RvP: Truth or Treachery?

Every year it goes wrong in an identical way and that is frustrating. When you look at results in the last years, Arsenal shouldn’t be talking about winning the League because too many times that has gone wrong.

Where to begin with Robin van Persie‘s comments? Criticism of van Persie is already emerging; speaking as he has is deemed disloyal. Treacherous, even. Keep it quiet Robin, keep it in the dressing room, lad.

But is it betrayal to air his opinions? Is the denial of problems the real disloyalty, failing to admit them prevents a solution.

They do not sit well with many because they suggest that lessons are not learned by the squad or management. Indeed they suggest something is very wrong at Arsenal. To err is human. To make the same mistakes, season after season is unprofessional and that is unforgivable.

Solutions are not necessarily straightforward.

Arguably, van Persie is part of the problem. His injury record is second to everyone in recent seasons. Wenger is criticised for his training techniques, the stressful nature of them perceived as taking its toll. The Dutchman’s injuries tend to be as a result of contact rather than muscular. Others are muscular with no contact. A picture is easy to paint depending on your viewpoint, evidence can be found for each argument.

Sign players, sufficient quantity and quality to cover the injuries and dip in form, so the mantra goes. But space exists only for 25 senior professionals. How do you overcome the failures of last season when the malaise hit the whole squad?

It is not feasible or practical to have three world-class players for each position. Even having that many good players for those positions presents numerous difficulties. How to maintain match fitness for that large a squad? Continuity of selection is necessary for consistency on the pitch which limits the amount of games that some will play. Will a player of a certain quality be satisfied with a support role? Surely a quality you want is desire, there is not much if players are happy to sit on the bench.

van Persie identifies the defeat to Birmingham as the moment that mentally the team crumbled,

Even now, it’s still unbelievable we didn’t win the Carling Cup as that was the breakthrough moment, showing everyone we could win a cup and create a belief within the team. When I talk about that it still hurts. It was so stupid and I ask myself ‘how did that come about?’

A moment of madness preceded by eighty-nine minutes of under-performance, below the level expected of Arsenal.

The timing of his comments could be considered poor. Nasri, Clichy and Cesc are all being eyed lasciviously by rivals, domestic and foreign. Denilson and Bendtner wanting away but no-one particularly interested. A fifth of the first team squad going, nobody certain of arriving. A club in crisis? Not quite, mild disarray might be a better fit. Most definitely a club that has lost control of the PR.

Does it mean that Wenger has lost the dressing room? The compound effect of comments by senior players can be construed that way if you so wish. Personally I don’t think that anyone respects the manager any less than the day they signed for the club. Maybe some of the awe has gone but that happens with maturity.

What the comments show is the frustration at last season, a desire to win trophies. Too often the squad has been accused of lacking this. When it manifests in the summer, it is deemed wrong. Translating that desire into actions on the pitch is the players responsibility. Giving them the support necessary in squad signings is up to the manager.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. good morning YW as per normal a good post…liking the new layout…Ffffirrrtssstt

  2. ClockEndRider

    Sorry but I’m struggling to see how van Persie is being in any way disloyal or treacherous. Treacherous is running down a contract and then leaving on a free. Disloyal is nipping out to meet a potential future employer while in a foreign city in the un up to a European cup game. Treacherous is not stating what all of us can see.
    I’d rather see this as a sign of a bit of leadership emerging.

  3. He has every right to comment. He has only said what everyone thinks anyway. High time we put up or shut up, because if we don’t spend on some decent experienced players we won’t even finish 4th next season.

  4. Top Class Yogi.

    Van Persie, has simply has said what a few of us have been feeling and posting on here.
    He has stated some of the same comments that have had fellow Gooners torn limb from limb.

    He has every right to say what he feels because he has earned the right and his contribution last season gave us 4th place and a chance to be back in the CL.

    I’m happy it’s been recognised but, even more worried than I have been over the last two weeks.

    Still hoping for news a a couple of new faces though. Wenger can put this right if we keep these guy’s happy.

  5. Paulie Walnuts

    I believe RVP has every right to voice his concerns. I take it as a sign of frustration from someone who clearly cares.

    Having said that, the overall attitude of several senior players can only have had a negative impact on the dressing room. Was this the real reason for the end of season failure ?.

    In terms of age & player type the squad looks a little unbalanced. The problem now is that the 2 or 3 signings that could have changed that may have to become 7 or 8 if Nasri, Clichy, Cesc, Denilson & Bentner leave.

  6. Laughable post about RvP being treacherous, He is one of the most loyal players we have and is quite obviously stating the truth there. Now , the AKB brigade branding that as treacherous is way off the mark.
    Just shows Robin’s love and passion for the club. Hope Wenger feels the same way as him about how we have transformed from the invincibles to a team with no character.

  7. If RVP were using his comments in the press as the precursor to a move I would feel he was being treacherous, but that’s not the case. RVP seems to be making it very clear that he is going nowhere, he is a Gooner through and through.
    For the last week or so I’ve been adamant, I do not want Nasri to go to Manure. Why should we give one of our main rivals a player who could well come back to haunt us? I’m now starting to change my view, just think how much it would lift the crowd to be able to boo him every time he touches the ball. Cashley Hole still gets grief every time he gets anywhere near the Emirates and we are as one in our hate for him. A true Arsenal hero deserves the applause of the fans on their return, but a cheque book scumbag just deserves to be slaughtered. If Nasri were to return in a Manure shirt the noise from the home crowd would be immense.
    The new shirt arrived in the post on Thursday, along with the kit for my eldest and mini kit for my youngest. Whilst I quite like the overall design I’ve got to say I am really disappointed with the badge. Our new badge only adopted a few years ago is gone, replaced by a one-off 125 years commerative badge. Now that would be fine, but the quality of the badge is a disgrace, our fantastic woven badge replaced by a rubberised transfer stuck onto the shirt. It may have cost a fortune to pay the poncey designers who came up with such a ‘major’ change to the badge, but they will more than recoup the cost through hugely reduced manufacturing costs. It just appears to make it all look a bit cheap, just the kind of message we want to get across about the club.

  8. RVP’s comments are needed. Enough negative opinion and the board might realise that drastic change is required.

    WTF are we doing chasing Barca kids again?

    Unless Wenger or the Board make some major changes in policy, it is just going to be the same old sh*t. Eventually the few remaining AKB’ers will finally join the dark side.

    Then Wenger will be hounded out of town, his reputation in tatters.

    My interest now is reduced to watching the car crash about to happen.

    (Having said all that, I would love to see Wenger prove me wrong).

  9. One of you most intriguing posts, YW

  10. Yogi, mate, RvP, a part of the problem? come on…

  11. mj

    Just so it is clear, I did not say he was disloyal or treacherous, those were comments I saw on Twitter this morning. How he should have kept quiet and I’ve also anticipated the comments of some, those that I know are coming. And that has gone way over the head of gooner and his ilk.

