Usual Arsenal Sunday: Usmanov Cheap Chatter With Media Mad As Hatters

From the tick, tick, tick of your time’s up

If there is a scenario which needs negativity, The Heil is your media outlet. Down on your luck? Don’t worry, they will look smugly upon your misfortune. Worried about your job? Let them gleefully heap misery in your direction. Look at what they have concocted for Arsène this weekend.

Friday saw him told to flash the cash, Saturday The Heil became a mouthpiece for curmudgeonly Catalans before this morning Arsène became the footballing equivalent of Nero, dithering whilst his Rome burned. A Funky Weekend indeed for the manager.

It will no doubt be topped off tomorrow with a firm warning that Arsenal’s 28% shareholder supports the manager but would sack him if he did not win a trophy this season, all under the cosy headline of “I don’t want to be on the board of a trophyless club“. Which is probably just as well  since no-one has invited Usmanov onto the Board.

To the yes, yes, yes of I’ll sell

Having endured a fortnight of stories about Cesc and Nasri, Gael Clichy‘s departure appeared to move a step closer. If there was a bid from Liverpool, Arsenal have not responded publicly but swatted away it has been. Or so we presume. “A source close to the player” has emerged to tell the press that the signing of a new contract in this case is “highly unlikely”. The ubiquitous source, how much we like them when they are positive for the club, despising their existence on departures.

Samir Nasri will ‘do one’ if he doesn’t get £150k per week wages. Amazing how his wages creep up and his value drop in a similar ratio. Lo and behold, Daily Heil hack Bob Cass has found a new home for him, Bayern Munich realising that a Nasri is probably better value than a Bendtner. Not that the Dane cares, he is off to Internazionale. Or Besiktas. Or the end of our street.

But The Mirror reckon he’ll stay.

From the drip drip drip of the teardrops

Alisher Usmanov failed to get the requisite publicity recently with a Sunday Times piece; this time he has gone for the more populist News of the World for his advertorial. Ahead of the Q&A Session with Ivan Gazidis, the PR battle began in earnest.

Despite jettisoning the ties of Takeover Panel rules, KSE remains silent. The presumption is that they believe silence to be golden. Frankie Valli is the only one who really got that one right, Stanley, you are on the back foot. Maybe that will change on Monday but expectations are not high.

The interview is perfect, pitched at the dissension – perceived and real – surrounding Arsenal. A quick win in this climate is to say the right things and promise nothing. Usmanov does that. His policies tap the populist vein, once more Arsenal’s PR lets them down. Even then, there are some glaring omissions and contradictions.

Firstly, there is no recognition that the stadium he has occasionally deigned to visit had to be built ‘normally’. That does not fit with his view that the board have “have seemed happy to sanction second, third and fourth as being acceptable, whilst at the same time they were planning to sell their shares“. No Sugar Daddy emerged at that time money was needed, sponsors signing long-term deals on unfavourable terms to the club. Bad as they were, it was a necessity at the time.

Secondly, he eulogises David Dein, forgetting that he has dropped the former Vice-Chairman. How would Usmanov support Arsène? We don’t know, left to assume that he would bring in the required person. But whom? Surely not Dein, a man who loves the club so much that his son agitates for players to leave under the guise of being their agent? Can father and son separate business and family? Or would Arsenal become Dein & Son?

Invest in players, Arsène, keep Cesc and Nasri! Invest? How is this to be funded? Usmanov supports the self-sustaining model but only in a debt-free club. A comment deliberately charged toward KSE and their unwillingness to confirm how Arsenal was bought, as much as saying, “I am rich, I will clear the debt” by increasing the share capital or by a director’s loan? Only the former truly clears the debt.

And self-sustainability is the only way forward under the FFP Regulations of Uefa. The investment required by the owners just decreased.

Concerned about ticket prices? So is Alisher. Noticed that the commercial revenues are poor? So has his PR man. Watched The Apprentice? So has his PR man. They do not change one thing; Alisher Usmanov is in this for himself. A by-product of his gain would be Arsenal’s success on the field but the only one who gains a seat on the board is the Uzbek. The only one. Not the supporters.

He is a slick politician. All the right words but when you want substance, all that is found is a vacuum.

To the chink chink chink of the cash

Gervinho has apparently signed for Arsenal. Or Manchester City, if you believe the French media. Whilst 5Live think it might be finalised over the weekend. Being Arsenal, we’ve only paid £12m for all three of the Ivorian. Eden Hazard is Barcelona’s Plan B so won’t be coming with him.

At the same time, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has signed. Except he hasn’t and even if he has, we won’t know about it until July 1st. Because he is on holiday. Leighton Baines, Gary Cahill and Christopher Samba are all joining this week as well.

Except who to believe, who to believe? No-one until it is officially announced.Probably by the selling clubs because we know Arsenal will react two weeks after everyone else. Nothing like whipping up some excitement, eh Ivan.

To the end end end of the friendships

Cesc’s holiday in Barcelona is going down a storm in Catalunya. It has gone from being an annual trip to see his family, to overseeing contract negotiations between the two clubs. Not that it will take much effort, even Peter Whimsey would find it hard to screw these negotiations up,

No, Senor Rosell, €40m is not enough. £50m or more. No, we don’t want Tigger or Bojan. What’s the property market like around your way? I’ve always fancied a Spanish Villa. No, I didn’t mention your star forward but since you did…No? Well this is all getting rather messy. Don’t interrupt, I didn’t say we wanted Messi but now you mention it…No to that as well? Frankly Rosell, I’m going to have to give you a pep talk about your behaviour… No, I’m not after your manager, not this summer anyway.

Look why don’t you come back next year when you’ve stopped living a champagne lifestyle on a beer income.”

’til Tomorrow.

“Corruption” – Iggy Pop

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  1. Like the Arsenal, I’m no.1. Now I’ll read the blog.

  2. ClockEndRider

    Strangely no mention from Usmanov of reinstating the shareholder dividend, which he asked for when he made his original share purchase from his lapdog dein. How odd…
    And no mention that the main reason for poor financial performance from the commercial side is that Dein totally failed to sort this side out when at thye height of his power in the 90’s, content to buddy up to star olayers and baskin the reflected glory. One of the reasons United are so succesful is that they have been able to shop at Harrods as a result of the x-commercial proigramme put in place originally but rhe Edwardes and contimnued by Giill. This has allowed Ferguson to spend £20-30 m on single players more than once, even when some of them (like Veron) have been failures. Still, in the wporld of PR, BS and Uzbek politics, if you say it long enough and loud enough, it’ll be regarded as true. Es[pecially if you take certain press men on all expenses paid boozing and whoring trips to Moscow.

  3. Cock-eyed rubbish. As usual.

  4. Jimbo

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, your comments will get better.


  5. Yeovil Gunner

    If its so “cock eyed rubbish as usual” Jimbo it begs the question,why come back to read it? What a clown.

  6. ClockEndRider

    A searing analysis and deconstruction of the authors argument, delivered with coruscating style and wit. Truly, Oscar Wilde lives….

  7. I am a follower and fan of Wengers plans and way of thinking. Having faith in the youth, sticking by his players, giving them time to develope into world stars.
    However the model falls down when a high percentage of these players, usually the cream of the club who are in the best form, want huge rewards in cash for their efforts – to which have yet to even result in trophies!
    Nasri should be grateful that Arsenal stuck by him with an average 1st season, indifferent form and limited goals…players like Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Cole, Anelka have all been disprutive to the blue print of success. Yes their transfer fees recouped have been re-invested into the club, but if we lost so many in one summer, Nasri, Cese, Cliche, Bendtner, Denilson…you start to loose sight of what the plan actually was, and if it is even possible in todays greedy game!

  8. Gosh, guffaw, such wit- give this man a job at a national newspaper!

    This is beano-esque nonsense, would be proud of it.

  9. No Jimbo, you need to deconstruct and explain. Simply sitting there and stating that something else is rubbish just won’t do if your argument is to be taken seriously. If anything is worthy of the Beano, it’s the absence of any reasoned argument on your part and descent into abuse. Come on now, raise the game and you’ll be taken seriously.

  10. I just give up. I don’t give a fuck what Wenger does anymore because he will be in post until he dies. Arsenal are broke and are poorly managed so talk of these players is just garbage. Arsenal will fade into mid table mediocrity. That characterless stadium is the plummet stone around our neck – instead of giving us a guarantee of a shining future all it has done is guarantee shit.

  11. im not getting caught up in the media merry go round, nor am i panicking..i expect the club to announce our first signing next week..and i dont mean some 18 year old that arsene has spotted at the u21’s..

    funnily enough, i watched the u21 game between denmark and switz and their 10 shakiri is pretty darn good..plays for basel i think if wenger picked him off for a couple of mil also this window i wouldnt complain..( as long as he wasnt our major purchase 🙂 )


  13. Excellent work Yogi,

    Required reading for all Gooners this morning.


  14. The main thing is not to panic. And not to believe anything until it is stated by the club.
    The press is out to sell papers and off season, all they have is rumours. The truth isn’t even out there because there isn’t any truth. The only truth is that Wenger and Nasri are going to thrash out a deal this week. The mirror has got that right. All the United stuff is completely 100% Fabrigated.
    Back Nasri. He has been good in all this. Like all great players, he wants Arsenal to compete for the title. He loves Wenger and we love him because he is undoubtebly one of the very best players in the premiership.
    I am joyous when I think that we have Nasri, Ramsay, Wilshere, Song, Arshavin, Walcott. We have the new guy from Barca, we have JET the netbreaker, the new Japanese guy who looks amazing. We have Rosicky. He was fantastic the last times I watched him but has had a torrid time with injuries.
    We have an absolutely amazing midfield. I hope Cesc stays but if he goes we can cope certainly. I would like to see a left winger of Walcott’s quality and one more no-nonsense CB. One more striker to compliment RVP and Chamakh. Chamakh is amazing at holding up the ball. His confidence has dipped a bit but just watch his last goal for Morrocco. If he gets a little bit more of a strikers head, then he will be a huge player. He has the right mentality. Denilson? I like the guy but he doesn’t really seem to have the ability to take a game by the scruff of the neck and change the midfield dominance. He used to make penetrating runs and get some long range goals but now he has had that coached out of him he doesn’t seem to fit.
    The future looks really bright for us. If we hang on in the big games next season then we will get silevrware. Had we had United’s luck in the CL draw we would have got to the final and could have beaten Barca, as we had a month or so before.
    We must take the type of dissapointment of the Carling Cup next season and let it make us stronger and more determined. That is all we will need. A couple of warrior types will make this happen.
    Personally I can’t wait to see Koscielny and Vermaalen together. Koscielny has been the signing of the season for me. He has huge ability, he is amazingly athletic and has bundles of energy. He hardly ever loses a one-on-one battle and will be a top, top defender for years to come. A new defensive coach will help make the back four solid as a rock. Samba and Vermaalen or Koscleny would be great in the games against bruiser teams like stoke. Verm and Kos/Djourou are great for games against technical teams. Sagna is the best right back in the premiership and Szcezny is top. I loved the way he celebrated with his goose-neck and arms last year. He has more bottle than anyone.
    Look on the bright side everybody. We will sign 2 or 3 top players and we will outplay every team in the premiership next year. It took many many years for Barca to achieve the level they are now at. We are heading for that type of success, I have no doubt. In England we need a few players who can scrap and frighten the opposition hard nuts. We will have that next year.
    The future is very bright for us, no worries!

