Refreshing Honesty From Jack

We are not in a crisis, we are only in some difficulties

Sepp Blatter, surely the outgoing Fifa President spoke yesterday, in the midst of the tempest around the world game’s governing body. Blatter would probably describe the Gulf Wars as civil disobedience if this is merely a ‘difficulty’ facing football at this moment in time.

His words, no matter how ill-advised, could equally be applied to Arsenal. Fortunately journalists attention turned eastwards so Jack Wilshere’s interview has largely flown below the sensationalist radar. There is a refreshing honesty in his words compared with the platitudes normally spun by the squad.

It would on quieter days, quite easily been incendiary for the headline writers for the home truths contained within it. Those truths reveal a professional’s view of gamesmanship. Wilshere may yet find himself in hot water with the FA – if they can drag themselves away from the politicking – when he spoke of the pressure that Manchester United players put on officials,

Not so much keep going on at the ref, but just let them know. You see the players at Man United and they are great at it. They are round the ref.

Too nice. A frequent criticism of the Arsenal squad, Jack wants a little nasty to be added to the armoury. United have a long-earned reputation for bullying officials, something which the football authorities were keen to stamp out some time ago. It was an initiative which has quietly faded.

Competitive spirit ought to see Arsenal follow suit of the United and Chelsea players. Neither side are angels in that respect, both sides have built a fear in visiting teams, the knowledge that officials will likely be swayed in dubious decisions enhances that trepidation.

It is an interesting contrast to the title-winning Arsenal squads. There was no reticence from Henry, Bergkamp or Vieira in telling referees what they thought. Even reputed quiet men such as Gilberto or Lauren were known to be vocal. That is the mentality being demanded with new players.

The voluble nature of those players in the dressing room was an issue last season. Or rather, the absence of it. There is contradictory opinion on that from Wilshere.

We do miss a couple of shouters, but there are definitely some shouters in the dressing room. There have been times at half-time when there have been arguments and we’ve come back out and won. We do miss a player like Patrick Vieira. But there are leaders at Arsenal, the experienced players like Robin [Van Persie].

Thomas Vermaelen is back — that’s great. We’ve got Van Persie, Vermaelen, Cesc [Fabregas]. We probably need a few more big leaders to help us out.

That led to Jack defending his captain, rightly so. Much criticism of Fábregas is based on the opinion of those who do not see the leadership he provides. Wilshere appreciates it, understands the draw of home but put to bed the lie that the captaincy is only in Spanish hands as a sop. The players would not stand for it were that the case.

The lack of silverware is not unnoticed either,

Arsenal’s a big club and we need to be winning trophies and we need to win them to keep our big players, sooner rather than later. A hundred per cent it will be a disaster if we don’t win a trophy next season. We know that. The fans feel it. We feel it. We just need to win a trophy

Is it scaremongering to suggest that players will leave without trophies? Possibly, possibly not. There is a certain loyalty in players like van Persie, Fábregas as well otherwise he would have been in Catalonia by now. That loyalty cannot be taken for granted though whilst a rebuilding process is undertaken.

Silverware is not guaranteed to keep players either, it has to be said.

The key point of it was that Jack Wilshere spoke from the heart, showing an understanding of how supporters feel. Tomorrow sees the transfer window open and an air of expectation exists for the manager to sign the required players that can take a talented but brittle squad forwards, to earn the titles that they ought to win.

It is a tapestry which will unfurl through the summer. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Nice & refreshing from Jack.

    Fifa do look a shambles now. Bloody good it is to.

  2. A bit of honesty rather than the usual platitudes is good to see.

  3. nice!!!

  4. Liking the new style a lot YW, nice one, and thanks for the weekend’s news..!

    Jack will go on to become an Arsenal legend I’m sure. He’s still young, but shows so much maturity, especially compared to the ‘seasoned professionals’ like Evra & co… Good lad. Like him more and more all the time.

  5. Fabregas like Henry a world class player.But like Henry never in a million years a good captain.Since PV4 left Wenger has thrown around the captaincy like a toy.Even Almunia has captained the team in the absence of Cesc.We lack leaders at Arsenal no one can deny that.

  6. 1 loose cannon

    When Wilshere started talking about shouters in the dressing room he first mentioned RVP. He is in my opinion the only player who has done what asked of him with flying colours and I don’t blame him if he expect the same from everyone and rightly he should shout.

  7. Martin

    Please explain why Fabregas is not a good captain?


  8. Probably because he’s not the mouth-frothing, vein-popping, shouty big man, who’s ‘leadership’/bollocking skills are there for all to see every match… Cesc leads by example on the pitch, and I’m sure he gives advice and pep talks in the dressing room like any other captain. His teammates never have a bad word to say about his captaincy.

  9. Yes martin. PLease explain. I want some first hand knowledge if you dont mind.

    Maybe its cos be doesnt look like a bully.

  10. So Paul Scholes has retired. All I can say is “bloody good riddance” dirty little scrote.

  11. YW, watch Cesc when Jack or Nasri are on the field. They are both constantly shouting at him, telling him that he needs to be talking to the others. Those of us in the ground can see it clearly.

  12. First time I have seen the new layout on the PC and a step up Yogi

    Cesc as captain ? Let’s check the boxes;
    1. First name on team sheet – tick
    2. Plays centrally on the fields so in contact with action at all times – tick
    3. Experienced player at club and international level? Tick
    4. Long serving and respectful of traditions of club? Tick
    5. Prone to lose his head and squat in centre circle ? No

  13. YW,

    Just wondering if Jack did not also display the same youthful niavety that he thinks we need to overcome!? Would a Manc player be caught admitting that a team ploy was to collectively pressurise a ref’?

    That they (the Mancs, Chavs) no doubt discuss this among themselves and exercise it on the pitch seems obvious but to make a public declaration to that effect seems dangerous (at best) and counter productive (at worst). Maybe he’s proving his point more than he was aware!

  14. @anicoll5

    6. A leader of men? NO

  15. So do you think we need to sign a player of ‘captain material’ then goonerjim? Who would that be? What effect would that have on Cesc and the team? Or would you prefer a promotion from within? Again, how will that affect the team?

  16. McLintock Adams and Vieira are good captains.They were leaders.As i said Cesc is world class the best player in the team so was Henry.But no one can tell me Henry was a good captain.When the chips have been down this season where has Cesc been?

    #1 First name on the team sheet

    Bergkamp was the first name on the team sheet but Adams was always the captain

  17. Cesc in the tunnel at Barcelona.The captain of Arsenal hugging every Barca player.Is that leadership?.

    While the team is playing at far away Fulham he is at a Grand Prix.Guess where?Barcelona

  18. 6. A leader of men ? Depends how you see leadership Jim – if you are impressed by the shouty, vein popping, shag your team mates missus style, then I have to admit that Cesc is not up there with the John Terrys of this world.

    If it is to do with leading your team through personal effort, example and intelligence – Paddy V as an example, – then I reckon Cesc is right up there.

    My opinion is the great captains are (and were) mostly the quiet ones – Beckenbauer, Bobby Moore all the way down to Carlos Puyol.

  19. That would be the Adams who contributed to the well being of the team from Chelmesford nick ? 🙂

    As for Frank Mc – not a screamer or a shouter either – Pat Rice – another quiet one – still is

  20. Goonerjim

    It’s a two-way street – conversation flows in both directions. They all talk to each other. Do you know who initiates the “shouting” as you call it.

    How do you know he is not a Leader of Men?

    Martin seems to believe that unless you put a rocket up someone’s arse they are not a good captain. Which is bollocks. He would probably dismiss Bobby Moore as a useless captain for not constantly shouting.


  21. I agree entirely with Martin. Although Cesc will become an Arsenal legend, IMO he will not be remembered as a good Captain. He leads by quiet example when the present team needs a Captain who will cajole and urge his players on……a quality sadly missing during part of last season.

  22. all these, we should have done this and that is easy to say at the end of a season. Honesty is also agood thing, most times, but the problem for me , whoever says iwe need to do this more, that more, have more aggression, more around the ref, on and on, just play better and work harder, that will do for a start, man utd did not win the prem cause they got round the ref or had a better captain they played better and got ythe results

  23. @ Geo. I think the only internal leader is RVP or TV5 and I wouldnt want to put captaincy on RVP at all no. TV5 is the only realistic option at present imo.

    @ YW. Yes I have seen 10+ times that Jack has shouted at Cesc for not stepping up and saying what a captain needs to say. Just a few meters in front of me Jack shouted to Cesc “Are you going to tell that lazy c**t to f***ing run or what?” when Diaby wasnt tracking back. Cesc shrugged his shoulders and walked off. Jack had the conversation.

    How do I know Cesc isnt a leader of men? I currently manage a group of managers who between them manage 4,500 staff. I know what a leader does, and I remove those who cannot lead. Cesc is a great player and should not be asked to lead this team.

    But you know what the most obious thing is for me? One of our players gets a kick, is down on the floor. 2-3 of the opposition surround the player, try and pull him up etc. Who in our team resoponds to that? Silvestre was the ONLY one who did it last year. This year Nada.

    The captain needs to bond a team. Right now we just have individuals.

  24. That helps to explain why Ramsey who spoke of Fabregas as a role model was made Captain of Wales by the Welsh manager. Who cleary has no idea or experience about how manage or play within a football team.

  25. What did he speak about cesc is terms of being a role model?

    Ability? No doubt. Cesc is a phenominal player.
    Lifestyle? Sure, Cesc seems to be a good kid.
    Media savvy? Cesc does knows how to speak to the media.
    Desire to win? Cesc has that too.

    Ramsey could follow Cesc in so many things, but not how to lead men.

  26. Could do you conceivably know if Vermaelen would or would not make a good captain Jim, or RvP for that matter? Was Tommy an outstanding captain of Ajax ? Does his leadership of Belgium stand out ?

    Personally RvP would be out imo because strikers are not generally in the centre of the action – that was Henry’s weakness as a captain and why very few great captains are ever strikers.

    As for Tommy who knows ? He aint in the job. has contributed almost nothing this season and to be honest I would prefer him concentrating on his on-field job of defending than worrying about an armband.

