Something In The Air, The Unforgiven & Transfer Gossip

Arsenal travelled to Germany yesterday with a familiar scent in their nostrils, the altogether more putrid aroma of transfer gossip. Arsène named his squad, immediately confirming that Bendtner and Almunia have offers to consider and would not be joining next week’s Boot Camp. Neither will Cesc but more on that later.

Equally unsurprising is the absence of Abou Diaby. It is pre-season and he is injured, a familiar refrain. The Frenchman who is high on people’s lists for a clearout, has to be one of the most unfortunate of footballers. Many blame his problems on the injury suffered at Sunderland although it is somewhat of a stretch to believe that to be the cause of the muscular problems. Whatever the case is, his Arsenal career must be one of the most injury-blighted in the club’s history.

Recognising the shortcomings in his squad, Wenger noted that a new defender was high on his “To Do” list. He was careful not to commit to the monster centre back being demanded,

Certainly, we will have to find one more defender. We [are] working on it.  I can promise we work very hard on it. In fairness, everybody looks for players. Everybody looks for the same area and you see that nobody turns up with magic. It’s all about being steady, working very hard on it and being calm as well

Whether he is keeping his options open in case Keiran Gibbs does not work out in the left back spot remains to be seen. Thomas Vermaelen was enthusiastic about the young Englishman’s progress and abilities, supporters seem more reticent. His injury record is the key complaint although some have still not forgotten (or forgiven) his performance at The Emirates in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester United.

The truth is that none of us know how he will manage as Arsenal’s first choice left back until the summer is behind us. Wenger has seen something in the player and Armand Traore to believe that they can provide the required cover for a season. A new centre back may change that with Thomas Vermaelen repeatedly favoured in the position, a square peg in a hexagonal hole.

There are four friendlies left before the trip to Newcastle. Wenger may rotate his team once more today at half-time but is creeping towards playing his first choice XI. Then we will see his ideas, the Asian Tour suggested that Vermaelen at left back is not one of them.

The footballing equivalent of “Are we there yet?“, elicited the same tired parental response from Arsène yesterday. “No movement” was deemed to be encouragement or nothing’s happening, depending upon which media outlet you believe. The expectation is that Fábregas’ hopes of a move will be extinguished in seven days time.

Arsenal, according to the received wisdom, are standing firm on £40m and all cash. Such fortitude is no different to that shown by Southampton over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in January and Everton over Phil Jagielka now. Although it is a novel twist to suggest that he will be a £35m player.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Morning Yogi.

    Gooner SBT pup, needs walking.


    I really hope that after the injury we get THAT Fabianski and not the one that we had before.

  3. i believe arsenal can still do something

  4. Good post & nice job on those links in “are we there yet” 🙂
    Sadly I have become a bit desensitised to the Cesc issue now and closure is all I ask for – one way or other. I cant wait for the real football to start. As far as the defender Wenger’s talking about is concerned. I am not making the mistake of imagining him to be a 6’7″ beast who gobbles up everything in the air & shoulder barges the likes of Carrol & Co. “into row Z” even before they reach our third of the pitch. For all we know, we might get another “experienced leader” in the Silvestre mould (shudders)

  5. another truphless if wenger refuse to sign 4 more players, cahill, samba, ribery and one more midfielder, for nasri to sign

  6. The faith and trust gauge isn’t empty but, it’s slowly draining after seeing and hearing some of the so say going on’s at our club.

    Ivan, bigging himself up over the last few weeks talking about our ambitions and that we have money to sign proper players that will get all the fans on board and make us believe that the people who run our club are serious.

    I know these things take time but, considering how we rolled over waving the white flag during the end of last season, I was hoping the brass would of a couple of signings more at this point in time to take to Germany.

    More worried about hearing reports quoting Wenger, saying that we already have a large a squad? I am so concerned about this if true because we may have a large squad but, 6yrs and counting should by now tell us that the large squad we have isn’t up to winning anything and needs additions.

    Instead we are hearing what I refer to as “stalling talk”. The same talk I have been hearing
    for the past 6yrs which I truly believed up until last season.

    Instead of Wenger, putting his head on a block and taking all sorts of abuse from the media and from some of his own followers, we now have Ivan, who like arry loves a TV camera and loves to chat shit to anybody willing to listen.

    He said we will be making important signings and Wenger, has money to make these signings. The last time we spent real money was on Arshavin, and I can’t remember who else cost us a bit before that but, it was fucking donkey years back.

    I’m not saying we have to buy for the sake of it but, all of the teams that will be fighting for a top four finish have brought in 2/3 players already. How do we expect to compete properly if we haven’t brought in more power when others around us have?

    Well, even though I got the piss ripped out of me by my so called mates yesterday regarding our bid for Phil Jagielka, at least the brass have realised that we need a CB, and we need one fast. This means we have come along way regarding waking up to reality but, I think we need a whole lot more that a CB, to improve on last season.

    A good sign but, why the fuck has it taken so long?

    I hope it’s not the case but, I don’t think Wenger’s bosses take our club seriously in terms of winning trophies and I have seen nothing from them to think otherwise.

    In Wenger, I trust. In Ivan and Co I fucking don’t.

  7. Surely diaby should do the decent thing and retire. We get about 10 games a season from him. Either that or cut our losses and cancel his contract. He wastes a spot in the squad. I’d love to see some stats on his appreances/minutes compared to some other sick notes like ledley king.

  8. arse or brain

    I think it is clear now everyone is worried about diaby,not because of his ability, but his injury record is appalling. It would makes sence if he makes himself unavailable from international at least until he can prove he can stay injury free for a considerable period of time. If he leaves Arsenal because of injury problems his international career will be over anyway

  9. top of the morning,, everyone
    21 days And can you say blackjack … oh Yah. no one else made a move for phil the past three weeks.. either they are asking too much or AW feels time is ripe to make a move for him.. i like him even more than cahill.. he is a good fit for over system and a good ballwinner.. a good FOOTBALLER too… pray the vultures do not desend on him and our negotiations.. pray no injuries today and a good game…

  10. My first ever visit to “Le Grove” website just now and if I didn’t have kids who depend on me I would of slit both my wrist and my throat and bled to death all over my lap top.

    You guy’s think we have doomers on here? Well you ain’t seen nothing like what’s over at Le Grove. I didn’t even know we had supporters like that. Very angry too.

    Saying that I have read some of the points raised on some and they are justified but, some of the others… well.

  11. arsenal shud stop decieving we d fans we nid quality players

  12. arse or brain

    its been said on this site before “le groan” is a spud site its just not worth visiting.supporters may have concerns and disagree with the some of the clubs decisions or even direction but essientially they are still supporters.That is not the case with that site and should be largely ignored.unfortunatly like some sort of american religeous cult it is able to indoctrinate others with its filth.

  13. goonerton relax and leave the grocers to their hatefest.. you are going to stress yourself out.. doing buss. in the t- market takes time and patience. unless you want to burn 20mil on a twenty year old as yet unproven player. ARSENAL are not known for buying titles and trophies. we aim to earn our keep, go kiss your kids and enjoy a stress free weekend mate and leave grovers to their frenchfry making… ARSENE KNOWS, EVERYONE ELSE JUST BLOWS… 🙂

  14. There is a story on the internet that Asenal fans like
    1:Moaning and complaining
    2:Arsenal football club.

  15. one day and one game at a time… ARSENAL 3-1 DC KOLON OR IS IT COLON

  16. Goonerton, im pretty sure that site was set up by the devil himself. They are disgusting human beings i dont ever want to know.

  17. Still have some unrealistic fans on this site who still believe in that useless arsehole Wenger – will you still believe him at the end of next season when we again win nothing – not even a top 4 spot!!

  18. only one way to go about this.. support.the team and manager like a true supporter and let them know you are behind them heart and soul.. and let the team do thwarting and prove it on the pitch,, hopefully that will shut some peoples mouths up, although am not to sure they won’t find something else to bitch about. thanks for the civil war pedro and gerkoff.. thanks a million… backstab basterds

  19. IF Its truethat wenger has said we have a big enough squad.and players are not coming soon.then he should go as this just can’t go on.also on the way out he should have the brain put back in his head he had removed last season

  20. sure as hell not gona disrespect him and the team likwsome of you jerks. why not pick another team to support if you want a sure thing martin

  21. morning YW, looks like we’re being overrun by a herd of dimwits this morning.
    If u have no useful info to comment on this morning please LEAVE!
    There is a site called Le Grove where you’ll fit in perfectly and still be considered Arsenal fans…ok?

