Cesc & Nasri Hokey-Cokey Whilst Investment Might Pay Dividends

If you are prone to bouts of frustration manifesting in a primeval hammering of the keyboard, this morning is a good day to avoid the media. Sorry, fair maidens and gentlemen of the parish, there is not one indicator of an incoming player. One can only assume that the baggage reclaim at Heathrow is extraordinarily busy at the moment.

Patience is a virtue, a key element of the Arsenal DNA.

It can be suppressed, overridden as the synapses in the brain fuse on reading who is going to leave. It is utterly confusing. Cesc is training on his own in some sort of protest according to the Spanish media, omitting mention of his hamstring problem.  The real issue in all of this is the unwillingness of Barcelona to meet market value, determined instead to cloud the issue of fee with some sort of punishment for Arsenal procuring the services of Bellerin and Toral. Fifa regulations concerning compensation, it seems, are not enough for the Catalans.

The reported interest of Real Madrid and Manchester City clouds his situation, both willing to pay more. Given he wants to play for neither, the intransigence of both Arsenal and Barcelona over the fee must be frustrating for the player. In the case of City, it might be cheaper for them to buy Arsenal Football Club lock, stock and barrel rather than pay out all this money in transfers. Such an action would at least allow the ludicrous claim that Arsenal is a nursery club to have some justification.

Samir Nasri meanwhile must be utterly confused. Having told Arsenal that it is not about money, reports suggest that the £110k per week he is demanding is not being met by the club. In a move designed to test the patience of a saint, the sister paper of the utterly despicable Sunday rag that no-one is going to buy anymore, claims that a deal has been struck with Manchester City for £20m. Not according to Daily Heil information it hasn’t, £19m more like. To give life its balance back, Arsenal are to forgo the fee and keep Nasri for another season but that presumes City don’t nip in with a cheeky £25m.

Perhaps we should ask Darren Dein what’s going on. No, wait, Nasri is the only one of the key players that the Arsenal God does not represent. He is of course, doing all of his wheeling and dealing in the best interests of Arsenal. Please, pass the sick bucket now.

Which brings us onto the club itself, the way forward. This morning’s Indescribably Boring has provided the AST with a platform to air their views. It is hard to argue with the basic theory of KSE and Red & White investing to clear the debt. There is a sustainable benefit in doing so, increasing space on the profit and loss account for an increase in salaries, thereby attracting a higher quality of players.

So far so good, as is highlighting the commercial deficiencies of the club’s existing contracts. The reluctance of the club to break those deals, masked behind The Arsenal Way, holds the finances back. It all points to revenues lost, a valid criticism in times when ticket prices have risen.

It is easy to criticise in hindsight and undoubtedly the family jewels were sold cheaply. At the time though, needs must was the motto as the new stadium required funding. Those negotiating the contracts were naive so the logic goes.

And that is a criticism which can be levelled at the desire for the current majority shareholders to invest close to £1/4bn without any reward. The answer to that apparently is that they will be happy to watch the share price rise accordingly. There is no guarantee of that. The previous owners were building a financially stable club, primed for sale is the accusation. In the era of football during which they were custodians, the returns were phenomenal. They won’t be that substantial again.

It means that money comes out of the club as a reward for that investment in the form of either dividends or management fees. This is an answer which is dismissed rather too easily. But why would KSE / R&W invest with no guarantee of any return on their investment? Withdrawing a dividend need not be viewed negatively, only if it is done at the expense of investing in the squad. Improve the commerciality of the club and this ought not to be an issue.

But don’t expect something for nothing.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I really don’t like Darren Dein

  2. Darrren dien

  3. i wonder when Fabregas will realize that Barcelona aint all that interested. Hes a trophy for them yes, but at the moment the schanzes deal is so much more important. This is the second year he has hoped for a transfare but the club that says they want him cant be asked to meet his valuation. And he think that is ok?

    if he was Bendtner he would ask them to fuck off as they cannot expect to get such a good player on the cheap. But hes so desperate he thinks its ok they fuck around with his brain for the second year running? hmmm.

  4. I really like Darren Dien.

  5. Darren Dein.

  6. poodle

    I know Cesc is an open speaker, he speaks his mind, expresses his dreams etc etc. I just think from day 1 when he publicly mentioned his dream to play for Barca and admiring Guordiola all his childhood, it was the start of a long road of endless unwanted speculation.

    How many times have we seen Cesc make agitated public comments with regards to saying how yes his dream is to play there but I am an Arsenal player. I have been feeling for a while he has regretted openly stating this desire. Had he not informed the media a Barca player may have spouted it to the world so it could have got out anyway. The media however makes sure with their anti-Arsenal agendas that the world knows ‘Cesc wants to leave’. Which imo, has never really been the case because everyone is allowed to dream – it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been enjoying his time at Arsenal.

    Barca know Cesc is valued at a minimum of 50m GBP. They are not in a rush for a creative CM. They know Arsenal will eventually cave in once it gets to a point where Cesc has had enough. How Cesc can respect that behaviour from his dream club is another matter altogether. I just feel had it been kept a bit more low key, had the media and Barca not turned this into a circus that has been running for 3-4 years… Barca may have had a better chance in getting Cesc. This could drag on for another couple seasons yet, I can’t see Arsenal doing anything other than playing hard ball now.

    We have one of the best CM in Cesc, we don’t need money, he is our captain and he will only leave if Wenger lets him.

    Doomers may criticize Wenger for keeping a player who has other desires, but who is to know others may have wanted to leave in the past only for Wenger to say no. More often than not Wenger gets the best years out of his players.

  7. hell, i was not for this but if AW IS really on the yacht with DD he must need him. bring his ass back to the board as the ” FOOTBALL MAN” everyone thinks we need. he might just be the communications link between the YANK and the russkee. get the show on the road. get this team ready . the new season is upon us in no time.


  8. I agree with you CG but from what i can read in the papers(im sure lots of other stuff goes on behind the scene) Barca is just pissing on him. They want him and they make lots of noise but there are always other more important signings. And yeh i think hes happy at Arsenal.
    Hes living in a great city, close to his new gf and captaining a top 4 club. To bad for us his favourit team is Barcelona and not Blackburn. Hed never go back there, thats for sure..

  9. Kamran i think both deins must buzz off we dont need them!!

  10. the guy is the agent to four of our players. main ones. ofcourse we need to deal with him. his dad sold out his soul to russian mobster. either buy usmanovs shares and send him on his way or start cooperating .. FOR THE GOOD OF THE CLUB.

  11. David Dein and Wenger are good friends

  12. main thing is to hold the core of theteam together ,bring in some youth players we have worked on and some fresh blood from outside. whom ever wants to stay and play for a club with massive tradition of arsenal, the right way to play the game and earn truly worthy titles and trophies ,stay and help. all those looking for a bigger payday buggeroff…

  13. Jabba's Delights


    Good post but I slightly disagree with regards to the owners not being able to make huge returns on their investment of $1.2 billion. Kroenke has invested as he doesn’t believe that we have finished growing both in arsenal terms and the premiere league. This is why asia and the online distribution rights for our content world wide are so important. There is a belief that we can increase our value by 600-800 million over time.

    With regards the playing front, arsene has got to get off the fence and make some big decisions. Why go and do your business after you have made big sales, as the price of our targets can only go up.

  14. JD

    The point I was trying to make is that the returns they will get now are, in percentage terms, nowhere near as spectacular as the gains made by the former owners. £600-800m? That time is decades not a couple of years.


  15. Darren Dein turned up at Cesc’s house and told him he would be his agent and would sell him to Barca.Are some Gooners really that thick?Some on here are..Cesc could have any agent in the world he is an itelligent man.He choose Darren Dein.And Darren Dein is working to Cesc’s orders.If Darren Dein was not doing what Cesc wanted he would be fired
    Come on Gooners wake up and smell the coffee

  16. Clay

    What was Wenger doing holidaying on a yacht with Dein then.They are best freinds who meet up every week and go on holiday together.Does that look like Wenger doesnt want him around?

  17. Does anyone know what the hell is happening to the Gervino transfer? I thought it would be tied up by now. Anyone heard any news?

  18. Ted

    if you think agents exclusively act in the best interest of their clients, never considering what outcome would benefit their own wallets the most – well.. wake up and smell the coffe.

  19. I see Gooner ted is responsible for reporting the bleeding obvious this morning. And doing it in such a fucking patronising manner too. Whose go is it tomorrow?

  20. See, the thing is Dexter, we are on an Arsenal website. Arsenal is a Football Club in London. This is a place to discuss Arsenal FC.

    I’m not being patronising, but you probably needed that explaining to you, didn’t you my little petal?

    Oh yeah, and in football, you have to kick the ball. I know, crazy eh? If you didn’t know that, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Really though, you shouldn’t worry your pretty little head about it 😉

  21. I wish I understood business better. Never was interested in money. Wish the same could be said for more of our players. I had to read your thoughts about four times Yogi, but I think I get what you mean.

    For me the only thing an owner could do for our club was pay off the debt. It could be a shrewd investment but only in the log-term. Question is whether Stan is in it for the long haul, and if so whether he is willing to invest his own money or borrow, in which case debt just gets replaced by different debt.

    Our current model is sustainable so there is no urgent motivation for an owner to want to pay off debt quicker unless the want success for the club…

    And that is not a reference to Usmanov. I’d rather finish fourth than be a playboy’s plaything.

  22. Sorry, a poor attempt at humour at this time in the morning… I actually do need to wake up, but i think i’ll drink some coffee as well as giving it a good old sniff.

  23. Nasri thinks he can cover up his greed ?? The reported 150k a week will only be used to slate the guy if he goes to CIteh. If his opinion is he can win trophies at CIteh then so be it, there are thousands of others who thought Citeh were more likely to challenge this past season for the title but in the end it was Arsenal and Man United (even if supporters laugh at our collapsing title challenge we were in for it). Nasri even admitted so when expressing how close we were when the season ended.

    Clichy I can accept is leaving for a new challenge. But Nasri, he obviously hasn’t got his head screwed on. Wenger’s advice can only so far with regards to some. He will pay the price as did all the others who left.

  24. As it becomes more apparent daily that there is no way Arsenal can match Manchester City for transfer fee and massive wages (Clichy gone and possibly Nasri) I suspect that based on his 9:53 am post, we will be regaled with screeds from Jabba how the billionaire share-holders of Arsenal should be able to pump squillions in the club without expecting a return. As so eloquently put by Tim of 7AM Kickoff in yesterday’s blog:
    “If Manchester City want a player, they will have him. To a lesser extent, if Chelsea want a player they will have him. To put it succinctly, Manchester City offer transfer fees and wages that even Barcelona players can’t resist. Yaya Toure is on some kind of 1/4 million a week deal at City and Chelsea aren’t far behind in terms of the crazy salaries and fees that they can offer.”
    Following in the footsteps of Chelsea’s Abramovich, Sheik Mansour of City has been allowed to distort the football landscape by spending obscene amounts of money, way in excess of turnover, to stockpile talent to the detriment of a competitive League. How many more midfielders do they need? They can’t even move those surplus to requirements because of their obscene wages. Thus, for example, nobody in Europe are willing to touch Adebayor at giveaway prices because his wages are way in excess of his talent.
    To again quote Tim, “When Arsenal built the Emirates the idea was to level the playing field but the problem is that the field was ripped up, plowed, and replanted with £50 notes.” But in the eyes of our footballing and now financial expert, JD, it is all Arsene’s fault.

  25. GEO;

    You’ve got the job tomorrow! 😀

  26. That Alvarez dude has gone to Inter. He played 44 times in 3 seasons at Velez Sarsfield. I seriously doubt we were even in for him. All seemed a bit dodgy from the start, like agents trying to engineer a move. Oh no no! Agents all above board and on a par with priests, well, the kid fiddling variety anyway.

  27. the BigM

    Apparently a player is booked in for a medical today, believed to be Gervinho. It’s taken a long time to get all three of ’em in the same room at one time apparently.


  28. Shotta, that’s also why Tevez will probably go out on loan next season. Nobody is willing to pay his huge wages plus a huge fee.

    He’ll pull a Robinho/Bellamy and go to his hometown club with City paying most of his wages. Run down his contract a bit then hopefully another massive club will be willing to pay his salary.