  15. Leon,
    Much as I hate to sound like a politician and blame the last administration, the main reason we have so little money is the poverty of ambition shown by Dein on the commercial side when he was in power. Go have a look at The Swiss Ramble to see the gap between our commerical revenue and that of United and even Liverpool.
    Hear your frustration, feel your pain but in the absence of commercial revenue we need someone to provide money so we can spend like dri=unken sailors in the manner of Chelsea and Citeh. I’m afraid that for all the PR from Usmanov, there is no indication that he would do this and from past comments as referenced above regarding resinstatement of the dividend there is a public record of his intention to do the complete opposite. Rock, hard place. That’s where we are until we can sign new sponsorship agreements.

  16. Jimbo

    I’ve found 2 names you’ve used to post here without any effort, so you want to be taken seriously, present an argument and prepare to be proved wrong.

    Otherwise, lift your rock up and crawl back under it.


  17. Jimbo,
    Poor show sir. Really not The Arsenal way……

  18. great post yw.

    Also nice comb-back jimbo well done. You truly out gunned yogi.

  19. I would love to see a show of hands or a keyboard equivalent of who thinks we are in crisis.

  20. please excuse comb-back, that was come-back. I aint to clever with touchscreens.

  21. Without Usmanov holding on to his shares the club would be in the total control of Kroenke.You may not like Usmanov but the club is playing into his hands.Best players leaving lack of investment in transfers and of course the highest ticket prices in the world.Since Kroenke took over we still dont know his plans for the club.While the old board filled their pockets.


    I thought you were writing about Man Utd but you were talking about us.The 4th best team in England.You sound like Wenger.Remember 4th is the new 1st

  22. i think it would be brilliant PR from the club if we announced a new signing next monday and convinced nasri and cesc to stay..
    then we hold a press conference with all three players and the manager and we show the world we are on solid ground..
    all this cloak and daggerness isnt doing the club any leaves us open to the rumours and negativity thats being thrown around all over the place..

    we need some repair work this window..papering over the cracks wont be accepted anymore..not only does the team need strengthening but the bond between club and fans also needs repairing and sitting in the shadows with talk of us losing the nasris and cescs of the world and buying the gervinhos (who is nothing but a worm burn specialist) isnt helping..

  23. Why do all of you hate Usmanov for being Russian? Do you choose what country you’re born in? If it was Kroenke that had all these quotes, you wouldn’t complain about it being from his pr person and whether he truly feels this way.

  24. els

    if you think losing our best two players,trying to sign players from the 1st division and RVP saying we are not realistic title challengers anymore is not a crisis………………………….

  25. Me,
    I’m not sure anyone has said above that they hate Usmanov for being Russian. They distrust him on the grounds that the provenance of his wealth is at best murky; that he aggressively attackled bloggers and others thriough the tool of his lawyers, Schillings, when questions were asked on his purchase of Dein’s shares; for the way in which he courted the media through the rather obvious and odious means of appealing to their baser instincts; and for the way in which he publicly asked for the reinstatement of the shareholder dividend and at the same time presents himself as having a philanthropic interest in our club through his newly acquired media friends.
    Personally the above don’t provide me with any reason to trust the man or his motives. How about you?

    Jason the Red,
    So what is your proposal? If the shares were all in the hands of Usmanov, how would this be better? What indications ar there that he would provide funds to the club? At the end of the day, how would arsenal be any better off?

  26. Jason he REd

    That is some funny shit man! Usmanov is doing nothing for us or the club and is behaving like a spoilt child. Insteadof just fucking off, he is hanging onto hisd shares and using his friends in the media to soundlike he gives a shit without actuaklly having to do anything. He was the one demanding dividends for share holders.

    I dont see how players leaving or not has naything to do with Kroenke? How the fuck does that work? And this bollocks about lack of investment. What are you basing this on? If you want to have a go, blame the manager, he is the one responsible for buying.

    When you say you’re a red, I take it you’re a manc or scouser.

  27. You’re also a tabloid hacks wet dream. Believing all the tripe in the press.


    The Daily Heil was a treat today. In one rticle Wenger is dithering while United are quickly adding to heir squad, then in the next piece United’s Jones transfer is in tatters and Arsenal are one of te clubs ready to pounce! These fuckers are amazing!

  28. I have to say I am not overly chuffed at the thought of us signing Gervinho. He doesnt seem particularly top quality. Hope its all paper bull shit.

  29. Succinctly written, touching upon the frailty of the board, the audacity of the press and the angst of the fans. Trouble is, there are so many stories about the demise of our great club, the anger and frustration of our players and the inevitable exodus of all our talent that I find it hard to comprehend how all of the hacks have any time for any other ‘news’ at all! It is so embarrassing and a veritable witch hunt of Arsenal that has gone on for the past two or three years. We might just shock everyone and buy lots of quality and go on to win the league. Shameful!

  30. Robin van Persie did not say that we are not serious challengers, anymore than he had a go at Chavski and Barcelona players. This stuff is just plain invention.

  31. Probodkin… Well put.

    Jason the Red… take Probodkin’s advice – don’t panic just yet mate. Van Persie is only stating the obvious because we seem to get out hopes up every year then crumble when things don’t go to plan. This team has had the talent and ability to win a few trophies, that nobody can doubt. Too many times we have come close and fallen apart, the frustration is evident at every home game. Its like witnessing the crowds reaction rub onto our players every game, its unbearable when you see the quality on display. We have been playing with the handbrake on for quite a while now as our fear of losing is holding us back massively.

    Wenger must know he needs to inject some new blood and life into the squad, just to install some new belief and determination. We cannot be losing out on trophies next season in such a manner. Time to show character and forget the past. Supporters included.

  32. …and as if to prove your earlier point, YW, a ‘Sportsmail Reporter’ rips off the NotW bollocks and hey presto.

    Stirring the pot.

  33. To whom did Robin make these comments, Chris? And when? Since we know he has been in South America all week and was in North America before that. Why did he wait until he got to Uruguay to make these statements. He tweeted it, did he? Or put it on Facebook. Or did he telephone the Metro direct? Was it in Dutch or English? What was the question the context?

  34. @probodkin
    You are ‘joyous’ that we have ‘fantastic’ rosicky? And JET the ‘netbreaker’? Really? Why? They wont win anything. Rosiky is poor nowadays. He’s another one who can’t track back, cant tackle and gives up the ball too cheaply.

    We need a darn good clear out! Hopefully Nasri will go now, plus rosicky, denilson, diaby, bendtner, squillaci. But none of them will raise much cash apart from nasri.

    Wenger will make sure we stay frugal but im not paniking. I really hope we get a decent defender plus chamberlain next week.

    This years transfer window seems to have more gazumping than ever. Its as if the others dont bother with scouts anymore – they just wait for Arsenal to identify a player & then wade in with twice as much cash.

  35. Whether KSE will prove to be an acceptable owner (to the fans) we will only know in time. However, what does seem to be coming clear is KSE are no better at managing news than the previous (same?) board.
    One would have hoped for some positive messages to emerge but it just gets worse. Footballing giants like Denilson and Bendtner wanting to IMPROVE their lot away from AFC and 3 players you would want to stay in the news constantly as going elsewhere. A promise of early action in the transfer market showing nil result apart from more kids. Now we have sniping from the other major shareholder. AU’s noises will sound all the louder whilst there is no signal from KSE that there is a real intention to improve AFC’s position.
    I live in Kent and can’t see the initials KSE without thinking of the Kent School of English. It might not be long before I start to believe it is the Kent School of English that is running (ruining?) the club.

  36. Stafs you should try more bran in yur diet if you need a dam good clear out mate.

  37. Bloody rain.

  38. Lifelong Gooner

    Usmanov has spent a lot of money in acquiring his shares, he has seen no return on that investment and although he has a “paper profit”, due to the increased share price, he would find it hard to sell his holding at an actual profit.

    Usmanov has previously called for the payment of shareholder dividends and for increased share capital both of which would, inevitably, push down the share price and with it the value of his holdings. Since there seems to be no chance that he will be invited onto the board just what does he hope to get out of his relationship with Arsenal Football club?

  39. agree about gervinho dexter
    nothing but a worm burn specialist from what ive seen..and from what ive heard, a bit of a wierdo..
    if we are talking to lille i hope its for hazard..they can keep gervinho..or spurs can have him

  40. Agree with your last point stafs. any player Wenger is in for gets jumped on. getting very hard for him to sign anyone now as this is the tactic other managers are using because of Wengers succsess in finding players.

  41. I only hope that Arsenal are quietly working hard behind the scenes to secure deals with high quality players, whilst deliberately avoiding leaks that other clubs may hear & try to ruin for us.

    Wenger has taken a lot of critisism this year but he isn’t a fool. People have short memories. Lets wait and see what we get before rushing into doom’n’gloom judgements.

    The club isn’t ruined. Calm down people.

  42. Why don’t you write to him and ask him, Lifelong Gooner? He lives in Beechwood House on Hampstead Lane in Hampstead. His address is often in the papers because the locals are up in arms about his underground swimming pool development.