    Martin 90?
    nkwocha chima?
    samuel ademuwagun?

    (ps:this is as pleasant as we get here on ACLF)

  22. arse or brain

    martin 90,

    I seen lots of trophyless seasons and crap football in all my years as an Arsenal supporter . stop reading the current hacks and wake up to the reality the premier league has moved the goalpost’s
    and have given the mega-rich owned clubs a huge advantage.At any other time in our history we would be winning things everyear with this ” useless arsehole” who by the way just happens to be the most sucessful Arsenal manager ever .i’m sure in your six years as an supporter your not aware of this

  23. gloryhunting tincup loving wanebe gooners. you are partly the reason why the team fell short last year and your the main reason for all the negative articles in the papers and radio and tv.. wake up.. smell the coffee..

  24. the thing about the size of the squad is that under premier league rules we can only register 25 players. We need to ship out the deadwood before we can bring anyone else in. So far only clichy and denilson have gone from that list and jenkinson and gervinho have replaced them. There is no sign of anyone else moving at the mo. We cant even get rid of Traore as his wages are so high no one can match them. We can’t bring anyone else in til someone else goes. That’s the reality.

  25. Q: now AW’s made it clear he needs 1 more defender will the doomers chill out ?

    A: Probably not until he’s shown in red & white on

  26. Those posting their borrowed criticisms concerning the manager and club are obviously new to football or, at least, all things AFC.

    They have time to learn and develop but I would suggest that ‘you’ (those making such critical regurgitations) hold your tongue/typing until you have something new or constructive to offer.

    Just a suggestion.

  27. l”egooner | July 23, 2011 at 9:47 am
    IF Its truethat wenger has said we have a big enough squad.and players are not coming soon.then he should go as this just can’t go on.also on the way out he should have the brain put back in his head he had removed last season”

    But it is not true ,some other thick cunt like you has misinterpreted his words and now clowns all lover blog-sphere are repeating it like gospel

    “Martin 90 | July 23, 2011 at 9:40 am
    Still have some unrealistic fans on this site who still believe in that useless arsehole Wenger – will you still believe him at the end of next season when we again win nothing – not even a top 4 spot!!”

    Useless arsehole, can I put this without being rude???
    OK I have it
    Go and fuck yourself you pathetic excuse for a fan.Ignorant bastard hardly covers it

    “do you two wankers want fries with that?”

  28. I think it,s terrible that people moan and complain about arsenal players and the manager. They are all wonderful and I won’t hear a word said against them. It’s so unfair! They really are the best players in the world. I am nearly 10 years old and when I grow up I might think differently. But I might keep thinking the way I do because some people never grow up do they?

  29. Diaby has had an operation on his ankle which might sort out his problems for once and for all

  30. A: Probabably not until the new defender is shown in the red & white on

  31. matin 90 where u gone

  32. @billybobboy
    what a super clever little prick you are…

  33. Soon there will be plenty of movement once the cesc-bbb issue is resolved. Nasri issue will be put to bed too and it is telling that nasri is fully involved in all pre season so far. One thing to consider we may djourou being used as def cover, I think koscielny can play as a holding midfielder too. With more pace upfront in gervinho gervinho gervinho and Theo possibly ryo we look a more balanced team. Let’s hope by next the used condoms at bbb and the puta que te pario that is xavi will not be heard of anymore. Forro mierda!

  34. another truphless if wenger refuse to sign 4 more players, cahill, samba, ribery and one more midfielder, for nasri to sign

  35. BARKA= pinches barrato coleros

  36. tateezee
    check the 8.33 post it appears you have a twin bro . people who post with two names must have an agenga and not just an opinion!

  37. Kamran, I think the word “little” would be better used to describe your mind.
    I read a lot of blogs and the Grove has a penchant for overstatement. ACLF tends to stray in the other direction and both blogs seem to attract both praise and criticism. Some of us think the truth lies somewhere in between. Thank you for the “super clever” though. Most gracious of you.

  38. Despite the fact I have some misgivings about the current squad, I can’t fucking wait for August the 13th when I can go to a proper game and start to forget about all this transfer bullshit.

  39. What is wrong about being a glory hunter? its seems like some get a kick out of Arsenal fucking it up come every March.And then spend all summer in deniel re-wrting the history of the previous season and telling us Diaby will be the player of the season.Things need to change big style at Arsenal because the last 3 months of last season were a disaster.And for some to turn around and say we dont need to spend and put our faith in last years failures is plain mad.

    We need a back up keeper a CB(again) a DM and a striker.If not we can forget even finishing in the top 4.We need to clear out the Deadwood.Denilson has gone lets get rid of the rest.Eboue and Squillaci being the first

    And i havent even mentioned the loss of Cesc and Nasri

    Glory hunter i wish

  40. billyboy
    if you think this site is too far pro arsenal ,read untold. actually on the football polictical spectrum i place untold like the mirror ,le groan as the n.o.t.w and this site more the independant. futhermore i dont think anyone mind logical, critical arguments but your 10 year old comments, although quite funny, were very childish no-wonder kamran is pissed


    Ryo has been put in the first team list on – one would assume this means next season he will not be on loan AND that he is deemed too good for the reserves.

    At least one would if there had been an announcement from the club to say his work permit has been granted.

    BUT – if it hasn’t then why put him on the list???

    Clerical error?

    The thick plottens.

    Inspector Jonny demands answers.

  42. @arse or brain
    Full agreement. On the Arsenal spectrum le groan and untold are on opposite ends while this site would be centre-leftish.

  43. billy bob boy,, little prick is what i said and that is exactly what you are. your first post proves what a sarcastic little FUCK you are.. you have something to say, say it shithead.. otherwise fuckoff to one of those middle of the road blogs… here we have opinions but we never try to belittle or disrespect the club we ” support” nor it’s current manager.

  44. Delia--Block 112

    Have you noted that Barca have sold 2 players in the last couple of days. Looks as though they may now have the additional funds to up their offer on Cesc!
    As always (and ever hopeful that we will sign a quality CB) COYRs

  45. arse or brain said”i dont think anyone mind logical, critical arguments ”
    Well don’t hold your breath mate,they have not got an original thought between them

  46. Kamran,Lol,you are learning mate 🙂
    I will soon be able to have a day off

  47. piece o cake GR
    BRING ON the rectum… 🙂
    how many hours to the game.. these dimwits giving me heartburn

  48. gr and kamran carry on the good fight im off catch you later

  49. ha e a great wknd,, proper gooner Arse or brain

  50. Evil | July 23, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Thanks for posting that clip. Some may have forgotten what a good goalkeeper he is, I haven’t. I think he is head and shoulders above the fashionable one, so we’ll see whether his injury has affected him or whether he regains his number 1 spot and I get my 20p from Dexter!

  51. yogi ,, a question plz.. why is CESE being valuated at 40mil.. should be more like 60-70mil even taking the recession into account

  52. Best articl I have read in years and its write by a fucking Spud . Bow your heads in shame you moaning doomers.Here it is’

    rs manager’ but this Tottenham Hotspur fan can’t help but make eyes at Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger.

    This was going to be a flippant, tongue in cheek, knockabout piece on how despite my prejudices I quite enjoy ex Arsenal players as pundits. Merson is an idiot savant, Perry Groves comes across as knowledgeable and enthusiastic and Lee Dixon is the second best of a bad bunch on Match Of The Day. Tony Adams faux-philosopher look has a certain charm to it and I even began to miss Ian Wright’s energy from England games. Compare that to the ex Spurs punditocracy and we’re relying on David Ginola’s charisma to carry the TV personalities of Sheringham, Lineker and to a lesser extend Gazza, Jamie Redknapp and Hoddle.

    But the more I thought about it the more I realised there was a major part of the Arsenal set up that I begrudgingly respect, a serious component of the Woolwich Wanderers that I cast an envious eye over, their manager

    It brings me no joy to say it but Arsene Wenger is a genius. Even now he’s mental I’d love to have him at Tottenham Hotspur. No slight on Harry but what ‘Le Professor’ has done for those lot down the road is nothing short of miraculous.

    I wouldn’t have been able to write this down at all a few years ago. For a disproportionally large amount of my football supporting years Spurs were so much worse than Arsenal the idea of praising them seemed alien. But now the gap is closing I feel easier about passing on a nice word because conversations with a gooner are a bit more even. We can covet each other’s players and admire facets of each other’s clubs. In the dark days if I hinted I quite liked Kanu all I’d get back was dogs abuse about how nobody in our squad was fit to doctor the D.O.B on his driving licence.

