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World media attention is on Wembley for the Champions League Final. Do not come here expecting a jingoistic support of Manchester United. I hate them every day of the week, feelings that do not disappear in times of European football.

It is a tough call though. Barcelona and Manchester United are the two evils; if someone can come up with a foolproof notion as to which one is the lesser, please let us know. (Thwack! My mother was born in Barcelona. That’s a good enough reason – Mrs YW) Thank you dear, always good advice.

Arsenal have launched their search for the all-time XI to play for the club. It is an enjoyable exercise but comparing players through the ages is fraught with difficulties. The Golden Age of the ’30s exists in diminished memories or on black and white film.

Their playing equipment would probably cause serious injury to many players of today. Arsenal are not renowned as great headers of the ball at the moment, they would be even less inclined to do so were a ball from that era to be coming in their direction today.

It is a quest that brings into sharp focus the current squad’s quality. How many have a genuine case of inclusion? Not many.

Before you get all hung up on this, look at the squad. Fabregas and van Persie are World Class. Nasri and Arshavin lack the required consistency to be considered so occupying the hinterland between ‘Very Good’ and ‘Exceptional’. Walcott and Wilshere have the potential whilst Song is reliable.

Sagna is the best right back in the country bar none, one of the best in the world. The centre backs and goalkeepers? How come no-one wants to buy them? Not even the media can be arsed to link them with a club abroad, no matter how ludicrous such attachments might be.

Yet you do not expect them all to be ‘stars’, nor should they all be. Age is against some , ability others but a team of ‘stars’ does not win much – ask Real Madrid. Even Chelsea’s megabucks teams consisted of reliable professionals and ‘stars’. The Invincibles also highlighted that. This is the balance Arsène must find, one that is not too far away, one that a summer of activity might resolve.

For those who were wondering, my XI would be:

Seaman; Sagna, Adams, McLintock, Sansom; Armstrong, Vieira, Brady, Pires; Bergkamp, Henry

Subs: Wilson; Rice, Keown, O’Leary, Cole; Rocastle, Williams, Fábregas, Limpar; van Persie, Wright

Tempting as it is, a second substitutes bench might be pushing it a bit so apologies to Jennings; Anderson, Bould, Storey, McNab; Ljungberg, Davis, Talbot, Nasri; Radford, Kennedy for your omissions. Fine players one and all.

The key thing to remember is that these players did not all play in the same team. Each era has its star players, the current incumbents time may yet come.

Yesterday saw Arsenal transfer dreams shattered. First of all Pep Guardiola might leave Barcelona and the poster boy of the “Wenger Out” campaign looks to be heading to Stamford Bridge if he does. Or he might take a year off. Which with the age of the Chelsea squad might well be the same thing.

Meanwhile, Karim Benzema is not for sale. At least he doesn’t think so. The story’s credibility is summed up by the media. Yesterday The Sun had Gael Clichy being sold. Their heart was not in it though, only three sentences in the story. This Benzema denial is given the same short shrift. Karim, Hell hath no apathy like a hack scorned.

Charles N’Zogbia was apparently coy on his chances of a move to a big club. He wasn’t really, more embarrassed that his agent had forgotten to plant the story before a journalist asked the question. Christopher Samba is another one constantly linked with the club. Somewhere between a lummox and monster, he will cost somewhere between £8m – £12m which is somewhere between £8m – £12m too much. Arsène rates him though, so who am I to argue?

Elsewhere Aaron Ramsey scored for Wales in their 2-0 victory over Northern Ireland in Dublin yesterday. Cannot tell you about the goal as I did not see it. Nor did many others as the official attendance is listed as 529. And no, I have not missed a zero or zeroes out. 529. A pointless international if ever there was one.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Surprisingly 1st, excellent post. Not a United fan, but hopeful that an English team wins the Champions League.

  2. Clichy is a good LB, but if we sell him, who do we replace him with?? LB’s are very few these days. If Wenger buys Mertesacker/Samba/Vertoghen then I won’t mind seeing Benz in an arsenal shirt.
    Ramsey goal-

    Ramsey seems to be a distance shooter to me, lurking on the edge of the box, good positioning, and gets the ball through a bundle of players into the back of the net, he can become better than Gerrard!

  3. Good to see George Armstrong get in your team. A winger like him would be the answer to the Bendtner conundrum . He was a winger that could cross with either foot from deep and the by line , looked up , beat the first defender and put the ball on Radford and Kennedy’s heads for fun.

  4. aarons goal was pure him. took a dropping ball just inside the box and hit on the half volley as clean as you like – real quality!

  5. Very good Post, again.

    Your suggested teams and subs brought back some great memories, of wonderful players, although I did not see all of them actually play.

    What about Charlie George, and Perry Groves? OK, only kidding about Perry. 🙂 Although he was a whole hearted player who made the most of limited talent and he loved/loves Arsenal.

    Anyway, you have got me thinking about who would be in my own best Arsenal team!

  6. Well, Champions League final day, we should have been there! But instead I’ve been looking at the star charts of some of the final players. And here are the horoscopes:
    Alex Ferguson:
    Today your sense of smell is more acute than usual, when you look in the mirror you realise why, your blue nose has become your ego and swollen to three times its normal size.
    Pep Guardiola:
    Today you get your hands on the handle of a cup, Unfortunately, it’s just the tea-cup at half time.
    Wayne Rooney:
    As you arrive at Wembley today you are attacked by a gang of cameras for having hurled verbal abuse at one of their mates- that’ll fucking teach you, you fucking cunt.
    Edwin van der Sar:
    You dream that you win the cup but the only thing the Queen gives you at the end of the match is your OAP bus pass.
    Ryan Giggs:
    The Wembley croud are going to be 100% behind you today- in a queue- 90,000 pricks up your arse!
    Javier Hernandez:
    You realise today why they call you ‘chicarito’, you’re nothing more than a little round green thing with not an ounce of talent.

