As The Transfer Mayhem Begins, Will Arsène Strike Quickly?

A twenty-one gun salute welcomed the transfer window this morning. The media’s attention is still on Sepp Blatter and whether he will be Emperor this evening. The campaign to relieve him of power is wilting somewhat, hollow words from sponsors are good PR and no more, particularly since they do not welcome scrutiny of the closets holding their corporate skeletons.

This scenario brings to mind the scene from Blazing Saddles, where the duplicate Rock Ridge must be built in one night. The town’s Preacher, Rev. Johnson, leads the prayer, “O Lord, do we have the strength to carry off this mighty task in one night? Or are we just jerking off?

Does anyone really believe that Fifa has the desire or will to relieve Blatter of his duties?

So to Arsenal. The manager’s first task is the renewal of Samir Nasri‘s contract. Matters are not going according to plan, certainly not as swimmingly as portrayed earlier in the season. According to Wenger, money is the issue. Which had Nasri signed before Christmas would have found him receiving a lot of support for his claims for more.

Inconsistency in the second half of the season now begs the question whether he should be one of the highest earners at the club? Realistically, the club will end up dealing nearer to the player than they currently are. If not, Wenger has given the clearest hint that Arsenal have not ruled out selling the player, albeit not to Manchester United. How much of that is posturing remains to be seen.

If Nasri goes, it is inconceivable that Fábregas will depart for Barcelona, even with the designation of Wigan’s James McCarthy as a £15m replacement. In a French radio interview, Wenger explicitly stated that players would be signed who had experience of the Premier League. Immediately this the basis for an £8m bid for Blackburn’s Christopher Samba. At the prices being bandied around, a rethink of that policy will be in order.

A criticism of Wenger is that deals are left to the last-minute. Transfer Windows became footballing law in 2002/03, another inspired ruling from Fifa. Since then Wenger has on only four occasions, signed players before the end of June. Most of Wenger’s business occurs in July, with holidays and the like there is no reason to believe this summer will be any different.

The perception though is of late business deals, transfers completed as the window closes or in some cases, after the window has closed. Signings made in the last week of August are easy to steroetype as panic buys. None work out in the long-term, with Gallas, Diarra, Squillaci and Silvestre a rum bunch of first XI ready signings if ever there were one.

There is a growing desire for Wenger to have the signings made before then, almost a comfort blanket of knowledge that the real and perceived weaknesses in the squad, have been assessed and addressed. With Sevilla reportedly offering Denilson an exit route, the £8m would come in useful. Swiss Ramble added his thoughts on how the transfer pot might best be calculated. As the esteemed blogger notes, it is rightly a guessing game.

Commercial sensitivity aside, would the knowledge that Arsenal have £32,465,102 to spend, make this or any other transfer window more bearable?

More funds may be coming the club’s way if Nicklas Bendtner‘s Mr20% is to be believed. The agent, who at weekends doubles as his father, proves that being a Mr20% is a tough sell. Admitting that his son is worth less than before – please take note of the two distinct words, it is a different meaning than if they were one word – Daddy believes that Arsenal should ask for about £10m (€11m). Probably quite accurate but you wonder if anyone at Arsenal is aware of this?

He is also rapidly becoming one of the least likeable Mr20%‘s. How will his son be perceived by the support if a move fails to materialise? He is not the most popular of players in normal times, such words do not help his cause. At least Denilson has been honest enough to come out and say that he wants a move.

Gervinho, whose brilliance is such that he talks of himself in the third person, is to announce his chosen employers for next season. Whether or not they want to employ him does not seem to have crossed his mind. Adopting his best HAL tones, he observed, “We are Gervinho, we do not worry about such trivialities“.

Finally, this is, I think, one of my all-time favourite quotes regarding international football. Alex Song has pulled out of the upcoming Cameroon international against Senegal. Apparently members of the local press had suggested it was a sham so his FA made this brilliant announcement,

A test carried out by the medical staff of the Cameroon national team made us to confirm that Alex Song really had an injury and was not pretending

The best part about it – well not the best part, the one that makes a farcical comment even more of a farce? He had to fly to the Cameroon to be told that essentially “We thought you were lying but no, we were wrong. Sorry about that“.

Enjoy the first day of the transfer window. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. ArsenalAndrew

    Wonderful quote, made my morning!

    Surely the rules of the game now have been adjusted if not changed? I’d imagine AW to be under considerable pressure to sign new players – to “get on with it”. This would make it easier to move on the departees (dont think that’s an actual word btw). They also must surely have one eye on season ticket sales ….

  2. I guess you’re right – I’ve been hoping for a while that we’ll sign someone (as has nearly every Arsenal fan in the world!) but in all probability there’s no point in waking up with any expectation of a signing until 5mins to the final hour on the evening the window closes.

    Damn and I was getting excited 😦

  3. Arsene strike quickly…my arse! Maybe for an unknown!

  4. Question: would we sign Modric if we could?

  5. @Zimpaul, why would we?

  6. We don’t even strike quickly when we get near the box, why would the transfer window be any different?

  7. Let the game commence, if Wenger was playing Monopoly he would buy the Whitechapel and Old Kent Roads, Euston Road, Pentonville Road and The Angel.
    He would say that Mayfair, Park Lane and Bond St were too expensive.
    Then he would buy the Water Works and even try to buy ‘Free Parking’
    Hey, but you can still win the game with the cheapest options…..

  8. Yeah Zim,
    Why would we want to sign Modric?

  9. TS,
    How area?

  10. I’m sure that Arsene has a list of first choices that he would like to acquire during the transfer window and would probably like to complete the purchases today. However, the players in whom he is interested will either be away on international duty or, if they’re unknown enough, sunning themselves on a beach somewhere.

    I think Arsene’s reputation of tending to buy the right players works against him. If the top clubs hear that we are bidding for a player, they will consider highjacking the deal. A club, willing to sell a player, can’t lose by “accidently” leaking the news of an Arsenal bid. It may well start an auction from which the selling club benefits and Arsenal lose out.
    Following the line of that thought, Arsene may want to wait until the wealthiest clubs have spent their transfer budgets for this transfer window before showing who he is really interested in so that he can make his bids without serious competition.

  11. Hold on to you arse cheeks! We going for a ride.
    The media will now get their fill and pick a whole new First 11 for us but, don’t wake up everyday expecting to see anything happen because as per normal it will be left right to last minute.

    I think Wenger will be changing a few things a getting medevil on some players who have been cruising for the past 3 years.

    I keep seeing crap about Arshavin and that his sale will help fund players we are supposed to be looking at.

    ****ing BskyB should be more worried about their Utd who are now claiming they need the rule changed so that they can train more hours with their youth in order to produce a team like Barca.

    Does this mean that Wenger policy was ahead of it’s time because to me he’s been doing what fergie wants to do for the past 6 year.

    I’m so confused right now. What do we do then carry on as we have been or go mad in the Transfer window?

    Whatever happens I trust Wenger to make the right moves to put this right. He’s fed up and his heart has been broken by players who let him down. I don’t think he’s playing Mr Goodbar anymore.

    He won’t be bowing to the Utd’s media thats for sure or their blatant public pursuit of Nasri.

    I don’t really care what the media are saying about Gervinho or what he so say said. All I know is that I have seen him play a number of times in all types of games and I believe that he’s made for the Prem and will bring joy to us Gooners.

    That price tag on Bendtner is the most craziest thing I have heard of. He’s not worth 3million. His vision of himself is priceless.

  12. Zimpaul,

    depends on the price. good player, but not 30 million good. The one sure thing I know is wenger will not sign anyone we all know. As for defenders….expect to hear – vermallen is like a new signing….which he sort of is.

  13. Greg Timothy

    Signing Chmaberlain is like Walcott all over again. We know how long it took Walcott to come to terms with the epl. Chamberlain will require at least two seasons to get used to the epl tackling. During that time anyhing can happen.
    I feel Arsenal will better served by someone who goes strait in to the senior team rather than serve an apprenticeship in different clubs.I know AKB but sometimes he forgets the woods for the trees.

  14. @bernard 8.52am

    exactimondo !

  15. ArsenalAndrew

    It’s up there with the best Wikipedia vandalism


  16. Footballistically speaking, I think it would be best to get the buying done early. A proper pre-season with all the players in the squad come July would be ideal to make a good start and get the fitness levels right for the new campaign.

    I take the point about letting other clubs spend their budgets before we wade into the transfer market, but in that case, aren’t we also in danger of seeing our first choices snapped up by our competitors?

    Thanks for the link to the Swiss Ramble Yogi, it’s always good to read about the only reasoned analysis out there of Arsenal’s finances when he focusses on our club. Going by his figures, maybe it would be better to pay maybe an extra £5m-£10m for the players we really want which could be recouped by better premier league and champions league performances?

  17. If the Camaroon FA demanded that Song had to go all the way there for a medical, they would have had to pay for his Flight, accomodation etc. So he gets a holiday and can see his family at the same time…… for free…. not bad eh!

  18. Northbank

    Apparently not as they’ve confined him to the team hotel.


  19. Yogi

    Could only happen in Africa…….. under house arrest, will be transferred to a local prison imminently and then public execution.

  20. Very true. Only in Africa. You cant give a person an ounce of power in that place. they take the piss every time.

  21. wenger shud practicaly get the goon wat thy need, it is realy disapointin if we buy our priority for th next campaign at the end of transfer window, we might as wel get no bg names we would hav wished to suggest for wenger. Oxlade surely wil need time to get into epl, lest we get a better cover and a known one, our nxt season campaign might end as last ssn.

  22. Modric is a useful 8m pound player. He creates space and has excellent ball retention. Not sure what he cost Totts, but he’s out of there. Of course he’s over-rated at WHL (who isn’t?) but he is a useful player. Betcha he lands up at OT this this off-season, or SB.

  23. Thanks Yogi.

    Song ‘pretending’?! Very tactfully put guys, nice one. I’d love the England physio team to come out with that after Rooney, Lampard etc miss the next friendly through ‘injury’.

    “Yep, they were bloody pretending. I knew it. Cheeky blighters.”

    I must admit, i’ve always liked Modric’s style of play and thought he’d be great at Arsenal. Can’t see it happening though, and will prob head to one of the locations ZP’s suggested.

  24. A bit worried about the Nasri situation though. I was confident he would stay until now.. Hopefully he (or should i say his ag*nt) won’t be too greedy and will just sign the damn contract. Nasri surely knows the grass isn’t always greener…

  25. The 25 man rule, coupled with the new guidelines regarding club spending vs profit is supposed to stop cash-rich clubs like Man City sitting back and hijacking rival bids for players.

    They still have some room to do this, I think they have a good few players out on loan who don’t look likely to return (Adebayor, Bellamy, etc). That would free up some space, so I gues this is where dummy targets and misinformation play a part for us. That and waiting until they’ve filled their quota.

    Fact that we don’t have any real muscle to flex means we have to sit back and wait for the dust to settle in the market place. Unless we have another Chamakh-type deal lined up. A player who intentionally ran down his contract to come and play for us specifically because he wanted to come to the club.

    I’d prefer this type of player over a mercenary any day.

  26. @ZimPaul 10.17am

    His Ball Retention is excellent…. so that’s how he does it!

  27. ZimP,
    Modric for 8m? That would be a coup on the level of Sol Campbell’s transfer.
    Don’t see it happening under Levy.

  28. And I don’t think we need Modric unless Cesc or Nasri leaves. He is certainly not as good as either of them, and not much better than Wilshere and Ramsey.

    If we’re looking for a cheap-ish attacking midfielder, I’ll go for Charles Nzogbia. That boy can play, and is not a bad free kick taker either.

  29. Another small tip tappy midfielder. No thanks, we already have our quota.

  30. Henristic

    N’Zogbia at the value end of the market would certainly be a useful addition.

    To be honest, I would be more than happy to acquire a natural winger, who can put a decent ball into the box.

    N’Zogbia, A Johnson, Young seem to be available at reasonable prices.

  31. I would happily sell cesc to barca if we got mascherano and affelay plus the cash to buy Samba. I would also sell nasri to inter if we got schneider plus the cash to buy chamberlain. We would then have also replaced denilson and rosicky the cash we raise from them should get us Berbatov. Then the cash we get from selling bendtner should get us Gaimero. By my basic accounting skills we still haven’t touched the transfer kitty and still have some players that could be sold if needed eboue traore Vela eastmond squillaci diaby clichy fabianski i would sell all this lot then buy Stekelenberg van Der weil and vertonghen.

  32. Remember the Alonso shambles on transfer deadline day when Wenger tried to push Liverpool into a corner to accept £16m for Alonso instead of £17m they wanted.Liverpool called our bluff and we missed out on him.Liverpool sold him for £30m in the following season!!!!
    The same happened with Schwarzer if the deal had been done in June for £3m instead of August 31st trying to get him for £2m

    Wenger signs players on deadline day because he thinks the price will go down


  34. Wow, bc! Are you being serious?

    So basically, complete overhaul of the squad with these players that are definitely up for playing for us, easliy obtainable, good value for money, and will add definite improvement to our team…???

    Have you emailed that to Arsenal? I’m sure they’d take it up immediately, and will be kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. Good work.

  35. Now that’s the shit, Steve. Proper, whole-hearted support. Lovely stuff.

  36. @Luke

    Surely we don’t need to buy a winger who can cross a ball accurately, we already have Ryo Miyaichi and the dutch team are asking to keep him on loan for another year. I’d say get him back asap.

  37. I’m still not convinced about A.Johnson yet. Ashely Young can do a job for sure, but N’Zogbia has the added advantage of being left footed and a very good dribbler. He’ll be devastating on our right and will free Walcott to play on the left or center. Imagine Cesc/VP feeding through balls to either of these guys.
    Championship manager at its best! 😛

  38. …and then you woke up bc…….

  39. @steve


  40. Jabba's delights


    Completely agree about N’Zogbia, i think he would be perfect for us. We need to hit the ground running next year, so players with pl experience i think are crucial.

    With regards to Ryo lets give him another year on loan, why the rush.

