A New Dawn, A New Hope And A New Player Or Two

LIE NEWS TICKER…Police have trapped Arsène Wenger in a mountain top hideaway. Lie News understands that detectives leading the investigation into the kidnap of Cesc Fábregas have named Wenger as head of the League Of Really Nice Kidnappers. Sources claim that LORNK victims have enjoyed five-star luxury and inflated wages but there are rumours that they are injured quite frequently…LIE NEWS TICKER

The second game of the tour takes place today, lunchtime in the UK and for those outside, well, you work out your own kick-off time! One of the benefits of the Far Eastern tour is that the media have a lot of access to the players, curtailing the mischievous stories to a certain extent. Those of a negative persuasion though will enjoy this morning’s Sport.

Not entirely though as Barcelona’s desperation is such that they have even enlisted the help of the Mayor of Simpleton to release Cesc from his ball and chain. This story brought XTC to this blogger, I’m just waiting for the Generals and Majors to call on Sgt. Rock all the while they are making plans for Nigel (the codename for Cesc) [Thwack…get your senses working overtime on this post otherwise you’ll have to move out of Respectable Street…Ed]. And I never even got to poke fun at Daily Star claims that Barcelona have kept a shirt number for Cesc…

So to the proper stuff. Even though he was busy evading The Sweeney, Arsène found time to reflect on the coming campaign using the pain of the past to drive the players forward,

The last part of the season was [the hardest]. That was certainly the toughest because, emotionally, it was very difficult because we were on a low. And then you could see that the last three or four weeks were very difficult.

I believe that the real destiny of this team is now there. They know as well as I know that we were very, very close. You say, OK we missed our chance or you say, in our position, let’s show everybody that we can do it and come back stronger. Which is what I think we can do because we are a young team and we can only be better. It demands the strength of character that champions have. That’s what we want to show.

So, how long will it be before the first complaint comes in because someone takes the manager’s words too literally. We all know that is going to happen because the complainant either wilfully ignores the nuances or is painfully witless.

Crucially for Arsenal the opening game at Newcastle offers some redemption, a chance to erase bad memories. Robin van Persie agreed,

It’s very important [to make up for that] because if you throw away a 4-0 lead, it’s mad

I can think of other more appropriate descriptions of that performance, mad never figured very highly in the choice of words. A new season brings new hope and new motivations. The performance at St James’ Park ought to bring enhanced motivation, the scene of the crime revisited.

Will it give any indication of a strengthened desire? Not in itself. That will be evident from the opening games, the toughest start to a season in Wenger’s reign. van Persie is looking forward to the new season,

I was 27 last year and everyone would think that you have an amazing start to the season and then maybe grow from there. But I had an injury and needed time to get back to fitness. The second part of last year, I scored 18 Premier League goals so it’s strange. You can’t really tell beforehand whether you are going to have your best year because you don’t really know what is going to happen. If it goes your way, I do believe that this could be a really good year for me.

Many people question optimism on the part of supporters who believe that the squad can achieve something. If that is the case, take a look at van Persie’s words. He missed a third or more of the season and must look back on that campaign, wondering what might of been if he had played more often – more goals for Arsenal? More points? Who knows.

Yet he has still come back believing that the new season is full of promise of hope. That is surely the essence of this time of year?

Reason did creep in but it was good to see he recognised his own part in all of this,

The way I see it is that I am halfway through my career now. I have been playing for ten years and I’d like to play for at least ten more years. Of course I want to win things but winning things doesn’t come from out of the blue. I’m just a part of the whole story, it depends on many things.

A footballer who is willing to admit that it is down to the squad to win? My goodness me that is almost as fanciful as believing Arsenal would spend £20m on Juan Mata or Romelu Lukakukachoo.

That’s it for today – let’s hope that Arsenal Player is up to the job at lunchtime rather than the expected shambles it was on Wednesday.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Silver Gunner

    No way I am 1st

  2. Robin Van Persie.

    Reason # 1 why we could win the league!

  3. :O lunchtime today? but i got workout at the gym and meeting friends and lots of stuff to do? You sure saturday night in China is lunchtime for us? thats darn.. i will miss all th fun 😦

  4. good litle portrait of Walcott btw in guardial toda….

  5. guardian not guardial :p

  6. If rvp could stay mostly fit for the season you’d have to fancy us but that’s a big if

  7. Gosportgooner

    I actually went to school with Andy Partridge. ( Penhill Jnrs )

  8. You want the doom? You can’t handle the doom! Great post YW – thanks for the humour and positivity, badly needed after some internecine warfare in the comments yesterday.

  9. Silver Gunner

    Would love lakoku but he is of to chelsea …

  10. XTC? Talk about a blast from the past! Great post Yogi. It made me smile!

  11. Gosportgooner

    I used to play football against a team from Penhill.


  12. Continually linked with attackers! No further stories on Samba or Cahil or Baines or Jagielka. No other defenders linked! The press really havent a clue when it comes to defensive targets … if we still have any. Left back wont be a new signing, i sure hope Gibbs and Traore show more consistency then they have previously. They have promise so i pray they fulfill it! Both Cesc and Nasri have gone quiet but the press, a public official, the man city manager, sky sports news HD continue to bore the ever living shite out of everyone with their comments … STFU!

    Just over 2 hours to a bit of football .. Yay!

  13. Paulie Walnuts

    Excellent post YW,

    RVP would be my captain for this season

    Cesc ? We only want what`s best for him

  14. Oh god, I am surrering today! Nice post YW.

    Just spotted this;

    Johan Cruyff speaking about you know who. Funny, I havent noticed the English media running with this, but it wouldnt interest them, it has got quotes and stuff.

    “Fabregas is tied to the club and it runs for many years.” Cruyff said. “If you are talking about quality football, there is a sense that the club wants him, but when you sign for a club you should always stick to your contract. The two clubs have to negotiate and Arsenal are in charge.”

    “What would we say here if Messi said he wanted to go back to Argentina?”

    He even seems to agree that Arsene Wenger is completely within his rights to insist that Fabregas stays at Arsenal, no matter what Barcelona say about it.

    “He has to look after Arsenal’s interests, not others, of course.” he concluded. “And he has every right in the world to do so because Cesc has a contract with Arsenal.”

  15. just going through all the stuff on Arsenal player and you can see that the boys know exactly where things went wrong and what the fans expect. they know. so lets wipe the slate clean and let them proove to us that they can win something or at the very least give all they got.

    People forget that they are angry because they actually thought team were going to do it last year but didnt. but doesnt that mean that with an extra year they might just improve on that instead of getting worse? Am I making sense?

  16. Goonerwife

    It makes perfect sense to those who want to believe in the team.

  17. Well of course Arsene is within his rights. No one made Cesc sign the contract and despite the cynicism of consolslel on the subject of footballers contracts, for me he is an Arsenal player until Arsene decides otherwise or the contract runs out.

    Cruyff is stating the bleeding obvious to all but the ‘media’ and barca.

    Is the match on the tele?

  18. Nice sunny side post there YW.
    Hope the Mayor understands what Cryuff is saying…..pay up or shut it!

    “Hangzou, Hangzou, by how much will u lose?
    By no less than 4 is how we normally do!
    A-r-s-e–n-a-l !
    A-r-s-e–n-a-l !” (repeat till hoarse)

  19. I don’t know goonerwife, we have heard all this from them before. Perspective.

    I really hope that they have learnt but the proof of the pudding…. Let’s hope that they ae not just falling back into their comfort zone.

    By the bye, Malaysia have just equalised against the scousers.

  20. “I saw my dinner, I saw my dinner, I saw my dinner on the TV”

  21. Dex @ 11:11
    “I havent noticed the English media running with this, but it wouldnt interest them, it has got quotes and stuff.”

    how true!

    thanks for the posting the Cruyff remarks.

  22. Yogi, are you taking the piss?
    Spreading optimism about the new season?
    Still believing that Wenger can build this team into champions?
    You forgotten that he hasn’t won anything in six years?
    Now he wants to retain his best players. Why aren’t you questioning his saniy?
    Afterall with 20 million quid we could sign a better player than Nasri?
    As for this squad, how can you believe in these young men, many of them approaching their prime?
    Haven’t you noticed that they always come close but stumble in the last quarter?
    Where is the demand for new players?
    Haven’t you noticed there is no big experienced English defender to help with set pieces? Where is the scorn that Vermalean like a new signing?
    Most of all, why don’t get with the program and campaign for getting rid of the overpaid deadwood like Denilson? Then and only then you may have a service like ACLFnews.
    Taking the piss!

  23. Look, I think they want to win. whatever the end of last season was, lets hope we never see that again.But those boys want to win. Wenger wants to win.

    People say how they are dissapointed in what Wenger said about defense but would they have preferred him to say he has a very bad defense and he needs to sort that out. Vermaelen- shit, Kos- shit. Really. He said the part of defense that needs to be worked on but nobody seemed to hear it.

    Are the fans gonna support or be royal tools when the season starts? i have faith in the team but the fans?

  24. Its only pre-season and am watching Liverpool struggle with the same Malaysian XI we outclassed and once again have to wonder about these big spenders on English “talent”. After spending 50 million quid of John Henry’s money, Kenny Daglish will have a lot of explaining to do if they don’t compete for a top-four position.

  25. Starting line-up…

    (4-3-3): Mannone; Sagna, Squillaci, Djourou, Traore; Rosicky, Frimpong, Nasri; Vela, Van Persie, Arshavin

  26. CBob

    The Arsenal game’s repeated later on ESPM, bout 6ish. Think its only live on Arsenal Player.

    I can understand your concerns ConsolsBob, but I can also understand goonerwife’s belief too. I am a bit in the middle here!

    I think we are stronger than last season, but I would also hope to see 2 or 3 new faces. I’ll go into more detail if/when this hangover ever decides to piss off!

  27. Mancini has zero respect for other teams or their players it seems. Money has obviously turned him into a classless chav! Saying that, the LSN hack kept on asking him about nasri and innitially Mancini was saying it would be very difficult to sign nasri as he is under ciontract, was only hopeful, then said at the end he hoped it could happen by end of July.

  28. Carlos Vela’s chip or Walcott’s lob? Or Arshavin’s dribble and cross for TR7’s header? Just watching those again, which is the most beautiful? Aah my Arsenal, so gorgeous.

  29. I can’t believe this. arsenal.com has crashed again.

  30. pls keep us posted

  31. It’s not a case of not believing in the team. I,ve heard all kinds of people in all kinds of situations talk a good fight, and often I am sure they were genuine.

    Delivery is what actually matters.

  32. skywatchingmug

    Carling Cup-esque mistake from Malaysia. Shame about that. They where well in the game.
    Now the score is 1 – 4. It looks like they might get well spanked.

  33. my arsenal media stream is working very well

  34. Anyone else having problems? Please post updates if you can watch it. I’m not even sure what time it starts!

  35. skywatchingmug

    Malaysia score, good for them. Well deserved 2 – 4.

  36. FunGunner

    I’m watching it atm.

  37. watching on the hd settings – all good

  38. spoke too soon, gone

  39. Working now – phew! just in time.

  40. Players out on the pitch now…. Come on! 😀

  41. skywatchingmug

    Malaysia score again, good pass leading to a good finish. 3 – 4.

  42. That misery Robson is co-punditing again, pffft.

  43. So good to see Frimpong back playing isn’t it?
    Such a shame to hear fucking Robson commentating. Ready? All together “Arsenal keep playing a high line at the back when there’s no pressure on the ball” blah blah blah
    Never once does he point out when that high line works winning the ball back and putting the opposition straight back on the rack.

  44. There he goes. Cunt.

  45. No Stuart, not worrying at all. Dealt with and saved by the keeper. Wanker. Not every time the opposition does well are we culpable.

  46. Mannone makes a good save from a dangerous chance.

  47. Traore does really well and the tossers say he’s having a torrid time. Is it too much to ask on Arsenal TV to have Arsenal commentators?

  48. skywatchingmug

    The team – Mannone, Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Traore, Rosicky, Frimpong Nasri, Vela, Arshavin, Van Persie.

  49. High line works again to win back quick ball – not a word from cunt robson.

  50. Frimpong superb tackle and break out.

  51. Yeah, i thought Traore did well too.

  52. The commentator’s verdict on the defence has been bang on. If they go in to the season with Gibbs and Traore there’ll be a lot of nervous Gooners!

    Frimpong is looking good though – will be good to have him in the squad this season.

  53. “The commentator’s verdict on the defence has been bang on.” couldn’t disagree more comprehensively. Utterly wrong in every single minute aspect.

  54. Well L/pool eventually won 6-3. Still have my doubts.

  55. So you don’t think they’ve been defending a bit high and you were impressed with Traore bumbling around like he was trying to find his land legs after a 6 week voyage.

    Where the fuck were the full backs just then??

  56. skywatchingmug

    Greentown are having the best of it. And they go one up.

  57. A set piece. Who’d a thunk it.

  58. send mannone back to hull

  59. You have to expect the opposition to try and occasionally succeed. It doesn’t mean we are a bad team it means we’re playing against footballers not a line up of training ground dummies.

    If you are a fan you see the positives in your team not the negatives. That goal came from an unlucky deflection off Mannone’s chest. Another day it goes to an Arsenal player and he sets up a counter attack – today the opposition got lucky.

  60. skywatchingmug

    Our first and best chance, Van P just chipped wide of the goal.

  61. James – you actually believe that line about us being weaker than anyone else at set pieces? Any other theories you like? Flat earth? intelligent design?

  62. Fuck this, I’m going to find some people who enjoy watching Arsenal and talk to them instead.

  63. That was really inteligent karim

  64. skywatchingmug

    steww come back …………………………………………………………………. You forgot your ball.

  65. No not weaker than anyone else but the stats showed that despite conceding the 4th fewest goals in the league, we let in the 4th most goals from set pieces – 56% of the total we let in.

    So yes, the facts back up the widely held opinion that we don’t defend set pieces as well as we should.

    Do you have any facts to back up your opinion?

    If you want hard evidence then youtube the first goal in the Carling Cup, the game at the Reebok or the game at the Britannia – just 3 examples off the top of my head, by no means exhaustive.

