Sunday Transfer Gossip & What Will Next Season’s Media Be For Arsenal

I hate the internet. Or actually TalkTalk but there you go…a briefer post than normal as I’ve no idea when the internet connection is going to drop again.

As the squad heads off to Asia for their tour, there will be an unrelenting pursuit of Cesc Fábregas will step into overdrive. With nobody to divert attention, hints at how the next fortnight will be have been dropped this morning. Pep Guardiola is apparently heaping pressure on Sandro Rosell to make the deal happen. That’s before you even read the Spanish press.

The composition of the squad has opened several possibilities about those uncharitably christened ‘dead wood’. The omissions of Manuel Almunia and Nicklas Bendtner are reportedly in talks with prospective new employers. Arsène will apparently be shedding more light on both of their futures next week. Unless deals are complete, it will be non-commital comments, I should think.

Almunia’s exit has not come quickly enough for some, his arrival too soon. It has given the stories of rumoured interest in Craig Gordon some substance, Lukasz Fabianski’s continued injury problems even more so. The two give Vito Manonne the chance to usurp the Pole as Number Two behind Szczesny although once the older of the Poles is fit, it will be interesting to see who is deemed first choice. I am not certain that Szczesny is considered so.

This morning has seen a plethora of stories about Stewart Downing being lined up as a replacement for Samir Nasri. Everyone seems to think the Frenchman is off, nobody really believes that Downing is a good enough replacement. Mind you everyone thinks that Gervinho’s paperwork is holding up the deal except for The Sunday Times which stresses that it is wages. Arsenal’s parsimony does allow so many different angles to be taken. If Downing isn’t arriving, Hugo Rodallega has no qualms about continually linking himself with a move. Has he not heard of Gervinho?

If Arsène wants to know what sort of media season he is going to have, this morning’s tabloids are a good indicator. He is the quarry, they are the hunters. Coming soon, a plethora of stories about how short his odds for being sacked have become; the first time in his tenure at Arsenal in which dismissal at the end of the season is a real possibility.

Leading the way is Paul Smith in this morning’s Sunday Mirror, using Ivan Gazidis’ apparent lack of wholehearted support for the manager as his cue. It is not a theory that will be given any comment by the Arsenal board; they simply cannot. To dismiss it out of hand is a vote of confidence…

Meanwhile, Duncan Castles of The Sunday Times believes that Samir Nasri is being sold to Manchester City for £22m under the nose of Arsène, “underlining the manager’s reduced power at Arsenal since Stan Kroenke’s takeover“. No evidence of either of these two propositions is produced. Smith relies on out of context quotes from Gazidis whilst Castles offers nothing but inneundo.

There is a darker element to this. Wenger and Arsenal have reduced his media availability, choosing instead to use the in-house internet TV channel for interviews. Complaints surface regularly about how the good old days of Arsène being at their beck and call have long since vanished.

It is their own fault, the intrusion into his private life probably did not do them any favours in that respect. Nor have the continually negative stories. Designed specifically to sell advertising hits, they reflect the views of Arsenal supporters. Except that for a few flakes, I have not seen anyone demand Wenger’s head nor offer any support to their view that Wenger should be replaced.

Whether KSE agree with that remains to be seen. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Please don’t buy Start Downing.

    Please don’t buy Start Downing.

    Please don’t buy Start Downing.

    Please don’t buy Start Downing.

  2. whats wrong with Downing, i dont know so much about him, But he was voted the player of the year at Aston Villa was he not? Infront of everybodys darling Ashley young. So he must have something going for him. Does he not have a great workrate and the ability to shield Gibbs better than say Arsharvin?
    My impression of Downing is that he is a boring, straight forward, solid player with nothing spectacular going for him, though gets the job done and has a good engine. Would that be so bad to have in our team? A Kyut kind of playe?

    But again i do not know enough about Downing so if sombody could shed some light it would be great.

  3. Poodle – Your description of him is pretty accurate to be honest. He is not a bad player per se, but I don’t really think he is good enough for us. Defiantly no replacement for Nasri!

    If he were right footed, he would probably be playing in the Championship.

  4. Downing does have one advantage…..he finishes the season as he starts unlike Nasri who tailed off woefully last season while Cesc (remember him) was hobbling around the GP circuit with his damaged hamstring….and as for nasri being sold ‘under the nose of Wenger’ …hold on isn’t he the loyal guy who wants to leave to join a club where he can win trophies?

  5. Poodle, you make him sound like a left footed Ray Parlour….

  6. Does anyone else believe Clichy’s departure can be a catalyst for a change in system..3 at the back?

    Of course I do not claim to be all knowledgeable, but for me an extra man in midfiled (3-6-1) as compared to the 4-5-1 will allow us to pressure the ball higher up the pitch..the number of times we got caught with balls straight down the middle played under no pressure against our high backline was quite high..

    I agree because of the pace of the EPL, we cannot play the Barca game of closing down high up the pitch, but with the extra man (sometimes 2 extra men, against teams with 4-4-2) we can definitely do this..Since our possesion is incredibly high in games, the extra man in front of the back 4 should increase it even further and stop the dangerous counter down the middle…

    Just some food for thought..better than discussing crappy transfer rumours..

  7. Le Grave on tour

    Except that for a few flakes, I have not seen anyone demand Wenger’s head nor offer any support to their view that Wenger should be replaced.


    Next season is going to be funny when the true feelings of the fans are voiced and Yogi comes to terms that this little island you guys have buit for yourselves does not represent true gooners everywhere.

  8. Calm down goonerandy, AW wil never spend more than 10m on him. Villa’s asking for >16m so it WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
    The bitch-ass press just invented the next Arsenal story for the week

  9. 3 at the back has never been successful in the PL. Also Arsene has always been a strictly 4 at the back (aside from a period right at the start of his reign when the players he had were used to playing that way).

  10. Aman – I really hope you are right.

  11. I personally have no problems with Downing. I like his game but for 18m???
    maybe 12m…press is so shite.

  12. If the Downing reports are true it worries me that we seem to be flitting from target to target, either not attracting the players or not willing to pay the market price. And if it gets towards then end of the window (thankfully not there yet!) we end up making desparate buys like Silvestre and Sqillaci.

  13. As a statement of intent, it would be very poor.

  14. @goonerandy

    Agree with you on that, AW is probably very reluctant to give up on a back 4..but he did freshen up the system when he introduced the 4-3-3/4-5-1 at Arsenal, this was primarily done cos the football we play now, and the type of footballers we have now are vastly different to those of a few years maybe he may not be so averse to a fresh system again..

    the extra midfielder should allow us to win the ball back a lot more before the half way line..and should be able to prevent the quick counters which hurt us badly last season..hence giving us the defensive stability we crave alongside our attacking flair, a la Barcelona (quickly pointing out, i am not saying we should copy barca, they are the team we can most easily be compared with and can also aspire towards)

    I still believe a change in system is more important than personnel in completing the task of winning its wholesale change or small tweaks, I guess we leave that to wenger

  15. Downing would be a terrible signing. I really really really hope this is made up.

  16. downing?! he’ll be useless in europe and barely good enough for England…another average and overated Englishman

  17. I think its a tactic by villa to force liverpool into upping their offer for him (fingers crossed), there is no way wenger will buy him for 18 mil when he could have got alvarez for 11 mil, (although he does like injury prone players), all we can do is hope that this does not come to fruition and that he spends 18 mil on Mata or someone in that league, i’m still hoping for Hazard but feel that he is out of our league as our stock has fallen considerably and he can only be purchased by either of the milan and manchester clubs, chelsea or madrid.

