Transfer Chatter – New & The Usual Suspects

Little Jack did OK for a lacklustre England performance, certainly in the first half. Brought down by a tired and clumsy Johan Djourou – if it had been Philippe Senderos, there would have been plenty of scornful jokes heaped upon him. As it was Wilshere, like England, perked up in the second half and the youngster showed plenty of vision in his passing. Stuart Pearce is probably pig-sick, Henri Lansbury is not far behind him, his disappointment at Wilshere not going to the European Championships is evident.

Expecting signings to happen quickly this Summer? Not if Duncan Castles in this morning’s Sunday Times (no link, they are behind a paywall) is correct. A budget of £25m plus sale proceeds is his estimate, all of which is to buy a goalkeeper, central defender (Phil Jones), left back, central midfielder and striker. But he’s wrong because Steve Stammers has read all of the web reports this week and brought it together in one nice little piece for you.

Last time I looked, we were not in the market for a goalkeeper, left back or central midfielder. Well, perhaps the latter but not the other two. Certainly the £25m seems low if we are looking for a left back as that suggests Gael Clichy has been given away. Which is not unheard of although it is likely that one of the other positions would be filled in part exchange. Any offers?

Roma are dangling Jeremy Menez in Arsène’s direction. They want Clichy, giving Arsenal Menez. A winger who has never played in the Premier League. And he is not huge. Which means he is against every criteria that Arsène set earlier in this soap opera.

Special guest star in this episode is Cesc Fábregas, £60m to Chelsea, Real Madrid, Internazionale, Manchester City or Barcelona. Surprisingly, Daily Star hacks missed the chance to run with a Fábregas / Sneijder swap deal, something I would not be upset about if the Arsenal captain is to leave.

Which apparently he is because he gave everyone gifts at the end of the season. Andrey Arshavin apparently asked if these were parting gifts, his captain refusing to dignify the quip with a response. Hard to know how a British newspaper got that intimate a quote from a player who is not talking to them. Perhaps Lord Peter fed the story to his pet hacks. Or lawksamercy, they couldn’t have made it up. Could they?

If that was a feeble attempt at stirring, it was stronger than the pathetic attempt in Sport. Still, if the Catalans don’t get Cesc, they are being set up for Kyle Ebicilio, the subject of a piece in El Mundo Deportivo this morning.

Cut-price shopping is a oft-stated criticism of Wenger’s transfer policy, none more so than re-signing a former player. Having done so with Campbell and Lehmann, Sebastien Larsson is apparently the next one. At least Jeremy Toulalan has all but agreed terms with the nouveau riche of Malaga and is off there so we are to be spared the ignominy of being linked with a midfielder who has the turning circle of a barge.

Arsène’s holiday to South America – or scouting trip as he prefers to call it – is tabloid fodder. Mix this with Spurs trying to sign a Brazilian and hey presto, a ‘race for the signature of’ ensures. The poor sap caught up in this melee is Leandro Damaio, who will soon be a rich sap caught up in this melee.

The effervescent Stammers reckons that as his squad disintegrates, Wenger cancelled the trip. Next week Stammers will call Arsenal “A Club In Crisis“.

Elsewhere, Emmanuel Eboué is off to QPR. Neil Warnock and Eboué? Remember the World Cup and the Korean coaches? The denizens of South Africa Road might be seeing the same baffled look on the player’s face on a regular basis.

Nicklas Bendtner dreams of playing for FCK – insert joke involving letter ‘U’ here – which might be his summer destination if the lack of other offers is anything to go by whilst  Theo Walcott believes Arsenal have nobody but themselves to blame for last season’s failure. A good starting point would be to stop talking about, instead taking the lessons forward to next season.

Right that’s your lot for today. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. No one in the media has a clue what Arsenals transfer plans are so they fire out as much shit as they can with the hope that something sticks and they can claim it as an exclusive and that they have insider knowledge. Farkin Hacks

  2. Djourou was crap for the whole 90 mins

    YW We need a Keeper to cover for Szczesny.We have gone down the road with Fabianski before he’s not good enough
    And you must be the only Gonner who doesnt think Clichy has gone
    And when Bendtner and Vela go we will be down to 2 strikers and we all know RVP will get injured

  3. Fabianski is more than good enough cover for Chesney. In fact I think Fabianski will regain the number 1 position. Chesney’s distribution and kicking isn’t that good.

  4. I think we got rid of the wrong Swiss defender; Djouru was atrocious yesterday. I am still not convinced he has what it takes to be a first choice for Arsenal. Let’s hope he picks his form up again.
    I never understood why we got rid of Sendy, considering the players we have drafted in to replace him.

  5. @Leon, isn’t it too early to start spitting crap?

    the media will cocort as much false stories as possible. We are used to this already. AW never signs anyone he’s linked to. He keeps his cards close to his heart.

    I expect the rumour mill to continue this week, Cesc to Barca, Real, Man City or whichever club. But I expect Aw to run silently and tie down those that need contract extensions. I think activities will heighten in the 3rd week.

  6. 1 loose cannon

    I hear wenger wants to bring back Sebastian Larsson as a squad player. not a bad move if its true, he has gained a lot of experience since leaving Arsenal. he is a great crosser of the ball.

  7. If you have no news you won’t sell your paper. If the paper doesn’t sell you are out of a job.
    Ipso facto, you make up a story.It has always been that way.
    YW. At some stage why don’t you concoct a real blockbuster of a transfer story and watch how it runs.
    You’d be surprised…..or maybe not.

  8. @1LC,
    Larson is actually a very good player with great delivery, having him as a squad player wouldn’t be the worst thing to have happened to Arsenal, but that will mean Walcott has to play more centrally which I honestly don’t think he’s ready for considering that all teams park the bus against us.

    Larson can help bring out the best in Chamackh (good goal yesterday by the way) as we do not play to his strengths at the moment. Larson is also a good free kick take. We haven’t scored lots of those in a while.

  9. If people think Fabianski is better then chesney then we really do need another keeper then.

  10. same can be applied for JD and Senderos.

  11. 1 loose cannon

    theBigM- Djouorou or Senderos is not a debate. Dourou is way too classy. Yes he didn’t have a great game yesterday. do you know why? because we was a alongside Senderos a man who has not kicked a ball for 2 seasons and he had to do all the chasing . Senderos quality is average and his concentration level is poor. Watch the game again and you will see how much Doujorou had to do, He was at the centre of everything good and bad. We only lost twice I think when Djorou played for us this season.

  12. disagree 1lc
    jd had a stinker..senderos was the cb who stood say that jd was poor because of senderos doesnt match up becuase it was senderos who was doing all the decent defending..jd just looked knackered yesterday…
    agree with duke that fabianski shouldnt replace ches..especially just for his kicking…if we are replacing ches then we need a new goalie

    cant stand silly transfer rumours..not only are we being linked with odemwingie, but cahill was reportedly seen at the emirates this week, seeing as though he was with the england squad it would make perfect sense.. 😉 as much sense as seb larson rejoining the club..and if its just for his crossing we may as well sign beckham..

