Jack Wants Loyalty But Will They Listen, Can The Squad Learn & More

Arsenal settled into the routine of their tour, training in front of 30,000 ahead of the first match at lunchtime against a Malaysian XI. With the players free to talk to the media, the initial interviews have found them free with their words. Following Robin van Persie’s observations yesterday, Jack Wilshere has given his opinion on the current speculation surrounding the squad,

If you are loyal, it means you are a real man. We have loyalty at Arsenal and players have shown that in the past. Cesc showed that last year and hopefully a few more players will show it this year. We have a good team and we need to keep our big players if we want to win things. Robin (van Persie) has said he would be devastated if we lose Cesc. It’s the same for me

Depending on whom or what you believe, that outcome is or is not going to happen. The latest speculation surrounding the captain is that Arsenal will accept a £35m bid, have accepted €40m or will take €45m. According to The Independent, Cesc is ‘determined to ignore Wenger‘ which seems a bit harsh. You would have thought that Fábregas’ wages would allow him to send Arsène to somewhere better than Coventry. Although that might make the board think twice about Samir Nasri.

It is a sign of Wilshere‘s elevated status in the squad that he feels confident enough to speak about the situation publicly; he would not have done so last season. Whatever is going on behind the scenes needs to be resolved by Arsenal once and for all before the start of the season. Inform Fábregas and his ‘advisors’ that there is a deadline for Barcelona to come to the table with an acceptable bid; let the player put the pressure on them. Once it is passed, do not even speak with Rosell and his cronies. Sorry if that ruins your dinner plans for this year, Ivan.

For Nasri, the ground for argument has shifted. Whilst you do not want to lose your best players, selling the Frenchman now makes more sense financially. Arsenal’s transfer budget does not come as a result of the owner’s largesse, the price of self-sustainability. Whilst Uefa may hold this model as the ideal, it is hard when the club is the only one playing by the rules.

Arsenal as a club, the manager, the AST, fans, everyone may decide that the Manchester City deal with Etihad is against the FFP, demand Uefa investigate. Such action is naive as lawyers will have been involved and scrupulously read the regulations to ensure compliance. As I pointed out on Saturday, it is not difficult for them to prove adherence to FFP, even using back of the fag packet calculations. You wonder if part of Arsenal objections to this is the knowledge of how bad it makes The Emirates deal look.

Wilshere went on,

It would mean everything to win a trophy this season. Last season we just missed out. That last minute against Birmingham ruined everything in a way.

In a ‘collapsing into nothingness’-debacle kind of way, Jack?

We are always there or thereabouts at the end of the season. But we need to stay strong and maybe make a few more signings and we will be alright. We have been saying in the last few seasons that we need a bit more toughness but the boss knows what he is doing. Hopefully he will bring what we need in and we will win something at the end of the season.

Hope is the right word. The tail end of the season has left a bitter taste in many mouths and raised genuine doubts about the mental strength of this squad. Whilst not inconceivable that the squad can learn from those games and the negative impact, the evidence suggests otherwise as the disappointments from 2006-07 onwards have not spurred them to achievement.

A different input is required, to freshen thoughts on the pitch. I believe it is not something that can happen with one voice, there must be influence across all areas of the game. One of those new voices has long been believed to be Gary Cahill but Chelsea are rumoured to be interested in an English centre back. The paucity of players from these shores who can fill that position is highlighted by these rumours. No doubt this will be used a stick to beat the manager with if he signs at Stamford Bridge despite no evidence of an Arsenal bid.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. When is the draw for the CL game?

    Nice post YW

  2. i am so excited now! finally got a chance to watch the team at KL stadium. wonder how 30k malaysian can skip works yesterday??

    any tips for first timer?

  3. If Fab is sold and Wenger doesnt use the money to buy the quality defenders,then we will know why the gunners collapse every spring.In retrospect,Wenger should have been fired the third time the gunners fail at the final lap.
    There is no place for loyalty now. Thanks to the bowman’s rule,players are becoming kings. Greed is the name of the game.The same can be said for the clubs.

  4. Dave, just ‘support’ the boys..

  5. ClockEndRider

    YW, “You wonder if part of Arsenal objections to this is the knowledge of how bad it makes The Emirates deal look.”
    Alternatively you can look at The Emirates deal as one which was pretty groundbreaking, occurred 6 years ago. Oh, and wasn’t signed with a company essentially owned by the brother of the man who owns the football club with which it was signed.
    Let’s not start doing the scum press job for them, shall we….

  6. The financial doping that Wenger speaks of, has been in the game long before Arsene was on the scene. I can understand his feelings on it and his tendency to speak freely means he will always share his philosiphies. Having said that, it seems enough in terms of our martyrdom to refer to our own self-sustaining model and success by comparison to expenditure, without speaking of other clubs dealings.

    The growing discontent around our own commercial deals is surely a bitter pill to swallow, but we would do well to leave the chatter to Mr Platini and if others choose to reference us, great. Otherwise, the club will continue to be merited with great economics as a poor aside to our lack of silverware. Preaching it seems, feels far better from a loft standpoint.

    I would much rather hear the continual bleatings that we can compete and read between the lines where bleedingly obvious.

    Great comments from Jack, though he is being gently taken out of context. No specific mention to Samir, more a take note of Cesc the great. Think he managed to stay on the line of respectful.

  7. Agree ClockEndRider – the Eithiad deal stinks, everyone knows it, but nothing will be done about it because they’ve found a convenient loophole and UEFA haven’t the balls to challenge it.

  8. Danny, those comments by JW apply equally to Cesc and Samir.

  9. Good post Yogi,
    But I don’t think a lot of your regulars will be happy with it, some have even started questioning consolbob’s support for expressing similar views.

    I am somewhat in agreement with your view on the Nasri situation, if it is indeed true that we can get up to £20m. To be honest I really doubt this figure because why will anyone pay that much now for a player they could have free in 12 months? In any case, selling Nasri only makes sense of we can get enough to buy a replacement with.
    Otherwise we should keep him and accept the loss (worst case) or hope he signs (best case). The real failure was in not doing this last summer, i.e. make him sign, or put him on the market. I’m basing this stance not on any principle or philosophical approach, but on common sense.

  10. Agree with Danny re Wenger speaking about Man City deals. He needn’t have, especially considering everone in the world already knows his views on the matter.

  11. It really depends of how you view the Nasri situation. You could argue to keep him is “losing” £20M, but that is not strictly true. We paid £13M for him, so that investment is what we would be losing. Even then you could arge that we have used his services for the duration of his contract, that that was the going rate. Either way, we are not losing the money rumored to be on offer.

  12. Did any you guys read that article where it said that the Romanian football federation has warned their members of not sign contracts in the spanish league due to its financial insecurity??? But i guess that is to be expcected in a country on the verge of economic collaps. Soon im sure we will see the same in italy as that country to is on the verge of collaps. mad times indeed.

  13. Nineteen years of age and he`s starting to take charge on and off the field. Having read Jack`s comments and those of our proud Polish goalkeeper I`m beginning to think this could just be the start of something big. Ramsey, Myachai (?), Jenkinson, Walcott, Gibbs and other young bucks need the experience around them now and the ones causing doubts and uncertainty need to be on their way.

  14. Passenal,

    They do and they don’t. Overall, he implores them both equally, but he is careful to credit Cesc with the loyalty of staying last year and references his own personal feelings as well as Van Persie as being “devastated” if Cesc were to leave. Notably, not too much said about Samir. I think this is understandable in terms of the esteem Cesc is held within the team and Samir’s relatively recent rise in importance. It reads to me, that Jack knows who his captain is. He seems to get the right levels of respect and differentiate between the two. For what it is worth I hope Samir stays and think he is developing into a fantastic player.

  15. 31 days …. hoping for a good game and no injuries. great comments from jack. i can see him as a future leader on and of the pitch. i still can’t see Nasri doing a backstab. even if he wants to leave, they will engineer it so he won’t leave for free.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  16. I do not agree we should sell Nasri now and take the £20 Million on the table if he does not sign a contract before the start of the season. Simply because I feel we could win the league this year with the squad we are developing and maybe another addition or two. That level of success should financially benefit the club and somewhat counter the shortfall of his lost transfer fee. This hope is not reliant on this, but it would still be possible for Samir to recognise how much he enjoys Arsenal the footballing team, London as his home and Wenger as his mentor and re-sign. Either way, I would keep him.

  17. how could uefa come up with ffp regulations and yet leave such loopholes that one can drive a truck through… still hoping they might step in and have their say about the ETIHAD DEAL. CHITTY are bending the ffp rules in the extreme….

  18. Perhaps Arsene knows a bit more than “sources close to the player”..

    Not sure but might just be possible you know..

  19. Well said young Jack. Same applies to us fans. Man up or join the Etihadists.

    Hope Nasri & Cesc understand but do not over estimate their importance to Jack & the younger ones. With or without them we will move forward & hopefully win things.

    Personally I just love the spirit the younger players are showing.
    The idealism of youth can move trophies (ask Beckham & co)

  20. I don’t think that anyone can argue to keep Nasri is “losing” £20M, unless we know for sure that 20m is being offered. But if we are indeed offered that amount, then its a fair argument. Its certainly an argument that Wenger and the club have made, although a more accurate term to describe the ‘loss’ would be ‘opportunity cost’.

  21. last post was to GA, btw

  22. Henristic – Yeah, I do get that. I am a bit torn on the subject to be honest. There is always the possibility that Nasri has told Wenger that he intends to leave at the end of his contract, and is not willing to be sold (ensuring himself a big pay day). Wenger saying he won’t sell Nasri could be a clever way of saving face.

  23. Clock End Rider / Passenal

    The Etihad deal is not all for Stadium and Shirt Sponsorship, the campus being talked of is excluded from FFP. Therefore, City can turn round and say, £20m per season for shirt and stadia is reasonable which leaves £200m for redevelopment costs. All costs for the redevelopment will be likewise excluded from FFP.

    Can you explain, therefore, how the FFP is meaningless?


  24. goonerandy

    You are losing the investment on Nasri (£13m) plus whatever you have to pay for a replacement as this will not be covered by sale proceeds.


  25. From Jack himself, unfiltered, via twitter
    “Have not read any papers but just so we get it right i actually said ‘cesc showed he is a real man by staying and being loyal last season’..
    ‘And hopefully we can have a few more players like that’…..
    I also said he has been a great role model for me! So why would i tell him to ‘man up’!? Get it correct please… “

  26. YW – Very true. Unless he recruits from within (cringes).

  27. As much as I like players talk about new signings galvanising the team, I would like them to take responsibilities for their failings last season. Many of them might take the easy way out and clamour for new signings, but they need to show that they have what it takes to form an efficient unit and produce results consistently.

    IMO, the responsibilty of a new signing is not to come in and become a messiah..I believe such players need time to settle and before then the core of the team should do the business without them. Any new player that comes in and hits the ground running is just a bonus. There is no guarantee that a new player will be an instant success.

  28. Nasri was a half season wonder, who was as responsible as others for the end of season collapse. He is being over-rated (good yes, irresplaceable no). Sell him, take the money and put it towards buying a better player.

  29. george rodger

    Yogi ,no you are not because you would still have the asset of the new player,So the loss would only be the investment in Nasri and any profit(sale less £13 mill.)The cost of the replacement player would not come in to it.

  30. Steww,

    media twisting lil Jack’s comments already?
    What a world we live in. Phew!

  31. george rodger

    Welcome back Steww

  32. Goonerandy “Wenger saying he won’t sell Nasri could be a clever way of saving face.”
    or it could be a secret code telling the Martians when and where to land. I mean if you’re going to make shit up at least be creative. Jesus.

  33. Um, thanks george

  34. Even if Nasri goes, we do have Arshavin, that magnificent bastard.

  35. George – It would mate. If we sold Nasri we could use the money to fund a replacement. i.e, it would not really cost the club anything. If we lose Nasri on a free, the club will foot the bill for the replacement.

  36. Stewww – I am not “making anything up”. Just a thought.

    If Nasri had told the boss he was leaving, but would refuse to be sold it would leave hte boss in a sticky situation. He would have a good player on his hands, which his teammates, and certainbly the fans would take a dislike to. This way, it seems that we are being assertive.

    Just theory, and one I hope is not true. But if Nasri had taken this route, tfor the boss to say that would make sense. There is no sinister undertone to it.

  37. Andy.Read the post again mate.The new player would be an asset and could be recovered by resale.

  38. George – The point is if Nasri cash funds the player, me make profit with re-sale. It is basic maths mate, and not complicated.

  39. Yes! Arshavn and also Rosicky can actually play in the middle! People seem not to remember those too and assume only Ransay and Jack can

  40. Thats not to say i want any of cesc or nasri sold.

    Our type pf play requires a lot of understanding which can oly improve as players continue in a team together. It takes getting used to your team mates which is what this young team growing together concepts really builds.

    Hence AW always would prefer to add to his team rather than sell players already establishing an understanding. Recall RVPs comments about a connection

  41. Andy ,I dont want to fall out but you are applying a simple equation that does not exist.
    The cost of your old car does not include the cost of a new one.The old one can be used as part exchange but the cost of it is fixed.It cost the purchase price less what you sell it for.If you run it into the ground the the cost is the original, purchase price

  42. Sometimes, I haven’t a clue what anyone is going on about.

  43. Andy.Why do I suspect “basic maths” is not your strong point.

  44. Big, little Jack could easily have been talking about some of the ‘supporters’ with his comments.

    ‘Loyalty is a big part of football and it shows if you are a real man or not’.

    Of course I am assuming he knows like I do that ALL the Female supporters are loyal already, thats a given.

  45. Or basic economics 🙂

  46. George – Agreed no falling out. My view is (we will stay with the car):

    You want a new car….great news. If you sell your current car at a decent price, it will offset much of the cost for your new car.

    If you give your current car to a friend instead of selling it, you will be much more our of pocket in buying your new car as you will have to fund it 100% yourself.

    Resale value does not come into it, as it would be the same in both of the above scenario’s.

  47. @ mattyboy
    “… Of course I am assuming he knows like I do that ALL the Female supporters are loyal already, thats a given.” LOL

    How did u reach this conclusion?

  48. George – I have a calculator, so it does not matter about my maths ability 🙂

  49. Nasri might be a ‘half season wonder’ but he is capable of much more. He is only now settled in the premier league, hes coming into his best years, hes gonna be the heartbeat of the French national team ….. i still want him at Arsenal…

  50. Or to put it another way:

    If you sell your Audi A3, you may be able to afford to upgrade to an Audi TT.

    However, if you have no car to sell you may have to do with buying a Ford Ka.

  51. “Stewww – I am not “making anything up”. Just a thought.”

    Yes. Yes you were. You made up the idea and then presented it as a hypothesis. Now get back to your economics lesson with george.

  52. Deise – I agree with you there.

  53. @DeiseGooner ‘He is only now settled in the premier league’ in the 1st half of the season he settles, shame as it went on he flunked it like most of the others. See suggestions that he wants to go to Citeh, has become money driven, reminds you of anyone – Adebayor?

  54. Yogi, Goonerandy

    I’m afraid George is right. (Everybody has to be sometimes. Well . . . . . . maybe not Spectrum.)

    You count the loss either when the player arrives or when he leaves. You don’t count it twice.

    So the loss would be either £13m or the cost of Nasri’s replacement.

    But not both.

  55. Steww – I am glad you are back, I have missed your childlike outburst. It is not like I presented it as fact is it? As it goes, it that were the situation how do you in all your wisdom percieve a good way for the manager to deal with it?

  56. Anyone else following the twitter discussion between Olegunner and Tim Payton (AST) ?

  57. @Team Spirit

    Just a conclusion I have reached from personal experience. I have yet to come across a negative or disloyal, female Arsenal supporter. The morons around me, shouting banal abusive comments at our own players are always Men. Same goes for the ones in the pub. As for here, from what I can gather, the same is true.

