Arshavin Aims, Defence Claims & Transfer Gossip Adds Up

A couple of years back involvement in senior World Cup qualifiers and playing in the European Under-21 tournament weeks later wrecked Theo Walcott’s season. Yesterday Wenger found out that it was not actually playing in the junior tournament that caused the problem, the merest hint of it is the problem for Theo.

The manager did not comment on whether the injury was serious. Once Arsenal’s Medical Team get their hands on him, it will be. Coming on the heels of Conor Henderson‘s unfortunate knee injury, the Arsenal pre-season is well and truly underway.

The pre-season is full of target setting by players. Normally it is Theo Walcott who wants to get 15 goals in a season – narrowly missed last time around – but Walcott is only targeting being fit for August at the moment. The scoring tally baton passed to Andrey Arshavin.

Despite 10 goals and 17 assists last time around, the Russian wants more,

My own target is simple – I would like to score 15 goals in total

It is a total he has only reached twice since starting his career in 2000, the last time five seasons ago. A tall order…

The Russian is frequently criticised for his lack of appetite for defensive work. Sometimes there is no doubt that is a valid complaint, others he is simply a scapegoat for others failings. However, Arshavin’s work will be more visible if his other claims are true,

I think we will get stronger and stronger. In particular I think our work on set-pieces, both attacking and defending, will be better. We’ll also play a pressing game – if we do that well, I’m sure you’ll see an improved team

I look forward to that one. I hope that Arshavin has been putting in a shift or two working on delivery from corners or free kicks. If the Russian was the target man in training exercises, no wonder Arsenal defenders appear to be wearing lead boots when it comes to jumping. Even on tip-toes, Djourou would probably reach a cross before a leaping Arshavin.

Wenger is often called out on his comments about the ease of practising defending. A spur of the moment defence of his players, it is as porous an argument as his charges when defending a set-piece. There was obviously a problem, one that had a hugely negative impact on the season. Halving that total whilst not shipping any more from open play, would bring the goals against column down to below 30. That gives the club a real fighting chance of winning the title.

Genuinely though, I hope no-one has shirked the defensive element. The only time I want to see comments about 27 goals conceded from set-pieces in 2010-11, is when it is preceded by “which is a vast improvement on the“.

The corrupt world of Fifa is once more dominating the back pages, Karl-Heinz Ruminegge is revolting (insert your own joke here)…Arsenal though are putting up a sterling effort in keeping their column inch total running at an all-time high. Aguerro? Pah! We’ll have three stories running at once. An interesting trend is developing in the reporting of transfers. No longer is the fee all that matters, no longer is a simple note of the estimated weekly wage enough. No, now the two are combined and football has gone mad! A £38m signing is now an £85m deal if £200k weekly wages are factored in.

You know that once the window closes, the total spent on transfers will now be three times higher thanks to the inclusion of wage deals in the final reckoning.

Which turns us nicely to the morning’s transfer dealings. Nicklas Bendtner‘s agent and full-time dad reckons the Dane has loads of offers, so many that he couldn’t possibly name all of the clubs for fear of using up all of the available space on your newspaper or website. How about just telling us one then? No….? Oh….

Kyle Bartley meanwhile is off to a Premier League club and not to play in lower levels such as The Championship or even worse, the SPL. This is all after he has signed a new deal and told us how much he is looking forward to breaking into the Arsenal first XI.

And so to our Spanish chums. Cesc? Nothing new at all. Well, other than Juan Mata might be the key to unlocking the deal but that’s just Sport‘s view, no-one else agrees. They think it will be the lack of cash in the Barcelona piggy bank which scuppers the deal.

As for Mata being Cesc’s replacement, only Jeremy Wilson seems to think that the Spaniard might be a more logical replacement for Samir Nasri. That’s hardly surprising though, no-one can agree on the fee! From those who believe that deal is not signed, sealed and delivered to those who do, we have a range of prices to suit all budgets: £13m (although not even Harry Pratt would put his name to that one!), £13.5m, £15m. All of those no doubt come with add-ons which is newspaper talk for “if we get the total wrong, we can blame the add-ons“.

Daily Heil? A nailed-on, real man’s £17.5m. Bosh, none of your variables (ooh, hark at you Mr La-di-Da!) here. The Spanish national and Valencian press though is talking it up with fees of €22m and €23m plus Chelsea and Tottenham in the mix.

Today’s highest bid prize though goes to Daily Express HQ, £22m the gig although that might be the same as AS if the exchange rate collapsed, I haven’t looked. It might be inclusive of wages, in which case that pay structure is being really rigidly adhered to.

Finally, Having apparently lost out to Arsenal for Mata despite The Daily Heil protestations to the contrary, Spurs are now hoping to lose out to Arsenal for Christopher Samba for exactly the same reasons: money and the Champions League. Who says finishing fourth isn’t a prize worth having…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Good morning YW. Interesting stuff going on in training it seems. Song taking free kicks 🙂

  2. Well lookee there. It’s meself in 1st place.

  3. Arshavin should be getting more than 15 goals – he’s capable!

  4. No more a word truly spoken Yogi. Apparently if Barca dont table an offer for Cesc by tommorrow then he stays and Nasri goes. As usual I think Arsene will keep us waiting to the last minute of the transfer deadline…patience and nerves of steel needed, a bit like watching an Arsenal premier league game then. In the blue half of Manchester Aguerro has landed and Fergie must be sh@tting a brick that they don hijack his Sniejder bid. Still though cant by you class city . One more signing from Wenger then….could be a shocker…like Hargreaves …Forlan, Kanoute or Llorente the sort of players Wenger could turn into a superstar. Onwards and upwards. Hope Theos injury is not too serious.

  5. Caxter

    Never done it before.


  6. thanx yogi,,, now I’m completely confused as to matta’s valuation.. HAHA and do you not like the Arsenal medical staff.. 🙂
    well ,hopefully Theos aggravated ankle injury isn’t long term and not too serious. we have sixteen days more to season opener. hoping for a spectacular show and a special E. tournament this weekend.. 16 days


  7. Why, oh why do the gods conspire against us when it comes to injuries out of nowhere?

  8. Honestly, just a bit more than two weeks before real football is back? Damn, sure has been a long summer.

  9. yogi .regarding yesterdays post. on my mind for the past couple of years ,that subject. i think I’m with you on that. i think the team can really use a sports psychologist to help them reach further within , in hard times, and come up with the determination to see the job through..

  10. arse or brain

    our injury problems are not caused by the gods although they are a major concern.It is difficult to nail down the frequency of our serious and recurrent injuries, is it playing style, medical team, training policy, just dont know but it cant just be coincidence and it is a increasingly big worry.

  11. I like that Arshavin has publicly set himself a target like that. As long as he’s playing regularly then he definitely has the ability and trying to hit it might make him take more of a ledership role in the team, he is one of the more senior players after all.

    If we could get Mata in and Nasri out which would seemingly be done for break-even money or even a small profit that would do for me. The Nasri saga is worse than Cesc as it seems to be entirely down to the player and his agent(s) rather than any other outside influences. If Nasri is intent on staying and pocketing that fat signing-on fee next Summer then maybe a spell on the bench while Mata struts his stuff in the red and white would focus the mind?

    I’m totally ambivalent about the Samba thing, if we do sign him then it won’t be the worst addition we could have made, but he’s one of several options who could to the job.

  12. Can’t help feeling that Walcott is injury prone. On the wing, if an experienced defender stands his ground, he would find it easy to knock Theo off balance. This does not augur well for someone who wants to operate as a central striker.

  13. @Block4
    Fully agree. If we somehow end up selling Nasri this season and buy Mata from the money, that’s fine by me. Not the worst deal we could make in my opinion.

  14. Seem to remember Arshavin had a lot to say at one stage last season, then he had problems staying awake on the field.

  15. Jabba's delights

    Great post

    Horrible news about Henderson such a shame that 2 talented young midfielders one summer after the other have endured such big knee injuries. These things happen but a terrible shame.

    Good to here about added emthasis on defending one wonders why it wasnt done before but better late than never.

    Pressing is huge for a team like us. Barcelona arent that much better at defending than us but they conceded 21 this year. This is due a few reasons but i would say it being better with the ball, not playing in a league that can exploit there small nature and most improtantly their pressing game. We can look lazy at times and this starts with the forwards. Good to here them working on stuff.

    Surley Mata is more of a winger than a cesc replacement anyone know for sure?

  16. If the fat little russian finds his form I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t reach his target.
    Arshavin 15
    Gervinho 20
    Total…….. 67
    That would do me, plus a few from Ramsey, Wilshere,
    Chamakh, Verm and Myaichi.

    If Bartley is defo to be loaned out again then Wenger is probably confident of signing a new CB….. otherwise he would keep Bartley as cover for Verm/Kos/Djourou surely??

  17. Hahaha! Last 4 paras = vintage Yogi’s Warrior. Excellent stuff.

  18. morning y’all

    anything less than 20mil for a player of matas calibre is a fantastic piece of business and i hope to christ its true.hes a great little winger..totally underrated and overlooked due to the many talented players spain have at the minute….

    with mata and gervinho, wenger would have pulled a massive rabbit out of his hat hes been hiding in his closet for the past 6 years…and our strength on the flanks will be deep this worries there..

    but our defensive game still needs strengthening..maybe a cahill/tv combo, backed up by koz/jd?? that would fill me with confidence going into the new season..thats an awesome foursome 🙂

    come on arsene i know youve still got feeling those transfer vibes this morning..

  19. I don’t see that if we sign Mata it means that Cesc will go. For once we might actually be strengthening during the summer rather than weaning it.

  20. Arshavin seems fired up.

    Theo is a massive threat for us. Just being on the pitch pins down the opponents left flank. I hope he can be fit, but if not we have the cover now. If we are seriously going for Mata then I think all the comments about Nasri staying are just to keep Mata’s price from soaring. If we manage to bring him in then we may cash in on Nasri.

    Don’t see Mata as a replacement for Cesc no matter what the papers want to make out.

    Likewise our unrealistic bid for Jagielka, if true, may just be to force Blackburn’s hand over the Samba deal. I agree with Gains, if we are loaning out Bartley then it could indicate a new boy coming in.

    All speculation of course.

  21. The Mata deal seems to be looking more and more likely. I would prefer to see him playing in the same side as Cesc instead of replcing him though.

  22. also i read a report last night from jamie sanderson that we are applying for a permit for ryo..
    this is brilliant news..i hope we are successful..

  23. Jabba's delights

    If Mata comes in and Cesc is off, lets hope that handing Nasri the playmaker role will make him sign on for a few more years. I genuinly believe him that money isnt the factor in his moving. He covets individual awards and he knows the best way to do that is by winning trophies and playing in his best position.

    If our attacking options look like this next year we could be utterly devasting going forward.