  27. Er, um, Ramsey spoke of Cesc’s leadership ‘style’. Of ‘Leading men’.
    Whatever term tickles your pickle.

    Tis an interview that will be available out there on the old interwebby. You can find it if you want to. I know you can.

  28. Goonerjim

    So you encourage your managers to shout at everyone? Do they walk past a desk taking notice when staff say, “Tell that lazy fucker to run to the printer quicker”? Totally different environment which requires different leadership skills. For a start, if your managers are any cop, they will know that managing different personalities requires different styles. Maybe they know that Diaby doesn’t respond to a bollocking, reacting better to a reasoned approach.

    Only Chelsea of the top teams have a traditional ‘over the top’ leader. Didn’t exactly cover himself in glory in recent times, eh?

    How many times did your scenario happen? Once, twice? Do not try and portray it as regular. If Silvestre was the only one who did it last season, where were Vermaelen and Campbell? There are more than enough spikey characters in the team to defend themselves.


  29. anicoll5, youre right about RVP. I dont want him captaining the team. But he is a real leader. And he can lead without being captain. He has also done a decent job when he has beenn captain.

    TV5? Ive seen him at close quarters, and from what I have seen people listen when he talks. That makes him a leader. I think he did well at Ajax, but admit I havent seen him for Belgium at all. But like you I really would prefer him to focus on his own job next year.

    I really dont know what the alternative is. Any new player coming in would need time to settle in so we cant even buy in a captain.

  30. I don’t believe that Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Anelka, Ferdinand, Giggs, Scholes were screaming at refs at the age of 23. (Rooney, yes!)

    To be a screamer and get away with it, you have to put in your time and be somewhat established as a ‘marquis’ player and nationality is also a factor.

    It is rare for a player to be named captain of a large club at age 22. Leadership is a trait that comes to most only with age. (there are always exceptions)

    I believe Cesc, wherever he ends up, will evolve into a great leader.

    If Cesc departs, vP is most likely to be the clubs new captain.

  31. at 23 Terry was most certainly shouting at lazy team mates though. Most of the others arent captains. Dont knwo why youre even mentioning them (apart from Ferdinand).

  32. Kojak Favelas

    Knowing our luck and/or our history with PL officials, one can expect a minimium of two yellow cards or a sending off (not mentioning point deduction) if our players adopt the bully boy antics of Manure and Roman’s pussy cats!

  33. @GJ
    in YW article, the quote above (from Jack) was made about crowding around officials to intimidate or influence their decisions…..shouting at refs……

  34. Strange,it wasn’t too long ago there seemed to be a consensus among many aclf regulars that cesc perhaps wasn’t the best captain material, or maybe I imagined that discussion?
    Now we are saying he is as good a leader as Viera?
    Personally, I couldn’t give much of a damn. Its too late to take it from Cesc anyways unless he leaves.

  35. george rodger

    No body said he was as good ascaptain as Viera ,now did they?
    Thats naughty Henristic. Grrrrrrr
    What if Cesc. was to asked to be relieved?That might solve the problem.

  36. george rodger

    ascaptian is, a captain ,by the way.

  37. I have not been fully convinced of Cesc’s captaincy, although surely he’s not a bad captain. Great captains are rare and it’s got zero to do with first on the team sheet, or position on the field. In football, it’s the abilty to lead decisively at critical moments (good or bad).

  38. For me, ‘Happy Jack’ is the ‘Captain of my Heart’ for the future, but not now. The team need a ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ who can say, ‘Watcha gonna do ’bout it’ and ‘Lets see Action’.
    Wenger needs to get ‘Satisfaction’ now, before the next season, he needs a ‘Street Fighting Man’ before he suffers a ’19th Nervous Breakdown’.
    Keeping Pat Rice as his No 2 was a mistake, and only leads to a ‘Communication Breakdown’.
    Wenger needs as his No 2 some ‘Hot Stuff’ like Adams, Keown or Viera, these could be temporary solutions who could say, ‘Join Together’ to the young players, a ‘Well respected Man’ with Arsenal history and success behind him.
    This would be sufficient until a natural leader emerges within the team.

  39. I wouldn’t say he is a good captain.

    For starters, it was offered to him to anchor his commitment to the club. You also have to start asking serious questions that a 22 year old takes the armband. Yes, I know Adams was 18. But he is complete different kettle.

    Has Fabregas gone someway to actively improving/eradicating the reptitive mistakes made by squad players? No.

    When Eboue stupidly gave away the penalty against Liverpool, what did Cesc do? Turned his back and hung his head. As if to say, ‘how many times do I have to see individual errors’?

    If that happened 7 years ago, Vieria, Keown, Bergkamp all would have had a word with Eboue. Let him feel accountable for HIS mistake. And then deal with it.

    Personally, a key problem in our dressing room is the lack of accountability. No, I dont have first hand evidence of what is discussed, but its widely reported by players that there is effectively a no shouting attitude at our club.

    Whilst screaming is not always the answer, showing passion, and letting someone know the cost of another personal error would apply pressure.

    Song coming out saying we approach lesser games with an attitude of them already being won – can anyone honestly say that would have happened under Vieria/Adams?

    The statement alone suggests that Fabregas is unable to drive focus/commitment. A primary function of a captain in my eyes.

  40. I think people are getting caught up with who is captain a little too much. As long as you have a good amount of leadership within the 1st 11, it does not really matter who wears the armband.

  41. Very true GA.

    For me, RVP is the leader of this team. He shows the passion, the understanding of the fans, and he performs, to an exceptional standard, week in, week out.

  42. Luke – I agree about the lack of accountability in the team. RvP gripping Diaby was hopefully a sign that things might be changing in that respect. Although young, I have noticed Szcezney having a go for players losing their men at set pieces as well.

  43. Loving the new ACLF more each day. Much easier to read the comments this way.

    I think the whole captaincy issue is a giant red herring. The captain can not create or change the clubs culture, only the manager can. If there really are problems in the dressing room or disorganization among the squad then he is the one who let it happen and he is the one who needs to fix it. The manager is the only one who has any power over the players and he is the one that needs to give the players a good bollocking or sit them on the bench if they are not showing the passion and energy needed. Hopefully this year brought into focus any issues that may exist and the boss fixes them. If that means clearing out certain players or having a couple of sacrificial lambs then so be it. Its quite clear that technical quality is not adequate unless married with determination and committment.

  44. george rodger

    Perhaps instead of waiting until 70 minutes to make a substitution Arsene could hook players being a bit lazy or making stupid mistakes.A bit of public humiliation might make the buck up a bit.I seemed to work.well a bit anyway,with Arshavin.
    A boot up the proverbial, me thinks ,is the order of the day.

  45. GA and Bill. couldn’t agree more. This whole issue about who is captain is overplayed. What is needed however are leaders on the pitch. People who can help the younger players “see out a game” for example. Unfortunately that didn’t happen often enough this season.

  46. I agree with Jack regarding the need to win trophies soon. I understand that we all want players like Frimpong, Bartley and Lansbury to succeed but at some point we also have to consider the RVP’s, CF4, Nasri’s also. Clearly adding some quality players to the squad will give us a better chance to win in the next couple years. We don’t want to stop building for the future but can not forever continue to sacrifice todays results for some nebulous promise of greater glory in 2 – 3 years. Delayed gratification has run its course. Besides Frimpong, Bartley etc are all young enough and if they are good enough they will break into the squad anyway so we will not really kill the really good young players.

  47. Arsesession

    Giggs certainly was, so was Scholes. United were terrible when Keane was captain for doing that, to such an extent that it became a bookable offence. Supposedly only captains were allowed to speak to refs but that never took off. Except at Barnet where they unilaterally enforced that edict. Not sure if they still do.


    I don’t believe he is the best captain, I’m not convinced that any player at the club has all of the desirable attributes in one who occupies that position.


  48. I certainly think there is an onus for the captain to reflect the managers command on the pitch. Mourinho, for all of his faults, is certainly the best manager in the business for having his team fight for one another. He had on field voices in Terry, Lampard that carried that commitment through.

    I think with our current core, Chesney, Sagna, TV, Wilshere, Fabregas, Nasri, RVP we have unbelievable foundation for a commitment/passion/drive that has been inconsistent in recent years.

    Coupled with the improvement of Kolscieny, Djourou, Song, Walcott, the return of Ramsey and an the elusive Arshavin, our squad has a healthy shape.

    Few departures, with new faces competing for a first team spot and our balance will be back.

    As you said Bill, sacrifical lambs. Denilson, Bendtner, Randall, Cruise are on there way out.

    Is it a sign from the boss that he is not happy with some of the players?

  49. George, agreed.

    After being dropped, Arshavin has massively improved on his work rate. Whilst not being as electric as he has been previously, he puts a shift in.

    Thats all one can ask.

  50. Correct me if i’m wrong but, didn’t AW have to one to one begging session to and Convince him to stay?

    Again, it seems as if we have respect everything that goes simply because the person is still associated with the club.

    He didn’t want to stay here he wanted to and was forced or begged to. I don’t think there is any other team in the Premiership that has a captain that isn’t vocal or a first 11 as quiet as ours.

    When we are defending corners or set plays you can always see it coming. There is always 2/3 attackers that are never picked up and before the corner comes in and the camera does a close up you can see players just doing there own thing and I wonder why isn’t he telling so n so to pick him up?

    Does anybody on here play at any level?
    If so you should know that it never works when everybody is quite.

    You need at least 5/6 players telling each other what to do as your team mate will always have a better view than you have so I don’t what bollocks are being spoken about we don’t need this type of player.

    You can’t expect the team to look up to somebody who they knows tried to organise a move away and is only there because of some other reason. Carry on fooling yourselves if you think any different.

  51. Bendtner valued at how much?
    And just who the fuck calculated that and who do they think would pay that for shit?!
    10 Million ¥ more like.

  52. Randall can hardly be considered as a sacrafice after a loan to Rotherham. Come on.
    And I’d guess that the good old Bentley covered any potential loss on this one. And a few others.

