Are Arsenal Saying Goodbye To The Golden Generation & More

Arsenal fans are mad. Stark raving bonkers. The rumour of an announcement about a rumour sends the interweb incandescent with rage. The back page of this morning’s Sun will also be a tipping point, “Chelsea £0, Man City £0, Arsenal £1m, Manchester United £55m”.

A big ‘If’, of course. de Gea and Young must join Jones in making the ‘possible signing’ become reality. If they don’t then the £55m becomes £0m. Not quite so impressive.

It is not unusual for United to complete their business early, Ferguson likes to work that way. Wenger makes signings in July if you look at the activity since transfer windows became compulsory. Recent seasons have seen new players acquired on the final minutes of the final days but generally, the manager spends ‘mid-term’.

Such habits lend themselves to unproven claims of panic buying and disorganisation over transfers. Not just at the manager but at the club as a whole.

Those timescales breed frustration, particularly this summer. The squad needs fresh faces, rivals signing first team personnel emphasises the disparity in readiness for the new campaign even though it is two months away. Having new players in place by pre-season eases their transition into the squad.

Exacerbating that frustration is talk of contracts. Samir Nasri appears no closer to a new deal but that situation may move now that France have finished their mini-tour of Eastern Europe. Gael Clichy is in the same boat and has been subject of a £5m bid from Liverpool. Hubcaps, it seems, are not the only things they like to steal on Merseyside.

Why has it taken so long to reach this point? Are the salaries being offered so poor by comparison to those paid by rivals? Or are the demands of players excessive? For first team regulars to be in this situation is infuriating.

Blame for the media hype falls squarely on the shoulders of Nasri’s Mr20% . Clichy? Well, I have no idea who his agent is but he and the player have acted ‘in the Arsenal way’ throughout. With Cesc leaving for Barcelona seeming possible and implausible at the same time, are Arsenal a club in crisis?

Actually, more of a club that has taken its’ eye off the ball. Lee Dixon believes Nasri and Fábregas leaving would be ‘disastrous‘ for Arsenal. What would he say if Clichy goes as well? Which hyperbole fits best?

It feels like time is up for the Golden Generation. In much the same way that their England counterparts crumbled, the fall is not spectacular. More a whimper than a bang. From being on the cusp of dominance, they teeter on the edge of departure.

Talk of winning trophies is empty rhetoric. A criminal waste by the players. They might believe that they should have beaten Birmingham, have finished higher than Manchester United but they did not. There was no heroic failure, no gut-busting fight to the bitter end. The season just slid away.

Fortunately, Arsène has his “finger in a few pies“.  Which are real? Eden Hazard is coming more to the fore as Gervinho looks for his lost third person. Around £20m is the fee being demanded by Lille for a player continuously linked with the club. And despite Hazard throwing a strop in Belgium’s recent international. I think the burger is more likely to count against him than being upset about a substitution.

Arsenal may well have contacted his current employers but leaks to the press have Machiavellian hands behind them. Is his Mr20% related to Nasri’s? Or Cesc’s? Apparently Darren Dein has formally contacted Arsenal. It sounds like a transfer request. It looks like a transfer request. It smells like something that has been left rotting in sunshine for several weeks. Especially when the fee being demanded by Arsenal is €40m. And it is in Sport.

Elsewhere, the rats are deserting the ship faster than their ancestors left the Titanic. Nicklas Bendtner to Besiktas and an unexpected Theo Walcot to Juventus. The English media loves to classify the Turin club as ‘big’ despite no title being won since 2002-03. Yes, esteemed gentlemen of Wapping, that’s one season longer than Arsenal have had to wait.

Equally spurious stuff comes from Uzbekistan. Yeah, I wasn’t surprised to find that the President of their FA has the surname of Usmanov. But no, he’s not related to Sheriff Fatman. Or so they claim. Arsène’s bargain basement shopping is world-renowned to such an extent that he is now scouring the Eastern Republics for players, Odil Ahmedov the target this time. About as believable as Arsène spending £30m on a player.

Never let it be said that the Football Association are vindictive. Corinthian ideals are held close to their hearts. And in no way was the cancellation of a friendly in Thailand to do with a lack of support during the 2018 World Cup bid. Argentina are in the same boat, no longer welcome at Wembley for the FAs 150th Anniversary celebrations. Grondona’s demand for the Falklands and recent outburst put paid to that. He isn’t popular at The Emirates either.

For every England failure at international level, there is an Arsène Wenger behind it. It gets worse. Grondona founded Arsenal de Sarandi in 1957 as a result of his admiration for Arsenal. Yes, us, the proper ones. It is only a matter of time before this connection turns poisonous. Grondona tried to buy Cesc and his revenge was to block England’s bid. It’s only a matter of time…

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  1. I would be worried if Cesc, Gael Clichy and Nasri left in this transfer window but I am quite sure that we would put out a team, next season, that would be in contention for the title and cups. The terrible thing would be the glee of the Doomers, wallowing in that sense of doom.

  2. This transfer speculation is getting ridiculous now. It would be good if something concrete happens one way or the other soon. At least we’ll know where we stand. It would be hard to lose 3 important first teamers, but if they don’t want to be here why force them to stay? And when you think about it, they have contributed to our failure to win trophies and maybe as talented as they are, Arsene has identified them as the weak links.

  3. nasri over hyped glichy about as good a defender as the rest we have…almost any premier expirienced player would walk into our defence……….is jack not the heir to cesc throne.nasri since we have had him has had less than half a good season…..and i remember many many glichy mistakes….not worried


  5. Everyone Must go! Especially the fans!

  6. And how come they pay 15m for young and only wanna pay 10 for nasri? Or we have to pay 17 for Cahill? They are all in the last year of their contract yet the best player is the cheapest? That makes no sense at all.


  8. Media has certainly gone into overdrive. So far I count 72 players leaving and 46 coming in. Imagination gone wild!

  9. We needed a big striker signing in the mould of Benzema or Falcao, (£25m) plus a DM plus a quality centre back. That was if we kept the other key players at the club. If Cesc, Nasri and Clichy go we will need all the above and proper ready made replacements which will also not be cheap. If those 3 go we will need to be getting the likes of; Cahill, Baines, A DM, Schweinsteiger, Hazard, Benzema. Do we really look like we are going to get all those. I am a bit worried and what worries me more is the message currently being sent to the worlds top football players. Are we looking like a club who will remain at the top?

  10. george rodger


  11. george rodger


  12. george rodger

    This is easy,no thought or brains at all required.


  13. NICE POST YW!!!!!

  14. Wenger IN! im going to bow out of the insanity. Seeing as how its been confirmed that clichy, cesc and nasri are gone and we are in big trouble. and we are not buying any players either. everyone else is going to buy but arsenal. especially now that its too late to buy. the deadline is closing, its closing……

    And of course those english players should cost more arent we aware that english have special blood that makes them superior to all other footballers.

    This is the toughest time we’ve had with the media in forever. Lets hope the fans hold their nerve and we can comeback next season and win. After all this we freakin deserve it.

  15. IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT UP DOWN BUY SELL BUY SELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am afraid that Frank has it right.If the fans did not buy into the media crap ,it would be no where near as intense.Our own fan-base is encouraging this mayhem.
    Nasri had 1 assist in 12 months,he is hardly indispensable
    Cesc could be replaced with either Robin or Andrei,with a slight re jig.Its not as if last years system is set in stone.
    Whoever leaves we will replace .There will be no alternative.And unless you have all the facts,and we never have,it is not possible to know what is in the best long term interests of the club.But that is the problem .Many fans could not give a flying fuck about anything other than their own desire to sing choruses of “we are the champions”whilst telling all around them how shit other teams are.

  17. Jabba's delights


    Very good point on the whole value thing with regards to young and Nasri. Makes all sound a little more like paper talk.

    Clichy leaving is no bad thing. Great servent to the club but he hasent progressed as one would like, liverpool is a good move for him

  18. I believe Gael is the best left back in the league,bar none.

  19. Nasri is not “home grown” and therefore less valuable squad restrictions wise.It has nothing to do with relative talent.

  20. Keep Calm and Carry on Everbody! Arsene is doing his best

    George – Let’s be honest, Clichy is not the best left-back in the country. He is only third choice left-back for France.

  21. Last Of The Country Gentlemen

    “Nasri is not “home grown” and therefore less valuable squad restrictions wise.It has nothing to do with relative talent.”

    Still has to be a market value though surely – any English team would just have to shunt out one of their more useless non-home grown player.

  22. We a small striker, unknown, with knobbly knees, a midfielder who can sharpen the attack but not defend at all, and a central defender who has only ever played midfield down the right, with a delicate touch, slowish, midget preferred, from a second division … somewhere in … the Indian Ocean islands, maximum 2 years experience. With this, I am convinced we will compete handsomely. We need a budget of 100,000 pounds, any more is ridiculous, but must be enough to meet airfares. We need to sell RvP, Cesc, and Vermaelen, as we won’t need them; and rush through a half dozen 16 year-olds. We need Arsene and Pat Rice to conduct all practice sessions along the lines of studied meditation, yoga and spiritual chants, and we need a new look kit, free-flowing tops, in bright yellow, with blue flowers.

  23. Its like I have said we need players willing to fight for the cause. If they are too weak then they must go.

    Nasri, cesc, clichy have years to make thus happen for arsenal they didnt. Now cesc wants to join in on other peoples party.

    its all going to media hell!

  24. were Doomed……again.

  25. Roger “I am afraid that Frank has it right.If the fans did not buy into the media crap ,it would be no where near as intense.Our own fan-base is encouraging this mayhem”

    You are right. There is far too much hysteria at the club at the moment caused by fans being whipped up by non-stories in the press and anxiousness about Arsene’s perceived lack of activity.
    YW is right. It is clear that AW really does intend doing business this summer as his bid for Phil Jones showed. Arsene is never one to do this business early though, but the signings will come.
    5 million for Clichy! An utter pisstake.

  26. goonerwife the days of players fighting for the cause are gone. its the fighting for the dollars that is the cause now. fukin whole industry is orrible now. the whole lot of em are cunts.

  27. I don’t think having Evra or Cole in our ranks over the last 3 or 4 years would have helped us greatly. Clichy does bring a lot of qualities that other LB’s cant.

    Energy and stamina.. he provides width for 90mins, overlapping runs and it will be hard to find a LB to match that.

    Tackling… highest rate in the league

    Heading.. You rarely see him losing out to right winger in a contest in the air.

    Passing.. pretty decent you must say.

    Tactical awareness.. he was never the best, but he has certainly improved over the last 5 years.

    Interceptions.. something you can’t ignore, his ability to swiftly rob the ball before a player has controlled it is impressive.

    What more can you wan’t from a Lb…???

    I can’t think of anyone on the market who I would prefer. That is my honest opinion and I think we will struggle to replace him.

    That Beines looks ok but is he Arsenal class..??

