Can The Squad Really Learn From Failure & Transfer Mata’s

Tomas Rosicky re-opened the wounds of last season, offering the view that the lessons will have to be learned,

I think we are stronger, firstly because what happened last season, the experience of it all, will help us. It was disappointing because we were close to winning something and the last two months were not good. But all this stuff has to push us more and more because we are capable of winning something. It must be like this.

Rosicky understands the desire of supporters to win a trophy and believes it is shared by the squad as well. However, I am not convinced by his belief that the pain of last season will make the players stronger. If you were cynical you could interpret the phrase ‘It must be like this‘ as almost exasperation. I suspect it was meant more in terms of determination.

Contrary to received wisdom he does not believe that the Carling Cup final defeat was as detrimental as is believed,

Setbacks like the Carling Cup do affect you but you have to go on and move on. It was in our hands and I still believe it will be in our hands this season if we produce the football we played before. The experience will be important and I hope everyone has gained from what happened last season.

In isolation, Birmingham’s victory would not necessarily have a lasting impact. However, coming in close proximity to exits from the Champions League and FA Cups, the cumulative effect was more emphatic.

Obviously Rosicky and the other players need to believe that the gain has come from pain but I am not sure. Arsenal squads have become used to failure. For some, the collapse at the end of the season was not the first time they have witnessed it at first hand. The strength of character to prevent it happening was not there, the lessons of previous failures not learned.

It is not just the mental strength, it is the tactical awareness, defending as a team rather than the back four in isolation. Not losing crucial players at key moments is the major lesson to learn, not believing them entirely when they claim to be fit ahead of big matches. There were many aspects to the collapse and learning those lessons will be tough. A sign of growing maturity if they manage to do so.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Spot The Difference

No? Well, the one on the left was from last summer and the one on the right from last night. They are pages that were hastily taken down from the Fifa website. The only thing that they had in common? Both contained interviews in which Xavi decreed that Cesc should be allowed to join Barcelona. This is the same Xavi you will recall, who said it was ‘absurd‘ that Arsène had got bent out of shape about his recent comments. Contrition and all that.

Fifa, at least, recognise the inappropriateness of their posts. Arsenal do not, the absolutely useless and unutterably pointless Mediawatch page still survives. I wonder if they will comment on David Cameron’s incisive intervention in the negotiations over the Arsenal captain?

Cesc meanwhile will tell Arsenal this week that the €27m bid from Barcelona is enough for his transfer to be completed. I just cannot be arsed to be contemptuous of the report. It is amusing that the media presume that Cesc only has to click his fingers – or hand in a transfer request – and Arsenal will jump. It seems that the much-vaunted Catalan objective to sign Cesc is as likely to happen as Juan Mata to Arsenal – thanks to @JamieDalton82 for the link. Or Santi Cazorla‘s signing for that matter. Or should that be Mata?

Samir Nasri meanwhile has told the club he will stay for one more year. I wonder how long it took for Daily Star picture library staff to find the contemplative photograph used to accompany the claims. In no way was Nasri’s acquiescence to the situation influenced by the knowledge that he would be able to command an astonishingly large signing on fee next summer.

Of course a trophy might genuinely change his mind. He may even sign a new contract with the understanding that he can go once Arsenal get a fee that suits. All speculation, very little fact emerging. However, Nasri has used up a large portion, if not all, of the goodwill he had built up and you suspect it may never return. He will be supported and encouraged whilst in an Arsenal shirt but you know that the first substandard performance is going to send a welter of criticism in his direction.

He will need thicker skin than he displayed on Twitter earlier in the summer.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Surely they have a player they can throw in + £35m . what about Affeley or someone.

  2. George.

    From the horses mouth. before the start of last season Wenger said he has the money to spend but will not need to as has the squad to win the league. did he not say that or was i dreaming??? not the first time before a season Wenger has said he doesnt need to spend but has money available to him but says the squad is good anough. again did Wenger not say these words, coz if he didnt i will go eat my hat for lunch today.

  3. by the way this isnt critising Wenger just pointing out if he says he has the team to win and chooses not to spend then finishes 4th, we cant then say he has overachieved with not being able to spend, its a contradiction isnt it, but he has done a great job keeping us up there yes.

  4. A bucket of cold water thrown in one’s face at this time Yogi!

    I agree with every word. For that reason above all others I would still like to see more changes in the squad. I really don’t care much who goes, or who comes for that matter, I just want to see change. I assume Arsene knows the weaker willed amongst them.

    A different ‘feel’ to the squad. A fresh start.

  5. Judith Le'Strange

    While I agree with most of what’s been said previously I still think Wenger should have been sacked when for the past 6 seasons we have underachieved & he keeps coming up with “the team are young they will learn”. How much longer can he keep spouting this claptrap, like all humans the team are older but don’t really care whether they win or loose as long as they get their money at the end of the week. We need to spend big to bring in the players that Wenger is supposed to be interested in i.e. Cahill, Samba, Mata & this new Argentinian who plays for Anderlecht, so stump up the money which we must have in abundance.

  6. Nonsense. Been reading the papers again, have we?

    Try formulating an idea, or at least an expression of someone else’s ideas, in your own words

  7. duke/Le ‘Strange,

    Surely Jenkinson is a taller full back and Gervinho is a fast and excellent finishing striker!? Both already ‘purchased’. Also, Almunia and Bendtner are going (assuming a team comes in for them), Denilson and Clichy have gone: so Arsene has not exactly done nothing!

    It is the cup half empty perspective that infects our club at present and I fear it will have an equally positive impact on our players this season: UNLESS SOMETHING CHANGES.

  8. Passenal:

    From yesterday’s post….

    “I bet people said the same about Lehman bros.”

    It wouldn’t matter if some people did. Lehman bros aren’t the equivalent of RM and manure in football. That would be organisations like Citigroup, AIG, RBS, Goldman Sachs, etc and were those allowed to fail?

    Besides its not very appropriate comparing football clubs to financial institutions for so many reasons, as you probably already know…

  9. I think Nasri will get stick from some sections of the crowd however well he plays. In some ways it could even be worse if he has a stellar season and refuses to sign a new contract all the way through it. Hopefully the club will call time on the Cesc saga for this Summer and then get a deal done for Nasri, losing him for nothing next season when we could get a good fee now and look for a replacement (Or do we already have one in Gervinho? I haven’t seen enough of him yet to be certain.) would be criminal.

    Also, I’m not sure what the hell is going on with the likes of Bendtner and Almunia. Surely they should have moved on by now? I hope it’s not the club holding out for high fees for players patently not in Wenger’s plans for the upcoming season, we could do with getting these deals done and looking for any necessary replacements.

  10. dukeGoonem | July 27, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Good post duke.

  11. Cons,

    I agree with the sentiment that the psychology of our players is going to be a critical factor this season.

    It seems to me that we have demonstrated over the past six years (and obviously before that) that we have the technical ability to beat every team that we have played. What seems to stand in the way is our strength of mind and character. If that holds, we can work on those stronger will players or bring in more mental steel. However, I think the club’s staff will need to begin to nurture that self same steel that even Tony Woodcock recently noted was the main obstacle to our success.

    Ironically, I believe Cesc has the most strength of character and this is one reason why I fear his departure at this point. Nasri does not strike me as being that strong although I believe his best years are ahead and I am loath to see them spent at a rival team.

    The coaching staff certainly have their work cut out and (given that psychological change is hard to control/nurture in the short term) it’s fingers crossed.

  12. I can’t see Wenger not strengthening further. It would be negligent and unnecessarily risky in my view, even if we go on to win stuff.

  13. Nasri wanting more money could be a load of old tosh. He said he wants to win trophies. Perhaps, just perhaps, he is weighing up various options based on the ability for him to satisfy his very public desire for trophies.

    More money has been nothing but paper speculation and the simplistic response used upon learning of Citys interest

    I for one hope to god he signs. Unlike some on here, he excites more than almost any player in the league and is surely destined for the top. Just look how much he has improved in the last 12 months.

  14. mumbai gooner

    Would love to see us buying a bruiser in midfield just for the likes of barcodes and thugs

  15. i got to thinking. We have RVP, Chamackh, Walcott, Gervinho as our strikers. As long as RVP is fit he is most likely to start with walcott on the right wing. Chamackh and Gervinho will be leaving 4 d ACN in January. With RVP N Walcotts injury record, dnt u think we need another striker?rikers. As long as RVP is fit he is most likely to start with walcott on the right wing. Chamackh and Gervinho will be leaving 4 d ACN in January. With RVP N Walcotts injury record, dnt u think we need another striker?

  16. We NEED Nasri to stay. Cesc can go.

  17. I get the sense that for the players who remain, the doing will be more important than the talking and PR. the best statement of intent and illustration that lessons have been learnt is to knuckle down and deliver on the pitch. Unfortunately, the end of February 2012 when the first milestone is up for grabs is a long way and a lot of shit is going to be said by all and sundry between now and then.

    The departures of Clichy, Denilson, Bendtner and Almunia will free up space for new arrivals or for promotions and is something to look forward to.

    Barca are just a joke now – they need to go away as they’ve just become a bad smell now. Even Sanchez their new signing hasn’t even found out the directions to the toilets and he’s already landed on the “Arsenal should stop kidnapping Cesc” bandwagon. Sheesh!

  18. Christen – that is entirely dependent on Barca showing the money. They have not come CLOSE to doing this. Christ! This isn’t hard to understand people!

    Cbob – I half agree. A little more freshness would be nice but with the removal of Almunia, Bendy and Eboue the squad has a different feel especially with Chez, Vermy and Gervinho.

    I think one central defensive signing and maybe one other (striker or left back) and that’ll be plenty enough.

    It’s going to be a sickener watching Nasri next season – still hoping we might sell him…

    Henristic – Unnecessarily risky? Erm, what?

  19. joegun

    At the moment, there’ s no guarantee of Chamakh going to the ACN. Morocco are top of their group on GD from Central Aftrican Republic, whom they visit in early September. Lose that and they are likely to miss out. Best not to panic. And for all of the talk, Bendtner is no nearer an exit now than he was two months ago.


  20. Just reading some of the headlines on NewsNow and I’m cracking up with laughter. “Xavi in another plea for Cesc”.

    WTF! Is Mr Hernandez now Cesc’s human rights lawyer?

    And good to see Denilson still able to gunn for the Arsenal from Sao Paolo using the media.

  21. The psychological impact on the team caused by last seasons final months cannot be underestimated. It would be criminal neglegence on the part of the training staff not to concentrate on this element of the teams rebuilding. I think Cesc and Nasri were probably affected the most and their finall performances reflected the psychological damage caused.

    Therefore, I believe it’s in the best interests of the club that they both move on to pastures new. Wilshire, Ramsey, Song are the engine of the future and a couple of signings of new blood would give the boost to confidence needed.

    Newcastle away first game is going to be a massive test for the teams psychological rebuilding, I hope Wenger will be replaying the first half of last seasons game against Newcastle to the team on a regular basis to show them what they are capable of.

    It’s a huge task for the team to rise above last seasons disappointment, but Wilshere, Ramsey, Chez, Verm, Djourou, Arshavin, Rosicky etc have openly spoken about their determination to put it behind them, Nasri and Cesc have said nothing, that clearly says it all about their mental fortitude.

  22. yogi. I am hoping we get joel campbell. I have the feeling he cud b as good a striker as anelka n henry were for us. I also think he wud have gotten a special talent visa easily.

  23. I can see one or two more signings coming in over the next few weeks. If they don’t materialise though it will have nothing to do with ‘negligence’. Any financial risk-taking is down to Ivan and the board. Wenger provides the targets, AFC work to make deals with clubs and players. Henristic makes it sound like Wenger is snoozing through a hand of poker. Rubbish I’m afraid.

    I think right now we have a few targets sounded out and we’re working to drive down what I imagine are some over-inflated unrealstic ‘Andy Carrol’ asking-prices. With each passing day AFC’s offer will look better and better – and with each passing day the target will look more and more worth the extra money. Then there’ll be some blinking at one end or both and then there’ll be a shiny new signing or two for us and a wad of money for the seller.

    That’s my completely un-clued-up Not In The Know guess at what’s going on right now.

    Quite exciting really. Still don’t know what all the whingeing’s about.

    GERVINHO! Woooahwoo, GervEEEEEnho Woooaher!
    He’s from the Cote D’Ivoire, He’s Arsenal’s Brand New Star!

