenal fan who will be there long after Arsene has left this planet

    Exactly. Strikes me that we currently have a lot of fans who have never known another manager. I sometimes wonder if Wenger left whether they’d go and support his new club!

  139. Jabba,No tonly can you not spell but you cant read either.
    I have told you several times that I attend games.Because you don’t want this to be true does not make it so.
    Also you have been told that I was a fan prior to Arsene Wenger but again you don’t want this to be the case so pap on you do.
    You did get one thing right though .I am middle aged .Well done

  140. Jabba's delights


    Saying Diaby isnt as good as wilshere because he cant consistently put a run of games together isnt stupid. Nobody called Diaby deadwood his talent was praised. It was correctly pointed out that a top level sportsman is that because he plays well consistently.

    Do you want some help getting tickets this year?

  141. Jabba

    I think Bendtner could do a great job at Bolton actually! His dad wouldnt allow his boy to go there though. I think his dad os quite a disruptive influenece really. Some of his comments, last summer were pretty antagonistic.

    You and george would’ve been proud of them! 😀

  142. @ Geo
    Actually the problem in a slightly different from goes back to 2007, because in Gallas and Toure we had two top defenders who could not or would not work together.

    I think in AW’s mind first choice is TV plus Kos but he is open to JD or Squilly or Mr Newbie changing his mind. But we should have plenty of games for everyone if we stay in four competitions again.

    @ george rodger | July 29, 2011 at 2:04 pm
    ha ha!
    And btw, referencing your poignant plea the other night, you always have a friend in me, you cheeky middle-aged rapscallion

    @ Jonny
    “And yes I recognise that is speculative”
    And that’s just it, in my view!
    It was a gamble, but for example, a lot of people also said we were gambling by not getting a new GK – that turned out OK. People tend to forget about all the other thingss that were identified by some at the start of the season as dangerous gambles, if AW wins out. I know you are saying it was a bigger gamble than most, or AW ought to have known we’d come close to running out of CBs, but still…! And perhaps money (exorbitant fee and wage demands?) was a bigger problem than we realise, especially since it was January. IF we had won the league as a result, it could have been worth it, just as the price we paid in fatigue and injuries and damaging our PL and CL campaigns by throwing resources at the CC, could have been worth it IF we had won. That was a gamble as well. We didn’t win the CC, so was it still worth going for it? Every fan will have a different view on that.
    Or perhaps he didn’t think the players he could get (not PJ, just AN Other) was good enough – as an extreme example, there wouldn’t have been a lot of point in bringing in another Silvestre. He’s setting it right now, as you say, but I think it’s quite telling that even now, his first bid was for Jones, not Jagielka, and that three of our four FBs are talented young players and he has not brought in a readymade and therefore more expensive replacement for Clichy. Money must be an issue. Anyway…nothing personal but I’ve had this argument so many times that I am going to move on!

    @ Ateeb

    OK – how about a poem?

    “Oh Robin!
    Glorious golden one
    Greatest of all strikers
    May your utter fabulousness shine on the emirates for eternity
    Your bewitching skills confound our enemies
    The burning torch of your desire for victory will spark a conflagration which will lay waste, footbalistically speaking, to pitches in all corners of England and mainland Europe
    Robin van Perfect, I think I speak for all fans when I say that I would have your children in a heartbeat.”

    Eh? Huh? You like? (to be said like Joey in Friends)

  143. Good luck with the op, Abou. When you are fit you are one the best midfielders around, so come back soon.

  144. I don’t think so JamesM.
    I doubt anyone would follow Wenger,any more than you would follow your favortite player if he left.
    However some people who are fans of Arsenal because of Wengerball might consider their options if a hoofball regime was introduced.
    If you are not a fan because of geographical reasons there must be a reason you chose Arsenal.If that reason ceased to exist then who knows perhaps some fans would change their club.

  145. FG
    Top post at 1.04pm

    Shotta has directly or indirectly accused arseblog of racism in the past. I’m sure of it and wouldn’t throw that sort of accusation around if I wasn’t. He’s free to deny it if he wants but its nothing a google search won’t confirm.

    On Wenger and criticism. I also think he has done a great job for The Arsenal and I admire him as a person. I love his vision of the game, and enjoy hearing his views on everything.

    I don’t go as far as to think he is best possible candidate arsenal could ever have though, simply because its hard to say for sure. But I have no doubts that he is one of the best out there and will go down as one of the legends of the game.
    I also have concerns about his ability to implement his own vision for the club. I worry about his past track record on motivating these players but I’m quite willing to give him the benefit of doubt, particularly because its hard to say for sure, who out there could do a better job.

    But the problem I have with some of you guys is that even the mildest criticism of Wenger (such as I just did above) frequently provokes irrational and over the top responses. The sort of response you only expect in defence of religious leaders and icons.

    Yes some doomers think the worst of Wenger, but how is it the proper response to behave like them in return (i.e. making abusive, irrational statements) to the extent that the distinction between mild, reasonable criticism and crazy slander is ignored?

    We claim the ACLF is a bastion of logic, rationality and intellectual debate, but too many people are eager to abandon those attributes at the merest hint of an idea they don’t like.

  146. I think most of the most vocal anti-Wengerites out there. People like Rectum for example are more than likely fans who have only known Arsenal with Wenger in charge.

    It makes perfect sense t me. They associated Arsenal with Wenger and winning stuff and now? They cant handle the potlessness and have turned on him.

    Like a woman scorned!

    They’d never admit ot of course.

  147. Jabba's delights


    I think the fact that your constantly writing on this blog when games were going on last year suggests you dont attend very many at all, you should treat our fans with a little more respect considering the effort they make compared to you. The way you disparage GG makes you very much come across as someone who only started supporting arsenal when wenger arrived. Again this is fine new fans come all the time and is a good thing, i would expect the fans to be a little more aware of long serving arsenal fans opinions on stuff. Thats not to say the older fan is right but just more a reflection that your opinion isnt as rounded in some cases. Its fine your new to this arsenal thing… will come

  148. We claim the ACLF is a bastion of logic, rationality and intellectual debate, but too many people are eager to abandon those attributes at the merest hint of an idea they don’t like.
    Guilty as charged! 😀

    Top point FG. Couldnt agree more and something I think we can all try and rectify! Ahem

  149. Actually I should have said good luck with the recovery – Diaby has had the op already.

  150. @ Dexter
    I didn’t say that.

  151. Jabba can you please tell me exactly how many games I hould attend in order be be considered a real fan?Bear in mind I live hundreds of miles from London.
    Perhaps you could also tell me which Arsenal Pubs do the best line in ignorant twats like you, so as I don’t miss any of the entire Arsenal Game Day experience?

  152. Els @ 2:37:

    I understand your fascination with youth, but saying that teenagers (especially central defenders) should expect to play regularly on a team that is supposed to challenge for multiple trophies makes no sense when you look around the rest of world football. They don’t need the patience of a saint, they need the patience that would be expected of any player their age in any big club in the world. That’s not to much to expect from them if they want to be part of a club like ours.