    The Barca chart predictions to follow…….

  7. seaman sagna adams campbell cole rocky vieira brady pires bergkamp henry

    wilson keown samson parlour overmars rvp wright..

  8. I shall be backing the plucky little underdogs from Salford – ludicrous I know but I just can’t watch a game in neutral

  9. Horoscopes continued, star charts for Barca:

    You are over the moon today when you are offered a starring role….. Disney have asked you to be a dwarf in their new production of Snow White.
    The charts say that everything is going to go well today but, to be honest, what the fuck do they know.
    You decide to wear a snood at Wembley today, unbeknown to you, it once belonged to RVP and it fucking strangles you.
    Bno hora de dormir mañon y después….. u mug!

    Good post Yogi, glad to see you included little Georgie Armstrong, I used to love watching him play.

  10. barca
    all day long
    taken enough shit from those manc pricks this year i want barca to smash them in the final..take the grin right off the fuckers faces..
    barca aint even in our league so we dont have to listen to their fans gloat..

    utd need to lose..

  11. and lose heavy

  12. Jennings Sagna Bould Adams Sansom Armstrong Brady Cesc Pires Henry Bergy
    Defensive midfielder ? My arse

  13. Anicoll5, I’m with Yogi on this one. I have no desire to witness the hacks shoving their snouts any further up slur alex’s a-hole thank you very much!

  14. And the final star chart for the ref:
    Forget his name but it was this cunt who gave RVP the red card at the Nou Camp;

    You are the only winner today when a mafia type bloke with a spanish accent gives you 100,000 euros in cash to send off a Man Utd player.

  15. I know Passenal I know – two evils – all I can offer as an inadequate defence is a loathing for the ingrained dishonesty of Busquets, Alves and Pedro which the Fates should punish – Rooney and Scholes may be dirty cheating bastards butt least they are not sly about it

  16. Why no Jack Kelsey between the sticks?

  17. Paulie Walnuts

    As a 24/7 hater of all things Man Ure I`ll be cheering those Catalan a-holes all the way tonight.


    subs – Jennings / Cole / Keown / Fabregas / Limpar / Van Persie / Wright

  18. What price can I get on a meteorite the size of a small lorry crashing into the Wembley pitch tonight and wiping both teams off the face of the planet so I don’t have to decide which bunch of despicable cunts I’d rather see lift the cup?

  19. And the five on the bench ? Seaman O’Leary, Vieira, Overmars and Woodcock

  20. From45

    The players listed are those that I have seen. The only time I came across Mr Kelsey was when he ran the club shop.


  21. Ditto Yogi I would guess Wilf Copping in his hob nailed boots might have raised a few eye brows these days on MOTD

  22. JabbaDelights

    Jennings, dixon,o’leary, adams, samson, brady, pires, veira, cesc, bergkamp, henry

  23. Ha! Beat this…

    – – – – – – – – – – – Seaman – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Rice – – McLintock – Adams – – Hapgood
    – – – – – – – – Rocastle – – – Viera – – – – – – – –
    – – Limpar – – – Bergkamp – – – – Brady- –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Henry – – – – – – – – – – –

    Subs: Wilson, Sagna, Van Persie, Pires, Petit, Campbell

    Don’t mess with that lot.

    Sagna will challenge Rice within two years (adding honours to his superiority), Koscielny and Vermaelen will both challenge McLintok and Campbell in the next 3-4 years. Van Persie is already pushing the entire front three for a starting berth. Fabregas has it in him too. Sczeszney will go far – sky’s the limit. I have an inkling Samir Nasri might make the running eventually too. And Aaron Ramsey is almost certain to make it.

  24. Great comment on the virtues of continuity yesterday, OOU. Really couldn’t agree more with that.

  25. RIP Gil Scott Heron

  26. ”Sagna is the best right back in the country bar none, one of the best in the world.”

    Hey, you’re entitled to your opinion?

  27. He’s got a point, y’know. Forgot Verdum Corluka.

  28. All time best Arsenal Team of the last 50 years
    Dixon McLintock Adams Sansom
    Overmars Vierra Brady Pires
    Bergkamp Henry

    Subs Jennings Lauren Keown O’Leary Cole Rocastle Petit Fabregas George Wright van Persie

  29. From Chris Samba’s wikipedia entry (at the bottom): “It has recently been revealed that Christopher Samba is good friends with Mario Balotelli”.

    We need a centre back with supreme judgment, right? This settles that.

  30. CL Final – Arsenal beat both of these teams and it should make for interesting entertainment.
    The match will be decided on which team is more effective in conning the match official.
    I smell controversy surrounding the result.

  31. @ The Law
    “What price can I get on a meteorite the size of a small lorry crashing into the Wembley pitch tonight and wiping both teams off the face of the planet so I don’t have to decide which bunch of despicable cunts I’d rather see lift the cup?”

    Sums up how I feel about it, too!

  32. george rodger

    Best eleven.
    Dennis Bergkamp and ten assorted others.
    Sub. Rvp .

    I think Dennis is the only player nailed on in everyones team.

  33. I’m scared to ask this but, DelBoyEssex who are the better right backs in the country? In the world?

  34. Why the fuck are people choosing jennings in goal??? No freaking way man!

  35. I am also intrigued by Derek for Chingford’s post there Yogi

  36. Seaman
    Sagna Adams O’Leary Cashley
    Rocastle Vieira
    Pires Bergkamp Brady

    Wilson, Keown, Overmars, Merson, Wright, Cesc, Winterburn

  37. what a team this is…..
    luzhny cygan senderos stepanovs
    baptista denilson boa morte inamoto
    diawara jeffers
    an all time classic…..

