Gallas: Revisionist Or Visionary & Transfer Gossip

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good,
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

Horace Ott’s tale of human nature was not conceived with William Gallas in mind, had it not preceded his rise to the top of English football by thirty years. The Frenchman’s interview in L’Equipe was largely gracious in his view of Arsenal. Or certainly the bits that the media picked off the newspapers website.

Not having seen the whole of the interview it is hard to ascertain if Gallas maintained that standpoint throughout. Unable to accept the terms offered by Arsenal under a new contract, the Frenchman opted for White Hart Lane rather than Qatar. Fair enough, it was a strong statement of belief in his own abilities. Did Arsenal make a mistake in letting him go?

That is a tougher question to answer. Viewed purely in statistical terms, the answer is that defence was a little worse but not demonstrably. The only time that the Goals Against column came close to title-winning numbers was 2007-08, 31 conceded. The rest of Gallas’ time at the club showed mid-thirties through to 41 in 2009-10, just 2 better than the much criticised back four of last season.

It is not hard to view the dressing room as more settled than when Gallas was at the club. He and Samir Nasri do exchange Christmas and Birthday Cards nor are they likely to in the near future. There is a chip on Gallas’ shoulder, a newer one than was evident during his time at Arsenal,

It is too easy to say all the Arsenal problems came from William Gallas.

Indeed. Nobody ever said that he was the root cause of the problems. The criticism of Gallas then still stands now. He was too fractious a character to lead the team. He made mistakes, we all do. His book was one from which he could not recover. The fiasco at St Andrews, his reaction, merely made him being stripped of the captaincy a case of when not if.

Gallas’ experience that he brought from a title-winning side, is where the player should be missed. Yet by his own admission, he failed to pass that on to the rest of the squad,

When I was captain I wanted to give a message, but they didn’t get it. I may have been clumsy, but the substance was right. I came from Chelsea where I won titles, and I wanted to share my experience, because I thought we missed commitment in our work.

My message has not been understood and I am also responsible for that. But unfortunately the last season showed that team still misses something.

This suggests two things. Firstly, the squad do not listen. There is no way of knowing this but other experienced players do not seem to have complained of the same thing. Quite the opposite in fact. Martin Keown had tangible results – although there is an incident where Senderos did not listen – but none of Silvestre, Campbell or Lehmann has ever made this complaint, publicly at least.

Which brings the second thought to mind. Gallas is simply not a good communicator. He acknowledged that but the problem is that a message delivered badly is of no use, no matter how good the substance. It suggests that making him captain was a mistake as the dressing room did not have confidence in him. Perhaps his spat with Nasri was more damaging in that respect than thought?

Either way the message should surely be coordinated,  the manager building on the experience that Gallas was trying to impart. Is Gallas being revisionist? He is right, William Gallas was not the problem at Arsenal. But he was not the solution either.

On the transfer front, Perry Groves proved to be a better cheerleader than Samir Nasri’s Mr20%, touting for business possibly by calling Nasri “more important to the club than Cesc Fabregas“. It rather detracted from the valid point Groves made about the questions Nasri should be asking of Arsène. Meanwhile, Johan Cruyff believes that Fábregas must be signed to make the Barcelona squad stronger whilst Sport advises that Cesc is on holiday in Barcelona later this week so they will be increasing their bullsh*t quota accordingly.

Gervinho‘s habit of talking in the third person is so preposterous that his value has almost halved overnight, now £8m which is right up Arsène’s street. He’ll have to avoid the sleeping Mancini’s in the Rue though as City are reportedly really keen to spend their pocket-money on the Ivorian.

This morning’s monster centre back signing is not Ryan Shawcross as Groves intimated on the radio yesterday but good old Phil Jones once more. Raphael Honigstein links Arsenal with Papiss Demba Cisse. My suspicion is that this is the journalist in question taking the pap…which is all I have to say on transfers this morning.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. mumbai gooner

    I think that man city will try to scare us by increasing the bids for all the players we target becoz they cant buy all of them

  2. Surely the fact is that Gallas is a top class international centre back that played the vast majority of matches last season for a team that finished one place below us in the league. That alone tells me that it was a mistake letting him go. There is no comparison between Galls and either of the no-marks (pun intended) that occupied the CB role for the vast majority of the season.

    As for the argument that getting rid of him improves the dressing room, you would need an awful lot of evidence to convince me on that one, old son. If your living room stinks because there is a rotten fish down the back of the sofa, the sensible thing to do is to remove the fish. We kept the fish and removed the sofa. Seriously, as much as a lot of Arsenal fans think they hate Gallas right now, just wait until the middle of the summer when Nasri opens his poisoness little mouth as he sees his ‘dream’ move to Man U blocked. Nasri is a good player but an absolute a-hole. Even as an 18 year old he was a big mouthed trouble maker at Marseille. The fact that Gallas doesnt get on with him actually makes him go up in my estimation.

    I dont hate Gallas. Dont like him, but certanly dont hate him. He wanted to stay but wasnt offered a deal that suited him, so he took the next best option available. Was it a huge step down for him? Dispassionately you’d have to say, not really. Similar league performance, played in the CL. Sure hell miss the CL next season, but he’ll live with it. So from a career perspective you’d have to say he probably did the right thing. Its not like he grew up a gooner – Arsenal/Spurs means nothing to these mercinaries. Lets not forget he came to us via Chelsea…

  3. Arsene will have to be very canny in the transfer market this summer. That said, we tend not to conduct our busniess in the media anywhere. Fairly often the 1st you know of any transfer is when you see a player being presented in a shirt.

    Not great for us fans, but definately the right way to operate. Especially in today’s market.

  4. goonerandy,
    As far as I remember, the last time we got that type of surprise signing was Sagna?
    We’ve not been too successful at keeping potential signings secret these days, primarily because the selling club leaks the news to the media. I suppose they do it encourage other clubs to bid?

  5. From last thread..

    More concoctions from The Guardian? Or did Nasri’s agent plant the story a la Stretford/Rooney?

    I really do hope Nasri doesn’t toe this path. If he does, he better play a blinder next season, or the backlash from already pissed off fans could be nasty.

  6. Henristic – Yup, and Eduardo.

  7. The comments that have been coming out the dressing room in the last couple years have been very un-Arsenal like. I truly believed we had the ability to win the league last season, obviously Nasri and a few others didn’t. Seems as we have a kind of complex that is holding us back. Our players seem to be jealous of not having a 50m Torres to boast and a big ego sitting next to them in the dressing room. What they need to understand is they have a lot more, forget what everyone else does, how much Citeh spends, they need to actually go out there and deliver. Wenger has provided them with all the training and ingredients needed.

    Maybe 1 landmark signing, a signing of intent will reassure some of our players of where this club is going. I am pretty sure they see it on a daily basis, the quality coming through, the kids waiting in the wings ready to take their place. What we need is just an injection of belief. Confidence and belief seriously let us down last season. For some players that would have been their last chance, but for many they need to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Their pride and career depends on it. The success of our club depends on it.

    Next season I am looking forward to seeing a buzzing, re-vitalized Arsenal team that are determined not to let anything stop us.

  8. Can anyone remember how Gallas went all over Europe trying to find a club to sign him on the same terms he gave Wenger and no club did? He evntually agreed to Tiny Totss’ terms- very reluctantly. What is he talking about now?

  9. “Samir Nasri wants Arsenal to move in the market before resuming talks”. Whow, just whow, if this is true than this highlights a very big problem in the dressing room. This points at taking no responsibility for the (poor) results but blaming it on your fellow players and Wenger. This, to me, makes Nasri’s position in the team totally impossible.

  10. Lanz

    I remember, I also remember I couldn’t stop laughing at how pathetic Gallas looked prostituting himself to every club to get his last big pay day.

    He was considering Turkey, Qatar and a number of other “willing to pay stupid money for has beens” countries. Finally resorting to signing for a top 5 team at best where he gets less money he did at Arsenal! I am pretty sure he regrets being a tad bit greedy, Arsenal fans on the other hand should have no regrets. The guy already forced our Mr dependable Toure to leave, we didn’t need him around to piss off Vermaelen and co.

  11. john

    There is nothing wrong with asking the club to match your ambition, many players do it. The best players want to play for a club with desire to achieve and win. Cesc has publicly spoken on this front, so too has Van Persie. What I won’t take however is a player holding us to ransom. Its something Arsenal just does not do.

    You either want to be here or you can move on. I know United won the league and many will say Rooney helped them massively. You can bet though that every Manc deep down would have been glad to see the back of him back in September.

    Nasri needs to keep quiet, otherwise he will be going down the Adebayor route. You don’t do your contract negotiations in public.

  12. Personally I was glad to see the back of Gallas. No doubting his ability but his attitude never seemed right. Even at Chel$ki he was not liked.

    am also following you on twitter – @goonergrove

  13. Martin Jol gone to Fulham.

  14. We serisouly need to put this nasri thing to bed as soon as possible. We really can’t afford to lose him and Cesc in one summer, hopefully we will lose neither.

    I don’t like the idea of givnig in to players/agents demands; but, if we do let him go we will probably end up spending even more on his replacements tranfer fee and wages anyway.

  15. I don’t think Gallas leaving or staying made much difference to us last season, he’s proved he wasn’t the answer to our defensive problems.

    Shame if Nasri leaves but he’s definately replaceable. If Wenger doesn’t spend big this summer we might struggle to make top 4 with our current squad. When you think of the team and characters we used to have this Arsenal side is lacking big time and in every area. It might be a case of Wenger never winning another trophy for Arsenal at this rate. He made the shareholders millions in the sellout though, at the expense of building a winning team. Time for a manager with genuine ambition? we’ll know this time next year.

  16. Last season Gallas was central to a defence that shipped even more goals than Arsenal. The timing of his departure was spot on. The big problem was that he was not replaced by anyone who could strengthen our defence. That was shameful.

