Stan & Transfers: What Difference Does It Make?

Transfer spending has always been a bone of contention across the spectrum of Arsenal fans. Or perhaps the lack of it separates the views of those who believe in the mix of organic growth with a smattering of experience as opposed to the spending mentality beseiging the English game for the past twenty years.

Fingers point in the direction of others, Chelsea and City with the seemingly neverending pockets of their owners to rely upon, United with a seemingly neverending supply of credit that never gets repaid. Good Old Arsenal, we’re proud to say that name, we’ll never borrow money to buy again.

And that’s the way it is apparently going to remain. Transfer war chests are noted, demands to spend are made, predominantly through a media which thrives and survives on the back of such activity. A lack of it? No problem, they thrive and survive on crucifying the manager, agitating the fans.

The new owner is apparently going to demand that Arsène spend his war chest this summer. It is curiously similar to the opinion that was leaked last month that Arsène had become tired of his squad underachieving and was going to ship out half a dozen and spend the best part of £80m replacing them. Continuation of a theme or at least, continuing the theme from a new angle.

Whatever the case is, will there be any early signings in the Summer? Recent seasons has seen the bulk of the activity late in the transfer window, although last year Arsène did manage new faces relatively early. It galls some that United and everyone else appears to do their transfer business far more quickly. Heaven knows they are miserable now.

And in a sense you understand the frustration. Not from the spending mentality but more from integrating new players into the squad.

United tend to do their business more quickly because they are shopping more often in a different market. They will look to purchase from Harrods as Arsène wanders by, casting a fleeting glance through the window, before wandering into the boutique down the chic little alleyway. When you are trawling through a large number of shops to find that elusive bargain, patience is a virtue.

Will Stan want that to change this time around? He would not be averse to it happening but there is a sense that he will not seek to impose that on the manager. A major signing would be a positive PR spin, currently swimming against the tide in that sense. Indeed such is the flighty nature of humans, a number who oppose Kroenke now will become his biggest supporters in that instant.

The notion of selling to buy is not unique to Arsenal. Manchester United’s biggest spending sprees have always been funded by big sales. Their current potential purchases are still coming from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

If Arsène so desired he could sell Fàbregas, Wilshere, Clichy and a few others, pocketing over £100m in the process. A healthy fighting fund but an unhealthy squad remaining. His problem is that two of three named yesterday said that they are not going anywhere.

Jack Wilshere tweeted that the Manchester City rumour was not true, Arsenal was in his heart. Nobody actually believed it was but that Wilshere took time to issue a concrete denial is a positive for the young man. It followed Gael Clichy’s denial of moving in the summer.

Clichy is still a villain in jaundiced quarters, never wholly forgiven for conceding that penalty at St Andrews. That he wants to wait until the summer for contract talks in order to focus on his football is not surprising and merely an extension of the club’s philosophy a couple of years back when Robin van Persie’s contract was renegotiated. It is also the most solid base for transfer gossip that you are likely to see.

Denilson – a favourite of many, for leaving that is – is hawking the talents of one of his countrymen. Should William join, he won’t be in Denilson’s debt though, the Arsenal player dismissing it as Really Nothing. What a Charming Man he is, although he has instigated Panic at Stamford Bridge.

Actually that joke isn’t funny anymore so time to end for today, I think. ’til Tomorrow.



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  1. Even if it probably was for the last time, it was nice to see Lehmann’s hands in gloves…

  2. Why isn’t Wilshere going to the Dallas Cup? At his age he needs all the games he can get.

  3. I am wondering why we are not using him in reserve games and sending him on loan as well. I heard you just can’t play enough games when you are that young.

  4. There won’t be any difference. As long as Wenger is in charge,we won’t win a damn thing.

    Fergie has managed to reach CL semis with O’Shea and Giggs in the squad. Wenger hasn’t won the CL even when he had Vieira, Pires, Freddie and Henry.

    6 years and counting. Till 2014 guys,when our nightmare is over and a proper manager will take over from Wenger.

    Maybe Klopp, maybe Villas- Boas? Someone,who knows how to defend and will sign some winners, not bunch of BOTTLERS who can’t defend 4 goal lead against the mighty Newcastle.

    Have a great day!

  5. But we have the second best defence in the league and the only team that defends better is not even sure to qualify for the CL next season.
    And why would you want Klopp anyway? He is not a spender type.

  6. I can’t believethat Kroenke would pressure Wenger to buy players, but from recent comments it does seem that Wenger is coming round to the idea that a one or two top quality additions are needed. And in the opinion of many, that’s all it will take to turn this team into a real dominant force. The squad needs freshening up whether we win the league or not this year.

  7. Anyone found a Klopp clip? Naaaah, don’t bother.

  8. For Ateeb and Finsbury, behind the beat as it were.

  9. For me any players we do buy, mentality is more important than skill. We have plenty of technically excellent players. Player for player, we have better footballers than Manure, but what we don’t have is their winning mentality. That is the type of thing you cannot coach into a player either.

    I have no doubt that all of our players want to win every game they play, but that “extra bit” is few and far between in the squad. It can make the difference between a good player, and a great player. With a bit more of that type of mentality I have no doubt that this team could go on to dominate the lge for a significant period of time.

