Arsenal At The Seaside: Donkeys Or Rock Hard?

Arsenal travel North to Blackpool, a trip to the seaside which has to show a maximum points return to keep the title flame that is currently flickering wildly in the hot air that surrounds the club. Manchester United found that Fulham were not interested in improving their woeful form at Old Trafford, rolling over letting the Premier League leaders tickle their tummies.

Arsenal, club in crisis. It is a headline that has not been written for a while, Liverpool’s debacle took care of that yet the media has been able to seize on the ‘civil war’ apparently engulfing the club. Following hot on the press conference fall out, the Arsène clear out of players, comes the ‘news’ that Manchester City will be bidding £40m in the summer for the services of Jack Wilshere.

Nothing will come of it, of that you can be sure. But it puts Barcelona on notice. £40m for a player just completing his first full season of Premier League football seriously inflates the value of a World and European champion. It is of course rubbish but then what do you expect of News of the World journalism, a News International organ that gives the bad name of journalists an even worse name.

On the pitch, it feels like a lifetime since the last Arsenal victory. March was awful. Simply appalling. The five goal romp over Orient was the last victory of any sort. Three Premier League draws were accompanied by two cup defeats. That sequence of results has to be broken with victory.

Wenger will be choosing from a partially depleted squad. Alex Song is definitely out whilst there are doubts about Bacary Sagna and Theo Walcott. The latter seemed to be raising more concern during the week but the presumption must be at this moment that neither will make the trip.

The players seem to be aware that simply stepping onto the pitch is not going to be enough today. Blackpool are involved in the relegation dogfight, their expected position but membership of Premier League is not being cheaply surrendered.

Warnings of the potential pitfalls stare Arsenal in the face, a two goal lead against Manchester United and 2-1 / 3-1 victories over Liverpool and Spurs respectively. The potential is there, a focussed performance negates these.

The line-up I would expect Wenger to go with is,

Almunia; Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy; Fabregas, Diaby, Wilshere; Nasri, van Persie, Arshavin

Personally, I would prefer Wenger to go with a 4-4-2 formation with Rosicky making way for Bendtner. The Dane wittered on about DNA – where has this obsession with genetics in football sprung from? – of champions. Frankly, I’m not interested in that. Putting the ball into the back of the Blackpool net on more occasions that they breach the Arsenal backline is all that matters. To be honest, I don’t if the winner comes from the flukiest goal this side of Christendom so long as Arsenal take the three points on offer.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. a win would be fantastic. Please win.

  2. i havent watched a game on atvo for ages. I miss winning ways where we can relish in the beautiful goals. comon guys!!!


    What we need is character in most of our players sort of that we must let the TROPHY go.

  4. I was “thunking” a little bit more in the shower just now on the PHW “message”.

    Sure, it might have been a “slip”, but it could just as easily have been intentional.

    Our beloved politician’s often look for “plausible deniability”.

    Getting rid of unwanted customers as I was discussing on the previous thread has it’s challenges.

    In my particular game, it’s a service industry, so on the few occasion I have wanted to rid myself of a customer I have politely asked them to take their business elsewhere.

    Of course there are dangers in that too, in that they can trash your name in the market place, but if your reputation is good you can minimize any damage by being as diplomatic and quiet about the break as possible.

    However, in an industry selling a product it’s a lot more difficult.

    How do you gently persuade a customer walking into a store over which you have little or no control to no longer buy your packet of crisps, or discuss it any longer?

    The easiest way to get an unpalatable first pass “message/warning” out to the customer base is to use a “court jester”.

    The club came out with a response to the PHW message very quickly, and it wasn’t exactly a crushing denial or rejection, was it?

    That indicates the possibility that this was carefully planned rather than just a bloop.

    The interesting thing going forward will be to see if the club sees the need to put in place a plan to rid themselves of a sector of their customer base, and what the estimated costs and gains of such a move might be.

    Many of the major share owners did not make their money by being shrinking violets.

    That means they are probably very capable of some rather harsh decisions.

    On that note, should someone like Usmanov take over, based on his track record with web-sites he didn’t like, what are the chances he will look kindly on some of the more vocally unpleasant examples out there?

    Plenty of food for thought on this important day for the club.

  5. great comment from MikeSA in the post you wrote this morning on the previous blog post. I agree with you. Who need enemies right. People just like to run their mouths and ruin lives around here off of nothing. THey dont like you, you make too much money( thats a big one. everyone is in everyones business when theres money involved ie Wenger is making 4 million….. whats it to you?)

    I recently sacked a client who was being abusive now he wants back cos things arent going so great for him. PHW is mouthy but does he have a point. Some clients/ customers are just not worth it.

    im rambling. A win today will make the blues fall away.

  6. For the past few weeks I have focussing on my recovery from a real nasty accident which required endless hours in the operating room. Hence I have been absent from the battlefield. *sigh* But the only reporting of the so-called Arsenal “civil war” that I relied on was Yogi’s. This morning I decided to scan the usual suspects in the blogsphere and I literally gagged at the damage it was doing to my recovery. Arsene correctly recognizing that coming 2nd is an achievement rather than a failure is now a stick to belittle the manager. Well apparently Avis had better shut up shop because they have always run second in popularity to Hertz but oftentimes more profitable.
    “Oh justice thou has fled to brutish beasts….”
    My mental and physical strength has to be saved for my rehab, but I want to urge YW and all the ACLF warriors to continue the good fight.
    My gooner energy is focussed on today’s game. COYGs!

  7. Shotta, more strength to your recovery!

    On the topic of “sticks” to beat the manager with, a previous example of such a stick was the “yes, I do think it might be possible for a team to go unbeaten in a season” which miraculously became “my team will be unbeaten”.

    Not many of the loudmouths who trashed Wenger on that did much apologising, in fact they still seem to try and use it as a stick on the odd occasion for some unfathomable reason.

    Nevertheless, yet another reason that the media hate Wenger is probably that many of them still don’t manage to sit very comfortably since he managed to shove those particular sticks into a somewhat uncomfortable location for them.

  8. A guy commits his entire life to his subject. In his youth he works his bollocks off when his mates are out having a good time. He knows that he can make a difference, he thirsts for knowledge, he knows he has to be the best and he knows that he has to educate himself in order to do so. He wants change and he knows it will take a long,long time to achieve.They pay him very well, but money means nothing to him. He works so, so hard, sometimes almost 24 hours a day. Everything must be examined and re-examined. He knows he will have to battle against institutions and the establishment. He knows that the inevitable mistakes will bring the wolves down upon him, trying to rip him apart. He is a brave man, a man with a purpose. He holds the future of others in his hands and that is a real burden to carry. I would never question his judgement because he is an expert. I cannot possibly know what he knows, and it would be dangerous to assume that I could. Of course I have questions and doubts, but at the end of the day I have to trust him. A bloke down the pub told me that he was fucking useless, but what does he know.

    My subject is in fact the surgeon who operates on my knees. But the parallels and the principle are obvious.

  9. I hope we can still get that 2nd place shotta!!

  10. time to go to the seaside and banish our all at sea performances.

  11. I freed this from the spam bin. I am amazed that anyone would spend the time writing a dissertation on a subject he hates, on a subject he hates. Pure comedy gold – YW

    Dear YW,

    It is sadly the last time I am visiting your site for the hackneyed, cliched and routine comments and opinions you and your readers express symbolizes the malaise that has beset Arsenal. In analyzing your recent opinions, I hope you don’t take it personally but in the spirit with which you expect others to react to Wenger.

    Wenger’s ego has now reached colossal scales and he has rejected any critique outright. By brandishing opinions as not even worth considering, he has reached what can be only described as a state of delusion. In such a state, everything is about ‘me me’, and not about others. He is reluctant to admit he has been wrong or still is. From tactical, player selections, transfers and match outcomes, the last few seasons are failures. Everybody knows it. It is a fact. During this time, other clubs have reached better heights. It is not for Wenger to dictate how much others spend or how lush their pitch should be. It is his job to compete. Sadly he isn’t.

    Playing for the sake of playing is different than winning a game. However, Hill-Wood and Wenger have made it very clear: they are there to ensure Arsenal participate in the CL and not win it for they cannot, not with Wenger, not with this team. I think it draws curtains on any debate from now on. Fans should understand, as I do now, that AFC cannot win anything under Wenger and only want to participate in the CL, with the vain hope of causing an occasional upset, which is entirely possible.