  24. I actually think athletes are some of the most psychologically resilient fellows around. A life-time of tunnel-visioned dedication to one thing seems to me to result in a wonderful sort of selfishness where barely a thought is offered to what other people may think of them, or to some perceived mental hurdle to leap. I think ‘bouncebackability’ has a lot to do with an athlete’s ability to say fuck it, clean slate, I’m the master of my own destiny and I always have been. All top athletes have it. It’s why you might see someone get the yips on a golf course or at the crease or ockey or halfway through a marathon – but you rarely see anything mental like that derail a career – it’s just another thing to overcome and motivate. That’s the idea I get anyway…

  25. “That’s my completely un-clued-up Not In The Know guess at what’s going on right now”. that is really good, most people who have been talking about transfers since it started you’d think had either spoken to Wenger or were in meetings with the board.

  26. Jabba's delights

    The issue being by the time our new much needed signing (s) come in we will have played all of our friendly games and the cl qualifiers and premiership will be upon us. Its not ideal and would have been much more preferable to have signed players earlier. Especially after the horribly poor ending to last season our players and fanbase need a positive injection….listen to any quote from one of our players and it doesnt exactly fill you with confidence at the mo. All want new signings all dont know if their captain and one of their best players will stay……………..our manager and front office have would probably get a c grade for their performance this summer so far

    We 100% need another striker. Bendtner and Chamack are both good 3rd options neither is adept at leading our line as we dont play to their strengths.

    We massively need a defender whether it be a cb to cover for TV5 if he moves to left back or a lb i dont no but it needs to be done.

  27. Rosicky is just a talker and doesn’t translate his talking onto the pitch. He’s been fit for months and has done nothing for us. He’s a luxury we don’t need. He is one of the reasons we lost the Carling Cup. Getting an opportunity to turn and shoot for goal in the game he chose to play to the gallery by backheeling the ball instead. The rest is history. Arsene has entertained so many also runs in the team for his own good.

    He has given long term contracts to deadwoods like Almunia, Denilson, Eboue, Rosicky, Bendtner and on high wages. Getting rid of players he’s trusted and protected and failed him season after season is now becoming a problem.

    Methink Almunia will prefer to sit out the remaining two years on his 50k/week contract rather than go out for 15k/week. Same as Bendtner on 52k. As for Rosicky, getting closer to 31, and his injury record, his is so happy to collect so much and stay on the bench. No wonder, our wage bill is only below that of Chelsea, City, MANYU and yet we have so many players who may not get a chance to sit on the benches of these teams.

  28. Yeah, who needs Fabregas? 57 measly Goals and a paltry 100 Assists in his Arsenal career.

    Unbelievable how some people are resigned to losing Cesc based on the fucking media. Yogi I’m surprised you give it so much attention sometimes. Some go even further with the idiotic comment above about us needing Nasri more than Cesc. You should be banned from life. Not a typo.

    If we’re lucky enough to find ourselves with a happy Cesc for another year I’ll be delighted. The current team was formed around him but he also helped to form it. He is a leader by example, and his actions speak for themselves. I want him around to realise the dream he has commited his career to thus far.

    Cesc Fabregas – Arsenal 2003 – Present: 303 Appearances, 57 Goals, 100 Assists

  29. maturks

    You actually think?

    Fuck me, whoda thunk it?

  30. Limpar

    If we dont sign any more players, then I will seriously consider not going to any home games. The atmosphere will be excruciating and god forbid we actually drop points as they will seem like we have been relegated!

    I am with ConsolsBob. I think there needs to be a feeling of change, not wholesale, just a few more in and a couple out.

  31. Great to see an Arsenal player backing the team in the press – Arshavin who has been linked with Zenit St Petersburg says he is going nowhere because he wants to win trophies with Arsenal. He would likely been idolised at Zenit as the prodigal son and, being backed by Russian oil money, they would certainly have paid him a big wage, but instead he has decided to stay despite the abuse he receives from some of his own fans because he wants to win trophies with us.
    Its just a shame Nasri isn’t listening to him, or when Nasri says he wants to go somewhere else to win trophies does he actually mean to be paid shed loads more money?

    In Barcelona’s press conference introducing Sanchez on Monday the discussion moved on to Fabregas yet again. Josep Maria Bartomeu says negotiations are going in the right direction and states that they have until 30 August to do things and he’s sure they will. Why didn’t Arsenal come straight out and tell them to fuck off? I thought we had given them a deadline of 31 July to come up with the goods or forget it. What makes them think we would be willing to drag out the discussions right until deadline day and then take the money without having a replacement on board?
    Its about time we openly told Barcelona where to stick it.

  32. Jabba's delights


    Agreed on the couple of changes but thats as long as we keep Cesc and Nasri. Im perfectly happy actually delighted with Gervinho type signings but these 2 players need to be ready to compete for a 1st team spot. Failure to bring in another forward if we sell Bendtner and Chamack and Gervinho go to ANC is utterly negligent. We know full well that we shouldnt expect great performances from Song, or the two mentioned above once they return so i hope wenger has hedged against this.

  33. @Limpar at 10.51pm

    I agree with you, the best and greatest athletes are able to overcome disappointments and bounce back. However, our current team have yet to become the best or the greatest.
    Furthermore, they experienced a catastrophic collapse last season after showing perhaps they could be best over certain periods. Taken together, those two elements have affected some players more than others. I genuinely believe that Cesc and Nasri, despite having the footballing skills to enable them to play in the top flight, don’t have the psychological ability to bounce back. What they are saying basically is “I can’t do it with Arsenal so I want to go to another team who can do it”.

    They are relying on the team they play for to do it and not themselves. If they were tennis players for instance, I don’t think either would be in the top 100 of the worlds best, due to lack of ‘bouncebackability’. That’s a hell of an asumption I know, but is formed from what I’ve seen.

    Cesc to some extent is understandable, with the time he has been at the club without silverware, but Nasri wants glory without doing his utmost to win it. They may prove me wrong if they both stay for next season.

  34. Limpar @10.43 – pretty much my exact feel.

    I think we are and have been interested in Samba, Cahill and Jags and others but we are waiting for other teams to show their hand. The most notable thing for all of the supposed competition from Spurs and others is that no actual, real bids have been reported from the clubs that own these players.

    It would not surprise me if we pick up one of these players at a greatly reduced price from the ‘beginning of summer prices’.

    Le Grove and others would have us sign Cahil at £24M at the beginning of summer but I’m MORE than happy if we pick him up for half that with a week to go. Quite happy to start the season with Koz and Verm.

    The most notable thing about this transfer market, which all the bleating Arsenal whiners would do well to take stock of, is the staggering lack of activity in the transfer market across the board.

    Impecunious, frugal times across the football landscape – excepting a few eejits playing with daddies money and doing their best to ruin it for everyone.

  35. Limpar,
    My post didn’t sound at all like Wenger is ‘snoozing through a hand of poker’. You just can’t help making stuff up. Nothing like a little lie/falsehood to help advance your case, eh?

    In any case, I’m not sure how you figure its all down to the board in the unlikely event that we don’t sign anyone else. If anything, Ivan’s recent statement suggests that the board has made funds available to Wenger. Ivan has also said that Wenger has last word on player transfers (and rightly so).

  36. Consolsbob, I’d be interested to know who you think should be shipped out from the squad? Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue look like they are on the move, Clichy and Denilson have gone. Nasri and/or Cesc could go, so what exactly would satisfy your desire to see ‘change’? Too much change is as bad as no change, so we have to be careful what we wish for.

  37. Nasri can rot in hell.More fool Wenger for falling for his game.He will stay next season and walk out on a free losing us £20m and saving Man Utd £20m.A mercenary who does not deserve our support

  38. Jonny:

    “Le Grove and others would have us sign Cahil at £24M at the beginning of summer but I’m MORE than happy if we pick him up for half that with a week to go. Quite happy to start the season with Koz and Verm.”

    Intriguing argument. It MIGHT work for Cahill because he’s got 1 year left on his contract, but don’t see it applying to any other case. For instance, would we be likely to let Cesc go for 20 mill just because its 1 week to end of the window? Or would we dig our heels even further and increase our asking price, because we are left with even less time to get a replacement?

  39. Passenal,

    I might be wrong, but consol is probably talking more about players coming in…

  40. YW you have stated the problem very well:
    “Arsenal squads have become used to failure. For some, the collapse at the end of the season was not the first time they have witnessed it at first hand. The strength of character to prevent it happening was not there, the lessons of previous failures not learned.”

    Ultimately, most of us shall differ about the the solution. This is already evident in the comments made by posters. The usual suspects, no doubt emboldened by your stated doubts and that of others like Consols, have ramplified their demand for throwing a huge wedge of cash at the problem; massive new signings and sell the so-called “deadwood” at discount prices if necessary.

    The other alternative, which is clearly evident in Wenger’s moves to-date, is to retain key experienced players (Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky), promote the cream of the youth (Gibbs) and get rid of the second best(JET, Lansbury et al), letting go of some 1st teamers who are not the highest quality (Clichy, Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia, Eboue etc), add quality players who will make the team more effective/efficient (Gervinho, Jenkinson). Don’t forget he described Vermalean as virtually a new signing.

    I find it hard to believe that a manager of Wenger’s experience and intelligience is not aware of the failings of the squad over the past six years and is not moving to address them. Unlike you and Consols, whose opinions I have the greatest respect for, I believe the manager has it right. (Plus I believe in the adage, defeated armies learn best.)

    Of course, the door must be left open, to the possibility that at the end of next season we may have to decide whether to rip up this squad entirely. Even then such an extreme approach is rarely, if ever adopted in football. Only time will tell.

  41. Shotta

    You mention in your post that Wenger is letting go of some 1st teamers who are not of the highest quality, don’t you think its about time?

  42. …i remain POSITIVE.’s to maximum player “bouncebackability” all around the Arse this season

  43. Glad to hear that from Arshavin, Wavey. I know I said this last season but he looks in better shape than ever right now!

    Where did Nasri say he wants to go somewhere else to win trophies? I haven’t seen that.

    NB, I wasn’t just talking about the greatest – I’m talking about any athlete. Even the lower level ones I know – ‘psychological damage’ doesn’t have nearly as much effect on an athlete as it might do on your average joe with too much time on his hands to navel-gaze and second guess himself. That’s what I seem to find anyway. Us fans get far more bent out of shape psychologically than any of our players will ever do. ‘Mental hurdles’ and ‘psychological damage’ in sport are mostly overplayed IMO but we’ll see how the team reacts.

    I actually fully expect both those players to stay and fight with us 100% – so I’m afraid I can’t agree at all frankly! Quite the opposite. Sam Nasri looks fired up in training and ready to win us over again. Cesc is as perfectly happy to stay now as he was last summer. Barca is an inevitability that can happen two, three, four seasons from now. He has work left to do here – as Markus said earlier. Fully agreed with that btw, Markus 11.26. He has a genuine love for the club and the fans have a genuine love for him.

    Henristic, Ok, take out snoozing on a poker hand – calling someone ‘negligent’ speaks for itself.

  44. can’t help but imagine wenger would be a bit rubbish at poker. far too honest and conservative.

  45. Shotta,

    I’m sure the French would have something to say about that age old adage……………….

  46. couldn’t we have sold arshavin for 10m and afforded to loan out lansbury and jet for one more year and most likely raising they transfer values? he attracts more groans than most players and I personally think he is too incosistant whatever the stats say. nasri, gerviniho, vela, possibly rvp and either jeol or ryo (permits forbidding) can play left side… sounds like logical and progressive business to me but what do i know.

  47. Jabba's delights


    I see what your saying but the we finished 12 points off top last season with a points total less than what spurs got the year before. Keeping Cesc and Nasri against their will only works if you get great performances from them, if not the gamble doesnt pay off.