  13. ClockEndRider

    1 Loose Cannon,
    Re: “I hear Wenger wants to bring back Seb Larsson…”.

    Did you hear this or does “hear” mean “read a fabricated piece of filler news in a low grade red top”.

  14. Borges Spinelli

    Geez! What’s with these anti-Djourou mutterings?

    Cut the guy some darn slack, will you. If your body took as much punishment as his has had to endure, I’m sure your performance would wane as well. Djourou is only human and experiencing a bad patch. We all go through it. I can assure you that he will be back to his best if allotted with adequate recuperation.

  15. Most people thought JD was excellent at some point this season. is he now shit forever? Maybe He is now to old to learn? whats wrong with people? the brain keeps learning people. Djourou doesnt suddenly become shit beacuse he has a bad game.

    JonJon- remeber good JD. Should we just get rid cos of a bad game?

    I like Fabianski and would love to see him back. I cant keep holding his mistakes agianst him especially since he rectified them and got steady number games under his belt. Plus there is that whole brain and learning thing again. WTF?

    Cesc, Cesc, Cesc- I want him to stand up for Arsenal or go. Im sick and tired of it all. If he goes we keep Nasri and adjust how we play. We’ll be fine. Im would love for Cesc to stay but he needs to start acting like an Arsenal player and not a player on loan from Barca.

  16. I agree 1lc. People are too quick to judge on one game at the end of a long season. Djourou probably played a lot more than was anticipated due to the absence of Vermaelen all season. He was good until the shoulder injury, which I suspect is at the back of his mind. He just needs his holiday and then a good pre-season to get back on track.

    Yogi, if we listened to the papers we would sell all our current players and replace them with everyone’s favourite average gritty players from the lower reaches of the PL. Then we can return to the mid-table mediocrity where our budget suggests we should be and where we would be without AW performing miracles to keep us competitive.

  17. george rodger

    Djourou was outstanding until the shoulder injury.He was rushed back and was poor in the run in .I feel that this tells us more about how Squillaci is regarded ,rather than anything else.

  18. no gunnerwife he was shit last night..but it dont bother me none cos he played for switzerland and ive think ive said twice now he was poor becuase he looked like the injuries had taken their toll on him..
    we were told he was out for the season twice last year
    only for him to be back in the space of a few week..his end of season form suggests we should have signed a cb in jan and let jd rest properly..

    i think theo was garbage too last night but that dont bother me none either..

  19. george rodger

    Passenal,I could not agree more.God help Arsene if he signs some of these journeymen ,he will get crucified by the very people making the informed recommendations.

  20. latest stories are nasri is interested in joining manutd.. we are losing nasri and looking at odemwingie and larsson..

    been a cracking transfer window so far..

  21. passenal our budget doesnt suggest we should be midtable at all

    when has anyone in the pl made a 60mil profit in one season without selling players?? nevermind a midtable team…

  22. george rodger

    Theo was not good JJ,But who was?He was just joining in with the others wasterals.

  23. as i said yesterday george that first half was awful by everyones standards..hart looked like a 3rd rate keeper..swizt werent even threatening really they scored from two sloppy set pieces it was a terrible first half for everyone
    it wasnt until the second half ppl stood out..senderos, jack and young being the obvious candidates..

  24. george rodger

    Oh no not the budget discussion again.
    Re word your post passenal to read “money spent on transfers”
    Next up is wage bill and paying down of debt 🙂

  25. While I do no think Fabianski is as bad a keeper as the press make out I do think Szczesny will be the better long term keeper and will probably start next season as No 1. I can’t see Fabiznski staying at the club as No 2 to a guy who is the same nationality and 5 years younger. It’s just whether he goes this summer or next.

  26. george rodger

    Well Jack did ,I have to admit that.Young? how he got MOM is beyond me.

  27. Borges Spinelli

    Well, goonerwife.

    Fabianski, as I see is one who thrives on confidence. If he knows he’s the main man, his game raises. The Fàbregas saga, I’m afraid has an outcome which invariably weighs against us. Would love to keep the Spaniard! Though what use his presence will be is open for debate, given his heart lays elsewhere.

    Every effort should be spent on appeasing Nasri. For we can’t afford to let yet another class act slip from us.

  28. A great summary of the transfer bollocks YW. That has saved me a lot of time trawling through the non-stories of the day. Perfectly encapsulated in this great sentence

    ‘The poor sap caught up in this melee is Leandro Damaio, who will soon be a rich sap caught up in this melee’.

    Pretty much sums up the off-the-pitch side of football these days.

  29. Duncan Castles is a prick. 90% of that column is made-up. Fine from the Daily Star or whatever but you spend a couple of quid on a paper you expect some proper journalism. Not good enough.

  30. Only anb imbecile would judge a player based on one game. Whether they played fantastically or crap.

  31. george rodger

    I think Fabianski is a better keeper at present but Szczesny is a more imposing character and presence (which is of huge importance in the nets)

  32. Oh god, letsnot start the “who will be number 1 keeper at Arsenal next season” debate again!

  33. lol george
    round and round in circles we go… 😉

    think we both would agree though that the money is definately there this year, whether it has been in the passed or not, its there now..

    and same with the english players being over priced…that doesnt apply this year either with young in the last year and parker playing in a 2nd tier team..they would be cheaper options than looking abroad for players and they have years of PL experience..

    youngs only 25..if we sign him now his value will rocket to 30mil on a longer contract..

    its why we should just give nasri what he wants…it might cost a bit but by getting him tied down he immediately becomes a 30mil player on a 5 year deal so our investment is protected..

    losing nasri over 20k a week or whatever dont make sence when it will cost us 30mil to find a player of the level he is now..

  34. Larsson to re- sign to be a squad player ? This would be the same player who quit four seasons ago because he was not prepared to be a squad player. Utter meeja bollox

  35. dexter

  36. so sevilla want bedntner now??
    i thought they wanted denilson??
    maybe if we get lucky they will take them both.. 😉

    part ex for jesus navas and we are laughing

  37. If Nasri leaves because he refuses to sign a new deal then I will be gutted. But it will show that nasri isnt up forthe fight and is going because he is one of those players who thinks they are entitled to have guaranteed trophies to go with the multi-million pound wages.

    But, I am still hopeful Samir will sign up soon. (please, please, please)

    JJ; Almunia? Thats a whole different topic mate. The fab vs Chesney one is the one argument that will get Passenal all fired up!