  29. Not sure if I’m missing something, but I thought Nasri wasn’t due back until tomorrow at which point he was likely to be holding discussions with AW as to the ambitions of the club. It seems highly unlikely that he has agreed terms and is heading to Citeh if he hasn’t even spoken to Wenger yet (although I don’t doubt that his agent is discussing what Citeh would offer his client).
    It’s a pity that we appear to have missed out on Alvarez to Inter (now confirmed by his club) as he looked like a promising young player.
    About time we told Barcelona to f*ck off as they clearly aren’t going to stump up the asking price for Cesc.

  30. Andres Iniesta believes Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas could join him at Barcelona this summer, and says his international team-mate is “calm” about his current situation.

    The Gunners midfielder has long been linked with a return to the Catalan giants after leaving the club to move to north London in 2003.

    Iniesta told La Sexta: “I think that it’s possible that the transfer will go ahead. I hope it does. I recently spoke with him by phone and he’s very calm.”

    The Barcelona star also hit out at Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho for their conduct following the club’s Champions League exit at the hands of Pep Guardiola’s men last season.

    “Everybody has the freedom to do with his team whatever he wants. What Mourinho does with Real Madrid is not our business. However, certain things are simply not done and he crossed the line,” he said.

    “The truth is that there were a number of very uncomfortable moments and the lines of sportsmanship were crossed more than once.”

  31. So Iniesta is going to fund the transfer out of his own pocket then, cos Barcelona don’t seem likely to stump up the money!

  32. Wavey

    Nasri isnt due back till tomorrow as you say, so hopefully, Wenger can sort things out. As for Alvarez, I am chuffed we didnt sign him. The slightness and injury record are a bit underwhelming.

  33. I got an idea… Why doesn’t all Cesc’s mates in Barcelona put a million in the pot each and help their broke ass stingy cheating excuse of a club. How the fuck can Iniesta claim Real are unsporting when 30% of every Barca game involves watching Xavi and co fall to the ground unnecessarily.

  34. According to SSN, Chelsea have enquired about Samir Nasri’s availability.

  35. Interested to see whether part of the reason behind AW’s comments on transfers not being likely to happen until the end of July is due to his wanting to see how Ryo,Traore and some of the other youngsters shape up on the tour first.
    I don’t doubt that AW still intends to bring in players, but in midfield in particular we already have a fairly large pool to draw from.

  36. we shouldnt be having an asking price for fab, he is not for sale i hope. Otherwise the club is taking a bacvkward step. personally i dont think he will go this the next or the next, he wouldnt if i was the manager. he is one of our best players ffs, why would we sell ????? Nothing being said by the club to defend the supporters yet we are slated if we dare not defend the club by some. relationships dont work when they are one sided, and thats why the fans are in more than one camp and not united because the relationship with the club is not right for all

  37. YW

    for after dinner speaking?

  38. Boomer

    not a question of us wanting to sell, but if Cesc really does want to go back to Barcelona we should at least be ensuring that we get full recompense for him.

  39. People ought not fret, buy we will it is just a matter of when.

  40. Initially I was optomistic that we would keep Nasri, and it would all blow over. I really think we will sell him now. Once this happens we really can’t afford to let Cesc go.

  41. According to Ian McGarry

    re Nasri. #MCFC offered highest wages. #MUFC have had bid of £18m rejected. #CFC willing to offer £22m or alternative: cash + player.

    Any Chelsea players worth having? Alex? Mikel is rumoured to be off to Italy? Malouda?

  42. Gervinho’s transfer is expected to complete some time today, £11.2m is the reported fee. Of course on Arsenal.com it will be undisclosed…

  43. Twitter is for twits Yogi! 😀

  44. Shottas’ points hit the target.

    Chelsea, ManC……clubs whose owner’s wealth is a seemingly endless revenue stream, focused on investment of talent and little concern for a balanced bottom line.

    Arsenal only chance of competing for talent is to out-scout competitors and find talent Arsenal can nurture and fully develop within its system……. then finalize the transfers out of the media spotlight.

    Nasri’s personality is his unshakable shadow.

    Ya Ya and Tevez are making $250k/ week*. (* reported) Lets say he went to City. If he were paid $150/week (because they can), and he actually put in a full season’s shift, how long would it be b4 this same saga is repeated?

    This is not the situation that Arsenal wants to find themselves.

  45. YW – We always seem to be linked with Kalou. I hope not though, I have never been that impressed by him. Ivanovich would be worth a shout though, an underrated defender IMO.

  46. Mikel?


  47. goonerandy

    We don’t need 5 month performers who intend to jump ship when cash is waved in front of them. If he really wants a 150k a week wage Wenger will show him the door. We want people who are with Arsenal, want to play football, win and want to make a name for themselves.

  48. Yogi’s Warrior

    Straight swap for Tevez… London is closer to Brazil than Manchester !

  49. * Argentina I meant to say :/

  50. Kompany and £15m for Nasri would be a decent deal.


    Essien and £15m from the chavs.

  51. How reliable are those statements Yogi?

  52. Yogi, maybe Chelsea’s hairy defender from Brazil would be welcome at Arsenal!

  53. Thanks for the info YW. Manchester City really are an unattractive sewer of a club, I will lose a lot of respect for Nasri if he goes there as it is fairly plain his only interest is monetary.
    Unfortunately, I can see a lot more clubs being bought by “oil money” in the future. The latest is PSG in France who have been bought by some Quatari company. Perhaps we could shift some of our other wantaway players over there?

  54. haha Chris. I was thinking the same.

  55. If we done a deal with Chelsea…

    Essien, Drogba, Malouda, or how about Cech – sub GK!

    Realistically they may want to get rid of Drogba or did he sign a new deal? I don’t like the guy, but he is a real handful.

  56. not a question of us wanting to sell, but if Cesc really does want to go back to Barcelona we should at least be ensuring that we get full recompense for him.
    No your wrong my friend at least to my way of thinking, we dont sell our best players end of

  57. The chavs “enquiring” about Nasri is hardly newsworthy. I mean, this enquiring stuff goes on all the time. Very very slow news day if this shite makes the headlines on Lie Sports News.

  58. Goonerholic thinks a loan to barca would be the best option.

  59. els,

    He’s a journalist, what more can I say?


  60. Chris – Yeah, all very true. Shame as he could be a good players for us, but you are right.

  61. Jabba's Delights


    Great news on the Gervinho front if true i think he can be great for us as stated before. Looking at the training pictures i was surprised by the size of Myachi his legs look incredibly powerful.

    Does anyone know how we currently sit with the squad rules. Clichy was one of our boys trained by the club for 3 years before 21, as are denilson, cesc and bendtner.

  62. TheBigM

    I agree man. Thie sugar daddies, oligarchs and oil sheiks taking over football clubs, will only fyck up the game in the long run. And their unlimited spending only gives creedence to the glory hunters and demands for big stars, which will increase transfer fees and wages, which are already beyond obscene.

    Football is fucked, yet what do you expect when FIFA is as corrupt a regime as the one Blatter is currently visiting.

    The FIFA Ethics Committee is the most hilarious oxymoron ever!

  63. well in all honesty, if you are on 90K a week and someone offers you 150K a week, you must be preatty dumb to refuse. That or have unbelivable faith in the project you are already a part of.
    Nasri is a bit unhappy about last year, hes restless and some oportunistic club says come here earn shit loads and you will have equal chance of winning stuff as you have with your old club.
    Why on earth should he not go?
    You have to be a very strong character to refuse 150K a week. its INSANE money. You can claim money does nto matter as much as you want but damn 150K is ALOT. I can see how its hard to turn down.
    Im 100% sure Nasri would not even concider CIty if they said we pay you 50K a week or 80K a week regardless of them getting trophies or not.
    Money matters.

  64. Good point YW.

    I have to say if we could keep Cesc (I think we will), then I would not lose sleep over a deal for Nasri involving 10m plus a player from chavs. Depending on who it is obviously. I would not sniff at Alex, Ivanovich, Benayoun, Essien or Drogba. If Wenger was serious about buying players with prem experience then this could suit us down to the grounds. That said I would not pay any of that lot what Nasri is asking for in wages.

  65. goonerandy

    A huge huge shame if he goes down that path. There’s no point in hiding that. Lets hope for some good news today before people start hanging themselves in front of SSN.

  66. The player in London today for a medical with Arsenal isn’t Gervinho, apparently it’s Joey Barton!

  67. Selling Nasri to an English club is not happening, no chance.

  68. That’s good news Northbank, thank fuck for that!

  69. They’ll need to remove the thorn from Barton’s side if he wants to pass the medical.

  70. LimparAssist

  71. Probably have to get the chips off his shoulder as well, they’ll give him terrible back pain.

  72. LimparAssist

    And the massive cock and balls off his fore’ead.

  73. silver gunner

    Well the signing of Gervinhio will make some fans happymyself included, but I will only be truly happy when we sign the defensive players we so desperately need.

  74. He still has a murderous, plundering desire for love though.

  75. LimparAssist

    Sorry to completely lower the tone there… Northbank started it by naming the fucker.

  76. Northbank1969. is that true about Barton?

  77. Sooner give Hargreaves a medical. If he passed and was prepared to accept less wages I’d take him as emergency backup. Wouldn’t offer him pay-as-play, chaps gotta eat after all.

  78. Markus Hargreaves????? No way. You gotta be nuts.

  79. Markus

    Hargreaves on a pay as you sit on the bench deal would be fine man. He can play (allegedly) RB and DM. Quality player, fucked by injuries, perfect for Arsenal! 😀

    Silver Gunner

    I will only be truly happy when there is no more famine, war, corporate imperialism, religious fundamentalism and we sign Gary Cahill.

  80. Ade did very well at Arsenal(until he became a money grabbing twaat) if Gervhino does the same then this could prove to be a very good signing indeed..

  81. oh and we get to discuss something els than ” nasri leaving,” “Cesc leaving” bla bla bla

  82. Limps @ 1:02pm – Thanks for that return in time to the one and only Eek-a-Mouse, the original “gal-lis”.

  83. LA, top, top posts! Love the Eek-A-Mouse! But whose cock and balls are those resting on Barton’s forehead?

    Thank you for providing a laugh, I am finding it seriously hard to be upbeat about Arsenal for some reason, mostly because it frustrates me that Arsenal let the media drive all the stories about the club rather than the other way around. Because The Arsenal conducts itself with class and is not given to pre-mature announcements the media gets to do and say what it wants and RASERs just have to sit there and take it. Sometimes it can wear you down! It would be nice to have it work the other way and have Arsenal drive the agenda but then again, if it were easy everyone would support The Arsenal!

    Oh well, that’s why it is the silly season I reckon. At least the Tour de France is proving to be more than its usual formulaic event so far.

    Cheers, and Up the Guns!

  84. Gervinho must be better than I thought, beating Drogba, the Toures etc to Ivory Coast Player of the Year… Kolo has said he thinks Gervinho’s the next Eto!

    Limpar – I love Eek-a-Mouse – that track especially. What a legend!

  85. Just seen a rumour linking us to Lucio.. As much as i dislike his dirty style, he could be a great player for us. He has the skills to bring the ball out of defence, the leadership, determination and Keown-style dirtiness that we’ve been missing…


    Nothing to substantiate the link of course… but hey.

  86. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yes! One of my favorite Smiths tune, OOU.

    Seriously though, Joey fucking Barton? That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore. It’s too close to home and too near the bone…

  87. I know this is old news, but have to say I’d be ticked off about the Alvarez news if it turns out to be true that we missed out on our target because of 2mil.

  88. @ LimparAssist | July 6, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    And the massive cock and balls off his fore’ead.

    Ha ha ha ha!

  89. Nice post Yogi:

    Trading Nasri for cash and a player to Chelsea sounds much better then selling him to City. Alex and cash would be a reasonable deal. Alex ticks all the boxes for a CB that we need. He completely dominated Adebyor and manhandled the whole Arsenal team during the CL 2 legged tie in 08 when he was still on loan.

    Hope the Gervinho rumors are true. Nice to get some good news.

