Gael Goes – Masterplan Or Muck-Up?

The first of the predicted departures from Arsenal has occurred, Gael Clichy‘s £7m transfer to Manchester City finalised yesterday. He completed his move in The Arsenal Way as much is possible, quiet dignity from the player throughout the summer. I hope he enjoys his time at Eastlands but equally that it is unsuccessful on the trophy front.

Clichy was more respectful towards Arsenal supporters than he might otherwise have been

I have had eight fantastic years at Arsenal and made many friends. I have so many great memories from my time at Highbury and Emirates Stadium. I would like to say thank you to everyone at Arsenal for all of their support and friendship. I also want to send a big thank you to all the Arsenal supporters, who have always been so good to me.

He hasn’t read much of the online content which is less than polite. Widely held as being at fault more often than not, Clichy is the one player leaving that I suspect Wenger will not move quickly to replace, looking at Gibbs and Traore as suitable with the inexperienced Botelho and Vermaelen the lease appealing of the internal options. If that is the case, I disagree. Gibbs may have played as many games as Clichy when he broke into the side but looks more fragile defensively. That’s before we even begin to consider his poor record with injuries. Vermaelen is more important in the centre of the defence.

The lengthy nature of Clichy’s dalliances meant plenty of time for others to be heavily linked with the club. Current persistent target is Jose Enrique of Newcastle, his manager Alan Pardew admitting that the left back will be a possible replacement at Arsenal and the club are powerless to stop him. The player apparently has a burning desire for Champions League football – quite why Liverpool think he’ll sign for them if that’s the case is beyond me – and he has one year left on his contract. A similar price to Clichy makes him a cheaper option than Leighton Baines, the interest of Arsenal has apparently cooled with a £20m price tag.

Carlos Tevez’s desire for a move damages Clichy’s hopes of trophies. At Arsenal that would be the cue for a raft of articles featuring the word ‘crisis’ heavily. A £40m valuation brings Barcelona’s efforts to sign Cesc into focus. The latest deal offered reportedly rises to €38.5m, some way short of Arsenal’s requirement.

The tenor of Spanish media reports has changed, Arsène is now cast as pantomime villain for breaking his promises to let Cesc leave. A big showdown this week, the player will reportedly agitate for a move completely at odds with the professionalism previously displayed, tacit admittance that Barcelona cannot afford him. Sport reports that Cesc has no intention of travelling to the Far East this weekend whilst Mundo Deportivo suggests that the player will be training alone to provoke a move. Muscle training is apparently just a cover.

Wenger will be busy with Samir Nasri, trying to dissuade him from leaving. Tough times ahead. Coincidentally his Mr20% is the same as Clichy, Cesc and van Persie (not hard to see where the RvP rumour came from last week, eh?). Yes, the Dein family are always doing their best for Arsenal.

With players leaving and media reports of unrest, little surprise that the ongoing run of trophyless seasons is under scrutiny. Paul Scholes have sharpened the focus,

Arsenal just flatter to deceive. They may play the prettiest football, but it doesn’t always produce the results they need.

They do play the best football to watch at times, but what is the point, if you are not winning anything? Not only that, they are potentially going to lose their best players, in Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy. I hope Nasri comes to United.  Success does go in cycles, but the way we have been set out at United for the last 15-20 years, I would be surprised if we went six years without a trophy.

Much of that depends on Ferguson. A change of manager would be more unsettling for United than Arsenal, you feel. Having said that, few of United’s current squad are targets for anyone, the instability surrounding Ronaldo and Beckham of years gone by has led to some feeling of stability. How might that change when the manager retires?

Football has changed though. The cyclical nature is feeling less and less likely with no real challengers emerging to the Big Four and Manchester City. Even if one does fall into the hands of a billionaire, spending sprees seem to be over with all clubs casting wary glances at FFP and its potential impact, none wanting to be the first to test Uefa’s loopholes.

But Scholes focus is drawn to the nature of professional football at this level. It is hard to be objective about whether Arsenal are the best team in England to watch – they are – but all competitors want to win. Arsenal have failed to do so and this summer may see what is regarded as one of the most technically gifted squads broken up.

Like England’s Golden Generation, they have failed to win anything. That is not what the manager and the club are about, not what either wants or requires. The question is whether the much mooted departures of Nasri and Clichy are part of Wenger’s masterplan? Is he preparing to release players to shuffle the squad effectively, looking to make the playing style more efficient? Could this be a reason for no transfer activity inwards thus far, waiting to see which of the unsettled leaves so that he can focus on the appropriate replacements?

We shall see in the coming days. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. All the best Clichy. Thanks for the efforts. Sincerely hope you don’t end up warming a bench, loaned out for the season, or just playing dull football with City.

  2. YW – Nice post. I agree with you on the left back issue. We really need to get another left back in. We are not in a position to be hoping that one of our reserves will step up to the mark.

    We need to be improving the squad, not hoping somebody can come in and “do a job”. We don’t need to replace Clichy, we need to imporve on him. Nobody in our squad is capable of that at the moment.

  3. Clichy was now 3rd choice at Arsenal after his defenceive mistakes las season. Wenger said the defence had to be improved. With Arshavin being a attacking winger. Arsenal do not need a attacking left back He is behind Kieran Gibbs & Armand Traore. He was told he was not going to make the 25 man squad next season. He was also on higher wages than Gibbs & Traore. Who are both younger. Wenger has all ways known when players are starting to get past there best, & it was time to sell for both partys. He has served Arsenal well for the last 8 seasons. He did not want to play just league cup games. If he can get 1st team games at Man City good luck to him. Thanks for what you have done for the Arsenal nin the past but its time to move on.

  4. I think it has to be part of a plan. Arsene said that players would be leaving, maybe it won’t be the ones expected (or hoped) to go. It will really be interesting to see how the squad shapes up for the season ahead.

  5. D Morris – Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  6. Can’t really complain about the manner in which Clichy left. Despite his flaws, he’s been a fantastic player for us and has always given his all.

  7. Andy, and others yesterday, I understand the concern for a replacement, but I recall in 2004 we went into the season with a 22 year-old starting left-back who came through our youth system. Didn’t do too badly that year… So I won’t shit my pants if we fail to sign a replacement. Having said that the signs from Newcastle haven’t ruled out a move for Enrique.

  8. hah Bolton are in troubl man. They need to offload Cahill to start spending, but nobody in their right mind wants to offer 17m for him, but they dont want to sell him for less!
    What to do, what to do…

  9. Arsenals trash is Man Citys treasure.

  10. Man City is the new Portsmouth – Arsenal’s retirement home.

  11. poodle

    Maybe he is trying to spark a bidding war for Cahill. I’d rather we make them sweat, or put in a take it now or leave it offer.

    10m should do it!

  12. I’ll have a pint of what D Morris us drinking. Whohar.

    Good luck, Gael. You’ve left to win trophies and play for a team that will realistically challenge. I don’t blame you.

  13. Markus – You don’t notice any difference between the team of 2004 and this one?

  14. 1 loose cannon

    Tevez want to leave city is one of the good news today. That guy has carried City. Wenger should be cheeky and make a 5 million bid for him just for a laugh.
    The ginger of Manchester has finally spoken and I guess its a tactical move from Fergie a la Barcelona and their players going on about CEsc. Scholes hopes to influence Nasri’s decision to go there. Nasri is a big admirer of Scholes as a player. However to dismiss another team and the transfer window has barely opened a bit stupid.

  15. I have so much respect for clichy he has shown so much class and and respect for arsenal and its supporters even though has not gotten same level of respect from the latter. I wish him the best. Something has got to change with arsenal. We need to stop being a stepping stone where people come to to gain fame and move on to bigger things. We really need experience in this team, I hope who ever arsenal signs reflects that.

  16. D Morris, why would you believe that? It’s not like Gibbs or Traore are more defensively minded. Traore does have the better physique, so let’s hope he learned a thing or two about defending in Italy despite his injury ravaged time out there. He is also an Arsenal supporter and desperate to play for the club, which is a bonus.

  17. thundertinygooner

    The Dein allusion is a little unfair.I think David Dein made Wenger look much better than he is in the transfer market.He cared like a fan but predicted Arsenal could not compete without serious financial input and clearly felt that Usmanov was a better bet than Silent Stan.Who doubts that now?He was against the building of the Emirates citing Wembley as a better home.I think that was very wrong but I’m struggling to see how the Emirates has brought us any benefit on the pitch (or in the transfer market)
    Darren Dein his son has clearly not helped but if Arsenal had not created the seeds of their own downfall players would stay.

  18. Best wishes to Clichy who has acted like a true gent.

    Think your right YW, Wenger waiting to see which of the wantaways secure moves.

    Fabregas, Nasri, Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy.

    That a fifth of the squad pushing for a move.

  19. Markus

    I have no doubt Gibbs has the ability. It is just his injury record which is concerning. Clichy got past his injury problems but whose to say Gibbs well NOT get injured after 5 games… His record is similar to Diaby’s. We simply can’t afford to go into the season with that doubt. I hope we sign someone who can compete with him for the spot.

  20. sick of the summer already!

    Clichy leaving left me a bit sad – good luck and thanks for the memories.

    The assault on all things Arsenal by the rest of the footballing world is getting on me nerves already. whats worse was reading scholes comments on a Manc site and arsenal fans rushing to the site to agree with the author ripping the mick out of us gunners. When the going grts tough and all that -(No solidarity in tough times these days).. what was our motto victory through harmony eh?

  21. D Morris

    It’s early in the morning, perhaps best to lay off the sauce until the evening.


  22. Cole as far as people recall (the ones that are older a wiser then me) says that he was never “remarkable” in any way as younger. He ws a bit Craig Eastmond like, solid, ok but never a prodigy like Clichy at a young age. Gibbs could be the same, nothing spectacular or uber exciting, just good at his job given the chance.
    But Enrique previouse u21Spain could also tick the boxe. Depends what AW wants, a ready made star or someont to fill the position while Gibbse fulfills his promise. Cos ones Gibbs becomes England first choice its no looking back.

    If Nasri and Cesc leaves i expect us to have ready replacements, i doubt we will trust Wilshere and Ramsey to take over all the responsibility. They most likley wont even be sold until the replacement is lined up and ready to sign… Wonder who it will be.
    NExt season will be exciting though, with so many new stars in important positions.

    Last year our star playes failed when it mattered as most, so it maybe a good idea to swap them out. In the end, they are the ones that are suppose to inspire the “avcerage squadplaye” to do the little extra to win. Look at United, full of averagenes but god doe their star players do that little extra that makes them win. Same with City, Tevez carried them. Ours inspired nobody last year.
    The only one with big enough head to carry squadplayers in our club is probably Bendtner, if he ever delivered im sure his ego could carry the entire club. thats how big it is.

  23. Scholes has never issued any public comments in the last 20 years yet Fergie gets him begging Nasri to move there.

    Desperate times in deed for United. Almost lost the title to an under-performing Arsenal side and all their greats retiring or sleeping around…!!…

    Arsenal for the Premiership!

  24. Yogi, I do hope its a masterplan not a muck-up. So much the individual, AW does keep things interesting doesn’t he?

    The pre-season tour should clarify things.

    Masterplan REquirements:
    – Entire team takes on a, “WE-AGAINST-THE-WORLD” attitude with everything to prove!
    – Traore improved @ Juve , looks the business and is raring to go
    – Gibbs is fully fit, gotten stronger, wants the shirt bad, raring to go
    – Cesc stays, fully recovers, gives his all
    – Samba signs, fully commits, improves team defence, boosts confidence
    – Gervinho signs
    – Vermaelen is fully fit & ready to take no prisoners!
    – Nasri shuts the f**k up and proves he is bad-ass for a whole season
    – RVP remains fully fit for a whole season
    – Bendtner proves he’s the sh*t or leaves asap
    – Rosicky regains hi mozartness, assists & scores ever so freely
    – Eboue increases his scoring and mazy runs from everywhere on pitch
    – we blaze into the CL group stage devastatingly (say 9-0 aggregate)
    – Kroenke man up and stands by AW fully………

    (to be continued)

    Time to stand up and be counted
    We are The ARSENAL!

  25. Let me start by thanking Gael Clichy for his eight years of service. In professional football that’s a lifetime. Had he moved abroad I would have wished him the best. With Mancity’s oil money, and a coach specializing in ugly football, they are going to be world beaters someday. Clichy probably wants to be part of that – not to mention the petro dollars. No hard feelings though, that’s life. people have been known to destroy great institutions for far less. Our last two left backs – Clichy and Cashley – came cheap. Let’s keep up the tradition!

  26. Chris – “Desperate times in deed for United. Almost lost the title to an under-performing Arsenal side”

    I hardly think things are “desperate” for them having just won the lge. We finished 4th Chris; so they didn’t really “nearly lose their title” to us did they?

  27. Forgot to add: “D.Morris what u smokin? “

  28. Poodle

    Sagna and Van Persie – I would say they were the only ever presents out of the ‘senior’ lot you would expect to deliver. The supposedly already worth 150k a week Nasri bottled it on numerous occasions, this is why he still can’t be classed as a reliable player. I would love him to stay so I am not just using that as an excuse to criticize a want away player. He has a way to go yet, lets hope he sees sense and delivers next season for Arsenal. If not we will get someone. No player is irreplaceable.

  29. Here is the match report from yesterdays game at Yogis Stadium of Enlightenment.

    KO was at 8.31am
    Referee: Yogi
    Assistants: Bradys Left Foot and Finsbury

    Stats for the game:
    Dexter: 49 appearances, 15 assists and 4 own goals
    ChrisGooner: 32 apps, 8 assists, 5 own goals
    Frank: 31 apps, 2 goals, 0 assists, 2 own goals
    LimparA: 23 apps, 4 goals, 2 assists, 3 own goals
    Henristic: 21 apps, 10 goals, 12 assists, 0 own goals
    JabbaD: 17 apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, 10 own goals
    Luke: 15 apps, 2 goals, 1 assist, 10 own goals
    Poodle: 12 apps, 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 own goals
    OOU: 12 apps, 3 goals, 9 assists, 1 own goal
    Markus: 11 apps, 1 goal, 2 assists, 3 own goals

    Special mention to the two subs that came on at 9.32pm:
    GeorgeRodger: 11 apps, 5 goals, 2 assists, 0 own goal
    Suga3: 34 apps, 0 goals, 0 assists, 34 own goals

    The game was tight, but once Suga3 came on the attack against him was awsome.

  30. One has left and at least one more to go followed by nasri When these players have Wenger brings in second rate signings,RVP/Walcott and afew others may opt to jump ship. Wenger better get it right this time. If he fails to deliver,he will in the opinion of most fans have to walk the plank. No more time will be given.
    For starters he better get some British guys.African players maybe cheaper but they will cock up the team when the ANC kicks off in late Jan/feb. By the time they come back they could be knackered.Notice the red faced has few African guys or none at all.
    Football is an unpredictable game. For all you know Wenger might give the fans a pleasant
    surprise when the season ends though the odds are long. it depends on his signings and tactically he better get it right. If he carries with the one dimensional style,it will backfire and he could end up a managerial casualty early in the season.