  38. Lol fungunner my thoughts exactly. What a dilemma. I think my hatred of united is infinitely more than for Barca and hope Messi thoroughly humiliates them but not before the oscars for the best theatrics in a champions league final are given out. Nani vs Busquets should be interesting.This game will be controversial for sure. 3-0 Barca. Vidic sent of for breathing on Busquets. We were nearly there folks. Arsenal will be back to put BBB in their place. Its nice for our blue print for beating barca to be given some credit and coverage and the little russians winner being played over and over. United though dont have a Fabregas.Ole. Still believe.

  39. Bacary Sagna should have featured in the player of the season poll.
    He is Mr Consistent. Do you ever find yourself saying, “Bac not up to his usual high standard?” And the cheeky rapscallion has started scoring screamers as well.

  40. Yes, G4L, if you put a gun to my head and got out the thumbscrews and the Michael Buble CDs, I would have to say I would prefer Barca to win. Still crossing my fingers for that meteorite, though.

  41. YW,

    Your dream team looks good.. and I agree with Sagna’s selection.. really consistent RB… For me, it is always Bould and Adams at CB purely because they were a fantastic partnership..

    Van Persie would fit in with all those legends if not for his injuries..,I consider him world class because of his ability to shoot, create and use both foot and rise to the occasion..

    Btw, sorry to bother you again, but as I am writing my blog, I just wanted to know if there is any credible source that reported that Mertesacker signed a new contract.. I don;t think he will because Werder are in a bad position and he will leave mostly..

  42. coob23

    I always liked Kaba!

    Luzhny was a solid pro too.

  43. 100% behind Barcelona tonight. Can’t support ugly football.

  44. dexter…
    yeah hard to thin kof more flops to fill a team… so many horrible players like bendtner, pennant etc. but wanted to use a formation that isnt 4-3-3, because its shit for us… other than that i think its a relegation standard team…

  45. @ theBigM
    I’ve been reading yesterday’s posts. Just had to pick you up on something – Messi’s goal in the first half on the CL tie was *correctly* ruled offside. Pedro (I think it was) who started the move, was offside. The ref in UA explains, if you’re interested. So no favours there, either.

  46. Man Utd or Barcelona, it’s like choosing between AIDS or cancer! Jokes aside I think Barca will win. Maybe a 2-0 scoreline just like in 2009.

  47. A team of Arsenal players I’ve seen live (I only started in close season ’93):

    (BTW, fuck fullbacks, because there’s no way I could build a best XI without Cashley if I had them!)


    Sol Campbell,

    Subs – Lehmann, Bould, Sagna, Petit, Gilberto Silva, Wright, van Persie

  48. Great post. Great game… the best xi not champions corruption league…

    Anyway I could change this ten times but i’ll go for:

    Sagna . Adams . Bould . Cole
    Rvp . Vieira . Limpar . Brady
    Bergkamp . Henry

    Not sure how they would line up though.

  49. Dexter

    Jennings was an outstanding keeper and I can see why he has been chosen. Yet Seaman was better overall.


    I’m just off out but will look when I get back later this afternoon.


  50. Baines

    Off the top of my head these are 5 left backs we can target if Clichy leaves. Haven’t really seen any of them in action except Baines, who has a wicked cross.

  51. Coob23. There are far worse Arsenal teams than that…

    Boa Morte was a decent squad player and went on to have a top-flight career. As Dexter said, Luzhny was a versatile defender who never deserved his negative reputation. Senderos was part of that mythical CL defence. Denilson just does not belong there at all, nor does Baptista, although it’s fair to say that he didn’t settle in the PL. Can’t argue too much about the others, apart from the fact that they were backups that mostly did their jobs quite well.

  52. If your looking for players to put into an Arsenal relegation XI then you most definately have to include Ian Ure and Peter Marinello….

  53. Nice post Yogi thanks again. Here in the US we were unable to realistically follow Arsenal or English football until the arrival of Fox Soccer channel so I can only agree with you top 11 since unfortunately never saw many of the players other then small video clips on Agree with George DB10 the greatest footballer in history.

    Not very often this happens but I also agree with Fungunner regarding her projected fate of ManU and Barca in her 1:38 post. Go FunGunner. However since that outcome is unlikely I guess its go Barca.

    I would be very interested to know your specific ideas about which positions we should strengthen this summer and may be some thoughts about who you would like to see us target and who might have to leave to make room. You have mentioned several times that we need to strengthen but you seem to disagree or downplay anytime a specific player is mentioned. None of us experts but your knowledge is certainly more complete then nearly anyone else on the blog and I would be very interested in your ideas.

  54. Jennings

    Dixon McLintock Adams Cashley

    Pires Vieira Brady Overmars

    Bergkamp Henry

  55. Seaman
    Sagna Adams Keown Sansom
    Vieira Fabregas
    v.Persie Bergkamp Brady

    Subs: Lehmann, McLintok, Toure, G.Silva, Anelka, Pires, Bastin

    But 20 years from now, when we reminisce, I’m pretty sure it will look something like:

    Sagna Adams Vermaelen Cole
    Vieira Wilshere
    Pires Fabregas Walcott
    Van Persie

    Thats how close this team is.

  56. Matoo, I dont believe there will be a time in history in which Bergkamp is not in Arsenal’s best 11.

    He is simply one of the best players ever.

  57. Henry either!

  58. Matoo:

    Your belief is strong.

    Agree with Paul, no way you can take DB10 off any list like this.