  28. Yes he is Chris.

  29. I’ve heard that the improvements at the training centre are going to include a state of the art Sperm Bank and Artificial Insemination centre. Wenger plans for Cesc and Nasri to be the first donors before they leave the club. He is going to use Arsenals ladies team as the mothers. This way he gets around the home grown problem and is rebuilding the team ready for 2032. Also doesn’t have to worry about transfer fees.

  30. What does that mean Arsenal class??? is Denilson Arsenal class then? fuck no, the other usual suspects? we have a few who aint then Chris if Baines aint.

  31. Baines is a complete mummy’s boy. He also gets homesick, Jesus Navas-style, and has never played for a club outside the northwest despite switching three times. Oh, and he isn’t as good as Clichy – he’s probably a better crosser, but there’s much, much more to being a left-back than that.

  32. Jabba's delights


    Come on mate clichy best left back in the league, on what evidence?

    all players are replaceable, but considering we had a decent amount of work to do even if we kept Nasri and Cesc if we lost them the sqaud would need open heart surgery. Its an absolute disaster to lose both and there are no two ways about it. Luckily for us it just media talk at the moment.

    Ivan Q & A is going to be very interesting on monday night. He is as smooth as they come and im looking forward to him easing peoples fears about this summer.

  33. I like Clichy: both as a player and a person. I also respect the way he has kept a dignified silence about his potential move unlike others at the club. I will be sad to see him go, but I’m not really sure he has fulfilled his early promise and moved on. He struggles positionally sometimes (although this might have more to do with the overall defensive problems at the club) and I’m not sure he offers as much attacking wise as other left-backs. The fact that he is still third-choice French says it all really: he hasn’t really developed as much as we and he himself would have liked.

  34. dukeGoonem

    I am talking about style of play. I worry about Samba for example, will he be able to pass the ball, move and not look out of place. We had similar problems with the likes of Senderos, Cygan, Adebayor even. Your playing style dictates whether a player will or won’t make it.

    I only put the question forward for Baines, I have only seen him on occasion and he looks like a decent player. I just doubt he will be an improvement.

    Yes, Denilson is Arsenal class. His stamina, passing and retaining of possession is of a higher standard to your average premiership midfielders. I only expect Wenger to buy class, players who can play football.

  35. Bains over clichy .

  36. Baines will be better for us then Clichy but we will never get him coz we wont want to spend the money on him. Maybe that Enrique from Newcastle would have more chance of being signed if Clichy fucks orff. but i wouldnt be suprised to see another french unkown cheapy come in.

  37. ChrisGoona – I like the look of Baines, I think he offers more going forward than Clichy: he crosses well and he can take free kicks. I think he could be Arsenal class.

  38. If Denilson is arsenal class why can’t he get into the team? He will surely be going to a lesser club very soon.

  39. Bains will be an improvement at LB , but I don’t see us signing him.

  40. I see your point Chris and agree about players having to be able to play football but i think Baines could cope. maybe Samba would not fit in agreed. but then again if Wenger could get Adams and Keown to play a bit then surely he can get anyone to.

  41. Uh oh, déjà vu starting to sink in….

  42. dukeGoonem

    I wouldn’t want us to settle for someone who has the physical attributes but ain’t got a clue when he has the ball at his feet… Its why we have all taken to Vermaelen and its why Wenger searches far and wide to get players who can offer a bit more.

    Baines has been given rave reviews so maybe he could be on our radar if Clichy is off. Would be funny if he signed a contract today!

  43. And he put the Pele on Romford!!

  44. Sol Campbell was never that great on the ball, but his distribution from the back improved Massively under Wenger, Samba could do the same. He would be a good addition to the squad.

  45. YoungGuns tweeted a story about Diaby wearing a Spurs shirt at home. On the larger scale of things, its probably a non-story but wtf was he thinking? and then talking to the media about it? I mean really, what is wrong with some of our players?
    I can see the media are jumping on anything arsenal now, but surely our players should know this and act accordingly?

  46. If this reports are true or end up becoming true, this would be a big blow to arsenal but I believe the club would still pull through, this is one major disadvantage of grooming players, 4 or 5 yrs down the line you never know were their hearts may lie, especially when they are in their prime & you need them the most.I just hope nasri signs the contract & buries these excuses of not winning trophies, salary etc, for cesc, maybe we should sell but at the right price, clichy we have a lot of left backs coming through so the decision’s up to him.I salute the likes of Van persie on this one, we need players wit desire & who are ready to fight for their place in Arsenal.

  47. Jabba's delights

    I think the whole point it that we have so many players who are technically some of the best in the league covering a spectrum of positions but sometimes you need some other ingredients. Samba like any signing is a risk he offers something different to what we have and whilst technically he is no Baressi our system actually makes life easier for a clogger. A short simple pass to Kosciallny, Vermalan at the back or Wilshere or Cesc dropping back to take the ball eliminates the need for Samba to spray inch perfect 50 yard passes.

    Baines is different to Clichy he doesnt have his physical attributes but is more inteligent and has a much better end product once forward. He is also great at set peices which we dont currently have at the club. Dont think we will get him though. I havent seen him but the Celtic lb Emilio Izaguirre is meant to be a great player, obvioulsy a huge risk coming from the spl

  48. Also Chris dont you think this is maybe a contributing factor as to why we are not winning the prem because our defenders are all to playerish… since the brutes left we have struggled in the prem, our defenders are more suited to european football but we need to win the league so i think we need a brute at the back.

  49. I suppose a defensive player’s intelligence could be reflected at least partly by the amount of interceptions or successful tackles he makes over a season, right?

  50. lets be honest who would you rather see in the line up Samba or Squillaci???

  51. .”If Denilson is arsenal class why can’t he get into the team? He will surely be going to a lesser club very soon.,”
    Its like teaching chimps,but I will try.
    Cesc.Nasri,Arshavin,Diaby,Song,Lil Jacky,Rambo.all midfielders who are pure class and have moved ahead of Denilson.Now try to understand this,because you are not as good, marginally,as these players does not mean that you are not a very very good player.
    Why i have bothered is beyond me Jo ,because anyone who thinks Bains is better than Gael is a bit thick.

  52. Jabba's delights


    Very true and clichy is great at intercepting. He also misses some of those interceptions sometimes remember the 4-2 away at city 2009-10. 3 goals all came from Clichy mistakes. Whilst it incredibly harsh to pull him up on one game i just think lb is a position in the team which we could improve. He works so hard for the team and his attitude can never be called into question, but considering the amount of great positions he gets in there arent to many goals or assists that come from him.

    Most are in agreement when we say we could be better at attacking considering how many people we bomb forward and i think clichy is a perfect example of this issue.

  53. “dukeGoonem | June 10, 2011 at 10:57 am
    Also Chris dont you think this is maybe a contributing factor as to why we are not winning the prem because our defenders are all to playerish… since the brutes left we have struggled in the prem,”
    I think we have struggled since Pete Sampras retired.
    Well I think it is just as relevant as your statement.In other words I think it is stupid.There are many possible reasons and yours is one of the least likely.

  54. Jabba's delights

    George Roger

    Why is someone thick for suggesting Baines might be better than Clichy. No offence George but anyone who says Clichy is by far the best lb in the league like you did is a bit thick. You are the only person i’ve ever met who would say such a thing.

  55. A nice chest down for Young’s goal, very ‘playerish’. I also noticed Baines was caught out a few times for England as they were chasing goals. If Clichy had made those mistakes, which didn’t even lead to goals, you’d still be reading about them now.

    Not deja vu but an endless cycle. Too many echoes from Psycho and Bruiser’s crumbling ‘school’.
    In the last big U-21 tourny Pearce played Walcott here and there, a player who’d scored a hat-trick for the ‘senior’ team. And he has the cheek to bleat now.
    No Gibbs means I won’t be wasting my time watching one of Pearce’s teams.

  56. Delia--Block 112

    Just popped in to see what you are all up to. Losing favorite players has always been a blow ( Brady and Stapleton’s departures come to mind), but we have always come through fairly unscathed.
    I have stopped reading the press and watching Sky news and rely on ACLF and Arseblog for sensible, rational debate on transfers. I suggest you all do the same otherwise everyone will end up nervous wrecks!
    As always COYRs

  57. This is just my opinion, but I think people are getting fixated on a negative aspect of Clichy’s game (all players have weaknesses), and ignoring what he’s good at (actually not just good, but regularly among the best); he tops the list regularly for interceptions and successful tackles, and, quite frankly, shits on Baines in that regard. He was named in Opta’s team of the season this year for his defensive contribution to the team. Granted he slips up occasionally, but he does a lot of great work that people seem to take for granted. OK, that’s it for today before I get carried away.

  58. “Most are in agreement when we say we could be better at attacking considering how many people we bomb forward and i think clichy is a perfect example of this issue”
    Do you mean he does not cross the ball in to our forwards who are not waiting for it anyway?
    He is very good at getting forward and passing and linking up play.Or is that not attacking ?

  59. Well George , there are a Loy of thick people out there then. My better half is a everton fan, I have seen almost as much of bains as I have clichy, how much have you actually seen him play? I make my opinion on facts you make yours on assumptions and bias. Now please if you don’t mind I find being called a Chimp rascist as I am of African decent so do me a favor and fuck off!

  60. In case that was too cryptic for some:
    Baines will find himself in similar positions playing for Arsenal, far more often. I don’t know much, but if he’s going to replace Clichy, that was not the most reassuring spectacle.

  61. Clichy’s attitude and effort is perfect. Huge admiration for his professionalism.

    I still think he is no better a player than he was 5 years ago, and must must work on his final delivery this summer if he stays at the club.

    As for Diaby, if there is any substance to the story, what an idiot he is.

  62. Look at the stats for Clichy Against Bains.Bains is ahead on goals alone,now that is not his primary job at left back.
    How the fuck was I to know where you desend from?So “chimp” was about your intelligence,or lack of it rather,and nothing to do with race.
    So for insinuating I am racist you do me the favor.Ok?

  63. George have you seen Clichy cross a ball successfully ? What good is getting forward with no end result do? I’ll tell you ! It gives the possession away and leaves a hole at the back . Wake up man!

  64. George.

    I think Jabba is referring to cold hard stats in the form of assists.

    Sagna, for example, has made a marked improvement in his effectiveness in the final third this season, also developed quite the eye for goal!!!

  65. I believe it is your very obvious lack of intelligence that is the problem here, you think insulting people you know nothing about makes you a big man well it does not.
    You are a fool . So please just fuck you are clearly prejudice in all areas of life not Just football!

  66. I like Baines.

    But, with the inflation of the transfer market, an educatedn guess would suggest he would be around the £15million mark?

    I dont think losing Clichy for a reported £5million and spending a club record fee on Baines would represent smart business with our limited funds.

    I’d rather we kept Clichy, moved for a CB, DM and a wide forward/striker.

