Stay A Little Longer Or Walk Away In Anger?

Arsène‘s nightmare scenario is apparently this summer with Cesc, Kieran Gibbs, Gael Clichy, Denilson, Nicklas Bendtner, Eboué, Samir Nasri and Andrey Arshavin all looking set for pastures new. There is logic is some of them – or at least the basis of the story is known. In fact, it is only Denilson and Eboué that the manager has not contributed to.

It has been a noticeable change on Arsène’s part in recent years that he is willing to talk about transfers openly, or relatively so. Yesterday he spoke of the frustrated players, those who maybe have not been involved as much as they might have been.

With the limited number of places in the team, it is not surprising that some have barely managed double figures, including substitute, appearances. Nicklas Bendtner appears to be his greatest concern,

…it’s true he didn’t get enough games. Personally I want him to stay because he’s a young striker with top quality – but I have to sit down with him.

The Dane is not playing regularly for several reasons. Chief of which is Robin van Persie, the Dutchman’s scoring form has been phenomenal since returning from injury. Yet beforehand, the arrival of Chamakh had appeared to push the Dane down the pecking order, particularly with the formation Wenger employs.

With the best will in the world, Bendtner is not a right winger yet he can be effective there as evidenced at Leeds in the FA Cup Replay. Having two international centre forwards on the bench is good for Wenger but you suspect that Bendtner finds it less than appealing.

His father – as his agent – is viewed as the source of a regular stream of stories linking the player with a move to the Bundesliga. At his age and stage of his career, perhaps he should have been playing more often. He did not help himself by playing in the World Cup and exacerbating a groin injury. It was reckless in pursuit of personal glory.

Wenger though has not utilised the player’s strengths. He is a central striker and needs to be played there, something that will no doubt be made clear by Bendtner during any meeting.

But the team cannot be built around one forward. Well, it can and has been in the past but Henry was exceptional. As good as Bendtner has been, he is not in Henry’s league yet but might be. The Dane needs consistent appearances to prove himself and I cannot see that happening at Arsenal, unless injuries permit. Even then is he the first choice for the starting place. My suspicion is that Chamakh will be Wenger’s first option.

Will any of them actually leave? My own view is that Denilson and Eboué will. They are at points of their careers where they need to kick on or have regular first team football. It would be little surprise if they were joined by Bendtner.

I don’t expect any of the regulars to leave, not even Cesc as Barcelona will struggle to fund his signature and those of others. A bigger warning of his imminent departure will be when a new contract is signed, a guarantee of Arsenal getting a bigger fee.

But there are three games left this season before we start to worry about speculation.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I do wonder if Bendtner has a future at Arsenal. I would prefer to keep him myself. Eboue always seems happy to be a utility player though so I can see him staying.

  2. It’s lonely here this morning 🙂

  3. Yogi what about Rosicky?!
    Wenger too didn’t mention Rosicky at all!
    He didnt play much this season even when fit .
    He too about to leave then, i think .

  4. 😉 lonely indeed.

    I agree on Eboue though. If there was ever anyone happy to be around just to be around, I’d say it’s him.

  5. LOL – Bendtner is a donkey, he will end up at the likes of Oldham/Preston within 2 years

  6. MadBeerDrinker

    Sell Bendtner… sorry he does not put the work ratio in to his game and shoots anywhere apart from at goal most of the times … we need to bring in an ian wright type striker !! but where do you find one ??

  7. RIP Seve Ballesteros. Sad news

  8. i suspect bendtner wont make it big anywhere..hes got a poor first touch and hes a poor finisher..
    he does have certain qualitys but hes not good enough to be a regular at a top european club..
    at our club hes fourth choice at best…
    he may be frustrated but the biggest downside for me is his wages..we could sell bendtner, not miss him one bit, and replace his 4th/5th choice position with a player from the reserves even vela…save a bundle..

    the wage bill has been a hot topic of debate for a while…keeping players like nikki just eats into it and they dont contribute all that much…he needs to go.. along with a few others…

  9. What have you seen in NB52 that makes you think that one day he could be as good as Henry ? He had his Michael Thomas moment against Barca and blew it ! At a club like ours he should be fourth choice striker, he won’t be happy with that so time to say goodbye. If someone offers £10/12m we should bite their hand off. By all accounts he earns around £2.5m a year what a waste of money !

  10. I cannot understand AW’s reasoning with regard to Bendy.

    He wants him to stay, but hardly plays him, except as a sub.
    When he does play, he is stuck out on the right as the biggest, slowest, non dribbling winger in the west!

    Bendy is a big CF and should play there, but we have RVP and the non playing Chamakh, and maybe Theo ahead of him, and so we come full circle, back to the sub’s bench. Odd!

  11. The Spurs fan

    So Wenger has ruined the career of another player,Bendtner. This man is a legend. Despite our rocky ride this season, the bright spot would be Wenger staying on at Arsenal.

  12. we have won fuck all with all of these players. Cesc’s can only play half a season as his hamstrings are gone. once torn always going to tear. arshavin is a lazy bastard except when he is putting himself in the shop window like last week.
    only nasri would be a miss, but then only if he played in the centre in the cesc role.
    gibbs is a left midfielder playing out of position. Eboue is a liability. bendtner is can’t trap a bag of cement. denilson gets out paced by a referee when chasing back. clichy has the concentration level of a two year old and only by sheer incompetance of the referee did he not give away a penalty last week.

    good riddance to most of them

  13. The Spurs fan

    Clichy,Bendtner, Eboue,Diaby,Denilson,Almunia and Rosicky should stay at all costs.

