No Winners In Media Wars & Saturday Gossip

Imagine you had avoided the sports news for the summer until now. You decide that today is day one, you’re going to read them. What would your perception of Arsenal Football Club be? Not good. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that you would question those employees and the owners, the self-proclaimed custodians of the club. You would believe that they are in fact fifth columnists, trying to bring it down from the inside, ably assisted by the fourth estate.

Perception is King and Arsenal are making a complete hash of it. Business as usual in an Arsenal transfer window.

The agendas have been set, Arsenal are on the back foot with 42 days until the start of the season and players returning to pre-season training this weekend. 42 days is a long time in football. There is a lot of activity which can take place in that time. A lot of ins and outs.

But if I were at KSE Towers, even allowing for the knowledge of sports and its relationships with the media, I would not be impressed with how the club are managing their profile, their reputation. Sometimes silence is not golden.

Particularly when agents and opposing clubs are briefing the media on an apparently frequent basis. Arsenal, proud and dignified, are being swept aside by the new kids on the block, the brash upstarts who despite having dealt with the club for many years, have no respect for its values and ethos.All they are looking for is a payday for their clients.

And they are not doing a good job of stopping bridges being burned.

Take the cases of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fábregas. Two key players for the club. The latter has been a target for Barcelona since they identified his DNA. The former has been infuriatingly inconsistent since joining, capable of spells of sublime play in a season, incapable of maintaining that over the course of a season.

One of them can expect to be welcomed back to The Emirates, the other has built tides of ill-will through the briefings of his advisers. If Samir Nasri is going to sign a new contract, his PR team need to start extensive repair work straight away. They could have set up an interview this summer where Nasri could have spoken platitudes about ambition being important than money.

They did not and instead their client’s portrayal in the media is greedy, solely troubled by how many zeros and comma’s are on his wage slip. For an idea of how Arsenal fans to react to such publicly mercenary attitudes, look at Emmanuel Adebayor and his treatment. Don’t dismiss it the modern reaction, reflecting a valueless society. We didn’t look too kindly on Frank Stapleton either.

Nasri has a very real PR problem. He will be supported in Arsenal shirt next season but my goodness me, he is going to have to work hard to regain respect. Earlier this summer he had a minor spat with someone on Twitter. Lessons from that have not been learned.

Perception is king and Team Nasri are making a complete hash of it.

Surely then two sets of experienced professionals cannot get it so wrong? Surely somewhere out there is the truth, simply identify the extremes and look in the middle? It is not that simple. Arsenal try to have a ‘pet’ media outlet, it does not work. Biting the hand that feeds does not appear to be an issue that the British media worry about, as Arsenal found in this morning’s Daily Star. Robin wants out of Arsenal? Really? Premature isn’t it? Surely he and Theo are next year’s scare stories.

Or will Arsenal learn the lessons and look to resolve their contracts before we get to a Nasri-esque farce?

Speaking of farces, apparently Barcelona paying in stages is now considered a story (don’t bother reading it, it isn’t worth it) whilst Andrey Arshavin is wanted by Galatasaray which better than being wanted by the Flying Squad, I suppose. Chelsea are now trying to hijack all of Arsenal’s deals with Scott Dann and Gary Cahill being eyed lasciviously. I suspect neither will arrive.

Nor it seems, will Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain whom we were told would arrive on July 1st. His manager knows a bit about PR by the looks of it, ensuring no ill-will can emerge with some well-chosen words. When Cesc does go, much to the disgust of Real Madrid supporters it is likely that his fee will be spent on Karim Benzema. Interestingly, 123k of 154k respondents in a survey would be happier to see the back of Adebayor than the Frenchman…Still, you would have thought a swap deal might be one way for the Spanish club to get Arsenal’s attention but £45m is a good start.

Jack Wilshere declared yesterday that he wanted Nasri, Cesc and Clichy to stay, almost needed them to. Depending on whom you believe, one out of three is going to be a good result.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. interesting times ahead.

  2. Rune breaker

    Well I never

  3. Surely 2 out of 3 YW !??

  4. Perhaps the club/players don’t put as much stock in the value of PR as you do Yogi. They might take the view that it will all blow over eventually.

  5. Wenger out.yes please.

  6. Anyone remember when Rooney looked dead certain to leave last season??…. He packed his bags, said his goodbyes, then NEWS HEADLINE… Rooney signs a new contract. Anyone in their last year has huge bargaining power, Nasri will probably accept an improved offer next week!

  7. Vellentine out, a real supporter in.. oh yes please

  8. Look at the rooney situation for instance. He came back, scored a couple goals and the fans are off his back as long as he helped them win things.

  9. I’ve just been texted by a doomy/gloomy friend predicting a really dire future because “now RVP wants to leave”. I’ve had to tell him to calm down dear. I wish the new season would start so that we would all have something to celebrate or, occasionally, complain about. All these rumours are bad for your health.

  10. Well, there u go chris…

  11. Difference is, Henristic, that I think most had little respect for him as a person whilst Nasri, to me at least, seemed to have a lot of respect from Arsenal fans. I’d say the media has sabotaged that. I’ve no doubt if he stays, he will be welcomed back into fold happily as a player. Treated with suspicion though thanks to the press coverage.