  38. Maybe Sevilla want Almunia too?

  39. Borges Spinelli

    On the latest transfer rumors & murmurs…

    Well, Leandrão and Jeremy Menez are two players whom I’m widely known to admire. Should they opt to play for Arsenal, a rousing welcome would meet them from my quarter. For both are imperious performers.

    If I’m not mistaken, currently at Roma, Menez plays mostly on the Left and Attacking Midfield positions. Although in the last (not so friendly) International match I saw him play, which incidentally was against us. Displaying how devastating he can also be on the Right Lateral. Both, he and Sagna combined excellently all game long. As I painfully recall, the the only goal was supplied by Menez for Benzema to deliver the death blow.

    I know I’m a tad biased here, but I have to be frank, Leandrão is a much more rounded Striker than our Bendtner (his senior) is. With his predatory instincts in the box, equally comparable, effectiveness with long range and tight angled shots – he’s certainly one not to be overlooked in the transfer market, in my opinion.

    Add Gokhan Inler also to the mix and we’re almost ready to dominate the stage, next season and beyond.

  40. one things for sure dex if we lose nasri over pennies then i also will be gutted..i’ll be pissed off with the player and the club for letting it get to this point..

  41. george rodger

    JJ,Yes we do have money(well a bit)this year.
    The Nasri think worries me.We simply can not cave in to the demands of any player,otherwise the whole wage structure is fucked.Yet we do need him.As I keep saying”I am glad I dont have to make such decisions”

  42. george rodger

    Sky are saying Baines to City,£20 million plus Bridge.
    If true that puts him beyond us.Chalk another gritty British player of the shopping list.

  43. I am criticising Djouru, every player has bad games and hits poor form, but I don’t understand why we got rid of Senderos.

  44. If he wants parity with other players at Arsenal, then thats fine, he should get that. If he wants parity with players from other teams, then those demands shouldnt be met, IMO. If it is because the club are refusing the former point, then that I wouldnt necessarily blame Nasri for not signing.

  45. Senderos looks good in a more defensive minded team. I always liked Swiss Tony but he was never suited to our style.

  46. i agree george
    we shouldnt cave into the demands of any player..
    which is why ive suggested before that we offer him and his agent a juicy bribe to sign the fucking deal thats on the table..
    keep him within the wage structure, if he wants a big wage then throw in bonus like app fees, goal bonus and team of the year bonus..make him earn the wage he wants if he plays 50 times and score 20 goals and makes team of the year he will probably double the salary hes asking for..he has to earn it but we should do whatever to tie him down in the meantime..a cool couple of million in someones back pocket would help to smooth the deal over..

  47. Borges Spinelli

    Our wage structure sucks. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Its a pity Mark Hughes isnt at City any more George. He would buy Clichy for £30m, leaving us free to sign Baines for £10m!

    City are offering £20m and Wayne Bridge? So they value Baines at £20.5m then? Thats too rich for us man.

  49. The wage structure isnt minimum wage Borges! They players aint going to starve or have to get a part time job in a cocktail bar to make ends meet! I think £12,ooo a week is just enough to get by on, even in London!

  50. *£120,000 I meant

  51. our wage stucture doesnt suck borges

    its what you have to do to keep within your means but the structure is being strangled by average players and theres plenty of room for manouvre..

  52. What does that mean JJ? Being strangled by average players? How does a player earning between £20k – £50k affect Nasri, or RvP wanting more than twice that? If the ceiling is, say £120k and a player wants more then the insentive deal should be offered, as you stated earlier. For goals, trophies, etc.

  53. “its what you have to do to keep within your means but the structure is being strangled by average players and theres plenty of room for manouvre.”

    You know this of course because you are involved in transfer negotiations at the club?

  54. george rodger

    Well Dexter I have to disagree .If he wants parity with RVP then he is out of order ,similarly with Cesc.
    He is not as good as them ,not for me anyway.
    JJ, yes I like that.A bit of incentive bonus and a back hander. Just the ticket.
    More incentive and less basic should be the order of the day,me thinks.

  55. Borges Spinelli


    Why should we offer Nasri a sweetener of a million pounds, when the same amount equates to roughly 20k more each week? Assuming that’s what he wants.

    Furthermore, because van Persie, who is seen as top dog, signed a contract reported to be 110k a week, doesn’t mean Nasri should short change himself in receiving any less from 2012 onwards. Seeing as at an equally large club as Arsenal his peers have been in excess of 150k for the past 2/3 seasons.

  56. ok guys
    take almunia for example..
    hes probably the best paid keeper at the club..seeing as though he was number one for 5 years..within the space of 6months hes number 3…so weve got a number three keeper earning more than the number one..
    total waste of wages..

    i could name you more if you want….

  57. George

    Maybe if we are going to offer bribes and bungs, then perhaps we could get good ol George graham in to handle things?

    I think Nasri is a top class player and will get better. h should be on par for me. But we can disagree occasionally! 😀

  58. becuase borges hes one of the clubs best players..
    selling him now wouldnt even get back the money we paid for him and if he signs a new deal his value we can always sell him down the line if it doesnt work out..

    we need to protect our could cost us 5 mil up front to keep nasri here but when you consider that it will cost 30mil to find a player to replace him its a steal in the long run..

    bribes have always happened in football..agents have made it legal..

  59. JJ

    That doesnt answer the point mate. In fact, I think they are 2 seperate points. On the one hand we have a top class performer (Nasri) who wants to get a wage increase, so he is on par with the club’s A-listers. And then there is a different scenario whereby you are saying we have avergae players who earn too much. Is that about it?

  60. no dexter im saying we have average players who dont need to be here at all..
    if almunia stays ches and fab will both want at least
    parity..if someone gets a promotion at work and becomes number one in that department they are going to want to be paid more than the guy who now makes the teas..

    if almunia goes it doesnt fan the flames and we have space on the wage bill to give nasri what he wants..

    nasris not an average performer, he is key to what we want to achieve so giving him what he wants is nothing in comparison to paying someone good money to not even sit on the bench..

  61. “Lawksamercy” – what is that YW? Lord have mercy? Blasphemy on a Sunday? What is this blog coming to?

  62. george rodger

    Ok fuck it ,Give Nasri what he wants and hike RVP and Cesc.
    It would be a “statement of intent”

    If you could see me now I am putting on my tin hat and digging in 🙂

  63. Just as I said, they are 2 seperate points mate. But you are doing a great job in trying to confuse me!

  64. george rodger

    Who will people kick if Almunia leaves?

  65. Lets just stop paying Almunia and give his wages to Nasri.

  66. Almunia being top paid GK will effect Fabianski and Szczesney. Cant see it having anything to do with nasri’s contract stalemate?

    But shouldnt we call the police if Almunia is strangling nasri anyway?

  67. george rodger

    Dexter,funny,very funny.