    But even when Arsenal were winning leagues, cups and appearing in European finals in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was easy to feel moral superiority because they played turgid ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ football. On the other hand we were unpredictable but on occasion played some gorgeous stuff in the traditions of Arthur Rowe’s ‘push and run’.
    So in the late 90’s, when Arsenal were playing the ‘Tottenham way’ and we were managed by George Graham, through the tears you could just about hear me sob ‘if only’. If only the timing had been different. If only the managerial musical chairs of 1996 and 1997 had worked out in our favour. Then Wenger could have won the double in his first full season for us and the other lot could be mid to lower table also rans for the next 20 years instead. But it’s the Arsenal who bagged their most important manager since Herbet Chapman and we got a different gaffer every couple of years until the end of time.

    It’s been so long since Arsenal fans have had to deal with major upheaval that they’re crying out for a change for changes sake.
    The respect for Wenger goes further than results on the pitch. His influence on the way Arsenal is run chokes me with admiration. The youth policy and training regime at the club is such that they can develop a talent brought in on the cheap, sell him on for a ridiculous profit and – most tellingly – that player will be rubbish for whoever they play for next, maybe for the rest of their career. I’d love that to happen at Spurs. To somehow drill it into everyone that when you leave the haloed ground of White Hart Lane all your powers disappear.

    During Wenger’s time in charge there’ve been loads of players who either jumped or were pushed into taking a step down on their career trajectory even if they thought they were going to a ‘bigger’ club. These players don’t realise the reason they did so well is not just because of their individual talent but because of the manager and the team he assembled. Obviously there’re exceptions but for every Ashley Cole – who has arguably done better since he left Arsenal – there’re Flamani, Hleb and Bentley, Samir Nasri should take note.

    Then there’s the work Wenger did keeping Arsenal competitive while they saved up for a new stadium. Selling players for massive profits then replacing them with clones who were significantly cheaper and in some cases better. You can’t help but be impressed with the number of World Cup winners and international superstars Wenger has let go for silly money yet still had a team that challenges for domestic honours and has made it to a Champions League final, all the while playing the brand of football we think is our birthright.
    With all the success comes consistency of vision. It’s been so long since Arsenal fans have had to deal with major upheaval that they’re crying out for a change for changes sake. I’d love a bit of that stability, we had a period of getting four managers in a year, ‘shaking things up’ rarely helps.

    I could of course bang on about how he can spot a player and how he’s bought more Thierry Henry’s than Franny Jeffers’, but I’ve pushed my magnanimity to it’s limits. I’m just going to sit back and wait for every self-respecting Spurs fans to have a pop in the comments section. I might even slag myself off. I know I’ve shown myself to be more Lilly livered than Lilywhite but I hope in time there are more things for me to admire about Arsenal, because it’ll mean we’re not doing so badly ourselves.

    Yogi sorry I would have posted the link but I dont know how to

  53. Got admiration for this bloke, a spurs fan who talks more positively about Wenger than many so called Arsenal fans.
    Yogi, it’s a spud blog so I apologise but a must read for the doomers.

  54. If only I had waited 5 minutes 😦
    Hope I am not in bother

  55. @Passenal
    I agree. Hope I get to see him in action today in Cologne. Sitting close to goal, so it’s a 50/50 chance that he will be between the posts when Arsenal defend the side I am sitting on.

  56. slowly but surely this blog is becoming another le grove.anyone who calls for the sacking of the best manager in the world is a spurs fan.

  57. LOL,,, great read man… should be mandatory reading for all gooners… AW has refused many lucrative offers in the past to stay and see his project through in the club he loves… i worry about his stress level sometimes… the day he declares he is ready to move on there will be a line for his signature… you don’t know and value what you have till its gone….

  58. Fuck me if Arseblog has not decided it is Arsene’s fault that Barca want Cesc and City want Nasri.

    I fucking ask you?What is going through these peoples tiny minds?


  60. the dudes gone and lost his mind…… ahhhh… havnt visited his blog in ages anyways….. what’s his reasons??

  61. The fact that Cesc hasnt traveled to Germany really says to me that we are talking to Barca. Wenger says anyone not certain of their place hasnt traveled (along with those injured i know) so as not to be a disruption. This is why Nasri is still with us. We cannot afford to lose these 2 in one go. Its still a gamble though to have 2 disinterested / non invested players in the team. I also reckon theres an offer we could easily accept and push through in short notice for Nasri.

    Keep both Cesc and Nasri – great
    Lose Cesc but keep Nasri – really need him to sign a new deal – even if its just to protect Arsenal and not lose 20 odd mil – fist team starter then needed
    Lose Nasri but keep Cesc – first team starter needed

    So a new defender is still on the cards? A centre half? A left back? A player who can play both positions? Or are we to take for gospel that Gibbs and Traore are it there? Can we afford TWO unproven left backs in our defense?

    IF Eboue goes (hes been left at home, how much due to injury, how much to talk about a move?) does Jenks step up. So soon? Too soon?

    If in the next week we get suitable answers to the above situations we can finally move to the new season.

  62. Spot on karim and george rodger. Arsene Knows anyone who things different is f@ckin mental, who was fabregas and nasri before Wenger. Just as before when the great and good leave simeone from within the the ranks will stand up to the challenge and surprise everyone except Wenger.We are competing on a playing field that is skewed by oil money and no clas, johny come lately fans but our time for glory is coming and it is going to last for years. COYG.

  63. george rodger – its not that arseblogger is blaming le boss for other teams for wanting the players its that there is no line drawn under either situations 3 weeks away from the new season – and that its ultimately the manager who has to answer to that – which is right. Decisions (difficult ones as they currently are) need to be made and made quickly so we can move on. Leaving uncertainty in any way is only harmful.Wenger seemed to have made the decisions to keep both Cesc and Nasri but now its back up in the air for BOTH again.

  64. Anyone got a link to watch the Cologne game?

  65. @Georgie

    In your avatar you look just like the fat little russian! :0))

    Can’t wait to see the Gervinhos play today…… think maybe a couple of goals on their debut.

  66. hearhear,,, g4L

  67. George – re the Nasri situation one does have to ask if Arsene did enough to get him to sign a new contract during the season. During the last window we could have nailed down a new contract and he would have been MUCH more likely to sign, sitting as we were well-placed in 4 competitions.

    Leaving it until the summer was a gamble and it opened the door for bullies like Man City to wave wads of cash under his nose.

  68. as far as CESE is concerned no dinero no jugador
    and CHITTY don’t want Nasri because they need him, they want to weaken a direct rival… he will be sitting on the, watching SILVIA..


  69. ‘Leaving it until the summer was a gamble’ – jonny, i refuse to believe that the club hasnt been trying to get him to sign for quite a while now. How many new contracts have been handed out over the past 12 – 24 months at the club? Are you telling me they forgot about Nasri? Nasri has had his head turned by big monies elsewhere i reckon and hes been using that to get a bumper deal at Arsenal – thats just the way things are so we and the club have to deal with it. Its a job to most players without the love we have for the club (yes there are exceptions, but they are a rare breed) Hence the attempts at the hardline stance now…..but even that seems to be softening

  70. he was close to signing an extension last january… for some reason( bad advice from agent ) he decided aagainst it.

  71. right, I’m off to watch the game with my nephews… have a great wknd yoall…

  72. Barca seem to be selling on a few squad players – maybe they might stump up for Cesc – it will be late in the day though…..

  73. Maybe so but, and of course this is speculation, I would be willing to bet Arsene low-balled on the offer. I’d also bet we have subsequently offered much more but by then were in a much, much worse bargaining position.

    Regardless the situation now is a stupid one and Wenger must wish he had handled it differently.

  74. Yogi……
    must give you credit, with absolutely nothing going on with player movement and the club…….to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

    Thanks for your insight.

    Saturday morning is becoming a regular routine for parents to drop off their unruly kids “at ACLF”.

    GR & NB69 – thanks for the post & link on the article.

    @ Jonny abt Nasri
    when ade left for City, his weekly pay doubled (or more). How can our club compete? Players have short careers and agents are the first to remind their client.

    Clichy (likely) is making $20k/ week more at City than if he stayed at Arsenal. $1 m / year for 4 years……as a player, many won’t turn down that kind of money?

    I truly believe Arsenal worked diligently to resign Nasri. We will have to wait and see how the next few days play out.

  75. @ kamran | July 23, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    and appreciate you stepping up and discipling those little heathens.

  76. another truphless if wenger refuse to sign 4 more players, cahill, samba, ribery and one more midfielder, for nasri to sign.

    Totally senseless!