  66. Steww – As a purely practical business decision, would Man Utd have as part of its in-house tv commentary team, a color commentator who is patently opposed or sceptical of Slur Alex’s footballing philosophy? Because at Arsenal, Stewart Robson is consistently negative about defending with a high line (except if it is Barca then he is literally wanking himself).

  67. “Steww – As a purely practical business decision, would Man Utd have as part of its in-house tv commentary team, a color commentator who is patently opposed or sceptical of Slur Alex’s footballing philosophy?”

    No because MUTV has less freedom of opinion than Pravda or (topically) the Chinese media. The sort of environment that appears to be favoured on here…

  68. I am actually watching on Arsenal.com, thanks Dexter. I was just looking for a back up!

    Commentators really are the pits. Even tole us that Arsene usually takes his team to Germany pre season. Facts please.

  69. ..and don’t you just hate that term ‘set play’?

  70. This game might not mean anything but I wonder how will the team’s popularity increase after this display…

  71. FFS JamesM! By all means critique the game today, but give it a fucking rest with your nonsesne about parvda and shite. Robson is a miserble sod and bores me witless. His know it all approach grates too. He is your typical lazy pundit who thinks he knows better, yet what has he dones in management? Same applies to the fuckwit hacks.

    So, to recap, critique your socks off, just dont pontificate about people’s personal preferences about the quality of pundits on an Arsenal site.

    In fact calling it Parvda doesnt really match up when you consider how ultra-nit picky and arsey Robson is! Stalin would’ve had him strung up by now! 😀

  72. Dexter, you might wanna read the comment again. I was talking about MUTV.

  73. skywatchingmug

    Yes Vela with a tap in.

  74. well done Carlos – slert thre!

  75. Mentalist; You have the right name dude! 😀

  76. Get in

  77. How are we playing? Compared to performance at KL?

  78. well Mentalist,

    i guess you got your answer.

  79. vela ya beauty, 1-1

  80. JamesM

    Thats me told! Sorry man, my bad! 😀

  81. is it half time?

    Hello Bob.

  82. skywatchingmug

    Dexter you got the wrong end of the stick.

  83. skywatchingmug

    Yes Ateeb, we are starting to click going forward after looking suspect at the back.

  84. Stewart Robson mentioned something about how Arsenal havent been working on the defence in pre-season. But they came back on the Thursday and went off to malaysia on the saturday I think? I doubt they would have worked on anything other than fitness till thay get back to the UK. Well, thats what I am hoping anyway.

  85. Swm,

    I wonder where I’ve heard that before:p

  86. skywatching mug

    Erm, I dont need you to tell me, thanks.

  87. dexter is a little bit grumpy this morning

  88. karim You noticed then? 🙂

  89. skywatchingmug

    @ Ateeb

    Easy tiger, you might get sent to Coventry for that . 😉

  90. Hello Areeb. How goes it on the frontier?

    Still enjoying the job?

  91. I’m watching the game in Arabic so I don’t have to put up with any shit commentators. Plus the dudes are very excited whenever we pull off a good move.

  92. 2 8 days ……. halftime 1-1 ARSENAL VS CHINESE

  93. Can’t believe Stewart Robson’s still working for Arsenal TV when he could be at the Bernabeu or San Siro.

    Yeah, Dexter, the players were saying that the early sessions were all about fitness. Vermaelen was talking about Jenkinson a week ago and said he didn’t know what he was like on the pitch because they hadn’t practiced together yet. I think all that in-depth stuff starts next week.

  94. 6-3 we’re havin’ a right laugh…hahaha who says we’re not better than barnet? The liverpool defence in very very brittle tho’….hahahahahaha

  95. skywatchingmug

    Any one spotted the banner in ground yet?

  96. That is, of course, Ateeb, not areeb. My pardon.

  97. walcott ramsey miyiachi jenkinson, schesney, chamack, and other changes

  98. @gains link pls

  99. 3 goal shipped from a team thats supposedly worse that barnet ? liverpool champions elect 2011/12? i’m lookin’ at u jibber…..if liverpool let in 3 goals against a team that’s worse than barnet, that makes the primer league champions elect errr a bit shite dont u think? 2 last minute goals? hahahahahahahaha

  100. Dexter – no worries – hopefully a better performance this half. I’ve not seen Jenko or Ryo yet so looking forward to this.

  101. ramsey koscienly, chamack, miyiachi, jenkinson, ramsey, schesney, and others out for second half

  102. I was reading that piece the guardian did on Theo and it was pretty funny. Apparently someone called him tiger and he did a pawing motion which cracked everyone up. What a dork. Our boys are awesome ambassadors.

    I couldn’t help but notice that in every interview our players gave after the Malasya game they were all surprised by how much people loved them there. Hopefully this lets them know that they’ve got millions of fans around the world and that the moaners at the stadium are not the only fans they’re playing for.

  103. Bob,

    No job for the last 2 months. I got an admission to Goldsmith College London, in their sociology department. Been trying to secure the finances to pay for it. Still 3000 pounds short, sadly.

    You tell, heard you were involved in a witch hunt very recently on here:p

  104. skywatchingmug

    The banner apparently it says “Barca pay 40m or go home to wank!!”

  105. Jenkinson looks a decent signing, very strong and deceptively quick.

  106. Team spirit, Go to myp2p and search for the sopcast channel. You can see the game pretty well there. Zero interruptions.

  107. tOMG! The actual commenttator is fucking clueless! Just slated Theo for being offside and it took Robson (I shit you not) to correct him about it. Twat and Twatter

  108. Personally I am fed up with Alistair Campbell’s sorry Arsene Wenger’s boring, repetitive spin about his ‘young team’ and ‘now is our time’ and ‘judge me in May’. It’s bullshit and we’re being fed it! At least he seems to have shut up about the ‘great mental strength’. FFS! He is obviously a politician at heart, he’d be good at it cos he’s got the lying through his teeth and answering questions with questions/bullshit off to a tee.

  109. I am clearly not a football manager or coach, but I am sure that one thing those in the gaem say is that there should not be a big gap between the midfield and defence. So if the midfield are pushing up then the defence have to follow. Thats probably one reason for the high line, maybe? I could well be wrong though!

  110. Excellent! Just saw the banner in the background – lovely stuff!

  111. just saw a banner at greentown stadium on tv…..”barca please don’t take cesc away….go home and wank!!!” ————–gotta love those chinese gooners

  112. skywatchingmug

    Here is a suggestion Dexter, why don’t you switch the sound off. If you don’t agree with it.

  113. Agree with it? He is supposed to be relaying information and descibing the play. Kinda important to get that riht. But no you are right, you tedious cunt

  114. So, good news and bad Ateeb. Great to get a place there, can you raise the money?

    Witch hunt? No, Don’t think that was me. I’ve only been back a week or so. I have been accused of going over to ‘the dark side’ though!

    Just looking forward to the new season.

  115. skywatchingmug

    Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.

  116. we’re creating chances……..

  117. Your contribution to this site is exemplory. Outstanding really. Pulling up people for their comments, real high brow and entertaining stuff.

    You have fuck all to say, but you do it so often

  118. skywatchingmug

    Re writing history again Dexter, well down.

  119. Bob,

    I raised around 11000 pounds through family and my own funds. Which was a completely different ball game, just to convince people that Sociology is a discipline worth pursuing as opposed to finance and economics. But still fall short 3000-4000, which are proving extremely improbable to secure now. There are no facilities to secure student loans in Pakistan. You can get a car loan though. And then everyone wonders what’s wrong with Pakistan.

    Yes, I was referring to you as the witch. Ha ha. An unfortunate and unwanted incident. I saw nothing wrong with your opinion.

  120. almost theo…good work by chamakh

  121. Im well down thanks.

  122. Should have scored there.

  123. gibbs is playing very well

  124. Ah, I see, Ateeb. I should have known. It has become a bit ‘I’m right so you are wrong on here’, not the same as doomer bashing of old.

    So, what are you going to do?

  125. Nice move there, but the commentator was such a … 😀

  126. Do you know, I’ve only just noticed that the players’ names on the shirts are in chinese characters.

  127. And I always thought you were quick, Fun.

  128. OOU

    Yeah thanks mate. The hard work and tactical stuff wont start till they return then I guess. The transfers (rumours and actual ones) will start to kick in again too.

  129. this second half team are way better, wilshere is unbelievable, ramsey is killing it!!

  130. miyiachi is a class above, plays like wilshere, way above his age

  131. Is Gibbs even playing as a left back? To me it looks like he is a defensive-minded winger.

  132. Great move down our left involving Ryo! Hope we can get that special talent visa.

  133. maybe we should sign the greentown keeper? give him a trial?

  134. Bob,

    Any suggestions?:p

    I don’t know how long I can continue this struggle. It’s becoming increasingly difficult, to carry on the fight. Although I one thing is for sure, I am not going back to working for any corporation. I guess I will have to waste another year, constructively though, before I try again next year for further education. Don’t know what to do.

  135. Got an Arab feed. Thank heavens.

  136. keeper having a great match

  137. Good afternoon all you good people from the Gooniverse.

    So Consolsbob went native and joined the dark side??? LOL!

    We really need to get some more football – unfortunately, the trip to the reservation doesn’t last as long as the silly season.

    Great post Yogi, can see your sarcasm is in full flow.

  138. Max – I agree with you. Barnet indeed?

  139. the linesman on the nearside looks shattered heheh

  140. Not averse to a bit of diving our Chinese hosts.

  141. 1-1 good match

  142. full time, 1-1

  143. Laurent Koselaini. Haha!

  144. i must say….ryo looks the proper player he is…..chamakh much better than in malaysia…..all in all good workout. Kos and Verm really are the business.

    Good job by the chinese keeper…..

  145. 1-1. Great work-out for the lads.

  146. george rodger

    Robson’s voice is as annoying as ……………………..errr umm …………………..Jabba.

  147. doomers can ”go home and wank” hahahaha

  148. skywatchingmug

    A good work out, with no injuries.

  149. robson can also ”go home and wank”………….maybe he wont be such a miserable sod after the ”wank”……..same goes to jibber 🙂

  150. gotta love Nigel Winterburn. full arsenal support.

  151. Darius, come on, you always knew, deep down, that i was AIC in disguise

    We do need some meat to devour on here.

    Tough time Ateeb. Can you defer your place for a year and get a job to earn your shortfall?

    If I was a rich man…yah dabba dabba dabba, dabba dabba dabba dee

    No, sorry, no real ideas. It’s not a lot of money in UK terms but that doesn’t really help.

    I know I said the reverse last year but perhaps you should go and work for the man for a year.

    Don’t give up though, look how close you are.

  152. I really liked the look of Gibbs in this match. I think we’ll get more penetration from the left with him there. I likie the way he cuts in and opens space for his winger. Looks quality so far.

    Jenkinson looks like a good player. A bit more Wengerball and he’ll be up to pace.

    I’m going to get my shirt with Eboue’s name in chinese characters.

  153. ateeb…hope u get the funding to study in london….its a right blast to study there….wonderful city…and of course…the arsenal is a stones throw away from islington station eh?

  154. @ G69
    Re Gibbs – so did I Perhaps the competition between him and Armand is already benefitting them both.

  155. @ Cbob
    I suppose I’m having an off day!

  156. @ Max Gunner
    “the arsenal is a stones throw away from islington station eh?”
    More like a catapult’s throw.

  157. I think Miyaichi needs one more season out on loan to beef up and get a bit more experience. I wouldn’t want him sat on the bench or playing in the reserves when he can be playing every week at Feyenoord.

  158. @Ateeb, I’m surprised Goldsmiths aren’t fleecing you for £9,000 like most University of London colleges.

    Why don’t you try swing it like most international students. Pay the first semester with what you have and then work nights and weekends to make the short fall.

    In reality, that’s what most students do. Folks who are working don’t even have that sort of money sitting pretty in their bank accounts just in case, it seems unreasonable to expect students to front load that sort of investment. Your student visa gives you permission to work for around 16 to 20 hours a week to make your beer money.

    @Consols – I’m convinced you’d actually do a very good impression of AIC. Speaking of doomers, Spectrum was on the radio a few weeks ago bitching about Wenger. I know it was him because he repeated his mantra of in Arsene we rust several times.

  159. Bloody crap commentary. 3 times the pillock mentioned that Man u beat Greentown 6-2 a few seasons ago. I could not give a monkeys fart what Man U do.

    The banner was brilliant. All in all a good tour for the fans.

  160. not 6-2, should have been 8-2.

  161. Darius…..Queen Mary (and westfield formerly) College charged me GBP8000/- a year for my civil engineering course (3 years) back in the mid 90s (remembered john jensen, hillier, mcgoldrick, the cup double…listening to capital gold sport, jonathon pearce’s ian wright wright wright!!….cold nights at highbury just managed to get league cup tickets and cup winners cup tickets watching ian selley score…..merson with his lager drinking celebrations…….aaahh memories…………….).

  162. I like this lad Jenkinson. I think I’ll call him The Jenks. I can see him and Gibbs taking over the England fullback positions for the next decade or more.

    Ryo will be a star at Arsenal.

    As for the defence, I’d like to see a combi of Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny and Vermaelen as LB being given a run in pre-season to see how they fair. I’m still not convinced at all with this Samba Cahill thing or the nonsense that we need an English centre half to give us – what – steel?

    A good centre half is a good centre half despite where they were born and the usual suspects mentioned are no better than what we have otherwise they’d clearly be at better clubs.

  163. Did he give his real name Darius? if he did, there are some right nasty bastards on this site…

    Ateeb, Darius’s idea sounds good to me.

    Still pre season, Fun. You’ve got another 4 games to get upto match speed.

  164. Interesting ancedote in the Guardian saying Nasri has not completed any PR exercises this trip. I wonder how true this is and what, if any, implications this has on his future.

    Missed the game as am travelling. Stand out players?

  165. Fun, I’m starting to see why Wenger opted for him rather than Clichy. He’s much more attack minded than Clichy was and he knows what to do with the ball in the final third. What I mean by this is that he knows when to hold the ball, when to dribble, when to pass and when to give a cross. Perhaps he’s not as defensively sound as Gael but I think his offensive capabilities will even that out by itself.

