Spurs Preview: Win Or Bust

Where are Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen when you need them. The Arsenal villagers are trapped, they need a rescue that only Hollywood can provide, courtesy of The Magnificent Seven. Or at least that is how you would perceive the situation if you based your views purely on the back pages.

The emotional rollercoaster of the 2010/11 campaign continues. Arsenal are tantalisingly close to a breakthrough in the title race yet their recent form suggests that the necessary wins are going to be hard fought. That is how you would expect matters to be at this stage of the season but this run-in is testing the credentials of all.

Tonight epitomises that. Tottenham are fighting for a Champions League spot, conscious that Liverpool are closing the gap on fifth place at the same time. A draw might be good enough for them but it is not for Arsenal as they seek to close the gap to the top to four points and keep Chelsea at bay.

This is a position that Arsenal ought not to occupy. Unbeaten in the Premier League since December, the reality is that they should be clear of Manchester United or at the very least level on points. Too many draws in recent games have left them holding on to United’s coattails. Yet before the season started they were told that the top four place so cherished would not be theirs.

Being regularly dismissed by all and sundry is nothing unusual. It is par for the course for the squad and has been during ‘the barren years without a trophy‘. We are told that some will not be able to really celebrate the title if it is won by Arsenal this season because it will have been due to someone else’s inconsistency.

Rubbish; it’s because the staunch critics have backed themselves into such a tight corner that to celebrate too much would display mammoth hypocrisy.

The manager has been under pressure in recent days – for the whole season perhaps – for not letting the players shoulder the blame. The managers who last in their jobs do not publicly criticise individuals to sate media desires. The same media are first to jump on a bandwagon to relieve the incumbent of his role.

This squad we are told do not criticise each other, do not know how to handle criticism. This is all media talk for there is evidence from a number of players that they are frank and honest with each other.

Robin van Persie was first to step up to the mark, demanding an improvement to the defending in an interview with ATVO. Sunday was another instance of a lead being dropped, less points accrued than should have been,

This has happened too often, in my opinion. If you look at our history, when we are in front, when we are safe, when we have the three points in our pocket, we do concede goals.

Some of them are silly goals, which we have to work on. We have to stay positive, but we really have to look at it because it is almost criminal to give away points like that.

You cannot argue with the honesty of the assessment. The players should have addressed the problem by now but have apparently not done so. The same mistakes are not being made by the same individuals. It is a collective problem which makes it harder to deal with. Yet this is why Arsène and his staff are well paid: to solve them.

The problem though has two solutions; short and long term. Six games to win and hope United drop points in one more theirs. Longer term, well, deal with that in the Summer.

van Persie emphasised the positives of having a big game in the immediate aftermath of Liverpool, a view both supported and contradicted by last Winter’s fixtures.

Maybe it is a good thing we play them this quick after a game like Sunday because we can make things right – there is no better way than [winning] at White Hart Lane

I always say it is in these bigger games where you become a man, and it is up to us to show that.

Personally, I think the positive from this will be a restoration (of sorts) of the belief and confidence which has been recently missing. When goals are conceded it is apparent that heads drop.

So to this evening. The run-in is going to see an almost full squad to choose from for the manager. Thomas Vermaelen still continues in the reserves whilst others are omitted from the squad despite returning to fitness. This is apparently, “choice” according to Wenger.

He also noted that Diaby and Denilson returning gives him the chance to rotate Jack Wilshere. Despite tiredness, I would suggest that this is a mistake since the youngster has been the most consistent midfielder this season.

For this evening, minor tinkering around the edges to Sunday’s team I suspect with Song and Sagna returning. Other than that, it is a choice between Arshavin and Walcott. I would put the England man in, ensuring that Tottenham have to be wary of their left hand side pushing forward too much.

The line-up I expect Wenger to go with:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Wilshere; Walcott, van Persie, Nasri

A win is all that matters. All that counts. It does not matter if the winning goal comes as a deflection off the referee’s backside in the centre circle and loops into the Tottenham net. Three points or bust.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. first?
    2010/2011 is mad, but i hope it ends well. Thnk the barcodes for helping us out. Dont blow it now gunners!

  2. too add to all the incentives…one giant leap towards St Totteringhams..cmon u gooners!!!!

  3. Or bust indeed!
    We are probably regarded as the underdogs for this game, which is no bad thing.
    We have consistently been able to score away from home, especially when home teams try to push further up the field and I’m sure the Spuds will be looking to come at us – a ploy which should play into our hands.

    It could get nasty tonight as they are likely to come in with some hard tackles to try to unsettle us, the yellow cards are going to be flying all over the place. Hopefully our captain will step up to the plate as I thought he was disappointing in both his play and his leadership at the weekend. When we were 1 – 0 up he should have been rallying his troops to shut up shop and close out the game. Why was it Szczesny to console Eboue as Cesc was second down the tunnel – closely following Arshavin who appears to be done with us?

    About time we stuck a hatful passed somebody again and Spurs are in our sights!

  4. Jack imo plays too many games. He holds his own in midfield but i for one wouldnt expect a 19 year old in one of the biggest clubs in the world to be commanding a first team spot, not yet for me, and thats been much of the problems. We have imo a decent back four that has not conceaded much, in real terms this season. However our midfield does at times appear to be not strong enough. I have always thought that our breakdown in a few games this season , though blamed on the defence, is in part to do with a stretched midfield who hold onto the ball far too long to be advantageous. Tonight is a big chance for us to get our game back on track. I personally think that we suffer from nerves , which is percieved as a lack of confidence, a comment I do not subscribe to. Watching since December we have been top rate but recently its like we have forgotten our way of playing, like we are confused. Who knows what the discussion is prior to kick off. Im sure every one is ready. I hope to see movement, pace, energy, determination, belief, technique and bloody hard work, tonight. We are better than spurs.

  5. Is it, Yogi?

  6. Malaysiangunner

    Yes apt title indeed YW.

    This is our OK Corral , High Noon and what not to borrow your movie metaphor. The last thing the Arsenal needs for all future reference is for these Spuds to end our title challenge at WHL There is still hope after last nite.

    No pressure now.


  7. YW,

    I agree. I sm also very optimistic about tonight. Why?

    Well, we are simply (man for man, tactically and philosophically) superior to the current Tottenham. Add to that the fact that they are also under severe pressure to win tonight – especially given that CL football is now the most that they can get out of this season and (despite his deflections) ‘Arry knows that his burgeoning reputation depends on some for of “achievement” this season!!

    Lest gooners forget, this form of achievement is not within our vocabulary but could quickly enter and remain so IF some of the purblind criticisms and unthought through suggestions (sacking everyone from the manager to the kit boy without any suggestions of a replacement that could perform better and achieve their supposed targets!), were to come to pass.

    Tonight is the beginning based on a very difficult challenge. Can we do it? Hell, YES WE CAN!


  8. Young PFA player of the year will outshine the PFA player of the year. Wilshere to score a rare goal.

  9. I think your line-up is pretty much what we’ll see except Diaby will come in for Wilshere, and with more license to get forward if Song is playing.

    Personally I’d rather we started with 4-1-3-2 and went for it from the first whistle. We’ve become too predictable and need to mix it up a little. I would have said give Fabregas a ‘rest’ tonight but we all know what he is capable of and with the shit that BBC Sport have printed today he’ll be out to prove a point tonight.

    Very disappointed with the piece about Fabregas today. Expected more than sensationalist shite from BBC Sport.

    What they said: ‘The 23-year-old also believes manager Arsene Wenger would probably have lost his job if he was a coach in Spain.’

    What he actually said: “It’s clear that if you come to Spain and say to [Unai] Emery [the Valencia manager], [Pep] Guardiola or [Jose] Mourinho that they’ll win nothing in the next three years, it’s obvious they wouldn’t continue [in their jobs].”

    He’s saying the coach would have packed his own bags, not get fired, and that’s more of a testament to Wenger than anything.

  10. UnbiasedTobias

    I’m not really surprised that we have the second best defence in the league…
    Due to the way we play… We play possession football. The other teams can’t score without the ball, so they rely on counters and corners.
    The problem for me is just the goals:possession ratio that arsenal have.
    Every game we domin8 but wee score maybe 1 or 2 goals after creating a myriad of chances, but somehow, a lapse in concetration in the midfield or defence means that the other teams can score with very little possesion.
    We should have the best defencive record in the leagu simply because of the fact that our defence won’t get tested as much as others.
    If you look at barcrlona play, wen they go forward the go forward with everybody… But because they have a tidy and tireless midfield they don’t give up possession. This means that even if they only score 1, they probably won’t conced a goal and they will win the game.
    Our biggest problem is not being clinical upfront but being sloppy in the midfield. And sloppy with possession, giving away too many needless fouls (uh hum denilson uh hum)
    So if we want to beat the lilywhite( such a wanky name) we have to concentrate. But it impossible to stay focused when your own fans are booing u in the stadium. We’re not that far from being the best team in the world but our heads are all wrong. Wengers not adaptable, the fans are too impatient, and our players are so nervous because apart from a few supporters and wenger, no one has their backs…
    The good thing is that the problem is not got anything to do with ability
    If the fans cheer they’re boys, if wenger learns that there is no 1 universal formula to success and if the players can learn to block out the booing and focus on their feet and the ball. I don’t c any1 who can stop us.
    I love u arsenal… COYG

  11. (Away dressing room, White Hart Lane. Sunset. The rumble of song and feet on the terraces is getting louder above…)
    Jack: “The Arsenal fans they make up a song about every North London derby victory that happens. Sing them for years.”
    Cesc, pulling on the armband: “You think it’s worth it?”
    Jack: “Don’t you?”
    Cesc: “It’s only a matter of knowing how to play football. Nothing big about that.”
    Jack: “Hey! How can you talk like that? Arsenal has got you everything you have. Isn’t that true? Huh? Well, isn’t that true?”
    William Gallas (eavesdropping, feigning like he’s passing by): “Yeah, sure. Everything. After awhile you can call journos and physios by their first name – maybe two hundred of ’em! Rented apartments you live in – five hundred! Meals you eat in Claridges – a thousand! Home – none! Wife – none! Kids… none! Prospects – zero. Suppose I left anything out?”
    Cesc: “Yeah. Places you’re tied down to – none. People with a hold on you – none. Men you step aside for – none.”
    RVP: “Insults swallowed – none. Enemies – none.”
    Cesc: “No enemies?”
    RVP: “Alive.”
    Jack: “Well. This is the kind of arithmetic I like!”
    Cesc: “Yeah. So did I at your age.”
    RVP: “Fuck Off already, Gallas, you spurs mug.”

  12. UnbiasedTobias

    I appologise for the length

  13. Markus, you’re wrong. He’s saying they would have been sacked.

    Personally I think he’s being generous especially as far as Real Madrid are concerned, after two years without a trophy there the manager would be sacked. Indeed, Del Bosque was sacked the day after he managed them to the league title and Jupp Heynckes the season he won the European Cup there.

