Denilson’s Off, Arshavin’s Staying And Who Knows Where Cesc Is Going?

No Darius this morning, so it’s down to me. And where else to begin? Denilson Neves Pereira. Much mooted in his departure, oft-wanted by many, to leave. Their wish has come true. 

The midfielder is quoted in this morning’s Sun as saying that he is frustrated because the team has not won anything, this is what he wants and the transfer request has gone in now because he did not want to cause disruption.

It is a strange little selection of quotes, almost disjointed and smelling of several interviews intertwined to make one. The sentiments of not winning, for example, do not make sense since eight months ago, Arsenal were still in with a chance of winning four trophies.

No coincidence that about eight months ago, he was subjected to a barrage of abuse on Twitter. No mention of it forming part of his decision, which is to his credit.

The desire to leave though is unsurprising. I cannot see him forming a regular part of the midfield at Arsenal unless there is a change of formation and / or vacancies arise. His form when in the team this season, was not consistent enough.

He offered a succinct and more coherent analysis of Arsenal’s season, pinpointing the Carling Cup as the point at which the season collapsed, tellingly suggesting that the staff were as badly impacted as the players. The summary though is that he is not saying anything different to any of us.

Indeed, the thoughts tie in largely with those published in L’Equipe, from Jacques Crevoisier who was formerly involved as psychologist at Arsenal, most famously offering the opinion that Bendtner was the most self-confident individual he had met.

The criticism has already started though and is unsurprising given that it is Denilson were are talking about. He has for the last couple of seasons divided the support. You wonder who is next, the “boo-boys” always need someone to hate, to justify their existence. My money is on Squillaci, Song, Clichy and Arshavin in that order.

Elsewhere, Arsène is ready to be baffled by Stuart Pearce omitting Andy Carroll from the Under 21s this whilst calling up Jack Wilshere. The potential for a season of knack has been well covered and to be honest, any manager whose first teamsheet contained eleven outfield players and no goalkeeper until his wife pointed out the error, should not even be in the job. Let alone one at international level.

With Wenger confident that Arshavin is staying, attention is bound to turn to Cesc. Hot on the heels of Manchester City’s manager declaring that he would love to have the Arsenal captain at Eastlands, AC Milan piped in with their intention to do likewise. Well, take him to Milan that is, albeit the Manchester of Italy.

Lurking in the background are Barcelona who have apparently advised Arsenal that it is their intention to wait until June 1st before deciding whether or not to offer a derisory sum for Fàbregas, a precursor to a summer of stories about how poverty stricken the Catalans are before spending over £100m on players again.

Arsène is not going to let Cesc go easily though, his stall already set out,

What guarantees you that if you go somewhere else you will win trophies?

At Barcelona, there is a fair chance since only two teams realistically challenge for the title each season and recent years have seen that diminish to one. So probably best not to go down that route, Professeur.
OK, what about a tug of the heartstrings then?

The biggest pride for a captain is to be committed to his club and deliver trophies with his team. A player who changes his club every time he is frustrated or when he doesn’t win a trophy, goes nowhere.

I believe the quality of sports life is to be committed to your club and not just to move out when it does not go as well as you expected.

That might work. My own view is that much will depend on the transfer activity this summer. I do not expect Wenger to break the bank with big names, simply quality players. Perhaps the captain expects the same.

Decisive action early in the window would send a signal of intent. But if Cesc wants to go, let him. Ensure the fee is suitably inflated, take the money and invest it wisely in other players. Better that happen now, early, than in August.

With this one, it might be a long hot summer.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. As you say the Denilson “quotes” seem to me a little contrived to suit the journo rather than a real explanation as to why he has decided to cash his chips in.

    For the player himself fair enough – he has given it five years and is still no nearer than establishing himself than he was when he arrived. He has been overtaken by younger players and he is too old to spend yet more seasons on the bench.

    Good luck to him and I doubt he will have much trouble in finding a berth in Spain or Portugal or Italy

  2. My big fat greek arse

    Nice read…..yet again:)

  3. Cheers YW

    My favourite scapegoat is leaving. I am in mourning 😦

  4. Rather 3 players that would die from the shirt than one quality player that doesn’t want to be here

  5. Good luck to Denilson, he’s down the list at Arsenal with the players we have in that area of the field. Best he moves on and makes a decent career for himself.

    If Barca stump up the reported £60m for Fabregas then I’d take it. Not sure who we’d replace him with although Nasri has shown he can play in that position in the current formation.

  6. Alex Ice Cream

    I hope that Denilson did not intend his comments to come across as they did. By saying “I am a winner and I came here to win trophies but I’ve been here for five years and won nothing.” its like he’s blaming the club for his failures.

    I would have more respect for him if he said “I have played for a club that is way beyond my limited abilities. I have been lucky to be so over promoted and overpaid in my career.”

    F*ck off you ungrateful lazy, slow sh1te. The highlight of your Arsenal career was being overtaken by the ref when trying to “track back” v ManU. Pathetic. I blame AW for picking this loser for over 100 games. 100! Fergie would have gotten rid of this waster years ago.

    Anyway he’s gone which is great news. Fantastic. Hopefully more losers will exit.

  7. If he wants to go, then good luck to him.

  8. Fine figure of a supporter, AIC. Well done.

  9. in other news,crabbies look to secure the future of denilson.

  10. Fair enough to denilson….he tried and though he showed much promise his formed dipped over time. That back injury did not help- hard to play with that.

    Msn city being interested in Fabregas is no bad thing. I doubt he will want to go there but if he does we will get twice as much for him. Even if he does not, any other team will be intimidated by the numbers bandied about. Even barcelona could be told to match the bid of the sheiks…

  11. its funny how AIC demands respect from a person hes repetadly abused all year. Why oh why AIC should Denilson feen anything but contempt towards fans like you?

  12. Alex Ice Cream

    Hi Frank,

    Oh yes. I forgot that Denilson was one of your favourites. I can see why: he’s a talentless loser which means that you have a lot in common.

    I am glad that we will never see him in an Arsenal shirt again. Ever.

  13. Alex Ice Cream


    I didn’t ask for respect from him, nor do I want it even though I help pay for his inflated wages. Its the club that he’s disrespecting, not me.

    Good riddance. Pity it wasn’t sooner.

  14. “The sentiments of not winning, for example, do not make sense since eight months ago, Arsenal were still in with a chance of winning four trophies. ”

    Pure Wenger balls !

    Denilson has been the most disappointing of the current crop. His lack of pace and agility leaves him badly exposed and unlike Gilberto Silva or Song he is not able to compensate with anticipation and a proper reading of the game. I am sure his future lies outside the Premiership.

  15. Suns out, AIC, better slither back in quick.

  16. Alex Ice Cream


    I am sure his future lies outside of football.

  17. He won’t be missed. Are we a worse team because of his departure? No, we certainly are not.

    Wish him all the success in the future, but he is not up to Arsenal’s grade.

    The clearest indicator of this will be his potential suitors.

    Denilson has had 5 years promoting himself on the international stage. Lets see how many European giants come in for him……

  18. mohammed deda

    this is the right time to leave Arsenal for Arshiven,Denilsen, Deybe, Rosicke,scillache and Alimunia

  19. Thats right. Smear the shit around, boys.

  20. Yogi, Song a boo boy?! Anyone around me starts criticising Alex Song I’ll knock them out.

    The Cesc thing is sure to run all summer so I’ll say this and say no more. He has been a fantastic player for us, and I’d love it if he wanted to stay. However, if he does go we don’t necessarily need a replacement in that position. We just need to go back to the formation we had before we built a team around him.

    Obviously we’d need to spend the money we get on more quality, but my shout would be a replacement for Denilson. Quality back-up for central midfield.

  21. Frank,

    Denilson was shit. You know it.

    5 years, 150 apps, £50k/week.

    Let that sink in. He is in the top 130 capped Gooners of all time.

    Will you talk about Denilson, his career, his performance, or will you just attack other fans for not accepting he was up to scratch?

    Wait, don’t answer that, everyone and thier dog knows your reponse.

    You are a very, very strange man.

  22. I don’t think that Denilson was a poor player at all. He had a drop in form this season and did not get a decent run in the team. Players sometimes have seasons where it doesn’t work out. Cesc had one of those too. He is capable of being an exceptional player and I believe that he will prove that. Sadly not with us.

    Strange? Perhaps. Certainly different to you.

  23. I have to say that I also happy to see the back of Denilson. He didn’t have any midfield toughness and I got tired of his half-hearted tackles. Maybe he will do better in Spain, but I suspect that he will be found out there as well.

    However, what he said was absolutely hilarious especially the one about Man Utd and Chelsea – but let him dream, I guess.

  24. I hope Wenger will now accept that some of his charges (who arent even loyal) have failed.

    Diaby and Rosicky should follow suit.

    We need some fresh blood.

  25. To drink I presume, Luke?

  26. Jabba's delights


    Rather than commenting on other fans oppinions of a player who has cronically underachieved in the last 5 years, a player who has failed to address his one major weakness (physical ability) in those 5 years, what are your actual thoughts on the situation or are you worried that by venting them you will lose that sacred halo around your head of being the greatest arsenal fan in history without one single oppinion about his club.

  27. Your opinion of me is irrelevant, Jabba’s Delight. Just get behind the team.

  28. I have seen this movie before. Wenger would wait till closing minutes and buy one and a half player. that’s it folks end of transfer. This has been the story of arsenal in the last 4 years. not holding my hearts out. just know u cannot continue to do same thing over and over again and expect a different out come. we need experience players who have won something and are not prone to injury. whether wenger realizes this though is a different story altogether

  29. Frank,

    You speak of a drop in form, care to inform me whence this drop came?

    He has failed to improve over a period of 5 years, consistent backing and high wages.

    Yes he has been cornered by some fans, but he has had more opportunities to shine than would be available at any other club, and bar rare moments of excellence, he has failed to idenitify himself as a footballer of any real signifance.

    Wish him all the best, but I certainly wont be yearning for the Denilson years.

  30. Here we go again

  31. No Frank.

    To make us a better team.

    What a scumbag, plastic, fair weather nasty piece of work fan I am…

    Damm you Arsenal! All I want is for you to improve!

  32. Tell me, Luke, Jabba’s Delight, AIC etc, why would a player want to be supported by you? What would they gain from it? Could they trust you to back them in tough times? Could they trust you to be the twelfth man? Doesn’t look like it to me.

  33. Frank

    Why can you not have an objective opinion and be classified a fan?

    If I think a player is not up to scratch or we need to learn how to defend set pieces, am I not a fan?

    Im genuinely intrigued.

  34. Woah, steady on. I thought Diaby had a blinder last season, once he managed to string a few games together without injury. He forced his way into the France side and was one of the few players to emerge from their World Cup with any credit.

    The problem with him is simply fitness. I had a look on Physio Room, and he’s suffered 27 individual injuries in the last five years – more than any other Arsenal player. Say each injury keeps him out for three weeks, then you have to add the amount of time it takes him to get back to form – that’s way too much for anyone to make a difference for a team.

    This year his entire season has been wrecked by a moment of thuggery by Paul Robinson.

  35. Denilson was a loyal servant, waiting for his opportunities for years, with some excellent performances. This year however he has looked like a player who is on the verge of leaving. He was looking like a great prospect a couple of years ago, and i feel, like someone else mentioned, that his back injury played quite a big part in his potential not coming to fruition. I am sad whenever a player leaves Arsenal (apart from greedy twats like Adebayor), and I wish the little Brazilian all the best wherever he goes. Will always remember his crazy head dance and some of the belters he scored, with great fondness.

