One Of Us Speaks: Let’s Get X-Rated

Big Al (One Of Us) is starting a new weekly column with A Cultured Left Foot, a different perspective from my own. The Grumpy Old Man kicks off with something I find irritating but nonetheless privately maintain, Player Ratings.

I used to quite like Player Ratings. They claimed to condense a 90-minute performance into one figure and being fairly lazy that suited me down to the ground. Even if I’d witnessed the match first-hand, I’d take the scores on board because the writer was a pro.

There are many problems with them, not least of which is that a team is an entity, not eleven individuals. Assign scores to each player after watching the match once and you’re taking a giant leap into the unknown. There’s so much that you won’t catch on first viewing.

If you want to judge a performance accurately, you’re going to need a 90-minute DVD devoted solely to that player’s actions, on the ball and off. This is just the starting point, because the performance of one player relies to a large extent on the performance of his teammates, so you’ll have to view two or three pieces of footage in synchrony, pausing at specific moments to evaluate decisions and actions.

A journalist won’t manage that during the frantic minutes before his filing deadline, instead he will be scratching his head to remember moments to give a performance value. Beyond the obvious stuff like goals, individual skill and egregious errors will be crunching tackles, lung-busting runs or anything that constitutes “a real shift”.

It is eye-catching when a player covers a lot of ground and launches into tackles but counter-intuitively, this behaviour can be detrimental to a team if it means vacating a position, playing in a way that teammates won’t be able to anticipate, or expending energy that could be better used in other situations.

Rinus Michels highlighted Sonny Anderson’s unsuccessful stint at Barcelona in the 90s in his book, Teambuilding: The Road to Success. The Brazilian striker complained that his attacking game was suffering because he was expected to do too much defending, which he interpreted as entailing a lot of running, sapping the stamina needed to join and finish moves.

Those grumbles appeared quite reasonable until Michels contented that Anderson’s comments betrayed a complete misapprehension his role in the team. If a striker defends in a “team-efficient” manner, he won’t have to charge around the pitch closing down the opposition or tracking back.

Instead, he’ll sense where his teammates will be; he’ll know what they expect of him and what to expect from them, and through intelligent positioning and effective pressing, he will defend efficiently without expending unreasonable amounts of energy.

That isn’t easy to spot during the flow of a match but it’s hugely important. Gilberto Silva had a great instinct for off-the-ball teamwork. Apparently languid on the pitch, many weren’t convinced by him at first. Then he got injured and in his absence a hole appeared in the team. People began to appreciate what they couldn’t see in the blur of a Premier League match at full pace.

Now, if a result in football depends so entirely on the team, would it ever be possible to designate precise 1-10 ratings to players? The answer is a tentative “yes”. But you’d need so much material – not to mention privileged access – to compile fair scores.

And let’s think about what’s fair for a moment. It’s a blunt truth that certain players are more talented than others. What is important is that they mesh together, know their tasks and carry them out diligently. A fair score would take on board the role that the player has been asked to fill. This means that the evaluator would need to know the ins and outs of team-talks, training sessions and private conversations between coach and player.

It’s this kind of hasty analysis that lumps players with unfair reputations. If an unpopular player misplaces a pass, this event is going to stick in the mind of the appraiser more vividly than if an established star had done the same because it reinforces an opinion. Already rushed, subjective ratings become prone to received wisdom.

Why is all this important?

Player ratings are a symptom of the misguided idea that it’s easy to build a team. At a time when there’s discord between Arsenal fans and players, they encourage cold, preconceived judgements that sustain a culture of negativity around unpopular individuals.

They’re just as likely to mislead as offer quick insight. This is a problem because their convenience makes them so popular. They confer unmerited authority on the judge. Hasty evaluation places too much stock in the appearance of effort by a player, without assessing whether these exertions are actually ”team-efficient”.

By isolating individuals, we end up with fantasy speculation like, “How many Arsenal players would make it into the Man U team?” Which makes as much sense as me discussing which of my internal organs would work better transplanted into someone else’s body.

And with that I think I’d better sign off for this week. I just hope you weren’t tucking into breakfast when you reached the previous paragraph – unless you happen to be a fan of player ratings.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. interesting thoughts expressed. i quite agree with them. football, being a team game, Player ratings should be in context of the team, although once in a while it can be so clear that one or two players literally took the game by the scoff of the neck and dragged their team across the finishing line!

  2. Excellent, Big Al. Player ratings usually reveal more about the writer than the player. The organs transplantation analogy works well.

  3. Very interesting blog but how will Jibber, Luke and AIC manage to turn it into an attack on AFC and its manager?

  4. 9 for the first half of the post, 8.5 for the second. May have to go for the re-run, though.

  5. Great article and completely agree. I never do player ratings because football is a team sport. I just stick to the ref rating… 🙂

  6. Great article and completely agree. I never do player ratings because football is a team sport. I just stick to the ref rating… 🙂 LOL Chas

  7. Very well put OOU. Ratings don’t sit right but i struggle to put my thoughts across on this matter. looking forward to more of this.

  8. Good post. Excellent points overall. Though I don’t give ratings much thought, you certainly bring perspective to a lot of things. Especially the part where you mention set prejudices against certain players. A sideways passing Brazilian in our squad comes to mind.

    @Chas – I agree with your ratings 😀

  9. The shyte coming out of wenger and the club is so thick these days that a modicum of objectivity is welcome as are player ratings, what are you so troubled by, need seven more years of results.

  10. Good post OOU.

    Whenever I miss a match, the first thing I read is the match report then the player ratings.

    This article has brought out some of the flaws when journo’s rate players. Any player that has done something spectacular might earn a high rating even if not playing particularly well and a player might be rated low after making an error. I remember our 4-4 against Liverpool a few years ago where Arshavin scored four, he didn’t play particularly well but ended up with 10 points rating on which was really surprising.

    Thanks OOU for giving a better insight.

    Good point Bernard, but do they really need a starting point?

  11. One of the many interesting passages from J.Wilson in Guardian shortly after we sold Henry
    Herbert Chapman wrote in a journal published shortly after his death in 1934. His tone, oddly, given he was a pioneer of counter-attacking and the third back game and was widely regarded as an arch-pragmatist, was elegiac. ‘They must get goals, no matter how, and the points,’ he said. ‘The measure of their skill is, in fact, judged by their position in the league table. Thirty years ago, men went out with the fullest licence to display their arts and crafts.’

    It misses out the closing sentence. Jonathan includes that in his book ‘Inverting the pyramid’. In fact, the entire closing paragraph of that chapter “Third back” is worth revisiting.
    This now seems all but axiomatic; it is a measure of how pervasive the amateur inclinations of the game remained that even chapman seems to have felt it necessary to apologise for winning. “Thirty years ago”, he wrote, “men went out with the fullest licence to display their arts and crafts. Today they have to make their contribution to a system.’

  12. 29 days fellows.. have a great wknd

  13. Interesting post and correct in many ways.

    Perhaps allocating a specific score maybe impossible, but you can certainly say whether a player had a good game or a poor game.

    When you see the players perform over years, you get to see whether there is more good games or bad games, and that forms an assessment.

    Of course hollywood moments will standout, just as huge mistakes, but that is the unavoidable nature of the human pysche. Who remembers a nonevent vividly?

  14. Glad to know you will do a weekly post here, OOU love your inightful posts!!


    BTW, I agree with dupss, from yesterday’s comments.

  15. tatezee

    Surely you accept anyone who scores 4 goals is fully deserved of praise/accolade and high player ratings (if they were used)

  16. hah, Arshavin only deserved s 6 rating for the game against liverpool where he scored four times…. what?
    he should have gotten a 12 ..

    that said ,said rtings are purely subjective.. agree with writer..

  17. great read OOU!!

  18. man CHITTY, statement… wengers remarkes regarding ffp are regrettable… the very existence of your club is regrettable … cheat sob..

  19. they did get a good man in patrick to help in management.. wonder if ARSENAL approached him about joining up with our coaches..

  20. Jabba's delights

    Very good post, and completely agree on most points. One only has to cast their eye down the sun’s primative player ratings on a given day to see that the writer has often just given a token effort. However one can make a slight judgement on player when assesing his role in the team to see if he wins his individual duels whilst working within the team format.


    To be fair our manager does make it easy for people at times doesnt he. His quotes in china yetserday reported today on the youth of our team and how we arent weak defensively and that we did show mental strength last year are open to ridicule from just about anyone as its been heard before……as his whole point about the team being young and that they will inevitably get better is blown out of the water by the fact that they didnt get better last year.

    Anyway good post Al very interesting.

  21. he doesn’t care if some ridicule him.. he is trying to build their confidence up for the upcoming season.. exactly what one would expect from a great manager.. look FORWARD

  22. Does arseblogger supply you with your thoughts for the day everyday JD? You seem quite incapable of indepedent thought mate.

    You really are pathetic. I’ve lost complete confidence in you actually being a Gooner, or indeed having a humourous bone in your body.

    You really dont get it. Shame

  23. OOU

    Thanks for the post. I think player ratings are just another way for simpletons, to be spoon fed opinions, so they know who is a good player and who aint. Players like Gerrard, Rooney always get good marks, while others not os.

  24. Think player ratings need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  25. Wenger also talked about what gervinho will bring to the team, yet surprise surprise the Manc fan with way too much time on nhis hands jumped straight into the supposedly contentious Wenger quotes. I saw the quotes and initially I was a bit concerned that we werent going to sign a defender, or defensive players, but just as with the fergie quotes, when you actually read the WHOLE interview, you see that we STILL are in the market.

    Fuck off Dustin

  26. morning dexter,, how are you?

  27. Luke

    I think when they were used for the fanstay football competition, thats fair enough TBH, anything more than that? Nah.

  28. Good stuff Big Al. I hate player ratings from pundits & journalists but even more so from fans.

    I agree with Frank about the organ transplant analogy.

  29. Good day Kamran, thanks, I am well, hope you are too?

  30. think you are right… i can see and feel one or two more signings this summer. maybe after he reads the hands of the other managers. holding the cards close to his vest..

  31. OOU Fridays! The world just got a bit better. Excellent piece.

    “…you can certainly say whether a player had a good game or a poor game.”

    Yes you certainly can, Luke, certainly. You totally got it. Whether or not anyone pays the slightest bit of attention to what you say though, depends on a whole different set of variables.

    I think player ratings should be done away with myself. And replaced with something more decisive; you either get a ’round of applause’ icon or a

  32. very well,, can’t wait for the saturday game against the chinese and ofcourse the wwc final with usa and japan… should be a great spectical for women football…

  33. Jabba's delights


    His and Gunnerblog are the 1st 2 i read, but no offence big guy i can make my own oppinion on matters such as these. I also formulate my oppinions from reading and listening to as many sources as possible, wheres you get yoru oppinions from one to 2 sources……who is more objective and rounded?

    I would have thought it would be quiet obvious that people dont want to here him trot out the same lines that he used the year before and the year before that. Maybe he should just actually go out and do what he said he would do.

    Same things happens every year, he says he is going to go out and buy players then when pre season comes about he starts talking about how the team has grown and that we were unlucky last year……………..same shit every year and our performance has dipped every year culminating in our joint worst ever points total under his management. Thats where the frustration is mate.

    Anyway delighted that gervinho is training at the colney so he is going to be ready to go staright away the team is back, i certainly think he will help out with the attack, here is hopting we do something with the defence

  34. plan to go and see it in a pub,,, hopefully a pact one that serves stellas… lots of it… LOL

  35. AW is alright .. no other manager in the world could have done what he has for.ARSENAL.. if i had a footballing son i would earge him to play for a manager like him…

  36. the man is doing an incredible job against so many odds.. with so many pressures one can’t help but fear for his health…

  37. You are a star, Kamran. No fighting in a ‘pact pub’ I suppose?

  38. Kamran your usage of CAPITAL letters really drives the point home. ARSENAL

  39. mornimg frank, tnx… no fighting .. I’m a good drunk… LOL how are you?

  40. LOVE this club with a passion..

  41. Jibber. I don’t care how big or old you are. Mentally you are a silly little spoilt brat.

  42. LOVE what it stands for , and I’m delighted and honored to have AW lead the team to its pure goals, as long as he will have the job and us.

  43. Instead of player ratings players should be marked on 5 yard square passes.Denilson would be the best player in the world better than Messi

    Wenger says we are not poor defensively.After a season we conceded 43 league goals.Welcome to Wengerworld

  44. i like GERVINHO and his attitude,, arrogant fellow which is fine for a winger/striker.. like the way he talks in the third person.. i have feeling he is going to mesh real well with the players in the team and take the league by storm….

  45. Very good article OOU,A welcome change from the usual Champ. Man of late.
    It reinforces what some of us were saying recently(Gadget in particular I think)
    We all have opinions about payers comings and going ,tactics ,formations and alike yet nobody ,bar the manager is in full possession of the relivent data that is required to make an informed judgement or decision.
    Yet people without any knowledge of even the basic position the club is in at any given time feels that they,and their usually very limited intelligence,should have a voice that is given some value.

  46. Nice one OOU, well needed change of pace there.

    Reinforcing of preconceptions makes it’s way into journo’s match reports, no doubt. Player ratings are ropey enough to begin with. It seems as if players are just assigned a score of 7/10 at the beginning of the match and one point is detracted or added for every ‘memorable’ moment a player has in the game. Lazy.

    The preconceived opinion of that player comes into effect when determining if a moment is ‘memorable’. Cesc giving away possesssion may not be as memorable to some folk as Denilson falling down injured while on the ball.

    In a similar sense, holding midfielders are rarely named man of the match (unless they score – Song against Chelsea). They can really only do wrong in a game as everything else is seen as doing their job and not as memorable as a last ditch tackle, or scoring.

  47. JD

    Reading the opinions of others to get your own opinion doesnt make you rounded mate. What you do is read FACTS, try and digest them and formulate your OWN opinion dude. I read news sources to glean INFORMATION and make my OWN MIND up. Then when I read pieces by Yogi or arseblogger I can AGREE or DISAGREE with them, as I have a good understanding of th matters. And then when reading those diverse opinoons I can be swayed ny the thoughts of others, not lead by the thoughts of others before I have fully got a grasp of the situation. You on the other hand, are always regaling us with the 2 or 3 blogs you read and thats where you get your opinions from, hardly rounded eh? Nope, not at all, the fact that you think you are is laughable and pathetic.

    But thats you all round

    But as I said yesterday, dont ever think you have my number mate, you dont know me, you just suggested I get my info from 2 sources! You havent got a clue.

  48. faith is such a rare commodity these days….

  49. Ray,What is the point of that post?What do you think you will achieve.
    Do you think you no more about football than Wenger?

    “do you want fries with that?”

