Monday Morning Transfer Round-Up and TV To Shore Up The Back Four

The transfer tales continue unabated, no-one sure of what is going on, contradictory stories appearing on a daily basis. Some of them bring relief, others concern. At the start of the summer, Wenger was urged to spend big. That demand then seemed to take a backwards step when £17m was mentioned as the price tag for Gary Cahill. The £12m being demanded by Blackburn Rovers for the services of Christopher Samba seemed a more acceptable fee.

Well, if Cahill is too expensive, Stewart Downing must surely be the same if this morning’s reports are to be given any credibility. Thankfully it seems that Aston Villa have taken leave of their senses and decided that £20m for the England international is required. Even allowing for the English Premium Tax (EPT), it is a price determined to put off suitors. Personally, I am more put off by his performances.

Thankfully, Peter Hill-Wood has made an utterance that most will agree with, Daily Star reporters contacted him last night and he was ‘unaware‘ of any bid. Well, that is what the paper tells us but as they did not have any quotes, I cannot comment on the veracity of his comments although it is not hard to believe that he would have questioned how they got his mobile phone number…

The trip to the Far East has attracted as much attention for who is going as to who is not. Gervinho has not yet received his Work Permit so is not there, neither has Miyaichi but he is. Which is not surprising given that neither requires a Work Permit to play for Arsenal in a foreign country. Perhaps it was his visa after all and not the rumoured wage demands?

Manuel Almunia was left behind to try to find a new club, a return to Spain seems to be his most likely destination. Nicklas Bendtner meanwhile, is reportedly of interest to Sporting Lisbon and Borussia Dortmund for around £9m. Or £12m, depending on which report you believe. And I wonder if the Sporting Lisbon and Borussia Dortmund he is being linked with this morning, are the same Sporting Lisbon and Borussia Dortmund who both denied being interested in the player four weeks ago when Daddy was bigging him up?

There was a suggestion that Werder Bremen like him and that he could be used as a makeweight in signing Per Mertesacker. But that’s yesterday’s news.

Which brings us to Cesc. The one thing that this summer has shown is an admirable dedication to the cause on the part of Sport, Barcelona’s pet media outlet. No matter what knock-backs they receive on any part of their Cesc crusade, they get back up right away and plug on with something new.

Leaving Cesc behind to continue his recovery from injury was manna from Heaven. Yesterday’s story concerning Wenger being sidelined in Nasri negotiations was an open goal and Sport buried the chance with some aplomb. Two become one. Cesc and Nasri are now intertwined but the Frenchman dropped so everything for Nasri will now be recycled for Cesc. The atmosphere surrounding the negotiations is more conducive to getting a deal completed. Just the small matter of about £5m now. At least that is now acknowledged as being a sticking point.

It’s still a load of old cobblers but entertaining nonetheless.

Elsewhere, Thomas Vermaelen has spoken ahead of the coming season, seeing the campaign as the opportunity to make up for lost time,

I am really excited, especially after last year. I want to prove myself again and show the people what I’m able to do.

Personally yes, of course I am more determined, I played a lot of games in my first year and I hoped to do well in my second year but unfortunately I had a big injury and I couldn’t play a lot so I couldn’t show the people a lot. I’m determined to go on the pitch this year and fight for it.

Whom the Belgian will partner in defence is the crucial question. If Cahill were to join, for example, he would be presumed to be a first choice, especially for the amount of money being demanded. To my mind this is the sort of player that Vermaelen would thrive alongside, a good aerial combatant who compliments the Belgian’s strength on the ground.

That presumes a newcomer will arrive. Of the existing players, Johan Djourou seems most likely to partner Vermaelen, Koscielny is a left-sided defender as well and there would be a lack of balance in the Franco-Belgian pairing. Djourou knows what Vermaelen has been through in losing a season of his career. He has shown the strength of character to come through that, his Belgian teammate has the strength of character to guide him on the pitch.

Not for one minute do I believe Wenger is planning on playing Vermaelen at left back. It is not a square peg in a round hole but certainly, it is not making the most of his strengths. Were he to play there, whomever is ahead of him is going to be ‘hugging the touchline’ more because it is hard to visualise Vermaelen making overlapping runs.

The key thing to this tour is everyone returning fully fit. Chelsea appear to have lost Michael Essien for the season through injury, Arsenal can ill-afford a similar occurrence.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I haven’t changed my end of season view that there will be more comings and goings than is usual at Arsenal this summer. There really has to be, not for any lack of ability but for the failings over the length of, and particularly the season.

    Having said that, I haven’t got a clue what is going on. Perhaps, just perhaps, Nasri has been identified as surplus to requirements for some reason. His current attitude seems to suggest a certain lack of fire for the Arsenal cause. Bendy and Almunia always seemed favourites to go. Anybody else?

    As for who comes in, well, I have no idea at all.

    Plus ca change…

    Thanks for wading through all the rubbish so that I don’t have to Yogi!

  2. 33 days GOONERS…
    congrats to lady yanks,, super win over brazil.. its there’s to lose now….

  3. Nice post as always YW.

  4. I would agree with that Bob.

  5. nice post as always and really early as well! impressive.

    i really think mata is being lined up in the event nasri’s heads to the exit. If we can invest the money straight away it might not be a bad thing, specially since nasri so seems to want to go. any way let’s see how this asian tour pans out. Hopefully at the very least gervinho will be waiting for them when they come back.

  6. I think tv should play cmd infront of the new cb’s if they are really coming. He can shoot and defend. Songs in that position but I think tv will b better. Just a thought lol

  7. That last bit about hugging the touchline sent shivvers down my spine. Is that no what downing does. Please no.

    Is cahill any better than johan? Can anyone really be sure of that?

  8. Key – Or we could just play him at CB where he is best 😉

  9. i have a feeling tv s best position will be found at DM. so tv to be utilized only at left back as plan b.. I’m with dexter about ARTURO VIDAL also as a versatile midfilder (defensive) who can cover right back as plan b. cover for bacary, my choice for captain in case we lose Fabregas.

  10. TV5 is a good centre back (the best at the club). We should leave him there.

  11. as for cb position, if choice is given between gary, christopher and phil, the latter would suite our system best. so PHIL from everton, if still available for around 9-11mil.

  12. he sure is a great cb, he would be an even better DM.

  13. i echo what bob says. we still need that clear out and we need some re inforcements.

  14. here is hoping all gunners come back uninjured and a prosperous and fun trip for them and the club. I’m with fungunner as far as organising a similar trip to Africa next year..

  15. Good point about Cahill and JD, els. The only significant difference I can think of is experience? Which for wenger might be enough reason I suppose, given that he has repeatedly mentioned the team’s lack of experience as a major reason for our failings.

  16. I’m sure 9mil for NIK is paltry. if he is intent on going we must get more for him. somewhere around 13-18mil..
    or keep him so he can play the cups for us..

  17. Thomas Vermaelen is a fine centre half, although he has the kind of ability to to fill in other positions, calls for him to play out of position are frankly ridiculous. He happens to be our best central defender. A position that we are potentially vulnerable in. Moving him to the centre of the park in no way makes us stronger.

    What I would say is there is an argument to leave the central defence to be enhanced by Tommy’s return and instead look to recruit a defensive midfielder to improve our solidity and potentially both play alongside and challenge Song for his role in equal measure.

    Denilson has never achieved that. Frimpong might, but like so many questions, like will Gibbs stay fit and improve defensively, will Vermaelen stay fit and return as the rock of the previous season, will Ramsey physically and mentally be able to reach his undoubted potential in the centre of the frenetic paced premiership….the answer for now is who knows!!!

    All is possible, how you counter all that with a successful recruiting policy….who knows! I know who I hope knows!

  18. a DEFINATE No to the following players rumored to be of interest.
    chillani, macherano, diarrha, barton and downing.

  19. a good DM will help reduce the pressure on the defensive line. and I’m not advocating changing his position and duties. it would be nice if he was utilized in DM position in some not so important games to get a feel for his abilities..

  20. don’t know about you guys,but i for one do not want to see nasris smug face in our colours next season. time to get rid of ALL the want-away brigade…… that should start with farbegrassisalways greener! 100 p/c behind team and manager . up the goonas!!!

  21. Henristic I think Djourou would agree with what you said. He himself has tried putting that experience thing to bed by recently stating that experience is no longer something that can be used as an excuse against the team. So perhaps you are reading it all correctly.

    I would say that Cahill has better experience overall, but Johan has more Arsenal experience and is better settled. If Cahill came (which I wouldn’t mind) I would hope he had a tough competition and couldn’t demand an immediate first team place. Also Koscielny in two season will be better than both of them I feel.

  22. george rodger

    I agree with Danny.I like people who admit they don’t know.Mainly because that is the truth .None of us know.But some of us think we do.No doubt they will be along soon.

  23. Wenger has said at his press conf that Cesc and Nasri are staying. He also confirmed the Gervinho (x3) signing.

    He also said calls for TV5 to play at left back or DM were rubbish as he is a good CB. 😉 On Champ Manager maybe, but not in the real world.

  24. george rodger

    Andy,when did he say that?

  25. @starty9
    Nasri is getting on my nerves too

  26. its all over the palers georg, or is now altest.

  27. papers 🙂 not palers(whatever that means)

  28. I wonder if playing TV at CB too often might not be detrimental to his long term injury status, especially in the PL.
    Given his relative lack of height, he definitely expends more energy than usual (for CBs) leaping to battle for high balls. This is made worse because most of our opponents in the PL believe we are susceptible to long balls into the box and use those tactics against us more than they probably do for other top teams. Simple physics tells us that having to jump that high that often is bound to take it’s toll.

    It makes sense from that perspective to have more than one big lump on the pitch, i.e. JD + Cahill/Samba/Hangeland or whoever else.
    Having a back four of TV-big lump(x2)-Sagna should significantly reduce our vulnerability to high balls, without necessarily loosing too much attacking impetus. Unlike Yogi, I really don’t have any problems imagining TV hugging the touchline, even if he doesn’t have to do it as often as Clichy (he’d be more like Abidal).

    In games against European opponents, we can employ TV/Kos CB partnership if we think the clumsier players like JD/Cahill/Samba can’t keep up.

  29. george rodger

    Ok Andy I have found it.He also said,apparently that he will look at TV at LB

  30. I still think Hangeland at less than 10M is a way bette dean than Cahill at 17M. The guy is not even first choie England CB. He is likley to be leapfrogged by Jones and Smalling and Jagielka and god knows who.
    Hangeland is Captain on his national team and has Europe Xperience, hes even been in a European final. He knows how it is to take reponsibility and be a leader. Though im sure Fulham will do a scwharz on us and demand 17m as that seems to be the going rate for any decent CB in the PL atm. besides, hes got a good personality, smart and clever the way Wenger likes his players.

  31. never played those video games andy. i prefer the real thing on real pitch. anyways its just an idea. i just thought i saw the abilities of a great DM in him.

  32. george rodger

    Henristic ,Djourou is not clumsy,now is he?Leave it out 🙂

  33. muahahah gonna be an exciting season next season 😀 no matter what happends it will be like watching a good film for 9 months. tense, scary, and delightful 😀

  34. RVP would make a great LB…

  35. frimpong and wilshere have to be our engine room this season. theve got that magic ingredient we so badly lack right now…. a real desire to work fight and bleed for the team. that two would eat up the rich boy posers for breakfast!

  36. George,
    JD is clumsier than TV and Kos.

  37. How about trying Bentdner up front? 🙂

  38. On the CB front I am still keenest on Samba but that rumour seems to have weakened over the summer. Cahill and Jags don’t bring anything new to the table for me.

    Those who assert that Samba is a clogger are too harsh. He’s a commanding and intimidating presence but, most importantly, he has a presence about him that extends into the dressing room. He was feted for a stirring half time rallying call and second half goal to turn round a game they were losing against Blackpool last season –

    The tale of lack of leadership is tiresome but in spite of Wenger’s protestations I feel it does hold credence.

    Wenger already said he wants size so Samba seems to fit the bill on enough fronts to be worthy of the punt no?

  39. george rodger

    Henristic ,I will give you that.Not exactly clumsy all the same

  40. Sky Sports seems to be picking up all the details from AW’s press conference which includes a statement that Cesc and Sami are staying, although this just appears to be Wenger reiterating that he doesn’t want them to go.
    He has also apparently confirmed the signing of Gervinho, although the AFC website is still quiet so far (no surprise there).
    Guess the main work now will be to focus on the defence.