  10. we need a bit of both, get the young ones through, but we do not need a team of kids, of course not, if you want to win things and be the best you have to spendk, the chances of having th4 best youngsters in the world is a slim one, some arsenal players are not good enough thats a fact , its ok to say it too, cause what annoys me the most is the in-fan bickering, seperate groups its pathetic, its the club that matters nothing else, come together and if you cant then stop with the snyde comments, obviously spending gets you somewhere, debt gets you things as well, how many have a morgage, its the time we live in, stop taking a side when there is only Arsenal, we need a youth policy for lots of good reasons but not only . Its about ballance, not a lot of it around to my mind, coyr

  11. We have a good team, and good players. But not a good balance.

  12. we have a good team, a good balance, all we lack is LUCK, if you look at the last couple of years, all that lacks is luck. you cant buy that, but it would come around soon, keep the faith, when we get luck, we going to be trully great.

  13. Hernandez Utd’s 3rd striker we have Bendtner as ours. Although credit to the self styled world’s best striker he did score a hat-trick v Orient!!!!

  14. Now that is an interesting statement to make GA; one which require me to ask many a follow up question.

    How does one identify a winning mentality?
    Who is our team lacks this winning mentality?
    Who in our team has it?
    Is one born with this mentality or can one learn it?

    The theme to that line of questioning is this: what is a winning mentality?

    It’s one of those phrases I hear a lot, but I’m unable to ask the spouter what exactly it is

  15. We are a very unlucky side, there is not doubt about that. Cue the ‘the more I practice the luckier I get’ responses. If there has been a missing ingredient it is confidence. Just as bad luck can be self-fulfilling then winning can be the same.

  16. Jeff – We can’t keep blaming bad luck when things go wrong. That is a bit naive if you ask me. We are an excellent team, but not quite a winning one yet. Sure we get bad luck, but we also get lucky which people tend to gloss over. Luck evens itself out over a season for most teams. There are (small) reasons why we are not winning things, but luck is not really one of them.

  17. Too much caffeine in our bloodstream
    and a lack of real spice in our team..?


  18. Gadget – I agree it is a good discussion, and you are right it is somthing that is hard to put your finger on. It is a bit of the “X factor” thing I reckon.

    I personally believe it is something you have or you don’t. From our current squad I would say Cesc, Wilshere, RvP display these type of qualities. They are all bad losers, and at the very peak of their profession it can be this that sets them apart from others. The unerring desire to win.

    I hate to hold up Manure as a result, but they are a good example of it. Regardless of who Ferguson fields, they often come up trumps (our recent FA Cup exit is a good example). Many of his players are inferior to ours, of that there is no doubt. But those very players are prepared to put in that extra little bit and go that extra mile for the team, and this often carries them over the finishing line.

    That is just my opinion obviously. We have a great side, but that is something obvisouly lacking which is why we have gone so long without a trophey. Before people jump on me, I am not critisiing the team in any form, just pointing out where I think we keep falling down.

    Think back to teams that have won the lge. They all had a good number of players who had this winning mentality.

  19. Frank – I definately agree about winning being self fulfilling. It is a habit.

  20. Players try hard but no good enough end of season. wenger must buy exparience . Eboue, denilson, bendtner are shite must go

  21. people make their own luck.

    the reason we arent a winning team is because the team cant control their nerves – spurs at home, newcastle away, CC final. plus our home form hasn’t been good enough.

    we’re not far off though but blaming it on luck is very weak

  22. A ball striking the post-ricochetting across the goal line to strike the opposing post to bounce away to safety.

    Bad Luck if you’re the attacking team, good luck, if you’re defending.

    Unluckiness: doing everything right but things just not working out

  23. It’s a curious thing. If Arsenal win the League, United will have thrown it away. Will the reverse hold true?

  24. i think the man utd mentality things comes from fergurson, he’s a fighter and instills that mentality in his team, anyone he deems to not be pulling their weight soon knows about it.

  25. YW – I don’t agree with that mate. Whoever wins the lge (us or them) will have deserved to win it. It means they will have been the best team of the course of the season. The lge does not lie.

  26. Tom – yup, I agree with that. Anybody not doing that extra bit will get nowhere near his 1st team.

  27. the YW… for me the leagues always been man united’s (or chelseas at the start of the season) to loose.

    it was never really in our hands as we were relying on beating them and our record doesn’t suggest that would happen

  28. goonerandy…

    an unfortunately due to either lack of options or lack of ruthlessness we never really do that.

    thats why they are where they are and we are where we are.

  29. We must be within touching distance when they come to our place. The next 2 games for us are vital.

    If we can really put them under pressure by beating them, I think we will. If we have drifted further away from they by the time of the game, they will be under no pressure at all and probably beat us.

  30. Tom – It is true. But with a couple of additions with that type of mentality to suplement the likes of Cesc and Wilshere (both very young remember), we could push on I think. We need a couple of players who simply won’t accept their team mates not putting in a shift. We have excellent players, I just feel that once on the pitch there is nobody to push them on if need be.

  31. “Think back to teams that have won the lge. They all had a good number of players who had this winning mentality.”

    So if we win the league, we have the winning mentality – if we don’t, then we don’t have the winning mentality…. I think I get it now…

  32. andy… yeah we lack the presence who tells people they need to lift it or whatever, i liked the story or RVP and diaby having a barney at half time because it shows a bit of passion.

    i think the problem stems more from the manager though than the individual players, they players need to know that nothing less than 100% is acceptable and if your not giving it you’ll be brought off.

    mourinho used to take people off after 30 mins if they wernt doing the business, although thats extreme id like a bit of that style ruthlessness at arsenal

  33. Or could we win in spite of not having the winning mentality? Does that work?

    At which point, I suppose, you would have to factor in the ‘X-factor’ to all of this… which makes things doubly confusing.

