Board Having A Bowie Moment Or Something & Nothing

The Twitter world of Arsenal was abuzz with Sport telling us that there was an ‘imminent‘ announcement from the club concerning the Board. Imminent, it transpires, is in the next couple of days. It might be about Danny Fiszman’s health which you would hope is taking a turn for the better or could it be that there are ch-ch-changes afoot.

The immediate speculation was whether Red & White would be offered a seat, a not entirely unreasonable idea given the size of the shareholding – 27% and rising – which led to musings whether David Dein would return and whether or not either would be welcomed. I think that the answer to the former is probably not and the latter, probably not.

Personally I am against any one party owning Arsenal outright. The current Board do not get everything right – nor wrong, despite what some will tell you – but ensuring plurality of ownership is fundamental. This does not preclude shareholders loaning money or underwriting share issues, but it does stop financial policies being followed that lead to the club to the poorhouse.

Dein is a divisive character. Some believe him to be a footballing guru, able to magically force Arsène to bow to their desires for big money signings whilst at the same time ensuring that this is funded through financial wizardry, increasing commercial sponsorship deals immediately. It would make him a footballing alchemist. The problem with alchemists is that they are invariably charlatans.

There is no denying that Dein was part of a successful team behind the scenes. Yet since leaving Arsenal his footballing star has waned. His contacts book is frequently cited as a reason for bringing him back but it has done him little good in attempting to get back into the game, his recent failure to become FA Chairman evidence of that. Crucially though he brings no guarantee of success, no certainty of change.

To be honest, I feel more ‘that was then, this is now‘ about Dein than anything else. Suspicion surrounds him, hopping into bed with Kroenke, rolling over to Usmanov and supporting Wembley as a new home rather than The Emirates suggests a troublesome element in his judgement.

Some will argue about his ability to make deals – well if that is all we require, lets appoint Harry Redknapp as the media are always telling us how good he is at that.

Elsewhere, Phil Parkinson has apparently been appointed as Chief Scout in northern England whilst his old club, Charlton, are apparently going to lose their young full-back Carl Jenkinson to Arsenal in the summer. He can apparently play on either right or left although is seen as back up for Gibbs and Clichy. With that in mind, it seems certain that Armand Traore will be leaving as the left would be overloaded with players.

That’s it for this morning. ’til Tomorrow

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  1. I like the relationship Dein appeared to share with Wenger but beyond that I’ve got no idea whether or not he’d be good for the club at this point. I agree that after he jumped into bed with Usmanov and supported the idea of moving to Wembley, it’s hardly as if everything he touches turns to gold. It would perhaps be a bizarre step backwards to have him at Arsenal at this point, although I’m sure many people would disagree with me.

    (Great video of Arsenal fans at their best on the website today if anyone is interested.)

  2. double d is a bit of a ducker & diver,just what we need to shake up our comatose board to the real world of prem football & yes he was a close confidant & adviser to wenger-something wenger has missed for the last 5 or so years.bring him back,despite his “faults”he is arsenal through& through…

  3. On the subject of Bowie moments, would Jens Lehmann be Aladdin Insane and Almunia the Man who Eventually Fell to Earth? Nasri would definitely be Starman whilst the team as a whole are All the Young Dudes.The season, like the last 5, ia definitely Ashes to Ashes.

  4. Wenger might have missed him, but I’m not sure what you mean in terms of Dein being a ducker and a diver.

  5. I don’t think Dein understood the whole idea of building for the future. Dein was great in getting things to happen from what I keep hearing. With the foundations now in place and Gazidis at the club, we shouldnt have a problem when it comes to buying power and investing in team affairs on and off the pitch.

    I remember looking at our commercial revenues in comparison to the other top clubs in europe a month of so ago. We have a lot of improvement on that side of things, hopefully this is something the club and Gazidis can help us with in the next few years. The stadium payments are almost done and we have a very talented crop of players that are becoming hugle experienced. The scene is set for total dominance.

  6. King

    Indeed although there are 75 million reasons to doubt he is Arsenal through and through.


  7. I thought your ” Bowie ” moment was more about the knife than Ch,Changes. I have always tried to read between lines and always felt Dein’s comments about Wembley were a posturing position as the club tried to get the move to The Grove or Kings Cross . Similar to the way Levy started out against Harringey council. Still apart from potentially having some sway over Wenger I am not sure where he fits in now , and I can’t see it happening if Fiszman is still there.

