Villa Preview & Rice Paper Talk

Aston Villa arrive at The Emirates, the final whistle signalling the end of the home campaign. For Arsène, following the events of recent weeks it is probably not soon enough.

He had some good news with Pat Rice staying on for another year. For the manager, it solves a problem. I’m sure that Wenger will find a welter of criticism in the decision if he bothers looks online. The theory will be that in retaining Rice’s services, the perceived stagnation in training is going to continue. That no-one can prove that exists is neither here nor there in this theory. It is inconvenient.

Elsewhere, Bayern Munich are turning into the new Barcelona, off the pitch at least. The Bavarians are now linked with Samir Nasri, at least with this story the transfer fee quoted is realistic being £25m. The Frenchman would be in comfortable surroundings, joined by Gael Clichy, Nicklas Bendtner and Bacary Sagna if this season’s transfer gossip all came true.

Other gossip this morning links Andrey Arshavin with a move to Chelsea. Apparently Roman Abramovich has set aside a transfer pot of £80m for Ancelotti (or whomever is in charge) with £12m going on his compatriot. This is apparently a big fee, representing a mere £6m loss on the signing for Arsenal.

This brings the current total of Arsenal’s net spend this summer down to £90m.

Onto this afternoon. I find the final home match of any season an occasion tinged with sadness, the signal that a long football-less summer is imminent. This time, in part it is a respite from the bitterness into which the last month has descended.

For Villa, it is a dead rubber. Yesterday’s results and next week’s meeting between Wolves and Blackburn mean that they cannot be relegated. Sadly it seems that Blackpool will be slipping through the trapdoor as a victory at Old Trafford seems highly unlikely.

Having lost Burnley last season, Premier League survival is not going to happen for footballing sides. Birmingham and Wolves have pumped the ball effectively in recent weeks to put survival in their own hands. It’s not good for football in this country if promoted sides believe that the only way to survive is to ‘mix it’. West Ham and Wigan going will further serve to emphasise this point.

For Arsenal, second place is still achievable. To do so, they need to win by big margins against Villa and Fulham whilst hoping that Chelsea suffer a dip in form today and at Everton on the last day of the season. All the while, Manchester City are lurking. If a lack of focus is evident, the tour of the Far East is going to be followed by entry into the qualifying round of the Champions League.

Thomas Vermaelen is the talk of the team, Laurent Koscielny’s absence making his start a certainty. The Belgian has been missed this season, his experience might have made a difference at St James’ Park or White Hart Lane. He might not, Arsenal were not rock solid at the back last season either.

He is welcome though as it gives competition for places and at this moment in time, Vermaelen is the best centre back at the club. He might be joined by a new face this summer as Arsène has confirmed he will be buying in the transfer window.

Samir Nasri and Cesc face fitness tests which leaves the line-up in doubt but my guess is,

Szczesny; Sagna, Djourou, Vermaelen, Clichy; Fabregas (Ramsey), Song, Wilshere; Walcott, van Persie, Nasri (Arshavin)

A win is essential, a repeat of the performance against Stoke is unacceptable and would tarnish the efforts of this season even more than recent weeks have done. To finish with a kick in the club’s step would make the long summer somewhat more bearable. Quick and decisive action in the transfer market would be a more emphatic statement of intent.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. galactico? oh boy.

  2. Firstly your unrivaled motivation to produce note worthy and well rounded analysis of all things Arsenal without fail day in day out every year and is amazing beyond belief even on those black days following a humiliating defeat . Many thanks Yogi. Having retreated to the bunker for the last ten weeks and emerged today this game represents a watershed and a relief from what feels like the longest roller coaster season ever. There is criticsm from everycorner this week from ex Arsenal greats and demand for english grit. Despite being very close and ultra competitive this year we again faltered at the final hurdle. I am still scratching my head.That need for a greater spattering of desire and experience will hopefully be the face of next years Arsenal. If seeing Money City lifting a trophy or that fat bald tw@t rooney celebrating uniteds 19th title doesnt motivate the team to do better next year then I dont know what will. I fear the team must deliver a win or face the ire of the baying emirates crowd today. Wenger is still the man to deliver us back to what feels like utopia now. I feel like three back to back titles are on the cards very soon. Patience gooners….patience.COYG

  3. On this day, 4th December 1965, Arsenal faced West Ham Utd at Highbury.

    The ‘Voice of Arsenal’ tells us that this would be our fourth home tie on the trot and a win today would ‘give us four successive wins over Brazilian, Russian and British opposition’. A victory over Moscow Dynamo on the previous Tuesday being hailed by ‘The Times’ as ‘yet another face-lift to British football’. (I always loved the name Moscow Dynamo, it seemed properly exotic and glamorous. What did I know?)

    Arsenal are the first club in the country to have ‘World Cup Willie ties’ in stock and they could be obtained from the Arsenal Megastore, no, sorry, from the Secretary of the Supporters Club. They were available in Club Quality at 15/6 or Executive quality (super finish with embroidered emblem) at £1.

    Elsewhere the problem of foul language raised it’s head with a ‘clique of so-called supporters on the North Terrace who regularly congregated on the East Side and indulged in foul language to the embarrassment of decent people’. Apparently, it had got so bad that a ‘number of old supporters now refuse to come to the stadium and bring their women-folk (wives and daughters) because they are not only embarrassed but shocked that men can conduct themselves in such a disgusting manner’. Club action is promised against them as Arsenal is ‘determined to have fair minded and clean minded supporters’. Quite right. Clearly a battle the club won.

    We are also told that many supporters have suggested that the old Arsenal song to the tune of ‘Anchors aweigh’ was not quite what they wanted and a new song was suggested for the future, ‘with simple words to the tune of ‘Roll out the Barrel’.

    Roll on the Arsenal
    Let’s have a barrel of fun,
    Roll on the Arsenal
    We’ve got them all on the run.

    Win all our matches
    Then we’ll have nothing to fear
    One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
    And the gang’s all here.

    I can’t remember this catching on and the ‘Anchor’s Away’ song also eludes me.

    The Arsenal side that day was: Burns, Howe, Storey, McLintock, Neill, Court, Skirton, Radford, Baker, Eastham, Armstrong.

    The Villa team included, for our American friends, Phil Woosnam, who became head coach of the US National team in 1968, and was later appointed commissioner of the NASL , Tony Hateley and old Arsenal player, John Mcleod.

    The referee was Mr Fussey. Really, he was.

    Elsewhere, congratulations are offered to Joe Baker and George Eastham for their selection by England for the match in Spain. Neither featured in the World Cup at the end of the season.

    A scan through the Football Combination, Metropolitan League and South East Counties sides turns up very few future First Teamers. Only Wilson, Simpson and Radford featured for the reserves, no one made it from the Met. League team and only Pat Rice From the SE Counties side.

    The Programme of Music, played by the Metropolitan Police Band, included the perennial ‘Voice of the Guns’ and ‘Canadian Patrol’ While in the ‘Pop Parade Selection’, Constable Alex Morgan, sang ‘Santa Lucia’.

    Here is yesterdays football result: Arsenal 3 Aston Villa 3

  4. Anyone wondering what goonerwife is referring to? That’ll be the five comments that went into the spam bin…

  5. Morning Cbob, lovely old programme notes as per usual.


  6. Bernstein? Bernstein? What a poodle!

  7. nice read, as always YG.

    I believe the fans deserve a high-scoring, thrashing win, coz it’s been so long since we last did that.
    Hoping for a great one as our last home game.

  8. Morning Yogi,

    thank you, for the appreciation of course but more for the spam bin.

    Sun is shining, as it always does in my memory of last saturdays of the season at Highbury.

    A good win today would bring some warm thoughts to carry into that long summer.

    Can’t help from thinking about what might have been after yesterday’s shambles at Blackburn and Wembley.

    Still, I enjoyed reading that Rooney shaved his chest hair to read ’19’ in celebration. Absolute class that bloke.