  43. Excellent deconstruction of Usmanov’s puff piece YW. Perhaps Arsenal’s P.R. department should hire you since you seem to be doing a better job of putting out some positives about the club than they are. Ivan is really going to have to earn his corn at the shareholders Q&A tomorrow.

    Frank, very true. Much like the Diaby piece, I’m sure when you see it in context there’s really nothing to it. We know with the media it’s all about the ‘spin’ they decide to put on things. But, the problem is that most people don’t think for themselves. They lap up the media version of reality as though it were the truth.

  44. Billboy,
    Re “what does seem to be coming clear is KSE are no better at managing news than the previous (same?) board.”
    So what? I don’t understand why anyone should give a flying f*ck how the club manages the constant trail of smears and lies that the likes of the Daily Heil propagates. You can’t stop them from making stuff up. I suspect that Board’s approach may well have been to not expend any effort on doing so and wait for people in general and fans in particular to wake up to the fact that their organ of choice is feeding them fabrications and nonsense and allow them to come to the natural conclusion that they ought to be living their lives without reference to the whims biases of newspaper editors desperate to create a story to beget revenue to justify their salary cheque.
    Clearly, this has been something of a failure as a strategy if that is indeed the case. Still begs the question why people give a monkeys about what some chinless wonder in the Wig and Pen chooses to make up in the few hours when they’re not as pissed as a parrot….

  45. The club is certainly not ruined or in crisis, despite what ‘people’ would have you believe. In these times it is best to believe none of what you hear or read and only half of what you see for yourself.

  46. I agree with ClockEndRider

  47. Lifelong Gooner, what exactly is your job title at Red & White Holdings? Usmanov has more money than most of us could ever dream of. He is also a ruthless businessman with an eye for the main chance. He has a motive and it’s not a philanthropic one, after all he’s not a ‘lifelong gooner’ like you, is he?

  48. Billboy

    Unless Kroenke has saddled us with a shit load of debt as the Glazers did with the mancs, I dont see where you get this idea he has some how ruied the club, or is mismanaging it? I would have rathered we kept the same sort of pluralistic ownership, but that wasnt to be, but how has the new owner fucked up? because the club refuse to respond to every tabloid headline?

  49. Passenal

    Nice one!

  50. I wouldnt be surprisedif Usmanov had a few lackies whose job was to post on Arsenal blogs spouting pro-fat gangster propoganda!

  51. what did Uzzi say that was not true? he is spot on. so whats with the anti.
    the current board and manager are ruining this club, and once it falls outside CL it will never get back in due to sugar daddies like,,,UZI

    so do you want to be successfull or join the Boltons in the league within the EPL

  52. If they respond to 1 then they’d have to respond to them all – which would then need a whole team of full time bullshit-extinguishers.

  53. Whatever Usmanov’s motives are, the simple fact is, he is not wanted by the board, or indeed welcome. He hasnt got a place on the board and doesnt own enough shares to buy out the others. So he really has no reason to hang around. He is a destabilising presence and all his worthless out pouring aiout the “state” of th club is aimed to cause harm to the club this fucker purports to love oh so much. Forgetting for a second the fac he is a ManU fan, of ourse.

  54. I think the Uzbek does indeed have a team of blogging lackies by the looks of it!

  55. Silentstan,
    Please read the above trail as you don’t appear to have taken on board the cogent points raised by myself and others. Just repeating a lot of unsupported statements from previous contributors doesn’t make them true…

  56. YW any chance of a change of font? I find this one really difficult to read. The old one before you updated the site was much better.

  57. AFC Wonderland

    Arsene, please, please, release the likes of the ineffective, Denilson (Surely one of the most lazy arsed, overpaid, slow, unimaginative DM/Central midfielders ever), Rosicky, Eboue, Sqillachi, Almunia, Diaby, etc on free’s if necessary and let’s start playing a 4-4-2 and if your not going to buy anyone Arsene let’s use the width with Myachi, and play Walcott up front where I think he is most likley to be more effective.
    Is it just me or are the likes of Denilson using up valuable squad positions yet if playing for the likes of Spurs, City, Pool or similar they simply would not get game time at all (and OK it’s happening now but it took 3 years of pain to find out!).
    Longing for the days of Dixon, Adams Keown et al. Even though Wenger created another back 4 for the invinibles we still had a core of Enlish players in Cole and Campbell, Wenger needs to shape up, stop blaming everyone but himself put a backroom staff together who are allowed to have some sort of opinion and ideally bring in one or 2 players (No Silvestre’s thank you).
    He (Wenger) clearly needs to look at his own failings with the Cesc and Nasri situations too as the policies which he’s introduced with youth and sub standard players (Yes we have had some great success with Jack and he’s top, top drawer, but the likes of Almunia, Denilson, Eboue, Diaby) are stunting the development of this side.

  58. the thirty fifth richest man on the planet didn,t want share div.s four himself it was to give sometrhing to the little share holder instead of nothing idiot

  59. To the chink chink chink of the cash?

  60. I can smell potatoe

  61. Nazri is going to stay . Just waiting for Cesc to go to to wrap things up. He wants to play centr mid so its a case of who do you want me(Nasri) or Cesc. Wenger has to chose who he bets the house on.

    While we all love Cesc he is a crap captain and has no steel and his constsnt bitching about going home etc does nothing to help the team.

    If Nasri was leaving he would be gone as he is highly rated in Europe anyway and we would get 25m for him.

  62. Dexter, I see another one of Usmanov’s employees has reported for work at 12.09 pm!

  63. How long have you been on his payroll Damian?

  64. True Passenal!

  65. Lifelong Gooner


    I have no axe to grind on behalf of either Usmanov or Kroenke, far from being pro either party, I am genuinely puzzled as to the motives of both.

    You state that Usmanov has a motive and it’s not philanthropic, you may well be right in that but what is his real reason for spending so much.

    As someone who has supported Arsenal for over sixty years I am at a loss to understand what is happening to our club.

  66. Afc wonderland – I too hope we at least fix the defence & avoid any more Silvestres, Senderos or Squillacis. I am a fan of Wenger but his neglect of defence has cost us dearly in recent years. I was hoping Rice would move on & someone new would come in & organise a solid back line. It took too long but i think this time they realise we need to invest in 3 new defenders.

  67. And what are Stans motives then? they all want to make money out of it , clubs are businessses now. and we have the best business out of the lot. unless someone like old frank takes over it doesnt mean shite.

  68. Haven’t got the time to post much, but just to say a big thank you to Yogi’s Warrior for an excellent blog. A must read for all Gooners, keep it going.


  69. Dexter,
    I don’t think KSE are ruining the club, but their willingness to allow the glorious British media to promulgate that notion without any messages to the contrary does give me cause for concern.
    I am not talking about denying each and every story or even commenting on them. Any PR person will tell you that it takes 10 positive stories to negate 1 negative story. Some good news coming out , along with the junior signings that have happened, would help the image. If you don’t think the image is important then consider how global the Premiership is today. A player we might want to sign in competition with Manure or Chavs or Citeh will hardly be impressed by what he is reading at the moment.
    I have worked in organizations that suffered from a poor public image and I like to think I was partly responsible for turning that around. The effect on the the people working in those organizations must not be underestimated. To use a musical analogy as Yw did, the Sound of Silence can’t sound positive.

  70. dukeG

    I guess he fancied owning an English football club that is profitable? The point is now though, he owns the club, Usmanov doesnt, so why hang around? Its like hanging around at an old flame’s wedding to somone else, thinking you’re still in there with a chance.

  71. Sounds like someone hasnt let go of their ex.

  72. Billboy

    I m not sure what the club can do though? Say “Oh no, we are not in crisis, the players are not leaving in droves and all is well.”? But I could say things have been done like this for years. Its not a new thing. The club have always been pretty quiet, but then again what other clubs board, owners say alot in the media? You only have to look at how players’s comments are spun to create negative damaging angles, so many being quiet is the best way, unless there IS something serious to comment on?

  73. Stafs

    I was at Westminster Abbey last month hoping that Wills would change his mind and come back to me!

  74. I think people are looking at RvP’s comment the wrong way. He’s not saying we are not good enough or anything like that. He’s only parroting what Wenger and everyone else has said, that our collapse was kind of a mystery and that the club will be more active than usual in this transfer window. Whats the big deal in that?

    He hasn’t disrespected the club, or Wenger, or the fans, so why the controversy? I also don’t think its a media fabrication as there is nothing sensational in his statement. What would be the point in fabricating a non-story? I can believe Nasri’s statement about United were fabricated. I can also believe Diaby claiming he owns and wears a spurs jersey is fabricated. These a sensational stories clearly aimed at getting fans riled up.
    But simply repeating what Wenger and many other players has said is not at all sensational.

  75. Maybe he is hoping KSE will fall out of favor & his wealth will get him in eventually. With the EPL being taken over by mega-rich owners it becomes harder for the clubs running as a ‘normal’ profitable business, as we are now finding in the transfer window.

    I dont hold much faith in this new ‘fair play’ rulebook. Where there is money, there is a way. Especially in football. On the plus side, if the new rules do work somehow then Arsenal will benefit more than the rest.

  76. I pity you lifelong gooner: 60 years of supporting the Gunners!
    The season just gone must have been twice as painful for you to watch.
    I wonder how much you’ve spent on Arsenal in 60 years?
    I only hope your loyalty is repaid with some trophies this season.

  77. Usmanov isnt Abramovich and we aont the chavs; Arsenal dont need saving from insolvency and Usmanov isnt about the splash hundreds of millions to sate his ego through footballing success and shiny new glacticos.

    The thing that irks is that when we were skint, trying to finance the new stadium, where were these oh so benevolent sugar daddies Whatever the short comings of the board; Hill Wood, Fiszman Edelman, they oversaw that mammoth task and did it without the help of Usmanov or Kroenke. So, for Usmanov to slate the board when he has dome fuck all aprt from buy up shares and try and destabilise the club (him and his R&W Holdings made press statements about the club when we were about to play important CL games) is totally classless and pathetic.

  78. @ dexter
    Lol chin up mate – nice hat too btw!

  79. Why would you pity an Arsenal supporter of sixty years standing? I just don’t understand people like you, Stafs. We live on different planets.

