Doctor Wenger And This Morning’s Transfer Gossip

Arsenal returned to England following their tour which the manager regarded as successful. Emphasising the commercial positives may be the correct PR but from his own point of view, the squad returning without injury was a crucial target. That has apparently been achieved so the training sessions will no doubt intensify as the players head into a regular routine of games.

One who is not quite there yet is Cesc. The papers have missed him in Asia, unable to interview him over whatever claims might be coming out of Spain about his future. There is a sense this morning, of the tide on that particular story turning. Barcelona seem set to announce Alexis Sanchez as a player this week which, if reports are to be believed, means their transfer pot will be severely depleted. To the extent that a bid of any substance is no longer likely for the Arsenal captain, if one were ever going to emerge.

This morning’s Sun reports that a Barcelona source has said that Arsenal have told them to have the footballing equivalent of a prostate examination, bend over and cough or shut up. The end of this month being their appointment with Dr Wenger, sorry, deadline to submit a bid to the board. It is an unsurprising move in that the month of August would be busy enough without trying to find a replacement for Cesc and get him signed, Arsenal not noted as being the quickest movers in the transfer market.

Whilst most of the tabloids agree, The Daily Heil is toeing the Catalan media line of Cesc still demanding a transfer in a meeting with Wenger this week. They obviously have not read the latest quotes attributed to Wenger,

He is not back in full training, he is back running on the pitch and the next step is to be back in full training. I will have to assess him on Monday. But of course he is in my plans. The problem is we face speculation from everywhere. But my target is the same, to keep the players and my desire to fight for that is the same.

Indeed. Samir Nasri and Wenger have apparently also spoken which is deemed newsworthy although perhaps it would be more of a story if they did not speak. The manner of behaviour from would be suitors this summer, publicly at least, must leave both Nasri and Fábregas confused. Privately told that they are wanted by the clubs yet no money is put on the table which is sufficient to allow a deal to go through.

The accepted norm is that negotiations take place, the demanded price moving downwards until the offered price moves upwards enough to meet it. However, there has been a lot of hot air expended by various ‘sources’ which must make both players wonder if they are genuinely desired by Manchester City or Barcelona. Certainly the latter are doing their level best to turn this into a nightmare move for Cesc.

Reports suggest that the player is becoming ‘increasingly frustrated‘ with Barcelona and advice this morning comes from Andrea Orlandi of Swansea City, telling Cesc that he is not good enough to usurp Busquets, Xavi or Iniesta so he had better get used to spending a lot of time sitting on the bench. I have not taken a lot of notice of Orlandi’s career until now but his jib is cut better than that of Pique, Puyol, Valdes and Xavi.

Elsewhere, Denilson is suggested as having signed for Sao Paulo on a year’s loan. If that fails, Fluminese is one of the other Brazilian clubs that newspapers in England have heard of so they are the back up plan although Neymar has reminded various hacks that Santos still exists. They are the third choice.

Also leaving on loan is Nicklas Bendtner, whose father has not been able to invent any more German clubs who might be interested in signing his son so now relies on the English press. Who show their appetite for the story by linking him to Everton. Which is not quite as fanciful as it seems given that staying at Everton is now more appealing that signing for Arsenal. But given how generally inaccurate that article is, I would not put money on Bendtner going there or Jagielka staying if he was offered a route out. With his hubcaps still on his wheels.

There is a signing in the offing with Joel Campbell reportedly on his way to a loan deal via Arsenal for £900k. Which will no doubt send the pulses racing. Through rage. Because he is not the monster centre back being demanded. Still Blackburn are in the financial brown stuff so expect a raft of Wenger in Samba dance headlines this week.

’til Tomorrow.



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  1. First! Now to read the post.

  2. Wow a pretty early post. Good one though summarises everything. I really don’t understand people getting their knickers in a twist firstly becoz we want to sign a promising 19 year old and then when some other club comes in with a bid and it looks like we may not get the player these very same people moan about us not being able to close the transfer of an unknown kid.
    Just leave the management to do their fucking jobs. If they haven’t reinforced the team by the end of the window, be up in arms and all that jazz, by all means.

  3. Good morning YW, nice post as usual.

    I think a loan deal will be most appropriate for NB, he still has a lot to offer and playing premier league football consistently will improve him considering his goals to games ratio. This should have been done a few seasons ago.

    The signing of Joel Campbell will give doomers a fresh reason to attack AW. I expect some thorough bashing of the manager today. Even if we crave for immediate reinforcement, does that mean we shouldn’t sign for the future. Nobody will acknowledge AW for snapping one of the most sought after talents in world football.

    I believe intensive and tactical training begins today and hopefully some of our flaws (defensive and attacking) are addressed and we see an improvement come the end of the week when we play *cologne and into the new season.

  4. The funniest thing I’ve seen in ages….

    Talk about passion, lol. Loved the part where he cursed his father for making him a Rivers fan.

  5. Where is the quality cd?Wenger is deluding himself and the fans if he thinks his current cds can do the job.He seems bullish as in previous seasons.Then when the gunners are stuck in a limbo..He will give all kinds of reasons.
    Surely his tenure is surely at an end if he fails to fire the gunners.

  6. Oops, the embed thingy isn’t working…

  7. yeah doomers will be out either way on this cambell one. Its said AC, and Barca among other were after this player that “nobody” knows. But then if we don’t get him (A RIVAL PREM TEAM HAS OFFERED MORE IN A LAST DITCH BID APPARENTLY) then wenger gets grilled for not signing the next Samuel Eto’o (i saw that in one of the articles about him.
    oh arsenal fans…please just try supporting without sounding like you were born in a garbage dump and have zero opportunities in life!

  8. Oh, I see it worked after all. Apologies for double post

  9. Why shouldn’t we inspect the Barca prostate? They’ve been all talk and no action for years, and we know which orifice they’ve been talking out of…

    Surely we should be allowed to see if it’s all just putrid air or something more serious.

  10. Buy player———-moan

    Sell Player———-moan

    Lose player in a bid————moan

    Loan out Player—————-moan

    moan moan moan

  11. Barring a sudden major injury to Xavi/Ineista, Barca will not agree to a market rate for Cesc, or they would have done so by now. They actually believe Cesc is ‘theirs’, as deluded as that sounds.
    So, I get the feeling that both clubs are looking to Cesc for an idea on how to proceed. In a way, this whole transfer saga is in Cesc’s hands, not so much Wenger or Arsenal. Cesc will not be of much use to us unhappy and Wenger clearly isn’t sure about the player’s state of mind, going by recent comments.
    The best scenario is for Cesc to decide that he WANTS to stay, even if for one more season. That will give us the license to tell Barca to fuck off for another year.
    Another way to end the saga quickly is for Cesc to decide he is leaving. Then as Wenger says, he is put on the market for the highest bidder. This will be an unpleasant outcome for us imo, and I prefer to hang on to the hope that he will decide in our favour.
    Its a shitty situation for sure, but one can’t completely blame Cesc for not being able to make up his mind either.

  12. Joel Campbell has one problem – he’s a nobody according to the esteemed” tabloid hackery ergo Arsenal can’t hack it. What – compared to Phil Jones of the mighty United and Jordan Henderson of the “haven’t won a trophy in 6 years and the league in 21 years” Liverpool?

    It’ll be good to get back to more football soon at least against the Germans this weekend. @MikeB – do you really want to find out the contents of Broke Back’s prostate?

  13. @henristic – Ivan Gazidis was cornered by Sly Sports and asked to comment on the Broke Back saga to which he said “we don’t conduct our business in public. Don’t expect anything from me” (paraphrased of course).

    The problem for Cesc is that Barca have continuously hang is arse out the window for all and sundry to laugh at – they keep leaving him high and dry. If they really wanted him, they should pay the market value and the market value is not even the alleged £40m. I fail to see how Andy Carroll can be valued more than Cesc Fabregas even with VOT (vastly over-rated tax) charged as a premium for English players.

  14. ds,

    not really… thought I’d leave that to Jeff Stelling and his mates at SSN…

    They’ve had their head up Fergie’s arse for years… should know what they’re looking for.

  15. Jabba's delights

    Cesc will end up staying and i for one will be utterly delighted. Barca have just been trying to bully us as they know full well they dont need Cesc especially not at the price we want to sell him. By far the more important of the 2 players to keep over Nasri.

    I think once we know 100% for sure that Cesc will be staying, Nasri will be on the first train up to Manchester to sign with city. We couldnt afford to lose both players but we certainly cant afford to let go of a potential 20 odd million for a lplayer in the last year of his contract. We are well run and make informed buiness decions and dont let emotion dictate what we do…………..keeping Nasri would be purely an emotional move.

    Looks like an exciting player Joel Campbell tim vickery was talking about him the other day saying what potential he had. Not sure what it does for our other young left footed striker mr vela though. Both would need game time.

    Good idea to load Bendtner and Denilson out. Obvuioulsy teams arent as high on them as we would like or their wages are deemed to expensive. Both have talent and im sure both could prove their value to soem teams if they get a whole year starting at a decent level.

  16. FFS! I just support the Arsenal. Wenger…Cesc…even muppet Eboue when he plays. Of course we are all frustrated at not winning anything, and frustrated when Denilson puts on a shirt, or Almunia manages to get fit again, but FFS it’s the Arsenal. Did you see those fans in Asia? Ecstatic just to see the players we take for granted! We will win, there will be ups and downs, but we will win in the end…one day. At least I don’t support Liverpool, or Everton, or Fulham, or Newcastle, or…or…need I go on? And I enjoy the possibility of the Young Guns, even if they rarely deliver (remember Lupoli? Aliadiere? Bentley?), I enjoy supporting the club, even if it’s so Fooking frustrating when the Mancs win every year, and I still believe…

  17. Good one Darius, once again we show our class.

  18. DS,
    I saw the sky story on Gazidis. Nothing much there.

    If there wasn’t the Cesc-Barca connection, i have no doubt that Cesc would go for nothing less than £50-60 mil

    The problem like I said, is that we won’t get anywhere near market rate from them, because somehow they believes he is theirs. They also believe nothing they do will put Cesc off, and they may just be right on that count.
    Its basically up to Cesc, really.

  19. I think Wenger got a commitment to stay from Cesc last season, which was why he sounded more bullish then. He is still waiting for a similar commitment this season it seems.

    It will help if the player himself gets back training with the others. Training alone can’t be fun, but ás soon as he gets back on the pitch spraying passes for Theo, Ryo and RvP, I can see him thinking, ‘you know what, why not stay a couple more seasons .

  20. Jabba's delights


    Wouldnt you prefer Ryo to got out on loan for another year. He looks incrdedibly talented but raw, i feel he needs game time and then come back next year ready to claim a starting place. He hasnt played much football and i cant see how sitting on the bench will help him.

