When A New Signing Is Bad News

Normally the signing of a new player would push all other chatter to one side. Occasionally, an event might occur at a club which is unusual and being exceptional in nature means it takes the headlines. The perception of Arsenal being a shambles means that the imminent arrival of French football’s most productive forward last season is, well, underwhelming for the media.

Having had his medical yesterday, Gervinho‘s signing is expected to be unveiled today. Or the end of the week as Lille believe there are some details to be sorted out. Nothing straightforward, it simply adds fuel to the media’s portrayal of Arsenal, the shambolic club. The first major deal of the summer, it ought to be enough to wipe misery from the back pages. It is not. Indeed, some say it is not good enough.

Wilfully adding to that perception, Ian Wright this morning rages,

…Fabregas, Robin van Persie… are all good players but Arsenal should be courting the star players before they move to other big clubs. But they’re nowhere to be seen.

What’s Wenger doing? I see the Gervinho deal looks close to being finalised. He might be good, fingers crossed. Well I’m sorry but fingers crossed doesn’t work anymore. It hasn’t worked for six years since the Gunners last won a trophy.

Downing, Jones, Henderson. Even Young. They might not be the sort of players Wenger likes but at least those other clubs are having a go. And by doing so, they send out a statement of intent they want to be even better next season.

So Arsenal should be signing ‘stars’. And then he compares them to Stewart Downing. “Other clubs are having a go” by signing players; Arsenal do so and they are not. The lack of cohesion in the argument is exposed. It is a scatter gun approach, hoping that by fluke he will hit a target.

According to Wright, you’re not a real fan if you do not agree with him. Wright the player, was an Arsenal legend. Wright the pundit, is a fantasist, who seems to believe that Arsenal should be signing Essien, Hart and Kompany. It’s simple in the World of Ian, just go and buy them. Pour debt into the club and buy the title.

If that is not desperate enough, try reading Paul Merson. Better than listening to him, granted, but only marginally so,

It doesn’t matter how good a ­manager you are, if you haven’t got the players, you’re finished. It’s over. That’s the worry for Arsenal. I think this is a massive year for the Gunners. They could very well end up back to where they were before George Graham came in. I could see them falling so far behind their rivals it could take them years to recover. I dread to think how bad it could get. I remember playing at Highbury before Graham when there was only 18,000 in the ground. That could happen again.

God knows what is going on with Merson at the moment but his comments are indicative of a downward spiral. How he has taken this leap in July is beyond me. Unrelenting negativity, the nuclear scenario. Arsenal’s new signing is not good enough,

I mean, who can you get to replace players like [Nasri, Fábregas]? Gervinho? He’s never played in the Premier League before. I’m not saying he won’t be a hit but it’s a whole lot different to French football. No. It could all end in disaster.

It is like a sewer out there, effluent slopping around your feet. Be careful where you tread people, careful where you tread. Me? Well, I’ll apply my usual rule of thumb in these matters. If Wright and Merson do not think that Gervinho is good enough for Arsenal, he probably is.

Not for one minute do I claim that everything is right at the club but it is nowhere near as bad as the two former players make out. Nasri may go, Merson highlights his excellent form for six months. A shame he forgot to mention the form for the other three months. Perhaps it was so poor, Merson has genuinely forgotten?

Losing Nasri and Cesc would be a blow – take two good players out of any side and they will suffer. Wenger is looking to replace the former with Juan Mata, presumably the unknown Spaniard Wright referred to. With ‘Arry rumoured to be interested, how quickly before Juan becomes World Class? whilst the latter, well, there is no guarantee of anything.

Barcelona are playing a waiting game – the Catalan media, the lying game – prepared to wait until the last day of the transfer window before accepting their disappointment. A hint that their policy changing comes in a critical column which suggested that €5m was not worth Barcelona arguing over. That presumed that Arsenal are prepared to accept €40m but you get the point.

A relatively new name in the frame is Napoli’s Ezequiel Lavezzi. Daily Star hacks believe he will complete a double swoop which would suggest the Nicklas Bendtner is on his way out. When he checks in at Heathrow, he had better make sure that he has his credit card, that ego is going to cost a lot in excess baggage. Still Denilson will be able to help him as he waits for his flight to Valencia, where he can take a short taxi ride to Villarreal. Thiago Motta won’t be passing them, his plane has yet to leave Milan.

To end, some honesty from Dani Alves, when asked to compare Arsenal and Barcelona,

Arsenal are in tourist class; we have no class

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. The delay is down to Lille sorting out a parting gift … they can’t find a big enough comb.

  2. Looks like the booze & drugs got to Merson’s brain. He made his debut under George Graham and played (very well as I remember) in front of 18000 against Leicester at the end of Graham’s first season.

  3. Excellent post. I used to love Wright as a player. I really can’t stand him now. He’s not only stupid but so annoying. Makes me almost think that Schmeichel might have had a point. Almost.

  4. hopefully gervinho can shut all the pundits up. here’s hoping he will be a fantastic signing….


  5. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Cracking post, YW. Thanks for spreading some much needed sunshine on the damp and gloomy world that is AFC. You’re a legend.

    Paul Merson is fucking sad. I’ve heard great things about him as a player, but he knows absolutely fuck all about football. Same with Ian Writght. Puppets to the Man.

  6. Just a question, didn’t Graham’s last 2 seasons in the league end with Arsenal being 10th & 12th at the end of those seasons?

  7. Nice post YW.

    I thought this bit was ironic considering some of the posters on here:

    “According to Wright, you’re not a real fan if you do not agree with him”

    Interestingly none of the other top clubs sell their best players (in general). Why does it always seem to be on the cards for us? Every season we seem to go through this sort of saga.

  8. Alves actually said that we are tourist class and Barca are business class-hence nobody big wanting to join us and stars requesting the exit door in droves! Sadly, he is right. Wenger must go!

  9. YW
    In the case of a possible departure of Nasri and Fabregas, the main issue i believe would not be the fact that AFC cannot “replace” them, although both are important players and first 11 (but both we’re not consistently at the top of their game last year), but the fact that the stated strategy of keeping this group of young players together and let them improve/grow has not worked out as AW expected….

  10. Makes sense why Merson and Wrighty aren’t really doing anything in football since hanging up their boots. Obviously they have no idea about the game and would become laughable in a management, coaching or scouting role. Think Merse did become just that in a player/manager role he had a few years back!

    Great players for us – but lets be honest if it wasn’t for football both these lads would be on JSA right now!

    I agree Gervinho isn’t the answer to all our problems. But compared to the values being touted this summer, looking at his strengths, recent performance, and age, I think he is an ideal addition to a squad that needs re charging, a team that needs something a bit different, and a fan base that need something in the bad this week before depression sets in!

  11. Just heard Graham Hunter (is that his name) the english journo in barca. He sayd he knows that 2 english clubs have met the 25 mil euro buy out evaluation for Juan Mata, one being The Arsenal. He expects him to move ……..

  12. ClockEndRider

    It’s so dispiriting to see former players take the media shilling. Clearly in their world, consorting with the kind of people who would hack grieving murder victims phones is ok. In Wright’s case I guess this may be about shielding his ego from the fact that he’s been such a flop as a “tv personality”. Largely due to the fact that he is entirely without talent in front of the camera, beyond his gigantic ego. A great goalscorer, a mediocre anchorman.
    In Merson’s case, he’s simply making up for the fact that he’s blown all his money earned as a player and will happily say whatever the Murdoch people want thim to as long as they’ll fund his next drink/bet/toot.
    Of course, both Wright and Merson were cast out by Wenger fairly early into his rein (Merson after a few months, Wright effectively during the 97/98 title season, especially noticeable after he had achieved the goalscoring record). And lest we forget, neither of them are Arsenal fans. That’s just a convenient peg for the media to hand their straplines on. All in all, really not The Arsenal Way.

  13. Good post YW,
    Disappointing words from some of our ex-players. I suppose I haven’t missed much by not bothering to read their columns.
    I depend mostly on guardian.co.uk for my football news and opinion, and haven’t come across anything so negative from their writers.

  14. Just 38 days to go before Saturday the 13th.

    Revenge at St James’

  15. ClockEndRider

    “Interestingly none of the other top clubs sell their best players (in general).”
    Like Ronaldo and Tevez. Or Alonso and Torres.
    I’m afraid it’s a fact of life for clubs who do not have a sugar daddy willing to underwrite perennial huge losses…..

  16. “Statement of Intent” my arse. Cometh August, the squad is going to make a statment of intent, a big one; at St. James Park.

  17. Great post,

    Merson has never truly liked Arsenal since they got rid of him. He sits on that bench every Saturday like Stelling’s muppet; feigning love for the old club Arsenal while quietly putting them down at every opportunity.

    Thankfully NI, and their attack dogs, have more pressing problems at the moment than puffing-up Ferguson and putting down Wenger… Merson should take care; if the share price keeps falling he could find himself working for a different master and having to take an entirely different corporate line.

    Ian Wright was a great servant of the club, but just that… why do these ex players, who were only ever blessed with the god-given talent to kick a ball, think they understand every nuance of management. Snap judgement and instinctive reactions work admirably on the field, but not off it… ask his son.

  18. Clockend – That is why I added “in general”. There are some exceptions, but normally we seem to be the only club that goes through this saga every summer. It is irritating.

  19. Everyone writing us off. I feel so much better & hopeful for the new season already. I treat these pundits like the weatherman. Weatherman says it will rain and you can be sure it won’t and vice-versa. In fact its an insult to the word pundit, that it is used to address these morons

  20. @Goonerandy You know that’s bollocks.

    Man Utd: Rooney (transfer request debacle), C.Ronaldo, and going slightly further back, Beckham? I’m not sure about Tevez, but possibly qualifies too.

    Chelsea: Drogba comes to mind at the very least.

    Man City: Tevez immediately comes to mind. And I still don’t regard them as a top club.

    Tottenham: Modric? Bale?

    Liverpoool: Torres? Gerrard? Reina?

    So how can you say it’s only Arsenal? Getting sick of this circus of negativity.

  21. Tokala – I agree. Wenger’s ethos is the best in the game. But the players need to be onboard. Fair enough with Cese to a certain extent. He has served the club well for many years, and always stated a desire to return home. But with the likes of Cole, Flamini, Hleb, Ade, Bentley, Diarra, and maybe now Nasri, we needed these guys to buy in, to improve year on year, to grow with our world beating squad.

    Sadly the whole theory Wenger runs doesn’t work to win trophies consistantly. That is a fact, it has by now be proved. We are a selling club who can’t quite reach the last hurdle before key players jump ship, or at least unsteady the ship!

    However the master plan does keep the financials in place, it does satisfy the money men. Not that this is enough for Wenger, and not the way he would have dreamed it to have gone. It is just a simple case that the competition has become too strong since the days of Vieria, Petit, Overmars and Henry. All the top clubs in the prem have top scouting networks now, develop foriegn talent, and vitally have huge funds to buy buy buy. I am 100% convinced it it wasn’t for the billionaires in the last 10 years, Wenger would have won twice as much as he has by now.

    As a passionate Arsenal fan I don’t blame Wenger for this, not at all, his has been the best asset for Arsenal ever. I just want him to tweak things here and there, and I expect the players to install a higher maturaty in their performance over the whole season. Anyone who has any idea about football would just get off Arsenals back, obviuously most the media world don’t care about whats true, right or wrong. They simply want to sell headlines! And most dumb fans and rivals are thick enough to follow.

  22. ClockEndRider

    Sorry but there always exceptions. Arsenal’s wantaway players are exceptions too.
    It’s easy to view our own club as being different to others when it’s the sole focus of our obsessive interest.

  23. Re the Guardian’s coverage, what you could find on the front of their Sport section yesterday was one article praising City’s firm stand with Tevez (apparently they won’t let him go for less than £S0m) and another belittling Arsenal’s poor treatment of Fabregas (apparently they won’t let him go for less than £50m).

  24. How can anyone be excited about Henderson for 17M???
    If the choice us between Mata and Nasri I want Mata though both would be the best.

  25. I google translated what Alves said in Portuguese, it indeed said “no class”.

  26. Errrr – are we about to bag Mata?!?!!? I didn’t let myself dream of that.

  27. Gunner38

    You really don’t get humour, do you?


  28. Kokanaden – Its not though is it? Every year we have it, Paddy (countless times), Henry (countless times), Petit, Overmars, Nasri, Cesc (countless times).

    Of the others you mentioned, Manure had the Ronaldo saga granted (they got an amazing deal out of it though). The Ronney thing earlier this year, but was quickly nipped in the bud. Beckham was willingly sold by Ferguson. Chelsea? Hardly ever. Tevez?, every club he has been at so reflective of him, not any club he has been at. Liverpool and the Spuds? I said top clubs mate.

  29. Tokala

    Sometimes the path to the end result has a little corner or turning that sends you in a slightly different direction to your desired end result. Will we question those departures, should they happen, if a better season is enjoyed this time around?


  30. Only problem with ex-Arsenal players is the mental one with outrageous salary demands pu
    tting so called big clubs(Barcelona,Liverpool,Man.Unite and Chelsea)in huge debt season
    after season and old decrepid stadia having to be renovated ,every few years or so Arsen
    al have a five year old 60-000 seater state of the art stadium and already half paid off ,the
    only major debt for the club,yet the petty fans demand it go into huge debt just to buy over
    rated players,utter hogwash ?

