Show Me The Money – Fees, Wages & The Usual…

The usual contradictory banter from this morning’s media, along with quotes out of context from their Catalan chums, faithfully regurgitated here without any question. Even if Arsenal had made any attempt at controlling the PR around the club, today is one of those days where failure was the only outcome. That they did not – repeatedly do not – is The Arsenal Way and at the moment, the air is one of ‘Have Arsenal Lost Their Way?‘ rather than ‘The Arsenal Way Is The Righteous Way‘.

Reporters and headline writers have their angles, predominantly what is going to garner more hits. The collapse at the end of last season makes it easy, negativity on the pitch equates to a venomous atmosphere off it. Despair and despondency are the order of the day, mixed with a dash of desperation. Please Arsène, sign someone to end these tales of woe.

Barcelona have rapidly replaced everyone as Arsenal’s favourite cartoon villains. Depending upon which source you believe, they have made a bid for £32m (which is really £37m), £34m, £35m or not formally bid at all, instead phoning Ivan to tell him that a bid was coming before Sandro Rosell jumps out of the executive washroom, replete with black smock and mask. So long as the bulge below the smock was a result of a suitcase carrying £50m in used fivers, Ivan need not be worried.

Drama emerged with Cesc’s quotes being parlayed around the world, portraying him as a chattel being flogged off on Cash In The Attic thanks to the questions which elicited his responses, being omitted. Who cares, we’ve been here before as Arseblogger points out this morning. At the end of the day, Arsenal do not have to sell and will not do so unless the manager believes it is in the best interests of the squad.

The same is true of Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy, albeit to a significantly lesser extent. Nasri according to laughable tweets has already signed for United. Except he has not because Sir Alex Ferguson believes he can ‘break the will of Arsène Wenger and land Samir Nasri‘. At least that is what Neil Custis and his headline writers believed as, to a crescendo of maniacal laughter, they tore the wings and legs off a fly they had christened ‘Arsène’, watching him squirm in his death throes. A shame the photo accompanying the piece is of a smug uncle at a family wedding. Drunk and incontinent he maybe but he has done all of his summer shopping already.

Arsenal, it seems, are too busy playing hard ball with the recalcitrants, prepared to tell them to ‘do one‘ over their reported wage demands. Except nobody is quite sure what their demands are although £75k per week for Clichy seems a reasonable salary in the current footballing climate whilst Samir Nasri needs more consistency to be worth £110k per week. Whatever they are, too high for Arsenal is apparently the stance being taken.

Whilst Nasri’s departure would weaken the squad, it would not be terminal as there are alternatives even before any additions. And, to put not too fine a point on it, £20m for him would not be a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination. But it would mean that Jimmy Five Bellies – or Gervinho as we may come to know him – will be feeling lonely. Nasri’s pal? I suppose they might be acquaintances but pal? That seems to be stretching it a bit.

Clichy meanwhile is a bargain for Manchester City although I somehow doubt that talks were going on through the night. Arsenal’s negotiating team were too busy talking to Bolton about Cahill and Newcastle about Jose Enrique and Joey Barton. No don’t laugh, this is football and anything can happen.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. Mornin YW……As per normal excellent read…..

  2. Rumours n Roumours……….

  3. Good morning.

    A question please. IF we sell any of our players abroad is it treated as an export therefore there is no VAT or is it applicable and if so any valuation Arsenal put on a player I believe is in £Sterling and with the £ 10% less than 5 months ago against the euro, it in fact costs the buying club 10% less.

  4. Yogi,

    Of all the rumours, I find the potential of Barton wearing the glorious red & white the most disturbing. Talk about sacrificing our class (not to mention our current philosophy!) under the wheel of reaction?

  5. Kelsey,

    From my limited knowledge of these things, I understand that no VAT is payable on any transfers as it is considered compensation for a player’s registration and contract. It isn’t a sale of a good or supply of a service…even for Eboue

  6. Either Rosell is a bit stupid, or perhaps he’s the only buyer dealing with a desperate seller.

    It is possible that Wenger wants to get shot of Fabregas

  7. I wonder what odds I could get on Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy, Nasri and Cesc all being Arsenal players next year… Media may have handed me a winner here.

  8. We wait & we wonder….can’t wait till the silly summer is over.
    Show us the money Cartalunya!
    40mill should do it….(sigh!..bloody painful to lose u Cesc)
    YES, Show us the money God***it!

    I hope we meet u in the Champion’s League Final.
    With both teams at full strength.
    Spineless leeches!

    (bear with me Yogi)

  9. I don’t feel as caught up in this latest media fuss about Cesc as most. None of what I’ve seen or read so far, leads me to think differently to how I felt a few weeks ago, i.e. that Cesc isn’t going anywhere because, a) we need him more than any other player we currently have and b) we don’t need the money from his sale.

    The only thing that would shake my confidence is for Cesc to start agitating for a move, but he hasn’t done anything like that, has he? The last time he said something, it was that he’s happy to stay (even if we all know his first love is Barca)

  10. for the love of god Arsenal, Buy somebody!!!!

  11. Kelsey

    The VAT on any sale would be treated as an export. A grey area ref Agent’s Fees though. The transactional currency basis will be decided as part of the negotiations. Bear in mind that payment is often staggered so immediate currency gains can be lost when payment is received.


  12. morning all gooners,
    hope the day is pregnant with some good news or at least less drama as in days past. safe to say, ARSENAL are one of the most talked about clubs in the past few weeks what with drama going on on many fronts. hope AW yankee the ship steady… god willing

  13. I agree with Henristic. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, for the same reasons. I also don’t think Nasri’s going anywhere, although it would be much less of a problem if he were to leave. But we won’t sell to Utd, so until we see something concrete from a foreign club, I’m pretty confident in him staying.

    Seeing as it’s silly season and all, who could we replace Nasri with should he leave? I like Diego, and sounds like he’ll be leaving this year, not for big bucks either, so may be a possibility.. I also like the look of Mata, although I saw that he wants to stay at Valencia for this year… Anyone else fancy humouring me with some suggestions?! All speculation of course, and I’ll repeat – I don’t think this will even be necessary – but a bit of fun that’s all.

    Thanks for another gem by the way YW.

  14. Kamran, signings can be announced before, but he won’t officially be a scumbag until 1st July.

  15. kamran thats the problem we can talk through the signings who knowns we too could have made our signings but arsenal prefer to keep it quite while the other clubs want to shout it out to the world…….hopefully according to the rumours we have
    1.alvarez(if his twitter account is not fake)

  16. The one person who will be most disappointed if Denilson doesn’t leave is Denilson himself. To come out and publicly declare you intention to leave, and then fail to do so, would be embarrassing.
    If he is indeed as soft as some people believe (e.g. those who say his lack of form is connected to abuse he received), then I’m not very confident that he’ll bounce back from that, especially considering the abuse is only likely to increase.
    Hopefully he is made of much sterner stuff, and will be able to rise to the challenge. Players competing for his position are younger, more energetic, have a better reputation with the fans and manager, and are probably more talented. The likes of Wilshere and Ramsey will be looking to improve next season and Denilson will have to be at his very best to get a game.

  17. Yogi,

    Any thoughts as to why United are able to sign their keeper before July 1st?

  18. heard old ferret face ferguson was going to try for CESE and Nasri by breaking aw will.. mind games galore from the master himself… LOL

  19. tnx guys, but i thought they couldn’t sign before the window opened. anywho s couple of days is nohair off my back. just curious.

  20. Has he officially signed then?? The European transfer window opened on June 1st, but I didn’t think English clubs could make signings until after 1st July..?

  21. @fungooner
    so sorry about your ROGER

  22. that is right geo, he is a manure

  23. Geo,
    I’m not sure what officially signed means, but the BBC confirms he’s been signed

  24. something ain’t right here, we have been waiting all this time, for NOTHING. SIGNIN.GS CAN BE MADE.its that or the macs are bending the rules again LOL

  25. Jabba's delights

    Nasri either signs a new contract or he will be sold its as simple as that. Our manager has stated he wont allow another Flamini situation to develope.

    What i find frustrating is that wouldnt the best way of keeping Nasri and Cesc happy be to go out and make some good signings of our own, to signal our intent for next year.

