RvP In Denial, Arshavin In Lockdown, Media In Full Flow

England take on Switzerland which is the chance for some tabloid jingoism to surface. “Splatt The Blatt!” roars this morning’s Sun, England can to avenge the FA on the pitch. Theo Walcott is some people favourite to start although a number suggest that the highly (over)rated Stewart Downing will get that nod.

Transfer gossip is in full swing. This morning, Daily Star hacks invent Arsenal chase Defoe. Unless the Arsenal squad are friends of **** ***** seeking to have a word with the Tottenham striker about his, ahem, friendship with Imogen Thomas, a transfer rumour it is. £10m is a price which will appeal to Wenger and possibly Harry Redknapp as it would represent a nice little earner. The merry-go-round turns with Didier Drogba going to White Hart Lane.

Jens Lehmann is off to Schalke, Denilson might join him but he will only join a Champions League side though. Which rules out Schalke. And Sevilla, the only club which the media have linked with the Brazilian. It leaves the field clear for Bayern Munich, a rumour imminent perhaps? Is his agent Bendtner Senior, I wonder?

Whether Bayern want him remains to be seen. Arsenal cast-offs are not popular with fans of continental clubs. A recent poll online showed Bayern fans underwhelmed at the prospect of Bendtner Junior joining them whilst more than fifteen thousand Barcelona fans would rather see Thiago Alcántara stay than Fábregas sign. The end of season collapse has taken its toll in more ways than one.

They may be disappointed as according to Sport with Barcelona ready to offer €40m. Kun Aguerro’s public statement of desire to play for Real Madrid may give this story a bit more credence than normal. If Real decide to spend big, Barcelona must go one better, Rossi does not quite fit that bill.

It has taken a while for me to resolve what annoys me about this sort of story. It is not the continued underhand pursuit of the player, that is how continental clubs make their signings and to be perfectly honest, Arsenal are no angels in this department. It is football.

No, the part that gets to me is the whining from the media. Oooh, poor Cesc, he wants to come home, he didn’t cost anything, he played lots of games last season when he wasn’t fully fit, he got booed at the Camp Nou when we really love him, what a good boy he has been.

It is a poor reflection on the club; it is the sort of media coverage that would drive me to distraction were Arsenal written about in the same simpering, whimpering, pathetic tone. Much as you might dislike the critical tones used in the media about Arsenal, surely it is better than that?

The media are the focus of the hour. Robin van Persie denied the reports which claimed he had little time or respect for Chelsea and Spanish players as they were whining little girls who surround referees at the drop of a hat. Or the fake injury of a midfielder if you are from Barcelona.

I have no doubt that RvP did not give the interview, he says he did not so why disbelieve him, especially if a tape might surface which shows the truth to be otherwise. Equally, doubt surrounds their authenticity because he failed to mention Manchester United.

His statement cames as Andrey Arshavin highlighted his issues with the English media. Presumably the interview was correctly translated by those employed at Daily Telegraph HQ? The global nature of the squad and the media which follows them means that anything they say in their native tongue is liable for misinterpretation, especially if a nuance spoken is not transmitted at source.

Arshavin distrusts the English media which is fair enough. I would suggest that he looks homewards and then at their Spanish, Dutch and Danish counterparts as all have conjured stories out of thin air in the past, continuing that tradition in the future no doubt. That is a fundamental reason many shun newspapers, players included.

The problem is that football thrives on publicity and gossip. Some irks, some amuses, most whiles away some time. Arsenal players frequently say the right thing, the club’s media personnel doing a thorough job. Sometimes though honesty should shine through with the end of season critiques an example of how this works well. It showed that the players understood fans frustrations. It builds bridges burned by money, social media for example can bring the two sides closer.

In an age where football is out of touch, no player should ignore the media. It simply doesn’t work. Silence does not stop invention. Neither does talking. The latter certainly exposes the former though.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. im pretty sure those rvp comments were originally a story a few months back..and then have been regurgitated in response to jacks interview about ‘hounding the ref’..typical media ‘tampering’ with facts, put 2 + 2 together and get 5 and hope nobody notices…
    im pretty sure it was made up to begin with..rvp has only rejected the comments now because it kind of makes jack look silly…

  2. i dont get all this alex chamberlain thing either..
    i dont understand why we are after him..
    this is a lad who has undoubted potential, but will probably cost around 10mil..why would we part with 10mil on a 18year old from a 3rd tier team when we already have afobe??
    afobe scored more goals and assists in the same league as chamberlain and afobes team finished 1 place below chamberlains..

    same with the phil jones rumours..another young lad who will cost a fair bit but we already have bartley

    we should leave these players where they are, we already have their equals in the reserves so its pointless buying more..especially when they are touted at 10mil a pop..

  3. I don’t blame Arshavin for mistrusting the media and I daresay RVP feels the same. One could say that no publicity is worse than lying publicity. Folk in the public eye can never best the media because the pen is always mightier than any sword.
    My friends and I as members of the Flat Earth Society know only too well the lying publicity levelled at us by the media. One day they will all learn when they fall off the edge.

  4. Hope Wenger isn’t on vacation for too long for that French radio or tv station. I don’t know if it’s relevant but, one would of thought it better to tidy up our back yard instead of being on what could be seen by the media as a jolly.

    I remember during the WC our Goalkeeping situation needed urgent attention but, Wenger was doing work for said radio or tv station and left it all too late which luckily turned out ok because we found out about Chezney.

    I supposed there is a man or woman looking after such things on his behalf. I hope.

  5. If they like moaning so much they should go down to the bakery, there’s always somebody nagging and moaning there.

    F-king class!