    Personally, I think he has every right to say that. It is up to the manager to take notice.


  12. Suga3

    RVP was part of the team so therefore must have been part of the problem.

    If he was not playing, we no doubt, would have been worse though.

  13. RVP’s have show he dont have any believe in him self that is wrong every play u have to believe in ur self that u can do something even if the thing is going wrong u have to believe u can do it and u will surely do it one day when ur time comes and u will do it over and over every year so RVP’s should have the believe in him self and make sure the team is fully control surely next season they are going to win doubly

  14. EmmanuelF4: on twitter


    Now that’s what you want to hear.

  15. dups,


    I am not really baying for blood, but asking for a few heads to roll, is just pragmaticism, nothing more…

    we have to get rid of a few useless cogs, it will not only increase our chances if we sign appropriate replacements, but also give a few who may be underperforming ‘hopefuls’ a food for thought…

  16. Seems Sheriff Fatman is about to stir the shit. If he is so worried about the way Arsenal are heading why did he not give some of his (hard earned????) money to Wenger for transfers.

  17. YW is rapidly becoming one of the best Arsenal bloggers around. Liking the non-sensationalist style YW.

  18. 1 loose cannon

    This is a typical reaction of when things go wrong the blame game begins instead of everyone admitting to their mistakes and failures we have players wanting away because they simply do not accept its partly their faults. Bendtner and denilson need to say to themselves i’m going to work very very hard to get my place instead they want to be starting without working for it then you have others who think the grass is greener elsewhere. this points to a division in the dressing room it looks like everyone wnat to find an easy way out. when they are faced when the harsh reality of failure. There is no one to give these players a rollocking on the pictch when things go wrong, there is no better way than rectifying the mistake on the pitch when they happen right there and then not at the end of the season on their twitter or facebook.

  19. I don’t have a problem with RVP’s comments because I know he cares and he was one of the few trying to win in the second half of the season. It’s the rest of them, who are too quick to look outside and let the manager take the blame. Arsene was clearly wrong to believe in them and trust them to deliver and I think he realises that now. The players should look to themselves before they start looking for massive wages. There are people out there who are worried about their jobs, their homes and whether they can afford to feed their families. The obscene amounts of money around is corrupting the core of what the game should be about and personally I am becoming heartily sick of it all.

  20. dups,

    but he did! remember the share issue proposal? you may recall that I have posted the maths of the operation on here…

    and I reckon he would still be up for that, but Kroenke will not match the investment:

    let’s say AU comes out with the offer of another £100M share issue, Kroenke owns over 60% of the club, Jabba owns close to 30%, they would have to invest proportionally to maintain the status quo

    if Kroenke was not to invest, Usmanov would just buy the lot, £100M is pocket money for him…

  21. Paulie Walnuts

    Hazard & Samba are a headline writer`s dream – far better than Jones & Henderson.

    Whilst I`m doubtful of Sambas overall class he`d be great to stick on in the last 10 / 15 when we`re trying to hold onto a lead & the opposition are lumping it into the box. Maybe not the Arsene way though.

  22. dups

    Has he paid back his salary for last season? Has he taken a pay cut. Words are cheap.


  23. SUGA3

    >Arguably, van Persie is part of the problem. His injury record is second to everyone in recent seasons

    Read the whole paragraph before you comment. It might stop you making a fool of yourself.


  24. YW,

    I don’t think there is any need for this kind of tone, is there?

    25 league appearances this season is not that bad, and the reasons for missing games are indeed mostly impact injuries or recurrences caused by being rushed into action…

    ditto Cesc…

    I choose to blame Wenger for not having appropriate alternatives, simple as that…

  25. I agree with Passenal

  26. Absolutely 1lc and it started with the club captain wanting to run off to BBB last season. There seems to be an attitude within the squad of not taking responsibility for their own performances. This might be to do with the age of many of the players or perhaps Arsene’s been too protective of them. But they need to either put up or shut up now. Those without the stomach for the fight will just have to go and if it means a step back before we can step forward, so be it.

  27. Yogi.
    Behave 🙂

    Top post today by the way.

  28. I would suggest that RvPs comments were a call to arms. All those interested step up. Everyone else can piss off.

  29. I’d dare not second guess another person, however, there are many ways to read RVP’s comments. In the context of the course of the season, many spoke of winning a trophy (I brazenly spoke of all four), the fans led on the players who led on the fans who led on the layers in one vicious cycle, but perhaps we should just be talking about winning one game at a time and let events happen. Misplaced focus is more damaging than loose tongues

  30. RVP is beyond reproach.
    He is the most loyal and passionate of them all ,I think.

  31. Yes Frank,that is what they should do

  32. Or he could quiet simply be saying we’re not good enough to win the league. I find it difficult to believe that’s what he meant though. Elaboration is needed in such circumstances

  33. SUGA3

    But it isn’t just about the past season, its before that, the same issues. Maybe a more responsible attitude from van Persie would have been to say, “I’m getting injured in internationals, mainly friendlies. I’m going to approach the KNVB to not be picked for them all of the time.”. Selfless act, one for the team, etc.


  34. 1 loose cannon

    Passenal- Very true if your captain wants out he simply does not have the right to give you a rollocking on the pitch, if you are not payinng attention, His pisition is weaker by simply stating he wants out. You are either 100 % commit or not. I don’t think Fab would delibrately play badly, absolutely not . but the obssession with barcelona take over you and you don’t think clearly. the perfect example agaisnt Barcelona second leg He was clearly not fit to play but he declared himself fit becaus he so badly wanted to play in the Nou Camp. The priority is the team not personal issues and that has to be througout the team. We wants the players who wants to play for Arsenal.

  35. Robin was not part of the problem. When he was injured Marouane Chamakh stepped up. In the last few games of the season. Some players went missing and so did the ‘fans’.

  36. well, we are not good enough to win the league with the current lot and the last season collapse is the living proof of that…

    seriously, it won’t be as easy in 11/12!

  37. Begiinning to wander about you, YW.

  38. However I will find it easy to support them ,SUGA3,Will you?

  39. YW,

    you will not find me disagreeing with that notion 😉

    I mean, why would RvP need to play in some poxy friendly, like the most recent one, where he almost got his legs broken?

  40. george,

    I will die a Gooner, but let’s say I am not the blind faith type…

  41. i totally agree with 1lc. cesc trying to join a team who dont bloody need him. join the party after the fact. Annoying. Bentner willing to leave cos it got a little hard. denilson- well no on should be subjected to that kind of abuse really.

    I dont really know what clichys deal is. Cant comment on Nasri yet. we’ll see.

  42. That is an argument against national federations and against FIFA and their determination to undermine clubs, not an argument about the commitment of our best player.

  43. Being civil, I disagree Suga. I see the squad as being the architects of their own demise. The implication of that of course, is the squad is good enough to win trophies.

