In The Red Corner…

The polarisation of views about Arsenal this season erupted yesterday as Arsène responded to criticism of his squad. His brutal response has been taken as a cue by the media to engage in more stories of civil war at the club.

The Daily Mirror has run the ‘written press’ press conference, where Arsène elaborated on his earlier comments. Focus has turned on the dismissal of his critics because they do not know about, and have never been involved in, a professional football club.

Interestingly, the comments about supporters have been seized upon and replicated across various media outlets.

The opening barbs were missed, where Wenger criticised ‘superficial judgement‘ and rounded on journalists, telling them,

Do not hide behind what the supporters think, tell me what you think. You do not know what the supporters think because what people write is only 5 per cent of what they see on the internet. There are 95 per cent others.

Dismissing supporter criticism is always a dangerous game but with the team in second place and by comparison to previous seasons showing an improvement, Wenger must feel at times that there are Manchester United supporters masquerading as their Arsenal counterparts. Certainly the online reaction lends itself to that view.

The defence is routinely criticised. The defensive record this seasons stands comparison to all of the top four so where is the basis for statements that authoritatively tell us they are worse? There is none other than the claimants perception.

Dismissing supporters was always going to be an emotive subject and this morning’s response elsewhere shows the depth of hurt at that cutting comment.

Apparently this signals that Wenger refuses to broker anybody with an alternative view to his own. There is, of course, no such evidence. Which is, of course, taken as proof because everyone is too scared to speak out. Which it, of course, is not.

The manager should be held to account for his decisions and the results. He is but some of the support believe he should be accountable to them personally, their views apparently worth more than those who disagree with them.

Problematically, their judgement is as suspect as the rest of us yet their benchmarks are more rigid.

Wenger believes that success at the moment is not on silverware. He holds qualifying for the Champions League as more important that winning the FA Cup. Actually, so do I.

When I was young, the League Cup and the FA Cup were magical, the trophies meant something. Now, the money generated by Premier and Champions League has rendered both trophies less meaningful. Arsenal should have won the Carling Cup and we would have celebrated but nothing like winning the title or Champions League. Anyone who claims otherwise is deluding themselves.

There is philosophical difference emerging. On the one hand, you have those who judge everything by the amount of money spent on players and silverware in the cabinet. That is a view that has become more prevalent as the money generated by, and invested into, football today.

Wenger – and the Board – fundamentally disagree with it. The new stadium has been built and the squad has come via a mix of signings and youthful promotion. Arsène stated his belief,

Of course, we’ve had a change in policy to sign younger players. It’s important for football that there’s another way then to just come in, put money on the table and buy a star. I feel it’s very important for football.

With that much of a difference in beliefs, peace will always be fragile when it breaks out.

As supporters we have the right to make our views known. We have a right to argue amongst ourselves. We have a right to let the club know how we feel. We have an obligation to do so civilly, without abusing employees going about their work. Yet football players and supporters regularly avoid that obligation.

The anger felt by some within the club surfaced after that. Speaking in The Daily Star, Peter Hill-Wood observed,

I simply cannot believe he will react to these stupid comments from these silly people. They are supposed to be supporters, but, in fact, they do quite a lot of damage. We have set the bar high and everybody expects us to achieve that every year, but it simply isn’t possible.

[The AST] are in danger of us becoming less friendly with them. We haven’t yet, but I am just saying we could become less friendly.

Hill-Wood rarely engages his brain before speaking in the media, this is yet another example.

The AST statement was ill-conceived in its timing, the season nowhere near over yet they spoke of surveys and taking the results to Ivan Gazidis as if it were. The AST does outstanding work in off-the-pitch issues but no supporters organisation is ever going to be representative when it comes to on-the-pitch matters.

The views of any organisation are democratically arrived at. Team matters are opinions and should be left for supporters to debate themselves. The club will pick up on that without the need for any survey on this issue.

Hill-Wood though would do well to remember that this is not his Private Gentlemen’s Club. This is Arsenal Football Club. If Arsenal want to ignore supporters and their views so be it. But no amount of trophies can undo the damage the Chairman repeatedly does. All his words do is re-emphasise the view that debate is not brokered at Arsenal. Someone please muzzle him. Please.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. is it over?

  2. Probably best to keep your tin hat on for a while yet

  3. Wenger and Hill Wood just sums up the lack of ambition at this,PHW is only a custodian he couldnt care less about Arseanl as a football club as long as he gets his fat pay package.It also worringly outlines the fact that no money will be spent in the sumer or summers after that one.ZERO AMBITION !!!

  4. Problem is Yogi by fukin up the carling cup it has fucked the whole season.

  5. Actually Danish, PHW gets bugger all from the club in terms of salary. Considerably less than others.

    Your post ends hysterically and illogically. And people wonder why Wenger dismisses criticism.


  6. we were 15-1 to win nowt at one stage. i thought about it but thought …nah they couldnt not this team.

  7. dukeGoonerm,

    When did the season finish?

  8. Danish,

    Not exactly tastey comments. Arsene’s ambition needs real consideration and not reflections of what one gleans from limited blogosphere or tabloid exposure. I could name the stadium, training facilities, economic stability, consistent appearances in the Champions League or the numerous trophies he has brought to AFC but that has all been done many times before and in numerous sources that stand firmly outside of those reflected by you.

  9. Season is over well was over when the jan transfer window closed and our wise one did not buy. We had the best chance to nick the league this year cos the others were having a poor season by their standards.Unlike us they will not make the mistake again and will come back next season alot stronger and we will stay the same and be fighting for fourth place. I’m so bored now reading and hearing the same stuff we all know needs to change except the wise one is to stubborn to do it and was confirmed with the press conference yesterday that nothing will change and success is top 4 when we miss out that’s when he will have pressure from the board until than it’s groundhog day

  10. one can come to the conclusion that the board are more then happy to plod along finishing in the top 4 every year whilst winning nowt.

  11. Yogi,

    I pray that some will at least spend the time actually reading what you’ve written today. Reason needs to go AWOL in order for some lines of criticism to be maintained. Nevertheless, as our scandanavian contributor demonstrates, that is all too often the case.

  12. Glenn,

    Thanks for proving my point. You’re pure gold.

  13. And is it really better to keep finishing top 4 whilst winning nowt? how about winning the fa cup then having a good run in the europa and maybe win that.

  14. Duke

    And what happens if we don’t win the Europa League?