    Would be utterly delighted if we had a summer like the below

    Seedorf (stop gap as 2 talented youngesters coming through, but imagine learning from one of the most succesful and most winning pro’s of our generation)

    We wouldnt be breaking the bank either. If only Carlberg made football summers

  41. Personally i think Wenger needs to make a statement of intent and make it early … if at all possible.

    If he thinks Gary Cahill would make a good partnership with Vermaelen – then pay the asking price now (with just a little haggling to drop it a wee bit) before anyone else stumps up the cash. You know we aint going into a bidding war.

    If he feels a bit of experience is needed in midfield then get Parker from West Ham. Yeah hes 30 and has no resale value, we know le boss likes his resale monies…but would Song,Ramsey and Jack not all benefit from his attitude and drive?

    Thats 2 areas sorted before we even look at outgoings. It would please a lot of fans…no??

    If Clichy goes, and it looks more and more likely, then make sure a replacement is on the cards, and try get a deal done while the deal for Clichy is still being finalised. Like for like transfer fee and wages on a replacement isnt beyond the realms of possibility …Izaguirre from Celtic?

    Ditto Nasri, although i reckon he will sign on.

    I just dont know how the Cesc thing will play out at all…havent a clue whats going to happen there.

    Denilson looks to be on the way out. As does B52. Their combined fees and wages should pay for Cahil…surely?


  42. A player who I would be interested in and who would not cost a fortune is Arteta – experienced, great ability ( IMO) and just finished what was not his best season at Goodison.

    The player himself must surely crave at least one go at the CL proper

    Moyes is a man in need of funds to refurnish his front line – worth a phone call Mr Gazidis

  43. Jabba's delights


    Ive always rated Arteta as well, but unless Cesc goes we arent really in need of a playmaker. I feel part of our issue is that we have to many central attacking midfeilders in the squad who masquerade as wingers. Everyone wants the ball to fee but nobody wants to be the guy making the run off the ball

  44. On latest arsenal tv online interview when Wenger was asked about the defense and whether he intends to sign a new central defender :

    He talked about losing points at set pieces and not so much from open play and how to correct it. He talked about correcting it with the size of the players being used in certain games. Changing the players for games where you know you will be up against set pieces rather that footballing teams.

    Does that point to a giant like Samba? Or Cahill, whos quite tall but who has lived and breathed set piece nous for the last few years?

  45. Borges Spinelli

    I like Bernard’s chain of thought at 8:52am. Except that tactic limits us to scrambling for transfer crumbs in August. Strike whilst the iron is still hot. We are a big club and must compete like one.

    Goonerwife is right, we don’t need another diminutive Midfielder.

  46. Northbank

    With all due respect, Ryo, the exciting talent he is, has had a productive half season in Holland.

    No doubt he can be a great, but, the recruitment strategy of entrusting very talented youngsters at such a young age seems to be faltering in most instances.

    I would like a player with proven calibre in the Premiership. Excited as I am about Ryo, it could be damaging to his development to shove him in the first team, and expect immediate results.

  47. @Henristic
    Add to that that N’Zogbia is quite good with his long range shooting. If N’Zogbia is available as cheaply as is made out, I don’t think he would be the worst buy we can make this summer.

    As for Nasri, he surely can’t demand parity with Cesc/Van Persie. He has nowhere been near as consistent as those two and having a good first half is surely not enough to make demands like that.

  48. Yup, have to agree with the above posters.

    Statement of intent is needed, and early.

  49. Hey Yogi,

    Big fan of the new layout, much better than the last I would say.

    Keep up the good work as always.

  50. I would happily cash in on Cesc to the highest bidder, anything north of £50Mill would be fine.

    Move Nasri more central – he was electric there – and use some funds to buy two real wingers.

    If Walcott is moved more central, another striker may not be needed.

  51. I don’t really think that real wingers would improve our team in any way. If anything at all, we should train our current wingers to try to cut inside even more. Walcott is at his most dangerous when he is cutting inside, same with Arshavin. And besides, if we get two wingers like Johnson and Young … who is supposed to convert those crosses?

  52. Clarence Seedorf in the Premiership. What a cringeworthy thought.

  53. Evil, by not having real wingers, we dont have any natural width. This leads to congestion, and a lack of cutting edge against well organised sides.

    Our inability to break sides down is all too apparent.

    If, our wingers cut inside, then we should invest in quality attacking full backs, who offer width. Just like at Barca.

    Either way. We need to stretch our opponents more.

  54. Personally, I think an experienced winner like Seedorf would be of huge value to our younger charges. Someone to look up to, offer words on inspiration when everything is crumbling around us.

    Davids had a huge impact on Spurs. If we could convince Seedorf that a squad role would be his, then I would happily snap him up.

    One thing is for sure, he would 100% be a marked improvement on our departing Samba Superstar.

  55. Arsenal have a CL tie (home and away) in August.

    Have any of you given thought to the importance of this tie?

    If Arsenal don’t advance, the media and ‘some’ fans will be furious – with Arsene & select players, like we witnessed after the CC final.

    Arsene cannot risk waiting until August to finalize transfers and signings.

    Our house must be in order as early as possible – even if transfers and new signings are not done at the usual Arsene flea market bargains.

  56. Borges Spinelli

    These players I believe would improve our squad. We need steel reinforcements.

    Radamel Falcao (5ft 9.5) – C.F
    Oscar Cardozo (6ft 3.5) – C.F
    Leandro Damião (6ft 2) – C.F

    Jeremy Menez (5ft 11.5)- L.M/R.M/A.M (positions)
    Renato Augusto (6ft 1) – R.M/A.M/L.M

    Jan Vertonghen (6ft 2.5) – CB/LB/DM
    Mamadou Sakho (6ft 2) – CB/LB

    Gokhan Inler (6ft) – DM/CM
    That french dude of African descent at Blackburn – DM/CM


  57. @Luke

    having young talent hasn’t failed with Jack and Aaron and Chezzers… they have shown that young spirit can cut it in the EPL. I think Ryo is better than Arshavin with a better workrate as well.

    Wingers /or attacking full backs are the life blood of a
    team… ofcourse they need someone in the middle to get on to the crosses, but we have that already in RVP and Chamakh, and possibly Afobe.

  58. Nice post YW. Shame the same cannot be said about some of the comments. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  59. keep nasri keep cesc then no worry about buying in the suggested crap thats doing the rounds. We need CD, CM, striker, i prefer top quality and better than we already have. we were too young last season, not one team in the uiniverse will play consistantly with JW and AR playing, not because they are not good enough, they are just not good enough yet, because they are just too young, moderic is the best shout ive heard all day, by the time hes finished jack will be a ready/or better replacement.

  60. Jabba's delights


    Do you care to add to your statement?

    At the moment you discredit one of the most succesful players in history who has won every honour covering 3 leagues with his most recent coming last year.

    For someone who defends Arsene so vermantly i find hit hilarious how you will put down someone like seedorf with no analysis.

    My thinking behind bringing in a player who has been there and won it, is that on the training pitch and dressing room, the likes of Wilshere, Song, Fabregas, Ramsey, Frimpong and Lansbury will be learning from someone who has won 3 cl medals at 3 differetn clubs and numerous domestic honours. He has also played to a high level well into his 30s shwoing he takes care of himself.

    What better player to close out a tight game than a player who has cloesed out 3 cl finals.

    He is also on a free.

    There is my argument whats yours?

  61. Where do you work, Borges – Saville Row?

    Seriously though, great effort. What about AW’s hints at Prem experience?

    PS. Remember to ‘Save Game’ before difficult matches.

  62. Totally agree Arsesession – which is why we need to have a team ready with new additions in place for that game to ensure we are in the Champs league proper. A few signings and a win through those qualifiers will set the tone for the season on and off the pitch.

  63. Northbank – agreed.

    However, all three of those players had a decent stint in English football. Two are British and Sczensey is probably one of the best students of the nature and spirit of our game.

    Ryo has not played 1 minute of competitive English football. Is it not a bit soon to suggest he is the winger we are craving for?

    Also, what would be wrong with signing a player, like N’Zogbia, and bringing Ryo back. Healthy competition is what we need.

  64. Seedorf has signed a new 1 year extension to his contract.

  65. Jabba's delights


    We are all talking about stuff that interests us, if your bored why not go do soemthing else rather than goading people.

  66. Jabba's delights


    i didnt realise. Still think a player of his ilk is what we need in midfeild. We have tons of talent just no experience

  67. Seedorf of 5 years ago yes – Seedorf of nowadays – no. Hes a spent force.

  68. Jabba that is my point about the ZZZZZZ. People talk without research.

  69. @Borges Spinelli

    So anyone 6′ and over is class?

  70. I have a terrible notion he might end up playing the opposition onside halfway up the pitch while our defenders race past him – so far is he off Arsenal’s pace – but fair cop, Jabba – you’re stumping for the zimmerframe though.

    This is the most Tottenham idea I’ve heard in a long time.

  71. george rodger

    Attacking fullbacks is what we need. Apparently.
    So how about we put in bids for Eboue and Gibbs?
    Wingers?Oh please.When did we last have a genuine winger.Like Monkey boy perhaps.Well his assists are less than theos ,so WTF are people on about.
    Oh sorry .did not see it was Luke.

  72. Dups

    He suggested a decent signing. His intent was clear. He also indicated that he didnt realise that.

    Who do you think we should sign? What areas would you like us to strengthen in? Any particular player caught your eye?

    All reasonable questions about our only thing in common.

  73. Would many of you agree that Arsene is predictable?

    We picked up Chamakh, who had (for me) a terrific start for Arsenal (while vP recovered from the WC). When vP regained fitness, Chamakh ends up on the bench for the next 4 months. The excuse of his fatigue was bullsh*t.

    If Theo is healthy, he starts.

    Ditto for Nasri, Cesc, Song, and Wilshere. Then there is Arshavin.

    If Toure and Gallas had found harmony, they would still be our starting CB’s. (even over Vermaelen)

    Arsene has his favorites.

    So I ask many who want to see 3 or 4 new players brought in……what DECENT player would move to Arsenal to sit on the bench.

    Front line
    Nasri – vP – Theo (Chamakh and Arshavin as back ups)

    Cesc – Diaby – Song (Wilshere – Ramsey – Rosicky – Frimpong)

    Where is any new forward or midfield arrival going to see any significant playing time?

  74. I would bow to no man in my profound admiration for Seedorf – but I watched him get swept away by Spuds in the first half at the San Siro – he was hauled off at half time as I recall – and I have my doubts he was used in the WHL second leg

    Great player but not in the biff bash boff of the PL

    Jabba – take your point about too many central midfield chiefs and not enough hard working indians – Arteta does strike a luverly dead ball though !

  75. Ahh George.

    How you doing Poppet?

  76. Get used to it dups! It’s going to be a long, long transfer window…

  77. Sorry, hadn’t refreshed for a while.. that was aimed at the first ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  78. Luke

    I do not know enough about the transfer market to engage in Championship Manager games. Arsene will get the players needed and get rid of others.

    As far as the Modric talk I would rather bring back Hleb.

  79. @Limpar
    I think Borges was measuring ‘inside leg’ but he forgot to take in to account what ‘side they dressed on’
    If you’ve worked in Saville Row you will understand

  80. Dups

    So you have absolutley zero opinion on any players whom you might like at the club? and you abuse those people who do? The point being?

    Isn’t discussing the future of the club, the transfer activity, the what if’s etc, isnt that part of the fun??

  81. I’ve always dressed on the right.

    Sadly, not in the same ball park as the Late great Sinatra who required an additional pocket.

  82. @dupsffokcuf
    I thought you’d gone to bed!
    If you don’t engage in Championship Manager games, why are you suggesting Hleb over Modric?

  83. Luke

    You may see it as fun, I do not. It is like talking about what you would by if you won the lottery. Nonsense.

    If we sign a player or are seriously linked with a player then I will be interested, not before. Where is the logic in talking about loads of players you may never sign.

  84. Northbank

    I know about Hleb and have seen him play regularly the same with Modric. They are not names picked wildly out of the ether.

  85. Tbh theres nothing wrong with a bit of transfer speculation, discussing what players we’d like to see at Arsenal its what people would be doing in the pub or in discussion with friends – what difference does doing it online? No one is saying Wenger MUST buy above named players, and of course we all trust his judgement to bring in the right players whether we’ve heard of them or not. All this discussion is just who we would like to see given our limited view/opinion of these players. If you disagree with the choices fine but don’t criticse the right of others to engage in a bit of harmless speculation. After all what else is there to do for the next 3 months?

  86. @Luke
    I used to dress to the right but as I’ve got older it now tends towards the left. (no explaination for that) I could have been a good winger, both sides of the pitch. Apparently Errol Flynn needed an extra pocket and more width to the right. Knew how to control a ball as well apparently. But lets get back to football, my apprentiship in saville row discussion can wait for another time!

  87. george rodger

    If I won the lottery I would buy ACLF from Yogi and make it a safe haven.:)

  88. george rodger

    Dups ,What has gone wrong?
    🙂 its not happening today

  89. @tearymee
    ‘what else is there to do for the next 3 months?’


  90. george rodger

    Oh It has 🙂

  91. Haha Northbank.

    I was rocking the Errol Flynn for last years Movember effort. I have not been blessed or cursed, with serious facial hair.

    Dups – agreed. Saying we should sell 12 players, sign Ronaldo, Sneijder and Maradonna is indeed nonsense. But like your call for Hleb, I feel someone like Samba (realistic target, who I have seen plenty of) would be a decent addition.

    I dont proclaim to know anything about the global transfer market, but I do know our squad (in my eyes) and finding a decent natural winger should be a priority (again, in my eyes).

    Thats the whole point of an Arsenal discussion forum no?

  92. George it was because of the full stop next to the colon.

  93. george rodger

    Northbank.Sadly that ship seams to have sailed of and into the blue.

  94. Arsene should not release a statement of intent. You cant handle it. Next thing you’ll be calling him a liar for not keeping his ‘promise’.

    nope he shouldnt bother. i can see exactly how its gonna go down.

  95. ibezimako josemaria

    we all know how arsene deals .. he like to leave his transfers late .. i can bet u we will have a relatively uknown player pop up on the radar soon … he prefers discreet players with massive potential … i still think he will go back to sevilla to buy federico fazio cos he has been on the radar for some time

  96. tearymee

    What an awful thought. 3 months of it. Agh 😦

  97. @georgerodger
    It’s because your beloved Frank isn’t here… if you want a safe haven start your own blog, simples mate!