  6. Alex Chamberlain, is a real prospect and from what I have seen of him I think he will progress in more than half the time it took Theo.

    Wenger knows this and so does fergie but, Dad has told him to go to Wenger which we should be very happy about. I don’t know about the other rumours though but, we are linked with everybody.

    What about this Dafoe thing anybody?

  7. ryo and afobe have stood out more than chamberlain has..we have to be careful when buying for the future because there comes a time when you have to decide where you draw the line between buying for the future or just stockpiling kids for the sake of it..
    the acadmey has been in full flow for years now, we have many many young players who will be good in 5 years time it serves no purpose to keep spending money in this area when that areas not broken..
    the first team however does need investment and id rather see that money be spent on a player who can come straight into the first team and compete with our best players now and not in 5 years time..
    for eg ashley young would be a better option and not much more expensive seeing as though hes in the last year of contract

    dont want defoe either..prefer bent..

  8. Well put YW.

    Have to agree regarding the PR department. We always come out and say the right things more often than not, but we also express ourselves hoenstly.. something which most teams are scared to do.

    Some fans don’t like it, but most our players are pretty intelligent. RvP and Cesc for example express themselves well in the media.. compare that to Terry and Lampard where you get more often than not the same comments as you would here in the media.

  9. Defoe, no thanks.

    I’d rather we get the another foreigner than buy an ordinary home grown player.

  10. wenger shouldnt even be worrying about contracts and signing players..
    he should be enjoying his free time as well as the players however they please during the break..

    contracts and such should be being dealt with by our highly paid admin team that gazidis has assembled..
    wengers targets should have already been identified and wenger should leave that side of the game to them..
    august to may is where wenger earns his crust..may to august is where the suits earn theirs…

    if he spots a player while hes away then fair enough but i dont read too much into what wengers doing during the break..

  11. For what purports to be a well run business football cubs and their main assets seem to be badly informed and handled in their relations with the meeja

    Arsenal have a recently appointed(and no doubt well paid)Director of Communications, who seems a perfectly nice chap by the name of Mark Gonzella

    Where you might therefore have expected communications between the club and fans, the players and fans, the meeja and club etc to have tightened up over the past few months it has been gaffe followed by gaffe

    Admittedly rising prices and collapsing in early April is perhaps not the ideal commodities to produce a winning message

    It is the sheer fucking amateurism of the performance that strikes me

    £1 billion business my arse

    What a pity Campbell is a Burnley fan

  12. Maybe Alex Chamberlain is a different type of player to Afobe? Afobe being more an out and out striker, while A O-C being a winger?

    As for Bartley vs Jones, I doubt there’s any truth in the rumour, but Phil Jones has a load of prem experience and can play in defence and midfiled, while Bartley has not been tested at the top level as yet.

    I hope Afobe and Bartley can force their way into the 1st team reckoning, but there’s nothing wrong in looking at other options, especially if our players aint quite ready to come in yet.

  13. Ashely Young??? Do me a favour mate!

  14. I’d agree that Wenger should be allowed to do what he likes now; take a holiday, knit, whatever. But its also worth remembering that it was precisely because Wenger took an active role, that we persuaded Ramsey to sign. That kinda personal touch is often really important.

  15. Never mind Defoe, we are going to sign Peter Omdemwinge! Wooo Hooo!

  16. dexter
    i hope your not suggesting chamberlains better than young?? are you still hungover?? lol

  17. and chamberlains an option but he wont be ready yet either..
    he’ll be another theo and we dont have 5 years to wait..

    10 mil on a player that will win us the title in 2023 isnt going to solve the problems we had last year, or the year before, or the year before that..nor is it tweaking the philosophy..

    its doing the same thing….

  18. Dexter

    Suddenly Odemwingie seems an acceptable signing…


  19. if we sign odemwingie i would be shocked..hes nowhere near good enough..
    it would be better to sign dj campbell…and id be miffed if that happened as well..

  20. JJ

    Nope, not suggesting we sign Chamberpot instead of Young. I was comparing Chabermaid with Afobe.

    You are on a permanent hangover mate! Young is shite, over rated shite at that. If we signed the Southampton kid, it would have to be at the expense of several youths deemed surplus to requirements, therefore, freeing up space and funds from the youth set up, not the 1st team funds or squad. We could probably, realistically earn a few million from the sales of several of our not quite up to it kids. If we cant, then I’d be un happy about us splashing out £10m-ish on a 17 year old.


    Ha! Yep, Peter Odemwinge looks like a dream signing in comparison doesnt he!

  21. Benzema or Odemwingie? Hmmm, its a toughy.

  22. if you think youngs shite then thats your opinion mate..
    i dont think he is..

  23. Ball-playing centreback at 2.10. Iggy-fantástico.

  24. JonJon | June 4, 2011 at 10:30 am

    You started me off with the Darren Bent statement because in my opinion he should of been signed from Charlton and then another chance to sign him went without Wenger even showing any interest.

    Why did he go out in a big search of foreign leagues when what was required was right here all along? Looking at what we have brought in during the last 5 years against what we have won or done, Darren Bent would of been worth the money.

    He’s the most sharpest striker in the Premiership and my god how many goals do you think he would of bagged with all the chances our team creates?

    I just hope these bad transfers have stopped and also a good look taken at some of the youth and let some go and concentrate more on the senior squad.

    Agree too that Ryo is more ready for action than any of the youth we currently have and should be blooded.

    I know if fergie had him he would be playing next season.

  25. You KNOW that Fergie would play Ryo? How? Also, he appears slight of build on his videos. Have you checked on his physical stats? Do you think he could withstand the physicality of this League, especially given the rate of referee non-calls and so, relative lack of protection the players receive from the agro’s like Barton, et. al. I would love Ryo to thrive for us, but I really fear he needs to gain weight/muscle, our diamond in the rough EPL.