  77. Kamrank, when did you read me belittling or disrespecting the club? Or is any form of questioning what goes on “disrespect” in your moronic world? Get your head out of your arse.
    Arse or brain, I don’t think ACLF is too pro arsenal. I agree with you re Untold. I think all have their place. I do think, though, that some ACLF followers are totally unable to hear even a mild criticism and want to ignore the evidence and ackowledge that something isn’t right. I, personally don’t think we are far away. The offence taken by Kamran is, I believe, an indication of where the childishness lies. Look up something called Transaction Analysis and see if that helps.

  78. Arse or Brain 10:34 a.m

    I’m sorry, it was an incomplete post. I copied and pasted the 8:33 a.m post and mistakenly posted it without adding my comment.

    BTW, God forbid, I be a twin with such an idiot doomer.. Cheers

  79. Yogi:

    Great post. Cesc not going to Germany is a real concern. Its a big problem for us if it related to Barca or if it is related to his hamstrings. Hamstrings clearly should have healed by now.

    I agree with Deise @ 12:18 regarding the Nasri situation. Seems unlikely given the way that the club operates that he has not been offered many different contracts and refused up to now.

    Will support the team whatever happens but I still wish we would sign a good CB and DM and may be an experienced LB this summer. My optimism in this regard from earlier this summer has pretty much evaporated. Will gladly eat my words if I’m wrong. Wish the damn season would just hurry up and get here.

  80. @Billboy

    It’s Transactional Analysis Billboy, how people respond in social interaction either as a parent, an adult or a child. I suppose you are classing yourself as an adult?

    However, this is not a ‘real life’ social interaction, it’s the interwebby and people can be what they want.

    So there…… na na na nana! pokes out tongue at Billboy :oP

  81. Team to start against FC Cologne

    Chez, Jenks, Gibbs, Kos, Verm, Ramsey, Song, Jack, Theo, Gervinho, Chamakh.

    OOOOOHHHH. I’m all excited

  82. Agree with Passenal. I think we have to quick to annoint SCZ as number 1 GK. Really hope Woocash is back in the squad. He was really good last year before his injury. I would be happier if he was between the sticks vs. Newcastle. Nice to have some options.

  83. Oh no, I have to watch with the sound off since Arsenal have not given Robson his P45 yet. Pisses me off that I’m contributing to his salary – miserable moaning git that he is!

  84. Great goal. First touch.

    Robson is an arse.

  85. Robson is such a fucking twat. Apparently he’s been watching Gervinho for years, but thought he was left-footed.

  86. First preseason game am watchn and the lights go off when we looked like scoring.stupid power

  87. I see your boy is on the bench, Passenal. Getting worried about your 20p?

  88. Who scored for us?that was a close we almost conceeded on counter attack.

  89. Well, Gervinho looks the dog’s bollocks.

  90. Gervinho both times First.

  91. Man gervihno is on fire.wenger does really know

  92. Consol that first goal was good,he looks like he isnt afraid to take his chances.

  93. Great crossing from Theo so far.

  94. 1 loose cannon

    Gervais the goal machine . what a start. if he scored 15 goals at Lille, he will score double at Arsenal, we do create more chances than any other team and we were guilty of not converting them but this guy has no poblem making them count,

  95. I liked both goals, the second was brave and a poacher’s effort.

    Definitely a different player than we had before.

  96. Carl Jenkinson is Better Than Bale.

  97. Cool isn’t he, Cb? Seems to have a genuine, natural nose for a goal. Very interesting.

  98. link please

  99. I said at 12.04 pm that Gervinho would get a couple goals on his debut…….


    can he make it a hatrick before half times!!

  100. Yes, I like Jenkinson too Limpar.

  101. I can see goonerandy! Right behind the goal; yawning… picking his nose… belching and scratching himself. Shrugging, saying “meh” and generally being “realistic” to anyone who won’t punch him in the face.

  102. Something must be done about Robson. He’s just bloody awful.

  103. Jack is a wonderful player.I’m glad he is an arsenal player.

  104. Mr. Bob, how is everything?

    Myaichi will be a great player for us!

  105. dont think ive seen jenkinson put a foot wrong in all 3 games so far. Good crosser of the ball too.
    17 more like that or just 1 phil jones? hmm let me think about that one…

  106. gibbs needs to stay at home for a bit, all their attacks are when he goes pissing about up on the left wing – keiran, give ryo some space

  107. oops oufball – what were you saying


  108. George..u look awfully famililar…just cant place a finger it 😀

  109. damn …Jenks..2-1

  110. “finger on it” sorry

  111. 1 loose cannon

    brilliant own goal from Jenkinson. unfiortunate.

  112. oh my…. just as i say that he scores a spectacular own goal, unbelievable!

  113. not able to watch the game 😦

  114. 1 loose cannon

    agree on Gibbs, looks a bit rusty to me.

  115. For those of you is miyachi doing so far?? really want to watch him play..

  116. Robson needs a good fucking shake to remind him who’s side he’s on. Prick.

  117. Ouch, sorry about that young man. He sure looks good though, very comfortable on the ball.

  118. Somewhere deep in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia a man called ‘goonerandy’ is tutting.

  119. ouch jenkinson

  120. 1 loose cannon

    Questions still need to be asked at the back, i sense a little panic whenever a long ball put behind our defenders they keep getting caught.

  121. Feel sorry for CJ, he had a great first half.

    Really early, but Ramsey lost the ball in some pretty dangerous positons, even before that weird one from the left back spot. Left us exposed a bit. It’s just preseason of course, so nothing to worry about.

  122. 1 loose cannon

    Miyachi has been brilliant. fantasdtic skill and pace.

  123. Delighted to see Samir Nasri be the first man to put an arm round Carl Jenkinson’s shoulder.

    He’s staying.

  124. I’m well Paul, raring to go! How are things with you?

  125. Actually Limpar, I don’t think he is on our side.

    Leave poor Andy alone. It’s his day in the sun after all.

  126. Poor Jenks, but it was nice to see the older players consoling him at the end there.

    I like the look of Gervinho, fast, direct and he tracks back.

    Some players seemed to be suffering physically – Gibbs and Ramsey in particular – they’ve obviously still got a way to go to get fit for the season.

    Jenkinson is very raw, so I hope we are not selling Eboue yet.

    Tommy V. looks like he’s getting his groove back

    JW has picked up where he left off from last season

  127. 1 loose cannon

    Jenkinson need to stay on and make sure he does not drop his head. he has done well. he assumed chesney was in goal, maybe a lack of communication to blame there.

  128. I’m only teasing… He likes it.

  129. jenks tried to flick it with outside of the right boot and he shinned it – shit happens
    gibbs needs to choose his runs forward more carefully, you cant just go when the midfield isnt in place to cover….
    and speaking of midfield cover …Song mate, just sit back there please! especially when you see both Ramsey and Jack go forward

  130. “I see your boy is on the bench, Passenal. Getting worried about your 20p?”

    Not judging by Szczesny’s first half performance! Throwing the ball straight to the opposition and almost throwing an easy save into his own goal! Fabianski would get slaughtered for that!

  131. 1 loose cannon

    I have to admit Mr Kouassi looked like a player that has been with us for many years, we dropped a little after he came off. we miss him already.

  132. CJ isn’t the first to score an own goal. He’ll learn from it. Des Walker’s first goal was an own goal and in an FA cup final to boot!

  133. Doing well Mr. Bob!

    Glad things are well with you.

  134. major questions at the back still for sure, and its not about personel. wenger needs prove the weight of his words and show us that he can drill a back line into shape. apparently thats the easy bit.

    JW looking like a real talisman for us, an incisive driving force for the team. him and ramsey are going to own the premiership half way line once ramsey comes back to full confidence. rosicky an amazing talent to have as backup here, im almost confident we can handle athe loss of cesc if need be….

    not gonna carried away with gervinho yet, he is know for being frustrating with his decision making and some of his short balls were very loose. obviously its very early days and he will need time to tune in to the arsenal way. great to have options with him and ryo but some really tough decisions to be made for the starting 11 this year.

  135. Maybe I’m imagining it but there seems to be a concerted effort to look for the killer ball when we’re around the box, rather than endless side to side recycling. Maybe we’re trying to phase out the Islington Shuffle.

  136. Fab can’t get a game, Passenal!

    Mannone on now.

  137. Just fuck off and die Robson!

  138. disjointed at present.

  139. Nas, Shav and RVP are a bit behind the others on fitness after their internationals.

  140. 1 loose cannon

    paul n- cologne have sussed us out a bit better in this half. they keep putting the ball behind and so far caused us problems. we need to deal with that better as a unit.

