Will Stan Show Strong Leadership As Pre-Season Starts

As the players return for pre-season training, there is a sense of the arrival of a watershed moment. The media have been arguing like Bugs and Daffy over which shooting season it is, the players imploded on the pitch. No calm beforehand, clouds gathering on the horizon.

Like an old man predicting the worst storm since ’32, journalists are creating a negative atmosphere around the club. Not that it took much effort. Even before the transfer talk started, it was toxic due to events on the pitch. Add into the mix the continued saga of Cesc, the unsigned contracts of Clichy and Nasri, the mercury is rising, pushed to its’ limit.

Woeful misinterpretations from foreign TV and radio exacerbate the feelings, powder puff PR in Sunday tabloids backfire for shareholders and players alike.

Despite this, I think the media have got it wrong. Not on Gael Clichy, I will genuinely be surprised if he stays. Not sad either. No, I think the media have asked the wrong questions, become too consumed with transfer tattle that they have not raised their heads.

Trundling along with Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas should have kept them happy. Instead they stretched credibility by suggesting Robin van Persie would leave if those three were not replaced, Chelsea will snap up Walcott and believing the notoriously unreliable Turkish media that Arshavin was going to Galatasaray. A bridge too far, credibility tortured and broken.

Ask the question, where in all of this is the club? Heard any good news recently? Unless you submerged yourself in the brown stuff, you would not have done. The drawbridge at Highbury House is raised, not due to a siege mentality, simply because they all appear to have gone on holiday. Or that they do not care about the club’s profile. PR has never been a strong point for Arsenal but surely this is its nadir?

Should we be concerned by this? Yes and no. No, it is summer, it is Arsenal and recent years have seen the club adopted as the press’ favourite punchbag. The past weeks without an international tournament to distract, have emphasised the low regard in which the club is held.

Yes – if we don’t care, no-one will, not the Arsenal board, not the club executives. Not even the owner. Kroenke may like to be called ‘Silent Stan’, he might like The Arsenal Way, he might be dynamic behind the scenes but right now, he is doing a passable impersonation of leading a sinking ship. With dignity, of course, and without complaint.

Perhaps this week he will come into his own, display courage and fortitude. Meet with your captain, inform him that the situation has not changed since last summer. Unless Barcelona come up with the correct offer, you are not being sold. And they have a week to do so. If it is not resolved before the tour of the Far East, no deal will be done.

Turn to Nasri and tell him that we appreciate his comments that this summer is not about money. Good, sign the contract and leave the signing of players to the club. Show supporters that you accept responsibility for the dip in personal form from January until May. Show the supporters you accept responsibility for the team’s dip in form. The two are intertwined; the latter not entirely your fault but a you made a significant contribution to a season which whittled to nothing in the end.

Pull the players into a group and tell them exactly what is expected of them as employees of Arsenal Football Club. Or leave all of that to the manager, he can take the blame if it all goes wrong. The board will advise you on the teflon, they have years of experience in that area.

Be a strong owner. A weak one will just stand by and allow the implosion to continue.

Yet that is not what will happen. Wenger will meet with the players and depending on the words he finds, they will be convinced or not. Cesc understands the situation already and is no doubt dismayed that over a third of Barcelona fans think he is worth no more than €20m, two-thirds no more than €30m. If that reflects thinking inside the Catalan club, there is no deal to be done.

Suddenly the cracks appear.

Whither Nasri if Cesc stays? His rationale for leaving vanishes in smoke. Money then comes to the fore and he becomes no different to you or I when considering staying or finding new employment.

And if he stays, what of the media?

Well, someone might like to pull Martin Samuel to one side and inform him that playing 43 games in one season makes Gervinho the definition of a regular. That would be a start.

This week will be a watershed moment. Arsenal FC will come out of the other side, whether it is damaged or unscathed remains to be seen.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Yogi,

    Early start today. Hopefully, AFC will have similar on the old transfer market. Arsene’s suggested new signings will be made shortly (“before the Asian tour”) so fingers crossed he gets what he wants/needs.

  2. Ignore it all

  3. Really good article! Interesting points. Once again it is clear that Arsenal have no leadership. Where is Gazidis in all of this? where is the propaganda department at Arsenal.com?

  4. Yogi,

    In answer to the strapline of this blog, I do not think Stan will change the habits of a lifetime and come out with any public statements. I also think he refrains from ‘interfering’ in day to day management issues and that means he seems unlikely do an Abramovic and attempt to convince the players of the merits and demands of stayiing at AFC. I also recall Arsene arguing that he has spent a long time at the club just trying to ensure that everyone did their own jobs and did not encroach on that of other, more qualified personnel.

    I suspect, if such meetings are to be held they would be with (at best) Ivan and Arsene – who could, I suppose, convey the owner’s vision and ambitions for AFC in aiding their efforts here.

  5. I guess 43 appearances isn’t enough for Martin Samuel. Oh dear.

  6. the Manager and the existing Players failed to deliver last Season when both the CCup and the Premier League Title were there for thye taking.Now it seams that a fair number of those first teamers want to jump ship instead of taking responsibility for their actions.Part of the blame must lie with Wenger who has built aside based around young mercenaries who dont have any fight in them when it is really required.”You cannot win anything with kids”-but you can if these “kids” are mentored and led on the field by responsible battle hardened senior players but are exhalted Manager has systematically removed all such players from the Club!We don’t even have them within the ranks of the first team coaching staff.
    As far as Silent stan is concerned he will remain-exactly that!The best option for the Board because he would allow them to keep their power base whilst giving them all the money that they desired.Let’s face it the Club are in a right old mess- the majority shareholder can’t,even,manage to take full control of the club;the best players have lost their faith and the manager continues to sit in his Ivory Tower completely and utterly lost in a sea of delusion without an appropriate plan of action capable of changing anything!The chickens have unfortunately come home to roost and we will have to enjure a fair amount of hardship before all is right again at Arsenal Football Club.

  7. I don’t know why people are making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Arsenal. The press just love to write ridiculous stuff about Arsenal and frankly unless there is an issue internally, I don’t see why the board or Kroenke has to respond to any of the rumors.
    AFC have always conducted their business quietly and that is the way it should always be.Arsenal fans are easily swayed and that in my opinion is sad.

  8. Judith Le'Strange

    I think we have the wrong owner in Kroenke, he’ll stay silent as he has done from the beginning but I doubt very much whether he will actually provide anymore funds for Wenger to buy decent players. We should have invited Usmanov onto the board and I bet Wenger would have been sacked & a new manager installed. I see now we’re being linked with Kevin Doyle for £12m, what’s happened to the Gervinho deal or has that fallen through. Also Cahill & Samba or have these two also fallen through which wouldn’t surprise me as Wenger is dragging his heels as usual.

  9. Knysna Gunner

    I cannot fathom how you can make statements that you do make. I will pick on one example. “Pull the players into a group and tell them exactly what is expected of them as employees of Arsenal Football Club.” How do we know it has not yet been done? We are not privvy to everything that happens. To just assume that AW or SK or IG are not doing their job just because it has not been announced in the press is stupid or spiteful. Or would you prefer that AW does it on the pitch at half-time during our next home match a la Hull City?

    I normally enjoy your blog but articles like these are playing into the hands of those behind the campaign to smear Arsenal and capitalising on the fears of the fans to draw clicks. To make a statement that “he is doing a passable impersonation of leading a sinking ship” is totally ridiculous and I have to question your motives.

    If you want to see Arsenal in the championship keep this kind of article up. The fans will be able to chase AW away, but they will not have control over who comes in. Chances are that the top players will leave with AW starting a downward spiral like what happened at Newcastle 2004-2009. Is that what you want?

    We finished fourth when we could have won – no one denies that. There is no guarantee that any other manager would have done any better. We are also completely ignoring the roles of the officials in costing us crucial points and donating crucial points to manure. Why don’t you rather focus on the positive in stead of pretending that the ship is sinking?

    You can be part of the good news because you are a respected Arsenal blogger – by focussing on the positives in stead of going along with the likes of the daily fail in claiming that our ship is sinking. It will only sink if the fans do not allow AW to do his work.

  10. Martin Sameul = Prize clown. Entertainment for the masses. Lacking in any reasonable insight, not to mention woefully inept research. I will call him entertainment though, because he clearly does not mind looking an idiot, which in itself is no bad thing.

  11. Looks like someone has been spending too much time on Twitter with the gossips. Perspective is required. The media are doing what they always do whether the club comment or not they will continue doing it and Arsenal supporters will continue to lap it all up until something concrete happens. I do not want an owner that interferes with the manager. It’s Arsene’s job to talk to the players and whoever wants to stay and fight I’ll be glad to have them. The lily-livered both on and off the pitch can go where they please. I’ll get over it.

  12. @Yogi, what does Nadir mean? “PR has never been a strong point for Arsenal but surely this is its nadir?”
    Am not English so never hear the word before. I always want to understand new worlds when i see them, maybe i even will be able to use it myself one day 🙂

  13. the blog has changed some since i last logged in, not too sure i like the new format but the content is still as good as before so i can live with that. Having been underground for several weeks since the season ended, I am saddened by the news of Fabrigas, Clichy and possibly nasri leaving but we cant keep players who dont want us.My hope is we get better replacements for them. I am optimistic that this could be the change the club needs as there is a silver lining in every cloud. CAnt wait for this transfer madness to come to an end and for the football to begin, 6 weeks to go.

  14. Nadir – the lowest point

  15. ClockEndRider

    Judith le Strange,
    “I doubt very much whether he (Kroenke) will actually provide anymore funds for Wenger to buy decent players. We should have invited Usmanov onto the board and I bet Wenger would have been sacked & a new manager installed.”
    What point are you trying to make? Usmanov, and I say this for the umpteenth time, has publicly stated that the first thing he would do would be to institute a policy of issuing shareholders dividends. Just to explain, this means taking money out of the club. How does this help?
    Regarding your point on sacking the manager: And appoint whom? And, having instituted a dividends policy, provide him with what transfer funds? And how attractive would this me to any manager top-notch we would like to have? I understand your anger, but I’m afraid your solution doesn’t stack.

  16. ty colney

  17. An email to Myles that put all this greed and madness into perspective…

    From Dave Tapsell : Really, is it that bad?

    Hi Myles,

    I wanted to write a defence of the future based on your more recent hopeless posts.

    But when I started, I actually thought that was silly.

    Not because I don’t disagree with you, or that I’m not hopeful. Rather I thought it’s time we could start to tentatively dip our toes into the wider context as adults and fans.

    Having just watched friends and fellow workers strike for protecting their pensions, I’m saddened that in the same breath we (football fans) cry out for our clubs to pay millions for players. Whose salaries would support a nursery for a year, run a ward on a hospital for a year. Keep thousands in jobs for a year.

    I work with the most vulnerable sections of society (children with mental health issues). Yesterday we lost five members of staff due to the cuts. Their combined salaries per annnum was less than the weekly wages of the so-called stars. These peoples experience of over eighty years working to help others has just gone. My stomach for We need a marquee signing or We should pay Nasri this or that has gone.

    When I try to get a child a summer scheme, so he does not have to be at home all the time with his dying mother, and find they have been cut, I wonder what world are we living in. When I talk to teachers at school about a child who is failing, as they cannot read, yet the support services have been reduced, I wonder what it means to support one of the big clubs.

    I am at a point where I wonder how long can I go on chanting and cheering in stadiums whose revenue on one day would support a whole service of people working with those in need. How long can I contiue to discuss this or that signing while friends and colleagues are losing jobs because of cuts. At the same time players argue, sulk and complain about 100 thousand pounds a week and whether that’s enough.

    Football has always had the myth of being in touch with society and I bought it, if I’m honest.

    But really, is it now time to stop? Is it not now time for us as adults to start to question if we can continue to support such a morally reprehensible system?

    Can you honestly say Cesc is worth 45 million when we are losing hospital wards, day care, mental health services, support services, social workers, cleaners,support staff etc etc?

    Hope, Myles, football used to bring me hope. But what price do I now have to pay to keep it?

    I like your writing but maybe we can start writing about football in its widest context. Change has to start somewhere and blogs may be the difference .

    Cheers mate, hope you and yours are well and your friends jobs are safe.

  18. YW, I read your work regularly but I have not posted in the comments section since the CC Final, in fact I have stayed away from the comments section since that fateful week. I felt compelled to post today since I need to get something off my chest. In all my years of reading ACLF (it is my fav. blog) you have always come across as someone who sees the glass as half full – an optimist. But over the past few months, there has gradually appeared an undertone of slight despair in your writing (unsurprising given what has transpired). This is not a criticism of you or your work, it is not my place or stature to do that – its just an observation. You have always been someone who has helped people like me who are passionate about this great club look at things objectively through all the media agendas & bullshit. To have faith. AFC has been lucky to have fans like you. I hope atleast some of that faith is repaid in the coming season.

  19. Jabba's delights


    This is the news about Arsenal Fc it portrays Yogi oppinion of that news. The fact the Yogi is writing like this shows the unrest that is currently at the club. People bitch about some of us being doomers on here but we arent. We are normal genuine Arsenal fans who are incredibly worried about whats going on at the moment. The silence from the club is deathening. The press are picking on arsenal as we are easy to pick on due to our collapses on the pitch and performance in the front office.

    Pre season starts today our first game is a week on wednesday. As yet we havent got better in fact we have probably got worse this summer. Its hard to fathom how what our manager and front office are doing at the moment.

  20. first2lady,

    Inspiring positivity and nicely put.

    Welcome back

  21. Jabba,

    “It(sic)s hard to fathom what our manager and front office are doing at the moment”! Ironically, the only point of accuracy and common sense in your piece is put as a conclusion. Of course, had you more honestly started with that line you would have been reduced to something along the lines of: “I am impatient and frustrated by not knowing who is coming and who is going”.

    Not quite as dramatic. There again, such is often the way with the truth.

  22. Its a fair point that we do tend to have a bit of a seige mentality when it comes to the media, but in football its often damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    AW was very vocal on the subject of buying Baptista from Seville a few seasons ago, even stating that matters could still be resolved when Baptista made it clear he had to stay in Spain as he had trying to get a passport. In the end we just seemed to flag to Real Madrid that Baptista was available. I know we ended up getting him on loan the following season and he wasn’t much cop any way, but maybe events like that are part of the reason that AW doesn’t want to advertise his shopping list to the press all the time.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his recent comments are intended to put the press off the scent as players like Gervinho, Samba and Chamberlain don’t appear to be dependent on other moves. I believe he is more specifically talking about players such as Fabregas and Nasri and the likelihood that discussions inside the club and with potential suitors if we do sell are not going to be over in a matter of days.
    I agree that Clichy does seem to be something of a done deal, unless he often likes to travel to Manchester for a meal of a Sunday night.

  23. Firstly, there are 26 players already at the club that are over 21 under the 25 man squad rule. Therefore until some permanent sales or season long loan deals are sorted do not expect to see any transfers in of players over the age of 21.

    Secondly, just to point out that if you started 46% of matches for Arsenal last season you could be a regular. Chamakh was our 11th highest appearance maker in terms of starts with only with 27 starts from a possible 58. More than Walcott, Van Persie, Szcesney, Fabianski.

  24. Passenal

    I too believe there isn’t much we can do to prevent the media circus that surrounds our club. They have built an Arsenal in crisis saga off the back of a rejected and laughable offer from Barca for Cesc, and with Clichy and Nasri on their last years. They will use any excuse. It is hard to think back to an end of season where we haven’t had players entering their last years. It is almost impossible to negotiate every players contracts during a season. Next summer we will be in the same situation, depending on how our fan-bases mood is and on-field achievements, the media will yet again try to brew another storm.

    Those that call for better PR., wasn’t it the fans who moaned that Arsenal “lied” about spending big, then all our transfers fell through. Its best to base our opinions on the actions our club takes. Id rather they bide their time like last season before giving any reassurances. The press release regarding the whole Cesc fiasco last summer was classic. Some don’t seem to have learnt a thing though. People believe what they want to believe, it is best our club doesn’t get involved with these idiots.

    The media is a joke. They laugh at the achievements of our team, criticize our players, why would they make it out to be a crisis. If anything the media demanded the changes. What if a few changes actually made us more efficient as a team ?? I do not see a crisis, I see as always Wenger trying to rectify a few issues in our performances. This is the case with any club, no matter how successful. Difference is this year we seem maybe better prepared to dip into the market. We will only know this for sure in August. Either way, our season will not be determined by the volume of money we spend on transfers.

    Quality and commitment wins you trophies, lets hope this team stays together and stays committed.

  25. Luke
    valid points. all.

  26. Knysna

    I am commenting on the state of Arsenal, more importantly its willingness to allow situations to develop over which they have no control. For example, Samir Nasri’s (agent’s) piece in yesterday’s News of the World which essentially blames the club for no contract being signed. I am not content that a player whose form dipped dramatically, should be allowed to blame Arsenal for the failure to win a trophy.

    I’m angry with the board & executives – you will note the following,

    Or leave all of that to the manager, he can take the blame if it all goes wrong. The board will advise you on the teflon, they have years of experience in that area.

    The only public comment made this summer by any executive was the risible Hill-Wood comments to LNBS. Who cares what she thinks? She sold her £123m shares and has a motive to get rid of the board that is not down to what’s best for the club.

    You wonder why Wenger gets a hard time? Because he gets no public support from the board. They leave him to get on with it. No director or owner has come out this summer and offered a robust defence of the manager. Instead sat there whilst his words are misinterpreted and twisted. They could have said “negotiations are ongoing for several players – deals held up for non-financial reasons” or whatever. Did they? Did they f…! Instead you have IG setting up a PR exercise that did not improve matters nor give any indication of anything.

    If you want to compare Arsenal to Newcastle, I’m afraid you’re the one making ridiculous statements.


  27. The message from Luke is especially poignant and should help bring reality into some so called fans life.
    What a lot of the moaning fans really want is for some person who they dont know, to go out on a limb and invest many £millions of his own money (most of which he has no chance of getting back) on buying and paying players who hopefully will bring him success,whilst investing this ‘money’ is a risky business it will be OK because it actully used to be a billionaires money, so it is not the same as the few quid laying around in most of our pockets, it is only to be spent on ‘making the fans happy’ regardless of how many people could be helped in life by this kind of benifactor,
    In return our ‘fans’ promise to go on ‘being fans’ as long as this random benifactor continues to plough unsustainable amounts of money into the club and every now and then a little piece of silverware appears in the team photos, it takes shallowness to new levels
    and the fans enjoyment of the game of football comes a sad second to what is actually the theartre of the professional game.
    Sad desperate people hoping to clutch a little piece of excitement to liven up there humdrum lives,without taking any responsabilitys for there actions.

  28. Passenal

    I spend most of my time arguing with them. Or taking the piss.


  29. JLS

    No, inviting Usmanov onto the board is the wrong move. Allowing Usmanov anywhere near the club is the wrong move. But hey, David Dein was such a genius that he did just that.

    As for incoming deals, they’ll happen. I’m more concerned with outgoing than incoming. If they could keep the squad together for the most part, and injury free (relatively speaking), then a title challenge would emerge once more.


  30. first2lady

    Fabregas isn’t going to go, he knows Barcelona won’t come up with an offer that saves their face. Rosell is looking for Neymar, they need a marketing coup for their summer and Cesc is not that.

    Nasri, well, let’s see. Its one thing for a paper to say United will offer £20m, another for United to do it. Clichy – genuinely I think he is going and unlike most, I find that disheartening as there are few better left backs in England at the moment.