  68. to be honest then dexter i dont know what your aking me.
    im confused
    its like your saying your happy to/or ready to accept keeping almunia etc and losing nasri???

    if we can afford to give out 17 extentions last year and spend millions on contract and agents feees im pretty sure we can stump up the cash to keep just one of our best players here for the forseebale future..

    if that means getting players off the wage bill then so be it..theres plenty of candidates we wont miss..but we’d miss nasri..

  69. dexter
    hole in one..

  70. Almunia?

    I thought it was the Barca defence who were strangling Nasri – along with anyone else they could lay their hands on.

  71. JJ, you said we have players at the club, average players that are strangling the wage bill which affects nasri. I am just trying to work out how exactly that happens.

    You are confusing yourself mate.

  72. I’d be amazed if Almunia was at the club come August, then again, i was amazed he was still at the club last summer!

  73. Bradys right foot

    Show Nasri the door immediately, I think he’s a fantastic player but after his comments to French TV last night if it was up to me I would never let him pull on the jersey again, to treat a club like Arsenal with such contempt is simply not on. Flirting with Man Utd disrespects every fan and the club.

  74. Brady

    Did you see him on TV or did you read the text? I only ask as I’ve just read his comments on Sky and it just looked like the usual waffle players come out with when they are negotiating a new deal and then United bit was put to him by the reporter and he didnt really say anything as far as I could see.

  75. dexter
    i just think your on a wind up to be honest..

    bottom line is if we can afford to keep almunia, rosicky, denilson, nikki who are players that can even make the first team then we can afford to give nasri the extra he wants..seeing as though he his a first teamer..

    if the wage structure is a stumbling block then fuck those 4 players off and then we can afford to keep nasri with enough for a bag of chips, a pack of cigs and a bus ride home..

  76. JJ

    Just move on mate, you are widning yourself up!

    As I have siad (too many times already!)

    I dont see why you are lumoping the nasri situation in with those other players? Its 2 separate issues. You should be lumping nasri in with what RvP and Cesc earn.

    Now, that is definitely the last time I am making that same point ever again!

  77. fair enough..but your wrong

  78. There’s a nasty spiteful little piece of shit hackery in the News of the World. According to the twat hack, WEnger’s chief scout, has begged him to sign Parker, but nasty cheapskate Wenger is refusing to because he is too oldand too English and onstead Wenger the miser will sign unknown Frnechies and midget gems from South America

  79. imagine the uproar if nasri goes to utd..

  80. id be suprised if wenger carrys on looking for foreign talent to bring into the first team this summer

    especially when he has himself highlighted the need for english or english based players…

  81. hazard and defoe back on the radar again..
    this is going to be a long summer..

  82. No Lansbury or Gibbs in the England U21’s.

  83. Well you have to ask is Nasri as important to us as Rooney is to United? Rooney dictated his own salary simply because he knew the club could not say no. United is nothing without Rooney. Is Arsenal something without Nasri? Is he our talisman? Will he be our talisman? Is he worth 120£ a week? Is he as important for us a Rooney is for United?

  84. For nasri to go to United this summer, we’d have to want to do business with them and that just aint going to happen, not this season, no way.

  85. kev thats cos pearce wants the full england team to play for the u21’s..

    being under 21 isnt good enough anymore apparently for such a high level of football the u21 provides.. you need to be a fully fledged international to qualify for such a priviledge.. and if you play for your full squad your a wanker cos the u21’s is where its at..

  86. Poodle

    Dont even compare the 2 mate. Rooney is a despicable runt of a human being!

    Nasri is worth £120k a week in thecurrent climate most def.

  87. There is no one with any guile in that team Pearce has picked. He’s picked good ol solid grafters. And he wanted to have Wilshere in there?

  88. his “not ruling out United” sounds alot like cescs “id go to Barca if they want me”. And yet Cesc will go to Real and Nasri will be shipped off the island if he does not sign a new contract. he must know that….

  89. passenal thats a fiar statement but rooney ended up turning it on and utd won the league so it dont matter what fergie did with rooney cos it worked..

    do we really want to lose nasri??

    is that what this summer is going to be about?? losing our best players like every other year?
    everyone pretty much agreed this was a big summer for wenger, losing nasri isnt a good start..

  90. why should i not compare the two? they do exactly the same thing. they hold their clubs randsome. worth it or not. that is what he is doing.

  91. dex it wouldnt suprise me if pearce is being a twat of all twats and playing silly bollox cos we didnt let him have jack..

  92. JJ, it’s a relief that a loser like Pearce hasn’t got his hands on Jack. God help our other lads ‘benefitting’ from his expertise…

  93. george rodger

    Pearse is the worst example of Englishism as can be

  94. Jeezes Nasri is turning into Adebayor. flirtig with other club….

  95. so sorry
    meant poodle

  96. When all those pundits and experts go on about having an Englishman in charge of the England team, do they have Pearce in mind???

  97. thats true poodle
    theres a sense of ade mark 2 about all this..but as we saw with ade once a player is tied down he can be sold for market value if it dont work out

  98. poodle

    You are taking this to extremes. nasri, as far as I can tell, simoply wants parity with nhis team mates. Rooney wanted parity with what City were paying their mercenaries. He wanted to be paid twice as much as anyone els at United. He held the club to ransom. Nasri isnt doing that, well not from what I can tell and going by Wenger’s comments.

  99. LimparAssist

    Better than Darren Bent?

  100. allezkev

    Ha, Pearce as England manager? What a funny idea! Its bound to happen!

  101. @ Dex nasri are flirting with United now… doubt hes even interested in the Arsenal contract no more. he already sent out a badly camouflaged “come get me” to them.

  102. Dexter, remember mate, we’re talking about the F.A, here, nothing those morons do would suprise me in the slightest…

  103. Ah, Bendtner has stated that he’s 100% ready to leave Arsenal… How does that make you all feel???

  104. MDG @1.50pm

    It was that or For Fucks Sake. Your choice, blasphemy or bad language.


  105. I think talking about the newcomers is not worth it,
    Looking at the England game,that’s the reason I feel Koscielny should be TommyV’s partner next year.Not Djourou.Not a new player.But Kozzer.Just take a look at the extremely big matches, especially at Koscielny’s performances in those games.
    Never seen a defender play so well against Messi tbh.

  106. i dont think its that poodle

    i think hes just trying to force our hand..i doubt he has any interest in joining manu he just wants his contract sorted..its like dex said we dont want to do business with utd and im pretty sure nasri knows it so hes pushing his luck..

    id give him what he we did with ade..then we hold the cards, if he plays up we get 25-30mil and not the peanuts hes available for now..and if he turns it on then nobodys complaining theres no need to sell and hes worth every penny..

    hes got us by the balls at the mo but as soon as he puts pen to paper the balls back in our court

  107. Nasri’s trending on twitter…
    Those comments attributed to him yesterday is in stark contrast to one from a guy I saw kissing the barge at ManCity. This is disheartening. I doubt if any Man Utd player will flirt so openly with Arsenal.