  141. Yes 1lc, I think we are playing a bit too narrow at the back. The wings look exposed.

  142. Nasri’s attitude is shocking strolling around like he’s walking in the park..ramsey and wilshire anyday…miyiachi looks savage

  143. Robson’s got these annoying mantras.

    One of them is Frimpong’s supposed lack of passing ability. I think it’s been fine in all these friendlies.

  144. a true DM cannot pass beyond 3 yards OneOfUs, didnt you know that!!

  145. Frimpong at his best there.

  146. this is the second time i’ve noticed the seond half team are rather poor, they have more seniors i wander why that is

  147. 1 loose cannon

    i’m slightly confused at the moment i have no idea about the formation or what we are trying to do. Arshavin rvp nasri vela rosicky all going forward and gaps opening up all over the pitch

  148. Moe

    Same thing i noticed aswell ..ud imagine van persie, nasri, rosicky, and arshavin would add something more…..great to see jenkinson, wilshire, miyiachi, gervinho and frimpong play well tho

  149. Arsene Wenger


    ————————————- understands Gary Cahill is undergoing a medical at Arsenal ahead of his proposed move from Bolton.

    Cahill flew home from Bolton’s tour of the USA earlier this week to hold talks and undergo a medical at the Emirates Stadium.

    Bolton have decided to accept Arsenal’s offer of £14 million for Cahill, with the 25-year-old entering the final year of his contract at the Reebok Stadium.

    A number of clubs are thought to have expressed an interest in Cahill, but Arsenal are in pole position to land the Bolton’s defensive rock.

    Bolton boss Owen Coyle admits the offer for Cahill was too good to turn down.

    Good deal
    “It is a fantastic fee,” Coyle told the Bolton News. “Gary will feel it’s a good deal for him to develop at the highest level and we feel it’s a good deal for the football club.

    “He was going into the last year of his contract and Arsenal were offering a four or five-year contract.

    “I just think when you looked at the business side, £14m was a good deal all round.

    “Gary Cahill is a great lad. I’ve got so much time for him and he goes with our best wishes.

    “We’ve loved working with him, but sometimes in football things move on, people move on to pastures new and this opportunity was too good for him to turn down.”

  150. Gibbs was better second half.

    I hope Henderson will be okay

    I noticed that first half Arsenal were much more direct. I wonder if Arsene is trying a new approach?

    Great to see Fabianski back where he belongs!

  151. wasnt pretty but I wouldnt be overy worried about certian players

  152. gary cahill are you shitting me?????……..GET IN!!! bit worried about bartley tho :/

  153. I will preface everything I am saying by acknowledging that it is preseason and it is hard to judge a lot by these matches, but…

    The team looked incredibly quick and direct with our speedy wing players in the first half. Gervinho/Ryo on the left and Walcott on the right was really nice to see. I can see those forward players with Van Persie causing some serious problems for defenders this year. Their displays also make me think Vela’s time may sadly be running out with Arsenal. Wilshere is immense and will be the fulcrum of the team very soon. His powerful runs were nice to see.

    The second half group were pretty pedestrian. Lack of fitness probably the main reason. I can’t help but feel that the second group’s play looked shockingly similar to the style of play we had at the end of season last season though. No cut and thrust in the final third without the genuine pace on the wings.

    Overall the display was decent, but the defending in the second half was pretty worrying if I am honest. Djourou and Squillaci is defenitely not our ideal pairing. They looked very slow after seeing the speed and aggression of Vermaelen and Koscielny.

    Watching this just made me really excited for the new season though. If we keep both Nasri and Cesc we are going to be challenging for the league again for sure.

  154. wow! “overy”

  155. good one AW, you really have transfer rumour speil down pat!

  156. Arsene Wenger


    ————————————- understands Gary Cahill is undergoing a medical at Arsenal ahead of his proposed move from Bolton.

    Cahill flew home from Bolton’s tour of the USA earlier this week to hold talks and undergo a medical at the Emirates Stadium.

    Bolton have decided to accept Arsenal’s offer of £14 million for Cahill, with the 25-year-old entering the final year of his contract at the Reebok Stadium.

    A number of clubs are thought to have expressed an interest in Cahill, but Arsenal are in pole position to land the Bolton’s defensive rock.

    Bolton boss Owen Coyle admits the offer for Cahill was too good to turn down.

    Good deal
    “It is a fantastic fee,” Coyle told the Bolton News. “Gary will feel it’s a good deal for him to develop at the highest level and we feel it’s a good deal for the football club.

    “He was going into the last year of his contract and Arsenal were offering a four or five-year contract.

    “I just think when you looked at the business side, £14m was a good deal all round.

    “Gary Cahill is a great lad. I’ve got so much time for him and he goes with our best wishes.

    “We’ve loved working with him, but sometimes in football things move on, people move on to pastures new and this opportunity was too good for him to turn down.”


    Opinions everyone ??????????? I’d prefer Samba to be honest though

  157. Looks like we got our defender! Now will everyone just calm the fuck down and enjoy the start of a new and promising season…

  158. I only saw bits and pieces of the game, but from what I did see:
    – I liked Gervinho’s goals, especially the second one (even though the first was a more difficult finish). Great to see an Arsenal forward willing to attack the six-yard box.
    – Wilshire was on fire, great driving runs from midfield and a superb pass for the first goal.
    – Plenty of rustiness at the back. Obviously we’re still in pre-season, but there’s plenty of work to do there.

  159. Or is this “Arsene Wenger” poster fellow just making up bull shit?

  160. The really sad part is that there was an Arsenal match going on while you were writing that post, AW.

  161. “not gonna carried away with gervinho yet, he is know for being frustrating with his decision making and some of his short balls were very loose. obviously its very early days and he will need time to tune in to the arsenal way.”

    I agree we shouldn’t get carried away, but he definitely looks promising. As for the passing, he’s barely played with with his new team mates, so I’m sure that will improve as they become more familiar with each other.

  162. im watchin sky sports sometimes news – theres no mention of it

  163. I’ll believe it when it’s on AW

  164. Lol…I fell for that one…should have known.

  165. good one AW u had me going there :p

  166. Arsene Wenger

    Nasri is definitely leaving, Mata will join.

  167. Did I hear that the Islington Shuffle is going to be ….going to be…phased out??? The question remains, what will replace it? No doubt, some boring straight to the goal mouth thing. That’s it I am leaving you lot and joining the French Foriegn Legion.

  168. OneOfUs | July 23, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    Proof positive that he’s not an Arsenal supporter then!

  169. Arsene Wenger

    arsenal will bid for alex from chelsea when they come back from germany

  170. googling those coyle quotes doesn’t bring up anything so i’m going to assume this cahill stuff is nonsense made up by someone who either supports another club or is from a rival blog.

  171. Passenal ,clearly not.Just another jealous cunt.

    Anyway RVP looked poor today I hope its because he is still on his hols.
    Nasri looked like if we got £20 mill for him we would have done a good bit of business.
    Ramsey gave it away all over the place.

    Have you guessed I am kidding?
    It tells us nothing other than some of our best players are not fit yet.But as that is what these games are for then job done

  172. Yeah, seriously Passenal.

  173. Feel really sorry for Jenkinson it was jsut a freak piece of luck. Up till then he’d played really well and looked like he’s going to be a good addition.

  174. Yes George, you could spot the ones that were struggling physically. But it’s still early in pre-season and it’s not like FC Koln are some part-timers from a nowhere league. It was a tough session, which is what the players needed to help regain their general as well as match fitness.

  175. Was I the only one who noticed our entire front-line was left-footed?

  176. Arseblog has definitely gone to the dark side! His headline on Newsnow is showing Cologne 2 -1 Arsenal

  177. In a complete reversal from the entirely Right-footed 1st half front-line?

  178. arse or brain

    anyone know how the youngsters got on at stevenage and who played nothing on young guns or jeorge bird yet?

  179. still looks like a good addition

  180. in response to marc’s comment

  181. arse or brain

    youngsters win one nil jamie just posted report on yg’s

  182. Gervinho! Played on the left I’m guessing?

    Averaging a goal every 13 minutes in his Arsenal career. What a player! I hear Vermaelen nearly scored too! Happy days lads.

  183. “Gervinho! Played on the left I’m guessing?”

    Yes he did and contrary to the commentator his first goal was not his first touch. His first touch was a defensive one near the left touch line early on.

  184. It seems we have bought 2 very talented players. I will bet that Gervinho is going to kill it this season. I would say he is the most talented buy thus far and I love how he is flying below the radar. Great things ahead!