  58. Money like City can offer will always turn your head .. you cannot say otherwise. Plus its not as if they are not in the champions league… they can claim that carrot now too. IF Nasri signs an extention with us, will he be jeered? Will we be a better team/squad with him in it or not? To my mind Cesc is more important / influential but Nasri is important. If i were to lose one it would be Nasri but i dont want to lose either. Maybe thats not realistic and maybe its too much of a gamble to have Nasri stay without signing a new contract. but if he does sign on ill be happy

  59. Merlot – I still don’t see how that is right. Basically we would use Nasri’s resale value to offset his replacement’s fee. Without this the club are out of pocket.

    If we let all of the players contracts run down, it would cost us a fortune to replace the team (every 4 or 5 years). As we sell players then re-invest the money in new players, it prevents us from struggling fniancially.

  60. LA – ‘Sometimes, I haven’t a clue what anyone is going on about’.

    I often feel much the same, and sometimes Im thankful for it!

  61. Jabba's delights


    When im trying to get my head round the swiss rambler he is constantly talking about player amortisation and i took that to mean writing of the players transfer fee for every year of his contract. So with Samir his 13m(?) fee was divided up over the 4 years so in theory he is only actually worth 3.25m for us now as the rest of his fee has been written off.

    I still think as a self sustining club its imperative we generate money from his sale. With 20m or so in the bank im sure Arsene could go out an get a productive winger. I wouldnt be to upset if we got like 10m and say Adam Johnson from city.

  62. I agree with Limpar.

  63. Henristic

    Yep it was a follow on from last night and similar to Muppet’s debate with him. Got to say I’m with Muppet / Ole on this one.


  64. Jack is calling Nasri out if anything but the papers manage to twist it to Cesc as per.

    If Nasri stays but doesn’t sign an extension then we might just see him on amazing form next season. He’ll be trying to get a big contract when he goes for free next year. It may be worth the loss of the transfer fee if we can use his… ahem… ambition… to our benefit.

    On the other hand he might just sign and all will be forgotten and forgiven by August.

  65. George @9.54

    There is a loss – perhaps opportunity cost is a better phrase – involved. If Arsenal sell Nasri for £20m now, they use the funds to replace Nasri. If he goes for nothing next year, Arsenal have an opportunity cost: the £20m they spend on a replacement means that the £20m cannot be spent elsewhere. Therefore there is a ‘loss’ in that their choices are reduced by the impact of not receiving a transfer fee.


  66. Arshavin, Rosicky, Vela all can play the left side: Arshavin was more productive than Nasri IIRC although less spectacular, but Nasri seemed to offer better consistent defensive support. And the latter two could probably improve quite a bit with game time

    In short, I’m not sold upon this notion of needing to buy to replace Nasri should he not sign.

  67. Yogi,
    Yeah, I saw that its been going on forever! I think they both make good points. Too often the extremists dominate the discourse, its either Wenger is a miracle worker, or an abject failure.

  68. George @ 10;13

    You’re the one that needs help with basic economics.

  69. YW @9.52.
    It is meaningless if the accounts are not suitably scrutinised to ensure that the £200m supposedly meant for upgrading of facilities, academies etc doesn’t get spent for that purpose. If for example, it is spent in poaching all the best players at -20 level rather than on capital projects. If UEFA then don’t exercise the ability to retrospectively mark-to-market the deal, then for all it’s good intentions, FFP is dead.
    If they do then we may be in for an extended period of warrig between Messrs Grabbit and Runne LLP on the one hand and UEFA’s legal counsel on the other.

  70. Alex Ice Cream

    UEFA’s laughable Fair Play nonsense is being circumvented before it has even been introduced. Does anyone really believe that this will change anything.? Really If so then they are naive. I don’t believe that Wenger or Gazidis believe it either and if they do they are completely naive as well. They use FFP as a smokescreen justifying the “self sustaining” model of mediocrity which they are so proud of. Next they will be telling us that there is a trophy for this as well.

    Our “deal” with Emirates is a complete joke. Its not a deal, its a rip-off. 100m for 15 years including shirt sponsorship is laughable. Manu’s shirt sponsorship alone is 20m a year for 4 years. 20m a year x 15 is 300m and that does not include the stadium naming rights or inflation! Arsenal are a well run club are they? Even Spurs’ 2 year shirt deal is worth 20m.


    Nasri has gone. Why is anyone even bothering to debate it. Of course we will take the money, not only because its the sensible thing to do but trousering money to pay off debt at the expense of the squad is what Arsenal have been about for years. Trophies don’t matter. When will people realise this very obvious truth?

    The only reason Cesc is still at the club is a lack of a suitable offer from Barca; its not because he wants to stay. He gave up on “Project Youth” last year and anyone with any sense would have done the same. He is tired with not winning anything, being played into the ground, burdened too much by the captaincy and playing with players who are not on his level and by those I mean everyone bar Van Persie and Jack and Arshavin and Nasri on a good day.

    The funniest thing of all is that there are some on this blog who think that we will win the Prem next season. Hilarious.

  71. Andy, your car analogy is very powerful. It gives me more of an insight into your footballing opinions than most of the football talk we have.

    “If you sell your Audi A3, you may be able to afford to upgrade to an Audi TT.”

    I’d guess everyone on here would have one out of a possible two opinions on that statement, and I have a fair idea who would fall into each category.

  72. Markus – Don’t over scrutinise things mate. Don’t look for things which are not there.

  73. Too much is being made of the Etihad deal. Its a strong deal where business relationships have been utilised. When you have c.40 multi millionaire/billionaire brothers, its pretty easy!

    Rather than jumping up and down hoping Platini helps us out, maybe, just maybe, our expensively assembled commercial team should use some of thier years of experience and relationships to ensure we get such an equally strong deal?

    FPP won’t change an absolute thing. Who do you think is more atuned to financial engineering, UEFA or the extensive network of global billionaires that form the Abu Dhabi royal family??

    UEFA is a f**king fly in comparison.

  74. F*ck me. Henristic is playing the holier than thou card again.
    “Too often the extremists dominate the discourse, its either Wenger is a miracle worker, or an abject failure.” Really. I thought this was a supporters blog.

  75. Any chance of Arsenal coming to Kenya in my lifetime?

  76. The whole concept of a team of auditor’s from UEFA trying to wade thier way through mountains and mountains of accounts from hundreds/thousands of global subsidaries is hilarious.

    Would it reaaaally happen???

    Considering the rife corruption in FIFA are we all going to naively assume that it’s little brother is whiter than white?

  77. AIC,
    You can’t compare a deal we made 10 years ago with deals currently been made, especially in the hyperinflation market of football. To show that we were ripped off, you have to compare with deals made around the same time.

    You can’t be sure that nasri is gone. Why pretend otherwise?

  78. The accountant (Mrs) seems to think Yogi is probably right but there are unknowns like are the assets (players) revalued? Who knows?

    My concern is the self sustaining model. This, to me, is a flawed concept as I think it will only work IF a trophy is won every so often. Success is necessary to keep the ticket sales up. The waiting list for season tickets will continue to dwindle and will eventually disappear if a struggle for 4th place is the yardstick for success.

  79. @KG, depends on how old you are doesn’t it. LOL

    i even dream of AW coaching Nigeria in my lifetime… Yours may obviously be a likelier reality than mine eh?

  80. Gadget “Arshavin, Rosicky, Vela all can play the left side”

    And Miyaichi! Wooo!

    Think we could see Miyaichi and Theo starting on the left and right respectively today.

  81. Alex Ice Cream


    Arshavin, Rosicky and Vela can all play left side so we won’t need to replace Nasri?

    Yes and Rosicky is finished – apart from a few decent games in 2007 an utter waste of money due to injury and being played out of positon. 1 goal and no assists in a year. Still given a new contract last year – an utter joke. He should have been offloaded on a free just to get him off the wage and medical bill. What has he achieved in 5 years at Arsenal – very little.

    Vela is rubbish, complete rubbish he is not even good enough to play for West Brom who were almost relegated. Arshavin has proven inconsistent so replacing Nasri is a must. Maybe that’s why Gervinho was bought?

  82. His name is Ryo and he comes from Jaaaappan.
    And when he gets the ball he can run faster than you caaaaan

  83. Kenya gunner – ‘Any chance of Arsenal coming to Kenya in my lifetime’?

    Sadly, I think that would depend on economics. You might want to ask others about that side of things.

    *shuts computer down*

  84. Andy, nope, not over-scrutinising things. Just saying it’s a good analogy, and that some folks would be more exited than others at the prospect of upgrading an Audi A3 for a TT.

  85. TT is a woman’s car.

  86. R8, now your talking!

  87. Grumpy shotta,
    Me playing ‘holier than thou’? Thats rich coming from you….

  88. Lot of peevishness about today, beginning with YWs article and descending into downright small minded snickering crap in the comments section.

    I agree with Mattyboy, for what it is worth..

  89. @AIC, or maybe gervinho is an addition to the squad with the full intention of keeping Nasri?

    Rosicky is not finished, it was his first full season back I think, His loss along with eduardos affected the end of our 2007/3008 season and then along with hleb for 08/09. There was a connection built up then that was broken up abruptly and that may repeat itself again if cesc and nasri do leave which i anm happier to observe is getting less likely

    Vela is rubbish because West Broom chose not to play him? Bemused as to that conclusion

  90. My problem with you AIC, is that you often say things you couldn’t possibly be sure about, as facts.

  91. Markus – Ah, I get you. Right you are I suppose, I should have used different cars to make my point I suppose.

    A three wheeler, to an Astin Martin? (to really make my point) 😉

  92. There is nothing more fucking dull on this Earth than a bunch of middle aged blokes thinking they know it all.

  93. Apart from a later aged bloke thinking he knows even more. 😉

  94. Middle aged? Pfffft.

    Speak for yourself old timer.

  95. Why danke AIC and Markus, even more players we now have who can replace Nasri should he not sign.

    I’m sure he’ll end up signing a contract with us, but if he doesn’t a replacement will come from the stock we already have.

  96. Billboy,
    “My concern is the self sustaining model. This, to me, is a flawed concept …..”

    In the absence of a sugar daddy to fund a loss making financial sitution, could you explain how else you would wish the club to finance itself?
    Personally, I find the self-sustaining model I have to use to fund my home, kids, bills etc a flawed concept. Short of robbing banks I believe that it is one with which I and countless others are stuck. If you have the answer, I suggest you cash in quick……

  97. Bad day at the office Frank, normally you open up with something a little bit more forthcomimg….

    What part of medicine have you specialised in?

  98. On a related but similar point, I say we give Nasri a higher wage, then promptly renegotiate both Cesc’s and RVP’s contracts to give them even more money! I cannot say with much assuredness, but it seems we could do this. Plus, it would kill a few birds with one salvo, or in the very least let us know their positions

  99. Parumanimology in pre-geriatrics, Luke

  100. I can understand how they do it but it raises the real question.The difficulty and the credibility of the financial fair play is at stake.’


    Silly qoute from Wenger complaining about City’s deal is it not. So he recognises simple accounting can side step these laws despite us having hedged so much of our long term strategy on thier effectiveness.

  101. Middle-agedness is a state of mind, Luke, and you definitely qualify

  102. That’s better Frank, a touch of humour.

  103. Is that right, care to elaborate?

  104. Alex Ice Cream


    Here are some facts for you. We agreed to be butt f***ed by Emirates in 2004. In 2003 Manu announced a 4 years deal with Vodafone worth 9m a year just for shirt sponsorship. In 2005 Chelsea announced a 5 year deal with Samsung worth 10m a year again just for shirt sponsorship. Happy now?

    You made a good point about inflation which is more evident in football than nearly anywhere else so why tie yourself to a 15 year deal which on day 1 is worse that of your competitors?

    This has to go down as one of the worst deals ever. Not to mention a leveraged punt in the property market which the board hoped would bring in 80m and in the end made far, far less (I have heard broke even or £20m profit).

    I don’t know that Nasri will go but I am pretty certain that he will. Hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

  105. Well take your statement at 11.50, Luke. It is pompous, arrogant and self congratulatory. You actually think that you understand more than a bloke who spends 24 hours a day steeped in this stuff. Could it possibly be that you are not in possession of all the facts, do you think?

  106. I honestly think that you could moan yourself to orgasm, AIC

  107. Wojciech Szczesny wants to seize his opportunity and remain Arsenal’s first choice goalkeeper until the end of his career.

    The Poland international forced his way into the Gunners’ first team last season after injuries and a loss of form saw Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski left out of the side.

    He told Arsenal Player: “I realise there is a big chance in front of me and I might not give this No.1 shirt away to anyone else for the next 10 to 15 years.

    “I realise there is a big chance ahead of me and I want to grab it with both hands.”

    The young keeper is looking forward to his first full season in goal at the Emirates and believes he will be a better player after his experiences with the club last term.

    He said: “It is my first full season in the first team so I have never been as excited as this. This year will be something new for me if I am lucky enough to start the season as Arsenal’s No.1.

    “I’m very excited and very determined as well. If last season helped me, it helped me because I want so much more. I don’t want to have the feeling I had at the end of last season. So I am very excited.”

  108. Alex Ice Cream


    You’re so old that I doubt that you remember what an orgasm is.

  109. YW,

    I think the our sluggish movement regarding all our transfers has more to do with the brass and not Wenger. I believe that our brass take the complete piss out of Wenger, by acting in this manner because they know as we do that Wenger is too much of a gentle man to slate them to anybody. As he does when we find out the one of our players are complete crap.

    He never disrespects them or talks them down. He will even go as far as telling fibs about a player rather than say his not in the squad because he has totally lost his form.

    I’m just concerned with all this pussy footing around when I truly thought that we would be moving quicker. How is it that when it comes to selling any of our players the deals are wrapped up in days or weeks? But, when it’s time to buy it drags out for months?

    We need a CB with EPL time under his belt and have been linked with Samba, and Cahill, since last year and fuckall has happened and not j terry has told his brass that Cahill, is the man they should get and them pricks down the road are so say in for Samba.

    If true, what the betting that the deals will be done within the next week or two?

    That is what worries me badly. I’m not a doomer because I have heard such comments from people past and present who love Arsenal and non Arsenal supporters who also like watching us play. They all say a similar thing that we are only 2/3 players short of domination.

    I don’t think Wenger, is the reason for the hold ups.

  110. Did we get the £100mil all at once? I thought we did

  111. Frank, there literally is no point in trying to have a sensible debate with you.

    The FPP rules have been challenged and scrutinsed by many since day 1 (yes, other people outside of weneger can have a correct opinion), the ficklness of the sanctions and the potential loss of clubs has constantly been touted as a major stumbling block for UEFA’s policing of the rules (yes, those f**king newspapers have had input too). It would seem that City have very easily, and publicly made childs play out these rules. Now if you would care to read my earlier posts, I would like your opinion on the folllowing:

    1. Who is more accustomed to financial engineering – a network of global billionaires consituting the Abu Dhabi royal family or UEFA
    2. Do you really believe that UEFA is exempt from any of the rife corruption evident in FIFA

  112. Can’t believe we are chatting about city’s business.

    We should be concentrating more on the fact that even our own best players are concerned about some if our best possibly leaving. A new CB and MD.

  113. Of course Goonerton, but it’s going to become the most overly used excuse that City et al broke the FPP rules

    I said in earlier post that rather than cry about it, our expensive commercial team should be looking to match it.

  114. Yogi @10;42
    Yes ,you are correct.Of course you will not get the sale money if you don’t sell him.
    But that is not what you said originally
    Andy, Similarly .your last car analogy was correct.But you have failed to see how yogi was incorrect in the first place.

  115. If you lack the financial clout to go head to head with clubs who are loaded, then you have two choices. Sit back and take it, or let the world know that it is a real problem and rally support. I don’t understand why you would criticise AW for taking the latter course. ‘Evil triumphs when good men (or women) doing nothing’, so to speak. Applaud him, don’t knock him down at every opportunity. Maybe even help him.

  116. Yup Gadget. At the time, it was a shrewd and necessary piece of business.

    The fact we completed the move on time, within budget and the property development when global capital markets were barren is an incredible feat.

    I’m sure its been evaluated by the team, but are we not in a position to buy out the reminder of the deal?