  41. george rodger

    Jonny,No 🙂

  42. Lets hope that that poodle, is true.

  43. the thing.that scares me about Samba is the lack of pace. he will be caught time and again . we wiont be able to play the defensive high line very effectively. we will improve on defending.g set pieces and corners.

  44. As Jonny touched on above, I think that Wenger is trying to add a different element with his signings. So Samba did seem like a good shout for a while. So too also would be the Downing rumour.

    It’s like when a band reinvents it self, the diehard fans find themselves put out. I just hope whoever comes in knows how to play one touch football.

  45. the gunning hawk is reporting.the Nasri deal to man chitty for 25mil.

  46. don’t no how credible this site is..

  47. So what’s the opinion on Cesc remaining captain? I’m am starting to think that you shouldn’t have to convince a captain to stay. I don’t buy into the the thinking that players who would be happy somewhere else won’t play hard for the current team. I would however like to see someone else given the armband.

    I know RvP is upfield but he would be the right age to keep it warm for Jack.

  48. @els
    true, Samba might be played against certain teams.

  49. els, how about Vermaelen , he always seems to say the right things and LEADS by example

  50. rvp is a striker. tv is just back from injury. bacary would be my choice for now. how is his language abilities..?

  51. skywatchingmug

    It seems that the talk of Nasri staying and the Gervinho done deal are coming from the French press. L’Equipe says Cesc is of and Nasri will see out his last year in a more central
    role. France football says Gervinho will sign today ending any involvement with Benzema.

    Now do we trust the French press corp?

  52. Samba passing stats are suspect too. so no one touch football.

  53. Yeah I’d agree that someone from the back is the best bet. I’d guess that respect off the pitch goes a long way. I think Wenger could possibly go with a long serving player. It would be pretty awesome to see Sagna get it, wouldn’t it.

  54. Arsenal website has been updated – to show a picture gallery of the squad arriving in Malaysia.
    If AW has actually held a press conference in Malaysia why hasn’t the website posted the details yet?

  55. There’s been some conjecture about whether the team entrance song at the Emirates ( The Wonder Of You ) should be changed. The A.K.B.’s have come up with a list for consideration by the board and Wenger. The contenders are :
    “I’m A Believer” – the Monkees
    “Without You” – Nilsson
    ‘”Money” ( that’s what I want ) – The Beatles
    “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” – Roberta Flack
    “Relax” – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    “Close To You” – The Carpenters
    “Puppet On A String” – Sandie Shaw
    “Stand By Your Man” – Tammy Wynette
    “My Way”- Frank Sinatra
    “Got My Mind Set On You” – George Harrison
    “Simply The Best” – Tina Turner
    “I Only Have Eyes For You” – Art Garfunkel
    “I Put A Spell On You” – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    “Let’s Stick Together” – Bryan Ferry
    “Paranoid” – Black Sabbath
    “Nobody Does It Better” – Carly Simon
    “I Have A Dream” – Abba
    “You’re In My Heart” – Rod Stewart
    “Please Don’ t Go” – K.C. & The Sunshine Band
    “Crazy For You” – Madonna
    “Always On My Mind”- Pet Shop Boys
    ” I Was Made For Loving You” – Kiss
    ” Money’s Too Tight To Mention” – Simply Red
    And the most popular so far –
    “Hopelessly Devoted To You”- Olivia Newton John –

    Keep those entries rolling in. The first prize winning A.K.B. gets to clean Wenger’s toilet for six weeks. That’s some incentive ! So get to it.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  56. Jonny – I respect your comments in general as well as your superior knowledge of the Western film genre, but do you not think that a partnership of Vermaelan and Djorou with Koscielny, Squilaci and the young lad miquel is adequate going into the new season?

  57. don’t know about the accuracy of the french media, but hopefully its better than news of the world and their elk in england.

  58. Unless of course Sky is just reiterating the statements made by AW on the website on Friday and in fact there hasn’t been a press conference in Asia at all!

  59. Spectrum

    And the anthem of the ‘Doomer’ is “Winker’s Song (Misprint)” by Ivor Biggun.


  60. bacary is a true gunner,, as is rvp, jack ,aaron. so yes it would be great if he was given the captincy. I’m just worried about his communication skill in English.

  61. Blimey, he’s started early today.

    Will get the first one in for today then –


  62. I would go for either “Let’s Stick Together” – Bryan Ferry or maybe “Nobody Does It Better” -Carly Simon.

    Is this a real vote or someones idea of a joke? Just asking, because the prize is a bit weird, I mean, a six week toilet cleaning cleaning contract is not to be sniffed at but it means I would have to give up my full time place here at the comedy school. Can you make it another 11 years?

  63. matty, i can see that being adequate if we don’t take the cups seriously. if we do, as i sure hope , we will ,an extra cb is warrented for cover in case of mishaps..
    sp rectum, can i have so fries with that, HAHA

  64. and catch-up too. 🙂

  65. i put a spell on you .. my choice wavey.

  66. no news anywhere about Aw having had a news conference in malaysia…

  67. too bad GERVINHO is not on show in these games.. we have been nice to see him in action.

  68. Morning all.
    I feel good this morning.
    AW’s words reassured me gut feeling.
    Gerv’s a gunner
    Nick’s to be a goner
    Cesc & Nasri should remain

    Now about that tall, experienced, mobile, focused CB
    Toss up between

    1. Chris “the warrior” Samba: 27, 6ft 4, unknown intl caps (since ’04), EPL exp (145 games/14goals)+ Bundesliga (20/0), can also play CF, no major injuries, team captain, high energy, durable, motivated, shld cost >10m.

    2. Per “da smoov” Mertesacker: 26+, 6ft 6, 75 intl caps (since ’04), no EPL exp, Bundesliga (216 games/ 19 goals), had major injuries, dependable, shld cost <10m.

    3. Gary "dog-saver" Cahill: 25, 6ft 2, 3 intl caps (since '10), EPL exp (182/15 goals), no Bundesliga exp, blood clot ailment once, no other major injuries, dependable, strong,motivated, shld cost <17m.

    The jury is out.
    Now who would AW choose?

  69. Aman

    have you a link to this press conference AW is meant to have made?

  70. Go bite on something warm & proud SPECTRUM..its too early in the morning for your bs!

  71. eh, no Wavey…i’m taking Soccernet’s word for it. Me gut feeling’s leaning towards believing AW said those words.

  72. Good post AMAN nice little run down. Why dog-saver?

  73. Feel free to berate me for this but Koscielny started his career at right back, is left footed, good one on one, quite quick, seems to pass well enough (ok, well a fair few interceptions from shoddy passes but the technique is generally there)… any chance he could be a stand in left back?

  74. Agree with mattyboy at 9:38 am

    I think Djourou and Vermaelen will be our pairing for many PL games. I’d take Djourou over Cahill, Samba, Hangeland and any other name the media want to throw about any day of the week. Last season we started with a back-pairing of Koscielny and Vermaelen, and they did well despite the ‘two left feet’ concern. But I think with Djourou getting a full season under his belt he will get the shout against the more physical opposition in the PL.

    As for Bendtner, Dortmund already have a very similar player in Lucas Barrios, 6’2″ and banging the goals in for the last two seasons. Nik might find himself getting even less games if he chooses them.

  75. Interesting conundrum on the subject of captain’s, do you go with loyal servant or born leader?
    Sagna is Arsenal through and through, as is RVP, but I think we appear to have handed out the captain’s armband for perceived loyalty too often recently and would prefer to see the armband go to an onfield general (if Cesc goes or gives it up).
    My choice at present would be TV5, although in the long run I think JW could end up being the man with the armband.

  76. Shiny Happy People – REM

  77. Kos and Djourou would be my first choice pairing against the technical teams. I think Kos is better at marking players than Verma. Vermaelen, however, is a powerhouse and would do better against physical teams.

  78. Alex at 10:38 am
    Interesting thought.

    Gainsbourg69 at 10:53 am
    Yep, gets my vote. Djourou/Vermaelen for the cloggers, bring in Koscielny for the tricksters.

  79. I would expect Koscielny and Vermaelen to be the first-choice centreback partnership.

  80. Markus – I agree about the issue with 2 left footed CB’s. Nobody mentions it when a team plays with 2 right footed CB’s.

  81. I would agree, but Kos’s best performances have come from the left side of defence.

  82. Sky now have a clip from the press conference in which Wenger makes it clear that Cesc and Sami are going nowhere this summer, although he is clearly still trying to get Nasri to sign a new deal. Still nothing official on Gervinho.

  83. Alex at 10:38 am – Koscielny, left footed? :O

  84. If we don’t get another CB, I would prefer TV5 and Djourou. Kos is probably the better player than Djourou, but Djourou is a better parnter for TV5 IMO.

  85. Gash…transfer speculation. ZZZZZZ.

  86. A little off track but I’d just like to salute this site in general. How do you get so high in the google listings YW? I’m in a new job where browsing the internet is frowned upon. Therefore I don’t have any bookmarks set up. To get here i’m searching google. I’m impressed every time that all you have to type is ‘a cu’ to get in the search box.

    How do you do that YW?

  87. Wenger had to say that regardless of if it is true or not. To say we are letting them go would weaken our hand considerably.

  88. Els – You really could have come up with quite a lot of “interesting” stuff based on your search 😉

  89. I believe Arsene will be true to his words and will bring in a defensive signing. Whether that is a DM, LB, or CB remains to be seen, although media reports tend to point to a CB.

    If this is the case, then I imagine said player will be a big lump (or PL experienced), and I wonder how the new guy will be rotated with our current CB’s. I think Arsene will look to play TV in as many games as possible for his leadership qualities, but I hope not too often as CB for previously stated injury concerns.
    In my championship manager mind, I have almost succeeded in convincing myself that he let Clichy leave for this purpose 🙂

  90. andy : “I agree about the issue with 2 left footed CB’s. Nobody mentions it when a team plays with 2 right footed CB’s”

    I think it was Wenger himself a few years back who said he didn’t like to pair left-footers in defence if possible. Maybe Koscielny and Vermaelen changed his mind.

  91. Does that mean Nasri will be playing for us (or benched) next season, hoping that he’d sign an extension.

    If not, he’ll be shipped out in Jan for peanuts…

  92. Nah. He’ll sign when we win the league, won’t he? I think he wants to sign regardless and will do when he thinks he’s got AFC’s highest offer.

  93. Did AW actually say he was going to get a new defender or CB? Just wondered. I know he said he wanted to add height to the team but I wasn’t sure he actually specified in the back line.

  94. thanks els@ 10:32,
    Cahill became a patron of the Moses Gate Country Park after having saved a dog from being trapped in a car boot just off Whitecroft Road, Bolton. (re:wikipedia)

    I pray AW rotates our CB pairing a bit more than the customary.
    If we sign Samba or Mertesacker, things’ll get very interesting, competitive and hopefully more productive.

    Chemistry is everything…

  95. Can’t wait for the pic of Gervinho in the kit. XX-large to get all three of them in.

  96. “Simple physics tells us that having to jump that high that often is bound to take it’s toll.”

    I’m a bit of a pedant and physics is a hobby which i’m aiming to turn into a career, and so this is a bit of a fallacy which irked me more than anything I’ve read today.

    Simple physics would reveal nothing of the sort. The physics concerns the amount of force needed in the take off and landing, but the strain of which has far more to do with the physiology of the player

  97. “The plan for left back is that we have Kieran Gibbs, Armand Traore and Thomas Vermaelen can play there too. So we have what we need,” said Wenger.

    And so it goes.

  98. Great boost for Gibbs. Nice to hear the manager come out and support you 100%.

  99. Finished digging my first bed of early spuds, the eatable sort. Limed it in preparation for my brussels. Picked all my blackcurrants and goosegogs andweeded out our summer brassicas.

    Just put my rather nice new ipod touch onto charge-although I see the Arsenal App. is not rated dissapointedly.

    So, that’s what’s happening in the real world for all those living in lala land.

    Morning Limpar. How’s tricks?

  100. Didn’t I read Limstonegunner post here the other day? And just like that he dissapears again…
    I look forward to reading your comments men, come back!

  101. Guys bs AW promised defensive signings I would not expect him to renage on his promise. I sincerely hope we sign at least one proven center back my pick would be Samba.

  102. Yeah that sounded a helluva lot like bollocks to me.

    We’re talking about a guy who is about an inch and a half shorter than the average Premier League centreback. He got kicked in the heel at Tottenham. Nothing to do with jumping. If he’s fit, he’s fit. It’s negligible. His weight, for example, probably offsets any extra impact taken when landing from 2 inches greater height. Inventing things to worry about – not very useful.

