Arsenal Lose On And Off The Pitch

Arsenal 1 – 2 Aston Villa

0 – 1 Bent (12)
0 – 2 Bent (16)
1 – 2 van Persie (89)

Five points out of the last thirty. Five. It’s not good enough.

It’s a simple fact, the form has not been good enough, nowhere near title-winning form. And for a team that until three weeks ago, were genuine title challengers, it is a disappointment that is hard to bear.

And if I feel this badly about it, surely the players do.

With second place firmly placed in their grasp thanks to Newcastle’s late equaliser, a win was imperative. Even if second means nothing, surely professional pride dictated that a win would be sought out.

But it never came.

I cannot remember feeling this numb following the end of the final home match of the season. I am sure I have but I do not remember that instance. Perhaps I hope it to be the case to make this moment feel less painful. I am more sure of that being the case than I am of my failing memory.

Where to begin? There were refereeing errors but that is not the reason for this defeat. If we are honest, that particular avenue of incompetence has become too convenient a peg upon which to hang our hats. Yes, there have been some appalling decisions. Yes, they did cost us points. But Aston Villa did not win because of refereeing ineptitude.

But he did contribute.

Arsenal lost this match because they beat themselves. They did not concentrate in the first twenty minutes and were suitably punished. A train of thought is that Darren Bent showed what happens when you spend money, Monsieur Wenger. It conveniently ignores the fact that Robin van Persie has a better goals per game ratio this season, scoring more having played less in the Premier League.

That mattered for nought yesterday. Bent scored twice, Arsenal did not. Villa took three points, points which mean that a Champions League Qualifier now seems likely. How did it come to this?

Displays such as the one yesterday were the answer.

No, I don’t understand how Chamakh’s goal was disallowed. And if that was the benchmark, where were the penalties for Richard Dunne’s fouls on van Persie and Ramsey?

That reasoning, whilst not specious, distracts from the truth. Arsenal were not good enough and to be brutally honest, not interested. In the absence of Cesc, they lacked a guiding light in midfield. Samir Nasri’s injury has exacerbated the problem.

Squillaci will not look back on his time at Arsenal with much fondness, deemed by many not to be ‘up to it’. He set about proving his critics right in his time on the pitch. Arsène spared him the second half punishment as Alex Song dropped back into his place.

The French international played Bent onside for the first as a lofted pass over the top. It did not really get better for him after that. Thomas Vermaelen returned, slipped and Bent had opened a match-winning margin. Thankfully, the Belgian improved and his performance was a genuine high spot of the afternoon.

Robin van Persie’s strike against the post before the interval might have stopped the boos at the whistle but I doubt it. And no matter how much you do not want to hear them, it is not hard to understand why the players trudged off to the sounds of despair, defeat and disinterest.

The ‘Lap of Appreciation’ by the players at the end took place to a stadium that emptied quicker than Wembley following the Carling Cup Final defeat. Suggestions that around 12-15,000 remained as the players showed their thanks, are not wide of the mark. The efforts of the season to be in a position to lose it all are forgotten as rancour casts its shadow over May.

A large portion of the support stayed away. That’s their choice and is more representative of opinion that 0.5% marching beforehand. 

The Emirates has become a joyless place to watch football in recent weeks. The performances on the pitch have contributed to that to a large extent but other agendas are apparent. Supporters are crossing swords, equally vehement that the other point of view is wrong, not caring about the abuse handed out. Immature on and off the pitch.

One more game remains for this season whereupon the summer break begins. A new season brings new optimism. And according to the manager, new faces. Right now, Arsenal need them.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Play nicely boys and girls. Play nicely.

  2. *SIGH* when will this all come to an end

  3. the Emirates” as you call it is a modern soulless neo brutal dump. It is made to profit by holding various large functions there. It is not a traditional ground with a traditional feel

    That idiot Wenger and his multicultural disaster need removing.

    Darren Bent showed once again why he should be a gunner

  4. Without Cesc, this team will play to avoid relegation. I am afraid of what the next season will bring without him, and with AW still in the saddle.

  5. Without Cesc, this team will play to avoid relegation. I am afraid of what the next season will bring without him, especially with AW still in the saddle.

  6. I tottally agree – Emirates is a stadium for birds and nurds. It is a stadium you go to for a Cup Final and other teams love coming their and winning.

    Bring back standing sections and you may change the atmosphere.

    Wenger has sucked the Arsenal soul out of me this season and I can’t wait for it to end.

  7. Steve Palmer

    Good Post,
    You have said that refereeing decisions have made no difference to the results we have had, I beg to differ, many refereeing decisions have gone against us this year, maybe coincidence and maybe not, but affected results Definitely. Football is a game played by , two teams, with a neutral referee to make sure the game is played fairly and sportingly. These officials are employed by the FA and in my eyes they have an agenda. It has become clear that Arsenal Football club are on the end of two many bad decisions, to honestly believe that they are neutral. I for one thinks it stinks of corruption, and for all the enquiry s going on with FIFA, I believe the government should look closer to home . In my opinion the FA have their favourites and Arsenal are not one of them.

  8. The supporters have sucked the soul out of me. Worst in the EPL by a country mile. Even in the dreary days in the Eighties support was better than this. Singing about money! Classless, utterly classless.

  9. I agree with Steve Palmer

  10. And Wenger is now happy that Pat Rice will stay for another season!!!!
    Nothing will change at Arsenal, it´s not Arsenal FC anymore, it´s Arsene FC and don´t you or anyone else dare to challenge the old fool. He knows everything and it´s perfect to have Pat as his second man.
    Enough is enough, I´m not spending another dime on Arsenal.
    I´ve always liked Arsene but it´s now even beyond dislike and the only thing that will change anything is if we miss out in the CL qualifications..
    Wenger out!

  11. Steve Palmer

    We don’t pay for players and we don’t pay bungs. Maybe we should.

  12. Wenger out!

    There is even a little dissent over at ACLF

  13. A few weeks ago RedAction struck up with ‘You’ll never get a job’ when we played Liverpool. Their fathers in the Eighties burned ten pound notes when we played the same team. Yesterday the same supporters only sang their whinge about the price of tickets. What goes around comes around. Worst supporters in the EPL. Classless.

  14. It’s 11 points from 30 Yogi, I think.

    Since the win over Stoke at the end of February, there have been:

    5 draws, Sunderland, WBA, Blackburn, Liverpool, Spuds,

    2wins, manu and Blackpool,

    3 defeats, Bolton, Stoke, Villa.

    Still bloody appalling. 1o more would have seen the title still in our grasp. Those three defeats were killers, never mind the draws.

  15. Steve and Frank! So now it´s corruption and the referees fault that our team is completely spineless!!!!!
    Has it ever hit you that the dislike for Arsenal stems from our idiot manager behaving like an idiot during games against officials and other managers?
    His behaviour against Dalglish was disgusting to see……as if it was Dalglish fault that Wenger played that idiot clown Eboue.
    Pull your heads out boys.

  16. Our supporters are the killers.

  17. *sigh*

    Can someone at Arsenal stand up, take a look at the problems we have, and have the balls to actually solve them?

  18. Good post Yogi. I don’t think anybody was suprised when we conceded the 2 goals. The 1st half performance was really really flat. This against a team who had nothing to play for.

    Played better in the 2nd, but their keeper only had 2 saves to make (what I remember anyway) and we did not really threaten too much depsite our posession. The ref did impact on the game, but as YW rightly said concentrating on that would deflect from a truely woeful performance.

    Roll on next year. Lets hope Arsene sorts this out in the summer.

  19. Never mind, robin, you won’t have to watch the team anymore. Save your money. Don’t go to games. In fact support the Chavs or Mancs I and II.

  20. Supporters certainly have no balls.

  21. There is no curruption and agenda against Arsenal by ref’s. To think so really smacks of paranoia and reeks of desperation. Which is a bit sad really.

  22. Frank,

    Absolutely agree, when the game finished I was left standing on my own cheering for the team as they completed their lap of appreciation.

    We have some of the most sanctimonious fans in the world and I just wish all supporters were as voracious in their support as you are. Our job is to simply support this team through thick and thin no more no less.

    I love this damn football team and I am fuming about the way the season has petered out however I will be back next season and sing to sing louder and with just as much pride as I have this season.

  23. Steve Palmer

    Robin, good point, I only write what I see, I can see a penalty, I can’t help it if you cant.

  24. You know, I am critical of this teams performance this season. They have let the club and their manager down. I think their time has past.

    Tell you what though, I despise these fairweather twats who boo the team and spin their bile wherever they can.

    Frank is right. The anti support is just bloody awful. Classless sums it up.

    Destructive, childish and churlish as well. It’s like they’ve all become Wayne Rooney clones wearing Arsenal colours. Bloody disgrace.

  25. Good Morning YW like you and many others I have struggled to understand the ineptitude shown by the players these last few weeks.3 points out of a possible 30 sums it all up…

    Arsene’s proclamations that this is his ” Best squad” ever and that he “prefers to have leaders all over the pitch” has come back to bite his derrier in no uncertain terms….A while ago I posted on here that if things did not improve on the pitch “The Knight of the long Knives” would seem like a kids tea party as All involved rake over the embers of what has been an unsatisfactory season ..Yes the ref was inept but as you have aptly stated we were not good enough yesterday and have not been good since the CC Final…

    Those who advocate that Wenger should fall on his sword are entitled to their opinion, I’m not of those who is singing from that particular hymn sheet..What is certain is that this “technically gifted” group of players have no consistent desire,determination,nous,leadership and ability to fight – there is soft underbelly just like a croissant.Every thing has a shelf life in the order of things and Wenger really now needs to look at himself and methods and make change(s).. The mix of players is all wrong..

    YW I want to ask what is wrong with a player like Samba?? You noted in earlier last week that he had a sterling game and did so again at the weekend..Limited in technique somewhat he Is a Fighter.. I’m not advocating him as summer signing…..

  26. Frank… I followed Arsenal since the late sixties so I know the drill when there are tough times, but watching Denilson, Diaby and Eboue (guess they´re all on 50k a week) backtracking, fighting and giving it all for the team year out and year in is not comparable to those barren years in the eighties, THE PLAYERS TRIED AND IF THEY DIDN´T THEY WERE SOLD, NOT NURTURED!
    You probably joined Arsenal in -98 or -02, your type of supporter is killing Arsenal.

  27. Steve… your vision is so good, did you see the penalty your favourite player Eboue gave Liverpool? Or is it like Wengers….no I didn´t see that?
    Did you his gesturing towards Dalglish?
    Guess not..

  28. Steve Palmer

    I didn’t think this forum was for bragging how long you have supported but offering opinions and hoping someone has the solution that can cure present day problems, a team of forty or fifty years ago is not much help to us now is it, instead of bickering between ourselves we should endeavour to find the answers for next season.

  29. I really feel 4 UK supporters that have to pay so much to see such disappointing performances.
    But what are supporters when they cannot support?
    If the fans are not in the stands will there be an Arsenal FC?
    We were supporters when trophies were rolling in, we still have to be supporters when there’s no trophies to cheer.
    Supporters with little or no ‘mental strength’ can join the money bags.
    A Gunner for Life!

  30. Game summed up the season – some dreadful refereeing, too little urgency even when we went too down, and what could have been a rousing H2 performance but fell flat as we only scored when too late. As at Stoke I felt for Jack and Robin who did everything they could to rouse the team from their slumbers. To slow to shift the ball forward, not using Theo’s pace, and Arshavin…….oh dear!

    Gibbs also looked shaky. We arent far away in terms of players, but team spirit and tempo is sadly lacking. I did take some heart from TV’s return (next season’s captain) – and Song was outstanding in H2 as a surging CB, but he’s too good a ball player to waste in that position.

    But Frank is right, the crowd was shocking.

  31. Armband…..imagine if Vieira, Keown or Adams came in and told Arsene a and his players (not everyone) the truth.
    Wonder if Steve and Frank ever heard of Tony A.

  32. two not too – or perhaps both!

  33. “LOL Pompous self important cunt”

    Your opinion on the current team is misguided, but that’s another matter. Let’s talk about the man you call a “cunt”. This “cunt” has raised Arsenal’s international profile immeasurably; he’s won titles; got us playing with style; brought in more of Arsenal’s best players of all time than any other manager; kept us consistent through the stadium transition and given the fans a lifetime of bragging rights – seriously, what team is ever going to go a season unbeaten again?

    And you call him a “cunt”.

    Show some fucking respect.