  17. No, the big problem was that we lost our best CB from the previous season for eight months with a freak injury, which meant that we had to use two players who were unfamiliar with the league as a partnership right from the start. Vermaelen’s injury also meant that we had to use Djourou, recovering from long-term injury, far more than we’d have planned.

    I imagine it takes quite a long time to build an understanding between players at the back – they need to get acquainted with each other’s strengths, weaknesses and quirks, so I think we were at a bit of a disadvantage with an untested pairing, both of whom were new to the PL.

  18. Koscielny came in and for much of the season he looked pretty good, there is only a handful of games where you can highlight instances of where he could have done better. A large part of our problems in previous seasons came from the air and long balls. Koscielny is very rarely beaten in the air, he is a fighter and I think he can really push on next season.

    Set-pieces did let us down badly this season, that is where we leaked the goals as stats show most of them came from a set-piece.

    Its got to be a size issue (which Wenger recently stated) or its his way of just diverting the blame as the team did not produce the required performances in defending set-pieces. How many times did we give cheap goals where our players should have got to the ball 1st before their supposedly marked man. I think we can blame tactics too to an extent, but no matter how good your tactics are, if a player cannot carry out the necessary drills then the tactics become useless.

    I do not believe for one second that Wenger will show his hand and state publicly what type of player he is looking for. For certain we will see some activity on the transfer front, you can guarantee though that he won’t be delivering the signings every tom, dick and harry are crying for.

    This is why he is in charge, we expect a great deal from the guy. Simply bringing in a Parker and a Samba is not an improvement, it could even be a step back.

  19. Looks like its not just the playing personnel who find it hard to learn from past mistakes. The flamini situation obviously hasn’t taught the club to tie down players early, but I hope this Nasri situation has reinforced the necessity of that approach.
    Players we want to keep should sign their contract 24 months before it expires or they should be benched and transfer listed.

    The management has to start taking some sort of hardline on this instead of leaving it to the goodwill of the player. Not everyone is going to be as loyal as RvP.

  20. John @ 8:47

    The author of that article makes that claim in his headline as if it is a confirmed fact. He provides no evidence that Samir said anything to that effect. It is all pure speculation.

  21. Jabba's delights

    The Nasri situation is starting to look really bad, Utd players all now pleading with him to come just like Barca tactics.

    He is a dirty little toe rag for doing what he is doing but one cant help but feel once again Arsene complete trust in one of these guys could be about to backfire.

    Whats worse losing Nasri to a major rival who are already 12 points better than us and hellbent on getting much better this summer so they can catch Barca sends about the worst signal possible to our talisman and captain cesc.

    Wenger the time to act is now, not in 3 weeks. This hasnt exactly creeped up on us our incredibly well paid management and front office should have seen this coming

  22. OOU,

    Agrred. There is NO way Djourou & Kolscieny were expected to play so much this season. The fact they formed a partnership that was coherent was impressive.

    The only major gripe I have with all of the above is why was Vaermaelan not diagnosed as a season absentee in August? Why were we constantly reassured of his return, only to see the transfer window pass, and for his injury extent to be announced, and our current pairing getting tired/injured?

    The club were veeeery quite on his injury.

  23. Very few football players, or people in other walks of life, can speak objectively about themselves and their own part in things. Gallas is not the exception. Nor is it his call to comment, except in personal terms. Managers are paid to take decisions, have reasons, and no they do not divulge. Why would they?

    Nasri is perfectly entitled to assess the strength and prospects of the team he is considering making a longer term committment to; but perhaps not in public. It’s OK though. Who cares, really. Of course we are strengtening the squad to win the EPL, CC, CL and FA.

  24. Nasri to ManU is all media hype and speculation; they have less idea than we do. Calm down.

  25. Wenger’s gonna spring a surprise, I can feel it in my bones.

  26. Jabba's delights


    I would love you to be right, but considering Arsene has spoken specifically abaout Nasri going there i think there must be an element of truth to it.

  27. Maybe Gervinho speaks about himself in the third person because he really is someone else.

  28. @ONEOFUS,
    Exactly. i wonder why i seems to difficult to understand the role TV5 longer term absence had on the defense… The did quite well in the circumstances and can only get better actually

  29. Zimpaul,

    You say reported news is nonsense, then we should believe Wengers big suprise because you feel it in your bones?? Sounds a bit like blind faith to me.

    Like it or not, Nasri to United is becoming more of a possibility each day.

  30. Chris G
    It is hardly surprising that the dressing room is sounding un-arsenal like (whatever that means :)).

    Given the nature of our collapse last season, there was no way a business as usual atmosphere would exist anymore.
    I expect a few to start questioning themselves, or even Wenger (his tactics, philosophy etc).

    We can’t just expect to go into next season without some sort of shake-up and expect that these last few seasons will not play on the minds of these players. Something has to change in the way the club is being run to give the players that belief and faith again.

    A landmark signing like you suggest might well do it, but I fear that the effect might wear off after a while as happened with Arshavin?
    The new guy has to have almost superhuman stoicism for him not to be affected with everyone else when the inevitable bad ref call, fluke goal, etc happens.

    Perhaps a few new faces in the coaching staff might help too. I think back to that Newcastle game and I wonder if things might have turned out differently if we had some very vocal guy on the sidelines yelling encouragement at the players, helping them regain focus.

  31. Luke, just going by what was said at the time; it looked routine, then by early winter (after repeated setbacks) it had turned out to be some serious but difficult to diagnose. Then in the new year, when they did find out what was up he had an operation, and was back in training on schedule (a couple of months) after that point.

    I think that’s what happened. Not sure if someone at the club messed up, or whether it was actually a massive enigma.

  32. Team Spirit,

    Whilst TV’s absence was a hinderance, mainly due to the exposure of our current CB’s, don’t believe he is a miracle worker.

    We had our first choice CB’s fit for the majority of the season before last, and we were terrible at set pieces then.

    I love TV, I really do. Mainly for his attitude, his desire, and what its like to have a commited player on the pitch.

  33. Goes without question it was mistake letting him go and another mistake letting him go to a so called rival who finished below us.

    And please don’t tell me The Damp Squid was an ideal replacement.

    But, that isn’t going to be nowhere near the pain felt if Nasri is allowed to go to utd. I really hope this doesn’t happen as I would rather see Cesc go than Nasri.

  34. Luke,
    On what basis is Nasri to manure a likely to happen. Because Evra jokingly said it? Evra was just taking the piss man and because that made the news, Wenger was asked about it, and so was Nasri.

    Is there anything else out there to suggest that even a bid from Manure is likely?

  35. Henristic

    Apparently Rio thinks Nasri could be in the same league as Cantona. Presumably if he joined United. Although if he got some consistency for a full season, we might consider him comparable.

    What is it with Arsenal? RvP’s injured for parts of a season, Cesc’s going the same way. Nasri is inconsistent so’s Arshavin. Is it impossible for them to deliver a full season of performances???

    It’s enough to drive you to drink!


  36. OOU,

    We should have probably gotten a replacement in the January window though. One would think that our experience with injuries in previous seasons would make us more conservative on that front.

  37. Jabba's delights


    Is there anything to suggest that they arent interested in him??

    We know 100% that one of their main aims this summer is to improve their creativity in midfield.

    There is a great player who plays for one of your rivals who wouldnt cost much at all. It makes alot of sense for them to be looking at him.

    Rio has also now come out and said he would like him at utd.

  38. Henristic,

    Look at yesterday’s Arseblog for a translation of the interview.

    With (again) silence from the club. With Nasri not rubbishing the stories, with an air of familarity (Flamini et al) and the public goading from United (Evra & Ferdinand), with Nasri being a perfect fit for a United squad which Fergie has categorically stated he will strengthen, it would be naive to presume that its all nonsense in my opinion.

    The story is gathering pace, no-one in power is doing anything to put it to bed. I’m not saying he will, but we have to accept that it is a possibility.

    As Jabba said, we have know about Nasri’s contract for months. Whats the delay?

  39. I think Nasri asmuch as anyone contributed to our downfall the last 12 mstches. It’s clear he needs bigger players to look up to to be able to deliver or els he would relish more resondibility in Arsenal. But how then can he see himself as marquee player?? Big wages comes with big responsibility. You can bet Rooney sets the united wardrobe at fire and drive his team on, support them and keeps them on toe to win. That ua what is expected by a marquee player.

  40. Yogi,
    But surely that’s just another reaction to the Evra’s statement?
    I still haven’t read anything about an actual interest from United.

    Fair points about our injuries/consistency. Its amazing how Barca seem to be able to field their first choice players for most big games. Worse still I can’t remember the last time Xavi/Iniest/Busquets/Alves/Messi was ‘out of form’ in a big game. They always seem up for it.
    Those guys should be tested for drugs I tell ya.

  41. I think we worry too much.

    Going to bed!

  42. Luke,

    As per your logic, Cesc would have been at C*ntalunya bya now. Shitholes manc blabberiong in press does not make the move any more or less likely.

  43. Jabba's delights


    I think the failure in the last 3 months of the year was a collective one from top to bottom. Lack of depth and charachter around the squad added to the defensive weakneses all contributed to our collapse.

    I agree with your comparison to Rooney though, however the problem being the goal posts of what is considered big wages in football now is a constantly changing arena. Whilst 120k week (ball park figure) is our zenith that we only offer to world class consistant performers, at many of our rivals thats what very talented nearlly world class players can command and in some cases even average players.

    If we trully beleieve Nasri will kick on next year and this yearv was a big improvement on his previous 2 we must stump up the cash for him.

  44. mj_gunner

    Its not unreasonable to assume that the only reason we didnt sell Fabregas was due to the length of his contract remaining, and not being financially pushed to sell.

    If Fabregas had one year left on his contract last summer, do you think he would playing for us still?