  31. Jabba's delights


    Whats to be patient about mate? Fans like you told many gooners to be patient last year, and looked what happnened with signings. Fuck patience, this club has buggrered around to long andf needs to stop being so conservative pull the finger out of its arse and start being pro active. Players out players in no more excuses, much better to get your business done early.

    There is gloom throughout the club from the playing staff to the fanbase, wherther you choose to like it or not.

    Pre season started today with zero new players, any way you dice it, this can have no positive affect on the playing squad whoose morale is alrady incredibly low

    The players and management leave for Malaysia on monday i believe, what possible good is there in going on our asia tour with no new signings and gloom over the club? What a way to sell yourselves afc

    All of our major negotiators will be away in asia when you consider that many of our signings say the reason for them coming is often wenger this cant be a great sitaution.

    You show me some positives and i may get excited, no more patinece chat, history shows you can end up waiting to the next season.

  32. Philbet

    Been debating this morning over a rights issue. People are very generous with KSE cash – that’s not what is needed, simply firm leadership at club off the pitch. KSE is not an owner in the mould of City or Chelsea. The bottomless pit of their wealth cannot be matched by any business plan. That’s why Arsenal transfer’s take a long time. The quality of player we look to sign is also that which the top 4 in all of the big leagues look at. Let Chelsea and City, Madrid, Barcelona, even the Milan’s, have their say, we cannot compete with their wages.

    That sounds like we are sniffing around or waiting for scraps. Yep, that’s a fact of life in football and no amount of investing by KSE is going to change that.


  33. Great 9-41 post Yogi!!!!!

    The board are failing miserably this summer, to support the manager in the face of a constant withering media onslaught. When that starts to effect the playing staff and their belief in the club’s ability to compete it is time for all and sundry to roll their sleeves up and fight to change the tide. That the board and paid executives at our club seem to be as absent as paid footballers sunning themselves in the close-season, is a clear indication where performance need be reviewed. Manager and playing staff, got us here to some respect but now is the time for certain absentees to protect the club from the undermining forces that are intent on feeding off a lack of perceived success that is completely endorsed in policy by the board.

  34. YW

    I do agree, Wenger needs support. The public comments from our management team and board seem to be getting fewer and further apart. Who’s department does it fall under, who is in charge of ensuring Arsenal are viewed at in a positive media spotlight…??.. I fail to see who is responsible. Wenger looks out for his team, surely they can’t expect him to defend the club with regards to our financial situation, transfer budget, our philosphy etc etc. The strain on one man will surely be too much to handle.

    I don’t think we should get involved in the transfer talk and I like the way we ignore all the bullshit, but as you say, the PR can be improved by a few people involved in the club giving off the right sounds every now and then.

  35. Maybe Lady Nina had a point…

  36. Yogi,I like clichy and dont think Gibbs is ready to take up his spot too. Let’s hope Wenger has someone in mind to replace him when he leaves. I havent been following stuff football since the season ended so basically i have been in the dark other than those annoying texts from opposition fans telling me who they are buying from us and I did a good job of ignoring and not taking them seriously. The reason I decided to check in today is someone said something so outrageous (us selling Clichy to city for 20m, buying back ashley cole, Fabrigas being sold off to Real madrid against his wish and Nasri going to manu though city want him) I have decided to cut back my break from football.

    Whatever happens during the transfer I hope the season finds us in a better place than we are at the moment.

    If Nasri wants to leave so much he better bugger off to some place else coz I dont think I’d ever forgive him if he was to go to Manu, for the record i’d rather we keep him.

    As for the club keeping mum, arsenal has never been one to air its dirty laundry to the public, even last season when things were so bad with the fabrigas transfer saga it took them quite awhile to come up with a statement so I dont expect them to say anything at this point.

    Whatever happens may this season bear better fruits than the ones recently gone by. Arsenal forever.

  37. I have great respect for your posts Yogi. But it bothers me you always seem to have a caustic response to criticisms,even constructive ones. You need to rise above that.Knysna was just making his views known.

  38. It’s not about talking specifics of deals, it’s a generic and robust defence of the manager. I absolutely despair at the criticism of him for not signing anyone; that’ll happen when it happens. I despair of the club for hanging him out to dry and allowing a perception to build because of inactivity. That atmosphere won’t change throughout the season, it’s set in stone. If the club can’t be arsed to fight that perception, I will countenance no media criticism this season. Don’t whinge about the bias if you can’t be arsed to fight it.

    As for keeping someone, Nasri has a lot of convincing to do. He will need to perform all season to convince anyone he’s stayed for any reason other than no-one offered enough to buy him. It’s the attitude that’s got to me – not the money per se, God knows we’re all guilty of screwing employers for a few more quid but the lack of acceptance of his own part in last season’s downfall.


  39. Gunman

    ‘Stupid’, ‘spiteful’, ‘ridiculous’ are not terms of constructive criticism.


  40. Jabba's delights

    Wonder if any of that post on Le grove today regarding a yougov poll suggesting that a huge majority of arsenal fans arent very happy at all with the club and the manager is true.

    Not for one second saying it accurate or Pedro isnt writing rubbish but its not very good if he isnt. Time will tell when the poll is actually released next week.

  41. Conférencier

    whatever the board say will be used against them by the press, hence my support for its silence. One wonders whether these “fans” would have been as concerned if the press wasn’t playing up issues.

    The real sadness is in how “fans” with poorly reasoned opinions demand the club does their bidding.

  42. i wonder how much we would get for the board. two shillings in old money – i doubt they have caught up with decilmalisation yet.

  43. “If they could keep the squad together for the most part, and injury free (relatively speaking), then a title challenge would emerge once more.”


    On the ‘outs’: Cesc won’t go. Nas won’t go. If Clichy goes I’ll be fucked off.

  44. Jabba

    No reason to doubt the survey results. Caution should be applied as (a) you don’t know how the cross-section that was asked, was selected; (b) I find that the unhappiest always speak loudest, therefore this might be skewed and (c) people never tell the truth to any pollster!

    Is there dissatisfaction – yes, absolutely because of the disappointment at blowing up in the league and the Carling Cup final. The manager bears the criticism of that, he is in charge. Fair enough. The crucial question is: who do you consider to be responsible for the failure, (a) the players, (b) the manager or (c) both. Anyone who answers with either of the first two is just wrong.


  45. Conférencier


    there are 40 million arsenal fans globally of a wide spread of opinions and orientations, the poll will most certainly not cover a thousandth of this number, it cannot be representative especially if the subjects are drawn from the UK.

  46. So do we now have a Board who are firmly stuck in the dark ages? Where ‘no comment’ is the only comment? Where SK appears unwilling to send any message at all to the fans that he is now in charge.
    Much as I hate clubs who wash the dirty linen in the media like Stan & Ollie at West Ham, it would be nice to have something a little more helpful than the wall of silence which the Arsenal board present.
    I’m not expecting ‘Silent Stan’ to suddenly loose the purse strings and buy Messi, but he should surely at least be flagging the new Arsenal era under his ownership rather than what appears to be the continued stagnant attitude of the current Board.
    The only indication I can see of our new ownership is stories on the Arsenal website about the Colorado Rapids, do I f*cking care? What next? The St Louis Rams fixture list?

  47. LA

    By whom, reports this morning suggest he was in Manchester last night prior to a medical.


  48. Not taking the piss, but “Deathening Silence” would be a great B Movie or pulp horror title.

  49. Heard enough fictional ‘reports’ this summer to last me a lifetime, YW. I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s certainly plausible, because Kolarov is awful and needs replacing. I’d be fucked off because I like the guy, he’s a strong character to be losing, and a strong fullback to have to go out and replace.

  50. YW,
    Like Knysna, I’ve noticed your less than complimentary tone towards the board and executives of the club, but I i suppose it is fully justified.

    One thing we should also realize is that is that the longer the board fails to fight this media onslaught, the worse our reputation gets and the harder it will be to sign the sort of players we need.
    Unless the board actually wants a reduced profile for the club? Perhaps they have realized we can’t match the ambitions of a ‘super club’ and are allowing/using the media to reduce ‘expectations’? How’s that for a conspiracy theory!

    Anyway I don’t think we need to fight for scraps. We’ll be fine if we keep our players and work on areas like discipline, tactics, ‘mental strength’, etc.

  51. Conférencier


    The press will only promote that which suits its agenda of an arsenal crisis (it sells), hence we are doomed to lose on the media front whether or not we fight. How area?

    I never thought we were in a position to sign the best players, I’m certain the likes of Zidane, Figo or other stars during the successful Wenger years never considered arsenal. Henri, Petit, Overmas, Vieira e.t.c. were signed as promising players

  52. I agree Limpar, actions do speak louder than words. I just feel that we need to start implementing some ‘self-defense’ tactics with regards to the media. It was almost obvious that a situation like the one we find ourselves in would arise this summer. Arsenal is normally a club that is a step ahead, our tactics, training, transfers, yet we are lagging behind massively in terms of PR. I know there is many an agenda against us and its hard to fight all of them. It doesn’t mean we should lie down and take it does it ?

    There are shots being fired at us from all angles and it always seems as if it is Wenger jumping in that line of fire.

  53. I am pro Wenger but accept his faults,his stubborness in playing below par players and especially playing them out of position.

    Many sites are screaming for Wenger to be sacked,but I take the view because of his loyalty he is covering up for the BoD.None of us know how much money is available for quality players or know what each earns, and thanks initially to Chelsea and now City we have absolutely no chance of signing any player they may want.
    There is definitely unrest in the camp,most probably caused by earnings, as many think they are far better than they are,but basically it is a team game not a team filled with superstars.(Take England as a good example of highly paid prima donnas,performing to an abysmal standard as basically it s club before country,i.e. wages rule all.)
    Those who want Wenger out and say in theory it would happen the first thing a new man would want to know is about funds for transfers, and I honestly don’t believe that things would be any different .The board have a strategy to have financial stability first and foremost at least for the time being.
    My main conern is thatIi feel that some of the players have lost respect for their manager and that could be a very dangerous outcome to pre season build up and next season. I hope I am wrong.

  54. I just don’t place much stock in football PR myself, chris. If we keep Cesc and Nasri and sign our targets what does all this rubbish actually count for? Fuck all.

    I quite like our ‘don’t negotiate with terrorists’ stance on media whorebags. It just adds credence to what is almost always made-up bullshit. Why engage with it on any level? It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

    We are now being ‘linked’ with Kevin Doyle, courtesy of twitter. You’ve gotta love that. Kevin blimmin’ Doyle!

  55. Conférencier | July 4, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Not bad o, how your side?

    I disagree with this the second part of this:

    “The press will only promote that which suits its agenda of an arsenal crisis (it sells), hence we are doomed to lose on the media front whether or not we fight.”

    The media loves to report news. I don’t think as a whole they particularly care one way other other. Arsenal fighting back will be equally reported because it is ‘news’ and that is enough slow down what is currently almost entirely negative PR. It would show neutrals that we aren’t taking all of this lying down.

  56. LA, don’t negotiate with terrorists… and don’t feed the trolls. These days reading newspapers is liable to make you less informed.

    www, maybe I’ve missed some, but I count only 21 players in the first team over the age of 21.

    1 GK Manuel Almunia
    2 MF Abou Diaby
    3 DF Bacary Sagna
    4 MF Cesc Fàbregas (captain)
    5 DF Thomas Vermaelen
    6 DF Laurent Koscielny
    7 MF Tomáš Rosický
    8 MF Samir Nasri
    10 FW Robin van Persie (vice-captain)
    11 FW Carlos Vela
    14 FW Theo Walcott
    15 MF Denílson
    17 MF Alex Song
    18 DF Sébastien Squillaci
    20 DF Johan Djourou
    21 GK Łukasz Fabiański
    22 DF Gaël Clichy
    23 MF Andrei Arshavin
    27 MF Emmanuel Eboué
    29 FW Marouane Chamakh
    52 FW Nicklas Bendtner

  57. Limpar

    I see your point. I just think we need to step in when it starts to really damage the morale of the more gullible supporters. I don’t believe a word of what is going on, the Clichy medical is the only worrying piece of news I believe out there. His silence from the start suggested he could leave. It will be a huge loss I feel. Gibbs is in no state to come and take full responsibility of the LB spot. When Cole left it was quite a quick transition as Clichy was ready to go.

    Doyle… I have no comment on that one mate! I refuse to believe any rumour is possible right now. I am waiting for an update on Arsenal.com…!

  58. Jabba's delights


    I completly agree, we have never been in the market for the best players in the world and will do just fine wiothout them. Bergkamp Henry turned into greats at our club as have RVP, Pires, Petit and Fabregas. As long as we keep our players this summer (nasri-Cesc) and add 3-4 others of starting potential i think we are perfectly placed for a good title run.

  59. Borges Spinelli

    Excellent blog, Yogster!

    Not sure why some on here are perturbed by today’s contents.

  60. Borges Spinelli

    Excellent blog, Yogster!

    Not sure why some on here are perturbed by today’s contents.

    (2nd attempt)

  61. The fact that the club is so silent on this means that most will assume many of the rumours are true. There should be more than one opinion/voice out there, and currently all anyone hears is that AFC are in crisis. We know as well as most how one can pay a high price for a poor reputation.
    For instance, there is a strong argument that we might not have suffered as many impact injuries if we didn’t have a reputation for being soft. But because we are viewed that way, opposing teams are more physical with us, and the refs do less to stop them.

    Also Keep in mind we clearly cannot lure players on account of high wages so we depend onto a large extent on goodwill and the reputation of Wenger. That reputation is taking hits from all sides and its not just proper that the club isn’t doing anything about it.
    Any player who was undecided about coming to us may have second thoughts if he thinks we are a sinking ship, and God knows how much difference small things like that could make, when it would cost nothing to (at least) try to address it. What are the downsides of fighting the negative PR?

  62. Shouldn’t the ‘fight back’ look like signatures on contracts rather than chatter on twitter and candyfloss column inches?

    I think too much emphasis is being placed on ‘negative PR’ during this off-season. Who really cares about negative PR as long as the squad is strong in August? We’re not running for office, we’re not canvassing for votes. We’re readying a group of players to win the league.

  63. Borges Spinelli


    The squad as it currently remains, isn’t strong enough to endure the blitz in August.

  64. Limpar

    I am fairly confident we are doing all the work behind the scenes to ensure our squad is strong and ready for a title challenge. But… we are the most talked about club in the country and there are unfortunately many fans out there whose support has gone missing on many occasions. These fans are also very naive to public opinion and gossip, even the most false and made up of stories. Normally I would say fuck it, ignore all these idiots but we have to understand the magnitude and affects of which this negative PR can reach.

    I expect us to be one step ahead in every department. I see PR as a massive part of a football club now. We are in the entertainment industry. Its the same for musicians and pop stars. Negative PR is unwanted.

  65. Limpar,
    To answer you, I quote Yogi;

    “It’s not about talking specifics of deals, it’s a generic and robust defence of the manage…” and the club (I should add)

    Its not the twitter tattle I’m concerned about, you hear transfer rumors like that about every club. Its the unchallenged assumption that we are selling our best players, which just about the whole world has taken as fact, because its reported as such by the mainstream media (even here in SA).
    We are a football club and selling your best players means we are selling our key assets. Its not a good reputation to have however you cut it.

  66. Chris,
    I don’t even think the impact on the fans matter that much. Its the players/agents/sponsors etc that i’m worried about.
    Come august, most supporters will get behind the team as usual. I bet the emirates will still sell out even if we drop out of top 4.

  67. YW – excellent post. I agree with you about the board – they never seem to really back up Arsene up. However, Hill Wood is such a woosteresque buffoon, that sometimes I am pretty glad he keeps his trap shut. Why is Gazidis so quite also?

  68. Every statement given has been twisted by the media to suit their own agendy and we wonder why the club is silent.

  69. LA

    No, Doyle wasn’t a Twitter one. Not even they are that stupid!


  70. What I find depressing is that the more “optomistic” blogs such as ACLF and Arseblog are finding it difficult to be positive. Arseblog’s Saturday post was particularly saddening. This lack of information from the club naturally leads to an anti-Arsenal press having a field day.

  71. LA

    I agree that none of it matters if the squad is strong enough in August, but that should mean the start not the end of August. We have some fairly big fixtures in the first month of the season including a CL double header to negoiate and the squard has to be ready to go on day one. If (and and I do mean if) Cesc and Nasri are to leave us they will want to be in place at their new clubs for the season kick-off. Just out of interest, would they be excluded from playing for another club in the CL this coming season if they played for us in the qualifiers? What a great tactic that would be to put other clubs off buying them.

    At moment we seem to be performing like a cruiserweight being battered about by a much bigger heavyweight and the broken toe excuse is just not good enough.

  72. Surely the most robust way to challenge that false assumption is by not selling the players. I don’t see how a sparkling Press Release helps us achieve that, you just get it done behind the scenes, the players and the club.

    Chris, I would agree with you on the impact of truly negative PR. If Chamakh was sleeping with Nasri’s girlfriend, or smoking crack with Joey Barton – then I’d be worried. That’s a PR problem. Cesc NOT going to Barcelona – not a problem. Nasri’s ongoing contract negotiations – not a problem (if he bloody stays!)

    I understand fan impatience. God knows I’m just as bad. But I don’t expect the club to engage with the media’s summer mother’s meeting – that’s not the level to operate on at all.

    I do expect them to sure up Nasri’s contract, keep Cesc and sign a new player or two to help us own that last 100m ZimPaul talks about… Couldn’t give a shiny shit what is said about us in the press if that happens.

  73. LimparAssist,

    You’re dead right, but when the negative PR starts to impact the club’s potential to keep their best players and attract others, it’s worthwhile the board taking steps to alleviate certain fears and rally round the manager. Statements of intent may only be statements, but can only help to gain a sense of stability. If the suggestion is every non-playing member of staff is tied up making such deals happen fair enough, but as Yogi rightly points out, some seem to have found time to settle personal scores.

  74. Sorry that was meant to read:

    At the moment we seem to be performing like a cruiserweight being battered about by a much bigger heavbyweight and the broken toe excuse will not be good enough.

  75. chrisgoona

    It’s not about damaging morale of supporters, it’s about protecting the club. Saying nothing does not achieve anything, simply allowing a habitual negative press to arise. The manager gets a lot of undeserved criticism for transfers when the process at Arsenal is that he identifies the targets and IG / KF negotiates fee & wages. It’s not quite so clear cut but not being funny why give Wenger a hard time when he must have done his part by now?


  76. Agree with Markus, some papers really do make you less informed. Non-stories and misinformation. Far too much of it about.