  12. Henristic

    Lets look at the players perspective.

    What is the benefit of Nasri going to United, they already bought Young so I doubt he would be guaranteed a game. Then there’s City, who havn’t made a push for the title yet, it should be looked at as a step back. Plus, I doubt Arsenal will look to accept the best offer , and 1 which is not from our direct rivals. If money is what really matters here then I think City is where he will go. If he thinks about his football, his progress, development, and all those who left Arsenal for money… I doubt he will see sense in leaving. He enjoys his football, I doubt he can take than same enjoyment at most other clubs.

    My bet is he will sign on.

  13. YW

    Nasri and his agent should have realized how negative the PR around our club is. Leaving negotiations to run down to the wire were never going to rub off well on the media. They see the situation as : 6 yr drought Arsenal losing yet again another 1 season wonder. They have milked the situation. Arsenal fans will forget 90% of what has gone on if he signs on. He has been a fan favourite and plays the Arsenal way. He has never really said anything previously to piss Arsenal fans off.. like others have.

    I just think the situation should have been resolved earlier.

  14. Nasri will indeed be welcomed back. but next seson its time for him to put the money where his mouth is and deliver. And not some kind of mediocre season but a stellar one, that makes us all understand what all the fuss was about.

  15. and the situation would have been resolved earlier if it was not for the annual collapse…

  16. Its almost like the press has forgotten the existence of City and Chelsea. Even United and Liverpool are out of the picture. Its all Arsenal. How mad is that??

  17. Just read this by the Daily star hack David Woods.
    “And van Persie is ready to rock the Gunners further by handing in a transfer request IF boss Arsene Wenger fails to replace his departing Fabregas’ impending departure to Barcelona would promote van Persie  to skipper as the club’s most experienced player, having joined from Feyenoord seven years ago. ”
    Now I’m not an expert in the Englush language but haven read this over and over again the entire sentence makes absolutely no sense. Can someone explain to me what this idiot is trying to make up or what he actually means here?

  18. why would they write about them?

    they are all much better prepared to go into the next season than us, whereas we are facing potential exodus of top players and we can’t ship the dross due to their unmerited wages and wishful thinking with regards to clubs they would like to move to…

    the pre-season starts in a week, right?

  19. It seems a difficult situation,

    When Gael remained silent about any potential departure, many praised his class and love for the club. If Samir (a little belatedly, granted) now says no more about the potential transfer (or new cotract) the media seem to deny us the ability to make the same conclusions. Such are the times…

  20. how funny that players like Diaby, D******n, Bendtner, Almunia and Rosicky just sign the extensions ‘Please sir, can I have some more’ stylee, whereas the likes of Clichy, Nasri and AA have one year left on their contracts and Theo and RvP have just two years left, which means we are in for more of the same next season…

    I mean, is this criminal or what?

  21. Suga this article is like you

    he decribes you and all other male “damsles in distress” lol. you are the ACL twitterman.

  22. Suga3,

    Very few commentators can merit the level of response that you seem to consistently inspire. I do worry about how you cope with and survive the travails of everyday life. Worrying indeed.

  23. Well since both the players and the club know how fickle fans are, there is no incentive to improve PR is there? Each side will carry on trying to get the best deal for themselves without worrying about perceptions because in the end we don’t really matter that much.
    We just gotta sit back, watch and try to not get carried away with our role in the process.

  24. oh, Dgob, don’t you worry, I am doing more than OK…

    and go on, you can indulge in this ‘support your team’ stuff all you want and believe me, the team does have my support, but the manager and the gash toupee wearing ‘owner’ does not…

    watch him sell to Usmanov and make a quick buck really soon, I reckon he bit off more than he could ever chew…

  25. Poodle @ 9:56am,

    Thanks for the link and ray of truth.

  26. george rodger

    I have managed to keep positive about Samri and Cesc.,until I read John Cross’s article last night.Perhaps it was the straw that broke….. ,anyway ,I am depressed about it today and am of a mind to go into full media lock down.
    Which given the addictive nature of ACLF is not likely.
    Someone give me some good news FFS.Even if its made up stuff ,anything will do.

  27. GR,

    I’ve just found out from a friend who knows someone inside the club: were’re about to replace Cesc with Liam Brady and Bendtner with Tierry Henry.

  28. GR,

    The source (or should that be ‘sauce’?) has just got back to me with even better news. We’ve just sealed a deal for a straight swap of Messi for Denilson. Happy days!

  29. Good article that, poodle – a touch ironic it’s in the Mirror though..

  30. It could be worse we could be linked with Joey Barton!

  31. george rodger

    Ok ,So today ,if you believe the press(giggles like a silly child)player wanted by other clubs are ,Cesc,Samri,Andrei ,Gael and Robin(now he wants away,pffft)
    Why does it surprise anyone that other teams want these players?Of course they do,they are some of the best players in the world and could play anywhere.
    And the are our players .Because a certain Arsene Wenger has made them so.

