Delusions, Illusions & Transfer Gossip

Swansea and Reading bring the domestic season to its’ conclusion at Old Trafford. The closeness of Reading to home gives them the edge as far as I’m concerned although it has been some years since Arsenal encountered Swansea. The last meetings took place in the second season of three points for a win in 1982/83 which shows how long ago  it was. As long as both sides follow the shared ethos of Blackpool and West Brom in playing football, they will be a welcome addition to the Premier League. Otherwise it will be a waste of Birmingham’s relegation…

Dominating the headlines are comments by Edwin van der Sar. He believes that Manchester United are closer to beating Barcelona than previously. The delusion – better than any held by Arsenal supporters – comes from the United defence holding out for more than twenty minutes on Saturday.

Arsenal are a bit part player in football at the moment, the imminent arrival of the transfer window will see that change when Arsène swings into action, all of the new signings arriving at The Emirates by the end of this week. See, delusional….

Ricky Alvarez’s move to the club is in doubt, shooting from outside of the area is not the Arsenal way (thanks to @DearArsenal for that one). Highlighting the quietness of news this weekend is Andrey Arshavin thinking he will be stay at Arsenal. It’s a tale given credibility by including a recent quote and having three paragraphs on the website.

Were it not for the Fifa Ethics Committee growing one out of the required set, it would be a quiet day. A full pair they do not possess because that would have meant recommending that the Presidential Rubber Stamp, sorry, Election being held this , be cancelled.

Blatter, unsurprisingly, came out smelling of roses. He assured that outcome last week when he told the world of a failed attempt to bribe him some years ago, one where his honesty shone through. Add into that mix the brazen corruption of his accuser and it just looked like it was a ‘tit for tat‘ complaint.

As it is, suspending Hamman and Warner from any involvement with football, pending the outcome of the full investigation, is a step in the right direction. In the latter’s case, the sound you can hear is the stable door swinging in the wind; that horse bolted years ago and nobody in power cared then. What reason to believe they do now?

And it may have escaped the powers-that-be’s notice but the 2022 World Cup is to be held in Qatar. Unless they rescind the decision, who says crime does not pay?

That all of the accusations came from a longstanding ally of Blatter leaves a lingering smell about this investigation. Previous accusations of vote-rigging have long stained his Presidency and that sums up his legacy. When history judges his reign at Fifa, it will show he presided over rampant commercialisation, greed and distancing of the professional game from the supporters. The World Cup is at the centre of that with ticket prices that beggared belief until Uefa’s recent Champions League pricing policies became evident.

Dick Pound suggests that withdrawing from Fifa if that organisation refuses to reform. The main problem with this solution is that incompetence is not unique to the world game’s ruling body. For years the Football Association, Football League and Premier League have shown utter disregard for the national game. Would letting them loose on the world stage actually improve anything?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. mumbai gooner

    Would love to see Swansea in PL

  2. One upon a polly timid lived a remarkiboldy man called Arsie Wengo who inventy a sparkly sparkly typo of the footballmode tippy tappy, but could not windo the silverthingy because of his deep folly.
    Followy the most unfortumode failollup this season far gone, it has caused deep suffery for the fansy fansy. O dearo, sheddy many tears!
    Arsie Wengo must spendit much paper poundies to improveoverly this diabolic season wherewithal finitunder fourth. The youthmode of the teamy had insuffishy backbonemode and were lacking of dangloids.
    In this summertimely the remarkiboldy man must demandy numerode departeds from the teamy and find a strongy defendo and a netfindy forwardmode.

    Before next seasontime they must aworky very hardo and progressy to be the besto teamy in Engly. They can be the masterlode of footery and in bettermode than Barcalode of Spainlandy.

    Then we will celebrade the deep joy of the rising footymode of Arsie Wengo. Indeedy ho!

  3. Could not care less.

  4. I like Platini’s suggestion that perhaps politicians like Warner , Blatter etc should be driven out from Fifa and replaced with ‘football men’.

    Football men like Platini himself? Hmmmm…

  5. “lacking of dangloids”

    lol. Good one Northbank.

  6. I couldn’t stand Stanley Unwin then and I certainly can’t now.

  7. Platini? Farkin ell.

  8. It is telling the the FAs of Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland and France etc have not joined the English FA in condemning FIFA. After giving those countries fair warning the English FA should withdraw from FIFA as soon as possible. EPL clubs should brace themselves for hard times. But it will be worth it.