  26. I can’t stand Darren Bent. I am thankful each morning he plays for any other football club but mine. He averages 2 assists a season! He is about as suited to Arsenal as ketamine at a rave. …a bumbling carthorse who scores his goals almost by accident. Never, ever will he come anywhere near our team – thank fuck.

  27. Dexter if Sir Alex is interested in Young we should be

    LA That would be the Darren Bent who scored two excellent goals at the Emirates.He is the type of Striker we need who can score the scruffy goals.It doesnt matter how they end up in the net they all count

  28. bob | June 4, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    I believe fergie would play him as he did Christian in his early days because he knew what he would turn into and the best way to get to that point is to play him.

    Christian, was giving the ball away more than Bendtner but even so fergie continued to play him even though to some he looked like a show pony. Then he went on to single handedly winning the league for them.

    Yes he needs to bulk up but, that can be done here. Christian wasn’t much bigger than Ryo when I first saw him then he bulked up and everybody else was playing catch up.

  29. Put your bias aside for a moment and ask yourself if you think Bent wouldn’t get a shit load of goals playing at the top of any Arsenal system.

  30. LimparAssist | June 4, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Remind please as to who was bumbling when we played villa?

  31. Darren bent is a plyaer I have always likedand when he left Charlton (on a free I think?) I was hoping we’d sign him, but he has signed for big money at 3 different teams now, NONE of them top 4 “Big” clubs. Maybe that says something? I dont know, if he were available I’d take him as an another option, but at the fee he would command, we’d be fucked in regards to any more signings!

    Oh and whoever said we should play Ryo NOW, is crackers! Give the lad a fucking chance.

    JJ; Ashley Young is not shite, I was being a bit OTT! But, I have never liked him and think he is over rated and that means over priced.

  32. goonerton

    Seriously mate, please knockm it on the head about Ryo! He was playing SCHOOL BOY FOOTBALL last year and you want to compare him with Cristiano Ronaldo??? Please! We dont even know if he will be eligible for a work permit mate!


    We should be interested coz Fergie is? Yeah right whatever you say.

  33. LimparAssist

    It takes a strange, mutant breed of Arsenal fan to covet Darren Bent.

  34. Campbell?

    **** that.
    Why not go for the full monty.
    Bring in Henry Kissenger.

  35. Limpar

    If he was available for £10m he’d be a decent signing, but for £20m+? No chance. He is a finisher tho and I can understand why some would like him at AFC, even if you cant.

  36. Shit,l that didnt mean to sound arsey there LA! Sorry if it did mate.

    Right Im off out to enjoy the sunshine.

  37. The Odemwingie rumour has to be just a rumour. Surely we wouldn’t buy a player based on his stats for a mid/bottom table team in his first season. He is 29 and has an average record at best before joining West Brom:

    2000-2002 Bendel Insurance 53 (19)
    2002–2004 La Louvière 44 (9)
    2004–2007 Lille OSC 75 (23)
    2007–2010 Lokomotiv Moscow 75 (21)
    2010– West Bromwich Albion 32 (15)

    If he is so good why didn’t anybody snap him up before now and why did West Brom get him so cheap?

    Enough of the crap rumours, lets have something we can get our teeth into.

  38. god damn it stop writing nonsense u freak of nature dexter !

  39. dexter do u know anything about arsenal

  40. I wasn’t giving Darren Bent a gold star. I was simply pointing out that he has looked better to me than all the strikers we have except for Van Persie and would score a shit load of goals in our team.

    Ryo, has stepped up from school boy football just ask anybody in Holland and they will tell you the same.

    All I’m saying is that he would do better to enhance himself here now having a bit part here and there.

  41. LA – nice video there, I remember watching him against Orient this year. He looked assured, very comfortable on the ball and read the game well, keeping his concentration throughout. I hope he breaks into the team this year.

  42. I use to hate any player who played for a team I didn’t like but, nowadays them feelings don’t apply as seen by many other so called rivals.

  43. The odenwegie signing might not happen.but the truth is if walcott n arshavin can play for us i don’t see why odenwegie cant.he is fast,can drible n uses both feet well unlike walcot.if he wia english,the hype around him would make him a 20mil + player.lets get real here,all english players,bar none,are overrated.

  44. Ha! Hi there stalker dannybod

    Have you finished your paper round already? Time for your shift in McDs then.

  45. george rodger

    JJ, I agree with you why buy Chamberpot and Jones when we have got better prospects already playing the Arsenal way.
    Oh wait,Dexter thinks it a good idea,no,no, I agree with Dexter.

    No wait ,I will wait until JKB gives his ruling.
    Seriously,how hard would it be if you actually had to make these decisions and commit tens of millions off £
    in doing so?
    The Bent thing is the same .If we signed him(which we will not ,I hope)so fans would go”how-rah”and some2boo”.
    I might have been wrong about Jabba and Luke.Perhaps there is merit in being good at Champ.Man.

  46. george rodger

    Ace,are you telling us that you thing Walcott and Arshavin are not good players?

  47. bent is a player we missed out on..
    who gives a hoot about the amount of assists he gets strikers aint meant to get you assists strikers are meant to score you goals and he gets 15-20 every single season

    yeah dexter i would agree young is over rated in certain quarters and he would be over priced although he wasnt over priced when villa first bought him… but hes in the last year of his contract so the fee would be fair..cheaper than buying a hazard lets say, and the same price as buying some unknown argie…
    hes also a proper winger and a dead ball specialist and hes better than playing rosicky or bendtner on the wings..
    and hes got years of PL experience..villa were a good team up until this year..
    so for me, at 12-15mil or whatever hes been valued at hes a good option and will bring something different to the squad..

    we dont have to break the bank and we know what we are getting..

