Arsenal Kuyt Napping In Bemusing Finale

Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool

1 – 0 van Persie (90 pen)
1 – 1 Kuyt (90 pen)

Crucial wins have been snatched from the jaws of a draw over the years at Old Trafford in Fergie Time. Arsenal took similar advantage and let it slip in a matter of minutes as the Liverpudlian equivalent kicked in.

The title race edged closer to its finale with the sour thought emerging that Manchester United might have sealed the title before their visit to The Emirates, even worse sealing it at The Emirates. Arsenal must buck up. They need to perform better at home. Or be able to sneak a win.

Fifteen matches unbeaten since losing at Old Trafford is an exceptional run, the sort that can win titles if only it did not consist of 8 wins and 7 draws. Infuriatingly, of those draws three winning positions have been ceded. Six points. The same gap to United at the top.

Worryingly, Arsenal have become inhibited at home. Successive goalless draws against Sunderland and Blackburn looked like being replicated here until a manic finale occurred.

The players seem stifled by inconsistency, passes fizzing around the turf are followed by lapses in concentration which kill moves. Or a refusal to shoot from distance manifests in uncontrollable urges to pass through defences without the attacking support to finish the move.

Sometimes games can be won by deflections, by headers, by midfielders or attackers taking a chance on a run to the near or far posts or even the centre of the goal. Arsenal are not doing enough of any of them.

It was a largely forgettable match. Liverpool were well-drilled and disciplined in defence, negating the attacking instincts of Arsenal. Welcome returns from Szczesny and Djourou gave the home side’s defence a sturdier look.

Diaby and Walcott had early sniffs of goal but it was Laurent Koscielny who would come closest during normal time, leaping as if an autumnal salmon to beat Reina to a corner, the ball hammering into the crossbar and to safety. It was to be one of few clear opportunities in the first half. Liverpool were happy for Arsenal to pass across the pitch, numbers in the area subduing attacks.

van Persie did put the ball into the net before the interval, his effort ruled offside and surprisingly, no card forthcoming. A unique refereeing edict in Switzerland not making its way to the Premier League. Uniqueness in the Premier League was to follow when referee Andre Marriner signalled a seemingly correct eight minutes to be added to the ninety following a head injury to Jamie Carragher. Inexplicably he found three more to add whilst the eight was being played.

In the second half, Reina stood between van Persie and a winning goal, blocking and plucking the Dutchman’s efforts. When he was beaten, the side netting rescued him.

The drama would come as a result of the injury time added. Spearing fouled Fàbregas in the area, van Persie comfortably scored from the spot. As the clock ran down, a Liverpool free kick found the Arsenal wall.

As the ball span into air, Lucas got in front of Eboué and the full back bundled into him. Penalty awarded. It was harsh, yes, but that type of decision is nearly always given irrespective of the foul in the first instant. Eboué is experienced enough to know that and whilst an element of his momentum made the collision inevitable, landing on top of the Liverpool midfield sealed his fate.

Post-match, Arsène bemoaned Liverpool‘s tactics,

they defended well, like most of the Premier League teams that come here now

That being the case, it is time for Arsenal to evolve. One reason why teams play like that is a perception of the home side’s predictability. That has to be shattered in the remaining fixtures, especially against United who even play like that when they host Arsenal.

So where does it leave Arsenal’s title hopes. The emotional rollercoaster continues.  Victory over United has to be acheived as well as them losing one or ideally, drawing two of their remaining six matches. With Chelsea needing the points to catch second, that is not beyond the realms of belief.

Arsenal need to regroup on and off the pitch. Players need to lift themselves, as do the supporters. These are desperately disappointing times but to win the title out of this apparent adversity will be a testament to the resilience that the manager often tells us that this squad has. Time for them to prove him right.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. That was a painful ending.
    Clumsy defending by Eboue.

  2. This on the same day the oft derided and constantly scorned Tony Pulis ordered his FA cup final suit.

  3. Overall we probably didnt deserve the win, but the added time was bizarre.

    I timed the Carroll injury at around 2 minutes and Carragher was a full 6 minutes – so 8 minutes looked short given three subs on each side (normally around three minutes – or maybe four if the subbed player is as slow as Carroll) – but after the fourth official shows 8 minutes, even if this is only a guide to the ref, playing 11+ or whatever it was, seems very odd.

    Jamie Rednapp – a leading expert on the rules of the game – suggested that a goal adds around 90 secs so the ref was right – an interesting concept, as I dont recall appropriate add ons for the eight goals in the 4-4 with Newcastle for example – or is there a suggestion that the clock should be stopped for goals just in injury time, which sounds very inconsistent….

  4. By the way, there is no doubt that Lucas stepped across Eboue to take the foul – not cheating but “professional” I guess…madness from Eboue nevertheless

  5. Really positive blog. Good work.

    Its really worrying the mental fragility of this team though. But till the last breath that we all have, we will support Arsenal and not concede the title till the last.

  6. Uhm, wasn’t Fabregas that scored the pen at 90′.

  7. ‘Mental fragility’? Bollocks

  8. The difficulty we have is in scoring goals from midfield. Dried up.

  9. @Frank, honestly IMO me thinks its its mental.

    Either that or the team is careless… what other logical reason would there be? happening quite frequently to be just coincidence.

  10. Bottom line is that Liverpool were happy to waste time the whole game and yet have benefitted from that very timewasting. Had Marriner a semblance of control they would not have wasted so much time. Of course that’s still no guarantee that this poor excuse for an official wouldn’t smply have added on sufficient time to even up what , no doubt, someone had informed him over the airwaves was an incorrect penalty for us in the first place. The man looked desperate to even the score up as soon as we’d taken the lead.

  11. 1 loose cannon

    I agree with Yogi we have become too predictable. Blackburn get at draw here then go elsewhere and get hammered. our play has become too predictable going that crowded middle area does not work. Teams don’t have to be well drilled fefensively to get a draw they simply crowd our predictable route and job done. We don’t seem to surprise teams with new tactics . Such a shame if we don’t win this title as Manure have to be one of the worst they had. I wanted to see Chamakh having a go upfront but it did not happen. He can offer something different. I remember his goal in our first game of the season where his presence made Reina panic and we score a lucky goal, that what was needed yesterday, something really scruffy to open them up.

  12. The frustrating thing is that a draw was the fair result yesterday. We simply did not create enough chances to deserve a win.

    I agree that evolution rather than revolution is required. But that evolution must start with the boss. He needs to freshen up the squad, and review his tactical approach to games. Too often we have drifted through the last half-hour of games lacking any real impetus or ideas. It must not happen again next season.

    Is it time for Wenger to go? Not yet. But if he cannot demonstrate that he can change, then serious questions must be asked. Even the best of leaders run out of ideas eventually.

  13. Looking at things from a slightly calmer (and more sober) view this morning.

    We can argue/discuss the penalty and the extra time all day long. But for me the most disapointing aspect was that after getting out out jail and going one nil up, with virtually no time left, we did not control the game. We had the ball back streight from their kick off, but panicked.

    We are the best side in the lge at retaining the ball, but consipred to give it back to them and fell to pieces once they atacked us. We have thrown way too many points away from games which should have been dead and finished this season, and it is going to costs us. That is what is the most disappointing thing.

  14. Only Arsenal. that was such a painful game, im so scaered to go online, i could only open ACLF to get some positivity
    Still its hurts like hell. I had projected arsenal winning all our games, manutd loosing to us and drawing with chelsea, well i have to project diffrently now

  15. We should have created more chances especially from midfield. But if Marriner was not doing his level best to even up the scores he was giving a very good impression of a man trying to do just that.

    Arsenalkabisa, I doubt if many professional footballers are mentally fragile. Sounds like a psychiatric term. However, the atmosphere in the stadium in the second half was terrible. Something about Arsenal supporters. I remember the same tension when we played Leicester in the last game of the invincibles season. The tension was palpable.

    We seem to be the unluckiest team in the world at the moment, but I doubt if any of the players will give up. I am almost glad that the next game is against the spuds at the allotment. The players and fans will be up for the game. No doubt.

    If we keep going we can still win this.

  16. Who you suggesting we bring in instead of AW, Tim?

  17. Nice post as always YW.

    As others have said, our game is far too predictable and (at the moment) lacks any sort of cutting edge. Nobody seems prepsared to shoot, instead slipping in behind the defence so somebody can squad the ball. Expect nobody every attacks the squared ball.

    Our game can be effective if we can create gaps to play through, but we are not streching the play enough to create these gaps. We play nice football, but are pretty easy to contain at the moment.

    I remember thinking at full time, that only this result could have only happended to this current Arsenal side. Ridiculous really.

  18. The emotional rollercoaster?! That has become a term which doesn’t quite fit what we have been through in the last few months. A rollercoaster with the car at the front missing and no ticket man in sight to give orders.

    Why couldn’t we just have killed the game after our penalty?

    Why was I telling the wifey not to congrats me yet when we scored because there was still minutes left on the clock?

    I really wanted to believe that it was over and 3 points in the bag and message sent to old traff. Never in our wildest wet dreams could we see that one coming.

    As for the injury time business:
    If we hoofed the ball up the park an got another goal nobody would of mentioned it.

    As for the NO Wenger handshake:
    Disgraceful and disrespectful and one should practise what they preach.

    Don’t be pissed at Kenny:
    Be pissed with the players you have purchased who do not have the fucking sense or correct mental attitude not to make any contact with another player who is running away from goal in that stage of game. It’s obvious the player will go down at the slightest touch. You have no argument .

    School boy error doesn’t cut it that was just fucking stupid and ruined a day which the team worked so hard for. Can’t help but, to think that if we just had somebody vocal on the pitch who would of rallied the troops and killed the game off. Even the attempted clearances which led to the free kick were a joke which wasn’t funny.

    I haven’t even checked the anti Arse Media this morning but, I bet we are again being ridiculed and laughed at for god knows how many times already. I heard a pundit say a little while back
    “it like Arsenal are doing their best not to win the league this season”.
    I thought what kind of shit quote is that? how can a team not want to win?
    Can’t get that quote out of the head now.

    “They defended well, like most of the Premier League teams that come here now”

    Oh please Wenger not that old chestnut again we have been through this already haven’t we?! Defending is an art. Not even utd try to play Arsenal at total football because fergie knows his team would get destroyed. What you need to do is employ the correct personnel who can dictate play and give orders on the battle field to the troops.

    This has to be the first time that a draw like a loss but, maybe just maybe this is what is needed to show Wenger that we really do need a Plan B, and that he needs to address the attitude if certain players.

    Djouru, must be feeling sick this morning and I hope he slapped foolish Eboue upside his dumb head for that one. Have to forget that one and prepare for the big one Tuesday night. I just hope mentally we are up for it and if we are then we should be ok and yesterdays result won’t feel so bad.

  19. Incidentally the ref was pretty good last night.

  20. I thought Dalglish shwoed class in his after match intervew as well. The reporter tried to get him to slag Wenger, and Dalglish called him out for it. Nice to see.

  21. By the way good post yogi.

  22. Professional footballers should know not to trust other professionals. Cheating has been part of football for a very long time now. If you touch a man in the box he will go down. All players know this. Damn Eboue, Damn him all the way to hell.

  23. goonerandy, glad you seen it that way too as I thought the ref was very brave and honest. Dalglish is a living legend who has class in buckets loads. I wish I could say the same for Wenger but, I can’t defend or cover up his behaviour of late.

    AW, has to look at his own tactics and players before trying to blame others. It’s a sign when you have drawn at home so many times to teams who get battered when they play their next game. Your tactics have become stale Wenger, and don’t think that Stan K hasn’t noticed that so time to fix up.

    Way to frightened to look at any media till Weds now. I know the media are racist towards our club but, Wenger’s attitude should be better than to disrespect a man like Kenny. That’s not the Arsenal way and you have alienated your self further.

  24. I still think Eboue had a good game and was a breath of fresh air in the the team but all i want to ask is where are the goals from the middle?? Why do do we have to make a lot of passes in the opposition box instead of shooting at goal?? why cant Wenger change tactics if they are not working??

  25. Yoel, a bit harsh but, I second that.
    Damn him to hell indeed.

  26. I don’t really blame Wenger for his “bust up” with Dalglish, it was much ado about nothing really and he was plain frustrated. Understandable given what had just happened.

    I must admit though, when Bendtner and AA came on last night (with a midfielder making way) I was pretty happy, as I thought we were going to 442 and changing our approach a bit. Amazing that he played him on the right again, when our gameplan clearly was not working.

  27. Instead of playing the blame game Wenger.
    Why not coach the team in trying to take shots outside the box?

    Why not get a striker or some MDs who can lift leg shoot from outside the box now and again? Just thought.

  28. Clay – Eboue was excellent in the first half, not as good in the 2nd half, and very naive for the penalty incident.

  29. At Frank. Agree. For some reason I feel deep down that we are winning it this year.

    Like how you know that the sex of the baby in the Missus’ stomach before even you are told. Done that twice – and correctly so far – so I know a thing or two…

  30. Goonerton – The thing is, many of our players have an excellent long range shot. Cesc, RvP, Wilshere, Diaby, AA, Nasri can all shoot. I really have no idea why they don’t.

  31. Same old same old. What excuse is it this week ? Bad luck ? “Teams always come here and defend” ? ( how naughty of them ), Liverpool’s black shirts made it hard for my players to see them ?
    Well A.K.B.’s – here’s the news I’m sure you’re all glad to hear – from the mouth of the Great Leader himself : ” We will continue to live within our means” ( read : our transfer policy won’t be changing, so don’t expect any big name quality signings ), and “we will continue with our policy of developing youth” ( we can see what a success that has been ). And to top it off, the board have said they will be backing Wenger 100%. So there you have it. More of the same.
    Relax. We’re in no danger of winning anything till at least 2014, when Wenger’s ( recently extended ) contract expires. Knew that would please you.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  32. Interesting that you see it that way, Goonerton. KD spent much of the time when Carragher wa injured marshalling his team in AWs managers area, taking advantage of the situation. When AW stood at the half way line when Liverpool were awarded a free kick, KD complained about him to the match officials. The only remonstration was AW saying to KD that Lucas cheated for the penalty….and he did. You are very quick to support the opposition manager and equally quick to disrespect your own, and we wonder why there is tension in the stadium. The supporters just don’t support the team. Evidence on here every day.

  33. What sort of supporter would write long diatribes on the wonders of the opposition manager the day after a game?

  34. I still think we can win the league. There are still 6 games to play. Lets support the team and postpone the autopsy for the summer when there is no shortage of time to dedicate?

  35. I think we are going to continue being beaten by the same stick of mental fragility until something changes. I agree with Yogi we must evolve because these tactics are not new and every team seeks to exploit our percieved indecision in defence with long balls, defending deep and rapid counter attacks. The quality of the team is plain to see but we are still falling for the same cheap tactics and unable to hold our nerve. Why dont Bendtner and Chamakh play together against teams that are hard to break down and pummell the opposition box with crosses. The players seemed very apprehensive and indecive. On this showing beating united who are infinitely better at defending as a team and seem to hold the indian sign over us seems a big ask. A miracle and 6 wins needed now and a fat ladys enchore.COYG

  36. One who can see things fairly clearly on last nights evidence.

    On the penalty, Lucas was clever. But Eboue was just as stupid in even giving him the opportunity. He should have just tracked him, but stood off him. If he had done that we would be 4 points behind Manure this morning. Lucas was clever, Eboue was stupid, and the ref had no choice but to give a pen after Eboue bundled over Lucas.

    Both managers complained about what they can all through the match. All do, and it is the nature of the beast. Dalglish showed his class in the post match interview.

  37. I just find it hard to believe some peope are giving up with 6 games to play. It is not beyond the realms of possibility for us to go on and win the league. Man United still have to earn the right to be champions and they still have to play 6 games in a league where there has been more plot twists and turns, suspense and surprise than in any Premier League season to date. It’s intriguing how some fans are almost expectant at failure. I hope the players do not share this attitude for it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. Should Man United lose away from home to Newcastle and Arsenal win against the Spuds, will you all still be feeling the same way?

  38. People on this forum complain about Arsenal players losing their nerve but what about the fans who indulge in all this negativity immediately after every single set back? It’s like you have never experienced a set back, a hurdle, a challenge -that’s what life is about!

  39. If you think that was a nailed on penalty you’re a lightweight. That is as soft as they come. Basketball fouls like that put me right off football. The fact that it came three minutes after the game should have rightfully finished makes it fully laughable. Only at the Emirates does a ref strain every sinew to fashion a chance like that.

    Bring on the spuds.

  40. Some of you need to stop watching Sky Sports and get your head out of King Kenny’s arse and support the manager of OUR football club for ffs.

    “That’s not the Arsenal way and you have alienated your self further”

    Eh? alienated further from what? a media and football establishment that despise you anyway and would love nothing more than to see you fail.
    The performance of the ref in “extra time” was a sick joke yesterday and yet some of you would rather spend time slagging Wenger for being human and showing his obvious frustrations. Bloody disgraceful.

    Lo and behold he’s back with his “In Arsene we rust”. Is it a form of tourettes? Do you shout that at the end of every sentence? like some involuntary vocal spasm? you poor schmuck. I don’t mock you. I pity you. Being stupid and having tourettes is no laughing matter.

