Pep Talk, Title Aspirations & Balances Need To Be Struck

The Sun it seems have stung Barcelona into action. Having been told by an English tabloid that they have until the end of this month to make a bid for the services of Cesc Fábregas, Pep Guardiola has told the world that they will fight until August 31st to sign the Arsenal captain. And they have some money put aside from their paper round to buy him, even after paying for their city break to London.

But if that is not enough left, Pep is going to the Game to buy FIFA12 when it comes as then he can put Cesc into his team, so ner-ne-ner to you Mr Mean Wenger. And in any case it does not matter because he really does not want Cesc, he wants Alexis Sanchez instead. It is amazing how easily the Catalans have been riled by a small story in the English press. And how insecure they are corporately, unable to comprehend that a club is spurning their advances.

Away from that – and it is nice to get away from that – Johan Djourou has observed that he expects this season’s title race to be a dogfight,

You have to fight and that’s what makes the English league so good to watch because there is competition. We know there are favourites but there are outside teams who can make trouble.

There will be some surprise if the top four from last season changes this time around. Despite spending heavily, those outside of the Champions League places have a lot of ground to make up, too much for one season. That is not to say it cannot be done but the level of investment that has taken place at Liverpool, for example, is indicative of the low starting point.

Whether Arsenal can improve is an altogether different matter. Djourou declined to note the real reason for the decline post-February, instead chosing the positives to accentuate,

As players we have to be on our toes but I think Arsenal is still on top because even if I look at last season, the problem before was that we couldn’t beat the biggest teams but last season we didn’t have any problem with that. So I think we just need to get those little things right and it will be great for us.

Little things? Rather more than that but his statement is typical of the Arsenal squad in that they constantly seek the positives for public consumption. The problems are not glossed over, simply not spoken of outside of the club. Is that a good thing? Or just recognition that the players do not need to speak ill for journalists and fans are quite happy to do it for them?

Kyle Bartley meanwhile believes he can solve some of the problems.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I was anywhere near the level to play for Arsenal last season. But I’ve come back, I feel really strong and I feel that I am ready now.

Every time you step on the pitch, you are going out there to win so there is a lot of pressure on you. I think I can offer something else [because] I am a little bit different to the other centre backs. I like the physical side of the game and I see myself as a leader. If Arsène decides that he wants me in the first team then that will be fantastic.

The received wisdom is that Arsenal need a centre back, Bartley might have the attributes bar experience. One season on loan, cut short by injury, does not mean he is the solution for Arsenal now. Early in the summer there was talk of him going on loan once more and that is something that I would suggest is beneficial to the player. That will though depend on whether the club signs a new centre back. Bartley would learn more at somewhere like Rangers than he would sitting on the bench or playing in domestic cup competitions.

We shall see. This is the balance Wenger has to strike. Bartley is full of promise but that needs to be realised. Notionally, you would see him as fifth in the pecking order at the club right now. He and Squillaci may swap places but that is by no means certain. Being on the bench will not ‘kill’ this youth but is it right for the club and player in the longer term?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First ?
    Haven’t read it though yet.

  2. Arsenal FC having to trawl down to 13,000th on the season ticket waiting list, the message is becoming clear but are they listening? How many adverts on the radio for the Emirates Cup, trouble shifting those too?

    “Spend some F****g money”

  3. Freddie P,

    Where is the evidence?

    Stop trying to create a crisis

  4. 24 days and we are ready to rumble.. pep and the italian from shitty can both go to hell.
    both Nasri and CESE are under contract , so have some respect.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  5. valuations for these players.
    60-70 mil for CESE
    30-40 mil for Nasri
    otherwise ,pissoff and let us plan for the new season..

  6. freddie P, thank god for that. Maybe its a chance for some of us to get a season ticket before we die!
    Hope they have to travel down to 50 000 to flogg em all off, then its not that far down to me 😛

  7. the reason why Barca really need to get Cesc this year is because Pepe aparantly promised cesc he was gonna come for him this year. If they do not buy him this year after promising him they will hes going to forever be totally disilusioned by Barcelona. He will probably give up on his dream.
    That would be catastrophic for barca, who can take over after Xavi then?
    They need him as much as we do, but i think they may have overplaeyd their cards. You can mess around with Arsenal but you cannot mess around with Cesc the way they have done.
    No respect what so ever, its only so much a man can take, even Cesc.

    I wonder if they will get him at all if they cant make a deal this summer. How can he ever trust them again if they promised to come get him this summer for then not to bother to offer enough again and prioritising others? They would look increasingly stupid too. People are starting to turn agains them and see them for what they are. Not good for the Barcelona image at all.

  8. Morning Gooners, bloody hell, I’ve woken up in a really good mood.
    I don’t think it is unreasonable for the players to talk about the positives instead of the negatives from last season. There were a lot of positives. Yesterday I re-watched the first half against Newcastle away, FFS, we were a team on another level totally.

    I also believe that Bartley is ready for the EPL, another loan stint will not improve his current psychological will to win, in fact, it could damage his motivation and we could lose him all together. He is a future leader, he knows how to rally a defensive back four and is the ‘English’ backbone which many fans are calling for. He is another Jack Wilshere in the making. Wenger needs to give him the opportunity. He’s not much younger than Smalling and in my opinion a better prospect. Why spend millions on Samba or Cahill when we have the player we need already.
    I sincerely hope Bartley gets a chance to play at Cologne or Benfica.

    The youngsters apparently gave Hastings a masterclass in football last night, poor Hastings! I glimpse of the future Arsenal perhaps.

  9. Freddie P,

    I gave up my season ticket because of the negativity that has creaped into the Emirates. Constantly having to abuse supposed fellow gooners for being negative during matches is too much for me.

    Your question might therefore be better addressed to those gooners who seem blind to history and reason.

  10. Jabba's delights

    Good post Yogi

    Its complete non news the Cesc story. Arsene even said on the weekend that we were in negotiations with Barca over him when he was having ago at Xavi. Nothing changes, they either hit our valuation of our captain and key player who has 4 years left on his contract who they can go do one the fucking idiots. Cesc is a class individual and has already said its not like he is in a bad position at arsenal so this is nothign like Modric. Nasri on the other hand needs to be signed up by the end of July or shipped out with a replacement bought.

    Yogi im not so certain for 5th and 6th placed teams are so far behind. Granted we dropped a clanger final months of last year but they were like 5 and 8 points off. If keeny gets the pool playing hard all year its very realistic without european football to think they could get to mid 70 points and spurs without the distaction of cl have been shown to be bale to get to 70 points. We must raise our game as if we stagnate or do what we did last year and drop points we probably miss out on cl. I dont think we will but one cant assume its on a plate for us

  11. YW – Nice post.

    5th place was closer to us, than we were to Manure, so we can’t be so sure though.

  12. i still wonder how Smalling and Jones can be the solution up north and Bartely cannot be the solutuion for us. Up north they got 4 good defenders now Vidic, Rio, Smalling and Jones.
    Our four defenders are Kos, Verm, Djorou and Squill with Bartely currently as no 5.

    Bartely imo should be a solid and clear no 4 defender at ours as he is alot like Smalling. A great prospect that needs to be in the squad to develop.

    For us to get better in the back we should have to sell either Kos, Verm or Johan to get a better first start pairing. Or as some geniouses suggests sell all three and buy Cahill and Samba to form “the ultimate PL pairing” but would that benefit us ?

    I dont think we should have Kos, Djorou as a 2nd pair. i think they are too good for that. Djorou, kos pairing is alot bette than Smalling Jones pairing. Besides they are both 25. If they cannot make the step they should be cut loose. One of them should be a first team starter, if not one of them should be sold. There is no point stockpiling players that aint good enough(i happen to think they are good enough though)

    If you want a new CB you have to sell one of the old in order not to hamper Bartelys development. Bartely is good enough to play all CC cups and the lesser PL teams for sure.
    So question would be, if you want to bring in a new parter for Vermalen who would you flog off? no way Johan or Kos want to sit on the bench for an entire campaign. Even bartely wants away if he cant get firs team footy.

  13. Jabba's delights


    I understand what your saying, but for Bartley long term development would it not be better for him to go play 40-50 high pressure games up at rangers including cl games than play 5-10 games with us. Squilaci contract is done next year he will be shipped out than Bartley comes back with 2 years starting behind him ready to challenge for a place. I think the difference between Bartley and Squilaci is negligible this year.

    Bartley played last night, afobe was taken out of the squad as he is going to cologne says youngguns. If bartley doesnt go to cologne and get game time wenger doesnt see him as the answer

  14. Maybe he will stay for the autumn campain and go out on loan for the last half of the season like Jack did before him? Then he would be ready to claim a place next year?

  15. Poodle,

    I don’t think anyone is arguing for selling Kos Verm or Johan. Most would like to see Squil replaced with PL experienced defender, dominant in the air, etc

    Bartley is a fair option for that, except he lacks PL experience. However, I’m warming to Northbank’s argument @9.36

    The main difference between us and United is that, they don’t have a ‘defensive problem’ to start with. The have an established pairing in Rio/Vidic and have done the rational thing by sign up promising youngsters as understudy. They are in a very different situation to us.

  16. and i agree hes not the answear this year, and he should not be. Its not fair to put that much responsibility on a 20 year olds shoulders. But that does not mean he would benefit from a Smalling treatment next season though….

  17. If Djourou and Kos don’t want to sit on the bench, they will have have to improve and make it impossible for the manager to not pick them. Competition for places is essential to maintain high standards. Either way, with injuries and suspensions they will get their fair share of games anyway.

  18. Morning YW.
    How else to move forward but with optimism?

    Djourou’s got the right mind set but I would really like him to improve certain aspects of his game this season, especially this one habit of always hunching over when trying to shield the ball from an oncoming attacker w/o touching it. It works sometimes (especially close to the touchline) but a more back-straight-quick-pass to a team mate/ goalkeeper approach or quick hoof out to touch seems to me less dangerous. Its this quick action that makes Kos & Verm so good.

    Oh & Pep & Carta can go eat a pridest*ck for all i care….
    “El Capitan, see how zey trivialize dju?”

  19. Henristic – “The main difference between us and United is that, they don’t have a ‘defensive problem’ to start with. The have an established pairing in Rio/Vidic and have done the rational thing by sign up promising youngsters as understudy. They are in a very different situation to us.”

    Very true. Now is not then time for us to be taking a gamble. We must get it right.