  31. Clockend – Yeah, maybe you are right. It just irritates me as every summer we seem to be put through the mill in this way.

  32. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice stuff, ClockEndRider. You make a good point. All the other big clubs outside of the sugar daddy led clubs have all sold top players and the media want to act like we’re fucked and Wenger has lost the ability to spend money. It’s fucking mental

  33. AW KNOWS,,,, The media and the pundits should be applauding AFC for the way they play and the way they handle themselves in the financial terms. if it wasn’t for all the sugerdaddies ARSENAL would have won many more titles.DON’T FORGET THAT. we are the only top five club who haven’t whore themselves and bought a trophy and or ruined the whole football environment in the world.. even when we can get afford a 50mil player we wont. applaud it , don’t knock it. ARSENE KNOWS, ALL THE REST BLOWS..

  34. Wright has been acting like a muppet for years. In the article he even claims Stamford bridge is south of the river!

  35. Wow,
    Some of the most sensible comments I have heard in weeks. Well done to you all. We must not believe all we read in the newspapers. Arsenal is avery well run team with an excellent manager. We have been beaten by billionaires but i believe Arsene will keep us at the top.

    Players may change but the team will continue to evolve and one of these day will click.

    Keep up your refreshing approaches.
    Arsenal need your support – don’t let them down

  36. YW @ 9:20

    That is an interesting. We are currently playing with a very (physically) small team, with excellent technique but serisou flaws. Losing Cecs and Nasri would alter our game quite significantly I think. Maybe instead of replacing like for like Arsene will change out agle a little bit?

    Strange to think that Arsene won most of his silverware at Arsenal with fast powerful sides (with still with good technique). He has now gone the polar opposite to that.

  37. i wouldn’t mind some more beef goonerandy. ultimately thou, we will get a player with the right abilities for that position. whether large or not…

  38. Guys I watch alot of french football and Gervinho is shit. Chamackh number 2.

  39. Kamran – Oh, I agree with that. I have nerver really been a critic of the clubs tranfer policy. We live within our means and I am happy about that; we are lucky to have a manger who is good at spotting talent. Sometimes I think we should go that extra mile when it comes to securing a player that we want, but in general we have a good policy.

  40. Chris

    Is that a technical analysis and how does that slot together with his stats, e.g. 15 goals and 10 assists, the only player in Ligue Un to get double figures in both?


  41. Top post YW.This is one of the few blogs talking some sense.Many fans are believing the negativity media is spreading.Sad to see our ex players towing the same line.Yes there are some problems but they are rectifiable we will improve next season.

  42. Chris – Wenger obvisouly see’s somthing in him, and that is good enough for me. Obviously if we had just splurged £15M+ for Stuart Downing I would not be saying that though. 😉

  43. Chris,

    The very fact that you watch a lot of French football suggests to me that you are less than qualified to comment.

  44. gervinho is the number one player in ivory coast and was a top forward with lille & the french league. he has some great stats .he most DEFINATLY is not s**t.
    he probably has super headers too with that forehead… 🙂
    welcome GERVINHO

  45. wright might be right – but he is an idiot.

  46. @shrek2be

    No. Arsenal came 4th in 93/94 and 12th in 94/95 but Stewart Houston was in charge for most of that season.

  47. “Well, I’ll apply my usual rule of thumb in these matters. If Wright and Merson do not think that Gervinho is good enough for Arsenal, he probably is.”

    ha ha!
    Transfer window madness has reached a new level.

    @ goonerandy
    Wrong again. You’re not a real fan unless you support the club, the players and the manager.

    Lots of great comments, people.
    Incidentally, I read a lot of English blogs and Chris is shit.

  48. then we agree goonerandy.. god willing when the ffp and other financial regulations set in you will see the cream rise to the top. look a few years down the line, not just next season. if we can work it new board and support the guy i can see us dominating for a good stretch.. i think its call a DINESTY…. 🙂

  49. Chris
    I want to ask the same thing,how did you reach your conclusion? Surely the facts say something else.He was on the french ligue team of the year this season and also last season,how does that make him shit?

  50. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The only constant is change, goonerandy. Just like the seasons, tactics change. You can’t expect the same boring old 442 tactics to work year in year out. You have to adapt or you get left behind. Which is one thing Arsene Wenger has continually done remarkably well as evidenced by what is it 15 straight years of CL footie? He’s very aware of his surroundings and his philosophy is tailor made for AFC. We simply don’t have the money to compete with City or the Chavs or Real. Never have, possibly never will. Our system of promoting players through the academy mixed with the shrewd dealings (ins and outs) of Arsene Wenger is our best shot at competing, imo. It’s got sustainable success written all over it. We simply can’t and wont get held hostage by players simple as. Some offers you just can’t refuse. No one player is bigger than the club.

  51. Chris smells like James

  52. If we sell Cesc and Nasri as part of some masterplan, credit will justifiably go to Wenger if it works.
    But I would be sad that we have given up our current approach without trying hard enough to make it work.

  53. Can we start calling Nasri a money grabbing ugly cunt yet?????

  54. Fun – You miss understood my point. I was commenting that many on here would slate you for “not being a real fan”, and “you should get behind the team” for daring to disagree with their view that everything is rosey at the club and that bad results are everybody else’s fault (not the teams). God forbid that should be discussed.

  55. you know how manures and fff nip the problem’ as you call it ‘ in the bud.?
    they did what any respectable club or manager would do.
    by bending backwards and kissing shreks add. that how. hope i never see that at ARSENAL…

  56. Kamran – We do. 🙂

    Nasir – All very true.

  57. well, we are RUMOURED to be selling our best players every summers likely cos they are better than most arsenal fans give them cresit to be and are thus highly admired by others who will jump at the chance to have them in their team!

  58. cresit = credit

  59. @dukeGoonem:Yes

  60. FunGunner | July 7, 2011 at 9:45 am

    “Wrong again. You’re not a real fan unless you support the club, the players and the manager.”
    I find this whole ‘real fan’ business bemusing. Anyways, your statement still depends on what you mean by the term ‘support’. Care to expand on that?

  61. morning fungunnee,, what the report on woman’s world cup and tennis.?

  62. The stats on assists can be very misleading. A sideways pass five seconds before a goal can be classed as an assist. He’s not a bad player, but no better then chamackh IMHO. He will blow hot and cold I promise you. Benzema would be an amazing signing.

  63. Chris

    An assist is the delivery of the pass which creates a goal. How is that misleading? And being 3rd top scorer in the League…?


  64. Kamran – How do you mean? The manager spoke to the player, shortly after the player withdre his request and stated he was wrong. Is that not exactly what we want to happen with Nasri?

  65. Dups, how the hell did you know that was me? ANyone in the world could of said that. I bet alot of true arsenal fans get accused of being a yid on this site.

    For the record ive never seen Gervinho play, i dont even know what he looks like, but I do hope he is shit !

  66. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Don’t let it get to you, goonerandy. Cesc and SM8 are two of my favorite players, but sometimes you’ve just got to say goodbye and blaze a new trail. I’d be non plussed if we lost them, but I trust Wenger to get it sorted with the cash we’d get in return. They aren’t irreplaceable by any means.

  67. Team spirit,
    In our case, too often the ‘rumours’ turn out to be true. Also consider that the players often involved in the rumours tend to be our best ones (e.g. Overmars, Anelka, Henry, Viera, Cesc, Nasri), not the ones that get stick from fans.

  68. What a good post, and some very positive comments too.

  69. Yogi, I slipped under your radar then, I hope your not losing your touch.

    Good luck on the upcoming season I hope you are very succesfull and dont get relegated….

  70. chris, if he is as good as maruvan ill be very happy. how soon we forget the way he has come in and helped out when we were in a jam. took the league by storm. carried us till Robin was better. and a true gent. at that. i wish Nasri and his agent had half maruvan class…

  71. Nasir – I do agre with that, but not the non-plussed bit. If we lost them it would be another re-building season. In itself that is no bad thing, but normally when a team is at the end of the line. This is meant to be a team on the up.

  72. You lot are tossers. Insulting are ex players just because they dare to show some spirit. Yes, perhaps they are cynical at times but at least they are passionate, and i bet they know a helluva lot more about football and Arsenal than you! Needless to say they are also legends at our club, so how about you take Wengers little french willy out your butts and grow up. People on this site are so full of themselves pouring scorn on everyone who dares to suggest everything at Arsenal isn’t rosey. Well it aint rosey and hasn’t been for a long time, you impress no one but yourself with your blinkered approach to our club. I have read Wright’s and Merson’s comments and apart from Merson being overly pessimistic and suggesting Arsenal could play in front of 18,000 (which is silly) everything else they say is accurate. Read it again and take those bloody rose tinted glasses off, you can’t see straight with them on.

  73. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Alright, James. There are plenty of Spuds and Mancs here. They just aren’t as forthcoming as yourself. If only…

  74. NJN@10.03
    Agree with everything you wrote, except that Cesc is pretty much as irrreplaceable as a footballer gets, imo. Only Messi and C.Ronaldo currently comes close to the sort of influence he’s had for us

  75. Fun – And it is possible support the club, players and manager, but still discuss fault with them you know. I know that may be difficult to digest, but that is how the adult world tends to work.

  76. GA
    “If we lost them it would be another re-building season. In itself that is no bad thing, but normally when a team is at the end of the line. This is meant to be a team on the up.

    Very true!

  77. Put a sock in it peewee

  78. arsenal has waited for Nasri to come through. at this stage of the game andy i expect him to step the f*** forward ,take his place on the team as a leader and start playing the best he is capable of. I DON’T EXPECT HIM TO HOLD THE EFIN GUN TO OUR HEAD FOR MORE MONEY.. ENOUGH DRAMA AS IT IS . SIGN AND GET ON WITH IT.. and next time some one mentions the name manure to you kid, right away say that you are happy where you are and manchester will not be on your list of possible transfer destinations.. that the right respectful way to treat the team that had faith in you.

  79. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You still don’t get it, goonerandy. Man City and Barca are standing in between us and said line with the allure of riches and there’s really no other way around the cunts. We can’t match either players needs or wants if what the papers are saying is true. From what I’ve heard Man City are effectively trying to double his wages. We just can’t compete with that. In FF4’s case everyone and their mum knows he’s going to Barca at some point. Whether thats this season or the next remains to be seen.

    @ Henristic- FF4 is a brilliant player, but he’s not irreplaceable. You don’t give Arsene enough credit, imo.

  80. Henristic – i agree Cesc is pretty much irreplaceable, one to one. The only way to do it is with 2 players and tweak who we play. Which seems to be whats happening.

    Van P

    with 3 of these behind him

    Mata/AA23/Nasri/Theo/ Gervinho

    with 2 of these behind them


  81. I remenber watching a player in the ivory coast team in the world cup at that time I had no idea who he was i thought to myself this guy is really good, . many months later I heard Arsenal want to sign a player call Gervinho, went to youtube had a look and found out it was the guy I saw in the world cup, I was absolutely delighted.

    I’m honestly surprised not many clubs went for him. mid table teams like Spurs and newcastle were interested but the player made it clear he wants Arsenal. I’m plaesed we got him he is quick with plenty of skills and has an eye for a goal. 15 goals a s winger is great. The prospect of having him and Walcott exchanging positions is scary both can play as strikers and both have pace.

    Its funny people like Merson say he has no premiership experience, so did Nasri Viera Henry Pires, I can’t see the point of that argument.
    I heard so much about United and Liverpool done well in the transfers but when I look at their signings there is nothing to make then any better. United bought Young. is he better than Nani and the old Giggs? not really. De Gea is he better than Van der sar? No. And Jones is a 3rd choice behind Rio and Vidic, so I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Liverpool bought a kid no different that Lansbury for 20 millions if anything Lasbuiry is better than him I watched the U21 he looked far better than him. Then i hear they will sign Charlie Adams and Downing. I’m really quaking in boots now.
    The best we can do is keep Nasri away from both the Mancs. He is better than any of their players they have signed so far. Lets hope Wenger can find a way to make him sign or let him go abroad.

  82. Nasir – I do “get it”. It is just irritating.

  83. @james why would you think of relagation after one hundred twenty five years in top flight.. 😉
    @peepee , team spirit, etc.
    how the hell do you guys consider yourselves ” supporters” is beyond everyone here. backstabers

  84. Gervinho will become the 25th player in our squad over 21, so no more sales = no more signings (over 21) I dont think Wright & Merson have a clue how the 25 man rule is affecting clubs. In fact i will re-phrase that, i dont think Wright & Merson have a fucking clue, full stop!!

    The amazing thing is that we are being linked with all sorts of strikers, wingers & attacking midfielders, yet Wenger stated at the end of the season that we lack height and defensive solidity. I think the main problem is how many defenders (classed as homegrown or foreign) we currently have in our 25 man squad already.


    With 3 left backs having joined the 25 man squad, you cannot really see us adding more to that defensive number, unless we sell or loan some out for the season. He has already had to sell one (Clichy) Its a different situation at Man United, their hand has been forced into the transfer market, they have so far lost Van der Saar, Scholes, Neville & Hargreaves to retirement. Oshea, Brown and Gibson have asked to leave and look set to join Sunderland. However, similarly they have many players (like Arsenal) joining the “homegrown” list so they either take up places in the 25 man squad or they have to quickly loan them out. Bebe and de Laet have already agreed to go on loan.