  34. I don’t believe that we will suddenly drop into a relegation battle if we lose Cesc and I don’t believe the team AW put out yesterday are not up for it, with the major exception of Squillaci who is clear proof that age does not mean experience. What was disturbing yesterday was that the team didn’t appear interested. We kicked the ball around in our own half from the first whistle, passing it from defender to midfielder and back again without ever appearing to look to play a ball forward, when we did it was a woeful pass from Song straight to a Villa midfielder. Where was the drive? Where was the commitment? Where was the desire to sign off a disappointing season with a rousing win at the Emirates so that we could cheer the players off the pitch and start to dream about the minor tweaks Wenger will make in the summer, knowing that the title next season was already in the bag? If Villa had come to the Emirates with a game plan and outplayed us we could understand it, but they probably couldn’t believe their luck, Arsenal were going to just roll over in front of their own fans. I came out of the game believing there were serious issues across the squad, that wholesale changes were required and that we can only look forward to mid table mediocrity in the seasons to come. I know that’s not really true and the potential, with some tweaks, is clearly there, but the collective spirit seems to have gone.
    Maybe this isn’t helped by the scratch card mentality (ooo look I’ve won the Premiership) of many of the new season ticket holders at the Emirates, but we do need to toughen up and I don’t mean physically. When something goes wrong our heads drop too quickly and if we concede a goal its rarely lonely for long.
    I trust AW is already planning for his next campaign, maybe having to add the extra hassle of a two-leg CL qualifier into the equation in late summer, but I hope that he takes that arrogant French streak to a new extra level. Lay down the law on those contract discussions quickly, ship out the dross efficiently and bring in the small number of players he believes we need early on so we don’t allow the transfer nonsense of previous seasons to drag on. The team needs to be settled so that we can have a useful pre-season together. And if that means we do end up losing Fabregas, let’s at least make it clear that a deal has to be resolved quickly or not at all so as to allow Wenger time to bring in replacements.

  35. Morrissey's Love Child

    Arsenal make me sad! Changing shirts every year, expensive seats, price rises, over paid players with bad attitudes, being told that signing a big name player would ‘kill’ some junior squad player. I fear that next season we will really struggle to stay in the top 4, let alone challenge for a trophy. Which big name player would want to join us? The money grabbers will join (Adebayor), but we need winners. Is Benzema really going to leave Madrid for us! (not that Wenger would ever pay that sort of money). We are at a cusp. Unless there is a big change we could start to slide. Mid table and a half empty stadium is where we are heading.

  36. Steve… there´s a problem at Arsenal FC when players like Eboue and Denilson trot around year after year like superstars and Arsene defend them and their great work ethics. I hope that you agree with me.
    If Arsene stays he needs help from someone else than Pat Rice, because there is no challenge from Pat whatsoever. I hope you agree.

  37. I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1965 and I always will be. All you naysayers who claim to be Arsenal Fans should get up look in the mirror and take a good look at yourselves. If we don’t believe and stand by our team through good times and bad then what are we doing callimng ourselves loyal supporters, yes these last six seasons have not been good but in each of them we have qualified for the Champions League, believe me there are a lot of teams in the premiership who dream about going to play in Europe.

  38. Steve Palmer

    Wavey, spot on mate

  39. wait a second,
    1.fab will go
    2.nasri will play center
    3.back to 4-4-2
    4.he will buy some quality cos his job is on the line
    N support we are supporting the team trough thick n thin but is there anything to show for it
    error is not a crime but repeating them is

  40. Brian, good to hear from a supporter with a brain, and a heart…

  41. In the run-up to each home game we get to see a great compilation of Arsenal success of the years, goals from Brady, George and even Thomas’ winner against Liverpool in ’89. All of them showing great players with a passion for the team and a determination to win, none more so than Adams’ winner against Everton in 98. That goal sends a chill through me every time I see it, I remember it vividly, would you believe it indeed!
    This is followed by goals from the current sqaud which are meant to demonstrate the same passion, if only that were true. But I do agree with Frank, we don’t get much passion from the stands either. It appears that over the season the players have become progressively more scared of playing in front of the Emirates crowd.

  42. OneOfUs… do people see Wenger today? Yes he did a lot of good for Arsenal but he´s sure as hell undoing it now with his constant moaning and respectless behaviour towards other managers.
    He is the moaner and imagine if sir Alex didn´t win anything for SIX YEARS?
    He would quit just to save his good reputation, Arsene is living in another world and it´s ruining Arsenal.
    Next season will be worse.

  43. By the way, 4-4-2 works. What we havent appreciated is that swamping midfield just encourages the opposition to park the bus, cede possession and watch us pass the ball sideways. let’s give the opposition more space in midfield and make more space for to break forward into – then Theo wont always be taking the ball with two defenders in front of him…

  44. Steve Palmer

    Robin I agree, you don’t have to know a great deal about football to appreciate Denilson and Eboue are not for the future.
    Pat Rice was a model professional, and he has done his best with Wenger, however new blood wouldn’t go amiss although Pat played at the back, he hasn’t rubbed a lot of his experience on our current defenders, and maybe time for a change

  45. Steve….cheers and let us hope that something will change because the really sad thing is to see Arsene ruining his reputation.

  46. What has gone on in the past season cannot be altered. We will probably finish 4th with the prospect of extra football in order to qualify for the CL.
    I firmly believe that the experiences of this term have, at long last, convinced Arsene Wenger that changes must be made, not only in personnel but in coaching as well.
    Our defensive shortcomings , particularly in dealing with set pieces, must be dealt with in the pre-season training.
    I’m sure that the buying and selling during the Summer Window will be the most extensive for many years and long-needed topclass experienced new blood will be brought in.
    I feel that the past sorry season will have been a blessing in disguise in that it has taken our many failings to convince Wenger, at long last, that
    radical changes are imperative if the Club is to prosper in the future.

  47. Robin, with respect, take a look again at what happened after the Liverpool match. You will see that it was Dalgiesh who was offensive to AW, not the other way around. Was it AW swearing at Dalgeish that was reported in the papers the next day, or the other way around? I think you will find that it was the latter.

    I have no doubt that AW is as bemused as we all are at the way the standard of our play has deteriorated in the last few months.

    As he has been a top flight manager for 15 years and none of us have been one for 15 seconds, I think that, at the very least we should allow him to work out and deal with the problems without rancor or insults.

    I respect your right to have an opinion, even if I do not agree with it, perhaps you should do the same with those people who do not agree with you.

  48. Nicky,
    I don’t believe changes have to be radical, there are 2 or 3 additions we need to make and maybe we do need to splash the cash a bit this time. The club has again intimated that there is a pot of money available and this can be augmented with the sale of some of players who we all know haven’t been able to step up. If the rumours are true there are plenty of teams in Europe are more than willing to pay up for Arsenal players and not just the first names on the team sheet. Even Bendtner, who actually had a reasonable game on the left wing yesterday, appears to have teams lining up to sign him.
    There are also some players in our youth ranks who I would love to see added to the squad on a more permanent such as Lansbury and Frimpong. With players coming through at an earlier age now we need to more clinical in our youth policy, if they are not good enough ship them out, if they are play them. Extended contracts for youngsters end up tying the club into a long list of hopefuls who don’t make it. More contract break clauses based upon achievements are required, if they are good enough they shouldn’t object.

  49. Steve Palmer

    Wenger for me looks like he has had to manage under restrictions, I believe he has done his best, if my assumptions are correct changing the manager would possibly change nothing . Bad feelings in the Emirates is to be expected, owing to loyal supporters wanting to feel the success again of previous years. Hopefully now the bad feelings have come out, the wealthy Board will reconsider and give the manager the help he needs.

  50. He is a paid employee. He has done his best, for his board. That is his obligation. Not to us

  51. Amband,
    that raises an interesting point about the obligation of both the management staff and the players at the club. They are, as you rightly say, employees of the club, but as with any other company the employees do strive to offer customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is usually defined by the company hierarchy in some bland corporate seminar that every new employee has to attend. So does that suggest the board sit all new players down and explain that 4th is the target because that will satisfy the customers? I hope not. The target is trophies, getting into CL is surely a by product of the requirement to be involved in the chase for as many trophies as possible.

  52. Steve Palmer

    amband , if you work for an employer he would expect no different, if you employ people you would expect, them to do your bidding, and if you paid him six mill a year you would expect his loyalty. whoever manages works under the same ethics.

  53. but the thing though this season. Its not Denilson Diaby and Eboues fault we loose. Hell Denilson has hardlybeen on the field. Its not Diaby and Eboue that has lost us most points this year.
    Its Chesney, Cesc, Nasri, Rvp,walcott, Wilshere(yeh the english favourit), clichy, Sanga, Kos, Djorou and Song.
    That is the main culprits this year. our “first 11” has not been up for it.
    Its good and well to blame the squad players, the back ups, but they are back ups for a reason. They are back ups because Denilson is not as good as Song, Wilshere, ramsey cesc etc. Diaby is not as good as them neither. Eboue is no Walcott or Nasri or Sanga. That is why he is a squad playe.

    We have played with our STRONGEST 11 for alot of matches this year, and we have not won. Except from RVP who has scored since easter? Anyone? What happend to our midfielders??

    You simply cannot blame the Ebouse, the Diabys and the Denilsons of this world for our lousey preformance this year., they are as good as the gibsons and the fletchers. the thing is they need the first team players to play good in order to play good themselves just like Gibson and fletcher. but if the first team players fail what then? that is when a team is in trouble… a

    And that is what happend to us this year. Our best 11 just did not match up with the expectations. It seems its nowhere near as good as we all thought it was. And that is very dissapointing and makes me very sad.

  54. Ron burgundy

    People have a right to vent their frustrations, especially when like me they’re asked to pay £1300 for a season ticket then get to see a clown like eboue’s theatrics and dam right pathetic play acting etc etc,. I agree we’re not fr off but when fabregas goes this summer it’s gonna make it a much bigger rebuilding process than you might think.

  55. Yet another shocking defensive performance. The failure to sign players last May after the club flagged the need to strengthen the team’s defence says more about the Board than Wenger. Wenger is guilty of exaggerating the expectations of young players and for failing to develop a team which can defend competently. It is obvious that he has lost the confidence of players he has taken years to develop.
    The reality of Arsenal is that we need to start again- from scratch- without Wenger-he simply has been here too long.
    Those players that dont want to play for the club need to be sold-along with those who are not good enough to play.
    That leaves about 5 first choice players and a few promising youngsters and about 100m. I could think of half a dozen managers who would do a better job of rebuilding than the perverse Frenchman.

  56. steve and Frank are you blind. It is time for you to be honest to yourselves
    and instead of supporting Arsenal maybe rugby or golf is better class which will sort you because Arsenal is football with fans that do not want to put up with rubbish. Being classy would mean Wenger spending big like 50 million or leave our club and go else where.

  57. @Ron burgundy when did Eboue loose us a match this year? compared to our starting 11??
    How often was Eboue on the field compared to Sanga? Who let in most goals, who played in most lost games?
    Who is the main culprit of those two for our lousey season? Eboue or Sanga?
    Same with Denilson, who played most games Wilshere or Denilson? who has had most influence on the out come of our games this year? wilshere or denilson? Who has had the oportunity to make a difference this year wilshere or denilson?
    Who faild most ? wilshre or denilson?
    Sanga or Eboue?
    Who was in our marvelouse starting 11 that achieved nothing??

  58. A good point poodle, but has the collapse in the late phases of the season been due to the fact that the first 11 have played too many games? Is it fatigue because Wenger has to play them week in, week out as he doesn’t trust the squad players. When players like Gibson and Fletcher play they don’t look completely out of place, can we say the same about our squad players?

  59. fucking lay the blame on the players that desever it, and that is frankly the RVPS the WILSHERES the SANGAS the SONGS and the CESCS in the world not the second rate playes that need the core of the team to preform well. You do not expect the same of Denilson as you do of WIlshere or Nasri.
    You do not expect the same of Eboue as you do of Sanga. Cos sanga and wilshere are our stars, eboue and denilson are our backups.

  60. frank is an arsene fan not arsenal fan.

    with these kind of fans its always someone else’s fault… refs, the FA, mysterious injuries to injury prone players, opposition managers not making it easy for us.

    wenger looked broken yesterday, this summer will decide whether he’s remember as a truly great manager or one who was great then lost it.

  61. Poodle i agree with you 100%. There is no point in people pointing fingers at the usual suspects but its time to question our 1st 11 if they are up for the fight and so far i dont see it in them.

  62. Classless

  63. @waverly, when AW has played Eboue together with our core hes not been to shabby. Same with Arsh, when he plays with our core hes not to bad, when he plays with lesser players he is. Maybe we just have to many lesser players and only one true stars cesc….

  64. The only time that RedAction have got off their backsides this season is to sing about money. Yesterday two hundred spotty little runts confused themselves by singing about a 6% increase mixed with demands to spend big on players. They then gathered beneath people eating their dinner and more or less showed their arses. Their were children at those tables. Classless.

  65. … ‘there’ were…really

  66. poodle… the problem is our back-ups are shit but thats not the players fault its the managers.

    starting the season with almunia as our no.1 is an absolute disgrace. Our DM cover being denilson (crap) and diaby (not his natural game and a perma-crock) is again appalling management.

  67. You really are dredging the bottom of the barrel, Tom. What a prick!

  68. Classless. Just look at his comments. Stupid, ill-thought out garbage. Classless ‘supporter’ here on this site.

  69. …and he gets to say what the fuck he likes about the club, manager, players. Free space. No wonder our support is classless the maggots crawl around the blogosphere looking for rotting flesh and spewing their half digested vomit at every opporunity. Have a look at the comments on here. See if you can spot them. See what I mean? Thought so.


  70. lol cheers frank, always love reading your self important insight, wouldn’t you feel more at home on some kind of mental analysis forum rather than a football discussion site seeing as all you do is comment on other peoples comments rather than the team/club

  71. robin – who the hell are you ? Get back to Le groan. You are a sad and depressing human being. Since the sixties, eh ?
    Yogi – what happened to the spam bin..this is a nightmare litany of fair-weather ‘fans’ being moronic.
    Nice one Frank – it’s hard work, but necessary to keep ACLF special and free from alien invasion.