  20. All right Yogi, I’m willing to compromise. How about we keep Bartley until January, then when the domestic cups are over let him go back to Rangers for the rest of the season.

  21. To say we were nearer 6th than 1st is mathematically true.But otherwise stupid.
    The title was in our own hands with 10 games to go.United were the only other team that was in that position.
    The fact that we completely imploded and still could not have finished outside the top 4 makes nonsense of that silly notion
    However if the reason for posting such nonesense is to piss us off ,well done guys.Job done

  22. I’d give Bartley a full year on loan @ Rangers. Then bring him home next season to replace Squilly. But would still buy a Samba. We truly need an experienced giant CB.

    ..”.U mean no more to Pep than as a stunt-double for Xavi El Capitan, with us you are the head Spartan”

  23. Well then Henri you are indeed suggesting to swap out either kos djorou or verm with a new cb which mean we should flogg one of them to make room. Cos they aint good enough. Bartely will be the one that takes over for squillachi. If im understanding you correctly we need a better first choice CB not a bette no4.
    IF squillys contract is up in a year anyway we may aswell keep him and use him agains the Leyton Orients of the world.

  24. George,
    Its not a stupid statement. A few seasons ago, Aston Villa competed with us for fourth place but then collapsed spectacularly towards the end of the season. They can’t go round claiming the were as good as Arsenal – based only the period they were doing well -, can they?

  25. Oh no, Freddie P is thinking of withdrawing his awesome support.

    Fuck off mate, your team really doesn’t need you.

  26. hmm Have the daily mail not said “arsenal to sell Cesc to Barca this week” like 12 times this summer?

    Whatever they are doing their phonetapping skills aint even close to as good as the Notws.

  27. Daily Fail

  28. Poodle:
    “If im understanding you correctly we need a better first choice CB not a bette no4.”

    No, thats not what I’m saying. We need a better 4th CB, who might not necessarily be fourth choice.

    Look, we don’t have an established 1st choice CB pairing yet. Who knows which two out of Verm, Kos and JD that Wenger will favour next year? It’s not a question of whether the current three are good enough or not. A fourth guy will add to the competition and if he turns out to be better than any our current CBs (and thats a big IF) then so be it. That is in fact a very good thing, because it means we have improved.

  29. George – It is not posted to get a reaction if that is what you are thinking. It was posted as it happens to be true. The fact we imploded at the end of the season seems to be some sort of wierd excuse for some. The implosion is part of our make up; the reason Manure won the lge is as much due to the fact that they didn’t implode (i.e, were more consistant).

  30. If Bartley goes out on loan to Rangers again his enthusiam to play for Arsenal will diminish and at some stage, Rangers will buy him and we will lose an excellent CB.

    Regarding the 5th/6th/7th EPL teams, Tottenham will drop slightly next season, Redknapp is panic buying and has dissalusionment in the ranks. Liverpool the same, Dalglish hasn’t really strengthened his squad with current signings and Man City will struggle with the extra pressure on them from CL matches. Chelsea will be in contention but with a new manager, a different system and no positive signings, my belief is they will be lucky to get 4th.
    Just remember Gooners…… We were thrashing Spuds at the Emirates before confidence dropped, we beat City at Eastlands and they played for a draw at the Emirates, we thrashed Chelsea and Liverpool had the ref on their side at the Emirates. And we beat Man U convincingly and gave Barca their fucking come uppance.

    Perhaps I did wake up in a good mood…..

  31. I’m with George and anyone else who actually paid attention last season. Being in contention for 80% of the season means we are closer to the top than 6th. I don’t know how a supporter can feel otherwise.

    Northbank, I agree that City will suffer with the added distraction of the CL, but I think they’ll lose their place in the top 4 to Liverpool (if they can sort their defence!).

  32. I hear MR PHW saying it is getting boring now with Barcelona chasing a player for 3 years without making one decent offer. I know why it took them 3 years and still no propper offers. Pep talked about the money vailable in the strong money box. you can see why it took so long without any success in this video.

    I think football would’ve worked better

  33. Round and round the mulberry bush…

  34. @henri ah ok i see what you mean. I still think it would be a right shame if we by adding a guy like Samba made Bartely so disillusioned that he wanted to leave.
    Im sure hes no worse than Smalling was last year. But as you point out our situation is different.
    However, i would give Bartely a chance. Selling a young CB with the equal potential to Smalling is just wrong. Making him think he has to seek oportunities other places is just equally wrong.

    I think my conclusion will be im really glad i dont have to make that decision.

  35. Markus – The points at the end of the season tell otherwise. Quite emphatically really. The 5th placed side were twice as close to us as we were to Manure. It is the end that counts, not where you are during the majority of the season (ask Blackpool).

    What would you make of a marathon runner that fell away 5 miles from the finish? Or a hourse that fell 2 jumps before the finish of the national? Not much I would wager, and where they were for the majority of the race would be forgotten pretty quickly. The fact we imploded is not some sort of bad luck; it is a reflection of a serious flaw with this group of players.

    I hate to use Manure as an example, but does anybody believe that they would have collapsed in the manner we did if they had lost the CC final? I can’t see it myself.

  36. I think Bartley will have a part to play. Wenger refused to loan him back to Rangers just yet and that means he’s got him in mind but it will dependd on who comes in. He is similar to Smalling but Smalling has been introduced slowly to the first team and Wenger can do the same. by the end of this season we might have a fantastic CB.

  37. poodle | July 20, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Completely agree. Its a tough job.

  38. Forgotten pretty quickly at the peril of those about them in the next race, I would wager.

  39. Poodle,
    Thinking about it just a bit further, even if we have to sell him, we could include a buy-back clause in the transfer contract, to cover our asses.

    I wouldn’t mind at all if we keep Bartely, so long as we actually USE him. Keeping him on the bench for 5-10 games is simply not fair to the player. The chances he’ll get games over Squilachi is slim, imo, as Wenger almost tends to go for experience at the back. Even if the experience isn’t quite good enough. e.g. Silvestre over Senderos a couple seasons ago.

  40. I see the Sun are stooping so low that they are today using my post on Yogis blog yesterday at 1.42pm…….. LOL
    They don’t even credit the interview to L’Equipe and use his words in a literal translasion ie: sickness in the team!
    Fucking arseholes

  41. What about miquel? Could someone shed some light? Thanks..

  42. NB1969

    Liverpool didnt have the ref on their side at the Emirates we had Eboue on ours

  43. Jabba's delights


    Spot one but that still doesnt hide the fact that we were closer to spurs last year than we were to utd over 38 games. george nobody was trying to dig they were just refelcting on Yogi post, thats what the blog is there for. I expect both Spurs and Liverpool to be around the 70 point mark next year, if we dont improve (i think we will) we will have a real race on on our hands for 4th.

    Henristic i completely agree. If Bartley is to be kept he must be played and that starts with him goign to Cologne and getting some game time this weekend. Nothing would make more happy if our cb weakness was solved with a monster internal option but the guy needs a fair crack at the whip.

  44. Ted – Yup.

  45. I hope Joel Campbell breaks his legs at the U20 World Cup! 🙂

  46. Jabba's delights


    Miquel has got real quality bust MUST be sent on loan this year. He needs to learn his trade at a championship or league 1 side. The guy is 18 and looks 16. Players learn from getting competative game time.

  47. Goonerandy


  48. Dexter – Been done before. Lets leave that one there shall we.

  49. Gooner Ted

    So players arent allowed a mistake in the 112th minute of a game now?

    And Eboue isnt even a player I am prone to defending. Just when clueless doomers spout off.

    No surprises GA agreed with you.

  50. Leave what GA?

  51. Stop agreeing with wank statements then goonerandy

  52. Jabba's delights

    ha ref on their side. It was a pen they get given im afraid, ask any neutral fan. Time to move on

  53. @JD thanks..

    So hes not on loan..I dunno if he will be cos i think he can play at LB and might be needed at some point or for the Carling cup games..

  54. Well said Dexter. I cannot take the opinion of anyone who agrees with anything GT says seriously.

  55. It was a blatant pen, the fact it happened in the 306th minute was a bit of a ball ache mind! I was there and couldnt believe what I saw that day.

    Thanks sooooo much everyone for bringing that shite up again! Shall we talk about the Toon games now? 😀

    Right, flying visit, just checking in.

  56. Hiya Dupsff, hope you’re ok mate?

    Seeya later

  57. ppftt you know everytime we win that stupid EmiratesCup we win nothing els. Lets hope we loose and loose properly. so they can all taste(again) how crap it is to not win. Then we can go on and win what really matters.

  58. Saturday’s game is live on ESPN. If you have Slysports package ESPN is free from 22 July.

  59. Dexter – It does not matter who posted the statement. I just happen to agree with it (about the Liverpool game). Like I said, this discussion has happened tons of times, so lets not start it up again eh? Tis boring after a while. Same as the Newscastle game.

  60. Poodle. Hamburg won the Emirates Cup in 2008 and we still never won anything. 🙂

  61. well, as an arsenal fan i would prefer to believe that that level of falling off at the end of the season wont happen again. The players are capable. Unfortunately, everyone including arsenal fans are going to make it more difficult for them this season. The boys will have to do the job inspite if their fans. Its going to be hard.

    Remember how poisonous the statdium was last year, its going to worse this year. But i will be cheering them on with all i’ve got.

    good luck guys!

    Its not for me to beleive in other teams. im here to believe in arsenal.

  62. Bill Haley, Essex Records.

  63. Didn’t want to start the whole debate and arguements again.. it’s. just my view. Lets move on eh

    I’m in a fucking good mood today, sharing a pipe with Herbert Chapman this morning has brightened my day.

    Saturdays game against Cologne will be a good test for any new tactics Wenger has up his sleeve. Gervinho will get a run out with the team, hopefully Bartley will get a chance and I think we will see Wengers CB pairing preference in Verm and Kos.

  64. @Henri and yeah, its typical arsenal to give to young players a to rash start too. we should not expect to much of the under 24 year olds really, they should be allowed to develop. Millner did not get young player of the year until he was 24(!)but then again i belive that was the same year rooney got the player of the year at 23 or something(!)
    Im thinking a Smalling introduction would be very good indeed.
    Being 24 is still young in this game though, especially when you think about modern technology and medicin that makes them run around like duracell bunnys until they are err. how old is Giggs? anicent anyway. he could have been the dad of half our team.