  14. he’ll probably end up at spurs…
    hes good enough for them…they aint a top 4 club…he’ll get games there..

    they could do with almunia as well..

  15. I think Wenger puts Nikki B out on the wing because we have Robin Van Persie as the focal point of the attack. It almost seems wasteful putting Robin anywhere else than CF. Even with all this doubt, Big Nik has scored 9 goals in 30 apperances. I’ll admit he talks a bit too much, and after he fucked up our tie against the catalans i would have hoped to see more humility. However i do not understand how his career is ruined (@The Spurs Fan)

  16. The Spurs fan

    We dont want Bendtner.As for Almunia, even our third choice keeper is better than him. Cant understand the hatred against Wenger. He is the only reason, why you are still up there, where you belong to, mediocrity. Wenger should never leave Arsenal.

  17. The Spurs fan

    The lad scored a goal off his first touch against us in 2007-08. Glad to see he has only regressed after being forced to play out wide, which is not his natural position. I hope,Denilson,Diaby,Clichy and Rosicky sign long term contracts.

  18. Few idiots around today.

  19. JHLF, the only “fuck all” that we haven’t won with these players is a piece of metal molded into a cup. what we have won is the majority of our games (i’m pulling this fact out of my own head but i’m sure the ratio of
    (Arsenal wins)/(any other EPL team bar manure and chelskum) is weighed highly in our favor. if you want i’ll go and figure out the actual ratio for some select teams

  20. Just remembered it’s not a school day.

  21. spurs third choice keeper is good as almunia??
    why dont you use him then cos gomez is a fucking clown..

  22. hey dupsffokcuf just because there is no school doesn’t mean you can’t study some physics!

  23. Im thinking that bendtner, dennilson and rosicky would leave.
    Fabregas aint going no where, andrey might, eboue definately would stay, as i think he is happy 2 play back up,

  24. I see we are being invaded by another psycho.

  25. where has denilson been by the way? its like he dropped off the face of the earth.

    Do any of you think that if denilson had played more he might have been better. I think he would have been. i feel really bad for him. Good guy, and no one cares. Just insults.

  26. @The Spurs fan

    Enjoy your Thursday night Europa League footy but then again you might not even get that !

    With all our problems we’re still better placed than you in the league again ! Still top dogs in North London. We strive for better but you being in our shadow again does help a bit ! I do feel a bit sorry for you because when you wake up in the morning you’re still going to be following that shit down the road !

  27. Arsenal win ratios. (this year)
    pool- 1.18
    man u-.73
    It is frustrating to watch the same shenanigans ending our title chances again but probability says that we will win a cup soon!

  28. ClockEndRider

    “As good as Bendtner has been”? Yogi, did I miss something? He can trap the ball further than most if us can kick it and his lack of application and effort are a disgrace. The only reason he is played wide right rather than through the middle is because when given his chance he just doesn’t cut it. I’m all for self belief but in his case it has strayed firmly into the area of self delusion. Hate to criticise our players but really it seems that he isnt getting any reality check at the training ground or from his father….

  29. The Spurs fan


    Well,you can be my guest, after you win a match against us.As for you playing CL,your team is kicked out as soon as you face a decent team.You have a loser of a manager, who would sign for twenty years if his team finishes second.

    If Wenger stays for a couple of more years, you will be watching East enders, while we relish the European nights.

  30. “if denilson had played more he might have been better. I think he would have been. i feel really bad for him. Good guy, and no one cares. Just insults.”

    I agree Goonerwife and as sad as I feel about it, he’s probably better off going somewhere, where his talents will be better appreciated.

    At least the spud fan admits it, unlike some masquerading as Arsenal supporters. I’m sick of all this shit. Time for a break.

  31. Arsenal Norway

    Personally I dont think Bendtner is going to be the big thing and neither is denilson so we might as well cash in on them and replace. I would hate to see Eboue leave, he is Mr.Arsenal and doesnt seem unhappy sitting on the bench.

  32. @The Spurs fan

    There’s a good chance that the “twitcher” will be off to pastures new soon whether that’s with England or whether he’s wholed up somewhere else ! The latest rumour is that you’re going down the route of that dream team partnership of Gazza and Waddle should be a blast !

  33. @The Spurs fan

    Have you checked what happened to the other teams ‘Arry’ has managed? They usually end up relegated and in administration. That’s a far cry from Europe.

  34. i dont know how any spurs fan can take the piss out of us…

    they got fucking spanked by real madrid…the second best team in spain whereas we lost 4-3 on agg to the best team in the world..

    we are 3rd in the league..behind two clubs who have been clearing up recently and they are behind fucking liverpool who were a sinking ship and not even top four…

    yeah weve got a few issues that need clearing up but if were as bad as what spurs fans think then what the fuck does that make them??

  35. I like Spurs Fan – he is totally delusional. His team won’t even make the Europa League with their run-in and he lectures us on European football. His is the Mastercard post of the day.