  103. Really good ta, Cbob. Good to have you back.

    Sometimes I think liming soil and picking goosegogs for a spell would do me the world of good… whatever goosegogs are… but really can’t complain. Looking forward to the new season like anyone’s business now.

  104. on another note,
    I hope Gervinho is a forward in the Suarez/ Rodallega mould.
    A striker with great positional awareness, guile, speed, dexterity, efficiency, ruthlessness & unselfishness?
    How would u describe our new man ACLFers?

    (ps: i absolutely “rigidify” when i watch Suarez or Rodallega @ their best. Dido Carlito)

  105. I’m not sure who this goosegogs fellow is either, but applying simple laws of physics, we are bound to be linked to him sooner or later by one of the rags. I’m sure I read somewhere that he is rather sharp.

    That statement might not be entirely, factually correct…

  106. (re: rigidify…no homo!)

  107. Wenger: Nasri stays, Gervinho signed
    Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Gervinho has been signed from Lille, and that Samir Nasri should be staying at Arsenal.

    By Kelvin Tan in Kuala Lumpur

    The Barclays Premier League giants are embarking on their first Asian Tour since 1999, and reached their first stop, Malaysia, on Monday afternoon.

    Speaking at a press conference as soon as the Gunners reached Kuala Lumpur, manager Arsene Wenger revealed the club’s first major business of the summer had been done.

    He said: “Gervinho has just joined up for training today at London Colney.

    “He signed last Thursday, and has just come back from his holidays.”

    There was more welcome news to the Arsenal fans, as the Frenchman believes that Samir Nasri should be staying at the club, despite reports linking him to a move to Manchester United, as his contract is running down to its last year this coming season.

    “I expect Samir Nasri to stay”, Wenger said, adding: “There is always speculation, but he is committed to the club right now.”

    However, question marks remain over the London club’s ability to hold on to the player in the long run, but the Arsenal manager was hopeful that he could persuade his compatriot to sign a contract extension. When asked about the matter, Wenger replied: “Oh yes, why not?”

    However Wenger refused to speak on captain Cesc Fabregas’ absence from the squad in Malaysia. The media is rife with reports that the Spaniard is close to a move to Barcelona, but Wenger kept his cards close to his chest.

    “I never speak on matters that happen behind closed doors”, he said, adding: “I have given the media enough headlines and I don’t want to add any more.”

    However, Wenger did tell Sky Sports News: “Cesc loves the club and hopefully we will manage. We know that this story for Barcelona has gone on for years now, we have to close that and focus on the season, hopefully with Cesc Fabregas.”

    Speaking about Arsenal’s first tour to Asia in 12 years, the Frenchman admitted his players were tired from the journey across two continents, but pleased to have a “new experience”.

    He said: “We (Arsenal) know that we have a big fanbase in Asia, and we haven’t been here since 1999.”

    “Physically we are jet-lagged, but overall this will be a new experience for the team.”

    The Frenchman also revealed his thoughts and expectations of having part of his pre-season preparations in Asia.

    “At this stage of the season, we’ll look at getting as physically fit as quickly as possible.

    “We will find the balance between not disturbing our physical preparations and our pre-season”, the manager added.

    Malaysian XI coach K.Rajagopal was also present at the press conference, and revealed that he regarded this friendly as a good chance to assess his players ahead of their crucial 2014 World Cup qualifiers against Singapore on July 23 and 29.

    He said: “I am very excited, as so are my boys.

    “Unlike Arsenal, we haven’t signed any new players, but I believe in my young players.

    “We have a World Cup qualifier against Singapore soon, and this is the right platform to assess my players.”

    There was a moment of mirth as it was revealed that the manager himself was a Manchester United fan, but he promised to make sure his side made the game “entertaining” for the fans at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on Wednesday.

    “What’s most important is that it’s an entertaining game. I’ve got a young team, they have much to learn”, he added, refusing to make a prediction on the final scoreline.

    After playing the Malaysian XI, the Gunners will travel to China to face Hangzhou Greentown on July 16.

  108. Haha funny gooner andy. That’s what I was looking for really. I thought it was a coincidence that this popped up.

  109. AW:
    “I believe Cesc & Nasri will stay.
    We have what we need at left-back.
    Bendtner & Almunia could leave,
    Miyaichi has been a fantastic surprise.”


  110. Very good mattyboy, very good.

    Is the Arsenal game on TV anywhere? Anybody know?

  111. Gadget | July 11, 2011 at 11:37 am

    “Simple physics would reveal nothing of the sort. The physics concerns the amount of force needed in the take off and landing, but the strain of which has far more to do with the physiology of the player’

    You’ve confirmed yourself a pendant so can’t accuse you of being pendantic, but c’mon, if you’re a true student of the subject you should know that everything explainable can be explained by physics. Every self respecting physicist knows that all other sciences reduce to physics, tut tut!

    Not that one needs any serious reduction to see how the increased risk of trauma to relevant ligaments/tendons and bones, due to increased occurence of jumping, can be explained by Newtons laws.

  112. Last season AW took a gamble with the CB situation thinking that Vermaelen would be back soon. I feel that this season we shouldn’t take any chances with our squad. With Gervinho signing, and Cesc and Nasri most likely to stay, I still think we need a new CB, LB and some cover for Song.

  113. Gibbs is the best news all day for me. That is what Arsenal is about. Gibbs deserves first shout after clichy’s departure. Too bloody right. He has made himself an international from a bit part role. He’ll succeed. The fact that we give young players the chance to step up is why people like Ramsey choose us over the mancs. This is becoming more and more important with our perceived standing and the new rules.

  114. oh plus:
    Gervinho agrees deal to join Arsenal


    …progressive news

  115. ” The fact that we give young players the chance to step up is why people like Ramsey choose us over the mancs. This is becoming more and more important with our perceived standing and the new rules.”

    i agree with els

  116. Carl Jenkinson to push Sagna? Interesting, I wonder where does that leave Eboue? AW didn’t even mention him as a cover for LB.

  117. Is everyone happy that we are fine with Gibbs and Traore at LB

    Do we need another CB

    AW comments at the end of our disastrous last 12 games was the defense needs strengthening is it all OK now

    Why is Denilson in the Asia group yet Bartlett, JET , left out

  118. LOL at Limpar’s attempt to refute my post. I’m sure there are good counter arguments to the point I raised, but your comment @11:53 isn’t one of them

  119. Ashley Cole was no better than Gibbs when given his chance. I’m confident that he’ll become an excellent LB. Defensive ability almost always gets better with age. He is great going forward I think.

    The more all this transfer bullshit goes on, the less I think we actually need all these signings. I know it’s turned into an Arsenal cliche now, but they are all one year more experienced, and the disappointments from last season will surely be enough to sp*r them on to get over that winning finish line… With TV5, RvP Wilshere etc fighting on all fronts, I’m certain something will be won this year.

    In Arsene we Trust – with a ‘T’, Spectrum (if you’re reading, you twat). Keep seeing that mug saying the same old shite on other websites’s comments. What’s the point in supporting a team that obviously upsets someone so much???

  120. Samba would be my choice, he reminds me a little of an EPL streetwise extra-large Sol, ie takes responsibility, especially at set pieces and knows his stuff there. He would be used for testing away games against physically big teams, plus Liverpool with whatshisname, where he has illustrated his strengths many times. Sounds crude, and I think that’s what it is. Otherwise, although employed left CB, in TV’s absence, there is absolutely no reason why Kos wouldn’t perform right CB and probably will be in the more technical games.

  121. Not really worried about LB, although I would have liked to see Enrique come in. At CB I think we need 4 good defenders and I just don’t think Squillachi is good enough for Arsenal. I know we have Bartley and Miquel as cover, but I would prefer not to have to rely on more youngsters in the centre of our defence.

  122. Alex Ice Cream

    No reason to replace Clichy “we have what we need”. Traore who has impressed noone in 4 years with the club, Gibbs, injury-prone, raw, inexperienced and awful when he actually managed to play last season and Vermaelen – a centre back! We need someone who can cross better than Clichy so we go for a centre back to do it.

    Utterly, utterly unsurprising. No wonder we are stuggling and we will continue to do so. Let’s replace Nasri with Vela and Cesc with Denilson. They are like new signings.

  123. Denilson has proven to be the favorite son.

    I would not be surprised that with the return of a healthy Frimpong, Denilson will be utilized more this season in our midfield attack; which means he’s not going anywhere. (just my opinion)

    Els is spot on with his statement @ 12:19.

  124. Thanks Arsesession, aman.

  125. Geo – ‘The more all this transfer bullshit goes on, the less I think we actually need all these signings.’

    I agree, and would add that he more I think about what will improve us, the less I believe the answer is any of those repeatedly mentioned in the press. I’m not entertaining any of it and would rather see what happens. I shall be there supporting the team whoever puts the shirt on.

  126. AIC Traore played only 9 games when on loan injured most of the time

    Gibbs has a dodgy ankle and is injury prone

    All the usual promises then nothing

    This season the battle for fourth spot will be between Liverpool. Spurs, and Arsenal

  127. I am sure there will be no more problems defending set pieces

  128. Delia--Block 112

    Greetings fellow Gooners! Why is it that I am not counting the days to the big kick-off?
    I feel in limbo ,the Club is in limbo and half the team is in limbo. Where are the experienced defenders with PL experience promised by Arsene? Gibbs at LB is a disaster waiting to happen. His positional play is not up to PL standard, just review some of last season’s performances. He was appalling at Portman Rd, an absolute horrow show against a mediocre Championship side.
    I need cheering up, perhaps Wednesday’s outing will rekindle my enthusiasm. As an active supporter since the 50s I remain “worried” from West Norfolk.
    As Always COYRs

  129. sagna / eboue / jenkinson; gibbs / traore / eboue / vermaelen / jenkinson

    kos / Dj / vermaelen / squil / song / Miquel

    our manager and team vision is all about developing young players, and promoting those that show loyalty (waiting for their time); on occasion pick up an older player to bolster a position.

    For me, I just don’t believe we will sign any more defenders, but I would like to see an experienced goalkeeper brought in.

  130. We needed a LB before Clichy was sold (although, not the top of our priorities), now we need one more than ever.

    It is too much to ask two teenagers, who have never stayed fit for a season, who have never played consistently in the team, or in the league to make us a better unit.

    Personally, it’s a huge risk to assume one of the above will make a Wilshere-esque rise.

    Talented youngsters, lots of promise, zero experience, shaky injury record. Is that really what this side needs?

  131. People slating Gibbs when he’s only been given the opportunity in a handful of games is incredibly harsh on the youngster. Name me one player who hardly plays, then when called upon plays better than the person who they’ve temporarily replaced. There will not be any, unless the respective manager is playing the wrong person in front of said replacement. Wenger has not done this, but he is the man that sees Gibbs play in training every day, he would not be so confident if he didn’t think he was ready. How many people were giving Cole such a slim chance when he was asked to step up? Loads I’m sure, but look how he turned out – one of the best in the world. I say give him a chance to prove himself, (particularly in the first few months of the season where we’re traditionally at our strongest) and if he’s as big a liability/disaster as you all think he’ll be, then we can look at a replacement in Jan. Have some faith for god’s sake – and have a look at Wilshere’s rise to excellence.

  132. Agree with that completely, Geo.

  133. Ah solgooner, I thought you and AIC liked to converse ‘offline’? So why are you using this site to bum yourselves up?

  134. Yes geo yes.

  135. Both by the pool in matching leopard skin thongs typing so hard it makes you both grimace.

  136. Gibbs made himself a full England international based on shit bit-part performances for Arsenal apparently.

  137. Solgooner – “Is everyone happy that we are fine with Gibbs and Traore at LB”

    No. Really no.

    I am 100% behind Gibbs, but I really don’t think he is ready for this. If he was coming into a very strong defensive team, then we might get a way with it. However, this is a team is desperately needing to improve, and now we have taken a step backwards (in the left back position). Gibbs would not get into half the teams in the lge, and that is not really where we want to be at currently.

  138. What a pleasure to see such support for one of our young promising players. Some of you can’t even muster that, can you? Pathetic!

  139. When Cole came into the side really can’t be compared to Gibbs coming into the side. We were a strong physical team then who protected our back 4 extremely well.

  140. hear hear geo.

    Luke, i disagree that we needed a LB before Clichy left. Changing the dynamic can bring the best out of players. With Gibbs & Traore, I don’t believe AW will finalize his position till after the Emirates cup. They are both options worth entertaining..

    Still feel he’ll sign a tall CB though.