  9. A very special day for all Gooners.The final home game for one of the greatest players ever to play for Arsenal Cesc Fabregas.He has been a great servant for us and a player of his ability deserved to have a stack load of medals. Thanks for the memories Cesc

  10. Is his job not to win the medals?

  11. I am hoping I dont run into the demo this afternoon.

    I am sure Rice staying is a positive for Wenger, but I do also hope things do get freshened up behind the scenes too. Something needs to change as there have been far too many insipid displays to simply be put down to a collective bad day at the office.

    I am looking for a good send off today, lots of (Arsenal!) goals, Vermealen returning and possibly a chance for henderson or even Miquel to show their stuff too.

    I read somewhere that Wenger’s transfer kitty is £30m for fees and wages. That is not going to get the BIG NAMES some are demanding and if true, we may well see a few high profile departures. But it was from the daily mail so its bound to be bollocks.

    Good read YW, thanks mate.

  12. Paul

    You are taking the piss right?

  13. Paul, really?

  14. Thanks for that, Cb. Really put me in the mood.
    3-3 sounds fun, but I’ll take 3-2 today.

    Last home game of the season for me is more about the promise of what’s to come, thanks for the ride and can’t wait to be back. Maybe it’s the sunshine, but I’m celebrating.

    I’m off down the canal, Frank!


  15. Sunshine LA? Its cloudy and bloody freezin here!

  16. Really?! I’m about to hop the train and it’s sunny as all get up. Maybe I’ll bring it with me.

  17. Please do LA!

  18. Excellent idea, LA. I am walking to the ground from Highbury Barn.

  19. Well, I say walking.

  20. Have a good day, people.

    I wish I was taking that walk today.

  21. This season, ultimately has been so disapointing, obviously. I have gone on about it, as have others. There is nothing more really to say about what has gone wrong.

    Therefore i want to concentrate on some POSITIVES!

    Jack Wilshere; I was at Anfield for our 1st league game and I really didnt think he was ready for the 1st team, as a sub, never mind a regular starter! How he has come on this season is amazing. He had been hyped since he was about 15, yet that prmise doesnt always convert does it? Yet Jack is now a massive player for us and he can only get better, as long as he doesnt get over played (thank you Stuart Pearce!) or follow the leads of his England team mates.

    Johan Djourou; he suffered a terrible injury and was out for so long, yet he has shown what a good defender and player he is. And I doubt he or Wenger expected him to play so many games this season. His partnership has been good and we were solid for long spells this season, regardless of what the media would have us believe. (I think the whole team’s defensive make up has been at fault in recent games, not just the CBs and hopefully that will be looked at close season) I expect JD to be even better next season.

    Samir Nasri; Had a brilliant season and should have been player of the year, instead of that media hyped monkey boy! IF cesc does leave (still not sure he will mind) Nasri would step up no problem. lets get that contract signed ASAP. I think a lot of his great form is down to the song!

    Szczesney; Apart from getting the jitters in the carling Cup final, he has been fantastic and means we wont be having to look for a big name keeper in the summer. He could Arsenal’s number 1 for 15 years! (although passenal thinks fabianski will have the gloves next season. No chance!)

    Bacary Sagna; Solid, dependable as ever; Mr Consistent. yet we have to put up with idiots bemoaning his crossing??? And then these fuckwits go on about our defenders not defending well.

    RVP; Brilliant player, amazing scoring consistency (he will bag a brace today) and managed to have a good long run in the team. And I always love his comments in interviews. he really loves this club and works his socks off.

    Chamakh; I think he has had a good 1st season. Obviously it tailed off but overall, i think he did well. he stepped in when RvP was injured and carried our scoring burden. Well done maroanne.

    Theo; Even though he had 2 bad injuries, he came back and almost immediately was in the groove, being a threat, scoring and assisting. He has had a great season for me. more of the same next year.

    Alex Song; has shown tiome and again how vital he is to the team. When he hasnt been available we generally struggle.

    Aaron Ramsey; Great to have him back and here’s to seeing him running the midfield like he did against the mancs, on a regular basis.

    Next season;

    I am looking forward to seeing the likes of lansbury, Frimpong, bartley, Henderson, Coquelin and Pedro in pre-season, maybe at the Emirates cup and with a bit of luck a few of them will be considered good enough for the 1st team squad and do a “Wilshere”

  22. “Szczesney; Apart from getting the jitters in the carling Cup final, he has been fantastic and means we wont be having to look for a big name keeper in the summer. He could Arsenal’s number 1 for 15 years! (although passenal thinks fabianski will have the gloves next season. No chance!)”

    Szczesny has had no real competition since he knobbled Fabianski! Let’s see if he can hang onto the gloves when his rival is not injured.

  23. I knew that one would get you passenal! Looking forward to collecting my winnings from you!

  24. Hang on, if Samir and Cesc come through their fitness tests, will this be the first time Arsene’s been able to put out his absolute first choice starting 11 for the first time in about 3,000 years? I never thought i’d see the day.

  25. Great post Yogi. Looking forward to seeing TV. COYG!

  26. Flint McCullough

    Thanks, YW, good to see Pat Rice is staying and that you have pointed out that the critism of him is without evidence or justification.

    Entertaining observations from 1965. What would the current mob of doomers have made of those times? Interesting that from the relative failure of that season, certainly judged from where we are today, you still mentioned 7 of the team that won the Double in 1971.

  27. Right we’re off, play nicely and if you get moderated, a fine and upstanding woman has said she will release you. If you’re nice. If you’re not, well frankly Mrs YW won’t be arsenalled to let you go.


  28. george rodger

    How come Sideshow Bob got of so lightly in the press last week?
    If one of ours had been half as bad we would still be reading about it.
    Still, as they say on Le Shite,”thats what £24 million gets you”

  29. That looked a pretty good side Flint but still four years to go before a trophy.

    Big name signings needed? Well, it’s interesting to see you joined between 1966 and 1970. None of them cost much money if I recall.

  30. ‘who joined’!

  31. Flint and consolsbob, if only more of the modern ‘fans’ had the same sense of perspective. They act more like ‘consumers’ than ‘supporters’ and then bemoan the fact that the club treats them as such!

  32. Great post quick and decisive action in the transfer will be just the tonic to re- energize the players fans and everyone involved with the club. It’s the single biggest thing that can be done to show real intent.

    Need a win to hold 3rd place. Villa has little to play for. In theory should be an easy win

  33. Denilson on the bench. No Lansbury. Had been hoping to see him.

  34. Ah well, Passenal.

    We few, we chosen few….

  35. line up? pls

  36. Arsenal
    53 Szczesny
    03 Sagna
    05 Vermaelen
    18 Squillaci
    28 Gibbs
    14 Walcott
    16 Ramsey
    17 A Song
    19 Wilshere
    23 Arshavin
    10 Van Persie
    13 Lehmann, 27 Eboue, 48 Miquel, 15 Denilson, 44 Henderson, 29 Chamakh, 52 Bendtner

  37. george rodger

    I dont like the look of the team

  38. George Rodger, fair squad as there’s not much we are playing for.

  39. @gr
    Yeah, you wouldn’t think we had 2nd or 3rd place to fight for.

  40. Freddies bendy

    Not the strongest team in the world is it? Then again when Cesc goes and Nasri’s gets injured next season this could be our line up in Europe, oh maybe not AA23 as he’s probably off aswell. Boy do we need some reinforcements this summer.

  41. george rodger

    How long does it take to recover from a knock on the thigh?
    Will we see Cesc again?
    Am I paranoid?

  42. Well, who would you prefer in the side?

    Looks our strongest available.

  43. I like the look of this team.

    Do we have some inside info on Arshavin?

  44. george rodger

    Bob.I am not saying it is not our best available.But !!!!!

  45. This looks like a team that could play some good free flowing footy.

  46. Gainsbourg69

    george rodger: “How come Sideshow Bob got of so lightly in the press last week? If one of ours had been half as bad we would still be reading about it.
    Still, as they say on Le Shite,”thats what £24 million gets you”

    It’s called synesthesia, george. When one believes so profoundly that £74m worth of transfers only improves his squad, one tends to overlook things like the possibility of them being flops.