  36. The Spurs fan

    The gap has narrowed between Spurs and Arsenal, and it has been down to the legend Wenger’s intransigence in the market and dependence on mediocre players.Long may it continue

    And spilling the beans, two big big signings are on our way this summer.One of the greatest players in the world in transfers and the latter,you would know when you hear it.But I bet,it would take you by shock,if not surprise.

  37. Don’t be deceived,he isn’t a spurs fan.he is an anti-arsene arsenal me.

  38. HAHAHAHA madder than mad Jack McMad winner of last years Mr. madman competition.

  39. goonerwife

    I agree with Denilson assessment – it is noticeable that he takes a couple of consecutive games to get into his stride and as a squad player, he doesn’t have that luxury. As for the insults, that says more about individuals than anything else. If the only way that they can articulate is through abuse, little wonder that players don’t want much to do with supporters.


  40. Goonerwife and Yogi’s Warrior,
    This is no insult to Denilson, just atraightforward observation (from a trained observer as it happens):
    -He is woefully short of pace
    -He can’t tackle
    -99% of his passes are sideways or backwards and not constructive
    -He can’t head the ball
    -He is not physically strong and is easily brushed aside
    -He is prone to basic errors that prove costly
    -He does not track back
    He is a good dead ball kicker but never gets to do it. So why do we want to keep him? It beats me.

  41. Billboy

    We differ on opinions on this one but probably agree that he is not, at the moment, a first teamer or looking like one for the future. He has taken a step backwards or plateaued at the least.

    Passing sideways is called retaining possession and short of scoring a goal, is about as constructive as football gets. If you don’t have the ball, you cannot score or stop your opponent from scoring. Well, the lad can tackle but more of his game is about intercepting which means he is reading the game.

    As for basic errors (of which a failure to track back is one), that is an accusation which can be levelled at most, if not all, professional footballers.

    Your point about abuse is noted, which when talking about Denilson, puts you into a minority!

  42. How are Deni and EE at similar stages in their career? If as you say it’s too early to start the most utterly tedious part of being a fan ie pointless endless ill informed transfer speculation, then why talk about it at all?

  43. Don’t really understand all the fuss about Denilson.

    He is OK as a player, but he is just not good enough for us or any other top three team.

    That is not insulting, it’s just an opinion.
    He will have a good career somewhere at a mid-table club, but not at Arsenal, or Chelsea or Manure or even at the also rans … Liverpool or the Spuds.

  44. I’m not going to claim that Denilson has had a good season; I’m not sure we’ve seen him play to his potential for over a year now.

    When he had a run in the side he proved to anyone who actually watched that he could certainly tackle, usually staying on his feet and clipping the ball away to start another attack. He was also usually first to loose balls in midfield; that’s not to say he’s particularly fast, more that he was a quick thinker.

    His contribution to the team when we had possession was also huge, in the way that he always showed for the ball, whatever the situation or opponent (something not all of our players do), offering an option for his teammates. His passing was usually clean and simple – in a side that covets possession like we do, trained observers would recognise how important it is to have players who make themselves available and circulate the ball without taking risks.

    I’m not sure what’s happened to him recently though. It could be that he needs a run in the side, but he’s not going to get that if he can’t slot in seamlessly. I’ve heard suggestions that he’s homesick, which could be the case. It’s a shame, as someone else is going to get the best years of a very underrated player.

  45. Must be a full moon……never read such sh*t on this sight in a long time.

    Denilson is not a DM (at this point in his career, just as Bendtner is not a winger.

    Lets move Cesc to DM and then discuss his performances.

  46. I am sorry but if Denilson cannot play DM, then he cannot fit in the side.. What does Denilson do?? He slows the play down, passes well but only short without any risk! You know what Rio Ferdinand said of Roy Keane? When Rio joined Man Utd, his first touch on the training ground was to pass sideways and he got a blasting because he had the option of passing it forward…

    Somebody must tell Denilson that he needs to aid attacks.. He slows the tempo far too much.. and also as a DM, he is not imposing and does not tackle..

  47. There are times that I feel these silly fools who arrive on the site to comment about our Manager and players, need a reality check of major proportions! That is all I have to say about this Spurs chap.

    I agree that the affairs of Denilson might better be served by moving him on so that he has more playing time which is what we all want for the lad. There is no point in destroying his soul by having him sit around on the bench.

    Bendtner is the Striker that has never been quite able to set his cross hairs at the goal. He misses shots with a regularity that frustrates the best of us. Still, I am like Wenger in the sense that I believe that there is something greater that will come from Bendtner. I guess the question becomes how long do you give the lad to straighten matters out? Bendtner has been given quite a few games by Wenger and his production has not improved. Maybe he is another that should be moved on for the good of his career. In professional sports one only has a few opportunities to impress and then the window evaporates.

  48. mumbai gooner

    Can anyone suggest a good stream for 2day’s match

  49. Mancity winning 1:0 at Everton. If the score stands the pressure will be on us tomorrow.

  50. then expect us to lose then KG!!!!

  51. Everton 2 mancity 1. Mancini is a of waste 200 million pounds!

  52. everton now 2 -1 up…

    hart better than big al i hear all the time

  53. Put it after “waste”

  54. Mancity lose. We can concentrate on trying to finish second!

  55. Even Sunderland can go to the reebok and win….we screwed it up big time, could be on 70 points tommorow same as chelsea and still on for the title if we won at bolton… disapointing.