  141. GA, Block, Luke etc – He definitely is not the finished article, and yes I’m sure we’ll get the odd dodgy performance from him, but how else does a promising player become a top quality player? Through playing under high-pressure, against the best opposition, week in week out. If Wenger’s ready to take that chance, then we should get behind the young gooner and give him the encouragement needed to gain the conifdence needed to become a Premier League-ready defender. This guy’s come through the academy and is Arsenal through and through. Don’t slate him before he’s even had the chance to become the shit player that you are expecting.

  142. Yeah Geo, 38 goals conceded in 00-01 to 43 last season. Worlds apart.

    Seriously, the fact that he knows his teammates must have influenced Wenger’s decision. Don’t underestimate the importance of this. He’s also pushing 22, so I wouldn’t call him that young anymore.

  143. Wenger tried to offload Traore last year, however he turned down first team football, for a club with good European pedigree, as he didn’t want to take a pay cut.

    He has hardly played for Juve this year, so I am unconvinced that Wenger has suddenly completley changed his mind on the player.

    As for Gibbs, he is a fantastic prospect, one I am excited about seeing over the coming years, but I don’t think it is fair on the players development to assume he can cope with a full season of first team football (assuming he manages to stay fit)

  144. GA – Our defence will be better this year. Have a little faith that our percieved issues from last year are going to be worked on intensively this year. We conceded the least goals from open play, and if our set pieces can be improved, we will concede very few goals I think. Gibbs is certainly quick enough to recover if we are caught on the counter, and you can guarantee that he’ll give his all when playing in the shirt he’s dreamt of playing in all his life.

  145. Alex Ice Cream


    The Cole situation was very different. Silvinho was “dropped” asap as the club realised that his passport was dodgy and that he had no work visa! Once the club found this out they had no choice but to drop him. The club very lucky to get away with fielding what was an ineligible player. Interestingly when he signed for Celta Vigo, they registered him as a Brazillian – not a European.

    We also had a very strong settled defence in those days which included Adams, Keown, Seaman, Lauren with Dixon and Grimandi as back up (as well as Luzhny and Stepanovs!)plus Vieira in midfield.

    Relying on Gibbs and Traore is madness but predictable madness.

  146. just viewing Gervinho on YouTube…i’ll venture to say he’ll score a lot of goals with the likes of AA, Cesc & RvP supplying him assists…could hit 19 in his debut season.

    “AW you a BAD man!”

  147. Geo @ 1:00
    good rational statements……

    Depending on the outcomes for Nasri and Cesc, I look at the present roster and believe this Arsenal team can deliver silverware this season.

    Our youngsters have another important season of playing time under their belts….look at the progress of Ramsey, Wilshere,Theo, Dj, Szcz, and Fabianski.

    When they experience sufficient 1st team playing time their game grows. As fans, we should be excited about the clubs future.

  148. I agree with OOU. A very important point.

  149. Geo – I am not slating him mate. I really hope he does well, and I do like the lad. I just don’t thnik he is ready to be our first choice left back. Clichy was often exposed massively on our left side; for an inexperienced player that really could be asking for trouble.

    I agree that at some point he will have to be given his chance to show what he can do. It is just that without buying in a left back there is no realistic alternative to him if things go wrong, or when he gets injured. We are meant to be a side which will challenge for the lge. We need better.

  150. Alex Ice Cream


    Traore couldn’t even play regularly for Pompey and now finds himself number 2 to Gibbs who is injury-prone and unproven. We tried to loan Traore to Juve he asked for too much money!

  151. Really AIC?? I didn’t know that!

    We did have a more settled defence, very true, but this team and Wenger know that’s the weakness (particularly set-pieces as mentioned above), and will be working incredibly hard this summer to remedy that I’m sure…

  152. Good news about Gervinho’s signing, his speed, penetration and dribbling skills will be really handy as we missed that last season against teams defending deep. Last season, only Walcott has these kind of attributes although from what I’ve seen of him, gervinho is more impredictible than Theo.

    As for the LB situation, although I don’t doubt any second Gibbs has the potential to be one of the best left back in the EPL, I am concerned by his injury record and I hope we don’t gamble too much on him managing to stay fit. Traore for me is unkown quality as he did not play competitively for us in last few seasons and when he did I saw him more as a Left Wing Back or Winger than a LB but maybe his spell in Juventus helped him imporve his defensive game.

    As for AW saying Vermalen can play there, I really hope as an emergency back-up as I believe he is the keystone of our defence and should be at the center of our defence. As for Koscielny, yes he played as our left-sided CB but I’m 90% sure he is right footed.

    As for the other reinforcements, my wish would be for a another DM to give Song some competition and back-up. Frimpong could be this but if he is a good deputy for Song, he could well be called-up by the Ghana squad during the ANC (especially after Essien’s latest development). leaving us short. My personal favourite would be Fellaini as he would bring height, defensive solidity and he is good when pushing forward which is very important in our system plus he stated that he would like to play in the CL.

    Plus another CB and for the reason stated above a LB. As for the potential recruit, I would personally go for Samba (cheaper, EPL experienced and different from what we have) but any of the usual suspect will do fine (Samba, Cahill, Jagielka, Mertesaker) as I still think a Djourou/Verma or Kosc/Verma would get the nod so any of them would be a back-up. Finally for LB, Baines or Enrique would be a good replacement for Gael.

  153. That was about Silvinho btw AIC.

    GA – fair enough, maybe someone to challenge him for the spot could be bought then..? But I personally really want to see if he’s got the minerals to make that spot his own. I think he deserves a chance. I do agree that Traore isn’t the man to challenge, or come in if/when Gibbs gets injured.

  154. ..great balance, wiry, audacious, always looks focused, doesn’t over-elaborate……our Gerv.

    ‘When I play for Arsenal it will be the best day of my life’ – Why Gervinho could be a big star at the Emirates next season

  155. not happy with downing so i hope not true, not happy with no new left back so hope not true, not happy with djourou as our main CD so hope thats not true also. Very happy that fab4 and sammy are staying im sure thats true, very happy with new striker i know thats true.
    TM and koz are my shout for 1st team choice. Cant wait for the game on wednesday and saturday. Be good to watch the team, feels like years since the last telivised game, coyr

  156. Geo – “We did have a more settled defence, very true, but this team and Wenger know that’s the weakness (particularly set-pieces as mentioned above), and will be working incredibly hard this summer to remedy that I’m sure…”

    Here is the issue that rocks the faith though. We have been poor at defending set pieces for a number of years now. I am assuming that we are always trying to recify this, but as last season showed, to no sucess. Why would it be any different this year?

  157. Geo – I hope so. I also hope that Gibbs proves me completly wrong. I would be happy to eat humble pie as it would mean that he has done the business.

  158. I think we’re a better team now than we were in 00-01.

  159. I think we should sign Essien.

    As for Cahill, its a shame we have to pay the V.O.T. (Vastly Over-rated Tax) for a decent English player.

    It’s funny how on a day when we have positive news, solg and AIC

    “Do you want fries with that?”

  160. Ha ha, Henristic! It is true! Sociology is applied psychology which is a specific path of applied biology (physiology being another) which is applied chemistry, which is of course quite simply applied physics.

    However, as a wanna-be physicist, I must be humble and bow in reverance to the mathematicians, afterall what is physics if not applied mathematics?

    It is on such a point that I should say, no-one should ever reduce Newton’s laws as just being simple physics. It maybe the typical foundation from which we are taught, but simple I say thee nay. It’s absolutely humbling to think of the things he deduced with the equipment he had.

    Forgive the tangent, I could go on for days! One day I’ll write a book marrying football and physics in a fun and inventive way!

  161. Luke

    I think alot will depend on how Gibbs looks in pre-season man. AS for Traore, I have no idea, havent seen him play for ages. An experienced LB might be a worthwhile aquisition though.

  162. Alex Ice Cream


    Yes. That is true about Silvinho. I think the excuse was a mystery “calf injury” and he never played for us again.

    Apparently he had a Portuguese passport through his grandad but when the Portuguese embassy was contacted about this, they had no knowledge of it. Why this was not done before he signed, I do not know.

    Great player though, awesome going forward especially in 2000-1.

  163. Dexter – He is out for the season.

  164. Why do people think if a player gets injured they are ‘injury prone’. Is Ramsey injury prone? Didn’t Gibbs problems start with a bad challenge in the opening matches last season, his ankle bent in a CL qualifier? I doubt Gibbs is particularly injury prone at all.

  165. goonerandy

    Really? You dont say. Fuck me, you are dense. You didnt think i was being sarcastic then? 🙂

  166. solgooner Once again you show yourself up as being no better than a spud. Writing off Gibbs in a blaise casual sentence like that earlier? Cunt. Thats it, you dont deserve any debating, just a casual, blaise cuss; Cunt

  167. Wasn’t our collapse in the 2nd half of last season directly related to our impotent attack.
    Where was goal production from Nasri – Arshavin – Theo after December?

    Our manager obviously thinks the gervinho triplets will solve the problem.

  168. Arsession

    As much as I want us to sign a new CB (and Vidal too!) you are right. Oyr attack petered out, became predictable and the goals dried up (apart from RvP). Its crackers blaming it all on the defence. Signing Ricky Gervaisinho and his 2 brothers makes sense man.

  169. Zim – “I doubt Gibbs is particularly injury prone at all.”

    Do you mean apart from the fact that he is always injured 😉

    I know what you mean though. If many of the injuries are impact injuries, it should not label a player “injury prone”. If many of the injuries are muscular, that is different. Diaby and Rosicky are injury prone. I know Gibbs had a few impact injuries, but not sure about any others though. He has spent quite a lot of time injured though.

  170. gibbs is obviously starting the season at LB……time to move on! either jump on the train or get left waiting for your fries!

  171. I also think that even though some players are away in Asia, it doesnt follow that they will not be leaving the club. I’d be very surprised if we dont see several squad players leaving this summer, as CBob alluded to earlier.

  172. Dexter – I have no idea if you was being sarcastic. As seen as you are a bit dense yourself, I thought you may had missed the news he was injured 😉

  173. Arsession; 😀

  174. (Note to self; always use a smiley face when posting tongue in cheek comments, so gooner andy doesnt get confused, as we all know how easy it is for him to get confuse now)

    Ooh, no smily face, that must be true then 😀

    Nio wait, there it is!

  175. GA; The Essien story has been around for days, also it is in todays post. Or are you suggesting I dont read Yogi’s stuff now?

  176. Haha! apparently Juve will ‘battle’ with Arsenal to win Kevin Doyle’s signature! I bet this will become the most epic battle of all time, the most intense transfer auction known to man.. Personally I’m preparing myself for this one – big time. got meself some sandbags, some masking tape, and stocked my basement up with baked beans. Keep cool guys, and let the battle commence…

  177. Dexter – I know things are difficult for you. Just trying to help *Big Winky Face!*

  178. Gibbs may do well but there is no way to realistically predict what is going to happen. If he does not play well or is injured we will be watching another season go down the tubes. When have we had good luck in the past? Why do we always leave our fate in the hands of the football God’s when we have the resources to cover our bases? No logic to the way we do so many things.

    No one saying Gibbs should be sold and we all hope he does very well, but this is supposed to be a huge season and we start by taking huge and unnecessary risks. When Gibbs did play last year were not very good. My understanding was that Traore hardly played when he was on loan in Italy. He couldn’t even play LB for Portsmouth when he was on loan, a club that was relegation fodder. I guess we cross our fingers and hope one more time.

    Mertsacker for Bendtner would be a great thing for the club. However, I suspect we will start the season with no new additions in the back. If we were going to get Cahill, Samba or anyone else in the PL we could have done it before now. In the end it will be revealed that we tried very hard for a couple of players but barely missed. Just what we need to improve the team, more profits from the transfer market.

  179. Bill – Bendtner is negotiating with Dortmund. Mertesacker plays from Bremen. Subtic (sp) however players for Dortmund. Offer them Bendtner and chuck in £10M or so? That would be a good deal IMO.

  180. I must admit, I liked Sobutic when i saw him play a few years ago (was only a young ‘un then), but he’s huge and quite aggressive in the air and the tackle. Would be a great swap deal, I agree (if he’s improved as expected since i last saw him play that is…).

  181. *Subotic*

  182. Arsenal first training session here in malaysia behind closed doors at the shah alam stadium…. My home ground! I’ll be at the second session tomorrow night, for fans only!! Oh yeah come on u gunnneeerrrssss!!!! Will try and post youtube links tomorrow! And oh yeah piss off doomers, we love arsene and he and the team has our support! No fucking protest here…. Fucking yeahhhh!!!