  45. Real soon,i mean real soon,we’ll be told that a title winning side is build on who the captain is.please!this is football for god sakes not far as i know,a team can play without one for all the difference it makes.good players in a good team win matches.simple.

  46. The story has gathered precisely no pace at all. It is a non-story which Nasri very tentatively poked at in the hope of squeezing a bit more money. Gibbering about it and shouting PANIC makes you appear slightly shakey in the head and not a little emotionally unstable. Bet you he signs.

  47. YW – I know. Frustrating eh?

  48. Well he’s already alienated many fans. If he signs new contract hope for his sake he delivers. Nobody wants an underpreforming moaned in the team.

  49. There you go LA

    “I’m not saying he will, but we have to accept that it is a possibility”

    Any insight into why our club has waited to the 11th hour to resign one of our most important players?

  50. Limpar – Agreed. Add to the fact that we won’t sell him to Manure anyway. They only way he will end up there is if he runs his contract down. I doubt we will let that happen; if he does not sign a new one he will (unfortunately) be sold.

  51. Luke, what would you like us to do. I for one am not gonna join anyone in crying about it. it might not even happen. You know how the media are by now. All your tears and kicking a fuss would have been for nothing.

    If it happens, it happens. we can replace him. Cesc is much harder to replace.

    You guys need to take the medias words with a grain of salt. I was watching a programm on BBc the other day talking about the lies the papers tell. Some are true, most are over exaggerated bullshit. What will it take for the public to learn.

    im not letting the media etc take me down the road of hating my club and all it stands for. What r u gonna do?

  52. Henristic | June 7, 2011 at 11:08 am

    “We can’t just expect to go into next season without some sort of shake-up and expect that these last few seasons will not play on the minds of these players. Something has to change in the way the club is being run to give the players that belief and faith again”.

    Going from the last few seasons. I wouldn’t hold your breath. I am also expecting and hoping but, going from what has happened far too often 10% of me is saying “just wait until we see it first”.

  53. I want Wenger to go out splash the cash to get in Hazard to show Nasri of our intentions then in front of the media turn to him and say “is this the sort of player you were talking about? Yes good he is your replacement now you can fuck off!” that would be funny!

  54. Nasri, hasn’t been in the UK since all this shit came out so it’s to taken with a less than a pinch of salt. I’m not into the media and their bullshit.

    The annoying factor comes from why the hell was his contract situation left until now. Why do the bras do things in this way?

    It sometimes seems as though the brass want to run the club more as a business but, the most important things of the business get left to the last minute where some other business can hijack with an improved offer.
    Makes no sense in one respect but, a lot of sense if looked at another way.

  55. Drew10

    F-king class. That would be the funniest thing in ages!

  56. ChrisGoona | June 7, 2011 at 9:16 am

    I think Gallas, being handed the armband was the final straw that made Kolo, say fuck this and up sticks.

  57. goonerton

    We lacked a real leader at the time, I think handing Gallas the armband was the right choice even if only a temporary solution. Lucky enough for us Wenger has nurtured some pretty fine players in Wilshire and Ramsey so there are a few future contenders in the near future. I would imagine Vermaelen or Van Persie are currently next in line.

    Whos to say we wont go on and win the league next season and Cesc signs on for another few years. Barcelona are hardly looking likely to pay for his return home ticket.

  58. I’m sorry, Luke, ‘there you go’ what? Who are you quoting?

    Anyway, his contract is up this time next year isn’t it? And we started negotiating a renewal with him this time last year. So halfway through a 4 year deal. That is not the 11th hour. When were we supposed to start negotiating, before the ink dried on the first one?

    Samir didn’t sign last summer, which was the best move for him (to the tune of a few cool million per annum at a guess). Now he’s holding out for more. He’ll get a bit more and then he’ll sign.

  59. Just sick of this back-handed tapping up that repeatedly goes on through the press. Evra coming out and stating he wants Nasri to join Manure because he wins trophies every year, Ferdinand mouthing off as well. Not sure if Ferdinand was just responding to a question, but if he was he should have simply answered that he did not speculate on players who are with other clubs. Evra clearly decided he should talk about Nasri to the press, what a scumbag.
    It’s about time UEFA/FIFA/FA sorted out exactly want constitutes tapping up. If what goes on in the press is allowed I can’t imagine what the players say to each other when they meet up for internationals. Unfortunately its never going to happen.

  60. I think so too Limpar.

    He would be stupid to leave after witnessing so many others struggle to emulate the kind of performances Wenger gets out of his players. Nasri was a player of talent and promise when arriving at Arsenal. The 13.5m we spent on him was regarded as an inflated fee at the time and nobody really saw much of him in terms of football.

    Wenger’s trust and development of the player should win him over to sign a new deal. Its pretty obvious his agent is just milking the situation. Had it been Manchester United or Chelsea they would have bent over by now. Many say we miss Dein, I say its business as usual.

  61. I think Evra spends more time talking about Arsenal than he does about the manc scum! He is more obsessed with us than Mourinho was! We need Paul Davis to break his jaw that would shut him up!

  62. If Manure want Nasri so bad we should insist on Evra in Part-ex, not because I want that c*nt anywhere near our club just so he doesn’t get to play with Nasri! We could then sell him on to some other team or let him rot in the reserves. Man the things I would do if I ran a team like Citeh with all their cash.

  63. Vermaelan gave various interviews all explaining the chronolgy of this past season.
    From pushing himself to early and suffering setbacks, all the way through to his parents giving an interview where they discussed his expected return in April.

    Anyone else writing other stuff on this forum is spreading disinformation.
    How can any follower of any sport, individuals who have held season tickets for ninety nine years, ninety nine days and ninety nine seconds be upset at an athlete having a tricksy achilles injury?
    Answers on a postcard to Menelaus the Mad @

  64. drew10

    Evra has got to be one of the top cu*** in world football. How on earth did France manage to hand him the captaincy!

  65. Good lord Finsbury, I was merely questioning the clubs silence over TV’s injury.

    If he was out for the season in September, we would have had 3 months to identify another CB in January. That’s all.

    Goonerwife – I’m not crying or having a tantrum, I merely discussing the most covered Arsenal story at present. One of our best players potentially leaving. Because its bad news and from the press, shall I just accept it’s a load of nonsense??

  66. I disagree CG.

    Nasri was destined for great things. He certainly isnt an unearthed gem a la Anelka.

    You speak of loyalty to Wenger. Well, Bendtner and Denilson want out, Nasri is stalling on a contract, Fabregas has wanted to leave for a year, Clichy is stalling on contract.

    Its a shame Wengers loyalty in his players is not returned.

  67. If we really are on the lookout for a striker, Miroslav Klose is available on a free. I know he’s not the identikit Wenger signing mainly due to his age, but if you want someone to stick the ball in the net he’d be ideal for a couple of seasons.

  68. @Luke

    I agree that from outside it dooes appear that we handled the correct diagnosis of Vermaelen’s injury poorly given that we had been caught out with a mystery injury which dragged on for Rosicky only the season before.
    Would be interesting to know how the discussions between the medical team and management panned out because I would imagine that AW would never have left the team with just Squillaci as cover for JD and Kos if he had thought TV5 was out for the season.

  69. Yeah, I think I got it about right, FP. And I’m not going to try and pretend I know anything about injury rehabilitation, but I thought the extent of the injury wasn’t known until after a bunch of attempts to get him back in training had failed. So what I was saying at the end of my post was that I don’t know whether the real problem would have eluded anyone, or whether our guys were partly at fault for not getting to the bottom of it sooner. Still, I know nuffink.

    Thanks for the Riquelme video – all the videos are horribly put together. We’ve clearly come a long way since he was playing in Europe. This was about the best I could find, especially as the music tracks has been disabled:

  70. Strange isn’t it, Finsbury. Very good point. It’s that classic Arsenal fan blame culture. Every mug on the terrace screaming ‘ACCOUNTABILITY.’ Buck has to stop somewhere, everything is someone’s fault. 60,000 finger-pointing Alan fucking Sugars.

  71. So you were happy with the clubs handling over the TV injury then LA?

    Because every other injury is accounted for via

    Perhaps press releases which didnt talk of comebacks + fine form in rehabilitation would have been useful.

    I’m delighted TV is fit and ready and I hope we have resolved the rare problem.

    But, in this business, like any Limpar, there indeed does have to be accountability. Otherwise you learn nothing and get nowhere.

  72. Get hleb to give nasri a call and give him his story, contract signed the next day!

  73. Jabba's delights


    I think Nasri is a different kettle of fish to Hleb. Helb was a system type player where as Nasri has the potential to be a world beater given time.

  74. Luke

    If it is just a load of nonsense how stupid will you feel ?

  75. LimparAssist

    Yeah I thought it was pretty standard. Reported positive rehabilitation news as it happened, and negative setback news when that happened too.

    If one of a member of our medical team were found to be in some way at fault for one of those setbacks, then by all means they should be held to account for that. I don’t think that happened though.

    Some things, in physiology in particular, have to be put down as ‘one of those things’ I’m afraid. Blaming is indicative of the pointless, directionless agitation that typifies the moden big-club football fan.

  76. LimparAssist

    If one of a member of

  77. goonzablazin

    it would be our luck that as soon as Cesc and Nasri leave us, their dodgy hamstrings miraculously heal.

  78. Good post. Good comments from oou, sim and Chris gunner as usual guys.

  79. Luke

    Can’t agree with your reply to my previous comment. Nasri wouldn’t be half the player he is without the guidance of Wenger. He has thrived at Arsenal like many others have. He could very easily do a Hleb if he left. His skills are tailored to playing the Arsenal way.

    Nasri needs Arsenal more than we need him so we shouldn’t be so ready and willing to commit suicide everytime we here an inconspicuous piece of media trash.