  67. Jabba.I know you have trouble writing,but do you also have trouble reading.
    Please copy and paste where I said someone was thik for suggesting Bains was better than Gael.
    And I said Gael was IMO the best Left back in the league,you added the “by far”
    Now say sorry for your mistakes

  68. Clichy over Baines any day. Sorry guys but Baines is not an immediate improvement in any shape or form.

    Delia–Block 112

    I too read only Arseblog and ACLF, but of late i have been drawn to looking at other sites for more info. There is so much crap out there it is unreal.

  69. Jabba's delights


    Come on mate we all go to watch our beloved Arsenal we al all know that Clichy cant cross for toffee. He has many very good attributes and is a good player but lets be honest here though he hasnt come on as we thought he would. He still makes reckless challenges in his own box late in games. He and Djourou are by far the worst players at playing the offside trap in the defensive squad. He has made some awful errors this year that have cost us very badly and i think looking for a player of Sagna ability on the left side is a very good move to shore up our defence and make us better going forward.

  70. If stats were what footballers are judged by why is Denilson not first on the team sheet? His stats are superb.
    So basically George you are saying you can tell more about a player by his stats than by watching him play?
    You really are a muppet arnt you!

  71. Actually I did say it:)
    I am being obtuse

  72. Luke.. those are the 3 positions I would suggest too. DM being lowest priority due to how many central midfielders we have. I don’t think we require an out n out DM as much as people make out but I would like a defensive type midfielder as a squad player to have if need be.

  73. Jabba's delights


    Your post 11.09

    ”Why i have bothered is beyond me Jo ,because anyone who thinks Bains is better than Gael is a bit thick.”

  74. “If stats were what footballers are judged by why is Denilson not first on the team sheet? His stats are superb”
    That is because he is class.
    You are defeating your own arguments here .Thanks,saves me a job.

  75. George,

    Please please please please do not ignite the Denilson chat again.

  76. Jabba.I dont agree.Sorry but I think Gael is a great Left back.The best in the league.Of course I could be wrong because it is an opinion not a fact.

  77. Jo and Jabba

    No, no and no

    Denilson’s stats are good because hes good at what he does. He passes, moves, is always available, intercepts, can hit a long shot and is one of them players you can rely on to do his job. It worked with him and Fabregas in midfield for a sustained period of time, some of the play and quick passing was amazing. He doesn’t stand out like some players do, that is the only issue.

    Clichy may not be able to cross but there is a bigger argument for him being the best LB in the premiership than Baines being better than him. He is up there with the best right now.

  78. Luke.OK fair enough.

  79. Jabba's delights

    Luke / ChrisGoona

    I agree keeping Clichy is the prefered option as whilst he isnt perfect he has many very good features, plus i dont know of any great replacements who can come at decent price.

    I also agree on positions that we need to improve but i would suggest we need 2 attackers one being an out and out striker. With DM i just want someone who is a communicator who has experience and who stands up to be counted when under pressure who our hugely talented but naive midfielders can learn from.

  80. I don’t read gossip. My predictions for departures: Denilson (if we find a buyer he is happy to go to).

  81. George surely you should have a pic of a snarling dog instead of a cat on your avatar! i fukin hate cats. smelly little fuckers.

  82. Chris I am with you.
    Our results at the end of the season,when Song reverted to more of a holding role,are an indication the a DM might not be the answer.

  83. Thierry Henry 1999–2007.Arsenal 254 appearances, 174 goals

    Stats lie do they??

  84. Don’t mean to be a party pooper, or to pop anyones rapidly expanding cosmic bubble, but Clichy crossed a ball (assist) for Song to score against West Ham (Home).

    Still, that’s not as many assists this season as Sagna. Or Dani Alves.

  85. Im a dog man myself as Dups knows!

  86. Duke ,he died on wednesday so,ah well you know what I was going to say.

  87. you guys are no fun at all. Bringing me down. lets look forward. Those that want to go should go. how do we re-jig the team.

    I notice some want to get rid of our substitutes, like , all of them. whats with that. even on the radio you hear a freakin oxford united fan saying we should get rid of eboue, rosicky, squillachi, etc. so who is going to sub incase of injury?

  88. No George all you did is avoid the question and reveal you lack of intelligence again.
    Luke I actually rate Denilson, one of ny favorite players actually. His stats are great, but he can’t get in the team and will end up at a lesser club. Don’t know how some can say clichy is better as his stats are when they have probably seen a total of two games in Wich bains has played. Which would be the 2 times we played them.

  89. george rodger

    That is my point, glad someone agrees. Song was very rarely defending throughout the games towards the end of the season. I actually thought he was very poor in many of them. Yes he contained, held the ball, passed it around etc.. he didn’t offer more than that though. Teams defended with a fear of how the result could reflect on their final league position. Having a DM with our system in quite a few games proves a waste IMO.

    We are better off having 2 box to box players and 1 deeper AMC in the form of a Cesc, RvP or Nasri. The 2 box to box players can cover for each other and support each other when roaming up and down the park. Plus we will keep our triangles in central midfield which work well as the AMC will link up.

  90. Finsbury if I had played as many games as clichy I’m sure I could have put one on some ones head to score from eventually, so you not really bursting any ones bubble by pointing out the one time clichy got a decent cross in.
    I’m not advocating we sell him, but he seems to be considering his future else where. So there is a valid reason for discussing replacements. Then as per usual George shows up and starts calling named, insulting peoples intelligence and the mood turns sour .

  91. I agree Chris – a pair of rotating box to box midfielders is def better than relying on a more rigid DM, especially with our system. Jack and Song have been great in there, but I would like to see someone come in to take some of the strain off those 2, given the amount of games they will play. It would also allow Jack some more freedom and to get into the more attacking positions that his natural instincts seem to be. I would be happy for Denilson to stay and keep that role as his own, but that seems very unlikely now.

  92. Keep Clichy!! Baines would be ok, but it seems like a pointless exercise, getting rid of one of the best left backs in the league, to be replaced by one of the best left backs in the league – costing us money… Doesn’t make much sense to me. Clichy knows what the club’s all about and doesn’t have the homesick issues that Baines has.

  93. .Jo.Am I to take it that you believe people only watch football when Arsenal play?
    And you are special because you have watched Everton?
    I do, and that’s what I am basing my assessment of Bains on.Not just his stats.which are better by way.the

  94. Jo,so sorry if I have offended your delicate nature ,flower.Please accept my apologies.

  95. Cesc – 30mil euros plus Bojan and Thiago Alachancnacantcantcan (def spelt right)???

    I’ve seen quite a lot of Bojan, and he has some class, but 20mil worth? No chance. Haven’t seen Thiago whatshisname, but doubt he’d be worth much of the difference either. How much bullshit can be regurgitated by the fucking Spanish press???

  96. Well then George why don’t you try something along the likes of ” I have seen bains play numerous times and still think clichy is the better player”. As opposed to insulting people, refering to them as chimps, thick ext, just seems more adult , dont you think?

  97. No George it’s your lack of respect for others that is the problem. You think only white peoples read blogs? Calling some you know nothing about a chimp, surly you can think a little more forwardcthan than that.

  98. Jabba's delights


    Guillem Balague was raving about this Thiago earlier on in the season, saying he is the next one who will come through. Bojan i think has bags of potential but his his stature suited to the prem, im not so sure. This deal would make me cringe. Two more young talented Catalans who if they for fill their potential will want to head straight back home.

  99. George why do you play the annoying argumentative one all the time?

  100. Yup – agreed Jabba. That would not be a satisfying return for one of the best midfielders in the world. Surely the figures should be based on Torres/Carroll style deals? And I really don’t like that Balague guy, he’s often stoking the fire regarding Arsenal/Barca relationship, and the Cesc rumblings…

  101. @Chris , In this Time of Doom and gloom fans Its great to see someone like you talking sense and not getting away with buy buy buy sentiment .

    And I completely Agree mate, Clichy has always been defensively little suspect but he Provides much more overall than any other LB…straight off my head his termendous assists against barca for Rvp and his assist for that Song goal in Last minute against West Ham i think …and both with his right Foot.

    Though I think a striker is as Important for us as a Defender atm. Without Rvp god knows where we would have finished. Though I am not a song fan, he is very inconsistent and does not get back as quickly as he should and exposes our back 4 too often so a Dm would be welcome too .

    And I think Shavin is one of our best players playing in wrong position. Its because Of his Enormous talent that he can still produce playing on the left , as we all all know theo cant play there and even Nasri finds it hard to impresses on left ,but revels on right . So its because hes our best player hes made to sacrifice his position. And I think hes done much better than any player could have done playing out of position almost always.

  102. Watched ‘Dennis Bergkamp – Legend’ last night. What a guy. Best player to wear our shirt. A true Arsenal Legend. Stating the obvious I know… Just absolutely love him!

  103. geo

    ive never seen thiago play but the other day there was an internet pole from barce fans on who the prefer, thiago or cesc and thiago won hands down…

    make of that what you will.

  104. i in no way advocate swapping cesc for thiago tho.


    barce fans dont even want cesc tho, spoiled little shits!

  105. Watched ‘Dennis Bergkamp – Legend’ last night. What a guy. Best player to wear our shirt. A true Arsenal Legend. Stating the obvious I know… Just absolutely love him!

    Diaby’s mum – hmmmm, interesting. Maybe they are just as bored of the Cesc saga as we are…? Either that, or they haven’t got a clue how good Cesc is…

  106. Gah, I can’t stay away. Thiago is really good, he’s Mazinho’s son, was born in Italy and raised in Catalonia, so there’s no knowing where he feels at home, although I suppose it’s a clue that he’s chosen to represent Spain. I’ve seen him play between 10 and 15 times. He’s an attacking central midfielder and looked very good every time he played, but appears to be more of a dribbler than a passer – he didn’t appear to have incredible Iniesta and Xavi’s vision, but has a deft first touch and like the rest of them is smart at finding space off the ball.

    Bojan is quick and skilful on the ball, but is a total headless chicken and can’t time a run for toffee.

  107. Duke ,would you rather me moan incessantly about the team?
    Jo,Why are you so hung up about your race.Nobody else even knew about it.

  108. Cheers OOu – sounds like he’s a nifty little player then… not quite a Cesc replacement though eh? And yeah, my thoughts exactly on Bojan. Good at finishing though too.

  109. Jabba's delights


    I think people would just prefer it if discussed your oppinions rather than put anyone down who feels differently to you. We all love the club none of us are on Le Grove calling for the whole club to be changed top to bottom, there is no need to be so rude people, who share one of your greatest passions

  110. Clichy had a solid season with Arsenal. Chris Goona provides an excellent summary above that makes a good case for the club to work harder to keep this player. This is not a player we need to lose. Clichy showed a marked improvement (for consistency) over past seasons. Lets stop making him a scapegoat for the team’s failure to win silverware.

    It’s now obvious to me that during the second half of the season, Nasri’s head had been f*cked with…..and for me we’re facing another Ade situation. I don’t believe Stan has enough money to make this player content.

    Talent without dedication = underachiever.

    Cesc’s flirtations with Barca continues and it’s upsetting the club and fans.

    We must trust the manager and club to make necessary changes and as fans SHOW SOME PATIENCE.