  47. where is diaby?

  48. He has a pimple on his calf

  49. That looked easy ffs

  50. Deserved goal

  51. What an easy goal from a gooner!

  52. wat?

  53. As did that one! Anyone still fancy this line up?

  54. is this for real?

  55. The lads had better wake up quickly, the mood will get ugly otherwise

  56. Maybe he should on Denilson!

  57. Well that was Sagna who let his man go and he is the best RB going.

  58. There could not be a better way to add fuel to an already raging fire, than by starting this game exactly how we have done. The team look like they genuinely do not give a shit. We will see if professional pride comes in or if we capitulate completely.

  59. Perhaps a little less “patience” and a little more drive and determination?

  60. and nw wats this?

  61. WTF.Schoolboy defending….3 goals needed now. Oh dear not a great advert so far.

  62. Paul N | May 15, 2011 at 4:01 pm | This looks like a team that could play some good free flowing footy.

    I’ll have some of what you are drinking/smoking please, unless you were alking about Villa?

  63. Good line up but the players are asleep.

  64. Yes Paul it is for real. Almost glad I’m not there today. It’s going to get very, very nasty after the match

  65. MD, this scoreline doesnt take away from my comment at all. The players are still good but they are playing like crap.

  66. This is shaping up to be a match where the fans unleash all of the venom and frustration that has built up for an entire season. Unless something changes drastically of course.

  67. Expect suga3 and his gang of doomers to show up soon!

  68. Having our 4th choice CB paired with a CB just returning from injury probably isn’t a recipe for defensive solidity.

  69. “The players are still good but they are playing like crap.”

    Perfect oxymoron Paul, but at least Villa haven’t scored for 10 minutes…

  70. Can’t help wondering if Cesc is on his way for that interview?

    Wenger doesn’t seem to like criticism?

    Wenger had better get off his arse and start getting some passion into this side, this is a maelstrom in the making.

    If this carries on much longer or ends like this I think the end of season walk round the pitch will have to be abandoned.

  71. We are still looking completely bereft of ideas in the offensive 3rd…looks as though Wenger had no interest in experimenting with formations or tactics today…

  72. Thanks for reminding me about the dreaded suga3 Kenyan. I am going to volunteer to take wife and daughter for some retail therapy soon, and maybe call in the proper US pasty shop.

  73. nothing like being “Ole’d” by the away crowd in the 28th minute.

  74. hope we get a goal soon

  75. MD and?

  76. How the fuck was that not a pen!

  77. What’s everyone upset about? This doesn’t sound like anything that can’t be solved by adding Lansbury and Bartley to the squad for next season…

  78. This ref is really starting to bottle it with the last few calls…wtf!

  79. This is exactly what alot of us have feared for a while. Clueless and spineless. No defensive organisation, no pressing the opposition, no movement when in possession and no idea how to turn things around.Total meltdown!

  80. Seems as though we are starting to wake up a bit…only took 30 minutes and 2 goals against.

  81. 1 loose cannon

    Squilaci ,Vermaelen and Gibbs look like strangers. Well actually they are. this is their first time playing together and it is not working at all. Hopefully they will build up some understanding quickly because this game could be very embarassing. The ref is a shambles as well, a clear penalty is not given this has been our story with refs this season.

  82. Does RvP actually aim at the post?

  83. we myt be 2 dwn bt at least there is energy and desire to win!

  84. Van Persie’s love affair with the post continues…

  85. Same old same old.

    No urgency, starting to get going but just don’t take our chances.

    The opposition do, ind you.

  86. Walcott’s too quiet.

  87. sweet backheel by ramsey

  88. What more can rvp do if the rest of the team are playin like headlesd chickens

  89. Do we actually practise defending or just play 5 a-side? You’d think our back four had just met

  90. Lots of empty seats

  91. any one has a link guys?

  92. is the playing?

  93. What exactly was wrong with RvPs turn?

  94. Fuckin joke…never a fowl on Van Persie…perfectly played to create the space…ref is a fuckin disgrace.

  95. Thought the second goal was offside…

  96. How the heck was that a foul on RVP?!

  97. AW standing pitch side, no comment it seems?

  98. Hope that booing is for the ref.

  99. 1 loose cannon

    this ref is a laugh. really a laugh. Dunn tackles RVp get his leg caught and its a foul.

  100. Wow…pretty much the worst first half anyone could have feared…

  101. and we shouldve had a pen but decisions always even out dont they.

    Granted were were quite crap to begin with but come on!

  102. Those first twenty minutes have been disgraceful. Did we even show up? Afterwards at least we got to see glimpses of the Arsenal we all love, but the ref has decided to be an absolute cunt. Penalty not given, RVP suddenly gets fouls called out of nowhere (there was nothing wrong with his turn) and they are allowed to kick us off the pitch without a card coming out.

  103. Nope, just onside.

  104. We fully deserve to be down by two goals after the way we started, but the piss poor ref is really making it impossible to claw our way back into it.

  105. The crowd is predictably booing. Need to be better in second half much much better.

  106. Looks like they are booing the players to me!

  107. 1 loose cannon

    I guess this is the type of game where the ref wants to show how strong he is in not giving a top 4 team the decisions. He will get a pat on the back from his employers of course. those 2 decisons could’ve been 2 goals. Pathetic referreing

  108. hey guys dont worry that we are losing we are playing great football though!!

  109. Gunner4Ever, to stream the game go to I’d recommend using Sopcast

  110. I heard Wenger said it was an honor to play football for Arsenal.

    Has anyone mentioned this revelation to the players?

  111. 1 loose cannon

    the booing is for the ref as they were some ironic cheers when anything was given to us.

  112. i think Arsenal deserves to be 2-2.

  113. We can still win this. Not sure why we started so poorly but we seem to have gotten our act together. I prefer we start slow and finish strongly than vice versa.

  114. 1 loose cannon

    As long as Birmingham go down, I’m happy.

  115. I prefer the players to come out and be ready to play from the first whistle than having to be slapped across the face twice before they realize they are in a game.

  116. The players are hustlng trying to get back into the game, thats what I see.

    Hope they can turn it around.

  117. Thanks GunFlash

  118. I don’t know, something for everybody I thought.

    Rubbish defending, crap referee, ridiculous decisions, Arshavin off with the fairies, awful crosses, loads of possession, no finish, only RVP likely to score.

    It’ll make for a lively debate won’t it?

  119. Three goals without conceding in the next 45.

  120. They are definitely going for it now, but the question must be asked as to why they came out like it was a Sunday stroll in the park.

  121. That’s not funny duke.

  122. 1 loose cannon

    Henristic- As I saw the the line up I was alarmed by Squillaci- Vermalen- and Gibbs, I did not know what to expect, I thopught this could be a brilliant new defensive parternership or a total disaster. it turned out a disaster but they look like they got ther act together a bit. Training is totally different from a proper game.

  123. Second week of panic changes, I see at least Maroune is coming on

  124. Hmm, looks like we only need 1 CB?

  125. Consolsbob: Thankyou for your comments about 1965. Very entertaining. I recall my first visit to a British Football Stadium was during 1999 and I was shocked to hear the bantering between the home and visiting fans. Still not a place to bring your women folk!

  126. Get in Maroune

  127. Need a goal very, very soon, otherwise this will descend into the usual stupor

  128. Funny, if Denilson had made some of those passes the “interweb” would’ve been going wild.

  129. Who’s up for contract renewels then?

  130. Well DG, seeing as about 2 of these players deserve to be out there, and 7 changes seem to be considered excessive…………..

    Has Wenger told them they’re playing for their Arsenal futures?

    Maybe they’re all playing to persuade AW to shift them out of the club?

  131. First game I took my kids to see at Highbury … 0-2 down at half time against Villa. We won 3-2. Need our current no 14 to emulate our old one!

  132. MikeSA thats so true

  133. Has Song been told to play CB in place of Squillacci?

    Doesn’t look like it……………………

  134. MikeSA

    Me thinks you could be right…….