    This is what I’m thinking our line up should be if we wnat pure pace in attack.

    ——————Van Persie

  166. arse or brain

    miyaichi reminds me of when merse first started tenically gifted but too skinney anyway didnt take him long to beef up,i dont think he will need a whole year so if we can get a work permit we should keep him in england this year. walcott on the other hand although continually getting in good positions is still wasteful and predictable. frimpong did really well chamack still worries me. 0verall good work out

  167. “A good centre half is a good centre half despite where they were born and the usual suspects mentioned are no better than what we have otherwise they’d clearly be at better clubs.”—-Darius

    Mate, the ”usual suspects”, like the chinese saying goes, ”can go and wank”…..:-)

  168. Seriously though, Samba would be a good addition…..

  169. Bob,

    I think I will manage to get it defer it. And for now that seems like the only possibility.

    Not going to work for the man though. I’ll write for the news or teach O/A level students. That is the only reasonable thing I can do, while studying on my own.

    It’s not a lot of money in Britain. But here, once you graduate from the best university in Pakistan, you get a job that pays only 3000 pounds per year, working for the man. Which shows how weak our currency is.


    Goldsmith’s fees is 10,500 pounds. I can manage the fees, but not living expenses, which will be around 8000 pounds at least. The plan was to work using the 20 hour a week options, but even then I’ll be 3000-4000 pounds short.

    And you have to show that you have 20,000 pounds sitting in your bank, for 28 days, before you can apply for a Visa.

  170. That sounds tough Ateeb.

    When you make it, I’ll buy you a milkshake, or whatever you drink, after a game at the Arsenal.

  171. Max Ginner

    Love your posts man! 😀

    Dupsff; The commentators were unreal mate, but SWM seemd to really dig their piss poor efforts!


    Wilshere, Vermealen, Koscielny, Gibbs and Ryo stood out for me. But its only a pre-season friendly and just a run out really.

  172. Ha! Max Gunner I meant!

  173. We need another CB, Samba works for me. We were in for him in january, so the manager also feels the same way.

  174. Bob,

    It’s hold you to that now.

  175. well samba for more than 12M is insane.

  176. poodle The prices are insane mate. But what do you do? Not bother?

  177. oh and i see City is showing their hand now by openly declaring interest for Nasri. Ofc he cant resist the lure of 200k a week. thats why hes holding out for City one more year. He knows nobody in the entire world can match their wages. and noting is more important than money. not even success.

  178. Unbeaten in pre season!!!

  179. nah you buy clever, thank god we got a very sly and celver manage. As you say if he goes for Samba i will totally back him and have full faith in the judgment of AW. Likewise if we go for someone totally unknown that cost 3M i will have faith in him to.

  180. i just think its insane money thats all 🙂

  181. Duke,

    You’re positive today. Everything alright?

  182. Dexter.

    A question. How do you actually know that we made a bid for Samba in January? Is that a fact?

    And please don’t tell me you read it in the paper or listened to Sly Sports news – you know, the news organization that’s controlled by the Murdoch family who lets face it, have their empire disintegrating right in front of us. If these guys can hack the phones of murder victims and families of terrorists victims, how can you even start to take them seriously. . All the events of this week has shown the Murdoch media machine to be the lowest scum on the face of the earth when it comes to hyperbole and sensationalism.

    Speaking of which – as a protest, my wife and I switched over to Virgin media – anything with the Murdoch stamp is toxic.

  183. I’m surprised City dont go for Sneijder? He is their sort of player, is on big bucks and will cost a stupid amount of money, he plies his trade in Italy, he’s good, but he is a bit over rated. Seems a perfect mancini signing to me.

  184. Dexter,

    Speaking of Mancini signings. What happened to the 20+ striker from Germany? Dzeko………

  185. It’s a date Ateeb.

  186. Darius; From the mouth of one Mr Christopher Crispin Bartholmew Samba. Unless he was simply bullshitting. His club seem convinced he wants to play for us and were trying to dissuade us from making a fresh bid last month. Its all gone a tad quiet though. We’ll have to wait and see on that one. But once the team are back in Blighty, I think we might see some movements.

  187. Didnt really show up last season did he Ateeb.

  188. Samba wants to come to us as does Enrique ingalasias as would N Zogbia but Wenger will not buy any of em coz he will be happy with what we have and we will have enough.

  189. DukeyG

    Didnt take you long to revert to type dude! 😀

  190. @Ateeb.

    I think there are many international students in your position and they eventually find a way of hustling. Your deal breaker is the pre-condition to have £20,000 in your bank account before you apply for the visa.

    To be honest, this requirement has nothing to do with your ability to pay for your fees and hustle for your living expenses. It’s pretty much a strategy foreign embassies use to screen what they refer to as undesirables. Believe it or not, they even have codes for this sort of thing. Unfortunately for you, Pakistan doesn’t have a good profile and is considered a risk country. It’s not fair, but they use it to weed people out.

    The irony is that it’s easy enough to get round for those actually interested in abusing the system. The requirement in itself (28 days) proves nothing – it’s possible to borrow the money or even cook statements to that effect.

    My colleague who isn’t from Pakistan was held at an airport for over 24 hours because she had a working visa from Pakistan in her passport. they wanted to know everything she did and who she met when she lived in Karachi for a year. The poor girl is still traumatized.

  191. yeah took me longer then normal!!! i just couldnt keep my optimism up. i used to be an optimist but i just couldnt see the future in it.

  192. Dexter mate, Chris Samba for those cold nights oop nooorf eh? Sounds like a plan mate.

    Poodle, it all takes a helicopter crash with sheikh mansour al nahyan in it to make it all come tumbling down for city…..Thats the problem with sugar daddies….they’re no good to the club once they are dead…..

  193. Can I join you on that milkshake? I bloody love milkshakes… and the Arsenal.

    The goalie for the Greenbay Boomtown Packer Rats was like something out of Shaolin Soccer. Very cool. Did anyone else notice him head-butting stacks of slate behind the goal before kick-off?

    I liked slimline Andrey’s ball over the top. Pitching wedge out – POP!

    Gibbs deserved a goal I thought.

    Has anyone seen this banner? It’s much better than the fuck off and wank one. Picture 21 http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/training-in-china-picture-special

    Arsene as some sort of mythical Chinese emperor? And he may or may not be flipping the bird… at Yawnfest Mancini maybe… not sure. Brilliant work at any rate. Loving these fans.

    Met four different Arsenal fans last night, all full of confidence for the season ahead and dead excited. At least they were when they got through talking to me. One of them was convinced we have tabled an offer for Karim Benzema and will be upping it shortly. I think he’d just convinced himself. He said we need two 28 year olds with winning experience. I said, cool – who? He said Gary Cahill. I said well we’re looking at a couple of 19 year olds. He wasn’t thrilled. But then I reminded him about Aaron and Kos and Jack and Andrey and he was like, oh yeah – can’t fucking wait actually. Good lad.

  194. Darius,

    Thanks for your help. I’ll try to find out the possibilities I have once I get to the U.K, to cover for the living expenses. That 28 days thing, is a useless pre-condition, which can be managed. I am just unsure if I can manage to find a job in these times, and raise around 7000 pounds within a year, as I study alongside.

  195. Dexter.

    Chris Samba saying he would like to play for Arsenal is as useless as Adebayor declaring he would like to shag Beyonce.

    I think there’s always the danger of believing ones own press.

    And do you honestly think the problem we have in defense has to do with us not having someone tall to deal with set pieces?

    If the pundits and hacks who peddle this bs were any good they’d actually be managers instead of smuggly going after Murdoch’s shilling.

    Perhaps letting go of Clichy is a starting point in fixing the defence. Let the manager and his scouts do their job. I shudder to think where we would be if we actually listened to the punditocracy for ideas for our transfer policy and who to buy.

    Listen to them ejaculating at the thought of big money spending oblivious to the fact that the world around them lives in an age of austerity. These are guys with the IQ of an asparagus, and they try and tell us they know what they’re doing?

  196. Ateeb.

    If you’re hard working and determined, you can hustle to pay the bills – most folks do this and it works out. The best advice you can get is to keep good friends and good counsel who can show you the ropes and open up doors for you.

    Talk to your student union as they will have many ideas of how to hustle as a student esp with stuff not described in the official brochure.

    That’s not to say it will be easy, but then again, I’m sure you know you’re not coming for a picnic, right?

  197. george rodger

    Luke | July 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm
    Interesting ancedote in the Guardian saying Nasri has not completed any PR exercises this trip. I wonder how true this is and what, if any, implications this has on his future.

    Luke I saw him signing autographs ,sat behind a desk with other players,with my own eyes.
    So he has done PR.They are making mischief.

  198. george rodger

    Lol @Dexter getting a scolding from Darius.

    And you with a banging noggin 🙂

  199. Limpar

    I saw that banner earlier today, very cool man!

    Darius; I am not for one moment suggesting the hacks have a clue about our tranfer objectives. Samba back in january said he was very close to moving to Arsenal and it was Blackburn who blocked the move. Considering he isnt one of those players who regularly likes to link himself to clubs, it seemed a bit more than simply media bullshit.

    I think we need another CB, we have been linked to many and while I personally rate Jagielka the most, he is too similar to what we already have, IMO. Cahill is way over rated and Mertasacker is a bit too slow and we are supposedly going for Premier league experienced players. So, Samba fits the bill for me.

    I think the defence is a matter for the coaching dept and its a whole team responsibility; players tracking back, picking up runners and marking the right opposition players at corners and freekicks. I’ve been reading paul Merson’s autogiogralhy (he has always been bi-polar it seems!) and it was interesting reading about GG and the way he drilled the defence, BUT never let the players play 5 asides, well only very very rarely and when he did, the best footballer; Micky Thomas, was excused as he was too technically gifted! 😀

    So, a happy medium between the 2 perhaps! But yeah, its a coaching thing for me and I would be really happy if we could get someone like Bouldy or Keown in there to help out the 1st team.

  200. George 😀 I know man, no fair no fair!

    In Darius’s defence, he doesnt know me and probably assumes I have read a red top and been spoon fed my opinion for me, like a few on here! 😀

  201. Perhaps we’ll be having that milk shake this season Ateeb! Darius sounds right to me but then it’s not me that’s going to have to hustle!

    I had you down as more pint of snakebite man Limpar.

    Can we find a pub that sells good bitter, milkshakes and whatever your fancy is?

  202. It’s the smileys Dexter. Red Rags to bulls for the more serious (and older) amongst us.

  203. Wenger’s on the war path with man City and mancini over the Nasri comments. Knew he wouldnt be happy! Dont make him angry, you wouldnt like him when he’s angry! Grrrrrrlll!!!

  204. CBob

    I know what you mean, but I have learnt that some posters need the smileys otherwise they take everything seriously. How about this;

    Oh and BTW are you insinuating George is a joker then?

  205. Pretty much anywhere other than North London that would be a pretty tough nut to crack I reckon, Cb. It’s a real head scratcher as it is but there will be somewhere I’m sure of it. Give me this season to investigate… run some tests, amass some data – that sort of thing.

  206. RVP hasn’t scored in two consecutive away games, omg!

  207. I’ll leave it in your hands then Limpar. We’re depending on you.

    Love the drum roll Dex. Prefer it to George’s fries thingy anyway.

  208. Oh and who do I have to bribe so that Ryo gets his special talent visa? The more I see him, the more I am convinced that he has a role to play in the team THIS season.

  209. I remember a disatrous five pound entry, glass in hand at the door, as much snakebite as you like ‘night’ at Uni. Ran for about a month before they shut it down. The road directly behind the bar looked like it’d been carpet bombed with purple paint balloons… front gardens over-turned… a car even, as I recall, over-turned. Everything purple.

    Fun while it lasted.

  210. Agree with your comment about Gibbs earlier, Evil. For better or for worse we are not going to be reigning in our ‘wing backs’ any time soon.

    Fortunately for us The Jenks is fit as a butcher’s dog. Looks a better signing every day that one. Added height too – as “promised”.

  211. And toconsider that Jenkins cost how much? One million? How come that all the other clubs seem to miss the gems and instead end up signing players like Henderson for 20 million?

  212. *Jenkinson

  213. That fuck off Barca banner is good actually…


    Although it should’ve said £80 million. Don’t know why people have got 40 in their heads.

  214. This is quite funny too…

    And the late result in South Africa was Kaiser Chiefs 1 – 0 Tottnum. Wawaaaaa.

  215. Yeah, I dont know why the media keep referring to the £40 mill as if that is all it’ll cost barca either?

    That Modric letter is funny man!

  216. There’s a tradition amongst cricket commentators that the more aggravating of them get sent up mercilessly (Agnew goading Boycott for instance, or Botham mocking Hussain). It’s all done in good spirit and helps to diffuse the pain.

    Alas – no such custom in football. So Stewart Robson delivers his pompous, repetitive whining without the requisite urine sample being extracted. (I counted some 20 references today to a “high back line” creating a weakness against “the ball over the top”.)

    I’m sure he knows more about football than I ever will. But I’d be eternally grateful if someone could suppress his irritating, droning voice and spare me his tedious, one-dimensional opinions.

    Obviously on any other channel, I turn off the sound. But wouldn’t it be a pleasure if there were one TV Channel where the commentary is enthusiastic about the team, and criticism is thoughtful, neutral and constructive? Isn’t that what Arsenal Player is meant to be for?

    (Sorry to be grumpy. Enjoyed the match, despite . . . . . . . . . . .)

  217. george rodger

    Funny Dexter .Ill say

  218. Spot on Merlot.

    Boring as fuck and as informative as the news on 5

  219. george rodger

    Limpar,How about Mr. Jenks?(I hate them Spuds to pieces)

  220. “I’m sure he knows more about football than I ever will. But I’d be eternally grateful if someone could suppress his irritating, droning voice and spare me his tedious, one-dimensional opinions.”

    Perhaps more of us need to let Arsenal know how we feel about him. I finally got around to watching the second half of the first match yesterday and ended up yelling in frustration at him via my computer! It’s bad enough when he’s being paid by ESPN, but when AFC are paying his wages it pisses me off that he is so disrespectful. It’s the first game of pre-season FFS, change the bleeding record you miserable whining git. You are sucking all the enjoyment out of the game.