  36. Because your opinions are not objective

  37. Aaaah, so your whole purpose is based on fans on internet forums not being vocal at the ground, if they dare criticise anything, not matter how glaringly obvious.

    Bit of a rash generalisation is it not? Thought you would have something with a bit more substance old mucker

  38. Alex Ice Cream


    Don’t waste your time with Frank. In his world supposedly everything is fine with Arsenal in fact didn’t we win the Treble this year and last? In fact we won F All.

    I don’t even believe Frank when he says “we will win …” I don’t think that he even believes it. He is not only a bully but a liar as well.

  39. Alex Ice Cream


    Nobody’s opinions are objective. An objective opinion is an oxymoron, you moron.

  40. OOU – I agree on Diaby. If he were not so injury prone he could be an important memeber of this side now. That said, if he had not been so injry prone Wilshere would have probably never gotten his chance, so every cloud and all that. I do like Diaby, but hope he hasn’t missed the boat with us.

  41. Interesting to see if there are any parallels between Denilson and Lassana Diarra, another young man impatient for first team action. Denilson’s career has certainly gone up the cul de sac with us but on another stage and with regular football ……..? Do I sense an enthusiasm for him to be “found out” !

    As for the “charge” that he earned £50k a week and somehow that is a disgrace and a source of shame do grow up – no one put a gun to anyone’s head

  42. OOU,

    Exactly – Diaby has everything to be an outstanding footballer.

    Expect the ability to play 4 games on the bounce.

    Its a shame, but we shouldnt be carrying him any longer.

    Problem lies who will sign a complete crock, on £50k/week? Will he take a pay cut?

  43. Wish Denilson well..and he admits he might regret his quiting

  44. Jabba's delights


    One can support the team to a zenith degree that still cant hide the fact that there are serious flaws in it and want them to be improved. Listen to yourself you wont even go as far as to say Denilson has been pretty fricking average to us and whilst we wish him well the fact that his leaving might present a squad position to a Lansbury or Frimpong, players who are committed to the red and white is a good thing.

    Supporters are allowed to have oppinions about there club

  45. Luke,

    Why don’t you fuck off and support Barcelona.

  46. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to call him a crock when it’s other players who have inflicted these injuries on him. He’s had constant niggles, related I’m sure to when Paul Robinson effectively broke his leg in September.

    He’ll have a proper rest this summer and should be fit and raring to got for the new season.

  47. Muppet,

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    I love my club.

    Have you thought about therapy?

  48. AIC – your beloved Ferguson has given Wes Brown 232 appearances.
    John O’Shea has 256.
    Every time has marmite players – it’s just down to the character of the fans how they respond to them .
    Or in your case ‘lack’ of character.

  49. OOU

    Whether is a result of a bad tackle or not, he is still a crock.

    He cant play 3 games on the bounce, for a variety of injuries.

    He has been like this for 5 years too. Has he not had sufficient time to prove his fitness?

  50. Jonny,

    You would be lying to yourself if you think Denilson has the same attitude and work ethic as O’Shea and Brown.

    Opinion dividers they are, on quality. Never on commitment though.

  51. Luke,

    “I love my club” – I very much doubt that Luke. You have the classic personality profile of a Glory Hunter.

    “I love my club” should be changed to “I would love my club to win a trophy, but until then I won’t love my club, and I will appear on blogs and act like a c*nt and piss everybody off”.

  52. Jabba's delights


    Stop painting every fan the same. You can sing your face off at the stadium and stay behind to clap and cheer them for their lap honour afterwards but still come on a blog afterwards and say, that the performance on sunday wasnt good enough in fact the perfromance for the last 11 weeks has actually been very poor and the same mistakes keep happening year on year………………does that meet your criteria as a fan or is denilson reading my comments now and feeling sorry for himself

  53. Muppet,

    Do you seriously think that??? Because I dont think Denilson is an exceptional player, and I want us to address our reoccuring weaknesses? Have I mentioned trophies?

    Are you alright?

  54. Luke,

    You can’t even spell Luke. You have no credibility whatsoever.

  55. I hope he stays. Loved watching him play. A real Euclideo. Too subtle for some of course…

  56. Jesus, Luke, that’s an incredibly churlish attitude. I said before that Diaby proved what he could do last season when he did manage a decent run in the team. This year has been a write-off because someone kicked him back onto the treatment table with a tackle that would easily have destroyed anybody’s leg. It could quite easily have been one of the favourites on the sidelines for the rest of the season

    AIC just loves using the word “loser”, over and over again. I bet someone with a better understanding of psychology than me would have a field day with it.

  57. OOu – I think Diaby’s awesome when fit. I feel for him massively. I think we should definitely hold onto him, as when he is fit, he’s a problem to any opposition midfield. Surely he wont be this unlucky forever! If Denilson’s leaving, then we definitely shouldn’t let more midfielders leave at the same time a la Flamini, Diarra, Gilbo… And Luke, I think many teams would jump at the chance to sign either of them.

  58. Very sad to see Denilson go. Reminds of how both Zico and Socrates flopped in Italy. Liked the slow way he played. It was all about coolness. Unfortunately coolness isn’t much of a feature in the modern European game and never was in Britain. Adios Denny!

  59. Churlish doesn’t come close.

  60. Jabba's delights


    Your a ridiculous individual. How on earth one can derive that someone is a glory fan for saying that the team has weakneses and they have been the same for 3-4 years and we want our incredibly well paid manager to sort them out. At no point there is that demanding trophies. We merely want the club to do all it can to win them and we will be much closer to that goal if we 1)defended set peices better than a championship team,
    2)if we had more leadership under pressure than a group of rabbits caught in headlights
    3) had more ways of breaking down defences than gg graham side of the mid 90s

  61. OOU,

    I appreciate that. But the situation now is that you can pretty much guarentee Diaby cant stay fit for 2 months.

    We cant afford such a luxury.

  62. Kenyan – “Very sad to see Denilson go. Reminds of how both Zico and Socrates flopped in Italy”

    Heh, surely that was toungue in cheek?

  63. Jabba’s Delights,

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    With fans like you, the terraces might as well be empty.

  64. Have to say I have no desire to see the back of any of our lads. Can’t understand why anyone would want to get rid of Diaby. He is an automatic starter when fully fit. He is a target for other teams and has suffered for it with injuries. The fact that he is still willing to play his football in this league means he has the right attitude.

  65. Exactly what they said about RVP. Should we get rid of him?

  66. Muppet – so, by your own assertion, every single player that has ever played for Arsenal has been perfect, and void of any criticism?

    You support the team right, so not once in your lifetime have you ever thought a player was not up to scratch, and vented that??

    Ive been around football my whole life, I find that very hard to believe

  67. It’s all too easy to see the ‘fans’ who know so little about football, and footballers. It’s almost like idiots grow on the trees these days, but boy can they talk. I wish Denilson the very best. He is talent, and needs the right home for that. None too quick, and slightly slower to develop than some of his peers, but a fluid, smart midfielder all the same. I shall not forget his season with Song, when the two as a unit kept Arsenal in the top four; nor his efforts against Barcelona last season. Right now he has little possibility with Wilshere, Ramsey, probably Frimpong, Song, Nasri, Diaby, probably Cesc, Rosicky and maybe one or two of the lighties coming through.

  68. Luke,

    The name of the game is to support the team. Not come on blogs and slaughter it. Every squad has stronger or weaker players. Joe Cole for Liverpool hasn’t set the world on fire this season, nor has Torres for Chelsea.

    Szczesny, Wilshere, Djourou, Ramsey, Nasri, Vermaelen, Walcott, Myiachi are reasons to be very very excited about Arsenal next season.

  69. No goonerandy. Zico and Socrates flopped in Italy despite the fact that they were great players. It was the good but lesser players like Falcao and Cerezo who shone in Serie A. Denilson is a great player in my opinion but he isn’t made for the epl. Remember his good games against Roma and Barcelona? No wonder he wants to head to either Italy or Spain. I remember before the Roma match where Wenger said that he was counting on Denilson. He definitely knew his strengths – and weaknesses I should add!

  70. Anthony Timothy

    Denilson said he won nothing in his five years.It will be another five years and the gunneres won’t win anything until Wenger changes his style. For starters
    he should get rid of the ballet style followed by other changes.If not the gunners will languish in midtable and it seems incredible Wenger might have to pay the price for his stubborness and be axed.

  71. Zim

    So by having a different opinion defaults us to idiots. I’d say thats a fairly idiotic assertion.

    Denilson is not good enough for a club like Arsenal, hence him being dropped, never being a starter, and requesting a move for not playing.

    You will also see how he is viewed by every single scouting network in Europe, when not one major club makes a bid.

    But your right, I’m in idiot for thinking otherwise….

  72. Jabba's delights


    I dotn understand where you come from. Do you sit next to me at matches as i dont understand how you seem to know how i support my team at the stadium.

    Those 3 little issues i just pointed out lest go through them again (defence, menatl strength, variety in attack) are for all to see. Every f^cking man and his dog knows it as its been right there for 3 years. That doesnt mean i dont scream and sing for the team, and that certainly doesnt mean i boo or go on marches.

    All i want is our manager to do everything he can to try and sort them out as at the moment his remedy actually failed. I want us to be the best we can be that is all, and so should you

  73. Muppet,

    A) I do support the team, vigorously
    B) I can also discuss our weaknesses
    C) You failed to answer my question, not once have you ever suggested, no wait, ever BELIEVED that a player is sub standard in the red and white?

    Think carefully Muppet, your boardering on the ridiculous.

  74. george rodger

    Rosicky and Diaby ,two huge talents are not god enough.
    Well hear is my prediction.
    Whoever we buy in the summer will not be as good as those two boys.
    And Luke ,just out of interest, can you tell us how much Gunnersaurus is on per week?As you seem to be privy to confidential information on salaries
    Rvp is also a crock.Is he not up to it either?
    Markus,If you want some suggestions of people you should knock out,I can happily give you some.

  75. Exactly Jabba.

    Be the best you can be.

    Not demand titles, not spend a billion pounds, none of this.

    Be the best you can be.

    A simple, honest, fair request from fans.

  76. I think we can all agree that a freshing up of the first team squad would benefit everyone….right?
    So, to that end we need to sell on some players ….right?
    And who would be the players we would not like to lose?
    Is Denilson one of them? Not in my book.

    So i will say thanks and goodbye. I wont miss him all that much. Both Ramsey and Jack have already overtaken him. That fact is obvious to everyone now.

    Denilson was played as a defensive midfielder. Something he doesnt seem that all suited to in my book. So now buy a DM.

  77. Jabba's delights


    Nasri might be off mate as might cesc, thats 2 of our 3 best players, does that not upset or worry you, do you love arsenal as if you do as much as i this should worry you

  78. Do you know we did not win ONE match this season when Rosicky, Diaby and Denilson started.

    Coincidence? Or over inflated reputations.

  79. What were Jabba’s delights. I guess it must have been arseholes.

  80. “Do you know we did not win ONE match this season when Rosicky, Diaby and Denilson started.”


  81. Luke,

    You can’t even spell. Why should I take you seriously ? You are a nice chap, but understand that weakness is a relative term. Every squad has strengths and weaknesses. Coming on to a blog and pointing out weaknesses, is like saying that sometimes the sun shines, and sometimes it rains. You are not really saying anything at all. Squad players are turned over every year, at every club. This means that clubs make a decision that some players are not good enough and they find replacements for them.