    Cesc to Gervinho is going to be the line this year, amazing potential that combo has.

  21. Ryo should go out on loan, certainly. I don’t think he’s ready yet. I mentioned him only in the context of the pre-season games.

  22. @Henristic

    Cesc isn’t training alone, he’s got the 3 Gervinhos to keep him company!

    I’ll just be glad when all the shit has finished. If that means Cesc and Nasri leave, then so be it.
    This can’t be good for team morale, which is something they should be concentrating on this summer.
    I woudn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the intention of Man U, City and Barca to try and destabilise Arsenal in the run up to the new season because they are fucking scared of us.

  23. heh, trust for breaking news!

  24. Who’s Gervinho?

  25. Northbank,
    You’re right, I meant back in full training, as opposed to rehabilitation. Also agree it would be great for this thing to end sharpish. Wenger himself has said;

    “We have to stop at some stage … I hope we can close that very quickly in our favour… ..For us, it’s important that the team settles psychologically as quickly as possible because we have a tough start.”

  26. Well if barca wan a shop tat all this year they better hurry. If greece breaks the euro pact I’m sure they will drag Spain further down the economical drain, the euro will be finished and what with Spain then? Or Barcelona? Their only option is prolly to appeal to a Saudi sugar daddy. On the upside. Looking forward to go on vacation and using pesetas again.

  27. Well if barca want to shop at all i mean.

  28. Henristic – maybe the work permit dropped on the floor mat at Highbury House this morning. C’mon – getting it up on the site after opening the mail this morning is pretty impressive.

  29. Henristic,

    thanks for the vid. Extraordinary, an Argentinian version of Alf Garnett doing his impersonation of Hitler’s crazed rant from Downfall. Seven minutes of it wasn’t enough. Shamefully though, my performance during that second half against Newcastle wasn’t dissimilar.

  30. what will be the shirt numbers for Gervinhos?

  31. jr,
    Extraordinary indeed. Its shows what football can do to some people. Despite his protestations, you just know he’ll be following his team through relegation.

  32. For those who have decided it’s OK to take leave of our senses on the financial doping in football, here’s a thought.

    The Murdoch empire is disintegrating big time. It’s hard to see how they will recover from this toxic state of affairs.

    Follow the dots and it’s not hard to see how B Sky B will be affected unless they can fix the cancer. How long before Sky starts rethinking the ridiculous nature of stupid money football that’s living in a bubble outside the laws of economics. News Corp and B Sky B have already lost billions of pounds in the stock markets, and this is only a tip of a very ugly iceberg.

    Who’d have thunk that Lehman Brothers would go to the wall after being in existence over a century. Who’d have thunk that Greece, Ireland and Portugal would become basket cases.

    And Spain is next – they’ve already got a ticket and have joined the queue with Italy following closely. How long before the reality hits teams like Barca that debts of hundreds of millions of pounds is not sustainable.

    How long before the Manure become football’s Leman brothers.

    It’ll soon become fairly obvious that Arsenal are and will continue to be a force to reckon with. For one, Arsenal are already a bigger club than Barcelona, all considered 18 places higher than Broke Back on the world’s biggest sporting franchise roll call. Only Real Madrid and the Manure – both living on borrowed time are higher in footballing terms – or footballisticly as Arsene would say.

  33. thot there a usually at least 3 pix of new players one showing the back and hence squad number?

  34. morning gooners,
    I’m working on this tune for January…no melody yet
    goes something like tis:

    “We’re going to win the whole damned thing
    We’re going to win the whole damned thing
    This year, this year
    Twenty-twelve is our year
    Carling Cup is Arsenal’s
    FA Cup will be Arsenal’s
    EPL here comes Arsenal
    And the Champions league makes four
    (AW voice:) “Stop it, not za quad, zis is what got us into trouble last year!”
    Alright we’ll settle for TWO!”

    Welcome to the greatest club in the world GERVINHO!

  35. Alex Ice Cream

    It’s funny how Denilson is going on loan to a club in Brazil. We will no doubt have to pick up at least some of his inflated wages and obviously receive no fee for him.
    The rest of the footballing world knows that Denilson is rubbish – we have to pay a team to take him away. Of course Arsene and a few bloggers on here know better than the rest of the footballing world.
    It’s ridiculous that such an average player played over 150 games for Arsenal. Ferguscum buys his fair share of sh1te as well but he gets rid of it. Wenger keeps it for years and then can’t get rid.

  36. B52 On loan is good for me.
    I don’t know how long he has left ? But I think we will be very sorry if we lose him.
    If he is not a better player than Carrol I am a doomer

  37. those pics were probobly done last week and just posted now that the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed.

    we all know take an age to get their act together and will probobly be another 2 days before they post his number

    the jenks still hasnt got his…..but chezzer now has 13 and not 53

  38. Barca must go take lessons from Corinthians put up or shut up!

  39. Lol ,good morning Alex
    Positive as usual I see.

  40. Well the fact is that if Greece Decides to withdraw from the euro we got a new economical crisis and the euro is dead. No that will make for a dramatic change in Economy for Spain and Spanish clubs. I mean suddenly barca has to start operate in pesetas agai ? How many pesetas is cesc worth? Malaga has been bought up by the quatar royal family to promote WC and is suddenly a force to reckon with. They got more money than real and barca now.
    Honestly barca got to close her deals sooner rather than later. Before it’s to late.

  41. Nice post YW. This Cesc saga is really becoming like a running sore for us. Wenger has certaintly reached a place where he is ready to let Cesc go at the right price, but yet again Barcelona seem to feel they have some divine right to a discount and will not pay anyhting approaching the full whack.
    Instead, with their constant sniping and wailing in the press they are doing the best to destabilise him. It’s pretty low stuff from a shitehouse of a club.

  42. Jabba's delights


    I actually think its a good move for us and him. He did show talent a year or 2 ago btu for whatever reason some think injury other think lack of physical prowess it hasnt worked. A move back home to a league thats got a growing reputation with the strength of their currency and consequint ability at buying and keeping hold of players means he can be in the shop window and hopefully increasing his price, maybe even proving doubters like you and i wrong and forging a career back at the gooners…who knows.

    Bendtner and Everton on loan i think woudld be agreat move. He has talent and if he socores the 15-20 goals in all comps he in perfectly capable of his value will shoot up. It also gives us a fall back option if Chamack doesnt work out this year.

  43. AIC

    I’ve got something to say to you:

    “The thousand whore pussies that birthed you, the thousand whore pussies that birthed you, your sisters pussy, the whore that birthed you, you fucking used condom”

    That’s all.

  44. Spot on Darius and Poodle,

    clearly it’s far too early to say where the spinning plates are going to fall, but it does appear that several Spanish banks, including a few in Barca’s Catalunia region, are going to get a scalping.

  45. George – I think you are right about Bendtner. I think he is good player and unfairly maligned by sections of the Arsenal support. Considering the number of full appearances he has made I would bet that his goals to games ratio is pretty good.
    He does have his off days when he can’t hit the back of a cow with a banjo, but I think that once he has a settled place in a team he will thrive. Everton are a good team with a very good manager in my opinion and the fact they are interested in him speaks fairly highly of him.

  46. Spains international diversification of its domestic banks will ensure the write off of debts is managed and void of IMF funding. Simarirly all capital markets have priced in the default of Greece and its withdrawal from the euro. Its a chase of how rather than if.

    Regarding NewsCorp/B Sky B – the fickleness of the British public will maintain this will be a non story in 6-10 months.

    Expenses scandal or bankers bailout anyone? Its tragic but true.

    When the average man is steel reeling from the economic disaster, global corporate are posting record profits.

  47. AIC why parade your stupidity and then claim the rest of the football world agrees with you? Why bother breathing come to that? Why not do us all a favour and fuck off?

  48. In other news, will be delighted with a NB52 loan. As I have stated many a time, if he goes to Villa, Everton, Newcastle ( A Europa League EPL team basically), he will smash in the goals, find more confidence, and improve by being the main man of a strike force.

    Only good things can come from such a move.

    Everyone knows my thoughts on Denilson, I rather he was sold, however, I cant argue against seeing logic in allowing him the chance to find his feet in more comfortable settings like Bendtner.

  49. @ theBigM (both posts) and Northbank
    hear hear.

    Gervinho looks good in the kit. He seems to have made friends with Alex Song already.

    “Hi. I’m Gervinho. I am glad to be a gunner.”
    Very glad to have you. Best of luck!

  50. I’m not sure Denilson is cut out for the premiership. Its no slight on him, but perhaps he would be better suited to a slower tempo league. However, perhaps he just needs to get his confidence back and a spell of first team football might do this. The loan move is a good idea.

  51. There is bribery and corruption popping up everywhere,
    And yet suggest that the Premiership might be less than 100% straight and you are met with derision.
    Why would people favour the clubs that are pumping the most into the system and therefore filling their pockets?Why indeed!

  52. DS,

    re: the BSKYB thing…

    Don’t really follow the leap from Newscorp in trouble, to a rethink on the BSKYB/PL deal.

    The BSKYB arm is the one profitable ray of hope in the evil empire’s otherwise gloomy portfolio. With or without the current political implosion, a general downsizing and/or restructuring was on the cards for the newsprint arms.

    Where I do see a ray of hope is in the position of James Murdoch, as driving force and head honcho of BSKYB, which will, I believe, become increasingly untenable. This should cause pause for thought on the conventional Murdoch aggression,toward anyone who is not in-bed with the evil empire, and may allow some respite from the current alienation of so many ordinary supporters… chief among which is of course our great and glorious selves… or is that just wishful thinking?

  53. Twas the day of the underdog @ the Copa yeserdayt but dem Japanese women made my day… gunneresque.
    The Universe is pushing positives….

    I agree with Darius @ 10:55
    Change is in the offing…..

    Lighten up AIC.
    Leave Denilson alone. He is leaving. U got your primary wish.
    Don’t skunk up the vibe, its big picture time…
    But if u can’t help your doomeriness, I’ve got the number for this specialist that can make your back so flexible, dogs will be jealous!

  54. Henristic @ 8:21

    thanks for sharing…….really hilarious stuff!

  55. Why does that tabloid jackass ablog continue to spout this nonsense that the manager hasn’t strengthened the squad? So Jenkinson doesn’t count because he didn’t cost 17-20 million quid like Jones or Henderson? And Gervinho, Ligue One’s most valuable player last year, just turned up at London Colony for a visit? The fact that this guy is now running a news service peddling this type of mendacious nonsense under the guise of being close to the football club simply sums up the leech-like behavior of these bloggers.

  56. The Denilson loan is up on the Arsenal site and by his comments it doesn’t sound like he intends looking back once out the door. Good player but I find it hard to care either way at this stage. Question now is whether Frimpong will impress enough to be considered his replacement. And whether we have an emergency recall clause in the deal.

