Oh Dear Cologne And Sunday Transfer Round-Up

Gervinho broke his Arsenal duck, scoring twice in the opening quarter of the friendly in Cologne. Both were poacher’s goals and well-taken at that. He proved to be Arsenal class by injuring himself in the process of scoring his second and will no doubt be out for three or four weeks once the medical staff get their hands on him.

Post match, his manager was full of praise,

He has shown his qualities. He has quick movement behind [the defence], the timing of his movement is great and he is easy to find. We have seen what he can bring to the team and he contributes to the high pace we have in the team.

Whilst it is not unexpected that a new player will try to impress, Gervinho looked at home with the movement and positional play. It is an altogether different matter in the Premier League and judgement will be deferred but as starts go, the half an hour we got yesterday was promising

It was another useful workout, defensively the team needs improvement as Wenger acknowledged but it is not just the back four. The midfield is compensating for Cesc’s absence by pushing forward and the much-desired defensive midfielder is noticeably absent. It is not that a new signing is required, simply that they recognise that the trio joining the attack at the same time exposes the back four.

However, Carl Jenkinson gets an honourable mention for his own goal, the execution of which was the footballing equivalent of Fawlty Towers, English comedy genius. That is not the reason for his inclusion, it is simply that he took it to so emphatically to heart. We have all seen players not care in friendlies but rarely one who shows such anguish. If he has that attitude now, a bright career surely awaits.

Arsène has long championed the use of Austrian and German training camps. It is hard to see why he is so much of an advocate given that one member generally ends up with a season-wrecking injury. This time, Conor Henderson has twisted his knee and according to the manager, the inital prognosis was not good.

Onto the Sunday round-up. George Graham made his observations about the coming season but before you jump down his throat, ignore the headlines and the aptly-name Harry Pratt, the former manager is very positive about the club’s recent history. With time to rectify the apparent gap in signings, his predictions of a top six finish and dropping into the same bracket as Everton or Villa, seem premature.

One of his former charges, Tony Adams, gave another interesting interview about his time in Eastern Europe before talking about the influence Danny Fiszman had on the club. This is often denigrated as those who want David Dein to return to Arsenal talk up his powers over Arsène. Adams credits the late Fiszman with investing to enable Arsenal to start paying the wages that took the club to the next level.

Elsewhere, Emmanuel Eboue is off to Galatasaray. The Turkish side are constantly linked with someone from Arsenal, Diaby and Song are two who immediately spring to mind as was Sol Campbell before he let it be known that his idea of living abroad was crossing The Solent on a daily basis.

Arsenal are going to prove Graham wrong and outbid Chelsea for Romala Lukaku before selling Cesc to Barcelona for £40m or £35m plus Thiago Alcantara, who wore Cesc’s Number 4 shirt in the friendly against Hadjuk yesterday. According to reports,  a crack negotiating team is on its way to Stamford Bridge to sell Romeu which with Krkic’s sale to Roma means that there are £45m sitting twiddling their thumbs in Barcelona’s transfer pot. That money will really be working hard as it leaves the UK almost upon arrival for the highly favourable replacements in the form of Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla.

That takes care of the existing transfer pot so how will Arsenal fund signing Phil Jagielka? Well, for a start, we’ll offload Maruoane Chamakh to PSG, a club whose recent investment means they are linked with more players than Galatasaray and Manchester City. Add to that the loan fee for Kyle Bartley and there’s the money side sorted. That also stops Bartley becoming frustrated at the lack of first team opportunities. Nicely worked there.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Nice post. Still think we need Eboue, before CJ lives up to his promise. Good start for Gervinho. Many more goals to come.

  2. morning yogi,as usual nice post.gibbs was impressive going forward and if he can improve his positioning,will be a star.15 minutes of ryo was also impressive.

  3. Nasri is disgraceful. Half a season greatness and wants to be paid a fortune. Arsene should sell him and Cesc.

    Foreign players are generally not reliable. Our history tells us that they come to Arsenal, develop and wants to leave. They stay only when they don’t improve, Almunia, Eboue, Rosicky, Arshavin, Diaby and the rest of the also-runs.

    Time Arsene concentrates scouting in the UK, the championship and the lower leagues.

  4. Well a first for me.I fear the worst if we rely on Jethro as first choice LB .His defensive positioning is dire.I would think he needs a loan spell to put it right.Not learning in the first team.
    God it is horrible being negative,I am sorry. 😦

  5. “They stay only when they don’t improve,”

    Yes that Bergkamp let us down badly egh?

  6. and Henry and Pires!

  7. George rodger, appears Bergkamp was a horrible legend. Gave his best years then retired when he was too old to play. What a twat!

  8. If Cesc leaves & Nasri stays, Samir is going to have to play on another level to repair the damage he’s done to us by wanting the big bucks, which is not bad when put in context of the going rate for players of his perceived caliber but it desecrates whats special about team sports & loyalty to AW & Arsenal.

    I just could not believe how pissed off I was at him while watching the game.
    His duck-like waddle & casual game really had me fuming.
    That side of me kept saying,”sell the twat, sell the crab”.
    Did not realize I felt so betrayed by his impudence
    I just may be with Gervinho on this:

    SELL THE CRAB & SELL CESC TOO!! (forgive me Yogi, i may have sinned)
    Arsenal FC will always be a big club…we’ll manage.
    Maybe even win a trophy or two this year or in a year or two.

    2 disloyal players = 60 million pounds
    oh what AW could do with 60m?


  9. Kenyan gunner.funny as 🙂

  10. sore subject at arsenal trying to claim english players are more loyal….your memory that poor you don’t recall COLE.

    Well I will briefly remind you…the best english prospect to come from our youth ranks in years, an arsenal fan as a boy, yet how much loyalty did this englishman show to his club.

    Sorry but in todays game that doesn’t stick…they are all as mercenary as each other, sadly even those from the british empire!

  11. Most English players are also pretty crap.

  12. I don’t think we should be calling Cesc Disloyal.
    It could be as easily argued that he would be “disloyal” if he did not want to join the team he supports .
    I f I was a professional footballer I would want to play in this particular Barca team not the one in 3 or 4 years time.Anyone being honest would.
    Of course that does not stop them being a bunch of despicable twats

  13. gunnerguru,And add at to that the team he wanted to leave was the invincible’s.Sol,English I believe, lied his way out .

  14. C.R.E.A.M eh…what could AW do with 60 million quid?

    what would u ACLFer?