  59. Sorry Yogi but take it from me , Jack Kelsey was world class. Voted best GK in the only World Cup finals he played in and there were some good ones around then. I also can’t believe Charlie George didn’t get in any of your 3 teams. He gave one of the best performances I have ever seen from an Arsenal player in the 1971 away 4th round FA Cup tie at Maine Road. A real tour de force.

  60. george rodger

    What!!!!! Dennis not in!!!!!
    Who said that?
    Off with his head.

  61. george rodger

    If it was an all time world eleven then Dennis would still be the first name on my list

  62. Billboy. agreed and add to that Peter Simpson who played left half and was Mr.Dependable and was unlucky never to play for England

  63. George Eastham – outstanding in a modest side – he would flourish today – also had a lot of time for Frank Stapleton who we letgo far too early

  64. Nasri compilation.

  65. Wellingotn Silva, thanks to the legend that is CWD.

  66. Well those few comments above proves that the myth that the Internet is only for the under 40’s .

  67. Jack Kelsey was the best goalkeeper I have ever seen (even allowing for the fact that distance enchants the view). And he played at a time which would have brought unalloyed delight to the realists, since we went for 18 years without a trophy. He kept the team afloat at a time when we had no defence worth speaking about – and an attack to match.

    In contrast, my father can still recite the successful teams from the 30s. He would probably want to include all of them in an all-time XI, and he certainly wouldn’t countenance the omission of Alex James.

  68. Borges Spinelli

    My favorite allstar line-up, drawn up from the years my family and I have been supporting the Arsenal (1987- present day) are:

    Seaman; Sagna, Adams, O’Leary, Cole; Pires, Viera, Rocastle, Overmars; Bergkamp, Henry

    Subs bench of 11:

    Lukic; Dixon, Campbell, Bould, Sylvinho; Limpar/Ljungberg, Gilberto Silva/Petit, Fabregas, Nasri; van Persie, Wright

    Half time entertainment/refreshments and boot cleaning service provided by:

    Aliadière, Bendtner, Gibbs, Emmanuel-Thomas & Eboué

  69. Delia--Block 112

    My favorites, not necessarily the best players I’ve seen in my 54 years of watching Arsenal:
    Kelsey Rice McLintock O’Leary Winterburn
    Bloomfield Paddy Brady
    DB10 Herd Overmars
    Of the above, Dennis was my all time favorite player by miles and I doubt whether we shall see his like again in an Arsenal shirt.
    As for tonight’s proceedings , Messi will be the only one having my support.
    As always COYRs

  70. The last few days have seen more then a few BBB fans taking the time to make a pilgrimage to the new Arsenal Stadium.

    Any defeat for The Enemy is great result. By hook or by crook.

    Cracking stat from Infostrada, unfortunately I can’t make up a story of my preference to match the stats (which are correct and not made up! Have to be careful these days):

    ‘Ronald Koeman belongs to a tradition that has seen only foreigners score for FC Barcelona in the final of the European Cup/Champions League. Their goals in these finals have been scored by Hungarians Sandor Kocsis and Zoltan Czibor, Dutchman Ronald Koeman, Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o (twice), Brazil’s Juliano Belletti and Argentina’s Lionel Messi.’

    No Eto so they’ll have to rely on just Messi (and maybe Iniesta) this time.

  71. Borges Spinelli

    Who remembers the days of 5 substitutes on the bench with only 2 permitted to join the game?

  72. For what its woth:
    Seaman, Anderson, Adams, O’Leary, Sansom, Rocastle, Vieira, Brady, Pires Bergkamp, Henry
    Subs: Jennings, Wright, Keown, Davis, Williams, Sagna, Cole, Merson

  73. Oops forgot Cesc…take out Merse on the bench and put him in

  74. Now how did I miss Bergkamp? That’s it, Bergkamp in for Walcott.

  75. Shame we are not in the final. Missing a real opportunity to sing about the ticket prices and boo the plyaers in front of 300 million viewers.

  76. 5 on the bench and 2 subs Borges ? I remember one on the bench and envying Leeds had Paul Madeley 🙂

  77. The not so greatest would probably be:
    Wood, O’Shea, Ceaser, Stepanovs, Hill, Carter, Malz, Helder, McGoldrick, Chapman, Meade

  78. Borges Spinelli

    Build up to game can be seen on here:

  79. Borges Spinelli


    LOL, i’m not that old.

  80. Delia, my first game was Feb 1958 and we lost to United 4-5,their last domestic game before the Munich Air crash.

    Very hard to compare players from then and now.Different ball, heavy boots, muddy or frozen pitches, no subs (Bert Trautman breaking his neck and not knowing it in an early fifties Cup Final) but I have to agree that DB10 is my all time favourite

  81. Amazing, kelsey, straight out of the history books

  82. Oh here we go again

    .Frank just leave it will you.please.

  83. Don’t know what you mean, kelsey

  84. george rodger

    Frank,his favorite player is Dennis,cut him some slack.(smiley face here if I had one)

  85. Not unless he admits that RvP is going to be as good as DB10, george rodger

  86. Actually I think he is there already

  87. So. Thats the deal. No more comments from me about kelsey’s Zelig-like experiences, if kelsey agrees that RvP is as good a player as DB10.

  88. Frank

    Behave. RvP is not as good as Bergkamp – might be but not at this moment.


  89. Have that Biscuits you c*nt!

  90. He is, YW

  91. Borges Spinelli

    Arghhhh!!!!! To hell with it, i’m rooting for Barça. My deep dislike of Manchester united has swayed me. 4-1 ou 3-1. Força Barça!

  92. RvP said several years ago that he had to do twice as much as any other player in order to get the same recognition. He is right. He was not complaining, just the way it is.