  153. FG

    Didnt you? Well, why lie to me then? I cannot believe you, saying shit like that and passing it off as your own! Pah!

    I agree about Diaby (you DID say that didnt you?) Here’s to him coming back free of the niggly nastiness he suffered last season.

  154. Diaby out for 10 weeks. Looks like little Jack will cement his place in the first team afterall

  155. Bill | July 29, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Els @ 2:37:

    I understand your fascination with youth
    What are you implying there dude?

  156. GoonerG

    I see you didnt manage to get past the headline of that story then.

  157. Diaby out for 10 weeks. Looks like little Jack will cement his place in the first team after all

    Well for 10 weeks anyway.You happy he is out?You sound it!

  158. On the wind up again Georgie, carry on!

  159. Jabba's delights


    Like i said i know huge gooners who attend no games due to geography issue’s, it wouldnt come across their mind to start calling fans who attend nearlly every game shit fans though. I just think the way you slate people is reprehensible considering this fact and added to your lack of any insight into the great club pre Wenger.

    Shame about Diaby great option to have in the squad. Glad it will give Ramsey more gametime though, he will rival Wilshere for young player of the year

  160. Dexter ,His mum only reads the headlines out loud.

  161. 10 weeks, jesus.

    Well, that’s Frimpong, Ramsey and perhaps Lansbury ahead of Diaby now.

  162. Wilshere’s starting place was never under threat, well, not from Diaby anyway.

    That’s shown by his complete dominance over the Frenchman last year.

  163. Hi Luke ,recovered from yesterdays battering?

  164. Oh fuck me dead – you couldn’t make it up!

    Glass houses and stones anyone…?

  165. With Denilson gone, Diaby injured for 10 weeks, Frimpong coming off a huge injury and Song looking at the ACN, should we be in the market for another DM?

    Jagielka may happen now considering his versatility.

  166. Luke’s mum only read him the headline as well it seems.

  167. George,
    Why involve anybody’s mum? C’mon, you are better than that. Thrash his statements all you want but can you leave the personal stuff out?

  168. Henristic,Are you being serious?

  169. Gutted for Diaby. Shame he is so unlucky with injuries. I hope this last surgery will end his issues and he can be fit at the business end of the season.

  170. Diaby is likely to be sidelined until September, meaning he will miss the Premier League games against Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester United, as well as the Champions League play-off.


    That’s 5 games already missed. Just under 10% of the season.

    3 weeks recovering, minor setback (standard Diaby), 3 games, injury, 3 weeks out, minor setback, amazing game, injuiry, minor setback etc etc etc etc

    It’s like clockwork. He is a complete luxury. We should not strategise on him being fit at all, when he is, it will be an added bonus.

  171. Whats with the more negative posters and fetishism with “I’ve been to the stadium, hence my view is better”? AIC was a master at this, seems like Jabba is continuing the tradition.


    Excellent poem. Touches the heart. But for me, not enough to have children with him. Which well, apart from being impossible naturally, is also something I am not interested in. Pz, though, could pull it off.

    Speaking of which, isn’t it strange that his departure from this blog, parallels to some extent of us releasing that player from Holland which Pz was psyched about? Maybe we should investigate more who that player was, where he plays now, and find that teams blog. Won’t be surprised to find Pz there.

  172. Your mum jokes from a 40 year old man……………


  173. Jabba ,For the record.I do not think you are a shit fan,You are a very passionate fan,And you may very well be a decent guy.
    I just think you are a bit simple about football and Arsenal in particular.

  174. Jabba's delights


    No just i find it funny that someone who berates the current life blood of AFC (home fans) and seems to think he smashed an argument yesterday as to whether diaby is better than wilshere and yet if he were to have been around arsenal on game day he would know he would be laughed at for such opinions and putting them across in such a rude way.

    And yer i do tend to think that someone who only supports arsenal due to wenger is a pretty pump fan.

  175. Even going to the ground is not enough You also have to go to “Arsenal”pubs in order to be a proper fan

  176. Jonny,

    Seems like Chelsea’s circle is over. Well not just ‘seems like it’, it is over judging from the pat two seasons. And they’re going to try the ‘Arsenal’ approach. Bit of contradictions, when you’re still paying shit lot of cash for strikers, while leaving out younger players. They’ve already gone through a 2 season barren run, without any form of development of their youth. Unlike ours. We almost struck back in 2008. Will Abrhimovich settle for a 4th place finish for a few seasons in order to develop the youth players and drive the club towards self sufficiency? To me he’s an ego maniac, so I see no different approach. Contradictions and confusion would be running their club.

  177. And yer i do tend to think that someone who only supports arsenal due to wenger is a pretty pump fan.


    100%. Especially if your old enough to remember the 70’s.

  178. Jabba's delights


    A simple football fan never questions his club

    A simple football fan resorts to name calling to prove their point

    A simple football fan cant praise another team

    A simple football fan thinks only their clubs manager is qualified to asses the team

  179. Luke

    WE have Coquelin too. Well, I hope he gets a shout when he returns from Colombia (He is picking a package up for me)

  180. Great post Big Al, and a refreshing change to the silly season dross.

    I think RVP is vastly under-rated by football observers, perhaps because of the amount of time spent in the physio room in recent seasons.

    An excellent example is when Sky Sports were going sycophantic and whanking over Rooney in the second half of the season, yet their own goal tally on screen was showing that Van Persie was way above Rooney in both consistency and sheer amount of goals.

    It defied belief to listen to the punks describe Rooney as the best performer in front of goal yet RVP was a country mile ahead of Rooney and was without argument the most lethal striker in the world since January – consistently scoring at least a goal a game. If I wasn’t cynical I’d actually suggest that the selective amnesia applied in this bias had to do with the fact that Rooney is English.

    What makes RVP more amazing is that in my view, he is a playmaker extraordinre, one of the best in the world. It’s not just the assists, it’s the skilful choreography of play around him and the masterful seduction of play that he contributes to with others like Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, et al.

    This in my view makes him even more important to a team and more effective than the media darlings like Rooney, Torres and even Drogba. When Van Persie is not scoring goals, he is playing for the team and he is carrying the team in many other ways. In fact, you can argue that RVP doesn’t have to score to grab the game by the scruff of the neck. A good example is his influence on the pitch to players like Walcott who benefit greatly from his vision and passing and his link up play.

    One reason for example why Walcott struggles in the England set up is that he doesn’t have players like RVP and Cesc to unlock defences for him. But coming back to my point of all round play, RVP’s contribution is monumental.

    Other players like Torres are a liability to the team when they’re not scoring. They’re actually specialists who while good at their primary role, don’t excel in much else and their team might as well be playing with 10 men if they’re not on form and can’t contribute in other ways. You often here the excuse that “Torres wasn’t getting the service he needed”. The problem with that for example is that when it needed, Torres was below par at grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck and contributing to creating those chances.

    My fondest memory of RVP’s excellent skill and mastery in the game was the volley he rocketed into the Charlton goal in the 2006/07 season. Even as Eboue was crossing the ball, nobody in their right mind would have even contemplated RVP taking off and executing that volley with such beautiful arrogance and panache.