  111. JO, I think Denilson’s lack of appearances this season is more down to the fact that he indicated he wanted to leave 9 months ago.

  112. I agree with Arsesession’s post 100%. Hadn’t thought about Nasri’s head being messed with, but it probably was a contributing factor to his dip in form…

  113. Yeah Geo, kind of a cross between Nasri and Cesc. I wouldn’t expect him to be able to dicate the tempo like Cesc just yet, but he might develop that ability later – he is very good, and if they are willing to use him in as bait then Barcelona really must be strapped for cash; It definitely looked like they were grooming Thiago for the first team last season because he started in the middle in some big games.

    It’s probably all nonsense anyway – although the Cesc talk is getting harder to ignore.

  114. Fair enough Markus, like I say I’m a fan of his, I simply brought him up because of the stat debate. It saddens me that he seems to be off.

  115. Oh right OOU, so quite a lot better than I expected him to be, if he was getting some central action in some big games… Might have to check him out. I hope it is all nonsense, and Cesc stays forever, but with this hanging over him (inevitably every season until he finally moves), I’m beginning to think it might be better for it to just be done with… I feel massively wrong saying that though..!

  116. All this is with a pinch of salt. If we lose any of our creative players I want Santi Cazorla. But It’s all just fantasy. Anyway:

  117. Pinch of salt indeed OOU. Looks pretty good though! Ahh, the transfer window…

  118. No point even thinking og thiago if Barcelona wants a buy back clausul in the contract. Let somebody els rais their kids…..

  119. Not thinking of him coming here poodle, that was the first time I’ve seen him. Haven’t been following Barca for a few years now… He looks like one to look out for in the future though.

  120. I have to say the media have got me wobbling now even though I know myself that most of it is bullshit. That mere fact that Nasri, is being mentioned regarding going to utd isn’t right and in my view shoudn’t be happening. Why can’t any of us see this? We can’t lose him lads he’s proper quality no matter how much you want to fool yourselves with opta sats.

    I can see post about Nasri, sats etc but, I think that’s so folly and we are kidding ourselves if you actually believe that due to Nasri, having a crap end half of a season that he will not become world class and tighten utd grip on what they already have.

    I do love Cesc. But the same loving isn’t there because I know as well as most of you do that he wanted to go and was emotionally forced to stay.

    I don’t want to upset anybody but, when Cesc was out, Nasri shined in the middle and he was spraying the ball about just as good as Cecs and he has a much more powerful shot but, all that aside we should do what we need to in order to keep him. It has to be all bullshit that he wants to go and I hope it’s just his agents trying to get more £s in these troubled times.

    Ashley Young, is on his way to Utd also and if they do get Nasri, do we honestly think we will have what it takes to get near of topple them? Even true utd fans aren’t shy to tell you that WE gave them the title because they played below average last season. How do we think we will do when they are back on their game with players like Young and Nasri?

    Not meaning to sound doom doom I’m just very concerned about how we look at the moment and people like Mr Arsenal aka Tony Adams saying things like “Wenger isn’t as good at his job as George was”.

    Too much negativity at the wrong time and it’s starting to have negative effect on me so god knows what some of our players are feeling. Whatever we say about it think any of players want Nasri to leave and if he does I think it will damage morale.

  121. OneOfUs | June 10, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Indeed Baines, may not be everybodies cup of tea but, he doesn’t switch off as much and defends first.

    He also isn’t a get target for the opposing team because he will never try to cut the ball over the top out or
    have the “fuck me what’s he doing there?” look on his face when the ball goes over his head and lands at nani’s feet.

  122. Yeah, that would be ridiculous, Poodle.

    Tony Adams has problems, but I guess we all knew that anyway. Some of the stories (via David James I think) coming out during his time as Portsmouth manager were a bit scary, and in the interviews he’s given since he’s been in Azerbaijan he comes across as eccentric to say the least. His comments will get a lot of publicity because of what he achieved at Arsenal as a player, but he strikes me as a very troubled person.

  123. Henristic | June 10, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Diaby, said it himself in an article which I read and couldn’t believe it. He claimed that serecoto spud gave it to him and then went onto to say how much of great mate and player he is and one day hopes to play alongside him. Could just be media bullshit but, we are always open to things such as these because these players didn’t know about the so called rival things when they were toddlers or at their school. They most prob only knew about it when they were in country after a year or two.

    But why or how the fuck did they get hold of this info in the first place.

  124. Great post – as usual – Yogi. Djourou is right. Once the floodgates open the cups will flow!

  125. Now Tony Adams is a cunt now because he so say has said something that goes against the grain?

    Does anybody know what he actually said or is this something sky sources understood.

    You guys got some nerve knocking Tony.

  126. According to talksport we have secured Gervinho for 10m. After being beaten in the transfer to Phil Jones.
    We didn’t get beaten to him we fucking got there first and agreed the fee but he chose utd as most young players from that part of the country possibly would of done.

    By 16:00 today there will be at least another 15 regurgitated reports on the same thing with some 6 month old quotes like they were said yesterday.

  127. goonerton, no-one said he was a cunt! Just that he’s troubled, which I agree with entirely. He was a great player, a legend, no doubt, but he is definitely a tad strange, particularly these days.

  128. Jabba’s delights | June 10, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    That’s why I can’t stand the bloke mate. Arrogance and abuse pours out of him if your opinion doesn’t match his. Always reminds me of the nodding churchill dog. You have be nodding your head in agreement or else….

  129. I know what the Mirror says Tony Adams said. He was defending his team playing defensively and got a bit carried away by the sounds of it.

    He denitely didn’t say what was quoted above.

  130. george rodger

    “Wenger isn’t as good at his job as George was”.

    Was he talking about organizing the defense?I think he was .Rather than in general.
    RVP is Mr Arsenal.
    TA is Mr. not quite sure why I am at the end of the world and need to be noticed but here goes.

  131. Geo, point taken. Just angers me sometimes that people are always on hand to be negative about former players but, if anything negative true or false about the current brass you get decapitated.

    I remember him as a legend when I could afford to see him play every home match before I was priced out so I suppose I took that one too personally.

  132. No RVP is Mr Injured.There will only ever be one Mr Arsenal,Tony Adams

  133. George,

    In terms of commitment to the club, an understanding of our values and traditions, no-one in the current set up is patch on Adams. Not even RVP, who I love.

    Taking a pop at Adams, an all time legend, whilst you actively defend some current players is a very strange position to take.

    I would think our club would take notice of our captain and leader who won titles under both managements. In fact, he is better positioned than anyone to comment.

  134. How many bloody t-shirts can Henderson and Jones sell, or are ‘pool and manutd just adding to their debt?

  135. In fact, on more thought, I think that is your worst post ever George.

    Adams would have butchered half of the current egositical mercenaries we currently have earning a tidy packet at our great club.

  136. As soon as any ex-player says something remotly critical of hte side they get called all the names under the sun. Maybe with so many of theme saying similar things……just maybe, they may have a point in some respects.

  137. What I’d give to have someone with 10% of the leadership qualities Adams’ posesses in the current set up.

    What a man.

  138. We need somebody in the Adams mould who will simply not accept players strolling through a match. Even some of our own players have said that we just thought we could turn up and win against some of the smaller sides. Adams would not have stood for that, and that alone may have had a huge bearing on our season. We are not even talking about his qualities as a defender here either.

  139. Fair enough goonerton! I love Adams, and he definitely is ‘Mr Arsenal’ (with un-equalled leadership and passion – Lovely guy to boot!) , but some of his comments in the last few years, and some interviews I have watched of him, have made me a little sad for him, as he does seem to have some issues. Not having a go at him at all, just saying what I’ve seen… And I agree with goonerandy – someone like him in the squad, and we may well have leaped over the finish line with a trophy or 2…

  140. Miami Arsenal

    What worries me more is not whether Nasri goes to United but rather why we have yet again got in to a situation where we have two good Arsenal players with 1 year left on their contracts looking to “maybe” jump ship. If the contracts cannot be redone with 2 years left, then why are we not selling them then?

    Everyone seems to be thinking about this “financial fair play” lark… but that said, isn’t it phased over 3 or 5 years and then allows a club to write off 10’s of millions due to ground and training facility expenses? I don’t see financial play fair doing anything to bolster our chances. The fact is, and we may loath it but Arsenal runs as a proper business model. I think Arsenal are about the only club that do and whilst I for one would love to see some genuine investment in players (aka not even more youth) it just won’t happen. We don’t have a billionair owner who feels the need to flash the cash… trust me Stan is not that man!

    I love Arsenal, that is what I hold on to but in terms of seriously competing for anything at the moment just seems like a flight of fancy. That said, I m not saying that Arsenal do not have talent (they do). I am saying, that Arsenal lack the mental strength required to be winners.

    Just my thoughts from a humid Miami

  141. Heh, all that said I don’t want to see him anywhere near the manager’s position at the club.

  142. It’s pretty insincere of you guys; you’re goading people to come out and say the obvious about Tony Adams. Because if they do you think that’ll give you justification to claim that they’re blinkered, disrespecting the club’s history etc.

    I won’t say what I think, but I believe the evidence is there for all to see.

  143. Miami Arsenal

    I love the article on skysports where Mr Pearce is asking for clubs to rest their employees for a month or so before the summer so that the U21’s have a better chance of winning something! Wow! Mr Pearce, who exactly pays their wages?

  144. Miami Arsenal | June 10, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    A massive concern which I have moaned about is our brass. The ones who get that big chunk of our hard earned £s or $ in your case. How the hell wasn’t this picked up or noticed last year? or the start of this year? Why is it just now being realised that Nas, Clichy are near the end of their contracts?

    Questions that need to be answered.

  145. Miami Arsenal

    Goonerton, I agree.

    If after Flamini we had not learned, perhaps someone earning those big bucks might care to look at the Nasri & Clichy situation and say “hmm, we need to stop this malarky”.

  146. If Mr Arsenal was out there he would of got the very best out of our current squad and even though they may of still finished 4th it wouldn’t of been without a massive fight bare knuckle style.

    This is why I think we need somebody like Samba for his 300 style approach to game which he sees as war. The guy won’t let anybody switch off and if you do you will know about it. When we switch off and let and let goals in nobody get’s a talking to which I believe why it happens so often.

  147. Ideally all of 3 of our potential first teams loses will decide to stay. The morale hit for the players would be huge. I am quite sure that both Nasri and Clichy have been given substantial offers from the club. Wenger’s policy has always been to tie up his players to long term contracts. The fact that neither player has signed a contract speaks much louder then the media could.

    I seriously doubt either player will decrease their wage demands so it will be up to the club to either bite the bullet and pay or sell them for as much as possible and re-invest the money. Either player could probably get a better wage package and signing bonus if they play out their contracts and are available for free transfers next year so the players have the leverage at this point.