    I just hope it’s another false story from the press like the RVP one.

  108. Well i hope u guys are right. nothing would make me more happy.

  109. and JJ i agree that would be the best solution seen from a buissness perspective..

  110. Poodle

    Again, I think you are taking the media BS too seriously. Evra was the one whio said he should join United and yesterday Nasri was asked about the interest to which he basically said; “Well we dont know if theirs anything to the rumours” That was what I read anyway. If there’s more than that, I havent seen it, so sorry.

  111. Time to kick the overpaid wanker Wenger out of the club.

  112. I just think it was stupid to allow Nasri’s contract to run down to a siunle year. The fact Wenger has said recently he wont allow another Flamini situation in respet to Samir and Clichy is a bit like bolting the door after the horse has bolted kind of analogy thingy.

  113. Hope u right dex. nothing would make me more happy.

  114. Is it time for the cunts convention already?

  115. The pride of Tottenham

    Have you guys signed Defoe yet? This is what you arsehole fans are all about. The dumping yard for the best club in North London,Tottenham.

  116. Poodle

    Yeah me too man. I am just hoping its just like all the other timeswhere you suddenly see players linked with moves away from their club, right about the time they are re-negotiating their contracts! One day they are linked to another club, then next thing you know, they have penned that spanking shiney new deal! Agents earning their 10%!

  117. yep, the cunts convention is in full swing.

  118. The pride of Tottenham

    Think, I have just joined the cunts convention with you arseholes.Might ring up your boss Arsehole Wanker. No wonder,your best players dont want to play for the joke of a manager and the club.

  119. The pride of spuddom, is that like being the best dressed crack head in a crack house? Your jibes about our manager are really cutting me to te core man. Dunno if I can take much more of this?

  120. Kenya vs Angola on in 15 minutes!

  121. And the fact you want to go on an Arsenal blog being a cunt, kinda makes you the honourary chairman of the cunts cinvention.

  122. i think nasri is being mis advised by his mr 20% so
    pay the 20% off and tell him to keep his opinions to himself..

    erm dumping ground??

    what about gallas and bentley??

  123. Lansbury and Gibbs on for U21s.

    @ allezkev; I can understand Bendtner wanting to leave, he needs to go somewhere he can play every week, a drop in level and expectations; the spuds perhaps?

  124. I’m expecting an RvP type denial from Nasri in next couple of days. Otherwise, I have to say he fully deserves all the criticism he gets.

    Wasn’t he saying a some time ago how unlike Gallas he’d never consider playing for Tottenham? Surely he realizes Manure are almost as bad?

  125. Whats he actually said about signing for United Henristic? I still can’t find any quotes.

  126. Halftime. Angola 0 Kenya 0.

  127. The Nasri quotes seem to be as close to “no comment” as you could say without saying b****r off it’s none of your business. Basically he doesn’t know if he will sign a new contract (and would anyone with any sense say any different in the middle of negotiations,) and he will wait to see the reality of any ManU link before commenting, again a sensible thing for a footballer to say, who knows where he might end up in his career, and if he said anything negative about any club, some fans with elephantine memories would bring it up to beat him about the head with should he join at any stage in his career, so best to be non-commital.

  128. Dexter,

    From the

    Yet Nasri himself, when interviewed on TF1’s Telefoot, appeared more open to the prospect. “Let’s find out if their interest is true first, and then we’ll talk about it,” he said.

    “I don’t know if I will sign a new contract. Anyway, the discussions are on-going. For the moment, I don’t want to think about this. We will speak about it after the match with Poland [on Tuesday]. Do I want to go to United? We should see if their interest is real and if it is concrete first.”

    Those are danming quotes attributed to him.
    Like RvP did recently, if he’s been misquoted, he should come out and deny them, or say it was a mistranslation or whatever.

  129. I suppose Nasri could argue that even Wenger himself ‘flirted’ with Real Madrid a couple of seasons ago, but he (Arsene) has definitely earned the right to ‘consider his options’. Unlike Nasri et al who still have it all to prove.

  130. Damning my arse! I agree totally with JohnN’s take on the matter. He is simply being non-committal to any eventuality. Its the same shit every player says.

    FFS Rooney said he was NEVER going to play for United again, days before he signed a brand new deal!

  131. I thought there must’ve been other incendary quotes from nasri I had missed. I read those ones earlier and thats when I posted my original take on the issue.

  132. no matter what the take is on nasri and whether he said those things or not ive thought for a while he will leave this summer and its looking more and more like it everyday..

    all it takes now is for cesc to bang in a transfer request and we are pretty much screwed..

    love them or hate them..these are two players we need and i hope the club do everything possible to keep them..

  133. Jesus you are such a negative sod JJ!

  134. Borges Spinelli

    How much do you guys think Gareth Bale receives at Tottenham? Or Narni at Manchester United?

    Are Bale and Narni better than Nasri? Is Nasri justified in his bid to receive a fair compensation, which he believes he is rightfully entitled to from his present employers?

  135. Dexter,
    That’s not very fair on our Nick mate. He may lack in a few areas but he’s still a couple of levels above the biggest club in Middlesex…

  136. Borges

    Althoug different types of player, I would say Nasri is a all round better player than both, yep. Bale is a one trick pony and will find it difficult replicating this season (which to me was hyped out of al reality due to onegame vs a poor Inter side) while nani is very inconsistent.

    But overall I would rather wehad Nasri and feel he deserves a wage increase as his stature and importance to the club has increased.

  137. allezkev; 😀

  138. Borges,

    I believe Bale earns 60k a week at Sp*rs where their wage structure is very stringent

  139. It’s bloody 1:0 to Angola!

  140. The problem with Nasri, or Clichy for that matter, should have been sorted out 12 months ago. No player should be allowed to run down his contract until he’s only got a year left. Didn’t the fiasco with Flamini teach the management anything?

  141. I disagree Dexter. I think its completely out of order for an arsenal player to say:

    “Do I want to go to United? We should see if their interest is real and if it is concrete first.”

    “Let’s find out if their interest is true first, and then we’ll talk about it,”

    United are our biggest rivals. He shouldn’t even be entertaining the possibility, which he seems to be clearly doing, by not dismissing reports of their interests outright.

    I don’t care that Rooney did worse. Since when was he some sort of standard?
    I like to think that Arsenal players have way more decency than oafs like Rooney anyway.

  142. Borges Spinelli

    And, Narni?

  143. allezkev

    Truly it should have been sorted out.

  144. lol kev

    not negative dex just preparing for the worst..i want to be suprised

    borges, nasri is a much better player than both you mentioned..bale had one stunning game v inter and that was it..theo scored more and assisted more this season..nanis been quality for utd in patches but once fergie got park and valencia back he couldnt wait to use them..
    nasris just an all round better player and until we went missing at the end he was exceptional..he was one of those that went missing we must accept but i think this contract thing may have got to him
    i think in the current market hes a 100k a week player easily and we need to find a way to keep him here..

