Players Out Of Time: No.2 Charlie Nicholas

Last day of the holidays, back online late today. If Arsene has signed someone, yay! If not, presumably the media are passing off the same drivel as news. Another in an occasional series, something for the weekend as they say…

Twenty eight years ago, the hype hit London. Scottish Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year; 50 goals in 1982/83 for Celtic. Β£650,000 saw Charlie Nicholas arrive at Highbury following a transfer tug-of-love involving Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. The lure of the capital’s nightlife must have been strong, Arsenal in the early part of that decade were a big club in decline. Nicholas was to be part of Don Howe’s revolution, a team of high quality internationals mixed with homegrown youngsters. Sound familiar?

Nicholas was instant favourite, even though he never came remotely close to scoring as prolifically again. Each of his seasons at the club saw him reach double figures – just about. In 1983/84, he broke his duck against Wolves, scoring twice in his second appearance for the club. He enhanced his popularity with another brace, this time against Tottenham…

The Tottenham defence would take their revenge on Nicholas, Graham Roberts dumping him over the advertising hoardings at Highbury a year later in a New Years Day clash. Nicholas had the last laugh. Tottenham needed a win at White Hart Lane in April 1985 to stay in the title race. Nicholas gave Arsenal the lead in front of the visiting fans in the first half, firing home from an acute angle. It got better, Roberts cannoning a penalty against the bar before Brian Talbot broke away with the final whistle beckoning, to score and seal the victory.

As much as he could unlock defences, Nicholas could be easily snuffed out. He was not a fairweather player, if it was fine and sunny he could light up the afternoon. Drab and dreary? Quite likely so would Charlie be. Inconsistency was his middle name.

He had pace but that could be deceptive. Deceptively slow. He made up for it by his reading of the game, capable of finding space in the area where none existed. And yet in the modern Arsenal team, he would have thrived, an intelligent player dropping deep to link the forward and midfield, creating space for teammates to run into as he pulled his defenders out of position. Track back he would not have; Nicholas just did not ‘do’ tackling.

Could Wenger have cured the inconsistent performances? It is highly doubtful as he has not been able to eliminate that problem from others. He would perhaps have had more patience with the Scot that George Graham did. The pair argued, Graham disapproving of his compatriot’s lifestyle, matters coming to a head over pay, a common theme in Graham’s reign.

Ironically, Nicholas had his iconic moment under Graham, Barry Davies squealing “It’s Charlie!” as Ian Rush’s phenomenal record went south. “One nil down, two one up, we f*****d Rushie’s record up”

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Gunner From Nigeria

    A reflection on the past vis-a-vis the experience of the present as regards Arsenal FC means that no event is new.
    At a time, we have swam through the same waters as we are swimming now. So,
    Its important we remember that the only constant thing in life is change. Meaning our drought would definitely change some day because we are the Arsenal.

  2. Ahh, Charlie Nick, Mariner and Tony Woodcock! That was a trip down memory lane alright YW! I loved Woodcock (that almost sounds rude man!) Didnt we buy Mariner (and Talbot) after Ipswich beat us in the FA Cup of 1978?

    Top piece and no, we havent signed anyone Yogi! πŸ˜€

  3. Agree.
    What you smokin’.

  4. Nice to read something a bit different.

  5. Charlie remains my fave Arsenal player,still loves the club too.

  6. young to united,, anyone know the transfer fee paid for him?


  7. Depends what tabloid you read Kamran. Anything between Β£16 to Β£20 million. We have now been linked with Nani!

  8. nani??? which idiot came up with that one? almost as bad as joey”scumbags”BARTON..

  9. YW – Brilliant post!!! Was sadly expecting something about the endless Cesc to BBB affair or some other such nonsense but NO you go and spring this on me! Well played sir, well played!! Woodcock was something else alright and so was Charlie Nicholas but once GG showed up it was only a matter of time before one or the other of the 2 Scotsmen had to go. Sadly for CN it was he. But happily for us GG was successful in his reign. He did last long enough to fuck up Rushies record though didn’t he? LOL Although these days it almost leaves a sour taste in the mouth that it was none other than Perry Groves that made the pass for the second goal, ah well there is just no pleasing me is there? No wait, just remembered there is a way to please me and that is when David Rocastle (R.I.P. mate!) scored the winner in the semi-final replay at Shite Fart Pain. πŸ™‚ <—- see a happy face!!