  65. ssh dupps, dont ruin my

  66. anicent aincent? you know what i mean, like really really old….

  67. comon guys, GA agrees with just about everything negative arsenal. I wanna dare him to be positive just cant be bothered.

  68. I strongly believe the problem is not so much with the defence personel, it is the system employed.

    We play such a high line, with our full backs hugging the touch line, leaving us completely exposed for a punt over the top. As soon as the ball bounces we are left with two big blokes at the back, which are no match to some whippet of a striker with pace who can twist and turn and turn them inside out.

    Both full backs are so wide and so far forward that they are defensively no use at all and results in ensuing panic.

    Utd don’t do this, Chelsea don’t do this, City don’t do this.

    Until we change the system, employing full backs to play as defenders not wingers, it won’t matter who we bring in at centre half as the core issue would not have been addresed.

  69. Jabba's delights


    You sound like someone who actually didnt attend alot of games last year but is specualting as to the atmosphere.

    It got horrible toward the end of the season, before that the emirates was as it an highbury has ever been against average opposition…………..quiet! Outstanding in the big games better than i can remember for a long time.

    If we make some good moves in the transfer market and the fans see a real effort from the board and manager to improve the squad much of the collapse will be forgotton. If there isnt some changes i fear the fans will pick up where they left off last year, which is frickign frustrated with the team.

    Not ideal but it is what it is. Look at the murmurings from spud fans at the moment if you want to see awful support and they havent even had 6 years of frustration like we have.

  70. I don’t know about most of you……but over the past few years when I’ve caught an Arsenal broadcast……throughout the match the commentators constantly make negative remarks about the club, manager, or the linking of a move for one of our players or a player who has left for another club……..

    TOTALLY UNNECESSARY in context to what is happening on the pitch – especially that Steve Macmanaman twat. All of them, throwing in their small minded, tabloid remarks to stir emotions.

    Even watching the recent Green(something) match…..that nauseating announcer (on the Arsenal Player) constantly talking about our high line / poor defense….blah, blah, blah.

    Its the start of the season, why allow the problems of last season to be the focus of any players interview.

    We are having a fresh start and ALL, including the manager, should be focused on the positives.

    Honestly, who wants to hang around negative TYPES?

  71. No, they’ve had 50 years of it.

  72. Haha! That should play on a loop in here, Finsbury.

    It’s only at these faraway points, stuck between two seasons and miles away from any football that someone can get away with conveniently ignoring 8 months of title tilt to stick the boot in on their own team. Cruel and unusual behaviour.

  73. Jabba's delights


    Our cb are perfectly adept with dealing with anyone when the ball is on the ground. We get caught on the counter attack becuase of numbers with song and quite often full backs getting forward, but we sorted this out quite a bit last year. Its the opportunity cost of being an attacking team. Set pieces is where we need to improve and if we do that we will be there or there abouts as i think gervinho will add alot to our atack

  74. Jabba's delights


    Works both ways, its only on a blog where someone can gloss over a 38 game season and fast forward to 25 games that they like. In the real world one must asses the whole seaosn…………… is 38 games yer?

    Anyway the point has been done to death. People were writing in response to yogi blog, thats what its there for not all agree.

  75. is it true that we are holding talks with Ribery??? It never ever crossed my mind that he was even a target for us. Its like saying we “hold talks” with Snejder.

  76. and they havent even had 6 years of frustration like we have.

    no 50 years!

    Grrr Limps

  77. Can we PLEASE not start the title challenge or not chat again. We all know where everyone stands, and that clearly isn’t going to change!

    Any highlights from the whipping last night? I was a little conservative on my 6-0 shout!

  78. Fak in hell Ribery plays less than Diaby.
    He is the last thing we need.

  79. And Cambell choosing Fiorentina due to economy over Arsenal says alot about his ambitions in the game….

  80. Luke,lets do the Defensive one instead.egh? Oh ,we are
    OK Denilson then 🙂

  81. Ribery also has a private life that matches rooney. Dunno how i feel about that tbh.

  82. Who’s Denilson?

  83. Ribery, Woods, Giggs, Rooney, Berlusconi would be an agressive stag do.

  84. Jabba,

    I don’t get to go to a lot of games, 2 or 3 a year tops.

    I did get to go to Fulham for the last game of the season and all the old failings were there to be seen, how we only manage to ship two goals was only through some amazing last ditch defending.

    Granted the set piece defending is a major issue but notwitstanding, we should not be planning a league campaign based on last ditch defending.

    We have adequate attacking abilities that all off Song, Sagna, Gibbs should be so far advanced.

  85. Positive thinking……… positive thinking…….. positive thinking
    positive vibes….. positive vibes…. positive vibes

    “What did you do there?
    I got high
    What did you feel there?
    Well I cried
    But why the tears there?
    I’ll tell you why

    It’s all too beautiful
    I’ts all too beautiful
    I’ts all too beautiful……………

  86. Kingsalami: “As soon as the ball bounces we are left with two big blokes at the back, which are no match to some whippet of a striker with pace who can twist and turn and turn them inside out.”

    Weren’t here for the ‘our defenders are too quick and agile and we should get in some big monsters’ debate were you? Did you not see Koscielny pwn Messi, Torres, Rooney, etc last season?

  87. george rodger

    Chris, pass the pipe tightwad

  88. george rodger

    Markus,I saw him :),And he should be much better this year as well also his partner will be TV who was superb in his first season and also should be better this year.

    its all to beautiful 🙂

  89. Vona – Ha, I post plenty of positive stuff. It tends to get ignored though (by some) as it does not fit with my percieved persona.

  90. George

    I wouldn’t have thought you were into the Mairie-Jeane?

    Can get some good stuff here, specially being so close to Marseille.

    Kos will be a big surprise this coming season, paired with the Verminator they will be awesome. Fuck ViDic and Ferdibland, our two will be the best in the EPL.

  91. george rodger

    Vona,If Andy was as bad as it gets I would be very happy.
    Nothing wrong with Andy that a big strong shouty pointy Center-half wont put right

  92. george rodger

    Chris I have to say I am more an ” Ebeneezer Goode” man but any port ,as they say

  93. If a person looks at a cloud and you ask them what colour it is they will say it is white. However, clouds are never pure white, There are touches of blue, yellow and even green in a cloud.

    This is how I view the current Arsenal team, they are not just one colour, they are a multitude of different colours that blend together to make the whole. This season we will see how they can be mixed to make a perfect hue.

    Herbert is on form today.

  94. @ NB1969
    agree with your comment about Kos and Vermaelen and importance of ‘positivity’.

  95. Ha George! That explains the staunt defence of all things beautiful….

    Probably knocked back one too many doves in your day eh? 😉

  96. I simply cannot understand the logic behind the idea that we need to spend large sums of money to solve our problems.

    Buying an expensive CB, means that two of V, K and D will have to sit on the bench for most of the season, because you can hardly spend £15m on a player to put him on the bench.

    Clearly, simply spending money does not bring success. The scum have spent a fortune in recent years, and see where they are. The same aplies to many other teams well below us in the PL.

    Why do so many people look at the defence as the source of the problem last year, when it seems to me that it was up front that we really failed? In the last 3rd of the season, the only one who consistently scored was RVP. Whilst the others chipped in, it was only a goal here and another there.

    The confidence of the front and midfield players slowly disappeared, as did the goals, meaning there was more pressure on the defence.

    I am not saying that the defence escape some blame, as they do not, as I am convinced that D was not ready to come back when he did, as he was useless over the last few games of the season. He was a different person than he was before the Barca game, when he was injured.

    Even Manure are not spending willy nilly, and are looking to the future, rather than buying so-called estanlished players.

    Samba and Cahill are simply not for us. They bring nothing new, and, in my humble view, would not improve our play, even at set plays.

  97. What a slow day this is (and not just online)…

    Can’t wait till the weekend.

  98. Cesc (nor his father) is no dummy. It must be painfully disappointing to see the club of his dreams piss all over him with these insulting transfer bids.

    Arsenal has always been true to their words and delivered the commitment; Barca on the other hand have always flattered to deceive.

    July 31st – Fabragas holds press conference to announce his intention to fulfill his career at Arsenal.

    I agree with Kamran’s player valuations @ 9:20

  99. jjgsol,
    lol, what got in your knickers?

  100. jjgsol

    Catch up will you.The reason we are talking about the defence is we conceded FORTY THREE GOALS in the league last season following on from the FORTY ONE the previous seasons.It is impossible for a team to win the title conceding that amount of goals.The stats tell you the defence is not good enough

  101. Arsesession

    What are the pigs like flying over your house?

  102. jjgsol | July 20, 2011 at 2:01 pm


    I do want to add, the inexperience at goalkeeper did have its impact. Fabianski (b4 his injury) was having a solid season and Szcz looks to also be the stability needed for our future.

    A new season…..many of the youngsters will show more development over last season – like we witnessed from Jack, Theo, Dj.

  103. Arsesession – “A new season…..many of the youngsters will show more development over last season”

    Deja vu. I am sure I have heard that somewhere before. This time last year maybe?

  104. Jigsol

    “Whilst the others chipped in . . . . . .”

    That can’t be right. Carlos was out on loan.

  105. GT,

    From my experience……what you fear the most, rarely materializes.

    Consistently, everyone is writing off Arsenal chances of keeping Cesc…..if not now, he will leave later.

    It is possible that Barca will shoot themselves in the foot. Just my take.

  106. Its Hilarious

    Its like last season didnt happen.Just a Bobby Ewing dream.No lessons have been learned.It must have been someone’s fault why we only finshed 4th.The players the manager the board the boogie

    Some of you would get a job working for Murdoch with some of your crackpot views

    We finish 4th because 3 teams were better than us.Stop living in denial

    Sorry to spoil your illusion but Cesc is leaving get used to it

  107. Jabba's delights


    Wont coment on your thoughs on the defence not being the problem as i think it was quite obvious it was a huge problem but not the only one.

    ”Samba and Cahill are simply not for us. They bring nothing new, and, in my humble view, would not improve our play, even at set plays.”

    I think you really miss the point with the above. Whilst its open to debate whether they will improve us or not, what isnt open to debate is that they do bring something new to the table. They are different from all of our cb’s Its pointless arguing again whether they will improve us at set pieces or not as we all have our different opinions. However we dont currently have a tall agrresive cb at the club bar Bartley

  108. Goonerandy…..

    From my experience, there is steady growth tactically, technically, and physically over the 21 – 25 year range, for players who see regular playing time.