  34. Limpar – Pretty much. We have some tough games coming up, and when things are going against us, do we have enough players who will force the team on? Do we have enough players who will simply refuse to be beaten?

    I hope so.

  35. Limpar – I know that you would prefer to believe that if we don’t win the lge it will be down to bad luch and injuries, and that is fair enough. I am just stating my view on where I think the team comes up short.

  36. Winning trophies obviously helps develop a winning mentality because players want to experience the feeling again.

    The majority of our players haven’t got the experience of winning so maybe that affects their desire to win.

  37. Injuries are a worse excuse than ‘bad luck’ its the same players most of the time…

    Cesc (last 2 years)

  38. 6 of the top 10 players in world football right now are 5 “10 or under.

  39. Messi has scored 45 goals in 43 games. Unreal.

  40. UnbiasedTobias

    Noice comment gooner andy.

    If we want to win anything its pointless buying players who’ve got twinkle toes but no spine.
    We need to get sum tough players in our team. Players who dnt give fk whose in their way. This will help us penetrate thode teams who defend with 11 men behinf the ball

  41. Good lord!

  42. One of the things that struck me last nite (and I hate to say it) was the work rate of Manure. They never give Chelski a minutes piece on the ball, a bit like BBB did to us. We did do that at the start of the season but I believe that is one of the ingredients that has been missing over the past while. The Blackburn game being a point in fact.

  43. “peace”

  44. Limpar@11.45,

    I know you said it in jest but you’re exactly right. In some ways, I think ‘winning mentality’ can only really be proven in hindsight. The invincible had it. How do we know? Because they won stuff and set records. The Mancs obviously have it, according to the same criteria. Chelski had it, then lost it.
    The jury is therefore still out on whether our current squad has got it. Performances in recent seasons suggest that they don’t quite have it, but then again, if you can lose it (Chelski), I suppose it stands to reason than you can also gain it. The fact that we are a young squad, and that our position in the league table seem to be improving year on year will suggest there is a good chance that it might actually happen, and we can indeed start to win stuff. Have to say that there is a fair chance it might not also.

  45. @ Vince

    Agree, it was good to see Lehmann’s hand in glove. Even if I know its over.

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but there’s another Arsenal Chelsea game coming up for the ladies.
    Will probably be a bit different to the mens equivalent, Arsenal less likely to be beaten physically in this match. Although that said, some girls are bigger than others.

  46. GK like reina is…..fantastic striker . almunia ahh s**t,diaby,deniison ,bdnr,rosiky[sorry] must leave

  47. Now Szchezny seemingly is back for Sunday, it will be interesting who is the back up keeper for the rest of the season. I am presuming it will be Almunia, but I do wonder.

  48. How good of Maciek at 10:16. He comes in, squats, shits on the carpet, then runs away. We’ll really miss him – sob!

  49. andy… depends on how his “injury” is i guess… id rather lehman as no.2

    JD back to apparently would be a massive boost against carrol

  50. God damn. Boss creeping up behind me require the nimblest of finger but meant I’ve missed out on a hell of debate worthy material, much of which was the genesis of my own utterence of Frank’s favourite:

    Good Lord, indeed.

    I’ll attempt to formulate my thoughts no soner than 2pm which is when the dragon leaves the dungeon

  51. Wilshere’s comments about Lehmann from sundays game were interesting. And pretty much a little bit of what we was discussing earlier.

  52. The clock is ticking Gadget. We are waiting.

  53. Anyone know the deal with replays for the FA cup semi final? Does it go to extra time and pens if the scores are tied or is it replays?

    I’m not confident we won’t balls it up on Sunday – especially with Carroll in rude form but, if we do win, a replay for Man Utd would be excellent news.

  54. yeah, the bit about him “doing the team talk at half time” was worrying… does it mean they usually just sit there with no one really saying anything!?

  55. jonny, it goes extra time then pens mate.

    no replays since 1999

  56. Were we lucky in 98,02.and 04 or were we just a very good team?

  57. Tom – I do think that is what Arsene genrally does. I have heard players before say that he says very little, and even then only just before the players go back out. It is obviously a technique which works for him. No harm in having a few players sorting things out amonsgt themselves though.

    There was an incident which I noticed on Sunday. Blackpool broke down our right hand side. The cross got cut out and went for a corner. Fair enuogh, and good defending. What caught my eye was Jens absolutly roasting Diaby in the penalty area as the man he was marking had gotten ahead of him (and therefore if the cross had come in, would have been in a good position).

    The cross had not even got into our box, but yet one of of senior players was giving an earful to somebody that had not done their job properly. That is the type of winning mentality I am talking about. And there are not many others in the squad who would do that, especially our recent No1’s in Almunia and Fabianski. That type of thing can make a difference and rub off on other (especially younger) players.

  58. Gadget | April 13, 2011 at 11:06 am |

    The theme to that line of questioning is this: what is a winning mentality?
    It’s one of those phrases I hear a lot, but I’m unable to ask the spouter what exactly it is

    Interesting questions. I’m not the original ‘spouter’ of the term (I think you’d find that AW uses the winning mentality/mental strength phrases more than most) but here are my views nonetheless.