  80. You pity him? What a weird thing to say.

  81. Calm down dears!! I meant because of the season we just had ffs.

  82. So, then you should be pitymg yourself, me, Frank, DukeG, Yogi etc. Just because Lifelong Gooner’s been at it longer than me, why does he deserve your pity and I dont? Git!

  83. ClockEndRider

    Dexter @1.00pm,
    Hear, hear. Regardless of whether you like Fiszman, Hill-Wood etc, they have steered us through a very tricky period. Usmanov can come along and bad mouth it, but in the final analysis, he has not put a single penny into the club and has given no concreet indication of how he would do anything other than benefit himself. Perhaps this is in the nature of the uber-wealthy. But there can be no excuse for the drip drip of negative statements from R&W especially i the run up to certain big games. If anyone can explain to me how these are in any way demondstrative of concern for the club and not just opportunistic lowballing attacks, I would be happy to hear it.

  84. The guy was getting knocked back for his posts & i was trying to empathise with his points – you guys are like the tabloid sharks!

  85. I think AW tactic is to let the other bug ones use up most of their money first picking whoever they want and getting them. Then when united and lipool and city have bought their big guns AW will buy his. Why? Cos we cannot compete with the big ones when it comes to salary and we cannot pay more than say 17m for one player alone. But along az they get their main targets they will be less interested in jumping aws targets later.
    Look at grevinho and Cahill. I bet City are saying back off on Cahill or we will buy Grevinho. We don’t need him but you do. You either play by our rules or you get fucked over by our might. How can u fight that??

  86. its seems that when the cat is away the mice will play…. wenger leaves for holiday and we are clouded in disdainful comments from players and majorstake holders whilst all others in the club stay silent. not even some sniff of opinion from pat rice or perhaps anyone internal with a voice that believes in our cause?? I appreicate the media should probably be avoided if not needed but quite clearly the minimalist approach has allowed all the wrong mesages to escape and terrorise the media zoo. whether its true or not it appears to be another sign that one man cannot control every facet of a large organisation effectively. where is the support? who in PR has also taken leave at exactly the wrong time of year?

    meanwhile at man u fergie finds that the people in the backrooms have created 100% increase in commercial profits and I see today that they might plan to float the company on the hong kong stock exchange market for 1.7bn – twice its value from 2005. they say that money cant buy you success but it perhaps success can at least buy you money.

  87. I think you;re on the wrong blog mate. I am sure there must be a few manc blogs for you.

  88. george rodger

    Henristic,Well done mate.I knwe you had it in you.Now just stop reading Le Shite and your world will be a happier place.
    Really good post.

  89. stafs

    My last post to you was tongue in cheek dude, dont take umbrage!

  90. Clockend Rider, yeah, me too.

  91. Just read another rumour that Arsenal have offered £20m for Hazard.
    If its true then i guess Nasri is off.
    The source is quoted as the mirror though so its unlikely to be true.

  92. I think we are in the market for another attack minded midfielder. It wouldnt mean Nasri is off at all.

  93. YW rules. And so does Avenue B. From the lie lie lie of the righteous…

  94. Lifelong Gooner, it’s easy to come onto a blog and claim to be anyone you want. But your initial comments whether intended or not sounded like they were sympathising with ‘poor’ Usmanov, which made me suspicious. Apologies if you are genuine, but if you have really been supporting the club for 60 years, I am surprised you do not have more perspective as last season despite some low points can in no way be characterized as the beginning of the end. And if you consider the journey we have been on and the changes in the game around us, we’ve actually come a long way.

    I have no inside knowledge about KSE but I have to trust that the people who really care about the club backed him because they believe that of the options available he has the right business background to keep the club going in the years ahead. Of course being a businessman, he is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart either, but he is starting from a better point as he is already inside the club.

  95. drew10 @ 12.05

    In what sense?


  96. Yep I agree with Passenal again

  97. @ YW
    Spot on. You’d have thought fans were wise to this guy’s MO by now, but it would appear not in some cases.

    @ Dexter | June 12, 2011 at 1:00 pm
    * clap clap *

    @ Henristic
    “He’s only parroting what Wenger and everyone else has said, that our collapse was kind of a mystery and that the club will be more active than usual in this transfer window. Whats the big deal in that?”

    I agree – if you look at the whole article and see the context, there is nothing remarkable. He’s fed up with going so close but not getting there but there is no sign of losing faith in the club. Those who are making more of it are simply pushing their own agendas.

  98. Lots of negativity in the players surrounding the club. Don’t think we can afford or really need major surgery but hopefully some significant changes coming this summer The contrast with a united team that won the pl and was in the cl final yet still recognizes that the truth about their squads strength is telling. Lots of things that can be done without destroying the core of what we are doing. Always easier to stand par but lots of hard decisions to make. Digging in our heels will only worsen an already troublesome situation

  99. Magnificent writing Yogi.

    Usmanov, really? ……..why would anyone listen to what he has to say?

  100. Dexter – The Hazard rumour doesn’t necessarily mean Nasri’s off. It’s looking as if Cesc might be moving on this summer. If Nasri were to move into midfield we’d need another forward wide player, something we could have done with last season in my opinion.

  101. Does the Hazard rumour mean grevinho has been bribed to the City bench though? Who on earth would he replace at City?

  102. @ Marc

    It wasn’t Dexter that said that – it was me… just speculating though due to the other spending being rumoured. I hope we could keep players like nasri & cesc – AND still buy Hazard, Gervinho, Chamberlain and also strengthen our defense (which is meant to be the 1st priority for us) but the figures won’t add up unless we sell some high value players. That is just going on our past trend of being frugal. Maybe this time we’ll spend bigger – our results during the run-in would suggest we need it more than ever.

    Whoever we bring in – I am excited about the Emirates cup July 30th to get a preview.

    Theo has been quoted as stating his option of playing up front – if we get chamberlain or hazard on the wing with theo bursting through the middle with RVP it could cause all kinds of nightmares for defenders!

  103. ette

    I suggest you look at Newsnow. At this moment in time, I have 31 publications hidden. Of the remaining 17, one does not talk of Usmanov. He has successfully ensured that the Q&A session tomorrow becomes entirely negative in atmosphere before it has started.

    That said, the announcement of a signing and quite a few people will ask, “Alisher who?”


  104. stafs

    If Oxlade-Chamberlain has been signed, Hazard will not be. Gervinho? I’m not unimpressed but my pulse is not sent racing at the thought of him signing.

    With any signing though, if AW believes it will improve the squad, we have to trust his judgement until we see evidence before our own eyes.


  105. @ poodle – who would you prefer at Arsenal? Gervinho or Hazard?

    I haven’t seen either in a full game (only seen the clips on youtube) so I’m interested to hear who the fans would prefer.

  106. Agree that the timing of Usmanov’s obviously contrived statement is suspicious Yogi, but in a way, I’m also glad especially if it ‘forces’ Kroenke to actually come out and say something to supporters. Like you’ve wrote yourself a few times, it would be helpful if he just addressed the fans for once, state what his motives are and what he intends to bring to (and perhaps more importantly take from) the club.

  107. Ok, he’s never gonna tell us what he wants to ‘take’ from the club, but you know what I mean…

  108. Gervinho, looks a whole lot better at running at defenders, going around them and finishing than any strikers we currently have except for Van Persie.

    But, there’s always a few noddy fucking dogs all cool to sit there and lap it up.

  109. I recall newspaper articles back in April stating that KSE had pledged £40million for Wenger this transfer window?

  110. @goonerton
    You have an opinion, clearly. But you’re not in a better position to judge a player than someone who has scouts’ reports, firsthand views and hours of recordings to go on, not to mention an excyclopaedic knowledge of the game worldwide and knowledge of the our players’ personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Understanding all that doesn’t make you a nodding dog, does it?

    @ ette
    “Usmanov, really? ……..why would anyone listen to what he has to say?”
    Well, quite!

  111. @ stafs
    “I recall newspaper articles back in April stating that KSE had pledged £40million for Wenger this transfer window?”
    And that is a good example of why you should pay no attention to such reports. KSE does not fund Arsenal FC. It is self-financing and one of the few things Silent Stan has been clear about is that this will continue to be the case.

  112. Miami Arsenal

    Morning lads,

    Thank you Yogi for another interesting read and interpretation of the events surround AFC as they stand today. You are of course right that the papers are looking for any piece of fodder to use to sell their papers, rightly so players in the final year of their contracts make great fodder. The microscope Arsenal finds itself under each season and close season is turned up a notch with each failure to add to the trophy cabinet. As fans we must accept that talk whether fact or fiction is going to be printed in large volumes because we are a big and talented club that has failed to produce results expected. I know that I love the style of Arsenal football at the moment and that is down to one man and his pursuit of technically beautiful football. There is no fan that should underestimate the impact Arsene has made to Arsenal, either as a coach or indeed as an ambassador of the beautiful game. All that said, we must concede that Arsenal have demonstrated a clear lack of mental resilience in the face of adversity.

    The current power struggle between our American majority shareholder and our Russian minority shareholder could be the new cold war from all the hyperbole as printed by the hackers and hounds. I can tell you Stan is no mug with his fortune and is not about to become a sugar daddy for AFC anytime soon but neither do I believe he is in the same category as the Glaziers. Change is a constant and whether we like it or not the storm is brewing and something has to give in those famed marble halls. I personally have issues with Russian’s fortunes but like all Russian businessman to emerge from old Soviet Union his past is shrouded in the murky grey of social, political and legal righteousness. I want to think that my Arsenal ends up in the hands of the lesser evil, rather than the one with the artfully created cash fan blowing a gentle breeze over the Emirates

  113. Miami Arsenal

    I know this may go against the grain somewhat but perhaps it really is time to let Cesc have his wish and return to Barca this summer (agreeable transfer fee of course). I also believe that Bendtner and Denilson have become surplus to requirements. I would like to keep Eboue (just saying). I shall leave others to decide on the merit of Rosicky but I wouldn’t be crying in to my mug of java if he was also helped in finding a new club.

    I would love to see Nasri play as a support striker just behind RVP. I think that our team is not as thread bare as many make it seem but some carefully added new signings to add some steel in both defense and midfield would not be harmful. I personally would love to see Inler at the Grove.

