Arsène For England – A Media Nightmare

With the media believing that the Roundheads and Cavaliers are arming themselves at the moment, the natural progression of that argument is the departure of Arsène from the Manager’s Office. Whether it is as the victim of internecine warfare or just simply believing he has taken the squad as far as he can, the proponents of such beliefs will not say. They will allude without pinning their views to a mast.

There will no doubt be the xenophobic angle, the lack of Englishmen at the club, an argument as old and tiresome as the issue of spending money to compete with Chelsea, United and City in the transfer market. This remember is all through the media, so it is a strange day indeed to find one person prepared to say, “No, when Capello leaves, England does not need an Englishman, it needs a Frenchman.”

I’m not debating whether Wenger will go – I don’t think he will – or what he will do next when he does leave. But Ian Ridley in this morning’s Daily Express makes a decent argument for the Arsenal manager to take over the international side, particularly tied in with the National Football Centre at Burton.

Of course the pressure would be something entirely different to that which he is used to. Demands for trophies at Arsenal might have been unrealistic in the past but with England they are even more incredulous. The media would not allow him the time to develop youngsters into the senior squad.

Any manager who fails to bring home the World Cup is unceremoniously hounded until the FA step in and bungle a sacking by offering a new contract.

It would be a true test of the media principles over football; whether they are prepared to admit that excellent football without trophies is better than neanderthal football without trophies. English vim and vigour or guile, perceptive passing and movement. Which would win? Probably not England, whatever the case.

The pressure to spend money to solve the problems on the pitch would be removed in an instant but I wonder if Wenger would change his tune regarding development of players on the other side of the fence. You would hope not. You would hope that commonsense would not leave the building. Players representing two national squads at different levels within weeks would become a thing of the past.

The real question, aside from any enthusiasm – or lack of – for the role, is whether Wenger could make a difference to England by having the players for ten days at a time. The manner in which the English club sides play suggests that any good work he might do would be forgotten the moment the Bentleys pull through the gates at Cobham or Carrington.

Somehow I cannot see Ferguson admitting Wenger was right on any level. Still a battle through the back pages over players between the two would leave the media in a real pickle. Support the club manager they are most frightened of upsetting or be unpatriotic? Actually, Arsène if the FA come a-courting, take the job on a part-time basis – I quite like the idea of the media being screwed.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Nice idea Yogi, but personally I don’t ever want Arsene involved with the England set-up for one reason: the idea of him getting absolutely slated every single time an international match takes place where England don’t win 8-0 makes my heart sink.

  2. 1 loose cannon

    The Spuds Result last night put everything in perspective. Wenger Spent less than Rednapp, we are sitting second in the league playing great football and we gave Barcelona a run for their money over the 2 legs. Spurs spent more got smashed last night and the top 4 spot is fading and yet I hear Harry has done a wonderful job at Spurs. I can’t see any sense in that.

  3. Not much going on then…

  4. 1lc, ‘Arry is a shoo-in for the England job when Capello leaves. They can’t slate him at the moment.

  5. 1LC – agree completely, all the Arsenal fans who somehow end up praising Redknapp should have a look at last night’s result and remember how lucky we are to be moaning about being in second place with a CL spot for next year pretty much guaranteed.

  6. Nowt like giving the spuds something to shut up about…I’ve grown tired of their crowing recently…they do say empty vessels create the most noise I guess.

    Interesting article, I don’t think Arsene would fancy the England job, he’d never get the time with the players that he needs to stamp his game on them. Mind you, that might be a good thing, no more robots trying to follow the default Arsene program of pass-pass-press-pass-pass back to retain possession-pass-pass-loop back to start-pass-pass-pass etc.


  7. An echo of Ray Wilkin’s admiration for Real Mad’s patient passing game there.
    People like to play rugby in Wigan

  8. If Wenger was england manager it would become a war between the thick as pigshit tabloid journalists like Brian Woolnough and Martin Lipton, who would print recurring articles about tippy tappy football, lack of directness and selection of players that didn’t please their mates at clubs like West Ham and Spuds. It would become an idealogical battleground in which Wenger would slay all the dinosaurs to extinction.

    That said, we all hope that Wenger stays here. One, to piss off the doubters, but more crucially – he is the only man who can consistently overachieve on our budget. We all saw how Rednapp spectacularly failed last night in the Bernabau. Despite Ray Wilkins ludicrously hollow protestations that Spurs didn’t deserve it – 36 shots on goal for Real Madrid. The media must be living in a fairy dream world. This was an average Real Madrid side that a fit arsenal side would have taken to the cleaners. Yet the rubbish spuds performance was talked up like something at Rourkes drift. Let us remind the media those at shite hart lane have spent way more than us in recent years. Hence their squad being “the best in the country”. Excuse me while I let us some huge belly laughs.

  9. AW managing England? Who would countenance such a thing?

  10. Bendtner's First Touch

    I believe he’s already said “no”. Citing his patriotism as a reason (he said “how would I feel if I was listenning to the Marseillaise if my England played France?) but I think it was justa pretext, because he’s seen first hand that the England job is the most unattractive one in the business (along with the Iraq one under Saddam or the Real Madrid one for several years now).

  11. Bradys right foot

    How about Arsene for Arsenal, I noticed a small dose of sanity from Holt in todays Mirror but anyone calling for Wengers head is appraising our situation on opinion not fact. The zero sum argument of a trophyless six years is without doubt a genuine criticism, but the alchemy Wenger was able to produce in previous years has become more difficult as we have been outspent by the competition and teams below us. Financing the stadium and blooding a team of young talent while still remaining competitive and garaunteeing habitual involvement in the champions league is success and has been a hard journey. For some they have lost patience and the frustration of being teased every year with a title only to be stood up at the last minute has turned to anger and resentment against the greatest manager we have ever had. Grow a pair, I want a title probably not quite as much as Wenger but i’ll be fucked if im prepared to jeopardise what has been built at the club over the last number of years to placate the bitterness of an ungrateful few.