    How does one identify a winning mentality?
    This is difficult for sure, and in some way is connected to the question on whether one is born with it or not. I think with some people its more obvious, (the shouty, attention seeking types e.g. Viera, Keane, etc), while with others, their introvert-ishness might hide what is actually a steely determination to succeed at almost any cost. But the simplest way I guess is to go by the “by their fruits you shall know them” mantra. Who is absolutely dedicated to their career. Who stays on afterwards to practice on improving weaknesses and honing strengths. Who gives his all in training and on the pitch? Who reacts the calmest to pressure? Doesn’t lose his nerve easily, etc.etc… I think the answers to these questions should give a some idea to who’s got a winning mentality or not. However, as with all things concerning human nature, its not an exact science. There will always be exceptions to the ‘rule’, etc

    1. Who is our team lacks this winning mentality?
    Who in our team has it?

    Again not easy to answer, because I think for the most part the winning mentality/mental strength thing requires some sort of critical mass to be effective at the group level. Yes, there are the odd exceptions; players like Gerrard, Maradona who has shown that they can literally carry their team on their own. In many cases however, I’d say players need other players with similar winning attitudes around them to really maximize their potential. Kind of like the Invincibles, the Mancs and Barca. You don’t see any one ‘saviour’ in particular for these squads but the whole team just seems to be in sync mentally and are able to dig down into seemingly ‘joint reserves’ of inner strength to come up with a winning performance when the need arises.

    So really, one can’t be sure who has it or who doesn’t, especially without knowing detailed answers to the questions I asked in response to your first point above. Silvestre and Gallas won trophies in their former teams before they came to us, and AW said he signed them in part because of this. Neither signing was particularly successful in that sense where they?

    Is one born with this mentality or can one learn it?
    My answer to this is, does it matter? Who cares if a player was born with it or learned it from his private guru. As long as he is able to ‘show it’ when needed.

  59. We should sell…
    clichy (if wants to go)
    get about £35mil for them at a push, add the £40 mill kroenke
    said he’d make available, makes £75mil…

    Sakho/vertongen (cb)
    M’Vila/vertongen (dm)
    Buffon (gk) to slowly integrate schezney as he will be top class!!
    Hazard (lw)
    Benzema/Cavani (st)
    taiwo (lb) if clichy goes

    promote/bring back…
    Bartley (or loan him back out for more experience)
    Lansbury (or loan)
    miyiachi (if get work permit)

    pos XI…


    subs from…
    Schez, jd/kos, eboue/Gibbs, m’vila, rams, Walcott, arshavin, ryo, benzema/cavani

    other teams…




    I know this will never happen, but If it did, you can’t argue that this would not be an amazing squad 🙂

  60. Henristic – Nice post.

  61. Championship manager does more harm than good

  62. UnbiasedTobias

    Why am I still the only one who reckons we should sign hulk from porto…

  63. Great name, average player.

    If we are to look at another striker I would like to see us get a really pacey one. None of RvP/Chamahkh/Bendtner are ever going to leave defenders trailing.

  64. Excellent post indded Henristic. However, with all things they will come follow up questions

  65. …to die by an Arsenal side is such a heavenly way to die….

  66. Arsenal Tom – thanks, I thought that was the case.
    Oh well I’ll just hope for extra time anyway – every tiring display could count.
    Man City will have to really up their game after that inert display against Liverpool. Strange City look to have even less of a ‘winning mentality’ than us – especially when Tevez is out.

  67. They had De Jong missing as well.

  68. I was going answer Limpar’s post at 12.00 with a wisecrack about High Noon…

  69. That would have been low humour, Yogi.

  70. great article.
    i feel saddened when i read Arsene saying that it is no disaster to be second and some teams behind us have spent more. yes, it isnt, but you are not blackburn or stoke (and no offense to them). you are who you are today Arsene because you have worked with some of the best players and gave us the due glory to be the top 4 and a team that gave us the invincibles. right now, can you please admit that you have fallen behind and you had your mistakes. you are like a kid with failing grades after being chosen to a prestigious school.
    we are second only because the other teams like city and spurs are having europe distractions. even ManU and Chelsea helped our cause for second.
    you have gave us glory Arsene, and its no shame to admit the youth policy could have been handled with better flexibility. how can you not admit that the goal keeper situation was not your fault? when did you hear a team had to recall a retired veteran back to the first 11? you didnt see it coming and that shows your total lack of judgement.
    no one’s asking you for a Ronaldo or Rooney. just a little pressure for those under performing players and competition for their position. the whole world including yourself knew that key players such as RvP, Fabregas and Walcott are injury prone, yet you did nothing to give the team depth for replacement. players like denilson, diaby and rosicky have been given too many chances. and it seems that they cant even string passes together these days. yet they can still be happy with their playing time and no pressure at all.
    Arsene, put aside your youth, money making or scouting forte, you are no match for Ferguson or Mourinhno. simply because of 2 things. they will never come out and say they are ok with being second no matter how dire the situation looks like. secondly, their aura gives the players a winning mentality. how should players built superiority or boss their opponents when you tell them second is no disaster? what a motivator you turn out to be. and Ferguson knows how to use his players to the maximum effect and plan strategies for up against different team, in europe, home or away, rough tactics or technical teams. we have been playing one sided plan A even when the situation calls for plan b. there is no one in the team as a leader to rally or to dictate gameplay. why? becos our captain is either injured or trying to convince the fans or himself that he is not leaving.
    cant you see?
    pls Arsene, i know with you around, the club may be profitable and even win a cup or 2. but we will never match ManU or Barca for as long as you insist on your philosophy. we are not shareholders. we will leave the stadium empty.
    of course, that may not be a disaster to you.

