Cesc And Nasri – Tapping Up Is Easy To Do

This week sees the reported deadline given to Barcelona pass. If by the weekend, they have not met Arsenal’s asking price then there is no deal for the services of Cesc Fábregas. This quiet Monday feels like the calm before the storm, pressure growing in the media over the coming days until the saga ends, one way or another.

The futures of Cesc and Nasri are entwined. It is inconceivable that both will leave this summer. If one is to go, I think it will be Nasri for I do not believe that Barcelona will come up with the money needed to sign Cesc. They have made clear this summer that their priorities lie elsewhere. They have made clear this summer that theirs is a limited transfer pot, unlike previous seasons. Reports this morning underline the relative poverty, suggesting the first payment on Alexis Sanchez’s transfer fee is not being made until 2012.

Add this to their laughable attempts to reduce the fee for Cesc by including deals for Bellerin and Toral, their financial picture feels complete.

Crucial for Barcelona this summer was to re-emphasize to Cesc that he is wanted by them. This prevents his signature on a Madrid or Milanese contract. Even though the player has made it clear he wants to return home, if he left Arsenal for another club, his services would be stratospheric in cost for the Catalans in the future.

Next year, the fee will be no different but the appetite for Cesc’s services might have improved amongst their support which seems split. Xavi will be 33 in 2012/13 season, old for a footballer at a top club. Cesc will be the star signing of that summer, a perception easier to manipulate as a seemless transition between generations. Especially at a fee of £40m.

The Arsenal management need some work on their transfer activities – “It’s not the number of players, it’s the quality“, according to the manager – with false dawns becoming the norm. However over Cesc and Nasri, they are playing it absolutely correctly. No-one should be surprised, the hardline taken now is an extension of those taken with Vieira and Henry.

How the Catalans have conducted themselves is debatable. Arsène is under no illusions that they and representatives of the Mancunian clubs have transgressed. Asked about tapping up and specifically relating to Nasri, he replied,

What do you think? It is a rule that has to be reviewed. It doesn’t necessarily go through the player or the agent but I think it is a rule that has to be reviewed. It’s not really respected

It is a grey area but ultimately Fifa statutes are definitive about the fact that tapping up only occurs with complicity from the player or agent.

Nasri’s head appears to have been turned by money on offer elsewhere, that can only have happened as a result of tapping up. He is not free to talk to other clubs, neither are his representatives. Likewise Cesc and his agents. Yet they appear to have done so. Proving it is an altogether different matter which is why Arsenal do not complain to the authorities about this. Let us not forget that the Ashley Cole affair only came to light as a result of a newspaper investigation, not because Arsenal complained.

Not that there is much point, as Fifa do not really know what they are doing.

I do think we get confused about tapping up. Much of the media talk is softening up. Players, such as Evra, spouting off is hardly going to persuade someone to sign for Manchester United. It does however make the prospect more appealing, knowing that publicly at least, the players are open to the newcomer’s arrival.

Equally, Wenger could be open to accusations of tapping up. Asked about Hazard and other players in recent seasons, the manager has responded positively about them without committing to any current or future offer.

In the current climate, we like to think of Arsenal as pure but there is little reason to believe that Arsenal do not circumvent the rules like everyone else. It is just that the club is more discreet than others. We, supporters, need to distinguish between the genuine tapping up and media whoring. All too often it is the latter which raises the collective blood pressure.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. good post

  2. solid post

  3. nineteen days GOONERS

  4. 1st?

  5. yogi, can’t really equate arsenes positive response to a reporters question on a players abilities to stating in an interview that a certain player UNDER CONTRACT TO ARSENAL, is hopefully going to sign on before the end of the month. or the constant shinanigan by our spanish rivals. one instance as compared to dozens our many years…..

  6. I don’t think talking in public about another club’s player as a potential signing is tapping up, but I think its disrespectful.

  7. So in that sense Wenger was a bit desrepectful with the Hazard statement, but the catalans and Mancini have been much more so. Its a matter of degrees.

  8. Most clubs will do it to smoe degree, but the likes of Barca and City are just taking it to a stupid degree.

  9. – smoe
    + some


  10. he was asked what he thought of hazards abilities. he answered that he liked him and was positive about his abilities.. nothing at all disrespectfumaybe l about that, imo. maybe I’m wrong but i don’t see anything wrong there.

  11. good thing you weren’t rougher up in germany, GOONERANDY. 🙂

  12. mumbai gooner

    The way Cesc has conducted himself despite all the media whoring and xavi whoring speaks volumes about our captain

  13. Rougher? I don’t get it?

  14. roughed up. on the penelty shout.

  15. Ah, I get you now 🙂

    Nah, it was all good mate. A friendly crowd

  16. great, city managed only 1-1 against the la galaxy.. they looked drab really. no fire.

  17. Re Hazard…All Wenger did was give an opinion on the player, do you expect him to say ‘I think he is rubbish’. Or should he simply say nothing and refuse to answer. And what about when he is commenting as a pundit for French TV? Should he avoid giving an opinion on players then. It is totally different to the things that have been going on with Fab and Nasri, there is no comparison.

  18. qpr owners….
    ” as we have ambitious plans for this club in the future our captain Adel tarabbt is not FOR SALE ”

    good attitude to have for a newly promoted team…

  19. Kamran

    It is the same but to a lesser degree, as Henristic points out. Arsenal do tap up and have done so for years. Read Viv Anderson’s book for a description of Don Howe’s furtive behaviour when tapping him up – all that was missing was a false moustache and wig.

    And Hazard was the most recent example but he has done it with others.


  20. Mick @ 9:07 am,

    I wholly agree. There is a difference of type and not only degree of the noted responses.

  21. Mick

    That’s the point. Talking of players is not tapping up yet that is what Xavi and Co are accused of doing. But if they are guilty of tapping up, so is Wenger in commenting on players. That’s where distinguishing between media whoring and tapping up needs to occur. Others may be more crass in their discussions of Nasri and Cesc but all Evra and Xavi are doing is commenting on a player.


  22. Yogi,

    I think the difference is not only about the admiration for a player’s abilities. It is more about actually saying that player should join your club when he is already under contract elsewhere.

  23. i bow to your superior knowledge of Arsenal history. i guess not all our business dealings are as squeaky clean as i thought..

  24. I wish Evra would just fuck off. I can’t stand his weasel-like features. And why is he so obsessed with Arsenal? Does he secretly wish he had come to us? Despite his billion trophies does he hanker after playing with players with class and dignity rather than granny-shaggers and drug cheats? Please someone tell this contemptible little toad to close his mouth!

  25. Stating something in a public forum for all to hear isnt tapping up. It can be disrespectful and disrupting to varying degrees. Club representatives, player agents and players all do it. Including those associated with Arsenal. Some just goes too far and into the ‘crass’ definition.

    Tapping up comes about when club representatives, player agents or players themselves speak about possibilities of a transfer with their counterparts at the other club without knowledge or permission. Again there are degrees to this and all clubs dabble in this to varying degrees. Its just how its done. Its annoying when done against you own club but we tend to turn a blind eye when it benefits.

    Arsenal tend to be a lot more circumspect while others are totally obvious. That at least is something i suppose. 🙂

  26. his coaches company has rubbed off on him.. no wonder he got kicked off the national team. couldn’t shut his trap even at the world cup.

  27. Good post Yogi

    Only if Cesc plays at his best will his final season be a plus for us. Hopefully he’ll be fitter than last season and will remain professional enough with attitude & desire.
    AW will probably give the captaincy to RvP to lessen the burden on him
    Stay & win something Cesc, you owe it to yourself!

    The way we do our tapping is like a guy making eye contact with a mate’s girl, sharing a smile and leaving it at that not like a Barca who’d send roses, keep calling collect, have the girl’s best friends to go talk to her & her boyfriend, and even send a band to go serenade her @ her parent’s home with pics of Mr Barca in tow…..such a load of rubbish!
    Classless tapping .

  28. I hope that by the end of this week we see an end to the Nasri and Cesc saga’s. I do not quite understand the thinking behind everyone saying they would rather keep Nasri than Cesc. Yes Nasri is a good player, but seriously is he as good as Cesc? Has he shown anywhere near the same level of commitment that Cesc has? Has he shown that he loves Arsenal or the Arsenal fans? Personally I would rather keep Cesc and sell Nasri to a foreign club.

  29. Drew 10 – I agree with you about Evra, he’s a horrible little shitehawk constantly mouthing off in the press about how games against Man utd and Arsenal are like “men against boys” and such like. I remember a game a couple of seasons ago where the Arsenal players rote-fouled him, which I very much enjoyed.
    He defintely has a few “issues” with Arsenal. It’s probably envy of some sort, the bell end.

  30. U got to appreciate our approach. Jose Enrique’s publicly dissing the Newcastle board. The timing’s so concise. Methinks he’s red & white and Traore’ll be sold to his fave club PSG.

    I’m just guessing..no proof have I on this one

  31. “This week sees the reported deadline given to Barcelona pass.”

    Are you sure about this Yogi?

  32. U got to appreciate “our” approach

  33. Man City do not need to tap up players privately, the mere mention of interest and the player will know automatically he can probably double his earnings, sign a long term contract and even if it does not work out can be loaned to the club of his choice and still keep the benefits. Its a no brainer if you are a mercenary a la bellamy etc. I dont think Nas fits into that bracket…hopefully..

  34. JD Gooner.
    AW said end of the month, which this weekend

    Anyone else unable to get video clips to show up on arsenalplayer at the moment?

  35. Where does the definition of tapping up end? Like, I’m pretty sure what we did with Chamakh wouldn’t be considered tapping-up. Letting a player know you’d be interested in signing them when their current deal expires can hardly be against the rules.

    And if we make enquiries about a player through the proper channels surely it is unethical of their club not to inform them. I’m sure Gervinho knew of our interest years ago. So what is the point of the rules? Stupid and impossible to enforce, and seem to exist only as an illusion of control.

    Tap away I say.

  36. Mick,
    According to the quote below, Wenger went beyond just giving an opinion on the player and expressed some interest in him joining us.

    “Hazard even described the possibility of moving to North London as a “dream”, something Wenger was keen to see come true.

    “Let us try to make his dream come true,” Wenger said.

    “We are following him.

    “Personally I think he has real talent and the level needed to play at Arsenal.

    “But in the offensive department we have many players. At the end of the season we’ll have a look at the situation.”

  37. YW,

    You so often have a headline based on song titles.Is this one based on” breaking up is hard to do ”

    George: I will have fries with that, thanks.

  38. Jabba's delights

    Great post Yogi

    I really hope we mean what we say with this deadline for Cesc at the end of July. We cant have our preperations disrupted to this degree. We are being fair, Barca knows what the price is if you dont pay it you dont get the product. I hope once Aug 1st comes along and Cesc stays that we sell Nasri to the highest bidder. Bring in a class winger and i think our attacking options for next year are better than last.

    The defence is worrying. We need to get a move on. Tests come very very early this year and dragging our feet is doing no one good. The defence hasnt looked good and no matter what anyone says we are 3 weeks from competative football.

  39. But the point again is, what wenger said is nowhere near the level of rubbish we’ve seen from Barca.
    Its like comparing someone who stole a few cents to corrupt politician that stole billions. They are both thieves, but still….