  31. Chris – In fact, The Spuds finished twice as close to us, as we did to Manure. And we laugh at the Spuds.

  32. Oh yeah, f**k Paul Scholes..he should keep his red-nosed opinions to his manc-self and ex-team!!!
    Tell us something we don’t already know u manc.twat!

  33. goonerandy

    Depends on how you view your football club mate. If you ain’t fussed about your club struggling to meet new player quotas, paying outrageous amounts for mediocre home growners, players out on the piss every night, players blackmailing the club for 200k a week… I suppose you can be very proud of United for all their marvelous achievements.

  34. What else do you hope then, Markus? 😀 He’s signed for Citeh

  35. goonerandy

    So you happen to believe Spurs are close to Arsenal and the table tells the whole story ?

  36. Non of the players we have sold in the last three seasons has saddened me as losing Clichy. All the best to him at City, he was a loyal servant and often times did his best for the team. I feel cheated we only had to sell him for 7m and to city.

  37. Best wishes to Gael. Pity Wenger didn’t replace him before he left. Now the world knows we require a left back.

  38. @Cescs_MyBoy

    “Fabregas, Nasri, Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy”

    Clchy’s gone.
    Fabregas is always ‘about to go’.
    Denilson has been playing consistently poorly for over two seasons.
    Bendtner has never really been a good fit in a non-4-4-2 system.

    And we know absolutely nothing about what’s going on with Nasri, except that the tabloids are having a field day and dimwitted fans are believing everything they’re spoon fed.

    By my calculation your one fifth amounts to one left back, one ill-fitting ego, one never-lived-up-to-his-promise, one who-knows-what, and one who-knows-when.

    Add to this the ‘fact’ we’re, up to this point, linked to 192 players of one ilk or another so far this fenestration, and no one should have any cause for concern. At least not for quite a few weeks yet.

  39. hah maybe Real could buy Tevez now, Ronaldo and Tevez did well together before. bye bye trophies for cesc then. Im hoping for total Real dominance in la liga next season…

  40. thundertinygooner | July 5, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Fucking A!

  41. Just read the comments.D morris, Clichy as third choice?behind gibbs and Traore?did i read that right?you must have been high when you wrote that one. there is no way clichy would have been 3rd choice behind those two, they are nowhere as good as clichy is.Anyway now that he’s left they have to do better or maybe Wenger is bringing in someone else for left back

  42. If Tevez leaves City may very well buy Etoo or anyone else for that matter. Nothing to celebrate about Tevez leaving!

  43. How the fuck can you sell a player in his prime to a rival and think it’s good business?

    YES RIVAL. Chat all the shit in the world about how money Mcity have spent to get where we are etc etc etc. Fact is they are a team on the up who finished above us hence why we need to qualify for CL.

    People who run our club are fucking idiots who clearly don’t give a fuck about our club.

    Our transfers are the longest drawn out saga’s in EPL history like we don’t know what the fuck we are doing.

    The whole thing stinks of shit and looks like a bunch of rookies running our show.

    Sell our players and not replace them…Er haven’t we seen this before?

    I can’t believe Wenger is at fault for anything happening at our place I believe it’s more down the worms I seen at the last meeting ie Ivan and co.

    We can not lose Nasri, no matter what.

    Hopefully, some good news before the week is over.

  44. King Eboue for left back!

  45. I regret Clichy’s leaving. It will be odd seeing him play in the azure shade of Manchester’s truer side, but I shall wish him well always, although there are lmits.

  46. Fuck you too, Northbank1969, you complete arsehole.

  47. Interesting times indeed.
    I can’t completely rule out the idea that this whole Nasri, Cesc, Clichy saga is somehow part of some grand Wenger plan, but I really, really doubt that is the case.
    What is more likely is that events of the last few seasons (relative financial contraints, lack of trophies) have buggered Wenger’s plans.
    I think we underestimate the damage that last season’s collapse have had on our club. And I’m not at all certain that the management has a clue on how to deal with the situation.

    But one has to hope that there is a silver lining somewhere, and that Wenger can find it somewhere within himself to excel in the current environment, something which he has failed at doing so far.

  48. There are many ways Goonerton, although I do not belive the Clichy sale readily falls into the category of being good business. However, if we take a possible scenario where Clichy has revealed in private that he wants to go to CIty and will go there for free next season if he is not sold now, then I’d say it’s pretty good business – cashing in your chips Is the phrase I believe

    However, the situation is hypothetical, and without knowing the factors, it’s difficult to say whether it was good or bad business at this moment in time.

  49. Sad to see Gael go as I like the guy a lot. I am bit surprised he went to city though as I would have thought that a better option for him to develop his game and challenge for the position in the French team would have been to go abroad.
    However, City do have quite a strong, well-drilled defence so perhaps this is an attraction to him, either that or the shed loads of money he is going to get paid.

  50. Frank | July 5, 2011 at 11:00 am

    This is exactly what the “skysources” want to see and hear. Gooners tearing each other to bit’s.

  51. Care to elaborate further with your last paragraph, Henristic?

  52. What they want to hear is Arsenal supporters tearing into Arsenal.

  53. Chris – Yes, the table tells the full story over the course of a season. That is why Arsene (has said many times) that the lge is priority, as it is the surest way to see who the best side is. Manure finished 12 points ahead of us, whilst we finished 6 ahead of the Spuds.

    This really isn’t brain science.

  54. Cris @ 10:12
    Desperate times in deed for United. Almost lost the title to an under-performing Arsenal side and all their greats retiring or sleeping around…
    Honestly one of the stupidest things I have read on here, ever.

  55. Scholes has the countenance of an intellectual, the intellect of a philsopher, the philosophy of an innovator, and the originality of a village idiot. He is a pundit-in-making. Mind you he also has a great long pass to the flanks. He sounds awfully like AIC, Jabba D, Luke, Jeremy and Le’Strange to me. Why are people so worried and forever reminding themselves, and us, that Arsenal play the best (or prettiest) football? Why not just say Arsenal are not the best and so were beaten (by us) for top spot? Why is that statement always conditional, “oh, Arsenal can play ….. but”. It is because they do not understand why Wenger has opted for a football philosophy where playing great football is non-negotiable. It sure worries a lot of people a lot of the time.

    I would not worry in the slightest about Gael’s move north. Good luck and all that. Basically, Wenger did not exactly fight to keep him.

  56. I agree with Zimpaul

  57. Gadget | July 5, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Very good point. I am just very worried about the whole picture. No matter how many huge mistakes Clichy, made you don’t sell him on to a team that finished above you and worse much stronger than you.

    Remember when that Heize (or whatever his name was) claimed that he’s bigger than fergie and he’s going to L Pool? Did he fuck. He rotted in the reserves for a season then went to Real.

    It seems for a long while now that Arsenal cash in on a player in the first instance and to me that is why the board are always so happy.

    Silent fuck Stan doesn’t impress me either. At least the big Russian has stated his ambitions to invest proper and get it the staff required. We need to spend some money. Not shit loads like other but, we need to spend because the world has changed as it did after 9/11 and you have to move with it or get left behind as we have been thus far.

  58. Until Nasri signs a new deal, or not and until we sign new players, then we can expect the Arsenal in crisis shit to continue unabated.

    Clichy goes to City and Teves wants out. Considering how important to them Teves is, I think him leaving is much more damaging than us selling Clichy to City.

    I really cannot get myself worked up over this transfer. The nasri to United shite is far more of a concern, IMO. That crap just cannot come to fruition.

    Whose got the stomach for the fight then? Or are you just going to wallow in ther Lie Sports news wankathon about our demise?

  59. We played fantastic football in 2008.

    We were too predicatable last year. hence why so many teams took easy points off us.

  60. I would be suprised if we don’t have some kind of plan to cover for Clichy’s departure.

    I am sure we have someone lined up – or maybe the plan is to move Tommy to the left – I guess that would make us more solid along that side of the team.

  61. My guess is Wenger will see how Gibbs, Traore and Bothello do in pre-season.

    If he feels we need to buy another left-back then our track record with regards replacing defenders we have sold to City makes me quietly confident.

  62. Clichy refused to sign a new deal, so he was out the door. He has been widely criticies, has not improved or even maintained the levels he once reached, I just dont get why offloading him is such a disaster?

  63. @Frank

    You’ve started early with your abuse today! What, are you not happy with your stats from yesterday?


  64. Markus

    Gibbs needs to overcome his injury problems and pre-season is really important for him this season as he can seriously stake a claim to be 1st choice. I have no idea what lies ahead for Traore, he seems to have been out the frame for ages, but he is still young enough to come good. Time will tell on him.

    I think the club need to address other issues as a priority over the LB situation though.

  65. Northbank

    Its because you scored henristic like you want to bum him mate!

    And where do you get off scoring me at 4 own goals man? 😀

  66. “ZimPaul | July 5, 2011 at 11:11 am

    Scholes has the countenance of an intellectual, the intellect of a philsopher, the philosophy of an innovator, and the originality of a village idiot”
    I love that!

  67. As YW states, I’m not there is a grand plan in place, yet.

    Lets wait to see how many players can force moves. Almost impossible to plan for the loss of Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas.

  68. The league is more an indicator of consistency and less one of quality. It suits no one to decalre one team better than another solely from the league table – unless you are talking about consistency, in which case you may continue

  69. No wonder the commercial media consistently takes the piss out of Arsenal FC. They know most of our fans are fickle and emotional and are willing to believe the b.s. they write. They know that most of our supporters are very insecure despite Wenger’s track record of success, not only winning trophies but having the club consistently in the top-4 despite the expense of a new stadium. For example, reading over the past two days on this and other blogs the response of many of our supporters to Clichy’s move to City is confirmation of this fickle witless support. Many of these supporters kept banging on for weeks that Clichy is the weak link and past it. Now that he has made his big money move to Oil City they conclude the club is in crisis. It blows the mind.

    Anyway, my thanks to Gael for eight years of service to Arsenal FC. You were a tireless servant and you will be missed. Most of all you showed more class and quality than the witless fools who treated you like shit at the end of your tenure. (Oh, before I forget, lets congratulate the Dein family and their legacy to the club, agent-Darren, for using his privileged position to hover our so many Arsenal players and to hawk them for his 20%.)

  70. Gadget, what?!?

    As was mentioned in an earlier post – Wenger loves the league. The reason being is that a 100% fair, 38 game season is the perfect way to measure a side againts its peers. Playing well for a few months is tantamount to going on a cup run, anyside can do that.

    Chelsea disappeared for 10 games, United had an embarrassing away record, and both comfortably surpassed our points tally.

  71. I wonder what City is seeing in Savic that we did not see last year. He was after all on a trail with us…

  72. Luke

    Thanks for informing me how shite Arsenal’s end of season was. I had completely forgotten, well, I was trying to until you keep insisting on fucking reminding me! 🙂

  73. Shotta, very very melodramatic.

    It seems the easiest hiding place is perking oneself up on a high horse, being terribly rude and condascending and being done with the cretin who speak ill of Arsenal.

    What a load of tosh.

    Clichy is replacable, that much is certain. Our major competitor needed a LB, it was nice of us to give ours to them for a tiny fee.

    No one is shouting crisis, but to think everything is fine and dandy, now that truley is a mind boggling stance.

  74. Poodle, I think it’s because we have Bartley!

  75. A tiny fee? Are you serious? Now whose being melodramatic now then? City need a LB as they have only spent about £50m so far on that position! City obviously have a soft spot for Arsenal and insist on helping us pay off the stadium debt from time to time.

  76. Goonerton, worry only when you have all the facts and have come to the conclusion the plan is insufficient. Untill then, relax and chill.

    Heinze suffered ftrom hubris, but would you have liked to see us do that with Clichy, only to see him go to City for free next season? Some may rejoice in such, but it would send out a bit of a totaliterian message, one which would alter my perception of the club, as it may do with the players (whether this would be a good thing depends on the individual who receives it, but I would not receive it well).

    Personally, I do not share your assessment that the club cashs in on players. If this were the case, Fabregas would have made a lovely profit, as would have Theo and Jack, carrying that English premium as they do.

    If a players does not wish to sign a contract you cannot do much else but sell them or lose them for free.

  77. Gadget | July 5, 2011 at 11:07 am
    “Care to elaborate further with your last paragraph, Henristic?”

    I thought it was pretty clear? What part of it needs elaboration exactly?

  78. Gadget

    As I said l;ast night, it is going to be really diifcult to handle all the negativity as the talk shite radio, Lie Sports news etc are all going into overdrive telling us all how fucked we are. Its no suprise some are having trouble dealing with things right now.

    I do think it would be a good think for the club to make some kind of statement, or Press Conference or something? There must be one planned, if for the Asia tour?

  79. @Dexter at 11.24 am

    LOL… the only true stat is the posts/appearances, the rest are guessed from my reading.

    I got home this morning at 4am , slightly under the influence of Herbert Chapman, bored, and I went through all the posts! how sad eh!

    If Frank wants to get into some latent homosexuality by calling me a Arsehole, then so be it, but personally, I’m not even into latent homosexuality with women, let alone with Henristic.

    Keep your fantasies going….

    It was posted as a joke…. Frank, chill man, don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  80. well well well.

    Quite some time. Hows everyone?

    been reading though, no time to write much or else nothing much to write. which is it? LOL

  81. “The nasri to United shite is far more of a concern, IMO. That crap just cannot come to fruition.” Dexter i concur.

  82. northbank i thought it was funny especially the last bit where one had over 30 own goals

  83. Gadget,
    “If a players does not wish to sign a contract you cannot do much else but sell them or lose them for free.”
    Quite true, but my question is why does the player not want to sign a contract? If he’s looking for a cash/trophies, What does that say about our other ‘good’ players who’s contract might be ending soon? Unless those players are guaranteed to be more loyal than Clichy, shouldn’t there be a cause for concern?

  84. TS,
    Long time! How area na?

  85. NB @ 10:18 am
    still laughing…….great stuff !

  86. I agree with Frank.

  87. i wish wenger would sign someone….all this wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth is getting me down. talk about doom and gloom

  88. Area dey hectic o henristic.

  89. There is no way on earth we are going to sell Nasri to united, so just relax every one.
    The whole Gervino things gone a bit quiet though, I thought that was due to be wrapped up yesterday. Anyone got any news on this?

  90. Henristic

    Erm, are you surprised that City pay players amounts we dont match?

  91. I think they are all scared of AFC developing a hard edge alongside the skilled football, and when AFC surpasses Barca, which is not far off now, especially when Barca demoralised ManU, no wonder they want Nasri, and if Cesc was not commited to Barca, ManU would be bidding for him too. That’s why they call it “pretty” and not skilled.
    That said i think it is time for Cesc to go, which will allow AFC to play in more different ways than the single minded way we played when Cesc is fit. I think that was our weakness last season, and if Cesc was out ALL season, we would have done much better, because his head and heart was not there any more, it was so plain to see, and i think it was so much more detrimental to the team last season as is acknowledged.
    Look how Nasri performed without Cesc.
    So let us see the new AFC next season, no more pushovers, a fortress at home, a force feared away, and winning all 4 cups(i hope).