  18. why do we even bother ourselves with this media frenzy?

    I think we shouldnt even entertain the speculation.

  19. i like the rumor about drenthe for 5 mil and hes much better than downing in my opinion, even though he hasn’t played regularly for madrid.

  20. Dont get caught up in the media foolishness, players would still love to come to Arsenal.

  21. lets put it this way sky have said that he would prefer to go to liverpool rather than arsenal, so it’s a case of he don’t want us and we (a majority of the fans) don’t want him. so stuart you can fuck off oop north we don’t want you here.

  22. Personally. I Have’nt seen or heard anyone in person who supports arsenal that says wenger should go or that its his last season.most people have perspective and are realistict. The changes most fans are callin for is with the team,personnel and tactics. The loudest voices for wengers sacking are online. But maybe I’m on my own little island.

  23. Well said Paul.

    Excellent advice. Probably wasted on fools.

  24. all this talk about cahill and samba is grating me aswell. Samba cool he’s cheap and hes a beast but again 17mil for cahill is utter bollocks, i’d prefer Sakho and Chiellini and then you could possibly play 3 at the back imagine Samba/Sakho Vermaelen Chiellini and then you could deploy Sagna or Jenkinson and Gibbs as wing backs, i think even eboue would be more useful as a wing back as he would’t have to concentrate at defending as much, the same for Gibbs, plus i hope walcott plays as a striker this season.

  25. Cahill or Samba?
    Downing or Rodallega?
    Parker? Barton?
    Oxlade? Taraabt?

    ShitePress banking on the 25-man team rule and placing the bulk of their shite headlines on british players. the bulk of whom are overpriced, non-Wenger type players.

    They’re doing everything within their power to twist public perception to force the Arsenal board to change policy THIS summer, the last summer before UEFA’s rules kick in.

    Luckily for us , strategic intelligence is not something that’s lacking anywhere at Arsenal Football Club.

    …we should expect 42 more days of speculative bullsh*t. Stay strong gooners!


  26. Le Grave on tour

    Geegunner –

    From your own personal point of view, and I am sure you are not lying, thats probably true. Having perspective and being realistic have nothing to do with it however, unless you drink from the £50m signing koolaid that Arsene likes to serve as part of his smoke and mirrors routine.

    “The changes most fans are callin for is with the team,personnel and tactics”

    When this summer delivers none of these more people will come to realize that ultimately these things are stagnant for a reason.

    Lets see what happens in the first month of the season, lets see how well comments about mental strength 4-5% away or my best ever squad go down after a defeat or two this year.

    I think people are in for a suprise from the reaction that will greet anything that resembles the performances at the tail of last season occuring at the start of the next, the passive Emirates crowd await with at least 6.5% more venom than before.

  27. Downing is an excellent player,if I was wenger I would go for such a prospect but not to replace Nasri.

  28. who would u rather have Romeo, Downing or N’Zogbia?

  29. 18m or 8m?

  30. I would be happy if the window closed today.No more in and no ore out.
    Simply because no matter who we get they will not be as good as Cesc.
    I think he will be going nowhere ,but its still a worry.
    Dont forget TV is like a new signing and he is exactly the type of player we need 🙂

  31. Wenger is desperate he knows Nasri wont sign a new contract so he has to buy a replacement before he lets Nasri go.So he is panicking.There’s no way Nasri will play in the CL qualifier or he will be cup tied

    As for signing Downing that would finally show Wenger has lost the plot.Downing is a not good enough for a title chasing team.If you asked every Gooner to name a hundred players we should sign not one would have put Downing in their list.

    Any chance of us actually signing players in the position that does need strengthening a CB and LB


    of course Szczesny is our number 1 keeper

  32. N’Zogbia even if the price was the same.He is better than Downing.
    Is it even close?

  33. Chezza

    Samba?/Sakho? Verminator Cheillini?

    Sagna/Jenkinson Gibbs/Drenthe?


    Cesc?/Nasri?/ Ramsey Wilshire

    Gervinho?/Mata?(fingers X)/Chamberlain? Arshavin

    V.P/ Theo/Arshavin/Mata?*


    * You can substitute the dm position for a ss and vice versa

    a bit Footy manager i know but i think it realistic enough although all the cb’s baring samba are left footed.

  34. Sacking AW would be suicidal it will definitely destabilize the club. With AW I genuinely think he has seen that for what ever reason the likes of diaby denilson etc have not hit the heights we all hoped for it was a gamble that has not payed off.

    That said it may just be that for some reason they just don’t fit at arsenal I mean look at Senders scoring record internationally it is quite impressive and yet he can look so out of sorts in an arsenal strip.

    I guess my point is AW has been unlucky with the way some players turned out, another manager would have AW’s foresight.

  35. its a shame arsene hasnt had his phoen tapped, he may have got some slack from these bottom feeders.

    This is exactly the type of journalism that’s being fought against, where the hack has no evidence but is still trying to tell the reader what to think.

  36. ok the indentations have messed the shit up anyway sorry about that. yeah 3 6 1 with a wing back system would be sweet.

  37. Its getting absolutely ridiculous now.
    Some unimaginative hack makes up a story about us buying Downing for stupid money,
    and people hold up the said stupid made up story as evidence that Wenger has lost the plot.

    Perhaps there should be some sort of IQ test that people have to take before they are allowed internet access.It would save hours of pointless debate.

  38. Classic one or gawp more signings talk about wind up. Gervihnio being one.. Defender the other no doubt. Maybe that’s it guys and theirs nothing you can do about it

  39. Perhaps there should be some sort of IQ test that people have to take before they are allowed internet access.It would save hours of pointless debate.

    I was just about to type these exact words george rodger..i concur

  40. an internet with different lanes based on how well u do on the tests?

  41. If it’s true Yogi that you haven’t seen anyone, except for a few flakes, seek Wenger’s departure then you must lead a very sheltered life and live in a tiny social circle (unless you don’t know any Arsenal supporters). I live on the Eastern edge of Kent these days and whether I’m talking to AFC fans here or back up there I would say that the Wenger outs are in or close to the majority. I do think it’s the last chance saloon.

  42. I’d rather we took Adam Johnson and cash than Stewart Downing!

  43. Kenyan gunner good shout.
    What about Johnson and Given ?(is he still available?)

  44. I think there are two distinct camps
    1) People who see a big picture and understand football. appreciate Wenger
    2)People who don’t understand how to dress themselves ,or eat with knives and forks,want him out.

  45. The best way to judge Downing is to imagine he was right footed instead of left.

  46. for my good and proper gooner buddy…
    irishgray…. 34 days.. 😉

  47. Skipper Bob, Paul N – It seems none of these posters who keep repeating the lies from the English media have learnt anything from the scandal engulfing Murdoch and News of The World. The football media is a cesspool of lies and fabrications aimed at exploiting the emotionalism of football fans and the general public. NOTW is not an exception, it is the rule.
    As for the so-called Arsenal blogs the least said about them the better. Apart from Yogi, obviously, and a few others (count on the fingers of one-hand), the bloggers are either as fickle and emotional as the general public or are just as cynical and craven as the commercial media in their desire for clicks and notoriety. One distinguished blogger now has a News operation that simply recycles the garbage from the tabloids and simply gives the anti-Arsene nutters a platform to spew their usual garbage, even worse than the “Grave” (thanks Frank). I was even more disappointed yesterday to see a respected blogger as ‘holic resort to the same tabloid tactic of demonizing a player who the manager is desirous of retaining. Predictably, he was successful in appealing to the nutters from the “Grave” to flock to his site. Et tu brute.
    Keep up the good work Yogi and all ACLFers.