  8. what a boring AKB blog!! Get a life!!

  9. True Yogi why sell his shares to Usmanov.

  10. David Dein is a football man not a businessman like Gazidis.And thats where were are lacking.Just look at his record when he was at the club.

  11. I know it’s been five Years, but I’d say to all, “hang on to yourself” because the strategy is sound and vision is important at this time. I don’t want to pretend it’s all hunky dory and know a lot of people are feeling low recently; it ain’t easy and certain players have been shunted from station to station, but I feel we have the heroes to get us over the line. These are the golden years for sure. We’ve got to make sure the big players stay; many have tried for a new career in a new town, but most have struggled.

    Anyone know of any young Americans around?

  12. arse4ever – We’re not the ones reading a blog we don’t like you fucking tool.

    Thanks Yogi. To be honest, most of the things I know about the board and things behind the scenes at Arsenal, I’ve learnt on this site, or others similar. So will be good to read some comments from those who know more than me! Cheers

  13. Dein was run out of the club for getting Kroeneke involved, but because of Dein’s involvement with Usmanov the board had to accept Kroeneke. I’m still not sure they wanted to do that and I would be surprised if they welcomed him back. His ability to duck and dive included deals behind the back if the board with Kroeneke and they might not forgive that. Don’t forget that Usmanov bought his original stake from Dein, who made an absolute fortune from it, after getting the shares for next to nothing. I’m sure the old board would prefer if Kroeneke wasn’t on it but because of Dein they had to accept what they saw as the lesser of 2 evils.

  14. So what WILL the announcement be??! Anyone any ideas?

    Def agreed re Dein – you can never go back.

    This untried process of significant change the club is going through was always going to be problematic – there are clearly so many fans who struggle to endure this process but going backwards and tearing up the plans now is not an option.

    Personally I think the experiment is the most interesting in football – and though it’s painful it is also on a cerebral level all the more fascinating for the travails along the way.

    Moving off topic but watching the ChelScum game last night – I was in equal parts appalled and amazed to see yet another woeful decision from the officials.

    The foul by Evra was the most blatantly ignored penalty since errrr the last time Man Utd played…or the time before…or the time before that.

    Amazingly the addition of an official on the byline made not a remote jot of difference – scissoring a player round the thighs from behind without making even a whisper of contact with the ball [as said player is through on goal] is apparently so acceptable three officials will endorse it in spite of all three seeing it. Good job we pay for extra officials in the CL eh?

    Here is a more impartial take on what I think has become a seriously questionable issue in the prem – I don’t believe in active corruption necessarily but it is true that the standard of referee decisions has reached a new nadir this season. It should open the officialdom impartiality to serious question.

    When swearing is deemed wrong but assaults ‘acceptable’ (so long as they weren’t seen) the wrong messages are telegraphed and the game is in an embarrassing state.

    F365 – Pete Gill
    Manchester United
    “”We played like champions,” said Sir Alex Ferguson on Saturday afternoon before departing east London and to that narrow reflection on events at Upton Park, there is no opposition. United were the only side on the pitch after the interval, their gung-ho attacking strength overpowering their hosts and Ferguson’s sharp eye – there was no risk in switching Ryan Giggs to left-back with Gary O’Neil offering scant threat going forward that even Wayne Rooney could successfully nullify – spotting the escape route to another of those epic comeback victories which have become his side’s hallmark. Beware the wounded beast: United are invariably at their best when losing.

    Yet though their display was the stuff of champions on the day the leaders unofficially became the champions-elect, the making of their champion result owed as much to another outbreak of official cowardice. Even the most optimistic Red Army foot soldier would have struggled to envisage their comeback had Nemanja Vidic been dismissed on either of the two occasions when, with the scoreline at 2-0, he ought to have seen red. On such moments do games and seasons hinge.

    Perhaps his second offence was not quite worthy of a straight dismissal but it is unusual for defenders to be given the benefit of doubt in such circumstances. United being United saw things differently and kept a straight face as their manager claimed they were the victims of misfortune: “The penalty kick is outside the box, that was the unfortunate decision”. If only. Replays were ambiguous on where exactly the foul took place and the fortunate decisions were Lee Mason’s failure to caution Vidic for chopping down both of Carlton Cole’s legs and his penalty award for United an hour later, signalling that Matthew Upson had swung his arm at the ball when clearly no such infringement had occurred. Officially or not, such mistakes are inexcusable.