  24. *weakening

  25. mata has a buy out clause of 13 million, or so i heard

  26. just a thought..but he maybe a replacement for nasri..?? i dunno…
    cescs deal still has time to run..we can force him to stay if we choose..
    nasri on the other hand has us by the short and curlys..signing mata will just send a message to our confused talented frenchmen that he can be replaced and it wont cost 50mil to do it so make up your mind cos we aint fucking about anymore..

    i really hope mata signs..what a coup..

  27. Jabba's delights

    If we started the new season, like this i would cream my pants. Not beyond the relms of possibility !!

    Sagna ….Cahill .. Kosciellny ..Vermalan
    ……….Wilshere …Song……………………


  28. Gutted about Theo. big, big loss for us. Curses!

    About defending. From Richard Clarke’s training camp blogs this week:

    (Mon) The Frenchman’s group saw the yellows (Aaron Ramsey, Alex Song, Gervinho) and blues (Carlos Vela, Andrey Arshavin, Tomas Rosicky, Ryo Miyaichi) work the ball wide before crossing in for Robin van Persie, Benik Afobe and Marouane Chamakh to finish.

    (Tues) The final 40 minutes or so saw defenders and attackers split up into groups once more. Pat Rice took the lead with the former group of course and it was fascinating to see him work on positioning, body shape, acting as a pair and communication.

    Happy now?!

    Re Mata rumours, I know nothing about Mata except what it says in wikipedia, but going by that, he seems more like a Nasri type than a Cesc replacement. And if Nasri doesn’t want to stay, he could be the answer. However, as always, I won’t get excited until I see it on!

    A PL loan is great news for Kyle – not what he was hoping for, but the upside is that he could well be a regular starter which he would be highly unlikely to be for us.
    “If Bartley is defo to be loaned out again then Wenger is probably confident of signing a new CB….. otherwise he would keep Bartley as cover for Verm/Kos/Djourou surely??”
    That is what I would infer from that, as well, NB1969.

  29. @JD
    Who are those players you are listing? Vermalan, Kosciellny, Scezesny. Cheap Chinese knock-offs?

  30. Jabba get real

    Nassri does not want to leave for double his money!!!!.Listen we are well shot of the half season wonder.How quickly fans have forgotten how shit he was after christmas.If we can get Mata in we will have got a result.
    But why has Wenger left it so late to get a CB?
    We also need a striker both Chamakh and Gervinho will be in the ANC for 6 months and if RVP gets injured………

  31. I am fairly confident that the Nasri situation is 100% about money.


    Cesc training with the reserves/youth at London Colney according to tweet purporting to be from George Brislen Hall (youth player).

  33. Don’t worry, FG. Sounds as though he will miss the Ems Cup but be fit for Newcastle (Caveat – the source is twitter).

    Thanks for those quotes. Great little insight. Arshavin’s been talking too about the much called for set-piece ‘drills’. Funny that, preseason being used to address a weakness.

  34. Jabba's delights

    Gooner Ted

    I think money is part of it Ted but i dont think it the whole of it. If you listen to his quotes throughout his time at arsenal and Marsielle you will realise there is a hugely ambitious footballer there who covets the ballon d’or and world player of the year honors hugely. He knows the best way to get in a position to win those awards is to be winning trophies and playing in his best position. He has so far honoured his contract so i see no reason why he should be castigated. He signed a 4 year contract if he chooses to move at the end of it that is up to him. If he stays on with us i will cheer his name like i did last season. He is a wonderful talent.

  35. Jabba's delights


    Brisen Hall has been released.

  36. No, he signed pro-terms this month.

  37. I can’t see Cesc being match fit for the first game of the season *if he is still here). We has played none of the pre-season games. Maybe the CL qualifier might be more realsitic. He will be behind the rest of the squad fitness wise.

  38. @JD
    Not correct. He played for the reserves just 5 days ago.

  39. @ Limpar Assist
    “Funny that, preseason being used to address a weakness”

    ha ha – I know, imagine that!

    @ goonerandy
    It’s a pity, but better he waits and gets the hamstring right than pushes it too soon. Looks as if he is staying for one more season at least, though, which is the main thing. Next summer, Jack and Aaron will be able to take over.

  40. And Brislen-Hall’s twitter is legit. He’s been acknowledged by some verified accounts of our other players.

  41. Thanks, Evil. The wording of the tweet sounded genuine too.

  42. Jabba's delights

    Younguns seems to be certain he has been released

  43. That YG report is from May. B-H is currently listed as a scholar on and he played in this match last Saturday.

  44. Fun – Yeah I agree with that.

    Not sure if he will stay though. I keep changing my mind.

  45. Just because he is training with the reserves has no bearing no him staying. He will need to get himself fit for next season regardless.

  46. thumbs up YW,

    Theo: hope its not too bad, needed less immediately now we got Gerv

    Connor H: really sad, like the Frimp last year, rooting to see him back stronger

    NikB: should replace his agent so he’ll be more attractive to suitors

    Cesc: AFC deadline looms, “lead us to greatness El Capitan !”

    Bartley: loan could be used to pacify Blackburn or Bolton or Everton

    Mata: hope its true, don’t see the Samir connection, exciting

    Samba: crucial, could well be Jagielka or Cahill

    Ryo: praying he gets FA approval

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  47. @ goonerandy

    I really hope Wenger sticks to his July deadline. The way I look at is that they really really don’t want to or can’t put up the money. And given the cost of replacing Cesc, Arsenal won’t sell unless they do. He is a low priority for them and the public utterances have the whiff of posturing about them. they are messing with his head, messing with us and ultimately will not deliver.

  48. There is probably only one player in the right age bracket to replace Cesc should he leave that is Goetze no one else is in Cesc’s league.

  49. @ goonerandy
    No, that BH tweet doesn’t prove that, but I jsut have a feeling.

  50. Arsene’s comments on Cesc seemed pretty unequivocal to me. He’s here for the foreseeable and I think he’s very happy with that.

  51. “The next 84.5hrs will be VERY CRUCIAL @ AFC!”

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  52. error:
    “The next 84.5hrs could be CRUCIAL @ AFC!”

  53. “u shouldn’t be talking about bags, especially not travel bags ☹” – RVP to Cesc on Twitter a few minutes ago. I’m not reading anything into it though, they often give each other some great stick via tweets.

  54. Jabba's delights


    Arsene has been using smoke and mirrors all window. It was only 3 weeks ago that Arsene said the Nasri sitaution would be sorted very quckly and that we would never allow another Flamini situation to develope. When the facts on the ground change smart people change their opinion.

    The Cesc transfer would be the quickest in history if Barca bid 5m more, it doesnt make sense for someone to be so unequivocal about something when he has admitted he is in neotiations with a team that our captain desperatly wants to join.

  55. Fun – I hope yuo are right.

    I agree about the Cesc situation. Unless Barca match our valuation they should juest shut up. We shouldn’t even bother with negotiating with them. I just hope our valuation matches his market value in todays game. My great fear is that we sell him, and get a relatively low figure.

  56. The Nasri situation has been sorted too. He is also staying.

  57. Limpar – To be fair, what else could he say. We don’t want to sell and he said as much.

  58. Nasri best position in the middle? Not for me. His best performances always came from wide as I recall. Not ready for the central role. Not consistent enough. If it aint Cesc then it’s Robin for me.

    Interesting thoughts regarding Bartley, Aman.

  59. Jabba's delights


    I beg to differ i think all of his best perfromance have come through the middle. For France and for the arsenal.

    Porto 5-0 …. wow was he good in that game

  60. Boca match is on ESPN? Arsenal site says they will not be streaming it live.

  61. Fungunner

    Well, thank fuck for that, we can all rest easy now!

    Pat Rice has taken the defence through a gruelling 40 minute excercise, so thats the defence sorted then! 😀

    Aman, I remain positive that I like your posts mate! 😀

    Bartley could well be used as a loan to ease through a deal. He could go to any of those teams and he would get 1st team top flight football and would also be near to family, so no probs settling in.

    If I was to bet, I would say Bolton.

    Mata signing could well just be us ADDING to the squad, no reason why it has to mean otherwise. I like yhis rumour!

  62. @Markus
    I fully agree. I am just not convinced that he has the vision nor the ability to play those passes that Cesc has been playing. Might be that he turns out to really be the second coming of Zidane after a longer spell being played through the middle, a player that scores and creates plenty, just like Cesc, but at this point in time I am not to sure. When we needed the creative spark past February he didn’t provide it. Having one measly assist to his name tells a story as well. This season he was used primarily on the left and this season has been his best for the club.

  63. Markus

    I agree with you and Jabba! I think nasri has played really well, wide right, left and through the middle!

  64. If we actually buy Mata who do you think will leave?

    I fear for Vela.
    But more likely Eboue
    Just may be Traore
    And if its Traore
    Then surely Enrique would be bought, no?
    Once Bendtner goes bye bye
    Nasri should stay the year

    Mata would free AA from wing duty
    Backed up by Ryo

    Gerv gets RW & CF
    With Theo as deputy

    ..i’m getting moist

    …i remain very mucho POSITIVO.

  65. Wikipedia’s claiming he’s signed for us:
    “..On 28 July 2011, Mata signed for Arsenal F.C for an undisclosed fee.”

  66. @Evil, not a criticism, but last season he seemed to be the guy who wanted to get on the end of those passes. Which is fine if he’s played out wide.

  67. Gracias Dexter….i remain POSITIVE, in Arsene I trust.

  68. Aman, that update to wikipedia was made by a non-english speaker…

    “He would wear the number 99 shirt.”

    Or someone telling a story from the olden times. Or a retard.

  69. I think it is a nice touch by ManU to give Paul Scholes a job with them, now he has retired from playing.

    He is now working as their Tapper- Upperer In Chief.

    The fucker tried to tap up Nasri, now he’s doing it with Modric!

    Classy bastards

  70. no. 21 for Mata?

  71. One assist in his best ever season,all be it half a season in reality,does not suggest he is a great playmaker..Samri has done nothing,absolutley nothing ,to suggest he could replace Cesc.

  72. Mata for nasri. Great news. Barley going on loan to a pl club is perfect. Agree that the boss must have believe that a cb is coming in. Get cesc fit and things are a Looking much more positive. Dare I hope for an experienced LB

  73. Darius I’d go for:

    Gervinho 9
    Ryo 22
    Mata 12
    Jenkinson 25

    big weekend for Gibbs & Traore.
    Emirates cup might determine if we stick with ’em or not…Enrique’s “waiting”

    i remain POSITIVE.

  74. Soooo, if we sign Mata and lose no one else we’ll have 10, maybe 11 players competing for the 2 wide forward positions…

    Rosicky, Arshavin, Mata, Ryo, Vela, Gervinho, Theo, Nasri, Eboue, Bendtner, Lansbury.

  75. and if we get a new CB I just might give him the no 2 jersey
    ..give Diaby a new number that could bring him better luck….hmm?

    maybe 26….the last letter in the alphabet…unlike 2, not a prime number (less pressure)….the new moniker AD26!

    boy, how I’d love an injury-free, all-systems-go Abou Diaby!
    We’d be completely UNFUCKWITHABLE!!!!!