  48. LOL George!

    Ha, I wasnt exactly saying we should go for those 2, just trying to suggest that comparing them with Afobe and Bartley as an accurate match up mate. I have never seen this Chamberpot kid and he is playing in he 3rd tier of English football (when he plays that is). But he is a winger whereas Afobe is more of a striker (at the moment atleast).

    The Phil Jones interest could be real as he plays in 2 positions and is young, but has premier league experiece. BUT would cost an effin fortune!

    Like you George, I aint got a clue if any of them would be good buys?

  49. Darren Bent! At £20M? Someone is having a serious laugh here surely. Fucker’s worth £10M at best and in an inflated market, then again some here are expecting to get that for Bendtner.

    Oxlande at under £5M is ok especially if you can get a part ex with Vela, Eboue or Rosicky. Can’t include Denilson as he only wants Champions Lge of course, the joker.

  50. Djourou versus Walcott and Wilshere. Intresting.

  51. come on england

  52. george rodger

    Who would swap Chesser for Hart?
    Not me

  53. george rodger

    And I posted that before that

  54. george rodger

    JD to the rescue

  55. george rodger

    Anyone still want Parker?
    He cant find a white shirt

  56. george rodger

    Or BENT?

  57. to be honest george you can say that about all of them..

  58. george rodger

    I might yet 🙂

  59. Borges Spinelli

    Allez la Suisse!!!!!!!!

  60. george rodger

    lol. just realized I am watching on delay

  61. Hi everyone how are you feeling? I’m sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned basement. Djourou takes down Jack for a pen. Also Milner pulling a Gibbs-esque move and actually moving away from the ball instead of blocking it. Announcers said “Shame on Jack” for not playing in the U-21. “Tournament experience would be a real help for the young lad” Meanwhile Jack starts in the first XI for the 2012 Euro Qualifying campaign…..

  62. Me thinks that England needs a German coach!

  63. yeah william
    shame on jack for featuring in the big boys team in an important qualifier..
    everyone knows the u21’s is the pinacle of ones career..what a naughty boy jack is..

  64. Nice stuff there George! Even that twat Andy Townsend couldnt find an excuse for hart letting in the 2nd free kick, although I am sure Theo will be castigated if England dont win this game for being in the wall with Jack.

  65. Borges Spinelli

    LOOOOOOOL!!!! Definitely not an English coach, given the lack of quality coaches to chose from.

  66. OK enough of the England bashing! This was supposed to be our way of getting back at that horrible corrupt git Blatter!

  67. Dexter I think it was Milner there in the wall. Also the real shame here is the commentator’s sins of omission. If you watch the foul on Milner around the 44th minute, James gets a step clear of his man before deciding to fall. No mention of a flop from the commentary. I guess cheating is the new standard from footballer’s these days?

  68. @ william
    Last time Jack played for England, Adrian Townsend was was urging Capello to leave him on all game because “he needs to play”. Like he didn’t start every game for Arsenal. And this was when we were contesting four trophies and playing 2 games a week!

    JW still looks a little tired – physically and mentally – to me.

    It was Milner in the wall for the second Switzerland goal.

  69. Borges Spinelli

    I’m a neutral, killing time. The real soccer game starts in a few hours.

  70. dont matter who was in the wall it was a shit freekick and hart screwed it up..

  71. i hope brazil get stuffed.. 😉

  72. that was a foul..
    jd is playing poorly and the ref helped him out there

  73. Borges Spinelli

    ;o) It’s a friendly @jonjon

  74. Well there you go – I didn’t think it was a foul – Johan got there just before Theo.

  75. Baines thinks he was in Oasis.

  76. goonzablazin

    Parker looks out of his depth. Do not want. Let some other club waste their money on him.

  77. Borges Spinelli

    Not bad!

  78. Lets sign Young!

  79. george rodger

    Jack starting to impose himself

  80. lol borges.. 😉

    ashley young..come one england

  81. Walcott?

  82. george rodger

    who is Young on for?

  83. maybe i was wrong fun..
    only saw one replay of it..didnt look like a pen was outside the box but didnt think jd got any one the ball..
    would like to see it again

  84. george
    hes on for lumpy

  85. The ITV dude said it was Theo and Jack in the wall at the time. I’m gladhe got it wrong. But yep, Hart make a right pigs ear of that.

  86. Borges

    Nope it’s a Euro2012 Qualifier.


  87. Borges Spinelli

    You can tell that there is mutual respect between the Arsenal players on both sides. I like that.

  88. Jack and Johan both look lik they need a long break from football. Recharge those batteries ready for next season. Johan will be a top class CB, I have no doubts about that.

  89. Well worked by England!

  90. george rodger

    I would prefer Inler over Parker

  91. Borges Spinelli


    I was referring to the Brasil x Netherlands game taking place in the estádio Serra Dourada in Goiânia.

  92. playing well now
    more urgency and directness since young came on..formations more fluid

  93. I quite like the thought that we would go after Defoe….

    I feel bad saying this but hes the one Sp*ds player Ive always rated.

    I believe he could be a good fit for us! – and he was a boyhood .Arsenal fan

  94. Borges Spinelli

    Inler is also my preference at DM.

  95. Fantastic stuff from Wilshere!

  96. Borges Spinelli


  97. Jack Wilshere is a freakin phenomenon!

  98. Imagine if Robin had been on the end of that pass from Jack. Darren Bent? Don’t think so.

  99. george rodger

    Andy Townsend make you yearn foe Andy Gray.How bad is that?