    On the other hand if you believe the squad we’re not in control of their own destiny; that the squad did not have the ability to beat the teams we lost to, then that will be a fundamental source of disagreement where I fear my incredulity would lead me to issue insults.

    Chances are, your last sentence is entirely correct

  44. Gadget,

    if a squad, being in control of their destiny, collapses year in, year out in the same manner, then it seems like something is fundamentally wrong, wouldn’t you agree?

    faith, self belief and all that is all fine and dandy, but you can only do as much as your ability, be it physical or mental, limits you, no?

  45. Frank

    Wander about me? Whilst I may be 6’4, it surely doesn’t take that long to get around me?


  46. Passenal – ‘The obscene amounts of money around is corrupting the core of what the game should be about and personally I am becoming heartily sick of it all’.

    Sums up how I have been feeling for quite some time now. Football for me now is two games; one lasts for 90 mins on the pitch and is what brings joy to my heart. Everything else makes me want to jack it all in.

  47. 1 loose cannon | June 11, 2011 at 11:12 am

    My point exactly, but you said it so much better!

  48. Personally, the only problem I have with RVP’s comments is that they could have come 4 months ago. Top bloke otherwise.
    Oh, and Frank, enjoy your wander about YW, take a few photos as you go and post them here.

  49. I am also beginning to wonder about you, YW. And I don’t mean walk around you dreaming.

  50. But there is the crux Suga. The collapse this season occurred in different circumstances from the ones previous. This season has been the only one for a long time where we’ve had as close to a full strength first team going into the final stretch of the season. This was the first one where I could not see any reasonable mitigating circumstances for a collapse. The season prior, I readily blamed our injuries, this season just gone it is squarely on the players themselves – the same group of players who had already shown they were capable of beating those we did not.

    The Squad has the ability: the ability to beat Man U, Chelsea, and Barcelona; the ability to cause Man City and their undeniably wealth to cower. The ability to win a trophy is within them, the reason for not winning is because they didn’t play to that ability

  51. Wonder? What’s too wonder?

  52. I’m not taking these comments by RVP too seriously. Over the last week or so on this blog there has been loads of comment about the dishonesty of the media. RVP’s comments are on SkyNews, where did the comments come frolm? Did they have an exclusive interview? Did he phone them to make his views known? Did a journo overhear him in the pub?
    However, looking at the positives of his comments, (if they have not been used out of context) then Robin is clearly giving a message to Wenger, ie: “the signing of a number of players” and, ” Confident we are able to compete over the next 12 months if Wenger is active in the transfer market”

    Perhaps the players feel the same as the fans about the lack of spending in January, perhaps they blame Wenger for injuries due to fatigue. Perhaps this is why Samir has yet to sign, and not about money. Perhaps the players are showing their loyalty by speaking out.

  53. Perhaps not

  54. Paulie Walnuts

    I think RVP is a totally committed player , end of.

    Whether that`s with us or Holland – We could do with a few more like him if you ask me

  55. Exactly Northbank – the veracity, I don’t doubt. The usefulness of them is summed up in the last para,

    >What the comments show is the frustration at last season, a desire to win trophies. Too often the squad has been accused of lacking this


  56. Gadget,

    the reason is simple: there are some in the squad who seem to think that putting the effort in on the regular basis against the ‘lesser’ teams is beyond them…

    and that is what causes two things: they visibly don’t put 100% and it lights the fire under the bellies of the opposing players, it’s all just human nature…

    ‘too much, too young, too soon’ and complete lack of accountability from top to bottom are the causes, IMO…

  57. Name and shame those players Suga

  58. Or forever hold your tongue.

  59. It occurs to me my reply was far too overly antagonist.

    A better response would have been:
    So you agree then, that the squad were the architects of our collapse. That they played within themselves and that they do in fact have the ability to win the league? After all that is essentially the gist of your post

  60. Arsenal are a young squad and impatience and immaturity are common. Sadly, some believe by moving to another club things will change, unfortunately they take themselves with them.

  61. Perhaps exactly, Frank. But don’t wander about it too much!

  62. – Diaby, although he is just lazy, full stop
    – D******n (although, I may be wrong on this one, given that he is just shit)
    – Bendtner (looking down upon the lower league opposition and laughing before a cup game, funnily enough, I think it was Ipswich to whom we lost)
    – scores of youth players with reported poor attitude on loans (e.g. JET)

    same pattern: overpampered and overpaid, thinking that they have already made it and lookig up to ‘being amongst the top five strikers in the world’, ‘winning Ballon d’Or’, ‘playing for Barca or Madrid’, etc.

  63. RVP,certainly not treacherous basically saying what many have been stating for the last 3-4 seasons.I for one iam sick to the back teeth watching the same mistakes,shambolic defending and lack of basic balls!! I simply cant believe some of the players that have been brought in to solve these problems.Never mind players brought in what about players kept and given new contracts in the hope they might come good.It is fuckin farsical we’re becoming a joke in the transfer market and on the pitch.We colapse almost everytime we get near winning a trophy same old story.Why was ARSENE givin a contract extension at the start of last season when he has continued not to deliver.Is it now considered a success to finish continually in the top four and to hell with actually winning silverware it would almost be a bonus.I’m not a johnny come laetly i’ve followed Arsenal for over thirty years so know about the bad times ,this is certainly not a reason(as some have implied) to accept what is happening now! Arsenal should have been going from strength to strength on the back of the ‘Invincibles’ in stead we are and have been treading water and are now alarminly staredt to sink. Arsene has spent to much time of late trying to keep Fab,to the deprement of the rest of the team.Time for ARSENE AND THE BOARD TO MAN UP AND STOP FUCKIN ABOUT AND GET REAL BEFORE IT’S TO LATE. Fuck it thats it rant over,like many i could go on and on,i’m not a blind sheep i can formulate my opions through what i see!!! AFFA!!!!

  64. I am not really baying for blood, but asking for a few heads to roll


  65. recycled shit

  66. LA,

    out of context, manipulative much?


  67. So, the players you’ve mentioned, two of whom didn’t start any league games during our final stretch, were responsible for our collapse?

    You point to the reported poor attitude of our loanees as a symptom of malaise through out of club, but yet surely they are a minority, and Randall’s been released so if any have a similar attitude surely that’s a message to heed. Lansbury, Watt, Afobe, these are the majority with glowing work ethic.

    It should be said, it’s my opinion that our midfield didn’t take responsibility by taking control of games. The goals dried up and I dread to think of what would have happened were RVP to have suffered a dry patch. May be a tad simplistic but as an outsider looking in that’s the most obvious thing to stand out

  68. “I am not really baying for blood, but asking for a few heads to roll, is just pragmaticism, nothing more…”

    Have to say it doesn’t look good, Alan.

  69. As I mentioned in a previous thread on Yogi’s blog, the team are ‘lacking in dangloids’ and RVP has been honest enough to say that. He’s the Captain (one of them) and doesn’t he have the right? I think he is being loyal to the club with these judgements.