    Ah the memories. This unpredictable clear out ‘meme’ being peddled by of all the gr*tty realists reminds me of how distraught I was when Volz(tbf a decent player) was sold to Fulham. A terrible day.

  53. Finsbury, not realists.

    Just actual facts being released by the club.

    Will you be sad when Randall leaves?

  54. george rodger

    Goonerton,If you think Bendtner is shit you havent seen most players at most clubs.

  55. The captaincy shouldnt be overplayed but it shouldnt be understated either.

    No matter what we want to say the captain has responsibilities, if not why the heck is he the captain? We can just have 11 men on the field playing, no need to single anyone out.

    The Captian of a team should be able to rally the troops, he should be able to calm things down and issue out orders when necessary. Thats not saying that he should be the only one to do it though.

    I believe Cesc stated that there was a lot of pressure on him because the younger players are looking to him, and they should for he is the captian.

    What Wilshere is saying is very telling, the team lacks leadership on the pitch in certian situations and thats not good at all. In that I cannot understand why some of our more senior players havent stepped up!

    God bless!

  56. Paul – Maybe because our senior players are relativiely young men still. Sometimes the confidence to be more vocal and assertive comes with age.

  57. George

    If you compare our second choice striker with players in clubs inferior to us, then yes, you are correct.

    But why not compare Bendtner to clubs of our stature?

    First choice strikers for the top 6 clubs would consist of the following:

    Rooney, Drogba, Tevez, RVP, Crouch, Suarez

    Leaving the following: Hernandez, Berbatov, Anelka, Torres, Balotelli, Dzeko, Bendtner, Chamakh, Defoe, Pav, Carrol, N’gog

    Out of that list, how many players would you have Bendtner over?

  58. Paul,

    I think that the Captaincy is very important. It’s a battle out there on the field and no matter what anybody tries to tell me I just don’t think that 11 men going about their own business will do anything great on the pitch.

    This has especially been witnessed when we are leading games with not long left on the clock and yet instead of holding onto the ball and playing it around we still play like it’s 0-0 and we need a goal when we are 2-0 up.

    We then get caught on the break badda bink badda bang then it’s 2-2 and then we go on to lose or draw. Mostly the later in the last few months of the season.

    If the captain isn’t vocal then why is he captain?
    Just to lead by example? If so then what about when he has a bad run are they still to follow his lead?

  59. LimparAssist

    How many players would you have Bendtner over? Oo-er.

    For what it’s worth I counted 7 in the 2nd list and 3 in the top list. When you put it like that I hope he stays. Thanks, Luke!

  60. Borges Spinelli

    First time viewing the layout from a computer. Love it, particularly the ease with which one can navigate through comments. Bravo!

    Cesc Fàbregas, though an excellent player, has shown on a number times, an immaturity that belies a Captain thrust into a position of responsibility ahead their readiness for the role. Perhaps easing Cesc of the captaincy would allow him to concentrate better on what he does best in the team. In the interim, van Persie is the logical choice for Captain – based on experience, length of service at club and form shone last season. With Fàbregas, Song and Vermaelen as Vice Captains. That’s my view.

  61. 3 in the top list Limpar?

    I’d be interested to know who your selections were.

  62. Limpar @ 4:15:

    I guess you misunderstood the question. The question was who you would rather have on your squad. Not who might have the most technical skill and the potential to at some point be a good striker and team player in the future should he be able to focus and learn to avoid being a distraction when he is not first choice and somehow play to the level that his abilities suggest he should be playing when he is called on to play.

  63. I’d have Bendtner ahead of:

    Crouch, Pav, Defoe, N’Gog, Chamakh.

    I dont think there is any reasoned argument to suggest he would be more valuable than Messrs Rooney, Tevez, Drogba, Suarez.

  64. Dzeko came over for some 20 odd million currency units and has scored how many goals? Same thing for Balotelli. When Andy Carrol costs 35 million units surely Bendtner is worth at least a 1/4 of an Andy Carroll?

  65. Bill thanks for re-wording that question! When he asked “would you rather have Bendnter or…” i was really confused!!

  66. William, its not a debate on who was better value in the transfer market. Just a simple comparison of strike forces.

    Ours – bar the outstanding RVP – has failed to deliever in the final third of the season.

    A run which cost us every tournament, and to slip drastically away from a title challenge.

  67. george rodger

    Luke,You missed my point perhaps,even by your own thinking B52 can not be described as “shit”
    Yet that was how the “shit gooner” goonerton described him.
    Its simply not good enough.
    Say we should try to sign someone better,or even say you dont like him.But saying he is “shit” tell us all we need to know about a certain goonerton.

  68. george rodger

    Or perhaps I am being unreasonable?

  69. GA, I was talking about players like Arshavin and Rosicky.

  70. Borges Spinelli

    I’m surprised the UN’s security council aren’t authorizing US-led attacks on the corrupt mafia entity that is FIFA. Heck, few would disagree the widely accepted notion of Sepp Blatter and his cronies posing a greater threat to our lives, than Ghaddafi does.

    A couple dozens of coalition forces, cruise missiles, forcefully, lodged into their rectums should satiate public anger at their contemptible antics.

  71. Ok George, well, if that was your gripe, surely your comment should have reflected this no?

    Not saying he is better than most options at other clubs (of our stature)? Which is isnt.

    I’d happily keep Bendtner as a third choice striker, however, given his unbelievable arrogance and the signing of Chammkh I would suggest now is an opportune time to cash in on the young Dane.

    He thinks so too. Hence his desire to leave.

  72. The problem in trying compare lucky Nic with any of the aforementioned is that all of them have had long spells as their sides first choice striker – other than Ngog who is hardly a star anyway

    Nic never has had a run as striker with AFC and it has always been intermittent appearances if the first choice was injured, suspended, knackered.Even then there is the bizarre notion of playing him on the wing.

    So we will wave farewell to lucky Nic never really knowing whether he could have done a job as central striker or not


  73. george rodger

    BS,Very good.He certainly is more of a threat to my peaceful existence

  74. Paul N,

    Sadly, I think Rosicky is coming to the end of his career. He has not been able to recover from a serious of unfortunate injuries.

    I will always remember his fine 07-8 season when he bossed many a midfield with Hleb.

    However, we have had too many passengers for too long. As with my unsupported stance with Diaby, its time he moved on.

    He should finish his career playing every game in a less demanding league.

    Such a shame, an exceptional talent.

  75. Anicol,

    Fair point. NB52 certainly finished last season in exceptional form when RVP was absent.

  76. Luke, I was mainly responding to Goonerton’s “who would pay that much for shit!” Man City will pay over 20 million units for shit players.

    I can’t disagree that our strike force ended the season poorly, but B52 only had a small part to play in the ending. When was the last game Nasri scored in? For all of Jack’s progress I can only recall him scoring 1 EPL goal (that was credit to Chamakh’s unselfishness as well)

  77. george rodger

    Luke,I have no problem with that line of thinking.I disagree but so what? I know nothing.
    I do however know that if you describe Nick as “shit” you are asking to be treated like a twat.

  78. george rodger

    William.Lets not let fact get in the way of calling one of our players “shit”
    What next will you want?
    Support for the team?

  79. its in french unfortunetly.

  80. george rodger

    say blue plate.

  81. Ok, George. Fill your boots.

    William. Another good point. Nasri, Fabregas et al, all seemed to score in tandem.

    To flip the question round – if Bendtner was that good, would he not have been entrusted sooner, and his favoured positions in some games?

    Hernandez forced Fergie to rethink his formation halfway through the season. I know he has been the exception, but, if after 5 years, Bendtner has been unable to prove himself consistently on the training ground (hence his sporadic and estranged inclusion) then he clearly is below standard for such an important role at Arsenal.

    Goonerton calling him sh*t may have been agressive, but to hammer a man on his choice of word, when his intent was abundantly clear is a bit unfair no?

    The general point is that its best for both parties that he has plans to leave.

    Personally, if he stays in the EPL, Everton / Sunderland / Villa will be perfect suitors, where he will start every game, and have a very healthy goal return.

    He is much like Darren Bent I feel, the ego is best placed as a big fish in a small pond.

  82. Borges Spinelli

    Bendtner isn’t good enough at this level, for a major team in a major league. His goal ratio, currently is, 1 for every 4.24 games he plays. And for every game he plays, he has 25% chance of scoring.

  83. Borges Spinelli

    Oops, 25% chance of scoring in every game belongs to Chamakh (with a 3.91:1 goal ratio). Bendtner has a 23.6% chance. High goal scoring midfielders score more goals than both these 2 strikers.

  84. Interesting stats Borges. If Chamakh was only measured on half a season I imagine he would be one of the most prolific strikers in Europe!

    Compared with the much touted Benzema who has a better than 1 in 2 ratio for his time at Madrid, and his last two years at Lyon.

  85. george rodger

    Tores averages 2 goals per season since he went to Chelsea .So he scores every 19 games about 5% chance in any given game?
    Stats. mean nothing
    They are both good players given that they are second and third choice.

  86. george rodger

    Luke ,Benzama is better than them .There ,are you happy now?

  87. Borges Spinelli

    For every game played has a 38.37% of scoring. A goal from him comes after every 2.61 games.

    Kevin Gameiro
    For every game has a 35.8% chance of scoring. He produces a goal every 2.8 games

    For every game played has a
    27.01% of scoring. A goal comes from him every 3.71 games.

  88. No George, I already knew that. Along with every single rational football fan on the planet.

    I’m merely saying Bendtner demanding to leave is best for both parties:

    1. He will get first team football
    2. We will be able to buy a better second choice striker

  89. @Borges
    I question your numbers because Bedtner has for example been reduced to 20 minute appearances (at most) this season. So saying he scored x goals in y games might be some numbers, but they don’t paint the whole picture. Maybe amounts of goals scored vs. minutes played might be a more accurate representation.

  90. The stats maybe harsh on both of these players, especially Chamakh. Its hard to expect players that come off the bench and get 15-20 min’s to just come on a score. The best way to judge strikers is when they start, I think.

  91. george rodger

    Luke ,you are right perhaps.But I predict that our second choice ,bench warmer will not cost what Benzema would and has ,and gets paid per weak.