  15. what would u do with 60m quid ACLFer?

  16. I would offer Arsene a new 10 year deal Aman,
    That would set the cat among the pigeons

  17. Hi Yogi.
    Not talking about the post.
    Are you playing fantasy premier league ?

    If you do then i wish to Join your private league. Can i ?

    Thanks & Reply awaited.

  18. £60m….buy Samba, Cahill, Baines, parker, Schwartzer, papa diop and Calton Cole. Then we will be strong enough to handle stoke and Blackburn away. But we’d get thrashed by anyone decent!!!

  19. However, Carl Jenkinson gets an honourable mention for his own goal, the execution of which was the footballing equivalent of Fawlty Towers , English comedy genius. That is not the reason for his inclusion, it is simply that he took it to so emphatically to heart. We have all seen players not care in friendlies but rarely one who shows such anguish. If he has that attitude now, a bright career surely awaits.

    Yes, I saw the anguish he felt, but I seriously hope it doesn’t drain his confidence. Great player he will be.

    Good game though. The midfield trio were always pushing to support the attack which left us exposed to several counter attacks especially in the second half.
    I was impressed with Rosicky’s energy. I think he’s ready this season. I was a little disappointed with Nasri, he looked disinterested, rarely breaking a sweat all half. He’s quality though. With yesterday’s display, I’m afraid that Vela might not make it with us (I hope am wrong though). I thought he would be able to cut in on his left foot and maybe take chances from that wide right position.

    All in all, a good work out. BTW, I’m loving Ryodinho already.

  20. lol..hell yeah to begin with george r…then what, who would u bring in before the season starts?

  21. I would unhesitatingly appoint you as the Head of Transfer Policy, if I had the authority.

    A very neat and cogent summation of the necessary transfers matched with the equally necessary funds.

    Joking aside, your take is the most positive and even believable that I have read to date — so I will go with that! 🙂

  22. Henry, Vieira ( Real Madrid every season till he was sold), Anelka, Reyes, Overmars, Petit(the two asked for moves to Barca), Diarra, Flamini, Adebayor, Hleb were all unsettling.

    They forced their moves. Cole and then who else? Now we have Cesc and Nasri forcing their moves.

    The days when French players played for us with passion are no more. The new breed are using Arsenal as a stepping stone and nothing else.

    Methink Arsene should work hard to see that Frimpong, Lansbury, Aneke, Henderson, JET, Bartley and co. get into the first team. They will play with passion and wear the shirt with pride as Wilshere is doing.

    Some foreign players with the local lads will do however, year in and out bringing in the likes of Squilacci, Chamakh, Almunia, Denilson, Traore, Eboue, Rosicky and hoping that they will play their hearts out for the club won’t work.

  23. Is Maturks George in disguise? A night follows day, AIC, Gooner Ted et al will soon fowl the nest.

  24. Delia--Block 112

    Thoroughly enjoyed our attacking play in the first half, great pace and two delightful goals BUT all my concerns with Gibbs ( Fridays post) were there for all to see and we showed all our old frailties at the back. Where was the DM cover- non existent.
    The 2nd half brought back all the bad memories of our demise last season. We still need quality reinforcements at LB,CB and DM!
    Nasri looked disinterested and RVP looked short of fitness but Jack ,Gervinho and Theo put a smile on my face . Roll on next weekend !
    As always COYRs

  25. 60m? Of course I’ll stash it in the bank and wait for rainy days..ala Arsenal. 😀

  26. The match yesterday was a complete contrast to the one against Green Bean Hang Chow, or whatever.

    In the Green Bean game the first half was turgid and somewhat disappointing, whereas the second half was fast, fluid and exciting.

    OK, we are talking pre-season here and with slightly differing teams, but yesterday’s game, against Cologne (Koln), was, in the first half, and admittedly with Gervinho’s goals, fun, technical and exciting with pretty much the same players as the Green Bean first half team. (turgid remember 🙂 ) whereas yesterday’s 2nd half was slow, tippy tappy and really poor, unlike the 2nd half in China (fast, fluid and exciting).

    I know that was a bit convoluted, but what I am saying is that with similar personnel in the 1st and 2nd half teams, the performance and standards in both games was completely different between the two games.

    Go figure! 🙂

  27. maturk…you state many foreign names who have been disloyal. That’s because most of our squad since Wenger buys have been foreign. But like you said “Cole” and who else, well lets look at that shall we….Bentley? Campbell? Upson? All could have been more commited all could have been more loyal. And bare Jeffers what other english 1st teamers have we seen? …

  28. Q: What is the meaning of results from the earliest pre-season games?

    Malaysia XI 0 Arsenal 4
    Malaysia XI 3 Liverpool 6
    Malaysia XI 0 Chelsea 1


    The cricket has been cool. The sight of Theo & Ryo on the break was just a little exciting. The Koln game is over. That means that we are a week closer to Henry returning for a visit to the new Arsenal Stadium.

    Henry trick during a PL game:

  29. How can many so-called Arsenal bloggers, YW being one of very few exceptions, be taken seriously? Over the past week, many of these so-called “experts”, led by the chief blog whore, have arrived at the amazing conclusion Arsene needs to sell both Cesc and Nasri pronto. Conveniently this should happen no later than end of July, one week away, so the proceeds can be used to sign their replacements. Stop and think for a moment. Sell two of your best players in one fell swoop because they are replaceable. Cesc Fabregas, one of the best assists man in the world. Samir Nasri, one of the best wide midfielders whom the French national team is being built around. Make it happen ASAP rather than slow it down, boss.
    Isn’t it amazing such nonsense can be repeated by so many?

  30. Whoops. Correction to my post @ 12:09: ‘That means that there is just one week to go before…’

  31. Red Arse, it’s pre-season, some players are fitter than others. I think that is what it shows.

  32. Shotta @ 12.10 pm, you’ve answered your own question. If “the chief blog whore” says it, you know it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the sheep fall into line.

  33. maturks,
    I do not concur at all.
    English = overpriced, overhyped & give no guarantee of loyalty (re: Rooneyboy)
    Leave the foreign vs domestic argument alone dude..its too right-wing (sad but re: Norway)

    overall team chemistry is more important than anything else. A great player who doesn’t want to stay becomes drags down the whole group. I do not make my opinions based on popular opinion but from the 1st half of the game last night I fully believe we will effortlessly manage without Cesc & Samir. We’d need to reinforce but it’d force each player to be more responsible.