    The bitching will begin about a lack of ambition. Not like the days when Wenger knew how to qualify for the Champions League. He’s losing it…


  15. When it comes down to it most football supporters are unbelievably lazy and stupid. The internet is the perfect amplifier. Take Dukegoonem for instance and


    In my humble opinion the AST are perfectly useless and do very little of real worth. Just a bunch of middle management accountants, lawyers and marketing execs pretending to be football managers.

  16. IF young Mr Grace made those comments it will the first time I have ever known him to speak sense.

  17. 15 years in succession in the ECL. Top drawer.

  18. Yes we qualify for the CL every season but as soon as we play anyone decent in the knockout stage we are out. To say the Fa cup and CC are irrelevant tell that to Man Utd and Chelsea who were winning them as well as titles.Mourinho andSirAlex didnt takethe fa cup CC lightly.The culture at Arsenal now is play pretty pity pat football finish in the top 4 and the fans will be happy.I bet the players and manager think this has been a successful season because we have finished top 4 again.Whens the town hall parade?

  19. Another example. Thanks for that, Tony. You must hate watching Arsenal.

  20. hello frank decided to come up for air have ya. the man who claims this is the beats team we have ever had. useless over the top nonsence. if this world was full of people like you we would all still be living in caves. albeit patting each over on our backs for a good days empty handed hunting.

  21. best.

  22. The aim of Man Utd at the start of every season is toWIN the premiership and the CL.For us since we moved to theEmirates is to finish in the top 4.That is looked on as success by our board and manager.How many times has Wenger said a top 4 finish is like winning a trophy?.When has Ferguson ever said that?.Finishing top 4 should be the bare minimum for aside the size of Arsenal

  23. What is lacking at present is successful close play just outside or in the box with our attackers running into space re creating space by pulling defenders out of potions. This needs a settled elite team squad of say 15 players which we have not had. In previous seasons when the overall squad was weaker the alst 10 of the twenty five played the Carling cup with a few FA cups calls. This year we have had too much change to produce quality football at a consistent level. Barca run with a smaller real “first team squad” trying to call on only four or five real reseves to rest the “first 11”.

    Where we would we be this season if we had substantial only used in Premier and Champions league n a fit wozzy, sagna, Johan, Laurent K, Thom V, Gibbs, Clichy, Cesc, Song, Wiltshire, Nasri , Arshavin, Robin VP, Theo, Chamakh .

    Such an approach was not on once we moved to play some of the top eleven in the Carling cup and then the injuries came in.

    Competing in four competitions with one’s top line players is not a recipe for success. Players need to play constantly together to produce the top class football but no one can play 60 games a season and retain both sharpness and fitness.

  24. Frank
    I dont hate watching Arsenal i hate watching the worst Man Utd team in 25 years win the the title at a canter.When 3 quality signings last summer could have won us the title.Good luck to you if you are happy when hit the wall same time every season

  25. phw needs to shhhhhhhh….
    its not his club..not one bit…i know blokes with more shares then him
    hes only there cos he poses no threat to anyone on the baord and hes an arse licking puppet…if we cant have an opinion neither can he..dont throw stones if you live in a glass house….
    the fans are pissed of as it is lets see how the fans like being called silly and their opinions dont matter and then being asked to put their hand in their pocket at renewal time….

  26. You need to appreciate the constraints that AW’s had to work under before you can compare us to Manure. Our wage bill’s about to drop out of the top four – we’ve made a profit on transfers since 2003 (only Blackburn have done this).

    Forget all the rumours, hearsay and conflicting messages from the suits; if you want an indication of the funds at AW’s disposal it’s right there above. The man’s a f*cking genius to have got us to where we are.

    Call me a loser; I don’t give a sh*t, but success for us, given our means, has to be judged in a different way to success for Manure, Chelsea and City. Our setups are world’s apart, and, with UEFA’s financial fairplay regulations coming into force over the next couple of years, I know which I prefer.

    Anyway, off to the Catalan hills. Here’s to a couple of wins!

  27. As Oofus Walked Out One Midsummer Morning.

    – Enjoy, Oofus!

  28. Good article Yogi !
    Both excessive criticism and PHW’s arrogant comments both “do quite a lot of damage”….sad state of affairs

  29. In the landscape of the Premier League, where Chelsea can spend 70 million on two players because they’re form’s a bit iffy, second is a massive achievement. But we don’t have to settle for that of course.

    This is what bothers me:

    I think it’s a disgrace that AW should be squeezed between increasingly frustrated supporters (who pay a lot to watch us) and a board that’s imposed these constraints on him. Where are the ex-players defending him? There should be howls of indignation from the players who know him and understand the situation at some of the things people have said about Wenger this week!

    Why can’t someone from upstairs at the club defend Wenger’s work in a coherent way? It’s not that hard is it.

  30. Haha, yep, catch you next week, LA.

  31. Yogi,

    what AW & PHW said was simply indefensible – arrogant, patronising, and in case of the former also defeatist…

    we have the best team in the league and yet we allow the worst ManYoo team for ages to get away with winning the title!

  32. wenger in truth had a point last night with everything he said…
    but ppl have been pleading with him for ages asking him to spend some money and stop buying kids all the time in order to make that leap from coming 2nd, 3rd, 4th to 1st… and he doesnt listen, does his own thing anyway and then when it all starts to go a bit pear shaped he starts banging on about the average age of the squad and we spend nothing compared to our rivals, as a defence of the club…
    we know this already arsene we tell you every transfer window
    its no longer a defence its seen as a hinderance and him just using it as an excuse is him admitting the problems but when the windows come he does naff all about it and thats why the fans are on his back…

  33. Man, my grammar really goes when I’m agitated! And I was wrong – Wigan and Newcastle have also made a profit on transfers in that time.

  34. Really good and balanced post as usual from Yogi. Thank you.

    For my part, I too think that it’s not very smart to take on “supporters” if for nothing else because it gives the media the opportunity to write about bust-ups and what not. Having said that I think that AST should keep their counsel till the season was done and dusted. You have to question the maturity and good sense of the people in charge of that particular organisation if they felt compelled to issue a statement with all of 8 league matches to go! I’m not PHW’s greatest fan but on this occasion I can see the sense in calling what the AST did “silly”…

    On the wider point relating to Wenger’s comments I think that the basic problem here is that we have a lot of fans, both old and new, who have no sense of perspective, no sense of reality and live in a deluded bubble where Arsenal despite a budget that is nowhere near the size of their rivals are expected to win trophies no matter what… Let’s see Mourinho do what wenger has done at Arsenal, or fergie or Guus Hiddink. You’d notice that every time one of the moaners wants to make a point they point straight at Chelsea or ManU or Barcelona or Real Madrid. They never point at Villa, or Spurs or Liverpool. All of those are club’s of a similar size to ours and who have all spent far more money than we have!