  93. Borges Spinelli


  94. It’s just devastating. I mean, you have to enjoy it.

  95. Will Barcelona acutallrly manage to beat a team without cheating?

  96. its so slow

  97. Borges Spinelli

    3 more goals to come from the Catalães. I’m, sticking my reputation out on here. Mark my words, folks!

  98. Great fun this game. Every goal has you jumping up and down with joy at the misfortune of the conceding team

  99. Hahah Frank, exactly my thoughts.

  100. The best is that you can laugh at the looser saying can’t u even beat them? After all arsenal beat them both.

  101. Frank:

    Your best one for a while.

  102. Damning with feint praise

  103. Or is it faint? Swoon

  104. shouldn’t arry be on the radio. looks like he has a job offer on his mind.

  105. goonzablazin

    so if Cesc leaves for Barca would he battle it out with Mascherano for the backup CB position?

  106. Well hello, Northbank1969

  107. Any chance of someone doing this ref do you reckon?

  108. If it was Almunia there…………

  109. Borges Spinelli

    As i boldly stated earlier, two more to come.

  110. Funny game. Rooney equalises from a Giggs offside pass and Valencia should have been redcarded by now!

  111. Am just waiting for someone( dont care what team) to have a proper tantrum once they realise they loose. Will united turn dirty? And will Barcelona win an Oscar? How exciting!

  112. When we played Barcelona at home we created more chances than them over the 90 minutes…

  113. Borges Spinelli

    that’s 3-1. One more to go.

  114. we beat these cunts……and we were a dodgy red from knockin em out.

  115. ManU being schooled

  116. I have often wondered why Barcelona had Abidal with them, because he does not bomb forward as crazily as Alves but he is rugged and unmoving when he needs to be. When you have the quality they have in the final third you can afford to dull his attacking even if it leaves a little lop sided.

    I like him he keeps his job simple.

    3 – 1 should have put that bet on.

  117. “we beat these cunts……and we were a dodgy red from knockin em out.”

    So we’re not as bad as you’ve been telling us?

    I’m just having a laugh, but it is worth thinking about I reckon.

  118. not often a team comes a long as good as this, best team i have ever seen, so to be called barca light is maybe a good thing and we should take it as a compliment.

  119. Indeed, duke, indeed.

    Haven’t been watching football for too long but they are without a doubt the best team I have seen.

  120. Barca 67% possesion, Man U 3 attempts on goal…. how does it feel Fergie!

  121. maybe Fergie should have spoken to Wenger instead of giving Jose a call in how to beat Barca.

  122. here comes the razorlights lead singer Johnny Borell.

  123. A masterclass in a final against the best team in England.Barcelona the best team ever.

  124. Well u never know with united thou. They deffo always wait for the fat lady before they give up.

  125. And they are known to be lucky… They are always lucky

  126. No Fergie Time today

  127. Manachester United were so poor, Farca didn’t need to cheat!

  128. A footballing lesson to all of us!

  129. Lol they looked like arsenal after rvp was given red card for 70 minutes. How many shoots at goal? United was an embarrassment

  130. So. Arsenal remain the only English team to beat Barca.

  131. hahaha….the Mancs were chasing shadows like a relegation side.

  132. That was truly a masterclass performance. ManU totally outclassed. No doubt the best team I have ever seen. How do you get a group of players who have won so much and recieve so much praise to play with that much energy and passion. Amazing.

  133. Yeah, goonergal – I wasn’t sure if it was me, but they didn’t try it on nearly as much.
    “What have you got to do to beat Barca?” “Be Arsenal.”

  134. Borges Spinelli

    Ha! Love it when Man Hoes lose. Alex Rudolph Ferguson looks pic perfect in defeat.

  135. Borges Spinelli

    Catalunha é campeãoooo da Liga dos campeos.

  136. Only arsenal and on good days real Are capable of beating barca at their own game. And that is a fact. A fact to be proud of.

  137. I hope the English pundits put their shoes in their mouths and just shut the hell up.

    Their idol the Mancs looked like school boys in front of Barca, at least we beat them at the Emirates and they needed the Ref’s help on their ground.

  138. All I have to say is fuck Barcelona, and fuck Man Utd.

  139. 1 loose cannon

    nothing works against these Barca team but we beat them and we should be proud of that. Not only that we came close to nocking them on their patch. We were rediculed in the media, they told us the stats and all that crap but here they have their darling united smashed but theywill not mention the stats.

  140. I guess we were’nt mentally weak after all… or lazy. Barca ,best team in recent history and Guardiola was scared of us…this result validates what Wenger is trying to achieve…and achieve he will.

  141. “Barca 67% possesion, Man U 3 attempts on goal…. how does it feel Fergie!”

    I’m sure the media will come up with all the excuses in the world for them, despite the fact that they had their 11 best players available and on the pitch for 90 mins.

  142. Congratulations Messi. The rest of them can piss off.

  143. I’m so happy for you Evra…you f8cking stinky c3nt

  144. 1 loose cannon

    Passenal the Stats will be banned in the media for few months and they will tell us United were really unfortunate .

  145. All I have to say about today’s big game is:

    Well done Stevenage.

  146. @ dukegoonem
    “maybe Fergie should have spoken to Wenger instead of giving Jose a call in how to beat Barca.”
    I think the success of both managers’ game plan was dependent on getting on the first goal. When Barca scored first I knew they would win.

    @ Harry.
    Yup. Did you think that BBB seemed less tired after 70 mins today, than they were when they played against us? Perhaps we made them work harder as well.

  147. @ passenal
    Stats don’t mean a thing – unless they show us in a bad light, obviously.

  148. Gunner4ever, very nice.

  149. @ Jo Bo | May 28, 2011 at 9:42 pm |
    “All I have to say is fuck Barcelona, and fuck Man Utd.”