  221. I think there’s been a slow change in football commentating. It has gone from simoply trying to describe the action to a 90 minute opinion piece. Just as the hacks have long since decided to stop doing their jobs; reporting on mayches and instead have decided to have an agenda on certain players and managers and pontificate ad nauseum.

    So we have to sit through these miserable fuckers monologues.

    I agree merlot, you said it alot beter than I.

    Oh and Stewart Robson always sounds as if he is straining on the toilet when he’s commentating too. Talking shit and havin a…

  222. @Dexter
    Full agreement. I don’t mind commentators that try to describe the game and offer the odd bit of trivia or stats. But nowadays that kind of commentator is either an extinct lifeform or supplemented by a “colour commentator” who will basically give you all the opinion you are just not interested in.

  223. @Limpar and CBob – you can always find a hybrid joint in Greenlanes that can shift booze and milkshakes. I’m sure I’ve come across one but the name escapes me. Tell you the truth, at that time of night I was more interested in the mixed grill.

    But I’m sure if you explained to any of the pub landladies around Ashburton Grove that Ateeb has travelled all the way from Asia to come and sit in their pub and talk Arsenal, they can indeed order a takeaway milkshake from any of the 3 McDonald’s around Holloway Road.

    As for the signing of The Jenks, you do wonder how it is that other players like Smalling and Jones cost north of £10 mil yet Jenks was a cool £1 mil.

    As for transfers – everyone but their dog is sure Arsenal will buy a defender and they’re going to try and take us to the cleaners with unreasonable transfer fees. It’s best for us just to keep quiet and let Gazidis and the folks at Highbury House do their thing away from the media glare. there’s 46 days days to go to the end of the transfer window and I don’t understand why folks are getting flustered.

    I’m more excited about the Jenks and Gibbs (actually, I’ll call Gibbs Jethro from now on). Jethro is much smoother than Leeroy or Gibbs.

    As for Cesc and his home town Mayor, the guy must really feel let down by Barca. Every transfer window they leave his arse hung out the window high and dry in shame. How they can talk with so much bravado yet they can’t even table a respectable bid?

  224. george rodger

    Jethro? really Ducky?

  225. Apparently, Samir Nasri has handed in a transfer request according to an expert on City matters. This as an explanation as to why Manini was talking through his rectum.

    Some mothers do really have them. Where do these guys get this shit from.

  226. Oh come on McGee!

  227. LOL! GR – – Jethro has a nice ring to it, no?

  228. LOL JimmyD – you almost sounded like Jimmy Palmer saying McGee or McGook…

  229. Is this Wesley chap as good as they say he is, really? He’s good, but is he really that good.

    And on these ridiculous wages? Makes me wonder what the hell the Manure will do when they start imploding like the Murdoch empire.

    It must be a relief for them that the Murdochs didn’t buy major shares in Manure when they were after it.

  230. First time poster’ love the blog although feel you can be a little harsh on people at times for bringing up perceived weaknesses in the team.


    Been impressed with Jenks. He cost 1m for the small matter that he couldn’t get into the charlton team for 3/4 of the year and was out of contract. Looks like a steal though. Surly this means Eboue has got to be moved on?

    The more of Myachi i see the more i think its imperative he gets another season on loan playing regularly. He looks like he has great quality but he needs to perfect his skills set. I dont see how sitting on the bench will do that.

    If Denilson and Bendtner are moved on as expected we are way short on the home player over the age of 21 but trained for 3 years in Britain before then. So whoever the manager brings in from now he will have to be mindful of that.

    With regards to the game, i thought we looked tired which is a good thing, shows they are working hard. Disappointing to concede from sloppy defending from a set piece again but they will get better. Gibbs looks much better going forward than Clichy it excites me but i just worry about the backup

    Worried about Nasri, Mancini utterly classless act was uttered with confidence i feel. Luke brought up an interesting point earlier about him no doing any media interviews which is weird considering he is one of the key players in the team.

  231. @DB10… welcome

    your name alone should see you through. LOL.
    Relax though, u likely came to meet some frustration being expressed at some persons that regularly take joy only in complaining! And complaining is really putting it mildly.

    You will enjoy very reasonable discussions here you can be sure,

    Its the fiirst preseason where they have had to travel so that they are tired should be expected. But they seem to be quite happy with it.

    On Nasri, Not sure whats up, but if he is also not sure, then its best he really avoids the media cos everything he says will surely be used against him or arsenal. Change of personnel should be avoided when it can be helped for our style of play so I for one expect him to stay and move on a free transfer at the worst case scenario, except maybe its an offer of 30M+

  232. Dex, it seems like pundits everywhere except England and Spain have kept up their standards over the years. Personally, I love the way they call games in France, Italy, Argentina and Brazil. The pundits there actually respect their viewers and don’t try to dumb down their commentary in order to make it user friendly. They have a “tough shit if you don’t understand” stance and they very rarely try to be cutesy like Robson, Darke and any number of English pundits.

  233. If I had the choice as to where Nasri should go so his career takes a dip it would definitely be Man City. I don’t think Mancini has the chops to bring the best out of him and he’ll struggle there until his contract runs out.

  234. DB10, steer clear of transfer speculation concerning Eboue if you want to avoid making enemies.

  235. Today’s game is being shown on ESPN at the moment for those who weren’t able to watch.

    @DB10, I would still keep President Eboue for the simple reason that he is still the best utility player in the EPL, able to play at least 5 positions in confidence. In a season that we’re going to play 60 games plus, we need someone like Eboue who can be called in to do a job for the squad.

    On the Nasri situation, Mancini is learning quickly from Slur Fergosun and is simply throwing a grenade into the room for good measure. It’s in the interest of City, United and Chelsea to see Arsenal rattled and as they say, my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Expect nothing less from them.

    A lot of folks are getting all hot under the collar about losing £20 mill by not selling now, but Arsenal seem to have decided on a calculated risk of keeping the player, even if he goes on a free. The risk reward ratio is acceptable if Nasri plays to his full potential and the only thing that will turn Nasri’s head is a doubling or trippling of his wages. To be honest, there’s nothing we can do if he goes mercenary.

    What’s more important is that he plays an active role this season. The rest is academic for now.

  236. george rodger

    Gainsbourg69 | July 16, 2011 at 6:30 pm
    DB10, steer clear of transfer speculation concerning Eboue if you want to avoid making enemies.

    Or Denilson if it comes to that 🙂

    I think Nick and Al are fair game though

  237. Team Spirit

    Thoughts of DB still make me burst into laughter at the sheer brilliance of the man.

    Times have been tough recently for players, manager and fans and has caused divisions taking some loyal gooners over the edge. The only way to sort this is by having a good season and i trust that with the young talent in the squad and a couple more Gervinho (think he is going to be amazing) like signings we will be much more competitive come the final week of the season from what we have been. I’ve found the best way to speak to these fans (hate saying doomers just as much as i hate akb) is by showing/ explaining why one is confident ahead. I start by showing them this article


    Would love there to be some truth in this Joel Campbell story he is going to be a sensational player. Typical Wenger signing as well. I feel its imperative we get in another striker, obviously some would like a world class addition but when has wenger ever signed world class players or arsenal for that matter. He makes them!

    We shall see about Nasri. I thought Wenger was right when he said he would allow another Flaminii situation to develop. Given 20 odd million for him i think thats a brilliant offer and trust wenger to bring in another exciting winger to the club. We are a self sustaining club and deals like this is exactly how we should operate. Yes he is class but has he been that brilliant for us…..no!

  238. george rodger

    Darius,If he does a Flamini and preforms well above anything we have seen thus far ,them wow .And then he still might sign as the FFP rules will have some effect on wages

  239. what really amazes me about the Denilson case is that people can easily see that cesc injury affected his form and yet for denilson, its so easy to say itherwise.

    That guy was a former brazil under 19 captain, he didn’t go bad overnight be sure of that. i hope he stays and fights for his place. he may yet get it

  240. Nasri was also on the amazing trail till injuries had their say or maybe even then the contract issues were already coming up? As George says, if he performs beyond all else that he has done before for us in this season, and for the full season, then imagine what kind of player he would be!

  241. As much as Eboue is a very valuable squad member and i would hate to see him leave, it looks like his opportunities could be more and more limited. Still he seems happy being a squad member so who knows, definitely very valuable to have in the squad.

  242. Gainbourg

    I like Eboue and i feel he is the best backup rb in the league i dont however feel he is that great in other positions. Jenkinson will need game time to grow as a player and i dont see how that happens with Eboue there. These new squad restrictions make things harder.

    I admire Denilson and his is wonderful story of showing strength through adversity but again i want to see Frimpong and Ramsey (young player of the year this year) get as much game time as possible. I wish Denny every success in the future i just think a move would suit both parties best. I cant stand the way he has been treated by some of our fans. Its perfectly fine to be critical of one of our players online if thats your opinion but to ever be rude or call one of our own a cunt is shocking.

    I cant wait to see Gervinho in action. The thought of him linking with Cesc, Ramsey, Arshavin makes me salivate. His close quarter control, pace and power i believe is exactly what we have been missing at times.

  243. george rodger

    TS ,I had this last night with Frank.
    I like the lad,
    I remember him ,song and Cesc on the opening game at Everton 2 years ago,It was a really well balanced mid field .
    But the fans have turned on him.Even before his alleged statements .He will be hounded out I fear.It is not as if he will score a good few goals or be dynamic in mid field in a way that can turn the fans on to his side.
    So all in all I think he has to go,Sadly 😦

  244. Denilson , I just dont get, he has had a few bad performances but so has Cesc. Could say the same for most of the team at some point or other. Why people jump on his back the way they do is very strange. Still i wont shed a tear if he leaves. We have far to much young talent coming through to wait any longer for Denilson to come good. Good luck to the boy where ever he ends up.

  245. Gunnerjones

    Very true. Cesc has had some poor games (barcelona away this year anyone?) but doesnt get any flack and rightly so, but Denilson gets nailed by some.

    I just dont think he has come on quite as much as hoped. George i to remember that Everton game and thought he was class but physically he struggles a bit. Maybe the injury has done that to him.

    I was at the Braga away game this year, and it must be said his performance was very very poor but again thats just one performance. He didn’t even play that much this year for christ sake. I think some fans blame him and a few others for some of the very sterile cup performances by the 2nd team this year and the awful last 2 away games in the cl which was the reason why we got Barca in the next round. In both of those games he was directly responsible for their opening goals, but nobody appears to blame Clichy for the tragic mistake for Shaktar winner it all falls on denilson for their equalizer.

  246. DB10- love the article. its basically telling everybody to stop acting a damn fool.

    Darius- Definately Jethro.

  247. I think Denilson will do very well for Sao Paolo I wish him well. Hope he comes back next year.

    The Eagle bar off Charlotte Street sells beer and cider, and does good milkshakes, although I don’t drink them. You can just walk up to Warren Street tube after and catch a Victoria Line train to Highbury & Islington or Finsbury Park. Just a thought….

  248. Denilson has been treated appallingly. The Song, Denilson, Cesc midfield has been one of our best in recent seasons, but he was unlucky with the timing of his back injury, which set him back and then he was always going to be seen as expendable in order to allow a young English player a route to the first team. As much as I would have loved him to achieve his potential here, he will never be given a fair chance as the cyber-bullies have already marked his card and made it impossible for him. His end of season comments were nothing compared to what some others have said and done (and are doing), but they gave the haters a perfect excuse to heap more derision on him. If he does go, I really hope he rediscovers his confidence and delivers on his early promise.

  249. I agree with Passenal

  250. I feel really bad for Denilson as well. He didnt deserve the treatment he got. He is a human being. People forget that. Or maybe they dont. I hope he succeeds too. Man people are just not cool.

  251. DB10 – it’s hard to play well when you are only selected intermittently. I hope Arsene will mix up the first and second teams better this season. One of the better cup performances last season was the CC game at WHL, when a mixed team including Denilson and Nasri outplayed the spuds and Denilson bossed the midfield. I thought JW was overplayed last season and could have been replaced by Denilson at times then the latter might not have been so unhappy that he lashed out with ill-advised comments.

  252. Limestonegunner

    I’ve expressed my real dissatisfaction on this blog and also written in the past to ATVO to complain about Robson. I hope others will join me. I admire independent views but I think he really seems to enjoy criticizing the players, the manager, and the style/philosophy of our play. I don’t find his tactical discussions illuminating so I am mystified as to the reasons why he is given such prominence when there are a host of Arsenal players like Winterburn, Keown, and so on who are so much more insightful and supportive of the club.

  253. george rodger

    Diaby.Thomas and Arshavin to get good playing time and excel,
    That is my prediction,The year of the deadwood.And tin cups a plenty

  254. george rodger

    Limestonegunner.I am sending an E mail as we speak,
    Good idea

  255. Passenal @ 7.59 – Spot On. One of the things Arsene could have done better last season is the rotating bit, especially since it was relatively better on the injury front, That way our first 11 would have been fresher while giving our distinct 2nd eleven some much needed game time

  256. I thought Denilson was a better choice vs Barca also. The kid can play, there is no doubt.

  257. Dexter wrote:

    “Fabregas is tied to the club and it runs for many years.” Cruyff said. “If you are talking about quality football, there is a sense that the club wants him, but when you sign for a club you should always stick to your contract. The two clubs have to negotiate and Arsenal are in charge.”

    He even seems to agree that Arsene Wenger is completely within his rights to insist that Fabregas stays at Arsenal, no matter what Barcelona say about it.

    COULD NOT AGREE MORE!! It is his own fault hes tied at arsenal.. No one else is to blame…

    “Barcelona’s desperation is such that they have even enlisted the help of the Mayor of Simpleton to release Cesc from his ball and chain”

    DESPERATION???? LOL!!! Please dont make me laugh!!.. Champions League and Liga WINNERS MY BOY!! It is You who seems desperate to keep Cesc!! LOL!!

    Im not sure how i would feel about “keeping” a player that wants to play for ANOTHER TEAM!..