  92. Hmm this is what i found about aly cissikho the rumoured replacement for Clichy. aparantley City wanted to sign him less than a week ago. though they opted for Clichy instead…
    (its in the sun of all places)

  93. What happened to us signing Alvarez?

  94. Team spirit | July 5, 2011 at 12:03 pm
    “Area dey hectic o henristic.”

    Shuo, why na? No yawa sha, Baba God dey your side.

  95. Dexter | July 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm
    “Erm, are you surprised that City pay players amounts we dont match?”

    No, do I sound surprised?

  96. The departure of Gael Clichy should be seen with heavy hearts by Arsenal supporters. It is completely natural to attempt to understand his sale in relation to a failing close season plan, seeing players depart before new recruits enter the fray or even a determined ruthlessness, carving out deadwood and invigorating the efficiency of last season’s Arsenal side. At this juncture it is of course impossibe to say. That of course, will not stop Fleet Street’s finest continuing to write Arsenal F.C. obituaries, nor troubled supporters with no true insight into our current media-shy transfer dealings, looking on in bewilderment. All supporters are feeling concerned.

    Gael Clichy was potentially the best left-back in the world, he signed very young into his professional career and in following Ashley Cole, was the natural heir-apparent as an Arsenal raised youngster, one who had not seeked out media attention with clandestine meetings and Hello magazine crineworthy spreads. Blessed with explosive pace and lung busting stamina, we watched with amazement as he read opposition moves, stole possession with high-risk timing and in the late minutes in games sprinted the full length of the pitch carrying possession and frightening the life out of tiring defenders. These moments have more recently been replaced with high profile mistakes and a faltering indecision late in games. This of course has been Arsenal as a whole.

    I for one, am gutted he has gone to Manchester City, he has lost his way but I would have been delighted to see a humble servant of the Arsenal re-find himself and once again make such a compelling argument against his predecessor as the number one left back in the world. That this should be acheived on these shores makes that heartfelt notion far less appealing.

  97. Henristic, maybe not surprised then, slightly constipated perhaps?

  98. Or trapped wind.

  99. V good post

    Personally I think it was both a plan and a cock-up to let clichy go. Wenger clearly did not intend to sell clichy, and knows that Gibbs is not as good a player (yet). Having spent 8 years developing clichy, wenger did not want to lose him just as he entered his prime.

    That said, clichy is simply not good enough. He simply does not know how to play the off-side trap (which should be an executional offence at arsenal) which has cost us too many times, esp in important games.

    If clichy had stayed, Gibbs wouldn’t get the games he needs and would’ve probably left. While Gibbs isn’t quite as technically as good with the ball as clichy was at the same age, Gibbs is better in every other area.

    Ultimately most gooners will agree it’s for the best. A slight step backwards, but Gibbs will make giant steps forward.

  100. At the moment, I agree with everyone! but that could change when the effects wear off!

  101. JO

    Read my post. Maybe you will realize how exaggeration can be used to defend Arsenal instead of slating our club all the time.

  102. Enough of the eulogising about Clichy! This “humble servant” refused to sign his new deal and was told he’d be off loaded if he didnt. He chose the big pay day up norf, fair play to him, but having sympathy for a player signing a multi-million pound contract is quite bizarre.

  103. Gooner Andy

    I hope that story is true man.

  104. goonerandy

    The end of season form we displayed isn’t exactly the kind of form we normally produce is it… Spurs and City were only close because of our collapse.

    Its as simple as that. How about using some logic as things are not always as simple as you make them out to be.

  105. I liked what I saw of Alvarez, but people who know a lot more than me were a bit wary about him. Either way, it’s a meteoric rise over the past year, and I’ll be interested to see how he does at Inter. Also hard to understand why the same people clamouring for big names and experience are getting upset about us missing out on Alvarez.

  106. shotta | July 5, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Exactly. It was my point yesterday in the comments section. The media simply react off the sounds they get from the supporters and feed the supporters what they want to hear. As our fan base seems to have quite a few depressed spoiled brats, it is very easy for the media to feed them the bottle so to speak.

    Every season it is the same crap and these supporters of ours only have themselves to blame. The pundits play their part in manipulating perceptions, but at the end of the day we believe what we want to believe and demand speaks. Doomers are demanding doomer news! They are getting exactly what they asked for why the rest of us laugh off the hundreds of outrageous articles, comments and ill-informed perceptions.

    It is quite interesting how it all works really!… :p

  107. Jack, AW knew Clichy wanted to go 12 months ago. A deal with RM was close last summer.

    3 years ago he was the best left back in the EPL but since then he’s gone backwards (not entirely his own fault). He needs a fresh start and I think he’ll do well in a defensively minded team. Good luck to him.

  108. Chris – Our collapse was just as significant in our season as our good early season form. You can’t just wipe off a third of the season because it does not suit your view of the club. City were above us as they got better results over the course of the season. The Spuds were 6 points behind us, and rightly so. Manure finished 12 points ahead of us, and rightly so.

    Our collapse isn’t just “one of those things”, it is an integral flaw in the side and it is not the first time we have been found wanting in the run in.

  109. I really don’t know why people get so worked up about the media on here; who cares what they write. Anybody with anything about them will be more than capable of forming their own opinions anyway.

  110. @Jack at 12.41pm

    you said, “Wenger did not intend to sell Clichy”

    What happened then, Wenger says,” Gael we don’t intend to sell you”
    Then says,
    “whoops, sorry about that Gael, our mistake, we’ve sold you to Man City”

  111. The great shame is not that Clichy has gone to City, it is that he never lived up to the true potential he displayed in earlier seasons, yes, a good player but, not great. Wish him well and all that but no real major loss.

    I didn’t see Arsene busting a gut to get him to sign a new contract, he is not the best left back in the EPL, i’m not sure if he was even the best left back at Arsenal.

    Gibbs is more than a fantastic prospect, he is beyond the age where both Cole and Clichy burst onto the scene, I don’t believe we need a new full back, give Gibbs the gig with Traore as back up, job done. The monies raised can go to strenghning more needed areas…or Nasri’s back pocket.

  112. Miami Arsenal

    whether you believe it or not the public perception of Arsenal in a tail spin, free falling from grace or otherwise shooting themselves in the foot, can have an impact on the players as well as the fans.

  113. GA

    But you dont live in the UK at the monent do you? The media bullshite here is fucking uncredible! Not surprised some have gotten all bent out of shape over it. Its a bit of a cop out for you to suggest otherwise mate. The media are very powerful whether we loike it or not, being blaise about it is pretty naive really.

  114. Dexter,

    This looks potentially the best deal for all parties. To discount Clichy’s time at the club is to do him a disservice. He has never publicly clamoured for a move or acted a fool when discussing his future with the media. He has served the club to the best of his abilities and I do not have sympathy, but what you may be detecting is that some supporters would like to wish him well, but by going to Premier League rival this has become difficult.

    For what it is worth, it is my impression the club decided they no longer wished to retain his services. The discussion and comment coming from the club around the turned heads of Fabregas and Nasri has had an altogether different tone.

  115. Good luck to Clichy. He always worked hard for the team. I was never a huge fan. Thought he peaked in 08 and has struggled since then. I don’t think its a huge loss for us other further damaging our reputation as a big club. I don’t believe for a second that the boss has a ready made replacement and he had to sell him or face losing him for free. Same will probably happen with Nasri. I think its short sited to sell him to Man City. I can’t believe that there was not another team in Europe who would have taken him even if it would have netted 1 – 2 million fewer in our swelling bank account. I suspect Clichy will be a much better player in a team that values defense somewhat more then we do and he could improve that team. Just the possibility that it could hurt us going forward should have been enough to stop us sending him to the blue mancs.

  116. Dexter – Not at the minute, but I still get Sky and all the normal UK papers. I just ignore them.

  117. Bill, an excellent post.

  118. goonerandy

    I am not disregarding a 3rd of our season. I am merely stating the obvious. We were absolutely shite for the last 10 games or so after losing the CC Final. The Man Utd performance is probably the only game we turned up for after that. I agree that we have flaws, but to say overall we are on Tottenham’s level is just a joke. City are not even near our level of football yet they just managed to be a bit more efficient in converting points. They couldn’t handle us when we played them, neither could Man Utd at the Emirates, neither could Chelsea and we even beat Barca.

    I don’t know about you and the rest of the “put a shite spin on anything Arsenal” fans, but I can see the team for what it is. We were in a title race up until April was it? Yet Spurs were nowhere and you are saying they and Citeh are in our league…??

    Are you having a fucking laugh? Or are you and the rest of our supporters completely lost the plot

  119. Spot on, goonerandy.

  120. This attack on the media is funny. It seems the ones who take the ‘fingers in ears and shouting its alright approach’ are the only ones who talk about what the papers say.

    Also, cant be all nonsense, Sky broke Clichys deal last week and that was laughed off as nonsense.

    Like it or not, momentum certainly is not with Arsenal.

  121. Danny

    I have no problem with Clichy leaving for City, or for Gooners to say thanks and seeya later etc. But the idea that he is somehow the injured party, or deserves to be lauded for not going to the media etc is laughable. He refused to sign a new deal last summer, not very laudable, his right of course, but he wanted out and by not signing a new deal, the club have lost a few million on his transfer fee, yet he will be given “bonuses” for not handing in a transfer request.

    In fact, the more i think about it, the less I like how Clichy has acted! 😀

  122. Luke, arguments from authority on certain issues hold little sway with me. If AW were to say the league measures the quality of a team, even if it’s just relative to it’s home league, I would argue the point with him, and certainly tell him if I think he is wrong. Matters pertaining to things unknown and a logic unseen I will defer, on anything else, my mind is as good as others.

    If you look to the league to tell you who is the best team as opposed to the most consistent team, you would be faulty because the league table can be skewed in certain respects. Overall, the 08/09 is a magnificent example of how the league table can be skewed. Can you say Man U were a better team than Liverpool or were they a most consistent one? May I also remind you that in that season, of the 6 games played against the top, Man U lost 4 of these games, winning one and drawing the other. However, what Man U did was consistently beat weaker teams, something which Liverpool just did not manage to do (too many draws).

    However, it occurs to me, this whole discussion depends on what you define as being the better team. If you define better as consistent, then there is little doubt the league table is your thing.

  123. GA

    So do I mate, just saying, not all do and the impact of said media shouldnt be so easily discounted man. They help to elect Prime Ministers and get England managers the sack!

  124. @ gunflash

    The main reason that clichy didn’t go to RM was that he still had 2 years on his contract and wenger wasn’t ready to lose him. Now that he has only 1 left, we gets has to sell him to recoup money.

    It’s just a shame he had such a poor season otherwise we’d have gotten decent money for him. He’s just another toure, did good for arsenal but never quite made it as he was too often a serious weak link.

    It’s gonna be fun watching him play against Theo! Lol

  125. There is something to say for taking a gamble on Gibbs. Many a youngster has endured a particularly injury prone couple of years before emerging as a first team regular. Where Gibbs can definitely improve this Arsenal side is his distribution in the final third. Clichy never seemed to overcome his inability to fire in dangerous final balls or crosses that could be fruitfully attacked, Gibbs on the other hand, is a former midfielder in his youth team days and seems to have decent ability to press in the box and create danger.

    Where the gamble would most stand is in the defensive third. Gibbs has been steady rather than extraordinary at the back, though when played for a few games in a row he has been solid enough to attract the attention of the England manager. That said, he would have to continue to improve to not become a target in our back four for oppostion managers and attackers. We can take heart from Ashley Cole’s development who initially was considered weaker in his defensive work but very quickly through regualr first team action became a shrewd effective defender.

    If money is to be spent to develop the our defensive record it may be possible to not spend it directly on a left-back replacement.

  126. Jeeez Luke, Sky getting the Clichy deal right proves they are on the money? How about when they give the football scores out? They tend to get those right too, most of the time! In the same Clichy to City piece, they started off saying nasri was about to sign, then they had to change tack rather quickly. This happens as they are basically a TV tabloid, relying on rumour and hearsay but as they have 24 hours to fill, all this tittle tattle gets the same treatment as hard facts mate. Of course they get things correct! I think you miss the point.

  127. Chris – Nowhere did I say that the Spuds are on the same level as us (because I don’t think that they were). You need to re-read my post. I said that they were closer to us, than we were to Manure (to put in perspective your claim that they nearly lost their title to us).

    Dexter – Very true.

  128. @ northbank

    Lol, no. Wenger didn’t plan to sell him, he had to otherwise we’d lose him on a bosman next year. *rolls eyes*

  129. Its very unlikely we will buy any forward/midfielder until the dust settles on Nasri and Cesc.

    Football is the #1 entertainment attraction. The media must fill up columns/air time during the transfer season and find a way to keep up readership/viewership. When the club won’t share details of their activities, then fabricated scripting is their default.

    > 1% fact is permissible by mainstream media standards. Riling up fans/readers is their job. Getting competitor players with single digit IQ’s to add divisive comments achieves their only goal, to build ratings. ALL TABLOID STUFF, DRESSED UP.

    A turd in a suit is still a turd.

    Our manager knows what the team needs to raise its play from last season. We need to show some restraint and composure and place trust in the club.

  130. Gadget – “Can you say Man U were a better team than Liverpool or were they a most consistent one?”

    An interesting question. Over the course of a season, are they not one and the same?

  131. Poor old Luke at 11:39 am. The prime exponent of the melodrama are so-called supporters who fall into the media trap; Arsenal is losing players and Wenger is doing nothing, blah, blah…. The next step is panic-mongering. It is the ultimate disrespect to a manager of Wenger’s manifest wisdom and experience in bringing-in and letting go of players. Didn’t Wenger let Cashley go in light of his greedy demands? Did the left back position go unfilled. Didn’t Wenger let Overmars, Petit, Viera, Henry, Adebayor, Flamini, Hleb, Gallas etc go? All of whom were to different degrees important players at the club. Did the club fall off the cliff? Weren’t able replacements drafted from the existing squad or replacements eventually signed?
    Despite the repeated examples of Wenger’s superior knowlege and experience poor old Luke and his chums keep falling for the nonsense that the club is in crisis. Nonsense. And if that is condescending then too bad Lukie.

  132. Yogi:

    Another well written post however to think that this is all part of the master plan is highly wishful thinking or perhaps you have been dipping in the sauce a little early. The master plan was for these players to grow together from a young age into a great unit. We totally dismantled the invincibles and came close to getting it right in 07/08. However no one would especially wenger would have thought that only 3/11 of the starters from that team would still be significant players on next years squad. No one especially the boss would have believed we would be trophy free 6 years into the project and I doubt anyone would have seen how difficult it is to keep a squad together. The trouble with such a complex and previously untried masterplan is that since there are so few models it hard to anticipate some of the problems that could and have arisen. No one would have seen the rise of Abramovich and the change in the landscape of the transfer market. Miscalculations such as overpaying our unproven players and not being able to pay market rate for our more senior players has become a huge issue. Now we are trying to throw bandaids on to the masterplan and the boss does not seem to be able to let go of some of the parts of the plan that have not worked. Worrying times these are.

  133. Gadget

    We were the better team against Birmingham in the CC Final.