  56. If Spurs lose out 5th spot and Europa League place to Liverpool, other than themselves they will have the Carling Cup final result to blame, a result which they cheered wildly sometime back!

  57. steww

    Denilson & Eboue are at similar points of their career – they both should be playing first team football on a regular basis by now.

    Why talk of it? The manager did and frankly, if its good for Arsene then its good enough for us.



  58. Not sure I’ve ever wanted a PL side to stay up more than Blackpool.

  59. Must say that Danny Rose is having a decent game at left back being a winger.

  60. Can’t see the spuds even making the europa league at this rate. They wouldn’t mancity or ‘pool with this sort of a performance!

  61. I agree with Big Al

  62. Not looking good for them here, though, dups. They look knackered.

  63. I’m not sure, but I think the Norwich players are off to Vegas this week, KG. Don’t know if Lansbury’s included in that. We are short of midfielders at the moment though.

  64. westlondongoon

    If DJ Campbell was a bit better, he’d be just the kind of goal poacher we need. Mind you, with his constant movement in the box, perhaps he could still do a job for us!

  65. OneOfUs, that looks like a reply from Jeorge Bird’s blog. Meanwhile looks like Charlie Adam has put an end to Gareth Bale’s season.

  66. Haha, yeah, I just replied on the wrong blog. Anyway, I doubt we’d let him go on holiday early.

  67. Or maybe we should let him have some time off, especially if he makes the final squad for that u21 tournament.

  68. HAHAHAHAHA – Gomes is such a clown!

  69. Adams knocks out Bale then misses a penalty then scores on the second penalty!

  70. It looks like today is St. Totteringham’s Day.

  71. westlondongoon

    Expect ‘Arry to put in a bid for Almunia straight after the game!

  72. Poor old Spuds. Ha ha ha.

  73. Spuds in fight for fifth place now!

  74. Happy St Totteringham’s Day everyone!!!

  75. Yes happy St totts !!

    Forever in our long illustrious shadow…cant buy your way out from there!!

  76. how about diaby we better play with 10 players than he being 11th

  77. Where are those Spud fans that were on here earlier…say hello to sixth place!

  78. Talking of St Totteringham day… It strikes me that in the 15 years before Wenger fetched up at Arsenal Tottenham finished above us 7 times in the league! So for 7 season out of 15 before Wenger there was NO St Totteringham’s day which must have sucked. We are now celebrating the 15th consecutive St. Totts day under Wenger. Just a note for the Gravediggers from Le Grave to bear in mind.

  79. Spuds back where they belong. out of the top 4. no place for them, what did they do with it , go out with the worst aggregate score by an english team…to that shit spanish team that live in barca’s shadow.

    And now they have had a taste of it they will be absolutley gutted not to be involved again where as before they were happy with 5th.. lovely.

  80. george rodger

    am,what the fuck are you on about?
    Diaby is a starter if he can stay fit.
    Why would you come on here and let everyone know you are stupid?

  81. I have to say that there’s something really funny about a so-called Arsenal fan masquerading on the internet as a Spurs fan… How pathetic and sad does an individual have to be go on the internet disguised as the fan of our biggest rivals whilst spouting the sort gibberish that is the hallmark of the Arsenal lunatic fringe?

    Wenger has ruined another player? Really? What a load of Gravedigger claptrap. Like he’s ruined Wilshere, Sagna, Kosceilny, Djourou, Song, Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie, Walcott, Szczseny, Gibbs, Ramsey…. and on and on. Any true Spud would recognise that Eboue is better than anything they’ve got… more versatile, more skillful, more atheltic and infinitely sharper. No spud would be so stupid as to turn up on the day that their club more or less failed to qualified for the ECL to gloat on the forum of a team that is heading for its 15th straight season in the competition! Yes, I said 15 straight season in the Champions league, a feat that neither Liverpool nor Chelsea could match… The Totts have played in the ECL … ONCE… in that entire time.

    Chamakh has more goals than Defoe this season and Bendtner kicks Pavelichenko’s ass any time, you can only dream of having a player like Denilson on your bench…. And the Spuds cannot sniff a player of Van Persie’s class… yet some lunatic is on this forum having a go at Wenger! Idiots.

    I guess some people just have pathetic lives.

  82. Joshua,

    ‘you can only dream of having a player like Denilson on your bench’

    now, now 😆

  83. It’s official,

    Even if we sent our youth team to the remaining fixtures and lost, we would still finish above the spuds….


  84. I dont know Suga, the spuds are shit. maybe Denilson would improve them!!

  85. duke,

    I would have Sandro ahead of our No.15 any day, seriously…

  86. Sandra!!! he is shit. one good goal. you’d be slagging him off aswell if he played for us.

  87. aint that the truth.

  88. I refer my Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen to the Tesco of St Totteringham’s Days:

    25 April ’77 – St Totteringhams Day for 1976-77 and 77-78 seasons. 2 for the price of 1.

  89. duke,

    dunno mate, I like an energetic player and he has plenty of energy!

    there were some who said Flamini was a headless chicken too, but there is a method to this madness, plus, I believe he has more caps than our fake Brazilian 😉

    nice chatting to you but I gotta study!