    They have also become an habitual stain on the season. It is a startling truth – and depressing disparagement of the league’s credibility – that each of United’s five away league victories this term have hinged on an unfathomable error by officialdom: Gary Neville’s escapes at Stoke and West Brom, Rafael’s non-penalty at Blackpool, Wayne Rooney’s hug at Wigan and Mason’s various nonsenses this weekend. How many points would have been collected if Neville had been dismissed at the Britannia and Hawthorns when the scores were level, if Rafael had conceded a penalty with United already trailing 2-0 at Bloomfield Road, if United had to play for 80 minutes at Wigan with ten men, and if Vidic had taken an early bath this weekend? Twelve? Ten? Five? None? Not 15, that is for almost certain.

    United are the best of a relatively bad lot this term, and they may even have been dismissed too harshly, but the extent of their lead of a discredited league is fraudulent.

    Wayne Rooney And The Campaign To Hug A Hoodlum
    Barring an extraordinary, unforeseeable turnaround at the top, hindsight has already revealed the final week of February as the decisive period of the season. With midweek marking the time when Arsenal became grotesquely vulnerable to injury again, the weekend saw their ruinous Wembley defeat, the day after Mark Clattenburg hugged Rooney and the day before his actions were officially declared appropriate.

    Retrospection certainly throws up some interesting results. Had Clattenburg seen Rooney’s elbow on James McCarthy as an elbow, then his outing on Saturday would have been his second domestic appearance in five weeks. Instead, seemingly inspired by his official lifeline, its salient statistic was a hat-trick to make it six goals in six games.”

  15. We are closer to success than ever before. I think every supporter will take this squad over any of our squads over the last 5 years. There has been a general improvement every season, the same cannot be said of our rivals.

    There are quite a few fans who think the club has settled for champions league qualification. If so I think Wenger would have let Cesc go last summer and a few more if he was as willing to invest in youth as many make out. There are a many other youth players who are being held backtoo as we can’t simply keep them all.

    We give youth a chance, but only if they are good enough. Wilshire is probably the best CM in the Premiership today, who else would have allowed such a talent to blossom on the biggest stage without being noticed? I remember Wilshire’s 1st game this season away at Anfield, everyone thought Wenger was mad. Wilshire didn’t play at our expense either, he does a better job than any experienced “pro” can do. He looks as if hes been playing football for 30 years.

    Wilshire aside, there is the likes of Song, Ramsey, Walcott, Vela, Gibbs, Djourou who have many years ahead of them. The team and squad is increasing in quality and depth every year, can anyone else see what a massive benefit this is to Arsenal. I don’t see any other way of going about our business.

    People like to point to some of our squad players and say they are not good enough. For every team in the country you can do the same.

    United for instance: Carrick, Anderson, Owen, Brown etc

    There are players in every squad that make up the numbers.

  16. I want the man back. Change is a scary process for some, it gets em all anxiouse. Now we have worked so hard to be able to compete on a financial and footballing level i see no reason not to continue to invest. There are people who are naturally gifted in this field, DD is one of them, hes also Arsenal through and through. Personally as long as we continue to grow on the pitch, develope youth but also spend some money on players who are available, affordable and better than we have i dont care if the club is owned by one or by all, i leave that to others to debate. But changes are needed at some point, without change nothing changes.

  17. Yes, very well said CG – though I think the question mark still looms large over Vela.

    The only problem is that Man Utd keep winning in spite of their lesser players – we have to find that quality in our own squad or bring it in. The missing pieces of the jigsaw are not many at all and we should not have to break the bank in order to find them.

    Interesting times as ever – why would anyone want to destroy this and turn us into another rich man’s train set?

    Victory doesn’t have to come with that price tag.