    Now it’s time for Wenger and the board to show they have the same passion and loyalty for the club as Robin.

  70. Frank mate, the only time I’ve seen ” recycled shit” is in the film, ‘The Human Centepede’.

  71. Bloodless decapitation – sounds pretty ninja to me. Maybe we should bring Yojimbo onto the coaching staff.

    Carl Jenkinson is a top boy. Very smart lad (now there’s a surprise!).

    Agree with Frimpong and mattyboy about money. And AFC!

  72. Actually Northbank, you are mistaken. In the Human Centipede, You never seen the last girl having to chow down upon the middle girl’s poo, nor do you ever see the last girl shit.

    However, most shit is recycled as fertiliser, so the chances are all are shit is recycled shit in one form of a matter, albeit it recycled animal shit

  73. Can one recycle gr*t?

  74. george rodger

    people come on here and roll out the usual rubbish.Get set straight and dont like it.Then after a while,they must have forgotten,they come back and say the very same things.
    I dont like people who ridicule other people of lower intelligence.it smacks of bullying.However,some thick cunts do ask for it.
    Arsene was given a contract extension because he is one of,if not the,best managers on the planet.And we did not want him to leave.

  75. skywatchingmug

    Some people need to calm down.
    Show some class.

  76. er, it’s not the usual rubbish, it’s the sign of the same issues not being addressed…

  77. Thanks for the link to the Jenkinson interview OOU.

    When the Nasri statement/wind up was announced the other evening I couldn’t resist a peek at Arsenal.com, but alas all I could find was this:


  78. I’d much rather Van Persie took some initiative on this matter rather than standing by and doing nothing.
    Cesc is often criticised for his lack of leadership, and Van Persie is proving that he’s ready to talk tough when needed. He wasn’t clear about whether he was referring to English players in general or at Arsenal, but the fact remains that anyone who plays for Arsenal must fully focus on their football.
    If you’re an elite footballer competing for trophies, you need to be disciplined in all aspects of your life.
    Robin is leading by example and any Arsenal players out living the high life when they should be at home getting some rest need to be warned.
    Robin being injured frequently hasn’t held us back, it has been the lack of cover. Sticking to Bendtner for so long has been. Bendtner will never be a top class striker. He has the wrong attitude, he counts his chickens before they’ve hatched. Top strikers like Villa or Henry never gave insinuated that they’d be the best out there, they let their football do the talking.
    Wenger will now have to do a major re-build of the team, he has stuck too long with players who are never going to make it, the Denilsons, the Almunias, the Bendtners etc.
    The only reason that a large section of the fans stuck by these players despite their obviously mediocre/rubbish performances was Wenger’s promises that one day they’ll be world beaters….because Arsene know and he’s hardly every wrong.
    Now they’re available no one wants them, while everyone wants our top players. And because we stuck for so long with the passengers, our best could end up leaving us, and because the club refuses to spend the kind of money it demands for players, we have to hope that those promoted can fill in the gaps.
    Man City can completely screw us over, anytime we bid for a player, the selling club will give them a call and they can hijack transfers just to make sure we don’t get them. And we’re about 5th in the pecking order for players at the moment, because Man City can pay them millions more than we can. We haven’t won anything for six seasons so if a player gets an offer from a rival who has won something, and if they see our best players are wanting to leave, it might be enough to put them off joining.

  79. @georgerodger

    Come on mate, everyone is entitled to a viewpoint, I don’t see any bullying of less intellegent people on here. A few insults agreed, but not bullying.
    I agree with you totally about Wenger, one of the greats, but even he agrees that he has to change his philosophy and buying strategy.
    Maybe people come on here and say exactly the same thing because at the moment with the Arsenal, it is the same thing.

    You notice there I used another adverb rather than ‘perhaps’

  80. Northbank

    Change? Not wholesale, tweak. Buying strategy? No, that does not need to change per se, he just needs to be sure that the players he buys are of the right quality to improve the squad. They can be as cheap as chips or expensive, it does not matter. The only guarantee required is that they have shown the quality. All signings are inherently risky, no player is guaranteed to succeed at a club but with all the research they do into their lives, it is possible to identify the riskier signings.

    As for bullying, one man’s insults are anothers bullying.


  81. Only brainless sheep use the term akb. You dnt it to make a point, it makes you look like a twat

  82. george rodger

    Good afternoon Dex.

  83. Nothing wrong with RvP’s comments in my book. He said it as it is.

  84. The person I’ve seen set straight the most times on here is you, and the person throwing around insults about others intelligence is you George, have a look in the mirrow . I am honestly thinking you are mentally handicapped , I’m not joking . It would explain alot. Good on RVP. We needed the influential players to start standing up and facing our deficiencies head on. Real men do that ! Losers , pussies and underachivers make exuses blame others blame outside sources ext.

  85. Hey George, loving your work todat dude!

    I have no problem with RvP’s cimments, of course they will be take out of context and used to bash the club again by the media.

  86. “mentally handicapped”

    Ha! What century are you from man? The 1800s?

  87. Can we have a bit of protocol here, with all these insults being made, put them into context, use the name of the person to whom you are responding as the first word. For example,


    WTF are you witterning on about?


    Hope this helps.


  88. YW,

    “Right quality’, is a vague term. Moving forward to what i said last night. Do you think we need a player in the same class as Cesc and RVP, or we should add better supporting players to replace Bendtner, Denilson, e.t.c? We’ve been trying the latter for a couple of seasons. We bought players who could be class one day, in the likes of Theo, Nasri, Ramsey, e.t.c. Maybe it is time that we go for an established world class player, who wouldn’t take too long to settle. But such a player wouldn’t come cheap. We could do with another player who is in the same league as RVP and Cesc, and share the burden. And surely, such players are in the making with the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Theo, Nasri e.t.c, but some would get to that point, others will not.

  89. Ateeb

    Bridging the gap between Bendtner and Denilson & the first XI is where we need to be. They know they are not going to make it at Arsenal, not being picked is the clue before anyone asks. With Bendtner, I’m surprised but the writing was on the wall when Chamakh arrived.

    Quality is not purely about being world-class, you simply do not get a squad of world-class players. Look at Barcelona: Valdes is not world-class, neither is Alves or Maxwell. Nor is Busquets. Good players not world-class. It’s too easy a phrase and more vague than quality. You need a balance in the squad between exceptional talent and good / very good players. You need the ‘water carrier’, the underrated players as well. They all perform a function yet they are all of the right quality because they form part of the team. No-one is shirking, they just get on with their job.


  90. Why is it so difficult to believe that the players are saying the truth

    OK I dont count Denilsons, Bendtners and the ilk in that category but RVP is a player who commands respect.

    AW has lost it and it is better that the Club now gets another coach

  91. The problem with Arsenal is simple. There are too many foreigners who have no passion. The love for the club is just not there. They are just professionals with intend to make money and when the going gets tough they fold.