  185. Gervinho as an alternative to Bendtner looks a promising prospect.

    It was an enjoyable game and Cologne provided a good challenge.

    On the issue of goalkeeprers, even Szczesny is on record as saying that Wookash is the most talented keeper at Arsenal. I think Wookash will still be No. 1, and the competition will be good.

  186. goonadikt – I didn’t mean Jenkinson OG made him look a bad buy just thought it was a shame after a really impressive 1st half.

  187. Wengers post match interview re: Gervinho

    “He has quick movement behind the defence, the timing of his movement is great and he is easy to find’

    Is that because you can see his head easily.

    Great start for him, can’t wait to see him and RVP on the pitch together.
    Hope the Henderson injury isn’t too bad…… he looked useful.
    At least we got the three goals and didn’t concede any. :0))

  188. I am not sure Vela will be around for long though.

  189. im presuming gervinho is also good with his forehead, considering its the length of a small aircraft carrier…

    any truth in the rumour we only signed him so people would stop teasing sagna on his braided stylings??

  190. Coolio looks good but we know we have the bargain of thee summer.

  191. What a shocker. Totally unexpected. Theo Walcott put a decent centre in for someone to score…(dons helmet waiting for cyberspace saucepan from Passenal to strike head….)

  192. Saw the goals…

    The second Gervinho goal was the one thing I feel Chamakh lacks at times..the willingness to take a chance and make a move inside the box…this guy certainly looks to be that kind of striker..all in all as always positive signs..we will win the quadraple this time around

    up the arsenal!!!

  193. my mini-analysis of game vs. Cologne:

    Gerv looks the business
    Jenks looks good enough to be part of 1st 25
    Ryo looks destined for greatness (untouchable in 4 years)
    Bummer for Henderson
    Rosicky was very alive
    Nasri is clearly holding out, boring
    Jack & RvP are understandably patiently building
    The Frimp was impressive but clearly needs games
    Verm, Kos,Song, Djourou & Sagna were all ok
    Szsny stood tall
    Vito was a monster
    Gibbs still looks like a 2nd choice
    Wish Traore played (hope to see him @ Emirates cup)
    Rambo needs to pick up the fitness
    Vela..oh Vela…must step it up 2 notches pronto!
    Fabianski looked sluggish
    AA smiles too much…inefficient but adventurous, upping fitness i hope
    Walcott still needs to improve his football IQ
    Chamakh? AW must design some key plays for him or risk him losing relevance & confidence. Hope he can establish a connection with Gerv, AA & Ryo or we may rue letting NikB go instead.

    Our high-line defence is clearly still an issue. It works best when at least 1 midfielder remains in defensive mode when we are attacking & the ENTIRE team fights to regain position when the ball is lost. Also don’t think it helps when both FBs & a CB are overlapping.
    Looks like we’re going to have to be super-efficient in front of goal to do well this season.

    Gervinho’s looking very, VERY IMPORTANT right now!

  194. i`m muslim,allah loves arsenal because he sent us arsene wenger.the man is a genius.long live arsene.

  195. ” I dont want to comment individually because I do not want to destabilize clubs. I do not want to do to other clubs what some clubs do to us…”

    This defines Arsene Wenger..We are lucky to have a manager who while bringing enormous success has maintained his class and dignity, and to say it like AW..unlike some other managers

  196. You know what would be nice? A stay at home left back – or at least one who can cop on when to go forward and when not to. Pat Rice / Wenger have a word please or go out ant buy one who knows the job.

    Also how often was Song ahead of Jack and Ramsey today? And how often were all 3 central midfielders ahead of the ball today? What gives? Wenger cannot keep SAYING we need to be better defensively and not actually MAKE IT SO.

    I would say 75% of Koln’s attacks were down to us losing the ball and not having players goal side to cover. Thats naive beyond belief! Ramsey and Jack have attacking instincts and are young but Song has been our ‘DM’ for 3 seasons now! Just hold back ans sit Song, JUST SIT

  197. “What a shocker. Totally unexpected. Theo Walcott put a decent centre in for someone to score…(dons helmet waiting for cyberspace saucepan from Passenal to strike head….)”

    Nope, no saucepans from here! That was a good cross by young Theo. Shame he didn’nt pass to Jenks later for the latters first goal in the right end rather than going for glory himself!

    “Fabianski looked sluggish” you’re being way too harsh on a player having his first game after months of being out Aman. He did nothing wrong and his distribution was certainly a step up in quality from Szczesny’s.

  198. This was after all about getting a run out and not getting injured. When the stakes are higher I think we will see the level of perfirmance upped. So assessing the defence on the back of the last three games is nonsense. Come Newcastle we will know the real deal. Good cameo by Gervinho…top top quality passes and funishing he already looks the part. Scezny, vermaelen, Wilshere, walcott and Miyachi was also impressive. Looking forward to the emirates tournament and the start of the season and an end to this will he wont he cesc to barca farce.

  199. Deise:

    could not watch the game but agree with anyone who thinks we need to make a little more effort to stay organized in the back this season.


    thanks for the player reports. Great for Gervinho to score on his debut. Someone who is more direct and a little bit of a poacher is most welcome. More tap ins and rebound goals are not always pretty goals but will be the best way to improve on our goal/chance rate.

    LB a real worry with the season this close if your right.

  200. Decent enough game. Very nice start for Gervinho and what a right peg on that Jenks fella!! Very few defenders can pull off a 20 yard lob, pure class 🙂 Rosicky looked a bit sharper around the edge of the box too. I fully agree with CBob and others in regards to Robson, what a fucking idiot!! He does not even know which foot Gervinho shoots with, its both you idiot!! And then he says after Szes makes a save that the keeper didn’t do very well even though he himself points out that the ball took a spin when it hit the ground right in front of him, what an IDIOT!!

    Two Owls – “That’s it I am leaving you lot and joining the French Foreign Legion.” The Arsenal are the French Foreign Legion mate, under command of Brig. Gen. Arsene Wenger.

  201. DeiseGooner,I have copied your post and sent it to am sure when they read it at HQ they will action it and put things to rights.
    From your previous post.What could Arsene have done different about the Cesc affair.
    He signed him up to a 7 year deal(or something like)He has said he does not want to sell him.So Barca pursuing him and his willingness to go is no fault of Wenger .The only way he could have sorted it (on his watch as the Arseblogger say’s)would have been to sell him at a discount.And Nasri changed his mind and just as money bags City show an interest,Mmmm so again how is that Wenger’s fault?
    Its not,so Arseblog is just being a simpleton

  202. With regards to the gaps opening up between midfield and the defense because everyone and their grandmother have gone flying forward in attack, I am seriously hoping that AW is simply giving each player enough rope to hang himself with. By this I mean that it is one thing to tell a player when he needs to hang back, but it is quite another thing when the player does it naturally without the need to be told. Too many times last season I watched as AW yelled at his players for someone to remain in the DM position when we were attacking. In a meaningless friendly it would make sense to see which of our players does so of his own volition because such a player with specific training will thrive at such times. Sadly those on the pitch in the second half did no such thing. I know this is all speculation but having watched this match and the last two, it seems to be the only explanation that makes sense.

  203. Thanks george, i hope you have their ear like you say!

    What i was saying about Wenger and the Cesc / Nasri affairs was that a week ago le boss says both are staying and thats that. But then turns around and says actually there are still doubts. What i would like is some decisive action. Make the decisions and stick to your guns, and not waver. I dont say its wengers fault that other clubs want our players or that our players have their head turned by other clubs.

    The longer it drags out the more damaging it becomes. I would rather both left now and we got on with replacements and / or reconfiguring the team than this continuing doubs over both – and then doubts over their commitment to the cause.

  204. DG – it’s just preseason. And apparently this week is when we start working harder on the tactical side of things.

    Just to illustrate – as I speak a Barcelona team with five first team squad players is getting repeatedly ripped apart on counter against Hajduk Split.

  205. OneOfUs – sure i know its preseason and they are just glorified training matches but i would just like to see the very least hint that we are working on correcting our weaknesses, rather than seeing more of the same.

  206. Not alot we can do if Barca are offering derisory amounts. shall we sell Cesc for £30m just to get some organisation and to get rid of a player that wants to bugger off. Nasri i agree we should just sell if he wants to leave next year. fuck im , so now we have to get behind a player that thinks city are better then us…fuckov Nasri you lesbian looking shlag….(if true).

  207. Hull 3 – 0 Liverpool


  208. I just don’t think it’s fair to expect these mish-mash teams to work perfectly as units at this stage, DG. They’re all hardwired to attack, and when the players are getting used to each other again there are bound to be holes and odd decisions.