  183. Word of caution though, the pitch at the national stadium in malaysia is basically as shite as u can get…. Divots and pot holes all over the place. They’ll try and compact it before games but it get easily cut up. Hope arsene sees this and tell the lads to take it easy. The malaysians have just finished their season and obviously in top shape and preparing for the world cup qualifiers and they are not afraid to put their boots in. Arsenal’s ”soft touch” reputation is very well known here thanks to those cunty hacks… So here’s to an injury free game eh?

  184. Sorry if this is old news, but i’ve only just seen it (about Modric and Levy fucking him about, and lying…)

    I know it’s about the Sp*ds, but makes me feel priviledged that our directors/manager/staff don’t have that kind of attitude. I love Arsenal.

  185. espn wed 7.45. sat 5.45 (i think) same channel.

  186. Nice one Max, enjoy!!

  187. i wish they did

  188. We need to calm down a little! Let’s face it, many Gooners were not exactly in raptures with the performances of Gael Clichy last season. Yet, now he has departed he desperately needs replacing. Kieran Gibbs managed to make his way into the full international squad as his understudy. He may be the answer, he may not, but early comparisons to the emergence of both Cole and Clichy are promising. Right now, the left back spot is not exactly the most pressing concern. Unless of course you like worrying for worrying sake. Champion full-backs have included Wes Brown and John O’Shea. Let’s not lose our minds, eh!

  189. One more thing, malaysia play a fucking “big sam’s” 2 banks of fours in a rigid and compact 442 system. It won them the regional trophies by being able to sit back and hit others on the counter. They also rely on set pieces. Sound familiar? Even their second striker often drops deep into midfield to make it into a 451. Typical championship standard. It would be alot like playing mccleish’s birmingham.

  190. Andy: Yogi mentioned Mertsacker in the post so thats why I used his name. From what I have heard Subotic would be even better. Realistically do you really think that we will add any more defensive players? Fingers crossed for a big surprise and a first team CB but that would certainly go against business as usual.

    Hope Bendtner does well if he goes. I was wrong about him because I always thought he was going to be really good player for us when he hit 23 or 24 but no such luck.

  191. Gibbs should have our support. Arsene’s came out and bluntly said that gibbsy’s his first choice LB. Gooners should just stop whining and get on with it. Personally, i expect just one more signing after gervinho and its a CB. After that we will challenge for the title. If and its a big if, nasri goes, then expect also a replacement. I’d bet its Mata. Otherwise….. Thats it….come on u gunneerrrrsss!!!!!!!!

  192. I agree Max, like your attitude too – we need more of you!

  193. How do u know that subotic is going to be better than what we have bill? I remembered last year people getting excited about squilly…. Look what happened? After a few shitty games…. U lot were on his back in a flash. Come on squilly’s had his first season done…. He’ll do better next season. Not bad for a 4th or 5thchoice.

  194. “els
    To get here i’m searching google. I’m impressed every time that all you have to type is ‘a cu’ to get in the search box.”

    els – Google is “remembering” your searching history (not to say that YW’s ACLF is not worthy of a high Google rating) and so it will be quite easy for your boss(es) to see what you have been doing if they have a policy on the use of the internet at work. You should change Google’s settings, if you can, to avoid the issuance of a P45.

    Limps – those of us country boys of a certain age know only too well that goosegogs are gooseberries (unless you were being satirical)

    CBob – too hot to garden here in DC but did you know that blackberries grow on trees here? Oh they weren’t blac……

  195. I expect a first half line up of
    jenkinson. Vermaelen. Djourou. Gibbs
    Frimpong. Song
    Walcott. Rvp. Arshavin

  196. Oh shit. That did cross my mind but I thought I’d done that sort of stuff. Thanks MD! I’ll just do that….. oh hang on what’s this envelope on my desk off my boss….

    OK bye gotta go.

  197. Has anyone else noticed all the comments from the Boss regarding Ryo Myiachi. Accepted, he and the club are clearly playing up to the Asian media, but his rhetoric in terms of him playing a role in the squad this season is remarkably confident when we are still without a work permit for this player and considering our recent tangles with just about any body, organisation, government or otherwise have been at best ill-fated and at worse completely one-sided!

    It is very interesting. Does he know something we don’t? I suspect he would be a lovely bright spark, something like Arshavin’s dribbling guile with actual work rate. So surely he is to be denied a work permit!!!!!

  198. Oh my shite I can’t f’ing wait for the season now.

    Strong, strong squad. I don’t care what anyone says. Looking forward to some frimp.

  199. Pretty warm here this afternoon MD and the horseflies, well! Just been shoveling compost. Plenty of that on here sometimes so good preparation for the new season- in at least two senses.

    Those matched on TV Boomer, can’t find them in my usual sources. Where did you see them?

  200. jeez Bill, u sound like your home gets flooded every week! Such pessimism..

    “Wasn’t our collapse in the 2nd half of last season directly related to our impotent attack.
    Where was goal production from Nasri – Arshavin – Theo after December?”

    Very good point Arsession, we are a team that needs to score efficiently or our high octane style deflates the tyres, if u catch my drift. Imagine working on a Ferrari assembly line and every day u end up churning out Fiats????

    AW-led Arsenal teams are designed strictly to churn out Ferraris* of the highest style & standard for everyone to enjoy. The required R&D unfortunately takes time, self-belief & tenacity.

    Get flood insurance, move up 1 floor or move house Bill. Ferraris* don’t come cheap

    (*pls feel free to replace with brand that keeps u stroking!)

  201. Danny – I think Wenger’s confident of gaining the expectional talent work permit for him. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t awared one, based on his time at Feyenord. He is definitely showing the same (if not higher levels of) ability than Denilson at that age, and he was granted a work permit under that premise.

    Els – I’m actually embarrassed to say I’ve hardly seen any of the Frimp. So many on here feel he’s going to be a great player in years to come, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him for myself in pre-season.

  202. I don’t actually know what an ‘expectional talent’ is? I know what ‘exceptional talent’ is…

    I ‘expect’ him to be a talent, so give him a work permit…?

  203. Geo I haven’t seen a great deal, he’s like a bandy legged, tank with some serious drive. He looks like one of those players that gets every bounce.

    The gervinho trio are getting me exctied too.

  204. Geo,

    Imagine a midfield anchor of Song and Frimpong…… And they fucking rhyme too.

    Els, yeah agreed. Strong and solid squad.

  205. Gadget,
    Please in the name of everything you hold dear, don’t bring mathematicians into the discussion. These guys trawl the internet looking for arguments with everyone and themselves on the flimsiest of subjects (e.g is 2 really equal to 1.9999 to infinity and such nonsense).
    They particularly love to duel with physicists, are by far the worst trolls on the web. Doomers have got nothing on them 🙂

  206. Bill; Gibbs may do well but there is no way to realistically predict what is going to happen. If he does not play well or is injured we will be watching another season go down the tubes

    Hahaha! That isnt at all melodramamtic now is it Bill? Seriously dude, you need to cheer up man.

    I think Giibs being told he is in contention for the 1st choice spot is a great confidence boost for him, but I can also understand some concerns due to his past injury problems. But still, statements like that above are just doom mongering.

    Does anyone know what the dealio is with Botelho? Is he going back to Spain yet again?

  207. “Song and Frimpong…… And they fucking rhyme too.”

    Who is it that does all the shirts?

  208. Max @ 3:09:

    No we don’t know that he will be better but do you know that he won’t help us. Do you know for sure we will be better? Going on 4 years now that each summer we say that next year will be different. Assuming that we will be better and doing nothing when we could add someone like Subotic who might might make a huge difference makes no sense. At the very worst he gives us the type of CB that we don’t have on our roster and great cover when the inevitable injuries occur. No one would argue that adding him could somehow hurt us. 5 years ago we probably had to take those type of risks because of stadium debt, but thats not true anymore.

  209. So we would have theo van Nasrigas and Frimsong

  210. Frimpong is short, squat and tenacious in tackle. For footballing cliche type over eulogising a youngster, think Makelele positioning, with a hint of Essien and the bite of Gattuso and he is probably nothing like that!!!

    But why not?

  211. Jimmy could we class that as 2 players to field?

  212. Cheers guys, he does sound like a nice addition from within the ranks. Nothing pleases me more than to see one of those academy guys flourish a la Wilshere. Song Billong and Frimpong, lovely ring to it! We will have a hard time rotating everyone as it is, let alone if new signings come in.. Lovely dillemas wenger has every year. Gotta love the youth development – like new signings….!! 😉

  213. Dex:

    OK, a bit melodramatic. Does not change the point of the post.

  214. People need to calm down with Frimpong. The guy has played 4 or 5 decent pre season games. That is all. That is half the problem with some Arsenal fans; they think every youngster in the squad is going to make the same type of impact as Cesc. The chances are Frimpong will play most of the season in the reserves, or even be loaned out (rightly so as well).

    Bill – I hope we do add some sort of defender. As Wenger admitted our defensive play was our weakness last year, it would seem strange for him not to address it. As it stands at this moment we are actually weaker having lost our 1st choice left back and have no additions.

  215. Els – that would be amazing if it were possible and judging by the shortsightedness of some refs they may not notice that we are fielding 16 players. 🙂

  216. Subotic, Mertasacker, yep tons of Premier league experience there Bill. You really arent trying very hard today dude. Lets sign completely untried CBs from an inferior league because….. Erm, they have been hyped up in the blogsites, like Christian Zapata and Inler. 2 legends that we desperately need as well because…… Someone on a blog once said they were great and that thing just snowballed didnt it?

    Have you tired of suggesting Hangeland already? 😀

  217. Geo I enjoy the promotions more than the signings. Surely most people do. I’m hoping Lansbury gets some serious action this season too.

    If you ask me with Gerv and Jenk we only need one more player and that’s a big bugger in central defence. I’d be happy with what we have but I see what Wenger is suggesting when he says we need to add different types of players. Therefore I hope we get a monster that makes Djourou look like Arshavin. The kind of player that can’t be used on night games cos he’s fucking tagged. Just to mix it up with stoke and bolton…

  218. Bill,
    Depending on Gibbs is a risk we shouldn’t take, agreed. but we have an able backup in TV, don’t we/ As long as we get another CB, we should be fine, imo

  219. Bill; I think if we could sign an older LB, with loads of experience as cover, then that sounds like the ideal situation to me atleast. But, lets see what occurs over the pre-season and early actual season mate.

  220. GA –
    “That is half the problem with some Arsenal fans; they think every youngster in the squad is going to make the same type of impact as Cesc. ”

    No-one’s saying that mate. Just like no-one was saying that about Wilshere. Sometimes it works out that way, sometimes it doesn’t. Some optimism does not go amiss though. Like I sadi, i haven’t seen much of him at all. Here’s a question for ya – do you think he’d be better in our squad than Denilson – in your opinion?

  221. GA; Typical jumping on people’s fun, killjoy!

    I dont even think Frimpong will be part of the 1st team next season, a loan should be in the offing because of last season’s injury. He needs to be playing regulary, IMO.

  222. Andy I know what you mean, however I think we have only stated that we are excited to see him play? Not take over the blood midfield? If you can’t get excitement out of your own fucking players then somethings wrong.

  223. or bloody

  224. Oh and people getting a bit carried away with Frimpong doing well, is just the reverse side of the Gibbs is a risk/liability coin.

  225. Dex:

    Probability of getting someone with PL experience fading quickly since we could have done that anytime after the start of June. Still think Hangeland would be the best PL option and would gladly take Cahill or Samba. Subotic or Mertsacker are straws to grasp at and provide at least something to hope for.

  226. els; You obviously aint familiar with GA’s work dude! Thats what he does, squash your dreams and be a right misery!

  227. Bill,

    Yes i agree that wenger will sign a CB. But it sure as hell wont be anyone that the hacks mention. Subotic? Matsersacker? Lay off the tabloids mate…. I had the same sickness back when i was a student in ’95….. Kept buying the sun, dMail, mirror and express and getting excited with the signing of mcgoldrick and jimmy carter. Thank god for mr wenger eh?

  228. Geo – Ha, a good question. I have said many times before that I am not a fan of Denilson, so think Frinpong as a squad player would be worth a punt ahead of him. A punt is what it would be though as you know what Denilson can offer the squad.

    As it goes I really liked what I saw of Frimpong. He looks solid as a brick and was very agressive in the tackle. He looks like the player we need……..but, I have only seen him play a handful of pre-season games which really are not the bar in which a player should be judged. A season on loan would be a good thing for him. If Denilson is sold, he would be worth having around to get the off appearence I suppose. If Denilson stays we should get him out on loan to see what he is like in competative games.