  32. george rodger

    Dgob,thanks mate, I feel better now. The gloom has lifted. 🙂

  33. I would like somebody to let me knows the danger of investing in the playing staff at Arsenal. Wenger and his board say that they protecting the future of the club, but my questions are:
    1 Is Arsenal the only club to remain in future after the collapsing of Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Barca, Liverpool and Madrid?
    2 Is Arsenal a commercial bank which needs to show its clients how to keep money and make profits.
    3 When is Eufa/Fifa going to award a trophy to Arsenal for being a model in football since we are failing to buy to be a model for football.
    4 Why is Arsenal reluctant to sell Cesc and Nasri since they have graduated from European feeder club and join the more ambitious teams who want to win not experimenting?
    5 What is the importance of having 2 billionaire in the team?
    6 Who is above Wenger and board so that he can terminate their experiments or is he benefiting from their experiments?
    7 Is Wenger or board not realising that they are causing a lot of pain in supporters by selling players to our rivals or buying scrap players for Arsenal.
    8 Why are we too slow in the transfer market?
    9 What can supporters do to remove the entire board?
    10 Can’t they realise that next year Van Persie, Jack, TV will want to go somewhere ?

    All in all, project youth is dead and Wenger has been slapped on the face by his trusted players he defended so much. Trust but not too much and fellow Frenchmen have led the attack on him like Flamini, now Nasri, Clichy and the most trusted member Cesc.
    I think we will have a light at the end of tunnel and those powers will vanish.

  34. we can question the attitude of players and agents but there is clearly a mismanagement of contract deals at the club.this is not the first time it has happend. Contract negotiation should have started 2 years ago instead they wait for the player to have a good season then they decide to negotiate that was the exact case with Flamini. It is no coincedence players tend to play better when they are entering their last year in contract, they would give more than 100% so that they can get the best contract, once its signed, unintentionally they retreat to their comfort zone. I do not blame Nasri for wanting to better himself financially,it is his right. It is up to the club to deal with things accordingly. If any of the players refuses to sign a contract at the lstart of his final 2 years of his contact then he can be moved on and the club can demand a good price, that also allows the club to find a replacement.
    Wenger can do his best with the footballing side of things but he is not resposible for negotiations. it appears to me that woman Nina has a point, the board are simply not pulling their weight and expect Wenger to do everything for them. Now they will have to rely on Wenger to sort out the situation by speaking to the players concerned directly and as we know players have the right to say to anybody “speak to my agent”. Wenger is not Superman he needs support from the board. They always seem to hide behind his back while he gets the stick from the hacks and some fans, it is not right. They also claim there is money to spend but in reality there isn’t. The claims don’t help Wenger’s cause as everyone think it is Wenger who doesn’t want to spend. There might be some money to spend but the amount is peanuts compared to the big spenders and they should not claim that they have money to spend.

  35. 1lc,

    of course we can’t claim to have wads of cash like Chavs or City, but we have more than enough to address the issues that remain unaddressed for a few years running…

  36. 1lc,

    I think there could be much of merit in your suggestions.

  37. David – I think most fans are at least a little fustrated by the current situation but your comments in the last paragraph are daft. Nasri – bad situation he should not have been allowed to get this close to the end of his contract. Clichy – I don’t think he’s a bad player but fi he goes I’m confident we can replace with a better player. Flamini – everyone forget’s that 18 months before he left we accepted a bid from Birmingham of about £4 million, he was seenas surplus to requirements and not good enough. He had 1 good season and has done nothing since (Nasri take note). Cesc – was always going to return to Barca one day assuming they wanted him. He has handled himself well and has dealt with the media in a professional way.

  38. Marc,

    so, Flamini had one good season, did he?

    you may recall the 2006 CL campaign and him playing LB…

  39. and he won the Scudetto last season with Milan…

  40. After what happened with Flamini Wenger said it would never happen again.Players would be tied up before they get to the final season of the contract.
    Clichy while not a great left back is certainly worth more than £7m.But thats the price will will have to except.We have no choice
    Now on to Nasri he has all the balls in his court.He knows Utd Chelsea and City want him.And that they will pay him more than we will.He knows Fergie wants him to replace Scholes.So what have we got to offer him?A contract worth between £50k and £90k a week less than we will offer him.He looks at Arsenal he see our best player leaving and one of our transfer targets is a 17 year old!!!!.
    So we either let him go now and get £20m or make him stay for another year and get zilch.But as Wenger said after Flamini no Arsenal player will stay at the club if their contract has one year left on his contract.Those words have come back to haunt him

  41. Marc

    Flamini played in every game in the run up to the CL final in 2006 at LB in which we kept 10 clean sheets in a row.Yet was replaced by Cashley in the final even though the greedy cunt had already made plans to join Chelski.Thats the loyalty Wenger showed him.And yes Flamini did win Serie A with Milan last season

  42. Suga

    He’s made 70 appearances in Serie A since leaving Arsenal. He played 20 games last season – less than the season before – so he might have a title winners medal but do you think he is fulfilled?