    I agree with Arsene Baggins. Though it looks like the voices of reason and sanity will be few and far between today.


  41. Eboue should of known better. Kuyt was going nowhere,
    Eboue acted like a rabid dog and should be put down.

  42. If it have happened outside the area, a foul would have have been given. If it was one of our players, we would have howled for a pen. Regardless of what lucas did Eboue ran into the back of him, and Lucas fell over. The ref was always going to give it. It was a pen.

  43. We were very predictable. As much as I don’t agree with the penalty we didn’t we do much to win the game. We were given a life line with Cesc’s trickery to win the penalty. How we have managed to throw it away again is beyond me. I hate to admit to this whole mental fragility bollocks, but maybe we don’t have it in us to see a game through. Too many times on the big occasions we have made costly mistakes and panicked. We have had a lot of bad luck, but we havn’t toughened up and kept our cool. It was overall a solid performance at the back, well up until we scored and a patch at the end where we had to go for it.

    Where has the urgency gone? I know we are patient in our passing and working a goal, but why didnt we get the ball into the box if for 80 mins or so the passing wasn’t working against a team that just defended.

    I expected more from Liverpool, obviously our team is on another level in terms of passing, talent etc etc… but we still lack the know-how of opening up a tight defence it seems. Our home form has been costly whereas away from home we are the best in the league.

    This was our league to win, we have seemingly blown a massive chance yet we still got a slight opportunity to make it interesting.

  44. Reading Yoel, you have a point Harry.

  45. Fucking rubbish. That was a very, very soft penalty for Marriner to give.

  46. Chris – Nice post.

  47. I for one Harry Flowers have NEVER had the temerity to watch Sky Sorts…

    I’ve LONG thought that there has never been a plan B to Arsenal’s way of playing and this has now become more apparent as teams have now figured out how to defend against us..
    Come the end of the season the bloodletting that is to follow is going to make the night of the Long Knives seem like a Sunday afternoon stroll on the Chesire downs…

  48. I would be very, very suprised if Arsenal were awarded a penalty in that particular situation at that point in a game. Whether we would be happy to be awarded such a penalty is of no relevance whatsoever.

  49. Blood letting? Football? Long knives? It is a psychosis you have there. Nasty one at that.

  50. If it happened outside the area a foul would have have been given? Fucking rubbish. That happens outside the area all the time without a foul being given. Almost the only time they are given is in the fucking penalty area in the final minutes when there’s one goal in it.

    Identical contact between Koscielny on Kuyt earlier in the game…. if anything heavier contact…. Kuyt goes down.. nothing doing. Get up, you mug. Not a foul.

  51. I agree with LimparAssist

  52. If Skertel had ran into the back of on of our players, and no pen had been given you would have gone mental. And no doubt spouted how ref’s are biased against us.

    It was a pen. Soft?……maybe, but it was a pen all the same. Eboue ran into the back of him and knocked him over. Jesus, it is as pain as day. It is like saying our pen was soft as well, becuase Spearing did not kick Cesc very hard. But he did kick him, and it was a pen. Wake up.

  53. Lucas obstructed Eboue. He blocked his run and won the penalty. The ref didnt see it but it was clumsy on Eboue’s part even by his standards. He had quite a good game I thought. He had another impressive game against Blackpool too. We can’t expect these clown referees to do us any favours so the penalty was inevitable.

    What a costly error, that is why he can never replace Sagna in my opinion. You can’t imagine for 1 second Sagna doing that, even in the ‘3rd’ last minute of stoppage time. He is great dribbling at people, and I still think he is a very handy squad player, he just lacks the composure and decision making to be a starter and reliable 1st teamer.

    I don’t like pointing fingers at individuals as Cesc and co were hardly setting the stage alight. I am more disappointed with our attacking play more than anything else. Having a go at Eboue ain’t really going to solve anything when we have the best RB in the league.

  54. It was not a penalty

  55. We lost two points for one reason – Eboue. He’s a fuckin moron who epitomises the weakneses in our squad. If I was a gypsy Id put a curse on his family.

  56. Of course it was a penalty frank, you sound like a twat saying it wasnt. Dont blame it on anyone or anything but the person to blame – Eboue.

  57. Frank

    Soft? yes, but you can always expect them decisions going against us. It is not only our “mental fragility” that has cost us points this season, the referees have handed United the title.

    The ref was always going to try level the scores, Eboue just gave him a reason to.

    If I was the ref and had seen the incident properly I would have gave a foul our way. It was clear obstruction, I would have been tempted to book Lucas too. Lucas will be applauded but that is pure cheating. If Pires done that he would have been crucified by now.

  58. Limpar – “Almost the only time they are given is in the fucking penalty area in the final minutes when there’s one goal in it”

    Really? I think you might be a little bit mental.

  59. Yoel – “We lost two points for one reason – Eboue. He’s a fuckin moron who epitomises the weakneses in our squad. If I was a gypsy Id put a curse on his family.”

    Not true. Sure he played his part in the end, but the game is 90mins long (111mins in this case). We did not do enough over the course of the game to win.

  60. Yoel

    Watch the incident again. Like I said, you expect them to give that against us, but not to us.

    It was obstruction and cheating. Wenger has every right to be pissed. We barely created a chance all game long as Liverpool deployed their bottom half of the table tactics perfectly to be awarded a penalty “which was a penalty”. Why does the ref then feel he has to even the scored?

    I agree with Frank, we would never have got that decision had it been 0-0 to win the game.

  61. If you gave a foul every time there was contact like that in a game of football you wouldn’t get very far.

  62. More concerning that the perceived penalty is our inability to create chances.

    We had RvP, Nasri, Cesc, Theo, Wilshire all on the pitch for much of the game and had 2 clear chances in a game we dominated.

    I have a feeling we will knock the stuffing out of Spurs on Wednesday. Away from home we have been amazing, better than any season I can remember.

  63. Even if it was obstruction and cheating by Lucas, the problem is that that Eboue wa strupid enough to give him the chance to do it. Track him, don’t get too close, and stand up. Going away from goal in the penalty area, it is the 100% sensible thing to do. Eboue was very naive, and got caught out.

  64. Frank, stop talking rubbish. That was a penalty all day long. Just another entry in the catalogue of how to piss points away from a winning position. I have no problem with people still believing the team will win the league even though we are in a poor run of form, but don’t talk stupid man.

  65. Chris – Agreed. We could concentrate on the pen all day long. The real worry is that when we had scored we immidiately let them back in the game, depite us gaining possesion from their kick off.

    We have thrown away so many points from winning positions this season it is unreal. Some of it can be attributed to back luck, but it happens too often to not attributte it to the team

  66. Some very odd comments about Nohandshakegate…

    Arsene walked towards Kenny complaining, rightly or wrongly but with looking as though he would shake – and Kenny turned away from him. Kenny rightly deflected the attempts post-match to turn this into an incident, but why anyone would criticise Arsene for this is beyond me.

    By the way, regarding penalties, Johan almost had his shirt removed while Kozzer was heading against the bar earlier in the game.

  67. What you on about FranK??? mere words…

  68. I bloody hate days like this. Arguments for hours about a penalty.

    I agree with Limpar on that issue. Bored now. Move on.

    The real, and only, issue for us is how we now maximise our points total between now and the season’s end.

    That’s all that matters. All you people who think Eboue’s a knob? It doesn’t matter. All those who think the referee was conned or is a crook? It doesn’t matter. Finished .Done.

    We have to find a way to answer those who believe that we can’t win, that we have no way through defences, that we panic under pressure. As things stand, that will be tough, the evidence is with them. We have fucked up too many times this season. Doesn’t make us a bad side, just one that will struggle to win the Title.

    I assume that Arsene and his staff will be working hard with the squad to ensure a win on Wednesday. That is all that can be done. If we do, we move onto the next game and do the same. If not, then we won’t win the League.

    All we can do is support our team. I was going to say ” while there is life in the season.” But bollocks to that. I will support Arsenal all my life. If we don’t win anything I will be dissapointed. Then I’ll start looking forward to next season.

    It has ever been thus for football fans -even we spoilt Arsenal ones.

  69. Agree with you, Frank, on the lack of support for RVP from midfield. Some excellent chances came with noone on the end of them, a few made by Walcott with RVP either dropping in for a pullback and the ball went straight… or gambling forward for the straight one and it was pulled back. Unlucky – but more than that, Cesc, Samir, Jack or Diaby should be making whichever run RVP isn’t making in that situation and we score. With ‘one up front’ there needs to be at least one other runner in there.

  70. goonerandy

    I agree. Whatever the reason may be it happens too often when it matters. The refs have played their part once again, more often than we have been dealt shit decisions.

    Its funny despite everything thats gone on how close we are/were to taking the title. Even after yesterdays result the fans who wrote us off last summer should be happy we are challenging.

    Me personally, I expected us to win it this year, as broken as I am now I still believe!! I still maintain we have the best squad, the best starting 11 and the best manager. We just lacked the plan B and composure at times to take that next step.

    You can argue with Wenger’s tactics and why didnt he throw on Chamakh or Bendtner next to RvP.. but he tried that on a few other occasions and we saw nothing out of it.

  71. Same here, I still think we can win the lge despite the team showing no signs of doing so. I always think that things will “click” for us. It would be so disappointing though if Manure do cock up, and we are not in a position to take advantage of it.

  72. Congratulations to Liverpool drawing with Arsenal, a well celebrated victory indeed. Kuynt is a hero.

    Meanwhile, Dalglish says Liverpool are the best in the cuntry.

  73. A lot of angry Arsenal fans about last night and this morning. Others trying to remain positive, some venting their frustrations, some spouting complete nonsense whilst others continue to defend the ridiculous. All good to read though.

    I was left numb by yesterday’s last 5 minutes but sadly I, like a few others here, was more disappointed than surprised by the way it ended. Can’t say the same for my traumatised 12yr old son, the poor lad was in tears, which kind of helped me keep a more balanced reflection on things. Had he not been there then I would’ve no doubt thrown a good few “fucks” at the screen, especially at Redknapp. Is it not annoying enough that the fucker is married to possibly the countries top MILF, a further “90 seconds per goal” my arse!

    The same old frailties outdid us again yesterday, we are blessed with skill yet the equally important qualities of leadership and experience are still missing. If the players don’t posses these attributes then it’s down to the manager to act & indeed add accordingly, failure to do so is his responsibility alone.

    To draw 3 home games in a row, 2 against poor opposition, is simply not good enough let alone the form of champions.

  74. I agree with Frank. Goals from midfield have badly dried up. For perspective, Cesc scored 15 last season and 3 this season. Although Nasri and Theo have stepped up, but Cesc perhaps hasn’t been performing as well as he should have. It wasn’t the defense that was the issue yesterday, but rather the lack of creativity. Just one good chance created for RVP. One. That’s not the Arsenal we’re used to. We have been impotent infront of goal of late. That is the area that needs to be addressed.

    Something about Hleb’s statement, hints that there might already be talks underway, to make his return possible. Seems like that to me. I think he’s shown enough regret that he could be forgiven for being a whore. Second chance anyone? I though, would love to see him back. His ball retention was second to none. Great player as well.

  75. They have won 18 league titles and 5 european cups, so they are the best.

    On the other hand, worshipped here with with passion Sain Arsene wan’t able to win a single trophy in Europe for 15 years. Even Hidding said, we would have won the CL with Pires, Vieira, Henry.

    Wenger is finished. We don’t even play exciting football anymore. We are so boring. And even when Van Persie scored I have known we won’t last long.

    Till 2014, when his contract expires and maybe someone better will take over.

  76. I had thought that Suarez and Carroll were good buys for Liverpool, but on yesterdays eveidence I have changed my mind. Suarez is turning out to be one of the biggest cheats in the game.

  77. Alice in Wonderland stuff. “We just lacked the Plan B.” Can you join the dots for long enough to see a connection, ChrisGoona ? Has it dawned on you A.K.B.’s that we NEVER have a Plan B ? And why do you think that is ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  78. So Arsene’s amazing solution to our problems might be Alex Hleb?

    And some of you think he might still deserve to be in a job???


  79. Frank, at least Suarez can score goals. Something our striker can only dream about.

    We need a Thierry Henry type of striker.

  80. And sadly it seems Rosicky isn’t in Arsene’s plans anymore. If he rated him, I’d expect Arsene to use him when we are lacking creativity. But he’s not getting any games. Arshavin though our player with most assists, has to settle for substitute appearances, which is a bit puzzling. Nasri has been off form, so just drop him, give him a breather. What’s the point of sticking to the same line-up when they’re not performing? Tweak it here and there.

  81. Just to balance the anti-support from Maciek.

    When was the last time that Liverpool won the EPL? Remind me someone. Oh right, of course. Never.

    When were Liverpool hampered by the purchase of a new stadium. It was. Now let me guess. Errrrr. Oh same again. Never.

  82. You saying that RVP doesn’t score goals, Maciek? Sort of invalidates everything you have said, maybe?

  83. Jimbo,

    I didn’t state that it is Arsene’s plan to bring him back. My own personal opinion. I would love to see him back. Better player than the likes of you come up with all year long. Fucking Gary Cahills, and Gourcuffs.

    You’re bored of the racist discussion on the other blog?

  84. Lets see, yesterday, RvP one goal. Now let me count Suarez’ goals. Now there was. Nope. And then there was. Nope. Oh it looks as though Suarez didn’t score yesterday? Could anyone confirm this? Not sure but I think you have it wrong, Maciek.

  85. Frank, they still have more championships than we have. And in the last 6 years they have won an FA CUP and CL. How many trophies have we won?

    Yes, we do have a fantastic stadium , hats off to Fiszman, Friar, Wenger, but we can’t even properly support our team playing at the Emirates. Yestarday’s atmosphere was pathetic. You could actually hear dropped coins.

    Besides, now we have beautiful stadium and cr*p team, where 8 years ago we had small stadium and a great team. I would rather have fantastic players.

  86. Frank,

    Liverpool can’t even make the champions league, and it seems might not again for a long long time. The club has been stagnating for a long time. They resorted to tactics that we expect from the lesser teams from the world of anti-football. Rotational fouling, time wasting, diving, and parking the bus. That is the modern Liverpool for you. Pathetic.

  87. It is entirely possible, Maciek, that you have built your entire anti-support premise on a falsehood. That must make you feel a bit silly, perhaps?

  88. I see Frank’s on here blaming everyone apart from the team and manager again. Is he AW’s PR manager?
    I thought the fans were excellent yesterday considering the mediocre football they had to sit through again. The lack of urgency and pace in this Arsenal team is bewildering. Why on earth did we only start with Van Persie up front when we have Walcott starting?
    It is now far too easy for teams to nullify us at home

  89. Maciek,

    Yes they’ve won a lot in the past. But it came at a price. Which no sane Arsenal fan would be willing to play. The price as we both know, is the inability to qualify for the Champion league again. Europe’s elite club competition. Liverpool’s name has been removed from that list now. It happened because of the way Benitez went about securing success.

  90. Hey, Maciek, I dont care what Hidding has to say about about anything. And neither should you.

  91. Of course it was a penalty.As Lee Dixon said on MOTD2 Winterburn would not have given it away.Neither would Sagna.It was a stupid challenge from a stupid player
    We have scored one goal in 3 home games and that was a penalty.We bring Bendtner on and play him on the wing.A 6ft 5in winger!!!Then we bring Song on instead of Chamakh
    The story of our whole season has been our failure to put a game to bed.Song had three chances to put the ball in row Z leading up to the goal and the foul he gave away was an inch outside the box.
    Wenger’s behaviour was undignified.Dalglish didnt give away the penalty.
    And at the end of the day Utd will win the title with their worst team for 25 years and nothing is more damning about Arsenal than that

  92. I would not rather play at Highbury. Too small. Not enough revenue to compete. In fact I think the Wembley idea was the best option. Not for the shareholders. But in terms of Arsenal leading the way in world club football it was streaks ahead of the idea to build a new stadium. I fear that the arseholes up the road might realise that sooner or later if they have not already.

  93. Frank,

    I’m entitled to my own opinion. 6 years without a trophy for a Club like Arsenal is like an eternity.

    Our mental strengh is non-existant. Progress? What progress, we have less points than we had a year ago. Arshavin will probably go, as well as Fabregas, we have too many average players and many things seem to be going in the wrong direction.

    Wenger should go. It’s Arsenal FC, not ARSENE FC.

  94. Who suggested that you are not entitled to your opinion, Maciek? I can see that ‘mental weakness’ is something that might concern you.

  95. I suspect that Lee Dixon has a selective memory.

  96. Who do you suggest replaces him, Maciek?

  97. Looking around the various blogs today it appears as though most people have hit the self destruction button, pretty sad really. I fail to see how it is Wenger’s fault that the referee awarded Liverpool one of the softest penalties ever? Also the comments about Wenger’s rift and refusal to shake hands with Daglesh are ridiculos, Wenger was clearly walking towards Daglesh (as seen on TV) granted he had his arms stretched out and said it was not a penalty but you can then clearly see Daglesh telling him to piss of and then Daglesh turned his back on Wenger so how can people state that Wenger refused to shake his hand?
    Also Maciek, you really do put your foot in your mouth and make yourself look stupid with some of your comments. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

  98. Incidentally on the midfield thing, the player I would like to have see breaking down the Liverpool lines and getting behind the defence was Theo, but it didn’t happen for him yesterday.