  114. Rumours that McLeish has resigned from Birmingham. I hope it’s not true, don’t want him back in the PL so soon (if ever).

  115. nasri scored the majority of his goals when cesc and rvp was out of the team..
    nasri played behind chamakh and they were banging the goals in..
    as soon as cesc and rvp came back chamakh was pushed to the bench and aa was dropped for cesc with nasri moved to the wing..

    the only positive was that rvp scored a shit load of goals but the negative was that everyone else stopped scoring..

    this could be part of nasris beef..probably moreso the cash but a part of me does agree he wants the inside role..

    we could play both cesc and nasri together inside but it would probably mean dropping jack..i dunno if i want that..

    both are great players but after all the crap they are both putting us through i see no reason why jack should be punished..

  116. those rumours are true dups

  117. @stafs i dunno tbh, i never seen any of them play, but if they are both attacking player then i would be suprised if both came,especially if we have signed Ox-Cha at the same time. I just hope that whoever comes they can justify their price tag.

    Hazard has a readymade stage name though. His name alone would be brilliant for comercial use im sure. How can one not become a star with a last name like that? 🙂

    I wonder more about our defender growth. We got Bartely that will become as good if not better than both Smalling and Jones(or so im told). Do we have any other good prospects coming trough from own ranks? United obviousley have no faith what so ever in their own academys ability to grow defenders or els they would not have used 26M in total on two defender kids as they have done.

    Then again we would not have bid 16M for Jones if we thought we had same quality in our academies either so maybe im wrong.
    wonder if Jones would have pushed out JD and Kos to partner Verm if he was bought to us. He must be one wicked 19 year old.
    I also wonder, there must be other good teenage defenders in UK today, up and coming, with equal potential to Jones and Smalling. Does anyone know any?

  118. Yeovil Gunner

    Miami A
    rsenal. 10/10

  119. And yes i think its time to cash in on Cesc. Sell him to the highest bidder. He has said himself he would prefere Barcelona but that Real would be ok too(though not first choice). If they can come up with something good then that would be a dream move imo. Real would increase the chance of thumping Barcelona in La Liga next year, Cesc could move home and hang out with his “bros” inbewteen games(with his salary im sure he has a private jet that can take him from madrid to Barcelona in no time), we would get a fair price for the player, nasri (who has already captained france in a friendly)would get more responsibility in Arsenal, our game would not be designed around one player no more but around an entire team.

    Imagin if Macleish takes over at Villa…. holy cow!

  120. Not sure I’d go along with your analysis there JJ. I think Nasri stopped scorin due to a dip in his form. He played well in AA’s role and offered more cover for Clichy. I think he does prefer a more central role. But Nasri wants more money pure and simple IMO. I really hope he signs tho.

  121. Poodle, manure defenders don’t actually have to be that good since they never get penalties called against them at home and even away from home they can play handball and pull the shirt off the opposition players back and it’s still not a foul.

  122. maybe so dexter..
    after his injury maybe?? in the FA cup v hudds??

    i hope he signs too..

    poodle i dont want either to go to be honest but if i were to pick one to leave id say cesc..bearing in mind it was for his market value and not the curly wurly and bag of crisps barca are offering..
    we’d get a massive fee for him..enough to tie down nasri, move him inside and get hazard for the wing and then we’ll probably have 20-30mil left over for another top play or two..

  123. Miami Arsenal

    @ Poodle

    I think the issue is not whether we or United are producing qualify defenders it is more that a player like Jones was given an opportunity to show his wares on the main stage. All big clubs have the issue where is is hard to bring through youth players because you are just not sure what you have unless they play and they cannot consistently play when they have biger names in front of them.

  124. Passenal

    You forgot about Kung Fu Rio with his non fouls & cards.

  125. george rodger

    Cesc is the best player in the premiership.Cant rally see an up side to selling him.
    However,I thought the very same way about Henry,and we were a far better team without him.So once again I am stumped.

  126. What are the fantasies arising today? More doomers! Wenger knows what he is doing, have faith!
    South of France today is very sunny and hot, the Pastis tastes good and the boules are not balls, Grand Prix in about 15 mins so can forget about football, transfers and Usimov/Dein/Cesc/Nasri/Clichy/Samba/Gervinho/Cahill/Hazard/Defoe/sp*ds/manure/barca and sex!
    a toute a l’heure peut-etre…………………

  127. its a difficult call george
    we wouldnt miss cesc now as what we would if we lost him 2-3 years ago but its not as confidence boosting when his names not on the team form or not…
    i would like to think we could keep him and nasri and add a player like hazard..
    im hoping this is whats going to happen then we can send a huge two fingered salute to the world..

  128. george rodger

    We must not forget just how good Cesc. is.And his best is yet to come.
    God this management game is so hard!

  129. Yeah in an ideal world, we keep Cesc and Nasri and add to the squad, not just replace players. I can’t see Cesc going simply because Barca don’t have the cash.

    OMG! Aston Villa cannot be thinking of having McLeish as their manager surely? Are they that daft?

  130. Dexter he’s only 1 step removed from O’Neill and they had him as their manager, so anything is possible!

  131. It’s raining in Montreal, should make things interesting!

  132. A lot of Villa fans say they will not renew season tickets if McLeish is their manager. Can’t say I blame em

  133. Passenal,

    I have no need to pretend to be anything other than a life-long supporter, I saw my first match at Highbury in 1950 aged seven.

    During the last sixty one years I have seen far worse seasons than the last. Seasons in which the football was dire, barely escaping relegation and watching players who should never have worn an Arsenal shirt.

    There have been numerous seasons when success was won by hard work, luck or just by boring the opposition to death.

    I am dissapointed tghat we have not won a trophy for the past six seasons but in that time I have witnessed some of the best football that I have ever seen my team play.

    I am an Arsenal supporter! Do not dare to pity me for being so!

  134. george rodger

    Dups ,a lot of Arsenal fans say they will not renew if Wenger is manager.

  135. george rodger

    And you know what we call them

  136. anyway bollox to it..

    change of topic but i think theos going to have a massive year..
    hes coming on leaps and bounds now..

  137. I hope that ditch that fucking rat Stewart Robson next season. What a faux pas on their part employing a disloyal shit like that.

  138. george rodger

    Frank ,he is a boring bastard as well.Papping on about earning the right to play.

  139. george rodger

    JJ ,thats the spirit.

  140. @Frank

    I think I love you, ……… you know, in that sort of latent homosexual sort of way. Can we be friends!

  141. Ha, true Passenal.

  142. Jabba's Delights


    Whats Robson done wrong, i thought he just said we cant defend?

  143. jabba
    thats not a true statement though

  144. Jabba's Delights

    In as many words i thought he said our defending can be better, what did he say, was it really bad and untrue?

  145. I’ve got no idea what specifically Robson has said, but don like him, he ant even a Gooner anyway.

  146. in open play we can defend though..
    so the statement that we ‘cant defend’ is untrue..

  147. im not really bothered about robson to be honest..ive heard worse things..
    its still not a true statement though..

  148. If there was a chance of Cesc joining a team other than Barca I’m pretty sure we’d be putting pressure on them to come up with more money. If he is going to leave why not get the maximum benefit to Arsenal. I just can’t see Cesc leaving for anyone else other than his Barca. So either they make a reasonable offer or he stays until his contact gets down to a couple of years

  149. Jabba's Delights

    I dont know exactly what he said so was asking. We arent great at defending in any aspect of the game especially not for a team who has legitimate aspirations for winning the league and cl. We have the ball for a huge amount of time in a game so in reality we do concede quite a few goals from open play considering the length of time the opposition have the ball. This isnt just the defence problem though its as a team where we are naive and maybe lazy. Our defending from set pieces is worse than many championship teams.

    I am however very hopeful that the penny dropped with Arsene this year and he will correct the issues we have defensively both with signings and renewed emphasis on the training pitch.

  150. Wayne Rooney has used Colleens pubic hair for his hair transplant ! Apparently the success rate is much higher if transplanted from one cunt to another.

  151. Maybe the best would be to keep Cesc around one more year. That would give Ramsey and Wilshere one moer year to prepare, it would also get Nasri one more year to prepare before he is forced into becoming a more important part of the team. If he leaves in one year Nasri will be what? 23? that is a much better age to enter the scene as a clubs top star than 20 as was Cescs age. next season Cesc will still take much of the preassure as the teams best player and let the others develop nicley and gradually get more and more responsibility. Ramsey is already Wels captain, Nasri may well be France captain in a couple of years.
    One more season with Circus Cesc as main focus for the media and Arron,Samir and Jack will be ready to split the burden that comes with being the next arsenal midfield superstars.

  152. And Yogi why does my comment stay in the “leave a reply” field after i posted it? Is it only my machine thats gone mad or is it the setup of your new page? its really

  153. We had long spells this season where we didnt concede a goal for ages and were defensivly tight as fuck, so this notion we cant defend at all is bollocks.

    We can improve for sure and I hope we sign a top quality CB.

  154. @ DukeyG; 😀

  155. Poodle It happens to some of mine too.

  156. Jabba's Delights


    The season is 38 games and in those 38 games we conceded 43 goals. The previous season which is 38 games we conceded 41 goals. All of those goals are conceded when the opposition has the ball from 35-40% of the time, meaning the opposition doesnt need to have the ball for long to score against us. To win the league at team must be consistant, we arent. We were brilliant against Spurs fist half and then conceded 3 in the second half likewise against Newcastle, but then conceded 4 in 20mins. We must improve significantly both from a coaching stance and on the field.

  157. Love it duke

  158. Jabba I get it, you just like to go over the same tired shit again and again. This subjecthas been discussed, I said we can improve and I hope for new signings, no need to bore me rigid mate.

  159. Jabba's Delights


    I find myself having to repeat myself when i read someone write

    ”so this notion we cant defend at all is bollocks.”,

    as its just plain wrong. Cold hard facts show we are poor at defending and have been for years so dont write the above and we wont need to go over it again.