  71. A bit of news on Djourou and Sczeszny’s imminent return, but more interesting, it says that Vermaelen might be fit towards the end of the season. A lot of it is a rehashed story from a few weeks ago, but if he is back it gives the manager an interesting dilemma. Personally, if we are still in the hunt, I would put him on the bench and leave Koscielny and Djourou as first choice for the rest of the season. Vermaelen is another “winner” IMO, even fromt he bench along with Lehmann he could impart some of this into the squad.

  72. Yep, fell short of expected standards.

  73. Another good post Yogi, thanks.

    Can’t imagine Stan making Wenger do anything. I do hope that the need to keep the balance sheet absolutely spotless has been decreased now that the sale is done. I think I remember reading somewhere that only Arsenal and Blackburn have transfer profits over the last several years. (correct me if that is not true). Many of us cheer loudly and snicker at all the moaning doomers when Wenger throws up his middle finger at them and the pundits and does not even spend the money that he has in his kitty, and in the next sentence complain endlessly about the unfair advantage other teams get by spending money. There has to be a financially safe middle ground between Man City and what AFC has been doing. Fortunately because of Wenger we don’t need to rebuild the squad Man City style but clearly a few new pieces to the puzzle would be helpful. Moving a few of the players on the fringes and bringing in 2 – 3 new players who can legitimately compete for the first team would be great. Hopefully they will be players the fans and the remaining players can get excited about. The quote from Jamie Carragher that I posted the other day says it better then I could.

    “I think there will be a feel good factor going into the summer and the start of next season,” said the veteran defender.”
    “As players we have to look after ourselves and do our own job but we are like supporters as well, we love to see top players coming to the club and hopefully that will be the case.”

    Adding a few new players that we all have heard of and the confidence and “feel good” that it brings is one of the few things management can do to help improve the chances of the team developing a winning mentality. No guarantees but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

  74. UnbiasedTobias

    Yea andy but hulk is very quick very strong and so far has got 21 goals in 23 games for porto aswell as 4 assists. Not bad for a 24 year old.

  75. UnbiasedTobias

    Oh yea and he’s got a 100 percent strike rate. 21 shots 21 goals

  76. High jinx are afoot here…

  77. Isn’t that policy a little bit short-sighted though, Bill?

  78. Well, well, well. Some tall stories on here today, I see

  79. Interesting stat, “Arsenal have not lost a league game when Johan Djourou plays since November 2008.” – consistent!

  80. Excellent, Colney. Consistency indeed. It is high time people stopped being so short-sighted.

  81. Who is this ‘short’ that everyone keeps coming up? Sounds rather vulgar if you ask me.

  82. if we can get JD fit for the weekend and keep him fit till the end of the season we’ll have a chance.

    we’ll need his height badly against pool, stoke, bolton and spurs

  83. According to Sky, Usmanov just announced he won’t be selling his shares to Stan. Usmanov said: “I’m not going to sell my stake. I love Arsenal, that’s why I’m a shareholder.” LOL.

  84. Limpar @ 3:05:

    How so?

    No one saying its time to blow up the squad or commit financial suicide. See what happens the rest of the year. If we win the league that may be all the feel good we need. Whats the use of saving money if not to improve the squad, and when is it the right time to start spending the money? Can’t imagine even you would disagree with the idea that bringing in quality players and adding that excitement would help the team. Even if you still think our players are so good that we can’t realistically strengthen the squads technical abilities then at least it could help from a mental standpoint.

  85. UnbiasedTobias

    Just out of interest
    Does anyone on this site reckon we can win this season

  86. UT
    Yes! i believe we can still win the league!

  87. What I mean to say is, don’t you worry that spending like that could stunt us in the long run?

  88. Limpar – I don’t think Arsene would do that. Plus, I don’t think anybody here (sensible) is advocating that.

  89. UnbiasedTobias

    I honestly don’t think we can win it.. Just purely based on the fact that even if we win all our games inc. Manure, we still won’t be first unless united lose.
    And wit our good old epl refs and linesmen and uniteds unbelievable luck. It looks pretty slim. We should have just beaten newcastle

  90. Financial short-termism while competing with the sugar-daddy-longlegs of the world… paying out giant sums, head and shoulders above the rest, will only lead to economic dwarfism in the long haul.

  91. And that, I’m afraid, Bill, is the long, the short and the tall of it.

  92. You can bury your head in the sand like a giraffe for as long as you like.

  93. all we need to do is spend the money available… we dont need loans or financing from a sugar daddy, there’s 30m odd just sitting there for wenger but he chose not to spend it and we’ve suffered because of it.

    we don’t need to spend sugar daddy style.

  94. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice one, YW.

    Arsene better spend that war chest this summer! If not, Bill’s going to be left Half A Person.

  95. tobias… i agree mate, it looks beyond us now, our record against man utd recently has been appalling so the idea of taking points of them doesn’t seem likely.

    plus we have a very hard run in with stoke away, spurs away, pool, and bolton away theres allot of very tricky games there.

  96. In short, ostriches are redundant, they have got the bird, ousted by giraffes.

  97. Bradys right foot

    I’d be surprised that in the short term the business model changed. I think that even the most short sighted fan would concede that Arsenal have agreat blue print for success however short changed the may feel at the moment with our lack of Silverware. I do think Wenger will buy in the summer as Im sure he knows more than anyone were the squad can be improved and short comings addressed. The long and the short of it is I expect it to be business as usual with maybe one or two moderatley “big signings” for us. Even if we do fall …. Whats that word, below Man U in the league or indeed win it, well be signing a player or two in the summer.