  117. i think we should be concentrating on pre-season, not going into ‘WE NEED….!”. we are all satisfied in our own minds as to what this club needs, and have stated over and over again what our respective opinions are, and as such I really dont feel we need to repeat it yet again. by august, we will know who has left and who has joined, and until that point arguing about whether Cahill, Samba or Jeezy Creezy himself will help this team are utterly pointless and ever so effin tiresome

  118. Well that’s better AIC.
    I agree it was a poor deal, but you have to consider that many thought it was a good deal at the time because of the upfront cash payment it came with, which we needed. I suppose the counter-argument to that will be why couldn’t we have taken a loan for that extra 100mill. We could have paid the loan off by now, and not be tied to a 15-year contract.

  119. Frank,

    I do applaud our approach, very much so.

    I just said it was a silly comment stating how easily City have sidestepped FPP when we have hedged our long term strategy on that. How can you not see that?

    I support the man, I support our approach. Doesnt mean people are immune from mistakes.

  120. Why is it silly to point out an obvious loophole, when you know you have a world stage? Are you really not aware of any possibilities there, Luke?

  121. Gadget @11;42

    I think that is the answer.Give Samri his £110k and hike RVP and Cesc to show he is not on a par.At the same time get extensions to Rvp and Cesc
    That would be a “statement “to everyone involved with the club and those looking in as well.
    If you give all 3 of them an extra 20k per week it comes to about 3 million per year.And would show that we reward displayed ability without having our arms twisted.
    We could then rightly take the moral high ground and expect loyalty.

  122. I agree with Gadget – sign Nasri up on his terms, then up RvP’s & Cesc’s contracts accordingly. ‘Statement of intent’?

    I’ve got a pretty strong feeling that we won’t lose any of the players we don’t want to lose. The Nasri situation stinks of agent cuntiness and I think Wenger’s going to do and say the right things in order to make Samir see the light.

    To be honest, I’m really not too worried if he does leave, as we have a nice array of attacking midfielders already. With Gervinho & Ryo in the side, we have much more pace in the attack and on the wings, without having to rely on Theo for those blistering attacks so much. It was getting obvious that the killer ball to run onto was always going to Theo when he’s was the only uber-fast player we had (apart from Clichy that is). Ryo and Gervais are great options for this kind of outlet – something we were seriously lacking in the latter parts of the season. Imagine having 2 of the quickest players in the league sprinting down either flanks on the counter, against lumps like Terry/Ivanovic/Vidic/Kompany etc etc… Exciting stuff!

    I really, really can’t wait for the season to start – signings or no signings.

  123. This constant referencee to Gary Cahill and Chris Samba over our current central defenders intrigues me. They sat in the centre of defences which conceded 56 and 59 goals respectively last season and 67 and 55 the previous season.

  124. Frank ,clearly he is not aware.
    People should understand that his academic qualifications give his view credibility.
    Unlike people with no football qualifications who deem themselves fit to criticize him.
    And they are to stupid to see the difference.

  125. Jabba's delights


    If August comes and we still havent addressed our needs which has happened a few summers in a row, you, Frank, George and people will just say shut and support the team.

    Maybe for once our club should actually just go out and do the business that is needed. The general jist of what a majority of the fans and pundits want isnt wrong and the club cant keep making half hearted attempts at competing.

    I thougth it would be insane for the club to go into last year with Kosciellny, squilaci and Chamack as its only signings and was positive they would do something more come the end of the window.

    Its time for the club to act.

  126. And in the case of Chris Samba, that was despite being one of three centrebacks in the same line-up, in a sort of triumverate of clog in front of the keeper…. who was Paul Robinson – so you can make that a quadrangle of clog.

  127. Frank .They are the correct players for us because the ex. players and TV pundits say so.And if they were good players then they must be right?.Despite evidence that most of them are plain stupid.

  128. Frank- apart from Samba’s huge frame, there is no upgrade whatsoever imo. I’d take TV5 over most CBs in the league for what he brings, and Johan and Kos are both excellent defenders, learning every game, getting more nous and EPL experience all the time. Cahill brings nothing apart from the Englishness to what we already have. Maybe as a better back up than Skilly, but who would ever pay that much for someone in the last year of their contract who isn’t guaranteed to usurp our current CBs? If we are to get another CB, they need to be at the next level i.e Chiellini, Lucio, Thiago Silva, etc. (Btw – I’m not hankering for them, just examples of the quality needed to show an obvious upgrade).

  129. I quite like the idea of Chris Samba at Arsenal as it goes. Can’t say why exactly but I suppose has to do with him fitting a sort of ‘gentle giant’ caricature I’ve always quite appreciated. Like Dave Seaman… and Tony Adams to a certain extent. Obviously this is no way to pick a football team. I just think if I was making a war film and casting from the premiership I’d probably pick him to play the pea-minded but lion-hearted warrior that’s always there to back up the hero. Like Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

    Hm. …When’s that match start again?

  130. http://www.sportsvibe.co.uk/news/football/arsenal-star-hails-arrival-of-next-cristiano-ronaldo/

    Glowing review from TV5 – I’d be hugely surprised if he didnt get the ‘fuckinghelllookatthisyoungguy’ work permit.

  131. I hope we have a plan B if Cesc and Nasri are sold

  132. lol Limpar!

  133. Vermaelen, Djorou, Koscielny, Squilaci, Miquel and dare I say Song. Personally, I see no reason to buy a centre back. Putting someone at CB because they are big is for the under 11s. It also shows why english footballers and defenders in general can’t actually play football. Not the kind we want to see at the Grove anyway.

  134. ‘Plan B’ is fuck it and start panicking.

  135. Jabba-

    I don’t necessarily disagree with everything you say (although I do the vast majority), however what i was trying to say is that no matter what your opinion is, reiterating it (and this is aimed at everyone, including myself, in the same debates over cahill/samba et al) isn’t going to change anything, and working oneself into a frenzy wont help either. By the end of August, we’ll know what team we will have until at least January, and as none of us have any say on who comes or who goes, whether or not you think action needs to be taken doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to whether action will or wont be taken. Therefore, for all of our sanitys can we just drop these pointless arguments, as we all know where we stand, and nothing we say or dont say at this juncture is going to make the slightest bit of difference.

  136. Limpar – do you always start panicking when you’re fucking? 😉

    No plan B required. They will stay I reckon…

    *double-checks crystal ball*

  137. ClockEndRider
    Perhaps I should have said that our self-sustaining model is flawed. When you run yours at home you constantly review your position against your objectives and if there is a problem you seek ways of dealing with it. You will make changes – get a job with more money, move to a smaller house or sell a kid or two or give up and let somebody else have a go. Arsenal seem not to want to try this.

  138. It will interesting to see what the response will be when/if we actually sign Samba/Cahill.

    Will the usual suspects hold an indiviudal (yet negative) opinion of an Arsenal player, or will they conceed that as Wenger has now authorised the transfer, that the idiot pundits, ex-players, commentators where indeed correct.

    Interesting times lie ahead for the credibility of certain opinions.

  139. I think I must have bunked off school the day we learnt what Parumanimology meant.

    Please enlighten the ignorant.

  140. Jabberwocky – there’s not much more to debate at the moment, but if you have something new and interesting to get talking about, let’s hear it! I totally agree that some comments and commenters often go over the same points (I’m definitely one to do that), but even an opinion being worded slightly differently can bring out new angles, and new theories that some haven’t even considered. Also, I have gained a lot of knowledge and taken on board so many in depth opinions and ideas from people on here, I’m all for the intricate analysis on each other’s views. It’s a good way to get to know your club even more, every day. I understand if you find it boring though, each to their own.

  141. Not always, Geo. Only whilst taking up certain…. I’ll tell you later. Ladies present.

  142. Haha, it’s so simplistic its ridiculous.

    Player bought from lower league EPL = Hoofball merchant
    Any foriegner = classy footballer, suitable for high brow Arsenal entertainment

  143. Luke – personally, I’m happy to be shown to be wrong in these instances. If Wenger buys Samba or Cahill and they play brilliantly and are obviously much better than what we have, I will accept as much egg on my face as you are willing to chuck. I have no shame in being wrong! If some people are to proud to admit they are not infallible, then more fool them. We constantly learn, and I absolutely love it when Wenger proves me wrong, and proves once again that he just knows…

  144. “Haha, it’s so simplistic its ridiculous.
    Player bought from lower league EPL = Hoofball merchant
    Any foriegner = classy footballer, suitable for high brow Arsenal entertainment”

    Hahaha! what the fuck is that? You come out with a snide comment like that because i listed a group of some of the best CBs in the world (or CBs that are in the upper echelon IMO), and they happen to play in different leagues and aren’t…. o my god… English….!! To put it simply, (if that’s what this boils down to), there are very few CBs in the prem who would be better than what we already have. Name me some mate, and what qualities they’d bring to our team that we don’t already have…

  145. Luke – are you saying that Carl Jenkinson is a hoofball merchant? Thats a bit harsh, considering he has’t played a game for us yet. Give him a a game or two before you get on his back eh?

  146. Hold on, mattyboy – he’s about to make his debut…

    ARSENAL: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Wilshere, Song, Ramsey; Walcott, Chamakh, Miyaichi.

  147. Lol Limpar, wait for the watershed for that one then..!

  148. …there’s not much more to debate at the moment, but if you have something new and interesting to get talking about, let’s hear it! -Geo
    Got 1 for u Geo:
    Of the players we have who’s the ONE u hope will up his game this coming season?

    Carlos Vela.
    It’s going to be a very important year for him. It is time he staked a legit claim to a place on the squad. Really like him and I hope he’s coming into this season with a huge chip on his back. I for one am backing him 100% to shine.

  149. geo – i agree, it is fun debating these things, and coming up with new angles, however at this juncture with regards to cahill and samba i really dont think anything new can be brought to the table until we either sign them or don’t sign them. not much to talk about i agree….tried posting some links to a festival review to veer off topic which landed me in moderation. oh well.

    luke – i think the ppl to whom you refer probably dont think that those two are up to it, however if they were signed, they would be supported as they wear our shirts. if they then succeeded, then i think all and sundry would be happy to be proved wrong. i think doubting players not at the club and fully supporting (perhaps blindly in some instances) players at our club is faaaar better than constantly doubting and ripping apart players at our club and fully supporting (perhaps blindly) players who are not. supporting a football team is emotive and in no way objective, which is why it is so fun!

  150. Thats brilliant news LA!

    Not long to go now….

  151. Got it in one, Jabberwocky.

  152. Silver Gunner

    Simple we simply must have a more compact defense wenger promised defensive signings I expect at least one experienced defender between 23 and 29

  153. Jabba's delights

    I think when i look at Vermalan. Kosciellny and Djourou i see some fantastic players who in part compliemnt each other very well. As Wenger came out and said though we appear to be lacking something. I dont think for one second that Samba is a better player than Kosciellny on the ground but what he does have is aggression and a huge will to win. If he can stop us conceding 5 goals to set peices next year that might save us 5 points. If he can improve our ability at attackign set peices as well we might score more goals. We arent signing Samba or Cahill to play against Barcelona we are doing it so we can play Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn, Qpr, Sunderland.

    The reason why English players are being shouted about as we must sign some so we can satisfy the rules. 8 players over the age of 21 must have spent 3 years being training in britain before 21. Clichy, Bendtner, Denilson and Cesc all helped us qualify for this rule last year

  154. Geo

    I too love being wrong about the Gooners – and believe me, I’m not in the business of chucking egg. Its pointless. Especially because we all want the same thing. For Arsenal to be better.

    That remark was not aimed at you, rather at the Cahill/Samba comments. The consensus that they are not good enough for Arsenal driven by thier current clubs pedigree is ridiculous in my opinion.

  155. Good post Jabberwocky – I agree.

    Aman – I hate to admit, but I am beginning to think his time might be up. Unless we play more games with 2 strikers, I think he’s edging closer and closer to being left out. I also think he’s great, and with the right attitude and commitment, he could go on to be a class player. But until he gets regular football (and now’s the time at his age) I don’t think he’ll quite be Arsenal standard. If he’s happy to play in the cups and be a bit-part player, then we should definitely keep him, and hope he does step up and make a claim for a first team spot. I do however feel it’s unlikely that he will – again, I hate to say.

    I think Koscielny and Chezney are going to step up big time this year. I really think we’re going to be much more solid at the back, through natural improvement and adaptability, without being too worried about defensive signings.

  156. tv is the best centre back in the prem yes but i think we need a cahill or samba as back up, players dont spend years with crap teams (some exceptions granted ) if they ar really good and i for one wouldnt want eith cahill or samba as first choicers. . I have enjoyed the childish banter (no disrespect intended)today. More looking forward to the game today though, wouldnt expect it to be a classic but should still get an idea of where we are. I have to admit i never expected the support that the players recieved yesterday, i was very impressed with the malasian fans and if there are any on this blog a huge well done it made me feel very proud to be a fan.

  157. jabba’s delights – ‘The reason why English players are being shouted about as we must sign some so we can satisfy the rules. 8 players over the age of 21 must have spent 3 years being training in britain before 21. Clichy, Bendtner, Denilson and Cesc all helped us qualify for this rule last year.’

    I honestly haven’t taken that into consideration, but there is a contradiction in that statement.

    Anyway, personally, I don’t want to get into the English Vs Foreigner debate, as there is a game to watch. All I will say, is that a good player is a good player regardless of where they are born.

  158. Luke – In that case I apologise for my hasty and aggressive response! I agree, that is not a basis to write off a player, as we simply don’t know how well they’d play with a different set of players (and staff) around them. I do, however, feel that we should be aiming higher (if at all) in the pursuit of a CB.

  159. Can we watch the match retrospectively? At work until this evening… Any suggestions much appreciated!

  160. If samba or Cahill comes to us I will support them 100% and back them all the way. If they dont come u will be glad as i Think it would ne 12 waste. There Must be better players for that price out there than Cahill and Samba. Both Jones and Smalling was.

  161. Of course poodle, they will all get 100% support. The only player in recent years that I’ve not been bellowing my unconditional support for, is Sylvestre..! Would never boo or anything, but was not exactly ecstatic when he joined! Sorry if that makes me less of a supporter…!!

  162. Agree with mattyboy. And Bartley too.

  163. george rodger

    I have noticed that stupid people put great merit in what other stupid people say .And innore what people who actually “know” stuff say.
    Very strange behavior if you ask me.

  164. george rodger

    Innore is a new word for ignore.

  165. Of course, it’s rare that anyone actually ‘knows’ anything… Particularly the issues running in the background of football clubs. Does that make us all stupid?

  166. Geo – no worries, and certainly no need to apologise. I am hardly a peacemaker here!

    Agreed it would be nice to be aiming higher and your suggestions would be class additions, however, as Jabba points out, we need to restock? our English qouta. In that respect, Cahill ticks a lot of boxes, and in a better side, alongside better CB’s, the rapidly improving CB would be a very useful addition.

  167. Anyone else having trouble getting onto the Arsenal site?

  168. ‘Putting someone at CB because they are big is for the under 11s’

    Of the CB’s linked with bids (unconfirmed unlike the Reina bid) over the past 18 months the one that caught this fish was Jagielka. But it looks like the Slurgussians have received their orders there. If it did happen, not till later on in the ‘window’?

    Not the worst tackle, plenty of ‘side on’ angles in play (a lot safer in my experience). He wasn’t sprinting or scything in, just late.

  169. George, it would be easier and more time efficient for you to copy and paste the following:

    “Whatever Wenger says/does/thinks is undenibaly 100% in every possible instance and outcome. Whoever expresses a line of thought not completley in agreement is a complete idiot who knows nothing”

    Did you know that Arsenal and indeed football existed before Wenger? Judging by your previous comments stating you didnt care about Arsenal before Wenger, I’m not so sure you do.

  170. george rodger

    I cant log in to arsenal player thing .wtf is wrong?

    Sky sports trying to make something out of Nasri not starting.Cunts

  171. Great. Arsenal website can’t hadle the traffic. Getting a gateway timeout error>

  172. Ah, just went on Twitter. Sounds like the whole thing has crashed.

  173. the English quota is definitely a factor, one that I often forget about. Would Ramsey, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Theo, Song(?), Chezney be included? Can’t remember exactly what the rules are…

  174. Anyone know of another website showing it?

  175. Well this is a bit of a letdown.

  176. ah blooody hell is the Arsenal page down or somthing? how annoying is that???