    It is a mark of the basic idiocy of a lot of the Arsenal moaning that a load of fans believe that if we spend an extra 40m (money that is only there because of Wenger’s judicious spending and management) we would as a matter of course over take teams who have spent 100s of millions of pounds. Just consider the idiocy of these folks for a minute… and marvel at sheer insanity of it all.

  35. OOU
    you have a great point
    but my answer would be the baord is rudderless..
    its in autopilot and its gone stale

  36. William,
    Yes, they’re one of the best post-metal/post-rock bands at the moment.

    Here is some more:


    Their latest album is amazing, but so were their last two as well. Personally I liked the ‘Station’ more.

  37. And the band for today…….Comes from Poland…….

  38. It’s absolutely essential to keep these players together.Everyone who are abusing Lord Wenger,will realise what we miss,when a new manager takes over and we win something.I just dont get the abuse thrown against Wenger and some players.Even Manures would be delighted to swap Fergie with Wenger.Same with anyother club.They just dont realise that Wenger is the best thing to have ever happened to this club.

  39. As for Arsenal, a win tomorrow will shut everyone up. But more importantly, the mentality of the fans will be exposed better if United lose today, and we win tomorrow. They’ll all be back to “temporarily” supporting Arsenal. Screw those sort of fans. Arsenal-through thick and thin!!

  40. I have to say that people who constantly bang on about “3 quality signings” don’t half get my nerves. Chelsea were champions last season and then spent over 70m quid on two top class players and they still couldn’t beat Stoke! But we are supposed to just go out and sign 3 quality players for 40m quid! The question no one ever answers is this… how many players in the world who are in 15m to 20m bracket would improve this present Arsenal team? Seriously.. would Gareth Barry have improved us or James Milner… or should we give Yaya toure 200k a week? Dzeko who was one of the favourites for all the moaners a while back has now been at City since the transfer window and he hasn’t even don’t half as much as Adebayor (who our fans were castigating Wenger for signing) but apparently he’d win us the league… Would even a 35m Andy Carroll be any better than Bendtner? I’m sorry but you have to question the basic intelligence of folk who think that just spending money will win us trophies or take us the last few steps we would all like to travel.

    Yeah, it’s all so very easy… just get 3 quality players for buttons and pay them with potatoes and the title is ours. That’s why we should all be football managers. Or Paul Merson.

  41. Well said Joshua.Everyone thinks buying solves all the problem. I would be happy with his team,with explosive talents like Denilson and Diaby,who will have a great role to play next season.I would vouch for this great man,every single time,who is the only reason why we are a top club.But I will be very sad,when he leaves this club,as I dont know which club would I be supporting after he leaves.

  42. So basically when Arsenal pip the Mancs to the EPL this season, you are going to look a bit of a charlie aren’t you, son?

    As for you, Dukegoonem, your posts say it all, young man. Try supporting your club. You know it makes sense.

  43. Thanks for the link to the full interview Yogi. Nice balanced post too.

    Totally agree with Joshua that PHW’s statements is only going to add fuel to the media reporting of a rift between fans and board. Someone should really tell that guy to keep it down.

    If anyone should say anything it should be Gazidis reiterating that the board is still happy with AW for the foreseeable future, in a carefully worded statement.

    Anyways, the medias ‘nose’ is on this story now and and they won’t let it go in a hurry. The best way to calm things down to go smash Blackpool tomorrow. Dropping points in that game would be a disaster (in relative terms of course).

  44. Thankyou for the balanced post Yogi and a wonderful response Joshua.

    I can only say that the likes of Chelsea and Man City are outside the realm of a functioning business plan. The only requirememt of the managers of these two hyper capitalized follies is to simply state that he is need of a player and lets go get him regardless of cost. Where else does that exist in the world of sports? There is not a possibility that any football organization will compete with that system with the exception of Wenger’s system of development. I find Wengers football process impossible to criticize. Arsenal is in second place in one of the most competitive football leagues in the world and regularly places in the Champions League every season. I only hope that the ridiculous criticisms leveled at Wenger will not chase him away from the club.

  45. *The best way to calm things down is to go smash Blackpool tomorrow

  46. The best way to calm things down would be if people who didn’t know what they were talking anbout had the decency to shut the fuck up.

  47. Decency even.

    What about spending Torres for 5oM in pure, unrefined ca$h baby?
    Why didn’t AFC try that option?
    4th highest wage bill, with more players on the books then there are professional clubs (almost), what is going on? I ask you. Unacceptable.

    Absolutely useless. That’ AFC for you.
    Extermination. It’s the only solution. Roll out the Daleks.

  48. gazizdis doesnt really do anything henristic
    hes done nothing since he came to the club, only taken on a load of backroom staff on excellent wages to find ideas of how to raise revenue and the best they could come up was to raise ticket prices again..

  49. Dear YW,

    It is sadly the last time I am visiting your site for the hackneyed, cliched and routine comments and opinions you and your readers express symbolizes the malaise that has beset Arsenal. In analyzing your recent opinions, I hope you don’t take it personally but in the spirit with which you expect others to react to Wenger.

    Wenger’s ego has now reached colossal scales and he has rejected any critique outright. By brandishing opinions as not even worth considering, he has reached what can be only described as a state of delusion. In such a state, everything is about ‘me me’, and not about others. He is reluctant to admit he has been wrong or still is. From tactical, player selections, transfers and match outcomes, the last few seasons are failures. Everybody knows it. It is a fact. During this time, other clubs have reached better heights. It is not for Wenger to dictate how much others spend or how lush their pitch should be. It is his job to compete. Sadly he isn’t.

    Playing for the sake of playing is different than winning a game. However, Hill-Wood and Wenger have made it very clear: they are there to ensure Arsenal participate in the CL and not win it for they cannot, not with Wenger, not with this team. I think it draws curtains on any debate from now on. Fans should understand, as I do now, that AFC cannot win anything under Wenger and only want to participate in the CL, with the vain hope of causing an occasional upset, which is entirely possible.

    I ask you: Do you see Arsenal winning against United, or Stoke or Spurs this season end? Be honest… you? AFC know and the players know that they will not. Wenger knows it too. Hence, even finishing 4th is in danger, and the people who support Wenger till death do them part know that too. The standards are being pushed down continuously. Finishing 5th will be considered as success too. The players lack balls and the requisite factors to win, the manager loves himself.