    I asked the Q, what I’d do with 60m would be:

    Samba -11m (experience, calm, aerially great CB)
    DM? 8-13m (feel we need a true defensive DM, anyone?)
    Enrique 8m

    Campbell – 3m
    Oxlade – 9m

    (post-Emirates cup, if we are same as we are now)
    Free Diaby (& Traore) defensive
    Keep NikB if we sell Chamakh
    Use Lansbury, Miquel, JET, Afobe, Oxlade, Campbell in CC & upload the best of ’em to 1st tea (in 2nd half of season)
    Sell Almunia
    Loan out Bartley for a final year @Rangers..bring him back (if hot) 2012/13

    We’d be left with:


    Carve out a 1st 25, make Verm or RvP captain, and start the season well..
    2 wins+1draw, group stage qualification…look brightly into the future!

  34. @shotta – agree with you re: Cesc, and to a lesser extent Nasri (the goodwill is running down), but it just feels as if we have no real choice with Cesc. If he doesn’t want to play for us enough, we really should let him go, both for the money and his unsettling influence. Nasri we shall see just how greedy he is –
    On another note, and a slightly disturbing and disgusting one, went on Le Grove earlier [ well, Yogi was later than usual..ahem] and the blogger suggested we buy Shawcross!!..without the least hint of irony. For the first and last time I registered my disgust, and will no doubt have been showered with moronic vitriol by now. Madness this summer!

  35. Free Diaby (& Traore) less defensive

    Eboue, Traore, Diaby would have flexible roles (alternating btw attack & defence depending on game needs)

    We can only deal with what we have.
    It’d be perfect if we could sell Samir to a team outside the EPL

  36. Maturk, come back in a few years when some of our current British youngsters start getting tapped up by the latest rich kid on the block.

  37. Update : They didn’t remove my comment that their site was a disgrace , but oh so wittily have attributed nonsense to my name.(Tony – I used my real name) Feel the rage coming on!

  38. For the more discerning amongst you, there’s a very interesting article in the Observer today, by Tim Adams, called “How The Internet Created The Age of Rage”.

  39. thanks Magneto, hope it explains my anger at Samir, Cesc & all DOOMERS!!!

    should be OFFICIAL POLICY to get rid off any players that don’t want to play for us anymore or want to force the club to adjust its salary structure to suit their needs for a bigger car, house or platinum jet skis!!!

    Oh yeah, f**k THE AGENTS too!!! Leeches

  40. I have to question the intelligence of anyone who reads Le Grove.That includes me,I used to laugh at it thinking it was satire.Honestly I thought they were trying to be humorous .Never thought for a moment it was intended as real.
    Aman,Are you also being funny?

  41. Oh I forgot ….i’d also buy EDEN HAZARD (with the balance + money from other sales)

  42. Yes & no george r, i’m close to saturated with all the bs.
    Need this Summer to end quick.

    2011/12 SQUAD:

    Carve out a 1st 25 & a CC team from this lot…be done with it.

    excerpt from the Guaardian article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/jul/24/internet-anonymity-trolling-tim-adams

    “When we think about difficult users there are two kinds,” Wales said, with the same kind of weariness as Moderatrix. “The easy kind is someone who comes in, calls everyone Nazis, starts wrecking articles. That is easy to deal with: you block them, and everyone moves on. The hard ones are people who are doing good work in some respects but are also really difficult characters and they annoy other people, so we end up with these long intractable situations where a community can’t come to a decision. But I think that is probably true of any human community.”

  43. Rooney held Man U to ransom.He was despicable ,fans outside his house threatening violence.,He then signed a new deal,scored an overhead shinner,and the fans killed him.
    Oh wait!!!
    No they didn’t,they forgot all about it and cheered him as if he was Duncan Edwards reborn.
    Cesc or indeed Samri have done nowhere near this level of cuntish behavior and yet some are calling for their heads on sticks.
    On top of that none of us actually know the truth about either situation.

  44. Nice post Yogi, as always your writing style is excellent and enjoyable to read. Did not get a chance to watch the game yesterday.

    Gervinho sounds like a great addition. The team really needs a poacher. Part of the reason the red Manc’s score more goals then we do despite the fact that we have more talent is their ability to create easy goals. Chicharito was the master of the 3 yard tap in and they score more set piece and scrappy goals which do not require as much elegant technical skill. More set piece goals and may be tapping in some rebounds etc. would surely help us. We can still score our trademark beautiful goals and I see no reason why beautiful football and supplemental “ugly” goals have to be mutually exclusive. I suspect we are still going to concede more goals then the other teams around us in the top of the table so we will have to score a lot more goals then we have been for the last several years to compensate. Our trademark beautiful football creates chances but they are usually not simple chances. Improving our poaching ability and other less elegant forms of scoring could be the ticket to glory.

  45. Bill ,how are we going to score these goals if we are camped in our own half defending?

    Just kidding

  46. George:

    No you’re not. (little smiley face)

  47. on another subject…..
    To listen to Stewart Robsen for 90 minutes….Arsenal will need to pay me. What a C*NT.

  48. Why do they have him?His voice alone is shit and he is a proper negative git.
    Nigel Worthington is far better

  49. Interesting and rather nice event for Thierry Henry and the fact that he is leading Major League Soccer in North America with ten goals.

  50. I agree with Mr. Rodger. We do not know what is really going on with CF and SN. All we have to go on is what we see in the papers, and everyone knows that that is totally unreliable.

    For all we know, CF is actually injured.

    AFC policy to conduct its transfers in private, hence nothing has been and will be heard concerning what is really happening, either from them or anyone else, because that is the way it should be done.

    Buying a suitable player is not like popping into Tesco’s for a pint of milk. We expect purchases to be of adequate abilities and to be able to bring to our team qualities we do not have, or not have enough of, or of the standard to replace players that are going.

    Anything worse than that is not worth considering, no matter how much they may cost.

    Buying Samba or Cahill will not solve the short term defensive situation, if there is one, because they will have to develope with the existing players, which can take months. In the meantime, whilst they are not yet fitted in with our style and system, do they sit on the bench?

    Who spends £15m for a player to sit on the bench, (apart from barca that is, who, the press would have it, seem to be prepared to spend much more that that for FBm to do just that)?

    Frankly, I am not convinced that they really want him at all, but feel that they are using the publicity that they are creating about CF, as a smokescrean for the player they really want.