  177. Curses. I was so hoping to weatch this game at work!

  178. So we all get access to the great new Arsenal Player as members and it doesn’t bloody work when you really want it.

  179. what about myp2p.eu? Havent tried it for a while, but used to get some great streams there…

  180. A R S E N A L

  181. Need Sopcast or some other software though.

  182. Anyone?? :

    Can we watch the match retrospectively? At work until this evening… Any suggestions much appreciated!

  183. george rodger

    I blame Wenger for the site not working.I bet he has bought some cheep software.

  184. george rodger

    Arsenal player will show it Geo .You can get a day membership.
    Trouble is is fucked at the moment

  185. CMON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!

    Geo – no idea. Unless Arsenal.com have the game available for a few days???

  186. Cool, will check it out later, cheers guys.

    I’m desperate to watch it now, you bastards!!

  187. Good team put out. Excited to see Jenkinson. Love his chat about joining the fecking boys.

  188. ClockEndRider

    Is there anyone at AFC who gives a toss about us schmicks who pay their wages? Offer us complimentary player access then it doesn’t work. Shysters.

  189. http://www.megavip.tv/ch1.html

    this link seems to be working for now.

  190. http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/72913/3/watch-malaysia-vs-arsenal.html
    no commentary neither it seems, no annoying sky sport idiot 🙂

  191. does bet 365 stream all matces for free btw? i heard so.

  192. ryo looks so much taller than i expected.

  193. george rodger

    That’s gone off now

  194. Arsenal pen after 4 mins

  195. Ryo to start?
    As a ‘soccer’ loving reincarnation of Sir Mixalot might have once said:

    ‘I love raw pace and I can not lie
    All you other gunners can’t deny’

  196. http://onlineppv.epl-schedule.com/2011/07/arsenal-vs-malaysian-xi-live-stream.html

    Use this link, have to do a survey.

    One nil up, Ramsey scored the pen.

  197. those watching, please kep us posted on developments…. 10 mins summaries would be noce

  198. Ramsey

  199. 1m watching tonight so i have to blanket all sources from now, have a good one, coyr

  200. I am so pissed off about the the official site crashing. Sheer weight of numbers trying to log on? Anyone know what’s happening?

    @ ClockEndRider | July 13, 2011 at 8:36 am
    good comment

    @ steww | July 13, 2011 at 9:50 am
    Thanks – and thanks to JW for clarifiying!

    @ team spirit
    “Our type pf play requires a lot of understanding which can oly improve as players continue in a team together. It takes getting used to your team mates which is what this young team growing together concepts really builds.

    Hence AW always would prefer to add to his team rather than sell players already establishing an understanding. Recall RVPs comments about a connection”


    @ mattyboy
    There’s a poster called Judith Lestrange who regularly lets the side down big-style. But I agree with you in general. I’m still trying to work out why…

  201. We play the winner of Panathinaikos vs OB Odense for CL qualification

  202. I happen to like Samba in terms of robust decent somewhat old-fashioned defender with good team ethic although I wouldn’t vouch for his quality. I leave that to the experts. He kinda reminds me of Sol that’s all. I do think Vela is a high quality player though and very happy he is around to show his credentials. AIC is really very funny, he’s a character from a comedy; knows ext to nothing about playing football and far less it would seem about corporate business with his comments, but makes them anyway.

    I don’t really care too much for the financial stuff, but I’m willing to bet my cup of tea, which I presently do need, that the Etihad deal has certain strings attached we don’t know about. The devil is always in the detail. There is no largesse involved, not in business at this level. Arsenal may or may not have made good or bad deals, although I doubt the business acumen at the club is lacking; that’s not the point at all, it is that the Arsenal debt is effectively controlled as a policy, and honestly when you look at the level of exposure at Liverpool or Manu, this is rampant speculation, essentially betting on the future profits/performance. I know which horse I would back.

  203. jabba’s delights –

    fair enough about ‘homegrown’ quota, however with regards to the ‘5 less goals conceded’ if samba was signed, this statement is too simplistic because maybe it would be the case that we conceded 5 less goals at set pieces but concede 6 or more goals from open play as a result…not saying that it would necessarily be the case, however it is not as black and white as: ‘problem defending set pieces = signing massive defender’

  204. well im sure that if the Eithad deal stands, then thats what everyone will do in the future,. The eithad deal will also be a benchmark for what big clubs will expect to get in sponsor money.
    In 4 years time when we are due to renegotiate. Im sure Arsenal will negotiate an equally good deal.

  205. Score, anyone?

    Grrr, and there I was touting the official site to everyone over the last week.

  206. And our line-up, please?

  207. Scary thought… what if Jack Wilshere continues to progress at the same rate he did beginning of last season?

  208. 1 nil to The Arsenal, Fun. Ramsey penalty.

    RM MC TW
    JW AR

  209. Goal on arsenalist:

  210. Thanks Limpar!

  211. That stream I posted works fine btw.

  212. Who’s looking good Limpar? How are Ryo and Jenksinon looking?

  213. FG,
    I paid for the day pass (at your recommendation 🙂 )and can’t connect as well!
    Very pissed of at arsenal right now!

  214. good freekick from malaysia thogh

  215. btw the gunning hawk usually has a whole list of links for stream pages btw.

  216. jenkinson really has his hands full playing at right back, but has looked pretty solid and has great pace.

  217. Both handling themselves really well, G. Both rapid! And they’ve both had lots to do as well. Ryo looks very, very good. Vermaelen and Koscielny – imperious doesn’t come close. They are so aggressive and so positive. Jack and Aaron linking up well. Alex Song passing nicely.

    The Malaysian national side are tidy too so it’s a good test. Better than Barnet, put it that way.

  218. good stream, ta limpar.

    theo!!!!!!!!!!! great vision from Aaron

  219. 2 nil. Lovely lob from Theo. Ramsey assist – perfect ball.

  220. Ramsey to Walcott…Goal

  221. george rodger

    Ramsey to Theo goooooooal

  222. Classic Ramsey pass and Walcott run.

    Site’s working now btw. Well, kind of.

  223. will try it, thanks

  224. crap pitch not helping some of our pasing.

    Ramsey with a great ball over the top for Walcott and he lobs the goalie as he comes running out. Great goal.

    2 – 0

  225. george rodger

    Rambo ,Theo and Jack
    Why would you want to be pessimistic about our future?

  226. Ryo Miyaichi has serious skills. Arshavin and Nasri better watch their backs.

  227. Jabba's delights

    Cant watch at work but the feed on the arsenal website says we dont look solid at the back but sprightly going forward.

  228. Totally different side in second half, I bet.

  229. So what do we think of Jenkinson? He is certainly quick, and seems quite calm to me.

  230. george rodger

    What do you expect Jabba.We don’t bother with defending .So you tell us

  231. Szcezsney has touched the ball twice I think. One a save from an offside, and the other was a tip over from a very speculative freekick.

  232. Think back four generally doing okay. Kos and TV5 playing quite far up the pitch so Malaysian team sending long balls over the top, mostly on Jenkinson’s side, but he has been more than equal to them. Wonder how Gibbs would do if they focussed on his side of the pitch, he has been caught and has tried and failed with a couple of last ditch tackles.

  233. Interesting, FG. He’s very tall for a fullback, but also really quick. Good combination. Adds height certainly. Also seems to be able to leather it, which is good too.

  234. skywatchingmug

    Half time and a well needed rest and change of kit, way to humid to be playing football.

  235. didn’t that finish had a touch of Henry about it?

  236. In the absence of any football, I’ll return to yesterday’s ‘debate’.

    You made a fair point in terms of squad strength Limpar, but my comment was really about improvement over what we already had bearing in mind that some others will likely leave. I’ll give you experience, Ramsey and Vermaelen. Overall, we may be up a little!

    I was amused to read that I have ‘gone over to the dark side’, I have not changed my position on either supporting Arsenal through thick and thin or the shortcomings in this squad. My end of season review was entirely consistent with the points made yesterday.

    I don’t want Arsene sacked, he’s the best manager that Arsenal have had or is likely to ever have. I don’t slag off players nor single them out for criticism. No defeat or sequence of defeats will stop me supporting the club.

    However, I will try and make points if I believe that they are worth making. I don’t care if others don’t like those points. We are grown ups after all, well, most of us.

    I do believe that the polarisation of views amongst Arsenal fans is damaging and a trifle silly at times. I may not beliieve a lot of the rubbish that is written about our great club on this site and elsewhere but these days rarely bother arguing with obvious fools or even insult them.

    Having said that,I reserve the right to tell AIC to ‘fuck off’ as he, to me, is the prime example of an anti supporter. Plus, of course, one must have a little fun in life.


  237. @skywatchingmug – now you know why the game has not developed here in Asia as much..

  238. Would be nice to see RVP and Nasri stretch their legs in the second half.

  239. if some want to find a site who stream the friendly vs malaysia this site will stream it

    i m looking foward to see ryo playing with a arsenal shirt

  240. lordgunner its half time so you better switch on now cos Ryo has already played one half and might be subbed for the second half

  241. Jabba's delights


    With regards to your question about being pessimistic. We have wonderful youth but that wont get it done on its own these days. Theo after this year will be in the same contract situation as Nasri now….watch this space.

    With regards to defending i was merely saying what the arsenl website said. I want to see the team take pride in defending in each and every single friendly this year and show a progression throughout. If one looks at last years friendlies it showed us very well what we got when it was the real deal.

  242. Arghh, what’s with the green screen studio?

  243. jabba, half the first team ive been told will be in the same situation as Nasri is this summer. ALot of contracts are up next summer, so yep for you my friend its time to panic. We may loos lots of good playes next summer. “feed em to Manchester”.

  244. Chamakh seems to have picked up exactly where he left off last season. Oh dear.

  245. So good to see the boys playing again!

    Song doing a good job in the middle. Ramsey and Wilshere have been ok as well. Nice goal from Theo, very well taken.

    Hope to see more of Ryo cutting inside and taking shots at goal. So far he tends to go for the cross. Also perhaps, maybe him and Theo could switch sides once in a while.

  246. You’ll have to give me Gervinho too I’m afraid, Cb.

  247. george rodger

    Bob,I wish I was as tolerant as you.
    AIC is not the worst by a long way.

    Nice post as ever Bob

  248. Jabba's delights


    Other than Arshavin and Walcott which players are in a similar position to Nasri. I thought we have been spending millions getting them new contracts.

  249. Vito on.

  250. Awesome link LA. Gonna get me fired…

  251. Mark

    I agree, Chamakh doesn’t seem to be playing ahead of the ball much. Always behind play.

    On field in second half:


  252. Jabba's delights

    AIC is just as much as much of a supporter as Frank or George he just has a different oppinion to them. Frank would be called a non fan on Le grove for not wanting the team to improve. Calling someone a non fan who spends most of there day talking on an arsenal blog strikes me as stupid.

  253. …and possibly Ryo Miyaichi too if this game is anything to go on.

  254. Not Flappy, its Mannone.

  255. Vela also on

  256. skywatchingmug

    A bit sloppy, from The Arsenal, need to play it simply until the new players get up to pace.

  257. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-14134851

    Here’s my best news of the day, that fecker Barton banned from getting a visa to travel to the US with Newcastle.

    Best quote from the Twat on Twitter ” “Totally hypocrisy considering what they get up to, but rules are rules.”

  258. So nearly a fantastic team goal

  259. Vela as a false nine – Now that could work. Great pass for Ramsey!

  260. Arsenal player’s working now. Just got on in time to see a lovely ball from Vela which Ramsey should have put away

  261. george rodger

    Anyone who calls Vela “deadwood ” is a ****

  262. Or did I mean the Twit on Twatter?
    Actually the best news of the day is about Murdoch…

  263. Passenal

    Szczesny is to be given the number 1 jersey when Almunia leaves. Shall I give you my Swiss Bank account where to send the 20p winnings? 😀

  264. skywatchingmug

    Trade mark Vela goal.

  265. Vela chip again!!!!

  266. george rodger

    See what I mean

  267. Chippy doe it again

  268. Sublime goal there from Vela

  269. Maria would have gone crazayyy!

  270. Do you want ketchup with that chip?

  271. You just knew he would chip it…

  272. Jabba's delights


    One thing that is quite eveident from reading your posts on watching arsenal play a Malysian a xl is that you need to calm down and put stuff in perspective.

  273. Denilson?!?!?!

    I bet we lose. 🙂

  274. “Vela is rubbish, complete rubbish”

  275. why is Denny laying back? i thought Frimpong was the one to hang back?

  276. George, Vela certainly has everything to prove, and nothing to fall back on.

  277. Fuck off Jabba you joyless git! What a fucking miserable sod you are. We are obviously going to win the quadruple based on today’s game.

  278. I’m going out celebrating if we keep a clean sheet!

  279. MD Gunner

    What was the news about Murdoch today mate? Has satan risen from the bowels of the earth to reclaim his prodigal son?

  280. why luke?

  281. Jesus, was just reading Vela’s bio – I can’t believe that Sheff United game was 3 years ago!!!!

    Time is fllllying bye.

  282. You just cant wait to write him off Luke. You are giddy at the prosepct mate. 🙂

  283. skywatchingmug

    Denilson, has come off. That makes sense/

  284. Where is Vela playing from? The left?

  285. Vela! You”re gonna get me the sack!

  286. Wonderful atmosphere at the game – on Jabba could ruin that

  287. Denilson didnt last long did he. Maybe AW took a call from another club while he was on the pitch.

  288. Jabba's delights


    Happy mate, just want to put George jibes at everyone who has been against him this summer into perspective.

    Good to see Vela trying to prove his worth.

    Luke is right. Clean sheet is important, i want to see our team take just as much pleasure in a shut out as they do running rings around the Malaysian a x1 in attack.

    Liverpool conceded 3 last min goals to win 4-3

  289. NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNAAAAAAAA!!!!

  290. Skywatching – It always does 😉

  291. Dexter:
    NewsCorp withdraws bid for BSB

  292. You know when you’ve been Frimponged.

  293. Jabba's delights

    Is there truth that our Malaysian fans booed Denilson when his name was called out yesterday?

  294. skywatchingmug

    Vela is playing on the right now Van Persie is on. Was down the middle when he got his goal.

  295. Why what Poodle???

    Dexter – I don’t want to write Vela off. I know thats hard to believe, and I certainly have not done much to convince otherwise, but that’s just the way it is man!

  296. Nasri is fired up. For some reason.

    Armand Traore and Carlos Vela doing the deadwood XI proud.

  297. God bless you Samir Nasri and your dancing feet!

  298. Jabba

    Glad to hear it man. I doubt the team have even started on the team tactics, formations, and defensive work yet. This maysia trip is purely commercial dude. But yeah, some solidity in the defensive set up and thinking is defitley needed this season. Im reading Merse’s autobiography and he is going on about GG’s obsession with the defence and makes a good point. He doesnt think players today would go for GG’s methods as they’d be moaning to their agents all the time! A happy medium would do for me.

  299. @Jabba then they are stupid. It should be obvious to everyone that playing DEnny as much as possible to get some good preformances out of him would benefit ARsenal. Hes gonna be sold no? So we want a high price for him, meaning if he shows off in preseason his price will go up.

  300. Morning/afternoon folks,

    As far as Vela, he just needs to take his football more seriously. The young man has the talent to be a great player.

    tateezee, I agree with your comment @ 9:52 am, the players simply didnt get the job done, and as to why should be the main focus more than who is coming in. Leave the signing’s to Wenger I say.

  301. Thanks MD. I hope its permanent, but I reckon he’ll be back in for BSkyB in 6 months or so.

  302. skywatchingmug

    Vitto looks like he should be on the set of The Sopranos.
    Gangsta Goalie.

  303. Jabba, what? Denilson was boo’d???

    Uh oh. Looks like Frank will be booking the first flight out to internationalisation his hate driven anti-hate campaign!