  90. YW – when Arry has left maybe it will happen again.

  91. If Bale is badly injured then you have to feel sorry for Wales – just as Ramsey and Collison come back after both missing a year, they lose their only other decent player.

    Oh well, it throws Spuds into disarray though.

  92. Suga,

    Maybe Denilson should do an Obama and provide his birth cetificate to prove he was born in Brazil!!

  93. Suga3 is quite a funny guy. Here’s a person who dismissed Djourou as being unfit to be Arsenal’s 4th choice CB, a person who was one of the leading persecutors of Kosceilny and one of those who dismissed Walcott at the beginning of the season… give such pathetically poor judgement you’d expect him wind in his neck when it comes to commenting on players talent… but not a bit of it…. Denilson is now a fake Brazilian… although you’d have to say that Suga3 may well be qualified to comment on fake nationalities given that he is a fake Pole!

  94. Tennessee Arsenal

    Now, who is it that could have such an interest in a vacancy in Arsenal’s manager spot, and have such insider knowledge about upcoming signings?

    I think ACLF has had a visit from Harry Redknapp himself, in the form of “A Spuds Fan”.

    Harry, you probably should have been preparing for the match, but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

    Thanks again for great St. Totteringham’s Day!

  95. Cesc, nasri, wilshire, arshavin, theo, ramsey, diaby, denilson, rosicky, vela, jet, frimgpong,lansbury eboue, gibbs arshavin. We can afford to drop a few midfielders and still have a great midfield. I reckon we’ll lose arshsvin, cesc, rosicky and denilson in the summer, but get at least one good replacement. People who criticise wenger cannot see what the alternative would be. Happy st totts!

  96. Joshua,

    thank fuck that at least you are real – real dumb!

    and stop twisting my words: I know what I said about Djourou and it was ‘clumsy with a few penalties in him’, which was based on what I saw a couple of seasons earlier and I dare you to prove me otherwise…

    ‘leading persecutors of Koscielny’ – again, a load of bollocks, but to be honest, he is no Nesta, is he?

    and Walcott is still unable to beat his man, but then again, he is not a winger!

    as for No.15, I am pretty confident that I will not be proven wrong on this occasion…

    dude, really, stick to what you know, which is writing overelaborate posts using silly amount of big words without fully understanding the meaning of half of them…

    fake Polish? hahahaha, really, that takes the biscuit…

    pierdol sie cwelu!

  97. perhaps one of your Polish speaking mates will be able to explain the meaning of the last line and the last word in particular 😆

  98. and oh, I still think that Djourou + Koscielny should be the ‘second choice’ pairing as an alternative to Vermaelen + a big fucker of a right-footed CB who should be brought in this summer…

    if you think our defensive record is o-so-great and that we are improving, read the below summary:

    – last season we conceded 41 goals (3rd)
    – 37 in the season before that (4th)
    – 31 in the season when we finished 3rd and 4 points off the top, but that team as a whole was the nuts!

    this season, it’s 36 and counting – sure, we would be better if it was not for Wenger being an idiot and sticking with Almunia who everyone saw as a cunt 😉

    so, where was this improvement again?

    just as a matter of comparison:

    09/10: Chavs 32, Yoonited 28

    08/09: Chavs 24, Yoonited 24

    07/08: Chavs 26, Yoonited 22

    some people like to bandy about how we have just conceded a few goals less than Yoonited, and it’s not a case of us improving here…

  99. * just a few goals more than Yoonited

  100. no team has won the premier league without an english spine, or at least an english Cb..

  101. come to think of it, you re right!

    still, probably more to do with bias than anything else 👿

  102. If Osama bin Laden could hear the sick jokes being told about him, he would be turning in his wave!

  103. I was reading the interview with Scott Parker:

    when I saw this quote when he was talking about the West Ham sport’s psychologist:

    ‘We are all human. We all feel the same things. I get paid to play football but I’m also a normal bloke and if I give the ball away three times on the bounce I’m going to start thinking, “Bloody hell, it’s going to be one of those days”. And it’s those kind of thoughts that can paralyse a player.’

    Now if Scott Parker is highlighting that if his own play is bad on a day that it can put him in a negative frame of mind and make it worse, what does that say about the wonderful morons in our “fanbase” who claim the “right” to moan and get on the backs of players?

    I’ll bet a penny to a pound of pigshit that our fans are guilty of inducing a number of the poor performances we’ve seen, and particularly for a lot of the poor performances from players as well.

    Is it then any wonder if the club is not too unhappy to see the back of some of them?

  104. Suga3…

    Do yourself a favour and mix in more tobacco with your industrial sized spliffs. That’s all I’m saying… and oh… get a job and a life.

    As for Wenger being an idiot how would you know?… It is a mark of the sort of stupidity that you’ve patented that you come up with rankly stupid stats that basically mean sod all… Listen buffoon… We lost key players after 08/09 season for reasons that only an idiot like you can blame on the manager and had to rebuild with little or no money… but it’s interesting that you compare us with Chelsea and United who have spent loads more than us and have more mature players. why shouldn’t they have better defensive records? You want Wenger to perform miracle after miracle for your dumbass marijuana befuddled brain?