  229. *”Depending on Gibbs is a risk we shouldn’t take, agreed” should have been “Gibbs is a risk we shouldn’t take, agreed”

  230. Lol Els! In that case, we should get Marlon King – not a CB, but definitely the most likely to be on tag…:

    (copied from Wiki – sorry)

    Incidents and legal cases:

    While on loan to Hull City, King was alleged to have headbutted teammate Dean Windass in a casino in Scarborough. Hull City stated that the matter had been dealt with internally, and both players remained with the club.[31] Windass later described the incident as a “storm in a teacup”.
    King has convictions for 14 offences, dating from 1997.[32][33] He received fines, driving bans, community service sentences, a rehabilitation order and orders to pay compensation on convictions including: theft from a person and from a car, criminal damage, and attempting to obtain property by deception; fraudulent use of vehicle licence document, driving without insurance, speeding, drink driving; a wounding incident while playing amateur football, and two cases involving assault of young women rejecting his advances in the Soho area of London.
    Two cases have led to imprisonment. In May 2002 he received an eighteen-month prison sentence for receiving stolen goods, in relation to a BMW convertible that he was found driving. He was found not guilty of a charge of assaulting a police officer in a related case. His solicitor commented that “His reputation will be tarnished forever, whatever success he achieves, he’ll always be referred to in a Tyson-esque way as someone who has had a criminal past and that is a considerable penalty.”[34][35] Gillingham continued to pay his salary while he was in jail, and supported in his appeal, which resulted in the sentence being reduced to nine months, and he was released on licence after five months, returning to the Gillingham team within two days of his release.[36]
    In December 2008, again in the Soho area, King was arrested on suspicion of punching a 20 year-old female university student in the face, causing a broken nose and split lip for which she was treated in hospital. He was later convicted of sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and sentenced to 18 months in prison and placed on the sex offender register for seven years.[2] Wigan Athletic immediately initiated the cancellation of his contract.[37] King’s agent, Tony Finnigan, said he was confident that his client would find a club on his release, which was on 29 July 2010,[38] and accused the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) of failing to offer support.[39] Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the PFA, said that the PFA did not represent players when they have broken the law and been convicted on non-footballing matters. It would support members with anger management or other issues if approached but no approach had been made by King.[16] After his release, he made an appeal against the conviction which was unsuccessful.[40]

  231. Bill; Well, if we can get Bendtner to swap London for Bolton, we might have a deal to do! We will sign a defender, I am confident of that.

  232. GA – fair enough. Pre-season, however is where the final judgements will be made on who’s with the squad and who isn’t. So I guess if he impresses Wenger enough, he’ll be playing, at least in the odd cup game. I can’t wait for the friendlies, I’m clucking, waiting for this Arsenal fix!

  233. Geo that’s great. You could be a scout for a certain type of player.

    I’ll take three of those.

  234. Geo;

    No one would have predicated how much playing time Jack was going to get. I saw him at Anfield on the 1st gaem last season and he looked out of his depth. But he came through that baptism of fire and then some didnt he!

    Basically, this discussion is just an extension of people’s viewpoints; positivity over negativity. As els says, if you cannot get excited about the prospect of our kids coming through and would rather shoot down those that are excited about that, then thats a really sad state of affairs.

  235. GA,

    You just dont know with youngsters. But i have a feeling that frimpong has what it takes. Denilson is a strange one… I absolutely remembered a cc game against the spuds a few years ago…. I think one of his first games…. He was absolutely top top class and had a personal duel with paul robinson…. A few long range belters that robinson managed to save….. Now, dunno what happened to him but good players do not become bad players overnight. The mind maybe? Not strong enough? Homesickness? Maybe we should look at the bigger picture before judging?

  236. Oh dear, Stuart pearce has signed a new 2 year deal as England U21 coach. Did no one at the FA watch his team play so abysmally last month?

  237. That back injury must have screwed up denilson real bad i think. The fans abusing him dont help one bit.

  238. Jonny @ 9:13am,

    I totally agree about Samba. I see him as a slightly more mobile version of Sol. I think that would deliver on the both fronts of added height and something different to our squad. It would also mean that Djourou (and then Squillaci) would have to compete for the right hand CB position [just as Kos and TV5 would have to fight for the left CB role].

    As I say, I see much promise in that buy.

  239. What number will Gervinho wear? Might get the number 9 unless Chamakh baggsied it first.

  240. Dex, maybe pearcy is good in arse kissing? Heh…. Excuse for flopping at the euro under 21…..”its that frechie bastard’s fault innit for not letting me have jackie wilshire… Innit?”

  241. Dgob, Koscielny I think can play anywhere in the defence. I thought he was left-footed, but looking at some highlights and I’m not sure that Koscielny isn’t two-footed!

  242. Markus….. Maybe 11? Wonder what vela thinks of that? Chamakh more than likely will bag 9.

  243. Gooners,

    It seems to me that one or two inadequates tend to spew out the same excrement wherever they feel their turgid outpourings might best invoke a response. Nothing they say is particularly (for which read, ‘even slightly’) original and an equal amount of their repetitions seem constructive or of any positive help to the club we love. This begs one question!

    Why afford them your time or attention?

  244. Samba would be a typical wenger buy, dgob. Would love him as our final signing and onwards……. Go win the league!

  245. I think Gervinho’s number will be 3, obviously.

  246. Markus,

    You’re probably right as he seems a typically Wenger selected all-rounder. However, I think his ability to play on the left leaves the option of one big un (Samba/Djourou) partnering one more versatile one (TV5/Kos) across more fixtures.

  247. CBob; You asked earlier about the Arsenal games. They are on ESPN, Weds at 3pm.

  248. Max Gunner,

    I’ll take it that we’ll be sharing a prayeer or two over the coming weeks.

    Fingers crossed

  249. Max and Dex:

    I am not as confident as you guys about getting another CB. Time will tell.

    Nothing wrong with positivity but doesn’t it make sense to be prepared for the converse? How is it sad to want the team to have the best chance given how uncertain things are in football? No one has a clear crystal ball, not even the boss.


    If we do sign a good CB then TV5 can be a back up for Gibbs. Still would rather see us cover our bases and add a CB and a LB would could Gibbs some competition for the slot. I love the idea of TV5 starting at LB but realistically I doubt it will happen without an emergency.

  250. Thanks Dexter. Is that English time?

  251. Bill; Fair enough mate, you can prepare for the both of us then! 😀

  252. Dgob


    It seems to me that one or two inadequates tend to spew out the same excrement wherever they feel their turgid outpourings might best invoke a response. Nothing they say is particularly (for which read, ‘even slightly’) original and an equal amount of their repetitions seem constructive or of any positive help to the club we love. This begs one question!

    Why afford them your time or attention’?

    I personally think that Bill provokes a good debate 🙂

  253. Yes it is CBob, its on after the scousers game.

  254. It’s hard to say where Frimpong may end up, but you don’t start by writing off a player because he’s only had a handful of games. From what I’ve seen and heard from le boss, he is an exciting prospect and could well make his mark this coming season. He’s unlikely to play that much, a handful of games off the bench really, maybe closing off a few games, and maybe part time sub to Song if he gets injured at any point, although that role is typically Diaby or Wilshere at a stretch. That’s about right for a promising upcoming player (in any top club). He needs to be in the first team and practice with them. Looking good I say.

  255. ZP, what are yer sayin’? Frimpong is our Busquestsststtsts heheh. Cesc our xavi. Jackie our iniesta and song our mascherano? Erm i better lie down….

  256. I think GA with his flip flopping is good for a laugh or two.

  257. How is zimbabwe by the way? Still waiting for that visit my friend… This year i spent all my dosh for a trip down under.

  258. I think Gervinho wore number 27 for Lille. Tense. Him and Eboue will have to scrap it out. 3 on 1, not very fair on Manu.

  259. Markus, eboue’s charm and wit will sort out the 3 gervinhos mate, you’ll see…. They’ll be so confused, they’ll end up with clichy’s 22.

  260. Speaking of which, thanks for the memories gael…. Top player, top man, top gooner….

  261. Yay, Gervinho! What an arsetastic good news Monday!

    The support in Malaysia seems to be amazing. I bet AW wishes he’d gone there before now.

    @ consolsbob
    “Is the Arsenal game on TV anywhere? Anybody know?”
    On arsenal player – you can subscribe or just join as a day member, or your Arsenal membership gives you automatic membership of ATVOnline.

    @ Frank
    “Both by the pool in matching leopard skin thongs typing so hard it makes you both grimace.”
    ha ha ha ha!

    @ kamran
    “I’m with fungunner as far as organising a similar trip to Africa next year..”
    Wasn’t me who said that, but it is a good idea!

  262. “Speaking of which, thanks for the memories gael…. Top player, top man, top gooner….”

    I second that, Max.

  263. I see they actually played together as youths at Beveren, as well as the national team of course. Could be real threat down our right flank the pair of them.

  264. CBob is here…..Welcome back old man! What happened, did you lose your way to the blog?

    Don’t do that wise man, we miss you over here.

  265. Making a single digit summation of his old jersey numbers (2+7), I’d fancy the number 9 for Gerv.

  266. Been abroad you young whippersnapper.

    Not going again, well, more than I have to. I’ve had enough of the ‘romance’ of travel. Cattle get treated better.

  267. I know what you mean, travel sucks nowadays. Too many perverts with X-Ray machines.

  268. I don’t think Arsene will buy a left-back. I think it’s a risk starting with Gibbs but he deserves his chance. What worries me more is if Gibbs get injured and Troare plays. From what I have seen of him, he is nowhere near a good enough defender for Arsenal. He is skillful but has next to no positional sense.
    I think some people are already getting a bit carried away with our young players ane exagerating the impact they might have. At the moment we are no better than last season at the back and improvements definitely need to be made.

  269. Good to see the likes of Bob, Zimpaul & Gunnerluc back in action, Cheers guys! 😀

  270. Arsene obviously has confidence in Gibbs/Traore. AW will probably wait for pre-season and games again Newcastle and Liverpool or maybe even till the Jan transfer window, to see if Gibbs/Traore step up. He probably has someone lined up in case they fail to show-up at the games.

    I will give them time till the Liverpool game.

  271. This reaction over the quality of our left-backs, is duly in keeping with the over-reaction of both the tabloid media and must buy now generation of current supporters. Gibbs has tonnes of potential, hence the international recognition and the general commitment of the Arsenal coaching staff to see him involved with the first team.

    Armand Traore as his cover is being over-stated with complete intolerance. He has always looked a talented player with an abundance of attacking quality. He is blessed with electric pace and real dribbling quality. His defensive ability may be questionable but how many full-backs start that way, this is a modern day football trait. He was a regular starter in the Premiership for Portsmouth until just after Tony Adams dismissal in the year before last and was widely heralded as one of their better players and last year he experienced a big club atmosphere with Juventus. He played more than a handful of games. No he did not emerge a guaranteed starter but in reality what back-up left back would. This is Juventus not FC Somethingorother!

    Relax. The squad has options and right now getting the balance of transfer dealings right might take patience.

    Last year. Before Man United saw the emergence of the Raphael and Fabio twins, their right backs consisted of Brown, O’Shea and some old Nag called Neville. Hardly inspiring.

  272. Can’t wait to see this Gervinho fellow in the red and white of Arsenal! I think this is the most under reported transfer I have ever seen by the media. Watch him set the league on fire this year…exciting times to be an Arsenal supporter…

  273. Gervinho is probably NB52’s replacement. Seems to be quite similar to Nicky.

  274. Thanks for the video link, G4E

  275. I could listen to arsene talk for ours! Shame the video I just posted doesn’t contain the full interview…

  276. Good videos guys.

    His comments about Barcelona (Pep & Cruyff) proves Arsene reads ACLF. 🙂

  277. @SPECTRUM

    ‘ Watcha goona do bout it” by the Small Faces

  278. Whether or not they they require first team football, we can’t loan out all our youngsters; we need some in the group, especially ones who, like Frimpong, have the kind of attributes that are lacking in the rest of the squad.

    Yeah, dups, I remember some cheeky Spanish hack asking AW why he based his 4-3-3 on Guardiola’s. He made it clear he used it back at Nancy in the 80s and was inspired by Michels and Cruyff.

  279. peacefrog | July 11 at 6:29 pmpeacefrog |

    Similar to Bendtner shit? Are you serious or did a “skysource” tell you that?

    Don’t see how he adopted the name B52. Yes they suffered huge loses over the skies of Europe but, they did deliver one hell of a arse kicking on Gerry on a regular basis.