  98. One would have hoped the Financial Crisis at least instils the dread of short-term-gratification-at-whatever-expense in people….sadly it seems like business as usual….I can’t wait for the day Abramovich withdraws his financial support from just might open a few eyes..

  99. I decree today that life is simply spouting and not thinking
    Arsenal is mine…it owes me a living
    Ask me why and i’ll spit in your eye…

  100. UnbiasedTobias

    Yea, tom. So many peolpke just say that we have a relatively easy run in to the end of the season. And I don’t agree. Its a very tough run in angainst some very determined squads.
    And I’m nt sure if any of our best players will leave the stoke game with their legs attached to their bodies.
    Bt it is very painful wen u look back and count all the stupid points we’ve thrown away. blackburn, brom home and away newcastle home and away tottenham, wigan. They were all soo unneccessary. That’s about 17 point we just pissed away. We would have alread been able to say wiv confidence that we will win the league.

    Also this whole united thing pisses me off. How have they managed to stay atop the league playing lyk that. You’d think that their luck would run out by now.

  101. We have a tough run and that should keep the squad focused, i still think we will win it.

  102. Vermaelen to play a few closed door matches to build match fitness ahead of the preseason. That’s good news that he’s now fully fit and not having setbacks.

  103. There sure is a lot of talk about signings here with a good chunk of the season left to go. And, I really can’t see where the signings are needed except maybe one more ruthless striker.

    So much talk about needing help in defence is rubbish and does not acknowledge the reality of the situation. We have 4 quality cb’s and do not need another. They just need to be healthy. Djourou is already a beast, Koscielny shows he can be great if he eliminates some rushes of blood to the head. Squillaci has loads of winning experience in France, and Vermaelen was new defender of the season last year…the “need” for help in defence is fabricated.

    Our midfield is loaded with talent, and we have a little bulldog in Frimpong who will be coming through next year as well.

    I really can’t see a whole lot of signings happening. I wouldn’t get your hopes up people. The need just isn’t there. This team is developing into the final product before our eyes but many people refuse to acknowledge it. Support this current squad, because wholesale changes are not coming and are not needed…rant over!

  104. Classic

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  105. Kroenke Vs Usmanov…A new cold war?

  106. Limestonegunner

    I can only see some players coming in to add defensive strength in the midfield and some sort of clinical or pacy attacking player. We might lose some players as well (we don’t know the plans of Fabregas, Clichy, Bendtner, Arshavin, Nasri) or the club’s plans for them and others who haven’t received many opportunities this season which would mean finding replacements internally or recruiting new players. It is hard to imagine lots of players who are very significantly better than those in our best 15 who wouldn’t command large transfer fees and very high salaries even if they were available. Kroenke is no sugar-daddy so there isn’t any reason to expect additional spending being encouraged.

    I don’t really think from a talent perspective there is a whole lot to do, whether we win or don’t win the title this season. The issues are the intangible factors that contribute to success: balance in the squad, the fit between the qualities of the players and the style/tactical elements of play, the understanding and teamwork between players, the “mental strength” or resilient experience of the players individually and spirit/character of the team and squad together, and so on. Much, I think will depend on how we end this season. Even if we don’t catch ManU, but come in a very strong second performing well and winning lots of our remaining and big games (Liverpool, Spuds, Stoke), defeating or drawing with United, it would be a good experience for the players to feel that they were close and have it in them to challenge all the way, to feel that we just ran out of time this season but were prepared to close the points gap. That’s why, I feel, in addition to the title, there is so much to play for this season.

  107. UnbiasedTobias

    Viceologist, do not lie like that and sy squillaci is aood player. He was wen he was at lyon bt not now. He is erratic and his clumsiness puts our players and keeper under pressure. Vermaelen is quality bt there is no doubt that
    After a season of no football he will not b as good as he can.
    We need 1 new defender and 1 new new defnsive mid aswell as another striker. All need to have presence about them, like mexes,m’vila and elmander. Bt we don’t need to break the bank at all.

  108. I watched the Man U vs Chelsea yesterday and its painfully obvious that there is a desire, a will to win and a fighting mentality in that team that we do not have.

  109. Limestonegunner

    Having said that, I do feel frustrated that the Mancs look to be getting stronger and the value of their fixture congestion to us is diminishing. They have a pretty fit squad with players like Ferdinand returning. I don’t think there is much of a risk of them tiring–their league run-in is not as challenging as ours and a highly rotated squad has recently been enough to dispatch Fulham at home quite easily. I’d much rather see them falling out of competitions, but Chelsea was handled and might not pose much of threat in their next meeting at OT. Tevezless ManCity aren’t as much of a threat to keep them from the FA cup final. They have a pretty clear path through Schalke to the CL final.

    It comes down to us in the end. We can and must be the genuine test. Arsenal is the only salvation. We need to get on a roll of 4 wins on the trot with encouraging and dominant performances against Liverpool and Spuds when we meet them at the Emirates. We will have to beat them confidently and make them scramble in their final two matches in the league while under pressure in whatever of the other two competitions they are still in. I’d be very happy with that even if we didn’t catch them in the end. I would like to force them to win all of their games besides their loss to us to earn this title. I can’t bear the idea of them strutting and strolling to the title with a double or possible triple. The red Devil may have his day, but it should never be surrendered to him.

  110. Yes, if we sign Johan Elmander we will definitely win the league next year

  111. I believe Chelvski is about to take a decision of changing their manager with their new kit every year in the pursuit of trophies.