  99. Villas-Boas, Klopp, Hiddink, even Moys. Someone who will teach us how to defend and no concide a goal in 102nd minute.

  100. Frank

    Yes RVP scores goals but he doesnt play enough games.He averages 15 league games a season in his Arsenal career.Henry averaged 30 league goals a season.RVP has scored 13 league goals this season his highest in 7 years at the club.

  101. The Arsenal fans were excellent yesterday shame the team was not able to lift itself again. Very mediocre performance

  102. Why Frogman?

    I have called a spade a spade. Why should I worhip a man who hasn’t delivered a single trophy in 6 years and is tactically inept?

    Besides I have made some valid points. I wrote nothing to be ashamed of.

    It’s just the nature of this blog. You can’t abuse the great one, Ayatollah Wenger.

  103. *worship

  104. It makes me laugh to hear people calling Suarez a cheat when we have Eboue playing. Funny, funny, funny.

  105. Maciek; Progress is not based just on points. Where were we at this time last season? Every year teams will have different total points or don’t you understand that? Of course you have your opinion and your opinion is only based on trophy’s to measure success. Which in my opinion is an inacurate way to measure success. For me success is not being in debt like the United’s and Chelsea’s of this world, being able to compete on all fronts and no matter what you may think, you cannot say we are unsuccessful if we qualify for the Champions league every year and finish in the top 4 every year. I wonder how many other EPL clubs wish that they can be as “unsuccessful” as us? Granted we are going through a frustrating period but we are definatly not unsuccessful!

  106. “I fail to see how it is Wenger’s fault that the referee awarded Liverpool one of the softest penalties ever?”
    Regardless of the outcome, the performance was poor AGAIN. Despite our possession we rarely threatened the Liverpool goal, the team were just so bloody pedestrian.

  107. I’m with you, Maciek.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  108. Some of you people really love Liverpool and their players, judging by your comments. You ever thought of changing? Or have you done that already?

  109. Frogman, fair point.

    But the season hasn’t ended and we can even be outside the top 4 knowing our bottlers.

    Spuds, Bolton x2, United, Stoke. Plenty of difficult matches to come. I fear we can finish outside the top 4.

  110. Frank

    I wasn’t trying to big up Kenny and make slate Wenger. I was just stating that Wenger does himself no favours with sort of behaviour.

    Remember when we were winning things after his first season? It’s about that time when the media hatred started but, in the face of it Wenger still shook hands and carried on with everyday life showing no signs of disrespect to anybody or making silly comments.

    His attitude of late isn’t how an Arsenal manager should be conducting
    himself and does make us a bit of a laughing stock sometimes.

    Every time he looks to blame something or somebody there is always a simple explanation which leads back the person who buys, picks and choses which tactics we employ. What took place yesterday has nothing to do with touch line areas, the kit colour, the pitch, the ref, the assistant ref’s.

    This was more to do with certain players without the right mental attitude to see a game out and no player f-ing and blinding and organising and making sure everybody is switched on.

    Frank, to win the game yesterday all that we had to do was see it out for 2 seconds or so.

    When Lucas stepped across Eboue, he should of done what most defenders would of done bearing in mind the situation and that was to keep a distance but, tight enough so he couldn’t turn and keep his hands behind his back.

    Unbelievably we are still in it and we are still second. My take on Wenger is that he is the right man for Arsenal but, he needs to bring in some fresh faces and fresh tactics. If he can’t do this then I think it won’t matter what we think of him because I don’t think Stan will be having any of it.

    The whistle would of blown and we would of cut the points lead and sent a nice message.

  111. When people say that Lucas’ was a spot-on penalty, what is their opinion on the Kuyt handball incident and Skrtel dancing tango (and almost undressing) with Djourou during one of our free kicks? Mariner made it clear early in the game that he would not give soft penalties, just to make a complete u-turn during the 110th minute and do exactly that. The problem is not that the penalty was given, but rather Mariner’s inconsistency. If he is not going to give a soft penalty in the 4th minute, then he shouldn’t give a soft one in the 110th.

    I would also like to agree to the contributors that said that we have become too predictable. Away, most teams, even the more defensive and hoof-oriented one’s give it a go and we can usually exploit that. When we play at home every team in the world (- Barcelona) will park the bus and we just do not seem to have the keys anymore to unlock the door. I think Frank said that the midfield stopped scoring and that is one of the big factors. When is the last time Nasri scored? Fabregas? Song? Wilshere? All of them have failed in recent weeks and months to hit the net. Our goal average in the last 6 or so EPL games has been 1 goal a game which, for our standards, is abysmal.
    I am also bemused that we keep playing Bendtner on the right. I am not sure if it’s about keeping balance but it surely must be more effective when we are going to resort to constant crossing and long balls into the box in the last few minutes of the game to have our main aerial threat situated in the heart of it all? This is probably in the last 10 years or so the only decision by Wenger that has left me puzzled because we just keep doing it. I’d understand it, if it was early in the second half and we would’ve had to keep the balance but with 5 minutes to go — and the title to play for — you would expect that we would try anything to win.

    Still, as some people pointed out: nothing is lost, yet. Against Spurs, since we are playing away from home, we will win. But the big question is: can we win against ManU? They will come here and defend, we will dominate possession and have more chances. But will we find the keys to unlock them or fail miserably like we did against Liverpool? I still believe that victory is possible but at times a different approach is needed. Tactics need to be tweaked and Wenger needs to find a way to make us unpredictable again.

  112. And do you really think that this season is better than the previous one?

  113. A level headed blog devoid of the irational rantings of some of wot i read 2dy in arseblog.

  114. Thanks Spectrum,mate.

  115. What do you think RvPs goals per game is this year, Kelvin?

    If you think that our support was excellent yesterday, BigM, you have pretty low standards.

    As for your comment, Block4, Eboue is always going to come second best to Suarez in your opinion because he is an Arsenal player and Suarez is a Liverpool player.

  116. UnbiasedTobias

    So Yogi’s back…. relief.


    I shed tears yesterday, are we just unlucky or do we bring this shit upon us. we made suarez look average, we made people forget who Carrol was. we looked determined but lacked the finsh. the irritating thing is that we have players who can score from range but we are too concerned with scoring barcelona-ish goals. if united had that much possesion they would have scored atleast 4 goals, (okay 3 of them would be own goals) . We all know vp can score from range, so can nasri and shava. and cesc as well remember AC Milan.
    what we need is a new dimesion.
    so if teams sit deep, we will hit it from the edge of the area and if you push up we will play as we usually do. kind of like a double edged sword.
    the most painful thing about being a gooner is that we dont even have that certainty of beating smaller teams than ourselves any more. we go into every game with anxiety instead of confidence. teams like blackburn, bolton, sunderland look at the calendar and when they see arsenal they reckon they can actually get 1 maybe 3 points from the game.
    c’mon gooners we have to be flexible.
    even united tailor their tactics for each game.

  117. Keep the faith,you will win the lottery one day.

  118. Thanks Frank. You keep getting attacked for having positive things to say, i love how you wont let anyone turn you to the darkside. The darkside is sometimes comforting for like a minute, then you have to step into the light or you become bitter. See above comments.

    I am soo dissappointed. While i feel its almost impossible to win now. I cant help for hope but a miracle. Every fibre of my being is still rooting for us to win. What can i say, i love arsenal, bottom line.

  119. theBigM: “the Arsenal fans were excellent yesterday”?

    Not around where i sit – yelling foul mouthed abuse at most members of the team throughout the second half.

    but perhaps that’s what you mean by excellent…

  120. Alex Ice Cream

    Another rubbish performance at home, a consistent theme here. So much for the CL exit helping our “Title run-in” (joke). Since then we have drawn 3 at home v Blackburn – 10 game without a win, Sland – 1 point out of 27, then yesterday where we were rubbish. We hardly created anything, again. We also threw it away v WBA.
    Its a bit rich AW having a go about the penalty; last week Blackpool have 2 dead cert pens not given against us.
    Yes there was too much time but Eboue gave the ref the excuse he needed to level it up. Eboue is rubbish and has been since the 2006 CL run to the final. If you keep picking substandard players they will make mistakes that cost you.
    Inability to close-out games has cost us also. This team panics when the pressure is on. This is the “fundamental flaw” that I have spoken about before that blights this team. They won’t win anything, they can’t win anything.

  121. Cannot understand why people actually think its a penalty. A penalty is a reward for when somebody has a good shooting/goal chance in the 16 area but gets fouled, how on earth does lucas have a shooting chance when not even having the ball, and second of the ball was going towards the corner flag, so in no way a goal chance. Thinking logical sure can be difficult these days, if one jumps off the bridge you’ll follow him too?
    And to add to that, Eboue is actually trying to go for the ball, which actually happenes quite alot in football you know.. and then its smart of lucas to make a theatrical fall? the fool aint even trying to get to the ball. If thats smart then i rather not be :-), Lucas should’ve gotten yellow for schwalbe, easy as that.

  122. @block4- but suarez is not our guy, Eboue is. This is the problem our fans all up other teams butt. The grass is not always greener people. Hell yeah he is a cheat, should we not say because Eboue plays for us. comon now, come on!!

  123. It does seem strange that both Chamakh and Bendtner were on the bench, but no Rosicky or Ramsey. Bendtner and Chamakh offer us something very similar, whilst we did not really have a creative option on the bench for central midfield. Does anybody know if they were carrying knocks?

  124. Hope springs eternal for some…..

  125. Oh yeah, Eboue just got played. He wasnt sharp or smart about the situation. he got PLAYED. Annoying.

  126. Arik – A penalty is awarded for a foul in the box. It does not matter about anything else. Eboue ran into the back of one of their players, who then fell over. People can debate if Lucus was “intelligent” about it, but it was still a penalty. If you run into somebody and they fall over, it is genrally given as a foul. I really can’t believe people are trying to say it wasn’t.

  127. Gooner Andy – ( quote ) “Same here, I still think we can win the lge. despite the team showing no signs of doing so.”
    Do you realise how absurd that statement is ? On that reasoning, Blackpool should be champions this season, and not at the bottom of the league, as they are now. Alice in Wonderland stuff again. I always thought you A.K.B.’s were desperate and out of touch with reality, now this confirms it !
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  128. Jabba's delights

    Pretty low time. I find our mental fragility sickening

    Frogman i’m afraid we have shown this type of weakness for 3-4 years and nothing has been done about it. Our defence has improved this year but then when you consider WBA, Newcastle, Liverpool, Spurs home games with the WBA, Newcastle, Sunderland and Wigan away games errors defensively have cost us points. 19 points due to mental lapses. Factor in the 0-0 against Sunderland and Blackburn where our team failed to break down teams struggling against the drop and i think you can find something really isnt working.

    I’m so disappointed in Wenger. Excuse after excuse. If we end up with 70-75 points this year i would go as far as saying he doesnt deserve the summer to sort things out. If the board does keep him on nothing other than a clear out is needed.

    We cant settle for being alright. Almunia, Squilaci, Clichy, Denilson, Eboue, Rosicky, Diaby & Bendtner dont cut it plain and simple.

  129. SPECTRUM – I am fully aware of how stupid my statement is. That is what being a supporter is about though I think. I always think we will win, despite our obvious inability to kill a game when it matters.

  130. Eboué had a good game yesterday apart from his moment of madness. He looked good going forward. I’m not convinced he’s a natural defender though.

  131. Ateeb,

    If you are right about Hleb, that’s good news for us cos this is a man who is truly regretting that he ever left Arsenal. More important than that he cut’s through midfield and defenders like a hot knife through butter. Can’t shoot for shit but, he doesn’t need to if he has RVP and company beside him.

  132. @ goonerandy, guess its also difficult to spell a name when its right above you :-).
    Do you think that when football was invented they actually had a box? no!
    The box came when after playing alot of football, they thought it was unfair for an attacker to have a good scoring opportunity but then get fouled to prevent the attacker from scoring, so then they invented the penalty for situations like those. When to think about it, makes perfect logical sense, so I ask you, where was the shooting/goal opportunity for Lucas?

  133. Spectrum: Leave the AKB remarks for the LeGrove blog.

  134. Arick – Got it this time 🙂

    You are just making the rules up now mate. It does not matter about a scoring opportunity when it comes to awarding a penalty. It does when a red card is an option, but not to award a penalty.

  135. So, Arsene bemoaned the Scouser’s tactics did he. Once again he moves the focus away from his own shortcomings.

    About time he went

  136. UnbiasedTobias

    u know what irritates me the most bout most arsenal fans is that they are so dense.
    its like true gooners get hit and get back up, the “plastics” as good old JJ says get hit, stay down and try bring everyone else down with them.

    if kuyt had missed his pen. or if the ref could count to 8 Wenger would have been praised, Eboue would become a star and the cries for a major clearout, abolished. see how stupid we can be sumtimes.
    there is no denying how well our midfield and defense played.
    its just this 4-5-1 it gives 1 player the role of striker, so subconsciously, he’s the only one really vying for some goals. if we had 2 strikers upfront as opposed to 1 not only have a got a double threat but it encourages more direct football as there are less options in the midfield and more in the 18 yard box….
    if u get what im sayin

  137. Frogman – But isn’t this the A.K.B. blog ? Appropriate I would have thought. You guys should visit Le Grove now and again. They’ve been saying for YEARS what you guys on here are only now SLOWLY beginning to wake up to. Check it out – it’s a learning experience.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  138. Moyes!! Ha ha thanks for the laugh this morning.

  139. Spectrum,

    I feel your pain mate trust me I do. Things just don’t add up and you wonder why certain players are even at the club and further more being selected to run out on pitch wearing the shirt.

    Your pissed off because of what you see and what we use to see and you know it’s not how it should be. I use to be the same way but, Wenger is our manager and we won many things under his rule and played some of the best football this country has ever seen.

    It’s gone bad at the moment but, after so long without silverware winning our first bit isn’t going to be easy.

    We will have to pay for it in blood and finger nails. Sounds like your anger is directed at Wenger’s policies of late and not his overall running of things.

    You can’t honestly believe that he should be sacked? I reckon if he changed certain policies and tactics you would be alright again with Wenger.

    I was very concerned not to see Ramsey on the field of play and very concerned to see Wilshere subbed as the creativity went to rock bottom when he left. Fab, should of made way not Jack as he was more productive. Then to see Bendtner out on the wing was shocking too. I will need an post explaining that tactic to me cos I didn’t get it at all.

  140. goonerandy, I’m sorry you feel that way, what I wrote is 100% accurate, but I don’t care, you may live in your own world where one follows the masses eventho they totally going in the wrong direction.

  141. Ok it’s never going to happen, but let’s say in a parallel universe the idiots get their wish and Arsene is gone. If any of those candidates that Maciek has mentioned (Moyes??! for f*cks sake) didn’t win a trophy in their first or second season (as they probably wouldn’t) you’d all be clamouring for change yet again. Ad infinitum. Arsenal’s transfer policy won’t change in the foreseeable future so any big marquee signings that some long for are unlikely to happen whoever is manager. Then maybe it would begin to dawn on you morons what you lost. Then again..probably not. Arsene Wenger spoilt you. In a sadly ironic way the instant success he brought has almost become his undoing…a legion of spoilt “fans” who think it’s their divine right to win the league every season and also, having had their brains softened to mulch by the endless flow of wisdom from hacks/pundits/blogs, now believe it’s such a piece of piss to achieve that David Moyes would be better equipped to deliver. I dunno, just buy a couple of big blokes at the back and a “Thierry Henry type of striker” and we’ve cracked it! simple. Innit.

    I think Hleb’s comments were intriguing. I don’t know if we need him back or that would ever materialise. He’s had to learn a (painful) lesson whatever. Personally it was always a pleasure watching the guy play in an Arsenal shirt. A footballer like that is criminally wasted where is he is/was.


  143. Spectrum; You are correct there, it is for sure a learning experience!!!! I guess if you are a moron…….

  144. Eboue ball watching. Very intelligent/sneaky from Lucas Leiva. Soft penalty to say the least. Can’t really complain about the amount of time played but that was a soft penalty, regardless of what Alan Smith says. Scared shitless to argue with Jamie Redknapp he was.

    Still keep the faith. All it takes is for United to lose one game and us to beat them and we’re back in there.

  145. would we be backing any other manager if it wasn’t OGL Arsene?the man is finished.We will never win anything with him at the helm because we will forever keep making excuses for failure instead of looking in the mirror and asking are we good enough.There comes a time when change is neccesary.That time has come.I mean who seriously in his right mind thinks the great bendtner is a winger?christ?do you need to be a football expert to think gee,the bloke can head a ball,maybe we shld move him central,RVP can cross so let him move wide n with his technique he can take on a few and come in when he wants….but no, OGL thinks the techniqueless Great Dane can play on the wing……same shit diff day and yet we spend the whole day saying just support the team,you are a doomer, you are an AKB,i am right, you are wrong………if AW was doing his job well would there be all these divisions?The man has been great for us but nothing lasts forever….to top it off he picks a fight with kenny because he celeberates his side winning and scoring a pen….wtf was he supposed to do?bunch of fucking overpaid chokers.Not worthy of our support

  146. Arsenalkabisa nice to have you back. I feared you were dead!

  147. What I found interesting was the amount of players Daglish used from their academy. I thought we ARE the club that gives English kids a break?

