Keown Defends Resolutely & Transfer Gossip

On a day when Arsenal found themselves to be the seventh best supported team in Europe (insert your own bitching comment here) in terms of attendances, the darling of Arsène Wenger’s critics came out in support of the Arsenal manager.

Martin Keown is ‘very confident in‘ Wenger. A frequent criticism heard from those who know better, is that the manager has forgotten how to win. Keown gave it short shrift,

It is almost disrespectful to say that

Omitting the word ‘almost‘ would have been more accurate. Wenger suffers abuse – all managers do – from those who purport to support the club. Defending him against abuse is nothing to do with supporting the manager more than the club, simply respecting him as a person. It is a key reason the criticism of Wenger is often ignored; if you cannot put your point without abuse, you have no point.

Keown observed,

Arsene was the guy who embraced us. He would understand the value of having that combative type of player in the team. Arsenal have gone away from being physical but the game has become more technical. Maybe they have tried to copy Barcelona but trying to emulate them is very difficult.

The key point is that the game is more technical, an attribute Wenger constantly seeks in new signings. At the higher levels, this is correct but when taking on the likes of Stoke, Bolton and their ilk, a meld between the technical and basic instincts of the game needs to take place.

Arsenal have shown in the past seasons that they are capable of these, winning at these venues. Last season’s defeats had more to do with the mental failings than anything else, losses coming as the team disintegrated.

To Keown there is one key element of the Arsenal team, Cesc. The former defender pointed out,

If Fabregas stays it might be more of the same in terms of the system. If he goes, it would inject a lot of money into the club and you would then see a lot of activity

It is commonsense that this would happen. Selling Fábregas is an outcome that must be planned for with replacements already identified. When he is out of the side, the system should be adapted in any case. There is no ready-made replacement for him in the squad, Nasri and Wilshere who might play that role have different attributes to their captain.

The Catalan media report that €30m will be the bid from Barcelona which is about €30m short of the amount Arsenal reportedly told Real Madrid this week. The price of £54m in used £10 notes and handed over at the waste ground by The Thames Barrier. Bagman Gonazalo Higuain may yet stay as part of the deal but no-one has decided on that.

Arsène has already identified another forward to sign. Peter Odimwingie is apparently available for £4m should Florentino Perez’s sofa not have that many tenners stuffed down it. Gervinho is still talking to himself about where he wants to play next season

Finally, just when you thought that Fifa were the utter shambles in international football, the Cameroon FA has decided to prove themselves top dogs. In the same week that they seemed genuinely surprised Alex Song was not faking an injury, the midfielder was axed from their squad by a Parliamentary Decree. Quite how you drop an injured player is not entirely clear but I am sure that it made the Sports Minister feel very big and important.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. YW,

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the questions of melding the technical and physical characteristics of the team. I hope this occurs swiftly.

    On the Song claims, I think I read that this was not true and that he remains part of the national squad. I think the story emanated from a disgruntled organ in Africa and was dismissed as false by Camaroon FA.

    Oops, need to get back to work.

  2. Guessing that Cameroon was not one of the 17. It would be nice if one or two European federations outside of the UK were in there. How to find out?

  3. alan b'stard M P

    Kweon is “ex” and there is no more “ex” than “ex”

    forget him

  4. b’stard

    Forget him? Why because he doesn’t agree with your viewpoint. More power to his elbow in that case.


  5. Frank

    A number of the newspapers had lists yesterday, will try to post them later.

    Noticeable that Welsh and Irish noses are happy in the trough though. Credit to the Scots who backed the FA.


  6. If odemwinge is a replacement for Vela or sunu or Murphy then i am ok with that. But for bendtner we need someone better.

  7. Pardon my ignorance but I thought Odemwinge was a place where the Germans developed nuclear weapons. Shows how wrong you can be.

  8. @Dgob
    Yogi is right about the melding of the technical and physical characteristics of the team but there is another element which I believe, was the missing element which caused the collapse at the end of last season: Psychological.
    We all saw in the lat few games how players lacked confidence and commitment, after conceeding a goal, heads hung low, looking at each other in bewilderment, no one having an answer to get back on top of the game.
    What I witnessed was a serious lack of a mental quality. Concentration, commitment and an ability to maintain focus was missing.
    Instead I saw anxiety, fatigue, mistakes etc.
    This, more than bringing in new players, is what’s needed.
    Players will lose their confidence if they perceive a lack of progress or improvement and a lack of commitment by their team-mates.
    ‘You only achieve what you believe’ Wenger and his staff need to work on this!

  9. 1 loose cannon

    Peter Odimwingie? maybe its Mr 20%’s talk. We are normally linked with all top scores in the world including rubbish leagues.Odimwingie is 5th top scorer in the premiership just 2 goals behind Bent who cost 20 millions so getting him for 4 millions is not a bad deal but the risk is we don’t know how his second season will be, consistency is what is needed in the premiership.We should stick with Chamakh I think Wenger needs to give him a run alongside RVP they looked good when they played together.

  10. Yes I had noticed that the Scots had joined the English. Remarkable. Wales? wow. Going it alone hey. Maybe Reading should be promoted instead of Swansea. Oh I see that Swansea are part of the English FA???????

    Any lists most welcome. I don’t use newspapers. Except for wrapping potato peelings and getting the fire going on winter mornings. Not for information though.

  11. Justice for the FIFA 17! Thats what I say.

  12. Sorry, but am I the only person who finds the new typeface really difficult to read? The face is elegant, but the size is so small that it drifts to grey on my 25″ monitor. The sub-head above the headline is actually just a smudge for me, and the reverse-out comment headings blur out, too, even in the bold face.
    Any chance of kicking everything up a point or two?

  13. @one loose cannon
    I agree totally, Chamakh has the ability and the workrate, he proved this in the early part of the season. Perhaps his fitness was in question at the end, and the fact he was benched for many games. But he is the future, and more importantly, he wants to play for arsenal, psychologically important.

  14. @hkm
    perhaps your 25″ monitor is knackered! get a new one mate!

  15. You appear to be reading through a veil of tears,hkm. Dry your eyes, see if your sight improves.

  16. “I hope he is able to find the right ingredients because it just needs a bit more steel, competitiveness and experience.”

    key word being a bit more…unless fabregas leaves.

    the most romantic transfer signing would be?

  17. LimparAssist

    Peter Love-nkrandz?

  18. Romance Lukaku?

  19. ah! a romantic signing…. Peter Condomwingie

  20. Roger Waters on Desert Island Discs just stated that he is ‘addicted to Arsenal Football Club’, which is nice.

  21. for those men who like a bit of experience: Ryan Gaggs?

