Arsène, It’s Easy. Sign & Motivate – Just Get On With It

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Arsène started yesterday by denying Paul Merson’s claims about drugs and fluid intake.Wenger observed that he was too tight-fisted to have ever given anyone anything and that Merson had solved the riddle of who was drinking his banana milkshakes (from Mister Jimmy’s Kebab Emporium, Enfield High Street  – we put the ram or lamb with the ding dong, so Donna can sell the kebab) in the early days.

Recent years have seen Arsène told who to buy and when. This summer, a quick and decisive burst of activity immediately after the Fulham game would dampen the ardour of his critics. The failures of this season are going to be heard long into the close or pre- seasons.

The suspicion is that the first activity will be to offer new contracts to those who are about to enter the final year of their existing ones. It is an interesting time for the players. Will they benefit from the largesse of a new owner, perhaps getting a better deal than would be normally expected since KSE will not want to preside over a bad first transfer window or see a ‘star’ player leave.

For Wenger this is the priority,

The first target is not to weaken our team but to strengthen it.

He has a forlorn hope that others will not be involved in a transfer splurge,

I hope that the financial fair play rules will come in and, because I know Chelsea and Man City has voted for it, I hope as well they will respect it. We will always have to respect our wages schedule.

There was an interesting dissection of the loopholes by Gabriel Marcotti earlier this week which suggests that Uefa will not be forced to ban any of the loss-making clubs so long as they can prove that the losses are diminishing and are part of a sustainable plan to turn them into profits.

Those expecting lawyers to have to work for the escape clause will be disappointed that it is so easy to get out of them.

Arsène is not naming names about whom he will sign but an out-and-out winger is not going to be one of them, Nicklas Bendtner will no doubt have been disappointed to have seen his name amongst those whom Wenger believes can play on the flanks.

My suspicion is that the outcome of any discussion between the Dane and the club is going to be along the lines of it’s either the wing or waiting for van Persie to be injured for you chance to play in the first XI. Actually that’s not a bad option if goes for the injury, should be around the second international break if past seasons are anything to go by.

Martin Keown spoke on Thursday about this season,

I think Arsene Wenger has almost over-estimated what they are capable of and they have let him down, so it is a shared responsibility when the team does not do well and collective praise when they do.

I am sure everyone will look at themselves, and that they will bounce back.

His views are not going to sit comfortably with some. In fact, many will outright disagree,

Arsenal are not far away, it is not all doom and gloom. With the right collection of players with experience and strength of leadership, then I think Arsenal can win something next season.

If the right players are signed, the honours will be forthcoming.

Well, according to Emmanuel Adebayor they would be if Arsène could instill some belief in the players.

The former Arsenal player praised Jose Mourinho, words that should in no way be construed as him seeking to make his move to Madrid permanent. Wenger it seems, is second best to The Special One in the preparation stakes with the pivotal moment of losing to Birmingham City never contemplated in his head.

So Arsène, it’s easy. Keep the stars, sign new players and learn how to motivate people better.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Yogi, I almost feel redundant in saying that your post is a fine read. Why else would i come back here on a very frequent basis? Thanks.

  2. helloooo!

  3. ” I hope that the financial fair play rules will come in and, because I know Chelsea and Man City has voted for it, I hope as well they will respect it. We will always have to respect our wages schedule.”

    The last line. In otherwords, buy cheap and pay cheap. Nothing changes

  4. amband i think you are wrong. The higher ups of English footy made a rule restricting the financial expeditions of the EPL clubs. Wenger is just voicing his opinion. I think his opinion is, “Arsenal obeys these rules, so i believe Cholskor and Man Sitor will have to obey the rules as well.” although, i may in fact be the one who is wrong.

  5. also i do not see how one could possibly extract “buy cheap, pay cheap” from a team that has players of our caliber. Robin Van Persie anyone?

  6. Hi William. I’m only reacting to “Wenger speak” Gotta be careful with him 😀

  7. one more point. You are degrading the manager for saying that he will keep the wage sheet balanced.