  77. Especially agree with YW at 10:49 am. Absolutely no Board support for YW. It becomes clearer everyday they are content to have AW carry the can. Why not? The club remains competitive domestically and in Europe, plays attractive football, religiously fills the stadium plus a growing list of would-be season-ticket holders. Ergo, the value of their shares grows exponentially without them having to put a dime of their own money at risk. Note also that former shareholders like David Dein and Lady Nina bail out with a huge pay-out with their reputations intact if not enhanced. Teflon-like indeed. In the case of Dein he has left the behind not only the odious personage of Usmanov but also a football agent-in-residence in the form of son Darren. (Darren: You make ’em Arsene and I will sell them’ contract or no-contract) Good on you David.
    Recently Frank took the lead on this board to expose how useless the current Board is (obviously we don’t agree on Dein) but his point was absolutely correct; they lack a football person and are totally content with the status-quo. Obviously they found that Silent Stan was also that “sort of person” and it is now business as usual; sit content and the value of their shareholdings will grow.
    As YW as emphasized a lot of football today is perception, just as it is in politics. Clubs are supported by millions of fans and that support can be easily sabotaged by the commercial media and the cynically depraved journalists, editors and publishers who are in their pay. For example, a read of all the English media in Newsnow on Sunday was of Arsenal in crisis without a shred of fact. A club as big as Arsenal cannot be satisfied merely with putting out a good product, which by itself is very important. The product needs to be supported by a serious marketing and PR strategy that supports the manager who makes this attractive-winning football possible. I agree with YW such a strategy must be led by the Board and not simply be thrown in the lap of Ivan and Arsene.
    But then Ivan, PHW are simply content for Arsene to carry the can.

  78. Henristic

    The impact on the fans is huge mate, its for everyone to see. Fans are very easily manipulated, they are even turning against our greatest manager. Frustrations throughout the season are not entirely down to the lack of success, we have enjoyed some terrific football, watching some find young talent make their mark, watching the best CF, best RB, best creative players in the division, and a number 1 at Arsenal for many years come of age. Then there’s the small matters of Birmingham’s lucky victory in the final, Barca using the ref, and our normal shit assistance from the refs in the Premier. To disregard all of the positives means that the media plays a huge part in amplifying that frustration. We are firmly swimming against the tide on all fronts and for me it can seriously affect the teams performance and lead to added pressure.

  79. The usual lack of activity from Arsenal – apart from players wanting to leave that is. I have been ignoring all the speculative nonsense, I look at what happens mainly. Irrespective of the media it is obvious that we are struggling to hold onto Cesc and Nasri. Hopefully they will stay but its not looking too good at the moment. We could have another Hleb/Flamini situation and although we’ll get cash for Nasri we will not doubt be shopping in Primark for their replacements as part of the “self-sustaining” model of mediocrity.

    I laugh when people talk about patience – Arsenal have struggled be real title contenders for years other than in 2008 and at the same time have witnessed the departures of many players who have been replaced by subtandard youths and others who are not gooid enough.

    Fans have waited for years for quality squad players only to be confronted by a paralysis in the transfer market that is only rivalled by our ability to freeze at the most important times.

    Players want success and money or at least one or the other. We don’t (and have never) paid the top wages and at their current levels we would be mad to which makes success paramount if you want to keep world-class/international class talent. Player want trophies as much as the fans do and Arsenal have been in decline on the pitch for years. The only uncertainty is how far they will fall in this pre-season which depends on who leaves and the quality of the replacement. Judging by the last few seasons there is little to be optimistic about.

  80. Gael Clichy is rumoured to have arrived at a private hospital in Manchester. The unconfirmed reports also failed to confirm whether or not his Doctor was Frankenstein, his bodyguard Jean Claude van Damme and his driver Elvis Presley.

  81. YW @9.42 am – glad to hear it!

  82. Limpar,
    Again, its not about the fans. A PR strategy to protect the club and managers reputation is unlikely to appease the sort of fans that need appeasing is it?

  83. YW – thanks for your perspective.

    Luke – appreciate you sharing the email.

    It is a sad commentary on our society, filled with greed and self-entitlement.

  84. Yogi’s Warrior | July 4, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    I agree, Wenger shouldn’t be left out to dry, I just honestly believe that the frustration and media battering we take worsens the support when on the pitch performances aren’t as expected. When we are winning the fans are happy, when are form dips all of sudden we are the worst Arsenal team in our club’s history. I thought our supporters were meant to be some of the most loyal and finest around.

  85. chrisgoona | July 4, 2011 at 12:19 pm
    “The impact on the fans is huge mate, its for everyone to see. Fans are very easily manipulated, they are even turning against our greatest manager. Frustrations throughout the season are not entirely down to the lack of success, we have enjoyed some terrific football..”

    I disagree. How is the impact on fans huge? Did you not hear that season ticket renewals are still uncharacteristically high?
    Yes, the manager is losing support but that is entirely down to success on the pitch (contrary to what you claim). Wenger would be on everyone’s lips now if we had won the PL last season. Fans can moan all the want but they will still buy tickets and watch games.
    The club’s core support will always be there, no matter how our reputation suffers in the media. Such is the nature of football. We can’t however say the same about sponsors, players and their agents.

  86. the reliable hacks told us Cesc will not return for trianing and it is pretty much a done deal.Today they have changed theitr tune saying he will return and the done deal thing was not mentioned.the hacks indulged a little when they claimed walcott and RVP wants out. they realised they have taken it too far and starting too look silly, for that they shifted their attention to boxing. the worst bit was Downing to Arsenal for 20 millions I thought that was worst than the RVP and Walcott nonsense.

  87. On the whole, Arsenal policy of not talking to the press about transfer speculation has served it well (as in the Cesc-saga last year), and should stand. I don’t see much point in doing otherwise, on the principle that “when you argue with a fool (ie the media), people might not notice the difference”. That Clichy may be off was circulated and debated previously, and hardly an expose, that Gervinho is about to sign is also known, and I don’t see how it helps to linger on the Nasri and Fabgregas rumours, except to give them credence. Or any others. It is plausible that Nasri is being offered considerably higher wages (I am talking 50% higher, with bonuses) at either Chelsea or ManU, and what does Arsenal say to the media if they are still talking to him and his people, and cannot afford such an increase? How does it help?. The most likely scenario is that the media speculation is a distortion of the realities, not so? So you only respond if they are in fact true, or when events that are true can be released to the media.

  88. Danny, of course if this is true “negative PR starts to impact the club’s potential to keep their best players and attract others” – then we’re in the shit. I just can’t see that ever being the case. It’s all just spit in the wind, isn’t it? I doubt if 10% of it crops up on a modern football player or agent’s radar. They watch the games of course – and form their own opinions on where a club is headed, how good the players in that team are and what sort of football is being played. And those individuals’ opinions will be a good deal more informed than most fan opinions, I would say, not to mention those of shit-stirring tabloid hacks.

    I think selling the Arsenal dream is still a very easy sell to make. We haven’t won a trophy in six years yet still when you read interviews with top foreign talent, every summer, Arsenal are named as one of the clubs players want to play for. I wouldn’t be worried about an article in the Metro affecting that reputation or those decisions.

    And i’d be even less worried about it affecting the decisions of those already part of the club – like Samir.

  89. Exactly, ZP.

  90. Borges Spinelli

    As much as we may not like the garbage which the media are continually heaping on us, the club’s reticence to issue a public statement or two, to counter the ship sinking reports, goes against the PR rulebook. Silence at times is golden, however, in this instance has little or no value at all. Therefore, is detrimental to the image of our great club.

    Arsenal deserves better.

  91. YW, I hate that Arsene “…gets a lot of undeserved criticism for transfers when the process at Arsenal is that he identifies the targets and IG / KF negotiates fee & wages.” But you’d have to say that most Arsenal fans are well aware of that fact, aren’t they? At least the right-thinking ones are. So then you get into trying to appease the lowest common denominator… trying to explain every clueless numpty in the pub about our strategy. No thanks. Keep it in-house and get it done. Which seems to be what’s happening. At least the keeping it in-house bit. We’re just falling short on the ‘getting it done part’ right now. *furiously biting finger nails*

  92. It is often said that the ‘team is bigger than any player’ bla bla. A silly cliche, because players make that team. So, yes we are somewhat concerned, but I am personally not overly concerned because I don’t and can’t know all the facts. It strikes me that Wenger is a rather cautious manager in respect to players and not given to histrionics or drama. He reports factually, with personal views and observations; he takes action where he sees the need, and there is a history of this. One good example was getting Arshavin, a sought-after signing at that time, needed, and a difficult one. The case in point, if Nasri rumours reflect the situation – that Nasri is talking 150k-plus, and our offer is 115k, a week, and that means 2m a year extra to the player, then I assume Wenger is taking action to have him sold and suitably replaced. Why on earth would he reveal this to the vapid media, if true? Again the most likely scenario is much more fluid and positive than we know.

  93. I think we’ll see some very strong public statements over the coming weeks. Hopefully surrounding signatures and photoshoots. What else is there to talk about in a statement?


  94. Jabba's delights


    What is the ”arsenal dream”?

    Players want money and trophies at the end of the day, anything else means they are developing into being a top performer and view us a stepping stone. We dont offer enough money anymore and we arent amazingly close to challenging for the league or cl. We could offer more money if we rid ourselves of some very good earners but non contributors and had a smaller squad with more youth players but higher top quality.

    We need to start being pro active. The best way of keeping cesc and Nasri this summer would have been shwoing our ambition in the transfer market early doors. The press write sh^t about us as its incredibly easy to do at the moment, and i dont see Wenger or the management doing anythign about it.

    People say stuff is happening behind the scenes, but Lille have said we havent bid for Gervinho yet nor oxide and Nutrino at Southampton nor Samba or Cahill. What the f^ck are they doing if they arent makign bids.

  95. Henristic

    As you say.. had we won the PL the fans wouldn’t be on Wenger’s case. My point is we can’t win the league every season, especially now there is a few teams in contention. Do you expect our fans to be pissed off shouting abuse down at the players and manager, through blogs and phone-ins at every end of season which doesn’t deliver a trophy? Is that how fickle we have become…

    There are many other factors that affect our bad PR. I don’t feel it is solely success but for me the most part is a combination of the frustration coming from a lack of success (which in itself is a very spoilt and childish attitude to take), while also the media capitalizing on that frustration and amplifying it. Arsenal news articles sell, so what is current with the Arsenal fans goes down well it seems.

    Ticket prices should be expected to go up based on demand, not success, we are a business as well as a club. Otherwise we would have an increase every time we win a trophy, would that be fair?

    Also, the media delivers what it believes the public want to hear. If it thinks Arsenal fans need a big CB, it will make up a story about a big CB moving to the Emirates on the basis of F-all.

  96. LimparAssist

    You don’t know what the Arsenal Dream is? What kind of a fan are you?!

    Seriously though, this is where we differ completely, Jabs. We are very close to winning the league and we offer lots of money. We also offer beautiful football and a coherent plan for the future set around a young and improving squad poised to play at the top for a long, long time.

    It’s the same dream that RVP has bought in to, Fabregas too, Vermaelen, Sagna, Nasri (I reckon)… great players. Who wouldn’t want to play for Arsenal? And fuck ’em if they don’t.

    Right, blathered on too much today. Back to work.

  97. oh no, everyone is upset by the talk from the press. I dont know what to think. Why would the press want to put the club down, they certainly never have anything pos to say re us. I still think fab4 and naz will stay, has anyone seen cliche in manc land, are there pictures, has he or the others turned up for pre season, there is no evidence but people are anxious. Thing is the press wont feel stupid if they get it wrong cause thats all these paper boys do, listen if all goes as i think there will be an opportuniy to have a go back, sky sports ext, send the e-mails make the calls. e.g Dear sky/daily mail ect what is it like to be wrong all the time, love boomer. simple and to the point, i will be. Of course the pleasure of having the last laugh depends on how much crap they continue to speculate, stick with it guys and its a jolly for all

  98. I know we have all seen this statement:

    “Everybody has their cards in their hands, hoping for the big transfer. There is nothing moving yet. The period will be more active at the end of July when we will need to really strengthen the team.”

    But I just can’t agree with it. If we are active at the end of July we will have only two weeks to integrate them into the squad before the start of the season. Never a good thing at the best of times, but our first three opponents next season are Newcastle (1 point last season), Liverpool (2 points last season) and Man Utd (3 points last season) plus a CL qualifier against an, as yet, unknown opponent.

    Why would we want to be under the additional pressue of getting new players to gel into the squad?

  99. And by the by, do not discount the possibility that Wenger himself has ‘motivated’ the exit (if true) of any player(s) for any number of reasons, because he is working to a plan. It is very often the case, with good managers, that beneath all the spewage, a manager has already made indications to a player that ‘you may not be automatic # 1″ next season, although I prefer you to stay. This shit happens all the time. In the case of Clichy, it is possible Wenger has spotted a technical error to his game that cannot be repaired, or a problem, and made certain decisions, and that would have a precedent too, in Kolo Toure. I do not say this is the situation, but the fact is, we don’t know.

  100. zimpaul, yes its poss, not with cliche though, wenger said he did not want him to go

  101. Great post Yogi.

  102. Has Kroenke not come out this year and said he supports Wenger? Has not Gazidis? What’s this complaint about the board not coming out and supporting Arsene? Kroenke owns 2/3rds of the club and he supports Arsene. What else matters?

  103. So we have a supposedly world class commerical team that has delivered vertually no results. A world class marketing team that has possibly ther worst PR in the world and a manager that seems to be unable to accept when he has things wrong. The comment about the sinking ship seems very apt. Arsene Wenger has doen so much for the club in the past and has arguably put them in a great position for the future but has he outstayed his welcome and do we need some fresh blood (both player and manager) to come in and make the changes required? The silence from Arsenal is omonous. There are times to keep quiet and times to talk but for Arsenal it seems to be silence the whole time.

    The only thing that I will add is that If Arsene and the club don’t start acting soon they will face the anger of the fans next season on an unpreceidented scale. It is not their club it is our club. Lest they forget that!

  104. The club is silent because there is nothing to say. This hysteria is a bit mad. When the dust settles the fans running around freaking out like headless chickens should feel slightly embarrassed, although I wouldn’t bet on it.

    They’ll be too busy getting wound up on the stories about those players linked with a move having only been convinced to stay another year, or worse being held against their will. The lack of any other signings will be a failure by the club to lure big stars, despite the fact that we don’t need anyone else. There will be no positive stories, so get used to it and move on.

  105. I hope we’re getting more than 7MM for Clichy. I’d prefer just keep him one more year and get nothing for him next season, but it seems this is surely to be done business any day now. So if we, of course, cannot assume Gibbs can cross the street without injuring himself, who will be our regular left back this season?

  106. Yogi:

    Not sure who to blame for the current problems. I have always had the impression that Arsene dictates everything that is done at the club and that has been his choice. Wrong of right the impression is that none of the board or Ivan has the cajones to stand up to Wenger and none has the stature to make a reasonable statement of support. They have done things the Wenger way for so long now that no one knows what to do or say because they all take their cues from the boss. Stan will not say anything because he never has. Who would take anything seriously that comes out of the mouth of PHW who seems the only spokesperson on the board. Arsene has made this bed for himself and we will all praise him endlessly if/when things go right so its hard not to blame him for a lot of the stuff that has gone wrong recently. Certainly no one on the board or Ivan has any real say in making the football decisions or deciding where to spend money.

  107. chrisgoona | July 4, 2011 at 1:01 pm


    As you say.. had we won the PL the fans wouldn’t be on Wenger’s case. My point is we can’t win the league every season, especially now there is a few teams in contention. Do you expect our fans to be pissed off shouting abuse down at the players and manager, through blogs and phone-ins at every end of season which doesn’t deliver a trophy? Is that how fickle we have become…

    lol, Chris what are you on? Surely you realize the angst isn’t because of just 1 trophyless season?
    There wasn’t nearly as many pissed off fans in 2006-2009 was there?

  108. On the subject of ST renewal’s – A friend of mine was on the St waiting list until Saturday, when he got offered (and took) a ST.

    At the end of last season he was at approx. no. 4500 on the waiting list – so there has been a significant number of non-renewal’s.

    Interestingly – if you get offered a ticket and do not take it – you get removed from the queue, so I would guess the waiting list will reduce quite a bit this summer.

  109. Admittedly there isn’t a strong provable connection between the club/manager’s reputation and our ability to retain/attract talent. But it is no less tenuous than link between in-stadium support and player performance, yet many of us argue fans should be doing all the can to ‘help’ their team.
    Shouldn’t the same logic apply to the board? As long as there is a chance that bad PR could hurt us, surely the club be doing everything it can to address it?

  110. *But it is no less tenuous than the link…

  111. Markus

    I agree that there is a little bit of hysteria going on due massively to the media vultures curcling but as Yogi rightly points out the impression is that the whole of Arsenal us built around one man, which is very dangerous and never works in the longterm.

    I personally would love to see someone come in to take some of the responsiblity off his shoulders and could ocassionally give him an alternate view. David Dein has been mentioned and despite some of the things that he has done in the past (preferring Wembley over the Emirates project), at least there was another party involved.

    Understandably people can’t seem to get away from the fact that they pay the highest ticket prices in the league and see very little investment in it for their money

  112. Matt@2.11
    That is worrying news. That Ivan may have been lying at the AST meeting is even more worrying, except perhaps there is some other explanation?

  113. Well clearly not everyone on the waiting list would of taken one up if offered, but I would assume the number of non-renewals was in the thousands, not hundreds…..

  114. It’ll be interesting to see how many games go on general sale next season.

  115. AW was right in that at the end of July we really need to strengthen – July 2008 that is. Why wait till the end of July when we have needed players for ages, in some cases years.

    Clichy leaving for 7m – more contractual mismanagement. I am not bothered that Clichy is going just that we will noly get 7m for him.

  116. Anyone remember the days when the “back pages” during the summer period were filled with reports from the cricket County Championship matches, tennis, golf, some cycling competition always won by Eddie Merckx…unless there was a World Cup going on?

    (Agree entirely with the post about the cuts to public services and the need for some perspective)

  117. Jabba's delights


    But lets look at that dream and see how its going.

    Yes we do offer good football, but lets not kid ourselves it isnt other wordly and other teams play great football as well.

    You say we are close to the title, we are actually closer to 5th and 6th than we are to winning the title and have been for 5 of the last 6 years.

    You say this young squad is improving but we have fininshed with less points each of the last 2 seasons.

    Some of the brilliant footballers you mentioned, want to leave as they dont believe this plan is workign anymore.

    This dream you speak of has hit a major wall and the only way for it toget sorted is for our board and manager to start working harder and smarter. Its criminal that we havent got some business done early this year. Nasri, Cesc would be much easier convinved to stay if we showed ambition. Our tour to Asia would be alot more profitable if we showed some ambtion. The rest of the squad and supporters would be much happier also.

  118. ClockEndRider

    Let us hope that many of the people on here and indeed appearing in other blogs comments sections do exactly that and don’t renew.
    At least then those of us who don’t see football as simply and extension of a sad computer-based “Championship Manager” existence will be able to meet for 90 minutes a week and support our team in peace.I have never come across such a load of self-important, self-obsessed, self-abusing numpties.
    “Our PR is bad”. Oh no, what are we to do…”We haven’t signed anyone yet?” Quick, someone run me a warm bath and I’ll bring the razor blades. Honestly sometimes it’s like being locked in a room with a load of hormonal 13 year olds. To whom I say, grow a pair and grow the fuck up. Time was when Arsenal fans used to stand and fight together. I wouldn’t want to be in a tough situation with may of the bitchers and whiners who seem to follow us nowadays….

  119. A show of hands for those, except ArseChicago, who believe SK and his PR people have made a strong PR program supporting the manager and the club’s strategy of self-sufficiency? That the club cannot compete with the wages offered by ManCity, Chelsea, Barca, Real Mad and to a lesser extent Man Utd? That the club will never go into a transfer battle with these money-rich clubs? That the club will never be stampeded into making huge transfers to appease the media and football agents? That the club supports the manager’s strategy of carefully identifying great talent and signing them at reasonable prices? That the club will seek to retain its best talent but not at any price?

