Simply Not Good Enough As Arsenal Drift In Title Race

Arsenal 0 – 0 Blackburn Rovers

Arsenal ripped the destiny of the Premier League title from their own hands and passed it to Manchester United. Arsenal might win the remaining games of the season but it would not be enough. Results elsewhere will now decide the title.

The consolation in that is the inconsistency of the season so far means that all hope is not gone. There are other straws to clutch at but this one will do for now.

Defeat at Wembley has been held as a breaking point, in terms of injury and mental state. It is not hard to see why, it is not hard to disbelieve either. For whatever reason, the squad has been unable to bounce back immediately – or even reasonably immediately – from that defeat.

Problematically, it was a collectively poor performance. Arsenal at their best are electric, quick passing and movement creating space. Yesterday was entirely the opposite, lethargy suspending the vitality needed. Blackburn deserve credit for defending diligently, working hard to keep Arsenal at bay. They restricted the number of chances but without wishing to denigrate their effort, Arsenal made it relatively easy for them. Relative compared to other matches, that is.

The manager was at a loss post-match to explain the paucity of his charges work yesterday afternoon. It appears that there is a problem which never used to exist. Since opening The Emirates, a regular feature of opponents play has been to create banks of four and five, forcing Arsenal to play in front and around them. It is tiring work to carry out that level of work, Arsenal capitalising on the ensuing tiredness. At the moment, the benefits are not able to reaped.

Even with an opposition reduced to ten men for the final quarter of an hour, the incisiveness that we would normally expect, refused to surface, preferring to remain hidden in the shadows.

Early indications were that Manchester United’s win was inspiring a home victory. Song and Walcott went close whilst Blackburn tried some Keystone Cops defending to aid Arsenal in their pursuit of three points.

Since The Hawthorns, Manuel Almunia has been the brunt of criticism. He did not help himself yesterday spilling a shot around the post, or failing to meet Robinson’s punt upfield. Fortunately neither effort found the Arsenal net.

All this before the halfway mark, the first half sinking into mediocrity. Sagna briefly came to life, his follow-up to Nasri’s shot clearing the crossbar. It was a flicker, the Arsenal pilot light not entirely extinguished.

The second half was by no means an improvement. Wilshere dithered and was denied, Koscielny heading straight at Robinson from the resultant corner. Cesc entered the fray and was off the pace. Arsène spoke afterwards and suggested his captain was concerned about his injury recurring. Why play him if he is not ready mentally?

The match was heading inoffensively to its goalless conclusion when N’zonzi lunged at Koscielny. It was an exceptionally poor challenge, not just in timing but also necessity; there was none. No imminent goal threat was emerging, the Blackburn player failing to recognise Arsenal’s attacking weakness in the preceding 75 minutes.

Salgado cleared off the line close to the final whistle but van Persie, Chamakh and Bendtner all failed to breach the visitors defence before the final whistle.

Yesterday was deeply disappointing but has not handed United the title. Until it becomes a physical impossibility for the title to be won, hope is not gone. It merely hides behind the cloud of despair engulfing the club.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. A word of warning: anyone spammed today is not coming out of the bin. If you want to talk, talk. If you want to accuse people of being a ‘spud twat’, you are only interested in starting a row. Simple.

  2. Will be a fiesty day today , between those who still hold on to denial and those who know this team needs altering.

    simply not good enough as it stands. Blackburn have been fodder away from home, the ref even helped us by reducing them to ten and we still could not get a goal, worried where the next win is coming from let alone still try to win the league.

  3. First…..

  4. An end of season stroll with a team who didnt believe they can win the league.No fight no passion.Our attitude stank.If they cant be motivated to win the last nine games to win the title,serious questions need to be asked about Wengers management

    As for Almunia he is beyond a joke

  5. Personally I don’t believe the problem is our squad.

    Manusa are ahead of us with a way poorer squad of players.

    We either have a problem with our training, or there is a mental issue or preparation problem that is bringing this out.

    I dislike manusa intensely, but watch how shit-scared those players are of coming off the field without winning.

  6. can ManU screw up badly enough for us to pass them, and will we take advantage if they do. I dont know.

    But ManU will let us pass over their dead bodies. I would love it if we could roll like that.

  7. no, they won’t – if you watched their game y’day, you will know why…

  8. The thing is, a football team is measured in more than just the issue of how skilful players are. We might have a more skilful and more talented squad than utd but the evidence is that they have more rounded players.

    They can have bad days but they can turn poor displays into points in a way that we struggle to do. On the evidence of the table, we do do it less well than them.

    If it’s mental, then that is a weakness that has not been eradicated by past dissapointments. Perhaps this squad cannot learn as a unit.

    Perhaps we do need to ‘refresh’ the team. Outsiders with different attitudes if not the same skill level.

  9. Morning YW I feel from your report that you like many other supporters are bemused by this team performance yesterday??

    Wenger in his post match press conference was totally at a loss to explain the team performance. You also posed a good question in your post, Why does Wenger play Cesc when in truth he is not fit???

    It is going to be Milk n Honey to the so called Doom Brigade (as is often to referred to the supporters on here )who do not tow the ACLF line.

    The rhetoric that has come from players about “it is now or never” etc and from and from Wenger about the Teams “mental strength” was nowhere to be seen yesterday It is this that Galls me.Winning the PL has gone from being in our hands to now and depending on others to help us

    All Season I’ve read the various posts,blogs procrastinations by many that this squad is the best and ever and that we will win PL. I

    We are still in with a shout,but do We TRULY believe now that we will win after yet another below performance.

    As Duke as said in his post It simply has not been good enough……

  10. The only discussion that should be taking place is how do we get Wenger to step down. Its not the players fault as everyone knows they are just not good enough anyway. The fault lies completely with a deluded liar whos a few years past it and refuses to change anything except his obscene wages every year. That man has to be removed now, Wenger out.

  11. Alex Ice Cream

    This team does not have what it takes to win Titles, or even League Cups. I know that this team will not do it so yesterday was not unexpected. We have imploded so many times at this time of year that its almost a given now.

    The usual suspects will delude themselves that until its impossible to win the league we will hope. It is already impossible so don’t waste your energy on these losers.

    This is a squad which contains too many average players led by a manager who has completely lost his way. It was season over when we lost to Brum. The manager has allowed a culture of complacency to pervade the club and has fostered a losers mentality by rewarding failure with improved contracts.

    Yesterday was pathetic but par for the course for this time of year – when results really count. 1 win in 7 sums it up. This team is a joke.

  12. MikeSA
    I think you have nailed it.Utd players fear Fergie our players dont fear Wenger.Look at Berbatov the top goalscorer in the premiership yet he is not starting games now.Rooney and Henandez are playing better than him so Fergie drops him.Too many players at Arsenal know they will get picked regardless of their form.I have heard so many Gooners say the likes of Fletcher Park Gibson and O’Shea are average players who wouldnt get in Arsenals team but Fergie gets them to run through brick walls for him.

  13. You are right Consolsbob.

    While we do have truckloads of talent, the sum of our parts does not exceed the whole.

    In manusa’s case it does, by some distance.

    Our players talk endlessly about we “have” to win etc etc etc, then drentle around the pitch like they’re on drugs or just would rather be somewhere else.

    Urgency? What’s that?

    I truly wish our players would just shut the fuck up and show it on the pitch instead.

    The only other suggestion I would have is that Wenger gives them a good old army “opfok” today to literally beat the lack of drive out of them.

    Make them run till they puke, maybe that will help drum the lessons in that seem to have been eluding this team for rather a long while now.

  14. Alex Ice Cream


    George Grahams teams often beat superior opposition – look at Parma in the 1994CWC Final.

    This team loses to team that are inferior. The difference can be summed up in one word: management. Its not only the players but what you do with them.

  15. Loving your positivity but what about the players? Surely they know what is at stake!?

  16. We will win no more trophies until Wenger goes! He has run out of ideas and his tactics are known by all the other managers/coaches so they have found out ways to combat them. Over half of the current squad are not good enough to play for Arsenal and there are no more Wilsheres coming through from the youth/reserves squads. The board will not sack him and the man is too obstinate to change his ways so unless he goes himself – future seasons will not be any different apart from dropping out of the top four teams. He has achieved a lot for the club but that is all way back in the past ( and contrary to to the AKB’s – he was not solely responsible for building the new season) and there are plenty of top mangers who could take over his job and carry out the changes to the squad/tactics that are definitely required if we are to progress.

  17. See you in all in May, be it 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The trophy will be won or lost on the pitch.

  18. How can this team not be motivated to give their all for the last few games of the season? It beggars belief that Wenger cannot understand the reason for the lacklustre performance surely it is he and the people around him who are charged with lifting the team. It has been said over the past few months that there is no leader on the pitch to galvanize the collective spirit. Fabregas is not a leader. I question whether he even has the motivation any more to be an Arsenal player. He seems to be fading away toward the Nou camp bench. His been a good servant in the past but now perhaps it’s time to say goodbye.