  8. he won’t buy. I think RVN is on a free

  9. Okay another argument that bothers me is what you call “wenger speak.” I’ve have read many people saying that Wenger is a nutcase for claiming the squad had a chance at the quadruple!! If you were the manager of a team that had progressed more than 2 rounds deep in every tournament you were involved in, would you not state a case for your team winning it all? Why are some fans degrading our manager for believing that a team involved in 4 cup competitions can actually win all of them? once again just mere questions

  10. wage sheet balanced my ar@e, the b@stard is payin exorbitant wages to rubbish players like Eboue, Denilson, diaby etc.

  11. Errr, winning 1 of them would be nice William, that’s 24 cups over a 6 year period mate. Bit of a shitty return especially when you finally get to a final, have the mighty Birmingham as opposition and still fluff your lines.

    Just saying.

  12. What we need are players who can tell another player to work hard for the team, whether they are talented themselves or not. We have a lot of talents but not leaders so we need leaders who can force others to play.

  13. @ dev = Ok, so what are their wages then? you must know if you posting that, please enlighten us.

  14. Over the past week there have been a number of quotes attributed to Arsene Wenger, some reassuring, others worrying. One that concerns me and doubtless others is this: “We look to strengthen every year of course. But first we look not to weaken because WE WANT TO KEEP ALL OUR PLAYERS (my underlining) and then we try to strengthen”.
    As we approach the end of yet another sorry season when so much was anticipated last August, there surely must be a number of players who have not made the grade at Arsenal and who should leave during the Summer, to make way for new blood.
    I only hope that Arsene isn’t preparing us for yet another Window when
    “only a little tweaking is necessary”. Enough is enough.

  15. Agree with Known’s sentiments. We aren’t far away from being a great side but to go into next season without properly addressing the weaknesses in the squad would be asking for trouble.

    We need someone who can make us defend set pieces properly and someone who can coerce the players into finding the ‘different way to win’ that Vieira mentioned in the week.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean big additions to the playing squad but it does need to happen.

  16. Merson on the bottle again? Perhaps the yellow stuff was urine

  17. Same old, same old.

    Every Saturday morning the knobs come out to play. many for the first time, never to be heard from again.

    Why, I wonder? Is it to do with time zones? No school on Saturdays?

  18. See.

  19. i don’t play with my knob,only my balls!

  20. Keown is absolutley right but…….

    We must sign the right players. Not players who have played not one minute of premiership football like he did last summer.Chamakh was half dead come christmas FFS.Squillaci and Koscielny the prem was too tough for them
    We must sign experience.Players who are 27-30 not 17-20
    We must clear out the deadwood.Never again must we go into a game relying on Eboue(Liverpool!!!!) Denilson,Rosicky and Bendtner to come in when we get injuries.
    We need a number to brought in who will question Wenger
    We need a defensive coach brought in(Mr Keown is available Wenger)

    Sorry but i dont believe he will do this.He will carry on with what we have.We are so close but…………

  21. I have a list of Arsenal’s first fifty players. None is rubbish. Denilson has superior technical ability to Darren Fletcher. Diaby isn’t a French international by mistake.

  22. Jesus, the fare on here this morning is depressing, what the fuck more do you want Arsene to say. Bar the bendtner comment he was mostly right and keeping his cards close to his chest as is every manager. Seems some have made the decision that no matter what Arsene does he is a loser ans should be shot. Memory in football used to be a lot longer

  23. Im as frustrated as any fellow Arsenal fan out there, but surely its clear to most that we were not found wanting in any technical way this season. Our players are very close to being good enough.
    Selling players doesnt make the squad stronger unless each player sold is replaced with better quality. Every squad has deadwood. ManU are on their way to the league title with several players who dont seem top quality. Our problem isnt going to be solved by selling 6 /7 players.
    We need leadership and maturity. 1 or 2 clever signings along with the rest of our squad being a year older should help.

  24. ‘Keep the stars, sign new players and learn how to motivate people better’

    Well that is the way to do it isnt it, in fairness. Not easy by any means but thats exactly whats needed. The likes of Nasri, Clichy, Cesc do need to be kept. There is a place for new players in certain positions. This in itself is a motivational tool. And comments from players still at the club seem to suggest they lack motivation at times. Why should this be so?

    Im all for collective responsibility but some of the players seem to hide behind this and not take personal responsibility for what they do.

  25. is that a barcelona suit im spotting on Cesc on his bacground twitter pic or is it just an old Arsenal shirt???
    Hope its an old Arsenal shirt.