    Too early to draw conclusions from the lineups of our asia friendlies? I found it interesting that Djourou and Squllaci were paired together, with Koscielny and Vermaelen making up what I would think will be our first choice pairing this coming season. This is really the only pairing I’d read into at this early stage.

  57. Darius… on remarks about the financial climate and the impact on football.

    The Arsenal football model will not appeal to every fan…….but the club will be solvent !

  58. Jabba's delights


    If one believes like i do that Eboue is the best reserve RB in the league you cant really make a case for Jenkinson improving the squad much really as of this coming season

    Suprised he said that about Gervinho as the guy looks class. Makes our attacking options look excellent and is something different form what we have got. Now please an out and out striker also must replace cesc or nasri with an outside addtion if they leave

    He is probabaly talking about defence where some believe we lacked a player anyway but have lost a starter so that makes 2 additions we ideally need at the back unless Traore suprises very gooner out there…..huge gamble though

  59. Shotta,He has also decided that Nasri should be sold to City .And he is using his influence with the easily influenced to push his agenda.No doubt his followers have already swallowed it ,hook line and sinker.

  60. LeGrave on tour

    People are still banking on a global financial meltdown to improve our chances of success – LOL.

    I have been hearing this in many forms for years since Roman took over Chelsea. This school of thought got a shot in the arm with the crisis of a couple of years ago, how did that work out in the end, did clubs cut back, did we drop our season ticket prices?

    If Greece, Portugal, Spain and even the US default it will make no difference to us being out bid by our rivals for players, dont kid yourself it will be any different.

    Also, another point raised by the clueless, if Sky does stop paying the amount of money that clubs are used to then that will only strengthen our rivals as they will negotiate their own, far better, global deals.

    People clutching at straws making out they are Henry Paulson, it’s embarrassing.

  61. Jabba's delights


    Alot of Arsenal fans think Nasri should be sold. You dont that doesnt make Arseblog wrong for thinking the way he does about the Nasri situation. It was our very own manager who said we cannot allow another Flamini situation to develope 3 weeks ago.

    If Barca miss the Cesc deadline, im firmly of the belief that Nasri will be sold to city. Our manager hardly ever lets emotion take the better of his decision making, and keeping Samir is most definetly in my opinion that.

    Wenger constanly harps on about resale value and economincs, why would this desert him when presented with an excellent offer.

  62. Where is Wenger’s quotes about avoiding another ‘Flamini situation’? Don’t recall seeing them.

  63. Alex Ice Cream


    If I ever meet you I will kill you.

    That will definitely be all then.

  64. Jabba.
    I agree with most of that.
    My point is that Andrew is intentionally undermining the manager with his constant and repeated stance.As if it is the only way to look at it .It might indeed be the best but if Arsenal have decided to take another route all his bleating does is convince his readers that the club is being negligent.
    Which I believe is his motive.

  65. “If I ever meet you I will kill you.”

    Might be a bit of an over reaction there Alex.

  66. is anyone else sick of ‘sportsvibe’ referring to ryo as ‘the next cristiano ronaldo’ with every post they make. give the kid a chance ffs!

  67. Jabba's delights


    ‘We won’t allow repeat of Flamini situation’
    Arsène Wenger will not allow a repeat of the ‘Mathieu Flamini situation’ when he sits down to discuss the futures of Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy this summer.

    Flamini left on a free transfer to AC Milan in the summer of 2008 after letting his contract run down and his fellow Frenchmen have just one year apiece remaining on their own deals.

    Wenger is well aware of the need to secure the services of Nasri and Clichy and that’s why he wants their futures resolved before the 2011/12 campaign begins.

    “We will sort that situation out quickly after the end of the season,” said the manager. “We need to know very quickly.

    “We do not want to do that [allow them to leave on a free like Flamini]. We won’t allow that to happen.

    “It has to be resolved before the season starts again.”

    Thats why i find his quotes last week strange.

  68. Markus /
    He did ,Of course he could have meant arriving at the end of his contract without a replacement in place.Not necessarily him going for free ,As is the current assumption by the Arsene kickers.

  69. Who are ‘sportsvibe’ ?
    I am googling as we speak

  70. You really are a complete pillock AIC.

    Death threats on the net!

    So brave, so stupid.

  71. well wenger is in a loose loose situation with Nasri really. If he keeps him for one more year the guys goes for free next year and we loose 20M and hes seen as stupid for not cashing in on a player in his last year, pluss hes allowing a flamini situation to arise.
    If he sells Arsenal is a selling club that feeds the bigge clubs with ready made players we have developed plus we also strenghten City which is a rival of ours.

    Either way Arsenal looses, we either become a selling club and strenghten or rival or we loose a good player on free transfare next summer.
    What is the best of two evils here?

  72. He hasn’t let the ‘Flamini situation’ occur with Clichy, he has just told him to fuck off. He wants to be a little Manc. Lost his integrity as a player entirely.

  73. @AIC

    Alex pants creamed

    Perhaps we can meet up before a game and discuss it over a pint or two, I’ll be in London a couple of times next year!

    But you want to be careful, threats to kill is a serious offence lol

  74. Interesting alright Jabba. At odds with what we seem to be doing with Nasri. Must be a case of giving the finger to City and the rumour mill. Certainly would imply that if he doesn’t sign an extension he’ll have to go.

    My feeling is that he’ll sign a new deal with the promise that he can go abroad after next season if anyone meets the asking price.

  75. Well Denilson will probably become an Brazil regular by next WC. Especially when you see the embarrasing way they went out of the Copa America on.
    A year in brazilian league and some good matches, combined with an urge to move out deadwood from the brazilian team will see Denilson get his chance for sure. it will probably also increase the interest from south european clubs next year and we can end up getting far more than 5M for the guy. win win for all parts.

  76. @markus that would be the best option for sure.

  77. poodle, the only way we win is to offer an increased wage packet and secure a new deal, then sell him next year. Or, you know, find a wage level that we feel is right and secure him on a long-term deal.

  78. guys notice that Gervinho says hes always wanted to play for “this” club not a “big club like this” as many other transfares say. but “this” club and “this manager”.
    he really wants to play for Arsenal and nobody els and work with Wenger and nobody els.
    the difference between “this club” and ” a big club like this” is vital in my eyes.

  79. Alex Ice Cream


    True. How about maim?

  80. Jabba's delights

    Its not really lose lose for Wenger. I dont think much of the fanbase can have a go at him if he were to sell him to Citeeh for 20 odd million. I for one applaud the clubs stand in not breakign its wage structure for a player who has only shown top echelon quality very intremitently.

    By keeping him, he has better have an utterly awesome year otherwise i its a complete waste of time.

    Is he going to take city top the next level…………im not so sure, losing Tevez will be massive for them and they alrady have a wonderful player in Silva whon does similar things to Nasri.

    I would take the money or do a deal for like 10m and johnson. We havent got a Johnson type player but we have players who can forfill a similar function to Samir

  81. Poodle.
    There is an other possibility.
    He signs between now and the end of his contract.
    Why should we assume .that when he is free to leave he will not stay?
    Dennis reached the end of his contract 5 years on the spin.had offers but stayed.
    We could then justify giving him a bigger wage if he was free and had preformed well over the last year

  82. Jabba ,That’s not a bad shout .But is there not a problem with Johnson’s attitude?
    Its would free Theo up to go central.

  83. AIC

    Too late to take it back, in the circles I’m used to, once you make a threat then you have to see it through. Otherwise you’re seen as a total wanker!

    We could still have a pint together though. :0))


    If Nasri stays for the season without signing, and we win a trophy, he’ll sign at the end of the season. I would have no worries on that score.

  84. Jabba's delights

    Yer i’ve heard that there might be an issue with his attitude but that has come from Mancini and Capello and Italians have found it notorioulsy hard with young english players and young players in general to be fair.

    I just think its about diversifying our options at the back and up top. We have quality but sometimes things are little to similar. Forinstance at the back we have great cb btu maybe not someone to control an incredibly physical strike force or an aerial bombardment.

    Up top we have lots of creators but not that mnay guys who look to fininsh or go beyond the ball and try to get behind the opposition. Some teams have success from us by giving us width and allowing us to hti their brick wall in the centre. By bringining in a winger who loves hugging either tough line and puttijng in crosses it makes us better able to deal with such things.

    Im still worried about hitting this 8 player above 21 with 3 years training before that age rule though. Denilson. Nicky B and Clichy all counted for this last year

  85. Crossing is something we’ve neglected a little. Maybe it doesn’t go hand-in-hand with our possession game, but it should have been a bigger part of our game last season when we were throwing Chamakh, VP and Bendtner on together to try and get a goal. Gibbs any use at crossing? More than likely that’s where our crosses would come from if we did use them more. Can’t see us buying a Downing type.

    Liverpool signed Carrol and then went after the player with most successful crosses in the league last season so no prizes for guessing how most of their goals will come next season.

  86. Jabba's delights


    Your right but somethimes the passing game doesnt work and one needs to change a little. My favourite goal of the year was Chamack away at wolves in the first min. Great cross wonderful header. By having that option as well it opens up more psace for our passing game as the opposition cant afford to just plug the centre as we can hurt them outwide.

    Liverpool 2nd game up will be a hell of a physical examination for our boys.

  87. george rodger

    Kenny played that system at Blackburn,
    Ripley and Shearer.
    So back to the future for the Pool. Dinosaurs.

  88. George / Jabba /Markus

    I watched highlights of Liverpools games in China and Malaysia. They’ve got a very leaky defence at the moment, conceded six goals in two games!

    Carroll looks like he may be a threat though!

  89. Shotta,
    Men, you’re so obsessed with arseblog, its wierd. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but seriously, all that bile cannot be good for your health man.

    I’ve heard people say that views espoused on here are generally a representation of people’s outlook in life. AKBs are optimists and doomers are pessimists, etc. I think you are the exception that proves the rule as I find it hard to believe you are the normally optimistic kind. Its like you enjoy being grumpy, and go out of your way to find reasons to spew hate.Otherwise why continue to read these blogs if they annoy you so much?

  90. ofc the best would be that samir signed a new contract and had a steallar season. nobody is denying that. And Jabba i think you are wrong. the mood in the general blog shpere suggested 2 weeks ago that selling Nasri to CIty would be to aknowledge we were a selling club. Even peopel on here were furioous about it. alot of the fans does not look happy about that.
    Personally i would prefare him to sign a new contract.

  91. @North with the right players around him carroll will be a threat, hes massive and strong, all you have to do is make sure the ball lands on his head. Hes the perfect England striker. just what everyone has waited for or all the pundits anyway.

  92. george rodger


    Someone has to point out what these bloggers are up to.
    Because as a rule their readers are unable to work it out for themselves.
    Seriously.I would think the average IQ of Le Grove readers is about equal to a half peeled potato.