    As it is pre season starts next at the begining of next week and we will have the same squad that capitualted so horrendously last year only this time certain players have declared they want to leave. Its not exactly master motivating to a group is it. Frank can go on all he wants about the fans not helping the players raise their game, what about the management not helping the fans or players?

    We fly to Asia the next weekend, and if we go there with the Cesc and Nasri situations still hanging over our heads and no new signings its utterly embarrasing for us. What away to announce yourself to a new market!

    I cant believe pre season is about to start and nothing has been done, who negotiates with potential signings or sales while we are in Asia….its not good enough so far!

  26. Aman
    I hope wee meet them in the CL final too.
    If we had been the ones that played them in this years final, I really think we would have won it, assuming the refs allow it of course (although officiating in the final was quite fair I thought, it was biased in favour of United at some point even).

  27. Erm, i thought it meant that he’s actually signed, he is at the club, not just speculation, medical completed, officially a member of Man U’s squad list, not just a Wikipedia edit… No?

    Maybe they can confirm the day before the window opens? YW – care to shed some light if you know?

  28. Jabba – don’t worry man, things will be going on in the background. Under the radar, that’s how we roll… Expect some signings by the end of next week I reckon. Pure guesswork, but wait and see I suppose.

  29. As I posted yesterday all the headlines report that United have announced the signing but within the article they concede that it can’t be made official until Friday.

    It must be strategy on United’s part. I know they announced they’d signed Ramsey a few years back only for him to sign for us. And way before that they did the same to Blackburn when they poached Roy Keane despite the fact that he had shaken hands on a deal with Kenny Dalglish. Maybe it makes it harder for De Gea to pull a Robinho now and sign for City at the lsat minute. I don’t know.

  30. Jabba,
    With the way things are going, I don’t think the situation will be resolved before next week, I don’t think it will affect us like you think.The controversy might actually help increase our profile during the tour.

    Be patient. You’ll get your signings…

  31. Is there any truth to the rumours that we are set to sign Jeremie Aliadiere after he impressed at the tail end of last year?

  32. alzation/yogi,
    thanks for the reply.Interesting that a staggered payment which is the norm could greatly adjust the original fee with a volatile Euro of up to 20% either way.

  33. Jabba's delights


    Its not good publicity though is it. We are already behind our rivals in Asia, we need to go over there all guns blazing and excite potential new fans. Times change good old conservative arsenal might hold some sway in england and europe but it means nothing over there. We must adapt.

    Next week i want players training and getting fit. I want our manager training them. To not have new signings by pre season is obvioulsy not beneficial but it happens i get that. We more than any club need to be sorted earlier than others due to our utterly crucal cl qualifiers.

    If players are signed and then have to travel immediately to asia, when they get back they have to sort out housing, none of this is condusive to having your eye on the ball and training as hard as you can. In a season as crucial as this, a club as divided as ours why has anything been left to chance.

    I know we work behinf the scenes but its almost impossibe to keep everythign uder wraps these days. We need to be moving faster any way you dice it.

  34. just what are the alternatives to nasri? ie people who are going to come in and make an immediate impact? also alternatives need to have deals agreed for them which is something we are incapable of doing as we quibble over the final fees. i’ll eat my hat if we announce any signing tomorrow – the day the euro transfer window opens. we are fucking laughable.

  35. Personally, I don’t even think we desperately need anyone for the CL qualifiers. We always start the season well, and providing we still have Clichy, Nasri and Cesc, we shouldn’t have a problem.

    That aside, I do totally understand your concerns Jabba, and agree that the earlier we sign people, the better – that much is obvious, for morale, allowing players to gel, settle etc.

    However, it won’t be the end of the world if it takes a little longer to find the right players and make all necessary agreements. Either way, we know this squad is capable of at least 6 months of championship winning football… Reinforcements are more crucial for us to sustain that form, rather than kick start it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as keen as anyone else for a couple of signings, but there’s no need to panic at this point.

  36. Henristic

    They’ve signed him but the transfer doesn’t officially happen until July 1st. Until that point, he is still an Atletico de Madrid player.


  37. Thanks YW, that’s what I thought.

  38. Its just not the way we roll Jabba.
    We are a prudent club, and will always lean towards maximising financial benefit. Financial priorities trump the need for bedding players early and so on. We don’t need new players to win the CL qualifiers.

    The transfer window ends Aug 31st I believe, and that’s the date that counts for arsenal.

  39. Thanks Yogi,

  40. Jabba's delights


    I completely agree its not utterly crucial for everything to be sorted, but it would have been much better if it had, so that to me that is our front office and management already not having the best of sumemrs that they could have had.

    cl qualifiers are harder now. We havent won away in europe since celtic 2 years ago. Last year finished awfully with morale in the stands and on the pitch at a huge low, what has been done to improve that.

    I think we need at least 3 starting quality players before we even think about Clichy. Nasri or Cesc going. If we are struggling to match our targets players prices what better way to get more money than to sell some very sellable assets who want to leave. How hard can it be to find a suitor for Denilson, Bendtner and a few others. These are good players with upside for many clubs.

    If we had Gervinho, Cahill and another attacker/striker added to some talented youth i would be supremely confident about challenging on all fornts next year

  41. That’s fair enough Jabba. We shall see. I think we’ll have at least 2 signings before the CL games anyway. You are right though from a PR point of view, signalling intent and all that. It’s just not as big a calamity as many would have you believe.

  42. French TV reporting that Clichy to Manchester City has been finalised. I’ll wait until its on before I entirely believe it. So that will be in about three weeks time…

  43. Fuck me the hacks are on overdive today! We have Sky Sports News headlines about Villas0Boas and what do they say, in the headline piece; Vnew chelsea manager doesnt care that Wenger has been critical of their spending! And when I waited to see AVB’s comments, he was unbelievably respectful and intelligent, way too intelligent for the lazy journo’s we have in this country!

    And the good old Daily Fail with their now annual Arsenal exodus headlines and Nasri off to United in the Torygraph etc etc.

    I highly recommend deleting Newsnow from your favourites bar. Just avoid the whole thing, if you can! I know its difficult, but thats what I am going to try to do. I am getting bored emailing all these twats and giving em a piece of my mind! I aint got that much to spare!

    BTW; Goonerwife; For god sake I love your comment every day!!! 😀

    Good day all.

    Up the Arse

  44. Oh and I forgot that Milan president says they aint in for Cesc because he is going to another club. Well, thats one way of pretending to your club’s fans that you were ever in for him I suppose. Pfffft!


  45. I have a love hate relationship with this transfer window things were easier when we had no such restrictions.

    And it has to be said we need to be more proactive in fire fighting the media because this is damaging.

    I just feel like giving someone a good shake.

  46. Clichy to Mancity. Really?

  47. Haven’t Citeh spent around £30-40 mil on left sided defenders already in the last season or 2? Ridiculous, if this is true of course.

  48. Henristic geo

    Certainly not the end of the world if we don’t sign players until the end of august but I really thought we would do things differently this summer. He idea that we can do things under the radar is probably wishful thinking in today’s world. Why would the players agent not leak the news? The concern is in the end this year will end up similar to last years GK fiasco and we end up with no one. Unfortunately that has been business as usual
    THe cesc thing will go on all summer no doubt. However the nasri and clichy situations make no sense. If either ’twas going to sign what are they waiting for? Contract negotiations can not be that difficult. What is the club waiting for? They must know how much they are willing to offer and the players have all the leverage. Does he club really think that the players will cave in if we hold out long enough? Past History proves that does not happen. Oh well just have to wait and see

  49. what does everyone reckon is going on with Nasri? I’ve taught myself to ignore cesc stories and any headlines about him no longer affect me, however hadn’t psychologically prepared myself for this Nasri situation. My brain tells me its all nonsense, that he’s being a flirt and using scaremongering tactics to get a better deal, however I’m not sure whether ignoring all the reports is sensible, or whether its the equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and going ‘NANANANANANANANA’

  50. I hope if Clichy leaves it will be for a club abroad. We don’t need to strengthen Citeh further after selling them a pretty fine CB in Kolo Toure.

  51. @ Geo – 11:38 am
    ‘my understanding’

    If Arsenal win their CL qualifier, then players who played could be still be sold as the transfer window does not close until Aug 31st, but they would be CL cup tied and unable to play for their new club. A big deal for the buying clubs if the players are Clichy – Cesc – Nasri.