    Two more things the first is the defence is sorted, any clown who thinks that Squllachi is not good enough to be the fourth choice centre half and Almunia to be the third/fourth goalkeeper has lost all perspective of the practicalities of having a squad and even for us the probability of having two front line defenders and three keepers injured at the same time. Injuries have robbed us of a back five unit that from the start of this calender year in the first 9 league matches kept 7 clean sheets. Thats right 7, did one pundit comment on this did they fuck, was one article written about this was it fuck, did Alan Hansen pass his beady gaze over one or the defensive performances did he fuck. Have any of the clowns calling for “a dominant centre half” realised this have they fuck, and all without Vermaelenn. Don’t let facts get in the way of opinions though and even Holt in support of Arsene today urged him to sort the defense which actually compares very well to Utds, Man Citys and Chelseas.

    The second is Ryo Myachi I think he could end up being one of the greatest players weve ever had. I cannot wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt.

  12. It may be more attractive than we think for him.In a couple of years half the England team will be Arsenal players.
    Perhaps that would allow him to do the job part time and also bring about world peace as a United Nations special envoy.

  13. Bradys right foot

    Excellent comment mate. We have seen massive improvements in our squad this season. Like you say, 3 decent keepers, a selection of able CB’s, conceding less ‘silly’ goals. I can understand how some get frustrated having come so close to success, we all want a trophy but fans need to be realistic. Its no longer Arsenal and Man United challenging for trophies. Every club seems to be spending massively, we are just smarter and one step ahead that we don’t need to compete with Chelsea for a 30m player who will sit on the bench and sulk. Then theres 2 corrupt spanish teams in the champions league who have the spending power of Spain.

    We need Arsene to be more stubborn than ever, but we need this team more importantly to stick together and fight for this title. We have been building something special for the last 5 years and we are so so so close to it paying off.

    Theres nothing more enjoyable than watching the Arsenal play football. Just imagine the joy when we take the title. It will be a victory for everything right and a victory for football. Many say Spain’s world cup victory was a “victory for football”, I can only disagree, Spain dived and manipulated their way to glory, there was nothing remarkable about their performances. We have seen 1st hand how good Xavi and Busquets are at falling to the ground to retain possession. If we narrowly miss out on another title at least we have the joy of watching a group of talented and respectable players.

    I think many Arsenal fans will be glad they havn’t got the class of Rooney and Terry in our ranks.

    Show a little respect to our club and manager people, they are doing an excellent job despite the recent slip we have had.

  14. Last night was painful. It was painful to listen to’Arry giving it large on how his team were going to turn over Real, painful listening to Wilkins saying that “we” need to get amongst them, they have 5 players on yellow cards, you know, painful watching Adebuywhore scoring (didnt know whether to jeer or cheer) painful hearing all the excuses of how it “all went wrong” and especially painful watching the match pundits squirming as they choked on their hype. It’s hurt so much that my belly is still aching! Thank you Spuds, for providing the best comedy I have seen on telly in years. Apparently there is a second leg?

  15. Bradys Right Foot,why cant a well paid journalist be as insightful and knowledgeable as you? Or Yogi ,LA ,Gadget ,Joshua and all?
    I dont understand why talentless hacks are employed ,and drivel spouting pundits when surely reading and viewing would be enhanced with the arrival of people with at least a modicum of intelligence.
    The ineptitude of the planks on “The Sunday Supplement”is staggering ,in the absence of Paddy Barclay.How can they not see this?
    I am not asking for an Arsenal friendly media ,just a fair and balanced view .

  16. Arsene wouldn’t consider the job. He has stated in the past on a number of occasions that international football isn’t for him. He needs time with the players to build the little triangles and practice one touch pass and move football. No matter what England offered him he would reject it. Arry on the other hand is a sure but to leave Spurs when that call comes.

    Arsenal fans who want change… be careful what you wish for. There are plenty of Redknapps out. What a joke of a manager he is. What is worse is the media and pundits that seem to ignore the fact he has killed how many clubs? spent how much money? what has he achieved even?

    There is only 1 other manager who I could think of would be a good replacement and hes currently managing the best team on the planet. Wenger is quite simply unique. He has nurtured the players and the club and prepared us for success. Lets now go out and get it, I am 100% sure he is the still the right man to lead us to it.

  17. Bendtner's First Touch

    Wenger is still the man for us, I just wish he got a little tougher with the underperforming players because this season the main weakness has been the lack of mental strength.

    I think players are too pampered and he’s too nice with them. Just read the interviews, no one ever says what the MU scum players say sometimes when they turn defeat into a victory “we were afraid of the gaffer’s reaction”.

    More hairdryer treatment please, this team has the talent, it even displayed some steel this season and is no longe rbullied by physical teams, but it lacks in the mental department, they don’t have the oft-cited “winning” mentality, and that is Wenger’s failure.

    He has to put that right, but is it too late now for this season?

  18. 1 loose cannon

    The Spuds getting hammered last night made a lot of gooners think again specailly those who want Wenger out. With little money we are up there amongst the big boys every year. To compete at the highest level in the league ans C.league is extremly tough specially on a small budget compared to the likes of City Chelsea united even Liverpool. Ok we enjoyed watching the Spuds ripped apart but we know why they were Shambolic last night. Competing in the Premirship and C,league caught up with them big time and they simply fell apart. It could get worst for them next season with the losses of C.league revenue if they don’t finish in the top 4 as they have big wages and that dump of stadium to develop. Wenger is a genius.