    You can not build a team to win the EPL without some strong local players to form its bedrock to push the whole team forward. Arsene has been thinking wrongly that good players are just enough. At least we had Sol and Cashley during the invicible days and they were helpful. Too many French players who have formed cliques in the team and pulling the rest down.

    Look at Barca, ManYu and Chelsea

    Arsene should now consider one big English player preferably a defender and plus Wilshere, they will form the springboard of the new Arsenal.

    It makes sense. Economically, the English sell more shirts and they have higher resale value.

  92. Maybe we could all have a good look behind the sofa and see if we can find what Wenger has lost?

  93. YW,

    I agree with your first paragraph completely. Though like many I was surprised my Arsene’s decision to move Denilson to the fringes of the team in such a drastic manner.

    If you had read my posts last night, I was arguing the same thing as you do, with regards to world class players. I do share the same sentiments that is a vague word as well. But what I meant was that, perhaps we can do with one more ‘exceptional talent’ on our payroll. And of course the balance is required as well at the same time. Arshavin we hoped would have been that player, he still is a good player, but not in the same league as Cesc and RVP, and compliments them. Perhaps adding an attacking talent, either a striker or an attacking midfielder might help us score more goals, which seemed to be the problem at times.

    For example, take out one of Messi or Xavi from their setup, and it starts to look like a different team, less lethal for sure. Maybe we need another player who can compliment Cesc and RVP, and carry the team when needed in case of injuries.

  94. Cashley was really loyal wasnt he? He was a local lad, brought thru the ranks, you could not find a more thouroughly Arsenal thru and thru man, yet he turned out to be a conniving cunt. Then we have Bergkamp, Henry and RvP. They are the exact type of player you are talking about that we need and they are all cockneys, born a stone’s throw from the marble Halls.

  95. Cashley was not loyal but it happens at times. He helped us to win some trophies though. We were paying top money for Pires and co so may be he felt cheated, may be. However, the fact remains that Bergkamp, Viera, Henry were supported by strong local chaps; not again. Too many foreigners with no passion. These foreign players don’t understand our rivalry with Spurs and the need to beat them for instance.

    I think the way to go is to get some local lads into the first team. All winning teams have local representation, Barca, AC Milan, Bayern, ManYu, Chelsea, Madrid and Arsenal of years past.

  96. Vineet

    No, he hasn’t lost it.

    Be a good boy and climb back into your playpen before mummy and daddy come back and find you.


  97. maturks

    Can you not see gow ridiculous your point is mate? I gave you a perfect respots to your claim we need lcal chaps and you still persist with his racist shit? I’d love nothing more than the entire first 11 to comprise of home grown talent, but to suggest that only foreign players are lazy, lack passion etc is bollocks, 100% nads, ball bags, testicles.

  98. maturks

    Do stop spouting your xenophobic clap trap. If English players were so good, why are the national team so inept? Why have Spurs never challenged for the title, they’ve always had a strong spine of Englishmen?

    It’s a crap argument. Doesn’t work, especially as Chelsea have had no more than three in their title-winning sides. And neither has Ferguson since 2004. Your argument is tired and not founded on fact, especially as Bayern, Milan and Real have had barely a pot to piss in recently, even with a lot of natives in their sides.


  99. @Yogi at2.00pm

    Yes, I agree, a few tweeks but after last seasons collapse it was for all to see that maybe a major change in philosophy is neccessary. Wenger believed that attractive, skillfull football was sufficient to survive and win in the EPL. The failings were blatantly clear in games against WBA, Stoke, Brum, Blacburn etc. This is why I said ‘change’ in philosophy. Wenger needs to start thinking like a EPL manager… also transfer strategy I meant by the types of player he buys. He’s started well with Jenkinson but needs to go further.

    With regard insults/bullying, yes ofcourse, it depends on how it is perceived.

  100. Northbank

    Before last season, we had a good record against Bolton and Stoke, we battled well against the so caled bully boy cloggers. I think the malaise we witnessed should not be seen as some kind of reason to change our style of play. The collapse needs looking at addressing thats for bleedin sure! Some top signings should go along way in helping and some new faces behind the scenes too, but thats just my personal view. I’d love Keown back as a coach. I think Bould has already nsaid he doesn want a promotion to the 1st team staff, othrwise he’s be great also.

  101. Northbank

    Major change? The issue was mental more than technical. The style of football is good enough but there were two faults. Firstly, variation. The players did not produce it and became easily contained. Second, mental. The players did not cope with the Birmingham defeat at all. They expected to win and did not know how to deal with the loss. Add into that rapid exits from CL and FA Cup, they were not strong enough to continue.

    Of the two, the second part is the most important and the hardest, to deal with.


  102. Ashley Cole and Jermaine Defoe to play for a Charity Arsenal XI this Sunday

    Now I know it is for a very good cause but Cole in the Arsenal red & white is disturbing?

  103. RVP definitely has every right to voice his opinion and it should have come out sooner. Many underperforming players get a free pass far too often. It is about time we have someone in the squad call everyone out. It is time Arsene and the staff quit protecting the fragile psyche of these uber wealthy footballers and tell them to put up or kick rocks. Play for the Arsenal shirt every game or sit the bench. From everything I am seeing it looks like we need a complete change of culture in the locker room. A culture that does not accept anything less than complete dedication, and one we each player holds the other accountable.

    This, to me, seems the number one issue to solve this summer. Wenger is more than capable of finding a solution…time to make it happen.

  104. *where

  105. We need to buy some new top quality, world class petri dishes to grow this new culture in!

  106. @dexter at 4.45pm

    Sperm bank would do!

    I’ve posted on here before about the psychological element missing from the team. The current players don’t have it, and I’m talking Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, perhaps RVP. My arguement, for the short term would be for Wenger to continue as technician but to have a No 2 who would be able to introduce the ‘mental’ side of managing. This would be enough until a natural leader/arse kicker/beast naturally emerges in the team. So, as I’ve said before, Wenger has made a mistake by keeping Pat Rice. He needs an Arsenal legend in the class of Adams, Bould, Keown, to be able to get the young players to respect and listen too.

  107. Don’t see anything wrong with what RvP said, either. Basically it’s how everyone feels – frustrated. Won’t stop him going for it next season, I’m betting.

  108. Sorry to go off topic – but that Carl Jenkinson bloke seems like a great buy. Very versatile and a gooner to boot.

    @ YW
    Have you tweaked the design of the site again?

  109. More great news!!!!

    RVP is 100% right. Let’s see AW’s response to the growing internal and external pressure.

    Stealing more players from La Masia isn’t too important right now

  110. @YW
    It just looked as if the “post comment” bit was different.

  111. @ Cescs_my_boy
    I expect AW will do what he was going to do anyway – promote where he can, and spend as much as we can afford on the best players which he thinks we need and who are available. Some of those players will be prospects, some will be ready to go. His transfer activity is dictated by our finances and the state of the transfer market, just like it is every year. The fact that we haven’t won a trophy since 2005 will not make any difference to that fact.