  135. 1 loose cannon

    That ball is not going to walk into the net I’m afraid. It needed smashing into the net but one pass too many

  136. Why is RVP always the only one who looks to give 100% no matter what?

  137. It’s not as if we don’t create a few good chances, we just don’t seem to be very keen on taking any of them.

  138. fukin good job there is only one game left after this so we only drop to 4th. we are buggered. Liverpool under kenny will be up there next year, shitty will spend. Wenger has to earn his corn next year to keep us in the to p4

  139. True DG, from second I think we’re looking at 4th and lucky that we can’t sink any lower.

  140. We have had a whole bunch of corners. It might help if we had a little more height and strength in the squad. Scoring from a few from set pieces would be a great start for Plan B.

  141. I suspect we can’t defend corners because we have no idea how to use the corners we get either.

    Our defenders practice against our own attackers who have no idea how to use them either.

    A bit like the blind leading the blind.

  142. Interesting formation we seem to be playing.

    I think it’s a 3-7-0

  143. Petrov should have had a second yellow

  144. we drop to 4th when we lose this game?

  145. fans singing “6% you’re having a laugh”

  146. Predictable!

  147. we need a new formation and a striker please

  148. Villa fans singing “champion’s league, you’re having a laugh”.

    Nearly 3 down, followed by our umpteenth miss.

  149. 1 loose cannon

    that ball is simply not going in

  150. Nope MikeSA it was our fans protesting the price rise.

  151. At this rate i wonder if Wenger might resign at the end of the season?

  152. Good Grief, give it a rest will you?

    It’s bad enough losing like this without you moaning minnies going on and on and on…

  153. Wow, where did that come from?

    Oh oh, doesn’t count

  154. We are fast running out of time and we aren’t getting nearly enough goal attempts.



  155. How much is this ref getting paid?

    Hopefully the crowd will run on the field and fuck up the ref instead of our players.

  156. the ref is killing us!!!

  157. 1 loose cannon

    blimey this refree has been paid by man city or what ? a perfectly good goal disallawed

  158. Thank god decisions even themselves out, right? I mean, we had 20 shit minutes in the beginning and conceded 2 goals, no complaints about that. But then we get one perfectly legal goal disallowed, a stonewall penalty denied and another top chance by RVP is declared a foul for … well, for what exactly? How is the team even supposed to come back if the ref is not even going to let our goals stand?

  159. This ref is giving the team an excuse as to why we are losing.

    In truth, we should have had a penalty and a goal plus when RvP was clear twice and pulled up.

    We really should win this game, but between the ref and ourselves, we’re making sure we don’t.

  160. 1 loose cannon

    at the moment it looks like we have to score 6 goals to get 2

  161. 1 loose cannon

    I admire the fighting spirit shown by the players but the ref is simply not geiving us a chance at all. Why?

  162. Theo just tore the ref a new one

  163. watching this ref, does anyone still have the gall to claim the English game is not corrupt?

  164. I just wish someone punch the ref in the face…I don’t care if he gets banned for the whole season

  165. This ref is totally corrupt and totally out of his depth

  166. Right im off to buy myself a nice black cardigan!!!

  167. When david pleat starts standing up for Arsenal against the ref you know it’s absurd

  168. Nothing like playing against 14 to make life more difficult…if this is the best the fa can do on the ref front they all deserve to be fired…

  169. crowd starting to leave in droves

  170. More excuses I’m afraid.

  171. I honestly wish someone could name one game this season where we had this many decisions go FOR us.

    Anyway, RVP scores and … surprise surprise … it’s legal!

  172. Well…better late than never

  173. The doomers are coming. Its going to get ugly.

  174. Rvp finally allowed to score, 1 minute left

  175. When the ref makes many mistakes against your team it is not a blinkin excuse.
    Matches are won by goals and if you keep getting yours chalked off wrongly what the heck are you to do?

  176. 1 loose cannon

    that should’ve been the winner for us really

  177. I agree that we havent done our best but it is a fact that we have had quite a few matches were the ref has made some crazy decisions.

  178. I count this as a win, sort of. We certainly played well enough. On the other hand, the overall perfomance hasn’t done anything to assuage doubts about this team.

  179. 1 loose cannon

    Ok the start was shambolic but we really don’t deserve to lose this game. We played all the football created chances scored and nothing was given to us . ! good goal a penalty and a clear chance was pulled back for a foul and we hit the post there is not much we could’ve done

  180. 1 loose cannon

    The ref should be given the sack in my opinion. Poor level of referreing it is simply not acceptable.

  181. If there isn’t a full-blown enquiry on that ref then we can take it as read that the fa are as corrupt as uefa and fifa

  182. It’s not an excuse, as easy as that. I don’t think anyone came here after the Bolton, Tottenham home or Stoke and said “Well, it’s the refs fault”. Why? Because we simply underperformed in these games and had no one but us to blame. On the other hand, when you start badly in a game, but then are dominating the game, creating chances to the point, where the only way the opposition can stop you is by fouling you in the box, and then you don’t get the penalty, that has nothing to do with making excuses. No one in the world can tell me that the foul on Ramsey was not a penalty. Same with the situation with RVP, he turns, has the ball, is 1 on 1 and suddenly he is supposed to have fouled Dunn? My arse. And to add insult to injury we get a perfectly legal goal by Chamakh ruled off. Three crucial decisions gone against us. Those are not excuses, merely facts that are even evident to the neutral observers eye.

  183. We desperately need at least 3 big name, cash-splashing signings, so we can play 14 vs 14.

  184. the tv feed I’m watching is now just showing highlights.
    Are the team walking round the pitch or not?

    I last saw RvP giving the ref an earful at the end of the game

  185. Thats it 1lc, there is no excuse for the beginning of the match but the team shouldve had a win. We did enough to win but the ref saw to it (again) that we wouldnt.
    this is shameful!

  186. Seems pointless to say it, but the ref had a shocker. Hope he gets plenty of ManU and Chelsea games next season. If he’s even in the PL by then!

  187. Looks like mayhem at the end of the Wet Sham Wigan game

  188. 15 attempts on target and 13 corners according to the BBC

  189. What an anti climax to the season. From 2nd to 4th potentially. More heart shown by the team in the 2nd half. The ref didnt help but you reap what you sow and in the last ten games of the season we have let ourselves down badly.And closing the season to a chorus of boos…

  190. Done by the ref today…Petrov should have had a second yellow apart from the penalty not given and the disallowed goal.

    I think a lesson from this game is that we looked much sharper in the second half after van persie started playing in the whole and we got Chamakh up front. I think this should be the template for next season against lesser teams who are defending in numbers.

  191. 11 points won from the last available 30.

    What do we make of that?

  192. 1 loose cannon

    I assume it will be 4th for us. We look better with 2 strikers up. I have no idea what was the formation in the second half we were camped in the Villa half it looked 0- 10 formation . We must have had 80% of the ball. It is harsh to lose a game like this. You only want the ref to do his job and the players to do their job. I’m really annoyed at the refree. Yes we made some awful mistakes for the goals, school boy errors but the players made up for it by working hard and the ref was having none of it. Someone really need to have a chat with that ref, a nice chat.

  193. Gooner4life, this match has nothing to do with reaping and sowing. Other teams have come back from being down 2 this season. The ref gave us no chance.

  194. Consolbob

    11 points from 30 is poor form obviously. Also to start with the defence was all over the place, could be because we had a centre back pairing playing together for the first time.

  195. 11 points out of 30?

    Well, I don’t think this is about “big signings”, this is about the mental approach to training and matches.

    We are maybe a team of midgets, and maybe that needs to be corrected, but we are a lot better individually than we show.

    Yes, the referees have had more than just a small say in that, but we really do need to look in the mirror a bit.

  196. Terrrible stat that is Mr. Bob! No doubt we shouldve won the PL by a Country Mile and even with refs like today its hard to see why we couldnt pull ourselves up a little biyt more.

    Oh well!