    As for the improvement this season how about this… away from home we’ve conceded 23 goals to United’s 24… and our 23 include such nonsensical goals as the penalties awarded against us at Newcastle that cannot in anyway be blamed on our defending. Nothing of the sort has happened to United… in fact the opposite is true in their case; they’ve had nailed on penalties and sendings-off ignored.

    At Home United have conceded 9 goals and we’ve conceded 13… again our 13 include the likes of the idiotic goal that was awarded against Everton, the non-penalty awarded against Liverpool… so basically we have a better away ‘goals conceded’ record than United and at home we’ve conceded 4 more… and given the anaemic home support that the youngest team in the premiership gets… it’s hardly surprising is it. And bare in mind that we’ve scored 36 goals to united’s 28! and Chelsea’s 29.
    And you want to call others c*nts. Why don’t you take a look in the mirror? I’m sure you’ll see a c*nt staring back at you.

  105. if you can’ stand the heat, you get out of the kitchen, simple as that…

    besides, one bad performance caused by slip of the form every now and then is one thing and being consistently pap is another, plus, the fans always appreciate the effort, but you would need to go to a few games to know that…

    and don’t speak of Scott Parker like he was some kind of Messiah and a benchmark, he is a good player and that’s it…

  106. Joshua, oh Joshua…

    don’t you worry about my life and my job, I am doing pretty well in both fields, resorting to this kind of arguments only proves what kind of person you are and how strong your argument is, but I knew that all along…

    did you get a chance to ask your Polish speaking mates what that line meant, jebany w dupe cwelu?

    is being owned by JonJon on regular basis not enough for you? I can send you back under whichever rock you crept from crying, you know?

    you can twist the stats all you want, you have been given the information in nice, digested form, but you still don’t seem to get it: the fact that the standards in the league have lowered do not translate into us ‘improving’ – is it clear enough, or do I need to spell it out for you in capitals?

    sticking with Almunia was nothing short of idiotic, this guy cost us stupid amount of points and yet OGL stuck with him – go figure!

    I can’t be bothered with you, now that you are going down the route of blaming the referees for Ebowie being a fucking dunce – get a clue and come back, will you dear?

  107. I am talking of course of the goals we’ve scored away from home as compared to Chelsea and United… the thing with doomer idiots like Suga3 is that they always accentuate the negative because it suits their gravedigger agenda. The fact of the matter is that away from home we have scored 8 more goals than United and conceded 1 less with 3 matches to go. The sad thing about our season has been our form at home.. the fact that we couldn’t quite get it done at home is what has cost us… and it was the attacking and goal scoring aspect that was most at fault. But you cannot absolve us, the supporters, from some responsibility, at least, for our home form.. and the poison in the stadium was fed, in large measure, by sites like Le grave where this dope Suga3 is a prime contributor. The fact is that till we conceded the 3 goals at Spurs (all three in varying degrees were down to Szczseny errors TBF) and 2 at bolton we were quite tight and solid at the back… but you can always rely on idiots like Suga3 to accentuate the negative.

    We could and should have done better but a dumb look at stats in the way that this idiot does tell you nothing…

  108. What a muppet…

    The standard of the league has lowered? Really? Compared to what? ManU are in the ECL final… and they are meeting the club that knocked us out in that final and a club acclaimed as probably the best clubside ever and they only knocked us out by the odd goal and with us being a man down! ManU just thrashed a team from the Bundesliga by an embarrassing scoreline and the tiny Totts beat both Inter and AC Milan… so compared to what has the standard of the EPL been lowered? You just spout any old bullshit.

    City were immensely strengthened at beginning of the season with Yaya Toure, Vieira etc and also acquired Dzeko, Tottenham had a better team than last season with Van der Vaart and Gallas to mention just 2, United didn’t strengthen all that much in terms of big names but they still spent a fair amount of money… and they had finished the odd point off the top and Fergie did spend a total of 13million on Bebe and Hernandez plus the 10m he spent last season on the lad from Fulham. Chelsea spent 70 odd million in the transfer window to add to what they spent on Ramirez in the summer but you claim that the league is weaker… based on what?

    You idiots sit around in your grave yard spouting your low IQ, uninformed garbage and you think that it has nay thing to do with reality… the league is weaker dumbass, It’s stronger the lower and mid table teams can take points of the top boys not because the top boys are weaker but because the standard has risen across the board. Simplistic nonsense is your forte… because you’re simple minded buffon. I’m sure that the excessive weed smoking doesn’t help…

  109. er, yes, it has lowered, the number of goals conceded by the supposed top teams should give you a bit of a hint…

    are you really bringing up Sp*ds beating a bunch of pensioners that are AC Milan? yes, I know they are Italian champions, but that is not saying much, Serie A is fucking garbage!

    did you actually WATCH ManYoo’s game against Schalke? the latter were like a rabbit in the headlights!

    and since you are so keen to big up the big spenders, shall I remind you of the number of goals we conceded against WBA at home or Newcastle away or the number of points dropped simply because of the lack of effort? are these ‘big spenders who strengthened immensely’ too?