  19. A look at the facts,what Wenger has achieved with limited resources compared to any other team in the history of the EPL ,the quality of Arsenals football,the scope for development of this still very young squad,the magnificent stadium(not to exaggerate but arguably the finest football stadium in the world)the training facilities,youth structure,even the way our players conduct themselves.All this is in a huge way down to Arsene Wenger,his skill and vision.
    Only someone of very limited intelligence could fail to grasp the worth of such a man.Unfortunately the football world seems to be full of these small minded people .And a fair share of them claim to be Arsenal fans.
    I believe that not since Brian Clough at Forrest ,and that was relatively short term in comparison,has so much been achieved with so little.
    I for one say “long may he reign”

  20. I did not see the spurs game, neither would I want to, so i do not know whether or not Crouch deserved to be sent off, but am I the only one to note the interesting coincidence, in that both we and they played away games to spanish teams, and have our main strikers sent off, thus making it virtually impossible to attack, and making us both completely under total pressue for the rest of the game?

  21. 1 loose cannon

    Goerge- small minded people or short sighted people. Wenger looks ahead he has the clubs interest at heart he laid strong foundations for what we will have in the future. If he was selfish he would say to the board give me the moneyor else because he will only think about his reputation and not the club, most mangers would want to be seen as uccessful in the short term what happens to the club afterwards does not concern them, a prime example of that is Rednapp at Portsmouth he never said No to transfers knowing the club is in trouble while Wenger simply refuse to put the club in that situation. Hats off to the man I’d say

  22. UnbiasedTobias

    I just think that english football is ridiculous sumtimes. In the year that he wins manager of the decade, above SAF, Mou, and Gerrard houllier, everybody is calling dor his head.
    His genius with top quality players will do us wonders.
    Who else can say they went 49 games unbeaten

  23. Let’s not crow about the Spuds defeat too much.

    They beat us home. We need to beat them at home to have a chance at the title.

    Sure we can beat Real Madrid. Can we beat the Spuds?

  24. UnbiasedTobias

    He shouldn’t go to england, he should stay wit gooners and only gooners 4eva

  25. A look at the facts,what Wenger has achieved with limited resources compared to any other team in the history of the EPL ,the quality of Arsenals football,the scope for development of this still very young squad,the magnificent stadium(not to exaggerate but arguably the finest football stadium in the world)the training facilities,youth structure,even the way our players conduct themselves.All this is in a huge way down to Arsene Wenger,his skill and vision.
    Only someone of very limited intelligence could fail to grasp the worth of such a man.Unfortunately the football world seems to be full of these small minded people .And a fair share of them claim to be Arsenal fans.
    I believe that not since Brian Clough at Forrest ,and that was relatively short term in comparison,has so much been achieved with so little.
    I for one say “long may he reign”

    oh wait… did someone just say this?

  26. Scum NIL Madrid 4

    Goals made @ The Arsenal 2

    Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!

  27. 1 loose cannon

    JJgos- Crouch’s first yellow could’ve been a straight red the second was no different to the first foul, a carbon copy. Studs up with both legs . Very strange I have never seen him tackle before. I think Rednapp was to blame for that.It cler he told his players to tackle hard. RVP’s sending off was pathetic. every single game I see players having a shot after the offside wistle. None of them get booked, it is possibly the only booking of that kind I have seen

  28. Long may he reign indeed. The most stupendous organizational effort in the realm of football. I cannot think of another in professional sports who has achieved what Arsene Wenger has been able to do. But, Arsene is the only manager across professional sports who is as well educated as he happens to be. A graduate degree in Economics and he coaches football. But, it is so easy to see how his thinking has influenced the organization around the team. Absolutely without any similar effort anywhere in professional sports.

  29. I tried so hard to like Adebayor last night and achieved it until his post-match interview where he came across as a total knob as usual. Even so, knowing that his goals would have infuriated Spurs fans does make me soften my stance somewhat.

  30. ClockEndRider

    So this is where all the sane poeple live. Thank you, so many of you, for brightening my day through the simple expedient of taking the time to think and construct a reasoned, logical argument not built around the nonsense spouted by a biased press and the need for Sky to hype every setback to the level of a calamity.
    On another note, why would Wenger want to manage England? He has spent the last 15 years trying to develop talented, mobile ball players to compete in a world where physicality is secondary to skill and movement and where increasingly at higher levels officials do not suffer dangerous and overly aggressive tackling. He has weeded out so many with talent but a poor attitude in that time – viz. Bentley, Bothroyd, Pennant and others. So as I say, why would he want to be surrounded by the likes of Garry Barry, Milner, Darren Bent et al if that’s the best he can pick from, especially as Terry, Ferdinand, Lampard and Gerrard go softly into that good night?
    No, far better the England job goes to another manager who won’t challenge the outmoded, anachronistic brand of football so beloved of our media and so much of the footballing establishment, which has, after all, brought the national team such unparalleled success since we won a world cup at home over 50 years ago, for which we didn’t have to qualify, after a goal was given which clearly wasn’t over the line.

  31. Delia---Block 112

    Well done everyone, today’s posts confirm that sanity has returned to the “Arsenal speaking world” as Tom would put it . Too many Johnny come latelys post on this blog, who have no concept of what this club is all about. I for one will be making my pilgrimages to the Emirates until I can no longer put one foot in front of the other!
    As always COYRs

  32. AW should stay at arsenal and have reward for his work with a few years of trophy winning where arsenal fans will measure the success of the season by how many trophies away from the quadruple we are. he fully deserves it and starting from the end of this season with the PL,, no less!

  33. In Arsene we trust because quite frankly Arsene knows BEST!

    That is the motto in which I live my gooner life.

  34. If you ‘love’ managing – the day to day interaction with your players, staff, club, …… then the position of National Team Coach is unfulfilling. Even to be discussing the idea……..

    Anyway, the team’s issues are not with the CB’s, our defense, and keepers – last season, yes.