  19. @consulbob: For sure we need to “refresh” the team. Every Arsenal fan – no, every football fan – knows we have at least half a dozen “players” who don´t – or can´t – perform , and shouldn´t be at Arsenal , but I really believe it´s a “mental” problem too .
    Arsene doesn´t appear to be able to motivate them ! Either doesn´t know how or can´t get through to them. Yesterdays non performance was not the first this season , nor last season either.
    I really think the club need an “ass kicker” on the coaching staff. Look at Pat Rice during the games . He looks like he´s been anaesthetised and wheeled out for the game ! Never out of his seat , never shouting encouraegment, never appears annoyed. Maybe Wenger won´t allow him to ?
    Something is clearly seriously amiss at Arsenal football club and AW doesn´t appear to realise it – or right it.
    One thing I DO know. I was born in 1949 and have been Arsenal all my life – and they have had their last penny out of me until there´s an obvious and honest attempt at putting it right .

  20. Yes, without doubt this is actually Wenger’s issue.

    The players are talented, but something is missing, and I believe that falls at Wenger’s feet.

    He is a very intelligent man, so it worries me that he seems lost on this one.

    Quite frankly this is not new, it’s been building up for some time now, and he either hasn’t been aware of it up till now, or he’s simply unable to fix whatever’s wrong.

    Either way, that’s not a good thing.

    I do agree that we as fans are sometimes far too impatient, and I also wonder how much of the lack of confidence or apathy within the squad might have been fertilized by the poor support our fan-base offers in the general blogiverse.

    Nevertheless this is getting to the point that the team (and Wenger) now have it all to prove or we are heading for a complete breakdown between the club and the fans.

    So yes, this is going to get to the point before too long that it becomes a major issue in financial terms as well.

    With that in mind maybe Wenger’s latest chirp about not being responsible for what others think (the crowd booing) might be what’s needed in terms of the team going into a lager and getting an “us against the world” attitude to light a fire?

  21. Wenger is too set in his ways to bring in the changes required.An assistant who is not a yes man,a goal keeping coach who is not afraid to tell him the keepers with the exception of Szczesny are not good enough.A defensive coach,to drill them on defence and defending set pieces.So things are not going to change.
    The problem is Wenger is a manager who is under no pressure to win trophies and for a big club that cannot be right

  22. It was not the worst performance of the season. When TH14 said that fans leaving early affected him as a footballer in a negative way, I do not believe he was lying.

    Didn’t have any trouble staying for a mid-week game against FC BBB, did they?

  23. Alex Ice Cream


    I agree. Wenger can’t change.

  24. Nope, he never changes anything, like in that recent away tie against BBB. Just a crazy random example I guess. If that interrupted today’s mantra, my sincere apologies.

    I do have a negligable football brain, but I would have like to have seen more of Chamack.
    In that CC final, and in a game like yesterday, where the opponents tactics were easily predictable.

  25. There has been constant (too much ?) talk on about turning things around and having the belief to win the title, not being able to afford another draw, etc
    Squillaci: “We have to show our mettle”, “we are convinced we can win the title”
    Chamakh: “We have what it takes to win title”
    Djourou: “We have resources to bounce back” and so on…
    Honestly this looks in stark contrast to the team’s attitude on the pitch where you can feel self doubt and lost confidence…
    The psychology of the team is clearly not right at the moment and it seems all the combative talk was pretty hollow

  26. It is looking like it is all too rosey behind the scenes win or lose.
    I remember a quote a few years ago from Wenger about it not being about winning but principles are more important and honesty..well. says it all really, the squad might be losing but they are an honest well mannered good principed bunch!!

    Bring back Dein!

  27. why i felt so low after the cc horror, that was the end game right fukin there and we all fukin knew it.


    dont worry guys, this guy reckons we can still win it!!

  29. Alex Ice Cream


    You are so right. Horribly so..

  30. i still have room to hope for a damn miracle if these boys can at least start winning games again.

  31. I dont pretend to have any, never mind all, of the answers, but there are a few things I think we need to be realistic about.

    1. Buying doesn’t necessarily fix things. Yes, some purchases do help, but we’ve seen plenty that don’t, so I don’t think that is as simple as it seems to some out there.

    2. Forcing unwanted personnel on a manager only undermines whatever authority he might still have and is never going to end well. If the club forces personnel on Wenger then they might as well just part ways, it would be a lot cleaner and less damaging.

    3. Quite frankly Wenger now has to prove that he does actually still know.

    4. The team have to show that they know they owe Wenger, and are prepared to die for him.

    Failing that, I’m afraid the downhill journey has begun.

    Nevertheless, manusa will still drop points.

    Can this squad still pull off a miracle?

    Do it and all Goonerdom will unite again.

    Fail, and reports of fans fighting in the stands as per arseblog today will increase.

  32. GW,

    thats the point though since the cc chagrin we have’nt nae won! against shit teams aswell. fighting to old on to 2nd now im affraid, fuck thats depressing.

  33. morning
    good post…title says it all…
    wengers post match says it all…
    i didnt see it until today….wow..cant remember the last time he admitted we were poor…
    he normally blames it on anything he can think off…seems he had a reality check last night…

  34. Uh-oh, selective memories are back in the house. Someone needs to watch some replays of old interviews, I dunno, how about Legia Warsaw game where Fabi was demoted. That’s my speculative effort of gibberish today. Thought I’d join in.

    Fuckin’ hell. So if this squad did finish second in the league, that’s it. They are finished? er. um.
    Ok then. tbh I thought the dark days were when an entire midfield had to be rebuilt within a few months, not to mention the loss of Eduardo. The Edurado Emarbgo wan’t fun either, but by then it must have been clear to all but the most ‘rose tinted’, what this new squad were up against.

  35. So, getting back to the football, I’m not sure if the 433ish variable formation always works against TBOF(four or five).
    No, that doesn’t mean sling it in from an orthodox right old whinger. Just that perhaps the team could adopt the variable 424 thingy magiggy that they do on occasion, a little earlier?

  36. I mean, I didn’t work for FC BBB against Arsenal did it?
    They were losing the tie. Until events took a strange course.
    Seen lots of players kicking footballs after a whistle has been blown since then.
    No yellow cards.

  37. Thaty’s my hat-trick. No pelanty required. Enjoy your day all.

  38. 8 matches left.still 9 points ahead of spurs. My biggest disappointment was we missed the chance to go 11 points ahead

  39. legia warsaw and blackburn..
    out of 5o games in the season..

  40. Let’s face it, Wenger isn’t getting any younger and the job is probably the least fulfilling it has ever been for him, salary aside of course. I can understand why people fear change, but a massive club like Arsenal should have his successor identified already. We need to enter a new era imminently to inject some adrenalin into the club. So far, the Emirates years have been as flat as a pancake – and it isn’t all about trophies necessarily.

  41. What the players need is a classic hair dryer and a kick in the butt.but i guess wenger’s management style is the exact opposite

  42. Yup, just two random examples, I’m sure there are more. That must be why Slugus entered the Carrington bunker a few weeks ago.
    Good point. Cheers.

  43. >slurgus.

  44. we havent won since february…
    whats wrong with them…???
    its not like the opposition were superior..
    3 draws against poor teams..what does that make us..??
    this is fergies worst sqaud in years…and they are a country mile ahead of our best squad ever…??? what does that make us…??
    we need a massive effort now…huge…

  45. De ja vu 4 me.feb 2008,5 points ahead at the top.a bad result against birmigham,then a string of 5 draws against mid table teams.2011,after birmigham in cc final,we r now chalking up draws against weaker teams.

  46. if only denilson could have been fit!

  47. Bergkamps nephew 81

    The problem is the unity and the lack of determination and drive a few has succumbed to.. First off what is a football teams purpose in a premier league?and what as fans are we to do??apart from that yes we do need to move on at least 10 players who are stifling us and that would bring in some cash to reinvest

  48. There’s a simple way to get the fear factor – fire a couple of the players and see if that gets the attention of any other under achievers (when I say ‘fire I mean sell them of course). I’m sure there are one or two who have had a chance too many and will not be missed.

    Arsene needs to be ruthless – he has been with players deemed to be over the hill, that needs to be applied to some of the younger players who are not going to make the grade.

    So come on Arsene, be ruthless!!

  49. Can’t believe there is no motivation when we were in a glorious position. This team has been labeled as a bunch of losers and chokers

    And I agree. Massive reforms in summer is needed or we will end up like Liverpool, or even worse leeds

  50. I am really excited to watch again the “Manchester Derby”, match-up of Manchester United and Manchester City. But Arsenal also has the guts to face these two teams. Good post! The Arsenal vs Rovers match is also the best.

  51. wenger has too much influence over the club and his blind spots are affecting the whole organisation. yesterday wasn’t about personale but attitude and execution. As a problem solving excercise to arsenal problems it was actually quite revealing not to have any of the usual bullshit scapegoats to blame. A more ruthless attitude must be injected into the squad behind the scenes. A fresh perspective must be allowed to challenge wenger. such is the law of the jungle.

  52. i feel very flat today.

    man for man our squad is better than last season but we do lack the big characters of old pushing the team on: a viera or an adams or even a parlour. and we have lost the habit of getting over the winning line which we enjoyed ten years ago.

    sadly i think aw needs to freshen-up not only his team but his backroom staff also.