    I ask you: Do you see Arsenal winning against United, or Stoke or Spurs this season end? Be honest… you? AFC know and the players know that they will not. Wenger knows it too. Hence, even finishing 4th is in danger, and the people who support Wenger till death do them part know that too. The standards are being pushed down continuously. Finishing 5th will be considered as success too. The players lack balls and the requisite factors to win, the manager loves himself.

    I will continue to support the club I love, not Wenger and not the players who basically are playing for themselves. And by the way, I am not from Mongolia, as some of your readers think, and even if I was, that should not allow their subliminal racism to gush forth. Suffice it to say that blogs like yours are perpetuating the Wenger mantra and are not looking to lead a credible change of voice. However, even if you did change, Wenger has outrightly rubbished all fans yesterday. Hill-Wood has called all dissent as stupid. That tells you all.

    I wish you good luck with your blog, for to carry on praising a man who is a laughing stock in Europe and England is a very tough job anyway.


  12. Bye Bye, Kubla.

  13. Fair enough kubla kahn, you are entitled to your opinion.

    However, so are others, which, judging from your post, you seem somewhat less inclined to entertain.

    Likewise, you decry Wenger’s “inability” to acknowledge” he is wrong.

    What if you are the one who is actually wrong?

    What if we do beat stoke et al?

    If that does prove to be the case over the next few games and/or the next few seasons, will you be up to acknowledging that fact?

    Forgive me if I have my doubts.

  14. The hacks wrote that the o3-04 Arsenal squad did not not have a proper CF, a recognised CB partnership, a RB…etc. After they’d won.

    The people on the AST were very quiet during the Eduardo Embargo.

    ‘One nil to the referee’.
    Lee Mason again. Last time Arsenal had him as a referee, in spite of those who try to make a lot of noise and deny such things, the fans helped to lift the team over the ‘handicap’.
    Blackpool aren’t playing as well as Everton at the moment.

  15. ‘it puts Barcelona on notice’

    Heh. I thought they were preparing a bid of $80M for Garteh Bale.

    Will Nasri, (a player who doesn’t play for Arsenaly, according to the meme Arsenal do not sign any players), win the award? Is this award the one voted for by players, not hacks? If so, I hope he gets it.

  16. what have heather mills and spurs got in common? the second leg is just for show.

  17. Great post Yogi. Particularly amused by your views on News of the World and journalists in general. Ofcourse owning a blog as you do makes your partly a journalist! COYG.

  18. Cesc for 50m, Jack for 40m and the daily mail’s lot for 35m. That’s 125m and we got the lot for less than 25m? Arsene knows!

  19. With 135m you can buy Torres for 50m and Carrol for 35m and then moan when they fire blanks. Not worth it. I’d rather hang with Arsene!

  20. LOl DukeGoonen that just made my day. A win today will be even better. I agree with Wenger success cannot just be measured in trophies although this helps immesurably but the fans will never forget the special nights when we beat Chelsea and Barca this season. How amazing would it be if after all the trash talk of the united treble and Arsenal being chokers, we snatched the premiership crown from under their noses and they got eliminated by Barca in the Champions Legaue and dumped out the FA Cup by Man City just to say F@ck you to the doubters. Ponder that one for a moment. We would have to win every game of a very difficult run in i think compared to Uniteds within every team a potential banana skin. Ive got this down as the day we get the title chase back on track. There is a team that is due a hiding form us. 5 -1 to the Arsenal..COYG

  21. donkey’s chocking on there rock sound more relevant.

  22. 1 loose cannon

    Finsbury- I don’t know what the obsession with Gareth Bale, he is one dimentional, he gets the ball runs at people down the flanks. teams can deal with that easily, against Madrid Ramos barged into him every time and that was it. In the premiership its same thing teams sussed him out. Lets see how he can deal with that next season. It takes more than just running at people. Nasri is a coplete player creates, scores, goes past people trickery galore no problem.He should win the award

  23. 1lc

    Nasri wins everytime.
    I noticed in yesterday’s game that Bale has started to make more runs along the ‘inside channels’.*
    Theo Walcott has been doing this for longer, not surprising when he’s been in a first team for longer, playing well in CL SF’s and QF’s. That kind of thing. I’ve noticed, whilst he has been developing this facet of his game inbetween injuries that he has been accused of not having a football brain. By plundits, sp*ds, and a section of his own fans.
    I guess they know their football.
    I enjoyed the dribble that nearly led to a RVP goal in the first leg against BBB. Oh yes. Took the BBB players by surprise too.

    * I do have a tiny football brain. And I’d be happier giving advice on how to face Brett Lee (Wear a helmet. Duck.) then on football. But with so many experts out there, I can’t help it.

  24. Arsenal:

    Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy, Diaby, Fabregas, Wilshere, Nasri, van Persie, Arshavin.
    Subs: Lehmann, Rosicky, Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs, Chamakh, Bendtner.


  25. bonjour mon amigos..
    cant take blackpool lightly..
    there form is up and down they play the same way every game, sometimes they tonk and sometimes they get tonked we need to be switched on and we need to shhhhoooooooooooooootttt……

  26. Correction: giving advice < a thread in a public forum

  27. jens will start..

  28. Big Al picks up an injury in the warm up.

  29. Limestonegunner

    finsbury, is it an injury or an “injury”? If the latter, I am quite worried about the decision.

  30. Limestonegunner

    Hopefully Mad Jens is ready for it. Also, scoring 4 or 5 would make the issue moot!

  31. Limestone,

    He was named in the starting eleven. Then withdrawn.
    I don’t know but it sounds like an injury.

  32. shall we laugh or cry.

  33. Apparently Manny has a virus, so he’ll be on the bench in case of emergency

  34. duke
    laugh…what else is there to do??
    apparently hes got a knee injury, but hes still on the bench..???

  35. Duke,

    We shall support.

  36. well done ateeb.

  37. Oops, apparently Manny is not allowed to be on the bench so we have no back up keeper for this game

  38. Are we playing Barca or Blackpool?

  39. The excitement with Bale is that he’s British. Nothing wrong with that as long as the award is competive. But will it be?

  40. it’ll be ok..
    its the calm before the storm

  41. 1 loose cannon

    good start from blackpool. we will stink them soon

  42. 1 loose cannon

    good chance for Arshavin

  43. Borges Spinelli

    What is up with the negative commentating against Arsenal? One would think we were in the relegation zone fighting for survival, compounded by a 7 goal hammering in this game.

  44. this game reminds me a tad like everton yesterday
    wolves started with a bang and everton didnt show up 1st 20 mins..but won three nil
    same again please..

  45. or one would think we havent won in 7 weeks borges

  46. we hvnt settled yet

  47. that was almost a quality RVP goal. Kinda like that one against liverpool a few years back when nasri found RVP from the halfway line and Robin chested it down then put it past Reina. Goodtimes.

  48. Limestonegunner

    Have to say, though, despite my concerns, Lehmann has so far looked sharp. He hasn’t had any serious saves to make, but he has been proactive in the box. And he left a leg in on the Blackpool forward, so we know his feisty spirit is still there! Tbh, he has had as much or more to do than Kingson. COYG!!!

  49. 1 loose cannon

    this game is made for walcott, wide open at the back. is he on the bench?

  50. will the real arsenal please stand up..

  51. hes on the bench 1lc but i dont know why hes not fully fit hes carrying a knock

  52. time we put our foot in i think..

  53. That’s the way to go.

  54. Borges Spinelli

    Good Goal!!!!! Diaby

  55. haha fuck yes!

  56. well done abou..
    put his foot in..finished the move well…
    good lad

  57. Lovely goal from Abou!

  58. diaby scored great counter attack

  59. Quality tap in.

  60. 1 loose cannon

    Credit to Blackpool they are really playing decent football butas I expected it was a matter of time before we stink them

  61. Great move, oh what will the Diaby haters do now?

  62. 1 loose cannon

    Hopefully we don’t concede but this game is really heading for a high scoring one

  63. youve only come to see eboue…lol

  64. Borges Spinelli

    2-0 Eboue scoresssssssss

  65. haha Md. He’s been lazy all game and really drags the midfield down. Eboue!

  66. King Eboue!

  67. Limestonegunner

    Gainsbourg called it. He has been calling for Eboue and I can see why.

    Away support has been absolutely fantastic, defiant!

  68. Borges Spinelli

    Bet the morose commentators are searching for a new script to hit us with now.

  69. But to be honest Blackpool did really well in the first 15 minutes. I was afraid we might conede but now we found or footing and I hope it’s going to be smooth smailing from now on. All the credit to Blackpool, though. They know how to play proper football.

  70. Great goal from Eboue!

    Not in the mood to celebrate?