  22. @geo
    What Ryan Gaggs with Davids Semen!

  23. I think the time has come when someone at Arsenal should set a firm valuation on Fabregas and then say to Barcelona “Put up or shut up….for good”.
    This annual tapping up of the player by that Club,its players and the Spanish media simply has to stop. We know the player would like to return to his birthplace one day and this wish is being used to unsettle everyone at Club and player level.
    Bearing in mind the deterioration of his play during the latter end of last season, for whatever reason, I feel that if the price is right we should let him go.
    The homesickness won’t go away and we may well have seen the best of him.
    If he stays,IMO,it should not be as Captain. Fabregas leads by quiet example when what is needed is a dominant leader capable of cajoling and urging on his team and prepared to fight to the death before defeat.
    There were many times last term when we badly wanted such a Captain but Fabregas simply doesn’t fill that role. No disrespect to him.

  24. haha! Throw a bit of Dickson and Cecs Fabregas in there and we’re getting somewhere…

  25. But be careful, could end up with Ole Gonorrhea Solskjaar and visiting the Nemanja ViDiClinic!

  26. Who we really need to sign is Patrick Viagra…. that would stiffen up the team!

  27. Wenger has a tendency to go for cheap imports. If tthese cheap buys canset the ES alight and the gunners win a trophy he is vindicated.
    However the odds are against him when for some more up front investment he could get the quality products which could probably strengthen the gunners.
    All gunner fans wait for Apri 2012 judgement day when Wenger will be prover right or wrong.

  28. odemwingie >bendtner>chamack.

    so ofcourse excellent buy, but enough talk.

    REALITY- end of the window we probably would sign 6 new kids and 2 unknown senior players.

  29. Who’s this Fallatio guy Wenger is supposed to be trying to sign. Anyone know anything about him?

  30. I heard that you don’t want Kunny Aguero coming in your box..

  31. BrokeBacary Sagna should get an extension

  32. I’ve heard that Wenger is leaving and CunnilinGus Poyet is coming in, yes, yes, yes!!

  33. Germany may be one of the dissenting nations as they criticised the Qatar bid. ADIDAS has a massive interest there of course.

    So England, Scotland, Australia, Germany. Not a bad collection. Who are the other 13?

  34. Apparently you wouldn’t want Nigel de Long for the Arse either……. talk about squeeky bum time!

  35. As The Smiths said, That Joke Isn’t Funny Any More

  36. Jimmy Rimmer – Urgh, no thanks

  37. I agree with YW.


    Any news if Poliziano was rescued back from the kidnappers?

  38. I just can’t wait for willyngton to join the team, his upfront and direct style will make us much more potent…add dicky vulvarez and we’re set

  39. haha! Was it funny in the first place? Limpar knew when to stop…

  40. Sorry Yogi
    perhaps we got carried away
    But you have to admit, with a team called Arsenal, a manager called Arsene Wenger, players Arshavin and Niclas Bender and Tomarse Rosicky, a little bit of Buggery Sagna humour just lightens this up during the transfer of bodily fluids period.

  41. I read an article yesterday saying that Chelsea will have some ‘ammunition’ to come back at RvP with… I bet he’s quaking in his boots. I love RvP. Arsenal through and through.

  42. Frank/Yogi –

    Can you clarify for my ignorant little brain about the 17 nations? I haven’t been following the shambles that is international football recently… Cheers! At work so can’t really venture to far from ACLF!

  43. Frank is far too seriarse, chill Winstaan!

  44. I think we will maybe try to buy before we announce any sales. Prices tend to go up when the selling team knows you have a bit of cash from sales. So I think anyone coming in will be an indicator of who is ready to go. If we buy a striker, (something we currently don’t need), it could mean Bendtner is away, etc.

  45. The press and media have ignored the fact that 17 federations including England and Scotland voted against or abstained from the vote on England’s proposal to postpone the election of FIFA’s president. Depending upon the identity of the 17 nations this could be a significant wedge to prise open the cracks appearing in FIFA.

    England, Scotland are two. I believe that Australia also dissented. I have postulated that Germany could be another as they have openly criticised the Qatar bid.

    If there are some big guns in the 17, then it might be a more significant minority than anyone appears to have noticed.I suspect this to be the case because Blatter appears to be appeasing someone with his changes to the WC venue voting system.

    Changing FIFA as a process may cause massive change in UEFA and the English FA.

    Justice for the 17!

  46. Apparently Vietnam supported the FA by mistake.

  47. Ah I see… I thought it was along those lines. Thanks for that Frank, much appreciated. Indeed, Justice for the 17!

  48. You being serious YW??

  49. Northban

    Wenger usually signs the unknown. so Don’t be suprised if he signs another useful “cunt” that we’ve never heard of.

  50. That’s what is being claimed in the media. As much as we like to believe that it is a moral stance being taken by FAs, the list of nations I saw was predominantly from the Middle East and Asia where bin Hammam had his powerbase. In some cases, it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that the vote was an act of petulance.


  51. Cheers YW. Crazy goings on…

    Just seen this twat sticking his oar in:

    Speaking to Cadena COPE radio, Villa said: “As a player, everybody knows what Barcelona brings [for players]. And as a person, he (Fabregas) deserves to return to Barcelona, his family is here and it is where he started.

    “Having him would be a great joy and I’d be happy for him because he deserves it, and I’d be happy to have him as my team-mate.”

  52. We should be discussing Arsenal Related News. Fuck both Fifa and FA.

  53. realistic tony

    Wenger has it all to do now to prove he is serious in this transfer window. The problem for him with the fans is one of reputation in that we have lost confidence in him…as i believe cesc nasri and maybe a few others have.
    Odemwenge is a good player and scores goals, but we’ve all become suspicious of wenger’s motives for buying cheap for money’s sake.
    Unfortunately wenger has now to splash some big cash on a top quality player to restore confidence in him. If afraid wenger has run out of chances to buy cheap and show the football world his “bargain-buys”…the luck has seemingly run out.
    However odemwenge is more mobile than bendtner or chamakh, gets his shots away early and is generally quicker.

  54. Becoming suspicious of Wenger’s motives??? what do you think he’s doing that’s so suspicious, RT?

    Gooner2 – what’s your contribution to the Arsenal-related news discussion then? Your hilarious quip at 11.48?