  53. I think the players have mentally surrendered. I understand why some would want Wenger to be sacked but that will not happen and I am still not ready to say its time for something that drastic. No doubt he is stubborn but I think its because he passionately believes in what he is trying to do on and off the pitch. The players he has nurtured along with “project youth” and all it entails on and off the pitch are his legacy. Unfortunately sometimes that much passion and that much control can blind one to the reality of the situation. I think we have to accept that this group of players is not a good as we or AW have believed and most important they do not have the deep seated belief in their own ability to win as a team.

    7 games left and nothing can be done now but hope. If we continue to fade I hope the boss recognizes that its time for some significant changes this summer. I do not think we need to totally blow up the squad but we need to move out several players and bring in at least 2 -3 outside players that the remaining players and fans can get excited about. JET, Frimpong, Miquel etc etc. can be used to fill in the squad but they are not going to add anything different and they can not change the squad mentality. Major changes in the assistant coaching staff and some significant changes in the current iteration of Wengerball may be needed.

  54. The biggest problem in the team is attitude. Man utd rise to challenges whilst Arsenal quiver. When Man utd need a result Rooney, Nani, Giggs, Vidic, VDS all step up. We lack leadership, lack responsibility and lack character. There is not one player in the squad that is capable of turning a game on their own, not one who can step up and grab victory in the face of defeat.

  55. Well I dont agree that this is Wengers fault, even the formation talk that came up. People are saying that the players dont fear Arsene because they just get picked regardless, well who are the players that he should use as an example and why for the team has been playing well for the most part. Should we bench RVP (shouldve scored) after 1 bad performace, Nasri, Wilshere (shouldve scored). I dont see whay Berbs being on the bench has anything to do with, Fergie is starting the players who he thinks give a chance to win, it has nothing to do with fear. Did he make wholesale changes when they lost 3 out of 6?

    This is time for the players to look themselves in the face and man up, they must find the motivation within themselves. Maybe an all player meeting and get some things off of their chest. They do need a kick in the backside. Who are the leaders, it good to say we lead by example but at times like yesterday you do need vocal leaders (I have long said that) for if your play isnt good what example are you making at that point?

    A telling comment from one of the analysts yesterday. Dont know who it was but he said something like the Arsenal supporters work against Arsenal when while Arsenal are not playing well instead of cheering the team on to pick them up they are the ones waitinng for the team to do something to pick them up. If Arshavin gut busting tackle wasnt enough to get the crowd cracking then what will?

    I have heard people say the crowd was good but trust me on TV you heard Arsenal, Arsen, Ars, Ah – the chants died down so blasted fast. I remember when Barca had the upper hand in the first tie, they scored and were playing well and Arsenal drowned out the Barca supporters! where is that on a weekly basis? The players couldnt stop commending the fans on the support they got. Will fan support make a change in every match? I am sure not but it will in some.

    So for me there are two parts of the thing, the team taking responsibility, with that I mean mostly players and the support. If both will put the past behind them and get focused we can turn this around.

    Anyway, I am in no denial that they team was poor but we still have a lot to play for. I dont buy the team being weak for we went on our best run after losing to United in the PL. We still havent lost in the League this year, we just need one spark to get us back on track. Again, I can only hope that the team and the support will give 100% for the rest of the season and lets see where that gets us. If any side gives anyless they should both be quiet.


  56. I hardly think.the players are resting on their laurels becoz the squad and all the right ingredients are there for all to see however you have got to admit that the team is still too inconsistent and burdened with fear of failure which cannot quite translate itself productivly on the pitch. We seem to play better than united but more often than not fail to win games. I thought the team played reasonably well.We just failed to shoot or gamble in the final third choosing the extra pass and JW missing a gaping net. Not over yet. But a mother of a mountain to climb. Maybe Bendy and Chamakh should play these park the bus sort of games as they can cause more problems in the air when ten men are behind the ball

  57. Arse&Nose, well that is simply not true for we have seen players win matches for us this year. THE TEAM is collectively playing poor but you are not telling me that Walcott, RVP, Cesc and Nasri have not won matches for us. We have the players but someone needs to get things fired up when we are not playing well, on the pitch that is.

  58. I think personnel wise this team is good enough to score a goal at home over 180 minutes against Blackburn and Sunderland. The personnel is not a problem. Wenger was spot on yesterday when he said that we lacked pace. Yes we had pacey players, but there was a distinct lack of pace in our attacking play which gave Blackburn enough time to get players in position to deal with our threat. Also I think over the last month or so we have lacked a bit of confidence to do things out of the ordinary. When you have quality on the pitch, a willingness to do the unpredictable can be the difference that makes that quality count. I think after the Blackburn game we have generally been low on confidence with players taking an extra touch or opting for a safer pass more often than necessary. Against a loaded defence it is important to have a surprise element, we have been lacking that.

    I am looking forward to the game against Blackpool. With the way Blackpool play it can be an ideal opportunity to score a few goals and get the confidence back in our attack. I think the title race is not over by any means, but we will need to stop the run of draws and defeats first and get some confidence back. Blackpool offers a good opportunity to do just that.

  59. I think after the Blackburn game we have generally been low on confidence with players taking an extra touch or opting for a safer pass more often than necessary.


    That would be after the Birmingham game, CC final.

  60. Jon jon. Answer to your question. That makes us the second best team in the land at the moment that cant be bad.

  61. All these comments and all you dildos can argue about is sacking Wenger and who to buy for next season? What happened to examining the game, talking about tactics and noticing improvements?

    Here, I’ll start:
    Given Eboue’s sweeping performance against Barcelona I think he should be played at RB instead of Sagna for the next few games. I think the way he cuts in and drives up close to the middle draws defenders and makes a hell of a lot of space for those running along with him. Sagna, on the other hand, with less creativity at his disposal, is a bit too predictable and that’s why our offense seems repetitive in games such as these. And although he’s delivering better crosses, without Chamakh or Bendtner to head them down, they’re just wasted on the rest of the team. All in all I think Eboue could help us ignite our creativity that little bit more and we can start passing teams off the park again.

  62. I think our crossing is being rendered futile due to lack of movement in the box. Height is not a problem, if you have good movement and anticipation you can get ahead of the defender to score from headers. Watch Tim Cahill and Peter Crouch, the shorter player is far more effective in “scoring” from headers. I think there is a lack of movement in the box when Clichy or Sagna cross the ball. One person who moved intelligently was Vermaelen, and even though he was not the tallest around he scored a good number of goals last season from headers.

  63. spanishgooner

    Keysersoze: I don’t believe that Blackpool offer any more opportunity than Blackburn did to get our goalscoring confidence back. I actually think implying a team is there for the taking is foolish . We’ve seen that all over the various blogs this year – only to finish up wishing that whoever said it had’nt !!
    Also , I think Blackpool will prove much more of a threat than Blackburn did. Blackpool score goals and are dangerous on the break – and boy are we susceptible to “the break” !!
    Anyway , that’s for next week , and in truth I hope you’re right .

  64. Wenger can be, and has been, ruthless in terms of unloading players. It seems odd that many posters forget this. My feeling is that he would have unloaded a few last summer but the need to replace CB’s made this difficult. I suspect that the midfield might be due for an overhaul this summer.

    Arsene is not likely not to have identified the lack of creativity and drive as the cause of our current failure to dominate matches.

    We would still win the title if we win all our games, I don’t doubt that. I do think this squad has run out of excuses. Somewhere there is a block to progress. Too much talk, not nearly enough action.

    Discard the manager though? Tear the team up?

    Some on here are just out of their depth.

  65. i think one of our biggest problems is that we emphasise too much on the ‘collective effort’ of the team…
    whilest i agree that football is a team game we must also accept that every team needs stand out individuals who can produce a moment of individual magic and turn the game on its head…
    we do have these players..AA springs to mind…his willingness to shoot from 30 yards helps when you cant break teams down…nasri also has shown glimpes this season with some of his goal scoring efforts, dancing thru a crowded box and having a pop…
    but we dont have enough…its all about pass, pass, pass, tika taka football and its ingrained too much into them that when the chips are down they cant come up with anything different…
    all it takes is one goal….one goal changes a game…
    its mentioned alot by our critics and to be honest they do go overboard as in fairness we do score alot of goals but in truth sometimes we are guilty of trying to walk the ball into the net…its lovely to watch when it works but when we cant get the tempo going and it doesnt work we need to switch the script and start having pops at goal..look for the rebounds the deflections etc..a goals a goal it doesnt have to be a peice of art all the time…
    set peices also..theres no point taking short corners all the time…get it whipped in…it seems we have very few dead ball specialists….
    this is by no means an overall critisism of the team ethic we have..but we do lack players who are willing to put rockets up arses , take the game by the scruff of the neck and have a more selfish attitude when it comes to scoring..