  26. realistic tony

    This wenger spin and other excuses-laden reasoning for what really is a crap season is surely wearing thin. Wenger is obsessed with the financial side of the club. I support the notion of living within your means , but he is becoming a hoarder of money, a manager that seems to be traumatised by the prospect of a big-money signing.
    It does seem that The Wenger-out brigade, of which i confess to being one of, is going to criticize him whatever he says or does; but there is a belief (justifiably), that he won’t alter his own “vision” of his strategy to his deluded success. Its not that he has failed for 6 seasons, its more the fact that the fans believe that not much is going to be different as he will only make insignificant changes to the squad and nowhere near enough changes to make us serious contenders.
    If Wenger had any sense , he would make a huge statement of intent and subsequent action in the transfer window for the coming season, and get the fans back on his side. Perhaps he will do that, but my suspicions are that he will dither around the transfer market, signing the odd french freebie and a few youth players, but will land a decent centre-back and maybe a striker, with an outlay less than that for the sale of cesc. Once again it will be a profitable window, and we will start the season marginally better than last season, but i have NO confidence in Wenger’s desire for trophies and believe we may be fighting for fourth place this time next season.


  28. I dont expect Wenger to say anything different to what he says, its the annual line at this time. BUT he has previous for not doing anything different to what he says. Thats the worry for me. Will his actions this time be different…….

  29. wenger has no desire to win trophy and the he has in the squad is too much don’t if players like denilson,daiby,almunia and chamakh are still in d team next season.
    He will surely sign a defender and almost 3 under 18 players

  30. Mmmm, yes, see what you mean, Cbob. Well, i’m off to the beach! (good article though, but as William says, it’s almost redundant to say so.)

  31. CB ~~ same every Saturday. Possibly the only time the kids are allowed on the net.

  32. Can someone decipher the comment from ‘nas’ please?

  33. Cbob, the words”inarticulate”, “unintelligible” and “inane” come to mind. But then again so does “fucking stupid”. It could. of cousre, be free time at the funny farm.

  34. William, the difference in a champion team and a good one is winning consistently towards the end of the season.

    A couple of quality players could make the difference. AW and the board are making a profit making concern for the board out of a football club

  35. I fear that somewhere in WordPress there is a subroutine that automatically replaces the word “pessimistic” with “realistic” and the word “optimistic” with “delusional”.

    (I hope it doesn’t affect this post, since it will make it as incomprehensible as some of the others today.)

  36. Merlot ~~ it also replaces the phrase, ‘I am a twat’ with ‘I have been a fan for 30 years’.

  37. as you said in your post yogi,we need to make a few signings and of course wenger needs to motivate the players better.i think its clear to see that some players dont seem good enough for the squad.the managers’financial concerns sometimes cloud his decision making regarding signings because i dont see how for example signing squilachi instead of maybe samba whos wage demand at rovers i believe could even be in the range of what we ar paying squilly.

  38. lol yeh we should sell, diab, denilson, chamakh, eboue, kos, squil, clichy and.. did i miss out on anyone now? oh yeh fabianski and Almunia ofc.

    We should replace them with Parker, Hazard, Benzema, Van der Wiel, Vertogen and Subotic and Bains. Pluss Llrois and Given for Fabianski and Almunia.

    The likes of Parker, hazard, benzema and Vertogen or Subotic will ofc be more than happy to sit and wait for a run in our team, behind our first 11. Lloris and given will be happy to fight for their place and Chesney wont mind becoming an understudy of anyone. He knows hes to young.
    Benzema knows RvP is really good, and he is also happy to play second fiddle. Together with Van der Wiel who knows Sanga is no 1. Parker well parker knows he can only play if Song is injured and away and hes MORE than happy to be a squad player.

    Anyone els see any flaws in my plan? cos i think if we do this, sell all teh squad plaeyrs and buy stars who are willing to sit on the bench and not play all the time we will winn. And im sure all these stars would be more than happy to sit on the bench and come out as reliable subs for first teamers like Nasri and Cesc and Sanga. take Verthogen or Subotic, they would both be extremly honoured to be Vermalens sub.
    Or VdW he would as Eboue be totally happy to be a squad player.

  39. @trugunn Samba is on 50k a week. Squill is on 25k a week.
    easy choice really for a 4th choice cb.