    One eye has to be kept on next season when another 7 youngsters become “Homegrown” The likes of Ramsey, Sczcesney, Lansbury, Eastmond and Emmanuel-Thomas will all be hoping to stay with the club, whilst Hoyte and Murphy are highly likely to be released. That is still 5 players, so either they wont all make the step up or yet more players will leave. Arshavin, Rosicky, Almunia all are in their last year like Nasri, whilst, RvP, Walcott, Eboue, Sagna, Squillaci and Fabianski all will only have 1 after this season.

  85. Okay, so Gervinho is as good as being ours. Seeing as Nasri and Fabregas are still with Arsenal, let’s talk teams/tactics, shall we? I’m getting bored of all this transfer talk.

    I’d like to see Theo given a role up top – he’s done his stint on the wing.

    RvP, as good as he is, drops in to pick the ball up. He needs someone ahead of him. Theo, Chamakh or Gervinho is that person. Or maybe 2 of them ahead of RvP to keep 3 up top?

    I’m backing Arshavin for that left wing spot. Creating havoc, beating players, cutting inside and letting off some belters.

    Damn… I’m having trouble fitting all our players in already… I give up.

  86. i thought the liverpool purchase of adam wad final.. he is a great player to have. i wonder how much they paid for him.. here’s hoping blackpool can climb back to top flight next year. like that team and theit manager…

  87. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Well, I’m afraid it’s the facts of life, goonerandy. Alot of the times life isn’t fair. This is one of those times. No sweat off the camels back, man. You just keep on truckin. We’ve all fallen victim to the melodramatic side of us now and again but we move on eventually.

    I feel like a Dad which is fucking weird. Well, it’s late and I’m fucking rat arsed. Peace out, fam.

  88. Kamran, Team Spirit is no backstabber. You have mis read her comment. Proper Arsenal supporter she is!

  89. £9M apparently. Decent signing for them, he is a good player.

  90. Not quite 125 years in the “top flight” Kamran … but we’ve been there for longer than anyone else. The Spuds have won the league twice at White Hart Lane … but then again, so have we!

  91. I’m out in Malaysia and enjoying the build up to next week’s game. There are tv commercials advertising it, featuring Le Boss and half a dozen players speaking a pleasant greeting in either Malay or a Chinese language (probably Cantonese or Hokkien as Mandarin isn’t so widely spoken here). It’s a pleasure to say that the boys all appear as polite, humble and intelligent young men, and their efforts to learn a little language is greatly appreciated. They are a credit to the club and Arsene Wenger.

    Liverpool are also playing out here next week. Their ‘ambassadors’ are Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. By contrast, they come across as boorish and dim. Not only haven’t they tried to learn a greeting in Malay or Chinese, they haven’t even tried to learn English. Their incredible dullness saps my will to live.

    Although my optimism for this season’s football is muted, we will likely win many friends on this Asian tour and better position ourselves for the future. Out here Arsene really does know best.

  92. @paul-n
    is what i read. what does that mean..

  93. PeeWee

    If you had an original thought, it would die a lonely death.


  94. @ kamran? What did i say? hope all is well? backstaber? Well waht will i not hear (or should that be read? LOL)

  95. tnx andy..

  96. Ah Paul N.

    Thanks for saying that more eloquently than myself. LOL

  97. James

    No you didn’t, Dups spoiled my fun. I was just setting you up for a nasty little fall.

    Hey ho. Better luck next time, eh?


  98. i wrote an earlier post with a wrong spelling which i was correcting. They follow each other actually. note that you have reversed what i wrote

  99. Wrighty’s view reminds me of the scene in Fever Pitch where Colin Firth and Mark Strong are watching the Liverpool game and Arsenal go 1-0 up, Firth says it’s typical, need to win 2-0 and win 1-0, Strong responds “what, you want them to score the second goal first?”. Classic. If we sign 6 regular first team players, should we sign the 6th one first?

    When GG was getting his team together in the late 80’s Liverpool and Arsenal both had 6-1 wins a few weeks apart and both sides registered 6 different scorers. The Telegraph’s reporter, I can’t remember his name, reported on both matches. Apparently 6 different scorers showed Liverpool’s allround strength in depth whereas Arsenal’s achivement was a sign of not having an all-out goalscorer. Brilliant!

    The real problem with a lot of people is that they are not bright enough to realise that they are not bright. Ex- footballers in general and Wright and Merson in particular fall into this category. If they were any good they would be successful managers.

  100. Note to Ian Wright;

    Cesc, Nasri and van Persie hadnt played in England before Arsenal signed them, same with Vieira, Henry and Pires.

    He is a sad figure these days, not as sad a figure as the bi-polar Merson, but sad nonetheless.

    His rant is flawed on so many levels but it is also really dangerous and will cause more damage to the club that this ex-player pretends to support. He is not a Gooner, so his feigned hand wringing and faux misery about our oh so terrible predicament is truly warped man. He was a briiliant player for us, but since hanging up his boots he has consistently taken Murdoch’s money, using Arsenal to line his pockets. He told his son to sign for the chavs, has said he supports the spuds, palace, Millwall and any London club that suits his purposes at any given time.

    Merson was my favourite Arsenal player, but now he cuts a ratrher pathetic figure. He is just like listening to an old booze hound in the pub, he is harmless and good TV!

    Their comments are what I’d expect from both of them.

  101. sorry team spirit,, i thought something else completely.. apologies…

  102. Gervinho looks awesome in attack. I just want to know that he can defend too, since he’ll mostly be playing on the right or left. May need a few months to bed in.

    Juan Mata, we were discussing yesterday. He has a massive buy out clause, but due to Valencia’s financial situation the entire team is pretty much always up for sale and I hear a bid in the region of 15-20 million would be considered for Mata. I only see this happening (Arsene breaking his transfer record) if we get decent money for an outgoing player.

  103. @ ormer 😉

  104. Shrek2be@8.42am

    If you are going to make stupid comments make an effort to get your facts right .In George Grahams last full season(1994) we won the Cup winners cup(our last European trophy win) and we finished FOURTH.Yes Fourth the same as Wenger did last season and in 2006,07,09 .Some Gooners like to make up their own history to suit their own arguement.Why let the truth get in the way of you fantasies.GG’s last two full seasons 3 trophies won.Sorry but thats the truth

  105. Cool. Thanks for the report, jr. Have you got yourself a ticket?

    Good to see a clever bit of PR at work from the much-maligned Arsenal PR team. Well done, AFC.

  106. Great post BTW Yogi and some really good responses on here.

    All we need now is for some positive news on the Nasri front. Lie Sports News “understands” exactly how to wind up Arsenal fans! 😀

  107. Wright and Merson have sold their souls. Don’t think they don’t know it either. The guilt weighs heavy.

    Shameful stuff. Thanks for bringing us the comments, Yogi. I’m not about to go wading through the sewage to find them for myself.

  108. I agree with mj at 8.58am

  109. No problem TS!

    I’m going back to bed!!!!

  110. My father was commenting upon Gervinho’s choice of hair style yesterday. It was, in truth, a very odd hair style. Dreadlocks, which, rather than covering the whole scalp, seemed to part at his skull’s apex, widening out as it approached his forehead, leaving a remarkable triangle of shiny spam. The only conclusion I could draw was this is a man so dedicated to making clean header, he has in fact adjusted his hair accordingly. I myself can testify, once a ball impacts a head full of springy afro hair, it’s remarkable difficult to accurately dictate the resulting trajectory.

    My friends, this will prove to be a great player for us.

  111. www, again with the 25 man statement? My last count we had 21 players over the age of 21.

  112. @ Billboy
    “The real problem with a lot of people is that they are not bright enough to realise that they are not bright.”
    So true!

    @ goonerandy
    I know exactly what you meant. What you said was something different.

    @ henristic
    Not today. Why don’t you talk to goonerandy – he brought it up.

    @ kamran
    Hello! The tennis is over, sadly. Wonderful new champions in both the men’s and the ladies competitions. The England women’s team don’t play again until Saturday when they have a tough quarterfinal match against France.

  113. @ Dexter
    “Lie Sports News “understands” exactly how to wind up Arsenal fans!”
    Yup! They know all the buttons to press to get a rise.

  114. George graham was a brilliant manager for Arsenal, I won’t hear a bad thing said against him. But it is also true that Wenger is a great manager, and the same applies.

    In GG’s era the league was very different wasnt it? Alot more egalitarian comparatively, with only one dominant team/club; Liverpool and the occasional sugar daddied up club; Blackburn. Now we have several teams with alot of money and for me, the future looks bleak for football in general. Unless something gives. But I can’t see it changing, even with the FFP rules coming into play. UEFA won’t want to upset the likes of Real, barca, chavs Mk1 and Mk2 and United, so I don’t see things improving any time soon.

  115. @ jr
    most be fantastic there.. watch out for the drivers there…

  116. The real problem with a lot of people is that they are not bright enough to realise that they are not bright. Ex- footballers in general and Wright and Merson in particular fall into this category. If they were any good they would be successful managers. – Billboy

    It’s quite coincidental, but I’ve been privy to a diccussion on genius and paranoia. I won’t bore you with the details, but there was an anecdote told of a test where the results showed those with higher intelligence tended to doubt the extent of their knowledge, while those of low intelligence over-estimated theirs.

    In short, the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know shit.

  117. Fun – It does not seem that way. It seems to seem to fill your time with disecting people’s posts, (often wrongly) coming to a conclusion about it, and then trying to tell them what they actually meant (a bit patronising really). Hey ho, whatever floates your boat I suppose.

  118. Fun – You miss understood my point. I was commenting that many on here would slate you for “not being a real fan”, and “you should get behind the team” for daring to disagree with their view that everything is rosey at the club and that bad results are everybody else’s fault (not the teams). God forbid that should be discussed.
    What a load of bollocks that is. Seriously man, you are on here all the time and you STILL think that? What the fuck is up with you brain dude?

  119. @fungunner
    tnx.. good luck to the three lionesses on saturday. i will watch, as it will be a good opportunity to see the lady gunners in action.. ARSENAL LADIES… WHO SAYS WE HAVE HAD A TROPHY DROUGHT AT ARSENAL….

  120. Gadget; I saw a quote from someone (can’t remember who) in which he stated that;

    “Daily mail readers are just inteliigent enough to realise they are not very intelligent.” I dont think most ex-pros are that intelligent! 😀

  121. Dexter – Really?

    That happens all the time on here. Anybody who critises a performance, or says that they don’t like a particular player gets jumped on more often than not. Granted some people are just trolling, but quite often those which post valid points worth discussion get their support questioned.

  122. Markus

    My understanding was we were well within the 25 man rule thing at present.

  123. @ Gadget
    That is very interesting. That study’s finding certainly accords with my experience. And a character who is “loud, confident and wrong” is a stock comic character, which suggests there is a general intuition along those lines.

  124. I wish Sven Goran Eriksen was our manager, he has just signed his 6th player!

  125. Goonerandy

    How the fuck could that occur after the end of season collapse? Are you for real man? Or just trying to underplay your doomer tendancies!! 😀

    I have seen many critiques of players, performances and failings of the manager. I just think certain people’s criticisms are not tolerated as thats all they do and just repeat the same tired old shit.

  126. Is anyone else just annoyed about all this transfer tittle-tattle?

    Is anyone else just looking forward to the start of the season, and wanting to see some awesome football?

  127. Hahaha! A 7 year old English kid who had a trial with barca said this about English football;

    Its rubbish, they just smash the ball as far as they can.”

  128. Dexter – I mean in general mate. For example, the Newcastle game:

    poster a – We were robbed, the ref, their players, blah blah.

    poster b – Hmmm, I think we really only have oursleves to blame, despite some bad decisions.

    The debate will then continue between a + b, but will no doubt end with poster b being told that he is not a proper supporter anyway and should get behind his side (even though he is just as much that as poster a).

    You can apply that to 80% of the debates on here.

  129. thanks LA,

    i’ve got a ticket (and one for the wife, who’s not really a fan, makes a lot of noise and asks untimely questions, but one must). I’m also going with a die-hard Manure fan, but i’ll do my best to convert him, or help him die hard. I’ll post a report after the game.

    From a personal perspective, i’m looking forward to seeing a few of the youngsters. Amongst all the hullabaloo of big-name signings/departures, i think we’re collectively underestimating how much talent is coming through. I appreciate that sometimes it’s the meat n veg games that cause us problems, but our ‘enforcers’ last season will all be a bit bigger, stronger and wiser after a good summer break. Song, Diaby, Jack and Ramsey will be a physical force to be reckoned with. I hope Kos has found his way to the larder over the summer too, and Djourou come to think of it.

    Yeah, on reflection, I’m looking forward to the season.

  130. GA;

    I don’t agree man. I think there were some who felt the ref had a hand in that defeat (he was a c*nt for both pens and some other decisions) but losing a 4 goal lead is unacceptable, even with 10 men, away from home. I wish you hadn’t brought that game up, I was there and the journey back was so fucking bad mate!

  131. Dexter – That is very true though. I remember at schoolboy level, the strongest team would always win as we played on full size pitches. Sometimes a side’s goal kick would result in everybody waiting on the edge of the area as it wasn’t going to go much further than that.

  132. arse is always in the news because we are big cIub.Let’s get used to It

  133. Compared with other blogs, where every player gets called a useless c*nt constantly, regardless of whether they are playing or not, the lack of that on here is definitely something to be encouraged IMO.