  66. i think one of our biggest problems is that we emphasise too much on the ‘collective effort’ of the team…
    whilest i agree that football is a team game we must also accept that every team needs stand out individuals who can produce a moment of individual magic and turn the game on its head…
    we do have these players..AA springs to mind…his willingness to shoot from 30 yards helps when you cant break teams down…nasri also has shown glimpes this season with some of his goal scoring efforts, dancing thru a crowded box and having a pop…
    but we dont have enough…its all about pass, pass, pass, tika taka football and its ingrained too much into them that when the chips are down they cant come up with anything different…
    all it takes is one goal….one goal changes a game…
    its mentioned alot by our critics and to be honest they do go overboard as in fairness we do score alot of goals but in truth sometimes we are guilty of trying to walk the ball into the net…its lovely to watch when it works but when we cant get the tempo going and it doesnt work we need to switch the script and start having pops at goal..look for the rebounds the deflections etc..a goals a goal it doesnt have to be a peice of art all the time…
    set peices also..theres no point taking short corners all the time…get it whipped in…it seems we have very few dead ball specialists….
    this is by no means an overall critisism of the team ethic we have..but we do lack players who are willing to put rockets up arses , take the game by the scruff of the neck and have a more selfish attitude when it comes to scoring……

  67. Arse&Nose…

    You say we have no players capable of turning a game on their own? If you really believe that then I have no idea what you’ve been watching. Nasri, Cesc, Van Persie, Arshavin have all turned games this season. We have come back from losing positions and we have defied, and are still defying, considerable odds. So to be honest I not only thoroughly disagree with you but consider your comment to be utter BS born of understandable frustration.

    IMHO we have the best squad in the league, we play the best football and we have gone about building our squad and team the right way… what is missing is the kind of deep down belief that ManU have and to be absolutely honest that is true of the players to an extent but it is more marked and deeply engrained in fans like yourself and other Le Gravers like Suga3.

    The biggest problem Arsenal have in my view is the relentless negativity and deep inferiority complex of too many Arsenal bloggers and their coterie of low IQ commenters… in short people like yourself and Suga3… it is a minor miracle that a club achieveing what Arsenal has is lumbered with a vocal subset of fans with no appreciation of anything that has gone in the last 6 years. TBH it stinks. This garbage seeps into every corner of the club poisoning the atmosphere… These bastards have spread falsehoods about Wenger being on the take when buying players without any evidence whatsoever

    From the word go, before a ball was kicked, Le Grave was writing about how Wenger’s Philosophy was bankrupt, how we would achieve nothing, how our players were mostly rubbish… including the likes of Djourou, Koscielny and Walcott. The stupid site that you embrace was calling for Van Persie to be sold… posters like Suga3 said on the record in that particular website that we would struggle to make 4th as we had a worse team than Spurs, City, Chelsea and United… that the idiot who said this is on here lamenting the fact that Arsenal chance of winning the title is diminished with 8 games to go tells everything you need to know about the mind set of some of our so-called fans.

    Yesterday was disappointing, annoying, aggravating and in some was quite humiliating too but even with all that… the negative knockers of Le Grave should all still STFU because even now with our two best defenders out, our two best goalkeepers out and some of our key players only just getting back from injury we have out performed their most optimistic predictions at the start of the season! Some of you people have absolutely no shame. If Suga 3 and other fools like him expected us to struggle to make 4th place at the beginning of the season what right has he got to moan when we are in a very good second?

    I can accept the feeling of being let down from the folks who believed all along… I cannot give any credence to moaning from idiots who post on sites like Le Grave who want and have always wanted Arsenal and Arsene Wenger to fail. You lot have no credibility… and no shame.

  68. Just got back from the game.

    Strange one but not untypical of our performances after long international breaks. Several players looked mentally exhausted and the pace of the game was slow, slow, slow. Not unexpectedly Blackburn Lancashire tried to slow it down even more and I don’t blame them for that. Physically BL are a huge side and very fit, difficult to break down. But break then down we did. Though not a chance did we take, even a couple of sitters.

    Those that think the Mancs have an ability to finish games off have forgotten the number of draws they have and the recent losses. Those that think that Chelski will catch us are not taking into account their ability to shoot themselves in the foot as we do. Both teams will slip up again too. A very strange season but I think we will still win the EPL and this week off will be crucial in preparing for it.


  69. And for those calling for Dein’s return and slamming Wenger… may be a little reminder of what Dein has actually said whenever he has chosen to speak to the press is an antidote to the blithering nonsense that one reads all too often…

    Read more:

    I doubt that David Dein’s view has changed much

  70. Well said Joshua.

    I admire you YW, to have the ability to write a sane and thoughtful blog every day and then to have to moderate comments such as the likes we see today.

    A massive disappointment to see us close the season out without a fight, but no where near as galling as having to read some of the shit our so called ‘fans’ love to write when things are not going well.

    This minority really do make it embarrassing to be an arsenal fan at times.

  71. blackpools going to be a very tough game…
    the players seem to have given up so you cant blame the customers for thinking the same..
    the players just need to play with freedom now…the pressure is off lets just go out and enjoy our football without worrying about the title and see where we are in may…
    but if we end up with nothing after being in 4 comps in march and being out of all the comps in the space of a month the winds of change should sweep through the club…

  72. Hahahahahahahaha… wind of change indeed. More internet flatulence more like.

    Yeah, second in the league and we need a hurricane. Some of this stuff you cannot make up. By the way Chelsea with 70m outlay could only draw with Stoke and Tottenham were lucky that the Wigan didn’t win.. and by more than one goal!

    This team is on the cusp of greatness, we need to tinker with a few things and strengthen judiciously. All talk of a wind of change is arrant nonsense especially as the advocates never actually say what this wind would mean in practice.

    Arsenal = crisis club according to some. Sheer muppetry.

  73. saying we are second in the league is papering over the cracks mate…it dont hide the fact we havent won a game in 5 weeks…at the business end of the season…
    if we dont pull our sox up we wont even get 2nd…

    forgive my muppetry but isnt tinkering with a few things as you put it, in fact…. change???


  74. Harry Flowers

    Cheers YW.

    And Consolsbob. And Frank. And G69. And Joshua. And Matt. And all the others (they know who they are) who never ever resort to knee-jerk reactions and whose ability to see the bigger picture never wavers. Always a tonic to read.


  75. Joshua:

    In an ideal world the fans and bloggers would all be as positive as you but that has never and will never happen. If ManU or chelsea or Real or Barca went thru a period similar to what we have and saw it’s team playing the way we have their fans would be just as indignant as we are. Imagine the pressure on Pep or Jose if they were trophy-less for 6 yrs. I doubt even Fergie would survive. Fans of big teams always have responded positively to good play and negatively to repeated sub par performances. Fans will always be upset when they feel a team is playing below its potential The whole culture of blaming outside influences rather then players and manager looking for the problem in the mirror is one of the reasons that the culture of negativity has developed around the club.

  76. I’m not an Arsenal supporter (QPR is my team), but I am an admirer of the way your team play, and the way your club goes about its business. To be honest, I don’t understand what you lot are moaning about half the time. Let’s tackle this myth about your defensive strength of old. Was it really that much better then, than now? Your league finishes from 84/85 to Wenger’s arrival were 7th, 7th, 4th, 6th, 1st, 4th, 1st, 4th, 10th, 4th, 12th and 5th. Since Wenger it’s been 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd. What about your supposed mental toughness of old. Well it wasn’t apparent the day you lost the league cup to Luton. But that’s football isn’t it. Regardless of the merits and strengths of past squads, one thing that most other football fans (if they’re honest) admire about Arsenal is your determination to bring through your own players and not constantly raid the transfer market every time there’s a problem. When you do buy, it tends to be a younger player. And why do they pick you over another team? Because they know they’ll get a chance. That’s why Ramsey chose you over Man U, and what a player he’s going to be. But then this has always been the Arsenal way, unlike your magpie and much less successful neighbours. How many managers have they had since 96, and how may star signings. How much difference has it made to their success. Since his arrival, Wenger has dealt with Man Us dominance and the emergence of Chelsea as a major force far better than most, a good portion of this time whilst also dealing with the pressure of your move from Highbury to the Emirates (one of the best stadiums in the world). And then there’s the gloriousness of your football. Ask some of the older fans what it used to be like. This is why you’re the neutrals favourite. Anyway, my advice for what it’s worth, is to take a deep breath, step back and think. The grass isn’t always greener. Wenger could get a job as a manager just about anywhere. Who would you seriously want to replace him. Mourinho? He’s only interested in himself, and regardless of what short term success he bought you, the football would be boring and he’d been gone in a few years (only coming back to raid your squad). Come on! Chin up! You could still win the title this season, and even if you don’t, it won’t be far away. Just get behind your team, and hopefully, see you in the premiership next season!

  77. Nice try. Try again.

    Slurgus won fuck all at the beginning of his reign. One FA Cup in his fourth or third year. When it was still a big trophy. Maybe his job was under threat, as back then he hadn’t won doubles and such things already? In his first season. Or had a team that had gone unbeaten. Or built a brand new sttadium. Who cares.

    They had to wait another few years for another big ‘un. Seven years till his first title I think. I do not care tbh, and many don’t either.
    His legacy has become a little, um, dubious, or tarnished on recent times.

  78. Much more elegance and patience there Chris.


  79. Are we a team in crisis?


    Are we a team with a serious problem?


    Is this creating a rift in our client-base?


    Is this likely to affect revenue?


    So guess what, it does need to be taken seriously.

    Fingers in the ears and “lalalalala I can’t hear you” is not really going to work.

    Crying and wailing isn’t going to work either.

    Do we have talented players and the best squad in the league in terms of talent?

    Imo, Yes.

    Are we playing to our potential?