  80. OneOfUs thanks for the Riquelme video

  81. LA, I’m not blaming, just saying the whole episode was eerily shady. We wont agree. I wasnt happy with the handling, your able to deal with it.

    CG – signing one of the most promising talents in Europe for a huge fee isn’t a stroke of genius, I’m sorry.

    It’s also impossible to say he has flourished under Wengers tutelage more than he would of under any other manager. Popular to contrary belief, our great leader isn’t the only man in world football who can turn a talent.

  82. Also, I won’t feel stupid at all for discussing his potential departure.

    I really want him to stay. The day he signs a contract, I will be utterly delighted.

    No more, no less.

  83. Its a bit old, but I love the story that Lassana Diarra is disillusioned in the Spanish capital. Like he was disillusioned in west London, like he was disillusioned in north London, like he was disillusioned on the south coast. The only person to get something out of Diarra is his agent. A serial transfer candidate with no loyalty for any club he has played for.

  84. Jabba's delights

    Spot on Luke

    We signed a guy for 13.5m who had already won the French young player of year award lets not start putting his whole development down to our dear leader. He was considered a huge prospect and if anything it taken him 3 years to settle properly

  85. Yogi:

    Gallas,, glad he is gone.

    Those of you who think that things are suddenly going to get better because we have TV5 back only have to look at our defending from the year before. Absense truly makes the heart grow fonder. The defensive record when he was with Ajax was also relatively poor. How can anyone who watched us play this season be happy to see us get even smaller and lighter which is what happens when we add TV5. We need someone who will organize and anchor our defense to partner with TV and KOS. JD looked the part for about 1/3 of a season this year but expecting him to stay healthy and show consistent good form next season is a huge risk that this squad can not afford.

    I agree with Limpar that Nasri is angling for more money however, the don’t have the same optimism about him signing. The same optimism about Flamini and Gallas come to mind. Nasri has stalled on his contract for a year. Not sure how accurate the interview but how many times do we need our best players and our former players to tell us its time to make some changes to our transfer policies. The long term sustainable dominance we have been waiting appears to be moving further away rather then coming closer. Is Nasri trying for a better payday or does he just want to leave? Hope we get this settled soon so we can plan for next year or replace him if needed.

  86. Luke

    I did not say he was the only manager with the ability to do so. He has however got a higher success rate of finding and developing players, probably the best around.

    With regards to Nasri, he gambled big time with the initial investment, transforming a raw talent into an internationally recognized top talent. That my friend is pretty amazing. He done it with Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Ljungberg, Pires.. they all had the ingredients, he just got them to perform.

  87. Chris

    There is now way you can be saying Nasri only flourished because he came to Arsenal ! He was player of the year at his previous club, even Zidan had singled him out as the most promising young French player he had seen in a while. Some times the logic is very flawed. It the same as saying Bent would never be a prolific scorer for Arsenal. how do you know? You dont!

  88. That’s ridiculously harsh, Bill. He was in the PL team of the season in his first year.

    As for Ajax, how on earth can you pin a team’s defensive record on one player? That’s mental.

    And when it comes to this size issue I haven’t seen Vermaelen dominated physically by anyone since he’s been playing in the PL.

    Hold on, are you just mad at him because he joins attacks once or twice a game?

    AW did mention that height was an issue, but I have a strong feeling that we’ll see a tall midfielder or two (attacking or defensive) added at some point over the summer – can’t be sure about it though.

  89. Neither do you timmy. Fir all u know nasty can have a stinker next season. Abs still be on 110k a week.

  90. Nasri not nasty. iPhone is hard work sometimes….

  91. CG

    Wenger’s track record can never come into question. It’s outstanding.

    Nasri’s development at Arsenal isn’t truely amazing.

    Ferguson took Ronaldo (same fee-ish, roughly the same age) and after 3 years turned him into the best player on the planet.

    Ronaldo was a greater risk too.

    It would be interesting to see where Nasri would be if he played in his preferred and more productive central role. Small matter of the Gas was in his way though!!!

  92. As much as I am a fan of T Vermaelen I am also one of those that feel he is not the rock at the back that we need. He is a great attacking defender but I remember him making some very bad decisions at the back last season. There have been a few calls for him to be shifted to the left back position and would love to see him given a go there. Lets get some height and power at the back.

  93. Poodle

    I never claimed too know anything! Was curious how Chris could be so sure!

  94. Unless there’s a shock departure, I just don’t see space at the back for a definite first XI signing this summer. Rather than more upheaval, the best thing to do would be to let the unit settle at last after two straight summers of recruitment (obviously that might not be possible if there is a departure).

    At centre-half, I think most fans would agree that Vermaelen is top class, while Djourou and Koscielny have shown every indication that they have what it takes. Squillaci, Bartley and Miquel are able backup at this point, although this could be where we might want to strengthen.

  95. Nasi is obvisouly a quality player, and I rate him a lot. That said, he has only had half a consitant season for us. He is no world beater yet.

  96. If Nasri wants to be one of the highest paid players at the club off the back of half a good season I feel that’s a bit out of order to be honest. If he’s only looking a decent bump in salary then fair dos, but if he’s pulling an Ashley Cole he can f*** right off.

    Obviously I’d rather he stayed, but the fact is we wouldn’t be much worse off if he did go. We have Arshavin and Rosicky, and f*** the haters preemptively.

  97. OOU – Why not. We don’t have the best 11 players in the world. If we can get an improvement (in any position), then we should serisouly consider doing so.

    You are right, Djourou and Koscienly have both shown they may have what it takes. However, if a player who has shown that he does have what it takes we should be looking to upgrade.

  98. I know I’m chatting a lot today, but Cronaldo bothers me – there’s something about the amount of bulk he put on in such a short space of time.

    Because, really, it’s his brute force that makes him so effective; his dribbling was never subtle enough to cause a decent defender any problems. And it isn’t today. What scares players is his turn of pace and pure strength.

    Javier Hernandez as well – he’s suddenly turned into a beefcake in the space of a few months, but doesn’t seem to have lost any of his other attributes. I don’t know what they get up to at Manure

  99. Jabba's delights


    I think TV5 whilst a good defender his highlight reel goals mask the fact that his defending is actually only good. Lescott did incredibly well out of scroing 8-9 goals a couple of seasons bac as well.

    Our defence was awful 2009-10 as well. Whether this is down to the system, poor coaching or poor talent levels or a combination of all of them, the stats dont lie.

  100. OOU

    If you train, its amazing how much you can change your physic in 3 months. Hence why some fans are disgruntled by Denilson’s inability to get bigger/stronger after 5 years.

    Kolscieny (lad), first interview from being in England (paraphrase obviously)

    ‘I’m too slender for the English game, I need to get bigger’.

    Result. He got bigger and better as each week passed.#

    As for Ronaldo, his attributes may be pace and strength, but they return 30+ goals a year, without fail.

    Doesn’t lessen his achievments in the sleightest.

  101. Yeah, GA, I didn’t word that well at all. I think the defence could do with a bit of continuity, but I’m quite sure we could find space for a first choice player somewhere else.

    Although it must be said that all the best teams had their fair share of players who wouldn’t have been considered among the best players at the time for their position. What’s important is how the players work as a group (or not, when it comes to us from March onwards!).

  102. Jabba's delights


    Rosicky has 17 goals in his whole career for Arsenal and many of them were pre 18 months out. Nasri 15 this year, afraid the little mozart he isnt going to cut it.

  103. what,wenger developed bergkamp!

  104. Pobs Gooners


    You are right that as much as natural talent is a factor in each player it is how they perform as a defensive unit that counts. Think back to ’04 when we had a defence of Lauren, Campbell, Toure and Flamini throughout the champs league. I wouldnt call those (bar Campbell at the time) as world class, and flamini wasnt even a defender. Together though – and with Keown coaching them they set new standards throughtout Europe playing the best sides.

    I think what we need more than a star is somebody to sort out the coaching system day in day out. When defenders join us they seem to go backwards, they should be kicking on!

  105. OOU – You quite rightly point out continuity. We don’t want too many new players arriving (although that may depend on who leaves I supose), as it would take time for them all to gell.

    For me, a recognised parnter for TV5 must be the priority signing and must happen. It would be nice to get somebody who can serisouly challenge/provide cover for Song. Maybe even play them both in certain matches.

    If Bendtner leaves a striker to come in, but one who offers us something different from our others. A pacy forward would fit the bill.

    So for me, only one player is needed who must be good enough to slip straight into the 1st 11. Any more would be a bonus though.

  106. andy, that last sentence (at 2:59) doesn’t make sense. Did you miss a word?

    I don’t think our defence needs strengthened at all.

  107. JS, in 09-10 I’d put a lot of our problems down to injuries. We lost too many vital players for too long. It was an inordinate amount that year, and when you have a team with so many vital components missing the combinations start to break down, both on and off the ball.

    Obviously we also lost the individual qualities that the missing players would have offered. Cesc, RvP, Nasri, Song then Vermaelen and Arshavin late on. And a bunch of others I can’t remember.

    Vermaelen did make mistakes – usually when he tried to press the midfield instead of tracking the attacker I think – but over the course 40-odd games he fully merited his place in that select XI. No question.

    The injury problem appears to largely sorted now, which is what made last season so frustrating.

  108. JD, sorry.

  109. We miss the point about our defense. In order for a defense to be GREAT it must be settled. So maybe our defense hasnt been the best over the years but there has been a lot of changes and a lot of unexpected long term injuries so it is not just as easy as the numbers.

    Unless you are going to play a defensive style like City unfamiliarity will cause you problems.

    I remember last season when we were leaking goals early, we started to play a more defensive game and that is when we went on our long unbeaten run. Teams couldnt score on us so easy but our attack suffered. So yes we can defend better or be more defensive and wait for the odd goal but we are Arsenal.