  148. I think removing Diaby and Walcott was a mistake. They were having a great game. Bendtner couldn’t seem to get past that 17 yr old Jack Robinson.

  149. Arick – Let me just get this right; you believe that a penalty can only be awarded if the offence prevents a goalscoring opportunity?

  150. A LOT of crap written on here today. The usual suspects out in force as always after they feel the time is right to have a moan.

    We are on a bad run of form lately yet we are 15 games unbeaten. Ok our title challenge is on the verge of being over, but why the lack of support. It seems that if some are only willing to support when we are winning. Some need to learn to your personal hatred aside when coming onto Arsenal blogs. I know Wenger is French and not really loved by the British media, some of you should at least show the decency to support a manager who is DOING great things for our club.

    These are the same people that claim the team has a mental fragility. Our support is a good representation of that it may seem. I heard the commentor even mentioning how quick the Arsenal fans turn on the team when things aint going to plan. Logically, when your team is struggling, shouldn’t we do our best to encourage them?

    Anyways I’m off, can’t handle listening to this bull. Keep it up Frank, Limpar and the supporters who support.

  151. Bradys right foot

    afrogoon | April 18, 2011 at 12:25 pm |

    “Not worthy of our support”

    You don’t speak for me, only yourself but if the team is not worthy of “your” support feel free to give it to someone else.

  152. Arsenal have the highest proportion of wanker fans in the league. They’re a disgrace to the club, and the reason our away form is so good.

    ** Statement revised from “Arsenal have the worst fans in the league” **

  153. Big disappointment to get two points snatched away from us like that with a shithouse penalty after the game should already have been up (3 chances to LOOK AT YOUR WATCH REF and BLOW YOUR FUCKING WHISTLE! The game was OVER) – but anyway, agree with Cb. Move on.

    Not a lot has changed. We got a point off the team who demolished Man City the other week, who beat Utd this weekend. Had we won we’d have been 4pts off and hoping for a favour in the form of a draw, and to edge them on goal difference. Now we are hoping for a bigger favour, them to lose. In both scenarios we need to beat them at ours and win the rest of our games. Not a lot has changed… yet.

    Big win against Spurs changes everything.

  154. Why is everyone constantly slating the Arsenal fans on this blog? Is it to avoid discussing how poor the Arsenal performance was? How many of these people who slate the fans actually go the games?

  155. Not slating the Arsenal fans. Slating the wanker fans.

  156. Arick – You might want to read this to get your self up to speed with the laws of the game. Go to page 32 where you will enlighten yourself.

    Click to access LOTG201011.pdf

  157. Poor performance yes. But we did what United have been praised for doing all season and ground out a result while not particularly playing well. At least we should have.

    When they do it they’re playing like champions. When we do it we lack a plan B.

  158. You might also notice if you look really hard that nowhere does it mention a goals scoring opportunity in relation to the award of a penalty.

  159. Markus – The difference being that had Manure gone 1-0 up with so little time left, they would (likely) have just killed the game dead. We gifted them the ball back, and then it was mass panic when they got near our goal.

  160. @goonerandy, didn’t quite get what u meant with your sentence, so will try to make my sentences a bit more clearer.
    From a penalty the chance of scoring is pretty high, now why would someone who has absolutely no chance of scoring, get the chance of scoring at a penalty, where’s the logic? Lucas was never gonna be able to pull a shot from that angle, and who says Eboue wouldn’t have been at the ball first? No instead Lucas looks for the foul and actually gets it.
    Rules are there as a guideline, and shouldn’t be followed to the word, unless you can’t think for yourself offcourse.

  161. Mongolian Gooner

    Maciek, do you really think Arsenal can’t defend? Look at the stats I put here yesterday. I’ll dig it for you.

    Goals scored: 2nd (63) after ManUtd.
    Goals conceded: 3rd (31) ManUtd are behind us at 4th place
    Clean sheets: 4th (12)
    Average goals: 2nd (1.97)
    Half time league: 2nd (59 points)
    Home league: 3rd (34 points)
    Away league: 1st (29 points)
    Disciplinary table: 3rd bad boys (means we are tougher than seventeen teams)

    I think defending is not our problem. It’s those mad moments with full of adrenalin rush that I am worried about. We need to control those moments and like someone said earlier our on-pitch leaders should be more vocal in these regards.

  162. Andy the final whistle would have gone as soon as United put the penalty in.

  163. Typical ChrisGooner. Never debates the issues. Won’t even concede that the team has a mental fragility. Continues to live in his Alice In Wonderland world, where the sun is always shining,the flowers are blooming, nothing is wrong, or could ever go wrong. Stays blindly faithful no matter what, ( even though that faith is never repaid). He reminds me of Admiral Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar. Or General Custer before the Battle of The Little Big Horn.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  164. UnbiasedTobias

    if the ref had blown the whistle at 8 minutes, people still be dissing wenger?
    dont think so…

    Shit happens. and even if we don’t win this year, is that why u support arsenal, because they win? if so what seperates you from the thousands that join man city and man united every year…
    arsenal doesn’t need nor want glory supporters. if you want to be a gooner then support arsenal because you love them.
    and if you love them get behind them.

    if a boy is failing at school does his father start calling his own son and idiot? or does he get behind his son and encourage him with all his heart.
    thats what supporting a club is.

  165. Bradys right foot

    TheBigM You’ll find some of the most indepth discussion of the team on the blog, real discussion backed up with clarity facts and figures. Not rehashed lazy punditry passed as chapter and verse when in reality its simply opinions formed by an inability to distinguisg between a dishonest media narrative and facts. The penny is actually starting to sink with some that the defence is having a great run, people are beginning to realise that Kozzer and Szesney have had fantastic debut seasons and JD is a fantastic defender. Weeks ago this forum was discussing the fact that the goals and spread of goals were drying up. We create a huge amount of chances throughout the season, ultimately this league will not be decided by the defence but by who is more clinical, and Utd have the edge in that regard. Log in more frequently and keep up theBIgM you’ll find yourself ahead of the curve. le Grave lie about Wengers transfer bonuses and tell us how bad a defense we have i’m not interested in that stuff, i’m interested in supporting Arsenal who last time i checked were not fighting relegation but for a league title.

  166. Arick – So by your logic, a defender who was under no pressure could just pick the ball up in his own penalty area. What would happen then?

    Markus – Heh maybe, but my point stands. And that is the difference between us and them.

  167. And the laws of the game are not guidelines. The clue is in their title i.e. “laws”.

  168. So if the law told you to kill yourself, would you do it? my point still stands.

  169. Arick – But the laws of football don’t mention killing yourself do they?

    There are some 100% refuse to see the truth type people on here, and even they are not using your reasoning why it was not a pen. Why do you think this is?

    Either way, that is my last comment on this. You are either on a wind up, or truely do not understand much about football. Incidentally you did not propose a solution for my example about the player picking the ball up in his own area. Can’t think why 😉

  170. @GA
    So what about those times where Mariner failed to apply the laws? I.e. the shirt pulling incident with Skrtel?

  171. SPECTRUM. I just took a quick tour of the blog world and see that you have cut and pasted yourself to death almost every where. You must be unemployed or on school break!

  172. Good, once you’re brainwashed you can’t turn back anyway so np :), you do know that they update these “laws” every year right? you never know if they will add that! , and the reason why i didn’t answer your question is because I have no idea what you on about. You mean pick up the ball with his hands? orrr???? if thats the case then I will just say that this game is “foot”ball and not “hand”ball

  173. I was gonna warn you frogman. Spectrum is something else. real piece of work.

  174. No, you are saying it must be a goal scoring opportunity to attract a penalty kick. I am giving an example of a blatent offence (handball) which is not a goal scoring opportunity. With this in mind, I am asking what you think the penalty against the said player should be?

    If you don’t understand that, you are simple.

  175. There is a worrying zealotry to your arseholery these days, goonerandy. Almost as though you are not an Arsenal fan at all. How can you not feel robbed when your team gets such a soft one go against them three minutes after the whistle should have been blown? It makes me wonder about you.

  176. read it 3 times and still don’t get what u on about, i guess its me 😦 to simple minded idd, i rly am a sadcase, have pitty! 😀

  177. Thanks goonerwife 🙂

  178. UnbiasedTobias

    okay thanks spectrum, we really care about your opinions. please grace us with more! cos we don’t hear this shit anywhere else.

    if any1 can give me 3 reasons why he should go
    and 3 reasons why the next person would make a difference and help us win trophies then i might consider thinking about all the Anti Arsene opinions

  179. Frogman – No, I just like debating and putting my, what I consider to be realistic, view across. Which is supposed to be the point of these comments sections, is it not ? Though A.K.B.’s consider anyone who dares take an objective view on the manager, team and board, to be disloyal, a Spuds supporter, a fifth columnist undercover saboteur, or whatever.
    And here is, yes, a copy and paste, of a post from another site explaining why I do in fact, “copy and paste” ; ( Quote ) “When I have a comment to make, what is the point of typing out the same message on other sites I visit, when it is much simpler and quicker to copy and paste? I’m not only on “transmit”. I leave the other blog sites windows open, and check on them between posts, to see if anyone has replied. If they do, I respond ( when time allows ). Sort of like multi- tasking. ” Nothing wrong with this is there ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  180. Spectrum has his “Dummies A-Z of Big Battles” out. The sun IS shining, the flowers ARE blooming. Spring is in the air Spectrum. Rejoice you little shit. All faith is blind faith. You don’t sit with your arms crossed waiting to be constantly “repaid”. They are your team and you support them for as long as you have breath in your lungs, through thick and thin. It’s reciprocal. And believe it or not, your extremely lucky in that you find yourself “supporting” Arsenal, who in comparison to roughly 99% of all other teams, the times are mostly good. Read Consolsbob’s post earlier, specifically his paragraph about supporting the Arsenal. You might actually learn something.

  181. Limpar – I feel disapointed, and absoutely gutted, and I do feel robbed to a degree. But not by the ref. I belive that it was a penalty, and certainly we would have wanted it if the tables were reversed. I am more gutted that we let them even get into that position. We should have just killed the game (what was left of it) off, but yet again we did not do so.

    Just how that reflects on my support I don’t really know, but I know that is your normal reaction should somebody comment on the team which is not bowing at the alter. So that fact that you question my support really does not mean anthing anyway.

  182. It’s not worth engaging anyone who even entertains the idea of changing manager.

    It’s like you’re watching a great film with a challenging plot, and a somebody (either too young or just a bit slow) walks into the room halfway through, doesn’t even try to understand the storyline or context, gets bored and wants to watch MTV instead.

    Never going to happen I’m afraid.

  183. UnbiasedTobias

    i read this article on goalkeepers that reckons that teams who play possesion football should have their goalies roll the ball out to their fullbacks instead of boot it down to the middle of the field. i may be wrong but if szcsesny had rolled it out to clichy or eboue in the last minute before the penalty, and we just took the ball to the corner and held it there, like Henry used to do very well. we would have two more points. i’m not blaming szczesny… its just a point

  184. that was a shit game. Directed by a shit refree. Stop hammering on wenger and the players. They did enough to lead 1-0, but d refree’s script started after this. Immediately liver hit a long range which sczescny save. Time: 98mins. The goalkeeper took his time then kick high. Everybody expected the final whistle. None came. Ars and liver players sensed something but differently. And it came 2 pass!

  185. UnbiasedTobias

    hit the nail on the head 1ou

  186. UnbiasedTobias

    hit the nail on the head One Of Us

  187. that was a shit game. Directed by a shit refree. Stop hammering on wenger and the players. They did enough to lead 1-0, but d refree’s script started after this. Immediately liver hit a long range which sczescny saved. Time: 98mins. The goalkeeper took his time then kick high. Everybody expected the final whistle. None came. Ars and liver players sensed something but differently. And it came 2 pass!

  188. I don’t believe it was a penalty.

  189. UnbiasedTobias

    Eyi Gooner
    yeah i’m not blaming szczesny, im just saying that in the future we have to waste as much time as possible if we are ahead. and we should know by now never to rely on a referee. years back we used to run the ball in to the corner flag and keep it there for like a minute each time. it worked aswell. we shouldnt have stopped. a team cant score with out the ball (except united) so why dont we just keep it the whole time.
    lets not play so fairly, it costs us.

  190. What Arick is trying to say ( i think) is that the penalty rule is ludicrous. I agree. Lucas has no chance of scoring, and wins his team a free shot on goal. Yes, we all know the rules, and we’re only complaining now because they went against us, but still, the point is valid in a way.

    I’m of the opinion that it’s more obstruction than a foul on Lucas, but either way, it is a bit of a joke that players can get such a great opportunity to score from something that has nothing to do with scoring a goal. Just like handball, it has nothing to do with scoring a goal if a defender touches the ball with his hand from a cross into the box.

    Basically, some rules in football are a joke. It’s off topic and rather pointless but I feel like saying this right now.

  191. Unbiased Tobias – Broadly speaking, I can give you SIX – Seasons 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and shortly to be seven (2011). See a pattern here ? Oh that’s right – we managed to finish in the top4. That’s our new standard of achievement and success under Wenger. Well he’s certainly sucked you lot into that mentality, hasn’t he ? And he’s setting you up for next season too i.e. transfer policy staying the same, keeping the youth development policy, e.t.c. How long before the penny drops with you people ?
    As for the next manager ? First three ; 1) the next coach ideally should be a master tactician. 2) someone who can instill motivation, discipline, desire and the will to win. 3) someone who is prepared to spend (sensibly ) when needed, on quality experienced players ( not free, or bargain basement ones ) to strengthen the team in the areas where it is obvious to everyone ( but Wenger ) , they are needed. Who ? There are some, and if it were possible a certain gentleman with the initials J.M. springs to mind, as my choice. Could you imagine him tolerating this team of pampered underperformers ?
    There are many other obvious reasons to anyone with their eyes and minds open enough to see them. But it’s late here in Australia, and I’m off to bed.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  192. “As Lee Dixon said on MOTD2 Winterburn would not have given it away.Neither would Sagna.It was a stupid challenge from a stupid player.”

    I just picked one example of this assholery above. I’m so amazed that anyone can watch the replay and call it a penalty. Seriously, go watch it again, especially the full speed part at the beginning, not the slo-mo.

    1) Lucas is moving away from the ball so that he can throw himself into Eboue. There is not a player in the world who would have done better than Eboue there.
    2) It was not “clattering into the back” because it’s the outside of Lucas’s leg that makes contact with the outside of Eboue’s.
    3) It’s not a bad or clumsy challenge by Eboue…because it is not a challenge at all.
    4) Anywhere else on the pitch in any other situation, that is an obvious foul against Lucas for obstruction.
    5) If that is a legitimate penalty, then any player could win a penalty every single time the ball is in the box, because a) he doesn’t have to have the ball, and b) he can just throw himself into the nearest player that’s moving toward the ball.

    I know that people suffer from the just world fallacy, and want to believe that penalties called must be somehow legitimate. I expect that from neutrals, but I don’t expect it from Arsenal fans. The fact that Eboue can be a diving little cunt, or that we should never have been in that position defending a free kick to begin with doesn’t change the fact that that is worst late penalty called against us in memory. Worse than Clichy/Brum, where there at least was a challenge, and worse then Toure/Babel in the CL.

  193. LA you are a real prick!!! Do you honestly believe that if a supporter does not give 100% adoration to the team them they are not a real supporter. FFS how sad are you.

  194. JD – It is not even adoration. I (and many other here) are 100% commited supporters, but am more than capable of seeing and discussing flaws in the team. LA seems to think that affects my (our) support for the club.

  195. “I belive that it was a penalty, and certainly we would have wanted it if the tables were reversed.”
    “I am more gutted that we let them even get into that position.”

    Two sentences. The first is absolute bullshit. I would not expect that to be given as a penalty anywhere ever. Ironically, it would probably be Eboue who was the diving cunt to try it. The second sentence I agree with entirely.

  196. UnbiasedTobias

    all 3 reasons this spectrum guy gave are exactly what wenger is.

    and do you really think we will gett jose mourinho?
    you didnt give me 6 reasons y he should go u gave me 1 reason 6 times, trophylessness. but we are not chelsea or city, we are a club built on morals and trust.
    this team is a work in progress and arsenal do not need to break the bank. a few sensible buys at the back and in the midfield, maybe a striker and we will be unstoppable. this guy needs to see past his situation.

    had we signed yaya toure. wilshere wouldnt be playing. had we signed all the defenders we were linked to last season JD wouldnt get his chance. same story with szczesny and van persie.
    now with the new talent that we have groomed and the ones coming in next season. we will win something.

    why are people so small minded.