  55. To be honest, I just want some transfer news about Scott Parker. West Ham is being relegated, why has Wenger not moved for a solid DM?? 5-7mil should wrap it up, he spends more on a youngster almost every month. Parker is also English!(Denilson out- Parker IN) Odewingie I believe close to 30, don’ think arsene would sign someone at that age unless they come with loads of experience, unfortunately squillaci is not the best example of that. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in an Arsenal shirt though.
    Please Wenger, God I hope he reads this blog.
    Excellent post Yogi.
    Wenger is an excellent manager, but he frustrates himself, which in turn frustrates the fans.

  56. realistic tony

    Odemwenge is yet another who will fail at Arsenal. So we don’t fucking need him. I think we should be chasing after quality players. we should’nt be chasing after bargain base players like him.

  57. Geo

    I just hate fact of people discussing the Nonsense of both Fifa and Fa. So if you think my other is hilarious then why are you somehow disagreeing with me?

  58. Odewingie ? Oh god I have just mastered Szczesny 😦

    Seriously though he had a strong finish to the season and would offer a different option up front where, as I have ranted at length, we are short of not just quality but numbers.

    Does price matter ? Torres or Hernandez ? Hmmmm

  59. Jabba's delights

    Surely the USA must be one of them considering it was them who were shafted by all the corruption in the first place.

    Everything Fifa does is about exporting the sport to new audicances to lose the USA as a partner could be huge down the line

  60. Not disagreeing G2, just seeing what you wanted to talk about instead of FIFA/FA…

    I could see Wenger going for him, but feel we should be aiming a little higher, if we are indeed trying to obtain higher quality than what’s already here… If Vela and NB52 go as is being predicted, then more numbers can’t be too bad a thing though i suppose. For £4 mil, it’s a relatively small risk.

  61. Geo

    I think the money is there to be spent. But wenger’s ego will force us to buy another cheap foreign player.

  62. FIFA, UEFA and FA are very much Arsenal news. You just have to extend your horizons a little. If you can.

  63. England can kiss hosting the world cup goodbye. At least in our lifetimes…

    Not exactly a bad thing though. There are many other countries out there who should get a chance too.

  64. World Cup? Not terribly interested in the World Cup, although Qatar is a bizarre place to hold it. Governance of the game is the real issue. Still no list.

  65. Frank

    I know that. But I was stating the fact of us talking more about arsenl than the others. So I think you should keep up you old fool.

  66. Are you a bit simple, gooner2?

  67. george rodger

    “But wenger’s ego will force us to buy another cheap foreign player.”
    At the risk of getting into another spat.WTF type of a stupid, ignorant ,thoughtless, completely fucking daft thing to say is that?
    And then we will be told that we should debate about it.Its just an opinion?.Pfffft.

  68. More interestingly the vote to postpone the election was 172 votes against, 17 for and 14 abstentions. Blatter won the election for presidency by 186 votes to 17. So there are potentially 31 wobbling nations. Admittedly there are all sorts of reasons for that, but there just might be a kernel of dissent.

  69. Not as simple as you. But look here Frank you do sound like someone who wants to argue for the sake of it. So whatever you say I will completely reverse it.

  70. I agree with george rodger

  71. Interesting conclusion. Losing your faculties too it seems. Been tried before though, gooner2.

  72. Interesting just how little real information about FIFA in its current form is available. Reams and reams of stuff about Havelange and marketiung money and Adidas etc etc. Same with the Rouse era. But not now, very murky.

  73. gooner2

    And there you go, proving the point I made in the post about abusing the manager. I bet you thought that it would not refer to you. As for debating it George,ask yourself this question: Do you think anyone who made such a point could actually debate it? It’s an opinion but one that is not in the slightest bit interesting.


  74. Frank

    Read Andrew Jennings book, Foul which covers the periods since Rous. Illuminating. Blatter’s fall is similar to Havelange. A couple of bollocks dropped and the knives will be out swiftly and ruthlessly.


  75. Frank

    I stll got it Mate. Thanks for asking by the way.


    I am not abusing the manager.I am being totally Honest as any Arsenal Fan out there. I am Respresenting all who see whats’s wrong with Arsene and Arsenal.

  76. george rodger

    Simpleton it is then 🙂

  77. Gooner2- you can be honest without being insulting. You should know that.

  78. gooner2

    You represent no-one but yourself. And yes, you were abusing the manager.


  79. george rodger

    I am representing all that is right about Arsene and Arsenal.

    How far up My own arse would I have to be to say that,I wonder?

  80. gooner2 – i was wondering why you frequent these shores… All you seem to do is provide pure criticism without anything to back it up, normally involving some kind of abuse, without coming up with a reasoned way of resolving your perceived issues, which in turn generates abuse towards you… Surely it can’t be fun? And I’m sure you’ve heard of Le Grove, somewhere your comments would be welcomed.

  81. Nice face lift btw George! you look alert and raring to go… 🙂

  82. gooner2 | June 3, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    ” I am Respresenting all who see whats’s wrong with Arsene and Arsenal.”

    lmao. Are you for real?

  83. george rodger

    Geo,His name is “Dennis Purrkat”
    The love of my sad little life 🙂

  84. Geoge rodger

    Thinks argument started with Me,Frank, Yw and know you. Frank is’nt a Bad Bloke Afterall. I have Convince to join me in my Interesting Lifestyle. So for you george just shut it.


    I am Respresenting all the other Arsenal Fans. And I am not Abusing the Manager.

  85. To misquote that famous Arsenal supporter Junior Soprano George in order to say that “you would have to be so far up your own arse to smell the Brylcream”

  86. Hahaha! like it George. My parents in Ireland have a cat that adopted them, and they named it Theo Walcatt!

  87. Their van is called Persie too…! Sad i know, but i love it!

  88. gooner2


    >I am Respresenting all the other Arsenal Fans. And I am not Abusing the Manager.

    On both counts, I asked a fellow Arsenal supporter in the office. He said that you did not represent him therefore your first statement is a lie. And so is your second.


  89. george rodger

    I have consigned Gooner2 to the same metaphorical bin as Luke and Jabba.
    They are dead to me(how dramatic is that,I ask you?)

  90. george rodger

    Geo,I like the cut of your parents jib.

  91. YW

    It’s Absolutely Hard for me to Know wherether you did talked to the guy or not. And if he thinks that I am not representing him then that’s seem fine with me. And why would you say that my first statement is a lie? I have never said something like that to you or anyone.

  92. george rodger

    I Don’t really care about. Because your just a Random Attention Seeking Bitch.