  100. I have to say, Senderos is having a very good game.

  101. Contrasted by the unwavering averageness of James Milner. Tranlated from Latin Milneratum = Journeyman

  102. george rodger

    Bent, pfffft

  103. Don’t say that Frank, I am getting flashbacks to Barca at the Gnu Camp. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

  104. It’s pretty fucking bad George. I shut off the volume on my telly and I turned on my Pandora. Now i’m listening to the jazzy styles of Stanton Moore.

  105. And well done Theo.

  106. George

    I never had too much of an issue with Gray. Compared to all te other co-twats, he was decentish.

  107. positives so far
    wilshire and young..wilshires fantastic
    pulling back two goals

    not winning
    jd looking incrredibily poor..even senderlump is playing well..

  108. george rodger

    Parker ? pffft

  109. george rodger

    Bent? pffft

  110. Remind me again why Scott Parker is a good choice for Arsenal?

  111. Well, apart from his love ins with the likes of Gerrard (Oh Stevie!) Rooney et al.

    Bent is definitely trying to engineer a move to Arsenal!

  112. Yes that pleasure was stolen from us, FG

  113. wow what a fucking pass from our boy Jack!

  114. Not sure I’d sign or not sign a player based on this game; most of these players just wanna fuckm off to their 6 star exclusive Dubai private hotel

  115. george rodger

    Dex. He was better than his replacement will be..Gary the fucking red

  116. now now now
    we should all know better than judging a player from one game..
    theo hasnt exactley looked arsenal class either in this match..
    neither has JD..

    but if bent wants niks place he’s having the perfect audition 😉

  117. george rodger

    God Townsend knows nothing

  118. George

    That is too frightening a concept mate! Its bad enough they had to get a replacement for hairy hands Keys from GMTV (just like where they got Keys from in the 1st place FFS!) Getting that rat faced fuckwit will surely see Sky losing paying subscribers!

  119. Surprise of the day; Townsend biggin up a Villa player. Well I never.

  120. Darren Bent. 24 million for a “ruthless” finisher, who would score “a shit ton” of goals at Arsenal. Puh-lease.

  121. come on you young lions
    finish this game of jack..

  122. Oh man!!, its been over a year (when i thought that i could be a fan of both Barca and Arsenal because we play a similar style..no worries, i couldnt stand Wengers excuses like when he blames the pitch LOL!!) since the last time i visited this blog, and i see some things will simply never change.. I had read only this last article, but kept on reading others from many days back, and i see that you people insult my team, almost every single day!! wtf did we do to you to make u hate us that much?? (besides knocking your asses of the C.League twice) lol!! Ill give you my point of view only this once!..

    “No, the part that gets to me is the whining from the media. Oooh, poor Cesc, he wants to come home, he didn’t cost anything, he played lots of games last season when he wasn’t fully fit, he got booed at the Camp Nou when we really love him, what a good boy he has been”

    Look at you!! So damn hurt by the obvious FACT that your best player or as your whining manager stated “the best midfielder in the world” DOES NOT want to play for Arsenal (and you clearly know this!) ok let me rephrase, he would FUCKING LOVE to play for us instead of Arsenal!!.. The fear, desperation and anger in all your words is palpable, just like i can sense the gargantuan ammounts of envy you have for my team!

    Your hatred for Barcelona is only over the fact that we want Cesc right?? well that makes you a hypocrite since “Arsenal are no angels in this department” right?? its football!!!

    You dedicate many words and many hours a month trashing us, insulting us, whinning about this and that, while we (at Barcelona) dont dedicate 1 single minute to your whimpering, weak ass team that tries over and over to emulate the way we play.. You talk about diving, as if no one in your tean has ever done it, you talk about refs as if your team had never benefited from a refs mistake, and you talk about “OUR GREAT” rivalry when in all honesty, we dont give a shit about you!! LMAO!!!

    The reason you want to keep a player that does not want to sweat your shirt is beyond me.. Oh wait, it gets worse!! you make him wear the captains armband to try to keep him commited to your weak ass team, and you keep him, even after he publicly states (while being your captain!) that he wants to play for Barcelona. WEAK!!

    I feel for Cesc, as i know Wenger probably wont let him go, too bad so maybe next year or the next.. Meanwhile, we have Xavi, Iniesta, Mascherano and for the future, Dos Santos and Thiago Alcantara who will be not just better than Cesc, but will be at the level of Xavi.. So yes, i guess i could say, keep him LOL! keep a sad, unhappy player “thumbs up” on that one!!

    On another hand, what is the point of having a financially stable team if you shop at Wigan!! LOL!! I mean, look at your players: you have crystal van persie, the least durable talent of your team.. Walcot?? overated, song? useless, Chammak the ghost? Nasri?? he just wants more money lol and of course your defense, wich is not even worthy of mentioning!! WEAK!!
    oh, and you LOAN a finisher like Vela lmao! i hope you loose him by the way, i promise he will come back to haunt you!!

    But most of all, the one who bothers me the most is Wenger.. omfg!! Blames the pitch like he did in Manchester United in December, blames the weather, age, maturity, refs, his menstrual cycle, everything.. Oh, and he cant seem to be able to shut up!! Damn it, gotta go! i do confess i feel better now, as i had gotten negatively charged with all of the bullshit i had read here.. But after telling you all of this things, i do feel fucking better!!

    I do apoligize for my bad grammar, as english is my third languaje! 😉 good night to you all!!

  123. Anyone know how AA did in the Russia match?

  124. Borges Spinelli

    Sloppy play by Djourou.