  304. thanks for the updates guys, am quite jealous…! Can’t wait to see Ryo and Jenkinson in action…

    Luke – I’m hoping Vela proves me wrong! As a striker, he’s always looked much more natural and dangerous. If he can be slotted into the formation, then hopefully my opinion I stated earlier will be off the mark. Looking forward to seeing another of his trademark finishes later tonight 🙂

  305. Captain of the Czech Republic captains the Deadwood XI today… not too shabby.

  306. Exactly Paul N. His talent is unquestionable. His desire is still certainly questionable.

    BUT, when you a young millionaire, going out each night with your pals, sleeping with beautiful women you can see why he his head has been turned!

  307. Vela has all the talent to go to the top. For me he needs 3 things; a bit of luck, a run of games and for Mexico to stop fucking picking every other week..

  308. Luke, my ears are burning! 😀

  309. Guarentee Vela is a frequent flyer at a Bunga Bunga party!!!

  310. lol Dexter!

  311. Ha! Yeah Dexter, I can see it now.

    Chilling on your yacht in Ibiza, just taking a few minutes away from the sun/booze/models/pals to chuck a few nuggest out about the fecking boys on ACLF

    Respect the commitment!

  312. Interesting post yw.

    Your point about how the team has handled it’s previous disappointments is a concern. Hopefully the nature of last years end of season will be enough to really galvanize the squad this time. Interesting that even jack w asks for new players. I guess they think just like fans and look for reasons to think that may be this year will really be different. that’s why I thought this year would see a change in the way we do our summer business. Hopefully the players can get past all that.

    Agree that if nasri will not sign a new contract then we should get the best deal we can for him as long as we reinvest the money. Unfortubately the closer it gets to august It’s going to be difficult to get a suitable player to replace him. We do not move quickly in the transfer market when it comes to the relatively bigger money transfers so hopefully his situatuon will get ironed out soon. Hope he signs a new contract.

  313. Can’t see the game so thanks for your posts. Will watch it later on anyays.

    @CBob – Very well put reply to an idiot undeserving of one. I think the “Fuck off” part was all he deserved. I personally disagree with you in regards promoting young talent from within as I think it can be a huge jolt to a team. That being said I usually find myself in agreement with you on most issues, however on the occesions where we differ we have always done so intelligently. In my opinion you are one of the few who uses the proper grammar when posting, which makes a nice change after trying to make sense of all the typos and lousy spelling that idiots like AIC and his ilk seem determined to use. Keep it up CBob as I always look forward to your posts!!

  314. Hahahaha! Yeah Luke! 😀

  315. Tomas scores!

  316. skywatchingmug

    Four – nil, nice work by AA, scored by Rosicky.

  317. Shit, that’s Tomas’s goal for the season out the way! 😀

  318. george rodger

    arshavin to TR7 Deadwood 11 again LA

  319. 4-0? Awesome I can’t wait to watch later on 🙂

  320. Arshavin looks as fit as he ever has done in an Arsenal shirt, I’m pleased to say.

    …although this could have something to do with being away from all the Michelin stars of North London.

  321. DEXTER!! behave yourself!!

  322. Can someone elaborate on Rosicky’s goal……..

    *please be bullet from outside box, please be bullet from outside box*

  323. Almond Traore played well that half too I thought.

  324. We should have let them score just one goal

  325. MD! No! We do that enough as it is!

  326. george rodger

    Yes LA Traore was good .
    Who has spent the last couple of days telling us how crap he is? Will someone remind who that was?

  327. @ MDGunner
    Why? You dont want Luke out celebrating (our clean sheet)? LOL

  328. I’m going out on the larrup this evening. I’ll end up in Sandwich for a day of golf. Delightful!

    Gooner clean sheet followed by a day of watching Ian Poulter!!

  329. what happened to denislson? Hope not injury?

  330. Yes George, sound assesment of a players EPL pedigree!

  331. george rodger

    Was it you Luke?

  332. skywatchingmug

    The good things about the game no injuries and the fans of KL.

  333. Is that you, John Wayne?

  334. george rodger

    Nobody plays for an Arsenal first team unless he is a good player.
    And that is a fact

  335. You tell ’em George.

  336. Tour de France really hotting up. Caaarrmmmon Marky

  337. Hows Miguel Induran doing. He’s the best.

  338. Odd that the spokesperson for the AST appears to have no idea what it means to be a supporter.

  339. Nice to read some action after long period of no football. Pity couldn’t watch the match but will definitely watch highlights later today.

    Keep it up guys.

  340. George @ 3:54 – Igor Stepanovs begs to disagree.

  341. Yeeeesssss Mark Cavendish gets it. Fantastic sprint.

  342. george rodger

    Luke ,you seem to have regressed into the cunt you once where.Shame.

  343. skywatchingmug

    Why? What’s he saying OneOfUs.

  344. george rodger

    Andy,even he was a good player just not Arsenal good.
    Stop sulking about your economics lesson 🙂

  345. Sorry Luke, no bullet. Maybe that means he hasn’t scored his goal for the season, the bullet is still to come.

  346. Jabba's delights


    Your an idiot and the sad fact is your middle aged idiot

    Well done to the boys looking forward to watching tonight. Lets hope some fool’s dont go overboard, it was the malaysisn A xl

    Happy we kept a clean sheet, lets keep it up

  347. @Team Spririt
    We could have scored it for them, just to keep them off the score sheet.

  348. Nice to have a good start for the boys. Envy those who get to watch

  349. George – Ha, very enlightening it was too. Even more so as I am not 100% confident I was right 😉

    See ya laters peeps, I am off to a music festival. Back Monday to spread more joy.

  350. I’d give you Gervinho but not if bendy leaves.

  351. Andy Ol Igors was a decent CB, just not cut out for Arsenal, or more specifically our high line, high risk set up!


    You talking about that Tim payton dude? I didnt like his comments and the fact he has been given oxygen by the Indy has made him even more smug.

  352. Gibbs, Jenkinson, Wilshire, Ramsey, Theo – Five British players? When was the last time that happened? Just a coinincidence or is Arsene trying the give the team more of a British core?

  353. Irishgray I thought you were taking off work to watch the match? I was able to catch the 2nd half. It feels great to watch the team play again. Passing was sharp and incisive. Up the gunners!

  354. Is that true about Denilson?

  355. Jabba's delights


    Arsene has always said he wanted more british players but the fact was they werent up to it and the ones who were were far to expensive for him to buy. Academies take years to come to fruition but we have a group now coming through have a real chance

    Lansburry, Wilshere, Frimpong, Afobe, Jenkinson, Aneke, Bartley, Gibbs all could make it, would love that day. Imagine a side with 6 or so proper gooner playing supplemented by some wonderful foreign talent.

    Apprently we have 3 english u16 boys jack Jebb is one and the other 2 i cant recall who are huge prospects

  356. @thebigm
    Home-grown players rule.

  357. @ Bill Turner – I did but as I could not get a feed I decided to get caught up on some other stuff rather than waste the free time 🙂 such is life I am afraid but I will watch the highlights later.

  358. Miyiachi was abosolutely brilliant today, not many people noticed but he was very direct when he got the ball, but the problem was he easily gets past and then passes back. Its like hes very scared when one of the older players ask him for the ball. But he was very promising tonight, hope he keeps it upp

    And slap me if im wrong but if you have internet and a computer, well THE ARSENAL GAME WAS LIVE ON ARSENAL PLAYER FOR FREE. WHY DIDNT OTHERS WATCH THAT?

  359. Wavey, your right. A normal finish doesn’t count.

    Rosicky = Jack ‘Cap’ Rooney

    Huge injury, ageing, years not on his side, younger bucks coming through, still has the strength and character to appear for one last big furore, giving every last ounce, striking a ball from obscurity (in Arsenal terms), rattling the net, and damaging his knee in the process.

  360. Oh so we do have some good young english players after all? for a moment, I thought all of them were at United.


  361. Jabba's delights


    Im not sure, the gooners i work with says he got booed when his name was announced at the begining of training. Not sure where they read it.

  362. moe – i’m guessing it might have something to do with the fact that a lot of us have to work in offices where our superiors wouldn’t look too kindly on us watching a football match instead of working. just maybe.

  363. Denilson may well have got booed, for his wantaway comments. Just an idea? Wouldnt surprise me as the malaysian Gooners are well passionate and get behind the team and players (well the ones who dont go mouthing off about leaving in the press!)

  364. Bendy hasn’t left yet CBob..c’mon let me see Gerv in uniform….

  365. Fair enough, i feel too young to be on here now LOL, still in University, but there were some ppl asking for streams which i found abit odd.

    And what did other people think of Miyiachi’s performance,

    For me, arsenal look exactly the same, they play the same way, i think nothing has really changed. This dissapoints me, because i was hoping for anything, anything that had changed for the better.

  366. Jabba's delights


    That will change, he is just finding his feet. Today will have done him the world of good.

    How was Nasri?

    Paul N

    We have some brilliant kids, most arent ready to compete yet though give 2-3 years

  367. Nice and tidy performance today. Surprising really considering how early the lads are in their pre-season. Looking forward to seeing them in 2 weeks at the Grove. Should have a better idea who is in the boss’s plans then and hopefully a new face or 3 too!

    Scott Parker on a season long loan anyone? 😀

  368. It’s looking good, we just need to get out defensive organisation sorted out. I hope work is going to go into improving that aspect of the game.

  369. Moe,
    “For me, arsenal look exactly the same, they play the same way, i think nothing has really changed. This dissapoints me, because i was hoping for anything, anything that had changed for the better”

    In 2 months u want change Moe???????

    Fair enough, I feel u just might be too young to be on here now. Come back in 2 months dude when you’ve changed & think a bit clearer.

  370. Jabba’s delights”

    Nasri was nasri as always, made more than a few defenders look dumb, dribbled and passsed with usual accuracy, i didnt noticed that would indicate that he looks upset or isnt putting in 100%

    But what i did notice was that he seems to realise how important he is, he carried himself with confidence, asking for the ball, dictating play better than he did.

  371. I know, only United kids are ready.

  372. Moe

    I know what you mean, I was hoping for a few aimless long balls up to our big lump of a centre forward! And we didnt break any legs of the opposition with our over the top, late challenges either. Real shame for me that. 😀

  373. Moe

    we were looking for feeds as Arsenal Player collapsed under the strain at the start of the game so everybody was scrabbling around for an alternative. When Arsenal Player did eventually get up and running the picture quality was vastly superior to that of the other feeds and I switched over.
    Arsenal Player is only free if you are a member, otherwise you have to pay.

  374. 4-0 and now even the kids are moaning. What a fucking shame. What are you, Moe, a Jibber sprat?

  375. Moe you are speaking with a fellow University student.

    Were you really expecting a different style to the Arsenal? Quick passing and clever movement are vital to unlocking defenses. After watching the MLS for a few weeks, seeing the precision of this Arsenal squad was very very welcome.

  376. Aman

    I am thinking clearly now, and i said what i said out of hope rather than actually expecting it. I just want anything to make Arsernal feel abit different, i dont know more aggression, better defending. Its just a wish not something that i think would actually happen. Its like when you hope but you know it wont happen

  377. What course you doing at Uni Moe and what University is it? I am just curious as if its an English one, I think it needs its funding reviewing!

  378. Oh, just some sarcastic comments on twitter, smg.

    You know, that Independent article was generally OK IMO, Dexter, but he’s a real nitpicker. When he goes too far (like singing Harry Redknapp’s praises), and realises it, he resorts to snide remarks. Weird for someone who represents Arsenal supporters and has better access to the facts than most. Likes the attention maybe. Smug’s about right as well.

  379. Moe c’mon dude! Did you not notice the pressing going on all over the pitch? We are one of the most aggressive teams in the world.

  380. Moe

    I definitely saw something different in our play. Ramsey’s ball to Walcott for the second goal was awesome and it wasn’t played from about 3 feet away. Ramsey has the ability to make defence splitting passes from the half way line, a great attribute when we have a speedster like Walcott who will thrive on that kind of ball to run on to.

  381. Wow, im taking some bashing here

    Poeple you need to think, arsenal can always beat a weaker oppenent by miles, the score doesnt matter in these games, its about how we play, no need for sarcasm,i am very happy and love arsenal style and play, i just wanted a different, with a 442 and theo up front, basiclly Wenger trying out new things,

    And Dexter, really? sighs…….

  382. Who gives a f**k?!? CLEAN SHEET LADS!!!

    Literally delighted.

    Work – gym – chicken – boozer

  383. We didn’t have Cesc and our play looks the usual way? That should be a good sign, shouldn’t it?

  384. Moe, It was a FRIENDLY. A big thank you to the very warm affection & love shown by the Malaysian people. We’re trying to expand our customer base not reduce it by being too aggressive. We play beautiful passing football..romantic even. Thats what the chicks turn up to watch….get it.

    Relax Moe, the intensity begins in a few weeks:
    Man Utd
    No romance, just hitting them hard
    It might not be pretty
    Ya dig?

  385. Evil it is a very good sign.

    Four nilll, to the Arsenal, four nillll……………

  386. Moe

    No, its not about how we play in our 1st pre-season game dude. Its about getting fitness levels up. Its nice to be able to see the players in action, but I wouldnt take anything from the game, just yet, good or bad.

    I work for Ofsted and feel compelled to speak to your Uni as they obviosuly arent teaching you about sarcasm enough, heavy sigh. 🙂

  387. True dat Aman

  388. Jabba's delights

    Apparently Denilson stormed off down the tunnel and isnt a happy bunny after getting sub


    i was only talking to George who was using a performance against the Malaysian A xl to try and prove his points about players which is stupid.

    Happy with the win, even more happy with the clean sheet and delighted we got no injuries. lets keep it up

  389. Dexter

    Fair enough, i guess thats true, just cant wai for the season to start so we can show what we’re all about, sarcasm has a tendency to get lost on me, sooooo……..


    Guess im just physched for the new season

    Have people seen the articles about cesc suffering because he wants a move, i know it probably isnt true but i certainly doesnt help the situation

  390. @Dexter
    Hope you are not about to feel the heavy hand of the Cameron “cuts”? Perhaps he won’t survive “Hackgate”
    Anyone noticed that we have been top of the EPL all summer (on the Beeb web site).

  391. LOL Cesc is suffering from being the Captain of one of the biggest clubs in the world. You can right f*ck off Xavi.

  392. .@ Wavey

    “Ramsey has the ability to make defence splitting passes from the half way line, a great attribute when we have a speedster like Walcott who will thrive on that kind of ball to run on to.”

    Reminds me of AW’s interview in which he said that football always comes down to a passer and a runner (although he was talking about Fabregas and Walcott).

  393. Thats fucking it. You defintely are the spawn of Jibber and AIC. Fuck off, son.

  394. Moe Jibber-Cream

  395. Moe Dont worry man, sarcasm is easily lost on the blogs anyway. Its very tricky, thats why I tend to use the smiley faces alot, toerhwise people get upset when Im only messing with them! 😀

    As for the Xavi comments, its just the same tired spin from barca. We know Cesc would like to go to barca and he is free to go, just as soon as Barca pay the fucking money and stop pissing about with their piss poor derisory peanuts offers. (see, no smily there)

  396. george rodger

    Jibber called me a middle aged idiot.How embarrassing is it when a repetitive whinging retard calls you an idiot. ?
    I am going to need therapy .

    “do you want fries with that”

  397. Wenger’s already responded to the Xavi comments (which appear on barca’s official website no less. Oh yes we are dealing with more than a classy club here) He basically said its not the 1st time Xaiv has disrespected Arsenal and Cesc aint going nowhere.

  398. Sarcasm is easy to understand when all there is to interpret is text.

  399. Frank


  400. Jabba's delights


    Frank is it time for bed or maybe just call the nurse! Nothing he has said is rude he is just conveying his point on an arsenal blog. Stop being such a petulant rude bully the whole time.

  401. Sort of stereotypical teenager, Moe. Naaaah. You ain’t real

  402. Stop disrespecting the squad, Jibber

  403. Massimo Busacca, the Swiss official who infuriated Arsenal last season by sending off Robin van Persie against Barcelona, has been appointed as FIFA’s head of referees.

    Inbelievable, uncredible and totally prodicktable. FIFA are the dodgiest organisation on the planet, give or take a despotic deictaorship or 2, an imperialistic war mongerer and several mutli-nationals.