  93. george rodger


  94. Odimwingie had a good year but I hope we are not looking at him because he is only valued at $4M. Always worry about someone who has 1 good year. I guess the good thing is if we only spent $4M we could still add another player in that spot. My greatest fear is that we will buy someone like Oxlade-Chamberlin for $10M hoping that he will be the next Walcott in 3 – 4 years and then not bring in anyone else because we are short of funds or no one meets our definition of well priced.

    Could Odimwingie play anywhere along the front line with RVP? If he is only good as a central striker we will have the same issues as we did with NB.

  95. george rodger

    Omg Was for the 2:12 post.Not for his insightful observation about me.He is of course right,I am random?

  96. gooner2, what he’s saying is that you are not representing ‘all other Arsenal fans’. That would be impressive, or even superhuman, meaning that you are aware of the whole world (outside this discussion)’s opinion on the matter. therefore, the fact that not everyone goes along with your comment, means that your original statement was a lie. No slander from YW here…

  97. george rodger

    Bill.Dennis had a good year 1998.I never worried about him
    Just kidding Bill.And seeking attention apparently.

  98. Bill – i agree that there is concern that he could be a one season wonder, but at £4mil it’s not too risky. I don’t think he’s what we should be looking for, but wont be too upset if he signs, as back up.

  99. george rodger

    As he quickly googles “slander” to see if its good or not.

  100. YW:

    You are easily the best writer in all of the Arsenal blogosphere but I really do miss Darius. Don’t often agree with the things he writes but I enjoy his posts.

    Does anyone else miss LimestoneGunner. Ole and Maria also. Yogi you know their emails. I don’t know if you would ever do something like that but it would nice to have them all back.

  101. Geo @ 2;24:

    Agree as long as we don’t stop there.

  102. I miss Gadget too… where have they all gone..?

  103. I don’t think that will be the extent or type of signing generally Bill. I am quite confident we’ll see at least one signing of £15mil or more… Might be completely wrong, but I’ve got a feeling in me bones.

    Have a good weekend all, peace.

  104. Geo

    I perfectly Understood What YW Said. So I don’t really need You or Anyone Transletting Anything For Me. But going back my statements I don’t think any of them are lies.

  105. Geo:

    I bang on about bringing in new players all the time but I don’t want to see us do something just for the sake of doing something. Hope I’m wrong but I sort of get that feeling thats what getting Odimwingie would be.

    We have enough cash and with the funds generated from moving a few players we can add 3 or may be 4 quality players. Given the choice between doing nothing at all or bringing in someone like Odimwingie just to be doing something I guess I would choose the latter but thats not how I hope the summer goes.

  106. Hilarious interview from RVP. A true Gooner.

    And to think, some Chavs think they have a chance of signing him.


  107. LimparAssist

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Peter Odemwingie rumour is pure, unadulterated bollocks.

  108. george rodger

    I don’t need to Google Anything. just as I said before you are an Attention Seeker.

  109. I like the idea of signing Odimwingie, as he is a different alternative.

    However, if it was a toss up – I’d rather we kept Bendtner and played Walcott centrally, and moved for another winger.

  110. Gooner2

    You said “I am Respresenting all the other Arsenal Fans”. I proved it to be untrue. Therefore it is a lie.

    You did insult Wenger when you claimed that his ego got in the way of signing players required. There are numerous other factors that influence a signing but to suggest that the manager is sabotaging the club because of his ego is insulting and abusive.


  111. Jabba's delights

    Completely agree Bill. We need more variety in our strikers and if Odimwingie is the replacement for big nick i suppose that gives us the variety.

    However when one considers that the issue with our squad currently isnt numbers its the quality or suitability of those players i would eb quite underwhelmed with him.

    We need a striker of RVP ilk or there or there abouts.

  112. george rodger

    Bill .Those stalwarts have probably gone into “Mugabe media lockdown” due to the god awful negativity polluting the Arsenal world at present .And who can blame them?

  113. george rodger

    Bill,Do you now see why they are MIA?

  114. Jabba,

    Walcott could be our 2nd striker, and offer the off the shoulder / channel runs that stretchs defences.

    If he was cemented as a striker, I would be happy, but that would require another winger.

  115. Jabba's delights


    You really are a completey offensive middle aged idiot. Why you trying to provoke? Sort your sad little life out.

    Its funny for a yes man and someone who claims to love arsenal you never actually talk about them??

  116. All Clear YW. But To Be Truthful I think Wenger Has the power to sign the players needed. But his stubborness is so obvious to you, me or any particular arsenal fan out there. so the chances of him signing a quality signing is quite slim.

  117. Jabba – don’t bother.

  118. He is just making himself look like a fool with constant provocation.

  119. Jabba's delights


    Walcott certainly could play in that role and in fact i would prefer him than signing Odimwingie. As i agree with Bill one should be careful with players who have performed only for 1 season.

    I still think we need to ship out Bendtner and sign a ruddy good striker. Lest get out of the bargin basement

  120. LimparAssist

    King Offa offered off the shoulder. ‘Off with ‘is ‘ead’ was often the offer.

  121. Odimwingie moves well so perhaps he would be an upgrade from NB comparing the 2 as wide players in the front 3. Still would rather see us go another direction but we would make a 4 – 6M profit from the exchange and perhaps he would represent and attitude upgrade from NB so from that perspective may be its a good idea. However I suspect Limpar at 2:36 is correct.

  122. LimparAssist

    I would think anyone moving to London from the midlands moves well. Moves quickly too, I’d imagine. Like a cowboy with the seat of his kecks set alight, moves well toward pale of water.

  123. LimparAssist

    Pale? Pail? Whassamatter pailface, cat got yer tongue?
    Pail Rider. Beyond the Pale. Whiter shade of Pail…

  124. Luke:

    In 5 years Walcott has never been deployed as a central striker so Wenger must have some reason for keeping him out wide. I suspect we have tried it in training. Lots of things central strikers do that Theo can’t such as heading the ball. PL defenses seem to adjust very well to single threat types of players. How do you run behind a defense that is packed in the penalty area. Additionally why can’t he make surprise runs behind the defense cutting in from the wings or play on the left wing and cut in to shoot. Having him centrally takes away another position that we could put a player who can hold up the ball or get some headed goals. Not saying its not worth a try in training or in preseason games but lots of reason to doubt that Theo as the CF would be consistently effective.

  125. Frank,

    In an interview on ESPNSOCCERNET yesterday, Rapahael Honigstein said the Germans caved in the end and supported Blatter because they wanted more of the same. In the end they had no spine.