    For me, the issue is an unproductive system that fails to utilize our attacking strengths – line ups that fail to create effective chemistry.
    Cesc has been mentally unprepared for this season, plus indecision by our manager to establish a consistent replacement when Cesc’s injured has restricted our fluid play.
    Blooding in of a 19 year old. Jack has a great heart, but no confidence in front of the goal – this is an offensive liability the club cannot afford. How many matches has Jack played – how many goals? How many assists? For all of you who want Song to stay back, this is what you get. Song will always be a greater scoring option for the club than Jack.
    Arshavin’s roller coaster performances. His inconsistency is strangling any chance of chemistry.

    Our manager’s decision to toss Chamakh under the bus after vP returned.

    In the PL, vP has no business being our CF. Bendtner’s & Chamakh’s talent are being wasted on the bench.

    In this sport, much scoring is derived from corners and free kicks. Arsenal is void tactically for these opportunities.

    With a line up of Theo, Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin, Jack, and vP, who is going to win air balls? Which only focuses on an attack that can’t utilize crossing – whose going to win the ball in the air?

    Bendtner can play on the wing, but would be much more productive to our attack in the middle. Stick vP on the right wing where he can drift in and use his left foot OR he’s very capable of accurate crossing.

    We have a great chance to still pull off the league title. It won’t happen if the manager continues to have a blind eye to what’s obvious: his blind eye to favorites that just aren’t getting it done.

  35. The boss would leave Arsenal? NOT!! For the England job? DOUBLE NOT!!!

    Spurs were in over their heads and they were bound to crash down. Hopefully they will roll over and play dead just like yesterday when we visit WHL.

  36. Arsenal is blessed!

  37. To think that Spuds thought beating second-rate Italian teams was what the Champions league was all about! hahaha

    Oh and a massive f*** you to Stan Collymore who compared the lanky ones 2 yellows with RVP and it’s impact on the games.

    Just so we are clear RVP’s second yellow was never a sending off and we were LEADING the tie when he was sent off and we were reduced to 10 men!

  38. Couldnt imagine Wenger managing England but it would be good for England.
    This comment has me amused though, why is he thinking for Arsene?

    “Wenger appears finally to have reached the conclusion he wanted to avoid but probably knew deep down to be true – no matter how talented his team, they are fundamentally flawed. Defects of physical strength in key areas have been matched by a mental fragility when the going grows tough.”

    Anyway, Crouch shouldve gotten two red cards, he was really stupid!

    Funny Maria, I dont remember the english media backing Arsenal when RVP got that red. All they could say is how we didnt get a shot on goal and how Barca “deserved” to go through, with amost a whole half to go that is. Clowns!

  39. This site has always had sane people on the board, that’s why it’s such a good place to come for chat.

  40. Sorry, I didnt commend the great post and comments!


    Have a blessed day all!

  41. george rodger

    Anyone who has not visited Tim’s site it is a really good read and a welcome distraction.

  42. Paul N,

    All t’ve seen and heard to day keeps talking about how unfair it was and 10MEN Spurs battled well to keep the scoreline respectable.

    All I can say is Spuds rule the media!

    Oh and if Barca battered Real and they skinned the Spuds what does that say about our narrow defeat tp Barca?

  43. You know not all people who deride Wenger/Arsenal are Johnny come latelys and vice versa!!

  44. Oh dear. the door to the asylum left open again I see.

  45. george rodger

    If you call yourself”wankerwengermustgo” I think any of what follows comes as no surprise.The only surprise to me is that you have found the “spellcheck”option,rather than posting in “de text talk”init.

  46. Wanker Asshole no one can take you seriously here just bugger off!!!

  47. Seems old Arry was telling a porkie about Lemmon being taken ill just before the game. Was he that worried that he had his excuses organised the day before the game!

  48. Last of The Country Gentleman


    your understanding of British political history is clearly as broad as your knowledge of Football.

    BTW your analogy scans very poorly.

  49. Arsene Wenger quote:

    “You have to be a masochist to be an international manager”


  50. Borges Spinelli

    Arsène Wenger possesses the requisite skill set to propel Team England to greater heights. His superior knowledge & familiarity with the english game (2nd only to Alex Ferguson); shrewd tactician nous, man-management excellence; keen eye for unearthing talent.

    On the downside, managing England would ruin his reputation irreversibly. Without a doubt, the english establishment, in collusion with their censorious media would ensure this remains the case – should AW’s team hit a bad run. Those media vultures would love nothing more than to launch into him, with a never-before-seen type of vengeance. Eclipsing the scale of vitriol dished out to Sven-Goran Eriksson and Capello.

  51. Dups

    The Telegraph this morning made the allegation that he was withdrawn due to a mandatory drugs test post-match. The webpage was hastily withdrawn.


  52. Borges Spinelli

    Mr. Wenger doesn’t get the praise that he deserves for revolutionizing the english game. Prior to his arrival, coaches all looked like slobs and wore track suits in the dug-out; nutrition + moderate drinking to prolong careers and sports psychology were alien concepts. Arsène brought along a refined outlook & sophistication which paved the way into EPL for other foreign coaches like Ruud Gullit, Vialli, Houllier, Sven Eriksson, Jean Tigana, Mourinho, etc etc.

    My advice to Monsieur Wenger is to steer well clear of the poisoned chalice that is Team England job. Stick with Arsenal your destiny.

  53. I work for BBC Sport in the newsroom, it was funny watching everybody scrambling to find out whether his account was real or not. Oh Aaron (and footballers in general), when will you learn?

  54. YW

    The media are so informative. Don’t you just love em!!

  55. WAS it real Timlove?????

  56. Joshua:

    Just read your post from 9:47 last night. Wow, did not mean to offend you. What I was trying to say is that general “gestalt” on this blog (comments section) is that Arsene is the best ever and should never be questioned and all the players are the best ever. I have not read ANR in a long time and I only occasionally read the main post in Le Grove but I think their general “gestalt” is exactly the opposite. All the players are worthless and we need to completely blow up the squad and the manager should be sacked. The point I tried to make is that IMO the truth lies somewhere in between those 2 general views. I accept that those are gross over generalizations which I should not have made especially with regard to ACLF and Yogi’s posts which are always excellent and generally well balanced.