  120. Jabba's delights


    Problem is we have been here before in transfer windows. We have waited and waited for the club to act and then next to nothing. Patience has run out, 1 major championship challenge in 6 years. 3 horrendous collapses in 6 years, people want to see some real urgency this summer. What has beomce the ”arsenal way” under wenger isnt working and he more than anyone needs to address this.

    The is no possible benefit to getting our business done later in the summer both in and outs. We know first hand that arsene is incredibibly unfelxible in the transfer market and those skills are detrimental when deadlines start getting closer.

  121. Of course none of the above at 2:45pm would appease 13-year olds like Jabba and his ilk but at least their constant whingeing that Arsene is ruining the club would seem just as it is; whingeing by clueless 13 year-olds.

  122. ClockEndRider at 2:39 pm

    I have started a slow clap for you, sir.

    When Matt mentioned people not renewing STs I thought the same thing. Good ridance.

  123. To what end, Shotta? Is this PR campaign to convince Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri they should stay? Would the PR campaign be for the supporters? If so, I don’t want it. I think the supporters have been bludgeoned over the head with the message of fiscal responsibility. This blogsite has always seemed to ignore the bluster and now everyone wants Kroenke and Wenger to start paying attention to this bluster out there. PR campaigns exist because perception is reality. Another more effective way to change the perception out there is to actually put pen to paper with the players this club has sorely needed for the last 3 seasons. Instead, we’re sitting on this cash that’s accumulated, looking at more cash coming in from the sale of our disgruntled players, and wondering how to stop the bleeding at what seems to very much be the crossroads for Wenger. Going out and buying players doesn’t ensure success, doesn’t ensure players like Nasri will want to stay you’d say? Fine. Neither will some PR campaign, then.

  124. Jabba, The only thing I’m “waiting and waiting” for is the start of the new season. Couldn’t give a shit if we sign anyone else or not. We have an awesome squad.

  125. I see the Vitriolics have been attempting to scurry around one or two Arsenal blogs upon this fine and beautiful day.

    There’s a fucking surprise.
    Am almost as surprised as I was when Cesc did not sign for Barcelona

  126. the clicly incicence is funny. If he stays half the supportes will moan saying “hes shit we need a new LB” if he goes the other half will say “how can you sell a quality LB like that?” Regardless of what happens with him people will be pissed off.
    If we sign gervinho people will say “oh why did we not go for Mata or Downing or some proper marqee signing, wenger only sings cheap deals wenger out!”. if we dont sign him people will say “waaaaa!!!! AW cant even wrap up one good transafere. He went to City? or Inter?? typical. nobody wants to play for arsenal Wenger out.”
    I mean no matter what the club does or says it cant win, and the press knows it, they are thriving in the insecurity of Arsenal fans. so why should the club give a statement? they know most of the fans wont be happy either way.

  127. Jabba's delights


    You complain about the board not doing enough for wenger, well let me let you in a little secret, with any othe board Arsene wouldnt have a job after this year. You say they dont back him and yet he as free reign over whatever he wants, he says this himself.

    No more excuses from Wenger. He has admitted he has had money for 3 years and has chosen not to spend it. Well the results have been getting worse as has our leaky defence which is ”easy” to improve. He needs to up his game otherwise the club is going to fall on some very hard times relatively speaking. I’m fed up of hearing how close we are and amazing this group of players are and the the cold hard facts show otherwise.


    Our squad isnt good enough and neither is our team. We need improvents in defence, attack and someone has got to inject some backbone into the squad. 3-4 players plain and simple no more chat about it being a young squad that will improve as facts show that they arent. 80-85 points is what it takes to win a league and unless your up there in that mark you havent challenged for the title. Once in 6 years we have hit that mark. We have money and supposeldy the best manager at scouting players ever…….lets see.

  128. “You complain about the board not doing enough for wenger, well let me let you in a little secret, with any othe board Arsene wouldnt have a job after this year. You say they dont back him and yet he as free reign over whatever he wants, he says this himself.”

    It gets boring outlining the financial situation of the club, and I’m not very good at it either. Maybe you should do a little research, JD, before coming out with stuff like that.

  129. Alex Ice Cream


    Don’t waste your time. The deluded supporters amongst us, many of them post on this blog, ignore the reality and keep repeating the “we are very close” mantra from Wenger like cult-following brainwashed zombies.
    You are right – we collapse every year, we are closer to 5th than first and we have fewer points this year than before. Add to that the difficulty in keeping our best players and receiving less for players such as Clichy and Nasri (if he goes) due to them being in their final year or p1ss poor offers for Cesc who is worth 60m at the very least.
    The negativity around the club is not just down to the media; it’s down to the fact that many people are sick and tired of the same excuses for failure both during the season and in the transfer market. We hear the “we have great mental strength” and then lose a 4 goal lead. We are told that “there will be signings” and then fobbed off with “none of them were available”. We have now been told that we will really need to strengthen in July when we needed to do this years ago. There have been constraints due to the stadium but we produced more money now. We had 135m for debt reduction 2 years ago and sold Kolo and Ade for 42m and only bought Vermaelen. This shows very clearly where the priorities lie.
    The only winners in this are the board who made millions by selling their shares and substandard players on contracts that they would not get anywhere else. The fans have been asked to pay more and more for less and less.

  130. What a doofus? He has a “free reign over everything”? Board sets no policies, no parameters? Yeah…right. Quite what clueless 13-year-olds would think of the management of a major PLC like Arsenal FC.
    PS: That is exactly how the Board would like us to think as well. Talk about hanging Wenger out to dry.

  131. Bill. you are spot on. the current board have no say except for I.G, abd hes just a SKE mouthpiece. Kroenke bought the club to make a large capital profit pver a few years just like the Glazers have doubled their mpney when they will sell MANU.

    Everyone says we have 2 billionaire owners BUT WE DONT the real billionaire is Usmanov and his rights offer was rejected by the board, Kroenke was never the answer,

    So now with Clichy gone, and Cesc and Nasri heading that way whats our plan B.

    We were told we are just 2 players away from GREATNESS dpes that mean we now need 5 new players to make us great

    the great youth gamble may be crumbling

    The fair play rules will make no difference there are so many loopholes for Citeh, Chelsea to carry on spending.

  132. Just had a text from my son to say he’s watching live pictures of Gael at the City of Manchester stadium. Not the best sign.

  133. Wow.

    AIC & Solgooner together again. There’s another fucking surprise.
    Today is full of surprises.

  134. @Alex then stop being a fan, you are not alone.
    I red in the paper today about a guy that had “given up after 15 years as an Arsenal fan”. he now was going to support Barcelona cos “they atleat won trophies, boguth players like Cesc and had no deadwood”,
    He was “fed up and angry” and in protest had decided to boicotte the team cos “the board was to thick to listen to the fans” so he was quitting, “sayonara Arsenal!”

    I gave him thumbs up cos i thought it was a very good post , its the best and most sensible poste ive ever read from a so called moaner the entire year.

  135. From SKy Sports transfer watch:

    Update: Following his medical earlier in the day, Gael Clichy has now arrived at the City of Manchester Stadium as he closes in on his move to Manchester City from Arsenal. Sky Sports News have shown pictures of the left-back arriving at the ground and he even stopped to have his picture taken with a small child, helping to endear himself to the new fans clearly!

  136. LimparAssist

    Not other-worldly, Jabba, but Arsenal do play the most attractive football in the country. That is a huge pull for talented footballers the world over.

    The poor end to last season doesn’t take away from the sustained 8 month challenge that preceded it. Sometimes it’s as though you didn’t watch those games.

    We are very close, Alex, ‘beast’, whatever your name is… I don’t understand how you could watch performances like the ones against Utd, Chelsea, City and Barcelona and come to the conclusion that we are not close, that we are ‘not good enough’. Maybe you mean not consistent enough? Maybe you mean that the title-winning form displayed in those games fell away – much to our great sadness. No, instead you just decide they’re all shite. Great.

  137. The Clichy news is on Skysports as well.
    I feel very bad about Clichy leaving like this, and to a rival for that matter. Considering these guys are one of our main rivals, I really do wonder what the ‘big picture’ is here for Wenger and the board?
    I’ve never been as pissed off at our board/management as I am now.

  138. Does any other ‘big’ club sell so many players to its rivals like we do?

  139. Its a shame Clichy is leaving. But i guess for ones the board listend to the fans. the has been much noise coming out from the arsenal fan cams about how shit clichy is and how we really need someone new cos hes so shit and usless.
    thas why its so ironic that the same fans that wanted him out earlier now moan about him leaving.
    He probably will become french fist LB now and have some stellar years at City and all the stupid fans that wanted him out in the first place will start blaming AW for selling him saying “How could he sell such a stellar playe”. :p

  140. dont think Arsene would sell clichy to city without having someone coming in to replace him, and someone able at that. Just wonder who it’ll be..

  141. Such is life Poodle … the want of the fans who have that much vaunted “whinging” mentality.

  142. “I’ve never been as pissed off at our board/management as I am now.”

    Amen to that Henristic!

  143. “The fair play rules will make no difference there are so many loopholes for Citeh, Chelsea to carry on spending.”

    Care to back this up, Sol?

  144. Jabba's delights


    Your delluded. Wenger has come out repeatedly and said Arsenal is his perfect job as he is allowed to just get on with what he wants. Who is going to question him? He is still the 2nd best paid coach in english football any yet for 3 seasons his teams have completely collapsed and he has failed to address the defence which he singled out as a problem 3 years ago.

    Our own captain and best player came out and said wenger wouldnt be in the job at barca, madrid, valancia or athltico madrid as the pressure to win is much much greater at those clubs.

    No the board arent as pr savy as others they back him the best way possible by being patient with him and providing money for him to spend. Maybe they should take away a little bit of that patience and put some real pressure on Arsene so that he realizes that 6m a year for finshing with 68 points less than spurs the previous year and a round less in the cl than them when our wage bill is nearly double theres ISNT F^CKING GOOD ENOUGH, and 3 league titles and 4 fa cups over a 15 year period is going to save you from your teams consistenly underpreforming in the here and now !!!!

  145. ClockEndRider

    “Does any other ‘big’ club sell so many players to its rivals like we do?”
    Allow me to finish your sentence. “…..for so much money who ultimately go on to be found out and never recover the form they showed before sale?”.
    No, I quite agree.

  146. Miami Arsenal

    Why are we complaining? If Cesc, Nasir and Clichy are to leave then think about the positive influx of cash… around 60 million if we are lucky. Hey, 60 million more in the bank at Arsenal earning interest or paying off more debt has to be a great thing, right? The increase in gate receipt revenue this season what with the 6.5% increase in ticket prices, means, Arsenal really are approaching the best football business in the world, if not there already.

  147. Alex Ice Cream


    One our day with everyone fit, we can beat anyone. The problem is that when the important games at the end of the season come along we fold. We finished with relegation form and not for the first time. This is why we are not close. 2 wins out of 11 at the end of the season is not close.

  148. Alex Ice Cream

    Hi Sol,

    Good to see that you enjoying another summer of Wengerspin!

  149. Alex Ice Cream


    The money will just go to apying off more debt and buying a couple of cheap replacements.

  150. Steady Jabba, you’re losing it again. All three of the points you made there are incorrect.

  151. So with the Clichy deal almost done what do we think?

    If he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal who is? I’m not sure Gibbs is ready and I certainly don’t believe he can stay fit. £7m for a left back in the last 12 months of his contract, but we are likely to have send at least that on a replacement who can step straight in to the first team.

    Last time we sold players to Citeh we only managed to bring in TV in that transfer window (unless you count Damien Martinez who I guess is doing something in the youth/reserve ranks). Not saying that TV was a bad signing (in fact he was great), but it took us a season to replace players we sold. Can we expect the same this season?

  152. Jabba's delights


    In the real world someone is judged for their whole body of work rather than just the good bits. Even the good bits your speak of werent so good. You and George always go on about this incredible stuff we were playing before febuary, when in reality we lost 5 prem games before xmas and had finshed 2nd in our cl group………..not awesome.

    As it was we finished with 68 points which is less than what spurs did the year before and in most years wouldnt get you into the cl. 12 points off the league and 5 above 5th


    I didnt see anyone on here saying clichy was shit just people saying he makes mistakes and is probably our worst defender if you put out our first choice back 4, he isnt that good going forward either 2 goals and 10 assists in 7 years. If we can find better lets do that. Its not our fault his contract has run down and arsene isnt offering him a good one this isnt like nasri if wenger doesnt deem if worthy of a big contract after 7 years maybe we should go with what he says. Good luck to clichy i wish him well

  153. Miami Arsenal

    AIC, I agree. My point is just that, Arsenal will pay down debt and not spend. Arsenal is a fantastic model of business meets football, the owners actually getting a real return on investment not just used as a tax right off. Arsenal is a business, under current mangement it is proceeding as expected to be a profitable one.

  154. Jabba's delights



  155. ‘Sandbagging’.

  156. Judith Le’Strange @ 8:17a.m. -“We should have invited Usmanov onto the board and I bet Wenger would have been sacked & a new manager installed. I see now we’re being linked with Kevin Doyle for £12m, what’s happened to the Gervinho deal or has that fallen through. Also Cahill & Samba or have these two also fallen through which wouldn’t surprise me as Wenger is dragging his heels as usual.”

    Hmmmmm……..which new manager would that have been by the way? Woy Hodgson maybe or Big Sam Allardyce? How about Mr. Orange from Hull Shittey? As for the rest of this God awful posting I shall take it you have no idea of the definition of the word ‘RUMOR’? So why don’t you do us all a favor and get a dictionary and open it in the R section and find out, and while you are at it look up the word “RETARD” in said section and see if your picture is next to that word’s definition.

    @ LimparAssist – Sort these idiots out LA would ya? A few slaps upside the head never fail

    On a different but no less important matter, I have just seen the trailer for the new Smurfs movie and am totally confused because they have Scottish accents!!! WTF?! Can some one please explain this to me!!!!

  157. So is Enrique the better left back then? Or who do we think will come in as a replacement?

  158. Jabba, Show me a list of manager salaries. Show me a quote in which Cesc said Wenger would get SACKED at another club. Show me our wage bill in comparison to Spurs.

  159. Didn’t you have a dalliance with, Solgooner, AIC? Thought he asked you out, sort of offline, as it were, if you get my drift. Enjoy it did you?

  160. i hope u right about Clichy Jabba, that hes just not good enough for us and thus was allowed to leave. Would be ironic though if he scored against his old club next season….

  161. Jabba

    1. He’s not 2nd highest paid anymore.
    2. Please provide the links where Fabregas said those words
    3. Why compare our points total last season with Spurs the year before? Meaningless comparison. A round less than Spurs? But we went further in the FA Cup, that counts by your logic.
    4. Our wage bill is double theirs and for the past 15 years, we’ve done considerably better than them. Hence the pay is better at Arsenal. Even with an alledgedly piss-poor team, we’re still better than them. Your point is?
    5. I take it from your comments, a manager who fails to win a trophy every season should be sacked, so we behave like Chelsea?


  162. LimparAssist

    Well we beat Chelsea and Barcelona without a first choice centreback, and beat United without Fabregas… but I get what you mean. We CAN beat anyone. I think a team that can beat anyone can’t be missing all that much. I think a team that produces performances like that has it in them to win the league. As you point out, we were a strong run-in away from winning the league last year. Why would you think we can’t improve consistency and finish stronger this season coming? I would say that’s exactly what happens to performance levels as young professionals mature.

  163. Markus @ 4.26pm

    Really disappointed, I thought you were heading for a Jerry Maguire moment.

    Hey ho


  164. You’ll have to bear with me a little, YW, because I’m well outside my comfort zone with this topic – but I’d come across that article before, and even though it appears to be one of the most sceptical takes, to my mind there’s a kind of tacit admission, even there, that Chelsea and Manchester City won’t be able to carry on long-term as they have done to date.

    Or maybe I’m not understanding properly.

    Sol declared that City and Chelsea won’t change, and from what I understand that’s not true. Not being disingenuous, I’m genuinely willing to take any view on board.

  165. LimparAssist

    Taking into account the surrounding circumstances of crushing disappointment the points tally from the last handful of games is a stinking great red herring.

  166. If I can follow it, that is…

  167. @ YW – Interesting take on the FFP rules. It does beg the question of who and when and more importantly what sized club will UEFA eventually choose as the “Example” to other clubs that they are entirely serious about these new regulations. If they are truly intent on this course which I think they are then I believe it will have to be a club from one of the top nations in Europe i.e. England, Italy, Spain, Germany or France. I do not see them coming down on the likes of Manure or BBB or the Chavs but more along the lines of PSG and their like as they are well known clubs but do not have the same pull these days as the elite clubs do.

  168. OOU

    I think that is part of the point, parts of the FFP regulations are fuzzy and if there is fuzziness in regulations there is an opportunity to exploit them. As Citeh and Chelsea in particular are willing to fork out huge sums of money for players now, they are surely likely to try to circumvent the regulations to continue to buy players at overinflated prices in the future.

  169. irish

    It won’t be one whose omission would impact upon sponsorship or other revenues. It won’t be United but it might be City of the English clubs. Probably not Chelsea because of 2018 WC politics.

    My guess is that it would be a smaller team from Holland or France, one to make people take notice but not cause an outcry.


  170. I am having trouble finding the right kind of duck egg blue to paint the underside of my newly acquired model of a Sea Spitfire. Interesting old kite, it was the naval version of the Supermarine Spitfire. Both were built by Supermarine of course. Oh I almost forgot…

    Arsenal, Arsenal,Arsenal….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaaaallll….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal….Arsenal…..ARSENAL

    People do forget, don’t they?

  171. Knysna Gunner

    Sorry but you are being ridiculous. How do you expect the club to prevent statements like Nasri’s supposed comments to NOTW? Or MU Rooney’s? And I repeat what I said earlier – you, like so many others, make statements as if these are facts that you have knowledge of – which you don’t. Like what Wenger has or has not told the players. I do not see the point of bloggers writing negative articles and pretending that they know better than the professionals running the club. You do not – so why be so presumptuous? Report facts and give your opinion by all means – but don’t think more of yourself and your opinion than what is justified.

  172. LimparAssist

    If Clichy does go for £7 million then he will become the 7th most profitable sale Arsenal have ever made.

  173. Wan Arsene Wenger, theres only wan Arsene Wenger…Waaann Arsene Weeennnngggeeerr, theres only wan Arsene Weenngggeeeerrr….

  174. Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick…Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

  175. Well worth a read as, would you believe it, it is more positive than negative AND its about the Arsenal!!!! : http://www.football365.com/mailbox/7018438/Mails

  176. @ Frank – Take a bow son, take a bow 🙂

  177. Oh its Aaaaarrrsssseeeennnaaall…Arsenaaal FC…by far the greatest team the world has ever seen

  178. FFFaaaaaaarrrrkkkk aaaaaaarrrrfffff, Dooooooooooooommmmmmmeeeeers….staaaand ap ggggoooooooonnnnneeeeerrrrrrs….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal

  179. ClockEndRider | July 4, 2011 at 3:58 pm
    “Does any other ‘big’ club sell so many players to its rivals like we do?”
    Allow me to finish your sentence. “…..for so much money who ultimately go on to be found out and never recover the form they showed before sale?”.
    No, I quite agree.”