    If Arsenal lose their CL qualifier, then same players would not be cup tied.

    The dust will start settling by this time next week.

  52. I posted the Transfer window rules yesterday on Yogis forum.

    In England, the TW starts at the endof the season till 31s aug, any english players can be bought ans sold to english clubs.

    Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Scotlands TW doesn’t start till 1st July till 31st aug.

    The wording of the rule about transfers between countries is this;

    “The Transfer window of the association that the player is leaving does not have to be open”

    Basically means that from the end of the English season ie: 31 May, english clubs can sign players from other countries.
    But associations where the TW doesn’t start till 1st July, cannot sign players till that date.
    Perhaps this is why we have heard nothing concrete about Bendtner, Denilson etc.

  53. arsesession – aren’t they cup tied whether we progress or not? isn’t it just a matter of having appeared in the competition for a club which leads to them being cup-tied

  54. Jabba's delights

    City are a joke how much to they want to spend on a left backs.

    Best place for him to go from our stand point cash wise.

    We 100% need a left back as well then now, which brings us back to that debate a week or 2 ago……who?

  55. jabberwocky

    Nasri has a money hungry agent. Hes keeping his options open to give him a bit more bargaining power in the contract negotiations. I doubt Nasri ever considered leaving. He looks like he loves playing football at the Emirates, he has a great amount of support from the fans too. It just doesn’t make sense for me if he left (in terms of his career), then again I wouldn’t have thought Hleb would have opted out.

  56. Thanks for that Northbank!

  57. I agree with chrisgoona. Selling Clichy to Mancity isn’t very smart.

  58. Selling Gael at all is not very smart.

  59. The thing that is pissing me off about the Nasri thing is that we don’t know why he is not re-signing. If it’s just for money and he is holding them to ransom, then as far as I am concerned he can fuck off. However, if it is something more, like telling Wenger he saw weaknesses in the side last season and won’t sign till he knows that they have signed to strengthen, then that’s another matter.

    With Cesc, I’d say get the price we want and let him go. Unless of course he is doing the same as Nasri, re: strengthening the side.

    Clichy we can let go, we have Gibbs, and also, if Bartley doesn’t go out on loan again, am I right in believing he can play at left back. And then there’s the new kiddy, Jenkinson.

    Or Wenger could try to get Baines.

    But the money being offered for Clichy is a joke… he’s got to be worth more than 5-8 mil

  60. The other thing I’m aware of, in answer to someone above, is if no other team makes an offer for Denilson, Arsenal can buy him out of his contract and just let him go as a free agent. Means they have to spend money to get rid of him, but if he stays and doesn’t play, they still have to pay his wages. Swings and rounderbouts.

  61. Jabba's delights

    Clichy has a had a contrart on the table and hasnt signed it. He isnt being forced out.

    Lets not debate again we know there are two different parties here. On one side some think he is brilliant on the other people think he is good with weakneses and there could be better out there.

    Either way if he is leaving he is leaving and we need to find a very good left back.

  62. chrisgoona – that’s what i’ve thought all along and keep telling people, however for some reason the headlines today and yesterday managed to weasle through my bullshit-repelling armour and was wondering whether i was being foolish to still be convinced he’ll sign.

    cant wait for that day, can start looking towards next season with confidence again and will stop United-supporting colleague from coming up to my desk each day and grinning toothily at me about nasri and cantona. ugh they make me sick.

  63. @ JW – 12:21

    yes, like our situation when we bought Arshavin.

    however, its my understanding that this knock out match (in August) has different parameters…..loser goes directly into UEFA competition.

    again, my understand…

  64. BTW

    “Only 45 days to go before the game at Newcastle”

  65. Thanks dexter! you are not so bad yourself!

  66. Arsesession –

    If players are cup tied either by going through or not, that actually plays in to our hands then re Cesc/Nasri/Clichy leaving (if they haven’t by then) as teams would be far less willing to buy. It would also hinder potential targets for us, but only if they are playing for a club that needs to qualify for Champs League. So not too bad really. No need for people to get stressed about it. There’s still 2 months left in the window.

  67. Just looking on the bright side by the way, I totally understand the benefits of doing things early, and hope we do.

  68. Nasri and clichy both have all the leverage. The club is the one that will have to cave in. If they are going to do that then why wait. I hate the fact each time we go thru something like this it makes us feel more and more like a small club trying to pinch pennies. This can’t be helping the morale of our players. They want to play for ” big clubs” just as much as the fans want to cheer for them. Players like ozil who was sold for a true bargain price last year don’t even consider us as a possible destination. Afobe flirted with barca last year. We were clearly one of the top dogs in the world in 2004. Call me a doomer but we keep falling lower on the food chain. Worrying times.

  69. jabba’s right but add to it that arsenal don’t have a strong negotiatin arm coz of multiple combined factors like outgoing players,poor PR,cesc’s situation directly affects on pitch matters,we r no longer considered a title contender within and beyond till the team is sufficiently strengthened,deadwood players need new clubs plus so much mo other stuff…i was personally hoping we sign a real quality player in whatever position,a team has to have one component that’s extremely better than others…ctors like outgoing players,poor PR,cesc’s situation directly affects on pitch matters,we r no longer considered a title contender within and beyond till the team is sufficiently strengthened,deadwood players need new clubs plus so much mo other stuff…i was personally hoping we sign a real quality player in whatever position,a team has to have one component that’s extremely better than others…

  70. Bill, not too worrying really. We aren’t a small club trying to pinch pennies, we are a big club, doing things in a sensible way. We wont make any signings of £25mil + while Wenger’s here, as he knows there are much cheaper and just as effective players out there, abeilt with not the huge reputation that ‘warrants’ the huge fees. Look at Sagna as a perfect example of this. He hasn’t lost his touch, nor have our scouts, so those twats wanting more than the £100,000 per week or whatever that we offer them, can fuck off somewhere else if you ask me. These guys have been millionaires for years, a lot of them from the age of 22, so greediness doesn’t even come close to describing these people. I would rather we had players that are coming here for the love of our club, our football and overall ethos at Arsenal. I hope the Nasri and Clichy situations are purely of their agent’s designs…

  71. Bill, I disagree. We offer players wage increases based on perfomance. Cesc and Van Persie are on big money, deservedly so. You can’t throw money at players based on their potential. Where is the motivation in that? We’ll offer Nasri (for Nasri read ‘Nasri’s agent’) an improved deal but if he wants to fuck around he can fuck around somewhere else.

    My feeling is that he’ll stay. As someone else said our players seem to enjoy their football with us, why would they go elsewhere for slightly more money and the possibility of sitting on a bench.

  72. You know its bad times in Footy when even the fans think the unfinished article(nasri) is wort alteast 110k a week, and are starting to say ” we should have paied ACole, he was right in demanding so much money”.
    How sick is that???

  73. I think we saw how much big money motivated Adebayor, did we?

  74. Could be worse.
    Could be paying Ledley King + Woodgate +100,000 p/w,
    Could be paying some highly amused lawyer types to take Boris, the IOC and the rest to court.

    Nah. The Chav$ will end up in Webberly way before these eeedjiots.

  75. come on ACLFers – i’m bored and the discussion is far too slow. not that i want the usual debates to be reignited, just something to read…

  76. no player should be condoned of holding the gun to the clubs head. Nasris deadline is end of HiNe and the ball has been in his( slimmy agents) court all month. so least we will know that one resolved soon.
    aw will not sell Gael to any of our closest rivals, period. so if no one else approaches us with good money , that situation will also sort out. ill still miss him if he leaves and hope it doesn’t happen.
    BARKA have the moves to make as far as CESE. he won’t go on strike. loves ARSENAL and AW TOO MUCH TO STAB IN THE BACK. if they offer 55-70 mil, they get a fantastic player for many years. they just think ARSENAL IS facing a crisis a wish to fish muddy waters. they are buying their time so that ARSENAL will blink.
    until, these three situations are sorted we Cant announce any major signings in the positions they play in. simple as that. we would be redundant. NIK and Deni haven’t found any takers for the price, and its very possible they don’t. also possible that they will join the preseason training with the team, which will be awkward to say the least seeing the waves they have made with their comments and desire to play elsewhere.
    taking into account the 25 man rule, our hands are tied so to speak regarding new players coming in.
    also ,any player playing in cl games for one team is cup tied if he moves to another team that is also in cl.
    @ markus
    yes that RAMSEY saga was a huge pie in manures face a few years back. brought a smile to my face. although, they kind of got even by getting smallings to sign for them even though we had shown interest.
    ALSO, I’m with frank to get a footballing man in the mold of DD to be a connex tion with the team and on the field happenings. not DD MIND YOU. someone with like abilities to help with AW. like always, seems like AW us the one holding the ship on course.
    stormy waters this tear…. 🙂

  77. the one player we can possibly go for at a good rate too would be ARTURO VIDAL. from what i have gathered, one hell of a player. hay geroge, hope you are well friend..