  9. realistic tony

    @northbank1969…a stanley unwin classic!!! does one learn that lingo?..are there random word endings affixed to any word? or is there a format?
    (can you phrase “in arsene we rust”?)

  10. Ah a cunt has arrived.

  11. Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake.

  12. A cunt indeed Frank

  13. @Annie
    Thats what I was listening to this morning.

    @realistic tony
    Easy mate, just put a T in front of the R, sorted

  14. down with fifa..
    come on reading..
    bye bye randall..

  15. like the new design YW!

  16. The news in bullet points was brought to you by JonJon! 😀

    How you doing JJ?

    I always had high hopes for Randall (I do for all our kids I suppose) I remember watching in a Carling Cup game and he was doing a Flamini in midfield, tenacious ad full of energy, getting stuck in, and also pinging the ball about excellently. Oh well, it wasnt to be, good luck to him.

  17. long time reader first time poster. good work Yogi. love your work.

  18. I’ve just been watching video of Vela’s 4th goal against Bolton… 25 successful passes before Cesc chips over the defence for Vela to score a Henry type goal.
    If the kit had been blue and red stripes I could have been watching Barca. The future is Wenger, the future is bright.

  19. I hope Lansbury signs on, was quite impressed with what I saw of him. Competition for midfield spots is very high so you can understand if a few were let go. Will we be making an actual profit on the Lansbury’s and Randall’s though… the time and cost of developing these players may mean we make a loss with some of them?

  20. Dexter

    Apparently he had an attitude problem which is why none of his loan spells worked out. And wasn’t good enough to gain an automatic first team squad place. Still that will shut up critics who claim we have too many overpaid youngsters on our books. Now there’s one less to bitch about.


  21. Northbank1969

    Barcelona were admiring Arsenal when we dismantled them at the Grove. The Arshavin goal was one of the best I have ever seen – in terms of the move, build-up and execution. It was lightning quick and as fast a counter attack as you would ever see.

    Its a shame we lacked that edge and ability to actually play on the counter attack post the CC!

  22. Randall is no loss, he was nowhere near good enough for us.

  23. not bad dex..hows tricks..
    still unhappy about how the season panned out and went down the toilet from february..
    been on blog lockdown really..this time of year does my swede in..

    randall has got undoubted ability but hes got major metal issues..hes not had the desire to break into the rotheram squad and even their manager said a few month back he was disapointed with his attitude..if a player of that ability cant find the minerals to break into that side hes got no place at our club..

    hopefully this will be the kick up the arse he needs and he will make something of himself in the future but its this attitude we have to rid from this club so it doesnt concern me hes gone..and he was one of the ones on my list 😉

  24. sir goonerandy, how did u come about with the information? i mean he is sill developing, no?

  25. Crixus – He could not get into Rotherham’s team. Just read that, and see where I got my info from.

    Never that impressed when i saw him play for us either.

  26. @ChrisGoona
    I know, it was a superb counter attack from our own box, 5 passes to the Barca box and Nasri had the sense to pass to Arshavin….. ‘kin excellent.
    Shows they can do it when truly needed. I hope Arshavin stays and refinds his confidence.
    After the CC confidence dropped within the team and what followed didn’t reflect the ability of the team. RVP, Arshavin, Chamakh and possibly Vela next season will devastate other teams…. proviso: Strengthen defence so midfield and forwards can concentrate on getting goals.

  27. JJ Im good mate thanks, well, apart from having the worst hangover ever that is!

    The seasons collapse will take a lot of shifting from the memory banks, but things will be all good again come August.


    Yeah, I read about Randall’s bad attidude. That seems pretty endemic in young footballers these days. Too much too soon, in terms of materialistic things. Motivation seems the name of the game for managers, as much as tactics etc.