  160. i dont agree entirely..
    we can still defend well from open play..we play a high line so our cbs are always going to be asked questions but we have cb’s with good recovery skills so when the balls on the floor we can hold our own with the best defences in the league..lots of top sides concede goals from open play we do ok in this aspecti dont think we do any worse than the likes of manutd..

    the set pieces do kill us though, its our kryptonite…maybe its a mental thing but theres also the fact that we are a ball playing side and theres not much ball playing you can do when you dont have the actual ball..especially when its in the agree it is a training aspect because we dont do too well scoring from them either so its obvious its not being worked on hard enough

    i think we gave away alot of fouls last season as well so a few more ball winners in the squad would help iron out those creases and balance the squad out it terms of technical players to no nonesense players ratio

    everyone was saying how good ches jd and kos were last season, song too..sagnas the best rb in the league and TV will return soon…
    but now weve got this stat flying around about set pieces we are now saying they are totally shit and they cant defend in any aspect??

  161. Patronising twat.
    The defense needs to improve, th whole teams attitude to defending can improve, but to get on your high horsebecause yu hinkiArsenl ano dfen at ll is fucing opatetic nd shosyourntural bent. You just want o fucing slate all the time, tats your perogative, but i dont have follow suit, than

  162. lol duke…

  163. I think my keyboards in revolt.

  164. george rodger

    Jabba ,What do you suggest that you think Arsene is unaware of?

  165. I think the midfield covering the defense has been questionable at times, if they cant offer the back 4 a solid sheild we are going to concede. To just say we cant defend is over simplistic

  166. george rodger

    Dex.I dont blame it one bit.

  167. george rodger

    Simple people must say simple things,otherwise neither would be simple anymore

  168. George 😀

  169. Ha! England undome by aset piece! Bog standard corner. English players just cannot defend can they?

  170. Jabba's Delights


    He was unaware the prem was a physical league with alot of emphasis on set pieces and that cb’s with experience in playing in those conditions tend to do much better. He also failed to realise that we were a short team and lacked physical stature. This was known and discussed by arsenal fans, pundits and ex players to varying degrees for the last 3-4 years.

    You are the sort of person who ridiculed fans for saying such things, now when our manager has come out and said we need defenders with premiere league experience and we need more height it becomes ok.

    Apparently defending from set pieces is easy……………………….well sort it out then.


    It still doesnt hide the fact that people who say we cant defend actually arent speaking ”bollocks”.

  171. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Again and again and again and again and again….

  172. comon guys blaming the defence alone is purly to simplistic. its what you do if you dont manage to see the whole picture. The Midfield has not exactly been shining when it comes to defensive duty this year. An example can be in the barca game where one of our midfielders “gifted” the oponent a goal. Its not much JD or Kos can do when the midfield does not manage to do their job.
    Arsenals style of play requires the ENTIRE team to work on defending. If you watch United you will notice that their defence is rarly under preassure at all. their midfield just cleans it up.
    Our defence is ALWAYS under preassure. who ever covers for Clichy? Hes all by himself on that side, while Evra has Park is it?
    Its the system, not the players that makes us most vunerable here.

    And yes we are poo at set pics. But we went through a long period where the defence was not so crap. However our ATTACK was horrendous! We have three forwardes in each match, how do we NOT manage to score??? It does not matter how good your defence is if you cannot score. If you cannot put the ball behind the oponents keeper you aint winning thats for sure. And that was our biggest problem in the last 12 matches. I think that cost us the title this year. Shit attack.
    To win the league we simply must score more vital goals in vital matches.

  173. “No, Senor Rosell, €40m is not enough. £50m or more. No, we don’t want Tigger or Bojan. What’s the property market like around your way? I’ve always fancied a Spanish Villa. !!!GENIUS!!! hahaaha loved this Yogi!!..U got my respect back!! im sorry i said that you where an amateur and that i lost all respect haha, i had, had big problems in one of my kitchens and was horribly stressed.. all apologies!! I now relieve you of your sleepless nights!! 😉 hahaha..

    That being said, the real estate deal mentioned above, does not sound like good business ;).. Hearing people complaining about Villa not scoring “enough” (he got 20+ in all competitions) just tells you the standards people want Barca players to live up to, it cant be easy… Any player that scores over 25 goals per season “anywhere” will not come cheap and how much would a player that scores anything closer to 30 be? Why spend big money to replace Villa for a 3 or 4 goal difference?? trust me, hes not going anywhere, especially now that the money is scarce..

    If youre walking down a street in Barcelona, and ask anyone what they think about Cesc, you would not hear one single person blaming Arsenal for keeping him (i do, but i understand why, and i want you to keep him!), or Barcelona for the bitter atmosphere between the two clubs whenever Cesc is mentioned.. in reality, everyone likes Cesc and know hes a great player, but right now is considered something of an idiot for signing a long term contract to a team that he would eventually and unfairly want to leave.. Now Barca has been winning everything, and Cesc decides that he wants to leave… To some of us, its a bit unfair of him to expect Barcelona, to pay so much more, than we would have had to, if he had not signed the new 5 year contract things would be different, and It is his all his own fault and hes paying the consecuenses..

    I think the whole Rosell obsession with Cesc, is more about bringing a marketeable catalan player home, rather than wanting to ADD talent to an allready talent saturated midfield.. I mean, have you EVER seen anyone weraring a Busquets or a Pedro shirt ffs?? Both are ugly as fuck!! lol.. We all know that this is a business, and this club needs money, so Cesc must be part of a marketing strategy to bring in more cash.. World cup winner, close friend of everyone at the club, marketeable story of the comeback and has good looks.. its a win, win situation economically.. I dont see any other reason to bring him..

    If anything i would add another world class central defender as Puyol is coming of age and a fast, true left winger.. Maxwell was supposedly going to do this for us in a simmilar fashion to how Dani Alves does it on the right, but he didnt live up to the expectations.. Still a great defender though..

    Bojan, Jeffren, Maxwell, Nolito, Dos Santos should be sold.. Dos Santos is a genius, but Alcantara is even more talented so there are chances of him leaving to Roma..


    “Look why don’t you come back next year when you’ve stopped living a champagne lifestyle on a beer income.”

    Aaahh yes Champagne!! That celebratory drink that is usually consumed when you “WIN” SOMETHING… anything???? NOTHING??? oh shit, sorry to remind you, that you dont have shit to celebrate about… but wait!! why the fuck are you drinking champagne anyway???? LOL!! like theres anything about Arsenal to celebrate about!!

    oh, and please buy something, wengers indesicion to do so, makes him look even more WEAK!! again i ask, what is the poiint of having a financially stable club, if you dont USE your money!!??? Imagine what Fergie would do with a spending power like yours!! Wow!!…

    Cheers!! enjoy your refreshing french drink!! wich is also what Nasri will be drinking when he fucks Arsenal in the rear LOL!! Will allways rather drink beer in victory, than champagne in defeat Yogi!..

  174. why does everybody question our defence but nobody questions our ability to score goals? Im 100% sure that if we scored only 1 goal more in each of our last 12 matches we would not have been no 4 this year.

  175. Does anyone actually ever read Cuervos posts at all?

  176. The interesting thing about AW is that he had the audacity to try something. It hasn’t always worked and there have been some spectacular mistakes on the pitch. But there have also been spectacular moments when it all came right. The question is whether his attempt to play a different sort of football, on a budget, can work. I think it can.

    Defence? No we haven’t got it right yet. Trouble is bug fucker centre backs don’t really figure in our style of football. Do we compromise that style and if so to what degree? Fascinating to see.

    As for the ‘fans’, we just have to recognise that from now on in they will always be shit unless we win. Worst fans in the EPL and can’t be relied upon to help the team across the line. AW will need to factor that in to his calculations. But he is used to that.

  177. thiagos good

  178. No, Poodle, I don’t read them. Never have.

  179. I agree with your point about scoring, Poodle. We have hit the bar and posts or just missed so many this year. The fact that our goals from midfield dried up was remarkable. Many of the goals given away would hardly have been noticed if we had put the ball in at the other end. Our style of football depends upon lots of goals.

  180. Jabba's Delights


    I agree mate we are 10-15 goals off scoring what we should be and we concede about 10 to many as well. im sure it will come good with maybe 3 good signings in the summer. I just think resolving cesc and Nasri early in the summer is crucial either way.

    Barca can go do one. Stump up the cash 45m i would say or bugger off. Real coming in for cec would be a god send in a way

  181. RVP setting the record straight on twitter…

    “Want to clear up some things.I supposed to have made comments about the lifestyle of english players Words have been taken out of context1/3”

    “Only thing I meant to say is if u look after urself u can enjoy a longer career. Never mentioned english players in particular. 2/3”

    “Who am I to judge. Think the prem league is amazing and so are the boys playing in it!! 3/3”

  182. agree with those points as well..
    if robin would have had more support with the goals in the final stages it could have been a different story in most games..draws turn to wins loses turn to draws 4th becomes 1st..

    we were let down all over the pitch..

  183. To be honest i normally read the first line of Cuervo’s posts…….then i come to the conclusion he’s just a first class cunt and scroll onto the next one…

  184. agree we are shit in defence and attack.

  185. lol RvP must have pissed off someone in the press seriousley. Seems like they having a personal agenda against him now. Maybe he scored to many goals in the last half of the season. took the glory away from the “true” heroes of the “true” english teams

  186. Poodle Haha! I was going to say the same thing, jstafter Iskpe over it. Why that masochisitic glory hunting prick posts on here is beyond me?

  187. if we learned how to deal with set pieces in general we could score 10 more and conceed 10 less..+ 20 on the GD

    we get loads of corners and free kicks if more of them went in the net we’d be laughing..
    theres more than one way to score a goal..some teams are only in the PL cos they rely on set pieces…
    if we could mingle set pieces into our philosphy we would have the ultumimate attack next season..defence would benefit too because its one less weapon the oppo have on you..if they aint much cop at ball playing and we are as good as them with dead balls how are they supposed to beat us??
    we can use plan b and plan c
    if a team parks the bus we dead ball the fuckers into submission..

  188. * just after I skipped over it!

  189. hehe guys imagin if Liverpool after spending 80M after xmas do not qualify for CL next year. That would be fun 🙂

  190. DukeG And the midfield is shit too dont forget.

  191. Henderson will fit in well at Liverpool. The amount of 60 yard hollywood passes he tries,

  192. hendersons shit

  193. george rodger

    Jabba ,I ask you again .What do you think you know that Arsene does not?
    And what makes you think you are better qualified than him?
    And what makes you think you are right and the majority on this site are wrong?