    …i remain POSITIVE

  76. .”boy, how I’d love an injury-free, all-systems-go Abou Diaby!
    We’d be completely UNFUCKWITHABLE!!!!!”

    A pity more of the deadwooders dont see it

  77. No Markus,
    Eboue, Bendtner & Lansbury would probably depart

    …i remain POSITIVE

  78. I would prefer to see Luis Enrique and Samba/Cahill arrive before Mata. Rosicky should have been sold already in my view, Vela or Ryo should be benefiting from his departure.
    Love the positive attitude today, kudos!

  79. Fun @ 10:37.

    Working on defending in training. What a concept.

    Actually was very happy to see that. Ultimately that type of work if effective will be much more important to the result this season then signing new players. Me thinks anyway

  80. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a midfield of Cesc, Diaby and Song playing in form. Li’l Jack has his impact also, but Song Diaby and Fab in concert can also be unfuckwithable. Is this like the new description of a top notch operational unit? Footballistically speaking of course….

  81. Yeuuurghhuckkkkspitspitspit

  82. I can second that, Limpar & Bill. A signing might help, but in the end, defending from set pieces is a team job and sometimes it can be the mistake of a midfielder that leads to goal during a corner or some such. So if we learn that as a team, we are going to defend those situations better as a team. Or so I sincerely hope.

  83. I see a fully fit Diaby as a starter before Jack.
    That midfield 3 has everything .Very balanced .

  84. LA & Bill agreeing? Whatever next!

  85. @Darius
    That midfield has been very effective whenever it operated. Unfortunately, it never lasted longer than a match, most of the time not even the whole duration of a match. Usually because Diaby either got injured or sent off. Keeping my fingers crossed that neither of those things will happen to him this season.

  86. GR ~~ I’m not one for group hugs so I will stay to one side thanks. 🙂

  87. OMG what have I done!!

    Still think we should get a big lump of a cb and a LB and work on defending in training. We could be very tough to beat if we could do all that at the same time.

  88. I agree on the midfield of Diaby (fit and concentrating)/Cesc/Song. It is almost a perfect balance. Wilshere’s performences are quickly seeing him become undroppable though.

    When I watched him at Koln last weekend, he looked like he has matured since last year and really ran the game.

  89. Sorry Carib,
    AW can’t sell Rosicky…brings a 360 degree-perspective to the midfield that’s so unique, even Nasri’s learning from it. Cesc’s already jacked it & made it his own.

    Vela just needs to concentrate on scoring & maintaining one “Maria”
    Ryo?..c’mon, he just got here.

    Does anyone know, “is Diaby married?”
    If not, he might need to find him a sweet, committed faithful wifey.
    If he is, might be time to be a papa!
    He must improve his on-field-focus while at the same time letting up on himself.
    “Free thyself thru seed, Abou!”

    …i remain POSITIVE

  90. OMG! I agree with Bill!

  91. i still don’t get all this fascination with Arsenal needing to buy a big lump. It’s not like our defenders and players can’t jump. Is it wrong to put down the flaws of our set piece play as that of lack of good organization? If so, how will lumps help if we still remain less organized than we need to if defending as a team.

  92. Lumps are very easily organised, Darius. Once they are in position you are set. Like stonehenge.

  93. Wikipedia, as is it’s habit, has changed it’s mind.

  94. Great interview:

    Seriously, how can any Arsenal fan not love Thierry to bits? The things he says about Highbury … it just shows that wherever he is, wherever he plays, whatever he does, his heart is still with us

  95. One assist in his best ever season,all be it half a season in reality,does not suggest he is a great playmaker..Samri has done nothing,absolutley nothing ,to suggest he could replace Cesc.


    Apart from carry the team during Fabregas’s injury.

  96. A more physically dominating defender (or a big lump if you like) can be an equally good footballer. The two are not mutually exclusive. Thinking that they are almost ranks alongside the stupidity of remarks like “a good touch for a big man”.

  97. Absolutley no way Diaby would start ahead of Wilshere. Even if he managed to stay fit for 6 games (impossible), Wilshere is stronger in the tackle (despite being half his size), better with the ball, better without the ball, better at transfering the ball into an attacking move, in fact, I can not think of one single reason why, if both fully fit Diaby would start ahead of LJW.

    Our best player by a mile last year. Already done more in 50 games than Diaby has done in 5 years.

    The willingness and desire to defend certain players (albeit because they come under some stick) on here is passionate, but emotions making decisions result in the wrong decision being made.

  98. Darius at 2:29 pm: I’m in agreement and I would go as far as to say a new defender coming in would give us less stability if anything. Especially if he has spent the majority of his career playing a totally different brand of football than us.

  99. Limpar – the fuckers at Stone henge can’t move, let alone set an offside trap.

  100. Apart from carry the team during Fabregas’s injury.

    Oh sorry,good retort,That proves it Luke.
    Thanks most insightful post.Well done.

    1 assist does not a playmaker make.Or am I missing something?

  101. Really, Luke? Nasri and Cesc were usually fit at the same time this season. I’d recommend you re-check your facts, because spouting bullshit is starting to become a habit for you, mate.


  103. Markus,

    This different brand of football stuff is a bit of a cop out IMO. These are highly tuned, talented professional sportsmen. Let them train with a new team and they will pick up the pace.

    Its a bit of high brow arrogance which assumes no one plays like Arsenal. Well, Wigan focus on keeping the ball on the deck and playing a passing game, would you rather their CB’s joined us instead.

    Its flawed. Especially when you have one of the worlds best coaching line ups training you.

  104. @Luke
    Are you honestly saying that Wilshere, who was rather inconsistent in his first few months and was clearly tired at the end of the season (which showed in his performances) was better than Sagna or Robin? Jack has had an exceptional debut season, but he is clearly young and has his flaws.

  105. Assists arn’t really the measure of a player maker George.

    Do you know how many assists Xavi got last year? No, I don’t suppose you do. Its also why you fail to appreciate Wilshere as much more atuned footballer than Diaby.

  106. Voted our best player Evil.

    Perhaps if he had some suitable support in the midfield from squad players, Wenger wouldnt have had to play him at every possible instance? Just a thought.

    In no way should a teenager in his debut season play so many games. The fact that he did, and to such a high standard, earnt him the accolades he deserves.

    If RVP was fit for the season, of course he would have been our best player.

  107. Darius @ 2:29.

    I theory you are correct I think. However we have had short mobile cb who can jump for several years now without great results. Having the shortest lightest cb pairing in the league and struggling to defend set pieces can’t be all coincidence. We have smart people managing the club and there is no logical reason why they could not have fixed our problems before now. I also believe our lack of physicality is one of the reason our defense struggles at the end of every season. There has to be a toll over the course of a season when you fight against bigger stronger.
    players for 38 games in the most physical league in the world. Look around Europe and find one successful team that does not have at least one bigger dominant cb. I can’t really understand why anyone would not want us to have at least 1 lump in our squad. Tv Kos and jd are all thin enough that they could hide behind vidic at the same time and we would never find them

  108. Ramsey will start ahead of Diaby if both fit too.

  109. And rightly so. Now Ramsey, that kid has seeeerious vision. Can see every pass the Gas did at that age, and some. My favourite Gooner. (Outside Persie of course)

  110. Surely – a defender has to be a quality player first and if he happpens to be of the stone Henge ilk then fine. The issue isn’t that we shouldn’t seek to buy another defender. The issue is that buying a lump isn’t the answer. We didn’t concede all those set piece goals because we didn’t have a lump.

  111. Why Samba u say?

    Apart from his height, leap, mobility, ferocity, tenacity, self-motivation*, permanent focus, skilled enough to overlap & play CF plus joining the attack for corners (with probably a better goal-scoring record than any of our CBs),

    think of how great it’d be for the whole team’s set-piece defense if they continuously had to go against Christopher “also-a-CF” Samba in training????

    Its a win/win situation for us
    So for me, i’d loan Bartley to Blackburn &
    Get SAMBA!

    …i remain POSITIVE

    *ps: single most important quality a good leader must have. Its why we like Vermaelen & Vieira’s a legend for life!

  112. I do think Diaby gives better balance to the midfield. But only if he is “switched on” as sometimes he can be a little lazy and careless. That said, he is terribaly inconsistant so I fully expect Wilshere to cement his place in the starting 11 in a very short space of time (if he hasn’t already done so).

  113. Luke – I also rate Ramsey. His main problem though is that of spacial awareness. He quite often gets caught on the ball from behind; he just does not always seem to know what is around him. Hopefully that will come with time.

    It is such an essenitial piece of a midfielders game, and is the reason why the like of Cesc and Wilshere always seem to have plenty of time on the ball.

  114. Luke,
    No way Ramsey starts before Diaby if both fully fit

    I’d play Jack before or better still with him though.

    Methinks AW’s about to pull off the greatest Squad ReAssembly ever, just u wait.. i smell genius.

    …i remain POSITIVE

  115. Re Wilshere v Diaby

    There are 60 odd games in a season, plenty of chances for both of them to feature.
    However, I don’t see Diaby (even when fit) knocking Wilshere off the 1st team right now, unless Arsene wants to rest the Englishman or wants a little bit of height on the team.

    Cesc, Wilshere, and Song have the 3 midfield positions pretty much nailed on, but I’m sure there will be games were Diaby will play the Song/Frompong role.
    The real competition for Diaby is Ramsey, imo.

  116. a fully fit diaby, in top form, is unstopable..
    but hes never fit..not long enough to show the consistent performances we need from him..
    when hes firing he can win us games but he spends most of the campaign in pre season mode..he always looks rusty…has a few good moments then he injured again..

    and with all these injuries, hes yet to become a complete player hes abit of a one trick pony hes either very good or extremely ptretty sure our win % is low when diaby is in the team..jacks got a more all round game than diaby so hes first over diaby every week for me..
    u know what kind of performance your gonna get from jack..
    diabys an enigma..balance is the last thing you get from diaby to be honest..

  117. Thats a good point GA, that will surely be eradicated with time? Kids only had a handful of games. Before he got assualted, he was runnning the show when he played, Olypiakos and Pompey games spring to mind. That awareness will come with match fitness, and stronger communication from the midfield.

    Re: Diaby, he is injured again. This is guy with constant muscle twangs. Its not a good sign. He has had a horrific injury, but then managed to play nearly a full season upon his return to fitness. Now, he cant play 6 games in row. Another season like that and we really should assess his value to the squad.

    Hugely talented, but also inconsistent, lazy and injury prone.

    Its a tough one.

  118. Luke – Agreed.

  119. Jabba's delights

    Is this a joke are some people actually trying to say Diaby is better than wilshere. Dont get me wrong an in form diaby is a wonderful sight but i reckon we have seen that 10-15 times in 5 years.