    The person who blew the whistle on the Qatar buying votes scandal has suddenly come out and said she made it all up! So thats that brushed under the carpet then. No investigative journalists seem to be interested. Our hacks more than happy to copy and paste spanish tabloids. They wouldnt even know how to “investigate” a real story anyways.

  404. Dexter, arsenal are usually very classy when dealing with any situation, most dignified team in prem, players are usually in papers for good things, unlike the dirty pensioners chelsea.

  405. @George
    Relax! He didn’t get any of the spelling or punctuation right.

  406. Jabba's delights


    How does one feel about Yogi post today that points to our collective collapse over the last 3 years showing that we arent learning from mistakes. Pretty sure you have called a few of us cunts for saying such things, in fact you were posting things like that last night you silly little sausage, like i said before……..IDIOT!

    Come back when you get one prediction right about our club

  407. george rodger

    Moe,that’s more like it! welcome on-board.

  408. Jabba’s delights

    I reaally couldnt care less what Frank has to say

  409. You mean your club, ManU, JD, surely! 😀

  410. @Dexter
    Just give Massimo Busacca’s mobile a call, punch in 0000 to access his voicemail and make up a bunch of shit about him. Voila!

  411. I have a orediction or 2;

    Ramsey will be young player of the year
    Gervinho will be a hit
    Nasri will sign a new contract (with Arsenal!)
    Gibbs will be a more than adequate replacement at LB.

    Just a few, more to follow.

  412. Jabba's delights


    Perfectly entitled to say what i feel about the squad as long as im not rude, which if you notice i never have been. If i dont rate a player i can say it, if you like him you can say it. The only ones who cant debate without calling the oppostion a cunt is you guys. George trying to prove his points about his thoughts on players today was child like and for a middle aged man its sad. The fact that your all over Moe for just bringing his thoughts to the blog is also sad. You should be doing Yogi a favour and encouraging debate on the blog.

    This isnt a ”everything must be positive about arsenal” blog. its an arsenal blog and if you’ve noticed recently the chief blogger doesnt appear to agree with everything you want him to say.

  413. Some of the stuff written about our players on blogs and tweets is beyond belief. Many of the victims are no more than kids. On matchdays grown men raise beer filled bellies and fat arses to raise a boo or two and even threaten violence. You are a part of that Jibber, and you call me a bully.Just listen to the self satisfied, smug, cringing , whinging bleats from the cowardly cunts in the AST, Listen to the snickering fuckwits shouting the odds on radio phone-ins. Too fucking right I am a bully. You are a useless, pointless supporter, if you are one at all.

  414. @ Moe – Now, would you like Curly fries, Shoestring or Thickcut fries? Ketchup, salt and vinegar maybe? What’s that Moe? Hold the vinegar? Ah I see you’re sour enough as it is, fair enough then 🙂

  415. george rodger

    Jabba how did you feel when yogi rubbished your insightful ex.players last week.
    Oh I remember .You went MIA that day.
    I respect Yogi.But his opinion is just that.Granted it is his opinion rather than the regurgitated shit you spew out day after fucking day.But I value my own opinion over his,let alone yours.

  416. MD; Haha! Yeah, that should do it!

  417. So the Barcelona spin is basically “big bad Arsenal won’t let young Fabregas go home to his mummy”. What a bunch of disrespectful wankers.

  418. Omg denilson is still here, what did we do to deserve this……….

  419. Really? Busacca, head of ref’s? He has shown on numerous occassions his bias and he will forever be remembered for showing the finger to the crowd in a league match in Switzerland. Well, I guess it’s his reward for the atrocious sending off against V. Persie, ensuring that we go out.

  420. george rodger

    Irishgray,lol.Are you taking it to the next level?

  421. Omg moe is still here, what did we do to deserve this………. .

  422. george rodger

    Moe.I take it back.Predictable “kick the scapegoat”shit

  423. JD that would be a fair comment if the polar opposite wasnt true on other blogs. Gooners get caned by others for singing the praises of the team, players, manager, board etc.

    I think on here there has been a certain seige mentality that has developed to front up to that mainly hate filled doomering. There are plenty of diverse opinions on here and perhaps George and Frank are vociferous about their views, and make a stand against others who dont match uo to the credo here; You can debate, but dont hate! Hey, I like that. 😀

  424. I dont fully agree wit Yogi about our collapses, I believe each season has had different circumstances. Season before last all of our best players were injured. Last season needs to be looked at because we had the depth and talent to get it done.

  425. anyone watch the women’s WC. Great first 1/2 of football USA vs. France. USA up 1 – 0 however, France has been really good and I would be surprised if there are no more goals.

  426. Little moe is something else, isn’t he?

  427. Irishgray;

    You will soon have your own franchise there dude! 😀

  428. @ Evil – LMFAO MAN!!

    @ George – I just felt I had to get that off my chest, so to speak.

    @ Moe – I hope that order is to go as there really is no room at the inn, soooooooo sorry 🙂

  429. So you pretend to be a student just to come on here and wheedle away until you can get in your comments about Denilson. You piece of shit. That kid has got more courage in his little toe than ypu will ever have,

  430. Bill

    How long before we sign a female for our men’s team? Or, till we all decide that the men’s game is so full of money grabbing mercenaries we fuck it off and follow the ladies instead?

  431. EVIL

    omg, im actually intitled to my opinion, who would have known


    Opinion, i dont hate denilson but hes not good enough. he really isnt. Good passer but thats about it. makes me nervous when he gets the ball. I dont hate any player but quality is quality whether you like it or not

  432. george rodger

    Creepy Dexter is coming over all saintly again 🙂 I had forgotten about that Dex.

  433. Past that point though, Dexter. Hate but don’t debate is better. Some of these people are just not worth ‘debating’ with. Though I have rarely seen debate on here and I have certainly not seen anyone change their o[inions. Apart from Bob that is, but that is just a sad case.

  434. @Moe
    Of course you are entitled to your opinion but unless one of our players is behaving like a tw*t or something he should expect to be treated with respect from the team’s supporters.

  435. Wow that was an interesting letter. Bit of cartouche crept in. Didn’t know I could do that.

  436. Jabba's delights


    Listen to yourself your an old man have you not better to do than create this virtual world for yourself where you just slag people off and act like the greatest fan ever

    You call people cunts for having a different oppinion to you. Ive never booed my team and never will plain and simple. I been disappointed with them for a while. I choose to look at them objectively i have many very intelligent friends and family who support other teams. Do i argue with them…..absolutely. Do i take on board some of things they say about the club….yes.

    The only people on here who always think they are right is people like you and George. you listen to nobody else’s oppinion unless it goes along with what you think about the club.


    Its good that you respect your oppinion, it might even get listened to a little more if you allowed other people with differeing ones to talk about theirs. This is an arsenal blog.

    As luke put perfectly earlier on at 1.34

    George, it would be easier and more time efficient for you to copy and paste the following:

    “Whatever Wenger says/does/thinks is undenibaly 100% in every possible instance and outcome. Whoever expresses a line of thought not completley in agreement is a complete idiot who knows nothing”

  437. Paul N

    I agree. Its too simplistic to say we have failed every year because of the same reason. Its much more complicated than that, well, apart from the ref’s fucking us up, thats the only constant theme!

  438. Joey Barton refused entry into the US!!! ahahahahahahahahahah………..sorry. That just burst out, finally the little scumbag is put in his place.

    Dexter – any suggestions for a name for this new franchise of mine?

  439. ‘Do i take on board some of things they say about the club….yes.’ ….other teams supporters? Really? Now that might be where you are going wrong, Jibber.

  440. Frank

    you are something else


    Ok ill stop denilson talk, seems like a forbidden subject here.

  441. Alex Ice Cream


    “Many of the victims are no more than kids”

    Does this imply that they should be excused for not being up to it on account of youth? I doubt that their pay packet is that of the average “kid”. Is this just recognition of the fact that this team lacks balls? So what age do you have to be before someone is allowed to criticise you for underperforming whilst earning tens of thousands week? Maybe we should be given some free points at the start of each season as we have a “young” team.

    Its not youth, its a lack of quality and that’s why we have won f**** all for 6 years. In that time we have entered 24 competitions and won none; these are the facts. Quality means overall quality, not just technical but mental and tactical. Ajax in 1995 were younger but won their league and the CL. They were better that’s all.

    More excuses for a failed policy that will continue to fail. Old bullies like you Frank despise anyone with a different view, especially when their view happens to prove you wrong time and again.

  442. I can certainly detect Manc in many of your remarks, Jibber.You are well and truly fucked as an Arsenal supporter,son. Let’s face it, you don’t know who you support really, do you?

  443. George

    That was me being the UN Peace Keeper, pah! Thats the last time I bother. And I was really enjoying wearing the uniform and blue beret too.


    I know some are a lost cause and thats their perogative (and loss too, IMO) But there are signs that some can be “saved” man, well I am always hopeful!

  444. Dex:

    Perhaps the latter. They really do play some good football. The money grabbing gets worse as the amounts get higher.

  445. French equalize USA looking very nervous.

  446. Jabba’s delights – “Whatever Wenger says/does/thinks is undenibaly 100% in every possible instance and outcome. Whoever expresses a line of thought not completley in agreement is a complete idiot who knows nothing”

    I think that is the most intelligent thing you have posted in a while mate, so congratulations!!! You have just won dinner for two at my as yet unnamed new franchise! 🙂 dress is casual and the bar is open late. Dinner shall be a three course affair, with each course consisting solely of French Fries. Ketchup optional. Bon Apetit!!

  447. Moe

    I wouldnt say its forbidden, its probably more down to you being fresh to this blog (I am guessing?) Therefore there is a bit of others trying to ascertain your level of support; is it fair weather? Media fed?

  448. Alex Ice Cream


    What evidence do you have of Denilson’s courage? I can remember him bottling some tackles, being pushed off the ball and strolling around and being overtaken by referees.

    I suppose anyone who earns what he does and has the guts to play as badly as he has done over the years has to have courage of sorts.

    Why hasn’t he gone “to be a winner” anywhere else. Oh, nobody wants him or his inflated wages. It was weeks ago that he said that and yet we are still paying his wages.

    I hear that he got a loud reception in Malaysia.

  449. george rodger

    Compared to Arsene Wenger ,football wise,everybody on here is likely an idiot.Compared to everyone on here you are an idiot.
    So do you see where you fall in the food chain?You have nothing to say of any interest.


  450. How was the pool today, AIC? Posing pouch chafing?


    Or to put it another way,


    Simples 🙂

  452. Nice win though I didn’t get to see the match. Hope to see the highlights tomorrow.

  453. george rodger

    AIC .Objection,speculative m’lud

  454. Bill; Yep, I can certainly envisage a day when football becomes too distasteful to palate. Hearing Rooney saying he expects to stay at Unted for a very long time today, just makes me laugh! The same Rooney who said he’d never play for ManU again, right untill he was given £220k a week. This Rooney, who the pundits and hacks love to tell us would play in the park for free coz he loves the game sooooo much! Hilarious.

    Unless something happens, then every season, the best players of other teams will either demand parity with players from other (more cash rich) clubs, or moves to those clubs. The hacks keep going on more and more about how we should just pay the wages or be left behind, ignoring the economics of that shit. I read a piece in the Guardian which was lauding Man City for its spending on players and wages. This from a so called left wing paper that previously had championed labour unions and was totally against public sector cuts (a UK thing that has ravaged jobs and servies BTW!) Talk about irony, or is it double standards?

  455. Way too funny

  456. @ Irishgray | July 13, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Ha ha ha!

  457. Actually I was referring to him making his way as a footballer after being brought up in abject poverty and losing his mother as a young child, AIC. But as it happens I rate him as a player. …and even if I did’nt I wouldn’t treat him as though he was the worst opposition player ever, rather than an Arsenal player. You have no bottle at all, AIC, and you know it. You are an unhappy man and you just want to poor your misery over our football club. Well fuck off.

  458. george rodger

    Dexter.Are you a voluntary worker in your spare time .?

    A saint of a man if you ask me 🙂

  459. So that was a fun game.

    Shame I missed it!

  460. Dexter

    I dont beilive anything the media say about arsenal, they hate arsenal and so do the higher powers of football imo. I go to as many football matches aas i can make it too, which is not many considering my workload (im doing biochemistry). The thing about denilson is that he is a good player, he has the skills but because of where wenger plays him, the decisioon making is just not there, like today in the match. Hes a good player, simple, tidy. But we ahve alot of those and better.

    Oh and btw i dont expect wenger to change hes transfer policy this year, so for all those hoping for big players or prem players, i highly doubt it.

  461. george rodger

    You are an unhappy man and you just want to poor your misery over our football club. Well fuck off.

    And if take Jibber and Luke with you when you go,I will be very grareful

  462. Dexter

    I dont beilive anything the media say about arsenal, they hate arsenal and so do the higher powers of football imo. I go to as many football matches aas i can make it too, which is not many considering my workload (im doing bio medical science). The thing about denilson is that he is a good player, he has the skills but because of where wenger plays him, the decisioon making is just not there, like today in the match. Hes a good player, simple, tidy. But we ahve alot of those and better.

    Oh and btw i dont expect wenger to change hes transfer policy this year, so for all those hoping for big players or prem players, i highly doubt it.

  463. Irishgray

    Go play in traffic, your pollutuing the collective gene pool

  464. @ Irishgray – franchise name?
    After a while we will send in Gordon Ramsey to give you a makeover and save your ailing restaurants.

  465. Just got back from the game…..just to clarify that twat jabba…no….we DID NOT boo denilson or anyone in an arsenal shirt. Infact during the match, i thought denilson did a tidy job but in a more advanced role….he was substituted for a knock he received,,,,precaution maybe. Back to the match, 50000 plus gooners turned up….and NONE of us moaned or whine when a pass is misplaced etc…..guess who got the biggest cheer? eh?YEAH…..arsene got the biggest one for the night.

    Miyaichi was a class act….exactly what we need…an out and out hard working winger. Tall for someone so young. Tactics wise, wenger, i thought played a 4-5-1 in the first half with theo and ryo hugging both wings…..they way we pressed when we lost possession was just magnificent….yes we play the high line like always, but i noticed ryo and theo do not wander about as much thus we kept our basic shape when we lost the ball and therefore was always in control defensively.

    Vermaelen and Kos? Class act..
    Song, Ramsey and Wilshere? Full of hard running and energy in 35 degree heat and 80% humidity
    Special mention to Carl Jenks…..he was targeted all match….with long diagonals and a speedy winger on his back most of the time….and i thought he handled it superbly. Another gem by le boss.

    Vela? when he was one on one with the keeper, i just knew he would choose the chip….fucking hard worker as well….nice change of attitude and long may it continue.

    The only worry is chamakh…..he never got in the flow of things and am not surprised if gervinho is prefered. But he should just knuckle down and do his best,,,,we know he’s class.

    And to all of u wankers who think that a match against this malaysian side is nothing, please be aware that;
    1) the malaysian team is at the peak of their fitness (their league season ended last week)
    2) playing in high heat and humidity is no joke….fucking try it.
    3) Malaysian team standard is that of a mid table championship side.
    5) Arsenal just started training on the 1st of july, arrived here with jetlag, official activities etc included, and believe me…they totally outplayed and spanked the malaysian team.

    Lads, this arsenal team is special. There’s something about watching them just now that made me realise, fuck them trophies….i just want to watch this team PLAY…..if we win some trophies along the way fine, if we don’t, i’m just glad i was there to watch them play in my lifetime.

  466. Irishgray;

    How about Arsene Knows Burgers

  467. If you’RE at university and still using ‘your’ instead of ‘you’RE’ then you should demand a refund on youR student grant otherwise we will have to keep reading youR posts thinking you’RE taking up a valuable space.

  468. george rodger

    Max Gunner | July 13, 2011 at 6:40 pm
    Just got back from the game…..just to clarify that twat jabba…no….we DID NOT boo denilson

    Nice work Max. Thanks for the info.

    And what class this is by the way

    “Lads, this arsenal team is special. There’s something about watching them just now that made me realise, fuck them trophies….i just want to watch this team PLAY…..if we win some trophies along the way fine, if we don’t, i’m just glad i was there to watch them play in my lifetime.”