  48. I like to think the Downing story is being put about by Wenger to show all those who insist all our ills can be cured by buying English players what that really means.

  49. Billboy

    Nobody I know demanded Wenger’s head – only the flakes who come here to try to wind them up. Maybe those of us that live in the Thames Valley are more rational and reasonable that you Kent boys.


  50. Wenger is executing board policy. Simple as that. We don’t need “Johnny Foreigner ” and better off with English players

  51. skywatchingmug

    Does anyone know if Downing has good stats for creating chances?
    Cause I can’t be arsed to look, the press can’t be bothered to link us to good players anymore. How we have fallen.

    Anyhow, I’m not going to get my melon twisted over a rumor.

    And if you keep up the two tribes thinking it will end in only one way.
    End of days.

    Good job Shotta and Yogi in scaring the childeren. 😉

  52. Arsene still is the very best of Managers in European football. He is the class of the Premiership despite his occasional periods of upset on the sidelines. His team let him down massively last season and I am sure that he will attempt to look into that aspect of the team and shore up the weakness. Personally, I don’t happen to believe that the let down is anything very substantial. Arsene will solve this problem without spending an ungodly amount of money and that is what irks the management at the top of the Premiership and what makes Wenger the very best in the world of football. Let the tabloids ink their way to selling their garbage but who of quality will accept that tripe? As Yogi maintains, it is not worth the bother.

  53. Downing is a younger version of Parker.

    Wilshere is a younger and better version of both.

    Shotta makes a good point: “NOTW is not an exception, it is the rule.”

    If you need to build on readership or site clicks…..plan to fabricate a series of linked rumors involving players from as many clubs as possible.

  54. For the price of Downing we could almost get N’Zogbia, Parker and Chamberlain. I am sorry downing you aint as good as one of those 3 let alone all of them.

    Or we could let him go to Liverpool then offer them the same amount for Mereiles and Aquilani.

    Once the deals for Almunia, Bendtner and Botelho (loan) go through we will have about £60m (£15m from sales and £45m transfer kitty) plus 4 spaces available in our 25 man squad. Wenger has stated that he is prepared to spend that amount to get the right players. You would think one of those spaces is going to Gervinho at a cost of about £10m. That leaves 3 spaces and £50m, although this could swell to £110m and 5 spaces if Cesc and Nasri get their way.

    I just have this gut feeling now, that Cesc is going to stay and Nasri will sign a new contract of some sort.

    I do not see why we should get another keeper, Mannone as back up to Chesney and Fabianski should be enough, unless we have serious doubts about the fitness of Fabianski. If we do i would go for a keeper with the personality to accept that he is a back up keeper, one that would walk on broken glass for the chance – Marcus Hanneman, he is big and experienced and is a bit crazy like Jens. At 39 he would not be limiting anyones career at Arsenal.

    I think Wenger will not go for anymore full backs as Sagna, Eboue, Gibbs, Traore and Jenkinson will probably be enough. We have Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou that could all turn out there as well.

    I do not see him signing another Centre Back either, unless he finds a taker for Squillaci or loans out both Bartley and Miquel. If he does i expect that Samba rather than Cahill will be the man.

    DM is also an area i do not see Wenger recruiting. Song and Frimpong could well get the nod with Coquelin as back up, although i would prefer to give Frimpong and Coquelin a loan spell then spend £10m on Parker and Barton.

    CM, Wilshire’s role, i think he will see Diaby and Lansbury as the back up here so need need to spend.

    AM – This is the interesting place, Fabregas, Nasri, Ramsey, Rosicky are all candidates here. As i said i think Fab and Nas will stay if they do then Nasri will probably continue to occupy the LW instead. If Cesc leaves and Nasri stays then i think he will “come inside” Rosicky could yet be sold, however, i think that Wenger is happy to have his experience around for another year rather than let himleave for £2m. If Cesc and Nasri leave then we will obviously recruit for this position, although do not be suprised to see Arshavin given a shout of filling Cesc’s role.

    The wide positions are currently occupied by Walcott, Arshavin Nasr and Bendtner, Bendtner seems certain to be replaced by Gervinho and Walcott seems 100% to remain. Nasri and Arshavin appear to be the likely departures. There are so many scenarios here all depending on Cesc and Nasri. If Cesc and Nasri stay i expect Arshavin to leave, If Cesc leaves and Nasri stays i expect Arshavin to stay. If Cesc stays and Nasri leaves i expect Arshavin to stay. If they both leave i expect him to stay. Needless to say this is why there is so much rumour surrounding these areas of the team Wing and AM. Its too messy to even discuss replacements, Miyaichi could yet come into the equation and Emmanuel-Thomas.

    Finally, up top. For me this is the area that Wenger seems most settled. Van Persie, Chamakh and Vela will vie for the loan position, Even when Bendtner leaves, i do not expect to see a new striker (other than Gervinho). Afobe, Sunu, Murphy, Watt and Freeman are all chomping at the bit in reserve to seize an opportunity. However, an injury to any of the 3 before August 31st could see us look around in the final week at any bargains.

  55. “of course Szczesny is our number 1 keeper”

    Oh no he isn’t. Injury gave him a chance end of last season, but he was part of the failure in the last two months. Let’s see how well he does with more competition for the number 1 spot.

    Yogi is right about the flakes – it’s a few losers on the internet hiding behind different posting names, shouting loudly. Most real supporters in the real world are not asking for the manager to be sacked.

  56. hear hear Two Owls

  57. YW – another strong post. Thanks for keeping faith.

    I like Guardiola as a manager and believe he has the tactical understanding and personal character that fit Arsenal (maybe some day).

    I also believe that Guardiola sees the damage that Rosell’s bulls*t bids by Barca are an insult to Cesc, as if Cesc is for sale at some flea market.

    Cesc is not some 24 year old unproven talent.

    I admire Cesc, wish he would stay and see his playing career end at Arsenal, but if its not to be, let him return home.

    Arsenal are 125 years young……there will be others to add new chapters.

  58. Le Grave on tour

    I work in central London and I know for a fact the perception that its a “few flakes” that think Arsene has run his course at the club is either misguided or intentionally disingenuous.

    What is funny is anyone with a view that maybe the club needs a change of management is painted as a troll. Have you guys ever considered that saying Arsene will address problems, that have been around for years, every year when in fact everyone knows it will not happen is true trolling?

    I agree with the sentiments of many on here that talk is cheap, especially in relation to the tabloid press, however this knife cuts both ways and regardless of the merry band of brother on this blog that choose to overlook the failings of a once great manager, when next season starts, if it starts badly, Arsene is coming under the type of pressure he will never have experienced before.

    Next season we will see if its just “one or two flakes”.

  59. george rodger

    I agree with Two Owls(pick up your internet pass at the front desk)

  60. Paulie Walnuts

    The usual stabs in the dark from journos with lines to write or 24 hour sports channels to fill.