  43. Yogi,

    sure, he was a bit of a part player over there, however, the number of appearances per season is on the up rather than down, no?

    but I reckon he is not that unhappy, playing for a club that is up there, challenging for title year in year out…

    sure, Serie A is a bit pap, but still…

    I would have him ahead of both Song and D******n any day, OGL cocked it up massively with him and that summer is when all the problems started, IMO…

  44. If we believe what is written in the press the first game of the season will be playing the tea lady, a couple of yts lads and anyone who happens to have their boots with them. Is this dispiriting or what? Problem is I am going over to the dark side. Does anyone have anything positive to say i need to hear it.

  45. Suga3 – By your reckoning then Darren Fletcher is one of the most gifted midfielders in the world? If Flamini is happy with a bit part role is that really the type of player we want at Arsenal. Someone happy to pick up a huge pay packet while sitting on the bench.

  46. Suga

    2008-09 29 in Serie A, 37 in total.
    2009-10 25 in Serie A, 32 in total.
    2010-11 20 in Serie A, 25 in total.

    Pretty conclusive evidence that he is on a downward spiral.


  47. I bet Alan and James (new day, new name) were absolutely desperate to see Flamini signed up long-term four years ago. I’m sure it was their biggest concern that summer. Every day, even when Henry was about to leave, they were on the phone-ins and blogs: “But what about Flamini, his contract is up next year – and he did have a good run as emergency left-back at the end of last season”.

    I think Nasri’s been negotiating a contract for a year now. Clichy as well; obviously it’s not a situation that any club can master because you can’t force a player to sign.

    And if you ask me, it looks like we did learn from the Flamini situation by attaching our young squad players to contracts. Flamini was just that in 2007; a player with a bit of promise, but not much more.

  48. Why is the departure of Flamini on a free given so much time? Wiltord left on a free and he cost us £14 odd million.

  49. Ignore it all

  50. ‘Flamini a player with a bit of promise’, well there was loads of promise and Wenger fucked it up by offering him to Brum and not doing his utmost to keep Diarra…

  51. Anyhting negative you can get your hands on you just sick it up, don’t you Alan Suga3. You utter, utter cunt. Fuck off.

  52. go fuck yourself Frank…

  53. george rodger

    Frank,Do I take it you don’t like SUGA3? 🙂

    I agree with Frank

  54. What is KSE Towers? I am from Georgia and i do not know

  55. george rodger

    Flamini had half a good season.Then he thought he was Cesc and was average in the second half of his last season .A bit like Samri really.
    I suppose if Nasri does leave,and that will be his choice,he will be seen as the lost Messiah.He just is not.neither was Flamini.
    Cesc is the worry .The only real worry.

  56. george rodger

    Yogi, Evidence???
    What has that got to do with the price of apples?

  57. Put that beeswax back in your lug’oles, YW. You’re in danger of falling for the bullshit.

  58. george rodger

    Cheer me up Limps.Its all getting on top of me. 😦
    Expose the bullshit.

  59. KSE = Gash Toupee Wearing Yank Sports Enterprises

  60. As Arsenal supporters we need to learn some life lessons exhibited by our club. Football and dealing with the contracts/careers/ lives of players, the club, Arsenal fans should not be thrown into the “drive thru” lane of life.

    These transfer periods have become the ugly side of football, but its steroids for the media, who are very effective in pushing fans hot buttons.

  61. george rodger

    I agree with Kenyan gunner

  62. Conférencier

    I agree with george rodger

  63. LimparAssist

    Well, G, my money’s still on all three staying. If one does go it’ll be Clichy. But I think he’ll stay. The other two are Arsenal for the forseeable. I also have a hunch we’ll see two or three new boys over the next couple weeks. All in all quite exciting times, I think.

  64. LimparAssist

    I agree with Conférencier.

  65. george rodger

    I agree with Conférencier

  66. OOU
    And if you ask me, it looks like we did learn from the Flamini situation by attaching our young squad players to contracts.

    What ! The players we need attaching to contracts are our top want away players not our fucking youth players.. The circle goes around again and we keep saying things will change on their own… Hu!

  67. Nope Limpar, far from it. More likely to take an axe to someone.

  68. george rodger

    If we offer a player £100k per week and City offer £200k per week.We are fucked,It has fuck all to do with Arsene ,the board ,Stan ,anything other than a club with an owner withe a wealth in excess of £500 billion .
    But hey,lets point the finger at one of our own and stamp our feet.Fuck the reality.

  69. george rodger

    Yogi,can I suggest John Cross as your target?

  70. Good post yogi. Worrying times. I am sure the club did everything it could to sign clichy and nasri. If they have not signed by now I thunk the lots unlikely that they will. Hope I’m wrong and limpar is right.

  71. top post sir,, spoken from my heart. ” a few well chosen words “. that’s all.


  72. Limpar.

    How can we add 2 – 3 new players if no one leaves?

  73. #With all the stories in the media concerning players leaving and Arsenal being in disarray would you want to come to Arsenal if you were a top player? Unlikely to be your 1st choice to say the least. It is easy just to try to ignore the negative media as fan, but it cannot be good policy for the club not to challenge these stories. Not only will they have a negative impact on the clubs ability to attract the players they want, but they will engender a negative mood amongst the fans which will take more a couple of run of the mill signings to change. And the mood the fans bring to early games of the seasoncan have an incalculable effect on the whole season. Remenber when Arshavin was signed and the lift that this gave the whole club at a time when we were struggling to overtake Villa for 4th? Arsenal must start takeing their pr seriouly and treat the fans as important.