  51. These are the sort of comments that LeGrove allow. Disgusting!!!

    tony says:
    July 24, 2011 at 14:52

    wenger i hope u die u lie pedo. shagin ur mum is what u call a busy summer. just die like amy winehouse.

  52. jjgsol..sounds a lot like wishful thinking bro.

    believe CF is actually injured but this doesn’t change the fact that he wants to go to Barca. Also don’t see any more smokescreen..they’ve got Sanchez already and are offloading auxillary players like 1-a-week to add more money to buy Cesc.

    buying Samba+ will alter our defensive situation. There isn’t too much to “our style” that a good defender won’t be able to adapt to within a month. It will also make the coaching staff adjust some of their tactics to make best use of the new signing(s)

    A big club buys good players and selectively rotates them depending on the opponent for the day whether they were bought for £15m or £100m…

    I just think we have too much work to do in such a short amount of time that we cannot afford to continue with this bullshit!

  53. I think Cesc is gone this summer, thats why we will hang on to Nasri. Losing both would be seen as very damaging, regardless of who came in.

    I doubt the story linking us with a £25m and Alcantara swap deal for Cesc. Although that would be a good deal, IMO.

    I also think we should sign Scott parker! If for no other reason than it would really mess with the hacks and pundits heads! It would kill them!

    Lets do it Arsene!

    THis coming weel will see a lot of action I think. Incoming and outgoings.

    I am disapointed about the JET being sold rumours, hope they are baseless

  54. Aman:

    Top post.


    Agree with Aman regarding your last paragraph.

    Much as I appreciate the lead in and love to debate the subject of defenders I think best to leave alone today.

  55. Frogman

    That shit doesnt surprise me. It has always been an anti-Wenger blog. That has been its raison d’etre from the very outset. They tried to hide behind it being an Arsenal blog at first. Now they dont even try and hide their agenda.

    The secret’s in the name, its a fucking horrible site, for cunts to spew shite like that. Its a shame that there are actually decent Gooners on there who have been sold on the ideal that if you dont criticise all the time, then you aint a realist.

    The hatred and anger is depressing. The online Gooner is as bad. I stopped buying that irgan ages ago.

  56. Wiser, more mature minds put things in context and can handle the intrigue, delays & long negotiations better than most of the young 18-26 year olds that currently make up the bulk of our team, fans, internet generations.

    It is all so unsettling, too unsettling in fact.
    needs to be nipped asap!

  57. Frogman.Leave it out mate ,that is one of their more positive posters and clearly smarter that the average,
    It is not like they don’t monitor posts either.If you rubbish their opinion,and that really would not be difficult,your post is either deleted, or altered to make appear as stupid as they clearly are.
    The utterly obnoxious leading the ridiculously thick.

  58. I think we will sign either Cahill or Jagielka. Then those contstantly bitching about is signing a defender can shut the fuck up, well at least till the new CB loses his marker at a corner!

  59. Will people stop advocating selling our best player.
    What are you guts on?
    Pass the pipe or stop doing my tree in
    I repeat Rooney’s antics did not unsettle United so why will Cesc,doing fuck all by the way,upset us.
    People ,stop thinking you can out think Arsene.

  60. He’s gone George, not advocating it, just telling you like it is man!

    Its really good shit by the way. 😀

  61. Dexter,Shove Parker where the sun don’t shine
    FFS lose Cesc and get Parker and you will have another doomer on your hands

  62. You just have to listen to Wenger’s latest comments George. Even he isnt sounding too confident. Its happening mate, just trying to prepare you so its not too much of a shock for you.

  63. He has not gone,hes not ,I don’t believe it,I wont,fuck off and leave me alone

  64. Parker? Oh I just want to sign him to piss off the Hansen’s, Liptons and Woolnoughs man. Nasri will be Cesc’s direct replacement. Ramsey too and Arshavin. Cesc is a marvelous player and has been a great servant, the only thing that is keeping him here is Barca being so fucking cheap and classless. Once their offer is acceptable to the club and Wenger, he will be sold. That has always been the case mate.

  65. Blimey george, you sound like you are in denial there! 😀

    Chill out dude.

  66. no no no no no fuck off lalalalalalalalalalalal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nasri can never replace him ever ever ever.Andrei ok If he gets the gig then i will be calm

  67. We would play at a higher tempo and be more direct with Andrei orchestrating things.But lose possession more often .

  68. George. It is just a shame that something cannot be done about it! The entire blog and it’s owners should be banned.
    Not living in England or being British, I read a lot of the daily blogs and that one takes the cake! Purely disgusting.

  69. Hahaha!

    Actually, signing Mata makes sense dont it? Arshavin gets the central gig on rotation with the other 2 I mentioned, Mata, Gervinho, THeo, Vela, Nasri, Arshavin and possibly Ryo get the wide berth gigs.

  70. That hahahaha of mine was direwcted at George’s lalalala BTW.

  71. If Cesc really still has hamstring problems it’s not surprising that BBB is relucant to splash 40M pounds on him. If this injury thing is a smokescreen, couldn’t they have come up with a different physical problem? Maybe they could have Cesc nursing a severe case of toenail fungus, or perhaps sporadic bouts of hiccups. The hamstring thing makes me wonder if he’ll ever play more than a half season whether he stays or goes to BBB.

  72. We could sit back a little more ,lure them out and BANG .Counter with the little tsar running riot and shredding teams asunder.
    Yes sell the fucker i am in.

  73. Nice one George. Welcome aboard! 😀

  74. Dexter:

    agree with you about JET. Appears to have so much potential. However, last thing the squad needs is someone who isn’t fully committed or somehow feels entitled. Not sure if thats the truth about him but certainly those are the rumors.

    Scotty Parker. Yeah!!! We have technical talent by the boat loads. committment and energy!!

  75. How To Get Super Rich In Less Than 4 Years Without Doing Fuck All.

    Written by Abou Diaby & Tomáš Rosický.

    Available at WH Smiths, Audrey Muggins, and other leading bookstores.