  28. too much too soon is an epidemic in football dex
    and its been highlighted at our club this season more than any other i think..
    wenger needs to get the reigns back..
    i think some of the players see him as an easy touch now cos theyve had it all there own way for so long..

    eg 1 fergie dropped the PL top scorer at xmas and made him fight for his place..hernandez and rooney both knew they had to perform or theres a 22 goal hitman waiting to come in and they won the league.. he didnt even have him on the bench for the final..

    nikkis not even our top scorer but can you imagine wenger telling nikki he wasnt even on the bench for a final?? lol..nikki would be booking his tickets for octoberfest and brushing up on his german..nikki only needs to be dropped for stoke and hes complaining he cant go skiing..

    eg 2..hargreaves cost fergie 18mil..yet due to his injury record he’ll be released..

    can you imagine wenger telling diaby or rosicky times up??

    a house divided cannot stand..(someone famous said that, think it was lincoln)..

    fergie seems to have his house in order..and even with his worst side for 15 years he wins the league and gets to a cl final..
    wenger needs to get his house in order again..cos at the minute it seems alot of players are calling the shots and our dressing room is all over the place..

    fergies dressing room is exactley that..its his dressing it or leave..whether your keane, stam, beckham, kanchelskis or van horse jaw, rooney, berbatov… its fergies rules and the club comes first..

    our dressing room is made up of players that spend too long in the physio room, want new contracts or are stalling on new contracts, want to leave or want more games and wenger cant control it..theres too many shirkers and not enough workers..

    theres no harmoney and theres no desire and thats wengers biggest hurdle this summer and not the amount he spends on new players..

  29. If it’s Fergie’s rules why did he end up giving young Wayne £70k weekly pay rise to keep him at MUFC ? If it’s Fergie’s rules why did the Madrid club end up with a bit more than a virus ? Very admirable football man is Alex but don’t forget it is wrapped up with being manager of a football club with a t/o of £300m per annum and the leeway to make these ‘rules’
    And don’t mention Rock of Gibraltar

  30. Yogi:

    As always well written but not much to talk about. Yawn.

    EVDS thinks United was closer to Barca then it looked. I must have been the refs fault or perhaps the pitch was not perfect or an undeserved early yellow card to someone. I guess we are not the only ones who have prescriptions for rose colored glasses. They were crap.

    Hope Randall he gets his act together and has a nice career. Better for both sides if several players like him move on. Watt, Sunu, Hoyte, Traore, Eastmond and several others to numerous to count. They need the chance to make a career for themselves.

    LOL Northbank @ 10:33: Please send me a whole bunch of whatever you are smoking in your pipe.

  31. Preference for Swansea today , times i have seen them a quality of passing football about them
    Expect a very close game though – one goal at most, extra time probably, penalties maybe

  32. Yeah, pretty flawed logic there JJ! Rooney hld the club to ransom pure and simple.

    Fergie and Wenger are 2 very different charcters, wanting Wenger to be more like the old scot is asking for him to change alot.

    And Hargreavs and Diaby/Rosicky aint a good comparison either. Hargreaves has bee out for 2 years solid, his contract is up, hardly rocket science to let him go, while Diaby is a very gifted footballer who is very unlucky with injuries and Tomas has probably come to the endof his Arsenal career.

  33. Anicoll5

    I think Reading play good football too from what I have een. Would rather they go up personally, if for no other reason than selfish ones; easier to get to!

  34. Agreed Dexter it does appear endemic among footballers these days. I wonder if the Academies address this matter of the ‘bad attitude’ as readily as the techniques of the game.

    It seems a shame that we are able to bring a lad along like Randall and then abandon him once we believe that he is rebelling against being told what to do. Once a player recieves that tag of being ‘a bad attitude’ he is a marked man. It seems to me that the ‘bad attitude’ is a universal trait of Youth.

  35. I read that Hargreaves managed just 26 games in the three years of his Trafford Park contract £18 million fee plus say £60k a week x 156 weeks
    About £1 million per game – worse value than Keiron Dyer ?

  36. it dont matter what you say about rooney..
    fergies rules still won them the league and rooney came good at the end..turned out the right choice didnt it..??
    and its not fergies fault utd are in debt
    its the glaziers..utd were one of the richest clubs in the world before glaziers took over and its the debts the owners are ploughing into the club as well as the interest repayments that make there finances look shit..nothing to do with fergie..
    when utd had beckham they were the the biggest commercial revenue side in the world and when they sold him, madrid over took them..
    same with ronaldo
    top players cost pennies but they make the pennies as well
    thats why they cost so much..dont fall into the trap of that signing big players bankrupts clubs becasue it doesnt..
    i cant stand utd or fergie and im not going to cream my knickers over them but when you compare our squad to them you can see we are obviously better…
    so why doesnt the league table show it??
    the answer is fergie has a stable dressing room..we dont..
    same at chelsea..they have a better squad than utd but the dressing room was in tatters in the middle of the season and thats where they fucked up as well..