  125. FG I haven’t heard any news. And for you, barcalona fan, here is the reason why your team can fuck off. http://www.offthepost.info/2011/05/barcelona-pranksters-carlos-puyol-and-gerard-pique-manhandle-photo-of-cesc-fabregas/
    Have you ever seen any other club, or in your case, “more than a club” act like this?

  126. george rodger

    Imagine me with my fingers in my ears,Cuervo,got it?Ok


  127. Oh blimey, now we have a stereophonic double glory hunter!

  128. Brilliant George! You funny fucker!

  129. Wankers! Ashely Young man of the match? No guessing whose choice that was.

  130. Apart from his goal what else has that over hyped twat done today?

  131. Walcott played fine. Good in D-Fense as well. (he writes as a Swiss player nearly score from their left).

    Reliable Plundit: ‘Downing has not made an impact…’
    Must be true then.

  132. george rodger


  133. OK, if we had to sign one Villa player or the earth would explode in 5 minutes, it would have to be Ashley Young. But thats still only because if we didnt everyone on the planet would die.

  134. that comment annoyed me a tad..

    i hope cesc stays..and i hope he stays captain and i hope we will build on this squad and i hope we get you again next year..

    we beat you once we’ll beat you again..over one leg we can beat you..and we’ll have better players..i hope we get you fuckers in the final and we bend you over..

  135. Oh what a miss!

  136. Borges Spinelli

    William, you might dig this.

  137. george rodger

    So ,Players Arsenal have been told to buy by the media
    Downing Hart Bent Young Parker.
    Not one of them is an improvement on what we have .
    How fucking hard is this Champ.Man.?
    Really, I had no idea.

  138. This game is the perfect justification for a winter break. Or two fewer teams in the PL. Everyone’s knackered.
    @ george rodger
    ha ha!

  139. jack ran that show
    young was good but jack pulled the strings..

    shocked at how bad jd was though..senderos was good

  140. Those misses from bent are probably why he has never been of interest from the big boy team.

  141. he missed a few didnt he..not a good game

  142. george rodger

    I am off back to read the posts of the people who say we should pay over £20 million for Bent,copy and paste,and laugh at them and be generally a smug git.

  143. id love a winter break in this country
    i think it was wenger who said that he would fvour one in january and that would be good..

    xmas and new year are a good time for sports events like footy and it wouldnt be the same without it but the players need a rest after it two or three weeks off in january would be good..

  144. george rodger

    Of course should it turn out that any of them are my pals.I will miss those out

  145. Thanks george! Haha! (Nah, I know I never said we should spend £20m on him! Phew!) 😀

  146. Cuervo……..please fuck off!

  147. It’s tempting (but perhaps a little churlish) to suggest that Arsenal have a lot to learn from England’s robust skill in defending set-pieces.

    If we really need a reliable centre-back with EPL experience, it looks as though we might have to buy Philippe!

  148. i said id like bent..a few of us did i think..
    he had a crap game but his reputation suggests hes still a good striker and he’ll score again soon

    england lost two goals to set pieces..sloppy defending was more at fault

  149. Geez, its 2011 and the pundits are STILL telling us that England need to hold onto possesion better! Unreal, yet these same fuckers will go on about the in yer face grittiness that is so beloved of English coaches.

  150. george rodger

    I would like to see a fight between Adrian Chiles and Charlie Bronson.
    He is an outstanding cunt amongst prober cunts.
    How can ITV employ him and Townsend?

  151. ITV’s whole roster of ‘talent’ is soooo piss poor its incredible!

  152. Cuervo who cares what u think? Money talks. Pay up and he’s all urs

  153. nah poodle they cant have him at all..we dont sell our best players they can fuck off..
    hes stays until his contract situation says he does..im sure thats another year or two so he stays and we win something and then we sit him down and we ask him what he wants to do..

    if he leads us to glory in the next year or two he may want to stay and be part of something great but until that day comes he stays here..fuck them..

  154. george rodger

    Barca play wonderful football.But every other thing about them ,the players ,Presidents and fans and a huge heap of steaming dog turd.Classless dog turds,that is what they are.

  155. george rodger

    Thats the spirit JJ.yeh fuck them

  156. Pep seems to have a bit of class about him. Oe fella out of 1000s of Catatonic Catalan cunts is pretty poor innit.

  157. george rodger

    “Catatonic Catalan cunts ”
    Now thats what I call poetry

  158. poetry in motion..

    like peter piper..

  159. Borges Spinelli

    Would love to know what Cuervosito is on? His desperate attempt to ruin the chilled out vibe here has failed.

  160. Borges Spinelli

    Cat A looney-malaise, more like.

  161. Borges Spinelli

    Cuervosito, que bicho vc e? There really was no call for your incognizant rant. You’re a first rate slimeball whose presence is polluting our world. Do us all a favor, vai chupando sua mae. Pendejadooo!

  162. Slightly concerned about how poor Djourou has been since he came back from injury. Hopefully he’ll have a decent pre-season and come back on top form.

  163. george rodger

    Djourou will buck his ideas up when Tommy V,Bartley, ,Samba,Cahill and Jones all pushing for his place

  164. We need to sign Paul Weller. that was a great chest down for Youngs goal.

  165. whats happened to JD…

    Johan Djourou….is it you….
    Johan Djourou….is it you….

  166. he just needs a rest..that injury knocked shit out of him, we rushed him back after every injury cos tommy was out already and squidgy and koz were dodgy together..

    it seemed he was out for the season twice and he was back in a fortnight..

    he just needs to put his feet up..

  167. alright duke?