    Once a player reaches 26 (plus or minus a year), he has most of his skills polished for the balance of his career.

    Song, Dj, Gibbs, Theo, Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby, Nasri, Cesc, Szcz, Fabianski, Vela, Frimpong: all are no where near their prime, and to assume they will make the same mistakes as last season – perform at the same level…….well, I know (from experience) the team will perform at a higher level.

    Kos, Vermaelen, vP, Sagna, Eboue, Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamakh: this group of players are fairly set in their attributes, but their ability to contribute is more a result of chemistry with their teammates.

  109. Jabba's delights

    Gooner Ted

    Cesc is leaving when Barca pay what we want for him and not before, that much is clear. with an extra 40m in the bank the possibilities are endless dont forget we have Ramsey, Wilshere waiting both of who i would rate on the same level as cesc talent wise at that age and also a little russian magician who is desperate to play central where he is best suited.

  110. Silver Gunner

    Someone mentioned our attacking fullbacks as a reason for some goals we conceded in open play I have to say I agree but this is because our wingers for not necessarily offer the width that the fullbacks can.

    I think its the likes of sing and wilshire that should be a little bit more defensively aware in these cases and be on the alert for potential counter attacks.

    On the subject of set pieces nothing I have seen from any of our defenders has shown any ability to cope hence imo we need st least one defender that is mobile enough to play our high line but robust enough to cope with the stoke or bolton setpiece. Samba is mobile and decisive in the air.

  111. Jabba's delights


    From my experience in life not every one with talent when younger goes on to forfill their potential. Players progress at different rates i think your mathamatical formula is flawed. These players have the experience of players who are 26-27 due to Arsene blooding them so young. Its up to them as individuals to kick on. Nobody is going to give Carlos Vela Hernandez work ethic its down to him. Aged 17 Vela was a god Hernandez a nobody who has worked harder to achieve their goals. Has carlos worked on his right foot in 5 years?

    the players were meant to have learnt from previous years and it didnt help them last year and this shocked wenger also. There is no doubting we have huge talent and i trust the club to make some good signings this summer its where mentally this squad has the minerals that worries me most.

  112. Arsession – That sounds more like a Champ Manager game mate. Not all players progress as they do in a game (Denilson for example). You are right that you could reasonably expect players to improve, but as we have seen with Cesc and Cole, a player has more chance of improving if they are are surrounded by experience. We don’t really have that.

  113. Silver Gunner

    Sorry about the spelling bloody smartphone predictive text

  114. Gooner Ted

    Arsenal will have final say about Cesc until the end of the 2014/15 season……and he won’t leave until a sum is agreed upon that meets Arsenal value.

    A lot can change during this period – for Arsenal and Barca.
    a) the economy in Spain can continue to erode – like Greece; impacting Barca’s debt
    b) Guardiola could leave
    c) Arsenal can achieve its goals in the next 2 seasons
    d) endless other scenarios…..

    Yes, we finished 4th and no silverware. If we have finished 2nd and no silverware – like Chelsea – its fans like you that would still berate players, manager, and club.

    If we finished 2nd, and won CC or FA – its fans like you that would still complain we did not win the league; plus emphasize that CC trophy (or FA) is not significant.

    Even if we won league, CL, you would still find issues to whine about.

  115. JD
    There are other factors in a player evolving besides # of matches. Mentality can not be jump started – nor can physicality adjustment.

    Earlier seasons we would see our players pushed off the ball or loose many 50-50 balls -not so this past season.

    For me you cannot start so many 19 and 20 year olds and expect them to handle the pressure. How many matches did we start Szcz, Theo, Wilshere, Gibbs, Ramsey – ALL OR MOST OF THIS LIST? Especially at the end of the season.

    This is the issue at hand for the club and manager; …..and fans must accept. Our future is based on these core youngsters and the club is not going to go out and sign players that will set them on the bench.

    You mention Vela……and he is a good example of a player that mentality has not accepted his opportunity with the club; whereas Hernandez took his opportunity with ManU.

    I think Hernandez is surrounded by more experience than what Vela finds with the Arsenal mix. Also, its obvious that the two managers having differing managing styles.

  116. Nice post yogi. Hard to do anything new these days. Wish the season would start.

    I think Bartley should start as 5th cb. I think the chance of us buying a PL ready defender is slim. Kyle could move up to 4th place in the pecking order if he is good enough. That said I would not be unhappy if he went on loan. If he does I wish it would be a PL team. He will probably go back to DM again at rangers and He needs to be a cb if that’s where he will play with us. nordtviet played mostly DM on his loans in Germany and it did his arsenal career no good. I remember last year many of us were exclaiming about nordtviet was going to be and he was the answer to our problems. Kyle may be different and turn out to be a great cb and clearly we need to develop him over the next 2 -3 years but he is only 20 and his only significant experience is as a DM in scotland. If we end up having to count on him to play a lot of minutes this year it probably means we are in trouble.

    Glad the team is back in Europe and look forward to seeing gervinho. Wish I knew whats going on with cesc’s hamstrings. I hope we are just being overly cautious with him.

    The discussion about if we were closer to 5 th place then 1st is not really useful at this point It is safe to say that the competition for the top 4 spots will be a lot tougher then in years past. 6 teams with a legitimate shot to make the CL spots. We clearly have more technical skill then most of those teams. However if we see a return of some of lasts years complacency we will be in trouble. Last year we were not the type of team that picked itself up by the bootstraps and fought through bad luck and rough patches. We need to approach the season like we are the underdogs needing to prove something. In the past the players have all talked about the lack of focus and energy in some games and the implication that we were so good that we just had to throw our boots on the pitch to win. Hope we finally have learned our lesson.

  117. Great post, great blog. I’ve been reading ACLF for 2 years now but have never commented. One thing bothers me: if Cesc ends up staying, which is looking likely if you ask me, who captains us next season? I mean this is a guy who clearly would rather be somewhere else. Despite the risk of embarrassing him, I believe RvP should be the skipper next season. What do you guys think

  118. Fucking hell, gooner ted and gooner andy tag teaming like a couple of bitchy fish wives!

    Oh andy, I thought you just happened to agree with one thing the doomy twat said?

    SSN are doing their utmost to get Cesc sold off. And all and sundry telling Arsenal to just “let him go!” Like they would sell their house for half the market value just to make it eaier for the buyer!

  119. george rodger

    We don’t play with winger’s Silver Gunner.Perhaps that is why they(the nonexistent ones.)
    do not provide sufficient width .

  120. george rodger

    Dexter, don’t come on here causing bother after being MIA for days.

  121. There’s a void now Frank aint about for a bit and I am filling in for him!

    Dont start George, just because you’re all loved up today! Eeza eeza good! 😀

  122. silver gunner

    faaji good point about cesc I think should he stay or leave RVP should be captain as he has never had his head turned and regardless of his injury record is 100% committed to the club, TV5 for vice captain.

  123. george rodger

    Cesc will be El Capitaino until he leaves.If he ever leaves.
    But Robin should be,
    Or TV if you like your captains at the back.

  124. Dexter – I don’t look at the poster when agreeing/disagreeing with an opinion. I think it is pretty childish to do so, and plus, you may miss a valid point simply because you do not like the posters normal posts.

  125. Juventus apparantly about to sign Arturo Vidal? Hmmm, didnt think Juve had any cash, they are trying to do all their deals on the cheap, or loans.

  126. George, were you being SERIOUS then? I didnt notice a smiley face, so I am guessing you were. You must’ve missed my earlier missives.

  127. Goonerandy

    Thats all well and good and generally i would agree with you, but we are talking about goonerted here. So that point is completely null and void dude, sorry!

  128. Heh, a nice contradiction there.

  129. george rodger

    Well Dexter ,you were not here earlier in the week when I was screaming for help.
    Left to the mercy of some aggressive doomers ,I was.
    Told I was thick and everything. Isn’t that right iHenristic ?

  130. Silver Gunner

    Bring on the new season just so slow man

  131. Not really mate, but hey ho, gotta go.

  132. Sorry george man. Been out and about dontcha know. Dont let Henristic get away with that shit! Must’ve been like being savaged by a guppy fish! 🙂

  133. How long, oh lord, how long. Miserable doom-mongering wank fest. Draining the life out of the blog. No wonder they are such miserable club supporters. I sign off for the day.

  134. I’ll get flamed for this, but…

    I don’t think I ever saw a smile this big on Denilson’s face all the time he was at Arsenal. Kinda sad.

  135. Jabba's delights


    They take risks, whether it pays off or not one shall see. There are only 3 cl places for italalin teams as of next year germany now has 4. It can be just as expensive in the long run for them not to arrest the decline in their team. They ahve a new stadium to fill and their fans make ours looks like saints and they only pay 10euro a game……who would have thought Frank!

  136. Ah, I can’t seem to embed it.

  137. Henristic: “The main difference between us and United is that, they don’t have a ‘defensive problem’ to start with. The have an established pairing in Rio/Vidic and have done the rational thing by sign up promising youngsters as understudy. They are in a very different situation to us.”

    Say what? Van der Saar is gone and Rio Ferdinand’s back will get progressively worse. If Rio is out and Vidic gets suspended that means they’re left with a pairing of Smalling, Evans/Jones. People hype up their defense to no end while forgetting that Van der Sar kept them in many, many games singlehandedly.

  138. Henristic: “The main difference between us and United is that, they don’t have a ‘defensive problem’ to start with. The have an established pairing in Rio/Vidic and have done the rational thing by sign up promising youngsters as understudy. They are in a very different situation to us.”

    Say what? Van der Saar is gone and Rio Ferdinand’s back will get progressively worse. If Rio is out and Vidic gets suspended that means they’re left with a pairing of Smalling, Evans/Jones. Not exactly a rock solid defense there. People hype up their defense to no end while forgetting that Van der Sar kept them in many, many games singlehandedly.

  139. Jabba's delights

    And there goes the wonderful contribution of Shotta once again. Actually been one of the better weeks of blogging in recent times. Poeple actually understanding that you can have a difference of opinion and not be a c^nt. Shotta……dont hurry back unless you have got somethign decent to say, your constant whining about doomers (real or imaginary) is actually more boring than anythign else.

  140. *
    What it is, is a facile attempt at ‘Sandbagging’.

    Or, as Baldrick would say:
    ‘I have a cunning plan’.