    I will continue to support the club I love, not Wenger and not the players who basically are playing for themselves. And by the way, I am not from Mongolia, as some of your readers think, and even if I was, that should not allow their subliminal racism to gush forth. Suffice it to say that blogs like yours are perpetuating the Wenger mantra and are not looking to lead a credible change of voice. However, even if you did change, Wenger has outrightly rubbished all fans yesterday. Hill-Wood has called all dissent as stupid. That tells you all.

    I wish you good luck with your blog, for to carry on praising a man who is a laughing stock in Europe and England is a very tough job anyway.


  50. My grammer and typing skills are not very good. Oh no.
    Almost as bad as eighties synth pop.

  51. Limestonegunner

    I agree that it would be a welcome tonic to smash Blackpool in a convincing display. If someone can find a muzzle for PHW we would all be grateful.

    Stoking the fires now makes no sense. The club should be focusing our attention on the fact that we are still challenging and need all the support we can get. Some part of the fanbase has clearly gone over the deep end, but to keep the discontent from growing or to give it legitimacy, engaging with polemics with the extremist should be refrained from as it just hands them more red meat for their mad frothings at the mouth and for the media to feed the beast poisoning the atmosphere just when we need all our effort behind our team. PHW in particular is reacting and over-reacting. He did this last year too, didn’t he? I liked AW’s press conference as an act of defiant spirit needed for the team, but let’s hope thus doesn’t become a distraction. It’s in the players’ hands now. AW has gone to bat for them and they need to reward that trust with a strong performance. COYG!!! Let’s hope Fulham can grab a point today too.

  52. The AST statement was stupid and does nothing to quash he melief that we hve some of the shittest, whiniest fickle fans. And PHW is a stupid old twat, he should be told to shut the fuck up or fuck off.

    I thnk the season will be a failure if we dont win the league, but calling for Wenger’s head is just crackers. WE still have a chance to win the league even after a poor run of results. I’m off to Blackpool tomorrow, should be a great day out! Here’s to 3 fabulous points and a RvP hatrick!

  53. I don’t think I have seen the manager like that … ever. And he is absolutely right, that we need this now. We need to fight. Either you are Arsenal, or you are some of the other c*nts. He has drawn a line and I hope that the team and supporters understand those words. The team needs to realise that even if you are playing weaker opposition, giving less than 100% at the tail end of the season is just not enough. Performances like the one against Blackburn won’t win you bugger all. Every team has to play for something, be it the league, CL places or safety from relegation so it’s cup final weeks for each and every of the 20 teams. Teams fighting the relegation battle will give it all, teams wanting to qualify for Europe will give it all and even if the gulf in quality is so high, sometimes extraordinary fighting spirit is enough to win. Birmingham City was a excruciating example of that. The team has shown many times this season that they have spirit and that they can figh. We have come back so often from being down in recent times, accusing the team of lacking fighting spirit is just not fair. But it sometimes feels that the team needs a kick up the arse and if that kick is not provided by a one or two goal deficit they sometimes seem unable to provide it themselves.
    And the supporters must learn that there is a time for moaning, it’s called silly season and it starts after the last game of the season has been played. Before that, and especially in light of a current 2nd place in the EPL, will just make you look like a Sp*d on a wind-up or someone who is a customer, simple as that, unsatisfied that he is not getting the expected product for his money. In that case you should take a good look at yourself and ask if the primary motivation behind supporting AFC might be that you have a succesful club that you can brag about to your mates.

  54. Just read that Djourou and Chesney are back next week! That is amazingly brilliant news! Wow, that is such a bonus, fingers crossed it happens. That could be the lift that sets us up nicely for a 7 game winning streak!!!

  55. I hope it’s 8, Dexter. But yeah, they couldn’t have come back at a better time. We will need Djourou for ManU, LPool and Sp*ds away.

  56. Limestonegunner

    Two Owls, that is a genuine concern. We also don’t want to lose players for that reason. Hopefully, it doesn’t get to that.

  57. Evil

    Ha! Yeah I meant 8 of course!!

  58. I effin dare you Fulham, I dare you to nick sumfin at Old Toilet.

  59. jonjon, righto! Because buying two or three quality players for millions of pounds clearly will guarantee you a trophy…just ask chelsea. You are a fucking muppet, you know that, right?

    Great post YW. It’s the usual tosh on here. Simply put it would be best for those who are pissed and upset at the board or Wenger to stop supporting Arsenal and go latch on to whatever bandwagon they would prefer. PHW had one thing right, comments from mugs like Jonjon serve no purpose, can do actual harm to the club, and sure as hell are NOT supporting the club.

  60. good afternoon fellow gooners.wonderful read as always yogi,thanks.just read something on bbc last night and according to the author if the uefa financial rules were to be inforced today,clubs like cite and chelsi would not qualify for europe.the implication being a loss in some revenue and its just annoying that some fans always come on here and say the same rubbish over and over without appreciating what arsene has done for the club and the good position we are in to soon start dominatin in many aspects.@ dexter,are the recoveries of WS and DJ comfirmed?

  61. trugunn

    From Wenger’s own mouth, got the quotes from Gunning hawk site.

  62. gris gris
    chelsea went from fuck all to winning back to back titles all cos they spent money..they used to be shit they werent even a top 4 club…
    citeh have been shit for the passed god knows how long and now they are CL material over night cos they spent money…
    dont be so short sighted mate to use these clubs as examples cos the leap they have made from what they were to what they are has been massive becuase of the signings they made… money makes the world go round…
    arsenal are a top 4 club without spending money so wheres the harm in spending what we make in the areas we need them and turn us from top 4 to champions..????

    and i never said we need to spend milllions upon millions upon millions did i u dipstick…
    scotty parker cost what?? dont tell me parker wouldnt have improved our midfield?
    tv was what??
    koz was what??

    wenger could strengthen our squad with 30 mil if he wanted…he choses not to…
    we were sold the idea of the emirates so we could compete for signings and now wenger doesnt make them and then bemoans the fact other teams do, even though he choses to go with youth…

    now this doesnt mean im bashing wenger..not for one minute..but im pointing out that hes contradicting himself in what he says and the fans can see it which is why he gets pasted…

    think before you call me a muppet…u muppet…but you now know that right???

  63. JonJon writing rubbish as usual.

    Chelsea’s Total outlay under Abrahmovic is estimated to be over 700m pounds sterling and they have a deficit of 45m pounds for last year alone before you even consider what they’ve spent this season! And they are the example you want to use? 700m would build our stadium and leave enough change for Wenger to build a damn good side. And let’s not forget that Chelsea under Bates were big spenders… huge spenders in fact which is how Abro ended up there as they were basicallybroke! So for your information it took the spending of 700m on top of what the Bates regime had already spent to get Chelsea to finish above us…. and you think that 40m or whatever would guarantee you a trophy??