  57. Hearing RVDV threw a fit after been subbed yesterday and is telling anyone that will listen his the star of this Spuds team and shouldn’t have been subbed. Talk about EGO!

  58. Oh for fucks sake shut up, Bill. You are wittering, man.

  59. 1 Loose Cannon made a comment earlier. Tottenham have spent disgusting amounts of money, are now all but out of the Champions League and other cups, and probably won’t even finish in the top four this season.

    But when the dust settles Harry will get a “Good attempt, ‘Arry!” from the media. Wenger will get “Not good enough, maybe time you thought about fucking off back to France”.

    He will also never be given a fair shot at the England job (not that I’d want him to even consider it), whereas if Harry is the next manager he will be given a lot more leeway.

  60. JD – yep, it is definitely real. Funny though, it looks like a fake account because of the absolutely absurd photo he uses on his account.

  61. Markus,

    I see what you mean but, I think that’s because Wenger is a proved winner, while ‘Arry is a classless wheeler dealer smoocher that has and never will be a top quality manager.

    I do also question his ability to run a club with putting them into crippling debt too. He should be voted club wrecker of the decade!

  62. I don’t think we should really take 1 loose cannon seriously. He seems a little fan girl to me….

  63. Right Maria, but looking at the amount of money spent by the respective managers is a good argument against the idiots who call for big signings as a solution to Arsenal’s perceived problems. I say perceived because I struggle to find fault with our team at all mostly. Couldn’t be happier with how the current squad has come along this season. The league would be great vindication for the manager and would get the media off our backs (a little) but it won’t make or break my support.

  64. I got what you were trying to say yesterday Bill,,, although you could have been a bit more subtle. Some people are tyrants and will never pass up the opportunity to abuse a fellow human being when given it.

  65. I think it would be easier for Wenger to commit suicide than taking the England job.

    It’s Arry’s job and it’s waiting for him.

  66. There has been allot of debate on here about spending money on proven quality . My thoughts are this. We can afford to spend $20 on a player like dzeco or Suarez ( just examples) Both proven quality, have scored goals for club and country. Surely some one with Wengers track record of turning average or potentially good players in to top notch players would be able to get the most out of some one who already has displayed more than just potential.
    We can pay $15 M for Arshavin a player at the end stages of his career, why not spend a extra $5 m on some one who can develop with the club for many years and potentially go from being a great young player to a world class player. We keep players on board that have had years to make that step up and just haven’t , be it due to injuries or mental blocks or what ever, costing us money and delivering very little.
    Like it or not football has changed and I dont see it getting better as far as player prices go. If we are a top club with big ambitions then we need to come to terms with the fact that this is a changing world and we need to change with it. And that does not mean we need to spend $50 m or even $30 on a player but to pass up some one like Hazard because they cost $ 5 m more than a 27 year old player who is 15m does not make sense. Yes there are always gambles and no one can predict what will happen, but to say they will need to learn the Wengerball that our players have been playing for years is bull shit. Players change clubs all the time and some fit right in and some take a little time. This whole attitude of Id rather have a average player that knows our style over a talented young player who has not is rubbish. A good player will adapt, they do it all the time, every year, every transfer window.
    Its always a uncertainty but surely under the guidance of Wenger it sways the odds in our favor? Any thoughts on this, constructive criticism ?

  67. First of all, get your facts straight. Both Suarez and Dzeko have cost almost or even more than twice the amount of money Arshavin has cost. So it’s not the question of spending a little bit extra (compared to the money Arshavin cost) but rather, we are talking about 30 million +. Just to put things in perspective. Secondly, how would those two players improve our club? Who would have to make way for them? Are we buying Dzeko and hoping that that RVP gets injured so that Dzeko can start games? Or are we sacrificing either one of Chamakh or Bendtner. But the obvious question is, since, without a doubt, RVP is one of the greatest strikers in the world and a shoe-in start when he is fit, how do we keep Dzeko happy? Bendtner clearly has been talking to the press on many occassions despite having gotten around 20 – 30 games each season. Would Dzeko, a “big name” with a heavy price tag (and, let us not delude ourselves, but someone like Dzeko would probably command the same salary as our top earners) be happy when his Premier League experience consists of playing when RVP is not fit and otherwise sitting on the bench and coming on for late 20 minute cameo’s when we need to go all out attack?

  68. It comes down this: spending on proven quality is per se not a bad thing IF all the necessary questions are answered. The balance inside a squad is a delicate thing and we simply do not have the ressources that clubs like Chelsea or Manchester City have. Things that need to be realised are that we can’t compete with those clubs either in wages or in transfer prices paid. We simply can’t afford to spend big money on a player, even if his “proven quality”, unless we can be absolutely sure that he is going to fit into the squad.

  69. Just imagine what would happen if we encounter a dud like Berbatov. He cost more than 30 million and he had both the “proven quality” and “PL experience” stamps on his CV — it took him three seasons to come good. Would that be worth it?

  70. Suarez – £23 million = $37,247,600. Slight difference

  71. george rodger

    Least we forger Arshavin is a better player than both Dzeko and Suarez.

  72. Its kinda funny, before Arsenal went for Arsahvin the fans were saying AW should splash the cash for once on proven quality/experience, someone who has won things, etc.
    All of a sudden,he is “a player at the end stages of his career”. So we move on to the next shiny bauble.