    You have to ask yourselves WHERE THE FUCK IS ARSENALS DIGNITY??

    he is under contract, yes.. but he would not wear your colors if given the choice!.. Does that mean anything to you??? AND STILL YOU MAKE HIM CAPTAIN lol!!!! this makes you the laughing stock of the football world, because those are the actions of a weak ass team..

    Soooo low & weak!!.. its a embarassing really!

    He will follow Henry´s footsteps, period!.. 😉

    xoxox lol!!

  258. “I thought Denilson was a better choice vs Barca also. The kid can play, there is no doubt.!”

    youre all traumatized!!! lol cant stop talking about us!!

  259. Passenal @ 7:36 pm – Time we unmask some of the culprits. Primary Arsenal cyber bully #1 is arseblogger. (In comparison, le-grovers are simply clueless, bumbling amateurs.) The naked opportunism of the guy simply rankles me. He 1st came to my attention when he started targeting Eboue and Song 4 years ago. The coded racism and xenophobia wrapped in British humor was what got my antenna up, razor sharp. Adebayor made himself a much easier target. Over the past two years scapegoat du jour year has been Denilson. I remember the total lack of empathy when Deni collapsed on the field inexplicably. These days he is trying his hands at Wenger. Whingeing everyday about the manager and the squad, hoping to foster the image that AW is somehow past it. Methinks he has really over-estimated his importance when measured against the value of Wenger to AFC. Chalk to cheese.
    And to think that so many put him on a pedestal when the primary objective is to build the arseblog franchise preying on the gullibility and emotionalism of the average Arsenal fan.

  260. @Goonerwife – Jethro it is…

    With the emergence of Ramsey and the frimpers, it’s hard to see where Denilson will get pitch time from. Save for injuries and suspension, our midfield will be Song, Cesc, Li’l Jack, diaby, Rambo and The Frimpster in rotation. There’s enough backup also in Eastmond and Le Coq.

    On the issue of LB – I actually don’t mind giving Jethro an opportunity to make the spot his – that’s what Arsenal is all about. As backup, we have Vermaelen and Traore and at an additional level, The Jenks, Sagna and Eboue can also play LB. The question is whether people are still hell bent on demanding a big money sighning as if it was a guarantee of quality. Fernando Torres anyone?

    The best LB in the league last season was Leighton Baines (followed closely by Clichy) but no way in the world Moyes is going to let go of him.

    If Jethro turns out not to be ready, then the situation can still be rescued with Vermaelen and another LB sighning if needed.

    We do need another defender to make the numbers though, and even so – we have a pretty decent setup compared to our immediate rivals – if you say take Djourou and Vermalen or Djourou and Koscielny as the first choice, Toto and the Kos as the second choice CBs and Bartley and Miquel as a 3rd pairing.

    As for our defensive record, the answers are on the training ground even if we buy another CB. The boys have to knuckle down and work better as a team.

  261. I agree with Shotta

  262. evening everyone,,, nice and peacefull today… lol…
    good preseason runabout for the team against the chinese.. a few clear chances missed in front of the goal, but they will become more efficient as the games come … goodbye DENI.. which you very good fortune back in brazil.. hope you realize your dreams… imo, it would be a bad turn of events if indeed SAMIR has handed a transfer request… makes things complicated… it is amazing that adyes saga is not a deterrent … nor HELBs.. sad if he turns into another rich vagabond…

  263. @ Cuervo
    No class. Just like the financially and morally bankrupt club you follow. Get lost.


    If Denilson is going to Sao Paolo on loan it could be the best thing that has happened to him for a couple of seasons. He will actually be appreciated, he will get to play and get his confidence back.

    @ shotta – you took the words out of my mouth. The real culprits, the people who spread the malaise amongst the fans, the source of many of these negative memes, are certain “Arsenal” bloggers. They act as if they are in some sort of political struggle with Arsene Wenger and their blogs are about building a base for themselves at the expense of their club.

  264. Limestonegunner

    I used to admire Barcelona, the style of football and the values of your club. After Arsenal it was my favorite team to watch and to wish well upon. Then I watched your club’s arrogance grow. Your pursuit of Cesc has debased the club but quite apart from that, the cheating, diving, and complaining of your players (especially Bousquets, Alves, and Pedro) has really undermined and tarnished the achievements of your team. I could never feel good about having players who are as malicious, underhanded, and dishonest as those three and as whining and complaining as most of the rest of the team. I think the only one who seems decent is Iniesta.

    You know that no one this season has played you tougher than Arsenal, that at least two of your players should have been red carded for choking van Persie and Nasri, and were it not for Busacca’s intervention by giving the most ridiculous red card seen in CL history, your team would have been eliminated.

    Now you have sold yourself to Qatar. Dignity is not something you have a right to discuss anywhere, least of all on an Arsenal blog.

  265. @ DS
    I beg to disagree – the best LB in the league last year was Gael Clichy. Leighton Baines was best in attacking role but overall, Gael was best.

  266. Excellent, Limestonegunner

  267. “I hear Fabregas feels so ‘trapped’ he has asked Danny Boyle to make a film about it. The working title is ‘127 Hours – To Barcelona’, where the player must
    saw off his arm to break free of Arsenal.”

    LoLest at this quote. From Des Kelly.

  268. Jenkinson might only have had a year left on his contract, but he is only 19 so that would still have menat decent compensation to Charlton.

    7am KO has a good article today, puts things into perspective rather well, I thought. As for arseblogger. I tend to like his posts more often than not. However, he does go off on a right moan at times, but overall, I find his style pretty funny.


    I really dont think Frimpong will be at Arsenal next season. He missed a whole year and needs to try and make up that time. A loan would be more beneficial to his progress I think. Same goes for Bartley and Miquel. Although Miquel might hang around till we play a few CC games and then get a loan to a Championship team, or perhaps even a Premier league team come January.

    I think there is a space in midfield for a new signing. A younger mobile Gilberto from the YMG factory is my request! Song will be off to the ACN and unless Coquelin is deemed ready, that means a new face at the club. We looked weak there when Song wasnt available last season.

  269. BARKA or barfa have no right to our captain.. you didn’t want him. we took him. he is who he is and has as much love for ARSENAL as his home town club.. true carelessness=BARKA

  270. Kamran @8:31 – how the fuck will the correspondent at the Manchester evening contract know that Samir has handed in a transfer request? LOL – That was just someone making up the shit as they went along. Unless that request was posted to their news desk and faxed to him in Seattle where he’s following United.

  271. FG

    You mention Arsenal blogs, well have you ever had the unfortunate displeasure to read Arsenal Truth? A vile and hideous excuse for a so called Arsenal blog. Arsenal Analysis can be very obtuse and snidely negative and whiney too. While the least said about Arsenal Action (I am sure this is the work of a few spuds) the better.

  272. Hello Kamran! Good work, as ever amigo!


    Tu quieres patatas bravas con eso?

  273. tend to agree various.. don’t think SAMIR would do it.. don’t think he is a backstabber..

  274. @Fun gunner – my comment on Baines was based on a seasons statistical analysis of the top 5 LBs – comparing defence, attack, tackling, intercepts, mistakes leading to goals, etc. Baines came out a millionth of a point better than Clichy – but since I’m tribal, I can accept that Clichy was actually better.

  275. The people associated with that Spanish club treat Cesc like a child. Truth is I think that some of them are a bit simple.

  276. A better choice than Diaby that was supposed to say.

    Cuevo, you are embarrasing yourself. Grow up young man.

  277. cuervo es un pinchee basterdo… dexter hi,, on the subject of some ARSENAL blogs… don’t you think their posts have emboldened the media rags the summer. so much negativity and some of the so called ARSENAL blogs opened the doors to these sobs…

  278. Most blogs including the grave have set themselves up against the manager and players. Like AST, AISA, the Gooner, RedAction etc they don’t feel that they have any responsibility to help build and maintain support. Quite the reverse. Arseblog is no different, the blog is there for its owners self gratification. The humour was interesting for a while but he has a tendency to draw people in and then turn on the manager and players just when they needed real support.

  279. Fungunner @ 8:33 pm – We all know that teenagers and young men despite their innate physical skills, need the right nurturing environment to overcome their insecurities and to truly believe they are good enough to realize their unlimited potential. But what comes out of key Arsenal blogs, especially directed at the foreign players, is nothing short of abuse and a public trampling on their psyche. How else will they make the transition to manhood and develop the ability to consistently perform despite the insufferable pressure to succeed they are put under at such an early age. Rather than foster a positive environment on the internet (and at the Emirates) cyber-bully #1 mas made it into a virtual art form into ridiculing the Eboues and the Denilsons of Arsenal because they are vulnerable and easy hate figures. Mere simply scalps hoisted in support of the franchise. Welcome to Arseblognews.

  280. george rodger

    Dexter,That is the problem with Arseblogger.He writes very well and humorously.So we laugh along.He therefore gets away with some snide and frankly pathetic attacks .
    When he started with his “Mick Bentnor” skit I began to see the light.
    The more we tolerate his underhand methods the more he will push it.
    I have no doubt a night out in Dublin in his company would be a right good giggle,But I think he might end up with a sore nose.
    He is another one who has a hugely over inflated idea of the importance of his opinion.

  281. Frank

    I forgot about the Gooner. That has become such a hideous piece of scummy anti-support it sickens me. I stopped buying it at games ages ago and often have email rucks with the bloke who runs it. he is quite the pathetic twat, if his sorry arse excuses for the Gooner’s stance is anything to go by.

  282. for those interested,, TRANSFER TAVERN WEBSITE has tabulated net/gross spending by EPL CLUBS from 1992-2011… very interesting read. ours is about 2mil/year.. less than Newcastle and with that we have finished in top four countless times, where is they just got promoted this year.. gives me pride and more respect for AW & ARSENAL….

  283. George “I have no doubt a night out in Dublin in his company would be a right good giggle,But I think he might end up with a sore nose.”

    Are you implying that arseblogger indulges in the devil’s dandruff? The Bolivian marching powder?

    I used to read his stuff on a daily basis, not so nowadays. I havent didnt make a conscious decision to stop, it just kind of happened. I read it recently and it was a bit too moany. But like I said, he has a tendency to do that.

  284. A midfield squad of

    Cesc, Wilshere, Song, Frimpong, Diaby, Ramsey, Rosicky looks very solid to me and spectrum of different qualties. If Diaby can finally get over his injury bug (signs dont look so good) i fully expect him to develop in a class consistent performer. It must be said though that this should be his last chance to prove fitness.

    Defensively i think we lack that one cb who can dominate in tough away games against physical teams. I love the potential in our current 3 but complement that with another and i think we are set for years to come. As stated earlier we are struggling to hit the home grown rule that is why i think we are being linked with Cahill. I would love Samba as his expectations pobably wont be as high and i think he would be just perfect for Bolton, Blackburn, Stoke, QPR and those sort of games.

    Up top i think we need a striker for whn Bendtner goes. If that is done which i really think it will i wil be brimming with confidence for the new season.

    Just imagine the feeling to bring home the league and to have done it playing wonderful attacking football in a self sustaining way. Makes me tingle

  285. I have one Arsenal website. Years ago I had misfortune to be regular visitor at Arsenal-Mania website. They had occasional good posts on their main page from their contributors but i think the main negativity they spread was through their forum system. They would condemn Flamini tirelessly, and Eboue, Almunia and so on. Usual members of deadwood XI. They used to open a match day thread where they talked about matches that are going at the moment. Although some of them would write excellent match commentary most of them would bash the usual suspects. and one day I had enough and told them where to go and stormed out. Never went there since. And I don’t regret.

  286. @ Dexter
    I did read Arsenal Truth and Arsenal Action once or twice and was horrified, frankly. But – and you won’t like this – I lump them in with Arseblog, because they all seem to have an agenda beyond discussing Arsenal-related matters.

    Agree with george rodger – the humour in Arseblog is actually a weapon and if you mock someone enough, it dehumanises them and makes it easier for people to be cruel to them in other ways. It’s a form of bullying.

    It really irks me that these writers are totally unaccountable, totally unknown and yet their fans swallow everything they say without questioning it. And those same fans call people like me “sheep” because I usually defer to the judgment of someone who has a track record and is accountable. Nobody seems to remember all the things the anti-Arsenal bloggers were wrong about, but they remember every single thing they think AW has done wrong. I remember arguing with someone about Song’s forays forward at the start of last season, trying to convince him that it was a good development and explaining why I thought so. He became very angry and shouted: “I believe Arseblogger!” Now that, I feel, is barking mad and a bit scary.

  287. FG;

    Well, we know someone else who likes to site arseblogger as a reliable source for his opinions!

  288. I like reading Arsblog as whilst he has become quite negative he portrays the feelings of significant potion of our fan base. Whilst i dont agree one cant hide from the factthat times have been tough and people are upst with that and results need to get better. I much prefer to here his opinion than say pedro or geoff on le grove who find incrediby rude and insulting to our players and manager which i find completely unaccepatable.

  289. @Shotta ~ disagree about Arseblog; he’s quite populist,but he’s Irish afterall…and personally I feel the man has sincerity. Was reading his blog back in ’02/03 and still do. Unlike the truly poisonous blogs which have sprouted in the last few years, he has kept pretty damned positive. Also invites other bloggers (including YW) onto his arsecast – and refuses to link to that desperately tragic grove site. We may not agree on everything he says, but I’ll defend him! As for his comments section, well…abysmal guff there.

  290. Heh..DB10 – you look like me, man!

  291. Not sure how one bloke can represent a large number of people, unless they have petitioned him to speak on their behalf?

  292. pnyboy

    Yeah, I would go along with that. That includes the bit about the comments section too!

  293. Columbia vs Preu 0-0 after 68 mins. Falcao just missed a pen.

  294. @ DB10
    I agree with you about that midfield – and if Diaby’s latest operation sorts out his niggly injury problems, I will sing halleluia in the high street! He is some player.