    We were not the better team against Barca in the 2nd leg but we may have gone through had the ref not been such an incompetent prat.

    Then there are the countless other occasions we have been the better team against United and Chelsea as well as lower league teams in the past to lose to a single goal.

    The league table isn’t as clear cut as it is made out to be. It is the ‘fairest’ competition, but it is nowhere near perfect.

    The margins between gaining and dropping points are so fine at times. Then you have the massive influence a referee has on the game through incorrect decision making. We all know how good we are in the books of the ref don’t we… Does it even out over a season, no chance.

  134. Gadget

    Nice response, and I certainly see your point. Personally, and using your 08-09 example, I think it’s pointless if Liverpool beat the top 4, if they fail to beat relegation fodder.

    That’s identical to us this year. We beat United & Chelsea for the first team in 3? years this season, so by your logic it was our best – but we failed to beat any of the promoted teams, bar Blackpool at home.

    Which is a better barometre of how good a team is? That it decides to turn it on when it suits? Or the ability to remain consistently ruthless for 38 games?

    We have had some great performances – but for every Barca there is a Braga, United/Chelsea/City – WBA, Newcastle x 2, Villa, Sunderland x 2, Blackburn, Fulham,

    If you are not consistent, you certainly are not the best team.

    Wolves had just a good home record against the top 3 this year – does this make them our equals?

  135. Danny

    This summer is really impoortant for Gibbs. I hope he overcomes the injuries

  136. Miami Arsenal

    Let’s not continue it is all the refreee’s fault again… there have been mistakes by referee’s this season just like in others, some go for us some against. Excuses are just that.

  137. goonerandy

    I was over exaggerating, a bit like how the media has gone with regards to ‘Arsenal in crisis’. In the end we were a fair way off United, but my point is people have forgotten we maintained a title challenge up until April. Something nobody would have thought was possible. I reckon we could and should have done better. Ferguson was even shocked as to how quickly players like Wilshire and Ramsey are establishing themselves. You don’t see a Wilshire coming through at United do you. The buzz it all Arsenal. But we have to accept the other side too. We are right in the media limelight, they love to love and hate us.

  138. Shotta, you will be hard pressed to find anywhere where I have used Arsenal + Crisis in the same sentence.

    Still, you can reel off your template response. There is no surprise there.

    As for your examples of those great players leaving – they have been replaced, but not by suitable players. Hence why we have gone from consistent title challengers to an annual purple patch rounded off with an implosion in the run in.

  139. Dexter,

    No one is suggesting Clichy is the injured party or lauding him for not speaking to the media. I am simply crediting him for doing his best for the club and saying many would like to wish him well, but will struggle now he is plying his trade for a rival.

    As I said, It is more about perceptions and mine is the club wished to off-load him and try some new personnel at the back. Looking at the last couple of years, that can be understood. If we wished to keep him, the commentary would have sounded much more like the club’s rhetoric when discussing Nasri and Fabregas.

    I do not agree players should sign new contracts so clubs can get bigger fees for them, they should sign new contracts for two reasons, being the club wants them and they want to stay to fulfil that role. I think neither of these two reasons was in place, hence it being a deal all appear happy with.

    Players do tend to become less at home, when they get the sense they are wanted less.

    I cannot see an injured party. Similarly, Wenger off-loaded Kolo Toure because he felt he was not the force he was.

  140. Miami Arsenal

    Clearly, the team has not knitted together as we may have hoped over the past 6 seasons, so be it. Arsenal have been a consistent force in the EPL, though, not having shown the consistency need to win either the title or some other trophy. It is pointless to to second guess the boss because he s doing what he believes they need win in an environment much different from our main competitors. Arsenal, whether they have money or not (some debate either way) are simply not prepared to spend it in the sums apparently required to secure ‘known’ talent. It is what it is, we have agree or not agree but we’ll always end up supporting the team regardless.

  141. Danny, you didnt need to write all that to say the same thing all over again mate! 😀

  142. Miami Arsenal

    crap… rereading that I need coffee to wake up and type correctly.

  143. Spanish press saying that Cesc refused to train with team today.

  144. Dexter,

    Just as long as we are all clear!

  145. Chris – “I was over exaggerating”

    Thanks for clearing that up. Thought it was strange.

    I agree we could/should have done better though. We were in a very good position at one point, which is why it was so frustrating to see the team collapse the way it did. For me the signs were there though; we were so hot or cold this season (more than any other recent season IMO). Even some of our cup games we made such hard work of against sides we should be easily beating, and some of the points lost in the lge were ridiculous.

  146. Miami,

    Agreed, we have struggled to gel.

    2004-2008 was arguably some of Wengers finest work. Losing the greatest side he has ever assembled, and one of the greatest Arsenal sides of all time, bit by bit, and no money was a remarkable achievement.

    2007-2008 was the beginning of his vision, his masterclass, the vindicated way of winning trophies players who play for each other and thier style.

    However, every summer since, we lost part of this squad, we replinish yes, but then we are in transition, we never have a summer were we keepy our starting 11, and ADD quality to it. We regig, shuffle, deal with horrific injuries, get stung by silly mistakes, the lack of consistency, means when we get derailed from our rhythem, we struggle to find it again.

  147. Dexter:

    We can complain endlessly about The media firestorm but it was totally predictable and completely unavoidable given what has happened so far this summer. We all knew the Cesc thing would drag out but we hoped the Nasri and Clichy situations would be resolved quickly one way or another rather then drag on and on. We could have easily avoided or nearly completely neutered the media had we brought in Gervinho, Cahill, and couple of other good players early in the window. Instead of doom and gloom the players and fans would all be getting excited about next season. Unfortunately doing things early is not part of the masterplan so those of you who obscess about the media are required to sit thru all the brown stuff thrown our way. If you really believe the media has this much power and actually somehow affects our teams performance then perhaps the club should have taken a bit of a different direction this summer. Difficult to understand what they are thinking in London Colney.

  148. Danny; Haha! Yep, we are!

    OOU; The players dont return till Thursday mate. Pure bollocks, what a surprise!

  149. Bill

    You dont get what i was saying, never mind. Maybe next time.

  150. I was referring to those who have gone ape shit because of the constant shite in the media, suggesting that the reactions were understandable due to the impact they have on people. But you just wanted to put across yet another negatively tinged nugget didnt you? You little minx!

  151. Miami Arsenal

    Look, Wenger’s quote the other day about playing the cards close to his chest indicated that he was not shopping until August… truth or not, no idea I was not there, but it is consistent with previous years where he makes later transfer decisions. I expect a few more weeks off non activity yet.

  152. I think most of them are back now, including Cesc, Dexter. There are still couple of stragglers to join up on Thursday because of later internationals, but I’m pretty sure he’s not among them.

    If he did sit out training (no idea how they could possibly know either way), it could have been for any number of reasons.

    Arsenal normally post photos of the first training session, and I hope they manage to get one of Cesc with a huge grin on his face.

  153. Dexter, just regarding your post at 11:47, what kind of statement would you like the club to make? Is it one on transfers or one calling the media out for its nonsense? In an ideal world I’d love for the club to be able to curse the bumba clart media out without reprisals!

    Actually, what I’d truely like is for the club to freeze out the media on all matters. No press releases, no conferences, no players talking, nothing. We’ve been too kind to them, while they’ve sneered in contempt

    Henristic, don’t mind my request for elaboration. The point I was considering making is currently outside the scope of my mind at current!

    However, in answer to your 11:56 post, there are a few reasons why players may wish to leave, not all of them primarily motivated by money or chance to win a trophy. We can only make conjecture…

    Of course I’m always game for a bit of conjecture:

    Granted I am not a football player, but I have worked in jobs far below my salary expectations and stayed in those jobs because the work environment was awesome – namely fantastic colleagues. Having zero responsibility to anyone but myself, I had no pressure to leave for better paying positions, however, when I did leave those jobs, it was primarily because there was something I didn’t like – typically my boss being a fool and too many good people leaving – these things would inspire me to change jobs, and in doing so I’d always move on to something with more money.

    I know, I’m not an everyman type of character, but I do wonder if a player leaving would share a similar reasoning to moi: it’s more to do with his environment than anything else?

    It could be that Clichy has had a falling out with someone, or witnessed a change in the atmosphere. However, if I were a player, I’d probably leave because I hate the fans! Seriously, I’ve worked in a call centre where I got abused all day and that was the start of my misanthropy.

    Anyway, if a player would leave us to win a trophy, ostensibly, that would refelect poorly on the club, however, it would also refelct poorly on the player at this point in time. If we were Tottenham or comparable to, by all means leave for the chance to win something, however, but for the collapse, the team were close. Think about how poorly that whole Rooney UNited thing was; who came out wose at the time?

  154. LimparAssist

    It’s only all doom and gloom if you’re a complete prick.

    Defender leaves for Man City for huge profit. Business as usual. Arsenal bide their time in the transfer market to make their money go as far as possible. Business as usual.

    If you are prone to shit your pants in early July, then just keep it to yourself would you? Fucking embarrassing.

    And Man City are NOT anywhere near us as a football team. Watch the games back. It’s a bona fide miracle they escaped with a point out of six against us last season. They owe that one to the woodwork. When we lost the title to Utd we surrendered two more positions as we reeled, with a run of games played gutshot having been in for it all and come away with nothing. City finshing above us in those circumstances means fuck all. Arsenal are by far and away the better team. I would say that City, with players given a chance to settle together, might be more of a force next season – but it doesn’t look like they will be given that chance. And besides they’re mercenary cunts aren’t they? I don’t think that lot ever will gel. They’ll have to rely on Totaal Negativity to get them by. I don’t happen to think that’s enough to win the league myself, and I’m sure as shit glad I don’t have to watch them try.

  155. Bloody reports that Alvarez has signed for Inter. That’s our bloody fucking problem. Wenger identifies a player and the next moment the vultures are swarming. Since we don’t have the money to compete with the stupid rich it makes sense for Wenger to sign players late and avoid an unnecessary price war!

  156. Miami Arsenal

    AL, give Manchester City some credit… they finished above us no matter what excuse we may want to make for there or our league position.

  157. Kenyan,

    That does seem a rational consideration.
    I’m not sure if the realistic Vitriolics would approve of your Reason in this instance.

  158. OOU

    He didn’t, he was always going to be training alone as he still has a hamstring problem.


  159. Haha, agree entirely, LA.

  160. If you are prone to shit your pants in early July, then just keep it to yourself would you? Fucking embarrassing.


    I’d love to know where any of the above has been displayed.

    Hyperbole, agression, abuse, swearing, stress = all attributes shown by the ones who slam doomers off the bat / hate the media / blah blah blah

  161. Also if we lose Nasri/Fabregas/Clichy in one season, there won’t be a side in the top 10 who are less settled than us.

    But I guess your a complete doomer pointless cunt for even thinking about it.

  162. That’s one of the things I was wondering, YW. Kind of annoying in it’s own way if true.

  163. LimparAssist

    Not so much an excuse, Mimi, as remembering actual footballing events in the order in which they unfolded – and also trying to understand that football is football and footballers are human.

  164. Dexter:

    People going crazy about the media is unfortunate but is also predictable and unavoidable. Could have been significantly blunted if the club had wanted.


    Business as usual is part of the problem. Given the way events unfolded last year it would have been nice to see some attempt to change things and start to put a positive spin on the upcoming season.

  165. RE:better/consistent

    I’m good with metaphore and analogy when I’ve given myself the time to consider things. Why in a former life, when snail mail was all the rage, I was a most formidable man to argue with, but anyway, here is one to deal with the issue:

    Is the tortoise faster than the hare?

    One could say that the hare’s arrogance caused him to lose to the tortoise, however, arrogance is but one factor, and it is a handful of factors which cause Liverpool to draw one game too many. Similarly it is more than possible (because it happened!) for a team who is remarkably strong to lose the league based upon a handful of things going wrong in a given number of games, and finish below weaker but more consistent teams.

  166. Gadget,
    I agree with your other reasons for someone wanting to change ‘jobs’, but I’m wary about how how you applied it to clichy’s case. Players don’t generally change clubs they’ve been at for so long (8 years is half a lifetime in a footballing career) because of a falling out, except if the beef is with the manager (but surely you’re not suggesting that?).

    Like others have observed, we don’t know the actual reasons, but going by previous experience, the vast majority of footballers at around Clichy’s age choose to move mainly to further their chances of silverware, or to make more money. In combination, these factors make a compelling case to explain Clichy’s move, given our relative poverty and trophy drought.

    Any neutral observer will looking at us and City’s past few seasons, will probably judge them to be more likely to win trophies than us in the short term.

    You would think that Clichy, having worked with Wenger all these years, would believe in his vision more than any of us, so yes this reflects poorly on him. But it could be argued that Henry left for similar reasons, and we all still consider him a legend. Viera is on record as questioning the clubs ambitions as well, and so have a few others who are also close to Wenger.

  167. so nothing new today,

  168. Regarding Scholes’ comments. Wouldn’t you agree that after the season we’ve just had ( not to mention the five before that ) Wenger should be being aggressively pro active in the transfer market ? That he should have identified his targets before the end of last season, gotten in EARLY, and have signed at least three by now ? In fact, he himself said he would do his transfer business early in the window this year. So what are we to make of this ?
    Instead he says ” All the other clubs are standing still. We’ll WAIT till the end of July, then we’ll strengthen.” End of JULY ?
    We all know defence is a top priority. Cahill is the type of player we need. Wenger also said that. Yet we haven’t even PUT IN A BID ? Why not ? Just because no one else has ? Or because ( more likely ) he doesn’t want to pay the going price ? ( nothing new there ) .
    Given the urgency, and the pressure mounting on him to win something and show we actually DO have some “ambition” ( an ugly word to many of you ), he hasn’t even MADE A BID ! That’s disgraceful. And it is misleading the fans.Something we have come to expect from him.
    Another point ; Wouldn’t a prudent manager have made sure he had a replacement signing lined up, before selling any of his first team players ? Doesn’t that indicate neglect ?
    Also, why would a half decent manager, allow the contracts of two of his first teamers to run down ( Nasri and Clichy ) ? Two of the players he wants and has TRIED DESPERATELY , to keep ?
    Why does he place youth players on large salaries before they have proved themselves, thus inflating our wage bill ?
    Why is it that no clubs seem willing to buy our deadwood off us, yet Wenger has played them regularly over the years ?
    Why is it that top players seem reluctant to join us ( no transfers in )?
    Why is it that two players have gone public with their dissatisfaction – i.e. Nasri wanting “to win things”, and Fabregas saying the club “needs to decide if it wants to develop youth, or win trophies” ?
    None of this raises questions with you about his competence and judgement ? Think, for God’s sake. The man is in decline.
    Just a few examples of why I state that……
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  169. It’s only the fifth day of the transfer window. Chill out guys. We will replace Clichy, we will buy one or 2 others, we will continue to challenge. It’s laughable that so many are getting so worried about it all… Our players that will be retained are one year more experienced, and surely would have been burnt by the end of last season, giving them the extra bite and determination that will see us over the finish line next season. Crisis? Not at all.

    Thanks YW by the way.