    Scotty Parker was a flop at Chelsea, that is the highest profile club he has played for and he failed there. Fact.Ssecondly, we are not West Ham… and the idea that Scotty Parker would start ahead of either Wilshere, Song, a fit Ramsey, or Diaby, etc is simply delusional. That we should spend 15m on Parker when we have a player like Frimpong in the wings isso stupid that you have start questioning the very sanity of a person who suggests such a thing. Diaby at West ham would be their best player by miles. I keep telling you that you are basically clueless. Hahahahahahahahaha… sign Scotty Parker and win the league, you really can’t make this stuff up.

    Kosceilny was a Wenger signing and L’Orient wanted more than we paid for him and above all most fans didn’t rate till very recently. The idiots at Le Grove were using him as an example of Wenger having lost it. TV was a Wenger signing and let’s remember that Tony Adams, no less, called him too short to solve Arsenal’s problem in defence but now you feel able to use players that Wenger signed as proof that there are a lot of players who can lift us above Chelsea and ManU in the 20m range of talent… how many top clubs in Europe wanted Kosceilny before Wenger signed him?
    I agree with GrisGris… nuff said.

    I have said and will contnue to say that only idiots can fail to appreciate the amazing work that Wenger has done and continues to do at Arsenal football club. That he has done it, in most cases, with stupid fans being more of a burden than a help is even more remarkable. As someone once said it’s getting to point where our home atmosphere is more a hinderance than a motivation to our own players which must be truly pathetic. Fans, eh!

  64. Alex Ice Cream

    In May 2009 AW said the following:

    “If we do not deliver in one or two years I will be responsible,” said the Frenchman, whose contract runs to 2011.
    “It is the most important moment in the life of this club and we have to be strong now and support this team.”
    “We are going in the right track and everyone at the club is convinced we are doing the right thing.
    “If we do not get there next year or the year after then you can say this was not the right way.”

    So second is not a disaster? According to you AW it is.

    All this press conference was was more spin, more selling of the future and more moving of the goalposts. It also showed how out of touch AW is with many fans. Its a shame its come to this but the board and Wenger are the only ones to blame.

  65. 1..nope they were an example gris gris used…you’ll find i prefer to talk about arsenals problems than other clubs..fuck them..

    2..parker didnt get a game at chelsea cos they bought him to stop anyone else form having him…

    3…i can name plenty of players in our current squad who can be classed as flops after 100 plus games…

    4… i think you’ll find that i was agreeing with the signing of kozz..

    your an idiot… and i dont like to argue with an idiot cos they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience which is why i mostly ignore you

  66. Consiering we have to play 38 league games away from home, its amazing we are in 2nd place!

  67. We are 2nd in the league and pricks are whinging??? Fucking surreal shit.

  68. Alex Ice Cream… your post shows how out of touch you are with reality. The club are SECOND in a league which has the huge spenders of ManCity and Chelsea in it as well as ManUtd who have splashed the cash repeatedly. You expect to win the league as a matter of course whilst spending a fraction of what our rivals spend in transfer fees? Why? What would you do in Wenger’s situation? Who would do better? It almost as if fools like you would prefer to be in Spurs position spending big amounts in transfer fees and winning the Carling Cup.

    What these fools never acknowledge is that we are only in this position at all because of the extraordinary work Wenger has done, we have absolutely no right to take 2nd, 3rd or even 4th for granted and no one with a brain would do such a thing… our wage bill is proof of just how successful we have been at recruiting top talent before others get their hands on them and also at the ability of Wenger and the coaching staff to IMPROVE our players. If we don’t give Nasri a competitive wage he’d go elsewhere and earn probably more… and he won’t be going to Spurs or Villa either. If we don’t pay Fabregas, or Van Persie or Song, or Djourou or any number of our top player the sort of money they deserve we would LOSE them. And if we splash all this cash in the transfer market as advocated by our less bright fans we won’t be able to afford our wage bill. Quite often fans like to pretend that all a club has to do is pay a transfer fee to another club when in fact that it is only the tip of the iceberg of cash… a player signed for 30m would easily earn a similar amount or more for a 4 year contract so the real cost for a 30m player is close to double the headline fee…. some of you are really clueless, silly, ungrateful, immature and lazy moaners.

  69. im more concerned with our form to be honest dexter
    the season aint over we could still finish 1st
    or 4th
    need to sort our form out or it could be the latter…

  70. Great post as usual yogi. I’d rather Arsenal finished 2, 3 or 4 playing pretty football then finish first playing fergieball. I hate ugly football!

  71. A win would be nice!

  72. Limestonegunner

    We should be thinking about the game tomorrow. I sure hope the players and manager are in a cocoon of concentration because the fans and board have all lost it by polemicizing and fighting with each other when we have a league to win.

    I can’t help but think we supporters are taking Blackpool for granted by focusing on these controversies. Their form isn’t good but they are fighting for their footballing lives. I hope we show the same urgency. The main problem recently seems to be the caution and lack of speed in our attack. We have lacked a bit in our finishing. I think in an open game like we expect, Walcott can be very deadly, so I look for him to get an early goal.

  73. A question to those embedded in England. Darius advised me to stop reading The Sun, what about The Daily Mail?

  74. i normally dont bother with your comments either AIC but those comments from wenger are why its understandable ppl are kicking off and its hard to argue with it…

    unless your joshua..then you can expect a 2000 word post full of crap and CAPSLOCK words that has nothing to do with the comment you made..

  75. I think WEnger should hypnotise the whole squad and tell them we are 2 nil down at the start of the game, then they might play a bit!

  76. hahahahaa 😉

  77. Alex Ice Cream


    I am just quoting AW. Why not generate cash by selling the dross?.

    The board are more to blame. They spent 133m last year on debt reduction and about 10m on new players (transfers). This tells you what the club are about.

  78. Kenyan gunner; The Mail is even worse than the Sun, at least theSun knows its low brow bullshit, the mail is a despicable right wing rag.

  79. george rodger

    Paul Merson needs a boot up the arse.
    Arsene basically said the everyone is entitled to their own opinion ,but dont expect him to give a fook about it if they are muppets.
    And he is dead right.

  80. dex if wenger did that and we still played flat then ppl like me would complain about getting the hypnotherapist off the wage bill.. 😉

  81. So you were agreeing with signing of Kozz.. NOW. Did you agree with it when he was signed? Did call for Wenger to sign Koscielny before he signed him? If no what the freaking hell is your point? That Wenger should go into a lab and create a frankenstein player? If the quality isn’t there Wenger cannot invent it.