  10. kamran

    I can’t see Nani and Valencia settling for a bench role. Young is a good player and he has some good statistics behind him, I just can’t see him improving on what they already got. The guy barely displaces Milner in the England setup too. Then you have the added frustration that comes with rotation as they all want to start. If United paid over 20m I wouldn’t call that good business but debt doesn’t mean anything in football nowadays. I will continue to appluad our club for not going down that route.

    Lets hope for a few smart buys this summer, 1 more Vermaelen of Sagna type, then an Overmars, and add in an Henry for insurance. United will have to wait a few seasons for that 20th title. Mark my words.

  11. hilarious!

  12. i long for the day when debt counts for shit in football… then on level playing field you would see the cream of the crop rise to the top, with Arsene at the helm.

  13. i simply don’t see anyone except maybe Deni. leaving this year.

  14. irishgray

    A part of me wants the whole Cesc-Barca affair to end too. Comes down to money though, and fortunately/unfortunately (depending on which view you take) it doesn’t look likely to end after the reports on the latest bid was immediately turned down.

    Either way we are in a win win situation. We sell Cesc and get at least the 50m quid hes worth, OR we keep him and he continues to play for the club that helped him become a great player.

    Whatever the outcome, and if their is one this summer, it needs to be resolved sharpish. The money we would get from the transfer will be needed to pursue a replacement. I hope Arsenal don’t accept a last minute deal from them wankers.

  15. Chrisgoona – I agree I would like it over. And by over I mean I want him to stay. And BBB to simply disappear. And Xavi to suddenly develop foot-in-mouth-disease. Hopefully Iniesta’s foot which will then have to be amputated. Harsh but the truth often is I am told.

  16. irishgray

    Very harsh but I wouldn’t shed a tear. haha

    The whole situation has been amplified massively by both the Spanish and English media to be fair. At 1 point I thought Xavi and co were coming out every week and whining for Arsenal to sell Cesc last summer.

    The whole situation is a bit comical to me, a massive club like Barcelona with some of the best players, has the best support over the globe, plays the best football etc etc and they have taken about 3 years now yet they still aint made a REAL bid ?!

    When that bid eventually comes I hope we play hard ball and get as much cash out of them cunts as possible. This is not just a great player they will pay for, but all the shit that has been spouted in the media.

  17. Great piece. I wasnt even born when he came but my old man would always tell me a great account of the lad.

  18. I see we are now being linked with Moussa Sissoko of Toulouse, doesn’t sound very promising that, now does it?

  19. My only criticism of Charlie is that he simply cannot speak English!
    I dread on Sky Sports when he is allocated the Arsenal match and I try to understand exactly what he says is going on in the game.Is it only me? No replies from Scots, please!

  20. No probs Kamran, you have a top day man.

  21. nicky

    I think its just you dude!

  22. chrisgoona and Irishgray

    This whole Cesc thing is indeed whipped up by the lazy hacks on both sides. The Barca fed catalan journos put out pro-Barca propoganda, and their lazy agenda driven English counterparts are only too happy to regurgitate the Spanish stories to help them fill the empty spaces of their top notch high brow publications.

    There is no football, what would the hacks do without the anual Cesc to barca shenanigans? Bless em.

  23. Because Barca have set themselves up as the moral crusaders in this epic drama, I cannot see them offering nthe money we are asking. They have spouted off for soooo long about how cesc is their’s, he has had wear and tear so is worth less than last season and other such pure unadulterated bollocks that they will look even more stupid and cuntish tan they already do, if they paid the going rate for one of the best midfielders in Europe!

    This stance that they insisted on having means this shite will probably go on for ages, at least next season if you ask me. The only way I can see it being resolved sooner was IF they offered us Β£30m AND a top player or 2, not just some cast off.

  24. george rodger

    WENGER IN πŸ™‚

  25. george rodger

    Good morning Dex.
    I think it is most unlikely that Cesc will move this time ,or next for that matter.