  50. I think player ratings are perfect for todays football “fan” Instead of going into detailed analysis of a players attributes and weaknesses, they can simply be given a number. Hey presto, this player is shit as he got a 3.


  51. Excellent post OOU. Have to say I’m unfamiliar with player ratings, must happen in a branch of media I don’t use. Getting back into reading about Arsenal now the actual football has started again. Lovely watching them play, some beautiful fluid passing in the game. Biggest joy of course to any Arsenal fan is seeing Frimpong back after his awful injury.
    Although reading some of the comments here that was irrelevant all that matters is slagging off our manager for things he may or may not have said to the media.
    Some absolute stars come here but some complete cunts too. Sadly.

  52. Good morning Dexter.
    Fuck the peacekeeping mission today egh?

  53. Flint McCullough

    Good one, Big Al.

    So much work is done off the ball, ie out of camera shot, that you cannot get a complete impression of a player/team without being there.

    Although I confess I used to take some notice of these rating, I rarely agreed with them. Just to show how pedantic I can be at times, when I particulary disagree with the journo, I will add up the relative scores for our players & for an opposition that we have totally dominated & often find that they outrate us by 5-10. Sad isn’t it. Still beats bleating about the rest of it out there at present.

  54. I try to speak with Herbert Chapman before I form my own opinions.
    The only figures I like that rate a player are the betting odds. RVP is 12/1 to be top scorer next season.
    That’s well worth 100 € of my hard earned cash.

  55. Haha! George

    After yesterdays efforts, I cannot be arsed today. Its like banging your head against a brick wall, eventually you get bored and a headache! 😀

    Its like until you agree with how completely and utterly shite we are (and I have actually mentioned the negative feelings I had last season, many many occasions!) then anything else is people not facing up to the truth FFS!

    Its sad, boring and dull as fuck, so yeah, I’ve fucked the peacekeeping right off today! 😀

    How are you mate?

  56. George, do you feel the need to attack people in every post?

    Let’s not beat around the bush – todays article/comments is a revamped Denilson chat. People making excuses for a player who constantly recieves bad press.

    Agree that the ratings systems are pointless, but at the end of the day, Denilson is pony!

    Let the games begin…………………..:-)

  57. Excellent piece OOU. If we can’t have Stone Cold Fridays, it looks like OOU ones will be a quality replacement from the subs bench!

  58. Luke

    Oi mate! You are asking for it now! Haha! 😀

  59. Now you are back at Arsenal, what aims do you have for the coming season?

    I hope I can contribute to the team. I just want to work hard to do my best.

    There is so much confidence that Myaichi will get a work permit, almost to the point of forgetting it.

    Wenger, Ryo and seem quite ignorant of any potential concerns.

    Do not know whether this is positive or whether our usual lack of grace with which we are treated is around the corner

  60. Northbank

    Guive old Herbie my regards and ask him whats the chances of us signing Samba? Merci

  61. we will win our share of titles and trophies.. they might not come as rapidly and ad frequently as for teams around us who chose to porches theirs… but when ours come, ill cherish them a hundred times more than their fans value theirs, because it was earned and done not by cheating( bending ffp rules) and or sinking the clubs name under a mountain of debt… and hay, i enjoy watching the product we put out in the mean time.. would rather watch rem minutes of ARSENAL football than two hours of maure and or two hours of CHITTY anti-football…

  62. Great article OOU and a subject which I have often pondered, but not managed to analyse in such great depth. ‘Man of the Match’ awards are another subjective aspect of football which always provoked healthy debate.

    As much as the player ratings system frustrates me, I remember opening the newspaper in my younger days and finding that Bergkamp had managed a nice round 10. After his hatrick against Leicester I think. As an easily pleased young lad, it made me so proud and the smile lasted the whole day.

  63. Bergkamp 10 is the most beautiful arrangement I’ve ever seen in the red & white.

  64. the problem with alot of arsenal fans is that they would be genuinley suprised if we win anything this season. And if we win it will not be due to AWs good management, nope it will be down to luck.

    I on the other hand will be genuinly suprised if we do not win anything this season. I will also know that if we win it will be down to aws good management.

    more and more arsenal blogs seem to be of the “generally suprised if we win anything” school.
    its a shame that fans has so little trust and faith in their team. Even liverpool fans have more faith in their team than Arsenal fans have in theirs. And we all know that liverpool wont win shit this season. they wont be good enough, even with their new aquisations. Arsenal, united, chelsea and tottenham/City will be to strong.

  65. I on the other hand will be genuinly suprised if we do not win anything this season.


    Poodle, what do you think we are best positioned to win?

  66. tend to free poodle,, liverpool has a few more years rebuilding to do .. 5th or 6th at best

  67. in the aftermath of the NOTW scandal one can but wonder how many agents and players the other tabloids are phone tapping. all those namless “quotes” etc. if they are not all the imagination of some journalists overcreative brain, they must come from somewhere….

  68. Liverpool are ridiculous..

    £100million and they get Adam, Carroll, Downing and Henderson.

    Mate of mine was a charity event t’other day which Jamie Redknapp attended, apparently the tight suit wearing pundit has lumped on the Pool to win the league.

    No way the bookies kept a straight face…….

  69. Kamran,That is how I feel also.
    Enjoyment of the football and winning tin cups can be independent .
    When people wax lyrical about the achievement of Man U. I struggle not to laugh.I say”if United don’t win it in a given year it should be deemed a disaster” The size of them(biggest club in the world we are told)and the consistent level of expenditure on the team should make them the default winners.
    Its like buying a house ,employing a team of gardeners and crowing when you win the “best garden award”in your street.Not much of an achievement really.

  70. why go through the trouble poodle, just make it up. there are plenty of buyers for hogwash, it seems.

  71. Northbank1969, those odds on VP are petty damn good! Wonder what odds I’d get on Theo being top scorer. Got a feelin’.

  72. my money is on ROBIN..

  73. Dex,

    I’ve just spoken with Herbert for the fourth time this morning and asked him about Samba, he replied,
    “putain de merde! Samba? tu est un con!”

    See, he speaks French sometimes because he’s a great admirer of Monsieur Wenger.

    By that I take it he doesn’t think it’s a good idea and the odds are fairly non existant.

  74. whole heartedly with you george, and good morning
    luke, i think charlie is a good purchase for liverpool… as team spirit mentioned, he is one of those players that can win it for you in any giving day.. the other three purchases, i have doubts if they are gona get their monies worth…

  75. Luke | July 15, 2011 at 10:27 am
    George, do you feel the need to attack people in every post?

    I attacked nobody.But did you recognize yourself as his person?

    “Yet people without any knowledge of even the basic position the club is in at any given time feels that they,and their usually very limited intelligence,should have a voice that is given some value.”

  76. “See, he speaks French sometimes because he’s a great admirer of Monsieur Wenger.

    By that I take it he doesn’t think it’s a good idea and the odds are fairly non existant.”

    Chris,funny as mate.Really ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. You are an idiot George, you know that right?

    Always been tough through life? Never quite get the grades?

  78. @ northbank1969 LOL… 🙂

  79. don’t blow a fuse, luke
    who’s attacking now..

  80. George, do you think we are a big club? Essentially, do you think we are punching, breaking even, or failing to live up to our potential?

  81. George,

    Do you think that your problem might be that the only pussy you ever get to see is the one on your avatar?

  82. I think we have been overachieving since 1998 Luke. Consistently.every year without fail.

  83. Like a kindergarten in here.

  84. Every dimwit is having a pop at me today

  85. Sorry Dups 😦

  86. sigh are we on that level again? the who gets most pussy? cos that has alot to do with Arsenal does it not?
    LIke Mark getting alot of pussy so therefore hes an arsenal expert??
    Mark grow up.

  87. Really?

    It’s a shame. I’m pretty sure that the thousands of individuals who had, over 112 years helped build and sculpt Arsenal into one of the biggest clubs in England would probably suggest winning the odd league title and FA Cup is anything but overachieving.

    But then again, you wouldn’t recognise anything about Arsenal pre 1998 now would you?

  88. Haha, why do you think that is George. Your biggest WUM on here.

  89. Excellent post OOU,

    Thankfully, coaches and team managers don’t use player rating by journalists or pundits, so I think its a generally harmless exercise undertaken by lovers of the game. A bit like fantasy football or championship manager.
    I find it hard to imagine anyone booing a player because of player ratings he read on The Sun. Sure it will reinforce some already held views, but so what?

    You know, I wonder how accurate these player ratings tend to be over time (compared to stat-based coaches assessments). For a player like Diaby for instance, I’m sure Wenger rates him much more than fans/pundits do. Similarly for Gilberto as observed in your post. On the other hand there is little controversy on players like Henry, Viera, Sagna, RvP, etc.

  90. Poodle,

    Pussy is always important! 🙂

  91. ….player ratings tells you much about the writer; their biases, their prejudices.
    Go rot in hell Arsenal Truth. RIP.

    (Something tells me that Mr Orwellian Truth and his mates now squirrel around this and other blogs preaching their brand of negativity. After seeing Luke’s desperate two-footed lunge at Denilson I am absolutely certain)

  92. Ooooo – good one, Mark!

    The Metro (*spits*) Fantasy Football League is a good one for the much-maligned Denilson Apologists amongst us. The scoring is based on Opta’s stats and takes into account such derisory actions as tackling, interceptions, blocks, clearances, completed passes in the opposition half and shots on target.

    Snap-judgement, blustery types may prefer The Sun’s offering. This sticks with the tried and tested applause vs sadtrombone formula. Doesn’t fuck about with boring excuse-making like ‘what a player actually did’.

  93. @luke
    everything ofc 🙂
    but i acutally hope we win the CC. Not because its so prestiguious or the hardest thing to win. But because last year pissed me off totally, i just did not see that Chensey Kos incident coming atl all. We should have won that final and i want revenge. I also hope we win the CL and if Bendtner(how could he miss!!!!) had not missed that last chance at Nuo Camp im sure we would have beaten Real and been in the final this year atleast. But i guess winnng the CL is the hardest.

    What do you think Luke? and if you say ” we wont win anything cos we are shit” i will find you and slap you around the head for being rude 🙂
    You got to pick one trophy what do you think we will win and what is your greatesht wish?

  94. Jabba's delights


    Her goes again. You say Utd expenditure but it 30m more than us over 5 years?????? Once again stats destroy your argument, but i guess im a cunt. All yesterday afternoon the doomers presented good stat based arguments as to why they think what they think , and the name callers have zero responses in reply other than just to say your negative or a cunt. For once try an actually backup your argument with some stats other than that wenger is the best and he knows more than everyone in world football put together


    as put yesterday, put a rational argument forward as to how we might win the league this year in our current position, knowing that our manager when held to his word (todays quotes 3 years on the trot) wont go out and make 2-3 more quality additions that we need. Bare in mind we fininshed with 68 points last year which was closer to 5th than 1st……that sir is a fact!

    I found his quotes today mindless considering he used the same ones the year before and we eneded up having a significantly worse season

  95. I £10 million buys Charles N’Zogbia should we not be having a bid?
    I think he would add a bit of drive and balance.

  96. I was going to write “Great post” even before reading it – since I consider the writer a great guy – but after reading it I’ve confirmed that it is a great post. The comments on Anderson remind me of the first time I ever saw a match involving Ruud Gullit. I was but a school boy then and I can remember the match ending 0:0. And yet what impressed me so much with Gullit was his ability off the ball. He appeared to be everywhere. Football is indeed a team sport but as in animal farm some footballers are more equal than others!

  97. Greatest wish is the EPL. Its the purest form of competition. Considering we are battling against 2 of the best 5 teams in Europe, and an ever improving mid table, it would be an incredible achievement.

    If we make a few more adjustments to the squad, I’m confident we can give it a crack this year.

    Can’t demand anything, but a domestic cup would be the perfect anecdote to get that monkey off. Once these lads experience winning together it will springboard them to the next level.

  98. Jabba,Because they sold Ronaldo.
    But I am not discussing anything with you you manc loving twat

  99. Nice one OOU.

    The Arsenal blog Troll has arison from it’s beautiful slumber. It’s a hard life when you have an agenda to uphold. I suppose now is as good a time as any to unleash this joke (you’ve been warned) that Avaris15 was hoping to avoid with that tempting reference to Pythagoras’ theorum last week:

    – I’ve always been fascinated by the shape and form of the pitch itself. All those rectangles and circles (applies to cricket too). It’s Golden Mean something!

  100. This guy sounds more like it:

    Easier to imagine him in a high line than poor old Chris Samba.

    Also being linked with 19 yr old Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell.

    Could be more bullshit of course but they are the first new names I’ve heard in a while and they sound more plausible than most.

  101. Tumble weed abounds 🙂

  102. What George???? How does that make ANY sense.

    They sold a player, and used the profit to reinvest in the squad. I suppose its cheating that they managed to get 80mill for Ronaldo, and we are about to have our pants pulled down over Fabregas?

    Also, your complete lack of anything outside Wenger becomes more apparent when you dont recognise that United was the original self sustaining model that we wanted to EMULATE.

    Noise of the Glazers floating the club in Hong Kong, Forbes has gestimated the value to be around 2.7billion dollars. They are already the richest sporting franchise in the world, with a brand value (again by forbes) of 350million.

    In case you hadnt noticed, thats more than the PIK note debt they have. Dont be all high and mighty on something you know abosolutley nothing abbout.

  103. Ok .I give up

    Arsenal are shit and will never win fuck all with that french man in charge.And United and Chelsea are the model Arsenal should follow.

    Luke .Jabba .happy now?

  104. Man United fan. Clear as day.

  105. manure is close to a billion in debt, go back a few more years and add it up again… it will give you a clearer picture. every team around us in the table either goes and strokes suger daddy for more funds or are throut deep in shit because they have lived outside their means.. on a level playing field no one can compete against, you guessed it, ARSENAL..

  106. Luke .Try to keep up.
    I was pointing out that it was only £30 million because of the Ronaldo sale.Of course the are entitled to er invest.
    You really are not to bright are you?

  107. George, Dex et al – Simply skip reading anything from Jibber. It works for me. No longer worth the aggro.

  108. Limps,You think ?

  109. Yes Limpar, you got me.

    Spend pretty much ever day on an Arsenal blog talking about Arsenal, when really, I support the Mancs…………….

  110. If we fail to get the center back we require I fear it will be another season of disappointment. I pray wengers comments were a smoke screen ala arshavin is not suite to the EPL next going u know he is in red and white!

  111. Im sorry Jabba, i dont engange in conversations with you. Im afraid you and your methods are just not my cup of tea. Try someone els.