  71. lets not get careless now…
    keep going, dont get carried away or complacent..still a long time left..

    ‘Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent’

  72. President Eboue. What a finish. Not over yet though. St James park anyone.Blackpools ambition is playing right into Arsenals hands

  73. 1 loose cannon

    Ian Holloway is really a brave manager even Manure don’t play this open against us.

  74. i see that as a good thing paul…
    we mean business.
    i hope blackpool brought the vaseline…

    come on boys lets hammer these owe us, yourselves, and the manager a performance to remember

  75. 1 loose cannon

    Away fans are simply the best

  76. Oh that co-commentator is so full of shit. “Playing at the U21 championship is going to help Jack Wilshere in playing with Arsenal” … my arse, what a dunce.

  77. now this mug Efan Ekoko says playing at U-21 HELPS jack wilshere?

  78. jack getting some rough treatment..
    come on abou defend your boy…kick em in the air

  79. He does say some stupid things, thats for sure.

    Yes JJ, I am kool with us not celebrating too much for now.

  80. 1LC

    Holloway has no choice – Blackpool’s defence would not hold out if they tried to shut up shop.


  81. Some great passing by Cesc. we’ve missed that recently.

  82. On a different note, I commend the Blackpool supporters, thats support!

  83. 1 loose cannon

    someone needs to tell the commentator its Abou Diaby not Abou dabi.

  84. post!! eish

  85. Borges Spinelli

    A couple of world class glimpses from Nasri.

  86. Even the woodwork hates us

  87. 1 loose cannon

    it should 5 nil by now

  88. How did we not score?

  89. Borges Spinelli


  90. first time abou
    first time…

  91. we shud to kill games like this

  92. Fabregas and RVP are linking up so well.

  93. Did I hear correct from Ekoko, “game is not over, 2-nil is never a lead”?

  94. more goals will come..
    less thinking though and more doing…

  95. paul i used to think Ekoko was a decent guy but this game he’s been the typical cliche spout.

  96. diabys dozey sometimes..
    has had a brilliant first half then does someting silly like that

  97. A lot of pushing from behind from Blackpool!

  98. 1 loose cannon

    it shoul’ve been 6 really. More of the same in 2nd half please

  99. For real William, he is adding nothing to this match.

    I hope Diaby gets subbed at the half, we cannot afford to go down to 10 men.

  100. Great Wengerball. Diaby got a silly yellow. Expect the Blackpool to try a Joey Barton on him.

  101. yes kenyan blackpool will target him now
    i concur with paul..

  102. 1 loose cannon

    Its funny I hear a commentator saying if it was united they would’ve have puts all those chances away. What a fool. United were 2 nil down at this stage against Blackpool.

  103. enjoy the 2nd half.

  104. no mention from commentators about how blackpool keeps pushing our players over

  105. clichy loves to play ppl onside doesnt he…

  106. we are rattled so so easily
    no composure whatsoever…

    come on lads pull it together

  107. seriously they do they everytime the fuckers.

  108. tryng not to worry

  109. they being blackpool and that being pushing our players over

  110. that should have been a pen…
    ref did us a favour…

  111. 1 loose cannon

    Clichy has a habit of getting caught in the offside trap. Actually the goal was better otherwise it would’ve been a penalty and a sending off for Lehman. pull youselves together boys.

  112. ffs lads show some fucking bottle..

  113. wat was nasri trying!

  114. Bloody lucky Kozzer fouled Adam in the box.

  115. rosicky gets yellow carded for playing defense like these blackpool players

  116. rvp take the shot!!

  117. wenger looks worried
    he has every right to be

  118. Cmon boys. keep you cool. stay clam and take back control of this game….

    At least its not a boring game eh?

  119. 1 loose cannon

    Our players need to calm down a bit and take the sting out this Blackpool wave.

  120. why cant we keep the fucking ball
    back to basics boys…

  121. jon jon he must make changes we losing the ball we kinda panicking

  122. The problem is we don’t have a DM. Diaby isn’t a DM. Maybe Nasri should go there.

  123. *…keep your cool. Stay calm…. is what I meant of course.

    you can tell how nervous I am. spellings gone out of the window!

  124. i hope theos fit
    otherwise its a good change by wenger

  125. 1 loose cannon

    Perfect. Walcott is coming on

  126. Squeaky bum time. Theo on now. Hopefully we.can pin them back now.

  127. Borges Spinelli

    Who should we bring on next Chamakh or Bendnter?

  128. diabys frustrates
    good first half doesnt turn up in the 2nd..
    same can be said for majority of them

  129. we shud bring in Bendy

  130. Why is Adams allowed to repeatedly stroll through our midfield with the ball?

  131. Henristic, because we don’t have a natural DM!

  132. Blackpool’s movement and anticipation is good.

  133. nasri not up 2 his usual self

  134. CESC IS BACK!!!!!!

  135. weve settled down a bit now but it frustrates me that it takes us 20mins in each half to get going…

  136. RVP isn’t RVP today!

  137. Skywatchingmug

    Great play by Diaby in the corner.

  138. Borges Spinelli

    RvP, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  139. yes…
    countering at its best..
    good sub sir wenger..theo pegged them back and then got them on the counter…

  140. Yes he is! We are the counter-attacking kings today.

  141. 1 loose cannon

    That is what walcott does best

  142. Finally able to breathe again.

  143. Nice!
    Diaby’s ‘dilly dallying’ came off for once. Good times..

  144. whats with all these drop balls??
    its either a foul or its play on…
    forget the drop ball shit…

  145. The problem with that Theo Walcott is his got no football brain. Now to closing this one out.COYG.

  146. That should have RVP’s hatrick but I’ll happily take it! Kudus to Theo and Diaby.

  147. See Arsene’s jubilation. lol

  148. WTF
    why?? why?? why??

  149. Borges Spinelli


  150. 1 loose cannon

    Ceridt to Diaby for digging that ball for Walcott

  151. 1 loose cannon

    Clichy caught napping

  152. Clichy!

  153. i love clichy
    but the basic errors in his game are ridiculous…

  154. We have this habit of not playing the simple ball away when in a dangerous positions – Cesc did it just before our goal, then Clichy does it. You can’t always play football to get out of those situations.

  155. Borges Spinelli

    Seriously, what’s with our defense or more aptly, lack of today?

  156. defence is not bad borges…
    its solid as an overall unit…
    problem is the basic silly errors players keep making…

  157. @ Jon Jon, you’re right, what’s that three drop balls so far?

  158. Looks like we are back to winning ways!

  159. A lot of fouling by Blackpool today!

  160. 1 loose cannon

    It is a good result. People might say we wobbled a bit but all teams who came here find themslves in trouble. Spuds were beaten here I think and Manure were on the ropes in the first 45 minutes, it is not easy as people think.

  161. There were no errors. It’s football. They scored a good goal, so give them credit. If every defence was perfect, there won’t ever be any goals. But there are, and it makes the game interesting. No need for over analysis. Good win. Great match. Well played overall.

  162. My nerves have been absolutelty shot to pieces. What a victory. Not a perfect performance by any means but we are constantly reminded that would be champions can grind games like this out.But a big win in the grand scheme of things. Good to see the team applauding the away fans. They were immense again.COYG.

  163. these blackpool players continously kept pushing our players over! they would do the same thing that we see rosicky do, playing defense by shoving the opponent. Tomas gets yellow carded while that orange team gets no punishment.

  164. Lehman looked very confident today, very well done.

    Good team display dispite some nervy moments.

  165. This is the type of match we will see if our opposition actually tries to play a fast paced football match. Blackpool were more than capable in possession and their main focus seemed to be whipping in tons of crosses from the wings. They were pretty damn good at it and probably should have scored one or more goals. We also had a few good opportunities and a 3-1 away victory is pretty consistent with our away form of this year. not too bad (O_o)

  166. Only thing I can see is that Kos may need to be a little more careful, he didnt have to make a sliding tackle but again good performance.

  167. Finally, 3 points. Well done boys!

    Fair play to Blackpool. They played exactly as I thought they would and which made for a really entertaining match. I thought their fans were awesome too.

    This game with Blackpool really is the best thing that could happen to us at the moment. Wish more teams played like them 🙂
    I could see we would have struggled against a more defensive team as we weren’t anywhere near our best yet. However, the victory should help prop up our confidence a bit. Liverpool will be a much, much sterner test and we need all the confidence we can muster for that. The win should also get the press and some fans off the teams back a bit.