  40. oh and Squill has CL experience and has played giants as RM and barcelona. Samba has done fuck all. except fighting to avoid relegation every season. Can he handle the preassure? the guy has no experience what so ever when it comes to big games.

    Why would we want to sign an old player with no competition experience?
    Is he even a full international?

  41. yep… when man u are about to lose a match with a few minutes to go, up steps phil dowd to complete the job he started at Newcastle and Sunderland by awarding man u the needed pen

    how i wish Blackburn scores again!

  42. Looked like a dive to me but I dont understand how two refs who are not sure of a pen can consult and come to the conclusion that it is a pen?

  43. it was no pen!

  44. How weve lost the title to this lot I dont knoe. The fat lady has well and truly closed the show…

  45. LimparAssist

    Ha! Untied crowned champions with a dodgy penalty at Ewood Park. How memorable.

    Enjoy the summer me hearties. Arsenal will win this in style next season. It’s all about style.

  46. LimparAssist

    Pulis’ Shit-kickers vs. Bought City
    Come on you money-grabbing whorebags!

  47. LimparAssist

    Stacey Soloman!!! Perfect!

  48. It’s all about style. Couldn’t agree!

  49. does style beat substance?

  50. Limpar
    Blackpool 4 Bolton 3 is a far more memorable result to mark Cup Final day.

  51. Malaysiangunner

    Hi YW, not sure where you are coming from today’s blog.

    I am at this moment just happy to reduce the amount of goals we concede on set plays and dead ball situation and increase those we have when we are attacking.

    I just also wish this team to learn how to keep possesion and head when we are leading.

    These are simple things in football. Keep this squad , donot buy any thing, it is OK, just learn to manage a few basic skills.

    Plse pretty plse???

  52. Yogi:

    good post as always. Red Manc’s get the title and Blue Manc’s go for the FA cup. We should have had at least one of the 2. Always next year.

    Its going to be a long summer with all the transfer talk. We have been saying for 3 years how incredibly talented this group of players is. Perhaps thats true, I am not so sure anymore. The poor display in the last 1/3 of the season can be written off as mental weakness. The fact that is has happened 4 years in a row makes you wonder if the rest of the league steps up the pressure and brings in a larger bus at the business end of the season which shuts down our game. Its also hard to overlook all the concerns about complacency which if true speaks towards much larger problems in the squad. Most likely its a combination all of the above.

    I am not naive enough to believe that adding 2 -3 big name players will suddenly transform the squad. However, the mental issues are not going to suddenly vanish this summer. I assume the boss has done everything in his power to correct these mental issues. There is only so much he can say or do. The players and the whole world focus on the issue of our tranfer policies as the major culprit and trying to change the squads mentality without changing the thing that most players, fans and media blame for our shortcoming is probably only going to lead to recurrance of the same problems.

  53. @ poodle,didnt know thats the case re squillachi’s wages.anyhow i was just giving an example coz i still think if we must offload some players that are not progressing or even competing for first team football.the manager sees these players in training and if some squad players were as good as we think they are,they would probably be getting more games.the manager only uses some players when injuries arise which should not be the case.squad players should show a desire for a startin place to have more competition in the team based on best not suggesting 30 million signings that should be benchers but rather good players that want to compete.some players we have even demand wage increases and show no desire and ambition when given chances (gibbs)to claim as starters.others prefer to stay at the club without playing simply coz of the good wage they are getting (traore).then we have the likes of bendtner who think he is the best in his position but has achived nothing in his caree€.

  54. Can someone explain to me the difference between Hernandez’s clever play to win a penalty today and Eduardo’s cheating dive that resulted in a UEFA investigation a couple fo seasons ago?

  55. Was manUs pen a pen? I did not see it.

  56. Dan

    Klopp in? Will you be klipp in as well? Are you feeling horse with all this klipp klopp in? Or are you klapped out?


  57. David Silva having a nightmare. He has missed three sitters!

  58. Klopp could be a flopp then we’d all be in a right old stropp.

  59. Fuck Stoke.

  60. Can see why Mancini wants Cesc or Xavi. No creativity in the midfield.

  61. I agree with Bob Wilson. this has been our worst season under wenger. watching this shit manc team walk away with the title when we should have been out of sight. new contracts!! let them fukin earn em first.

  62. I’m surprised Stoke have lasted this long. Without the Britannia and its anti-football pitch they’re practically Championship side.