    and you conveniently prefer to omit the fact that we have simply chucked this league away due to Wenger being stubborn and tactically inept, but each to his own, methinks…

    big yourself up and tell me what a simpleton I am all you want, I don’t need to brag dude, I am the real deal…


    change your debating style to a tad less militant and then we’ll talk…

  110. Mike SA…

    “Morons” is too polite a description for the vermin that push the idea that they have the right to boo players, do nothing when in the stadium and still expect victory which they’d feel entitled to celebrate. They are so stupid, self obsessed and addicted to whinging and moaning that they don’t even notice the ages of the players they are booing or refusing to give vocal support. All they want is for Arsenal to spend money it hasn’t got… and they are the first to stand up and moan when ticket prices go up! These buffoons are the hapless products of today’s society… they want something for nothing. Their lives are so empty that they don’t mind unloading their inadequacies on others. So to them everyone is a c*nt apart from themselves. Everyone is underachieving apart from themselves… the fact that they spend more time than is good for anyone’s sanity on the internet spouting irrelevant rubbish is proof of their worthiness as far as they are concerned.

    Someone like suga3 would apparently be at a party and be posting on the internet… not that a match is going on or anything! I kid you not…Think about that for a minute… you’re at a party with all the stuff going on and you are posting on Le Grave! How sad and pathetic a life is that?

  111. Suga

    Careful young man, some of us have Polish friends – don’t get defensive when others have a go at you and you resort to name calling. You want to debate, debate. You want to call names, find a playground.

    And that applies to all.


  112. Shut up Suga3. You’re a buffoon. If Milan are pensioners and Inter were defending ECL champions how bad are they exactly? If Tottenham can beat both the champions elect and the former champions of Italy how poor exactly are Tottenham? If ManU can humiliate Schalke who had both Manuel Neuer and Howedes, both of whom you gravediggers rate highly, with effectively a second eleven how poor is our league. Why would they be like rabbits in a headlight? Isn’t the Bundesliga one of the top European leagues and therefore one of the top leagues in the world? STFU.

    If Everton can come from behind and beat a City team that has been assembled for over 200m pounds how poor are City and how good are Everton and how much would City need to spend to be better. All the teams in the EPl have improved immensely even a struggling team like Sunderland has added real quality players to their side but you are her spouting off about lower standards… based on what? Go away and get yourself a brain.

  113. Joshua,

    after our most recent collapse, I have decided to boycott the club financially, I would normally go to a few games per season prior to that and sing my heart out, what the fuck do you know about me?

    and I don’t need to prove anything mate, certainly not to a little twerp like your good self, does that compute?

    and do I care about the age of players? it’s a policy and a failing one at that, nothing else – replacing quantity with quality would be a step in the right direction…

  114. Agree with your 8:35 post, Joshua. It should be obvious really. Even away from the record spenders at the top are teams like Everton, Sunderland and Villa, all with a bunch of internationals in their squads. We’ve not see that on this kind of scale before. It’s probably harder than ever to win an away game in this league now – look at our hosts today; they might be a cynical bunch, but they’ve cut nice little niche for themselves. I doubt there’s a team on the planet that would look forward to trip there.

  115. Sorry about the language on my part Yogi. I’ll try and tone it down and not lower tone on this forum of yours.

  116. I don’t really rate Neuer, I think Szczesny is much better and that GK is not a position of concern…

    get your facts straight, don’t tar everyone with the same brush, will ya?

    your argument about the Schalke game proves that you did not watch it, so let’s just leave it at that…

    I love keyboard warriors like yourself, insulting people left, right and centre, it’s really amusing, you know? sure as hell you would not say something like that to anyone’s face as you would piss your pants halfway through the first sentence 😆

  117. YW,

    I want a debate nothing else 😉

    I only used a very obscure Polish expression to put my dear friend Joshua’s suspicions with regards to my nationality to bed, I consider being called a ‘fake Pole’ to be an insult, you know? I am Polish, born and bred…

  118. Suga- didnt you call denilson a fake Brazilian?

  119. Suga3…

    I really don’t want the likes of you to boycott the club financially… I want you to basically, if you forgive my language, FUCK OFF ALTOGETHER and find another club to support. The likes of you and other gravediggers are poison to this club and your ill informed, unintelligent, psychologically troubling behaviour is a burden that no club should have to bear. So I can only say that I hope that your boycotting the club financially would lead to you buggering off all together.

    It says it all that you imagine that you’d get some kind of Kudos for financially boycotting a club you claim to support that has been fighting with one hand tied behind it’s back because of the superior financial resources available to our rivals… the club have chosen to raise ticket prices and raise what must seem like a measly 4.5m, why do you think that is? Nasri, Clichy and even Gibbs are all talking about pay increases that the club is having difficulty meeting… you know why? Because players gravediggers like you don’t rate are being offered more money to play elsewhere… the main reason we have a chance of convincing Nasri or even Clichy to accept lower wages than they’d earn elsewhere is due to Arsene wenger’s presence at the club, the reason that Cesc has any chance of being at the club come next season is due to the very same reason, Van persie could very easily earn much much more elsewhere, why do you think he is at Arsenal?… I’ll tell you; because of a man you and other grave diggers consider a C*NT.

    So please fuck off and support a “better team” and take your money with you.