  197. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuck all this talk about King Kenny and Liverpool. They were shit. No ambition whatsoever. The only King in that stadium yesterday was Eboue, and it’s a real fucking tragedy Marriner awarded that ridiculously cheap penalty. That was never a pen, and to award that after the game was already over is nothing short of appalling. There are some real fucking dim wits that claim to support Arsenal aren’t there?

  198. Boyd – Fair enough, but I reckon most fans would want that penalty given for their team. Perceptions and all that.

  199. “I think defending is not our problem. It’s those mad moments with full of adrenalin rush that I am worried about. We need to control those moments and like someone said earlier our on-pitch leaders should be more vocal in these regards.”

    This is absolutely spot on. We have a serious lack of on pitch leadership, and must face the fact that neither Cesc nor RvP is a natural captain. My hopes for next year are first founded on Chesney having a year under his belt, and not booting that away. But mostly I try to remember that the natural captain of this team has been injured for most of the season, and will be on the pitch next year.

  200. “Lucas has no chance of scoring, and wins his team a free shot on goal”

    Lucas has no chance of scoring because he is nowhere near the fucking ball.

  201. Nice post Yogi:

    The insanity in extra time covers up the fact that we have not scored a goal from open play at home in the last 3 games and 1 goal in the last 4. Rather poor.

    At 1/2 time of the Newcastle game I remember thinking we were a lock for the 3 league trophies this year. Unfortunately this squad of players has an internal self destruct button somewhere between their collective ears and it was activated at 1/2 time of that game. The sad thing is this is predictable based on whats happened in years past. Previously it was always our defending which let us down. Overall our defending has been much better this year. Unfortunatley the culprit this time has been a moving target which is even harder to understand and more difficult to fix. When we defend well we can not score, when we score such as at WBA or the CC final we concede. I think the real problem is that these players expect things like this to happen. The core of this team was thrown in the pressure cooker before they were mentally ready and previous late season failures have led to a chronic lack of belief and the expectation of failure in squeaky bum time. Obviously just a guess but I do not have any other explanation. I am also beginning to think that may be this group of players are not as good as we had thought. The title is still a mathematical possibility, I hope we can hold on to second.

  202. @Jo Bo, something like that yea 😉 altough it’s not because it just happened yesterday that i didnt think of it before, most of the rules are bollocks and that’s because its taken out of context, when people write these rules, they do it because the worst possible form of cheating/tackle just happened and they use that as an example in the new rules, but those only happen once in a while but are now whistled on each time in the same way.

  203. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m with LimparAssist, too. Goonerandy has always been questionable. He is probably just another Manc or Spud hiding behind a veil of faux objectivity.

  204. Jut re-watched the Eboue incident and its even worse then I remember, what the fuck was he thinking. Damn him all the way to hell. I hope every time he goes to the supermarket to buy egg’s, he forgets to check them, so when he gets home a few of them are broken. That son-of-a-bitch.

  205. Bill – Balanced as ever. Nice post.

  206. @ Bill
    “I think the real problem is that these players expect things like this to happen.”

    100% correct!

  207. UnbiasedTobias

    can any1 give a reason as to why we havent been able to penetrate defences and score goals recently.
    is it the formation, the players, tactics, focus… i dunno
    on paper we have a team that should knock in 3 goals a game with ease.
    why cant we turn possesion into something more tangible

  208. UnbiasedTobias

    if we had put away sum of the chances we had kuyt penalty would have only been a consolation.

  209. @ goonerandy
    “Markus – The difference being that had Manure gone 1-0 up with so little time left, they would (likely) have just killed the game dead.”
    I think you’ll find that another difference is that the whistle would have been blown after they had scored, the 98 minutes being up.

    You don’t understand Arick’s point either – he is questioning the ref’s judgement. A penalty may have been possible according to the letter of the law – ie if the ref saw it as a foul and not obstruction by Lucas – but awarding it was not a good decision. It compares to the ref booking RvP for “kicking the ball away” when taking a shot on goal at Barca. Strictly speaking he was correct but it was still a stupid decision. Referees often have to use their judgement – there are not many situations which are completely prescribed by the rules. The word “law” does not preclude the exercise of discretion in football or in the wider world. This “penalty” was especially soft because of the ref having earlier ignored a Kuyt handball and a shirtpull on Djourou and a push on RvP from Liverpool, and a similar but worse incident involving Kos.
    We weren’t great, but we were good enough. The ref did well for most of the match but denying us 2 or 3 penalties PLUS awarding one very soft one against us PLUS playing 12 minutes instead of 8 minutes of extra time blotted his copybook.

    @ Limpar Assist
    Agree 100%

    @ consolsbob
    good point but I had to get it off my chest!

  210. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What rubbish from Bill once again. So our players self destructed yesterday did they? That’s truly laughable. What I saw was a ground out 1 nil to the Arsenal. You know the stuff Champions are made of if the Mancs win that way. But if we do it and then get robbed by an obviously corrupt ref we self destructed. The game was well over and for you to not even mention that makes you a massive cunt. Just my two cents.

  211. We are too predictable at the moment. Our build up play is excellent, but once we get near their area we run out of idea’s (or only have the one). We are passing well waiting for gaps to appear, but we are not streching their back line enough to create the gaps.

    Factor in that we very rarely shot from distance, the opposition can sit as deep as they like. When we do get behind them, nobody attacks the ball when it is crossed anyway as we don’t get many men in the box.

    The players we have may be suited to another formation. We don’t really have wide players per se; Walcott is more of a striker, whilst Nasri and AA are more comfortable in the middle. 4312 would suit our players perfectly. The formation is not really the problem though, it is our ability to throw away games which we should win.

  212. Fun – that is not what he was saying. He was explaining that as Lucas was not in a goalscoring position, the ref should not have awarded a penalty when he was fouled (as he believed that the rules stated that it needed to be a goalscoring opportunity for a pen to be awarded). A foul or not is a different argument.

  213. Nasir – Without fail, every time we do not get the result we need you blame the referee. That is called paranoia my friend, and is not at all heathly.

    The truth is that after we had taken the lead, if we had controlled the game properly Liverpool would have not have had a chance to score. Forget the ref, forget Eboue, forget Lucas. We contributed to our own downfall (again) yesterday, if you can’t see that (even a little bit of it) you are as blind as you probably think I am.

  214. Frank, Eboue is a figure of fun because of his diving antics. To get all high and mighty about Suarez when our right-back is just as bad makes me laugh. And I have no idea why you keep on saying it wasn’t a penalty. That will be given every time.

    And for those moaning about teams parking the bus, do you really think that doesn’t happen at Old Trafford? Their home record: P16, W15, D1, L0. We have to find a way to beat these teams as they do or we will continue to be second best.

  215. Borges Spinelli

    Having reflected upon last night’s result, I’m willing to concede that we are still in with a chance to lift the trophy – albeit a precipitous one. In the heat of the moment, i succumbed to my rash latin temper, erroneously believing we were 9 points behind, rather than 6. For that I apologize.


    Painful as the soft penalty against us was, I refuse to accept any suggestions that the match-day referee was the architect of our demise. More like self-inflicted wounds from the combination of: loss of concentration, bad luck and the opposition’s guile. Football is a 90mins game of two-halves. Every unproductive minute counts against us. So let’s be forthright here, rather than deluding ourselves with an untruth.

    Arsenal are a delight to watch, when the players strut on the ball with a samba-esque flair and exude a collective technical pedigree, far superior to any other in the EPL. But possession counts for nothing, if it fails to be penetrative and deliver its main objective of scoring goals. As Yogi, rightfully noted, there aren’t enough long distance shots on goal to pressurize the opposition with. The midfield’s spark is starting to wane; not direct enough nor clinical in finishing-off the few chances that present themselves.

    Our predictability is incredibly frightening. Lately it seems, every team knows, precisely how we will turn out, game after game, and effectively neuter/stifle our offensive play. Even teams known to lack any recognizable defensive cohesion, are made to look good due to Arsenal’s continual failure to anticipate the opposition’s approach; not modifying tactics is costing us big-time.

  216. @Goonerandy (from up higher in the blog)
    “Expect nobody every attacks the squared ball.” And you call Limpar mental? 🙂 Only joking, must be the after effects of the bottle!
    I was going to ask whether you looked at the reverse view of the Eboue ‘penalty’ on Arsenalist but have taken CBob’s advice and moved on (even though Yuel or whoever thinks it was Kuyt who went down when it was Lucas!!!).
    I do agree though with 1LC (I think it was) who I think was saying that other teams have sussed us out and know how to defend against us most of the time (string out 6 or 7 defenders across the line of the penalty box). Our best alternative seems to be the speed of Theo getting behind the opposition defence (Note not ‘defense’), which he can and does do, but as Goonerandy was suggesting (again, I think he was) is that he is so fast we struggle to get people in the box for the squared ball. Those are chances that we cannot afford to squander and they are ‘easy’ chances to score, rather than trying to thread the ball between a packed opposition defence (unless of course it is Samir dancing his way through, which we haven’t seen lately). Diaby’s goal against Blackpool was a fine example of the early ball in (though not from Theo of course).
    Anyway, on to the Spurs game…..

  217. I agree with Boyd, I cannot see how it was a penalty, likewise I cannot see how Eboue is a clown for going after “the ball”, but thats me. I look at the replay and I can see Pool players in good positions to either shoot or cross. Its Ironic that many are saying the team is mentally weak but we would prefer give Liverpool another try at our fragile players in that situation.

    My question though is why is the team playing better away from home at this point. We have the same players and manager, so whats the problem? is it the Stadium, the Supporters or do the players become “mentally fragile” only at the Emirates? These must be some questions that deserve an answer.

    I agree that we need to get sharper in front of goal, I would like to see Chamakh and RVP up front. If the mids are not getting it done, drop one of them and lets be more offensive. I am not sure Cesc is fully over the Barca match to be truthful, maybe that goes for the whole team.

    The team did look good when I watched some of the first half though but our finishing let us down. Not sure what went down in the 2nd.

    Anyway…The Spuds deserve some licks!

    I just love my team. I am not satisfied with everything that is happening because I know the boys can player better but I dont fault them for a lack of effort.

    Again, I just love Arsenal! What a team!

    Blessings on you all!

  218. Borges – Nice post.

  219. MD – Heh, that really makes no sense eh? Trying to type too fast at work without checking before I click post 🙂

  220. longblackcloud

    I don`t think it`s a penaly Lucas is not close enough to play the ball and clearly alters his path to collide with Eboue – And I am allowed that opinion because I am biased
    We see the the roles reversed in similar circumstancesand a defender sheparding the ball out for a goalkick by holding off the attacker then falling over – always gets a freekick- even though rarely enforced by the law he has to be close enough to the ball to play it

  221. The whole debate is being centred on the award of the penalty but this only hides how poor we were yesterday. We had 60% possession but managed no more shots on target than Liverpool did. And they had the more dangerous chances in the second half.
    What worried me was how tired and lacking in energy we looked. We were so one-paced and plodding. Our play was so predictable, iIt was easy for Liverpool to keep us at bay. I hope Wenger can use the injustice of the penalty to fire up some of our players, but how much is left in the tank?

  222. “Jut re-watched the Eboue incident and its even worse then I remember, what the fuck was he thinking. Damn him all the way to hell.”
    “And I have no idea why you keep on saying it wasn’t a penalty. That will be given every time.”

    What the fuck is with you people?? Do you not understand the basics of soccer?
    See my post at 2:11. Eboue did nothing wrong. Address those points, refute them, or quit claiming it was a legitimate penalty.

  223. I would like to say to GA that whether or not we would be calling for a penalty is not really the point.
    Can we just look at the situation? does Lucas throw himself into Eboue or not? If he did, it is obstruction, if he didnt it is a foul. It matters not what team we support if we can look at the evidence, if after looking at the evidence you say its a pen, then so be it.

    And Block 4, no teams really dont park the bus against United ine the same manner as Arsenal BUT maybe their players are not under the same pressure at home from their supporters. Maybe their home field, at present is more of a fortress and they feel more comfortable? Because away from home they have 5 wins, 8 draws and 3 losses.

  224. @ the big M
    You’re right. This whole debate about the penalty covers over the fact that yet again we had the lion’s share of possession and yet couldn’t convert. Until that is rectified I’m afraid that’s our lot till next year. However COYG!!!!!!

  225. @ goonerandy
    Technically he may have seen it as a foul but a ref does not award a penalty for every foul in the box. That is where the judgement comes in. He sizes up the situation. That’s why Arick referred to the original point of having a penalty box. Referees are rightly ridiculed for blindly following the letter of the law, except in circumstances where there is a specific procedure laid down.
    Also it brings up the issue of inconsistency. If that was a penalty, why were the other instances of fouls in the box listed not penalties? (And why are you not up in arms about those?)

    @ Borges Spinelli
    We know we didn’t play our best. But if the referee had messed up three big penalty shouts for Liverpool as well and awarded us a debatable one and blown the final whistle when he should have done and we had still come out with a draw, no-one would be blaming him, because the playing field would have been level.
    Or to put it another way, do Manure ever have to put up with rubbish officiating?

    @ block 4
    Paul N is right – one example was Birmingham ( I think) who having played a really tight game against us, went gung-ho against Manure and got absolutely spanked.

  226. TheBigM, is not the sign of a good team to win when playing poor?
    Why is that Arsenal supporters say we need to learn how to win ugly and then when that takes place we go on about being poor. I dont say that we were not poor but how many ways do we want to have it?

    Its as if you and many others think we deserve to have silly penalties called on us because we were mentally weak, nervous, didnt play well, didnt keep our composure, didnt retain possession and didnt put away our chances. Add all of those up, if you deem them to be true and that is no justification for giving bogus penalties against us.

  227. Paul – Lucas may have been clever with his play, but Eboue was stupidly too close to him (I think trying to nick in front of him). he made it easy for Lucas, and left the ref with little choice.

    To be honest that is not my main gripe though. My gripe is that we did not control the game and kill it off after we had scored. We had possesion streight from their kick of as well. That is the shame of it. We knew the game was virtually over, yet we could not see it through. We should not have been having mad scrambles on the edge of our area.

  228. Paul N, it’s a penalty. Obstruction my arse.

    Teams don’t park the bus “in the same manner” at Old Trafford? What the hell does that mean? Yes, their away form is inferior to ours, but if you give as many points as we do at home then there’s no hope of winning the title.

  229. It was not a penalty….

  230. FunGunner, I don’t agree that teams don’t play defensively against Man Utd. But for the sake of argument, let’s say they don’t. It’s still up to us to overcome our problem, regardless of what happens at up there.

  231. Fun – Read his post again mate. He was implying that once the ref had given the foul (forget the arguments for it it was or wasn’t), he should have not given a penalty as it was not a goalscoring opportunity.


    “Cannot understand why people actually think its a penalty. A penalty is a reward for when somebody has a good shooting/goal chance in the 16 area but gets fouled, how on earth does lucas have a shooting chance when not even having the ball, and second of the ball was going towards the corner flag, so in no way a goal chance”

    A penalty is not a reward for somebody with a goalscoring chance gets fouled. It is a reward for somebody who the ref juges has been fouled in the area full stop.

    That is what he did not seem to grasp.

  232. There is a major difference between Suarez and Emmaneul Eboue, Block4. Spotted it yet?

  233. IMO another part of the issues surrounding this club is this culture that has developed in our manager, fans and players have for blaming some one else for our problems. We gloat about our beautiful football and how inferior the rest of the world is for using defensive tactics and long balls and we whine about referees and bad pitches etc etc etc. How can someone outside of the club and supporters not come to any conclusion that we are self righteous and mentally weak. I do not believe for an instant that the referees or the FA are purposefully trying to stop Arsenal. There probably is some undercurrent of unorganized Anti-Arsenalism out there but we only feed it. Its time for the manager and squad to go on media blackout and stop making excuses and prove the naysayers wrong on the pitch and not in the interview room. The manager and players only need look as far as their mirror for the source of the problem and the solution.

  234. Frank, they’re both divers. That is all.

  235. Were you wanking when you wrote that, Yoel? You were weren’t you, you dirty little sod!

  236. Ah, you haven’t spotted it. Says a lot about you.

  237. Frank, if you want to enlighten me, feel free.

  238. Actually, you might just get YW in a spot of trouble for that remark, Yoel

  239. Meh, Eboue was Eboue. Moments of excellent play, and a moment of stupidity. There is nothing new there and he is a good back up right back despite everything.

  240. GA, I dont fault Eboue for going for the ball. Again, if you claim we were fragile why would we want Pool is possession of the ball? I guess its easy for us to watch and think what is right but in the heat of the moment you are trying to get it done.

    Block4, If you believe it was a penalty then go ahead but you are simply wrong. Someone has to be and you seem very comfortable in that position.

    Well Block4, I do watched United matches and “overall” teams do not park the bus in the same manner. Again, you can take the wrong position on that one.

    You lose if you give away points overall, for if we had won 2 more games away from home, we would be joint top. We want points. I am thinking we many have done better playing more away games, we may be in the lead.

  241. No, Block4, you will have to figure it out for yourself. Useful exercise in self awareness.

  242. Paul – Yeah, that is fair enough maybe. Like I said, my main gripe was not that incident. It was our play once we had taken the lead that led to that incident. It highlighted our main problem.