    I’m not sure that is any consolation seeing as one of said rivals have consistently finished above us and the other overtaken us in the league table. The sale of those players to our rivals haven’t harmed our rivals, or helped us ( in football sense)

  180. Bradys right foot

    Its only a rumor but I think Kevin Doyle would be a good signing, he has a remarkable work ethic and seems devoid of ego. He is relentless and tireless unlike almost all of our current playing staff. He has done a great job for Wolves playing upfront on his own and while not the biggest, is strong determined and has genuine ability. For me he displays one of the most committed attitudes on show in the modern game. If this was the sole arbitar of value he’d be one of the most expensive player in the league. Now this is just a rumor but I had heard a whisper last year that we were keeping an eye on him. Doyle is not a world class player but he is very underrated, he’s clever averages 1 in every 3 and is good in the air but it is his ability hold the ball up and engage players that impresses me most. Remember he would be a squad player first and foremost but in my opinion a good addition to the squad and a better option than say Defoe. He would be making a step up no doubt but would fall right into that bracket of player who would stay loyal committed effective and crucially good enough to contribute when called upon. In my opinion the type of player essential to a squad but increasingly hard to come by.

  181. Wan team in London….theres only wan team in London

    …and its Aaaaarrrrrrssseeeeenal…Arsenaaaall FC…by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.

    Oo..oo….oo to be….oo to be a…..Goonah.

  182. Gael Clichy Clichy
    He would’ve gone on a free
    If it wasnt for Man City
    Gael Clichy Clichy!

    Laters you money grabbing c*nt.

    Gael Clichy Clichy
    He’s no better than Cash-ley
    He’s only intrested in Money
    Gael Clichy Clichy!

  183. LimparAssist

    Dodgy ankle, dodgy knee
    Even better than Clichy

  184. Like Limpar, like it a farking lot! 😀

  185. Excellent

  186. As a supporter you only have to one thing to enjoy your football…know what that is?

  187. here’s a clue

    ..aaaaannnnddddd …..iiiiitttsssssss….Arseeeennnnaaallll….Arsenaaaaaal FC…its by far the greatest team the world has eveeer seeen…

  188. whhoopps in my excitement I didn’t do a do where I should have done a do

  189. Jabba's delights

    Limpar / Markus

    Name me a manger other than Sir Alex who is paid more than 6m a year. Mancni nor Vilas Boas are so how about you tell me who is paid more than 6m a year which our great manger is paid???

    The quote regarding Cesc

    “It (Wenger’s position) is now easier to understand because I’ve been here for many years,” Fabregas told Don Balon.

    “Obviously, if you come from Spain and say to (Unai) Emery, (Pep) Guardiola and (Jose) Mourinho they would spend three years without winning anything, it’s understood that they’re not going to continue in their position.”

    “It’s different here. The coach is a smart person and the club appreciates other things.

    “The team is always in the Champions League and competes to the end of the season, and it has economic stability. I guess that is important for the board.

    “I imagine there will be a time when they will have to take the plunge: to win or not win,” he added.

    I will tell you why i compare points totals Yogi, its becuase by looking at a teams points totals one can assertain how well they will almost certainly finish year on year. Our seaosn over 38 games was worse than spurs the year before we fininshed 1 point further away from the title as well anyway you look at it we were worse and with 68 points you stand zero chance of winning the league in fact in most years you wont make the cl. To compete for the title you need upwards of 80 points….very very simple. Fail to get to that level and your not competing for the title despite what soem say on here.

    With regards to wages i constantly here how we cant compete with Utd and chels, well spurs seem to do alright. Last 2 years we have got 142 points they 133 when you compare the wages disparity they are doing alot better job competing than we are. There wages were 58m last year while ourse were 110m who is getting more out of there players???

  190. Oh fucking shut up, Jibber. What the fuck is wrong with you, man?

  191. Frank,
    Your chanting reminds me of the the spaceship computer (Eddie it was called?) in “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” singing as it was about to hit the ground. Its a fatalistic kind of defiance.
    I find it slightly admirable, but funny still….

  192. Jabba's delights


    Yogi and Markus asked questions, i provided answers to there first 2. Cesc has said wenger wouldnt have a job at a big club in spain and our manger is the 2nd best paid in the league.

    Enjoy your sing song i will enjoy it getting my answers back, each to there own old timer

  193. Which is the more obtuse comment? The one which states that Arsenal have consistently sold players to Chelsea, as opposed to a player and ca$h swap, or the one above.

  194. Jabba, you’re the one making the claims, the burden of proof is on you. I don’t know what people are paid, and neither do you.

    And it’s clear we have very different interpretations of that Cesc quote.

  195. Two above even. Or just one if you skimmed past the latter.

  196. FRANK AIC and I talked to discuss your amazing prediction record over the last 5 years.

    Please tell us the plan B if we do lose Cesc and Nasri as well as Clichy

  197. Would that have been in Benidorm, solgooner? Both there were you? By the pool.

  198. Henristic what are you saying ” a fatalistic kind of defiance” Do you believe we are in a fatal downfall? I would much rather read those songs then skip over countless posts by jibber the butt.

  199. NO FRANK we didnt want to meet in person unless you were there to give us your profound views. and opinions as you have done for the past 5 years.

    Please tell us next seasons predictions

  200. LimparAssist

    That Gibbs song is an Alan Davies special. I’ve tried it at the ground a couple of times – to mixed reception.

    Ha, Finsbury. A very real possibility these days. Lots of skimming going on.

    Jabs, I don’t think that was meant for me? I didn’t understand it at any rate.

    BRF. Doyle?? Isn’t he devoid of ego in the same way Quasimodo is devoid of vanity? Only kidding. I love Doyle’s workrate myself. I’d be worried about his touch in tight situations, and consistency of passing though. You need to be unusually consistent with your one and two touch passing to fit our game. Not sure he has that. Could be wrong. I actually prefer his old partner at Reading Shane Long. Same striker’s instinct, similar workrate, but a bit more class in his touch maybe. He’ll be a good player.

  201. @ Frank – Brilliant comeback!!!! In the pool most like…..I WANT MORE CHANTS!!!!!!!!!

  202. @ LA – As an Irishman I have watched Doyle quite a lot over the years and was in fact disappointed that AW did not pick him up 2 years ago. He actually does have very good close control and with a bit of tutelage from AW and co. he could be amazing, add that his workrate would give AA a heart attack and I think we have a great signing if it where to happen.

  203. Went out with a bit of class at least.

  204. Not sure how anyone can say the board has not supported wenger. They have trusted him and given him complate control of football operations. Does anyone think that the board would not have jumped If Arsene had told them that this year we would do our business early.

  205. LA; I wonder if we will sign a LB or try Vermealen and Keiran and possibly Perdo too. Although I read that he was back off to Spain for some reason? I really do hope Gibbs can shake off his injury probs a bit like how our ex-LB did when he was younger.

  206. @Henristic

    “lol, Chris what are you on? Surely you realize the angst isn’t because of just 1 trophyless season?
    There wasn’t nearly as many pissed off fans in 2006-2009 was there?”

    Every season should be reviewed on its own achievements. Its very easy to hurl abuse towards the club because we have had 6 trophyless years. Again, that just shows up the spoilt nature of a section of our support. I can understand the frustration surrounding the club, but we have endured many lengthier trophyless periods in the past, longer than what we have had to go through, AND through less competitive eras. Them fans had a good reputation, the fans of today will no doubt be remembered for their petulance. Don’t even try to stick up for the childish supporters.

  207. Ouch.

    That’s one first teamer gone, for a ridiculous fee, and strengthening our rivals (again).

    With Clichy out of the door, only 4 of our most used 15 in 2008 remain.

    Rebuilding, development, transition???? Everyone jumping ship after the best education around seems more likely.

  208. The problem with you calling on Yogi to report only facts, is that none are forthcoming from Arsenal. Why does our manager feel it more appropriate to tal to French radio about transfers than he does to Arsenal.com for example? The club is just burying it’s head in the sand as far as the negative press is concerned, hoping it will go away.
    Yogi asks should we be worried. The answere must be yes. Players are human and will pick up on the negative feeling, Current players will be considering their future at Arsenal. Even if they just ask their agents to see what is out there it in case the rumours are true, it moves them one step closer to the door. Arsenal’s targets are hardly likely to be impressed!
    Ask yourselves honestly, if you were a top player and had the choice of Arsenal or another top European club, would Arsenal be your 1st choice?

  209. All the best Gael, great servant to the club, and can 100% see why you would want to leave.

  210. I find it really interesting to see that there is such a difference between those who are all doom and gloom and berate anyone for daring to state something positive and those who take the time to look at all the facts and realise that we have a very good team with a very good manager and that we have lots of time left in the transfer window to make it even better. It reminds me of what my Grandfather used to say: “There are two types of people in the world; those that can extrapolate an outcome with limited data in a given situation and….”

    Unfortunately in this particular situation the Doomers have usurped the throne so to speak, I wonder what the old horse himself(also a gooner by the way :)) would make of that.

  211. OOU; Well, he isnt exacly going to say fuck off you scummy Gooners now is he!? 😀

  212. Easy

    We’re gonna win the cup…we’re gonna win the cup…eee iiiiiii adio …we’re gonna win the cup

    Arsenal, Arsenal Arsenal

    (see there’s another thing, nobody says eiadio anymore)

    Arsenal are going to win the EPL this season too.

  213. Irishgay

    The facts are we have got worse (by points, goal scored, goals conceded) for three years.

  214. I reckon Gael Clichy’s career at the top has run its course. Thats OK.

  215. Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal

  216. Haha, no, Dexter. I was just thinking that they usually don’t bother leaving any kind of message.

  217. If you dont want to stay at our great club, SEE YA!


  218. Jabba's delights


    Villas Boas

    ”The 33-year-old, who will be the youngest boss in the Premier League, signed a three-year, £5million deal after ”

    Mancini is on less

    So which managers in the league are paid more than Wenger other than Ferguson.

    Dalgleish redknapp…..? Our manager should start earnign that 6m a year, that means improving points totals and weakneses.

  219. Haha Frank! You are funny.

    After months of backing him, you now think Clichy is a spentb force.

    Maybe under some defensive coaching he might start improving again. Looks like the Arsenal coaching staff were unable to harness and improve a player who was the best LB in the league in 2008.

  220. @LimparAssist | July 4, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Who are the first 6?

    As for Gael Clichy I wish him the best except of course against us. I think he really loved the Arsenal, but your heart is not in it if you no longer have the faith of the crowd.

  221. Funny how all of a sufdden Clichy is the best thing since sliced bread, now he isnt our player any more! I think Clichy has never really reprodeuced his top form for a good while now. Maybe it was complacency on his part, or injuries? Who knows, moving on probably is the best thing for both parties.

  222. LimparAssist

    Gael was always a class act. Very exciting player to watch too. No Bacary Sagna though, let’s be honest. I wish him no success at all at his new club.

    I think we’ll sign a leftback, Dexter. Might be wrong. Boukary Dramé? Jose Enrique? Who knows. Quite exciting though. Jan Vertonghen starts to look ever more interesting with his experience at leftback.

    Equally though, with so many Arsenal fans calling for Gibbs to take Clichy’s spot right from the beginning of last season – they may just get what they wished for. I have no doubt Gibbs could make leftback his own with a run of games. Big fan of Gibbs.

  223. @ Frank – Sad but true man, I can remember there was a time when you could not go a day without hearing that!!

    @ Luke – You remind me of the fans who where bitching that AW was only playing the kids in the CC and that he was just throwing it away a few years ago. Ironically we made the CL finals and where better positioned in the league when that was our plan. Shooting for all four trophies with a 25 man squad? Yes you are right we dropped down a bit but still retained a CL qualifier spot. The last 10 or so games is where we fell apart, from X-mas to Feb I thought we where terrific but the CC final and the second leg at BBB took the wind out of our sails so to speak. Cesc, Nasri and Gael did not exactly cover themselves in glory during that time now did they? so if they leave, they leave. No need for a mass suicide as yet. Although if James wherever he is wants to jump off a cliff then who am I to say no?

  224. william | July 4, 2011 at 5:43 pm
    “Henristic what are you saying ” a fatalistic kind of defiance” Do you believe we are in a fatal downfall?”

    Not at all, but Frank’s chant sounded that way to me. When someone upon hearing not-so-positive news reacts by singing…. I tend to come away with that feeling.

    I do think Wenger’s reputation is at grave risk though. For players like Clichy to leave at this point is strong reminder of how hard it is to keep a team together. Such a situation is hardly conducive to a philosophy that requires young players developing together for a long time.

  225. So Gael, what first attracted you to the multi Billionaire owner of man City then?

  226. Gael: ” His man boobs, of course!!”

  227. Knysna Gunner

    FRANK For president of AST. #TeamPositiveGooners

    “FFFaaaaaaarrrrkkkk aaaaaaarrrrfffff, Dooooooooooooommmmmmmeeeeers….staaaand ap ggggoooooooonnnnneeeeerrrrrrs….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal”

  228. LA; Yeah me too, just have a small concern as he looked a bit off the pace when he was used last season. Before that, he looked a dead cert to be 1st choice LB.

    Maybe, just maybe the manager has decided that the back line needs a right old shake up and there could be 2 new faces lining up along the back 4 come the 1st game of the season?

  229. IrishGray; 😀
    So, it was the boobs then and not the moolah?

  230. Jabba's delights


    ”The last 10 or so games is where we fell apart, from X-mas to Feb I thought we where terrific but the CC final and the second leg at BBB took the wind out of our sails so to speak.”

    Here is the issue, You’ve just staed that we were great for 2 months in an entire league season. Before xmas we had lost over a quarter of our games in the premiership and had come 2nd in our cl group meaning we had to play Barca first up, nobody fault apart from the manager and the players. Quite simply last season wasnt good enough we needed 3-4 starting quality players before if we lose cesc, clichy and nasri we have an incredible amount to do this summer that goes against everything our manager has ever said was good for a team.

  231. I’ve said before that I don’t think we’ll miss Clichy that much considering we’ve got TV and Gibbs. But I’m still sad to see him go, and sadder still that he leaves to a rival. Didn’t really care much for Adebayor but was gutted that Toure went there.

  232. @ Dexter – I think he keeps a nice fat wad inside his man cleavage, so that would make it a bit of both, wouldn’t it? Or would that be a bit of all three?

  233. Alright I gotcha Henristic…… and it’s Arsenal, Arsenal FC….

  234. It’s official, Clichy on the Arsenal website


  235. Why is this guy so worried about how much Arsene makes?

    YOu say Arsene should earn his money? what a shallow thing to say! would Arsenal be where we are without the great manager?

    Give any decent managers unlimited amounst of money and they will most probably win something. Ask the same managers to do what Arsene has done and most if not all would fail miserably.

  236. Penny hasn’t dropped yet, has it, Luke? I don’t think it will ever drop for Henristic.Faculties missing I think.

  237. Jabba – No, I disagree about the pre-x-mas part of the season as every team had that happen to them albeit at varying times during the season. What set us apart was that we completely fell apart at the end when the fact was that if we won our last 6-7 games then we won the league. Instead we got 11 points from 42, and threw it away. We where good before X-mas and brilliant immediately after but collapsed with 10 or so games to go. Ironically that was when we finally beat Manure so go figure.

  238. Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal

  239. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love how some are lapping up this negative press and taking it as gospel. It’s been a barrage of negativity for as long as I’ve been supporting and its obviously not going to change. Wenger could buy Cahill, Samba, Downing, Barton AND Doyle and cunts would still slate him for something.

    I reckon the lack of positive spin from us is just basically a middle finger (or a V sign for you lot over in the UK) to the hacks and as LimparAssist pointed out actions speak louder than words. I’ve found that to be true many times in life up to this point. I do like the dont negotiate with terrorists philosophy too. I prefer action and I know Wenger is busy. Count on that and if you don’t think he wants to win look at his actions towards the tail end of the season. A lack of action at this point is nothing to beat yourself up over either. It’s far too early and it looks like things are heating up with this Clichy transfer. I’ll be very sad if Clichy does go, but Wenger knows best and I’ll trust his judgement. Wenger rarely gets the short end of the stick with regards to transfers.

    I reckon a night out with Frank would be far more cracking than a night out with Jabbas Delights, AIC, or sol, too, William. What a sad existence.

  240. Shame Clichy has gone, but hopefully we will use this as an opportunity to improve the side. Gibbs looks like he might be a decent player, but does not look ready to be our No1 left back yet. We definitely need to buy another left back.

  241. NJN,
    The Clicky transfer has been confirmed on arsenal.com. Its no longer a rumour dude

  242. Jabba's delights


    Not exactly a formula to win the league though is it. How many years have we collapsed around March????


    Your correct wenger was marverlous until 3 years ago, since then he has had lots of money and done worse with it. Football is big business these days and our manager is underperforming. People asked earlier that the board should do more to help him………..in fucking correct the board do more than any board to help him they allow him free reign and dont sack him after 3 average to not good seasons………..over to you arsene earn you money. Better points totals are a must!

  243. Well folks I am off to celebrate the Fourth of July, hope you guys have a good one!! And remember the glass is neither half full nor half empty, it simply IS!!


  244. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bummer but oh well. Thanks for your services, Gael Clichy. What a class act.

  245. The Clichy fee is undislosed, so the £7m mentioned is pure guess work, as per usual. Same with salaries too, BTW. Unless a club HAS to annouce such things, the media just come up with a figure from thin air and it soons become fact.

  246. It’s ironic how quick all the news outlets have been in reporting rumours and somesuch but now that there are real news out there in regards to Clichy’s transfer, I don’t see anyone reporting it? Nothing on the website of the Daily Mail, not on the Guardian website either, not even on Sly Sports.

  247. Jabba's delights


    I know that you only found out about football and arsenal 5 years ago but come on mate

    ”Wenger could buy Cahill, Samba, Downing, Barton AND Doyle and cunts would still slate him for something.”

    Some arsenal fans have been frustrated with Arsene actions for 3 years thats half the time you have been supporting the club or understood the premiere league. They are annoyed as in that time we have had money and yet our points totals have got worse each year.

    Its better to get players signed early, morale in our squad must be awful and our manger isnt doing much about it. We have 1 week before our incredibly important tour to asia and yet are making a complete hash of promoting it.

  248. It’s a shame Clichy wasn’t as class on the pitch as he has been off it, what a pro. Sad to see him go on the grounds that he always seemed like a really nice guy, but it’s probably best for both parties. His lack of protection on the left hand side coupled with the (oft-highlighted) mistakes he’s made had led to him being targeted as our weak link by more or less every team we’ve faced recently. While I agree it would be strange for Arsene to sell him without having a replacement lined up, it would be equally unsurprising if he just throws Gibbs in there and lets him get on with it. He’s one for pulling off perverse gambles is Le Boss. Where’s our favourite kickboxer, Armand Traore? Has he returned from his loan?

  249. “Equally though, with so many Arsenal fans calling for Gibbs to take Clichy’s spot right from the beginning of last season – they may just get what they wished for. I have no doubt Gibbs could make leftback his own with a run of games. Big fan of Gibbs.”

    Good player but no real evidence to suggest that he’s capable of stringing 10 injury-free games together.

    In my view we either need to sign an experienced left-back or put Vermaelen there and buy 2 centre-backs. Squillaci shouldn’t be any higher than 5th choice.

  250. Vince

    Traore should be back yeah, what will happen to him is anyone’s guess? But he’ll always be held in high regard by me due to his WHL knuckle dusting shenanigans! Would be cool if he came good.