  40. Since AW was talking about Nasri, I suspect he may have some justification. Nasri HAS been tappedup by City, according to Philippe Auclair on Talksport. He claims there is an “understanding” in place. The clip was in Newsnow last week.

  41. I agree with Jabba’s Delight….

  42. YW – How do you do it. You maintain the very highest standards, consistently. A classs above. From an AFC point of view, I think your talents are wasted in the UK. Methinks you should be in Rhineland doing some pre-season work. Especially with that consistency thing.

    Most of all, thanks for reminding all those fans who are succumbing to the Cesc-Nasri baiting that this is Viera-Henry all-over again (Yogi Berra for the Americans).

  43. Fun Gunner.

    Anything that has Talk Sport on it has to be considered with the contempt it deserves. They are the radio equivalent of the gutter press who are professionals at peddling faecal matter. Dodgy, Crass, Racist, xenophobic and contemptuous are just some of the descriptions you could find to describe a bunch of punks who speak with forked tongues.

    If that’s what it takes to sell advertising, you have to wonder if Auclair has gone native. You can’t sleep with the dirty dogs and not expect to come out with fleas.

  44. Jabba's delights


    But it not like Vieira Henry again as Nasri is in the last year of his contract. That forces out hand. We sold Henry and Vieira when we wanted to, we cant do the same with Nasri

  45. Written should sell nasri now for the reported £20m to any one that will have him do we really want him to leave on a free next season?
    The cesc issue is different as he is still under contract.
    So the solution is simple sell nasri get dome cash for him we have a ready made replacement in Gervinhio as yet we have no replacement for cesc.
    Then we need to buy that defender we so desperately need cause we are still looking vunerable.

  46. Securing Cesc for another year should be the priority. Nasri leaving would be less of a blow. No one offers us what Cesc does and if he’s relatively happy to stay then I’d be delighted to have him.

  47. Aman 10.03am well put!!! still laughing “keep calling collect” lol

  48. to be honest – this Cesc Nasri transfer saga is getting boring.

    It’s like the guy who keeps threatening “I’m going home now” at the house party, and 5 mins later, the fucker is still hanging out in the kitchen saying I’m going in a minute….I promise.

    I think what’s more disturbing is the level and quality of sports journalism and how much they’re prepared to sink to in order to get sensationlist copy to sell papers. Take the Daily Star for example, who couldn’t even be bothered confirming that Marouane Chamakh was actually a free transfer. The editor should be taken out back and shot for that level of incompetence.

  49. Am wondering where Rosicky fits in this season, really hope his game picks up this season

  50. Jabba's delights


    His game needs to pick up as i thought he was poor last year in the most part. To be fair to the lad he was out for a long time and some players take longer to get over injuries than others. He must be played centrally though no more of this attacking midfielders playing on the wing stuff, we need genuine wingers/attackers up there and creative players in midfield. I like the fact he has been shooting more in pre season, it used to be such a part of his game.

    Signs already look ominous for Diaby again. He is missing out of pre season which has repeatedly been used for players pickign up injures later in the season. The one player who couldnt afford to mis pre season has missed most of it.

  51. JD yeah i noticed he is shooting and if his game picks i don’t mind him replacing cesc in the middle.

  52. Totally agree that rosicky needs to be played centrally. leave the wings for arshavin, theo, ryo and gervinhio. his long range shooting was something we missed last season.

  53. @ Darius Stone
    Not Talksport’s opinion, Philippe Auclair’s opinion.

  54. I was going to say the other day – looking at the stuff that gets posted online Talksport appears to have improved a bit this summer – Auclair, Sid Lowe and a few others I can’t recall have been on over the last few weeks. Never listened to it live so I can’t say, but it’s been fun to listen to the audio clips that pop up from time to time on google. Auclair schooling their djs about Gervinho a few weeks ago was particularly good.

  55. Good post YW.

    Next Monday we should have some clarity about Cesc and possibly Nasri.

    I would prefer that our manager find a way of keeping both Cesc and Nasri.

    However, on the surface it appears that Nasri is seeking riches (a weekly pay) that aren’t within the Arsenal financial budget. Chelsea, ManCity and Barca, RM, and ManU just are able to operate differently.

    Cesc’s situation is different and is bound to Arsenal for a few more seasons.

    Being an Arsenal fan I must accept this fact and appreciate the way the club is run.

    Personally, I do not see that Barca will meet our sale price and Cesc continues in his Arsenal career.

    I do not understand why many feel that $40 mil is our sale price. His value is greater and I base this statement on the fact that the big clubs splash for great players. $50 mil plus. All this $27 – $35mil in the papers is just controversy spun by Barca to disrupt the player, media, and negotiations.

    For me, right now, Cesc is a better player than Xavi and Iniesta.

    Who knows what will happen with Nasri? Maybe Gervinho is the intended replacement?

    If one or both leave, Arsenal will survive and the younger talent will bond together faster and achieve. The team is blessed with talent at every position and has depth, that I’ve not witnessed in years.

    Our manager is certainly guilty of miscues, but in the sense of the big picture, I feel we are lucky to have him at the helm.

  56. neither will be leaving this or next year, everyone buys into the press even the author, have some faith ffs and talk about gervinios perfomance at the weekend which is what is known on the planet as REAL, yes it really happened folks, all you doomers are talking about is anxiety, fear ect ect ect, leave the bull to the press and the other teams invoolved if you dont want the stress, when the trasnsfere window is shut i will be back to say i told you so till then im off, this is just doomership at its best

  57. I don’t see a problem if Nasri is sold.We can replace him .He is just a very good player.Cesc ,on the other hand,is a genius and we can not replace him no matter how much we spend.

    If Cesc leaves we need a whole sale change to our playing style

  58. Good post Yogi,
    I really don’t understand the price of Cesc to be 40mil, barcelona just paid 37.5 for Sanchez, a player who is not as proven as cesc and alot less champions league matches under his belt.

  59. @FG and Big Al…

    I usually don’t get past the name TalkSpite so good to hear that Auclair is giving them some good press. They still have a long way to go before convincing me to listen without a sick bucket. They’re institutional hate for Arsenal and Wenger is so palpable.

  60. wouldn’t go that far george.

    but losing one of the best mids in the world will be a blow, nasri on the other hand …well can we not just push him off a cliff or something, hang the cunt for treason maybe.

  61. Jabba's delights


    Spot on, Nasri is repacable Cesc isnt at such short notice although its wonderful to see Wilshere get an assists like the 1st goal on saturday.

    I see no logical reason behind keeping Samir its doesnt make business sense and sends out the wrong message to the rest fo the team. Lets get some great money for him an invest it in a proper winger.

    Wenger rightly cant afford to lose both in one window so i think he waiting to see if aug 1st coems around with no movement on Cesc. We can be quite honest to him and say that we have entered negotiations but it was Barca choice to spend their money elsewhere. Or 12m for Bojan and 5m for this Romeu guy plus first payments of sachez being in 2012 mean they should put up or shut up…………..no more excuses from these stupid catalans.

    We need a defender asap!!

  62. not bothered about a cb but we sure as hell need a lefty back but i know we are doing that position on ze cheap..

  63. @JD – why don’t we just go to the Waitrose on Holloway Road and buy one off the shelf. I hear they do a buy one get the second defender for half price. And they’re bred in England too….

  64. I agree Cesc’s a genius but disagree with the need for a wholesale change in our playing style.

    We played without him for most of last season and we managed ok.
    His loss means more lateral passing, less jinxing, more directness, less Barcaesque football.

    Like the Invincibles, we’ll have to be more efficient in front of goal, more of a counter attacking, quick strike team. Shoot, even Nasri slows down our gam more than Cesc.

    Truth is the Barca style is not really suited to the Premiership. The cold, windy conditions in England disallow that much lateral embellishment. Efficiency is the name of the game.

    Couple Gerv with another clinical finisher (like a Forlan) and watch us run riot. AA, Rosicky, Jack & RvP will have a field day of assists per game.

    In Arsene I Trust

  65. CORRectionS:

    His loss means less lateral passing, less jinxing, more directness, less Barcaesque football.

    Shoot, even Nasri slows down our game more than Cesc.

    The cold, windy conditions in England disallow for that much lateral embellishment

  66. @Aman: “Couple Gerv with another clinical finisher (like a Forlan) and watch us run riot.”

    We already have Carlos Vela – who Arsene is on record as saying is one of the most clinical finishers in the game. Vela needs the run of games to build his confidence, but he also needs to go easy on the loverboy lifestyle and knuckle down and play football.

  67. Darius,
    I had Vela in my original typing, deleted bcos of efficiency fears but I agree, a good run of games with a more direct style and our young Carlito could be devastating.

    …”go easy on the loverboy lifestyle”, eh? Loves him some Marias does he?
    ..”knuckle down and play football Carlos or lose whats left of your place in the team!”

  68. Yogi:

    Another great post thanks.

    I agree with your opinion that Nasri will move on and Cesc will stay this year. However, the injury thing is a concern. We have all seen many hamstring injuries and I can’t remember any that have taken this long to heal. Perhaps the boss is just using this as an excuse to keep Cesc out of the meaningless part of the preseason. Who knows.

    If Nasri stays I don’t think we need to add any more attacking players. However, I suspect that Gervinho will end up being his replacement. I know I will be a accused of being a glory seeker but I would like to see us add another “impact player” if/when he goes. A Benzema or a Mata or someone we can get excited about. I really thought we had an incredibly deep attacking squad before last season but that turned out to be more fantasy then reality. If we do sell Nasri and don’t replace him it would mean another tranfer profit which on the surface seems counter-intuitive for a club trying to improve its table position. I know I am getting way ahead of myself but I hope that is not the way this summer ends. Whatever happens we press on and hopefully surprise all the naysayers.

  69. Limestonegunner

    Kamran, from yesterday’s post comments, you wondered why Suarez is so disliked. He cheated the Ghanaians by playing goalie in the world cup quarters last summer and then was celebrating wildly in the tunnel when they missed the penalty. Last season in the Dutch league he was suspended for biting another player. He is low scum. Unfortunately, he scores lots of goals.

  70. Jabba's delights


    Whilst i appreciate good players who are available at the right price dont grow of tree’s, one should also appreciate that our manager and scouting network are incredibly well paid at what they do. Defence has been a weakness for a long long long time and its about time something was done about it. There isnt one single benefit to leaving it this late to bring in a defender……. not one.

    So far in pre season they have got more shaky in every game as the quality of the opposition has gone up. Gibbs has potential but looks like a rookie (which he is) we desperately need an experienced player to back him up i dont see a benefit in moving our best cb out there. We still dont look like a team who are confident from opposition set pieces, whatever is happening at the training ground has got to start happening quicker. We have 3 more games to put things right before the season is upon us. Are New York, Benfica and Boca really going to test oru fragile air defences like Newcastle and Liverpool???

    We heard we needed a defender in January and we didnt get one the gamble failed as Vermalan missed all bar the last 3 games a horribly unfit Djourou was played and we suffered. Our Chief executive has said there are substantial funds available there is no excuse to be leavign things to chance at the back. Time is running out.

    If the defence doesnt improve this year and we fail to properly challenge for the league again then the manager position will be under all sorts of question marks which does nobody any good. Our frugility is hampering us. The 10m reported bid for Jagielka is quite frankly embarrsing especially considering we allegedly offered more last summer…………where is the differecne from what barca have done there.

  71. Yeah, I wouldn’t listen to that station live for a second, DS. Easily riled when it comes to Arsenal – even clicked the links with trepidation!