    Like I say, this is the stage when they start working on positioning etc a bit more. Up to this point I think the foces has been on fitness.

  209. I wouldnt take less than what Cesc is worth simply because he is on a long contract. The club holds the cards in this situation. Barca need to pay up or piss off. Nasri is slightly different case in that he has more of a hold over the club, in the sense sure we keep him but take the gamble of losing a transfer fee.

    Even though i say it might be better for them both to go now (because we are going to lose both at some point )i would also hate losing both now. Its a horrible situation to have to deal with for sure

  210. Haha – I meant focus, bit it looks a bit like faeces.

  211. Why is Vela getting a hard time when most of the team was quite poor in the 2nd half?

  212. “They’re all hardwired to attack”
    That right there is the issue. Theres not enough balance.

    I know its about fitness. I can live with mistakes and lack of sharpness. In fact i expect that. What i would like to see however is more thought about whats going on in the game tactically.

    For instance Gibbs continual attacking even when he must surely can see Jenks and the central midfielders all pushed on. Now i dont know who is behind that, if its Gibbs doing it off his own back or if its Wenger telling him to. But someone needs to be correcting that…no?

  213. Deise.My point is that the only decisive action he can take is to sell them.Anything else and doubt remains
    And I don’t want Cesc sold so there you go

  214. Vela is one of the most gifted players at the club. Somehow he has not lived up to his tremondous promise. He needs a generous dose of “I want it.”

  215. Duke no Alan Davies’ isms until he has been sold

  216. Well george theres also the action to keep both. Which was what i thought he had done. And i was ok with that. But he then says theres still the chance they leave. Thats the indecision thats harmful.

  217. Not at this point – what you’ll see from here is players working better together and deciding when to and when to cover.

  218. “when to attack”

  219. But in the end it is not his decision alone.

  220. I guess i just want a line drawn under it so we can move on. I think its holding back the actions that need doing on the playing staff side of things. And theres work needed on the tactical side of things that we need to be getting on with.

  221. DG, its obvious if Barca offer the right money Cesc is off. so how can Wenger give anyone any descisive plan of action. Seems he will keep Nasri and try to convince him that there is more to life then money….. he could give assurances about Nasri though for sure.

  222. deise.He has to leave them some wiggle room.Then they can say “i want to stay”
    If Arsene says “you are staying and honoring your contract” the fans will turn on them.He must give them a face saving option

  223. well i got one of my wishes, to see the new member in action and am pretty happy to see the potential of both carl and gervinho… unfortunately though, one injury to henderson which i hope isn’t serious or long term.. all-around a good runabout.. i think i got my nephews on board as ARSENAL supporters, much to the frustration and chagrin of my brother who is a liverpool fan. o well , you win some ,you lose some.

  224. Duke .If Cesc stays he might be of a mind to cash in on Samri.So is he gives assurances and then sells he will be ridiculed .So he can not be categorical about either

  225. George,

    So maybe Wenger plans to get rid of one of the little gits but he just hasn’t a clue which one yet.

  226. both shitty and BARKA need be given a deadline.. end of july.. put up, or shutup..v simples.. we control both players as they signed contracts. in case of Nasri, i wouldn’t mind him and agent be tought a lesson.. we can’t have his case become a precedent..

  227. OOU:

    The things Deise has been discussing has been the problem we have faced for years. Don’t you think that we should have been emphasizing organization to death during training. If anything our players should be overcompensating and holding back at this point in the season. I know its not a great analogy but in golf if you want to learn a new swing technique you overemphasize it in during practice so you can get the feel of how it works. Football is not golf but the concept is the same.

  228. Duke .I think he will sell Nasri if Cesc stays.
    Cesc is way better than Nasri.But he may have given his word that if Barca stump up he can go.If he has I cant see him not honoring that commitment
    Only the parties involved will ever know.We never will

  229. I swear if Nasri is given the fukin arm band if Cesc goes.

  230. Bill let them get fit first FFSl

  231. sad thing is both these great talents will be warming benches instead of plying their trades. hopefully, both will come around and see the grass is seldom greener elsewhere. just talk to those who.left and are now bouncing around from team to team. homeless, clueless but rich wanderers..

  232. Oh farkin hell Dukey. Captian ?Do me a favour

  233. Tell the truth i dont really want to see that little lesbia…oh…little Nasri wearing the cannon again the little fukin shit, disrespecting our club. we should just fuck him off now. obvious he thinks both wancs are better then us, what a cunt.

  234. For goodness sake it was a pre-season friendly. Arsene was very clear – it is end of part one of pre-season which has only been about fitness. Some players are clearly behind others and unfortunately most of them seemed to play in the second half. It’s probably easier to pick up the attacking game than the defensive one after a break especially given some of the new combinations at the back. It was actually our new young full backs who were leaving acres of space behind them. A bit more practice and they should do better. I do wonder where Traore was today? I was hoping he’d get a chance in the first team this season.

  235. Duke,you have no idea what the lad thinks.Stop assuming the worst,

  236. Passenal ,Traore is better than Jethro going forward and neither of them are world beaters defensively, so I would give him as much of a chance as Jethro,And he looks stronger to me.

  237. the nxt caps. are going to be either bacary or vermalen.. that is if CESE decides to leave.

  238. George.George george.

    Stop being naive. we all know he wants more money and is seriously thinking of going to shitty or whereever coz if he loved our club he would be saying he doesnt want to leave and signing the contract and all the behaviour that comes with it…have we any of that. not a fukin peep. he is a shit and you know it, the only way he will stay is if we match the offers he can get elsewere whether through image rights or whatever, stop trying to get into an argument with me george coz there is no proper doomers about!!!!

  239. sorry thats …there are no proper doomers about, fuck grammer mine good not today.

  240. which would you prefer guys . winning 4-2 or winning 2-0..
    i know which is AW’s preferance

  241. Tactical naivety is not about fitness. Our defensive play is not up to scratch. Now we lost the longest serving member of that defensive unit and look to be promoting his replacement from within. We cant afford to have him make the same errors. And i know it was just one pre season game but we have to stop making the same mistakes. We really need a strong defensive unit this season. I have no issues what so ever with our attack and attacking midfield play but we need a collective defensive game. I didnt see any hint of that today but i hope to

  242. George:

    If they are not fit they should be staying back more because that takes less energy then bombing forward. ffs (I never tried the ffs before, kind of gives you a feeling of power doesn’t it)

    Nothing is going to change this year. Thats not a bad thing for those of you who like what we have done in the past so more power to you. Perhaps the team will somehow catch lightning in a bottle and it will all somehow come together this year. We can only hope.

  243. Duke.You might be right.
    But he might not want to weaken his hand by coming out ,Would you?
    He wants the best deal he can get.That might be at City but it does not make him a cunt.

    And I don’t want an argument with you, because we a pals now

  244. Bill .Lol,you are doing a me at me.WTF (even more power 🙂 )

  245. Amy Winehouse is dead…..perhaps more suprisingly though is you can get 8 stella for a fiver at ASDA.

  246. Yah,, shame.. 27 years.old.. kinda liked her music.. life too short.for some.. love and care for the ones around you…….

  247. Duke ,I have a 10% discount card as well.How about them apples?

  248. Duke, when he’s gone you can go to town on him. For now he’s still an Arsenal player

  249. Thanks for the link Dupsffokcuf. Denny should feel at home with the opposition equalising from a ball over the top!

  250. Very true Passenal. From a set piece to.

  251. twenty days to go..

  252. Hey Kamran – Well at least we have the Emirates Cup to look forward to. Will be nice seeing Henry play at the Emirates, even if it is for the opposition 🙂 Will be interesting to see if he stays on the left wing and goes up against Sagna, if he drifts more central to test the CB’s or if he decides to chance his luck against Gibbs at left back.

  253. The ref in this game makes Phil Dowd look fit

  254. hay irish,,, the king will be welcomed back like royalty. my guess is he will try the left backs.. some work to get ready for the season opener… you still in baltimore??

  255. Kamran – Back in New York now, sat on sofa watching Fort Apache with John Wayne, classic movie 🙂

  256. “The Quiet Man ” not more up your street ? Irish 🙂

  257. hah, excellent.. enjoy.. keepem jokes coming… don’t leave out manure and shitty.. ttyl

  258. Bill didn’t watch the game and he’s bitching about something he knows nothing about. I’m absoluteluy shocked.

  259. George – A more cliched movie I have never seen than the Quiet Man, can’t say I like or dislike it as it simply is what it is. I am a huge John Wayne fan though, but that is probably the one movie he has made that I could pass on.