    Please enlighten me as to when Bendtner, has delivered on a regular basis.

  280. viceologist | July 11, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    It’s under reported because they (as in anti French media) didn’t want it to happen but, now that is has they can’t wait to kick off and pray that Gervinho flops. Which I don’t think they will see so instead they will be licking his arse when they realise that we have a young player similar to a young Henry that will tear defences to bit’s.

  281. FunGunner | July 11, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    “The support in Malaysia seems to be amazing”

    That’s a mass understatement from what I seen when the team landed. They even have Arsenal songs in English and Malaysian!

    How many of us know Arsenal songs in Malaysian? I only know them in English. That was truly beautiful to see so many passionate fans happy to see their team in the flesh. I bet some of them have spent their savings to see the matches and I bet none of them are moaning about shit in the media either.

  282. george rodger

    “If the big teams decide to play ugly to win ,where does football go ?”

    Classic Wenger
    That is why he is in a different class to the win at all costs brigade.

  283. LB required. We can’t go into the new season with just Gibbs. I love the kid but, he get’s injured to often and they are never 1 or 2 week injuries they go on for months which will cost us.

    CB required: Player must have minimum of 1 year Premiership Experience.
    Samba or Phil Janks, would be great and sure up our defence for sure and then I think we will be serious contenders and take it all the way this season.

  284. Agree that Bendtner did not take his chances last season. Gervinho is probably better than Bendtner on the wings. I’m just forming my opinions on a few video compilations I have seen. Somebody had posted a compilation of Bendtner a few days back. I thought he looked as lethal Gervinho. But I am definitely excited about Gervinho and sincerely hope that he clicks.

  285. Goonerton, i think you be pleasantly surprised to know that we have two such centrebacks already in Kos and Squilly with the added advantage being that they have got their one year experience with Arsenal so no need to get to know your team mates and a new city.

    I think a lot of people under estimate that the bedding in period for a player from a different league can be difficult road just as it is for any person moving to a new place.

  286. Bradys right foot

    So Arsene seems to think young Ryo can get a work permit fingers crossed. I’d love to see him play a few games for us this year, very direct, very skillful, very fast and great attitude. He could be a tremendous player in a few years.

  287. finally.. a positive day for us..
    wenger said gervinho will arrive and we want to use ryo in the first team

    malaysia tour seems a hit..the peeps over there love us.

    cesc and nasri to stay..bentner and almunia to leave..that ends the speculation..

    we back on track a little id say..

  288. george rodger

    I am glad you have cheered up JJ.I was beginning to worry about you.

    “Arsene Rocks” 🙂

  289. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Man, I’m so fucking pumped on Gervinho. I think he’s exactly what we were missing at the business end of last season.

    No surprise to see Gibbs being slated by our resident checkbook managing experts. What a joke. Can you imagine the shit Wenger would get from the media if he were to not give Gibbsy his fair shot? Wenger just can’t win with some of these dunces.

  290. George @ 7:45:

    Interesting interview. Certainly confirms his strong continued belief in his philosophies. He does not like to buy players and it does not appear to be related to economics. He was a relatively big spender in the first part of his tenure so I am not sure what changed his mind. He wants to play his style of football and is not willing to compromise. I guess how you interpret that depends on your perspective. You would say he is enlightened and dedicated to his ideals. The win at all costs crowd probably would call it stubborn and unwilling to see reality. He is certainly a polarizing figure. I don’t think we will see any real changes in the near future. Hopefully we will start to get the results that will make the win at all costs crowd happy so the fan civil wars will end. Perhaps this will be the year when ACLF can finally tell all the doomers “I told you so”.

  291. @ Bill
    “He does not like to buy players and it does not appear to be related to economics. He was a relatively big spender in the first part of his tenure so I am not sure what changed his mind.”

    I don’t think you’ve understood him. What he said a variation of his usual “Buying is not always the solution” – in response to people lke you who think that buying IS always the solution.

    “He wants to play his style of football and is not willing to compromise. I guess how you interpret that depends on your perspective. You would say he is enlightened and dedicated to his ideals. The win at all costs crowd probably would call it stubborn and unwilling to see reality.”
    He also said that efficiency is what wins matches and trophies. Style of play is just that – style of play. Chelsea’s style under Mourinho was defensive. But they won trophies because they were efficient – scored when they had to, didn’t give up silly goals etc. Barfa’s style of play is ultra-attacking, but they also win because they are efficient. They score many goals and don’t give up many. Both teams defend well, but do it in totally different ways. Barfa attack relentlessly, Chelsea counterattacked. Style of play is NOT the same as efficiency. Whatever your style of play, you have to be efficient, is what he says.

  292. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That’s all it’s about isn’t it Bill? Being able to tell Wenger I told you so? Is your life that fucking boring? Get behind the fucking club or fuck off and go support City.

  293. And Bill, don’t you owe Wenger an apology?

  294. Anyone got any news on fabs hamster? how is he doing?

  295. The Gervinho signing seems like a good one. Looking forward to seeing him play.

  296. Fun – I would agree with that.

  297. NJN soon to be called NJ. I dont think it s to do with slagging off Gibbs we all know he could be good in the future but do you really think after losing Clichy and with our suspect defence we need more rookies in there. its clearly to do with Wenger not replacing a departed player again. doing it on ze cheap one good say.

  298. george rodger

    Bill.I suppose that is where some of us differ fundamentally.
    I see it as exactly as you put it “enlightened and dedicated to his ideals.”
    I dont want him to compromise.
    I would rather not win.
    Of course I realize I am very much in the minority in that regard.
    On a positive note though,he has a track record of doing it and I believe(said in my best French accent)that we can and will do it again,
    And the satisfaction will be immense if we do,.

  299. could

  300. What did Bill do?

    N J-N, hope you’re right about Gervinho. I also think he may be a big game hunter and at our best we tended to have a couple more of those characters than this last season.

    He looks an efficient type, with good pace, good feet, just enough strength to hold of that final challenge and get his shots or passes away. Van Persie loves playing with Theo, think he will love playing with this guy. He is addition of old for Wenger, someone who looks clinical on the break.

    Fingers crossed.

  301. @ DukeGoonem – His hamster is fine but sadly his goldfish and his pet turtle did not survive the summer break. I believe it was a murder/suicide.

    Have to say there was a fair bit of positivity on here today 🙂 careful lest it goes to our heads and we start believing we can win this year!!

    @ Kamran – Keep that countdown going mate as I know when it gets down to single digits I will be getting goosebumps

    @ Henristic – Great video mate thanks 🙂

    “DYWFWT?” – Dexter I dont care what every one else says about you, I think you are a genius!!!

  302. Excellent. I agree with Henristic – for once – could listen to that all day.

    Bill, your “Can’t Buy, Won’t Buy” trombone rings even less true than usual on a day when Arsenal announce a £10 million transfer on a tricky forward, an investment most likely to rise up to double that figure when you take wages into account. Put a fucking sock in it.

  303. @ Dukegoonem
    Yes, Gibbs is not as experienced as Clichy. He is better going forward but not nearly as good in defence. But on the other hand, he is the same man who many (not me, ironically) were pushign to replace Clichy two seasons ago. He is the same man who made it into the England squad as A Hole’s understudy. And also, he can learn. For how many years did A Hole get stick for not beign good enough as a defender? I recall Ramsey’s introduction in 2009/10 season and Wilshere’s at the start of last season – they provided their share of hairy moments but they got there, didn’t they? By Christmas both were more than worth their place. There comes a point when you just have to give the promising kid a chance.

    We have to cross our fingers that Gibbs has better luck with injuries. Traore is even rawer, and TV is our nuclear option. But Eboue can play there, as can Jenkinson.

    @ Danny
    He insisted that AW was doing nothing to sign anyone, based on the fact that we had only signed Jenkinson, who for some reason didn’t count. It wasn’t just Bill, in fairness.

  304. I old me ands up i was one of em calling for im to replace Clichy!!! but that was before his injury record was known and his bad form whne given his chance. times they are a changing as someone once said.

  305. Btw, I got “Barfa” from another website. Makes a nice variation on BBB or Barcaloanus etc, don’t you think?

  306. @ dukegoonem
    Wenger’s faith in Gibbs surprised me, too – but you just have to trust the man who knows the player.

  307. But Fun and here is the big but. is it to do with Wenger trusting Gibbs or the fact he can now get away with spending money on a left back!

  308. Dupps @ 7:10 pm,

    I agree. I wonder if Jonjon will be arguing against the same history that he debated with me and (now) our manager.

    Anywhos, Gervinho is now in the fold and practising with us. Things start to take shape…

  309. Arsenal has simply become of victim of the opportunistic media and player agents.

    Agents want the best deals for their players (and as such, themselves), So they start rumours either
    1. Linking their players to clubs with managers having a high reputation for spotting talent (Arsene) in a bid to raise the profiles of their mediocre clients as some hidden gem

    2. Linking Arsenal players with high wage offering clubs in a bid to coerce management into breaking wage structure.

    Truth is, I’d love to see Nasri leave. I’d love to see us start the season with either Diaby of Theo playing the Left inside forward role. We all know that both of them are as equally capable of brilliance on par with Nasri (Theo against Liverpool/Porto 2008, Diaby against AS Roma,2009). Barring injury, both players are exceptional.

    I can understand that Arsenal fans are keen to see the club show some incentive, but concluding that the only way to do that is to resort to buying flavour of the month players on the transfer market (Lorik Cana, Matuidi, Felipe Melo,Gokhan Inler, Brede Hangelland, Obafemi Martins, Sebastien Frey, Mark Schwarzer, Joe Cole, Gary Cahill, Chris Samba, Falcao, Doyle or Downing) is just disappointing.

    While trying to be as pragmatic as possible, I’ll like to point out that the season Chelsea won the premiership so convincingly, how many signings did they make from the previous season? Yup, ONE. The rest came from a build-up of morale boosting wins (1-0, 2-1ish) that snowballed into an extremely confident side that everyone feared. To assume that the short burst of fan enthusiasm that follows the arrival of a big name signing will be enough to solve all the team’s issues is just naive…just ask Real Madrid, Spuds.

    Arsenal’s ‘problems’ won’t be solved in the transfer markets, it’ll be solved when the naturally talented players in the team start becoming more readily available for games. How many times in recent seasons has injury played a heavy part in the way the season turned out. Yes, it’s a tired excuse, but it doesn’t make it any less true.When,

    1. Your “hands-down” best CB gets a “slight injury” that lasts the entire season,

    2. Your bang on form RF gets injured on international duty just as he begins a run of 4 goals in 2 games

    3. Your best player makes 17 starts to a season that featured 50+ games in all competitions

    4. You best striker plays only half the season and still ends up third on the scorers charts (Just for the lulz!)

    5. The player acknowledged by all his fellow players as the best dribbler in the team (Diaby, for those of you who don’t follow “deadwood”) was available for only half the games (13), and was just recovering for a handful of them

    these things DO add up. And the above withstanding, we still manage to convince the now retarded media that the Prem was ours for the taking.

    Fast-forward two and a half months, post a morale-shattering fort-night that saw us dropout of 3 cups, and that same team is being recommended by the same media for a mass overhaul in favour of disrespectfully mediocre players. I mean Doyle for Christ sake.

    I’m tired of everyone, positive gooners included, concluding we need player XYZ to move to the next level. Maybe if you all could stop concluding that our players are shit because the have an off-day after coming back from injury (circa Eboue, Diaby, Denison, Rosicky) and instead got behind them, they’d have the support they need to give more consistent performances, thus moving to the next level. Small wonder the team had the best away record in the entire league last year THEY’D RATHER PLAY AWAY FROM HOME THAN THE TOXIC ATMOSPHERE CALLED THE EMIRATES

    Get behind the team! failing that, I’ll take your Season’s ticket off your hands…cuz I still can’t get one.

    So stop the foolishness!!

  310. george rodger

    Duke.Why do you insist that he does not want to spend money?
    He is not on commission or an efficiency bonus.
    His reputation and legacy is at stake.So I am sure he will spend what is required.

    “do you want fries with that?”

  311. FG,

    If Gibbs can stay injury free, I think he’ll live up to the expectations that many of us thrust upon him prior to his bad run of injury misfortune last season.

    Again, fingers crossed

  312. Down George.

  313. where is vela?

  314. george rodger

    Sixtay,That is one top post .

  315. george rodger

    Duke 🙂

  316. Sixtay a 9:50 pm,

    I, probably obviously, agree with 99% of what you say. However, it was Arsene who identified an issue around size and although talent will most likely increase, the height of our players (at least those in the first 22) is not likely to do so.