  145. Henristic

    Oh stop being such a delicate flower! 😀

    You are seeing way too much into this. But given how many different sites on Newsnow are running wih it, I aint surprised you think its such a big deal. hYou can look at it from different perspectives I guess.

    For me he is simply telling a reporter to go away until there’s more than simply a rumour going round about him signing for another cub.

  146. Borges Spinelli

    Bad example, Jon Jon at 1:31pm. You can’t cut a player’s pay because his status within the team has diminished. That’s absurd!

    Said player could argue, quite convincingly at a tribunal that he was moved further down the order, by a tightfisted club. Not because of a perceived dip in his form; rather as an artful ploy to reduce costs (salaries) in order to satiate shareholders through limiting his role therein. A classic case of breach of contract.

    You can, however, increase the pay of those who’ve surpassed the player and offset the cost with a swift sale.

  147. Dexter,
    If a fair offer had been put on the table 12 months ago, and the ‘player’ doesn’t sign, saying things like ‘I want to see where the club is, in a years time’ then alarms bells should go off.

  148. allezkev

    Its a strange one and I really dint have an explanation for why the club felt they could leave contract talks so late for both players? If I was being a cynic, or a glass half empty kinda dude, then perhaps the club thought the were saving a few quid as they were convinced both would sign up like Flamini did. 😀

  149. agreed kev

  150. george rodger

    I really likes Samri,I like his attitude and his play but I would rather he left that disrespect the club.
    Van the man needs to explain things to him.

  151. Dexter,
    lol, yeah, they do love saving a few quid mate.
    Look how they saved a fortune on buying a decent c/h and got that legend Silvestre. How Fergie must have pissed himself…

  152. Borges Spinelli

    We already can’t compete financially with Barcelona/Real/AC Milan/Inter/ Man U/Chelsea/City in attracting top players to our team. Must we also lose those few, who form the nucleus of our team due to a stifling policy of not adequately compensating them to retain their loyalties.

    And, yes, loyalties in modern sports is directly linked with financial rewards as it is glory driven.

    To put into further context, imagine you were an equity partner at a major law firm, with an international presence (such as Latham & Watkins) and you were paid $1m. Now let’s say at a number of rival firms of similar stature, your contemporaries are receiving between $2.5-4m.

    Would you or would you not exhaust all endeavors, within your means, to maneuver yourself into a more advantageous, bargaining position with your employers?

    Contrast this example with Nasri’s dilemma.

  153. And when they missed out on signing Silvestre, Man City had to make do with the hapless Kompany!

  154. George

    Nasri is a young modern footballer, hey dont have the same loyalties as fans mate. And its rare to find that same loyalty in players these days. Robin, Henry and Dennis were rare exceptions. I hope Samir can be persuaded to sign up for a load more years so he feels that same loyalty.

  155. I just wait and see with our transfers. Wenger said he was looking for a defensive midfielder (Frimpong won’t be ready for a while, it is safe to assume) and an experienced central defender who ideally has PL experience. I don’t think that means he has to actually BE English, or even a current PL player. And it doesn’t mean he’ll get his number 1 targets, either.

    And I just thought I’d point out that we are discussing a footballer wanting to be paid as much as higher-earning team-mates.
    Perhaps some people will remember this when they next claim that if we were to bring in a player on a higher wage, our higher-earning players would not demand parity.

  156. ahh your talking about an entirely different subject now borges

  157. george rodger

    Dexter .You are right .I suppose.
    You dont have to like it though.

  158. FG

    Maybe we can re-sign Silvestre from Werder Bremen?

  159. Player’s loyalty ?
    And if an offer for £50 million came in for Nasri from Rubin Kazan the club would have his bags packed before you could say where’s my snood
    Two way street and clubs are as guilty of abuse as players

  160. george rodger

    Give him what he wants and sell him immediately for £30 million plus.Make “a statement of intent” 🙂

  161. @ Dexter
    (wry smile)

    @ Borges Spinelli
    We’re not tight-fisted, we’re responsible and we look for value. Our wages and transfers come out of the same pot and while that pot is bigger than it was, it is not unlimited and wage/transfer fee inflation is rampant. More for Nasri means less available for someone else’s contract extension or to attract these top players to whom you refer. I hope Nasri stays – I really, really hope he stays – but he is not RvP or Fabregas yet, let alone Messi.

  162. george rodger

    Cant have it both ways ,now can we?
    We are accused by some of being too loyal to players ,and by others of having no loyalty.
    Which is it?

  163. Any news on Riccardo Alvarez?

  164. both george..
    fans take the piss..but so have some of these players..

    and as for wages i would rather have 11 top players on 100k a week than 22 average ones on 50k…

    its all about the quality in your side not the size of it.. 😉

    i could name more than just cesc in the team who deserve to be breaking the 100k mark and i would give them it if thats what it took to keep them..
    key players want key salaries you dont keep world class players on paper boy pennies..

  165. george rodger

    How do the poor bastards cope on 50 k per week.
    My heart bleeds.

  166. george rodger

    JJ .100k per week?
    You think they deserve it?

    Or do you mean we should pay it because we want the players? That I can accept.
    But deserve it?
    You must choose your words more carefully

  167. Dexter | June 5, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    “Oh stop being such a delicate flower! 😀
    You are seeing way too much into this. But given how many different sites on Newsnow are running wih it, I aint surprised you think its such a big deal. You can look at it from different perspectives I guess.”

    Delicate flower? Nice one, lol…

    You going with that tired line about posters only getting opinions from the media?? *sigh*

    The Nasri thing is a big deal in my opinion. Wenger singled it out as one of the deals he’d like to sort out early, for obvious reasons.
    But how can that happen when said player is entertaining interest from one of our rivals?

    RvP came out to denounce news reports that were of much less significance than this. Nasri should do the same or he will be treated like Adebayor.

  168. I agree with JJ though. We should pay him what he wants (within reason). He is a star player and there is hardly any doubt he can command top wages elsewhere.

    Ironically as more and more of our players become “world class” it looks like we’d have to re-structure our wage er.. structure.
    We can’t pay youths/fringe players better than our competitors AND pay our ‘stars’ market rates too. Something has to give

  169. george rodger

    Jack and Rvp are the only two who I could see coming out and saying”United can stick their interest where the sun doe not shine”(thats Manchester,do you see what I did there? 🙂 ). Or words to the effect.

  170. The comments ‘reported’ by the press and media from Samir are subtle misinterpretations. Designed to destabilise an Arsenal fanbase which they believe, correctly, is already wobbling. Let’s face it the ploy works every time.