  170. I agree with LA

  171. some times being cool is the best way to deal with those who continually pester. this has been the Arsenal way for a while now and the benefits are not seen but felt, a contantment. but im sick of that, its far too civilised and not for the likes of me, i would like to see the club bite back, usually the man to rely on is rvp but due to this not happening i feel, like many others that we are having the p took out of us, this wont make sence to those who are more reflective/cautious and it is not intended too, so i am with the annoyed re the press, other players putting us down because we play attractive football but not winning, scoles is an over rated dwarf whos best game was years ago, and it sounds like a desperate way of attracting someone elses player. if i was the manager i would say no to barca over fab4 end of, and if naz refused i would make him see his contract out, end of. i dont agree that just because a player wants to leave he should be allowed, if i signed a contract at work and was told i had to stay i wouldnt suddenly drop my level because i couldnt get my own way, thats being professional. i am sick of, hes from barca, imagine evry london footballer wanting to play in london, or play for there home town team

  172. RE:better/consistent

    To my tired mind, the controversy only exists if you see better as a fixed quality, rather than a transient one. 3 clubs were better than us last season, because they were more consistent. It doesn’t necessarily mean those clubs will be better next season, as that remains to be seen (although one can make educated guesses/predictions).

    In the same vein, one can say that we were the best team in England between 1998/2004, and Chelsea were the best between 2005-2006, and the Mancs since 2007.

  173. Indeed, Henristic, it was all an exercise of conjecture, so iI wouldn’t put too much stock in it at all.

    I don’t think we will ever know the what inspired Clichy to move, however, I would hope he didn’t specifically say “I want to go to Man City”; if they came knocking and flashing the cash, then fair enough. To be honest, like others, I would have prefered if he plied his trade elsewhere entirely, but I won’t begrudge him the move.

  174. Henristic – That sounds about right.

  175. err spectrum your post just displays your lack of knowledge when it comes to transfares, to arsenal and to buissness in general.

    You let your emotions controll your judgment, you are not thinking clear on how arsenal can do stuff the best way to strengthen the club. All you think about is how Arsenal can satisfy you, But this is not about you . it is about Arsenal our glorious club and how it can become better. Get a grip man.

  176. LimparAssist

    Many neutral observers will look at us and City’s past few seasons and back Arsenal to the hilt to finish above City next season.

    Here’s a simple graph to show why someone might do that.

    In short, for the vast majority of the season Arsenal were the better side and scored more points. Only to hobble over the finish line. A poor finish seems an easier fix to address than months of malaise with an attack that never clicks.

  177. Alex Ice Cream

    All you doomers are so inconsiderate. You can at least wait until we have failed to buy anyone of any note whilst losing first team players before moaning. The transfer window is open until 31 August so we have plenty of time to be linked with cheap, no-name imports and children and end up buying nobody of significance.

    Don’t worry, we will be presenting our annual “debt-reduction cup winners” medals to the board and manager on the opening day of the season while the supporters will be given a “6 years and counting….” mug to show what the club really thinks of them.

    There will be some random lucky winners of the “third is a trophy” magazine written by Arsene Wenger himself with a free “best defence from open play” badge inside.

    Last, but not least is a special “great mental strength” headset that can be bought for £1000 which is a mere 6.5% increase from last year’s price. You can put this on every week and experience the mental strength that our great team has as well, just don’t pick on any grannie’s or the unit may malfunction.

  178. LimparAssist

    They weren’t more consistent. Chelsea and City were less consistent. We just fucked it up at the end and let them in the backdoor. See graph.

  179. Clichy had been with us since he was very young. Maybe he just fancies a change of scenery?

  180. mumbai gooner

    Kenyan gunner..extending your line of thought

    AW should leak few unwanted players name as his targets and let other clubs poach them haha then go for his real targets

  181. Limpar – You do realise that the last few months does contribute to our consistancy? They are not just wiped from the slate. Of course the teams that finished above us were more consistant, to argue otherwise is plain silly.

  182. Limpar to argue the Man City are not our rivals now is unrealistic given the table position of the 2 teams at the end of last year. Its even more unrealistic to think that they will not be stronger rivals in the very near future. You are a huge fan of Clichy. No matter how you slice it selling him to Man City is a mistake for a team whose goal is to win championships.

  183. A marathon runner who gets beat in the last few miles cannot claim to have been the better runner can he?

  184. What does consistency mean to you Limpar?

  185. OOU

    Apparantly the players dont start training till Thursday. They are back though, undergoing fitness assessments and other things, like showing each other slides of their holidays.

  186. I’ll be looking forward to my “Denilson is better than World Cup winner Alonso” pie, washed down with I’m ‘I’m roaring fit and ready to fight for 25 minutes’ Abou Diaby pint.

  187. Mean Lean asked if anyone knew Speccy 4 eyes rectum’s IP address. Could you furnish him with that info YW?


    Why do ylou feel the need to react to posts that arent aimed at you? Unless you feel threatened by those comments/posters? Seems a bit weird you railing against these perceived daggers being aimed at you mate.

    Paranoid much? 😀

  188. LimparAssist

    I am painfully aware that the poor finish ‘counted’, thank you, andy.

    Over the course of a 29 week season, Man City were above Arsenal in the league for 4 of them. Arsenal led for the remaining 25 game weeks.

    Arsenal had a very poor end to the season, but up to that point had very much been the more consistent team – for 8 months of football. That’s all true isn’t? I don’t think it’s all that silly to point that out.

  189. Bill

    How could the club stop the Catalan press printing what they do and their British counterparts copying and pasting it over here? I’m Dumbo mate; all ears.

  190. Dexter – not as much as I used to be!

    The snippet was from a generally aimed LA post, hence I replied.

    Anyway, I can’t see what I’m typing, there’s damm bats everywhere.

  191. What does obtuse mean?

  192. why are you looking forward to that Luke? you think its great that our player is not as goodtr as Real Madrids? Would you be dissapointed if he had a good season this yea to prove you wrong?

    Why do you hate our playes? Even if you think they shit tey are still your playes, they still wear the arsenal shirt and they need backing not people telling them they are shit.

    its like you are totally ignorant to basic psycology. how thick are you ?

    It does not really matte wheter they are crap they are arsenal players until sold. And when they are out playing for us its OUR job as supportes to support them and make the best environment possible so they can preforme better than last time. Or would you fel better if Denilson made a complete muppet out of himself and makng us loose? Would you not rather help him succeed? Its not like you gonne get rid of him anyway. You have to work with what you got.

    Or what in your opinion is a fans job Luke? How can a guy like YOU contribute to the team becoming better with the players and the manager we got today?

  193. jeezes its hard to write on iphone :p

  194. So you are saying we could not maintain our consistancy, where other teams did and passed us at the finish? That sounds to me like……they were more consistant.

  195. LimparAssist

    If the shoe fits.

  196. Those bats are a nightmare mate, watch out for the droppings dude! Haha!

  197. I think Man City will actually drop out of the top 4 at Liverpool’s expense next season. At any rate they are not title condenders, and we have show that we are. Even the most anti-Arsenal pundit wouldn’t deny that we were in contention for large parts of the season. City were never in contention, so how the fuck can you argue that they are a level above us?

  198. Markus – “City were never in contention, so how the fuck can you argue that they are a level above us?”

    Bizzarely on the fact that they finished a level above us.

  199. Seriously man, I think the reactions you are reading are bourne out of a frustration, the pain iof last seasons climax and the fact we have this exodus and crisis talk every close season, yet the club is still standing come August 31st and apart from one or 2, so are the better players. Its tiresome to continually have to trawl through posts telling us how utter shite/doomed we are. I think its a really important summer for the club and hope we get things sorted. What I mean by that, is the future of nasri and Cesc, one eway or another. As soon as possible.

    Even in a worst case scenario, we will have sold 2 of our best players, yet received about £60m. That could be used to sign 2 or 3 top class players.

    I really think that this summer will be the busiest in terms of incomings for a long time.

  200. LimparAssist

    Had City maintained their consistency we’d’ve been alright, because for most of the season they were consistently worse than us. As it happens they put a little run together at the end, right when we tailed off.

  201. LimparAssist

    Markus gets it. Markus must’ve witnessed the 2010/11 season, and not just the highlight reel for April.

  202. Poodle – it was a bit of banter, chill out man.

  203. Interesting points Limpar, so if City werent as consistent as Arsenal, they were certainly better when it counted?

  204. West Ham were the most consistent club in the EPL last season.

  205. Dexter – I agree. People seem to go into crisis mode every summer. Every year, when we sell players, it’s as if the club will never return to that level of quality again. When Henry went, it was the end of Arsenal, from many fans’ perspective. So many forget that this club will still attract some of the best players int he world, because of the way we run the club, the football we play, and the manager we have. Not all footballers are greedy bastards, some actually value our ethos and forward-thinking ways. Admittedly, there are less of these types around these days, but still, we are a worldwide brand, and a team many would absolutely love to play for.

    I still think Nasri and Cesc will be here for at least this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nasri’s new contract was announced in the next week or so – with Arsenal, that is.

  206. Limpar – More importantly, we would have been alright if we had maintained our own consistancy. Still, old news eh? Onwards and upwards.

  207. Fenerbahçe are the best team in Turkey.
    Top of the table.
    It must be true.
    The table never lies.

    Oh yeah, reuters always provides tasty and reliable sauces for selection.
    Only a genuine fully qualified numptard would confuse criticism of the News International (in the news again, for deleting a kidnapped childs answer phone messages. How reliable.) with a criticism of all media.

  208. Frank – Heh, quite.

  209. We get a SUGA3 appearance yesterday and now we have to deal with SPECTRUM.
    Do the cunts usually spell their name in all CAPS?

  210. yes william.

  211. Poodle – No, it’s not about “our glorious CLUB”. It’s about our “glorious LEADER”, really, isn’t it ? Search your conscience. Be honest now. I won’t tell.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  212. GA, you’ll need to elaborate further. I could provide reasons as to why your retort of my analogy fails but I cannot do so without having further info relating to your question: tell me more about this race.

    Henristic, I’m rather embarassed to say, I truely don’t understand what you’re saying! I have ideas, but I could be wrong. Would you mind simplifying your post for an fellow tired mind?

  213. Limpar:

    In my experience end of the year collapses tend to be much harder to recover from mentaly then then having up and down season only to make a strong run at the end.

  214. SPECTRUM – do you think that by constantly repeating the same phrase, it will somehow become a hilarious, insightful quip? It is beginning to work, your posts do amuse me, although not in the way you probably intend.

  215. Gadget – Which race? I genuinlly can’t find the anology you refer to mate.

  216. Gadget,

    Not for a moment am I saying that we should of let Clichy rot in reserves but, he should never been allowed to leave for a major rival.

    Also I am holding on to the thought that Wenger has a plan behind all this shit that is going on. As long as the brass are not stopping him from doing what he wants Wenger, will stuff the shit back down the skysources throats.

  217. Any surprises from the training photos?

  218. Well played Geo!!

    Limpar, it’s two different starting point like astro and particle physics. Some look at the sum, others look at the components. You bring them together and they see the same thing from different angles. On a large scale GA et al is correct in assertions of consistency, afterall, the league table essentially renders the entire season down to a homogenous puddle of goo. On ther other hand, you are similarlycorrect to inspect the goo and declare it hetrogenous

  219. SPECTRUM, I can’t figure out what you are. The most negative fan alive or a wind up merchant who cruises other team blogs for kicks. I also can’t decide which is more pathetic and sad.

  220. Limpar assist – (quote ) ” Arsenal had a very poor end to the season, but up to that point had very much been the more consistent team – for 8 months of football. That’s all true isn’t? I don’t think it’s all that silly to point that out”
    I heard that the A.K.B.’s are gathering a petition to ask the F.A. if we can have next season shortened to 8 months. Just think – we could win the league without Wenger having to strengthen the team. Oops. I forgot we won’t have Fabregas, Clichy, and maybe Nasri. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  221. Maybe they take in turns to come out from their usual hole….

    Or maybe they are one and the same…..

    Well Spectrum claims to be from Australia – or he has done in the past…..

  222. Teves leaving City could be a good thing for Arsenal. Well, Benzema might be up for a move if Real sign Teves! Look, I can dream can’t I? 😀

  223. LOL SPECTRUM have you ever heard of an invalid argument? First you claim to know what the AKB’s want, then you say that we are going to petition for an 8 month season. If anything we should petition for a 12 month season. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with all the transfer rubbish.

  224. In Arsène we trust..

  225. ‘In Le Grove we rot’, hence ‘the grave’

  226. Good luck to clichy.

    I really dont like ex Arsenal players saying they want to “win” things in regarding to them leaving. To me it really boils down to money as Arsenal are by far a more decorated team than city and to many we not far from getting back to the top, if we maintain and add to our squad sufficiently.

    It would be nice for players to say that money is a deciding factor, it may not be kool but it would be honest.

    The collapse also had nothing to do with the size of the squad, the players didnt show up and that should be it.

    I believe this is part of a plan. Gibbs does have injury problems but so did Clichy. He does seem to have more to offer overall. He has a great shot on him,can cross the ball quite well and has good speed. I hope he gets it done.

    Its still hard to see one of the senior players leave. I always thought Clichy would be one to help lead us back to glory!

    Oh well!


    Have a blessed day all!

  227. Is he a doomer from Down Under? 6ft down under!

  228. Ha ha – It would appear so….

    He is a regular on Le Grove – so say’s it all really…..

  229. in other news………. ian wright’s diligent years of service on the channel 5 TV screens around the world have finally reaped due rewards:

    “In 1940 General Lupescu of the Romanian Iron Guard has a spell from the ancient legend of the ‘Zmeu’ placed upon a golden Luger handgun – a gift to him from Himmler of the SS.
    Year’s later in modern day Bucharest, beautiful Gypsy girl Loredana Anescu finds the gun among her dying Grandfather’s possessions. Long awaiting its re-emergence is Damian Lupescu, descendant of the General and owner of Archangel International Media, who has dreamed of unleashing the ZMEU* bestowed on the gun through media technology& Music to restore fascism and bring the return of the Forth Reich.”

    0:50 to see him in action

  230. At the other end of the transfer spectrum Real Madrid just paid the second highest transfer fee for a defender for Fabio Coentrão, presumably so he can warm the bench and wait for Marcello to maybe pick up an injury.


  231. This fucking pre-season is like Shaun of the Dead

  232. Surrounded by zomboids and pestered by Uriah Northbank (snicker, snicker)

  233. I wish Frank. I might actually get some enjoyment out of it then!

  234. Another player spurns our advances, bah! Gary Flitcroft has revealed he has turned his back on joining Arsenal….. in 1994!

  235. Geo – ( quote ) – “do you think that by constantly repeating the same phrase, it will somehow become a hilarious, insightful quip? ”
    Insightful only to those who have insight, Geo.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  236. word

    That film looks like a Wright turkey! When the highlights look shite, you know you are in trouble.

  237. SPECTRUM if I ever met you in real life i would kiss you right on the lips!

  238. In Arsène we trust

  239. Autism is such a debilitating condition;

    Ritualistic behaviour, obsessions, stunted social skills, inability to form bonds others and no friends.