  168. Borges Spinelli

    Attention Pessimists:

  169. Kos does have the tendency to make the odd wild challenge. He’ll learn to tone it down and will be much better next season.

  170. I agree with ateeb.
    Could’ve been 3-6 or more in Arsenal’s favour.

    Looked like Diaby was on the pitch to me when he helped to set up the third goal.

  171. I’m glad Arsene played Eboue today. We didn’t look our usual stiff selves with him cutting into the middle like he does. I just hope Wenger plays him against other lesser teams and plays Bacary when we play teams who will attack us.

    Overall, a so-so game considering that our injured players are making their way back into the squad. Had these players enjoyed an uninterrupted run since they started playing in Decemeber we would’ve beaten them by at least seven.

    Play of the game for me was Diaby dribbling past Puncheon deep in our half, lofting the ball over to Fabregas, Fabregas vollying to Theo down the line and Theo crossing for Van Persie to put it away.

  172. good win!

  173. best away record in the league and best away fans in the league!

  174. Diaby got the ball for the start of that move for the 3rd goal from an excellent last ditch tackle by Squillacci.

    Eboue showed us why he’s and excellent member of the squad, hard, driving runs with skillful feet.

    Theo looks bigger and stronger, really made the Blackpool defence shit themselves.

    A good 3 points to give the lads and the fans a bit more confidence.

  175. Never been happier to concede a goal than the one we conceded against Blackpool today. Jens could have been sent off on his return, if Blackpool had missed their chance and that may well have put the kibosh on our season, what with everything that’s gone on this year we absolutely didn’t need that. And we were lucky to get away with Kos’s challenge too… for me it was a penalty. Having said all that we could and should have been out of site by half time as 2-0 flattered Blackpool.

    Special mention today goes to Diaby who, IMHO, was mostly outstanding. Squillaci who made some crucial tackles and Eboue who not only scored a goal but was solid enough defensively and also going forward. Some much maligned individuals who helped gain a crucial win… won’t stop the muppets who call them dopey or lazy or whatever but the fact remains that two of our goals today were scored by individuals that some of our fans slag off daily and both looked like the good players that they are…

    Also I have to say that it is so good having Theo fit and well as he makes such a difference with his pace. For the rest, I thought we started a bit slowly picked up after we scored the first goal and basically dominated the first half. We were sloppy at the start of the second half conceded a goal and had a rocky patch for about 15 minutes but in the end our class told and the team won. I think the most frustrating thing about this team at the moment, for me, is the inability to find the comfort zone without lapsing into complacency as Clichy’s error showed. We really have to cut those things out if we are to have chance of winning the title. Anyway it’s been a good day and now we can look forward to the next match..

  176. That was an exciting match.blackpool should really stay up,they gave us a run for our money.

  177. To the Almunia apologists that is what a good keeper between the posts looks like.And it gave every Gooner a lift to see him in goal.The cheer that went up in the boozer when his name came up on the team sheet told you how little faith we have in Almunia.He has to start till Szczesny is fit

    A good result but we made it so hard for ourselves with the poor finishing in the first half.And Clichy just cant defend.Kos was lucky with a couple of rash challenges in the box which were pens.

  178. Limestonegunner

    Hopefully this picks up the team and gives a bit of confidence ahead of a tough match at home v. Liverpool. I am a bit concerned about midfield with Song out and Cesc just coming back to fitness. JW had a mixed performance and might be a bit tired. Diaby was quite good but it wasn’t an assured defensive performance–some disorganization and rash challenges we didn’t get punished for and the midfield didn’t shield the back.

    All told though a real encouragement after three draws. Our finishing could still be sharper but Diaby, Eboue really made great contributions and strong finishes. Again, excellent call on that from Gainsbourg–I thought it sounded like a good idea when he posted that Eboue should get some games and agree that it is especially good against teams that will play against us as he can use his pace and threat coming inside and playing passes in. Sagna crosses more and defends a bit better but in a game like this, Eboue’s attacking threat gives us dynamic movement and passing forward that helps us play faster. Diaby may not be as good at defending as Song but he put in the effort and played quite well.

    Credit to Blackpool–they played hard and played good attacking football. I really hope they stay up.

    It was an exciting game and support on both sides was superb. Can our home support give us this sort of a lift against Liverpool next weekend?

  179. 7 matches left.9 points ahead of spurs. We are slowly getting there.

  180. Oh, and Efan Ekoku is as thick as pigshit.

    Apparently Jack must play every international game he’s eligible for, it will only do him good apparently.

    Later, nuclear physicist and Nobel nominee for rocketry, Efan tells us that Cesc will benefit from this off season as he’s not been his usual self, having not had a break for 3 years because of international football……………

    Considering how we apparently have a problem with global warming, should we not be putting people like this out of their misery in an attempt to conserve oxygen?

  181. Limestonegunner

    Yeah, Lehmann was good. But he really was lucky not to get sent off! There were a couple balls that came in that he didn’t handle but overall it was a really strong and needed performance. Gutsy and experienced play from him.

    Who would have gone into goal if he had been sent off? Diaby? Someone from the bench? Where is Shea–will he be recalled or will Almunia be back? Has anyone heard what this injury is?! Wild stuff–never dull around the Arsenal!

  182. Has anybody seen Samir Nasri?

    I like him, he’s a great player but he’s one of the players in the team who hide when the pressure is on.

  183. Ole

    I don’t think Nasri was hiding today.. at all. He could have had two goals as well as some assists. His form isn’t quite as pin sharp as it was at beginning of the season but he is still some player. I’m personally very glad that he plays for us. And his performances against both Fulham and West Brom rather contradicts your point. Nasri has guts IMHO.

  184. Clichy needs a talking to. It is becoming frighteningly regular that he is caught in possession when he had ample time and opportunity to pass or clear the ball.

  185. Arsenal, the only club in the universe that could have 4 keepers out injured at the same time.

  186. For those asking who would have gone in goal … the answer apparently is Van Persie. The word is that Van P is a very good goalkeeper. I can’t see it myself but that is what was said by both Lehman and Van P. I’m just glad it never came to that… Lehman’s sending off after Almunia’s injury would have been one psychological blow too many even for this team. I’m really glad Lee Mason played the advantage he did , that’s all I’m saying. We deserved to win today, no doubt in my mind, but we also got lucky. Thank God.

  187. Josh, you’re talking about his performances last Autumn? He hasn’t grabbed a game by the scruff of the neck in 3 months.

    Fantastic player, I like him, but I’m disappointed he’s disappeared in the ‘business end’ of the season.

  188. Limestonegunner

    Ole, very unfair comment imo. 2 goals when down at home to WBA? 2 needed goals v. Fulham? I understand he hasn’t been as good the last couple months and you wonder why he doesn’t impose himself more frequently. But today he hit the post and had another good chance. I think Arshavin was anonymous today if you want to pick out someone in the forward line. That’s why he was substituted. Plus Nasri typically plays decent defense and many times came to receive the ball in the attacking third. Since RvP and Cesc have been back, he does seem to defer to them rather than take on defenders and make things happen, but I wouldn’t single him out or say he shirks the pressure.

  189. Limestonegunner

    Joshua, but didn’t you see the vid of young Shaqueel scoring over him?! Interesting choice, how do we know RvP would have been the one?

  190. Limestonegunner

    I mean, is there a post-match interview somewhere?

  191. Ole …

    This goalkeeper injury thing is beyond ridiculous, it as if every season we have to lose an entire section of our squad. To have Fabianski injured long term is bad enough. To have Szczensy with another longish term injury is a bit suspicious but when then count in Mannone it becomes quite absurd…. and then Almunia injures himself in the warm-up! Anyway it’s all Wenger’s fault 🙂

    I know that some may say that one is making excuses but we have had some rotten luck this season and in season’s past. This goalkeeper thing just takes the biscuit though.

  192. I was screaming at the TV when Diaby gave the ball away in midfield .Two seconds latter he got it back turned and went on a surging run ,played it out to the left and continued his run into space ,tucking the ball into the net with a swagger.
    In that five seconds he made me feel ashamed for berating him and made me ,and many others ,look like the idiots we are .
    Fortunately I fell I am only an idiot in tiny little stints,but some others………………………………………………………..

  193. feel not fell.

  194. What on earth is Ole talking about regarding Nasri?

  195. Ole…

    Form fluctuates ultimately class tells. Even now the guy still set up Arshavin for the goal against Barca, let’s not forget. He can still grab a game by the scruff of the neck and I’m sure he’d do soon too. The truth is too many of our players have gone off the boil since the Carling Cup/ ECL failures. May be this win is what the team needs to kick start the season again. My main fear is actually the atmosphere in the stadium… which is why this stupid AST statement makes me wonder who they actually support, the muppets… it’s not as if the moaner need any excuse to increase the volume of their moaning at the Grove. who need negativity from a so-called supporter organisation on a title run-in?