  134. It is such a shame about Wrighty, he is obviously still a massive Arsenal fan but, is just so fucking misguided.

    I used to have a ‘shoot’ poster of him on my bedroom wall (I was twenty something at the time), the man could do no wrong in my book, I cut him some slack for wearing a Man City scarf whilst watching his son, he pushed my generosity further for sporting a Chelsea scarf on a rare SWP peformance.

    Chicken tonight, Gladiators (arooba!), various programmes with ‘Wright’ in the title (man, that was clever), incoherent match day punditry, his shiny swede adorning Ladbrookes and the super soar away Sun and the cringe worthy TalkSport sessions.

    And now he has taken to spouting populist bollocks against the hand that fed him, in return for a few shekels. But, and after this continual test of my good nature, I cannot help but retain a soft and spongy bit of my heart that will forever be Ian Wright.

  135. Wright and Merson prove so gracefully once again why they are “expert” pundits. You gotta sit back and feel sorry for them, Wright is still pissed Wenger got a striker in which casts him into a deep dark shadow.. then you got Merson who was also shown the door at 29yrs of age just a year after Wenger’s arrival.

    So Wenger replaced the likes of Merson and Wright with the likes of Henry and Pires yet they have the nerve to be pissed about it their whole expert punditry lives. Wenger took the club to new levels FACT.

  136. @ Ormer | July 7, 2011 at 8:22 am
    The delay is down to Lille sorting out a parting gift … they can’t find a big enough comb

    ha that was good!

    Contrast of ex player opinons today (compare the pundit.com),

    compare the opinions of Wright and Merson to those of martin Keown a true gent who oozes class off the pitch and warrior and legend on the pitch.

    wright and merson – hang your heads in shame!

  137. goonerandy

    Yeah, me too man. In Primary school, we played on a full size pitch and all that happened was as soon as anyone saw the ball, they lumped it as far as they could! No wonder we are so shit at national level.

  138. Canadian Gooner

    We have heard similar doom and gloom stories for the last few seasons only for these same pundits to conveniently forget what they had said earlier. I am amazed how easily fans and hacks/pundits are willing to suspend rational thought, ignore the facts, and get carried away with the prevailing emotions and opinions of the mob. Most of the pundits are enamored by the sound of their own voices even if it is pure verbal diarrhea that they are spouting. While the hack writers of the gutter English press write inflammatory articles to generate column inches and hits on their websites. You only have to look at the often misleading article headers.

    Last season there were many fans lamenting that we didn’t sign real stars and yeoman English players that would give us some backbone. However, I am glad we didn’t waste large transfer fees, signing-on fees, and exorbitant wages on such ‘stalwart’ players as Joe Cole and Gareth Barry. Many fans were lamenting that Wenger had missed out again. HAH!

    It is time many Arsenal fans, I can’t and wont call them supporters, realize that we can’t compete head to head in the transfer market with the likes of money bags Abu Dhabi Citeh and Un-Real Madrid. Citeh currently have six players that they hardly played last season, yet are earning?/being paid huge wages. They are going to have real problems moving them on as very few clubs can match their high wages. Yet, Citeh will have to move them on, possibly/probably at huge losses to free up space for new signings.

    In a few more years UEFA’s new financial fair play regulations will be fully phased in. At that time, some of these high flying spendthrift clubs will be facing some extremely difficult choices as with bloated squads, players on high wage contracts that they can’t break, and heavily depreciated player assets; they will have hit the proverbial financial brick wall. They will be restricted to the funds that the team can earn as a business. If they don’t, they will NOT be eligible to play in the Champions League, the biggest gravy train in football. Some teams are mortgaging, if not outright gambling with, their long term futures HOPING for for some immediate success.

    Have faith and exhibit a modicum of patience Gunners. No one in the top European leagues has done so much with so little as Arsene Wenger! No previous Arsenal manager has had such a protracted run in the top four as him. I am as frustrated as any supporter at our recent lack of silverware, but the club’s long term survival is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!

  139. Dexter – I bet it was, and I agree with you on that as well. If you can be bothered (I can’t :)) check back and see some of the debates on it. Like I said, the same debates rage on some of the players as well. Denilson is a good example.

    poster a – greta player, underated
    poster b – Don’t agree. Not good enough for us.

    Blah, blah, blah

    Poster b told to “get behind his team”. Laughable really.

  140. FunGunner | July 7, 2011 at 11:04 am

    I’m pretty sure GA’s definition of a supporter or fan, aligns very well with mine. I’m equally certain that your definition is different (in practice at least). So it doesn’t really help (imo, of course) when you throw those terms around without acknowledging the different contexts.

  141. avaris – me!

    I don’t like the sound of this ‘poster b’.

    Excellent, jr. I look forward to reading that. Really couldn’t agree more with you about the season ahead. Looking at those training photos with all the young players coming back in from their loans – I can’t help but be super-excited for the season ahead. ‘Bigger, stronger, wiser’ is something we are very fortunate to be able to look forward to – supporting a young, improving team as we do. We can rightfully expect that progress and development, each summer. Unlike a few of the older squads at the top of the table. “Oh dear, Lamps’ looks even fatter today” etc.

    Enjoy the match!

  142. Just a thought, but Arshavin can play the central role if needed (you know what I mean there right) freeing up a slot on the left for a new player (with vela getting a shot there too hopefully) Gervinho plays mainly right side, but can play on the left. Where does this Mata hombre operate mostly? I thought it was the right?

  143. Dexter at 11:22 am
    I thought we were too man. But that gimp ‘www’ keeps stating that we are at, or over our allocation of over-21 year olds.

    jr at 11:33 am
    I salute you.

  144. Kingsalami; That was some heartfelt shit there dude!

  145. Apparently, the Gervhino signing has fallen through.

    Reports are saying that the 3rd one wants a higher wage than the other two!

  146. Funny that I didn’t bother reading Wright on The sun but get him on aclf anyway! At this rate one doesn’t need to wonder why former gunners don’t seem to cut it as managers!

  147. Northbank;

  148. I think YW made the point earlier, but If we have a good start to the season, playing good football and winning games, is anyone going to care which players are in the team / squad?

    I for one couldn’t really care less if it is Nasri, Mata, Fabregas, Gervinho, Benzema or a player I have never heard of producing the goods, as long as they do!

    Player’s come and go in football, they always have, and they always will – and for every favourite who leaves, another one replaces.

    If Nasri or Fabregas don’t want to play for Arsenal anymore – then all I hope for is that they bugger off quickly – as I would rather see a less technically gifted player give his all for the club.

  149. Nice rant there Canadian gooner,

    In the long term, our revenue stream should match some of the highest out there, so nothing much to worry about there. Our ability to win titles in the short term is more of a cause for concern.

  150. Barca are only prepared to offer 35m Euros and that dodgy LB Maxwell. So its safe to assume Cesc is staying then. 🙂

  151. The problem is GA, is that both poster A and b are both correct and incorrect. The truth as always lies in the middle of both extremes. Both sides of course occupying one extreme is utterly infuriated when contact with the opposite extremity is made, hence the volatile reaction.

    I am, of course, not exempt from this. My quest for honourary Vulcan citizenship, is still incomplete.

  152. Dexter

    I’d rather us take a full 50m for Cesc. I don’t think Arsenal should budge from that value, that is the minimum we should be looking to accept for Fabregas’ quality and record.

    Their pursuit of Fabregas should in my view increase his value. A player in such demand who is Barca through and through.. they should show their appreciation I feel. Additional 20m service charge.

  153. Statistics reveal that 2 in every 1 Gervinho’s are schizophrenic.

    Northbank, I heard Gervinho didn’t make it to the ground on time. He was hitchhiking and nobody stopped cos they didn’t have enough room for all his mates.

  154. Gadget,
    Is poster ‘b’ really extreme? I would have thought the more extreme position that would warrant poster a’s subsequent reaction would be if poster b said something like “Denilson is a cunt”, “he’s the reason we haven’t won anything” and so on..

    Truth is everyone here at one point have played the part of poster ‘b’ at some point or the other, whether the focus of criticism is the manager, players, or board. But the most ire is usually reserved for those who criticize the manager or his players.

  155. What about crossbar ‘c’?

  156. Henristic and GA – so far, we have been spared the oh so dull but daily arguments about things which will never be agreed. can we just give it a rest and let sleeping dogs lie? i cant face another day of the same shit, the discussion this morning started out fruitful and it would be so nice for that to continue. (not saying that you are wrong or right, but just no need to go over it again)

  157. Finsbury, let’s not bring Pythagoras in to this.

  158. @ kamran
    Very sweet of you to take an interest. I am really rooting for England Women because they are standard-bearers for the women’s game in England and I desperately want the Women’s Super League to take off. Speaking of Arsenal Ladies and trophies, did you know that they won the quadruple one year? They won every trophy it is possible for a European women’s team to win.

    @ goonerandy
    Secondly, it’s just as annoying if someone says, if you don’t agree with me, you’re naive/deluded/on the happy pills, etc etc. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Regarding your other point, I feel very strongly about language being misused and meanings distorted or muddied. For example, I hate phrases like “statement of intent” (what does that even mean?) Or “expensive” used as if it means the same as “excellent”, “ambition” used interchangeably with “spending” etc. Another good example – a few years ago, as part of a PR battle, friends of Usmanov said that he had “invested millions in the club” or “poured millions into the club” – I forget which. That was literally correct. But the football club did not see a penny of his “investment” – his money went to the people from whom he bought shares. But the phrase (deliberately, in that case) was ambiguous. On one reading of it you could conclude that Usmanov was a benefactor like Abramovich and therefore had credit with the club and therefore the right course of action would be to encourage him. Clarity of expression encourages clarity of thought and vice versa. This does not just apply to football – in my view, fuzzy thinking, lack of respect for expertise, indeed the notion that respect for expertise is a form of elitism, or servile… these are serious problems for society in general because they lead to bad decisions.

    I really, really don’t intend this to be an excuse for pedantry – I focus on the thrust of an argument and only pick up on misuses or misapplications or ambiguities etc when they seem to be the basis for a common attitude or argument. And this is not about everyone agreeing, either. People can look at the same set of facts and reasonably come to different conclusions. But I think the key word is reasonably – by which I mean on a rational, reasoned basis. If the basis of an argument is flawed, the conclusions and the course of action which is recommended as a result, are probably also flawed (as in my Usmanov example). So that’s why I think it’s important to try and be clear from the start and why I like to unpick certain phrases or words to try to lay bare their meaning. I am also going to point out that some people can be a bit touchy about being asked for clarification.

  159. Great read, putting it all into perspective.
    Dani Alves…priceless

  160. – “secondly”

  161. Good point LooseCannon. Did CR7 ever play in the EPL before joining ManU and going on to win the World Footballer award? What baseless argument! Its really shameful that these were former gunners. And for Nasri saying he’s more ambitious than the rest of the squad, wait a minute, he’s being in the team for about 3 years right and didnt hit it until one half of last season. So its not his fault we didnt win trophies those years, right?

    These players amuse, more even the media gets me busting my lungs off. Arsenal should move for star players – world class players. Alright we want to buy Messi, maybe 10 Messis if we can them. then we will be world beaters right. if they are so good at figuring things out, then one of those ridiculous sports writers should pick a team and start managing.

    Lets leave Le Boss alone! lets focus on what we can do and are good at doing – being loyal fans. Be the positive voice behind the team. All quitters can use the door. Thank you..

  162. Fun – Yup, that all sounds good to me. All fair points. Comments like “wrong again” though are not asking for clarification though are they?

    My original point was simply that many on here take Wrights very same stance in their views. I (for example) have never told somebody that as they cannot bring themselves to see fault with certain ascpects of the club/playing staff are not proper supporters. So why is it OK to “call out” the ones that do? Obvisouly much of that depends on if the posts in question are reasonable, of simply name calling, but all the same.

  163. @ Gadget | July 7, 2011 at 11:09 am
    It’s quite coincidental, but I’ve been privy to a diccussion on genius and paranoia. I won’t bore you with the details, but there was an anecdote told of a test where the results showed those with higher intelligence tended to doubt the extent of their knowledge, while those of low intelligence over-estimated theirs.

    In short, the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know shit.”

    Very true – a lot of people think that learning stops when you leave education and in some cases it stops @ 16!!!

    You never really stop learning.

    To me wright and merson seem like the types to rest on their laurels cause they think they have learnt it all as players. look @ other ex players in the game esp from italy – they go to what is the equiv of a a footballing universtity to learn more about different aspects of the game after playing, seen an interview with anceloti once (i think it was him) where he was able to learn from and share idea with more exp managers in the game @ the time before he got into management. In england the school of thought is great player = great manager full stop.

  164. Happy to see some good news with the Gervinho signing. I suspect he will be Nasri’s replacement and he sounds like the perfect fit for the Nasri slot. Hope that the boss does not sell Nasri to either Manc club. Would love to see Benzema or Mata but those are probably not realistic hopes.

    Still wondering what will happen on the defensive side of the pitch. No news with regard to Cahill or Samba so I suspect we start next year with no significant changes in the back. Without a new CB we will need TV5 in the middle so I guess its Gibbs at LB. Hope his ankles hold up.

  165. He can say whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have to listen, or agree.

  166. Yes, Henristic, it is an extreme. Firstly because and most simply because poster b is at an extremity from poster a, however, I concede this is an argument from relative position. On the other hand, this doesn’t actaully prevent poster b from occupying an extremity as seen from an objective position.