    The Downing rumour is typical of these. He`s a sterotypical English pro – hardworking & functional but ultimately flair-less. One thing he can do is put a cross in , but I can`t see that as something we need right now.

    Also, I`d like Arsene to continue with a streamlined attitude to the media. You can bet your life they`ve got their headlines ready if we start the season poorly so he needs to choose his press friends wisely.

  61. stewart Downing? Yawn. We could do a lot better for that type of money. Nzogbia would be a much better choice and is certainly a more likely possibility.

    “of course Szczesny is our number 1 keeper”

    Oh no he isn’t. Injury gave him a chance end of last season, but he was part of the failure in the last two months. Let’s see how well he does with more competition for the number 1 spot.”

    Agree completely with the above statement and Passenal’s entire post at 1:37. Was dismayed to see that Fabianski was not in the traveling party to Asia. Not sure what that means. If healthy I would like to see Fabianski win the #1 jersey.

    Pass won’t agree with this next paragraph but I would still love to see us make a run at Schwarzer. FunGunner said yesterday that Fabianski is healthy and I hope she is right. If he is not completely right then we definitely should be looking at someone like Schwarzer. Szcz is clearly a huge talent and will probably be our GK for many years to come but starting next season with him and mannone without an experienced GK in the squad would be a huge and totally unnecessary risk. I would still love to see us make some sort of a sign and/or trade deal with Fulham bringing Schwarzer and Hangeland over.

  62. george rodger

    Bill.perhaps we could do a swap for Almunia and Squillaci, plus two bob and a pickled egg

  63. @gooner ted, who cares what “every gooner” ever means. Most of them dont have a clue anyway.
    “every gooner” also think Cahill and Samba are gods gift to football .. It does not mean they are right. Every tabloid seems to think that Arsenal is close to meltdown, just because they are a majority in the media coverage does not mean they are right. The majority is not always right. The mases are easily seduced. You should not base your opinion upon what the majority always think is right. You should make up your own opinions, and not use ” every gooner i know thinks this” as a authority stamp. Its just wrong.

    that said i agree that the Real kid is very interesting(royston). he did very well in the youth tournaments for Holland back in the day. Im sure AW would work magic on him and he could be up there with the best. all he needs is some good guidance from a good manager. And hes a barain too.
    Another thing, i really hope Emmanuel-Thomas does not do a “Bently”. Bently looked very good as a kid, then he totall lost his way. Shame that.

    aslo can anyone see any reason in Daglish mad midfield fetish?

  64. if Downing is a young version of parker and “the mases” really want Parker. they should by now scream their heads of for Downing. He must be different cos everybody hats Downing it seems, while alot still love parker.
    But if he is as cap as you say im glad he will end up in Liverpool and not at ours.

  65. George:

    Splendid idea. I nominate you to take over for Ivan. Throw some huckleberry pie into the deal if they make it really tough.

  66. Passenal – Since when has there been a connection between this site, and the real world ?
    Oh, and by the way – some interesting stats ; When Fabregas played for us ( over the last three seasons ), Arsenal won 66% ( i.e. two thirds ) of the matches we’ve played. He was also our best passer and assist maker for last season. Just his loss alone, will demolish any lingering fantasies of us winning the league next season.Then we are about to lose Nasri, and Clichy has already left. Most of our deadwood are still with us. And no quality signings in yet.
    Wenger said “We will only sign players who are better than what we have.” So Downing for example, is better than Fabregas ? And Wenger said “We will bring in players early in the transfer window”. Well, we’re still waiting. More lies from the master of spin.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  67. downing is not a younger version of parker..

    totally different players..parkers a right footed tenacious midfield general and downings a left footed winger..

    no comparison..

    in any case..please no..downings not the answer..unless he can defend set pieces..

    and if ches aint our number 1 then we need a new keeper

  68. if downings the kind of talent that is better than what we have then we are in crisis..

    but downing aint coming..hes going to liverpool hopefully..

    id have taken ashley young..but stuart downing?? no chance. the english glen helder..

  69. george rodger

    SPECTRUM |,Well said mate.I had not ever thought of those things.You really are a cleaver poster .
    So we must only sign player who are better than Cesc.
    Well I can think of possibly two.
    No need to speculate further then ,we can only sign Messsi or the lesser Ronaldo.
    Any more gems for us dullards Spectrum?

    “In Spectrum I’d thrust”

  70. @ poodle
    I’m a big fan of JET and I don’t think he’s anything like David Bentley – much brighter, for one thing! I think the danger for him is that he will not nail down a “best position” for himself. The man is ridiculously talented and I am sure that if he gets six months on loan at a Champonship side and forces his way into their first team, he won’t look back.

  71. nah, i’d pass on Schwartzer & Hangeland (..that was so last year)

    my simple summer:
    Hello: Jenks + Gerv + Samba + Vidal = 2 trophies in 2011/12.

    Goodbye: Nik B + Almunia + Clichy +/- Denilson

    Everyone else stays. Cesc & Nasri too.
    Squad would be ready to do great things.

    But if Cesc leaves for say 37m quid, i’d love to have 1 or 2 more in.
    From: N’Zogbia-Rodallega-Mata-Podolski-Oxlade-Hazard-Honda….any seriously talented players that ARSENE WENGER decides to add to his team.

    We wait & we wonder.

  72. Pot on Spectrum, mate.

    If we are going to sell Cesc, Nasri and Clichy and replace them with Gibbs, Downing and Chamberlain, then God help us.

    There are many players better than Downing, Clichy should be replaced, even if we keep Nasri and Fabregas( which we won’;t) we still need to buy a world class cb, lb, cdm, winger, and a world class striker to partner RVP.

    Don’t be fooled by the spin masterWenger and his worshippers. We are in decline. We are risking years of mediocrity,because of manager is too stubborn or has just lost the plot.

  73. *spot, not pot

  74. Aman:

    Unfortunately I know that Schwarzer and Hangeland won’t happen. Samba and/or Cahill looking less likely. Sakho or Chealini (?sp) or Mertsacker even better. Its silly season so why not hope?

  75. Shotta

    It is unbelievable that, even after the NotW scandal, people still take the bullshit filled media at face value! They are sewer rats, who prey on the paranoia and insecurities of the weak minded, gullible public at large. Football journalism is only a tiny part of the scummy story I’m afraid. These vile amoral twats realy are beneath contempt. I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the time.

  76. george rodger

    Maciek,I am convinced by your insightful and well structured argument.It was “because of manager is too stubborn or has just lost the plot.”that swung it in your favor.
    You and Spectrum are real heavyweight annalists .Take a bow son.

  77. Bill

    You really are a peach man! Hangeland? Milk tunrs faster, he would make Squillaci look like Maldini! Please get that OCD seen to!

  78. I forgot to add a couple more examples of lies and spin from our Great Leader. He said “We will be very active in the transfer window.” Now he says ” We HOPE ( merely hope ? ) to add one or two more signings.” Just ONE or TWO ?
    Gibbs is intended to take Clichy’s position. Convenient, as then he won’t have to spend money replacing him. And “Vermaelen will be like a new signing”. Hmmm. Now where have we heard that before ?
    Only the gullible believe what this man says.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  79. Consolsbob, very good to see you. Hope you had a good break.

    Duncan Castles has an interesting approach to journalism. He just makes things up. They should call it The Sunday Bullshit Artist Times.

    I expect an open letter of apology to all Arsenal fans when the transfer doesn’t happen or I’m boycotting the paper. What a cunt.