  26. Buenos dias George! πŸ˜€

  27. george rodger

    I hope Yogi comes back suitably refreshed and in good spirits.Otherwise he may be inclined to hand out some red cards for the almost violent behavior over the last week.Towards the end of last week Jibber and Loooook took somewhat of a proverbial kicking.
    I might keep my head down for the next few days.Its not much fun in the Spam Bin I can assure you

  28. Perhaps we should have taken a more stance with Barcelona to start with:

    we should have approached them at the start of the transfer window and made it clear that, although we don’t want to sell Cesc, if they did want to discuss the player on our terms. Any deal to be finalised by 30/6 to give the manager enough time to find a replacementif required and to ensure the ongoing discussions don’t disturb players returning for pre-season training.
    Any comments in the press from Barcelona hierarchy and all deals are off. Any whinging about Arsenal steling him as a young player (like they never do that cos obviously Messi is really Spabnish) and all deals are off. Any stories in the press from Barcelona players begging Arsenal to let Cesc go or Cescto demand a transfer and all deals are off.
    If they can’t act honourably in the transfer activities and UEFA won’t lay down the law, then we should at least have them treat us respect in transfer discussions.

  29. George, I think the constant depressive bollocks needs to be kicked to the kerb mate. It’s fair enough (to a certain degree) during the season, after a poor result/performance. But now? Its just not needed or wanted.

  30. george rodger

    Wavey,Yes,or we could just tell them to fuck right off. That would be my preference.Bite the bullet and keep him until his contract is up.

  31. Sorry, couldn’t see this properly in IE9. Made some small tweaks so it makes a bit more sense:

    Perhaps we should have taken a more aggressive stance with Barcelona to start with:

    we should have approached them at the start of the transfer window and made it clear that, although we don’t want to sell Cesc, if they did want to discuss the player it should be on our terms. Any deal to be finalised by 30/6 to give the manager enough time to find a replacement if required and to ensure that discussions don’t drag on and disturb players returning for pre-season training.
    Any comments in the press from Barcelona hierarchy and all deals are off. Any whinging about Arsenal stealing him as a young player (like they never do that cos obviously Messi is really Spanish) and all deals are off. Any stories in the press from Barcelona players begging Arsenal to let Cesc go or Cesc to demand a transfer and all deals are off.
    If they can’t act honourably in their transfer activities and UEFA won’t lay down the law, then we should at least have them treat us with respect in transfer discussions.

  32. george rodger

    Dex.I am sure you know what I would like to do with them πŸ™‚

  33. Wavey

    Not sure how that would work? Cesc didnt go last summer, even though eery where I looked, it was being reported he had told Wenger he wanted out, had clearedout his locker, said his farewell to the tea lady etc, yet he is still a Gooner.

    Its only an issue if you let it be one, the instant 24 hour media and internet gives these stories alot more credence than they deserve. But its easy to get sucked into the whole hullabaloo!

  34. George,

    I would like to tell them to fuck right off as well, but the reality is that Cesc wants to go to Barcelona at some point. We just need to ensure that is the point that works out best for us. If Cesc does become less and less commitment to the club as his contract runs down we have to consider when we sell him to maximise the fee we get whilst getting the most effective play from him on the pitch until that point.
    If Barcelona don’t stump up the cash this summer I think we will still have a pretty commited captain next season, but after that I’m not sure. The only problem with selling Cesc next summer is that we have the Europan Championships to deal with as well which means that any transfer next summer is likely to be late on in the transfer window.
    I would suggest we could even keep him until summer 2013 and then sell him with two years’ to go. It seems unlikely that he would consider signing another contract at Arsenal (unless Barcelona interest wanes) so summer 2013 seems to be the latest point at which we can get proper money for him.

  35. george rodger

    Hullabaloo! Thats my word of the week now.Thanks Dexter

  36. Deceptively slow. LMAO.

  37. I was in the North Bank, right behind the corner of the goal that Charlie Nicholas’s goal rolled into. Fantastic memories.

    That team underachieved big time. There was also a cracking 3-3 draw with West Ham around and about that time too, I think Mariner got a couple of goals that day.

    Nice seeing the old Highbury as well.

  38. Dexter

    we don’t have to sell him at all and I am pleased that this summer his statements appear to be much more along the lines of, “I have a contract at Arsenal, it’s up to the manager”. Whereas last summer he appeared to make it clear he wanted to rejoin Barcelona.
    My point is that it seems that Cesc does want to go to Barcelona at some point and they want him. IF we do contemplate selling him it should be on our terms with the manager having enough time to bring another player in to the squad. Whether that is this summer, next summer, or even the summer after, it should not be dictated to us by Barcelona.