  90. Liking the sound of this Gervinho. Sounds like a proper Arsenal signing. 2 Years and he should be on Henry’s level 😀

  91. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    My goodness, Henristic. Lay off the Le Grove, man. Have you seen how many appearances he has the last few years? We can do better than Alvarez.

    Is Ricky Alvarez the new Lorik Cana YouTube legend?

  92. Dexter selling Nasri to an english club is not happening no chance

    Why not.We either sell him to an english club for £20m now or he goes to an english club next season for free.He is not going to sign a contract for 90k a week
    Nasri will decide where he goes now or next summer not Arsenal

  93. Geo, I wouldn’t mind Lucio. I don’t think we need any more CBs tho, and if we do go for one it could be an indication that Wenger is maybe contemplating moving Vermaelen to left-back… Stranger things have happened.

  94. Agree with Nasir. Nobody gave a shit about Alvarez until we didn’t sign him.

  95. Bill

    I’ve never been impressed with Alex when hes played for Chelsea, well apart from his freekick he knocked in against us. He seems a bit slow and clumsy.

  96. Henristic

    You didn’t have the slightest clue who Alvarez was before the transfer speculation. Why on earth would you be ticked off ?

  97. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    @ Markus and chrisgoona

    It’s just another stick for the doomers to beat Wenger with. Yawn.

  98. Ricky Alvarez – He was a bit too insane to play for us too, from what I’ve seen. Cutting his own face up, burning other inmates, getting into heroin etc etc… We are talking about the same person no?

  99. His contract with HBO is probably to high for us to compete with.

  100. Cesc is leaving, i can almost see Nasri shaking his head saying “not me, am not taking all that resposibility, not with that amount being offered”.
    At the close of last season,for those of us that were uninformed,there were two types of folks offering/sharing their insights on this forum; the first type told us “it can only get better, we would just lay-off the dead-weights and add one or two quality signings” the other type said “no one’s sticking around anymore the dead-weights+nasri+cesc+v.persie – in short – everybody’s leaving” they are both wrong it seems.

    The dead-weights have nowhere else to go, alas arsenal is home afterall(overpriced and overpaid apparently)

    Cesc is Leaving(x2).Definitely.We all seem to understand his plight,it’s is dream afterall to play for his fatherlandclub+they are the best team in the world+his job would be so much easier+he gets to carry those trophies+have shower fights with his chums like alves+he’s free and catalonian chicks are hotter than…..

    Nasri is Leaving.So it seems.He has unofficially been crowned the villian of this summer break, but Le Boss would utilize his legendary powers of persuasion to make him see reason and like others before him(henry,adebayor,cesc x3) thereby stay for one more season.

    We are winning a trophy* this coming season.

    *Emirates cup not considered a trophy

  101. Chris/Markus/NJN
    Why do I need to know about a player to be ticked off that we missed signing him because of 2mill?
    You’re all obviously missing the point, or chasing the strawman again.

    Your point about le-grove was?

  102. LimparAssist

    Cheers, Gris Gris. Worry not matey, we’re just biding our time.

    Yeah, Shotta! Wa Do Dem. I’ll be doing a little dance to that when AFC finally introduce Gervinho to us all. Any… minute… n…

    Jonathan Wilson seems to think the hype around Alvarez is ridiculous, that he was touted around by Velez for €2.5 million back in March, and that noone bit then. Arsenal’s final bid was way above valuation – let alone Inter Milan’s bid. Better value to be had elsewhere I believe. We have a ‘silly money’ tipping point and Inter don’t I’m afraid. Arsenal will be weighing up multiple targets. I still hold out a fool’s prayer for Juan Mata for example. Can but dream… ho hum.

  103. I come back from the reservation and it looks like all and sundry have taken leave of the senses. Someone would think that Arsenal is actually in crisis.

    Wait – maybe I should catch up with the faecal matter in the media to get up to speed.

    How goes it Yogi – good to know you’re still fighting the good fight.

  104. @Zvatts at 1.05pm

    Yes zvatts, totally true!


    Sorry, I shouldn’t have put the cunts name on such an esteamed publication as ACLF, my sincerest apologies to everyone! :0))

  105. heniristic you say two million like its only peanuts. that was about 1/3 of clichy’s price.

    Nasri off to chelsea for 15m plus Essien sounds like a fair deal to me 😀

  106. Liverpool are bidding £19M for Stuart Downing. Stuart Downing!


  107. No crisis Darius, its Doomer spring break over here!

  108. Darius, nice to have you back. Hope stone cold Friday’s back as well!

  109. Henristic

    No no I think you are clearly missing the point. Unless he is a key target of ours, a player who will come in and almost immediately challenge for a 1st team spot, then why would we go all out and get him. Even if we did try and steal him on the cheap.. so what, we done the same with many other squad players and moved them on. Someone with 40 odd professional games under his belt is hardly going to be our marquee signing is he. Its why I a asked you, why all the fuss…??..

    I really just can’t understand why some fans allow the media to wind them up. I can see HOW it happens, its just wierd how you and many others continue to be fooled by the speculation.

  110. Elsewhere reports have suggested Nasri’s agent/s turned down an Arsenal offer of 115k p/w, on the basis that reported terms from City were 50% higher (basic), and up to double with bonus clauses. So who to believe? I think Wenger and Co. will resolve this matter in a clever way, one of two options: sell him at profit to suitably replace him, potentially with Mata, and keep that door open; or make him an offer he can’t realistially refuse. I haven’t got a clue, but I trust Wenger does.

  111. Pablo Piatti signed for Valencia, could this be a replacement for Mata who signes for the Arsenal…………

  112. The frustrating thing over the whole matter, is that we will have had to sell two first team players because we had not adressed their contracts earlier.

  113. liverpool sign charlie adam – mata was a target for them also? …….it all falls into place 😉

  114. Hi GA, we’ve been negotiating with Nasri since last summer. What were we supposed to do – offer him a lucrative contract in 2009 after one unimpressive season?

  115. OOU – Yeah, I get that mate. I know it is not that black and white, but this has happened to us before with Flamini. I was hoping we would have learnt our lesson and would be a bit more decisive in negotiations. Just my view, as I obvously don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

  116. Actually, I also made it more B/W than it probably is, but it’s such a tricky balancing act for a club like ours, with so many young players. It requires a lot of foresight, but we’ll never get it completely right until we get one of those Deloreans with a flux capacitor. When you look at Flamini and Nasri, it seems the rule should be to tie them all to long-term contracts, but then witness the hate thrown at the club if the players don’t fulfill their potential.

  117. Alex Ice Cream

    I agree with OOU,

    The idea that we just “let” Nasri run down his contract is absurd. I imagine that the contract has been on the table for a year or more, probably the same with Clichy.

    Signing Nasri on a 5 year deal would at least have given us more breathing room however but its not easy to always get the balance right. One of the problems we have is that a number of players who are simply not good enough are on wages way beyond their worth. Look at the stampede doe “I want to win things” Denilson, Abou “the new Vieira” Diaby, Carlos “cr@p version of Chicharito” Vela and why Rosicky was given a contract I will never know. There are others as well and with finite money these players are nothing more than a drain on our resources. Arshavin will only have one year left in Jan. Stick or twist?

    The problem is that there is no loyalty left or very little of it. Players want money and trophies and we cannot compete on either front with a number of clubs.

    Arsene and the club were fortunate that Thierry Henry was happy to play for us for 55k a week with Pires earning a similar amount apparently. Vieira and Dennis were on comparative peanuts compared to what players earn now. One of the reasons that Vieira left was that Juve improved his wages and gave him 5 years and he only had 2 left on his Arsenal deal. He never would have been offered the terms that Juve offered at Arsenal and AW admitted as much.

    Arsene needs to be more ruthless with these young players. He sure is ruthless with the over 30s. Dennis was on a rolling one year contract can you believe that! Pires was sold as he wanted 2 years that Wenger wouldn’t give him. Robert Pires!

    This talk about Nasri owing Arsenal is true on an ethical level, but this simply does not matter to most players. Look at Flamini. I believe its a case of too much too soon with a number of players.

    The idea that it is all about money is a fallacy however. It obviously has a huge part to play but trophies matter and if players can get as much if not more money at a club that they perceive has a better chance of success then they will leave. Players as well as supporters stop believing if the same things keep happening and we end up empty-handed at the end of the season.

  118. Gooner Ted

    This might surprise you, but, wiat for it. There are teams and leagues, OUTSIDE of England. I know that you are probably in a state of shock reading that, so I wont expect a reply for a few days.


    Typical of you to be pissed off about nothing in particular. Alvarez, who we were not in for, who has an injury record that Woodgate and Hargreaves would be proud of, yet you are ticked off?

  119. OOU – Very true. In Nasri’s case, given the amount we paid for him you would think that Arsene had big plans for him. With that you would have thought we would have got him on a longer contract. Hey, ho.

  120. Put them on longer contracts… moan…

    Don’t give longer contracts… moan…

    It’s as simple as this for the moaning crew out there. Whoever wants to be at Arsenal, will be at Arsenal. Whoever Wenger wants to get rid of won’t be.

  121. Alex Ice Cream

    Who gives a f*** about Alvarez? As someone already said nobody even knew who he was 2 weeks ago and now they are annoyed that we didn’t pay 11m for a nobody.

    I can understand the frustrations of not signing players but not Alvarez. Has anyone actually seen him play and I don’t mean on Youtube?

  122. One talks of loyalty, but at the same time extends none

  123. LA, ZimPaul, I would love us to bring in Mata if Nasri goes. Not because I don’t necessarily think we have adequate cover, but simply to send a clear message that we still have the ability to attract quality. Which we do.

    Price would have to be right though…

  124. I love Nasri as a player. I truly do. But after one goodish season at the club last year (great start, poor finish) can we truly say he is worth £150k per week? Worth more than Cesc’s wages (reportedly)? Worth smashing our wage structure and inflating salaries at club even more?

    Signed for a reported £12 million on a 4-year contract, if Nasri is sold for anywhere close to £20 then the net gain on the sale to the club £17 million. Now if I was Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis, with a restless player on hand who is some distance from greatness, it is highly tempting to cash-in.

  125. AIC

    Why does it bother you so much. If they aren’t winning trophies why should we be giving 150k a week. We ain’t Man City, we don’t have unlimited funds, what is there not to understand.

    Shouldn’t we reward our players when we see results ??? Like with Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Ljungberg and all the other Arsenal greats…

    I don’t see what you and rest of the mugs are whining about. Our top players are rewarded, become a top player and earn it.

  126. Gooner Andy

    We are going to get players who run their contracts down, hold the club to ransom etc. Thats a fact of modern footballing life mate. Unless we offered nasri stupid money last summer, then there was nothing we could have done. APART from sign him on a 5 YEAR DEAL and not the 4 he was on! 😀

  127. Alex Ice Cream


    I don’t know how 12m plus wages for 3 years equals a profit of 17m. I think the fee was higher anyway.

    Either way we don’t have a choice if he doesn’t sign, we will cash in. It isn’t tempting; its the only option.

  128. Ha! GA already had a lil moan about the extra year contract I see!

  129. Nasri was also kind of a gamble – they guy had just got over meningitis a few months before we signed him, and there were some doubts I think.

    LA on Arsenal Vision: http://www.arsenalvision.co.uk/articles/3673-the-width-of-a-coat-of-paint.html

  130. Alex Ice Cream


    You misunderstand me. I don’t think we should be giving Nasri 150k a week. He’s not earned it and he’s not worth it. I am just saying that players are motivated by money and success and we will always be vulnerable to these types of situations whilst we are not winning.

    Arsenal will never be the highest payers, never have been and this in itself does not bother me. I do believe we should pay less to unproven youth and more to quality players however.

    Not winning bothers me, of course it does. Nasri is acting like a spoilt brat. He was just another talented player in France, now he is a big name thanks to Arsenal. He’s only had half a good season with a few other decent games. It looks like its the money he’s after but it could also be due to the lack of success that we have had. He may not believe in the direction that the team is headed in. It would be harder for him to leave and the same for Cesc if we were winning.

  131. OOU

    A shameless plug that saves LA the job…


  132. george rodger

    Sell him to City,
    He will not strengthen them because he wont play.He is for to creative for them.
    And if they are offering him £150k he should tell them to fuck of f”.What ?am i not as good as Yaya?”is what he should say.
    I think if we start with the idea that we can not compete with City and Chelsea and just take joy from our beautiful game we will have less heartache and any thing more could be an open top bus ride.