  92. “Maybe amounts of goals scored vs. minutes played might be a more accurate representation.”

    And even then it would be harsh on the player evil, because they has less time to get into the flow of the game.

  93. george rodger

    He is a 1 goal in 2 at international level.Ish.

  94. George,

    This is where you and I differ.

    I’m looking for our tremedously talented manager, to use the transfer budget he has (read todays swissramble for an good explanation of this) and whatever he can generate from player sales, to take a decent player like Bendtner, and replace with him someone with more quality.

    Why? Well, we need two quality strikers. We dont have that. Why do we need two? Well, we dont score enough goals, and even with superman up front scoring a pro rata 50 goals a season, will we ever get 50+ games out of VP? I sincerely hope so, but I wouldnt count on it.

  95. Excuse the spelling mistakes.

  96. Borges Spinelli

    The stats provided above do not include international games. When goal scoring stats are compiled, club stats provider a more accurate accessment of a striker’s prowess or lack of.

    Benzema’s record over the past 2 seasons is that great. 24 goals from 60 games, doesn’t wow me either. Maybe I’m just too demanding of players.

    Gervinho has 25 goals in 2yrs from 54 games.

    Whilst, Gameiro 49 in past 3 seasons, playing 107 games. Which makes his form greater than the others.

    Still, none of these 3 strikers would be on my priority list. I am saving my must have 3 strikers (valued between £15-30m)for anyone who asks. Until a week ago Cavani was on that list, until he signed 5 year deal with Parma.

  97. “I predict that our second choice ,bench warmer will not cost what Benzema would and has ,and gets paid per week.”

    What are you, some kind of realist? Wages don’t come into it in fantasy football. You just buy the player and he’s happy to sit on the bench until you need him. You can have a squad full of superstars so there is no need for back up players or young developing players who may not be as good, but know their place in the pecking order and are prepared to bide their time until they get a chance.

  98. Borges Spinelli

    Correction: *Benzema’s record over the past 2 seasons isn’t that great.*

  99. Interesting post by Swiss Rambler today on AFC’s finances. Not much new information admittedly, but a thorough and measured analysis of how much way probably have to spend on transfers.

    The post was a lot more critical of Arsene/The board than I’ve ever seen from the author, although that’s hardly a surprise given how the past few seasons have ended.

  100. Evil,

    But Bendtner scored a good number of goals in previous seasons as a sub. If you consider only starts, then you have to subtract goals he scored as a sub too.
    I don’t know if that will make his goal ratio necessarily better or worse. It would be interesting to find out though.

  101. but know their place in the pecking order and are prepared to bide their time until they get a chance.


    Yes Passenal, your attacking dig of a post makes loads of sense.

    Well Bendtner has a had huge amount of chances. Something along the lines of 150 games and 5 years. Oh, and he has asked to leave. So you’ve just completley lied.

    Why is it, when one suggests something against the current regime, do plonkers like you have to come on here, degrade, attack and patronise????

  102. On a different note, I hate how Squillaci is bashed constantly and for the life of me I cannot figure out why.

    Not saying that he is the best but people are behaving as if he has been total crap and that is not true from what I have seen.

    This is why I dont listen to most Arsenal people, they get a scapegoat and they are relentless with their negative opinions about them. How can you trust the opinions of people who said Walcott and Song would never make it?!

  103. george rodger

    Ok.I think I get the gist.
    We should but Ronaldo and Messi .We should play them either side of Rvp and let them rotate.
    Cesc behind them feeding.
    Song and JD holding in mid field.
    Sagna,Vidic ,Kompany and TV at left back.

    Job done.
    Actually if you ignore the reality of things its quite easy.

  104. Paul N,

    Any standout performances from Squillaci this season?

    I’m not making him a scapegoat, but I dont see how a 30year old reserve at Sevilla was going to help our fawlty defence. It turns out, he didnt.

    I could reel off a list of examples where he has indiviudally been accountable for goals, via very basic defensive errors.

    Villa at home for example. I have never seen defending so amateur. For such an ‘experienced’ player, I have been hugely disappointed for his inability to carry out the basics.

    Bartley, Miquel and potentially a new signing will be ahead of him next season though.

    It doesnt make you the devil if you believe Wenger got it wrong by the way.

    Anyway, I’m off home. Will pop on later to read the standard volley of abuse this post will undoubtedly recieve.

  105. Henristic, you wouldnt have to subtract the goals he got when he came on as a sub because Evil is talking about a goals to minutes ratio.

    It is easier to assess a starter rather than a sub simply because they have more time to score and get into the game.

  106. Your f**king ridiculous George.

    Go find me any post I have written that suggests any of that. Unbelievable.


    Is that really difficult to understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  107. george rodger

    Passenal.Consider yourself put firmly put in your place.

  108. In a number of comments here, I read that many do not think Cesc is a good captain because he does not shout much.. I agree with some others that captains need not shout or anything but the problem with Cesc as captain is that when the team is under a spell of pressure by the oppositions, very rarely is he rallying his men and showing by example.. He lets the team absorb the pressure..

    An example would be the 4-4 match.. In the first half, the going was smooth.. Arsenal leading 4-0.. but second, Diaby gets sent off and they score the first… now is the time for a captain to come to the fore and ensure not only him but the others also keep their cool which they didn’t and it ended being one of the most demoralizing matches in a long time..

    This is my primary argument for a change in captaincy. Thomas Vermaelen would make a better captain because he is a defender and commands the respect of his team mates.. Also, very close friend of RVP which would mean that RVP isn’t offended.. and also, he is vocal under pressure and keeps his cool..

  109. george rodger

    Luke.Easy there .
    That is my team.I never suggested that you said it.

  110. george rodger

    ” Thomas Vermaelen would make a better captain because he is a defender and commands the respect of his team mates”
    So Cesc does not command respect?
    When you make such bold statements at least have the decency to add IMO.

  111. Well Luke yes, I have seen him play some decent stuff.

    You could reel of stuff when he was accountable for goals? we could do that with other players also.

    Villa at home? He was at fault for both goals?

    What does Wenger have to do with what I am saying? please dont patronize me.

  112. bendtners ok for a 4th choice striker but hes nowhere near good enough to be first choice..
    bendtners problem is in his head he thinks he should be playing every game but when he does play he doesnt do the biz often enough..hes not even an out and out cf he likes to drop deep and play like bergkamp did but hes not good enough for that either..
    if he got his head down and tried to improve his situation with hard work i dont think anyone would have anything bad to say but hes not trying…he wants it all on a plate, he doenst want to earn his place he just wants it…..hes not as good as other strikers at the club and hes doing nothing about it but moaning and whinging
    if he wants to leave let him, 4th choice strikers can easily be replaced..and his attitude will not be missed..

  113. george rodger

    Paul N, are you being obtuse?
    (it was the word of the day yesterday)

  114. george rodger

    Feck me JJ.
    He is not the only one who is not as good as Bergkamp.
    If he is the yard stick they can all pack their bags.

  115. I wouldnt say he isnt trying JJ, we dont know that but it is possible that his over confidence would cause him to not work as hard.

    I too believe he should be quiet and keep working. He has the ability in my view to be more prolific then we are seeing.

  116. It would seem so George!

  117. that wasnt my point though george..
    it doesnt matter if hes not as good as bergkamp there is no yard stick..
    hes not good enough to be in the team…and he doesnt work hard enough to get in it..he just wants wants wants..
    the being on the wing thing is abit of a myth cos hes not much cop at being a lone striker either..
    he likes to drop deep he doesnt stay in the box wherever he plays..hes had lots of chances in different positions and he still cant keep his place..

  118. He is better on the left thats for sure.

  119. can anyone say bendtner has given 100%???

    not just this campaign but previous campaigns also..
    why are we bothered about a player who doesnt give 100% and why do we want to keep such a player..

    everyteam has moody players who are passengers..but those players still produce the goods so you can afford to carry a couple of them in your team..
    AA is a right nark some games and he does naff all for 90minutes but his goals and assists would say we can afford to give him the games..

    bendtner?? hes moody, hes arrogant and hes disruptive and he doesnt give us anything in return..
    do we miss him when he doesnt play??
    does he provide anything when he does?
    does he change games as a sub?

    no, no and no..

    so why are we allowing him to act the way he does??

  120. Borges Spinelli


    I can assure you that Miquel will be sent out on loan next season; therefore reducing the likelihood of him superseding Squillaci in 2011/12. Kyle Bartley seems the most likely, assuming he doesn’t press Wenger to return him back to Rangers – where he’s guaranteed regular starts, thus furthering his experience, instead of being a 4th/5th choice back-up at Arsenal playing reserve matches every 2/3 weeks.

  121. george rodger

    I was but jesting JJ ,about the Bergkamp thing.
    I like Nick though,all the same.

  122. English transcript of Wenger’s interview to RTL.

    Wenger on Arsenal’s 2010-2011 season:

    “I was upset. We though we could win all the trophies, but we failed due to a lack of character. It is the most frustrating season I’ve had to go through.

    “The team played some of the best football I saw at Arsenal, but failed to reach the top when needed. It is frustrating and questionning. We need maturity.”

    Wenger on potential signings:

    “We will try to buy players who could gave us what we need. It’s a difficult task. Firstly, we have to enforce defensive line. We lost points against teams who play the natural English way of football, with long balls and physical struggle.

    “So we need players who know how to manage this kind of game, which means English players, or players who know the Premier League.”

    Wenger on the possible departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasir:

    “Fabregas will not go this summer. Last summer,Barcelona made offers, but on this one there is no offers at all. He’s the best midfielder in the world, we built the team with him around him. He’s our captain, we want to keep him at any cost.

    “Regarding Nasri, one thing is absolutely sure, that we will not sell him to Manchester United. We have a financial disagreement with the player, and I will work on it during the summer, to ensure he will extend his contract.”

  123. JonJon I count two false statements.
    “does he provide anything when he does?
    does he change games as a sub?”

    Yes, Bendtner does provide things when he plays, sometimes it’s even a goal!!

    It seems as if Nik doesn’t want to stay here which is understandable, but will paying 25 million for this Falcao fellow really help us out?