  126. george rodger

    Bill.I dont think we will ever see Walcott as a poacher/striker/of the shoulder had bag call him what you will.
    As you say,Perhaps someone at the club has already thought about it?Not Arsene of course,he never tries players in different positions does he?Henry,Petit,they just drifted there by accident.

  127. George:

    “Bill .Those stalwarts have probably gone into “Mugabe media lockdown” due to the god awful negativity polluting the Arsenal world at present .And who can blame them?”

    I loved your previous gravatar and I truly love your cat gravatar. I had 2 cats as a child who looked like that. Your clearly a good guy and I admire your fighting spirit for the cause. Don’t take this as anything but an observation of your online persona but you take the stuff that other people write way to seriously, not worth getting angry about.

  128. george rodger

    Breaking news .
    Every Premiership club had announced that they need a striker in the ilk of RVP,Including Arsenal apparently.

  129. Anyone watching the NBA finals? I live in the Dallas metroplex so its exciting stuff. I grew up as a Lakers fan and still dislike Mark Cuban but its fun to see the local team in a good championship series. Game on, Go Mavs.

  130. george rodger

    Bill.You and I have different ideas and opinions,yes?
    But I have never once condemned you or insulted you.You see the game differently to me and I see merit in everything you say,We debate and sometimes agree.
    The reason I dont attack you is that you is because you seem, respectful ,decent and well meaning.I admire all of those qualities in a man.
    So what does that tell you about the people I do get into spats with?

  131. Bill,

    I personally think it’s a matter of time before Walcott is adopted as a striker. This seems to be consistent with the rhetoric emanating from the club.

    By being able to operate across the whole backline, like Hernandez, he will be shifting the defence, if that buys half a yard for Fabregas/Van Persie then perfect.

    Using Hernandez as the example, you can see how much space his movement has bought a deeper lying Rooney, and the benefits that has reaped.

    Whilst he may not be strong in the air (not really an issue in our side!) there are not many better finishers in the league than young Theo.

    As a winger, he is often faced with two banks of four, unless its a foot race, he rarely skins his man. Playing off the front wouldnt be a matter of beating his man with skill, rather picking his run, to find space.

  132. Odimwingie is a very good player, I could see him thriving in our style of play.

    George, you have given me some good laughs today! thanks!

  133. LA

    So that little stream of consciousness kicked the bucket.


  134. Bill that game last night was mad. Great comeback from the Mavs to say the least.

  135. George @ 3;21:

    Theo and everyone else have talked about him wanting to be a striker for several years now and we have never seen it. Sometimes things work out differently in real life compared to how you think they should when you discuss in a blog. Its certainly worth a try, however, my point is that I do not think we should make any plans as a team going based on the idea that Theo could be a central striker since we have no evidence to suggest that its true. I think we have to consider him a wide player and plan accordingly.

  136. Thanks for the reference, YW, I will give it a try. Though swimming through swill is not my favourite occupation.

    Colney, interesting. In fact that is a good thing because they are not one of the 14 or the 17. Germany chickened out this time but they did show that they are unconvinced by the current regime.

    Little acorns and all that.

    Justice for the 17! Hurrah.

  137. George:

    OK. We do see the game differently and thats what blogging is all about.

    Luke @ 3:35:

    Certainly some merit in the idea. I wish we had given it a try at some point in the last 5 years so we could see if it was a viable option.

  138. Jabba's delights

    Epic game last night and exactly what the series needed. For all of Cuban faults he consistently gives his team a chance to make it. Dirk to go down as a great

  139. george rodger

    “Bill | June 3, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    OK. We do see the game differently and thats what blogging is all about”

    Bill.Yes it is .My point is that you blog in a good way which lends itself to healthy debate amongst fellow Arsenal fans.
    Some others do not.Which leads me to be obtuse 🙂

  140. Hi everyone. Gooner 2 I have a question for you. Why are you capitilizing certain words in the middle of sentences? “I don’t need to Google Anything. just as I said before you are an Attention Seeker.”

  141. Jabba's delights

    Its funny as even though you respect bill tone, you never actually answer any of his questions either.

  142. Heat Mavs was a great match. I really enjoyed how D Wade fell to the floor holding his eye and staring at the ref after missing the game winning shot. The Heat are full of narcissitic cunts.

  143. Bill – Agreed. It would be risky in a 4-3-3 (probably the main reason for his stint on the wing), but if we adopt two up top at all this year, I think we will see a lot of Theo alongside VP.

  144. Theo will end up as a center forward. All our CFs started on the wing. Which is why Bendtner should STFU and play.

    Odimwengie, eh? Is he know for his tackling/tracking back? Cos if he played for us it would be in one of the wide forward positions.

  145. I think RVP would love to play in the hole behind young Theo. The two already have an almost telepathic connection with RVP feeding Theo from the right wing. Another plus is Theo’s finishing. Watching him pass the ball to the inside of the far post is a thing of beauty.

  146. Hmmm… Friedel to the Spuds.

    Damn, now I have to root for him to have a poor end to his career. Bummer.

  147. Paul @ 3:39:

    Especially sweet if the Mavs beat Miami. Not that my Lakers are innocent of taking players from smaller clubs but Miami certainly is the closest thing in the todays NBA to Man City or Chelsea.

    I would love to see some sort of salary cap in world football. Even though it would limit player flexibility and artificially limit the market and earning power of the players it levels the playing field. Will be very interesting to see if the upcoming changes in the financial rules have any real bite. My suspicion is no but hopefully I am wrong.

  148. William, so true, his goal against Donestk was a joke. He didn’t even break stride!

    RVP/Theo could have a solid 5-6 years together and turn out to be one of our most brutal strike forces ever.

    (Still a poor mans Bergkamp/Henry, but then, so is everything).

  149. Bill I sort of agree with the salary cap idea. The mass amounts of currency being spent creates a lot of pressure. Some of this pressure is wearing off on our fanbase. “spent 15 million units on Samba!”
    “Fuck off Arsene! You wouldn’t splash a couple extra
    1,000,000 units!! Wank3r!”

  150. Well said Luke. Here is what I am currently imagining. A midfield pass gets fired in RVP’s general direction. Theo begins making his run. Robin does a 360
    flick-a-roonie- and BAM Theo is clean through. Que a class finish into the side netting.

  151. George:

    I have been called more names then I count but I guess its not worth getting angry about.

    Jabba @ 4:02:

    STFU. That comment brings to mind a cliche about pots and black kettles. (little smiley face)

  152. Rubbish. RvP is as good as DB10 and the latter would be the first to agree.

  153. Jabba's delights

    The goal Theo scored against Spurs away this year springs to mind, but that really only works if they are playing a high line, which as stated by many on here before, very few teams seem to do against us.