    Does your approach below honestly make you think we can catch Utd who have now come out and said they will sign one more world class player this summer (almost certainly a playmaker), Chels or City. Chesl spent 70m in January on 2 stars both of which now have 8 months at the club. City have bought more depth at cb, lb and now looking at one of the top strikers in world football and will test us with Nasri. We arent putting ourselves in a position to challenge these teams unless wenger gets much much more than he’s been able to out of these players. The squad needs an infusion of talent 3-4 players at the beginining of the summer who are capable of challenging straight away for a 1st team spot we currently have signed 1 and lost 1. The season before we did what you say below in order to erase a 11 point gap we finished with 7 fewer points. Is it not time to change our very very very conservative policy for once. Onbody is asking us to spend 100m. 3-4 Gervinho type signings added to the players who are sold and our outlay will be negligible. If bendtner and eboue go as expected we will have made a net profit again so far

    ”The other alternative, which is clearly evident in Wenger’s moves to-date, is to retain key experienced players (Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky), promote the cream of the youth (Gibbs) and get rid of the second best(JET, Lansbury et al), letting go of some 1st teamers who are not the highest quality (Clichy, Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia, Eboue etc), add quality players who will make the team more effective/efficient (Gervinho, Jenkinson). Don’t forget he described Vermalean as virtually a new signing.”

  48. Cheers for that link Wavey, this always stands out most:

    Nasri told the News of the World: “Money has never been my motivation. I have always taken decisions from a football point of view. I don’t want to sign for a club where I wouldn’t be playing the football that I like, where I wouldn’t feel happy, just for the sake of money.

    BUT, I suppose because he hasn’t signed a new contract and City are interested, that money is the only motivator.

    I genuinely believe he is waiting to see whether HE can believe in our ability to challenge for a whole season. Step AW, work your magic, and keep one of the best players in Europe at the club.

  49. He hasn’t said he needs to go elsewhere to win things there though. It was a bit ambiguous but I took that more as looking for Arsenal to grow up and win things. Anyway, I think he’s been pretty much told he won’t be going anywhere this summer. So he can shut up, play his heart out like the rest of his team mates, win the title with us and sign a new contract on the parade bus.

  50. but I took that more as looking for Arsenal to grow up and win things


    Spot on. I don’t think Nasri wants to leave, but don’t think he wants to commit to 3/4 years of much and much.

  51. I like what TR said and I like that people like Chesney and Djourou are relaxed about the possibility of losing Cesc and Nasri. I don’t want to lose them but it’s very good if the team as a whole doesn’t feel reliant on those two. One silver lining to the Cesc injury cloud is that others – Ramsey and Wilshere – are spreading their branches into the space Fab has temporarily vacated.
    What we need is a core of people to inspire and urge on the rest. You can’t have every person in the squad being a leader, some people have to follow!

    @ cbob
    I agree with Passenal – we can’t buy a completely new team. Bendtner and Almunia want to go and have had offers and haven’t been involved in the pre-season training either. All that would suggest that the club is definitely pushing them out of the door. Clichy and Denilson have gone. Gervinho is new, Jenkinson is new, Gibbs is new to the first choice position. Plus we know AW is looking for a new defender and a new young striker. Bartley appears to be our fall-back option if we don’t get a new defender and Afobe is probably the fallback option for a young striker. That’s quite a lot of change.
    And the new/possibly new people (Gerv, Jenks, plus Bartley and Afobe) all seem to be very strong characters. Not to mention Miyaichi who goes from schoolboy football in Japan to starring in a good Dutch side.

    I would be sad to lose Eboue – I think he is just what we need to ease the transition for our two new(ish) fullbacks.

    @ Wavey
    If Nasri is genuine about wanting to win trophies then he should have pulled his finger out in the last third of the season.

  52. Luke

    I agree, so its pointless and disingenuous to the fans to try to make out that he wants to move for trophies. If he doesn’t want to admit that he is looking for a big wad of cash he should just shut the fuck up.

  53. FunGunner

    completely agree, he should accept his share of the blame for the end of season collapse and man up. But he’s only saying his move is due to a desire to win trophies because he doesn’t want to admit to the fans that the real reason is because he is a money grabbing little shit.

  54. All down to interpretation but I read this,

    “Manchester City are believed to be closing in on the signing of the midfielder, who says Arsenal’s continuing failure to win silverware forced him to consider his future”,

    as him claiming he is not signing a new contract as he wants to win trophies.

  55. Henristic, we don’t need to sell, but some of these club’s chairmen might be worried on missing out on a good sale and as the deadline nears reduce the price. As you say Cahill is entering the last year on his contract – this creates great pressure (as we know with Nasri).

    Furthermore there is the value clubs place on their players and actual value.

    How can Cahill be within £10M value of Cesc? That’s lunacy.

  56. Nonsense. Been reading the papers again, have we?

    Try formulating an idea, or at least an expression of someone else’s ideas, in your own words
    Conso, totaly agree with this early post, your writing absolute nonsence, not only that you are buying into and promoting the propoganda from the press, absolute tosh. Fab and naz who by the way never told anyone he was staying for one more year get a grip man

  57. “Nasri told the News of the World:…”

    I stop reading at that point. Honestly, what credibility has the News of the World got. It’s not like they were mischeavous and fabrricated a story and got a slap on the wrists – no, no, no. They had to pull the hatches down and close down the damn paper because they were so disgraceful they sunk below the lowest scum on the earth.

    And we actually think Neil Ashton and Paul MCCarthy were writing that story in the interest of Nasri? These were guys prepared to sell their mothers to get a story.

  58. Not one single “new ” idea expressed by anyone today.
    I could have written peoples posts for them.

    Jabba.How many points last year?,are we getting worse?have we learned from our mistakes?Is it criminal negligence if Arsene does not bend to your will?
    Luke ,Nasri want silverware not money does he?

    Anyway ,No offers have been made for Samba or Parker.I wonder why?

  59. Darius

    I accept that it was a News of the World story which would cast doubts over its credibility, but I do recall the artcile when it was first published and the paper stated it was an exclusive interview with Nasri.

    If he didn’t give the interview and didn’t make those statements why didn’t Nasri come out and refute them?

  60. How can Cahill be within £10M value of Cesc? That’s lunacy.

    You can say that again.

  61. How can Cahill be within £10M value of Cesc? That’s lunacy.

  62. How can Cahill be within £10M value of Cesc? That’s lunacy.


    Maybe because Bolton are holding out for maximum value for the player and if reports are to believed, we are looking to offload Fabregas at 2/3rds of his market value.

  63. George

    As you like to point every single day, you don’t have a f**king clue to whether we have bid for Samba or Parker. You do shoot yourself in the foot a lot.

    Didn’t Blackburn confirm we bid for Samba in January anyway? Regardless, Im sure its all media nonsense when it doesnt suit your arguement?

    Since we are on it, how many of Europes top clubs came in for the most underated footballer in world football? Oh, thats right. ZERO.

  64. George, re: Nasri, I am going on what the player has said, not what you want to believe because it makes everything a ok in your Arsene bubble.

  65. Duke,So when you said Arsene said “I have money to burn” you meant he said fuck all like that only that there were funds available.
    So you were talking shit then , No?

  66. Luke ,Get real.
    If he said that ,and I don’t believe he did say that,,I would bundle the cunt into the boot of my car and dump him outside Old Trafford in a bin bag

    Anyone else on here think it is not about the money shout out and give Luke some support..

  67. @Wavey.

    I don’t care if they say Nasri’s mother gave them tea and sandwiches while they had the interview in her front room.

    The News of the World journalists have lost the right to any credibility. This is a paper that had a £3 million slush fund to bribe the police, pay insalubrious characters and criminals you wouldn’t introduce to your mother to do their dirty work for them, and operated with impunity in the name of investigative journalism.

    I wouldn’t trust their story as far as I could spit the fucker.

  68. Luke the clubs have said that no offers ,not media speculation.Official releases.A bit different even to an idiot like you I would have thought.

  69. Darius.Are you not listening? Luke has just confirmed that Nasri said he wants silverware.And therefore money does not come into it.Luke knows you know.

  70. Jabba's delights


    I dont think its about just money with Nasri. Our very own captain came out at the end of the season and suggest that arsenal need to prove that they are club that want to win things rather than develope so why might Nasri think any different. The fact is whether you like it or not city have abetter chance of winning trophies than arsenal currently and pay more money.

    Cesc said..

    ‘If you went to Spain and said to Pep Guardiola (the Barca manager), Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid) or Unai Emery (Valencia) they would have three years without a trophy, it would be obvious they would not continue.

    ‘But here it is different, the manager is intelligent and the club value different things: that the team is always in the Champions League, that we compete until the end, that we have young players, economic stability.

    ‘But I imagine there will be a moment when you have to decide: do you win things or not?’

    It certainly doesnt look like we have made that decision this summer so far, so why wouldn Nasri question the ambition. As stated at the begininig of the summer by some stupid fucking doomers the best way to keep cesc and nasri would be for the club to go out and show some ambition to make them genuinly think we can challenge…………….its nearlly august and we have done very very little

  71. I am simply appalled by the ant-Nasri sentiments that keep recurring. Mainly because it is driven by emotion and not cold hard logic. Not only is Nasri our player for at least one year but he is statistically among our top-three last season. He had a break-out campaign with 10 goals and 1 assist and if we project his development since 2008-09 he is easily on track for 15 goals-5 assists next term. Which other attacking midfielder with EPL experience is available and can be reasonably guaranteed this type of production? Furthermore, while we bash him for not showing up in the final-third of last season, we would be churlish and blind not to recognize he was specially targeted by other teams, most of whom would double-down on him, especially on the flanks, and forcing him to go backways and give up the ball rather than risk him creating havoc in the penalty area. Fact is he did miss a sitter at Bolton, but most times when he passed out of the double-team, with the exception of RVP none of our fowards took advantage of the space he created. Then there is the meme he won’t be effective because this is his final year when it is common knowledge that players at this stage play out of their skins to enhance their market value. Remember Flamini.

    Proof of the emotionalism and nonsense is if he should have at least a 15-5 season, most of these very same fans will demand Wenger break the bank and resign him.

  72. Comments made by Nasri in April 2010:

    “It is annoying. The work we do is not getting the credit it deserves because we are not winning silverware,” Nasri told the May edition of the official Arsenal magazine.

    “It is unfair because I think we have more merit as a club than those who have built their teams with millions of pounds whereas Arsenal have brought in young footballers, who have come here to play a certain kind of football and who have developed.

    “This season had proved that we have everything to compete and we have learnt so much.

    “I am hoping that our squad will stay unchanged because we are really good and with a year more experience, we can achieve some great things next season.

    “Injuries happen and it is part of football, but I think if we had not had those injuries, we would be top of the Premier League and still in the Champions League.

    “Apart from Arsenal, I do not know a team playing without five of its best players in the quarter-final of the Champions League like we did against Barcelona and to be in such a high position in the league.

    “Our injuries are always serious. They are not small muscular problems, and that gives more credit to our season.”

    So does Nasri no longer want to play “a certain kind of football”? If he is after trophies does he no longer believe that “we can achieve some great things”? Or is he simply looking for the fat pay cheque?

  73. George, the harsh reality of it is that you are unable to accept that anyone would leave Arsenal in a pursuit for silverware, your admirable, myopic and relentless support of everything being perfect at the Arsenal means your decision is already made without looking at what statements have been made.

    You are always the fire that stokes pointless chat, and I’m always the idiot that bites.

  74. “I think we should sack AW and make Nasri player-manager!”

    (bet u hadn’t heard this one before, george r)

    …i remain POSITIVE!

  75. Shotta, that’s an outstanding post.

  76. Wavey, maybe after a season of tragic implosion on all accounts, nasri has lost faith in the project he was part of?

    2 horrific title collapses in 4 years, a wantaway star player, senior players not sufficiently replaced, and consistent individual errors costing us crucial points – its not unreasonable for a young, ambitious footballer to have his head turned after this happens.

  77. If Nasri goes, I won’t abuse him, or belittle his achievments, because I have seen how much he has developed and matured over his time here, and I will believe him if he goes in the pursuit of silverware, because a lot of our players are questioning our ability to win titles.

    If he does not feel the club can match his ambitions (regardless of him being right or wrong) then I wish him all the best, accept when he plays against us.

  78. Shotta

    I would love for us to sign Nasri up to a new contract, but I’m now of the opinion that his head has been turned by the larger pay packets available at both Man U and Man City.
    I still believe that Wenger should ask him to consider a one year extention on his contract at the new wage terms that have recently been put to him. We should also agree that if he still wants to go next summer we will listen to offers at a similar level to those which have been indicated this summer. That way he gets his move next summer if he wants it, he also gets a better pay deal for his last season with us and we in return get proper transfer fee rather than letting him go for nothing.

  79. Jabba's delights


    ”Not only is Nasri our player for at least one year but he is statistically among our top-three last season.”