  39. Wavey,I don’t think anybody dictates to Mr. Wenger about anything.Least of all a shower of Cuntalonians.

  40. 1981-86 was an awful time being an Arsenal.Crap football under the management of first Neill and then Howe.Gates regularly under 20,000.We were only saved when the club sacked Howe and brought in GG as our saviour.Woodcock and Mariner were only at the club for a final payday.Charlie was all hype he was more concerned about clubing in London.Thye days when we would win 6-2 at Villa Park and the next week lose at home to Sunderland

  41. Wavey

    We aint privvy to the inner workings of barca or Arsenal. A lot of this is posturing on Barca’s part. It isnt something against AFC, its more to do with the Barca/Real Madrid rivalry. When Real signed Ronaldo, Barca HAD to appear to be on the same finan cial footing, to appease their fans etc. So they bought Zlatan for an obscene amount and even threw in a class act like Eto’o. Just so they had that Galactico signing to show off to their fans/media and to say “fuck you fascist Real scum!” We can sign an over priced cart horse if we wanna too!

    And as has been shown previously, most of this guff in the press, is re-hashed and re-re-hashed and regurgitated. Not worth getting het up about really.

  42. Heavy night last night Colin? Or are you usually this happy? πŸ˜€

  43. George;

    Ha! Hullabaloo doesnt get used half as much as it should! πŸ™‚

  44. Dexter

    Maybe the Ibrahimovic transfer and their huge debts have prevented them from landing Frabregas already. Either way their whining about our ‘over’ valuation of Cesc is childish and will get them nowhere. I wouldn’t agree to selling Cesc even if a 40m bid came in. It is just unacceptable for a player who at his age is light years ahead of everyone.

  45. Paulie Walnuts

    Smashing piece Yogi,

    Charlie signing for us rather than Utd or Liverpool made him an instant favourite in my eyes & despite his inconsistency he always remained one. Even now you can sense his love & passion for the club.

    I saw more games during that period than before or since & EUFA cup football & a couple of domestic cup semi-finals was as good as it got until GG arrived.

    It was certainly light years away from our `under achievments` of recent years & should put things in perspective for all fans not just the ones who were there.

  46. “Thye days when we would win 6-2 at Villa Park and the next week lose at home to Sunderland”

    Sounds similar to the days when we would beat Barcelona, then lose to Birmingham or beat Man Utd and take 1 point from Villa, Bolton, Stoke and Fulham.

  47. I used to chat to Charlie in the Wrestlers in Highgate around the time that he had a serious knee injury. His flat was across the road.Nice bloke.

  48. In some ways, I sense that Barca is just f*cking with Cesc……..and Arsenal. After Cesc’s impressive performance in ’09/’10……to only offer $35 m was an insult. (to club and player)

    This year’s $27 m offer – do they believe it’s a garage sale or ebay?

    If I were in the financial dire their club finds themselves, I would invest funds in other positions.

    Thiago Alcantaro is the real deal and only 20, and Barca’s midfield future.

    Maybe Arsenal should leak some stories to the Spanish media that we’re planning a bid for Messi………………………does $28 m sound about right ?

  49. Great post YW, loved it.

    Todays post evoked memories that had drifted to the back of my mind. I was at that game in junior gunners section. So proud and pleased as punch, as it was the first year that The Arsenal had a junior gunners section. Up until then my dad had to take us. Which was problematic beacuse he was a Spud. Highbury was rocking that day. How I miss the old ground, but we had to move on.

    Champagne Charlie became a hero of mine over the years. I can remember nicking his training bib one Easter holiday. I have it still to this day.

    Once again YW great post, more like this please.
    The only way to get me through the silly season.

  50. we’ve always been told Arsenal only started playing great football under Wenger. watching those highlight of 1983-84. its no different we played some wonderful football with woodcock and Nicholas’s trickery, just awsome the only difference we did the long ball as good as the passing.

    Apparently Cesc is willing to pay from his pocket to move and Fergie making a bid of 20 millions for Nasri. The hacks are resorting to some desperate measures to help them sell their rubbish. they have no shame


    Vote for Lee Dixon as best ring-back in PL………over Gary the water rat Neville!