  240. It’s not hip-hop, it’s electro. Prick.

  241. I have spoken to Spectrum before – A sad little man who lives with his Mum in Australia, keeping busy at night by coming on line to repeat his hilarious ‘catchphrase’ in the hope of making friends on Le Grove.

  242. Alex Ice Cream

    Yes Frank,

    We can trust Arsene to:

    Replace quality players with cheap youths and imports from the French League

    Make excuse after excuse why we can’t defend and can’t protect a lead

    Keep talking about mental strength that does not exist.

    Not address the glaringly obvious problems that have handicapped the team

    Say that players returning from injury are like new signings

    Give fat contracts to sh1te players

    Say that 3rd is a trophy

    Come up with lame excuses as to why we have imploded again, blown a 4 goal lead, lose to relegation fodder in a final.

    I could go on….

  243. Markus

    That £27m Real spent on Coentrao really puts Barca’s offer for cesc into perspective doesnt it!

  244. Gainsbourg69

    If Tevez leaves City one can’t say that we sold Clichy to a direct competitor. They will no doubt be better defensively but they will be kings of the nil, nil. Mark my words.

    ARSENE KNOWS!!!!!!

  245. Alex. You very well know we could combat your negative points with equally rational positive points. Anyways i’m real bored so i’ll debate.

    Make excuse after excuse why we can’t defend and can’t protect a lead
    First off. We can defend. We do it better than 17 other teams in the lead.
    Second. We can, and usually do, protect the lead once we have it. You can very well base your opinion off of 3 or 4 matches where we blew a lead. I choose to look at the 19 games where we either took the lead and held it, or came back and won the game.

    Replace quality players with cheap youths and imports from the French League
    I feel like many have debated this but could you please induldge me where we imported such players as Henry, Petit, Nasri, and Adebayor?

  246. Miami Arsenal

    I think we are all missing the point, Arsene is so good we can for go the whole buying replacements period. We have youth, we promote youth, we like to quote “an average age of”… so sell Cesc, Nasir and Clichy and take the money.

    Actually, we were so great last season for 8 months that we probably don’t even need the reserve squad promotions. To be on the safe side I would, but I am not the manager.

  247. in arsene we lust

  248. AIC

    >I could go on….

    You do, dear boy, you do….


  249. Matt

    Surprised he could talk to you what with having to tie his kanagaroo down, sport.


  250. Dexter@ 4;49 – (quote) – “Autism is such a debilitating condition;

    Ritualistic behaviour, obsessions, stunted social skills, inability to form bonds others and no friends”.
    I agree, Dexter. We sympathise with you. How can we help ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  251. William @4;46 – Er, thanks mate. But you don’t need to go that far.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  252. @William at 4.09pm

    Mr Guilliame, what’s an ‘invalid arguement’?
    One person in a wheelchair argueing with another person with only one leg?


    *snicker* ?? LOL

  253. Gainsbourg69

    Spectrum doesn’t have suffer from autism. Autistic children aren’t as antagonistic as this prick. He’s just a mean spirited wanker.

  254. Northbank I’ll here is a little logic knowledge for you. An argument is valid if and only if the truth of its premises entails the truth of the conclusion. For example.
    All P are Q.
    S is a P.
    Therefore, S is a P.

    An argument SPECTRUM makes is this conditional statement.

    “If we can have next season shortened to 8 months, we could win the league without Wenger having to strengthen the team.”

    In short, shorten the season to 8 months= win the league.

  255. I really believe Clichy will be regretting his move to Man City come the end of October.

  256. Gains

    I got it wrong, he thinks he is more than one person, check out the “how can we help” quote. Very odd.

  257. Sad Sad times for Arsenal

  258. Here’s a tip; lay off the Gin.

  259. george rodger

    Well I think they main problem some fans have is a basic lack of understanding of two simple realities,

    1) The effect of building a new Stadium in the midst of a recession
    2)The introduction of first .Chelsea and then City ,with basically unlimited funds means we can not compete on transfer fees,but more importantly on wages.

    There is no understanding of Micro Economics .
    Now I don’t expect everyone to see further than us not winning tin cups.I understand that if you don’t see a bigger picture then you just don’t see it.
    What I to object to is that because they are simpletons they expect the rest of us to think on their level.

    And if I finished every post of mine with say “In Arsene I would come” I would expect to to treated with contempt by anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

    In short I am sick of some people .

  260. Clichy has to win the spot over Kolorov am I correct?

  261. Get home from work and try yet again to find something positive in the media about Arsenal-no chance.
    Now I don’t know if the rumours are true but it seems one player we were interested in Ricky Alvarez has gone to Inter because we were unwilling to raise our offer by £1.7m. I don’t know if this player is any good but I don’t understand how he can be good enough for us for £9m but not for £11m. Is it because there is as good a player we can get for £10m? In that case why are we waiting to bring that player in? Probably because he doesn’t exist. Yet again AW’s ego as far a player prices seems to be the problem .I really don’t buy into this “nothing moving in the market” rubbish. Over £100m has been spent in the window by prem clubs sp far. Top European clubs are lining up their targets. Yet whenever anyone of the selling club of one of our “targets” is asked we find we haven’t actually made a bid. AW says his phone has been busy. It seems the conversions must go “How much do you want for …? That much! oh dear , goodbye, sorry to have troubled you.”
    So we optimistically wait for Arsenal to buy up the scraps no one else wants at the end of the window.

  262. Mr. Arsenal Blog, why the long face? Preseason is starting in under a week I believe, and following by Northbank’s updates (you have been slacking today though, Chris) we are somewhere under 40 days till the trip to St. James Park!

  263. @billturner/william

    I agree, very logical!

  264. some would say cheer up….
    I prefer to sink a bottle of red to bill evans.

  265. Silver Gunner

    Wow still such bi polar feelings going on. So long ad AW delivers on his promise to sort out our defensive frailties I will be happy because in my mind that is what’s stopping us winning the silvrware we all crave.

    In my mind we have lost an above average left back that can be replaced loosing cesc for anything less than £45m would be a disaster, I would also argue thatwe could cope without nasri in arshavin for someone who had a supposed poor season got some pretty decent goals and assists notched across his name.

    With the presumed purchase of gervinhio and myachi hopefully joining our 1st team squad we could do well in selling a player who’s heart is no longer on the task at hand.

  266. Gainsbourg69

    Miami, I think that selling Cesc and Nasri all in one go wouldn’t be that bad. It’s obvious that we can’t build for the future when Cesc longs for a move to Barcelona. Let him go now and we can invest the money we get from him on other starlets who don’t suffer from home sickness. With regards to Nasri, I think his attitude stinks. At our club we cut him slack because we’re lenient with developing players. In a way we’ve spoiled him and he thinks he’s a super star. I’d like him to move to a big club and see how he deals with the demands of being on huge wages. Personally, I don’t think he’s got what it takes to deal with the responsibilities of having to deliver from day one.

  267. Ahhh I see John N. Buying the scraps like the 7 goal 6 assist Chamakh or the “Messi in my Pocket” Laurent Koscielny is a shame really.

    The transfer window is really, truly simple. Get the cash out, and splash it ya dingus!

  268. UohnN

    It was inthe metro FFS! Who says we were interested in Alvarez? The president of palermo who said we had signed him, only to say Inter had 2 days later! Get a grip dude! Do you not realise that with the instant nature of the media, due to internet and 24 hour newsoutlets etc, all these baseless rumours are treated like facts.

    BTW; I truly hope we are not in for him, his stats, apprearance, injury record is appalling.

  269. If you are interested, compare Chamakh’s numbers to Gareth “Player of the Year” Bale.

    Bale is 184th on the list of assists, with a grand total of 1. Chamakh comes in at 36th with 6 assists. Bale and Chamakh are tied with 7 goals at the 37th and 38th spots.

  270. I applaud Arsene for picking out the “scraps” that he does.

  271. YW at 5:06 pm – Hahahaha. Indeed he does. That was funny.

    I have said it before, but Gael Clichy,Clichy, he should have been number 3.

  272. So the U17s are following in the senior England team’s foot steps; getting beaten by germnay at a major tournament.

    Oh well, on the upside, Stuart pearce will be assisting the U20s coach at the forthcoming under 20s world cup. Yep, good times.

  273. Actually, saying that SkyNews broke the news about Clichy is wrong.
    I broke the news on Yogis blog at 11.49am on 1st July. After reading L’Equipe. Saying it was a ‘done deal’

    Some people didn’t believe it, Limpar for example said, and I quote, “I’ll only believe it when it appears in Le Monde”

    Others said, “a done deal, don’t be silly”

  274. Gainsbourg69

    John N, who is Ricky Alvarez? Is he Messi? No. Is he Tevez? No. He’s just one more Argie player who shines in an inferior league and gets sold off by his club for a profit. Europe is littered with such players. Do they amount to fuck all? Not really. Why would you get all bent out of shape if we didn’t buy him?

    What has football come to when the signings of players such as Jones, Henderson, Young and De Gea cause some people so much grief? Pffffft. Wake me up when a player of any real quality gets signed.

  275. Hooray! Lie Sports News actually got a story correct. That makes 1 correct story out of the 50 i’ve read this summer.

  276. Silver Gunner

    JohnN alvarez was also supposed to have signed for us last week. I would not worry until its all sorted. either him or gervinhio will end up signing and we may see the back of nasri.

  277. I dont believe you Northbank. I’ll only believe it when it appears in this months issue of Bonjour.

    Oh and reading it in a newspaper, isnt really breaking the story dude! Then again LSN reporters dont do much more when they are breaking an “exclusive” either.

  278. I think all of the discontent just boils down to the fact that supporters just want some crumb of positivity to latch on to this summer. And so far, the media is winning the battle of painting a picture of constant negativity around the Arsenal. Separate yourselves from the BS and stay sane!

  279. Silver Gunner

    For the record I would prefer gervinhio, a real unsong hero at lille

  280. From John’s post at 5;37 – “Ricky Alvarez has gone to Inter because we were unwilling to raise our offer by £1.7m.”
    This could or could not, be a rumour. Now, based on what we know of Wenger’s nature, and his track record with transfers, if you were a betting man, would you think this “rumour” to be true or false ? I know what my money would be on.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  281. “Here’s a simple graph to show why someone might do that.

    In short, for the vast majority of the season Arsenal were the better side and scored more points. Only to hobble over the finish line. A poor finish seems an easier fix to address than months of malaise with an attack that never clicks.”

    That graph shows me that after the 6th week of the season Man City were never more than 3 places below Arsenal (and that was only 1 week), kept going for the WHOLE of the season and finished above us.

    What it doesn’t show me is that Man City won the FA Cup as well, whereas we had no cup distractions after March 12th.

  282. Looks like the spudz are facing the same shit; player wants out as he can get a fatter pay cheque elsewhere.


    That rumour has loads more to it as well man.

  283. You may be interested in the attached, Uriah

    ‘Man City look set to beat Liverpool to the signing of Arsenal left back, Gael Clichy, according to the Independent. It has been reported that a fee in the region of £7M is close to being agreed for the Frenchman, as another player that has been strongly linked with a move to Anfield ends up plying his trade elsewhere….’

    It was posted on 30th June

  284. Oh and….in Arsène we trust

  285. Has anyone on here read ‘Folk Devils and Moral Panics’ by Stanley Cohen. If so, you will understand how the media has turned Arsene Wenger into a folk devil, and the arsenal supporters are panicking.

  286. viceologist | July 5, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    I think all of the discontent just boils down to the fact that supporters just want some crumb of positivity to latch on to this summer. And so far, the media is winning…

    Too right mate. They have been regurgitating the same shit about Arsenal since the season ended.

  287. Nah I haven’t read that one Northbank. But, from the context of your sentence, I can get a pretty good idea of what you are talking about.

  288. And I definitely agree.

    Also, Viceologist I haven’t seen your name around here for some time now. Welcome back.

  289. Cesc… The same geezer I seen laughing his head off in a Barca shirt?

    Fuck off.

    Please fuck off.

  290. silver gunner

    At what point do we start panicking just look at when the champions league play off is being played 16 August that is just over a month finish our transfer activity and bed them into the team.

    I would like to think that we at least have our defensive signing’s in place before then.

    Would love to see AW get both Samba and Cahill and play vermealen at left back with gibbs as cover if Juventus want Traore we should entertain the possibility of selling him.

    Our problem is if cesc goes, the only guy who plays on the same level as him that was available is now at madrid in Sahin, Goetze would break the bank and Wilshire still has time before he reached Cesc’s standard in short we can’t afford to let him go yet next summer or perhaps the summer after but AW will assess the situation accordingly I am sure.

  291. @Frank

    You just hate it when someone gets one over on you, don’t you? Let it rest…… get on with your life and make the most of the last few years allocated to you! :0))

  292. Silver G

    I hope that the main transfer stuff is completed before the end of this month, TBH. But it might not pan out like that. When do we find out who we’ll face in the CL?

  293. I’ve not read that book either Northbanker. Is there a pop up version I can get?

  294. SG

    Where have you seen that Juve want to keep Traore?

  295. Miami Arsenal

    Silver, Im not sure we should panic if we were relegated… after all, we would still have money in the bank.

  296. Dearie me. Is that what you think, Northbank69? Really?

  297. Now now Miami! We’ll have less of the facetiousness thank you! 🙂

  298. LimparAssist

    Wow. Nice one, word. Enjoyed that.

  299. Miami Arsenal

    lol, sorry Dex, just trying to remain absolutely positive mate

  300. Miami

    Have some patience dude! And a little sympathy for me! I am free as a bird till September, so dont even have work stuff to keep me occupied. 😀

  301. Maybe our targets are waiting to see if we actually qualify for the CL.They would look foolish if they signed for us and we were in the Europa league

  302. Miami Arsenal

    I try to remain patient Dex, the thing is mate I want Arsenal to be all they can be and at the moment they are looking lame duck. Now, I unerstand we cannot respond to every story in the press, but the perception created by the press year in and year out comes from some where and Arsenal must take some blame for it. I think Arsene has been a huge influence for the EPL not just Arsenal, but that does not mean he should not face some criticism. We all knew that Arsenal were shouldering a massive burden with the new development, but truth be told our future looks way more assured now and there are funds to allow us to be assertive in the transfer market. Cash, is not the only measure of ambition but it also helps and the way we seem to act like a Scotman every year can be a tad frustrating.

  303. I completely agree with Limpar at 2:21 pm.

  304. its funny how when we first was linked with Alvez pepole said. “awh not anothe unknown player, why cant AW buy stars, 11M for a unproven player who may not even handle the PL? “. And now when he goes to Inter people are like.
    “amagaaad! why did we not sign Alvez, why cant we pay 11M for a player? AW is so cheap!!!! We need Alvez!”

    im sure spectrum, luke and suga was one of these people. Same people that wanted Clichy out and when he finally leavs get a panick attack cos he left.
    Same people that argue Walcott will never be a star, and will never manage to come good as “he has no brain”. if we sell him they gonna be way agry abot it Funny that, whatever happends they moan..