    Parker didn’t get a game at Chelsea because he wasn’t good enough. Simple. If he was good enough he’d have played. How many England caps dose Parker have? How many England caps does someone like Milner, who is younger, or someone like Barry who is about the same age have… Parker is a decent footballer no more. If he was any better than decent he’d be at a bigger and better club than West ham and his and with his experience. Only a clueless internet loud mouth would imagine that Parker is good enough to lift Arsenal above Chelsea or ManU.

    You can name many players who can be classed as flops at Arsenal can you? What a fool you are… the question is this… how many of your so-called flops would be absolute shining stars at West Ham? Talk about dragging a debate into a gutter. Scotty Parker… world class super star! You can’t make it up.

  82. Either that or you’d be questioning why we signed an unknown hypnotherapist from France on the cheap when there was an older experienced one available for an inflated fee from a London clinic!

  83. lol dex

    joshua me ol fruit, my point is that wenger could strengthen this squad with 30mil easy..not just on one player
    he found koz and tv , neither cost more than 10mil
    just cos ppl want to see some fresh faces dont mean we they want him to go out and spend 150mil on three players does it..
    but i thought i made that clear in my post to gris gris..??
    and i think your on your own with your opinion on scotty parker..
    by using your analysis of international caps i could counter your arguement of parker and throw denilson into the mix…you think hes a good player right?? so according to your own theory, hes not??
    nuff said.. 😉

  84. United make 8 changes for a HOME game not away like we did at Wigan.The worst United team under Fergie is now TEN points clear.

  85. Alex Ice Cream…
    It’s that easy isn’t it? Sell the so-called dross. If they are such dross why would you imagine that selling them would raise any significant funds. That’s number one. Number two is this… why do you people like you imagine that offering a player for sale would increase their value? If the players are dross why would anyone else want them and how are we supposed to raise the funds when we create a buyers market? I honestly don’t understand how some of you think.

    Spending a 133m on debt reduction is no bad thing and in a normal and sane world would be applauded. The sooner we clear the debt the freer we would be to really steer the club towards the greatness that Wenger spoke about… Or would you rather have that debt hanging over the club? The fact is that with each paying off of a tranche of debt the club gives itself a freer hand to decide it’s future and that should be applauded.

    It should tell you everything you need to know that despite paying 133m we are not out of debt or debt free! I want an Arsenal that is alive and competitive at the highest levels for my children and hopefully their children to support. It won’t happen by itself… some people have to have the courage to take the right decisions NOW to give us a chance in the future. If it is a choice between trophies today and bust tomorrow I’m afraid it’s no choice at all as far as I’m concerned.

  86. It sad to think that teams playing ugly football have won the league for the last six years!

  87. and no hes not a world class superstar…
    but hes got the attributes we need

    point proved again that i dont really think its necesary that we have world class superstars for every position..we just need a few players whos attributes are more than one touch passing…

    but according to you i do…

    youve just argued against your own arguement against me…or idiots like me..or fools like me..
    you couldnt make it up.. 😉

  88. JonJon…

    Your point is stupid. If Wenger could just go out and spend 30m and win the league why hasn’t he done it? You think that finding Kozz was easy??? You really have no clue. a player of Kozz’s qulaity at his price who all the top clubs are not after is rarer than bird’s teeth. We need world class players who are better than what we have and there are no normal players rated in the 15 to 20m bracket who can deliver on that score. FACT. Asking Wenger to perform ever more miracles for you is what makes all you moaners so awfully pathetic. Barry wouldn’t have made us a better team, neither would Milner or even Lescott. As for Parker… hahahahahahaha. You make no sense.
    And stop banging on about Parker. How old is he, how long has he played in the EPL and what has he actually achieved? Anyone who considers Parker capable of lifting this Arsenal team or thinks him a better player than Wilshere, Song and the rest is clearly delusional IMHO.

    The point about England and Parker is this… England are not blessed with an over abundance of good midfielders yet Parker has so few caps. So I ask you again, how good is he when Barry has a load more caps than him. Brazil on the other hand have a whole slew of top notch midfielders who’d mostly stroll into the England team. Clear enough?

  89. Just like the WMD bollocks, where it was constantly used as an excuse to invade Iraq, the same has happened with the mantra that this is Fergie’s shittest team for years! Says who? They are a fucking expensively assembled, well organised team of cunts, managed by a truly great manager and shit human being. So,

  90. So you know what attributes we need better than Wenger? What a joke. Parker is a decent player no more. He could hardly get a game at Chelsea and a Chelsea that was probably worse than the one currently behind us but you believe that Parker would improve this Arsenal side… why? Because he is English? If Parker was as good as you make out he won’t be at West Ham. Simple. Give it a rest.

  91. Wanting new signings is all part and parcel of being a supporter, its exciting getting new faces at the club, as is seeing kids coming thru the ranks. I was hoping for a signing or 2 in jan but it never happened and IF we fail to win the league, it might be something that gets thrown back at the manager. But there aint much point discussing transfers now for me.

    If it wasnt imperative we win tomorrow, it certainly is now!

  92. Absolutely right Dexter. It’s amazing that some people let their prejudices blind them to the truth. United are a very good team, not fantastic, not awesome and not unbeatable but they are a very good side none the less. You’d think from all this nonsense that they were ahead of just us in the league and not everyone else too!

  93. Your point is stupid. If Wenger could just go out and spend 30m and win the league why hasn’t he done it?
    A…cos he goes with youth and the baord are profit driven..huge profits..

    You have no clue. a player of Kozz’s qulaity at his price who all the top clubs are not after is rarer than bird’s teeth.
    A. koz, Tv, AA, pires, gilberto, edu, sagna, henry, freddie,…if wenger spends the money wenger finds em…

    We need world class players who are better than what we have now your the one calling for world class signings??? lol oh dear..

    England are not blessed with an over abundance of good midfielders
    A…scotty parker coudlnt get in the team cos hes was unfortunately in the same era as lampard, gerrard, beckham, hargreaves…

    yup..very clear josh..crystal…


    this is why i dont normally bother with you…its too easy..your full of tripe and to make it worse your constantly abusive….
    we’ll end it there…the hole youve dug is big enough…

    im off to watch lansbury play for norwich…

  95. Read this rubbish from JonJon and weep.
    JonJon says…
    “cos he goes with youth and the baord are profit driven..huge profits..”

    Didn’t Wenger sign Arshavin, how old is he? How old is Kozz or even Squillaci? Youth players are they?