    Why you think anyone is in denial about this, I do not understand. The difference is, that there are those of us, who would like to support the efforts of those players who have tried to contribute to the squad. We do not come on to blogs and slaughter them in the meantime. They do not deserve to be villified whilst they are at Arsenal, nor when they leave.

  82. Luke from the comments he has apparently made it looks like Denilson was only dropped after he told Wenger he was off (8 months ago according to him, or I should say according to the Sun).

  83. Jabba's delights

    George Rodger

    Is Rosicky and unbelivable talent these days, since being out for 18months. Show me where he has shown this. If he hasnt but is this incredible talent does that not mean the manager is usning him wrong……but wait arsene doesnt make mistakes????

    Diaby cant play more than 3 games in a row, he has great talent but unfortunately his calf and groin muscles keep pooping him. he cant get up a head of steam form wise because of this which is unfortunate.

    Do we pay someone 50-60k a week to do this in a crucial position in the squad or do we give that position to a player who can fight for a starting spot as he is fit

  84. Jabba’s Delights,

    I am very concerned that Nasri stays. Why would I not be ? I think he is a superb player.

  85. Alex Ice Cream

    I can forgive Denilson for being between quite decent to sh1te but his comments are disrespectful to the club. The club that gave him what he has.

    Rosicky was once a great player but no more. Diaby has all the talent in the world but is always injured and shows little application during games. He seems a bit slow in making decisions; its like he’s stoned during games.

  86. george rodger

    Rosicky is better than Scholes . yet some of us want him gone.Whereas at ManU they are desperate to keep a player 6 years older.

  87. luke, AIC, jabba’s delights – the reason you’re being turned on are because you are nasty pieces of work. Nobody here thinks that Denilson was Vieira incarnate or that he was the best player in the team, and nor is anyone stating that he should be in our starting lineup. He was however a decent player, who put in a good shift and kept his head down and was a loyal servant. He has been highlighted along with diaby and rosicky as one of the reasons we’ve failed to win anything this season, which is ludicrous considering that for one reason or another, none of the above really featured in the starting 11. Not that i want anyone to be blamed as it was a collective failure, but i dont see any fingers being pointed at cesc, nasri (2nd half of the season), RvP for being a crock etc etc. Denilson has been overtaken by Wilshere and Ramsey, however they are fantastic talents and that does not mean that he is a shit player. Why the vitriol? what has he ever done to deserve such poison and hatred? He joined the club and did his job, and it is a shame he hasn’t developed to the extent that we would have wished, however this was obviously recognised when he lost his berth in the starting 11. Yes, he has made mistakes over the years, but so have the likes of Cesc (pirhouette vs. barca to name but one) – its called being human and being young. He wants to move on as he wants to play first team football, which is not a viable option here, good luck to him and i wish him the best. Why direct such hatred at him? Did he screw the club over like Adebayor and Cole? No, has he mouthed off about the club like ex arsenal players? No. All he has ever done is play to the best of his abilities, and earnt the wage that a player of his stature would earn anyway (ie. not first team starter, not a star, not a youth team prospect – SQUAD PLAYER). You are truly, truly despicable human beings, and not because you fall into one of the ‘doomer’ category or because of any other childish schism within the Arsenal fanbase, but because you direct such hatred to an individual who has never, ever done anything to you personally. Fair enough if you think he was never good enough – i bet you’re not good enough to play for arsenal either, but if wenger rang you up and said here’s 50K for the week, you’re playing on saturday, would you turn him down? You are awful, mean-spirited and based upon the comments you have littered this comments page with, not particularly bright.

  88. george rodger

    Aic.Why do I get the idea you know all about being stoned?

  89. “Do you know we did not win ONE match this season when Rosicky, Diaby and Denilson started.”

    Absolute horseshit. A simple look at the first home game blows that right out of the water.

    While i agree we could afford to lose all 3 players, dont make shit up like that and expect to be taken seriously

  90. I’m not saying Denilson hasn’t asked to go, but I take anything I read in The Sun with a grain if salt. I don’t think there is a place in the Arsenal squad for him, and if he wants to play he has to go elsewhere. The abuse he got on Twitter was sickening and it’s no surprise he has as good as disappeared from it since them. Why do so many Arsenal fans always have to have a hate figure? I have never rated Denilson and often said so but I would never boo him or stoop so low as to insult him on Twitter.

  91. OOU – care to provide an example?

    Muppet – He has hardly been slaughtered! I also thought that an Arsenal forum would be the best place to discuss your perceptions of the club

    I fully agree with lets get behind the boys, and help them as much as we can on matchday stance.

    But why is it criminal to discuss perceptions with a group of people who see the same thing each week, via the security and subtley of an internet forum?

    Those who march are idiots, the regular posters on Le Grove, are idiots, posting on here offers discussion, I know I dont tow the party line, but isnt a huge portion of support to have your own opinion and test it against others?

    Apologies for the spelling mistakes, I dont proof read my posts.

  92. george rodger

    jabberwocky.well played good fellow.

  93. Jabba's delights


    What about Cesc or captain voicing the very same concerns and I and Luke have abou the team?

  94. Our’s is not a difference of opinion Luke, but a difference of football culture, and how one might understand and enjoy it.

  95. AIC

    Have you even read the interview you cock faced prick.

    Go do one, I hope you and all the other temporary supporters fuck right off and don’t bother turning up to games next season. Even if 20,000 fans are left cheering I couldn’t give a shit. The atmosphere will improve no doubt anyway.

    Fuck the moaners.

  96. Deise

    Thank you for the abuse, oh, Denilson didn’t even make the bench against Blackpool.

  97. @ Frank

    Why do you bother? you’re discussing with either brainless people or underaged, really no point in that! 😉

    internet has really become a place for all cunts to join each other making a very loud but inaccurate voice, really a shame.

  98. George – I like Rosicky, but he isn’t, nor has he ever been better than Scholes. He has had a positive impact on a title winning side despite being 36 years old. In his prime he was the best 2 touch midfielder in Europe.

    Rosciky is an excellent player, but has lost his best years to injury unfortunately. I hope he stays though as he is a good player.


    Regardless of the team they played against, why would you make shit up to slate our players?

    It’s a moronic stat anyway. All three have started less than a third of our PL games. It’s hard to find a match apart from this that they all played in.

  100. looking at the whole thing worries me. I love when we are actually playing but, it’s like the same issues every year for 4/5yrs now. The cracks get papered over when we win but, the same issues are always lying in wait to pop their heads up.

    Denilson, should of went seasons ago when he stopped being a player. I can’t ever forget the times when he has let players just jog pass him when our attacks break down. He’s done it match after match which made me and my mates wonder if anybody speaks to him or Clichy when they make the same errors consistently game after game.

    Any other team manager at any level would be hauling that player off but, we see the same mistakes from bith the above especially.

    In Denilson we have a Defensive Midfielder who can’t run and gets outpaced by a ref after the ref has given him 15yrds head start. There are better players than him the Prem which we could of brought in time ago and with all the wages Denilson has been happily getting it cant be about the money can it?

    I too am hoping for these players to leave and have it sorted early but, going by history the deals won’t be done until there’s a few hours left on the clock if we are lucky and then we get told that so n so ain’t going anywhere and who we thought was coming has actually got pissed off at waiting and gone somewhere else.

    I think the Nasri situation needs to be sorted out asap because it was done for Cesc and he didn’t really want to be here and people went to great efforts for him. The same should apply to Nasri.

    If Bendtner had some quality in his 1st touch and not that of a baby elephant to go with his confidence he would be World Player Of The Year2010/11 .

  101. Jabberwocky

    So you are abusing someone you have never met…

    Sort of makes your post void no?

    All I said is that Denilson is not good enough for Arsenal, which is isnt, and that I wish him all the best and whatever tier 2 European team signs him.

    Is that sprouting hatred, or are categorising the idiots who boo with those who blog somewhat critically?

    Is that a smart assumption?

    Thank you questioning my intelligence, in fact, I dont even know how I switched this laptop on………

  102. Denilson is a good player and ran his socks off for the team. In Spain and Italy he will prove to be a great asset for any club. His technical ability and box to box play is quite exceptional. Last season he was immense for us.

    Its a shame there are so many cunts in the world who are very quick to turn on the ones we are meant to support. When he banged about 4 or 5 long range efforts in last season they weren’t complaining.

    I have never been so ashamed to be an Arsenal supporter. Last season it was creeping up on us and I was fearful that another trophyless campaign will show the true colours of the glory hunting and temporary supporter. I just didn’t realise we had so many!

  103. Luke, cop on – Rosicky played.

    “Do you know we did not win ONE match this season when Rosicky, Diaby and Denilson started.”

    Or were you saying when they all started together? Did they even start together at all?

  104. Jabba's delights


    I havent slated denilson on here, just happy he has now gone its win win for both parties. The same needs to be done with 4-5 other squad players. We need genuine competition in the squad and im afraid we havent had it this year or the last couple.

    Our 1st team players either rested on the laurels or were knackered either way that needs to change next year. The competition is getting stronger another drop 8 point drop like this year could lead to us fininshing 6 or 7th.

  105. george rodger

    Luke.I am sure that you want only the best for the club .
    The problem is that the posters on here who are most respected do not claim to know all the answers.You do appear to think that everything would fall into place and world domination would follow,if only the club would listen to your demands.
    Most of us have ideas and opinions that vary,but we don’t scream and shout,proclaiming to be greater football annalists than Mr.Wenger.
    Can you see the difference?

  106. Luke, are you SUGA3 by any chance. I don’t mean anything nasty, but you seem to know the characters that post on here, you use the same expressions (without the irritating smilies), format your posts identically and you argue your points in almost exactly the same way.

  107. Don’t think Diaby, Rosicky and Denilson started many games together this season but wasn’t one the FA cup v Leyton Orient which we won 5-0 ?

  108. Luke

    He didn’t make the bench because Wenger has no reason to play the guy. He wants out and you know very well why he wants out. He ain’t the 1st to be pushed out and he won’t be the last.

    You may not be bothered but when players like Van Persie and Cesc decide they can’t take seeing their friends getting abused they wont want to play for such fans either.

    These guys are not machines, they have taken a massive beating from the press and their own fans down the years. We are the most hated club, now it seems we have the shitest support too.

    Great times

  109. Chris – he really wasn’t “immesnse” for us. He came in and filled gaps when other were missing. He had some decent games for sure, but by and large he was farily average. If this were not the case I reckon Arsene may have put up a bit more of a fight in attempting to keep him.

  110. DG – yes, when then started together

    OOU – apologise, I failed to remember the cup replay against Orient, and no, I am not SUGA3

  111. Don’t agree at all. Many occasions in the past where players have “wanted out” and Wenger has continued to play them (Henry, Fabregas etc). Denilson wasn’t played because there were better options in front of him. He’s leaving because it’s unlikely he’ll get games. Not because anyone has pushed him out (except, perhaps, Wenger).

  112. Chris,

    Im not repeating it again, but I dont abuse players, or boo at the ground. Why is that so incomprenhensible?

    Id love to know these screamers your talking of…..the belter against Everton first game of the season, yes.

    The scuffed deflection against Everton at Christmas


  113. Jabba's delights

    George Rodger

    The issue being mate that Lord Arsene told us our weakneeses and then failed to address them. Thats the problem with your argument.

    He said we were poor defensivly last year and needed to improve, well we havent.