  196. Narsi played well today, very unlucky not to have scored.

  197. One of the numpty journalists on “The Sunday Supplement”this morning said we were 9,yes nine,players short of being able to challenge Man.U. and Chelsea.
    Now how do you get away with implying that Chelsea are both better than us ,despite what results tell us,and we have only got two Chelsea class players in our squad.

  198. george rodger,

    You ought know by now that quality players are the one and same thing as expensive players in most journos minds. So Chamakh is not a quality player but Dzeko is despite Dzeko having done pretty much nothing to justify his 27m price tag. The sad thing is number of our fans who buy into this nonsense. I have stopped listening to what the plundits spouts… not worth it TBH.

    I have to say that Chelsea make me laugh. They spend 50m quid on Torres when they have a player like Sturridge. The guy scored two sublime goals for Bolton yesterday and he looks the real deal. Of course playing for Chelsea and playing for Bolton don’t carry the same pressure but if Chelsea don’t have the courage to play the kid why are paying so much money for him… apparently the kid is rumoured to be on 60k a week! and he hardly gets a game. That is what some fans what from our board. Unbelievable.

  199. sky sources stan kronke in advanced talks on takeover

  200. Agreed Joshua. Mr. Laurent “messi in my pocket” Koscielny is a flop and sideshow bob over at chelsea wins player of the month after playing decent for 3 games

  201. Stan Kroenke in talks to buy Arsenal.

  202. Lol , sideshow bob,
    He gave away a penalty in his first game which should have resulted in a loss,then he should have been sent off in his second game against Man.U.
    And yet he is hailed as a world beater.
    Still laughing at Sideshow Bob.




  204. Yes,Sky Sources,what is that a bugged phone belonging to DD?

  205. Bad

  206. A good day and we move on.



  208. Speaking of bizarre amounts of injuries, during the 2005/6 season (the one we went on to play barca in the UCL final, we had 9 different players playing at left back for us that season.

  209. Well well well

  210. clickclickclick

  211. whoever owns arsenal i hope it’s not a leveraged buyout that piles more debt on the club. I hope Wenger is also allowed to do his job with minimal interference.

  212. Maybe thats why Wenger was so angry at the press conference on friday.He must have known about the take over.Will Kroenke demand trophies and not just finishing 2nd

  213. comment of the day:

    “Afternoon Grovers
    Wont celebrate an Arsenal win until Wenger and the rest of the tripe go.”

  214. I don’t think that Kroenke is stupid. He knows Wenger’s worth and he knows the value of continuity. Having said that I don’t know the guy personally so he may well be an egomanic who would want to micromanage the club even if that is not how manages the clubs he owns in America…. You got to feel for Usmanov though, all those shares and he can do squat with them. Or may be not…

  215. Muntazir…

    Le grove is poison. Absolute garbage and the scarey thing is that the Telegraph quoted the c$nt that runs that website in one of its articles. That place reminds me of the Tea Party folk in America who think that Obama was born in Kenya and then smuggled into America by his parents to become President in some weird conspiracy. Le Grove quite literally can make a decent human being’s skin crawl.

  216. Happy days spoilt by all this turnover news! We don’t need this drama right now!!!

  217. le grove is a spud he cant believe theres so many deluded gooners that will actually go on his site the only credit i would give him is manageing to keep up the sharade for so long.Running a blog and spending so much time on a team you dont support is one of the most sad things ive seen though!!!

  218. I dont understand how anyone can even think of Bale as a more skillfull player than Nasri. People constantly moan about Walcott and how he has no football brain, compare his season to Bales this year, how can you make Bale player of the year and at the same time moan about walcotts incompetence?

  219. Maria

    Totally agree.Why is Silent Stan doing this now.

    He could be like the Glaziers which hasnt effected Fergie and Utd or he could be a Hicks and Gillette which has killed Liverpool

  220. I’d rather have a square like Kroenke run the club than a mafioso like Usmanov. He doesn’t strike me as someone who will want to stir things up just to massage his ego a la Abrahamovic or the silly idiots who ran Liverpool.

  221. at last..
    some baordroom movement..
    many of us expected an announcement this weekend and looks like the rumour had legs..
    i think its a good thing..the baord has become stale and rudderless and i think stan has sat back and waited for the clubs debts to clear before hes made his move..
    heres hoping he now becomes a bit more assertive and it would be a good start to tell PHW to naff off..
    although it will be interesting to see how usmanov takes this..cant see him going out without a fight but if stan takes the shares i cant see theres a right lot he can do about it…

  222. I think silent Stan will be more like the Glazers than Hicks and Gillete. Hicks and Gillette were embroiled in a lot of bad deals involving shaky financing state side while Liverpool was crumbling. If you look at old Stan you see he’s a spend thrift.

  223. If SK makes a move it is because it is now strategically sensible. SK and AW are allies. Connected by DD. Some of you need to think again. AW will never leave this club. He is a part of its fabric. As supporters you either join us or leave us. Your choice.

    As for le Grave. There are going to be some very red faces there soon. Just wait and see.


  224. gains
    stan is nothing like the galziers

    and AW will not be going anywhere
    agree with frank..for once…

  225. Yeah, jon jon. The board is ruderless. If you call building one of Europe’s best footballing facilities, keeping us to a managable debt and agrandizing the Arsenal brand ruderless, then I think I’d choose that over what’s happening at clubs like Barca, Madrid, Liverpool, Manure, City and Chelski. Moron.

  226. Personally I’m opposed to the club being owned by a single shareholder………unless it’s me.

    Seeing as that isn’t going to happen any time soon, I would rather our club is owned by a spread of major shareholders, and yes, I think Usmanov owning a fairly large stake and not being mates with the rest of the board is not the worst thing, I just don’t want him as the solitary shareholder either.

  227. Tommy…

    the Glaziers are killing United.. and when Fergie leaves we’ll see just how much damage they’ve done. Hicks and gillette where not entirely responsible for the Liverpool debacle. They hadn’t factored in the Liverpool fans. The only fans anywhere who are probably more delusional than ours. they believe they have birthright to the title and to finish above united and they have a real problem understanding their change circumstances. The new guy seems much more sober and sensible but he can only be that way because some Liverpool fans are now willing to be patient.

    my main worry about Kroenke is that I doubt that he has the cash for the purchase of the shares. If he is selling some of his other assets to raise the cash, then all well and good. If he is borrowing money for this then I’d be more than a bit worried. And being an American businessman means that he’d probably be borrowing..

  228. “Afternoon Grovers
    Wont celebrate an Arsenal win until Wenger and the rest of the tripe go.”

    Priceless. I think this idiot will have a shitty next few seasons or maybe even longer if Wenger pens an extension.

  229. gains
    its been in autopilot for ages…
    but you can have your opinion…

  230. frank..
    quick question if you’d like to answer, then u can go back to hating me..
    do you see this as the return of DD??

  231. joshua..
    im in agreement with you for once as well…

    the lack of money stan has (although he has wealth in other aspects, equity???) could allow usmanov in..

    usmanov could write a cheque tomorrow to buy those shares whereas stan would need to release equity?? borrow, or get his wife to buy it for him… 😉

    if theres a bidding war for the shares usmanov could sneak in due to his ‘muscle’…

  232. I suppose all the talk will be about Kroenke now?

    Jus got back from Blackpool and what a gorgeous day it was! The seas was lovely, he candy floss sryppy and the beer delicious. I am sure I am forgetting something???

  233. Gainsbo69

    That comment is fucking attrocious, makes me truely embarrassed to be associated with wankers like that. Sure things could’ve been different this season and a cup might have come our way, but flipping heck! What planet are these fuckwits on???

  234. i was going to go dexter..
    lovely day to be in blackpool..
    but PHW’s comments put my back up a bit so i decided to watch it in my garden with a few lagers instead of spending my silly cash like the silly fan i am…

    glad you enjoyed it..

  235. I doubt very much that Kroenke would be interested in re-installing Dein in any manner.

    From what I understand of the situation (and yes, I could be wrong), Dein didn’t only mislead the board about Kroenke, he misled Kroenke about the board.

    I really don’t understand the impression some sectors have that Dein would be some sort of savior.

    Firstly, his business acumen seems to have been fairly limited – there are several factors pointing to this.