  37. Two Owls,
    As far as I know, Randall’s bad attitude wasn’t about spitting on cab drivers, or taking pictures up girls skirts. Its more to do with not taking training seriously enough.
    The former can be termed a universal trait of youth, and has no real impact on a player’s career. The latter is a major character flaw with damaging consequences for any aspiring sportman, imo.

  38. Thats your usual M.O. JJ, never admit you are wrong and simply change your tune accordingly! You should be in politics mate. That last post also looks like it shouldve been posted on Republik of Mancunia!

    One of Fergie’s greatest traits is giving his charges a hunger and a desire to win. We could do with that mentality at our place for sure, treating evry game and opponent the same, putting in 100% every game, not just the glamour ties.

  39. Its nonsene to suggest our stable isnt harmonious! Its too nice and cosy, not enough shouting and throwing tea cups for my liking!

  40. they wont worry about that 18mil
    in the time hes been there theyve won the cl and the pl..
    been in 3 cl finals..won the PL a few times..

    and not when they got 90 for ronaldo..

  41. george rodger

    Nice rant about the poor attitude of the players JJ.
    However its pure supposition on your part.Every club will have players wanting more money and some stalling on contracts,so why should Arsenal be any different?
    Then again you may very well be right.

  42. or pizza throwing

  43. We should sign Hargreaves.

  44. george rodger

    Sorry ,I had missed your last post JJ.
    Thank goodness you have found”the answer”.

  45. nasri and clichy been stalling for over a year
    cescs up his own arse
    nikki wants to go skiing
    gibbs wants to play
    denilson cant be arsed
    diabys never fit
    almunia doesnt know what day hes on
    AA is just AA
    chamakh fuck knows..

    is it a wonder why we didnt win anything?? youve got an entire first team there whos head wasnt in the right place for a substantial period of the season..
    if thats a happy dressing room then i’ll be happy to admit im wrong…

  46. i hope wenger finds the answer george..
    i think he will anyway.. he went for all four cups..he just didnt have the squad..

    parkers better dex…

  47. 1 loose cannon

    YW- the Swansea V reading game is at Wembley.

    Dexter- Hargeaves is a quality player but his nees are gone I’m afraid.Fergie will not let a 17 million worth of talent go for no reason.

  48. AA is AA and Chamakh, fuck knows? Really damning indicmets there JJ, well thought out and succintly put! Nasri and Clichy having a yea left on heircontracts is hardly going to effect th dressing room, Cesc bein up his own arse could impair his passing accuracy for sure, not sure how he affects the drssing room either? Same goes for Diaby being unfit. Might piss him off though. Gibbs wants to play does he? Thats terrible news!
    I tink ou know wat you are trying to say mate, but your examples aint really doing it for me!

  49. 1lc

    I was joking about hargreaves mate! If he were fit, he’d be a great signing for any team.

  50. JJ, I also think that manure have a lot of momentum from winning so many trophies in the last few years. Winning breeds winning, I know it is an asinine statement but it is true. Once you win some trophies the collective psyche of a team just gets more comfortable with it; players are more calm in tense situations because they have been there before and performed at their best. They know it, they know they are capable of it, so they do it. Plain and simple. It happens in every sport. That is what makes the CC loss so crushing, in my opinion. That was the chance for the squad to say “yep, we did it, now we know we can, let’s do it some more.”

  51. @Dexter 2.05 pm
    ‘Fergie and Wenger are 2 very different characters, wanting Wenger to be more like the old scot is asking him to change alot’

    Perhaps this is why he needs a number 2 like Tony Adams or Keown or Viera, someone who can kickass in the dressing room, shout and create merry fu’kin hell from the touchline….. perhaps this is all the team need to find the backboneymodey and the dangloids to finish a game off.

  52. JJ:

    Everything you say about the dressing room is speculation but you have to believe there is something wrong. Even the most positive fans have complained about the teams complacency. Arseblog has written several full posts on the subject. I was hoping the boss would add a couple new members to his coaching staff who might be able to change the cultural dynamic. We can speculate all day but probably will never know the real reason or the answer but agree its our biggest problem.