  72. what the same cecs who has been below part neearly all season and doesnt really want to play here.he can leave,thanks for all the good memory enjoy benchwarming at barca .
    why people think we are cecs team and without him we are doom.i ve see nothing all season that make me think than without cecs we are nothing

    and stop blaming all the time our defence after a defeat ,the last few performance has nothing to do with it,it s the colapse of all our team play .(blaming everything on denilson and eboue who have hardly play all season is laughtable).

  73. our backups maybe shit but the cannot be blamed for the total mental meltdown of our first 11. If our first 11 was good enough, we would not have such a collaps.
    And yes i am aware of the Song thing, but jeezes even with Denilson in the Song position playing shite, we should be able to score a goal or two no??
    We should be better than this. simple as.
    I dont think “having shit backups” and ” im tired and mentally exhausted” should be an exuse for only taking 5 ouf tof the last 30 points when you are a first 11 player at a club like Arsenal.
    Do you ?

  74. Look where your support gets us, Tom. Nowhere. The laughing stock of the EPL. Not the players, son. You and your ilk. I wouldn’t want to play football for a cunt like you either.

  75. @arsenal tom, your analyzes are to simplistic. You need to look further than a scape goat that does not even play to fix this. what you need to do is take a loong hard look at your favourit player or your top 3 favourit players and ask yourself, did he really do as much as he could to get us the titel this year? should he even be a starting player for us? Is he good enough?
    thats what you got to ask, cos it was the best players that imo faild us this year not the second bes and the third best.

  76. Jesus Frank,

    Lools like recent team performances have hit you harder than most and you’ve obviously decided to take out your fustration on fellow supporters.
    You might want to take it easy though… Your posts ‘sound’ like the mutterings of someone about to go into a meltdown.

  77. poodle… not at all mate… although i think the back ups thing means that we cant rotate as much as others because the replacements are so woefully under-par.

    also we dont have a strong enough mentality as a team so that when there are or two of the regulars missing that the other will step up and fill the void.

    when you look at man utd it doesn’t matter what 11 they put out they’ll be resilient, hard working and give everything from the first minute till the final whistle. we simply don’t have that.

    we lost the points because of being shot mentally from the newcastle capitulation and the CC final. They should have been our two biggest motivators of the season instead they destroyed us

  78. You seem to have a fascination with me, Henristic. You sure that that is healthy?

  79. frank… and where has your support got us?

    excuse making is for losers. we didn’t win anything because we wernt good enough nothing to do with support.

  80. Tom by blaming Denilson a person who hardly played is wrong. Lets be fair and be honest if we are playing the blam game lets look at the players that were playing not people who hardly took part. Poodle @ 10.00am laid it out perfectly.

  81. poodle… my fave 3… sagna, verm, wilshire… all committed all tough all show fight which is what we lack massively.

  82. clay im not blaming denilson i said he’s not good enough but its not his fault he’s there its the managers, we need a better squad.

    i dont blame the players, most of them are doing their best they just arent good enough to be part of a title winning squad

  83. Frank
    Both Man Utd and Chelsea have shit support but it hasnt stopped them winning titles.The fans didnt buy Squallaci a defender who makes Silvestre look good.The fans dont play one up front against relegation threatened teams.Its blind fans like you who back clueless Wenger top the hilt who are to blame for where we are.Fans who follow Wenger and dont question him like followers of a cult.

    As YW says Frank 5 pts out 30
    That is relagtion form by a team that the manager and the AKB’s think is good enough and that we dont need to spend money,
    We are not good enough the facts and the table do not lie

    But Frank and his fellow AKB’s want to blame the fans

  84. Keep it up, Frank.

    Yogi, this is starting to look like the LG comments section, you may have to spin off into “A More Cultured Left Foot”…

    We need to replace Arshavin, get more cover at left back and CB (but I would happily play TV plus Johan all next season if we could) – and sort out the Cesc situation, preferably resulting in TV as captain and if Cesc goes one high profile replacement to add experience to the outstanding promise of Jack, Aaron and Alex in the centre.

  85. and frank the players should be playing for themselves, the manager and the club thats made them millionaires… if they need to feel my love to motivate themselves then they really arent very committed are they?

  86. Good report YW, as always, Im with you on the numb feeling. Not sure where this slump will take us and such a shame we could not arrest it before seasons end, even if its just so we have dont have 3 summer months to wallow in this gloom now, how depressing.

    My two pennith for what its worth is this. Lets just say for the sake of arguement that as much as it pains me to type it, Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager in the league right now at getting results and the best out of the players at his disposal. One of Fergies favourite lines is that what marks out the quality of a great team is how they respond to defeat. Our end of season spiral post ‘hard to stomach defeat’ in to mediocrity is nothing new, the last 4 or 5 seasons illustrates that, but I’d also like to cast your minds back to the end of our Invincibles run of 49 games. A team that were truely great, until defeat was savagely inflicted at Old Trafford. By my reckoning it took over a year to get that one out of their system. This is an issue I have with Arsene Wenger, he doesn’t remind the players enough that they can loose, its a possibility, as Furguson does, what is truely important is how they bounce back. Arsenals biggest hardest opponent is themselves, until they come to terms with how to respond when loosing a game, these end of season disappoinments will continue.

    6% your havin’ a laugh…….!

    Oh and while were at it Ive been a fanatic of all things Arsenal since the early mid 80’s.

  87. We lost the game because of two defensive mistakes. One made by Squillacci and one by Bacary Sagna. Squillacci became very nervous. That was rectified at half time but we then had penalties and a goal disallowed.

  88. Clearly not enough of a fanatic to get behind the team yesterday, SW Gooner.

  89. I’m no good at sweets in a jar but 12 – 15,000 for the lap of appreciation sounds about right. To be honest the appreciation that was shown from that core support warmed my heart after an embarrassingly disinterested, apathetic show of ‘support’ throughout the game. I’m as ashamed of the pisspoor majority as Frank. I knew the lap would seperate the wheat from the chaff though. Lots of good people left at the end – lots of us still singing in the Clock End. Not enough of course, far more chaff than wheat now, but good to know them anyway. 12 – 15,000 is enough to be going on, it’s a football family… all the rest can fuck off. Grown decadant on too much of a good thing. ‘Entertain me, Arsenal!’ like fat Romans at an orgy. Urggh.

  90. Poodle@10 am

    Who was voted PFA right back of the year in the PFA awards.Sagna or Eboue?

  91. One could for example ask if it is a good strategy to build an entire team around Cesc, so far it has not payed of at all. the kid maybe talented but he has shown he is no Ronaldo mentally . Ronaldo could and gladly did carry an entire team on his back, he was the United talisma. I dont think cesc enjoys being the big man, he thrives more when he got leaders like Pyol and Pique around him, not being the leader himself.
    Do we even have a talisman?

  92. Jabba's delights


    Your all over the place mate. This isnt a small minority of support now this is the vast majority who have had enough. Away support is exactly the same now. Are you going to tell all of us that we are crap fans as well. Do you even go to games? Your chat suggest you dont.

    You seem incapable of making a rationed anlysis of our side. You see no weaknesess in them or in the way wenger sets them up, maybe you should join your partner in crime muppet and just sh^t the fook up for a few weeks until your demie god wenger hopefully starts earning some of his 6.5 million a year

  93. Well said, LA. You are right there was good support from the few thousand left at the end. Once the booers and the shit support from RedAction had left (the antisupport website has photos of the arseholes leaving), the real supporters stayed to show the players their appreciation. Just as we have been doing for many,many decades.

  94. I doubt if Cesc will be around next season, which is a shame becuase he has had a poor season mainly as a result of injury. When he goes he will need to be replaced. Jack and Aaron are not ready yet and Samir is a different sort of player.

  95. @Martin, who has let in most goals from his side this year? Sanga or eboue? Who has been most infuential at club level this year? Sanga or Eboue??

    Its not about who is the best player, we all know that is sanga. THE POINT IS: Sanga as a senior player, as a fist choice back on his side, has more responsibility for the team to succed than Eboue.
    Exactly because he was voted PFA something he has more responsibility than Eboue.
    How on earth can Eboue influence what happends on the pitch from the bench? hes not even playing because the PFA nominee Sanga is.
    So naturally a person that plays all the games and is a starting coice for Arsenal has more responsibility on the outcome of a match, that be winning or loosing.
    again its not Eboues fault we let in 2 goals yesterday, he did not play. Sanga played. not Eboue.

  96. Why do we keep on insisting on a formation that we seemed to be struggling with a lot? We can blame the defence but when u look at the stats for a team with so much possesion we dont score a lot only RVP and Nasri got to double figures in the lge so far this season. where is the rest of the midfield with goals?

  97. Actually, Jabba,I am remarkably consistent. You have just not been blessed with the ability to see it.

  98. I like the bits about support….

    …see if you can spot the maggot in the comments section.

  99. Guys! Let’s fantasize for a moment. Arsenal have solved all the player problems. We have 11 men perfectly suited to the positions they occupy.
    How do we then change the present shape and tactics of our attack?
    The fast, close passing right up to the penalty area…..and then the sideways passing and reluctance to shoot…all ingrained in the Wenger theory.
    Would this formula change or would our new XI continue to batter against massed defences who, this season , have well and truly sussed us out.

  100. @frank, good post you linked there. makes me feel all is not lost.

  101. Frank

    Maggot? Plural surely?


  102. poodle

    name me a better RB in the country than Sagna

  103. Jabba's delights


    You present no objective anlysis of the side. You put every fan who is disgruntled in exactly the same box. Your thoughts on the current side are barely believeable.

    I stayed after wards yesterday and didnt boo at any point throughout the game, i am still utterly fed up with the team. We have 67 points the same as 5 years ago……..where is the progression, where is the accountability.

    Read the article below by Kevin Whitcher. He writes books on our beloved club and no man can claim he cares more about the arsenal than he. Is he a classless c^nt as well


  104. I was planning to come on here and complain but i’ve read enough complaints now so here’s the case for the defense. The club bought a stadium costing 600m quid (minus funds from sponsorship etc.) to be paid off for over roughly 30 years. The more is paid off early the less the interest to pay. Wengers’ record signing was Arshavin at 15m and he could buy 40 of him for that price. Any manager would prefer to have the money as transfer funds but he gambled on his own personal future for the long-term vision of the club. When Wenger says the fans don’t care how much he spends he’s right, for us we just want the best players whatever the price. He’s involved in the details of what it takes to keep the club solvent with such big debts and that’s the reality. For those of you who say “he’s not been given enough money by the board” or “he refuses to spend money” that’s true but you can’t just ignore the 600m quid stadium that many of you are sat in and yes it was necessary because Highbury was too small to generate enough money in the long-term. This period was always going to be a difficult time for the club because of the burden from the stadium so yes the squad has faults but for the cash available to develop it it’s not bad, not bad at all.


  106. I suppose that this debate shows the difference between supporters and spectators. I’m a supporter so, although I felt really depressed and down with the result and much of the manner in which we had played yesterday, I stayed after the game with my sons and applauded the squad for their efforts over the whole season. When they grow up, my sons will be supporters too.
    I suggest that the spectators stay at home and watch football, as a spectacle, on TV and leave the Emirates for supporters to give their team encouragement to win rather than making them fear to make a mistake.
    All these people with silly names who come on the internet to criticise the manager and individual players seem to be petty little individuals with small cocks.

  107. Just to make it clear (for which I’m bound to get stick):

    I didn’t boo at half time yesterday (I never would)
    I didnt boo at full time yesterday (again, I never would)
    I did scream with frustration at every misplaced pass and over exaggerated attack which ended without a shot at goal
    I did scream with frustration at the bizarre decisions of a lousy referee (Petrov should have had two yellows and been off the field)
    I did wait until the final whistle and then leave with my 8 year old son (I couldn’t bring myself to watch the players on their lap around the pitch)
    I did renew my season ticket for next season
    I did renew my son’s season ticket for next season
    I do believe that changes should be made, but that they do not have to be wholesale
    I do believe we need a leader on the pitch and do not accept that “there are leaders all over the pitch”
    I do support Arsenal Football Club, but not blindly!

  108. Steve Palmer and Frank

    Are you 2 for real ?. I do not believe the utter rubbish that comes from some of these bloggers. Do you really believe that there is a conspiracy against Arsenal. How many are involved in this conspiracy. Was there a meeting held with refs where the instructions went out to penalise us. Did the FA vet the refs who would be willing to comply and those who would reveal the conspiracy to the press. Or were the press in on the conspiracy as well. Oh I get it, the whole world is conspiring against us. How many penalties have we had this season. Ignore the dubious decisions that go our way and highlight the ones that don’t, to excuse our failings. How pathetic. The events of the past few months were predicted by myself and other realist out there. Not through any great insight but by recognising the obvious weaknesses that are apparent throughout the squad, they have been apparent for many years and wenger has criminally failed to address. Conspiracy theories are a kind of refuge aren’t they. 9/11 was planned by the CIA, the moon landings didn’t take place, the officials are all against Arsenal etc etc. It gives us the excuses to do nothing. “Its not our fault”, “they are all against us”,”we would be successful if they would only play fare” You can go on making excuses for only so long. Ferguson has won the title with an ordinary manure team and is now talking about signing Wesley Sneijder. If we sign anyone it will probably be some unknown from some french mid table side. that is part of the problem.