    Dibay isnt also condusive to our game he holds on to the ball for to long, which brings me to my next point. Goonerandy there cant have been a player caught in possesion more than Diaby in premiership history : )

    Make no mistake ramsey with a full season under him rivals wishere for young player of the year . The guy has cesc potential at the same age.

    Has diaby worked on his left peg whilst being at the club?

    Is diaby injured again………………?

  120. Darius @ 2:59:

    We have had quality players for years now. I can’t believe the boss and assistants have not done everything they can to fix our problems before now. No one disputes that as individual technical players our defenders are excellent. Its also clear that combining the best individual players does always make the best team. Certainly a single new player not a panacea but having a stay at home CB to balance the get forward, aggressive sweeper type players like TV and KOS will probably make the team more effective. At least thats my theory. The least you can say is that its worth a try since nothing else we have done has worked well enough the last few years. Worst case scenario he ends up as 4th choice.

    Andy @ 3:00:

    Love Diaby as a player and agree that a healthy Diaby would be great but counting on him to be fit and in form is like counting on the US Congress to make good decisions. I guess anything is possible.

  121. There’s no way Diaby will get consistent without playing the games – so if there’s an agreement that it’s a calculated risk, then he has to be given those games.

    Saying that – there’s over 60 games in the season and plenty to go around if rotation, injury and suspensions are taken into account. But both he and Li’l Jack bring very different and very powerful attributes. For some games, I think a midfield of Li’l Jack, Diaby and Song can also work very well.

  122. I do like Diaby, but I don’t think he will ever be integral to our play as he has never (due to his balsa wood skeleton) cemented his place in the side. And now he has real competition for his place, so I don’t think it will happen for us here. Wilshere is the future; skillful, tenacious, consistant.

  123. I just can not see Wenger picking Diaby ahead of Wilshere in ANY game unless the little fella is injured, needs a rest or its a domestic cup game.

    We talk about Diaby adding size? Well, yes thats true, on the stat sheet. But watching Modric treat him like a rag doll proves he never uses his Vieria esque physique.

  124. I’d have both Ramsey and Frimpong over Abou AND I would actually rather see Lansbury get the chance to blood in cup games.

    Diaby is a luxury player. Difference is, our other luxury player, Arshavin, pitches in with 10 goals and 18 assist in a ‘shit’ season.

    It is true Darius, that Diaby would need a run in the team to show is full explosive repitiore, but he wont get that because he cant stay fit.

  125. Jabba's delights

    Guys its great thing having Diaby in the squad if he can stay fit. He is different to what we have in the same way having a tall physical cb would compliment the talent we already have. Its about being able to put out the best team to win a particular game. Only Barca play their own way every game one needs to be able to adapt. Its one of our main weakneses and has again been highlighted by our captain

  126. What’s almost certain is that unlike Denilson, Vela, and even Rosicky, Diaby will surely get games when fit. He has a lot more in his locker than those guys and Wenger would have rotated our midfield better last year if he was fit.

  127. @Bill – I’m not averse to someone being brought in to shore up the defence. What I have difficulty with is that it has to be a lump. Look at the description of the attributes of Samba someone articulated earlier. All those are more prominent before you even get to the stage of considering him as a lump. If he happens to be a giant, fine.

    Surely, part of the problem is that the whole team and not just the defenders need to defend consistently. In the same way we depend on Sagna and Jethro to provide the width for attacks, then its’ reasonable that attackers must defend at the point of losing the ball.

    One of our biggest issues is our system of play. It is very dependent on ball retention. We seem to have a challenge in using the ball efficiently especially with teams that park the bus. In such cases, we’re left vulnerable as the other team converts their defence into percentage football because they know we’ve commited resources forward.

    Better team defending to stop that transition into attack or slow it down has to be part of the key, and even more importantly, it has to be consistent.

    A lot of the games we lost towards the end of last season were more to do with our inability to convert chances into goals as opposed to just being suspect defensively. That’s why Gervinho was brought in.

    The question of defending, regardless of which players come in has to be a team effort. It’s simplistic to put it down to a “lump”.

  128. Just take the painkillers and forget that Ramsey is attempting to recover from an ordeal similar to what Diaby went through. He’s not made of glass like the non-gr*ts, he’s ready to go for a fifty game season, right? As right as rain. Yeah.

    Arshavin had an almost Torresian dip in ‘form’. He won’t win the bleep test in training. His ‘form’ returned. He played with true gr*t in the Sunderland Home game. A shame the effing ref disagreed. Fifteen goals seems like a good target if he’s come close before.

    Can Broad keep his ‘form’ or will he attempt to bowl with his ‘danda’ again?

  129. We talk about players needing a “run of games” to play well but we don’t have the luxury of doing that. We can’t run a player like Vela out for 4 -5 games in a row if is he is not effective in hopes that the run of games will make him better. Hard as it is players like Vela, Chamakh, Diaby, Rosicky etc etc have to be ready and play well when they get their chances or they will never get a run of games. Catch 22 but the same applies to all the players outside the first 13 – 15 players in every squad in the league. If they can’t play well when called on even if they are rusty then they are not very helpful to the team.

  130. Jabba's delights


    Your spot on with that post but i highlight the bolton away game last year. We had chances we failed to take them but you can also win games 1 nil or draw a game that you would have lost with better defending from set peices.

    The body language of our defenders after conceding to bolton was utterly appaling. By that i highlight kosciellny and djouou. As the cb’s i want them apocolyptic if someone lazily fails to track their man quite often its them or Song who was at fault though.

    Look at the amount of number 1 or 2 attacking options from set peices who score against us. Its our top guys who are missing their man.

    I see absolutey no possible disadvantage as having a huge lump who can run abit instead of squilaci. What does he excel at. He sint quick not very good on the ground and not imposing. Samba over him every single day of the week.

  131. Finsbury, but after Diabys horrific break, he managed his most consistent season. He now suffers from minor reoccuring muscle injuries a la Michael Owen

    So in that respect he is completley different to Ramsey.

    Also, how can he be ready for a 50 game season when he is already injured in pre-season?

  132. Had the luxuary to do exactly that at the beginning of last season with little Jacky.

    In spite of the objections from the predictable ones above.

  133. Well I could be wrong but all the evidence points to a fit Diaby starting .I really cant remember a time when he was fit and available that Arsene did not pick him.
    We will see soon enough.
    He has had a operation on a persistent ankle niggle .It might just do the trick this time.
    As it stands he is better than both Jack and Rambo.And that does not mean that I dont think those two are fantastic talents,because they are.

  134. Luke, you are having trouble with that reading malarky again.
    Better luck next time.

  135. True Finsbury, it was chance that Wilshere got offered so many games.

    But he took it with both hands.

    Diaby has been at the club 5 years.

  136. Jabba's delights


    Exactly. All those debates about diaby a few weeks ago and now look he is injured again in pre seaosn. If him missing pre season equates to him picking up ”niggles” for the rest of the year what is the use.

    Nobody questions his talent what is questiones is his toughness and attitude. There is only one winner currenly. He puts France before he puts arsenal.

  137. On the evidence George? You mean that evidence of Wenger not once dropping Wilshere for Diaby last year?

    Also every single poster in the debate has confirmed that they believe LJW is a certain starter ahead of Diaby

    You disagree? Why? Because Wenger has persisted with him over the years?


  138. Actually Bill, Wenger played Arshavin back into form. So it is possible to do so if the other players do the heavy lifting.

  139. When Arshavin was out of form, he was still having a material (goals/assists) impact, and was notably working on his fitness/work rate

    Look how trim he is this year. Wants to address his faults. Sign of a great player.

  140. Song – Diaby is our first-choice central midfield pairing but young Jack is making it a close call. And of course it depends on the opposition. But Diaby fully fit is a no-brainer in most games.

  141. Jabba's delights


    Wenger has had to play him to try and get some use of him. He cant stay fit for 3 games in a row. Most of his injuries have nothing to do with his ankle. He persists in going away with France when he dam well hasnt earnt his wage with us and then pulls up with a strain

    Wilshere is a far supperior player as consistency is the key attribute for any player labelled very good he is also much much much much much more suited to our game. Anyone can haev a good game can he replicate it for 10!?

    People are so quick to blame ref on here at times for arsenal losses what about Diaby failing to pass walcott the ball against barca 2 years ago away 1 up. Just as crucial to a loss as any referee.

  142. No Luke I disagree because I happen to think Diaby is a better player at this point in their careers.
    You think that a playmaker is ok with one assist per year. mmmmm.

  143. “Markus | July 28, 2011 at 3:59 pm
    Song – Diaby is our first-choice central midfield pairing but young Jack is making it a close call. And of course it depends on the opposition. But Diaby fully fit is a no-brainer in most games.”

    No Markus you must be wrong because every poster says so .Well apart from me and Darius and…………
    Well anyway “One Assist Luke ” and Jabba are positive,in fact its not even close.

  144. Jabba said

    “Wenger has had to play him to try and get some use of him”

    Have you ever ever ever heard such bosh and bollox?

  145. Darius:

    When I use the term “lump” I don’t mean it literally and I don’t envision Andre the Giant standing on the penalty spot waiting for the ball to hit his head. Clearly anyone we would look at is going to have a certain level of technical skill and be good enough to recieve a pass and not lose possession as soon as he touches the ball. I doubt we can get someone who is as good a passer as KOS but if our system would break down because we have one player who is not quite as good a passer at CB then our system is far to fragile to work in the PL.

    Clearly everything you say about our team defending is true, however why have we not been able to fix the problem in the past? Blaming all our problems down to lack of a “lump” is clearly simplistic but I do think having some height and strength at the back is one “piece of the puzzle” that we have lacked in the past, and will make us more effective if we are able to get organized and improved our team defending. In the past we have been able to have short runs of good defensive form without a “lump”. The first 26 games of 07/08 being the best example but we have never been able to maintain that for a season. I think that has to be partly down to the fact that we run out of mental and physical energy having to fight against bigger and stronger players throughout a season. Can’t think of any other good reasons why our defending has consistently melted down in the last 1/3 of previous seasons. Doesn’t that make sense to you?

  146. Markus – can you tell me when we last played Song-Diaby for a consistent period (say 4 games on the bounce), and how that turned out?

    George – Your a smart man, try look into what I wrote more. How many assists did Xavi get last season?

  147. Your a fucking child George.

  148. Oh dear the tone has lowered since my last visit.

  149. It simple really, when Diaby spends (another season) with the physio, on the bench, get the odd run out and playing cups, I wonder what sort of bullsh*t will be sprouted to protect another one of the bullet proof players.

  150. Diaby is our most dangerous player tearing through the middle. On his day he’s unplayable because he’s hard to knock off the ball and dribbles the ball like a short man does. The difference between him and Jack at the moment is that he scores. Little Jack hasn’t added that element to his game just yet. But maybe this season he starts putting the ball in the net. Who knows? I still prefer Diaby. Those of you saying he’s lazy and unfocused should really watch him play when he’s fully fit. The guy is unstoppable.