  93. Thanks for the replies yesterday. Really helped.


    So tell me about this tradition of a death date that I observed on this blog today? It seems no different to suicide bombing dates which are quite famous in my country. That too, over football?

  94. If Cesc goes we can kiss goodbye to winning anything.He’s leaving would be like Brady’s in 1980.A world class player leaving before he reached his peak.And anyone who remembers the dark days of 1980-86 will know how hard that hurt us

  95. Jabba's delights


    Its hard to say, i know what im labelled on here but ive mainintained the same opinion throughout. Yes i would prefer him to sign on btu if not i believe he must be sold. I’ve understood long ago that nearlly every club is a selling club in its own way.

    I believe fans should realise that situations change and if you dont adapt what you thought might be right actually turns into the worng decsions

    Keynes said

    ”if the material facts change, i change my oppnion what do you do sir”

    If Nasri isnt going to sign a new contract bare in mind before last season i dont think he was worth a new contract then we must sell to the highest bidder. One can live in hindsight and be annoyed with the club for not offering him a contract a year or so ago but the fact is he wasnt offered one or he chose not to sign. With the sitaution as it is i think the best course of action is to sell. We are self sustaining club and that 20m is important we also cant just break our wage structure for someone who hasnt proved their worth yet. He moves on, we move on. He isnt RVP, Cesc or a Vermalan. Arshavin, Walcott and Gervinho with hopfully a plus one must pick up the slack

  96. Astronomers operating the Hubble Space Telescope have just released a press statement that they have discovered a new planet.
    However, the statement was retracted when they learned it was Gervinhos head in training at London Colney

  97. I have to be careful here, is this another wind up Ateeb?

    I’m a bit slow today as I’m coming to terms with a new computer and operating system which has taken any speed and creativity from my thought processes.

    So. What is a death match? I know not of which you speak but am pretty sure it has nothing to do with a nutjob blowing up people

  98. Alex Ice Cream


    Ok. let’s do all 3 in this order: pint, maim, kill.

    This works for me!

  99. George,
    What are they up to? And who does it need to be pointed out to? Don’t tell me you believe that rubbish?

  100. Afternoon all.

    Consols – I wasn’t too sure about that one either… Thought I’d missed something.

    I haven’t been around this weekend and haven’t had a chance to see any highlights etc from the 2nd match. Anyone care to give a round up in a nutshell of who played well, who didn’t etc? I saw that Carlitos got another goal, apart from that, haven’t had time to look for more info. At work so can’t watch any vidz unfortunately.

    Cheers in advance chaps and chapesses!

    Oh and AIC – that was probably the classiest comment I’ve ever read. Reaching new heights today, congratulations.

  101. That was aimed at the original death-threat btw. Your other comments show great intellect and originality also. Great to see Arsenal supporters coming together in preparation for the new season. Keep it up!

  102. I am confident cesc will be with us this season. Hope he can get his head right and stay fit and have a great year. We are going to need him at his best.

    Just have to wait and see what happens to nasri. I see no reason to think he will sign a contract if he has not done so by now. I am confident the club has been trying to get him signed to an extension since last year. I would not be unhappy if we sold him as long as we reinvest the money and bring in a good player. Selling him and not reinvesting the money would make us feel like a “selling club” so that would be the worst scenario. Seems like city is going after our players just for the shear joy of unsettling our squad.

    I don’t think anyone would be unhappy with us signing Joel Campbell. Can not have to many good young players. Just wish we were more aggressive bringing in players who could help us in the near term.

  103. I agree with Bill. I was very confident in keeping them both, but the longer the Nasri situation continues, the more likely it is that he’ll leave. But yeah, see what happens indeed… Just want to know now!

  104. Wenger says Gervinho can play left right or middle (or all three at once!). I think this’ll turn out to be an awesome signing. A player just reaching his peak who can play anywhere in the front line and we got him for (reportedly) 11 million. He really must have wanted to come to us specifically as poodle says.

  105. Looking forward to seeing gervinho. Know nothing about him other the what has been said on this blog.

  106. george rodger

    Henristic ,
    You know what they are up to.Them ,those subversive types .With there subliminal messages.
    Mmmmm.Perhaps you are one of them?
    Or have already been got at.
    I will be keeping a beady eye on you from now on.For the good of all. 🙂

  107. Good luck to Denilson! Hopes he gets the game time he needs to shine back home.

  108. George,
    See what you did there? The idea of arseblog being subversive only makes sense if you’re taking the piss!

  109. Marcus.

    Apparently, the Talkspite folks tried to rubbish the signing of Gervinho for Philippe Auclair to shut them up and put them right into the faecal matter they belong.

    Their only way out was to try and suggest that he’s too weak for the EPL – to which Auclair again slammed them and showed how strong and able he was to hold his own and battle with the cloggers in the EPL.

    These guys would be ejaculating if it was Slur Ferguson who signed Gervinho – who was better than Ashley young or any other signing they made. He scored 15 goals and had 12 assists last season and he’s not even a striker. At the least, Gervinho will be a better upgrade to Bendy – and the best, a critical part of unlocking the bus parkers who come to the Emirates to stop us from playing.

  110. Any updates on the Joel campell situation.that guy looks like some talant?

  111. Hopefully I will get a 1st glimpse of Gervinho at the Koln game this weekend.

  112. Gunnermistic, not too sure about the Campbell thing. I havent seen any footage, but a friend who’s opinion on players i hold very highly, thinks he’s going to be an excellent player. Like a better version of Adebayor (playing-wise). All opinion of course, but a good reference from a good judge of player – he was the person telling me to look out for wilshere when he was 13!

  113. I saw the Joey Campbell vids on youtube. Exciting player. More competition for Ryo, JET Vela, Theo etc which is definitely a good thing.

    Speaking of JET, any recent news? I have high hopes for that guy, although somewhat dimmed these days.

  114. *Joel

  115. Lucky you goonerandy.

    I wasn’t particularly a fan of Gervinho from watching him play for Cote d’Ivoire, but he is here now, and I’m looking forward to him winning me over.

  116. Jabba's delights


    The issue being you can have to many competing at times meaning they dont get enough game time. Playing is the best way to learn.

    JET needs to be the fulcrum of a teams attack. He Isnt suited to be a bit part player. Thats why he nails reserve football but struggles when he moves to a big championsjip club like cardiff. Its no suprise that his best football has come whilst at smaller clubs like blackpool and Doncaster. He is very lathargic as well and doesnt bust a gut to win the ball back. I was at uni with Peter Wittingham’s older brother and he said he used drive the players mad. I doubt he will make it with us but he has the talent to forge a good career if he gets out of his dominant arsenal youth bubble.


    Campbell plays nothing like Adebayor. He is much smaller and much more natural fininsher than what ade was. He plays much better when facing goal rather than holding the ball up like adebayor. I think the best player to compare him to would be Sturridge.

  117. just watched the free video on the site, gervinho actually does not have a squad number yet! how come?

  118. You were at University, Jibber? Farkin ell

  119. Jabba,
    But at their age you can’t be sure who’s going to ‘make it’, so its only prudent to have more than a few around to choose from. The cream will rise to the top eventually.

  120. Caretaker? Odd job man? Beadle?

  121. I heard he was much taller and physical than Sturridge.. but as I said, I haven’t seen anything myself, so you may well be right Jabba… Will check some vids later. I was also told that he was more of a natural finisher than Ade, certainly. Either way, you’ve got to love the young talent. personally i love watching them emerge, whoever they play for. Great to see.

  122. Re JET, he’ll get games if he shows he’s ready to work hard. There is no reason to think otherwise. But its not going to be handed to him on a platter just because he’s got a bit of skill. There must be thousands of skilful kids over the world who won’t succeed in football because they weren’t ready to knuckle down.

  123. george rodger

    They need cleaners at University Frank.

    Just jesting Jibber 🙂

  124. george rodger

    Beat me to it Frank

  125. Geo,
    Campbell is not tall at all. I’d be surprised if he was taller than Gervinho even. And he is definitely the type of player who wants to take players on, so very little similarity with Ade I’m afraid. He’s more like a David Villa type player to me.

  126. george rodger

    I think Arsene has suggested JET is a lazy bastard 🙂

  127. Welcome, Gervais, looking forward to watching you this season. Reckon you are going to be a monster, son.

  128. So Brian Robson is caught up in a stinking corruption deal in how to buy and sell clubs. And they guarantee that they’ll use their connections with Slur Ferguson to get United to loan players to the new owners of smaller clubs.

    Watch Dispatches tonight at 8.00 pm BST for the sting by Channel 4. I wonder, will Fergie stop talking to Channel 4 because they’ve uncovered dodgy deals that involve him?

  129. I have to say I’m slightly impressed by Tevez. For years now, he’s been moaning about going back home and I thought it was just an excuse for a higher pay packet. But to leave City and CL football (which he played a big part in helping them get), to where he’d likely earn lower wages is really something. Especially considering he is only 27.

  130. george rodger

    Darius,Strange, I posted this earlier today

    george rodger | July 18, 2011 at 11:29 am
    There is bribery and corruption popping up everywhere,
    And yet suggest that the Premiership might be less than 100% straight and you are met with derision.
    Why would people favour the clubs that are pumping the most into the system and therefore filling their pockets?Why indeed!

    I predict something very bad will come to light shortly

  131. Jabba's delights


    I suprised myself sometimes, Durham University for Undergraduate then Law school at newcastle then the wheels really came off. Being a student was about the only thing i was good at!!

    Now i just stick to knowing everything and anything about my beloved Arsenal : )!

  132. george rodger says:
    July 18, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Someone has to point out what these bloggers are up to.
    Because as a rule their readers are unable to work it out for themselves.
    Seriously.I would think the average IQ of Le Grove readers is about equal to a half peeled potato.

    Haha ohh the irony.
    Stating one has a lower intelligence based on a differing opinion shows an inherent lack of common sense let alone intelligence.

    What are these bloggers upto? Standing up for what they see as the current failings of arsenal football club? and refusing to lay down and let the continual spiral of regression continue. If you don’t like being able to have a differing opinion and especially one that challenges those in authority whether it be business or political I suggest you move to north Korea or somewhere of that ilk.

  133. george rodger

    You jest surely?
    20% of 50 million to his owner/agent
    Image rights with his increased profile?

    Next you will tell me Arseblogger has no agenda

  134. Oh right Henristic… I was obviously mis-informed!! My friend’s reputation as an armchair scout has now gone down…! Thanks for the clarification. He was described to me as a bean pole! I’m intrigued now and looking forward to seeing some clips.