    Give the defense some time to practice together and play some pre season matches and i believe that we will defend better. I fully expect and I am quite confident with what I have seen from our defenders that again with being familiar with one another and this league things will improve.. Thats not to say we cannot bring someone in though.

  110. Markus – Maybe insert a comma after “that”. May read better.

    You don’t think our defence needs strengthening? Suprising, as it is obvisouly the weakest area of the side.

  111. What is it with fans called “Luke”.

    Anyway, of the approximately 40-50+ “newsworthy” pieces of tripe carried by the press in the next 2 months or so concerning high-profile transfers in the top 6, about 2 or 3 will turn out to be real. This is the actual context to the ‘Nasri story’; who as it happens would be a perfect puchase for ManU, but Wenger will not allow him to go there, that’s that.

    As for Nasri’s form and prospects, I think just about everyone would agree as far as one can judge a player of 23, he is as likely as any I’ve seen destined for the top; and his inconsistent form nothing more than a blip on that road.

    Wenger will not allow Nasri to depart, Nasri does not want to depart and has never said this; so it’s a non-story, and if there is a story it’s a story about how to start a rumour, based on hearsay, gossip, innuendo and player’s off the cuff half-joking remarks.

    Get a grip will you!

  112. “However, if a player who has shown that, he does have what it takes we should be looking to upgrade.”

    Still not getting it.

  113. OOU:

    TV5 made an impact early last year because of the goals he scored and his personality but in reality he was not great defender. Many of us not named Bill talked about that during his first season. We all love his style but he needs to be paired with someone who can anchor the defense. His size is also an issue, look around the European football and find a team that is currently successful that does not have size and strength in the center of defense. Wenger says we need to get bigger but TV is smaller then any of our current players. My point is not to slag TV because I have said for 2 years that he can be a effective CB but he needs to be paired with different type of player then Gallas or KOS. We can not expect him to suddenly be our defensive saviour because he has never been that type of player in the past.

  114. “However, if a players has shown he does have what it takes, we should be looking to upgrade”

    (on our current players)

  115. Get it now?

  116. Bill – I agree with your post. I think TV5 may be slightly better than you give him credit for, but basically I agree with what you are saying. especially about his partner.

  117. Hello people. Yogi I tip my hat to you for providing me with a good hour or two distraction from my work.
    It would be a shame to see Nasri go, and all those times I heard his name being sung (and sung along with, alone, infront of my television) would feel rather void and fake. Please don’t leave Samir! Wenger consistently gets this team into a position to make a challenge for the title, only to see it wimper off. Some blame can be aimed towards the manager, lack of transfer, Denilson etc… but Nasri was in the starting XI for the entire 2nd half of the season. Granted I also recall Nasri hitting the post at least 3 or 4 times (but some wanks on here will say “stop making excuses blah blah) The team is already near the top tier of the league. A “statement of intent” signing is bullshit and is fed purely by trophy hunters (not just from the arsenal fanbase, but media is trying to force that idea on us as well). Our statement of intent is our first XI. Remember the days of Theo Van Nasrigas? The team needs to find some spirit within themselves to push on instead of whimpering across the finish line.

  118. *cough* Barcelona, Mascherano 6ft8 *cough*

  119. Bill-You ask for a successful European team without size at the CB spot. How about that team of cunts, Barcalona, who just won the Champions League with Mascherano playing as a CB. ——————Pique/Mascherano vs TV5/Djourou

  120. Haha, whoops – that’s 5ft 8.

    But seriously, we all agree that Vermaelen makes up for his height with a fantastic leap and robust frame. Koscielny was looking chunkier as I think Luke pointed out, and stands at 6ft 1. Then there’s Djourou, who is most definitely tall, even for a centre-half.

  121. Well said good sir!

  122. The truth is that players (and negotiations) at this level, and their Mr. 20%s, rarely talk via the press (and why exactly would they?), unless they are someone’s Daddy, an amateur; or in the case of Barcelona, manipulating the media as a strategy. Sometimes, it is used to ‘test the water’, that’s all, as Wenger has recently done with Benzema. If, as we are led to believe, ManU are interested to make an offer on Nasri, there are various discreet options to do this, mostly personal; and if it is serious, it is usually not in the press until after the deal has been struck. By definition, transfer rumours are less likely than ‘nothing said, until agreement sealed’. Mostly the stories come about by journalists clever prompting; the question the hack posed is never in the story. Hack to Evra “Would Nasri make it at OT?”.

  123. andy, no not getting it. You’re saying if a player has shown that they have what it takes we should be looking to upgrade (replace them…?).

  124. Willaim.
    I dont think any one will argue that TV5/Djourou is a great (potential) partnership, the problems come is when Djourou get injured, tired, suspended that we dont have a like replacement to step in.

  125. Theo Van Nasrigas!

  126. The protagonist to Joey Shawhuth

  127. Markus | June 7, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    “If Nasri wants to be one of the highest paid players at the club off the back of half a good season I feel that’s a bit out of order to be honest. If he’s only looking a decent bump in salary then fair dos, but if he’s pulling an Ashley Cole he can f*** right off.”

    Can we stop staying stuff like this? We don’t know that Nasri is asking for parity with our highest paid players.

  128. TimmyT. Enter Laurent Koscielney.

  129. henristic, that’s why I said ‘if’. Besides we all know the agents are the bad guys. Fuckers.

  130. Physically speaking, in an Arsenal CB I’d want plenty of pace, strength allied with at least some athleticism and a decent leap. A player with all those qualities will most likely stand somewhere between 5ft 10 and 6ft 3. Any taller than that and you might have problems with agility and turn of pace…maybe.

    Set pieces are an odd one, because there it’s not just the CBs doing the defending. If we are having trouble in these situations the obvious answer would be to add more height in other areas of the pitch, anywhere from full back right up to the strikers. I’m sure it’s the average height of the side that AW is worried about, not adding one or two inches in one area.

  131. William,
    Laurent Koscielney is more of the same as TV, He is better next to a Defender like Djourou , we have Kosielney to push TV we need some one to push Djourou..

  132. Jabba's delights


    Barcelona play in a completely different league to us where there isnt an onous on physical strength. They are also much much much much much much better at attcking than us meaning the opposition dont have the ball. Utd had zero corners in the cl final.

    We have 3 good cb which just need to be complimented with an aggressive beast. I would also stress that defending at set plays is a team thing and not just the job of cbs. we defend as a team poorly. When playing away at Stoke or Boltonn rather than play midgets all over the midfield and attack we might be better off picking phsically more dominant players who enjoy heading a ball, which counts Diaby out.

  133. Bill, I’m not so sure our problem is that much about height. Kevin Davies constantly wins the most headers in the prem yet he isn’t as tall as most CB’s.

    IMO, what kills us is the lack of aggression, positioning, clumsiness. The Verminator is as aggressive as they come and attacks the ball at every opportunity. But his positioning is suspect.
    JD is surprisingly clumsy for an arsenal player, and lacks Vermalaen’s aggressiveness. But he is tall and on his day can be a rock.
    Kos is currently my favourite CB, and has the makings of a really good defender. Yes he made mistakes, but he still has the best natural attributes of all our CB’s. I just hope his relative inexperience at this level(considering his age) won’t count against him.

  134. I appreciate the attention Jabba the Butt, but I was simply answering Bill’s question.
    In response to your statement I say this. Set plays are a worry, in particular the latest match against Bolton when some midfielder cut across Djourou like he wasn’t there. I also believe that some of our defensive toughness gets nullified by the antics of the other teams. When Arsenal hit the deck it’s “same old arsenal always cheating” When Arsenal make a “robust english challenge” (see Wilshere on Zigic) we are condemned. I would hate to see what happens the day that Koscielney attempts a tackle like Rio “3 fouls called me all season” Ferdinand’s ninja kick on Sagna.

  135. george rodger

    Dont see the problem.
    Arshavin is better than Nasri.
    Nasri is good ,but not so good that we should bent to his will.
    If he goes ,he goes.If he stays ,then good enough lets hope that he is the player he has been for the good one sixth of he present contract.
    As long as RVP stays the rest can be sold and replaced .

  136. Luke | June 7, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Good comment. And as I stated earlier that it seems that our club is run more like a business than a football club so why is that most of our business decisions are drawn out, fk-up or not done until if done at all.

    This is where I want to see a big change and hopefully change is going to come through Wenger.

    “But, in this business, there indeed does have to be accountability. Otherwise you learn nothing and get nowhere”.

  137. Henristic I agree with you are saying. Davies is what, 5″11 or so? Granted he probably throws elbows like no other, but he puts himself in a position to win the header. It is hard to understand our troubles in regards to the longball situation. Personally I believe confidence, and the ability to restore confidence once it has been shattered, is missing from the squad.

  138. OneOfUs | June 7, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Firstly, as every other team at any level from school boy upwards our defenders need to talk to each other and organise each other as we see every other team do or even try to do.

    When we defend corners or set plays there is no talking or organising and 5 foot players marking 6 foot players and the main goal threat is normally unmarked.

    Nothing to do with height or aggression. Just pick up a fucking man and make it difficult for him even if you have no chance of winning the header.

  139. Jabba's delights

    George Roger

    Is a good debate as to whether Arshavin or Nasri is the better player, Andrei stats are awesome. Im not sure who it was the other day who mentioned that Andrei in the Gas role would be interesting.

    My fear is we were lackign a genuine winger at the begining of the summer so losing Nasri who is one of our few AM who can play there would mean we need 2. That added to Clichy probable departer and we have 3 plays to buy without addressing cb, cm or striker. Could be really really busy summer

  140. Goonerton. Would you rather our club operates like the best football club, FC Cuntalona? Losing tens of millions of the fans money? Oh wait they get a shiny trophy so operating the club millions into the red is acceptable.