    The only way this is going to get sorted out is for Wenger to apply his mind and come up with some creative solutions.

    I don’t have the answers, but right now it looks like he hasn’t either.

    Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure he’s sitting thinking about it as we speak.

    Who knows whether we need to mollycoddle these players back into form and risk the season petering out, or whether Wenger needs to make the upgrading of the crockery an obligation rather than an option and risk destroying the fragile confidence even more?

    All I do know is that there isn’t much of the season left to do it in.

    Personally I won’t be upset if we don’t get the title.

    What WILL upset me is if carry on seeing those putrid, insipid performances again and again and again, as we have this season (and last), far too often.

    That’s what needs to stop.

    It’s Wenger’s job to do that, and the players need to be motivated by him to do so.

    How he can achieve that, only he is likely to know, but that’s what he gets paid for.

  80. I guess if one is a plastic manc, Slurgus’ record is impeccable.

    Lots of former manc fans now go to watch FC United.

  81. Thank you Chris for your balance and insight.

    Good Luck to you and the Rangers too – although you do have a sugar daddy I think.

  82. I don’t think the season ticket list is getting much shorter anytime soon.
    Although I would agree with Mr. Dein. A younger generation could well be lost due to pricing. It’s stupid.

    Any suggestion that such problems are exclusive to AFC in the PL are disingenious at best.

  83. wenger is one of the best managers in the world but he would not get 6 years anywhere else to do what hes doing here…
    thats where the mentality fails…theres no pressure to succeed….arsenal is the only major european club where pateince and coming second best is acceptable…and we dont win anything…theres no pressure to win anything and it shows when the crunch matches come…
    we dont have to sack him..but the philosphy has to change…
    lets not fuck about in the transfer more 17 year olds no more wage rises to average players who dont give a more bargain basement buys no more unknowns…
    lets spend some of that money weve been making on the top players ,lets get some passion back into the club..a few fresh faces in summer as well as the proper arsenal lads from the academy to add passion to the talent..
    get rid of the shite who cant even be arsed to turn up to play orient, hudds, leeds, ipswich, etc…
    i wanna see the next rocky, the next tony, the next razor come thru the ranks..the players who have pride in wearing the badge and will bust a gut and fight in every game and not the players who need to be paid 40 50 60 k a week to pretend to love it…cos they dont give a shit…

    seems like abit of a rant and i suppose it sick of the lack of passion these players have… paying them ridiculous wages for doing nothing isnt mental strength…its a falsehood…a bribe…mercenaries who cant cut the mustard and need to be moved on and not rewarded….
    this club isnt that far away from success but the same weakspots bite us on the arse time and time again and nothings ever done about it…

    something needs to be done about the fans/customers thing as well…
    these ticket prices are scandulous and they are turning the emirates into a morgue with all these rich dimwits that are snapping up the tickets and turning up and singing in selective games..
    ‘crowd today is 60,000’
    no it isnt stop fucking lying its more like 45,ooo and 20,000 of those only watch 60mis…
    cant moan about the home support when they want customers and not hardcore supporters….they away section is louder than us most games…
    they crowds suppsed to be the 12th man..
    not at arsenal…its the man with the biggest wallet….

    change it…

  84. Hey guys – You A.K.B.’s all sound like the so-called “doomers” you have always accused us realists of being. What a change of tone in just one week. Last week you were all the super optimists, having the usual blind faith in your beloved untouchable manager, and “the best team he has ever had.” How quickly things change, eh ?
    Never thought I’d see all these “negative” comments on here. Wow ! Morale at the club is so low that even the believers are starting to question. It seems you’re now starting to “get it”, as they say. Though there’s still some die-hards left to convince, but they’re too far gone, I’m afraid.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  85. You, Spectrum, are just another loser.

    Nothing’to get’ from you apart from a sense of gratitude for not being in your miserable skin.

  86. wow that was an intense barrage of negative speak, then i saw some familiar names pop up to make me feel good than that QPR fan tells it like it is. Could you all not see how we dominated that game? we had 2 or 3 pretty solid chances on goal, shame we couldn’t score em. I would not say that Blackburn were really bus parking full time though. They did get out of their area and try to pass the ball. I was happy to see that cause i know we could press and force turnovers====>less defenders to deal with and better shot at breaking down the D. I will let the people who want to complain complain, for it does not bother me at all. I will be happy with the fact that we are BEATING chelski, man city, spuds, and every other team besides Man U (curse them!!!) So project youth IS working, just not in the instant gratification manner that some people are yearning for. quick note -the page was full of sack wenger talk than Gains69 comes up and i breathed a sigh of relief. thanks friend

  87. Don’t get ahead of yourself Septum, this is a discussion about an issue with the team, not a wailing and a gnashing of teeth ala your typical whinefest.

  88. and for you cuntface Spectrum. In your post you say, wow i never thought i’d see all these negative comments on here. the reason for that is people like yourself who come on here only after poor results.
    Jon Jon- you want to see the next legend rise through the ranks? look at jack wilshere my friend. get my point?

  89. 1NilToTheArsenal

    @Chris – echoing consolsbob – fantastic post – thanks. We’ll see you in the Premiership next year and congratulations on a better season than ours.

    @MikeSA – I am in violent agreement with you. It’s not where we are in the league anymore that matters to me, it’s HOW we are in the league.

    An old music teacher of mine used to say “playing a piece technically perfect is next to not playing it all. A really well played piece requires as much, perhaps more heart and passion than technical ability.”

    Wise words that apply equally to sport as to music.


  90. william..
    jacks a westham boy….
    rocky tony and razor were gooners…proper gooners…

    thats not a insult to jack hes a fiesty little sod and hes talent is unquestionable hes become a valuable part of the team and he will be a legend..but hes not a gooner…

    thank fully hes been brought up the arsenal way and hes young and english so he could be a converted gooner much like paul merson and theres little chance of him rejoining west ham cos he has bubble blower dna….so we wont have the fabregas/barcelona problem…

  91. Mike Sa – “An issue with the team.” This issue is one all we who are not deaf, dumb and blind, have been trying to point out to you Wenger worshippers for the last few seasons. Don’t you see any connections at all between the team and its coach ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  92. Thanks guys for the positive remarks. I remember when we were the two Irish clubs in London (although we got the wear the Guinness logo!).
    Just to add a few things in the mix, I grew up in North West London and can frequently remember Paul Merson in the pubs on a Friday before match days (you can imagine my horror when he told a group of us that you were about to buy Seaman!). Mates of mine that used to go to Arsenal would say that they could tell which players were having a shocker because they’d been on the booze the night before. This is something your current players don’t do, and definitely something that Wenger and the foreign players have bought in. I wonder how much better the Arsenal of the 80s and early 90s would have been if they’d have drunk less and had a better diet.
    The other thing I wanted to say is that does the newer breed of Arsenal fan really understand how much Northern teams hate London clubs, particularly the big ones. I lived in the North West of England for three years and victory over Arsenal would be the highlight of many a Wigan or Bolton fans season. I don’t think it’s something that Man U has to face in quite the same way.

  93. Charlie Munger

    Rightly or wrongly there seem to be enough people content with life as an Arsenal fan at the moment. Would any of those people like to rent my season ticket from me next year?

    That’s a sincere offer. Reply in the comments and we’ll take it from there.

  94. Did your audience cheer you on whilst you were playing your ‘piece’, 1NilToTheArsenal? Or did they leave before the end?

  95. I mean, if you have a plan to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems, is it unacceptable if it incurs some personal advantage?

    The plan is to send a band of miserable, masochistic malcontents led by Suga3, Spectrum and Kubla Khan to the mountains in Afghanistan.

    A mere chance encounter with this dismal bunch would be enough to send the Taliban running screaming in despair from their caves and begging to be rounded up by the occupying forces.

    In the meantime, the Suga3babes could take up residence in the caves – where there is no internet access – and we would all be spared their ballsaching ramblings.

    See what I mean? It’s a fine moral dilemma.

  96. No you weren’t septum, you were just having a bleat.

    You still are.

  97. Why do you want to ‘rent’ your season ticket, Charlie Munger?

  98. Top Post Chris!

  99. I think he means lease, Frank.

    Rent. Lease. All the same to some people.

  100. Charlie Munger

    Frank. I’m assuming that’s a serious question and not a dig at my command of the English language. I’d like to rent my season ticket out because I’m not happy with the way the club is being run and I can’t justify the expense in the way I could in years gone by. I’d like to rent out as opposed to giving it up outright as I live in hope that things will change. Until then I feel no other option to act like the consumer the club treats me as.

  101. george rodger

    After a bad result ,I come on here hoping for an oasis of reason.Well not today it seams.
    Since the Ref at Newcastle decided he did not want the home team to suffer such humiliation ,and took a hand on their behalf ,we have not been the same team.
    But before you condemn the players remember what happened to “The Invincibles” when they were cheated out of the unbeaten run at Old Trafford ,They collapsed and lost the title ,and you would not call that team a bunch of no hoppers, now ,would you?