  243. Terrible comment from Yoel.

  244. Jesus Frank, are you some sort of suffregette female?

    “What is wrong?”

    “I am not telling you, you will have to work it out for yourself”

  245. A couple of points…

    I have to agree with Frank – the support at the ground is pretty pathetic – far too manay moans and groans, and people who know better offering comment on who should be doing what, and what they would do.

    A large section of our fans are an embaressment to the club, and it is mirrored by certain blogs, the names of which I do not need to mention.

    The negativity and ironic cheers from sections of the support can surely be of little help to the players?

    On another, slightly controversial, point, does anyone else think the summer may be the time to sell Cesc?

    To me, his heart doesn’t seem to be in it the way it has been in season’s past.

    Maybe it would make sense to cash in now, and with Ramsey and Jack, it would be a good opportunity to invest the proceeds across the team.

  246. Keep digging, goonerandy

  247. The bottom line is that our team plays “not to lose” instead of playing to win. This is amplified at home because our fickle home support fills the emirates with so much nervous energy it is impossible not to be affected by it. It is a self fulfilling prophecy at the end of games…we are so used to throwing points away now that the team expects to fold…really unfortunate,but only the manager and players can change that.

  248. Ha, just checking.

  249. Paul N, you’re just playing the victim. Nothing is ever the Arsenal’s fault. It’s always the ref, or the media, or anything else you can dream up. Penalty all day long. I didn’t hear a single Arsenal fan who didn’t think it was a penalty at the time around me or after the game. Eboue or the rest of the Arsenal players didn’t really complain to the ref much which says it all.

  250. Frank, you must be drunk or something. If you think you’re amusing, you’re in a minority of one.

  251. Tautology. Particularly fine example.

  252. Frank

    He’s certainly got himself in trouble.


  253. Yes, I am amused, Block4

  254. Amazing that Block4 and Goonerandy can’t respond to my 2:11 post, but just gleefully go on claiming it was a legitimate penalty call. Put up or shut up.

  255. no Goonerandy, Fungunner understands exactly what im getting at, im just not very good in explaining, thats all 😀

  256. GA, If we want to say we were poor then so be it but to blame an obvious con job on us being poors is poor in and of itself.

    I have no problem with saying we didnt play well, if we did not. The players do need to take a serious look at themselves but so does the support in my view. Again, the thing that is most puzzling is why does the team play better away from home. We are at a point in the season, when the supporters should be going all out in their support. Every match should be like how it was at the Barcelona match. I will never forget after the barca goal, the barca supporters tried to get loud and all you heard was “ARSENAL, ARSENAL, ARSENAL…”, and they got drowned out.

    I dont know but I believe the supporters are bringing too much negativity. I me mean the silly Arsenal Trust group, whatever their names are come with some negative comment at this point in the season! how stupid is that!? nnd what effect can that have on the players when they behaved as if they were the voice of all supporters?

    I am not saying the players and managre shouldnt be responisble but until the supporters support and stop cursing out the players (mostly young) and putting undue pressue on them, they should all be quiet as I see it. If you dont like whats going on, keep your money in your pocket.

  257. It’s true that we have mental fragility.
    It’s true that we lack vocal leaders on the pitch.
    It’s true that we expect these disasters, and thus contribute to them happening.
    It’s true that we should easily have been able to hold possession for one minute.
    It’s true that we lost composure leading to the free kick.

    It’s also true that none of those things led to a goal being scored against us. That only happened because of Lucas cynically fouled Eboue, and the ref called a penalty against Eboue.

  258. Sorry you’re feeling left out there Boyd. After reading your post, it’s still a penalty. Eboue just needs to slow up and shepherd Lucas towards the corner flag. Lucas gets his body between the defender and the ball which any player would do. Eboue just needs to recognise this and not run into him.

  259. There are several issue with the team.That they are psychologically vulnerable is no longer in question.We seem to panic once the game is on a knife edge and the opposing team get their tails up.It happened at Newcastle,once they scored their 3rd goal you knew it was only a matter of time before we let in another .And let in we did.There was a replay of that scenario again yesterday.
    And yes,we are too one dimesnional.Too predictable! That is why every game plan against us seems to work now.It seemed the boys were bereft of ideas yesterday.This is the Arsenal! How did we get to this point ?!
    Lastly we the fans need to question ourselves too; the palpable tension in the stadium gets to these boys.You could almost hear a pin drop before RvP’s goal yesterday.You dont see that at the Bridge or Old Trafford!!
    About Eboue: pointless crucifying him.The boy put in a good shift yesterday apart from that clumsy challenge.And can some one please tell Arsene to quit moaning about teams coming to play defensive at the emirates? We need to pick ourselves up.Its not over till its over!! COME ON YOU ARSENAL!!

  260. Boyd -No amazing, it is just that your opinion is so skewed on that particular incident there is no point debating it. Eboue ran into the back of him and Lucas fell over. Was Lucas clever? Maybe, but Eboue certainly wasn’t getting that close to him in the 1st place to put himself in that position.

    Arick – Then fair enough. If you don’t believe it was a pen, then that is fine and your view obvisouly. My point was that if the ref deems it a foul, then it is a pen.

  261. longblackcloud

    Matt : Sell Cesc after his 1st dip in form??? ever since coming into the side he has been brilliant, he is currenlty only very good and looks to me to be not fully fit on yesterdays showing – so in short no this summer is not good time to sell him with the result being we start re-building again with young players in key position

  262. Paul – “GA, If we want to say we were poor then so be it but to blame an obvious con job on us being poors is poor in and of itself”

    It was non a con job. And even if it was, the fact we let them get into a position for it to happen is what we should be questioning. We should have saw the game out, and that is the long and short of it.

  263. Paul – I do agre with you about the fans though. Once in the groud everybody should be 100% behind the team regardless of how they perform.

  264. Playing the victim? give me a break Block4. I am not really upset that the penalty was given for the con job was well done. I am more upset that people are calling Eboue all sorts of names and also wondering how 8 minutes turned into 12.

    Blackpool deserved a penalty last week and I wouldnt have had any issue if they had gotten it.

    From what I am reading, most people can clearly see it was a con job.

    Anyway, lets not go over that again, you can be right if you want to.

  265. It was not a penalty…..

  266. Block4, if Lucas “gets his body between the defender and the ball”, then why is the first point of contact the outside of Lucas’s leg against the outside of Eboue’s? The answer, of course, is that Lucas slams into Eboue from the side. The only reason Lucas got even to that point is because Eboue did slow up, desperately trying to avoid the contact.

    Answer this: in what direction is Lucas’s last step before he goes down?

  267. Boyd – “It’s true that we should easily have been able to hold possession for one minute.
    It’s true that we lost composure leading to the free kick”

    You stated the above never led to the goal. Your above 2 observations, are exactly why we dropped points. If they were not an issue, the ball would have been nowhere near our area anyway.

  268. GA, did Lucas throw himself infront of Eboue or not? If he didnt to you, then we are wasting time, we most probably are anyway.

  269. Limestonegunner

    Eboue hasn’t bit another player. I also can’t remember Eboue deliberately using his hands to keep a goal out and then celebrating with no conscience when the ensuing penalty was missed–classless.

  270. Anyway, enough of debating with dulusional people today. Off home.


  271. “I have no problem with saying we didnt play well, if we did not. The players do need to take a serious look at themselves but so does the support in my view. ”
    Where I was sitting the support was great, why are people on here constantly blaming the team’s poor performances/results on the supporters? Would it have more to do with the fact that as the home team the onus is on us to attack and our attacking play is somewhat predictable? The ease at which an average team like Liverpool kept our attack at bay yesterday was worrying.

  272. Some people need to ask themselves whether they are 100% Arsenal supporters or unbiased fans.

    Never a penalty

  273. Paul N, I just call it as I see it. Arsenal never do anything wrong in your eyes.

  274. Andy, the front of Eboue’s body never makes contact with Lucas’s body at any point. Lucas’s last step is away from the ball, because that’s the only way he can fall forward while moving sideways.

    We agree that Arsenal should not have been in that position, and the team has to take responsibility. But your intense desire to argue that there was no injustice at all here is why people think you’re not a real fan. Everyone has biases, and thus we should look at the evidence to help correct that.

    Arsenal fans have a bias for Arsenal, and for some it’s so strong that they can’t admit that the red card against Bburn was bullshit, that Eboue is a diving cunt, or that we show astonishing fragility in tight situations. Not many, but some, and this is a good place to correct those. You, on the other hand, have a bias against Arsenal, and that bias is so strong that you cannot bring yourself to admit that bizarrely unfair things have happened to the team that are beyond their control.

    What kind of person is strongly biased against their own team?

  275. Boyd, I can see you really want it not to be a penalty. But that is going to be given all the time. Eboue is an international player, he must have about 50 caps by now, and should know better.

  276. Delia--Block 112

    Yesterday ,I was a guest on Club Level ,a great view ,but sadly it didn’t improve the sides performance. We passed the ball fluently until we reached the 18 yard line when we ran out of ideas. Too many promising moves broke down trying to make that extra pass which was easily snuffed out by a very well drilled Liverpool defence.
    Our best two players were Djourou and Koscielny. Our mid-field had a very poor afternoon. They were sluggish in the extreme, LJW looked tired, Nasri has never found the form he showed before the hammy injury and Cesc was well below par . The Blackpool Diaby just didn’t show up.We created very few chances , resulting in the the finale of two penalties, both correctly given in my view. If Eboue had stayed on his feet, would the Ref have given the penalty, who knows?
    Liverpool were just as bad, lacked enterprise and their two expensive signings were ineffective.
    I love our passing game when there is an end product but the last few home games have been so frustrating . I can only think what might have been had our home form been up to that of previous seasons at the Emirates.
    I am normally a glass half full Gooner but depression has set in and only a great performance on Wednesday night will cheer me up .
    As always COYRs

  277. “We are Arsenal Football Club, we don’t want to finish second”.

    I’m really beginning to like this young keeper of ours!

  278. “You stated the above never led to the goal. Your above 2 observations, are exactly why we dropped points. If they were not an issue, the ball would have been nowhere near our area anyway.”

    Scoring goals in soccer is very very hard, precisely because many many things have to happen to lead to a goal. We did enough wrong to give up a free kick in a dangerous position. Had Suarez scored, that would have been the moment of brilliance that capitalized on our mistakes. There was no such moment…just a diving cunt and a horrible decision by the ref, who should have been alert to just such a deception.

  279. The support can and must do better, as does the team.

    Fact is we have been performing better away from home, why? I would love to know the answer.

  280. Nah. It was not a penalty. Very poor decision.

  281. “Boyd, I can see you really want it not to be a penalty. ”

    Answer the question! In what direction was Lucas’s last step before he went down?

    At least now you’re saying it’s “going to be given all the time,” and not that it’s an actual penalty. That’s not true either, but at least you’re moving in the right direction.

  282. Block4, if you think Arsenal never do anything wrong in my eyes, you dont read my comments at all. On the other hand you moan and complain way too much. Boo!

    I would prefer be biased towards my team, than against them.

    Call it how you see it all you want. Again go ahead and be right, please!

  283. The penalty is shit talk all the way home. The ball shouldn’t of been down the end of the pitch anyway because we had the ball. We as in Arsenal with seconds not minutes on the clock.

    If we hadn’t of panicked like we always seem to do in such situations we would of been fine and happy today.

    I just hope utd fuck up one more time (as if they haven’t enough times already) and we take the prom queen back to the travel lodge.

    Eboue, has always been an car crash waiting to happen but, on his day he is very useful. I would just like to see Wenger bring in some players with some experience and leadership. If we had one of such players on the field yesterday we would of won that game and most prob the home draws and would never had given up a 4 goal lead to Toon.

    I know some don’t like to hear it but, it’s the truth and I think even the ones who hate such comments know this too.

    I don’t want Wenger out cos I think that would be a very bad move but, I do want him to change his policies and tactics.

    Please stop talking about the pen and time added cos we The Arsenal and shouldn’t be lowering ourselves to that level.

    Bad fucking game. Terrible move by Eboue and again strange tactics and NO shot from outside the box. MOVE ON to Weds and lets get the 3 points and help prevent shit spud fin top 4.

  284. “Please stop talking about the pen and time added cos we The Arsenal and shouldn’t be lowering ourselves to that level.”

    The added time was fine. It all adds up. But we have had enough hideous reffing decisions and overall performances against us that simply do not happen to ManU. And as that’s the team we’re trying to beat in the standings, the reffing becomes relevant.

    I don’t know how this can be avoided. We are not good enough to overcome the 6-10 point differential that results from these decisions. And worse, we now believe that those decisions are going to happen. You could see it on the players’ faces…it wasn’t “wtf!”, it was “not again!”.

  285. prom queen? travel lodge?

  286. Good post Goonerton

  287. It really was not a penalty

  288. On a positive note, my gravatar pic is the only thing that I have left, that I brought to the US From England in 82. This is my first Arsenal Jersey. I remember putting on the full strip and showing (it) off in Holmleigh Rd Primary school.

    One of my few prized possessions!


  289. Borges Spinelli

    Eboue had a perfect game ’til that infamous final minute. I don’t think it warrants him being dropped against Tottenham on wednesday. His displays over the last two game in which he played have been otherwise stoic.

    I agree with Delia’s frank surmising of the game.

  290. I agree with Frank

  291. Limestonegunner

    The problem is that much of what people are saying here is true, apart from specific disagreements on whether the ref was right to give the penalty or not. We lose sight of the larger issues that are making these decisions so decisive. The ref clearly exercised poor judgment by denying possible penalties to Arsenal while giving this one and by miscalculating the added time beyond all proportion. We still haven’t played very well (frankly away at Blackpool we did enough but benefited from some decisions in a decent but not sterling performance). We still have a chance at the title but also could easily slip to 3rd. We are not creating goals and seem predictable and slow in attack though we have been quite solid defensively. There are clearly flaws and some kind of fragility to this side but little to be gained by obsessing about them right now.

    At this point it is just a matter of where you put your emphasis. While we are still contending, it seems we ought to put aside our frustrations and consider what can be done now in footballing terms and exhort the home support to act like it. We also have a tough match ahead against the Spuds and, unfortunately, they are catching us at the right time, when we are low and out of ideas. We need to raise our game because having the double done over us would be awful and would allow Man U to have some hopes of clinching the title at our ground. By the same token, a game away to Spuds is just the right tonic to motivate this team for pride and rivalry to start playing like we are capable of.

  292. Limestonegunner

    Paul N, I really loved the baby picture you used recently as well–gorgeous child. Shirt is lovely too.

  293. Jabba's delights

    Where is the accountability on your side. I will show very very very easily how we make up 6-10 points that you say refs have cost us.
    WBA (H) Must play better we were awful
    Newcastle (H) Must play better we were awful
    Blackburn (H) Must play better we were awful
    Wigan (A) Concentrate dont concede late goal
    WBA (A) Must start the game better
    Newctale (A) Shambolic , disgraceful second half. Deserved red card
    Sunderland (A) Last min goal from panic defending

    Thats 16 points dropped from falt sometimes pathetic Arsenal perfromances. We were meant to have learnt. We havent and for that the players and the manager MUST take the blame. We got very lucky with a ref decision last week these things even themselves out.

    When was the last time Arsenal played well???

  294. Thank you so much Limstone! She is like a ray of light in my life for sure!

    I just felt like putting a pic of the Jersey up, atleast until the end of the season, somehow I feel something special is going to happen.

  295. @goonerandy, im afraid u dont get at all what im saying, first off yea i dont think its a foul by Eboue, but even if it was, it still shouldnt be a penalty for all the reasons ive already mentioned.

  296. Thinks dont always even themselves out, I dont know where the saying comes from but it isnt true. If you look at how many calls go Uniteds way, there is no way you can say that they will even up.

    We did get away last week though, what we dont know is if it wouldve affected the outcome of the match but how many times can you say that Arsenak got the rub of the green as far as these penalty decisions?

  297. Limestonegunner

    I hope your positive inklings come true, so the shirt it is!

    I am really hoping it starts with Spuds in a few days. Like Delia, it is the only thing that will cheer me up. I understand Jabba’s question above–It has been a remarkably long time since I thought we played well. But smashing the Spuds could propel us forward, at least to a strong finish to the season. 2nd or 1st, the team and support really needs that.

    I’d really like Cesc and Nasri to score, because they seem to have been lacklustre recently and I think good goals against our rivals will motivate them and the side to get out of this funk. Remember Cesc’s goal and celebration 12 seconds after the first goal against Spuds? I’d really enjoy seeing him like that. I really think talk of selling him this summer is out of order.