  133. Alex Ice Cream


    Agreed. Wenger really rated Nasri – we tried to buy him for years so 4 years did seem a bit short. Vela was given 6 years for example!

    The extra year could have just delayed this situation for another year. If Nasri really wanted out he could have just waited another year. We may have got more cash for him though.

  134. LimparAssist

    Thanks, OneOfUs!

  135. Geo @1:26

    I’ll see old Lucio and raise one Thiago Motta.

    Whilst in a cafe earlier, I saw a glimpse of a story over someones shoulder in a rag for right ole whingers. It said that AFC might be possibly interested in Motta. One day or another.
    Apparently has a release clause of under $10M, which sounds like they might be stretching the troof a little, but I’ll take them at their word. Why not!

  136. Cheers for that link OOU. Great article Limpar – shame about some of the comments… familiar story eh?

  137. Finsbury – I haven’t seen Motta properly for a few years now, how’s he progressed at Inter? I liked the look of him as a Barca youngster…

  138. george rodger

    My good God Limps,That has cheered me up no end.And no joke. Absolutely bloody marvelous.

  139. oh yeah, been meaning to ask you – have you seen and what do you think of True Gr*t?

  140. Sorry YW!

    Glad I saved LA the trouble on here, although he seems adept at doing it on twitter.

  141. That was a joke btw.

  142. re: Alvarez

    Was there the same remorse-joy when we didn’t sign Schwarzer?

    Time to move on.

  143. LimparAssist

    Thanks for the feedback, G & G. Yeah, some cunt called “zzzzzz” is chatting bollocks underneath. Doesn’t sound like an Arsenal fan to me. Oh well, I’ve split the scene of the crime… yaboosucks to him.

    If ever there was a place for a bit of narcissism, OOU, that place is twitter.

  144. AIC – Instead of moaning about the chicken and the egg (trophies vs money, you should at least research the concept of gain-on-sale.

    As for your absurd belief that the club is over-paying on wages for young players, this Nasri saga should at least have humbled you. If the club pursued your policy of nickel and diming the young players on its books, then, once they eventually come close to achieving their full potential, they would eventually become sitting ducks for the irrational excessive spending policies of Man City and Chelsea. Of course, being your usual weaselly self, you would have another moan.

    Currently you are in the vanguard of those who like to harp on the wages paid to Bendtner, Denilson, Carlos Vela etc as if you have divine authority on their futures. This is similar to your desparaging Song as a DM two years ago and more recently your dismissal RVP as a perma-crock on whom we were wasting wages.

    You have absolutely no credibility in this debate.

  145. Geo

    You’re probably only joking, but, it’s a fantastic film. The girl in it acts everyone off the freakin screen, so she does.

  146. I was joking, Dexter – to feed into Finsbury’s gr*tty ways, but I also think it’s a great, great film. As you say, the young female actress is amazing. Only the Coen bros could pull it off that well I think. They’re right up there for me.

  147. “We work like everyone should, with a balance between revenue and expenditure,’ Wenger said. “When this is not the case, it puts a club in danger. We try to combine three factors: a style of play, sensible management and human qualities.”

    When comparing Arsenal’s spending since Wenger took the managerial post in 1996, the figures are quite bafflingly low to that of the other big clubs. From June 2004, for example, Chelsea have forked out £69.1 million in reported managerial pay outs alone, while Arsenal have made a net profit of £20.56 million in player spending.

    Wenger believes that this shows how successful the club has been, despite Arsenal going six seasons without a trophy. “It’s hard to understand why we are criticised. Because we did not win? Yes, that’s true, there were stronger teams than us,” Wenger said.

    “But we have not been out of the top four for 15 years and, for me, the true value of a team is consistency.”

  148. @ Shotta – well said mate!! I remember him slagging off Song as well, now the same doomers claim he is our rock in the centre of midfield and bitch and moan that we do not have adequate cover for him.

    @ LA – Excellent article Limpar, really appreciated it, especially the stats. ZZZZZ I have never seen before and hope to never see again, what a WUM!

    @ Darius – Are you still going to be doing Stone Cold Fridays for us armchair managers? Personally I really hope you do as the other fella ( I am not one for naming names but you know who) tends to drag on a bit. Plus he got a bit snippy there a few days back, either its old age or post-vacation blues, who knows? 🙂

    Great shot of Bendtner sleeping in between training sessions, well done JW!!

  149. Geo,

    I don’t know much, but Motta’s playing in the Copa America, check ‘im out on one of the weekend/later round games. Has had good reviews on James Richardson’s podcast.

    True Gr*t?
    I’ve always been a fan of the Coen brothers but I still haven’t got round to watching it yet!
    Haven’t been to the cinima much of late, too much time spent staring at screens.

  150. Haha, LA. Very true – I was only messing though.

  151. george rodger

    Who is lucky Ned Pepper in it?.”Fill your hands with lead you son’s of bitches”I loved that scene in the original.Gives me goosebumps it does.

  152. MJ I agree with what you have said at 4:18.

    For some people, operating with a hundred or so millions of debt is okay as long as the metal cup is won.

  153. Yea True Grit was a brilliant remake of one of my favorites, still give John Wayne the edge over Bridges although the girl in the remake was excellent. Matt Damon’s role could have been played by anyone though as he was like mannequin tied to the saddle for most of it.

  154. Barry Pepper is Lucky Ned Pepper. Good job he does too.

    True Grit was great but No Country is the best film of recent times for me.

  155. Cool, will check that out, didnt even realise it was going on at the mo to be honest!

    Yeah a great movie, if you like Coen brothers that is. Some people think their films are a bit slow, but if you’re into films, you will see the rest of the bueaty that is going on in front of your eyes…

    George – It’s a guy called Barry Pepper funnily enough, never heard of him, but puts in a great performance. Jeff Bridges is the main man, and even Matt Damon (Laboeuf) excells himself massively…! Well worth it.

  156. Chris,
    What fuss? Me being potentially ticked of is a ‘fuss’? You really need to relax.

    First off, is the story even true? If it is then why would we be willing to pay up to 9 mill (according) to the reports for someone who you say has played less than 40 games? It must mean the Arsene considers him a special talent, right? Why then would we lose on that talent for 2 extra million, (assuming of course that he wants to come to us, which from reports, was the case here).

    One would think that moving stadiums was designed to help us compete better in the tranfer market, but if we penny-pinch on such deals, knowing we can’t compete with City and Chelsea, it doesn’t leave us much scope does it?

  157. Markus – I’d agree with that. No Country is amazing. One of the best films in ages imo.

  158. Anyway, have a good one all, time to finish work!


  159. NO Country is good, but TG kicks ass man! Every character in it was brilliant, from the bank dude to the guy wearing the bear! 😀

  160. Fargo and The Big Lebowski also rock babt.

  161. hmm United entering the race for cissikho? Part of me thinks that Untied are just buying this summer to prevent others from getting attractive targets. They did not need Jones, and with their academy they must have attractive players coming through. Yet they bought him for an insane price, a player that will warm the bench? him and Smalling??
    And how will they incorporate Young? They alraedy got players like Nani Park and Valencia out on the wings. With rooney in the middle. Now they want Cissikoh, that must mean they dont trust one of the Rafael twins?
    Its like they hoovering the market for talents since this is the last window befor that financial thingy. And they pay huge sums too. Its not like they buy cheap targets. They buy 20M targets to warm the bench.

  162. Alex Ice Cream


    Good to see that you have followed the Emirates Arsenal way of gain on sale and not trophies and wages. This is what Arsenal has become – an accounting exercise and you criticise people for stating that players like Vela are not good enough. Show me any evidence at all the the contrary. We are a selling club, at least you have admitted it. Trophies are what count, not sell-on value you utter fool.

    The last few years have been characterised by the selling of great players and their replacement by worse ones. In some cases this was inevitable, in other cases certainly not.

    Our players will still be sitting ducks as you put it as other clubs will always be able to pay more. Its about balance and given long contracts to the likes of Denilson, Diaby and Vela is not the right balance. Think how little these players have achieved in 5 years and the answer is obvious. Think about the quality of the likes of Almunia, and how little other like Rosicky have contributed over the years. Nasri has had half a good season in 3. Clichy has been up and down – like most of our defenders other than Sagna. How many of our players other than Cesc and Sagna have been consistent over the years. Very few.

    It was Wenger who said that Song did not have the energy to play central mid not me. If you want my opinion, I don’t think he’s good enough to be a first teamer in a club that has realistic Prem and CL hopes – but we don’t so that’s ok. Song is not good enough to play in the same midfield as Cesc and Jack.

    I got it wrong about Van Persie but it was 3 years ago and I was concerned that he would never be fit enough to play a full season. He still hasn’t but I am happy that he looks like he is putting his injuries behind him. He is the only world class forward we have.

  163. No country is a wonderful film. It didn’t feel slow to me at all.

  164. Dexter,
    You really should read something more carefully before going off on it

  165. george rodger

    “In Bruges” best film I have seen in a long long time.

  166. @Poodle. Didn’t you get the memo? Spending 20 millions on a player is called a
    “statement of intent”

  167. george rodger

    Arshavin is world class AIC .And he is sort of a forward,I think.

  168. So, in other ‘news’ London has been described as a home away from home for many young Spaniards. Says my (Spanish) collegue before she heads off to Finland to visit her inlaws.

    Tevez to Arsenal?

  169. tbh, I won’t complain if Tevez goes elsewhere. Or rots on $iteh’s bench. Or is loaned to a club who are trying quit addictive habits and not lose their owner gr*tloads of ca$h anymore…like European giants Milan! Why, I have no idea.

  170. Keep digging a hole for yourself AIC. But then that is where a snake like you belongs.

  171. Henristic

    There you go again, being patronising.

    You moaned about us not signing a player for the sake of a measley £2m. You just like a moan. Whats not to understand?

  172. No Country for Old men is probably a bit too manic and fast paced for you henristic. 😀

    George; In Bruges was well funny. But I love Superbad, which isnt exactly high brow!

  173. oh yeh that “statment of intent”. Well thats really only important if you have “minority complexes”.
    Atm most fans dont even care who we sing just that we sing. that we show we can buy. Alvarez for12m dunno who he is, dont care who he is. BUT THE FACT THAT WE LOST TO INTER IS A DISCRASE!!!!

  174. oh the irony

  175. I hope that Tevez go to Real. he can be the one that makes them pwn Barcelona. Which would mean our captain “went home to win trophies” only for not to win any.

  176. Poodle

    The draw back with that is that Real are just as cunty as Barca and in Mourinho they have the biggest c*nt in world football.

  177. I see that spectrum fella has shat on LA’s blog as well!!

  178. For all the trolls, I post Mean Lean’s comment here –


    Out of interest, what exactly do you gain from going around saying ‘In Arsene we rust’?

    I understand that views and opinions on where we are right now differ. I happen to think that we are not in a crisis whilst others like yourself may tend to get hysterical.

    But even if someone calls me deluded for supporting my team, players and manager, I can handle that because I am supporting my club. My team. I feel a loyalty to the club I love.

    But what do you have? What do you gain? Are you in limbo? You ‘support’ the club but hate everything about it. How does it feel having not one good thing to say about the club?

    It must be quite difficult I would imagine. It must be a waste of time. Do you look at Tottenham any different to your own club? Or is it worse or better?

    I am being deadly serious. What is the point? When will you stop? Is it when Wenger finally leaves? Does a certain type of manager have to come in? Or is it anyone but Wenger?

    What happens if your wish is granted and Wenger is say… sacked. Just to make you feel better. Your manager of your choice comes in and spends the amount of money that you want and the type of players you want come in. What then happens if we start to fall further backwards.

    You may not think so, but that is possible. Humour me. Say that did happen.

    How long would it be until ‘In Hiddink we rust’ comes out? Another question. Humour me again, but imagine if Arsene did not go against the grain and didn’t sign what you wanted but instead of falling away at the end, we actually went on to become the best in the country.