    Rijkaard won his last trophy at Barcelona in 2006 and was gone in 2008.

    Valencia might be a bit less trigger happy these days, but they’ve had five different managers since Wenger was appointed at Arsenal and one of those (Ranieri) had two stints. They have had a couple of managers leave of their own accord, although Benitez probably would have stayed on if he didn’t fallout with the president.

  14. …said the greengrocer to the acrobat…

  15. Too slow.

    “There was a time I would’ve caught all three”

  16. Ahhhhh LA. What is that FROM?!

  17. Block 4, you are the one who is the ball-licker. I mean wrong. He’s saying that if you told a top manager they were not going to win anything in the next three years thay would CHOOSE to leave the club.

  18. As part of this season, I will not be watching tonights game. Every game I have witnessed recently we have played like crap and not won, the only games I have not seen we have won comfortably. I want to watch the game but my superstitions suggest it is not a good idea!

  19. Magnificent 7!!!! Awesome

  20. UnbiasedTobias

    Thanks drew… What a sacrifice

  21. We deal in lead, Markus.

  22. you guys havent got a chance of the winning the title. and im sure come tomorrow morning you main priority will be focused on trying to retain the 2nd spot or you could actually completely fold as a team after tonight and have a real sweat not to finish 4th. U lot are so overated by yourselves its hysterical. Enjoy the game tonight cos The YIDS are gonna put on a display that is gonna blow your lot away. Also cast your minds back to November this year………..

  23. Markus, here’s the translation from the Don Balon website of the question in ,er, question:
    DB .- How is it that a technician as Wenger, who has not won anything for so many years, remains as little question?
    “Man, it is now easier to understand because I’ve been here for many years. But it is clear that if you come from Spain and tell Emery, Guardiola and Mourinho who will be three years without winning anything is assumed that they will not follow. But here is different, the coach is a smart person and the club appreciates other things, that the team is always in the Champions League, which fights to the end, which serve young people, economic stability. I guess for the presidents that is important. Although I imagine there will be a time when you have to take the plunge … Or win or not win.

    The key phrase there for me is “I guess for the presidents that is important,” implying it would be the president/chairman/owner’s decision. Obviously things could have been lost in translation, but I’ve said my piece now, I’m not getting into a big back and forth about it.

  24. Bit disappointed Yogi you didn’t mention Cesc’s statement.

  25. UnbiasedTobias

    Thanx lee!

  26. Cast your mind back 50 years, you cunt!

  27. three goals, three points and a clean sheet will put the cat right amongst the pigeons…

    we need every player to be focused tonight..no mistakes..
    we need to be ruthless and incisive…

    we tore them apart at home, and then got sloppy and gave them 3 shit goals..
    cant do that tonight, go for the jugular and keep those teeth sank in until that final whistle blows…

  28. Oh fffs. I’m shit at doing that….

  29. Tonight is a cup final.Both teams have to win.Arsenal to stand any chance of winning the title and the Spuds to finish top 4.And if we lose there is a chance we may be out of the top 2 this evening.The Chavs are at home to Brum.

  30. Lee, what a card you are!! Seriously the thought of you lot not getting CL football has me smiling. Although if I am honest you lots obsession with us not winning is hilarious. Perhaps you should be more concerned that you whimpered out of the CL 5-0 to the 2nd best team in Spain. Especially as it will be your last appearance for some time.

  31. Is the full English translation of cesc’s interview available anywhere?

  32. tonight the incentive shouldnt only about staying in the title race
    the incentive should be about payback for what happened at home..
    beating spurs is an achievement in itself, especially at their dump..
    forgot the title for a second, this is the NLD…
    we dont lose two of them in one season, title or no title, taking 1 point isnt even good enough…
    we need to win one for prides sake, they need to give everything tonight just to put one over on spurs..
    and then its back to the title race v bolton and manutd

  33. Cheers Lee, kind words indeed. And all the best to you and yours.

  34. Thanks Lee, your view is enlightening.

  35. You're 'aving a laff

    Arsenal will get spanked good and proper tonight at White Hot Lane. They have bottled every big game this season. This game is the final nail in Arsene Wenger’s coffin. Kroenke will appoint a new manager in time for the next season.

  36. Some spuds fans are really sad. One wonders why they feel the need to come on to an AFC supporters website and spew dribble.

  37. Premier League records 09/10 season.

    Shortest time between goals: 50 seconds – Robin van Persie (41’52”) and Cesc Fàbregas (42’42”) for Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur (31 October 2009)[44]

  38. it will be interesting to see where spurs are when they dont finish in top 4 and bale modric and vdv piss off for a big team..
    it will also be interesting when harry takes the england job next year..
    without harrys little media and fa love in and without the likes of your very few good players, spurs little time in the limelight will be over and its back to being really shit instead of just shit…

  39. Every time Arsenal play the Spuds they feel the need to hunt down the Arsenal sites to spew their vile dribble. Seems to me the rantings of a very insecure group of supporters.

  40. its just pre match banter JDgooner

    this will be happening all day…blogs, phone calls, texts, bars, pubs, work..
    gooners and spurs will be going at it hammer and tong all day until kick off..

  41. Wavey, it’s the footballing equivalent of small man syndrome.

  42. Every year they spout nonsense at the start of the season phrases like “power shift” and “We will finish ahead of you” and “This is our season” yet every season we again show our class. Yes our second half performance was woeful earlier in the season but the first half we made them look like amateurs. We need more first half and less second tonight.

  43. Lee probably comes to this site everyday to read our thoughts – because we actually have some. It’s just jealousy.

  44. You're 'aving a laff

    Not quite sure why you think I am a spud?! Probably shouldn’t share this with you paranoids but my mum is a London cabbie and she had the pleasure of driving Kroenke last week. Psssst…”Your days are numbered Arsene” – pass it on.

  45. ‘Driving Mr.Kronke?’

    When is the DVD out?

  46. 1 loose cannon

    I laughed at the headlines in the press suggesting that Cesc said Wenger would be sacked in Spain. the media are Evil. this is what he said

    “If you went to Spain and said to Guardiola, Mourinho or Unai Emery that they would have three years without winning a trophy, it would be obvious they would not continue [at their clubs]. But here it is different. The manager is intelligent and the club value different things – that the team is always in the Champions League, that we compete until the end, that we have young players, economic stability”
    I cannot see the word sacked in that quote all he is saying is that at Arsenal they value financial stability than drowning the club in debts for the sake of trophies. and I don’t see what is the problem with that because that is a fact, due to the financial situation we should not even be in C.league every year . According to the transfer league table Birmingham, Stoke ,West Brom, Stoke all should be in the top 4 ahead of us . Let not mention the Spuds they are 3rd biggest spenders

  47. JD

    RvPs is more relevant to this evening’s game. Cesc’s can wait.


  48. Malaysian

    Well, after not one person commented on the song title strewn (from one band) post yesterday, I thought I would be more obvious today.


  49. Oh the transfer league 2003-now reflects our league performances…no wonder all our fans are complaining…we are in the relegation zone …

    OH!! thats right we are in reality fighting for the league title..so stop the whining and back the manager and the team cos they need it…at HOME!!

  50. LA @10.27am

    I’m afraid it is. If three points are not secured tonight, I do not think we will win the title. Six points (presuming a draw tonight) and the goal difference is too much from five games.


  51. Even ‘Arrys calling the moaning section of our support useless..says it all…

  52. UnbiasedTobias

    some intersting battles today.

    Walcott vs Bale being my favorite… im drooling at the prospect.
    if i was a neutral this would definitely be the best game on the calendar, 2 very technical sides against each other in a north london derby…. if we win this we cut the gap to 4 points right. we are so lucky to get a second bite at the cherry.

  53. Tonight I would love to see Cesc and Nasri through the middle with Arsh and theo out wide..too attacking maybe..but they will go with bale, VDV and modric..so maybe we can pick them apart..

    ive seen nasri play responsibly in the middle before….this way song can also just drop deeper and sit..

  54. UnbiasedTobias

    Anirudh , what formation exactly are u suggesting?

  55. tobias..

    Personally a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-31 either way with Nasri replacing wilshere in the middle…I think the combination of Cesc and Nasri in the middle might re-ignite the creative spark we have been missing over the past few games..its a bit risky but with us chasing the league we have to go for broke..I’d rather we do it this way than be conservative and lose the league by 2 points

  56. Team

    Today, I ask you to become one with your nature. You are the beauty rarely replicated and under-appreciated. You are the energy from which greatnest springs. You are the hope that cannot wither. You are the potential which must be realised because it can. You are the today’s culmination: the result of billions of years of chaos and death, order and evolution wrapped up into a squad who will be unrivalled for skill, technique, and togetherness.

    You have been holding yourselves back as of late – as though you were scared to unleash the gift bestowed upon you. Like matter tottering at the lagrange point of two black holes, you stood still when you needed to move. But unlike a simple bit of matter devoid of any momentum, you control your acceleration, you can move.

    Indecision and fear are not your friends.

    One game at a time. One step at a time, one pass at a time, build it up and take that shot the moment it presents itself.

    It is time to act. Unleash yourselves.

  57. UnbiasedTobias

    Anirudh, ok i get u.
    howcome you reckon, 1 striker. its always been a tactic that confuses me cos it hives us less options in the box.
    just askin…

  58. 2 up front and one holding midfielder. Take it to them.

  59. I’d start Diaby ahead of Song. He’s on form at the moment. With the best away form I expect a win. Fear Gallas may play the cunt thought!

  60. UnbiasedTobias

    yeah play a 4-1-3-2
    ———————-Eboue Kos Djourou Clichy
    ———————————– Song
    ————————-Walcott Nasri Shava
    ————————-Chamakh VanPersie

    swear we will win like that

  61. Tobias..Ever since Wenger changed to 4-3-3 I have been a fan

    I just feel that ever since we changed to this formation we have rarely been dominated in midfield giving us more possession, control over the game and as a result defensive stability..It suits our style..even when we played 4-4-2 I rarely remember Bergkamp tearing into the box to make the second striker..We always IMO played a 5 man midfield but the genius of bergkamp allowed us to switch between the 2 systems with ease…

    The difference also was Pires, ljungberg, wiltord and to an extent Reyes after him gave us goals from the opposite flank..Nasri and Arshavin or even Theo havent hit the heights of their predecessors just yet..

    Just my observations though 🙂

  62. Song
    Walcott – Fab – Nasri

    VanPersie just in behind Chamakh. Spuds won’t know who to mark.

  63. I fancy Spurs to be a little bit more determined than the Gunners as their goal of finishing 4th is more realistic. I can’t see Arsenal getting back in the title race. They dropped too many points and they seem to lack focus and mental strength.