    May I heartily second that sentiment.

  150. Ya the Mancs were unfortunate the Referee was not English 🙂

  151. Fun, agree i dont thin Barca have ever had to work as hard as they did agaisnt us and they knew it, it was too easy for them tonight.

  152. 1 loose cannon

    No one gave us any credit when we beat them all they keeped on talking about is the stats. Now they are all going to look back at our victory against Barca and realise we have actually done a good job on them even in the second leg. I can proudly say Arsenal is the closest to this Barca team and with a few adjustement we will challenge them for years to come.

  153. Barca are indeed the best team in the world. To dominate such a game with the 5’7 mascherano in central defence?

    Cankt but admire such ability. So proud we were the only top team to really give them a game. May have knocked them out if that ref wasn’t such a twat. Would certainly have done so if Bendtner had a better 1st touch.

  154. Anyone think the Barca bus will run over the cup?

  155. FunGunner, yes – Fergie’s ‘luck’ does not extend to Europe and he probably told his players that smashing opponents in the face, surrounding and abusing the ref enmasse might not be tolerated. Hence the reason why Man U struggled so much.

  156. Gainsbourg69

    They didn’t even put up a fight. If it wasn’t for Van der Sar’s incredible goalkeeping they could’ve easily lost by five or six. Too bad it’s his last game.

    Our commentator, Eric Wynalda, is saying that Barcelona is so good no one can keep up with them. I beg to differ, Eric. We beat them in London and it took a weasely double yellow for them to claw their way back in at home. Fucking, yank ex-football players. They’re worse then the yanks coming on here waxing lyrical about tactics and buying Christopher Samba.
    After the second goal it was all over so even if they had scored a few more it wouldn’t have even mattered.

  157. FunGunner,
    They did not have to try as hard. Look at stats, 70-30pos, 20 shots vs 4, 10 vs 1 on target, with 11 on the pitch.
    Silly, but when pundits described our performance as one needing a complete overhaul of team, coach, this now makes us look like only team capable of overhauling Barca.
    We only need to be more consistent in the PL…and that’s a toughy.

  158. I bet Cesc is thinking how he could have been a part of all this , holding the trophy aloft in his tracksuit!

  159. Henristic, we didn’t just give them a game. We were on the cusp of upsetting the shit out of them until the referee took matters into his own hands and made it so Barcelona could play in the next phase.

  160. 1 loose cannon

    Duke- Cesc had 0 chance of playing in this team. It would’ve been a hollow trophy for him. If he stays and put up a fight on the pitch he might be the one to lift this trophy as captain.

  161. Glad they won without the theater and sly tactics. Pep shouldn’t have allowed that behaviour to get so out of control.
    Sure it may give them advantages sometimes (I’m sure Valencia would have been sent off if they had pressurized the ref like they normally do). But in the end, all it does is taint their victories, and make neutrals hate them.

  162. Hmm, wonder what the reaction would have been if it was Almunia that conceded that Messi goal.

  163. It just makes me feel even sicker to know that manure are only champions of England because we chucked it away. They are a poor team, aided and abetted over here by friendly referees and fergies lackeys who roll over and let him win in hopes of getting the nod to take over from him one day. As much as I hate the catalan cunts, the manc ones are marginally more despicable. Plus Evra plays for them.

  164. Only stat that I was paying attention to was the number of times commentary team mentioned the disgraceful behavior of the current club champions in their semi against the dark lord.
    But not one mention of the even more disgusting showing against us.

  165. News of the world headlines tommorw : best team on the planet…and only Arsenal can beat them!

  166. I think our consistency in the league will come when the likes of Nasri, Wilshere, Djourou and Walcott, our youngest first teamers, take the next step. Right now we have Van Persie, Clichy, Sagna and Cesc as the players who have legitimate possession of this team, with Song being the only youngster with as much swagger as the senior players. If the young’ns can take the step that Alex Song took this season, look out. If this happens all the talk about deadwood and mental fortitude may just have been a bit pre-emptive.

  167. Gains
    Isn’t that basically what I said?

  168. What a gal! I think you are wonderful, Passenal

  169. 1 Loose Cannon @ 9:55 – I totally agree.

    Farca will probably give interviews saying “inpaseo por el parque” quite a bit.

  170. “inpaseo por el parque” = “stroll in the park”.

  171. Best Arsenal XI
    Jim Furnell
    Any 10 others

  172. Whoa, hang on. Whats going on? Fuck off, Frank @9.30. I think that Barcelona Athletic are beatable and we proved that. Football at this level is about confidence. Just need to break the circle. Believe we can win. Trouble is Barcelona Rovers can rely on their support. But we have the worst supporters in the world.

  173. Well one thing is for sure. Barcelona certainly don’t need Cesc. There was a reason he left them in the first place. They did not find a place for him then and he’ll prolly won’t be a part of the spine for a long time yet. That’s how good tha team is. This victory must have felt bittersweet for cesc.

  174. Cesc won’t go now. He owes us and himself, big time. We played with ten men before Robin got sent off becuase of Cesc. If he is anything like the man he appears to be, he will be with us for some time yet. Didn’t like it whhen he wobbled. But let him now get on with it.

  175. stop fukin moaning frank, we know you hate gooners. we get the message.

  176. 529 watched Wales? There must have been a sheep show on in Swansea

  177. Certainly am growing to like Wembley. What a wonderful stadium. Made up for the other time. Massively expensive tickets of course, but noone sang about it.

  178. In the Camp Nou we had a total of 0 shots

  179. I only moan about Arsenal supporters, Kid Goonem, son. Because they deserve it. Worst supporters in the EPL. I reckon my moanin about them is about as loud as your moanin about the squad. What do you reckon, punk?