  18. Dein – “Crucially though brings no guarantee of success”.
    Surely the same problem with Wenger ?

  19. ^Queen Bitch^

  20. Such a vacuous statement-posed-as-a-question Steve. You can surely make your point better than that? (Irony win)

  21. Fucked that up…

  22. Afternoon, Gadget. Long time no St Crispin’s Day speech. Hope you’re working on something special for Blackpool.

  23. Micky The Gooner

    What a load of bollocks. As for ChrisGoona (apparently) saying that Gazidis is a better man to make “investments on team affairs” what a load of rubbish, what has he done for you to say that? There is some right tosh being written on Arsenal sites these days.

  24. This ‘imminent’ breaking news from the editor is starting to look like a load of bollocks… there must be something though?!

    Geo – excellent put down if the guy who came on here to moan about Yogi’s blog. If you don’t like, don’t read. Is that so difficult to comprehend?

  25. I confess, like Geo, the boardroom shenanigans are lost upon me, but given that our club is one of the most well run in the world, if not the, I fear no ill

  26. Good post YW. Who knows what is a-foot. I for one am not going to get worked up. Let’s wait it out.

    Jenkinson by the way, I think is more partial to the right side. He is currently only ‘filling in’ at left back for Charlton. I work with a Charlton fan. I think this is true but who knows what Wenger has seen in him. He could be pencilled in for a strikers role.

  27. Yes Limpar! The wickedness that is working for another cretin has capture my attention for too long. I shall have some cosmic words to unleash…

  28. Lil Micky

    Have you heard of the MLS? Gazidas has a wealth of experience and will be a crucial player in making things happen off the pitch. I’m talking about generating more profits from commercial revenues – something we are currently lacking, keeping players of real quality on long contracts while not overpaying, keeping a healthy budget available for transfers etc etc.

    I didn’t think I would have had to explain that but there you go. By what has been heard internally, he has already made a huge impact at Arsenal.

  29. Jenkinson is seen as a rb not a lb

  30. Yeah Els, I know a Charlton fan as well. He’s not happy about this whole thing to say the least. He says the kid looks great, but has had a few shaky performances adjusting to competitive football this season. They create quite a forgiving environment when it comes to young players pushing through and have spared him the kind of criticism they’ve been dishing out to his teammates during this whole collapse. They feel a bit betrayed.

    Bit more info here:

  31. Defoe screwed them over back in the day as well, and Shelvey’s gone from their first team to play in the Liverpool reserves. I know for sure I’d hate supporting clubs like Southampton and Charlton to see the best prospects leave for the top leagues after just one season.

  32. I know a Cardiff City fan who will always watch Aaron Ramsey’s games. Even the reserves stuff he played. Partly to do with his international career I suppose… but more taking pleasure and pride in a player he followed from early on becoming the player he always hoped he’d become. In a zen sort of a way that’s the best way to think about it I would say. Accepting your club’s station in life and wishing the outgoing player all the best – and rooting the player on to represent the club (even the academy) he came from at the highest level. That player will always be a little bit ‘yours’.

    There’s always time for a bit of righteous indignation when it comes to football though… esp if there’s not a lot else going on at the club.

    I felt incredibly philosophical and sympathetic toward Ashley Cole, for example, when he fucked off like the absolute hollow hearted cunt that he is…

  33. More difficult for us to forgive a player for leaving because there is no higher level. We’re the shizzle.

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  35. keeping players of real quality on long contracts while not overpaying, keeping a healthy budget available for transfers etc etc.

    I would think this is where your argument falls down, taking the first bit , I would suggest we have too many underachievers on too long contracts at too great a salary. Secondly a healthy budget for transfers is of little use if you are not prepared to spend it.

  36. Omar, the refs aren’t getting any worse than they’ve been since the league began, and the sad truth is that Fergie’s policy of criticising refs actually does work. Look at the penalty decision last night. He can just get away with doing it much harsher than any other manager because of his God-like status in the league.

    Manipulating refs is a big part of the game now and nobody does it better than United. Save for maybe Barca. And Chelsea themselves, although they tend to intimidate rather than manipulate.

  37. Colour me underhwelmed by the prospective Jenkinson transfer. From the various reports I’ve read he’s nowhere near the finished article, very up and down performances. Only to be expected at this stage of his career, but if Clichy does leave then it leave two inexperienced left-backs at the club in him and Gibbs.

    I can’t see DD being welcomed back by the board at all, too much ill-feeling there I think. He is obviously a friend of Wenger and they had a good working relationship. His contacts in the football world are second to none, Gazidis’ time as an administrator notwithstanding. While I think he’d be a good “sporting director” or whatever the term is these days, I don’t see the impending annoncement being anything about him.