  102. Having been away all day, I see some thought I was kidding with my first post. Up to comment 15 and two are in the bin…

  103. JJ

    I’ve explained this in the past, I’ll do so again. The attendances are not, and never have been since all-seater stadia, about bums on seats at the match. They are about ticket sales for the match. If only 45k turn up, 15k have paid but not shown. To the club, it is still 60k because that’s the money they have received. Various authorities – HM Revenue & Customs primarily – use the information to judge whether various taxes have been properly accounted for.

    I’m sorry that doesn’t meet with the approval of agendas which berate the club for adhering to the system but, as my little ‘un says, get over it.


  104. You don’t deserve to have someone ‘rent’ your season ticket, Charlie my boy. We should leave it empty with a plaque saying ‘couldn’t be arsed to support the team’. Hedging your bets a little are you not, son?

  105. I can accept people being upset. I can accept people wanting a change of manager.

    I cannot accept Arsenal fans revelling in the disappointments of this season so far. But then, despite what they proclaim, they do not support Arsenal. In which case, fuck off.

  106. who ever mention the thing about eboue playing instead of Sagna, i would have to agree to an extent. Sagna is a rock in the RB postion, but i sort of recall most of blackburn’s attacks being down our right flank, and that Ollsen or whatever his name is got in behind Sagna a few times. If eboue was playing i’m sure we would still be vunerable on that flank, but eboue is much more creative than Sagna. Bacary is good for running up and down the flank, and he does it tirelessly throughout the whole match. But we don’t see the slaloming runs from him like you do from Eboue, or many other full backs. Definitely provides another option in attack. Also i think playing chamakh and nikki B in a 4-4-2 is a better way to score against teams defending deep. i’m just trying to talk some arsenal, and it is taking a lot to hold myself back from telling these other people to eff off.

  107. Charlie

    A ‘consumer’ goes elsewhere, not rents out their product. Dissatisfied? Go to a better shop.

    If you genuinely believe that things are that bad, protest by not renewing.


  108. Don’t take the renting ticket thing too seriously. It is as per instruction from le-grove. If you don’t believe me check out the entry there.

  109. Joshua | April 3, 2011 at 3:40 pm |

    Excellent post, sums things up perfectly.

    Great post Chris and a real shame that a supporter of another club can see what some of these fools can’t.

    I really believe the negativity and lack of vocal support from the crowd is hampering this team. Sometimes teams don’t play well and they need the crowd to get them going. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that we have better away form when you compare and contrast the vocal minority in away matches with the silent majority at the Emirates.

  110. Keyseroze i just glanced through that post at le grove. I sure don’t understand how people are slating almunia for his performance. Is zero goals allowed not good enough anymore? When Almunia comes to claim a ball he is denoted as nervous and shaky, lacking confidence. for other goalies that is called commanding your area. The guy who wrote the post at Le-grove seriously offered to rent his tickets to any willing takers? what the fuck is up with that guy? he is the author of an arsenal blog yet he wants to sell his tickets. And if people have a problem with the performance, go watch some other premiership teams play, than realize why you chose to support the Arsenal.

  111. Charlie is just a blow hard glory hunter. He doesn’t have the courage of his conviction because he knows how long it would take him to get another season ticket and he does not want to risk missing out on the glory years. If he wants to pay for a season ticket and not turn up to games, fine. I don’t think his anti-support will be missed. I’d rather give my money direct to the club.

  112. Thats the point though, William, they are not selling their tickets, are they? Snivelling bunch of cowards. They only want to use them when the team are ‘successful’ in their eyes. No question of getting behind the squad when they most need supporting. These fuckers have just been outed. Fair weather fans. A whole site of fair weather fans…and you know who you are you cunts.

  113. William

    Right. Also people demanding big money signings should take a look at flavour of last month David Luiz’s performance at Stoke yesterday. If one of our lot played like that, especially a French one, he would have been massacred on the internet.

  114. william | April 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm |

    You might be right about Eboue, but I did notice that Sagna was a little sluggish yesterday. He was lucky to escape without a card for pulling a Blackburn player back at one point. In fact I feared it might be red, but fortunately Dowd was on his best behaviour and obviously trying to make up for his shocker against Newcastle so only dished out a talking to.

  115. Passenal i can only imagine that Sagna would get sluggish after running sprints up that flank for 90 minutes. For us and for France. On another note i think we had all feared the worst when we saw Dowd appointed as the ref. I think he did well yesterday. Maybe these guys don’t honestly have an agenda against arsenal, instead i think we consistantly manage to receive the shit end of the luck spectrum. onwards and upwards friends

  116. William, people are “slating” Almunia because he did not have a good game (see paragraph 8 of YW’s post above). Also it’s very easy to say “go support another team” but it doesn’t work like that for most people. For them the team is chosen for you by where you were born or brought up or by what team your family supported. It isn’t “chosen” on a whim.

  117. Also it’s very easy to say “go support another team” but it doesn’t work like that for most people. For them the team is chosen for you by where you were born or brought up or by what team your family supported.

    On that note, what do you do if you don’t someone from your family. Whine whine whine whine whine and whine about it in public?

  118. okay DFB i understand. the only thing is, when once almunia spilled that shot, it all comes down to probabilities. Maybe the ball takes a awkward bounce off the pitch or the spin on the ball helps its way into the net. fortunately, that did not occur. on the other side, you can look at the chances (i’m mainly critiquing wilshere’s chance) Had his foot been angled differently by a degree or two, or had the cross taken a slightly different first bounce, that ball could be in the back of the net. this probabilistic world we live in could be the death of me.

  119. not sure if probabilistic is a word, i guess i could say, oh this world of probabilities….

  120. “….saying we are second in the league is papering over the cracks mate…it dont hide the fact we havent won a game in 5 weeks…at the business end of the season…
    if we dont pull our sox up we wont even get 2nd…”

    This quote from JonJon illustrates the ungratefulness, stupidity and myopia of some of our fans. The idea that we are undeserving of second place when the truth is that we should actually be first. … it’s the idea that all the good things that happen at our club are some how fortunate accidents but all the bad things that happen are Wenger’s fault! It’s not just the bizarreness of such ‘reasoning’ (and I use that word ‘reason’ in its loosest sense) that irks but sheer idiocy of it. Remember that JonJon has already told us that Wenger “stumbled” on his goalkeeping solution… he stumbled on fabianski and Szczensy according to JonJon and now our second place is covering up ‘cracks’. Let’s not forget that even yesterday Man United were awarded a penalty for a similar offence to the one committed by a Blackburn player against us. These little things add up… that is not to say that we played well enough to win but penalties have been given against us for similar offences. No one is mentioning the penalty incident but that doesn’t make it insignificant.

    Ask yourself why any Arsenal fan would imagine this team of ours to be in worse shape for the future than say Chelsea or even Man United… what is it about us that means that us being second with 8 matches to go is an undeserved position. Have scored less goals than the teams behind us? Is our away record inferior? Are their players putting better performances than ours? What EXACTLY makes our second place undeserved?… Is this not just rank muppetry?

    And no JonJon, judicious tinkering is not anything like a “wind of change”… I can only presume that you don’t know the one from the other which is a bit of shame really as it would mean that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  121. The thing about the shot Almunia almost spilled into the goal, which was not noticeable at the game was the deflection off an Arsenal defender that probably wrong footed him. I just thanked my lucky stars it went the right side of the post from our perspective! Apart from that and another missed cross, I thought he did well. His handling was quite assured and he caught or punched most of the crosses. Where he was particularly strong was his quick distribution of the ball. It was just a shame that our outfield players seemed to slow the game down rather than go for the quick counter-attack.

    I feel sorry for Almunia, he seems not to have been the same player since the tragic death of his mother-in-law and it just seems a shame for his Arsenal career to end that way. But since he’s all we’ve got for the next 8 games, I am hoping that he can find his best form and end on a high note.

  122. On a related point, I am concerned over the lack of publicity surrounding the number of Arsenal players that travelled extensively in Europe last week – I think 5 of our starting 11 played in 2 European games as well as 2 substitutes. Compare this to Man Utd who I believe had none of their starting 11 that played in both games? Why were 3 Man Utd and 3 Chelsea players released? Walcott and Wilshere were required to play in a friendly in February after a 2 game a week series since Xmas and a week before a Champions League game against Barcelona. Where is the parity in that? No excuse for yesterday – just about the lack of a level playing field.

  123. george rodger

    Joshua,I knew there was a good reason for me coming to this site.People like your good self.
    Thank you for restoring my faith

  124. cgm i’m not sure about the exact reasons, but Terry, Cole, Lampard and crew were given a rest and look at the result they got. still i agree with you. there was a long period back in middle of the season where we were playing twice a week, every week. I personally loved every minute of it because we were winning and winning and doing it with style and determination. Playing that much has some sort of physical toll on our players. Now that i think of it, our squad probably has to play at least 10 or 15 more matches than the teams in the league who haven’t qualified for the europa league. maybe even more considering that we went fairly deep into all of our cup competitions.

  125. The most embarrassing thing on this particular blog right now for all the moaners and groaners and so-called fans like spectrum is the post by Chris a QPR supporter. I repeat… A QPR SUPPORTER! It takes a QPR supporter to point out some home truths to those amongst us who view the past with rose-tinted glasses. Things that any Arsenal fan with any sense should know has to be pointed out by the fan of another club with no axe to grind… how shocking is that?