    Actually statistcally Arshavin and Walcott contributed to more arsenal goals last season and the hope is Gervinho will also this year.

    I would love to keep Samir but what is guaranteed about the player in the last year of their contract? They have no injury security whasoever, and can a club as frugal and tight as arsenal really afford to miss out on 20m when we wuill have to buy a replacement next seaosn. The the fact he has one year in his contract makes it a huge huge difference to a cesc situation and failure to aknowledge that is a opinion ”driven by emotion and not cold hard logic”.


    Im afraid to say Utd are the champions and those of us who want our club to win something must see that we must overtake the champions and the 2 other clubs that finished above us. I want arsenal be more succesful this year what do you want sir?

  80. Luke

    “2 horrific title collapses in 4 years”

    but Nasri didn’t join Arsenal until 2008.

  81. Luke,
    If Nasri goes, I will abuse his punk-ass, half-a season-worth of spine, mainstream twat who cannot claim he did not know about Arsenal’s salary structure & present situation before signing on.

    I would curse him as being a regular joe of short-term IQ and desire masquerading as a franchise leader but probably believes more in video games than real life.

    But if he stays, signs a long contract & opts to be a Spartan @ AFC..I would worship the ground he walks on, name my unborn son after him, buy his hit single, hand him my prettiest daughter’s hand in marriage, vote him in to replace Sarkhozy…

    ..i remain POSITIVE

  82. Jabba's delights


    Becoming a top free agent is the most lucrative thing a player can do as their signinig on fee is huge.

    Samir would probably prefer to move this year to a club who will pay him massively and to one where he genuinly thinks he can probably win something. Whether people like it or not there are 3 clubs in the prem that all present more plausible title destinations than us currently unless we pull our fingers out which is still possible but history suggests it wont happen

    Pundits say it, our ex greats say it, many of our fans say it, our captain says it.

  83. Wavey

    I know – but he would have been fully aware of what had just happened.

  84. we can add pompous and arrogant to your traits george

  85. well i want both nasri and fabregas to stay. if they really want to go in search of trophies, then all i can say is that they are admitting they are failures.

    players who can’t carry the team when the team needs them. players who need other players or referees to win games for them.

    i think our current players should look at videos of the Invincibles team before they talk.

    the Invincibles stepped up when the team needed them. where did our current players go when the going gets tough?

    don’t blame wenger for everything. the one thing wenger did wrong was that he believed in the wrong players. the players let wenger down. but more importantly, they let themselves down.

  86. Bookies are fair indicators

    No vested interest, no bias, have streams of dedicated analysts ensuring they turn over millions of pounds each year.

    Every bookie in the land has us 4th favourite for the title.

  87. the one thing wenger did wrong was that he believed in the wrong players. the players let wenger down


    Absolutley. But Wenger bought, trained, selected and persisted with said players, he has to take some of the pinch, just like he gets credit when we click for a purple patch during the season.

  88. and i don’t think it is nasri who is unhappy at arsenal. it is his agent. that sums up the problem in football.

    agents push for higher wages because they can then tell the players: now that you have gotten a rise, how about some for your old pal here?

    and not to mention the commission they get for transfers.

    agents are the ones feeding players with crazy ideas.

  89. Luke

    you are right, he would have been fully aware of it, but he would surely have been joining in the belief he could be part of a team that would produce results going forward?


    If the Fabregas situation weren’t running along hand in hand with this it is more likely that we would be willing to let him go this summer rather than to even contemplate him going for nothing next summer. Unfortunately if Fabregas does leave this summer we are likely to have to keep Nasri for another season. Nasri surely understands this and can make himself a few more bob (if he has to stay) in the coming season whilst still getting his exit next summer if he agrees a one year. The kind of money being bandied around for top players is likely to mean that he will still be offered a top deal next summer even if he were signed up to Arsenal for one more year.

  90. Jabba's delights


    See i spend my time at the ground cheering on the boys rather than directing bile at the opposition Adebayor exluded.

    You assume that money is the ONLY factor in him wanting to leave. RVP rhetoric suggests that next summer unless we show more ambition this year he will be in a simialr position to Nasri with one year left. If then a club who matches his title ambitions come in for him and offers double his money wouldnt you be tempted? Its the club that keeps saying it has money to spend and its the club that continues to spend less than some mid table teams.

  91. If it is about the money for Nasri,and I cant see anything else,I can understand it.
    If its about trohies then WTF?It was as much his fault as anyone else that we have none.
    If he wants silverware he should do more than he has in order to achieve it at a club where he says”“It is annoying. The work we do is not getting the credit it deserves because we are not winning silverware,”

    Or is it to much to expect him to be honest?

  92. 100% agree with that Wavey, and thats shown by his comments in April 2010. But you have to think that last season has really smacked a lot of players hard, that was what I was trying to say, and because of that, I can see Nasri looking elsewhere if he has become unsure about our development.

  93. Jabba's delights


    Its a really good point and i think the respective futures of Nasri and Cesc are very much depending on one another though. If cesc goes i think Nasri will be offered the coveted playmaker role (which he really really wants) and slightly higher wages. If Cesc stays i think we will drive Nasri up to the Blue half of manchester. No way we let him go to Utd

  94. Yogi:

    Great post thanks. Worrisome times these are. Last years team was a strange mix of over confidence and complacency combined with a loss of confidence and then complete surrender in the end. No doubt the team has the talent to improve on last years results but its hard to know where it will go this season. Hopefully the squad will rally together and take an us against the world approach and use their underdog status as motivation and fight like demons for every ball and stop taking games off when they are not in the mood. The alternative could potentially get really ugly. My biggest concern is that the first unplanned or unexpected adversity/injury etc will bring last years memories and mentality back to the front. On the surface it feels like we have done very little to give the players and fans something to focus on as a reason to believe this year will be different. Perhaps as Limpar says more will happen yet this summer and may be there are things happening out of our site.

    I agree completely with Cbob @ 7:30 and Dexter @ 11:55. I have been saying all summer and for most of the last 2 years that sometimes change just for the sake of change is sometimes a good thing.

  95. Err – George, Nasri was in line for player of the year, and had more impact last season that the combined 300 games of some other players who are bullet proof on this site.

    Nasri is one of the most exciting talents in European football. He has his best season ever at Arsenal last year, despite playing the second half out of position, and coming back from an injury too quickly (sound familar)

    I find it ridiculous, how many of you were singing his song from September to March, then after a miss at Bolton, and no new contract he is to blame for our demise??

    He pitched in with 11 goals, having missed a large part of the season.

    The real issue is that our squad doesnt have enough players with his quality. Bottom line.

  96. Luke,

    he was one of our best players last season, no doubt about it. i was surprised that he was only third in the player of teh season poll.

    but everyone has fallen short: from the staff to the players and even to the fans.

    it is not the time to point fingers and start thinking you are better or bigger than the club.

    i don’t think nasri is that kind of person. i think he understands what arsenal is trying to do.

    we should have tied up the contract during the season. now, his advisors, the media, mancini, evra have all come in to unsettle him.

    i hope he stays with us for a long time.

  97. Just like Ade, I think what Nasri says about winning trophies is a smoke screen. I am sure that the current state of things at Arsenal and our apparant lack of aggressiveness makes it easier for him to justify leaving but in the end I suspect its about the money. Players careers are short and could end tomorrow with a bad injury. Players rightfully feel the need to maximize their earnings. Large majority of us would do the same with our current employers given the opportunity to significantly increase our wages. My complaint with him is that he should have handled this more like Clichy.

  98. This should upset a few people.

    Quote from Denilson

    “I miss London, I miss Arsenal,” he added. “I lived there for five years, it’s a long time for me. But I think next season I’ll be back.”

  99. Dupps:

    Certainly not upsetting. His coming back does not depend on what he wants. The Denilson from 08/09 would be a most welcome addition although I am not sure who he would replace, any other Denilson will not get back in the squad.

  100. Im just so glad that JET has gone. If he was the future of arsenal…….jesus………Id rather have a rabbit stuck halfway up my arse

  101. So Theo leaving the training camp early to return home for a scan on his ankle. Business as usual then.

  102. JD @ 2:26 see george r@ 2:28. I agree with george r

    My take is that Nasri’s part of a spoilt generation.
    How dare he, a 24 year old who has spent less than 5 years at a top club like Arsenal, be holding us to ransom after half a season’s worth of good performance?
    We bought him to win & to help him become great but he must be reminded that there REALLY are other fish in the sea.

    Just look at Robinho. Can u imagine if he had opted for AFC instead of Madrid? He’s 27 now, should be in his prime, but does anybody think he’s great?
    Can u compare Robinho to Messi? Has he improved in 4 years??

    Patience is key. This is a big reason why Cesc has such a high regard in the world of football today & even he has not hit his peak yet and that fact alone is why AW doesn’t want to lose him.

    If after many more years & no trophies RvP opts to leave us. He will be given all the respect for staying & working & trying.

    If you’re going..go. If not, sign a contract son. You’re unsettling the very process you claim to want to win for..

    “Come on, how much money do u really need to be happy?”
    I believe AW will be done with all BS by midnight Sunday July 31st

    ..i remain POSITIVE

  103. So that’s the same Denilson who handed in a transfer request, cited the clubs lack of silverware as his main motivator of wanting to leave, only to find that we are the only top club in europe prepared to pay his wages, so now he is trying to dolly up to the fans again, by saying that, and that fabregas will stay, then same fabregas he cited as being a poor leader.

    The same article also cites he wants to be nearer to his 3 year old daughter – jumping on the Tevez sympathy bandwagon, he obviously thinks she will be a grown girl next year if he is planning on leaving.

    He does make me laugh. Not a fan of his football, not a fan of his attitude.

  104. JET / Vela / Lansbury were never given a chance.

    Vela probably spent a tad too much time boshing birds and getting on the sauce with his mates.

  105. @ dups

    I saw that, too. Nice to know that the door has not been shut. The tone of the whole interview was quite cheerful. He just needs to get his mojo back after a bruising couple of seasons. Did you see the part about wanting to be near his 3-year-old daughter? Who knew he had a daughter?

  106. yogi. Skysports is reporting that walcott has returned to london for an MRI scan on his ankle. We are already one striker short for the start of the seasonn for an MRI scan on his ankle. We are already one striker short for the start of the season

  107. I’m reasserting my position from yesterday:
    AFC will still be competitive if we lose Cesc & Nasri this season.
    Others will come of quality pedigree
    In Arsene I trust

    ….i remain POSITIVE!

  108. FG

    I suspect its more of keeping the door open if he has to return rather than wanting to come back.


    PS I think the child’s mother probably knew he had a daughter…

  109. FG

    I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t want to see if he develops mojo, and give him another chance of trying to develop in our FIRST TEAM. He refers to Wenger as a father like figure. I see that as inherently wrong in a professional sporting outfit.

    Denilson has played sufficient games to have the rule run over him. I know people will hate this, but Fergie, offloading Obertan, Bebe, Brown, O’Shea, Gibson, Hargreaves who all fall into the ‘not good enough, crocks, past it deadwood category’ has acted quicky and decisively.

    We are not a nursury.

  110. That Walcott injury story was on the official site yesterday as a by-the-way comment in a larger article. Don’t start shitting yourselves because Sky Sports have fuck all to report and blow it waaaaaaay the fuck outta proportion.

  111. Luke said “Err – George, Nasri was in line for player of the year, ”
    Until he did fuck all in the second half when we needed it
    He was not alone and I am not putting the blame on him .But had he done as well when it counted as he did early doors perhaps he could have lifted the team rather than contributing to the debacle.
    Arshavin is the man who we should put out faith in .Him and RVP, players who want to help us not glory hunters,

  112. Overheard whilst in a School, in Highbury, a long time ago.
    I think it was a verse to the song with the chorus of

    ‘Who the fuck are Man United’:

    ‘Man United are short sighted.
    They wear their glasses on their arses.’

  113. I agree with Denilson. He’ll be back.

  114. I hope all glory hunting players fuck off and take our glory hunting fans with them.

  115. Glory hunting and wanting to the best are two very different things George.

  116. @ YW

    “I suspect its more of keeping the door open if he has to return rather than wanting to come back.”
    It came across to me as if it was AW keeping the door open and PND being happy about that. Still, we’ll all find out next year, won’t we?