  141. Andy, Denilson did jump up in quality. In fact, I remember him being much better in the 08-09 season than he was the season before. That’s when he was scoring wonder goals and was our most used player. Denilson’s down fall, and Clichy’s to an extent, started as a result of a back injury. I’ve never seen any of our youngsters digress quality wise, since the youth project began. Some have been hampered by injuries, but none have become shit from one season to the next. Not even Senderos.

  142. LeGrave on tour

    “Denilson’s down fall started as a result of a back injury”


    Yeah and Heather Mills career in track and field was curtailed by constant migraines.

  143. george rodger

    Jabba ,I will give you this .You don’t give a fuck who you cross swords with.

  144. george rodger

    “Denilson’s down fall started as a result of a back injury”

    It did ,And I don’t think he has yet fully recovered.Sad,very sad

  145. back to your cave leGrave.

    Don’t forget to give another, er, exclusive to your credible pals at NI on the way.

  146. ‘The most humbling day of my life.’

    Poor old rupert must’ve been referring to the quotes in one of his papers taken from leGrave.

  147. Jabba's delights


    Why is Shotta the biggest baddest man in town?

    The blog is having a good week, people on the whole discussing their opinions on the club they love. Hardly any name calling or rudness exactly how it should be. If Shotta doesnt like good debate he should move on but i would suggest most people have enjoyed the comments section this week alot more than previous.

  148. Jabba @ 4.21

    Regarding Juve mate. They have been skint for a few years now, but thanks to their standing in Italy and more precisely the Italian media, they get linked to big name signings continuously. Yet none materialise!

    Its all pro’Juve BS, to make then look like they are still a big noise in World football.

    Things might change for them, but I doubt they have the neccesary nelsons to fund these mooted big moves man at the moment.

  149. The fact that a reasonable amount of people are not renewing their ST’s could be a good thing, as it might mean that a load of the moaning, whinging fucker’s who go are replaced with supporter’s who might just appreciate being at the Emirates and actually supporting their team…

    Just a thought!

  150. anyone going to watch the final copa america?
    I’m thinkin.g uruguay can possibly pull it off. is it this sat. or sun.?

  151. LeGrave on tour

    Finsbury –

    LOL, all the papers are scum suckers and the pinch of salt I take with every story in them could grit Aspen for ten years.

  152. Matt

    And it’s a nice thought! 😀

    We’ll see soon enough.

  153. george rodger

    Jabba.He is a long standing ACLFer and is very knowledgeable about football and Arsenal.
    On top of that his thoughts are original and well respected.
    He has no time for people who he thinks are dragging us into a cesspit of negativity .
    But I agree with you in as much as the debating has been less heated of late.And long may that continue old friend 🙂

  154. kamran; Sunday 8pm BST

  155. To the Troll from a blog that is ridiculed by all other Arsenal supporters:

    Shame about the roads in London.

    A distinct lack of gr*t in the surrounding environs, is the only rational conclusion.

  156. dexter hi, anyone out there available who can play defensive mf and possibly fill in for the young ones at LB in case of injury to them..?

  157. LeGrave on tour

    Finsbury –

    I am not trolling. The debate is dead every view is now entrentched, all that matters now is what happens on the field. Although many here do not see it the goodwill has been used up by the manager and if the results are not what are expected, rightly or wrongly, what we say here will make no difference whatsoever.

  158. ****.

    If you repeat the same mantra over and over, it does not make it a reality. Despite all your hope and dreams.
    I would have thought that a self proclaimed ‘realist’ would understand such subtleties.

  159. Jabba's delights


    they have been spending money for a while Krasic, Melo, Diego, Bonucci were big money transfers and all in the last 2 years. Its amazing how the Italians do it especially considering they move to a new stadium this year btu their always seems to be money available………….they dont appear to use it very wisely though!!

  160. thanks mate, I’m salavating at the prospects of new revelations in FERGEGATE .

  161. “like a monkey with a miniature cymbal”

  162. Sorry Kamran,

    Friendly fire again!

  163. old ferret face is finally gona face the music, i hope.

  164. its all good, i ducked.. 😉

  165. i can’t remember the last time old lady played in champions league. or contested anything in italy..

  166. george rodger

    He has not used up my goodwill.I have shit loads left,

  167. LeGrave on tour

    George –

    I dont doubt it.

  168. @geroge
    me too , all this make or brake season bull, is just that .bull

  169. Positve = clear, definate, sure, certain,
    Negative= unsure, dubious, mixed up, confused

    Positive vibes—————> Arsenal to win
    Negative vibes—————> Not a true fan

  170. Even more amazing when you consider Juve are downsizing thier stadium.

    The whole country stinks.

  171. Wake up Kamram – this season is huge.

    Huge in convincing senior players to stay, huge in keeping fans at the ground, huge in maintaining a tier 1 status as a football club, and most importantly, huge in keeping Wenger.

  172. The whole of football is beginning to stink.

  173. my concern is, can we reverse the results against the lower fifteen teams in epl.
    up until last year we had difficulties against the big spenders. last year we set that straight but dropped unnecessary points to lower ranks. i think a good sports psychologist might be in order to get the crew over this hump.

  174. george rodger

    I will bet any amount of silver shillings that Mr. Arsene Wenger does not leave Arsenal before the end of his contract,Not this present one the next one perhaps.

  175. LeGrave on tour

    I saw someone mention further Fergie allegations, anyone know what that is about?

    Its not further, as in further to three chancers sitting in a bar in Thailand talking about how they can buy a club further is it?

    Anyone know the story?

  176. Kamran,

    Who else made the Copa final?
    I am, as Armando Iannucci’s genuis work of satire* Malcolm Tucker would say ‘out of the loop’ at them moment.

    *of NI stooges. See above for examples.

  177. george rodger

    Kamran,I am reliably told we need much shouting and finger pointing.And not much else.Apart from Samba of course 🙂

  178. George

    Personally, I don’t think Wenger is bulletproof anymore. Another season like last and he maybe sacked?

    But your right, he has always honoured his contracts, he’s always been a true gent.

  179. george rodger

    I don’t think Brian Robson United’s oversees ambassador should not be seen as something more than a “chancer”

  180. If you read tweets, Armando Iannucci’s can be worth a twitter or two.

  181. i am up luke, i am. just don’t buy into forcing wenger out if this season doesn’t pan out. as far as the players, the greedy ones will get their head turned by shitty and the chelskis. nothing we can do except hunker down and compete as a team. we will never pay 200k/week as others are starting to do. wouldn’t want us to be part of the group who are fuckingup the game anyways.

  182. my guess is peru will advance and so will uruguay.. my money would be on uruguay to win it all. paraguay and venezuela to play for 3-4th. what you think?

  183. LeGrave on tour

    George –

    That may be true however it has nothing to do with Fergie, the whole thing was a bit weak dont you agree?

    I say this fully aware that some want to buy into the unknown Arsenal conspiracy theory that everyone the illuminati, Bilderbergerg, Freemasons and even the FA are against us winning, I wonder why people hold this view, I wonder…..

    Anyway, do you know of anything further?

  184. @geroge
    mate, the best we can do as proper supporters is to lift the teams spirits up and fill them with confidence . till the last game of the season. DO NOT DEFLATED THEM. if you have nothing good to say, better not saying anything at all.

  185. if anyone watching the EPL for the past ten years and having seen the way the club has been treated by the fa, the refs and the media, and still needs more proof the powers that be are all against ARSENAL, they are the ones that need waking up.

  186. How does this silly season thing work…

    Do you just cook some shit on twitter, and then get your people to retweet it, then in a few hours it starts as news, goes viral and gets into newsnow and then into Sly Sports News and the tabloids?

    Because someone has just started a twitter thing about Arsenal ordering no Fabregas shirts to be printed from the Arsenal shop.

    Mind you, it’s as plausible as Adebayor tweeting that he’s just got some head from Beyonce – but of course, that will be the hottest tweet in town.

    the one I was bemused by was the rumour peddling the news rooms a while ago that Fabregas said goodbye to all his team mates at the Emirates on the last game of the season. They clearly forgot to mention that the Emirates dressing room was empty since no one told Fabregas that the last game of the season was across the river at Craven Cottage, but more importantly, Fabregas was at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

    Is it really that easy to keep making this shit up and it becomes news?

  187. G69,
    “Say what? Van der Saar is gone and Rio Ferdinand’s back will get progressively worse. If Rio is out and Vidic gets suspended that means they’re left with a pairing of Smalling, Evans/Jones. Not exactly a rock solid defense there. People hype up their defense to no end while forgetting that Van der Sar kept them in many, many games singlehandedly.”

    You should take the advice I gave to NJN and Limpar; read properly before making rash responses, or jumping to hasty conclusions.
    Does the fact that Van der Sar is retired and Rio has injury problems invalidate any of what I said?
    You refer to people who hype up their defence, where have I done that? Why did you think I put the term defensive problems in quotes? What do you think the words, “to start with” mean? But of course you gloss over those qualifiers because it didn’t fit the point you wanted to make about people who hype up the manc’s defence.

  188. @darius
    as long as dopes buy it it, the merchants will sell the bull. any old bull

  189. LeGrave on tour

    Darius –

    Youve nailed it. This summer is the worst I have seen for pure crap, in the past it would be one headline of linking us to someone who was not going to sign. Now we have the first headline then in the next 30 minutes 4-5 different sites repeat the same rubbish.

    The past week the Daily Mail has said Cesc is going to tell Arsene he is off, everyday without fail.

    People must love these sites or else they would not be around though, thats the problem, just as it was with the NOTW and all the sub standard pap that people buy for their news intake.

  190. as if stands now manure are weaker than last year, and last year they were sh***.
    if others don’t drop the ball, manure won’t even get a whif of any trophies nxt year.

  191. the reason why the media is so emboldened is partly the reaction of some of our fan base and the poison pens at some our own “arsenal blogs”

  192. LeGrave on tour

    Kamran –

    I would agree with that.

  193. what’re the chances ALEX won’t be called up for the national team at this years ANX??

  194. ANC , that is

  195. It has been awful civil on here of late, I must be honest I prefer the abuse and cussing that goes on. But the usual trolls will always try fuck things up, I’m sure stew will come along soon with nothing to add but name calling.
    Im hoping so !
    I really hope Theo gets some time up front this season, he has been out wide for 5 seasons now and has stated many times his desire to be central. I’d like to see the opportunity given to him.
    I don’t see us bribing in a cb , I’m not sure we need one but if we do I won’t grumble, we should know by now that injuries will come along. A injury to verm and either kos or jd and it will be ground hog day all over again.