  151. Yes Dups, and why dont you honestly go see who did that.

    Again, and again, and again.

  152. Luke I bet he got more than 1 !!
    And he plays as a deep lying midfielder unlike Cesc.
    Or do you not know the difference?

  153. All this talk of Diaby being fully fit and firing.

    Please someone tell me when this was???

    Someone give me a 3 game run of Diaby playing well? Is it even possible?????

    Just nonsense, people leaving on the odd game each quarter, and using that to justify this player as a beast.

  154. Jabba's delights


    Diaby at his zenith might influence a game more than wilshere but it happens 2-3 times a year. Who would you trust more to pick the guy who can play you 55 games getting an average score 7 throughout or the guy who can 25 games and gets you a 7 and within that you 10 and 3’s. You guy who gives you cosistency is the better player. Consistency is key and thats why Wilshere is light years ahead fo diaby. Wilshere also makes the team better, as diaby holds onto it for to long.

    Your chat about playmakers and assists highlights your lack of understanding of football. Xavi the world best playmaker wasnt in the top 15 for assists in sapin this year. Playmaker conduct your play they dont have to be the guy scoring or setting up the goals

  155. @Luke
    Well, how many did he get? Close to 10 in La Liga, iirc, and for a central midfielder, that is usually the norm. The only players that get more than 10 on a regular basis are strikers and wingers/full backs. Look at the EPL assist table for example. The only reason why Cesc is so high up there is because we rely on him for everything. Almost everyone else in double figures is not a CM. Baines, Nani, Arshavin, Drogba, Rooney … you get my point? Xavi does not get 30 assists simply because his team does not rely as much on him to provide scoring opportunities as we rely on Fabregas. At Barca, everyone in midfield shares the responsibility of creating chances for others. In the league, for us, some players that you would expect to do it simply did not chip in with the assists.

  156. Gains – how is Diaby more dangerous tearing through the middle than Nasri?

    I find it nothing short of astonishing that Nasri’s ‘inconsistency’ is constantly highlighted, but Diaby is brushed off for an injury sustained 3 years ago (which he fully recovered from)

    Maybe because Diaby has never publicly complained about the regime? Ahh thats it.

  157. Diaby bullet proof? Only Denilson takes as much shit as he does. His being injury prone has encouraged people to say he’s lazy and unfocused when that couldn’t be further from the truth. When fully fit the guy gives our midfield a presence that very few players on the team give us.

  158. No G 69.
    Every single poster says Jack is better ,well apart from me,Darius,Markus,you and……..

    Luke it just keeps getting worse for you today.

    I assist 🙂 and 1 goal 🙂

    Deary me

  159. Darius 2 3;57, Finsbury:

    Arshavin is clearly on of our top 13 – 15 players. If I remember correctly he played his way back with Cesc recovering from WC hangover and Theo missed several games. Much different scenario for someone like Vela or NB52 last year who had several other players ahead of them in the pecking order.

  160. “Maybe because Diaby has never publicly complained about the regime? Ahh thats it.”

    ok I admit it that is even worse than

    “Wenger has had to play him to try and get some use of him”


  161. Jabba's delights


    Nobody is doubting Diaby ability when firing on all cylinders the unmistakable fact that you continurelly gloss over is it that he never gets the chance as he is always injured. We know what wilshere can do as he has shown it you have no idea what diaby can do as he has never toughed out a season…………….hows he looking this pre seaosn????????? o no did he get injured playing for france again, thats a shame who pays his wages. When illl the guy start putting his employers over his country

  162. Arshavin is clearly on of our top 13 – 15 players.

    What is going on here today?

  163. George, are you belittling the impact of our best player last year?

    Deary me. All time lows for you.

    Gains – I genuinely ask anyone if they can do this:


    I wont hold my breath.

  164. Luke, when Diaby starts a run from our own half he’s like 747 taking off. He blasts through one or two players and all of a sudden we have a legitimate goal scoring opportunity. When he sets off on one of those runs we seldomly resort to the tippy-tappy stuff. He’s our most direct midfield by miles.

    Diaby is not being a petulant little prick looking to change clubs for trophies/money, Luke. If he were, then I’d throw his injury record in his face and tell him to shut the fuck up.

  165. Diaby has been at the club for 5 years, in the top 150 all time apps for the club, surely someone of this magnitude, ability, skill and unmatchable presence has had a purple patch along the way?

    Anybody? 3 good games consecutively from Abou??

    We can narrow it down. It hasnt happened for at least two years.

    Off to a flyer…………

  166. Oh god.
    What part of a full fit Diaby is difficult to understand?
    He put France first,Robin puts Holland first ,Jack wanted to play u21 ,he is lazy ,injury prone 68 goals 2nd worst season nearer Spurs than United.and on and on and on……………………………………..

    Is anyone suggesting a half fit Diaby is better than Jack ?
    So what are you bleating on about.?

  167. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Look at all these cunts slating Diaby acting like they are Arsene Wenger. Why can’t you guys find a way to praise Wilshere without slating Diaby? Diaby is a world class player, and theres a reason Arsene has stuck by him. Fuck me some of you people need to take a break. Im looking at you Luke, goonerandy, Bill, and Jabbas the Manc. I do commend you guys for switching up the subject and talking about something besides defending and Manchester United for once, but don’t you guys have any other hobbies or things to do besides chat shit about the Arsenal all day?

  168. Jabba's delights


    Im mean its always come across that you spend very little time in the stadium (which isnt an issue) but you also appear to spend very very very very very little time around hardcore passionate arsenal fans with what you say. You would be laughed at first and then strung up from a tree if you persisted with your chatter about diaby over wilshere

    Consistency is the key in determining the standard of a player and that crosses every single sport. On the one hand you are nailing our most consistent player over 55 games last year and on the other tumpeting our most inconsistent player as the better player………… know nothing.

    Anybody who knows a dime about sport knows that the best players in the world are that because they perform at a consistently good level

  169. George, are you belittling the impact of our best player last year?

    I was suggesting that Arshavin being in the top 13 to 15 was bleeding obvious .top 3 or 4 more like.

    So you could not be more wrong .Or are you still insisting that 1 goal was our best player?

  170. George, when was Diaby last fully fit?

  171. 1 goal was our best player. As voted for by the club.

  172. @Luke – please stop being dramatic – Diaby has actually played more than 3 games in a row for Arsenal and has been very consistent.

    Look – there’s enough games to go around – both will play, but the fact of the matter is that in Diaby, we have one of the best box to box players in the league. Wenger won’t get rid of that ability.

  173. Jabba's delights


    Nobody is saying he isnt like a 747 but if that jet only takes off 1 in every 8 games wouldnt you prefer the bmw waltzing through their midfield for all 8 games. i know are manager would

  174. Luke, last season he got scythed down by Robinson early on when we played Bolton. Then, to make matters worse, the Ghanean butcher (Essien) tackled him in the same exact spot just a few weeks later. When he was finally getting back into the squad Barton decided it was his turn to have a go at his ankle. These thugs decided that Diaby would spend most of last season with the physios not nature.

  175. @Luke
    2009/2010 maybe? He played in 29 league games and in total 40 games that season. Or maybe 2008/2009 where he played in a total of 36 games?

  176. Nasir:

    I Diaby is fully fit and fully functional I agree with George, to me he is a no-brainer top 11 player for us. Superb combination of technique and physique. Not his fault but he can’t stay fit.

  177. Jabba ,seems you are not in the majority on here

  178. Darius, I ask anyone to say when Diaby was last fully fit, and it cant be answered, pretty easy with every other squad player no?

    Diaby will play in cups and when there are injuries/suspensions/fatigue (assuming he is fit)

    Thats what has been said alllllllll along.

  179. Diaby got some astonishing abilities for a lad of his size. When he runs at defences, he is a bit like a midfield Drogba, just going past defenders left and right. He does need to inject some more directness into his game though because you often see him go past three defenders to reach the opposition box and then he just seems to stop and wait.

  180. @Luke
    I gave you two seasons in which he was fully fit and played in way more than half of our games. Stop ignoring everything that disproves the bullshit you are writing.

  181. Jabba, I would love to meet these passionate fans who would string someone up for prefering Diaby over Wilshere. It seems to me that they’re amnesiacs and have selective memories, apart from being simple minded idiots. It would be very easy to set them straight by reminding them of what Diaby can do when not on the treatment table.

  182. So luke, Me , Bill, Markus ,Nasir, Gains 69,Darius.
    And you said this

    “Also every single poster in the debate has confirmed that they believe LJW is a certain starter ahead of Diaby”

    How correct you were ,Oh sorry forgot to say NOT

  183. Luke and Jibber are having a very bad day 🙂

  184. Jabba, the manager would put him in his starting 11 every game if he were fit. He adds height, can penetrate through the middle and can score. Name another player with those attributes in the league and I will quiet down. In fact, name another central midfield from any league who can do all that and I’ll quiet down.

  185. So two years ago then evil?

  186. Luke should you not make a “beeping” noise when trying to back up?

  187. A fine warrior’s post Yogi. It’s vital we maintain consistency, and 3 pre-season injuries is par. It wouldn’t be a season opener at all if both Diaby and Theo, for example, were fully fit and raring to go.

    I like Arshavin, although not entirely the way he’s used on the left. Very Russian in so many ways. When the chips are up, he’s a little dry and sardonic. When the chips are down (Arsenal crisis, crisis, crisis; Man C buying every player like monopoly), he’s all cheerful and upbeat.

    Jabba’s Delights and his sidekick Luke simply do not have the same comic genius and timing as Alex Ice Cream and his sidekick Sprectum. But oh lordy lordy, they try and they try. What they need is a new script writer, and a decent simple pitch. Dull and duller would work.

  188. Do you get all warm inside George when other people debate for you??

    Its simple lads, since on here the manager is always right, he picks wilshere more (assuming diaby can get fit), then wilshere is the better player.


    Whose looking forward to having egg on thier face?

  189. No, Luke. He played 40 games in 2009/2010, and since 2011/2012 season has not started yet and there has only been the 2010/2011 season inbetween I think you can calculate for yourself how long ago it has been. Even if we really take it literally, it hasn’t been 2 years or 730 days. Either way, your argument is invalid, Luke. But hey, at least you tried. Now, would you kindly eat this humble pie?

  190. Jabba's delights


    hahahahaah, wilshere was our player of the year and young player of the year in his 1st season. Like i said its always been very clear your never at the ground and dont spend any time in arsenal pubs.

    Consistency is key for sportsmen one of the guys we talks about is ultra consistent the other isnt. Nobody doubts diaby talent i hugley douby his abilty to stay fit

    How he looking this pre season………..??

  191. @Luke
    According to your logic, Denilson was our best player in 2008/2009 since he was picked the most out of all our midfielders during that time frame by the manager. Do you still stand by your words?