  251. Jabba, our best players apart from Sagna and RVP didnt play to their potential. I know you are stuck on Arsene and some scapegoats but the players on the field were good enough. You may harp on the defense but who apart from RVP was scoring any goals? The players are to be blamed above all else.

    Even in percieved failure Wenger could gets more out of this team that any other manager.

    Wenger is the best.

    What do you thhink would happen if Arsene has an unlimited supply of money?

  252. Jabba, I know a winner you can support, Joey Chestnut in the Nathans hot dog eating contest, he has won it 4 times straight going for his fifth as I type.

  253. You can’t please the doomers, they want BIG change and when it happens they are still dooming? Aren’t Clichy one of the players they were on about: He can’t cross, he can’t defend, he gave the penalty at Birmingham, he now left…what are you on about?

    You wanted big changes, here you go….enjoy.

  254. To be sung to the tune of Abba’ ‘Money, Money, Money’

    Clichy, Clichy, Clicky
    He’s so Richy
    Now he’s in a rich mans world

    Arsenal, bigger than the player

  255. Out of the names we have been linked with Baines/Enrique/Celtic bloke, I think I would want Baines. I have no doubt Arsene will come up with somebody completely off the radar though.

  256. “What do you thhink would happen if Arsene has an unlimited supply of money?”

    Probably return it? Lol.
    Seriously though, I remember a quote from him a few years ago saying he’d return a 100mil if he was ever given, or something like that. He was obviously taking the piss (one hopes!)

  257. Gainsbourg69

    I’m sad that Clichy has left. He was a good player and a very influential part of the dressing room. However, I trust that Arsene has an ace up his sleeve.

  258. exactly G4E!

    The truth is that all clubs are a billionaire away from being a big club. Clichy may have been a good servant but all these Arsenal players all of a sudden being interested in City makes me sick.

  259. Is there any evidence that Arsene is actually paid 6mil? Sounds like a lot to me…

  260. Gainsbourg69

    Jabba: “Its better to get players signed early, morale in our squad must be awful and our manger isnt doing much about it. We have 1 week before our incredibly important tour to asia and yet are making a complete hash of promoting it.”

    Why do cunts like you like to speculate this way? You have no clue about the morale of the squad. And what the fuck would you know about promoting our tour to Asia?

  261. G4E

    Exactly man. The defence has been getting slated and now it looks like that is being addressed and now, we are in crisis for selling our much maligned LB! You gotta love em!

  262. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off, Jabbas delights. I don’t care how long you’ve been frustrated for. You’re a fucking fair weathered glory huntin plastic in my opinion. You know absolutely fuck all about Arsenal and football in general, too. All you do is fucking moan. Youre a fucking boring bump on a log with nothing better to do than moan about Wenger. Stick to fucking rugby and the NFL man.

  263. Gains

    Its the drip drip effect of the constant twaddle being fed to the masses by tabloids, talk shite radio and Lie Sports News mate. If you suck all that bile up and swallow it hook line and sinker, you’d be under the impression we are on the verge of collapse, relegated and going out of football business.

    And of course because Wenger isnt on Lie Sports news (like old twitchy is right now BTW) waxing lyrical and chatting shit, then he obviously is doing fuck all.

  264. Goodbye Gael…….

  265. Credit to clichy for the way he handled this. Much better then what nasri has done. Clichy is a class person. Good luck to him.

    G 69

    Arsene has an ace up his sleeve tv5.

  266. I am sure we will be working hard behind the scenes to line up some players.

  267. Paulie Walnuts

    Hopefully we won`t hear anything from Clichy about our `lack of ambition`.

    I`m more disappointed that he didn`t become the player he should have at Arsenal, rather than him actually leaving the club.

    As for a replacement I would imagine we`ve got one lined up because Gibbs just isn`t ready yet. Enrique ? Baines ? Paul Robinson ?

  268. Clichy spent 8 yeaers at Arsenal so I would not grudge him a big pay day. We all thought he would be better than Cashley but unfortunately he did not get to his level at all, defensively was found wanting and his crossing ability is Ok. This is one way for Wenger to get rid of the players he feels have not reached the level expected. he pays them accordingly and Clichy thinks he is worth more so in the end it is good for club and player to go seperate ways. I hope the fans don’t boo him or anything because all the years at Arsenal he never opened his mouth or made a fuss even during this transfer he kept quiet through out. Walcott will enjoy himself against for sure.

  269. Jabba,

    I do not think you have one new comment to make. Am I wrong or could each and every one of your contributions be found on the blog (LG) to which you’ve referred?

    Gael’s parting shot was to thank us (that is the loyal fans of Highbury heritage, which includes several at the Emirates). I do not begrudge him seeking financial advantage and that does not seem to be the key issue: at least not for me and the future of AFC.

    The point is that Arsene was willing to let him go and clearly does not see that as a hindrance to his declared intention to stregnthen the team this summer. His praise and words of gratitude certainly suggest that to have been the case.

  270. Gael,

    If your surfing leads you to these shores, I would like to offer my gratitude for your loyal (and often difficult) years of service to AFC.

    Good luck in your next venture but obviously not when you face us.

    Gone but not forgotten.

  271. Goodluck Clichy, been a good player for us and the last of the mohicans..or is jens still strolling about.

  272. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Paul Robinson. Lmfao. Good stuff, Paulie.

  273. I’m sorry to see him go but he has handled his departure with a dignified silence up to now, for which respect is due. I can only assume Arsenal were happy to let him go because they have plans to cover his position. And I hope it is not by throwing an injury prone and inexperienced Gibbs in there.

  274. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Well said, dgob. Gone but not forgotten indeed.

  275. It seems Clichy left because he believes City are in a better position to win. Good luck to him but I do hope we score a few goals down the left when we play City!


  276. Regarding Nasri,

    I do not think he’ll be leaving us. However, if he did and was replaced by Alvarez I’d be more than happy with that. Nothing has to be as tragic as some of the announcements of impatience and distrust make out.

    Simple as…

  277. Paul, nice photo, and an interesting article but hasn’t Clichy gone to win the league????

  278. LimparAssist

    Paul R*#binson?! Irreverant ACLF-baiting of the slyest order. Doff of the cap to you, PW.

  279. LimparAssist

    ent not ant.

  280. Sad to see Clichy go but somehow I am excited about what we will see, I believe we will see some very good players come in.

  281. http://www.mcfc.co.uk/News/Team-news/2011/July/Clichy-signs-for-City

    A lesson in dignity. Oh, and for those who think Clichy was useless, take a look at how other clubs value him. Sad day for Arsenal, the final tie with a great era broken too soon.


  282. Duke, i am sure he has gone to win the PL as he has for the money.

  283. BRF – Arsene has spoken highly of Doyle in the past, which may be where this rumour has come from. I’m not sure if another forward is on the cards though.

  284. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I agree, Passenal. I’d like to see us get someone a bit more polished, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Gibbs getting a crack at it. He’s been a bit unlucky with the injuries.

  285. you’re a new fan nasir with a newbie opinion and take your tongue out of franks arsehole.

  286. Clichy was unfairly criticized, sure he had his weaknesses but you cannot say their is a better LB than him in the PL. Very goo player and he will be missed.

    It does bother me that we have sold 3 players to City though.

  287. well we have got rid of a weak link hopefully he is replaced.

  288. Knysna

    >Report facts and give your opinion by all means – but don’t think more of yourself and your opinion than what is justified.

    The ultimate in contradictory statements. You tell me to give my opinion but criticise me for doing so.

    > you, like so many others, make statements as if these are facts that you have knowledge of –

    I never claim my opinion to be facts. I call it as I see it. I see it differently to you.

    I have no obligation to be positive all of the time, no-one does. I will give you my opinion, as it suits my mood. One day I might find the world of Arsenal to be blissful. This morning I find it not to be so and I hold executives and directors responsible.

    >I do not see the point of bloggers writing negative articles and pretending that they know better than the professionals running the club.

    I don’t consider myself to know better, I believe Arsenal have got it wrong. Am I not allowed to criticise? Obviously not.

    I think you’re confused about the point of blogging. I give my honest opinion about how I perceive Arsenal to be. To do anything less is to be dishonest.


  289. BRF @ 4:53 pm,

    I recognise Doyle’s stregnths but still remember Francis Jeffers: good at Everton but star struck at AFC. Would Doyle’s first touch and passing accuracy allow him to fully contribute and improve our existing team or leave him as debilitated as Jeffers felt himself?

  290. paul n

    total bollocks

    baines, cole and evra all better

  291. LimparAssist

    I think those that thought Clichy useless, YW, thought he was that right up until several hours ago. They have since decided he is a massive loss for the club and a huge boost to our “rivals”. AFC fans – fickle and ever changeable things. Bless ’em.

  292. Jabba

    You really don’t get it do you. Comparisons of points over different seasons are meaningless unless you factor in the relative champions, 2nd, 3rd etc. something that is not as simple as your crude maths.

    Every points comparison you provide is meaningless. The prize money between 4th and 5th over the two seasons is even more disparate than you claim for managerial salaries.

    Again, please provide the links to the quotes and also to your inside knowledge of managerial salaries.



  293. doyle is just more bullshit, we aren’t active in the market , wenger says once he admired doyle so the press drag up some bullshit.

  294. Mongolian

    How’s Burgos, Ma-in-Law says it is hot at the moment. Where’s your next stop?


  295. It is sad that we have lost Clichy. With respect to Nasri, I am reminded of the manner in which the Vancouver Canucks, an National Hockey League team, managed a situation with one of their defencemen who was looking for a large payday. His rights were immediately traded to another team, the Islanders, for a fourth round draft choice. His wage demands were too high for the Islanders and they traded him straight away to the Buffalo Sabres for a fourth round draft choice. The Sabres, however, were able to sign him on a $40 million deal.

    The problem with this player was that he had a great year with the Canucks but was no where to be seen in the playoffs. The Canucks made him a decent offer but he refused and so did the Canucks. Players are out there to make the most they can while they can. They have no particular loyalties other than there bank accounts with but few exceptions. It would be nice to have a few players who would sign because they like the organization and indeed the Canucks do have a few players in that mold. In general, however, it is the almighty bank account.

  296. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off, john. You poor old square. I couldn’t care less about you and your narrow minded opinion.

  297. limpar assist

    I’m sure that fans are pleased we have got rid of a weak link and maybe, only suggesting that selling our first choice left back for 7m, with no ready made replacement is a bit dodgy

    however selling players to rivals is fucking stupid even if i believe clichy is too error prone.

  298. Passenal @ 8.04pm

    So do I. For no other reason than the useless tossers who pass themselves off as Arsenal fans will absolutely crucify Gibbs as soon as he makes a mistake.


  299. john

    How are the charm lessons going dude?

    Baines? I think he would be a good replacement for Gael, although a left sided version of Bacary would be fucking awesome.

    Passenal; I think we definitely ARE in the market for a forward, someone to take some of the burden from RvP and by doing that, taking a little pressure off the defense, by actually tucking away all those chances! Doyle aint that player though, well, not for me anyways.

  300. John, you can opine that if you like. The only one I would say is better or was better is Cole but he surely isnt right now.

    Clichy is a lock down (see Ronaldo), his few mental lapses skewed how good of a player he really is.

  301. If he is error prone and therefore shit, what is your problem with selling him? Surely if he is that dodgy then we have got one over on City yeah?

  302. nasir i’m pleased you don’t care because you don’t feel the same things as long time supporters, i put you in the bracket of my 8 year old cousins support for the club, which means i admire it but the opinion is pointless.

    come back in 5 years that should be enough time. new fan.

  303. Jabba

    Perhaps you could allow us your thoughts on this one:

    > After sale of Clichy – Net spend since ’04 Arsenal +£17.5m THFC -£239.6m.

    So using your points logic, ‘Arry should earn about 26p for the Spuds achievements since he took over.


  304. LimparAssist

    Interestingly, when A.Hole left Arsenal, Clichy had played 57 games for the club. Now, Clichy’s out the door, and Kieran Gibbs is on 57 first team games.

  305. New fans=not allowed. You might as well support your team from the shadows unless you have a good 10 years of support under your belt.

  306. paul n

    which probably means at 25 he won’t get any better there is a reason teams attack us with high balls down the left


    a left sided sagna i’d be happy as it would sure us up. going back to clichy would united sell us or the chavs evra? we have sold toure, cole, adebayor and now clichy to rival clubs.

  307. I’ve supported Arsenal for over 30 years john, about 3 times as long as you’ve been on this earth judging by your comments and the level of your argument.

    What the fuck has that got to do with someone’s opinions, or level of so called fucking support? There are plenty of doomer fuckwits who have “supported” Arsenal only because of the success Wenger brought the club. Their wailing and demands for his head are similar to scorned lovers, hurting, trying to cause pain and anguish because that is what they feel, to the person they once loved. Its a thin line, between love and hate. 🙂

  308. Is it a coincidence LA?

    I think Gibbs is an able replacement, but the injuries are a problem. From what we’ve seen, Kieran has the energy to run up and down the left flank all game.I even recall a few zig-zagging dribbles into the oppositions penalty box from our young Englishman.

    Glad that the footy starts up soon.

  309. ok. william you are correct maybe i went to far but who is nasir to get all high an mighty with long time fans who have concerns about things.

  310. Sorry john, your previous comments to others mean I aint playing. You have a difference of opinion, thats cool, dont slate people because they aint a “proper” fan in your eyes, when the thing they are doing, which you dont like, is SUPPORTING the team.

  311. LimparAssist

    Personally, a weak, error prone fullback is just the sort of fullback I’d want playing for my rivals.

    Fortunately for Man City Gael Clichy is neither of those things. And fortunately for us Man City are not yet our rivals.

  312. @John no help in Evra and cole being better is it? They ain’t fuvking available and is Baines so much better in a 4-3-3 with Arsharvin in front if him?? Baines is great going forward butis he greater than clichy in defence with a very attack minded midfield infront of him? Bring LB in arsenal is alot harder than being LB in midtable everton.

    Also he will be close to 17M? Is Baines 10M better than Clichy? Cos if he ain’t he’s not really worth the money.

  313. As per normal YW a good and interesting post…The debate you engender on here is akin to the classic last round fight between Larry Holmes n Ken Norton back in the 80s…

    Moreover the prejudiced negative journalism that is branded about a truth,fact by the UK Media is typical…..

  314. Is that true yogi? If so those numbers are astonishing!

  315. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re simple aren’t you, John? Frank is a long time fan. YW is a long time fan. Passenal another long time fan. LimparAssist another long time fan. Consolsbob long time fan. I happen to find myself in agreement with quite a lot of long time fans actually. Do they have the opinions of an 8 year old, too?

  316. We sold Toure to City when it became clear he was not the player he once was. WE sold Ade because Wenger was able to offload a complete twat for a load of money and Clichy? Its true, he hasnt shown the kind of form on a consistent basis that he was playing at 2 or so seasons ago. Perhaps he will get that level back, perhaps not? And maybe Wenger would rather not take that chance and instead set the back 4 up differently? Who knows? Definitely NO FUCKER ON HERE!! 😀

  317. dexter 21 years i’ve supported the club

  318. hhhmmm. Baines will score a few goals and provide a nice few asists so how much would you pay for them? i reckon they are worth a few £m.

  319. The fact that Arsenal have sold a player is pure gold to the hacks as it proves we are on the slide! Never mind the fact that we actually permitted the sale. Or the fact it wasnt RvP we sold City, but a LB (no offence Clichy) not the player that makes the difference between winning the league or CL (check Flamini out, he came in and did a great job there) But the Arsenal in crisis agenda is one I have read many close seasons and each time, the outcome is far from crisis.

    It is amazing the difference in perspectives the media take with different clubs.

    Arsenal are a whisker away from disaster, while the scousers and spuds are living the dream. One club consistently challenges against clubs with far more spending power, while the others occassionally get a top 4 finish and is greeted like they have discovered a cure for cancer.

  320. DukeG

    Now that City dont need a LB, unless they are after having 4 in their 1st team squad! I’d say about £10m for Baines, any more than that and I’d say fuck off. That amount is taking into account of the English player added taxation

  321. nasir you agree with them thats fine. i happen to have my own view..

    limpar are you unhappy we sold clichy?

    dexter I know why we sold these players it just seems like we are selling a lot over the last few years it is a worrying thing especially when we aren’t replacing them.

  322. @John
    But Chelsea did sell us Gallas, and they sold Bridge to City. There are other cases as well, but I think that those examples should be enough to disprove any point you would’ve wanted to make about us selling to rivals while no one else does it.

  323. john

    Thats cool man. See, you have a different opinion to others and explained what you base it on. Sweet, fair do’s man.

    If Nasri went to United or City, I would be pissed off, as I would consider that a very bad move. But even if it did happen, I’d learn to live with it.However, I dont see that with any of the other departures, Adebayor was a massive flop at City, Toure was passed his best and I have already explained my views on Clichy.

    The truth is, we are not in a position to offer the level of wages that other clubs can (artificially of course, thanks to sugar daddies, etc) So this will happen again. Even with players who have come through the youth ranks (see Arsenal through and through Cashley) it doesnt mean we are in crisis and it doesnt mean we are a selling club. It just means people like to earn more money and do not care where they go to get it. They aint fans, they are just players.

  324. Clichy will not be missed.He has been poor for 3 seasons.Teams have been targeting him.The problem is Gibbs is Clichy lite and injury prone.I would get Baines in, a solid defender and great at crossing and set pieces

    And when is Gervinho going to actually sign?.Are we waiting to annouce it on the day Cesc goes?

  325. Just been given a lift tonight and had the misfortune of listening to Talksh*te on the car radio.

    Its like all their xmas’s have come at once with regards to Arsenal, its almost the equivilant of a ‘bukake’ party…….

    The presenter cant contain his exicitement about our decent into the abyss!!!

  326. If you don’t know how Gael is going to be replaced then why complain about it? Unless you are complaining about not knowing. But why should you know, it is not over yet? So why complain?

  327. @Yogi’s Warrior | July 4, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    It’s very hot. Apparently I have just missed series of bull fights due to lack of knowledge of Spanish language. They had some holiday called Saint Pedro last week. And I was here during the weekend, which happened to be the climax of it.

    My next destination is Madrid.

  328. Remi

    Ha! No surprises there mate. It wasnt that spud twat Kelly was it?

  329. My opinion and I agree I know very little about football is that AW is doing something quite radical. He is going to ditch wing backs. Instead there will be a very defensive back four. The flankers in midfield will be very pacy attacking players. Traditional wingers even. Walcott, Myaichi for example. But the back four will cover for each other and not rely upon cover from midfield down the flanks. I would not be at all surpirsed to see Kieran compete as a winger rather than left back. He has pace, feet and the ability to cross. Expecting a player to do that and to defend is too much. The unmentionable Cashley is suffering for that even now.

    In other words the departure of Gael Clichy is very interesting and may be the beginning of a new defensive formation entirely. Would not be surprised to see TV in there at left back.

    Great stuff

    Wan Arsene Wenger…there’s only wan Arsene Wenger…waaan Arsene Weeennnggggeeeer…theres only wan Arsene Weenngggeeer.

  330. george rodger

    Nasir Jones-Nasri .I will take you as a fan over some of these miserable I WANT ,I WANT.bastards that post on here , making us feel as if we are being subjected to a new “Chinese water torture”,When they should stay on Le Grove with the other half wits.