  181. Erm bill, you make me sound like some kind of letch.

    I see peoples points JamesM maybe I did undervalue the Manure youth. I include them still, as I think you’d agree that our boys could be relied upon as 6th / 7th options.

    Dexter, I get your point any signing in a sense would strengthen a squad but would it necessarily strengthen the first 11? For the price I think not. But that’s football. I’m all for people having different opinions and all. I hope you are right that Jag is a good player. The fact that we are linked makes me think he probably is.

    Bill I didn’t say I expected them to play any regular first team football. I would just like them to be given the odd game and sub appearances. Consistency is the key in defence so if our lads have 4/5 ahead of them in the pecking order they’ll struggle for that.

  182. You two should stick to the personal attacks .Because you are clueless about football

  183. Ateeb

    Thats a decent post – Chelsea tried to adopt a more sustainable model, but dropping £70 million in January put that to rest.

    They do actually have some decent youngsters at the club, but the pressure is so intense on the managers, they wouldnt risk bleeding them in.

    And your right, what chance is there of Abramovich stating 4th would not be a sackable offence.

    No sympathy for the chelsea managers past and present. If you dance with the devil…….

  184. Jabba's delights


    No going to the ground alot and being around the arsenal pubs alot doesnt make one a better fan, what it does do is make that person alot more qualified to say what arsenal fans genuinlly think of situations. In any argument going forward you should understand that when making points

  185. Yeah well, I don’t want to get into an argument of the role of Arsenal as a company. Merchants, advertising, selling, e.t.c. Seems to me it’s working fine, on good or at least better ethos. But its fanbase, isn’t localized anymore, it’s global. Buying a t-shirt doesn’t make you a better fan. Supporting through thick and thin makes you one, with constructive criticism of course.

    And where would Arsenal be without Arsene? I don’t know. The fact is that, they’re inseparable. Arsenal is run by a certain philosophical drive that is essentially not that of majority of the fans(could be), but Arsene’s thought. Brilliant mind.

  186. Dexter

    True, but have you seen anything of Coquelin to suggest he could handle a run of 3/4 games in the firsts, against the Bartons / Fletchers / Nzonzi’s etc. I just think its another, albeit calculated, risk. We dont have a great record with those at the moment!

    Thats why I think Jags is looking more likely, kills two birds with one stone.

    If its shiny and flaky I’m coming round yours!

  187. Jabba and George

    This argument is pants! Stop it now, or, so help me god, I will wreak havoc on both your arses, biatches!

  188. Jabba, I take your point and accept it with this in mind

    “Birds of a feather flock together”

    But I accept that being in and around the ground gives you a better feel for the mood than someone more remote like me.

  189. Its not an argument Dexter its a personal attack on me.
    So pick a side or stand aside,Dude 🙂

  190. Luke; I’ll let you know man!

    Yeah, I posted earlier today about the need, imo, for a DM.

    Ciquelin should be ahead of Frimpong for me. He has a full season top flight football under his belt (in Ligue 1) and did really well. Only saw a few games, but the reports were good. It’s difficult because of this U20 world cup he is going to. Otherwise we’d have a good idea where he fitted into the squad make up. He can also play RB too.

  191. I have not seen enough of Coq D’Argent, sooo can’t be sure, but is he physical enough?

    I say this with a reflection of the beast that Frimpong is. He loves it. He also loves Jack.

    Their understanding should be tapped into.

    Frimpong – Wilshere – Ramsey


  192. Excellent post Darius Stone. Just what I would’ve written myself if I wasn’t so…….in a different frame of relaxing mind.

  193. Luke

    I was gutted for Frimpong last season. I am not saying he would have impacted as much as Jack, but I do feel he would have made a real difference. Hopefully he can come in now and force his way into the team reckoning.

    As for Coquelin, when I have seen him, he has been tigerish (Grrrrrrrreat!) and tenacious man. Real ball of energy, tough in the tackle too. I dont have any qualms about that side of his game.

  194. George

    You know I cant decide what side I am on man! I flit from one to the other!

  195. Ateeb – the great thing about Abramovich is that he’s an interfering owner and he’s a strange obsessive (the pistons in his brain sound like this: Champions League! Champions League! Champions League!). He’s also very impatient.

    Add all this together and you have regular upheaval. I cannot see him ever being patient enough to build a decent youth set-up. I do not, nor have I ever envied their ownership model. in fact I’d be devastated if we became another rich man’s train-set.

    It’s a comforting thought that their untold riches may yet (ONE DAY!!!) end up being the albatross round their neck.


  196. Cheers Dexter, noted.

    Wait to you see the shit I’m going to throw at you if he isn’t better than Vieria immediately! 🙂

  197. Luke Haha! Bring it on mate!

    Seriously this kid is one I have followed for ages and although I have been burnt before, he has always looked quality, top top class even! Just hope thats still the case and the manager and coaching staff feel the same way.

    No probs anyways dude.

  198. Bored of the sandblaggers?

    124-8 at Tea. Oh dear. Time for a song.
    I’ve linked this before, but I’m hoping OOU won’t mind.

  199. Interesting that RvP should share a discussion session with Arseblog as a topic.

    It will interest some that Arseblog once said if RvP were a horse he would have been taken out back and put down. Then for ‘effect’ he puts up a picture of a tombstone and inscribe it ‘R.V.P’.

    Make of all that what you will, like some say, it easy to get away with saying some things if folks think you are funny.

  200. @ JamesM
    thanks for the spelling corrections……

  201. Lard a mercy! Its van Persie!


    I think he is funny, but yep, he has said some nasty shit too and can misinform sometimes as well. I have emailed him a few times in the past when I read his blog daily. For one reason or another, I dont read it as often.

  202. and JamesM

    thanks for proven the point of my comment!

  203. thats proving…….

  204. Jabba's delights


    You see this is where we differ. Due in part to Wenger and others brilliance arsenal are perfectly capable of surving on our own 2 feet now without him and that is one of his greatest legacy’s. Before we were a great biggish club built on small foundations with awonderful manager. We are now a great mega club built on rock solid foundations.

  205. Sort of “what did the Roman’s ever do for us” thing then Jabba?

  206. Fucking Romans! C*nts! Get em out now I say! 1500 years without winning anything, pffft!

  207. They had no British grit Dexter,Otherwise they could have ruled the world,
    OH,bit of a flaw there 😦

  208. Jabba's delights

    no but that loyalty cant go on forever and there were many who contributed to arsenal being where it is. We are a mega club now with excellent finances capabale of genuinly challenging for trophies. The last 3 years the end results have been a disappointment, this cant continue. I think this is recognized as huge season ahead, improvments have to be made and with a couple more additions i think they will be. Failure to improve considerably may have consequinces that i and you really dont want……… but thats part and parcel of being a big club with big expectations.

  209. Wenger on Fabregas – He’s not settled and that needs to be sorted out soon. Cesc is torn between two loves. I can understand that but we want to be certain about his commitment. Thats quite something coming from Wenger, who’s notoriously protective of his players in public. This is almost like a challenge to Cesc to come and make his intentions known in public. I don’t like this at all. 😦

  210. We are a mega club now with excellent finances

    Thanks in the main to?