  192. So lets remember how it all started you said

    “Absolutley no way Diaby would start ahead of Wilshere. Even if he managed to stay fit for 6 games (impossible), Wilshere is stronger in the tackle (despite being half his size), better with the ball, better without the ball, better at transfering the ball into an attacking move, in fact, I can not think of one single reason why, if both fully fit Diaby would start ahead of LJW.”

    It now seems you have shifted your position to” if Diaby stays injury prone was what I meant”

  193. It’s funny how people bend over backwards to criticise some of our “scapegoat players”. Instead of appreciating that Diaby is a rather unique type of player in the squad, one who has the potential to be a proper weapon if injury does not strike again, instead of hoping for him to stay fit, they try everything to undermine him and disregard all his abilities and potential.

  194. Jabba's delights


    The fact that he isnt fit and never proved his fitness is a huge huge HUGE sticking point to your argument.

    Its these simple arsenal fans who watch arsenal week in week out who can understand that consistency and fitness cant be glossed over in the same way a final points tally cant. You speak hypothetically about what diaby would be like i speak about what he has proven in 5 years. Jack in 1 year was player of the year and young player of the year.

  195. Its no good waiting for Diaby to storm through the opposition midfield like a 747 when you have to watch him lose posession 5 or 6 times first because he doesnt understand that the ball needs to be released! Wilshere makes our game flow and allows the forwards to receive the ball early when they can do most damage, Diaby runs around taking people on when there is a clear and simple pass to be made, and against most half decent teams he is caught out as a result

  196. Jabba it clutching at straws.
    We would agree with him if we drank in his pub with his simpleton mates .

    Ha fucking ha

  197. No Evil, certainly not with Denilson.

    Because I have never thought he was a decent footballer. Didnt think he was up to Arsenal scratch back then, and still dont. In my eyes it was a mistake from Wenger to trust him so much.

    Thats irrelevant. Wenger thought he was our best player for that position so he picked him.

    In that light, when Wilshere gets selected consistently ahead of Diaby this season, you will have to concede wilshere is the better footballer.

    And yes, I love that humble pie, now go get me some custard.

  198. @Jabba
    And being young player of the year tells us what exactly? Season before Milner was Young Player of the Year, despite Cesc being younger and scoring close to twenty goals + creating the same amount. Do you really think that Milner was better that season than Cesc? That he deserved that award more than Cesc did?

  199. No George, I fully stand by everything I wrote in that post.

    Nice to see GoonerG adding some common sense .

  200. This has been a fun day and I have hardly sworn

  201. Haters help me out.

    Is it Diaby’s own-goal against United last year? Is that what it is? Was it Squillaci’s own-goal that makes lazy fuckers mention him in the same breath as Silvestre and want him gone too? Cos I can’t think of anything else. Does giving away that dodgy penalty against Liverpool make Eboue a shit player? Or Denilson falling over on the pitch consign him to the bench or worse for ever and ever. Help me out.

  202. Evil, you know Wilshere was officially voted Arsenal’s player of the season last year right?

    Diaby ever come close to that in his 5 years?

  203. @Luke
    But here is the point: I never said that Wenger is going to pick Diaby more often or Wilshere more often. That’s all something you are making up. I think that both will have ample opportunities and that I can see Jack being dropped for certain games because Diaby is the more logical choice because of his abilities and his physique.

  204. Jabba's delights


    me 3.29

    ”Guys its great thing having Diaby in the squad if he can stay fit. He is different to what we have ”

    Wenger trust Jack 100% over Diaby. If you were to leave this blog and enter nearlly any other or attended games or sat in arsenal pubs the overriding consensus would be exactly that.

  205. Evil,perhaps his mates down the staunch Arsenal pub thought so.

    Oh well Luke ,GoonerG has swung it in your favour

  206. Evil

    Who would your money be on in a 50/50 between Wilshere & Diaby?

    JAckie all day. Diaby has the physique, he also has no idea how to use it. He is very very soft.

  207. I dont really want to get involved with this argument, as I think its pretty pathetic TBH.

    I rate both players highly, I think Jack has been elevated somewhat as is the norm; he is homegrown, and had an excellent debut season. But i also really rate Diaby. I have witnessed him have great games, only to return home to read on blogs how shite he was??? That seems his norm. The fucker cannot get a break with some.

    Anyway, they are both top, glad we have em both.

    BTW; I know it was a one off, but we played the spuds last season at their gaff, Diaby was doing a pretty top job, was replaced by Jack and we got over run.

    Just saying is all. 😀

  208. Jabba is back in the pub with his mates .We must be wrong.

  209. George, ever been to an Arsenal pub?

  210. @Luke
    You know Gareth Bale has been officially voted Premier League Player of the Year last season, voted by the players nonetheless?

  211. Jabba's delights


    Would you even know where an arsenal pub is near the ground, you act like you know what support is but you live in england and dont attend any games…………why is this?

  212. What are saying Evil? What correlation are you making between Bales award and Wilsheres?

  213. Dexter that is not the consensus in Jabba’s pub

  214. Probably not eh George, because you would have bollocks ripped off for saying you dont care about Arsenal pre Wenger. Dont deny it. Your exact words.

  215. Jabba ,I do attend games though.So wrong again 🙂

  216. What pub do you go to before George?

  217. Not by a girl like you Luke

  218. But you admit it would happen?


  219. Wonder why it is getting personal?
    Could not possibly be because thing have gone horribly wrong with the debate could it?

  220. Jabba's delights


    Look at you shitting on our little jacky season to try and prove your points. Denilson has a poor year gets defended to the hilt jack our best player voted for by the fans gets nailed.

    Strung up if you bothred to go to the ground. The boy is a bigger part of our future than arsene and abou put together x2!

  221. Quick George, hurry up and Google ‘pubs in Arsenal’

  222. @Luke
    That, as those awards mean so much to you, you would obviously agree that the winner of those awards must have won them because of their performance alone and not because of sympathy or because people are getting excited about players. Therefore if Jack winning our player of the season award makes him our best player of the season, if Bale wins the league’s player of the season award he must’ve obviously been the best player in all of England last season.

    Do you really think that the fact that Jack is British + young + an enormous talent + has obviously a great career ahead of him played no part whatsoever in him winning that award?

  223. I did not support arsenal prior to Bergkamp,not Wenger .So why would I care what went on?

  224. Debate you ruined again George, again, with your arrogance

    You annoy me more than any individual i’ve ever come in contact with, I dont what it is.

    Yogi – BAN ME please. All I will do is bite and get into petty arguments.

    I cant resist the lure – can I nominate myself for a suspension?

  225. Jabba, give it a rest mate. I said similar shit about Cashley FFS! Dont be jumping the gun there man.

  226. Its different when its a club award Evil.

    The fans voted for Wilshere

    Not journos like Bale.

    Who did you vote for?

  227. I’d pick a fully fit Jack over a fully fit Diaby, but since I’m not the manager, it doesn’t really matter.

  228. I have never witnessed such carnage on ACLF
    Poor Luke and Jibber

  229. @JD
    And that’s the thing: no one has put Jack down. Everyone here acknowledges that he has played a great season, especially considering that it was his first full season and that he is obviously the most talented ENglish player right now with the potential to become a true legend for our club. The only difference is that some people here are obviously blind to any mistakes whatsoever lil’ Jack makes, while other people take a more realistic view of things, acknowledging the fact that Jack still has to develop as a player and other members of our squad have got certain skills that they can bring to the table which might give the manager a good headache when he has to decide who to field in the starting XI.

  230. Ahahahah, ok then George.

    Get back to your crayons.

  231. Jabba what fucking pubs do you go to where you’d be strung up for discussing football? The ones I go to wouldnt even raise an eyebrow. Now if the Margarita’s were too salty, there’d be a fucking riot!

  232. Dexter @ 5:01:

    Nothing wrong with having different opinions about who is a better player if given 2 choices. Sports fans have been doing that for as long as there has been professional sports, long before the internet. No way to prove which side is correct and both can make logical arguments and discussing stuff like this is reason most of us enjoy a blog. Unfortunately it always turns into name calling which sort of ruins the debate. Probably used to happen at water coolers and in pubs but its alot easier to fight on-line.

  233. Jabba's delights


    Been spoken about on here before im afraid George your chat most defiently comes across as someone who doesnt attend games or sit in gooner pubs, like i said not an issue some of our best fans are foreign but the way you conduct yourself you should make dam sure you attend every game.

    You find it easy to disparge wilshere, graham and adams and yet shoot people for not rating denilson…………Like i said you would be strung up and yes i would like fries with that

  234. Heh, if Cesc leaves it will keep everybody happy. Diaby/Wilshere/Song 😉

  235. JD and Luke have improved, a little; it’s still a bit embarrassing. What’s missing is a sense of drama, an exclamation mark. Like throwing a punch, or a hissy-fit, or a making an outrageous bet. Like “I bet my pet yak that Jack Wilshere will become taller than Diaby THIS season, or at least look taller, or jump higher, relative to his body mass”.

  236. Luke & George

    Seriously dudes, leave it out. Stop this crazy shit!

  237. mata is really coming isnt he?

  238. @Luke
    Journalists didn’t vote for that award: the player’s themselves did. So the majority of the players of the 20 EPL clubs — people that live football day in, day out — believe that Bale has been the best in the league. And you are going to tell me that an award voted for by fans means more than the opinion of professionals?
    In the end being voted Player of the Year by the club’s fans shows that the fans like you a lot and appreciated what you did in that season for the club. In the end though, that trophy is about as valuable and meaningful as the Emirates Cup.
    And to answer your question: I voted for Robin.

  239. Jibber is saying Jack is a huge talent disparaging him.?
    Because that is exactly what i said about him

  240. Diaby and Wilshere are very different players and offer very different things. A direct comparison is difficult to do. Wilshere is similar to some of the players we have, where Diaby offers us something which nobody else in his position does. Shame he can’t stay fit, but that is the truth of it. I think this season will be make or break for him at Arsenal.

    When he does get his chance in the side he will really have to take it. Plenty of competition there now.

  241. Bill

    If thats all it was I would even bring it up. Are you blind dude?

  242. Dexter no,I have him on the ropes 🙂

  243. Jabba's delights


    You just said Jack has had a great season in the one he has played for us. Has Diaby ever had a great seaosn?????????????????

  244. Listen and learn JD and Luke. Bill is funny, partly because he’s so sincere. I happen to like him for that. That dry measured tone is the stuff of genius. Five Arsenal fans having a punch up over which goes to a ‘real’ Arsenal pub is a brilliant script, bill trying to break it up.

  245. Nice peace keeping work there goonerandy mate! 😀

    JJ; I think he is you know!

  246. and the rumours are weve gone back in for jags..

  247. I quote from Luke “Diaby has the physique, he also has no idea how to use it. He is very very soft.”

    Are you blind? Diaby used his height and upper body strength on that fateful set piece to grant our friends Manchester United a 2-1 victory!