  171. You only hve to see that NotW piece today Frank. Designed with that same motive.

    Henristic; I never said you were being influenced by the medai (then again, maybe I influenced you into saying that?) I just happened to notice the numerous articles on Newsnow making out it was a big deal when it clearly isnt.

  172. Borges Spinelli

    FunGunner at 6:06pm, I agree. I reckon Coquelin is likely candidate to replace Denilson of the two.

  173. “Jeezes Nasri is turning into Adebayor. flirting with other club….”

    The Nasri situation is a concern. He was supposed to be the main feature in this month’s club magazine according to the advert last month. But instead, he is conspicuous by his absence.

    Maybe the fans need to stop making up songs for players because it seems to go to their heads, where they think they are more important than they are.

    I hope we can reach a compromise and get him to stay, but I’m prepared for the opposite. Apparently the new deal talks started last summer, but Nasri wouldn’t commit and negotiations have been ongoing. It’s sounding very similar to the Flamini situation, which is a worry. But I hope Arsene sticks to his guns and does not sell him to utd.

  174. We can’t pay youths/fringe players better than our competitors AND pay our ‘stars’ market rates too. Something has to give


    george, sagna was in the team of the year..again..hes one of the best rb’s in europe and definately the best in PL..he would get 100k anywhere cos hes a top player who would walk into most clubs..
    add to that nasri, cesc, rvp and theres a good few there who deserve to be on top whack..could add jack to that too..

    all would get 100k anywhere else and all would walk into any club, so why not at arsenal..

  175. Paulie Walnuts

    It certainly sounds as if Nasri is weighing up his options but I`m not convinced he`s leaving despite the slant the press are giving his comments.

    As mentioned by others earlier today, the disappointing thing is that he`s able to do that – & the fact we`ll get less for him if he leaves with just a year left on his contract. This should have been sorted 12 months ago, especially since he didn`t make it to the World Cup Finals.

  176. You would pay Jack £100,000 per week at 19? It’s a good job you are not in charge of the club or we would be bankrupt in no time. Jack is good for his age, but at that rate he would be dangerously over-hyped.

  177. mancity would give him double that so lets hope his loyalties dont have to be bribed like other players i can mention..

    and no we wouldnt be banrupkt because id get rid of enough players to keep it within the structure..

  178. george rodger

    JJ i am not saying “dont pay them it”
    I am saying nobody”deserves 100k per week for kicking a ball.Bar Dennis

  179. Bradys right foot

    As George has already said Nasri should simply leave rather than disrespect the club. Dex and Frank I know what your saying lads but imo its very poor from Nasri to flirt with Utd publicly, now to put it into perspective he’s no Cashley and maybe he’s trying to use a bit of leverage on the club. He’s an Arsenal player the club and fans should be respected at all times, Ade mark II.

  180. So there would be no squad players and no youth players in your world JJ? That would mean that instead of producing a JW, who saves you millions in transfer fees, you would need to find the money to buy ready made top class talent? I don’t think it’s quite as simple as you seem to think, aside from the fact that you are working on a lot of assumptions and very few facts.

  181. footballers are all cunts now as we all already know, i wish i grew up watching snooker or darts. Nasri is gunner make sure he gets his grubby hands on the extra 6% us fans are forking out. but he is just doing what they are all doing in their position i hear you say. yes so its ok then. bollocks to footballers they dont give two fucks about whether kids will have clubs to play for when they grow up. fuck em all ,

    I love Arsenal the club not the cunts who just happen to don the shirts now for way too much money. all this money going out the game and into players bank accounts.

    lucky bastads they are to wear our shirt so if Nasri wants to go fuck im.

  182. our wage bill has plenty of room to expand anyway
    the way this club is profit orientated it wouldnt be wide of the mark to assume the ceiling could be abit higher as far as the wages are concerned..

  183. George

    NO player deserves £10k a week mate, never mind £100k! I think the money; the wages players, agents and managers demand, the high ticket, merchandise prices coupled with the money TV viewers in England are expected to fork out every year is rotten. Its all about money, the fact that players have no looyalties, clubs no regard for fans, or players is a natural side effect of the game.

    I ca definitely see a time when I will fuck it off if we continue on this path. I will always look out for Arsenal, but I could see myself not bothering to go to games and spendin so much time and money on the club.

  184. passenal..
    ive been through this with you before im sure..

    we have about 70 players on our books..
    are you saying we need them all??

    there would be plenty of squad players and youth players in my world..just not as many as that..

  185. “and no we wouldnt be banrupkt because id get rid of enough players to keep it within the structure.”

    You mean the wage budget, not the structure right? Thats probably why I didnt get what yu were on about earlier JJ. You keep calling it the structure man!

  186. Brady

    maybe if Nasri had stated he would never ever play for Arsenal again I might be incined to demonise him! Then again Rooney did just that and he’s still at United and has a new deal.

  187. You are right BRF, he is doing exactly what Ade did, but so far not getting a quarter of the abuse Ade took. His flirting with utd started with his twitter comment about Scholes. This is just round 2.

  188. im not looking into his comments too much either dexter..
    i just think hes at a stand off with the club and they are outbluffing eachother and the media are running away with it…i dont think theres anyother club involved..
    but if it aint sorted soon there could be..
    still not a good situation to be in anycase..

    yeah mate the budget..

  189. Borges Spinelli

    The more I thought I give the matter, I’m leaning towards the viewpoint of those who moan about how much our academy and fringe players are paid, whilst our stars aren’t receiving their due recompense.

    A couple of days earlier, on twitter, that world class player Frimpong was boasting about his £250k watch. Seriously, how much does a non-first teamer kid, just out of football factory like him make to afford such an expensive timepiece?

    And as good as young Wilshere is, tripling his compensation to £100k weekly so soon, is bound to lead an impressionable mind like his down the perilous path of narcotics.

  190. LimparAssist

    Bound to, Borges!

  191. Passenal

    Nasri hasnt behaved anything like how Ade did. He never compared himself to henry after 1 good season, he never said publicly he fancied going to AC Milan, Barca, etc.

    He was ASKED about the rumours and basically said, they are just rumours nothing more. What has he done? Nothing in my opinion.

  192. Never did Maradona any harm Borges.

  193. george rodger

    well I am going to stick my neck out.
    Every one know when we go in for a player we will not have the piss ripped out of us.If the selling club get giddy ?We walk away.Its the Arsenal way,some fans dont like it,I do.Its about having principals and standards.
    It should be the same with players .If they dont like our offer,the club,the chance to play the game properly,and be adored as Arsenal players.Then fuck them.
    Honestly,I would rather be mid table and class than table toping shit bags.
    Let Nasri and every future signing know what is expected of them.
    You get the opportunity to play Wengerball,where?
    Nowhere else.
    They should ask Hleb if its worth leaving for anywhere.