    But which finances are no where near able to compete with City, Chelsea and United,I that order.Our only hope of competing with them rests on the shoulders of Arsene Wenger.and perhaps UEFA FFP rules,

  211. In other news, Chelsea’s new boss is quite a thinker. And I quote

    “I think it’s pretty clear that they are building a squad to fight for the title” in regards to Man City.

    Thanks for the enlightenment Villa-Boas. Silly me, I thought City was trying to buy their way into a top 10 spot!

  212. Jabba's delights

    See i disagree as your saying that he is the only manager with an eye for talent in world football which just isnt the case. Yes there are but few managers who can manage us but to think ours is perfect i think is incorrect. His inability in integrating flexible tactics and unwillingness to spend have hurt us in recent years. You must remember we have world class personel throughout the club. I would love nothign more than wenger to bring us home this year, but i dont fear the time when he leaves. City and chels relentless ambition can also help us, by changing managers every other year it benefits us.

  213. RVP IS becoming my next favourite player after Dennis B. Not surprising that he is also following in his footsteps in character, skill and the love of arsenal!

  214. I’m convinced that RVP IS Dennis B. Go to the 1:20 mark in the video OOU posted. That is the type of awareness and skill that leaves you breathless. Very similar to what Dennis Berkgamp could do.

  215. Wow! Just read Peter Hill-Woods comments on Cesc, Jagielka and signings in general and I am very pleased with everything the dude says!

    That has to be a first for me!,19528,11661_7066519,00.html

  216. I remember Thierry Henry saying that Robin was the best dribbler on the team and that he did the craziest tricks of anyone he’d ever seen.

    Robin was also the player who produced the most touching Arsenal moment for me this season. After he humiliated Valdez on his near post he ran up to Arsene and gave him a huge bear hug. That was pretty cool of him. He also seems to have taken the younger players under his wing and stands up to them like a proud older brother.

  217. Dexter,
    The Daily Star quote on which that skysports article is based sounds familiar to me. Sounds like a rehash of recent PHW quottes about Cesc. There was actually no direct quote about Jagielka though.

  218. Jabba, the argument was never about who was better between Wilshere and Diaby. It may have seemed that way to you, but those of us who were praising Diaby never felt the need to shit on young Jackie in order to recognize what a talent Diaby is.

    As far as you having a finger on the pulse of what real Arsenal supporters think, your comments here and the fact that you think is a viable news source says a lot. Also, there are many people who probably get to the Ems who are there just to be seen and don’t really give a fuck about the players, the club or what’s actually going on inside the pitch. It seems like these poorly informed fans are the ones who can’t stand it that we haven’t attained the amount of trophies that MU and Chelsea have recently so they moan like little girls. Further, your observations about tactics and football related matters is very sub par for someone who goes to the stadium on a consistent basis. In other words, you don’t seem to understand the nuts and bolts of football.

  219. “Robin was also the player who produced the most touching Arsenal moment for me this season. After he humiliated Valdez on his near post he ran up to Arsene and gave him a huge bear hug.”

    I found that very touching too. RvP believes in Arsene’s project as much as anyone out there, and some of that belief is probably down to a loyalty Wenger had shown him in the past by keeping him in spite of his injury record.

    I hope that this time next year, we’ll be talking about Diaby in the same way we are talking about RvP now.

  220. 35 millions is not enough for Fabregas. He should be going for at least 40 + another player.

    It seems like there is a population of people who are fed up with the Barfa business and are ready to unload Cesc for a laughable price tag. In short, all of Barca’s destabilization has worked on some level, and now there are Gooners saying that Cesc Fabregas has the same value as Andy Carroll.

  221. Robin produces as much, stats-wise, as the top players in the world. I would guess that his salary is less than half of what most of those players are making.

    He is the rare breed indeed. Bleeds Arsenal he does.

  222. Henristic, the fact that RVP was written off because of his injury record not two years ago, and has become the player we all knew he had the potential of becoming, is why I think these people saying the same things about Diaby are so wrong. In fact, Diaby and Van Persie have pretty much spent the same amount of time out injured while at Arsenal.

  223. Henristic

    Did you actually read the article? Because I can pnly see new quotes and specific ones at that.

    He mentions that we are asking for a fee for Cesc that represnets his true worth (ie over the media fed £40m) and he specifically mentions a bid for Jagielka, as well as other players mate.


  224. Cesc should be priced at or around £55m. The only reason why Barcelona have the balls to price him as low as £26m is because he only wants to go to them. Arsenal shouldn’t sell unless Barca pay up big.

  225. Anyone watched/watching the pre emirates cup press conference?

  226. More good news!

    “Arsène Wenger has confirmed he intends to hang onto Henri Lansbury and Ryo Miyaichi, as speculation about their futures intensifies.”

  227. Everton are looking for 17 millions for Jagielka. Fuck me! Does every transfer in the EPL seem to be over priced by about 40%? Or is the service of Gary Cahill really worth (a reported) 17 millions.

  228. Dexter,
    if you say so… 🙂

  229. ———————> positive vibes
    ———————-> positive thoughts
    ———————–> positive gooners
    ————————> positive team
    ————————–> positive season
    ———-> POSITIVE

  230. * Wenger – “I have to give Lansbury a chance”

    Any one know if this means a chance with us (yay!), or a chance to go on loan??

  231. Gains69

    Cesc has always been worth about £50-60m, its the media that have kept up this pretence of the £30m-40m fee. Its fu8nny how they are so quick to over proce English players though!

    Bill T

    I think Cahill has a release clause of £17m and it seems Everton are using it as a marker for their player.

    I think the fact cahill has a year left on his deal, should mean that price drops a bit.

    I think if we could get him for £12m, that would be excellent business. But all it takes is for him to be linked with the 2 chav clubs and his price rockets again, unfortunately.

  232. +

  233. Henristic;

    Either works for me man, as long as it aint a permanent departure, its POSITIVE!

  234. “Henri has the talent to play for Arsenal football club, and he has a chance to play for us this season.”

  235. Dexter 12m sounds a like a much better piece of business. Unfortunately there are some who believe we should “spend some fucking money.” They say, FFS WAANKKERR we’ve got 100m sitting in our transfer chest, just spend the 17 mill!

  236. Els:

    My turn of phrase in the first post was not the best, sorry.

    The team has to start winning things quickly and having a teenaged 5th choice cb is ok unless his presence is used as the reason for not bringing in an experienced player like jagielka. Doing that is not in the best interest of the club, the fans or his teammates at this point. I suspect there would not be one senior player on the squad who would happy if we missed PJ or GC for that reason. If/when Bartley or Miquel become more effective options they will move above whomever is directly ahead of them in the pecking order but I doubt anyone really believes that would be this year.

    A year long loan to a PL club would allow us to know exactly how good Bartley is and will hopefully allow him to play regularly rather then sit on the subs bench or play in the reserve games. If he has a good season on loan there is no doubt he will be back with a lot more experience and confidence.

  237. Gauns and Bill

    Have a look on the youg guns blog to see what some Gooners think about Diaby.