  63. duke – a shit team does not a league title win. As much as i hate them they have been the most consistent team over the course if the season. They are at time very workmanlike and lacking in flair at times. But they are a cohesive unit who get whats needed doing done 90% of the time. We on the other hand failed those little tests. When we needed to hold onto a lead we didnt. When we needed a gritty performance to see us beat a workaday team we didnt put the effort in.

    That is where United won this league title. Not with buckets of style and imperious form. But with hard to beat, dig out results when needed form. They havent been beaten at home all season. Fortress Old Trafford.

    And i have to say, it hurts when we could have very easily turned this season our way.

    Manc Cnuts

  64. 35 year wait over for city. And people moan over 6!

  65. Quick ring Shawcross’ mum to drive him home, poor lad is in tears 😉

    Does this mean Stoke in Europe?

  66. What a miserable day. The skint mancs win the title (with another dodgy pelanty) and the rich mancs win the FA Cup.

  67. ‘pelanty’ ha ha you been listening to Chris Waddle dupsffokcuf ? 🙂

  68. Just re-watched the penalty decision. How the linesman can give it is beyond me. From his position he could not see if there was contact.

  69. Even Waddle could have seen it was no pelanty

  70. You said it dups Blue Mancs and The red Mancs all in one day…as if their heads werent swollen enough…rotten rotten rotten.

  71. Some good though as PV4 got another FA Cup medal.

  72. I will tell you how the linesman gave it dupsffokcuf – it was Man U, managed by SIR Alex, in a losing position, just 1 point from claiming a title – what else would he do, it was a nailed on decision if there was any doubt

  73. Was there any football on today? I’ve been out.

  74. Much as you hate stoke, I would have rather seen them win. Last thing the Blue Manc’s need is a big dose of confidence going into next year. The longer they could have gone without winning the faster their owners would have gotten tired of spending money. We need to hold them off and keep 3rd.

  75. Frank, Bournemouth played Huddersfield

  76. Dups:

    Plays like that almost always called a penalty for any team.

  77. Bill, the linesman (from his position) could not even see if there was contact so should not have given the decision.

  78. Yep, thought that might be the case, dupsffokcuf. Sorry I missed it.

  79. Dowd told the blackburn manager that he gave the pen. Chico was on his way down but this is how it goes. No doubt it was a dive.

  80. After the performances by Dowd at St James Park and today he will receive a nice xmas card from Slur Alex.

  81. Funny thing is that upon the replay people are saying Robinson took Chico out. Funny!
    dude was looking for the pen all the way, he actually fell on Robinson.

  82. Hernandez is a habitual diver, i don’t remember the exact game but he was booked for diving this year. I think it was a CL game.

  83. Paul ~~ it was a well practised dive. Rooney probably showed him the proper way to fall over a goalkeeper.

  84. Colney ~~ it was against Newcastle and he was booked.

  85. Dups:

    Have you ever seen a case where the keeper missed the ball, made contact with the player and there was no pen? Every attacker in the world is going to go down for that one no matter how hard the contact. Ref gonna give a pen everytime.

  86. This was one of his earlier attempts before his tutoring.

  87. Bill, he was on his way down well before the keeper got to him. I think your Man U bias is showing through again.

  88. Just watched the slo mo replay during 1/2 time of the West brom game. No doubt that Robinson hit his trailing leg. Did Hernandez leave the leg in and make a meal of it for the ref? Probably, but so would striker ours included. Thats gonna get called every time.

  89. Vela got a couple of goals for West Brom when he first moved but has hardly played since. Hope he plays in the 2nd half.

  90. The rumour is that Cesc is not injured, but already in Barcelona, training with them for the next season. It’s like a pre-pre season thing for him to get used to diving pricks around him.

    Long fucking summer ahead. I am not mentally prepared for it, this time around. Ha!

  91. If this is a shit Utd team what does that make us?.We are not even certain of a 3rd place finish.
    3 quality signings and we would have won the league.But we say that every May.
    Intead of looking to blame referee’s like Wenger does all the time.Lets take a look at our under-performing players.The referee did not cost us in the CC final did he?

  92. Carlos Vela has no-one to to blame but himself and his agent. He went to West Brom because he wanted more money when he could have gone to Bolton and be guaranteed playing time. Now his future hangs in the balance, he’s been dropped from Mexico’s gold cup squad. I don’t think he has a future at Arsenal, doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously. Some people don’t know how lucky they really are.