  78. god damn these new snat phones. they type what they want. sorry all for all the typos. gooners

  79. Geo @ 12:55

    Absolutely right.

  80. re: Nasri
    I remember the same rumblings from Ade. Then the club hiked his pay up to $80k / week.
    This was after his 30 goal season and majority would have supported the salary adjustment.

    Then the next summer, the rumblings started again (from Ade) and he was jettisoned.

    I don’t believe Arsenal will ever pay the money that Nasri thinks he deserves. Give him 100k – 120k/ week. If he produces for a full season, the issue of his value will only re-surface.

    At least thats my take.

  81. @ evil
    just now read your post of 1:51 – hope you didn’t mind my embellishment.

  82. spot on.. even if he stays ill be looking at him differently than in the past. he is being advised by money hungry slim bags…

  83. as talented as he is ,he will become a rich vagabond if he goes Adys way. never realt reaching his full potential..

  84. and someone plz. kill this BARTON connection. that’s one player who wont have my support from day one.. shit for brains, that one.

  85. Geo | June 30, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Well put there, I couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t want a player in our ranks who is simply looking for a club that pays him the most.

    I love hearing the comments from Wenger’s signings when they arrive, they all seem to be honored and privileged to be playing for a club of Arsenal’s stature, not grinning over their big signing on fee…

  86. YW
    Maybe Sandro Rossell doesn’t need to phone Ivan Gazidisto talk to him as I read yesterday that they occasionally lunch together!
    When the Cesc deal does happen then I just hope that Gazidis goes along as part of the deal as he seems fuck-all use to us.

  87. People have been using this quote from Cesc to a negative effect:

    “I’m calm and optimistic. I got nothing to say and there’s nothing I can speak of. If something happens… it’s because it has to happen. If a player is in the market it is because his club doesn’t want him. I have no problems over that.”

    Personally, I read that as:

    “I have not been transfer listed, so I am still wanted, and have no problems with that.”

    Am I looking at this the right way? Or is he saying that he doesn’t feel wanted? Damn these quotes out of context…

  88. Yeah, that’s the thing Chris. Most of the time, we buy players that have been long-term admirers of the club and/or Wenger, and are itching to go and honoured to play for us as you say.

  89. if something happens, its because it had to happen.
    there it is…..

  90. I agree with Ras @ 8:57 am.

  91. Jabba's delights


    Every quote that actually comes out of Cesc mouth shows the class of the guy.

    Yes he wants to go to Barcelona and who could blame him, its his home town club, they are considered one of the best teams ever and all his best mates are there.

    However he has stated repeatedly that he loves arsenal, he has grown up in our system, the team has been built around him and we offer him a great level of football where he is the fulcrum

    This is actually the same sitaution as last summer and i can see it having the exact same outcome.

    For me Nasri is off. We will have offered him what we can and unless Barca stump up the cash for Cesc we wont break our structure. Losing Samir is obviously a blow and would hate him to go to a domstic rival but as long as Arsene can then find at least 2 wingers who can come in and contribute 15-20 goals and the same amount of assists put together i see no drop off and most importantly we will have improved, which is what we needed to do.

  92. I wonder how many people will have this guy’s name on the back of their shirt. I know I would.

  93. That’s what i thought JD, it just annoys me that the papers are putting in this quote and saying that this means he’s unhappy because he’s on the market… I still think Nasri will stay. Just a feelin in me bones.

  94. Looks as though Gervino isn’t a done deal yet as L’equipe is reporting that negotiations slowed down yesterday because Arsenal are offering 8 million euros up front and Lille are after 10 million.

  95. I see what you mean, Geo. That quote is a media wet dream, very open to interpretation. Of course it’s saying nothing at all really, but to them they can make it imply whatever they like.

  96. “Lookit yeah… Ahl do ya deal, yeah? 8 mill, cash, right here, right now, yeah? Done deal, yeah? BishBashBosh. Shake my hand, jobs done, yeah? Yeah? Shake it… SHAKE IT”
    Ivan Gazidis, June 2011

  97. That’s it Markus. I feel for Cesc, I really do. Having to keep saying the same things, without trying to offend Barca, and without disrespecting Arsenal. It must be so annoying for him, much more than it is for us. But at least he knows more than we do, so doesn’t have to guess and fill in the gaps as much. Leave that to the public and the media!

  98. Off to a festival for the sunny weekend ahead 🙂 have a good one all

  99. Don’t think Nasri will leave, the Man U link is absolute speculative bullshit to me. Once the Gervino signing is in place and the other impending signings he will stay.

  100. Jabba's delights


    The funniest thing is, i imagine thats exactly how DD would have tried to put it a few years ago.

    Incredibly frustrating if is what we are haggling over.

  101. Still a long, long way to go.

    If we are after players I’m not really bothered whether they arrive now or some time in July.

  102. george rodger

    pfttt 2 million ,whats that? nothing ,small change .Friday night out money that is.

    2 milion Euros is a huge big wedge.Well worth haggling over I would say.

  103. I’m with you on that OOU. No need to get all “FFS Wenger the transfer window is almost open and you still haven’t signed anyone!!!”

  104. I hear that George. 2 million is definitely worth haggling. The board needs that extra money to buy all it’s member shiny new Bentleys!

  105. That’s not to say I’m above all the hysteria, William. Just that it’s way too early to panic.

  106. george rodger

    So basically Barca are valuing Cesc the same as Yaya .

    I cant think of a single player we could buy that even comes close to El Cappy.

    The Barca Board should to locked in a room with Luke and Jabba .See how they like that 🙂

  107. Reading stories everyday about how our best players are leaving the club is always going to create a little bit of hysteria, but we must be strong willed and not let the media play their games with us.

  108. This Arsenal board are tighter then a ducks arse. i bet that pen is as heavy as fuck when they have to write a cheque out. just fukin cough up the money for gods sake..£14m is cheap for one of the best players in france. cant elp themselves can they

  109. Jabba's delights


    Thats a great idea, there will be some bumps and bruises upon leaving but we will see eye to eye come the end. Hope they ahve free sandwiches in the boadroom as well.


    Your absolutely right its not panic central yet, but it would have been preferable to have got some business done before pre season due lift morale in the squad and terraces. As pointed out earlier we are off to asia soon and going out there with some good new signings would also help promote us. Also all out best negotators will be in asia as well so will be hard to get business done.

  110. george rodger

    I would not mind a night out with you Duke.I would never have to buy a round .Egh £14 million is fuck all.You must be minted mate.

  111. Jabba's delights

    sky says

    nasri and clichy close to going to city

  112. george rodger

    Jabba ,you could Prop.forward the shit out of them 🙂
    They don’t like arguing with a big bloke in Spain.They would just throw themselves on the floor.

  113. Here’s a new chant for next season;

    “Is there a fire sale
    Is there a fire sale….”

  114. Doubtful whether what you say about negotiators is true, JA; I’m sure we’re more flexible than that.

    That rest may have a grain of truth, but it won’t count for much, from a pure footballing perspective, if any new players go on that tour.

  115. JD, I meant!

  116. Jabba

    Just like with Cesc last season, when Sky proclaimed Cesc had been sold to barca. They have now changed their story ever so slightly.

    It now says City are INTERESTED in Nasri…..”

  117. george rodger

    Oh I am not having that.
    Arsene said he would not sell Nasri to United so why would he let him go to City?
    How many players are City going to squeeze into a 25 man squad?