    Consider: in the first scenario, he essential absolves the referee of all the blame, “only ourselves to blame”. In relation to the St James’ Park sacrilege, it is an equally absurd position to take as purely blaming the referee. The truth is that draw was down to both the team and the bastard Dowd; the question of who is the more to blame is one of degrees and beyond the scope of any of us to determine

    In the second, “not good enough” is an extreme position to take. It should be said, I fear the reasons for this may be beyond my abilities to articulate and convey correctly. It may also be because the arguments are may actually stem from semantics and pedantry more than anything else! I shall nevertheless make an succint, but ill-advised attempt.

    Not good enough in terms of semantics an extreme. In the case of Denilson, who had to rather excellent games against Barcelona, and, I would argue, in the case of Shevchenko, the phrasing not good enough is a fallacy. Denilson I would contend (although will little supporting evidence), would find great success in slower, more technique orientated leagues, rather than the hurly burly, physical, brawn is king EPL. In short, good is good across the globe, but suitablity is a subtle thing.

  167. Jabberwocky @ 12:44:

    I agree that the good supporter vs bad supporter discussion is rehashing stuff that has been discussed many times before. However, does complaining about the media really seem new or promising???

  168. Oh, Bill, you really do like making it too easy don’t you?

  169. Bill – We have plenty of time to get some defenders in. And I am sure we will.

  170. When the move was mooted, the club were at pains to say we’d be financially hamstrung for at least 5 years due to the ,massive costs of the new gaff. Then the economic down turn occurred on top of those predictions. As much as I would love us to sign some top class players every year, we havent been able to do that. It was all; made clear at the time, I dont remember too many complaints about us trying to secure our LONG TERM stability. Yet we still keep getting people going on about the 6 nyears as if the 2 things are completely separate. It really confuses me. Do these people have no memory of this, or did I make it up or dream it? The trophylessnessosity is unbelievably frustrating, but so is the constant glib laziness of these hacks, pundits and fans.

    Hopefully we should soon be able to flex our financial muscles, without the need for Uzbek steriods! 😀

  171. No Bill, Gervinho is not a replacement for anyone, IMO. He is completely different to Nasri. As I stated the other day, we needed an extra wide/forward with pace etc.

  172. Bill, you are doing a lot of suspecting there. I suspect you are wide of the mark, again mate!

  173. Marcus,

    You know the press stated over three days that Gervhino was in London for a medical. That’s because all three could’nt get to London at the same time, one came on Monday, another was here on Tuesday and the third had his medical yesterday.

    They’ve all now been re-united and were last seen at the hairdressers getting the forehead polished.

  174. Gervinho’s shirt numbers just been announced;

    6, 7, & 8

  175. Jr thanks for the update,I wonder if Arsenal will ever make a tour to Africa in the near future. great comments today everyone. It has cheered me up, things arent that bleak after all.

  176. Here’s the starting eleven for next season:


    Sagna——— Verm——-Kos———- Gibbs

    Gervhino———-Nasri———Wilshere——- Gervhino



  177. Northbank – Heh, very good.

    The scary thing is that, the defence you have posted really could happen. I don’t think it will, but it is possible. And if it did I would weep.

  178. Dexter @ 2:01:

    Based on his stats from the French league he scores and assists. It does not matter if he has a similar style to Nasri as long as he does the above he will be a good replacement. His position as a wide attacking player will be the same as the one Nasri played most of last year. We can always hope that the Nasri situation turns out in our favor and he signs a new contract but past history certainly argues against that.

    Dexter @ 2:03:

    Time will tell.

    Andy @ 1:57:

    Rumour mill seems to have gone cold which is not a good sign but may be you are right. Hope so anyway.

  179. Completely off on a tangent – I can’t help thinking that offering some kind of performace related contract to Owen Hargreaves on a short term basis would be a smart move?

    After all – it couldn’t possibly be any worse than the risk we took on Bischoff?

  180. Bill – I am not so sure. Sometimes our transfers just happen without any media coverage at all. Eduardo was a perfect example. Out of nowhere a picture of him with an Arsenal shirt after no speculation at all. Sanga was the same I think. I think it is the way we prefer to conduct business, and only agents manage to put a spanner in those particular works.

  181. Bill

    I just do not think he is Samir’s replacement, he definitely wasnt bought for that reason.

    Matt; Yeah true, if he can prove his fitness, it would be an easy decision to make, IMO>

  182. Goonerandy

    I really don’t think it is a bad back four, but I believe Wenger will get someone for right back/ or he is priming the Verminator to operate there. My real concern is who will cover RB if Bacary is injured. I wonder if Bartley will stay at Emirates and cover that role. Only time will tell and I’m trying not to get into speculation and just waiting for the start of the season when all will be revealed.

  183. Fuck off, poster b

  184. GA

    Oh dear mate. You would weep if that back 4 was our line up? Pffft, you probably do need some kind of therapy then. How many games have Koscienly and Vermealen played together? Do we know that would be a pants pairing? And are you writing Gibbs off at the grand old age of 21?

  185. Dear me, loved Wrighty and the merse as players, but their combined IQs wouldn’t trouble the scorers (to use a cricketing analogy). It says a lot about the quality of football pundits in this country, should’nt being impartial and intelligent be a pre-requisite for this sort of job? Or is it more important just to shoot your mouth of with a load of ill-thought out sentationalist clap-trap. You decide…

  186. I think that would make a most wonderful meme there, Frank

  187. Gervhino has told his team mates that when he scores a goal, he doesn’t need them to swarm around him with congratulations.

    He said, ” We can do it ourselves”

  188. Northbank – It is not really an improvment on last years defence which had its problems. Especially at set pieces. There is no reason to think that anything would be any differnt this year, so I would be extremely worried going into the season with that. Cover for RB?….Eboue. Not everybodies cup of tea I know, but he is a decent back up right back.

  189. Graham vs Wenger


    Graham in 8 years = Sum total of 42 league positions


    Wenger in 15 years = Sum total of 38 league positions

    Just for arguments sake! Graham done a great job and is a legend in his own right. Wenger is DOING a great job and is a living legend. If only some showed the respect he deserves. He has a lot left in the tank. The consistency is remarkable even if the last 6 seasons doesn’t show us as challengers (which we were on occasions).

  190. Apparently the boot cleaning lad at the Emirates has put in a request for a pay rise. He is not happy having to clean the other two pairs for the Gervhino’s.

  191. Sky Sports Super Sunday; Newcastle vs Arsenal from St James park;

    “….And it’s Gervihno running at pace down the wing, he looks up, sees Gervinho making a late dash into the box, Gervinho fires a low cross into the path of Gervinho, the Toon keeper rushes out and just before he reaches Gervinho, he lays the ball across the 6 yard box where the unmakrked Gervinho is there, poised to smash the ball into the empty net…. What a goal and Gervinho is mobbed by his team mates, Gervinho and Gervinho… Marvelous.”

  192. Have I missed something here. All the Gervinho ‘jokes’?

  193. Mattyboy

    Yes, yes you have.

  194. Silver Gunner

    We need to make a statement as to the unavailability of cesc and nasri. it will drive off the vultures and force cesc to put in a transfer request or shut up.

    It is time to play hard ball

  195. Jesus H Fucking Christ you know your losing the plot when you feel it necessary to post GG’s and AW’s league stats

  196. Gadget,
    Phew, that was some writing you did there @1.46. Might take me a couple of days to unravel it 🙂

  197. LimparAssist

    How shall we make it, SG, bit of scaffold paint and an old bed sheet?

  198. Dexter – Neither Kos or TV5 are dominant in the air. TV5 is good no question, but he didn’t exactly shore up our defence despite a good first year with us. Gibbs is not as good as Clichy, simple as that. Over half our goals were conceeded from set pieces, and that defence would be no different from last year in that respect. We know where our weak points are, therefore we know we need to strengthen there.

  199. Your logical is flawed GA. If most of our goals were a result of set pieces and not the CBs themselves, then a change of CB is not the answer, better organisation and communication is

  200. I seem to remember that Thomas Vermaelen is actually very good ‘in the air’. When he first arrived, there were question marks over his height, but I vividly remember him dominating attackers in the air. Winning headers with brilliantly timed jumping and great technique.

  201. GA

    You are clueless mate, seriously if you think TV aint excellent in the air. Grom his forst game (I was right in line with him at Goodison) where he won every effin nall that day, he has shown how good he is in the air.

    Do you even remember how good he is? Or are you just going by other’s opinions?

  202. @GA
    True that, the only problem is that strengthening one of our weak points might lead to us weakening one of our strong points. As it stands we have an average defence from set pieces but are league best from open play. Now bringing in someone to complement either Djourou, Kos or TV5 who ticks the boxes for set piece defending might in turn lead to us conceding more goals from open play (unless we would manage to sign someone like Puyol or Lucio who can do it all).

  203. To be honest Henristic, much of it is a brainfart, a brart if you will. Ideas which have been left festering for far too long. I’d ignore it all!

  204. LimparAssist

    Tom Vermaelen is particularly dominant in the air, as his 73% aerial duel success rate bears out. You may remember his somewhat unique ‘leap all over ’em’ style. Quite fun to watch. Big miss last season. Will be, dare I say it, ‘like a new signing’. 😉

    Gary Cahill, by way of an example, has a very respectable 63% success rate in the air.

    Close, but no cigar.

  205. mattyboy

    Its because TV5 isnt 7ft 2 mate. gooner andy is being really doomertastic today.

  206. LimparAssist

    mattyboy remembers.

  207. Silver Gunner

    If we sell nasri to manure it will be terrible business.

    I guess when bbc are saying that they are still in the hunt my panic rises.

  208. Do you think Gervinho could be Gollum in disguise then? Referring to himself in the third person, the precious, the precious…

  209. Goonerandy

    Your logic is flawed, set pieces are not neccessarily the fault of the CB’s but one of planning, preparation and organisation. Things that can be rectified at the training ground. Something I am sure Wenger is working on in the closed season.

    I’ve heard the Gervhino photoshoot at London Colney has hit a snag. The photographer had to leave to get a wide angle lens because he couldn’t get the three of them in the frame.

  210. I think we have good defenders. I stand by the idea that a defense must be settled thus we cannot fully judge our defense until they play together more.

    I believe TV and Djourou are quite good in the air. Up until his injury Djourou was pure class.

  211. You have the ability to see into the future as well GA? Great. If we signed 4 new CBs wouldnt necessarily change the set piece defending. The coaching of the WHOLE team on how to defend setpieces would have to improve as well, so your little theory based purely on personnel is pretty flawed mate.

  212. LA – How are you by the way? I saw your message from the other day very late. I hope you have managed to stay out of trouble during the summer break, any festivals ect? You will be pleased to know that my ticket has been renewed and i’m raring to go for another season of excitement down at the Grove. You, like myself and many others I’m sure, are looking forward to pre-season already I see?

  213. Sorry to say, I am one of those who believes that Cesc (stats aside, I know, I know) is not as pivotal to the team effort over a season as we may think, because of the way the team plays anyway. One can say the same about Nasri, only more convincingly. Both are great players, great stars, wonderful technically, and in many ways match winners. But we have more depth than we think, and to turn the D&G argument on its head, we haven’t sustained a title chase with them; whereas in another situation two or three seasons back, two unheralded players (Song and Denilson) kept us in the top four, through a very tough Feb-April. Sacrilege, I know. I don’t want them to leave, or Clichy. But, the thing is, by glorifying those two we lose sight of the team; the whole of which is more than the sum of its parts, even the big bits. I have learned in life that one door closes only for another to open.

    I cannot predict who will become the greatest players, but I would be surprised if 6 or 7 amongst 10 names (Wilshere, Theo, Ramsey, Song, Vermaelen, Kos, Gibbs, Chewie and perhaps mercurial Diaby and Fabianski) did not. Sagna already is (a major star), as is RvP and Arshavin. Perhaps Gervinho will join them. At least two of the emerging youngsters will at some point in 2 seasons, and two seem almost ready for the big time (like Jackie a season or so ago). We don’t yet know who is arriving but one would assume 2 players, and more possibly 3.

    On this basis alone, he fluidity of the situation, one can easily destroy Merson and Wright’s comments, but they are free to play the media game if they like. I think they have been paid (interview fees) personally, unpalatable as that may sound, it happens. So fuck em.

  214. LMAO, Limps!!

  215. Whaaat? You people mean that our defensive record might have to do something with the fact that we utilised three goalkeepers (4, if we count Lehmann’s cameo) and that our primary defensive partnerships consisted of either two completely new players that never played together (or for us) or a mix of one new player and a player that hadn’t kicked a ball in over a year? Madness!

  216. For the sake of a few million and improving a direct rival while weakening the team, I simoply cannot see Nasri being sold to anyone in England. I still dont think he will go. (cue SSN announcement on nasri going!)

  217. Gervhino has told his team mates that when he scores a goal, he doesn’t need them to swarm around him with congratulations.

    He said, ” We can do it ourselves”

    Love the attitude.

    Nothing on arsenal.com yet about Gervinho (or Gervinho or Gervinho, for that matter). We have signed them, haven’t we?

  218. I agree that organisation is what we lacked. Wenger alluded to that, that the players needed to take responsibilty for set pieces.

    Some training is needed towards that end. We also need someone to be more vocal at the back. Loved when Fabianski got Cesc in line! more of that in the upcoming season!