  73. george rodger

    forget not forger

  74. Evil
    Although I agree with your post, you need to perhaps put on your reading glasses or just pull your head out your arse. Starting with get your facts straight just shows your attitude towards a reasonable debate. I at no point said that those players would be good buys for arsenal. I used them (as I said in brackets ) as examples of players that could develop very well under the guidance of Wenger. I never once stated the fees that were payed for thoses players. I mearly pointed out that spending $20m on some one who was at that level would under the guidance of Wenger would most likely flourish. I never pointed out any facts of any sort. I asked some reasonable questions and got a lecture on why I am wrong as opposed to a reasonable response. You never addressed my questions at all,, Just ranted on as to why it was stupid to even ask them in the first place!
    Perhaps you should read the post again…

  75. Seem there are a lot of people here that cant read!

  76. Kin
    How old is Arshavin? So you would say he is at the beggingin of his career? MId way ? Well what stage of his career is he at? Please enlighten me!
    He may be better now, but in 5 years who is going to be hitting peak and who will be retired?

  77. TimmyT – Suarez was nowhere near $20 million when he went to Liverpool, he was almost double that price. How would Arsenal have gotten him (or someone similar) for the lower price you suggest?

  78. Dups
    I know he was 27 M I think,, that is not the point I was trying to make, I was simply saying that under the guidance of Arsen player that are young and at that level already should in all fairness get considerably better. Making the long term value of spending $20m more reasonable than 15m on a player that has perhaps 4 years left in him. Arshavin was used as an example because of his age and price tag. No other reason, never said he was better or worse than any one.
    Just wanted to know what others though of this, not who would have to leave or how they would get playing time..

  79. But don’t we do that, TimmyT? How much did we spend on Walcott again? Wasn’t it somewhat like 10 million pound? And Ramsey cost 6 or 7 million pound IIRC. Even back when Wenger just started he paid 10+ million or something for Henry, who at that time was largely unproven.

  80. george rodger

    TimmyT ,yes he is better now,as you said,and we have had him for two and a half years already ,and he is still only 29.
    So I dont get it.He was a great buy and perhaps you should have picked a better example.
    But to be fair ,I get your point.You think he should do like he did with Nasri,is that your point?well if it is then he already does it ,does he not?Hense Sammi is an Arsenal player.

  81. Maybe picking Dzeko or Suarez as examples in the beginning of your post wasn’t the right course because they are well in their mid-twenties and have already made a name for themselves in the football world. They are not talents who you can buy with a view on future potential. Eden Hazard is a better example, but then again, we paid relatively big money for Nasri. So again, this is a thing that we, as a club, are doing constantly.

  82. Too late, George was faster. 😦

  83. george rodger

    It was a good point ,and it is because Arsene does just that.
    And I think you should be given credit for agreeing with him

  84. Evil
    Yes we most certainly do, But do you think Walcott would go for 10mil now days? Or Ramsey.
    We got Players like Walcott and Ramsey at a stage before the stage where players like Suarez are at. Im not advocating big spending I am questioning the complete anti spending.

  85. george rodger


  86. All right,,, I obviously didnt think my post through thoroughly or use good examples. I really was saying that We have a manager that can get the best out of average players, because lets face it when players that do well at our club leave for other clubs they very very seldom play at the levels they achieved at Arsenal. So our Manager should theoretically be able to raise a very good young player to a level above what they are playing at already. If we paid 20M for another Henry that would be 20m well spent , no ?

  87. george rodger

    TimmyT.The answer to that particular question is …………….YES

  88. Arshavin is class!

  89. george rodger

    I love this site.It educates you so that when you go on sites like Arsenal Mania you can make the mugs there look like ,well mugs really.

  90. george rodger

    Paul N ,yes he most certainly is.

  91. Whew!
    Glad thats over…
    Paul N , that he is. And i believe he has a few more good years to give us.

  92. @TimmyT
    Of course, if we could spend 20 million and get another Henry, that would be great. And that’s one of the reasons why I trust Wenger so much because I believe that he has an eye for players unmatched by any other manager and that he can pick out the best from a range of very good players.

  93. george rodger

    Lets hope Chel$ki and Manure kick lumps out of each other

  94. Anyone know how shaktah is doing?

  95. george rodger

    1 down last I heard

  96. Barca 2

  97. george rodger

    2 nil now

  98. Shakhtar Donetsk, getting mash up!

  99. i’m forcing myself to watch the chavs/manure match. I hate chavs and manure and barca so its really hard to pick which game to watch, but i’m going for the match at stamford bridge. Both teams are going 4-4-2 and dropping real deep to defend then trying to counter.

  100. William – Man U are more like 4-5-1

  101. true. Evra just had a cross smashed against his face from 10 m away. serves the cunt right!

  102. evening
    interesting topic today yogi
    sir arsene for england..???
    mmmmm….tempting…but no…
    hes too patriotic he would most likely be tempted by the french job but i dont think being a national manager suits him…
    AW likes to be heavily involved in the day to day running of the club…he wont get that role in a national side and he wont get that role in many of the other major european league clubs either…
    arsenal will be his last job i think…

  103. If thats not a penalty!

  104. Will someone buy some batteries for those extra officials wands. Either that or get rid of them altogether because they do nothing for 90 minutes.

  105. what on earth is the point dups? you can bet your life that if it was United they wouldve gotten it.

    Evra wrapped the guys legs up good and proper, didnt he?


  106. george rodger

    will some of you come on to Arsenal Mania ,for a minute, and help me take the piss out of some halfwits.

  107. i want utd to go thru…
    gives them more games…
    gives us a better chance of the slender one we have already…

  108. The chav-united match was horrible to watch. Should maybe have seen the Barca game instead.

    I find that I’ve lost appetite for watching footy in general, and this almost always happens towards the end of the last few seasons, which of course usually coincides with us not being at our best.

    Oh to be a gooner!

  109. Mancs paying off refs on the European stage now.

    Chavs no skill or grit shameful performance.