    He said we lacked maturity in 2008 hence the meltdown after Eduardo, well a big disappointment led to an even bigger meltdown in 2011.

    He for 4 years has said we lack cutting edge and efficency at times aginst defensive opposition, well we have the same problems.

    His diagnosis so why doesnt he sort it out, he is the best paid manager in england for not sorting out weaknseses that he himself identifies

    what say you

  114. goonerandy

    He had a pretty fine season last year. His goals and assists prove that.

    He has never been my favourite player but when Arsenal were performing well over the last few years he was making us tick while Cesc was picking out the passes.

    I am sick of the lack of appreciation coming from the stands. He was a very good squad player and always put in a shift. Look at Parlour, he only really got the recognition in his last few years, Gilberto, Makelele, and so on.

    Those calling him shit are a bunch of wankers. Lucas has turned into a god up at Liverpool and he hasn’t got nowhere near the ability Denilson has. Arsenal fans know how to put their players down.

  115. Luke | May 20, 2011 at 12:23 pm |

    Agree with that. There’s no way I would be joining protest or crap like that but, don’t expect a fan not to say when we think something is wrong and it’s right in front of your eyes.

  116. ‘He ain’t the 1st to be pushed out and he won’t be the last.’

    He is hardly being pushed out is he. Hes just not up to scratch and wants to move on because hes fallen down the pecking order, due to the rise of more talented players

  117. Also he said that he decided to leave 8 months ago. He did not say he informed Wenger of this 8 months ago.

  118. I was at that Cup replay. As Bendtner scored his 2nd just before half time (nice goal) a fat chap squeezed past on his way out early and said “Owww Noww! Not Bendtner!” Probably Luka3.

    I was at this one too. The crowd really enjoyed Denny’s performance. How he came on and grabbed his cameo with both hands. One of the goals of the season. Tic-toc.

  119. Alex Ice Cream


    Why do you find it so difficult to understand. We are ARSENAL we have high standards and the team have failed to live up to this due to poor performances, lack of passion and effort, terrible mistakes and mental fragility. Its not just that they haven’t won anything; its the spineless manner of surrender that is the major problem as is the fact that the manager seems incapable of correcting the flaws in the team.

  120. Denilson is Shit.

  121. No Surrender!
    No Surrender!
    No Surrender for the AIC!

  122. Thus Spoke Gooner2.

  123. Luke

    He scored 5 goals last season. I don’t think Gilberto managed to score until he was 30.

    Just show a little appreciation, the childish support is getting boring. If you wish to ignore the fact why he wanted out then that is up to you. Wenger was never hesitant in playing the guy, he always done his job so I guess that means he was good enough for Arsenal right?

  124. LA,

    As I have said aaaaaaall along, there were moments of brilliance. Kudos on another personal attack.

    CG – The fact with Denilson, is he DIDNT put a shift in. Parlour busted a gut every minute, of every game. Denilson certainly has not.

  125. george rodger

    Whatever high standards some supporters think Arsenal have I bet Wenger has higher aspirations.

  126. In fact CG, referring to Denilson in the same breath as Parlour is one of the most offensive and ridiculous I’ve heard.

    Oh, and if he was good enough for Arsenal, would Wenger make more of an effort to keep him? Rather than remove him completely from the set up?

    Thought so.

  127. If he is so good, it seems strange we are letting him go so easily eh? I wonder how many top teams will come in for him? If he is so good you would think this would be the case.

    Think about that.

    Sounds like I am slating him, but I am not. I just don’t believe he is Arsenal quality. And seemingly the manager also thinks this, and after all, he does know.

  128. Jabba's delights


    I’m sorry but how has Denilson been such a good squad player for us, his form this year has been horribly bad, he formed the axis of a midfield in the cups that couldnt beat Leeds, Leyton Orient and mightly struggled with Huddersfield. He has talent and will be a good player in a slower less physical league but he didnt have the physical attributes to cut it in the prem.

    The Brazilian coach thinks Lucas is a far far far better player than denilson so to Sandro this is a fact

  129. GA@ 12.51

    Bang on.

    Let’s see which clubs bid for him. 5 years of being watched by every major club in t he world would suggest he has reached out to everyones radar.

    Did he manage to stay on it?

  130. Limps
    He really is shit. I Can’t wait to celebrate while he is long gone.

  131. Jabba's delights

    George Rodger

    can you reply to my 12.42 please. Cuss down and be rude to people all you want but you always shirk answering questions that put you and your strange mind in a difficult spot.

  132. AIC

    Every team has their flaws. Even the best teams do. We can choose to sit here and pull apart each player we don’t take a liking to, or we could support the team and allow them to perform to their maximum.

    It is extremely disappointing that most Arsenal fans threw in the towel after the CC final, it wasn’t just the players.

    Have a look at our away form by the way. You honestly think this team is spineless???

    We may lack maturity and lack the tactical know how but spineless? Come on wake up.

  133. george rodger

    Can someone give me an example of minimum Arsenal Quality?
    We know the likes of Dennis were Arsenal quality,But please give me an example of a player who was “just” of Arsenal quality.

  134. I dread to think what kind of abuse Ray Parlour would have received if he’d been on Twitter. Imagine if he’d been Brazilian to boot!

  135. CG,

    Isnt identifing flaws and trying to address them wanting our team to perform to thier maximum.

    Your towing a party line which is put up, shut up, or your not a proper fan.

    Bit slim is it not? Especially when its counted with reasoned debate, ideniftying 3/4 key weaknesses (ideniftied by wenger himself over the years) which still hasnt been addressed.

    Which leads us to the all important question, why havent we addressed these weaknesses? They are obvious for the world to see, our manager recognises them, yet they remain.


  136. Chris – I agree with that. Spinless is a bit strong. We do not perform under pressure though, and whilst experinced we lack maturity.

  137. Jabba's delights


    Our away form is decent but not incredible

    8 wins 6 draws 4 defeats

    forgive me if i dont go go crazy. Especially not when our home form is a disaster

  138. As I said, continue to ignore the real reasons as to why he is leaving. Ramsey and Wilshire are my preferred options and I do not disagree with Wenger’s decision to drop him based on ability.

    Is it just a little coincidental that one of his most used players has turned into his least most used?

    Continue to ignore the real issues our club is facing. I don’t think any of our supporters can justify that this squad of players was not good enough to win something this season. The fact that we didn’t proves there are other issues which have screwed us.

  139. Jabba

    Best in the league still eh?

  140. goonerandy

    I hope Wenger corrects it. We have some serious tactical and mental issues to deal with now. Veramelen’s return should bring us some steel and drive back, we just need a couple signings similar.

  141. “I dread to think what kind of abuse Ray Parlour would have received if he’d been on Twitter. Imagine if he’d been Brazilian to boot!”

    No question, LA, he’d have been slaughtered on Twitter. People hated him. What was it, Pikey Parlour? That all died out after AW got his hands on him.

  142. george rodger

    Unforeseen recession.
    New stadium.
    Greedy fucking players leaving amidst rebuilding
    Injuries to key players at key moments
    Bad refereeing.
    A collective lack of experience due to age of squad.
    Some players not being as good as was hoped(as happens in every team in the world)

    There you go Jabba.

  143. Luke

    I am not suggesting that. I just wished supporters who go around saying “he is not good enough” justified their comments. Obviously Wenger thought he was, there was plenty of evidence there to suggest so too. He was more often than not the player who done the most milage. So yes that validates me comparing him to Parlour.

  144. Jabba's delights


    All very good and well but still not that brilliant. Hide behind it all you like but its good form no better. And how you use that as an example of mental strength is beyond me. did you watch the 4-4 with newcastle have you ever seen something so tragic on a football pitch

  145. The intense media scrutiny has killed our naive players. That is not making excuses, its stating exactly what I witness every matchday and everyday in the papers.

    How much can one human being take.

    Arsene needs to get motivating fast and get some confidence back. That is more important than any signing because come August, the fans who are paying 6% more will want justification as paying customers.

  146. Jabba

    Getting a result away from home needs character. Demonstration you are the best in the league at it…. well you get the point.

    The team is lacking something mentally and tactically, everyone can agree on that. It is a bit OTT calling them spineless however.

  147. Anyway I’m off, keep it sensible moaners. Season is over and transfer window to look forward to!

  148. Jabba's delights

    awful answer
    In that unforseen recession we posted to 50m profits.

    How and why are we still very bad at defending after our manager said it was very poor last year…….answer the fricking question

    How and why do we still crumble after a disappointment just like 3 years ago when our manger identified it as a problem.

    How and why can we still not break teams down who suffocate our tip tappy passing game .

    Answer it. Our manager identified them he is paid 6m a year and yet all 3 have proved to be our weakness agsin this year

  149. chris
    Ray Parlour’s work rate was immense. Denilson is compltely useless.

  150. Chris – thats surely how squad building works though? And it also gives credit to the youth setup along with youth purchases.

    Denilson, one of the most used players even at a young age. While not a super player he was very decent at times and you would hope he could push on. Now it seems like he wasnt capable of pushing on.

    Meanwhile a young kid in Jack is pushing his way through to the first team and we snap up a very promising welsh lad in Ramsey.

    Now you look to Denilson to show hes there to fight and hes the one they have to displace.

    Ramsey being the older of the 2 pretenders looks like hes starting to do just that, but then has his leg broken.

    Diaby gets injured (again) thus giving a chance to Jack a bit earlier and a bit more often than we might have expected. Jack takes his chance. So Denilson has to sit it out and work hard to get back into the team. But it hasnt worked that way for him.

    Then Ramsey comes back into the fold and looks like hes not suffering too much from his long lay off.

    Now we have 2 players with different attributes that are vying for 1 place, 2 at best due to the other players.

    Someone has to lose out.

  151. I meant to say Completely useless.

  152. Can I just ask where exactly you guys, quoting Denilson’s paycheck of £50k (so authoritatively), got that information from?
    I suspect its one of those things bandied about on different blogs and all of a sudden it becomes a fact.

  153. No idea Kin – seems to me those who enjoy booing a player would do so irrespective of his wage donchathink ? “fucking national minimum wage ? That useless c***? “

  154. Kin – Source is Manager Mode on FIFA 2011.

  155. This is Denilson’s record for us this season.
    1. 11th September. Denilson comes on as a 72sd minute sub. Game ends Arsenal 4 Bolton 1.

    2. 15th September. Denilson comes on as a 63rd minute sub. Game ends Arsenal 6 Braga 0.

    3. 18th September. Denilson comes on as a 57th minute sub. Game ends Sunderland 1 Arsenal 1.

    4. 21st September. Denilson starts and plays 120 minutes. Game ends Spurs 1 Arsenal 4.

    5. 28th September. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Partizan Belgrade 1 Arsenal 3.

    6. 19th October. Denilson comes on as a 63rd minute sub. Game ends Arsenal 5 Shakhtar Donestsk 1.

    7. 24th October. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Mancity 0 Arsenal 3.

    8. 27th October. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Newcastle 0 Arsenal 4.

    9. 30th October. Denilson starts and plays 67 minutes. Game ends Arsenal 1 Westham 0.

    10. 10th November. Denilson comes on as 67th minute sub. Game ends Wolves 0 Arsenal 2.

    11. 14th November. Denilson comes on as a 46th minute sub. Game ends Everton 1 Arsenal 2.

    12. 20th November. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Arsenal 2 Spurs 3.

    13. 23rd November. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Braga 2 Arsenal 0.