  141. george rodger

    It was Luke suggested AA inn the Cesc role

  142. george rodger

    Get Hazard .sell Samri,Play AA sparingly.Keep Clichy

  143. Nasri can go as long as Cesc stays?! WTF!

    The same Nasri, when Cesc, was out injured who played in the Middle where he wants to play and was getting player and goals of the month awards?

    The Cesc, who was wanted out of Arsenal and only stayed after a tea and biscuits?

    I hope this crap is put to bed asap.

  144. Just have to mention that the Ferdinand comments about Nasri were made after the Fulham home game. So this story is not gathering pace, so much as being pushed on us by the media.

  145. William,

    Hell no would I like to that but, in anycase that would never happen at our place because of how it’s run.

    I would just like to see us try to hold on to our top players like most top clubs do until they get what they want out of a player then kick his arse out the door.

    We are no longer in a position to think we are a dead cert for a top four “competitive” slot so we shouldn’t be in the business of losing our best at this point in time.

  146. Anyway who said Nas was going anywhere and who said that we got money to buy anybody.

    Nothing has been announced or confirmed.

  147. We were never in a position to think we were a lock for a top four spot. We EARNED our Champions League spot, each and every year.

  148. Gallas has a bigger problem to worry about, he’s a Spud.

  149. If you freely & voluntarily chose to be a Spud, you shouldn’t question the judgement of any one else.

  150. Usually earning a spot means we are better than 17 other teams in the league. Which I believe will still be the case come next season.

  151. Goonerton – Very true. Nasri’s blistering form came when he was played through them middle.

    Arshavin, the lovable toegrag, NEVER gets a shot there.

    If he found confidence, and the related form, rotating between him, Nasri, and (excuse the dreaming) Hazard, then I feel we could cope with the loss of Fabregas.

  152. Wait, George. Did I just agree with you??

    We have a breakthrough people!!!!!

  153. Ahhh – the standard commute home lull….

  154. I think TV is a good player and I happy to have him back. However, nothing about what we have seen from him up to this point indicates that we will concede fewer goals with him in the line up. He adds aggression and a style of play that is enjoyable to watch, but in the end when he is in the team it has been disorganized and conceded too many goals for a team that wants to win titles. Certainly not all his fault but he has never been the type of player who has improved the team defense. I say this to make the case for why we need to add a “defense first” type CB. TV and Kos should compete for the other first choice slot and JD will back up both slots and Kyle Bartley will be our emergency 5th CB

    I suspect Nasri will sign if we meet or come close to meeting his wage request. If not then he probably won’t and we will have to sell him.

  155. Ahhhh dam it Bill.

    We shouldn’t be selling anybody. We came that close and fk knows what really happened but, we should not even be talking about selling.

    Rio already tweeted that he said the Nas comments waaaaaaaay before the media shit.

    I would rather take the fist line of you last paragraph thanks.

  156. William,

    Just pointing out the attitude that has set into us that we will finish 4th or above.

    Of course we have to deal with the 17 others to get there but, we can’t say it will business as usual if we start letting people go.

  157. Gunner4Ever | June 7, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Funny as fuck and so true.

  158. Alright, I understand Mr. Goonerton.

    There is way to much nonsense to talk about during the off season. I don’t like it one bit.

  159. Good day y’all.
    I really do not understand the impression that Nasri was great through the middle during Cesc’s absence. Yes, he took some games by the scruff of the neck (WBA and Fulham off the top of my head). In these games we failed to create clear cut chances for our forward players. This is what Cesc does effortlessly. Honestly, he has this natural ability to control a game. Nasri may have stepped up playing the role, but to what effect on the team?
    I think AA is more suited to this role because of his dynamic attritbutes. He’s more of a risk taker, looking for a through pass every now and then. The only problem here is the amount of time we’ll lose the ball.

    That said, I think we need to strengthen on the wings especially on the left. We need good wingers to use the strengths of players like Chamackh. Don’t know if Rio is ready for the step up but looks a good prospect.

  160. as far as i can remember gallas was our best cb last year..
    i think TV became our best cb by default when gallas left but we spent 14 mil replacing gallas..
    id have just given gallas what we forked out in transfer fees and wages for would have probably worked out cheaper, and just kept him on..

    were going to have the same problem with nasri..we should just give him what he will work out cheaper than finding a replacement for him..lets face it, nasris just coming into his best years and hes a key player in the squad now, buying an 8mil kid on 35k a week isnt replacing him.. we would need 25-30mil to replace nasri properly because thats what i feel hes worth..
    makes no sense to dig our heels in over 20k a week.financially and squad wise, especially now the noises from utd are getting louder..
    fuck that id rather give him 150k than let him sign for those cunts..

    i want wenger to be ruthless this summer but that doesnt include our best players..

  161. Can someone please point me to the Man U approach for Nasri. Maybe a link would help.

    As far as I can see there is no approach; just Evra opening his mouth as per usual.

  162. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Our defending in open play is fine, it’s the set pieces that were the killer, imo. I think we are fine and trust Wenger and the defenders we have in house to sort it out. I don’t see Wenger buying another defender. We were real close and were defending well all year until some dodgy decisions started going against us. I think some heads started to drop and some of the decisions against us were a blow to our confidence and morale. Theres obviously no way to gauge how just how much it hurt us but I’m sure there were a lot of questions swimming around some of the players heads judging by some of the comments by our players regarding the refs. I think we’ll see a couple minor tweaks with regards to set plays and our approach to the small frites. That paired with a couple new faces in midfield and attack and the league is ours.

  163. “Slysports understands Arsenal and Liverpool are going head-to-head for Phil Jones and Scott Dann”

    HAHAHAHAHA it gets worse.

  164. JonJon,

    That’s why I question the brass who run it as a business. It made no sense getting shot of Gallas only to splash out more £s on a replacement who isn’t a replacement at all.

    That’s like swapping your xbox 360 for a Sega Master System. Damm good playerbility but shit graphics.

  165. Maybe we don’t even need to buy new CBs. Maybe drill them more on basic defending like picking up and more importantly communicating to each other all the time.

    If they did that then they are as good as any CB in the Prem. We certainly have the quickest bunch so maybe tweak the training or trainer.

    Money saved to put into other areas.


    I fucking hate spurs.

  166. I’ve made the decision to have zero belief in any of the transfer stories that I hear. Sky Sports *understands*? What the ef does that mean!

  167. I think that busting Arsenal´s fans balls is becoming something like a theraphy, so dont ever take it personally.. I own three restaurants so you can imagine how stressful this job is!! Coming to this blog, to release some steam is fast becoming the perfect remedy!! (if my sous chef wasnt so damn good, i would have fired him for telling me hes an arsenal fan yday lol)
    Today i will just quote some of the bullshit, dont have much time..

    “What I won’t take however is a player holding us to ransom. Its something Arsenal just does not do”

    -lol! That is PRECISELY what your team is doing to Cesc! He wants to go, Barca wants him and you will only let him go for an impossible price!… Ransom!!

    “You either want to be here or you can move on.”

    -Oh, the piles of bullshit i read here are unbelievable! just ask Fabregas what he thinks of that las comment!!

    “I think Evra spends more time talking about Arsenal than he does about the manc scum! He is more obsessed with us than Mourinho was!”

    -Firstly, you need to grow a pair mate, accept that the WHOLE RUMOUR originated from your player, Samir Nasri, not from Evra or Rio. Of course the press asked them what their thoughts were on the subject and they answered.. The press does the rest you negative, self centered, whinning eunuchs!.. Oh, check Manchester United blogs, youll see how everyone there prefers Modric to whinning pussy Nasri, no way hes going to a respectful team like Manchester United.

    “Evra has got to be one of the top cu*** in world football. How on earth did France manage to hand him the captaincy!”

    -Well, the world is asking the same about Arsenal! How can they give Cesc (who wants to play elsewhere)the captains armband!!?? LOL!! Oh, and John Terry, is Englands captain!.. So please dont get too moral on us!

    “Ferguson took Ronaldo (same fee-ish, roughly the same age) and after 3 years turned him into the best player on the planet.”

    – Ferguson is one BIG step above Wenger! Please do not insult Sir Alex!! 😉

    “Barcelona play in a completely different league to us where there isnt an onous on physical strength. They are also much much much much much much better at attcking than us meaning the opposition dont have the ball.”

    -Finally some someone is making sense!!! Love ya Jabba!! will you b my friend?? hahaha

    I looked for Vela on West Broms website, i see that hes no longer loaned to that club! I would hate to see him still wearing the arse anal shirt again, wasting his talent where hes not appreciated!! Sell him ffs!! He will only have a slight chance to play if your overated/overpriced Bendtner is sold..

    Imagine this scenario: Bendtner not sold -everybody hates him lol- Nasri not sold but wanted to be sold -everybody hates him now- Denilson not sold even when he would have gone ANYWHERE lol -everybody hates him- Fabregas not sold -unhappy, unsettled, some hate him, some love him-

    WHAT A TEAM!!!! i would fucking shoot myself if i was an Arsenal fan lolololol…

  168. One could place to go is for transfer stories is Caught Offside – word on the street is that clubs send secret messages to each other through the articles. They work on a special system; apparently 1 story out of 37 is bang on the money, but the trick is working out which one.

    There’s a special key that you can download that helps you decipher some of the apparently incomprehensible comments beneath each article – pay attention to the second and third letter of every six-letter word-

    Wait, gotta go – I’ve said too much.

  169. Cuervo i’m glad that coming to this site and making a ton of false arguments helps you through your day!!

  170. May be Martin Jol will sell us Mark Schwarzer and Brede Hangeland or trade them for JET, Vela, Mannone a little cash and Bartley on loan or some variation of the above. Fingers crossed.

  171. How utterly fucking dull

  172. Brede effin Hangeland? Why not just get the Michael Jackson statue instead? It would be more mobile and have a better first touch.