  38. I really hope we buy English, in the off-season…
    Cahill, Barton/Parker, Baines and Young.
    This Arsenal team lacks that pure, unadulterated English passion.

    Come on ye Gooners…

  39. Jenkinson’s right-footed, Block4 and was helping the team out by playing on the left – he’ll most likely be backup for Sagna and Eboue, which is important as I don’t think there are any natural right-backs coming through at the moment.

    Remember he’s just broken into a struggling team and is playing his first games at that level, starting slowly but finding his feet just three or four matches in – it’s heartening that he’s made any kind impact given the atmosphere there in recent weeks. And it looks like Charlton fans were expecting him to be spotted by a big club, even before details about his contract emerged.

    Nobody can make much of an assessment until after he’s had a preseason with us and got used to playing at higher level. Either way I’m not sure if the Bale comparison is a good or bad thing!

  40. If Barton joins I’m gonna go follow the Orient. No goodbyes, no seeyalaters, no nuttin’.

  41. Hahaha! Great post @ 1.17pm Limpar.

  42. and again!

  43. Haha, just saw that, LA. Yeah, I was so full of warm feelings when they started serialising My Defence. It felt like I never knew who he really was, you know.

  44. Nice post as always. Affairs in the board room a boring topic to me but needs to be addressed. I do not care if we have 1 “sugar daddy” or 55 board members as long as we remain reasonably stable financially and win trophies on the pitch.

    Need to get back on the winning track this weekend at Blackpool. We have a very tough run in and on paper this one should be the easiest game except for perhaps Villa at home. United especially Rooney appear to be hitting their best form of the year and Ferdinand coming back solidifies their back line. Winning the title will probably take near maximum points. If we can pull it together and win the league it could change all the fan negativity and remove whatever self doubts the team has about itself. Perhaps those years of dominance we talk about could follow.

    What a tool Rooney is. Wish his 2 match ban would be 2 league games instead of 1 league game the FA cup game. I don’t care a lick who wins the FA cup at this point.

  45. OOU is a oddity

  46. * try again [space]

  47. LA

    > no nuttin’

    If JB joins, there’ll be plenty of that on the pitch…


  48. Sam

    Young? Which one?

    Aah yes, English passion. Is that the same passion that’s won the national team a little less than fuck all since 1966?


  49. Man Utd were so fucking boring last night.

  50. Rumour has it that the imminent announcement has nothing to do with takeovers, shareholdings, David Dein or Lady Nina. Which narrows the field somewhat.


  51. Alas, poor Ashley, we hardly knew ye!

  52. Well written several paragraphs in Arseblog today about Jenkinson, Frimpong and Myachi etc etc. Might be worth a look if you are interested.

  53. I wouldn’t stick around to find out, YW. Panto villains are one thing but that do-as-you-likey should be nowhere the limelight of the premier league.

  54. YW

    Ok, I might have gone over board a wee bit but we need that Wilsherish aggression, or maybe a Viera-type fighter in the middle of the pack… If wishes were horse eh.

  55. Can’t be bothered with Arseblog these days. Had it, lost it.

  56. Limestonegunner

    YW, what does it narrow the field to? Something related to Fiszmann? I can’t see what else would really be newsworthy about the board, but perhaps you have some ideas…

  57. Though he may not be liked by everyone & always make correct decisions, at least Dein is a passionate Arsenal fan who desires a winning Arsenal team first.

  58. YW

    Ashley Young

  59. sam, that be the same “pure, unadulterated English passion” that lit up South Africa?

    Chelsea have only 3 regular starters who are english, United and City 5 or 6 each. Success in the league is hardly down to passports.

  60. I think Arseblog’s good when the club’s hard done by. I don’t think he offers much insight about the team though (not saying I do either). In the past it’s taken him months to recognise good performances before he’s stopped slating a player and he’s way too cynical about the youth system. Not sure he really gets it to be honest.

  61. The board are announcing they’ve taken out a restraining order on Adebayor. Dude is like a bat-shit crazy ex-girlfriend stalker.

  62. LA

    Curious that he’s not been picked up on his faux-Oswald Moseley look.