  72. “If the defence doesnt improve this year and we fail to properly challenge for the league again then the manager position will be under all sorts of question marks which does nobody any good.”

    Regrettably Jabba, I have to agree with that.

  73. YW,

    You said that neither Nasri or his representatives are free to talk to other clubs but I thought he was as his contract his up next summer, or does “in the last year of his contract” mean actually during the last season?

    It seems inevitable that both Cesc and Nasri are going to leave us and it appears that Wenger is trying to manage that so that we don’t lose both players at the same time. If Cesc stays then we will get a fee of around £20m for Nasri and he can go and f*ck himself, if Cesc goes we keep Nasri for another season and accept that he will go for nothing next summer.
    The only issue is whether or not whichever player who stays will actually show a commitment to the team in what will be their last season. I’m not suggesting that either player would act like Adebayor, but it was very clear that his last season was played with no enthusiasm when he didn’t get the move he wanted in the previous summer (largely because nobody came in for him). I doubt that either player would play with the sulky attitude that Adebayor did, but neither am I convinced we will get the best out of a player simply playing out their last season.

  74. Aman:

    Really like your thoughts regarding playing being more direct with a lot more counter attacking and more efficiency. Having 70% possession might work in some cases but being able to modify our style when needed could be a huge asset. A couple games last year come to mind. The away game at Wolves they actually out possessed and out passed us but we had 2 good counter attack type goals and defended well and won 2 – 0. The first game against Barca they had 65 – 70% possession and made more then twice as many passes as we did. That was the pinnacle of our season. The second leg we held on for dear life and came closer to beating them then any other team. The point is that both styles can be effective but there are times when our ball possession and passing style do not work. It would be great to be able to switch gears if the situation dictates.

  75. @JD – do you know for sure that we bid £10 m for Jagielka. Or that we haven’t been trying to sign a defender?

    Just because it’s in the paper doesn’t mean it’s true.

    For one, I don’t accept the premise that the answer to our perceived defensive issue is to exclusively buy a new defender. That is not a guarantee that we’ll do better in defence. The issue is more complex than that and it will involve work with current defenders alongside any signings.

    The notion that signing a defender later on in the transfer window is going to put us at a disadvantage is ludicrous. It’s like suggesting that those who sit at the front of the bus will get to town before those who sit at the back.

  76. Limestone:

    Welcome back. Giants looking pretty good although they probably need to get another bat by the trade deadline. Carlos Beltran could really be huge. The last time he was in the playoffs he was incredible.

    My Rangers also playing well. Hopefully we can add a good arm for the 8th inning to the bullpen. Heath Bell rumored to be moving our way. Rematch of the World Series would be great fun although the Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees will have a lot to say.

  77. @limestonegooner
    thanks for the rerun of suarezes antics in the world cup and the biting? incident.. hadn’t heard that one. bit of a cheat basterd isn’t he. as HENRISTIC said , despicable but also a gem striker. hope he doesn’t have a big year at liverpool this year..

  78. Jabba's delights


    No we dont no for sure but it works both ways we dont know that we didnt make the bid.

    Our manager has come out and said we need another defender, he has also said for 2 straight years that the amount of goals conceded is to many to challenge for a title. He has also stated that we lack some ingredients when defending from set peices. Not one of our cb’s is tall and aggressive

    We here on the one hand how great the tour has been for team building and establishing on field relationships and yet then when we consider defence were arguablly its more important than any other position to have familarity we dont integrate our new signing. In our 1st 2 prem games we will face a huge aerial assault. People talk about patience summer after summer but the fact is each summer we dont do enough to make our team genuinly competative and it looks like that at the moment.

    You dont need to work a day in football to say that neither TV5 or Kosciellny are suited to going up for aerial duels with large strikers and neither are great at marking the oppositions number 1 targets at set peices. Gibbs has looked exactly what he is in pre season, talented but very green…………..why on earth we are in this position approaching Aug i find ridiculous. We are still paying Eboue, Bendtner wages when quite obvioulsy wenger is looking to offload them………….both have tremendous upside why cant we shift them. We are told how hard the front office work but where are the results.

  79. “I see no logical reason behind keeping Samir its doesnt make business sense and sends out the wrong message to the rest fo the team. Lets get some great money for him an invest it in a proper winger.”(Jabba’s delights @ 2:06 pm)

    Oh logic, you have fled to brutish beasts. Get shot of your 3rd best player and thus confirm the long held doomer mantra, AFC have no chance of winning the league. That makes a lot of sense now.

  80. Would be great if AW produced a day by day account of his activities during the transfer window after it closes. Not to prove that he has been working hard to get someone in to the fans, but to prove to everybody what lying scumbags the press are.

    Something along the lines of “28th June 2011 – The Mirror claims Arsenal are to tie up deal for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the next few days”, AW comments “what a load of bollox, it never happened”.

  81. Well Hello and Goodbye!!!! Think I am soo sick of this endless Cesc and Nasri crap(not to mention the we need a defender crap or we will oust AW) that I will give the blog a break for today. Have fun guys but personally I would rather have some teeth pulled than wade through this crap debate again, you guys know where I stand. Later peeps 🙂

  82. Limestonegunner

    I agree with Arsesession about Cesc’s valuation. I have no idea where the 40 million pound figure has come from, but that is nowhere near an appropriate valuation for Europe’s assist leader the last five seasons in a top league who also scores a large number of goals. There is no way we can replace him like for like next month. JW and Ramsey need at least another good season of progress to take over creative responsibilities. We did play without Cesc, and we should do more of this in the coming season to aid in the transition, but this had somewhat mixed results. He can be rested more rather than rushed back so that he is fit for the second half of the league. That’s been a problem the last couple of seasons. The only reasons the valuation of Cesc isn’t at 50 or 60 million is because he is adamant about only going to Barca and possibly injury worries with his recurring hamstring problems. Next season if he is managed carefully, hopefully he can overcome the hamstring injuries, and Ronaldo’s value wasn’t depressed by being eager only to go to Real Madrid. So I see no reason for Arsenal to even consider selling Cesc unless a super/super offer materializes this week with enough time for the club to use the funds right away.

    Rather, I would like to see the club moving forward as if it fully expects Cesc to be here. I don’t mind selling Nasri if it means reinforcing the team in central midfield defensively, finding a good defender for the back line (LB, CB), or bringing in a good clinical finisher at striker, but no way should he be sold to Man United. Under no circumstances. But it would be preferable to send him abroad if at all possible, which seems unlikely. The best thing would be to keep him too if Wenger thinks he will be professional, play hard, and not avoid defensive responsibilities for fear of injury. That’s my question mark with him.

    I think all the talk about a CB is distracting from the area where we could best use another defensive-minded player, which is in midfield to help shield the back line, especially if we have Gibbs and Sagna coming forward so much. And Gibbs seems more talented as an attacker than as a defender at this point. Song is really the only physical and defensive player of his ilk and will possibly miss three weeks in a traditionally very very busy period if we are in 4 competitions. Can we find a DM/CB? Maybe Bartley can perform this sort of utility role, but I’d like a more established figure who can bring experience, leadership, and organization.

  83. @Jabber: “No we dont no for sure but it works both ways we dont know that we didnt make the bid.”

    Hence why you shouldn’t proclaim with confidence that our bid for £10 million is embarrassing. Nobody knows fuck all – it’s just tabloid hackery blowing smoke up people’s arses to fill column space.

    And also, it’s not factual that TV and Koscielny don’t deal with arial challenges. TV for example, out performed all the so called big ugly aggressive defenders in his full season when it came to winning arieal balls and duels. Stop believing everything you read. If you set aside the penalties we conceded – we’re not any worse off than most teams around us when it comes to set pieces.

    I don’t see how throwing a hissy fit before the end of the transfer window adds any value. Wenger has already said we’re trying to sign a defender. What more do you want – a daily update?

  84. @Limestonegunner

    I agree that Song is the only real defensive midfielder we have, which is why I would like to see him hang back a bit more. The attitude of everybody bombing forward leaves very little cover for a defensive line which ends up being dragged too far up the pitch. If Song were the player who generally stopped around the halfway line, the defensive line behind him would likely be that bit further back. This may well prevent some of the long ball football, which teams seem to pick us off with week-in week-out, from getting through.
    I love to see attacking football, but not suicidal football. Blackpool were often accused of that last season, but its something we are often guilty of as well.

  85. Irish, do you honestly believe that if our defence doesn’t improve and we don’t challenge for the league title, Arsene’s position will not come under question?

  86. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  87. If it doesn’t and we don’t….WTF????

  88. Limestonegunner

    Bill, good luck to your Rangers, and hopefully we will find a hitter, but at least our pitching is solid.

    I think you are right about an impact player this summer. I don’t think it will help so much just to be replacing the departure of top players, but a genuine addition who is expected to challenge for the first eleven on top of keeping our best players to add some enthusiasm to our optimism would be very helpful spiritually speaking for the team, the club and the supporters.

  89. Limestone

    If Song is allowed to play for Cameroon in Jan at the ACN (he’s already had a slap on the wrists for being a naughty boy) – then I’d like to see either Koscielny or TV being given a licence to play as a defensively minded midfielder.

    But to be honest, I don’t think Arsenal plays with a traditional defensive midfielder. All our middle 3 guys attack and defend in rotation – they’re all rounders in that respect. Compared to most other teams, our midfielders are more likely to be ball players who can all defend as opposed to defensive spoilers who don’t have a clue about what to do with the ball once they’ve “destroyed”.

    For this reason, I think Song’s position will probably go to Diaby during his absence – and a midfield of Diaby, Li’l Jack Willy and Cesc playing on form is not to be scoffed at.

  90. Limestonegunner

    Wavey, with Denilson’s departure, I think we are genuinely light in that part of the field and/or in players who can peform the sort of defensive or possession functions. Some have been talking about how sending Clichy to City might be part of a new defensive strategy but if Gibbs is the first choice left back, he isn’t going to be staying back. The best part of his game is passing forward and crossing–I think he is very good and talented at this from what I have seen.

    The season is starting quite soon, so I don’t see many signs yet of defensive changes or too much opportunity now for developing a genuinely new set of defensive strategies. It seems like we’ll try to play the same way we did last year essentially, while making some improvements. In that case, I think we could use strengthening in midfield defensively even more than an extra CB.

  91. Darius | July 25, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    “The notion that signing a defender later on in the transfer window is going to put us at a disadvantage is ludicrous. It’s like suggesting that those who sit at the front of the bus will get to town before those who sit at the back.”

    Ludicrous, really? To be honest, I never thought anyone would argue that allowing more time for a new player to gel with the team gives no advantage, especially in a team like arsenal ffs.
    Should mention that your analogy is terrible, doesn’t fit the situation at all… 🙂

  92. Limestone:

    Agree. Spirits could use some lifting.

  93. Silver Gunner

    Has’t bartley already been loaned out?

  94. Jabba's delights


    3rd best player in your opinion babe you should put that on the end of your comment.

    Im also of the belief and understanding that we are self sustaining club and that letting assets leave on a free transfer when you were offered 20m for them isnt the best business. Especially so if they are in the last year of a contract and might not play hard if some sort of gentlemans agreement has already been made with a club. Our manager agreed with me 3 weeks ago, and personally if Cesc stays i dont think there is a 5% chance of Nasri being here come aug 31st if he doesn sign a new contract……which he wont!