    14. 27th November. Denilson comes on as an 84th minute sub. Game ends Aston Villa 2 Arsenal 4.

    15. 30th November. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Arsenal 2 Wigan 0.

    16. 8th December. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Arsenal 3 Partizan Belgrade 1.

    17. 29th December. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Wigan 2 Arsenal 2.

    18. 1st January. Denilson comes on as a 78th minute sub. Game ends Birmingham 0 Arsenal 3.

    19. 8th January. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Leeds 1 Arsenal 1.

    20. 12th January. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0.

    21. 15th January. Denilson comes on as a 79th minute sub. Game ends west ham 0 Arsenal 3.

    22. 19th January. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Game ends Leeds 1 Arsenal 3.

    23. 22nd January. Denilson comes on as a 87th minute sub. Game ends Arsenal 3 Wigan 0.

    24. 25th January. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Score Arsenal 3 Ipswich 0.

    25. 30th January. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Arsenal 2 Huddersfield 1.

    26. 12th February. Denilson comes on as a 77th minute sub. Score Arsenal 2 Wolves 0.

    27. 20th February. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Score Arsenal 1 Leyton Orient 1.

    28. 23rd February. Denilson comes on as a 70th minute sub. Score Arsenal 1 Stoke 0.

    29. 2nd March. Denilson plays 90 minutes. Score Arsenal 5 Leyton Orient 0.

    30. 5th March. Denilson starts and plays 62 minutes. Score Arsenal 0 Birmingham 0.

    31. 12th March. Denilson starts and plays 57 minutes. Score Manutd 2 Arsenal 0.

    32. 19th March. Denilson starts and plays 46 minutes. Score Westbrom 2 Arsenal 2.
    Denilson has so far played 32 games. He started 20 of which we lost 3. He came on as a sub 12 times. His thus far is 23 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses. Respectable. Go well young man!

  156. chris
    It will be another transfer window of us loosing out. so if I were I would’nt get that excited.

  157. Seeing the words “Denilson” “ran” and “socks off” is the funniest thing I seen in a long time. Thanks for that.

  158. I meant to say if I were you.
    you really don’t have a choice but to laugh at that joke.

  159. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  160. Good God Kenyan the boy has had a great season ! Ah well

  161. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sorry, no choice.

    So damn hilarious. Almost as good as that amazingly insightful and witty ‘In Arsene we rust’ bollocks that some people just can’t get enough of. Jesus. Show some fucking respect to the people that have dedicated so much of their lives to our beloved club.

  162. Looks to be improving rapidly. Way too early to be talking about long-term prospects, but he certainly knows how to time a forward run.

  163. Geo
    who are you aiming your post to?

  164. Good for continuity that our Dutch and Spanish youngsters get to play the same roles, with the same kind of football when they go on international duty. Same can’t be said for the English kids – I am dreading this summer.

  165. Yogi:

    Fantastic post as always. Even though I don’t often agree with Darius I miss his writing. He is a superb writer and the 2 of you make a great pair.

    Copied and pasted the last full paragraph of your post below . Had I tried to say the same thing it would have taken 5 paragraphs of monotone text. I could not agree more with you sentiment. Thanks for saving me the time and trouble.

    “Decisive action early in the window would send a signal of intent. But if Cesc wants to go, let him. Ensure the fee is suitably inflated, take the money and invest it wisely in other players. Better that happen now, early, than in August.”

  166. When RvP was Diaby’s age, most Arsenal fans were whinging about his injury proneness……trade him.

    As far as Denilson, he ended up in a position (dm) not “yet” suited for his game; primarily in a league where Laws of the Game are inconsistently interpreted.

    Some above are quick to criticize Denilson wage structure at the club, as if Denilson held up a gun to Arsenal management. Who are any of you kidding? When Flamini and Hleb left (with little compensation to Arsenal) and then Gazidas arrived, Arsenal reworked all of the contracts to protect the club from players walking away. If you have a problem with players wages, point your frustration at Arsenal management.

    Denilson will move on and make his name at some other club.

  167. Why the fuss over Denilson? Its not like anyone can say they are surprised he’s leaving? Don’t know why some are saying he disrespected the club either.

  168. Alex Ice Cream. I understand him. He needs to poke finger, prove others wrong, be right, and get a response that confirms this; just a contrary, snotty, weak fellow; doesn’t matter why, something in his adolescence no doubt. He arrives when he feels he has a point to prove. As a character he is beautifully constructed for a novel or a play. Writers out there, note!

  169. I suspect Denilson’s comments were manipulated somewhat to make it a bit more of a sensationalistic story. I doubt he really meant whatever he said to come out that way.

    I never did understand what all you guys saw in him. He had one excellent season and I think everyone expected his game to grow and him to a hub of a great midfield for many years. He puts a face to the idea that you don’t know what you have with younger players until you see a significant body of work. We often get excited about a great performance or 2 and put a lot of hope and pressure on these young players and perhaps its hurts them in the long term.

    However none of that is Denilson’s fault and good luck to him and I really hope he goes somewhere and has a nice career.

  170. Arsession,,

    Dont jump the gun mate, who is to say RVP does not get crocked again ?
    Good bye and good luck to Denilson , I personally wont miss him but have no ill feelings towards the guy. Just dont think he lived up to his potential.
    It really is sad that some people dont understand what blogs are, discussion, debate, comparing ideas and viewing different opinions. imagine how boring it would be if we all just came on here and said Arsenal are the shit, we will win it all, country mile bullshit. Fuck ! There would be no point coming on here. I love the tension, drama and stupid things some people say trying to make their point. The idiots that resort to putting their fingers in their ears and using abusive language because they lack the intelligence to actually make a point that they dont have are the bores.

  171. Gooner2 – it was aimed at you and goonerton. And other people who show a huge lack of respect to Arsenal players and staff.

    Some people seem to think that the club (players and staff) aren’t bothering to try to improve for whatever reason, that they’re happy being where they are, and just can’t be arsed, or are too stubborn etc etc etc. These are top professionals, who have gotten there through being committed and highly talented. It just makes me sick that supposed supporters can act like this towards those who have done so much. Denilson has had stick for years (unfairly imo), and because he hasn’t quite become the player we hoped, all of a sudden he’s shit and people are saying they’ll be actually celebrating when he leaves!!? Total lack of respect. Pisses me off.

  172. Yogi:

    Stuart Pearce selecting Jack for the U21 and leaving off Andy Carroll does smells like rotten eggs. Not sure I understand that one.

  173. One Muppet will enjoy,

    John Cross has just had a pop at Denilson for disrespecting fans…

  174. YW,

    Well.. John Cross has just gone down in my estimation – again.

  175. Bill I believe Carrol made himself unavailable, as Jack should of.

  176. geo
    how can it piss you when their is really nothing to do with you?

  177. See that’s where we differ gooner2. All things Arsenal have something to do with me. Arsenal is in my blood, it has been my obsession since my earliest memories. So when people talk about the club like that, it naturally pisses me off. You obviously do not share the same passion for this wonderful team.

  178. Big Al

    To many backward passes from Ebcillio for my liking. 🙂

  179. same passion?
    well judging from your you seem to act more like mr nice guy than a real arsenal. but I can’t blame because that’s probably your personality. And just to make everything clear I have no problems with you.

  180. Right. So you have to be a cunt to be a true Arsenal supporter? That what you’re saying? Passion doesn’t have to be directed in a negative way. Far from it. Ask my woman…!

    Seriously though, I can understand supporters having bad feelings for players who leave under a cloud of greed and self-importance, but Denilson has never shown anything like that, and to me, seems like a really nice guy. I feel sorry for him that it hasn’t worked out, and wish him well… That’s all.

  181. george rodger

    We are poor at set pieces.
    We do not score enough against teams that “park the bus”
    We have not shown enough fighting spirit ,against weaker ,more physical opposition.
    We don’t shoot enough.
    Our players seem injury prone.
    We have not won anything for 6 years.
    We don’t spent on established players
    We don’t have an English spine.

    I have listed these points for people to copy and paste so they can save some time every day when they come on to post.
    Do these giant footballing brains think we have not heard any of them?
    Yet day after day blah,blah……………
    What I am struggling to understand is do they really believe that the club does not do everything within its means to improve the team?
    And they really believe that they have the answers.
    Also they display their complete moronicness(I made that word up for them)by finishing with such gems as “in arsene we rust” or “WENGER OUT”.
    Pass me my pills,please

  182. So we are all agreed. Denilson is shit

  183. Timmy T:

    Did not know that Carroll had made himself unavailable. The only potential good thing about Jack playing fot the U21 is that he will be one of the best and a team leader. Hopefully he will use that seniority to make a case in his own mind to be more demanding in front of goal. He will certainly have to defer to the Gerrard’s and Rooney’s of the world on the senior squad. He had a nice season but we can’t afford another season in which we only get 1 goal from the number of minutes he played in an attacking position.

  184. Good luck wherever you go Denilson. Except if you meet up with us in a competition, of course.

    Hopefully we are able to find someone to compete with Song and take his place during the ACN as opposed to putting it all on the shoulders of Frimpong, who I’d like to see loaned somewhere he would get a lot of games.

  185. TT
    Every fan is entitled to their opinion – no issues with that. The question then is what are they basing their opinion on and what kind of factual argument they support.
    Do you criticize a player for showing signs of laziness? consistently under-performing? not technically qualified for the club? or injured on the job?

    Most of Diaby’s injuries are not from his reckless play where he is endangering himself.

    Most fans never played nor managed in this game and pick their spin to match their attitude in life.

  186. Denilson was never exactly one of my favorite players, but seriously.. (if this pans out).. he is leaving.
    No real reason for the vitriol over him to still be flowing.

  187. geo

    no you don’t have to be cunt to be able to prove that you are an arsenal fan. but you have to honest to your self and others. And I even doubt that you are honest to your girl friend or whatever she is to you.

  188. “Attacking position”? Granted he could be scoring more goals, but he’s not in an attacking position. The 4-3-3 we play makes Wilshere and Song box-to-box midfielders behind Cesc, with as much responsibility to defend as attack.

    If, say, we played like Barcelona (Cruyff’s 4-3-3) and had one deep-lying midfielder and two in front, then yeah, you’d be very worried about Wilshere’s goal return.

  189. Borges Spinelli


    I find your comment at 10:54am to be ignominious, disrespectful and unnecessary. Why have you so much anger towards a guy who has given 5 loyal years to our club?

    He wants to leave to guarantee regular football in a team that suits his style and utilizes him in his natural position. At São Paulo’s junior team, where he was um jogador no uma das posições ofensivas he showed vast promise. Persistent injuries have derailed his progress at Arsenal. Also, Wenger, habitually, has played him where he is least effective in, instead of his preferred avança role. Given that our national team has a new manager, whose confidence, Denilson is eager to gain and hopefully play under at the next Copa do Mundo 2014 in Brasil. Tell me, wise guy, is it a such crime to possess ambitions not synchronous with your agenda?

    Fair enough, Deni hasn’t won you over this season. That’s the way life pans out sometimes. By your words, I deem your manners much worse than his perceived lack of sporting prowess.

    Denilson quero boa sorte para sua carreira! Muita saúde e muito sucesso em sua vida. Deus te abençoe!