  248. “..I bet my pet yak…”

    (lol) ZimPaul

    …i remain POSITIVE

  249. Jabba's delights


    I think the only fact that has come out of this little situation and that despite what some have said in the past myself and luke are incredibly passionate gooners………..and more so jackboy fans.


    If you only started supporting arsenal when wenger came one should think before they speak when discrediting the greatness of our club before him. gg won one less title than him in a third of the time. Both legends, you should buy some dvds to catch up

  250. @JD
    I really enjoy the way you try to put our players down. Makes you a shining star and an example to all what being a true supporter means.
    Anyway I said that Jack had a great season CONSIDERING that it was his first full season for the club etc. I think that from the way I worded that statement it’s obvious that I applied certain standards which I wouldn’t apply when we were talking about an established player. Trying to use that against me to get me into putting one of our players down is obviously not going to work.

  251. Jabba's delights


    But what came out of it was that only 2 of those 5 had ever been to an arsenal pub or the ground

  252. JJ

    I know mate, very exciting stuff today, well, beats the shit out of all the usual doom in the press about player exodus!

    I think Bentner is making a bit of a mistake going to Sporting. Not the fact he will be living in a great city, nice climate, food, chicas etc! But I think he could do a great job over here. But the clubs in for him, probably dont suit Bendtner senior’s plans for his boy.

  253. ive been teased with this rumour but its so close now i can taste it dex

    i rate this lad i think it will be the signing of the summer..hes quality..

    13mil wtf.. come on arsene u wily old fox u.. 😉

  254. Thursday evening fun beckons, thanks all for the comedy.

    Dexter – I f**king burn the place down.

  255. check out this dumb ass:

    kid really felt he was a superstar…twat, the best u’ll get is Villa or Sunderland

    “you dared too diss the Arse?”

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  256. Jabba’s delights | July 28, 2011 at 5:27 pm


    But what came out of it was that only 2 of those 5 had ever been to an arsenal pub or the ground

    Fuck me, was it worth it? Nah, pretty fucking pointless mate.

  257. @JD
    Oh, I see, you are applying selective memory again. Arsene won 7 titles in 8 years (not counting charity/community shield) and George Graham won 6 titles in 7 years.

  258. JJ

    You know what, if the £13m release clause is true. I wouldnt be surprised if that alone got WEnger’s interest up! Regardless of anyone leaving. For that kind of money?? No brainer mate!

    But, lets not get ahead of ourselves here! Steady as she goes :D.

  259. By title I think he meant the lge.

  260. Dex,and he cant even count to 3,Must be the dyslexia.

  261. That would be undermining George Graham’s success, after all he managed to win us a European trophy, something Wenger still has to do.

  262. its been interesting today

    and although i rate jags i dunno if he compliments the rest of our cbs..
    its like youve said before dex i flirt with the idea of different cb’s every day…jags is class but maybe cahill or samba could be what we are looking for..maybe we need another like JD..??
    although jags is a right footed TV so maybe if eboue naffs off we get jags and cover two positions..??
    i dunno but i wouldnt frown at signing any of them i dont think..

    as for nikki..hes better than sporting..i actually rate him more than chamakh believe it or not but i think his time at arsenal has naturally come to its end..if sporting have offered him a way out then he should take suprised nobody bigger have come in for him but maybe hes got less admirers than he thought he had..??

  263. True. But the lge is the most important competition.

  264. Did Happy Harry inherit GG’s back sack? 🙂

  265. More good news. That c*nt Piers Morgan has been suspended.

  266. JJ

    Yeah, I’d be chuffed with any of the 3 we keep getting linked with. Individually speaking Jagielka for me is the best player, IMO. But for us, and TODAY! I am going with Cahill! The RB position is almost like the LB if Eboue goes isnt it?

    Jenkinson can obviously play there, but how much of a gamble would it be? Not sure, he is untested at this level of course. Then there is Coquelin who HAS played there before. But is he in the manager’s plans?

    I really hope so, but not getting carried away again with hyping up the youth players.

  267. Anyone know when ‘no wheeler dealer’ Arry is up in court?

  268. B52 is what? 6 foot 5″
    What a ball playing CB he would make.
    We might have missed a trick there.Good header as well.

  269. JJ I think Bendtner would end up being a legend at Newcastle or Bolton, but I doubt his dad would let him go to either club. Him going to Bolton could be kind of handy though! 😀

  270. Dups,suspended from what?
    The rafters I hope 🙂

  271. Dupsff

    It was sposed to be July man. Bet the slimy fuckers had it post poned again.

    Slippery twat!

  272. Whats Piers Morgan been suspended from?

    Britains got talent?

  273. JJ

    See? Valencia are denying any approaches for Mata!!!

    Lets not discuss it again man, we are fucking it all up!

  274. The Piers Morgan thing has turned out to be a hoax.

  275. cahills my choice today too..

    bentner and 5 mil?? haha if only..

    whatever happens with nik i hope we stick in a future % on a next transfer fee cos if he goes to sporting and hes a first teamer he’ll be out of portugal within two years i think..

    hes good enough to do the biz over there

  276. Bentner is a sad loss IMO.
    I had high hopes for that boy


  278. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck me this blog’s comment section used to be the place to be for intelligent optimistic Arsenal fans. Now it’s practically Luke and Jabbas toilet. Do you guys work? Do you guys have any other interests outside of football? Seriously, you guys post way too much and it’s reaching levels of annoyance I’m not sure we’ve seen here previously. I’m talking Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church annoying. I understand it must get boring preaching to the choir at Le Moan all day but there’s got to be something else you guys could be doing instead of chatting rubbish all day long.

  279. I hope we re-invest the Bendtner cash.

  280. NJN they took a real pasting today 🙂

  281. George

    Its funny, I never saw Bendtner being a typical Wenger striker, yet he put alot of time and faith into his development.

    I think he can definitely go on and be a big success elsewhere.

    JJ; That would be a great deal. And I agree, we definitely need to make sure we have a sell on percentage as he definitely will be picked up by a big club.

  282. To be fair, every Arsenal blog needs a little “Mancunian Respect” on the comment pages.

    Okay I am being much too sarcastic. I don’t understand how Jabba can respect the red mancs. Wayne Rooney is the face of that organization!

  283. George – Maybe. Maybe him, maybe Cahill, maybe somebody who is not even on the radar (the most likely option). Just as long it is on somebody who will improve the squad, or even better the first 11.

  284. But apparantly Bill, regardless of anything else, the underlying theme in Jabba’s posts is his passionate support for, erm, well, he says Arsenal, but I have my doubts! 😀

  285. I think Bendtner performs best as an inverted left winger. We all knew what he was going to do once he got the ball out on the left wing. He did well with his dribbling, and sure enough, the ball would end up curling into the far corner. Classy stuff from the Dane.

  286. I guess I should say he performed best as an inverted winger. He isn’t completely suited for the “Dutch, silky, inch perfect pass, rocket of a left leg, beat Valdes from an impossible angle” role that our system currently uses.

  287. yeah dex lets not jinx it

  288. I’ll miss NikB too when he leaves
    Wish he had a little more patience in his DNA

    ..i remain POSITIVE

  289. Dexter @ 6:09:

    Whatever. I certainly don’t pretend to know anyones true motivation. Just a thought but have dung fights ever really stopped or slowed down the alleged abusers or does it just wind up them up so more dung flinging occurs. I guess if we called them a few names it feels like we did something to the bastards so there is value added. (little smiley face)

  290. I really like your posts Bill, I do man.

    You were an oasis of calm amidst all the crazy shenanigans that was going on earlier!

  291. All I know is I am off work until Tuesday 🙂 So suck on that bitches!!!!! And we have 2 Arsenal games on the weekend, it doesn’t rain but it pours! Speaking of pouring, I am off to the pub, shoot some darts, knock back a few beers and laugh at the audacity of the owner in thinking his team, a certain Norwich City, will avoid the drop! Personally I think he has been sampling his wares a bit too much, know what I mean?

    Anyways at some point I will drop on and see how the abuse, I mean, the debate of the day is going. Just one request, do try and keep it down as hangovers are sensitive beasts at the best of times and you guys do have a propensity for yelling at each other. Yes GEORGE AND LUKE I am talking about you guys!! Sorry didn’t mean to yell there.

    COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  292. Great news fellow Gooners!!!! Arsenal’s latest signing is here at last!!

    When he’s on the ball,
    He’s three feet tall!!
    Verne Troyer,
    The Destroyer!!!!

    I’ll get my coat……

  293. Don’t worry my friends….Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.

  294. I did not abuse anyone today. Fact.

  295. Irish. Irish! IRISH!!! Just the man.

    What’s the story with ESPN in the ROI? Do they have it in most bars down there? Stupid question maybe, but then Sky blocking RTE 2 when they show football is stupid too…

  296. Yes the Dublin Cup will be shown on ESPN or on FSC.

    Jeez George it was a joke don’t get your bra in a twist!!!!

    Sorry could not resist that one mate 🙂

  297. I think that might well be the root of the problem Irishgray.

    George’s bra straps are biting into him something rotten! Puts him in a terrible mood! 😀

  298. Well do I look like I am fucking laughing 😦

  299. FSC? Any danger I’ll find a pub in Killarney that isn’t showing the open…

  300. HT score: Galatasaray S.K: 2 Liverpool F.C: 0.

    Fuck me. Juve reject Melo is playing for the home team, Joe Cole for the opponents.
    Why weren’t they signed up on wages that’d make Nasri blush? Why?

  301. If I ever walked into a pub full of dooming Arsenal fans I’d walk right out. I’d rather hang out with plastic Mancs than chat with know it all Arsenal doomers. At least the plastic Mancs are honest about their plasticity. The Arsenal doomer swears up and down he loves Arsenal and everything about the club, but just can’t help himself tearing us down.

    Jibber, no oine shit on Jack. The only one doing any shitting on our own players are you, Luke and that random idiot Gunner G. It’s true what Frank said about people with Gunner or Gooner in their name.

  302. How far have Melo and Cana fallen? These former must have players are exactly where some of us knew they’d end up at.

  303. Yes.G69 why did Arsene just pay Joe Cole the £90k PW he wanted .World class ,proven winner,English grit,
    And we missed out because Arsene is rubbish at doing deals pffft.

  304. Yogi, where’d you get your 27 goals conceded from set pieces? In the Premiere League, it was 16, if you don’t count the 6 from the 9 PKs given to the opponents.

  305. City signed Aguero for a shit ton of money. Cue ploondit jizz fest in 5,4,3,2,1…..

  306. G69:

    Please don’t tear your rotator cuff as you pat yourself on the back. Mello might have worked out really well here as a tough tackling ball winner. Flamini did exactly that here but his skill set did not fit in well in Milan. Mello was good enough to make the starting 11 for Brazil and by all reports the boss really wanted him but he did not want to come to England.