    “PS I think the child’s mother probably knew he had a daughter…”
    ha ha. Yes. Indeed.

  117. Northbank1969 @ 10:23 am,

    As usual, I agree with your views.

  118. “and wanting to the best”
    what the fuck does that mean?

  119. The blue manc cnuts are adding a pretty serious footballer to their armoury.

    Thank god they have a manager who doesnt know how to utilise his full arsenal.

  120. If a player wants to leave to win trophies what else can it be called other than “glory hunting”?

  121. Ambition?

  122. Fuck me Luke .Now you know more than City’s manager as well do you?

  123. Thats because you have no backbone Luke.
    I say they are glory hunting twats .as are you

  124. Luke,

    You’re maybe a little negative but definitely trying, very.

  125. I say if you turn your back on a club who has nurtured you,fans who have worshiped you and team mate who have helped you .Simply because some Arab billionaire has assembled a team of like minded mercenaries then you are beneath contempt,
    Like Ade,Milner,Barry all of who said it was for footballing reasons and not money .

  126. I work for a great firm, in a great role with great people, and I thoroughly enjoy it…….make no bones, if I’m here when I’m 30, I will be disappointed with my career progression.

    Obviously different to footballers, as Nasri can only play for another decade whereas I can work for as long as I want…..

    People have goals George, if Nasri thinks he can win more titles/silverware at another club, then so be it, as it stands, he holds a view in line with consensus. Of course I want him to be wrong, but I can understand fully why his head has been turned.

  127. Jabba's delights


    Players can have ambition, as Bill pointed out their careers are short they want to win stuff.

    There are other clubs at the moment that show a hell of alot more ambition than ours

    Dont gloss over it our captain said

    ‘If you went to Spain and said to Pep Guardiola (the Barca manager), Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid) or Unai Emery (Valencia) they would have three years without a trophy, it would be obvious they would not continue.

    ‘But here it is different, the manager is intelligent and the club value different things: that the team is always in the Champions League, that

    ”But I imagine there will be a moment when you have to decide: do you win things or not?”

    RVP and Walcott both of who will have one year on their contracts next year have both urged arsene to make a few quality signings. Our squad is crying our for the manager and board to show more ambition as is the majority of the fanbase. We are being outspent my midtable teams, its not good enough. The best way to keep cesc and RVP was by showing them that we are doing all we can to be competative

  128. Limpar:

    Great news, Denilson will be our new signing for next year. We already have filled our quota so we don’t have to go thru another summer of rumors.

  129. George, we didn’t nuture him, Marseille did.

    Signing Nasri wasn’t a stroke of genius from Wenger. We captured one of the most sought after players in Europe.

    we have certainly developed him, but he would have developed at any major club he signed for, maybe less maybe more, no-one will ever know.

    I think you are naive in your expectancy of loyalty from footballers. Times are changing. How many one club players do you see? The connection of fan and every day Joe turning our for thier beloved team is a thing of the past.

    Players move for riches, riches in wealth, riches in success, riches in playing with world class players on a daily basis. It is the job of our front office and manager to instill confidence in wantaway players that they are missing a trick.

    Like any firm holding onto a star employee, you try convince him that his life we will be bettered benefitted staying put. If that doesnt transpire, where should the blame lie? Or should be expect undivided loyalty in a sport where it rarely exists?

    You have already started abusing him. Why would Nasri want to play for you George? Why would he want to turn out each week knowing people like you where getting on his back?

  130. Cheers Dgob, I think……..

  131. Thank god for george rodger. I admire how you have the patience to debate with utter fuckwits and keep your cool sir. I can’t do it any more. Idiots like Luke who come to an Arsenal fan’s blog and start praising SAF and comparing our club negatively to his. Unreal. How on earth are they fans? I can’t bear to think about that red faced vile old scumbag and this moron praises him.
    Imagine having them beside you in the trenches. Defeatist, amoral, spineless, craven anti-support.

  132. But Luke ,I have not abused him.
    I fact I have stated that I do not believe he has said it
    I am talking about in theory.
    Please show me where I have abused Samri?
    I have abuse you though ,cunt.
    from earlier lest you have missed it

    “Luke ,Get real.
    If he said that ,and I don’t believe he did say that,,I would bundle the cunt into the boot of my car and dump him outside Old Trafford in a bin bag”

    Remember that ,again for the very stupid
    “and I don’t believe he did say that,”

    Clear enough ?

  133. Jabba please stop posting the same stuff

  134. Maybe you should read it George.

  135. Jabba, you’ve posted that Cesc quote twice today.

    It’s obvious from our change of direction last season that we did decide: Yes, we want to win things. We were just unlucky not to have. I hate that quote because so many people interpreted it wrong, especially the part about the manager.

    “We are being outspent my midtable teams, its not good enough.”

    Can you not see the irony of this comment given your belief that we need to spend big?

  136. Read what Luke?
    So come on where have I abused Samri?Or any Arsenal player for that matter.
    Come on you prick!!!!

  137. Much of a complex Steww? Where do I praise SAF? Rather cite what he has done, and use it as an example of how you can revamp the squad quickly.

    Remember, this is the man that his consistently knocked us out of cups and beat us to the finish line for 13 years.

    Do you have a fear/shame of trying to know your enemy?

  138. To the tune of star trekking across the universe by The Firm:

    ‘Sandbagging across the bloggingverse
    Always going forward, under Captain Grave’

  139. Read Jabbas post George.

    Try to calm down.

  140. @GeorgieRodger

    The problem with mercenaries is that they will never be as good as a well drilled army who are fighting for what they truly believe in and a leader in which they trust.

    This will be City next year, an assembled group of players/mercenaries with talent but no real belief or cohesion. Mancini will not be able to organise them into a winning force and there will be discontent and lack of discipline in the ranks.

  141. Jabba's delights


    I post it because you gloss over it. In it our captain and best player questions the ambition to win trothies of our manager and club. RVP has one year left on his contract next year do you think he is happy with our summers work. This isnt shitty fans questioning our clubs ambition this is our best players.


    you should get over your complex you sound like a guy who would have done well on the charge of the light brigade. Never questioning anything……how did that end up…….glorious failure.

  142. Never mind calm down

    I never abuse any of our players ,ever .Unlike you you twat.
    How dare you accuse me of abusing player and then gloss over it as if you never said fuck all?

  143. Jabba.I know why you do it.
    Apart from the fact that I interpret what Cesc says as positive unlike you who I believe try to make it look like something it is not.
    Let us pretend I am just ignoring it.Do you think that posting it twice a day every day would change my position?

  144. Hello Chris 🙂
    Cheer me up mate these cunt are doing in my scope

  145. Jabba's delights


    Im pretty sure thats what everyone thought last year but they still got 5 more points than us. With every year they will grow stronger. Our only hope is that our manager stops complaining about them and proactively goes out and trys to assmble a team using his vast knowledge to beat them or that they have a poor run and thier sheik keeps sacking managers. City are a huge force this year and they got the trophie monkey off their back last season.

    Sitting around doing little in the transfer market will almost certainly do nothing to catch them. 1 1st teamer in, 1 out so far for a team and squad that lacked depth and quality in certain areas.

  146. Can We Fans Really Learn From Failure & Transfer Mata’s?

  147. NorthBank @ 4;29:

    I really hope your right. Chelsea’s progression suggests the other more ominous possibility. Hopefully our management is assuming a more chelsea like outcome and planning accordingly rather then assuming your scenario. I really hope if we do lose Nasri that he is sold to someone in continental Europe. Selling him to the Blue Manc’s even if it makes a few million extra does not represent preparing for the worst.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I guess the problem with my logic is that Nasri can refuse if we try to sell him to a team he does like and then he goes anywhere he wants for free. Difficult situation either way.

  148. Jabba's delights


    i’ve posted it twice today and once when fools like you questioned the validity of what cesc said about 2 months ago.

    In the context of winning trophies and showing ambition i would love to know how you can pull somethign positve out of what he said. It quite clearly shows why ”mercenaries” like Nasri would view city, utd and chels as better clubs to achieve their dreams at currently not even looking at the fact that they double people wages. Some clubs do all they can to win others dont. So far this summer we have done exactly what we have done for 3 summers………..not very much

  149. Meanwhile, those quote unquote quotes* from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge were interesting.
    Frankly, frank was right on that one. Who’d have guessed it.

    I do enjoy the Dein spats, it’s been fun for those of who were clueless about such things. Woah. Hang on. People disagreeing on YW’s forum? For years? On the same subject. Well. I never. I’d read some ‘Realist’ state that there was never any discourse upon YW’s generous forum.
    I suppose that was just another lie. By some ****.

  150. * Have to be careful these days lest some Realist rolls us with some gr*t arsed BS.

  151. Charge of the light brigade is not a good example.

    I prefer Agincourt. 3000 troops against 25,000 french noblemen and cavalry. Noblemen who were only interested (because of their superiority) to capture English lords to then be able to hold them for ransom money ie: mercenaries just in it for gain.

    But the 3000 had superior tactics and held off three attacks by the French, leaving many french dead on the battlefield Eventually, the French walked away, defeated and empty handed.

    This will be the Gunners next season, underdogs, well trained, disciplined and faithful to their leader.

    Our King (Wenger) go forth to Manchester
    With grace and might of chivalry

  152. So Jabba, after me being so pleasant towards you recently you choose to call me a fool.Fair enough

    “‘But here it is different, the manager is intelligent and the club value different things: that the team is always in the Champions League,

    ”But I imagine there will be a moment when you have to decide: do you win things or not”

    Its different he said.Not” he is not achieving”

    “a moment when you” I read”you” to mean the players not the manager.

  153. Thanks Chris.Feel better now,

  154. Jabba,Samri ,as of now is unproven as a mercenary

  155. i see Luke has done one rather than admit he was wrong.Typical of a spineless cunt

  156. “Some clubs do all they can to win others dont. So far this summer we have done exactly what we have done for 3 summers………..not very much”

    That “Not very much” would be exactly what Chelsea did to win the league 2 seasons ago? or what the Spuds did to break into the top four.

    You, like everybody else, seem to be overestimating the importance of signing new players.

  157. Chill George. They are not worth the effort.

  158. I actually prefer my cunts without spines – the vertebrae rather chafe a tad.

  159. In earnest , I don’t really understand what all this too and fro about Samir is all about. He’s a good player. He’s in a good football team that suits his style of play. If he feels like moving, and 20M is being offered for him, why, we should take it.

    Pretending a football player needs an emotional investment in the club to play his best is an insult to the profession. If he finds himself still at the club come the end of the transfer window, meh…

    If he scores the winning goal in the finals of the Champions League, I’ll still praise him.

  160. Theooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooo! Please be OK , please be OK!

    Poor Henderson, fucking just like Frimpong last year. Its my fault, just as I bigged up Frimpong last summer, I did the same with Henderson and he is out for the season. Fucked up.

    Consolsbob has got a lot of stick on here. Maybe I misunderstood his post? I just thought that we needed some freshening up, just as the manager said himself?

    Looks like there will be some movement out; Clichy, Eboue, Almunia, Denilson, bendtner
    And some new faces in; Gervinho, Jenks and hopefully 2 or 3 more/

    Hardly scandalous or doom mongering is it?

  161. @Jabba

    I not really sure if City will get stronger, last season they were often on the back foot and playing for a draw. They really only got 3rd place because of our capitulation in our last ten games of the season. As soon as City start dropping points Mancini will be sacked.

    Chelse didn’t see any progression last season, they won nothing and the manager was sacked after he’d taken them to the double the previous season. I don’t want my club acting like that, a different manager every two seasons.

  162. Jabba's delights


    I completely agree about Samir, i dont think it completely money nor just a motivation to win things that has created this stand off. I think he wants to play centrally badly and that the offer to have a an effect on him

  163. JD

    This notion that Wenger is somehow sitting around doing nothing, or little is bollocks. He is with the squad in germany. Its down to others to negotiate the transfers after he has identified the players he wants.

    FFS! We have over a month before the window shuts. You need to watch yourself as you are liable to have a coronary at this rate.

    Hmmm, interesting concept. Do I fancy the idea of a JD free blog that much?

    On second thoughts mate, keep on ranting and losing the plot.