  197. Just a thought, does anyone else wonder if today’s ref might not have been an Arsenal Doomer in disguise?

  198. Does it have to be all black or can you have say a white stripe on it?

  199. For what it’s worth I thought Chamakh was excellent when he came on. Such a joke that his goal was disallowed.

  200. Robin Van Persie and Aaron Ramsey were the only players to acquit themselves today.

  201. 1 loose cannon

    Here is a question. if that was Manure at old Trafford needing a point to win the title do you honnestly think this clown would not give a penalty and disallow a perfectly good goal without even consulting his assistant? If anything he would award a penalty for nothing to them. Like I said earlier this is the type of game where the FA and refs want to show they don’t favour top 4 teams. the ref knows if we lose it is no big deal we just end up 4th and in his mind its no disaster. What a clown

  202. Chamakh’s goal should have stood.

  203. And Ramsey should have had a penalty.

  204. Yeah, I thought Chamakh had a good one as well. It’s been a weird season for him – explosive debut and difficult second term rolled into one! Hope he’ll be raring to go in August.

  205. 1 loose cannon

    If Wilshere is going to that Mickey Mouse under 21 Tournament then he needs to think again, the guy looks knackered and is running out of gas. It is up to him to decide wether to rest and help us next year or come back in bad shape.

  206. If we finish fourth that would be a fail in my opinion. From 3rd to 4th when manure and chelski had a poor season?

  207. The ref admittedly was poor. Its still a dissapointing end though. We cant keep blaming the refs. After a promising season.No interview from Arsene today.

  208. The worst is he’ll probably have a poor tournament if he goes, so not only will he end up exhausted he’ll could be low in confidence come next season.

  209. The problems are getting more compound. We knew we can’t defend and now we can’t score any more. Except for Van Persie of course.

    The question is, if Fabregas leaves which is most likely, I hope Wenger has a replacement in mind because based on today, the midfield was not that great despite Wilshere’s efforts. We can’t start all over again with a young midfield that’s going to take a couple of years to get there.

    I also think if Wenger can get Ryo back, that would be a great idea…We have no one, I repeat no one who can effectively take on opponents fullbacks. Sorry Walcott, you’re not a winger. I still strongly believe Walcott is best fit for a striker who can run behind the line with through balls and gets lots of one on one with the keepers. Probably he will need 10 of those though to score a couple.

    There is no doubt the referee had a an enormous big hand in this defeat, but when you score goals, you win, and when you concede more, you lose. I don’t think there was any doubt about Villa’s goals.

  210. We can’t count on Wilshere next season if that moron pearce gets his way.

    Must say, I didn’t feel very positive before this game, and I can’t say I felt any more cheerful when I saw Nasri, Cesc, Diaby and Clichy all out.

    I don’t think we’re going to be very happy bunnies by the start of next season.

  211. 3 wins in 2 and a half months. 11 points from 30 is very marginally better than relegation form. That doesn’t feel like progress to me.

  212. If Wilshere goes to that silly tournament he will lose his place to Lansbury.

  213. Gooner4life, well what are you to do when do you what is needed to come back but the calls keep going against you?
    Sorry but the ref is a part of the game and if he makes many decisions against you most probably will not win.
    We played crap early on but coming back and winning is as much a part of football as keeping a clean sheet is.

  214. Philipe auclaire said it, we have lost the favor of refs.

  215. Okay, I’ve been vented pessimistically on another site. I’m coming here for the optimist’s viewpoint. Have at it you wearers of rose-tinted glasses.

  216. Why is it likely that Cesc will leave G4E?

    Didnt Chamakh score and Ramsey fouled as he was about to, it seemed.

    I would say the team did a better job up front but…

  217. Another massive positive is the way Vermaelen attacked the ball in the box from our set pieces. I think he could teach a thing or two to some of our players about attacking the ball and making space in the box.

  218. G4 Rio doesnt have a work permit

  219. You really think Cesc is staying Paul?

    Solgooner, I know Ryo doesn’t have a work permit, I was just making the point. He seems to be the kind of player we miss.

  220. Ryo won’t get a work permit because Japan have pulled out of the Copa America. And any player applying for a work permit must have played at least 75% of his country’s international games in the past/current year.

  221. Colney, Lansbury is more sure of going to the tournament than Wilshere is.

  222. This is like a bad dream, since the carling cup final our performances have been dire. Some of the blame lies with the manager because he picks the players, but the players must shoulder most of the blame. They are professionals who are employed by AFC and must work hard to earn that paycheck. RVP is the only player i can think of over the last 2 months who has given 100% every game. Why can’t the rest of the team follow suit and do the same. They are kings of paper talk, reminding us all on of how they need to defend better, how they need to play for the fans. Enough of that, do your talking on the pitch.

  223. KG,
    Even if he does, he would probably recover faster than Wilshere judging by the number of games he’s played.

  224. G4E, I could see him staying, why not?

    My opinion is that he should stay because some of his mistakes have been a part of our downfall as much as any other player.

    I dont think Arsenal supporters should speculate though as the media will do enough of that.

  225. Sagna for the most part is solid Colney and always works hard.

  226. I think I should alter my view.

    I DO think we need at least 3 BIG signings.

    All 3 of them should be in the refereeing position…………………….

  227. so if City wins now we are down to no 4? the players really can only blame themsleves.

    Hope they feel stupid.

  228. This team is schizophrenic, Wenger needs to hire a sports psychologist, i don’t think 2 or 3 signings will change the current laissez-faire attitude of the players. A serious jolt in the mental thinking is needed.

  229. Any way…I leave it all to the people who’s job is to fix it. The strange thing is I didn’t see Wenger once during the game on the touch line yelling at anybody? Maybe it was the stream I was watching, but it seems that he either feels hugely let down or something is going in the dressing room that we don’t know about.

    It seems that at least some players lost faith or at least resigned to the ongoing pundit/media perception that we just need more players to somehow magically start winning trophies.

  230. What planet was Squillaci on for Bent’s goals? God knows why Wenger replaced Silvestre with him.

  231. The only thing left is to pray to be no 3 when the fat lady sings. Its out of the hands of the playes, they just dont manage to win now. so lets hope city plays bad. Only a divine intervention will secure our 3rd place now.

  232. If city win against Stoke, they will move into 3rd place and be a point ahead. We must win at Fulham and hope city lose or draw on the last day of the season. It’s ironic and sad that we have to rely on Stoke to do us a favor on tuesday.

  233. Wenger should buy Scott Parker if only to appease a large section of the fanbase. Personally I’m for Felipe Melo.

  234. Gooner Wife

    P Auclaire also said another of other things if your referring to the Arseblog interview of Friday 13th…

  235. Did anyone read this
    today? About how Wenger went off the rails after the french rapper thing?
    Well that may explain our horrid end of season. IF the boss is having personal deamons to battle, he wont be able to fight of the deamons haunting the squad, and if they loose their leader our players obviousley are not strong enough to win.

    The sad fact the team cannot play for its boss when hes down is a different matter, but it clear that withouth proper guidance from adults these boys will always be boys.
    And that is so so so so so sad.
    You know the saying, nice guys finish last. Well that is our beloved arsenal atm.

  236. Poodle ~~ Piers Morgan is a despicable piece of shite.

  237. this current team will not be in top four next year unless radical changes are made in staff and tactics.

    Cesc will leave but we must retain Nasri to play in Cecs old position hes not a winger, neither is Bendtner. Chamoukh showed his potential today and should be kept.

    Denison should go and Almunia given away as no team will pay his 40k salary

    Arshavin is his final year as is Clichy they both should be sold whilst they still have value and some of the 17 players we have on loan should be sold
    their 20k a week salaries are a waste. Traore and JET and one or two others should be in the squad especialyy if Gibbs continues to be greedy





  238. Why will these boys always be boys?

    Youth has it draw backs but people do grow up.

    These same players at 26 and up will not be the same and will be able to handle dissapointments better.