  109. We missed Cesc and Nasri at the Villa game. Arsene normally shuts out players who have delayed renewing their contracts or those about to leave. Cesc, I am almost resigned to losing next year but Nasri too would be a big blow.
    There are a lot of negative comments today and I can understand the frustration. I am an overseas supporter, never got to see live match yet and am a lowly Red member. Yet, I get up at ungodly hours to watch, suffer intense myocardial palpitations each time the opposition sets up a set-piece attack and bray uncouthly loud when we get a goal in. I don’t feel anger at Wenger or even the players – just an immense sadness at the way the season has ended.

  110. But lamia1,

    9/11 was planned by the CIA
    the moon landings didn’t take place
    and they ARE all against us

  111. @ poodle
    Eboue is just an example of our failings, When he went down against Liverpool feigning injury and let the Liverpool player have a free run at goal and then giving away a stupid penalty, well that would never have been tolerated by either players or management at other clubs or for that matter by past arsenal players.

  112. @ robin, 8.42 a.m.; so Dalglish telling Wenger to, ”p1ss off,” was all right, then? If you’d rather go back to the days of one-nil with players of the quality like McGoldrick, get in Doctor Who’s TARDIS, son.

    No club has the God-given right to win all the time, but I support my team in the 5hit times and the good; Christ, I remember being one of two Gooners in a class full of plastic Scousers and Lillyshites in the mid-80s. I want us to be successful, but all my fellow ‘fans’ making a correlation between ticket prices and success makes no sense.

  113. Apart from the last few weeks which have been woeful I think the team’s done OK this season. There have been big disappointments but we’re still doing well to be “thereabouts” at the end. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. One change I’d like to see would be for both Wenger and the players to be a little more realistic and honest in some of the statements they make e.g. “it’s an easy thing to fix”, “my best ever squad”, “mentally strong” and “we’ve learnt the lessons”. That’s just irritating after a while.

  114. My thoughts on The Gooner, Online Gooner, Kevin Whicher and his Spud mate Alex Fynn have been made abundantly clear in the past. His book reads like a Shite Hart lane text book.

  115. The cynic in me suspects finishing fourth suits the board, extra CL qualifying games brings in extra revenue.

    I know we can’t blame the ref all the time, we need to rise above it. But at the same time I don’t think I can deny we get different treatment, and not just from refs. Just look at the lack of respect shown by Dalglish for example.

    Lot of talk of Cesc leaving. For me Barca can’t afford him now. Friend of mine reckons Man City might tempt him away. Can’t see it though, unless they offer Yaya-type wages. Think we’ll keep him.

    Finally a quote:

    “Why are all those assholes leaving early?”
    -My gf, who knows very little about football but a lot about support.

  116. Well is seems that like it or not for Wenger and the fans alike there will be some outgoings this summer. Some will be ones we want to see the back of but maybe there will be 1 or 2 we wont like. Im actually quite worried about whats going to happen (or not happen) this summer.

  117. Xavi to City, Cesc to Barca ?

  118. I guess I’m probably one of the earlier Arsenal “glory hounds” as I was born in 1966. As my father was a London-based, Celtic supporting Sweaty I certainly didn’t get any guidance from him so I made my own choices. I was probably about 5 when I started following Arsenal so I was originally swayed by the double winning team of 1971.
    I remember being on the pitch at Highbury after we beat the title-winning Villa on the final day of the season and being pulled out of the stands onto the Highbury pitch when Leeds fans invaded the North Bank under an orange smoke bomb cloud. I remember how we all went crazy in the West Upper as we beat Bolton to scrape into the last European spot.
    We have all gone through the ups and downs with our team, in recent years it has been the frustration of not actually winning anything when we are regarded as one of the top teams in Europe. Claimimg a CL spot season after season is a fantastic achievement, especially considering that we do not spend the vast fortunes that Man U, Chelsea and now Man City can on players.
    I think the frustration is now with the fact that we are regarded as the great under achievers, the also-rans, the team that flatters to deceive with their pretty football and their inability to convert that into trophies. Barcelona-lite!
    What an insult that is, to be regarded as a Lite version of another club! We are Arsenal!
    And how we’d love a trophy so we can tell everybody else to stick it right up their a*se!

  119. Some of you who actually watch our matches tell me what Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, and Theo have done since January 1st?

  120. or was it Charlton?

  121. It is a fact (not a statistic) that young players are inconsistent – consistency is missing from their performances.

    In our starting line up yesterday:
    Theo – 21
    Gibbs – 20
    Wilshere – 19
    Ramsey – 20
    Szczesny – 20

    If the club cannot compete in the transfer market with ManC – Chelsea – Pool – ManU – Spurs: ‘to maintain a club fiscal policy’ then you build on youth.

    So above are our young players, too many in the line up at the same time – THERE IS AN IMBALANCE OF EXPERIENCE – but it is what it is.

    When Cesc was playing at 18 – 20 (go back and look at his supporting casts)… won’t see 3 or 4 support 20 yr olds.

  122. Indeed Frank,
    I am most intruiged by your posts, but don’t worry, its healthy. Doomers and extreme ‘AKB’s are ten a penny, but there simply isn’t anyone who posts like you do.

  123. Kevin Whitcher knows!

  124. Yesterday was a poor poor day.3 wins since the cup defeat.Surely there’s problem deeply rooted as the same happened last season.Really cheap goals.But good to see verminator back.
    There are questions I’d like to ask from fellow gooners:

  125. Cannot believe all the AKB’s like Frank on this site. Seems like they feel all supporters should accept what is being served up at the club without any critism at all!! Fans like me ( a club level member) have every right to express our feelings about what is wrong at the club when we are paying the highest football club prices in the world. Ferguson is older than Wenger and has been at MU a lot longer but in the 6 years when Wenger has won nothing – Ferguson has continued to bring trophies to his club. Wenger is finished as far as Arsenal is concerned and the club will continue to decline until he leaves. The vast majority of fans including all previous players have demanded that he changes his current methods and team selection/transfers but the last few seasons show that he is too stubborn.

  126. I can’t see the difference if Arsenal finish 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? a bragging rights thing?

    The target is silverware.

    To lay blame on Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Squillaci, Rosicky, Bendtner, Chamakh, the stadium move, the manager, the asst. manager, the new owner, new kits, etc…….they are just excuses….like Poodle said above, lets stop living in denial……our core 11 players did not have what it takes to win.

    You have Wilshere who many here idolize because of his energy and physicality he brings……

    as an “attacking midfielder” who played “more minutes” than any other Arsenal player – are you happy with his year’s goal production? (1) tying him with Clichy, Eboue, and Rosicky.

    For the past 3 seasons most have been bashing Theo – too injury prone; then this season he started off on fire and without his presence many commented how much we missed his dynamics…..yet he has been healthy and started most of the 2nd half of this long unproductive run of points!!!!! and not scored since December – why is that?

    Ditto for Nasri, Cesc, and Arshavin.

    So our strongest line up that most Arsenal fans are happy with:

    Song – Wilshere
    Theo – vP – Nasri (Arshavin )

    excluding vP, the others did not show up in this period of 11 points out of 30, yet conversation by fans continues to point the blame elsewhere.

  127. High prices = Upper class toffs by and large = Dismal depressing atmosphere.

    The club markets towards gloryhunters, and treats the supporters like customers. So, that’s exactly what they get. Don’t see how anyone can complain.

  128. All of us who post here can claim interest in the club.

    Opinion is healthy, but some should turn their chairs around and watch the screen instead of blindly defending starters that aren’t delivering.

    Secondly, when you selected Arsenal to follow, there was no contract by the club with you that silverware was a guarantee. Your interpretation of success for the club counts for nought.

    Its a sport, organized and played by humans – not some fantasy league. So if the club has let you down with a run of seasons and no trophy, don’t continue to support Arsenal. There are other clubs to choose from.

    As for Arsenal, when the board feels the manager is under performing, they will make a change.

    As for believing our manager is right all the time…..NO, he makes many mistakes in every facet of the game. So what!

  129. 8:19 – “Can someone at Arsenal stand up, take a look at the problems we have, and have the balls to actually solve them?”

    A dispondent sigh and objective wish is about the best thing on here. Much more would be unhealthy for a monday.

  130. Arsessesion,
    If Wilsehere does not add goals/assists to his game by this time next season, be sure that he won’t be spared by the critics. He gets more leeway now, partly because he is English and partly because you couldn’t really ask for more in terms of the effort he shows on the pitch. But those attributes will wear thin eventually if he remains stagnant for too long. I have to say I really do believe he is the real deal and its only a matter of time before he starts banging them in.

    You are right though that its basically our 1st team that has let us down this season. I admit that it is totally in contrast to my predictions at the start of the season which was that we would win the league if our injury situation improves. The signs that this team is ‘soft’ have always been there, but injuries have generally given us an alternative explanation for previous seasons collapses. Not so much the case now….

  131. Honest post Yogi, thanks. I copied and pasted a couple of quotes from the your posts on Sat and today.

    “Quick and decisive action in the transfer market would be a more emphatic statement of intent.”

    “A new season brings new optimism. And according to the manager, new faces. Right now, Arsenal need them.”

    I listened to the game on and Nigel Winterburn who is usually very positive said at least twice.

    (paraphrased) “There will have to be some changes to this squad before next season.”

    I am confident that by saying “some changes” he did not mean letting Almunia leave and adding Mannone and Lansbury.

    I hope the boss has finally removed the blinders and realizes that some significant changes are needed. If for no other reason just to shake up this team. No doubt that the players love to play for Arsene but once they stop concentrating and playing with max effort its hard to get back. If this summer is the repeat of the last several summers there is nothing to stop the same thing from happening again. History in all professional sports is filled with benevolent managers that the players love but for some unexplainable reason they stop doing what he asks.

    New players are not a panacea and some may not work out but bringing in new players is really the only tangible thing that management can do to change a squads mentality.

  132. we are too young, i dont see us buying anyone new, i do hope all the best ones stay cause i will then expect us to be better next season. I appreciate and agree with the disapouinted punters on here today, but if you have JW, AR in the centre of your midfield you will always get what happened yesterday more times than not, too young=inconsistant. JW plays his hearty out but he is not tgood enough yet, old enough yet, experienced enough yet same goes for AR who looked lost yesterday. These players give everything, Wenger is only guilty of putting his faith in these young men, I am a fan of the man but his decisions do clash with his ambitions im afraid. And what is it with this fan agin fan nonsence, this blog, (i thought) just like all the rest is supposed to be about debate, seems that now its best argumants are who is the best fan, i know im not and i dont care, but i do want us to play great football which =winning things, not good enough this year to win anything, hard to swallow but true, there is always next season.

  133. @ Henristic
    I honestly did not know what to expect at the start of the season.

    Knew very little abt Chamakh, Squillaci, and Koscielny; goalkeeping was an issue for me – AND STILL IS. Szczesny shows promise but at 20-21 he makes the usual errors in judgement that are only fine tuned with years of playing experience.

    I feel some of the core of starters will not be in an Arsenal uniform next season either because of Arsene’s decision or their own…..and these include Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, and maybe Clichy. If there heads are moved, then its time to replace them.

  134. You kind of forget that we have actually been playing with probably our strongest team since RVP came back from injury. RVP continues to bang in the goals, but the players around him don’t offer the same.
    With that in mind it seems bizarre that Wenger doggedly continued with his 4 -3-3 mantra. Surely Chamakh should have been given the chance earlier as swapping Walcott for Bendtner on the wing in games during the season did little to change our attacking prowess.
    Interestingly we looked very dangerous yesterday with Chamakh and RVP as CFs and Bendtner playing on the left. If we hadn’t had such an appalling start we would probably have been impressed at Wenger’s change of tactics in the second half, but we all know we would never have changed formation if we hadn’t been trying to chase the game.
    What’s wrong with an attacking formation against mid table opposition at home? We caused Villa so many more problems in the second half because we had so many more attacking options. If the scores had been level they would have capitulated, but they had something to defend which made the difference.

  135. Arcesession @ 1:14, Henristic @ 1:52, Poodle @ 9:46.

    Spot on. The idea that our players are ultra talented and its only circumstance and lack of experience that has held them back certainly has to be questioned at this point.

  136. I agree that some of the support is shocking. It’s a funny by-product of Wengers early success.

    He is responsible for catching the short termist scum who have tantrums when nothing is won and millions spent.

    However, I do feel the current set up is in a position to recieve reasoned/constructive criticism.

    Poor signings, failure to add required quality and an inability to break teams down have cost us dear. All very accountable.

    I will always support, voiceferously, I will never boo, but I find it quite sad to be dubbed a classless c*nt purely because I am not happy with how our great club is currently being run.

  137. Steve of Chiang Mai

    Great Article except for one thing……if Van Persie converts the penalty Ramsay should have been given, if Ramsay taps in the pass RvP gives him ( if the ref doesnt imagine the fould he somehow saw when he turned Dunne so imperiously…..oh yeah and Dunne wouldnt have been there cause after bringing down Ramsey he would have been sent off… would have Petrov if the Oliver did what the rules say he should have done when he upended Song. And then Chamkh would have at least scored a winner which he was denied by further hallucinations by Villa’s best defender the ref.

    No…instead of moaning you would have rightly written the blog about the greatest comeback since Lazarus!!! These decisions were not 50-50 calls that could have gone either way. Sometimes the complaining about the ref is over the top – in this occasion it was 100% warranted and the lack of news space given to a pathetic display from an inept official only verifies the cynical nature of the English football media that would rather trot out their well worn agendas rather than target the ugly truth.