  52. Is Vela not playing in gold cup?

  53. wooah Alvarez with no shirt on looks like a tanned Crouch! So skinny !

  54. Yw

    Hope you had a great trip. Enjoyed the guest posts especially OOU. Much as I love your posts it’s fun to have the guest posters. Most did not agree with him but I thought it was really good to have the post from Miami arsenal since it spark interesting discussion on that topic. You are clearly the best in the blogosphere.

  55. Well i doubt we sel Cesc this year though since he is promoting our kit on the Nike homepage. must mean they are planning to sell alot of Cesc kits this year.

  56. That was a top post there Sky mug! Nice one.

  57. Poodle… are you gutted they wouldnt let you in wimbledon?

  58. Charlie Nicholas.. the old Arshavin. just finishing his career as i started my love affair with the gunners.

  59. sorry thats career with us not his career obviously , im not saying once you go to scotland its the end of your career..although on second thoughts.

  60. george rodger

    Kamran,Now is this not what an Arsenal blog should be like?

  61. george rodger

    Its very quiet here .I have been forced onto other blogs in order to pick fights.

  62. Other blogs, eh?

    You want to discuss how Denilson is the reason we didn’t win the league last year?

  63. true gooner site george.. scotties is running a nice site too. can’t wait for macmahons
    next posting… ground zero.. he sure has a way with words…

  64. i think this week will be full of news with gunners finally announcing some names coming. my guess. gervinho, phil, and possibly alvarez. i still say Deni. will be the only one leaving this year.
    don’t know too much about alvarez though…..

  65. george rodger

    Ateeb,I am reliably informed that it is 6 years since we won anything,Who would have thought it egh?
    Not a lot of people know that(said in my best Michael Caine voice)
    I shit you not .that is what they told me.

  66. Jabba's Delights

    Evening George – nice to know you’ve been thinking of me, despite being away for a fortnight!!!

    Would like to have all activity completed before pre-season, allowing all new faces to bed in before a very very important start to the season.

    Excited we are nearly back up and running, nervous that we have not acted swiftly.

    (btw – excellent stuff yesterday Muppet)

  67. george rodger

    A C L F is an oasis of sanity in the mad world of Arsenal.
    Yogi does not get the credit he deserves for maintaining this site.In troubled times it is the only place that offers some hope and perspective.

  68. george rodger

    And just on cue……………………….the black cloud rolls in,
    Fuck a duck 😦

  69. “the main reason why ARSENAL do not report BARKA, is probably because, they no nothing will come of it and also to protect the business relationship for any future transfer deals. i for one think CESE is ten times the player Ronaldo will ever be, the diving cheat basterd.”

    True. They were great with helping us finance our new stadium. Who knew Overmars would retire shortly after joining them? Our bad, Barca.

  70. Sorry George I cant play anymore. I see your other friend from the other world “Jabba” is here now. You can play with him.

  71. AHAHHAHHAHAHA!!! I would wet myself laughing if I actually thought for one second this where true!!!! BBB, for a bunch of Cuntalonians, you do crack me up πŸ™‚

    President Sandro Rosell revealed the club, who are Β£400m in the red, have cut back on office supplies in a bizarre attempt to try and save some cash.

    Rosell told Catalunya’s TV3: ‘By being austere, hard and losing friends we removed the catering events, our bodyguards, and we have even stopped making photocopies in colour at the club. Now we do black and white and save on toner.’

    Read more:

  72. george rodger

    Perhaps Cesc can buy them some toner with the Β£5 mill. he has to spare πŸ™‚

  73. So what did I miss – not a lot by the looks of it….

  74. george rodger

    yehhhh ,Welcome back Yogi.Hope you are well rested.

  75. Welcome back YW πŸ™‚ Hope the vacation went great

  76. Bang on about Chaz, he`d have been mustard under Wenger. I caught your last article about Limpar as well, you were right about him too. Its funny, me and my mates often have this debate about past Arsenal players who would fit into the current side, the 4 names that I always come up with are Petrovic, Nicholas, Limpar and Schwarz. Unfortunately, because of the style of football we played back then we never got to see the best of them.

  77. @ Johnny – Seriously man what about Liam Brady? Surely you can’t put Charlie Nicholas ahead of him.

  78. happy birthday SAMIR NASRI.