  64. UnbiasedTobias

    i like diaby as well but he’s not really disciplined. if you tell song to sit back and clean up he’ll do it. Diaby’s brill at keeping the ball though but imo is an CAM not a CDM

  65. Anirudh, don’t get me wrong 4-2-3-1 has served us well, but we need to mix it up. Teams are anticipating our approach and shutting us out too easily.

  66. Borges Spinelli

    Win, Win, Win, we must. And, we will, of that i’m positive, YW.

    @Kenyan gunner
    Were i Wenger, I’d leave Wilshere on the bench; playing both Diaby and Song from the start. We need as physical as possible midfield turning out against Spurs. Wilshere can come on, in the 2nd half, utilizing his speed and youthful exuberance.

  67. Anyone seen how many Arsenal blogs have appeared on the Guardian in the last two days? I count five so far, after the sin of drawing against one of England’s top teams. People must make a mint winding up gooners!

  68. Borges Spinelli

    And if we play 4-4-2 formation:
    I’d have Diaby and Wishere on the bench and start with Song in the DM role.

  69. Glimmer of hope is back with the Manc’s draw. We need someone beside RVP to get involved. Sort of frightening when Yogi does not want JW dropped because the most consistent midfield player this season is an 18 year old who has scored a grand total of 1 goal. Take nothing away from JW as he has been wonderful but the more experienced players need to make an impact. Samir was awesome for the first few months, he and Theo, both looked like they were ready to break out and become true impact players. Arshavin has contributed an occasional goal and and several assists but overall not a great year. Cesc has had a very poor year by his lofty standards. None of these “game changing players” has really made any impact in squeaky bum time. A couple of these players have to step up if we are going to hold on to 2nd much less challenge for the title.

    Last year I said endlessly that if we improved our DEEEEfense that we would easily win the title. I guess I was wrong. Our defending has been much better especially after Christmas, although plagued by some inconsistency and pea brained mistakes. I blamed Wenger for our poor defending last year so I have to give him credit for the improvement. Hopefully our steady defending is more then just a run of good form. The fact that our vaunted attack has been the main culprit of this poor run is frustrating. Hopefully we can put together a run of good form on both sides of the pitch the rest of this year and then sort out all the issues this summer.

  70. UnbiasedTobias

    exactly, markus. weve been to predictable this year. you lose something when you play 5 in the midfield. our problem is that we have sooo much creativity but only 2 outlets in theo and VanP thats very easy to shut out. when you play the 4-1-3-2 with shava nasri and walcott as the 3. and chamakh upfont you have 4 outlets Shava Walcott Chamakh and VanP that will make us more deadly, and will strectch their midfield… giving song and nasri so much space to pick out a pass. maybe im being harsh by leaving cesc out but imo he has not been delivering like nasri has…
    maybe we could give nasri the armband for that match, hes captained france before.

  71. Markus..maybe..but I really like the system and Id definitely try shuffling the pack before discarding it..Im just a big fan of this system hence i agree I am more than a bit biased 🙂

    I think Barca make it work because of the dribbling skills of Messi..he drives through the hearts of defences..thats why I want to see Nasri play there…Hes got amazing ability to beat people and if he does it through the middle he might give us that same cutting edge..

  72. 1 loose cannon

    Shoot on site I’d say. Their goalie’s confidence is very low after few blunders recently, any bit of pressure and he will make another one.Spurs will use Crouch at the right far post to nock down the ball into the box for van the Fart this is what they do when they play a better team But Djorou is a capable player to deal with that.The old 4-4 2 might be good for us. We need 2 upfront as I noticed recently we don’t have enough players inside the opposition’s box we always seem be around the box threading the ball between defenders, when the ball becomes loose there is no one to finish off. I want to see Chamakh at some point, he can offer us something different.

  73. I wish Cesc would stop giving these interviews. He knows full well how his words will be interpretted. I can not believe that Arsene or anyone from the team really wants to see that in the papers, especially now. I would think that the boss would have stomped out this kind of stuff long ago and told Cesc and all the players that if they are desperate to give these type of interviews to at least wait until the off season.

  74. Tobias, The idea of leaving Cesc out crossed my mind too, but ultimately you can’t leave out a fully fit Fabregas.

  75. All season every other team has been doing their best to help us win the league, tonight is the time we need to stand up and help ourselves!

    And no better place to do it, that the shit hole itself.


  76. Anirude ,We almost solved the puzzle ,but missed the clue.It was”the genius of Dennis Bergkamp allowed us to”
    The difference between us now and then is that we,and no one else for that matter.dont have DB10.
    Arshavin ,Theo,Sami,would all have 15 to 20 goals with him in the team.
    How about Dennis to replace Pat next year?

  77. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1378835/Andrey-Arshavin-says-Arsenal-responsibility-lack-silverware.html?

    More positive comments from another of our players. The last few sentences in particular, echoing what RvP has recently said. Good man.

  78. I agree with YW as well; tonight is a must win. Anything less would leave us too much to claw back in such a short space of time.

    The team is more than capable of winning tonight. It is crunch time, and the players need to stand up to be counted tonight.

  79. George, good call on Dennis to replace Pat but is he going to stand up to Wenger? I would prefer a Tony Adams or Keown, great defensive coaches and the balls to stand up to Le Boss.

  80. Having an assistant manager who cannot fly is a bit of a hinderance, so I can’t see that happening to be honest.

  81. Having a striker who cannot fly is a bit of a hinderance, but we coped, didn’t we?

  82. Drew10,he was the most “stand up to him “of all the players ,both privately(apparently)and in public
    Remember him in 2006 blaming the sale of Paddy for the losses?On SKY?

  83. He could fly if he set his mind to it.It can be no more difficult than walking on water,and he regularly did that.

  84. George…im not so rude mate 🙂

    yea bergkamp was one of a kind as we are discovering… players of that kind are truly once in a lifetime..unfortunately he cant play that telling pass from the touch line 🙂

    but yes maybe he will be a good replacement as he displayed an amazing footballing brain in his playing days.. who knows maybe a future arsenal manager

  85. HTH – Yes, he didn’t go to far flung games. Not ideal for an assistant manager. I don’t think we could get Kanu to deputise in this instance.

  86. Promote from within, Bould should be number 2.

    He has been doing a good job with the youth, know’s how things work at the club and has always talked with a calm authority when I have seen him interviewed.

    On another note, No way Jack should be dropped tonight, he has arguably been our best midfielder recently, and the 1 player we can count on to show a bit of passion.

  87. who played in mid field at Newcastle?
    Because before the sending off I felt that we were at our best that night.

  88. Matt – Agree on both points 100%

  89. goonerandy, whilst I don’t think Bergkamp’ll be here next season, do you really think it would have a huge impact if Pat Rice couldn’t make Donetsk away in a CL group game?

    Not playing or training would allow Him more time to travel if He needed to. But it’s all irrelevant; something to talk about and pass the interminable hours before kick off.

  90. I don’t want to slate him, but did you see Wilshere play on Sunday, Matt? Other Arsenal players have been slaughtered for far better performances, and i think it’s fair to put it down to tiredness. Maybe the early withdrawal might help in that respect.

  91. UnbiasedTobias

    Markus, leave him on the bench trust me. cesc is brilliant no doubt but its crunch time now. we cant show sympathy. Nasri is much more energetic and industrious than cesc. We dont know wether Barcelona is still in cescs mind but i dont want to risk it. Cesc plays well coming of the bench tho remember Villa last year…

  92. Matt and Andy:

    Don’t you think its time for someone who is outside the inner circle of the club to be #2. May be some new ideas or even a dissenting voice. Sometimes change just for the sake of change is good. If Bould is doing a good job with the youth then why make changes to the part of AFC that many believe is the key to our future “dominance” .

  93. Wilshere was certainly no worse than Cesc or Nasri on Sunday OOU.

    To be honest, I thought Cesc was very poor on Sunday, so based on form you could make a case for him being left out.

    Go with Samir in the middle, and play Andrey and Theo out wide, Jack and one of Song / Diaby in the middle.

  94. I kind of have a gut feeling we’ll beat Spurs today.

  95. UnbiasedTobias

    so matt, how dyo reckon we should line up

  96. UnbiasedTobias

    sorry… didnt no u had already posted

  97. I’m not being funny, but JW’s game was not pretty on Sunday. Really it was ugly, but people aren’t on his back so have overlooked it. He gave the ball away a hell of a lot- in some pretty dodgy positions as well. Cesc wasn’t great, but still managed to create a couple of chances. Nasri was pretty tidy, but has started playing it a little too safe again.

    It should go without saying that he’s had a great season, but it’s been a long one as well. Now we have some players back it’s the perfect time to rest him if necessary.

  98. george, We have a new number 10. And he is more than capable of chipping in with assists. That’s why I want him playing behind Chamakh. We did it earlier in the season when we weren’t shit-scared of losing.

  99. UnbiasedTobias

    One of Us, i thought the same and i think many people have feared to say anything bout wilshere ‘s performance for fear of being sniped. however, i dont think its anything more than a once-off.
    he needs a rest today, maybe bring him on in the second half if we need some more guile in the midfield

  100. I see a few tiny totts have graced us today….

  101. Markus,yes we do have a new one ,and he is special ,but good as he is he will never reach the level of Dennis.
    That should not be taken as a criticism of Robin as I don’t see the likes of Dennis anywhere.
    There is only 1 Dennis Bergkamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Yep,UT, I think we should rest him and get him back for the weekend. He’ll be pumped up for the Bolton game I reckon.

  103. Gadget @2.13…Awesome Awesome…

  104. Have to say George, couldn’t agree more. DB is the best player I’ve ever had the honour of watching in an Arsenal shirt. And imagine it was Rioch who brought him here!!

  105. Markus,
    I believe you are right about him playing behind Chamakh.
    I would have AA on the left and Sami on the right with Cesc and song central.
    People keep saying this would not suit Cesc,I dont see why?
    I would just as soon build the team around Rvp as Cesc.

  106. Jd,People look at me strange when I say that IMO Dennis Bergkamp was ,all round .the best team player I have ever seen.
    For me he made those around him look almost as good as him.Because he did not try to beat entire teams single handedly ,like Best and Maradona,he is most underrated by the football world

  107. Cesc was dropping deep a lot against Liverpool, so I don’t see a problem. But I can’t see Theo being left out. He’ll create a lot of space for VP and Chamakh and those positions he was getting into against Liverpool will maybe not be wasted.

    It’s easy for me to sit here and say play two up front away from home in a massive game like this at the business-end of a season. It’d be a big call.

  108. Markus .Would it be a big call?
    It would be no more 2 up than when Dennis played.He was more in mid field than either up or in the hole.