    But I wonder if AW would bring in another ready-made striker even if Bendtner does leave. My reasoning is that Theo could be counted more as a striker than a winger, and Gervinho also can play up front. So as far as deputies go, we have three including Chamakh. We basically use one striker. RvP is so good that when he is fit no-one else is going to get a look-in. Of course he won’t be fit all the time but even last season, the “third striker”, who was Bendtner, hardly got to play and that is why he is off. It might serve us better to stick with what we’ve got and develop a young striker – Vela, or even Afobe or maybe this Campbell kid from South America if we do get him. It’s potentially an opportunity for development.

  295. george rodger

    “Are you implying that arseblogger indulges in the devil’s dandruff? The Bolivian marching powder?”

    Dexter ,No Lol.I am suggesting that after a few if he started his nonsense his nose would be introduced to my knuckles.Of course I am only jesting.Much as he does 🙂

  296. the more i think about it the more i see that frank is right. arsenal fans and blogs for the most part leave a lot to be desired. what happened to unconditional support and backing?

  297. george rodger

    FG ,Don’t you think Vela looks much better when he is in the middle?
    Bentner as well mind.

  298. arseblog lover

    @ shotta..arseblog is humorous all right…but he also makes sense…he targets only those players who r not good enough for us…and u might not want to hear it…but his opinion does matter to a lot of people

  299. “Are you implying that arseblogger indulges in the devil’s dandruff? The Bolivian marching powder?”

    I’ve just got that. Dearie me. And I’ve been watching The Wire, as well. I really am having an off day.

  300. george rodger

    The Wire is The Arsenal of series.Absolute class.
    Which series are you on FG?

  301. FunGunner; Hahaha!

    Your choice of series is top class too! I was gutted when I got to the end of the last series.

  302. as faras avatars go, mine is pretty scary looking… 🙂

  303. @ george rodger
    Series 2. I didn’t see it first time round and it’s so funny to hear lines like “What’s a text message?” And unlike every other woman on the planet, it would seem, I loathe and despise the character of Stringer Bell. I am deeply morally outraged and repelled by him. Omar I have a soft spot for. Don’t ask me why. Brilliant series, ground-breaking.

    Regarding Vela yes, I do think he’s better in the middle – but all depends on if AW thinks he’s ready. But that’s what I mean about not replacing Bendtner – it might solve a problem of lack of playing time for the third striker AND give us the opportunity to use people like Vela or Theo more in that role.

  304. Dexter

    I agree but one cant hide from the fact that alot of gooners aren’t happy with things at the moment, some reasons rightly (maybe), others wrongly. Many of these fans still believe Arsene is the right man for the job but want the club to do more this summer than the usual in order to get back on top, i feel he uses his platform to portray their view well. Many would call these fans doomers but in reality they are just frustrated fans and to be fair to so of them they can actually make a decent case as to why they are frustrated and where we have gone wrong. This is in contrast to Geoff and Pedro and many posters on their blog who i find spiteful and full of hatred i dont think they put forward a reasoned argument as to why they feel the way they do.

    We cant hide from the fact that times have been tough and i feel its incredibly important to try and convince frustrated (and that is what they are) fans by showing them through good arguments and articles posted earlier that we are close and greatness is there for the taking with some small changes.

    I read with interest when Bill, Luke, Jabba (tough day yesterday haha) write as whilst i know it can be repetive especially Jabba they are quite obviously knowledgable passionate but very frustrated fans. They are nothing like the Le grove lot and fall into the Arseblog category.

  305. JD10

    You seem to miss the point a lot mate. And the repetition is a bit grating.

  306. I agree with Ponyboy & Dexter about Arseblogger. I, also, do not read it everyday (only ACLF daily now) but he does have some interesting guys on the Arsecast sometimes. Like most blogs a little common sense is needed when digesting them.

  307. when is the women’s world cup finals?

  308. And the way that you like to pigeon hole people is rather simplistic too. You will soon be saying everyone on here thinks the sun shines out of Wenger’s arse and calling all and sundry AKBs.

    I give it about 20 minutes.

    I think arseblogger is a decent blogger. His points are well made yet I dont agree with him 100%, as I dont agree with anyone on here 100%.

    How could that possibly be of interest to anyone? Going on a blog where there aren’t diverse opinions and viewpoints?

    Totally boring, but thats exactly how they like it on other blogs it seems.

    Its very telling how you have plucked those names out.

  309. The funny thing about all these bloggers, every last one of them including our beloved ACLF and posters including yours truly, not one of them would have a life of their own, a personality and a following if it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger. He is primarily responsible for the pre-eminent standing and image of the modern Arsenal. Hence the whingeing, moaning and plain disrespect shown because they don’t have the guts to support what is virtually a football miracle is downright pathetic. Arsene has almost completed the rebuilding of another championship team based on a self-sustainability model amidst the most massive financial doping in football history is simply mind-boggling and the most daring project I have ever witnessed. In the last four years, the team has come close at least twice and faltered down the stretch, but I have no doubt success is getting closer.

  310. Personally the only blog i read nowadays is aclf.i’ll always be grateful to arseblog coz it’s thru his blog that i found out about yw.his humour stopped being funny a long time ago.first i unsubscribed the emails then i stopped listening to the podcast then i removed him from my bookmarks and then my visits there became fewer until i stopped completely,now it’s been 6 months since i logged in there and i am not sorry i did.
    Glad to hear the boys had a good showing today,good practice before the real thing starts in a month,i really cant wait. rsonally the only blog i read nowadays is aclf.i’ll always be grateful to arseblog coz it’s thru his blog that i found out about yw.his humour stopped being funny a long time ago.first i unsubscribed the emails then i stopped listening to the podcast then i removed him from my bookmarks and then my visits there became fewer until i stopped completely,now it’s been 6 months since i logged in there and i am not sorry i did.
    Glad to hear the boys had a good showing today,good practice before the real thing starts in a month,i really cant wait.

  311. Team Spirit

    7.45pm GMT mate!

  312. @ Team Spirit
    Tomorrow night 19:45 BST, I think. The third/fourth place match was today and Sweden beat France 2-1.

  313. Dexter

    Which point am i missing?

    I agree repetition is grating but they are still putting forward a cohesive argument as to their frustration and whilst i dont agree with them or Arseblog that is what blogging is about portraying one opinions about our wonderful club. They to love our club but they interpret the current situation differently to you or i but it is nonetheless an opinion felt by many gooners at the moment. I feel this is completely different to say the Gooner or Le Grove who insight hatred and portray a tiny spectrum of arsenal fans feelings as if we all feel like it

  314. george rodger


    We were only disappointed because Arsene’s genius has put us in the position to be disappointed.
    That is what people are failing miserably to grasp.
    Simpletons with the idea that there is a simple answer, and no notion of the complexities involved..

  315. sunday is the final, TEAM SPIRIT
    i believe 1030ish

  316. Shotta.That is what I would have said if I was blessed enough as an writer.
    Great stuff Thanks.

  317. The point, well the one I thought were discussing the individual bloggers and their putput, not that there are a section of frustrated Gooners out there! I think there are a huge amount of frustrated Gooners. You couldnt have witnessed last season and not end up feeling frustrated!

    The point was about how arseblogger chooses to convey his thoughts on his blog. Some feel he has been pretty pernicious (is that the right word? If it is, check me out!) and snide, particularly in terms of player scapegoating and baiting. Whereas i find him pretty on the ball as well as witty.

    The bit about him representing the voices of Gooners is a bit of a red herring. If thats the case then he is pandering to a vocal minority and therefore deserves less respect, not more.

    But I’d like to think he is simply conveying his own opinion.

  318. Are you an Arsenal supporter Shotta ? The club was famous long before Arsene arrived and no doubt will continue to be so long after he’s gone. I’m not sure that he’s responsible for the multitude of Arsenal sites and blogs either, it’s just just that his tenure happened to coincide with the technology explosion..

  319. Dexter

    i am the opposite of someone who pigeonholes someone i dont call anyone doomers and i hate being referred to as an AKB. I just feel that the vast majority o thef decisions Arsene makes are correct, if he makes a bad one (doesn’t everyone) i’m not afraid to say it. I stand by him as he is a our greatest ever manager and i feel that his work post emirates move has been his best yet and we are now ready for lift off. That is what i feel. I use those 3 names i mentioned earlier as for few months i’ve read this blog its quite obvious that they and Henristic are very frustrated but knowledgeable fans who feel differently to me. I dont have to put up with their arguments on a daily basis so i havent the dislike of you but those are my observations from a reading perspective.

  320. Yeah whatever JD10.

  321. How on Gods green earth can anyone think Jabba the Jibber is knowledgeable,Do me a favor.
    Ma-bee you are a satirist?

  322. Its like Billingsgate market mate.

  323. OK. i somehow thought it was today.

    @ Dexter. i thot it was only guys that u guys call mate?

  324. Dexter .I think you have done a bit of Sherlock Homes’ing?

  325. Bill and Luke are not disliked by me, while JD is simply rather odd. I feel sorry for him.

  326. Billingsgate market lol I get it 🙂

  327. TS I was going to call you sweety, but mate is also fine by me! You OK with that mate? 😀

  328. shotta | July 16, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Agree completely – if only he used his popularity to support the team, but his own ego is the most important, especially since he started getting paid for his bilge. He has gone from humourous to downright nasty.

  329. Peru beating Columbia 2 nil in extra time. Bit of an upset.

  330. Passenal.Who pays him?

  331. George

    Wenger has been wonderful for Arsenal but one shouldn’t forget we were winning trophies regularly in the 90s as well under GG. The fans have every right to be frustrated with the way things ended last year. I was certain that lessons had been learnt from previous collapses, it wasn’t to be :(. I feel that it was this monumental melt down which will be the catalyst for a hugely successful year ahead. Arsene has realized that maybe the team needed more of jolt than he thought and he will do what’s needed this summer. This is a big year our points total have been getting worse (although i dont think that means we have been getting worse) excuses have been made some which are legitimate other not so, this year these cant be made. To me the squad looks strong we have a wonderful manager and with a couple more additions and the lessons learnt from last year i think we are perfectly shaped for a great season.

  332. Limestonegunner

    I think this Asian tour has been really positive for the club. A good bonding experience for the players, helpful for the money men of our club, wonderful for supporters in Asia, and an invigorating boost for the manager.

    Maybe it isn’t so helpful for physical and technical training, but on an emotional and mental level is seems to be stimulating. The players must have in mind now that there are millions of supporters around the world who are passionate about Arsenal. Nasri, do you think Man City is loved like this? I support AW’s stance on the Nasri situation and on Cesc.

    Arsenal stand for something in the culture of football globally. Now if we can again marry success with our style, we will be a really powerful force. Nasri and Cesc need to stay and they will. Barcelona are falsely inhabiting the position and status that belongs to our club. Hopefully this coming season, with a couple reinforcements, we will take back the league and challenge in Europe.

  333. @ DS
    Forgot to respond earlier – I am basing my claim about GC on stats compiled in Untold Arsenal and also on a Pool blog when they thought they might be buying him. GC came out top defensively and overall came out top as well.

  334. mmmmmmmmmm

  335. Great comment Shotta, there is no doubt that is responsible for putting Arsenal on a different level. He has been one of the best things to happen to the PL but many shortsighted people cannot or maybe refue to see it.

  336. @ Dexter. i mind a little cos it somehow gives d impression am a guy although i don’t believe u at all. I am sure u forgot i was a gal!

    TS would be just fine, that way u dont have to remember! LOL

  337. “Arsenal stand for something in the culture of football globally.”

    And the person responsible for that was of course George Graham.Oh sorry I mean Arsene Wenger .Under GG it was something entirely different we were famous for.

  338. Dexter, I to smell something piscean.

  339. DB10.
    I suspect some skulduggery is going on here.

  340. @DB10
    We did indeed win titles in the ’90s, but we didn’t have a global profile under GG. We weren’t synonymous with beautiful attacking football under GG (although I know he did make moves in that direction before falling back into the more dour style) and we certainly weren’t a top European side. We also did not have a reputation for innovation and modernity. We were far from nobodies when Wenger came along but he (and the stadium) have taken us up a level.
    Do you think we’d have had the sort of reception we’ve just had in Malaysia and China without Wenger? I doubt it.

  341. Well its not James , that’s for sure.No humour

  342. I definitely think Vela is better suited in the centre, hopefully that will happen quite a few times and allow us the opportunity not to rely on RvP as much. Obviously, signing Benzema will put the mockers on that happening, but I can live with that!


    Again, I agree man, good points there.

  343. Team Spirit, there’s no way I forgot you were female petal, honest!

  344. Dexter ,are you really holding out hope for Benzema?

  345. George

    His incessantly repetitive blogging grows hugely tiresome i can 100 percent see that and like i said i disagree with the vast majority of what he says but im afraid to say its quite obvious he is a hugely passionate knowledgeable very frustrated arsenal fan. Statistically and factually he is right on its the way he interprets these facts where i disagree with him, Bill and Luke.

    Anyway i find it depressing im spending my saturday night talking about such things.

    Who does one feel will be our starting cb combination come opening day. Will Kosciellny or Djourou get the nod next to the wall that is TV5. Personally if there has ever been potentially a better ball playing cb partnership than TV5 and Kosciellny i would be very suprised. Makes me salivate thinking of them passing the ball around

  346. GG was a great manager, he was on a super tight budget and worked in an era before the premier league was so hyped up. There’s no reason to think we couldnt have had a similar following if GG was manager now. Although I think it would have been difficult, especially as his methods wouldnt go down too well with modern footballers.

  347. “Who pays him?”

    Ole, Ole – he is part of that franchise. And now he even has a daily ‘news’ feature. Basically repeating the same click hungry garbage he previously criticised certain ‘news’ outlets for. Once you join the hackery, you are no longer just a supporter shooting the breeze. His words have influence on the simple minded as we know from JD and others.

  348. George

    It is his destiny to play for the Arsenal man. Henry mk2, bring it on!

  349. Passenal; Just look at John Cross, he is supposed to be a Gooner too.

  350. DB10

    “it is quite obvious he is a hugely passionate knowledgeable very frustrated arsenal fan”.