  124. george rodger | May 31, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    “Paul N, are you being obtuse?
    (it was the word of the day yesterday)”

    lol. Unlike Gainsbourg yesterday, Paul N is far from being obtuse. Must mean he is acute?

  125. Colney,
    How much trust do you put in those quotes, or their translations?

  126. Borges Spinelli

    I agree with Jon-Jon’s 6:27pm comment.

    Paul N, i wish shared your belief in Bendtner. I’m sorry to shatter your rose colored illusion, pal, but Bendtner isn’t and will never become a world beater. Years from now, he’ll look back on his Arsenal years as his career highs. The bitter truth is, in the modern game, between the ages of 23-25 years, most strikers would have carved out reputations far and near. Why has he not?

    Bendtner is a year younger than Gervinho, Gameiro and Benzema, Cavani. These quartet have already made a name for themselves amongst soccer enthusiasts’ minds. Are we to believe Bendtner finally will at 29?

  127. Paul N,
    Thanks for the correction in your 6.19 post btw.

  128. Borges, the only thing I meant to say is that I believe he can be better than what is he showing us now, if he would worked hard and humbled himself. Never said world beater but better as I have seem him score some very good goals.

    kinda of at a loss as to why you are talking about illusioned rose tinted and all that.

    Your comment too is speculation based upon what we see now, no idea what could possibly happen with the young man.

    I for one hope he proves you wrong even if with another team.

  129. It seems to me that no natural leader or out and out captain has emerged in the team this season. Wenger has chucked the Captains armband about from player to player and none of them have relished the position they were put in.
    TV may eventually emerge as the natural choice but for that to happen he needs more match time with his peers.
    If Wenger brings a new player in with potential for captaincy, again, it will take time to gain confidence of his peers before taking on the role.
    IMO Wenger has made a grave mistake by keeping Pat Rice as his No 2. He really should’ve tried to get an ex-arsenal defender to come in as No 2, to be able to influence moral in the dressing room and to be a commanding force on the touchline. This would have been a interim measure until someone naturally emerges as leader and captain within the team.
    The decision by Wenger to keep Rice is my first disappointment of the summer, I truly hope there are not more to follow.

  130. Borges, Bendtner has a long ways to go until he has 29 years. What bums me out is that we will not get a chance to see Nikki play as our striker for a full season. I believe the plan was to let Nik develop until RVP wanted to move on, and bam, we have a 26 year old striker who has been learning from one of the best strikers in the world.

  131. i like nik when he trys..

    i didnt like him at the start but he won me over with some workmanlike performances as well as a few quality goals here and there..

    but hes regressed again..and now hes moaning..rvp is the standard thats set..if you want to be arsenals top striker you have to work hard and topple that guy..or at least prove you can play with him..much like theo has done..

    stamping your feet and demanding isnt going to get you anywhere and nik is all thats wrong with the current arsenal well as denilson..

    if you lose your place then win it back..if you dont want to then we dont need you…dont let the door hit you on the way out..

    chamakh proved in the first half that he could play without rvp..theo proved all season he can play with him..rvp proved hes the best striker in the league..
    whats nik proved??

    i could probably understand if chamakh was moaning but hes not hes accepted the situation…out of all the strikers this season nikkis done naff all and hes the one demanding to be top dog and threatening to leave even when there isnt a window…how unsettling is that??

    if a 4th choice striker at any other club was making the noises nikki makes they would be shipped out..they aint that important to put up with the baggage they bring..hes a disruptive character and he cant back up his ego..

  132. We need some captains on the terraces. Fucking crap performance from the ‘fans’ this season. Tens of thousands of spoilt, petulant brats.

  133. Borges Spinelli


    This Falcao fellow, as you’ve referred to him, has been the 2nd and 3rd best striker in the world over the past couple of seasons. What he offers to any team he plays for, is a natural goal scoring instinct. Which translates into goals, goals, goals – a crucial feat which Arsenal had difficulty in delivering between Feb-May.

    Might i add, Radamel Falcao’s overall goal ratio is only 0.02 less than Messi’s. Few strikers can boast of having an almost guaranteed chance of scoring in every game they play in.

  134. JJ, you are on a roll re:NB.

    Safe to say you dont like his attitude.

  135. I agree with your Bendtner statements JJ. Chamakh didn’t talk at all, even after having a stellar first half of the season. The thing that Bendnter proved to me this year is that he is fairly lethal as an inverted left winger, and once he cuts inside, the curled effort into the far corner is inevitable.

  136. william..
    nikki is nowhere near as good as falcoa

  137. Re Bendtner

    In my opinion, he doesn’t have those natural gifts or skills at the level you generally see in the best strikers (i.e. above average levels of pace, guile, technique, unpredictability/explosiveness).

    But it doesn’t mean he can’t have a successful career. Every once in a while you get players who aren’t particularly blessed with all those traits yet still succeed, especially in German and Dutch leagues. Examples are players like Dzeko, Afonso Alves, Pizarro, etc. These guys are a bit like Bendtner I feel. Not outstanding but can do a job at a mid table team, or mid-level league.

    No surprise that such players rarely ‘make it’ in the the PL where the standards are much higher.

  138. Borges, I am sure Falcao can score goals, but 2nd or 3rd best striker in the world? That seems slightly exaggerated to me.
    Anyways, if he can score goals and goals and goals, please sign him up!

  139. @Henristic

    The interview was posted by the president of the supporters club in france. You can find the link on his twitter page.!/ascfr

  140. Okay i just looked up some more stats about Falcao. 38 goals in 42 appearances is downright impressive!

  141. Thanks colney,
    Anyone else know about how reliable they are? ‘Cos I think it would be rather worrying if those quotes are truly Arsene’s words.

  142. paul
    i think theres a culture problem at this club
    nik is a part of that culture

    no i dont like his stinks and it has done all be fair hes not the only one either..

  143. Borges Spinelli

    For me we need either Falcao/Cardozo or Damião. The latter has only been playing senior football since January 2010; playing 56 games and banging in 33 goals in the Brazil’s Seria A.

    Messi scores a goal in every 1.48 games. 67.4% chance of scoring in every game.

    Falcao a goal every 1.5 games. 66.7% of scoring in every game he plays.

    Cardozo – scores goals every 1.54 games. 65.2% of scoring per game.

    Damião scores a goal every 1.7 games. 59% of delivering goals per game. Which is astonishing for a 21 yr striker still in his first season and half.

  144. george rodger

    Rvp will never want to leave.
    Wash out your mouth.please.
    He will be as near to Dennis as we will ever see.

  145. LimparAssist

    His penchant for late Danish impressionists? A touch gauche perhaps, I’ll grant you, but he’s a young man for chrissakes. He will discover the masters eventually.

  146. For the Wenger interview on French Radio with Bixente Lizarazu, it is here with the original questions, and in English:

  147. Borges Spinelli

    And i bet you in no time, Cardozo and Damião’s names will be bounded around Arsenal related news, just as how Vertonghen’s name has been – ever since i cited him as a probable defensive messiah, last September.

  148. Think I made a fuck up with the link…..

  149. george
    robin is on of those clever thinking footballers..he could easily play well into his 30’s

    he’ll be here a long time..
    agree with you there

  150. This link gives you the interview and Wengers comments in English

  151. What was so worrying about what Arsene said in this latest interview? The only troubling thing is that there’s a financial disagreement w/ Nasri, but it’s too early to lose any sleep over that yet. Otherwise, it wasn’t revelatory.

  152. If we are going to keep the 433 then I suspect NB52 is never going to be ahead of RVP and I doubt he will ever be a starter in the wide role. I can not see him having the patience to wait 3 – 5 more years until its time to replace RVP. He will not stop asking for a move and his value will never be higher then it is now.

    He may be a good striker someday but I doubt he will ever be the dominant player he envisions. He has had several years to prove himself and is no higher or possibly further down the pecking order then he was last year. I doubt we will look back 5 years from now and think we made a mistake if we move him.

  153. george rodger

    Rvp will just slip farther back as he ages,like a fine wine,ending up as the greatest sweeper since Frans B.
    Ok I am getting giddy now,but you get my drift.

  154. george rodger

    Bill.I think that is exactly what we will do

  155. ““Regarding Nasri, one thing is absolutely sure, that we will not sell him to Manchester United. We have a financial disagreement with the player, and I will work on it during the summer, to ensure he will extend his contract.”

    So how to read this between the lines? Did Mancgester United make an offer for him? Or Arsene responding to the rumours since Evra’s plea to join them, e.t.c?

  156. i get it completely..

    his best years will be his 30’s

  157. Ateeb, I think it is Arsene responding to the “illegal” tapping up of his players.

  158. Nobody will ever convince me that Bendtner is good.
    Why? Because I have watched him myself and will under no circumstances say a player is good when he isn’t simply because he is employed by our club.

    Players like him are everything wrong with our club. People laugh their heads off when they see him come on in place of Theo on the wing and when we are looking for an goal or a edge and you see the camera man do a close up do you then think “Oh yes now might get something”? Do you fuck.

    How many times we put a 8/9/10 pas move together then it goes to Bendtner and then it breaks down?

    How many games have you watched and counted him give the ball straight back to the other team?

    Please lads. Wake up.

    I know for sure it’s people like some on here that sit around Wenger nodding their heads. Bendtner, Dennilson, Almunia, Vela should of been gone at the end of last season and new should of been brought in.

    Oh don’t tell…. He’s gained another year of experience and will be like a new signing next season.
    Then we should be able to compete as we have yeah.

  159. i have no idea whats going on with nasri
    all i think is that if he was going to sign a new contract he would have done it last year or he would have done it before he went on holiday..

    if its a financial dispute then i think he’s taking the piss but id like to keep him even if it means giving him parity with other rather sell niki and give his wages to bolster nasris..tie him down on a good deal for a long time..

    hes quality..we need to keep our quality players…im sure if he was here for another 5 years we would win something in that time..

  160. Telling anybody who will listen that he’s the best striker in Europe and crap like that?!

    Bendtner, is a big headed cunt who talks the talk but is nowhere near walking the walk.