  109. Well from 2000 on anyway

  110. UnbiasedTobias

    why are arsenal so bent on this intricate fifa 11 passing stuff. i love it but when it fails, go route 1. i remember a game against portsmouth were after all our short passes round the box failed, all it took was 1 long ball over the top from cesc to Ade and we scored… easy
    its a great way to keep the ball but when it fails, just go a bit more direct, when uve got theo down the right the passes dont even need to be that accurate.

  111. george rodger, I absolutely agree about Dennis. I always say that he’s the best in my eyes because when he played well then the team generally played well. He was also capable of the odd outrageous pieces of skill too, but it’s his team play that sets him apart.

    Henry was different in that when the team wasn’t playing well he was capable of doing it on his own.

  112. Nice discussion on formations, but if Wenger changes it tonight I’ll be flabbergasted.

  113. Theo’s importance to the team was very well illustrated when he was injured.

    He is the only real pace we have in the side, and even when not playing well, he gives the side much more balance, we are too pedestrian without him.

    He absolutely should play, it may also give monkey head something to think about, and we all know the only reason twitchy converted him into a winger is because he cannot defend, so Theo should get some joy down the right.

  114. george/Block, he doesn’t necessarily have to change the formation that much. Just put VP in the hole where Cesc usually is, alongside Cesc even, with Song behind and Chamakh the lone striker.

    Matt I also think a lot of people underestimate Theo’s contribution.

  115. The game will be on TV on ESPN2 and on the computer on ESPN3 for those who can get it. The streaming video and audio from ESPN3 is superb if you can not get to a TV.

    I agree with Block 4 @ 4:33 and Tobias @ 4:19.

    I think all the talk about attacking formations is a red herring. Within limits good players who are playing well will do the job no matter what the formation. I can’t believe that one tweek of the starting position of a player will make much of a difference unless its a radical change such as moving Nasri and Cesc both into the central midfield. I can not believe we would try to roll out something significantly different in game 33.

  116. Bill..thats exactly what i was suggesting earlier a midfield 3 of song,cesc, and nasri with Arshavin and theo out wide.

  117. and i also agree with you..its not likely..but something to discuss before kick off 🙂

  118. “I would say the nerves [are to blame],” Wenger told Arsenal.com.

    “There was no need to do anything against Liverpool, the ball was going away from goal.

    “First of all we missed the goal kick, the kick out, and you wonder how.

    “For me, the main reason was the nerves. The team wants to do well but they [were] not calm enough.”

  119. Limestonegunner

    I agree that Theo is very key in a game like this. If it is tight and there aren’t any spaces for him to work in, Arshavin can come on. Maybe Arshavin should start ahead of Nasri, though, who hasn’t been seizing the initiative and is still talking about not shaking Gallas’ hand (which I don’t blame him for but needn’t be an issue at the start). I wouldn’t start him in central midfield as some are suggesting with Cesc or in place of him–it is too big of a responsibility on his own given his form and I don’t know how well they would combine in deeper positions.

    What sort of risks should we be taking to mix things up? I am unsure. I don’t expect Spuds to pack the midfield or play 8 men or more behind the ball at their home ground. They are going to go for it and we should have some chances created in the spaces they leave open. We just need to take them and give some help to RvP by testing their keeper. I expect Theo to get a couple good looks early to cross or shoot, so he’ll need to be decisive. I’d like to seem him come in and shoot early.

  120. This is why we need someone to be vocal MJ. We need someone to pull the team together and calm them down. We have so many experienced players and thats why I am at a loss as to why no one steps up. I hate that fact about our great team.

  121. agree with the shoot on sight comment..
    gomes is one of the gks in the league who isnt consistent…he has good days and bad days and his bad days are comical…in other words..hes shit..
    pepper him with missiles…lets see how bad a day hes having…
    thats if anyone knows how to shoot anymore…

  122. I believe that Nasri has taken a back seat to Cesc and RVP. Frank mentioned that the ball may be played through Cesc too much (I see his point), could that also be a reason for Nasri’s lack of goals, etc?

    I too would love to see Chamakh in the mix.

  123. JJ, we should be doing that anyway.
    We do tend to overpass at times and we have been doing it way too much of late. With that we also should get more people in the box so if a shot is not dealt with properly we may be able to stick in a rebound. I love my team but I think there are some simple things we could do to be more effective.

  124. Limestonegunner

    Paul N, the most experienced players are Clichy, Sagna, RvP, Arshavin, Cesc. Arshavin might not start and doesn’t quite have the standing. Cesc obviously feels that it is a difficult burden to shoulder and leads by example–perhaps he even feels constrained by admission that last summer he wanted a move away. Sagna and Clichy are quiet players. RvP really is the only one who has the experience and the extroverted personality. But as a striker and passionate player, I think temperamentally it is a lot to ask of him to think about how the team is playing and what it needs–he needs to be focused on the attack and getting goals; we’ve been depending almost entirely on him recently for that.

    Jack is way too young, same as our GK, which isn’t the position from which it is easiest to lead perhaps. Nasri is just emerging, and even though he has a fiery spirit for some reason really seems to defer to RvP and Cesc the last several months. Song is quiet and young. Koscielny is new, Djourou is just now having a real impact and is young.

    So I don’t think that in our current starting group we have those roles represented among the experienced players. I can see why, how, it is an issue. For some reason or another, the captains for national teams (Rosicky, Arshavin?, Nasri, Vermaelen, Ramsey?) haven’t or can’t really play that role, yet, for Arsenal.

    Anyway, tonight let’s hope it isn’t an issue at all. All the players should be really focused and motivated for this derby. The atmosphere should be great with our away fans.

  125. Limestonegunner

    Paul N, Nasri hasn’t been playing with the same freedom, confidence. What would you do to get more from him? I was thinking about bringing him on from the bench, perhaps. Give him the sense when he comes on that the manager wants him to assert himself specifically by making the change–at least that was the logic.

  126. nothing but 3 points at 3point lane tonight will do.

  127. Arirugh @ 4:49:

    true enough. Thats why we blog. Much more interesting then fighting doomers.

    How do you get the little smiling faces in your post? I’m sure I could look it up somewhere but I don’t have the energy. Thanks for your help.

  128. its all about the perfect goal paul..
    maybe a lack of confidence as well in the pressure cooker of a title charge, but they still seem set on that perfect goal..wenger talks about patient build up and waiting for the time is right and not to panic but if the opposition defend properly that time will never come and we start to panic in the last 10 minutes..we see it quite alot..and weve seen it in the last few games..
    manu do it to us all the time..they use our desire to play the beautiful game to our own disadvantage and when we start to panic and push ppl forward they get us on the counter…
    what they gotta realise is weve got to the stage of the season where we dont give a shit what the goals look like…
    its all about three points and we’ll take whatever goal we can
    in other words…shoot…
    i couldnt care less if someone maybe in a better position in another 5 passes.. if you have room and you can see the goal set your target and put your foot through the dam thing…
    in off the post, in off 4 defelctions, in off a rebound, in off a goal line scramble, in off your arse, dont give a shit just put it in the net…
    can have as much possession as you want but if you dont shoot you dont score…

  129. Can someone please promise me that we will win tonight ! As the knots are starting to appear in my tum tum.

  130. Limestone, I hear you, players do have different personalities and so forth we are going to need someone to step up. It is detrimental, there is no reason for the team to be a bag on nerves when we are winning matches. Someone needs to take responsibility and it should be those mature players you mentioned.

    As far as RVP, he doesnt need to talk all the time but in the Newcastle match, though we were robbed, we didnt control the ball and did get nervous. All we had to do was possess the ball, which we are great at, but we kept lumping in upfield. Someone needs to take up the charge of calming the team down. We need it.

    re: Nasri, that could possibly work in bringing him on as a sub. He is also a player that would scare the crap out of an opposing team as a sub, thats for sure. Could he still be hampered by his injury, could he be a little tired?

    Anyway, I still believe something special is in store for our team, starting tonight!!

    OH YEA!!!

  131. I concur with that JJ, it doesnt matter if the goal is pretty or not, just GET IN!

  132. Limestonegunner

    We still take plenty of shots, but we might get better ones if we put a few on target from distance and force our opponents to come out in the final third beyond the box. But I think at home the Spuds will be going for it early on and there will be space. We should look for quick diagonal passes forward to Theo and Arshavin/Nasri to cross to RvP or take it inside to shoot, I think, on the counter when they come forward. We can be devastating with passes like that from Wilshere and Fabregas. We have had trouble with a slower more deliberate build up. I can see an end to end game early on working in our favor because our back line has been solid and we get into our rhythm and passing when we are pushing forward through the middle to the front three rather than relying on the fullbacks to cross it in. That works better with Bendtner or Chamakh in the box. Anyway, I’d like to see that “handbrake” off as we go forward and I think the Spuds will play down the wings with Crouch and vdV forward, leaving space for us to run through the middle.

    I think we are going to torch them. There has been lots of frustration building up and this is exactly the kind of game to explode with force, passion, and ruthless goal-scoring. In the RvP interview, he was genuinely surprised to learn that we haven’t been scoring at home. He’ll get one, Theo to get one, and one from either Arshavin, Cesc, or Wilshere. COYG!!!

  133. “It does not matter if the winning goal comes as a deflection off the referee’s backside in the centre circle and loops into the Tottenham net.”

    To Achieve that we need to do some shooting, I hope our front three will be wearing some shooting boots today and maybe Fabregas too.

  134. I feel lucky tonight. Expecting a win. COYG!

  135. its all about passion in games like these
    recent form and all goes out of the window..
    its blood guts and thunder in games against spurs..
    whichever team wants it the most…
    this is spurs, the enemy, so go get em…

  136. I have strapped myself into my seat in preparation for an emotional rollercoaster of a match. The best comeback game to reanounce our intentions. Strong heads, nerves of steal,perfect application needed. Over to you boys. COYG.

  137. GR
    we will win tonight and we will win big!

  138. Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Song, Walcott, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie

  139. Haha, I copied that one from the Arsenal site, but there’s some thing iffy about it!

  140. UnbiasedTobias

    Exactly… Limestone if we can start threatening from outside the box, whether we score or not tottenham will have no choice but to close us down and push up.
    Booyaa! Then what do we do, a nice little slipped through ball sets up theo or shava or nasr or van persie… Oooh I’m droooling already. But as long as we keep trying to break tottenham’s defensive wall down with a chisel we could play for days and not score. Just hammer it.

    Come on arsenal

  141. with two alex songs on the field we are sure to win

  142. Lets get ready to rumble!

  143. Chamakh not even on the bench. What is the deal with that chap?


  144. And already the cliches. We don’t know how to defend. Yeah, especially evident in the first half against Barca in the return leg. And then the plundits laugh about one of ‘appy ‘arry’s lame jokes. Time to stuff the cock and the mouths of those plundits.