    I also think that having attacking central midfielders playing on our wing also creates problems for ourselves. Everyone wants to create but nobody wants to get on the end of things. Thats why im delighted with the Gervinho signing and said for ages his directness would add loads to our attack as he is one of the few players who up top who actually wants to get beyoned the ball. Glossed over by the likes of you but repeatedly said by me in my doom moments. selective reading is a issue with the AKB;s when assesing alot of doomer posts.

    Also if one looks at the stats and then add gervinho to the mix………..how would le professor call it…. he is less efficent than our other wingers!!

    Nasri G 46 G 15 A 5
    Arshavin G 52 G 10 A 17
    Walcott G 38 G 13 A 8

    So in conclusion i dont think he is hugley crucial to us especially if we get a replcement…………..what says you?

  95. Limestonegunner

    Hi Darius, nice to chat with you!
    I agree that we don’t have a traditional DM destroyer–even Song is quite skilled at passing and linking up on attack. But if TV or Kos is moving forward that just means our best CB pairing isn’t being used. Is that the best use of resources? If so, doesn’t that simply suggest that we do actually need another defender? I suppose that is why AW is looking, probably for someone who can play LB and CB.

    The only thing I really don’t agree with is depending on Diaby, who can be a very effective attacking player when fit and in form. I don’t think he really substitutes for Song in how he plays and has hardly ever had enough of a run of games to develop the consistency to stay in form. I think we need to think of what we can get from him as a wonderful bonus rather than a vital piece in shoring up the relationship between midfield and defense where we have gaps in covering the field opening up.

    But we’ll see what AW does. The point is that there is a place for a defender of some kind. My preference is for someone centrally (especially if he can play CB and DM) because we really seem to play with the RB and LB going forward a great deal.

  96. Bartley has not beeen loaned out yet, we currently have 6 CBs to choose from so it would have been useful to see Bartley and/or Miquel have a run out in the pre-season games. Doubt we’ll see either of them have much of a run out in the Emirates Cup, so perhaps we could use the fairly meaningless additional friendly against Benfica to properly blood a few of the youngsters in the squad who don’t appear to have had much of a look in so far this summer.

    How about a line-up of:


    Jenkinson – Bartley – Miquel – Traore

    Wilshere – Lansbury – Ramsey

    Gervinho – Chamakh – Miyaichi

  97. Limestonegunner

    SilverGunner, has he really? I hadn’t heard that. Where has he gone, back to Rangers? I rather hope it is to a lower level PL side, since he could gain from more PL experience, or send him to Birmingham so he can also play in Europe.

  98. Darius:

    I love Diaby as a player but are you really going to base on the field or transfer market strategy on him being available?

  99. LG,
    Good points about being short in DM, but I think that’s what Frimpong is being groomed for. There is of course the chance that he could himself attend the ACN.

    I still think we will sign a CB, and perhaps big ugly clogger is Arsene’s plan to improve the defence. I certainly was hoping for a more wholistic approach, but its still to early to say for sure either way.

  100. Henristic – follow Arsenal’s M.O and you’ll know that the players being integrated into the squad in pre-season always come in during the first 2 weeks of July without fail – the list is long – Chamakh, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Nasri, Sagna, Rosicky, even Hleb when he was brought in to replace Freddie.

    Our first choice central defenders are going to be picked from Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou. Based on the 3 games so far, it’s most likely going to be TV and Kos.

    The argument that a new defender needs to come in today, or by the end of this week or by next Wednesday is somewhat nullified if TV and Kos/Djourou will be in the box seat. We’re not going to be at a disadvantage if we take our time to sign a quality backup defender.

    Stop jumping on Jabbers wagon – he’s a big boy and can take care of himself.

  101. Limestonegunner

    Wavey, interesting lineup. I’d rather have Bartley play with Squillaci or Djourou for a half to see how he plays with a genuine first squad player. We’ve seen Miquel in that situation last January.

  102. Henristic

    I think Frimpong does appear to be being groomed as Song’s understudy and so far in pre-season he has looked like the kind of strong no-nonsense player who can break up play. I just hope he develops his passing becasue it has been pretty poor so far in pre-season. Maybe training week-in, week-out as part of the first team will attune him to the fast, accurate passing at first team level. although I thought we already trained that into our players at all levels in the club.

  103. Limestonegunner

    Henristic, good point about Frimpong. But I think we could use more experience/leadership possibly if we are looking to improve the defense. I like the player and hope he will do well this season after missing out last year. Maybe you are right though–it looks like perhaps there will be another defender for the back line. That seems the more likely scenario.

  104. Jabba's delights


    Its becuase our manager has said countless times that he trys to get players and then nothing comes of it. January was the prime example. He said we would have to get a defender. TV5 failed to recover so his gamble failed. He then played a chronically unfit Djourou who played exactly like a chronically unft djourou would play. Gamble failed to pay off plain and simple arsenal fc suffered because of it. Goalkeeper last summer we were promised changes, nothing happened we suffered because of it. Repeatedly over the last 2-3 years not enough has been done in transfer windows when resources have been available. We have 1 month left none of the cesc or nasri situations are resolved, we still havent offloaded anyone permanently and we havent addressed the defence…………that to me isnt good enough after a year like we have just had. This isnt a 1 season annomaly,we have got less points each of the last 3 years. We need to be more proactive

  105. Jabba's delights


    I agree with you that Arsene see’s Kosciellny and TV5 as his pairing. Thats why i find it so stupid that Bartley didnt go on tour. If Wenger wants those guys starting to me it makes no sense bringing in a big big money replacement. Bartley is tall and aggressive somethign that we dont have, i would make him 4th choice.

    We know that both of them much prefer the left side of defence and both ideally would sweep for 2nd balls rather than challenge for 1st balls.

    I trully hope that defence comes off as they will be the most easy on the eye cb pairing in my life time. if it doesnt come off, the manager has to go in my opinion which pains me to say. If one isnt the man to sort out a companies issues with fantastic resources available to him then the company must move on. Our defence hasnt be befitting of a cl team for far to long.

  106. Jabba just copy and paste and of your contributions over the last two months insteaad of rewriting it a thousand different ways.
    If Nasri is our third best player then we are in more trouble than I thought!
    I said this last night
    “Nasri can never replace Cesc ever ever ever.Andrei ok If he gets the gig then i will be calm
    We would play at a higher tempo and be more direct with Andrei orchestrating things.But lose possession more often .
    We could sit back a little more ,lure them out and BANG .Counter with the little tsar running riot and shredding teams asunder.
    Yes sell the fucker i am in.”
    Then Shotta posted and I caved in.
    Now I don’t know again

  107. Jabber – the thing is this.

    What does proactive mean, and how do you know for sure that we’re not doing what proactive people do. Let me use an example of the top 6 clubs in the EPL.

    Only the Manure and Liverpool have really made any signings. Chelsea has been as quiet as a monastry, Spurs are more worried about whether Harry can manage spurs from Broadmoor prison, and City have only signed Clichy.

    Out of the signings that United and Liverpool have made, can you really argue that those signings are better quality than Gervinho. I see De Gea is being tracked and monitored as the next best thing since sliced bread – even though his howler iithin 13 minutes of his debut led to a goal.

    Ashley Young? Phil Jones? Henderson? Charlie Adam? Are these guys better quality than Gervinho was one of the best players in League 1 in France last season?

    Is this waht you call aggressive or proactive? Granted, Steve Bruce has been aggressive and proactive – but that’s another story altogether.

    There’s a lot of hot air about arsenal not being active in the market – but is that strictly true?

  108. i”f it doesnt come off, the manager has to go in my opinion which pains me to say. If one isnt the man to sort out a companies issues with fantastic resources available to him then the company must move on”

    Just fuck off will you ?.Please?

  109. Almunia, Ebuoe, Clichy, Denilson, Bentdner, JET, all gone or nearly gone plus Cesc if the price is agreed and Nasri staying but questionable attitude.

    Do we need more replacements or a plan B

  110. I wonder what happened to Arsenal’s bid for Kevin Doyle. It’s a shame really when players like Doyle turn down Arsenal – I mean, how dare they.

    Now it’s the turn of James McCarthy from Wigan to turn us down. ……(fill in your choice of shit tabloid or Sly Sports outlet) understands that Arsenal have approached Wigan to sign the Wigan midfielder.

  111. Darius,perhaps its our plan”B”
    Sign a load of crap and give the fuckers something proper to moan about

  112. I think Gervinho was bought as cover for Theo more than as a direct replacement for Nasri. Last season we struggled when Theo was out injured and now we will not feel his absence as strongly if he has to sit out for any length of time. This being said, Gervinho also gives Arsene the option of playing Theo as a number nine, if we need to alter our tactics. He can even play on the opposite wing if Theo is kept on the right.

    Jabba, why so cocky? Our system has worked fine with playmakers further up the pitch. In fact, it is an advantage having players who can create something out of nothing closer to the opposition goal. Having two fast wingers who can’t create would mean that the team would be easier to close down. If you haven’t noticed, teams are a lot more defensively tenacious than they were a few years back.

  113. Have I been sent to Coventry ?

  114. Darius Chamakh was one of the best players in France the season before, whats happened to him now.

    We will play 2 games a week many times more than Lpool and we need a strong squad as last season Chamakh was knackered within 3 months the french leage is not as hard as the EPL

  115. Has Bartley been kidnapped

  116. Djourou was awesome last season, Jibber. I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that he was awful.

  117. Solgooner – what? I didn’t notice he was knackered. With having to carry Arsenal’s front line for literally half of the season. I’m surprised we didn’t slave drive him into the ground.

  118. Do you think Chamakh is match fit or what is the reason for his poor performances so far in pre season

  119. Solgooner…honestly, I don’t know – why don’t you write to him and ask him. I’m sure the folks at Highbury House will put your letter in his pigeon hole.

  120. All this hysterical doom-mongering by JD of an oncoming aerial assault is simply evidence of an armchair general who simply has a grandiose vision of himself that is way beyond reality. JD knows best while Arsene is a serpentine traitor in the ranks who is disarming our aerial defences while untold waves of Luftwaffe bombers are rising over the English Channel.

    Didn’t they just simply imprison or execute those unrepentant fearmongers during the Battle of Britain? What is JD’s fate? (Disclaimer: Shotta is simply using metaphoric language while tearing-up with laughter.)

  121. LOL Shotta – JD should just stop watching Sly Sports News and listening to TalkSpite radio. He might also want to steer clear of the tabloids. That should be enough to resume normal services.

  122. Jabba's delights


    I fail to see whats wrong in that statement. Yogi alluded to it a week or two ago. If we have another poor season think where the fanbase will be then. This is Wenger’s biggest summer in his tenure. Whetehr you like it or not, its the fans paying huge prices that allows us to function as a business……nothing else. We are utterly dependent on our home crowd in our business model at the moment. If our defence is average at best again and our team only manage 68-75 points again which gets you nowhere near a league title in 7 of the last 8 seasons how can any company not look at the man in charge of everything and have a long hard look at his performance. Especially now that our chief executive has stated their are significant resources available. You might not want to here it but its closer to being true than not true.


    We finshed 12 points off the title, 11 the year before i would suggest we have more work to do than Utd.

    Utd have strengthened their squad. Young is a good signing and offers them dead ball options that they didnt have before he might not win them a cl but he is a good premiere league perfromer. Jones our manager made a club rcord bid for.