    The stupidity of some the comments on here are just simply mind blowing… according to JonJon, nowhere else in the world would Wenger be afforded the opportunity to remain at the club for the last six years. Just think about this for a moment… JonJon believes that no club that had built a stadium for the sort of dosh we laid out would have tolerated constant champions league football and serious challenges for the league title whilst spending a fraction of what your rivals spend… is this even remotely true?

    Liverpool wanted to build a stadium and still haven’t done it because Benitez insisted on having ever more money for players, the best he did in spite 250m outlay was 2nd… meanwhile Liverpool’s new owners are looking to Arsenal as their model but JonJon believes that Wenger is lucky to have remained at the helm at Arsenal. Spurs are willing to move out of North London because just so they can get a cheaper stadium and remember that our stadium cost more than the proposed cost of theirs… Wenger was amongst those who insisted on Ashburton Grove as the site for a new stadium becauise of its proximity to Highbury and he pointed that the pre match rituals of the fans wopuld have to change much if at all. Valencia’s Stadium is a concrete heap because they tried to keep splashing money on their squad whilst trying to build a high spec stadium… would they have accepted Wenger?

    And worst of all is this is the idea that Wenger would no remain at the helm of another club of our ‘size’… what makes this idea particularly dumb is that the current size of the is in large measure down to Wenger! how big were we before he fetched up and how much have spent on players to get to where we are compared to any club of comparable size in europe… and then ask yourself who would have done what Wenger has?

    What gets me about some of this nonsense is that Wenger is in effect being criticised, for the most part, for remaining loyal to Arsenal football club, for having the will and guts to stay and build when it would have easier for his reputation to cut and run. Some of our fans haven’t got a clue.

    BTW thanks Chris… you only should have reminded the moaners that Spurs finished above us 7 times in 15 seasons before Wenger fetched up! Most of them have no idea. They seem to think that we are Real Madrid or something.

  126. Besides, he is just plain incorrect in saying that no other team would allow Wenger the time we did. Just look at Moyes, the amount of success he has brought Everton and the time he has been in charge. It’s a matter of fact that Wenger, given the circumstances we are in, has done a remarkable job in creating a World Class Academy capable of producing top talent year after year after year, with about 1 – 2 players making the jump to the first team squad annually and at the same time we as a team have been challenging for top honours on an almost yearly basis. I think most teams would give quite a lot to have a manager that would bring them that success and at the same time be prudent enough to help get the club debt free.

  127. Thanks Joshua. And thank you for Matt Connolly!

  128. welp, you two basically summed up my thoughts right there. it surprises me that we have complainers at this point. trophyless for 6 years means squat. How many teams have actually won any sort of trophy in the past twenty years?? there are teams in professional sports leagues all over the world that go will go for 20, 30 or even more years without a sniff of a championship. Our team has gone for 6 years, while building the most bad-ass stadium possible, and yet there are still complainers.

  129. Great posts today Joshua!

  130. george rodger

    yes sorry forgot to mention Chris.well played mate

  131. george rodger

    Btw.If the “fair play” rules are enforced we will be the top club in Europe,thanks to Mr,Wenger.

  132. yw
    your 6.59
    its just re iterated the point i was getting at…
    indeed the stadium is sold out cos the tickets have been pre bought..
    but alot of people just dont bother to turn up
    they are rich they have money to burn and they pick and chose what games to go to and the hardcore fans are not only priced out but then theres empty seats at the ground…
    do the board care?? no
    cos theyve already sold the seats…they dont give a shit do they..the figures look good but the supports shit…and then ppl moan the supports shit…
    well whos faults that then???

  133. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. I say keep the faith as our day will surely come and it will be all the sweeter for today’s pain. We are not far off, we really are not… even now, even at this very minute… we are from out of the title race. It could still happen even after yesterday’s stinker.

    I’d be worried if we lacked quality, I’d be worried if we really lacked heart but a look at the knock backs this young team of ours (remember that ours is the youngest squad and starting 11 in the EPL) have bounced back from this season tells any fair minded person that courage and effort are not the issues we face.

    We have had bad luck and we have had bad judgement and we have had inexplicable refereeing decisions that have not only cost us wins but also checked our momentum. In spite of all that I believe that we are well set for the future. It won’t be easy and it will take great effort and resilience especially given the fifth column amongst our support but I believe that WE WILL ACHIEVE OUR AIMS AND CHANGE THE VERY PARADIGM OF SUCCESS IN THE GAME ITSELF.

    Always proud to be gooner and never more so than now. God bless Arsenal and from me… Thank you Monsieur Wenger for your dedication, commitment and decency. COME ON ARSENAL!!!

  134. Mike SA’s views completely represent my own sentiments on our club right now.

    We are not in a crisis, but we have some serious problems which need addressing. The team just doesn’t react very well under pressure, in the way you’d expect of a title winning teams. That’s down to Arsene fix.

    It was extremely annoying to see the mancs continue to produce results they need. I used to gloat about them conceding so many goals this season, but somehow they are able to deal with that by outscoring their opponents. We on the other hand, normally renowned for our attacking brilliance, can’t seem to score to save our lives. Perversely we are now the ones keeping clean sheets.

  135. Yours, Jonhjon. It is your fault. You and your ilk.

  136. Sorry, I meant hjohnnnhhhjohnnnnggg.

  137. of course it is frank…

  138. I find it difficult to type with a knee in my ear. It is actually your fault, Jonjon. You are a shit supporter.

  139. i disagree frank
    im a good supporter
    your a good customer
    thats the difference…

  140. I’m not a customer at all. Thats the difference.

  141. Well said Chris, my mate Pete whos also a QPR fan always puts me back on track when I start to lose perspective of our Arsenal!
    Must be something about you QPR fans….

  142. you are frank and the club values your custom…

  143. burned! i’ll admit i think it is pretty hard to argue over who is a supporter/customer. all one can do is get behind the team! especially when we are in 2nd place with more than 20 points to play for. How can one be so certain that our title chances are shot? you can make claims now, wait till the end of the season and see how things end, then come back here with your negative i told you so we should have changed formation and bought some CB’s and a top class keeper attitude. fuck that we still have a title to play for and with some luck we will be champions.

  144. Well said Joshua!

  145. Dear god, you really have passed the point of no return haven’t you, Jonjon? You actually hate the club now, don’t you?.Is it the internet that has made you like this? Have you been fooled by all the little snotty, spotty, pricks masturbating after every nasty little comment they write? You fucking have, haven’t you, son?

  146. You are floating in a sea of digital shit, Jonjon. You feel buoyed by it, but you will eventually drown in it. Pointless, unintelligent, nihilistic, sticky excrement.

  147. Sunderland loses 0-5 today to Citeh. They have now taken but one point from their last 21. They’ve given up 18 goals in these 7 games.

    Anyone remember where they picked up that point?

  148. I’d always been a firm believer the clubs philosophy of letting a young team grow together, instead of signing ‘big’ names and more established stars.
    I am now rethinking the wisdom of that approach UNDER a manager like Arsene.
    I’m not sure that he is the kind of coach that can get the best of a team of youngsters. His approach seem to work more when they are enough experienced professionals in the team. Professionals who can take his vision to the pitch and deliver on it, without the need for an overly structured regime. Players who, because of their experience and maturity can more easily adapt to unforeseen situations on the pitch, to hostility from the crowd, to bad ref calls, and to all kinds of pressure in general. Of course some people are born with more of these traits than others. But even in people already blessed in that way, one will find that experience will have helped them hone such attributes to an even higher, and more effective level.

    Young players on the other hand sometimes NEED a structured regime. It looks like football is one of the instances were this statement is true. It is logical that younger, less experienced players will tend to make less right judgement calls under pressure. They probably will be more easily swayed and distracted by environmental factors. so subjecting such players to a stricter/and more regimented environment makes some sense.

    It is kind of ironic that the one man who believes the most in youth might turn out to be the least best candidate to implement his own vision.

    One just has to look at Barca to see how different their approaches are even if they also believe in recruitment from within. Their style of play is actually very pretty well drilled into them, only in a different style to most other teams one associated with ‘drilling’. We on the other hand seem to lose our cohesiveness at the first sign of trouble.

  149. its not hard william
    the club regard every single one of us as customers..
    the supporters are not happy with it and will find critism..constructed or the wenger out drivel you hear all the time
    the customers will go along with anything cos they can afford to…
    forget akb and doomer
    its all about customer and supporter…
    the akbs tell the doomers to fuck off and the doomers tell the akbs to fuck off but at the end of the dayit all boils down to whos happy with the product your paying for….those who can afford it dont give a shit…much like some of the players…cos their loaded…
    those who cant afford it and have to look down the back of the sofa for shrapnell to feed their kids cos theyve just been to watch arsenal v balckburn want something to change…

  150. lol
    no i dont hate the club frank

  151. Yes they took a point off the Mancs in October did they not, Gunsafucking blazin?

  152. Yes you do, Jonjon. You don’t see any difference between Arsenal and Marks & Spencer.

  153. You call me a customer, but all you talk about are prices and affordability. Got the shoe on the wrong foot, do you think?