    Now as that is a description of Jabba the Jibber I am sorry but it could not be further from the truth.Therefore you are politely requested to converse with me no more.
    Thank you

  351. Fungunner

    i agree completely that Arsene has done more than anyone since Herbert Chapman to grow and improve the club and we should forever be in his debt. I would however never use that to diminish on what GG did. It must be remembered Europe wasn’t an option due to a ban at the beginning and the division 1 and early premiere league were vastly inferior to 3-4 other domestic leagues. I nonetheless loved his reign also and i loved the pride we took in defending. It must be remembered we only lost 1 game in the 1991 title team and scored over 90 goals a remarkable achievement. If you combined GG the best attributes of Arsene and GG what a manager you would have.


    I think the tour has been a great success from a business and fitness perspective. The bonding must be invaluable also. I also think the harder the conditions this early the better they will find it come opening day. They will be battle hardened from playing in sweltering heat and humidity. I cant wait for Newcastle away

  352. Passenal .Well that could explain a lot then.
    It is a poor do though.

  353. I couldnt care less about someone’s frustration if it leads to abuse of the team we claim to support. What the heck is the point of that, what help is that when someone continues to blast the best manager in our teams history and many of our players. Sorry, but someone like that can take their opinions and frustration and jump in a lake for all I care as they are counterproductive.

    I am of the persuasion that if Arsenal supporters were more selfless we couldve possibly won something. Instead of lifting the team, many of these supposed supporters added more pressure.

    As far as most Arsenal blogs, why would you want to join in with the major media establishments by posting negative articles about the team? Isnt there enough of that around?

  354. @ Team Spirit
    This what Cesc tweeted about the WWC match today:

    “Watching the WC (women) Sweden vs France and I cant see any diference between them and the men. Some of them are better than us.”

    Hope 1lc and dukegoonem saw that! ha ha.
    And on that bombshell…
    Good night.

  355. peru 2-0 over colombia.. how the mighty have fallen.. argentina/uruguay next…
    as far as some of the posters on this site, they are here on a mission.. an agenda if you will.. with some, no amount of reasoning is enough. they will never understand.. its when they warp the numbers is when i have had enough.

  356. @Fun
    they seem nicer too, a large propotion of the male footballers are just wankers. they care more about themselves than the team. Paul Scholes maybe a dick but im 100% conviced hes right about that. And if he quit the national team due to selfish players(probably also from United) then you got to honour him for that.

    And it seems that aslong as you got money, you can do whatever you want, even in England. City and United are the only peers in PL above everyone els. City cos they got money, United cos everyone thinks Alex is the incarnation of God himself.

    Atleast we all know now that if Samir leaves is only for the money. He can claim otherwise as much as he likes. But we all know that if Arsenal said we pay you 250k a week he would sign a new with us straight away. I really hope Wenger uses him in that CL qualifier.

  357. George

    Your dislike for him and his and Luke’s to you is very obvious and forgive me for saying can amuse a distant reader on long tiresome day sat in the office at times. Nonetheless despite my disagreement with him and my amusement at your micky taking i can 100% see that he obviously loves the club and and knows a lot about it. His is a different perspective t ours no more no less i just wish he wouldn’t ram it down our throats so often. The best way to shush such people is to answer his questions like Jabberwocky did so elegantly. Your silence when he asks you to explain yourself only adds to the notion that you in particular follow Arsene blindly when in reality its perfectly simple to put forward a wonderful argument as to why Arsenal could win the league. In fact i find it harder to put forward a plausible argument as to why we wont have a great season

  358. @paul n
    spoton regardING the abusive so called fans.. the less the better

  359. The 2nd goal by Sweden was an amazing goal.
    France to me have the biggest upside for the future, with Japan being the most impressive team thus far.
    Brazil were a bit naive vs the US, if they sat back they wouldve most probably been able to run out the clock. Bigs ups due to the US for never giving up.

  360. Just got the urge to post this for some strange reason.

  361. one nil uruguay

  362. Clichy

    ‘After spending eight years with Arsenal it would have been easy to sign a new contract to stay there because they’re a fantastic club that will always be challenging for trophies,’ said Clichy. ‘But it got to a point for me where I didn’t just want to challenge for the titles only to be disappointed in the final weeks of the season. I wanted to play for a club that would win them.’

    So why go to Man Citeh Gael? Surely not just for the money? Idiot.

  363. Thanks Kamran, I forgot abiut the 2nd game! Am on it now, beers nicely chilled, hangover number 2 brewing nicely!

  364. japan vs france was the final i was hoping for.. that said goooooo USA!!!

  365. Dupsff

    Scott Puffin who does a decent job on a different blog (Arsenal Opinion, I think) he posted that Clichy wanted a new deal, but wasnt offered one by us! An ex-player told him this, he also had some other nuggets too.

  366. Paul N

    Because those are their thoughts and thats what blogging is about portraying what one feels about a given subject. Whether you choose to read them is up to you but that doesn’t diminish their right to convey their feelings.

    As far as i can remember, i attended my first game in 87 the atmosphere has never been incredible on your average day against your average opposition at the Emirates or Highbury.

    Many excellent and vocal fans in the ground are frustrated and will vent their frustration on the internet, thats what its for. One must stop lumping every fan in the same box its only adding to the divide which we must do our best to close. Civil war is doing nobody any favours and failure to understand or even aknowlege peoples gripes and just call them non fans gets nobody anywhere

  367. Its uncanny, the similarities.

  368. That is a completely different tune I posted there BTW. If you think it is exactly the same, then thats your problem, definitely not mine.

  369. Dexter. according to Clichy in that interview he was offered a ‘lucrative’ contract by Arsenal but turned it down to join a team that wins trophies.

  370. Kamran Seeing as you are watching the game too. Which striker on show do you rate the most?

    Me, its Higuain. I know I’ve said many times I’d love Karim benzema at the club, but I wouldnt mind Higuain either! If Real go for Teves (or Aguero) they might be willing to do business, although I cant see Mourinho being too condusive to brokering a deal.

  371. Very dumb comment by Clichy. So City win the FA Cup and all of a sudden they are a lock to win things yearly.

    As if he is not part of what took place with Arsenal! he shouldve been one of the players leading the charge and lifting the heads of the players.

    Shame on Clichy!

  372. lol… sure dexter
    db 10… georges silence is not due to having an answer for certain posters.. there comes a time when one thinks , FUCK it.. either the guy is on a mission or a simpleton. at any rate , MANY on this site have tried, to no avail
    1-1 ,, what a cross… put it right on his head

  373. Limestonegunner

    I can’t believe the US women got past the French. They were completely out played by the inventive, creative short passing and possession of the French. It reminded me a lot of one of our frustrating losses when we dominate the ball, create chances but don’t manage to finish off a team who long balls to get a corner and scores from a header in a moment of defensive confusion.

    Hopefully Japan will defeat them for the sake of good football.

  374. Ha! Higuain’s just scored!

    Dupsff; Yeah, I read it (loved the completely unsensational headline too!) Its for the money, no doubt, I just thought I’d mention what ScottP had to say as he was quite insistent and isnt one for BSing as far as I can tell anyway.

  375. “like a monkey with a miniature cymbal”

    Now why bring Bale into the lyrics

  376. dexter,,, they all have their attributes.. Suares for me. and you?

  377. Kamran;

    Higuain dude!

  378. i can 100% see that he obviously loves the club and and knows a lot about it.

    No .he might love the club and he might know fact about the club .But he is as thick as fuck.
    The reason I don’t answer his pathetic questions is because they have been addressed over and over again.
    He is given answers ,ignores them ,and asks the same questions again.Luke is less repetitive yet equally stupid.
    Bill should not be bracketed with those two dimwits.He is far and away a better contributor than those two sad individuals.They bring nothing to the forum other than joylessness.

  379. The interet is there for people to vent? is that so.

    The same internet could be used to rally the suppor, could it not.

    I am not interested in your view that people who abuse the team love the team and they are so passionate. I find that a bit of a joke, because if it is tearing down the team you support then the contribution is worthless in my view.

    dont you think one can make a point without abuse?

    The same people who are now complaining were some of the same thinking we could and would conquer the world when we beat Barca. The sad thing isif we supported the team that way every match who knows what the youngsters couldve achieved?

    Again, I simply dont care for such negativity being spouted about my team.

  380. Dupsff; Haha!

  381. Very good post Paul N

  382. great call,, offsjdes all the way on ARGES SECOND GOAL…
    missy is getting hacked to pieces

  383. Dexter

    Completely agree i think Higuain would score an incredible amount of goals for us. Today was another good example of not having a penalty box presence at times. I would wet my pants if we made such a signing but wont lose any sleep if we dont. I’m in complete trust that Arsene knows we need a striker once Nicky B leaves and he will pick the right option at the right price. Im amazed when people dont appreciate his insistence on paying fair value, i think its one of his best traits. I read somewhere today that we were after Lukaku i think this would be an unbelievable signing.

    Sad that Nicky is leaving, i think he will go on to be a wonderful striker, but we cant have him and chamack in my opinion.

  384. Suares given offside now. Good game this! Bound to have a 22 man ruck at some point too!

  385. Thanks dups! excuse the typo’s. I need to slow down a bit.

  386. Make that a 21 man brawl, Uruguay down to 10.

  387. bad call… preez out… two yellows.. two goals disallowed . four players carded.. ref is taking it over.

  388. uruguays second goal should have been allowed

  389. Limestonegunner

    I have liked Gago since his Boca days. He hasn’t had a chance because of injury and a plethora of defensive midfielders at RM. Now he is desperate to get out of RM somewhere where he could play. Here he is doing a very fine job in Argentina’s midfield.

  390. By the way, If one has to vent for weeks on end and repeat the same thing 50,000 times in one daily, wouldnt you think there is a problem?

  391. Paul, I would wonder about their credentials as an Arsenal ‘supporter’.

  392. I smell a rat.

  393. dups, exactly!

  394. Paul N

    But you lump everyone who is frustrated as someone who abuses the team.

    I completely agree i use the internet to show my support but thats only because i genuinly believe we are so close. My brother has been a season ticket holder for 25 years and is as passionate a gooner as you can come across. He still nonetheless is troubled by goings on at the moment. We regularly argue but at the end of the day i know of no one who cares more for the club than he. He feel’s the way he feel’s and uses the internet to converse with fans who feel the same or differently like me.

    He cant stand fans who would boo or go on protest marches but he has a similar disliking for people who call him a non fan for portraying in a articulate well informed way his feelings about the club he has supported since the age of 4.


    Bill puts the same points as Luke and Jabba across in a more intelligent way. The blog is a great blog because in the main everyone shows respect to the players shows a good understanding and love for the club. Like i said you and the 2 mentioned dont get on but the blog is a better place for having a different perspective and not le grove type people who are just rude and classless. Tthey are horribly repetitive but genuine fans who care for my great club. I dont believe them to be entrenched in their thoughts like AIC who displays classic le grove tendencies. They are impatient and the end to the year obviously sucked the life out of them as it did many. I’ve seen a Luke and Jabba Delight on le grove arguing with the haters. One must distinguish the 2

  395. George; Your nasal functions are a bit slow today! You been out with arseblogger tonight? 😀

  396. The fact that they post on Le Shite says enough.And the fact that you read it say a bit more .

  397. I can hear Hot Chip.

  398. Has anyone got a link for the game?

  399. Dexter.I was up to speed with your first JD10 🙂

  400. Will you guys keep it down!? I got a hangover and you lot are NOT helping!!

  401. I am quite sure that everyone who posts on this blog is frustrated. I am talking about the people like Jabba who make the decision to talk nonsense like Wenger has to earn his pay and how is has been getting paid for nothing recently.

    I too am frustrated, like you, because I know the team is close but please dont tell me that nonsense like what Jabba says somehow helps the team?

    So they go to legrove and defend the team, then come on here and blast said team? what the hell!

  402. Its on Espn

  403. Paul N.Don’t believe a word .The defend nothing .Horses arse’s the pair of them

  404. Sorry irishgray! Its that George again, stomping around, knocking things over. Clumsy sod! 😀

  405. I know, I know he’s the worst!!! 🙂

  406. Ferggy excelled himself when he made Forlan look useless.
    How did he manage that?

  407. City are in the US I see, playing tonight. Madrid is playing against Beckham and the LA Galaxy also.

  408. George, a very fishy rat.

    BANG. That was for Irish

  409. @ Dups – I’ll get you, you bastard!! 🙂

  410. Looks like that Joel Campbell is this months Ricky Alvarez. That’s him off to AC Milan then.

  411. What is wrong with these South American teams? Do they not realise you need a circus freak up front so you can use the long ball!! FFS Arry get over there and show em geezer.

  412. hmmmmm……dilemma…….do I watch Shitteh V. US XI or do I watch Chronicles of Riddick? I mean it’s still football, isn’t it?

  413. Watching the game on an Arab channel. The commentator is making more sense than Robson this afternoon.

  414. Ha JD10 is a nightmare : ) surely my spelling rules me out of that one!!. Rest assured i’m not and i’m sure Yogi could back that up.

    Paul N

    I believe your to simplistic with your ideas of support. Its not as black and white as you would have it in my opinion. Thats why i hate the term doomers/haters and AKB. One can feel incredibly bullish about the new season but be utterly exasperated with our failure to improve our defence last year. Like i said we should be making an effort to close the divide, the new season is fast approaching and i cant wait but i want the Emirates to be rocking when the Pool arive. Negative early results and things could become horrible at the ground

  415. What site do people use these days to watch on the internet. I dont have espn

  416. Forlan has a great delivery, almost every time.

    Irishgray; No offence, but why would you wanna watch either dude?

  417. dupsffokcuf | July 17, 2011 at 12:42 am
    Watching the game on an Arab channel. The commentator is making more sense than Robson this afternoon.

    Laughing my tits off at that Dups

  418. Like the idea of the ref spraying a line on the ground for the free-kicks.

  419. good game,, uruguay holding on… they should be up 2-1
    and perez should not have been sent off… they might pull it off

  420. Dexter – None taken as it is a very good point!

  421. @db10
    how can you close a divide with a guy that constatnly spews “in arsene we rust”?

  422. I smell a rat. The more it patters on the more I am convinced.
    Maybe I am getting paranoid but I am smelling a rat.