  63. Borges Spinelli

    Let me get this right. Manchester United are “dismayed” with the F.A’s decision to uphold Wayne Rooney’s 2 match ban. Might I add, a punishment meted out for launching into an unnecessary tirade of expletives, directed at a worldwide television audience after scoring. Je n’en croyais pas mes oreilles! Rooney, himself, further added that he was “disgusted” with said decision.

    What in the name of God has led our world to the extent where we’ve become this morally bankrupt? Alex Ferguson doesn’t seem to care about anything but having his way at all cost. Even to the detriment of sport and society at large.

    I swear, this man (Ferguson) and his beyond reproach attitude of constantly justifying the indefensible actions of his intellectually-challenged, ill-mannered, uncouth collective of savages really erks me. To the point I’ve begun to DESPISE him and all that he stands for. He is an herpectic, geriatric flea-ball who will one day receive his due reward. Same goes for that buffoon Rooney.

  64. Well Rooney probably thinks he can get away with anything now that his wife has forgiven his transgressions with various prostitutes over the years…

  65. Borges Spinelli

    Carrying on from last nights discussion. Someone asked if there were quality players available in the £15m-18m ($24,300,000 – $29,160,000) mark that could/would improve our squad. In the 2 areas that I feel we’re lacking quality. Below are just a couple who have my caught my attention in 2010/11 season. I shall reveal more quality players after the season ends.

    (1) Andre Schurrle – Striker (20yrs old. He has scored 12 goals in 28 games..his 2nd senior season). An International, should cost £10-12million.

    (2) Maxime Gonalons – big, strong technical Defensive Midfielders equally able to operate in Central Defense. Exceptional in the air and blessed with a range of passes. Has Champions League experience. Still only 22-years old. I estimate his value around £8 -10million. Drawback is the rate which he picks up yellow cards.

  66. Borges Spinelli


    If acquiring English players, means buying the likes of Scholes, Rooney, J. Terry and that other dude at Liverpool (don’t know his name), hell, I’d rather pass and buy aliens from Mars.

  67. It was that scooped the Vermaelen story in 2009. They got some much-needed credibility after that one. I don’t know what they could possible mean by “good news” regarding the board though.

  68. How about spiders from Mars?

  69. Borges Spinelli

    A spider would be advantageous to bite Rooney’s tushy and Fergie’s enormous nose off.

  70. I think something has already bitten Fergie’s nose.

  71. Borges Spinelli

    A while back I compiled a list comparing the Win, Draw, Lose statistics of Arsene Wenger in relation to those of Alex Ferguson’s. I’ve resisted sharing it until now.

    AW’s record in 14.5yrs at the helm with Arsenal.

    58.73% games won
    24.91% games drawn
    16.34% games lost

    AF’s record in 25 yrs at Manchester United.

    59.12% games won
    23.28% games drawn
    17.60% games lost

    Hopefully, these FACTS will silence AW’s harshest critics. Statistics were accurate as of 2/19/2011.

  72. 7.4 earthquake hits NE coast of Japan

  73. Interesting Borges. Compiled or Googled?

  74. YW @ 3:24:

    If ever the other 1/2 of the water in my 1/2 empty glass would got spilled I could always thank God that I do not look or act like Wayne Rooney.

  75. Borges Spinelli

    Both, in reverse order.

  76. Fine post, Jonny at 11:41 am.


    Usually I like Arseblog, but I could not disagree more woth today’s crap about Frimpong. Anybody could in pre-season see what a star he will be.
    Moreover, his development isn’t going to affect the first team, as he would have been a back up for Alex Song. The way this season has shaped up, playing 15 odd games, would have been ideal for him.

  77. i also think frimpong will come good. I remember watching him play during our trip to austria and he was making tackles all over the pitch. shame that he got injured, really.

  78. mj_gunner:

    Perhaps your right. Don’t think he was trying to pick on Frimpong or any player just making some general points and using him as an example. Hope Frimpong turns out to be as good as you think. Certainly would love someone of his body type in the squad regularly. I agree with the idea expressed in the article that you can not read too much into performances in Austria and throwing the weight of fan expectation and the pressure cooker of a PL title race on an 18 year old is not always best for team or player.

  79. I would be mad if Clichy dumps Arsenal. It will be hard to find a replacement. For Gibbs, this season has been a step back. Injuries have not helped. Clichy has improved a lot this season. He has good pace. Crossing can improve.