  219. @Northbank – Who gets the matchball when he/ they score a hat-trick?

  220. Its interesting that Martin Keown alluded to the defensive coaching needing to change at Arsenal. I hope he has some input in that, would be great to see him back at the club.

  221. I hped last season & continue to hope that we sign Phil Jagielka, solid & calm; exactly what we need.

  222. LimparAssist

    Poor old andy. The crowd have jumped all over him like TV5 owns Peter Crouch!

    Great thanks, mattyboy! Yeah I was at Glasto. Bit like a Vietnam film to begin with, but dried out and became excellent. Shy FX and the Ragga Twins at 4am might’ve been up your street?!

    Couldn’t be more excited about the new season. I’m away Sept-Oct though so it’ll be sports bars for the first bit. See you down there when I get back!

  223. “Who gets the matchball when he/ they score a hat-trick?”
    Gervinho. Of course. Cah! 🙂

    Keown could coach them in hanging in the air like a crazed vampire.

  224. Could we possibly only sign one of the Gervinho’s? Just asking.

  225. Great blog, YW.

    And not sure if these have been posted:

    Arsenal Training Session
  226. Dex

    Keown is extremely astute when it comes to defensive play, it is my hope as well that he becomes involved in the training of the defense.


    Good question, lets wait till he scores a hat-trick and then we’ll find out. Lets hope he does it at St James Park.

  227. LA – Sounds great (apart from the rain, of course) – ‘Shy FX and the Ragga Twins at 4am might’ve been up your street?!’ – most definitely! I bet that was a set to remember…

    I hope you enjoy you’re travels, wherever you are off too. Hopefully, we will be nicely settled around the top of the league by the time you return.

  228. The Gervinhos make their debuts;

  229. Dex

    So we’ll be playing like Stoke then

  230. LimparAssist

    No doubt, mb, no doubt. This is the year it all comes together…

  231. @mj_gunner, The Gervinho’s have to scores 9 goals to get the match ball.

  232. Paul-N at 3:24 pm

    That’s a good interview from Djourou (the man by the way) despite the cuntish questions.

  233. I never said that TV wasn’t a good player, I like him and thing he is an excellent defender. However, as is often the case with players who are not available for a prolonged period, he seems to have improved in everybodies mind in his absence though. He will strengthen the defence no doubt, but we had many of the same problems whilst he was there anyway.

    The set piece issue is not a new one; we have been weak there for quite a while now, so to say we will simply sort it out on the training field holds no water. I am sure it is something we will have tried to address before, but seemingly to no avail.

    The bit about the organisation on the pitch is very true though. We have nobody who really takes command at the back, and that alone could well be the cause of the chaos which occurs when defending setpieces. A new commanding CB (who is a good organiser) to partner TV5 will be a welcome addition and may go some way to solving our Achilles heel.

    Is all of that so radical? I think not.

  234. I hope there is some news coming from the Emirates tomorrow…. the signing of the Gevhino’s and Samir signing a new contract. I saw somewhere that Fabregas isn’t going on the tour because he has a hamstring problem. Not sure if that is true or not, but if it is then it doesn’t bode well.

    I’m off to the bar, it’s apero time! And the festival is in town.

  235. Dexter – “gooner andy is being really doomertastic today”

    Discussing our well know defensive issue is doomertastic?


  236. I ear we ave got the knock back from Doyle!!

  237. ….. and Gervinho is running at John Terry….wait, what’s this? Gervinho just split into two different people and put Terry on his arse!!!

    It’s going to happen.

  238. I’d like to see a graph showing set-pieces against versus set-pieces conceeded, because I’d have a suspision that while we would have many more set-pieces against compared to other teams, the overall % conceeded would be around the same. It’s just the way certain teams set out to play against us.

  239. Whenever I hear the words “an Arsenal legend has told us…” I cringe. Ray Parlour thinking it would be a good idea to let Cesc go and replace him with…Scott Parker was one such comment. And he went on to say we should bring in Defoe, of course the words English spline had to slip out as well. Amazing how many pundits who have never managed or failed at management could do AW’s job better.

  240. *Suspicion

    I rok @ speling

  241. dent worry markis we al doit from time to time

  242. @ Markus
    There was a series of rough statistical analysis on Untold Arsenal which I think covered that ground. My recollection is that they found that while we conceded the fewest goals from open play, we did concede most, as a percentage of goals conceded, from throws/corners (penalties were excluded) compared to other teams. But please don’t trust my memory, the articles are in their archives.

  243. I’m sure we wont have such troubles conceeding from set pices now Wenger has shipped out the main culprit!!!!

  244. george rodger

    Poster a should punch poster b when he starts his nonsense.

    Pau Merson is just a very stupid Chelsea fan,There is no harm in him .He is just really thick.A bit like Jabba and AIC
    Ian Wright on the other hand is a vicious evil troll,like Luke.

    Hi everybody,

  245. Our defense was not good with tv5 in the back in 09/10. It was even worse statistically last year. We have talked for 2 yrs about how we could improve with better coaching and training bit it has not improved. The boss has said he is not making any changes to the coaching staff and i would assume the the current coaching staff has been doing everything in their power to fix the problem. You can make all the excuses and bang on endlessly that his year will be different but why not hope
    For the best but for once prepare for the worst. No one is claiming that Cahill or samba are saviors but we have tons of money in the bank and saying we might not improve if either were with us is ridiculous. We certainly could not be worse the worst case is that they dont work out and end up as 3rd or 4th choice which is no disaster Nothing is guaranteed but why not use our resources to give us the best possible chance to improve

  246. Just reading in L’Equipe that Stefan Savic (partizan Belgrade) had trialed with Arsenal but has just signed a four year contract with Man City.

  247. george rodger

    Fun,I think Penalties were included and they made us look worse.

  248. In a nice diplomatic mood again today George i see.

  249. george rodger

    Yes Northbank,We did not think he was good enough.A bit like Yaya really.
    Might turn out to be a mistake,Then again.

  250. @ NB
    Savic trialled 18 months ago and we turned him down. From what I recall, there were high hopes before he came for the trial but it was felt he had some way to go. Since then we have put in bids for young defenders Smalling, Phil Jones and Carl Jenkinson, so I doubt he was near the top of the list. Or maybe there were work permit problems? Anyway, his trial was ages ago.

  251. george rodger

    Hi Duke 🙂

    I cant help myself.I have issues you know. 😦

  252. Yeah pessimistic gooners!

    I was going to go to one of them ‘how to be positive classes’ but i didnt bother going as i didnt think anyone would turn up!

  253. Savic Had a trailer with us last year but was not good enough so was not offered a contract. Mancini must value different skills than arsenal I presume.

    Also even with all the effort and cunningness and slyness inthe world the press has still not managed to make arsenal a small club yet. How people can think that players won’t come join us is jus dim.

    Samir captained France for th first time last winter. Will AW ” do a cesc” with him. Samir is much closer to the leader the fans picture. He’s vocal, has a mean streak and is absolutely not afraid of expressing himself. He might be a mor visible captain from a fan perspectiv and hes 23 sOmore mature than Cesc was when he got the burden.

  254. goonerandy

    You said you would weep with that back 4 and then you said Vermealen wasnt dominant in the air. Yep, you have been doomertastic and right moaning sod today and youm tried to worm your way out of the TV comment too.

    Too much like hard work and not worth the effort you are mate.

  255. I agree with Frank: F*ck-off poster b.
    Especially after reading GA’s dooming of our young defenders. What a tool?

  256. george rodger

    Poodle ,what of Cesc though?
    And RVP must be the Heir Apparent.Surely?

  257. I’m with George. RVP for the captaincy please.

  258. Yogi,

    Spot on today.

    Wrighty & Merse,

    Two pundits/ half a brain. Literally.

  259. Yogi,

    I enjoyed and agreed fully with today’s blog.

    Wrighty and Merse: two pundits/ h alf a brain. Literally!

  260. No not RVP. dont give him the poison chalice, Make Denilson captain!

  261. I’m not with Duke. RVP for captaincy please (IF Cesc goes)

  262. Gainsbourg69

    Hahahaha!!!! Andy, very cleverly, wanted to open space up for himself in order to doom. Due to Dexter’s good man marking abilities Andy was shoved off the ball.

    You are not reasonable, Andy. You’re a fence sitting coward. That’s why some people have a go at you.

  263. Maybe it is just me that thinks we have issues in defence then. Oh well, lets hope things miraculously sort themselves out then. So far our team and defence has shown that it is not really reliable………so lets just carrying on doing what we have been doing, and expect a different result (the first sign of madness you know).

    Shotta – Dooming of our young defenders? Do elaborate. So far I have simply pointed out that we have issues in defence (which is so obvious it is untrue). Is that dooming? If so, woe is me.

  264. Gains – How do you work that out? I state my opinion, and stick to it. If my opinion changes, I will say so. How is that fence sitting?

  265. “Due to Dexter’s good man marking abilities Andy was shoved off the ball.”

    Dexter seems to be playing schoolboy football still. I am in a more realistic lge 😉

  266. Gainsbourg69

    How can Cesc want to be teammates with scum like Alves and Busquets?

  267. D**ming- (dew-ming)- A verb I have never heard used before until reading this blog.

    I don’t think Andy is D**ming about the defence. We witnessed some truly shambolic defending last season. Aside from the CC final, I recall the “Squillachi bounce/Almunia being Almunia” incident, Djourou (post back injury mind you) getting beaten twice in the last match against Bolton, and many questionable penalty calls. I’m fairly certain we scored the 2nd most goals in the EPL last year. I know for certain we conceded the 4th least amount of goals. Those numbers are similar to our league table position. That is, pretty damn good but not the best. Will Gervinho contribute to the offense? Surely. Will a big CB help plug the leaks in our backline? Probably.

    I think overall the team needs to grow together based on what they, as a team, experienced last season. As others before me have stated, becoming more cohesive as a unit will be the biggest boost to our title chances.

  268. Gains, I will never know the answer to that question.

    It is quite clear for the entire world to see that Biscuits is a cheating, sneaking a peak after diving referee deceiver.

  269. What is Bill going to do, if, as it now seems, Wenger places emphasis on signing attackers rather than defenders in this window? More moaning about money in the bank? What a long year ahead of us.

  270. I agree that due to long service RVP deserves to be captain but firstly he is very often injured and scondly he is a striker.
    If Cesc leaves maybe the captain band is what makes Nasri stay. You know, the feeling of “importance”.
    RvP does deserve it though, however being captain is not about who deserves it most it is about what is most beneficial for the team.
    Just a thought though, he has proven in the past he can do the captain job Samir and last year he was very vocal.

    Mind you did anyone read Djorous statements today? Sounds like a clever boy that djorou(bleh cant even spell his name right me, how embarrasing)

  271. hah! and people say Gervinho has a multiple pesonality?? Look at JCross. http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/columnists/john-cross/John-Cross-Arsenal-Cesc-Fabregas-Samir-Nasri-Gervinho-Gary-Cahill-transfers-Why-Gunners-will-IMPROVE-if-Arsene-Wenger-gets-his-way-this-summer-article761753.html
    hes way multipersonal, however its the first positive article ive seen about ARsenal summerspending all summer.

  272. Gervinho, is soon to be a fully fledged member and more good news is that Ryo, maybe in the squad for this season!

    It’s the first piece of positive news I have seen about our Arsenal since months. I still have love for Merson and Wrighty, simply because of glory days which both played a huge part in. They were both legends for us but, Sadly they have some fucked up thoughts regarding Arsenal nowadays.

  273. As per normal great and interesting post YW..Gadget @11.03 regarding the hair style of Gervinho.His hair is not in Dreadlocks,it is extensions my friend…..Onward Forward Arsenal..

  274. Yesterday evening and this morning, skycuntsources understood that utd had a 20million offer for Nasri turned down and that Arsenal were understood to be holding out for 25million.

    By this evening, skycuntsources now understand that all the clubs they mentioned that were chasing Nasri, have confirmed that they haven’t made any bids.

    What a group of fucking idiots and I hope this is a lesson for the media brainwashed Gooners.

  275. Tell em again Ras.

  276. Sorry Gadget it was 11.02 to be precise..Must be right now musn’t we..

  277. This is interesting, given the BBC’s hysterical promotion of Nasri-to-United rumours.


    Sky Sports “understands” that NO formal bids AT ALL have been made for Nasri. Man U, Chelsea and Man City all made an “enquiry”, is all.
    What’s the betting that what has really happened is that because Nasri is stalling on his contract extension, other clubs have been sniffing around ,asking if he is for sale – and they have been told to eff off? Perhaps the club is playing hardball and is prepared to see him leave on a free next year if he won’t re-sign.

    It is Lie Sports but the story makes Arsenal look strong, so it’s not the sort of thing they would make up, I wouldn’t have thought.

  278. Guess Who’s Coming Dinner………..
    Natty Dreadlocks.

  279. Beat me to it, goonerton. We’ve been had, again. Some of us, anyway.

  280. @ goonerton
    I can’t wait to see ryo in action, so I really really hope he does well on the tour. It would be great to see him feature in the CC this year – in which I sincerely hope Wenger goes back to playing the kids.

  281. Dexter/Gains/Shotta – To look at this debate from another perspective; our coaching staff will have been working hard on our defensive work, of that their can be no doubt (it would be negligence otherwise), but it does not seem to have worked. Also none of our players seem to be very good organisers, or we would have seen an improvement there as well.