    They really dont understand what he brings to the team. Like you say, Gains, the argument was never about who was better between jack and Diaby. Its just seeing and appreciating what Diaby brings to us. I think he has shown his class and as I stated yesterday I was him in the flesh have great games, only to trawl through loads of ultra negtive posts saying how shit he was.

    I swear when he was asked to do a more defensive minded job, these same fools (and I am not referring to Luke or Jabba here) just didnt get what he was doing. They were moaning saying (he is just sitting there, FFS!) shit like that.

    He suffers the same as Gilberto did, IMO. Clueless brain dead sheep, who simply do not get it and dont want to either.

    The callousness of people in general today is appalling. If I thought Diaby was a lazy c*nt, I would 100% say so, I have seen enough players like that in my time.

    This guy has just been amazingly unlucky with injuries. Fingers crossed this operation will cure the main problems once and for all.

  238. I follow you there Dexter and I agree. Here is a clip of why Diaby is useful to this team.

    What you see right at the beginning is Diaby’s signature “holding on to the ball to long FFS get rid of it son!” transitioned into a power run up the pitch, a 1-2 with chamakh, and a perfect through-ball right to the feet of van persie. So much for slowing down the pace of our attack.

  239. I dont quite understand ,If Jag’s and Cahill are about the same money,and we have players like Jags, but better, then Cahill is the man.
    Unless Arsene is dead set against a big stay at home defender.
    My brain hurts

  240. I kind of like the our approach to dealing with Cesc. Reading through PHW or Arsene’s comments last few months points to only one thing. Cesc isn’t for sale. It is a good tactic to deal with Cesc as well. Put the ball in Barca’s court to bid the right amount (which they are not capable of), even if they did, you can always ask for more. I mean they bought Sanchez for 35m, Cesc can be valued at 70m too u know. And I will fight with anyone who disagrees with me. I can fight till the end of time. I can even fight for 80m for Cesc.

    And when Barca fails with their valuation, just like they did last season, Cesc is told, they don’t value you enough. Simple.

    And screw Cesc’s emotional attachment to playing for Barca. Billions of people do things they don’t want to do for life. This is just a bourgeoisie demand from his end. Fuck it. Keep him, against his will, I say. Make him play. When he’s lost his legs, after 8 years, sell him to Barca for 35m. As if he’s playing for us for free. Buck up son, you’ve got a team to lead.

  241. I swear when he was asked to do a more defensive minded job, these same fools (and I am not referring to Luke or Jabba here)

    You were referring to them weren’t you Dex? 🙂

  242. George

    Jagielka is also versatile man, can play in several positions, including midfield. That could be possibly why we are in for him?

  243. Dex – appreciate your points and don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Diaby fan but stone me, he IS frustrating. Some good games but many more numerous games where he is gloriously inconsistent. His ability to misplace a 10yd pass is almost a thing of beauty. It’s like he does the difficult bits well but then fucks up the easy bits!

    I see moments of brilliance fighting for breath amongst a miasma of carelessness. He’s like a dog-poo studded with diamonds.

    I’d love him to get a serious run of fitness and to become the great player that’s struggling to get out. I don’t know if the injuries are down to the awful tackle he sustained when he was young (in which case they are unlucky) or merely symptomatic of who he is…

  244. I don’t give a shit whether we win anything or not….. as long as RVP is EPL top scorer I am 1200€ better off
    and if Gervinhobis top scorer I will be 1400€ in profit!

    ………………….. only joking!!
    assiette des frites avec mayo, s’il vous plaît!

    Chill Winstaaarnn! Chill Georgie et Jabber et Dexter. Time to put the handbags away and support the fucking team, no mata where you are in the world, no mata what creed, no mata what colour, no mata what religion, no mata what……………… what matas is you support the best team in the world……. CHILL, what will be will be………. no mata what!

  245. Jonny

    Shit man, that was beautiful, you sure have a purrty mouth!

    I disagree man, I think Diaby has had poor games, as has every player. But his games are underlined in thick crayon and are not allowed to be forgotten, whereas others bad performances are easily dispensed with.

    My main point is that Diaby has many qualities, is very misunderstood and judging by your post, you dont get him either!

  246. Dexter is he the DM you keep doing a Jabba about? 🙂

  247. I think i’m going to have fries with mayo for lunch today.

  248. Jonny boy,

    You feel alright? Your posts suggests Diaby is at fault for his own injuries. That’s a worrying thought to me.

  249. Chill Northbank man, is irie, everytings irie bredren seeen.


    Ooh, I just got spliff ash on the shag pile again, my missus is gonna kill me!!! 😀

  250. que sera sera… what ever will be will be! we’re going to wemberlyy, que sera sera! With Juan Mata….. Mata!

  251. Gainsbourg69 | July 29, 2011 at 5:33 pm
    “Henristic, the fact that RVP was written off because of his injury record not two years ago, and has become the player we all knew he had the potential of becoming, is why I think these people saying the same things about Diaby are so wrong. In fact, Diaby and Van Persie have pretty much spent the same amount of time out injured while at Arsenal.”

    Truth is we can’t know for sure that Diaby will go the way of RvP, but I certainly hope so because despite his faults, he really really could be immense for us. He is such a talent, and there just aren’t many players like him around.

    Me, I’d be happy to keep him for quite a while longer (I don’t believe he is on massive wages).

  252. Georgey

    I wanted Arturo Vidal, just for his cool name man! But if Jags comes, he could do a job there.

    I am also hopeful of Coquelin and Frimpong being given a chance there. We definitely an option there given Songs absence come January. Maybe Lansbury too?

  253. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    All you have to remember about Jabbas is that he’s a Manc, G69. A rugby playing nationalist who loves Man United and enjoys winding up Arsenal fans… what a prick. The guy knows fuck all about football and obviously doesnt follow Arsenal too closely as evidenced by his TV5 is our 2nd choice LB comment. Um, TV5 is our 1st choice CB and that’s where he’s penciled in. Everyone who follows Arsenal knows that. Last I heard Wenger stated he was comfortable with Gibbs and Traore at LB and I’ve heard Jenkinson can play that side also. You should try and keep up with stuff that’s actually going on at Arsenal instead of regurgitating the same tired shit from the media.

  254. Yo Dex, use the internet and pass that spliff over here dude.

  255. Such venom you carry NJN. Do you want to scare Jabba away?

  256. Speaking of spliffs. I’ve got 12 monkeys planned for today. Surely cant be better than Brazil?

  257. NJN) That is not what they say in Arsenal pubs.Or so we are led to believe.
    Anyway as you don’t go to games what do you know?
    Jabba is just telling it “real”

    Sorry but I just cant help myself.

  258. I really like NJN and his posts

    He might be me?

  259. He sure is George.

  260. BillT

    Here it comes dude I am passing it pon the left hand side!


    Not seen 12 Monkeys either, if its better than Brazil, then thats one hell of a film man.

  261. Dexter,

    You sure you didn’t shag the missus on the pile and ash your spliff and kill again!