  307. I’m watching you Zp. Ha Ha.

  308. Just finished watching Brazil the movie. Genius. Now for Adventures of Baron Munchausen!!

  309. Brazil is a brilliant film. Stunning, sharp as hell, funny and tragic too. Bit like Arsenal last season 😀

  310. Gainbourg

    I challenge you to find a post where I slandered a player,, cmon…. I have called a number of you blind fools names. But a player. C mon,,, I dare you…
    Prove it,,, if you cant please just fuck off forever and leave me out of your pathetic assumptions you fucking tosser… miserable little cunt.

  311. I wish Henry would hurry up and finish p[laying football already. So he can return to Arsenal in some capacity, any capacity really. Legend!

    “I was injured a lot my last season at Arsenal, our first season at the new ground. When I come back now, I recognise all the people, of course: the chef, the groundsman, the guy on the door. But once I’m out on the pitch? Not really. All my memories are of Highbury. I know the move to the Emirates had to happen but Highbury will always be the place for me. I only played there for seven years. What must leaving have been like for a guy who’d been watching Arsenal there for 40 or 50 years? I always felt I was untouchable, playing there. That perfect pitch, the fans close enough you could hear them and they could hear you.”
    “You need big shoulders to play for Arsenal. The cannon is heavy. But the supporters see everything. They see what you’re doing, what you’re trying to do. It’s a great thing about English fans. Winning helps but, if you play hard and respect the shirt, they remember that. And that’s something priceless for me.”

  312. I see you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and try and get on with people today GJ! 😀

  313. NO Dexter,, I just dont appreciate people insinuating that I have said things that I never did.. I dont agree with the general consensus on here but I do not slander our players. Or manager. Some people act so righteous but post complete bollocks and make up shit.

  314. Ateeb I’m a Fisher King man myself. And 12 Monkeys.

  315. he certainly rings the right bells

  316. He is right Dex.He did not slag our players.

  317. Well done to our ladies team winning 3-0.

    Well done to Liverpool losing 3-0.

  318. Where is Duke ? I have a bone to pick.

  319. I wont have someone on here being righteous, posting bollocks and/or making up shit. I won’t have it I tell you!

    Maybe Gains69 got you mixed up with someone else dude?

  320. Dipsff;

    The scousers got beat 3 nil AGAIN? How on earth will the hacks make excuses for that I wonder? These are the current media darlings to outstrip us FFS!

  321. No Dex,He is a random idiot G69 just left out a full stop in his post. 🙂

  322. This picture of the cover of Fifa12 has TNHoF as a backdrop. So why Is our Jack in the away kit?

  323. OK GR, thanks man.

    QPR are about to have new owners yet again. The premier league gravy train keeps on chugging. Its fucking disgusting the way these carpet baggers buy and sell clubs on an almost weekly basis.

    Stinks to high heven.

  324. They should stop making football games and ripping people off. Every year a new FIFA, same old crap. The video gaming industry is crap. Hardly any new ideas or gameplays. Been a long time played a good decent game.

  325. Dups,

    Because the guy in the marketing department had no interest in football to begin with?

  326. Ateeb. There are plenty of great vidja games to play dude!

  327. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Buahaha…. Liverpoo lost 3 nil to a team with Filipe Melo in it….buahahajahah

    Someone should compile some kind of where are they now database for all the mediocre players Le Moan has trumpeted over the years.

    Melo is a prick and isn’t fit to wear the shirt, Bill. He proved that at the World Cup. Thank goodness we have people running our club who think before they talk and value class and decency over strength and brawn.

  328. Nasir

    Even funnier dude. Milan Baros scored 2 of the goals man! Andy “£5m, cheap at half the price” Carroll started for the scousers too.

  329. *£35m obviously

  330. That was a Freudian slip if ever there was one Dexter! £5m is probably what he is worth without the OREP tax.

  331. I was going to say £35 m, for Carrol make Liverpool the biggest mugs of all time,then I remembered Chelsea payed £50m, for Torres.Unreal

  332. Gooner J, you miserable little twat, I was talking about Gunner or Gooner G. Now fuck off and leave me out of your miserable little PMS fuled rants.

    Bill, don’t tear your rotator cuff wanking to Mello. The last world cup exposed him as the useless player he is. Right before the world cup he got into a huge argument with a Brazilian pundit because he had the temerity to call him out on how shit he was for Juve. Oh, and the guy apparently can’t go a full season without being red carded every four or five games. It’s been this way ever since he arrived in Europe. Like Cana, Mello is nothing but a thug with little to no footballing ability. No wonder he’s playing at Galatasaray, huh? And Flaminiesque he surely isn’t. Flamini is a clean, hard working player. Quiite the opposite of that shit heel Mello. And I’m not patting myself in the back and merely pointing out that sometimes we here can tell when a player is crap.

  333. Passenal

    Ha! I think you are right there!.

  334. Steww – 12 Monkeys is one of my favorites as well. Excellent film.

  335. Word up george!!

  336. Im in a good mood tonight , dont spoil it!!!

  337. Being picked by Brazil literally means fuck all nowadays. Ask Lucas, Ramires, Neymar, Pato, Robinho, Thiago Silva, Andre Santos and Ganzo about that. Melo isn’t fit to tie the shoes of the fantastic Brazilian midfielders who’ve put on their NT’s shirt. How can you go from Dunga, Mazinho and co., to fucking Melo? That’s quite the drop in quality of you ask me.

    The boss wanted him? Got any proof to back up your claims?

  338. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Your wife cooking for you again, Duke? 🙂

  339. I think we were LINKED with melo. Fiorentina’s chairman stated we were in for him. But given how these fellas like to sound of their own voices, they means fuck all!

    Its funny really, as we were in for him, so Juve gazumped us and paid £22m for him!!!

  340. Gainsbourg69, don’t you realise that if the newspapers say we are/were interested in a player it’s true? But everything Arsene says is a lie? Get with the programme man!

  341. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Funny stuff, Dexter and Passenal.

    You can probably throw Luis Fabiano in there as well if were talking over hyped Brazilians. Didn’t he say Tottenham would be his dream move last summer? You know you should just hang the boots up and end it when you’re dreaming of bloody Tottenham.

  342. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    It’s funny how that works, Passenal. Funny how some of our supporters will put more value and faith in what hack pundits have got to say over people who actually care about seeing the club succeed. I mean where does a guy like Alan Shearer get off telling Arsene Wenger how to manage a football team? Or Robbie fucking Savage? Or Myles fucking Palmer? These people drool over the sight of Arsenal failing and we’ve got dunces amongst us thinking they know what’s best for AFC. You gotta love some good old fashioned black comedy.

  343. Nasir

    Urrrgh, how could you even mention M palmer’s name mate? He is a sick, twisted and bitter dried up old prune. His comments after Ireland were knocked out by France were disgusting, bottom of the barrell shite, but his increasingly sensationalist low brow tabloid doom mongering is just fucking pathetic beyond belief.

    The man knows nothing about football, how he is still around is beyond me.

  344. Theo Walcott has no footballing brain because sometimes he fails to play the correct pass.

    Gareth Bale gets player of the year because he made a couple spectacular runs in a non-league game.

    Sergio Aguero is the signing of the summer because he costs too much money.

  345. NJN,

    well she did leave me some beers and a nice polish cake in the fridge before she went to work.

  346. DukehyG

    Woah there! You telling me you aint in some correctional facility then? 😀

  347. Can you get a nice shine with a polish cake?

  348. It’s a shame Necklace never sowed us how good he thinks he is.

  349. Chelsea signed a star because side show Bob cost £24m.

    Manchester United improved because they signed Jones, Young and De Gea.

    Liverpool are on form because they beat a couple of mickey mouse teams in the second half of the season.

    My favorite one:

    You watch, Aguero and Dzeko are going to be massive for City next season.

    Tell me about it, Passenal.

  350. G69. you forgot Liverpool spent £35 mil on Carroll, £20 mil on Downing & £20 mil on Henderson so they must be able to challenge for the title next season. Every good hack & pundit knows that for goodness sake.

  351. which team was it that got relegated last year. river plate or boca jr. …. lol

  352. River. But they’re planning a 40-team league next year so River will be back to first division. Yeah Argentina is bollocks.

  353. Morning all,

    Gunnerblog has suggested that we HAVE NOW SIGNED Joel Caampbell and post the following interview and tv bulletin to demonstrate the validity of that claim (for those of you who can speak Spanish), you can find said interview here:

    Although it is likely that he will need to follow the path of playing in Spain for a year in order to be granted a work permit (assuming the authorities are reluctant as normal to offer us/him a special talent concession). However, with Miyaichi now showing why Arsene waited and the consequent rewards of such a sojourn, it all looks good for the patient and ‘should’ calm the more rabid elements!


  354. joegun @ 27/7/11,

    I hope the news is true and satisfies your hope. Let’s also pray that your view on the ‘special talent’ position proves true.

    Now the case for the defense…

  355. That should be ‘defence’: too early for my brain cell!

  356. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lol. Just blame it on Bill, dgob. He won’t deny it.

  357. NJN,

    What has one half of the flower pot men got to do with it?

  358. Morning all. Thanks Dgob. Feeling calm now.

    All I wanted to see was quality signings coming in but, quality doesn’t have to include paying out some of stupid amounts I have see from others.

    I do want to see either Cahill or Samba come in and quickly.

    Does sportsvibe,com have any credibility? They said that Nasri, has confirmed that Mata, is on the way. Bollocks or what?

  359. morning all..

  360. goonerton,

    Cheers. I’d also like to see Samba or Cahill come in but the chairman has indicated that it’ll most likely be Jagielka (not my first choice as he brings what we already have and seems no ‘bigger’ than our current defenders). Still, fingers crossed and let’s wait and see.

    PS. before any partial reading leads to a response, I’d note that my suggestion is only in keeping with what Arsene says he is seeking. Whether we need an alternative to Gibbs (for me, if such an option were to be sought, it would be best met in the form of Enrique) is not that important as the manager said that he needs to have Kieran playing this season or risk his development – that underpinned his willingness to let Gael go and he has not been wrong and a full back selection that I can think of.

  361. That should have read: “not been wrong ‘on’ a full back selection”. That misfiring brain cell again!

  362. tnx for the info. mentalist. its amazing foe a team like river to be relgated , no.
    tnx for the good news dgob. hope its very true. the kid is an amazing finisher. FROM BOTH SIDES. he can help against some teams in our cup competitions. he is ready. playing in his national team. but two special permits? we will be lucky to have one approved.. still , good news.

  363. kamran,

    Fingers tightly crossed on the work permit but he certainly fits that bill and might even be a major asset in the EPL!

  364. Yogi,

    The llink for today’s post doesn’t weem to be working.


  365. Try again! Changed it to the proper one.

    If not, go to:

  366. Cheers Yogi,

    And well done for deciphering my words

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