  80. REctum

    You dont even go to games, I thought that was the only true way to judge a real fan?

    “Out of Rectum he chat”

  81. There goes the spot calling the kettle black.

  82. spot on rectum

    Must be a right pain in the Arse.

  83. Dex:

    I will get my OCD treated as soon as you get help for your rose color addiction. (little smiley face)

  84. And then there’s “We will spend money this transfer window.” And “We will bring in experience”. So far, all we’ve spent is 1 million on Jenkinson, a 19 year old, from the Championship. That’s ” super, super quality ” ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  85. I have come to the conclusion that they no absolute shit about Arsenal until they see it written about by somebody else who know fuck all about what’s going on at Arsenal. So they make it up or regurgitate it like an wild dog feeding it’s young.

    If true, Downing, has quality and much more to offer which Wenger will bring out. He really stood out at Boro but, never pushed on as he should have and I put it down to the clubs he was employed by since leaving Boro.

    Surrounded by the talent that we already have he would be playing on a level nobody hasn’t seen from him yet.

    Anybody who says that he was shit for villans and can’t get into the current England side which means he will be crap for Arsenal is chatting shit because anybody who played at any level will tell you that they play much better when surrounded by players who are better than they are.

    Fuck me people. Wenger is about to Bob Hoskins, and unleash Ryo. Gervinho, is nearly ready to rumble. Nobody has actually put in a bid for Nasri and we are still linked with either Cahill and Samba, the later has also expressed his desire to play for us.

    Reasons to be cheerful.

  86. @ jonjon
    right footed – left footed – club footed…..neither player are what Arsenal need. Parker: a midfield general, really! didn’t his club get relegated?

    Can’t see how either are worth Arsenal consideration. Hard working players, yes……but certainly not a replacement option for either Cesc or Nasri.

    The outcome of Cesc and Nasri will influence any further additions….outside Gervinho.

  87. OMFG! Is it August 31st already? Crikey, I must have oversplept. My boss is gonna kill me.

  88. Bill | July 10, 2011 : 1:54 pm

    For me N’zogbia, should be a dead cert purchased that should of been wrapped up two seasons ago.

    A very hungry, determined, a bit nasty, very good engine and can win games in the last minutes of game on his own.

    He’s Arsenal all over and Wenger should make them an offer they can’t refuse.

  89. Signing Parker wouldnt be a replacement for anyone, we need a DM, IMO. AS for Downing, he is average. Gareth Southgate was on SSN and the best he could say was he was a dedicated trainer and good pro. That was the most he could come up with!

  90. george rodger

    SPECTRUM How much are burgers in your gaff?

  91. Thats what I was thinking george. Shouldnt every post end with

    “do you want fries with that”

  92. hear hear goonerton

    we’re all wishing bill, AW makes the decisions

  93. Goonerton:

    I like N’zogbia also, certainly much better then Downing. A touch of nasty married with some skill would be most welcome.

  94. I like the way everyone’s discussing signing more attack minded players and not defenders. Wenger would be proud of you guys! 😀

  95. Maybe I’m irascible today but the world is full of cunts. Most of them work in sports journalism. There are a few good ones, but then again there are probably a few serial killers who are ‘ok company’ for a little while. Right before they torture you to death.

    I want apologies from every one of them when Nasri signs his new contract. Preferably screamed apologies from the death throes of a drawn out mass suicide.

    …What’s that Jean-Claude Van Damme film where the inmates of a prison bust water balloons full of petrol over someone in the exercise yard and set light to him? That’s what I feel like doing to Duncan Castles and all his many clown freeloading bullshit artist wanker ilk today.

  96. “do you want fries with that”

  97. Dexter @ 3.05p.m. – No need to rush. You’ve slept through the last six years.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  98. Gervinho and N’zogbia would make a decent haul for the summer for the front five assuming that we keep Cesc. Can’t see that we need anything else unless we really had a chance to bring a player like Benzema or may be Mata which I think is highly unlikely.

    The back 6 is where we need help. DM and at least 1 CB and a LB if we plan to keep TV5 in the middle.

  99. “Dont read certian posts, they are a waste of time”

    I surely dont

  100. LimparAssist | July 10, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Easy mate. No need to burn them. Better to watch them squirm when we take the next step and keep our form through out the later end of the new season. And with Nasri taking his player of the season gong in an Arsenal shirt.

  101. Dexter @ 3.17p.m – I’m sure he already IS proud of you guys.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  102. Yes 6 years that have all been the same to tabloid headlin readers I imagine. We havent achieved anything as we havent won a pot, nope, nothing has occurred in those 6 years for the tabloid headline reading braindead sheep.

    “do you want fries with that”

  103. Limpar:

    We all hope you are right about Nasri. I do remember quite well your saying the same thing many times about Clichy and Gallas.

  104. Limpar

    That is a very level headed and cautious approach you have taken there. I think it could well be a government white paper before the end of the month.

  105. Ahh, good ol Bill, trying to bring us all down as usual! 😀

    I had no such inclination that Clichy or gallas were going to stay and going further back, I was sure Kolo and Ade were off too. However, I think nasri is staying.

  106. Bill | July 10, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Too right Gervinho and N’zogbia would make a decent haul but, why do you think us signing players like Benzema or Mata would be highly unlikely?

    I’m sure they would love to play for us because of our style of football. Benzema, would get shit loads of chances to score in our team and Mata would slot straight in.

    I can’t believe that every quality player wants to go to city to get rich.

  107. Do you, Bill? *prepares petrol balloon*

    Actually, Clichy was the one I said may well go. Time to move him on and time for Kieran to shine.

    I don’t think I ever passed comment on Gallas leaving so I guess you just made that up. Fair enough.

    Like I say, world = full of cunts.

  108. Dex:

    I never said anything about you. Hope you are right about Nasri. I am happy that you are usually optimistic but it would be nice if we were prepared for the other scenario should it happen. Said it before many times, always good to hope for the best but do what you can to prepare for the worst. Seems like the logical approach to me.

  109. Bill I know you didnt mention me mate. I was just pointing out my impeccable track record in these issues! I dont think we can countenance Nasri leaving just yet, as I think he is staying and will be under nuff pressure to sign on the dotted line while away with the manager and his team mates.

  110. I wonder how RVP would feel about having Chiellini in the squad after what he did to Robin’s ankle two seasons back?

  111. Dex:

    Suspect he will sign if the club offers him enough money. Hard to blame him or anyone else if someone really wants to significantly increase your wages. I know the amounts are ridiculous. No idea what the truth is about how much money it will take to sign him.

    My experience with what professional athletes say to the press here in the US is that they have no problem and don’t blame their colleagues who jump ship for much higher wages. Players are bummed out about losing a good player and fans really hate it but the players recognize the reality of life. Perhaps footballers in England are different but I doubt it.