    I just wish there were more like you.A lot more

  469. “do you want fries* with that?”

    * fries: take a Spud, chop it up lengthwise to a thickness of your liking, fry in oil, sea on to flavor, best served hot 🙂

    Finally there is a use for Spuds with which we can all agree on, well maybe not Moe or AIC or Jabba or James or, well that all us Arsenal fans can agree on. Yay 🙂

  470. True to your word, Max Gunner. Glad you got to see the boys play so well.

    Agree with every last word of that.

  471. Fantastic summary, Max Gunner.
    I think this tour is going to turn out to be highly significant episode in Arsenal’s history.

    “Just got back from the game…..just to clarify that twat jabba…no….we DID NOT boo denilson or anyone in an arsenal shirt. Infact during the match, i thought denilson did a tidy job but in a more advanced role….he was substituted for a knock he received,,,,precaution maybe.”

    This demonstrates the insidious way in which rumours gain validity on the internet. The first person to say this phrased it as a question – did denilson get booed?. But a couple of hours later, it’s a “fact” – denilson got booed AND he stormed down the tunnel – when it could well have been that he just went straight in to get treatment. We don’t know what happened but people jump on the most negative interpretation possible.

  472. Great reporting there Max! Thanks man

  473. Irishgray | July 13, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    * fries: take a Spud, chop it up lengthwise to a thickness of your liking, fry in oil, sea on to flavor, best served hot 🙂

    Finally there is a use for Spuds with which we can all agree on

    ha ha

  474. Final USA 3 France 1. France the better team for much of the game. Really good football.

    Paul N:

    I thought the point of Yogi’s post was not about why it happened but rather in the past we have not been able to use end of the year struggles as motivation to spur us on to play better the following season. Hopefully this year will be different.

  475. I wonder, knowing little about these things myself, whether playing in very high humidity like that, has a similar effect on exercise load to the lungs as working in the rarefied air of the Austrian mountains does – and whether that was a factor in picking Kuala Lumpur maybe.

  476. Ta…. Got to try to sleep. Have work tomorrow heheh i see some of u have been skiving off work watching the match on sopcast. Still buzzing tho’ frm the performance.

  477. Yeah, making stuff up like that really does seperate the wheat from the cunts.

  478. MDGunner

    Correcting my spelling, really?

    Commenting on a blog doesn’t mean you constantly need to check your spelling and every grammatical error, come talk to me when you have anything intelligent to say. It just goes to show how idiot and brain dead you are and how sad you are that you have to check other people’s spelling as a way of retorting to their earlier post, because you lack in either intelligence or are incapable of debating subjectively due to your stupidy.

  479. …if you’ll pardon the expression.

  480. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You should care about what Frank has to say, Moe. He’s a fucking legend. Don’t be a cunt like Jabba, respect your elders and take the criticism on the chin like a man. He really does mean well.

  481. this season’s gonna be FIRE!!!!!!!!!
    we’re already doing our bit here on ACLF!

    i love it here YOGI!!!

  482. Btw, Cbob, that’s fair cop I reckon – about Nick B and Gervinho. But I’m havin Ryo Myaichi and Carl Jenkinson after today. So I’m back up 10 pts.

  483. FG, Denilson got chopped off just ouside the penalty area when he was making a forward run. I saw it as i was seated at the corner flag. It was unintentional because the move was so fast that the defender just stuck out his thigh to block denilson. He had a nasty fall for his troubles our boy deni. In fact towards the end, most of the action was at my side of the corner flag… Oh blisssssss.

  484. guys whats the difference between arsenaltv online and the new arsenal player?
    is the idea that arsenal player will take over for arsenal tv? I kinda liked the arsenal tv where you could pay montly.

    anybody knows?

  485. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    criticism, is that what you call his rant and rave at me.

  486. Bradys right foot

    So how did young Ryo and Jenks play, some of us have to work you know and can’t get watching Arsenal on a Wednesday afternoon you lucky bastards .

  487. LA, yes playing in high humidity makes u lose weight faster but it also makes u dehydrated if u are not careful. Arsene should take them on a tour of bolivia next year as high altitude training can also be good for ur fitness.

  488. Touchy today, Moe?
    Are you one of Osborne’s Angry Young Men?
    “Stupidy” – that’s a new one.

  489. a star to u Max Gunner, very nice on-site report, muchas gracias

  490. @ LA
    You really shouldn’t call them cunts – I’ll be fielding calls, emails and tweets all night from the Society Of Total And Utter Cunts, objecting to being lumped in with that lot.

    Re the effect of humidity – I am no expert either, but it is probably hard work for different reasons. I believe the thinner air at high altitude challenges the oxygen delivery mechanisms in the body and that is why it works your lungs and muscles – you can’t release as much energy. Whereas heat and humidity is draining because you don’t cool down as efficiently (sweat doesn’t evaporate away). And the air is denser because of the water droplets in it so it provides greater resistance when you kick the ball. I do stress that this is my conjecture, though!

    @ Max Gunner
    Thanks for that – now go spread the word around the blogs! 🙂

  491. Bradys right foot

    Ryo was superb, his ability to get past players with trickery is excllent but he is intimidated by his teammates too much, he passes the ball to them every time they ask even when in a good position, he’ll improve.

    Jenks got caught out on the outside flank alot but he more than made up for it in astonishing speed, his crossing is good, and perfect for arsenl.

  492. Frank:

    Really liked what you said a couple of days ago about our fullbacks playing less aggressively. Especially Gibbs, hopefully he will really think defense first at least until we see how things shake out in the back for the first part of the season.

  493. @ FunGunner – not my best material but as it is preseason, I think it will do 🙂

    @ Dexter – aww come on Dex!! You can come up with a better name than that!! I will leave it in your capable hands mate.

    Til Tomorrow 🙂 COYG!!!!!!

  494. To Aic and his lot, please dont spread nasty rumours on the net about our team. Check ur facts first u plonker. Nobody got booed…. Everybody had a great time tonight, all us gooners got stuck in traffic after the game…. No, we dont mind….. I reached home at 1230am….. Our players were smiling, genuinely happy, the final 10 mins, i actually thought they were taking the piss out of the malaysian team…. Really. We sung “are u taking the piss….are u taking the piiiiissssss….. Are u taking the piss” no boos ok? Unless ur a no good spud of course…..

  495. Bradys right foot

    Good to hear Moe, how long did Traore get at LB, how’d he look?

  496. MDGunner

    No i’ve just been hounded too much today by people like Frank and others, not in the mood for an arguement however fun you might find it.

    Enjoying your spell check. Simple things really do please simple minds.

  497. Rotational Gr*tting.

  498. skywatchingmug

    In my opinion LimparAssist, playing at high altitude your body will adjust eventually and that gives an advantage when you go back down to sea level. But high humidity has no benefit that I can see.
    You have to watch out for dehydration during and after the game.
    Which leads to muscle strains in my experience and longer recovery times. The heart does work harder but that is canceled out by the effect of dehydration and that is when you find out if you have a good ticker or not.
    The boys will feel like s##t in the morning, but with the help of the medical team should be ready to roll for the next game.

    Max Gunner can I ask you how much a ticket cost for the game.

  499. Bradys right foot

    Traore got 45 mins i think, he played well, made no mistakes i could think of, and he overlapped brilliantly, the boy has an abundance of pace.

    Arsenal are probably the quickest team in the prem at the moment.

  500. Hmm when barcelonas players speak in the press and to the tabloids its nothing one can do about it. But when Barcelona the CLUB posts and prits interviews where Xavi claims that Cesc really wants out then have they not gone to far? it is printed black on white on barcelonas hompage that “cesc does all he can to leave Arsenal”. is that even allowed?

  501. @ skywatchingmug
    I was thinking to myself, it’s probably more of a mental test than a physical one – you feel knackered really quickly but have to carry on.

  502. I saw the highlights and the Carlos Vela goal was amazing.

    AIC, Vela isn’t rubbish because Hodgson didn’t play him, you fucking mug. More likely than not he didn’t know how to use him. Look at what he did at Liverpool. Do you think that old fart knows how to handle quality football players?

    Let’s see if Jabba can decipher this with his dyslexia.

    Ouyre a ufnkicg segadicr.

  503. You are a star, Max. A real star

  504. IMO carlos vela has always been better than theo except for pace.

  505. Irishgray

    Ha! Yeah, you are right man, back to the drawing board for me then! 😀

    On Traore, I am not sure if he will get much of a chance, time will tell, but he looked solid and I mean that in terms of his physique and his play!

  506. YW @ 9.37 am – are you seriously saying you believe everything is above board? If they had signed that contract with a business outside of the family, I might believe it. Under these circumstances I just don’t buy it.


    Szczesny is to be given the number 1 jersey when Almunia leaves. Shall I give you my Swiss Bank account where to send the 20p winnings?”

    Where is your proof of this? Did Arsene tell you in your dreams last night?

    Szczesny is competing for the number 1 shirt, he has not yet won that competition since his main rival is not yet match fit

    “This demonstrates the insidious way in which rumours gain validity on the internet. The first person to say this phrased it as a question – did denilson get booed?. But a couple of hours later, it’s a “fact” – denilson got booed AND he stormed down the tunnel – when it could well have been that he just went straight in to get treatment. We don’t know what happened but people jump on the most negative interpretation possible.”

    Especially when it is a player they dislike and are trying to drive out of the club.

    @ Dexter | July 13, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    The Guardian is a sick joke – I discovered years ago that they are the same as the tabloids just not as honest. They hide their true sentiment behind a veneer of respectability and a no longer (if ever) deserved reputation for quality. But I guess that happens wherever there are journalists involved. I’ve also noticed the same thing from Arsenal bloggers, who were fine when they were fans but turn into something else as thier ‘journalistic’ pretentions start to become realised.

    @ Max Gunner | July 13, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Thank you for a balanced review from a true supporter

    @ OneOfUs | July 13, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    The smug, smarmy git has become too big for his boots. I wonder if he even knows the meaning of the word supporter.

    Doesn’t surprise me that Busacca was rewarded for his work on behalf of the darlings of FIFA aka Barfa. He can get together with old mother riley from the FA and discuss further ways in which they can screw us. Ho hum, welcome to another long season home and away.

  507. Wenger

    “On one hand people say I don’t spend enough and when I spend people say I spend too much. It’s very difficult to find the right medium.”

    This made me laugh, he said spend too much, when has he done that?

  508. skywatchingmug


    The trick is to play at the right tempo, inject pace at the right time.
    That is our game. And yes it is a mental slog.

    A world cup will be played under similar conditions.
    That will a test for the players. Even dangerous in my view.

  509. Poodle it shouldn’t be allowed. That club manages to be the “greatest” in the world, the cuntiest in the world, and the cheatingest in the world, all at once.

  510. Passenal; I saw it on another site, turns out there wasnt really much proof!

  511. I’ve seen the goals now, but I’m looking forward to watching the game to see how the new players in particular fit with their new colleagues.

    P.S. I really didn’t like the new away kit on first sight, but seeing it on the players in the game it’s definitely growing on me1

  512. Now where did Jabba the cunt read those rumors about Denilson getting booed by the malays and him storming off the pitch in a tizzy?

    MD: Doomers, hahahaha!!!!

    Customer: I’ll have some fries.

    Doomer waiter: You sure? The chef is absolute rubbish. He hasn’t received a Michelin star yet and we’ve been open for six years. I think the owners should get a good chef like Marco Pierre White or Eric Ripert. I don’t know why likes to hire this deadwood.

    Moe, you should care about your spelling. It’s better to make it a good habit now than to make an absolute tit out of yourself later on. By the way, don’t be like Jabba and Gooner Andy. They’re older and are still shit at spelling. They can’t spell consistEnt or IndependEnt to save their lives. In Jabba’s case suffers from retardo-doomoronics so we cut him a break.

  513. Moe

    Would you rather we skinted ourselves? I think he was referring to keeping nasri, instead of selling him, thus meaning we have lost out on a potential £20m+ transfer fee.

  514. “Passenal; I saw it on another site, turns out there wasnt really much proof!”

    I thought you might have been jumping the gun there! I’m determined to hold onto my 20p for as long as possible! I won’t give it up until Arsene tells me personally that he has made his decision!

  515. Jabba's Delights


    ”ust got back from the game…..just to clarify that twat jabba…no….we DID NOT boo denilson or anyone in an arsenal shirt.”r

    unfortunately for you some of your fellow countrymen on other blogs are saying he was booed. maybe you should have a fight to see who was right. seeing as your the only one from those parts on this blog and there appear to be a few more on the other blogs i hope your hard. either way i hope he wasnt booed i was just asking a question earlier

    ”And to all of u wankers who think that a match against this malaysian side is nothing, please be aware that;
    1) the malaysian team is at the peak of their fitness (their league season ended last week)
    2) playing in high heat and humidity is no joke….fucking try it.
    3) Malaysian team standard is that of a mid table championship side.
    5) Arsenal just started training on the 1st of july, arrived here with jetlag, official activities etc included, and believe me…they totally outplayed and spanked the malaysian team.”

    no offense mr Malaysia but no your national team isnt the standard of a mid table championship team and anyone who cares to look at your international results (this wasnt even your 1st choice team) will see your very very poor to bad. great work out for our boys in the humidity against a team in peak (scary) fitness but an even better pr exercise.

    like i said happy with the win, even happier with the clean sheet, good to see some players with question marks looking hungry and delighted with no injuries. no more no less

  516. Haha! Yeah, it was the headline on Gooner Talk, yet there was a quote from Szczesny and he was HOPEFUL of being numero uno, but that was it.

  517. thanks max for the on the spot report. keep it coming. I was wondering that that sounded rather out of character for denilson to to go storming out on his manager and in a pre season friendly for that matter which is more about fitness than winning

  518. Passenal

    I have to say, I like the away kit better than the new home one. But thats more to do with the fact that I think the home one is nasty! Like a takeaway burger joint uniform.

  519. I can see that point Bill but even with that the situations were different and its not so easy to just lump things together.

  520. I think this deserves a repost, this was hilarious! thank Irishgray!

    Irishgray | July 13, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Jabba’s delights – “Whatever Wenger says/does/thinks is undenibaly 100% in every possible instance and outcome. Whoever expresses a line of thought not completley in agreement is a complete idiot who knows nothing”

    I think that is the most intelligent thing you have posted in a while mate, so congratulations!!! You have just won dinner for two at my as yet unnamed new franchise! dress is casual and the bar is open late. Dinner shall be a three course affair, with each course consisting solely of French Fries. Ketchup optional. Bon Apetit!!

    HA HA HA!!

  521. Really enjoy watching the Japanese women’s team play. A lot of cheeky through balls, compared to Sweden which play the women’s equivalent of hoof ball with 10 behind the ball.

  522. Passenal

    No, I didn’t say its above board, simply that those decrying it need to think twice about that because nothing can be proven. Unless City are incredibly stupid. Which is not beyond the realms of possibility…


  523. The kit grew on me as well. I think it looks better when the player is in motion than in those mugshot type photos which we saw first. There’s a sort of natural fluidity or movement about the design and cut of the shirt.


    Keep me posted on the WWC, Evil. No BBC coverage of it until the final, now that our ladies are out of it. USA-Japan in the final, do you think?

  524. THere was an interesting fact on SSN (I know I know, a fact on Lie Sports!) Arsenal got £100, in 2006 for the 15 year naming rights to the Grove, which gets slated by people just looking for any reason to bash the club. Yet Bayern Munich were given £120m in 2003 for a 30 year naming rights deal. I think it just shows the high inflatio rate with these things. Saying that, the City deal stinks the gaff out! Havent they bought their council flat stadium from the City council yet? Cheapskates!

    Just watching the game again and the boy Jenkinson looks a little gem, I know its very early, but he is completely unfazed. He is very quick, tall and can cross and good defensively, he doesnt rush in or go to ground cheaply.

  525. It’s 1-1 and Japan is dominating Sweden in the same way we dominate teams. Lot’s of nice passing on display and Japan had some really good chances but couldn’t take them yet to take the lead. On the other hand Sweden barely manage to string two passes together. Their normal modus operandi in this game has been to kick the ball forward and hope that someone manages to get to it.
    I really hope Japan make it. After beating Germany, they definitely deserve it.