  98. george rodger

    Luke ,People like a debate.You do say some sensible things.
    What some object to is the disrespect you show towards the manager and some of the players.Its uncalled for and does nothing but annoy people.
    Who in turn start to show you disrespect .And you dont like it.Yet you started it.

  99. george rodger

    What is because Frank is not hear?

  100. Interesting George.

    Have a re-read of all your posts, and mine, and tell me where the disrespect started.

    I would also love to see you copy and paste a post of mine which disrespects the manager.

  101. Goonerwife

    Care to expand?

  102. This has left me scratching my head 😐,19528,11661_6961725,00.html

    ”Manchester United striker Michael Owen has signed a new one-year deal at the club. ”

  103. Denilson and Bendtner look as good as gone. I’ll be surprised if Rosicky is at the club next season either.

    Players to buy? I wouldn’t mind getting Cahill, lots of people on here like to slate him, but he has premier league experience and it would be a statement of intent in the transfer market too. My particular hobby-horse is Song’s position in defensive midfield (especially as he should be at the African Cup of Nations next January/February), I’d like to see us try and get Fellaini from Everton. Proper competition in that position might be no bad thing and he’s a big fcuker too.

    Depending on the Cesc (doubtful) and Nasri situations there may be more business to be done. Arteta would be an excellent replacement for the skipper should Barcelona actually find £50m+ down the back of their sofa.

  104. Focus should be on keeping the core of the squad (incl Nasri). With the current (expanded) squad, we have the following situation for 2011/12; 58 players. I have sorted them into 4 categories; English over 21, non-English over 21, English under 21 and non-English under 21. Because of the current rules, Arsenal will, in the near future, always have more than 7 homegrown players. I chose English/non-English because of the amount of articles and blogs over the years that have criticized AW for not doing enough for the national team. (Some of the players can play for more than one country.)
    Non-English “over-aged”: 23
    English “over-aged”: 4
    Non-English “under 21”: 5
    English “under 21”: 26

    Where does that leave us? Well, even before we start buying “experienced quality”, we need to reduce our squad to stay within the 25-man rule. Although it seems like Denilson and Bendtner are on their way out, I suggest to start with off-loading Almunia and Squillaci. Randall and Cruise have been released. Vela will also likely go to get games.

    Almunia will not come back as #1 and he is already 34. He has behaved as a gentleman, never come out complaining like some players tend to do. With Szczesny, Fabianski and Mannone, I’m not sure a new keeper is what we need the most. Look at ManU, they’ve just bought (?) a 20 year old to replace van der Saar.
    Most of the Arsenal fans agree that Squillaci is not the answer to establish a partnership with TV5. We should probably focus on a ready-made partner (Jan Vertonghen who can also play LB or Brede Hangeland come to mind). Cahill as English is too expensive.
    If Clichy leaves, we may need a new LB but we do have Gibbs, Traore and Bothelo.
    Midfield is OK, much better than ManU’s. Again, if we lose Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, let’s bring in one new – perhaps Scott Parker. This may be his last chance at playing CL. Alternatively, we bring back Francis Coquelin and we also have Frimpong who looked promising before his injury last summer as well as Lansbury.
    Up front, we need someone to share the burden with RvP who has been outstanding. My favourite to do that is Sergio Aguero. The idea was to move to the Emirates to allow us to compete with the big guys. Well, let’s show intent and buy The Missing Piece. We can afford to buy one expensive player, especially if we sell some of the fringe players.

    Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Vermaelen, Squillaci, Clichy, Traore, Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson, Song, Arshavin, Fabregas, Nasri, Eboue, van Persie, Bendtner, Vela, Chamakh, Botelho, Walcott, Gibbs, Gilbert, Simpson
    23 + 4 English = 27

    Szczesny, Ramsey, Charles-Cook, McDermott, Hajrovic, Smith, Glasgow, Monteiro, Campbell, Wilshere, Afobe, Yennaris, Meade, Brislen-Hall, Boateng, Obed, Deacon, Byles, Aneke, Bartley, Eastmond, Emmanuel-Thomas, Freeman, Henderson, Hoyte, Lansbury, Murphy, Shea, Watt, Evina, Frimpong
    5 + 26 English = 31

  105. george rodger

    On another blog,the author was calling Arsene a liar for saying he was trying to sign Benzema.The fact that he has said no such thing seem of little consequence.
    So Goonerswife is right,anything Arsene says is corrupted
    and used against him.So no statements is the order of the day.
    Bernard @8 52 excellent post about why Arsene does his business late.I am not saying he should ,but I can understand it

  106. How about a statement not of words but of actions. We know Wenger wont talk about transfer targets BUT this summer he really needs to do some ‘statement making’ with a couple of signings we all know we need. Might not be the players we think but they need to be quality and they need to be here soon. Not another Squillachi on the deadline deal……

  107. Jabba's delights


    I can some of Arsene statements can be distorted by the press and interpruted wrong by some sections of our support and a good example of that is Benzema.

    I think where Wenger really doesnt help himself is when he says he must improve the defence with super super signings then goes and buys an unknown frenchmen and journeymen. Thats not helping yourself

  108. T2T, I don’t get how Cahill is too expensive, but Aguero is doable (not that I’m totally hung up on Cahill, but I don’t think he’s as bad as some like to make out). Aguero will cost Torres money.

  109. Good read Yogi! As always.
    I loath this time of year, if it wasn’t for ACLF I think Id go mad. Some good posts today, the usual people with opinions and those with out. Makes for a good morning read over my coffee.
    I am really sad the Alvarez story faded, I have seen allot of him in the Argie league and would have loved to have him at the club. obviously nothing is certain with these players but he has a bit of everything in his game.

  110. Squillaci was a last minute, panic buy. The main article recognises this, and by all intense purposes, he has not improved our defence.

    He is a signing that hasnt worked.

    Kolscieny, a signing Wenger earmarked early, was signed relatively quickly, and has been a fine signing too.

    As the article alludes to, last minute deals stink of desparation for Arsene, not strategically poised negotitations (bar Arshavin, perhaps).

  111. Martin, you should use the words ‘according to reports’ and ‘allegedly’ more in your posts.

  112. george rodger

    Jabba .Show me a link that shows Arsene saying “he must improve the defence with super super signings”
    You have just done what I say people do .Put words in his mouth that he never said.
    To the best of my knowledge he has never said anything like that ,ever.

  113. Whatever we do I hope its done quickly. Getting off to a great start next year will be critical for team confidence and a big lead in Febaury will hopefully silence whatever voices in our head cause end of season catastrophies. We can count on United and Chelsea for an end of the year push so staying even with them early is not the best plan.

    We need to have our squad ready for training camp and that means doing our business early. As Yogi has pointed out in past posts an aggressive statement of intent would be welcome. It would go a long way to help the players and fans put this season away and get excited for next year.

    I really hope the quote yesterday from the boss is accurate regarding getting players who can manage the English game. Hopefully this will signal a course correction with regard to bringing in some different type defenders but also with the way we prepare for games and our squads mindset with respect to defending.

  114. Just my own little fantasy but if Clichy leaves I would love to see TV5 on the left. I think the Kos would make a great DM. He has the pace, the passing ability. Think how much better we could be against the typical English game with Kos, TV5, and a someone like Sakho and Samba and/or JD in the middle. With Keown organizing the defense we could be awesome. Added value would be a significant upgrade in our ability to score from set pieces which offers a great plan B.

  115. The quicker we get players, the quicker they can bed in with the rest of the squad. Especially with the CL qualifier in August.

  116. Bill – I can’t agree with the player shifts in position. TV5 is a great centre back, and we should play him there. Wenger has nearly always gone for small nippy full back’s as well, so it would be a big shift for him.

    Kos at DM is a definate no no for me though. The difference being on the ball in midfield and in the CB position is massive. Especially at that level.

  117. goonerwife | June 1, 2011 at 9:50 am

    How the fuck do you or Yogo know what they do in Africa have you been there? There are over 32 countries there so please enlighten us as to when you visited and stayed over there to come to this conclusion.

    Seems strange that every time somebody makes a post there needs to be proof in black and white or you get hammered.

    You know like when I say Bendtner is shit and should never have been brought to the club or is Wenger surrounded by yes men because nothing changes in our tactics or why haven’t we spent any money on decent players.

    Or is the media you despise so much correct in what they are reporting now because it’s about Africa?

  118. George,

    That was in 2007 – just after we got knocked out of 3 competitions in as many weeks.

    He also cites we are not that far from other teams, and that we are much younger than other squads.

    Sound familar?

  119. I think we need to prepare for the possibility of Nasri leaving. Based on the way the boss does business there is little doubt that he has been offered contract extensions in the past and obviously refused. Clearly he is interested in looking at other options. He can probably get a bigger wage package from another club if he goes on the free so he may be willing to wait out the year. The only times in the past that I recall someone holding up on thier contract were Flamini and Gallas. Clearly we want to keep him but IMO the crystal ball is not sending out positive vibes at this point.

  120. george rodger

    Goonerton,so you are basically saying they are talking crap,and your justification for this is that you are pulled up when you talk crap(which you do by the way)?
    You have lost me.

  121. Apologies for the spelling mistake. That should be Yogi not Yogo.

  122. If we lose both Cesc and Nasri, it really would be a huge step backwards. They are 2 of the best young midfielders in Europe. I hope they stay so we can build round them.

  123. GA,

    Losing Cesc and Nasri would be catastrophic.

    We are toothless when neither starts in the central role.

  124. george rodger

    Have you read that?
    It has no mention of defenders.
    He is saying that in order to get in the squad new signings will need to be super super class.
    That is very different to saying we need to sign super super defenders.
    Or have I read it wrong?
    Or are you re interpreting his words “a la “Jabba?
    Or are you being obtuse:) ?

  125. Andy @ 2:47:

    Obviously both ideas are debatable.

    Bartley was a CB and did well at DM in Scotland and I really think the Kos could do that. His body type is much better suited for DM in the PL.

    The greatness of TV5 as a defender at CB is certainly debatable at best. He has the pace and he would offer more in the attack then Clichy has. He probably would not be happy at first but it might be a good thing for the team.

    All that said I doubt there is any chance of either happening on a regular basis although I would not be surprised to see some of TV5 on the left if Clichy leaves.

  126. Borges Spinelli


    Saville Row? Are you be facetious?

    Love the inside leg joke.

    Jokes aside, the information I provided above can be found on FIFA & ESPN’s websites for verification.

    One can’t help noticing the ease with which our players are jostled off the ball, game after game. The lack of imposing bodies (at times, no-one) to meet crosses; repel set pieces and boss the middle of the park has been well documented. Hence the suggestion to acquire those 3/4 players with attributes suited to the english kick & dash game. Ergo fixing some of Arsenal’s obvious squad imbalance.

    Do you or anyone reading this, think adding a little height & power to bolster chances would jeopardize our pursuit for glory, in an otherwise, physically competitive league? Please, speak up?

  127. I’ve been to Africa – I know what they do there

    Does that help ?

    Must say a bit of idle transfer gossip is a pleasant alternative to the nonsense of Fifa in Zurich this fine Summer’s day. If I never heard the word Blatter again I could easily live with it.

  128. george rodger

    Luke for the record I 100% agree with your 2:58 post
    Now there is a thing:)

  129. Borges,

    You will be MURDERED for expressing such logic.

  130. Ha, yes George, tis very strange.

    However, the comment is about as insightful to saying we play in red shirts.

  131. Bill – Out of the 2, I agree that TV5 would probably do well at LB. He is certainly good enough to play there.

    There is no comparison though with asking Koscienly to play in midfield in the EPL, to Bartley playing there in the SPL. The Scottish league is akin to Sunday League football. The PL is a different beast altogether. I really would not want to see that happening. looking good bringing the ball our of defence, is a world away to functioning in a PL midfield (our especially).

  132. Borges I would be genuinely interested to know why it is so easy to dispossess Diaby (who has the sort of physique that should make him immune to the attentions of opponents) – yet young Jack is much more able to look after himself and to shield the ball from the enemy.

    Size is not everything ;0

  133. Borges @ 3:01.

    Virtual standing ovation for that one

  134. Anicoll

    Thats a good point. Personally, I think that direct comparison can be attributed to effort and fight.

    Wilshere has some spine on him. Diaby does not.

  135. Borges Spinelli


    Saville Row? Are you being facetious?

    Love the inside leg joke.

    Jokes aside, the information I provided above can be found on FIFA & ESPN’s websites for verification.

    One can’t help noticing the ease with which our players are jostled off the ball, game after game. The lack of imposing bodies (at times, no-one) to meet crosses; repel set pieces and boss the middle of the park has been well documented. Hence the suggestion to acquire those 3/4 players with attributes suited to the english kick & dash game. Ergo fixing some of Arsenal’s obvious squad imbalance.

    Do you or anyone reading this, think adding a little height & power to bolster squad effectiveness, will jeopardize our pursuit for glory, in an otherwise, physically competitive league? Please, speak up?

  136. I dont get this Verm at left back and Kos as DM. Both are centre halves. Both are good readers of the game, can play a bit and like to get stuck in. Both are of a similar age and are just hitting the prime years. Vermaelen is ahead of Kos simply because hes played at a higher level for a little longer and has played at international level. Vermalen should start and Kos should be his backup but would also play quite a few games over the season. If we lose Clichy then buy a left back – dont convert or make do! Song needs either a capable deputy while hes away at the ACN. Better still get someone who will give a Song a run for his money for his place in the side altogether.

  137. I wonder if Arsene has ever consider playing Nasi and Cesc centrally ahead of Song?

    I think it could work pretty well (against most teams).

  138. It is to do with spirit, confidence and ability Luke

    To be fair to Diaby technically I think he is a good player but he has only rarely ever IMPOSED himself on a game in the way a midfield player needs to.

  139. Deise @ 3:09 – I agree completly. Especially with the comments about Song. Good player, and I really rate him. He has no competition to keep him on his toes though.