    The Cesc thing needs to be settled ASAP also. I think its time to get the most we can in players and money for him and move on. Obviously you would rather keep someone like him but its so clear that he wants to go and that no matter how great a professional he is that has to play on his mind. Perhaps the best thing to do is to get all of this over and move on. Losing Nasri and/or Clichy this year and then Cesc next year just prolongs the bleeding and past history would argue that keeping players who do not want to be here has never worked out well. There are lots of possible reasons for Cesc’s poor season but it would be naive to say that the Barca thing did not play at least a some part in his drop in performance. Another down year from him for whatever reason brings him closer to contract end and drops his value significantly.

  148. Say the obvious about Adams?

    What would that be OOU? That his personal life, and demons that he carries, devalues his footballing opinion, and such, constructuve criticism levelled at the club can be disregarded as childsplay, and we all continue on in our happy perfect bubble.

    Regardless of his personal life, its irrelevant, when Adams talks about Arsenal, you listen. End of.

  149. Miami Arsenal

    Anyone care to consider the view that Arsenal are now the new Ajax? I don’t mean in terms of success but rather the status of the club as a feeder club to others.

    I think Arsene has been good for Arsenal, but even I one of his most ardent supporters am starting to wonder whether he proud nature is getting in the way of more common sense. Arsene is a legend to me, but after this season perhaps the time is right to give him that spot up stairs as “Director of Football” and look for some new blood.

  150. Stewart Robson, has today said that we need a change in philosophy especially in defence and he touted Samba as possibly a man to organise and do the job for us.

    I hope he doesn’t get torn limb from limb for it but, gooners have been killed off for much less than that eh!

  151. Miami Arsenal

    Why not just play Ramsay, Wilshere and Lansbury in our midfield? There is no lack of desire from any of these lads. In my humble opinion, I would keep Arsharvin but loose Denilson, Rosicky and Cesc (hell the lad wants to leave get the best deal and lets all move on). I want Nasri to stay, I also want him to play more central.

  152. Miami Arsenal | June 10, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I heard this argument before and it made the blood boil but, if there is factual evidence then I will always look at any points raised.

    Wenger tried something but, it failed due to him being badly let down by certain players. However is actively working on doings whats needed.

    Never mind the crap you read in the British media because they hate his gut’s because the mans French.

  153. Jabba's delights

    Spot on Luke

    When our greatest ever captain, someone who won league title in 3 different decades says something about Arsenal you dam well listen. George from you posts you come across like someone who has just utterly fallen in love with everything wenger and have lost sight that arsenal used to be a great club for many years before as well. You shit all over people who have the audacity question the likes of Rosicky and denilson usefulness to the squad and then make someone of the stature of adams out to be a retard for questioning Arsene methods…………..shame on you.

  154. Miami Arsenal

    Goonerton, I appreciate your views and I for one am not slating Arsene for the stirling work he has put in at the club. I may now reside in Miami (North Cuba) but I am a Kiwi national who lived in Leyton for 9 years and visited Highbury as much as ticket avilability would allow. I know the press are a pack of lairs, anything to sell papers regardless of fact.

    My views on Arsenal being a feeder club is really based upon our buy young policy which then seems to equal sell in relate prime. That said, I think the evidence is quite clear that those players bolting for other clubs have not shown a track record of success.

    Arsenal don’t seem to want to change their wage structures to suit players so they leave, or they are tapped up, enticed or have desire to win silverware. I believe that the latter is a farce, you stated and I agree that for the most part it is the players that need to shoulder a large part of the failure burden.

  155. Goonerton:

    Stewart Robson has been calling for a change in defensive philosophy for 2 years now and events certainly argue that he has been correct. The total attacking ethos the club has used for the last several years has shown runs of good form but has never been consistent enough either in terms of scoring enough goals or preventing goals to bring us the results we need. Perhaps it would work in Spain but several years is a long enough sample to prove that it probably will not work in England on a consistent basis. I think we would be a much better team if we had a more balanced approach. Our team philosophy and coaching ethos is the only logical explanation for the consistent defensive inadequacy on a club that has this much talent. If someone else has better explanation then I think it would make a great topic for discussion.

  156. Jabba's delights

    Miami Arsenal

    Despite many blogs thinking along your lines with Arsene i firmly believe he should be given this summer to sort out the issues. The eagle has landed his past success cant be used as leverage for more underachievment, he should be judged on how he rebuilds us this summer and what the result of that work is at the end of the season. Many and he himself said he should be judged this May. I want him to have the chance to spend the money that his and a few other brilliance got us.

    He has money, we have weakneses that every man and his dog can see, sort them out , no more excuses.

  157. Miami Arsenal

    Sorry about my awful spelling lads, my brain just seems to work faster than these 2 fingers doing the actual work 🙂

  158. Anyway:

  159. Miami Arsenal

    Jabba, I totally agree.

    I was not saying leverage him upstairs this summer, my thinking was next allowing a substantive search for a successor. There is always a place for Arsene at Arsenal, he brought a more attractive style of play to a some what dour team at the time and whilst i want that legacy to continue I also want a little of the steel from yester year.

  160. Thanks for that OOU! That is great!

    Geo, if I haven’t said it before, great avatar!

    The silly season is bordering nigh on the insanity season already! It is almost too much to bear; Arsenal fans are cracking up all over the place judging by the comments on here. The sane and rational comments from the regular posters are hardly stemming the tide anymore. Reason and logic are being buried by an avalanche of panic, stupidity, and peer-pressure. And there are still 60 days of this madness left? Good lord.

  161. george rodger

    Dear me.
    I did not have a go at Adams .I pointed out that he was comparing GG to Arsene defensively so I will re post it.

    “Wenger isn’t as good at his job as George was”.

    Was he talking about organizing the defense?I think he was .Rather than in general.
    RVP is Mr Arsenal.
    TA is Mr. not quite sure why I am at the end of the world and need to be noticed but here goes

    And pointing out that if he was so good at managing he would not be working in the back of beyond having failed miserably in this country.

    So how is that having a go at his achievements with Arsenal or his merit as a captain?

    Also if he gets credit for his past achievements then Arsene is beyond question,given his.No?

  162. The media are doing exactly what set out to acheive.

    Losing Nasri is not the end of the club!! If he doesn’t want to be playing at the Arsenal then he should move on. It is a shame really because i’m sure a lot of us took a liking to him, and you all sang his name proudly every time he took the pitch.

  163. haha! thanks Gris Gris, yours isn’t so bad either 🙂

  164. george rodger

    Jabba @2:54

    Very decent of you to give Arsene one last chance.I hope he does not let YOU down

  165. Jabba's delights


    The media is trying to sell papers. Your correct losing Nasri isnt the end of the world. Losing Nasri and Cesc without Arsene going out and signing players who can hit the ground running and its a disaster. To replace such talents you need to buy in incredible talent, not works in progress.

    That then gets us to where we were last year which was 12 points off the title and with the look of what Utd are doing that 80 point barrier might be raised. Its not the end of the world but our manager will have go against his policy big time

  166. If those two go, which I doubt will happen, Wenger will sign top top quality to replace them. I doubt he will risk going for any big signings until the futures of Cesc and Samir are resolved.

  167. Oxo-Chamber pot has been signed.

    Whilst very very exciting. Is spending £12million (reported) on an uproven teenager top of our priorities?

  168. Jabba's delights


    I think its better to do that than call for his head which is what alot of people on alot of other blogs call for each day. You on the other hand think everything is going swimmingly at the moment and also think Clichy is the best left back in the league………….hmm poor george

  169. NIce one, Evil “Just to add another nice fact to the Clichy debate: 111 – Gael Clichy made more tackles than any other full back in the 2010-11 Premier League. Combative.
    From OptaJoe on Twitter.
    So we have Cashley, who won the fewest tackles, and Clichy, who tackled the most.”

    POTD nomination: ZimPaul, 10:20am. Hardliner.

  170. Is that definite Luke?

  171. Jabba's delights


    Problem is the best way of keeping those 2 is by making a big time signing. Both have said it.

  172. Hopefully he will get someone ‘big’ enough to make them realise this is the best place for them. Big in ability and character, not necessarily price..! Fingers crossed!

  173. Limpar

    Do you have stats for how many goals we’ve conceded on the back end of Clichy napping?

  174. Seems so Geo.

    I have a post in moderation with links to the Mirror article.

  175. Clichy has had a poor season by his standards, arguably his worst since he became a regular.

    I hope he has the character to match his work rate in resolving the basic mistakes he makes.

  176. If Cesc and Samir need one of these “signings of intent” in order to stay at arsenal, fuck that noise!! Why don’t they look inside themselves and say, “hey maybe I could do something to help lift a trophy rather than looking externally.” Many of us agree that our starting XI is among the best in the world. Why do our “star” players need a signing to feel motivated. To me that seems very childish, considering that quality that our first XI possesses.

  177. “Oxo-Chamber pot has been signed.

    Whilst very very exciting. Is spending £12million (reported) on an uproven teenager top of our priorities?”

    This is worth a look:

    Doubt it’s 12 million up front, either Luke.

    And bloody hell, my inbox has gone crazy, LA. By my standards!

  178. William,

    Whilst our first 11 (specifically front 6) is exceptional, with 60 odd games, injuries and dips in form, we need more quality in the squad.

    United for the run in to the title benched the leagues top scorer and most productive winger.

    We have a few key injuries/suspensions and we are void of options.

  179. OOU

    If you lambust United/Liverpool for spending a reported £16/£20 million respectively, you have to treat our capture with the same view.

    I know the money won’t be up front. £1 or £100 million, is he our priority?

  180. What utter fucking rubbish, Luke. Football has moved on since Tony’s day.

  181. Limpar:

    I am certain Arsene wants to keep Clichy. Unlike Nasri his behavior in the contract negotiations has been superb. Lots of respect for that. I suspect a contract is on the table and the ball is in his court. The club does not have a history of giving in to wage requests. Flamini and Gallas the only recent similar examples I can think of. Look bleak unless the club is willing to bend.

  182. What was rubbish Frank?

  183. Jabba's delights


    We have a very good starting 11 as do many other team around europe. Our starting 11 for all there brilliance also has some pretty big achillies heels which have been discussed to death.

    Our lack of depth past that 11 is poor. I can see exactly why Cesc calls for us to show our intent.

    Utd win the league and lose in the cl final and immediately set their sights on trying to close the gap with Barca, what are we doing?

  184. Clichy is another player who hasn’t lived up to expections. When Cashley left I expected him to kick and become a world class defender but it hasn’t happened.

    Overall he’s been a decent player for us but he’s been exposed by his poor crossing and lapses in concentration.

    Looks like he’s made his mind up to leave. Good luck to him

  185. Yeah, very true Bill.

    Clichy has behaved like a true gent, which isn’t a shock. I think he is genuinely weighing up his options, rather than barter for more money.

    If he was to leave, he should do with his head held high, as he has always been fully commited.

  186. More scrolling than reading today.

    I see you are now on twitter Big Al.

  187. Frank – does that mean Pele’s musings on the world of football are void? Or Zidane, or Petit, or Cantona,

    The list, literally is endless.