    Imagine (big one I know) if Cesc stayed and stayed fit, Robin stayed fit for a large chunk of the season and we came good. What happens? Would it be an automatic stop of ‘In Arsene we rust’ or would you need a little more tin pots to stop?

    Was you around when previous managers did not win trophies? And if so did you say in Graham we rust to your pals in the pub?

    I would love an honest response but I cannot get inside the head of that type of ‘support’

  179. that is indeed true dexter but i still think that the arrogance of Barcelona is unbelivalbe. When real cheats atlest they dont pretend not to.
    Barcelona on the other hand are suppose to be so bloody holy and they just as scummy as Real if not worse.

  180. why people actually read stuff that spectrum posts i dont understand. You know all he will say is
    “bla bla bla hate arsene, bla bla bla in arsene we rust, bla bla bla hate arsen, bla bla bla hate denilson, bla bla bla hate, hate, hate, in arsene we rust”

    what i wrote above is what he writes 99% of the time.
    You know what they say, “dont feed the troll”.
    Spectrum is a troll.

  181. Good one Mean Lean, thanks for posting MJ.

  182. @mj_gunner & Mean Lean
    Top comment, and thanks for reposting. Too bad we will probably never get a proper answer to those questions.

  183. you may visit the link i you wish to read the attempts to answer

  184. Thanks G4E & Evil, I quite enjoy d**mer bashing, as I have been for the past couple of months on this blog..

  185. george rodger

    Jose is the polar opposite to Arsene.?
    Class? I think not.
    Work on a tight budget? Lol just fuckin Lol
    Develops talent? Next question
    Plays beautiful football? Ha .no way Jose.
    Risks his reputation in order to honor his commitments .?Well no,never.
    Has a vision? I think not

    I hope he wins nothing ever again.
    No matter how much I detest Barca,I take them over the alternative.

  186. SPECTRUM actually did reply. He didn’t answer any of the questions tho.

    I’m always amazed how people don’t get what an amazing job Wenger does. If we’re lucky enough to keep him he’ll win the league again soon and it’ll be the finest accomplishment the PL has seen.

  187. Missing out on Alvarez is a loss, he is a great player and is on the up, amazes me how people on here that know sweet fuck all are saying good riddance.. Any one actually seen him play? I have, many times. Would have been a excellent signing, just what we need. The fact that Wenger was interested means he has seen some thing, some fo you are true fucking idiots.
    Shotta the problem is Arsenal are a football club not a fucking used car lot… I dont care how much we get for a player ,profit what ever the fuck it is weakening us as a team. We will never pay what it will take to replace Cesc or Nasri. So Im glad you see the profit made as a bigger plus than us losing 2 of our best players.. You are dim arent you..

  188. Dexter | July 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm
    How have i been patronising? You love that word don’t you?
    If you had read my post clearly, you wouldn’t have said what you did, unless of course you were been obtuse 😉

  189. So…True Grit. Who is the actress you are raving about? I also love Coen brothers films – Fargo especially.

    @ Limpar
    Great article, written in your trademark style.

  190. We didn’t even sell either Cesc or Nasri, but people start talking as if we already did and the transfer window closed. Funny world, this.

  191. AIC. We had 17 players out on loan last season with a weekly wage of 300k between them. we pay too much for youngsters and then give stupid contracts to over 30s like Sqillachi he should have been on a year to year basis and so should Rosicky we now have Almunia, Denilson. Bentdner, costing us 150k a week to sit and do nothing for the whole of the coming season, and Diably whos already injured costing us 60k a week.

    The problem is nobody wants Bentner and the others that are rubbish as they feel they are grossly overpaid so we are stuck with 110 million wage bill of which thirty per cent is wasted , our whole wage structure needs to change .

    Nasri, and Cesc will be gone shortly lets hope we buy Enrique, Samba, Parker, and a creative midfielder to replace them so at least we have a chance ro stay in the top four and we get to sell Bentdner and company

  192. Ahh now I have it figured out! Making the top four is a two step process.

    1. Sell Nasri and Cesc
    2. Buy Enrique, Samba, Scott Parker +1 unnamed creative midfielder.

    Add those steps together and PRESTO!!! Crisis averted and we are back in the top 4. yay.

  193. Yogi:
    “And that is a criticism which can be levelled at the desire for the current majority shareholders to invest close to £1/4bn without any reward. The answer to that apparently is that they will be happy to watch the share price rise accordingly. There is no guarantee of that.”

    These guys have already invested significantly in the club (although up to this point the investment has had no impact on our competitiveness), so surely the argument can be made that investing £250mill more shouldn’t make them any more desperate to claim their reward back?

    I would be happy with the share rights idea, especially if it is opened up to supporters as well. We need an injection of cash to help us compete better over the next few years (until we can renew our commercial deals).

  194. @solgunner i bet you were one of those that really really really wanted us to sign Cole last year too? and thought that AW was an idiot who did not sign Cole for free….

  195. george rodger

    Lol @solgooner ” lets hope we buy Enrique, Samba, Parker, and a creative midfielder to replace them”

    A creative midfielder?Could you be any less specific 🙂
    Simpletons,You have to love them.

  196. george rodger

    Bill Turner,You just sit there typing willy nilly and earning your $95,ooo per week.
    You are a waste of time.

    I know that’s what you earn because I am a simpleton with a crystal ball.

  197. @ Poodle – Well said 🙂 He probably thought we should have put a bid in for Torres aswell as $70 million is a bargain for a player who less goals than Koschelny!!

  198. Rosicky? 65k per week and he is shite.
    Diaby? Can’t play 3 games without being injured, shite, stupid hair cut, 70k a week.

    The guns of the Arsenal are to be upped!

  199. i’m off to lunch yall.

  200. Gunnerjones

    I see you had to go with the “signing Alvarez would have been excellent” post and not the “I cannot believe we signed that lightweight injury prone donkey Alvarez” post.

    Don’t woryy, I am sure you’ll be able to dust off that one and just change the name soon.

  201. Alex Ice Cream


    I totally agree about the sales of Nasri and Cesc weakening the team; the profit is only a secondary consideration and a distant second. We won’t pay the money to replace them and even if we had mega millions we couldn’t replace Cesc who is a total genius. The club has become an accounting exercise at the expense of the quality of the team. Mugs like Shotta approve of this for some reason.

  202. I love how Nasri is being cited as inconsistent by the same people who defend Denilson and his transfer request to the hills.

    One of our most talented, influential and truly exceptional players is on the verge of leaving for a rival.

    How has it come to this?

  203. Henristic

    Freaking hell, do you want to add pedantic to the list man?

  204. Luke

    Whose been doing the dirty on our Samir man?

  205. It’s always fun when you compare two situations that are nothing alike, right, Luke?

  206. Alex Ice Cream

    Hi Sol,

    Its amazing how many players we have on loan. Jay Emmanuel Thomas even got into trouble for speeding in his 100k Merc and he has never even played a league game for us!

    Too many average youngsters on wages that are disproportionately higher than their talent who all drain our resources for little gain and are hard to shift due to inflated wages. Apparently Traore turned down Benfica as they could not afford his wages.

    In the meantime we struggle to pay top wages mainly because they are stupidly high and I would never want us to pay them but also because we waste so much money in wages for players who aren’t good enough. £110m on who? That’s only 20m less than ManU and counting the disparity in success between the two squad, that’s nothing.

    How will team spirit be now that everyone knows that Cesc and Nasri want to leave and after Denilson and Bendtner publically quit.

  207. @AIC
    JET has played for us in the league. Against Chelsea, for example.

  208. Alex Ice Cream


    It has “come to this” a long time ago. Flamini and Hleb in 2008 is the previous example. We have never replaced Flamini, he was amazing in 2008 and far, far better than Song.

    Not only that but losing Cesc potentially for peanuts. Messi aside he’s the world’s best player. He’ll show that at Barca. He won’t be on the bench for long-they will change formation or drop one of the midfielders to accommodate him. Cesc is better than Xavi and Iniesta but they play in a far better team.

    We lost Petit and Overmars before but we had their best years and it was years before Petit was replaced but we replaced Overmars with Pires who was far better.

  209. Alex Ice Cream


    He came on near then end I think. I stand corrected. How about he has never started a league game for us. Either way the point is still valid.

  210. george rodger

    Luke ,How would you suggest we stop Samri going to a club that will pay him in excess of £150 k per week??
    Should we offer him £160k?
    And players we have that are his level or better ?£200k?
    You must accept we are not able to compete with an owner with a personal wealth of £500 Billion plus.
    Or do you think we somehow can?

  211. george rodger

    Same question ACI what do you suggest?
    Steal his Spanish passport?

  212. As Monsieur Chappelle might say,

  213. Dexter | July 6, 2011 at 6:09 pm
    “Freaking hell, do you want to add pedantic to the list man?”

    Its a free world dude.

  214. Alex Ice Cream


    Its not that. Its the fact that players want to leave for varying reasons. Cesc due to the Barca connection but I also think that he has lost belief in the club, ditto Nasri but for him the money is more important. Its not about the money for Cesc, even if we offered him 150k a week I doubt that he would change his mind. We are struggling to keep our top players is the point – like Hleb and Flamini before.

  215. george rodger

    AIC .I know .But my point is there is no answer.
    We cant blame the club because City has been bought by someone of unimaginable wealth .who is using them as an advert for his country .Can we?
    Or that Cesc want to play for Barca?

  216. Couldn’t we get a better amount for Clichy? He is definitely worth at least £25 million in the inflated English transfer market. With one year left we offered £4 million (not sure) for Chamakh. Clichy will be a big miss. But no point in retaining a player who wants to leave. 8 years is a long time and a change might help freshen things up for Clichy. Maybe his confidence will improve while playing for a more defensive minded side.
    If Gervinho signs for us, Vela might be sent for another loan spell.

    Miller’s Crossing & Barton Fink are two of my favourite Coen Brothers movies.

  217. @ finsbury – LMFAO!!!!

    @ george rodger – In as much as I fully agree with you I think you are wasting your time with AIC. I am sure you know that by now. To AIC I would only say that you act as if Arsenal are the only club in the world who from time to time lose players for a variety of reasons yet can only put the blame at the feet of AW. Tevez left Utd and what, they bought Berbatov? Ronaldo left and really does it matter who they bought to replace him as they could not possibly be better and yet Utd still won. Our TEAM collapsed at the business end of last season. That team included the likes of Nasri and Cesc. Yet you, and others like you, lay the blame on the likes of Denilson or Bendtner or Rosicky. They are squad players and as such will never be of the caliber of Cesc and Nasri and RVP but it was our “A” team as such that fell flat in the last 10 games or so, not them. Nasri, AA and 1 or 2 others went missing for almost two whole months at the end of last season and yet he wants to know our ambition before he signs. Our ambition should be to sell the money-hungry-disappearing-can’t take the pressure-little shit, then beat Shitteh every time we meet them next season and do so with Aaron Ramsey in Nasri’s old position. To be fair to Cesc he was injured a good bit last season, he also played on against BBB with a split shin bone because he is desperate for success with us but he has always been honest about his love for his boyhood heroes BBB. So if he truly wishes to leave I will simply say thank you and I wish him well. He has never questioned the ambition of the club or the manager, he has too much respect for both.

  218. george rodger

    Hleb and Flamini Was in the middle of the Stadium period and was ,for them ,about money .Again we could have done nothin about it .FFS we tried.I think

  219. @ AIC – Sorry for sounding so God dam preachy but this issue really annoys me. I think the best solution to this particular problem is to let Nasri go. I do not think it would have been such an issue if Cesc would stay but I do not think he will. You mentioned Hleb and Flamini. Yes in 08 Flamini was better than Song but remember 07? Flamini looked like he was trying out for the special Olympics any time he was given the ball. Hleb on the other hand has consistently said that he only has one regret in his entire career and that was leaving Arsenal. Song has improved so much now that even the biggest Doomer thinks he is awesome. As for having so many young players on our books, that is not an issue for me as if even 1 of them breaks into the first squad each year it will be worth it. How much would you be willing to buy Jack Wilshire for? Personally speaking I was glad when Flamini left as he was more of a prick than people choose to remember.

  220. Still every one is avoiding the real question: Why the hell do the Smurfs have Scottish accents in the new movie coming out soon!?