  140. Andy:

    Your may be correct and realistically I doubt we will see Kos in that role so its probably a moot point. I really do have some hope that we see TV5 on the left in the preseason and some games. I think he could be real upgrade out there. I really think our best options for next year at CB right now are TV and KOS and to me that is not a good option because of the lack of size and the aggressive attacking style that both bring. Recipe for another season of disorganization and trouble at the back.

  141. Diaby has to be one of the most frustrating players around. When he decides to turn up (rarely) he is unplayable.

    However, for every Aston Villa away last year, there is a Spurs away (dominated by Modric, physically).

    Even this season, Newcastle away, he was our best player, then he loses his focus, and gets sent off.

    He has had nearly 6 (albeit injury plagued) years to impose himself.

  142. To be fair, Diaby is injured AGAIN and will most likely miss the up coming France internationals because of it.

    That right there is whats wrong with Diaby. Not his technical ability. Not his ability to impose himself on games. If he wasnt injured most of the time, or coming back from injury/knock/strain/tweek in 2 out of 5 games he plays he would be physically fitter, robust and imposing. His mind would not be on protecting himself or worried about another injury but focused purely on doing what we know he can do.

    All Diabys issues, be they physical or mental, stem from his horrible injury record……

    Well i think so anyway.

  143. george rodger

    “Wilshere has some spine on him. Diaby does not”
    Luke, that is the type of post I was referring to earlier.
    I really dont want to bicker with you but can you not see that calling someone, who I and other like,”spineless” can lead to disharmony?

  144. DG,

    Spot on. I doubt Diaby will ever play through an injury. Mentally, he just succumbs to every knock he gets and requires treatment.

    Not like the Gas who played with a broken leg. LAD.

  145. Bill – Agreed about the CB pairing. Like you, I think Kos should be back up for TV5. It seems like we will be signing a new CB, so hopefully it will be one to go straight into the team and will compliment TV5.

  146. Borges Spinelli

    Height isn’t everything, I say so as a man who spans 6ft 3 in length. ;p


    I have stated on numerous occasion, my admiration for Diaby. His inabiilty to feature for no longer than 2 games (if lucky, 3) in a row, weighs heavily against him. Will Diaby have a longterm injury free career with the Arsenal? I think, not.

    @Bill @Luke
    Y’all got my back,right?
    {worried look}

  147. George,

    It is my opinion. I’m not abusing you.

    Just because you like him, should I not express my opinion? Its an Arsenal forum dont forget.

    The fact that he is constantly injured, never played consistently, has a half hearted attitude, over the best part of 6 years, has led me to my uber agressive stance.

    Come on George. Being an avid ARSENAL fan, whats your assessment of Diabys time at the club?

  148. I really like Diaby, he could be such a great player. But he can be very inconsistant, and rarely plays more than 3 games back to back. I think if he has another seaon like this, the team may well move forward without him and he will miss his chance at this club.

    I hope not, as I think he could be really important for us, but realistically we can’t keep waiting for him to be fit.

  149. george rodger

    Ruined through no fault of his own.
    The best is still to come.
    Diaby starts ahead of Jack when both fully fit.

  150. I agree with Deise. Diaby would be an awesome player had it not been for the years of injury probelms. He missed out on almost all of the vital years of development between ages 20-24 through various niggles. If we saw a fully fit Diaby, I’m sure people’s opinions of him would be dramatically different. We haven’t ever seen this though…

    Luke – how do you know that he isn’t just more likely to get injured? Genetic makeup decides how injury prone a person is, not mentality. You, as well as others, are very harsh on a player who has been so unlucky. He would definitely be imposing himself if we had a full season out of him.

    I feel so sorry for such a talented, but unlucky player.

  151. Andy @ 3:21:

    I think that is the most likely scenario that we will see next year. Hopefully soon with the new CB so I don’t have to hold my breath too much longer.

  152. george rodger

    Now Andy,that is a good post and a reasonable assessment.Nobody could get upset about that, disagree perhaps,but not much more.

  153. Well Geo, we had two full season out of him, and he showed moments of brilliance.

    Ahead of Jack, George? You must be crazy. Wilshere will run his little socks off at 150% for 90 minutes week in week out. Diaby, has sufficiently showed in nearly 150 games for the club, that he certainly does not posses this attitude/desire.

    Diaby could be a very useful squad player. But has GA states, we cant keeping waiting for him to be fit.

    Yes he has had some serious injuries, however, that cant be the problem. As he played back to back seasons after. Now, he gets a knock, out for a month, comes back, 2 games at best, feels a twang, out for a month.

    It is a shame because with a sturdier makeup, and more commited attitude, he could have been a very useful squad player.

    However, its time we part with him. Perhaps a less demanding European league will see him play more. Win win for both parties.

  154. Andy – I know what you’re saying, but people were saying this about RvP until recently… I’d rather he was here, in the hope that one day, one day, he may actually play 5 games in a row..! Imagine…

  155. George – Which one?

    I thought all mine were reasonable 😉

  156. george rodger

    Luke .History has shown us that when fit ,Arsene picks him.
    I like Jack,but at present a fit Diaby adds more options,goal threat,and balance.

  157. Jacks only been available for a year George. And when fit, Diaby hasnt started. And rightly so

  158. Let m make clear I am a fan of Diaby and I would be very sorry to see him leave.

    However for the club’s sake and the player’s sake there is something very wrong with his record of fitness and availabilty

    While the original Dan Smith challenge was horrendous it took place more than five years ago in May 06

    I do not think ever in the intervening years that Diaby has got back to a consistent level of fitness that allowed him to play a dozen games in a row

    Time for a parting of the ways – in another league he might well find an environment he can flourish in

  159. george rodger

    Andy 3:24
    My point is the way we criticize governs the type of response we get.

  160. Geo – Very true, but after Henry left there was no real alternatives to RvP. The others filled in, but no more. With Diaby he has a number of players laying claim to his central midfield place.

  161. Luke – those seasons were when he was developing from a youngster, getting used to the pace and physicality of this league (like Ramsey now), so we were far from seeing his best football. I am convinced that he would be one of the first on the team sheet if injuries hadn’t hampered his progress since then. Maybe the injuries have had an effect on his mentality, but I seriously doubt he is laming out or whatever because he doesn’t want to play through the pain – in fact, these years blighted by injury have probably taught him not to rush back before being properly healed…?

  162. LimparAssist

    From @YoungGunsBlog (Jamie Sanderson)
    “Sky Sports reporting Arsenal are close to signing Kristoffer Olsson, despite the fact he joined two months ago has already played 5 times.”

  163. Jabba's delights

    Guys Diaby broke his ankle 4 years ago, one must have got over these mental hurdles by now.

    In American Football where a players attitude and toughness are put through incredibly strenuous tests each draft Diaby would be labalelled as a player who cant play through pain. Thats not to question his ability, but some players have it and some dont.

    some players play with Medial Ligament tears, broken ribs or shattered forarms. Diaby pulls up with constant calf strains.

  164. george rodger

    “Time for a parting of the ways – in another league he might well find an environment he can flourish in”
    A bit like RVP then?
    Not like you anicoll5, not a bit.

  165. Checked Diaby’s stats and I am being a bit unfair to him in that in 08/09 he managed 36 games, in 09/10 40 games

    Since then though he has regressed to patchy availability

  166. Good point GA, that makes quite a big difference… But you know what I’m saying. I actually agree and think his seasons are numbered, and I hate to admit that, as will Wenger. One can only hope that he turns a corner in his injury plagued career… I don’t think we should give up hope just yet.

  167. george rodger

    Bergkamp would not play if he had a broken fingernail.And he was GOD .(and still is to me,argggg Dennis) 🙂

  168. George – I was only joking mate 🙂

    I do agree. That said, I get plenty of stick on here and never once have I called a player “shite” or the like. I have said I don’t rate certain players, but no more really. There are some posters that happily jump on certain other posters, despite the fact that they are making reasoned arguments.

    I use Bill as an example (there are plently others). I have never once heard him make anything other than a reasoned argument to back up his points. Yet I have seen him called all manner of names. As you quite rightly said, we don’t all have to agree on things (it would be boring if we did), but some people seem to get all above themselves and just resort to insults when they cannot refute somebodies point.

  169. Good read Yogi.

    Can’t say the same about the comments that followed. Need to adjust to the summer comment section here at ACLF. Championship manager at it’s best.

    Haha Limpar @ “PS. Remember to ‘Save Game’ before difficult matches”.

  170. Geo,

    This RVP/Diaby thing is a bit of a myth.

    All the following stats are on

    In the last 4 years (when both players have been established first team members) both have played 124 times for Arsenal.

    In that period, RVP has suffered two severe long term impact injuries – effectively sideling him for 14 months.

    Diaby, whilst a victim of savagery in 2006, has not (luckily) been a victim of an additional impact injury.

    The point being, he has missed nearly a years football, via thigh strains, groing strains etc etc.

    He is very injury prone.

    RVP is fit. And unless he gets brutalised again, will remain fit.

    Sadly, the facts show this not to be true with Diaby.

  171. Unfortunately George you are not that far off the truth with RvP – back in November December I can remember ranting that if RvP does not turn out for 30 games this season it might be as well to flog him and pick up whatever we can !

    As much as anything I was not too impressed with the seven games in a month he managed for the Dutch in SA – then his single game for us before yet another long lay off

    I’ll let him off – just this once !

  172. Jabba – That’s more to do with intelligence than anything don’t you think?? Anyone who plays with shattered bones or medial ligament tears, deserve all they get.

    I’m currently nursing a lateral ligament tear (or cartilage damage, – please no!!), and there’s not a chance of even stepping foot on the pitch. I can hardly walk up or down stairs at the mo…! I’ll know which it is in 3 week’s time, hopefully the former.

  173. Has anyone considered the possibily that Samir is holding out for a higher wage because he KNOWS Cesc is definately leaving, and as a consequence Samir will be taking over the central midfield role, and therefore, he believes he deserves the same wage packet! Just an observation…

  174. george rodger

    2 years ago Diaby trained through the closed season in order to strengthen up.What more could he do? So why is he “spineless”?

  175. George

    Bergkamp was one of the toughest players we have had in the EPL era. He most certainly WOULD play through pain.

  176. Errr George, how about actually strengthen up.

    Because he most certainly hasnt.

    Unless you feel getting slapped off the ball by anyone as sufficient strength.

    If he stays, he will play a minimal role for the club.

    He is now WAY behind Wilshere. Ramsey is ahead of him too.

  177. “back in November December I can remember ranting that if RvP does not turn out for 30 games this season it might be as well to flog him and pick up whatever we can !”

    Anicoll5 – that’s what i was talking about.

    And Luke – I meant that people were saying that RvP’s ‘days were numbered if he carried on like this’, until he started playing amazing football.

  178. george rodger

    Andy,yes Bill and I get on fine .Never a cross word.

  179. Denilson, Bendtner all going.

    Almunia, Diaby, Rosicky to follow, and I will believe that AW still has the desire and ruthlessness to be challenging for titles.

    And dont anyone say we challenged this year. We came fourth, and over 10 points back. That does not constitue a challenge.

  180. george rodger


  181. Geo – I don’t recall that being a common theme. RVP has been very unlucky with impact injuries.

    In his early twenties, he was fragile, but that has been recitifed.

    Look lads, there is nothing wrong for suggesting we shouldnt carry an injury prone player in the squad. It distorts the balance, players play too many games, and people burn out. Just like the end to this season.

    Im not saying he should be shot / I that I want him hung, simply, he shouldnt be in our squad anymore.

    Wenger used to be one of the most ruthless managers around, why has that stopped?

  182. george rodger

    Luke , nonsense.Of course we challenged.

  183. How did we challenge George?

    You understand that a season runs from August to May yes?

    Because by your, we were up there for 2/3rds of the season logic, Blackpool were challengers untill Christmas.

  184. George – Not thinking of you mate. Just a general observation.

  185. See George, your presence culls the debate into argument by your constant blinded support for everything arsenal do/have.

    I apologise for reacting (again) other readers

    Ta ta

  186. george rodger

    So unless you can win it on the last day of the season then its not a challenge?
    Or what?
    Which week does it constitute as no longer a challenge?
    Go on?
    You tell me,then in future I wont get too excited too soon

  187. Jabba's delights


    These players are expected to play through pain. The amount of them who have played through minor pulls and tears would startling considering what they have to do on a pitch

    They sign huge contracts and play 4 months of the year. Their franchises expect their players to demonstrate unbeleivabel toughness.

    Philip Rivers the star quarterback of the chargers tore his medial and demanded to play in the afc championship final (semi’s) one week later, against a feared defence.

    Jay Cutler the Chicargo quarterback tore his cruciate in 2nd quarter of his semi this year and tried to play on for the next 20mins

    There are countless examples of gridiron players showing this sort of mental strength.
    I’ve played through a rugby game with a 3rd degree tear of my medial and i am no Hector, i just felt tremendously passionate about my team.

    Diaby with greater mental fortitude could play through pulls and strains, if he hand over heart wanted to

  188. george rodger

    Is it me?Or what?

  189. Jabba's delights

    3rd degree strain not tear otherwise i would be hector or a pro gridiron player, which im not………….yet!

  190. Luke, i’m not getting all shitty about it. I’m just saying that people (not you, if you dont remember it) were saying these exact things about RvP when he was in his early 20’s. Diaby is approaching the end of his early 20’s and people are saying the same. I actually agree that he probably wont make it now as an Arsenal player, unfortunately, but I think we should at least give it one more year, or maybe even a loan spell to see if there is any improvement..?

  191. hi people. I am really thankful for this blog it gives me at least an hour every day to not be doing any work (while in the office.)

    Borges, I am assuming by reposting your post you want an answer. My answer to your question is, no, adding height to our squad will not jepordize our pursuit for glory. Being a tall person is advantageous in almost any sport. The only thing i can’t agree with is how you seem so sure that the players you have mentioned will transform this team. People were clamoring for an experienced CB, we sign a 30 yr old who has been playing football for around 20 years i imagine, and after a few cockups he is a horrible signing.