    JonJon says…
    ” koz, Tv, AA, pires, gilberto, edu, sagna, henry, freddie,…if wenger spends the money wenger finds em…”

    What a silly comment. So if Wenger doesn’t spend the money what does that tell you? That he wants to go with just the so-called youth or that the requisite quality isn’t there… It’s like arguing with a child this.

    JonJon says…
    “so now your the one calling for world class signings??? lol oh dear..”

    Talk about thick. The point is that our team is so good that only the very best players in the world can lift us. True world class players. That’s why every single individual in our team is a quality player. Denilson would be a star at West Ham. Eboue would shine at Tottenham. The point is that signing a player like Parker would do nothing to help us win the league. He ain’t that good. Simple. If Wenger wants to sign a player for big money I’d expect someone of at least Arshavin’s class. In other words World class otherwise we should keep our money and go with what we’ve got. Clear enough for ya?

  96. george rodger

    Why is wanting new signings part of being a supporter .I don’t see why we keep asking for world class signings when apart from Arshavin,who loads of supporters want shut of,when has Arsene ever signed a world class rated player?

  97. New signings are aprt and parcel of the game. Dont be a daft. Not sure what your point is really?

  98. I hope the lads are focusing on Blackpool, a team who have caused problems for several sides this season.

    This is not an easy game, so we will need to give everything we’ve got.Wenger needs to motivate the lads and get them out there giving everything they’ve got.

    Personally that’s all I ask, win or lose.

    We do have an incredible squad, Denilson, Eboue, Squillacci, Diaby et al included.

    We have way too many fans who just spew the mantra of listing “bad” players by rote with no semblance of logic or knowledge, it’s like they’ve been brainwashed – even when these players have good games and their favourites have shit games, they’re still in there. spluttering away.

    That’s when PHW actually does have a point, there are a large number of seriously stupid “fans” out there who really don’y know, and don’t know that they don’t know.

    We have an interesting pipeline coming through in the next few years, and Wenger will buy a few and let a few go, he always does.

    I see many complain about Wenger not paying big transfer fees but paying fairly generous wages, especially to youngsters.

    Well, if you think a little about it (hard for some, I know), large transfer fees mean large profits for the selling club, i.e you’re strengthening the financial position of the selling club, who is likely to be a rival a lot of the time.

    Paying better salaries however, actually goes largely to the player.

    What is more likely to make a player want to come to Arsenal?

    Apart from all the other reasons, I suspect this is yet another reason the media like to have a go at Wenger – they want him to hand out large sums of money to their bum chums like pig-boy allardunce and co.

    I saw a comment earlier about us always going out in the UCL as soon as we come up against serious opposition under Wenger: Real, Juventus, Inter, Milan…………………

  99. george rodger

    But our model might be introducing rather than buying.
    So who was the last signing that you were excited about?

  100. It is a bit absurd that everyone seems to be talking as if the league is over and decided with 8 games left! There is still everything to play for. Instead of wallowing in self pity about how Wenger refused to follow your sage-like advice, get out there and support the damn team. I would give so much to be able to be at the Emirates screaming my lungs out at the next home game, but there are so many spoiled brat supporters there throwing a hissy fit because we are in Second. Grow up people!

  101. Dexter,

    Signings that will improve the team on the field and not in the myoptic eye of some deadhead media machine and associated supporters. That is the purpose of signings at AFC. If you don’t like that, then other teams (Citeh, Chelski and even the – soon to go bust when twitcher does one – Spuds) could better meet your demands.

    Incidentally, a quite obvious questions seems to be: where are these teams’ league positions in comparison to us at present?


  102. Frank/MikeSA,

    Spot on!

  103. george rodger

    MikeSA you waste your time mate.They want world class signings and at least three of them.Of course when pressed you cant get a name from them.
    Hear is a bit of reality.
    There is not one player in our 25 man squad who is anything less than good.
    Ok,some are no better than good ,but good all the same.
    For example ,anyone who says Denilson is not a good player is raving mad.He would be first name on the team sheet for any team outside the top six IMO.

  104. george rodger

    Dexter ,I asked you who was the last signing you got excited about?

  105. Every signing is something to get giidy about, apart from Silvestre, that one was a real kick in the nuts.

    Every close season new signings are anticipated and I think gives the fans, players and all connected a lift. But why on earth is this news to you?

    Frankly, I think its very odd to be even debating this point.

  106. george rodger

    I wish I had seen Joshua’s post before I published my weaker effort.

  107. Oh I am sorry I( didnt get back to you quick enough.

    Fuck me, are you looking for afight or something?

    Strange fella

  108. george rodger

    Ok Dexter then answer my question.Who was the last one apart from Arshavin?

  109. george rodger

    Sorry Dexter so are you saying that Kos AND squilly got you excited?

  110. Dgob

    Read my posts you twit. Dont make assumptions I am caaling for world class signings, when I stated a point about how signings are all aprt and parcel of the bgame.

    All to qucik to knee jerk just like the media and doomers you slate.

    Funny that

  111. Why on eartyh are you being so pedantic George? Are you bored? Read my earlier pots. It was a comment that stemmed from the argument Joshua nd JJ were having. I was trying to take a middle ground to try and diffuse their catfight.

    But you and the other fella seem hell bent on looking for a fight over fuck all.

  112. Oh and I got all excited and came over my copy of the The Sun when we signed Kaka, Messi and Scott parker

  113. george rodger

    Dexter ,I have gone back and read your posts and sorry ,your point was good and I missed it .

  114. George

    Ha, no probs mate.

  115. seems odd dexter is getting greif over such a silly topic
    of corse signings are part and parcel of football..
    they create competition for places as well as a buzz around the club as a whole..
    one of my personall favs was sol campbell
    what a player..great cb even though he was english and he’d won fuck all..
    and he was a spud… and he was world class..and he was free…
    i pissed my pants when wenger got him…one of the best deals wenger ever did…and it worked out well..but he was class so we expected no different…

  116. It’s very strange that Arsenal fans are calling for world class signings like Henry, Vieira etc. These guys were not world class when we signed them, they became world class under Wenger.

    You have to wonder if we signed Vieira now would he even be given a chance to settle before being written off by certain sections of fans?

  117. Dexter i did the exact same in my bowl of cereal when i found out about M3ssi!!!

  118. The Mancs and the Chavs win. No pressure on the boys for the Blackpool game then…. 😉

  119. none henri..
    anyone seen the comments made by the club in response to phw’s??