  196. Yes Kamran, that’s what people were saying this last season about man u. , they will be a force next season regardless of what you see to be weakening.

  197. jo,, manures overall package is more complete. “” psychological superiority”” and poaching mentality. technicaly and for overall product on the pitch, there are many better. they were lucky to have us and chelski go tail spin at the end. that said when they were presented with the opportunity they took it and didn’t look back.

  198. Kamran:G69

    Not sure how you see underestimating or downplaying any of the top of the table teams as a positive thing for the club to believe The best thing to do is overestimate their potential. You then have to aim higher and work a lot harder to beat them. If you believe that they won’t drop many points next year then you don’t give yourself an excuse to take a game off here or there.

  199. This is PRECISELY what Pep said:

    “On Cesc, he said “last year we wanted him, but Arsenal didn’t put him on the market. This year they were willing to negotiate and we’ll be trying to reach an agreement. We’ll keep trying until the end”. Guardiola reckons he would be perfectly compatible with Thiago. “Midfield is the essence of our team and there are never too many good players here. I have never thought of it as being one or the other. Thiago has a promising future and we will try to give him minutes to show us what he can do and Cesc can help with many tactical variants. The season will be a long one”.

    “Cesc has to do what Arsenal tells him. I’m told he has not gone on tour because he’s got injury worries and he’ll play when he’s fit. Everything we have done has been about getting permission from Arsenal …period!”

    I dont see any disrespect anywhere.. If anyone feels offended by this, well then fuck you! This is a competition sport, and it is no disrespect to say what you think or want in this way..

    “It is amazing how easily the Catalans have been riled by a small story in the English press. And how insecure they are corporately, unable to comprehend that a club is spurning their advances”

    LoL!! you write as if you had something to laugh about! LMAO! your tiny, arrogant arsenal ego tells you that THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS CANT HAPPEN!!

    Barcelona Insecure?? wtf are you smoking??? for a team that has as many economical troubles as ourselves, i would say were doing just fine! We finally completed signing Alexis and we are pushing to buy Cesc Fabregas from you! wether you will let him go or not is another thing, there is no shame in trying.. You should know by now, that insecurity is something Arsenal knows a lot more about than my team. What a display of security it has been from arsenal by flexing those financial muscles in the trasnsfer market by buying a fucking unknnown named gerninho… Again, and again i have asked: What is the point of having a financially stable team, if you dont spend the money to make your squad stronger???? season kicks of in 25 days and you are not linked with ANY quality players anywhere!! Do you think that´s something to envy?? even you know the answer to that!! Wimps! I will celebrate next year, when you do not play in the champions league.. Manchester United is superior to arsenal, Manchester City is superior, Chelsea is superior also and trust me, Liverpool or Tottenham will know your weak ass team of the 4th place.. and on that day, you can bet your ass i will come to this blog to celebrate with you 😉

    “the reason why Barca really need to get Cesc this year is because Pepe aparantly promised cesc he was gonna come for him this year. If they do not buy him this year after promising him they will hes going to forever be totally disilusioned by Barcelona. He will probably give up on his dream. No respect what so ever, its only so much a man can take, even Cesc.”

    LOL!! wtf!! Yogi, this guy needs a cookie!! LOL!! you boys get too sentimental.. And it does not work that way!

    @Jabba’s delights | July 20, 2011 at 9:56 am Bravo!! someone rational!!

    @Gooner Ted | July 20, 2011 at 2:37 pm
    Its like last season didnt happen.Just a Bobby Ewing dream.No lessons have been learned.It must have been someone’s fault why we only finshed 4th.The players the manager the board the boogie

    Some of you would get a job working for Murdoch with some of your crackpot views
    We finish 4th because 3 teams were better than us.Stop living in denial

    Sorry to spoil your illusion but Cesc is leaving get used to it

    There, another person who likes reality!! 😉

    LMAO!!!!!! Gooner Ted, i think we might be distant cousins or something!! LOL!! i couldnt agree more!

    I need the fucking season to kick off, this is getting boring…

    till tomorrow girls!! 😉

  200. too much to read cervey, sorry..
    come back with more pesos you cheap sod.

  201. hay cervey, you can’t have champagne on a beer budget.
    take your 30mil, andshove it where the sun don’t shin. 😉

  202. Jabba

    Yeah, Juve have signed the odd player or 2, fairly big signings, but they have also signed a fair few loans and free agents. But they are supposedly in for Aguero, Vidal, Teves FFS!

    I am sure they have been financed in slightly dubious ways! But I can’t see them having the funds for the really big deals man.


    That Kia Joorbacian (who is a Gooner I think) must have made £10m+ from Teves alone and he is going to make a few million more whenm the ultimate modern day footballer moves yet again.
    Of course it’s an important season for Wenger and Arsenal. They all are! But this one will see even more pressure because of the lack of trophies. The media will make sure of that and hopefully, we’ll put an end to that fucking annoying mantra!

  203. Cuervo

    Is that Spanish for glory hunter?

    No one reads your shit mate, just telling you like it is. I read the last line though, about it being boring, you got that bit right.

    “Quires patatas fritas con eso?”

  204. what a clown, go to the banks for emergency loans to meet payroll.

  205. @bill
    no one is underestimating manure. no one should. expect the best but always prepare for the worse, i say.
    it will be a very comparative season this year. no time to be complacent and everyone in the team should up their game a few notches.

  206. @dexter
    lol , is there anything not dubious about the italian league.. corrupt to the bone

  207. “What about miquel? Could someone shed some light? Thanks..”

    He’s missing pre-season because he is with the Spanish under 20 WC squad as are Coquelin and Sunu with France

  208. Kamran:

    I guess I misinterpreted your post @ 6:39.

  209. Coquelin is this season’s one to watch.

    Boooom! There it is!

    The lad can play RB and DM, has a season’s top flight Ligue 1 experience under his belt and is wanted back by Lorient. I really hope we don’t send him back, as he can hopefully fight for a place and step up to the 1st team squad and compete with Song.

    It’s a real shame the timing of the U20 tournament. Fucking FIFA spread them out so that all the delegates can swan about all over the world picking up their £500 a day “expenses” at all the events. If they happened at the same time, these corrupt parasites wouldnt get to act like roylaty on their 5 star junkets.

    Football is a gravy train, every fucker wants some.

  210. Henristic: You should take the advice I gave to NJN and Limpar; read properly before making rash responses, or jumping to hasty conclusions.
    Does the fact that Van der Sar is retired and Rio has injury problems invalidate any of what I said?

    You refer to people who hype up their defence, where have I done that? Why did you think I put the term defensive problems in quotes? What do you think the words, “to start with” mean? But of course you gloss over those qualifiers because it didn’t fit the point you wanted to make about people who hype up the manc’s defence.”

    You said that Manure don’t have a defencive problem to start with. This, to anyone who understands the English language, means that you think they’re going into the new season with as solid a defence as last season’s. Which is clearly not the case. Also, saying that their understudies somehow make them as strong, is ludicrous. We have a more experienced defence overall. All four of our CB’s are full Internationals for their respective countries. Man U only has two full internationals and some youths. One of their full internationals may not be fit for the entire season because of his injury problems. Ergo, you’re hyping their defence, as simple as that.

  211. kamran

    I dont think the English leagues are much better. We havent had any bribery/match fixing scandals yet! But we are still in a pretty poor shape.

    One of the more morrying facts about that documentary the other night was that out of 24 Championship clubs, 7 were UK owned. Which isnt a bad thing on its own per se, but out of the 17 un-UK owned, there were quite a few that had “unknown” owners and a few whose owner was dead!

    Then of course we have a few who might have been folowwing the Bangkok model and given how the ownership of Portsmouth and others has chenged hands on a weekly basis, almost, it isnt a good sign man.

    Not much better in the premier league either.

  212. Bill: “Not sure how you see underestimating or downplaying any of the top of the table teams as a positive thing for the club to believe The best thing to do is overestimate their potential. You then have to aim higher and work a lot harder to beat them. If you believe that they won’t drop many points next year then you don’t give yourself an excuse to take a game off here or there.”

    Bill, I’m not underestimating anyone. All I’m saying is that the people who underestimate our own defense should take a look around and realize that we don’t have it as bad as they think. In fact, I think that Koscielny and Squillaci having a year of premiership football under their belts makes our defence just as strong as anyone elses. And if that’s too much for you, tough shit. I think that letting our club know that we believe in what they’re doing is a hell of a lot better than asking for a new defender as if the ones we’re going into the new season with aren’t good enough.

  213. Dex, I give English football ten years before it suffers a full implosion like the Serie A did. The money changing hands and the greed shown by most clubs is going to ruin the league sooner rather than later. Once the foreign owners realize that the English are taking them for fools, they’ll stop investing crazy money and things will go back to normal.

  214. I wonder how old that Romelu Lukaku really is?

    I am going to go with 27.

    18? My arse he is!

  215. Gains69

    That long? Really? I was thinking more like 5 years mate! It will probably take a top flight club ceasing to exist before any real changes happen. Everyone is more than happy to take the Sky money, that cannot go on forever either. perhaps we will see individual TV deals (which I feel is one of the main reasons for the influx of foriegn ownerships. Well, that and the recent worldwide TV deal that was brokered a few years back) But the wages and fees cannot be sustained and there is a real chance of a club going out of business. Especially if an owner jumps ship, or goes bust, etc.

  216. I think too many people over here believes that Barca don’t respect Fabregas’ quality. That’s nonsense.

    Then why we are not ready to pay his market value? Because we know very clearly we have the advantage in this negotiation.

    He is not one player we need the most now. So we can wait another two years to sign him. How much you whine Barca will never go beyond 35 Million + incentives for him. I totally agree that in the current market scenario he should really fetch somewhere around Million in solid cash.

    This scenario is because Fabregas has never expressed any desire to move to another club other than Barca. That plays right into the hand. Because if his desire stays like that Wenger has to sell him two years from now at whatever price he can get. Having said that, if Arsenal can get Fabregas to admit that he is interested in other clubs (like RM or Milan or Inter or you know who etc , even if it’s a lie), that will seriously put us in trouble. then we have to pay what Arsenal demands for the player. But not in the current situation.

  217. Barca would have got him by now if they had stumped up the cash. Truth is, they want him on the cheap, have tried to use the media, players and Mayor of his home town to try and engineer the move and still it hasnt worked.