    I’m shocked, for such a huge Arsenal supporter, you disregard the opinion of our most successful and influential post war captain.

  188. Well, even with Walcott we never ended paying anything close to the initial reported fee. I don’t think anybody’s saying that AOC is our priority either – this one’s been in the pipeline for nearly a year apparently.

    £20 million for Henderson is still ridiculous.

  189. Of course it is. But you have NO idea how its structured.

  190. William @ 4:09:

    The players are just like fans and they try to look for reasons outside reasons to explain underperformance. No one wants to say its my fault. Look what happens on this blog. Right or wrong, our clubs transfer policy is the easiest single thing to blame for the fact that this squad has not performed as well as the talent level would indicate it should.

  191. Thanks guman and Arsesession. We must do our best to keep Clichy. Finding a LB with his qualities will be harder than getting another attacking midfiled type like Nasri. I think Nasri is brilliant, but has not got his head screwed on if he thinks he deserves to be our top earner. Lets wait a few days and see how it develops, it could all yet be a load of crap.

  192. Jabba let me argue about our perceived lack of depth. Arshavin, Chamakh, Rosicky, Ramsey, Diaby. I guess that covers most of the attacking front. As for the defensive subs we are a bit thin there. You probably think Eboue is a clown but I believe he was one of the main players in beating Barcalona at home this year. He provides an offensive threat that Sagna doesn’t possess.

  193. Well even if there’s a remote possibility it could end up at £20 million it’s insane. From what I’ve seen (admittedly only a handful of games) he’s competent but nothing more.

  194. george rodger

    William,You waste your time mate.To me that looks like 5 top class players.Still there is no pleasing some people.

  195. the same Diaby that wears a Spurs shirt …………. lol William

  196. William,

    Some stats:

    Diaby: 17 starts, 2 goals, 3 assists
    Rosicky: 19 starts 1 goal, 1 assist
    Chamakh: 27 starts, 11 goals, 5 assists (decent return in debut season)
    Arshavin: 36 starts, 10 goals, 17 assists (excellent return, true squad depth)

    The gulf is too big between the above and:

    Nasri: 39 starts 15 goals, 4 assists
    Fabregas: 36 starts, 9 goals, 15 assists
    RVP: 23 starts, 20 goals, 7 assists (LAD)

  197. Chris, since Clichy broke off contract talks earlier in the year it’s more than likely he’s either going now or he’ll see his contact out and leave on a bosman.

    I’d like to think that Gibbs can step up but given his injury record we need to look for alternatives

  198. Miami Arsenal

    If only we didn’t get the RVP injury vacation each year 😦

  199. I think Mean Lean and dupsffokcuf are the ones to thank for that footfall, OOU.

    Spoke to a delighted Sunderland fan last night (like a Cockney Mackem – if you can imagine such a thing…. worst part is his grandad is a 90 odd year old gooner who was honoured by the club out on the pitch before a game last season on his birthday, for his (long) lifelong support – good old AFC!) – anyway, he travels up to watch a fair bit and was rubbing his hands with glee at that money for someone he says – ‘could be good’. Said if he’s worth that then Sessegon was a steal, which is a fair point I thought.

  200. Nasri looks set (in my eyes) to be our next Bergkamp,

    He needs (as do others among our creative players) some more physical support to assist him in the middle of the park but to let him go would be risky if not reckless.

    I do feel that there are various possibilities for Arsene this summer and apart from the obvious one of buying a solution there is still the potential to reorganise and play players in different (more comfortable) positions and in a different formation. That underpinned by more work on the pressing and defensive aspects of the game could be the answer to our (now nearly tediuous) question and bring us the results we seek: maybe!

  201. On a pro rata basis RVP would have a 50 goal+ season.

    Lionel who?

  202. Jabba's delights


    You can argue all you want about depth but your manager disagrees with you. He didnt trust his subs this year. We trotted the same team out week in week out at the business end of the year. We fininshed with 68 points which wouldnt have got us above Spurs the year before.

    Look a little closer at that attacking depth and then compare it to the 3 teams who fininshed above us last year.

    Utd are the best attacking team in the league lets look at there attackign depth

    Rooney, Hernandez, Berbatov, Owen, (welbeck), Nani, Valencia, (Young),, Giggs, Park, (Cleverley)

    Compare that list in both names and performance to ours and there is one winner and it aint looking good for us.

  203. I do acknowledge that there is a psychological aspect to buying a named player (both for the fans and our current players) but that must come second to the impact that that named player can have on elevating the team performances and its success. Therein lies the rub.

    Arsene has a major summer before him.

  204. george rodger

    Luke ,not really on to compare the front three to midfielders,
    Show us Jacks goals and assists and Songs,and lets see how the stack up to them?

  205. They are not attacking players George?!

    I don’t really see your point.

  206. Poor old Tony. Good wartime Consiglieri, rubbish Godfather. Bit like Sonny. Hot-headed, inarticulate, good in a fight. Will never be a top level manager in the modern game. Admire him for giving it a go but….. no way. He was out of the game for too long for starters… lost relevance. AW’s Marlon Brando…. just needs to find his Michael. Someone you least expect…………….

  207. Jabba,

    By name and nature. I simply cannot understand how/why you continue to support us!

  208. Steve Morrow.

  209. George you said it right, Jabba/Luke can not be pleased. I don’t even feel bad putting you together as one person because you both make similarly styled boring arguments. Jabba likes to compare our sissy players to hardcore american gridiron brutes, Luke likes to say “is that not the sake of this forum, to argue??”

  210. Jabba's delights


    To you clichy is the best left abck in the league.

    The league table and our lack of goals suggest we need more fire power mate. Lets not debate Diaby again and i think the less said about Rosicky season the better, love the guy but hasent done anything in years. Chamack is our 2nd striker compare that to City, chels and Utd. Ramsey had a broken leg………….great depth

  211. How did our Polish GK do this week versus France?

  212. Our depth must be fine.

    Hence why our manager is staring down his most active summer ever.

  213. Okay so you lot are dissappointed when the 70th minute rolls around, and Arshavin and Chamakh get subbed in? I’ll agree with the need for another defender, and as long as none of Kos/DJ/Verm avoid the seemingly inevitaBALE season ending injury, Kos/DJ/Verm/+1 is a solid core is it not?

  214. Dgob @ 4:44:

    One place we could start is moving TV5 to LB if Clichy does not return. TV has plenty of pace and his body type is better suited to a LB in our league. He loves to get forward, would be at least as good a defender in open play and would significantly improve our defense against set pieces. Tv5 has an accurate and strong very stong left leg and that would be much more of an asset to the team on the left wing. We could bring in new CB’s who could improve our ability to “manage the English style of play”. Probably more realistic options to find CB’s in the market compared with new LB. Seems like plenty of reasons why that could help the club.

  215. Jabba's delights


    No offence poppet but i think the fact that i can take my arsenal tinted glasses off from time to time and make an objective analysis of us compared to other teams paints me in a better light than you. If you dont want a fellow arsenal fan to tell you Utd have more attacking quality and depth than us i wont but go look at the league table mate, in fact i will do one better go look at the last 6 league tables where they have basically outscored every year.

    Its ok to look objectively at your club in fact its better otherwise you may be in danger of making crass idiotic statements like ”clichy is the best left back in the league” , or ” its not a disatser if we lose cesc and Nasri”. come on mate man up.

  216. Nonsense. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense…

  217. Jabba you are a new breed of fan. No longer a supporter, but an “objective analyzer”

  218. LA ~~ like I posted before. Lots of scrolling.

  219. Jabba's delights


    Completely depends on the 1. If its something different ie someone tall, someone aggressive, someone vocal i would be utterly delighted with our collection of cb.

  220. Yeah, dups. Need a while to get up to speed, and then it’ll be time to spread the scientology message.

  221. Just kidding!

  222. Jabba's delights


    Not really, i just prefer when debating to see both sides of the story. I love arsenal and my natural inclination is to always believe we will come out on top but im afraid our demise this year after i was so fricking certain we would come good maybe have a rethink.

    Maybe just maybe everyone telling me our weakneses that i was so sure werent there, werent actually stupid haters who know nothing about football.

  223. Limpar:

    1) Do you really think Clichy will sign a new contract at this point?

    2) If he does leave which I think is the more likely scenario, what do you think we should do?

    3) Explain what is nonsense about what I said.

  224. ArseChicago

    Reports suggested a decent night. Totalled one of the French players so can’t be bad.


  225. Arse Chigaco,

    Hi, he did fine. the goal was an unhelpful deflection, not really his fault. One spill he got lucky with but planty of good saves after.And clearly he has been training with Fabi, as he pulled out a monster throw to set up a counter. Haven’t noticed many of those before, Looking forward to more next season (if Dexter wins his bet that is!).

  226. Jabba's delights


    He nailed N’Zogbia check it out on 101 best goals. He played quite well

  227. Remind me, the last time England made a WC Semi-Final, in a high quality tournament, did they have a pre-injury Des Walker in their team?

    Poor old Des had the wrong body type for a gr*tty league. Must explain why he played for Cloughie.
    Must explain why he flew off to Sampdoria when Serie A was something in order to make a fortune.

  228. 1. Yes
    2. Not do what you said about Vermalen at leftback
    3. Crackpot assumptions and suggestions about points 1 & 2

  229. ArseChicago. Do you know of any Arsenal friendly bars/pubs (in the city) to watch games? Maybe one where people yell things loudly?

  230. Right…. good weekend all!

  231. LimparAssist | June 10, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Spot on comparison

  232. William 5:40, the best footy bar in Chicago by far is the Globe Pub, at Irving Park/Damen. Big Gooner contingency there, though it thinned out by the end of the season. Something about a rash of suicides after the Carling Cup….

  233. Thanks for the feedback on Szczczcz-knee; glad to hear he crushed N’zogbia.

  234. Thanks Mr. Chicago! I’ll definitely check that place out.

  235. I really enjoy some of the musical taste on here! Limpar that song has got me pullin off some solo dance moves in the office!

  236. A sad attempt at showing enthusiam on my part. Are exclamation points even neccessary anymore?

  237. Limpar @ 5:40:

    Good one.

    Although the situations are not completely analagous there is plenty of precedent for moving someone like TV5 to LB. Gallas had his best years in the PL at LB for Chelsea. He played LB for the what most would consider the best defensive team in history when Chelsea conceded 15 goals and won the PL in 04/05. That Chav team scored the most total points and won by a larger margin then any PL team in more then a decade.

  238. Bill I also think that Thomas could slot into the LB if needed. He fits most of the criterion for left backs. It also wouldn’t hurt to have his rocket launching left foot around the 18 yd box more often.

  239. Jabba’s delights | June 10, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Spot on Jabba:

    When our greatest ever captain, someone who won league title in 3 different decades says something about Arsenal you dam well listen. George from you posts you come across like someone who has just utterly fallen in love with everything wenger and have lost sight that arsenal used to be a great club for many years before as well. You shit all over people who have the audacity question the likes of Rosicky and denilson usefulness to the squad and then make someone of the stature of adams out to be a retard for questioning Arsene methods…………..shame on you.