  112. like it or not wenger is always very careful with the type of characters he brings into the club, downing would easily ace any psychological test we could put in front of him. A hardworking, honest lad with no distractions. The fact that his peers always speak extremily highly of him goes a long way in my book. His name carries baggage from failed expeditions in and england shirt but I think everyone should know not to make rules on players from short international spells. I honestly think he does not get noticed much because he cant run at a break neck speed but his consistant contribution to the teams effectiveness over a season is far more valuable than say a walcott or a lennon or a johnson (argueably the better of the 3 but will never come to arsenal under wenger with his shit attitude). His decision making is good, he plays intelligent diagonal balls and triangles, his delivery is excellent and he works very hard every game rarely dipping in form. can’t recal many injuries either… Considering he gives us the option away from the definition of mercurial, walcott and arshavin, it seems like an entirely reasonble addition.

    wenger has seemingly now identified british players as an importance (perhaps implying an admission I would like to know more about or simply to compily with 25 man squad rules) and downing ticks a lot of boxes out of the choices available, a typically informed signing at a price slghtly below the average for young british players (but yes still very high).

    pretty gushing i know but i simply dont understand the average laymans comments about him.
    I would still prefer mata…

  113. Nzogbia would be a really good guy to get in. But one of the main advantages with signing Downing is that he is homegrown. if Cesc leave we loose one homegrown player. if Denilson leaves we loose two. I think we have to replace atleast one of then with howmgrown statuse player for us to be abel to conatain and purchase the other targets we want.

  114. What’s the obsession with Downing being a good player, if he was right footed he be playing at least a division down.

  115. I remember players talking about Heskey being a great player. I wouldn’t let him clean the windows when he was at his peak let alone play for the team.

  116. Unless AFC get English players the media will not love them, and then they would start on about getting an English manager too.
    Then it would be “they don’t play English football” or something else.
    Why they hate AFC i don’t know.
    On the other hand they never say a word against ManU, the nation’s darlings, even when warranted, they make excuses all day long.
    One tackle from Shrek against Sagna i remember. Shrek came in like a ICE train with two feet and slid as far as the banners off the field, and if Sagna was not expecting it and jumped out of the way, he would have been so injured he would not be playing for AFC now.
    MOTD just said, Shrek is playing with passion.
    Since then i do not watch MOTD.

  117. Marc:

    No surprise that reasonable fans can watch the same player and have completely different opinions.

  118. Guys, whats the UEFA rule about home grown players again?
    And how do we circumvent it?
    Pls view team list and correct things for me..gracias.

    HG= homegrown/ OV= over 21 /OS= Old School/ ?= notsure

    Szcheszny HG
    Fabianski HG?
    Mannone HG

    Sagna OV
    Gibbs HG
    Eboue OV
    Traore HG
    Jenkinson HG?

    Vermaelen OV
    Djourou HG
    Koscielny OV
    Squilaci OS
    Bartley HG
    Miquel HG

    Song HG?
    -Denilson HG
    Diaby OV
    Fabregas HG
    Nasri OV
    Rosicky OS
    Wilshere HG
    Ramsey HG

    Walcott HG
    RvP OV
    Arshavin OS
    Vela HG
    +Gervinho OV

  119. F*ck me. Are you going tabloid on us, Bill? You do have a way of twisting things to suit your Mourino-esque ways but you’ve never resorted to outright lying. None of us wanted Clichy to go but we were open to this possibility. As for me, if the boss feels he can no longer offer the necessary then that is good enough for me. Much in the same way as I support his signings.
    As for Gallas, the boss never offered him a new contract when his expired and there was no hand-wringing on this board at the time except about his replacement. Then is when we had the Hangeland brouhaha. If I recall, you were very much in for him because of his height (t 6′ 7″) without regard to his ponderous foot-speed. Give me Koscielny any day.
    Bill, I would hate if you went any deeper in the muck and went totally tabloid.

  120. oops forgot
    Chamakh OV

  121. Shotta:

    Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy.

    You must have mistaken me for someone else who actually cares what you think. I am sure there is someone around who does if you look hard enough.

  122. george rodger

    You have to laugh at a halfwit who posts a link to a negative blog,written by another halfwit,as evidence of his opinions being correct.

    “do you want fries with that?”

  123. team to start against newcastle.

    jose enrique


  124. I’m guessing that the right old whinger hasn’t heard of that crazy invention/discovery, hot dip galvanisation.
    (Don’t worry, not EST. The Royal Armoury has some 17th century Indian armour in it’s collection that might be the earliest known example of galvanised iron).

  125. george rodger

    Karim,What the hell have you done with Cesc.?Have you misplaced him?

    “do yo want fries with that?”

  126. A player is homegrown if he has been training for atleast 3 years in the cOuntry prior to his 21st bday. Meaning Bellini and toral will be homegrown. Cesc is. Homegrown so is denilson and Bendtner I think. Samir is not neither is Robin but Djorou might be.

  127. “do you want fries with that?”

    Brilliant, haven’t stopped laughing

  128. @ karim Enrique would be back up to Gibbs I think.

  129. Wow has this ref watched to much PL? Really weir reffing at womes WC

  130. Ha! Yeah what happened to Cesc in your team Karim?

    “do yo want fries with that?”

  131. Bradys right foot

    The ever reliable british press, Stewart Downing for the best part of £20 million how did that shit ever get written.

  132. george rodger

    I would take Enrique over Gibbs at the moment.

    “do you want fries with that?”

  133. The UEFA rule is slightly different to the prem rule. UEFA refer to types of locally trained players, club trained and association trained.Club trained must have done their 3 years or 3 full seasons in the qulifying age at the club while association trained can have done them at other clubs in the same assocition (the FA). 4 out of the 25 spaces on the A list are reserved for club trained and another 4 for club or association trained.
    There is also a difference regarding young players. To qualify for the B list under UEFA a player must be under 21 at the start of the year and have been with the club for 2 continuous years. So Jenkinson would count as an under 21 player and not counted in the prem rules, but if AW wanted to use him in the champs league he would take up 1 of the 25 places on the A list, counting as association trained.

  134. george rodger

    Ok Dex. I am only using that signature as a reply to “poster b” types.from now on.Then only we will know we are extracting the urine. 🙂

  135. Was just about to ask what the time difference was so could watch Wednesday’s match, but I see the AFC website has the UK kick-off time on the fixtures page. I’ll just have to try to watch it in a window on my desk PC at work on Wednesday.


  136. cesc is going to barca guys.gibbs?i saw him against man united in the fa cup quarter final,he had a very poor game.tv5 and kozzer are our best centres backs.

  137. The American girls just got done in by Phil Dowd’s ugly sister.

    Dex, Hangeland isn’t that bad. Fulham defends properly thanks in no small part to him. If we were to get a lump at the back, which I think is highly unlikely, I’d rather it’s him than dead wood like Samba and Cahill.

    The signings I want are N’Zogbia, if Nasri were to leave, and Freddy Guarin. N’Zogbia could do a good job out on either flank and Guarin could be a back up for Song, while he’s away at the ACN, or Diaby, if he gets injured. We’d probably be able to sign both of these players for a combined £12m.

  138. Yeah, right on George.

    Gains; I dont doubt Hangeland is a decent CB, its just his lack of pace would be a problem. I am warming to the idea of cahill, although his price tag stinks! £10m and a season loan for bartley sounds better to me! 😀

  139. But would Guarin be keen on going to a club that gonna use him as a back up? I mean it’s not like we pay City or United wages……

  140. Shoot, if we can’t find a veteran 3rd -choice keeper, I say keep Vito and have a 3-headed keeper tandem for the season.
    They’ve all had 1st team action.
    they’ve all made their mistakes
    they’re all competitive
    They’re all good keepers…

    what d’u say guys?
    “can i have some ketchup on my fries?”