  173. george rodger

    i wonder about of people who say “just pay him what he wants”
    You need to be incredibly daft to think that the knock on effects will not be dire for the club.
    And JJ,I know you are not daft so what are you thinking?

  174. “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good,
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood”

    One of my all time favourites Yogi!

  175. george rodger

    OOU.very funny

  176. I still think the goalkeeper has to take some responsibility for setting up the defence for set pieces. But as Szcesny has the goodwill of the fanbase, no one will shine a light on his contribution to our late season failings. It’s easier to blame the usual suspects.

  177. I remember Wenger saying that he went after TV becuase he kept either Henry or RVP Quiet.

    Not sure I understand people saying he isnt really that good a defender?

    He is a boss defender, doesnt mean he cannot improve though.

  178. george rodger

    Do you feel we need a GK?
    Or does Fabianski take over?

  179. Very nice Social media options there YW. This blog just keeps getting better.

  180. I see where you are coming from and I believe it is a valid point.

  181. that was in response to Passenal and our young goalie.

  182. LimparAssist

    Arsenal prepare for ping-pong world takeover. Destination Asia. Critics of all things tippy-tappy might want to look away now.

  183. Of course Szcesny is also partly to blame. Him and pretty much everyone else in the team bar RvP.

  184. Not necessarily GR, but all the spotlight is falling on the defenders when I believe the fact that we had an inexperienced goalkeeper (who had just returned from injury) in goal had to have contributed, but no one is prepared to concede the possiblity because he is a crowd favourite. Had Fabianski conceded some of the goals he did, we would not be hearing the end of it.

  185. OOU:


    Do you honestly think we should stand pat at CB?? We have been using the smaller pacey CB mold for 5 years and it has not worked. Every year we come with a different straw to grasp and a zillion reasons why next year will be different, but in the end the result is always the same. When is it time to say lets do something different or at least add a player or 2 who could give us a different look when needed?

  186. LimparAssist

    Agree with Passenal. Although WS is seen to be shouting a lot I personally think Fabs had us looking more solid from set-pieces midseason, but it’s down to the whole team too of course. I have Fabs just ahead right now in that race. I hear he has the highest standing jump right now too, so even if Szcesz has the reach, Fabs gets himself higher. Plus maturity. Really interesting tussle there at any rate.

    Some other interesting tussles are Coquelin | Frimpong for a first team squad number, and the same fight for Bartley | Iggy. Franny and Iggy are both at the U20 Euros where they’ll be watched carefully, while Manu and Kyle will train with the first team you’d think – so they get a headstart. My money’s on Coquelin and Bartley to be in the 1st team squad next season, with loans to the other two – but anything could happen!

  187. Henristic, people have been pointing the blame at the defenders for the defending of set plays (mostly). Passenal is pointing out something else that couldve contributed.

    We could easily have said, the whole team apart from RVP is culpable and be long done with it. We wouldnt have as many comments thats for sure.

  188. LimparAssist

    Bill, Schwarzer and Hangeelaand? How last summer! Try Lloris and Samba on for size, my old fruit.

  189. LimparAssist

    Oh, you’ve already been rinsed by OOU… much better.

  190. Gotta go, Bill, but quickly – I think the first-choice (first three) personell at CB is fine as is. They just need a preseason and uninterrupted run of games.

    It might sound like we’re not learning or whatever, but to me the most important thing is to get better at what we do already – keep the ball better, work harder off the ball when we have possession to make space, speed up combinations etc. All this means sticking with what we do, dominating possession, playing the high line (which presupposes quick,technical CBs), because this is what our players know, and this is what our youngsters have been brought up on.

  191. Pass:

    Much as I like the idea of Schwarzer for a year, realistically no way we get a new GK this summer, I agree with what you have said before and hope Fabianski is #1 next year.

  192. LimparAssist

    Bill, I am fascinated by your comments on defenders, I find them increasingly bizarre. If you don’t believe our centrebacks are ‘defence first’, then what is it you think they are there for?

  193. OOU:

    OK. I hope you are right and it finally comes together next year.

  194. LimparAssist

    Exactly OOU. Listen to OOU, Bill.

    While I rather like the idea of buying a 7ft wall like Samba to bring on whenever Rory Delap is polishing himself on the hoardings… like you get in American Football, some one-trick pony to roll out for one purpose and one purpose only… it doesn’t seem very Arsenal. It doesn’t even seem very ‘football’. It just seems silly. What happens when we win the ball back? Imagine the poor fucker trying to step up with Gael and Bac. Slapstick ensues.

    If we do get another centreback (and that would be as competition for 3rd/4th choice if it happens) then they would be quick, technical, aggressive and clever – as is the modern Arsenal centreback mould. That could be Bartley.

    I think the Vermaelen Koscielny centreback partnership will be a very successful one.

  195. It seems that Oliver Holt of the Mirror is using a DM (twitter) from Rio Ferdinand to create a story. Something to do with his missed drugs test.

    Maybe that will stop the media transfer rubbish for a few days.

    Limpar – I see Ole replied to you on twitter. Muppet is on there to.

  196. Limpar:

    You know exactly what I mean. If you really do care there are many very long, monotone and frequently repeated posts of mine in the archives that explain it in detail.

  197. Paul N,
    I sometimes read le-grove and have seen many criticisms of Szcesny on there. The only person who seems to think he is above reproach is suga, and he is definitely in the minority.

    I agree that Fabianski or Almunia would have been criticized a great deal more, but that’s down to the number of embarrassing howlers they’ve both committed.
    The fact is if Szcesny makes the same kind and number of high profile errors, he’ll receive pretty much the same treatment. Thank goodness he hasn’t and the fans have one less thing to moan about, right? Lets not forget, Fabianski was highly rated by everyone before that Chelski game.

    Personally, I’m not really sure that there’s much difference in quality between the three keepers, but if Wenger chooses Szcesny and fans seem happy-ish with that, isn’t that a good thing?

  198. G4E @8.01pm

    Thanks – just don’t ask for Facebook, not going to happen!!!


  199. Cuervo…stop whining!

  200. Dups

    It’s brilliant. I’ve always thought that the pair of them were c**** of the highest order. And they’ve proved it tonight; Holt by printing the DM and Ferdinand for sending it in the first place.


  201. Dups we can only hope the rubbish stops, but my guess is we will be fed at least 3 more names tomorrow. Do people actually find satisfaction from reading how “inside sources” “understand” that Arsenal, Liverpool, (insert other top 4 club here)are interested in buying Gervinho? I sure don’t, and on the occassion that I actually click the links Yogi posts, I feel ashamed that I gave the dailymail another hit.

  202. Just like to say I found Bill’s comments even more bizarre than usual. Is he an Arsenal fan? His slating of vermealen was quite extraordinary. I saw hisfirsth game in he flesh (away at Everton) he won everything in the air that day, bar one challenge with Fellaini. Every other ball he won, leapt like a young gazelle crossed with a salmon he did.

  203. YW

    Rio is making a right idiot of himself by sending a DM to any journo and then trusting him not to print it.

    Fools the lot of em.

    Talks are ongoing in the Gervinho transfer. Most of them between Gervinho & Gervinho.

  204. Nasri on twitter

    “I just want tell you dont listen the newspaper and the rumours i will let you know if something happen”

  205. LimparAssist

    Cheers, dups. I think I’m following you now too.

    Bill, I honestly haven’t got the foggiest and while I recall the monotony, I don’t think I ever did.

    Your descriptions of a ‘stay at home’ ‘defence first’ defender conjures for me imagery of a tender for the Detroit Red Wings.

    You state that our first choice centreback does not improve our defence – and then expect credibility? Not from me.

  206. Oh and I see Passenal is on her one woman crusade to canonise Fabianski AGAIN! Joking Passenal, joking!!! @D

  207. If we are going to spend money on and English CB, why not promote Kyle Bartley? He has championship, spl and european experience from his time at Sheffield Utd and Rangers. He’s definitely much better than Samba and Phil Jones.

  208. I liked Gallas, he was a bit weird though. Him nd Kolo werent a good pairing, IMO, too similar and when Kolo left, I felt that was the best option. However, gallas’ cooments about his team mates should never have been made public and WTF did he expect to happen after that? He was a moody twat! But when he went all sullen and pissed off at St Andrews I was completely behind him as that was exactly how I was feeling. Perhaps a captain should’ve acted differently, but then again, after the events of that day (Eduardo’s injury, Ade refusing to square to Bendtner to make it 3-1 and the ref giving the Brum scum freekicks and pens at will) maybe he hadcome to he end of his tether.

    It is churlish to say we should have kept him on, he could’ve stayed if he had accepted the 1 year deal we offered him.

  209. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hangelaand? Bwahahaha. How fucking boring and bland. For some reason you strike me as a burger and fries vanilla milk shake type, Bill. I find your ideas on European football negative and boring. I don’t think mediocre mid table flailers are the answer to our problems. Thank goodness we have people in place at our club that value style and entertainment.

  210. Bill

    Would you class Tony Adams as a good defender? If so he also crossed the halfway line at times and scored goals. Remember 1998 against Everton?

  211. G69:

    Not sure if you are on today ,but Mavs coughed up a great chance to take control of the series in game 3. Hope they can redeem themselves tonight. Whole team outside of Dirk needs to grow some cajones. At this point I predict the Heat in 6 but hope I’m wrong. That group of players Miami has assembled can will alot of titles if they can keep their egos in check and play defense with this much intensity on a regular basis. Good luck tonight. Go Mavs

  212. ColneyMy take on he Nasri thing is this;

    Its the usual bluffing and bullshit that goes on ay time a player is in cintract negotiations. How many times has aplayer been suddenly linked to another team one day and then the next, he has signed that shiny new improved deal. Odemwingie and his people are doing exactly that to WBA. Its a pity its happening to us with Nasri and I think because of the shit we get with Cesc we are all a bit too tetchy and over sensitive about it.