  154. We are now linked with Odemwingie, I do like him….but who will go?

  155. William – It’s so s*xual!

    It would almost be too easy:

    A) You can’t get the ball of RVP (unless he gives it to you)
    B) No defender could comprehend his vision
    C) No-one will take Theo in a foot race

    It would be route one. Arsenal stylee.

  156. Thanks Frank.

    Whilst I dont doubt RVP could surpass the talents of the non-flying Dutchman, as the comparison was made about a strike partnership, it would only be fair for your comment to respond so?

    Bergkamp/Henry will always be superior to RVP/Walcott.

  157. I respectfully disagree with Frank.

    Though that is what is great about opinions.

  158. I recall Russia doing a similar thing with Arshavin. Launch a ball up to him, let him flick it on to the striker. One touch football please.

  159. Anyone know when stumps is at Lords?

    Toying with nipping up and catching the last hour in this glorious weather!

  160. Such wonderful Arsenal players. No comparisons required.

  161. When did you start going to Arsenal Frank?

  162. I first saw Arsenal in the Fifties. My first visit to Highbury was in the early sixties.

  163. I’m envious of the fact I never got to see George, Brady, Nicholas live.

  164. Luke

    Seeing Nicholas live was more miss than hit. But when he was on form, he was excellent. Carried on a long tradition of Arsenal failing to get the best out of immensely talented players.


  165. Oh I was watching regularly at Highbury by then.

    The early days were games at West Brom, Villa park, Molineux. Terrible results half the time. Mid table stuff.

    We had to move from Hoxton pretty quickly, quite late at night. My mother,sisters and me waiting under Euston Arch (long since gone). My dad never came and so we got on the train without him. Part way through the journey north he suddenly appeared. Don’t know where from. Don’t know when he got on. We kept ourselves to ourselves in a Midland town for years. No money. But we got to see the Arsenal from time to time. Never in London though. Not until I went back on my own. Looking back I think the games were his connection to London. My Dad never went to Highbury again and I never went there with him.

  166. george rodger

    Much as I love RVP,and I do, and much as I dont ever want to agree with Luke .No one in the current English game is on a level with DB10.
    And his partnership with TH is most likely the best any of us will ever see anywhere ,let alone Arsenal.
    I do however believe Rvp has yet to realize his full potential ,and will usurp Cesc as our most influential play-maker.
    His love of the club puts him above all others IMO.

  167. Looks like everyone has had a good debate this afternoon. I’ve had a couple mates round and had a music afternoon talking with Herbert Chapman. Talking transfers and listening to Whos’s Next and whos gonna get a Ticket to Ride. How Arsenal can play football like Barca and Sergio Magic Busquet. Hoping that Wenger ‘ Won’t get Fooled Again’ and whether we should by Demba Baba O’Riley’
    But ‘ I can see for Miles’ and know that Wenger won’t be going down ‘Penny Lane’ but will say, ‘ We can work it out’ So it’s ‘Hello, Goodbye’ time for many players because Wenger says, it’s time to work ‘Eight days a Week’ I know he will do the right thing, ‘ You Better you Bet’

  168. Hello ACLFers, it’s another end of season and we’re back to the usual speculation. I just hope Wenger will take time off football, go on a proper holiday, and just relax. That might be what he needs.

    What a deeply strange season we’ve just witnessed. In the last 6 weeks of the season the players didn’t seem to me to have faith in their football.

    It’s going to be an important close season as AW tries to recover the team’s sense of purpose.

  169. @Frank
    Sounds like good times mate, I went to my first game at Highbury in 1962, against Ipswich. We lived in a cardboard box between Liverpool Road and the Cally, good times though. Later we managed to get an old caravan up in Market Road….

  170. I used to play vets football on Market Road, billions of years ago.

  171. I was living in digs in 62. Tufnell Park.

  172. george rodger

    Howrah.Ole is here.

  173. VW vans on Market Road. Aussies getting rid after driving all the way here. I had a girlfriend who went the other way. But thats another story.

  174. Sorry I have just realised how badly that must read. I mean she did it in reverse……..oh dear.

  175. @Ole
    Welcome back
    Apparently you’ve been sorely missed.
    I put my views forward at @8.50am but no one wants to talk about the teams mental health problems, but just speculate on how much Wenger will spend on duds like Peter Odemwingit and whether RVP is as good as Bergkamp….. everyone to their own I suppose!

  176. Never mind Frank, must have been some girlfriend LOL

  177. Frank, do you remember the pre-fabs up in Market Road. My family had to move into one of those after the war cos our house had been bombed. They said it was temporary but we were still there in 1960. But the walk to Highbury wasn’t far and on the way we could have Pie ‘n’ mash in Menzies in Holloway Road.

  178. george rodger

    Ok ,the team has a problem with its self belief and seems to cope badly with reversals and thinks that bad luck and bad refereeing are somehow their fault.If only the knew that everything is not their fault, but is Arsense`s,then perhaps the outlook would be much brighter.

    It has all however been done to death.It is hardly people avoiding the subject.

  179. george rodger

    Just to be clear.
    I was kidding when I said it was the fault of the manager.
    Dont want the plebeians thinking I have gone to the dark side

  180. Ha Ha
    at 10.14am I mentioned that Wenger may buy a player called Fellatio,
    and Gooner2 replied, Wenger usually signs the unknowns, so don’t be surprised if he signs another c**t that we’ve never heard of……
    I’ve never heard of him either Gooner2 so funny

  181. @George
    In my original post I didn’t say anything about bad luck or bad refereeing.
    What I said was they lost confidence in the last part of the season. I said it would be more bebeficial for Wenger and his staff to work on those issues rather than looking for a quick fix of buying in for leadership.

  182. @Gooner2
    In my opinion Fellatio wouldn’t be a good buy, as a player he sucks!

  183. I don’t know Menzies on Holloway Road, although some of the family moved there during the war. We used to get Pie n’Mash in Chapel Market or Exmouth Market. I used to play football with one of the Menzies. At the time he used to work in the shop in Aldgate. I lived in a prefab in the Midlands during the fifties and I had friends who lived in prefabs in Elephant and Castle until not long ago.

  184. good post..
    ive always got time for martin he was a good player.
    agree with your evaluation of his comments..

  185. @hkm – if you have trouble seeing the font try pressing CTRL and + keys together.

    @Bill – Maria is on twitter quite a lot.