    Liverpool have strengthened their team. No they wont be wininng the league with their signings but if Kenny has the same effect for a whole seaosn like he did last year they will hitting that points total mentioned above. Thye are perfectly capable of being in around what is usually the points totla for the 4th cl qualifier which is what im afraid we are as of last year

    Chels and City we know can spend what they want when they want it. We can be quite confident that they will sign players in the next month with Aguerro almost certainly a done deal. Let us not forget Torres and Luiz now being settled at chels. These teams were better than us anyway last year.

    I feel we need a quality striker. We are far to reliant on RVP, chamack is a third option even then we need a dead ball player to maximise his strengths which we havent got. I feel we need a cb, you dont we will have to agree to disagree there. I think its imperative we sign a left back also. We have been off the pace for 3 years i expected more done this summer to aliveate a 12 point gap. Squilaci, Kosciellny and Chamck was our work the sumemr before.

    Milan went and bought Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Cassano, Silva, Boateng, van bommel to catch up with Inter they won the league. Juventus this sumemr have bought 5 first teams to get them back up there………..all have less money than us.

    We still have a month its just we have been here before.

  123. I don’t agree that Manure, Shitty or Chelski were better than us last season, they just didn’t collapse at the tail end of the season. It took ages for any team to get a grip on the title and its fair to say that we were in with a shout ourselves for such a long time because we were playing on a par with those around us.
    As the season came to an end the other teams in the hunt started to batten down the hatches for the final run-in, we didn’t.

  124. Jabba ,I am trying my best here ,
    Please stop posting the same stuff endlessly.Pretty please.It is depressing me no end.
    I have tried my very best of late to tolerate you but you are not making it easy,
    I swear if I read one more post with 43 goals and 2nd worst season mentioned in it I will put out a contract on you.

  125. Jabba's delights


    Our manager has praised Doyle repeatedly, anyone who has dared to question wenger on here before has been called all sorts so one should be careful.


    Djourou was awful after he came back from the dislocated shoulder. He was rushed back as we were desperate and his performances were that of a guy who was rushed back.


    Newcastle scored 4 goals in 19 mins against us away last year and beat us at home. In the away game they bullied our cb’s like they were kids in the second half

    Liverpool, went and bought Carrol who is a huge set peice threat probabaly the biggest one in prem. Quite cleverly from their persepective they realised that a guy who scores most of his goals with his head might do better if they bought him some guys to put it on his head. Adam is one of the best set piece players in the league and Downing puts in some of the best crosses. Both are limited players but they are buliding a game plan. Its not beyond reason to suggest our defenders who have shown over a 2 year period that they struggle with good or even bad balls into the box might have issues.

    How did you guys think we defended last year and has it not worried you slightly that our defending has got worse in each pre seaosn game

  126. Yeah – less money than us – but did you look at their payroll and the liability column on their balance sheet Mr JD?

    I wonder what you’ll do if Arsenal doesn’t sign all those players that you think we need. Will you go and support another club? You say we need another striker? Pray tell, isn’t Gervinho in the frame for that? Or is he just an imitation.

    Your argument that Chelsea and City can spend when they want because they have the money doesn’t cut the mustard. Your main point of contention is that we’re not aggressive enough or proactive enough – not that we’re pleading poverty.

    Arsenal doesn’t need a new keeper like United because we’re not retiring any keeper. Wookash and Tech 9 are not going anywhere for a very long time. United also retired players that they need to replace. It still doesn’t change the fact that the players they have signed cannot be said to be more outstanding than Gervinho.

    Your problem is that you want to wake up and read that we’ve signed a new player and that will make you feel better. If it’s Arsenal you’re pinning your hopes on, maybe you should consider giving your GP a call.

  127. @JD: “Our manager has praised Doyle repeatedly, anyone who has dared to question wenger on here before has been called all sorts so one should be careful.”

    Thanks for the advice – I’ll be sure to remember that. Though to be honest, I’d suggest that I’m a big boy and can take care of myself up in here.

  128. “I fail to see whats wrong in that statement.”
    – Air Marshal Jibber’s self-inflated sense of his own importance once again.

    “This is Wenger’s biggest summer in his tenure.”
    – After 15 years at Arsenal with 3 EPL, 4 FA cups, 4 Community Shield titles that was quite a superlative by your standards Jibber. And now a career-defining summer. Care to put any real money on that Air Marshal?

    “We are utterly dependent on our home crowd in our business model at the moment.”
    – This a real whopper. So the the TV money and sponsorship just dissappeared in thin air.

    At some point it becomes real boring deconstructing the crap that Air Marshal Jibber posts. I think jabberwocky did a pretty good job two weeks ago demonstrating why he is an unrepentant c*nt.

  129. Jabba's delights


    This is where we are at babe. Saturdays game quite frankly left many with worries defensively. I know the arsenal bar i watched it in people are getting very fricking anxious about this lack of activity. I noticed you came on here and said we needed a left back for sure after the game.

    People taljk about whats in the news or the game. If is slighly doom its because some genuine arsenal fans are worried as this sumemr is looking alot like previous summers. Whetehr you like it or not ( I hate it) alot of the people you called called cunts last year said we wouldnt be good enough to last 38 games last year and thats exactly what happened. Many of these same fans are seeing the same rehtoric from our manager this summer, its time we saw action rather than words. You said we were idiots at the begining of July for wanting signinsg well we are at the end of July now and still nobody in who we already didnt basically know who was joining us.

    All of what he manager has said he wanted resolved early hasnt been resolved. We are 3 weeks from the season one week from having played all our friendlies. Have we done enough to close a 12 point gap, have we done enough to improve a very average defence. Time isnt now on our side…..prices go up!

  130. Ok I will make a prediction which I am prepared to back with any amount of cash up to £10,000.in a wager.
    Arsenal will finish above every other team that does not post a loss at the end of the season.

  131. Jabba's delights


    “I fail to see whats wrong in that statement.”
    – Air Marshal Jibber’s self-inflated sense of his own importance once again.

    I fail to see why i shouldnt say a comment like that in reply to George. Yogi even said the calls for the manager to would be huge if we have another seaosn like last.

    This is Wenger’s biggest summer in his tenure.”
    – After 15 years at Arsenal with 3 EPL, 4 FA cups, 4 Community Shield titles that was quite a superlative by your standards Jibber. And now a career-defining summer. Care to put any real money on that Air Marshal?

    Problem is babe its those very titles which have allowed him the patience he has had for 6 years. Our current Captain and other top managers has said he wouldnt be in the job at other big clubs. 7 trophies in 15 years none of which have been in the last 6. 3 of which we have had good resources that he thought we didnt need to spend. Our points totals have gone down each of the last 3 years. He even said judge me in may…………7 points worse off, worse defence and a round earlier in europe.

    ”We are utterly dependent on our home crowd in our business model at the moment.”
    – This a real whopper. So the the TV money and sponsorship just dissappeared in thin air.”

    Come on poppet this is far to easy. 44% of our revenue is derived from our home gate which isnt very healthy. as wait for it we are reliant on keeping those same shitty fuckign cuntish idiot stupid home fans at the ground until our incredibly well paid commercial team can sort out the commercial contracts or we can start finishing higher in the league or getting past the 1st round knockout stage in the cl…..next

  132. Jabba,If you are worried because of Saturday’s game.A game which was for fitness proposes then you are even more stupid than I thought.And I promise you I already thought you were a bit slow.

  133. Jabba's delights


    You forget we posted a 6 month loss earlier on this year

  134. Year end is year end .

  135. Jabba,sorry about the bit slow thing .I am trying to cut that stuff out

  136. Jibber – One bit of advice; change your name to Henny Penny or Chicken Little. JD is very misleading, if you know what I mean.

  137. Alex Ice Cream


    Why bother getting stressed about it? This summer is just like all all the other recent ones. Big talk about getting quality players followed by a reluctance to pay the fees for the players that we need and us ending up with a squad that is not equipped to win anything. More PR stuff about us being unable to compete with ManU, Chelsea, Man City. We have 2 billionaire owners yet the club pleads poverty.

    This is a club that is going nowhere but down. Nasri knows it, so does Cesc and as soon as other players improve they will be off as well – like Flamini and Hleb. We have many other players that we need to offload but nobody wants them – so much for Wenger’s best ever squad.

    Since 05 we had the CL run in 06 and a good team in 08, other than that its been largely frustration and under achievement. The board won’t make enough money available and the manager won’t spend what he has and seems to have run out of ideas. Teams have worked out how to stifle us and know how to exploit our defensive frailties.

    If RvP gets injured we are screwed. Like you say we need a class striker but we won’t play the money for one. Maybe, just maybe we will if Cesc or Nasri go but I would not be surprised if we trousered the money and spent a few peanuts on someone inadequate.

    I am not confident that we will make the top 4.

  138. Jabba's delights


    Do we only try and perform well in friendlies when its the emirates cup?

    I would suggest trying to defend well should be our perogative in each friendly. We have been looking progressivly more shaky as we have meant to be getting fitter. To suggest our team suddenly just starts defending well when the game becomes real is complete horse shit. Teams grow better through practise and playing on the pitch. Our shambolic collapse last year has meant the team have the small matter of a cl qualifier this year in between that we have the toughest prem start we have had in years. Failure to hit the ground running isnt an option.

    I would have liked to have seen alot better defending on saturday, i want to see players attempting to put their training into action and that wasnt the case or it certainly didnt look like it. With every week and game that goes on where the defence looks shaky and nobody is brought in the discontent will grow.

    Last years pre seaosn painted a very good picture of how we defended in the real season.

  139. Alex Ice Cream

    AW today said the [transfer] fees made him “dizzy”. I bet that what the supporters who go to home games say about the cost of their tickets.

  140. Alex do you want to take up my wager?

  141. Alex,simple answer is “don’t fucking go”

  142. Big lump at the back. Preferably wearing Terry Butchers old head wrap.
    Two orthodox wide ole whingers slingin’ it into the mixer.
    Carroll or Ducan Fergusan at CF. ‘Psycho’ & ‘Bruiser’s reality
    (A Mancienne of D**M)

    Problem solved. Simples!

    Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste.
    Around around around the blogs.
    Around around around the blogs.

  143. Darius | July 25, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    “Henristic – follow Arsenal’s M.O and you’ll know that the players being integrated into the squad in pre-season always come in during the first 2 weeks of July without fail – the list is long – Chamakh, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Nasri, Sagna, Rosicky, even Hleb when he was brought in to replace Freddie.

    Our first choice central defenders are going to be picked from Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou. Based on the 3 games so far, it’s most likely going to be TV and Kos.

    The argument that a new defender needs to come in today, or by the end of this week or by next Wednesday is somewhat nullified if TV and Kos/Djourou will be in the box seat. We’re not going to be at a disadvantage if we take our time to sign a quality backup defender.”

    I haven’t made any such argument. I’ve only pointed out that its silly to say that there is no advantage to signing players earlier in the window.
    I’m sure you know this is true (how can anyone not?), but you’ll keep digging just the same….

    “Stop jumping on Jabbers wagon – he’s a big boy and can take care of himself.”

    lol. Very mature of you. You just can’t help the jibes, can you?

  144. Jabba's delights


    You see i differ i think we have tremendous talent but we lack in one or 2 areas and it costs us.