    Keep making excuses. And er.. See you here same time same place next year after we have competed with such top class players as him.

  161. Henristic:

    The stuff the boss said about Nasri is concerning. Hope we hear some good news about that soon.

    I loved what he said about defending.

    “Firstly, we have to enforce defensive line. We lost points against teams who play the natural English way of football, with long balls and physical struggle.

    “So we need players who know how to manage this kind of game, which means English players, or players who know the Premier League.”

    A loud Amen to that one. Hope he means business. However, the part about him saying we need English players is suspect and makes accuracy of the whole thing harder to believe. Hopefully he does plan to get a couple of players are better at managing the natural way of English football.

  162. george rodger

    Talking about shit cunts……..
    Better not Yogi might be listening in

  163. George

    How right you are.


  164. Frank, its a shame the manager who you worhsip, has caused you to abuse other fans, rather than question any of his actions.

    Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Almunia, Rosicky, Squillaci are not good enough for this squad.

    They have failed (bar Squillaci) consistently for the three years.

    The fact the majority of that list will never play for Arsenal again suggests AW as seen the error of his ways.

    But I suppose you will say the vicious fans ran them out the club??

    Any European giants bid for Denilson yet?

  165. @Henristic
    The problem I see with Wenger saying that perhaps English players /or Premier league players may be needed is that many English clubs may now see him as a soft touch…. Ching Ching…. add a few million to an already overpriced player.

  166. Not worried about the Nasri situation. I am sure these things have happened before and we havent heard about it. The main thing is that Nasri wants to be with Arsenal, if he does it will get worked out.

    Players who have left have used money as an excuse when they wanted out anyway in my view.

  167. I think those quotes are very accurate, Wenger rarely talks openly with english journalists anymore because they don’t report the truth.

    This interview i believe proves the doubters wrong that the manager doesn’t have a clue what is wrong with this team. He does and will try to fix it, whether we have the money to do so is another issue.

  168. why didnt wenger mention the clichy contract?
    whats his dispute..if its another financial rebel then he can just go because he hasnt been anywhere near good enough for the last few years

    i like gael..but seriously, whats he playing at..

  169. Paul N

    On the contrary. I’m concerned about Nasri.

    Why would AW refer to United specifically? They have obviously enquired. The chance to play in his favoured position, at United, with his best mate in the team, will obviously turn his head. Especially if we dont show sufficient ambition in the transfer market.

    I don’t think Nasri is so loyal to us that he wouldn’t move to another EPL club.

    If its a sake of a few grand a week, then AW needs to offer it, and free up some money from excessive wages on players outside the first team.

    I’m more fearful that Nasri will leave than Fabregas.

  170. Quantify how these players have failed for 3 years Luke?

    For 3 whole seasons these players have been consistently poor.

  171. Luke, the same people you say are not good enough for the squad were sitting on the bench while our first XI effed up our chances of winning the title this year. Just some food for thought.

  172. He refered to United because the idiot Evra talked crap, obviously he was taking a dig at that clown.

    We read way too much into things, I believe.

    These things happen all the time, we are just not privy to much of it.

    If he is not loyal he can leave.

  173. Borges Spinelli

    I’m with Colney.

  174. …. Are not good enough for this squad ……
    And the names of my planned replacements are …………………
    Giles Grimandi ? Perry Groves ? Andy Lineghan ? Edu ? Davor Suker ? Wiltord ? Jeffers ? Luzhney ?
    Seems to me any Arsenal team that ever won anything had it’s share of “not good enough for squad” performers

  175. william
    those players werent providing the competition for wenger to use them in the run in

    they were crap in the cups we stumbled our way through shite teams with those players..

    wenger had to go with the same team for as much as he could cos the others werent good enough..

  176. Paul N,

    Have you been happy with them?

    Surely Alummia’s consistent high profile mistakes need no introduction?

    If your happy with our performance over the last three years, then you and I will never see eye to eye.

    However, if your able to admit you have been left disappointed by the lack of improvement, the lack of effort, the high profile mistakes, and failure to capitalise on decent opportunities created by the first team (when fit),then you will see that the players have underperformed in their role as squad players.

    Rosicky, as mentioned earlier, is a victim of injuries, a truly wonderful footballer, but one we can no longer carry on sentiment.

    As I said, the fact Wenger will happily dispose of the lot (bar Squillaci and Diaby probably) without a fight, suggests he too no longer values thier input.

  177. Exaxtly JJ, we have no serious competition for places. The aforementioned seemed happy to get thier paycheck and go home.

    Anicoll – and what exactly have this bunch won? Because by my understanding they have tragically imploded at crunch time. Twice.

  178. What I find worrying is that Arsene is basically saying all those pundits/fans/ex players who’ve been banging on the fact that we need defenders with PL experience were right after all. I’ve never subscribed to the view before, but Arsene saying so now makes me wonder why it took him so long to figure it out?

    And if he knew sooner, why hadn’t he signed such a player before now?

  179. george rodger

    I blame Denilson.When he goes everything will be well.
    He sideway passed us to oblivion.Despite ever playing.
    Am I right ?
    I am getting good at this.

  180. george rodger

    I mean “hardly ever playing”

  181. jack and song were awesome at the start but they burned out toward the end cos diaby and denilson didnt turn up this season and we had to over use them..

    we have a big squad but its not a competitive squad..some of the lads aint good enough to compete or just dont want to….theres a huge gulf in class between the 1st team and the rest of the squad and
    we saw that in the cups…wenger took the domestics serious this season and they still fucked it up against leeds ipswich orient hudds..the players didnt take it serious enough..

  182. Henristic – Wenger said after 2008 that we needed to improve our defending. His own words.

    Why, after three years, has the highest paid manager in the league, not overseen an improvement. Rather, a regression.

    He obviously recognises the weakness. He signed two CBs last summer (one who will be quality).

    I found it very insulting when he said that defending set pieces was the easiest thing to improve. Well Arsene, how about we see some improvement.

  183. If Wenger does go and buy the big, EPL defender and we still don’t win a title, what will the plundits say next?

  184. A very truthful post JJ.

    George – your great at it.

    Wait, you are trying to be funny and avoid the actual point yeah?

    Im looking forward to your mandatory – ‘wheres frank wheres frank’ cry for help.

  185. denilsons a winner and he wanted to leave 8 month ago cos he lost his place that he never earned in the first place and he wants to win..

    its gone beyond being good at being average..
    denilsons another one who needs to pack his bags..

  186. william

    its not about winning the epl. its about improving our defending, eradicating the plethora of stupid goals we concede year in, year out.

    If we do that I will be happy. Cant demand any silverware. But I would like to see the team improve on basic defensive errors. If that can be attibuted to a specific signing, then it will be a great signing.

  187. george rodger

    ” Frank, its a shame the manager who you worhsip, has caused you to abuse other fans, rather than question any of his actions.”
    Why should Frank not respect him?
    You dont understand the difference between respect and worship
    Let me help you understand the words.
    People do not “respect” someone who “worships” their own opinion
    Best I can do I am afraid.

  188. @Luke

    Does Wenger earn more than Fergie?

  189. george rodger

    Luke stop trying to ally yourself to JJ.
    He is not a disrespectful half wit like you

  190. Luke I would have to agree. I guess the question is, will a particular signing eradicate those goals? Is it the defensive coaching? How about the lack of a vocal organizer? Those are just questions though, and it would be in my best interest to let Arsene answer them.

  191. Since we don’t have the questions we don’t know what exactly Lizarazu asked Wenger about Nasri and United. But judging from the answer Wenger gave it’s easy to assume that he was referring to what Evra said. I don’t think United have inquired about Nasri.

  192. george rodger

    Luke.If Wenger is the highest paid manager in the League its because he is the best manager in the league.Thats how it works.

  193. george rodger

    I dont like Luke.He is obtuse.

  194. George – by agreeing with everything someone has ever done does not constitue respect. Its worship Im afraid. Do you respect your mates? Have they been absolutley correct on everything that they have ever done?

    Colney –

    My apologies. It would seem Ancelotti earns more. Nonetheless, does this mean he should be exempt from eradicating basic mistakes?

  195. I think its pretty obvious there are several players who wWenger thought could come in and do a job. The fact he stopped using them when it became clear they werent up to it is telling.

    So why the fuck are we going round and round in circles with the same tired old cliched shit?

    Oh JJ’s here, disregard what I just said. 😀

  196. We need to defend as a team, i don’t care how many world class defenders you buy if the team can’t defend as one, we will continue to leak goals like a colander.

    Barca don’t have the greatest goalkeeper or greatest defence, but they make sure teams don’t get to exploit that because they hunt in packs when they don’t have the ball. You can’t hurt them if you don’t have the ball. We showed that same commitment when we played Chelsea (H), Birmingham (A), Barca (H), West Ham (A), yet we seem to lose that trait as the season progressed, i wonder why.

  197. Luke, if you make blanket statements make sure you can sufficiently back them up, my opinion is not needed.

    I am trying to figure out how you can say that all of these players have been failures for 3 years.

    That seems to be an opinion or is it a fact?

  198. george rodger

    Who ,prey tell ,has agreed with everything Arsene has ever done.

    Let me tell you


    You just dont think do you?

  199. wengers a world class manager..
    hes paid so much because of what he has achieved in the game which when you think of what hes done for us hes pretty much earned it..

    but he’ll need to earn it again this summer..
    this is a big one..

  200. William – exactly, let Wenger deal with it. Three years of not being able to do exactly that, has understandably seen questions raised. I like to discuss these on an arsenal forum.

    Georgr – if wenger is the best manager in the league, why cant he teach a team of internationals how to defend set pieces??

    I dont like George. He is childish and incapable of a sensible chat. Oh, Im not trying to allie with anyone. If I agree with something, I say, If I dont, I say.

    You should try it some time. No one likes an a*s kissing yes man.

  201. For £6 mill a year he should be able to levitate if you ask me.

    Cant see what his wages hav to o with it? And the fact its from the Mirror? They are always 100% accurate too.

    Your arguments are descending into Le grove territory Luke mate.