  93. Any Arsenal fan who calls other players divers can you tell me what you say when Eboue is diving and rolling about like he has been shot.Do you call him a cheat?.If not you are a hypercrite

  94. We didn’t replace Adebayor, because Arsene claimed Vela is a brilliant striker and he will make the next step up. But I doubt, that has been the case. I don’t know how he performs in training, if he was that good he might have been given the chance by now. But I doubt we’d see him again in an Arsenal shirt. Bendtner too, don’t see more than a 3rd choice striker, and I doubt he will settle for that, given his ego. So it seems, we might be looking for strikers this summers. RVp, new player, and Chamakh, might be enough options for strikers for next season.

  95. Wenger blames the refs?

    Funny, Fergie and the whole United family were blaming the refs and the FA , saying that the establisment was against them but the perception that only Arsenal complain.

    However you are lying in saying Arsene is looking to blame the refs.

  96. Paul ~~ it is only Ted. Everyone knows he is a miserable old fart.

  97. What is wrong with Gooner Ted? no one has defended Eboue when he has carried on so what are you talking abou?If you dive you are cheating and it doesnt matter who you are.

    You seem like you are just not happy with life.

  98. tell me about it dups, not sure why i taking him on.

  99. Dupps @ 6:23:

    Not saying he wasn’t but it impossible for the ref to know that. You said the same thing about Lucas in the Liverpool. Lucas almost never gets in the box so I doubt he practiced that. Its almost impossible for a ref in real time to call it a dive especially from behind. Eduardo went down against Celtic with less contact then Hernandez got today. Chamakh made a couple of nice dives early in this season for us. Gerrard is a master of that play and its gets called everytime. Never understand why keepers make that play when the ball is running away from goal and the danger is minimal.

  100. I expected a break out season from both Ateeb. I would love for Vela to get a chance though, he is talented. I hope he isnt taking his career lightly.

  101. To me the contact had nothing to do with the pen today, he was falling already.
    If the mininal contact causes a player to fall its not the same as a player falling prior to being touched.

  102. Paul, I agree with what LimparAssist said about Bill being a secret Man U fan.

  103. LimparAssist

    Players go down easier in Arsenal’s box because they know they will struggle to create chances from open play with so little of the ball. When a chance comes along they fall all over it. This is reflected in the astonishing number of penalties we’ve conceded this season (17!). It’s a ‘tactic’ we’ll have to be wary of next season.

  104. Gainsbourg69

    Does anyone feel like MU are starting to do a Lyon? Lyon went on something like a six year run where they won the title back to back to back and the last year they won it they were shit. To me, the Mancs having had such an abysmal away record is indicative of how much they struggled when they didn’t get favorable calls from the referee like they did on a consistent basis at home.

    Away from home this season they were not scoring many goals. They drew a lot of games which would’ve ended up as wins last season. With Valencia and Park out they had no width and the amount of chances they were creating dropped dramatically from last season. They even started to become a hoofball side. They were drawing and losing to teams like Wolves and Birmingham. They parked the bus against every team in the top four. Van der Sar has saved the Mancs’ bacon in so many occasions that his retirement will be a massive blow. I think his absence will show how truly average their squad is

  105. Amazing how many trolls use the same ISP. I’m going to ban one of them as an experiment. Let’s see how many remain afterwards, eh Gooner Ted.

  106. A lot of aussies on the board again Yogi? lol

  107. Same old same old , wernt the same people saying the same things about Man u last year, earlier this season. Can’t be a shit team if they won prem and may win the champions league too. Some people are blinded by hatred! I hate them but can’t help admire the effort and attitude they show, if only we could apply it to our game.

  108. And they have the cheek to call us whinging pomms.

  109. Gainsbourg69

    GoonerTed: “Any Arsenal fan who calls other players divers can you tell me what you say when Eboue is diving and rolling about like he has been shot.Do you call him a cheat?.If not you are a hypercrite.”