  74. Sorry about the post at 1:48. I-phone spell check makes a hash of things when you are in a hurry.

  75. Club certainly making a mess of things this summer. Unfortunately I am not sure what they could do differently with nasri clichy or cesc other then sell them.

  76. Last year we had signed Chamakh and Kosc till July 1st. And they both performed well. And we all know about Squillaci.
    I’m quite dissapointed we haven’t bought anyone this summer.Even gervinho doesn’t look a huge improvement to me.
    Here are some of the most memorable Arsenal matches:

  77. Apparently tomorrow’s papers have an entirely negative slant on Arsenal, with the Sunday Times leading the way. Fortunately for you, ACLF’s post for tomorrow is already written and a much-needed respite from that negativity.


  78. thank god.

  79. Negative slant from the press? You’re kidding?

  80. Lol suga is close to meltdown. Bet if nasri gets sold he’s on twitter hurling abuse to his twitter zciunt while hating Wenger fir not giving him 110k a week.

  81. No kidding birthday boy, many happy returns. Which means this must have been a positive week…

  82. Fact is, even if we sign someone this summer. If it ain’t a proven 20M player ppl will say AW is cheap. If it ain’t Cahill or Samba ppl will say we got the wrong defender. Specially if he is less than 10m . Gervihno is only 12 M .
    And trust me if cesc n nasri stays it’s deffo not down to Wenger. Nip he did not play a part in that decision at all. If they leave it’s his fault but if they stay its someone els that had to be credited.

    I will be suprised the day this summer the papers don’t write negative about Arsenal. Once everyone are staying the ” arsenal out of top 4 starts again.”

  83. No big fish has moved yet this summer either. United and liverpools new Boyd are nothing more than nasri were when we signed him. Lots if potential. Bug so was Anderson when they splashed 18M on him. Young is like signing grevinho. Quality squad player unless nani goes.
    Henderson is like Landsbury.De Gea like Nasri when we bought him. Huge talent, much to prove.

    No big players have moved yet. to anyone. Chelsea and city will do marquee signings. We will do signings but not until they have identified and pursued their targets first. Once they have they will not go after our targets. Cos that is what they always do. Even as a rich club they still wanna save money if they can. And they know AW knows best. Infact everyone inside the industry does. They laugh themselves silly over the arsenal fans. Prolly has private bets over who can upset the arsenal wilderbeast fans most. Who can make us panic most, who can make the teenage boys cry first? Winner gets a trip Abramoviches yatch….

  84. ahhh a little spring cleaning always does some good. Sit back relax and remember its just a game. I feel the Verm, Ramsey and Jack will have monster seasons. Live n die by the Arsenal Sword.

  85. Wenger is probably having problems signing new players because of the current image of the club. Both in the media and because there appears to be disharmony in the ranks.

    It’s not as if it’s just at the end of the invincible period, when players were lining up to join. The Gunners bad run of six years will definately affect a players decision whether to join them or not.

    If Gervinho signs then more power to him, it’s because he wants to play for the team. That signing could also affect Nasri’ decision to stay.

    I am starting to get concerned however, that the likes of Bendtner and Denilson haven’t been signed by other clubs.

    Hasard has gone off the radar apparently because he wants to play for PSG! only a rumour though.

  86. When are we going to sign this Gervinho fellow. I cant wait to think how we could see him adjust to life in the prem for a couple o years in our team watch him progress and blossom before he starts to become world class then see him bugger off when he wants to earn more money!!!

  87. I don’t think we’re going to have any problems convincing players to sign for us. A handful of the names you read about every day have made it clear that they’d like to play for Arsenal – off the top of my head, Gervinho, Samba and Alvarez have all gone public. Whether we want them is another matter.

    To me it looks like we’re biding our time in the transfer market, after that insane Henderson transfer set the tone for the first few weeks.

    And just because a load of Arsenal fans are blind to what a great club this is doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Blimey, the stick Sid Lowe got yesterday when he tried to suggest we only need a few minor tweaks! Gooners need to calm the fuck down.

    We underestimate our own players so badly; If Bendtner and Denilson do leave this summer they’ll end up at Europa League clubs at the every worst – I’m sure of this. And I’d worry about any scout or coach who places much stock in the opinons of papers and football fans.

  88. I hear another Barca acadamy boy wants to do his aprenticeship with us! at Arsenal UC…

  89. Big Al of course they want to come and we want them….but we dont want to pay more then what we can get a grubby tight ands away with!!!

  90. That’s just the way we’ve got to do it at the moment, DG. Things will change though.

  91. Twitterman points to duke! For bei g hysterical as an old lady!

  92. stop being a funny cunt poodle.

  93. Bradys right foot

    I used to work in PR and got many an article into a local rag or two and done a few large content analysis studies for individuals and organisations. With this in mind i’d be pretty confident that the media coverage Arsenal have received the vast majority of which is negative is more than any other team. John Cross is pretty good at his job but you have to remember his job is to sell newspapers nothing more and Arsenal sells.