  118. Me = Marsellus Wallace

    Rossell = Zed

  119. Its changed again!

    City are close to signing Clichy, and have an interest in Nasri.

    I bet that when this shit settles, Clichy is a City player, while nasri wont be.

  120. george rodger

    Dexter that is funny.Who did you steal it off? 🙂 🙂

  121. Luke

    So you up for a liitle bum action before you get medieval on Sandro’s ass then mate? 😀

  122. Ah – beat me to it, Dex!!

  123. george rodger

    Will Gael kick RVP in the face though?

  124. Nasri offered £180k a week. If its down to money, we obviously have no fucking chance and I dont want to believe Nasri is that mercenary. But with footballers, you just never know.

    George, you cheeky sod! Its all my own work

  125. george rodger

    Can I be Butch then?
    oh ar misses.

  126. george rodger

    If he goes to city he will be the new Ade,
    Half a season and Arab bound,
    On loan to another club by Xmas

  127. Markus geo

    I would suspect the club has made them both several offers over he last year and if the Players were willing to meet the club in the middle it would have already happened. In recent years when things have gone this far the player has left. Flamini and gallas the most recent examples. The club is going to have to give in. If hey are sold I hope they go outside England

    If everything we hear and read is true then we already pay over the market rate for potential. The idea was to keep away the poachers but now it’s making it hard to find takers for players like NB or denilson. For the sake of the players careers and the clubs wage overload we really need to move alot of the players who will never have an impact on the club such as watt sunu Traore eastmond etc etc but their wages are higher then the market for players of their caliber so they are difficult to move and they stay with us until their contracts run out.

  128. george rodger

    I have just seen this

    “Enrique, rated by the BBC at £15 million, has starred for Newcastle this season, and with the Toon undergoing a mass exodus, rumours of an exit for the Spaniard are rife.”

    So are the BBC some sort of valuers for footballers?
    I give up!

  129. City are prepared to buy simply to weaken their rivals. Anyone they sign is more than likely to go out on loan for the year because they have no room in the 25-man squad.

    Nobody is going to City unless they know for sure they will be replacing an established player, and City haven’t sold anyone.

    You’d have to be an absolute greedy fucker to take better wages and an unknown future over the best deal Arsene can offer.

  130. Nasri rumours are a by-product of he & Clichy having the same agent. SSN is a muck-raking outfit who aren’t actually fit to shovel the shit that they peddle.

    But the abuse being dished out on Twitter is fucking unreal. Genuinely.


  131. george rodger

    Twitter is a bad thing given the volatile nature of some fans.

  132. too funny you guys, specialy george. .. AW is neither stupid nor suicidal… CESE maybe to BARKA for the right price.50-75mil
    the other two out of country, if they reallyreally want to leave.
    AW won’t blink.

  133. Markus

    They are copying the chav early model;

    Sign players are big money, then load them out when it becomes clear they cant all play! Then they will be loaned out, with City paying most of the wages too, until the contract runs down.

    IF Nasri were to go, it would be because of the huge money he had been offered and even though innitially I was angry at the board (our board) there is no way we can go to that level, so they dont deserve the bile this time!

    But I still think Nasri wont go there. I remember coming in from work about this time last summer to be told by SSN that Cesc was a done deal. They even had interviews with Gooners outside the Grove! They were all going “I cant believe he’s gone, its terrible!”

  134. george rodger

    YW where are you seeing the twitter stuff?

  135. ha Dexter – methaphorically, yes.

    Rossell bums me with a derisory offer for Cesc. I bring round a few hard pipe hitters and be done with it!

  136. george rodger

    Dexter .WTF you work?
    I think you dreampt that mate(have I made up that word ,dreampt?)

  137. Nothing good will come of this tweeting business, mark my words.

  138. george rodger

    Erm, on Twitter?


  139. george rodger

    Frank,It just gives the Boo boys a louder voice.

  140. If City have offered Nasri £180/week they have clearly broken prem league rules as he is still under contract to us! So unless we have agreed he talk to City (or any other club) nobody can be closing in the deal etc.But it make a few headlines, why bother with proper journalism.

    More worrying are Arsene’s comments that thigs won’t get moving until late July and that is the time to really strengthen.
    By the time any re-inforcements come in and are ready to play we could be out of the champions league and the title race.
    You cannot win the league before Christmas, but at times we seem to lose it in July!

  141. Frank

    It is unbelievable how some people react to gossip – a very touching and hilarious insight into the human character. These people are seriously mad. As Hatters.


  142. Luke; Sandro must have a 2 inch knob then if his offers for Cesc are bum action! 😀

    I think SSN should be renamed Lie Sports News.


    Well, when I say work, I mean a visit to the bookies

  143. What is this about 180k wages? Is that an “official” (see-bullshit) offer from Man City?

  144. Although Lee Dixon’s tweet summed matters up nicely,

    If you don’t want to wear the cannon then please leave with dignity and @@@@ off

  145. Yogi I agree with you. Some fans need to show a little bit of character rather then going haywire because of a internet story that is 95% likely to be a lie.

  146. Dixon is such a good lad.

  147. Certainly an interesting phenomenon. If i was a footballer or other person of note, I would’nt touch twitter with a bargepole. Just opening yourself up to abuse by every tom, dick and harry. And of course very embarassing when you spurt 140 characters of ejaculate when not of sound mind.

  148. ahh….. the power of “F8ck Off”

  149. george rodger

    How much could we sell him to the Arabs for?
    It might be worth it!!!

  150. i vote for dexter and geogr on Twitter to combat… hell, they will have all shut in no time… LOL…. AW comments? midd. july. exactly when he will have a fuller picture as to who is leaving for certain, and who wants to wear the CANON

  151. I have big Manc acquaintances, (never quite friends are they?), who are convinced that Samir Nasri is on his way to their club. One big Manc believes that Cesc is in the bag. Two little Mancs think that Gael has already signed for them. All of this becuase Arsenal and the players concerned have not responded to the rumours. It beggars belief and it just gets worse and worse. Humanity is truly doomed….most people are so willingly gullible

  152. then the reinforcement to be signed.
    most negotiators/deal makers will be on the plane to the far east, me thinks. why would they miss an opportunity like that..


  154. Is “exodus” really the appropriate word for three millionaires potentially switching jobs?

  155. george rodger

    Kamran,its not the Arsenal way.We are above all that nonsense.We only make statements when a written offer is received,(see how I used “we”as if I am official)

  156. I have had a vison, or rather one close to me has had a vision. The next few days will be magical for Arsenal.,

  157. I have had SSN on since 5pm and the change in their story is hilarious! From Nasri signing for Citeh, they quickly changed their tune to City have a strong interest in him. A bit more than a slight tweak there, more a humoungous change and a different story altogether. I am sure there are a lot of clubs with a strong interest in a lot of players. Quite. meaningless really.

    Can’t wait to see what they’ll be saying come 8pm!

  158. i see, there is a lot of people out there going aor shit because they don’t know how ARSENAL works. lol.. tnx mate

  159. He just wandered in from having spent 40 days and 40 nights on some wasteland behind our caravan. It was horrible, no food, no drink and demons tried to convert him into a Manc supporter. Then he saw it…magical Arsenal stuff.

  160. well, if one crap doesn’t stick they gotta change the texture some and try again. meanwhile they got viewers glued.. genious basterds, really

  161. kamran

    Yep, and it has changed AGAIN! Now United and City are interested in nasri. So, we are back to simple transfer rumours, no different to the tabloids.

  162. @ frank.
    no not really.. its just that these days not even the board or the players nor a section of the fans are doing it the ARSENAL WAY. hope you are right about the magical week though..

  163. since 78, i haunt seen this much drama in a single year..

  164. Let us wait and see, Kamran. Hold onto yourself and those close to you. This is going to be big.

  165. george rodger

    Last year we had the “fans”(I spat that out,if you get my drift) going ape shit demanding that they were informed what was what.Even claiming that they were being “disrespected”by the club.
    And then………………………
    As soon as Barca made an official approach,it was immediately and publicly rebuffed.
    And that was exactly how it should have been.Pure Arsenal ,quiet class

  166. Bill: “Nasri and clichy both have all the leverage. The club is the one that will have to cave in. If they are going to do that then why wait. I hate the fact each time we go thru something like this it makes us feel more and more like a small club trying to pinch pennies. This can’t be helping the morale of our players. They want to play for ” big clubs” just as much as the fans want to cheer for them. Players like ozil who was sold for a true bargain price last year don’t even consider us as a possible destination. Afobe flirted with barca last year. We were clearly one of the top dogs in the world in 2004. Call me a doomer but we keep falling lower on the food chain. Worrying times.”