    Nayone think that with Hughes leaving Fulham it is possible he may got to United as a #2 and take over from Slur Alex next season.

  186. Well slap me with a kipper, I agree with JonJon

  187. george rodger

    I know what you said.
    I was being sarcastic about bad luck and refereeing.
    I think you are right ,as it goes.
    If they could sort their mentality out it would be better than any signing we might dream of.

  188. @Frank
    we may have something in common mate. I was back in London last year for the first time after ten years, and the first thing I did was go to Chapel St and have pie n mash at the menzies there! They have nothing like it in France!
    Sarcasm doesn’t become you mate… stick to reality!
    well slap me with a full condom… I agree with you too. Martin Keown is very astute when it comes to defensive tactics… bring him back!

  189. george rodger

    reality doesn`t become you mate…stick to comedy 🙂

  190. Some great vids on youtube!

  191. @GeorgeR

    Boom Boom…… “smiley face”

  192. @Paul N
    I know exactly where I was that night, the screws allowed us to stay up specially to watch that game. In the TV room were a couple of scousers, a few from Manchester, (rooting for arsenal) several West Ham supporters (rooting for arsenal) and about 6 arsenal supporters…. … when the lights went out I stayed awake all night thinking of the game…. probably the most dramatic finish to a season… but I still think of 1971….

  193. Borges Spinelli

    Happy Friday, Troopers!

    Peter Odemwingie is an underrated player who is capable of transition between a Center Forward, 2nd Striker and Lateral Offensive positions. I believe played the middle and later role in 2006 & 2008 while representing his country at the African Cup of Nations. £4m is an absolute bargain for someone of his caliber.

    He meets the following criteria: value for money; scores goals; pacy; technically assured, likes to graft; at his peak; has EPL & Champions League experience. Speaks French (lol). Would love to play for a top team like Arsenal – like his compatriots Arshavin, Kanu, Adebayor & Luzhny have all done.

    DOWNSIDE: Reports have the hallmark of a bored journos’ concoction. Odemwingie will be missing for 5+ weeks alongside Chamakh next year. Will he settle for a bit part role – when he’s been a regular starter for 7 seasons in 3 different leagues?

    {Looks at the jury for affirmation}

  194. Reality?

  195. Any one has a link to France game? I’m at work do I can’t use P2P software.

  196. This was the team I had the pleasure of going to see in my youth.

  197. Borges Spinelli

    @Henristic at 12:51pm

    Ditto. I, for one, would like to see Canada given a chance to host the World Cup. It’s hard not feel excluded by FIFA, when both Mexico & the US have been handed the good stuff.

    @Bill 2:25pm

    I, also miss Limestonegunner & Shottagunner’s contributions. Limestone said something about needing a break from Arsenal in the summer after a moral sapping season.

    PS: you aren’t a bad writer, either.

    @Bill 3:03pm

    Not all CF’s head the ball. Messi to my recollection has omitted this aspect from his game – for obvious reasons.

    @Frank 5:24pm

    Going by my calculations, I would place you between 64-68yrs of age. Warm?

  198. I am indeed warm, Borges, thank you. It has been as high as 26 here in London. Cooling down now but still clement.

  199. Are we talking about my reality? Or yours?

  200. Here in Chicago it is about 28. I walk around outside for 20 minutes and my balls begin sweating. Not fun at all.

  201. William put your balls away for goodness sake. What about your neighbours?

  202. William…here in AZ it’s 88F it’s far beyond sticky balls

  203. We consider 88F (31C) to be very cool

  204. @Paul N 8.12pm
    Cup final 1979 you see how their heads went down when Man U got the second goal to make it 2-2, but the gunners raised their game to get the third, that is what’s missing in the current team……

    so you’re just a little bit older than me. Perhaps you or others on here may know a few people that used to drink in the ‘Wellington’ in McKenzie Road… if so I’d be pleased to link up with anyone who did?

  205. Azerbaijan? Azores? Azeristicuff? Nope, made that up. Blowed if I fucking know.

  206. 33. In my prime I am.

  207. AZ = probably Arizona!
    In Avignon 31 is cool as well at this time of year

  208. Gainsbourg69

    Bill: “Especially sweet if the Mavs beat Miami. Not that my Lakers are innocent of taking players from smaller clubs but Miami certainly is the closest thing in the todays NBA to Man City or Chelsea.”

    No they’re not. Miami had to make space for James and Bosh so they both took a pay cut in order to still be under the cap. They are exactly the opposite of Man City or Chelsea players. Miami didn’t take any players away either, they wanted to come here.

  209. 21 in hex

  210. Used to live in Rue Roquette, Avignon not the Paris one. Not far from Les Halles. Couldn’t afford to shop there though.

  211. G4E. I got to spend some time in Pheonix last spring. A lady in my office let us stay at her digs called the Pheonician East. My god that was beautiful. Drinking beers with my family, surrounded by cacti and giant mountains!I recall spending an afternoon with my pops out on the golf course and it was about 100 outside, but not one drip of sweat. The difference between Chicago and AZ is the humidity.

  212. G69, you are in Miami? what part if I may ask?

  213. Gainsbourg69

    Henry headed in one goal his entire Arsenal career. I think it was against United in his last season or his penultimate one.

    Sad that Djokovic lost the semi’s against Federer. 😦

  214. ah… Frank, you’ve got me, whenever you’re in the area, pop round for a drink… you’re more than welcome! But at your age the wheelchair doesn’t role very well on the cobblestones of avignon.

  215. G69:

    LOL Your dedication and defending of your own favorite teams does not stop with Arsenal. You have a lots of excellent years and I suspect many championship rings to come. I envy you in that regard. My Lakers will have some rebuilding to do. Perhaps we can lure Dwight Howard to tinseltown.

    I have never been a huge Mavs fan but still remember 06. Interesting that many people here is Dallas thought that the 06 series was fixed and the only reason the Heat won was because the league office and refs hated Cuban so much that they intentionally threw the series to the Heat. Sounds alot like some of the theories that float around here.

    I bet this series goes 7. Good luck to your side, they are a great team and will be an even better team in years to come. When they turn on the defense they are unbeatable.

  216. If you want Humidity come to Houston, Miami isnt far behind. Terrible!

  217. Bill, the Lakers do need some young blood as Fisher is a bit old but talent wasnt the big issue. They didnt work hard and lacked trust for some reason as was stated.
    I noticed how everyone wanted to be the star at the end of the game going one on one instead of sticking to the offense.