  79. Happy birthday Samir.

  80. I used to love it when we played at Highbury. It looked awesome even on TV.

  81. george rodger

    Samri has tweeted Cesc and Jack

  82. Hey Jabba – thank you. lol.

  83. Re. irishgray. Chippy is my favourite player of all time and is probably one of the top 7 or 8 players that I have ever seen play for the club. The players I talked about cant even be mentioned in the same breath as Chippy. I was simply talking about players who could and should have had a bigger impact on the club than they did, but due to the style of play back then, they were not seen to best effect.

  84. Highbury was spiritual,, lost link to the past.

  85. what was said george?

  86. Johnny

    Curiously enough, Petrovic and Schwarz are on the list for future articles but there are others from earlier eras coming before them.


  87. Can’t wait for the Glen Helder one!!

  88. Duke

    That’s the week before the one about Gus Caesar…


  89. I could probably name a few of them Yogi, but I will resist the temptation. Looking forward to reading about them though, it`s blindin reading these articles about past players who have played for our great club. Keep them coming.

  90. Glen Helder! The original cult hero! Yogi, you could do a cult hero series too! Haha! Gus would definiely be there too.

    I remeber seeing Helder and he was bombing down the wing, and I’d be praying that his cross wouldn fly up int the night sky, just for once!

  91. I am sure there was a character in Roy of the Rovers or something at the time and he had a banana shot. If he aimed at the goal, the ball would hit the corner flag, but if he aimed at the corner flag, he’d score a goal! πŸ˜€

  92. yes i remember being at the back of the clockend and getting ready to duck as Glen would let fly with a shot!!

  93. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Greetings from Pescadero! Sneaking in for a pop! I can’t go a day or two without my beloved Arsenal and ACLF. Nice one, YW. I love the way you invoke nostalgia. I’ve. heard great things about Charlie. Proper Arsenal to this day from what I’ve heard.

    Great stuff as usual also, Muppet. You’re a fucking legend. A true inspiration.

  94. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh and Happy Birthday to one of my favorite footballers Super Samir Nasri! The magician from Marseille. Put the pen to paper already Super Sammy!

  95. DukeG

    Yeah, that sounds about right mate!

    Nasir; it’d be nice if the club gave him a nice present this week!

  96. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I agree, Dex. It’s coming.

  97. Welcome back Y.W. and a happy birthday to Super Samir Nasri. Like everyone else I simply hope good sense prevail and Nanas08 puts pent to paper very soon. Don’t be another mercenary Samir. You have a lot of unfinished business at Arsenal Football Club.

  98. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ohhh looks like LimparAssist’s weekend at Glastonbury got a tiny bit better. Radiohead!!!!!!

  99. River Plate, the most successful Argentine football club have been relegated for the 1st time in their history. Wow, that is hilarious, well, if I was a Boca fan!

    I hope everyone is prepared for esc to Barca overdrive this week as our capitano is back home fo awek beorepe-eaon. I bet AS and Marca will have hacks camped outside his casa in a tienda all freakin week, ready to grill him about how much h wants to move ad how much money he is prepared to give up to sign for them. Fuck it, they will even have him working in the ticket office by Thursday.

  100. midnight,,, lookup your wives and daughters… terry and BARTON on the prowl…

  101. i think CESE is smarter than that….dexter…

  102. Kamran; And thankfully most grannies are safe as Wayne Rooney is at Glastonbury, pissed up and fighting everyone there.

  103. Yeah, but that won’t stop the Catalan hacks hounding the fuck out of him and badgering him into answering their loaded questions all week, while he’s there.

  104. Well.not much chat tonight chaps

  105. @ Johnny – I am in full agreement with you and thanks for the reply πŸ™‚ Chippy is an absolute legend in my eyes, both for Arsenal and for Ireland and not just on the field either. I met the man himself many years ago in Dublin right before an international friendly, he could not have been more of a gentleman.

  106. Roony the granny shagging cheat basterd…. LOL
    river got relegated dexter, unthinkable.. watch for a spike in the rate of Su***ide down there.. they take their football very serious down there.. like their wars over little islands..

  107. No George, not much chat, but then I dont think there’s been anything new to chat about mate.

  108. Yeah Kamran, River being relegated is huge news in Argentina. It kced f bi style and I mean, the action AFTER the game!