  112. Yeah why would we want to sign kids from la Mesia? We have had such bad luck with playerrs from there!

  113. It is highly unlikely that RvP made the comments attributed to him. He has already had to publish one complete denial. Someone is up to no good.

  114. YW,

    I agree with your view as to the players not coping with the Carling Cup loss, but you also flag that it was a game they expected to win. I feel that has been true of a number of games against ‘lesser’ teams this season. We seem to start the game expecting teams to just roll over and are surprised when they don’t. Getting only one point each from two promoted sides is a disaster and if Blackpool weren’t so gung ho in their defending in the game at their place it could have been points dropped against all three promoted sides. Teams like Stoke City, Hull City and Reading have shown that a willingness to go for it against the big clubs does at least give you a chance. Gone are the days when a newly-promoted club just accepts their fate away from home and no player should assume that just turning up is enough. Unfortunately last season it appeared that sometimes that’s exactly what our players thought.

  115. I also think that Carl Jenkinson is a great addition Perhaps not just a prospect. The ability to play in any position across the back and even midfield is great asset. From Charlton too, comes from our birth place.

  116. Interesting if Samir Nasri went to the big Mancs and Carlos Tevez came to us from the little Mancs.

  117. Peddling bullshit on blogs makes you feel a bit dirty..

  118. Not sure if Jenkinson is being considered as a first squad candidate for the coming season or not. The announcement of him joining is sectioned under reserves and youths along with the signing of new contracts for Benik Afobe, Chuks Aneke and Oguzhan Ozyakup.
    I know you can’t read too much into a story just by where it is stored on the website, but with only 9 appearances for Charlton before joining us it appears that Jenkinson’s first season at Arsenal will be very much a part of the reserves set up.

  119. I see that Johann Cruyff and DB10 are working together again at Ajax. Aleady Eredivisie champions. Watch Ajax carefully in the Eury whatsit this coming season.

  120. Have to see how he features in the pre-season

  121. Robin Van Persie would always say ‘ we always believe that we can win the EPL, if we don’t believe it we can never achieve it’. This latest stuff is made up.

  122. Wayne Rooney is considering leaving football for a modelling career. A source informed me.

  123. I like this time of the evening. Nice and quiet. Every one is ‘sorting themselves out’ for the evening ahead. Say what you like.

  124. Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov actually get on well together. So much so that Alisher is throwing £300 million into the transfer pot this season. Stan stays in Alisher’s house in Hampstead when he is in London. They play a lot of poker with David Dein, who has managed to double his fortune this way. Apparently David is about to be named as the new chairman of the club. So my source tells me.

  125. There goes the doorbell. Time to sort myself out for the evening. Wow, I can see the leopard skin through the leaded glass. Red hair too. My source has arrived. Bye.

  126. Frank @7.05pm

    You’re the only one who thinks that.


  127. I am glad RVP has said what he did. This is why some of us have been so annoyed at all the excuse makIng, blaming the fans or the refs etc etc is just plain dumb. The management and the Players need to take responsibiliy for what happens on the pitch. The boss has been the excuse maker in chief for several years and that has got to stop if this squad is ever going to reach it’s potential. Alcoholics anonymous knows that the first thing that needs to be done to cure ones self is to admit there is a problem. The boss also needs to admit to himself that his tactics and his transfer policies need to be modified. He also needs to admit that he has some real problems with his dressing room and he needs to fix it. Wenger has absolute and complete control of everything arsenal so it’s up to him to fix it. If the players are not good enough or not mentally strong enough he needs to vet new ones

  128. Just passing through….

  129. Alex Ice Cream


    You are truly the most odious individual on this or any other Arsenal blog. You now turn on Yogi when you have had enough of bullying other people. No one can question Yogi’s commitment or his loyalty to the club. Yogi is IMO the best of all the Arsenal bloggers and has been uplifting and positive nearly the whole time and even his less positive posts are thoughtful and reasoned.

    I don’t always agree with Yogi – I am far more “negative” but you are scum, pure and simple. What right do you have to come on here and threaten Yogi with bollox like “I am wondering about you.” Who are you anyway? You are the worst of any supporter and I am ashamed that you support Arsenal.

    Whats more you are a liar and know very little about football. In the time I have blogged on here you have been wrong about virtually everything – evidenced by another potless, pointless season. You know FA about football and are a despicable character.

    I wouldn’t wish someone like you even on Chelscum.

  130. george rodger

    Well Alex.I dont agree.I think Frank is right on almost all subjects,
    I think your attempt to hoodwink Yogi will have no effect.He is not stupid even if you are.

  131. Alex Ice Cream


    Do you think I give a f*** about what you think. You are obviously an idiot and that is a very ugly cat that you have as an Avatar.

  132. george rodger

    Alex ,He was 22 tears old and died on Tuesday.So fuck you asshole

  133. There is a very real chance of comment moderation being turned on here, where every comment is approved first. And if that happens, I should think a high percentage would not get through.

    Grow up.

  134. Alex Ice Cream


    Sorry to hear that about your cat; I apologise to him. I too have lost pets of many years so I know what its like.

    You are still an idiot though.

  135. george rodger

    Apology accepted.

    And I probably am an idiot

  136. Alex is entitled to his opinion and George is entitled to have his cat as an avatar.

    But Alex, I dont think you needed the quotation marks either side of negative dude. Everyone knows you’re a doomer! 😀

  137. Yes, I can confirm, Georgeis in fact, an idiot!

  138. Alex Ice Cream

    Cool George.

    Let’s not argue – especially about Frank. Of all the things to argue about he is surely the least worthy. We have enough problems as Gooners as it is without turning on each other – Frank excepted.

  139. george rodger

    Yogi,I aint kidding about my cat. 😦

  140. Oh me, oh my. What a macho man is our dearest, treacherous Ice Cream Alex. Railing at Frank, behind his back. The bull-shit meter on this board has been at stratospheric levels since our March-April implosion. the extremes most of our bull-shit artists have have descended, we will be rebuilding next July with only RVP and Wilshere still around.

  141. I’ve got the U21s on here and even though England dont play till tomorrow, I have lost count of the number of times the commentators and pundits have made remarks about the players having played for the senior side and had “really tough seasons for their clubs” etc a not too subtle dig at Wilshere, Wenger and Arsenal. Cock suckers, talk about agendas!

  142. george rodger

    Howray ,Shotta is here.Hope you are well ?

  143. Alex Ice Cream


    I prefer the term realistic as opposed to doomer. I was one (of many) who was utterly unsurprised by our now annual collapse. As a Gooner of over 30 years it gives me no pleasure whatsoever but I believe in speaking out – as does RvP – and I lost the faith a while ago. I can’t just stay silent or pretend that all is well when it so obviously isn’t and hasn’t been for a number of years now. Many other Gooners feel the same way – not just the post Highbury ones but people who have supported the club for many years. Even the players are voicing their concerns now and its a shame that Wenger could not see what many did at least 2 years ago – this path was always going to lead to failure.