  80. evening..
    you know how i feel about the board yogi..but at the moment i think its a bit rudderless….
    dannys on his last legs in switzerland…ninas been kicked out…phw has less shares than gunnersaurous…silent stan is indeed silent and they wont let baron von greenback in the board room..

    i was a big fan of dein.. after what happened ive despised him ever since but im beginning to think that we do need him back and to be honest i would rather him join forces with stan than the bad guy from dangermouse…

  81. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The Doomers favorite Bowie tune “Come And Buy My Toys (Before I Throw Em Out The Pram)”.

  82. Any ACLF peep recommends a good Football Droid App for HTC EVO? Thanks

  83. Typical article from an AKB…..let’s talk about anything else other than another trophy-less season and a squad completely devoid of a winning mentality…proceed!

  84. Have just read Arseblog and find it hard to disagree wit many of his points. I also feel there is sometimes undue pressure on some of our youngsters to perform because of the early exposure to the first team which is already mostly filled with only slightly older youngsters.

    Watching the Chav/Manc borefest the other day made me wonder how different things maybe if we had kept more of the Invincibles around, instead of dismantling them so quickly. Obviously we couldn’t have kept everyone – some of them (e.g. Henry) wanted to leave – but a few other wouldn’t have minded staying I think (e.g. Pires, Gilberto, Edu). Sure it would cost a bit more but I think we could have made up for it by signing a few less youths for example?

    I’m not even sure how much difference signing ‘experienced winners’ would make at this point. Would they be able to provide that winning mentality that many believe we lack? It would have probably been better to allow the winning habit to develop more organically, by allowing MORE time for it to pass on from one generation (Invincibles) to the other (current squad), much like in the way the mancs seem to be managing it.

    It looks like its much harder than AW thought to regain that ‘belief’ once its been lost.

  85. Haha, what a ridiculous comment.

  86. That must explain why AW has been recorded many times stating that once lost, confidence is very hard to regain.
    tbf, so do most good coaches in any sport, that I’ve met and heard.

    Who knows. Not me.
    I never loose control.

  87. My 9:45 was aimed the latest moron using that three-letter initialism.

  88. I’ve posted way too much today, but I ended my media lockdown and had a look around this afternoon. I feel like Arsenal supporters are losing their minds.

    First off, what purpose could it possibly serve for the AST to attack AW and the team when we can still win the league if the players get out of this trough? How counterproductive can you get! Sidling wankers like John Cross are back shit-stirring again as well. That article on the Mirror’s site is a disgrace, not to mention that it overlooks the real problems in favour of trotting out the same tired nonsense about ‘keepers and CBs.

    This weekend we’ll have nearly all our best midfielders and attackers fit. Szczesny and Djourou are just ten days from returning. We’ve got a great f*cking chance. We’re only second in the league for heaven’s sake. I don’t give a damn if I look stupid for believing – we’ve got the big players back now and its still more than possible if we find some this weekend.

    I’ve been thinking recently, if we’re going to recover then the first win’s got to come away from home, and we have to take that momentum back to the Emirates. So Sunday is when it has to start.

    You look at our strongest upcoming opponents (aside from ManU) – the Spuds have out all their hopes on the CL, and are now wracked with internal bickering. Liverpool are haemorrhaging players; they barely have a defence to speak of now.

    Maybe its because I became a fan when the club was at its lowest point for a decade, but I’ve seen fans much happier with so much less than this. Our league standing tells you that we’re the second-best team in the country so far this season. That in itself is an achievement considering the opposition, but we’ve got a fantastic opportunity to make it so much better.

  89. “…find some form…”

  90. I agree with your post entirely Big Al. As for the AST, a little power seems to have gone to someone’s head.

  91. OneOfUs | April 7, 2011 at 10:41 pm |

    Hear, hear OOU. AST’s behaviour has shocked and disgusted me. I expected more of them, but they have fallen for the media bullshit and put uneccessary additional pressure on the team and manager. They might as well drop ‘suppporters’ from their title because this behaviour is in no way supportive. It’s a disgrace.

  92. I don’t know where the perspective’s gone, guys. Press conference should be fun tomorrow though!

  93. It is difficult to understand the mentality of some ‘supporters’ today. In 1970 we won our 1st trophy after 17 or so years. I wonder where the supporters would be if that happened again. Weak lot.