  164. @Dextrous:

    I honestly don’t share your sentiments about walcott. His injury, to me, is a blessing in disguise. Hopefully we can then look forward to fielding a first team forward line with Gervinho, Van Persie, and Nasri…a truly dynamic attack. (Yes, Gervinho is a right winger first)

  165. Jabba's delights


    No offence but chels have been alot better than us for 6 years this is proved by their points tally. We have got a championship level of points once in 6 years. There starting place is better than ours.

    We need to add to our squad with some quality additions if we want to genuinly try and beat city, utd and chels over 38 games. We have some great players some really good younger players but we need some more of the first section. 3-4 who are ready to compete for a 1st team starting spot. so far its 1 in 1 out. its the same every year, we must try something different

  166. Its funny how if we lose a player then we are suddenly heading for mid table, yet City have lost their talisman in Teves who will never play for them, yet they are getting stronger! Go fucking figure.

    Media fed bullshit. Oh they can sign Aguero because he costs alot of money he is bound to score all the goals Teves did isnt he? Yeah right.

    He might, he might not and they might struggle without teves, but no one in the media has the balls to suggest that do they?

    And people who say they support Arsenal buy into that bollocks without even questioning it.

    Its a pity they cant buy into the Arsenal as easily.

  167. NorthBank 2 5:22:

    I agree, but I was thinking more about Chelsea in 2004 and making the comparison to the current Blue Manc team and its potential to repeat what they have done. Hopefully your scenario is the one that actually plays out and they never really get their act together. Certainly plenty of precedent for both possibilities.

  168. Jabba's delights


    Poppet some of us were saying 3 weeks ago that the fact that arsene is on tour for 2 weeks isnt good news for negotiating the fact that its now impeding our efforts is the clubs fault. Some of us had the foresight to predict this. We have 3 in 10 days all of our friendlies are done do you think it would be wise to have new players training and playing with the team before we have cl qualifiers and huge prem games. We havent won away in europe in 2 years (celtic) and our prem form is nothign short of diabolical, additions have been needed all summer. We look like a squad ready to compete for 4th currently a bad start to the year could be utterly devasting to us…………this summer was meant to be different.

    How long does it take us to negotiate deals……chamack, kosciellny, gervinho, vermalan, arshavin were all hugley drawn out affairs

  169. Jabba’s delights | July 27, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    For once, kind sir, I agree with you. But it is quite laughable, if you look at it. Samir is rather atrocious playing behind the lone striker. I’m sure I’m not the only one that recognizes his weakness at picking out through passes. He’s even more useless at knowing who to mark. (Remember the 4-1 home trashing by Chelsea 3 seasons ago (Anelka’s goal)).

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t track back, spot a through pass, or retain formation when the team has lost possession, then you’re not a good midfielder, no matter how good you are with the headline grabbing skills.

  170. A blessing Sixtay??? Fuck me, since when did having one of our best players injured become a blessing man? Thats a new one on me! Theo is top, especially away from home. Newcastle away, 1st game, if he is fit, he will play and shit the life out of the Toon defence mate.

  171. Is that you Hotpants?

  172. George,

    You say that categorically, and have done for some time, that Nasri only wants to leave for money. You call these types mercenaries = insult

    You also say anyone who wants to leave for trophies is a glory hunting twat = insult.

    Stop emulating Franks personal crusade to be the most supportive fan ever by abusing other fans, it doesnt suit you. Now, just return to being the middle aged depressed man who has had too much to drink. You cunt.

  173. Jabba’s delights

    Of course they’ve been a lot better than us over the past six year. They’ve been better than a lot of clubs over the past 6 years. What you are failing to grasp in my point is, for a substantial period of the previous season, we were undoubtedly the best team in the premiership (not here that I did not say “played the best football”)

  174. JD Dont call me poppet, petal.

    Dont act like you are a fucking sage man, you are far from that. Suggesting Wenger being on tour hampers transfers is daft mate. I could suggest its more down to finalising payments, prices, add ons and all that crap. But I dont know, neither do you.

    As for transfers, there is no way you can judge how quick a deal is done. It would be fucking nice to get em done ASAP. But there are variables to consider. (Look, I know that kind of shit is alien to you, given your autism and obsession with things being black and white) agents, clubs, players, families, prices, add ons, alsorts can change and given how slow this window has been relatively, it isnt beyond the realms of possibility that the deals will happen quite late.

    That is a hard fact to deal with. Last season I was convinced we would be more active in the wondow, a new keeper, for instance didnt materialise. That shocked me and it turned out to be a poor decision. BUT, I dont know why that GK never turned up?

  175. You bring the worst out of lots of people on here George, with your wind ups, your insults, your arrogance. You are the greatest antagonist on this site.

  176. Sixtay ,But he has a good line in pirouette’s .
    As you say ,he is a good player not irreplaceable by any stretch

  177. Who would you replace Nasri with George?

    Hold you fucking horses, here comes some original thought………….

  178. Steady on Georgey!

  179. So that is your admitting to being totally wrong is it Luke?
    You and Jabba and who else ?.Name some of the “lots” Luke
    Or shut the fuck up you whinging girl.

  180. Luke

    I would say JD is in the running for that crown man! 😀

  181. Jabba's delights


    Because City can be relied upon to replace their player if he leaves. Aguerro has scored 20 plus goals in the last 4 seasons running.

    Nobody is saying we are midtable im just saying we are closer to Spurs and Liverpool than we are to competing to Utd, chels and Citeeh CURRENLTY. With the way we negotiate deals 1 month isnt a long time to secure the 2 quality additions we need atleast and thats with keeping Cesc and Nasri. Every summer poeple say the same ”we have loads of time”, no we dont 2 weeks until proper football gets to us and we look the same as last year which was good enough for 68 points.

    Its the same every year for 3 years.

  182. Arshavin is a better player than Samri.
    Gervenho will do as a replacement
    So will Vela
    He is not Cesc by a long long way

  183. @Dexterous

    For the exact same reason embedded in your response, hell yes. You see, everyone is certain that Theo is untouchable in our team. And while his game remains inefficient and unrefined, he remains a fan favorite.

    Consider a situation where wenger fielded a team with theo on the bench for that match, and the team performed badly (however unrelated to his omission it was). Every fan would be up in arms about it (Much like they were about omitting Arshavin in the FA Cup semis 3 seasons ago, although NOW we can understand why).

  184. Lone yak, on a bleak, lonely hillside, farting in the wind. Fart, fart. Hello? Anybody, um, there…

    Or something not dissimilar, as LA I think reminded.

    Brillant, Pz and his metaphors. They last.

  185. JD

    It is not a certainty that Aguero will be a hit mate. Look at Torres for a fucking good example man. And he has plenty of Prem Exp and is settled in this country.

    You have simply bought into the media baloney.

    I didnt say you said we were mid table, that was more a take on all the media and pundits predictions. If we didnt sign anyone else, we’d be comfortably top 4 and possibly higher.

    It really is pointless talking about some things on here, as there are still alot of things that can happen and a few things that might not.

    So, saying things like Wenger is being negligent, we arent doing anything to sign players are topics I will gladly discuss with you come Sept 1st mate.

    Thats a promise dude. Thats if you havent had a stroke by then! 😀

  186. Fuck,will you stop with the 68 points and nearer Spurs shit.
    Every fucking day and every day we tell you why we don’t agree

  187. No George, that’s me clearly highlighting where you have insulted a current Arsenal player. I knew you had it in you!

    Anyway George, I’m off to do things far more interesting than argue with an internet warrior, you bash that keyboard good man.


  188. Theo does not get in my best eleven,Hotpants.But he is very near.

  189. Jabba's delights


    Problem is mate, some of us seem to get our predictions right and others dont. You come back the next year and say what you think and get called a cunt…………wake up and smell the coffee. Wenger is the guy who sells the club to new players without him we dont move. All of Chamack, Arshavin, Vermalan, Gervinho, Kosciellny transfers were long drawn out affairs and were in the press. 1 month isnt very long for our club considering our hatred of paying above our value, its that inability to be flexible which costs us.

    This seaosn we are competing for 4th currently and the people who make money on this shit 100% completely agree. Our lack of activity is one of if not thte biggest reason for this, the other is that our manager MIGHT not be what he was……we shall see, this seaosn will tell us everything.

  190. Sixtay

    Theo is a player I like. I have seen him in the flesh tear teams apart, or simply by being on the pitch he scares the opposition,. therefore giving us more space etc.

    He is not the finished article, yet last season he was outstanding. But I was at the games and not relying on the likies of Chris Waddle telling me how shit he was. I watched his movement, his directness, stuff that maybe is missed by TV cameras and pundits alike.

    I am not suggesting you get your opinion from these twats, just saying that I have based mine on my own eyes, at games.

    I just think the main issue I have with your post is that you can say that Theo being injured is a fucking blessing.

    That is fucking discgraceful and you need to wash your brain out and come back when its all nice and shiny and clean.

    Really angry at that comment man.

  191. I have never insulted a current Arsenal player Luke you lying bastard

  192. Replacing Samir
    Barring injuries

    On the left wing, (As an advanced playmaker) – diaby
    (As an Inside Forward) – Gervinho
    (As an orthodox winger) Anyone else, Samir is shit at crossing a ball…Vela maybe

    On the right wing, (As an advanced playmaker) – Honestly no-one
    (As an Inside Forward) – Gervinho, Theo
    (As an orthodox winger) – Theo -> If he would cut the crap and make for the byline like he did 2-3 years ago.

    Behind the striker – Cesc and Arshavin are better.

  193. That is fucking discgraceful and you need to wash your brain out and come back when its all nice and shiny and clean.

    Really angry at that comment man.

    No shit?

  194. Jabba's delights


    Everyday it shows how little you can face reality. 68 points is what we got over 38 games plain and simple end of.

    The bookies think we will come 4th and if you look at the odds it shows liverpool odds being alot closer to ours than we are to chels or city. Our squad is no stronger than last year currenlty we are weaker during the african nations cup remember. Last years team that were ”traumatised” are the same. Last years points tally show shows that young players dont continously get better. Liverpool are stronger this year due to their manager and some more additions if they perform like they did 2nd half of the seaosn 68 points are a breeze for them.


    Just as much as Gervinho our only addition is a gamble then.

  195. Reality,Oh here we fucking go,Just fuck off back to Le Grove with the other realists

  196. JD

    Again, you are talking like we have finished our business. It is IMPOSSIBLE to discuss a subject that is still open to change. I have already offered a view point, said we can come back and talk it over at a later date. But no, that simple request is impossible for you. You need to hammer your points over and over again. I wouldnt mind if they were that interesting, or significant.

    Your posts are the equivalent of a stuck record mate. People offer their views, try to move on and you come back with the exact same shit; “some of us predicted this and get called a cunt for it…” The fact you take great delight in that phrase of yours, I mean, I have seen it 100s of times.

    You get called a cunt for many many reasons man. Dont worry, it has nothing to do with any great footballing insight you have!

  197. Dexta | July 27, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Very good points made mate. Shame about the cheap jabs though.

    Theo you can be exhilarating when on his game (Remember Porto 4-0 , 3 seasons ago? just after the hattrick against croatia?).

    Problem is, like Adebayor, he’s very much the confidence player.

  198. @Luke wonder how much he wants to leave arsenal for city and silverware next summer when we City is not wining anything and Liverpool has pushed them out of top4. Is it more chance of silver that makes him signed that fat contact then? To join a club outside top4??

  199. I’m beginning to think that Xafi is Cesc’s bitch? He wants him so bad and can’t live without him. Once he tasted Cesc, he couldn’t go back. No one satisfies him as much as Cesc does.

    Poor Xafi…his ass aches for Cesc

    Sorry for the graphic mental image, I just can’t find any other reason why specially Xafi would be so interested in Cesc?

  200. JD

    Yes, Gervinho is a gamble! Well done man! You came to that conclusion about 2 weeks earlier than I had envisaged! However, Gervinho is an addition to our forward line and is not a replacement for our main man, with all the extra pressure and shit that carries. Dzeko was signed and I thought he would tear up the league, didnt happen either. All signings are a gamble. That where luck can have a say as well. Variables mate, nuances, stuff that isnt black and white.

    But anyway, well done. Progress! Hooray! 😀

    Laters, time to go.

  201. The whole “we are not showing enough ambition”brigade are in seventh heaven when they hear a player say “i want to leave to win stuff” they think it validates their negative position.
    If the huge leap in wages was not on offer I might be inclined take it seriously.

  202. Sixtay

    Cheap jabs? I was pissed off you could even suggest that mate.