  262. Spliff received>>>>spliff smoked>>>> coming right back atcha via email.

  263. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I see Henristic has no interest in elaborating on this ‘do or die’ attitude. Nothing like some good old hyperbole. You wanna bang on about logic and good conversation but you throw out some intangible rubbish like that. Hilarious.

  264. That’s ok Bill. I just hope the feds aren’t monitoring ACLF.

    Maybe you are right. What you say is perfectly true. If that is the case then I think it makes sense to keep first team defenders down to 4 perhaps. Now don’t get me wrong as I quite like squilachi and do not enter into the latest figure of hate debate… but I would rather lose squil and have a youngster get a chance than add a 5th established central defender.

    Basically I would chose…
    TV, LK, JD, PJ, KB, M

    Over TV, LK, JD, PJ, SS, KB, M as I can’t see KB (Bartley) and M (Miquel) getting enough games to be tested or warant them staying for the season. Do you know what I mean? After all we know we can play song there if need be. And with Ramsey and Frimpong in the squad this season we have a lot more steel.

    I did think at the time I didn’t see why we needed Squil. In actual fact he did get a few games but when you look at the impression he made perhaps people with hindsite would rather the opportunity fell to Bartley or Miquel to take? I suppose it all comes down to having a good mix. It would have been that neither of the players out of koscielny, Djourou, Bartley or Miquel had a great deal of experience but they would have gained it there and then. Let’s be honest we didn’t get a great defensive record in that period of time. Still hindsite is a wonderful thing. I’d learn from it though and make sure we give our defenders a taste of what they could achieve before sending them out to Bolton.

  265. C’mon Nasir Jones. It is simple really. You either have it, or you don’t. RVP has it. Denilson doesn’t.

  266. Els,

    If the feds are reading this blog. The chances are they can get us a discount on the stuff.

  267. Wenger on transfers;

    “The only clubs who buy at the moment in Europe are ones who buy with money which is not generated by our industry. There are two categories of club – those who travel with sweat and those who travel with petrol. We are those who travel with sweat.”

  268. Dex, I’ve heard every insult flung at Diaby. The worst one is when some fucks say they are glad he’s injured so he doesn’t play.

    Something which I heard yesterday regarding the Newcastle game, which I hadn’t thought about before, was the fact that Diaby was on absolute fire until Barton went after his ankle.

    If Diaby were to get a sustained, injury free run in the team Jack and Diaby would be the new version of the Petit, Viera partnership. I would love to see them two playing together in the midfield in a 4-4-2 behind van Persie and Theo, and Ryo, Gervs on either side.

  269. 12 monkeys is a good film to watch after talking with Herbert Chapman, Inception is even better, but the best after a pipe is Memento. I once tried to watch it backwards, chapter by chapter (whilst stoned) fucking blew my mind…………. and I still don’t undzrstand it……….. a cult film in the future.

  270. this is a good post..
    robins great..hes a winner..
    remember last season?? he was just about the only one who tried to fight back with all those goals at the end of the season..
    hes class..he was dragging us over he was mr arsenal and he stayed fit..
    nothing but positive signs from robin last season and i see no reason why he wont go one better and be PL top scorer this year..

    i think its fantastic news that lansbury will be in the team this year, hopefully along with ryo, but with denilson gone away and diaby out for the foreseeable, henry (and frimpong) have a chance here to play some games and show the boss what theyve got got..

  271. Els.

    I agree that I would not be unhappy if we lost squil leaving Kyle as 5 th choice. Still think a year on loan to a PL side would be perfect for Kyle and a championship side for MIquel. Right now his major experience is DM for rangers. If he is in our squad and we have enough injuries that he actually has to get significant minutes in a close title race and he struggles for whatever reason that could be a real set back rather then a positive experience for him and the team. That is an improbable but not impossible scenario. Just my opinion, the lower pressure setting of a mid table PL team playing CB seems like a the ideal situation to gain some experience and confidence.

  272. Els:

    The Feds just sent me an e-mail. I vouched for your integrity.

  273. 12 monkeys is a great film, a bit like ‘seven’ in that you might need to see it twice. Lot of numbers in that sentence.. For sheer weirdness, you can’t beat Freaks (1932).

  274. Phew close one.

  275. FFS Bartley has played in ‘old firm’ games, if anyone has ever been to a Celtic v Rangers game you would understand the pressure and stress involved.

    In the late sixties my uncle took me to Ibrox for a game against Celtic……….. fuck, it was dangerous and I’m glad I got out alive.

    If Bartley can play well in that culdron of emotion, he can play in the EPL for Arsenal

  276. Freaks is where I got Oneofus from, PB! Not saying I love it though – I don’t think anyone can.

    Has anyone heard of Cop Rock – it was a short-lived TV series that tried to combine musical numbers with gritty police procedure (it’s a mystery that it failed!). Check this clip out:

  277. I watched both Brazil and Adventures of Baron Manchausen yesterday, after talking to herbert Chapman. Fear and loathing, fucked with my mind day before that. I’ve got a lot of time to waste these days.

    Memento was great. Watch Ameros Peros, a mexican movie. That was fantastic as well. Or diving bell and the butterfly.

  278. Try “In Bruges” after ketamine.That does the trick

  279. OOU

    THat is some awesome TV show man! Unbelievable it didnt take off!


    Lansbury staying is brilliant news mate! Just like a new signing in fact!! 😀

    Not too fussed about Ryo, if he gets a permit, then great, if not, he gets 1st team football in Holland again, so all good.

    WE have apparantly signed that campbell kid too, he could get the permit instead man.

  280. Ket george???

    And you say speed is nasty shit? Yukk!!!

  281. Long term I think Bartley sounds like he could be a great cb for us. Tall and strong enough to bench press kos Vermont and JD all at the same time with a little touch of grumpy to go along with his physicality. My kind of cb. Hope he turns out to be really good and is first choice in a couple of years.

  282. I know Dexter, what a crime, eh! There are loads of clips on YouTube – there must have been more music than dialogue.

  283. George,

    How about some Harry potter with cotton candy?

  284. Don’t worry, we monitor all mention of drugs on the internet. If we think you are a dealer, we have your URL and satelite co-ordinates.

  285. Heroin, marijuana, cannabis, weed, crack, cocaine, acid, speed. Looking forward to meeting you, prick.

  286. dex im all for ryo mate

    you can never have too many wing forwards.. 🙂 especially in a 433..

    i really hope he gets a permit..

    and if lansburys the new cm then so be it..its what most of us wanted anyway..
    and if we sign mata and cahill as well as gervnho i think a sprinkle of young guns will make a successful window… 🙂

  287. Speed bad ,ket. wooooooooooosssshhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyyyy gggooooooodddddddddddddd

  288. DEA,

    I think you know we were just kidding around, we really abhor people who do drugs. Running from reality, that only a sober eye can see. They’ve got crazy thoughts, that we as rational sober men find so easy to spot. And anyways, I’m not the dealer. He’s in Northbanks.

  289. Frank is clearly an undercover Narc!

    JJ; That would be a top window dude, but, you know the score; Lets not jinx it! 😀

  290. Lol at Ateeb.You would not want to be co defendant with him

  291. The world would be a much, much better place if recreational drugs were legalised. It is a subject close to my heart. The products available would be better, safer and cheaper.