  138. Arcesession i would not complain or mind at all if some of our 1st 11 left to be replaced by players who can score goals. I recall some seasons back people used to call Denilson a crab coz of his passing the ball sideways all the time but looks like our whole midfield is now good at doing that!

  139. limpar assist.

    “12 – 15,000 is enough to be going on, it’s a football family…”

    I dont think the board will like that, we need to compete financially you know? That would bring down mach-day revenue to …er.. 25%. Dont talk rubbish.

    well talking about changes, it seems arsene is coming back to form with his rhetoric. I doubt the mistakes will be rectified at all. If you were given a chance to bet your house on who will still be at arsenal next season. between cesc and diaby….. my advice is: Dont bet on cesc.

    Its a sad sad situation at arsenal and its reaching its boiling point, and to be honest I am relieved. Lets move on. up the arsenal.

    Cheers all!

  140. Nice to see TV5 back yesterday. Absense does make the heart grow fonder as I did not remember him being that much smaller then most other center backs. Anyone who wants to remember what our defense was like last year just has to watch the first 1/2 of yesterdays game. TV5 certainly not the only one to blame . As the more aggressive 1/2 of a CB pairing he might be great but to consider him as the captain and anchor to our defense is at best highly wishful thinking.

    I don’t plan to do the math but I am confident that the total height and weight of our CB’s is the least in the PL and has been for several years. During that time Arsene has said every year that our defense was not good enough to win titles. Coincidence???

    I also suspect that we are close to the bottom of the table in scoring set piece goals. Could some more height and strength at the back would offer some part of plan B with more set piece goals??

    I have nothing against Squillaci as a 4th choice but we need a better 1st choice so he probably has to be sacrificed to bring in some physicality at CB which will allow Bartley to start at 5th choice next season.

  141. How can eboue falling in one matc h against Liverpool be the best example Of the crap Arsenal team when players like wilshere, kos. Chesney and sanga play day out and day in and has not manager to win a game for god knows how long. Eboue fallsover and is acting like a twatt against Liverpool yes but the other star players dont Even do that. Are they Even there???
    Should we not expect more from our star players than from our reserves???

  142. @Steve
    completely agree with you, but we do not get a neutral review of the game from any of the media as that doesn’t make interesting reading. Its better to say “Villa outplayed and outmuscled the gutless Gunners” and let Arsenal fans sound like a bunch of whingers yet again. As I said earlier, Villa probably couldn’t believe their luck. The first half was so hapless that I could have believed that Wenger had put out one of his Carling Cup teams who do really well until they come up against a reasonable Premiership club. There were a number of questionable calls in the game yesterday, any of which if they’d gone our way would have changed the result, but we GAVE Villa two goals to defend at the start of the game and that’s criminal.

  143. The biggest disappointment this season has been the lacklustre attitude of the players and thier arrogance before games against so-called lesser teams.

    This is only exemplified by our outstanding performances againts Barca, United, Chelsea and City.

    No-one can demand titles/trophies – but fans can demand the players never leave anything on the pitch.

    Sadly, no-one can put a reasonable debate forward to suggest our players have done that.

    Thats the main source for my disatisfaction.

  144. So, painfully we lost again.
    A very very trying season this.
    I’m gutted like most gooners BUT not depressed enough to forget where my LOYALTY lies.

    It’s official, we:
    are the 3rd or 4th best in England.
    should be playing Champions League football in 2011/12 .
    are the youngest team in the EPL
    have the highest “profit profile” in Europe
    are an oil change away from greatness.

    Generally acknowledged as one of the best gaffers on Earth, Arsene the shrewd values winning as much as Fergie or the Special One, but knows that playing the beautiful game the right way to achieve greatness will take his team through some extremely painful character-building experiences.
    This season has highlighted pain like no other (in the last decade) but we must be philosophical about things…(thank God we are not West Ham!)

    Because I believe there’s no one who feels the pain from all angles more than Arsene Wenger, I expect him to make appropriate adjustments over the summer which should leave us all smiling this time next year.

    Is ANYONE ever right all the time? Nope, so why waste time verbally crucifying the man who’s given so much to AFC?

    The sky’s the limit for this football club if WE can persevere.
    WE= players, staff, supporters and AW.

    I remain positive
    In Arsene I still trust and & hope this season will be viewed as that of pain before ecstasy.

    We wait & we wonder.

    PS: if Arsenal is too dangerous for your health, pls feel free to join Fulham if u must remain in the London area.


  145. I think this has been cited on here before, but if we don’t know how to score from set pieces how do we learn how to defend them? When they are in training who is testing the defence because I haven’t seen our forward line test other defences from set pieces?

  146. Gorilla Warfare

    I used to read comments here all the time, but never commented…
    TBH i have never felt so femotionless as after that villa match… i expected the result, but i also expected to be proved wrong, if you get my point… IMO we’ll only get better if we spend and spend big our top players need competition for their places and our team and staff need to know that if our main players get injured, there’s adequate cover for them

  147. You are a star, Aman

  148. So the speculation as to who goes, who stays and who joins begins in ernest:
    but do we think that Cesc would be more inclined to commit to Arsenal if we brough in a couple or marquee signings? Would Benezema be enough to convince him? Would bringing in a strong leader in the midfield be an incentive to stay? Does Cesc want to lose the burden of being captain, it may be a great honour but it is a lot responsibility for a young man after all?

  149. Gunner90,

    No one made you pay Club Level prices, what right does it give you over any other Season Ticket Holder?

    Did you buy a Club Level ticket so you could jump the Season Ticket Queue?

  150. @Matt an interesting question, what right does being Club Level give over any other Season Ticket Holder?
    Well actually they do have more rights, they have contractual rights over their Club Level seat which we, as normal season tickets do not have. Club Level members are more like leaseholders of their seats and are required to sign a formal document to take up their Club Level seat. They also get a free drink at half time, this even applies when we play in the Champions League when FIFA allegedly bans the provision of alcoholic drinks.

  151. Aman @ 2:48.

    The feeling that we are only an oil change away from greatness has never looked so unlikely.

    We have been the youngest team in the PL for several years. Those young players were supposed to get older and mature together as a cohesive unit and stop being the youngest. Unfortunately the original core of young players that gave us so much hope 4 -5 years ago, Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas, Clichy, Sagna, Song, Walcott, Adebayor etc etc have not turned into anything close to the team we predicted. If we lose Cesc this summer that entire core of young players that will be completely gutted and we start over with Wilshere, Ramsey, Sczeczesny, and await Lansbury, Afobe, Aneke, Bartley etc etc. Remaining the youngest team in the PL is actually the worst indictment of what has happened. Frequently the glorious tomorrows never come.

    You should never stop building for tomorrow but to place complete faith in youth and ignore the fact that you have to also build for today has been one of Wengers greatest mistake rivaling only his inability to get his players to defend. The struggles with consistency that the young players have gone thru appears to have zapped their confidence and will. Hopefully this summer will see some changes in the usual coming and goings with an eye towards improving the team in the short term.

  152. Valid points Wavey,

    Although it pisses me off when you get Club Level holders come on spouting their ‘I the highest price in World football’ bollocks.

    If you sell your soul to the corporate devil, then live with it…

    The usual moaners on the other sites come out with this shit too – fucking pussies the lot of them.

    And as for the ‘black scarf’ brigade – what a bunch of lily livered pricks… Wish I had seen them yesterday.

  153. I think the difference between 2nd and 4th is about 1.5million and having to play an extra game in the CL (with the chance of it being a tricky one).

  154. @Matt
    for ‘Black Scarf brigade’ read ‘Small Cock brigade’.
    If supporters don’t like the price increases they shouldn’t pay for the ticket, there are plenty of people on the waiting list looking for tickets.

  155. I agree with Steve of Chiang Mai how can you not.
    I just dont agree that the bad decisions were not the reason we lost the game.
    Yes we contributed to it but if you do enough to overcome your bad play then so be it, the ref shouldnt hinder that.
    Arsenal have a right to win while playing poorly just as much as any other team (United).
    The team did enough to get back in the game but the ref would have none of it.
    I have not given up on this team (these players). Its is true that they havent performed as well as they could but with maturity I believe they will get it done.
    I am not sure how anyone can come to the conclusion that the players are not good enough, this team beat the best good and proper but didnt know how to bounce back from certain failures, if/when they can get over that hump they will be the best.
    I trust Wenger to do what is necessary, thats his job and not the supporters saying who we should buy.
    There were MANY people saying that Arshavin was the best player in the team when he came…(crickets). SO, I am not trusting the supporters at all and dont want the team to make any signings to appease them. Wenger will get it right.

  156. re: People talk about other teams that dont have good support. Well these teams are more mature so they can deal with the ups and downs a little better. I am sure we dont expect a bunch of 20 year olds to just rise above the boos and name calling because they are getting paid millions? Money doesnt cancel out emotions.
    The supporters need to get it right next season as does the team. No crying and putting pressure on our team, we should ease the pressure.
    I have heard this is a couple of matches I have watched of late, the commentator saying that Arsenal supporters are not the best and put pressure on the team.

  157. Just clicked through to some of the BSM links to see what they are claiming to be about:
    The aim of this walk is to raise awareness to the club that they are losing the faith of the long term and traditional fanbase who will go Arsenal win lose or draw by there current stance on a good few issues, the main being the recent 6.5% increase on Season Tickets, 50% increase on red/silver memberships and 25% increases on jnr gunner memberships.
    and a quote from Rocky’s brother taken from the Shewore page: “If it turns into an anti Wenger protest, the press, AFC pr, players, past and present will jump on what he’s achieved, which is without question, this is about how the club has bluffed us to pay for the new ground, priced real fans away from the emirates, those that sacrifice alot thing to get a season ticket are put in the worst areas…and no am not part of SHEWORE or BSM, just a fan, who wants us to be where we belong”.
    All I have to say is, what a load of old shite! “Losing the faith of the long term and traditional fanbase”, well that’s highly unlikely!
    “Bluffed us to pay for the new ground”, that is an interesting view, but this last one, “priced real fans away from the emirates”, is utter twaddle. When we were at Highbury I think my seat in the West Upper was around £1,200 and this next season it would be £1,480 (I have now moved back to row 30 so I have two seats together and its going to be £1,310 per seat), so that’s about £9.65 per game since we moved to the Emirates. Is that a ridiculous sum? Some might think so, but do “real fans”? Did they all suddenly decide they wouldn’t go any more?

  158. “The sky’s the limit for this football club if WE can persevere.
    WE= players, staff, supporters and AW.

    Well said Aman!

  159. 200 twats parade around with black scarves on and they think they represent the majority of supporters?

    Do me a fucking favour. PRICKS.

  160. Thanks YW. A large percentage of my anger was released through the words that I read on another top article from you. But, I’m still not nice to be around and maybe in a lot of shit when I go back to the office tomorrow due to an verbal altercation in the staff room area with a so called rival fan this morning.

    Too right the disappointment is very to bare but, from what I have witnessed over the last couple of months I can’t honestly say that all of our players feel the same disappointment as we do. This should of been wrapped up weeks ago starting at Wembley but, stupid childish mistakes have been made by certain players so that other teams didn’t even have to work for a result against us.

    Too right again regarding Darren Bent and spending money. I discussed this with mates at the time of his transfer and we agreed that Wenger should of taken him from Charlton in the first place and upon looking the other way as he seems to do with English players on the market, he should of hijacked his move from Makems. He would of done wonders along side VP.

    Really good to see Verm’s back though and he really showed us what we had missed. It hurts so much thinking about the 19points that were so fucking stupidly given away by us and how it would of been if he was on the pitch.

    Yes Verm’s slipped but, Squillachi should of had Bent covered as he should of done when Sagna committed “lazy bastard” defending and tried to play offside when tracking him was the only option. Knowing how sharp that Darren Bent is a top class defender would have run with him and not leave it to chance by a forth official and stand there with his hands in the air.

    As the team were pushing out, at no time did Squillachi, check to see where Bent was, he just strolled out and the ball went over him to Bent. It’s mistakes like this that tells me this man isn’t up to the task of defending against sharp minded attackers in the Premier League and to be very honest I was very shocked to see him bought in to club in the first place as I thought we was going to purchase a certain English CB but, for some reason we got him and Kos and for me our defence along with collective mistakes have cost us a chance of a double this season. I say this because I have watched the re-runs of the points we gave away and most are defensive mistakes.

    How can we make such a statement of intent and then just fade away? You can’t even say we worked hard but, luck had deserted us along with bad ref choices. Nothing to do with ref’s whatsoever.

    I think Wenger made some minor errors but, on the whole he along with us have been badly let down. It must break his heart seeing some of the players he has spent so much time with for that moment and they just couldn’t be bothered with it.

  161. You mugs got owned yesterday. Wenger is an absolute legend. He should stay on.

  162. The same Wenger who has bettered every single manager you lot have had since his arrival?

  163. Wavey | May 16, 2011 at 9:05 am |

    I really hope that isn’t true because if the players are feeling that way then we are truly screwed.

  164. Paul:

    The differences of opinion are a big part of what makes blogging fun.

  165. The same team, who lost to us conceding three goals at home. We love you Wenger.

  166. At last a c*nt, I mean a Spurs fan has found the site. Usually not able to find their own a*se with both hands. Hope you are looking forward to channel 5 football next season you f*cking plank.