  53. Northbank69

    Yeah, that would definitely be good, personally I’d like Keown back in a coaching capacity.


    True too, its all speculation, we dont know and yet it was clear there were times when the team’s performances dropped dramatically. hopefully that can be rectified.

  54. @Dexter

    It’s a shame Frank McClintock couldn’t get involved, I used to drink in his pub in Caledonian Road, he was a tough cunut, and had a good voice as well, bit of a crooner was Frank. A scot through and through, tougher than fergienose for sure.. but he must be 70 now?

  55. lol dex mate you make me laugh your on form today..

    gris gris
    i think that winning momentum has come from previous sides as well..giggs scholes eg have been around years..we got rid of all our invincibles we have no one..we have no mentors who say ‘look lads this is how its done,’
    i think we are a fucking good team..we beat barca utd city, chelsea, and we finished fourth in a tough league..but i also think we are lost at the minute and we need some guideance…cos we just about ran out of steam with a third of the season still to go..

    coaching staff is a big thing for me..two words..set pieces..
    we need to get better..we panic defend and we conceed too many pens and too many set pieces and overall sloppy goals that need to be sorted out..
    and we dont score from them either…so that needs adressing i think..weve got a weak spot there, and teams are using it to our disadvatage as well..we need to reserve it and find an answer for that bit of kryptonite..i think we should work on them more and use it back on the fuckers cos set pieces win you games a tough game and you get 4 corners and score 2 goals, your laughing..and teams are doing it against us we need to do it back…

  56. Premier League’s going to be a better place with Swansea. Well, maybe not a great away day for fans I’d guess…

  57. Whether Manyoo worry about wasting £26-27 million on Hargreaves (including his wage) does not really seem to me related to your original point regarding Fergie’s “rules” and how impressive you saw him “getting rid” of a player who managed only 26 games.
    Did Fergie giving into Rooney in January guarantee the PL – any more than dropping Berby spoiled any chance they had against FCB ?
    Hindsight is mighty useful

  58. By Gawd it isnot Reading’s afternoon
    Clearly they require bit of violence from McDermott – shouty pointy time 🙂

  59. We’re releasing a number of kids according to youngguns on twitter. Not just Randall, but Tom Cruise and a couple others as well.

  60. No surprises there with any of them. I think Brislen-Hall is a bit younger than the others and just hasn’t been offered pro terms – he’s known since the start of the season.

    Not sure why this is being read as a change in policy; we release quite a few youngsters every year.

  61. 1 loose cannon

    I heard that Swansea can match Barcelona and Arsenal so Ive been watching this game. They are more like a fake Madrid team with Madrid replicas. Reading should be kicking themselves played better thoughout. created chances but failed to score Swansea on the other hand took advantage of a very slow Reading defence. 3 chances 3 goals.
    At moments it looks will be traveling to the Cymru for fresh air.

  62. Looks like it was Mission Impossible for Tom Cruise to become a Top Gun then. I hope it wont prove Risky Buiness releasing him.

    Im here all week.

  63. Haha! Cheer JJ!

    Notlooking forward to the trip to Swansea next season!

  64. @1 loose cannon
    For fresh air and sheep… perhaps if they get promoted they’ll sign Demba Ba Ba…

  65. Game on?

  66. well, by league position alone, Swansea deserve it. maybe the 3rd placed team should just be promoted, or is that too much for the FA?

  67. game on indeed..

  68. Yahhhooooooo!!!! I’ve just booked me tickets to watch the arsenal vs malaysia!!!!! Yeahhhhh its been quite a while lads…. Fucking 12 years since i last saw me gunners LIVE and in the flesh!! Carmmmmm onnnn u redssssssss!!!!! Come on arsenal come on arsenal!!!!! We’re the aaaarrrsseeeenalll. Aaaarrrsenall fc….. We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seeeeennnn…… Woohooooooo!

  69. 1 loose cannon

    What a game ? Reading 2 Sawnsea 3.

  70. Reading rocking Swans flapping – brilliant

  71. come on reading

  72. Trying to pass the ball into the net, one too many passes instead of shootin and getting done by set pieces and throwin away healthy leads…. Who the fuck do Swansea think they are eh???