  292. Back for a weekend, george, then off again.

  293. OOU – Freaky! “We accept her (him) One of us..One of us! It all makes sense now.

  294. I agree with Frank

  295. And there would be no violent dealers

  296. it sounds like a fantastic holiday george

  297. What JJ in a “ket hole”?

  298. nah..what frank said 🙂

    seriously though, i think legalising certain drugs would improve society and the economy in one go..

  299. Ketamin!!!! fukin ruined a good e that shit did.

    George. so thats what you was doing before finding Arsenal!!

  300. where have you been duke?

  301. True words there Dukeyg

    And as for legalising drugs, it would help society in so many ways its unreal. Dfrugs are only illegal for political reasons, nothing else.

    The fact that booze and tobacco are fine, while weed and charlie isnt is pure politics dudes.

    Here endeth the rant. The drugs have worn off!

  302. You ask me a question and disappear for 2 days

  303. Hiding from you george.

  304. What was the question you will av to remind me coz me memory is poor for some unkown reason.

  305. Geroge has been on a ketamine come down since 1995!

    Explains a lot!!! 😀

  306. I am such a square, never taken anything stronger than a wine gum myself.

  307. No come down off Ket Dex.

  308. According to Szczesny, we’ve been working on tactics to repell every set piece. Not one goal will we concede from a set piece next season.

    Well, thats exactly how the media will react and if/when we do concede, prepare for some typically over the top cataclismic reactions.

  309. Duke it was a question about Arsene over achieving

  310. George

    The come down happens while you’re on it dude! B ut you are too messed up to know!

  311. Dex,Stop being such a drama queen

  312. Best nights of my life Dex. 🙂

  313. ooh, the love on ACLF..

    Phil Jagielka will be 29 (Aug. 17), really is at the tail end of his career (injury-prone) and Everton want more than 10mill for him????
    wtf is wrong with the World?

    Clearly AW doesn’t want to obstruct Bartley & Miquel’s futures hence his interest in such an “old guy”
    Not worth more than 8m to me.

    ..i remain POSITIVE

  314. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I wanna be like Frank when I grow up.

    Wheres the DMT at, DEA? I know you got the plug.

  315. George

    Drama queen, you bitch!

    Considering the cat fights you have all day, that is some funny shit man! But you probably dont even remember!

    Give me a top Gary Abblet any day. Ahem

  316. You can be so hurtful Dexter.

  317. No such thing as top Gary these days

  318. Gerogey

    That is such a spiteful thing to say!

    Why I had a top GA the other week! 😀

  319. Is it any point posting here anymore? When one does all one gets back is various replies of ” in arsene we rust ” and ” you must be pretty thick thinking arsenal can win anything unless they sign new players”.
    Is it so god damn wrong to have unconditional faith in ur team? Is it so bad to say ” yes I believe in AW, yes i think the squad as it is can win something next year.” why do I have to be fucking slauthered and ridiculed and told I’m living a lie for believing this on an Arsenal fan page??? Why do I constantly have to justify my faith in my team? And why does other arsenal fans always feel they have to tell me I’m wrong to believe in our current squad??

  320. Dex. not had a good 1 for 15 years since doves

  321. Is it wrong as an Arsensl
    Fan to have faith in ones team?

  322. poodle,I believe as well

  323. Poodle. yes.

  324. Nope it is no bad thing, poodle. We have a fantastic squad and we are developing it all the time. Arsenal have shown real class and intelligence in this transfer window. We will win the EPL by a country mile this season, and one or two other trophies too. Really looking forward to the season.

  325. I believe with all my heart.
    I still have faith
    I still have hope
    I am convinced
    I am sure, 100%
    I know it is true

    I can score good E!

  326. “Can I ask what else you expect from a fan blog?”

    It’s not just a fan blog though, he gets paid for it and has been elevated to the level where a lot of people get their opinions from him. I agree with Shotta, he is a loud mouthed racist who hides behind ‘humour’. Of course Cesc follows him, because Arseblogger thinks the sun shines out of his every orifice and would never dream of criticising him no matter what he does.

  327. franks pills have no katamine in em i see. just pure mdna!

  328. I agree with Passenal

  329. Poodle

    Of course its not wrong to believe that. I go into every season thinking/feeling the same thing.

    I think this close season, we have had a shit load of negative press to contend with, we have been battered by the press and pundits as usual.

    Yet things are definitely looking good.

    Today’s news about henri Lansbury staying at the club is typical of the upturn in good vibes man.

    I am feeling well loved up right now.

  330. Henry on Gervinho;

    He is skilful, versatile and you will see that in one-on-one situations. He is going to kill a lot of defenders in this league. Gervinho is fast, has great vision and everything to succeed at Arsenal

  331. Well get me some Dex, or stop teasing

  332. “Is it wrong as an Arsensl
    Fan to have faith in ones team?”

    Absolutely not, Poodle. Just scroll past the screamers and whiners and the faux realists. Enjoy the feast of football which is coming up.

    Are you going to the Ems Cup?

  333. Watching the U20 WC. England v North Korea. 0-0 HT and poor.

  334. And I am especially excited about Gervinho. I love what Henry said about him. gave me goosebumps.

  335. @ Dexter
    Henri has scored today for the reserves. I haven’t seen it, but by all accounts it was a belter.

  336. I bet Mata ends up at man City, Mancini is after 2 more fucking players!!! Where on earth are they going to fit all these players? Oh yeah, I forgot, they can just leave them out of the 25 man squad and still pay for doing fuck all.


    I’ll meet you at the moodiest Arsenal pub and we can cheer the miserable fuckers up! 😀

  337. Henry – Keep Wenger in charge ‘for life’
    ‘We will realise what Arsène was all about the day he stops’

    I agree with Titi

  338. FG


    I guess that means he won’t feature this weekend? Maybe Sunday’s game perhaps, hopefully

  339. Dex,sounds like a plan

  340. Dennis Berkamp ,director of football
    Titi first team coach


  341. Geroge

    Now THAT sounds like a plan buddy!


    Any Arsenal players on show tonight mate?

    I see France play Columbia tomorrow, that will be a good game. Hopefully see Coquelin and Sunu in that one.

    Then we can check out Miquel and Campbell.

  342. George

    Maybe a place for Remi Garde too. He is at Lyon now, he was one of AW’s 1st signings, very intelligent guy

  343. Brislen_hall was in the squad tonight too Fungunner. Wonder is anyone noticed him there? 😀

  344. If Dennis cant fly to away matches he can direct the club football wise no problem
    It will take two to replace the Lord when he retires anyway

  345. Thank you Dexter for your kind words

  346. Remi, mais oui, mange tout no problemo mon ami!


    I was thinkinhg while the big man was still at the helm dude. Bergkamp could be the middle man, between Wenger and the board, also liaising with Brady and the youth coaches. While Thierry can be an ambassador doing good deeds and helping us sign and keep hold of players. And Bouldy gets Pat’s job next season too.