  167. LimparAssist

    Hehehe. Good old spurs fans. Always cheer me up.

    How’s Channel 5 working out for you? Better than Black & White I suppose.

    50 YEARS! Never Again!

  168. the 40+ thousand that werent in the stadium at the end did represent the majority of supporters

    good post..
    think weve got more than 5 points from the 30 yogi but the point still stands its bordering relegation form and it is indeed simply not good enough..

    i find it comical that 5 years ago we blamed the transition period..
    4 years ago we blamed the transition and the injuries
    3 years ago it was transition, injuries and refs..
    2 years ago it was transition, injuries, refs, media
    1 year ago it was transition , injuries, refs, media, tooth fairy
    now we can add the fans to the list of excuses..

    nothing to do with the manager or the players or the culture that has developed at the club at all..everythings fine and dandy..its everyone elses fault..

    christ its like having a hole in your roof for 6 years and when your ceiling collapses you blame it on the rain…

  169. LimparAssist

    *high fives Wavey*

  170. Can I just thank the the Spurs fan for bring some well needed humour today.

  171. I know beating us will be the highlight of your life, but shouldnt you be more concerned with your inability to retain CL football, and the pressures that has on next season?

    I’d be very worried. Wheres your stadium?Wheres your youth set up? How do you pay Bale and Modric’s wages?

  172. The poor support can’t help Jon Jon, and that is perfectly illustrated by the fact our away form mirrors our great support.

    No matter how much you are paid, or how professional a 20 something yr old footballer is, they must be affected by constant moans and groans from the stadium – you wouldnt be human if you weren’t.

    The same for the sarcastic applause for Alumnia, Fabianski etc.

    A great way to help the confidence of your players.

    Unfortunately we do have an element of ‘supporters’ who are spineless, and constantly moan and groan.

    I took a friend to a game this season who supports Pompey – and they couldn’t believe the amount of people moaning around us.

    it is an embaressment to our great club.

  173. You are a fool, Jonjon

  174. Our support may be pisspoor in parts. It’s a symptom of our society. Cretins are everywhere demanding the world NOW.

    Let’s not pretend that other clubs have brilliant support all the time.

    I remember the Sunderland fans turning on the team a few years ago and they are normally cited as amongst the best, have you heard them on Bruce this season. Liverpool turning on Hodgson.Stoke fans, lauded after their Cup Final defeat had the class to boo Ramsey every time he touched the ball. Anyoine remember WHL with crowds of 16-17000 back in the 80’s?

    Oh, and the media will play to this and are bound to cite ‘fan troubles at Arsenal’ to persue their own perverse ends.

  175. Yeah – Good luck with that Spurs fan – hope you enjoy getting arse raped down a back alley in Azebaijan or somewhere on a Thursday night.

    Well done for beating us once in 10 years too – some achievement that – what trophy did you get for that?

  176. Very true CBob – very true…

    The Price we paid for moving to a bigger stadium unfortunately….

  177. anybody want 2 season tickets? i want to rent them out for the year as i refuse to put any more money into the club when they have no interest in investing it in players – all they want to do is redesign the club level restaurants. i look forward to the day when Wenger is no more and we get a coach with ambition, drive and tactical awareness.
    anyone interested and has 3 grand to waste/spare, please contact me

  178. Have had enough of Wenger. Wanker needs to be kicked out as soon as possible.

  179. You may win the Europa next season and we may get knocked out by apparently the best team in Europe again. But I doubt the former and if we face Barcelona again I think we will beat them, with or without a fair referee.

  180. the truth is matt that the support would be better if the club woke up and stopped fucking everyone about
    the squad is not good enough and thats the bottom line, spineless fans?? try spineless players who went on holiday in february..
    the club has been ripping ppl off for years and getting away with it and thats the bottom line..none of the ‘custodians’ ever put any of their pennies into the club..they just let all the supporters give them their hard earned and they raised the share price and took the cash when they sold up..
    and like i said..40,000 empty seats in a 60000 seater is not an element..
    its a general concensus.. you keep telling me..but results, performances and league tables dont lie…

    i really thought this was our season..but the squad collapsed again..if im a fool for admitting that then i reckon im in the majority of fools…

  181. You should have your season tickets taken off you, rob. You are not good enough. Fair weather fan.

  182. Well your point seems to be simple, Jonjon. The support will improve when our results improve. In other words many supporters will only turn up when we are winning. You think that that is OK?

  183. LimparAssist

    Yup. Agree with that too, Consolsbob. Cretins really are everywhere. I think the matchday experience in a lot of modern football grounds lacks something – and maybe that something is people with character. And maybe it’s not just football grounds that lack that.

    Bolton’s home support was atrocious. The announcer had to give them a pep-talk and remind them all it was a Bank Holiday. Bunch of slugs. There was also a tombola at half-time – which was hilarious. Like Phoenix fucking nights.

    Type of thing they have down the Lane isn’t it, a tombola? The prizes are a series of train tickets stamped anywhere other than Tottenham.

  184. Burn ten pound notes in front of fans from Liverpool because they have no jobs. Sing ‘you’ll never get a job’ because unemployment is the scourge of that city. Refer to them as ‘bin dippers’. Then bay at the moon because of a 6% rise in prices. You think that that is OK?

  185. Spurs fan – enjoyed your one season of champions league? I recommend you buy the dvd of it, it’ll be your only chance of watching the spuds in that competition again.

  186. Even when we start to hit real success and I am sure we will soon, and the ‘fans’ start turning up, I will never trust RedAction, AISA or AST again.

  187. hardly a fair weather fan Frank – ive had season tickets dating back to the Bertie Mee era . ive seen Terry Neil, Don Howe and the rest – do you know who these guys are? home and away for 8 seasons in the 80’s and 90’s and then another 4 seasons when Wenger arrived. does that make me a fair weather fan?? i think not – i have no feeling for this bunch of overpaid failures and as such i dont want to go again until Wenger has gone

  188. And just to set the record straight I am renewing my season ticket and so are the supporters around me. Especially the ones who stayed. They were disgusted at the shenanigans on Sunday.

  189. You might be telling me porkies, rob

  190. Frank – i presume the shenanigans that you refer to were the performance of the players

  191. Boo’ing, groaning and all the other classic traits at a normal Saturday in North London are horrific.

    If we are not winning after 60 minutes then the atmosphere is shattered. Stark contrast to the 70,000 home county Mancs who provide volume and an air if inevitability at Old Trafford.

    Confidence should stem from the fans. The players can not avoid accountability for numerous poor performances this season however.

    The effort has not been 100%. That is the root of all our problems.

  192. Frank – no porkies here mate – no reason to big myself up, i was justifying myself to you in the wake of your fair weather fan jibe.
    i have seen far worse teams than this but they would always (almost) give 100%, which sadly i cant say about this season

  193. frank
    not just results..
    the whole package..

  194. All the talk about getting into ECL should be taken with a pinch of salt as in qualifying there is no seeding this year so we could play Bayern, Villareal, or similar teams just to qualify and if we dont REALLY strengthen the team we might not survive the qualifying round.

    Wengerspin is already making excuses that it will be much harder to get into the top four next season and saying how important the new financial rules are so the excuses and the spin are already in motion.

    Rob I have also been a fan since the sixties and Frank knocks everone who doesnt agree with his predictions each year that we will win it all.

  195. Frank:

    Just like all of us you like to have something to vent about. We may not like it but fans have been this way as long as there has been organized professional sports. The “big” teams always have been held to a higher standard by their fans then “small” teams like Pompey. Even small teams have to deal with unhappy supporters when they do not play up to expectations. Nothing frustrates fans more then talented players who consistently underperform. Asking for Arsenal supporters to act differently then supporters of Clelsea, ManU, Barcelona, Inter Milan and other historical controls is not going to happen. A significant part of the frustration of the fans is the way the club managed expectations during this last 6 years.

  196. Up the Arsenal and Hello to Everyone,

    As a lifelong Arsenal supporter who follows the Gunners from the United States, it is painful to see just how much anger is being directed toward the club and Arsene Wenger. While the last six seasons have been difficult, Arsenal have played in 3 cup finals, reached the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League twice, and finished among the top four teams in the most competitive football league in the world.

    In addition, Arsenal have played some of the best football 0n the planet and are universally lauded as a model for other clubs to follow. Despite this, Arsene Wenger is assailed as a cunt from an increasingly irrational and spoiled group of “fans.” What a disgrace.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit.

  197. We had great support for a minute, when we beat Barcelona.

    Even though the team was down the crowd kept it going.

    The supporters are as selective in showing up in the same way they blame the team it seems.

  198. george rodger

    I blame the people(fans and media)that demanded we go for all 4 trophies.
    If wee had played the second string in both cups we would not have been disappointed at being knocked out.
    The first team would not have been knackered ,and would have felt fresh and superior.
    Am I clutching at straws again?

  199. george rodger

    @ DJB. Love that post.More like it please.

  200. nuff respect DJB!

  201. Nairobi gunner

    I luv Arsene but he is the reason for the rot imean he buy class players but plays them out of positions n xpect them to produce thus they look ordinary.we ve many no 10s Diaby,Nasry,Fab,Ashavin,Wilsher,Denilson and no one plays there we play without a proper striker how do u xpect a bigg skriker bendner to produce on the wing n buy a leftback n play him as a center back,Drourou is a dm,get my point?

  202. I still don’t believe you, rob

  203. Paul @ 5:57:

    Fans react to the way the team is playing. They will pick a team up that is behind or playing poortly when they have a reasonable expectation that the team will respond. Up to the Barca game the team had been playing well in Jan and early Feb. If the same Barca game was played on Wed this week I suspect you would see a much different reaction. You can argue that it is not fair to the players but its not going to change because we talk about it.

  204. LimparAssist

    Good perspective from across the pond, DJB.

  205. I seen some post on here I really didn’t expect to see. On other Blogs yes but, not here.

    It’s amazing what power the media has over some people.

  206. george rodger

    I firmly believe that the league is fixed.
    How else do you explain it?
    We have a cunt for a manager who is obsessed with his own ego and does not want to win anything,not to mention being tactically inept.
    We have spineless ,gutless ,not good enough to wear the shirt ,players who treat us as a stepping stone to greater things.
    We are outspent 5 to 1 by middle of the table teams like Spurs and Villa.
    And yet we challenge for trophies and qualify for the ECL every year.
    How can that happen without it being fixed.

  207. Cor blimey, playing players out of position?! Please don’t go there.
    Seeing Bendtner, on the wing just intensified my anger. WTF is that about?!

  208. Oh fuck, that wasnt the result or performance we needed now was it! BUT, the chanting about the 6% was the thing that lingered after that dreadful afternoon at the Grove, for me.

    I have been to more than half the home games this , seas, and most of the away games, yet next season I can honestly say I might avoid thhome games given the complete cuntishness of our so called supprt.

    I was fucked off by the result yesterday, the team have just switched off and that is something Wenger, will do well to rectif this summer. For our team tio show so little urgency and desire is very very worrying, perhaps Pat Rice staying is not the way forward, and perhaps his dallying over a decision to leave was a good opportunity for a new face and I would have loved Martin Keown to be AW’s assistant. I think it’s clear that not only do we need new players, but some new thinking and coaching as well.

    But I simply canno0t stomach the fact that for those singing about the 6% rise and booing the team, that was the ONLY noise those cunts made all day. Typical and embarrassing, perhaps they deserved that result then?

    Thiscould well be Wenger’s last season and perhaps Cesc too, just got a feeling, not syaing thats what I want. Cannot ewait for this season to end. Gutted, sorry for the demoralised Bent!

  209. And all the punduts who before a ball was kicked stated in their smug ivory towers how Arsenal would struggle to finish 5th/6th. Yet when we finally ended ou title chase, these same wankers fell over each other to condemn the team, slating their profligacy, defensive frailties and so on. BUT you fucking c*nts said we wouldnt even challenge??

    Oh to have the easiest job in the world.

  210. Honestly, even though Arsenal did shit this year, why would any of Arsenals players swap Arsenal for an Italian club???

    As i see it, we may be shit but there are only 4 clubs in the world that are currently better than us. That is Real, Barcelona, United and Chelsea, soon probably also city.

    However if non of those clubs comes chasing you why on earth would you leave?
    You may be part of a loosing Arsenal team this season but reast very assure that Milan, Juventus, Bayern and the rest are not better teams than the English top 4.

  211. and most arsenal fans are not unhappy, they just cba to argue it with angry fans. thats the truth…

  212. Opinions are like arseholes…everyone has one. On more than one occasion, I certainly have been accused of both. You guys are clearly passionate about your football and the Arsenal, but it’s what you do with this passion that defines you as a person and supporter. I enjoy the debate on a few of the Arsenal blogs, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to weed through the insults and abuse. We are beginning to experience the ugly side of human nature, which is giving rise to a mob mentality that causes many a reasonable person to loose perspective. I think we would all benefit from taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture (including our lives as supporters, parents, friends, etc). While I admit that it has been difficult at times to enjoy (or even watch) our football over the last few months, we must understand that this in time will pass. The team may appear stagnant; however, the business of football will not allow a continuation of such. Change is on the horizon, and it is how we embrace this change as supporters and club that will allow us to once again enjoy our football. A collective ‘deep breath’ would do us all a world of good.