  76. No sympathy for to young men unable to fulfill their talent?
    Perhaps they are feigning injury,pair of twats.

  77. Dexter – After years of similar transfer stories with Viera and Henry, long before they were ever let go by the club, one would expect that any supporter with any white jelly between their two ears would never be surprised by summer destabilization of our best players by other clubs, players themselves and their agents. Didn’t Wenger hold unto them until they had peaked? Wasn’t Viera primed to go in the summer of 2002 and 2003? If Wenger didn’t hold onto Viera, would we have had the Invincibles? Despite evidence that both players wanted to go to pastures new, long before we sold the, did we paint them as traitors?
    Of course not. That is why I find similar attempts to stir up animosity about both players pathetic and child-like. Equally the sheer stupidity of the idea that you should rush them out of the club ASAP because they can be easily replaced by August 31st.
    Unlike you Dex, I will go by experience and common-sense. Wenger will try to hang unto both players, because with players of this quality (like Viera and Henry) you are guaranteed to win a title sooner or later. As supporters we should hold out for this possibility until it is credibly and factually impossible.
    In the mean time let us ridicule the chief blog whore and his fellow-travelers. They are simply trolling for more hits on their web sites using sensationalism and doom mongering. The chief whore makes no secret of his ambition, to monetize his presence on the web. Not “effen brilliant” in my estimation.

  78. Is there any update on wheather Ryo is geting a work permit or is he gona have to go on loan again?

  79. Just had the biggest derby in Kenya today. Watch out for the name Edwin Lavatsa. In a couple of years he’ll be better than Odemwinge!

  80. Yes Shotta ,well said,
    Dexter ,you have led me up the garden path.
    Just so you know where i now am on this “I’m out” (said in my best Duncan Bannatyne voice)

  81. OK, I will buy it. Who is this ‘Chief Blog Whore’?

    BTW, the usual definition of a ‘whore’ is a female prostitute, so did you mean ‘whoremonger’, perhaps, which is defined as a sexually promiscuous man? 🙂

  82. Nice post as usual YW. Nice way to sum up all these stupid rumors. Have to say though, feels kind of depressing reading the comments section. Honestly I might aswell be reading the comments from two months ago!! Still saying buy Samba FFS! What we really need is for someone to step up, open their ficking mouths and start ripping their fellow players a new one every time they make a mistake. It is all fine and dandy saying Jenks looked like he cared but it is the keepers fault if he comes running off his line without giving a roar to his fucking defenders to leave it. Watch it again, that did not happen. Why? Dammed if I know! All Jenks had to do was either let it bounce and then head it back to his keeper or simply block the defender and let his keeper come and claim it. The choice depends on if Szeszny calls for it or not. Same goes for our CB’s. When they see the midfield charge forward and see Song decide to go charging after them, they should give a shout and get him to hold back. I get fed up watching as 7or 8 players go tearing off up field leaving 15 yard gap between them and our defensive line which screams counter attack!! It’s like watching the under 8’s in the park on the weekend. You know where one kid gets the ball and starts running with it and he has 19 more kids running after him? One player is all we need to just stop and hold back a bit as that would at least give us a link between the defense and the rest of the team. We do not need Samba or anyone like him. We just need one of our own to grow the necessary balls to do what Vidic, Terry, Rio do on a daily basis as.if it is second nature.

  83. Red Arse,I believe he means Arseblog

  84. And just in case nobody has noticed, yes I am cranky and hungover and DAMMIT WOMAN I WANT SOME BREAKFAST!!!!!

  85. Irish,has that late night put you in a bad mood?

  86. Thanks George. Unusual personalisation of a blog, so I won’t bother with my next excruciating question, ‘what’s his going rate?’ — not that I’m interested — obviously —- but bloggers need to know these things! 🙂

  87. So I shall take it no one actually read Arseblog this morning because if they did I would think you would agree with almost everything he said. Especially the rant against Robson.

    George – Yes, am feeling very, whats the word, SENSITIVE today so I shall ask all those I argue with and insult in the next hour or two for some understanding, your indulgence even. Not that I give a shit( See!! Told ya, cranky!) but it is nice to be nice.

  88. I have been ‘victimised’ by Le Grove in the past by explaining the illogical and scatological nature of the comments to certain bloggers on there.

    I was reprimanded by Pedro for ‘educational elitism’ (presumably I could spell), and then later for ‘intellectual bullying’ (I explained to some malcontent that some of the more disgusting descriptions of AW were socially and biologically inaccurate), and then my comments were deleted and I was dumped into ‘moderation’.

    From the above, it seems I was not the only one! 🙂

  89. IrishG,

    Always good (and very fair) for you to warn us in advance of your intention to insult us and hurt our feelings. Very ‘sensitive’ of you. 🙂

    I cannot stick around this a.m. but now that I have found you, and GeorgeR, I will be back, in the future, to exchange a little badinage with you both! 🙂

    Please note that I am neither educated nor intellectual so treat me gently, please! 🙂

  90. Shotta That was well pompous, thanks!

    I dont know why you felt compeeled to go on about Wenger’s ability to keep our best players? We all know he has done that job better than most. In Cesc’s case, the lad is obviously torn between his love for Arsenal and Wenger and his desire to return to Catalunia.

    If and when Barca actually make a decent offer, then we’ll have our answer.

    Thats what the blancmange in between my ears says, anyway.

  91. George

    Have you switched sides again? Look, you are either in the “fuck cesc off now coz we know better than Wenger” camp or not buster!

  92. I have to say until this morning I do not think I fully appreciated the awkwardness of AW’s position in the Cesc affair. I mean on one hand he obviously wants to keep our most talented player but on the other has such a bond with him, he must feel very deeply how much playing for Barfa means to him. Only a moment ago I had to make a similar decision. Hungry and hungover(hungryover? No? Ok then) I found myself standing in front of an open fridge and discovered my own “Cesc affair” or to be more exact “leftovers affair”. Did I dive back in to what was left of yesterdays Fiery Hawaiian Pizza or did I want a newer, fresher replacement? Could I last the 30 God awfully long minute delivery time or just pig out there and then?

    I decided to eat a slice while I made my mind up. 🙂

    But like I said it gave me a look into what AW must be going through. Hang in there Arsene, this is not a decision you can rush. I know because I have been there and lived to tell the tale.

  93. Irishg

    As long as Barca piss about with their constant tapping up in the media and derisory offers for him, then there wont be any decision for Wenger to have to make on Cesc dude.

    I like the way you dealt with the leftover situation too man! 😀

  94. shotta..
    vieira and henry didnt leave becuase we won trophies..

    if we win trophies we keep our best players 99.999 % of the time..

    if we dont..they piss off and play for somebody else who does…

    world class players want to play with other world class players and win things..

    the difference now is we dont win anything..and we have very few world class players..so when the likes of city and utd and barca come calling..what exactley is there to stay for??? loyalty?? lol…no such thing..

  95. @ Red Arse – Fuck off 🙂

    @ Dex – Why thank you sir, you are too kind.