  239. Got trouble with capslock have you Sol?

  240. Willie Youngs Shinpads

    As per usual Chelsea cock up and give us a chance to finish 2nd yet our team of bottlers fuck up again.And dont tell me this team isnt a team of bottlers.2 wins out of 13 says it is
    This team is not even close to winning the title as this has been the worst Utd and Chelsea teams for years.
    This season has been awful.And now it looks like we wont even finish 3rd.But this team lacks leadership from the manager and fight on the pitch
    Today was no different from Bolton and Stoke.Why have this team given up since the CC final
    Drastic messures need to take place at our club.The suurender in the last 2 months has been unexceptable but will the manager bring in the players we need
    Gooners please stop making excuses for this butch of players.If they are not good enough they need to be replaced and money needs to be spent

  241. This same team will be in the top 4 next season, anyone who doesnt believe that is just like the rest who have told us yearly that we wouldnt be in the top 4.

  242. No radical changes needed but in the supporters.

  243. Paul N, we’re in the top 4 this year, but how does it feel?

  244. PAUL you are the eternal optimist and this is the ideal site because so many people here have rose tinted glasses

  245. Willie Youngs Shinpads

    18th in the current form table.

  246. Just tweaks needed – two smart signings could change the whole personality of the side. We’ll see two or three leave, but there’s only one I absolutely want to see the back of at this point: AA. His figures aren’t too bad, but they totally belie his actual performances – he doesn’t do enough with or without the ball. Won’t bring it up again though.

  247. If Liverpool buy well in the summer we could be in big trouble next season.
    I certainly don’t see us challenging for the title with this squad beyond Feb and let’s face it, a challenge that fades away after 2/3 of the season isn’t really a challenge.

  248. You are quite clearly deluded paul n, Wenger has had patience from the fans for a number of years now. I am afraid it’s gone, as has may cone and gone, and judgment had been passed. If fans could see real effort to rectify the problems that even a blind man can see people would probably be less dissapointef than they are. But here we are yet again and it is time some real questions are asked as to where this club is headed and what our realistic ambitions are. I don’t see how the fans can be blamed for
    3 wins in 2 and a half months. 11 points 30 . That’s on the team and managers head!

  249. Willie Youngs Shinpads

    Paul N
    too many fans like you happy with 4th place.Us the fans who actually go to games and pay this shower our hard earned money are not.To say we dont need to strengthen is the talk of a madman

  250. I have always been very pro Wenger and pro the squad.

    However, I think this is looking very dodgy now.

    Wenger has been unable to motivate the players and his tactics have been inflexible, making us look clueless against sides who have been pummeled by others.

    This has not been once or twice, this has been a regular occurrence, especially these last few weeks.

    Unless Wenger can find something within himself, we will not make the top 4 next season, and that’s not something I have ever been worried about before.

    I have never felt we need big purchases, but if Wenger carries on claiming everything’s ok and it’s just “small” tweaks that need to happen, then I’m afraid it’s time for him to move on.

    If defending set pieces is easy to fix, then why are we still getting pissed on with them?

    As good as these players are, this is now broken and needs major repair, be it training routines, psychology, new players, new manager, whatever, but something very significant has to change or we are gone, and top 4 will be a distant dream.

    This is no longer something that can be ignored, it’s gone way past that now.

  251. Paulie Walnuts

    You can`t start as slowly as we did today & hope to get anything.

    Villa had to do very little to score their goals. The first one in particular was diabolical.

    Mistakes made by two experienced international defenders cost us but the lack of fight we`ve seen recently was in evidence again & that was just as disappointing.

    Arsene has to ask some hard questions of his players & himself & figure a way out of this malaise.

  252. wow, i feel important!

    Willie who said I was happywith 4th place? I am not because I think the team didnt perform to their ability however too many of you are never happy at all. Boo the team and talk crap while we should give the team our full support.

    Paulie but we still did enough to win the game and yes you can start slowly and win the game. Its not good to do but it as been done countless times.

    JO, some supporters have been patient and so what? you are a supporter no?

    Sol, and I will continue to be an optimist. My pride can take getting it wrong at seasons end. I will expect us to win everything next season.

  253. for the record, one doesnt have to go on childish rants to be dissapointed.

  254. Paulie Walnuts

    Paul N,

    We weren`t good enough today & haven`t been for a while now.

    Slow starts at home have plagued us all season. We don`t seen to have this problem away from home.

  255. Willie Youngs Shinpads

    Paul N
    Why cant you say what you see instead of leaving in fantasy land.This team will not win anything.We have not gone on a winning run of more than 3 games in a row this season.Just ignore that stat.We have the 18th worst record on current form for a team that was chasing the title just ignore that.This is our worst home record for 14 years just ignore that.Just ignore the facts and carry on blindly backing Wenger.

  256. Yes Paul n I am a fan and will still be a fan if god forbid we drop out of the top 4 or worse. As a fan I feel I have the right to expres my delight and disappointment in the team. Have you heard my slag off any one? I simply pointed out why people are frustrated.

  257. Looking more and more like Wenger has lost his mojo. Maybe it was that bird he hooked up with. is he still seing her?

  258. Skywatchingmug

    Let’s blame the supporters, the ref and the Villa players for turning up, shall we.

  259. Paulie Walnuts

    You could be right there Duke

    I`m sure Arsene always shoots when he`s in the box

  260. Skywatchingmug

    We got done by the ref, but we didn’t help ourselves with the poor defending.

  261. Its a shame we couldn’t finish our last home game with a win. I want us to win the league, and if that doesn’t happen I don’t care where we finish really, as long as we are in the Champions league next season. Yet again may I add. I agree with OOU, a few tweaks and the whole dynamics of the team and its mentality can be changed. This season has been filled with disappointments but as a spectator, and fan, the highs have been as exciting as ever. I wish I could remember them all a bit more clearly though. Wenger in!

  262. Tomorrow’s post has just been written. 311 words, including the details of the match. 311.

    Now to down sufficient quantities of alcohol and rewrite in the morning.


  263. The highs!!! Beating Barca was one, i’m struggling for the others, we struggled to get out of our cl group, we laboured through the fa cup til we got knocked out by a joke man utd team when fergie wasnt even trying, the league cup oh yeah lost to a shit team and dropped like a stone in the league. all very depressing but im just writing a synopsis of our 2010/11 campaign.

  264. its ended in disastor..
    relegation form…
    how do you finish 4th in a two horse race..
    we are a fucking joke…

  265. No John John! Jokes are funny, I feel more inclined to cry than laugh at this point.

  266. Well the highs for me can be an audacious piece of skill or a pass sprayed across from one side of the pitch to the other, even a goal saving takle or save. A 32 touch passing move that makes the opposition seem invisible. A player breaking his was into the first team and cementing his place with a succession of good performances. Beating Chelsea and Man U. I could go on and on, but you get my drift. Often, we don’t realise how lucky we are. It depends on what gives you pleasure I suppose, maybe I’m easily pleased.

  267. george rodger

    look on the bright side.
    Two extra matches to watch at the beginning of next season

  268. george rodger

    Beyond a joke JJ

  269. Willie, we have not been good enough, no arguements from me. Yes we have a terrible home record but a great/THE BEST away record. I only wish I knew why that is, do you?

    I disagree with you Paulie, apart from the bad start the team played decent and created enough to win the game. I dont know what Arsenal are supposed to do when they get all the calls going against them. Have we seen anything like what has happened to Arsenal in certain matches?

  270. @dukeGoonem
    Winning against ManU and Chelsea should definitely be up with the highs. We weren’t able to beat either of those for almost two years.

  271. My peronal ‘Highs’ of this season
    1. Beating Barca
    2. Coming back to beat Everton 2-1
    3. Home game agisnt Chelsea
    4. First half against Newcastle
    5. Beating the Spuds 4-1 at Sh*te Hart Lane

    1. Carling Cup Final
    2. Second half against the Spuds at home
    3. Second half against Newcastle away
    4. Away games at Old Trafford
    5. Braga away

    Cant wait until next Sunday when its thankfully all over!!!
    The most frustrating season Ive had to endure since I started watching this team in 1974!