  347. Dex ,this plan just keeps getting better.
    And a seat on the board for us?

  348. England U20s are being slated by the commentators on Eurosport. Its still 0-0 vs N Korea

  349. Oh indeed George, indeed. (That was my best Omar impression there)

  350. Dear lord, I am glad Afobe was excused from this pile of shite!

  351. England youth will never live up to their potential as long as the FA insist on keeping these old school dinosaurs in charge. They desperately need some fresh blood in the backroom.

  352. Dexter, he will learn a lot more training with quality players at Arsenal than chasing shadows with this bunch

  353. what the hell was that?

  354. Passenal

    That Brian Eastwick has been around longer than Coronation Street! And when they give a new deal to pearce it just spells more shit times in store.

    Peter Taylor was the best thing that happened to the U21s and they let Howard fucking Wilkinson take over!

    The FA needs disbanding and starting over.

  355. I cant be arsed watching any more Passenal.

    I am watching another car crash; Amy Winehouse.

  356. England have not won a single game in the U20 world cup for 14 years. Not much wonder watching that dross.

  357. I didn’t realise it was on until I read your post, but even the few minutes I saw was painful and soul destroying. These are young players, they should just be going for it and enjoying playing the game. But the tactics are so turgid they are just sucking the life out of the game. If Arsene ever gives up at Arsenal, England would do well to break the bank to get him to inject some life into the youth level of the game here.

  358. The FA would rather spend a billion on a great show piece stadium and keep faith with the same old blinkered, closed minds, coaching the skills and joy out of our kids. All mouth and no trousers

  359. The players were lazy and seemed not to care about playing football.

  360. Def looking forward to the France game Dexter.

  361. “I’m just a supporter, all I can do is support” – Thierry Henry

    I wish a few more would take a leaf out of his book instead of trying to tell the manager how to do his job!

  362. Dexter 12m sounds a like a much better piece of business. Unfortunately there are some who believe we should “spend some fucking money.” They say, FFS WAANKKERR we’ve got 100m sitting in our transfer chest, just spend the 17 mill!


    That’s because they spend their own, hard-earned money on supporting the club. Doesn’t cost anything to offer a opinion on a blog but getting to games is expensive…

    Don’t really think that having a generalised pop at our away fans is fair.

  363. Passenal,the man oozes class

  364. So,think on Dexter.
    Oh but you go home and away .so I guess its ok for you to have an opinion.

  365. “I have to give him a chance at some stage and as quickly as possible. I believe in him. But if I honestly believe he will not play this season or has no chance to compete for a position I will tell him and let him go.”

    So he needs to prove in training that he’s as good as Ramsey, Jack, Gervinho, Arshavin, Nasri, or whoever he’ll be replacing in the side…

    There’s no moral obligation to give him a go because he’s been around a while. The moral obligation is to put out the best possible side using all the resources available.

  366. E mail him James ,let him know what his duties are mate..

  367. And tell him to spend some fucking money for the away fans while you are at it

  368. when will our own fans realise the real reasons we as a club have many and horrific injuries to our players….
    some of these injuries could very well have been carrier ending and it is a credit to the players and our medical staff that they are still playing..
    plz stop blaming it on training techniques, having soft bones, being too young and etc.. jungberg, diaby, EDUARDO, RAMSEY… all targeted at the prime by butchers who go around calling themselves FOOTBALLERS…
    and yet the CA has no issues approving the criminal keane as a manager, when they themselves charged him with bringing the game into disrepute while wearing the manure shirt. he ended another players carrier with one of the most cruel tackles inflicted on another. and staid enough to later brag about it in his book..

  369. Is it true that DeGea don’t speak English? How will he communicate with the United defence?

  370. Frank ain’t really been on holiday, he’s having to do double night shifts but been monitoring the blog so that he can dipn in and just say he’s back for the weekend! LOL 🙂 what a wanker

    sorry George, I know he’s your bum boy… but ffs

  371. ha ha Ateeb grassed and then did a runner, you would really want him as a mate wouldn’t you!
    as george said, a great co-def.

  372. good post

  373. If you legalise drugs, which I believe in, you have to legalise all drugs… not just the socially acceptable ones!Like Cannabis, weed and coke, but H and every other drug! then drug violence would stop.

  374. northbank.. you just nuts man.. LOL
    who’s gona do all the work man.? we can’t all be artists, you know.. 🙂

  375. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love you, Passenal. Proper Arsenal through and through.

  376. I wonder how important are tomorrow’s games going to be when it comes to the question who’s going to be number 1?

  377. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Its going to be interesting to see where Don Vito fits in, Evil. What’s the latest on our number one, Lukasz Fabianski?

  378. @Nasir
    Really not sure about Vito. He certainly got the skills and the talent and his spell at Hull has added some nice references on his CV. I think Wenger is playing it save by keeping him at the club at the moment because with our usual injury luck you can never know. If everything does go well I can imagine he might be loaned out again.

    And I saw Fabianski in Cologne and he looked really good. He was really sharp in the warm-up and pulled some spectacular saves off. Certainly hope he is going to give Szczesny a run for his money. We practically have the present and the future of Polish goalkeeping in our squad. Oh if I could only know what Wenger thinks about our goalkeeping situation at the moment.

  379. i get a feeling it might go like this…
    1) wojo
    2) fabianski
    3) mannone
    with four competitions going they will fight it out all season for number one. three young ,hungry and talented keepers . i think they will do fine and we are fortunate to have them .. ..
    good luck to the crew tomorrow and plz,plz no serious injuries…

  380. Loved Henry’s interview. he is just all that.LEGEND!

    I just want to support the boys and Wenger. thats why im here.
    That faux realist thing gets on my last nerve. The irritants know themselves.

    The manc loving ones are the worst. Its pretty difficult dealing with fans that have been battered by the media and their friends and family. So to all the proper strong supporters – I salute you.

  381. Ajo është e mendimit Saphet se ju jeni një njeri xheloz, Northbank1969

  382. Is Lansbury not better than Denilson who had chances to play more than 150 games and never improved? Lansbury will bring hardword and will be proud wearing the shirt instead of all these players around who really don’t care except their pockets.

  383. Dearie me

  384. and i salute you goonerwife. for your unconditional love and support . i hope and i wish this team peak at their potential and grab some titles. for their sake and ours . success breeds success. this business and footballing model is destined for a dinesty and with unshakable support to lift them higher i can see them lifting many trophies in years to come. AGAINST ALL ODDS.

    northbank you ok??

  385. maturks | July 30, 2011 at 9:13 am
    Is Lansbury not better than Denilson who had chances to play more than 150 games and never improved?

    As of yet no,he isn’t
    Case not proven ,as they say.

  386. and i second your sentiments regarding both northern chavs.
    not one redeeming quality in either one of them..
    morning all,, good day to WIN a FOOTBALL game…

  387. Arsenal have a superb squad, with or without Cesc. I would like him to quietly fuck off now. 20 odd year old men who want to return home to their mums have something missing. Anyone who thinks that it is understandable that he wants to return home at his age has very limited horizons. Makes him a bumpkin. So go home, Cesc.

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