    If we go into the the season with the squad as it is maybe lacking one of Nasri or Cesc i think we are most definelty in a race to come in the top 4 rather than looking the other way. Yes i think we will be better than last year (failure to learn would be unforgivable) but the squad has the same vunrability to front line injuries and still lacks a top quality cb PARTNERSHIP.

    Considering we have ”significant resources” i dont see why anythign should be left to chance this year.

    To me we are a CB. LB and Striker away from being utterly dominant. I thought we were a CB, striker and winger short last summer.

    Wenger cant rely on previous achievments anymore he must show he is the the man who can push us on, i just wish we could be more aggresive in the transfer market. We will see how things go. I hope the doomers arent right again and there is no pleasure in it, but time is running out this summer….again

  145. Alex Ice Cream


    I don’t “fucking go” anymore. I don’t like the Emirates at all.

    I occasionally go to the odd game but that’s about it. I used to go virtually every week for years.

  146. @Henristic – it was an extension of Jabber’s band wagon that you indulged in – LOL! See his argument earlier.

  147. Alex which years were they?

  148. Alex Ice Cream


    There is talent in the squad but some of it wants out and what is left is not enough to seriously challenge. More than that is the losers mentality that has been ingrained into the club. Losing, like winning, becomes a habit. This is one of the main reasons behind our annual collapses. If we click in a one off game and everyone is fit and available we can beat the best but its not enough so that we can challenged consistently and win trophies.

    Wenger has been relying on previous achievements for years. Even Cesc said that in Spain Wenger would have been fired by now. We will never be aggressive in the transfer market while the current owner/board and Wenger are in charge. The self-sustaining model of mediocrity ensure that this will be the case.

    No pleasure at all. I have watched this team go from being perhaps the best in the world and certainly the best in the world in terms of style to what we currently have that loses to relegation-fodder at home and in cup finals. All this talk of being very close is just spin.

    Time is always running out in the summers, we won’t change.

  149. Arsenal have never lost a Cup final to the likes of Luton Town?

    AIC is a liar. And a parasite.

  150. Alex Ice Cream


    Late 80s to 2008. I missed some years due to being at university and I also travelled for a while also. I started going in 1979 and went every now and again until I started going regularly.

    I have never taken to the new stadium and I would still go if we were at Highbury.

  151. Limestonegunner | July 25, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I agree some leadership/experience in midfield will be great. I would love us getting a new player with those attributes as DM. But it looks like Arsene isn’t looking to bolster that area. I can see why he’d take that stance considering we’ve got Song, Frimpong, Coquelin and even Wilshere and Lansbury who can fill in there.

    None of these guys are experienced, but they all have gigajoules of energy to burn and apart from Song, are all very quick in short bursts (extremely important for a DM, imo).

  152. I think I will join Irish and have a day off from the blog. Same old shite from the usual suspects. On & on & on.

  153. Alex Ice Cream


    I never said that we didn’t. I was even at that game. Luton didn’t get relegated that season though.

    I remember us losing to West Ham in 1980 FA Cup Final also.

    Neither was as bad as last season though.

  154. Alex when do you think we went from winners to losers?
    Was it when we had to change our policy in order to move stadium?

  155. Alex Ice Cream


    It has had an effect despite the board saying that it wouldn’t. I think 2008 was the tipping point when we had a great team that should have won the league but a combination of truly terrible refereeing, injuries and a smallish squad running out of steam put paid to us. Then Hleb and Flamini left and we have not seriously challenged since.

    Another reason is the decline of all-time great players. Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams, Campbell, Seaman, could not go on forever and replacing them was very difficult. This is where I wish we were more aggressive in the transfer market. Replacing these players with untried youths was always an unlikely gamble.

  156. Darius,

    Good to see you back and I agree with your perspective.

    As I believe our colonial cousins say, ‘here’s the thing’: the preseason blogosphere sucks. People’s character flaws are dragged out under the mask of anonimity and aired in public. Those of a spiteful and hateful disposition find space to spread those attributes as far and wide as patience permits. Those of insecure and frustrated natures seek an unobtainable degree of reassurance. Those of limited knowledge and a penchant for following the crowd/herd (as fenned and driven by the media shepherds) regurgitate the litter of their field.

    Among this, gooners feel frustration and build their hope and energies for the challenge that we ALL face ahead.

  157. More lies AIC.

    Arsenal finished sixth in the league in 1988. A league that was full of much better players and teams then there are in the league today

    AIC, time for you to go.
    Don’t worry, I’ll say hi to solgooner for you.

  158. Alex Ice Cream


    I meant the cup final defeat last year was worse. I am not lying so why don’t you take your loser’s mentality with you and f*** off.

  159. ‘I think I will join Irish and have a day off from the blog. Same old shite from the usual suspects. On & on & on.’

    Yup. Cheers YW.

  160. Alex Ice Cream

    I like your avatar by the Finsbury. Are you hoping that the team will suddenly acquire some grit by some weird form of osmosis?

    It might work – whatever AW is trying isn’t working so I suppose you have nothing to lose.

  161. wengers trying to be clever in his comments about tapping up..

    everyone is guilty of tapping up..we tapped up chamakh and ended up getting him on a free..its just the way it goes..tapping up has happened for years its how you sign players its just more magnified now with the increased publicity and media coverage football gets..

    its like crime..crimes something thats always happened but it appears to get worse every year due to the 100,000,000,000 news outlets weve got these days..

    the problem wenger faces with cesc and nasri is that the pressure hes now under to deliver a trophy is at straining point with the fans and the players..cesc and nasri want to leave becuase they dont see a bright future at arsenal..they want trophies…we dont win them and with the way footballs going with all the money flying around and our reluctance to part with ours it dont look like we’ll win anything any time soon..and they both want out..

    wengers trying to blame other clubs for being interested in them for the situation we are in with them but its just a diversion tactic away from the truth..yes their heads have been turned but its only becuase of our failure to succeed primarily…

    wengers vision, although brilliant, is his major flaw…wenger wants a young team that will stay loyal and grow together and once they peak together the trophies will come..its sounds convincing and it does sell but the flaw is that his own players dont share his vision..loyaltys not a trait u find much in football these days..once the players realise they are good enough to play for someone else they want to leave..and they will continue to want to leave until we finally start to deliver the goods..but our philosophy doesnt give us much chance of delivering goods these days..

    wengers statements are taking the limelight away from his failings..if we’d have won the league last year i have little doubt that nasri would have put pen to paper and cesc would also re consider his position..

    its all about those shiny silver thingys..if you win them u keep your best players and attract other good players..if you keep falling short the best players will go to someone else who doesnt..

    we have been caught in a vicious cycle and the vultures will continue to circle and pick us off..especially when everyone else is getting over the finish line and we are collapsing dead with a third of the race still to go..

  162. Darius | July 25, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Darius: I suspect our transfer window M. O. was concieved as a way to keep expenditures at at minimum during the lean years. Clearly it would help the club to bring in players as soon as possible even if the boss does not project them to be first 11. Often we have missed targets when we wait until late in the window. For the last several years the club has said it pursued players up to the last minute but just could not get the deal done. Now that our finances are improved wouldn’t it make sense to move away from the policies that (at least in theory) hurt our teams performance, especially after the results of last season.

    Don’t you get even a little frustrated when we appear to be dogmatically tied to a specific M. O. that seems to be outdated or has not really worked in our favor from the standpoint of our results?

  163. Bill I agree with u @ 2:49
    Limestone also @ 3:19

    lol, george r @5:31:
    Ok I will make a prediction which I am prepared to back with any amount of cash up to £10,000.in a wager.
    Arsenal will finish above every other team that does not post a loss at the end of the season.

    And then came Ice Cream…

  164. “Anyone else unable to get video clips to show up on arsenalplayer at the moment?”

    I had that problem yesterday FG and it’s happened once before, but seems to be working again today. I’m glad it’s not just me!

    “If Cesc leaves we need a whole sale change to our playing style”

    I don’t know about that George but I commented on Saturday about how direct Arsenal were playing especially in the first half – fewer short passes and more balls over the top. Then I read on Arsenal.com about the wide players playing crosses for RVP, Chamakh and Afobe in training in Germany, and I think we might be seeing the evolution of our style, or maybe even a plan B!

    George, don’t let JD et al raise your BP. The scroll button is your friend. It doesn’t take me long to catch up on the day’s posts when I get home as I skip the usual suspects since I know I am not going to gain anything new from reading them.

  165. JJ said”cesc and nasri want to leave becuase they dont see a bright future at arsenal..they want trophies…we dont win them and with the way footballs going with all the money flying around and our reluctance to part with ours it dont look like we’ll win anything any time soon..and they both want out..”

    Stop it JJ .That is absolute rubbish.
    Cesc only want out to go to Barca and Nasri wants to double his wages.
    Its not all about those tin cups or else Tevez and Ronaldo would still be at United.

  166. cesc only wants to go to barca cos they are winning everything..
    if we were winning everything and barca hadnt won anything for years he wouldnt go anywhere..why would he?? even to them..and i dont believe nasri just wants to double his wages..

    good point about tevez and ronaldo though..

  167. although id say that tevez would still be at utd if fergie hadnt fucked up in buying berba and droping tevez..

    ronaldos head was just up his arse and wanted to be a galactico to go with his lifestyle..he just wanted to wear tight shorts, flip flops and sunglasses all year round..cant get a tan in manchester..

  168. Oh come on JJ .What he wants to go and play in City’s expansive style.Do me a favour .
    They are all at City for the money,
    Trophies my fucking arse.

  169. We could swap Samri for Berba. and a few shllings

  170. Oldies Goldie’s

    “Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the rich man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man’s world”

  171. ahhh yeah george city at first attracted the players with the money but now they are going places..they are a better team than us and theyve won more than us an theyve done it in a shorter period..
    the money was the attraction to begin with but they have to be taken seriously now..

    yeah id take berba..they can give us 10mil and berba and they can have nasri..

  172. g4e 🙂

  173. Jibber:

    “Utd have strengthened their squad. Young is a good signing and offers them dead ball options that they didnt have before he might not win them a cl but he is a good premiere league perfromer. Jones our manager made a club rcord bid for. ”


    Ashley Young is a squad player at best. Strengthening means they get someone of equal or better quality than what they already have. Thank god Manure got Jones. He looks like a very one dimensional player (re: clogger) and would’ve been a huge gaff had Arsene paid so much for him.

    “Liverpool have strengthened their team. No they wont be wininng the league with their signings but if Kenny has the same effect for a whole seaosn like he did last year they will hitting that points total mentioned above. Thye are perfectly capable of being in around what is usually the points totla for the 4th cl qualifier which is what im afraid we are as of last year.”


    Liverpool fell apart at the end of the season. I hope they keep up that form.

    Carroll is no better than Peter Crouch and the other new boys, with the exception of Suarez, are all squad players at best. Stop using the word strengthened until you learn what it means.

    “Chels and City we know can spend what they want when they want it. We can be quite confident that they will sign players in the next month with Aguerro almost certainly a done deal. Let us not forget Torres and Luiz now being settled at chels. These teams were better than us anyway last year.”


    Torres and Luiz have been at Chelsea for more than half a season. Luiz was found out and Torres seems like he can’t score a goal to save his life at the moment. I doubt him and Drogba can ever establish a good partnership.

    City losing Tevez is huge. Aguero doesn’t guarantee them success at all. In a league as physical as the prem I can see him having a lot of difficulties. I think City won’t get the best out of him due to Mancini’s ultra defensive style.