  94. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nice post, OOU. I agree 100 percent. It goes back to what that QPR supporter came on and said the other day. Supporters from other clubs must look at some of our customers that call themselves supporters and laugh out loud. Our record and consistency speaks for itself, and some people will do whatever they can to diminish Wenger’s accomplishments. Look at this Tottenham love fest for example. They get in the CL one year and they’re the most entertaining side in the league all of the sudden. The media goes out of its way to downplay Arsene’s remarkable acheivments, and he’s lucky if he gets a back handed compliment with a caveat. All you ever hear is how shite our defense and goalkeepers are and it’s beyond a joke at this point. We should be top of the league and in the CL right now, but most fans would rather do the media’s work for them and just whine and go along with whatever they’re fed. I find it disgusting, and these people give Arsenal supporters a bad name.

  95. henristic
    thats a top comment…
    we should have kept the players that wanted to stay…they may not have been the players they once were as the years dragged on but keeping them in the squad much the same way fergie has with scholes, giggs, etc would have been nothing but beneficiall to the new and up and coming lads ready to take over the mantle..
    wenger kept the old back 5 for as long as possible..then bergkamp…and as his teams graduallychanged the mentality didnt..
    im not sure signing experienced winners from other clubs would do much either at this point..
    i think we need players who have the natural hunger and desire to win and not just talk about it…
    silvestre for example had won everything but he was shit…big sol on the other hand hadnt won anything before he joined us and went on to be one of the best cb’s in the world…he just had the right mentality naturally..and the rest fell into place…
    players like scotty parker for example would suit us perfectly i feel…hes not won much in his life but hes got that never say die, over my dead body attitude, as well as being a bloody good player and it spreads thru the rest of the team…hes a natural competetor…
    its more about hunger than what it is anything else..
    i feel we have to tread careful when we say lets get some winners…cos we could end up with a bunch of silvestres…

  96. Downloaded that Tame Impala album, NJN. It’s sort of circulating on my ipod, but I’ve liked what I’ve heard. What can you recommend by way of dream pop, shoegaze?

    I was turned onto this band recently called Paris Angels. You heard of them? Quite sure they only put one album out back in the late-80s – it’s like Stone Roses meets early MBV fronted by a girl!

  97. 1 loose cannon

    Proudest moment this season I will never forget it. We beat the catalan bastards

    Class is permanent

  98. Too simple….DD was run out of the club because Danny and Young Mr Grace were duped. DD was AWs greatest ally, the EPL clubs rep on the FA Board and the leading shaker and mover in G14 which was about to break away from the FA, UEFA, FIFA etc . He had to be got rid of. I don’t know how it happened but within a few months he lost all of those positions.

    The Usmanov deal was DD in desperation after the fuckers had thrown him over the walls of Rome.

    They are still scared of him. He appeared again towards the end of the unfortunate attempt to have England host the WC. At that point he was about to become FA Chairman…no other contenders. But at the eleventh hour the north western clubs popped up with Bernstein, a man that no-one had ever heard of.

    I shake his hand before most home games. Sure he made money, but he scares the establishment shitless.

  99. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ahh… my two favorite genres, OOU. Im not sure if you mean newer or older but I’ve been into Craft Spells, Tamaryn, I think I’ve mentioned Weekend in the past but I really like them, been listening to a bunch of old Sarah records stuff like Secret Shine, older classic stuff like Lilys (who played that MBV curated ATP), the new Puro Instinct has been in heavy rotation, No Joy, School of Seven Bells, Sereena Maneesh, Radio Dept, Depreciation Guild, Team Ghost (ex M83). I know I’m missing lots of stuff but that’s some stuff I’ve been listening too off the top of my head. I haven’t heard of that band but will definitely be checking them out off that description alone.

  100. Arsene knows when to go out. And when to stay in. Get things done.

  101. Ah, early 90s. My bad!

    Thanks, guys. I’m off to the wilderness in Els Ports for a week with the in-laws and need all the music I can get!

  102. OOU and Nasir Jones-Nasri, I agree with both of you, but try not to let it annoy you too much. A win on Sunday and the fickle plastic bastards will get back under the rocks they’ve been under all season.

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