    This is so fucking stupid, Bill. Just because the club doesn’t throw around money like RM, City, Chelsea and Manure doesn’t mean we’re a small club pinching pennies. Why the hell should these players get raises when they’re not the finnished product just yet? If they win something, then they’ll be rewarded. If other clubs are stupid enough to throw millions at them it says more about them than it does about us.

    With regards to Ozil, he went to Madrid because he wanted to go. This being said, he is out of favor with Mourinho. He is looking less like the emerging great everyone thought he was and more like a flash in the pan.

    Don’t you think that Barca flirted with Afobe because we repeatedly take their best youngsters?

  167. george rodger

    Mourinho has got no where near enough abuse of late.

  168. ssn leaving a dangling rumour carrott dangling by every now and then mentioning the words Clichy off to City Nasri off aswell……yep reeled me in coz im still watching!!! cunts. mmmaaaaa.

  169. If Nasri wants to go to either City or Utd he will have to wait in a dark room till next year.

  170. Dont worry everyone we will still be top…………………………..

    When it comes to the highest ticket prices in the world

    When it comes to making profits(isnt that whats football is all about)

    See you at the town hall for the parade of our cheque book

    Oh well we will still will the Emirates cup

  171. Probably rubbish rumour anyway, but I’d rather like Barton in the squad. He can play, he’s a scary bastard and he seems to have grown up. Bring him on for games against Stoke and the like.

  172. Tom, you are petty..

  173. Gains;

    True mate. Because we do not pay players £150k a week, that doesnt make us a small bleeding club! It just means that players who are only interested in maximising their earning potentials ( a fancy way of saying they are greedy c*nts!) will always be out of our reach. We need to work hard to make sure we dont sign those type in the 1st place!

    Cesc aint one of those type, I hope Nasri and Clichy aint either.


    Mourinho can never get abused enough mate! He is such a warped, morally bankrupt souless chavvy scum bucket.

  174. all will be revealed tomorrow..
    but so far its all been negative PR..

  175. By petty you mean cunty right?

  176. G69

    Cesc Nasri and Clichy are not going to win things as long as we shop at the bargin store.Last summer we signed 3 players was was for free on was for 2m.Thats less than we get in through one match gate reciepts at the Emirates.We are a penny pinching club who when we sign someone we alwas look for their resale value.Two summers ago we sold Greedy and Kolo for £41m.We spent £10m on TV the rest was banked.If we have spent all of it on a quality keeper a cammanding CB and a DM we would have won the title.But sadly Arsenal have become a profits before trophies club.Sir Alex has bought 3 players already to improve a team that won the title.No penny pinching there

  177. george rodger

    Tom ,fuck off back to Le Shite,you cretinous worm

  178. Ponyboy

    Yep, I think I win.

  179. DukeG, you still watching LSN mate?

    Ha! None of the City supporters the Lie Sports reporter has interviewed are impressed about nasri!.

  180. Alright JJ. Hows things man?

  181. Exodus…. Movement of da Gooners

  182. george rodger

    Will someone have a guess at how much City would give us for Nasri?

  183. george rodger

    Dexter.JJ has gone all” Angel”on us.He breezes in and wafts away in a puff of smoke

  184. evening dex.
    not bad mate, just cant do with all these fucked up transfer rumours..
    had to take a pissed me off from day one but as soon as we were linked to barton i just put my laptop down lol..i think it burned my eyes..howve you been handling the summer??

    i think weve got some deals tied up already but i dont like the thought of losing cesc and nasri..i wish id of taken those odds now when we discussed this with george a few week back 😉

    how are you george??..

  185. 25 mil for nasri after man utd match their 20 mil bid ….

  186. Yeah Dexter, because you are in no way Sinister… (shit, that is a poor one!)

  187. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck me this is going to be a looong summer.

  188. JJ

    I know what you mean, it is a bit difficult trawling thru the rubbish on the web. Ive just decided to stop looking at Newsnow. Not sure if the head in the sand technique is a long term way to help tho! But when you consider that 90% of the stuff on there is bollocks, it might be the way to go for now.

  189. Just call me Ambi mate!

  190. george rodger

    JJ ,dont panic Mr. Mannering

    We will not lose them both,Perhaps,Maybe,I hope 🙂

  191. Tom (Twat), we shop at the bargain bin but we did just as well as the big spending clubs. True, Chelsea and City finished above us, but Chelsea fluffed their lines against United when they were oh so close and finished the season with sweet FA to show for it. They also got knocked out of the CL by a team that would eventually get whipped by Barca. A team we beat. The only thing City gained was automatic qualification to the Champions league and the FA cup. Big fucking deal. For what? Half the money Venezuela owes the IMF? With the money they spend they should be winning quadruples every season. We shop at the bargain bin but we find Piccassos and Rembrandts. That’s the big difference. And the only reason why we’ve remained competitive is because of this.

  192. I’d sell Clichy and Nasri to City for £80m. Pay down more of the debt on our stadium and buy a couple of solid replacements at the bargain bin. Maybe N’Zogbia and a left back that is more offensive minded than Clichy. Then sit back and chillax for the rest of the summer.

  193. Maybe even splash for another bargain bin purchase such as the Czech U-21 Shaqri.

    Get it sorted out WENGAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Its Arsenal open season, thats for sure. All the papers write about nowadays is Arsenal. The odd united and city article yeh but it seems the ENTIRE ENGLAND is wrapped up in some kind of Arsenal love hate relationship.

    I conclude that Arsenal must be the most important and intresting club in the country. We are deffinently the biggest club in the world when it comes to media. I dont think any other club gets as much attention as us. Everybody writes about us. If we were called Arsenal RedBull our sponsors would get so much free publicity.

  195. yeah dex its defo short term solution..
    the club will be active soon though

  196. @ dexter
    CESE and Gael are DEFINATLY not the type.. Nasri, couldn’t tell you. hasn’t been with us long enough

  197. First comment in a long time…the close season has followed an expected path..almost all of our first team are leaving..Arsenal are in crisis..the entire team is fed up with our trophylessness..everyone else is buying..nobody wants to sign for us…at this rate relegation is not far off…wengers got to go…blah blah blah…..

    Utter Shyte..we are strong financially..we dont have to sell..we probably wont..we will buy..A lot of hard will go into rectifying the defensive errors of last season..and we will be good to go next season..again challenging on all 4 fronts..maybe a little bit of the “luck of champions” and we might just have a couple of trophies too..

    Any idea how much a bit of Man united luck costs? 😀 thats the one transfer we need

    Always keeping the faith..Up the Arsenal!!!

  198. @ kamran
    Thanks for the sympathy – I am still in shock! That plus Clichy apparently signing for Man City means today is a very bad day.

  199. Dex,

    Yep saw that , fukin ungrateful wancs…well i suppose they have been spoilt with the likes of Barry n Milner.

  200. Hopefully we will have some good news on the horizon tommorw…………….

    maybe Murray will get knocked out.

  201. Phillipe Auclaire claims we’ve signed Gervinho and the announcement if forthcoming.

  202. Arsenal have always been the talk of the town, the obssession is very strange. They keep selling our players and make transfer requests, create stories on paper. Lately they have sold Cesc to Barcelona for 35 millions its a done deal according to them and they’ve decided to sell Nasri to city instead of United. Ok there might be some truth in it but until it is oficially confirmed then it is all talk. People moan and moan about lack of signings, they forgot the european transfer window opens tomorrow. Wenger is working hard to get deals done he just doesn’t open his gob to every hack in the town.