    I would say fuck cunts like GoonerTed, since Eboue plays a very limited role in this team and the fuckers who still bring up his diving are the same bastards who were happy he was booed. Diving is a cultural thing now at United. Everyone there does it. Rooney and Nani are notorious for doing it and Chicharito is quickly developing that Manchester United glow. The only one there who doesn’t dive is Ferguson because he’s on the bench. So fuck off with your false equivalance, you prick. Manure are diving bastards and that’s that. Fuck you if you’d rather slate our team than see the difference in refereeing when it’s us playing at Newcastle, Stoke, Birmingham etc. Believe me, they don’t crush Stoke every season because they’re so tactically solid. They do so because the referees give United a bit more protection and are quick as fuck on the whistle for a dangerous free kick or a penalty. Are you fucking kidding me? Joey Hitler’s tackle on Diaby should’ve been a red card and instead it’s Diaby who ends up getting red carded for having the termerity to react. Meanwhile Patrice Evra, Vidic and Rooney get away with fucking murder every fucking week. Rooney almost took out a Wigan players neck and despite video evidence he got off. It took him yelling profanities at a referee to get him a two match ban. If they’d red carded that fat, ginger, piece of shit whenever he yells profanities at referess he’d have only been available for a handful of games.

  110. Bill, can you at least do us a favor and not glorify ManU on this blog. its one thing to criticise the team but your manU loving is a little disrespectful to all of us who hate them.
    They have a blog where you can tell them how much you love them. Just saying.

  111. LimparAssist

    Bravo, goonerwife. Truer words ne’er were spoke.

  112. Watching the Coupe de France. 1st half has been zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  113. Yeh dups, I believe Bill really loves United.

  114. Only a fool fails to acknowledge his enemys strengths and weaknesses, and only a bitter man can’t admit them.

  115. If we never bollocksed things up so fukin stupidly or even if chelsea didnt have big injuries them wancs would not ave won the league, they couldnt even fukin win away from home. we gave them the fukin title thats all.

  116. Well that was a boring game. Lille won. Hazard anonymous.

  117. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Word to goonerwife. I wish that cunt would just fuck off already.

  118. The standard of the Eurovison Song Contest was quite high this year. I felt.

  119. Oh dear that will be Eurovision.

  120. Changed my mind. All a bunch of nationalistic pricks.

  121. Bradys right foot

    Man U win the league with a final twist of the knife. We threw this one away and it has been a thoroughly wretched few weeks.

    Anyway all eyes are on the summer and possible transfers and people keep talking to me about Cahill I just don’t see it. Certainly his agent is doing a sterling job while the Bolton defence concede their 54th League goal of the season. Im not knocking the kid hell improve and move on but he’s not an improvement on what we have. To say I have reservations about Cahill would be an huge understatement, given his price tag its an incredible risk for a bit of what is percieved English Grit. I’ll take any type of grit and Kozzer and Kozzer over Cahill any day of the week.

    Here was a comparison done between Puyol and Kozzer just before the Barca home time.

    Prem Lge & La Liga 10/11 Koscielny Puyol
    Team Arsenal Barcelona
    Minutes On Pitch 1,807 1,326
    Goal Attempts
    Goals 2 1
    Shots 8 5
    Total Passes 766 809
    Pass Completion % 84% 91%
    Tackles Made 45 33
    Tackles Won % 82% 58%
    Blocks 10 1
    Clearances 144 52
    Interceptions 58 44

  122. Bradys right foot

    Man U win the league with a final twist of the knife. We threw this one away and it has been a thoroughly wretched few weeks.

    Anyway all eyes are on the summer and possible transfers, people keep talking to me about Cahill and I just don’t see it. Certainly his agent is doing a sterling job while the Bolton defence concede their 54th League goal of the season. Im not knocking the kid and hell improve and move on but he’s not an improvement on what we have. To say I have reservations about Cahill would be an huge understatement, given his price tag its an incredible risk for a bit of what is percieved English Grit. I’ll take any type of grit and Kozzer over Cahill any day of the week.

    Here was a comparison done between Puyol and Kozzer just before the Barca home time.

    Prem Lge & La Liga 10/11 Koscielny Puyol
    Team Arsenal Barcelona
    Minutes On Pitch 1,807 1,326
    Goal Attempts
    Goals 2 1
    Shots 8 5
    Total Passes 766 809
    Pass Completion % 84% 91%
    Tackles Made 45 33
    Tackles Won % 82% 58%
    Blocks 10 1
    Clearances 144 52
    Interceptions 58 44

    Kozzers better than Cahill.

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