  298. you can pinpoint the moment where Lucas decides to stop playing the ball and throw his body in Eboue’s general direction.
    I think we should try a 4-4-2 and honestly whip about 40 crosses into the box. Our players are skilled enough and we can basically pass our way to the corner of the 18 yd box where we have those Theo/Sagna or Nasri/Clichy overlap situations. With Nikki B52 and Chamakh surely we could get 1 or 2 goals? This is just desperation coming from an Arsenal fan who wants to score some goals!! Also, I noticed a lack of excitement when RVP put the penalty away. There was a shot of some of the players and they looked seriously dis-interested. Maybe it is this nervous energy. It starts to build at the end of a 0-0 draw where the opposition has basically conceded to putting all their defenders in the box and letting us attack for the last few minutes. It happened in this Liverpool match. SCzeschny should have just rolled the ball out at the end. He rolled it very well for the whole of the game then decided to boot the last one. It didn’t even make it past the halfway line>>>>>liverpool hoof>>>>>freekick etc…. My point is that we could have very easily have passed the ball around between our back 4. maybe run to the corner like someone mentioned. This is an easy way to kill time and it is also legal.

  299. dat was pretty long, sorry yall

  300. For me the debate about added time and penalties (I know some ‘Pool fans that think Cesc professionally got his) is wasted.

    I’m more disappointed that we, at near full strength, couldn’t handily beat a team that after Aurelio went out had 3 teenagers, 2 of which were in their backline, and then add in that they had a backup CB after Carragher went out.

  301. Jabba's delights

    We have got more pen’s this year than anyone else, i think its 16.
    Most un biased pundits fans think it was a pen yesterday, as do i. Yes it was soft but i wasnt suprised to see it given.
    Why does supposedly the 2nd best team in europe at keeping the ball crumble the one time they need to keep it. Newcastle away what would have been the best way to shut them up………keep the ball but we couldnt.

    Im so fed up with excuses. Yes we must finish the season well but to say we are on the right track now is laughable. We need changes and we need them early. We dont score enough goals and we have mental lapses at the back which costs us very very dear and our manager needs to admit this or pack his bags. Not everything is forever

  302. Limestonegunner

    FG and Arick, I think the point about judgment is quite important. Applying the law always requires some judgment and it is obvious that the refs do not give penalties for absolutely every foul that they see committed in the box. The inconsistency in this case is glaring. Why is it being given instead of the whistle being blown? To me it is very strange, quite apart from the legitimate criticisms about how we handled the last couple minutes and panic we showed in giving away the freekick etc…

  303. Yes Limstone, we need a notable win to get the team believing again. We were oh so close yesterday!!!!

    Nasri to me seems to be taking a back seat to RVP and Cesc, which he ought not to do.

    I dont aree Cesc be should sold but should he be captian?
    My biggest issue with our team, is that there is no one talking on the field. To me you must have this. When the team is losing it a bit, you need someone to settle things down. When we played Newcastle, instead of holding the ball our keeper kept blasting it downfield giving away the ball. Someone needs to be able to assess the situation and say, lets not do that for it is causing us to be under too much pressure.

    Someone needs to step up!

  304. It was a penalty, because the ref. gave it, Liverpool scored from it, and we lost 2 points.

    What difference does it make if you think it was or wasn’t, really???

    Eboue shouldn’t of given the ref. any reason to give it, but he did.

    We should of won anyway, Liverpool did all they could to help us win by being shit, problem was, we didn’t have an answer.

    A flat performance, very slow build up play, and not great subs are more to blame than the penalty decision.

  305. The team is on the right track overall, not running as smoothly as we should right now but the overall direction of things is correct.

    If we can get one person to open their mouths, things would be very different in my view. I hear Wenger say we have leaders but the truth is that on the pitch for Arsenal these leaders are not stepping up. This player doesnt have to be the most talented either.

  306. I don’t think should be Captain.

    I don’t think a player who doesn’t appear to want to be at the club anymore should be captain.

    Might be a negative opinion, but that’s how it seems to me.

  307. How many goals does one beat a team by?

    Penalties are goals if they go in, they are not in a vacuum. So if the ref gives out a poor one, it is huge and our poor play has no relevance on that call.

  308. bill: i think the real problem is that these players expect things like this to happen. @bill, j.d.gooner and goonerandy, this is very true! What do you expect when players go on the field of play thinking they wont do anytin right before the refree. Wenger is also not free from this mentality. Thats the reason some dubious refrees take advantage of arsenal. This also explain why arsenal could be leading by 6-0 and still b shaky.

  309. Games like the one yesterday are often so close that the outcome rests upon individual incidents. That is why the penalty and timing decisions were very poor. Whether he intended to or not, the referee fixed the result and that is happening too often these days.

  310. Limestonegunner

    Whether Cesc is captain or not, the bigger problem is what Paul N just mentioned. It doesn’t have to be the captain who rallies or refocuses the team but someone has to do it.

  311. Alex Ice Cream


    Spelling aside I have to agree with you. We must have a very poor conversion rate of possession into goals in the last few weeks. We are not “on the right track”. Its laughable to say that we are.

    The title hasn’t gone – it was never there to start with as this team would always choke if they are in even vague contention. We are in a battle for 2nd/3rd.

  312. Alex Ice Cream


    The reason that the game was close was that due to ineptitude we could not convert possession into chances and goals. We were clueless in the final third as we have been for a few weeks now at home. Lpoo didn’t do much but they had some very inexperienced players and played for a point. Its up to us to break these teams dow and overcome these tactics but we can’t. We created very little again. We made a basic error defensively again.

    Just like AW you look to blame veryone else for our multitude of failings. Maybe if AW actually accepted that he was wrong (gasp!) even once things might change. If supporters like you did not put up with this dross then maybe things might change.

  313. You lack sould, AIC. Most pessimists do. We are in a battle for our position and that includes first place. The Mancs are capable of drawing a couple of games and losing to us and of course the Chavs could catch us. For the Chavs to catch us they probably need to beat the Mancs, and there lies the rub. If they do that……

  314. Boyd. Read Jabba Ds post.

    That’s what I was trying to say and more importantly if we had somebody vocal and calm to give out orders after VP scored the pen the ball should never had been in that area of the pitch.

    I was also trying to say that don’t give the ref a chance to f-up any decision by staying calm under fire and maintain the ball at all cost.

    It’s at the tip of my fingers but, I can’t write about how another team would of done it if they were in the same situation as we were yesterday and that also hurts. Ref’s are there to judge the game as it happens and that is what the ref did.

    Eboue, gave the ref a chance by trying to get inside the bum of Lucas instead of simple making sure there was daylight between them with his hands behind his back. I quite sure that not many defenders around the world in that situation would of got so tight in the first place.

    But, none of this Eboue hatred and Wenger out crap will be seen when we do the business at that shit hole on Weds and you will feel too ashamed to show your face.

    Do what I did and stop reading certain papers and listening to cunts like savage and hansen and the rest.

  315. Limestonegunner

    Paul N, whether the team is on the right track or not remains to be seen. There are always changes over the summer–the question is how extensive will they need to be. I think how we finish this season is very important. There will always be tough periods during the season and we took a major blow losing the CC and going out of three competitions like we did. But whether the team comes together and fights for pride in its final games and can deliver better performances is now the issue.

  316. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAH…what a slip. ‘Sould’ is a Saxon term for mojo

  317. How can that be, Goonerton, when the video clearly shows Lucas stepping into Eboue rather than the other way round?

  318. UnbiasedTobias

    Why are we still goin on about the penalty!
    If we had taken our chances no one would care about it.
    The issue is why are arsenal misfirinhg wen they finally get into the box.
    All this hindsight and shouldve or couldve doesn’t fix anything. Why are we sloppy upfront and how do we fix it. These are the neccessary questions
    Eboue was a beast in that match. The guy played his heart out that match and got unluck at the end.

  319. Frank,

    Point taken but, for me he was too tight and too clumsy. Bearing in mind the situation of our last minute penalty he should of been thinking
    “I don’t want to give the ref any chance to call one now” sort of thing but, it looks like he wasn’t even thinking about that.

  320. Jabba's delights


    The issue is that beating the spuds on wed is 3 points the same as what it was vs Sunderland, Blackburn, Liverpool, WBA all these games where we failed to deliver. I want to win the league ,, we should have won the league this year from the position we were in. Whilst all is not lost ist looking like a fight for 3rd .

    I want the manager to start showing some accountability. If we arent scoring but have all this possesion at the moment what happens when we play Utd . If they beat us us like they have for the last 3 years i want Wenger resignation that evening. I love the man but we arent improving. Certain players arent improving in training .

  321. Messi showing his class. I hope he is proud that he hit a women in the face with a football. And people moan about the lesser Ronaldo. At least he is not a c*nt like Messi.

  322. I agree with Limestone | April 18, 2011 at 5:19 pm |

    You can’t deny how the referee’s own rules changed the outcome of this game and I have no doubt it was not based on the rules of the game but on his own personal feeling of what result should be fair. If he applied the rules the game would have ended 1 minute after Van Persie scored.

    I’m not saying referees are conspiring against Arsenal – That’s another debate – I see this happening in many many Premier League games.

    We as a team gave him the chance to do it by showing an astounding panic, why? I have no idea, maybe it is true….there is no leader.

    We keep talking about every one in the team is a leader, but a ship with many leaders most often than not will sink.

    I don’t mind if Cesc goes this summer for a reasonable price, obviously being a captain was too much to handle…plus I think his mind is %50 Arsenal- %50 Barca, especially if the season ends without a trophy. Get good money for him, and spend it on two or 3 players.

    Next season, hopefully TV will be fit for duty and fit for captaincy.

  323. “If they beat us us like they have for the last 3 years i want Wenger resignation that evening. I love the man but we arent improving. Certain players arent improving in training ”

    What a stupid comment to make. Who are you to want Wenger to resign? Do you own Arsenal? You are a supporter no more no less so support.

  324. Thank you for bringing that up and posting it Evil. It is very clear that they truly don’t think that the rules apply to them. Cunts is the only word…

  325. Jabba's delights


    Unfortunately its the supporters who make the club. If you hadnt checked recently that little pesky band of ”wenger out ” brigade has grown to a pretty large level. You can turn your back to it, close your eyes but im afraid its right there. gooners are fed up with the club underachieving, gooners are fed up with being told about ”super super signings”, people are fed up with hearing about ”mental strength”, gooners are fed up about hearing how ”young our squad” is , gooners are fed up about ”judge me in may” , gooners are fed up with price increases when we already pay the most in europe.

    Our manager is consistantly out foxed by opposition managers now, is unwillingness to adapt to certain situations is REALLY affecting us. Who fault was it that we got Barca in the next round by playing reserve players? Who fault was it that Utd reserve team outplayed our starters the same way they always do? Who fault was it that we have dropped nearly 20points this season in games where we have been unmotivated, scared, lacking leadership and lacking quality to some degree????????

  326. You really are a bitter individual, Jabba’s delight. Please don’t claim that you speak for others. We have no fear that people like you will drive AW out of the club, because you lack the necessary substance and energy. Always the case with pessimists, they tend to have fragile cowardly psyches. Imagine people like you and AIC leading a charge against the manager. Ain’t going to happen is it,son?

  327. I dare you to take a banner saying ‘Wenger out’ to the stadium. Go on do it. You would be torn limb from limb.

  328. still numb, but as the seasons gone on ive begun to get used to results like these so im not as numb as i was when we lost to spurs or when we drew 4-4 with newcastle..

    my hearts telling me that theres 6 games left to haul 6 points back and make up that goal difference and the title is ours..
    but my heads telling my heart to shut the fuck up and accept that two wins since god knows when isnt good enough and we will be lucky to hang on to 2nd..

    i dont know what to think anymore im just going to sit back and try and enjoy the rest of the season and hope with fingers and toes crossed that we somehow pull ourselves out of the slump we are currently in..

    i darent think about the spuds and the mancs doing the double over us this season and chelsea finishing above us and judging by the way we have played since february that looks the likely outcome…

  329. Jabba's delights


    Who are people like me? I’ve never called for the manager’s head before . I’ve been disappointed with our performance over the last 2 years but always held that Wenger was the right man for the job. This year im afraid is a completely different kettle of fish.

    It was his choice to not buy a keeper , he believed almunia was the one, he came very very close to letting Scezesny go. This has transpired to be a horrible mistake. Almunia has cost us points…..FACT.

    It was his choice to sign Kosciallny and Squilaci. There partnership have accounted for how many goals against. It took them both time to adapt. Wenger decided not to sign a player with prem experience….FACT.

    Who fault was it that the the team came out flat in a cup final?? Who fault was it that we were unable to deal with a ball into the box as we have been for 4 years?

    Who fault it it that our team is brittle and have ZERO metal strength. Ive been embarrased by Arsenal in ceratin games this year , and if you havent you dont support this great club like i do.

    4 goals up to draw 4-4 plus they had a perfect goal disallowed.
    2 up vs the yids to lose
    3 down to WBA at home.
    1 to newcastle at home
    2 down away to wba to a corner and keeper error

    Why do you not expect more fropm your teamand especially your manager??????

  330. I tend to look at the whole rather than part so in my view “overall” we are going in the right direction.

  331. I don’t know who people like you are Jabba. That’s my point. You make your point on blogs. Two victories in succession or even one against the Spuds and you will go away again. You are a whinger. A pessimist.

  332. If you have been a football supporter for long enough you must know not to expect anything. You can hope, that is all. But you must always support.

  333. Just read that Arsenal has conceded fewer shots on goal than any other PL team this season.

  334. I guess there’s still a debate as some insist on writing contrary descriptions that do not match the three available different angles shown in various uploads on the internet of ‘said’ foul. Boring? I agree!
    Poor Eboue, yes, as the honourable plundit (Kamara?) mentioned, he was clumsy but it would not to anyone’s credibility much good to deny that there was a cheeky dive. He should have opened his airbag at that moment.
    What was he thinking!

  335. Clearly it is going to be really close this season. But that is good. It makes winning the EPL all the more interesting. It is thrilling. Can we do it? The spoils really will go to the brave this year. Some supporters clearly have no stomache for this run in. But I think the players have what it takes. I really think we can do it. My money is on us becuase we have tough away fixtures. When we play at home the crowd saps the energy out of the players. Not so when we play away, the reverse happens. We can win this.

  336. BUT the home crowd have one big game to pl;ay. The Mancs. We must get behind the squad in that game. Can we do that. Frankly I don’t know. I just hope so.

  337. The same thought has occured to me, but can BBB can afford Cesc this Summer. Even if they were serious about signing him and not attempting to cover up the fact that after the very necessary signing of a striker, that they were/are(?) broke. After their most successful season. Ever.
    Odd, but funny.

  338. Sorry, the above comment was a reflection upon G4E’s post @ 5:19.

  339. Jabba's delights


    See here is the crux of it, 2 wins in a row does very very very very very little for us as we have drawn 4 of our last 5 all of which were winnable. We now in 6 games have to beat Utd something we look incapable of doing under this manager playing this football. Win every other game and HOPE Utd drop points in 2 games.

    Now i HOPE just as much as you that happens because i LOVE arsenal just as much as you do. What i cant stand is the fact that ive got to HOPE now due to the failures of the team and manager. We should be critical or ourselves . We may finish with less points than last year , shall i except Wenger chat about the team doing really well or do i look with my own eyes and say heart of hearts we actually havent played that well this year and we struggle to break down teams who park the bus (just like the last 3 years ) , we still struggle to deal with aerial assaults (just like the last 5 years), we still show incredible mental weakneses (just like the last 4 years)

    who fault is that, and why should it be accepted?
    i would never take a banner to the ground asking for his head, but you need your head out of the sand. He WILL be held to HIS word and be judged in in may, and if the season ends the way it looks MAJORITY of our fan base will DEMAND that he either changes his ways with regards to coaches and transfer market or he will in no uncererms here and see the displeasure that we have in his current performance

  340. Limestonegunner

    OoU, we also have a high shots to goals conceded which helps balance it out–that is that teams often need less shots to score on us than against others. Overall, though, our defence has been quite strong. Lately, it has been scoring, especially at home that has eluded us.

  341. Barça can afford to chase Cesc, unfortunately – and they probably would still chase him even if they couldn’t afford it.

  342. I do wonder whether supporters in modern day football have lost the ability to deal with excitement.

  343. Yeah, I was wondering about that, Lg. I suppose it’s because many of the goals against us probably come from counter attacks.

    Still, I’m convinced that defence isn’t really a worry going into next season – or the end of this one.

  344. If you supported football long enough, you would know weird things happen and we can end up with the league trophy, it will be weirder that what happened yesterday, but it still can happen.

    We just need to win our six games left and hope for the best. Not too much to ask, init?

  345. ..and of course that is exactly where you always are in football, G4E, even at the beginning of the season. It isn’t easy for any team to win any game this season. Thought that was what it was all about.

  346. whats the news on ryo..
    i read a little snippet earlier that reckoned he would be able to play for us next season..but nothing conclusive..
    my take is we need a tricky pacey winger to add another weapon to our artillery and if we cant or wont get hazzard then the way ryo is playing for feyenoord id have him not just in the squad next year but in the team..

  347. Well Jabba we can all go on about how much we lost and who we lost to but the fact still is that only 1 team has done better than ours and here you are crying as if we are in last place.
    Something is terribly wrong with that picture.
    Please, why the heck dont you point out some of the sterling victories we have had? what kind of one sided affair is this.
    Yes we can and should do better but this is a damn joke to only point out failures.