  180. Henristic:

    I think you were probably closer to correct then I was when we discussed Barca the other day. Not sure how they would handle 38 games but they are truly amazing.

  181. Frank, you cunt, I would only ever use the term ‘Gnu Camp’. Keep up. Such a poor student.

  182. @ dukegoonem
    “News of the world headlines tommorw : best team on the planet…and only Arsenal can beat them!”
    ha ha! As if.

    @ Gainsbourg69 | May 28, 2011 at 10:14 pm |
    I hope so.
    Building a team must be like building a Formula One car – so many things to get right all at the same time.

    @ MDGunner | May 28, 2011 at 10:29 pm |
    Ha ha
    Did you see the clip? Proper captain’s goal from Rambo to open the scoring.

  183. Poodle, Xavi has two or three years left in his legs. Cesc is not going to dethrone him anytime soon. What makes it even less likely thay he’d leave is that they’ve already started to blood one of the canteranos who is supposed to be the next best thing on the planet. My money is on him staying and getting the fuck on with it.

  184. For the record. In the Gnu Camp if NB had slotted that ball away in the final minutes we would have gone through with ten men. But that is irrelevant. We beat them fair and square at home. A real Arsenal supporter would regale in that. But then….

  185. I dunno old codger all you do is moan about your fellow gooners, whilst the team also deserve ridicule for fukin things up , you have let them off scott fukin free, they even hate themselves for throwing away the best chance they had to win the title.

  186. Indeed I am as old as my arse and a bit older than my teeth, Kid Goonem. But it seems to me that if you are put on this Earth as an Arsenal supporter, it is best to try to do that to the best of your ability. So many are failing to do that. A fucking tragedy that the club closest to Barcelona has supporters who behave as if we are about to be relegated. Lets face it you are a cunt, son, and so are most Arsenal supporters.

  187. Frank, vous est toujours une etoile.

  188. We have a crisis of support. Really bad given that the team need confidence. And yet, Kid Goonem, all people like you do is moan about me moaning about you moaning. You and your kind will be the death of this club. You need to be expunged.

  189. Seydou Keita played the most games for Barca this season. Cesc doesn’t have to dethrone Xavi if he leaves!

  190. Frank
    You summed it up.In the Camp Nou we were relying on a striker with the first touch of a baby elephant when our only chance arrived.How are we supposed to beat Barca if we are relying on Bendtner a striker whose best performance of the season was v Orient.Get fucking real will you

  191. I agree with that Gainsbourg69, even though he once told me to f*uk off (if you can excuse my french) for no partictular reason.

  192. Je te remercie, Serge. Toi aussi, mon ami

  193. We were relying upon, Robin, Frank. Not Nic.

  194. frank why fukin even go then. why not fuck off and except it then, you are the biggest prick, us fans fukin spend our hard earned money following this club but you protect these fukin men now who now put on the shirt but are bleeding the clubs dry, players are the cunts now franky, they dont give a shit about the club or your stupid old arse all they want is a s much money from the club as they can get there grubby hands on, hence us having to pay 6% more. but you still kiss their arse and refuse to even give constructive critisim let alone proper critisim when it is warranted.

  195. I go to see the Arsenal play football, Kid goonem. I should have thought that that was obvious. I don’t give a fuck how much it costs.

  196. Gooner Gal? What do you mean? Surely not?

  197. Did Gainsbourg69 tell you to fuck off? In his cups I would imagine. Very sexy guy. Stick with him.

  198. well good for you then that you dont have to watch your pennys then. i go to watch Arsenal play not the players they come and go dont they.. If a man is wearing the greatest shirt there is to wear and he dont give a fuck then its upto us to……..well have a moan about it.

  199. Don’t take it to heart, Gooner Gal, I’m just a passionate person.

  200. Frank, what Kid Goonem is going through is a phenomenon we call here blue collar victimization syndrome. Everything is upside down in the world because they pay their hard earn money and think that just getting up off their ass for work makes them special.

  201. telling a girl to eff off. tut tut tut. sort of thing men done in franks day.

  202. george rodger

    WTF is going on here tonight?
    Is it like pig Latin or some such fucking thing?

  203. dont get involved 69 er. fukin frank has more body gaurds then the fukin queen.

  204. Delia--Block 112

    You can’t deny Barca put on a show and without the histrionics. Great passing, team play and supergoals. Shame what happened to us at the Nou Camp but I’m very proud of our victory at the Ems . Thought the Ref had a good game. Oh to have a Messi at the Ems, he was just sensational, I’m still drooling.
    As always COYRs

  205. If you are not watching the players, who the fuck are you watching then, Kid Goonem? You see that might be your problem. Try watching the players, you might enjoy the football more.

    As for money. I don’t have a lot. Just a matter of priority. If you are having a problem in that department then buy a cheap notebook, something to write with, nub of a pencil is all that is required. List your expenditure each week, month. If Arsenal is a priority knock out some of the non essentials. Food, drink, childrens clothes that sort of thing. Still not enough then try skimping on essentials beer, paid for sex etc. Try it, it might make you a better supporter. Because lets face it, you ain’t really that good at the moment are you. Don’t worry though. There are thousands like you.

  206. Frank, twas you that used the severe language…but it’s okay.

  207. yeah frank and your surrounded by em, 50,000 of em , must make you fukin sick.

  208. kid goonem , i like it.

  209. My goodness me, Gooner Gal, my dear. I cannot apologise enough. How about I buy you a slap up supper followed by a bit of dancing in recompense? You got red hair? You married? Got any mates?