    Game was not a good advert for the PL!

    Make me thankful to being a Arsenal fan.

    Lucky, lucky Mancs.

  110. George – I read a few comments over there and it game me a headache. Some right fuckin idiots there. Thick as shit

  111. JJ
    I’m not sure if the theory than being in many competitions might make them weaker is necessarily true. My thinking is that a team is likelier to be more affected by the loss of confidence that accompanies losing ‘big games’. If they keep winning, the effect of fatigue is dampened somewhat by the sheer exhilaration of victory and the confidence than comes with it. Besides, in United’s case, they do seem to have a squad than can cope with injuries. I really thought at the start of the season that their team was rubbish but its hard to argue with their results. The way we lost to their second string in the FA cup made me realize we may really have been underestimating the quality of their squad.
    In a nut shell, I’d very much prefer the Mancs lose. I hope they flunk out of the FA cup as well. Its the same players and the feeling of loosing adds up.
    That’s kinda like what happened to us. We thought, “hey, well losing the CC doesn’t matter. Its just the bloody mickey mouse cup. Now we can focus on the more important things… bla bla bla’. I now believe that argument is mostly bollocks. See how our exit in the champions league has affected us in the PL.

  112. Chelsea were so poor. Thats the first time I’ve watched them in months and I’m surprised at how pedestrian they were. Actually the perfomance is consistent with their results this season so not much of a surprise but still, you’d think players like, Lampard, Essien etc should be able to control a midfield better than what we just saw.

  113. Bradys right foot

    Wasn’t a great game tonight between the Chavs and ManU. Great work by Giggs and a great finish from Rooney but that was a highlight. Bosinga was awful tonight only outshone in the “having a mare stakes” by Evra who had an absolute shocker. Still think Chelsea are in the tie, but it looks like the last hurah for alot of the Chavs. There a team in decline and going forward they look pretty fooked without an absolutely huge amount of investment.

  114. 1 loose cannon

    I do no care how the Mancs and the chavs have played. I do not care what happens to any of them. ideally I want to see them play extra time and penalties in the second leg then Manure win the tie, The same thing in FA cup . Few Extra games for them will suit us. by then hopefully we will have the title in the bag. The Mancs will go to the final lose to Bolton in the final of FA cup then get humiliated by Barcelona.

  115. Have some people here ever considered that they may be a little paranoid? The way i see it people who seem to criticise Arsene do so because they expect the very best from someone who is undoubtedly one of the greatest managers ever in English and world football. Just ask a spurs, manyoo,or any rival fan.(banter aside). Of course some so called criticism is over the top but surely a fan should be allowed to question the manager and even get angry at times?!

    I still think we will win the title and the season starts this weekend when Moussa Dembele and Bobby Zamora tear the devils to shreds while Arsenal records one of its highest scoring game of the season. Trust me,come the weekend, you will be begging me to tell you the lottery numbers!

  116. Shakhtar have got some good players, haven’t they? I thought Barcelona were a bit lucky really. If Luiz Adriano had been a bit more composed Donetsk would have had two or three goals. It’s probably all over now though. Still, Willian and Douglas Costa look very good – and they’re all so young!

  117. “it looks like the last hurah for alot of the Chavs. There a team in decline and going forward they look pretty fooked without an absolutely huge amount of investment.”

    But didn’t they just spend £50m on their forward line?

    Shaktar won’t qualify now, but they lost heavily to us at Emirates as well although they are strong at home and managed to get the better of us there.

  118. If you don’t have ATVO, go get it. In the meantime:

  119. 1 loose cannon

    Trugunn- You can’t criticise the manager unless you can do better . For people the answer is always buying players. Well no that is not the answer because we cannot buy 30 million players. Bob Wilson confirmed Wenger made a bid for Reina. Did we get him ? no. Why ? because we don’t have the money. I laugh at people who suggest we should buy Scott Parker and his like. If you want top top players you have to pay top dollar. United’s players Rio 30 millions Rooney 30 millions, Berbatov 28 millions, Nani 17 millions …I don’t need to mention Chelsea’s shopping list, yet we are up there fighting with them. Going down the debts route is not an option.

  120. 1 loose cannon,
    just try to imagine red nose finishing in third or fourth. dont you think Manyoo fans and pundits would say ‘maybe it’s tme to go for fergy’?
    Regardig player transfers, suarez cost 23million pounds,7 mill more than Arshavin and in my opinion the former is a better player all round.wenger himself said he was unsure about shava’s work ethic after the Euros. Having said that i cant wait our Ryo to join us and show us why he is fast earning rave reviews in holand as well as provide back up to our russian genious.

  121. I cant accept that Suarez is better than Arshavin

  122. I agree george rodger – suarez has not been here long enough to say. Wasn’t Arshavin the saviour of our season when he arrived, yet the first dip and the same people who were worshipping his arrival were pushing for his departure? It seem that most football fans have the memories and attention spans of goldfish.

  123. 1 Loose cannon
    i just reread your latest post in response to mine and i found your statement to be in accurate. you said “you can not criticise the manager unless you can do better”. if that where the case then it would equally mean that you cannot criticise Presidents such as George Bush who go to war on a flimsy basis, no? And that comes to my observation that just because someone critises Wenger doesnt make him less of a fan. To make myself clear, I absolutely love arsene(in a football sense) for building us a new stadium which will put us up there with the very best,but you just feel that some things could be better.

  124. 1 loose cannon

    Trugunn name me 1 or 2 players who can improve our team. I mean really improve our team, a ready made well experienced player. Don’t tell me Messi. I mean players that we can afford. we are talking up to 15 millions that is what we can pay. I don’t buy into this “Wenger is tight ” nonsense we can’t spend big, that is just a fact of life.