  112. How many sugar’s do you want in your tea poodle?

  113. Jabba's delights


    Firstly i agree N’zogbia would be a great buy

    Selling Ronaldo was a great bit of business was it not. They forced the world richest club in a 1 buyer market to pay a world record fee for a player. Its like saying we only have good finances because we sold toure and adebayor a couple of years ago… where its due mate.

    Once again you name call rather than present a rational debate to backup your oppinions. I get it you think im a cunt but my football arguments whilst awfully spelt blow yours out of the water, if it was a boxing match it would be a tko after one round


    See for me a sustained proper championship challenge is all i ask, that means 80 points upwards. If city, chels, utd come above us then so be it. Any cup run or trophy would be a brilliant bonus. All i want is for arsenal to do all it can to make itself trully competative in the league. We are close but we need a couple of crucial ingredients, and past performace suggests a combination of better training and a signing or 2 might work better.

    Milner has come out and said that Clichy has been shocked by the intensity of city training compared to arsenal…..dont shoot the messanger just saying what he said.

  114. Clichy dumfounded at City training.

    ‘What is this set piece you speak of?’

  115. Jabba's delights


    But its an honest question. Put forward a rational argument as to how we will win the league this year currently. There is no doom in that question, it just a question.

    Its hard though to put across your or Markus point of view when you try it though…..that is all i ever say……. if im so wrong, stupid and cuntish prove me wrong by shwoing me with a rational argument.

    thats all i ever put forward my thoughts then i try to back them up, last nights debates whowed what happens when some of you stop the rudness and name calling and try to present yoru case with stats

  116. OOU wrote a wonderful piece and here we are arguing with Manc. loving Wenger haters

    What a waste of space they are

    Jibber, from the comments of others I think you need to check your score card .There doesn’t seem to be many got you ahead on points

  117. george, if we were to buy just one more player this summer it would be ARTURO VIDAL.. in this ,I’m with dexter.. all around great player and versatile too….

  118. George, I don’t think anyone would honestly say you ever put forward a rationale debate about football.

    You are passionate in your defence in all things Arsene though. That much is true.

  119. Vidal signed for Juve.

  120. Jabba’s delights | July 15, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Are you referring to that overweight block head Milner, who’s career has become stagnant and who has a team mate by the name of Gareth Barry, who has also gained pounds since being at city and none of them have played a handful of games since they joined city?

    Him? Well that ain’t too much of a reference to go by. Indeed we have not gained a bit of silver in the last 6yrs but, what we do have is respect from other managers and pundits who have openly said that there are not many teams around fitter than are bunch.

    My advice to you is not to take too much from comments by players that have been sold.

  121. Luke | July 15, 2011 at 11:55 am
    Clichy dumfounded at City training.

    ‘What is this set piece you speak of?’

    That’s the sort of thing that endears you to the rest of us Luke.Not.

  122. Been done to death probably, but anyone familiar with Scott Parker? Would his style of play suit us as replacement for Deni (if he goes) or cover for Song? Does he get forward as well as hold, pass well, link up play?

    Apparently available for 8 million. Tho that price would go up if we made a bid, no doubt.

  123. Tis a joke George. Dont take everything so personally.

  124. Parker would be ideal. I’d position a swap deal with Denilson (loan)

  125. Luke | July 15, 2011 at 11:55 am


    Funny as fuck now but, not when watching us defend set plays.

    Seriously, Wenger is no clown. He knows 70% or so of our implosion was down to or defending so that must be in the process of being fixed.

    That was funny though.

  126. If nothing else signing Parker would give us some positive vibes in the media. He’s their fucking golden boy.

  127. Markus ,you are kidding ,right?
    What next a debate about Denilson? 🙂

  128. Luke, why would he be ideal? Kinda where I was going with my question.

  129. I think it was only 67%

  130. Delia--Block 112

    Just caught AWs China press conference, which has left me bewildered. Apparently , we are going to rely on Gibbs / Traore at LB and TV5 is our reinforcement at CB. While the rest of us sees holes in our defence which need filling with quality additions to the squad, Arsene remains in denial of our obvious shortcomings. What on earth is going on! We are faced with managing with injury prone defenders and no new blood in defence, heaven help us.
    I can’t believe I feel this way but for the club not to address our long standing weaknesses is beyond believe.
    BUT as always COYRs

  131. Markus – We missed the boat on Scott Parker somewhat, as he peaked at 13. I expect he needs to be a regular first teamer at his age and I don’t see how he would fit in at Arsenal in that respect.

  132. 8 mil fir parker sounds alright, but then 10 mil for .nzogbia isn’t bad either. tnx for the info on VIDAL luke. do you know how much he went for..?

  133. Denilson, is a waste of fucking space in a Arsenal kit and I wasn’t happy to see him in the friendly. I thought he was going?

    Bendtner, too should be fucking gone by now. I do not, repeat do not want to see any of them at our club next season. They have had their time while others had to leave or were left to rot. Frimpong, can have a bash at it now and I would much rather have Vela, come on to try and grab us goal than that fucking idiot Bendtner. How the fuck he got chosen from trails is beyond me and god (whatever god you pray to) only knows the players we let slip through the net because if this lame arse cunt.

  134. Arsene Wenger admits his side need to improve defensively next season, as Chinese Arsenal fans mob his squad on their arrival in Hangzhou.

    The Arsenal boss says that money is available for top quality additions, and believes that Ivory Coast international Gervinho will aid the “offensive efficiency” of his team
    There’s a video as well, so no need to distort the quotes by simply editing them.


    Sorry mate, but if you know Arsenal history, then the occasional league title and cup is exactly our level. That doesnt mean we should be satisifed by that and we ought to strive to achieve as best we can. Last season we definitely failed to deliver when it mattered and that, more than signings is the most important thing to overcome for the team, IMO.

    I still expect a signing or 2, but getting back to your point.

    We have never consistently won titles mate, well not since the 1930s! WE’ve been pretty consistnet (for us under GGs early reign and under Wenger, of course!)

  135. Jabba's delights


    I get called names by people on here, but in terms of presenting a case as to why i think what i think i win hands down, as most of those name callers find it utterly incapable to present an argument as to why they think what they think other than Arsene is the greatest thing ever and he is always right. When someone dares to point out that he says the same things and the results havent got better, they are called a cunt and yet its a cast iron fact.

    If you were to ever present an argument as to why you think waht you think and why you think arsene is always right and anyone who doubt him is an idiot that would be a start. As it is you dont pass go.

    simple questions

    1)Did arsenal do all they could do last summer to close an 11 point gap? (what are your actual thoughts george)

    2)Present a case for arsenal winning the league this year?

    3)Have arsenal been learning from from there mistakes over the last 3 years?

    these are questions whether you choose to call me a doomer for asking them suggests i may be right with my answers to them

  136. N’Zogs, should of been signed up years ago.

  137. Because he has the much sought after natural leadership skills, he has shown through his time at Charlton/Chelsea/West Ham that he is more than comfortable on the ball, and he has reinvented himself as a very effective defensive midfielder, who has an exceptional understanding with wilshere, from limited time on international duty.

  138. Fuck me ,Liam Gallagher in the City advert.Talk about class or should I say lack of it.With their money surely they could have gotten Noel?

  139. Luke

    Is that Arturo Vidal signing for Juve? I thought he was a dead cert for Bayern?

  140. Dexter, I appreciate that as our level.

    I positioned that to George who says we have been overachieving every year since 1998. I politley suggested that the 112 years and thousands of individuals involved with defining our history and status would probably disagree with that.

  141. Calm down people, I can’t see us not signing at the very least a leftback or CB. Given our current situation, it would be risky and negligent not to.

  142. Ok. 68% then. Any lower than that then your lying to yourself.

  143. Yeah, he’s been partnered with Wilshere at international level. Just didn’t know much about his style of play. 8 million seems a bargain for a decent CM. But as mattyboy says he would need regular football to find his best form and I wouldn’t want to replace any of our starters.

    Not so sure that Vidal has gone to Juve tho. Can’t see anything official.

  144. Dont bother Jabba.

    George starts cracking gags when he gets put in an uncortable position.

  145. That Toon LB, has said today that he wants to leave due to a desire to play in the CL.

  146. Hilarious Goonerton. Prepare to be abused for slagging off Denilson.

    The best kept secret in world football.

  147. Luke | July 15, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    “George starts cracking gags when he gets put in an uncortable position”.

    The brain can fit so many pictures to that sentence and none of them are good.

  148. funny how manure have signed kids and no one is complaining!! we keep on getting told how good they are.

  149. but will he want to be an automatic firsteamer or is he willing to compete for his spot…? parker that is.

  150. Jibber this is somewhat telling” i think i win hands down,”
    Of course YOU do .But the rest of us do not.Apart from Luke of course.

  151. Henristic: “Calm down people, I can’t see us not signing at the very least a leftback or CB. Given our current situation, it would be risky and negligent not to.”

    Is that intended to wind up doomers, Henristic? It’s pretty obvious that we aren’t going to sign any more defenders. The fact that we don’t need and more CBs along with Wenger’s comments about not looking for a left-back/ having confidence in what we have makes that clear enough.

  152. JD I’ve presented untold cases to you, why I think you miss the whole point of being a Gooner, why you should fuck off and find another hobby as you really dont seem to enjoy it one bit ands so on. All you do is present other people’s opinions and link to tabloid articles by lazy hacks to back up your points. I have explained to you, numerous times, how rehashing last season’s debacle isnt necessary as I was there, at the games, I dont need to be told again how we fucked up. Your 1st post today for example, you chose to pick out heavily edited quotes about how we aint signing a new defender, or that we aint weak defensively and of course you used that to make a warped negative comment, as is your bent.

    Unless you can come up with some enlightening ideas of your own, (about Arsenal, not manU BTW!) then please desist and dare I say, try your luck on another blog?

    You are so miserable, lighten up and enjoy the sunshine man.

    Thats it mate, I am done with you, I have tried, lord knows I have tried, but Mother Theresa would be on here calling you a cunt after 5 minutes.

  153. Scott Parker you say? I’d take him, he’ll be vastly overproced mind (£4m just for a years loan apparantly) But yeah, worth a punt

  154. Dexter – you make an excellent case and I for one support you.
    By the way, I play in a band and the singer (who I wouldn’t have chosen for this reason alone) is a Spud. Last time we played he admitted that he and many of his friends frequently post on Arsenal forums pretending to be disillusioned Arsenal fans as it winds us up and therefore amuses them.
    Next time anyone feels like reading or responding to the likes of jibber they’d do well to remember this fact.

  155. Jabba's delights


    With regards to Milner comments, no they arent gospel, but one thing he is and can never be accused of not being is a billiant trainier who puts 110% effort into everything he does. Across many sports a plethora of succesful teams have come out and said that their training intensity is incredibly high as it prepares them much better for game situations. If Arsene thinks differently then fine, but the proof is in the pudding.

    Not so fussed about Parker although i think he will add a temprement to the squad both in training and on match days that we currently lack, but i believe frimpong has real quality and Song is crucial as he also adds some height at set peices.

  156. Thats it mate, I am done with you, I have tried, lord knows I have tried, but Mother Theresa would be on here calling you a cunt after 5 minutes.

    Dexter .How bad is it if the arch pacifist has come to this. 🙂

  157. Markus

    I think henristic is trying to wind up EVERYONE apart from himself with that little nugget! 😀

  158. @dexter
    mother teresa…. LOL

  159. Steww Yeah, I know mate, thanks BTW.

  160. OOU – nicely constructed perspective….

    You are addressing an issue that many fans will not go into depth to discuss because of their background in the sport.

    My only avenue to see Arsenal is through cable tv or a stream.

    The camera is 99% of the time locked into the player with the ball OR the ball’s flight – the fan is not afforded enough of a clear view of the pitch and movement by other players.

    Even the other camera’s (used for replay during any stoppage) are more focused on the f*cking coaches reactions – the excitement of fans in the stands, the player who committed the misstake OR the 10 different angle replays of the scoring moment.

    So from my screen, I’m not capable of evaluating support and movement off the ball.

    Sadly for fans, for some of the broadcasters are not even at the match, but reporting from their own monitors at a convenient studio……..and as fans, we just assume they are on sight.

    I’m amazed by the number of focused responses before the general tone derailed.

  161. well, off to get some work.done… have a great wknd yoall…

  162. Thanks Kamran, me too.

  163. I do not care what ManU, Chelsea, Spurs, or Pool are doing with their money or players. Let the media kiss their boney as*ses.

  164. Jabba's delights


    Its asking a simple question. All i ask is for some of you to actyually clarify why you think what you think, and yet you get incredibly defensive about it. Take Markus forinstance saying we need no more signings and fully expects us to challenge for the title………….if i were to ask him why he thought that i would be called a cunt. George has never once come out with anything more than name calling to the people he disagrees with, why find it so hard to put across your rational oppinions. Ive been told on here i was a cunt for asking whether denilson got booed. As it was Zho told us yesterday he was booed at the training and the games but it was utd and barca fans who were doing it, i ask a question and get a decent answer……its very very simple. I got told on here i know nothing about american sport by gainsbourg and yet i utterly destroy him and frank yesterday.

    All i do is ask questions and want you to respond by saying whay you think and why youthink it. Im not a mnac or chav i love arsenal more than anything. I never boo at the ground……………and yet you would call me every name under the sun for asking legitmate questions. Are you happy just watching highlights of Barca and chels home games this year in 60 game season??? yes, why, no why?

    Like i said last season and this we needed a top quality striker… called me a cunt now he says the same

    I said and many other said years ago we would like an aggressive domiant organizer at the back….george called me a cunt now he thinks it.

  165. i agree with Arsesession. i dont care what the others are doing.

  166. AFC Wonderland

    Hi guys,

    Is Dexter some kind of child like fool, by your very nature it’s seems to me that common debate is too far reaching for you to assimilate and understand, your aggressive stance on Jabbas thoughts suggest that you have little or nothing to offer anyone other than your own “Dexter Bubble” which is both sad and disappointing. Shame on you and your immature reasoning to suggest anyone’s point of view other than your own carries no weight whatsoever. Grow some bollocks and accept that differing opinions are what make these blogs by their very nature an interesting place to exchange views and opinions irrespective of your own hardline stance on what’s right or wrong for AFC.

  167. “Like i said last season and this we needed a top quality striker… called me a cunt now he says the same”

    Look Jibber stop lying
    You are not called names for wanting a striker or any other player.You are called names for you constant repetitive negative posts
    Any how can you say I never have any opinion and then state what opinion you think I have given?
    For once and for all I do think you are a cunt but not for the reasons you think.Like saying this……………..
    “and yet i utterly destroy him and frank yesterday.”
    When the reality is you did not.Only you think you win debates .You are hugely in the minority and hugely disliked.
    You could never ever destroy Frank in a debate.Get over yourself you despicable weasel.