    Arsenal fans should know better weve been here before, however that hasn’t stopped some getting locked in a twitter inspired psychosis. The truth is simple the vast majority of the 35 players or so weve been linked with since the start of June are made up. Who has made a move in the market this year apart from Utd no one. The reason is crystal clear the big clubs are all after the same targets and no one is prepared to play their hand just yet.

    I’ll add a little bit of my own to the shit thats been written about Arsenal this summer. I think our number 1 target is Benzema and if Neymar goes to Madrid well go in big. Anyway it all points to a long summer suck it up Gooners.

  94. Just read in the Sun that the whole Arsenal squad is leaving for Man City/Man Utd/Chelsea and therefore next season’s team will consist of Arsenal Ladies, which will match up perfectly with some of our supporters :-))

  95. not a funny cunt Duke, thats you. And the worst aspect is that you will probably be in this hyper panicky mood until the window shuts.
    I cannot but laugh, what good will it do you? i mean you really gonna be like this for the entire summer?
    Dont let Arsenals transfares and rumours ruin your summer man. Theres more to life than fretting over The mirror, the sun, daily mail and Guardian.

    ps. MDGunner, the arsenal ladies has more balls than most of our fans. Non of them would crumble to the “transfare preassure”. Guess the main reason is they re not hormonal teenage boys…..

  96. I can understand AW not wanting to show his hand too early, as it seems that whenever we are talked about in connection with a potential new signing every other team wants to outbid us. Why don’t they use their own f*cking scouting systems rather than waiting to see who we are watching?
    That having been said, there are certain positions we know need strengthening even before we start to think about replacing players who might leave. Gervinho, Samba or Cahill and Oxlade-Chamberlain would seem to be players we should be buying anyway, so why do we have to wait until later in the transfer window for these guys? Some of the press were indicating that Gervinho and Nasri were mates and that it was Nasri who recommended Arsenal to Gervinho in the first place. If so, a quick signing is likely to send a positive message to Nasri in his contract deliberations if he is really concerned over the team’s ambitions rather than just after a quick buck.
    And on a completely different subject, where is the pre-season fixture against Barnet this summer? Our pre-season schedule looks pretty full already and the fixture against Benfica looks to have wiped out any chance of us putting out anything other than an Arsenal XI made up reserves and youngsters against Barnet if we do finally schedule a match.

  97. george rodger

    Wavey,I think the Barnet game is no more.

  98. @George

    Gutted, the Barnet game was my eldest son’s first fixture when he was five. Now he’s eight and has his own season ticket. I wanted to take my youngest along in pre-season when he was old enough (only two at the moment).

  99. Gainsbourg69

    LOL at the cunts praising Flamini for winning a scudetto eventhough he spent most of the season with his ass glued to the bench in a pony league like Serie A.

    Wenger should’ve fought to keep Diarra at Arsenal? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Dude wanted to play so badly he went to Portsmouth because no other team would have him. He’s done so well in Real Madrid that he’s Laurent Blanc’s go to guy in the middle of the park. Not. Diaby, for all his misgivings, went to the world cup and Flamini and Diarra watched it on television.

    Suga3 you should really look into auto-erotic asphyxiation, you useless cunt.

  100. Some shite points on here today, and some very good ones…

    – Arsenal having the most attractive players

    – Arsenal’s prominence in the media

    – Wenger is NOT at fault if 1st teamers want to leave

    – Wenger and Arsenal can attract the best players

    – Arsenal will not pay money hungry cunts like Flamini

    The doomers n Arsenal haters on here… MASSIVE FAIL.

  101. Flamini was great… he busted his gut for 6 months and got a fat pay day! He used us, abused Wenger’s trust when he gave him another shot..

    Flamini is is a flop. He will look back on his career with som huge regrets.

    I agree with Gainsbourg69, we got a better player in Diaby. He was the only performer for france at the world cup, but Arsenal fans can’t seem to be able to support their own players.

    Many seem to be brainwashed by the media.

  102. Silver Gunner

    Sad times man arsenal just some out an reiterate our best players are not for sale the hacks will stop as they will look like idiots.

    The problem like yw said is the silence.

  103. @mdgunner
    that was hilarious dude, very funny.
    that said, I’m getting tired of seeing the fruit of our labor going down some other clubs throut. i know, the stadium is mostly all paid off but its hard to wait a watch a player come through for a couple of seasons and then off they go. right when we want tosee them play their best. the key is to hold onto our best players and bring a suitable freshblood players through the youth program and outside talent..

  104. sort on wavey,,,, get your on damned scouting program. that’s why aw is the cards so close to the chest.. cheat basterds..

  105. and that’s why he is waiting for them to make the first.move… spot on

  106. With Barcelona having now made a formal bid for Fabregas (which was rightly dismissed out of hand) we should surely be in the position to give them a deadline to either stump up the money or f*ck off. I’m not saying I want Fabregas to go, but considering the tricky first month we have next season we surely want to be able to bed down the team properly in the pre-season. A saga which drags on right through the summer involving our captain is definitely going to disrupt the team’s pre-season training If we do then end up agreeing a deal in late July we have a very narrow period before the start of the season to find a replacement. I know we would be able to work on bringing somebody else in right til the end of August, but by then we will have played Newcastle, Liverpool, Man U and two Champions League qualifying fixtures. It could prove to be a disastrous start to the season if this goes on and on.