  213. Gainsbourg69

    For teams who park the bus:

    Van Persie
    Nasri, Cesc, Song, Eboue
    Clichy, Kos, Djourou, Sagna

    For teams that don’t:

    Nasri, Van Persie, Theo
    Jack, Cesc, Song
    Clichy, Kos, Djou, Sagna

  214. Frank
    ‘In other words many supporters will only turn up when we are winning. You think that that is OK?’

    Say what you will old man but it is on the back of every type of supporter you get to indulge your passion and even exercise your somewhat dubious opinion of a ‘real’ supporter.

    Or were you under the impression that you and the other 15 000
    ‘real ‘supporters were enough to keep the club afloat.

  215. emd – very well put. Maybe we should all take a step back, take a week off and look forward to the summer and girls in bikini’s.

  216. Poodle,
    Its hard to say we are ‘better’ than everyone except the top Euro 4 you mentioned. Although are certainly among the top clubs in terms of finances. But you have to admit for the player who’s lost faith in Wenger, he has to think his chances of silverware are higher in a club like Bayern, Inter, Ac Milan than with us.

    Many of the ‘top’ players who left us in the last 5 or so years have gone on to win trophies elsewhere, with the notable exceptions of Hleb. Adebayor, Diarra, Henry, Patrick Viera, etc. Heck even bloody Flamini who couldn’t get a game for years has now won the scudetto.

  217. Jabba’s Delight

    You mentioned that the Arsenal away support is as wank as the home support (oer maybe you meant it to signify that they are as clueless and fair weather). You are a fucking liar.

  218. Henristic

    Who are all these Arsenal players, top players, who have won shit? Oh you just meant Flamini. What has that got to do with anything anyway?

  219. wenger is and has been a number of things but a cunt is not one of them..

    hes done too much in the past to deserve to be called a cunt..
    but at the minute i would say he is indeed living on past glories

    this is the summer we shall see what hes made of….

    i think hes had a lot of time to build this squad and to be honest i think hes taken advantage of that a little and stuck with every hand he’s been dealt knowing hes under no pressure….

    that time has run out and its time to twist..

    i think he’ll do it…he went for all four trophies in an attempt to win something and the squad wasnt good enough..
    the signs were positive this year, although the squad couldnt deliver..

    we shall have to see, but rather than focusing my attention on the shambles that is the emirates ( a shambles the club has created itself) id rather look at the biggest problem we have in the club at the minute..

    the squad and everything that comes with it..tactics, personel, mentality…

    its gone wrong…

    i dont read many blogs but i like to read the holics from time to time and on his thread it was mentioned that wengerball 3 is over..its time to build wengerball 4..

    i agree..we need fresh faces, fresh tactics and a clean slate..the effects of this season have been enormous and have snowballed with the effects of the previous 5 years…theres too much baggage now, if the squad cant get their heads round and recover from one defeat, how do we expect them to recover from the effects of this whole season..

    they wont..and if we thought the reactions of the fans was bad this time, imagine what it will be like next year if we go through the exact same motions as we do every other year

    the harmony at this club is shite and it has been for a while..for all our potential we are in danger of this era at the club imploding..

    it doesnt matter what ppl think about the fans..the fact remains they have lost patience..without the fans this club doesnt exist so weve got to win them back…

    if the club wants to keep attracting customers it must provide value for money..
    if the club wants a full stadia every week it must lower the prices..

    if it does neither then they deserve the fans they get..

  220. Gains,

    Good idea. Maybe we will see a more flexible approach applied more often next season tailored for different type of opponents.
    In saying that, I can’t help thinking we need a bigger and more consistent goal threat than Eboue on the right for teams that bark the bus (which in the PL is quite a few).
    Eboue is awesome on his day, but his best position is at RB. He should play instead of Sagna for bus parking teams and he does offer a better attacking outlet than Sagna, who plays way too many games in my opinion (54 in total this season)

  221. Dexter | May 16, 2011 at 7:08 pm |


    Who are all these Arsenal players, top players, who have won shit? Oh you just meant Flamini.

    What has that got to do with anything anyway?

    Not much, why do you ask?

  222. G69:

    Your team that plays against the parked bus has almost no chance of getting a headed goal and essentially no chance of scoring on a set piece. Both of which may be the most effective tactics against parked buses. How about Chamakh? Or if he is not good enough lets get someone who is. No reason to think that a parked bus will have more space left open in the middle so why would Theo be more effective there. If there is space open he can run into it from the flank and he can make surprise runs through the center from either wing.

  223. Oops! My 7.01 post should have read:

    “Many of the ‘top’ players who left us in the last 5 or so years have gone on to win trophies elsewhere, with the notable exceptions of Hleb.

    Adebayor, Diarra, Henry, Patrick Viera, etc. have all won trophies since leaving us. Heck even bloody Flamini who couldn’t get a game for years has now won the scudetto.”

  224. don’t worry, if we start winning again the ‘fans’ will slink back in. Guaranteed.

  225. Didnt think you were saying anything henristic.

  226. J

    Have you finalised your cull list yet?

  227. Bill,
    You’ve got a point, but I would still like to see Theo play up front with license to roam more often towards the left flank – a la Henry – , rather than the right as he currently does.

    The cross-to-a-big-man option should always be plan B in my opinion, even for teams that park the bus.
    Besides, look at Herdandez (this season) and Rooney (last season). How many goals have those two scored with their heads?

    I really do believe Theo can be phenomenal on the left. It would be much harder for a right back to mark him than for a left back (most of whom are by now used to his style). There are more options on the left for a right footed pacy forward to cause harm to defences.

  228. No, you are by far ACLF’s brightest STAR Frank…..

  229. dexter..
    at this minute in time that cull list is pretty big…
    as soon as ive stopped hurting il probably wise up and be able to discuss it reasonably but theres no point asking me that question now to be honest mate cos apart from most of the first team and a few of the youth players i wouldnt let most of them play for arsenal again..

    at this minute in time im all for a mass clear out..most of the bench, backups and youths…

  230. george rodger

    I think if Cesc goes(and i dont know why but I am feeling now he will)Then a change of formation is more likely.
    Rvp is everything that is good about football.
    He should be our current Dennis and the team should built around him.
    And he should be used sparingly as DB10 was.

  231. Henristic:

    Unlike Hernandez or Rooney and I have never seen Theo head a ball towards goal. He does not hold the ball up nor has he not shown the instincts of a goal poacher. We have seen that pure pace can be handled by a defense. TH14 did not head the ball well but had great technique, could hold the ball up and make a great pass and and he had a lot more strength then Theo. I doubt the team would prosper with Theo as front man. I would like to see Theo tried on the left wing so he could cut in and shoot more often.

  232. Frank/Aman – Quit the reach around sessions guys. It is making me feel queasy.

    If Cesc is sold I would be happy for Nasri to move centrally, as long as we brought in a couple of top quality players. One of which must be a wide man. I really hope he does not leave, but it is looking ominous.

  233. Ironically the Cesc saga which will no doubt drag on all summer isn’t even the most important story of the year for our squad. It is what Arsene does in other areas of the squad which will shape next season.

  234. george i couldnt agree more

    i would like to keep cesc in all honesty but with or without him we need to learn to adapt to different formations

    i think theo and robin would be a dynamtie pairing up top..

    rvp has carried this team in the last few months…no suprise there really..

    wonderful of the only ones to stand up and be counted..a shining light in this shower of shite..

  235. Bill, what I said is that the support was good during that match however the support prior to that wasnt exemplary from what i could gather though you say we were playing well up until that point.
    Lest we forget the Arsenal players said that it was the BEST the crowd had ever been and it hasnt been that good after either.
    For Arsenal to get good support many believe we must score within ten minutes.

    Poodle we will be the best. You say City will pass us by, heck no, we will reach the pinnacle of the business.

  236. Bill, have you watched Walcott play up front a lot or is this just your opinion?

  237. I dont think Cesc will leave.

  238. George Rodger

    Cuntishness is at a high level today but you took the biscuit at 6.10pm.

    You are the weakest cunt, goodbye.


  239. Theo would work in a 2 man strike force I think, but no way on his own.

  240. his comments in that magazine were pretty daming of the situation paul..

    he may not leave but if nothing changes he will not be happy..

    and an unhappy captain is not the best of minerals when your trying to build a title winning squad..

  241. Paul:

    Just my opinion. I don’t think he has played up front. Suspect the boss would have tried it sometime in the last 4 years if he thought it a viable option. In reality all the analysis in the world might be wrong and you never really know how it might work out. Perhaps worth a try in pre-season. May be he can work on to be effective heading the ball. Some small players are pretty good at it. Micheal Owens scored headed goals and so does Hernandez.

  242. Ajax won the dutch league after 7 years…where they are the financial big boys..big history..big tradition..players with technical excellence..etc etc

    Fergie won his first league title after 7 years..after big transfers..he had money in other words…he was not sacked

    Barca 6 years…

    The list is endless..the thing is do the supporters have the guts to stand up and support the team when its required..thro the tough times, when its required more..when u are gutless calling the players gutless is a bit pot-kettle-black

    Salute the 12-15000 in the end yesterday..absolute class..unfortunately the new stadium holds more short-sighted morons than wonder our home form is piss-poor..

    Look forward to next season as always..UP THE ARSENAL !!!

  243. i think george was being sarcastic YW and was pulling a ‘muppet’
    i cant speak for him but from the convos ive had on here with him and on other sites he was jesting in that comment..
    hes not normally like that which leads me to think it was just an imitation of comments you find elsewhere..

  244. george rodger

    Yogi,it was sarcasm.
    If you read my posts you will see i have never been anything but supportive of Arsene and t his team.

  245. Empty vessels make the most noise!

  246. But also agree with one bit from one of the previous comments – Its probably wengers biggest pre-season..more so personally as he might have to lose players whose development he has overseen..

  247. Sorry, Micheal Owen does not have an s in his name. My americanism gets the better of me sometimes.

  248. It’s a catch 22 with the players the “doomers” have identified as weak and not fit to wear the shirt. I don’t think they are bad players, they might not fit our system or are short on confidence. It will be sad if they all go and flourish somewhere else. A player like Denilson could go on and become a star in the spanish league, and the same fans who called him useless with criticize Wenger for letting him leave.

  249. surprisingly have not seen the *in arsene we rust* line today…maybe they are hard at work putting together 4 or 5 words together to form another equally immature catch phrase..although calling it a catch phrase is like insulting catch phrases everywhere 🙂

  250. JJ, yes he said a lot.

    anyway, I dont think its a good thing to discuss.

  251. too many “together’s”..ignore one 🙂

  252. anirudh
    if we have another situation like wenger had in 2008 where he lost alot of his first team midfield we would be back at square one with the youth policy again..

    we need to invest properly

    weve seen the effects that cesc not playing has on this team, especially in this system…but we all saw what happened with torres when the money was put back into the team..

    this is a critical summer for wenger..

    its ok ppl calling out the fans for being impatient but our best players will not stay patient either and will not stay at the club when the club is not winning..they will be picked off..

    and we will be caught in a vicious cycle..we can only keep the vultures off for so long, but as soon as those contracts start to run low and the players only have mental strength medals hanging round their necks they will move on..

    building a team is fine, but there has to be an end product, weve gone 6 years of rebuilding but weve had two teams in that time..

    its not working and we will have to build a new team again whether wenger wants to or not..those trophies need to come or we will be forever rebuilding, replacing the players who jump ship..the good players, the players we need..

  253. weve had three teams in that time..

  254. One more thing about Cesc, I believe that he is man enough to realise that he has made his fair share of mistakes this season and for whatever reason hasnt played as well of late.

  255. george rodger

    How can you have read any of my previous posts and think that particular post was serious?
    I would apologise if there was anything to apologise for.

  256. george rodger

    JJ thanks mate at least one person stood in my corner.

  257. Paul:

    Hope your right. You always look on the bright side. Perhaps we should hope for the best but make plans for the worst, just in case. If we get the best case then we have some fluff and some competition for spots.

    No matter what happens it needs to get ironed out as soon as possible this summer. Unfortunately the worst scenario may be the most likely. Long drawn out saga without any real idea what players we need depending on him staying or leaving.

  258. @ jon jon

    Agree with most of what u said…it can very easily turn into a vicious cycle, but I guess u will agree with me when I say this..but whether its football or any other organization for that matter rebuilding is the hardest thing to do..I re-make the point about the Australian cricket team…invincible at one point in losing all over the place..but still very talented..

    2008 was a bit out of his hands I think..breaking the wage structure is a bit short sighted..your recurring expenses are the most important thing to keep in check..and of course now we are in a position to have a more flamboyant wage structure..actually this another reason i think the wages of the picked on players like deni, diaby etc are a bit makes no sense..but then so do people who pick on them 🙂

    But I think this season we will see both players and system being changed..wenger will work harder than ever to set things right..and again I will be optimistic about next season..maybe only to be disappointed in the end..but then I will be optimistic about the season after..If we can believe in the can we expect a “fortress” at home..

  259. george rodger

    I will tell you what,its uncomfortable in that bin.

  260. “if we (fans) cant believe in the team” ..sorry

  261. no probs george..

  262. i wouldnt argue with that anirudh
    think u make fair points

  263. My memories from this season. Especially against Birmingham and West Ham we played some of the best football i’ve seen.