    I see George pissed off, probably bra shopping 🙂

  96. JJ, So we buy a team full of world class players then they can keep each other happy?

    And bear in mind no matter how much we spend City and Chelsea can and will still out spend us

  97. Dexter I am going to stay in the “I don’t quite know as much as Arsene”camp for now

  98. JonJon – what do you mean we have very few world class players? Almost every one of our players is an international, therefore world class. What a stupid Hansen-like thing to say!!! Christ man if you are going to come out with a statement, do some fucking research man.

  99. “It is all fine and dandy saying Jenks looked like he cared but it is the keepers fault if he comes running off his line without giving a roar to his fucking defenders to leave it. Watch it again, that did not happen. Why? Dammed if I know! All Jenks had to do was either let it bounce and then head it back to his keeper or simply block the defender and let his keeper come and claim it. The choice depends on if Szeszny calls for it or not. Same goes for our CB’s. When they see the midfield charge forward and see Song decide to go charging after them, they should give a shout and get him to hold back.”

    Cranky or not, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s the same reason for that mix up between Szczesny and Koscielny in the CC final that derailed our season last time.

  100. Some people will do anything for 20 pence

  101. Makes you wonder what they would do for a Dairy Lee Triangle!!?

  102. we dont need a team full of world class players..
    the invincibles werent full of world class players but we need more than what we have now..
    and everyone outspends us..

    but city and chelsea outspend manu but that dont stop fergie does it..

  103. Hahahaha! George you are so spot on!

    At this rate Passenal will be intentionally knobbling Szczesny! Throwing things at him, shouting abuse to distract him!

    That own goal was 100% Jekns’! He was miles from the goal! leave it out Passenal!

    I can forgive Irishgray, he is stupid and hungover! 😀

    Irishg; That bra comment made me wee a bit! Thanks alot pal!

  104. Undermining an Arsenal player for monetary gain!

    You sure you aint a football agent Passenal?

  105. Whoops, a little too much info there! 😀

  106. irish
    thats a very stupid thing to say..

    just cos a player is an international dont make him world class..most international teams are shit…

    did u watch the last world cup?? the footy was crap..

  107. senderos plays for switz..is he world class?

    world class is a term used to describe a player who could play in any team in the world..not a player whos got 4 caps for san marino…

    maybe you should do your research eh?

  108. The daily star report claims we are trying to recoup the 15m we paid for Chamakh by selling him to PSG. The only problem is we got Chamakh on a free transfer, so much for fact checking and good journalism.

  109. JJ No ,they are only now starting to outspend him.City I mean.And they will start to fail because they have less world class players than us.And soon the refs will be giving them less and his only advantage will be all his managerial cronies.

  110. How many world class at United JJ?

  111. i dont know as much as arsene camp..

    lol quality comment.. 😉

  112. Let me answer JJ .None ,not a fucking one.

  113. i agree with dexter@hotmail.com. It was one of the best own goals ever. 100% Jenks error.
    Would be nice to see Ryo score soon won’t it?

  114. see now george..now we getting into dark territory talking about utd players and comaring them to ours..but they won the league and we just about finished 4th..

    but id say that they had the PL top scorer who couldnt even get into there first team…

    their secret last year was having a top gk..a top cb..three top strikers and a midfield that ran its bollox off..

    be interesting to see how they do this year without vds though..im not convinced about that de gea kid…

  115. I disagree with dexter@hotpants.com He is a trouble maker

  116. i think if PL teams test de gea early on…long shots crosses and generally rough him up abit ..we could see him crumble..if he makes a few mistakes early doors and everyone keeps targetting him…he could cost utd the league..

    we all know how much teams need a top keeper on top of his game to win things..if de gea gets a baptism of fire it could be over for utd before its really started..

  117. Hahaha! Stop it, the pair of yous!

  118. was very impressed with gervinho id ike to add..early days still but he looked hungry..hope he keeps that hunger right through the season..we dont need anymore players who’s heads drop as soon as they dont get picked or they lose the ball and have to defend..

  119. Dexter – Hope you where wearing your Huggies mate!!!

  120. That link is too a very nice tattoo of Wayne Rooney and Andy Carrol on vacation together.

    Or whatever funny caption you guys can come up with as my brain is still a bit fried.

  121. I dread to think what that dude’s got tattooed on his rear end man!

  122. Bradys right foot

    Anybody seen the comments section on Le Grave recently seems to be completely unmoderatted its a sess pit. Sailing very close to the wind with malicious defamatory every other post seems to be a Wenger paedo jibe.

  123. Dexter | July 24, 2011 at 5:01 pm
    I can live with “pompous” if that was my greatest failing. But I didn’t find any disagreement between us in the rest of your post.
    Most of my ire was not aimed at you BTW but at the chief blog whore and his echo chamber who cavalierly opine that we can be a better team without two of our best players

  124. Most of my ire was not aimed at you BTW but at the chief blog whore and his echo chamber who cavalierly opine that we can be a better team without two of our best players

    feck..i agree with shotta 🙂
    first time in…ever..i think

    not so much about the blog thing ive got no beef with them although i must emphasise i do not blog on there 🙂 but you general opinion that we will be a better side without our key guys..
    cesc is the best playmaker in the world..anywhere..i saw a thing on sky the other day and overall he has more goals assists and passes completed than xav and iniesta over a period of the last 5 years..

    and hes not even 25 yet..replacing him will not come cheap financially and it wouldnt come from a youunger player from within either..the chances are though that wenger will opt for the latter as the former is not the arsenal way..it would cost too much money..

    nasri has to stay too..nasri showed enough last year to suggest that if he and cesc played together in the same team on top of their games for 770-80% of the season we would probably, most certainly win a major honour

    cant keep selling our top boys all the time..

  125. Yes.
    Clearly, the Czeh captain thought that a two year sabbatical was just what his career needed in his mid-twenties.

    What in Bebe’s name is happening to my beloved Arsenal?

  126. shotta

    Calling your post pompous wasnt serious and we definitely have no beef man. Of course, Cesc staying would be the best thing for Arsenal. I hope it transpires that way. I just think it is looking increasingly unlikely this summer.


    I saw that graphic on SSN had on the 3 of them. He battered them didnt he!

  127. whoops.

    That was a reply of sorts for the groaning clone @ 3:58.