  192. george rodger

    Jabba ,play injured? Like Cesc. did at Barca?
    Perhaps you should stick to gridiron.
    No offence 🙂

  193. Jabba – I pride myself on my determination and passion when on the pitch, hence getting injured all the time, by being kicked! But there is a line between playing on with a slight niggle, and causing yourself serious long term damage. I am depressed because i cant play at the moment, and have been pissing my girlfriend off by constantly moaning about not being able to play. But I know that there’s no chance of even being able to play, let alone playing. To say that Diaby is pussying out or whatever, is very harsh when we don’t know the full extent of his pain.

  194. And I’ll reiterate my point about intelligence… They sound like absolute idiots. Sorry if you idolise those ‘footballers’…

  195. william he needs to be quality and experienced. All due respect to Squill but hes been a journeyman player for the best part of his career staying 2 seasons at a club before being moved on (monaco aside) and in 7 seasons has played 21 times for France. He was a ‘panic’ buy to make up the numbers

  196. @Luke @George R

    I have to agree with Georgie on this one Luke, I think we did challenge this season, we were up there just behind Man U with everything ti play for. However, and it is a big however, through unfortunate injuries and the lack of that mentalmody thingie, and also lacking dangloids, we couldn’t get there. When I say ‘we’ I mean the team. From being virilent in January they seemed to, overnight, become impotent, and couldn’t get it up. From ‘premature ejaculation’ in January ie: able to shoot quickly, all of a sudden they couldn’t finish. But they still challenged…… they prefered foreplay to being selfish and getting a quick orgasm. Just a thought on the ins and outs of being a sportsman!

  197. Borges Spinelli

    Apparently, Koscielny was originally a Right Back who played as a Left Back, prior to being switched to Center Back position where he has since excelled in.

    He has speed, controlled aggression, likes to get forward and is a robust tackler. I see no reason why he can’t play Defensive Midfield, too. If used sparingly against ‘lesser opposition’. Given that his compatriot, Emmanuel Petit, also, was a full back, converted to play Center Back who later flourished in D.M.


    Well said, at 3:38pm.

  198. Does our team really get muscled off of the ball as much as Borges is saying? I didnt get that impression this year, in others yes. Sure it did happen but it didnt seem to me as an overwhelming problem.

    It almost impossible to get the ball away from Nasri, Cesc can keep the ball with the best, we all know that Wilshere is a tough yute and Song goes without saying.

    As far as Diaby losing the ball, sometimes he tries to do too much and gets himself into trouble. He also has a tendency toof pushing the ball too far in front, a little more close control would help him a lot – great talent.

    As far as defending, the problem seems more than just about size and strength, its that we are not composed, organized and aggressive enough. Does more size and strength gaurantee these problems will be sorted out?

  199. Borges Spinelli, i get your point, players can adapt and change roles within a team and perhaps flourish there. But we dont need to be doing it all the time or do it because we think a player can do the job there. Players when they are younger can jump a few positions to see where they best suit but settle in a position. Kos was bought as a centrehalf and has done ok in another big jump up in quality from where he came from, which was in itself quite a rapid rise. We get through a fair few centrahalves over the season due to injuries and rotation. Kos as backup to Verm is a great option to have. Someone as backup to Song or vice versa would also be welcome.

    I tire of square pegs for round holes sometimes.

  200. Jabba's delights

    I agree with Bill in that i think Vermalan could make an excellent left back for us.

    He has great ability on the ball and a far better left peg than Clichy and is much better defensively

    Like i’ve said before if we start opening day next season with


    nack 4 i would be delighted.

  201. Well, Africa has 54 countries, and around 750m+ people, and will overtake China/India (1.2 billion-ish) in about a decade or two, population wise. We speak about 700 languages, and another 1000 dialects and minor languages. And no, Africa is not a ‘place’, it’s more like a universe of possibilities. Song’s treatment in Cameroon has about as much to do with say Botswana or Rwanda, and large swathes of Africa, as death threats to Celtic managers in Scotland has to do with what happens in say the Finnish football, ie nothing, or very close to nothing. Generalisations on Africa, as elsewhere, are typically wrong, no matter what they purport to say. There are one or two exceptions to this rule of a historical nature. Anyway, viva Arsenal.

  202. Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, Rosicky, and Diaby, are definitely out .

    Cesc, Nasri, and Clichy to follow soon.

    TV as a LB, and Kos as a DM next season.

    Just summarizing today’s comment section, for the later comers. These conclusions have been reached by Luke, and his buddies, playing Championship manager at their best.

  203. Borges Spinelli


    Duplicate posts were due to my phone showing a ‘not sent message’.

    Yes, there’s always an element of risk with any new signing not working out. This is where I’m counting on AW’s judicious mind to make risk assessments of potential targets – weighing up pros v cons.

    Squillaci is a delicate & divisive subject amongst my friends.

  204. Gainsbourg69

    Luke: “Diaby, whilst a victim of savagery in 2006, has not (luckily) been a victim of an additional impact injury.”

    Just this season he has had back to back assaults on his ankle by Robinson and Essien. The minute he gets back into the squad with any type of form Barton goes after the bad ankle and he’s sidelined again.

    Stop talking rubbish.

  205. Jabba football does not compare with american football in the least. In america you sprint for 5 seconds, tackle someone, then walk around flexing muscles and screaming about how great you are. Do you remember Chad Ochocinco trying out for Sporting Kansas City? He looked winded after a practice match. One of the premier players in the NFL can’t hold his own in a reserve match for FC Kansas City.

    Luke-Saying we didn’t challenge for the title? R U arvin a larf? Chelskum finished 9 pts back, did they challenge for the title?

  206. @ZimPaul 4.36pm
    The comments weren’t made to offend, and yes, they were generalisations. You make some valid points Zim and I hope people are able to listen. If my comments offended then I apologise mate!

    @Ateeb 4.40pm

    Well then, we might as well all turn off our computers and iphones and go down the pub. You’ve summarised a whole afternoons debate in 52 words. Congratulations….. now you can go to bed happy and dream whatever dreams you desire! Perhaps a new Playstation or Tonka toy maybe?

  207. Agree with Gains. Diaby gets crunched by Robinson and after he finally gets back in the squad, Barton is throwing himself at his ankles. This is the kind of football I wanna see!!!!

  208. Job opportunities at Arsenal next season:

    1)A world class central midfielder needed to start games, after Cesc’s departure. Should carry the same vision, reading of the game, passing abilities, while adding ‘grit’ and goal-scoring abilities to his game.

    2)A backup centre forward, with the same caliber as RVP, but willing to warm the bench without complaint till he is required to be on the pitch. He should at least be considered, one of the top 5 strikers on the planet.

    3)Two Right Midfielder/Right wingers required, urgently. Carries the pace of Theo, the threat of Henry, cuts inside like messi, and crosses like Ronaldo.

    4)Left midfielder, to challenge Arshavin. Should have the consistency to carry the work that Nasri had been doing for the first half of the season. Add some height, and grit, and you’re ready to go.

    5)Three definsive positions up for grabs. Two premiere league experienced players required for the center back position, and one left back. Should never concede under any circumstances, especially, from set plays. Should have the ability to organize the defense by barking at fellow players, shouting loudly, cursing, and degrading them whenever needed.

    6)A backup right back for Sagna. Should be as good as Sagna defensively, and as threatening as Alves when attacking.

    Stay updated for more job opportunities, as the summer progresses. Maybe, the goalkeeping position might have some vacancies soon.

  209. Jabba's delights


    Your 2 comments today have only been made to annoy people they have generated nothing.

    There have been a plethora of people discussing different things if you dont enjoy the debate maybe you should look for a new blog

  210. Paul @ 4:30:

    “As far as defending, the problem seems more than just about size and strength, its that we are not composed, organized and aggressive enough. Does more size and strength gaurantee these problems will be sorted out?”

    Nothing is ever gauranteed. What we have been doing has not worked well so it seems logical to try something different. Not advocating that we get rid of KOS, TV or JD but adding someone with more size and strength to the mix could help and certainly can not hurt. If we need gaurantees then we will never do anything.

    BTW: I do agree completely with your first sentence of your post and hope that we make some real changes in our approach next season. Adding a defensive coach would be a great move but the boss seems to have already nixed that idea. A new player is not a panacea but it is a good place to start.


    Whats wrong with playing championship manager? I doubt anyone really believes that their opinions have any affect on what will happen, but why else do we blog other then to exchange ideas. Your choice to agree or disagree with any or all of the ideas.

  211. Gainsbourg69

    The word of the day comes from Jabba’s exciting vocabulary.

    This word is: Vermantly.

    A mix of vehemently and fervently with the added touch of substituting an a for an e, as in independ(a)nt.

    He’s a regular Sarah Palin.

  212. Gainsbourg69

    Would not mind if we bought N’Zogbia. The only problem I see with him is that he’s a bit of a prick. The last thing we need is a player who will disrupt the dressing room and create factions. Other than that I think he’s a fantastic winger with tons of speed and can dribble past anyone.

  213. Jabba's delights


    Come on mate what are you trying to say. American Footballers arent atheletes? Chad Johnson played soccer as hobbie when he was 15 and tried to play MLS due to the work stoppage going on in the NFL. He also isnt that good anymore but thats beside the point.

    They are different sports so you cant compare them, but to disparage America’s number 1 and to not see any strengths in the most played sport in the number sporting country in the world is crazy.

    Some of their atheletes are utterly uncomprehendable (sorry for spelling) to europeans, some of the things they can do on a pitch is quite incredible. Their toughness can never be called into question if you were to consider the size and velocity these guys hit each other at.

    Their bravery is unmatched. Its impossible to compare sports but to say one is better is just pointless. Both have their strengths

  214. george rodger | June 1, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    What I’m saying is how do you or anybody else on here know what people ion Africa are like when they get power when they haven’t been there but, heard it from the media.

    If anybody quotes a negative issue about The Arsenal which came from the media they get hammered left right and centre but, on this occasion it’s alright to take a quote from our beloved media because it’s about Africa?

    Makes about as much sense as you do with the crap “yes man” post you pile on here daily.

    Those people had a civilisation at least 3000 years before any where in Europe did so to say anything like that is disrespectful.

    Maybe your on the wrong side and should be batting for those wankers up the road who like chas n dave.

  215. Also, it’s a fantastic way to show our large African fan base just what we think of them eh!

    Some of them don’t have fuckall but, feel good morning they wake up and put on their 70s or 80s Arsenal shirt.

  216. Bill – I doubt there is any right answer to the debate on whether an increase in size in our defenders would improve the output – great defenders do however tend to be those who attack the ball – dont know of you recall Ayala at Valencia and Cannavaro at Juve but both were short but rarely failed to get their first even against taller strikers

    Id like JD and Kosc to learn that and get their first – TV I think already has that flair

  217. Gainsbourg69

    How do you know Goonerwife is not African and is just commenting on what she has experienced?

  218. I’m a Pro Evo man myself and Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia left on free by mutual consent.

    Clichy, has been left to rot in the reserves fergie style.

  219. Why are you all getting on my back? I was actually trying to help the new comers to this exciting game, who haven’t followed the progress we’ve made since morning. Just summarized all the viewpoints, and so far, we need 9 players. Now, please, apart from Nzogbia, there hardly has been any agreement over other players. I am just waiting for other suggestions. Keep them coming, we need to finish this game by tonight, so we can start all over tomorrow. Keep doing it till the season starts.

    Last season’s winners were, Sakho, Veron, Inler, Cahill, Ben Arfa, Bojan, Hageland, benzema, and Buffon.

    I am just keeping track. So far, Scott parker leads the race.

  220. Gainsbourg69

    Bill: “Nothing is ever gauranteed. What we have been doing has not worked well so it seems logical to try something different. Not advocating that we get rid of KOS, TV or JD but adding someone with more size and strength to the mix could help and certainly can not hurt. If we need gaurantees then we will never do anything.”

    If nothing is guaranteed how do you know that adding a tall defender will not hurt?

  221. Gainsbourg69,

    Even if he is it’s still a total crap statement considering the size of place and how many countries there are in it.

  222. Gains69 – Yes they were poor tackles, but they werent impact injuries were they? That was the point I was making. Sorry if it touched a nerve,

    Ateeb- Thank you for simplyfying, mocking and patronising the discussions that have been had today.

    If you cant discuss some fallacies in our squad (whether agreed with or not), then dont waste your breathe attacking those that do.

    Can I ask what you and your mates discuss down the pub before a game? And what is your reaction when everyone around you is expressing thier opinion on whats needed?

    Isnt that the essence of football? A fans opinion? To incite discussion? To hear other perspectives?

  223. Jabba-Here is my reasoning for not wanting to compare the two sports. Ray Lewis—hard hitting, large black man- said this. “If the NFL doesn’t have a season, the crime rate will go up.” I’m pretty sure Ray Lewis killed a man as well.

    I understand your point about the physicality of the NFL and how you want Diaby to display some of that “I’m gunna play even though my body is fucked up” mentality. Anyways enough about the NFL. There is a reason why I follow proper footie rather than american style.

  224. george rodger

    Goonerton.I never mentioned Africa.I simply pointed out how stupid you are.
    Ateeb,I think your post was very good and indeed in the very spirit of Championship Manager.
    Jabba,Gridiron is not very worth a shiny.
    Bill.Good afternoon,how are you today?

  225. Gainsbourg69

    Fellaini is a player I’ve had my eye on for the past few seasons. I think he’s the type of player who could give us a nasty edge and provide height in the box for set pieces. He’s also good on the ball and has the capacity to win a game for his team. If his price is in the £12-15m price range, which I doubt, he’d be a good buy.

  226. george rodger

    Gridiron is British Bulldog for pussies 🙂

  227. Bill, the person could be big like Andre the Giant but they must come with the skill necessary to get the job done, thats the point. If the issue is “how” we defend then the issue is not size and strength per say.

    Djourou is no midget by the way and was dominating most until he got injured, lest we forget. Our defensive collapse was when he came back, thats a fact.

    Prior to Djourou’s injury we were on par with the best defenses in the PL.

    Nothing to do with gaurantee’s but again the person who comes in must be seen in the light of our weaknesses and be seen as someone who can help us out. We dont want a big old player just for the sake of it.

  228. Ateeb,

    Gorkan, would be an addition I feel would help the team big time.