  331. Gallas came as a wantaway threatening to score OGs in exchange for Cole, who is the best LB in the league by a mile (yes, he is a cunt too) and Bridge is fucking shit…

  332. as before, only 4 of the 2008 team remain.

    the lack of continuity, and constant desire from players to leave is killing our development.

    thats two teams dismantled in 7 years. its very very unhealthy.

  333. No Dexter it was these guy’s called Sam Matterface and some journo’ from the NOTW.

    They are adament we should all be worried and that the world of arsenal is nearly nigh! – thank heavens I dont listen to it on a daily basis….

    Frank the tactics sound good and music to Arshavins ears, he hasn’t covered Clichy for two years!!

  334. dexter i agree we aren’t in a crisis, however these players would not leave a successful team with the exception of cole and we all know what a wanker he is.

    we need to improve or we could fall behind

  335. george rodger

    Dexter.Why cant we pay as much as City in wages?

    I want us to! I am a fan and I deserve to have a team that pays mega money.Its my god given right ,Its my club not Arsene Wenger’s or the owners.Mine,I am more knowledgeable than Arsene.I must be ,I go on blogs all the time.

  336. frank

    i hope your right. seeing changes to address weaknesses is all anyone asks, whether it works or not is irrespective. recognition and effort.

    rather we try something new and fuck it up than do the same thing over and over. more demanding fans would expect one of the finest coaching units on the planet to be succesfull in its attempt to improve the defensive capabilities of the team

  337. george

    i want i want. don’t make me fucking laugh and you call the boys at le grove half wits you don’t get it boy do you?

  338. Only 4 players from 2008 remain? who are the 4?

  339. john

    We were pretty successful, relatively speaking when Overmars and Petit left mate. Shit happens. Selling Clichy is maybe more a reaction to defensive issues we need to rectify, something Frank alluded to earlier. As much as I thought Clichy was a great servant, he didnt seem to be working at previous levels, not consistently anyways.

  340. Fabregas, RvP, Almunia, Rosicky, ?

  341. 4 players from 2008? Shit, that many? Get rid of ALL the losers I say! What did we win in 2008? 😀

  342. almunia, sagna, toure, gallas, clichy, rosicky, flamini, fabregas, hleb, RVP, Adebayor

    That was our starting 11 no?

  343. Sorry, apologies, 5 including Almunia, but he wont play for us ever again.

  344. And I assume you don’t count the likes of Denilson, Song, Diaby, Fabianski, Vela, Djourou, and Sagna.

  345. we were a fucking good side in 2008.

    best football played since the invincibles.

  346. Carlos Teves wants out of City this summer. Maybe Clichy is replacing him?

  347. mongolian, no, because they werent first team players.

  348. Maybe we’re swapping him? 😛

  349. dexter

    I dont care that we sold clichy he was a weak link.

  350. Oh Sky are now reporting (it must be true) that Carlos Tevez has stated of his desire to leave Man City this summer!

    Shit happens eh……

  351. Oops sorry Dexter didnt see you had posted that!

  352. remi

    probably because city just signed gael

  353. do these players never learn the the grass is never greener when you leave the Arsenal. Goodluck Clichy hope you can stay in the side.

  354. Remi;

    Shit happens indeed mate! They read his statment out, sounded like he wants out big style. Dont mean he will go though. But Real Madrid could be his destination.

  355. Fortunately for Man City Gael Clichy is neither of those things. And fortunately for us Man City are not yet our rivals.

    NO Limpar they are now our superiors, finished above us didnt they, won FA cup, and are in the CL next year,,, What did we do,,, ?

  356. remi

    tevez’s desire to leave is pretty obvious.

  357. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You feel better after that little moan, gunnerjones? You really need LimparAssist to answer that for you? If so you’re a cunt.

  358. why you calling him a cunt NJN???

    All he has done is state what happened last year. Our own fucking player has joined them because he believes they are better equipped to win titles.

  359. City finished above last season, they WERE better than us last season and well done to them. That doesnt mean they are our superiors, yet. Not in my book anyway. Especially not when it took a relegation form run from us to let them finish ahead of us!

  360. george rodger

    Luke ,Get real.He has gone for the money,end of.
    I for one am sorry to see him go.But,You can bet he has doubled his wages and it has to be a consideration for a footballer,
    But if it make you happy to say he thinks City is a “better ” club then you wallow in your misery.
    NJN is right.

  361. Luke

    Oh do me a favour mate. You seriously think it wasnt for the pay day that saw him uproot to the grim north? You are deluding yourself mate. You are buying in to the Arsenal in crisis bullshit, I thought you had more about you dude? He refused to sign a new deal and was told he’d be sold, so he took the biggest cheque.

  362. Luke,

    the level of delusion of some is just beyond belief…

    there are a few ‘rules’ you need to take into the consideration:

    – Arsenal players are the best in the world
    – all the other players are shit and not a patch on the aforementioned Arsenal players
    – Arsenal are still serious title contenders, competing for it every year (until mid March, but hey)
    – Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the world
    – any other manager is a cunt
    – so is anyone thinking other wise


  363. Shit, that is too weird, George copying me, but posting it before me! 😀

  364. george rodger

    They finished above us because we gave up the ghost when we dropped the ball.They on the other hand were on the crest of a wave at qualifying for the CL.And were not fed up at not winning the league ,as we were,because they were never in a position to do so.
    Superior my arse.

  365. wallow in misery?? fucking hell george, you are melodramatic.

    if you want to be naive and hide behind money being the only reason then fine.

    how about this, every bookies in the land have city has higher favourites to win the league than us. or are they part of the great arsenal scandal too??

    like it or not – city are now on our playing field, and surpassed us last season.

  366. Clichy, made some fuckups that were seen as huge but, whatever he did it can’t be good business to sell him to a team who finished above us not to mention a team on the up who will be looking to go one better and that’s reality.

    I’m confident that a good if not better replacement will come in. It has to be happening behind the closed curtain. Whatever is happening I hope we get some sort of news this week.

  367. Sad to see him go, but it is a chance now to try something different at the back. Clichy’s pace, interceptions and overlapping runs have made watching Arsenal so enjoyable, I will never forget his contribution at the club. I am hoping we received a bit more than 7m, can’t we negotiate off Citeh a large fee than that!

    Anyway, huge loss but no player is irreplaceable. Time to see what actions Wenger takes, very interested to see what he does formation wise too. Maybe if we don’t find a decent enough LB, Vermaelen could be that steady LB with a WInterburn rocket style shot on him…

    Moving forward gunners, good luck Clichy! That will be some content with Theo’s pace testing him.

  368. george rodger

    Dexter,except I NEVER thought he had more about him.
    SUGA3 Wenger is the best manager in the world.No question in my mind.

  369. Suga3

    Thats what the doomer crew like to believe isnt it? That unless you spend all day every day slating the team, manager, board then you are a deluded AKB, rose tinter. Yep, real high brow shit you got going on.

    Clichy has been slated and lauded in pretty equal measure as far as I can tell on here. Some think all will be fine, some not so sure,

    But your comment?

    The most pathetic one so far today.

  370. bollocks to that george, best manager in the world would kick the team into shape after losing a cup final to a relegated team…

    oh wait, best manager in the world would not even allow his team to lose the said final!

    he would also have won more finals than lost (statistic)…

    he would not keep the dross on exorbitant wages and overinflate their egos (No.15, Diaby, Bendtner)…

    you, sir, are delusional, seek professional help…

  371. ditto Dexter…

    laters, keep on bullshitting yourselves…

  372. Luke | July 4, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I truly hope that there are no fellow Gooners under the impression that M City are not rivals to us. That type of thinking will see us truly fucked.

    Also the old chestnut of “the grass is never greener when you leave Arsenal” is fucking outdated.

    Times have changed people and if there was 2/3 games after our last game we might not even had made fucking fourth place.

    The media has been going monkey nuts about our club for fucking weeks. Just need some positive news for the fans to hold onto during these times.

  373. Luke

    Of course City are above us, they have more money! Deal with it mate! Doesnt mean Clichy didnt go for the cash man. Check Clichy’s OWN words about how players only go to City for the cash! Wrighty7’s blog has his quotes as his headline tonight!

    Arsenal need to sign players this summer and until they do, they will be rank outsiders to do anything by the bookies.

  374. george rodger

    Luke,They have spent some £500 million to become or equal .Whilst we ,because of Wenger;s genius,have spent minus some millions.
    It would be an absolute disgrace if a club spent that amount and was not coming up to our level.
    Perhaps another £200 million will seem them overtake us.
    You are stupidly naive if you think it is not all about their money,

  375. That about the level of your debating skills S3?

  376. Gael being allowed to go is very important. The role of wing back has long been questionable. It is asking too much of the player and creates weakenesses down the flanks. In my opinion Man City have been weakened by this purchase, and Arsenal will move on.

    Arsenal! Arsenal! Arsenal!

    Oh and fuck off, Alan Suga3. What you doing here?

  377. george rodger

    Hey ,Dexter copied me andsomehow posted first .wtf? 🙂

  378. Frank, since you know nothing about football I don’t consider you a valuable partner for debate, but I have to give you one thing you appreciate the importance of David Dein and that’s the (only) ray of hope…

  379. About City, over the last few years there’s been a strong correlation between wage bill and final PL position (it’s about the most unromantic stat going). We’re currently fourth by some way, which would suggest that last season was neither amazing, nor incredibly disappointing. Obviously that’s quite simplistic, and I suppose our performance looks a bit better when you factor in relative transfer spending in recent years. This is the way it’s got to be at the moment.

    And I won’t bring this up again because it’s too depressing.

  380. LA

    And in his 5 seasons at Arsenal, Cole won more trophies than in his 5 seasons at Chelsea. Who’d have guessed that?


  381. How the fuck can City be better equipped to win titles! Even they don’t believe that just yet. We have gone the distance in a title race, we have a manager with a proven track record and we consistently contend at the end of the season.

    More proof of how blinded Arsenal fans are. Stay away from the papers and enjoy the footy, pre-season soon doomers!

  382. OOU,

    whatever the spend, last 15 games was unacceptable…

  383. goonerton

    yup agreed. he certainly is replacable, however, as i said a while back, losing and replacing our first team left back shouldnt be high on our priority list. i hope we have a suitable replacement.

    baines would be my first choice.

  384. Frank

    You could be right. Man City are full of big defenders who do not tend to advance as an Arsenal full back would. Clichy will have to adjust so there will be question marks of his suitability to the system. That is there problem anyway, they have got a fine player, let them use him as they will. Meanwhile Wenger will be rectifiying the defense and trying to slot in a Sagna left footed clone! Maybe we should build our own hospital….

  385. OOU

    Thats it though. It is ALL about the money, sadly. And we have to try and compete with that fact of life. However, thats exactly what we have been doing, just the teams with all the cash tend to be a bit changeable!

    I hope we keep our best players and sign some good new ones as well as having 1 or 2 kids come through. I also want us to do as well as we can in the league and with the cups, its a bit of a lottery.

    Last season we didnt do as good as we could, we were well below what our best should have been, imo and that is something I dont want to see again! Fuck that and hopefully the manager and staff are on the case to try and rectify that shit.

  386. both the CC and the league were served on a silver plate with a mountain of gak next to it…

    IMO, we will not have a better chance for years…

  387. Aly cissokho Lyon left back 23 heard old. Who is he since hes linked as out new LB?

  388. Debate? Partner? Alan Suga3? Uuuuuuurrrrrgh. Fark off.

    Why are you here, Alan Suga3. To inform? Naaah. To enertain or make people laugh, cheer them up? Naaaaah? To provide ideas and insight? Naaaaah. To whip up support for Arsenal? naaaaah. To get rid of Araene Wenger? naaaaaah, at least not very clever if you are, you really ought to be somewhere else. Nip back to the grave and snigger? That what you do. Probably. Of course we know what one of the snickering little weasels looks like now, don’t we? He is going to have a very interesting season.

    So, Alan Suga3. Why are you here?

    Sing us a song…go on. Sing us a song to support the team.

  389. So, league-wise, you agree that for much of the season we did a f*cking amazing job, and in the end it turned out to be merely pretty good, considering the competition, Alan?

    Whatever, now’s the time for positive support. People need to accept who we are, remember why they started supporting the club and at least take some pride in what we’ve got going for ourselves (a hell of a lot, actually).

  390. Clichy IN …. Tevez OUT


    So much for Citeh being stronger, they are about to lose their best player. Cesc wouldn’t abondon us in such a manner.

    Money can’t buy you everything eh.. but for everything else, theres an Arabl Billionaire Card!

  391. Well what u gonna do about it suga? Lay down and die? Give up? Just continiue to moan the entire next year too ?

  392. Poodle

    You know more about him than me dude! I have heard his name mentioned and a £25m price tag too! That last bit cant be right surely?

  393. Pride of London… Pride of England… get a grip SUGA. Have you forgotten what team you support?

  394. OOU,

    merely pretty good? are you fucking kidding me?

    try ‘relegation form’ for starters, then we will talk…


    you can try being ‘funny’ all you want, one day it will land you in a funny farm…

  395. So question remains… Vermaelen and Gibbs… or a new LB ??????

    Within the next week we should have our answer I reckon.

  396. folks, I support the team, unless they don’t pull their weight…

    I don’t support the manager, the new owner and the whole new setup at the club…

    you are getting me completely wrong: I want my team to do well, on and off the pitch, and quite frankly, there is a lot of things the could and should be done better, like the website, the PR, etc.

    and don’t get me started on the away kit pictures, so amateurish it’s beyond belief…

    and the club is paying the new marketing team millions for that load of gash!

  397. Funny, Alan Suga3? I was deadly serious, son. Come on do something. It is not obvious to many of us why you are here? Unless it is just plain malevolence. That it, Alan Suga3? You a tumour? You want to kill, the club? I think you do. Just like your pals at the grave.

  398. chrisgoona,

    neither, Gibbs is second choice at best and Vermaelen is a poor LB and quite an asset in the centre of defence…

  399. SUGA

    Your the only one sounding funny on here fella. You have completely lost the plot when it comes to Arsenal, holding a discussion, and to get anybody to take you seriously.

    Whats your real name SUGA, oh no it can’t be, are you the SUGA DADDY .. USMANOV !!

    The masked prat is revealed everyone

  400. Your wrong Frank, he is funny!…

    “Vermaelen is a poor LB and quite an asset in the centre of defence…”

  401. Well if nobody knows much it may be hes a real target then.

  402. We’re talking about final league position here, factoring in the whole season, not just form in the last 15 games.

    And after all, if Wenger is to take the blame for the poor finish, he should also take considerable praise for getting into the race in the first pace given the disparity between means at the top, n’est ce pas?

    The end leaves a better taste, but in the end you’d have to accept that our goals, as Dexter points out, are now different to teams like Chelsea and Man City (whose achievements in this period will, if there’s any justice, be accompanied by an asterisk in the history books).

  403. Frank,

    first of all, I ain’t your son, my mum has much better taste than that, she wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire 😆

    kill the club? on the contrary, I want the club to do better than that, because I see the potential, not even necessarily with much bigger investment…

  404. Actually, Dexter doesn’t point that out. Sorry to drag you into my nonsense!

  405. george rodger

    SUGA3 what justification do you have for saying TV is a poor LB ?

  406. chrisgoona,

    Vermaelen was gash playing LB for Ajax and he is only playing there for Belgium because they have better CBs and poor LBs, simples…

  407. And of course: -better +bitter

  408. george,

    how about seeing him play there?

    I have, have you?

    why would you need to? whatever Wenger does is right, eh?

  409. george

    SUGA knows everything, he can even see that our team has potential.. amazing isn’t it

    Sorry for the sarcasm but I can’t get over some of the comments today. From one extreme to the next. We had doomers screaming for changes, now they are going into panic mode again.. pretty hilarious I feel.

  410. george rodger

    Stop feeding the cunt

  411. Does anyone know Spectrum’s blog url?

  412. george rodger

    SUGA3 ,Just answer one simple question.

    Do you believe you are a better judge of anything football related than Arsene Wenger,?

  413. er, no, you seem to have problems with comprehensive reading, I said the CLUB had more potential…

    the team, however, would do much better under the more tactically astute manager, everyone had Wenger figured out, how many games have you seen that looked exactly the same?


    what a gentleman you are, a cunt is quite a figure compared to you…

  414. SUGA

    So you reckon Belgium is better than Arsenal. A team full of Standard Liège and Racing Genk players. How did you come to that asumption.

    Also, you forgot CRAPPY Vermaelen is the captain of Belgium. Why would they make their shittest player the captain.

    You are a work of art mate, keep up the gd work!

  415. Chrisgoona

    I dont know about Vermealen at LB. He did play there for Ajax, but I remember reading how he wasnt too well received there in that position. Then again, I might be wrong and it doesnt mean he wouldnt do well there for us. It would certainly mean a change in our defensive set up and the role of the fullbacks in the team. Well, the LB at least! As for Gibbs, it obviously depends on his injury problems and rectifying them first. he has all the tools to be a great LB, imo, but needs a good run without injury. Perhaps even a loan?

  416. SUGA is digging and digging, just wait for the loud thump..

  417. no, I don’t think so, but it’s not like everyone bar Arsene Wenger, ACLF massive and Stringfellow Hawke is wrong, is it?

    Wenger makes all the right noises at the beginning of a few summers running and then does bugger all to address the weaknesses…

    ‘we have conceded too many goals and we need to improve defensively’

    goals conceded:

    07/08 – 31
    08/09 – 37
    09/10 – 41
    10/11 – 43

  418. george rodger

    Suga3 You do dont you ?,you fucking tard.

  419. You have a very nasty, repetitive turn of phrase there, Alan Suga3. You can almost feel the violence. Impotence possibly.

  420. Dexter

    I wouldn’t like to see him go on loan, that would be a massive confidence killer to the lad. If anything, let him compete for a 1st team spot with another able LB. He has the opportunity to get games in the cups too, plus the more he is around the squad the better. He has all the ingredients to become a fine LB for Arsenal and England. No better time than now for me.

    Thanks for the response.. I thought I was going mad engaging in a convo with Suga Daddy Usmanov!

  421. er, you are once again confusing things: Vermaelen is captain for his leadership qualities, not for him being a great leftback…

    so, Kompany plays for Liege or Genk, does he?

    in their defence, you have ONE player from Liege and that is Ciman, get your facts straight, will you sunshine?

  422. ‘cunt’ ‘fucking tard’, what else?

    ‘Cultured’, my foot 😆

  423. SUGA

    The majority of their team you have never heard of. Stop trying to pretend you know everything. I think its time for your beddy times anyways.

  424. chrisgoona,

    yeah, I think you are right, I am just wasting my time with your Stevie Wonder lot…

    funnily enough, I have watched a fair few of their games, I like to see how our boys are doing and I also quite like Ajax…

    I have just pointed out that your statements are rash, argumentative for the sake of it and factually inaccurate, that’s all…

  425. Showboating on behalf of the grave again, Alan Suga3? Parallel posting. Pretty low isn’t it? What do you do speak to them ‘offline’? You do don’t you? You fucking bastard. A misogynist too. Scum!

  426. Maybe the Belgians should see if Nelson mandela has any belgium links. He is a great leader, who cares that he is 93? Obviously the Belgians dont care if he is shit, just that he is a good leader after all. And you say WEnger is tactically shite?

  427. That LeShite is one dirty cockroach infested shite hole of a site. I thought the last time I had a peep it was bad… is that actually meant to be an Arsenal supporters site. Disgraceful, shameful, I’d rather read a Spurs site. Wenger is not perfect by any means, but the abuse posted in 1 article is completely out of order.