  112. Seems a few people on here like playing Championship Manager.

    Ladies 1-0 up against Chelsea at HT.

  113. @Luke,
    u forgot Mexes and M’villa

  114. TimmyT, that same team lost 3 matches since the new year and drew quite a lot of matches also.

    Again, our team lost confidence after what happened against Barcelona, it happens but hopefully with last weeks win we can get back to how we were playing. Actually that tie against Barca, proves that we have a lot of fight, more than you and most even give us credit for.

  115. I see the shine has gone off the win last weekend. We are now back to whining ways. Some on here have a great whining mentality. They could win the Whining Cup.
    [CBob – I bet I couldn’t say that after a few pints of Old Essex Original Scrumpy, and bottled in Maryland]

  116. GA, says winning mentality.

    Chelsea have a team full of players with winning mentalities mind you.

  117. Is this becasue most Man U fans lve in the south east?

    “National Express staff arranging special FA Cup semi-final services from Manchester to Wembley on Saturday have received bookings to fill NINE coaches for City fans – and just ONE coach for United supporters. The company asked fans to say which club they supported before they reserved seats on services from the Chorlton Street station in Manchester. Bosses were left stunned when they were inundated with requests from City fans – but received less than 50 from their cross-town rivals.”

  118. *Because * live
    ve gt th sm kybrd s UnbiasedTobias

  119. I think the focus is entirely wrong, with many of todays comments. Why are we focused on the team needing this or that when we have games to be played and absolutely nothing can be done about percieved needs anyway. Its quite possible that we could win the PL and the needs may not be as needed as many think. Sure United are looking decent but who the heck cares?! We are trying to win this thing and that what makes me excited.

    I cant wait until Sunday!

  120. Great post by Henristic on the question of what a so-called ‘winning mentality’ might actually mean… for me the whole thing is a bit “meaningless” to be honest or to be more precise people who use it often have a particular image in mind which is not a million miles from Terry Butcher, head bandaged and soaked in blood and yelling at his players to keep their shape or whatever. But it is not only physical courage that is involved, but qualities like self belief, intelligence, discipline, steadfastness, commitment and other ideas like responsibility and even comradeship. For me this team has a winning mentality in spades. You don’t accomplish what they have at their age and in spite of all the naysayers around in the media and on the web without having a winning mentality.

    What I do find funny though is the idea that unless you win you don’t have a winning mentality which kind of makes the debate a tad irrelevant really because till we win we would always be presumed by those who believe that we don’t have a winning mentality to not have it no matter the reason for the our loss or losses. I mean, does anyone really believe that Van Persie’s sending off in the Camp Nou, if we take one example, was down to a lack of a winning mentality? My own view is that these players are good enough to win and that the better bulk of this team will win and soon.

  121. “ve gt th sm kybrd s UnbiasedTobias”


  122. Look, MD.

    It’s about time that you, of all people, realised that the Kroenke takeover has nothing to do with football except to provide a market for my pasties and cider.

    Stan appreciates the market opportunities here and soon the Emirates – and then the world- will eat and drink nothing but consolsbob pasties and cider.

    I’ll be rich and the everyday football fan will be happy, stuffed and drunk.

    Get onside now.

  123. Agree with you Joshua!

    This team has not yet reached their potential but still beat the “best” and we are within a shout of the title.

    I am excited about this team and I too believe they are winners.

  124. The Arsenal Ladies won their 1st game

  125. MDGunner:

    Not whining just discussing our ideas as they relate to the todays post.


    As I said in my earlier comment, I think there must be a financially safe middle ground between Abramovich and AFC. We don’t know what is really the truth but based on everything Arsene and everyone else says we have significantly more available then we spent. No one would care if we were finishing first a few times. To be one of the only clubs in the PL and certainly the only “big” team in the world with a transfer profit seems to be taking frugality further then needed and may be hurting our chances to win on the pitch.

  126. stan and transfers what difference will it make??

    the only thing i ask for is to lower the ticket prices, sell the arsenal brand abroad to make the money and give wenger a decent sized kitty out of what we make every year..

    stans first season may see a PR signing as you put it Yogi, it will help him smooth over the fans and it will give us a little positive attention that will help him sell some shirts over the pond…

    if he wants to market us to our full potential then i think we need to win a trophy or two early on in the stan attract new fans and are easier to market..not many ppl outside the club give a toss about a team who blows every cup they go for and comes a close 2nd 3rd or 4th , if anything it causes negative attetntion as we see every year when everyone jumps on the ‘arsenal are crap’ bandwagon and we start to see empty seats at our own fucking ground…
    it would really help if we won the PL this season but if not i think if there is any change in the transfer policy it will be this coming window for next year’s charge but in the long term it will be business as usual me thinks…
    only better run.. 😉


    Danny Fiszman has passed away. Condolences to his family and my respects for his contribution to Arsenal Football Club.

  128. Bill
    Don’t be paranoid, I hadn’t even read your post.
    “I’ll be rich and the everyday football fan will be happy, stuffed and drunk”
    The odds of you being ‘rich’ and the everyday football fan being ‘happy’ are about the same.

  129. RIP Mr Fiszman..

  130. Thanks danny for leading us into the emirates..
    Much appreciated..god bless ya

  131. Spuds have gotten off to a great start says the wank commentating. so great that they haven’t scored and are losing 4-0 to Real Madrid.

  132. Rest.In.Peace Danny Fiszman.

  133. No doubt he did a great job for Arsenal. Thanks Mr Fizsman and my best to your family.

    Now we understand the timing of the sale.