  168. Jabba: “Take Markus forinstance saying we need no more signings and fully expects us to challenge for the title… if i were to ask him why he thought that i would be called a cunt.”

    You’re baiting me Jabba. Damn me for giving in.

    Actually, the only thing I have ever called you was a manc-lover. Just recently. I actually got tired of telling you why I think we don’t need any more signings and chose not to argue with you any more, but for the record here is why I think we don’t need any more defenders.

    We have a defence that plays a high risk game, yet still managed to have the second best goals conceeded stats right up until our form AS A TEAM declined. Our defence did this despite missing a player who is generally acknowledged to be our strongest defender and defensive leader. How will new signings help?

    I’m not a signings monkey, true. I said after we signed Jenkinson that we’d see maybe one more player come in and I’d be fine with that. But since everyone else is indulging in transfer speculation I may as well shoot the shit when I see a realistic target emerge. I do think we don’t need any more players, but I wouldn’t throw a shit-fit if we did sign someone.

  169. george rodger

    AFC Wonderland

    “irrespective of your own hardline stance ”
    If you were a regular you would know that Dexter is one of the most reasonable and balanced posters on here.
    So in short your post is utter bollox

  170. george rodger

    Markus you are a better man than me.Good post

  171. George

    I know I’m a cunt and most (if not all) on here dislike me for winding people up. Thats alright, I sleep fine at night!

    Jabba actually speaks about football the whole time. It may not be positive but he discusses sport. Now if you want to abuse someone, give me your best shot, you boring predicatble kiss ass yes man! 🙂

  172. George we both failed the troll test. Jabba managed to get to us both there.

  173. george rodger

    Luke ,I don’t have to abuse you.I am sure you abuse yourself enough.

  174. Haha – George, look at you acting like you’ve got a clue.

  175. Jabba,

    There are a couple of reasons why we are automatically in a better position than last year:

    1. Emergence of Sczensey. It is no coincidence our decent defensive record coincided with his run in the first team. The manager and other players have found a keeper they can trust.

    2. Wilshere – His emergence has been astronomical. He completes Fabregas and Song perfectly, and was our stand out midfielder last term

    3. Frimpong & Ramsey – The return of these two players means our midfield options are now much much better than last term. The addition of another DM could be benefical, along with the sale of Denilson, and we will have a better balance.

    4. TV5 – Our best defender returning will always be fruitful. Still needs to be complemented with someone of his quality. The development of Djourou & Kolscieny was promising, but they should be pushing for a place, not starting.

    5. RVP is fit – quite simply our most critical attacking weapon.;

    However, we need to keep Cesc & Nasri, we desperatley need a LB and another striker, and of course, we need to improve our teams defensive capabilities.

    As we say, add the needs to the haves, and we are ready to fight for the title.

  176. AFC Wonderland….hmm, what a spuddish name…supporting Jaber’s Delight, w/o regard for JD’s history on ACLF?
    (could be a spud)…

    Alright AFC Wonderland,
    how much do u think Levy really wants for Modric? Will 30m be enough?
    How much do u pay Dawson?
    Would 50m buy Bale?

    c’mon man…help me out

  177. aman,

    quick question, why is JD’s history of any relevance?

  178. im concirned that if what is reported about not needing defenders, if thats the way it is i cant change it but i hope not cause we will mess up again if we do. Things are not rosy right now which dont mean its going to stay that way cause things can change, its early days but if we dont buy, and im not saying we wont, but if we dont then i dont feel as confident as ii have done in the past, if we do get the right platyers then i truly believe we can make that step up

  179. No wind up Markus, it was just my thoughts in response to what seemed like panicking from some posters.

    I don’t recall Arsene saying he won’t sign a CB? Didn’t rule out signing an LB either although I think the CB is more likely.
    I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t sign anyone else (if Wenger after all), but I will be much more concerned about our chances of silverware going into the season with the squad as it is. I had similar concerns in previous transfer windows for various other positions, and can only hope that this time around, such worries will turn out to be unfounded (if he signs no one else).

  180. Luke,
    don’t see anywhere that Vidal has signed for Juve
    can u tell where u got your info from?

  181. george rodger

    Luke ,have you and Jibber got some sort of a thing going?
    Your last post was really very good though ,in fairness.And posts like that would never get you abused.

  182. Luke pls let Wonderland answer for himself…

  183. George, are you talking about internet relationships???

    How is Frank?

  184. c’mon Wonderland…..

    Is Defoe really for sale?
    Why buy the S.African defender then not use him?
    An aspiring top 4 team that can’t find space for a Giovani Dos Santos really isn’t top4 material?
    Now you are about to sell your playmaker Modric?
    Why bother coming here to wind us up SPUD??
    Does envy really have to be intracity??

    c’mon TottSpur Wonderland, holla @ me?????

  185. george rodger

    Now look Luke(ha)
    Stop trying to cause trouble.You know very well it is Dexter I have a thing for.Frank is only a passing dalliance..

  186. Spurs will ALWAYS be a SELLING CLUB…
    1 year in the ACL, fail to get in the next season,,,start SELLING players
    Can just imgine who’ll be FOR SALE if they miss out again next season:
    Bale? Van Der Vaart? Crouch? ‘Arry?

    Get off our site Spud Wonderland!

  187. My concerns are partly out of a general distrust for Squil’s ability as a PL defender. Unlike Kos and Verm, I really don’t see what quality or potential he possesses than can be improved on, especially considering his age.Given our luck with injuries, and the uncertainty around the fitness of JD and TV, you just know we will have to play him more than anyone would like.
    Add to that, Gibbs and Traore are rather inexperienced, and we might need TV to play LB at some point.
    Bartley and Miguel could help, but the former will just be returning from a long lay-off and the later didn’t enjoy Wenger’s confidence much last season. Keep in mind that, unlike 4-5 seasons ago, there is absolutely no need to take these kinds of risks because we’ve got the funds available.

  188. george rodger

    If we bought Cahill and Enrique would you be happy then Henristic?

  189. nice write up there OOU.

    As was said ratings really depend on the rater.
    Its nothing but an opinion and these days one really has to picky about who’s opinion one lets in for processing.

    Too many brain molesters out there!

    Like some of the twats we have on this site….

  190. george rodger

    I think I would.But still see Cahill as 4th choice

  191. If we sign Cahill he will start. Purely on the assumption that AW won’t smash our transfer fee for a 4th choice CB.

  192. Great post Big Al, especially the bit about player ratings being the domain of the lazy. Unfortunately there seems to be quite a vast number of people who are too lazy to think for themselves or so apathetic that the result is the same. It is these cretins that harangue and doom and spout off building their own best XI for Arsenal while (thankfully) the professionals get on with it.

    All of this, of course, has nothing to do with win/loss, trophies, etc… as all any professional can do is put together the best TEAM they can and try for the best. Thankfully there are qualifications and experience required to get to the level where someone will trust you to put together a team that is best for the club; something lots of imbeciles who infect the close season on this site would do well to remember.

  193. george rodger

    Yes Luke I think you could be right.But I would still rank him as 4th choice.

  194. george rodger

    Gris Gris said

    “All of this, of course, has nothing to do with win/loss, trophies, etc… as all any professional can do is put together the best TEAM they can and try for the best. Thankfully there are qualifications and experience required to get to the level where someone will trust you to put together a team that is best for the club; something lots of imbeciles who infect the close season on this site would do well to remember.”

    That is what I keep trying to say.But you have put it rather better

  195. @Jabber
    I noticed that you avoided my question yesterday evening, so I’ll put it forward to you again.”What’s your opinion on Manchester City. They conceded 45 last campaign (with Kompany, Toure and Lescott as their cb’s) and were the best team defensively this season (with Kompany, Toure and Lescott as their cb’s). It looks almost like defenders get better after they are settled at a club. What makes you believe that Vermaelen, Koscielny and Squillachi all won’t be better this season compared to last, now that they had time to settle etc.?”
    I would also like to point out to you that virtually everywhere in football new defensive partnerships tend to do better in their second season together (circumstances permitting i.e. no major injuries to one of them etc.).

  196. If we sign him, and he starts, will you automatically believe thats the right choice because Wenger acted so, or would you still believe in your opinion that Kos and Djourou are better?

    Not on the wind up.

  197. Jabba – ok, here is why you are called a cunt:

    Firstly, you possess an irritating tendency to always think you’re right or that you’ve won, based on the fact that people stop arguing with you. Simply the fact that you keep on going on about ‘i won hands down’, etc, etc. when it is not necessarily the case smacks of insecurity and a need to boast openly about your baseless achievements is pathetic and irritating in the same measure.

    Secondly, I don’t remember you posting on ACLF when we were doing well, when we beat some great teams, or when we were on a good run of form, you were nowhere to be seen. suddenly, when things start going shit, you appear out of nowhere spitting bile and congratulating yourself on your three years worth of prophesising.

    Finally to the points you regularly bring up. You have cited defensive failings for the last three years, and state that nothing has been done to rectify this. Firstly, once getting rid of Cole, we signed Gallas, a proven ‘winner’ with a ‘winning mentality’ in part exchange to boost our defense and line up alongside Kolo. After a while, it was patently obvious that a.) Kolo, as much as I love him, was in decline and that b.) they didn’t work as a partnership. So AW shipped Toure out and brought in Vermaelen. TV5 had an amazing first season, however it was obvious that him and Gallas did not have a good partnership, as they both bombed forward so much, hence why we were reticent to offer him loads of money for a new contract. So AW brings in Koscielny, and Squillaci as a backup for him and TV5, thinking that they will compliment well. TV5 gets injured and is out for the season. Everyone moaned about having Sly as a 4th choice backup as he got used too much, so he gets shipped out and replaced with a decent and experience player. Fair enough, there have been problems with our defence, however it is obvious that these issues have been focused on and that AW has tried to address them. In fact, I think that considering TV5 being out, having two players new to the club and to the league, as well as another coming back off long term injury, that we did fucking well. Even with our late season collapse we still managed to concede the fewest amount of goals from open play, which was an improvement from previous seasons. Yes, we still had an issue with set pieces and giving away too many penalties, however we did improve. and as has been stated, our defensive record would not have been an issue if our attack had kept scoring. We could have conceded the same amount of goals as we did last season, however if we had turned those draws into wins by scoring an extra goal each game, we could have won. Yes, we might not have improved as much as some might have liked, however I did see an improvement, I did see (and still do) see an exciting work in progress. We get set back by the fact that some key players leave every other year, but i feel that each time this happens, we are better off than the previous time to deal with it. When flamini and hleb left, we were fucked, we are now paying dividends by seeing the improvement in song, etc, from those seasons of mistakes and improvement. Jabba, can you honestly say that looking at Song, Fab and Jack that it is not an improvement on the Song, Denilson, Fab partnership of 3-4 years ago? Can you honestly say that the Arshavin/Nasri/RVP/Theo (Theo van Nasrigas) is not an improvement on what we had before? I mean, FFS we signed Sagna who, like TV5 was in the PL team of the year in his first season, was that not a fucking improvement?

    Yes, lots of work still needs to be done, the signing of Gervinho highlights this in hopefully providing a more direct route to goal. We are constantly tweaking and seeking to improve. Does this mean that we dont need to keep improving? Fuck no! That doesn’t however take away from the excitement of seeing a team grow up in front of us. Our ‘mesmerising play’ was not fucking sussed out, as we defeated ourselves, no one else, as when our ‘mesmerising play’ was applied we destroyed teams. Do not cite the odd 60% possession games when we were impotent and uninventive as proof that the mesmerising play was useless, as that was not mesmerising, that was, as I’ve said, impotent and uninventive. We were not however impotent and uninventive for the duration of the season. I see us with a good chance of winning the league next year, better than last year. Is it a certainty, of course not because this is the Premier League and there is no fucking certainty. You can spend hundreds of millions and you cant even be sure of making 4th! Players like Jack have now had a years experience, growing personally and with the team. Same goes for Szczezny (sic) – Theo also improved, Nasri as well (if he ends up staying with us), Koscielny got more dependable and reliable as the season wore on. Almost every single player is better/more suited to the PL now than they were this time last year. Yes i want some signings but i’m not going to flip out if we dont. I’m going to look forward to seeing Rambo & co. trying their stuff. I feel more attached to this team than i did to the invincibles because I’ve seen them flounder, grow, fuck up and succeed and each year they are (in my opinion, not a ‘fact’ before you try to call me up on it) getting better, and more confident and i truly believe that greatness beckons. When (again opinion) they do succeed, I am going to feel so much pride when that trophy is lifted, because i’ve seen this team grow into what they are destined to become.

    You are called a cunt because you only ever see the negative, you only ever point out weaknesses, because you are completely devoid of hope, and joy. You come on here day after day, knowing that 95% of people will disagree with you, and say the THE SAME FUCKING THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER, with no individual input, no individual insight, just pure repetition, and you are so boring and make this blog so boring because of these things. Your comment earlier about ‘reading 2-3 blogs to form my opinions’ (not verbatim, but that was the jist) completely highlights your incapacity for individual thought. I know that if i went on le grove, that people would disagree with me and would abuse me constantly. I would think less of them, certainly, but I would also see absolutely no point in trying to reiterate my thoughts to them, because it would a fruitless exercise and, in my opinion, the majority of the posters on there are fucking morons. nevertheless, i stay away. If we all think you’re a cunt, and you think we are all cunts, then honestly what is the point of this whole situation? and as for you decrying us from living in our ACLF bubble and out of touch with what ‘most fans think’, well fuck you! firstly, for assuming that we dont trawl through newsnow, read other peoples opinions and either agree or disagree, and secondly, for thinking that populist opinion is in any way more justified or correct. As Superhans once said ‘People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can’t trust people!’

  198. AFC Wonderland


    Arsenal fan since 69, I’ve seen the ups and downs of this great club, and this really your site? Why are you talking about Spurs in relation to my post. Mental age of 9-17 is this correct?
    Go and drink your mothers breast milk! Schmuck.

  199. george rodger

    luke,Yes i would still see him as 4th but it would accept that Arsene has his reasons .
    Just as I always see Andrei ahead of Theo and Samri.

  200. apologies for my appalling spelling and grammar – tried to write that post at work in short bursts and have the window shrunk down to the size of less than a postcard so have trouble seeing what i’ve already written.

  201. Heuristic @ 12:14

    Yeah right.

  202. Excellent point, Evil.

    “It won’t just magically get better!!” “Get yer chequebook out!”

  203. @jabberwocky
    Don’t worry, it’s an excellent post. Just make sure your boss does not see you browsing around Arsenal websites!