  109. *kicked off big*

  110. Newest rumor is that we have tabled a bid of 18 million for Spain’s Juan Mata, CM and left wing player. He just won the U21 with Spain and is supposed to be an excellent player.

  111. Damn I wish I could see Radiohead play live.

  112. Dex. shall we talk about us letting in 43 goals this year?
    Or what? πŸ™‚

  113. Irishgray,We will need a 50 man squad at this rate,
    Is he going to replace Nasri?
    Oh god,now I am at it.

  114. George – No I think he will replace Pat Rice LOL

  115. Yes, let us analyse every single goal we conceded, then we can dscs, tleant vry miplaced pass too, that will be s muc fun. I cant wait.

    Irishgray; I saw the Mata link. He would be able to borrow Arshavins tops ifh cae, he’ aout hesm size!

  116. if he came* blummin drunken fingers!

  117. Dexter – I’ll have one of what ever you’re having mate LMAO!!! But I think AA’s shorts would be too big, have you ever seen the size of them? They look more like a pair of Grandma’s bloomers than soccer shorts!!

  118. starting to slur dexter..

  119. Maybe when people talk about a player having a low centre of gravity, they just mean he has a huge fecking arse!!

  120. Right, that ast comment took it out of me, way too exhausting trying to type propperly! Im off dudes, I wannabe fresh for all those shiny new signings tomorow! πŸ˜€

  121. Dex – Too funny mate πŸ™‚ have a good one and hears to waking up to a few decent signings tomorrow. Albeit in your case with a hangover!

  122. We are bidding for so many players according to the reports. I am guessing, we can start with a completely new set of players for the starting eleven. Excellent news. If only Arsene would leave, we can even change our club’s name to ‘_______’.

    Suggestions are welcome.

  123. Our captain shows much more class than the likes of Rooney, Giggs, and Terry. By dating an ex wife of a tycoon rather than paying for it, sticking it up with your brother’s wife, or a friends wife respectively. Enjoying a holiday in her yacht, Cesc, has been excused from the gruesome details of cheap hotels, brother’s or friend’s bed, e.t.c. We can all just hope that either she is an Arsenal fan, or has no interest in football at all. A cuntolonian, I have my doubts. She’s a lebanese. And Cesc, being the captain that he is, made her come watch the home games, which I am sure must have been a way to indoctrinate her to the Arsenal way. Surely, an Arsenal fan by now, watching RVP score so many times. Who wouldn’t?

    But I guess, it would be interesting to know, if she was present during the home games that we lost. This would make good empirical examination into Cesc’s performance under real pressure.

    Unlike how the media has been reporting it. I’m inserting a positive spin to this story.

    If she is an Arsenal fan by now, I am sure she will convince him to stay at Arsenal till the end of his career. And be remembered as the likes of Berkgkhamp, Henry, Viera e.t.c.

    But then again if she is an Arsnel fan i am sure she will find a way to tell Barcelona to fuck off. Through Cesc’s own mouth. Which he recently did, by his latest comments. To the tune of, I never said about leaving, I am captain here, and my duty lies here. That was a major fuck off. He realized they’re just fucking around, with those sort of bids. I don’t think Cesc wants to go now. Not for another few years atleast. He will go when his value is around 60m, which we all know he is capable of. Would Cesc want to be sold so cheaply as 25 to 30m, when the Carrolls and Jones, sort of players are going for 35 and 20m. No way. He isn’t dumb. And he is making them cough up. The recent austerity measures at their club, pertaining to office related cutbacks, was hilarious. On that rate, they will take him when he’s 32.

  124. Can this be considered as a guest post for tomorrow Yogi?

    Haha. I did keep the paragraphs small. Perhaps should have pressed “enter” one more time.

    And it’s a different post to the likes of well, you know, analysis of our failures, players needed, e.t.c. I mean I gave new ways of thinking about the problems. Perhaps Cesc, doesn’t perform as well as he does when she is present at the home games?

    The title? “CESC TELLS BARCELONA TO FUCK OFF”. Let’s hope this circulates tomorrow.

  125. this was awsome,,, thanks ateeb..

  126. lebanese haa…. she must be drop dead gorgeous… maybe CESE will do a codeta in short time.. lol

    BARKA,, F**K OFF

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