  526. Thanks, Evil – I’m rooting for Japan now!

  527. “A mutual respect should stand between the two clubs”, the manager said. “Xavi has been very disrespectful to Arsenal football club.”

    And tell the rest of the classless c*nts to fuck off as well!

  528. Evil:

    I have to admit I have not been watching much of the womens WC before today but this is good football. I thought France was excellent for most of the game today. They deserved a lot better then 3 – 1 but I am obviously happy with the result. It would be good to see Japan in the final. Go USA.

  529. Dexter

    The key is the campus which will provide some regeneration to the area. That should not be ignored and whilst the math will be a bit suspect, so long as £200m-ish of property goes up, then the deal is pretty much OK in terms of the finances. Of course, if all they put up is a KFC and a couple of flats, it leaves a lot to be desired…


  530. Bill I caught the 2nd half of the match and it was very exciting. The US brought that blonde chick on around the 60th minute and she starting dominating the left flank. That was the difference for me.

  531. Sweden are using some novel tactics for corners. I am afraid we might see similar stuff next season used against us. They had 4 tall players near post for a corner and if the Japanese goal keeper hadn’t been good enough to claim it, it would’ve been a sure goal.

  532. Passenal, where did you see the Wenger quotes?

  533. I believe that we took 23 players and, clearly, AW decided to play them all. That means, to fairy apportion the time, that 21 could play a whole half and 2 a half half. I would be very surprised if AW had not decided which players were getting the short straw. from the start. In any event 4 players played for 24 minutes and one for 21.

    I suspect that Denilson would have needed to go straight for a shower, even after 21 minutes of playing in those conditions.

    The anti-Denilsons seem to out in force, without any justification.

    It was an enjoyable game, against a team that looked like they would find it hard in the Ryman league, but, a good performance anyway.

    I noticed the special cheers when VP, AA, SM and BS came on and, again, when AA touched the ball for the first time.

    Bearing mind he scored more goals than most and made more goals than most, for someone who was supposedly having a bad season, he didn’t do that badly last season, did he.

    I wouldn’t ,mind some chips (not fries, isn’t this an English blog?), thanks, but my wife won’t let me have any.

  534. And Japan score 2 -1, after some beautiful passing on the right flank.

  535. Yogi

    I know what you are saying. But this area of manchester was already undergoing regeneration due to the casinoes the council thought were coming. There are already plenty of bars there now and it is a lot better than when I 1st went to Eastlands. I am not sure they will actually spend too much themselves, more likely a few franchised outlets and such.

    I am glad Wenger has mentioned it, just to keep it in the public mindset, although I reckon it will just be reported as WEnger having another whinge, or as I saw from that odious Paul McCarthy (ex-NOTW) Wenger trying to deflect from Arsenal’s “woes”

  536. Deise Sorry mate, but Hunter is just another barca mouthpiece, he isnt a journalist as that would imply he is somehow impartial or objective. I haven’t listened to it, is he saying we would sell cesc to City and he would go there?

  537. Bill T:

    France had the run of play during most of the first half and the first part of the 2nd half. They had a great LB who hit a great shot off the cross bar. It was an exciting game. Very little of the diving and histrionics that we saw from the men in South Africa. good stuff. I’m hooked.

  538. Yay! Come on Japan!

    @ jjgsol
    Regarding Denilson, he had a small injury from the day before and Wenger had been inclined not to play him because of that. He decided to after all but said that he thought 20 mins was quite enough under those circumstances. (Info gleaned from Wenger’s i’view on the official site.)

  539. What a goal from Japan, 3 -1. Keeper came out of her box to block a through ball and is in no man’s (women’s?) land when the ball rebounds to Kawasumi who strikes it from 35m straight into the empty goal. That’s it, Japan is in the final. Don’t see Sweden coming back from this.

  540. The only thing I’ll say for Arsenal player after today is that the picture quality is about 100 times better than ATVO.

  541. 3-1 – Woo-hoo! How much time left, Evil?

  542. Yeah Dex he does seem to be on the payroll of the catalans alright. He says Cesc just wants out of Arsenal so much that its not even the lure of Barca anymore. He also says Cesc blames his continual hamstring injuries and lack of a fix on the clubs medical team and that this is also another reason he wants out ……..

  543. Wish I had started watching sooner.

  544. 20 minutes, but Sweden just can’t get a touch. And when they accidentally do, there are two to three Japanese around to press them.

  545. Good evening all.

    What’s the mood ?

  546. Thanks for the info Fungunner. I also n oticed that the quality of picture was a great improvement. It is ashame we cannot watch more games on it.

  547. Hi muppet. I personally am smiling after watching the USA women beat France. One lady on the USA, Wombach, has scored two massive headers in the past two matches. Both times she found her way to the back post, rose like a salmon, and nodded the ball home. Beautiful stuff really.

  548. Deise

    Yep, sounds like he is definitely towing the current party line; Arsenal are the pantomime villains holding Cesc against his will.

    What a sorry state of affairs when this supposed journalist is nothing more than a glorified puppet.

  549. Muppet

    I’d say the forecast is fine, with a small chance of a light scattering of doom in places.

  550. And that’s it, Japan win deservedly 3 – 1.

  551. Thanks, Evil. Fabulous. So you were right – they are just like Arsenal! Should be a very good game on Sunday.

  552. Fuck graham hunter, just another mouthpiece for barca.

  553. Evil:

    Obviously will cheer for USA but Japan plays well and deserve something good after what happened to the country 4 months ago. Look forward to the game Sunday. Go USA

    When do we come back to England so Gervinho can get some training time with the squad?

  554. Math? Maths, surely.

  555. Bill/Dexter,

    Excellent. Glad the mood is good.

    Top class team, top class squad, top class club, top class manager.

  556. @ Dexter – Do you think I could open up one of my franchise’s stores in the newly named Etihad Stadium? Still needs a name though. MDGunner has the best one so far in “Arsene Knows Burgers” but not quite what I was going for. Very nice try though 🙂

  557. “Doomer” Kebabs………mmmmm……nah.

  558. so… just watched the 12min high lights and er… just hoping someone could remind me where we need to buy again?

    ok ok so the back line needs beefing up a bit tad but the amount of quality rotation we have up front and is way above in our closest rivals.

    how the fuck do we fail to inspire optimism so profoundly?

  559. “Welcome to Frybury!! May I take your order!” mmmmmm……..has a certain Je ne sais quoi? Non? No, ok then……

  560. I have just read Arseblog and Tim Stillman WTF is going on.
    Even they are snipping.
    It really is getting out of hand.
    The lunatics truly are taking over the asylum

  561. Can someone give me a link to some of Limpar;s stuff .I am in desperate need of some positiveness.

  562. FRY-BURY

    Celebrating 125 years of making a meal out of Spuds!!!!

  563. Max Gunner:
    “Just got back from the game…..just to clarify that twat jabba…no….we DID NOT boo denilson or anyone in an arsenal shirt. Infact during the match, i thought denilson did a tidy job but in a more advanced role….he was substituted for a knock he received,,,,precaution maybe.”

    Fun Gunner:
    This demonstrates the insidious way in which rumours gain validity on the internet. The first person to say this phrased it as a question – did denilson get booed?. But a couple of hours later, it’s a “fact” – denilson got booed AND he stormed down the tunnel – when it could well have been that he just went straight in to get treatment. We don’t know what happened but people jump on the most negative interpretation possible.

    Exhibit A:
    Try Goonerholic’s comments section for today.

    This insidious, cowardly desire to tear down young certain players, especially if they are not English, because they make the most convenient scapegoat of what is presumed wrong at AFC is not confined to fringe blogs and fringe posters. I for one completely agree with Frank that it is beyond debate with these people..

  564. That’s a excellent name indeed.

    I shall name my own place Fry-Bury. Well, if I open it one day surely.
    And with your permission of course.

  565. Irish: Who are the fryers? Jibber, AIC and Luke?
    Just wondering.

  566. Shotta ,Its anyone who you are answering if you think they are only suitable to be Burger Flippers

  567. You know like when one of them ends with say

    “in arsene we rust”

    You show your contempt by signing

    “do you want fries with that”

  568. 1) In order to be a fryer you must have proof that you have been a Doomer for at least 6 weeks.

    2) Burger Flippers must prove that they have an absolute inability to form any opinion of their own and instead regurgitate whatever crap they have most recently read in the media.

    3) In order to operate your own franchise you must not be a Doomer. Mongolian Gooner for instance can open a franchise. (wow going international pretty quick!!)

    4) Neither Fryers nor Burger Flippers will receive renumeration in any form whatsoever apart from regaining the respect of their once fellow Gooners.

    5) After a (as yet to be determined) period of time, a jury of known and trusted Arsenal supporters shall sit in judgement of said Flippers and Fryers, their sole duty shall be to determine if your support for Arsenal is strong enough to be welcomed back into the Family.

    6) All judgements are final and there shall be no appeals.

  569. It looks like Downing is really going to Liverpool and for 20 million quid. I can’t say that I am not relieved about that.

  570. skywatchingmug

    Downing has signed for Liverpool, thank the lord.
    But an interesting stat that came from Opta Joe.
    421 – Since Aug 2004, only 4 players (Lampard, Fabregas, Gerrard & Giggs) have created more PL chances than Stewart Downing.

  571. Irishgray.So Shotta was right in Jibber luke and AIC for starter packs

  572. With Aaron back and Samir staying we can rest Cesc alot more next season than usual, he can be rotated and used for the big matches. i think that will be good for the whole team and a fit,sharp cesc for key matches will be great.
    Hopefully AW can be a bit more brave with rotations this season so we dont suffer burnouts like last year. With gervinoh and Myachi coming in
    and the good quality in midfield pluss an addition in the back we are all rolling for next year. Who that addition in the back will be? Well only a fool trys to secondguess Wenger. And only fools think they know more about football than him, cos you dont and never will(only good old Alex can claim to be his peer in PL).
    everybody are entitled to their own opinion (omg we still stuck with Denilson?) but dont xpect anyone to take that opinion serious when the poster so blatantly dont even make an effort to try to post something ecent.

  573. Bradys right foot

    DeiseGooner | July 13, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    Graham Cunter liar. The writers of the Stasi inhouse magazine, “Spies r us” had more fucking journalistic integrity than this propagandist. A self righteous, pompous odious cunt as nauseating as he is indignant, famed for enjoying the spit roasting he gets from the Barca and Real press officers and spewing more shit from his arsehole than a bull elephant after a bit of dodgy shrubbery. All in all one of my more favourite pundits.

  574. Graham Hunter, or should that read Cunter, what a fucking prick. Even the journalist talking to him thought he was spouting shit. Its okay for Barcelona to post it on their website because they are just reporting statements Xavi made at a press conference independent of Barcelona, really? Barcelona should have been making the statement that Xavi’s statement is not the official club line. But they didn’t, so what does that say?

  575. @ George – Those three and many more, I do not see a shortage of Flippers and Fryers in the near future.

  576. Wesley Sneijder, Nike Football Player Page | Nike Bootroom (EMEA)

    http://www.nike.com/nikefootball/players/wesleysneijder?locale=en... – BufretLignendeOne of the most deadly accurate players in the world, Wesley Sneijder plays for Man Utd and

    nike has messed up here lol

  577. and aparantly Nike will pay part of his United salary to get him to United. Would be an interesting option for Arsenal that. To make Nike pay the extra money for Nasri. After all if they can do it to United then they can damn well do it for Arsenal too.
    Would probably take us off the hook with financial fairplay too. That and mega deal for emirates in 3 years

  578. @skywatchgunning
    Those are decent stats, but I do wonder how he would compare to Arshavin (who is obviously playing the position that Downing plays). I think it wouldn’t be a long shot to suggest that Arshavin might be equal or even better in chance creation, but obviously he has been in the league for less time so he won’t appear in a list that covers the time from 2004 to now.

  579. Irish – Maybe there should be Honorary Flippers and Fryers award for those blogs and media who specialize in cowardly lying, scaremongering and scapegoating.
    Example is today’s whopper: Denilson booed in Malaysia.

  580. skywatchingmug

    I Agree with you Evil. But what it does suggest is that Downing has been consistent in a tough league. And maybe we should give him more credit.

  581. @skywatchingmug
    Certainly, if I had known his numbers are that good I would’ve been less negative towards him (though I do admit that Arseblog’s coverage of him might’ve influenced me a bit and lead to me being slightly biased). 20 million is still a lot of cash, but under those circumstances he might’ve been a decent replacement for Nasri (if Nasri leaves). But now it’s too late anyway, as he is certain to go to Liverpool.

  582. skywatchingmug

    Evil, I still think Liverpool have been mugged. 20 million seems to much if that is the fee.
    I think we never stood a chance, he wanted the move to Liverpool. Downing to Arsenal was a rumor from Villa to get the deal done and to force the price up.
    That’s what I think.

  583. skywatchingmug

    You’ve got to love the Brazil national anthem, it goes on forever and is upbeat.

  584. skywatchingmug

    First misplaced pass and the Brazil fans go mental.

  585. Well, Brazil are in a less than desirable position. Their fans must be bloody anxious, considering that if Brazil don’t win they might be out?

  586. Ecuador’s keeper lost the game for them. The game was over after Ecuador’s third.

    Dani Alves benched and will not see anymore playing time for the rest of the tournament. Maicon was on fire tonight.

  587. Brazil’s third. My bad.

  588. I love my country so much 🙂

    “Controversial Toon midfielder Barton has been refused a visa by the American government because of his criminal record.”

  589. What did Downing do in his career to warrant 20 million pounds price tag? And to make more ridiculous, Barca wants to pay only 10 millions more for world cup & Euros winner Fabregas.

  590. He took birth in England, G4E..

  591. Jabba you’re a complete tosser. Which blogs did u read my “countrymen” talked rubbish about denilson? Do uknow that the internet is the best place to TROLL? Pretend ur something ur not?? Did it occur to u that these so called malaysian “gooners” are not really mancs in disguise? Come of it u twat… I was at the game… The only time the crowd jeered was to a malaysian player spending too much time on the ground than on the ball.

    Fyi jabba u fuckwit, that was the main malaysian squad. The world cup qualifiers squad and not their u21s. Malaysia is the current south east asian champs…. Fucking google it arsehole. I think we can seriously hold our on in the championship.

    Somebody asked me how much were the ticket prices? It ranges somewhere between malaysian$58 to m$388. Now compare that to normal local league matches tickets which are between m$5 to m$20…

  592. Its so easy to spread rumours on the internet these days. Most of the time it starts with a question so u could say u didnot start the rumours but was merely asking a question.

    Example….”Was it jabba’s mum that they saw playing with aic’s little thingys?”

    someone later would say “oh yes i saw john cross tweeted that thing with jabbas mum and aic’s little thingys”

    someone else “those thingys were really played with pretty well by jabba’s mum”

    after a few more comments, msgs, tweets … The end result is “aic is fucking …. “……

    Get the point? Bastards….

  593. hay irish,, doom da louise fine burgers & fries
    fine name for your fine establishment… HAHA

  594. For goodness sake Max, why involve anybody’s mother in a football argument? I don’t think anything warrants that sort of talk.

    Aside from that, I completely agree with your views on Denilson and much enjoyed your eyewitness reports. Good work!

  595. daamn!!! thanks Max for being on fire this morning. Jabba might need some help coming back from this one folks.

    I see Dani “classless” Alves was left on the bench against Ecuador???? wtf???
    I thought he was the best LB in the world. Disrespectful twat!

  596. btw, I love what AW’s doing regarding the Nasri situation
    His logic seems to be based on the fact that:

    1. UEFA’s FFP rule begins 2012 = exorbitant fees & salaries paid will reduce considerably

    2. Nasri has to excel & maintain a high standard this season to validate the hype and the superstar salary he thinks he deserves.

    3. Winning on a team, where he’s loved, respected, relevant & considered a leader, that has been through the pain of losing is so emotionally rewarding that if it happens he will understand that there is nothing greater. Not even money.

    4. Win & he’ll get the raise he desires PLUS so much more from endorsements, etc.

    #3 applies to Cesc as well

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