  125. trugunn ,perhaps if we knew all the facts we might think that things are being done better than could be expected

  126. Bradys right foot

    Passenal | April 6, 2011 at 11:01 pm |

    “it looks like the last hurah for alot of the Chavs. There a team in decline and going forward they look pretty fooked without an absolutely huge amount of investment.”

    But didn’t they just spend £50m on their forward line?

    On a player who looks a shadow of his former self,is he really up to replacing Drogba and the impact he has for the Chavs.

    Anelka 32 Lampard 33 Drogba 33 Cole 30 Terry 31 Benoyoun 30 Molouda 30 all can still do a job at Chelsea, but the Chavs are going to have to manage a substantial period of transition in their squad in the next two years. They don’t have the 23, 24, 25 and 26 year olds following these guys in the squad to take over. It’s going to cost them a shed load of cash but they may pull the trigger quicker than you think. The pending financial fair play rules could severely limit their options.

  127. 1 loose cannon

    Trugunn- I see people who criticise and talk tactics on TV after every single game.These pundits are really rubbish otherwise they will be hired by top clubs. I watched Alan Shearer telling us what went wrong with every team that loses the game and yet he took over New castle and they got relegated.
    All I’m saying is that people have to be a little bit realistic and accept certain things. If wenger spends 100 millions and we fail to win a title then I would rightly criticise him but the man has done exceptionally well to put the club in a very safe financial situation. Don’t get me wrong I would love us to win trophies but if it means putting the club in debts for years then No.

  128. I think the squad is experienced enough, 1lc – we’ve got medal winners and internationals all over the pitch. More than anything I’d like to see a little more pace in attack. And that can be achieved without recruiting anyone.

    Whatever happens this season, I hope AW argues his case well when he faces the shareholders. Being old farts raised on cautious football they’ll be whining on about the defence and how we need this and that.

    Really, if Vermaelen’s fit I don’t think we need to do anything about our back five. Koscielny’s proved to be a good buy and will only improve. Squillaci’s decent backup, while Djourou has emerged as a top centre half this season. That’s more than enough with Bartley returning, especially as this new Jenkinson lad can play in the middle as well. Szczesny and Fabianski deserve to fight it out for the goalkeeper’s jersey – they’ve both been flawless this season. Continuity’s the key here, and we’ve got a great set of players hitting their primes.

    Elsewhere I imagine things might happen, as they usually do, but it will never be on the kind of scale that some nutters want.

  129. 1 loose cannon
    i cant come up with a name that would improve our team with that amount. I accept the argument that its too early to judge suarez based on afew perfomances so lets wait and see on that one. But dont you think that those who have constantly said that almunia is not a number 1 keeper for a title chasing team have been vindicated by him being dropped to third choice?

  130. But we did try to sign someone in the goalkeeping department, didn’t we?

  131. Second place is a very commendable positon to end on but i guess my passionate hate for manchester united clouds my reasoning. I dont know about you guys in England but here in Zambia the rivalry with united and chelsea to an extent is crazy!

  132. trugunn, where did you get the 16 million for Arshavin from? Zenit said we paid 15 mil but Arsenal denied that.

  133. 1 loose cannon

    Trugunn- like I said Wenger tried to sign Reina but we could not pay the asking price . There you have it. We are going in circles. Wenger knows the weaknesses of the team he doesn’t need people constantly mouthing off at him. To fix the problems you need to pay huge sums. So where is the solution? I know finding another gem somewhere. Well those days have gone. Every crappy club has a scouting network these days

  134. Timmy T:

    Yes we most certainly do, But do you think Walcott would go for 10mil now days? Or Ramsey?”

    Had Ramsey not gotten injured I’m convinced he’d be worth around £20 to £25m right now. Don’t forget that he was already ahead of Jack in the pecking order. Believe that.

    Walcott would be easily in the low to mid thirties. He’s an England regular, he knows how to cope with the pressure at a big club and he has CL experience. David Luiz, Suarez and have your pick of anyone at City don’t have half the cv that Walcott does but look how expensive they are. Are you fucking kidding? Ten million pounds for Theo? You know absolutely fuck all about the transfer market and should keep your opinions to yourself when talking about player valuations or spending money.


    Those who actually know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  135. buy/sell who cares. Who ever above said that our problem is pace in attack i wholeheartedly agree. once we have a established a lead then passing the ball around for days really gets to the opposition. But if we are passing and passing with no goals, the defense feels that they are doing well. I felt similarly for the match against barca. We saw fuck all of the ball in the first half, but at 1-nil (thanks fabregas!) we still knew we could strike on a quick counter attack, and equalize. We need to strangle the life out of our opponents. Be quick and attack until we get that goal, then pass around waiting for openings. I’ll have to head over to arsenal mania and tell those dimwits what is up!

  136. Frimpong will be in the first team next season.

  137. Luke Freeman won’t be too far behind him either I don’t reckon. Maybe the following season.

  138. LA, that means even less playing time for Denilson, unless he can diversify. Been surprised at how little game time he’s had this year as it is.

  139. The play some great football. The move for the third goal was lovely. In the Newcastle game a month ago, Freeman, Rees and Murphy I think put together an amazing attack, all overlapping runs and one-touch passes. At that level it doesn’t matter if they lose – when you see young Arsenal team playing like that you know the club’s doing things the right way.

    Markus, I think Denilson might benefit from having younger players coming through to challenge. He looked amazing in that first season, and when he was a regular in 08-09 he was probably our most consistent player. He just hasn’t looked the same since his injuries last year. I badly want him to surprise a few people, but he hasn’t looked happy recently.

    Aneke will probably end up playing quite deep as well. If he’s fit he’ll probably have a great preseason, but he’s still only 17 so there’s loads of time for him to develop.

  140. I think Denilson played more minutes than anyone else that season. What kind of injuries did he have anyway? All very hush-hush. I remember him collapsing in the centre circle that time, think they referred to it as a musclular injury at the time.

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