  213. george rodger

    Henristic,Why do you read Le Grove?
    You seem rather more intelligent than that

  214. george rodger

    Fuck Nasri and anyone who takes his side

    Just kidding:)

  215. LimparAssist

    Exactly, Dexter. Vermaelen has one of the highest ‘headers won’ percentages in the league, despite losing 2-10 inches to some of the so-called ‘beasts’ of the prem.

    Good old, Samir. Knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Just called a twat a twat on twitter too.

    Wow, say that fast…

  216. Dupps:

    Perhaps a bit harder then I should on TV. I think he is a good player and certainly will be part of our defense for a long time. However, given what we have seen in the past, the idea that having him back will somehow cause a major improvement in the number of goals we concede is probably overly optimistic. If we use that as the reason to avoid spending money on new players this summer we will be repeating the same mistakes we have made for the last 6 years. Every summer we come up with reasons why next year will different. If we bring in a new player to replace Squillaci and it turns out we did not really need him then very no real harm is done and we have more cover for the inevitable injuries. If we do nothing this summer and our defense really improves next year then you can gloat all you want. However, if we do nothing and your wrong then we are hosed again. Doesn’t it make sense to cover our bases as much as possible this summer?

  217. From Nasr’s twitter:

    “I just want tell you dont listen the newspaper and the rumours i will let you know if something happen”

  218. Fuck the Heat! It’s nice that Nasri came out and said don’t listen to the tabloid bullshit. This public tapping of players (fuck off Patrice Evra) has put some serious doubt into some of the posters on this site. Fuck, their tactics are working!

  219. I saw that too LA, told the idiot to say that to his face. niceeeee

  220. george rodger

    how do you get on twitter and do you need a fancy phone?

  221. Hah Samir telling that cunt like it is! I like it.

  222. george rodger

    I only have a land line

    just kidding again 🙂

  223. George – just go to and sign up

  224. I’m glad Nasri told that ‘mildly racist c*nt’ where to get off! He seems to forget he is dealing with a Marseille street kid, who will kick his ass as soon as look at him. If we want him to stay, abusing him on twitter is a really smart move, not!

    Hello Dexter, I’m looking forward to collecting my 20p off our bet!

  225. george rodger

    What exactly did he say?

  226. george rodger

    Dupps .I keep trying and get confused

  227. What sort of Arsenal fan calls their-self “im mildly racist” as a user name?

  228. Anyone else wanna join me in telling Biscuits how much of a diving cunt he is?

  229. dups..
    probably the same idiot who abused Frimpong a couple days ago.

  230. @immildlyracist listen come in front of me tell me what u tweet i will show who is th c***
    1 hour ago

  231. Hiya Passenal! Dont be blowing your cash on any fancy items thinking that 20p is in the bag now!

    I bet that twitter twat is a spud/chav/manc, or Poodle!!! 😀

  232. Passenal

    Nasri has been abused for days on twitter and other unmentionable places. Fine supporters.

    Save any abuse for the opposition players. If he becomes one he would then be fair game. NOT before.

  233. Dupssf

    This is what the media is built up for today. It is content with simply reporting news. It has to hype everything ds that (dimwitted) people get enraged, or exctatic or som over overly emotional state. Its like Fox News in the States, or talkshite radio. Every story has to be sensationalised. Therefore Nasri not quite signinghis new deal ye, is whipped up into him joining United, and being a traitor, and so on.

  234. dupsffokcuf, I agree. He is still an Arsenal player and abusing him is hardly going to make him stay if he is wavering. I just hope he realises that those c*nts are in the minority and that most supporters would rather he stays. The reaction of supporters did not help the Adebayor situation and I suspect we would live to regret the loss of Nasri if it came to it.

    I note from his twitter comments that Cesc is still in London, which is interesting and quite surprising to me.

    Dexter, I’ve spent that 20p several times over in my mind already!

  235. george rodger

    Remember his tripping Barton?
    More Barton trippers are required.

  236. george rodger | June 7, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    “Henristic,Why do you read Le Grove?
    You seem rather more intelligent than that”

    I’m obviously not 🙂

  237. Dexter

    It does not help when some people (no names mentioned) repeat the same bullshit over & over, day after day. Never mind only about 85 days of the window left.

  238. george rodger

    Dupps,go on ,name and shame

  239. george rodger

    I am a twitterer now woo hoo

  240. Passenal,

    A couple days ago Cesc tweeted that he was in london and he’s just had his wisdom teeth removed. His mom was serving him breakfast in bed. lol

  241. Well, as long as its just in your mind Passenal!

  242. Name and shame, name and shame!

  243. No need to name them GR, we all know who they are and my scrolling finger automatically by-passes their bullshit – read one post, read them all!

  244. Dexter, it just means that when I collect, I don’t have to waste time thinking about how I’m going to spend my winnings. It’s like you do when you fantasize about how you are going to spend your lottery winnings. I’m sure Bill gets hot about all the ‘stay at home’ d-fenders he would buy for Arsenal!

  245. Well, good on Nasri! Giving as good as you get is the way to go.
    I don’t see why a player should want to leave a club because of abuse from some daft fans. Makes no sense to me, and if Adebayor claims that, he is lying. Players are abused by their fans ALL over the world, including Togo/Nigeria where he learned his football.
    If a player is so bothered by insults, then professional football is most definitely the wrong career choice.

  246. Henristic, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the only consideration, but if you are teetering on the brink, it could be the convenient excuse to tip you over the edge if you believed they represented the majority. Especially when your next appearance for the team is accompanied by boo’s.

  247. george rodger

    what is nasris twitter name?

  248. George

    Get on Nasri’s twitter account and give him some love baby. Get your Barry White LP on the old gramophone and schmooze him like you’ve never schmooozed before! 😀 We’ll show him he is loved by us Gooners

  249. Thanks YW, I’m not greedy…I’m happy with what I got (So Far).


  250. george rodger

    I cant betray Dennis.He is my one true love 🙂

  251. I won’t tell if you don’t George!

  252. GR it’s @Nanas08, you can view on the internet without signing up to Twitter. You need to be signed up to Twitter to comment though.

  253. I agree with Passenal; so much so that I actually posted a (censored) comment on his web site.


    People like him may call themselves AFC fans but for me they are fucking sub-human. Stop.

  254. Passenal | June 7, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    You’re quite right.

  255. I’ve only been on twitter since Sunday and I already loathe the fact our players are exposed to the constant arseholery of the anonymous internet fan.

  256. LA, I just thought they picked highlights from player tweets, not that they literally updated everything posted by an Arsenal player!

    I enjoyed some tweets from Sagna earlier in the season when he called out another doomer, with less colourful language than our Samir, but his meaning was clear. I’m glad to know that some of our players can stand up for themselves when needed!

  257. Limpar – the abuse Nasri has received is mild to what Denilson had to endure.

  258. I agree dupsffokcuf, the abuse dished out towards Denilson was so shocking that I cannot believe it did not contribute to his desire to leave. He is an Arsenal supporter and has been completely loyal, keeping his counsel during the course of the season, yet some people can’t wait to see the back of him and want him replaced by inferior players on the basis that they are gooners!

  259. george rodger

    do we think they would actually meet for a dual?
    Pistols at dawn and the likes?

  260. Passenal, yeah, I like that fight too – of course. I just hate that it’s needed! I don’t want that childish, mindless bullshit entering a million mile radius of our players! I cringe at the thought of these idiots popping up on a players’ radar – and proclaiming to speak for the ‘real fans’ with their ill-informed nonsense. It’s embarrassing for the rest of us.

    I don’t even want to know what Denilson read, dups! Makes us all look like dickheads. *facepalm* Urghh. I might quit twitter and forget it ever happened. Just walk away with my fingers in my ears.. lalala

  261. No LA, if you are on there and can offer a counter balance, that has to be a good thing surely?

  262. This is the sort of nonsense you get at times

    “If Wenger let Jones go out of hand without a fight…I have to say he’s lost it.”

    Phil Jones for about £16 million FFS. That is just crazy.

  263. I see Oliver Holt has published the article about Rio and his private messages.

  264. Why buy Phil Jones when we have Kyle Bartley who has more experience than Phil Jones.

  265. george rodger

    Who said that dupps?

  266. George ~~ Was on twitter

  267. george rodger

    I wonder what exactly he has lost

  268. The Nasri story is heating up really…. My personal opinion is that Wenger has to sign a quality defensive midfielder ASAP. Without that, with the system Arsenal playing the defense will be always vulnerable.

    As far as Nasri is concerened, I think the entire drama is conducted to add a few more zeroes to the paycheck. I think he has only one year left in his contract, then it could get really messy.

  269. Timmy and Luke

    I think the facts speak for themselves, I don’t claim to ‘know’ anything. Nasri came to the club and was a very inconsistent player. He only really looked the part in 1 game where he got a brace against United. Apart from that he had a very quiet 1st season with us.

    Compare that to what Arshavin brought to the team instantly and then try to contemplate how much work the Arsenal backroom staff put in to get Nasri performing at this level.

    The truth of the matter is Arsenal’s or Arsene’s training methods are outstanding, you can tell our players take a huge amount of enjoyment in what they do. This proves to be a massive factor in getting the most out of each and every player.

    So yes, I can see Nasri would have not have had the opportunity and platform had he gone elsewhere. Wenger’s had a huge amount of faith in the lad too, I doubt Ferguson would have continued playing him. Look at how many quality young players or un-knowns United bring through nowadays, the ones they do bring through hardly set the world alight too.

  270. Im sorry but if Nasri goes, I blame wenger. Ive always been an akb, but its pretty obvious now that arsene’s strategy has set us up as a feeder club. Its unfortunate that’s the case with modern day footballers, but that is the reality. Young players see us as a training camp before there real job. Very depressing.

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