    The team started to control the CC Final and it was very unfortunate what happened, what you are implying is that you believed that Arsenal wouldve killed of the game long before the mistake. You should temper your expectations in Cup matches because the other teams dont have much all to play for.

    We have two new defenders, our defence is 2nd best in the PL and you say Wenger shouldve bought defenders with PL experience when 14 other team with defenders with PL experience are not better. How does that make any sense at all?

    Jabba is a fault finder, Almunia is third choice and he is bringing it up. How many goalkeepers must 1 team have.

  348. The other team (which was Birmingham)…

  349. I agree with Paul N

  350. Jabba's delights

    Gunner4ever & Frank

    Of course we can still win the league, you might even say we have a 15% chance. Even if we do win the league fans will want some changes as we can improve 10% in each area of the pitch.

    If we dont win the league what will you say. unlucky? next year? we were young? or will you demand that some of that wedge that you put into the club is spend on the players good enough to take it home for us?

  351. the only hope i cling onto is that nobody expected us to do what we did in 98 but we did we can do it again…

    but we had a team full of leaders back then..leaders in abundance…i just dont see it in these lads the pressure really gets to them its not good..

  352. You know I dont mind criticism but when people start to pick on things that dont make any sense its very annoying.

    People just follow the media driven garbage and refuse to reflect on facts.

  353. If the team comes in 2nd place, I will be dissapointed but that will not stop me from seeing that we are in a better place than last year and are improving.

    We may not have won the CL but I can surely see that we had a chance of going through against the best team in the world if not for the Ref and I can clearly see that we beat them fair and square, a team that has not lost in ages.

    Yes, we should be very dissapointed but not to the point that we cannot see the progress. I dont get it, while people are whining, overall I am enjoying what I percieve to be greatness waiting to happen. I admit I thought it would come sooner and it has been tough but I have no doubts that it will come and soon.

  354. Jabba's delights

    Paul N

    I dont care where every other team is in the league. I care how my team is performing . We are playing to a very similar level as last year point wise. We know that 70-76 points isnt good enough to ever win the league anymore . We knew that last year .

    The question is are we going to do something about it, does our manager know what to do about it?

    Our defence has got better we have still thrown away points

    WBA home
    Newcastle Home
    Spurs Home
    Wigan Away
    Sunderland Away
    WBA Away
    Newcastle Away
    Liverpool Home

    with utterly shambolic defending. If you want to make excuses go for it but your not being honest. Thats 19 points dropped due to weakneses that we had last year and the year before.

    Almunia started the year as starter then was demoted for being pump and dropping us points. Fabianski cost us Newcastle to go along iwht being a clamity for 2 years , why are we so patient with these guys.

  355. Wow, I think somebody has just changed IP’s.
    Never seen that before.

  356. I am not sure how Fabregas would respond to being stripped off the captaincy. It may do him good. He definitely looks stressed out. He doesn’t look like a 24 year old. Who will be his successor? Maybe the Verminator or JD? – the only regulars I can think off. The rest are too engrossed in their football.
    But then again, the importance of the captain in football is overstated.

  357. it dont matter how many times we shoot ourselves in the cock we will still finish above you swamp donkeys
    and if you think we are bad..then how bad does that make you…??

  358. “Of course we can still win the league, you might even say we have a 15% chance. Even if we do win the league fans will want some changes as we can improve 10% in each area of the pitch.”

    And you think firing the manager will improve every area on the pitch by %15 Jabba?

    In football, you can’t base future game results on previous game results. The one thing about football that is exciting as much as it is painful, is that you never know what will happen. It’s unpredictable, one minute we were winning with a minute to go, or so we believed, five minutes later we draw.

    Do we need to improve? YES YES YES and always YES.

  359. Some of us have dynamic IPs. Every time we turn on our modem, the ISP randomly allots an IP within a fixed range. The avatars here are driven by email ids. If I use a different email id, this site randomly selects a different avatar for me – which is retained for all future posts that use the same email id.

  360. Paulie Walnuts


    Watching Cesc lately is worrying. He doesn`t seem to be up for the fight just now. Maybe he`s not fully fit but his passion is missing.

    I`m hoping Hleb isn`t to be a makeweight in any summer move to Barca
    but stranger things have happened in football

  361. Jabba, It doesnt really doesnt matter what you care about, I am just giving you some FACTS, as you are.

    Who said we havent had times of poor defending? yes we have but FACTS are we have defended well much more often than not. Your comment about PL defenders just doesnt add up at all, it doesnt make any sense . What you want is perfection and you will not get it.

    The whole PL is closer now, I am sure you know? So saying we are at the same this year should rather be commended in my view, for points are obviously harder to come by for all teams.

    Check WBA’s record against big teams and come again and stop just throwing up who we lost against. What about Sunderland who murdered Chelsea.

    keep spouting your one sided poison.

  362. On the subject of football.
    You all know my opinion.
    More speed is never a bad thing. Momentum not amphetamines.

    Ryo? Mmmmm…
    The rumnour mill states that if he plays in the Copa America he should get his permit.
    I was looking forward to the arrival of Lord Wellington. I thought that his name would impress some of the more jaundiced refs.
    I confess, I was sad to see Vela go, and have less starts behind others in his time so far. As he is fast. I did wonder if he had made the right decision with his loan move. We shall see.

  363. Early days for Ryo IMO.
    As for Wellington, Levante has not handled him well. Arsenal need to loan him out to some other club – maybe a Portuguese one.

  364. JET hasn’t done too well…so I doubt we will see Vela leave.

  365. Vela doesnt play finsbury so I dont think the decision could be right.

    Ryo, looks a real talent doesnt he. I believe he will be great for us.

  366. yes it was a pen, on second thoughts no is was not a pen. actually maybe it was a pen.

  367. I have never seen Wellingtons name on the team sheet. I read that he has a poor attitude. Hope that isnt so but if it is i hope he gets help and learns humility.

  368. Vela could’ve been starting in all those games up at Bolton.

    Hang on, I know many have their doubts about JET but he just scored his first goal on for Cardiff.
    He’s a little younger then Lansbury, and less experienced, so maybe that’s why he’s been trusted less. Plus, he is just a loanee at a club fighting for second place Arsenal are doing OK without a feeder club (Arry and Portsmouth) or feeder clubs (Slurgussians).
    It would be nice if JET was playing ninety minutes every week. Then we’d have an idea of how salty his gr*t is.
    But alas, that’s not the case.

  369. ryo afobe and lansbury are the ones who have stood out..

  370. Wasnt Bartley doing well also?

  371. The whole penalty issue brings up the idea of video replays again. I am sure that in real time from the angle he was standing it looked like a pen to the ref. No way he would have had the time to watch Lucas and see if he stepped in front of Eboue and then slowed down and then started going to ground the instant before Eboue ran into him. Absolutely no way to see and process all of that in real time especially from the position he was standing in at the time of the free kick. The only way to be sure of what happened is by slow motion video replay from multiple angles. Even with that the call was controversial so difficult to blame him for calling it a pen. Somehow video replay needs to be brought into the game.

    If the ref had really wanted to even things up he could have called the fould for the free kick a penalty since in real time that could have easily been in the box instead of on the line. He had no way to know that the next play would give him an opportunity to call a pen.

  372. There is definately a need for some assistance in football Bill. I dont believe a sport that is the most popular in the world should be plagued by so many wrong and costly decisions.

  373. make you right paul
    kyle was doing well too..

  374. The lack of such incidents being viewed again, does FUFA’s/UEFA’s credibility no favours. Even if the call is marginal and goes with the refs original decision (as in cricket). I wonder what would happen if an FA decided to introduce them. They’d be in trouble, I imagine.

    Stopwatches would help too. I don’t think they’re very expensive.
    Clocks have been used to aid the refs/umpires with their timekeeping in cricket, for about a hundred years? Maybe more.

  375. They could stop all of the arguing about time added on, by empolying Rugby League’s method of a separate timekeeper.

  376. To clarify, in cricket, the umpire does not need to ‘keep time’. He looks at the clock.
    In football, maybe the 4th offical could do something useful, and help his busy collegue who doesn’t have the aid of any tech? Its a crazy idea, I know. I apologise.

  377. Heh.
    I agree with goonerandy!

  378. i Love Bob Wilson, it’s about time people recognized Wenger’s achievements.

  379. Paul:

    The game goes so fast that it is nearly impossible to make calls like that in real time and the game turned completely on that call. How many times do you see something that looks 1 way in real time from the first camera angle and then looks different in slow mo from a different angle.

    Not sure how that rugby timekeeping thing works. I think we should keep time just like they do in American football and Basket ball. There is a big clock that stops when the play is stopped for example if a player is down on the pitch. The game ends when the clock runs out. Each team could get 1 time out per half. Teams could use the time out at the end of a game so the clock would not run out and while they were lining up to take a free kick or a corner etc. The game ends no matter where the ball is or what the situation is when the clock runs out. That system certainly goes against tradition but it would make the whole time keeping issue transparent and visible for the fans and all the world and would eliminate the nebulous way that games finish today.

  380. And all those abusing Eboue are nothing but cowards, they would be the first ones to hurl insults at the poor guy for not trying hard enough had Lucas got to that ball and made something of it.

  381. Are y0u lot still at it?

    Get a life.

  382. Cbob @ 8:43:

    Most sensible comment of the day.

  383. Jabba said: “Boyd Where is the accountability on your side. I will show very very very easily how we make up 6-10 points that you say refs have cost us.”

    Here’s what I’ve said (all cut and pasted):
    “We are not good enough to overcome the 6-10 point differential that results from these decisions.”
    And from 3:57: “It’s true that we have mental fragility.
    It’s true that we lack vocal leaders on the pitch.
    It’s true that we expect these disasters, and thus contribute to them happening.
    It’s true that we should easily have been able to hold possession for one minute.
    It’s true that we lost composure leading to the free kick.”

    Is it really so hard for you wankers to see that both things can be true? 1) We have weaknesses, especially a tendency to panic when holding leads, and 2) We get fucked over by refs significantly more than the team we’re trying to catch.

    Unfortunately, this creates a negative feedback loop. If Eboue doesn’t hustle, it’s a weakness. If he does hustle, it’s a weakness. They’re afraid that if they play hard, they will get carded, and if they play soft, they’ll get scored on. Newcastle and Sunderland are exhibits A and B on that one.

  384. “Our defence has got better we have still thrown away points

    WBA home (thrown away, 3)
    Newcastle Home (thrown away, 6)
    Spurs Home (thrown away, 9)
    Wigan Away (thrown away, 11)
    Sunderland Away (totally fucked over)
    WBA Away (thrown away, 13)
    Newcastle Away (totally fucked over)
    Liverpool Home (totally fucked over)

    And you missed Blackburn Home (the worst of the lot, bc we got a super gift red card), so it’s 15. But so what? ManU has dropped 25 away points this year. Chelsea has 7 losses. The EPL is competitive, you know? But there’s 6 points right there…guess what our differential is? Can you point to a match this season where ManU was fucked over? How many matches can you point to where the other team was?

  385. Days like this I find hugely funny. Not for the stupid comments of morons without the brains the good lord gave a chicken…. those opinions really do not count and will never count. The people in charge at the club are not stupid, they know the value of what they’ve got.

    No I talk about normally sober fans who suddenly get this delusion of grandeur… Tim talks of giving Wenger time. Think about this for a minute… after the time runs out, you’d do what? Sack a manager who has managed to take you to second place in the most competitive football league in the world on a shoe string budget and then…. replace him with whom? Some of you are just unbelievable. You appear to live in this LaLa land where you sack Wenger and improve the chances Cesc, Nasri, RVP and who ever else staying at the club… how does that work? And then there’s the small matter that we have a war chest that is all of £40m big. I can see Chelsea, man city and ManU all quaking in their boots at a budget of 40m for player acquisitions… inclusive of wages! who’s the genius that’s going to win the league with an outlay of 40m. Hahahahahahaha… what a joke!

    Mourinho is managing a team that includes Pepe, Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Ike Casillas, etc, etc and he cannot get ahead of the one team in Spain that gives him a competition. In fact Mourinho lost 5-0 to Barca with 11 men and is 8 points behind Barca in a 2 team league (BTW we’ve played Barca thsi season and we all know how that went)… but these clowns tell us that Mouribho will come here and take Kosceilny and Djourou and Nasri and Wilshere to the Premier league title when he can’t do it Ronaldo Pepe, Kaka, Benzema, Higuain, Ozil and co…. On what evidence? Oh!, he took a Chelsea that had already finished second and had 0ver 180m spent on it and spent a further 100 or so mill and took them to the Championship. Huzzah! Muppetry.

    With Wenger familiarity has bred contempt in some of the most contemptible fans on planet earth… some of you want Van Ghaal… I wish you’d get him! Some of you want Moyes, yes David Moyes! I wish you luck. The stupid thing in all this is that Wenger would finish higher in the premiership with Moyes’ Everton squad than Moyes would finish with ours… of that I’m sure. Moyes wouldn’t know what to do with Fabregas, Van persie or Arshavin. Wenger would get the best out of the likes Felliani, Saha and Baines. I bet Wenger takes Everton into the champions league…

    The weird thing is that what is happening at Arsenal, even now, after the disappointment of yesterday is still one of the most exciting experiments in all sports. Yes I said all sport. I pity the fools whose whingeing and pathetic stupidity means that they cannot even enjoy it… I am watching jack Wilshere grow before my eyes. I am watching Szczensy grow before my eyes. I see Djourou growing and maturing into a mighty fine player. I see Walcott, I see Nasri… and there’s more to come. And some can only whinge. P_A_T_H_E_T_I_C!

    Tim, after Wenger’s time is up who would you give the job after you’ve sacked him?

  386. unbiasedTobias
    If a boy is failing at school you find out the reason why he is failing. Of course you give him support but you investigate the reasons for is failing and apply remedies to address such failings. But enough of the schoolboy analogies. The contributors to this blog are avid Arsenal supporters who want to see the best for the club. There seems to be two camps. Divisions arise in that some believe that Wenger, despite is past success has made mistakes and have failed to address the obvious weaknesses in the squad that has been apparent for several years. I fall into this camp and I genuinely believe that had wenger addressed our needs we would have easily won this league by now. The fact that we still have a glimmer of a chance demonstrates how poor this league has been this season. I am not calling for wenger to be replaced but unless he changes policy then the board should consider replacing him. The other camp seems to believe that to question any wenger decision is an act of betrayal and you are not a true supporter. They seem to be happy with the current situation,challenging but always coming up short .

  387. OR, lamia1, they are happy to stick with it becuase they know we will get there in the end. That is the ‘camp’ that I occupy.

  388. Great post Joshua, well said.

  389. Good post Joshua…

  390. Likewise Frank, this is not blind optimism at all.

    Its a very exciting time to be an Arsenal supporter.

  391. arsenal under 19 in the dallas cup vs charillo fc


    A guy with no tangible management experience telling Wenger what to do…the world as they say is mad..

  393. sweet lordgunner! the boys are giving Charillo a lesson thus far.

    1 up by penalty

  394. 4-0 – almost safe now

  395. Bloody hell 3 penalties in 1 game!!

  396. Sign this ref up for the PL.

  397. Frank is the funniest fucker on this blog, Block head. His humor is a bit on the intelligent side, though, so maybe that’s why you don’t get it.

  398. Bill, you wouldn’t be saying anything about the mental fortitude of our players had they won yesterday. It took the dodgiest of penalties to change your mind and you fucking know it.

    Andy, Man U would’ve closed out that game. You’re absolutely right. No ref would ever dare to whistle for a penalty like the one awarded to Liverpool yesterday.

  399. spot on, Joshua, as always. You are always able to sum up in less than 6 paragraphs what most of us would need our own blog to articulate. Bravo!

    As for me, I’m prepared to endure many more of these last second calamities as this noble experiment unfolds, because I know that in the end it will be well worth it. My only concern is that The Rapture will occur first, and I will find myself in some other place that is better in all ways than this one, but which has no satellite television.

  400. and Frank, you are correct that it was never a penalty. And I feel much better knowing so. Thank you for staying positive. You are truly a legend.

  401. Joshua, you just don’t get it. The privately owned club’s finances have no bearing on you whatsoever, as it would if you were a member of a true non profit club. So all this ” Oh Arsene saves us so much money ” I keep hearing is nonsense. He saves the shareholders money

    A couple of not too expensive buys of good players could have won us the EPL. That is the point, we know we are up there, but AW’s refusal got get a couple of good players is losing us a winnable competition.

  402. soft peno, but a peno nevertheless and Ebowie (who had a good game until then) is a bit dim to run into him like that…

  403. Kushagra India

    It was always a pen have some honesty for FFS how many times we have given one in trying times remember Newcastle…

  404. Good comments from JD. Shows they are still concentrated.

    “‘If we don’t win the league we can only look at ourselves,’ said Djourou ahead of tomorrow’s clash with Tottenham”.

  405. Arick – “im afraid u dont get at all what im saying, first off yea i dont think its a foul by Eboue, but even if it was, it still shouldnt be a penalty for all the reasons ive already mentioned.”

    Words fail me.

    Fair enough if you believe it was a foul. But once the ref thought it was a foul (rightly or wrongly), he had to give a penalty.

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