  73. @Max Gunner
    Happy then……

  74. Nice oee Max Gunner!

  75. Max Gunner, you are such a freakin doomer! 😀

  76. 1 loose cannon

    Swansea are on the ropes. Reading hit the post. it should’ve been 3 -3

  77. reading 3-0 down and within 10 minutes of the second half they have 2 corners and its 3-2.

    i tell ya set peices get you out of the shit..

  78. Yeah northbank69…… Quite the happy chappy i am….. Fucking miserable few weeks eh lads…. Reading all the doom and gloom from jj and jabba really did make me sick. But arsenal confirmed they’re coming down here and yeahhhhh got me tickets and bring on the new season!!!! I’m even going to sing the ashley and that mobile phone song and of course there’s only one arsene wenger song…. Full blast…..

  79. 1 loose cannon

    From what I can see I would rather play Swansea for 3 points next season. Reading not blessed with skill but they are mentally tough. I hope Reading can make it anyway.

  80. Damn fine game from Wembley – more goals to come

  81. Dex…. I’ll post a sort of commentary during the match yeah? If the 3g coverage doesnt act the goat on match day…. Prediction …. 2-0 arsenal. Them malaysian lads are match fit since its the tail end of the season here. Arsenal should be just about starting their pre season…. But with rvp’s sharp as ever and cesc getting his swagger back, class will prevail.

    The malaysians do not play ‘in yer faces’ type football so hopefully no injuries. Fingers crossed.

  82. What a well taken penalty – cool Mr Sinclair

  83. realistic tony

    good ol’ frank obviously a blind and stupid cnut happy to ponce about as a loser

  84. 1 loose cannon

    Reading’s defence is so slow to react. Unfortunate for Reading.

  85. sloppy defending gets you back in it.. 😉

  86. Gainsbourg69

    JJ: “eg 1 fergie dropped the PL top scorer at xmas and made him fight for his place..hernandez and rooney both knew they had to perform or theres a 22 goal hitman waiting to come in and they won the league.. he didnt even have him on the bench for the final..”

    Would Fergie pay £30 million for Berbatov if he had to do it over? Nani and Anderson didn’t start in the final either. Add Hargreaves, Obertan and flipping Bebe and that’s easily £90m worth invested in players doing naut to help their club win at Wembley. It’s quite funny that you omit this little fact. You say that our moderately payed players have too much too soon. Where does that put these Manchester United players? It’s not like they were that awesome all season.

    “eg 2..hargreaves cost fergie 18mil..yet due to his injury record he’ll be released..

    can you imagine wenger telling diaby or rosicky times up??”

    Wenger let Eduardo go a season after he had his leg shattered, he got rid of Pires, Henry and Vieira after they had won him a bunch of trophies.

    Why are you trying to paint Wenger as if he’s soft?

    Don’t compare Hargreaves to either Rosicky or Diaby. Rosicky can still play football. Owen Hargreaves can hardly walk. And Diaby is about to turn 24 years old. Hargreaves is thirty already.

  87. Great final game of the season and Swansea seem to have the right stuff to perform in the PL

  88. Gainsbourg69

    JJ: “coaching staff is a big thing for me..two words..set pieces..
    we need to get better..we panic defend and we conceed too many pens and too many set pieces and overall sloppy goals that need to be sorted out..”

    You should really consider getting a backroom staff organized so you could challenge Wenger for his spot. I really think you can do it. I mean, just reading your insights one can tell that you have that je ne sais quoi that is needed to make it as a manager for a top team.

  89. he sold ronaldo for 90..
    anderson and nani are not the goldent boot winner and they were on the bench, berba didnt even get that..
    they werent awesome this season, we have a better squad man for man but they took 1st and was runner up in the cl and we were runner up in the cc and limped to 4th..
    wenger wasnt soft with the invincibles, but he is soft with these lot.

  90. Right then, a Welsh team in EPL… they’ll have to buy Demba Baa Baa and start giving it some wellie!

  91. has a none english team been in top flight before..
    i cant remember in my time..

  92. LimparAssist

    Oooo… shiny new website!

    Glad to see Özyakup is staying with us. Very clever little player.

  93. @JonJon
    ‘has a non english team been in top flight before..’