  128. Well, the atmosphere at the ground was great. 45,000 there ot see the match.

    Koln proved to be quite a tidy side I thought, and god opposition for a pre-seaosn game. Gervinho looked decent with not really enough time to show what he is all about. He took his goals very well though, and looked pretty direct. Promising start.

    Ramsey had a bit of a shocker, and does not really seem to have very good spacial awareness. He gets caught from behind quite often. Jenkinson looked OK, but a little out of his depth I thought. Hardly surprising though as he has very little pro football at any level behind him. The OG was just one of those things though.

    Frimpong looked very good yesterday. If he goes into a 50/50 tackle you just expect him to win the ball. God engine as well. Gibbs did fairly well also. Wilshere was the best player on the pitch by some distance. Excellent player. Chamakh looked really our of sorts.

    RvP and Arshavin both showed some nice touches when they came on. Arshavin was shooting on sight which was nice to see.

  129. Hey Hotpants that is an invalid Email you scallywag.

  130. finsbury ,Unbelievable .as if they want to be injured.
    I would have thought they might prefer to play football.But it seems they are naught but leaches

  131. dex
    i was shocked mate..
    ive always been in the camp that cesc wouldnt get into the barca team..but he would..

    i can see a midfield of cesc biscuits xavi and a forward line of pedro messi iniesta…

    he’d walk into that team..hes the best whether the barca fans want him or not..
    theres a reason guardiola wants him and its not cos hes catalan or to sit on the bench…

  132. Andy ,it is different at the ground but Mr. Jenks did not look out of his depth to me.
    I will bow to your view from the stand though

  133. Well you two chancers are not very good judges then are you?
    I always knew Cesc was better than Xavi and Iniesta.
    So you two should defer to my superior football knowledge in future.

  134. “At this rate Passenal will be intentionally knobbling Szczesny! Throwing things at him, shouting abuse to distract him!”

    Don’t need to, I’m just one of the few that can see his feet of clay. He’s a promising young goal keeper, but he’s not half as good as he thinks he is, yet! I just don’t understand why he is exempt from criticism when he is part of the shakey defence and had it been any other Arsenal goal keeper it would be a different story.

  135. George – Not slagging him mate. He did fairly well for a guy of his experience. Plus he still may be a bit overawed by his surroundings. Not bad by any means, but one for the future as opposed to one we would want to rely on should Sagna get injured.

    Wilshere was excellent. Always had time on the ball. There was one bit in the first half when Theo and Ryo both was running at their full back on a break. Felt sorry for him; some serious pace on offer there!

    It was noticable that we went 100% zonal on set pieces. Not a fan myself, but glad to see we are trying something different to remedy the problem.

  136. deferred 🙂

  137. GA, have to agree with you for once. I know everyone wants to see young English players do well for Arsenal, but I thought people were over-rating Jenkinson’s contribution yesterday. He was raw and it was him and Gibbs who were leaving acres of space behind them to allow the opposition chances. I would rather keep Eboue as back up to Sagna for another year to allow him time to develop.

  138. andy
    agree with that opinion..
    not bothered about how we mark them as long as its different from before

  139. Oh no, I was just looking forward to watching the Copa America final until they announced the commentator – I just can’t get away from Robson!

  140. Gibbs did fairly well, and despite what I was saying the other day was biting into the tackle nicely. Was slightly frustrating to see that when he did get caught forward he didn’t exactly bust a gut to get back. Him and Arshavin on the left would be a serious worry for me.

  141. Cesc is the best but alas he might be leaving us.
    I’m done shedding tears over his possible exit.
    One more year Cesc is now, “hurry the f**k up with the 40 big ones Catalunya
    We have work to do, players to assimilate & teamwork to upgrade.
    You are selfishly wasting our time
    Classless best team in the world!”

    Jenks’ a gem Andy, definitely not out of his depth
    Probably just needs more games & experienced leadership to calm down a bit more.
    Own goal? kinda like his baptism..”glad thats out of the way..get on with it kid”.

    Big up to AW for Jenks & Ryo!

  142. i doubt jenkinson will be in the first team next year..he might go out on loan depending on eboue …but hes defo not ready..not by along shot hes not even in the top 5 cb’s at the minute at the club and if wenger goes out and gets a cb like he said he would jenkinson wont even get a sniff in the cups..

    lb is sorted with gibbs traore and tv and and rb we have sagna and eboue and i cant see eboue leaving..hes happy to be 2nd choice rb and i dont think many ppl would argue with it really..
    we signed jenkinson cos we have no obvious rb coming thru the reserves so weve bought one..

    its not even worth looking too much into his performances at this stage..

  143. Jenkinson is a good prospect, thats why we signed him. It wasnt because he has shown he is ready for top flight football yet. But the signs most definitely are promising.

    If Eboue was fit and Coquelin wasnt going off to the U20 WC, then he might have even been in the tour party. Considering all that, he did really well.

    Our fullbakcs are obviously instructed to get forward at every opportunity, we just need to get a balance between defence and offence, which also involves our midfield not all forgetting their defensive duties either.

  144. Am I the only one to read ALL the posts before posting myself?
    Well I say all .I mean most.
    Well i say most I mean most of the posters I like .
    Well I say like in an internet mates sort of a way.

  145. FFS andy, its pre-fucking-season man. Gibbs not busting a gut? Give me fucking strength. You really are a miserable sod.

  146. Aman – My thoughts on him were nothing to do with the OG. That was just one of those things I think. He looked like one of our reserves playing in the first team. Not a criticism, that was just the way it looked (and is probably).

  147. Dexter – I would still expect him to attempt to get back into position once he gets caught out. I will tell you what; I will alter my post just for you. This is not how it was, but I know how much of a flap you get into should somebody not offer 3000% praise for one of our players. God forbid I should mention what I sat and watched.

    “Gibbs, was amazing. As soon as he lost the ball you could see it was his goal in life to get back and win the ball at all costs. We should play Arshavin ahead of Gibbs, as Gibbs does not need any cover such is his desire.”


  148. Our fullbakcs are obviously instructed to get forward at every opportunity, we just need to get a balance between defence and offence, which also involves our midfield not all forgetting their defensive duties either.

    Well we don’t have wingers so they dammed well better had.Otherwise we would have no width.

    I am on a roll tonight.Talking tactics and everything

  149. Forgot to mentioned TV5. Very good. Confirmed to me that we really should not be playing him at left back though as he is far too important to the center of our defense.