  141. Maybe downing to Arsenal is a smokescreen for Nzogbia to Arsenal.

  142. That blog the the burgervan man linked to is a bit dense. His posts are pretty ill informed. he thinks, for example, that Coquelin is out the door as he isnt on the plane to Asia. The fact that he is off to Colombia with the French U20 squad is obviously just a ruse then.

    Thats the problem with these piss poor blogs (no offence Yogi 😉 ) They spout mis-information and it gets treated as a 100% accurate factoid.

    Have we signed Downing yet? I read we were on a blog.

  143. Bill @ 5:26
    love it , couldn’t have said it better, the self-righteous pea brain.

  144. george rodger

    “the burgervan man” sang to the tune of “The Candy Man”

    Ha Ha very funny 🙂

  145. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fucking hell. Looks like the Le Moaners are out in force today. Talk about a Blue Sunday. It’s so hilarious how the media run these peoples lives.

  146. george rodger

    Bill @ 5:26
    love it , couldn’t have said it better, the self-righteous pea brain.

    No,you could not have said it at all .in all likelihood

    “do you want fries with that?”.

  147. Poodle, I doubt, if we got Guarin, that Wenger would tell him he’s only to be used as back up. He’d be brought in to challenge for a place just like everyone else.

  148. Dex, Hangeland is no Vermaelen, he’s really not that slow either, but since it’s height which these people who want a Samba/Cahill-type are after, then we might as well get someone who can act as a pivot, can bring the ball out of the back and who is sound defensively. Hangeland ticks all those boxes.

  149. A bit late commenting on post, good to see so many AFC blogs commenting on the campaign of insidious poison spewed out by the Press, in an attempt to undermime Wenger.

  150. For the record, I’m fine with our four CBs. I don’t really want a lump as I think we can improve our set piece problem by playing in a way that sees us conceding less free kicks from dangerous situations to begin with. The panicky defending in the last twenty minutes can also be improved by putting teams away earlier, holding on to possession more ruthlessly and punishing teams who pour forward.

  151. @gains
    Hangeland is around 30 and would be perfect until Bartely is ready. Hangeland captains his country and has a very solid attitude and work ethic. He is one of few players quoted saying:” the salary level in Football i mad. Nobody is worth 50k for week for kicking a ball. Its mental”.
    His peers speak highly about him. Thataid always a good sign.
    He is alot more Experienced both at international evel and in Europe than Cahill and samba.

  152. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off, Bill. The gluttony on display is hilarious. Everything I hate about humans rolled into into one. .

  153. Mind you hangeland is not homegrown though. Cahill would be.

  154. juan mata’s agent apparently in london tonight…

  155. Word if you are right about that one and hes here for Arsenal that would be seriusley really cool 😀

  156. just a rumour but mata seems right for us.
    others are nasri for 22 m to city and downing to liverpool in next few days…

    I will have more than a pinch of salt on my fries

  157. Shouldn’t Mata’s agent be in Malasia? 😀

  158. I hear Silvain Distin is a real possibility. the downing thing is either his agent trying to make Liverpool panic and rush the deal or simply a distraction from the real targets elsewhere. I still can’t beleive Wenger is intrested in him. I will be very surprised if its true. Juan Mata on the other hand would be a fantastic signing he is as good as Nasri with a little tweaking he can be even better.

  159. Where did you hear that about Dustin 1LC? Can’t say I am particularly over joyed at the prospect of that happening.

  160. george rodger

    Dex.Dont worry ,if he is not better than Cesc we should not be in for him . apparently .according to burgervan man

  161. Philippe Auclair suggested Distin – I don’t think it’s inside info, he just said he likes him and he is in the last year of his contract.

  162. Thanks Fungunner. So Auclair is just throwing names about as well then. Great!

  163. All these AKB’s thinking AW’s doing such a sterling job!!

    Pity our best players don’t…… RVP’ll be out the door next & then? TV5 & Walcott?? Adios Jacky boy, nice knowing ya Aaron!!

  164. I didn’t have to George, Bill did it perfectly. I sweat that Nasir jones wanker boy, shotta and finsbury are the same person. They post the same drivel every day. Bitter , narrow minded and seemingly uneducated , only ever come on here to put people down. No knowledge of football at all.
    Bill on the otherhand may be dull and a bit obsessed with defense but is no cunt as labeled by those fools, or fool. George you like the little yappy dog that’s barks behind the fence then shits himself and runs away when you open the gate. Go lick the big dogs ass hole and quit your yapping.

  165. A few idiots about today I see.

    Thanks for another fine piece YW it is just a shame some tossers have to spoil a sensible blog.

  166. a few people pissing their pants of fear more like it. like RGG, next thing you know he will be hiding behind his mum cos hes so scared “the entire first 11” will be sold. awh they all gonna leave us, aoh oh oh meltdown waaaaaaa! panick. panick……

    bloddy cowards.

  167. Jo,OK .

    ” do yo want fries with that?”

  168. Jo – Flattering Bill that he is “dull and obsessed” is really the best you can do?
    Is that the best you can muster?
    Jeez! Why do I bother with these bird brains?

  169. dupsffokcuf at 10:11 pm – The occasional yobos who stumble from “the grave” and the various 10 year-old blogs.

  170. ” don’t forget TV is like a new signing”
    Diaby. And Rosicky too when they recover from injuries we have 3 new signings. No need to spend any money again. Wheeeee happy days.

  171. RGG

    You seem like a really intelligent dude. That akb thang is such a strong point and bound to win any argument. I mean, who can reply to that sad inane meanigless bollocks?

  172. I am delusional grrrrrr yap yap

  173. Now now George, there’s a good boy, have a dog biscuit.:D

  174. Anyone watch the Brazil vs. US women today. What a game!!

    Shotta 10:20:

    You call me obsessed??? Look very closely the next time you are in front of a mirror should you like to see how Webster would define that word. You should not confine yourself to just this blog. The world needs you to be fighting doomers all over the internet.

    btw. I am not sure why you bother either.

  175. this is getting silly now..
    (not the fries thing dex thats funny) but when god handed out positive PR we must have been way way way back near the end of that queue..
    i mean it was silly before when they were on about us getting barton but now the media are smashing us left right and centre..not just transfers but everything..

    wengers got to turn the tide we need some good PR for once..i find it difficult to beleive that we will go into next season with any confidence if we continue to get smashed like this..

    weve had some shocking treatment recently from the media..

  176. Hey JonJOn

    You alright man? I think there is definitely something a bit snide about the media at the moment and it probably stems from when Wenger gave the hacks a verbal kicking mate. These smug self righteous cunts have long memories and an inflated opinion of themselves and their cliche ridden agenda driven views. These are the same cunts who like to have the power to get rid of Engloand managers, blaming them for the failures of the naional side and completely avoiding facts like, erm maybe the English footballers in the team are, on the whole, fucking abject at ball retention and technically inferior to powerhouses like Macedonia and Switzerland.

    I do think the club could be a bit more proactive in the PR stakes, especially after last season’s piss poor finale. While the futures of Cesc and Nasri are left hanging and the signing of “statement of Intent” players hasn’t happened then things will continue to look bleak mate. Just put your tin hat and Kevlar on Gunner and hang in there!