  221. Alex Ice Cream


    You don’t sound convinced yourself. We could have signed Flamini up earlier but didn’t. We could do nothing about Hleb. I think Cesc would have stayed longer if we had been more successful on the pitch and maybe Nasri too. When Nasri didn’t rule out United they hadn’t offered him 150k a week.

  222. Fargo’s my favourite, but Miller’s Crossing runs it close. Oh, btw – No Country for Old Men is Theo Walcott’s fave filum of all time.

  223. Alex Ice Cream


    We differ from ManU in many way. They can spend to replace players, they got 80m for Ronaldo while we are being offered less then half that for a better player. They were Champions and and CL winners when Tevez left and Champions when Ronaldo left – they have had better overall strength so can weather the loss of players better than we can.

  224. smurfs – dwarvish – gimli from lord of the rings – gruff earthy accent – kinda scottishy

  225. Alex Ice Cream


    Also, I do agree that it was the first team that blew it. I just fail to understand why certain players are still at the club when they have failed to prove themselves over s period of years. That money could be better spent.

    Nasri is coming across a brat; f8ck him but losing him and Cesc at once would be tough to recover from.

  226. @ irishgray and george rodger
    great posts.

    “Still every one is avoiding the real question: Why the hell do the Smurfs have Scottish accents in the new movie coming out soon!?”
    ha ha!
    It’s disgraceful! We all have our heads in the sand! It’s the elephant in the room! etc etc

  227. I see Deisegooner has grasped the nettle.

  228. Gainsbourg69


    “Jose is the polar opposite to Arsene.?
    Class? I think not.
    Work on a tight budget? Lol just fuckin Lol
    Develops talent? Next question
    Plays beautiful football? Ha .no way Jose.
    Risks his reputation in order to honor his commitments .?Well no,never.
    Has a vision? I think not

    I hope he wins nothing ever again.
    No matter how much I detest Barca,I take them over the alternative.”

    With regards to Mourinho playing attractive football, Barcelona have this sketch comedy show where thy show an old Guardola and an old Mourinho playing chess in a park. In the sketch they show Mourinho’s white pieces bunched up together in the middle and Guardiola has his black pieces spread out around the board. Very clever spoof on Mourinho’s tactcis. Mourinho is also often criticized by Madridistas themselves for not playing the attractive, free flowing football they’re used to. If he doesn’t win a trophy next year he’s going to get sacked.

    I agree with everything else you’ve said. When Mourinho comes to a club the youth in their set up are not even acknowledged. I don’t know how many young, promising players he’s driven out of the game but there must be twenty two and twenty three year olds all over Milan, London and Madrid wishing him dead.

  229. Gainsbourg69

    Frimpong is looking like a tank.

    Ryo looks funny just standing there watching Theo move the weights around.

  230. http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/drivetime/blog/2011-07-06/auclair-gervinho-looks-bargain-arsenal

    This is interesting and very positive information about Gervinho.

    Please note the part where Auclair says that the deal with Nasri was virtually done in January, and then something – he doesn’t know what – happened.

  231. On a lighter note, I know this is not the type of football we normally watch but there is an NFL lockout in place in the U.S. right now as both the players and the team’s owners haggle over money, so check out this video. Pretty funny 🙂

    http://player.ordienetworks.com/flash/fodplayer.swfField of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner from Taylor Lautner

  232. Gainsbourg69

    AIC: “Also, I do agree that it was the first team that blew it. I just fail to understand why certain players are still at the club when they have failed to prove themselves over s period of years. That money could be better spent.”

    What players haven’t proven themselves? I know you’ll probably trot out the usual names (Bendtner, Denilson, Rosicky, Eboue and Vela)but are these guys any worse than what Chelsea and Man U have on the bench? Look at City. They have a bench full of superstars and their money spent per trophy ratio is shit.

  233. i just listened to that fungunner – i also liked how auclair cut in over one of the hosts when he tried to say that gervinho wasnt all that strong and put him right about him being no pushover

  234. Why is Chamak still using those girly weights, he should be forced to train with Frimpong who looks more like Mike Tyson than a footballer!!!

  235. Fungunner– Arsenal buying a quality player for a (relatively) cheap price?
    1. boring-(should have signed him earlier in the window)
    2. he sucks-(french ligue 1 FFS c’mon vanggger)
    3. f*ck em all and up the Arsenal

  236. Gainsbourg69

    Luke: “I love how Nasri is being cited as inconsistent by the same people who defend Denilson and his transfer request to the hills.

    One of our most talented, influential and truly exceptional players is on the verge of leaving for a rival.

    How has it come to this?”

    Denilson is not asking for £150k a week. His country is going to host the world cup in three years time and he desperately wants to play for the Brazil team. Denilson has been at the club for a while and has played very well when he hasn’t been injured. Nasri is part of the team that imploded last season and he wants more money. That’s unacceptable for a player who has done fuck all thus far. When he learns how to take a game by the scruff of the neck and becomes as decsive as Cesc, then he can demand a wage hike. Until then he should shut up and learn how to be consistent.

  237. Me, too, Deisegooner. He sounds like a triangulation of Wilshere, Song and Arshavin. Great to hear that he has a strong personality. And if he turns out to be as good as the last Francophone footballer with a dodgy barnet whom we bought (Sagna) we will be laughing. My one regret is that we passed up the opportunity to pay Lille another £1.9 million for him. If only we weren’t so cheap.

  238. Alex Ice Cream


    Why have Chelsea and manUre won things if their players are no better than ours? Is is management, coaching, refereeing bias, luck? How do you explain it.

  239. @ Bill Turner
    ha ha

  240. I’ve just been watching Sky Sports (ok Im sorry) and theyhave been showing an interview with Daniel Levy leaving *hite Hart Lane on the Luca Modric to the Chavs story…

    He was quite calm and forthright and told the reporters in no uncertain terms that he had spoken to the player and that Modric understood that he would he not be leaving Spurs whatsoever as they will not be selling their best players.

    I just wish that someone from Arsenal would come out and be as bullish and to the point as that, I have to say i was quite impressed!!!

  241. Gainsbourg69

    I think Gervinho was bought as Nasri’s replacement. I think Nasri is a gonner.

  242. AIC its easy…

    Their players are better than ours collectively…

  243. I know the doomers don’t want to hear it, but that £1.9 m can be better put to use to pay his wages, or give greedy-boy his pay rise!

    I vote we stop making up songs for players. The last two to have decent songs let it go to their heads and decided they needed lots more money to do their job!

  244. Hey FG! Just read the Gervihno chat on talkshite. He sounds top drawer and still young enough to improve a lot too. As Deise said, it was also good to here that thick twat Gough get put in his place when trying to say he was lightweight. Typical clueless pundit comment.

  245. Remi, I’m sure they said the same about Berbatov until manure ‘showed them the money’.

  246. @ G69
    That thought did cross my mind, listening to the Auclair interview, when he went on about how creative Gervinho was and how many goals he scored. It would be replacing Nasri with someone just as prolific but who does not have a hankering to play in the middle.

  247. Remi

    If you watch it again, notice how Levy side stepped one question in particular, which was doeas Modric want to leave. He is gone mate, just like all the over spuds *who, to be fair usually go to manU!)

    I would like it if someone from AFC came out and said stuff, but who? Peter Hill-Wood?? 😀

  248. Gainsbourg69

    AIC, Man U have a good first team squad. When they played with their reserves last season (Anderson, Gibson, Evans, Smalling et al.) they got tossed out of the FA and CC cups. When Rooney wasn’t playing they struggled quite a lot as well. Even with Nani on the team they struggled without Park and Valencia. How do you explain that? By the way, what happened to Chelsea? They have a bunch of Rolls Royces parked on their bench yet they struggled for while Didi Drogba was overcoming his malaria. Please explain that as well. Thank you.

  249. @Irish they speek scottish cos they got funny voices wich sound really cool in scottish but not neccesarily in “mainsttream english”(probably sould horrible in american, bob the builder certainly does).

    They are also from Sweeden i think. xplains the scottishness…

    My fave is Angry smurf 🙂 and as a kid i was always terrifyed of the bad guy.

  250. And how could I forget – this is especially for dukegoonem and 1 loose cannon:

    England top their group and get into the quarter finals of the WWC.

    You can see Ellen White’s fabulous goal here:


  251. Gains69

    Last season we lacked another outlet out wide, one with pace and directness. Especially when Theo was out. Gervinho can also play on the left as well, so Arshavin doesnt get so over used. Far from being a Nasri replacement, he is a much needed addition to our forward line, imo.

  252. Alex Ice Cream

    So their first team is better?

    I wish we could “struggle” like them and win the Prem and reach the CL final.

  253. Gainsbourg69

    Remi: “Me, too, Deisegooner. He sounds like a triangulation of Wilshere, Song and Arshavin. Great to hear that he has a strong personality. And if he turns out to be as good as the last Francophone footballer with a dodgy barnet whom we bought (Sagna) we will be laughing. My one regret is that we passed up the opportunity to pay Lille another £1.9 million for him. If only we weren’t so cheap.”

    Arsene is a bastard. He shortchanged poor Lille. There should be an EU inquiry about this. This is not fair.

    I’m not too convinced with Gervinho just yet. Maybe it’s my impression of his style of play which impedes me from seeing him as Arsenal quality. I am looking forward to him proving me wrong, though. Arsene obviously sees something in him so good luck to him and welcome.

  254. Alex Ice Cream

    Oh and didn’t they beat us in the FA Cup with a reserve team including a midfield that contained the Da Silva’s, O’Shea and Gibson – 3 defenders.

    As soon as they scored the game was over. It was humiliating. They didn’t “struggle” to beat us with these so called inferior players.

  255. Arsenal are playing poker, and playing it very, very well

  256. Gainsbourg69

    AIC, they got Park and Valencia at a point in the season which coincided with our implosion. They were on the up as we were on the down. This still doesn’t dismiss the fact that they’re bench is even shittier than our own. Their reserves almost caused them the league if it weren’t for timely returns of key players.

  257. “Gainsbourg69 | July 6, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    AIC, Man U have a good first team squad. When they played with their reserves last season (Anderson, Gibson, Evans, Smalling et al.) they got tossed out of the FA and CC cups…
    Please explain that as well. ”

    Well, to be honest, they tossed us out of the FA with the twins in their midfield and Gibson and Smalling…

  258. Alex Ice Cream


    So their first team is better?

  259. Gainsbourg69

    Yeah, Alex, and we beat Barca in the CL while they got brushed aside as if they were Levante. Your point?

  260. btw – wasn’t saying Smalling was in the midfield, but that he was in the starting lineup)

  261. Alex Ice Cream


    So why are their players better collectively (but implicitly no better individually)? Is it management?

  262. Takes a lot of nerve

  263. hmm rumours say Real want to pay Neymars releas clausul. Does that mean Benzema is on his way to Arsenal? would be cool though.

  264. Gainsbourg69

    Not necessarily. We beat their team head to head with a midfield of Rambo and Wilshere while they played with their best players. In my opinion they just hit their stride while we stalled and stumbled across the finish line. If anything it’s the difference between maturity and experience vs youth.

  265. @ G69
    That was me, not Remi.

  266. Fantastic. Not a single word. Which means young Mr Grace is out of the loop. Who are the inner circle I wonder?

  267. Alex Ice Cream


    We can’t keep using the excuse of inexperience – we have collapsed in 3 of the last 4 season having gotten ourselves into good positions in the table. Its not just about experience. It goes deeper than that.

  268. Ivory Coast player of the year— 11 millions
    Conor Henderson—- 20 millions

    ’nuff said

  269. Alex Ice Cream


    Winning trophies also takes a lot of nerve.

  270. Fuck off AIC you whining wanker. I was at OT for the FA Cup and it wasnt humiliating, you dopey cunt. What was humiliating that night was how embarrassed the man fans were that all you could hear all game was the away support.

    We lost a game, get a fucking grip you joyless twat.

  271. Gainsbourg69

    Their manager is not better than ours, AIC. Our manager wouldn’t have picked the team that Ferguson put out against Barcelona, especially since Arsenal beat that same formation just weeks earlier. In fact, his foregoing a midfield creator says a lot about how much he trusts the players he has that can play that position.