  194. Prepare for Wenger to get the blame when England get knocked out of the U21 tournament.

  195. george rodger

    Yogi .I keep getting stuff left in my reply box as well

  196. Cuervo

    Aaah beer and champagne – an English saying. It means stop living beyond your means. Or in Barcelona’s case, stop trying to buy players you cannot afford.


  197. Poodle @8.17

    I do, they are quite entertaining.


  198. George

    Are you sure that you want to admit that in public?


  199. Jon Jon @ 20:49..

    Ah yes, corners, now there’s a contentious subject. Apart from against a short Barcelona defense when did we look dangerous at a corner last year? Some games we rake up 7 or 8 corners only to see them all wasted. Law of averages alone should mean we score more than we do, even with their eyes shut. Maybe they should try that, good ball in then half a dozen players just rush the area with their eyes shut, cant be any worse.

  200. Perhaps they could link arms then jump together as in a wave of blind Eddie Edwards’. What a sight that would be.

  201. Aaaah George I’ve just seen Poodle’s earlier comment. If you both clear your cache, separately or together whichever takes your fancy. Should solve the problem.

  202. RVP’s dead ball accuracy seemed to waver as his finishing zeroed-in on absolute deadly goal-a-game perfection. Duties got farmed out to Nasri and Walcott and Fabregas in the end as he decided to give them a shot when it wasn’t working. Not sure if that’s a basic, spinning plates in training issue but I’m pretty confident with a full pre-season he can get both distinct mojos flaming white again. Most dangerous player I’ve ever seen with a dead ball at his feet. Corners and freekicks both. Specialist.

  203. Nice goal by England

  204. lol yw

    timmy t, squillaci got the winner v stoke at home..
    three points and nobody was bothered how we got them at the time..

  205. Jabba's Delights


    1)That our team hasnt got loads of mental strength like he continually says…………that was easy wasnt it.
    2) that his constant excuse maing has an appalling affect on the attitude of the team

    I also knew like many before that centre backs with experience in the premier league would probably do better and settle quicker than ones from outside the league.

    Im not a rocket scientist but i also believe that generally the taller and more physically imposing a player is the better a player might handle physical contests and often arise from defensive set pieces situations.

    Im glad its taken our manager a few years to come around to what a very very large section of football fans, pundits and ex players have known for years.

    With regards to the majority of this site, dont make me laugh. The majority of this site thinks we are poor at defending…….FACT. The majority of other sites some of which have a vastly bigger following than this one think we are pump at defending and our furious with the manager. Just because you think they are moaners it doesnt hide the fact that they think it.

    You are obsessed with Arsene. You find it impossible to look at the team rationally. A perfect example of this was your point on friday about Clichy being the best left back in the league.

    ”every man thinks he has the prettiest wife” this is a statement that perfectly describes you. I love my club just as much as you but i prefer to view them as they are rather than lie to myself constantly

  206. I think Koscielny got a few from corners too, but we definitely could work on that side of the game

  207. well played england

    why didnt lansbury and rodwell start??

    shove that up your arse cuervo..

  208. george rodger

    So Jabba ,The team you are suggesting we build is almost exactly like”the Invincables” The team Arsene Wenger built and gave us,So he knew exactly what was required to go a full season unbeaten.Yes?

    So answer me this one question
    Do you think he has forgotten?
    It seems rather unlikely to me.

  209. RVP’s dead ball accuracy seemed to waver as his finishing zeroed-in on absolute deadly goal-a-game perfection. Duties got farmed out to Nasri and Walcott and Fabregas in the end as he decided to give them a shot when it wasn’t working. Not sure if that’s a basic, spinning plates in training issue but I’m pretty confident with a full pre-season he can get both distinct mojos flaming white again. Most dangerous player I’ve ever seen with a dead ball at his feet. Corners and freekicks both. Specialist.

  210. george rodger

    And Jabba,a bit of friendly advice.Dont try to sound cleaver,You really will not ever pull that trick off.

  211. george rodger

    JJ ,we looked very much second best though

  212. You’re a broken ecord Jabba, you’re pretty joyless mate, I feel for you. Its obvious you have to try really hard to post on here as it aint Le Grove, and you try and make out you are not a doomer when you clearly are. And I dont mean you arent allowed to critique individuals and the team, but that is all you ever fucking do. Its boring. Never mind the FACT your opinions are pretty naive and over simplifications. Up till the whole team lost it, the defence was on a par with United’s and the chavs bar a goal or 2. That tells me that the defence wasnt shte (but it definitey could be improved), something you just have to disagre with because that is your doomer mentality; That you need everyone to know how shite we are and we just have to dicuss the failings and deficincies all the fucking time. I dont need a miserable sod on a blog to tell me them, I saw it in the flesh with my own eyes AT THE FUCKING TIME mate.
    Move the fuck on.

  213. only in possession
    we had more chances on goal..

  214. We were just playing rope-a-dope, G-man!

  215. The boy Walker played well, got forward well, although most of his balls were pttyimls. Te central misfield was pretty workmanlike. Who’d have thought that with Stuart pearce in charge?

  216. * pretty aimless. Bloody typing!

  217. Dexter # sometimes I think you are typing with a Latin keyboard. 🙂

  218. walker did do good..
    isnt he a spud though??
    smalling did well..bastard..

  219. Jabba's Delights


    You telling everyone on friday that clichy was the best in the league and then insulting people who disagreed makes me sound cleverer than i am. You writing filth about Tony Adams for daring to to question wenger does the same,

    Not everything in life is forever mate, people get old. Football moves on lest stop harping on about achievments from 7 years ago. Our manager hasnt been at the top of his game for 3 years, in fact some of his decisions in that time have been piss poor. He has an incredible opportunity put things right this summer, and i hope with all my heart h does it, as if he doesnt i think you will find he will be be alot closer to being shown the door than you could imagine.

    Glazidis will be given an absolute roasting tomorrow and he will let the fans know in no uncertain terms that this year cant be repeated again. Thats where our manager is at at the moment , the last 3 years have just as much affect as the wonderful invincibles. Just becuase you choose to ignore it doesnt make the poor performance any less relevant than when he doing great things

  220. JJ Ha! Yeah Smalling was pretty decent, fucking robbin manc gits!

  221. lol dups
    dexter youve made me laugh all night mate..

  222. Dupsff; Haha!

  223. jabba.
    do you want wenger gone?

  224. JJ; Yeah, I bet completely unintentionally too! 😀

  225. LA ,”rope a dope”is what United claim they do to us when we out play them?
    Cant have it both ways.
    JJ .Does not hoof ball tend to make for activity in the box.Pinball like?Giving the impression of more chances?
    Perhaps not ,just a thought.

  226. It’s pretty obvious anyone who thinks Arsenal’s defence ‘can’t defend’ is just plain fucking stupid. Completely clueless. Or maybe they only woke up with a month to go of the Premier League.

  227. Jabba ,I would like to show you the fucking door .
    Copy and paste me talking filth about TA or admit to being a lying bastard.

  228. Any one else think Gael is the best LB in the league?
    Or is Jabba right.And I am just a thick cunt with red goggles on.

  229. Jabba's Delights

    getting Dexter

    I go on many different Arsenal blogs, i find getting different peoples perspectives and thoughts on the club i love a much better way of understanding how people feel.

    I talk about what is currently happening. The league season was poor our cl performance was worse and this summer the news is that 2 of our best players might be leaving. This is the news around arsenal, what do you talk about. People get called idiots on here for talking about potential signings and they also get nailed for talking about the current performance of the club……………………i say again what do you talk about?

  230. skywatchingmug

    I’m not sure what is worse people thinking we can not defend or people thinking we cant not defend under pressure.

  231. I’m not sure if it’s the double negatives or the punctuation but there’s something bewildering about that statement.

  232. shooting at the goal more times than them also gives the impression of more chances 😉

  233. You could make many different sentence out of that one, change the nuances to cover the whole spectrum of thought re Arsenal.

  234. I thought Barcelona put us under a fair bit of pressure at the Emirates this season. Granted United and Chelsea were swatted away without too much trouble at the back but they had their moments and the defence held strong. City at Eastlands gave it a right good go and were repelled very well. Those are the best sides we were up against and we did pretty well – even without our first choice centreback, two new recruits fresh to the league, one in his first full season after long term injury and three different goalkeepers coming and going. Not too shabby really – in the highest pressure league in the world. Came unstuck at the end of course, but the whole team did and that’s another story really.

  235. Jabba's Delights


    No i dont want him gone, i do however think this summer is crucial for him. I unlike many on other blogs feel his wonderful acheivments in the past should give him our patience for one more year. He needs to step up his game though, He is incredibly well paid and the results from his decisions should reflect that. .
    Project youth on its own hasnt worked, lets augment that with some good signings and lest see where it gets us.


    You were openly mocked on friday for writing shit about adams. nobody agreed with you statement on friday about clichy in fact people laughed at you

  236. who is France 2nd choice btw if Gael is their third chouice? And i doubt Evra would be Frances 1st choice if he played at our club. Gael has a much harder job here than Evra has at United. If Evra came and played in a team like ours where individual qualities are so much more important than in a team where collective qualities are emphasiesed, we would see what kind of defender he really was. im not sure he would solve the job at Arsenal so very much better than Gael. He maybe contribute more forwards but would he let in more goals? And Baines, how will he fare with a player like Arsharvin infront of him?

    Thats my opinion anyway.

  237. i dont want him gone yet either..

  238. Copy and paste it then because I am calling you a lying bastard
    And you and Luke dont count in the mocking stakes.

  239. Poodle ,be careful if you suggest Gain is a good player you will be mocked by the mega brains that are Jabba and Luke 🙂

  240. Are you doing a survey Jabba? You trawl through all the blogs gettin a feel for what Gooners think do you? And I just thought you wanted to spout yur doomer bollocks 24/7. I was on a train coming back from Newcastle after the 4 all. We discussed that fucked up game then and for a fair few days after. I have discussed the collapse at the end of the season, once my anger and frustration allowed me. But to still want to do tha is what you doomers love to do. Refusing to look forward. Of course the situations with Nasri and Cesc are concerns, but they haven left and Nasri has stated not to believe the tabloid bollocks, so what do we do? Fret over it constantly?