    Barca respect no one and its laughable them saying they will respect Arsenal now! Hilarious really.

    Barca dont have the money and are praying cesc kicks up a fuss. he hasnt and wont do that.

    Then again, even if he did, it hasnt helped Modric or teves has it.

    Barca are stuck in a real bind here. hey have made it very difficult for themselves. They have behaved like 2nd hand car dealers and have used the media every day and STILL they dont have the player. Because they have chosen to act with the faux moral high ground because cesc is from Catalunia and refused to pay his market valuse, then they will be empty handed once again.

    No dinero, no jugador

    Es facil no?

  218. Why is it that when an Arsenal supporter says, we will improve this coming season another Arsenal supporter reply’s with something like, “we hear that every year” or “I have heard thaty before”, “just like last season”, etc.

    What an absolutely silly thing to say, for what you are actually saying is that you dont believe the team can win this season and that you are sure that the players will not improve.

    If thats the case, what are you on about and what on earth do you have to comment about so much since its all decided in your mind?!

    I guess Arsene should buy who you believe we should buy and then we are a lock to win the whole thing.

    Every coming season we should believe that we will get it done. Thats the right approach, anything else is a total waste of your time.

    Mi done!

  219. Youn are getting as deseperate as Barca mate. Saying they will be happy to wait 2 years for him! I think almost every Gooner would be more than happy for that outcome actually.

    Its all very mucho macho in Spain isnt it? Barca have to show they have a bigger dick than Real and vice versa.

    Cesc loves Barca, but he also loves Arsenal. Which club has behaved the better in this scenario?

    No contest on that score.

  220. G69.

    I have never said that our defenders are inadequate as individual players. I have said that that no matter how good our individual players may be for the last several years they have not been good enough as a unit. Why not use some of that spare cash Ivan talked about yesterday to add an experienced central defender to the squad who can bring something different to the table in hopes it might bring our defensive effectiveness closer to the sum of it’s parts

  221. I am trying to figure out if Bibin’s comment makes any sense.

    So when RM paid 100mil for Ronaldo, what other teams did Ronaldo want to sign for? Are you saying that RM had the power in this negotiation because thats the only place that Ronaldo wanted to go? if thats the case why on earth would they pay such a fee?

    The team that has the contract has the handle of th knife and not the other way around for all they have to say is no.

  222. Funny thing is we had two seasoned PL defenders recently and didnt defend so well. Go figure that one out.

    What we need is team defensive work, I believe TV will be a big help in that. If another player comes in, then so be it.

  223. Paul-N:
    “So when RM paid 100mil for Ronaldo, what other teams did Ronaldo want to sign for? Are you saying that RM had the power in this negotiation because thats the only place that Ronaldo wanted to go? if thats the case why on earth would they pay such a fee?”

    Read my comments carefully buddy. Nothing will happen to us if we don’t sign Cesc immediately. that wasn’t the case with RM. We won the treble and RM had to do something to upset that. They needed Ronaldo badly. That is not the case with us. Why on earth should we sign a player who have to wait for his playing time for 50 Million?

  224. Paul-N:
    One more thing – What happens after 2 years from now?

  225. It will be 2013 in two years.

  226. That’s what I am trying to say, if Cesc is still interested in returning to the Barca at that point, that seriously hampers your contract advantage. Then you have to say that Arsenal would have to sell him at whatever price. But then may be he will decide to stay at Arsenal in 2013, you never know.

  227. If Cesc is so irrelavant then why the fuss every year? pray tell.

    They can just shut up and go their ways, no.

    Its possible that by 2013 Barca wont even be winning anything, its possible that even this coming season that RM could knock you guys off of your perch. Its possible that in 2013 it could be Arsenal that is winning many things and Cesc would be better off staying.

    Never thought of any of that did you? arrogance personified.

  228. I heard at the end of last season that we had accepted a £50m bid from Real Madrid for Cesc but he won’t go. He sulked out the end of the season ‘cos Barcacunts won’t match the bid. The same source told me that Clichy and Nasri would refuse new contracts so could be true.

  229. Barca should pay up or shut up. that is not whinging, that is business.

  230. I see you took it down a level with you never know. Not so arrogant but that seems to pervade barca and their supporters. Its as if you lot have some God given right to demand what you want and get it.

  231. Paul, Denilson’s comments are that he and Arsene reached an agreement for him to go to Sao Paulo. He chose Sao Paulo because of his family and because it was his boyhood club. Everything else he said is standard new footballer fare. Nothing special.

  232. They know that after 13 years of top-flight football Xavi’s not going to have the legs much longer (word is they’ve already noticed a subtle decline in performances) and that’s why they’ve been chasing Cesc so hard. Clock’s ticking for them. There are also doubts about Thiago’s ablity to progress from here; he’s got a great touch, but his vision isn’t up to Xavi or Cesc’s standards, and that’s something you simply can’t learn.

    Problem is they’re skint and Rosell got negotiations off to a terrible start this summer. He’s going to have to swallow his pride.

  233. Paul N

    Fair enough,

  234. Bill, with the exception of Djourou, this batch of defenders have only had one year of prem football under their belts. What makes you so sure that they’ll do the same as last season? With regards to spare cash and a new defender, don’t you think any new defender we get would have to adapt to our system, our rigorous fixture schedule and would need time to adapt whether they have EPL experience or not?

    Personally, I think that we have perhaps the best group, in terms of depth and experience, of CB’s in England and perhaps Europe. Bringing in a lump like Samba or Cahill would only make the groups quality go down. Besides, if we can sharpen our team defending I think we’ll concede less than last season. I strongly doubt we’ll have as hard a time with the smaller teams in 11/12.

  235. Gervinho says Cesc n Nasri can be replaced.. already like this guys attitude.

  236. Bob John, I’m sure if Cesc were available on the open market we could get at least £50m for him. But since he does not want to leave Arsenal for anywhere other than Barfa, both he and BBB need to realise that unless they meet market value he is staying at Arsenal until his contract is up. This game every summer is tiresome and pointless. We are not going to give him to them at a cut price despite their amateur attempts to undermine us psychologically.

    I also have no sympathy for Cesc. He is a professional footballer who signed a contract with Arsenal when it suited him to be given a chance at first team football early in his career. Arsenal sacrificed a lot to give him a platform to develop his talent to the extent that he has a European and World Cup winners medal. Had he stayed at BBB, there is no guarantee that he would have been in that position.

    He owes us, and just because it’s not easy to win silverware in the PL doesn’t give him the right to jump ship at the first opportunity. If he gives his all and we win something, he will leave with the blessing of the club and most supporters. It’s not like he’s suffering at Arsenal. He is very well paid, loved by many supporters and respected by his team mates. He needs to forget about Barfa for now and focus on doing the job that he is well paid for.

  237. Bibin, If you want Cesc in 2013 why not come back then and make an offer? Why do we have to put up with Barca’s so called media spouting crap ever transfer window.

    Classless outfit.

  238. LeGrave on tour

    “Personally, I think that we have perhaps the best group, in terms of depth and experience, of CB’s in England and perhaps Europe”.

    I thought it would be impossible to top your Denilson back comment but this is comedy gold.

  239. LeGrave on tour- How long is your tour-bus going to be in town?

  240. Agreed DG, I think Gervihno is the deal. He came to Arsenal because he simply loves the club and how we do things. His attitude if good for the club. I really see him becoming a superstar with Arsenal.

  241. G69

    We disagree.

    I think a ” lump” who would be less aggressive moving forward and concentrate more on defending and staying at home will improve our defense Just my opinion but shared others more knowledgable then me. Downplay the concern all you want but we do have buckets of cash with nothing else to do so why not acknowledge the possibility that I’m right and cover ourselves just in case. Worst case it does not work out and we sell the guy next year or a couple of years down the road.

  242. G69
    See the conundrum you you’ve got me in; to point out the holes in your argument, I’d have to talk-up manu more than I care to.

    I can’t really be bothered to do that tbh, but I’ll say this; manure have different starting position to us in terms of reinforcements needed in the defence. If I was a red manc, I’d be happy with the current structure in place.

    We on the other need something to change with our defence, which up to now has been poorer than we’d like. We need stability and an improved ability to deal with aerial bombardments. These issues can be addressed via a combination of natural internal progression, improved denfensive training, and the signing of PL experienced defenders.

  243. 2013?

    Thats fine, see you in 2 years you dull fuckwit!

    LG on tour; dude, you’re gonna have to change your name to ACLF on tour when you go back over there man! 😀

  244. The defence needs addressing, but the whole’s team defensive ethic and organisation needs looking at too, as well as new faces.

    This topic has been done to death and until the window closes, we can speculate and pontificate to the cows come home.


    They’ve just gone home.

  245. LeGrave on tour


    No problem. 😉

    This place is ok, the problem with the fan base at the moment, as I see it, is that the views are so polarised that each one must be taken to the extreme. So at LeGrave its all doom and Arsenes fault without any fair consideration given to finance and over here in the land of rose tinting the man can do no wrong.

    Some people here have a very good considered view of the situation, I like that a lot. As I have said before the views of both sets of support will matter very little soon, come next month talk will be cheap and all the mental strengths and average age of the team etc etc will not be enough if result are not forthcoming.

    Thats not saying its right, thats just saying how it will be.

  246. who cares about the defence, Wenger will try to out score them with Chamakh, Rvp and Gervinho up top.

  247. Dexter @ 10:14

    Your right of course however it’s the single biggest issue the club faces outside of cesc and not much else to talk about especially when Ivan talks about it and gives us new stuff to discuss I guess you are stuck hearing about it. Plug your ears and close your eyes and hum a song if it helps.

  248. DukeyG

    Thats what I am beginning to think too man!

    LG on Tour

    I think you will find alot of diverse opinions on here. Not everyone thinks the same, despite what occasional visitors here think.

    What isnt really accepted is the constant repetitive negativity that some like to wallow in. Of course there are some like that at every club, I imagine, but its just so fucking dull and miserable man. I witnessed firstt hand the fuck ups and failures last season, i dont need anyone to tell me that we fucked up.

    But there are those who just refuse to move on. And rightly or wrongly, for me, pre-season is when you get your shit together and actually look forward to the new season. If that measn going over the top and proclaiming we are going to win every fucking thing then why not! Football is supposed to be enjoyable and although Sky, agents, footballers, the media and the clubs and some fans are doing their best to fuck that shit up, I still get excited about the prosepct of a new season and the hope that that brings with it.