  135. george rodger


    “Stating one has a lower intelligence based on a differing opinion”

    No where did I say that.And the fact that you think I did tell me exactly how intelligent you are
    I stated my opinion of the average IQ of Le Grove readers.I assume you are one?

  136. George,
    lol. You say some daft things sometimes. Increased profile in Argentina over what he would get by playing in the champions league?
    Tell me you’re kidding, even if no smiley in your post for once

  137. George – I am sure Arseblogger has no agenda. He just posts his opinions, in exactly the same way YW does. Just because you may disagree with them, does not mean he has an agenda does it?

  138. Anyone see the game t’other day? Anyone shine (or not) unexpectantly? What was Vela’s goal like?


  139. Strange Denilson has gone back to Brazil to get 1st team football. You would have thought he would have had club lining up to take him 😉

  140. george rodger

    Andy.Did you see the discussion on him yesterday?
    I don’t want two go over it all again . Suffice it to say it is not his difference of opinion I have a problem with.

  141. Was it me or did I dream that Arsenal were after Kevin Doyle a few weeks ago.

    Shame we didn’t sign him….LOL

  142. george rodger

    Or was it saturday.?
    Help me out Shotta if you are reading

  143. George,
    Sorry if i was a bit harsh, but you keep banging up about people’s IQs, and you’re clearly no Einstein yourself.

  144. Jabba's delights


    Pretty flat perfromance, the boys have obvioulsy been training hard and looked tired, which is good i think.

    Jenkinson got another good work out but wouldnt say anyone in particular stood out. We struggled a bit first half but controlled the 2nd.

    There goal was mistake from free kick. Mannone missed it but to be fair the defending wasnt great allround. Vela scored a poachesr tap in on half time.

    There keep made a couple good saves 2nd half

    Good work out for the team. Think they will be alot fitter than what they would have been if they played the usual in pre seaosn, which is great plus we grew our brand and no injuries. tick, tick tick

  145. Durham, you say. Probably a beadle then.

  146. George – Nah, I have been at a music festival for 4 days. Summerise it for me, I am genuinely interested. He is a player which divided opinion.

  147. GoonerAndy. How’s it going my good friend? Hope all is well in Germany. You must be looking forward to the game against FC Cologne.

  148. Campbell set for medical apparently (according to Young Guns)

  149. Darius – Yes mate I am. It is only a couple of hours on the train from me, so I will head down there nice and early for a few Kolsh (pretty much the only beer you can get in Koln). Hopefully it will be a strong squad. Hope you enjoyed your break.

  150. Clincher was fee increase from £930,000 to £1m

  151. Geo. Whatever his stylle may be he does look like he has natural ability a rare comodity. Have to say I quite like the pace added to our forward line in ryo gervinho and Walcott .ryo looks ace so far still a bit raw tho. Hi height surprised me actually. Was on le grove this morning what a depressing site…
    The nesxt two weeks will reveal slot

  152. How does Jamie Sanderson do it? He is so quick with this stuff and so often right.

  153. george rodger

    Andy I was talking about arseblogger not Denilson 🙂

  154. George – Ah, my mistake. I like Arseblog; he and YW are some of the few decent blogs out there amongst a world of shit.

  155. thanks henristic and Jabba. Not being lazy, just really busy at work today and dont have time to trawl through the verious blogs/articles. Thanks!

  156. George

    You came up with the stupid phrase “do you want fries with that” when someone expresses something you disagree with. Says it all. I don’t have the time or need to trawl through the comments to find numerous examples.

    Also you constantly bemoan speculation especially about Arsenal yet you are more than happy to speculate about peoples IQ. Funny how many Le Grove readers are rather successful in their chosen fields, but that stands to reason with their challenging mind set something subordinates fail to understand.

    I’m done. Exam in an hour.

    This is just for you George

    In Arsené we rust

  157. george rodger

    Yes Andy I used to like him as well.Not now though.
    As I said it was done the other day.Interesting stuff if you could find it.

  158. Jabba's delights


    Its amazing isnt it. He only like 20 or soemthing like that apprently. He must be mates with some of the younger players.

    Good news if he is being signed. Here is to hopting he gets the work permit. Could be our Hernandez this year if he works hard

  159. I agree with GA. Arseblog is a balanced blog imo, one that offers a slightly different opinion to the more ultra positive sites, without the need to call for Wenger’s head, or the standard cliched criticisms of Arsenal filling the column inches every time. He’s a funny chap too. Don’t always agree with his articles or viewpoints, as with every other blog, but definitely a daily read for me. No agenda imo.

  160. George – Still recovering. Can’t trawl through all that.

  161. Tactical Reenoog put up a decent if not harsh vid of Nasri’s performance:

    Nasri in the no.10 role from Tony Montana on Vimeo.

  162. george rodger

    I came up with “do you want fries with that ?” for people like you.Nothing to do with having a different opinion.

  163. george rodger

    Andy I have tried to find it for you but I cant.About 1000 posts to trawl through

  164. George – Don’t worry mate, no big deal. Personally I agree with what Geo posted. It is a balanced Blog IMO.

  165. george rodger

    Its annoying me now that I can find the posts.
    Poodle you were there help me out here.

  166. What’s the agenda George? Bit of scandal needed. I’m a cynic, I’ll probably believe you.

  167. I agree with Geo and GA on arseblog. I don’t see how anyone can class him as negative or a doomer. Sure he is critical sometimes but that’s no sign of negativity.

    And what’s this agenda he is supposed to have?

  168. Enlighten the Ill informed

    For people like me?

  169. Found the discussion by the way. It’s on Friday’s post starting with shotta’s comment @ July 16, 2011 at 8:21 pm.

  170. “Lucas Leiva and Ramires are better than Denilson because they get called up to the Brazil NT.”

    AIC, do you remember this? The worst Brazil ever and these two were the fulcrum of their midfield. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  171. Basically saying that he bullies players who are easy targets (boo boys) using crass humour that borders on racism on occassion?

    Never really bother with Arseblog myself. Went on one time and they were talking a load of bollocks in the comments, none of it related to football.

  172. Ha, just read it. There is some proper paranoid rants there (Shotta, Stotta, I am looking at you ;)). Some of your probably live in a house where everything is wrapped in tin foil I am sure.

    There is no agenda with Arseblog. He just writes his opinions. People need to stop looking to deeply into things.

  173. Agreed GA.

    Arseblog is just another opinion. Think he can be hilarious at times too.

    It would seem some need to be a bit more light hearted when reading about the fecking boys….

  174. George, what was the “Mick Bentnor” skit? Or do I even want to know?

  175. Limestonegunner

    Henristic, that video was funny but also very sad and a bit shocking that he behaves like that in mixed company, don’t you think?

    Denilson will do well at home in Brazil, get more first team action and possibly with Sandro’s injury, some attention from the national squad if he distinguishes himself. All of this will be good for his transfer fee or possible return. But I am surprised there are no possession oriented PL and La Liga teams interested and can only imagine this is a result of his wages. I do think we must be paying squad members more than many mid-table teams can afford for their players, even some of their starters.

    Regarding the Cesc, I hope we draw a line in the sand with Barca by the end of the month and that Wenger explains to Cesc that their disrespect for him must stop and the best thing he can do to raise his value in their eyes would be to win the PL and even the CL with Arsenal, otherwise they will never value him as he deserves. Otherwise, Cesc has to allow us to bring in other clubs like RM into the mix to force Barca to pay a proper price. 40 million pounds is a complete insult for a player of his standing and production at the highest level over the last 5 years and I am adamantly opposed to Arsenal selling him for less than 50. The player has to have some self-respect himself to balance the desire to rejoin Barca during its run of glory with the need to establish his own identity and status as a genuine winner–otherwise he will forever be taken for granted at Barcelona. Hopefully he is smart enough to see this.

    I am very excited to see what Gervinho will offer–he has pace, tricky/inventive play, and a confident streak that goes with his high number of goals/assists, so hopefully our sometimes stalled attack will have a shot of direction and decisiveness in those tough PL games when the defence is stacked deep. He has won the domestic double in France, which is quite good (though not at the level of PL, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga) and clearly wants to play for Wenger and Arsenal. Lille are already in the group stages, so the fact he wanted to come to Arsenal (in qualifying) rather than raise his profile in guaranteed CL group stages shows guts and desire. Welcome to Arsenal, Gervinho!

  176. Arseblog is a good read….if he’s in the mood….

  177. I don’t really see a particular Agenda with Arseblog though he has gotten more negative in his writing over the summer. Seriously, even after we lost to Birmingham his Blog was cheerier than it has been the past couple of weeks. Might be that a summer without footy and full of transfer rumours is just taking his toll on him.
    Wouldn’t exactly second that his site represents the most balanced view, though. I feel that he does reflect well what a typical fan might be thinking (though the abyss that are his comment section sometimes are very close to convincing me otherwise) but just because his site is probably exactly in the middle between Untold Arsenal and the Grove does not make it the most balanced blog. When you have two extreme points of view on opposite sides of a spectrum, it doesn’t mean that the middle between those represents the balanced or correct opinion.

  178. Jabba's delights

    I would say Arseblog hits the middle ground between here and le grove on most occasions. He wants changes and is obvioulsy frustrated but is not even remotely calling for revoulotion or Wengers head.

    I personally think its a great blog to read in the morning and almost always without fail its on by 845 which is just about the time im switching my computer on.

  179. Limestonegunner

    As far as the Nasri saga, to my mind the only question is will he give his all in this final season because he wants to win a big new contract (with us or another club) or will he sulk? Will he do the work needed on defensive duties, where little glory is to be had, or will he simply be looking to pad his goals/assists for eye-catching contract numbers?

    Wenger sees him daily and has the best idea of his character. If he is willing to risk losing the transfer fee because finding a replacement outside the club would mean a transition, well, I support our manager for trying to go for football success. I just hope he is not insisting on keeping him because he is ready to let Cesc go with a minimally acceptable fee of 40million. That, to my mind would be a big blow and leave us with little time and resources to really replace Cesc’s creative contributions. Had Ramsey played and progressed as he looked to doing last year before suffering the leg break, I think we would be closer to finding the right balance in the squad to deal with Fabregas departing, but we aren’t there yet.

  180. Crafty old AW

  181. Dont read Arseblog, but he seems to think that Mancini’s comment about wanting Nasri to sign with City before the end of the month is cool. weird!

  182. george rodger

    That is the problem .He is very funny and it is a good read,
    And because of that you don’t notice him chipping away at things.If you can make people laugh at say a player you don’t like then he becomes a figure of fun without the blatant attacks you get on Le Shite but the effect is the same.

  183. Jabba's delights

    Paul N

    Not sure how you have interpreted that?

    Im well aware he can be ever so slightly rude (i say witty) about some of our own players but one thing is for sure he takes opposition players/managers/ pundits to the cleaners who he feels scorn on his beloved arsenal.