  168. Evening JJ.

  169. Borges that jam has got me singing made up words shakin my hips! Thanks for the wonderful music.

  170. correction *singing made up words AND shakin my hips*
    Can’t forget about those Boolean Operators

  171. so…these can be our..

    Ahley Young = Anders Limpar
    Baines = Winterburn
    Bent = Wright
    Parker = Parlour
    Downing = Helder!!

  172. 😉 id take the first four the last one can go to liverpool

  173. JJ.
    If Clichy fucks orff then there is only one Lb who we should get and that is Baines, fuck it id rather him then Clichy altough Clichy is quicker and maybe more skilful in close quarters Baines has a lethal cross, a great dead ball and is maybe better at erm..what defenders need to do..defend. Not alot in it really though but Clichy looks dis interested now.

    Young is good but lacks consistency and he has a habit of going awol agaisnt the big boys. maybe needs to be in a big team though….rules us out then!!! lol.

    Bent hmmm…could eat up the small fry in the league forget the cl he will do fuck all in that.

  174. george rodger

    All of them would be next years Denilson or B52.The moaners would have a field day.

  175. george rodger

    And I would be moaning until the real moaners picked up the batton

  176. wouldnt disagree with you on baines

    going awol against the big boys isnt the problem we have the players to win the big matches already.. if young and bent came in and ripped the shit out of the small fry we would win the league..

  177. JJ. “if young and bent came in and ripped the shit out of the small fry we would win the league.” is quite the loaded conditional statement. Here you are saying, by signing these two players, we will not drop as many points against lower table teams AND we will win the league. I am afraid the 2012/2012 campaign is not that simple!

  178. If Young and Bent individually can make that much difference, why did they not make that much difference with their existing teams?

  179. one thing they have though george…their english now we wont be aving any of that slagging the english boys will we!!!!! except a Jeffers or an Upson or a richard wright. mind you who slagged off jeffers. when Wenger said he was a fox in the box he was right he fukin was………

    .just in the executive box not the bloody penalty box.

  180. george rodger

    Let me get this right.We will field our good players against good teams and buy poor players to play against poor teams?
    I cant see it myself.But what do I know?
    Who would decide who to play against mid table opponents?

  181. george rodger


    Dont think I have forgotten you scoundrel 🙂

  182. george rodger

    For anyone who missed it ,here is a snipped from LA and his opinion of Bent.

    ” He is about as suited to Arsenal as ketamine at a rave. …a bumbling carthorse who scores his goals almost by accident. ”

    LA is a very funny man

  183. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck off, Cuervo. You lot couldn’t cope with us 11 v 11. Just remember that.

  184. Passenal i think they did, well Bent did, he scored all Sunderlands goals basicaly and he got probably half of Villas goals after signing for them, as much as people dont like Bent he will score goals.and he is better at sticking them in the onion bag then big ol bendy although bendy wont beleive that.

  185. thats what i believe william..think what you want but i think those players could do a job for us..
    bents a bit pricey so i dont see us realistically being able to get him but young is very gettable..

    everyone pretty much agreed after last season that we needed fresh blood and we need to go into the new season with a vengance..by you saying its not that simple makes it sound like youve given up already..

    i think we will win the league but i think we still need new players..young is a player i like to see signed..

    what are we afraid of..why is it that whenever a possible transfer is linked ppl start to find negatives..id rather see young running at defenders than bendtner..and we could chop and change him with theo and nasri and keep them all fresh

  186. george rodger

    I dont believe it either Duke
    Until Nicky is a regular starter for someone it is speculation.I am sure if he started every week for say ,Everton,he would score 20 odd per season.
    We will soon see when he leaves.Unfortunately.

  187. george rodger

    I would like Inler,and yonder full back at Newcastle.
    And Young would do as a swap for Nicky,I suppose.

  188. Fair enough JJ. I think Young is a good player as well and from what i’ve heard he is a gooner.

    I feel bad for RVP. Nobody on that team wants to pass to him!

  189. Arien Robin the most selfish player on the planet. I really think RVP should spit in his face at the end of this game…no one should blame him.

  190. passenal
    bent has
    hes scored 20 goals in all comps and 17 in the PL
    for two different teams..

    he is doing it..

    youngs not had a great season but if he was available for around 15mil i would take him..

  191. G4E – I wonder why RVP bothers anyway, none of his team mates seem to pass to him.

  192. I’d rather Chamakh then Bent though thanks. Chamakh is class and if Wenger didnt drop him (no blaming,another debate for another day) he wouldnt of lost his scoring touch. he will bang them in next year for sure.

  193. JJ – how many would Bent score when only getting the odd 20 mins sub appearance or a few starts a season?

  194. Did RVP get subbed?

  195. did someone say Defoe was a gooner?

  196. Maybe they said he was a goner Duke.

  197. dupsffokcuf…I’m not really sure, on the other hand he passes to them when he can be more selfish.

  198. I’m not denying that Bent and Young are good players, but they are certainly not better than the players we already have and neither are they so good that they can make the difference suggested by Duke G earlier. Arsene has made it clear that he does not intend to change Arsenal’s style of play, therefore whoever comes in has to fit a certain blueprint, which neither of those players do. I really cannot understand why players from teams who finished well below us in the league are considered an improvement on what we already have.

  199. Thanks dupsffokcuf, now time to turn that game off 🙂

  200. Pssenal you forget that both players mentioned are English, that is their best qualification and justification for some fans to make them Arsenal players. Forget all else.

  201. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh and I loved your guest post the other day LimparAssist. More of the same please.

  202. Yes Duke, that was me….

    Ive read and heard several times that he supported Arsenal as a boy.