    As for Nasri I can’t see him doing a dirty on us. when he was at Marseille he had one year left on his contract, Arsenal came in for him but he decided to extend his contract so that Marseille don’t lose out and Arsenal had to pay the full price. I don’t know, it is my gut feeling. he will not let Wenger and the fans down, We’ve been good to him and I can’t see why would he do a terrible thing and go to the likes of united for peanuts or worst go for nothing next seaon I just can’t see it.Having said that the club need to do their part to keep him. With the likes of City dangling wads of money in front of everry decent player it will tough.

    Every year we are written off to not even finish in the top 4, before the ball is kicked . this season is the exact same thing. we survived many, many departures, I’m talking huge players Anelka, Henry, Bergkamp, Viera Adams, Pires and the like. we will fight at the top regardless who is leaving. They might just end warming the bench elsewhere anyway.

  203. @ fungooner
    ROGER WILL BE BACK NEXT TOURNAMENT. just like ARSENAL the mojo goes in cycles. still if the worst case scenario does come to pass(bite your tounge) and we do lose Gael,CESE and SAMIR i for one will be very emotional. getting tired of seeing the fruit of our labors go down someone else’s fat throut. that said, i don’t think none are going anywhere.. god willing.

  204. nu d by d bes plar pu la tem, fk ces, fk nas, fk clic, weger mus by d bes pur tem no, b dat alva, b dat giv, b dat bain, b dat samb, wengo e d bes, e no d bes, y e no d bes, e r d bes tem n d worl, les win nx seasn 4 d cl an d epl, dats wo we nd.

  205. Well Mata would be a typical arsenal player. clever both on and off the field. He even got a degree on journalism(!).

  206. what a gwaan!?

    “Arsenal have always been the talk of the town, the obssession is very strange.”

    Yes 1Lc, was just thinking that.

    What is funny is that so many claim that Arsenal dont get treated differently, well why isnt there thousands of articles about their blasted team on a dialy basis?

  207. No way either of the Manc arseholes are talking to Clichy or Nasri without AFC permission.
    No way would AFC allow either player to discuss terms unless an asking price had already been agreed.
    No way either club would be so stupid as to tap up Premiership players when they are so obviously in the media spotlight.
    No way Wenger makes formal statements about our transfer strategy to the press without having it properly disclosed on the AFC website.
    If I believed all of the bollox I read in the press at the moment I would slit my wrists because it seems that the team I have supported all my life have suddenly become money grabbing sell outs. Even willing to risk the chance of making the Champions League proper this season for a bit of cash now.
    Really7? In whose wordl? Many may question the football management knowledge of the men in charge at Arsenal, but are we questioning their business knowledge as well? Nobody sells off all of their prize assets on day one just because somebody offers to but them. It would just make me more determined to hold on to them until I could extract full value.

  208. Corrected for IE9 awkwardness:

    No way either of the Manc arseholes are talking to Clichy or Nasri without AFC permission.
    No way would AFC allow either player to discuss terms unless an asking price had already been agreed.
    No way either club would be so stupid as to tap up Premiership players when they are so obviously in the media spotlight.
    No way Wenger makes formal statements about our transfer strategy to the press without having it properly disclosed on the AFC website.
    If I believed all of the bollox I read in the press at the moment I would slit my wrists because it seems that the team I have supported all my life have suddenly become money grabbing sell outs. Even willing to risk the chance of making the Champions League proper this season for a bit of cash now.
    Really? In whose world? Many may question the football management knowledge of the men in charge at Arsenal, but are we questioning their business knowledge as well? Nobody sells off all of their prize assets on day one just because somebody offers to buy them. It would just make me more determined to hold on to them until I could extract full value.

  209. @Fungunner at 10.04pm

    For FS, thats just a blog, they know no more than we do.
    If Denilson doesn’t go I would be shocked. Rosicky is a favorite with Wenger but I’d be surprised if he didn’t go this summer as well.

  210. Anirudh

    Keep the comments coming mate! I agree entirely with your post. I am lost for words thinking back to how our form detoriorated this season when it really mattered. The last good game of football we produced was against Barca at home. Every game after that was just a struggle it seemed. A bit of luck in the final seconds of the CC… maybe Van Persie NOT getting sent off…. such a fine line and it seems all the good work was flushed away very quickly and to the back of everyones minds.

    We will come out flying in august, can’t wait to get all this bollox out the way!

  211. CG, we played some good stuff agaisnt United too!

  212. It’s a blog with quotes from the player. There’s zero sense in trying to usher Rosicky out the door if he wants to say. He did have a tough end to the season – but that puts him in the same boat as all our best players. At his age he’s still got plenty to offer, not least experience, which I thought was meant to be one of the big problems with this squad. If he’s showing form in training then he’s got a part to play.

    And on top of that, I’m just happy to see someone saying the right things for once.

  213. I don’t want Rosicky to go either, he is a quality and experienced player. Problem is numbers and Rosicky’s goals and assists stats were not that great. Wenger hardly used him when it mattered either. My bet is Denilson is off, there are many European clubs who would buy him, I think Bendtner is off too. It is a shame but our system only has room for 1 striker, and unfortunately for Bendtner; Van Persie is the complete striker, plus we have to consider he is young, he has been at the club a while, so naturally he will be frustrated and will want games. We have Chamakh who we recently invested in too who is a similar type of CF. Bendtner will score goals at any club he goes to in my opinion. His injury was cruel and came at a terrible time. Chamakh got the chance and proved himself,

    Almunia, I expect he will want a change of scenery. I feel very sorry for the guy, he had a fantastic season and 2 or 3 up n down seasons. Ideally it would be good to keep him as backup, but the abuse he takes from some of his fans is very cruel. The only other player I see leaving is Clichy, I really hope he decides to stay. His energy, passion for the club, overlapping runs… hes an excellent LB. I don’t think we can replace the guy. Eboue is a good squad player that any club needs, maybe if we got an offer that the player can’t refuse Wenger will propose it to him because hes obviously fallen out of the first team at RB, and at RW to Walcott, Nasri and co.

  214. @ Northbank
    No need to get huffy.

    This is what it says:

    The 30-year-old was rewarded with a new contract at the Emirates in January 2010 even though he had missed a significant portion of the two preceding seasons.

    Speaking to, the former Borussia Dortmund man remarked:

    “I don’t want to go somewhere where I would have it easier and where even the ordinary life would be easier for me. I want to achieve something with Arsenal.

    “On Monday, I am starting pre-season with Arsenal. Before vacation I was speaking with coach Wenger and he told me he counted on my services and that there was no intention of selling me.”

    A close friend of club captain Cesc Fabregas off the field, the midfielder also made clear that he had no idea whether the Spaniard would be staying in London.

    “I was talking to him on the phone recently, but I don’t know,” said Rosicky.

    “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell. I would like to see him stay because he is a good mate as well as an excellent football player.”

    News of Rosicky’s likely stay comes quick off the heels of a statement from the agent of Denilson who hinted his client was also expecting to stay with Arsenal despite publically revealing his intention to leave last month.

    Playing down rumours of a move to AC Milan, representative Gerardo Santiago told Calcio Mercato:

    “Currently there are no negotiations. The only certainty right now is that Denilson will be at training with Arsenal on July 7.

    “With Wenger we often talk about other issues, but we have never touched on the topic of a possible departure for Denilson.”

  215. Paul-N

    Forgotten about that!!.. we were excellent all over the pitch. The result is right in the middle of such a bad patch of form its hard to believe we didn’t get spanked! We clearly have the quality because you don’t beat Barca, United, Chelsea and City and be a crap team. I hope Wenger addresses whatever it may be to ensure we don’t crumble next season. When you show so much promise to fall at the final hurdle, it must kill the confidence badly. We went from titles challengers to champions league qualification in the space of a few weeks.

    I am just so confident in August we will shut everyone up, I just hope the pressure doesn’t get to us again and we last the season.

  216. the game vs. stoke SCUM was the turning point. imo.
    thro and CESE OUT right before the cup final. that said ,the rest of the crew should have taken care of buss.

  217. @ Paul-N

    An Arsenal kit on your little girl. Good man!

  218. The worry with Denilson – and I need to try to say this the right way – is that you can trance his dip in form last season back to around the time that he decided he wanted to leave (around November or December), according to the comments he made recently. That’s a bit of a worry. I mean, compare the way he played against Man City away to West Brom away and it’s a scary drop in performance.