  423. oh and i wonder if Clichy really is happy with the daily mail headline?He must have been misquoted or atlest taken out of context. I never saw him as a bitter ex player. He always came across as a decent guy. They quoted RvP wrong alot this summer after all.
    Clichy still has friends at Arsenal, im sure he does not see them all as a bunch of failures.

  424. nice turn and shot by missy,,,, great save too.. hay irish,, how are you?

  425. ESPN in Espanol are showing last year’s Barfa V. Real Madrid game. Now normally that would be a must see but in the last few years with Barfa’s arrogant hounding of Cesc and Jose managing Real I just can’t be bothered. Think I will watch the Yankees play instead 🙂

  426. Jibby Jabba, Luke, Spectrum…supporters? In one sentence. I smell vermin. Jeez I am sneezing!

  427. Poodle

    To my knowledge i haven’t seen anyone on here in ages right such a thing.

    I wouldn’t converse with such people. Like i said there is a massive distinction between the bloggers we’ve spoken about tonight and the people who write rubbish like ”in Arsene we rust”

    I would also point them to that Sports Illustrated article i posted earlier. If you cant glean some happiness about the club from that you never will.

  428. tevez on,, good change… uruguay is punching above their weight

  429. poodle,
    that’s a divide you shouldn’t close.

  430. @ Kamran – I am good mate 🙂 just nursing a really bad hangover but I think I will pull through 🙂

    @ George – Eh, did you just say you had “tits”? I’m not judging, just, you know, seeking some clarification.

    @ Shotta – That’s not a rat your smelling mate. I think it’s Dexter 🙂

  431. george rodger

    I never ever read Le Grove.No matter how interesting the headline sounds.
    No Arsenal fan should.It just encourages the twats

  432. mother f****et, sweet saves

  433. george rodger

    Irish, Unfortunately I got them shortly after my fortieth birthday 😦

  434. Shotta

    Unfortunately there is no conspiracy and the fact that you choose to gloss over all the extremely positive things ive said about arsenal tonight and just highlight the fact that i believe some of the bloggers you argue with to be knowledgeable and passionate arsenal fans is a sad state of affairs. You guys write day in day out on an arsenal blog it should be very obvious to all concerned that we all care deeply about the club.

  435. I know the terms get over used and abused. But the proper Doomers are easy to spot. All they do is concentrate on the negaitves. They might add in a few positives, but thats because they know that (on here anyway) simply slating players/manager all the time wouldnt wash.

    Then there is the abuse and hate filled posts again real easy to spot. The vast majority, it seems, just want Wenger out. Thats up to them, but the abuse and venom directed at him is unreal, really sick shit. And as soon as I say that, a doomer would straight away assume I am an arch defender of him and would never criticise the man and that is another thing that shows up the doomers; because i defend him, I am a rose tinter etc etc. Even though i have criticised him numerous times. But that cuts no ice with the doomer.

    Now these are doomers I am referring to, not those who are simply expressing honest opinions, bourne out by emotions, who calm down and can contribute to this and other blogs in a thoughtful, constructive and hopefully occasionally humourous way.

    There are also a few people who would openly say they think Arsene knows best and dont have a problem with being called that stupid, puerile acronym.

    But when you consider what he has done, then its not too much of a leap of faith to say that yeah, the dude actually knows best. Well, he certainly knows a shit load more than any fucker on here.

    Again, this is so repetitive, I am getting flashbacks! But I think you’ll find that those who like to be called realists, are in fact plain and simple doomers who have little grasp of the facts, instead jumping on certain factors, like tabloid pieces and the opinions of other bloggers as proof and no semblance of perspective.

    Suggesting that people arent frustrated because they arent constantly bleating about how piss poor things are is naive and pretty disrespectful if you ask me. Like you have to wear your anger/frustration on your (blog) sleeve 24/7 otherwise you just aint pissed off enough!

    Over and over and over again, like a…

  436. Ha! Irishgray, I washed man, Thursday I distinctly remember having a wash anyway! 😀

    So that was the noise earlier Irishg. Georges man boobs smacking together as he was typing too fast! 😀

  437. Worth a read, although I do foresee some people reacting to the beginning rather than the ending, but what the hey:


  438. Fernando Muslera looks like a very good keeper.

  439. What a game, could go on for 300 minutes and I wouldn’t complain.

  440. extra time… i think uruguay might do it… irish,, you still making browny points with the girlfrien.d?… how did you like the name i picked fir your restaurant?

  441. Kamran, those saves were good, but the ESPN dudes were creaming themselves about them!

    Oh, its 10 aside now for anyone who aint watching, but might be interested.

  442. George

    Very true, i only read it when something positive has happened just to see if they can crawl out of their hole to write something positive. I was amazed at the negativity Gervinho got on there. Madness even if they knew loads about him but the fact that they dont makes it worse. With the way they disdain the French league you would have thought we have never got a decent player from there before…..short short memories

  443. Dexter – that is a truly appalling image!! Take it back!

    Very funny though LOL

  444. Dupsff; Im pretty sure we’ve been linked to him, no surprised there considering the amount of keepers we have been linked with.

  445. george rodger

    “There are also a few people who would openly say they think Arsene knows best and dont have a problem with being called that stupid, puerile acronym.

    But when you consider what he has done, then its not too much of a leap of faith to say that yeah, the dude actually knows best. Well, he certainly knows a shit load more than any fucker on here.”

    I am AKB for sure .Just as you are a star for sure Dexter.

  446. Kamran – I have settled on Fry-Bury’s as the name and as to The Girlfriend I am afraid to say that as of today I have used up almost all of my Browny points. Not quite in the dog house as yet but it is not what you would call pretty either. But as they say “This too shall pass”.

  447. Hahahaha! Sorry irishGray, I cant take it back man, its out there, nothing I can do about it now!

  448. Great Dexter now I am not just hungover but hungover with that image in my mind……yick!!!….no offense George 🙂

  449. he has kept them in the game,, very young too

  450. Ta George. I really wasnt going to get into it but got bored of seeing the same stuff repeated again.

    I think I’ll just copy and paste it as and when required! 😀

  451. Ok I did not even know the normal Arsenal fans had names.doomers I get, but what is an akb? And a realist?

    I just know that if I was as unhappy as Jabba with Arsensl I would use my time in other stuff. Life is to short to watch and support something you don’t believe in.

  452. kamran; Oh yeah no doubt he has played well tonight. Does he play in italy?


    its s winner
    no more talking of breasts, unless they are of HOPE SOLO…. LOL

  454. This is unbelievable 🙂 wish I had been there!!

  455. Muslera is a poor keeper, he’s having a good Copa America but is very very inconsistent. He’s leaving Lazio for Galatasaray.

  456. LATZIO DEXTER,,, what a waste

  457. Mentalist, thanks man.

  458. mentalist,, you follow seria A?

  459. Do people still watch Serie A?

  460. DB10, its not that deep. If we are supporters we should support.

  461. Ref been good so far, makes a change in international matches.

  462. Its penalties then.


    I used to follow Serie A, watch a few games still. But I couldnt tell you who did well or not this year? Napoli did well though I think? I dont even follow La Liga as much as I used to. Its not as good as it was a few years back when Valencia, Sevilla were a match for the big 2 and the league was very competitive.

  463. Poodle

    AKB is someone who believes that anything Arsene says is right basically.

    That poor Jabba does seem to be unhappy but there are sadly quite a few of them these days. Like i said i think most of there ilk problems were born out of the implosion this year.

    Its a strange thing what football and especially arsenal can do. Its 1.48am on a sunday morning i’ve been blogging for most of the day said about 12 words to my wife in hours and its all to do with Arsenal. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekends


  464. george rodger

    Its in Santa Fe and I have not seen Errol Fltnn once WTF?

  465. Teves misses his pen.

  466. penalties?i hate deciding games this way

  467. Where’s my comedy drum roll when I need it?

  468. george rodger

    Flynn that is

  469. This to decide it… uruguay are through!

  470. Great game!

  471. credit to them.. great win

  472. Top pens by Uruguay, brilliant, well played them, laters Argentina.

    Good night

  473. Paul N

    agreed but all im saying is there are guys who are some of the most loud and passionate in the stadium who are also ”doomers” in the blog sphere. There are ”AKB” who spend no money on tickets and yet tell a season ticket holder or share holder they are a rubbish fan. It swings both ways. A football blog is there for fans to talk about there feelings whether positive or negative. The stadium is where i dont think there can be any debate as to how you conduct yourself. Like i said earlier my brother would be called a doomer on here and yet he has a had a season ticket for 20 odd years goes to 90% of all away games domestic and europe and sings as loud as any. Its not right or fair to label him a poor fan as his commitment to the team almost certainly outlasts the person leveling the accusations at him. He blogs as it allows him to discuss his actual thoughts, if they are negative at the moment it is what it is.

  474. Woow, so Muslera did it! Big boost for Gala fans, still doesn’t change what I think of him. His howlers are well known including the crappiest penalty save attempt http://youtu.be/watch?v=JKdQDyvkeCE

  475. good night all,, great comments tonight… Gota figure out how to deal with this weasel, cuervo.. any ideas? what a hit and run artist..

  476. DB10.

    There are plenty of Arsenal blogs on the internet. Some for positive posters some for the other kind. This is a blog for positive posters the rest can piss off to the other blogs. Room for all on the internet, just not here.

  477. kamran

    just skip his post like I do.

  478. Its uncanny how you keep completely missing the pojnts time and again, just like the person you keep on insisting on defending.

    This perception that you cannot express disatisfaction when that isnt the issue and even though others keep on explaining that to you, you still come back with the same replies.

  479. kamran

    He is a bit of an eccentric man, harmless really. But yeah, just skip em mate. I do.

    In other news, we have apparantly signed that kid Campbell. If true, I hope he can get the work permitc, it might mean Ryo not getting one though.

  480. My spanish just about got me through that Dupsff! Looks more than a mere rumour. And the fact he is getting the number 12 shirt suggests he won’t be loaned out.

  481. excellent,,, don’t know much about him but welcome.. hope you are as good as the other two campbells that played for ARSENAL…

  482. He is 5’11” apparantly, left footed. Just got this from Wiki (I know) but check out the last bit.

    After rumours linking Campbell with a move to the likes of Juventus, Arsenal and Barcelona, it was confirmed on Saturday 16th July that he would join Arsenal FC on a 5 year deal. He will join 17 year old Matt Newland who joined the club just hours before in a 2 million move from the Lincoln Academy

    Then again, it says Joel’s current club is Lokomotiv Plovdiv

  483. It begs the question, who the hell is Matt Newland?

  484. Seems a done deal, but so do many others in the media. Hey-ho wait and see before I update me profiles I suppose.

  485. You never heard of Matt Newland? How strange, an unheard of signing by Wenger.

  486. DB, if your brother is posting negative crap on blogs he is too a part of the problem of spewing negative crap around. Good that he goes and supports the team but that doesnt let him off the hook in my opinion. We should still be constructive in what we have to say regardless of where and when we say it.

  487. Exactly Irishgray! Who da fuck indeed? 😀

    Right, off to bed, the drugs have worn off now! 🙂

  488. Maybe I should have SHOUTED that at Irish.

    Speaking , as I am, to you IrishG, why were you calling them French fries the other day? I thought all you Irish hated the French after the infamous hand-ball. Well that is the impression I have gleaned while living here in Mayo. (call em Irish fries haha)

  489. I agree with Dexter. Time for bed.

  490. I do not hate the French. I just think the ref fucked up in that game. Watch it again and you will see Robbie Keane handling the ball on at least 4 seperate occasions. Either way goodnight to you both, til tomorrow 🙂

  491. Uruguay is fast becoming my least favorite team in south america. Nothing but hacking and play acting. That Perez dude should’ve received a second yellow way earlier. That two footed lunge on Mascherano was worthy of a red on its own, nevermind his persistent fouling on Messi. That Suarez is a vile little rat. Can’t stand that little bucktoothed cheat. Forlan is a class act. I’m glad he left Manure when he had the chance.

    Batista should get the sack as soon as possible. How do you come in second place in a group that includes Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica? Gago is atrocious. How anyone can say that guy is any good is baffling. The Argentinian players who were worth anything tonight were Messi, Zanetti and Pastore. Zanetti looked fresh as a daisy in the 120th minute. What an absolute monster of a player. Pastore looks the business. Neat, tidy player with bags of talent. Messi is Messi. I loathe Barcelona bu I do like him. Hardly dives eventhough he gets fouled the most of any player on the pitch. If Higuain came to Arsenal and missed as many chances as he has at the Copa America, the doomers would boo him until he left.

    I wold bracket Bill with Luke and JD10. He is as repetitive and uninformed but at least he’s nice about it. I have to give him credit for that.

    DB10,a person having a season ticket is rightly criticized like anyone else who slates the team unjustly. A season ticket doesn’t make you anymore special than a guy in Timbuktu spending half his yearly wage to buy a legitimate Arsenal shirt. If anything, the fact that they make it out to the ground just to have a moan and then get on a blog to talk shit about his team shows how fucking spoiled some people are. With regards to a divide, it’s all pretty simple. You either get behind the team or you get the fuck out of the way, as simple as that.

    Totally agree with George as far as simpletons and easy solutions.
    I don’t want Denilson to go on loan to Sao Paulo. I want him to go to another European team and become a star so that the idiots who mistreated him can eat shit.

  492. Limestonegunner

    Gains, I must concur re: Uruguay. After their cheating of Ghana at last year’s WC, I cannot abide them, despite Forlan. Suarez is a low and vile player, a biting dog, literally.

  493. 1st half – LA Galaxy 0 – 2 RM

    Goodnight all!

  494. 4-0 now with half an hour to go.

  495. Suarez is right up there with Busquets, Alves and Nani for me. These players are a fucking disgrace to the game of football.

    Doomer comparing these three slime balls with Eboue in 3…2…1.

  496. @ gains Denny does not have to go to Europe to become a star. Become g a brazilloan first team player winning the WC should be enough. However if he gets In to the brazil squad after leaving us you know that will be AWs fault. Doomers are so populist. They change opinion all the time.all they can use against Wenger is god sent even if it means to like a player like Denilson in 12 months time.

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