    Theo injured = blessing.

    Thats what you said, me no likey 😦

  203. Jabba’s delights | July 27, 2011 at 6:07 pm


    Everyday it shows how little you can face reality. 68 points is what we got over 38 games plain and simple end of.

    Following your argument, so was Manchester United and Chelsea. This argument obviously ignores the fact that last season’s winner was 47 points of the bottom placed team, as opposed to the 67 points 2 seasons ago.

    The league’s gotten a whole lot thougher, deal with it.

  204. Jeez,
    So much chatter, and no one really saying anything.
    George, calm down men. You’re bringing down the tone of this place. If you must abuse, at least do it with style, like Frank and co.

  205. G4E | July 27, 2011 at 6:17 pm
    “I’m beginning to think that Xafi is Cesc’s bitch? He wants him so bad and can’t live without him. Once he tasted Cesc, he couldn’t go back. No one satisfies him as much as Cesc does.
    Poor Xafi…his ass aches for Cesc
    Sorry for the graphic mental image, I just can’t find any other reason why specially Xafi would be so interested in Cesc?”

    eewww….. Do you talk like this in real life?

  206. Dexta

    Chill out dude.

    A DVD of “Theo’s greatest hits” will show his strength mainly in counter-attack scenarios. When it comes to beating his man, he’s rather poor (case in point, liverpool @home against a Youth team player – couldn’t beat him once)

    As we’ve pretty much switched to possession football, his pace is really a waste, and would only really serve him if he could time his runs properly, which he can’t.

    I’ll be gutted if his injury is long term, but if Gervinho is available, I’m not loosing any sleep.

  207. Henristic |Do I abuse you?
    I have been trying not to abuse Jabba for weeks.
    But Luke brings it on himself when he make up lies and then refuses to climb down.
    Can you name anyone else I have abused?

  208. George:

    A good friend once said “Never argue with an idiot, cause he’ll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

    You sir, lost before it even started.

  209. George,
    Calm down was what I said. I didn’t ask for a list of people you’ve insulted. 🙂

  210. seventeen 17 days to new season. and two dayS more for BARKA to put up or shut up.

  211. hopefully they will PISSOFF afterwards……

  212. Put on your big girl panties George, you got raped today princess. Go take your meds, you quite clearly have some kind of mental ailment. For a man of your age to be so immature there has to be some thing wrong.
    City lose Tevez, the buy a 20 goal a season striker,, no one knows if he will be the answer, but there is certainly no real reason to believe he will not be either. Those harking on about Dzeko not being good enough,,, fuck me just wait, he will adjust and be a damn fine player as will Augero. Our players are allowed the luxury of a season or two to find their feet, these players will too. As for Torres, not sure about that boy but I cant believe he has just become a shit player, he will get back amongst the goals soon enough.

  213. George:

    I miss your cat gravatar. Much as I like Arshavin your cat was better. I grew with many cats in my house and was in heaven whenever my cat “puffy” had a litter of kittens. Is your old gravatar a picture of your cat?

  214. Gunnerjones | July 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Exactly what was the point of your comment? All you did was praise man city. You do realize this is an Arsenal blog right?


  215. Gunnerjones

    You find it easier to back city than your own club, well done flower, way to go.

    Just wait, Dzeko will be awesome! And yeah aguerro will obviously slip seemilessly in wont he? He will do coz city spunk millions. Thats the logic of geniuses innit.

    What a sad cunt.

  216. The secret behind being the best….

    In Arsene I just enjoy

    …i remain POSITIVE

  217. Well, let’s not say anyone uses pure logic here when someone is slagged for saying the jury is still out on the Dzeko or Torres deals, but then is told you can’t judge our defense on one season and they have to have time to gel and bed together.

  218. Busch

    We care about our defensive…WTF is a supposed gooner being a city flop’s apologist? Take that sh!t to a city blog FFS! who gives a damn.

  219. Nice Gervinho compilation.

  220. Bill, yes Dennis Purrcat was 22 when he died in june

  221. Busch,
    For many people, logic only applies when it confirms a view they agree with.

  222. “I might be wrong, but consol is probably talking more about players coming in…”

    No, he said “I would still like to see more changes in the squad. I really don’t care much who goes, or who comes for that matter, I just want to see change.”

    dupsffokcuf@ 1.45pm – is that the same Annie who writes for Untold Arsenal?

    @ Dexta | July 27, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I agree

  223. Tea pot ,, sixtay uuuuuummmmm ! Go read a little further back and see the comments about how no one has strengthened and how , spending money on big signings does not meant fuck all to some. How Dzeko is crap, Torres is crap, Augero is gonna be crap, but god forbid anyone comment on Denilsons poor performances. It seems acording to some on here every one is crap except the team that has imploded year after year and seemingly done very little or nothing to remedy it. Dont criticize, Denilson, Diaby , Adebayor( when he was still with us) BUt you lot will happily slander any other talented player that signs for another club.. It fucking sad,,,,
    Some of you people start creaming yourselves after a single good performance, then claim the next 10 bad ones are due to refs, cheating, the weather, the fans, the other teams wives and what ever else you can.
    Any one who mentions any team that finishes above us is a cunt, a manc a doomer,,, hey reality is there are 3 teams that are better than us and getting better still.. If you cant accept that then fine crawl back in your hole and pretend otherwise. But there is a real world out here and it is full of realists who see things for what they are and not what we want them to be…

  224. I think you could have put that better Busch and on another blog thanks, a man City one!

    Bill, that post of Busch’s doesn’t even make sense! I know what he is trying to say, but he made a right pig’s ear of it.

    Yet, the fact that what Sixtay said is far more relevant and you choose to take the side of Busch. Hmmm

    What to make of that little scenario?

    You woulodnt be one of those would you Bill?

    You know? Who are happy to regale us with the strengths of an opposing team’s players, yet find it really difficult with regards your own team.

    Surely not Bill, say it isnt so dude!

  225. Gunnerjones

    I feel sorry for you. I feel really sorry that your school let you down big style. I also feel really sorry for you that life must be such a grind and it hasnt really worked out as you’d hoped.

    But you should take it up with those who can help you, those who are to blame and those who give a flying fuck mate.

    You like to label a whole swathe of diverse individuals because it suits your purpose and helps you, helps you to think that these people all think the fucking same, when they dont.

    Whereas you, obviously have nothing upstairs and get your opinions from the mainstream media and fuckwits.

  226. Passenal, not sure if it’s the same Annie.

    Gunnerjones, you sound remarkably like Gooner Ted.

  227. Credit where credit is due,, I will not call another teams player shit just because he does not play for us,, and I will not call a mediocre player in our team great just because he plays for us..
    Like I say , the real world , not fantasy land.. we have some world class players and some are not… Just as in any top team.

  228. Ha! Gunnerjones reserves his strongest support for Arsenal’s best, Dzeko and Aguero. Hey GJ, how much you want to bet that Aguero and Dzeko do fuck all for City next season? Unlike Tevez, who runs his ass of for ninety minutes, Aguero and Dzeko will not give City the same type of movement. Tevez is a perfect fit for Mancini’s 4-3-2-1 formation.

  229. No one said any of those players were crap. Again, your low intelligence prevents you from responding in a clear well thought out way., You have to label lazily yet again. Yes someone said Torres, Aguerro Dzeko were all crap didnt they? No they didnt you simpleton.

    Then you throw in good old scapegoat Denilson. A player that has fuck all to do with this point and who hardly featured last season.

    What a clueless, thick cunt you are.

    Fuck off you boring turd

  230. I agree with everybody.

    I think I need some friends.

  231. Dexter life has been great to me,, retired at 38, no worries in life wonderful family. I did things the smart way and I am now reaping. Had a fucking blast at school, and University too.
    So not sure what you are on about, I suppose you just feel like talking shit.. As usual, like I said I live in the real world and it has treated me well. You on the other hand seem to be the one with problems,, assuming you know me being one of many..
    Perhaps you are a little further down the evolutionary chain than most,, I can see how that must hurt ones ego..
    So be be frank I think it is I that pity you,,,, petal..

  232. Gains69

    Its amazing isnt it? Its a good job we have super fans like GJ around, showing us how its done, this supporting lark. Heaven forbid we actually rate an Arsenal player eh.

    This cunt is so full of hate and bile he doesnt even know what he is arguing against man.

    Jumped into a point that is obviously way above his level and getting it 100% wrong.

    How embarrassing. I pity this twat

  233. Dexter do you really think online insults are going to make you seem like the champ you always wanted to be i your sad life,,, is that all you have?

  234. Hahahaha! Retired at 38, you mean you are UNEMPLOYED dont you. Cant be much call for obese 38 year old chimney sweeps I guess.

  235. Dexter ,what I have I said about talking down to the dimwits? People will take offense.At least the dimwits will

  236. George:

    Sorry. Losing treasured pets is terrible. I grew up in a small town of about 1000 people and puffy loved her walk abouts around the neighborhood and local farm fields, chasing mice I suspect. One day she did not come home and after a long search we found her on a highway. Still remember how bad I felt.

  237. Hold on, you are 38, or older and went to Uni and STILL couldnt grasp those points earlier?

    Dont come onto a Arsenal blog, chatting abuse at people and then try and take the moral high ground whe you get it back.

  238. Your pitty is usles Dexter ,, you have shown your intellect to be negligible at best,,
    Now all you have is name calling..
    At least Gains has some reson for the way he feels about the subject. Tevez is a big loss, but they have got two very promising young players to try take up some of that loss… you cant KNOW they will not perform…

  239. There you go again,, making assumptions… chimmny sweep,, no I dont think so,,, sold my clothing line 2 years ago and now I spend my time between my home in NZ and my home in Costa Rica,,, so like I say you just make shit up and try seem like a champ in front of your girlfriends on here..
    Let me see if i can play the assumption game,,, hmmmmmm I bet you give hand jobs down at the seven eleven for money,,,,, am I right?//

  240. Jabba, Busch, Bill, Gunnerjones and co., please fuck off. You’re speculating as much as we AKBs are. What’s telling is how much slack you’re willing to give our rival’s players while completely slating our own. Dzeko is an expensive as fuck player who was sat on the bench at City because they just bought him for the sake of buying him. Personally, I don’t think he’s a bad player, it’s just that his style of play is not the same pressing and closing down style Mancini prefers. Ditto for Aguero. Awesome little player but his Romarioesque habit of disappearing for a while only to pop up near goal and score is not something Mancini will put up with. These two players would be fantastic in the Serie A or la Liga. English football will not suit them. Mark my words.

    As far as Torres is concerned, no he didn’t become shit overnight. This being said Chelsea went through a period where they couldn’t fit both Anelka and Drogba in the team. This is happening again with Torres. He seems to do well combining with teammates but Chelsea don’t play to his strengths. They play a style where the ball is pushed primarily through the wings because they don’t play with a playmaker further up the pitch. If you’ve noticed over the years, Drogba does really well when the ball is hoofed up the pitch where he knocks it down and outmuscles his defender. Torres doesn’t play like that. Further, he’s not a playmaker.

  241. Abuse started with you flower,,,
    And George if every one ignored the dimwits you would have no fun on here at all…

  242. GJ

    Are you trying to debate now??? You sound like someone who used to come on here with a different name. He started out by abusing people, jumping in half cocked and getting into fights, then would try and engage in a debate and be sweetness and light after that.

    And GAIN, no one said Aguero or Dzeko would fail, or be shit. that wasnt the issue, it was that they have lost their best player and the new guy is a gamble as all new signings are.

    Like Torres when he went to the chavs. No one would have predicted how poor he’d be. So assuming Aguerro is just gonna step into Teves shoes immediately is naive.

  243. Put on your big girl panties George, you got raped today princess. Go take your meds, you quite clearly have some kind of mental ailment. For a man of your age to be so immature there has to be some thing wrong.
    What was that you were saying gunnerjones?

  244. Gainsbourg

    I agree with your post 100% no way of knowing either way, I never slated any one of our players. I used the usual scape goats because they are the names that get touted around. It not that i am giving more or less credit to any one, but it seems to some on here unless you play for Arsenal you are shit.
    It s this small minded mentality that grates me, we live in the year 2011 not 1682 ,

    Then you get idiots that start assuming they know your life story,,, I can tell you mine is a much happier one that your Dexter,,,

  245. GJ you sound about 14 mate. You sure you want to keep up the pretence?

    When did you start following the Arsenal man?