    That is wat you doomers love to do.

    I see people posting on here mentioning their worries and views on Nasri, RvP, Wenger, Kroenke, etc, they criticise and so on, yet they dont get called out. Why? Because that aint all they fucking do.

  241. JJ

    I want the senile old bastard gone NOW! No offence Jabba.

  242. Gain is of course Gael

  243. Clichy was the best leftback in the country in 2008, and he’s not far off that now. There’s so many different criteria that a fullback can be judged on. The stats will bear out that Clichy tops many of those criteria (I’m thinking he’s top or near the top for pace, he’s definitely top for interceptions made and he’s definitely top for tackles won – for example). No reason why he can’t reclaim that moniker next season – especially with Vermaelen behind him, Koscielny a year wiser and a settled No.1 in goal.

  244. Jabba's Delights


    The day started off badly for you, when you were openly accused of being racist. You then failed to apologise for this which was nothing short of a disgrace and actually continued to mock someone, it says alot about you.

    You then came up with the Adams chat which set people off on you, and then the clichy comment, which zero people agreed with.

    Whilst i can be described at worst as dyslexic doomer on this blog, you are a hateful rude person who also knows little about the main passion in his life

  245. YW,

    You around? Check your e-mail.

  246. Sorry, that was a poor joke. I have a killer hangover thats lasted all day.

    Limpar, I think Clichy is the most likely to leave the club out of him, Cesc and Nasri.

  247. Well Jabba copy and paste the TA stuff or admit you are a lying bastard.Its not difficult unless you are lying.
    Which you are.
    Now just prove me wrong you fucking lying twat
    Sorry Yogi but he is making stuff up .

  248. i dont believe george is a racist..

  249. And so people know I accused someone of having the intelligence of a chimp.
    Still dont understand how I got labeled a racist from that.

  250. Good point, poodle. Arsenal fullbacks have an all-action role. If we get caught out it can look like ‘where’s the fullbacks?!’ – but the the possession won being that adventurous and aggressive is central to the way we play. I guess that’s why Arsenal fullbacks are often recognised in the PFA Teams of the Year, because their peers know just how hard it is to press that high up the line for 90 minutes, playing as a winger one second and tackling back if it breaks down.

    Really, Dex? Hope not.

  251. Thank JJ nothing could be further from the truth.Racists repulse me

  252. Lipar

    Yeah, I do. I havent seen any comments from AW talking like he’s confident of Gael staying.

  253. i dont beleive thats a racist comment..

  254. I haven’t seen anything concrete about him going. Are there some quotes from the player I’ve missed? I thought it was all agent/paper breeze…

  255. Jabba's Delights


    Notice i said you were ACCUSED of being racist, which you were. You stupidly called a black person a chimp, crap mistake accident or something more malicious i dont know but the fact that you obvioulsy upset someone and then continued to mock them rather than apologise which is what a normal rationale person would do speaks volumes of you are as a person. This is why when you mock me for having a different oppinion to you its like water off a ducks back

  256. Its more the under current I am getting Limpar. Probably just me getting carried away,due to the fact tha all the talk is of Nasri and Cesc, not Clichy. There was some stuff about him wanting a new challenge, but not sure if there was any real substance to the story

  257. Nor do I Jon Jon.

  258. george you homophobic git.

  259. Did he say someone had the intelligence of a gay chimp?

  260. Duke ,How very dare you?
    Jabba still no copy and paste I see .Liar.

  261. I wish you people would be serious.Always messing about

  262. Jabba's Delights


    Its right there for all to see. You should be embarrassed by your actions even more so considering your a middle aged man.

    You should learn to talk to people on here without being so rude and hateful. I know im not the only person on here who wondered whether that picture with the red head was actually you.

  263. lol Jabba that was a very cheap point.
    nobody knew that person was black until he or her decided to tell everyone how offended she was cos she was after all black and by god everyone should have known that he or she was black. Cos his or hers post sugested him or her was black?? or something?? cos it should be totally obvious that that poster was totally black. right?

    Bottom line here must be be aware who you call a chimp.You cannot assume that everyone you lable a chimp are white superwingers like Bale!

    I must say i think George is way annoying sometimes, and he may even be a racist and a bigot irl. however i dont think i really read anything here that makes me think hes a racist. How do i know? Well i ain white and though he can be way annoying sometimes, nothing i read of george so far makes me conclude hes a person that hates people like me as in non whites.

    And you my good sir is a bloody coward for using the racist card to get the upperhand on a fellow blogger that happends to disagree with you .

    SHAME ON YOU JABBA! GROW SOME FUKIN BALLS! you dont joke around with racisim you know.

  264. poodle if I annoy you I genuinely am sorry.I try to only annoy ……………………well I dont know how to put it really.Without annoying someone by accident.

  265. I cant even believe this shit is being discussed? If George had chosen a different animal, vegetable or mineral he’d have been safe from this mindless name calling. Because in relative terms, chimps are pretty smart/ He should have said the nteligence of a donkey, or a gerbil instead.

  266. Jabba's Delights


    i am well aware that you dont joke around with such things, believe me,

    Like i said he was accused of it, its the way he reacted to that accusation which tells me exactly what he is like as a person.

    That he discredits anyone who has the audacity to question our manager, the way he calls people cunts if they were disappointed with the season. The way he calls arseblog or le grove useless blogs as they think differently to him………………..he has serious issues.

  267. Nasri is aparantly being offered a new deal, with performance related bonuses. Hope its true.

  268. Arseblogger’ one of he best. I think you have a few issues yourself Jabba mate. This has gone on way too long. I dont blog every day, but I havenever seen George be anything other than good natured. Even when he calls people names, its generally in jest. Whereas I mean every foul mouthed cuss I spew! 😀

  269. we have no choice but to offer a better deal, he has us by the biggie smalls. but he is one of the best midfielders in the league and he sees loads of players earning £120grand a week + so he only wants what he should be getting. in football terms.

  270. Again Jabba.Arseblog? never once mentioned it.
    Still waiting for the TA copy and paste,You are clutching at straws now old chum

  271. Jabba's Delights


    fine it should be left now. Maybe in future he should be more careful as like i said quite a few people pick up on him for being rude.

    I wouldnt personally call any arsenal blog useless. I think any person who finds the time to write about something i love everyday or every other day as very beneficial and a great arsenal fan. Fans have differing opinions i disagree with alot on le grove as i do with Yogi sometimes but i find hearing there thoughts and opinions about our great club interesting 365 days a year, as i do debating my thoughts on arsenal with you and other bloggers.

    I would never be constantly rude to people who just view a situation differently.

  272. Jabba's Delights

    dexyer where did you here the nasri contract offer

  273. Jabba's Delights


    where did you here the nasri contract offer

  274. If the offer is performance related then good,Dennis would have signed it 🙂

  275. There’s also a mention of it in a piece from another paper, so perhaps there might be some substance to it?


  276. Wenger said: “We will do everything to keep Nasri at the club. My wish is that he stays here.

    “If he looks back he can see that he’s come quite a long way with us, and I think there is still a bit to do. It’s the club that makes the player’s career.”

    On Fabregas, Wenger said: “I will be pretty clear about this. For me, Fabregas is with Arsenal for a long time and he will stay with Arsenal.

  277. no mention of Clichy at all. Maybe he is not keen to hold on to him anymore. As far as I’ve been reading Clichy is a goner.

  278. Hi All,

    It seems that Frank was correct again. Robin denies making the comments about his team mates and states:

    “I sincerely hope that all football fans worldwide don’t take these misleading reports seriously.”

    We should all know better than assuming the truth of any media relayed feedback.

  279. No Dgob

    Robin denied the comments about English players. Tellingly, he made no denial of the comments about the state of play at Arsenal.


  280. Yogi,

    Didn’t he say that the extent of his comments was only about the general need to keep yourself fit and about respecting all the players in the EPL?

    As far as his supplied statement about not claiming we are going to win something before the season even starts, I never thought there were any grounds to criticise this and so I have not repeated this.

  281. Dgob

    Some people disliked the comments about Arsenal, which was where their fuss came from, not those about English footballers. Which we all assumed to be true because they fit with our views on English footballers!


  282. A lttle mean spirited of you, YW, and a trifle picky. Don’t you think? I would suggest that there is enough evidence in his two denials to conclude that any ‘unsourced’ quotes from RvP or any of our players has no veracity. Well done, Robin, for fighting back. It would be very useful if all players used there new found connections with supporters to do the same. Perhaps then we might get a modicum of decency creeping into the press and media to combat the crap reported on an hourly basis.

  283. Frank | June 13, 2011 at 8:45 am
    A lttle mean spirited of you, YW, and a trifle picky. Don’t you think? I would suggest that there is enough evidence in his two denials to conclude that any ‘unsourced’ quotes from RvP or any of our players has no veracity. Well done, Robin, for fighting back. It would be very useful if all players used there new found connections with supporters to do the same. Perhaps then we might get a modicum of decency creeping into the press and media to combat the crap reported on an hourly basis.

    There you go bandying about that mean spirited bullshit again. You did something similar in previous seasons where after exits from the cups and title race, you started picking fights with everyone including even ACLF regulars (e.g. ZimPaul last season, if I remember correctly). You really are a very unpleasant person, aren’t you? Its like you think you’re the only true supporter or something?

    I have a feeling the the team’s collapses affect you more than anyone else and the only way you allow yourself to vent is by picking on whoever isn’t as blinkered as you are. Funny that when faced with the idea that your ‘hero’ RvP said something less than complimentary about the team, your reaction is to deny and blame the media.
    You really should take things easy or risk another meltdown.

  284. Frank

    Nope, not mean-spirited at all. Nor picky. Simple truth. Ask yourself which is more damaging to his professional life? Criticising himself and his teammates or criticising the wider game? It is the former, not the latter.

    Interestingly, he did not deny the quotes other than to say he had not specifically mentioned English players. Not a denial is it? More of a correction. That suggests veracity more than falsehood.


  285. Yogi,

    I did not really read enough before commenting here and so apologies if I misunderstood what I read. In my defence, it was on my way out of the house at an ungodly hour this morning!

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