    Samba would be nice as I feel he would work very well with all 3 CBs as in TV, JD, Kos.

    He would learn a lot from these lot and will also lead by example in terms of attacking the ball and not waiting for it to bounce in our own final third as witness many times.

    More importantly it would benifit JD, as Samba is a warrior and a organiser. JD does switch off sometimes and normally when it happens it’s costly and ruins a perfect game that he was having.

  229. He’d be a quality signing G69.

  230. Anicoll5 @ 5:12:

    Look around the PL and I suspect we are in the bottom 3 in height and certainly the bottom in average weight. Although I agree with your idea in principle, defenders like Cannavaro are few and far between and hoping for someone like that to blossum next year is probably not realistic. What we have done on the pitch has not been adequate to achieve our goals and crossing our fingers and hoping next year will be different is setting us up for a repeat of the last couple years. You can always hope for the best but why not cover yourself in case TV and Kos do not learn how to consistently get there first?

  231. bc at 11.13. Post of the day. Haha.

  232. Bloody hell, I’ve only been away for a few minutes (rolling) and the discussion has gone from fantasy manager to American Football (they stand around doing nothing for 80% of the match) to Out of Africa.
    Perhaps I’ve smoked too much Ole Ganja Solskjaar and HERBert Chapman this noon. Artical man, these american footballers are just bomba claat batty boys!
    English Football is da ting, man, yuh kno nuting.

  233. george rodger | June 1, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Being called stupid from a person who states on the World Wide Web that “Gridiron is British Bulldog for pussies” doesn’t have that much of an effect.

    Get back to nodding your wasted on here.

  234. He was back in 3? weeks Dups.

    Just in time to marshall a midfield that got utterly dominated by WBA.

    Probably had something to do with that terrible pre match attitude all our players say we have.

  235. I’ve also noticed Fellaini playing the part of the “midfield destroyer” whenever we face Everton. I believe he would add something positive to the squad. Personally I think Alex Song is an ace in the DM spot, but it is possible that can play with two holding midfielders. I think we have done this at a few points late in the season. Jack/Nasri in the midfield then 4 attackers up front. Jack/Nasri bossed the midfield by themselves, imagine what Song/Fellaini will be like!

  236. It’s not even about Africa it was about the comment made and where the source of that comment came from.

  237. Jabba's delights


    The 2 quarterbacks i mentioned have nothing to do with someone like Ray Lewis. Both were rich kids and play the most important technical and complicated part of their sport. Both show unbelivable toughness.

    If Diaby wants a run in the team to show how good he is, it might be an idea to prove to the manager that he can handle it. If that means playing through a bit of pain, then so be it. Others have played through much worse, thats what im trying to say

  238. Haha Goonerton!

  239. Luke,

    So far, what I get from reading your post is that, you abhor some players on this team. You’re glad that Denilson is leaving, would drive Bendtner yourself to whatever club requires his services, thinks Diaby is surplus to requirment, because he is a crock and will always remain one, and Rosicky is past his best. Now slating players that are for the time being Arsenal players, isn’t what I agree with. But it’s your “Arsnal didn’t challenge for the title this season”, that infuriates me the most. So, I choose not to play championship manager with you. If you’re going to mock and slate the players, I feel intense delight in showing how ridiculously stupid you are. And very soon, I and perhaps some more people on this blog, will turn to using the famous “Fuck off”, to address your comments, in two very easily understandable words. It’s not about what you bring to the blog, i.e, discussing potential players that could play for us, flaws, e.t.c, but rather the way you go on about it, by slating players, condemning the club for not challenging, e.t.c., that pisses me off.

    “Denilson, Bendtner all going.

    Almunia, Diaby, Rosicky to follow, and I will believe that AW still has the desire and ruthlessness to be challenging for titles.

    And dont anyone say we challenged this year. We came fourth, and over 10 points back. That does not constitue a challenge.”

    On top of that, you said, you’d be happy to cash in on OUR CAPTAIN, for 50m. That guy is priceless, anyone who understands football, realizes he’s the best central midfielder, along with Xavi.

    And your replacements were, Seedorf(HA HA), and Nzogbia. You suck at this game. Try another topic.

  240. I’d love Fellani.

    What substitutions can Wenger make to protect a lead? No effective ones it would seem.

    After Djourou was injured and Diaby sent off, we had 0 options to defend our 4-0 lead at The Toon.

  241. Whatever happened to shotta-gunna, Ole Gunner, Zap and Poliziano?

  242. Gainsbourg69

    What’s the difference between an impact injury and a bad tackle, Luke?

    Is it, Goonerton? The continent is rife with corruption and cronyism. Why is it so bad to say that Africans with a bit of power are corrupt when examples are plentiful? Get any African talking about his government and you’ll hear much, much worse.

    William, like rappers, most African American NFL players are fake tough guys. Meaning that they talk as if they grew up shooting up bad guys in the ghetto and their sport was just an after thought for them. The truth is that these guys, ever since they showed any promise, have been in and around football exclusively. Be it football summer camps in the best sporting facilities or first class treatment in a college campus straight to the NFL.

    Jabba’s comment about playing through the pain is clearly stupid when one sees the injuries ex NFL players carry with them and how the league treats them once they’re no longer pulling on the jersey. It’s truly sad to see these players in that sort of condition. Thank god the world of football doesn’t treat its players this way is all I have to say.

  243. Northbank, pass me some of that Herbert Chapman will ya? I need a little something to help me through this barren spell with no football to watch!

  244. george rodger

    Ateeb, 🙂

  245. george rodger

    Ramsey should be more of a man as well.He had nearly a year off.What is that all about?

  246. Jabba's delights


    What are you on about.

    Luke hasnt slated Bendtner or Denilson, he as merely stated its best for both parties if they found different clubs. 1) they agree 2) does a huge amount of the arsenal fanbase.

    I think most Gooners would agree that Rosicky and Almunia should find other clubs. There was no rudeness there, again most gooners would agree.

    Diaby is the only one that sparks debate, hence why we have been having one on the merits of Abou.

    If we receive 50m for our captain who is a player who actually wants to play for another club, i can definetly see why we might sell. There is no ‘I’ in team and if we can improve the rest of the side with the cash its a good move.

    With regards to the tile challenge, im afraid to say we finished 12 points off the title with a much worse goal difference……….that isnt a proper challenge !!

  247. Dups,

    Shotta was nursing some injury, if I remember correctly. Hope he is alright.

    Ole, will be back next season, hopefully, nursing a broken heart over our season’s end, I guess.

    Poliziano, is worrying me. He doesn’t stay away this long.

  248. G69:

    Fellaini would be an excellent addition. It will be hard in this market to find anyone who everyone considers fairly priced so perhaps its time to reset our price tolerance a little.


    Obviously anyone we add would be required to have adequate skill on the ball. Lumping every CB who is bigger then our present group as Andre the Giant is every bit as unreasonable as saying that anyone smaller then 6 ft tall can never be a good defender. Both are poor generalizations. Samba not my first choice but I agree with Ateeb that he would make a good addition to our current group of CB.

  249. Ateeb

    Thanks for the reply, and hugely twisting my words.

    I said we didnt challenge – which we didnt. How is showing relegation form for a third of the season a title challenge???

    I see that you cant help but attack my comments, and fail (again) to engage in any chat.

    Topics discussed:

    Denilson is not suitable for the EPL (no input from you, just personal attacks)

    Bendtner is not a sufficient second choice striker (no input from you, just personal attacks)

    Diaby, whilst talented, is too injury prone and inconsistent (no input from you, just abuse)

    Rosicky, sadly seems to have burnt out as a player, and should see out his days starting, in a more accomdating league (no input, just abuse)

    I dont play championship manager. Do you know what the difference is? That I watch a LOT more football than you. I imagine outside the televised Arsenal games, you probably dont see much right??

    Can you please be a gent, and answer this from my previous post:

    Can I ask what you and your mates discuss down the pub before a game? And what is your reaction when everyone around you is expressing thier opinion on whats needed?

    Isnt that the essence of football? A fans opinion? To incite discussion? To hear other perspectives?

    Or, are you going to be super smart and tell me to fuck off?

  250. Jabba-statements like “I think most Gooners would agree that Rosicky and Almunia should find other clubs. There was no rudeness there, again most gooners would agree.” are what push people buttons. I love watching Tomas play, and there is a reason he captains his country. It will be sad when he leaves Arsenal. Almunia on the other hand I don’t have such an affection for.

  251. Gainsbourg69

    Why do people focus only on height when it comes to set pieces? Why not focus on looking to minimize the cheap fouls and corners that lead us to concede from set pieces to begin with? When we were dropping back in two banks of four earlier in the season we weren’t conceding as many stupid fouls as we did later on when we stopped playing this way.

  252. george rodger

    OH I see
    A challenge perhaps,but not a proper one!!!
    Still waiting to be told which week we wait for Luke .
    You know,when we can consider it a challenge.
    Jabba.Most gooners?You been doing polls again?Or are you plucking % again.You have been told about that particular stupidity before.

  253. I don’t get why people are calling for Arsene to sign Gervinho. Do you not realise that both he and Chamakh would be gone to the African Cup of Nations in Januray/Feb? The same people would then turn around and hurl abuse at the manager because he bought a player who was going to go off and play some tournament.

  254. William, how does that push peoples buttons?

    And should it warrant a personal attack (not in your instance) or a reasoned response citing why Rosicky should stay.

    Can you see the difference?

    (George, you yes man you, nice to see what your doing your best)

  255. Jabba's delights


    You clearly know nothing. There are literally hundreds of examples each year where top high school/college/nfl players get arrested due to gang crime and guns.

    4 times in the last 5 years a top young nfl player has been shot or stabbed to death, you complete fool dont talk of what you dont know. Imagine Roonet ebing shot to death?????

    With regards to their injuries in later life, whilst both the union and league are trying to reach compromise on certain benefits as i write this, one cant deny the fact that its a brutal game played by some of the bravest individuals around.

    I love both sports and see little point in arguing which is better as the Americans will say the opposite.

    Being able to look outside your own argument would do wonders for you

  256. george rodger

    William ,I too like Thomas.Unlike most gooners,apparently.

  257. George

    Again, thank you for the insulting, patronising comments.

    As I have already answered. A title challenge that ends with relagation form since Feburary (a third of the season left) can hardly be considered a challenge, in my humble opinion.

    Maybe you would like to express an actual opinion on one of the many many topics discussed.

    Or you can resort to attacking people.

  258. Gainsbourg69

    Bill: “Obviously anyone we add would be required to have adequate skill on the ball. Lumping every CB who is bigger then our present group as Andre the Giant is every bit as unreasonable as saying that anyone smaller then 6 ft tall can never be a good defender. Both are poor generalizations. Samba not my first choice but I agree with Ateeb that he would make a good addition to our current group of CB.’

    No one is calling anyone useless just because they’re tall, Bill. I rate Hangeland quite a bit and he’s even taller than Samba. The difference is that he doesn’t become a deer in the headlights when a ball is passed to him like Samba does.

  259. Excellent George.

    We have the birth sprouts for your first actual debate.

    Why do you like Tomas? What value do you think he CURRENTLY brings to the squad?

    Any specific games/moments this season or last that incite your belief?

  260. george rodger

    I imagine Rooney being shot to death all the time .

  261. Luke it angers me because Jabba tries to speak on behalf of “most gooners” Most of the gooners i know think Rosicky is a class player.

  262. Jabba's delights


    I to loved Rosicky play, but in my oppinion and Arsene it would seem due to his lack of games he is surplus to requirements now. He hasnt got that spark back after 18 months out. Huge shame.

    The other players mentioned all want to leave and im not so sure you will see a huge amount of crying about it fromt he Gooner faithful………………….or am i wrong George?

  263. William,

    See I know lots of Gooners who like Rosicky for his impact previously, but who also see that the squad can live without him, and that he should enjoy his twlight playing week in week out.

    If we were not being emotive at all, and we looked at his performances this year (the fulcrum of both cup runs), he hasnt been a useful squad player.

    Great header at Leeds though. Huge goal.

    I have no issues with Rosicky. But if we are assessing the squad on areas that could be refreshed/changed to make us a different animal next year, Rosicky would be one to go.

  264. Reasons to like Tomas.
    Passing range
    Dribbling ability
    Ball Control
    -Whenever Tomas puts his arms on his man and gives him a slight push, he gets yellow carded. When some dude on blackpool pushes Nasri repeatedly while marking him, that is called English grit.
    Listens to Metallica
    Shooting ability

  265. george rodger

    Luke,Thomas is a wonderfully gifted and creative footballer.He is only 30 years old. Beautiful player.
    Here is my opinion”most gooners think we did challenge”
    You are wrong .

  266. Jabba,

    You make too many assumptions. I don’t have the time to reply to your post properly. Because, I’m busy at the moment, and also that I don’t think you deserve one. It’s best I stay away from reading your comments, and completely ignoring you, as I have done for the past few weeks.

    But in short, you’re making too many assumptions regarding what the majority of the fan base wants. And anyone who thinks we didn’t challenge this season, is a fool.


    Denilson not suited to the EPL? You must be kidding.

    Bendtner, was a third choice striker, who missed early half of the season through injury. He’s good enough for that spot.

    Yes Diaby is injury prone, and trust me, it infuriates him more than it does us. As evident, by his exercice/training regime, that he took instead of taking holidays last summers.He’s a backup central midfielder for now, and we can only hope his injury situation changes, because he is a match winner.

    Rosicky, wasn’t trusted with enough games this season. Why? I don’t know. Arsene does, and he can make a better call if we need to keep him or not. But he’s an excellent player, that I love to watch.

    What I do with my friends, is none of your business. And surely you’re not watching more football than me or anyone else, because your suggestions after selling half our players off was, Seedorf, and Nzogbia.

  267. William

    Fair enough. I appaluad your most recent comment. Whilst I might not agree with it, at least you have stuck your neck out, and said why you like him.

    He certainly is a fighter – I cant imagine Denilson & Gilberto thought too kindly of Metallica being smashed out the stereo as they rocked thier acoustic!

  268. Gainsbourg69

    Jabba: “You clearly know nothing. There are literally hundreds of examples each year where top high school/college/nfl players get arrested due to gang crime and guns.