    Bearing in mind you are quite happy to slate me for my thoughts on the matter, what would be your thinking on the direction the club needs to follow to correct this?.

    Or have we just been the victim of circumstance and bad luck?

  282. Unfortunately the cool-heads are always outnumbered by the freak-outs who will push the self-destruct button at the slightest of tough times.

    Nasri is a good player, but his record with us in the past 3 years begs to differ that he’s not a “fantastic” player. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe we didn’t play him in the right position. In hindsight, was his form this year a “show off” preparing for a move?

    Fabregas is the one I’m concerned about, not necessarily for selling him but his replacement. Wilshere is good but can’t carry a team like Arsenal yet and the proof is Cesc himself was not able to carry Arsenal to safe shores at the same young age. It’s not going to be the end of the world if Cesc leaves but the whole way and structure of play was created around him, we can change all that if he leaves.

    You can not tempt a player to stay put when there is a club on the other side offering him double the salary. In the past, salaries were close and the difference was not big enough to convince a player to leave a club they love. But honestly, 80K a week or 150K a week? Don’t blame the player, blame the crazy times we live in.

    I have no doubt we will remain competitive – which is the most important thing – winning trophies has nothing to do with how many players you signed it’s about a lot of things that needs to click all at the same time.

    In the end, I’m not sure if we will sign players or not sign players but one thing I’m %100 sure of, is that I will be supporting Arsenal next season. That makes me feel good.

    A special F*ck off to the people who inspire me to love Arsenal even more::
    * Wright
    * Merson

  283. Fun – I would imagine most of the stories in the tabloids regarding fee’s/bids from Nasri have come from his agent.

  284. This Benzima, thing seems to be gaining momentum too which if it happened would be nice to see how Wenger sets us up to play.

    I really hope Barca come back with a serious quote for Cesc, then he fuck off.

  285. Barca is home for Cesc…very difficult situation…he wants to go home…but Barca refuse to pay…other clubs are willing to offer more. If I were Cesc, I would be absolutely frustrated.

  286. george rodger

    Andy.I think you ask reasonable questions.I wish I was cleaver enough to give you reasonable answers.
    That is a problem.But that is why I put my faith in Arsene.Its not a cop out.I just don’t know what he does and therefore I have to hope he puts it right.
    But I accept that my stance leaves little scope for debate on some subjects.

  287. FunGunner | July 7, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    I’m just glad somebody notices these things and highlights them bastards for what they are.
    The damage they can do is terrible. A lot of us wouldn’t be here if Dr. Gobbles had this media power to hand.

  288. @ fungunner

    regarding paul and ian, i refuse to have my memories of them on the pitch for ARSENAL solied by what they feel they need to say right now to earn a living. i don’t like it but it is what it is. they jump on the band wagon like most to sell their articles and shows. they did their outmost
    for ARSENAL as players.
    regarding the left back issue, gibbs has to get a shot at making the position his now that Gael is gone.. and with good support from his teammates and manager there is no reason why he can’t achive his full potential.. that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a plan b and c in place. expect the best but always prepare for the worst case scenario…

  289. george rodger

    Cesc should bide his time.He is only 24.
    We should remember he choose to sign the contract,Nobody put a gun to his head,
    He should come out and say”If Arsenal don’t want to sell me to Barca ,fine ,I will wait.No problem”or words to that effect.

  290. “80K a week or 150K a week? Don’t blame the player, blame the crazy times we live in.”

    seriously, what on earth are you going to spend 80K a week on? and what is it that you want to buy that 80k/week cannot that 150k/week can? 80k/week is a ridiculous amount of money. People who make 200k/year are well off for crying out loud. At some point do we not say that greed is the blinkin culprit.

    I am not against making more money but on a whole rich people only want to get richer, for no reason at all, just to have more money!

    Now I dont know what I would do if I was in the same situation but regardless I would be greedy also.

  291. George, I also think he should tell his hombre’s to stop mouthing off to the press and show Arsenal some respect.

  292. goonerandy | July 7, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    “Or have we just been the victim of circumstance and bad luck?”

    Have we fuck. We have a top class Centre Back in TV and the rest are not far behind.

    However, we do not have anybody in the current squad who is an organiser and that is why we give away school boy error goals on the counter, set plays and if put under pressure for too long.

    Watch re-runs of us defending set plays and you will see players not picked up tight or even noticed until they are heading the ball into our net and you will also see about 3 of our players picking up no body at all.

    Blackburn have conceded from corners also but, when they are defending them you can see Samba, trying to organise vocally and they don’t always look a dead cert to concede from set plays. We need somebody of this stature to come in and get us defending dirty, big and strong like we use to.

    If he comes he will be surrounded talent which I think would make him shine.

  293. Many of you believe that we will be a better defensive team next year by standing pat. I think its safe to say that the things our coaching staff has tried to do in the past 3 years to fix our problems have not worked I think we will be a better team with a CB such as Cahill. No way to know for sure which view is correct so why not cover all of our bases. If it turns out that Kos TV and JD are as good as some think then at worst Cahill is still a good 4th choice and situational CB. He would also be great cover when the inevitable injuries occur. There is no real downside to bringing in someone who gives us the option of having a different look in the center of our defense especially against teams like stoke However if we do nothing during the transfer window and the current group struggle again we are hosed Risk/ reward ratio so clearly favors bringing in another player that it’s hard to understand why anyone would be against it. No one suggesting we throw out our current players.

  294. Goonerton 4U..Oriiiggginnaaal ting…Mykal Rose Guest Whose Coming to Dinner…..Do u see a similarity in the foreheads of him Gervinho.? lol

  295. @ kamran
    Oh, bless you! Thanks on their behalf. 🙂

    @peacefrog and goonerton
    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see anything happening with Cesc. I can’t see any logic to selling him. He’s integral to the way we play and that’s worth more than £40m in the bank. of course we could adjust if he went, but it might make things difficult for a while. I think the issue was settled last year and Cesc has processed it emotionally and psychologically. There’s been a noticeable dearth of “I want to go to Barca” quotes. Maybe AW has given Cesc a date when he can go, but the player seems to accept that it is up to AW. I think he will have a good season, hamstring permitting – the WC and all the emotion of the tug-of-war last summer must have been quite draining.
    I suppose if AW has a big shake-up planned, or he has changed his mind about Cesc, anything could happen, but the only quotes from Wenger which I have seen say that it’s a “different situation” to Nasri and we “master” it, and that “we don’t sell our top players”.

  296. George @ 7:17 – That is fair comment mate.

  297. Goonerton – I agree 100%. I for one don’t think think we have had bad luck (more than any other team, but other do prefer to focus on that which is why I mentioned it.

  298. YW – good rational stuff, thanks for your devotion and energy; the muck in the media is ubiquitous.

    Regarding our defense, isn’t this new signing, Jenkinson, a defender; plays outside as well as CB? 6′ 1″ 1.85 m

    Our manager has shown not to let age be a barrier to a players chance at Arsenal.
    With Djourou, Vermaelen, Koscielny, and Squillaci…….not likely to see another CB bought.
    Maybe a player that could play CB, but also back up for Sagna.

    re: Squillaci
    We all understand there is a learning curve in adapting to this league……so I am not willing to write off this player…..and our manager is certainly not going to give up on him unless the player initiates the idea of a transfer.

    After the past month, I would not consider Nasri as a candidate for captain. vP, Vermaelen are good options……

    re: Cesc
    Would like to see him stay another season, if only for Arsenal to piss on Barca. Then to add frosting to the situation, Arsenal be grouped with Barca in CL play…….and knock them out;
    as Ryo and Gervinho make pudding of Alves.

  299. george rodger

    Bill.I concur with that.Buying Cahill is at worst a good option.

  300. george rodger

    Bill,as well it would get us some positive press and appease a great deal of unhappy fans and those who believe we need “British steel”and who knows,they just might be right.Personally I don’t think so ,but hey,I really don’t know.
    And at very worst he would have a resale value .Its not like throwing away £17 million.

  301. People saying Gervinho had a large forehead. Never believed it until I saw this.


  302. everyone i talk to thinks CESE is as good if not better than that cheat Ronaldo. he went for close to 90mil.. don’t you think we are undervaluing him at 40-50.. that said, if i know his heart ,soul and body are at ARSENAL i wouldn’t sell him.my valuation of him is closer to 75-80mil. that’s taking into account the current economical climate. not bad deal if you consider his abilities and his age. he will be the best in his position in years to come and i hope its in the red&white shirt of ARSENAL..

  303. GA Stop moving the goal posts. You said TV was not dominant in the air. Which is bollocks

    You also said you would weep if Arsenal lined up with a back 4 of Sagna (PL RB of the season) TV (top CB who is great in the air) Koscielny (had a great 1st season) and Gibbs (young England international who we all hope, apart from you, comes good and gets over his injury probalems) Wanting to weep over that back 4 is very odd behaviour for a grown man.

    No one said the defence doesnt need addressing. You have conveniently tried to change your original aspect of your points, when the issues of our defence has been discussed TODAY! Changes to the coaching of the whole team, changes in formation, set up etc. New peronnel in the coaching set up and obviously new players.

    Stop digging that hole!

  304. The Arsenal defense last season.

    2 players who have never played in the PL before.

    1 player who was out injured all year.

    1 player returning from injury

    4 players who have never played together at all.

    How do we think other teams would fare with the same situation?

    Inspite of all of this it was the TEAM that fell apart at seasons end so we really shouldnt just focus on the defense. I dont hear anyone saying who us going to score the goals for us, even though only 1 player was scroing at seasons end.

  305. Dexter – You have not really answered my question.

  306. goonerandy, if I am playing schoolboy soccer you must be playing foetus football man. You need to step it up mate.

  307. What question? Yiou really are pissing about today dude

  308. And incidentally, where do you get that I don’t hope Gibbs comes good? You have really just made that up to suit your point (nothing unusual there I know). Of course I do, my view is that he is not yet ready, and certainly not as good as Clichy.

  309. See my post at 7:06

  310. What question,?

  311. You know the question you want me to answer, then tell me what it is, I aint your bitch! 🙂

  312. You can’t read? George seemed to understand it fine, so it must just be you.

    I am asking for a reasoned reply to how you think this issue can be addressed. You are quite happy to slate my thoughts, but you never really offer any of your own.

  313. George @ 7:40

    I agree. seems so logical for alot of reasons.

  314. Paul N
    “Seriously, what on earth are you going to spend 80K a week on? and what is it that you want to buy that 80k/week cannot that 150k/week can? 80k/week is a ridiculous amount of money. People who make 200k/year are well off for crying out loud. At some point do we not say that greed is the blinkin culprit.”

    You’re talking about you & me mate, but those players want to buy the big houses, the fancy cars, and marry models.

    Also don’t forget that in England 80K actually means 40K after tax.

  315. “Also don’t forget that in England 80K actually means 40K after tax”

    I am sure I would scrape by on that.

  316. if they cost the same phil.j from everton will be my choice over gary.c….. or maybe, just maybe, AW is thinking with an explosive offence we will just OUTSCORE the opposition. no matter how many they score…. just a theory….

  317. Tellin me GA! Thats a whole lot of bread!

    G4E, they can the big house, fancy car and get the pretty woman and the whole 9 with 40k/wk.

    Yo, with a months pay they can buy almost any car they want. 1 MONTH!

  318. Oh dear andy, getting a bit tetchy? You have a question for me, then ask me. Im not going to trawl back up the posts because you are acting like a moody teenager because people have been showing up your posts today.

    And the issue about our defence has been discussed FFS. Did you miss it?

    Youm obviously dont read the daily mail then.

  319. Paul – Please stop talking about this. It is making me sad.

  320. Dexter – Yeah I have read most of today’s thread. But if you have posted your reasoned thoughts on the matter I must have missed it. Do you even have any, or are you just happy picking at other people’s?

    Maybe you don’t.

    Techy? Me? Heh, it would take an awful lot more than an internet board to make me even mildly annoyed mate

  321. I think the defense will be addressed in more ways than one. I believe defensive organization will be drilled into the team and that another defender may come. The thing is, if we dont work on organization then we will be depending on the one player (who may come in) to make it right. If that player gets injured then we are back to square one (someone mentioned that some time back).

  322. I hear you GA, when you read it, it is truly warped.

  323. professional FOOTBALLERS only have ten to fifteen years of earning potential, hence the greediness. it isn’t mostly their fault. its the super rich filthy clubs that are most to blame for the current problems. one thing they can’t buy is history and tradition…

  324. goonerandy

    You are the one who cant read then.

    We have discussed the defence; In fact I felt having new coaching staff would be good; Keown was named. And changes in personnel have been discussed since the last day of the season.

    How about you actually admitting, for once, you really shouldnt be saying things like vermealen is not dominant in the air, eh? That was the original crux afterall and one you keep avoiding.

  325. Paul – I think you are right, but surely the coaching staff have been trying to do this for years (it is not a new problem). Maybe our defenders simply can’t organise themselves effectively without guidance on the pitch? Maybe. I am hoping that we do bring in a new CB who is capable of doing just that.

  326. Maybe Gervinho can dance like Ade? I mean the man was not a cool dude but it was fun when he did his little goal dance with RvP and Henry. We all know that Lansbury can dance so if they score together maybe its gonna be a wicked goal dance. cant wait 😀

  327. Ras | July 7, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Big up and big thanks for that one. Got it on loud speaker right now.
    Memories. Skank Out!