  190. There are no arguements on ACLF today.The AKB’s are out in force and if you dont agree with them you can fuck off and support Chelsea
    Its amazing that when questions need to be asked about the management of the team and the quality of our players.The AKB’s think everything is great we dont need new signings and we will win the title next season
    And here was i thinking we had gone back a place in the league this season.I was wrong we won the double and we have the CL final to come to complete the treble. See you all at the town all

  191. What the fuck are you on about gooner2?? You have to be honest to yourself and others to prove that you’re an Arsenal fan?!!!! Hmmmm… I didn’t read that when I signed up for my membership… must be in the small-print.

    You got me. I’m probably the most dishonest person going. Shit, am I that transparent?? I hope my world-famous supermodel/pornstar/politician/professional football-playing wife isn’t reading this…

  192. I think if you’re concerned about the lack of goals towards the end of this season, it’s probably also worth looking at Cesc, Nasri and Walcott, and maybe even our full-backs considering the positions in which they find themselves.

  193. OOU
    You are right about the different systems. BUT…..
    Goal scoring is a gift. Jack doesn’t have it. He has great confidence with the ball in the middle third, but how many times have we seen him this season in the PA with no one marking him and he can’t pull the trigger……or when he does he can’t find the target. This is not an age thing.

    Last year, Ramsey was 19 and had no trouble taking responsibility for shooting and he executed!!!!!!!! Ramsey is a goal scorer – like Lampard!

  194. Diaby is a true conundrum. He has great games and apparantly has incredible “potential” but even when healthy he has games in which he has been frustratingly inconsistent. The majority of his injuries are musclar and he can not seem to go more then a game or 3 without pulling something. That was happening even before the broken leg and has never changed so to hope that he will suddenly get over this injury bug is probably not realistic. He has never contributed more then an intermittant good game when he is healthy. I am not sure I understand how the home grown part of the 25 man squad rule works. If we can keep him without taking up one of our slots then there is no doubt what to do. If he does take up one of the 25 slots then its much more difficult decision.

  195. Moderation YW?

  196. Yeah, AS. I don’t have a problem with that. He has passed up a few opportunities this season – I just wanted to point out that there shouldn’t be as much expectation on him to score as on players further forward.

    Forgot to mention AA above.

  197. OOU:

    I understand your concern and agree that all of the midfield need to contribute more goals. Not letting anyone off the hook. Not trying to slag Jack but he will need to score more goals in the future. 1 goal from the number of minutes he played not adeqauate for the team in the long term. I hope that part of his game improves. If we keep the 433 in its current style I hope that he and Ramsey compete for and rotate in that position next year.

  198. Denilson never put in a shift? now that is a lie. He had some poor games but that young man played hard for the most part.

  199. “Did not know that Carroll had made himself unavailable.”

    As far as I know Carroll hasn’t has he ? Both he and Jack are in Pearce’s provisional 40 man squad with the final 23 being chosen on the 1st June deadline for the Finals competition.

    I saw a reported “conversation” that Carroll had with the FA yesterday in the Mail – the Mail – I ask you 🙂

  200. How does a transfer request work? You resign and look for a new club? Or the club still needs to find a buyer?

  201. Cesc wasnt scoring when he started with the first team either.

    Please dont tell me that this guy will not score goals and that he just doesnt have it.

    1:10 mark

  202. We need to find someone and his price just lowered because everyone knows he wants to leave.

  203. Paul:

    I never said that he wouldn’t or couldn’t score. This year has pointed out that we need goals from the midfield. Just my opinion and time will tell but I think Ramsey may be a better option for 1st choice in that position next year. No way to fit Ramsey and Wilshere in a 3 man midfield with Cesc/Nasri and Song/New DM filling the other 2 spots. Jack will get plenty of chances to play no matter what happens and hopefully the goal scoring part of his game will improve as he matures.

  204. Sorry Bill, that was in response to Arsesession at 3:18 pm.

    I agree with you that we need goals from the mid. Walcott, Nasri and Cesc need to step it up next season. These are the players who have proven that they can score.

  205. OOU
    When Song was pushing forward (and scoring regularly) most fans were screaming for him to stick to defined defensive role. Which we saw in the 2nd half of the season and yet we found our attack impotent.

    If Song doesn’t push forward, and Jack is not a goal scoring threat, the the club finds itself right where we are.

    Curious to see how the manager evaluates players going forward.

  206. Are you guys really justifying arguments with the ever so enlightening
    ‘I have more passion for the Arsenal then you ‘ .

    Both sides of these unbecoming and calamitous discussions are in vain as being a gooner isn’t exclusive and I am sure the club holds no prejudice as to how you support as long as your spending.

    Immaturity nor a lack of integrity has no boundaries apparently.

  207. Jabba's delights

    George Roger

    Thats the whole fricking point mate if wenger has done everything he can to sort out the problems then he should leave as he isnt the right man to take us forward.

    His own words after stoke was that its easy to sort out set peice defending ………then why in the world are we so bad at it for 3 years running.
    Has he done all he can.

    Did he do all he can by signing squilci and Kosciellny when we had 40m more to spend…..did he.

    This is why people are annoyed. If he cant sort out the issue the team has had for 3 years that even you can see he should go

  208. Busch – Denilsons price will be what it is. Whether he wants to leave or not, or whether he says so or not, its pretty obvious hes fallen down the order and is a likely candidate for the transfer list. Apparently he cost just over 3 mil when we signed him (dont know how accurate that is) but anything around the 5 mil mark and hel be off i reckon.

  209. good write Yogi. i will say that the comments are pretty fucking boring to read and after a few minutes of Luke and Jabba i just began skipping all their comments and reading the good stuff.
    i found our “Euclideo” to be a fun player to watch. maybe he will get more appreciation in leagues where andy fucking carroll doesn’t cost 35 million currency units.

  210. Paul @ 4:03:


  211. I can see us getting £5M or so for him. The main issue will be that of wages. If he is on £50K per week (I have no idea if that is true or not) as many seem to think, we may struggle to find a club which will match that.

  212. Jabba's delights


    if you ever answered any of our questions we might stop asking them.

    Denilson ”fun player to watch”hahah come on mate he was a decent tidy player at best and lazy uniterested at worst……fun to watch

  213. george rodger

    No Jabba ,that’s why you and your likes are annoyed.
    I am not annoyed.Disappointed,but not annoyed

  214. £5 million thats about right.

    Not worth much more. I can’t imagine Lazio/Fiorentina/Benefica/Ath Madrid are flush with cash.

  215. The miserable support has sure been out in numbers recently. I don’t understand the hate towards Denilson or any other player for that matter. It just shows a complete lack of class.

  216. george rodger

    Jabba .Everything possible within their means.That is a bit different to Everything possible.
    And I think an excellent player.

  217. Well said JLP @ 4.04pm. Well said.

  218. George

    So you are disappointed that Wenger hasn’t addressed a weakness he belittles for 3 years?

    Does your disappointment not want to pose the question:

    ‘Please Mr Wenger, sir, I know I shouldn’t speak to you, b-b-b-but if you say defending from set pieces is the easiest part of the game, why have we got worse over the last three years???”

  219. so Jabba, you did not have fun watching Denilson play as we beat Man City 3-0? The reason i don’t care to answer your questions is because, as many others have mentioned, the negativity flowing from your posts is really, truely hurting the team. Do you think arsenal players don’t read these sites? they are people and i’m sure they enjoy browsing the innerwebs as much as we do.

  220. Keyser

    The player tells the club he wants to end his contract, a buyer is found and the player is gone.

    Theoretically, as the player has asked to breach his contract, he loses out on remaining bonuses and signing-on fees that were due over the course of the contract. The practice depends on how good his legal team is.


  221. i liked denilson because he knew his job. receive the ball, pass to an open player. simple and he did it damn well. nicely weighted passes that would glide across the pitch i might add.

  222. well goonerandy if he wants to leave then hel have to accept the wages on offer, thats where he will have to compromise, just like us on his transfer fee – look what dross has been bought recently for way more that 5 mil

  223. good point deise. if he was slower than the ref, physically weak, shit, AND English we could pull in at least 10-15 million currency units for him. sadly he is only a brazilian

  224. ahahahahahahahahaha William!!!

    Sorry, it’s rude to laugh. My apologies.

  225. laugh all you want Luke. to me you are a font on a screen.

  226. Denilson would probably accept a cut in wages just to get away from the abusive, childish ‘supporters’.

  227. Paul N
    Thanks for the videos…….no question about Jack’s talent but his game is his strength in outmuscling opponents, then his 1st step and his skill to implement his vision.

    The one touch goal in the video proves nothing more than a Danny Rose moment. He will score goals for the club but in midfield we need a more offensive threat and for all the moments this season, he didn’t show me a scoring attribute.

    Arsenal need a more attacking threat player to partner with Cesc. Maybe those are shoes for Ramsey or Diaby.

  228. ah come on dupsffokcuf, we all know thats not why hes leaving – he saw the writing on the wall as far as a starting place goes and he wants to be a starter.

  229. george rodger

    Luke.I am disappointed that a team I believed could have won the league ,playing in the manor I like it to,failed to come through .
    I love the style of play .
    More than that though,I have more admiration and respect for Arsene Wenger than for any person I have ever known(despite the fact that I don’t actually know him at all).I like his philosophies, vision and single mindedness.
    In short I like him .A lot.

  230. dups to call them supporters in quotations is a stretch. Many of these people wake up in the morning, pop on the internet and start saying how poor arsenal is. for example Anthony Timothy at 12:02 believes the gunners will be midtable next year.

  231. I agree with george rodger

  232. I agree with william too

  233. Thanks for the information Yogi, you have an eye on everything!

  234. DeiseGooner

    If you had seen the vile abuse he received on twitter earlier in the season you would understand my point.

  235. Of course you do Frank.

    George, there is crossed wires. I have a huge amount of admiration for Wenger – I am just concerned the last 3 years, and his inability to address obvious weaknesses might be the beginning of the end for the great man.

    William – we are all font on screen. Thats the fun of it.

    Anyway chaps, its all a bit of play is it not? Im off to enjoy the London summer overcast. Have good weekends.

  236. george rodger

    Any Arsenal player who goes on Twitter is risking being abused.
    There is not one of them who some “fan”or other has not abused on the internet.So twitter would seem like a good platform for the moronic.

  237. Jabba's delights


    Firstly i would say i highly doubt the arsenal players read the blogs. Secondly as said many times i sing at the top of my voice whilst at games and would never ever even contemplate booing.

    My negativity comes from 3 years of disappointment and frustration at our inability to address 3 weaknneses that everyone including georgeroger can see

    If arsenal have the same drop off in points as last year we will struggle to come in the top 6. Our captain wants to leave and Nasri could leave as well, if you dont see the potential disaster approaching unless our incredibly stubborn manager does something which he hasnt for 3 years use all of the resources available to him and sort out our f^cking obvious weaknesses

  238. I agree with dupsffokcuf

  239. Arsenal players certainly do read blogs.

  240. Jabba's delights


    How do you know that?

  241. yeah i read about that dupsffokcuf – but those guys are internet warriors who hide behind non personal confrontations as hard men

    but whatever way you look at it, Wenger is willing to leave him go so its seems to me hes not first choice material any longer

    wish the lad well though, how could i otherwise

  242. george rodger

    Jack said so

  243. Can Jack even read?

  244. Arsesession, I dont know what to say.

    Wilshere will score goals. Again Cesc was the same but he came on.

    There were two vids of great skill, you call them just but I havent seen many people score goals like that.