    Yeah… the spuds!
    No seriously, I remember Cardiff being in the old first division in the 60’s and they may have been there in 2002/3 but not sure!

  94. You mean 93/94? No?

  95. Werent Swansea in the top flight in the 80s?

  96. Gainsbourg69

    JJ: “wenger wasnt soft with the invincibles, but he is soft with these lot.”

    Is he soft or is he letting them mature?

  97. Swansea were there from around 1980 with a team recruited by Toshack of old Liverpool players – including Ray Kennedy. At one time I remember them being top of the First Division for a few games and I have gota vague idea they even got a UEFA Cup place. It only lasted a couple of seasons though and as their legs went so Swansea tumbled. The Vetch was a bleak dump lol

  98. skywatchingmug

    John Toshack was the manger the last time Swansea where in old division one. They had a good side. Early 80’s, maybe 1983 season.

  99. If I remember correctly, during the 80’s in the 1st division Swansea beat the Arsenal and Liverpool during their first season under Toshack!!!!

    ps. I got confused about Cardiff in 2002/3, they were in the current 1st division!

  100. Pretty sure you are right there NB – biggest result in their history blah blah

  101. skywatchingmug

    1982 season I think, Northbank1969. They had a great start to the season and where up and round first place, for most of the season. But couldn’t keep it up. Then the next season they got relegated.

  102. G69:

    Much of the stuff that gets posted on this and other blogs is ridiculous but its all just opinions. You seem to enjoy criticizing everyone elses ideas but I would love to know why you think that the squad which has this much talent and is managed so well has struggled in the last several years. I doubt you are happy with 3rd and 4th place finishes and there has to be some explanation.

  103. who cares how Fergie won the Leage this year. fact is besides Fergie there is no other good manager than Wenger. those two stand out among their peers. thats a fact. No other manager has nutured so many stars, has brought through so many youngsters.

    i dont really undestand where you want to go with this discussion at all jj. What are you trying to achieve?

  104. skywatchingmug

    Swansea did the double on us. And the Tinny Tots finished above us.

  105. bendtner has a shite first touch get rid of him!

  106. skywatchingmug

    William every dog has it’s day.

  107. skywatchingmug

    Every dog has its day, that should read.

  108. @ Northbank 69, that’s a wicked album, mate. RIP Ronnie and Steve.

  109. Basing your judgement of Bendtner off one mis-controlled pass is poor.

  110. Northbank,

    They did the double over Arsenal in 1981/2 but we reversed that in 1982/3, the year they went down.

    This time though, it might well be lambs to the slaughter. Sorry, I won’t be a baaaa-stard on this one.


  111. depends when they play us a Yogi. begining of the season their in for it, spring and they have a chance!!

  112. Gainsbourg69

    Bill: “Much of the stuff that gets posted on this and other blogs is ridiculous but its all just opinions. You seem to enjoy criticizing everyone elses ideas but I would love to know why you think that the squad which has this much talent and is managed so well has struggled in the last several years. I doubt you are happy with 3rd and 4th place finishes and there has to be some explanation.”

    I’m not happy with third or fourth, Bill. However, I have all the confidence in the world that this team will be unstoppable. In the mean time I can look beyond the hullabaloo and see a group of youngsters who have stayed neck and neck with teams that spend hundreds of millions of pounds every season. If you can’t see that, then you can go on pulling the same fantasy football nonsense you do each off-season. I won’t stop you.

  113. G69:

    Sure hope your right.

  114. LimparAssist

    Did you take this banner shot yourself, YW?

  115. LA

    Sadly not – my photographic skills are nowhere near good enough!


  116. Well it’s pretty cool anyway.

  117. Just in after after a long weekend.
    ooooo!!!…love the new design.
    Go Yogi.

    Seems like JJ getting on peoples nerves today.

  118. Love the new design YW. Much easier now to see what comments to skip.

  119. who would have thought it was Swansea and not Cardiff that was gonna join us in the PL this year.
    Bet nobody saw that coming 🙂

  120. winning the title or champions league is what I hope for!
    C’mon fans we’re a big big club and despite not winning for 6 years, we’ve shown what we’re capable of this season.Imo we are the only team to have beaten Barcelona by playing an offensive game.
    Surely the title’s coming back to north-london next year.
    Season Review: Part I

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