  218. ESPN really need to hire some better commentators for football.

    They bore me to tears for the most part!

  219. Hold up, I thought this was an arsenal Blog… whats going on with the f’kin Lakers and f’kin basketball or is it american style football… stick to football… a la anglais!

  220. Paul:

    Houston is quite possibly the most humid city in the world. I enjoy Fort Worth but my wife and I have a place in Colorado and plan to retire there someday. If you look up Summit County Colorado in wikipedia it has only 2 words “Gods Country”.

  221. Not many Europeans in tonight

  222. @Frank
    Just for your information,.it’s N° 17 so you know exactly where I am…….. I’m waiting…

  223. Paul:

    Lakers lost their edge this year and mailed in the last 3 weeks of the season and the playoffs. Lack of energy and interest. Next year they need some quickness and athleticism up top. They get killed by quick guards. Andrew Bynum needs a brain transplant.

  224. Colorado, thats a state I would like to visit one day Bill. I know its beautiful from what i have seen.

  225. Good player he is though Bill. You could say he was the best player for them against Dallas. I rather like him though he did lose it, but youth does that to you sometimes.

    A good point gaurd would be good, it would take the pressure off of Kobe, keep him fresh for the playoffs.

  226. @Frank
    I’ve just realised, when you said earlier that your family had to leave London quickly, I know now, your Dad was Bertie Smalls….. thats why your family had to get out of Hoxton… the grass is always greener! you know what I mean ‘arry!

  227. Yogi/Northbank sorry about the slight Americanization that has been going on. I’m going to continue anyways, with caution.
    Gainsbourg how do you feel about Lebron, Wade and co adapting the cheating styles of Wayne Rooney? I am mainly pissed because you beat the Chi bulls, so don’t get too upset. But a 6″7 250 pound man should not be falling down this easily. Also your team can suck a big one and i pray to the non-existent god that the Heat lose.

  228. Robin van Persie refutes ‘misleading’ reports

    Well done Robin

  229. george rodger

    Robin,just get on and play fucking football you diving git

  230. For the americans on here, you probably don’t understand Frank and me, you need to know Islington to comprehend….. but Islington is still Arsenal despite all the other history linked to the borough… Frank, we’ll meet again don’t know where, don’t know when….. your dad understands that song don’t he………

  231. george rodger

    I have just read a post attributed to me on ACLF and would like to make the following statement.

    “These reports falsely suggest that I recently made negative comments about RVP I would like to make it perfectly clear that I haven’t. and I’ve certainly not been rude as the comments suggest.”

    Thank you have a good night

  232. Just going for a long walk over a short bridge, Northbank1969.

  233. I understand William, it’s dry heat here in Arizona. It’s much more bearable than heat with humidity.

  234. My father was a older than Bertie Smalls. Interestimgly I believe that my uncle knew Charlie Kray but only in passing. I guess everyone in Bethnall Green knew the ‘characters’. To this day I don’t know why we moved, although I can guess.

  235. stray a

  236. @Frank
    Are we agreed that we both support Arsenal?
    Are we agreed that you mow the grass?
    Are we agreed that your wheel chair will fall off the short bridge of Avignon?
    If you want to visit, no problem mate, flights from Luton to Marseille are very cheap…. I’ll even pick you up at the airport…..…. you’ll find a cheap deal, come and visit!

  237. @Frank –

    Charlie Kray the gangster? 🙂

  238. Fuck the Krays, Frank, we’re talking about Islington here, if you ever lived there you’d know. Charlie Reggie and ron ron were three fu’kin bum boys, if you’re from Hoxton you’d know that, they didn’t put a foot into Islington, I can’t mention names, apart from your dad Bertie (the grass), but it was a no no for all the other so called gangs in London. Fuck sake, only Islington people know this….

  239. @colney
    Charlie Kray wasn’t a gangster….. he was a local bully in the east end…. couldn’t find a way into Islington so went after the south london Richardsons… who were who! f’kin no body, but they became famous because of Barbara Windsor.. a soap actress!

  240. Nothing too dramatic, Northbank. I think my uncle knew Charlie Kray at primary school. Don’t know which one but the one my dad went to was on Kingsland Road. Around the corner from St Leonards Hospital where my uncle died thirty years ago. My father moved in very different circles.

  241. haha Frank, i just watched a documentary about the eastend, Dad, Goldtooth Mickey etc etc.

  242. Quite the characters all these so-called “gangsters” in the end they all tell you the same thing “i wish i’d never gone down this path” because you either end up in jail or dead. 🙂

  243. The old mam was not a gangster and didn’t mix in those circles. He spent a lot of time in Ireland during the war. Don’t know why.

  244. Sorry I meant old man not ‘mam’. Northern people call their mothers ‘mam’, do they not?

    Anyway, whatever. The ‘trouble’ that followed him around for the rest of his life emanated from that bloody place.

  245. Said too much. The Oaks opens me up. That time of year.

  246. @Frank,
    You shouldn’t start chucking names about like that, the Krays were a couple of wankers who bullied their way through the east end. In Islington there were other families, of irish/catholic decent who controlled the Krays and others. Those families are still controlling Islington and now further afield… I go back to my original question, if you know Islington, you should know this! Ok your uncle may have gone to school with Charlie… I could tell you a lot worse!
    For years I kept this to myself, now I’m at an age where I don’t give a shit!

  247. I was not brought up in Islington except for a few years as a young child. Although I was christened at St Mary Magdalene. I don’t know the Krays. My uncle says he went to primary school with Charlie Kray but he certainly did not know him as an adult. My father’s hinterland stretched well beyond Islington and even London and certainly did not involve London ‘gangs’. When I returned to London it was to a very different life.

  248. The night shift beckons

  249. Northbank1969

    You wanna be careful what you say then Frank don’t you, I now have to move, fuck, I may even get a flight back to Luton and round to yours for a drink! how do you feel about that.

  250. Northbank1969 @ 8:50am,

    I completely agree. I said as much in yesterday’s blog and think yur argument is a good one.

    Excuse delayed response

  251. Yogi @ 2:41pm,

    As ever: bang on.

    Great blog as expected.

  252. I’ve not given this any serious thought but…

    How’s about if we see a lack of speed as a major problem and do buy Odemwingie?

    Would we revert to a 4-4-2 line up? Maybe with a starting eleven of:


    Sagna, Djourou (or new signing = X?), TV5, Gibbs

    Walcott, Cesc (or X?), Song (or X?), Miyachi



    We’d be the quickest team in the EPL without a doubt but would it work and is Ryo ready etc?

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