    “I feel we need a quality striker. We are far to reliant on RVP, chamack is a third option even then we need a dead ball player to maximise his strengths which we havent got. I feel we need a cb, you dont we will have to agree to disagree there. I think its imperative we sign a left back also. We have been off the pace for 3 years i expected more done this summer to aliveate a 12 point gap. Squilaci, Kosciellny and Chamck was our work the sumemr before.”


    Gervinho is the one we’ve bought to address the striker issue. As far as a CB is concerned, I think we have enough depth to see us through this season. If our team plays disciplined, organized defence, then the tall, physical defender becomes a non-issue.

    “Milan went and bought Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Cassano, Silva, Boateng, van bommel to catch up with Inter they won the league. Juventus this sumemr have bought 5 first teams to get them back up there………..all have less money than us.”


    Milan also profited from Rafa Benitez poor managing of Inter.

    Robinho is shit. Ibrahimovic is overrated. Silva is lucky he plays in such a poor league as serie A. Boateng is a good player, but, then again, he was at Portsmouth before a somewhat good world cup attracted Milan’s interest. Cassano is old and washed up. He wasn’t that good at Sampdoria last time he was there. Van Bommel is a quality player but he’s also getting long in the tooth.

  174. “they are a better team than us”

    Are you trying to wind me up JJ?
    No way are they better than us .

  175. JJ, I’m afraid if Nasri leaves it will be solely down to him earning more, league title or not.

  176. george
    the league table says they are..
    not a wind up mate..its a fact..

    gains mate i guess we are in different camps on this on..but i dont think nasri would give a toss about an extra 10k a week if hes got a winners medal hanging round his ship wreck..

    but each to their own..

  177. @ Passenal
    Arsenal Player is working now, thanks. I have just spent a very pleasant hour re-viewing the first few games of last season. We were on fire! And one thing it reminded me of is that I’d love to see Theo take a few more free kicks, I’d forgotten about that aspect of his game.

    Funny you should mention that arsenal.com blog article about the training session – I was going to copy and paste the part about crossing practice last time I was on here but got sidetracked.

    The closer it gets to the start of the season, the harder it is to wait… *sigh*

  178. Alex Ice Cream


    Tevez went as ManU did not want to pay 45m for him. He wanted to stay.

    Ronaldo won everything with ManU so had won trophies. He just wanted to play for Real

    Money plays a huge part but so does success.

  179. gains i think utd have made some good purchases in young and jones..
    but they will be squad players i agree..
    to be honest though they just won the league so theres not much they need to change
    de gea is the only one who will command a first team place he will be their only change from last year and i think he could cost them the league this time..
    nobody has a clue about him..vds was a key player for them last year de geas got a lot to live upto and if he has a shakey 1st season utd could suffer..strong outfield or not..gk’s are so important..

  180. If your options are (a) Play acclaimed football for less money than you could get elsewhere or (b) Play acclaimed football for less money than you could get elsewhere but win things or (c) Earn more money with the outside chance of winning things, then the second option is evidently more attractive than the first isn’t it ? And potentially rivals the third depending on what you value most. The first option has little appeal I think.

  181. Just a very convoluted way of suggesting that for professional sportsmen winning is always important. How could it not be ?

  182. “Add this to their laughable attempts to reduce the fee for Cesc by including deals for Bellerin and Toral, their financial picture feels complete”

    OMFG!!.. Are you that blind?? Arsenal are THE fucking joke!! You havent signed ANYONE!! NADA!! Period!! and still you idiots expect to win something next season…

    It is no secret that we are in trouble financially, but are you really so stupid that you think Barca will just crumble down?? PLEEEEEEEEASE, dont be ridiculous!.. We may be broke, but we just added ALEXIS SANCHEZ to our team… how do you explain that you dumbass!!..

    Im sure Arsenal will end up keeping Cesc, congrats on keeping an unhappy player… But let me remind you that we just embarased your weak ass team in the champions League (again) and that we FC BARCELONA ended up winning it AGAIN!! (without Cesc again!!) It is you who is even more desperate to keep him, but you try to redirect all of your loooser, frustrated ass at THE ONE SINGLE thing you have control of, wich is Cesc..

    We have ofensive upcoming talent in our midfield.. Xavi (AT HIS AGE, ANY TEAM OF THE WORLD INCLUDING YOUR TEAM, WOULD DIE TO SIGN HIM YOU HIPOCRITE) Mascherano, Iniesta, Dos Santos, Thiago, Busquets… suuuure were soooo desperate! lol!.. Who do you have?? Song?? the so called “little magician” arshavin???? lol, Nasri who WOULD LEAVE IN A HEARTBEAT? overated Wilshere?? Compare any of those players to any Barcelona counterparts and that my little friend is what you can truly be called LAUGHABLE!!

    you can also compare signings.. (3) Gervinhos VS Alexis Sanchez.. and that is just as laughable!!

    ´till Tomorrow bitches!!

    ps: please sign someone! Im worried about you!! If Arsenal does not play champions league football i will be very sad, because we wont be able to fucking humiliate you again!!


  183. I see our resident catalan twat Cuervo is still whining!

    Although he may be fullsome in his praise, I normally see his name and skip the rest of the post!

  184. Does anyone even read what this Cuervo dude says anymore? Everytime i read his name I hit “pg dn” twice or thrice and that is that. That guy might have some mental issues. He comes on here, posts a huge long thing then never responds for the rest of the day. Maybe he gets some sort of satisfaction from making fun of the Arsenal via the innerwebs.

  185. Lol you said it, Remi!

  186. JJ did you see the two times we played City?
    How you can say they are better than us?
    And don’t give me that “the table doesn’t lie” shit
    Think again JJ ,please don’t take a position that is objectionable

  187. You must be a very strange person who feels the need to post on an Arsenal blog site when youre not even a fan!

    I cant understand why anyone would do that really……..

  188. Cuervo that is……

  189. curveball we cant be that bad or why else would you keep stalking us for our best guys???

    we aint on your level..we accept that your a fantastic side but your arrogance is what makes your club and your fans the cunts of all cunts..

    real champs appreciate and respect your opponents…you lot dont your a set of social retards..

    guardiolas the only one who has any ounce of class..the rest of your club, the players, the fans, the corrupt presidential bollox and your finances are a public hair in the cream pie of football and the longer it goes on the more and more ppl will piss thereselves laughing at your downfall..

    history tells us with every great empire their is an eventual crumble.its peaks and troughs mate..its your time now but someone someday will put u on your arse and your current attitude is what will make you the lauging stock of football when your collapse happens..

    could take 10 years..but it will happen…probably when messi starts to decline…

    theres a phrase we like to use in england…FORM is temporary CLASS is permanent…and youve got none of the latter…and that my friend is what make us considerbaly wicher than you…. 🙂

    nobody likes a cocky cunt…

  190. Cuervo and quite a few others I think.

  191. “nobody likes a cocky cunt”
    Except a nymphomaniac

  192. hahahahaha george..

  193. the reason for cerveys hit & run style is he needs to get back and wait his tables. lol …. vamonos pendeho

    be proudest of your broke as BARKA, BARKA, BARFA

  194. or is it end of your shift cervey

  195. I don’t agree with the “the table doesn’t lie statement.”

    Two years ago Hull City was near the top 6 for a few weeks. Going by “the table doesn’t lie” logic, you would be conceding that Hull City is better than over 50% of the teams in the EPL.

    C’mon. Phil Brown FFS. That dude wore a damn headset while coaching!


  196. I’ve been quietly reading the blog all day.

    @Jabba: I can understand how you’d want us to get shot off all our sub-par squad players. But please realize that its much more difficult to do when these players are still on the upward slope ability-wise

    1. For all his antics, bendtner did show himself to be a rather cool finisher last season. Notice his finishing from the left of the area was as clinical as any other player.

    2. I honestly don’t get how any arsenal player would say young Johan played poorly last season. I also can’t see how anyone on this blog can assume he would be part of the first choice pairing come the start of the season. Considering the fact that TV5 had a better Aerial Challenge % than all the players linked with arsenal this season, and that Johan was so far of (63-ish% as opposed to Samba’s 67%). I’d assume that a TV || Djourou partnership will be sufficient to deal with Aerial issues.

  197. bill turner

    idont understand your point..
    going by your logic u would conceed that manutd arent champions??.

    its over 38 games mate..thats why its called a league..
    you cant pick a point in time where one team had a good month and decide whether they are a good team or not..its a marathon not a sprint..

    it counts at the end of the season and at the end of last season there were three teams better than us…fact…

  198. It’s kinda sad though, Cuevo. One second you talking about how we haven’t signed anybody, the next you comparing a player we have signed to the one you bought on an IOU.

    But it kinda brings things into perspective. How a club that boasts a heavy reliance on home-grown players can still find itself knee deep in the financial sh!thole…even after hitting a purple patch performance-wise in recent seasons.

    How exactly does one service debt that’s topped 60% of equity…sell it’s training ground to the state for 400M ala Real Madrid?

  199. Gains you really know nothing about football do you?

  200. JJ bullfact 🙂

    We would have finished 2nd if we had not given up when we were not going to win it.
    How often do you see a semi final between the best to teams and then the loser of that match loses the 3rd place play off,
    City were cock a hoop because they were in the CL we were depressed because we were not going to win it.
    They were not better than us FACT!!!

  201. JJ @ 8:56:

    I have never understood the need for the slang term you use in the last sentence of your otherwise well written post to cuervo. That anatomical structure is responsible for my 3 children and more pleasent memories then I can ever count. Seems like there must be a better insult that we could use. Just a thought.

  202. “Gunnerjones | July 25, 2011 at 9:37 pm
    Gains you really know nothing about football do you?”

    Lol,that’s “rich” as they say

  203. Bill,best if you leave the thinking to others (little winking thing)

  204. george

    wudda cudda shudda. 😉

  205. george your on a roll tonight mate

    bill.. 🙂
    any suggestions??

  206. JJ I am trying to lure you to the light side.

  207. Almost anything else would be preferable IMO. (little smiley face)

  208. im already in the light side george

    cant get much darker than what it did last year

    and if it does its wengers arse..

  209. You guys think Cuervo is in any way Catalan? I’m guessing he’s either Asian or American.

    Cuervo, don’t forget that if your mate Bussaca hadn’t red carded Van Persie, you fuckers would’ve been at home watching the CL finals.

    Gunnerjones, I’ve forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know.

  210. Gains,,I have forgotten more than he knows and I know fuck all.

  211. i think he talks alot of shit

    overated wilshire was the pick of the sentances in all that crap..
    the same overated wilshire that tore xavi and iniesta a new arsehole at the emirates..

  212. Blimey is it that time of the month for you boys already?

    God help us when you read tomorrow’s post!

  213. Yogi,Now I am worried,.post it now

  214. @Cuervo

    You dont seem to understand football son. Real Madrid is considered the most successful football club of the century over your precious barcelona. They hit a patch of amazing form winning 5consecutive trophies. Now they haven’t reached a champions league final in quite a while now. Your club is in form yes, but sooner or later they are going to come out of form. Arsenal were in form coming into this decade and lost form as well, they are gradually getting back to that level. Difference is, we didn’t have to go in debt to do it, while you are trying to maintain success by going further and further in debt. What happens when you are not as successful??

    Do you plan to grow the money on a tree??