    Equally, the psychological impact of a few signings is an issue for some of the players (Theo most recently but, apparently others as well). COme the start of the season, that’s the time to stop dreaming. For now, speculation based on supporting our team/manager seems to me to be acceptable.

    May be I’m wrong here!

  317. George @ 9:23:

    No doubt. Nothing wrong with having a different philosophy. Obviously I have a different viewpoint then you so I interpret what he says in different way then you might. If I’m wrong then we will see that as time goes on.

  318. I’m a bit late to the party, but going back to the Kos debate. He is primarily right-footed, but equally adept with his left foot, hence why he was such a good buy. He can play on either side of the central defensive pairing. I believe that is very unusual for a player in his position. Now that he has had his year to settle in, I am sure he will be even more consistently excellent this season.

    This Asia trip seems to be returning some of the feel-good factor to the club. These fans are just so excited to see their heroes in the flesh, they couldn’t care less about some of the crap that pollutes the media and blogosphere over here. It’s so refreshing to get back to what being a supporter is all about.

  319. @ sixtay
    Very well thought-out post, but I agree with Dgob.

    @ dukegoonem
    “But Fun and here is the big but. is it to do with Wenger trusting Gibbs or the fact he can now get away with spending money on a left back!”
    Yes and no. My conjecture is that when Clichy said he wanted to leave, Wenger thought about his replacement. We know they have a list of top 10 targets for each position. But players already at the club – youngsters/prospects, might be on that list. So it could well be that he wants to give a chance to Gibbs – the known quantity, the player who is already acclimatised, whose personality fits in – ahead of targets higher up the list. It might be less of a risk, in his eyes. It isn’t necessarily just about the money, though that probably comes into it, he’s probably thinking, why buy someone who is not a lot better than Gibbs will be after a run of games? He does really believe in giving youngsters a chance – expecially when so much time has been invested in them – six years, I think in Kieran’s case. That’s how I see it, anyway.

  320. I agree with Passenal….and Sixtay

  321. If either Frimpong or Gibbs has a breakthrough this year it will prove the youth policy is the right way forward. If both have a breakthrough it will be revolutionary. I dont think it has happend since the nevilles and the beckham generation that a top 4 team has had 3 players from age 16 that has had breakthrough in the first team at the same time. Bartely aint that far away neither, one more season in Rangers maybe?
    With more to come this could be the start of something very exciting indeed. A top four team that produces their own players? and good players too?
    Walcott is alrady there, Ramsey was 18(correct me if im wrong) when he came so not really Arsenal made i guess.
    Fabregas is though(after next season he has spent more time in Arsenal than at Barcelona anyway), so will Bellini and Toral if they become good enough. (no 16 year old is ready made article)
    This will be great me thinks.
    If only Gibbs succeeds that is good enough really. For the Academy to produce 1 top player a year is nothing but exceptional. And it is very very exciting.

  322. Excellent points Sixtay, it’s good to be reminded not to get caught up in all the transfer hoopla. Whoever is with us come the end of the transfer window will get my support, regardless.

  323. Nice one Sixtay !!

  324. evening good gooners,,, might want to check out the blog” brie from a gooner”… an overseas supporter who was at the press conference earlier. great photos to boost.. enjoy. post a comment .. it will make him super happy… cheers

  325. ” arsenal view from a gooner ”
    that is.

  326. Bill,I dont think you are wrong.You just have different values to me.
    Perhaps I want less and hope for more

  327. I’m slightly annoyed at for the way they’ve announced the Gervinho signing. “Gervinho agrees deal to join Arsenal” is hardly a fitting headline for a signing like this. It’s barely a headline at all. We all knew it was happening days, if not weeks ago, so I think they should have just held on a bit longer and done it properly with the photoshoot and the oak room and the shirt with Gervinho on the back. It’s not like they’ve a Reuterslike reputation for expeditiousness to uphold. I fee like I’ve accidentally happened upon a Christmas gift meant for me in a paper bag behind the wardrobe.

  328. I know what you mean, LA. It’s an uneasy compromise between their usual stickling for correct form and pandering to the impatient fans. If you’re sticklers, stickle, is what I say.

  329. Well, quite, FG. Felt like pandering at the time too, you’re quite right. Oh well, perhaps we’ll get some fanfare later in the week.

  330. Sixtay at 9:52 pm woke me up from my enforced slumber. Couldn’t have said it better even if I tried. To quote another great poster “it’s good to be reminded not to get caught up in all the transfer hoopla. Whoever is with us come the end of the transfer window will get my support, regardless.” (Passenal at 10:28 pm).

  331. Prepare to see plenty of new nasri shite in the papers tomorrow. Our favourite Scottish alchy has been stirring things again. When asked about nasri, the ref baiting bully said Nasri wasnt going to United because he “thinks he’s agreed to go somewhere else.” Cue loadsa of new shit about him going to City, based on Fergie’s little quip. Of course he wouldnt just say it to be be a mischevious old goat now would he?

    Irishgray; Haha! Thanks mate! 😀

  332. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Keep dooming, dukey. Not giving Gibbsy a shot is just not the Arsenal way. The checkbook is not the be all end all. Gibbs is finally getting his chance as he should. Whether he takes it and runs with it remains to be seen, but lets at least give him a bloody shot. I don’t like how people are basing opinions off of a handful of opportunities and a couple of harsh injuries. Give him a run of games at least. FunGunner makes a good point about the hypocrites amongst our support. Be careful what you wish for Doomers.

    Looks like sixtay has got his head in the game. Nice one, man.

  333. Bradys right foot

    AST trust meeting tonight saying we get £8 million a year from Nike to put that into perspective, Utd get £22 million a year from the same company. The deal is tied down until 2016 ufb.

  334. ‘Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri,’ said Wenger. ‘You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. Even if you lose Nasri, to find the same quality player, you have to spend again the same amount of money (to replace him).

    ‘You cannot lose the player and not replace him. These players are not easy to find. Samir’s situation is clear to me – he stays. We are in a position where we can say no. We are not there to make money. We are there to keep our best players.
    ‘I am confident Cesc will stay because I hope he will see there would be no greater achievement in his life than to lead this team to success.’
    And there I was believeing what all the doomers say about Wenger only being interested in selling players and maing money. Wow, have I got egg on my face. 😉

  335. BRF

    I’d love the club to ditch Nike altogether and go with Adidas again. I don’t even like our new home kit, looks like it should be worn by dare i say it, burgerbar workers! 😀

  336. Dex.Where has he said that?

  337. George; from the bottom of a Daily M*il article surprisingly mate.

  338. Arsene Rocks

  339. Bradys right foot

    Dex going by some of the tweets from tonights meeting I think a few fans are going to have a reality check. Our mythical war chest stands at £30 million, if it wasn’t for the property income weve generated we’d be in the red and our commercial deals are completely shit. We run a tight ship because we have to, So we could just about afford Downing if we emptiede the Kitty £20 million transfer, 4 year deal, 2.5 million a year. Football has gone completely fecking mad.

  340. Dex.He has come out with some stuff today that will be a right kick in the balls to some of our regular burger flippers.
    No ambition?We are a selling club?He is happy with fourth place?
    He has sent the cunts scurrying for cover.

    “Arsene Rocks”(well why should they have the catchphrases)

  341. Thanks BRF. Yep, thats about the transfer kitty I thought we had. Thats why there needs to be some outgoings too. No wonder we are flogging shirts in Asia right now!

  342. LA, I agree with you, but I think Arsene forced their hand by confirming Gervinho at his press conference in Malaysia. Knowing how impatient the fans are, probably thought it best to issue a quick statement and follow up with the usual unveiling later. It’s a shame for the player not to get the traditional Arsenal welcome package from day one, but I’m sure it will follow in the fullness of time.

  343. BLF.Our next deals will be different gravy.Until then we will just have to suck it up

  344. “Arsene Kicks Balls”

  345. I don’t Understand, I just don’t understand. All of the big teams have strong players in central midfield. I was not happy to see Gael go, he and Sagna were the best part of the defence last season. It was Djourou’s inability to play football that cost us most of the matches that killed the season. It was not the lack of ability up front, but the absolute inexperience and in the case of Djourou ..dross that cost us. He is rubbish, but then I still remember when they all said the same about Tony ‘the Donkey’ Adams, and youth wise you may want him to stay. At this time the back triangle of Sczezny, Koscielny and Veramaelen might stand a chance, but you need back five leadership somewhere if Vermaelen is injured. To play him wide is to throw the baby and your grandmother out with the bath water. We need a keeper, or central defensive player who keeps the defence in line. We scored goals end of last season, we just allowed teams to destroy us defensively and Djourou was at the heart of it. How can nobody see how utterly inadequate he is? And then we talk of Vermaelen wide. Play Djourou wide, off the pitch wide, on a bus on Holloway Road wide.

  346. Passenal ,Perhaps Arsene is sick of our poor PR and taken that under his wing as well.He seems to do everything else.I worry about his health sometimes

  347. SA Gooner .Djourou was boss until he dislocated his shoulder.That post is just plain poor.

    “do you want fries with that?”

  348. SA

    Was that a joke post? I can’t tell. Just in case it wasn’t;

    You clearly have NO FUCKING IDEA. You are on drugs my friend, very strong halucagenic narcotics. You wonder why no one else sees what you do? There is your fucking answer you dopey sod! Djourou was fucking immense until he got injured, not once, but twice. He was rushed back as we had no one else to come in for him. his performances were notable inferior to his previous games. To say we scored plenty and it was all the defence (not not the defence, just Johan according to you) is bananas and more proof of your addiction to mind altering substances.

  349. George; I forgot the strap line dude!

  350. Bill, you assume players like Subotic are available but forget that Dortmund doesn’t play in a little, back water league. The Bundesliga has the highest attendance figures in all of Europe, their clubs are run impeccably and they don’t have to sell unless their players want a move. They’re hardly cash strapped. This is why you don’t see too many German players spread out all over Europe.

  351. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lol @ George Rodger’s Spectrumesque do you want fries with that. It’s funny how everything is so simple with the what have you done for me lately drive thru iPod crowd. Bang on, George.

  352. Dortmund already lost Nuri Sahin. There is no way in hell that Klopp is going to dismantle his defence of Subotic and Hummels unless someone comes in and bids crazy money. And even then, Dortmund are in a good position financially after some huge problems about 5 years ago. They could just say no, considering that they are going to be playing the CL next season.

  353. george rodger

    And German’s are not going to help us out for the sake of it.
    However if you bid £22.5 million on Champ Man you get him. 🙂 But he comes injured 😦

  354. Malaysian gooners having fun.

  355. Mark these words, Djourou has a long way to go, but right now he is not good enough for the top. He may work hard like Adams to get their but that takes a special person. To depend on Djourou there now is a big mistake. Senderos had a great season before he did his shoulder, where now is that man, a good spell means nothing if you cost the season in the rest of the games. There were terrible, terrible mistakes in the centre of defence end of season and he was at the heart of that. Plenty of goals in those matches,but at no point in the season could the team depend on the back three (keeper, CD CD). That is what demoralised the team. I just think that our expectations of those positions have become so skewed, a valiant effort is good enough. Clearly it is not.

  356. @ Kamran – Just gave Aeroberg a read, pretty decent and will def be back to see what else he gets up too. Wanted to say thanks for the heads up. It is always nice to see another Arsenal blog, especially one that is based so far from London, the club is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Now if we can just get our hands on some silverware……..

    @ SA – MEH!! DYWFWT?

  357. Those who preclude themselves from discussing possible transfers,

    That is obviously your right. It will be interesting to see if that stance is maintained until the start of the season.

    Good luck

  358. cheers irish,, having a corona right now to your health and AW s. hope he doesn’t succumb to anything bad such as the Villa coach. its not an easy job. 32 days and counting man. aroberg is a good gooner doing his best on the other side the world. hats off to him and l hope we get some scoops from him from malaysia. good night.

  359. And cheers to you too 🙂 as Yogi himself would say: “Til Tomorrow!”

  360. Nuri Sahin had a £5m buy out clause. This means he was either on his last year of contract or Dortmund didn’t rate him too highly. Either way he’s going to grow splinters on his arse from sitting on the bench. Once Real Madrid gets rid of Mourinho and the new manager doesn’t want him around, he’ll probably end up playing for Besiktas or Galtasaray.

  361. mark the words. Djoro is good enough and will prove it.

  362. Arsene’s full Q+A session. Sounds like Nasri is going nowhere. Good to hear from the boss, very decisive.

  363. @Gainsbourg69

    Hahahaha… that was funny

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