  145. Bloody hell. Im pumped for this one.We will.send the spuds hurtling back into the europa league. COYG. A North london el classico a 4 -2 thrilla to the Gooners

  146. Come on Arsenal!!!

  147. Theoooooooooooooooooooooo!


  149. Limestonegunner


  150. henrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… 😉

  151. Theo no brain walcott ….ala thierry.

  152. Bollocks

  153. fuck

  154. Limestonegunner

    Yikes, from nothing

  155. diaby lost his man

  156. Limestonegunner

    Away support is doing us proud. COYG!!!

  157. guys .. any live link?

  158. eplsite.com

  159. NASRI! Yeah, everyone contributing again. What a strike!!

  160. What a game – blow now, ref!

  161. yeaaaaaaaah

  162. “Away support is doing us proud. COYG!!!”

    They always do, LG

  163. paul
    i think nasri was listeneing to us mate..
    shhhoooooottttttt…. 😉

  164. Super Samir. Allez allez. Just another mental north london derby.

  165. 3 goals in 12 minutes equals a final score of roughly 8 – 16 to Arsenal. That’ll do me.

  166. Limestonegunner

    That’s the Nasri we need. Taking people on and shooting!!! COYG!! This could be the spark for the run-in. Keep pushing forward and they will crumble!!

  167. Our away fans are outsinging the scum all the time.

  168. Strap yourselves in…

  169. Limestonegunner

    Everyone is taking shots early and even from distance. They have come out firing!!

  170. I remember the time when Nico Claessen scored within a minute of the kick off. Oh yes, those were the days when we won 2-1 every time. Now where’s my pipe and brandy…

  171. Limestonegunner

    All I hear over 40,000 Spuds is Na Na Na, Nasri, Samir Nasri!!! Nasri with a nice shoulder to Gallas face!

  172. He was JJ!!! sweeet!!!!

  173. Bale must hate Sagna. He just can’t get past him.

  174. shocker by diaby

  175. Well, Diaby did get the ball. He did get the man as well, though. Should’ve probably been a foul but what do I care? Things have gotten against us so often, I am not going to complain when the ref turns a blind eye on our players for once.

  176. Limestonegunner

    Diaby will have to watch himself though; he has been late on a few moves/tackles and the ref will be watching now. Pace has slowed and Spuds are starting to come back in a bit with long balls over the top or crosses in to Crouch. Need a good spell of possession in their half.

    Theo is playing fantastically!!

  177. Come on boys, don’t waste your chances…

  178. Limestonegunner

    Should have been another for Theo. I knew he would be important to this game, especially if we got end to end action. That space for him to run into will be there.

  179. is it just me or are we playing 442
    theo is playing up front with robin
    it looks that way anyway

  180. Limestonegunner

    Spuds playing long balls in. To be expected with two tall strikers. Good save Chesney. Stay strong back there. Talk to each other!!!

  181. I like the look of the team!

  182. Limestonegunner

    JJ, I wouldn’t say so because no one besides Theo from midfiled is playing on the wing. It is just that the Spuds are leaving so much space with their high line and throwing people into our box that Theo has the space to go anywhere once the ball is flicked forward for him to speed onto.

  183. Limestonegunner

    Chesney, wonderful fall upon monkeyboy’s head!!!

  184. Sagna 7×0 “Player of the Year”

  185. Chesney flattens Bale? Well done, Chezzer.

  186. Limestonegunner

    I wouldn’t mind another goal here. Spuds look like they could get another with one of these long, high balls into the box. Time to crush them.

  187. i only say it limestone cos theos not tracking bale back
    hes staying up front…

  188. Limestonegunner


  189. RVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  191. Robin van Perfect strikes again!!! Perfect timing.

  192. robin van fucking persie
    oh captain my captain….

  193. Reliant

  194. LOL


  195. ches is fucking bale up lol
    great goalkeeping

  196. Bale tried to kick our youngster!

  197. Is Bale trying to cheat again?

  198. Limestonegunner

    JJ, Sagna has that covered. Bale is playing winger. Chezzer is a genius–giving Bale something to think about. Bale deserves a yellow. Legend this boy!

  199. we need to hold this lead into the break.Great move Chezzer!

  200. Robin reliant…awesome theo….

  201. That was actually a foul by Bale, doesnt look so though given who is injured.

  202. in hope its his tendons…

  203. oh ffs.

  204. i fucking knew it

  205. what can you do about goals like that FunGun!?

  206. Limestonegunner

    Finally, someone to inherit the mantle of Mad Jens–but Cesc should have cleared that better. Damn.

  207. JJ, thats just one of those goals. It seems teams have scored quite a few of those against us!

  208. A north London derby is always nerve racking!

  209. Limestonegunner

    Nasri off, what happened?

  210. This game is always a one off rollercoaster ride. Cant wait.for the second half.

  211. Limestonegunner

    What was wrong with Clichy’s challenge? He was there first!!!!

  212. Just reacting to the fact that they scored, Paul N – I am only listening not watching so I wasn’t judging Chesney.

  213. yeah it was a good goal
    thru a laod of legs…

    i just knew it wouldnt stay 3-1

  214. Cracking half!

  215. I knew you were not doing that FunGun!

    How many of these screamers have been scored against us though? Most of the times the ball goes into the stands for crying out loud!

  216. That Clichy yellow is not good at all!

  217. Limestonegunner

    FG, the action has been absolutely frenetic. Both the Spud goals were from nothing and to my mind kind of flukey, though they have been testing us with balls into the box.

    I wish you could have seen the look on Chezzers face both times he hammered Bale!!!!

  218. Oh God, another 5-4? Anyone got valium?

  219. @ LG
    Great big smile from Chesney, I suspect?

  220. Thanks for the updates – and I get the impression that Diaby is starting to get more into it, is that right.

  221. i wish commentators would stick to talking about the game. I REALLY don’t care what the fuckin ian darke and steve mchmananana have to say. Mcmananhan isn’t really that bad he usually keeps his trap shut and says sensible things. That other fucker Ian something is a total twat. Does someone make these commentators talk the whole fucking game? He can’t go 30 seconds without having to spout some more bullshit.
    Anyways i think this is what a game looks like when teams try to play FOOTBALL with us. It is quite the match to watch eh?

  222. 2 more goals needed to make this one safe. This fixture is personal and littered with ridiculous scorelines. Defence goes out the window.

  223. Time for some boss defending, let them come out and we will slam them on the counter.

    It really was weak clearance from Cesc for real. DAMN!

    Anyway, 3 more goals for us and lets shut it down!

  224. Limestonegunner

    Very big grin, FG!!

    William, Ian Darke is a Spud fan.

  225. @ william
    “Does someone make these commentators talk the whole fucking game?”
    Yes, basically. The producers insist on it.

  226. i think cesc new it paul
    judging by his reaction he wasnt happy but yeah looking at it again it was weak

  227. Limestonegunner

    FG, actually I think Diaby has been a bit off the pace the whole game. But he has been better the last several minutes. He was marking VdV when he took down a long pass into the box and turned to fire it past Chez on the near post.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Diaby is flagging for Wilshere to come in. But with such tall strikers on for Tottenham, Diaby’s height could be very important on set pieces.

    What do you think, FG?

  228. @ william
    Those two epitomise the term “chatting shite”

  229. For the Huddlestone’s goal, I thought we needed someone on the edge of the box ready to pressure that return ball. Could be a memory glitch, but I don’t recall seeing anyone there. Thought it very reminiscent of Newcastle’s equaliser. Bad defending here though.

    For their first, I though Chez may have been more blameworthy than Diaby, but I’d need to run the maths to be sure. You know, near post bullshit and all.

    This is a very weird game.

  230. thanks for the input yall.
    I feel pretty comfortable with how things are going. Spuds main route is hoofs up to Crouch. As much as i hate to say it, it is a pretty valid tactic and is probably going to cause us more problems in the 2nd half
    alright friends lets do this!!

  231. And Diaby on Modric wasn’t nice.

  232. Bale off? Ha ha

  233. Bradys right foot

    I mean for ffs Rose, Huddlestone, Bentley how many more wonderstrikes can the spuds keep digging out against us. Have to put the Spuds away in the second half think we might need another two. Nerves completely and utterly shattered.

  234. BOOM! Back to the action.

  235. wtf so many bookings

  236. calm down lads

  237. Djourou!

    This is not good, 3 yellows!

  238. Dive by Modric. Spurs palyer clearly standing offside??

  239. we up for it..
    but that kind of determination is better left for the 50-50’s

  240. I dont like those aimless passes, we should keep the ball and be intent at all times.

  241. I’ll take your word for it, LG.

  242. Almost another wonder by Cesc!

  243. Cesc looks up for it for sure!

  244. How prescient. Wilshere on for Diaby.

  245. Abou injured?

  246. Limestonegunner

    I called it; Wilshere for Diaby. I expect something good from his introduction. He can go hard for the remainder of the game. Goal for Jack in the derby?

    Good save from Chezzer, but too easy for VdV.

  247. cesc dont look quick enough for me
    to be honest i prefer him a little deeper…
    we need someone a little quicker making those runs

  248. My ATVO stream keeps cutting out.

  249. I wish Ray Wilkins would.

  250. Send VdV off!

  251. Limestonegunner

    How was RvP offside–no way, wrongly disallowed.

  252. Limestonegunner

    Stay on your feet, YW!

  253. Gallas limping?

  254. Limestonegunner

    Gallas limping–come on put him under pressure.

  255. Looks like a long second half.

  256. If players keep diving in like this someone is going to get sent off, hopefully a Spud

  257. spurs starting to dominate

  258. Gaaaaah. ATVO down again. What’s happening? Please tell me we’ve scored again…

  259. Not looking good.Boys showing nerves and misplacing passes.

  260. Limestonegunner

    Chezzer gets away with it. Whew, this is going to go the distance. Come on Arsenal. One more. spuds are coming back into this. High ball after high ball. Nerve wracking.

  261. 1 loose cannon

    we need another goal soon

  262. Limestonegunner

    Just too much hesitation there from Walcott. Wonderful ball forward from Wilshere. Time to shoot; we are betraying those nerves that slow down our game.

  263. At least we managed an attack – hope it sowed seeds of doubt in their minds.

  264. Spurs were on the front foot for a little bit, i think we are the nervy ones.

  265. Limestonegunner

    In the first half, Walcott would have taken it toward goal and shot or made a quick pass in to RvP, Fab, but we are playing it around with the extra, over elaboration, extra pass, the indecision and the safe play. RvP doesn’t find Walcott. But I think we are getting a hold f the game more firmly again.

  266. Paul

    Chill – we’re getting there. Need to look up and think before deciding to pass – would a shot be better?


  267. too obvious

  268. Fuck it

  269. Limestonegunner

    Oh no! Chezzer loses it!

  270. He didnt have to do that at all!

  271. shooting ourselves in the cock

  272. Limestonegunner

    Time to pull together, lads. Still lots of time.