  204. and for the record jabba – i don’t disagree with everything you say (most of it yes, but not everything), but the way in which you convey your thoughts and your general attitude is both depressing and extremely antagonistic. For example today, we have a post about player ratings, and you immediately take watered down quotes from wenger to reignite the same discussion thats been going on for about 2 months! You are purposely instigating conflict, and for this, you are disliked.

  205. by the way…i cant comment again until 4pm as my work’s network prevents me from doing so within core hours. so please do not take my lack of response to whatever you retort with as a victory, as a lack of response is not a concession of defeat.

  206. george rodger

    jabberwocky | July 15, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    If I could do one post in my lifetime like that I would be very happy.
    Staggeringly good contribution mate

  207. Wow. Some really intelligent and mature ‘debates’ going on today. A shame that such a great new Friday article has been condemned to such shite spouting in the comments. Thanks OOU btw, really enjoyed your first Friday article.

    Jabba’s crusade to ‘DESTROY’ or ‘TKO’ fellow Arsenal supporters on one of the most positive blogs going is sad to see, and simply pathetic. Really tarnishes this site that so often sparks some brilliant discussions. Oh well.

    Dexter, Kamran and a couple of others (sorry can’t be arsed to read back) – some great posts.

    Luke | July 15, 2011 at 1:25 pm –
    That was a great post – nice one.

    Markus | July 15, 2011 at 12:58 pm –
    Totally agree with that – nice post.

  208. Thanks jabberwocky, that post rescued me from total boredom. I would legally protect your name though and complain that Jabbas Deligt is too close for comfort.

  209. Oou. Well written post. I agree with all your points. I suspect player ratings evolved as a simple space and time saving way to say if a player had a good bad or indifferent game. I guess giving a number is easier and to glance at quickly for those of us in a hurry rather then reading a few lines of text. I never look at them nor do I care but I some people like them. Loved Darius but I Look forward to your posts.

  210. Jabberwocky, what a post. I doff my hat to you, sir.

    OOU, great blog. One thing that has always annoyed me is that someone can be described as being “average” but still be given higher or lower than 5? Surely, average is exactly that?!

  211. I’ll definitely add Jabberwocky to that list of great posts. Lovely stuff! Shame it was prompted by such shitcuntery…

  212. jabberwocky just KO-ed jabba!

    Jabba, what say you?

  213. Utterly destroyed him. Smashed him. Fucking raped and killed him. Yeah. Pugnacious anyone? Let’s have at it.

  214. jabberwocky, well done for a fine summary of events as they have unfolded in the last few years. i wish more people can really see the efforts that have been made to tweak the team and make up for leaving players. our style of player prefers as few changes as possible to personnel if it can be helped!

    Hence it is better for example that nasri stays and if need be we lose him for free cos ramsey and wilshere among others will have one more year experience under their belt and may yet cause us not to need new buys. Arshavin could well move into the middle with vela on the side along with gervinho, ryo and theo. There are more options than we seem to immediately see when some people react! The pressure on djourou last season would have been less coming back from injury if TV5 had not ended up being out for the season (these things happen). And until those last 5 to 6 weeks, we did seem to have actually coped!

  215. I agree with TS.

  216. Wonderland it was a quick spud test. Something u took forever to respond to, which makes u doubt your gooner credentials.

    ’69 eh…….and the 1st thing u posted was in support of Jabba?
    I’m supposed to respect your HISTORY as an Arsenal fan but u don’t care to brush up on Jabba Delight’s history here????

    Come on show, some respect for those that take time out daily to come to ACLF for intelligent & useful insights about ARSENAL FC .

    What type of fan are U really SIR Wonderland???
    Do u boo AW when we lose?
    Do u think we should only buy English?
    Do u get that I only want to know WHAT TYPE OF FAN u are…Sir Wonder?

    (too much delaying & I’ll have to assume your’e a spud, sorry)

  217. George @ 2:03

    I would

  218. Spot on. Ratings, player stats, all a load of bullshit. What counts in the end, as much as anything, is the team, is its will, determination and balls-out strength. Why did Man U win the league last year: because they were the best TEAM.

  219. excellent post jabberwocky @ 2:17……….U might need a new name after that one,Jabba’s Delight


    Wonderland it was a quick spud test. Something u took forever to respond to, which makes me doubt your gooner credentials.

  221. george rodger

    Bill,I know mate.

  222. george rodger

    Henristic .You not talking to me?

  223. In his absence, TV seems to have gained legendary defender status, let’s hope he lives up to all this hype and saves the Arsenal defence from another poor season.

  224. When the manager and club state that Arsenal will not aggressively compete in the open market for inflated transfer fees…….how clearer can they be?

    What is the point in having an academy and scouting youngsters globally if you have no intentions to play them until the ripe old age of 22+?

    If a kid has talent, then you throw him into the fire. Wilshere – Szcz- Gibbs-Theo-Ramsey-Frimpong…….makes no sense to send them out on loan (where you have no control over the playing time) or expect them to develop playing in the reserve squad.

    not listed in any pecking order

    GK’s – Szcz, Fabianski, Mannone
    Def – Sagna, Jenkinson, Eboue, Vermaelen, Kos, Dj, Squil, Gibbs, Traore, Miquel
    DM – Song, Frimpong,
    Flex DM/MF – Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, Wilshere, Landsbury
    MF – Cesc, Rosicky
    For – vP, Nasri, Arshavin, Theo, Gervinho, Chamakh, Bendtner
    29 talented players…..

    Our manager has a recipe for the club’s future and the above are the key ingredients.

    This is the menu……if you’re not happy, try Irish’s burger and fries joint (Beggar’s Banquet)
    down the road.

  225. I really think this year’s going to show how far this team has come (cue negative comment from Jabba).

    The current augmentations i.e. TV5 (new signing ;)), Gervinho, Jenkinson as competition (wonder if he can play left back too?), Ramsey back (signing no 3 ;)), Miyachi if he gets the permit and maybe one extra defender (although not too fussed if we go in with the current defence as per Markus’ earlier post), and we are looking like and excellent, well-balanced, adaptable team coming into the new season.

    The ability to keep swapping flanks for the wingers mentioned above, with Theo, Arsh and Nasri all offering something different, would be an absolutely scary prospect for any defence. We have added a lot of pace on the wings this year, something that was much needed towards the end of the season. The added cohesion and communication that will only improve over time, will make an obvious improvement to our defence this year, and I’m sure Chezney’s only going to get better game by game. With Ramsey, Frimpong, Wilshere, Cesc, Diaby, Denilson (?) and Nasri also rotating in the middle, we will have a team fit for all occasions! And the defence is similarly changeable.

    If we defend like we did last year (from set pieces), I’m not too worried, as I’m certain the current crop from the attacking side can score many more goals than our opponents this year.

  226. I don’t agree with all this bashing of lazy people. Laziness can be a virtue guys! I could do a nice little write up to show exactly what I mean but because I’m a lazy sod, I just used google instead to find words that match my thoughts on the matter:

    “Laziness is the driving force behind invention and technological evolution. From the wheel to the world-wide-web, humans have spent a large amount of time devoted to doing more with less, and doing less in general — a constant pursuit of minimalism through complication.

    At some point practicality and necessity were overtaken by novelty and profitability, and we are all a product of this shift. Nearly every industry owes its existence to the first ape/human to chuck a sharpened rock at his (or her) intended meal. Apparently our resourceful tendencies have been with us from the start (it’s easier to kill dinner with a rock or stick than with my foot), and have evolved right along with our society (it’s easier to pick up the phone than to walk over to your office).

    Whether we are truly better off remains to be seen — perhaps when we can cure medical problems without a knife, transport ourselves without destroying the environment, or resolve worldwide poverty and famine. However we end up, we’ll get there because we are too lazy to do what is necessary today.”

    Conclusion? Viva player ratings! 🙂

  227. Why you say that george?

  228. forgot to mention Rosicky – who many have written off. Another nice option for either wing or the centre. I really hope he gets enough game time to get into his stride this year, I’ve always had a soft spot for little Mozart.

  229. just might start any response to Jabba with: YACACB…
    i.e, You Are Called A Cunt Because…

    For those who missed it
    here’s the specific paragraph as presented by jabberwocky to Jabba’s Delight @2:17:

    “You are called a cunt because you only ever see the negative, you only ever point out weaknesses, because you are completely devoid of hope, and joy. You come on here day after day, knowing that 95% of people will disagree with you, and say the THE SAME FUCKING THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER, with no individual input, no individual insight, just pure repetition, and you are so boring and make this blog so boring because of these things…

    wow, YACACB…

  230. Class as always, Arsene:

    However, the French boss – who has vowed to keep Fabregas at Arsenal – has admitted he will not report Xavi or Barcelona to Fifa for the comments, which were posted on the Catalan club’s official website.

    “I don’t think it’s a sentence big enough to report a club to Fifa,” Wenger told reporters.

    “The impression I had was that it wasn’t respectful to our club or to Cesc. I don’t make more than that.

    “It has to stop, of course. If there is a transfer negotiation between two clubs, I don’t think it is healthy if players come out [and talk] who are not concerned by it.

    “Unfortunately, in this case, it has happened a few times. It will not contribute to sort any problem out.

    “Xavi has no direct part to play in that story and I don’t see why he should, unless he has an official job to do for Barcelona. I don’t see why he can go on the [official Barcelona] website and make this kind of statement.”

  231. sorry couln’t resist that last post
    i’m done with the doom group.

    Rosicky…so glad he’s still with us Geo. He brings his own flavour to our midfield that only Cesc comes close to. I expect him to really excel . Clearly went thru some trauma from that injury, our Lil Mozart

  232. george rodger

    Because I asked you this you lazy bugger 🙂

    george rodger | July 15, 2011 at 2:03 pm
    If we bought Cahill and Enrique would you be happy then Henristic?

  233. this may yer be like the season after arsene was ridiculed for saying arsenal could go the season undefeated, when we went right on to do that!

    We will win trophies this season. And it will be because we kept the team together rather than this selling and buying thing being proposed call me on this at the end of the season

  234. Aman – Agreed, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who can knock a lofted, curling ball so well with the outside of his boot. I love that part of his game.

  235. george rodger

    Aman |
    I said yesterday I see Andrie and Thomas as having a great deadwood season.
    Pure class .the pair of them


  237. george rodger

    Andrei even

  238. george rodger

    Bernard ,Do I have to take a trip to Bletchley Park to get that?

  239. I agree George, and can’t believe people are calling them deadwood. I can understand some going down that route with Rosicky, but he’s only gained that mantle through injury (a la Diaby, and even RvP a couple of years ago). But Arsh was our most prolific assist merchant last year I think (correct me if i’m wrong). I just can’t wait to see some competitive football! How long till we start Kamran? 😉

  240. Bernard, shouldn’t that be – YACACBYAAC ?

  241. Absolutely Limpar

  242. again, i will be very suprised if we do not win anything this year.

  243. i love RVPs confidence going into the season. Hope he can replicate hsi form of the second half of the season. Glad to know am not alone in being optimistic as to how the season will pan out!

    Llooking forward to leaving St James park with an 8 – 0 victory to compensate for the last time we were there

  244. AFC Wonderland


    Chill, I thought this was a mellow site for AFC fans who took a more leisurely approach in and around anything Arsenal FC. Some of your fellow posters you included seem rather uptight, opinions matter but it seems some guys on here have clearly lost it, their rantings are based on their own lofty viewpoints about the Arsenal, and it’s sad to see the word “Cunt” being used purely on the basis that someone has differing opinions in how Arsenal is run and managed (Good or bad) on a day to day basis.

  245. AFC – you fucking cunt. How dare you call this a fucking mellow site??? You’re cruising for a cunting bruising mate. CUUUUNNT!

  246. I kid, I kid, of course.

  247. Jabba's delights


    I’ve been posting for about a year.

    Great post and finally an oppinion from you as to why you think the way you think. As pointed out repeatedly i unlike most on here have nothing against people with different oppinions i just wish they would explain why they think them, thats all i ever ask. Whilst i get called a cunt the most on here, anyone who who has even a slightly different attitude to a hardened akb gets put down on here and never with anyone backing up as to why they feel the way they do. Its not debating it just rude. How many people called me a cunt for asking the honest question aout Denilson and booing the other day…………..when it was found out last night that he was booed at both the game and training where was george being a rude prick then??

    With regards to me not having my own oppinions you couldnt be more wrong, but the difference is i choose to listen to everyone else’s and that includes other teams fans and ex players. I unlike you dont feel that every pundit has a bias against arsenal, i dont believe that everyone in football has something against us. I listen to some pundits who actually say many in the press want nothign more than an arsenal victory in the league but cant see it happening for x,y and z. You choose not to. My cuntishness maybe comes from the attitude and rudness of the cult on this blog which is more hostile to newcomers with a different oppinion than any other blog i’ve read. One should understand that you cant even praise man utd on this blog without being called a cunt and yet the people calling you a cunt dont even understand that we are trying desperatly hard to follow their business model. You cant even say that in your oppinion the club has handled the nasri sitaution poorly without a torrent of abuse that guy yesterday had to deal with.

    Once one can understand why you think the defence will get better one can reason with it (not agree) but reason with it. When your calling everyone who states the fact that our defence has been getting worse in terms of goals conceded year after year a cunt but then dont explain yourself you come across like a tosser.

    This is a daily arsenal blog. Its there so that people can talk about arsenal news. No offence but wengers quotes today is by far the most important bit of news to come out of arsenal today. Its quotes like these that should scare the living day lights out of your theory of improving next year, thats why i want to talk bout them. Yes i could go on le grove or almost any other arsenal blog but there everyone would agree with me. I dont want to know about the 95% of arsenal fans that agree with me, i want to know what the other 5% think and why they think it. Thats all i ever try to do, ask you oppinion of what is going on, if my tone has got rudder its becuase one must have thick skin and patience to post anythign on this blog that doesnt toe the party line.

    When people get shot down for having an oppinion it either tends to make them pretty annoyed and want to prove them worng or equally annoyed and make them just go back to the majority of gooner fans and slag of akb’s.

  248. What a cunt.

  249. Oop, sorry, TS. Friendly fire.

  250. @ Geo and Aman…..
    Rosicky is a special talent and my favorite.

  251. Surely this comments section today earns the trophy for most ‘cunts’ in one day. Such a lovely word, full of imagery, and in some cases personification. Keep it up cunts.

  252. If u at least tried to look thru a few older posts u’d know why this mellow site has to be protected Wonderland.

    Even the need to abbreviate after a battle says so much about ACLFers….don’t u think?