    Secondly, he was known to be too pally with the players, something GG got pissed off about, and also might have led to some of the misunderstanding with cashley.

    Thirdly, he sold his remaining shares off to Usmanov, not to mention the earlier sales to Fiszman, so his “love” for the club had definite boundaries.

  236. If SK is about to make a bid it is because Lady Nina and DF have agreed to sell and therefore AU has been shut out OR has also already agreed to sell . Very interesting. I doubt if SK would load the club with debt, and I doubt that LN and DF would sell to a bidder who intended to do that.

    Fuck Le Grave…your days are numbered you cunts


  237. Where’s suga2 today? We lose he gloats. We win and he’s nowhere to be seen. And he calls himself a gooner?

  238. Oh yeah, that was it, there was a game of football going on there, now I remember!

    I thought Jens did OK bless his madness! The ref let the blackpool players get away with murder and gave them free kicks for fuck all. Jack was tageted yet again.

    I hope Blackpool stay up, evenif their fans were a bit twatty.

    Still all that mattered as the win, 3 points nd here’s to 3 points next week when the scousers roll over and let us win!

  239. La Grave on tour

    Its a bit disingenuous to post one comment on a site and pretend that those are the sentiments echoed by all when in fact it was one view out of probably 50 people on the site all day.

    Anyway I will leave you all to it.

    Have a good one.

  240. Joshua, Kroenke has the cash. I don’t think he’d be making such a move if he wasn’t liquid. On top of that, if he needed a bit of a loan all he has to do is roll over in bed and ask his wife for a few quid. Mrs. Kroenke is an inheritor of the massive Wal-Mart empire just so you know.

    Are the Glazers killing United or did the previous owners kill United only for the Glazers to swoop in without being aware of the oncoming financial tsunami? And why do you think Slur Alex still relies on Scholes and Giggs while getting rid of C. Ronaldo? The Glazers stopped buying big and are instead looking at players like Rafael, Fabio and Valencia. Don’t believe everything you hear from disgruntled United fans.

  241. I think that is far too simplistic a view of actual events, MikeSA. This has been and continues to be a fascinating game of poker. Played for very high stakes. It just might be that DD has been very, very shrewd. One thing is for sure though, those who know the truth have not revealed it yet and maybe never will.

  242. Don’t know why so many remarks are made about LeGrove. Stop wasting your time. It is a site for non supporting cunts that is run by non supporting cunts.
    SK take over might just open the door for a return of David Dein.

  243. Mongolian Gooner

    Oh happy days… May all match days be happy as today.

    Suddenly I felt sorry for Blackpool when we were 2 up. I honestly wish they could stay up. Really want to see them staying in Premier League for another few years. As long as they stick to the game they play that is.

  244. Whilst this game of poker has been played out, AW and SG have held the club together. Stunning performance.

    Down with Le Grave


  245. the glaziers fucked UTD..

    they bought the club with the club..
    sounds confusing and fuck knows how they got away with it but utd were rich when the glaziers took over…the glaziers ploughed all there debts into the club which is why they gone from being in the black to 600mil in the red…

    it why the utd fans started all that green and gold bollox as a protest…

  246. Le Grave represents the element of shit support at the club and whence forth is a pariah.

  247. La Grave on tour:

    “Its a bit disingenuous to post one comment on a site and pretend that those are the sentiments echoed by all when in fact it was one view out of probably 50 people on the site all day.

    Anyway I will leave you all to it.

    Have a good one.”

    Disingenuous? Some of us read the comments in that cespool and know that this is the view pushed by most of the commentariat. And why only fifty people on that site today? Do they also stay away from there when we win a game? I didn’t know that. I thought they only stayed away from AKB blogs like this one.

  248. like i said before le grave is a spud dont get pulled in to the illusion hes a dissafected gooner

  249. Word here in the USA is that SK wants a trusted man to run things in London. Wenger, Dein and SK are all in close contact and the stateside rumor mills news is that DD is the man that SK wants. Especially as he is fully aware of how well Wenger and Dein worked together in the past. Should be an interesting few days ahead of us.

  250. frogman is that a genuine rumour or are you pulling my plonker???
    is it also true stan sold one of his franchises recently…??

  251. G69…

    Posts like yours are what I like about this forum. You seem well informed about Kroenke, certainly better informed than I am to be sure. I want to believe that Fiszman and Lady Nina have Arsenal’s best interests at heart so lets see how it all pans out.
    To be clear about this I’d rather Kronke than Usmanov myself, as Usmanov just has so much dirty linen around him for one thing. And Kronke reputedly knows how to run sports teams… albeit in America.

    One general last comment on today’s match… two aspects really stood out for me today.
    1. The way Lehmann looked like he’d never been away in terms of his command and vocal cajoling of the back 4 and
    2. it really hit me just how damn good Diaby can be sometimes… for the third goal he basically won and controlled the ball near our box, turned the Blackpool player trying to take the ball off him and then … he played a quite good pass. He didn’t hoof the ball or just find row Z ; he played a really good pass that Fabregas knocked into Theo’s path and the rest is history. Seriously we need that guy fit for the rest of the season.

    Good night all. PTBAG

  252. JonJon
    The remark was made on Fox Sports Soccer special here on American TV. I don’t know what a plonker is?

  253. Jon Jon:

    “its been in autopilot for ages…
    but you can have your opinion…”

    Bullshit. If it were on auto-pilot we’d still be at Highbury and the club wouldn’t be posting profits quarter after quarter. Admit it. You know very little about how the club is run so you rely on cliches and half truths like most morons do. By the way, I’m no expert on Arsenal’s finances but that shiny new stadium, which is filled to capacity for nearly every home game, and the fact that we qualify for the CL every season while spending very little money in the transfer market should be evidence enough that our board ain’t too shabby.

  254. JonJon: He gave up control of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche and turned them over to his son.

  255. Limestone just saw your earlier post… sorry for my tardiness.

    Yes I read a report of the sky interview with both Jens and RVP and Jens was supposed to be quite complimentary about RVP Goalkeeping … not to mention that RVP sounded like he fancied himself as a bit of a cat between the sticks 🙂

    All I can say is thank heavens we didn’t have to find how good RVP’s goalkeeping is and given that scored that last goal… I don’t begrudge Blackpool their goal. At all.

    Good night.

  256. Thanks for the compliment, Joshua, but I’m no better informed than you are, to be quite honest. I just happen to live in the same country that Kroenke is from so I may know one or two tid bits more about him than you guys do.

    As far as Kroenke’s running sports teams in America, I should remind you that he’s been involved with Arsenal for more than a few seasons and is probably well up to date with not only our club’s culture but with the culture of football worldwide. In essence, what I’m saying is that he’s not a stupid Johnny come lately looking to buy a toy like someone of Usmanov’s ilk wants to do.

    Totally agree with you about Abou, by the way. He’s a really good player who, when healthy, is right up there with the best of them.

  257. gains..
    you are totally missing the point…
    weve known for years the board were selling out
    its been about the money and paying that debt off so the shares are though the roof when they sell this cash cow theyve created at arsenal
    ive been telling you for ages…
    all the profits, all the rip off prices, the lack of spending was all for what is about to happen now…

    its been in auto pilot mate since the move to ashburton…dd was kicked out cos he was a threat to that..

    phw has o.7% shares and has only been kept to make it look like we were keeping with tradition…seeing as though daddy gave him his shares in the first place and daddy was a legend…
    fizmann god bless him is on his last legs in a different country
    nina got booted out
    stans just sat back and watched while they all squabled amongst themselves
    and the fatmans been made to look thru the window the whole time…

    whos been running the club???
    nobody..the profits were rolling in the debt was clearing the plan was coming together nicely they didnt need to do anything..

  258. This is an example of how low life LeGrove is

    gambon says:
    April 10, 2011 at 20:18

    That said, one thing that’s disgusting is the absolute managed takeover, not spending money to ensure a bumper price for Fiszman.
    The cunts dying, he doesn’t need money.

  259. frogman..
    thanks for the info mate..
    so if hes rich enough to give up two franchises hes rich enough not to worry about his intentions then??

    how many does he have over there in total??

  260. Hmm.

    I probably don’t know enough about the ins and outs in this particular case, but I will say that if this is the gist of it and Wenger has been hanging in for Dein to re-appear, then I will seriously rethink my interest in this club.