  144. Alex Ice Cream


    I have been spouting “bullsh1t” as you put it for longer than that. Oh wait a minute what if the bullsh1t proves to be accurate?

  145. george rodger

    Alex.I dont think anyone think “all is well” We just disagree on how unwell we are.But you could also say we were just 2 minutes away from it being a path to success.

  146. In my experince Alex, those who like to call themselves realists are in fct doomers. And do nothing but spew negative bile all the time. The collapse this season was not the same as last years for me, to lump in the last 5-6 years as one thing are way too simplistic IMO. as each season is unique. For xample last season we did well aginst the likes of Stoke and Bolton, shit against the top 4, this season we improved against thebig boys and had poor results vs the lesser teams. I dont think there is a pattern, I think wha happened this season was that we found out that the support cast werent good enough ad have run out of time at the club, while some of our big names lost form quite dramamtically and their heads dropped after the CC final. That buck lies with the manager and he is responsible. I am not one for being smart after the event, I really thought we were going to win the league.

    Last summer I was shocked we never signed an experienced keepr as it was obvious WEnger wanted one. I could not beleive Almunia was our number 1. BUT what do you do? Keep whining about that or do you move on ad get behind the team?

  147. I also think there is a lack of perspective from all these “realists” If you have been supporting Arsenal for 30 years (as I have too) you’d realise that we are not entitled to think we should be winning the title every year. Apart frm the 1930s we have never really dominated have we? But of course, the high ticket prices mean that should change.

  148. george rodger

    Dex. But for the artificial money being introduced to the game,dominate we would.

  149. I thino football is going to hell in a Baby Bentley George! It is sick and so out of sync with reality, yet Sky and the rest of the media are more than happy to glorify this arrogant amoral millionaires, who think they deserve everythin on a plate, including trophies.

    Now thats pretty dark, sorry.

  150. What we all need at a time like this!

    Makes me feel better anyway A real Arsenal Legend.

  151. Alex Ice Cream


    I witnessed the dross of the Don Howe days and I don’t think that we have right to win anything. Its not that its the nature of the defeats. Complacency, lack of effort and concentration, basic errors and too many players giving the impression that they don’t give a sh1t. AW has allowed a culture of slackness to develop at the club. Wenger keep making the same mistakes – too much faith in rubbish being one and a lack of ability to create a team that can defend.

    We have gone from Invincibles to not being able to beat relegation fodder in a final in 7 years. My views changed after Hleb and Flamini left. This was a watershed as it showed that we could no longer keep the players we want to.

  152. Alex

    Players have always left mate. Brady, Stapleton and so on. Those basic mistakes happen to all teams, I have seen Vidic get done tons of times, yet he is still lauded. The complacency is an issue, that was evident in many games last season and that for me is the main issue to resolve; getting the team/players motivated for every game. That is as much about the modern game and players as it is unique to Arsenal for me. These pampered millionaires need a rocket up their arses asit is getting increasingly difficult to find players with a natura humger it seems.

    Some of these players you refer to as rubbish are squad players, and as I have mentioned I think a fair few o them’s days are numbered. But they have served us well in the past, bendtnr particularly for me. We need a squad of players and I am hopeful that soon enough a lot of our squad players will consist of players from our youth ranks.

  153. dupsffokcuf | June 11, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Superb mate. The best player I’ve seen play in an Arsenal shirt bar none.

  154. george rodger

    dupsffokcuf .Some of the best moments of in my life were sitting in the ground waiting for KO ,the teams being announced and seeing that Dennis was fit and playing.Put a smile on my face from ear to ear.

  155. george rodger

    Best player I have seen play in any shirt ,bar none

  156. Newbies don’t know how to talk to AIC. Let me keep you guys up to tradition followed here for years now. You guys made a crucial mistake. So many posts, but none told AIC to ‘Fuck off”. Let me do it on behalf of everyone.

    “Fuck off AIC”. (and no I havent been to the stadium yet).

  157. It is sooo so so much left of the window. We might not sign anybody for weeks yet. Question is, will the fans survive?? It’s only so much one can discuss wengers shortcomings and Denilsons faults. Even the hardest doomer must get bored of talking bout the same for weeks without no action. Progress either good or bad are neccesairy to both hate and love. OMG what are we to do!!!
    We talked about all we hate and all we love these last weeks and yet no change. Status quo is the worst for the nerves that’s for sure….
    When will we all go mad in our own analyse?:-)

  158. Hi folks,

    Hate to tell you but I live in London next door to Abou Diaby or Vassy as we know him. Today I have been trimming the hedge and generally giving the garden a tidy up and thought I would share some photos with you of Vassy in his back garden wearing a Tottenham Hotspur shirt. If you would like to see them please reply with email address and I will happily send the pics to you. This is 100% genuine. I dont have any reason to lie. The guy wears the shirt 6 days a week and only time he doesnt wear it is on Saturdays. He has a blue one and a white one and he sometimes plays basketball in it. Just for the record my name is Justin Moorhouse and I have lived next to Vassy for 9 months.

  159. It is ridiculous how every other manager gets a yearly 30-50m to spend, with the ocassional extra 30m to spend on an established player. Even Guardiola who the media loves, just bought a player for 40m last season, to compliment his squad. While Arsene has been going without such luxuries, taking the other approach, of creating his own. Most are on their way, but perhaps he could do with a world class player this season as well. But they are so few and so expensive. How much would a Ribery cost? Or perhaps a Tevez? Especially when fucking Henderson went for a laughable 20m. Strange times.

  160. Who cares what shirt he wears. Maybe he’s getting laied by a superhot spurs chic. Give the man a break. Along as he knows where to put the football I don’t mind him using the spurs shirt to score elsewhere 🙂

  161. Justin, even if that is true, so what?

  162. ” Even the hardest doomer must get bored of talking bout the same for weeks without no action.”

    It doesn’t seem to stop Bill saying the same thing on a daily basis.

  163. Dexter @ 9:10

    The collapses of the previous seasons all had one thing in common. They were collapses. U have to keep it simplistic. The biggest problem in the past has been the players and most important the manager have never taken responsibly and admitted there was a problem that needed to be fixed. There were always extenuating circumstances. Instead of making changes in tactics or players we kept doing the same thing hoping that next year would be different. The word stubborn causes a lot of anger but how else do u describe what we have seen hopefully our best player speaking the truth will finally bring some real Changes to our tactics and our transfer policies and see us make some significant changes to the squad. U could argue that he players are good enough technically but if they are not good enough mentally then we need to get players who are

  164. DB 10 is the reason I’m an Arsenal fan

  165. goonzablazin,you and me both then

  166. Bill,Some of us think that there were extenuating circumstances and your blame the players and manager approach is in fact the simplistic view.
    I believe we could win the league with these players this year.I really do.