  253. Jabberwocky well written post.

    What frustrates me is the club does not seem to acknowledge that some of the things we are trying to do have not and might not work. TV5 and kos are going to be the lightest shortest and most agressive cb pairing in the pl and perhaps in the world. The high risk defense we play has conceded way too many goals and not scored enough for several years running. Based on what we have seen of them to date tv and kos looks to be evey bit as anxious to bomb forward as the gallas tv partnership you described We have the resources now the we could get another cb who could would probably be better at managing the “typical” english game and we could get an experienced LB just in case our struggles at the end of last year was not a one and done type of occurrence or if Gibbs has injury issues or doesn’t work out well.

    For the last several years we have used the exact same approach to how we attack the goal. It has brought some incredible games but several years is a long enough sample to say that the players have not been able to maintain the high level of performance needed to make that approach consistently effective over the course of a season. Perhaps gervinho will offer a more direct option but a single player will not help if we don’t have the ability to modify our tactics when what we are doing does not work.

    Some of the things we do such as starting last season with almunia in goal when it was clear the boss did not trust him or not bringing in a more viable long term solution to our cb issues 2 years ago. How could we start a season with silveatre as our first choice backup when we wanted to win the league. Had we brought in a better long term solution in addition to sol Campbell in January we would not have had to start last season with a new cb pairing that had never played together and we could have coped much better with the loss of tv5. This year all the players were saying that we need to bring in new faces.. I suspect hardly any of the players or fans would have believed we would start this season with no new cb and Gibbs replacing clichy it might be great but the it might not and we dont have any realistic options if it doesnt work.. This summer looks like it will bring more business as usual. Lot of things are difficult to understand

  254. JD
    “Yes i could go on le grove or almost any other arsenal blog but there everyone would agree with me. I dont want to know about the 95% of arsenal fans that agree with me, i want to know what the other 5% think and why they think it.”

    Is this factual, an exaggeration, or an estimation?

    Your remarks do tend to ignite the regulars and some of the commentary (from both sides) is quite entertaining.

  255. The collective noun for cunts is “gusset”

  256. Jabba:
    “Yes i could go on le grove or almost any other arsenal blog but there everyone would agree with me. I dont want to know about the 95% of arsenal fans that agree with me, i want to know what the other 5% think and why they think it. Thats all i ever try to do, ask you oppinion of what is going on, if my tone has got rudder its becuase one must have thick skin and patience to post anythign on this blog that doesnt toe the party line.”

    …and YACACB???

    j just don’t get it dude.
    Be safe.

  257. Jabba:
    “Yes i could go on le grove or almost any other arsenal blog but there everyone would agree with me. I dont want to know about the 95% of arsenal fans that agree with me, i want to know what the other 5% think and why they think it. Thats all i ever try to do, ask you oppinion of what is going on, if my tone has got rudder its becuase one must have thick skin and patience to post anythign on this blog that doesnt toe the party line.”

    …and YACACB???

    U just don’t get it dude.
    Be safe.

  258. Arsesession, you left out Bartley! I think if we don’t send him out on loan again it could be an indication of how we will treat the domestic cups this coming season. More playing time for the young guns I hope.

    Geo, as noel73 said yesterday (roughly) “Very classy from the manager. Personally I’d rip Xavi’s Kevin Webster head off!”.

  259. @ Markus 3:52
    and Vela…….; thanks for catching that……

  260. I think our aggressive, mobile, technical centrebacks are one of the most exciting innovations of Arsene’s reign.

    We won the most points on the road in the Prem last season, playing many games with our 3rd and 4th choice centrehalves – two of which were new to the country. Get the home form right and we’re gonna win things this year – with our 1st choice centreback back in the seat.

    Vermaelen and Koscielny are exhilarating to watch and must be a complete nightmare to play against… as Rooney, Messi and Tevez found out with the Kos last season.

    Cannot wait for them to start dominating Premiership attacks. They are going to have a monster season.

  261. Alex Ice Cream


    Don’t worry it our “real destiny” this year to win the Prem. We were “very, very close last season” so what is your problem?

    Are we to glean from this latest round of utter bollox from our once great manager that the last few years were just a fake destiny and that we weren’t really challenging after all and that finishing with 2 wins in 11 and being 12 points behind the winners was very close? Wenger says that we are perfectly good enough to win the league and said the same last year. I don’t care what AW says anymore, I look at last year’s table which begs to differ.

    2 years ago Wenger said that if we were not successful in 2 years then you can say that we are not doing things the right way. Well I am saying that and I am not alone.

  262. @ Jabba. its baffling that you really believe that it is a difference of opinion in itself that people react to when they respond to you? Jabberworcky did make effort to explain stuff you do not seem to acknowledge when you complain and express your difference of opinion. if you cant see it then what else is there to be said really?

    i know for a fact that most people on this site always write a plenty to express themselves and quite eloquently at that. Usually by the time it gets down to calling of names its susally from frustration from repeated attempts to explain. So now you believe you are the only one that has explained your stand and everyone just calls you names in response? Thats rather insultive.

    @ Limper. LOL. Glad i survived the fire!

  263. insultive = insulting

  264. Jabba and Bill, I’d be slightly tempted to read your posts if every one of them wasn’t so long. More concise points please.

  265. @ AIC. come on! The call is about perspective! Truly, you actually want to suggest that you felt we were not challenging for the tile last season? Was that spectacular breakdown about lack of new signings? Really? I an sure even you did not at your most pessimistic expect that sort of finish from us!

    Yeah, we were all affected by the end of the season, but we all know those players could do better than they did, they did not play to their best. it is for the reasons to be identified and dealt with!

  266. I haven’t read OddJib’s posts these last few weeks… purely on account of him being such a thick cunt but I thought I’d read that last one because after ‘wocky slapped him you knew it would be a funny one – which it was.

    I’m sure FunGunner and Muppet and plenty of others with more patience than I will be thrilled to hear that he doesn’t think people have explained enough to him why they think what they think! Like a fucking child with his fingers in his ears.

  267. TS, we gave it a go last season but when we needed to step up we fell apart. 4th is where we are at at the moment. Next season is likely to be the same

  268. I read Alex Ice Cream’s posts because they’re always funny. Scuffing his toe in the corner of the bar, chain-smoking, muttering and cursing. Shooting angry glances. A wonderful cross between Eeyore, Machiavelli and Stewie Griffin. Jibs hasn’t a patch on that.

  269. forgive my double post YW….

    “This year all the players were saying that we need to bring in new faces.. I suspect hardly any of the players or fans would have believed we would start this season with no new cb and Gibbs replacing clichy it might be great but the it might not and we dont have any realistic options if it doesnt work.. This summer looks like it will bring more business as usual. Lot of things are difficult to understand”

    Looks like AW’s asking his players to step up & take responsibility.

    “No shirking your duties this season!
    No superstar(s) coming in to bail u out!
    You are in the red & white because u are all superstars-in-the-making!
    Pass zis hurdle, u missed it by that much last season
    You are the ARSENAL!

    oh u don’t believe me
    Lets go on tour, to Asia
    U vill see
    What you mean to the World!”

  270. Apparently we’re trying to sign Costa Rica’s Joel Campbell.

  271. AIC – I don’t think you can take these comments too seriously. It’s just bluster for the press and to build confidence in the team.
    I want Wenger to be confident and bullish and for this to rub off on the team but some of the content is nonsense though and the its the same old excuses trotted out: we are a young team, lots of injuries, etc.
    By all means Arsene, build up the team, but I am sick of this excuse culture at the club.

  272. 29 days geo, 29 long days

  273. Lol In other words Aman it’s the same as any of the last 6 years. Groundhog day yet again

    Yes we are the ARSENAL! but we care a lot more than half the players

  274. jabba – i’m not going to go into it again. I disagree with Goonerandy and Henristic quite a lot of the time, I also disagree with the likes of Frank, Yogi’s Warrior and quite a few other people on here, however I do not loathe them (not that I loathe you, as I can’t have that strong an emotion for someone on an internet forum who i’ve never met…but for arguments sake let’s exagerate) or think less of them for it. Your response just highlights what is so irritating about you, as you haven’t taken on board one thing i’ve said, and have focussed purely on the ‘difference of opinion’ when i have tried to make it patently clear that the ‘difference of opinion’ has nothing to do with the way in which you are perceived. and as for telling me what i say or think…I don’t post very often, as reading the comments alone slows me down at work without getting involved in day-long debates, so how could you possibly know my views on pundits, et al? in stating those things, you are displaying the traits which you claim to deplore in so many of the ACLF regulars

  275. Jobberwocky @ 2:17 pm – You are a star.

  276. george rodger

    The simpletons that lump 6 seasons together and give them their equivalent of a player rating are far to thick to debate.

  277. george rodger

    Is it a standing count for Jibber?

  278. One of Us, thank you for an interesting post. One thing I recall reading that bears on this is a section of the book The Italian Job Gianluca Vialli and Gabriele Marcotti (the latter is an excellent football journalist whose work I highly recommend, in case anyone is interested). They write that in Italy, the player ratings (“voti” I think they’re called) are the product of significantly more thought and effort than the ones in English papers – I doubt they watch a full 90 minutes for each player, but film review is involved and the results have more integrity. By contrast, a commenter mentioned a rating, and those are usually BS in my opinion, along with many of their articles (Sal Landolina, if you;re reading this, you suck).

    @Dexter | July 15, 2011 at 10:20 am – exactly.

    @Luke | July 15, 2011 at 11:59 am – I have not found any evidence that Vidal has transferred yet. If I got to pick anyone to come to Arsenal, he’d be on the list (which would be completed by Juan Vargas and one of Neven Subotic or Michah Richards).

    @ goonerton | July 15, 2011 at 12:04 pm must disagree – the set-piece defending was weak, certainly, but the real problem with the second half of the season was that Arsenal stopped scoring enough to win. Our defensive numbers overall and especially in open play were pretty solid – tied for 4th-fewest goals allowed overall.

    @goonerton | July 15, 2011 at 12:10 pm – no, he’s not. He has played well for Arsenal in the past and could again, though legions of “fans” talking shit about him probably doesn’t help matters. he’s not as good as Arsenal’s other midfield options, and he should both press & track back harder, but he’s good and he could find a place in a good team: see : “Denilson’s role is to act as the ‘link’ in the midfield, keeping possession, feeding the creative players, and knocking sensible passes out to the full-backs.” He also defends best with interceptions instead of tackles and was among the league leaders on that stat when he was getting playing time. It’s not exciting, or sexy, and many fans are not tactically sophisticated enough to see the importance of keeping possession in the modern game, but that’s their failing. He had his own failings, but also his strong points – a shame so many observers have no sense of nuance.

    @Luke | July 15, 2011 at 1:25 pm – I agree with everything in your entire post until you say Arsenal need a new LB and striker. Traore and Gibbs. RVP, Chamack, Gervinho, & Vela.

    @Henristic | July 15, 2011 at 1:58 pm I like Miquel, but you’re probably right that it would be better if Arsenal’s 4th CB was of a higher caliber than him or Squillaci. On the other hand, Miquel could tear it up in the U19 tournament and wind up starting with TV, who knows? Of all the players who’ve left Arsenal since I started watching football, the only ones I wish had stayed are Toure, Clichy (7 million was pretty cheap, Kolarov cost City 16 million), and Flamini, but Toure the most. I think him and TV would be great together.

    @jabberwocky | July 15, 2011 at 2:17 pm Phe-fuckin-nomenal! Is it too much to hope for that it’ll penetrate?

    @Arsesession | July 15, 2011 at 2:59 pm I like your mentality.

    @Geo | July 15, 2011 at 3:04 pm – I love the Czech, him and Sagna are my favorites.

  279. Either that or us simpletons have better things to do than indulging in pointless debates and name calling.

    Ever get tired of going round in circles?

  280. Josef – yeah, I think I got my wires crossed regarding Vidal.

    (George – no need to start random fights)

  281. y’all here are getting pretty good at back-slapping and self-congratulations, or you just badly need this group therapy sessions all the while not facing the reality on remind me of the asylum inmates in the novel one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.shame!

  282. If the pessimistic arseblogging, Manc-loving, grave-loving experts believe that the current squad is qualitatively and quantitatively weaker than last year then so be it. But I for one am excited about the possibilities next season. It could be special, very special.

    Geo at 3:02 pm put it very well:
    The current augmentations i.e. TV5 (new signing ), Gervinho, Jenkinson as competition (wonder if he can play left back too?), Ramsey back (signing no 3 ), Miyachi if he gets the permit and maybe one extra defender (although not too fussed if we go in with the current defence as per Markus’ earlier post), and we are looking like and excellent, well-balanced, adaptable team coming into the new season.

    The ability to keep swapping flanks for the wingers mentioned above, with Theo, Arsh and Nasri all offering something different, would be an absolutely scary prospect for any defence. We have added a lot of pace on the wings this year, something that was much needed towards the end of the season. The added cohesion and communication that will only improve over time, will make an obvious improvement to our defence this year, and I’m sure Chezney’s only going to get better game by game. With Ramsey, Frimpong, Wilshere, Cesc, Diaby, Denilson (?) and Nasri also rotating in the middle, we will have a team fit for all occasions! And the defence is similarly changeable.

  283. How sure of yourself were you at 23 GunFlash?

  284. george rodger

    Luke.You asked me a question on the team and I responded.
    The next thing I here from you is a moan because I have called a simpleton a simpleton.I understand your desire to stand tall for fellow halfwit’s but no need to ignore any football debating.

  285. Limpar @ 3:55.

    Enjoyable to watch during the runs of good form that we have and if that’s the most important thing to you that’s great but it has not been consistent enough up to this point if the goal is to win things. Not sure where I heard it before but may be this year will be different.

  286. @jabba’s delight

    “when it was found out last night that he was booed at both the game and training”

    Not sure if you were referring to my post when you said that Denilson was booed at the game, just wish to clarify that DENILSON WAS NOT BOOED. In fact, all the posts that I read from those who attended the game and posted here on ACLF said that he was NOT BOOED. The booing during the game was targeted exclusively at a few spectators who walked around dressed in MU kits.


    My vote for best post of the day. I have to say that while it can get real tiresome reading those insanely repetitive and perpetually gloomy opinions by the hardened IKBs ( I Know Best) on here, they do inspire many of my favourite replies and top top post on here as well.

  287. `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe. ….you are a star you are Jabberwocky

  288. The simpletons that lump 6 seasons together and give them their equivalent of a player rating are far to thick to debate.


    How is that responding to a question I didn’t even ask? Like I said,don’t try pick fights.

    Shotta – you will see 5 reasons why I am thoroughly excited about next year, and why I think we are in a better position than last summer in my 1.25 post. However, I wouldn’t expect you to deviate away from your standard response. Cunt.

  289. There’s obviously nothing esle for it, we are going to have to resort to the Clockwork orange style brain washing methodology, here’s hoping it works this time.

    Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…Its not about a difference of opinion…

  290. waiting for Sepp Blatter to weigh in now telling us how Cesc is being held as a “slave”

  291. Luke

    I make you right on your (much) earlier post about reasons why we can be better next season. Like you, I also would like some additions, time will tell on those. So, is Vidal still at Leverkusen then? 😀

    AFC Wimbledon; I would have thought you’d have more to say for yourself if you’ve been a Gooner for over 40 years? Maybe inane and vacuous is your thing?

    rahl I see you have resorted to steortype, everyone on here is on the blog equivalent of prozac and all is rosey? This is a cool pace to hang out as in the main, everyone is pretty well balanced, has a little perspective but can still have a “difference of opinion!

    The fact you dont get that, or just would rather pretend that isnt the case, is your problem.

  292. The pairing I am talking about are yet to have the opportunity to put a run together, but they are right about to.

  293. jabberwocky

    Top post man and the subsequent follow ons. But, as you were probably aware of as you were composing it, it won’t sink in. That isnt the modus operandi of our resident serial blog killer

  294. Hahahaha! Barcelona have now got poor Cesc’s hometown Mayor doing their dirty work now! This shit needs to be amde into a telenovela!

  295. Jabba @ 12.10 I think that you present your argument within a good framework. Are the lessons from last season learned. Of course I can only guess pontificate as to what he Arsenal Management are doing. It is to all easy to trot the Arsens knows best Mantra.

    If defending set pieces is so easy as Arsene (I’m para phrasing a number of statements he’s made) we will see what the new season brings…Should our Talon d’achille continue to be our defence and the transfer window passes without a signing (We know nothing of what currently is happening) it is going to mead for those who have a jaundiced view of AW…

    We surely cannot go into the new season without some addition to the defence..Can we??

  296. Ras

    I think last season, at times opposition teams cut through our midfield too easily (especially when Song wasnt playing) therefore if we had a DM, like a Gilberto; tall, good reader of the game and hopefully very mobile, that could, IMO, help the defence out. The set piece thing is more difficult to say right now, as, hopefully, that will be addressed, regardless of who comes in, or not. Its a training thing, for me. That was why I was hoping for some fresh blood in that department.

    But, thats just me, you know, expressing an opinion (who’d da funk it?)

  297. Dexter, I’d be happy with that.

    If we sign another DM Song is a very competent CB (if needed), and it will share the burden over the season

    Song will HOPEFULLY be exiled by Cameroon and not go to ACN

  298. Also, how the f**k have Juve got €50million for a Tevez bid!?!?!

  299. FRY-BURY’S
    “Making a meal out of the Spuds since 1886!”


    and of course our world famous


    Frequent Fryer Smile of the Day goes to Alex Ice Cream!! 🙂 Way to go Doomer!!
    Honorable mention obese to Luke but as he admits to being a WUM he is automatically banned from winning. Tough luck mate!

    Burger Flipper of the Day goes to, who else, Jabba’s Delight for his innate ability to both anger us with his pathetically regurgitated opinions of todays newspaper dross and make us laugh, unintentionally mind you, at his equally pathetic attempts to try and sound reasonable. Way to go douche bag!

    Legend of the Day is, drum roll please!!, Jabbawocky. What can I say but read his post, nuff said 🙂

  300. AHHAHAHAHA OBESE!!! That should have said “goes to” oops!! 🙂

  301. Luke @4:59 pm – Who the bombo claart are you? Do I know thee? Leave my rass claart name out of yuh little fuckeries. You are a effen empty vessel that is only good making a lot of noise.
    Sorry guys. You do your best to ignore the pessimistic arseblogging, Manc-loving, grave-loving twats and they try dragging you into their lickle fuckeries. If is fire dem want then is fire them a go get.

  302. Oh and before I forget as I am heading out to do some much needed and deserved (for what i dont know but who cares:) ) drinking!! Way to go One Of Us, or Big Al, which ever floats your boat. Excellent post! I for one have always detested player ratings but must admit to reading Micah Richards “Team of the Week” every week and just laughing my ass off at his selections. No matter how badly a defender played, so long as he popped up with a goal, even if his team where losing 3 or 4 nil due to his shoddy defending, he would win a place on “Team of the Week”!!! DON’T MAKE ME LARFF!! Look forward to your weekly posts OOU but I hope that does not mean you will no longer be popping in from time to time, either best of luck to ya mate 🙂

  303. Hey Shotta as Bono (the as yet uncrowned King of Ireland) would say : “Don’t let the Bastards drag you down!!”

  304. but … but … where and what are the ratings? I want to argue endlessly and stupidly with someone about whether His Excellency Emmanuel II gets a 6.5 or a 4.3

    The player ratings nonsense gets even more absurd when one considers tactical, fitness and psychology (form, confidence) issues taken into account in selection in any given period of matches by manager, and all the variables involved, not to mention good old intuition.

  305. Irishgray 😀 Very good man, making me hungry though!

    Luke; God knows what Juve are up to? They are skinter than, erm, Arsenal! 😀

    Right time for cocktails with the girls, toodles!

  306. george rodger

    Irishgray.I want to win an award ,then I can brag to my friends that I won an award and they did not.
    I am going to go into the market for some world class scriptwriters who will guarantee me an award .
    Six months now and no award.
    The same thing every day .I post all day and look good for it and then run out of steam after tea
    Its my wife’s fault she has lost it
    What is the point in posting if you are not going to get an “Irish”award?

  307. Nice awards there Irish. Friday specials to the pessimistic arseblogging, Manc-loving, grave-loving twats.

    If they think that this is the same team as last year’s or the five years before then they need a psychiatrist. Me, I am not afraid to say it, we are on the verge of something special, very special.

  308. Spending all day on the internet is bad for your health. Get out more…. this is what I’ve been doing all afternoon to get away from the doomers, the gloomers and fries with mayo:

  309. Why won’t my videos post on here……. merde!

  310. finally finished work. off to enjoy my friday night. have a good weekend everyone

  311. I get more excited by the prospect of Ramsey every day. Honestly, while he has been ‘talked up’ in he past, it’s almost as if people have forgotten what a massive talent we have in this lad. His getting back to form and fitness is more exciting than any arrival, more than 3Gs. Lost amidst the infantile world of transfer hype, swapping jibes with the likes of comedy-charicature AIC, who gets funnier with every post now (I love the angry ones, but generally prefer the slithery, snide looking-down-my-nose-at-you side of his comic brilliance), a smallish cottery of fans simply forget the real world, populated by real people like Aaron, in which all this takes place, which is much more fun. I’m also excited about TV, Gibbs and Frimpong getting back. Wow. No one is totally sure about Gibbs over a season, not yet, but who would deny that to fail to give him his chance now would be a stupid thing to do. Simple facts: the season before last, most fans were amazed by his composure and movement on the ball, despite the odd mistake, he was starting to look like overtaking Clichy, and talked about as natural heir to LB for England. Last season began with a very bad tackle, late in the game we had already won, in the CL qualifiers, I remember it well, in which he broke his ankle or the ligaments. He was out for many months, and then some on here made up the ‘injury prone’ label, which is untrue. When he got back, like any long term injured player, he was suffering for top form and match fitness and people forgot about the injury. I am guessing that Wenger had already scheduled him, in this coming season for regular first team appearances, about or over a year ago. I think this is the prime reason Clichy decided to call it quits, as Wenger had a friendly chat with him about the matter.

  312. george rodger

    ZimPaul.I agree up until you say ” I am guessing that Wenger” that is what the other lot do.Make assumptions about what has gone on and hazard guesses.
    But all in all another top post

  313. Limpar, I watched Joel Campbell play in the Copa America and I was certain that Arsene would be interested in him. He reminds me of N’Zogbia minus the sulkyness. Another player that looks very good is Venezuela’s goalkeeper Vega. Dude has total command of his box and he’s good at claiming high balls. He looks like a slightly better Tim Howard.

    Jabberwocky, well done. You have the patience of an angel. What you wrote is obvious to any one who follows this team closely. Those who call for easy solutions, mainly Bill, Jabba and a few others, are really just lazy and don’t have the thinking capacity to understand what happens on the pitch. That’s why they moan about transfers and are stubborn about us not winning anything with the players we have. If they understood they wouldn’t have the views they do and they’d be excited about the next season.

  314. we seem to have missed the football that much that some of us are that excited the season is just around the corner that we are suggesting we can challenge for a trophy..

    i too am excited.i cant wait for the season to kick off and hopefully seeing the likes of jack rambo and ryo..but the title??

    no..we aint strong enough..
    we did nothing last season to suggest we are good any competition and weve done nothing so far this summer to suggest we have improved..
    its going to be a tough battle for 4th..

    great post by the way

  315. Doomer cunt: “If defending set pieces is so easy as Arsene (I’m para phrasing a number of statements he’s made) we will see what the new season brings…Should our Talon d’achille continue to be our defence and the transfer window passes without a signing (We know nothing of what currently is happening) it is going to mead for those who have a jaundiced view of AW”

    I hardly think Arsene Wenger is the type of manager who believes defending set pieces is as straightforward as you think. That’s why he’s the manager and you’re just an idiot spouting nonsense on the internet.

  316. Zim, yeah I recall a lot of people saying that Clichy would have trouble getting his place back when Gibbs stood in for a few matches. Then Gibbs got injured too.

  317. george rodger

    “we did nothing last season to suggest we are good any competition”

    What like having the title in our own hands with only 10 games to go?
    Beating Barca .United and Chelsea?
    Now I know there are some negatives as well, but come on JJ.
    There were enough signs for us to be optimistic.
    At least until our hopes are dashed 🙂

  318. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice one, Big Al. Super stoked on your new Friday residency at the great ACLF. Werent you the one that did those hilarious Bragging Rights LTD comments back in the day? Or was that Muppet?

    You’re a freaking legend, jabberwocky. You too LimparAssist. That cunts response was so utterly depressing. Good stuff from Gris Gris, zho, Josef and others, too. Can’t forget Franks weird poem. Always love Franks posts.

  319. Thanks GR … um …. everyone, leap of faith, honest, I actually meant to delete my imaginings at the end about what really transpired and what le boss really intended; so, if you kind folks would humour me by deleting these last two hypothetical meanderings from my humble contribution to today’s assorted arsentiments, it is for the better.

    By the way, since the best humour is often done in duets, the funny guy offset against the dumb/boring guy being a favourite formula, and if AIC is the genuinely funny guy who gets all the laughs, who is his dumb/boring comic partner he spars with? A few suggest themselves, but I would favour SPECTRUM, all things considered. What a combo!

  320. george
    i respectfully disagree

    yes we beat the likes of barca and utd..but we got outplayed and turned over by the likes of stoke and westbrom..

    our last 10 games we showed relegation form..we struggled to get passed the likes of leeds, hudd, ipswich and orient..we got embarassed by brum and we got hammered on set pieces..
    the negatives hugley outweigh the positives so optimism isnt on my agenda this season..or il end up on the prozac and valium in the final third of the season… 🙂
    im just looking forawrd to seeing the lads again and what will be will be

  321. george rodger

    No prob JJ .
    Expect the worst and hope for the best then for you?
    Fair enough.
    I just see a natural progression.
    So it will be me on prozac 🙂

  322. I’ve just been speaking with a friend who writes the sports section on a local newspaper and he told me a colleague at the E’Quipe has told him that Cesc has signed for Barca for 40m. He knows Arsenal are my team so he could be winding me up. I wouldn’t put it past him!

  323. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ahh thats interesting I was unaware of the origins of jabberwocky’s name. Very cool, Frank. I fucking love this blog.

  324. There is one regular certainty about Arsenal under Wenger. It has never failed to ignite the imagination and admiration of football fans the world over, and it has never failed to mount a credible challenge for top honours in, arguably, the toughest league in the world. Cheer up Jon Jon, for most, it’s a lot worse than that and they manage. Hell’s teeth man, you could be a Chelsea supporter called Dave-the-moron.

  325. im not expecting the worst as such..
    i still think we are top 4 material..i just dont think we have the mentality or the players we require to push us over the line..

  326. Bloke down the pub told me that Cesc is as we speak in the basement of the Arsenal Stadium hanging upside down with gaffer tape round his mouth with one little finger missing. The absent digit is on a plane in a briefcase as we speak with a message constucted from old NoW articles suggesting that £85m is the lowest they can have him for…and if they don’t pay we will just leave him to rot after whipping more of his bits off him. Mexican standoff I think they call it.

  327. Hi, thanks for the friendly and informative responses everyone. Also, credit to September 2009 ACLF commenter, Wondrinfree for a couple of ideas in the post – not seen that name before or since though.

  328. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh JonJon………. negative vibes… negative vibes

  329. Great post OneOfUs. And so true. I remember one report from a couple of years back that added a mark for every english player and docked 2 if they were french or african.

  330. whats the point in supporting a team if u dont think they will win the league or do something special?

  331. ”whats the point in supporting a team if u dont think they will win the league or do something special?”

    Let’s ask some Plymouth Argyle fans and find out.

  332. george, how can you like that man who was a good leader once and was loved for his winning mentality and charm but then completely lost the plot. he has now gained more and more haters as it has became apparent that he was lying to the masses all the time and used spin when ever he could…..Tony Blair that is…..obviously……

  333. “whats the point in supporting a team if u dont think they will win the league or do something special?”

    No reason to, I guess Anirudh.

  334. anirudh
    the point is in supporting them for the love of them..trophies or not..

    of course i want trophies..but i dont think we will get them any time soon..

    the way football is going with all the money being thrown about and our continued prudence..i think it will be a while before we see silverware again..

    but unlike others, trophies aint my sole reason i love the club..ive supported us for over thirty years, not since we went invincible and i would still support us if we played in div 2

    if everyone went by your theory then 90 % of teams wouldnt have any supporters would they???

  335. Anirudh,

    To get away from the wife on a saturday!

  336. “For those who missed it
    here’s the specific paragraph as presented by jabberwocky to Jabba’s Delight @2:17:

    “You are called a cunt because you only ever see the negative, you only ever point out weaknesses, because you are completely devoid of hope, and joy. You come on here day after day, knowing that 95% of people will disagree with you, and say the THE SAME FUCKING THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER, with no individual input, no individual insight, just pure repetition, and you are so boring and make this blog so boring because of these things…”

    definitely worth another repost, but also a reminder that he is too thick for it to penetrate his bonce and like other of his ilk, best avoided for the sake of your blood pressure!

  337. @Frank | July 15, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Ha, ha! I think we should send his ear next!