  210. Actually, Kid, it does make me sick. The penny has dropped I can tell. It has been making me sick for a few seasons now. Whilst you are here might I ask if you are one of those who sing at Liverpool supporters about them not being able to afford anything because they are unable to get jobs?

  211. Haha, No is the answer to the first two questions, and Yes to the third. I would of thought that you would of been snapped up already though.

  212. dont like footballers any more frank, but there isnt a lot i can do now is there, its the club i support . take Nasri the latest one to be trying to squeeze as much as he can out of our clubs turnover, how many clubs do you think will be around in 100 years time? players dont give a fuck. 70 % of the profits on wages. fukin joke.

  213. no Frank…. maybe called them bindippers though!!!

  214. So what if Arsenal took away the footballers and became a social club? Bingo. Beer. Skittles. Hire out the stadium to another football club and Arsenal supporters could get in for for free when there was no football on. Perfect, Kid. You could still be an Arsenal supporter and enjoy being with other Arsenal supporters but not have to be bothered with footballers who, lets face it, just piss (sorry about the language Gonner gal ) you off anyway.

  215. Oh no. My eyes fail me. Gooner Gal, I have to apologise for not spelling properly. Arthritis, rheumy eyes and rushing because my wife (seventh actually) is hovering.

  216. be better frank , but i’d still have a moan. maybe about the shitty burgers or the lack of top players earning loads of money.

  217. actually Frank , i did go to a liverpool game once and wanted to throw a fiver at them……..but i was skint.

  218. Borges Spinelli

    “…all people like you do is moan about me moaning about you moaning.”

    Only Frank can come up with a stellar line like that.

  219. I am feeling a bit overstretched actually because I have always been quite besotted with Passenal, Gooner Gal. I tell you this in complete confidence and out of respect for you. I had hoped that at my age my ardour would have dampened. Seems not and I am having a bit of trouble managing, to tell you the truth. Shame about the red hair but that can be sorted out quite easily. These mates that you have…

  220. No problem Frank, I agree with you totally about the quality of our support.

  221. I’ll leave you two alone shall i.

  222. DukeGoonem, I was thinking the same thing about you and Frank!

  223. DukeGoonem, I seem to of gotten in the way of something that was developing earlier between you and Frank.

  224. Kid, don’t be jelly of Frank. He’s just a salty old guy, as we say.

  225. I hope I’m not the only one amused that Slurgus predictably picked the same tactics that he chose at the New Arsenal Stadium recently?

    Not sure if made much difference in the end, but still.
    Apparently Messi ran the game, to paraphrase the Manc manager.
    They might need to $pal$h the ca$h on one of these:

  226. 69 er, you can finish your shift now matey. franks 7th wife has tucked him in.

  227. Bingo. Beer. Skittles &…


  228. Preferably steel boules.
    With a filling of lightly salted gr*t.

  229. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    To be fair United were without their star man Howard Webb.

  230. Actually I am off to work, Kid. Night shift.

  231. Gainsbourg69

    Nani, Anderson and Berbatov. Sixty million £££ worth of talent on the bench. Contribution to the game? Fuck all. And golden boy Chicharito was as anonymous as he was when we played them. Other than burning David Luiz he didn’t do too well against any half decent defender this season. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer mkII my arse.

    Have a good night at work, Frank. I’m supporting you from afar.

  232. Yogi’s Warrior

    Fair enough, maybe I was being flippant, I get your point.

  233. Gainsbourg69

    Have more respect for Frank, Kid. He fucked his knees up when he was a hooligan.

    Why do you want to sweep him under the rug, Kid?

    I bet it’s because Frank was from an age where men were men and one pissed on the opposition supporters from the upper tier?

  234. Gainsbourg69

    Wouldn’t mind N’Zogbia at all. Clairefontaine product who can terrorize any defense on his day? And from the right, with Theo upfront and Diaby in the middle creating witch craft? Fuck yeah!

  235. 1 loose cannon

    as I predicted The hacks will take it is on the Mancs’s pathetic display last night some headlines Skysports “No shame for Fergie
    United boss bows to Barcelona’s brilliance at Wembley” Didn’t we get hammered in the press not for losing to Barcelona but for beating them. no one looked at the score or the way we beat them. All they keept talking about the stats. I was expecting this. Manure were pathetic it was a walk in the park for Barcelona. We deserve some credit for giving Barcelona a run for their money over 2 legs.

  236. Skywatchingmug

    Like the new layout, YW.

  237. Cheers Skywatchingmug. Early ain’t it?

  238. Skywatchingmug

    Best time to get things done, before the hordes awake.

  239. Yes YW, nice layout. Keep up the good work man.

  240. It was just like watching Arsenal!

  241. nice interface Yogi. at least we beat barca!!!!

  242. cool layout Yogi.

    I heard some fool on talksport say Barcelona basically let us win time.

    i cant wait for us to become fantastic and shove our wins down the throats of the media and the general british public.

  243. can someone ask patrice evra what happened

  244. Yeah, Kos was on Messi like a bad rash. Fantastic. The fact that some cant see it is mind boggling. Kos is on his way to just being nasty. Nasty good, that is.

    What is with the public that doesnt understand keep learning the older you get. its the body that lets you down. (ie Theo can still learn, yeah, really)

    I think his time playing this year has made him ready for the prmiership now. He is ready. Full premier league player.

  245. Just got back in and what do I find? Someone has been messing with the site. You are aware of this, YW? I reckon some little bastard has popped in and messed up the site in the night.

  246. They’re a great team pretty much at their peak. Arsenal and Man Utd tried to play a decent standard and didn’t just try to stop them, which is admirable. Problem is, Barca are on a different level to anyone at the moment.What United really lacked more than anything was composure from the midfield.Thanks for sharing this,great information .

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