  272. Btw YW, I disagree about Darren Dein. In all those years of the Gnu Camp lifting its skirts. All that pressure. Cesc has stayed at Arsenal.

  273. @ Remi and your point is?

  274. How unsophisticated you are in your misery, AIC

  275. Move on you sad excuse for a Gooner. A spud on a wind up would at least add some banter and humour, whereas you just suck the life out of this blog, boring boring ice cream.

  276. In what world is or was Flaminin “far far better than Song”.

    Song brings more to the table than Flamini does and can yet improve a lot more to me while Flamini for all of his “greatness” has gone backwards. It could possibly be said that Arsenal’s system made him look better than he actually was? maybe?

  277. Gainsbourg69

    It’s not an excuse, AIC, it’s our reality. We have a squad whose average age is 23 years old whether you like it or not.

  278. Alex Ice Cream


    Losing 2-0 to one of the worst ManU teams in the last 20 years to go out of the cup just after losing a final and watching the best chance of silverware disappear is not humiliating?

    Being beaten by a midfield of da silva x2, gibson and o’shea is not humiliating.

    Ferguscum was saying: I can beat you with a joke team and this is not humiliating.

    I find your attitude a very strange one. You must enjoy being a loser.

  279. poodle

    Benzema would be an absolute massive hit at Arsenal. WE can dream dude!

  280. I would have thought that all the evidence is that Darren Dein tends to influence players he represents to stay at the club rather than leave. Ultimately some leave but not until we have gained the maximum from them.

  281. Alex Ice Cream


    Its not an accident that the squad is young. We got rid of the older, great players for one reason or another. AW reckons his teams can win despite their youth so how is this an excuse – we hear it every year. Why don’t we buy more experienced players if age is the problem?

    You praise the club for the direction it has taken and use it as an excuse when we fail.

  282. @ Dexter – “boring boring ice cream.” Hahahaha now that’s funny!!

    @ Paul N – Nasri is about to fall into the same trap Flamini did. He had a great first 5-6 months and then nothing of significance other than his ability to disappear right before your very eyes only to reappear after the match talking to Sky Sports about how the team needs to improve!!! Sell him and simply play Rambo in his stead and use any funds to buy a big bus that we can park in front of the goal and then win every game. Simples. 🙂

  283. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/pre-season-training-picture-special

    its so funny Myachi looks ridiculousley young in this pic. Imagin him running rings around the grumy mid 20s PL defenders. That would be hillarious to watch 🙂

  284. grumpy not grummy

  285. Yep, completely and utterly joyless. What a sad groundhog day loving twit you are. How clueless are you? Dredging up losses, yet no mention of the victories eh?

    AIC, you have absolutely no idea what you are on about and more worryingly how this supporting lark goes. And I dont mean 100% 24/7 support no matterwhat. I am talking about ENJOYING the experience, having a laugh, feeling the pains and all the other shit.

    But to keep banging on and on about how we are shit because the cocteau twins in ManUs midfield bossed our lot yadda fucking yadda.

    You are missing the whole point man, I feel sorry for you.

  286. How do you work that out then Frank?

  287. Alex. Instead of wallowing in the misery of the FA cup loss, you could look the the match near the end of the season.

    Wojciech Szczesny Bacary Sagna Laurent Koscielny Johan Djourou Gael Clichy Samir Nasri Theo Walcott Jack Wilshere Aaron Ramsey Alex Song Robin van Persie


    Edwin Van der Sar Fabio Da Silva Rio Ferdinand Nemanja Vidic Patrice Evra Luis Nani Anderson Michael Carrick Ji-Sung Park Wayne Rooney Javier Hernandez

  288. Well Dex that is my dream. If we flogg Samir for 25M maybe that dream can come true 🙂

  289. Alex Ice Cream


    Flamini gave energy and drive to the midfield, he set tempo and the rhythm and was perfect for Cesc. He had boundless energy and the pace to cover the ground quickly. He dominated games in the centre in a way that Song doesn’t.

    I agree that he hasn’t been as good for AC but to be fair I haven’t seen him that often.

  290. Gervinho is a very very good player.

  291. I would suggest that Dexter enjoys life, or at least the humour would indicate so. I doubt you do though, you seem humourless and miserable, AIC. Who is really the loser?

  292. I should have thought it was obvious, YW

  293. Alex Ice Cream


    Its a fair point – we beat Manu when there was virtually nothing to play for. We had blown the league by then and they went on to win it. Hardly a pivotal match.

  294. “we have collapsed in 3 of the last 4 season having gotten ourselves into good positions in the table”

    Statements like that over simplify what in reality was not so simple.

    Season before last almost ALL of our best players were injured at seasons end and NO team wins without their best.

    This year the team shouldnt have allowed what happened to cause them to lose confudence but they did and we suffered. That cannot be an excuse, we must learn to continue fighting even when Barca like calls etc go against us.

    From last season I dont conclude that any team in the PL was better talent wise but better prepared mentally.

  295. AIC – Are you retarded? Song is DM where as Flamini is more of a flare player(or so others believe) Lil Jack now plays Flamini’s role and is much better. At least if you are going to compare two of our players, do so with players who play in the same or at least very similar positions.

  296. Alex Ice Cream


    Being humiliated by Manu reserves does make me miserable. You are right. For a change.

  297. AIC

    I was at Wigan the season before last when we were 2 nil up and lost 3-2. That was the lowest I have felt following Arsenakl for a long time. Took me a few days to get over it. This season coming back from the Reebok after the 201 defeat I was pissed off and grumpy as fuck.

    But that shit passes man, well it does for people with a happy life, good friends and family. Those who cant let these things go and constantly want to bring others down to their level, well, they are the losers if you ask me.

    Why are you so upset? You put nothing into following Arsenal.

  298. Just more of the same, AIC, You need to get a life.

  299. There you go again with the humilation bollocks. You melodramatic moron.

  300. Thanks Frank, I agree! 😀

  301. Typical doomer, eulogising about a player who had one decent season. Who was a good utility player and using him to denigrate a current Arsenal player.

    Song is immense for us. W

  302. AIC, sure Flamini did do things and did them well but he is not far far better than song, if better at all.

    I also believe our game has changed a bit so maybe the need for a Flamini isnt as necessary.

    Well, we dont have to see Flamini play at all to know that he is a flop at present, he is regressing as far as playing time. He got into the French team ast Arsenal? now our much maligned Diaby is a head of him, GO FIGURE!

    I am with you Irishgray, If Nasri wants out he can move on and we can give Rambo a play. The kid was brilliant gainst United.

    Nasro is a brilliant player but he hasnt reached the heights as to where he should be trying to pressure Arsenal. If he is doing that.

  303. eulogising about an ex-player

    BTW I think if we played manU at our gaff, we’d have won the game, so there you go. United’s home form was brilliant last season, helped in no small part by the ever friendly officals (oops, Ive done it now! Bringing up the old manc loving ref conspiracy!)

  304. Fuck this boring boring bollocks, Im off.

  305. george rodger

    I am of the opinion the AIC is quite a decent bloke.
    He has a miserable outlook on our great team though.Some people are pessimists by nature They might be annoying ,but not necessarily bad.

  306. george rodger

    Dont go Dex 😦

  307. Well talk about timing!! I just turned on Fox Soccer Channel and would you believe it’s Arsenal V Fulham and yes it is the game that Nasri scored that goal!!!

  308. @ paul n
    tend to agree with you that it was the system and formation that made some of our ex-players look so good as compared to their accomplishments of late. apologies for the rant earlier in the morning, had a long night.
    @ irish , hoe was the boat ride on the fourth of july my man..?
    hello everyone else.

  309. george rodger

    Do not see how Rambo can play in Nasri’s position.
    You have lost me there chaps

  310. Alex Ice Cream

    I have no trouble believing in the Manu loving ref conspiracy Dex.

  311. @ paul n
    tend to agree with you that it was the system and formation that made some of our ex-players look so good as compared to their accomplishments of late. apologies for the rant earlier in the morning, had a long night.
    @ irish , hoe was the boat ride on the fourth of july my man..?
    hello everyone else.

    by the way, FARGO was based on a true story…

  312. And by the way at the moment its 1-1 and the atmosphere is, wait for it……BRILLIANT!!

  313. George, if he isnt suited we will spend the money from the Nasri sale to get someone who can.

    TO be trutful I dont believe that Nasri is best on the wing either. He was most probably our best option.

  314. @ Kamran – Was fantastic mate, front row seats for the fireworks. Had taken Tuesday off work but got called in as a favor, man that hurt as my head was spinning! But all in all great day/night

  315. Well, he actually was our best option.

    I would love to see Vela get it done though, he has all the skill in the world. I am hoping this is his break out season!

  316. george rodger

    Paul ,I think we all ready have 🙂

  317. george rodger

    Paul,The new boy, Arshavin and Vela,can all play ,and play well ,on the left.And as you say let Rambo step up in the centre

  318. sorry to hear irish,, favors! gotta come through sometimes..

  319. @ YW or anyone for that matter.Just got a very good e-mail from a friend of mine and he wants to know how often did Nasri score when he and Cesc played together compared to when Cesc was injured or simply not playing?

  320. “But to keep banging on and on about how we are shit because the cocteau twins in ManUs midfield bossed our lot yadda fucking yadda.”

    But the thing is, they didn’t actually dominate us. We had one of those days where we created but could not take our chances, VDS was on fire and they took their two chances. Coming on the back of that shafting in the gnu camp it was just too much.

  321. Exactly, Passenal. I remember for example Koscielny (of all people) being one on one with VDS and having two chances, but VDS was simply too good on that evening.

  322. george rodger

    Passenal.Exactly.Anyone who saw that game could not fail to seee we were the better team on the night.
    Some people cant accept that on a given night ,the best team might not win.

  323. Correct Passenal!

    We did get caught out a couple of times but overall we “looked” more likely to score. I am sure we had one hit the cross bar.

  324. looks good to me George! I am getting quite excited about the new season.


  325. Bradys right foot

    Fabregas being led up the garden path again by Barca. £40 million or fuck off, they simply can’t afford it rumor has it they are trying to get him on the never never without even a downpayment to fund the deal but monies promised in September lmfao.

  326. Later peeps, The Girlfriend just called and it is off to dinner I go. Got to amass those brownie points now so I can watch all the Arsenal games I want to later on 🙂

  327. Alex Ice Cream

    What’s the use of being the better team if you lose?

    We are often the ‘better team’ that loses. Too often.

  328. The problem is that Barca know Cesc will only go to them or stay with Arsenal, so they are chancing their arm. I would rather he stay with us for the rest of his contract and go on a free in four years than leave now for a cut price. Right now he is our best player next to RVP and unless we get a lot of money for him, he is worth more to us as a contracted player than the money BBB want to pay. In four years time Wilshere, Ramsey etc will be in a better position to step up and cover that position and not cost us what it would cost to replace Cesc right now.

  329. what is exactly the point of being a devoted footy fan if you dont belive? Being a fan is exactly about believing and hoping and deaming and then explode in happiness ones your team wins the trophies you always wanted to win.

    Take birmingham as an example, relegation fodder team, shit team, horrible team and yet they miraculousley(due to an arsenal mistake i know)win a trophy! Do you think the birmingham supporters ever stopped beliveing in their team? No they did not. They fully belived they could bet Arsenal. Did they support their team all the way? Yes they did, and this is a team so shit it should be impossible for them to even get to a CC final let alone win it, even with luck they should not be able to beat a team like Arsenal. Look at their players!

    With that in mind, shit Birmingham winning a trophy peole still loose hope for Arsenal to win trophies? For arsenal to do well? For arsenal to win the league? If Birmingham fans manage to belive in their shit team, why cant Arsenal fans belive in theirs?

    Damn it man if Birmingham can win CC then fucking hell we can win the PL. And if you as a fan cannot belive in that, then what do you get out of being an arsenal fan in the first place?
    It should be mandatory for a fan to belive in their team, and belive their team can win and fullfill its potential and become the best. Arsenal is suppose to make you happy, the day the club makes you feel miserable and you get depressed by the club, maybe its time to take a little break and come back when you feel better .

    Where is the fun in being an arsenal fan if you dont even belive in your team?