  261. JonJon:

    “the glaziers fucked UTD..

    they bought the club with the club..
    sounds confusing and fuck knows how they got away with it but utd were rich when the glaziers took over…the glaziers ploughed all there debts into the club which is why they gone from being in the black to 600mil in the red…

    it why the utd fans started all that green and gold bollox as a protest…”

    Do you mean they put the club up as collateral for a huge loan? I can see how that could be confusing for someone like you. Oh! And how come the previous owners agreed to such a deal if Utd is such a big brand? Could it be that they were desperate for a deal and accepted it in order to save their asses when Ferguson decided he needed to spend in order to compete with the likes of Chelsea?

    The Green and gold movement is the height of stupidity from fans not too different from you. If they were really serious you wouldn’t see one green and gold scarf at Old Trafford. They’d boycott the team altogether and assume attendance once the Glazers were pushed out. As it stands, those idiots, with the money they spend on tickets, are buying Glazer jr. a brand new Ferrari every week.

  262. no need to get like that gains..
    its a pity how ppl resort to insults when they post….but you lose all credibility when you do that and it turns into a catfight but a cant be arsed tonight..
    i was only trying to help you but fuckit you can think what you want now…

  263. JonJon. Six sports franchises in all. Plus his wife Anne is the daughter of the co founder of Wal-Mart. This man is not short of cash. The question will be what are his real plans for Arsenal FC. Based on the way things have been done in the past with him don’t expect too much over night. He is not a rash man and sudden change is not his way.

  264. Gainsbourg69. Don’t even try to compare the Glazier’s situation to SK. Two different personalities altogether.

  265. thanks frogman..
    much appreciated…
    6 eh??
    tell me..are they all 7 points behind with a game in hand 🙂
    seriously though i think we going to be ok with him…
    we wont know yet but fingers crossed…
    i dont want a sugar daddy but i dont want someone whos skint either…seems like stans in the middle and thats fine with me…

  266. MikeSA
    Take a bow son
    The best comment of the year
    On David Dein “His business acumen seems to be fairly limited”
    Yeah he invested £225,000 in 1983 and sold his shares for £70m!!!!!! fairly limted indeed

  267. Limestonegunner

    MikeSA, what do you mean by saying you will have to rethink your interest in the club if Wenger has been hanging on with the expectation of DD returning? Strange comment and I can’t work out what the issue is in your mind. Please elaborate…

  268. Limestonegunner

    Frankly, I think the timing of this could be better, namely once the season is over or early in the season. On the other hand, maybe it takes attention away from the team, who can go about quietly putting together a set of wins while the extremely negative faction is busy discussing the implications of this off pitch business. The main issue is building up our support v. Liverpool. We need to build on this win now.

  269. I see, Jon Jon. So sensible stewardship of the club and the fact that we haven’t won in six seasons means that the board was out to get us all this time? Those dirty bastards. They should’ve splashed the cash and maybe got us into second instead of third last season

    Sorry, but I just can’t entertain such absurd conspiracy theories.

  270. entertain what you want mate..
    im not bothered..the takeovers happening so believe whatever theory you want…

  271. Jon Jon, your absurd conspiracy theory lost you enough credibility on your own.

    Frogman, I never compared the Glazers to Kroenke. I said that Kroenke is like the Glazers in that he owns several sports franchises and is not into owning a club for the same reasons Hicks and Gillete or Abrahamovic are/were. Hicks and Gillete failed with the Texas Rangers and were not fit to run a division one side. Abrahamovic left Russia under dubious circumstances and bought Chelsea in order to improve his profile.

  272. So the takeover means what to you? Regardless of who owns the club, Arsenal has become the template for how a club should be run.

  273. Limestonegunner

    Saw the BBC postmatch interview with Jens and he did have a joyful and mad glint in his eye. It was so much fun to see him–a real big personality–I enjoy it when players are a bit different, like Arshavin. He was very happy that the away fans cheered him. He was glad they still remembered him. Who would forget him?! Top man and seemed quite confident that we would win our game in hand and have a real chance at the title. It will be interesting to see who plays in goal v. Liverpool and will we need another emergency GK if Almunia is too injured to play any part next weekend.

  274. USTony, do you know what I was actually referring to? i.e. his sugar business, and several other aspects of his dealings.

    Perhaps you should do a bit of research before blundering in?

  275. USTony, do you know what I was actually referring to? i.e. his sugar business, and several other aspects of his dealings.

    Perhaps you should do a bit of research before blundering in?

    And at 48 I don’t think I qualify as your “son”.

  276. Limestone, I harbour a serious dislike for duplicity and dishonesty.

  277. Limestonegunner

    Whose duplicity and dishonesty in this case? You haven’t made yourself much clearer.

  278. Jens to the ref just before the game. (in the tunnel)

    “You do know you have to protect pensioners in the penalty area.

    Classic Jens.

    Good win today, let’s keep it going boys.

  279. which is what the baord have been doing for years mike means a change..fresh ideas…a clean slate a new start..
    we were going to get sold all along so we might as well go with the flow..

    the ppl who expected it are not suprised, some of us are pissed off some of us went passed that point and just wanted the bullshit to stop and for it to get done…. the ppl who didnt expect it are now starting to realise what its all been about all along

  280. I hate the very idea that Arsenal could be tainted with Wal-Mart money.

  281. Limestone, Kroenke, Wenger and Dein.

    I stress, that’s based on the scenarios painted earlier suggested by Frank and one or two others.

    If that is genuinely the case, I would take a long, hard look at these people and their involvement, and evaluate whether I wanted to retain any interest in something they controlled.

  282. kreonke wont be a sugar daddy..we will stay self sufficient and if dien comes back all will be well
    we didnt go silly in the transfer market before when dein and wenger combined at highbury and we had less money then and we won trophies so stop worrying..
    imagine if stan takes dein back and lets wenger and dein spend the money the club makes now??
    good times… 😉

  283. Bradys right foot

    We won today and Im a happy man.There has been somevery poor comments in the media,that reflect very badly on the journalists themselves recently about the quality of this Arsenal side, especially the defence. This lazy media narrative has taken on a life of its own where facts like the number of clean sheets and the number of goals conceded are completely ignored. Journalists are now commentators, giving personal opinions but in the absence of reporting facts or even giving the stats a cursary glance in unforgiveable.

    The buyout mconcerned but will hold fire until i get some more info.

  284. 1 loose cannon

    MD gunner – I thought Wal-Mart belongs to his wife he is in Sports Enterprises or something. It will be a shame if we become American owned.

  285. Ann Walton Kroenke is niece of Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart. Just don’t get me started on everything about Wal-Mart that is wrong in society, please.

  286. SK made his money, I believe, from commercial property such as shopping malls (I believe you chaps call them).

  287. MD: “I hate the very idea that Arsenal could be tainted with Wal-Mart money.”

    I do too, MD. But I’d rather some Wal-Mart cash than some ill gotten fortune that could disappear due to political whims in central Asia.

  288. Jon Jon:

    “ means a change..fresh ideas…a clean slate a new start..
    we were going to get sold all along so we might as well go with the flow..

    the ppl who expected it are not suprised, some of us are pissed off some of us went passed that point and just wanted the bullshit to stop and for it to get done…. the ppl who didnt expect it are now starting to realise what its all been about all along.”

    So how does this tie in with your conspiracy theories about higher ticket prices and the controlling interests only wanting to fatten up the club in order to sell it? Seriously, if they’d left the club with a mountain of debt and the side was playing in a crumbling, dilapidated stadium, then I could see your point. But this same board is leaving Arsenal the best run club in Europe, a manageable debt and a financial advantage in the next couple of years when the UEFA rules get enacted. To make this look as something sinister because we haven’t won a god damned trophy in six years is truly short sighted.

  289. 1 loose cannon

    Jon JOn- That was a good read. It gave the impression that Kroenke is good for Arsenal and will land burden Arsenal with debts. Lets hope that is the case.
    Gainsbourg- He doesn’t own Wal_Mart.

  290. 1 loose cannon

    correction “will not burden Arsenal with debts”

  291. So are we gonna be called Assnal from now on then?

  292. Bradys right foot

    My personal opinion and it has been for the past number of years is that the next TV deal that the Premier League do will be radically different. Arsenal, United and Liverpool will all sell the rights to their home matches , its the reason these American guys are involved. Its the elephant in the room that the premier league and football media so full of comment on every aspect of the game remain completely silent on. Such a model wouldn’t suit everyone and other clubs will group together selling matches to rival broadcasters. I see that as the end game for the glazers, Fenway Sports and for Silent Stan.