  120. goonerwife,

    saying something with relation to his football skills is one, saying something similar to a person with the slant my dear friend Joshua is using is another…

    I have been accused of being a (British) xenophobe and told I was not really Polish, so…


    if you choose to believe in every single word you hear from the club, be my guest, but don’t tell me to go and support someone else…

    and give all this ad personam stuff a rest, will ya? but then again, you would be in one liners business if you did, eh?

  121. arse or brain

    personally your nationallity is of no significance however your alleigence to arsenal certainly is . At least a spurs fan amits his support on this site something i think your hiding.

  122. aob,

    now have a look and tell me, if a Sp*d would take all the time and effort to write this:

    well? that would be a bit elaborate, don’t you think?

  123. Suga3…

    My heart really bleeds for you. You are a xenophobe or at least extremely comfortable with xenophobia… all anyone interested in you approach to xenophobia has to do is scan through Le Grave ( I warn that anyone tempted to scan the comment on Le grave that they’d need a strong stomach). My point about your Polish-ness actually wasn’t really about whether you are Pole or not (as I don’t give a damn, there’s nothing extraordinary about being from anywhere least of all Poland… it’s not like you’re Nepalese or something) but the idiotic defense you came up with suggesting that being a Pole meant you couldn’t be xenophobic or pander to the slagging off of our none English players. That was and is rubbish… I just found it amusing that you imagined that you being from Poland made a rat’s arse of a difference.
    I’m utterly and completely uninterested in where you or anyone else is from as there are wise people and idiots from all corners of the globe. It’s also interesting that Goonerwife understood the jibe directed at you but you didn’t.. says a lot doesn’t it?

    And stop hiding behind the ad personam claptrap. It is perfectly fair to point out what you’ve said in the past, it is perfectly fair to illustrate the place from which you bring your ideas, it absolutely correct to tell you to bugger off and support someone else if you feel that our manager is a C*NT, a lot of our players are C*NTS and our board are C*NTs. Besides what facts is there to argue against in any of that… if you waddle on here and call a born and bred Brazilian a “fake Brazilian” what grounds do you have to object to being called a “fake Pole”? I’m sorry but you just ain’t very bright.

    You stats have been shown to be meaningless as close analysis shows that our defensive performance is a comparable and in some ways not only favourably comparable but much much better than that of the current league leaders. Your idea of an inferior league has been shown to be arrant nonsense at worst and debatable at best… You’ve got nothing. And I truly believe that Arsenal FC doesn’t need the likes of you and the other grave diggers… a cursory glance and some of the slanderous stuff pumped out by Le grave would prove my point for me… you are one of the cheerleaders on a site that was pushing the idea that Wenger signed young players only because he could line his pocket. Forget Slander that idea is libellous… and you want to whine about ad hominem/ ad personam attacks against you? STFU

  124. arse or brain

    some people like to write some like to critique who knows why people set up blogs . I did find a link to a match report by le groan on your site (which i know is a spud blog) . lots of words, couldnt actually find much support on your site although it was laid out nicely .

  125. Joshua,

    once again, please, Mr Keyboard Warrior, play nice, will you?

    not very bright? like I said, my floor is your ceiling, the sooner you learn to live with it, the better…

    ‘least of all Poland’? and you have the front to call me a xenophobe? you, my friend, are laughable…


    LG a Sp*d blog? put your tinfoil hat back on, son, these alien rays are not doing you much good 😉

    there is more than one way to support, I am one to present ‘tough love’, simple as that…

    thank you for the compliment tho…

  126. arse or brain

    no tin hats here . I have seen many periods of bad arsenal and had to wait many years longer for silverware than at present. I also remember the north bank empty so you can forgive me for doubting the love for the club of our current followers (including some season ticket holders ) I believe that the positives at the club, mostly wenger induced far outway the lack of a trophy

  127. There you have it…
    Suga3’s fact laden post.. Your floor is my ceiling? I wasn’t aware you had a floor! Given the garbage you cheer lead on Le Grave where exactly is your floor?? it’d be interesting to locate it, if possible. Keyboard Warrior??… very original. Not.

    Do you deny that you have called some of Geoff’s most astonishingly right wing and xenophobic posts great? Do you deny that you were part of the clique that alleged that Wenger was lining his pockets by signing young players? Do you deny that you have called our manager a C*NT, a lot of our players C*NTs and the board C*NTS? Why don’t you just own up to fact that you are a cowardly, unintelligent and basically ill informed internet clown. That way everyone else can get on with debating Arsenal and ignore you and the other grave diggers. Can you deny any of the things I just said…

  128. And I have to add that your attempt to make out me saying “least of all” in connection to Poland is somehow xenophobic really does raise the question about your so-called ceiling. The point is that given the context Poland is utterly unremarkable. Get it? Can you even read?

    Give me strength

  129. to accuse me or 99% of the LG posters of criticising the players based on their nationality and/or race is laughable…

    want to locate my floor? as suggested, look up, when you see your ceiling, imagine that there is a plain surface on top of that and that’s where it is 😆

    I categorically deny my support for claims about the ‘bonuses’, etc. and I suggest you prove me otherwise or STFU…

    and I suggest you learn a bit about semantics before you accuse people of being unable to read…

    and oh, by the way, have you consulted any Polish speaking friends yet?

    probably not, you probably don’t have any friends, let alone Polish ones 😆

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