  240. William:

    He could be absolutely devastating on the left wing. Would be great to have some more size around the box on both ends of the pitch for set pieces. Certainly not an expert on European football but I can’t think of many great options available to us.

  241. Bill | June 10, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Like it.

  242. Tony Adams was a good player in his day. I doubt if he would do as well in the modern game. His opinions on anything do not amount to much. Neither do the opinions of Pele. Football players are not known for their ability to observe, think or express themselves vocally. Best let them be remembered as football players…in the past.

  243. Ah I see that Jibber is in tonight.

  244. Tony Adams as a player was a legend at Arsenal but lets be honest, when he talks he is a mental retard. I am sure his words were taken out of prospect but if he was really serious and had what it takes to be a coach/manager, then he would not be in Azerbaijhan!

  245. Sadly I’ve actually read some of Jibber the Butt’s posts. I can only scroll down the page for so long without actually reading a sentence or two.

    Hey Frank what do you like to do besides Arsenal’ing?

  246. george rodger

    Goonerton.Can you read?
    Can you comprehend what you read?
    Adams does not need my help to make himself,well,lets say somewhat eccentric,

  247. Nasri to go or stay? Personally I think he is too good to lose and hopefully we will meet his pay demands somewhere in the middle to where both parties are happy.

  248. george rodger

    Are we picking sides?
    I pick Frank and william.

  249. What are we picking sides on George? We do generally agree on things I will say. You seem to be an actual supporter not an “objective analyzer”

  250. george rodger

    Luke 🙂
    Jabba.Luke and Gonerton seem to have formed a gang,I just thought I would even up the sides.

  251. Oh yeah. I don’t really like those fellows too much. Say George, what are you doing this evening? I’m sittin in the office being incredibly bored!

  252. Hey Yogi’s Warrior, quick question. Who is Yogi and why are you being his warrior?

  253. YW:

    Nice post again today. Thanks.

    I just got a twitter acct and have never used it. How do I find you on twitter?

  254. When I am not ‘Arsenal’ing’, William, I like to make models. Sorry that must sound terrible. I wouldn’t like you to think that I am a hobbyist. I mean ‘make models’, You know ‘get off with them’. I am not very successful I have to say but I have canoodled with one or two ladies pictured in a certain type of catalogue for more mature people. Now get back to work.

  255. You seem to have irritated our host tonight, George Rodger. Happy to be in your team. Been many a year since anyone picked me for their team. Happy days.

  256. William

    Someone had to be.


  257. Bill

    Click on the blue twitter button, top right of post, in the title bar.


  258. adams was and is a legend
    he never had any pace but the one thing he could do was lead and organise not just a back four but a whole team..he would put his head where other ppl wouldnt put their feet..
    proper defender…a master of the offside trap and with our current high line technique he would eat alot of the current PL strikers for brekky lunch and dinner..
    i disagree with those who think he wouldnt make it in todays game..
    he would..easy. tony adams in his prime would walk into most arsenal sides in any era..

  259. george rodger

    Sorry yogi

  260. george rodger

    william you on fb?

  261. Yep. My name on there is Bill Turner. I’m the one from Lemont, Illinois. Went to Providence Catholic High School.

    Yogi good answer and once again thanks for making this blog.

    Frank I have yet to get off with any models. (well, if you count plastic dolls….)

  262. I cant be bothered with this “he stays, he goes arguement”.

    It takes way too much to speculate upon what is going on. We have no clue really and to be truthful why should contract negotiations be done in the public?

  263. Tony would not have survived the current set of Arsenal ‘fans’. He made mistakes. They would have booed him.

  264. Frank, didn’t you know that it’s now accepted to continually cast a cloak of doubt and negativity over the players and club you “support” Get with the times!!

  265. Silly me. I am a little old-fashioned in that regard, William.

  266. george rodger

    no william but I have requested you

  267. I do not understand Lille. They have just won the double in France and qualified for the CL, yet they are apparently selling all their best players?

  268. george rodger

    How do you get 500 plus friends?
    I have not even met that many people

  269. i dunno if you found the right me, George.

  270. Ouch… Ive just given myself a paper cut!

    I hate it when that happens…….

  271. Those are the worst Remi. You’d think an organ as badass as your skin could withstand the wrath of a sheet of paper.

  272. Thats me out of pre season, should be back in time for mid October

  273. george rodger

    ok got it now

  274. Fucking hell, Remi. What are you a man (or woman) or a mouse (or female mouse)? Toughen up, son (or daughter).

  275. skywatchingmug

    Tony, had character, remember the donkey chants. He played on, and gave his all. I shudder to think how some of the current players would have reacted to the abuse he took.
    No doubt in my mind we would have challenged for the tittle with a lot more gusto than we did, with him in the team.

    A born leader not a follower.

  276. Naaaah rubbish, skything.

  277. I agree with frank and george. Fuck Tony Adams the non-footballer. His relation with arsenal was that of a player. His views on management and coaching, matters not to us. They can be sane like some footballers, like thiery henry, and Van parsie, but they’re not. Any man, who thinks more of George Graham, then Arsene wenger, is nothing shot of an idiot. Arsene, revolutionized not only arsenal but the modern game as well. Or at least try to apply revolutionary ideas drawn from the dutch of the 70s, and apply them here. Total football, anything less, can fuck itself, even if it for the time being is drawing more trophies. But the players, and techniques of our methods, are growing. Just need a few tweaks. And yes includes new talent too, but we’re progressing. For that reason alone, we need to hang on to players like Cesc and Nasri. For now, after a few years, they will be replaced from inside our academies, without any fears of them turning their backs on us. I doubt, Wilshere will ever, think of playing for any other club. The younger generation will be the real deal. But even before that we will win trophies with half mercenaries like Nasri, and Cesc, the latter who by the way has been a class act for us so far. To us and to himself. I hope he stays a few more years, and then should fulfill his dreams. Nasri though is being a bitch without a doubt, but lets hope he stays and will learn to appreciate us more. And he might realize this mistake himself down the lie, instead of us cursing and driving him out by calling him a traitor. Idiots.

  278. “A born leader not a follower.”

    Yes true. But only as a football player, not a tactician.

  279. george rodger

    Yogi I have tweeted aclf to my followers , Unfortunately I have none 😦

  280. Man mouse Frank.

    …….allergic to pain, but love cheese

  281. George, time to socialize off the internet for a while then too.

  282. “I doubt, Wilshere will ever, think of playing for any other club. ”

    I suspect a few people said the same thing about cashley once upon a time.

  283. george rodger

    Might be an idea Ateeb

  284. Passenal,

    What happened to your optimism? Surely, everyone cant be a cunt. Keep the hope!

  285. skywatchingmug

    Depends how the club treats Wilshere, Passenal.

  286. What a star you are, Paul N. Passenal and Ateeb are too of course, and William and George Rodger ( reminds me of Raymond Roger the cathar). Loads of others. Remi? Yep star too, could deal with pain better though.

  287. I honestly think we shouldnt be too hard on the players until whatever happens happens.
    I wonder, maybe if Wenger didnt say there was a problem, maybe all of this hysteria and or speculation wouldnt be happening.

    Where the backside are most the regulars, come back and so the blog can get back to its normal “rose tinted” balance.

    You would believe we have a bout 3 good players the way how some of the folk come off!

  288. I’m still an optimist Ateeb, but I don’t assume that also being a supporter stops players wanting to leave. Motivation is different for a professional than for (most) supporters. Jack started life as a hammer. Denilson is a gooner, but that did not win him any extra points from the average doomer.

  289. Skymug, the club have already sacrificed points and pushed other players to the fringes to give him opportunities to develop. Let’s hope that unlike some, he will remember this when his time comes.

  290. Based on transfer dealings to date, it looks like having the right passport is a key attribute. It’s a good job Arsenal had the foresight to prepare for this eventuality so that hopefully they do not have to pay obscene sums for unproven youth.

  291. Passenal

    For Lille, read Arsenal. Well, except the trophies bit. Going to be a long summer.


  292. “Denilson is a gooner”

    Hardly means much either. Ramsey is a manc supporter yet he chose us over them. Motivation is indeed different for a professional than for (most) supporters.

    Btw was Denilson already supporting Arsenal before we signed him? Didn’t know that…

  293. skywatchingmug

    Sorry Passenal I don’t see it that way. Jack got his chance because of injuries and he took it.

  294. Thierry is a gooner, yet he wanted out. Viera is a gooner, yet was sold against his wishes.

  295. Doomers have their role too, they’re too worried about the small defects, and aim at rectifying them, without taking the totality of the problem in their mind. They think, players was the only issue, sure players did let us down at certain times. But they being doomers, don’t believe that would change with time. We all knew it wont just be a matter of 3-5 years. Slightly more than that, look at how RVP, Cesc and Theo are growing. And more to come from them, RVP can he get any better? Wht not? Perhaps better than Bergkhamp, kos frankly he’s as close to him as a player can hope to be at this age. Messi is different, magical at such an early age. But so has been Cesc, he could improve as well. He will have to. The season before he scored 15 goals, this season he didnt. He’ll have to improve. Theo has been tremendous, and surely will improve. And then we’ll have a whole team supporting these talents. Nasri, Wilshere, Diaby, the back four, Arshavin e.t.c. Just like the whole Barcelona team supports Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. The poblem as Arsene identified correctly, was that RVP and CEsc played half a season alone. You cant have more than 2-4 players in such a team. United have only one in Rooney, and the back staff, is strong, but not too brilliant. We have 3-4 world class players in the making, who will be touching their peak soon, and we will win. Doomers want all fucking world class players, which is an insanse demand, and cant happen. It’s not happening anywhere. Even with all the money. City, can only boast Tevez and Silva perhaps only. Balotelli, maybe in few years.

    If cesc and Rvp give us a good season, there is no way in hell that we wont win the league. It is coming. Little tweaks needed. Better supporters though, is the one that is needed most. As fans the only thing we can do is support, not cast doubts. You can point out mistakes, sure, but not fucking insult the players and boo them.

  296. Of course supporting Arsenal is not a pre-requisite for players . It is certainly isn’t for ‘supporters’.

  297. Gilberto was probably a gooner too. I’m sure he would have rather stayed with us. Have to say the club doesn’t always treat its players well.

  298. I don’t really blame players for wanting to make as much as they possibly can during their playing careers. The amounts they get sound and are insane but many of them go thru the money as quickly as they get it and they also have their agents who want a cut and encourage “mercenary” behavior. In reality very few of us would turn down and extra 20,000 – 40,000 a week more if they can get it elsewhere. Their careers are short and few have anything to fall back on after they finish playing. The few who actually save a significant share of their cash have seen it nose dive in the global equity markets the same as us.

  299. Theiry couldn’t take us forward. Neither could Viera. Who could, were recruited, some fuck-ed off, like Flamini and Hleb. Some got injured, Rosicky and Eduardo, who both would have won us a cup or two by now, if not for the injuries. Shit happens. We have others now, let’s hope misfortune doesn’t strike them, and they can deliver.