  184. george rodger

    Arseblog is like Tom Hanks .Its hard to dislike him,

  185. I didnt interpret anything.

    “All managers talk about players they’d like to sign, maybe Arsene does it less blatantly than some but I don’t have any real issue with Mancini’s comments”

    Is that not saying that he is ok with it?

  186. Jabba's delights

    Here is an extract from Tim Vickery BBC blog. Its an article he wrote about Argentina a week aho but mentions their up and coming crucial group game vs Costa Rica and he has a little something to say about our Joel Campbell

    ”And to add spice to the occasion, the opposing coach is Ricardo La Volpe, he of the big moustache and even bigger ego. An Argentine who has done much of his coaching in Mexico, La Volpe feels something like a prophet without much prestige in the land of his birth. He would thoroughly enjoy putting one over Sergio Batista – and in explosive striker Joel Campbell he might feel that he has a potent secret weapon.”

    the full article is here

    Nobody ask about Joel Campbell in the q & a answer session in this weeks blog but im sure there will something from him regarding Mr Campbell in next week if we sign him

  187. george rodger

    Markus you would have to listen to one of his latest Arsecasts.But basically he is ripping the piss out of B52.Not the least bit funny in my book .But the Arshavin stuff is.

  188. Jabba's delights

    Paul N

    cheers i was just asking. To be fair i imagine its kind of in the middle of the spectrum again. Le grove went as far to pull out quotes of where wenger has spoken of other teams players today to prove their point.

  189. george rodger

    “Paul-N | July 18, 2011 at 5:15 pm
    I didnt interpret anything.

    “All managers talk about players they’d like to sign, maybe Arsene does it less blatantly than some but I don’t have any real issue with Mancini’s comments”

    Is that not saying that he is ok with it?”

    No Paul N its his sly and underhand way of calling Arsene a hypocrite.

  190. george rodger

    When asked about other team’s players (notice I say when asked)his reply is always pretty much “I like him as a player”
    He never ever mentions trying to buy them or his hopes of signing them.

  191. @JD
    You do know the saying with the apples and the oranges? There is a difference between being asked about a player and answering “Yeah, well, he’s a good player and we are monitoring him.” and “I hope that this player can arrive before the end of the month.” So that Le Gr*t went out of their way to find a comment where Wenger says anything about a different player and then even went to omit an important part of the quote (“In the offensive department we have many players. At the end of the season we’ll have a look at the situation but at the moment it’s completely ruled out” is the rest of the quote.) just shows their tendency to try to spin everything Wenger in a negative direction.

  192. got you JB!

    that doesnt fill me confidence regarding his views and I tend to agree with George, very sly way of calling out our manager.

    I dont have a problem with a manager saying, “I like the player, lets see what happens” as far as wanting a player but to say you want him to sign before x time is a bit much, no?

    Then he admits that he doesnt even know if a bid has been placed!

  193. Well done Richard Law.

  194. george rodger

    Is it me or does the mere fact that someone reads Le Grove on a daily basis mean they should be excluded from a reasonable conversation.
    Its a bit like going to a Nazi rally and claiming you don’t hold with everything they say so your an OK guy.

  195. It takes a special type of cunt to cut and paste quotes in order to shed a bad light on his own club. It takes an even more special cunt to quote the cunt who cut and pastes quotes in order to shed a bad light on his own club, in order to shed a bad light on his club.

  196. Jabba's delights

    George/ Evil

    I was just saying there is a difference between what arseblog did and le grove. I couldnt stand reading le gove today as it annoyed me but if Arseblog was making a similar point at least he is subtle with it and not being rude. We cant all agree on things and this si quite obvious but in most cases arseblog lets his displeasure known in a subtle witty way where as Geoff and Pedro use their platform in a more sinister way which i dont like.

    I think arseblog was just saying Evil that he doesnt really see a huge difference between A and B in the example you say below.

    ”I dont have a problem with a manager saying, “I like the player, lets see what happens” as far as wanting a player but to say you want him to sign before x time is a bit much, no?”

  197. JD, are they the same though?

  198. Mancini believes he has all the money so he can just come in and buy our players if he feels like it.

    I actually believe that City will no live up to the hype.

  199. george rodger

    What do you expect Arsene to say ? something like this?

    Q). Arsene are you in for Downing?

    A). No am I fuck ,he is a useless git.Why would we sign a pillock like that,Fuck off you stupid journalist cunt.

    A)I like him as a player lets see what happens.

  200. Limestone: “Denilson will do well at home in Brazil, get more first team action and possibly with Sandro’s injury, some attention from the national squad if he distinguishes himself. All of this will be good for his transfer fee or possible return. But I am surprised there are no possession oriented PL and La Liga teams interested and can only imagine this is a result of his wages. I do think we must be paying squad members more than many mid-table teams can afford for their players, even some of their starters.”

    I think Denilson will be reborn by going back to Brazil. He gets to play infront of his people in a calm atmosphere, he gets his back sorted out and, with his experience in a physical league, will become a major revelation to the next manager of the Brazilian team. Hopefully, if he does well, Wenger will bring him back or sell him for a huge margin. Win-win either way.

  201. G69,
    Does he still have back problems?

  202. Paul-N | July 18, 2011 at 5:07 pm
    “Dont read Arseblog, but he seems to think that Mancini’s comment about wanting Nasri to sign with City before the end of the month is cool. weird!”

    How do you know what he wrote if you don’t read him…. 🙂

    On a more serious note, I don’t agree with that comment either. But that’s no indication that he is negative. He certainly has been more critical of Arsene and the club, but give the past few seasons, especially the last one, haven’t we all questioned the management in some way or another?

    I don’t get why some are offended by his humour. Humour isn’t always palatable people, but I’ve not read a single thing from him I can term racist.

  203. Bless your soul goonerandy:
    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
    Refs have no agenda, media has no agenda, bloggers have no agenda. They must be serving more than beer in Germany.
    Now what was I reading about Murdoch, Cameron, BSkyB again?

  204. george rodger

    “I don’t get why some are offended by his humour. Humour isn’t always palatable people, but I’ve not read a single thing from him I can term racist”

    I have to agree with you there
    I still think he is a bit sly though.
    As I say he is funny and a bit Wogan’ish so you find it hard not to like him

  205. Limestone,
    I’d be lying if I said I was shocked by that River fan. But I did say to someone in my office who was watching it with me that ‘thank goodness there were no kids around’.

    There’s something about Latin Americans and gutter talk that makes the whole thing unsurprising somehow. In another life, I used to be close to this Brazilian girl and she had a foul mouth too. Not as relentless as the guy in the video but shocking by most Western and certainly African standards.

  206. george rodger

    Oh here you are.
    Where were you when my arse was hanging out to dry? 🙂

  207. George,
    Sly how? You’re implying he is trying to pass along some underhanded message, and I’m really wondering what it could possibly be? What does he have to be sly about?

  208. @Henristic – do you believe that racism can only be presumed when it is explicit?

  209. No, not at all Darius. I understand that racism and other forms of hate can be implied or explicit. I know it from experience in fact, having experienced the explicit and non-explicit versions first hand.

    But nothing I read from arseblog suggests any of that.

  210. george rodger

    Sly because he hides his undermining behind humour.
    As you hide behind your stupidity 🙂 🙂 :)(kidding mate ha ha just a joke )
    Now have I gotten away with calling you stupid because I made it a joke?

  211. I’ve just paid a visit to Le Grove. I don’t think Pedros comments are too bad, but the comments posted! Most of them can’t post more than 10 words, there’s hardly any constructive discussion or debate and most of them just slate Wenger. Perhaps a good blog for me when I’ve been talking too much with Herbert Chapman!

    Regarding the video posted by Henristic, the River Plate fan… I thought it was hilarious and I used some of his phrases on AIC, which led to him issueing a death threat LOL

    The language is usual for latin countries, it’s the same in the south of France… even some youngsters talk like that.

  212. George,
    You can call me whatever you want dude, even without smileys. I won’t take offence.

    But tell me who or what arseblog is undermining. He criticizes players, the coach, and the board when he feels the need to, with and without humour. Is not like he hides the fact that he is being critical is it?

  213. @Henristic, I don’t have a view on Arseblogger’s specific comments because I haven’t read the post in question – I was just interested in your take on the manifestation of racism or other forms of prejudice.

    But from a general point of view, Arseblogger is your classic power blogger who is experienced at using his reader’s emotions to get stickability to his blog. The bottom line is that it’s all about the numbers, ergo regular traffic, ergo high page ranking, ergo leverage to sell advertising. Clearly, it gets to the stage where you can’t even wedge a cigarrette rolling paper in between the challenge of staying true to your mission, and going native, dancing with the devil and succumbing to the dark forces.

    Arseblogger has made his name by using the Arsenal brand and for that reason, his cult status comes with responsibility. Whether that responsibility is exercised is another matter altogether.

  214. You have really gone right down in my estimation, Henristic

  215. george rodger

    Darius.I was just about to say that, Unfortunately I am too much of a dullard to find the words and so as Frank would say

    I agree with Darius

  216. I agree Northbank,

    I used to go on there for laughs, but I don’t even get that much these days. Pfft

  217. PaulN @ 6:28 pm. Who said anything about being racist?
    Are people on this blog so obtuse they don’t comprehend how opinion-makers (bloggers, journalists, politicians) use coded language to appeal to our base instincts. It is called Journualism 101. I stand by my assertion that this is the exact tactic used by ablogger. Coded language is used to appeal to the base instincts of his predominantly British audience. Serves him well when there is an easy target like Ade but taking aim at Wenger is another matter. All the propoganda themes have failed so far:
    * Wenger is past it
    * Wenger’s words can’t be trusted.
    * Wenger refuses to strengthen the squad.
    Like I said on Saturday, the reason why the insidious, fifth-columnist campaign will fail is because ablogger, le-grove et al owe their existence to Wenger’s achievements at the club. None of these blogs would have more than 100 posters daily (Go look at the majority of other well read football blogs on the internet for confirmation.)
    I know their apologists, especially ablogger’s, will retort that Wenger isn’t above criticism. Well what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  218. “Arseblog is like Tom Hanks .Its hard to dislike him”

    Oh no it isn’t – insidious is the word I would use to describe him. Hiding a nasty streak in the guise of humour.

  219. Arseblog has some sinister agenda?? No one who says that can really be serious.

    He obviously loves the club and he is a very good writer. He seems to me the perfect proxy for the fan in the middle somewhere between untold Arsenal and Myles Palmer. No way to know or prove but I suspect a large % of our fans agree with most of the stuff he writes. He still believes that that boss is the best man for the job and the boss has done an incredible job to build this talented squad on a limited budget. Like a lot of fans he is having a tough time understanding some of the things that the club has been doing the last couple of years especially this summer and he writes what he thinks.