    Away @ West Ham
    Away @ Birmingham
    Away @ City
    Away @ Blackburn
    Away @ Wolves
    Away @ Spurs – – CC
    Away @ Everton
    Home against Everton
    Home against Barca
    Home against Chelsea

  264. I thin k because the supporters fucked up our chances this year we should be banned and play our home games behind closed doors.

  265. Anirudh, JJ:

    I guess it depends on your definition of rebuild. We could move 5 -6 players from the non-first 11 who did not play much and bring in 3 – 4 players who can legimately compete for first team slots and add a couple of academy grads to fill in the squad. We could rotate more and have more realistic competition for the first 11. That could do a world of good both physically and mentally and not really be re-building. Any player that the boss thinks is not fully committed or may be a locker room issue needs to go.

    I agree with JJ that there are a lot of players on loan and in the reserves that need to be moved even if we get nothing in return. Watt, Sunu, Randall, Hoyte, Eastmond etc etc etc are probably never going to make an impact on the first team, and deserve a chance somewhere else and we need to get their wages off the book.

  266. You write the post and the first comment too! Symptomatic of a “true” Arsenal blog. I suggested, 3 months ago that Arsenal might finish 4th. Unfortunately, I was proved right. And yet I was abused here at your so-called cultured forum. Racially abused for suggesting that under the French manager, Arsenal won’t win anything this year or till he is manager.

    Do you need a psychology degree to see that he cannot motivate his players? That they don’t respect him? That they play for nothing? That Wenger knows the club has no ambition, that he himself has none, that he prevaricates, lies, cheats the fans, lies, then lies again. That he knows this is the best job he can get, that he knows how to spin and wriggle out, that he knows that he has already lost the players, the titles but he is building his old age at the Emirates, not some youth team.

    Wenger has lied again by saying he will strengthen. He won’t. He knows, the fans know, you know. The club have money or haven’t, I don’t know but they are content with 4th. That was obvious with Wenger’s statement yesterday. He spoke about not being in a delegation scrap! What cheek and how hard his skin is. In this campaign, Wenger has become a buffoon. Every one laughs at him. The media, opposite teams, managers all think he has lost it. He is the one-eyed king of Arsenal!

    I came here again, much against my will to bid you good luck for prevaricating but also to tell you: Arsenal won’t win anything, mark this, Arsenal won’t win anything till Wenger is in charge. After that, Arsenal will be like Everton. A mid table anonymous team.

    All these thoughts make one sad. But, this is the future of Arsenal. Sadly, but true.


  267. wouldnt argue with any of that either bill..

  268. Team for 2011/12

    richards cahill jagielka baines
    walcott wilshere parker young
    bent rvp

  269. @bill

    definitely not defining re-build that way…my definition is the job after the invincibles+stadium move..that is rebuild on all fronts not just on the footballing side..i do not define post 2008 as rebuilding rather as a kink in the curve…and what people forget is that wenger has had do this already excruciatingly difficult task on a relatively shoestring budget in EPL I believe he was a victim of his brilliant previous successes. The only favour he has received thus far is the backing of the board..the moaning section are definitely one of the biggest obstacles in my opinion, as this directly affects home form..

  270. Oh stop moaning Kubla FFS!

  271. 1 loose cannon

    Am I the only one who noticed that Chamakh actually complement RVP really well. I think RVp playing just behind Chamakh would be a good option next season. Chamakh might not have RVP finishing ability with his feet but he does cause problems in the oppositions box and always gives 100%. I thought he was left out not because of bad form he was playing exceptionally well then RVP returned and he was dropped. No one can complain about that as RVp has been the best striker in the premiership but I feel Wenger need to give them a run of games together to build a partnership.

  272. Anirudh:

    What I wrote at 9:19 is how I think we should handle this summer assuming Cesc, Nasri and Clichy all stay. The problem is obviously Cesc .If he goes then we need to add at least another excellent player to the in-box (not a promising 18 year old). Nasri contract is a real concern, obviously he is a long term keeper if he signs a contract and wants to stay. He would need to be replaced if he leaves, same with Clichy. All those things need to get ironed out quickly this summer.

  273. 1lc,

    nope your not. i pointed this out a few weeks ago. Chamakh was banging in the goals and is a top player. Wenger dropped him to quick. ruined his form. agree the two will be a good partnership next year.

  274. george rodger

    Rvp may soon become God.

  275. By the way YW, the post at 4.57 wasn’t me, I assume some clever dick from LeTwat has managed to copy my name and gravatar.

  276. Up the Arsenal and a very good evening to All.

    Thank you for the comments G.Rodger and Limpar Assist.

    If Kubla Kahn’s remarks are representative of how a growing number of Arsenal “fans” feel these days, the club would be well served if the lot of you you p—– o–!

  277. george rodger

    Matt,clever and Le Grove cannot be put in the same sentence,as a rule.

  278. @kubla kahn how do you know who the players at Arsenal respec and dos not respect. how do you know how they think? Have you ever met any of them? I bet you are one of those guys that think John Terry is an asshole too. Because you read it in the paper.

    i can tell you one thing though, you dont need to be a shrink to tell that you are one angry mofo fan that just lash out on anything and everything to try to dampen your frustration, humiliation, anger, sadness well probably all the negative feelings in the world.

    Also you say arsenal will not win anything until wenger leaves and after that they will be like Everton??
    Well if Arsenal ever becomes like Everton, a mid table anonymous side. I will still be an arsenal fan.

    Frankly i dont understand what you want to say with your post. That if arsenal turns into everton you going to quit support cos everton is so crap??

  279. @hell,
    the chance for silverware with Bayern, Inter, Ac Milan is higher than with us because the top 4 in England are basically all in the top 6 of Europe.
    If Milan had to face United, Chelsea, City, Arsenal, even Tottenham in serie A every year they would not win it. Chelse, United, City or Arsenal hell even Tottenham would.

    It says alot about the quality of the Italian league that tottenham beat both the milan teams twice this year….

  280. george rodger

    Poodle,he knows John Terry is an arsehole because he listens to Arsecast

  281. lol i meant @Henristic ofc as in @hen not @hell sorry *blush*

  282. Bill: ” Your team that plays against the parked bus has almost no chance of getting a headed goal and essentially no chance of scoring on a set piece. Both of which may be the most effective tactics against parked buses. How about Chamakh? Or if he is not good enough lets get someone who is. No reason to think that a parked bus will have more space left open in the middle so why would Theo be more effective there. If there is space open he can run into it from the flank and he can make surprise runs through the center from either wing.”

    The purpose of parking the bus is to force teams out wide and get them to rely on high balls into the area so that their center backs clear them away.

  283. Ok i take that back , JT was a terrible example. No living arsenal fan will ever like him.

    but the point is still valid. until you meet a guy and shake hands with him, share a pint and chat a bit you have no clue whatsoever how that guy is, what he thinks, who he respects or who he disrespects.
    So stop telling me what chesney and cesc and Nasri feels. Unless they come out with it themselves all you do is spread lies.

  284. john terrys an arsehole cos he plays for chelsea..

  285. Bradys right foot

    The last few weeks have been awful, painful wretched. I missed work on the Monday after the Bolton game as I literally couldn’t lift my head so down was my mood. As a man of advancing years it amazes me that the Arsenal still means so much to me, I care deeply about the club , its players, staff, supporters and bless him even Gunasaurus. The emotional investment i’ve put into this team is unconditional thats what fans do and we have aduty to be slightly irrational in our support.

    However some of the Arsenal support in all honesty need a lesson in humility and perspective. A top 4 finish is literally too good for some of them. Im not a superfan or Mr Arsenal but I tell you this i’d still be supporting this team in the same way if we were relegated or winning the Champions league. Part of being a fan is enjoying the whole ride, the highs and the lows, our crisis will still see us have playing in the Champions League. We simply take that for granted so arrogant have we become even though weve spent nothing in net terms since moving to the Emirates. The likes of Stoke have out spent us in the last three years never mind the hundreds of millions that Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Sunderland have thrown about. Our guerilla spending in the last few years has caused alot of debate, for me its pretty simple we will not pay over the odds for a player because we dont have the money of the other clubs, but when a player will clearly improve the team well raid the piggy bank. Reina for £20 million in last summers window being a case in point. And it is a piggy bank, the club has saved the money over few seasons and we have a rumored £40 million in the war chest, enough for three very good players but nothing compared to the spending power of others. Thats our reality and we still expect Wenger to keep pulling rabbits out the hat when others are simply buying Continetal Giants (rabbit joke ). It is a miracle we still compete.

    Our collapse since February has been painful, but despite the collective amnesia our form from the Utd away defeat until the CC final was some of the best football I’ve seen us play in four or five years. This year has been hugely frustrating because I think a lot of us felt we would do it and for a brief period it looked like it. I get that the players felt devastated blowing it however their reaction to the CC and Barca set backs have simply not been good enough.

    Am I looking forward to next year, I can’t fucking wait to be honest. The no small matter of Fulham beforehand and then those smarter than me can have their say on 2010/11.

  286. ‘The last few weeks have been awful, painful wretched. I missed work on the Monday after the Bolton game as I literally couldn’t lift my head so down was my mood. As a man of advancing years it amazes me that the Arsenal still means so much to me, I care deeply about the club , its players, staff, supporters and bless him even Gunasaurus. The emotional investment i’ve put into this team is unconditional thats what fans do and we have aduty to be slightly irrational in our support.

    Im not a superfan or Mr Arsenal but I tell you this i’d still be supporting this team in the same way if we were relegated or winning the Champions league’

    take a bow top comment..

  287. Still remains a mystery then. We played amazing football for majority of the season, and went missing in the end. New players could be the answer. Perhaps not. I really can’t figure it out. I mean if it was something chronic we’d need big changes. But how does anyone explain the last 2 fucking months? It’s not got much to do with how much others have spent, as compared to us. We’ve got more talented players, who did perform exceptionally well most of the season, but went missing in the end. Strange one.

  288. The elderly fans with decades of service who are so upset by our classless support have one thing that the more recent fans do not: Experience of Arsenal teams with the right spirit. That is the telling factor that makes all the difference – their unwavering support derives from witnessing teams who, despite being less talented than their opponents at times, still gave their all for the full ninety, every time they pulled on the shirt. Pride in the colours.

    If your first six years as an Arsenal supporter had been the last six, what would you have derived from those years? Well drilled passing, patches of scintillating attacking play, coupled with defensive naivety, over-elaboration, and a tendency to self-destruct when it matters most.

    The bitter irony is that if the manager had a pound for every time he has mentioned ‘mental strength’, we would be richer than Man City. It’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another to instil it. And if you can’t build it, you buy it. If even ACLF is now admitting there needs to be change, there must be something wrong.

  289. My only hope left for this season is Birmingham to get relegated, can I just have this one? Please!

  290. goonzablazin

    If Brum is relegated, will their season still be considered a success because they won some silverware?

  291. Free George Rodger!
    Fucking good riddance Kubla Khan

  292. darren bent-24 million-7 goals
    theo “i haven’t scored since january” walcott-8 goals. my guess is that young Theo also has more assists.
    darren bent-24 million- 7 goals
    Marouane Chamakh-freeness-7 goals.

  293. YW,

    I disagree with your post today. The first thing that came to mind was Manure’s 4-2 win against W Ham, where they were trailing 0-2 at HT.
    Irrespective of our disastrous defending in the first quarter of the game,we did enough to win it. The referee did it for us, like many other games this season, which include Newcastle(away), Wigan (away), Liverpool(home), Sunderland(home & away) & Villa (home). And I did not mention competions other than the PL.
    Anybody who thinks these are excuses is highly deluded & media driven. No denying that we are shaky against set pieces, but te fact is that we should be sitting AT LEAST in 2nd place even after being off form.

  294. Why is it that anybody who can see the isses in the squad is “media driven”? Has it not occured to anybody that people have their own opinions? just becasue you don’t agree with them does not mean that the view is gleaned from the media. If that is the general media view of said subject, does not mean it is wrong in every case.

  295. Andy, i you are pointing at me, then I would love to explain. Man Utd & Chelsea have conceded goals in some matches as well, but have not been denied an opportunity to come back, like we were yesterday, all season.

  296. i=if

  297. Getting a bit Madonna-ish, into the groove of reasonably early posting. Today’s is here:

  298. mj – No, not at you directly mate. Plenty of people come up with that on a regular basis. It is true the ref’s have had an impact on some of our games. But what we don’t focus on is the decisions that have gone our way, and their were plently over the course of the season. Have a look at our form guide since the CC final. Do you believe that referee’s have influenced that to that extent? If is a horrible sight I can tell you (2 wins in 15 I think).

    Ref’s can infulence things, but all too often we are the masters of our own downfall. Of that, there can be no denying unfortunatly.

  299. I’m not buying this ‘shattered confidence’ theory. The defeats to Stoke and Aston Villa are entirely due to the end of season attitude. Our season was over after the ManU victory, the manager started his usual squad experiments with the fringe players having playing time, some senior players were set on the bench. Would you ever play two centre backs for the first time in a game where result counts?

    The third place is in danger now, but it was to late. You can not switch the team on and off like a bulb. This end of season story repeats itself every year. Remember 3:2 against Wigan last year with players having a laugh and running around like in training? So, the question ‘why can’t we keep running the entire season’ should actually be ‘Have we ever tried to?’ Wenger’s fault.

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