  107. I agree with you Wavey, too many times we’ve watched a player only for some other team to outbid us. They need to use their own bloody scouts for a change and stop poaching our targets.
    I know we will be active in the transfer market but i don’t see what all the fuss is about, the window closes in august, until then let’s leave the manager alone to focus on his job.

  108. where did my previous comment go?

  109. BARKA should fuckoff period. we don’t want a higher bid after that original insult.
    tapping our players has become a yearly FUCKING hobby to the. report them to FIFA. whether they will do anything is another matter.

  110. Silver Gunner

    Agreed Wave.. We are being bullied and saying and doing f all proactive about it….

  111. you have been moderated… 🙂

  112. do we play huddersfield this year as one friendly??

  113. Wavey,

    I agree with you, i think it’s annoying that we watch a player only for some team to outbid us. I for one will wait till the transfer window closes in august to pass any judgment on the squad.

    It’s says a lot about the media when they can’t even get factual stories right. Hector Bellerin was signed sometime in january according to Youngguns, but Arsenal couldn’t announce it till July 1. The media are now picking up on the story and have suggested that Wenger is going to build a team around him, laughable…

    Hector Bellerin is a winger who wears #2jersey but leave it to the Sun and Daily Mail to report that he’s a defender.

  114. @kamran

    Unfortunately tapping up takes many forms and a lot of them go on under the radar. How many visits do you think Fabregas will be getting from his ‘old mates’ at Barcelona whilst he is at home? The comments about how great it must be to visit home and how much better it would be if he were there all the time? Those little chats suggesting he should refuse to play so that he can force through a deal?

  115. am i being moderated Yogi? there was nothing offensive in my posts.

  116. “Currently, everyone is standing still,” Wenger said. “Everyone expects everyone else to make the first move. Everyone holds on to their cards, hoping for the major transfer.

    “Nobody blinks until late July, early August. Then we will analyse the gaps in each team.

    “But I am very active on the phone.”

    That from the horses mouth as they say. Now either you have faith in our manager or you believe every piece of hack journalism(or what passes for it) and twitter posting and every rumor between now and August 13th. If you believe the latter then congrats, not only are you an idiot but you can consider yourself a Doomer as well.

    Even the tax dodger himself over at Shite Fart Pain has been complaining about the lack of movement in the transfer market. Fact is we have to offload some players before we can bring in their respective replacements. Unless he is “homegrown”, any new player that comes in must do so in place of someone who goes out as we can only have a 25 man squad. So ironically the quicker we lose one of our stars the better, none of whom are so good that they cannot be replaced, although Cesc is probably the only one that does come close.

    Speaking of Shite Fart Pain, would you believe they are trying to get money from the city to help fund a new stadium while still paying David Bentley a wage, surely that’s not legal,is it?

  117. Not suggesting Fabregas would do that, but you know Pique and Puyol will be on his case the whole time he’s there.

  118. @chrisgooner
    right on regarding flamoney
    & HELB& Ady&rashly.bently.Upson.and even patrick to some extent. he should have stayed till he had won the champ. leg. with us. bunch o rich greedy vagabondos…

  119. i suspect player movement will pick up after the Copa America

  120. CESE will not strike, half his dna is arsenal. irishgray, right on with your comments. one goes,one comes . why be redundant with players. we have no money to burn.
    where are the tots getting so much to spend? i mean its not like the have a arab or russian gangster for sugerdady. maybe they want to be neck deep in debit shit like manure and liverpool.

  121. cloney, i was just joking. you probably hit the wrong button.

  122. modric will be hard to replace for them. why copa america? and when is it over?

  123. I agree with the copa america statement Colney. Lets hope for Aguero, Schansez and Neymar having good tournaments. They are the marquees of this window for sure. Once they move everyone els will start moving too and AW can start playing transfarepoker.

  124. Gainsbourg69

    Silver: “Sad times man arsenal just some out an reiterate our best players are not for sale the hacks will stop as they will look like idiots.

    The problem like yw said is the silence.”

    While the rumors and hackery are frustrating for the supporters, I think it suits Wenger just fine. The more the media inflate or over exaggerate the more space it gives us to maneuver in the transfer market without anyone knowing who we’re really going after. .

  125. cos all the precived marquee signings for this summer play thre Kamran. The big kahunas are after Shancez, Aguero and Neymar and probably new excitign starlets that shines in the copa america shop window. There is a new manager for the Argies, alot of the Brazilian team is new this year. Much is happening in South american football and the big clubs are watching.
    Does anyone know if Galindo is playing btw?

    Once the moneybags has landed their men or started a bidding war among themselves Arsenal can bid for whoever they want in peace knowing that the other big playes are after other targets and to buissy to go for our ones. We all know we cannot outbid the moneybags on theither wage nor transfare price.