  273. damn it!

  274. another 2 goal lead pissed away…
    we better win this

  275. Damn damn damn. Come on Arsenal!!!

  276. Bloody hell. A rush of blood to the head. Big 20 minutes now

  277. That was an unecessary tackle and then we have missed some easy chances.

  278. yeah tippy tappy bunch of spoilt players

  279. Nasri not having a good game… Arshavin?

  280. What kind of game is this?

  281. I think the whole team is playing well actually.

  282. a typical arsenal game, kenyan

  283. It seems this is the norm against the Spurs nowadays!

  284. why didnt he just stay on his feet! damn it!!!!

  285. Double change coming

  286. Jon Jon typical is giving me the nerves!

  287. apart from the pen ches has had a really good game..
    weve just not threatened gomes too much in this half..
    we stopped shooting..

  288. What’s with all the long balls? WE NEED A WIN

  289. Starting with the giving the ball away. Here is where we need someone to get vocal. PLEASE!

  290. cheslea are in 2nd as things stand…

  291. We need a win!

  292. The subs havent made any impact thus far!

  293. come on boys dont throw this one away as well
    go for it

  294. No, we need that win. Chelsea above us is annoying!

  295. Is Chamakh injured?

  296. 1 loose cannon

    I’m a bit surprised how we look really tired. nothing going forward atthe moment.

  297. Three minutes to win the game

  298. i think chamakhs been disowned to be honest..
    hes not injured wenger just isnt playing him no more

  299. fuuuuuck

  300. I dont know what to say, this is mind blowing.

  301. UnbiasedTobias

    Another fucking draw… Fuuuuuck
    I’m deflated.

  302. What got into our young goalies mind!? there was no need to dive as the angle was almost impossible!

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!

  303. And that shot by Cesc sums up our season: close but not close enough

  304. Oh bollocks. Missed chances, would you say?

  305. Have to say it was a very entertaining game of football. Shame about the penalty of course. Normally you would want someone to slow down the pace but not possible in a local derby match.
    But it will give something to feed the doomers with.

  306. Decent enough performance – I think only Wigan have won at their dump this season. Frustrating though.

  307. do not know what is wrong with this team…as the reasons for disappointment tend to change from game to game…

  308. Borges Spinelli

    Another disappointing result.

  309. Gadget, I am thinking that Cesc shouldve carried the ball forward a but more but I can understand the desperation.

    This is a game that we shouldnt have lost at all.

    Missed chances and mental lapses I would say.

  310. Limestonegunner

    Very frustrating. We got nervous and indecisive in the second half and were looking very ragged defensively. Chesney lost a bit of composure but had some very good saves. Spuds had more chances in the second half. I don’t understand what the missing ingredient is, but I didn’t think the change added anything. Nasri was still playing well as was Walcott. Bendtner really didn’t add anything; instead we started getting overrun.

    Aaaagh! The team played very hard though–just lost its grip on the game by not pushing forward quickly when we had some chances.

  311. Can’t fault the performance, but somehow we just do not seem to have it. Of course, their goals were flukes but still, we just shouldn’t concede two flukes in one game. And the pen, well, Szczesny is still young and has potential but a lot to learn. The way he came out all the time it was obvious that one way or another he will give one away.

  312. chelsea in 2nd..
    all the focus on us and utd and chelsea could be the ones to knick it..

    why do we do this to ourselves..another 2 goal lead down the toilet..
    there are fundamental flaws in this squad and wengers gotta start accepting it..

  313. I think the guys didn’t try hard enough to score the 4th when it was 3-2. Walcott and Nasri refusing to shoot comes to mind.

  314. Cesc was probably our best player. Nasri and Walcott went missing in the second half.

  315. 1 loose cannon

    What can I say. It looks like we are determined not to win for a while. 3 times we were ahead and yet we come away with a point. it coul have been worst if it wasn’t for Chesney, He made some fabulous saves, the penalty wasn’t entirely his fault maybe he rushed a little. We really looked nackered at the end.

  316. The team played well thats for sure but on their 1st and 3rd goal we were not focused enough and thats quite annoying. The talent is all there but we need to be locked in for the 90.

  317. UnbiasedTobias

    Wow! 3rd! I thought it wasn’t possible but now.
    Like I said 2 steps back 5 steps forward. Next year
    Next year will be better.
    Some very big hurdles jumped, and some very important lessons learnt.

  318. Bradys right foot

    JonJon | April 20, 2011 at 9:17 pm |

    another 2 goal lead pissed away…
    we better win this

    Mentalist, RVP clearly onside and goal disallowed and how the fuck do you mitigate against the Huddlestone strike tell me JJ, he;ll hit a bal like that a handful of times in his career. A cup final for spurs and it showed you’ll not see them in ECL next year.

  319. Limestonegunner

    I really thought we would see this out and get at least one more goal in the second half. Chesney is young and maybe got caught up a little in the adrenalin of the derby. Sad that in both derbies were were up at the half and conspired to give it away.

  320. It disgusts me to say but Spur were all over us in the second half. We stopped playing our game. Throughout the latter period of the 2nd , RVP was pretty isolated. The long ball game doesn’t work for us if there’s no one around to get those second balls. There just wasn’t any adventure forward, and you compare it to the spud who attached with belief, and it annoys me. Greatly.

    Spurs aren’t a team equal to us in any way, and yet we let them be better than us.

    And yet compare the 2nd half to the 1st – grrrr. It’s the same as at Emirates. Almost like two different teams.

  321. Well deserved draw to the spuds as much as I hate them. They helped make the game very open. We are better than this.Much better. It is worrying how easily we were snuffed out in the 2nd half. Rush of blood by Sczezny. Everything but the victory. 16 games undefeated and counting. I fear thats it for the season and 3rd place to boot behind those f@ckin Chelsea pensioners. Time to lick the wounds and look forward to next season.The post mortem begins and the great fall continues. Maybe we are missing the big experienced leaders we keep.getting criticised about lacking. And for once we cant even blame the ref. And Im off to the bunker till Sunday.

  322. Its bust then Yogi

    And no surpise this team spunks a 2 goal lead. Thats nothing compaed to previous is it? This is turning into the longest car crash in history and I cant be fucking arsed with it any more and I am goingto the remainder of our games. So please, someone tell me how to see out those games without resorting to hard drugs?

  323. why did we stop shooting in the 2nd half
    nasri had a couple of chances to let fly
    so did theo
    gomes is one of the clown keepers of the league
    cesc knew it and kept on having a pop but what was wrong with the rest of them??

  324. Bummer:

    Chezzer made some great saves, but the pen was not good. Hard to fault a 20 year goalie for being overly aggressive. He will learn. Not sure what to think about the near post goal by VDV.

    We were great in the first 1/2 but outplayed in the 2nd half. This probably puts Spurs CL hopes to bed. Unfortunately I would probably rather have Spurs in the CL then Man City given the latters spending potential and long term threat.

  325. There are no fundamental flaws in this squad at all.

  326. Limestonegunner

    This is certainly a case where the ref didn’t affect things too much. Sure we could complain about the yellows, but pretty fair all told.

  327. Taking off Nasri and Theo was crackers. Did not make sense IMO. But this game was always destined to be a draw.

    We have the slimmest of weight watchers chances of still doing this.

  328. Gadget

    That is revisionism x 1000000. The squad has been flawed since the start of the season. Now is not the time to go into tho man.

  329. Limestonegunner

    Good question, JJ. Case of the nerves, playing it safe rather than with confidence.

    My only complaint is with the supposed offsides on RvP’s disallowed goal. He didn’t look offside.

  330. Agree Limestone. Apart from the odd distribution of yellows, I thought the ref was largely consistent. that spud VD Vaart should have been booked though

  331. Another 2 goal lead that was relinquinshed. I am sorry but that is poor if it happens once. Nope, no positives tonight.

  332. 1 loose cannon

    To be fair we never looked like we were going to win this game,. I was nervous everytime the ball came to our box, I guess the players feel the same.I have no doubt on the technical level defensively they are good but there was no organiser at the back, someonewho screams his head off and put them to task. lets see how Manure get on in the next few games you just never know.I just hope we will not be cheering on manure when they play the Chavs, they look like they are closing on us at the moment.

  333. of course their isnt gagdet…

  334. SomeOne explain how we cant put a game to bed, what’s our problem?

  335. 1lc they did look nervous indeed even on my screen…
    and Chavs are ahead tonight

  336. No Dexter, it really isn’t. This squad does not need to be torn apart and rebuilt. It has a few issues to address but fundamental flaws is pure hyperbole.

    But then again if you thought this team had fundamental flaws since the start of the season, then you must be thinking we’ve over-achieved, right?

    By the way, if you aren’t one for hyperbole, grow a pair and sing breathelessly for the team is my advise to get through the remaining games

  337. 1 loose cannon

    I laugh when I hear the pundits telling us Arsenal are out of the race but Chelsea hare back in it. yet we are on the same amount of points. Funny

  338. Yeah you just go ahead and sarcastically agree with me JonJon. Remember, it’s not worth getting into a debate with me, cause I’m one of those type of people.

  339. I agree with Gadget.

    How things stand right now, United, are on the driving seat for now, but both Arsenal and Chelsea have a good shot at the title too. Frankly speaking, the Chavs have the easier fixtures. If they beat United they could nick it too. It’s too frustrating. Still a lot to play for.

  340. 1 loose cannon

    I thought Bale going off wasn’t good for u,s he was doing nothing at all, one trick pony as I always have been saying. Lemon came on and cause us problems. the defensive situation needs sorting out over the summer.Not replacing players but extra work needs to be done in that department

  341. Gadget

    That is a sad ptheticresponse mate. I have supported the team all season, home and away. Dont fucking tell me to sing breahtlessly or like Rhianna dude. The flaws were there from day one when Almunia was our keeper. The fact Wenger tried to sign a replacement and didnt get one was the flaw. So do me a favour with your easy, no pressure support. Standing at grounds up and down the country, returning after 4 hour trips to St James Park kind of takes it out of you.

  342. Youth is something else, the young man was pumped and couldnt process the situation correctly. The misses were bad but that one seemed as if it was a give away.
    I dont agree the team is fundamentally flawed, if thats the case the most teams are? We do lack a leader though, this group of leaders or leading by example is not going to cut it. We need ONE player who will get us to settle down and focus again. Spurs shouldve never scored the 1st goal so quick.

    I cannot think of anything else.

  343. You're 'aving a laff

    Not even a handshake from Wenger? Dearie me. Arsenal deserve nothing. Kroenke – for the love of football and sportsmanship – deal with this embarrassment once and for all. Taxi for Arsene.

  344. to be honest yeah you are..

    ‘The long ball game doesn’t work for us if there’s no one around to get those second balls.’