  167. Pass @ 10:23

    If u can come up with some interesting new topics, I am all ears. I am not sure what u expect since football does not give unlimited number of different topics to discuss. Sorry

  168. Ah fell just perfectly below Passenal’s claim. Great timing Passenal. Did you see it coming?(Just incase in my window Passenal’s comment appears a minute before Bill’s)

  169. George if you want to take a break I’ll do the policing for a while now?:p

  170. I’ve just got home drunk, it’s 00.30 here and I’m going to bed!

    Good night Yogi……. a demain!

  171. And not tell us where you were for the last few hours, what you did, e.t.c? Sucks.

  172. So will we see Diaby in an Arsenal shirt againt???

  173. Ateeb it was pure coincidence, but oh so predictable!

  174. And thus spoke the adopted doomer child of the ACLF community.

  175. Duke, not Passenal. The doomer child. Passenal though is a star, and has just started prophesying doom.

  176. you talking about me ateeb there are you ?

  177. are you caliing me a doomer child? what ever the fuck that is, sounds lioke something youd hear in the playground.

  178. Duke,

    Ha Ha. Just pulling your leg. You’re all good.

    I think we will see him in the red and white again. Surely. He will come good. What else can he do?

    I was pretty sure prophecizing was a word. Prophesying doesn’t sound right. Yet the dictionary suggests that the latter is the right one. Idiots.

  179. no worries ateeb, im in a george rodger mood. i better hit the sack.

  180. So then lads. Denilson. Shit or what ? … Just joking … or am I ? …

  181. Fuck off dfb. Your joke if it was, can be termed ridiculous. If it wasn’t a joke, your football knowledge is shit. So fuck off on both counts.

  182. bergkamps travel sickness pills

    Can Abou be forgiven for the stupid spurs blunder this week? Something tells me he will be completely crucified next time he plays in an Arsenal shirt….

  183. Dups,is it Justin?

  184. George

    I’m sorry for the rant but the whole thing has gotten very frustrating. I really believe we will not win until we stop blaming someone or something besides ourselves. We cant control the extenuating circumstances only the way we play. Saying we could have won only gives us a reason to avoid making the tough decisions and changes that need to be made

  185. bergkamps travel sickness pills

    If Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy go, kiss goodbye to CL

  186. george rodger

    Bill, I understand your position,I really do.
    But I believe in Arsene and the club,I believe he want to win as much ,if not more ,than anyone.
    I have faith in him.Not quite absolute faith,but not far off.
    But here is where I differ from most.His ideals and philosophy are more dear to me than results,
    I dont ask or expect others to feel the same ,and understand completely why they would not.I also accept that people might think this makes me a looser.I can assure you I am not.

  187. george rodger

    “bergkamps travel sickness pills | June 12, 2011 at 1:02 am
    If Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy go, kiss goodbye to CL”

    What? not again? this happens every year .no?

  188. Just got back. Farkin hell what a night. Strange how some people who were denigrating RvP a couple of seasons ago…ah fuck the rest is boring.

    Fuck off, AIC

  189. RvP did not make those comments, YW. Or at least not in that way. Absolutely sure of it. Must go, the leopard skin is itching and the silk stocking crevat is not as fetching as it seemed earlier. On a promise though. I feel very lucky.

  190. One last thing.

    How do you shut chiuauas up? She arrived with two in a bag and unless we can settle these little blighters down I am not going to…well you know.

  191. Accidentally trod on one. Might have killed it. Just prop it up so that its nose pokes out of the top of the bag. That should do it. Looks like it is asleep. Other one is going frantic though. Gone through the fucking cat flap. This is turning into a nightmare.

  192. Oh shit. Running Dog Capitalist Lackey the Fourth has just eaten it. Thought it was a rabbit.

    Just going to have to reconcile myself to the fact that it is not going to happen tonight. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Or not as it happens.

  193. Tomorrow just the horses the wagon and me….and Europe.

  194. Heading off on Tuesday actually. ‘Tomorrow’ seemed more poetic. Peaked early. Not for the first time. Anyway, whn I get back. AW will have sorted it all out.


  195. Those with glass legs should not through stones. Van Persie’s fitness record is unacceptable. For him to mourn about the lifestyle of other players is a joke. He should focus on going for at least 30 days, let alone a season, without one of his glass legs breaking. Wenger is a rubbish coach off course, otherwise he would already have shipped this glass chap to some vase makers in italy. V. persie is not worth the $90k he is getting, the return from him is poor.

  196. Frank, give it a rest. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and you are such a tiresome individual. I’d lump you in with doomers like Luke and jabba but even they articulate objective opinions on the club every once in a while. You just spout the same old drivel every day.
    Do a crossword or something.

  197. Vineet,

    I fail to see how you translate RvP’s criticism of (most frequently) players talkng about winning the EPL with some sort of proof that Arsene has lost it and needs to be replaced! Have you been following the blog and associated issues or fallen foul of the other rhetorical outbursts?

  198. AIC @ 8:28pm,

    I cannot recall a more shame-faced attempt to hijacl comments and people’s emotions!! You refer to Frank “threatening Yogi” Where and how? Stand by your own views and comments and do not seek to use others to settle old scores.

    What became glaringly obvious from your outburst is that you have indeed been hurt more than I realised by the criticisms that your negativity (while the season was still unfolding) regularly received.

    Now is open season for your negativity and I would not challenge you at this point: as long as we can agree:

    1. Once the season starts, the key responsibility of any gooner is to support the team/club at every point;
    2. Negative comments (especially in this technological moment) have a negative impact on the team/clu and are therefore counterproductive, and
    3. The joy of our club is in how we perform (and not solely on some statistically unfavourable chance of winning things). That we progress towards winning while playing beautiful football needs to be prioritised over the – at best – 8/1 chance of lifting any title.

    Or you could abuse me and continue to do your club no favours

  199. Pure insanity to say Van Persie is “disloyal” for saying the obvious ie that the players are head cases who have what it takes physically but lack the mental steel.

    If you cannot admit that you have been weak, and commit publically to being strong, you will NEVER be strong. This is the truth.

    Its no surprise than Van Persie is on of the FEW players on our team who consistently declares that he has the highest expectations for himself. If only we had 24 other first team players who would declare that the should do better and must do better.

  200. Sam (and ALL),

    It would seem that Frank is correct again. Robin’s statement reads:

    “I sincerely hope that all football fans worldwide don’t take these misleading reports seriously.”

  201. Let’s fast forward a bit, speculatively. Denilson, Bendtner and potentially Clichy leave, the latter with a heavy heart and good tidings from us, he’s given such good service, a great guy and player. Cesc and Nasri ‘want away’ rumours are put to bed, Nasri with an increased wage, a compromise. Gervinho and Samba arrive.

    The team begins to take shape, like this:




    Or something?

  202. I think AW will look for a genuine left wing (which might be Gervinho, and Nasri to play more on the right) and/or a Pienaar type player.

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