  220. george rodger

    Henristic Did you get the point about masking abuse with humour?

  221. I agree with Shotta and Passenal

  222. george rodger

    “and he writes what he thinks.”
    Perhaps Bill but what he thinks seemed to shift when he joined Ole Ole

  223. george rodger

    Do you not agree with me Frank ? 😦

  224. Darius,

    If I understand correctly, you think he has changed ‘style’ in recent years in order to pander to his (doomish) audience? As part of some money making scheme?

    I personally haven’t noticed any such change, and I’ve been reading him since 2006. In my opinion, he achieved his cult status by being rude and humorous, and and I’m not sure its correct to expect him to become more ‘responsible’ now, simply because he’s gotten popular.

  225. George, I replied in my 6.55 post.

  226. Being a fellow Dubliner I can fully appreciate Arseblogger’s sense of humor. I can also state that having read him more or less daily for the last few years, that he is not racist but he has no problem using very suggestive terms as a way of getting a laugh. I would put myself in pretty much the same boat actually. Some people find that kind of dark sense of humor to be uncomfortable at the best of times but I personally believe so long as their is no real malice behind what is said then it can simply be considered a joke. Yes it can go too far but in general he stays within the bounds of decency, although most definitely not PC. In saying that I do believe he has an agenda and that is to see the club run the way he would like it to be run. Like any fan he has his opinion and he is not shy in expressing it. Would be a pretty boring blog if he was!!! If you do not like him then do not read him, if you do but disagree from time to time then tell him so but PLEASE enough with the conspiracy theories peeps!!! I get enough of those whenever I read The Untold Arsenal.

    No one ever accused us Irish of being shy, so stop pretending to be surprised at an Irishman, in particular one from Dublin, having a blog and expressing his point of view in a funny and non-PC way.

  227. Todays Frequent Fryer of the Day Award goes to…………… George!!……. for his rant against Arseblog 🙂 Congrats George you have finally won something mate !!!

  228. But who is he harming? How is taking the mickey out of a few people be considered insidious? What would you guys say about cartoonists and other satirists?

  229. Todays Burger Flipper of the Day Award goes to ………….. George!!…….again for his rant agianst Arseblog :):) for the simple reason that at some point George will go back to being George and will lose interest in arguing against Arseblog and will instead realise that he is actually a pretty decent blogger, albeit one with a razor sharp, and somewhat caustic, sense of humor.

  230. Thank you irishgray.

  231. In saying that I do believe he has an agenda and that is to see the club run the way he would like it to be run.

    Wouldn’t we all…

  232. I agree with george rodger

  233. Henristic – stop putting words in my mouth or chopping up waht I say to fit your fancy.

    I said he’s a classic cult or power blogger. Believe it or not, dooming isn’t the only way to make money. Web revenues are driven by traffic. Some people are good at maintaining the cult status that gives them this traffic, others are confrontational, controversial or outright sensationalist to keep this traffic juice coming back to them.

    I’m sure he’ll have more content for his blog when the football is back, otherwise, he has to find a way to muse his followers and keep the money rolling in.

  234. I know of fans who have held season tickets for ninety nine years, who can rant and whinge with the best of them. And they have written to Arseblogger who tell him what they think of his humour at times. Not appreciated by fans of a club like with Arsenal’s London demographic.

    The people in question, do not read ACLF. I’ve never felt compelled to write to him, I don’t really care, and I don’t read his posts. Some of his posts were funny at times when I read them in the past. Some of his humour must have been composed under the influence of horse tranqueliser. It’s his blog. Fine.

    Another thing. Please refrain from comparing ACLF and Le Groan as two extremes. That is not the case.
    Le Groan was set up with one agenda in mind, the clue is in the name. No debate.
    Hence the ridicule across the ‘Spectrum’ of Arsenal supporters from Essex’s finest, El Presidente (‘Hang the board’), all the way over and across the pond to our own Shotta Gunna, the cry is ‘Aye’.

  235. It is interesting to read the comments above and to reflect on the obtuseness of some of them. Deliberate or otherwise. Some of you actually don’t really read at all before you respond, or at least you respond to what you think you read or what you want to have read.

  236. For those of you who do not read Arseblog, the following is probably a perfect example of what and how he writes:

    “Sure, it’d be good if we didn’t concede a goal from a corner. And it’d be good if we beat a team like Greentown and didn’t look as vulnerable at the back as a team made up entirely of Michael Duberrys, but there you go. It’s just really not that important at the moment. The wailing and teeth-gnashing ought to be put on hold until it really matters, it counts more then.

    That said we were totally shit and unless we buy about five players we’re fucked.”

    You see its almost as if, try as he might to be serious and give a good reporting of the game and its consequences, he simply can’t help himself!! I should know as according to The Girlfriend I suffer from the same affliction of finding it impossible to remain serious even when I know I should. (Hence the 2 dozen roses and Belgian chocs, but that is a whole other story) It must be something in the air in Dublin. Or something in the Guinness? Maybe its both?

  237. george rodger

    Irishgray,At last an award 🙂
    Right ,back to being George

  238. Oh fucking hell, not the girlfriend again

  239. @ george – you are most welcome 🙂

  240. < tranquiliser!

    Another quick forward?

  241. Well I am off to the bank to deposit some checks and then off to the local to deposit some beers. Later fellow Gooners 🙂

  242. Shotta, that wasnt me at 6:28.

  243. Darius,

    Here’s what you wrote;
    “The bottom line is that it’s all about the numbers, ergo regular traffic, ergo high page ranking, ergo leverage to sell advertising. Clearly, it gets to the stage where you can’t even wedge a cigarrette rolling paper in between the challenge of staying true to your mission, and going native, dancing with the devil and succumbing to the dark forces….
    Arseblogger has made his name by using the Arsenal brand and for that reason, his cult status comes with responsibility.”

    What where you implying with words like ‘dancing with the devil’ and ‘dark forces’ if not dooming?

    Anyways, apologies if I misrepresented you point. But I did I start my post with “If I understand correctly,…”

  244. Frank, how do you feel about the Irish?

  245. george rodger

    Henristic.Sorry I missed this post earlier .Is this why you said I was no Einstein?

    Henristic | July 18, 2011 at 3:53 pm
    lol. You say some daft things sometimes. Increased profile in Argentina over what he would get by playing in the champions league?
    Tell me you’re kidding, even if no smiley in your post for once

    I meant his increased profile since he moved to Man.City.You must admitt it is bigger as he was only a bit player at United.

  246. What do you mean, ‘how do you feel about the Irish?’ The Irish what?’

  247. george rodger

    Our do you just think I am just bit thick? lol None taken mate 🙂

  248. Yes I will admit that you snarling, growling Einstein you! But keep in mind I was talking about his move back home to Argentina.

  249. Irish people Frank. What the fuck else could I mean?

  250. The Irish football team? The Irish rugger team? The Irish political situation? Why do you ask?

  251. george rodger

    Henristic,crossed wires then no harm done,Even if you do think I am a bit of a dimwit.

  252. arseblogger is kinda funny but all the insults he sent towards b52 and denilson have helped the way people treat them. week after week.

    He has become a little bit unbearable lately. I guess even he cant control the effects the media is having on arsenal fans.

    Le grove, le grove , le grove- i physically cant read their blog. They are not good people. i agree with George on this one. Either that or they are not really arsenal fans.

  253. george rodger

    Calm down,Lets none of us cast aspersions.

  254. Henristic: “There’s something about Latin Americans and gutter talk that makes the whole thing unsurprising somehow. In another life, I used to be close to this Brazilian girl and she had a foul mouth too. Not as relentless as the guy in the video but shocking by most Western and certainly African standards.”

    You came to this conclusion based on some old fart yelling obscenities at a TV and a Brazilian girl you once knew? How obtuse of you.

    Me cago en el corazon de tu madre.

  255. george rodger

    Gainsbourg69 Obtuse 🙂

  256. Yes I don’t really think that Henristic should cast aspersions. Not a good idea.

  257. Shotta | July 18, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Bless your soul goonerandy:
    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
    Refs have no agenda, media has no agenda, bloggers have no agenda. They must be serving more than beer in Germany.

    I know right, i’ve actually thought wow, this guy lives in a perfect world, i want some of that. Every thing is right and perfect. Its actually fascinating. I think goonerandy would make a great sociological experiment. No offense GA.

  258. Can someone explain how such a cosmopolitan club as Arsenal attracts such shit heels like the people who comment on Le Grave. They seem to embody everything that is against the progressive and modern ethos of our club.

  259. I was ‘fishing’ Frank,
    You didn’t seem too chuffed about about irishgray, and I remember you saying some non-complimentary things about the scots a while a go. I was hoping for some nuggets about the Irish too, but you’ve gone and spoilt the moment with all these questions.

  260. Not just them two G69. My sample size was way bigger than that.

    …and you’re not allowed to use my insult against me. Go find your own.

  261. There is certainly a lot of naiveté abroad. Not that I have anything against abroad before you start, Henristic.

  262. Thanks Finsbury. Talk about being really clever with the language.

  263. Cloying semtimentality, henristic. My only crticism of the Irish. I fucking hate Danny Boy a song about a bloke who died in a ditch with some pipes up his arse. If they had gone out to look for him when they heard them instead of bawling into their milk stout he might be alive today.

  264. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
    From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
    The summer’s gone, and all the leaves are falling
    ‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.
    But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
    ‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
    Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

    And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
    And I am dead, as dead I well may be
    You’ll come and find the place where I am lying
    And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me.

    And I shall hear, tho’ soft you tread above me
    And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
    If you’ll not fail to tell me that you love me
    I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

    I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

    And I shall rest in peace until you come to me.
    Oh, Danny Boy, Oh, Danny Boy, I love you so.

    That was for Frank 🙂

  265. It just does not get better than this!!!!

  266. Ha ha ha Frank. You’re old enough to be forgiven the odd dodgy statement about ‘abroad’ people. Not about Africans though, or any other former colonies. We can’t have that.

  267. You’re looking for trouble now irishgray….

  268. I refuse to read it Irishgray

  269. Who MOI!? 🙂

  270. I figured you would so that’s why I posted the video, you will like it trust me!!!

  271. Frank: “Cloying semtimentality, henristic. My only crticism of the Irish. I fucking hate Danny Boy a song about a bloke who died in a ditch with some pipes up his arse. If they had gone out to look for him when they heard them instead of bawling into their milk stout he might be alive today.”

    And where would be the tragedy in that? You can’t guiltlessly drink stout without some tragic context. I swear Guinness tastes better when you’re brooding…

  272. Smartest thing you have said all day Henristic 🙂

  273. Hilarious video irishgray. Loved the ending.

  274. A warm Arsenal welcome to Gervinho who was very spot on in his comments in his first interview. He was very impressive in his cameos in the World cup, very direct, always taking players on and stretching defences. He looked very decisive with Lille and ridiculuos skill in the final third and scored a hatful of goals and assits to boot. Gervinho and Chamakh…will suprise all Gooners this season..