    4 times in the last 5 years a top young nfl player has been shot or stabbed to death, you complete fool dont talk of what you dont know. Imagine Roonet ebing shot to death?????”

    Jabba, those morons get in trouble because they hang out with criminals in order to keep their hood cred up. They are idiots with lots and lots of money playing at being rap video legends. The guns and the violence are something they could totally avoid if they weren’t so fucking childish. Just so you know I am an American.

  269. @William 5.40pm

    That’s the problem with the interwebby, not the same as the pub…. can’t pass the Pipe Guardiola to you, hey désolé man, demain peut-etre… maintenant je suis perdu……. hey mais c’est bon, non?

  270. George! Excellent stuff mate.

    On that note. I’m off for dinner.

  271. george rodger

    Jabba.I am a gooner,I am faithful and I will cry if Thomas leaves.

  272. Gainsbourg69

    Jabba, where are you from?

  273. Applause appreciated. On a side note, would anyone care to tell me how to put an avatar up rather than these cheeky looking faces?

  274. The difference is that he doesn’t become a deer in the headlights when a ball is passed to him like Samba does.

    Um I seem to remember Samba dribbling through our entire mid field and passing to diouf to square to the other diouf to Score just earlier this season.
    He is no slouch on the ball at all.

  275. george rodger

    Great.just who we need

  276. Northbank, the good thing about the innerwebs is that i can take a statement like “hey désolé man, demain peut-etre… maintenant je suis perdu……. hey mais c’est bon, non?” pop it into google translate and presto! I understand! Also i’m going to name my next piece Pipe Guardiola.

  277. G69:

    I would love Hangeland but he has not really been on the radar so I had not mentioned him. I realize he would not win a whole lot of foot races but neither would Pique or Puyol or Vidic or Terry or Carragher etc etc. Positional sense is key. This will probably start another debate but I have always felt that the perception by many on this blog that Arsenal needs to have ultra-pacy centerbacks is a red herring and a player like Hangeland could more then make up for his lack of pace with all the other things he would bring to the table.

  278. Bill, you actually take the Andre the Giant comment seriously? it is obvious that that was an exaggeration.
    Show me where I said a 6 ft defender cannot be good defender? How tall is Djourou by the way?

    However there was nothing obvious about your comment. If I didnt say anything no one would know what you were on about apart from big and strong.

    you said

    “Nothing is ever gauranteed. What we have been doing has not worked well so it seems logical to try something different. Not advocating that we get rid of KOS, TV or JD but adding someone with more size and strength to the mix could help and certainly can not hurt. If we need gaurantees then we will never do anything.”

    It is possible that it couldnt help but hurt actually.

    You should be thanking me that I have caused you clarify yourself actually.

  279. My ol’ man said follow West Ham…….
    and I said Fuck off your a Cunt……….

  280. Bill at 5.27 – not saying that I am hoping for an Ayala or Cannavaro to drop into our lap as they are few and far between ( It would be nice thiough)
    The point I was trying to get at is that our defenders – current (and any we might sign) – must be encouraged to attack the ball -I used the shorter defenders as an example just to underline that. Too often Djourou and Kosc have been caught flat footed – not by their size or weight but because they have switched off

  281. William

  282. G69 is correct about American Football. It is also madness to state that a player should just play injured. I dont care what NFL players do, many of them are foolish and the whole tough guy thing is foolish.

    Just look up David Duerson and you will see that people must learn when to stop.

    What Jabba is saying is that players should possibly shorten their careers, jeopardize their quality of life once they retire just to prove a point?

  283. george rodger

    JD is 6 4 me thinks.
    Bill I would prefer Hangeland to Samba.If we are going down that path.

  284. george rodger

    Paul N .What Jabba is saying is shite,simple as.

  285. Borges Spinelli

    Bravo, ZimPaul! There are lots of misinformed people out there, whose knowledge of the world is influenced by whatever direction western media guides ’em through.

    As a person with distant African heritage amongst others, I find it displeasing when folks make sweeping generalizations about the continent of Africa.

    There are at least 5 African countries with economies far greater than some European nations. But these facts don’t make the news, because they debunk myths and negative stereotypes which the West has promoted happily for centuries.

    Bravo, ZimPaul!

    There are lots of misinformed people out there, whose knowledge of the world-at-large is influenced by whatever direction western media guides ’em through.

    As a person with distant African heritage amongst others, I find it displeasing when folks make sweeping generalizations about the continent of Africa.

    There are at least 5 African countries with economies far greater than some European ones. But these facts don’t make the news, because they debunk myths and negative stereotypes which the West has promoted happily for centuries.

    Anyhoo, back to soccer talk.

  286. Borges Spinelli

    colney | June 1, 2011 at 5:50 pm


  287. ah fuck, I nodded off, have I missed anything?
    Perhaps Wengers signed someone big and expensive, a tall, blond, viking type fella…….. oh, we have him already!

  288. our business needs to be done quickly..

    however i see the cl qualification as a massive disadvantage..i can see the prime targets waiting to see if we are in europe or not..
    i can also see cesc and nasri deciding on their future more conclusively after the cl qualification.

    we may want wenger to sign quickly and wenger may want wenger to sign quickly but i feel his hands may be abit tied..

  289. oh follock, my girlfriend just turned up, she is not happy, I should have finished a painting today ready for a exhibition next week! French women can get so emotional…. I told I’d been contemplating the colours all day, Red and White, but everytime I say Arsenal she thinks I’m either swearing at her or demanding deviant sex!

    Check this out on your Google translator:
    Je suis dans un de ces merdiers

    fellow gooners, les sympa et les emmerdeurs, bonsoir et bon nuit!

  290. George:

    Had not really thought about Hangeland but I would rather him then Samba also. Have focused on Samba because of our rumored interest.

    Paul @ 6:18:

    If my response to your comment sounded patronizing then I apologize. Sometimes we read something quickly and respond in a hurry and the comment that comes out is not always on target. My bad.

  291. Where would Arsenal be if last years mob(see some of the above) had suceeded in lynching Walcott and Nasri?


  292. Gainsbourg69

    TimmyT: “Um I seem to remember Samba dribbling through our entire mid field and passing to diouf to square to the other diouf to Score just earlier this season.
    He is no slouch on the ball at all.”

    As I remember he didn’t dribble through our defense, he ran up with the ball unopposed. Don’t make Samba out to be Lucio. No one is buying it.

  293. Thats true Bill!

    No problem!

  294. goonerwife | June 1, 2011 at 9:50 am

    How the fuck do you or Yogo know what they do in Africa have you been there? There are over 32 countries there so please enlighten us as to when you visited and stayed over there to come to this conclusion.

    my bad. i guess i should have told you i grew up in NIgeria. My dad is nigerian, my mother is nigeria. All grandparents are nigerian etc. So yeah thats how the fuck i know.

    I say it with love of my country but i also know the system. Alot of us hate it and it will get better but for now it is what it is.

  295. In response to goonerton

  296. Miami Arsenal

    I’m a little late to the party here but surely the issue Arsenal have had the past few years is a lack of mental toughness. I am not talking about being crazy on the pitch but rather looking inwardly at themselves when their collective backs are against the wall. I think this year it has been more noticably than ever with a 4-0 lead diminshing faster than a donut at a police diner.

    I’m honestly at a loss to explain how to fix this but if you watch games you see those heads drop and the proverbial rot set in.

  297. Gains,

    How are you so sure Samba is not a good passer?

    Why then is Arsene supposedly interested in him (according to YW a couple of days ago)?

    As I’ve said a few times, I don’t particularly want Samba, but it amazes me how you trot this he’s-got-bad-technique ‘fact’ out whenever the guy’s name gets mentioned.

  298. From the BBC:

    Former Italy footballer Giuseppe Signori and 15 other people have been arrested by Italian police for alleged match-fixing.

    The others held are said to include ex-Serie A players, current players from both Serie B and Serie C, club directors from lower leagues and betting shop employees.

  299. Goonerwife,

    So what happens in Nigeria should be extrapolated to the rest of Africa?

    I think you completely missed the point goonerton (and Zimpaul btw) are trying to make.

  300. I think that Luke and Jabbas delights are the same person. Whatever. Either he’s a c*nt or they’re both c*nts. That’s my reasoned argument. They spoil a good blog.

  301. reading through the comments i see i might have started an africa debate but i speak as a native and not someone judging from afar with no knowledge.

  302. Bernard | June 1, 2011 at 8:52 am

    Good points. It’s nice to see someone who is able to apply some thought to the issue at hand.

  303. ‘Cris(with referees or the possibility of a little more then a little bit of spot or match fixing)?

    What crisis?’

    Wrote the D.I.C.

  304. okay, Im not surprised what happened with song. It could sooo happen in NIgeria.

    Sometimes you forget you are talking to people from everywhere. You have to be really specific and careful.

    THanks for the lesson Zimpaul but i was talking about the state of things in the now. Im fully aware of how amazing Africa is.( yes, meant to say africa).

  305. cris < crisis

  306. Fuck me Gainsbourg you should read first spit later,, you clearly are just looking to put some one down arnt you.. You can copy and paste we get that but how do you go from midfield to defense in so short a space of words.. Shows your intent really. And if he was allowed to run through our midfield as I said, and defense as YOU said, then what the fuck were our players doing whilst this was going on? So you are saying our players just stood and watched?

  307. Goonerwife,

    what part of Nigeria do you come from?

  308. billturner90

    I am one of those piss pots

  309. Gainsbourg69

    Borges: “There are at least 5 African countries with economies far greater than some European nations. But these facts don’t make the news, because they debunk myths and negative stereotypes which the West has promoted happily for centuries.”

    Borges, why don’t you wait until Goonerwife comments before making her out to be a cold hearted bourgeoise.

    Don’t forget that this was a comment Goonerwife made over how the Cameroonian F.A. made a circus out of flying Alex Song back home just to check if he was not faking an injury in order to be ready for a pointless friendly.

  310. billturner90

    Hey Dups. thanks for the tip friend

  311. Yessah. Private gunner finsbury reporting for duty,

    Urm, says here in the Gr*tiron guide to ‘sending a donkey over the top’, not enough ‘movement’ by the tippy tappy wide players this season. Least assists in the league, no goals,etc.etc.etc.

    exhibit A:

    Not for the first time, the No.14 is clearly useless. There for all to see. This has happened again and again. In games over the last three four years.

    What is going on?

  312. Dad from delta and Mom from Lagos

  313. Hehehe…it’s June 1st and Arsene didn’t sign any one yet. I love it when he toys with the iBuy fans

  314. Anyone else spot the lurvlyjubbly dovetail by the two right old whingers in the build up for that goal?
    Or was it just me?

  315. Gainsbourg69

    Henristic: “How are you so sure Samba is not a good passer?

    Why then is Arsene supposedly interested in him (according to YW a couple of days ago)?

    As I’ve said a few times, I don’t particularly want Samba, but it amazes me how you trot this he’s-got-bad-technique ‘fact’ out whenever the guy’s name gets mentioned.”

    I really don’t know why Samba is not a good passer. It may have something to do with his legs being oxygen deprived or something. All I know is that when the ball gets back to him he tends to get all tangled with it. Seen it for as long as he’s been in the prem. One run, unopposed, doesn’t make him Ronald Koeman.

    Who says Arsene is interested? The same people who have been pushing the bullshit about needing a tall and or English man in defense for the past five seasons? As far as I’ve read those rumors about him being linked with us are just that, rumors. Not even that interview he gave to Lizarazu the other day proves anything. It only proves that Lizarazu is up on doomerish Arsenalis and knows what the idiots are moaning about.

    Samba is shit. That’s why he’s at Blackburn. If he was so good he wouldn’t be there. If he was so good he wouldn’t be playing for the Congo eventhough he was born and raised in France either. How hard is that to understand for crying out loud?

  316. Thanks Gains.

  317. Borges Spinelli

    I’m in awe of this kid, Messi.
    Love to know which of his 53 goals from 2010/11 season are your personal favorites?

  318. Goonerwife,

    Born and raised in Accra but we moved to Nigeria in 1983 when famine hit Ghana, stayed for a couple years though, not too long. I don’t remember much of that time since i was about a year old in 1983. Always loved watching the games between black stars and the super eagles, back to the days of abedi pele and sunday oliseh etc etc. great rivalry. 😀

  319. Gainsbourg69

    Timmy, I saw that game. Samba anticipated a ball a bit outside of his area and brought it up to about halfway, unopposed, until Sagna challenged him and he passed it to Diouf. I remember that whole sequence because it was the play were Koscielny got burned by Diouf. That was the play that had the doomers doubting Koscielny’s quality very early on in the season.

  320. “Samba is shit. That’s why he’s at Blackburn. If he was so good he wouldn’t be there. If he was so good he wouldn’t be playing for the Congo eventhough he was born and raised in France either. How hard is that to understand for crying out loud?”
    This might come back to haunt you if we actually sign him, which is not far from plausible.

  321. 3 minutes into the clip and so far all I see is unmarked striker who’s left to do whatever he wants. I will only admit Messi is a phenomenon when he plays for a couple of years against the Stupid Giants of England. Other than that, he’s most often than not is left alone with the ball to do whatever.

  322. Gainsbourg69

    No worries, Goonerwife. I knew what you meant.

  323. @Goonerwife, U be naija? COOL

  324. So that’s it then Samba is shit , Gainsgourg says so so it is so. Wonder why Wenger was interested in him then. He obviously knows something gainsbourg dosent.

  325. Borges Spinelli


    You talkin’ to me?

    {said in Al Pacino voice…with a raised eyebrow like Ancelotti}

    I don’t recall mentioning goonerwife in the excerpt you selected to reply to.

  326. Gainsbourg69

    Borges, my favorite Messi goal of the season was the one he scored in the final. He disguised his intentions in order to beat Van der Sar, then, once he saw him beat, he smacked a hard shot with very little back lift between him and Vidic. Pure class.