  246. Gains69

    I dont think he understood your post there dude. Maybe it was a bit misleading, not clear enough. I mean the term fuck off can have alsorts of connotations cant it! 😀

  247. “You wouldn’t be one of those would you Bill?

    You know? Who are happy to regale us with the strengths of an opposing team’s players, yet find it really difficult with regards your own team.

    Surely not Bill, say it isnt so dude!”

    Have you only just twigged Dexter?

    “You like to label a whole swathe of diverse individuals because it suits your purpose and helps you, helps you to think that these people all think the fucking same, when they dont.”

    Case in point – you and I have a difference of opinion as to who will be Arsenal’s number 1 next season, we even have a massive (20p) bet riding on it! But we still both post on here and have not started abusing each other, yet!

  248. So a University education allows you to use 3 commas at the end of a sentence does it!

    38 my arse. Seems more like 38 brain cells to me.

  249. Shame Dexter you looking for support from you buddys now,,, man up man! Name calling is childish to say the least. It is a sign of immaturity to use vulgar language and insults when you cant get your way.
    If you must know I started supporting Arsenal when Dennis Berkamp signed for us. So now I suppose you gonna come out and call me a plastic fan,,, cmon I expect nothing less..

  250. Passenal

    Hahaha! I am expecting a volley of abuse from you come August 13th!!! 😀

  251. Dexter @ 9:01:

    I am not sure what exactly you are talking because I was not involved in the debate between Busch and Sixtay et al. I did discuss City with Northbank earlier and the point was that I hope we don’t sell nasri to City. Chelsea’s group of mercenaries did pretty well but not all mercenary squads end up working. So far City has been closer to the latter but they are an unknown going forward. If we sell Nasri I would rather us make a couple million less and send him to France, Germany, Spain or Italy. Unfortunately, I think he can refuse to go across the channel this season if he thinks he can get a bigger pay day in England so we may have to give him what he wants or risk losing him for nothing next year. Tough decision.

  252. Ill use as many commas as I like Dups, I see no connection to how I choose to type and my education. Seems a little rash making assumptions on ones grammar. Besides its at school where you learn that shit you fool..

  253. Bill,thanks for your kind words about Dennis. Appreciated ,Really.

  254. “Hahaha! I am expecting a volley of abuse from you come August 13th!!!”

    You’ll be abusing me, and selling all your worldly possessions in order to settle your debt!

  255. Wow, you sure as hell win the cake, Gunnerjones. Give one a lecture about name-calling and resort to it yourself in your next comment.

  256. School. Obviously a place you did not attend much.

  257. GJ

    Gainsbourgh69 Told you to fuck off you moron! And you then responded to some of his points, even agreeing with them!

    That is funny, but you are obviously being ironic, because there is no way you are that thick surely?

    And that was cunning of you to suggest you supported the Arsenal BEFORE Wenger (we both know thats a lie)

    So, you started supporting Arsenal when you were 24? Thats a strange age to start “following” a team. What were you dojng before that? Too busy stuck up chimneys I guess

  258. Time out…

  259. I mean this with the utmost sincerity. Gunnerjones, please tell me honestly and truthfully;

    You are nowehere near the age of 18 yet are you?

    Come on mate, we can have a disagreement on the net, its no biggy dude. But if you are over that age, then fuck me, that is some fucked up shite.

    What do they teach you at school in New Zealand? How to approach sheep from behind without startling them?

  260. Time out indeed. I am off, those chimneys won’t sweep themselves you know.

  261. LeGrave on tour


    “And make all the excuses under the sun about pitches, refs, the media”

    Spot on.

    All those talking about how TV will make a difference to the defence next season will resort to the same tired excuses from the king himself, Arsene, when we start losing points from those oh so easy to defend free kicks.

    What a utterly shitty as expected summer with one final kick in the balls of Mata turning up on the day Cesc fucks off which no doubt on here will be painted as proving Arsene’s genius.

    Watch, it will pan out on here just as I have predicted.

  262. I started supporting Arsenal when Dennis Bergkamp signed.And became fanatical in 1998

  263. Arsene is a genius though Le grub

  264. LeGrave on tour

    LOL George.

    Ok mate whatever you say.


  265. Interesting.

    I didn’t even say anything bad about our squad or positive about another squad, just about how some people don’t follow the same logic in their arguments…. and that makes me a City fan and a focus of abuse.

  266. who did you support before 95 george.????

  267. LG on Tour

    Tough day love? Bit miserable tonight man. Whats up?

    Not like you to be on such a downer and suck all the joy out of things! 😀

    Again with the assumptions and labelling dude.

    TV being fit is fucking excellent news for us, why would you think otherwise?

    No one on here will celebrate the day Cesc goes. I cant see why you’d want to try and agitate for this fight mate. Like you want there to be a divide.

    I really dont get this epically pathetic akb quest bollocks? Like you are either one pigeon holed neatly boxed off type or another.

    Truly sad man.

  268. dukeyg

    Good fucking question man, well spotted. We’ll flush this spud out before the night’s out!

  269. Right, I am definitely off now. No offence meant to anyone tonight! Honest

  270. Le Grave, you don’t have too many friends do you? I mean, who wants to hang out who is always down and likes to tell people I told you so? Chin up, you fucking coward.

  271. George:

    Duh I’m slow. I just realized the significance of the name Dennis Purrcat. Good one. Bobby Pires is my favorite player but even though my Pires jersey is still my favorite, there is no doubt that Dennis is still the greatest footballer ever to lace up the boots.

  272. Duke ,Wigan Rugby.Really

  273. What the fuck is going on around here, eh? So much nonsense these days. People need to get a hold on their nerves for sure. As far as things stand now, we’ve added a winger/striker and lost a LB who will be replaced one way or the other. Things look good. Don’t see Nasri or Cesc leaving. That would surely be a step back, unless the former can be replaced. The latter, well, can’t be replaced in the short run. But I doubt any of them will go. Barca making the same old noises they do every season. But Arsene isn’t going to sell, not yet.

    The team challenged well last season, we’ve already added the French league’s best player. We still have to see the best of Chamakh. We’ve got a great chance to win trophies, if we can keep a hold of Cesc. Nasri has always been replaceable. Both Theo and Arshavin had better stats than him last season. More flash about Nasri than the others perhaps. But not enough substance, he still needs to grow.

    CIty can buy all the fucking players in the world, but the team still lacks chemistry, and some creative force in the midfield. They will win a couple of trophies, be that FA cup, CC, CL, or EPL. But not all. You’d expect them to win, after spending so much money. But they just managed CL place for the FIRST TIME(compare to our decade?). Long way to go.

    United, is weaker than before, for sure. But you’d expect them to fight regardless of it. Chelsea though, I don’t see winning anything but a cup.

    So chill out. Calm down. The season hasn’t even fucking started before you can doom about it. What defensive covers does one need? I doubt we will see any on that front. I think Arsene would be satisfied if we keep a hold of our ‘want away’ players. Gervinhio adds to the mix, Ramsey and Vermalean are back.

    The only question worth pondering about is whether we can cope with a loss of RVP or Cesc, through injury next season?

    And it is us who big up our own youth player to moan laters when they are sold. JET had potential, but he couldn’t deliver. So be it. That is the point of an Academy. For every 10 failures, you will get one Wilshere every 2-3 years. And we all know what’s that worth. And you also get a mix of decent talent that can provide cover.

    Everyone should take a break from Arsenal once a while. Especially in the summers. Recharge your batteries. Too much crap flying around in the media. Screw them. I’d rather trust Arsene than any of the pundits, any given day. We lost because of margins last season. I think we’re learning. Get a good injury free season from RVP and Cesc, and we’ll win trophies next season for sure. And I do think, their cover is pretty decent now as well in Chamakh, Gervinhio, Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere and Nasri. And really hope the maestro ‘Rosicky’ finds his feet before the season start. That would be better than any of the signings made by any of the other teams in the EPL. Oh well……….

  274. Ateeb , excellent post,first rate.

  275. People wanting to much change are being short sighted. Our biggest problem has been a lack of continuity. The 2008 season, was amazing. Some things went wrong, no point elaborating, but what was needed perhaps was continuity with an addition or two. Instead, Hleb and Flamini fucked off, and Rosicky was left injured for a long time. The whole back bone of our passing team was broken. We’ve been in a rebuilding process ever since. Last season showed a lot of promise after 2008. We don’t need too many changes. Just need continuity. Keeping Cesc is vital. Gervinhio seems like a good player.

    After the end of last season, I only wanted a striker/winger to be added. In my perception of last season, losing Theo during the two months of crap football was a big blow. We had no pace, no another dimension in attack. Gervinhio will provide that. Keeping the core of our team intact is important. So far, no one we would miss has left.

    But as things stand right now, we’ve already lost some of the supporters. Unbelievers.

  276. Don’t you get bored squire writing the same crap week in week out? Seriously, don’t you? No major developments to report, destined to dig over the same cold embers of last season. A post mortem without end. I admire your fortitude but this has to be the most dull Arsenal site ever.


    There’s never anything positive here. We all know what happened last year; it’s been examined to death so let’s put it behind us and move on.

    Go and take a vacation and come back in September with a renewed positive attitude. A new season, a new start.

  277. It is getting pretty painful reading all the insults flying around on here today. Regardless who said what I think everyone, myself included as I too lose the plot sometimes, should make a concerted effort tomorrow to have ONE day where we all respond to each other in a respectful way, no matter the difference of opinion. For the most part the arguments between people on here are based on speculation as to what will or will not happen, ridiculous really and quite pointless.

    On a different note, had a chat about Eboue today with some fellow Gooners. Imagine how surprised we all where when we realized that the one time we beat the mighty Barfa, coming from a goal down by the way, was when Sagna was suspended and Eboue played the entire game at RB. The consensus we came to was that as unsuited to the English game he may be in some ways, he seems to excel when playing in European competition. That we agreed might be enough to make keeping him worth while. I know he is in some ways a divisive figure as we all would like each of our RB’s to be as good as Sagna but in reality that cannot be he case.

    Besides, on Thursday we can all go back to abusing each other. 🙂 Just a thought.

  278. Copernicus and Ateeb – Well said, could not agree more.

  279. Irish. I have had that same thought train about Eboue. I’m pretty sure I mentioned something about it yesterday or the day before.

    Re: Eboue. Who was at the RB spot when we beat Barfa? Whenever the king Eboue is on the pitch at RB, his silky touch allows the squad to play tippy tap near the right touchline. On the bad side, Eboue’s tendancy to make a power run down the pitch often leaves us exposed.
    In the case of Sagna vs Eboue, there are pros and cons for each player. For me, Eboue gets the edge because of this>>>>

    Do the frog, son!

  280. ” I’m forever blowing bubbles
    Pretty bubbles in the air
    They fly so high
    Nearly reach the sky
    and like West Ham
    They fade and die
    Tottenham always runninng
    Chelsea running too
    I’m forever blowin’ bubbles
    Pretty bubbles in the air…………….. ARSENAL

    My ol’ man said follow West Ham
    and I said fuck off you’re a cunt……….. ARSENAL

    Time for bed……….. said Zeberdee!

  281. Now this is what preseason is all about!!! I have to admit to bursting into a huge grin when I read this, so roll on the Emirates Cup, welcome back Thiery Henry and look out Barfa, ‘cos this year we’re pissed!!!

    “It has been a useful camp for everyone, Arsenal Media included, and the spirits have just got better and better as we got into the meat of the sessions.

    You forget sometimes that these guys are motivated simply by the game itself. The more they play the more they enjoy it.

    Yesterday’s session was a case in point. The mood was set early on when Andrey Arshavin and Alex Song were practising free-kicks. The latter sent a sumptuous effort into the top corner and then let out a mighty roar of celebration.”


  282. For my fellow East Coasters in the States, ESPND ch173 are showing Arsenal vs. Boca Juniors, Saturday 11a.m. and Fox Soccer Channel are showing Arsenal vs. NY Red Bulls on Sunday also at 11a.m.

    At least we will be spared listening to Robson’s God awful commentary!!!


    Followed by lots of stuff in Spanish that I will not understand but that’s OK by me! 🙂

  283. Great news fellow Gooners!!!! Arsenal’s latest signing is here at last!! 🙂


    Ahoy Landlubbers, today’s post is on yonder horizon. Plot a course…

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