  202. A vocal organiser ? Aye that is the answer – A vocal organiser – Leo Messi eat your vocal chords out son – we have you worked out

  203. george rodger

    Half the team were not in the team 3 years ago.So how does that work?

  204. JJ

    This is a huge close season, never mind the actual season to come IN MY OPINION. Wenger will definitey earn his corn this year.

  205. dexter – really?!?!?1

    Ok, so the source may not be 100% accurate, but it would not be unreasonable to assume that wenger recieves one of the highest wages in the league.

    Nonetheless, is he exempt from addressing basic mistakes??? If he earns 100k per annum or 100million, he still needs to rectify errors he idenitifed three years ago no???

    I’ll also think you;ll find, I have been provoked, and mocked by George. HArd not to react to such aggitating chat.

  206. In point of fact my comment was really about Arsenal supporters being the worst in the EPL. Incapable of getting behind the team. I love going to watch the Arsenal and can even bear the disappointment of losing. But the shit dished out by the so-called ‘fans’ is just getting worse and worse and worse. Stupid, arrogant, hupocritical, whinging, cowardly fools.

  207. Luke,

    I’ve said this once and i will repeat it again. I don’t know how things work in the UK regarding public employees and salaries. I am guessing the author of the article is speculating about how much Wenger actually earns right? (correct me if i’m wrong). I noticed the same article says fabregas earns 110,000 but yet i’ve read articles this season by John Cross who claims fabregas is on 90,000 p/w.

    Here in the United States, salary information of teachers, most public workers and CEOs is public knowledge and can readily be accessed by the media. Unless it’s the same in the UK, i think it’s all speculation.

    Now, i am not naive to know that Wenger is handsomely rewarded by the football club, after-all you are worth what you’re paid. And judging by his track record if he is indeed paid that amount, then he’s earned it. Of course earning that much also invites criticism, which he should expect, but in noway should that lead to abuse by some fans.

  208. Henristic @ 9:29:

    My posts for the last 2 years indicate how much I agree with you. However, better late then never so I could not be happier if the quote is accurate. I bang on a lot about signings and clearly think that would help but I am not naive enough to think that one new player can change everything so hopefully some real change in the clubs mindset with regard to defending will be made this year.

  209. Oh dear George.

    Wenger was manager 3 years ago. We couldnt defend then. We still cant now.

    Should we feel sorry for Arsene has he needs to recruit new players?

    What do you think a manager should do exactly????

  210. It doesn’t matter whether the pundits are right or not.

    But I’d be disappointed if he really made those statements. For one, it wouldn’t help us during negotiations like Northbank said.

    More importantly it also means he either couldn’t figure out what every pundit/fan have ‘known’ for years, or he had figured it out and instead of acting on that knowledge, decided to buy Kos and Squill instead.

    It doesn’t add up!

    In any case, it would be su

  211. Luke – my apologies for not explaining the point more clearly that AFC teams who have won trophies have invariably had a group of talentless hoofers among them

    And the question to you Lukey is exactly who you see as replacing the players you say are crap ?

    Come on Luke – easy to be negative so gimme names 😉

  212. george rodger

    I disagree Luke.I know people who like ass kissing yes men.

  213. Each season is different. The season just finished we didnt really have an outstandng run of form, yet we had a really long unbeaten run, conceding hardly any goals. Yet we also had some amazingly shit results, letting in way too many goals. We also beat teams in the top 4 consistently, which wefailed to do in previous seasons. Yet we dropped points against lower ranked teams, where we consistently beat those mid ranked teams easily in the 09-10 season.

    Basically, the seasons cant be lumoped together for me. Doesnt gloss over the facts that we havent been good enough though.

    I was convinced we’d win the league and I hav to try and temper that anger an frustration and hopefully by August the rose tinted specs will be back on again!

  214. Arsenal has always had class as a club. Stood out amongst all the others. Innovative and brave.Sadly its fans lack any of those attributes. Strange phenomenon. Fucking loathsome fanbase.

  215. george rodger

    I can give you that answer
    “just players who are better than what we have got”
    I am getting well into the swing now.

  216. colney – I agree with your post. Especially with Wenger earning his salary. However, Id like to see him earn it this summer, but addressing simple mistakes we have made for years.

    Anyway lads, we have been here before, everyone knows my stance. But just to reiterate:

    Use what we have, to improve what has been an obvious weakness for three years (indenitfied every year by wenger)

    Night all.

  217. London as a city is innovative, fascinating, strong, dynamic. Its people are the same. But not the Arsenal contingent. Reactionary bullshit is all they are capable of. Upper working class bullies who have never really understood poverty, whinging about money and value for money. Pathetic.

  218. I think the point about having a Grimandi and a Parlour is a valid one. We need those no nonsense hard working utility players, who can come in and do a job.

  219. anicoll

    Whats really point? Its lose lose.

    The players who wenger are letting go need replacing. As he is the best in the world at finding talent, and is sitting on top of the most extensive scouting network on the planet, id like to assume he will know the right players we need.

    Ive never claimed to be a professional manager. But i know enough about football to see we cant defend, we get lost for attacking ideas against well organised teams, and we lack bottle.

    These are all so apparent. And have been since 2008. Hence the constant referral of this summer being huge.

    It comes down to wether you have faith in wenger being able to address these weaknesses, or will we go into another season unprepared.

  220. george rodger

    Dexter .The thing is people like Luke think we are not disappointed.
    We all are .I think its fair to say.
    Its just that that disappointment does not mean that miraculousness we are all experts who all of a sudden know more than Arsene.

  221. Frank

    Do you copy and paste your posts from a central spreadsheet.

    Id love to see you sprout this at the ground. Taking some moral high ground, patronising and abusing anyone who may take a different opinion to you.

    You still cant appreciate that you can be critical of the club (on an arsenal forum) and NOT boo them.

    Its ok. Its hard to digest.

    Right, I really am off.

  222. george,

    are we good defensively? Simple yes or no fella so I know you wont get confused,

  223. Quite so Dexter and I remember Edu getting the sort of shit Demilson gets now – I remember him scoring a shocking own goal that lost us a home game against Blackburn – damn fine player in the end
    Pity Luke had to go to bed so we still don’t have a list of the players we need – we can come back to it

  224. dexter
    totally agree about parlour

  225. cheers for ignoring my post and being childish anicoll.


    I give up.

    Everything is perfect at Arsenal, nothing can be improved, Lord Emperor Wenger has never been wrong, lets burn and pillage those who dare suggest anything other than what the club is exactly doing.

    After all, as our saviour PHW says, they are all illetrate idiots. Stupid people for having thier own opinion. How dare they.

    Its fun being the child. Im pretty good at it.

  226. I called a few “fans” sat near me at the Villa game cunts for singing that “6%” chant. I wouldnt have been arsed if they had been singing before they decided it was the right thing to do; their one bit of noise at the game was to whinge about a ticket prices, never mind the fucking team they pay money to watch!

    Irony or what?!

    (shit maybe that wasnt a good example of irony, oh fuck I can never remember what irony is anyway)

  227. Parlour was a GUN.

    If only we had more of his spirit in the club.

  228. george rodger

    Luke is distasteful.And obtuse.
    He has school tomorrow so goodnight Luke.

  229. dexter

    your joking?? its embarassing how quiet the emirates is. I have a few mates who are orient fans, they kept on ribbing me for the atmosphere.

    All i could do is hide behind the stature of the game.

    Chelsea at Christmas was ROCKING mind. So was City.

    A sense of injustiice is what rouses the crowd most.

  230. denilson is no way in edu’s league..
    edu forced his way into the first team of gilberto and vieira..
    edu was a top player who we let go too soon,
    weve kept denilson too long…

  231. Frank, I understand where you are coming from. When i’m watching Arsenal play at the Emirates i can audibly hear all the groans through the telly. When we play at the Brittania never once do their fans groan at misplaced passes (and stoke has quite a few of them!) In fact, I think the fans at the Britannia actually LIFT their team’s spirits! Quite a concept, eh?

  232. Lansbury can be our new parlour, just hope he doesnt get the patented Emirates “welcome” when he miss places a pass!

  233. I have always expressed those very opinions at the ground since this shit support started and I go to all home games, Luke, you fucking fool.

  234. Didnt realize Wenger has been milking Arsenal for the last few years?

  235. Denilson has had a difficult season after a crippling back injury. He will be a real star. Never mind you wonderful Arsenal supporters you…call the kid a cunt and boo him out of the ground. Fucking classless.

  236. One of the best atmospheres at the grove was the 0-0 vs the scousers. We spent about an hour booing Webb for sending off Ade and the scousetwat forplay actng!

    The chavs and City at home were great, but barca at home was something else!

  237. good for you frank.

    i drink in the cock home games. perhaps we could have a beer?

    if its an exeat of course

  238. george rodger

    Paul ,its ironic that you see this just as Luke goes to bed
    Does that help Dexter?

  239. I get chills watching the clip of Arshavin’s goal and the following few minutes.

  240. frank, as i said to you before, denilson’s quality will be reflected by the clubs who bid for him.

    2nd tier europa league teams will be theme. ringing true what has been left at his door, tidy footballer, not good enough for the arsenal.

  241. Why would I drink beer with you, you cunt.

  242. Haha! Thanks George.

  243. Thats a good point.

    You must go mental down the pub when everyone is expressing thier own opinion.

  244. haha @ Paul N @ 10:16

  245. Luke if you are judging the quality of a player by the teams that bid for him, James Milner is Champions League quality. The James that scored 0 goals in 32 apps for Man City.

  246. Frank,
    When did this shit support start?

  247. Come on then, Luke. Tell us why you think that Arsenal supporters are worth their salt? Explain. People like you have dropped the fucking baton, son. Let us down. Come on. I wait with bated breath. Regale us with stories of great support through the last few seasons. Give me ONE example of the crowd lifting the team in at home. ONE exapmple of Arsenal supporters creating a twelfth man…for us I mean rather than the opposition. You cynical, spiteful little brat.

  248. Are you simple, Henristic? Because you sure as hell seem to be. You obtuse prick.

  249. Henristic

    It has definitely been painful this season, although last season wasnt a picnic! Didnt really seem too bad 1st couple of seasons at the grove though.