  327. Yogi
    I’d like to make a suggestion, I’ve been contributing on your blog for just over a week now and as Arsenal blogs go, it is fairly balanced and without too much abuse or trolls. My suggestion is that people put at the beginning of their post, their location. Today a few people have asked others, ‘where are you’? This is not to influence any national arguement but sincerely out of interest. We are on the innerwebby and Arsenal fans are world wide. Wouldn’t it be nice to see where all these comments are coming from across the globe! just a simple ——–>Avignon, France which is me, would be enough. anyway, just a suggestion, people may not like the idea, for whatever reason… just an idea.

  328. Because samba plays for blackburn he is shit! That’s like saying Valencia is shit because he was playing for wigan when man u signed him up. Makes no scene at all.

  329. Borges:

    good stuff. No matter what you think of Barca its really hard not to like Messi. He seems above all the cesc lust, diving and the other unsavory stuff that we all have come to dislike.

  330. TS- I be Naija o.

  331. Borges Spinelli


    Messi would get hurt really badly against the likes of Stoke, Bolton, Sunderland & Newcastle. As much as I RATE him as one of the best, he has a while to go before he can genuinely claim to be as great as Pele. 10 more years of consistently topping the striker board should do it, in my opinion.

    You can’t but love the kid. We’d win the league easily with only he, Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Wilshere playing and any random goalkeeper without gloves on. (Ok, I jest, but you get the point). He’s good!

  332. Jo

    By the same reasoning why is Samba not at Man U when surely he is better than Brown and O’Shea.

  333. george rodger

    Bernard has made the best two posts of the day.
    Gains.Samba might bit us on the bum if we do sign him.I dont want him but what if we sign him and we have already condemned him?

  334. Good video of the Messi goals this season, he is a genious! Sometimes I see a little bit of that talent in Nasri, like the two goals he got against Fulham… fuluck, I hope we don’t sell him… watching Messi in that video made me realise what potential we have in Samir. If anyone is wondering why I’m back on the blog, GF and me had a row, I not only didn’t finish my painting, I also forgot to cook dinner… she’s gone to her mums to eat! c’est la vie and all that!

  335. george rodger

    The Titanic turned quicker than Samba

  336. billturner90

    Northbank I would like to see your artwork if possible.

  337. Gainsbourg69

    Valencia wasn’t shit because he played at Wigan. before he arrived at Wigan he was in the Ecuadorean set up and he’d had an exceptional career at youth level. If you recall it was Wenger who recommended him to Steve Bruce first before he went to Wigan and then was sold off to Manure, right? Samba, on the other hand, is about where he needs to be. He is tall and can help his team do such an astonishingly poor job at defending that their supporters were biting their finger nails on relegation week-end.

    The question should not be whether Christopher Samba, defensive all rounder, is shit because he plays at Blackburn. The question should be whether Blackburn is shit because Christopher Samba plays there.

  338. Borges Spinelli

    That was a good goal, Gainsbourg69. My fav one is 1.57mins into the video.

  339. george rodger

    Samba was good in “The Green Mile” .I think he was treated shoddily.

  340. Borges Spinelli

    Whilst we are at it, if I\’ve ever offended fellow contributors to this blog, inadvertently over the past 7 months, i apologize. Unless you\’ve called me a \’cunt\’ before.

    PS: I had never heard that phrase before, prior to joining ACLF\’s rank.

  341. billturner90

    hah George.

  342. Mtunzini , South Africa

  343. Gainsbourg69

    George, if we sign him, we sign him. Is he my first choice? Absolutely not. But if he puts on the shirt I’m not going to slag him every time he makes a mistake. I’ll simply come on here at the end of the season and say I told you so.

    However, his signing is not even being reported seriously. It’s just a couple of tabloid journos wrongly interpreting that interview he had on Lizarasu’s radio show. In the interview Arsene simply picked up on Lizarasu’s knowledge of Arsenal moaning points and played along with him. Any one who seriously believes that Wenger would divulge his buying strategy before the transfer window even opens is absolutely gone off the reservation.

  344. @billturner90

    Just click on my name, it’s in Blue and will take you direct to my art blog. If you are english and a royalist be aware that one painting depicts the Queen in a humorous position!

  345. Gains,

    Henristic: “How are you so sure Samba is not a good passer?

    Why then is Arsene supposedly interested in him (according to YW a couple of days ago)?

    Gains: As I’ve said a few times, I don’t particularly want Samba, but it amazes me how you trot this he’s-got-bad-technique ‘fact’ out whenever the guy’s name gets mentioned.”

    I really don’t know why Samba is not a good passer. It may have something to do with his legs being oxygen deprived or something. All I know is that when the ball gets back to him he tends to get all tangled with it. Seen it for as long as he’s been in the prem. One run, unopposed, doesn’t make him Ronald Koeman.

    There you go being obtuse (:)) again. I didn’t ask why Samba wasn’t a good passer. I asked how you knew.
    Try again, you might actually be funny next time.

    Who says Arsene is interested? The same people who have been pushing the bullshit about needing a tall and or English man in defense for the past five seasons? As far as I’ve read those rumors about him being linked with us are just that, rumors. Not even that interview he gave to Lizarazu the other day proves anything. It only proves that Lizarazu is up on doomerish Arsenalis and knows what the idiots are moaning about.

    Another directionless rant.

    Samba is shit. That’s why he’s at Blackburn. If he was so good he wouldn’t be there. If he was so good he wouldn’t be playing for the Congo eventhough he was born and raised in France either. How hard is that to understand for crying out loud?

    This arguments sound strangely familiar… Hang on, wasn’t it the same argument so called ‘doomers’ used against Kolsieny after we signed him last summer? 25yr old playing for a poor side, no caps for France, etc etc.

    I’m sure you can do better than that Gains. Don’t stoop to their level.

    Anyways, I do hope (for your sake at least) that the rumors turn out to be false.

  346. hahaha @ George @ 9:38pm

  347. george rodger

    G69.I am with you.
    I just worry about my comments being copied and pasted and constantly stuck under my nose ,should the worst come to the worst

  348. george rodger

    Northbank 1969.
    If that is your art work then you have a serious talent.
    Very impressive.

  349. Didnt messi blast a ball the crowd and bust a womans face and he is not above diving.

    He is a great player but he does play for barcelona and diving seems to be in their DNA.

  350. george rodger

    You are a hard man Paul.

  351. Northbank I commend you on some really creative stuff! You have quite the eye for a sketch.

  352. The only perfect players to have ever played this sport have played for Arsenal.

    If Messi ever comes and plays for Arsenal then he will have never dived.

  353. Paul N | June 1, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    People forget that there is often a nasty side to even the best players. Pay attention to Messi when he is up against a defender who is not letting him get his own way. All the petulance and diving comes out and is not a pretty site to behold.

  354. or sight!

  355. George, lets atleast be truthful and not deify the guy. If we want to talk about talent, I wouldnt hesitate to say he is the best right now.

  356. The Titanic turned quicker than Samba ?
    Well on the 100th anniversary of the launch I can only hope that Christopher does not run into an iceberg :0 Ahoy there

  357. Its true Passenal, he is not perfect and no need to paint his as such but that doesnt make him a Barton either. He isnt as bad as some of the other Barca players but I think that is how they do things in that team. It seems to be a part of the Barca culture right now.

  358. It doesn’t quite make sense that it would be “bad” that we sign Samba and he actually turns out to be good and helps the squad succeed, even if some have to eat their words.

    Unless, of course, one’s football scouting acumen on a blog is more precious than the success of the club.

  359. george rodger

    Good point,Busch.

  360. Diving has made its way in US sports. I think LeBron James, recent purchaser of Liverpool stock, has been watching Stevie G and co. work their magic.

  361. @georgerodger and @billturner<— I assume William?

    Thanks for the comments… george, yes they are my paintings! I've been thinking about some new stuff, based on the arsenal greats, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Petit etc…. but recently too much Herbert Chapman so only getting the ideas and not doing the work. Perhaps by the end of this year I may have some stuff on my blog.
    Please feel free to share my blog with others. cheers

  362. diving is quite the thing in basketball billturner, I think it started with Vlade Divac’s back in the 80’s. Now as soon as a player is touched they fall as if someone knocked them out. Quite annoying!

  363. Borges Spinelli

    Doesn’t Messi look like he could be John Stockton’s love child?

  364. Sunday morning on Bayswater Road

  365. Wenger will not sign Samba. Forget about that already.

    Henristic, you win. Take your lap of honor.

  366. My turn at the transfer game…(need some excitment after that final leg of that season!)


    Buffon? – might want a change of scenery after missing out on CL at Juve. We have young talent, and look at the likes if Van Der Saar at 40! If we can’t get an exceptional experienced talent at a good price then lets stick with what we have, two very capable keepers who will get better and better.




    Gibbs (Prem Loan 6 months to season)
    Bartley (Prem Loan 6 months to season)

    Clichy should sign, Gibbs needs to play in the Prem week in week out to see if he can make the grade and outcast Clichy and Cole from Arsenal and England for the Euro’s and 2012+. Traore and Botelho can compete to cover Clichy and add depth as LW. Bartley can be recalled in January if required with injuries at CB. Kos and TV will be great together, DJ is strong cover while Squill will improve after first season and should stay as 4/5th choice.



    Landsbury (Season Loan at Norwich)
    Ryo (Season Load at Feyenoord)
    Wellington (Loan – anyone who will play him!)
    Coquelin (UK Loan for 6 until Jan)

    Chamberlin has a strong chances of being a top class England player in a few years. The value of English players will continue to rise (Milner, Lescott, Smalling, Carrick, Hargreaves, Bent all over priced in past transactions!). But more importantly the value if a core of top class English players will help the Arsenal of the next 5-8 years massively…Gibbs, Wilshire, Chamberlin, Walcott. Get him now at £8m rather than him be a star and worth £30 in 3 years.
    Young is available and would be a great addition for the squad, as width is vital to braking down ‘park the bus’ teams, while the likes if Walcott out with injury often we sometimes miss raw pace as an option.




    Really like both Vela and Bendtner, for different reasons. And under difference circumstances and conditions I think both will one day flourish. Infact they would be a fantastic partnership in a 4-4-2 if someone like Villa or Everton brought both. But its just not happening for them, and we could get a good £15m combined.
    Neymar – why not. From what I’ve seen he is going to be big, infact he is. If Chelsea can get him for £25m why can’t we? Its a risk, but Wenger needs to start taking one or two big name risks.

    Thats my late night thoughts, been playing on them for a few days now.

    Look forward to feedback?

  367. NorthBank, you have a good hand and your composition is quite good. I like the paintings of the room where the objects fit into the frame eventhough they’re leaning the opposite way. That’s a technique that caught my eye immediately. Good luck selling your paintings. The one with the Queen taking a squeeze is beyond funny.

  368. Borges how in the world did you think of that? its true though. lol!

  369. What’s this obsession with Samba all about? Do people really believe that he would somehow improve our defence? What’s our defence partnership supposed to be like with him the team? If you really want to play Footie Manager on the blog, please, at least suggest players that would actually improve our team. And as far as I can see, out of all the EPL defenders that are not already at a top 6 club, Hangeland is the only one who would realistically improve us. Fulham have always had an above-average defence record and stats suggest that Schwarzer is not the reason (shots to saves ratio compared with other goalkeepers show him to be a decent one, but not in the top berth.). On the other hand, even with Smalling’s departue, they managed to keep the goals conceded low and everything suggest that this is mostly thanks to Hangeland. He has had the most aerial clearances out of all EPL defenders this season and he is not half bad with the ball at his feet. Add to that his 6 goals making him Fulham’s second best scorer.

  370. george rodger

    How much would Hangeland cost?
    I know we are only guessing ,but what would the guess be?

  371. Rumours where Arsenal tauted £8-10m for Hangeland last summer, but Fulham wanted £15m. He is off the media radar a bit, while Hughes is todays fav for the Villa job!

    He’s soon turning 30 so one would think £10m would be the market value.

    After all they have Senderous to step in should Brede depart!!!

  372. Sorry…think it was actually 2 years ago Arsene courted Hangeland from the large media hype. It was the Schwazer saga last summer.

  373. Nice point, Evil.

  374. george rodger

    has Houllier left Villa?

  375. Yep. Parted company this evening.

    Hughes is fav – but I think they will offer to McCallister

  376. george rodger

    Shame,I like Houllier.

  377. I think you’re right, GG.

  378. 1 loose cannon

    Hangeland is one of the slowest defenders in the league. I can’t imagine him playing a high line that we normally do then try to catch up if a ball put behind. height alone is not enough. Height, speed and good passing skill that wenger is looking for is difficult to find. There are lots of players who can solve the set piece problems but they are not good footballers who can string good passes. If you play for Arsenal you have to look after the vast amonut of space we leave behind when we attack.

    How many defenders can do what Vermalen has done here? Beating the speedy Agbonlahor for pace.

  379. Borges Spinelli

    @Paul N

    LOL! Random, i know.

  380. I bet Fat Sam wishes he had waited a bit longer before accepting Wet Spam’s offer. He would have loved to be Villa’s manager.

  381. Northbank, I am from Trinidad and Tobago, I can tell you, there are alot of Arsenal fans in Trinidad. You cannot wake up, go out and not see a person with an Arsenal Jersey. We love the style of play, the passion and the economics of this football club. I have watched arsenal all my life. I have an uncle in North London, and he has trained me well! He has exceptional taste, as do I.

  382. LimparAssist

    Oh I get it, Carib – like the beer. A friend of mine taught football in Trini for a year and said he met lots of Gooners. Looked a beautiful place. He broke the crossbar once in a game (it did seem to have been made out of driftwood and bootlaces) and became a sort of cult hero in an afternoon. I’d like to go one day. Maybe watch some cricket.

  383. LA – Cricket in the Caribbean, a thing on my must do list.

  384. Fat Sam would never get the Villa Job. He is right now at the level he is qualified for, the championship. Same with his buddy, the orange one.

  385. @Gainsbourg69
    Thanks for taking the time to look and for your feedback, I sell a few each year, the problem is the formt, each canvas is 100cm x 100cm, too large for most people flats or houses.

    It’s good to know where people are in the world. I still get a buz on the innerwebby when able to immediately communicate with someone like yourself in the caribean or perhaps in the states or Japan. It’s bloody amazing. It also helps to know what timeline people are on, whether it’s your morning or evening or even the middle of the night. cheers

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