    As for Ramsey being a supporterd, e.t.c. The team will bond when they start winning things. Trust and passion to play for each other. Perhaps Cesc, doesn’t leave, till the point we don’t need him. Who knows. But they will bond, and supporters will be made out of them as well.

  300. skywatchingmug

    Henristic I would have to agree with you on that.

  301. Splendid, Ateeb. Have you joined a cult? Or have you just done some, you know, thingy stuff? Star anyway.

  302. Stop acting like a spoilt brat Henristic. The players aren’t dumb, they know, their role at a club. Next you will say, why not let all the invincibles play till they are 50 years old. Dumb argument. They are required, as long, as it’s beneficial for both parties. The club and the players. If the players don’t fit into the new system, they can do better elsewhere. They were sold, also to take the club forward, and lead to the current system, where the youth are being given a chance to develop into world class players, and a new way of playing football. It will come off.

  303. I would not like it, but I guess I could understand it for ‘trophy-less’ Arsenal. But, Lille? Do they have financial problems? Or is it the players? At least if they join Arsenal there is a ‘chance’ of qualifying, but Newcastle?

    Yes Henristic, Denilson was an Arsenal supporter before he signed for us. I’ve seen him talk about it and he demonstrated his knowledge of past players, so it was not just talk.

  304. Thingy frank. Was brain dead for two days so I thought I use some thingy. Have to write a personal statement for a university. IConfused whether I should tell the fullbright Scholarship giving authority, about what I really think about American imperialism, and it’s affect on my country. Or play the ‘yes-man’ role, of how splendid their policies of supporting our dictators has been, and how splendid their economic policies for us have been. E.t.c

  305. Ateeb:
    Better supporters though, is the one that is needed most. As fans the only thing we can do is support, not cast doubts. You can point out mistakes, sure, but not fucking insult the players and boo them.”

    I’m sure when you posted the above statement, you didn’t realize how pessimistic it may look. If indeed it is true we need better support to win, then we might as well forget it.
    The support will not improve. As we hear from some regulars here, the quality of support has been getting worse and worse every year. There might be a temporary reprieve if Arsene spends on ‘quality players’ this summer but at the first sign of difficulty during next season, the groans, boos and murmurings will start again.

    On the contrary I think that if we fix the problems on the pitch, there’s a good chance we will win. Nothing to do with the support, thankfully.

  306. Good to know Passenal,
    He’s just gone up in my estimation!

  307. Henristic, the point I’m making is that some doomers claim that being an Arsenal supporter is a pre-requisite quality for an Arsenal player, yet they do not support Arsenal supporting players equally. The reality is that being a gooner might pre-dispose you to wanting to join the club, but ultimately, a professional player makes his career decisions based on less emotional factors than those that influence true supporters.

  308. You are right. We will win, but not because of the supporters. This was an important season for the players on that department as well. They learnt how disgusting and shallow our supporters are. They wouldn’t be looking forward to support from the fans. They’ll have to do it alone. And frankly, they will do it, but they will always remember how shit the support had been for them. They already have rest of the world against them, media, referees, financial conditions, e.t.c. And worst of all their own supporters. But I am sure, they’ve learn they cant count on the fans for support. They will work ways to find motivation and whatever needed within themselves. And of course, Arsene Wenger, who will guide them through.

  309. And frankly, this whole doomer thing, is blown out of proportion by the media. Majority, I would believe still support Arsene and his methods. Or else they would have been able to drive him out by now as every other club’s supporters do.

  310. Ateeb | June 10, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    “why not let all the invincibles play till they are 50 years old. Dumb argument. ”

    I agree its a dumb argument. but its not my argument. Chill out and stop exaggerating other peoples statements to make a point.

    And stop being so rude, or I’d have to report you.

  311. How did fans manage to support their clubs prior to the Internet and the chance to express and impress their crucial input to the process ?
    Fuck knows

  312. skywatchingmug

    Anicoll5 down the pub.

  313. ateeb
    your making good points

  314. Ateeb, our home results this season tell their own story.

  315. I understood your meaning Passenal,

    My posts were more in reference to skywatchingmug’s point about how the club treats Wlshere in future. If clubs don’t show some sort of loyatly to players for financial reasons and so on, its hardly surprising that players don’t feel the need to return any loyalty. I don’t think fan pressure (negative or positive) factors that much in players/clubs decisions about these things as much as we like to think.

  316. in the pub

  317. Haha, Passenal. We concede a goal at 4 nil up, and we suddenly become bad players? All about confidence. Mental strength comes from confidence as well. The fans are doing a bad job of destroying that, but the players must or should be learning by now. Away supporters from what I hear are a class act. And the results reflect that. It’s the home supporters who need to take the step up, and help the players.

  318. Gilberto was allowed to leave for his last big pay day.Arsene wanted him to stay ,but allowed him to go for his financial benefit.
    Stop changing history to suit your argument.

  319. away support is overrated.
    I have heard loads of them spouting the usual “guttless spineless “crap.
    But they do make a noise

  320. Henristic,

    There have been a few cases where the players decide to leave us because of financial reasons. Cesc, RVP, Theo, Sagna, Clichy had been happy so far. I think we treat them fairly, some however thing too highly of themselves, and bitch about financial contracts. We play players as much as they deserve. I wouldn’t want any other policy on financial matters. Though it would be prudence to cough up the money for Nasri, because replacing him will cost alot more. But if that disrupts our wage structure, we might not have any other choice. So be it. Who wants a player who wants to leave over financial reasons, and not understand what we offer. The chance to play football the beautiful way. Let them go and watch them, play the long ball game or the quick counters, as United does. We have more class.

  321. skywatchingmug

    Big pay day or a one year rolling contract, what would you choose?

  322. I know what Bergkhamp chose. Worked out better than what the rest did? Playing football in fucking America? Screw that.

  323. “Viera is a gooner, yet was sold against his wishes.”

    Thats not even what he said. HE said he was given the opportunity to stay or leave and he was surprised that the club didnt tell him to stay. However, if I remember clearly it started to become an annual thing of him making up his mind to stay, Henry did that for a few years also and I hated it!

  324. Ateeb:

    I wish all our players had the same strong feelings that you do. I don’t know you but I would be surprised if you would still believe the same thing if you were a player and had a family and had a chance to make an extra 20,000 – 40,000/week or get a long term contract instead of a 1 year rolling contract.

  325. George
    As far as I know he left due to our policy of not giving older players contracts longer than 12 months? I know he would have definitely preferred to stay as he said so himself many times.

  326. Paul N,

    You failed to mention the part where he said he wanted to retire at arsenal.

  327. That must be a joke Bill. You think players like those, haven’t earned enough in their lifetime to support ‘LAVISHLY’ their familes and their mistresses in other cases? They have enough money. If they’re still so shallow to go for that extra dough, well fuck them. And no everyone won’t choose the extra money. There are many cases in my life, as well as judging from the loyalty that certain players show towards their club in europe that both outcomes are possible. Cleerence Seedorf signed a one year contract extention, again. Im sure he could have earned that extra half a million as well, and bought another home, but not all footballers are insane and so entrenched in the material world.

    RVP, can earn surely an extra 50,000-60,000 a week, at some of the biggest european clubs. But he stays with us for now. And I think he won’t complain about rolling contracts.

  328. skywatchingmug

    You don’t complain about rolling contracts if your on high end of the pay scale.

  329. he could have stayed he had a year left

  330. Henristic,

    Worked out better for both club and Viera didn’t it? If he wanted to stay, i’m sure the club would have paid him as much money as a substitute should earn. Or perhaps, he could better serve us with the profits that could be made. Financial prudence does require some cruel and harsh decisions, as well as sacrifices.

  331. I think no player should be compared to DB10.A 1 year rolling contract was ok for him because he was always going to get another the year after ,Because he was Dennis Bergkamp,footballer extraordinaire.

  332. That changes nothing Henristic. He was given an opportunity to stay or leave and HIS CHOICE was to leave for whatever reason. If he felt unappreciated I can understand but I am sure the team didnt feel good abaout him making up his mind in the 11th hour every year.

  333. Ateeb:

    Your idealism is admirable but probably not realistic in todays world in professional sports. There are very few players whose situation is similar to DB10 or Seedorf. Most of them believe that their club is their employer and very little more. As the amounts of money involved get even larger and importance of player agents has increased it has become more a business for both sides. Its clearly a business for the clubs so why should the players feel any differently. I doubt many of us would stick with our current employers if we could get a significant pay raise for doing the same job with another employer. You won’t get many players on your team if the only ones you want are those who are willing to take a significant pay cut just for the priveledge of playing for Arsenal or any team for that matter.

  334. fifa ans uefa should have stopped mega owners and the world would be more balanced

  335. Paul N,

    So if in 3 years Cesc decides to spend the rest of his career with us, we shouldn’t listen because he’s been angling for a move in previous seasons?
    Viera clearly didn’t want to leave at the time he was sold, but club let him know they wouldn’t mind him leaving. Given the relationship between these guys, that’s the clear sign that he was wasn’t wanted.

    I get that it was probably financially expedient for these players to be let go, but at what medium/long term cost? Would we have gone under if we kept some of them around? Keep in mind we’ve been declaring profit for the last few years.

  336. Angels on the head of a pin


    He’s not the Finnish article, but I like him already.

  338. Arsenal will get the new best generation soon 🙂

  339. first, i’d keep nasri, also clichy, but its just me innit. but, both are still contracted. if nasri wants to move for money, he’d need to perform for the arsenal next year to get what he wants. clichy, too, but his erraticism makes it less obvious he will, so getting something for him might make more sense. with nasri, the question is whether getting less than he’s worth is better than having him another year and playing to show the “big boys” he wants to play for he’s worth the wages. and maybe he does and wins a trophy or two with us. would that convince him to stay at increased wages he’s finally earned? worth chancing an arm methinks. hold him to his contract and have him prove hisself. cheers, mark

  340. Wenger would not Sell Nasri To United keeping him for another year is a better option in my opinion. You never know by January he might decide to extend his contract or leave to another team in europe for few quids. Wenger made it clear he will not sell to united and knowing how stuborn Wenger is, he will stick by his words, I hope so anyway. Its all talk at moment lets hope Nasri will sign this summers and things settle for the future, he is a great player and would like him to be captain one day.

  341. Ateeb | June 10, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    “I agree with frank and george. Fuck Tony Adams the non-footballer. His relation with arsenal was that of a player”.

    And fuck you too you disrespectful cunt. Have you even read what he said? Modern day goons like you is everything wrong with the club. How fucking dare you?!

    He was talking from a defensive point of view because George made Tony, Lee, Steve, Seaman and Nigel into the players they became. Whereas Patrick, Petit, Overmars, Henry would say Wenger made them into who they became.

    Wenger for all he has done, hasn’t really kept the defence as powerful as it was since they left has he?
    So fuck off with you poison and hope that our current team isn’t broken up.


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