  245. Anicol5

    ANDY CARROLL does not feel he is fit enough to play for England in the Euro Under-21 finals.
    And the Liverpool striker fears if he is forced to go to Denmark it could seriously affect his chances of being injury free for the start of Liverpool’s assault on next season’s league title.
    Carroll has told Under-21 coach Stuart Pearce of his worries and is supported by Liverpool’s medical staff and boss Kenny Dalglish.
    They believe he needs the summer off to rest a long-standing knee injury.

    Read more:

  246. Arcecession:

    Never did understand the whole Song getting forward thing. In theory, Song is our best screen in front of the back 4 and sending him forward on the surface seems a strange idea. He did score a few goals early but that dried up and our defensive issues continued. Was he told to stop going forward or did the league just adjust and make the tactic useless, or was he really not that much of a scorer and just had a run of luck? I tend to over analyze the defensive stuff but from a tactical level having Song get forward is a very difficult one to understand if the clubs goal after the last couple of years was to solidify our defense. Hopefully whomever plays with Song in the deeper part of our midfield and the entire midfield will provide more goals next year and Song getting forward will not be needed.

  247. Its time for Jack to develop an ‘injury’ i reckon TimmyT

  248. Jabba's delights

    Jack will score goals, the gas had the same issue when he was young. Whats important is that he gets in the position to score. He should shoot more from outside the box remember his goal for the reserves vs west ham when he was 15 pure genius.

    He needs to start working on his right foot though.

  249. if Carroll was worried about his long standing knee injury why was he regularly starting for milverpool over the past few weeks?

  250. Gainsbourg69

    I agree with Borges. Denilson is and always will be an offensive midfielder. It’s clear, to anyone who pays attention to his game, that his timing and pitch awareness are geared for the attack. His instincts are to put in a tight, cheeky pass or get in the aerea to score.

    If he leaves I hope he lands in Roma. A place where they love Brazilian players and always seem to get the best out of them. Plus Totti is retiring, or about to, and Pizzaro is a dinosaur. He’d get plenty of game time and I don’t doubt he’d become a revelation. With his size and experience playing in a physical league, serie A would be a cake walk. Plus a midfield of Rossi and Denilson wouldn’t be too bad to watch.

    As far as the pieces of shit saying that he’s crap and they’d dance when he leaves, guess who is going to have the last laugh? Denilson’s CV is amongst the best in terms of players between the ages of 20 and 24 anywhere in the world. By this time next year he could be tearing up Serie A, living in a villa just outside Rome and sorrounded by women you wouldn’t know what to do with. Think about that when you get back to your hovels this evening.

  251. For Pete’s sake,

    Ghandi, Jesus, and Siddhārtha Gautama would get abuse if they were on twitter. Just as I’m sure you can find some websites and blogs calling them anything but kind names.

    Using modern social media for ones self-worth or confidence is setting oneself up for failure.

  252. If Jack goes to the U21 tournament, he won’t play for Arsenal before October.

  253. What a star you are, Serge, a million gitanes to you

  254. Jabba's delights


    laughable. one of the best cv’s aged 20-24. I could name you 10 better at arsenal. Decent player will hopefully do well wherever he goes but there isnt a chance in hell he takes over from totti or pizarro. he cant beat a man im afraid to say

  255. William

    How should I know, why dont you ask him ?

  256. Especially if those blogsites have the express purpose of destroying the club by marshalling shit support

  257. As seen as reacharound time has begun I am off.

    German beer festival for me, have a good weekend all.

  258. Especially if those blogsites have the express purpose of destroying the club by marshalling shit support

    Frank do you honestly believe some of the shit you post or are you on one big piss take?

  259. Keep up, TimmyT, son

  260. Im trying Frank,,

  261. Diaby will be deployed in a more advanced position according to sources

    And might lose out to Rambo in the process Frank

  262. Quoting Frank…

    “Denilson didn’t play against Bolton, Stoke or Villa. I like him. Having said that there is no point in staying if you are going to get constant abuse from your ‘supporters’. Developing something of a reputation for that are we not?”

    You’re absolutely right Frank, we are developing a reputation of being the club who’s fans do not respect and will humiliate their players.

    Remember Eboue?

  263. If Jack goes to the U21 tournament, he won’t play for Arsenal before October.

    And might lose out to Rambo in the process Frank

  264. On another note Miyaichi looks like a seriously good player, I know its too early to be expecting to much but damn he is fast, tricky, takes on players can dribble, shoot and holsd himself well in the tackle. Will be a different kettle of fish in the prem but he looks promising. Reminds me of the lesser ronaldo in allot of ways.

  265. Gainsbourg69

    Jabba’s delight:

    “laughable. one of the best cv’s aged 20-24. I could name you 10 better at arsenal. Decent player will hopefully do well wherever he goes but there isnt a chance in hell he takes over from totti or pizarro. he cant beat a man im afraid to say”

    Name them. Name all ten players between the ages of 20 and 24 with Denilson’s CV.

  266. Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish insists it will be “disrespectful” to his current squad not to make top-quality signings in the summer but also did not rule out a return for some familiar faces.

    I think this is what some of our top players are feeling, they want to be assured that we have ambition and good signings are a signal to them that the club has ambition. And before any one jumps on my back I never said expensive signings.

  267. frank is the greattest arsenal fan ever

  268. Borges Spinelli

    Denilson would command a transfer fee in the region of £12m-15m. Seeing as Koscielny, a relatively, untested & rookie French player’s cost tag, 10months ago was just under £10m.

  269. Borges Spinelli

    Grandpa Frank might be a grouch, but he means well. Even if he is a hard nosed socialist. LOL

  270. Borges Spinelli

    Wrestling fans, listen up:

    Macho Man Randy Savage dies in car accident

  271. i dunno if denilson will command that type of fee borges..
    but id like to think we could get that for him..not a bad bit of business if your figures are correct…

  272. Gainsbourg69

    All I know, Borges, is that who ever gets him will have bought a very good player for a low price, as his statistics will show that he wasn’t a peripheral figure in the team. He featured many times for us both in the league and in Europe for a reason. Too bad we won’t get to see his talent come to fruition at our club.

  273. Adeus, Denilson Periera Neves, meu amigo. Eu gostava de assistir você jogar para o Arsenal. Peço desculpas pelo desconforto criado por alguns torcedores do Arsenal. Vou assistir a sua carreira com interesse, meu jovem. Cuide de si mesmo e muito obrigado.

  274. I don’t understand some of the posters who post on here. Many of you have been asking for Denilson to leave the club all season, and now that you have got your wish, why are you abusing the poor guy even further?

    Suggesting that Denilson is on 50k is an inaccurate statement because nowhere in the Arsenal fiscal accounts is listed the players individual salaries. So how can people say Denilson was making 50k a week? No-one would ever know how much each player makes at AFC, not unless a player decides to let the press know.

    I’ve always liked Denilson, this season he has been below par, but at least he tried, sadly the same cannot be said about some supporters. Now that your favorite punching bag is leaving, i wonder who will take his place. Interesting times ahead.

  275. I suggest Sequillaci will be the next scapegoat but to be honest, I’m disappointed in him too. All I can do is give him the benefit of the doubt that it’s his first season in the PL.

    Of course there are the usual and well documented scapegoats of Eboue and Diaby. I’m assuming Almunia is already used beyond repair at this point.

  276. Goodbye Denilson, good luck with your future Son. Stay strong.



  278. Gainsbourg69

    Mon dieu, Frank est un polyglot. Safadao.

  279. Sadly i never lived long enough to see Denilson play a forward pass

  280. R.I.P Randy Savage

  281. Gainsbourg69

    I’m already looking forward to watching Denilson play in another league.

  282. I suspect he will flourish in the spanish or italian league.

  283. G69
    Sky dont show the Outer Mongolian 3 division

  284. jabberwocky | May 20, 2011 at 12:18 pm |

    Post of the week

    I don’t blame Denilson one bit for wanting to leave. If he goes I wish him all the best and hope he finds the right team where his talents can shine. He deserves better than the shit that has been dished out to him this season.

  285. Kenny

    You may think you are coming out with hilarious jokes. Most here will think you are just being immature.

  286. For Kenny – open your eyes and your mind (if you have one) will follow

  287. Borges Spinelli

    In this day and age, players’ intrinsic value goes out the window. Costs associated with procuring their services are overly inflated on the transfer market by all who profit from it. If current trend persists, all through the end of the decade – sub-par players will begin to command fees in the region of £50-70m; and big hitters for princely sums in excess of £200m. Mind boggling economics.

    [shakes head]

  288. Geo,

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful towards players and staff. My opinion on Denilson, Bendtener, Clichy, is based on their performances over the years.

    I have witnessed Denilson’s not tracking back or not marking too many times and both f-ups normally ended up with the ball in the back of our net one too many times. He has no pace whatsoever and please enlighten me as to what a DM in this League can do a job with no pace?

    In Seria A, I think he will be outstanding but, the fact is he’s not cut out for the Premier League and this should of been noticed a while ago. But, it’s a mistake that happens to plenty of clubs and will continue to do so but, most clubs know when it’s not going to happen as planed and act accordingly. I just think it’s been drawn out too long at a cost which could of went into something else.

    I can also count on one hand the amount of times Clichy, has actually tried to cut the ball out before it gets to the man out wide. This is the reason he is targeted by a lot of teams more so than any body else. It’s lazy arse defending and I’m not going to pretend to myself that I can’t see because it happens nearly every game. He is supposed to be trying to prevent crosses into our box and putting his body on the line to achieve that. There’s nobody pushing him for his place and a couple of seasons ago where Gibbs kept him out for while he came back and was playing out of his skin. Now he plays like a player who knows his name is on the team sheet whatever happens and I think that is disrespectful to the club.

    I won’t be popping champs when he leaves but, will be looking forward to a replacement for both who plays his guts out every match win lose or draw.

  289. It’s not about his salary either. It’s his lack of ability on the pitch.
    He is supposed to be protecting the back four isn’t he?

    When have you seen him do that?

    Good luck Denilson.

  290. Who is this outstanding new recruit ?

  291. I demand a 30 goal a season front man – seriously – no joking

  292. Borges Spinelli

    Deni is not a Volante. He is natural game is that of an offensive minded player. Same way Walcott in’t a Right Lateral Midfielder.

  293. A world Class left back as deadly in attack and utterly faultless in his defensive duties

  294. Walcott doesn’t play as a right midfielder, which is fortunate.

    When Denilson arrived AW claimed he was a mix between Gilberto Silva and Rosicky. I think I’d go along with that.

  295. A mifield general 6’6″ as fleet as a panther but as shrewd as a fox

  296. A cheeky Cockney winger swifter than a horned viper but with an accent a bit like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins

  297. Opta’s team of season 2010-11:

    11 – B.Foster, B.Sagna, J.Terry, N.Vidic, G.Clichy, M.Essien, C.Adam, S.Nasri, Nani, C.Tevez, D.Berbatov.

    Clichy v Baines as of late – April: Tackles 105-77 Success Rate 80%-73% Conceded/game 0.93-1.24 Interceptions 95-40

  298. LimparAssist
    I just read you comment on the Economist website, very well put sir!

  299. Borges Spinelli

    One Of Us,

    From your description, i would conclude that he is better suited to Wilshere’ role. A box-to-box Midfielder like Ramires.

  300. A new defensive Coach with the tactical appreciation of Clausewitz, the aggression of Horatio, Lord Nelson ( and a parrot on his shoulder)
    And I want them NOW

  301. From what you read on blogs you would think that every one is a football manager or can be one.

    I wonder why there is such a shortage of good football managers?