    ‘And yet compare the 2nd half to the 1st – grrrr. It’s the same as at Emirates. Almost like two different teams.’

    sounds like your finding flaws yourself…
    but in the next post you contradict yourself and saying there are none..

  345. 1 loose cannon:

    I guess I spoke too soon today about how much better our defending has been. When we defend well we don’t score and when we score we can’t defend. FRUSTRATING.

  346. NB on the right wing doesnt work dont see why Wenger insists on trying it. If we are not going to play two up front or have RVP behind NB its almost like we are playing with 10. Players need to play to their strengths, NB actually scores more cutting in from the left.

    The subs did nothing at all and I think the worst thing is that we really didnt bring on any speed. Vela anyone?

  347. Bradys right foot

    Chelseas re-emergence is interesting and not at all negative for us. Six points two games. Utd have to play Chelsea and us, i’d much rather have Chelsea going to Manchester thinking they still have a chance rather than playing for nothing.

    Its up to us to carry that first half performance into the next game. As for who I’d rather see in the top four the Spuds or Man City, City every single time, no hesitation. VDV was great tonight but imo hes a fraud its his first decent game since December I’ve been told. He’s at the right club then and I hope he stays there, Modric despite not having his usual game tonight is different and class no champions league he could be away. If he did go Spurs could do worse than Hleb as a replacement for him.

  348. Why is it my comments in response to some have a habit of drawing the most fantastical ire?

    Am I really to believe Dexter is one of the much vaunted away support? I say thee nay, when a man makes a comment about needing drugs to get through a game… or did he just miss the hyperbole part?

    Almunia may have been a flaw (although I don’t believe it was), but fundamental it was not. Try again.

  349. 1 loose cannon

    You are a liar. Wenger did shake hands just did not give him a hug and a kiss. Don’t get to sensitive mate

  350. i hear what your saying dexter…
    thats why i stopped going…

  351. Season Review:

    No sorrows, it was a hell of a ride…We live to fight another day!


  352. yeah paul
    nikki on the wing baffles me…
    i dont get that one…
    youve got a 6 foot 4 striker and you put him on the wing???

  353. JonJon, do you actually understand what a fundamental flaw is?

    From your misguided attempt to show me I’m contradicting myself, I’m prone to believing you do not.

  354. Gadget
    You sound like a geek and no mistake. You sure football’s your game? I dont even know what you just said. Look back on my posts here. You will see the games I attend. Or have I been lying all season just to lie in wait till now?

    You’re a sad one feel sorry for you. You’ve jumped on my commentsd and I am one of those who have stood firm all season. If I cannot be allowed to be fucked off after losing a 2 goal lead vs the spuds, when Yogi titled this blog win or bust, when can I?

  355. G4E, I will be supporting and hoping no less but I must say that i am a bit frustrated tonight.

    I am trying to look at the goals and 2 of them shouldnt have been. blow wow!!

    The team is right there, right there!!!!!

  356. All you can say is what a great game. The team could not have done more. They took the game to them and could have won it. This season looks like going right to the wire.

  357. Perhaps it serves ytour purpose to belive |I dont go to away games Insopector. Yet If you had seen the amount of Gooners leaving the hawthorns after Almunia’s fuck up and the abuse that was aimed at him, then you might want to change your opinions.
    I was happily taking a piss when me and another Gooner heard a l,oud cheer, thought we had a scored only to find west brom were 2 nil up and cue 100’s of Gooners exiting the ground.

    Now, ask yourself this…. Am I lying?

    The fact I have had to do this is pitiful.

  358. dont care whether you do or not..
    im sure il get over it…

  359. Jon jon – life baffles you. You support Man United and they look pretty shaky at the moment. Suck it up moron.

  360. Lets hope so steww! I think we couldve been more focused but the team did play well overall.
    Very exciting season, thats for sure!

  361. Steww

    I said to a mate tonight it could be 89 all ovewr again/ Only this time we need to beat Fulham 2 nil to win it!

  362. Yes I am actually a bit of a geek Dexter. One of the few badges I wear with pride. However if you didn’t understand my post, perhaps that’s the source of your anger. That being the case I would recommend a dictionary. Look up the word “hyperbole”, and you’ll understand the condition attached to “my advice”.

    Nah, to be honest, I should apologise. I do get cranky after an undesired performance and I do like to take it out on the net-goers, especially ones who would so willing show weakness

  363. We will probably surpass our unbeaten run at this rate when we win the league next season!

  364. couldn’t hold a dogs lead.

  365. Yet another disappointing performance . I think it was when we had about 9 or 10 games to go that AW said something like all the remaining games were ‘cup finals’. On reading that, the 1st thing that came to my mind was “Don’t say that Arsene, we’re not very good with cup finals are we?”

    I can’t think of one player who played to potential, except for maybe Sagna, Theo and Nasri in the first half. We made spurs look good. I was surprised with AW substitutions too. Why didn’t he take Song off instead of Nasri? I love Song but fast paced games like this tend to make his lack of speed obvious, as the game pretty much just passes him by and he starts to make unnecessary fouls. Besides, Spurs where using lots of long balls that bypassed the midfield for large chunks of the game.

    Do these players really believe in their hearts of hearts that they can win the title? From these last few games, I seriously doubt it. Looks like that mental thingy has affected them so deeply that, they just can seem to get themselves out of this funk. Sadly, AW doesn’t seem to have a clue himself on how to sort them out.

    Oh well, as everyone keeps saying, we are still in with a chance, mathematically at least. AW may still be able to fix this.

  366. always going to be tough tonight what with them willing to die to end our litle title tilt.

  367. Gadget
    Go back, have a look and tell me what you find soooooo unpalatable about my posts, then tell me i dont go to games and that I should follow your example more. Im all ears.

    Please dont flatter yourself to think comments by you about MY support would in a hy way upset or anatagonise me.

  368. Bradys right foot

    Dexter I know m8 this season has been harrowing for all gooners, a white knuckle ride that a Florida Theme Park would be proud of. I found some comfort in that game tonight as its obvious we have so much that is good in the side.

    Spurs played their best game of the season but lets be honest they raise their game against us and a plus 8 goal difference shows to me they’ve been getting away with it all season. I actually can take getting beat by Spurs its the fucking wondergoals they seem to score against us that really do my nut in.

  369. Dexter @10:34, if that was back at me, well played! Although that wasn’t the strength I was looking for.

  370. The pen was down to youth in my view. We had this game won, for some reason I didn think that Spurs would score from open play, I couldnt see it.

  371. Not surprising that we struggle to keep our heads in the defensive end of the pitch in crunch time when the average age of the 2 CB and GK is about 20 years. They have great potential and have been great much of the time since Christmas and the future for them is bright but clearly they have struggled when the stakes are highest. Cost us the Carling cup and probably any shot at winning the title.

  372. Decent derby but wrong result for both teams, more so for them though. Would Gomez have done better if RVP was adjudged onside? Who knows, hardly matters now does it.

    Cheszney maybe could’ve done better on VDV’s first and I damn near launched my remote when he gave away a penalty that was sent on a postcard. Why do keeper’s constantly fall for that shite, just pull away for fucksake?! Tonight he fluffed it a bit whilst still pulling off some decent stops so can’t be too harsh on him at 20 years old. Still the best we got and a fuck sight better than Gomez for sure.

    Song was shit, Diaby was shit and Bendtner was hopefully a game closer to leaving, the boy’s just not good enough. What that sais for Wenger’s confidence in Chamack God only knows, another on his way perhaps. Walcott was flagging but Arshavin offered little improvement and certainly not the impact expected from a sub. At least Cesc looked up for it again, well apart from his shaking his head again at the end. Think he’s off anyway so any good performance out of him should be treated as a bonus at this stage.

    That’s the season over then I suppose, too many home draws have cost us, too little experience has exposed us. If RVP is to be our front man then he needs a partner of quality, Theo could do a job but another proven alternative is essential.

    If Wenger didn’t shake Twitcher’s hand then he embarrasses us all, no need for that shit tonight, grow up Arsene.

  373. 10:34 it wasn’t then? Oh well.

    Undigestable filth this: ” I am goingto the remainder of our games. So please, someone tell me how to see out those games without resorting to hard drugs?”

    Must have been over-exaggeration.

    Are you sure I’ve not antagonised you? Otherwise I’ve really apologised for nothing

  374. Thought we were the better team, undone by a wonder strike really.

    3-1 up at HT we would of won.

    Chelsea going 2nd is not a disaster, keeps them in the mix. We just have to win our games now.

  375. Bradys right foot

    Whats this shit about no handshake, WTF do some people want appy Harry getting suck off at the touch line. Wenger shook his hand and walked on.

  376. Gadget

    Looks like I pissed you off calling you a pathetic geek. Go save your energies on the doomers. The post about hard drrugs was nothing to do with you, but your ego must be quite someting. Oh dear. Please go away, you are more embarrssing than Richard keys.


    I know mate and even when the spuds were actually shit, a draw at their gaff wasnt unheard of or surprising.

  377. you need valium to watch arsenal these days…

  378. If he did shake then fair play, I was out of the room by then getting a cloth having just knocked my fucking beer over. I take it back.

  379. Or you need to be a fucking Nun like gadget JJ!

  380. Matt

    I dont think we are out of it, obviously we need other teams to do us a favour, starting with Everton.

  381. Are you back in the room now Terry?

  382. Bradys right foot

    JonJon | April 20, 2011 at 10:51 pm |

    you need valium to watch arsenal these days…

    I’ll drink to that m8 lol.

  383. damn this hurts but I am not upset with the team, I just want them to really work on not having these mental lapses. If we can cut that crap out we will be unbeatable for the most part.

    Again, we needs a vocal leader for sure!

  384. well could be worse, could be watching the best 2 teams in spain do fuckall for 120 mins.

    defo got value for money tonight, wenger must be happy with that…… :s

  385. Bradys right foot

    Terry T the beer and tears spilled over this team this season is worse than the 2008-09 season. Its been an absolute rollercoaster.

  386. Seriously, Dexter, if you want to make me look foolish, you’ll need to do much better than that. I think you can do it. I hope you can.

    The geek angle is the wrong one to take though (look around, geeks rule the world).

    Hope to see a really good insult aim at me in the morning. I’m masochistic like that. Night all

  387. Gadget

    So me saying I need hard drugs to go to our remainding games is “undigestable filth” Shit, have you ever even been to a game? You are a fucking clueless cunt and nope, you started this and I wont end it till you fucking apologise you imbecile. If you think YOU can call out a Gooner who goes to games, home and away for daring to be pissed off about losing a 2 goal lead against their local rivals, and STILL say we are in the title race then you need to think again missus.