  203. That is a very naive comment Passenal.

  204. No it’s not Duke. Your comment on the other hand is. As are most of your comments.

  205. that depends dups cos i dont rate chamakh either (sorry duke)

  206. How can any player from a lower team not be good enough for us. talk about snobbery. especialy when we have the likes of Denilson in our team , who lets face it will look exactly how good playing for a West Brom??? by the way i never said they can make the difference i just pointed out their good points i actually dont know if they would make a difference although Baines would. maybe we would score a freekick!!

  207. george rodger

    You are proper Arsenal.
    But buying lower teams best players is how most top teams operate.Like Rooney , Lampard and the likes.

  208. sorry but didnt wenger say we needed english players or players with PL experience the other day??

    english players are often seen as over priced but this summer ashley young wont be so whats the problem??
    just so happens that hes got both years of experience and english..

    just like you think ppl want them because they are soley english i think you dont want them for the same reason

    which is bullshit to be honest…

  209. See i disagree with you JJ regarding Chamakh but im not gunner get all smart arsey about it like some people do on ere when they have a different opinion that they think is right.

  210. George – you are correct. The only difference is we cannot pay the extra 20 million (more than the players worth) that the other top teams would.

  211. I actuall think we need a couple of English players and that isnt me being racist just my opinion. I would like us to sign Young and if we did everyone on ere will soon be kissing his arse.

  212. Duke – I’ve never been one to kiss another man’s arse thanks.

  213. george
    bent has scored more goals than rooney and lampard and theo this year..

    i dont understand why ppl are saying those players arent better than the ones we have…

    we have players who are saying they are leaving and are looking for a new club and still even now ppl wont let them go and be replaced..

    bollox to denilson and bollox to bendtner if they want go then let them..they wont be missed and they need to be replaced..

  214. Agreed JJ. Denilson has now obviously had the ump since JW got in the team, shows how determined he was to fight for his fukin place as soon as he lost it he he is off. and people still defend him it really doesnt make sense. bendy has been given chances and never reallt took em and now he wants out. well bugger off then, Wenger has been very patient with all of them and they want to shit on him now.

  215. agree about both niki and denilson..
    thats it now for them..
    end of..

  216. am i hearing this right??

    stuart pearce has said jack shouldnt even be in the full england squad..

  217. @jj if someone paid 100m for cesc I’d want us to sell. Everybody has a price an nobody is bigger than the club. Cesc is brilliant but he is, and I repeat he is not bigger than arsenal.

  218. id rather he stayed

  219. george rodger

    JJ are you saying Bent is better than Rooney and fat Frank?
    How many goals you score is not the measure of what you contribute to the team.
    Bent is no where near good enough to play our way IMO.

    How anyone on here can be falling out tonight is beyond me.Everyone is proper Arsenal.Its not like Jabba and Luke are here so come on boys .Play nice.

  220. george rodger

    Duke ,Chamahk is better than Bent for me too.

  221. English players? What characterises English players apart from cost? No such thing as an English player in terms of football ability. Good players come from anywhere and everywhere. Anyway we don’t need new players.

  222. i thought we was george 😉

    i dont know how to answer that question george..all i can say is id rather have bent and young in the england squad instead of rooney and lumpy so i must like them more..

  223. No comparison. Marouane Chamakh is an Arsenal player, Darren Bent is not.

  224. george rodger

    I dont think we need new players either Frank .
    But the team needs to be put on a better mindset.The easiest way is to replace some players ,in order to alter the dynamics.

  225. i can see your point of view on not signing anyone fellas..but im sure you must think players have to leave..

  226. Same players, better results. Why not? This squad is will prevail.

  227. Farkin hell ‘is will?’. What a tosser.

  228. Duke, you implied that just those two players would make the difference. I am saying that if they were such ‘difference makers’ their current team would have felt the benefit of their contributions to a greater extent. Therefore, imo they are not all they are made out to be. Importing one or two players is not going to make that much of a difference. The whole mentality of the team has to be right in order to make enough of a difference.

  229. fair play to you frank..
    i dont agree though..

    same players same results..

  230. george rodger

    Not necessarily JJ If that was always the case we would have won the league in 2003 and 2005 .No?

  231. infact passenal my post 8.36 i actually gave reasons why not to sign them. I am not championing for these signings. like i say i wouldnt mind Young but would he be better then arsh? i doubt it and Theo?

  232. we signed jens and reyes in the 2003-04 season..and in the 04 summer we got shut of keown parlour wiltord and kanu

  233. Wiltord was a big loss. for me the most underated player we have had, could play anywhere fukin strong as an ox chip in with some goals and vital ones aswell.always gave us that outlet on the wings.but because he wasnt prolific.

  234. Duke – I agree about Wiltord. Unfortunately he (just like NB52) did not like playing on the wing.

  235. Pics of Wayne Rooney’s new hair transplant.


  236. george rodger

    You know what I am saying.Stop being obtuse 🙂

  237. george rodger

    I did not believe Rooney could look worse than he does.
    How wrong can you be?

  238. now he just needs the face transplant and he is sorted.

  239. thats a classic dups.

  240. Now we know why he shaved his chest hair (to #19)).

  241. ‘same players same results’ possibly the most stupid comment you have made, Jonjon.

  242. Just read this on twitter

    “So Wayne Rooney is worried about hair loss and has had a transplant….he’s gonna look really fucking silly with a kidney on his head.”


  243. Bradys right foot


    As I live and breathe the scales seems to have dropped from the eyes of one English football journalist.

  244. Chamakh goal at 4:20

  245. Chamakh seems just a bit pleased with that effort..non?

  246. Chsmakh! Clinical as ever! Wold have fuled hart. Best keeper inEngland.

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