    As for you MD, I am rich as many ways as the everyday football fan is miserable and that’s the truth.

  134. also i just watched this guy on spuds take a shot a few seconds after the whistle for offsides. lol@referee’ing these days.

  135. Spud fans sing, “you’re just a shit Barcelona” to Real Madrid.

    When you are 4-0 down to this ‘shit’ team keep quiet because it just makes you look even worse.

  136. LOL…dupsffokcuf

    I think the Spuds will find out soon that they will have to spend another 600 millions to just play in the CL again.

  137. RIP Danny Fiszman.
    I just learned he passed away.

  138. Fare thee well Danny Fiszman.Thank you for the great work you’ve done and the commitment you’ve shown to this great club of ours.
    Condolences to his family and loved ones. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  139. Borges Spinelli

    It’s all over for Tottenham now. A mammoth of a mountain to climb, if I may say so.

    Tottenham need a ‘world class’ goalkeeper, commanding right back, left back and a solid central defender. Lol

  140. Borges Spinelli

    Very interesting discussion on here today.

    Excellent post by Henristic @1:06 pm

    Goonerandy and Gadget were also in fine form.

  141. Rip Danny.
    Real through.

  142. These Spurs sympathizers are something else. The only reason Spurs went down a man is because one of “their” players was quite stupid.

  143. Bradys right foot

    Rest In Peace Danny.

  144. RIP Danny Fitszman

    And condolences to your family and loved ones. With gratitude for your love and contribution to AFC.

  145. RIP Danny Fiszman

  146. RIP Mr Fiszman.
    YW – please no more Smiths. I fucking hate the Smiths. I’d rather watch Man U than listen to the fucking Smiths.

  147. Blackburn, Leeds, Newcastle. 3 teams with short ventures in the CL. All relegated shortly after. One can only hope that trend continues with our shadows from up the road.

  148. Borges Spinelli

    RIP to yet another lost gooner.

  149. With the passing of Danny it feels like an era has come to an end and hopefully a new one begins. One that Danny would be proud of, his legacy would always be the stadium, but he did more for Arsenal behind the scenes as well. My Condolences go out to his family and may he rest in peace!

  150. steww

    I didn’t realise you hated them. This night has opened my eyes to that.


  151. Borges Spinelli

    £75m would be insufficient an amount to acquire your list of players. Besides, only half of ’em would significantly impact our team. Attempting to integrate 6/7 new players, new to the league isn’t a wise course to pursue if one expects to lift the league trophy next season. Successful team building is a gradual process of solidifying the foundation and not a disruptive and disjointed act of desperation.

  152. Borges Spinelli

    Should we win our remaining games and Man Utd draw another game. The title will be ours, because of the extra game we have in hand. Plain and simple (figuratively & statistically speaking, that is).

  153. Borges Spinelli

    Hulk really isn’t all of that, in my opinion. Dunga didn’t think so either. 21 goals scored in 23 games, you say? I would prefer his more prolific Colombiano team-mate, Radamel Falcao’s record over 2 seasons than Hulk’s output in 3 seasons at Porto. One thing is for certain though, we need an additional striker next season. Preferably more clinical than Bendtner

    @Viceologist 5:00pm
    Tell you what we really are in need of for 2011/12 season:

    A clinical striker, and a defensive-midfielder. Frimpong is good, though, unproven and far too inexperienced to depend on, in the event of a serious injury/loss of form to Song.

  154. RIP

    Have to say I agree with steww on the Smiths. Every song sounds like Sunday.

    Borges, Jack Wilshere was unproven this time last year, and far too inexperienced.

  155. Borges Spinelli

    Yes, Limpar, that is true. At least Wilshere had a loan period with another Premiership team. Frimpong to my knowledge, has never been on loan before. Not even to a lower league.

  156. Looking forward to sunday now, win the title for Danny please! Wherever you are Danny, steer us towards the title it will only be fitting. Dalglish better be reminded of his priorities – stop united from winning #19.

  157. R.I.P Danny Fiszman… Arsenal legend

  158. RIP Danny Fiszman. His legacy will live on at Arsenal FC. I hope Kronke honours his faith and trust in him.

  159. RIP Mr Fizman. I’ts almost weird how close the timing of his death was to the takeover. Like he needed to do that last thing before passing away. I hope Stan picks up something from that, and continues in Fizman’s good work.

  160. ———————-schezney———————–






    subs from…

    Fab, eboue, Gibbs, kos, jd, song, wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, arshavin, chamack

    loan out…

    Frimpong (prem lge) Lansbury ( prem lge) miyiachi (feyen again unless gets permit) bartley (prem lge) etc

    Almunia, squilachi, denilson, diaby?, rosicky, bendtner, vela, and under performing loanees eg watt, Randall etc

    Sakho, m’vila, hazard, benzema, taiwo/cissoko (if clichy goes)

    Shouldn’t cost too much with selling of deadwood 🙂

    Other pos signings…

    I know this would never happen, but If it did 🙂

  161. Henristic
    Exactly my thoughts too, as if he needed to do that last thing before passing away. I think Arsenal will be in good hands!

  162. ———————-schezney———————–












  163. RIP Mr. Fizsman. So sad. Never a good thing when this happens. Best wishes to his family.

  164. He he.. The Smiths references are too nice! Thought it was just me until I saw the rest of ’em.

  165. Seems Muppet is using a new ID for his jokes. I wonder if you can guess who I mean?

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