  330. that last question was for you AIC

    where is the fun in being an arsenal fan for you AIC? you look miserable as hell, like ALL the time. When did Arsenal make you happy last? Has it ever made you happy?

  331. The thing is to make the necessary changes to make the team consistent to win. That is the job of the Manager and we have the best manager there is.

  332. george rodger

    “What’s the use of being the better team if you lose?”

    Did you miss this?

    “Some people cant accept that on a given night ,the best team might not win.”
    Such is the nature of competitive sport.The use of being the best team is that as a fan you get to support the best team.And take joy from being the best team.
    I wish you could get some joy from the team.I really do Alex.

  333. Great comment Poodle!

  334. george rodger

    Poodle,Am I still annoying you?

  335. The better team doesnt always win, that is sports over and over and over. Especially when it comes to cup games as we know.

  336. @George, should you? Or have you without me noticing? i dunno, are you ? im so comfused :s

  337. george rodger

    You said the other day., whilst standing up for me against Jabba,I should add, ,that you found me annoying

  338. Well Frank, given that 2 of his have left and 2 have stayed, at the moment he is just about on the right side of shafting the club. If Cesc goes, he’s drifted into the negative.

    But that assumes that we don’t count the ‘advice’ that he has been giving Team Nasri

  339. Bradys right foot

    Passenal | July 6, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    I hear you m8, but i’m talking about the credibility of their bid. I think the £40 million asking price is probably accurate and if Barca stump up the cash the Catalans, Cesc, his agent and Arsene know he’ll be playing for Barca. If rumors are to be believed they’ve come in at £29 million without a pot to piss in and the money over a long period of time and the first payment not until September.

  340. AIC: “Its not an accident that the squad is young. We got rid of the older, great players for one reason or another. AW reckons his teams can win despite their youth so how is this an excuse – we hear it every year. Why don’t we buy more experienced players if age is the problem?

    You praise the club for the direction it has taken and use it as an excuse when we fail.

    Its a fair point – we beat Manu when there was virtually nothing to play for. We had blown the league by then and they went on to win it. Hardly a pivotal match.”

    I’m doing nothing of the sort. The fact that we’re even anywhere near Chelsea and Man U, given how much money they have thrown around, is awesome for a squad so young. However, them stumbling the way they did last season is a drawback I’m willing to accept as the team matures.

    The game against Man U put is within mathematical reach of them. Had Chelsea beat them we would’ve been even on points. Stop using your selective memory to prove yourself right.

  341. @Frank

    posting this vid just for you 🙂

  342. http://younggunsblog.co.uk/2011/07/arsenal-in-fa-talks-over-afobe/

    Wenger wants Afobe to come on tour in Asia so he can have a good look at him. Benik must have impressed at Huddersfield.

  343. AIC

    A point you mentioned earlier which didn’t make sense…

    You said Cesc, Nasri and co would stay longer if we won something but then you mentioned how Tevez and Ronaldo left after they won a few trophies….

    As you already contradicted yourself, who is to say Cesc would have left already had we won everything there is for him to win at Arsenal. I believe more than anything he doesn’t want to leave without a trophy. Success doesn’t breed loyalty.

    Clichy 8 years
    Vieira 9
    Henry 8
    Bergkamp 11
    Cesc 8
    Van Persie 7

    Not all of these guys have won a lot you know. Point proven its fair to say.

  344. AIC, you say somethings just to provoke. The United match was huge at the time.

  345. hah! George this is one of those akward moments where you have told someone they are annoying but dont remember why so you forget you did for and then are confronted by them afterwards and got absolutley nothing to say.* blush*.

    If it is any comfort according to was it Northbank? i scored a dozen of own goals a couple of days ago with lots of aparantly badly aimed comments. So the conclusion must be that most people can be annoying now and then. (funnily enough he himself was not even on the list, even though he had been posting all day,hmm…) 🙂
    That said, im sure Jabba the hut deserved it, he can be a proper twatt sometimes….

  346. Gervinho.. 24 yrs old.. nobody came near him in france last year in terms of attacking potential… absolute bargain… strong upper strength… likes physical batter… great goal scoring record for a winger… says hes not going to Arsenal to sit on the bench like Chamakh!

    Auclair speaking on Gervinho. Sounds impressive.

  347. well im expecting to wake up tomorrow turn on my computer and seeing Gervinho with the hair beaming at me from all the fromt pages of all the tabloids in UK.
    If not to morrow then friaday!

    comeon tabloids make me a happy bunny in 10 hours time 😀

  348. What a star you are, poodle

  349. Stretching it a bit, YW.

  350. Bradys right foot

    Poodle I can’t wait to see the most magnificent forehead in football in all its glory at the emirates. Lille fans swear that when the sun catches it at the right angle a halo can be seen around Gervinhos head.

    As for the headlines Poodle I don’t expect anything remotely positive more likely Ex Player slates Arsenal with “I simply don’t understand it why spend 10 million on Gervinho when you could spend 20 million on Downing”

  351. George, your very weakness lies in the assessment in why are we here with Nasri. Not how did we get here. Let’s not beat around the bush, Nasri is in our top 5 ever signings (by fee) Wenger obviously rates him.

    Whether he performed to that level should be unquestioned by you. How have we let him run his contract down? It’s a really simple question. Before city, before his world class form, what where we doing? Haggling over a few grand I imagine. Great foresight and management from a unit that broke the bank to sign him.

    Oh, the fact you rate you in Bruges as a movie, says a huge amount about your taste. Piece of shit that was.

  352. Chrisg

    Paddy, Tito and the master presided over our most Succesfull period as a club. Ever.

    Take them out your hugely incorrect list and apologise for using their names so.

  353. Bradys right foot

    Luke | July 6, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    January February of this year it looked signed sealed and delivered that Nasri would sign a new deal. The mood music out of Nasris camp was very good he did a piece on football focus around the same time and a newspaper spread. Then suddenly Nasri’s camp put the signature on hold to the end of the season, thats why were here. Now I have no special insight but would be confident that around this time his agent or someone close to his camp had been approached by another club, and they adopted a wait and see approach.

  354. george rodger

    Luke,If he goes its for the money.
    You are a miserable cunt,by the way.
    I suppose you like “The Matrix” or some such school boy like fantasy crap.
    You know absolutely nothing about running a football club and yet you pap on like you are Adam Smith,

  355. george rodger

    Luke you said.
    “Paddy, Tito and the master presided over our most Succesfull period as a club. Ever”

    Well I have some very bad news for you ,dimshit.


  356. Yes George, but he has also presided over our worst spell since the 80’s, yes I know your catalogue of excuses. They are tiresome.

    I tell you something, it is funny how the attacking agressors on this site – who are the self proclaimed enlightened ones – harp on about misery and depression!! Maybe wengers way is the last modicum of happiness for some eh??

    Bfr – that’s shit and weak business. All too common

  357. “Liking the sound of this Gervinho. Sounds like a proper Arsenal signing. 2 Years and he should be on Henry’s level ”


  358. george rodger

    Luke, its you who is tiresome,Fuck off
    You consistently make a complete twat of yourself.I suspect its because you are indeed a complete twat.You have no redeeming features.No sense of humor ,nothing,You stand out as a special cock among your cock pals,

  359. Luke

    Your doomer logic is amazing.

    Why did we get hear with Nasri. “Haggling over a few grand I imagine.”

    Thats it, you havent got a fucking clue either you dopey git. So before you start laying into people, I suggest you have more of a backup than your oh so fucking limited imagination mate.

    Even after his best season, perhaps, just perhaps Nasri is asking for MORE than Cesc, or even equal terms. No one I know thinks Samir has reached that level yet and I am a massive fan of Nasri and will be gutted IF he leaves.

    You have obviously let some animosity towards george get the better of you.

  360. JamesM

    That comment you decided to quote was tongue in cheek. Hope that helps

  361. Had a few sherries tomight Luke?

    BTW you sound a bit depressed man. And the passive aggressive thing you got going on is a tad worrying too.

  362. “Liking the sound of this Gervinho. Sounds like a proper Arsenal signing. 2 Years and he should be on Henry’s level ”


    Is the 1st comment any less true than the 2nd? No one can foresee the future can they.

  363. Hey dupsff, how you doing man?

  364. Fine Dex TY been reading but not bothered to argue with the tossers. They are so boring and repetitive.

  365. george rodger

    hey Dups.How are you? Optimistic as ever I hope

  366. I think things will become a lot clearer by Sunday Dupsff. When the players go off on this tour. have you seen the Paul Merson piece in the daily st*r? He is nothing if not melodramatic!

  367. Dupsff; Ha! I read that as Guardiola, not Guardian! Doh! Not surprised if we did turn down United and City and the chavs. I think all this is being fed by the agents. Again, this whole bollocks should be resolved soon enough. Nasri is due back today for pre-season. I bet SSN will have a few hacks knocking about L Colney tomorrow.

    I would be gutted if he left, I understand that we cannot and shouldnt be held to ransom and one good season does not a massive pay rise make. But I just really love singing that nasri song! 😀

  368. You gotta love Merson. Still able to talk (just) after the abuse his body has been through,

    Always look on the bright side of life George.

    Right I need to sleep. Early rise for me. Later

  369. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck me AIC is whinier than that Rectum cunt over on Arsenal Vision. That’s some feat right there. At least the cunt agreed with Dexter and admitted Man U were given the league on a silver platter. Banging on about losing to them post Barca is just cuntishness of the highest order. Especially considering the chances we missed that day. Which ties right into Limpar Assist’s brilliant post at Arsenal Vision perfectly and just shows how close we are to running the show.

  370. Gainsbourg69

    First Robinho and now Tevez. Why can’t City keep their best players? Are they a selling club?

    Arsene, quick, sell them Nasri for forty million.

  371. it is not about the money. Wenger lost the guys after the Barca fiasco. The guys quit on Wenger. They quit on the team. Just look at the resuklts after getting robbed by the dirty cheaters. Wenger lost the locker room. This happens all the time. His cred is shot. Trust me on this. I hate to see this but when a club quits on a manager it is all over. Wenger needs to go. We had a shot to win the title. Budda bing budda boom. some losses and ties killed us.

  372. Bradys right foot

    Intertesting rumors about Benzema, i posted earlier in the week that i thought he was our number 1 priority and Jagelka is the centre back were after. I think Arsenes been saving up for Benzema for quite a while. The timings perfect as it looks like their going big for Neymar and I think we could sweeten the deal by doing what very few clubs could, simply paying the £25 big ones upfront. Remember now I freely admit to knowing absolutely nothing.

  373. Bradys right foot

    thegeeman | July 7, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Wenger lost the locker room

    m8 have you not got rounders or that Armoured Rugby shit to watch, maybe take in an MLS game, go Sounders woooayyyyyyyyyyyy lol.

  374. Seattttlllleeeee…………..Sounnndddeeerrrrssss

  375. If we dude happen to sign Ricky Gervaihno, what is the “spend some fucking money” crowd going to do?

  376. Grammer is for the week!

  377. weak, bill… lol

  378. oooh, me likes the training pics on arse.com
    Welcome back boys! I hope we get to see some of the games played during the tour.

  379. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2012045/Arsenal-signing-Gervinho-start-new-policy.html

    That’s an overview of AW spending and selling. Yet people claim he never spends big. So nasri and Arsharvin was not big? Or Eduardo or Vermallrn or Koscienly? Or does big have to be over 15M? Or is the limit20M ?

  380. I agree with you, Poodle.

    £15.4 million, or 57% of Karim Benzema. What truckloads of bull-shite (no offence to bulls)!

  381. poodle,,, these days its around 30 to 40…
    if CESE is a much better player than Ronaldo, as everyone believes, why is he valuated a half what that jerk sold for… season just around corner… today we get gervinho, welcome my man…

  382. CHITTY got a great deal with Gael… the basterds

  383. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nasri surely wouldnt have take pics in the new away kit if he was going to bail to City. Or am I just delusional? Although he didn’t exactly look like he was beaming. This Nasri thing has got me torn in pieces. Fucking bastard.

  384. Nasir Jones-Nasri

  385. him and his FUCKING agent… both.. these guys (players)are too young to know how to back stab.

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