  177. What we need is RVP to come out and call the rest hoofballers and ankle kickers

  178. JJ you bugged out on me this morning

  179. sorry george, not hard much time today..until now..but we both about..what was it we were talking about again?? we will continue..

    dex yeah we seem to be rocking from those fukers..not a club in crisis but we defo against the ropes..
    the cat and mouse ritual that wenger had with the media is now turning into a circling flock of vultures..they fucking bullying us man..ive not seen it this bad for a while..i was worried about wengers health at the end of last year but if he cant fight back we could have a situation where the media get so bad they could force him out..

  180. JJ; Wenger might not be making himself as available to the media like he used to. He was always grade A quotes to the lazy fuckers and if he stops giving them interview time they wont like that and that along with the end of season shite, and subsequent transfer sagas, they have enough shit to throw at him and the club. And we just6 have to watch it unfolding, which aint very nice man, I know.

  181. Just look at all the transfer targets we are supposedly missing out on all the time. Downing? Fuck off! Smells as fishy as a fishwifes knickers.

  182. This JJ

    JJ says

    “for me..looking at guardiolas record, there are zero question marks over his managerial abilities”

    True,but you could substitute Wenger’s name for Guardiola’s and that statement would also be true.


    “.hes the best manager in the world.”

    No,speculative.He is the manager of the best team in the world.That is a big difference JJ.

  183. perhaps the moment is gone 🙂

  184. lol george..
    i just cant see how we can say that its the team that make guardiola..its his team he built it and hes got them playing the way they do..that team was rebuilt after the likes of ronaldinho and deco and guardiola was the one who did it..xavi and iniesta were only bit part players then..theyve only started to truly shine after he took control..messi too..pedro, biscuits, hes brought the best out of all those players..
    yes wengers one of the best their is but ppl would argue that guardiola has won the same as what wenger has in 1/5 of the time..and hes won cl..

    id put guardiola above anyone right now…so thats no disrespect to love to see guardiola at arsenal one day..
    would he last two minutes?? i dunno, like you say thats speculative but id say wengers methods could be questioned if he took charge of barca just as much as guardiolas could here..simply cos wenger wont get 6 years..
    all speculative though..
    what isnt is that barca having a bloody good manager

  185. we aint missing out on downing dex
    i wouldnt bet against us never being in for him to begin with..

  186. JonJon, that was my point man! There’s zero chance we were ever in for him.

  187. I am not saying he is not good .But the best in the world?He has some way to go before that stands scrutiny.

    Notice I did not give you”do you want fries with that” lol 🙂 🙂

  188. this is why is was in the camp of ‘lets get things done quickly’ we really needed to aviod all this crap..but its here now so i just hope wenger knows what hes doing and it was some cunning plan to draw them all in and then send em all a huge fuck you..
    lets hope hes rope a doping them eh..

  189. george 🙂 oh yeah?? blah blah blah something about devon and your cat.. 🙂 i win..

    if we had rankings for managers like we do in golf and tennis guardiola would be number 1 right now..
    its swings and roundabouts.footballs a results business whoever is at the top at the time is the best..

    wenger was in that bracket in 04 but since then hes not done could say hes one of the most consistent managers there is due to the op 4 thingy but at the minute guardiolas at the top..if wenger won the cl and pl this season then he would be top..

  190. No Jon Jon it is not Guardiola’s team he is reapping the reward of a philosophy set up by Cruyff. it took years of hard work to make it work it did not happening when guardiola became manager , he witnessed the process of what was happening in the club so he understood the way the club wants to play football. Wenger has done the same at Arsenal but it is up to Arsenal to stick to that philosophy after he leaves and not change the way we play. a younger manager will come along like Berkamp or who ever witnessed and understood Wenger’s work and succeed , the difference he will have a group of young players ready to play the Arsenal way . At the moment Wenger is trying to do the impossible by building a team that plays his way within a 5 years period with players who grew up in different countries, played different football. We saw the beginning of that reward in Wilshere and there are possibly wilshere’s future team mates still playing in the U15s. There are only 2 who you could consider the Arsenal products Wilshere and Gibbs. I believe there will be more to come through.

  191. so its cruyff who takes care of training and tactics and he sits in the dugout barking orders at matchdays..
    its his vision but he has fuck all to do with the team..

    in that case i give all credit for wengers earlier years to george grahams back 4..
    and we know how much bullshit that is..

  192. JJ we will call it a draw then

    1LC ,I agree.
    Our entire squad stands us at minus 5 million pounds in the transfer market.That is an amazing piece of managing in anyone’s book

  193. george rodger

    Hey,I have thought of a new doomer anthem.How about this ……………………

    Wenger only won things with Dennis Bergkamp in the team.Ergo all credit goes to Dennis.

    I am kidding but watch that start cropping up all over blogsphere now it has been pointed out 🙂

  194. I would like Guardiola to take over a team,ike fulham or Villa a midtable team and see if he can get them to play the way Barcelona play and suceed. . A manager has to build 3 or 4 teams and have success with all of them before he is considered a Great. Lets take out Xavi iniesta and Messi replace them with average players and see how he does? I agree he still need to get the whole thing to work but he has the tools at his disposal. Messi Xavi Iniesta, Pedro, Busquet all academy products and not his players that he plucked from somewhere. They were handed to him. Wenger has to search around the world for players who can play a certain way then he has to educate them, look after them in the hope they will deliver. Its a huge risk .it is not easy. I agree Guardiola can be considered a great manager at the moment but if he failswith a new team he will not be considered a great. in a sense you are correct he is great at the momnet but time will tell wether he is the greatest ever.

  195. the thing with guardiola is he was promoted from within the coaching staff..i think he was in charge of the b team for a bit at one stage and had a coaching role prior to that..
    all these lads who are playing for him now are his boys..or most of them are anyway..hes trained them for years..prior to the first team..

    he not just come in and taken over a bunch of superstars and sat back and let them do the work..hes had more say than ppl give him credit for..
    i fucking hate barca as well..but i still think hes the best there is at the minute..

  196. i loved denis
    that was the breakthrough..the signing of the iceman was the deliverance of a new era, wenger built all his teams around bergkamp and he was the dogs bollox..

  197. Tell me about it. I can’t stand the arrogant bastards. The best moment for me last season is when we beat them, all the shit they gave us about Fabregas was hard to accept but that victory was the sweetest ever, Bendtner came so close to becoming a legend he had the chance to finish them off, I can’t forget it. But no worries. Our time will come

    I’m very curious about Bergkamp as a manager. they say great players don’t make good managers but he is the exception he is too intilgent to fail.

  198. Barcelona’s philosphy was gleaned from Rinus Michels, the most innovative man in modern football history and father of the 4-3-3 which everyone uses today. His philosophy is responsible for the success of coaches like Arrigo Sacchi, Cruijff, Rijkaard, Van Gaal and Guardiola.

    I’m not saying that Pep is a bad coah, because he’s not, but like Mourinho, Hidink, Grant and Ancelotti have Rainieri to thank for making Cech, Terry, Lampard, Robben, Makelele and Gallas the foundation for the success Chelsea have enjoyed, Guradiola has to thank Cruijff, Van Gaal and Rijkaard for the squad he has today. In fact, Barcelona’s four best players all got their debuts from managers other than Pep.

  199. The only way Bergkamp will be a coach at Arsenal is if he gets rid of his fear of flying. You can’t very well be a coach for a team disputing the champions league if you shit your pants at the prospect of having to fly to Moscow to play a tie.

  200. Looks like tottenham Are having a rough time with Modric and that they become the new media main news. Levi must be crap at man management to make a star player come out like that.

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