  194. Nasri is just not in the same league as Cesc or Van Persie to be able to demand salary parity with those two. Nasri has had a good half season, but that’s it. Arshavin contributed more to the team. I hope we can keep him, but if is going to insist on his demands, well, thank you for your goals and good-bye.

  195. Borges, I don’t think you mean £250 hundred thousand pounds? Because that would be ridiculous even for a young professional footballer.

  196. Borges Spinelli

    Dexter, Maradona and Paul Gascoigne made the wrong choices with drugs. Look at how their lives have turned out.


    Straight from his twitter feed.

    “@EmmanuelF4 Emmanuel Y Frimpong
    On the plane to Ghana now Them man searched me hard aint seen an African with A quatre Mill on his wrist before or something lol Cya Ghana
    3 Jun”

  197. Borges, you are still making an assumption about his meaning

  198. Maradona had high ol time, he had a blast man…. Nah, I was joking Borges dude!

    I’d be appalled if that garbage was actually Emmanuel Frimpong’s own words.

  199. 1 loose cannon

    I very much doubt If Nasri really wants to go. He does not come across as a player who would run his contract down.I assume he is only saying what the agent is telling to say to drive a hard bargain. Tevez did it to get his 250 k a week, and Rooney did the exact same thing. AT Marseille he was in the same situation with 1 year left on his contract when Arsenal tried to sign him he extended his contract with Marseille and we had to pay a higher fee. He thoughout at the time it would be unfair on Marseille to leave on the cheap. So let hope it all just talk to get what he wants. If he wants parity with Cesc and RVP then I can’t why not.

  200. @Borges
    Straight from his feed:
    “Its like 250pounds if u change to pounds mate aint england money am on bout”
    So, his 250k watch is basically a 250 pound watch. What you did, in the end, was just take a quote, without context and everything, and made a lot more out of it than it was. A bit like the hacks on Sky etc.

  201. Is Borges really Rob Beasley?

  202. If Nasri stays now, he is obliged to turn in a super season next year to prove to everyone hes worth those 100k plus he demands. He must deliver more than this year infact he must deliver a trophy. He must be the one that drives the others forward like Rvp does. He must command as much respect as Cesc and RVP. He must PROVE he is the star player he claims he is.

    If not those 100k plus its a wast of money and we would be better off selling him

  203. Borges

    Richard Mille is a watchmaker. Might refer to brand rather than money. Plus your assumption about narcotics is based on the most spurious of grounds. Best not to make such rash claims without evidence better than Maradona or Gascoigne.


  204. Borges Spinelli

    I doubt very much that at this stage in Frimpong’s life, his appreciation for fine Swiss brands, extends beyond knowledge of Jacob & co;Tag Heur; Rolex and possibly Omega timepieces lol. I’ll take your sound counsel regarding the narcotics comment., though 🙂

    Dexter, who the is heck Rob Beasley???
    {scratches head}

  205. Borges Spinelli

    I’m neither a journalist nor being selective of excerpts I share from the source. Quite clearly, it is you who is misrepresenting facts. Using an excerpt from a different time & day, which bares no correlation whatsoever with my initial point. Abusus non tollit usum. Do keep up, Evil one. 😉

  206. Borges

    Beasley rhymes with Weasely. Which is quite appropriate given he is a hack.


  207. Nasri clearly has been offered contract extensions. The boss has always been willing to give players early and relatively lucrative extensions. The fact that Nasri hasn’t signed certainly says a lot. Hopefully this can be worked out. Losing him would be a huge blow for the players and the fans.

    We all hope Djourou will come back to playing the way he did for that stretch of games this season. We use the excuse that he came back too soon from the injury but we have seen before that once players lose confidence its hard to get back. When we talked about Odimwingie we were concerned about a 1 year wonder. With JD we have a 1/3 season of a good player. He was poor for the last several games for us this year then he follows it up with a poor international game. We need to cover our bases this summer and add at least one good first choice CB. Just like this year, if JD is good enough he will move up the pecking order. If his recent form or somewhere in between is the real JD then at least we are covered.

  208. Do players these days get paid the same every week or is some still linked to results, like the old win bonuses? That might be an incentive in some games.

  209. Henristic, Nasri was calling the reporter out for being a rumormonger. What he said is clear as day. There should be interest from Manchester FIRST before he could entertain such an absurd question. There was no come get me in what he said at all. You obtuse shit.

  210. george rodger

    Lol,Obtuse.I fucking love that word.

    Once again I dont know what the fuck to think.

  211. Bill, did you watch the game to see if Djourou has lost his confidence or are you taking what jon jon said a bit further?

    Stop being obtuse, also.

  212. I knew you’d get a kick out of that.

  213. Good day to all,

    First time on this board (and on any board for 3years.. I succumbed to the wums & other plastic fans on the old 606 and never recovered since.. )

    Just to say great blog YW for the news, analysis, comments over the years..this blog, Arseblog & the Holic are my three favourites.

    I hope we would succeed in making the team stronger, which means building around our best players..and Nasri is definitely one of them. But there is so much wrong in world football today that i sometime question the true passion for the game with professionals who marking good living from it: players, referees, pundits, managers, board members or football directors.. I heard that these players from the Arsenal fairwell party were said to be leaving the club: Almunia, Lehman, Clichy, Arshavin, Brendtner. The most unbelievable piece of rumor was that Arshavin is not leaving London but is heading to Chelsea. I hope we keep Clichy.. players loose form but his attitude and commitment have been exceptional. In my opinion LF, WS, JD, TV, BS, SF, JW,Rambo, Song, Diaby,Nasri, Walcott,MC, RVP are the players who need quality subs to deputise/compete with them in order for us to challenge fro trophies in the next years. I also would like to see Lansbury, Bartley & Henderson given playing time next season. I agree with most that we need another CB, but I think to address those set pieces issues Arsene would put more efforts in training rather than finding a good signing. If both Nasri & Cesc stays, I would not buy any kind of midfielder..But regardless of movements in that department I think we have seen in the last couple of years the gulf in class between RVP and any other striker at Arsenal. We need someone who is not too far away in terms of his all round play who could do a proper job there VS the best defenses with & without RVP in the side. thank you again for all the post & comments over the years..

  214. goonzablazin

    I wonder if there is a ManU blog somewhere with questions about whether they should sign Samir, since he was unable to lead his club to a higher finish than 4th?

  215. MDG

    They still get the win, draw, score, create, clean sheet, appearance and God Knows what else bonuses. Money should not be an incentive at this level of the game.


  216. unfortunately yogi it is..

    i very much doubt that the invincibles were paid pittance..i mean, we had to get them all off the wage bill in order quick time to help us move to the stadium..(thats the common arguement anyway)
    if we dont want to pay our players what they are currently worth then how do we expect to build a title winning squad again..??

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