  305. YW should adopt it as the ACLF anthem.

  306. Gainsbourg69

    Maybe we should get Venezuela’s LB to replace Clichy. He made Alves look like Gary Neville the other night.

  307. Poodle

    I am, 1000000000000000000000000% delighted we have missed out on Alvarez, nothing in me wanted that signing at all, ever. Not even one bit.

    The point is, we have missed out on him for £1.7 million (or because that paints us in a bad light, I’m sure the report is nonsense?)

    If wenger identified Alvarez, we should have signed Alvarez, not didled, stalled, business as usual lets see what others do first, then BAM, he is playing for another club.

    Thanks for the pointless, totally incorrect, standard template assumption though!!!

  308. 1) You are glad we didnt sign him
    2) You reckon the story is nonsense
    3) But Wenger’s a cunt for not signing him, sharpish.

    Hmmm, interesting logic there Luke! 😀

  309. Did you see how we nearly signed gary Flitcroft, but he didnt want to move south. I blame Wenger. The fact this was back in 92-3 is irrelavent!

    How come the chavs still havent signed that Lukakakakalululu kid yet? Its been like 2 months or something. Is he any good? He must be as we arent in for him! Or are we? The plot thickens, or does it? Time will tell. Or will it? 😀

  310. Time never tells Dexter!

  311. george rodger

    Simpleton’s, don’t you just love them Dex?

  312. Miami

    Alot of the media coverage is baseless dude, some of it agent speak for “give my client more money” and a little bit truth. It just depends how you react to the guff. Ive been watching Lie Sports News most of today and the endless repetition of the same stories would have you convinced we are fucked. Yet when you actually take a breath and analyse these stories you come to the conclusion that all the stuff is based on very little indeed. Alot of IFs and maybes and of course the doomsday scenario is that all the players will leave and we wont sign any new ones!

  313. William

    Apparantly Time is going to tell all in a no holds barred exclusive to the Sun! 🙂


    Now now buddy! Luke aint a simpleton, he is just frustrated and a very naughty boy!* 😀

    *Props to Monty Python

  314. im dissapointed with wenger and kreonke…but oh well..

    has anyone bought the new strip yet?

  315. Reading some people’s posts; 😀

  316. @Dexter
    You probably get a good synopsis of the book on Wiki or Google. It has influenced the view of the media since the early 70’s and it has been my reference point for how the media opperates since I first read it in 1985. it is very interesting. There are more books like that if you are intersted.

  317. Regale me JJ with tales of your disperate feelings of disapointment old bean.

  318. “In short I am sick of some people”

    Me too GR

  319. Northbank, I am man. The only similar (Im guessing) thing I have read is a book by Al Franken about the US media and the perception of a left wing bias. Hit me with some more dude, please.

  320. i take it with a pinch of salt now dex..
    seen this scenario too many times from the club..
    i dont think wenger has any intention on strengthening from last year..
    the sweeping under the carpet technique is now in full flow..

    if anyone wanted our ‘for sale’ players they would have been sold by now and if anyone wanted to come to us they would have been bought..
    were a selling club..a cash comes second to profits..thats the arsenal way..

  321. the sooner the FIFA FFP & SALARY CAPS are introduced the better. hope Gaels move is best for him and ARSENAL. STILL , it sadness a supporter when a stalwart player like him will wear the shirt of an up and coming team fueled by arab money. it won’t be easy replacing him but i think it fair to give gibbs his chance to make the position his. heres hoping for a great trip to the far east and great start to the preseason. UP THE GUNS OF ARSENAL!!!!!

  322. JJ

    That pinch of salt is resembling a farking EU salt mountain by the looks of your post there dude! 😀

    I am going to copy and paste it, run it up the old flag post and re-run it Sept 1st and see if anyone salutes it.

  323. if we sell nasri cesc and clichy this window..wenger wouldnt replace them..

    he will go with his wouldnt matter if we missed out on trophies or 4th place while developing the kids that we will sell in 3-4 years time cos the money we get from cesc and nasri will be more than enough to compsenate financially..

    if we manage to finish 4th then we are lucky..just like wenger tells us all the time..

    its just the way it is theres no point everyone moaning about it anymore..

    get used to it if you already havent..

    anyway..ive not bought the new kit..but ive bought a retro one from back in the day..the black and yellow jvc away it..been wearing it everyday.. 😉

  324. Why on eartnwould we have done all our business now? Doesnt work like that, some times it does, most times nope. Time will tell of course, but I dont think Wenger will be brushing anything under the old rug this summer. No DEnilson shaped things under the shag pile Wilton mate.

  325. george rodger

    Oh come on JJ.You felt sure Arsene would address the problems,what has changed?
    We are only 4 days in.

  326. You sound depressed JJ. That old retro shirt has scrambled your brain man. It was fucking hideous then and it still is, if its the one with the arrow thingies.

  327. My head tells me you’re mostly right JJ, but my heart hopes it shouldn’t matter so long as we do more to internally correct our flaws.
    We have a good squad and if we can keep most of them (or replace like for like), we can really go far by implementing our style better, and more consistently.

  328. george rodger

    JJ ,I really don’t believe you think Wenger does not want to win,
    He feels the pain more than anyone .He has the most invested and the most to lose.

  329. george rodger

    Henristic,now that’s the spirit.I might have confused you for someone else in the past.

  330. your response just proved my point Luke. Dex summed it up nicley i belive…

  331. It would be utter folly to sell Cesc and Nasri and not bother to replace them.

    As much as I think Ramsey and Wilshere are our future, they cannot be given the burden of carrying our hopes just yet. You have really let all this shite get to you mate.

    Saying that, I would love this team to be our 1st team one day;

  332. I agree with Passenal

  333. Can’t believe it, 4 days into the transfer window and we ain’t bought no1! We r completely screwed, cesc has already left for 10p while nasri will go united and be the worlds best player he isn’t it yet… What are we gonna do,, let’s all go mental and cry for the rest of the summer, it is so fun. Oh I 4got 2 mention in supporting we rust. Peace!

  334. george
    dont get me wrong im not being negative im just accpeting the situation..
    jack, maybe ryo if we can get a permit will replace nasri, rambo will replace cesc we have 4 players who can replace clichy..
    thats teh way we operate and have done for years..

  335. @ Luke why do you want AW to pay 11M for a player thats only worth 9m? and why do you get angry with him for not signing this player when you dont even want him?
    You really think Aw would prove a point by paying over the odds for Alvarez???
    If AW judges him to not be worth 11M and you judge him to not be worth 11M then you both agree no? so why the angryface?

  336. One thing is for sure; if we do lose both Cesc and Nasri we are in trouble. We know from last year that this squad needs adding to. Maybe 2 or 3 players. Given that Clichy is gone, and both Cesc and Nasri would need to be replaced with top quality players I cannot see Arsene buying 6 or so players. It is just not his way. He rightly prefers tweaking rather than upheaval.

  337. id rather jack and rambo anyway than gervinho and alverez
    if we aint going after the big players theres no point going after anyone

  338. In Arsène we trust

    Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal

  339. “dont get me wrong im not being negative im just accpeting the situation..”

    You have been on a creative writing course havent you JJ? That sentence is chock full of understated melodrama! 😀

  340. JJ

    So signing Ricky Gervaisinho is a no no for you then? Having him to operate on the left, or to play when Theo is out not doing it for you? Who are the big players?

    Who was that french dude (obviously) who we were linked with from bordeau? Tall rangey midfielder/play maker.? Gourcuff! Thats him, what happened with him? Did he go to Lyon?

  341. dex id rather think this way and be pleasantly suprised than think wengers going to go out and get the players 99% of us wanted at the end of last year only to have the same old same old and be left totally pissed off…

    sod the transfers..if they leave they leave if we sign quality we sign quality..whatever..
    just bring the footy on..

  342. err JonJon i thought we needed new squadplayers to fulfill our first teamers? good decent players that does not have to be star but that can turn in a good shift when required?
    That is what most fans moaned about last year, then today we suddenly should not sign anyone uness they are stars? No star wanna sit and warm the bench will they?

  343. Kenny Sansom… got to love him! “a midfield player, someone like Paul Scholes”, the life of a pundit eh, these ex-players are full of insight!

    Tell you what we’ll do, we’ll just make a tough job nigh on impossible! Apparently we need 5 or 6 players, and then we need a Paul Scholes hybrid! What I can’t do is tell you where you’ll find this precocious young superstar who resembles as accomplished a midfield premiership performer as you are likely to find!

    Thanks for the help Kenny.

  344. Fair enough JJ, thats your perogative mate.

  345. I know, we could always sign the real Paul Scholes Kenny! So, he’s 47 and his knewes are gone, still better than what we’ll have left at the club come August eh? 😀

    Danny, I saw that earlier. He is a fan and as about as insightful! Gawd love him.

  346. from what i hear gervinhos very tricky but also gets injured alot..
    sounds about right for us i guess..
    alverez?? whatever..looks like a twig and will be sat with the rest of them on the physios table for most of the season after the CBs in the PL get hold of him..
    rather use ryo arsh and theo..maybe play jack more attacking..hes stronger than most..

  347. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  348. Poor JJ is overcome with despondency and despair. Scrooge Wenger hasn’t signed anyone. And it is only 5 days into the European transfer window. Of course Jenkinson doesn’t count. Chelsea doesn’t count, no signings. Barca doesn’t count, no signings. Real Madrid doesn’t count, no signings.
    Look out, Arsenal FC is in crisis!

  349. Tell you what we need…..a Vieira type with Bergkamp vision, going box to box, getting on the end of things, breaking things up!!!

    It’s ok……don’t thank me guys, that’s for free!

  350. no poodle
    if cesc and nasri go we need stars..
    anyone who replaces nasri and cesc will not be bench warmers will they..

  351. Whatever became of that ‘Wellington’ chappie…?

  352. lol shotta
    still the village idiot..

  353. hes joined for pre season..
    people would love to see the third person and the twig yet wengers got a handfull of talent already here
    thats how wenger thinks and thats how everyone on here thinks 99% of the time..

    now they expect him to change?? lol

  354. Remi he is dead

  355. Oh ye doomers of no faith.

  356. But they haven’t left JJ. At least not yet. Maybe Wenger is right; keeping his cards close to his chest to see whether the big boys, who are bank-rolled by billionaires or by of 80% of TV money from their league, will come in for either Cesc and/or Nasri. Wait before spending a huge wedge to cover something none of us are sure will happen.
    You truly are a silly boy.
    BTW: Have you forgotten what Wenger said about making stars rather than buying stars?

  357. shotta nobody cares about when the euro window opened
    the english window opened a month ago and i distinctly remember wenger saying we needed englished based players

    more euro players doesnt match up with what the manager said no so long ago..

  358. Danny

    Why isnt Wenger on the case to get that player signed up pronto? 😀


    You dont even sound like you know what you are thinking, never mind someone else mate! That Gervinho fella is pretty robust BTW, not exactly injury prone. I think you have mixed him up with Alvarez, who we aint in for anyway. But you are confused and the Prozac hasnt kicked in yet, so I’ll let you off this time! 😀

  359. george rodger

    That player might be Rambo yet Dex.

  360. shotta
    have you read anything ive said..
    IF was the key word mate..IF..
    and if it does happen id prefer the youth to the nobodies being tipped to join..
    stop talking to me shotta your chatting shit

  361. lol dex..
    im saving the prozac for the second half of next season..thats when i’ll need it i think

  362. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Nice to see the Japanese kid in the training pics, is he over here this coming season, or going back to Netherlands?

    While I understand some players aren’t back to training yet, or are indoors doing weights or whatever, what is slightly disturbing is that there are no photos of any of the established stars on in the website right now – no Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Arshavin. Instead, the ad before the home page is Chesney, Verma(?), LJW, Gibbs & Rambo.

    Some may have been on extra-long hols and excused photoshoot duties, of course, but for all of them to be MIA? What gives? Tactical marketing to throw everyone off the scent?

  363. george rodger

    Sounds like a plan JJ.

  364. The window opened up 1st July, deals were being done, they just couldnt be ratified, etc. Sorry for being pedandic.

    These deals that clearly won’t happen because Wenger obviously wont spend anyway, well I really do hope Wenger hurries up not spending the non existent money on not signing anyone. 😀

  365. LimparAssist

    And that one, mattyboy. Very nice. Hope you’re all good… enjoyin the summertime.

  366. Ramsey will be awesome this season, he’ll be this year’s Jack!

    Clerkenwell Gooner

    Ryo will be loaned again man, unless they get a work permit for him, which is unlikely. Not sure if he’ll go to Feyenord though? Might be Anderlecht this time. Although Feyenord would make sense.

  367. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’ll go with masterplan, YW.

    I dont care what they won last year or what the table says, Manchester City are well inferior to Arsenal. What they are doing up there is disgusting, and that club and its achievements should considered tainted at best, imo. In fact, I think they should probably be ignored all together. It’s sad fucking times when supposed Gunners are creaming their pants over the unfathomably boring consistency of fucking Mancheser City. The fact that we had a meltdown should be noted, and that can be fixed. I’m not sure the ennui that Mancini inspires can be fixed. Up the Gunners.

    Cue goonerandy or Bill with the psuedo realist objective card.

  368. *but Manchester City scored more points then us, Nasir*

    A couple hundred millions to park the bus and win an FA cup. Totally worth it!!!!11!!!

  369. Chill out Dexter, no rush. No other clubs will be interested in his sort.

    Plus how many clubs got the likes of me and Kenny in their corner!

    Nice one mate, sorted!

  370. rambo and jack will shine

  371. Thanks Bill…….was it on a pre season or a battlefield that he met his maker?

  372. i hope we get ryo sorted too
    if hes going to tear fullbacks to bits it may as well be for us.. cos we need someone who can

  373. Remi

    He is at London Colney dude, but probably going to some godforsaken backwater on loan again; Spain most likely! 😀

  374. lol Remi, wikipedia has some funny things to say about him.

    Despite such promising talent however, his casual attitude and the unprofessional way he conducts himself means he has only featured once for Levante in 4 months. It is reported that he binges on pizza and spends hours on social networking sites and on Twitter he has expressed his love for PC game Football Manager instead of time in the gym meaning he is not up to La Liga standards.

  375. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    It’s laughable isn’t it, william. Hundreds of millions of dollars to get dumped out of the Europa League by fucking Dynamo Kiev. Lmfao.

  376. Just the small matter of getting a work Permit JJ dude. otherwise, its back to Holland for our Ryo I am afraid.

  377. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lol @ that Wellington wikipedia. Sounds like your average Le Grove regular.

  378. Gainsbourg69

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Cesc and Nasri decide to fuck off. We’ve got Diaby, Ramsey and Wilshere who can take up the slack for Cesc. To replace Nasri I’d get Charles N’Zogbia, the player with the most runs and dribbles of anyone in the EPL. I’m sure if he were sorrounded with the talent we’ve got here he’d be a super star. I’m not kidding.

  379. Nasir – Heh, funny post. Yeah, just like me or Bill to spoil it by being realistic eh? 😉

  380. Not only do you misrepresent, puttig it mildly, what Wenger said JJ but you even look more foolish with your harking for English boys after previously doom-mongering about the lack of star-signings. You mean English stars like Jones to United and Henderson to United, both reputedly for £16million. Real stars, huh. Done early to boot. You really are a silly boy.