    Kamran – Will make a special effort from now on to include them, especially after reading the Spurs blogger giving massive props to AW and Arsenal.

  260. What ??????
    Next thing you will be telling me you don’t like Darby O’Gill and the Little People
    And I know you do.
    And Far and away

  261. G69 ~~ why shocked at what Bill has to say? He spouts crap most of the time anyway.

    Good goal by TH14 for the Red Bulls

  262. everyone talking about defence gains… i might be wrong but i think AW is aiming at more efficient finishing at goal mouth… we sure as heck create plenty of opportunities there… and the back line will concede 5-10 goals less this year ,what with TV returning and the rest having played their second season together… morning GR ,, insomnia.??

  263. Irish ~~ you every been to the Quiet man house in Cong?

    Cong is a lovely place especially Ashford Castle.

  264. Sarcasm, Dups.

    How did Deni do for Sao Paulo?

  265. Dups – No but I went to school around the corner form Kavanagh’s(also known as The Gravedigger’s bar) which is the bar used in the Quiet Man. Had many a beer there when I was of age 🙂 Have not been to the house in Cong, although I have been to Ashford Castle many a time. One of my favorite places in Ireland, very beautiful like you said.

    George – Good God man you are asking for whooping!! 🙂 Far and Away…..Jesus I am cringing just typing that, what a fucking embarrassment!!!

  266. I will have nothing said against Darby O’Gill and the Little People!!!! One of the great classics of all time.

  267. Sorry Irishgray.


    The party below decks

    oh well

  268. G69 ~~ Denilson played quite well considering he was dropped straight into a competitive match with very little fitness work.

  269. q.. what do you call ferret face fergusons wifes nipple??

    a.. the tip of the ICEBERG.. 😉

  270. George – Awwwww really dude!? Come on man throw me a friggin bone here, thats just low.

    AHAHAHA but not as low as Kamran!!! Now that is funny 🙂

  271. not as funny as the joke you told on the man found under.the bridge…. LOL

  272. Thats all good fun George but imagine when I first land in the States “from the old country” and am introduced to this little piece of Americana, some more ammunition for ya, not that you need it 🙂 :

  273. Kamran- Yea that is definitely one of my favorites 🙂

  274. that said, i don’t take the TOTs seriously anymore. not for the last ten years or so. more pissed and concerned with manure, shitty and chels.. tots can delude themselves with illusions of grandeur all they want. old arry is going to bankrupt them in no time flat.

  275. ‘Arry will be in jail soon enough anyways 🙂

  276. thank god we ain’t talking about man tits tonight… still creeped out from a few nights ago…

  277. Irish ~~ have a look at last years Cannoball through Ireland.

    Ireland in a recession? Only for some.

  278. Kamran ~~ you are talking about man tits though !!!!!!!

  279. Of course it’s a recession Dups!!! Just look at all the bloody peasants lining the streets as me and the lads decide to go for a drive!!! Meh I say, meh!!

  280. sorry,, I’m stopped. lol

  281. No more man tit comments PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    All we need now is for Dexter to show up and then it’s straight to Hell boys and girls, straight to Hell.

  282. Irish ~~ trouble is these peasants nowadays are incapable of opening a fine bottle of Moët & Chandon. Oh for the days of fine servants.

  283. I’m off , good game peru4-1venezuela today.

    don’t miss tomorrows final..

  284. Dups – I had noticed that too actually. And what is this “eye-contact” these so called servants seem so determined to employ when I order my Brut, non-vintage? It’s bad enough we have to pay them these days to do what they where born to do.

  285. And they even require days of work, PAID for goodness sake. No wonder the Mayan’s see the end of the world coming soon, meh.

  286. LOL,,, you aristocRAT you..

  287. 🙂

  288. I just love reading the headline – Hull 3 – 0 Liverpool. Apparently the match report stated that Liverpool could not handle the Championship sides slick one-touch passing. AHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Now that is funny!!!!! 🙂

  289. I second Dups “Meh”, just for the record.

  290. So Vito plays a season for them and they are suddenly playing proper football? I guess you just can’t refuse him, huh?

  291. Aman @ 6:37 pm,

    Agree with 98% of your posting. However, Jack was phenomenal in my opinion and the closest to a potential Messi I’ve seen in our team.

    The rest I totally agree with. Gervinho looks the nuts.

  292. Deisegooner @ 8:07 pm,

    To quote: “The longer it drags out the more damaging it becomes. I would rather both left now and we got on with replacements and / or reconfiguring the team than this continuing doubs over both – and then doubts over their commitment to the cause.”

    The ease with which you assume we could simply get ‘on with replacements and/or reconfiguring the team’ seems to me to indicate the main problems with certain fans and their appreciation of the complexity of managing a football team. To find the defender[s] that the manager has already noted searching for has proven difficult for a variety of reasons (available players of adequate quality, their team’s willingness to sell, other competing – and often richer – teams seeking the same player, difficulty of matching player terms, young players with potential to fulfil that role, etc). What would make replacing tow world class players in midfield any easier and how long do you envisage he would have (these mystical sales and buys being completed) to complete “reconfiguring the team’?


  293. Deisegooner at 8:22 pm,

    “i would also hate losing both now. Its a horrible situation to have to deal with for sure.”

    The best and most considered comment I think you’ve made on this blog today!

  294. spaghetti and meatballs

  295. In answer to Kamran’s request –

    Q: What do you call a Chelsea fan on the moon?
    A: A Problem.

    Q: What do you call 100 Chelsea fans on the moon?
    A: An even bigger problem.

    Q: What do you call all the Chelsea fans on the moon?
    A: Problem solved

    Q: How do you define 144 Chelsea fans?
    A: Gross Stupidity

    Q: What does Roberto Mancini say when Man City score a goal?
    A: Bellissimo!! Now let us try get goal at other end of pitch, yes? Grazzi!

    Tony Pukis is queuing in his local building society, when a gunman bursts in through the door demanding money. Pukis attempts to tackle the raider, and by tackle I do indeed mean break his leg, but gets knocked over…as he falls, his head smashes the counter and Pukis is knocked out cold. The robber escapes and the cashier tries to revive Pukis. After a few minutes he comes round and looks bewildered. His first words are “Where the hell am I?”. The Cashier replies: “Don’t worry, its OK, you’re in the Nationwide.” Pukis replies, “Fuck me, is it May already?”

  296. having breakfast BT??

  297. OK time for bed, was hoping to catch Yogi but I believe he is still getting his much needed beauty sleep but I suppose it is Sunday after all, later peeps 🙂 COYG!!!!

  298. you are awsome.. gross stupidity… lol

  299. don’t leave IRISH, its so serious without you

  300. Kamran – How many days?

  301. twenty,, less than three weeks..

  302. The link is Henry’s goal last night for the NYRB’s, pure class when he is not handling the ball for France 🙂

  303. I am going to be sooooo fucking tired tomorrow/later on today. Good night Kamran, will shoot the shit later mate 🙂

  304. and the civil war,,, ammeh , still there

  305. what does a russian girl do when she wakes up in the morning?

  306. goes home…. 🙂

  307. right,,, ttyl

  308. to dgob @7:57

    Jack becomes phenomenal when he adds goals to his obvious talent. Take it easy with how quick & easy you praise the young, english & talented. It’s been known to backfire on their careers.

  309. Passenal @7:23

    “Fabianski looked sluggish” you’re being way too harsh on a player having his first game after months of being out Aman. He did nothing wrong and his distribution was certainly a step up in quality from Szczesny’s.”

    Sluggish in quick decision-making was what i meant. He came on for Vito & was a step down in that department. Being out is no excuse, i’m sorry.

  310. It’s here, it’s there, it’s every-fucking-where, today’s post, today’s post.

  311. “Sluggish in quick decision-making was what i meant. He came on for Vito & was a step down in that department. Being out is no excuse, i’m sorry.”

    Utter tosh, and shows how little you know about sport.

  312. Aman,

    Apologies for the late response but I haven’t had time to return to the blogs until today. Anyway, in response and full awareness that you’re not likely to revisit this page, I’d just pont out that my statement was (in keeping with your relevant assessment) only based on Jack’s performance in this match.

    Your views about nationalistic exaggeration (whether acceptable or not) seemed to take what I sauid and run with it in a strange direction. My concern and comment related to the ease with which he went straight through the middle of their midfield and defence using close control and minimal body swereves (drop of the shoulder etc): as I said, almost like Messi.

    I hope that helps if you return to the scene of the crime!

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