    I like to think that I can appreciate what he brings to a team when he’s on form, but unlike Cesc it looks like he’s no good to us unsettled.

  219. Denilson doesnt deserve to wear our shirt again. Denilson has shown his petulant attitude and if he stays its coz no one else wanted him(pay his over ego wages).

    Rosicky im affraid to say is not the same great player he once was, but you never know, giggs went down hil and was slautered before rising up again so really not too bothered about if he goes or stays but Denilson..well we dont need any wet fishes in camp we need to weed them out.

  220. The Denilson quotes are not unequivocal, as Wenger does not appear to have actually ruled out selling him, just not discussed it, but it does look more likely than not that TR is staying. Apparently he’s had his tonsils out to reduce his susceptibility to the viral infections which he kept contracting last season.

  221. And please let’s not re-start that malarkey from the other day.

  222. I am happy for Rosicky to stay and his comments are what I want to hear from an Arsenal player.

  223. Duke ,what a good point Giggs was being booed about 5 years ago .So yes Rosicky is only 30 should be at his best.He might surprise us.
    People have been quick to forget just how good he was.

  224. Nothing on Clichy’s verified Twitter account (@Clichyofficial) since the Royal Wedding on 29th April. The message about “avoiding disruptions” was on another account with a very similar name (@Clichy_official). The verified account has over 3,000 followers and the other one has about 650.
    As the commentators like to say after producing a quirky stat or factoid…Make of that what you will.

    Good night everyone. Hope for exciting news tomorrow.

  225. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    For YW:

  226. Argh – posted the wrong bloody song (although that one is an excellent cover, and funny, but probably not to everyone’s taste). Meant to post this:

  227. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice one, Big Al.

  228. What’s new for you music-wise, NJN?

  229. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yes. You rule.

  230. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hmmm. Iceage No Joy Audacity Lemonheads Drop Nineteens Les Thugs Dunes Secret Shine The Charlottes is some stuff Ive picked up recently.

    Oh and I’m going to see Animals & Men tonight!!! Super excited about that!

  231. Hey OOU How do you get the whole thing to show instead of my thing I got going on?

  232. That was great – always thought of them as a 90s act.

  233. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    How about you Big Al?

  234. I always just post the URL as it appears in the bar at the top, Dexter.

  235. Ah got ya, I normally do the share link thang, ta! Right a few tunes before bedtime then! 😀

  236. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    OOU @ 11:52

    They are.

  237. Ha! Have my tunes sent everyone off?

  238. Slow really – always desperate for recommendations; anything. I got the PJ Harvey album and like it, but I’m in a bit of a music rut lately. The radio’s been annoying recently, and the John Peel stage at Glastonbury was pants this year IMO, from what I saw on TV at least.

  239. No listening to it now, Dex –

    I didn’t realise they went back to the mid-80s, NJN. Like that kind of sound!.

  240. Ni probs OOU. I aint really into bands as such, just hear all kinds of stuff. I like these Bush Tetras kids, think they are 80s tackle tho? My friend loves Sleigh Bells, cant say Im into them but there is ome track of theirs I like, called Rill Rill.

  241. On the second one now. Yeah, I quite like Sleigh Bells. It’s all harmless, noisy fun. Rill Rill’s got a Funkadelic sample, I think.

  242. OOU; One thing I do if I am strugglin to find new tracks is, when you play a tune on ytube, have a scan down the right hand side and play the stuff on there. I always find cool tunes there.

  243. “break the will of Arsène Wenger and land Samir Nasri”

    That title alone gives the idea of what’s going on and what a stupid section of our fans should realize. After the Fergie Media cronies banging on for 6 years about Arsene’s Arsenal not winning a title, yet he’s still the man that their GOD Fergie would like to break his will over a single player?

    Do you see what’s the whole thing is about? The only manager threatened Fergie’s crown & throne was and is still Arsene Wenger. He is the only manager in the past 14 years that was able to stand for the semi-local red nosed Scott.

    He signed fantastic players over the years and still does that Fergie himself would love to buy.
    He won doubles and gave Fergie the run for his money.
    He is the longest serving manager in the PL and England beside Fergie.

    So who would love to see the back of Wenger?

    You guessed it, unless you’re a grove of course you won’t get it.

  244. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yeah, I’ve been in a rut as well as far as new stuff goes but I do have some favorites. I’d go get “Sports” by Weekend if you havent grabbed that yet. No Joy’s new record is pretty rad, too. This guy just opened up a record shop around the corner and he’s been turning me onto some cool older stuff I missed out on lately. Like the first Spiritulized album. What a record. Dude has been a shoegazer since day one seen Ride twice and the whole lot so that’s been cool. I’ve been spending WAY too much money in there lately.

  245. That’s true, you never know where you’ll end up – I found this Japanese group from the 70s who were also a biker gang that way. helped me a lot for a couple of years, but it only offers really useful recommendations for the kind of music you already have on your computer, which gets annoying. Liked the first track especially btw.

  246. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    OOU @ 12 03. Yeah they started out doing like poppy punk I believe. I can’t get enough of that “Out” right now though. It’s so fucking good.

  247. Nasir Jones-Nasri

  248. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Not sure if you have this already but this album rules

  249. Man, that sounds great. Always got time for some shoegaze. Will follow up some of that stuff!

    Never heard the first Spiritualized album either – big Spacemen 3 fan, but never made the step to Spiritualized.

    That’s a really well made video, FP. I think Arsenal fans really make the best ones!

    OK, need sleep.

  250. Stoke City’s new signing

  251. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Not sure if you have it already but if not I’d get the Lilys “Eccsame the Photon Band” too. Older 90’s band that pretty much rules. They played the My Bloody Valentine curated ATP.

  252. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    RVP click click click

  253. Clichy “reasonable” at 75K per week? Are you kidding? That’s basically same salary as Van Persie, except Van Persie scores a goal a game, actually makes assists and doesnt give the ball away in his own penalty area. other that er yes, reasonable salary for Clichy.

    Clichy is a failure for a player who has been trained at Arsenal for 8 years now. He is no invincible – was a young passenger on that squad, no more significant that Gibbs is today.

    Joe Barton to Arsenal. What a joke. Wenger would never do it – Diaby and Nasri would probably jump him and rip him a new one before he managed to set his foot in the locker room door. And if they didnt do that they damn sure wouldnt pass him the ball.

    Barton is not an Arsenal player – he is a loaner from a prison and sure to end up back in one before long, because he is too thick to stay out of trouble and lacks any kind of social intelligence.

    Besides having got Jack Wilshere going in his career, can you imagine the train wreck that kid will end up as if THIS is the sort of English player that Wenger imports to the team? no way.

  254. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lmfao. That’s some funny stuff Mentalist.

  255. The media will always be able to sway public opinion when they have vested interests and a clear agenda. They will paint a picture that suits their interests, and it is up to us as supporters to understand that this is a deliberate attempt to undermine all things Arsenal related.

    We need to be smart enough not to buy into the hype.This same hing repeats itself in politics and sports, and just about anything else media related. Rise above the anti-Arsenal propaganda. The sky is not falling and the reality the media are trying to fashion is nothing but smoke and mirrors. I for one am not convinced by any of these stories.

  256. I am very tempted to put 50 bucks on RVP becoming EPL top scorer 2011/2012. He just needs to calibrate his shooting a bit more, and all those near misses and post hits are going to turn into truly memorable goals. Added to that are of course 10+ assists he is going to provide to his team so he might even place high on the top assist list, though I feel he is not going to challenge for the top spot because Cesc might want to have a word in that.

    It’s too bad we never seem to have both Cesc and RVP fit and in form at the same time. In 2007/2008 Cesc was in form but RVP injured for half of the season, 2008/2009 Robin scored 20 but Cesc was out for a long time, in 2009/2010 Cesc was our top goal scorer but Robin out, and now this season Cesc simply forgot how to score goals while RVP was on fire. According to that pattern RVP is due a bad season though …

  257. Robin is going to have a stellar year. go for it . make the punt. 😉

  258. Btw. Bergkamp has been appointed as the assistant manager of Ajax. So he is already training to become Arsene’s successor.

  259. Evil ~~ I think Pat Rice has only stayed on until Dennis takes his place next season. I don’t think he will replace Arsene due to his non flying.

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