  272. I didn’t include Stoke and WBA (away) last minute goals conceded against Bolton, Sunderland, Liverpool…Champions League group stage cock ups and Barcelona away! – grrrrrrrrr 😦

  273. the ref had an absolute stinker today..

    just like our performance v stoke should be turned into a ‘how not to play football’ training dvd.. that today should be made into ‘how not to referee a PL game’ training dvd

    still, the ref doesnt explain how we went two nil down in the first 5 seconds of a game we needed to win seeing as though city are up our arse and chelsea dropped points…
    its more down to the fact that we were unsuprisingly shit… for a change…

    the attitude of this squad stinks..
    totally stinks…

  274. Just got back from the game. A very important game for me which I will not go into. Worst performance by a set of home supporters in the EPL since its inception by a country mile.

    The only song sung with vigour was the 6% one. I had to endure our fans burning ten pound notes when playing Liverpool at Highbury in the Eighties but this game takes the biscuit.

    20% of the season ticket holders didn’t turn up, for the last home game of the season. Only 10, 000 left at the end to see the team off. Many of us oldies in the West Upper were shocked and ashamed. Arsenal is not in good hands. Our fans are very, very poor.

    Arsenal fans across the world you are going to have to face up to it sooner or later……you are the poorest supporters in the EPL. The squad under AW will prevail, but you deserve nothing, my friends, nothing at all.

    Now fuck off the lot of you, you no mark, money oriented cunts. May everything you deserve come to you, and may a permanent shadow cover your pessimistic souls..


  275. frank
    all your efforts in your last post will fall on deaf ears im afraid..

    judging by what you said, you appeared to be in the minority..

    good attempt though cant fault you for trying but i think its gone beyond the point of no return with the current crop of players..

    its over…the fans have had enough..

    wenger knows whats needed now..

  276. @Frank,
    the real ones aint, but the ones that come and cheere for Arsenal just to win trophies are. I love trophies but the prospect of winning em is not why i am an arsenal supporter.

    That said, i as everybody els is very very dissapointed in the guys, it looks like they all just living a nightmare and want this to be over. I dont think they will go out in the last game thinking “we have to win this, yeah ! this is a game where i want to really bleed for my shirt and pour my heart and soul into it. ” the last game will be , ” phew thank god its over, lets deal with CL later, im sooo soo mentally tired, just need a break”.
    And the fact the kids are there is rather worrying for all of us.
    But AW said this season was make it or break it. We broke down proerly and he will adress it this summer. he has always said that, and he will. After all everytime he has said “lets wait and see” he has actually done that. SO im sure he will keep his promise yet again.

    And the fans who want him out. It wont happen so stop moaning about it. Its a fact of life that Wenger will be in charge next season to. Just as it is a fact of life you wont sleep with miss universe or you wont wake up tomorrow and suddenly become a millionariy, DEAL WITH IT!
    @jonjon Frank is not in the minority, it is just that sane pro Wener fans know that the internet is a minefield of abuse, so they rather not be here.
    its like extreme christians and muslimes, yeh in general all extremists. they always scream the loudests while the majority that are content about how things are just can not be asked to get into an argument with the extremists.
    Extremists have already made up their mind, you cannot change it. Even if we won something this year the extremists would want AWs head. Its just how it is.
    So i who happend t like wenger, and many with me just effecticley jump the “i hate wenger” posts. ignore them. dont read them, let them rant out in the thin empty air. Cos whatever we say, however we do it,no matter what we do we cannot change the extreme views of certain individuals.

    Silence is not agreeing when it comes to arsenal. We are just silen cos we cba with the childish screaming of the extremist supporters.

  277. @jonjon Frank is not in the minority, it is just that sane pro Wener fans know that the internet is a minefield of abuse, so they rather not be here.

    im not talking about the internet on about the stadium…so was frank..
    frank said only 10 thou left to applaud the team..10 out of 60 is a minority..
    sod what happens on the internet the ground is were it all happens..

    this squad is done..

  278. last year we couldn’t beat the big boys. this year we couldn’t beat the smaller teams, is next year the season we finally put everything together?

  279. Probably not

  280. You fool , Jonjon. You fucking fool. There were 200 people singing the 6% song and they were the 200 people who promised to lead the vocal support in the Arsenal Stadium. They are called RedAction. Liars and hypocrites. Red Inaction is how they should be named. Go on crow about it you twisted little cunt.

  281. Waited all week for that. Expected a tough looking Arsenal but, can’t explain what we witnessed today. One thing for certain is that we can say what we want but, the whole world can see that a large section of the fans aren’t happy with this today.

    Certain players attitude fucking stinks and have really let Wenger down. Time has forced his hands and it’s time for review and axe wielding.
    Write this shit end to season off and get it right next season.

  282. The squad is not done. They will go on to success. But this generation of supporters are done. There were guys around me with their sons and daughters just shocked at the response of the anti-support.

  283. Personally I will never trust an Arsenal supporter again. Liars, cheats, money oriented, disloyal? Choose your adjective. As supporters we are pariahs. Le Grove? It is a disgrace that you display the names of such sites on your blogsite, YW. Shame on you.

  284. Well said Frank. It is an honour and privilige to support Arsenal

  285. The supporters display today was there on TV for all to see. Supporters of other clubs are watching in bemusement as Arsenal eats itself from within. I have to say that old as I am, if I met you now, Jonjon, I would punch your fucking lights out.

  286. I was also in the West Upper today, as I have been for many years. I agree that the fans were poor, but its very hard to get behind the team when they start the game in such a negative fashion. Having stood down on the concourse watching the end of the Chelsea v Newcastle game with my 8 year-old whilst downing my free pint courtesy of O2 I really looking forward to watching us close the gap on Chelsea to one point. Surely the players should have been aware of the result as well and thought that Chelsea was in their sights, what other incentive could you need to do a job on the pitch? Instead we tentatively tapped the ball around between our defenders and midfielders whilst Villa (a team which has looked like an accident waiting to happen all season) harried us, trying to force mistakes. Song duly obliged with a dodgy pass and suddenly we were on the back foot. This was soon followed by some disastrous defending in the heart of our back four as our centre backs left a hole you could drive a bus through and it was one-nil. Not long after TV slipped and nobody was close enough again to cover as Squillaci seemed to be miles away from Bent and we were already two-nil down.
    It was a good call from Wenger to go for it at half time by subbing Squillaci (I hope that is his last game) for Chamakh and we finally started to put them under some pressure in the second half, but overall it was a fairly lousy performance and Szczesny had to make some important saves in the second half to at least keep us in with a chance.
    The booing at half time was shocking, but I’m not surprised that few hung around to watch the lap of appreciation.
    What has been one of the most disturbing things of this season has not been that we are vulnerable to teams that like to rough us up (because apparently we don’t like it up us), its that we are vulnerable to teams who are commited to closing us down and harrying us on the ball. This appears to be even more true when we concede a goal, where there’s one there has usually been more this season.

  287. Shame the players aren’t as passionate as you Frank. Then the fans might bother to turn up or stay til the end.
    As things stand, people have had enough of the club taking the piss. Another 2 new kits for the 3rd year in a row and a 6.5% hike in ticket prices is a joke.

  288. Let it be said, that the small so-called vocal hard core of Arsenal support in the RedAction area today, sang their loudest songs of the season…and they were about the cost of their tickets. Oh and they booed a lot. The ‘Clock enders’ however were great. So I vote that Red Inaction has its status removed. Not fucking good enough young men. Nowhere near good enough. Fuck off we don’t need you. You don’t pass muster. A guide to people who want to really support the Arsenal. Avoid the Rocket. Full of cunts. Might as well sit/stand in the away section.

  289. The players have to play in an area surrounded by people who sing about the cost of their tickets. Whilst the Veeella supporters sang non stop to support their team and they filled all 9,000 of their seats even though they have nothing to gain. A fucking disgrace. Abject fucking disgrace. Don’t make excuses.

  290. Your choice, YW, but if you don’t start shaping up and making this site into an unequivocal Arsenal supporting site instead of allowing the insidious and odious shit creep which has developed over the last couple of seasons then, I am sorry my friend, but you can fuck off.

  291. My advice to you, YW, is to go through the list of sites linked to this one and bin at least half of them. Suppurating chancres that they are.