    Don’t even bother talking about the names of your players, we all know a real fan supports the club and not the players. Fabregas’s name wasn’t on the first arsenal jersey, nor would it be on the last. You talk about transfers as they are going to help get you out of debt.
    No they would not, they will help you disappear faster. Yes you may win one or two more trophies after, but what are you going to do in 3years time, when your interest on loans covers your profits???

    I read an article saying Manchester United were asking players to take paycutts. What happens when another team starts to win the champions league?? Is your government going to raise taxes to pay players wages???

    Football is not only on the pitch son. What are you going to boast about then? Be a little respectful the next time you come across a club that will be successful long before you were born and long after you are gone.

    BTW it must really suck that you are at your peak and already can’t afford players, and still can’t touch Real Madrid’s success, OOOOOHHHHH, you must feel like a bitch!

    Next election’s campaign: Cesc Fabregas to barcelona and we are only raising taxes by 1%
    Good luck barca fan, enjoy 3more years, hope you migrate after, Please don’t come and support Arsenal ever 🙂

  215. Carib 1 – 0 Cuervo

    Goner of the Day Award goes to ………George!!! Who it seems has planted Arsenal’s standard and decided to defend it to the death like the madman he is, bravo sir, bravo!!!

    AIC I say this with all due respect: FUCK OFF SON!!!

    Fryer of the Day is, once again, Jabba. What a maroon!!!

    Burger Flipper of the Day is ………ME!!!!!! for the simple reason that I said I was taking the day off reading the blog because of all the negativity, yet here I am. 🙂 oops!

  216. A nd sad bastard of the day once again goes to……………………………………………………………………………………me.
    Because I spend my life on this blog

  217. refreshing the page 4 times a minute

  218. @ Coervo you are such a greedy bastard. Look at Barcelona the city! Look a het people! You know it is bad when parents start pimping their kids at the streets of Barcelona. Maybe if FC Barcelona used 30M on helping the cities population instead of buying trophies they would do something good for a change….
    Maybe if the players bothered to donate 50% of their wages to barcelonas population more kids would go to bed on full bellies. It’s after al their people. Their proud catalunian brothers and sisters that suffer, but does messie and xavi care? Noo, all they want is cesc. Using 30M on alexi is bad enough.
    Using another 30M on Cesc in the current economical climate is to piss in the face of the working Catalan. Let’s hope the club has more class than that. Let’s hope the peoles club is more than that.

  219. George – I really think you will have a good laugh at this:


    I almost pissed myself laughing at some of them!!!

  220. Anybody on here?

  221. hay bill turner,
    how are the studies coming along??

  222. I’m sittin in class right meow. What are you doing good sir?

  223. Kamran and Bill up a tree



  224. I got to watch Manure play against the local MLS team and I got a good look at Phil Jones.

    All I can say is this. The scoreline read 1-0 to the Chicago Fire for more than 50 minutes. Chicago Fire have won 2 MLS matches all season.

    Phil Jones/ Chris Smalling fuck it up on a set piece and the CB from the Fire heads it home!

  225. Irish you are ruining the mood, dude.

  226. how’s the new bra fit irish?? 🙂

  227. Hey now!!! To be honest a bit snug Kamran, don’t tell Geogre!!

  228. lol,, i saw part of the game against founders the other night .. manure destroyed them… 7-0

  229. Tis a shame. My mom just picked me out a new bra. Perfect fit, and the metal wires really give me that “filled out” look i am looking for when donning my newest form fitting t-shirt.

  230. Manure wasn’t looking too hot against the Fire (pun INTENDED) They didn’t create much until the A-squad came on the pitch.

    Right. I’m done with this school business and i’m headed home. Talk to yall tomorro.

  231. Bill – The “mood” on here has been decidedly depressing all day long mate, I want no part of it. I had enough when our season collapsed after promising so much early on, I do not see the point in propagating the same feeling in preseason. Fuck the doomers!! And even worse, fuck those who self-righteously insist on defending them and their right to come on here and talk non-stop shit about our team. Yes, I know they have that right but I have an equal right to turn around and tell them to go fuck off back to Le Groan!

    Please do not in anyway think I put you in either category as I don’t but todays comment section was just one never ending diatribe. The usual idiots. Hell even Dupsffokcuf logged off after a while.

  232. Night Bill 🙂 Have to say I am trying out the George look. You know lots of cleavage, a bit sleazy in fact but still somewhat charming.

  233. poor george,, addicted to the football and this blog. looks like he might need help from a psychiatrist before the season starts.. said so himself… its not good to be around so much pessimism all the time.. 🙂

  234. I know Kamran, it’s not good for any of us. How many days left my friend?

  235. 18 Bro. 18
    i have a very good feeling about today irish. very good news in the next 48 hours

  236. A Man Utd fan dies on match day and goes to heaven in his Man Utd shirt. He knocks on the old pearly gates and out walks St. Peter in a Arsenal scarf.

    “Hello mate,” says St. Peter, “I’m sorry, no Man Utd fans in heaven.”
    “What?” Exclaims the man, astonished.
    “You heard, no Man Utd fans.”
    “But, but, but, I’ve been a good man,” replies the Man Utd supporter.
    “Oh really,” says St. Peter. “What have you done, then?”
    “Well,” said the guy, “Three weeks before I died, I gave 10 pounds to the starving children in Africa.”
    “Oh,” says St. Peter. “Anything else?”
    “Well, two weeks before I died I also gave 10 pounds to the homeless.”
    “Hmmm. Anything else?”
    “Yeah. A week before I died I gave 10 pounds to the Albanian orphans.”
    “Okay,” said St. Peter, “You wait here a minute while I have a word with the Big Fella.”
    Ten minutes pass before St. Peter returns. He looks the bloke in the eye and says, “I’ve had a word with God and he agrees with me. Here’s your thirty quid back, now fuck off!!.”

  237. 18 too many Kamran!! So what good news do you expect to hear? Wayne Rooney arrested for being the ugliest thing since Frankenstein? ‘Arry Redknapp arrested for tax evasion? Again!! Pray tell!

  238. nice one ,, they deserve the best off jokes.

  239. no ,,, concerning our club.. intuition.. want us to do well so much… you know. battle of good over evil. and hay, good guys don’t always finish last.. maybe another player coming in. I’m so happy with gervinho..

  240. Agreed on Gervinho. He really does seem to have s poachers instinct. How many times did we watch last year as one of our players got into a great position, only to have no one in the penalty area? I do not see that as a problem with him on the pitch 🙂 Ryo looks good too, our next impact sub maybe? I remember how scared shitless the mighty Barfa when we threw Theo on for the first time against them, he almost scored first touch!!

  241. A Man City and Man United fan collide in a huge accident on the motorway. Both cars are a wreck, but both men are unhurt.

    “This must be a sign from God that we are meant to be friends” says the City fan “I agree” replies the United fan

    The City fan then returns to the wreckage of his car, and finds a bottle of whiskey he had been saving.

    “Look” he says to the united fan, “this must be another sign from God, we should drink this whiskey to celebrate our friendship and survival”

    He hands the bottle over to the United fan who takes a large gulp from the bottle before passing it back to the City fan, who then puts the top back on & returns the bottle to his car.

    “Aren’t you having any?” asks the United fan. “No” replied the City fan, “I think I’ll wait til the Police get here.”

  242. HAHAHA… that great…
    can you imagine if we could convert even a 20% of those chances we didn’t last year.

  243. and with tv coming back ,the rest of the back line selling. less goals shipped.. we have a good chance to give moneybags a run for their money

  244. that’s gelling not selling

  245. I know right? The doomers would have us believe we are a mile away but if we now have a player who can convert like you said even 20% more of those chances, then that could be all the difference. He showed at Lille he was a finisher and was not afraid to work hard. 2 goals on his debut within 15 minutes. I admit Koln are not the toughest of teams but they are easily championship quality. Throw Ryo into the mix and we are looking very dangerous. just like you Kamran I am very excited about this season.

  246. should be a great ride…
    anything won this year would be worth ten times whatever tincups teams around us have bought past ten years

  247. hey its always a great ride. Even the neutrals love watching us play. I have to say for all Liverpool’s spending they still got their ass handed to them 3-0 by Hull. Now that was funny. Imagine if that had been Arsenal? There would have been mass suicides in North London!!!

  248. remember the old smithbarney commercial.

    at ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB we EARN our titles

  249. LOL!! Dam brush the dust off that one!! 🙂

  250. we are under the efin microscope friend. that’s for sure. that’s why proving so of these suckers wrong would be sweet.
    till then we got to tolerate the ingr***ts

  251. this polish guy gets married and off to honeymoon.
    when back ,his friends surround him for details.
    he says, it was great. we had so much fun and i almost had her…. 😉

  252. right, hang in there… ttyl

  253. Night Kamran TTYL

  254. From The Official Barcelona Maths Workbook, which covers maths for all youths attending La Masia youth Academy.

    1. Pujol is 38 yards away from the referee at Camp Nou and Xavi is 55 yards away. If Xavi can run at 21mph and Pujol can run at 16mph, who will be sticking their vein-bulging forehead into the hapless whistler’s face first, assuming Pujol does not stop to stamp on an opponent on his way.

    2. If one minute of time is taken up in a game for substitutions and one minute for injuries, how much injury time will be added on by the referee if Barcelona are losing at home?

    3. Messi is from Argentina. Express, as a percentage, the number of internationals he has missed on a Wednesday evening compared to the miraculous recoveries he made for the following Saturday.

    4. You are the referee at Camp Nou. How near to a visiting defender does a tumbling and rolling Bisquetts have to be to earn a penalty if he goes down in the box? (Note: Round your answers down to the nearest 10 yards.)

    5. Probability: Express the statistical probability of visitors to Camp Nou being awarded a penalty. Compare this with the probability of opponents of Barcelona being awarded a penalty home or away, and then discuss if a penalty awarded to Barcelona would be awarded to their opponents in identical circumstances.

    6. Jose Rodriguez DeMaria Martinez Alvirez Dos Santos Caesar DeJesus Ramirez lives in Bilbao. How much does it cost for him and his two sons to travel to the Camp Nou every other weekend, including limited edition matchday programme, a few drinks and spicy sausage and some shrimp croquettes? How much could he save per week if he watched his local team instead?
    (Note: Round your answers down to the nearest thousand Euros).

    7. Sir Alex Ferguson, anticipating Barcelona would be a pushover in the CL Final, had a hotel booked in Monaco for the entire Manchester United team. How much money did he lose when canceling his reservation?

    8. Pedro is 6ft tall and very strong and fast. How much pressure need be applied to make him tumble over in the opponents penalty area? (Note: Answers must be in lbs per square inch. However, answers such as, ‘However much pressure is applied by UEFA to referees’ are accepted.)

    9. Hleb is a very lazy boy and often goes missing. Pep is very cross and wants to sell him. If Hleb cost £17m to buy, how much do you think Pep sold him for? How many pennies did Pep lose?

    10. If Barcelona earn 408m but spend 477m, then buy Alexis Sanchez with money that had been “put away in a box” for Cesc Fabregas, this means that Barcelona will go on to win La Liga and triumph in the Champions League. What am I talking about? Does this even make sense? Explain your anwswer in graph form.

  255. right on..add to that 8-12 points the ref. on EPL cost us last year and even with the do called collapse we were right there to the end.
    up the guns..!!!!

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