  250. Talking of the Grove, this has been buggin me for ages and it isnt a slight on any posters there per se, but the name of that other blog LG. Dont you think that name is apiss take? Something a spud or chav would call our gaff? Disrespectful if you will. What do they do when AW does eventually leave?

  251. Now, now, Frank.
    Relax. Maybe you need to take your pills?

  252. Stunningly incisive, Henristic.What a brain.

  253. Frank:

    We were having a nice debate and actually talking about football and you have to go and mess it all up by bringing up the whole good fan/bad fan thing and everybody starts calling each other names. You should know better by now.

  254. You were having a nice little debate as a background to your wilting drip, drip of criticism, Bill. And horrible old git, Frank, spoiled it for you. What a fucking shame!

  255. Henristic: “What I find worrying is that Arsene is basically saying all those pundits/fans/ex players who’ve been banging on the fact that we need defenders with PL experience were right after all. I’ve never subscribed to the view before, but Arsene saying so now makes me wonder why it took him so long to figure it out?

    And if he knew sooner, why hadn’t he signed such a player before now?”

    Someone’s being obtuse.

  256. Drip, drip, drip. The life blood of a football club slipping away.

  257. Your just a big bully Frank.

  258. Some of you people care much more about your opinions and your right to express them than you do about the club, manager and players. The REAL joke is you have nothing to say and haven’t a clue what you are talking about. But you still you have to witter on and on. Even phoning talkshite and writing screes of shit to dis the club, manager and players. Over and over and over again. Drip, drip, drip

  259. I am picking up the merest hint of a nuance of disatisfaction in some of Franks posts. Haha!

  260. Bully? You slowly and deliberately bite little chunks out of the thing you say you love and you call me a bully? Have you retained a molecule of sanity or rationality in all of this, Bill? Have you? You need to sort yourself out, lad.

  261. Jabba'sDelights

    Wow Frank it appears you need to take a chill pill in your old age, cant be healthy for you.

    nobody is booing the players on here, and you wont have heard Luke call any of our players cunts either.

    One can debate without getting nasty but it appears yourself and George really struggle

  262. This from the man/woman/thing who has decided to call him/her/thingself, Jabba.

  263. Debate? Same stuff based on thin air over and over and over again and he/she/thing calls it a debate. Come on, Jabba, do a Luke and regale us with stories of your great support over the seasons. Come on.

  264. Jabba'sDelights

    Ha great reply Frank and how awfully observant of you. Once again you’ve added to a conversation about arsenal. Your grandchildren must have learnt so much from you.

    Now any danger of talking about arsenal without useless insults from an aggressive pensioner?

  265. Sadly the night shift beckons. So I guess I won’t get to read those fantastic (pun intended) stories of support. Another time perhaps.

  266. What sort of supporters do you think they are, Jabba? This family of mine. Can you guess?

  267. Jabba'sDelights


    My great support over recent seasons has been like my support over every season. Full volume singing my absolute heart out for the team. It will be the same next year and the year after. I agree the emirates atmosphere is poor in most games however this is also a result of the many corporates that arsene has wanted to entice into the ground. i will never boo at the ground and i will never protest.

    I will however read Arsene quotes about needing a cb with premiere league experience and wonder what on earth our incredibly well paid manager was doing last summer?/

  268. I don’t believe you

  269. Colney didnt you know that Wenger has been sitting in his beach chair during practices with one of those huge umbrella’s stuck in the ground and he drinks coconut water, pina calada’s and strawberry daquiris all day? Its true, i saw it with mine own eyes.

  270. Jabba'sDelights

    It makes little difference to me Frank. Your rude and offensive to people for no reason. From reading your posts over a period of time, my support will outlive yours, that i can assure you.

    Nothing to mention about Arsene saying he has worked out that he needs a cb with pl experience though……typical

  271. george rodger

    I am not nasty.I am obtuse

  272. george rodger

    He must have read your posts Jabba and thought

  273. Jabba'sDelights


    Its a shame though isnt it. Your messiah who can do no wrong, has finally noticed that teams who are big and strong appear to cause us alot of trouble defensively and the best way to maybe counter that over 38 games is to bring in some of your own. wow they call me einstein!

  274. george rodger


  275. Don think its as simplistic as that JD. WE did pretty well over the course of the entire season, however, later in the season the whole team’s performance levels dropped. That for me was the real concern. But the defeats to Stoke and Bolton (both away) were at the forfront of most people’s minds and thatn sit has stuck.

    I am sure Wenger said last season he wanted premier league experienced players, but that didnt happen.

  276. If anything it was the attackoing play that let us down towards the end of the season. That put a shit loadore pressure on he defence as we failed to put away chanes we created.

  277. george rodger

    If I see him as the messiah that can do no wrong .You are asking for several £50 million signings.
    Do you understand?
    Neither is true yet you claim one is.
    And then say you want a reasonable debate.
    Do you understand how that becomes difficult due to your attitude?

  278. Jabba'sDelights


    maybe a few of us do, as our manager appears to agree with what we have been saying for a while……go figure. Would like to put it down to brilliance but afraid its much easier than that. Just watch my team play. the difference with me and him is that he has had an obsession with price and playing in a certain style. great shame as its potentially tainted a wonderful legacy………this summer we will see!


    We need to defend better as a team for sure, but we lack organisation, maturity and height and aggression. Alot i imagine can be sorted on the training ground, but i feel we lack that dominant performer at the back and have done since campbell left.

    Im just desperate to see us get better as we are so close.

    The league is 38 games and finishes in May.

  279. Frank | May 31, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    I agree.

  280. Not sure I needed the reminder about the number of games in the league, or even when it finishes, but thanks anyways!

  281. @Paul N hahah that explains why Pat Rice wears sunglasses at games, he’s always in the holiday mode.

  282. Luke disappears and Jabba appears. Just like magic.

  283. Jabba'sDelights


    II was making a different point and forgot to delete that from the bottom, apologies.

  284. I wonder how happy the Hammers fans are with the scintillating news that Fat Sam is their new manager.

  285. No probs JD.

    Passenal I think we can all agree that the support at Arsenal has been a real shower of shite for a while. We can agonise over the whys and wherefores and call them complete c*nts for their lack of mettle and silent griping and hostility they show to our own players.

    However, it gets a bit dull bringing it up every single time someone posts a point we have an opposition to.

    Now I know Frank won’t agree with that, but I just thought I’d throw it out there, see if anyone runs itup the flag pole and salutes it!

  286. dupsff

    Has it been confirmed then? He has found his level finally. he has offers from Real Madrid and Bayern Munich but Fat Sam chose the Hammers!

    Funny thing is, he was apparantly jumping to Wenger’s defence when he was a pundit on Sky late in the season. That was a surprise.

  287. george rodger

    Dexter ,is it as dull as listening to people harping on about Arsene getting £6 million a year?
    Or needing premiership defenders?

  288. George

    I think I made some comments about those 2 points mate. Yep, there is some stuff posted on here I completely disagree with, but its going to be a long old summer if we keep getting reminded of our shite support too!

  289. george rodger

    Dexter.Its ironic that Sam says he can work for a huge club and along comes the hammers.

  290. george rodger

    I was not having a go at you Dexter.Its not you that harps on and on about them.Is it Jabba and Luke?

  291. Dexter

    £3 million, 2 year contract. Another £1+ million if he gets them into the PL.

    I thought he was after Pat Rice’s job for a while to. 🙂

    George 🙂 = : ) without the space between the colon & bracket.

  292. george rodger


  293. george rodger

    Cheers dups.

  294. Opta stat

    1104 – Arsenal were the only PL team in 2010-11 to make more than 1,000 ball touches in the opposition penalty area. Elaborate.

  295. Hey George, its cool man, I knew you weren’t having a pop at me!

    Dupsff; Thanks mate. At least it keeps him off the TV screens as a pundit/co/commentator for half a season at least!

  296. Have we signed anyone yet?

  297. We’ll have Neville the rat instead. Oh Happy days.

  298. Oh gawd you’re probably right!

    Thats it, Im off, seeya.

  299. FIFA

    Where there is money, there is always corruption..

    ..No oversight = More corruption..

    F*ck Off Sepp Blatter

  300. I tried to watch that Blatter talk for a little bit on Sky News and after 10 minutes of watching I had learned nothing.

  301. As much as i like Cesc, i think that selling him, would be like pressing the refresh button on a PC. We need our leadership residing on the hands of someone that no one doubts!! Someone 100% commited, who isnt homesick, whos does not have the complication of being understandably distracted by his world cup winning best friends/teammates (remember how young he is ffs! just imagine what goes through his head!) in the end, we all know that he will play for Barcelona, because that is exactly where he wants to be.. And if he isnt, well he certainly makes me a doubter sometimes. I honestly, dont blame him, hes been here a loong time, his time here is up and now he wants to go back, because the best damn team in the world wants him there and were keeping him under contract!! and that looks very, very weak!

  302. I read a book, Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. Before I read this book, I produced results which was ineffective. Now I have my life under control, I did not believe I could of managed myself so well. I believe a motivational program should be part of their training as well. We lack leaders, why don’t our current players model Leaders and sort out their differences, what is the syntax these leaders used for success and how can they copy it or improve on it. The players are already exceptional at what they do, the talent of Arsenal FC is well documented. If they were capable of being where they are today, why does leadership elude them? If you ask me, transfers is not the answer, maybe one or two, but their minds holds the key to success. I believe the manager is the only person who really motivates them. I think Wenger needs a bit of help in this department. Our team did not lack depth, they lacked the mental toughness. Why can’t they have motivational seminars? We see teams spend MILLIONS and not achieve any trophies, why can’t we spend a million on motivation?

  303. By the way, everyone should read that book, Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins! Buy it, download it, do whatever is necessary to get it!

  304. Dexter, I was just agreeing with Frank’s point that there are a lot of weak supporters projecting their own short-comings onto the team. That’s hardly bringing it up ‘everytime’ unlike certain people on here who are like broken records going on and on with their boring points about what the manager ‘should’ do. It’s completely futile and tiresome.

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