    Sure, we can hope, dream about big signings, but once that window is shut, its time to get behind the team and go and have a fucking laugh man! Sing some songs, drink beer and get up to alsorts, following the Arsenal!

    I am getting giddy now, got to go and have joint to clam me down! 😀

    Come on you Gunners!

  249. Bill

    Yeah mate, I know. Its all good dude. Its just that you have an opinion that is juxtaposed to others and I am sure you lot have been through it before! You aint going to suddenly agree now are you! Haha!

  250. I think what Passenal said

  251. I expect us to challenge ,and perhaps win ,the league next season.
    However the best we should be able to do is 4th,And if the cost of the squad is a factor we should be aiming to avoid relegation
    The fact that even most doomers think a few additions and tweaks should see us right is an incredible testament to the manager.How can this ever be overlooked?

  252. Think for yourself Geogre! Dammit man, havent I taught you anything? 🙂

  253. Its amazing how much public tapping up there is now. Furgasin, Mankini are both bang at it.

  254. “The fact that even most doomers think a few additions and tweaks should see us right is an incredible testament to the manager.How can this ever be overlooked?”

    Good point George!

  255. Re: Denilson’s interview

    Thanks G69!

  256. I should have saved that post until tomorrow grrrrrrrrrrr .dam,

  257. Le Grave: “I thought it would be impossible to top your Denilson back comment but this is comedy gold.”

    Name a club in the prem with as much defensive depth as ours. Then, after you’re done with that try to name a European one.

  258. Xavi with the non-apology apology

    Cluster-Fuck OFF Xavi

  259. Henristic, if I were a red Manc I’d be praying every week that Ferdinand stays healthy, that Vidic doesn’t get suspended and that De Gea takes to the Premiere league as soon as possible.

  260. GB69, I don’t think the Mancs don’t have to pray for that…English referees already know what they need to do.

  261. Happy to see that there’s more than a few ganja smokers at ACLF. It’s probably why the mood here is so laid back.

  262. I don’t think even the referees can help them if Smalling and Evans have to line up for them for any length of time.

  263. True dat G69! 🙂

  264. Is admitting to drug taking on ACLF admissible in court?

  265. What is all this talk about 2013? Doesn’t everyone know that the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012? I mean it says so in the Mayan calender!! Simples really 🙂

  266. Only in the Court of Popular Opinion George and as such it is not a crime 🙂

  267. George

    Is there something you need to get off your chest?

  268. Hopefully not his shirt Dexter!!!

  269. So, we better win the Premier and Champions league this season then Irishgray!

  270. Hahaha! No, dont go there again Irishg! That image was stuck in your poor brain for ages man! 😀

  271. Well that goes without saying Dexter. That and selling Cesc next year LOL

  272. It’s too late for me Dex!! Save yourself mate!!!!

  273. I can hear the smacking noise now too!


  274. Dam you man!!! Did you have to go there? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  275. Hey,I am fucking here you know.I have feelings.

  276. Oh, yea…….Wazzup george?

  277. That’s what you get for eave’s dropping mate!! TUT TUT or should I say TIT TIT? 🙂

  278. You people are cruel.I don’t know how you sleep nights,

  279. Would you believe topless? 🙂

  280. yes and alone most likely 🙂

  281. Now thats just mean!!! 😦

  282. George

    We got a bit carried away there man! Ooops!

  283. Dex started it……

  284. You aint pinning this on me man!

  285. Bottomless? Just a big shirt with nothing underneath. Oh, and curlers for the hair I’ve still got on the sides of my head.

  286. Too late 🙂 Just did!!

  287. TMI Gains, TMI!!!

  288. I dont wear anything in bed, apart from my night socks. If I wear any clothing it just clings to the leather sheets, so I dont bother.

  289. I don’t even wear socks…..just sayin’

  290. I feel dirty now……and not in a good way…’s all your fault Dex!!!

  291. You people are sick,you need help.You should be exposed by TNOTW
    its not on

  292. You always need a sock. Just in case there is a need for mopping up

  293. No exposure here please George

  294. I feel dirty too, but thats probably down to not bathing for a week.

  295. Put a sock on it george!

    Right, thats it, I have repulsed myself now! 😀

    Laters dudes

  296. @cuervo you can laugh and ridicule as much as you want. In fact you can say and write anything you want. That does not hide the truth in what i wrote. Pepe struggles to keep his promise to cesc and that’s a fact.
    Just because you don’t like it does not make it less true Cuervo.

  297. Mirror reporting we selling jet for 1m? Can anyone confirm?

  298. Dexter @ 12:41am – uuuggghhhhhkkkk!! WOW!! I mean…..WOW…..that’s just…WOW!! I need a drink!

  299. Poor Poodle…….he reads the Mirror

  300. People should read and re-read Ivan Gazidis’s comments of yesterday, or the day before, whenever, and then re-read them once more, and then perhaps think about them. He answers or let’s just say clarifies 90% of questions generally posed by both media and fans in 4 or 5 sentences. I suspect, in his position, he knows what he’s talking about, you know, compared to the average smoking joe punter out there hanging out under a street lamp. Just a thought. The important things he says are (a) the off-season business is not finished and takes place under the radar (b) finance per se is not a constraint (c) he asks us to consider that very few current big name stars of Arsenal arrived as stars (d) he denies that ‘grooming youth’ is the sole strategy being employed, intimating that its not that simplistic (e) he confirms that Arsene is working to a long term plan, and intimates that it is clearly articulated (at board and senior management level, one assumes). I must say it makes the village dolts and their pack-dogs appear thicker than they usually appear, and we must not feed them. It also makes Barca supporters look like comedians. It makes AIC look like the saddest man on earth, but then good comics are also just that.

  301. George, this squad is well and truly rodgered. The club has no ambition and even if it did it wouldn’t know how to go about it, it’s over. The club has not been challenging, it’s become the very ‘chancers’ you mentioned.

    Thought the atmosphere was bad last season…

  302. Just got home from a party…. had a laugh reading some of the last few comments. Just got to say one thing before I go to bed………. LEGALISE.

  303. i had a few hits over the wknd and played football afterwards for a couple o hours. i was sensational…. 😉

  304. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….§……………………………………………………………………………………….§…§
    Just one more before I go to bed………….

  305. “Gainsbourg69 says: July 20, 2011 at 11:36 pm
    Henristic, if I were a red Manc I’d be praying every week that Ferdinand stays healthy, that Vidic doesn’t get suspended and that De Gea takes to the Premiere league as soon as possible.

    This is a meanimgless statement in the context of our discussion. Replace those names, with Cesc, RvP, Wilshere, Theo, Gervinho and you’ll see what I mean. Heck, you can say something similar about nearly everyteam in Europe!

  306. are you with herbert??
    say hello, he is not forgotten..

  307. @henristic
    anything interesting in the news?

  308. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Gris Gris,

    I’m in your neck of the woods for the next week or so and wanted to know if you could point me to a few cool pubs music venues or restaurants in the Denver/Evergreen area? We seem to be on a similar wavelength so I figured I’d give you a shout for the rundown on crucial Denver stuff.

  309. Fuck off, Ferdinand is a wounde man.

  310. Yah, piss the hell off..

  311. How many days Kamran?

  312. Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, now that is a classic movie. All the more classic when watched in Denver, preferably while drinkin and smokin the good stuff with some even better company.

  313. OK enough insomnia for me, it’s off to bed. In the morning it’s off to Phillie and then on to Baltimore for a good days drinkin and eating sushi 🙂 God willing “Slainte” will be showing the Arsenal v Koln game. WOW just the thoughts of putting my feet up on a Saturday, beer in hand (and The Girlfriend under foot) and sitting back to watch The Arsenal has me feeling all misty eyed……sniff……

  314. Yogi must have had one too many last night, sleeping it off looks like 🙂

  315. What’s the difference between an arsonist and a Spuds fan?

    An arsonist wouldn’t waste 38 matches!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  316. A Spurs fan is walking through Soho when it begins to heavily piss down with rain. The Spurs fan decides that he should walk into the nearest sex shop. On arrival he is met with 3 doors: ‘big tits’, ‘small tits’ or ‘medium tits’. He walks through the door ‘big tits’ and is confront with 3 more doors…’blonde’, ‘brunette’ or ‘ginger’. He decides with ‘blonde’ and walks through door to be again, confronted with 3 more doors. ‘fat cunt’, ‘tight cunt’, ‘wet cunt’. He walks through the third door and finds himself back in the rain.

  317. And finally…..

    Tottenham Hotspur are proud to present this season’s Christmas Party and as a bonus include their End of Season party on the same night. Each guest will receive a goodie bag including; A History of Tottenham Hotspur (includes that thrilling 12th place season) and a set of Champions League Pillowcases (so you can keep dreaming!)

    The night will include:
    * Four Course Meal of Spuds
    * Party Games – including pin the tail on Jenas
    * Tottenham Legend Sergei Rebrov as guest speaker
    * The Dribbling Monkey – Gareth Bale
    * Half Of All Proceeds Go To ‘Arry’s Charity*

    Highlights of the evening for guests to enjoy include: Darren Bent’s Greatest Friendly Goals, Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate’s 10 best injuries and “1961 – The Last Time we won the League” – now for the first time in colour (due to computer colouring techniques used on the original reels of remaining footage)!

    This is a unique opportunity to enjoy two parties at the same time so get your tickets now and double party for half the price!

    Tickets £25 per person or a table of 10 for £400 You can buy tickets by phone – 020 6161 6161 Or online at

    Also available on the night will be specially reduced merchandise:

    70% off Berba Is GodT-Shirts 50% off ” 4th Place – 2009″ T-Shirts £10.99 “The League is upside down” T-shirts for £10.99 And for just £15.99 get you’re “The Carling Cup is bigger than anything” T-shirt and Mug combi

    * ‘Arry Redknapps Tax Refund Charity is not a registered charity.

  318. Did you make all that up Irish? Very good.

  319. LOL irish, you on a role.. continuing from this afternoon i see . have a fun short trip. girlfriend under the feet?
    no wonder you in the doghouse… 😉

  320. Just a matter of when, not if…and it’ll come in at a price less than what Arsenal will have hoped for

    Such is life in the dangerous game of poaching

  321. coach this prick!!!!!

  322. and then poach it somemore BARKA boy…

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