  293. You can bet your assnal that if and when Stan takes over a controlling stake of this great club, the cunts in the media will immedialtely ferget that the likes of united, chavs, liverpool etc are all foreign owned and have been for some time. Nope, it will be Arsenal and Arsenal alone who will be slated for succombong to the almighty dollar/yen/rupee.

    Just as they always slate us for not aving any English players, forgetting the likes of Jack, Theo, Gibbs. Nope it will simply be yet another stick to bash us with and ther will be scare stories about ow Stan will fuck us up, not like those benevolent Glaziers who have not at all landed the mancs with a billion dollar black hole.

  294. Bradys RF

    That is obviously where this is all leading mate. There was the short term cash bonanza of the international TV rights that seemed to attract a fair few investors from abroad. But this individual TV rights deal is the holy grail and the only reason these foreign investors are hovering. Well, apart from those who need to launder their ill gotten.

  295. why do you keep implying that gains??what the hell are you on about..
    ive been pissed off with the baord for years and its got fuckall to do with trophies..its cos they were planning to sell many times do i have to say it..
    dont you understand?????please understand…
    having a mountain of debt and playing in a shit stadium doesnt make it a prime club for a buyer who wants a return on his investment without having to do much work on it does it?making it a cash cow with no debt and a gleaming stadium does…why buy a house before its built?
    fuck all to do with trophies mate..fuck all..all to do with money and greed..
    the board knew all along what they were going to do and we knew (or some of us did) they were going to do it..
    they cleared the debts and lied and ripped off the fans in order to get the deal done quicker..
    why take out a 27 year loan only to pay most of it off in a a quarter of that?? you dont go from being 450mil in debt to about a 100mil in 5 years if you havent got alternate intentions… why say your moving to a new stadium to be competetive if your not going to spend anything???
    why?? cos they wanted to make the club nice and plump and ripe for a multi million quid takeover before they were all too old to fucking spend it…
    we were being fucked and sold down the river and we knew it….although im glad they waited for stan and rejected the russian..or the uzbek..or whoever the fuck he is..
    youve just been caught up in all the spin the club have fed you over the years and put your head in the sand and your fingers in your ears when ppl have tried to tell you and told them they were cunts and to fuck off cos everythings perfect..
    something tells me your listening now though….
    we didnt want this takeover we were proud of our traditions but its happening and it was always going to happen so you either accept it or you dont..

  296. JonJon
    Sorry mate but that doesnt add up either. Just look at the chavs and man citeh. hardly cash cows, hardly profit making machnes, eyt here they are with sugar daddies happy to jettison multi millions with no returns.

    Tuth is the board could’ve sold us out BEFORE we built the Grove and before they went thru so much shit to get it built.

    Selling now has more to do with stopping usmanov than anything else, IMO. And its a bit snide and out of order to accuse the current board of being in it to make a fast buck. They have seen us thru the toughest time in our history, financially. hardly the stuff of carpet bagging profiteers mate.

  297. If anyone tried to sell us down the river it was Dein, yet he is the great saviour according to some.

  298. 1lc
    i think stan will do ok for us..
    im not as worried as what alot of ppl are…
    i understand the lockdown deal on the shares are still in place so uzmanov cannot try muscle in on the shares and outbid him..
    stans the only player in this…
    i think this is the way forward for us…we need someone whos actually interested in the club and not interested in selling it cos the football suffers in the long run…
    fingers crossed eh??

  299. Jon Jon, you just confirmed my point.

    “why say your moving to a new stadium to be competetive if your not going to spend anything???”

    Read what I said about being short sighted again.

  300. dexter..
    this is where ppl are does add up..
    chelsea and citeh were lame ducks who needed 100’s of millions to make them what they are..
    there is no return on those clubs for the investor and the ppl who sold them had fuck all..
    arsenals different.. anyone invests in arsenal will have a return..we were primed…
    and i always thought dien was a cunt..but it seems he knew what the baord was doing and didnt agree with it and did whatever he could to stop it after they booted him out…
    ppl will never agree on this dexter and never have but the truth will come out..
    always good for debate though..

  301. dexter..
    this is where ppl are does add up..
    chelsea and citeh were lame ducks who needed 100’s of millions to make them what they are..
    there is no return on those clubs for the investor and the ppl who sold them had fuck all..
    arsenals different.. anyone invests in arsenal will have a return..we were primed…
    and i always thought dien was a cunt..but it seems he knew what the baord was doing and didnt agree with it and did whatever he could to stop it after they booted him out…
    ppl will never agree on this dexter and never have but the truth will come out..
    always good for debate though..

  302. Limestonegunner

    BRF, your theory squares with Kroenke’s 50% stake in the separate Arsenal media company for developing online content, where the expected growth and profits are likely to be as well.

    But these things will be commercially more valuable if we can win the league soon.

  303. nah gains dont get ya…

    anyway im off night y’all be an interesting day tomorrow
    be funny as fuck if it was all a hoax 😉

  304. If the board wanted to sell the club, they could’ve sold out long before even contemplating the move to the Grove. Why go thru all that shit and struggle to find enough fanancefor the construction when all they had to do was sell to the 1st billionaire who cme along.

    Dein found 2 willing billionaires no problm, yet our board would rathr stick to their guns, see it out, hold tight and build the whole bloody thing! Nope, if they were in it for cash dividends, they’d have sold out time ago.

    This shit is a blocking move and all thanks to that cunt Dein selling his shares.

    But maybe I am wrong and being too simplistic?

  305. “Yogi’s Warrior | April 10, 2011 at 10:53 pm |
    SK made his money, I believe, from commercial property such as shopping malls (I believe you chaps call them).”

    ‘chaps’ = awesome guys


    Yes I know, there s no clean capitalist money

    Most Americans I know tend to make Arsenal into three syllables as in ‘Arrrs-sen-all’, rather than the the old Norf Bank monosyllable ‘Arsnul’

  306. This is from phil m’s blog on arsenals chances for the PL… among other very annoying observations made in it, this one reallyy stunned me.

    “…”If you had a pair of tough centre-backs in there like Brede Hangeland and Gary Cahill, then what we saw against Blackpool is just not happening…”

    Are the people that make these comments ctually for real? How have any of these above named players (being automatic starters for their clubs) done better than even squillachi who is currently at least 3rd behind JD and LK?

  307. Arsenal. Three syllables. This is your language, we only borrow it, so you should set an example and use it properly : ) Especially since we’re gon’be ownin’ yo butts now.

    In all seriousness, I am ambivalent. At least Usmanov is a real billionaire who would furnish our club with ridiculous money to promote his own greatness, and you don’t honestly think UEFA will have the cojones to enforce FFP do you? I don’t know. Kroenke hopefully has access to free liquid capital from his wife. I don’t want another Glazer/Hicks-Gilette.

  308. And for those who say we’re doing fine, I say: imagine we had spent 20 million more, that’s it, in the summer, and signed David Silva. One player, and we’d probably be ten clear. All that BS about a GK crisis was nonsense: Fabs and Scezny did fine, any club would suffer with a third stringer like Al. We could not have forseen Vermaelen gone for the whole year. And who was available in January?

    But a pacey, skillful winger to allow Arshavin to move inside and let Nasri seriously understudy Fabregas in the middle. Oh man.

  309. Dexter,

    For assuming that you were a tool concerning supporting the current team and set up the other day: apologies!

  310. Is Stan the Man?
    We will see….

  311. Had a pretty sleepless night but am now fully reassured as Stan K has announced that PHW has accepted to continue as chairman…the Club is in safe hands

  312. Actually the worst thing that can happen with Stan, is fans expecting him to splash the cash a la Bramovich or the Oilers.

    I think people have to level their expectations or face a huge disappointment.

  313. Young Mr Grace to start with, and then as G14 gets revived…….

  314. Giant steps towards World club football instead of this international fiasco. In future the place for international football will be the Olympics.

  315. I don’t think that SK will spend huge sums on players either, but I do think that he will bring in support for AW, who he admires greatly.

  316. Oh I almost forgot. ‘Down with le Grave’ Boooooo Hissssss. Their worst nightmare has just come true. Haaaaaaaaahahhhhhhaaahhhaaaaaaaaa.

  317. Complete schitzo performance from us yesterday. Created some great chances, but also looked worryingly easy to create chances against.

    Nice to see Jens back. I noticed give giving our players an earful on a number of occaisions, normally for not tracking their runners or losing their men at set pieces. That type of thing is missing all too often with this current team, so hopefully it will shake a few of them up, and in the longer term improve them as players.

    Welcome 3 points. Diaby my MotM.

  318. Le Grave…bbboooooooooo…hisssssssssssss

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