    Rant over, bitch slapped, laters

  388. Alex Ice Cream

    Why are people so bothered? I am annoyed that we couldn’t beat Sperz again after having a 2 goal lead but utterly unsurprised. Are you really that bothered that we threw it away yet again. Why FFS? Haven’t you seen it al before? Since 2007 meltdown is one of the few areas in which we lead the league.

    Gadget you are wrong – nothing new for you. This team is fundamentally flawed – they can’t take the pressure and will therefore win nothing.

    Bottlers, losers, chokers any of these descriptions are accurate.

  389. Being slated by gadget is like being mauled by a guppy.

  390. Facepalm… I still have hope.

  391. Gadget, there is your doomer…. Go take her out petal!

  392. the result of tonights rather rare game is arguably acceptable in the long run. were it not for the many other erroneous results this season we would not be lamenting so harshly.

    wenger has blind spots.

    dont know why the fuck he is turning to lewin for sympathy, he looks bored to tears.

  393. Alex Ice Cream


    Don’t bother with Gadget; being wrong is his speciality.

    You are right in a sense however when you say we are not out of it. We were never in it in the first place.

  394. word

    A draw v the spuds at their gaff is no shame. Doinjg it after being 2 up is fucking hard to tkae, especially sfter the 1st installment and the run of draws we have had. Not the kinda shit we need right now.

  395. Oh and anyone calling for Mourinho as our manager should go out and jump in front of a train.

  396. Not a terrible result. We didn’t lose the title here. Can anyone explain the rationale for the substitutions though ? Walcott was dangerous all game, Nasri can come up with the occasional special moment. When has Bendtner ever changed a game for us ? After the subs came on we created nothing. That’s been the problem for a number of games. Unable to change anything when we need to.

  397. dexter – well 3 goals in 12 mins hardly gives any team the chance the even realise what the fuck is going on… the push and pulls of the game were not given a chance to settle. I dont think we made a mistake for that 1st conceded… the game went on in our favour very soon after.

    end of, it was a rare visceral game that on reflection will probably be seen (by neutrals) as one the games of the season.

    for me, stereo types have little place here.

  398. word

    In isolation this game was brilliant for the Premier league and the sky pudits and viewers, as well as fans of AFC and the spuds. However, taken as part of our season to date, it becomes more difficult as it will be lumped in with the games where we have let a lead slip and there have been a fair few of them. Like I aleady said, a draw away from home against the spuds is no bad thing. It just wasnt what we needed right now.

  399. Alex Ice Cream

    People still talking about the Title make me laugh.

    We will finish 3rd not 1st.

  400. 1 loose cannon

    5 points out of 15 is a sad reality The result tonight could’ve been a good point earned had we beaten Blakburn Sunderland and West brom so the damage was done prior to this game. a slim chance is still there. the only difficult game is Manure but the problem lately has been beating the lower sides so no easy games really. At least we are not compeletly out of it.

  401. AIC,

    Isn’t it about time you learn to fuck off yourself? Do we need to spell it out, that we don’t need fuckheads like you here? It’s been 3-5 years now. You were always a doomer, and you will always remain one. You’re a miserable sad fuck. Never in the title race? Ha Ha. Even you know that’s a lie. Because if you didn’t believe in it, you wouldn’t be so upset about us drawing, the last two games. We’re all dissapointed, but be mature to express your views rationally. It was a good game today, both team played well. Give them credit.

    The difference between the top 2-3 teams is marginal. Despite varied spending e.t.c. Learn to appreciate what the team is doing. And I hope they continue to do so the last 6 games as well. Through thick and thin!

  402. 1LC

    We have had our easy games so its difficult to see how we can turn things around. The 4 draws equate to 8 points dropped and that is just not the stuff of potential champions, however, the way this season has gone, who knows? What I do know is, is that you will be on a disrepute charge for your mutinous comments.


  403. At least they didn’t do a double on us.

    Is it just me, or Diaby should have done better with the first goal? He should have atleast dived to block the shot. Even Szchezny could be seen blasting him.
    Apart from that, he gave away possession atleast thrice (of what I can remember).

  404. You’re wasting your time, Ateeb…

  405. Alex Ice Cream

    Hi Ateeb,

    I never believed that this team could win the Title which is why I say that we were never in it. I wrote a post in Nov/Dec saying that this team was fundamentally flawed in the sense that they cannot handle the pressure that you need to in order to win. You responded to it.

    By the way, have you been to a game yet? Even one?

  406. Alex Ice Cream


    Well said.

    Ateeb, why waste time posting? The difference between us and United is not marginal – how many winners medals are there in their squad and how many in ours? The difference is colossal, not marginal.

  407. 1 loose cannon

    I thought Vermalen was a capatin without the armand last season. he is the missing piece. If he comes as fit as ever then we will have a very successful next season. I know you all heard it before but honestly he is a solid character and always alert to dangerous situations. Him and Djourou would make a solid pairing while Kolcieny and Squillcii are very good covers to have . If Barcelona do not come back for Fabregas then he needs to just say to himself I’m here to stay and really give all. With all that media bullshit is not helping his game. Personally I would like him to stay but if we are going to have another episode of Barca DNA crap then we need to get it sorted one way or the other.

  408. Alex Ice Cream


    “I thought Vermalen was a capatin without the armand last season” Are you referring to Traore?

  409. You deluded f***ers. This website is like a support group. You are only allowed out after you admit we will continue to win f**k all
    He changes or leaves

  410. AIC

    I was telling Ateeb to stop banging on the wall, you facking CUNT!

  411. Bradys right foot

    Enuff | April 20, 2011 at 11:51 pm |

    You deluded f***ers. This website is like a support group. You are only allowed out after you admit we will continue to win f**k all
    He changes or leaves

    Support group I like that very intuative of you, its almost as if the people who comment on have something in common like supporting Arsenal Football club.

  412. Alex Ice Cream


    Oh really….? Its not my fault that you are so gullible.

    Your intelligence is obviously inversely related to you gullibility.

  413. Supporting your club is one thing, but anyone who truly believes we will win the title had better box up whatever they’ve been smoking and send it to me right now.

  414. Was tonights result a surprise to any Gooner.C’mon lets get real.We havent got the mentality to hold on to a lead and defend it.4-0 up with 20 mins to go at Newcastle,1-0 up with a minute to go v Liverpool and we shoot ourselves in the foot.We lack winners in our team.And the truth which so many Gooner fail to except is we are not good enough.The table never lies

    The Birmingham cup final killed our season.Now we are looking at a 3 rd place finish

  415. BRF
    Spelling, grammar and syntax boy!

  416. WTF has happen to Chamakh? The striker who carried our forward line and added a different dimension with his heading ability before xmas now he cant get a place on the bench and is behind the usless Bendtner in the pecking order.

  417. Bradys right foot

    Enuff | April 21, 2011 at 12:11 am |

    Spelling, grammar and syntax boy!

    Dyslexic dont care m8.

  418. Alex Ice Cream


    I am afraid that I have to agree with you and its not the first time that Brum ended our season.

  419. You're 'aving a laff

    The Gooner fan meltdown is joyous to behold. Even more amusing than your team pissing away a 2 goal lead. How you drew this match is deeply disturbing. Keep Wenger on at all costs eh? Kroenke thinks not though..

  420. 1 loose cannon

    Andy- Chamakh is really unfortunate, he is a very good player works hard and has done exceptionally well in the first half of the season. He was dropped with the return of RVP and not necessarily bad form . his goal tally is still not bad considering he hasn’t played for so many games in the second half of the season. He willl be back next season I hope.

  421. Three points or bust – bust it is.

  422. What Arsenal dont need is supporters like AIC, people who dont post but come out of their nasty woodwork when the team fails, who needs that kind of good for nothing rubbish?

    The team did not play poor at all but we had some poor moments. This was maybe he best match of attacking football of the year, so commendations should be given, even AIC should be able to see that.

    The team did not play weak at all and I didnt see this whole bunch of nerves that people are talking about. On a whole the team played well but we are prone to that one moment that we lose focus.

    The Birminghamn match didnt end our season, getting ripped off in the Barca tie gave our confidence a huge blow but I did see a lot of good things tonight.

    Should Arsenal supporters be deluded? why the hell not? We must believe that the next match we will get it togther and everytime we fail we must believe for the next match? “why?” the likes of AIC would say. Well, because we have seen what a fully confident Arsenal team can do. The talent is still there but its to get the belief back in the heart of the players.

    Its funny but people who are like this make me love my team even more.



  423. 1 loose cannon

    You’re ‘aving a laff w e are still above you fool. I know inferiority complex sets in whenever you see an Arsenal fan. How is the case for Stratford going? any luck? You can always share with west ham, in the East end life is cheap plenty of Primark and pound shops for you you bin dippers.

  424. Last of The Country Gentlemen


    Somw of you so called supporters really need yr head checked.
    3-3 was not the result you would hope for…but honestly what is the point in being a fan, a supporter, a gooner – if you can’t take any pleasure or joy; if all you can do is snipe and moan the second things don’t go smoothly or results are not flawless. What is the point? There are 20 teams in this league and only one winner, so why this sense of entitlement – over 38 games there are ups and downs, good luck and bad. A few things could have gone differently for us or for the other sides. It is still tight, and there is still a chance – why not appreciate wht has been acheived. Still in the title race (although an outside chance now), unbeateaten in the league for some time now, a young and improving squad, a great manager and fantastic stadium. There are lessons still to be learned but the future is still bright – there is room for much improvement, and given where they are already is that not reaon enough to be cheerful.

    I really do not understand this incessant negatvity from some ‘supporters’. It is not possible to win every match, all the time. Let the inquest begin when the season ends, and in the mean time COYG!

  425. last friday we had a massive chance to win the league and we haven’t lost since then. So our chances are just slightly less than massive, but still semi-massive. Don’t give up the faith. Lots of matches still to be played. Anything can happen.

  426. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Sack Wenger bring in Tony Adams.

  427. UnbiasedTobias

    Nasir… Hahaha, u we’re joking right?

  428. You're 'aving a laff

    Tony Adams as manager? Now THAT is step forward to footballing obscurity! Where do you get your fans from? Local funny farm? Not ‘arf!

  429. When Schezney winked at the camera, you knew he was gonna give away a penalty. Needs to stop the cockyness a little. His overall performance was brilliant thought and saved us a point.

  430. Have to say I’m happy to see us attacking properly again. It’s not just down to the way Tottenham set up; we started playing as we should with this 4-3-3 last night. That first goal was sublime – RvP vacates the CF position to combine with Cesc, and Walcott darts into the space he’s left behind. That’s exactly how it’s meant to work.

    With RvP playing in the centre it does makes sense to put Bendtner on the right to make the same kind of runs. I think he’s done OK there this season, but doesn’t appear to quite have Walcott’s timing.

    If we intend to stick with this system then I wouldn’t be surprised to see another speedy wide player coming in the summer, whether it’s someone like Miyaichi (if possible) or a signing.

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