  292. Carmon, Americans, I know you are all still awake. This is your new club. The English contingent are unable to find it in themselves to support it. What the fuck are you going to do to change it? Now is your chance. The locals have just screwed it up and thrown it in the bin. Up to you now. Oh and spare a thought for the young boys and girls who risked life and limb running up and down the road outside the club grabbing autographs from palyers’ cars at the lights. They still believe…and so do I that is why I watched them with a smile.

  293. Anti support, antisupport, antisupport. You showed your faces today. We watched you and we remember. When this squad win trophies and you rejoice, just look around, you might see someone smiling knowingly at you.

    …Arseholes clickclickclick…Arseholes clickclickclick…

  294. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaaaa all…Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal….Arsenal…ARSENAL

  295. Worst prem supporters..they are the worst prem supporters…worst prem suppooorrrtttters…they are the worst prem supporters….

  296. Perhaps our first transfer purchase of the offseason will be for about 25,000 West Ham supporters to fill up the Emirates next season and make noise. We’ll take them. Let Spurs have Parker. It’s hard for me to be critical of the home support when I make it to 1-2 matches live per season, but I’ll just say I wish the crowd was louder most of the time. One of the sad trade-offs with new stadiums (I’ve seen it here in Chicago). Higher ticket prices bring in the rich and passive.

  297. Rich and passive? This is the supposed RedAction! Haaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaah RedAction? Joke.

  298. Frank,
    by moving to the Emirates we increased capacity from 38,500 to 60,700 and introduced a whole new group of season ticket holders and “fans” who wanted to be involved in following a successful club, glory hounds if you like.
    I’m sure that you will accept that Highbury wasn’t often the most vocal of grounds, but the fans were always behind the team even cheering on every corner, I’m sure you’ll recall “Allez les Rouges”. This larger audience of glory hounds has huge expectations of success and many weren’t present when we won our trophies and titles at Highbury, but they have signed up as season ticker holders expecting more of the same. When this has not been forthcoming at the pace they expected they have started to get frustrated, but these frustrations have been fuelled by the media who point out week after week how much of a nightmare it must be to be an Arsenal fan and the glory hounds have lapped it up.
    I don’t deny that I have felt disappointed with some of our performances this season and I believe that some of our squad players are just not good enough. I’ve also loved the fact that we beat Barcelona, Man Utd and Chelsea at the Emirates.
    I think that we are only 2 or 3 players away from an amazing team, but I would never boo the players we have when they on the field – they need our support not our derision.

  299. Fine, Wavey, so what about RedAction? Supposed to be the core of our support. The most vocal they have been all season is to sing about 6%, lead the booing and point loudly at rich people having dinner. Pathetic. Utterly, utterly pathetic.

  300. Delia--Block 112

    I could have cried, the first 15 mins were a nightmare . When I saw the team sheet I feared the worse , a back four untested with a rusty TV5 and Gibbs and Squilly lacking PL ability.Bent was too good for them and we looked very vulnerable.
    Things did improve in the second half when we gave it a go after Chamakh came on and he was very unlucky to see his goal disallowed for an insignificant push. We must have had at least 65% of the play after half time but the ball just didn’t seem to run for us in the box and a number of chances were lost when making a final pass rather than taking a shot on goal. It was all very frustrating stuff .
    Without Cesc, Nasri and Clichy in the side we looked short of ideas in the final third and rumours regarding their futures are worrying. We need fresh blood in the side at CB, DMF and attack but signing quality players with competition from the likes of ManU, City, Chelski and even the Pool is not going to be easy. Arsene it is over to you ,4th place is not good enough, we the fans deserve better.
    I am not usually one of the glass half full brigade but today’s performance coupled with a bad day on the trains/buses has left me in the slough of despond.
    As always COYRs

  301. calm down frank
    i couldnt give a shit who sung what..if im being honest i never heard them sing 6% so i would probably think your right about the numbers involved..wouldnt dispute that…on the other hand i didnt hear no one arsene wenger song either..
    the only thing i can say i heard is the boos at the end of the halfs and even they sounded low in numbers so i think they may have been booing the ref..
    i dunno, and i dont give a shit…it dont matter..
    the fact is the ground emptied pretty quick…
    the empty seats speak louder than what any march or song did today..
    but weve discussed why many times on here….
    its a situation the club has created itself…

  302. Delia--Block 112

    Should have said ” glass half empty brigade”
    Should go to bed it’s too late for this sort of thing !

  303. RedAction claim to be the core of our support, but I don’t actually see them doing very much.
    Having a pop at the “rich people” having dinner is especially pathetic. An important part of the income which allowed us to move to the Emirates was derived from the Club Level and those “rich people” who signed up to 4 year initial deals in the centre blocks for the princely sum of £19,000 a seat. Many also signed to season-long restaurant deals as well which I’m sure helped subsidise facilities in other parts of the ground. Many of those seats were taken up by “corporates” who were aware that even taking as many as 4 tickets was much more attractive than a corporate box.
    I have been a guest in Club Level and am aware that it isn’t really made up of trues supporters, but these guys did help the move happen.

  304. Only one thing to be said at this point:


  305. Frank- I’m willing to take up your challenge to us Gooners in the US. How about starting a fund to help some of us fly over to London for all the home games? I’ll sit next to you and sign my fucking lungs out for the Arsenal for 3 hours. Just need a few bob or quid or whatever it is you blokes call cash and I’m there dude. Otherwise I’ll just have to do my part from my squalid little American living room and keep paying for ATVO so I can watch all the highlights and cool interviews with Arsene.

  306. Anything you can do to overcome the malaise in home Arsenal support, goonzablazin, would be appreciated. My emissary in the form of my very best friend is due to arrive in America shortly. Very bright man full of ideas. More of that later. You would be most welcome over here. At least ten season ticket holders near to me did not turn up. One had a good excuse.

  307. Btw, Jonjon. Fuck off. You are old school mate. You had your chance. Next season we modernists are moving on. Bye.

  308. Oh and BenP. Yes you, you cunt. Get it out of your system now, because you are not going to be allowed anywhere near the club, digitally or otherwise, in the near future. Bye.

  309. Gooood Afternoooon, America. Football club going begging, owned by an American. The English have deserted it. Let me show you around.

  310. i’ll leave you to it frank..

  311. goonzablazin i’m right with you. Except the part about starting a fund for us, that seems a little extreme/needy. Also whomever those wankers who said we will not finish in the top 4 next year, please remember this day.
    by some of your logic (and logic of analysists, other media folk) that fact that man city will spend a lot of money this summer is earning them the place in the top 4. what has that club been doing for the past 2 summers? oh yeah, spending shit tons of money and not being in the top 4. how about spuds? no thanks.

  312. Frank, i don’t know if you are being sarcastic towards the Yanks but, thanks for the welcome.

  313. I am not being sarcastic, William. After today I see America as the future. History is now just that…history. In-stadium support will give way to TV support, and that procees has already begun. It is vital that Arsenal becomes a global club.

    It is clear that local support is untrustworthy and has had its day and so I see another form of in-stadium support being developed. Fine. I have my memories and I am happy to move on.

    In terms of future in-stadium support then it could be a mixture of people who can afford it without complaining and the local youngsters , who might get in for free. I will always be there supporting the team as long as I am physically able.

    It is obvious that the wheels are already in motion despite the pompous posturing of AISA, AST and RedAction etc etc.

    We will prevail. You are either with us or against us. No compromise.

  314. Home support has been atrocious. Away support has been much better. A lot of things need to change next season, a little surgery on the squad and a lot of soul searching by the home support who have the privilege to watch the team, sing your heart out. Home support should be earning us 10-12 points a season not losing us games.

  315. I guess we all show our anger, disappointment and passion in different ways.

    Whatever the source of the malaise (and the “support” is definitely in the mix as far as responsibility goes), this has gone way past excuses.

    We have two sides of a coin, both demanding that their solution is the correct “way”.

    Personally I don’t know what the correct solution is, only that something drastic has to change, and that it’s up to the manager (and club) to do that.

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