  381. Realistic? Like Allo Allo is a realistic interpretation of France during the 2nd World War?

  382. Gains – “I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Cesc and Nasri decide to fuck off. We’ve got Diaby, Ramsey and Wilshere who can take up the slack for Cesc. To replace Nasri I’d get Charles N’Zogbia, the player with the most runs and dribbles of anyone in the EPL. I’m sure if he were sorrounded with the talent we’ve got here he’d be a super star. I’m not kidding.”

    Jesus, that sounds like a master plan we don’t need. Especially the bit about surrounding N’Zogbia will talent, conveniently forgetting that we have just lost our most creative outfield players. If we lose them both, we will be in yet another transitional season.

  383. Dexter – It’s not? 😦

  384. englished based pal
    learn to fucking read eh

  385. If Cesc and Samir went, which I still aint convinced will happen. But just for argument’s sake, IF they both went, then I am sure as shit, we would bring in a replacement and top quality too.

    It is unfortunate that the papers and SSN are trying their darndest to undermine my summer off, but things are about to change. For you see, I have sent Jeff Stelling a very strongly worded email in which I have told him in no uncertain terms that I will not stand for any of this Arsenal in crisis nonsense and I expect this electronic missive to do the trick. So, rest assured, by the end of this week, every thing will be rosey.

  386. @Dexter

    Dex, there are loads of books based on moral panics, Culture of fear, Mass Hysteria and Scapegoating. You see it in the media, but you also see it on blogs like this. New Technology and the internet have really emphasised the phenomenon. For example, Mass Hysteria: ” a common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar illness”

    Just like Frank and Jabba really

  387. Dexter – I just don’t see Arsene getting in two players at the level to replace Nasri and Cesc. Nasri and Cesc are like the oil in the machine. Losing both would be a massive. If our hand if forced over Nasri, the club should simply refuse to sell Cesc.

  388. Getting angry JJ. I apologize for misrepresenting English boys vs English based JJ. So it is English-based like Jones and Henderson? Care to answer.

  389. wenger answered you when he bid for jones..
    im not getting angry just stop chatting shit to me..

  390. george rodger

    Andy,I am with you there ,
    We will not get a replacement as good as Cesc.Mainly because there are none.
    We must not lose Cesc,Whether Nasri goes or not

  391. Actually, thinking about it, YOGI, if you researched it properly, looking at Folk devils and Moral Panics in relation to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal would make a super blog. Better than NotW and the Mirror cunuts.

    But do it thouroughly, I’d do it myself but can’t be arsed lol

    There is loads of stuff on the internet to do with Stanley Cohen and research than came afterwards. Another book I read in the 80’s was called the “”Outsiders’……… but need to get back to you on that one. Give it a try, could be a really good blog against the journos!

  392. george rodger

    JJ.I am glad you are back mate,
    You add reasonable ans respectful balance.
    But Shotta is legend also.

    Kiss and make up 🙂

  393. George – Exactly. The ball is in our court with Cesc. We don’t need to sell, and he has plenty of time on his contract.

    If we do let him go, I just hope we hold out for a stupidly high fee. Why not? He is worth it. You just know we will end up getting £18.5M + Abidal + some locally sourced Choritzo.

  394. Goonerton and Bill Turner…

    Thanks for the welcome back! I have been avoiding the summer madness so far. There is just far too much negativity and sesnationalism to deal with right now. Once we get closer to football being played I will probably be back to the site much more regularly…until then, have fun getting through the silly season!

  395. I love Nasri, but even I dont think he is that irreplaceable Andy, while we all know cesc will leave at some point. Just NOT this summer!

  396. Goonerandy- Wasn’t Viera, Berkamp, Henry the premium oil of all oils in the machine? but we survived all these years. In fact you might see it the other way and say these top players have not taken us any further and maybe it is time to give the others a chance to be the main guys in the team. no player is bigger than the club. we would love to have them both but if they don’t want to play for Arsenal then the right thing to do is to let them go, move on and build a team around Wilshere, Ramsey the people who want to play for arsenal. We beat Manure without Fab and Nasri played only the the first in that game. We can still field that team less clichy of course and we can beat any team.

  397. Stop doom-mongering JJ and we will be friends. I promise you.

  398. Dexter! Your name is mentioned 91 times on this page, up from 69 yesterday. Keep em up the good work!

  399. 1lc – The big difference is that we had the best years of the players you mentioned. Both Nasri and Cesc have theirs ahead of them. For a team that is meant to be building towards sucess, we need to keep the players which do look like being special.

    Dexter – Very true about Nasri. Like you I rate the guy, but he still only showed what he is capable for half a season really. I want us to keep him as he looks like he will be a very very good player.

  400. george i like the topics on here, epecially the ones i discuss with you and dex..
    but i like everyone on here even though theres some who i just battle with all the time..i also enjoy the banter the place is not the same without shotta.
    although our fued goes way way back 😉 its more wind up i think than debate..we argue about the same thing all the time ..its become a sort of ritual.. 😉

  401. well in an ideal world Cesc stays for two more years (before we sell him) andNasri signs a new contract.

    That is what i hope will happen. Oh and i want Gibbs to shine, that would be fun indeed.

  402. wouldnt argue with poodle

  403. JJ it is all about the rituals. Gives us that old, familiar feeling.

  404. I want Gibbs to shine as well.

    Preferably our new left back’s boots 😉

  405. just finished reading phil macnulties piece on AW’s make or break summer. what an ass. this from bbcs chief sports writer. give me strength..

  406. kamran ~~ I believe he is a spud supporter

  407. Bill Turner

    What can I say? I am on here way too much I know! 😀

  408. Shorts – Madrid have spent 30mill, Barca are about to sign Sanchez and our best player.

    Dexter/Poodle – if you can’t read irony there really will be confusion.

  409. no wonder,,,, at least arry won’t have 200mil to splurge on players this summer like last. one footballing pimps down, few more to go…

  410. I havent got a fucking clue what you are referring to Doomboy?

  411. “about to sign” There;s that doomer logic again. 😀

  412. Bradys right foot

    I think Cesc is going and will be a huge loss and as george has already said their is no like for like replacement. I think Nasri was bought in some part to mitigate Cesc’s eventual departure and that truly is a spanner in the works. Nasri is thinking of leaving us just as he gets the opportunity to show us how good he really is by getting the chance play a central role. Personally for me he hasn’t got Cesc vision or imagination and believe he would be much better in a 4-2-3-1 playing behind a striker than pulling the strings in the centre of a 4-3-3. The role that Nasri did for us last year if he goes was predominantly on the right of the three but at times switched and could be covered by Theo, Gervinho, Arshavin and possibly Miyachi. In this context i’m not sure that his 1 assist and 10 goals in the league would really be missed.

    If Cesc goes our options are limited and may necessitate a tactical change. Ideally for me what this formation and team need is a Fernando Redondo or Paddy Viera. It’s looking that Diaby is not going to fulfil his potential what part injury and attitude have played in this is debateable,but very few players in the modern game have his mixture of skill, size and strength. I can see what Diaby has thats what makes it all the more infuriating he should be dominating matches in the EPL.

    You can’t replace Cesc directly, Diego for example is very talented but would be a risk considering his recent form and could be a bit work shy for the EPL. Modric is obviously out of the question. He’s a great continuity player but doesn’t score and doesn’t create that much. In the EPL Adam had a fantastic season and if he was English would be raved about. If someone gave him the chance however you would be only human to ask the question will lightning strike twice. Although his performances against Liverpool at Anfield this season was as good as anything I saw last year. What he does do that we don’t is shoot and accurately with half of his shots on target and wait for it many from outside the box. I really have no idea as to who andhowwell rejig our midfield, i’ll leave that to le boss.

    Its going to be an interesting few days for the club. I’m now more convinced than ever that Cahill is a smokescreen and our real target in Jagelka. I think the club are being very cautious because they don’t want to be blown out of the water by Chelsea, City and Utd for our targets.

  413. george rodger

    I predict Diaby will be a huge success this coming season.

  414. BRF

    Interesting post mate. I think a rejig would definitely be on the cards if that WCS (worse case scenario) happened. But with Barca going for Sanchez, their lack of finance could see this saga drag on all summer, before Cesc eventually ends up staying once again! 😀

    I know what you mean about Diaby. He could and should be a force on a consistent basis. He has everything; pace power, skill and here’s to him having a fantastic, injury free season.

  415. There is trouble in Gooner land. This has been brewing since we were robbed by the dirty cheaters from Barca. The club quit. The guys quit on Wenger and themselves. You may not want to here this but it is time for Wenger to go. Trophy less since 2005.Not good garoto.

  416. george rodger

    And he owes us big time

  417. .Hey geeman;

    Just seen our transfer list of targets

    Owen Hargreaves, Jonathon Woodgate, Keiren Dyer and Dean Ashton.

    Thats us sorted then, we can sit back and wait for the trophy haul to kick off dude..

  418. george rodger

    thegeeman .I agree with you.We don’t want to here it .So please do one 🙂

  419. And they are all ENGLISH! Yay!

  420. According to my close friend John Cross, Nasri isnt for sale at any price this summer..

  421. Bradys right foot

    Dex m8 if Cross is saying that Nasri’s a goner lol

  422. Great thanks, LA. If you are still up!

    Have been making the most of the summer thanks, getting outside and not just beer gardens. Been playing rather a lot of tennis. Hope all is well with you, sorry about the late reply…

  423. george rodger

    Hey Dexter .get your own friends.John is mine

  424. Daily Shit claim The Shity got Nasri for 19 millions while the Mirror claim Arsenal will not sell Nasri. Let them have their fun while it last.

    It has become a tradition to hear every year the Spuds claiming they will finish above Arsenal. Palychenko or whatever his name is did the honors this time by giving it large and claim They will finish in the top 3. I can’t blame him, Del Boy Arry would sell anything to anyone.

  425. Gainsbourg69

    GA: “Jesus, that sounds like a master plan we don’t need. Especially the bit about surrounding N’Zogbia will talent, conveniently forgetting that we have just lost our most creative outfield players. If we lose them both, we will be in yet another transitional season.”

    So what? It’s not like those dudes have won shit anyway. And who the fuck does Samir Nasri think he is to be holding out for better signings, Zidane? He’s no Zidane. He isn’t shit.

    As far as Cesc is concerned, we got rid of Vieira and played him. You don’t think this can happen again with another player? Cesc isn’t Maradona. He’s replaceable just like anyone else.

  426. Gains @ 1:42 am – I love your posts especially your getting angry with these players who have achieved f*ck-all and think the club owe them trophies. But don’t burn them bridges quite yet my yute, if you know what I mean.

  427. Gainsbourg69

    Lotta mercy. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    I know what you’re saying, it’s just that these jumped up little bastards need some grounding some times.

  428. Nasir Jones-Nasri

  429. Looks like Theo has beefed himself up. No shit!

  430. Arsene Wenger on holiday on a yacht with David Dein,Whose of course son is Cesc’s agent.Very interesting to know what Silent Stan makes of it.I bet Wenger wish he could have him back as his right hand man

  431. hah Miyachi looks so young 🙂 He looks like hes 16. If he plays well in the PL alot of the older stars in other clubs will feel way stupid. Getting played of the fied by a kid muahaha.

  432. The most hypocritical post i have seen in my life, amidst a myriad of equally hypocritical Arsenal blogs and sites. ‘Could it be Arsene’s masterplan to change or shuffle the squad?’ why do people always jump to d defence of an utterly arrogant senseless coach like Wenger. A man that has sold three generations of players in six to seven seasons doesnt deserve our sympathy and defence, not if we are the true Arsenal fans we claim we are. Save it for someone else, Arsenal does not have a masterplan. Fools dont have a masterplan. A team that would have accomodated four players, even if we had sold none, is selling its spine and the journalists and voices around it arent shouting blue murder. May God punish all hypocrites. Clichy is right, Man City have a better chance to win trophies, they showed that last year. And even if Tevez leaves they wont miss him so much as would have been the case if a star leaves Arsenal. See the strikers they have on the bench: Balotelli, Edin Dzeko, etc, and on the fringes Adebayo, Bellamy, doesnt that look like an amazing bunch. Lets call a spade a spade, the manager is a ‘yob whom has lost the plot’. And to the board, may God punish all of you too. Overseeing not just six years of trophylessness, but of continual decline shows you are doing no job, you do not deserve the money you are being paid, and may anything you purchase with the money serve as sources of poisons and accidents to you and your generations. For playing with the joy of many, for playing with the happiness and loyalty of many, judgement shall come upon you. You are the ones watching when evil is being perpertrated and your coasts shall know no peace again. Good riddance to bad rubbish all ye. And watching Arsenal on the line last year, showing frustration, agitation and a seeming remorse made us all feel there was gonna be change. Bt we did not know, a leopard’s spot knows no bleahing. And I hope the frustration you have brought upon yourself,m and that you are bringing upon yourself, for geting paid while doing no work, will culminate in your heart attack and subsequent death this season. Won’t your death at the touchline be justice to someone like the Kenyan Arsenal guy who commited suicide because of your arrogance, stubborness and foolishness. Arsenal, welcome to your dooms day. The most hypocritical post i have seen in my life, amidst a myriad of equally hypocritical Arsenal blogs and sites. ‘Could it be Arsene’s masterplan to change or shuffle the squad?’ why do people always jump to d defence of an utterly arrogant senseless coach like Wenger. A man that has sold three generations of players in six to seven seasons doesnt deserve our sympathy and defence, not if we are the true Arsenal fans we claim we are. Save it for someone else, Arsenal does not have a masterplan. Fools dont have a masterplan. A team that would have accomodated four players, even if we had sold none, is selling its spine and the journalists and voices around it arent shouting blue murder. May God punish all hypocrites. Clichy is right, Man City have a better chance to win trophies, they showed that last year. And even if Tevez leaves they wont miss him so much as would have been the case if a star leaves Arsenal. See the strikers they have on the bench: Balotelli, Edin Dzeko, etc, and on the fringes Adebayo, Bellamy, doesnt that look like an amazing bunch. Lets call a spade a spade, the manager is a ‘yob whom has lost the plot’. And to the board, may God punish all of you too. Overseeing not just six years of trophylessness, but of continual decline shows you are doing no job, you do not deserve the money you are being paid, and may anything you purchase with the money serve as sources of poisons and accidents to you and your generations. For playing with the joy of many, for playing with the happiness and loyalty of many, judgement shall come upon you. You are the ones watching when evil is being perpertrated and your coasts shall know no peace again. Good riddance to bad rubbish all ye. And watching Arsenal on the line last year, showing frustration, agitation and a seeming remorse made us all feel there was gonna be change. Bt we did not know, a leopard’s spot knows no bleahing. And I hope the frustration

  433. Sorunmu – Too long to read. I just caught the bits about God and didn’t bother. Sorry.

  434. what a tool. So you were frustrated find another hobby.

  435. What an absolute pile of drivel.

  436. Sort of Billy Graham meets doomer speak… LMAO

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