    I’d even suggest for Arsenal to take action and remove them cunts from the internet.

  428. Chris

    Yeah, its a tricky one with Gibbs. Things will become clearer in pre-season. Really hope he makes it.

  429. Frank,

    I suggest you stop using the words meaning of which you don’t entirely understand…


  430. I undrestand the words very well, Alan Suga3. So tell us why you are showboating. You guys really do have an agenda don’t you?

  431. What manager makes a player a captain based on leadership qualities alone? admit when you have said something obviously silly Suga.
    TV is an excellent player, with you unlimited wealth of football knowledge you should be able to see that.

    I figure he plays left back because he can adapt to it best and not because others players are just better.

  432. and on that note, I am going back to LG, you better monitor it closely, thinking that I have nothing better to do than ‘boast’ about my little excursion on here…

    why would I? knocking down your ‘points’ is almost too easy, there is no sport in that, like shooting fish in the barrel…

    have sweet dreams of grandeur, messieurs 😆

  433. Bradys right foot

    Suga whats wrong your over here, you should be celebrating with the rest of le gravers that one of the doomer poster boys has left.

  434. You’re the deluded one mate.

  435. Frank,

    and you really have a tinfoil hat, don’t you?

    is that footsteps you’re hearing? quick, hide!

    our agenda? what, you mean for the Arsenal to become successful? you’ve got that one right!

    Paul N,

    it’s still a square peg in a round hole and we have witnessed WAY too much of that in the past few seasons…

  436. Naaah. I don’t read the grave. I only pop over there to see if you are parallel posting. And you are. We are coming to get you, son. And bit by bit we know what you look like. Watch out.

  437. as for the role of captain: if you have selected your XI, you will obviously make the best leader your captain…

    unlike what Wenger would have you believe that the armband is just a piece of cloth given to wantaway players to extend their stay…

  438. SUGA

    I am pleased you called me factually incorrect, that is according to you mate and you are so so wrong with many of your arguments. This is a supporters blog by the way, The Sun comments section you will find better suited for demonstrating useless agendas. See ya later.


    I wouldn’t feel confident taking Gibbs as our main LB into the new season, even if Vermaelen is considered the backup. Which wouldn’t really make sense because that would mean he is intended to be used as a CB, but also cover LB!! He needs someone else, either a CB or a LB. Maybe this young guy we purchased is the part and Wenger sees him contending for a spot. I think Wenger has someone lined up and he gave Clichy one last chance to change his mind. It will be revealed fairly soon I feel.

    No offense to Gibbs by the way.. he is a quality player, its just his injuries I worry about. Had he not suffered that stupid injury towards the end of the previous season, he could have made some real progress. I was convinced just before it occurred he will grasp the LB spot from Clichy and be pushing Cole out the England setup.

  439. Farkin hell. We had a real one in here tonight, ladies and gentleman. Too vain not to reveal his true colours. If ever there was proof of the malevolence of that site. We got it tonight.

  440. Frank,

    I have just shat myself, do me a fucking favour, you little cyberbully, you 😆

  441. So Belgium picking Vermealn because of his great leadership and him being a shit LB is neither here nor there? Hahaha!

  442. Oh I am more than a cyber bully, Alan Suga3. I am a lot older than you, but that wouldn’t bother you now would it, boy?

  443. I doubt Henry, Vieira, Gallas and Cesc will agree with that Suga. They are all pretty fine players and leaders in their own right. Henry was very much a senior in the team at the time. Gallas too, Vieira I don’t think you can question, then theres Cesc who inspires everyone around him and everyone wants to be on his team. Even the whole Barca squad.

    Run along, you know you will fit in better there with the rejects

  444. and by the way, I am not ‘parallel posting’, my last post on LG was at 23:17 and was unrelated…

  445. “Square peg in a round hole” is your commment.

    Fact again is that TV is a class player and you tried to undermine that fact as an Arsenal supporter just to slag the team off or win an argument.

    What kind of a supporter just puts down one of their own players without any merit to their argument? why fabricate nonsense?

  446. ChrisG

    Yep, that injury seems to have really set him back. Well, that and the numerous ones he has had since! But, the same happened with Gael and he came good, so there’s definitely time for him to do it. I think we will see a couple of new defensive signings personally. If we sign 2 CBs then TV5 is our new LB imo. That will be a bit of hint! I was really hoping to see a bit of the Botelho dude, but according to Young Guns he is going back to Spain.

  447. Back to your masters’ box, Alan Suga3. Tell them not to let the gimp out on his own in future.

  448. Frank,

    you know, online threats are just what they are, online threats, to which the likes of you resort whenever they can’t handle a civilised debate…

    seriously, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so snarling at one another is a bit of a poor show…

    how many black scarf protesters did you beat up?

  449. Paul N,

    where did I put a player down? Vermaelen is a great CB, playing him in LB is a serious mis-allocation of a valuable asset…

    thought getting it right was what the management was all about?

  450. Civilised debate? Now he resorts to humour.

  451. In your situation, Alan Suga3, best to just shut up now.

  452. Bradys right foot

    No its a fair point Suga your agenda like le groves is anti-wenger its about regime change. You see the club through a prism of hate for the manager. You cant enjoy the highs but you can wallow in the lows all season. Given the relatively small amount of money in comparison to our direct competitors that the board have allocated the technical fund for Arsenal to run the footballing side of the club which includes transfer and wages weve have punched enormously above our weight since weve moved to the emirates. Imo only Wenger could have kept us competitive. Now that the board have cashed in selling to KSE, I’m sure Wenger must in private be livid as his success has ensured the multi million pound windfall for a board who have set the conditions that he operates in while banking a fortune none of which has been invested into the club.

    Wenger would never comment on these issues in public as they are not his responsibility at the club. In the same way he would never take a cut of a transfer, a scandalous lie perpetrated by people who have a genuine dislike for the manager. Wenger will rise to the challenge of this summer thankfully he knows more about football than you.

  453. Where does he play for Arsenal dude? You want to go onto the Ajax and Belgian national teams blog site and complain I think.

  454. because I am one funny ass mofo :mrgreen:

    seriously dude, give it a rest, all I am doing is expressing my opinion which happens to be different to yours and you are getting all jumpy…

    ain’t you a bit too old for that, pops? you should know better than that…

  455. Dexter,

    you are missing the point, I have merely said that I would not want TV playing LB for Arsenal!


  456. Dexter

    I believe so too, the signings will indicate more or less what Wenger plans to shuffle around at the back. My bet is on 1 LB and 1 CB – of which is a DM too !! Problems sorted. Denilson then gets his move if someone decent comes in, while a Lansbury or Frimpong fight it out in pre-season for the extra spot.

    I’m getting into management mode now, bear with me!…

    Then there’s the small matter of Nasri.. will he turn to the darkside like Ade and Flamini. If so we will almost certainly looking to acquire a creative goal scoring talent. If the Gervinho rumours are true as well, we may have that spark in the final 3rd which we have missed since TT resigned to the beaches of Spain. The signing of an attacking talent means Bendtner is almost certainly out, he was the striker who chose not to knuckle down, he didn’t give Wenger enough of a reason to give him more minutes ahead of Van Persie. Chamakh to be fair kept going, didn’t open his mouth, and knew he had everything to prove and still does. He will give 100% next season, that Wenger is 100% sure of. That is what we are looking for.

  457. Nah mate, you said he was a shite LB and only played because of his leadership skills, but trying to dig yourself out of holes seems like your kinda hobby man! 😀

    I think if you hadnt have started off like you did (your post to Luke earlier) you wouldnt find yourself being taken so badly. This shite about this blog being devoid of criticism is pure bollocks. There just isnt the “Wenger is a cunt” mantra on here mate. Do you go on Arsenal Action?


  458. SUGA.. in the words of Will Young.. I think you better leave right now!

  459. BRF,

    I have noeve bought into the whole bonus for transfer profits nonsense, it’s not exactly like I hate Wenger, but I am livid that he chose not to act for two winter TWs running, when a signing or two would improve our odds significantly…

    and that he thought it was a good idea to sign duds like Squillaci or Silvestre (still feel dirty) and give the likes of No.15 160+ games before he realised he was dogshite…

  460. Dexter,

    Vermaelen said it himself that he was not happy with his performances there and that he was surprised that we were still after him after a few poor performances in that position…

    what, Vermaelen knows fuck all as well?

  461. and no, I don’t go to Arsenal Action, IMO, that dude is giving the Original DooM Raider Massive a bad name…

  462. SUGA. I bet your glad your a fan of Arsenal then. There are plenty crapper players being signed elsewhere. Wipe the shit that is blocking your vision, you know you want to. There is a whole new world of opportunity out there for you.

    Cesc, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin, Sagna, Vermaelen… which other manager would have even dreamt of signing such players eh… Redknapp perhaps!! Mancini, or even Ferguson!! haha

    Like I said, I bet deep deep deep down some where all you cunts at LeShite know the truth, you just think Wenger is purposefully not delivering you the trophy you FEEL you deserve, the trophy you want to brag to your mates about. Come on, support the team, grow up and stop fucking wasting yours and everyone elses time.

  463. ChrisG

    I think we missed having someone else with serious pace, especially when Theo was injured. Itlooks like Gervinho is that player. He can also operate wide left/right and down the middle, is direct and has an eye for goal. All good imo! I also can see lansbury in the 1st team squad, well I hope so. I do think Frimpong is behind in his development due to that big injury and will be loaned out. That means a DM could be signed. Ray Parlour thinks we should sign Scott Parker! But he also thinks we should sign Defoe too!

  464. Keep digging man! Or change the goal posts, either way works for me! 😀

  465. chrisgoona,

    enjoying your little hyperbole, are we?

    Wenger not delivering on purpose? no…

    not delivering, collapsing annually like clockwork and reaping the fruits of ‘too much, too soon, too easy, with a cherry on top’ approach? yes…

    come on mate, you have no idea how I feel about the club, the last season’s collapse left me in bits…

  466. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | July 5, 2011 at 12:13 am


    I have noeve bought into the whole bonus for transfer profits nonsense.

    No idea what you that means Suga. The board at Arsenal allocate a technical fund to Wenger every year which he has responsibility for and includes wages and transfers. The size of this technical fund is dwarfed by the money that Chelsea, Spurs, Utd, and City have used since weve moved to the Emirates, Wenger has been brillant to keep us competitive, FFs Stoke and Sunderland spending in this time has dwarfed ours. You could be in grave danger of learning something, http://swissramble.blogspot.com/2011/05/arsenals-transfer-budget.html.

  467. As well as the fact we have gone 6 years without winning a thing, Wenger suffers from the same thing any figure head who has been in post a long time suffers from. Its what happened to Blair/Brown/New Labour. People voted for change. They didnt have a fucking clue what that change was, but it was different from the current incumbant and that was all they wanted. Now most of the twats who voted for those reasons are moaning again!

  468. Suga3

    Last season’s collapse was terrible, fucking horrible and only made me think of whast could and should have been. But those feelings diminish, well they fucking ought to, otherwise i seriously consider seeing someone about that! At one point, i thought about not bothering going to any games this season, then as soon as I was asked to renew, I did it! Funny that. The ups and downs we go through, only to do it all over again!

    Could be worse, we could be Stockport County fans! Or be living in a war torn, or famine torn country.

  469. Ferguson does not seem to have that problem #justsaying

    I will leave you with that thought…

  470. Erectile dysfunction? Insomnia? Piles?

  471. But he did mate, about 4 or 5 years ago, the mancs were right for getting rid, you couldnt move for United fans who wanted him out dude. That, as the FSW would say is a FACT. I thought they were bonkers, but they were adamant he was passed it.

  472. Thats enough for one evening, good night

  473. Any player who doesn’t want to play for arsenal should go .they have the right to have their own plans and ambitions, if Arsenal is not part of it then we should really let go and move on . Any cash from the sales plus the cash available should get you a good creative player and 2 or 3 grafters who are willing to work hard for Arsenal. It really is not good for the rest of the team to know their team mates don’t want to play alongside them. Wilshere should be the main man in midfield and RVP as captain. With Gervinho and few defensive players we will be ready to rock next season. I’m optmistic and looking forward to the changes.

  474. Just a thought about our semi-implosion at the end of ‘last’ season but I wonder about Gael’s comments on joining Citeh because the size of squad is big enough to engender competition and to enable a real assault on the EPL.

    Did our drive for all four competions have a bigger impact on the physical ability of our players to make it over the finishing line?

    Just a thought!

  475. so Gael is gone.. hope its the right move for him and for arsenal. can’t help but be sad about this. i really think it will be hard to replace him. hubba should get his shot at lb just like Gael did when ahole left for chelski. he did ok. i wish we could have gotten more for him and that he would have gone out of the country..

  476. that ,gibbs should get his shot at lb. not hubba. shit

  477. If we start the season with Gibbs at left back we will be weaker there than last season. It would be a step backwards taken at a time where we really need to improve the side. Buy a good left back and let Gibbs fight it out with him for the spot.

  478. SUGA… “come on mate, you have no idea how I feel about the club, the last season’s collapse left me in bits…”

    You can’t care as much about the club as you do about yourself. Your comments have a strong sense of selfishness and self-entitlement about them like the many other Arsenal fans who love to get on the manager’s case even when they know he is doing a remarkable job in the difficult environment we find ourselves in. You continue to ignore the real issues in football, in the Premiership, player valuations, wages, inflated markets, while directing all that frustration at our manager and team.

    You cannot seem to see the big picture, or you just refuse to accept it. Maybe you are too immature to accept it. What is it? Bet your even embarrassed to tell us your real age.

  479. goonerandy

    Gibbs needs a run of games. He will step up to the plate like he has done in the past so I don’t agree with your whole we will be weaker statement. We saw Clichy in exactly the same position and had the same number of games under his belt when getting his shot, plus he had the boots of Cole to fill. My concern is his injury problems. Plus we don’t have nobody else apart from Vermaelen and Eboue who can play there.

  480. bigger picture…

    hmmm, where do I start?

    – refusal to use the resources at his disposal, yes, they are limited, but I would rather see them used to buy players who would help the team get over the finish line, which we have not managed for a few seasons running, than to increase the wages of the likes of No.15 and Diaby, rendering them virtually unsellable
    – lack of success resulting in the best players willing to leave, which will surely have the impact on the imminent renegotiations of sponsorship deals, Yoonited just got themselves a new £400M kit deal, do you think we will get anywhere near that?

    – neglecting the first team and hoovering up all the talented kids, with the senior success ratio of about 20% (at best), in the last few years we have signed bazillion of kids and just a few players of any significance, unless you count the likes of Bischoff and Silvestre as such

    not to mention that some of them we can’t even get work permits for and they ply their trade in Spain, Holland, etc.

    – not addressing the glaring weaknesses, like defence and defensive coaching, record of the goals conceded speaks for itself

    – poor tactical awareness, poor man management, inability to see out games, no plan B, playing 4-3-3 whether we have the right personnel available or not

    – young players getting too much, too soon and too easily, which makes them convinced that they are already the dogs bollocks

    – lying to the fans left, right and centre, especially when the STs are up for renewal

    and that is not even touching the amateurish way the club is doing things off the pitch, PR department is a complete joke, etc.

    would love to stay and chat, but I need to get ready for work, as for my age, I will not even dignify that nonsense with a comment…

  481. I’d be more than happy with TV and Gibbs sharing the LB role, IF and only if we by a ‘PL type’ CB (i.e. tall, strong, fast, aggressive attacker of the ball) to deepen the squad.

  482. I’d be more than happy with TV and Gibbs sharing the LB role, IF and only if we buy a ‘PL type’ CB (i.e. tall, strong, fast, aggressive attacker of the ball) to deepen the squad.

  483. why man chitty and why 7mil?
    if we get a replacement from outside, it will cost us at least 10mil… why not keep him as a utility/squad player in his last year under contract? hah,, all water under the FUCKING bridge… 😦

  484. Kamran,
    Unfortunately, he is in the last year of his contract, so I guess the club was avoiding him leaving on a free next year, like we did with Chamakh (ironic eh?). I guess Wenger reckoned he wasn’t worth 7mil to us and sold him to the highest bidder.

  485. Chris – I do agree regarding Gibbs injury issues. I don’t agree that he will definately “step up” though. He looks a decent player, but that is a big risk. Our defence was not good enough last year, it is now weaker as we have sold our 1st choice left back. We need another left back, and a good one.

  486. GA,
    Is Clichy that much better defensively than Gibbs? What about TV? Do you not think he would be a better defender than Clichy?

  487. gibbs needs to be given a fair run of games, imo. he has paid his dues. plan b- tv.
    well wish Gael success, he gave us eight years.

  488. Henristic – Yeah, I think he was. And so did the manager as he always played Clichy when fit. TV5 is a central defender (and a very good one), so should play there.

  489. During a discussion last week, plenty on here hailed Clichy as the best left back in the lge. Now Gibbs is nearly as good? Please.

  490. gibbs will have his learning curve. he has stuck with it and he will have the chance to make the position his…

  491. To say Arsenal are press favorite punchbag is bollocks. Spurs have had it year in year out for years and West Ham

  492. I’m neither sorry nor happy that Clichy has left. It’s not a disaster, nor is it a relief. Gibbs is far better than his current rating (based on last season by the Arsenal ‘faithful’) and would have pushed Clichy this season, no doubt, and perhaps overtaken him. I am certain this is part of Clichy’s motive. I’m wondering whether Wenger really was looking to Vermaelen in that role, which would be a clever move for a number of reasons, not least that he is better at closing down play, and space, than Clichy, and way better in the air when the ball is crossed from the other wing. That would raise questions in the centre, which could only be answered by what is the current status of plans to buy a CB, and who is that person? Samba would have been # 1 choice for me. I hve always had a sneaking suspicion that Song may be destined for CB, and what a pairing he would make with Kos (in my view). We have options,options, options you see. Such a surprise move would create the space for Nasri to play centrally, and for the team to dispense with old fashioned ideas of ‘a DM’, with a more defensive back four, or alternatively with a bigger defensive role for wilshere or Diaby.

    A line-up like that would play 4-4-1-1, with:

    Sagna/Eboue Song/Djou Kos/Samba Verm/Gibbs
    Theo/Gerv Wilshere/Diaby Cesc/Ramsey Nasri/Ros

  493. “Jas | July 5, 2011 at 8:54 am

    To say Arsenal are press favorite punchbag is bollocks. Spurs have had it year in year out for years and West Ham”
    Surely, rating us at the level of Spurs and Westham?

  494. It’s not just Gibbs and TV at left back. We haven’t sold Traore yet!

  495. Gibbs and traore aren’t going to be kids forever. They are ready and should grab this chance. May the best man win!

  496. I forgot Botelho. He’s got his European passport now and can challenge Gibbs and Traore!

  497. Well is it not the “general opinion” out there that Gibbs is going to be the England LB?WHy would we want to buy Baines then? If Gibbs will overtake him in 1 -2 years and establish himself as the best LB in the country?
    Gibbs potential must been generally seen as much bigger than Baines since hes tipped as the real replacement for A. Cole in the England team.

  498. GA,
    Of course he played Clichy when fit, but that is no indicator of Gibbs readiness for the position. Same thing happened between Clichy and Cashely Cole in the season before the latter left.

    And you’re not considering that playing TV there is a defensive improvement on last season.

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