  338. Im sorry..that came out all wrong,…it was aimed at ppl saying they dont believe that the team can win the league this year…what i meant was-as fans we should always believe that our team will over-achieve…if not why be a fan

    As in the case of in europe in 10 years time..if i were a fan i would hope and believe it were possible..however remote…

  339. Or to get away from the husband!!

  340. Calling him a cunt obviously helps matters. I feel we should call boring, negative and repetitive people… boring, negative and repetitive. Not cunts. Especially if said boring, negative and repetitive people aren’t being insulting. At least, not before they were called cunts in the first place that is. If you insult someone it’s fair to expect the same treatment from them.

  341. hahaha duke..

  342. Charles N ‘Zogbia for £10m??? alot better then Drowning, prem ex, classy shot , good playa if you ask me. re invest the Clichy money so it will cost us £3m!! what we waiting for.

  343. @ Nasir Jones-Nasri

    “Nice one, Big Al. Super stoked on your new Friday residency at the great ACLF. Werent you the one that did those hilarious Bragging Rights LTD comments back in the day? Or was that Muppet?”

    It was Big Al and I would love if BRL made a return to the blog.

    @ George Rodger

    “ZimPaul.I agree up until you say ” I am guessing that Wenger” that is what the other lot do.Make assumptions about what has gone on and hazard guesses.
    But all in all another top post”

    At least he knows and acknowledges that he is guessing – unlike the oracles on here who know nothing yet claim to know everything for a FACT!

  344. can nzogbia defend set pieces??

  345. george rodger

    Because he had a vision of a new world .
    And where the masses turned on him and threatened his job if he did not buckle to their will.He stood firm and did what he thought was right,He followed his principles and did the job he had as best he could.With class and dignity.His way………………..Tony that is 🙂

  346. George,

    good one.

  347. george rodger


    “george rodger | July 15, 2011 at 11:30 am
    I £10 million buys Charles N’Zogbia should we not be having a bid?
    I think he would add a bit of drive and balance.”

    Does that make us like minded soul mates?

  348. methinks no new buys till Bendtner & Almunia leave….(sigh)

  349. I just get the feeling, that wenger will change formation in some way..i have no solid rationale to back that thought..just a feeling..similar to when he introduced 4-3-3

  350. add denilson to that as well

  351. and definitely not 4-4-2..maybe we will go to the classic Ajax total football system and win every trophy there is to win..

  352. suprised no one wants Denilson, if only a few of our fans were mangers of other clubs.

  353. +/- Denilson… many new players might that make room for JonJon?
    (That is if AW buys at all)

    G’nite RASERS!
    (what a day)

  354. george rodger

    Duke .I bet you a shinny new shilling that Denilson is bought before the end of this window

  355. Honestly i’d be suprised if Wenger brings anyone else in now. We know he will be impressed with what he has seen in the far east and will convince us all we are ready to win the league again.

  356. george rodger

    Duke .are we pals now ? 🙂

  357. george rodger

    Lol Duke.I am convinced,

  358. @ GunFlash

    The end of last season just cant happen again; its to strange a phenomenon to repeat 2 seasons in a row!

  359. What does everyone think is really happening with cesc. I hope he is not still having hamstring problems. No way to know but i suspect that is a smoke screen so he does not have to go on the tour. Last thing he needs is to pick up a muscular issue in these meaningless games.

  360. If only a few more of our fans supported the club, players and manager…

  361. @mattyboy…

    Our home record would equal or better our away record and we will win the league in a canter…

  362. Anirudh – I too, believe that it would make a difference. Its impossible to know how much and very difficult to prove, but our home support is shocking sometimes. It could have a negative effect on the players.

  363. JJ

    If we get the good cesc instead of last years model and he and rvp stay healthy and one or 2 of the other goalscorers have good years and the defense somehow surprises we could put in a good challenge. Health of cesc, rvp and the defense the big concerns. Need a good start to hold back the mental demons or it could get ugly. Hope we can get a cc and/or fa cup and put in a decent run in the pl and it would be a good season.

  364. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Thanks for clarifying, Passenal. I loved BRL. Maybe if we can gather enough signatures we can get Big Al to make it happen. Right now is probably not the best of times, but I feel one coming. Never can get enough satire though.

    Ahem *cough* Muppet *cough*

  365. Now that Gervinho is getting a much bigger wage at Arsenal, he went out to buy a new car today.
    He couldn’t decide between a Range Rover, a BMW and a Mercedes.
    So he decided to buy all three……………… one for each of him!

  366. I hope Denilson stays – maybe some of his haters might explode in disgust. I can only dream!

    Mattyboy, the fact that we played best away from home tells it’s own story. But evidence on this very blog shows that the worst culprits are too thick to realise the implications of their destructive behaviour. They claim to want the best for the club, but it’s clearly only on their terms. Unless Arsene buys the player they think is best, they will continue to ‘scweam and scweam’ until we are all sick!

  367. No idea what’s going on with Cesc, but I know Barcelona are begging him to go public.

    And say things take an unforseen turn for the worse for Barcelona in the next couple of years – do they assume that all these players who were happy to kick up a stink to join them wouldn’t do the same to get out?

    Guys like Mascherano and Alves would be out of there in a heartbeat.

    I know that getting players to force transfer is a handy way of saving money on fees, but don’t they value integrity in players?

  368. AFC Wonderland

    Jabberwocky or whatever?

    Your vindictive and souless tirade against other (nameless) bloggers was no doubt one of the best I’ve ever seen, definitely NOT seamless in execution and weak on so many levels! Your vague and quite honestly pathetic and child like championing of your fellow AFC fans was both embarrassing and more importantly cowardly, whereby you curry favour in abusing individuals let’s say it was… (Weak), and seemed to be based on individual, and maybe to a degree collective thoughts on this blog which in turn provide you with a GOD like wisdom in questioning the views of others who quite simlpy disagree with your own views about AFC? Is this not dissimilar to bullying?
    The word Cunt is easily said and often used on blogs, what do you mean when you say Cunt, is it like that of your mothers vagina when she gave birth to you to provide such meaningless and pathetic rants, or are you working at a far lower level of Internet machismo? i.e. someone cannot grasp the tactical nous at Arsenal unlike you and Arsene Wenger, and therefore anything anyone else says simply does not carry any weight? I for one would be careful when addressing others in such a way that your keyboard crusade is rendered totally useless.
    I’ve witnessed your type before at the emirates and I would have no hesitation in knocking you out with my head held high and simply walking away if you EVER EVER addressed me in such a childlike way.
    Your voice is both embarrassing and pointless when reduced to low level arguments with little or no substance because other fans simply don’t share your point of view.

  369. ‘They claim to want the best for the club, but it’s clearly only on their terms’.

    I agree. Its seems to me, a very selfish way of supporting the club, but each to their own. I do however wish that they wouldn’t ram it down my ears every day, or at matches!

    It does indeed take someone very thick to believe that they know better than a Manager who is employed by the best club in the world and it takes even more stupidity to believe that they can convince others to adhere to their point of view by repeating the same crap over and over.

  370. OOU.

    None of us has a working crystal ball but I think cesc will be with us this year. Just hope he can stay healthy. No way to know but i hope that he could have played in asia but there is no reason to take any risks at this point. Probably same with diaby at least I hope so. Wish we had left RVP home too.

  371. Will be most glad to see denilson stay put and fight for his place!

  372. All I know is that Mano Menezes would give his left testicle to have a player like Denilson in his midfield to keep possession and distribute the ball. Lucas, Ganso and Ramires have been atrocious thus far.

  373. exactly gains!

  374. Passenal and NJN – I’m itching to do one of those!

    Bill, not sure about this stuff, but is it possible that they’ve taken precautions with all players who finished last season on an injury? Just put them on looser schedules than the rest of the group? I mean Fabianski’s another who was expected to be back for the new season – I think.

  375. For now george , i have no doubt we will cross swords again. and you will be calling me a fry man and i will be calling you a philly blunt. !!! lol.

    So we all happy for a player to slag us off say we are not good enough for nim and then when he realises no one wants him we just take him back, get some fukin dignity people the guy has shown his true weasel colours, i never want to see thst littlle shit in an Arsenal shirt again( Wenger aswell) , its too fukin good for him and this has nowt to do with his abilities as a player but as a weasel.

  376. Duke.That’s two in a row mate.
    I like him as a player(ish) but he must go even if we give him away.
    If Bolton want him he can be a make weight for Cahill .two birds and all that.

  377. I hope he stays too, Passenal. I think he is a fantastic talent.

  378. Frank .the fans were on his back when he had done nothing they perceived as wrong .
    they would not give the lad a chance.
    Its not like he is a goal scorer or the type who could win them back,is it?
    His style ,although effective ,is not appreciated by the masses.
    Sadly I think ,for all concerned,he should go, ,

  379. I understand that there is a comet due in a few months time, AFC Wonderland. You might want to hop on it.

  380. frank, i do not understand your logic.. you hate people saying anything untoward about the Arsenal and here we have a prime guilty target slagging us off , dooming beyond dooming to the point where he wants out…and you still like the little shit, come on frank your slipping man. even if he is the next pele he can fuck right orff for undermining,tarnishing ,dissing our great club. thank fuck Wenger has had enough of his petulance, as soon as he left him out he threw his toys out like a little girl. poor showing after all Wenger done for him and the time he has had in the first team.

  381. He is an excellent midfield player, george rodger, with a set back from a persistent injury. He certainly does not deserve the shit being thrown at him. Arsenal ‘supporters’ really are the worst in the EPL. By a country mile.

  382. You are very gullible, dukegoonem. Naaah, not gullible you just make up the facts to fit your story. People like you were dissing the kid a long time before he expressed his concerns, if indeed he actually did,which I doubt. You can’t hold a candle to what this young man has achieved, can you?

  383. AFC Wonderland


    Forgive me, but I’ve no idea what you are talking about given the fact there is no context to yor albeit brief response to my post… Amazing lack of ability on your part, no?

  384. AFC Wonderland


    Forgive me, but I’ve no idea what you are talking about given the fact there is no context to your somewhat brief response to my post… Amazing lack of sense on your part, no? Tell me more?

  385. frank, these “concerns” ha, yeah his quotes not mine were that he wanted to go to a club that can fulfil his obvious great expectations , to win things because he is a winner and we havnt won anything for 5 years, ( remind you of the endless amount of people you call a cunt for saying similar things)and that he needs to be playing aswell when he has played a shit load of games for an apprentice , anyway good luck to him but he has no future for us, he wants out and Wenger wants him out.

  386. don’t have to tell me how good he is .I know .
    All I am saying is that as things have gone,injury,roll in the team,poor support,bad media ,all in all it is best for everyone that he leaves.
    In fact its more than best ,its almost necessary.

  387. Disagree. He wants to stay and AW wants him to stay. Gullible you see, you just believe everything you read. Denilson Perreira Neves is a real talent…AND he is an Arsenal player.

  388. This double single r thing really pisses me off. How the fuck are you supposed to know?

  389. @passenel & @ mattyboy
    I’m afraid that the detrimental effect you guys are talking about, the booking by some home fans, manifested itself last season towards the end. if any doomer and moaner is interested in finding out one of the reasons for the team falling short last season, they need to look in the mirror. and there would be your answer.
    somehow or other the club needs to find a solution as to how drownout their booing and moaning this coming season. they have no clue as to the effect of their actions. I’m sure the papers and the media also become emboldened by seeing their actions and the negativity it brings to the club. hence, the unusual number of negative articles having been written this summer towards ARSENAL. having a difference of opinion is not criminal but booing and screaming at your own team at the final stretch is stupid as hell..

  390. @irishgray | July 15, 2011 at 5:49 pm
    Hey Shotta as Bono (the as yet uncrowned King of Ireland) would say : “Don’t let the Bastards drag you down!!”

    Was it Bono? I thought it was Kris Krisstofferson who told Sinead O Connor these words? Or Bono said it to someone else, which I clearly isn’t aware of?

  391. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off, AFC Wondercunt. We aren’t impressed with your tough talk. You wanna fight someone for supporting their fucking team? What a fucking scumbag you are.

  392. I also think the moaning has emboldened the hacks. Most of what they write is gleaned directly from cunt blogs like le grave. Which is oddly named since they abhor the French manager who inspired their Frenchyness. .

  393. Afc wonderland –

    I find it amusing that while you take the moral high ground and accuse me of cowardly bullying and hiding behind my keyboard, that in the same breath you speak of knocking me out and walking away with your head held high. Do you not find it ever so slightly hypocritical that you decry false machismo while threatening physical violence from the comfort of your home?

    Had you read my post, and taken into consideration the two months of bile that had preceded it, you may have been able to comprehend the message that I tried to convey. Much like jabba himself, you have stated that I am directing abuse at an individual due to a ‘difference in opinion’, and that I have sought to impose my self-proclaimed tactical nous on an individual who I have arrogantly assumed doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

    Well, to reiterate, yet again, as it seems that the grasping of a simple concept is beyond you, here is a brief recap of the gist of my argument. In terms of my ‘arrogant’ description of how the team’s tactics have evolved, this was in response to a plea from the individual involved to back up claims as to how we may have improved, to make up the 11 and 12 point deficit over the coming season. A statement of individual observation and opinion. The main thread, however, was to emphasise (although patently lost on you) that the hostility that exists between jabba and many regulars here, does not stem from the differences in opinion (again, compare the reception of the views of individuals like goonerandy, etc) but from the constant repetition of recycled, negative and tired opinions and the constant antagonistic nature of his posts.

    I note that you believe that my post stemmed from a desire to bully and curry favour, a loose and defamatory comment which completely ignores the message I have attempted to convey in an attempt to belittle me by insinuating that my sense of self worth stems from the regard in which I am held by strangers on an Internet forum.

    I, too, have seen people like you at the emirates, who boo and shout and insult players before they have even touched the ball. I have seen ‘fans’, young and old alike, display these attributes, and on each occasion I have stood up and called them what they are. The waves of guilt that now flow over me, as I consider the orifice from whence I came, as I bring myself to utter that obscene and unholy term, are almost unbearable. Please forgive me, AFC Wonderland, when I tell you to fuck off, you complete and utter cunt.

  394. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Well said, jabberwocky. The vitriol some of us get for supporting something so positive and refreshing is depressing to say the least. We need more jabberwocky’s in this world.

  395. Great post OOU.

    A 4:30 AM wake up call?……….Just for you Arsenal, just for you.

  396. Barcelona may have to send in their King to free poor Cesc who’s apparently held in captivity being paid 110K a week.

  397. Jabberwocky,

    I have a feeling that you are wasting your time with your comments. Some people do not, or cannot be bothered, to think for themselves and have no interest in views contradictory to theirs. Once their mind is made up and they believe you are moaning over a ‘difference of opinion’ no amount of factual evidence will change it.

    Good luck to Denilson on loan.

  398. Good morning Arsenalitis

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