  120. Limestonegunner

    10 points and we have two games in hand. Win those and Liverpool and the gap closes to 4. Remain level with ManU until the home game against them. Home support should then be strong. Win it. Watch Chelsea take a point from them while we defeat Stoke (Ramsey scoring the winner?!) and we would be ahead with two games remaining. Likely? Perhaps not but certainly possible if we right our ship and win big tomorrow to propel us forward. If we perform like we did in January there is no reason we can’t defeat Liverpool at home and Spuds away. Our defending has been very stingy. Our problem has been scoring goals. It is up to Cesc, RvP, Arshavin, Nasri, and Theo to lead the charge.

  121. Thank you Limestone… people are way too quick to write this season off as a failure and it is still all to play for.

  122. There is every reason in the world for the team to be super motivated for tomorrow and they have got to give a good performance. There is a title at stake and they can’t have been ignorant of the recent media circus. They really do owe AW for the faith he continues to showed in them.

    The game is away (no negative vibes from home support), and players can’t really say they are fatigued (they’ve had plenty of rest). As long as we have a decent ref ( a big ask I know), the players can’t really have an excuse for not winning.

  123. We really should be firing on all cylinders tomorrow. Cesc has had ample time to let the hamstring fully heal, Song should be ok, and if not Diaby is finally fit.

    The front line of Nasri, RVP, and Walcott backed up by Cesc, Wilshire, Song/Diaby should really be able to express themselves tomorrow against a team that does not park the bus. I think this may just be the tonic we need to gain some much needed form. Come on you Gunners!

  124. 3-1 to the good guys tomorrow!

    we have to win ..simple as!

  125. JonJon

    Keep up the good work. You are a voice of reason in this sometimes mad place.

    The abuse from posters like Frank and Joshua are quite disgusting

  126. viceologist, I think Walcott & Song are out injured.

  127. If United drop points against Chelsea or any of their other league fixtures and lose to us, we can win the title. That four point gap is nothing whatsoever to go full idiot over.

  128. YW
    ACLF has been taken over today by some nutter called Dexter.I hope the staff at the asylum have taken away his laptop now.What a f*****g geek

  129. there need be some sense of perspective. when i first went to highbury in 68 or 69 it were maybe 15 years without silverwear. the double made a young lad fill with joy, then wait 8 years to see a cup again. then ten before anfield in 89. i wouldn’t give up any of those years. how old are all these whingers who demand trophies every year or two? watch the football and enjoy the successes, they will come. sometimes the joy is greater if it comes less often. cheers, mark

  130. agree with Coyotl666. especially the “watch the football…” line. well said friend

  131. Hey George

    You’re an antatognistic cunt! Been at the cooking sherry, feeling tough? But if you want to try and appear hard, have the nerve to actually type the rude words.

  132. Up the Arsenal at four-thirty in the morning no less.

  133. Up the Arsenal at four-thirty in the morning no less. I will be up and will see this game out to completion.

  134. Nice work Y, enjoyed that.

  135. We can call ourselves anything we like: “fans”, “supporters”, “gooners”, “customers”, clients”…….

    At the end of the day we are customers.

    Very few of us have any ownership (shares) in the club.

    Those that do, have some say in the running of the club, based on their shareholding.

    The rest of us make our choice whether we continue our custom or not.

    That’s the simple fact of life.

    The customer is king, he/she is not necessarily always right.

    A company (AFC), evaluates and categorizes the customer base on several criteria.

    These include tangible factors such as profitability, and more intangible factors such as potential for future growth, networking etc.

    It is, therefore, very dangerous to deliberately alienate a segment of your customer base.

    However, there do come times when it is actually important to do so.

    Some customers you really just don’t want.

    Those that cost more to keep than they’re worth.

    Those who, through their behavior or statements, do your brand or stock(players) more material damage than any profit they bring in or could generate.

    Those that potentially destabilize or unsettle long-term planning and key personnel.

    etc etc etc

    I see many people are criticizing PHW for his comments.

    Read them a bit more carefully, he’s telling sections of the customer base that they are causing the company more harm than good, and therefore are not actually wanted.

    That will not merely have been something that jumped into his head.

    That will have emanated from a serious discussion at board level, whether he was intended to let it slip or not.

    The people agitating for Wenger to go are obviously being looked at as a very serious threat to the owners’ plans and investment.

    And it IS THEIR money and THEIR club, something we should probably bear in mind.

    Constantly slagging off players does their value damage in the market place.

    Even if the club did want to sell them, their worth is being trashed by the continual vitriol and bile sent their way.

    If you had sanctioned a fair chunk of money to buy a car, and spent some time fixing it up, would you be very amused with a mate who went around telling everyone what a heap of scrap it was, blurting it out all over the place, discussing it in the paper etc so that when you wanted to sell it no-one wanted it?

    What if you were dating a girl who you wanted to marry, and your mates went around telling everyone she was a slag etc, and she found out your mates were behaving like that.

    Would she want to stay in that relationship?

    “Fans” get a little too carried away with their own worth sometimes.

    Take a simple example: how many burgers, cokes and tickets would a customer have to buy to make up for the drop in value of a player, say someone like Denilson, from say 10m pounds to 3m pounds? Or even 5m pounds to 2m pounds?

    I know that’s not a perfect example, but try doing a little maths on it. It’s a few truck loads of burgers and a tanker or three of coke, never mind a few life times of attendances.

    Maybe then “fans” might start to understand the thoughts and processes of the people who actually DO own the club.

  136. Likewise, what if you were trying to impress your father-in-law enough for him to invest in a new van for your business, but your mates went around saying how lazy you are and how badly you behave on a men’s night out.

    The club is looking for new sponsors and for sponsor renewals, several of them fairly major that are coming up.

    With all the negativity floating around, what is the likely damage to the desire for sponsors to come on board and at what level?

  137. A good point well put Mike. Not sure many will want to hear it.

    The last few days it feels like every negative post and poster, every bit of crap media spin, every piece of lazy thinking and punditry has come to a head.

    The boil needs lancing.

    I just can’t really comprehend how it’s come to this. We all get dissapointed, we all hate losing but this hatred and rage. Makes me want to give up on football altogether.

    Maybe the game is gone. Maybe the Murdochs and spineless corporate lickspittles have won.

    Still, three points and we’ll all feel better – until the next whinger turns up because his pretty dreams are torn.

  138. well thought-out perspective MikeSA.. it is unbelievably ludicrous – the idea that “fans” with insubstantial knowledge and strictly negative support should be unquestionably followed by the more experienced and knowledgeable guys at the top

  139. Dexter,

    Deep breaths son, deep breaths!

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