  150. Andy.did you buy a sense of humour at the ground?
    Because that was very funny.

  151. George – 🙂

    Unfortunatly I ended up sat with the Koln fans. I managed to keep my identity a secret, even when we scored! In the 2nd half though Arsahavin got fouled in the box, and to me looked an obvious pen (not seen any replays…anybody?). I stood and screamed “it must be a pen, ref REFFFFFF” Only to realise everybody was staring at me. Oops.

  152. Jack’s developed that same magic Cesc has in the midfield where he gives the ball to someone, and when they give it straight back to him he’s somehow in the middle of about 15 yards of space where before there was none. I can’t even imagine how good he’s gonna be in a few years time.

  153. evening all!!!!

  154. GA

    You just dont get it do you? I spent most of last season watching my team’s chances disintegrate before my eyes. The fact you still think i cannot handle people critiquing the players then you are thicker than even I imagined and I have a really creative imagnation.

    Your natural position is that of a tedious old fart, that Harry Enfield character springs to mind.back in abit.

  155. What I did like about Jenkinson is his obvious desire to do well – he will run himself into the ground for this team, but maybe he just needs to calm down and think before he acts sometimes. I’m sure that will come with experience.

  156. Here you are andy;

  157. anyone watching the final?
    1-o urug

  158. Heu Kamran, yeah watching it dude

  159. All good Andy, we’ll see how the lad shapes up in the next 3 matches. Hope to see Eboue & Traore too. Oh and more Vito…oh yes, more Vito.

  160. 2-0 uruguay..
    suarez on fire. my calls coming true. should have made a punt. hope paraguay can make a game of it.. 🙂

  161. how old is diego now… 35?

  162. Hello George – just a few things before I shut the hell up about that other site, and yeah, understand what you mean about being stupid to go there, but this a.m I thought, well atleast they can’t be negative about the match, may as well see some sunshine from them… Well, call me naive/stupid etc., but was genuinely shocked at the tone, and the crap atop the shite of seriously thinking Shawcross would be an Arsenal player – it’s really rather sad that we have come to this pass, where Arsenal fans have so much hatred towards each other, rather than keeping the vitriol for other teams, and although it’s pathetic ‘keyboard warriors’ over there and, apparently on a few other sites aswell, I just hope it doesn’t spread to the support at the emirates (the away fans are always supportive – so far) ~ more booing of our own, maybe some nasty chants about AW; who knows ? It’s just unhealthy. Anyway, put that one to bed..
    Well done Amir Khan, Lewis Hamilton and the cricketers btw – great two days of sport.

  163. dex i used to cry laughing watching him
    mr chumley warner.. lol
    there was a few that had me rolling..tim nice but dim..and that im considerably wicher than you, fella..

    do u remember that geordie player that was argentinian..think paul whitehouse was tht guy..he made me laugh too..

  164. that fine.

  165. Jose Arrogantio ? Or ‘jumpers for goalposts’ Ron Manager ? Classic stuff..

  166. 3-0 game over.

  167. suarez, motm..

  168. lol both of them..

  169. the most balanced team in the tournment. hard tacklers too..

  170. Nah, sorry JJ< cdont know who you mean mate.


  171. Prepare for the Liverpool love in now that Suarez has ‘won’ the Copa America!

  172. “i doubt jenkinson will be in the first team next year..he might go out on loan depending on eboue …but hes defo not ready..not by along shot hes not even in the top 5 cb’s at the minute at the club and if wenger goes out and gets a cb like he said he would jenkinson wont even get a sniff in the cups..”

    Isn’t he a right back?

  173. James ,he can play both LB and CB

  174. Uruguay with a population of 3.5 million have shown what can be achieved on the world stage. They reached the semi-final of last years world cup and have now won a record 15th Copayment America Cup. Hats off to them and well done to Diego Forlan. It feels like he has been around forever, what a player. Some much needed humility for both Argentina and especially Brasil. Well done Uruguay!!!

  175. Ahahahahahahahahaha “copayment” now that is funny!! Stupid auto spell on my stupid I-pad!! Copa is obviously what I meant.

  176. full time
    CHITTY 1-1 la galaxy
    keep spending that money.. one of these days you might get the right chem. 😉

  177. Kamran – Lol personally I think all they need is a new CB, DM and a new striker, and get rid of some of the dead weight……..that sounds eerily familiar, I wonder why!? Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………….

  178. Irishgray,its deadwood and we need a new defensive coach .Get with the program will you

  179. bslloteli is gona get shipped out.
    out of control

  180. ‘How many will leave the club? I said from the start I will fight to keep everybody. Nicklas Bendtner might go and Emmanuel Eboue might go. They can talk to clubs, but the rest I will fight.’
    Looks like Jenks might well be Sagna’s deputy then.

  181. eboue is good all around player and he has no problem being number 2 or 3… good to keep around..

  182. two players that might join Deni are , alumnia , CESE. that will be all. if BARKA can up their bid to market price..

  183. Kamran

    Not me saying that mate, its Wenger.

  184. Patrice Evra is a cunt

  185. Simple & to the point.

  186. I wonder what goes through Balotelli’s head sometimes.

    Although I recall our boy Alex Song pulling some stupid shit in front of goal in the game on saturday. Similar to that one play last year where Song did the fancy little flick in front of goal and the ball (thankfully) rolled past the goalie. Next time just slot it the fuck home Alex!!

  187. I agree with Mancini in that any player, regardless of his standing in the team should give his all but at the same time both managers and players keep stressing that it is preseason and not the real thing. It as usual will be blown out of all proportion by the media. Still any upset in the Middle Eastlands is welcome in my eyes.

  188. The Forlans’ are an amazing sports specimen. Granddad, Dad and Son have all won the Copa America. Three generations. Amazing!

  189. mario actually squared off with one teammates and then with roberto.. massive chip on that ones shoulder. galaxy outplayed the skyblues for most of the game. they only lost out on pks..

  190. diego forlan amazes me . ferret face just wasn’t the coach to get the best out of him. he must be in his early thirties now.

  191. What a player Forlan is. In terms of ability to get set pieces on target, only Juninho and perhaps C.Ronaldo come close that I can recall.

    I despise that Suarez, but he is one impressive player too. Liverpool have a gem there….

  192. true on both counts, although i don’t see the reasons behind so much dislike of suarez. strong striker he is. hope he doesnt have a big year at liverpool.

  193. Do any of you Premier League teams have any spare players to help Leeds United out?
    We have a few Premier League class players but need a whole new defence and almost a whole midfield, barring Howson of course!

  194. ask man shitty, they got shitloads.

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