  126. tnx poodle, the way to do it ,i guess by , complete secrecy and let the jurnos . just fire in the dark. I’m football starved, and just playing is not fulfilling enough. good games with the copa???

  127. poodle, What are you banging on about. who is acting like a drama queen now, who is panicking. is it not true we dont want to pay alot for players? is it not true players come and learn their trade then fuck off? the latest is this barca rookie, what will happen with him then will he do his aprenticeship in our team then when he gets good he will go? is it that you dont like to hear this as you know this to be true and it upsets you. you cant even hear a joke on the matter coz it upsets you. bless.

  128. I have every faith in Wenger strenghtening the team this summer with appropriate purchases. Gervinho will be announced on Monday or Tuseday.

    However, I do find it frustratingly slow during the transfer window. I sincerely believe Samir will sign a new contract once Gervinho has been confirmed.

    Fabregas will go if Barca improve their offer, Clichy is already a done deal with City.

    Have faith, patience and remember, supporting a football team should be unconditional love.

  129. The best advice of the day came from Frank, Ignore the press!

    Arsenal are not getting bullied as I have read we just choose to do things a little different.

    I am also looking forward to some of the younger players coming through. Just watched a little interview and I saw Ramsey and all I could think of was that how great he will be one day, not to mention so many of the other class young players.

    I am confident that we have a bright future with this golden generation coming through!

    If you cant take reading and hearing all the media crap without believing that it is “worrying times” and getting all worked up, I suggest cutting football out until the seasons begins and spend some more time with your family or something because all you do is make things worse.

    I am confident that we will be great and whoever leaves will regret it just as many others have.


  130. How is Clichy a done deal to City? I just went to and didnt see anything there. Went to City’s site and on their front page was a story of a City fan losing the Jr Wimbledon final.

    If Clichy goes then so be it but until it is done lets not become like the media.

  131. can we refuse to sell to certain teams eventhough the have agreed to our fee and player salary???
    i should’hope so..

  132. Argentina vs. Bolivia was boring until the last 15min. I expect the games to get exciting as the tournament progresses.

  133. Really wonder if Neymar will live up to the hype. Many in Brazil think he’s the best thing since Pele. 40 million for a 19 year old? Mind you I love the selecao!k he’s the best thing since Pele. 40 million for a 19 year old? Mind you I love the selecao!

  134. Brazilians said the same thing about Robinho and he turned out to be a dud. The transfer market is truly gone crazy when a nobody like Neymar is valued that highly.

  135. I clicked the Daily Heil link for a laugh, but I can’t work out what this sentence is supposed to mean. I think the robot that generates their transfer rumours is on the fritz:

    “Some of those calls may need to be made to Walcott over the coming days. The winger, who has an uneasy relationship with Wenger mainly because he feels he has not been given the first-team opportunities the new year and paid the price in the final sprint. We also had players like Fabregas and Robin van Persie out injured for a long time.”

  136. – sentence + paragraph

  137. what a boring fight, haye is a better trash talker than fighter

  138. Robinho was a good player, he just became a nomad going from team to team after money. our guys should avoid his route. what round the fight. keluchkoo looks a bad dude….
    now walcott, tomorrow twill be jenkinson and his not even
    beded in .. lol

  139. This is truly a bad article from the Daily Mirror (I think)
    just shows how low the British press will go to get readers and try to put arsenal down.

  140. 1 loose cannon

    I’m laughing at what the papers are doing, it is really funny. This morning some papers claimed RVP is not happy few hours later I read another hack claiming Chelsea will get Walcott and Arshivin leaving for Turkey. according to the papers Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, are as good as gone and RVP, Walcott and Arshavin to follow. all this without a single confirmation from players or club. I think there is either an agenda from the papers to drive Wenger out of Arsenal or simply they are pulling our leg for fun. It is really rediculous the behaviour of the media towards Arsenal. Why Arsenal are hounded every year?.
    Players read papers and surf the net and ignoring all these rumours is not good. A member of the board should make a stand and at least come out and dismiss every crap that is written. But I expect Wenger to speak out soon once Gervinho’s signing is completed.

  141. i have a theory ,but it is borderline conspiracy theory material..

  142. 1 loose cannon

    dupsffokcuf- the fact that they link arsenal with Downing for 20 million that prooves most of the stuff that is written is pure hot air

  143. Gainsbourg69

    Kamran, Robinho couldn’t hack it at Madrid and he was nothing special at City. He’s not even Milan’s best player. Sadly, Brazil hasn’t produced a really, really good player since fat Ronnie. I doubt Neymar will be anything special either. Why he’s so hyped and valued so highly is beyond me.

  144. ofcourse, Ronaldo (fatty) was in a class by himself. but Robinho and ronaldinho both had magic on field . they just never played in a team or system that brought out their best. at least in Robinhos case he followed the money and settled down with any set of players. he could have possibly been a contributer to our cause but he was always too expensive. but you are right about fat ronney and i also enjoyed watching romario. one of my favorites along with gentleman gilberto. god, how i wish he and aw could have reached a deal so he could have stayed with us one more year. he would have been a rock and a great role model to a team we had at that time. average age was twenty for the team when he left…. have a great weekend Gains.

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