    I know your response: Football is about debate, I have a right to my opinion, I have a season ticket, My ass print is marked on a Highbury chair.

    All that is nice and dandy but you’re no manager, your opinions (including mine) means squat in football management. You have no badges, f*ck, some professional players can’t even get badges to be managers.

    I think some of our fans just need to be a bit humble, you don’t even have half the truth and you speak like you’re God who knows everything.

  302. In that Man City game I think that’s where he’s playing, BS. Actually I’d say that he’s only had to anchor the midfield a handful of times. He was usually operating where Wilshere does now I think.

    The beginning of the end was surely that Leeds match when he got singled out for abuse.

  303. Borges Spinelli

    I’ve never fully grasped the role of a winger in the European game. It’s an alien concept to me. Walcott in my humble opinion, is a number 9 – a striker.

  304. Borges Spinelli

    I believe Denilson was the Man of the Match against Manchester City away.

  305. Frank @5.43pm

    If Timmy T is your son, well…

  306. I suppose that’s the thing – let’s say Denilson did lose his way after some morons hurled abuse at him on twitter. It’s probably not good enough; everyone’s got to deal with nonsense like that at some point.

    Firstly I don’t remember him ever giving an interview in English. As late as ’09, three years after joining, he was speaking through an interpreter. That’s a problem. Could he have tried to adapt better?

    He was a good player, and he was under appreciated, but I’m not sure he was settled enough to handle the adversity. I mean, it’s not surprising now to hear that he’d already made up his mind that he was leaving by the time we played away at West Brom.

  307. Fox Sports are claiming Velez’s Ricky Alvarez has signed for “England’s Arsenal”

  308. Figure of speech, YW. I did have a cat called Timmy once though. He came to a terrible end which I still find difficult to talk about. It involved a greyhound and a concrete mixer. I use him as a doorstop now.

  309. The weekly pay of these multiple new recruits will not exceed that of an appropriate comparator in the open labour market – I am prepared to go to £10 per hour – and with the savings I anticipate the price of the high quality catering items Delaware supply us with so tastily might be greatly reduced

  310. Did Christiano Ronaldo ever learn the lingo ? Gilberto Silva ? Admitedly Adebayor learned a form of the language – sadly the tape he learned from ran at the wrong speed 😦

  311. What Timmy or the Greyhound?

  312. @OOU he should have done like Rooney told them he would flatten them if they did not shut their mouth. But then again the fans would say hes an ass for being angry at people calling him a dick.

  313. @ps luckily Denilson aint that thick though 🙂

  314. Alvarez! I hope this is true, I have watched him in a number of games. I used to live in Argentina. He is a combination of Kaka and Pires, great player, 6,2 fast, like to burst into the box and shoots on sight. My only concern is that for some reason Argentineans dont really seem to like the prem leage style of play all that much.

  315. Is Eboue grabbing someones boob at the Arsenal dinner thingy? lol and i cant belive has it as a picure in their pic gallery of that dinner. and where is fabregas and nasri? no pics of them 😦

  316. “First-team players Abou Diaby and Bacary Sagna also showed outstanding generosity by funding the employment of two full-time Mental Health Therapists ”
    how many footballers do that?? thats way cool!

  317. OOU…You can just say, he was too nice to play/live in England. 🙂

  318. Just seen this on twitter. Who said women’s football was soft!

  319. Only 6-2 ?

  320. george rodger

    Poodle,is it just those two missing?
    That is a bit of a concern.

  321. Timmy of course. stubbed my toe on him many an evening trying to sneak in after a night out. Little bastard.

  322. no aparantly Nasri was there cos he bought somethig, but Eboue deffinently cuddled that ladys bosom, he looked very happy 🙂 (so did she).

    Cesc was not even mentioned, but “the entire arsenal first team was”. and there was two pics of Denilson (!).

    I know one should not read to much into such things but a end of season ball and the captain is not even mentioned? thats weird.

  323. george rodger

    Now I am worried.

  324. Borges Spinelli

    Coincidence, no other way to explain Nasri and Cesc Fàbregas’ abscence from photos. I hope!

  325. Poodle and George:

    Cesc on on picture # 8 and 9 in the pictures on my version of

    George @ 9:19: “Now I am worried”.

    Gonna be a very long summer for you.

  326. hah they were both there. I wanna see pics of Cesc on the ARsenal web page though! not on some playes twitter page. Why oh why dont they show pics of cesc and nasri on the arsenal page.

  327. george rodger

    Thanks Bill.It looks that way

  328. Anicoll5 | May 20, 2011 at 8:34 pm |
    Did Christiano Ronaldo ever learn the lingo ? Gilberto Silva ? Admitedly Adebayor learned a form of the language – sadly the tape he learned from ran at the wrong speed

    Adebayor didn’t learn English in England. Whatever form he speaks now was certainly learned in Togo/Nigeria where he grew up.

  329. so we are no longer good enough for mr Denilson!! ha ha ha fukin ha turns out he was a cunt after all.

  330. Very true Henristic – where did Ade ever learn to speak English at that speed – unreal. !

  331. NO class Duke ,,
    You not Neves

  332. timmyt, really? Denilson has class then has he? fukin time he has been given at this club, should have been an honour for him. if he bothered turning up against man utds defenders in the cup he might have got his hands on a trophy.

  333. george rodger

    Until I see him speak the words I will not be calling him any bad names.
    Its the Sun FFS .When did they ever get a story right?

  334. I never said any thing about Denilson did I , I dont talk about our players its too taboo around here,,
    There was no need to call him a cunt, he wasnt good enough to break into the squad for whatever reason and has decided to move on for a chance to play regularly.
    I dont see a problem with that.

  335. He would be a cunt if he was happy to sit on the bench and collect his paycheck every week. the boy wants to play football, cant hold that against him.

  336. timmyt,

    no we cant, but to say he wants to go to win trophies is a piss take when he has not exactly been pulling up any trees. the bits about playing for Chelsea! he’d be lucky if another team perservered with him like we have done. pisses me off to have players doing their apprenticeships in the team then buggering off. and he hasnt even finished his degree. infact he has failed and had to go back a retake it.

  337. Alvarez can play across the midfield the report says. I have never seen him play, Borgess can you provide any insight? I hope he can at least play as a holding midfielder when Song jets off to the ACN 2012

  338. This could be the big’un 23 year old argie replaces 23 year old Brasil 6-2 replaces 5-10
    Trust me 5 inches is five inches

  339. Ok I exaggerate

  340. george rodger

    Maths not your strong point?
    That is 4 inches .
    Trust me an inch is an inch.

  341. I have never had any complaints before George ! Admittedly an inch is an inch , exaggeration is exaggeration – but a hard rain

  342. Its late in the day but i’ve just read the Denilson article in the Sun (of all places) and its not at ALL damning of Arsenal, in fact I think he shows a lot of respect and class..unlike some of the posters who have abused him today:

  343. Anyway – who IS Gary Riggs ?

  344. Denilson should not be dumping us, he is nowhere near good enough, if the likes of that weasel are jumping ship what does that tell you.

  345. Never heard of a weasel jumping ship before. You made that up.

  346. Anicoll5:

    That’s why ladies can’t park, ’cause everyone tells them 4 inches is 5 …

  347. Duke what the hell is your problem? Denilson should be dumping us. He is a good player who played in the EPL, scored goals, made tackles and such. he is out of favour and not playing at all. How does that classify as dumping arsenal? he simply wants to play!! you make me want to say all sorts of mean words and now i’m feeling violent.

  348. Borges Spinelli


    Honestly, I’ve never heard of Alvarez before. Although his club is one of the best in South America; thus he really can’t be that playing for a top side. From what I’ve gathered online, he’s a forward player/attacking midfielder/wide midfielder. Which is all good. Alvarez doesn’t strike me as one cut-out for Defensive Midfield duties. There’s no easy way around it, we NEED a proper DM to cover Song and Frimpong’s 5 weeks absence in January.

    Timmy T might be able to shed more light on Alvarez, though.

  349. Borges Spinelli

    LOL @GeorgeRoger’s an inch is an inch statement. Best wat to settle it is to say Alvarez is 10cm taller than Deni. This gives a far greater picture of his physicality.

  350. Frimpong hasn’t been called up by Ghana yet from what i know.

  351. Borges Spinelli

    Oh, trust me, he will. He professes his love for the land of his birth and wishes to represent Ghana.

    A couple of weeks back, someone posed a question along these lines to him on twitter: “when are we going to see you represent Ghana?” And he replied, ” real soon” with a smiley face at the end.

    If you don’t believe me, go through his twitter posts in the last 10-14 days.

  352. @duke why should Denilson not be dumping off. He probably thinking Arsenal has the worst supporters in the League. He saw how we treated Eboue, fickle, superficial and false. First we hate him then when hes good enough we suddenly love him.

    Arsenal fans are like high scool girls. all they do is talk shit about players, calling them all kinds of shit online, hiding behind an IP adress. If any of them ever met Denilson face to face they would ask for his autograph, smile and say thank you, while they at the same time call him an ass and a usless player and a waste of space online!
    Thats the true arsenal fan for you.

    Why on earth would anyone stay when that has been the situation for the last 2 years? a 23 year old man that can easily go to spain, get first team footy and be worshipped??
    He aint dumping the club hes dumping the fans. of that i am convinced.

  353. dumping us

  354. dumping us not dumping off

  355. btw if City buys ROnando, well that would be exciting. looking forward to fiesty encounters between him and redmist rooney next year muahaha.

  356. pathetic fans we have indeed, pull your fukin tongues out of Denilsons arse some of you. he has come out and said what fans have been saying and getting slaughtered for all season , shit even if Merson who is a legend by the way if some of you dont know said these things he would be called a cunt but no not Denilson no he is our player you cant slag him off. pathetic. He cant even hang around and try to help us through our bad times , yes fukin great passion and commitment there. obviously Bendtner has nt the biggest ego at the club then. William, let it out son.

  357. poodle, you obviously new to football then, been like this for ever son ,all fans are the same so stop fukin slagging of your felow gooners. footballers will never i repeat never give a fuck what you i or any other fan says so to say he is leaving because of the fans is very naive or stupid or just in denial of the truth.

  358. Dukegoonem, you need to change your diet. Too much protein, young man.

  359. Ofc they care duke. They got internet. They read blogs. they got twitter. If you cinstantlyvread about how much people hate u and how the fans want u out why stay? The clubs however could not give a shit about what the fans say or want or mean. Buy the individual players do. Rooney even wanted to flatten someone last week. Ofc they care! You think they are superhuman or something. Eveybody cares when the critic becomes personal and not professional. And yes dime of out fans call him fucking cunt, useless, not worthy, shit. Bastard etc. That Is abuse and it’s only so much abuse someone can be bothered to take when he knows he can go somewhere els earn decent and have fans that loe him. He ows the club much but the fans nothing IMO.

  360. I agree with Poodle

  361. ps. sorry, trying to write on a iphone, its way hard!keep missing letters :p
    Im not saying you should not criticise players, but there is a difference between calling a person a cunt and actually saying he may not suit our playstyle.
    When arsenal fans start abusing arsenal players online or on twitter hiding behind aliases, to ckicken to even sign witheir real name, why should that player stay loyal and say to the fans ” you are billiant i love you ?”.
    But please drag ur head out of the sand and start to ralize that the players dont live in a vacume, they live in the real word surrounded by real world amnities like internett. And they read about themselves, their friends read about them, their mothers and their family read about them. OFC what we say and mean affects them.

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