  328. Ras,

    Compared to Gervinho. Michael, has no forehead.

  329. TV5 is good in the air, but more so from open play that set pieces. My point is that even when he was in the team we still leaked goals. I still don’t think he is dominant in the way somebody like Vidic or Samba is though.

    I agree with on the coaching staff issue, maybe some fresh idea’s would help things. I am sure I read that Arsene had said that there would be no additions there though? I am be wrong, but I am sure he did.

  330. So cute you guys!!!

  331. Forehead jokes aside. Gervinho, is quality, knows how to get past people with blend of trickery and speed which will suit our style of play. Oh…and he knows how to put the ball in the back of the net.

  332. He keeps trying to reach around Bill, but I have to keep slapping his pesky little arm away 😉

  333. goonerandy | July 7, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    I’m with you on that subject.

  334. Goonerton – I would keep that to yourself mate. Some around here see that as heresy.

  335. I could live off of one week of Nasri’s wages for a couple of years.

    Also Dups, i’m pretty sure that picture is real. I think Gervinho is a descendant from the
    Conehead family. http://bit.ly/qCCTy5

  336. Its down to the coaching more than personnel for me, the fact that when united have Rio and Vidic out, but are still pretty solid shows that (well to me, anyways) I think we have been solid and it is way too simplistic toi suggest the defence is just shit. Which is probably why andy doesnt get it! 😀

    The defending from open play has improved since last season, yet the set piece issue has been apparant, espeically towards the end of the season. I do think the defence needs addressing, but it has also taken on a bigger concern due to the collapse at the tail end. That is the more pressing concerning to me.

    Especially as we will have Djourou who should be better and ready to go from day one, same with Vermealen and Koscielny will be used to the PL now. Signing Samba wont make the whole team defend better, it would be a decent signing though. I also think things like the midfielders tracking back, not switching off or giving away daft freekicks in areas that put us under pressure (so anywhere on the pitch when we play Blackburn, etc) and not losing their marks at corners etc would all go some to help.

    Ha! Andy, you still wont admit the TV diss! 😀

  337. I get what you say Paul, but most of the rich people won’t stop at the 1st million, if they got one they want the second and the third.

    Greed is becoming the virtue these days and accumulating debt is OK as long as you are silver cups.

  338. *As long as you are – buying – silver cups*

  339. GA, the defense went south as the whole team did. I believe, yes that we need help being organised but also that whatever caused the team to stop scroing is the same thing that stopped us from defending as we were for most of the season. I would say it was a lack of confidence all around. Another thing is that these are different players who need to get adjusted and familiar. There is more to it than meets the eye.

    kamran 40/week is almost 2 mil a year. Most will never make that in a lifetime.

  340. Let’s wait until we see preseason and how the season starts before talking up a guy who hasn’t played for a season.

    I hope to all there is Vermaelen comes back to the form he showed his first season (being paired with a guy who was too similar which lead to that pairing having some frailties themselves), but achilles injuries are pretty scary.

    Plus added to DJ’s shoulder, along with other injuries, means I would like a competitive CB signed (Cahill or Samab being ok for me as they are the most often mentioned) instead of relying on what we currently have with youth (Bartley, Miquel) as cover.

  341. @Yogi

    I admit it is not original to call you a tosser. I imagine you get it every day.

  342. GA

    I hope Wenger has a look at changing things in the coaching dept.

  343. From “Sky Sports understands…”
    No bids yet for Nasri
    Man Utd understood to have made enquiry but no offer…

    Are they actually for real? Some people are already reporting that man u is about to come with an improved bid of 25M… Indeed?

  344. Dexter – That you very much. As it goes, I agree with what you have said.

    I did address the “TV5 diss”. I said I think he is good in the air, but not dominant in the way that the likes of Vidic or Samba are.

    Which sort of lends itself to your point actually. We have defended better from open play (certainly from the season before), but struggle at set pieces. For me this is where we lack the dominant figure who would organise things, and just as importantly be the one we would look to to clear the danger.

    How many times do you see corners free kicks come in, on ly to see the like of Vidic/Terry (wanker)/Samba repeatedly clear the ball? You expect them to win it. We don’t really have that.

    Anyway, must dash for now. I need to get some more guitar practice in before it gets to late. Working on El Rodeo by Kyuss, and a couple of Queens of the Stone Age songs at the moment.

    Laters (and to be continued ;))

  345. Busch

    I am pretty sure there will be at least one CB signed. Bartley most probably will go on loan, while Miquel should get into the CC teams and possibly then get a loan later in the season, to a Champ team. I know it was Leyton Orient, but I thought he looked really good.

    As for Vermealen, its not like he has only had one pro season under his belt. If he is fit again, then there’s nothing to suggest he won’t be top drawer again. Him and Djourou could make an awesome pairing, imo.

  346. Team Spirit

    Lie Sports news are getting desperate when they are reporting enquiries as news man.

  347. Adios andy dude!

  348. good job you two made up i thought it was about to get hairy.

  349. DukeyG

    You effin want some? Haha! Only joking man. 😀

  350. Maybe SSN need to talk to the News of the World. Those buggers would have been able to sort some phone hacking to get better info.

  351. @ dexter… i seriously marvel

    and not man… woman!

  352. Usmanov, ain’t fucking about though is he?

    This could turn out to be a strange one. Hasn’t anybody thought this guy could actually go all the way before the year is out?

    Is there any sniff on what his plans are if or when he reaches his goal?

  353. PeeWee

    An interesting choice of nickname given that Paul Ruebens was arrested for whacking off in a public cinema – I bow to your greater knowledge of Onanism.


  354. Wo….Man! I do apologise 😀

    Yogi; SSN and NotW are one and the same, well, practically. I am surprised SSN dont have a daily slot where they air footballers private phone messages from their agents, mistresses, etc.

  355. george rodger

    PeeWee | July 7, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    I admit it is not original to call you a tosser. I imagine you get it every day.

    Lol. I think you will find he does not get it twice off the same person.
    Don’t you know its rude to insult you host?

  356. Goonerton

    Its a tricky one to call. He might think he has a chance of getting on the board, or that Kroenke isnt in it for the long haul, so he could buy his shares too? Or perhaps he is just a stubborn old c*nt? Difficult to say really.

  357. Gotta be careful there Dexter, never upset the ACLF ladies.

  358. I know some were saying they dont like womens football the other day but this young lady is the truth!

  359. goonerton,
    What has Usmanov done again?

  360. Just read this evenings comments. Some of the usuals ganging up on poster b. How very original, lol

  361. Henristic

    Bought more shares, close to 30% of the club now. According to the report I read, only 4% of shares are now in hands of small shareholders.


  362. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nah, it’s just the a’s talking bollocks again. Do you have any stats to back up your claim that TV5 is better in the air in open play than on set pieces, goonerandy? Or you just throwing stuff out there?

  363. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Or the b’s talking bollocks. Whichever one goonerandy and the Doomers fall under.

  364. LOL. Not offended

    we are few so needs to be pointed out that we are here

  365. NJN

    Nah, just poster H being a shit stirrer mate. lol, lol and thrice lol. 😀

  366. Dexter you sexist git, your just as bad as George.

  367. george rodger

    Its been remarkably friendly here today.

  368. Dups

    That photo of Gervinho is excellent, however, shouldn’t take the piss, the guy is prematurely losing his hair. I suppose you could say he is doing the African version of Bobby Charlton.

  369. george rodger

    Spoke to soon
    How did I become a sexist Duke?
    No Luke today ,I need a nemesis.

  370. “My understanding was we were well within the 25 man rule thing at present.”

    It’s not just the age of the players – 8 of them have to be homegrown and we’ve just sold one home grown player

  371. I find it hard to decipher if a poster is a male or female. I can decipher if it is an “a-type” or a
    “b-type” poster. B-type’s can eff off.

  372. Signing suggestion #1;

  373. YogiI thought I was up to speed with the female ACLFers (wo)man. [Just in case]

  374. Paul-N | July 7, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Nice one.

  375. The fallacy of poster b is that he believes he is being realistic and rational & therefore utterly consumed with hubris.

    Rather be poster a all day long. Bias and proud

    Of course being poster c is the most reasonable position, but your miss out on a ton of fun.

  376. When will some posters learn that height does not matter as much as people believe when it comes to defending set pieces. Aston Villa let in more goals from set pieces than we did and all their centre backs are 6’2″ or taller, same goes for West Brom (they’ve conceded 7 more goals from set pieces). The best centre back in the world, Puyol, is 5’10”. Doesn’t stop him from dominating in defence, does it? Samba, my arse. When will people stop talking about him as if he could improve us in any way — unless he is bought as 4th or 5th choice centre back.

  377. The best route is to take the square root of (poster a + poster b). That gives you a straight line to the truth!

  378. george rodger

    Bill Turner.You are just showing off now 🙂

  379. Maybe George. Avaris15 knows what i’m talking about though.

  380. The sum of the areas of the two square legs (a and b) equals the area of the square on the hypotenuse (c)

    area = c²
    c² = a ² b² = all arsenal supporters are entitled to their views (excluding manc and spud trolling cunts )

  381. Bill Turner ~~ if you use comments from poster a, b & c you can form a quadratic equation where the answer (x) would be (mostly bullshit)

  382. @ Paul-N
    “I dont hear anyone saying who us going to score the goals for us, even though only 1 player was scroing at seasons end.”

    Yes – that was a big problem. Goals from midfield dried up and defenders didn’t contribute either.

    Re the money, the vast sums they earn get to seem normal to them after a very short time. Imagine, if you were a subsistence farmer in the third world, keeping your family on a few pounds a month, how you would feel about first worlders bitching about being undervalued or moving to another employer when they earn many hundreds of pounds a week? It is a different world. We wouldn’t live in a shack, they wouldn’t live in a terraced house. Also sometimes it is not about the money per se but what it says to others about their value to the club.

  383. GA: “Dexter/Gains/Shotta – To look at this debate from another perspective; our coaching staff will have been working hard on our defensive work, of that their can be no doubt (it would be negligence otherwise), but it does not seem to have worked. Also none of our players seem to be very good organisers, or we would have seen an improvement there as well.

    Bearing in mind you are quite happy to slate me for my thoughts on the matter, what would be your thinking on the direction the club needs to follow to correct this?.

    Or have we just been the victim of circumstance and bad luck?”

    Something that happened often last season is that the players were so eager to score that they’d run themselves ragged and start fading away around the seventyfive to eighty minute mark. How many times did we draw or lose games when the players were in a panic? It they learn to put away games against mickey mouse teams by half time, I guarantee that we’ll concede at least ten goals less than we did last season. Defensive organization and height at the back are but minor adjustments that wouldn’t affect anything, to be honest. We need to cut down on conceding silly free kicks and corners, period.

  384. I missed out a plus sign somewhere!

    Anyway, only 37 days to get through before Newcastle v Arsenal

  385. * In a panic late on.

  386. Defensive organization starts with the goalie! The most important player on the pitch.

    Prior to this past season, Fabianski had troubles controlling the box. Almunia is poor off the line and not an organizer .Szczesny, is still only 20 years old and will continue to make boners, but with poise.

    If a Brad Friedal type had been our goalie last season, the back four would have looked more cohesive, no way we would have lost the CC final, and Arsenal likely to have salvaged more points in league play. (imo)

  387. Gainsbourg69

    It’s goalkeeper. Goalies play hockey. Your rant is incoherent.

  388. G…….69
    Since this wasn’t a hockey blog, most would get the point; but you are technically correct.

    With all the discussion about our defense, height and jumping ability of CB’s and others……..our “keeper” has a direct impact on our defensive performance.

    So above (@ 11:02) when you talk about none of our players being good organizers, a fair assessment……..the performances & abilities of our goal keepers should be integral in the discussion.

  389. I do not think it is players not being good organisers. I believe the trouble is that they are all new players to the squad and had not played together enough. Maybe this season a ‘leader’ of the defence will appear and be able to do the organising.

  390. if it wasnt for him being a striker ,he would be my choice for captain. that leaves us vermalen and sagna. sagna would be my choice.. tomas as vice captain..

  391. rvp i mean…

  392. Its a pity Alex Song could not take up the Captain’s armband as I think his positioning as our DM would let him wield enormous influence, both in defense and in attack, but I have to say he has never given the slightest impression that he wants it. I wonder will that change in the near future as, and let’s be honest here, nobody else besides RVP wants it from where I am sitting. I am ignoring Cesc for now as he may or may not be with us this season. RVP I am sure has enormous influence on the team simply because of who he is but having our most attacking player as our Captain was something I never agreed with. I believe it should be someone who is involved in almost all aspects of the game and Alex Song fits that role perfectly or at least he would if he tried!!! Fingers Xed he will at some point realise this.

  393. hah seems like City has alrady pissed all over UEFAs fair play deal and are laughing directly in their face. And its probably nothing UEFA can or will do about it…

  394. and is it true that Eithad translates in English to United? muahahaha

  395. I also see “all” the big clubs are arguing about who are allowed to buy Scott Parker. 😛

  396. Poodle – Somebody been at the funny stuff this morning,huh?

  397. Actually it means “union” but that is close enough 🙂

  398. @ Irishgray
    Agree with you about Song…….right playing qualities…….seems his communications skills are lagging.

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