  275. It’s definitely one of my favorites and Frank if you are reading this, I recommend you watch it.


    Its stuff like this that strengthen the case for conspiracy theories
    Where we actually in for him and did he reject us? if he did was it not for any other reason, like maybe he would be a backup?
    which of our star player have left this season?

    so all these suppositions prove that AW has lost his appeal, yet the fact some persons including ligue 1 player of the year have signed with great joy and expectations does not rather prove that the appeal is firmly in place and growing?

  277. george rodger

    Ha Ha fucking Ha

    “Jagielka does not regard a move to Arsenal as a more attractive option than staying at Everton”

    Of all the bullshit I have ever read that gets the biscuit

    How do they get away with it ?

  278. Veeery, very funny when i read all of your comments (including yours my dear Yogi) talking about Barcelona as a lesser team!! Very entertaining reading what your tiny little arsenal egoes make you all write!! I find it fascinating lol!!

    “Reports suggest that the player is becoming ‘increasingly frustrated‘ with Barcelona and advice this morning comes from Andrea Orlandi of Swansea City, telling Cesc that he is not good enough to usurp Busquets, Xavi or Iniesta so he had better get used to spending a lot of time sitting on the bench”

    Reports “SUGGEST” that the player blah, blah, blaaah!!!… Speculating over and over about how Cesc is FRUSTRATED!! LOL!! goodamn are you all so desperate that you have to repeat the same bullshit every day?? I mean, you may even end up keeping him for another season, but its not out of sensibility or dissapointment!! hes not fucking 16 years old ffs!! The story is about him being under contract by his own doing, but wanting to leave, and us not wanting to pay what Arsenal asks for, period!!.. But dont bring the “hes dissapointed and hurt” bullshit to the table, pleeease! because, unlike Cesc, i am a sensitive person!! LMAO!!

    Sometimes it seems to me that you forget that Cesc is an ASOCIADO wich means associate of the team, he, like his father and his family OWN Barcelona shares!! Ridiculous to think that he gets all sensitive about something he owns!.

    And Cesc does not have to usurp anyone at Barcelona.. He will replace Busquets or Macherano (contention midfielders remember??) whenever we want to become more agressive in the attack.. Our team adapts to every game differently.. As much as you may try to make this transfer sound like a bad thing, its not Yogi (well at least not for Cesc or Barcelona lol!!).. Cesc is a positive addition to any team!.. He plays with at least 6 Barcelona players in the Spain team, yesss, the wold cup winners.. so i think you are completely wrong when you say he will be warming the bech, as he allready knows over half of the team perfectly.. If he went to Chelsea for example, its a different story as he would start from scratch because he has to get to know the players! But coming back to play for Barcelona, would be extremely easy for him.. You can deny this as much as you like my boy, but its the truth..

    Looks like we finally got Sanchez.. You boys better pray we dont meet again next season!

  279. Come on arsenal

  280. That vid has me crackin up Irishgray!!!

  281. george rodger

    Good grief Brian Robson is in it right up to the neck
    Manchester United’s global ambassador.Oh dear oh dear

  282. Cuervo how come Madrid have more CL trophies than Barfa?

  283. I just watched that Dispatches programme, too. It’s mainly about the ease of buying and profiting from the sale of an English lower league club in flagrant breach of the ownership rules, but there is a subplot about the possible involvement of SAF and his lackeys and their connection to a totally bent “businessman”. They (the bent investment fund which was going to facilitate the purchase) included Bryan Robson as a “consultant” and they portray SAF as having enough influence over several other managers to get them to loan players to the newly bought clubs and help them win promotion to the PL. The loans are important becasuse then the owners don’t have to pay for quality players. The businessman also mentioned that SAF tells him which clubs to bet on…as a bit of fun, apparently.

  284. Danny Boy reminds me of my grandparents when they came home worse for wear from the Nags Head or over in Hoxton. He was from Tipperary and her family from Galway. Having said that I have heard it so many times on the coach back to Dublin after a day out on the Curragh…and of course on the way back coming out of Dun Laoghaire people singing Danny Boy whilst throwing up from seasickness and Jamiesons.

    Naaah. Give me a bunch of middle aged women singing Jerusalem anyday.

  285. Limestonegunner

    Cuervo, I agree. Cesc is too good to warm the bench behind an aging Xavi and a prosaic cheater like Bousquets. Unfortunately, Barca keeps disrespecting him by wanting him to come on the cheap. Your club doesn’t value him properly because it has become too arrogant, entitled. You obviously have no idea yourself of Cesc’s quality if you want him to play defensive midfielder. Also you cannot afford him any longer and have to content yourselves with Sanchez, a far lesser player.

    I hope we meet next season. For you to steal another victory it will take another phantom red, some more play acting (peekaboo, anyone? Bousquets?), and a ref who refuses to discipline your players for choking their opponents. UEFA is just corrupt enough to arrange it again now that Busacca has been rewarded by becoming head of refereeing, but the world will know how tarnished Barca’s legacy has become.

  286. The undercover reporters are shown by Robson and his chums how to hide the fact that you own more than one club – special investment vehicles etc. And of course all done with borrowed money.
    Steve Bruce, Alex McLeish and a couple of other managers who they claimed could be called upon by SAF to loan players to the clubs all denied knowing this man, but he definitely knows SAF.

  287. FG, I wish SAF and his cheating could come out, but he’ll weasel out of this one like he has always done. I’ve long suspected the way certain managers bend over for his team and then play out of the skins when they face us, or conveniently send their players to ‘go in hard’ against key Arsenal players as a leveller. I remember when Port Vale sacked SAF’s son and he withdrew his loan players and persuaded his lackeys to do like wise. I remember having a disagreement with Poliziano who could see nothing wrong with it. I think this programme sheds more light on his dodgy dealings. How much do you want to bet there will be no or very little follow up in the print media tomorrow? The man thinks he is untouchable now.

  288. Cuervos posts used to be clever and smart with digs at us due to the superiority of Barcelona. Now they are just lame? cos everybody and his grandma knows Barca dont want cesc if they did they would buy him.
    The onlyone at barca that wants cesc is Cuervo, he must really want him why els come to an arsenal blog and post and try to piss on us?

  289. george rodger

    And people still say we are making up excuses when we say SAF gets favours from his old boys Pffffft.

  290. @ Passenal
    I share your fears, but I take heart from what has happened to Murdoch and News International so far – sometimes, if the circumstances are right, truth does out. We have to hope that this plays out like a Greek tragedy and at the height of his hubris, he is brought down. It would be a brilliant story and that might in the end trump all his influence.

    And incidentally, they mentioned the Preston North End spat in the programme.

  291. It doesn’t really matter if the Spanish club want Cesc, Poodle. Arsenal are not selling him. That has been the case since the beginning. Anyone who says different is making it up.

  292. Arsenal have been brilliant in this close season.

  293. Can you imagine Arsene being involved with anything like this?
    I cant.

  294. Absolutely not, george rodger. He’s not greedy and he espouses the ideal of fair competition.

  295. What is really going on with the “cesc to barca” deal? The usually so arrogant Barcelona suddenly start to respect arsenal?
    Pique urges calm over cesc deal and Cryff sais Cesc has to see out his contrac??
    Either they have put in a offer arsenal cannot refuse or they really have given up.

  296. and Frank i hope you are right 🙂

  297. what program is Passenal on about? that will finally expose Alex for what he really is?

  298. I think Cesc was never going but he has to be careful he doesn’t burn his bridge at either end .Because he will end up there.
    The lad is in a horrible position because of the behavior of Barca.
    But our fans who expect him to come out and fuck them off are being very unreasonable.

  299. Poodle its “dispatches” it was on Channel 4 tonight

  300. How To Buy A Football Club, it’s called.

  301. hmm is it possible to stream channel4 programs when not in the UK? that program would be interesting to see i think.

  302. oh found link but only availble in uk 😦

  303. If anyone is interested in SAF’s thoughts, this is worth a read. You have to appreciate his honesty when asked who he has lined up to replace Scholes, his answer? Noone!! Now I wonder if the Manure fans are going to turn around and panic the way some of our fans would. I actually appreciate what he says in regards to Arsenal and the new FFP rules. Like I said to a friend many years ago, how I would love to split a bottle of wine (or two) with AW, SAF and Jose. Typing those three names together triggered the theme music of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Still, it would be a hell of a dinner, wouldn’t it?

  304. “Steve Bruce, Alex McLeish and a couple of other managers who they claimed could be called upon by SAF to loan players to the clubs all denied knowing this man, but he definitely knows SAF.”

    Tony Pulis, perhaps? I’d like to hear what Andy has to say about Arsenal players getting their legs smashed to pieces by thugs who answer to Ferguson’s lackeys.

  305. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I agree with Passenal. There is no doubt in my mind that Manure have got a little posse of underlings that are there to simply pad Ferguscums stats. Funny how they are always well up for the Arsenal games.

    How dare you insinuate that, G69. You looney wack job. That Shawcross tackle was pretty fucking nasty but Martin Taylor’s takes the cake for me though. That was just downright dastardly and reeked of something very foul. Eduardo was banging em in with his eyes closed before that fat fucking donkey assaulted him.

  306. thre should be no doubt in that EPL managers who formally played for FFF or are in contact with him, would carry on his dirty cheating deeds on and off the pitch. if some of these hidden truths are uncoverd, it will be justice at last for EDUARDO AND AARON.. AMONGST OTHER PLAYERS PLAYING FOR THE RED & WHITE. Hoping for ferret face ferguson’s disgraceful way to be uncovered once and for all.
    26 days more to go irish..

  307. I won’t be surprised at some old-boys-network type deal between old Red Nose and his lackeys. Probably impossible to prove though, which is a shame.
    Would love nothing more than for that man’s reputation to come crashing down. I believe the press would like it too as those guys are vindictive bastards and Fergie has treated them like shit over the years.

  308. Even at his pomp, in the days when we were winning and the press were lapping up every word from Wenger, he was always humble and civil with them. Not banning them because they accused his son of something, etc.

  309. hearhear,,, AW has always been a model gentleman scholar of the game. & in the days where the pm ‘s own press secratery is found in phone tappings , i wouldn’t put it past one of these investigative jurnos. to come up with the proof of greed and bent personality. i can count at least five former players of his that trash this mans personality any chance they get.. keane, stam, to name two. the days of fear and the teflon man are numbered…
    up the guns!!!! of ARSENAL!!!!!

  310. Top comments from Gazidis this morning. Although it could be a double edged sword if we turn out not to sign anyone…

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