  154. well sucks for you JonJon. I’m thousands of miles away and i get to my watch favorite team play for free! unless its on my basic cable package. And do you honestly think that players like denilson and diaby (the ones who get slagged on a lot in general) have no passion or interest in winning things for the arsenal? thats quite a stretch in my opinion. Why would these people spend their entire lives playing football, make it to the biggest stage in the world, then say, well i don’t care anymore i’m just gunna pass backwards and not track back on defense (fake denilson impression)

  155. frank
    see this is whats funny about ppl like you and joshua
    you know the ones who stereotype everyone in the same bracket and talk shit 100% of the time…

    ive said all season that we’ll win the league
    ive never once said wenger must go and ive defended him on here on many occasions.
    im against the idea of a suger daddy..

    yet im not so blinkered to see that there are internal problems at the club that need adressing..
    and when i talk about those problems its somehow concluded that i hate the club??
    grow a pair…

  156. Naaah, you bend with the wind, Jonjon, little opportunistic drips.

  157. lol
    i do see the difference frank…
    but you should tell the board that..
    unless your defending the board???
    are you??
    go on frank tell everyone how much you love the board… 😉

  158. Also, the thought of waiting until this crop become mature enough no longer offers the level of rational consolation it once did. I now feel there is a real chance of stagnation, where we see season after season go like the last two have. We start well, show off our skills, score tons of goals, and then begin to crumble towards the end of the season when injuries set in and pressure mounts.
    Yes, the team may grow into becoming world beaters, but recent events have shown that the opposite is also plausible. Well, not exactly opposite, but you know what I mean; i.e. we could easily (in relative terms) always maintain top four status, but never quite tip the balance to become a great team.

    There is also the real chance, that our more talented and more ambitious players will leave before the team gets to that ‘point’ where they finally mature.

  159. The Board is a subject of your choosing, Jonjon. Go on tell me more.

  160. Oh for fucks sake stop fucking whining, Henristic!

  161. Its just the Frank and JJ late night show today is it?

    Oh well, at least I’ve had my say… 🙂

  162. Sure Frank, whatever you say….:P

  163. lol henri

  164. frank stop moaning. arsenal fans have a right to be pissed now, stop trying to fukin protect the team like their your kids. things need changing now even you can see it now.

  165. Duke,

    Now? How?

  166. Ateeb i think the changes that we should make are as follows:
    1. our players must be trained to the point where they take 100% of the chances on goal that they are given.
    2. the players show more determination.
    3. buy some new players, and i’m not talking “experienced veterans” like Squillachi. we need some ready made, physical, battle hardened players.
    4. fire whingger, this youth project has paid NO dividends. where the fuck are the trophies at wenger!!!!!

  167. How what ateeb? how changing. simple bring in a couple of fukin experienced winners to help out our kids. some players need a kick up the fukin arse they just plod along trying the same old shit, we need a n Adams to grip some of these lot by the throat and tell them to go fukin play their arse off. no fukin passion or desire for these last few weeks.

  168. JonJon…

    What have the Arsenal board done to take them so beyond the pale? Care to share … you just spout empty meaningless slogans that have no bearing whatsoever on reality? What kind of idiotic distinction is there between a customer and a supporter and in what way is Frank or anyone else for that matter a less committed Arsenal fan than yourself? If anything it is people like you who behave as if supporting Arsenal is like shopping at Tesco with the same infantile “the customer is always right” attitude that leads to constant bleating and moaning at all times and in all situations.

    The Arsenal board are not infallible and they are not without fault but who amongst us is without fault? This board of ours have seen us build a stadium in the heart of London without bankrupting the club. They have presided over the constant and exponential growth of the club… and Fiszman in particular bought into the club before it was even fashionable or considered a wise investment. Compared to almost any other board in England our board is outstanding. So why should any Arsenal fan be ashamed of our board, JonJon? It is one thing to criticise where we think criticism is due; it is an altogether more stupid and frankly outlandish attitude to attempt to demonise the Arsenal board and pretend that they’ve ruined the club or even really held it back.

    The board doesn’t need defending JonJon, they are not above criticism but they don’t need defending…


  169. 1..cut the wage bill and raise funds selling the players who havent impressed over the last few years.
    2..use the money to buy some top players..not use it to buy a bunch of kids and give everyone else a wage hike
    3..promote some of the lads from the academy…
    4..lower the ticket prices…

  170. stop being a div joshua if you cant work it out from all the comments then your thick..
    no offence intended but fuck me….do i need to explain it all again

  171. typical joshua though..
    50% neither here nor there and 50% tripe…

  172. I said it before after the cc dabacle, its like our players dont belive in their own fukin team mates now, like they have lost trust in each other looking around at each other thinking how the fuck did you lose the cc to fukin birminfukinham. dont give me that win and lose as a team bollocks,players are very selfish,have to be to get to the top.

  173. dearie me

  174. Duke,

    No duke. You didn’t understand the question. You want changes NOW. The window doesn’t open for a few months. What do you say we do? And you’re suggesting this season is already over, and no point in supporting the players on the pitch anymore? Mentally prepare all these useless fuckheads, that all of them will be sold in the summers to other clubs?

  175. it wasnt just the loss in the final duke
    it was losing to the shower of shite snotty nose fielded at old trafford…
    gone are the days where we used to love playing manutd and use abit of bottle instead of trying to use 100% techinque…
    gone are the days where players like henry would come into the team and bunk with razor and learn what it is to be a gooner…learn to love the club and the badge and play with passion…
    we now have the days where new players are bunking with denilson and being told ‘ere mate, it dont matter what you do we get nuff money for doing fuckall…’
    or bunking with cesc and being told barca are the best team ever…
    the passions gone…on and off the field…

  176. ateeb, not now as in today now as in now its clear Wenger cant win on the cheap because a tem full of apprentices will not have the mental toughness to win as was shown against brum as they froze under the big occasion, you need a balance but we just dont have the experienced winners, now i know you will think bad of me for saying all this but you know and i know and frank knows that this has now been proved to be the depressing case although i never beleieved it.

  177. ateeb
    our captain already wants to be at barca..
    nasri and clichy are stalling on new contracts…
    whats to say they dont already want to be out…no matter what the fans say…
    do their performances suggest anything different??

  178. jj.

    yes that man utd game showed how far back Denilson and Diaby have reversed. Denilson now walks with fukin beeps going off. if they couldnt even impose themselves on that midfield 4 plonkers then i really dont know what has happened to them and i now have serious doubts they will ever be at any type of level to do anything for us, shame really. but we havent got time to spend waiting, will any gooner be upset if any of them were sold…………. nah thought not.

  179. none whatsoever..

  180. Keep going, Jonjon, Dukegoonem. Let everyone see you for what you are.

  181. They certainly are doing that Frank.

  182. i dont care what people think frank
    unlike you ive got my own opinions of whats good and bad about the arsenal..
    you must be the only commentor ive seen who wasnt bothered at all by yesterdays performance..
    even AW was fucked off… and was full of the typical ‘doomer’ shite so go away and come back with another..
    unless your now saying you beleive these players have passion and denilson will be missed which just shows you need a straight jacket…

  183. dups
    why have you got a rocky avatar and not a denilson one???

  184. JonJon – whoever wears The Arsenal shirt will get my support, it’s as simple as that.

  185. Duke & Jon Jon,

    So we should moan till the transfer window opens? Is that the plan you want us to carry out? Seriously. What good will do that to the club?

    I mean if you’re sensible enough, you can actually wait out before going on a rant about Arsene, till atleast it’s mathematically impossible to win the title. Till then support or fuck off

    But you’re forgetting another thing, the worst case scenario of coming second, this season, is a big step for these boys. I don’t think any of you are getting any wishes about big name signings this summers. Arsene and perhaps many others(including me), will find this enough evidence that this team is set on the right path. And rightly so. A couple of signings though could be a good thing, experience/inexperienced as every summers go. I mean I for one would like to see a pacey winger as a backup for Theo. But then again, where do you find such a player, who is good enough to be an ideal replacement, and willing to sit on the bench. Too many variables are to be considered, which neither you or I, are in a position to make. So leave the management of the team to someone more qualified. Sit back, enjoy the show, support the team because they need it, and if you can’t take do any of that, why not fuck off to another blog where your views will be appreciated. I for one could do without moaning bitches, on a blog. So leave us in peace. Your comments are ridiculous, deconstructive, and ABSOLUTELY useless at this point in time. If we don’t win, we all know what the summers hold for this blog, 3 months of crappy discussions, so why bring that out at this point in time, when we have ALL to play for.

    As for all the experience in the world, you’ve got both City and the Chavs with shit load of experienced winners, who are doing everything but winning the title this season. Sadly both of you, have views that are extremely simple. Buy experienced players. And I’m glad both of you aren’t remotely attached to managing a club.

  186. worst case scenario finishing second??
    fucking hell ateeb we keep this form up and go into a total collapse we wont even finish top four mate…
    those players need a kick up the fucking arse…

  187. this same team that “froze” against those fucking brumthugs is the same team that beat the “best team in the world” at their own game. damnit why is it so hard to see that we are clearly on the rise! we don’t need people coming on this site and saying what is wrong with arsenal. honestly read the first 15 posts on here and it’s a bunch of wanks whose names i haven’t seen before telling me how bad our team is. i will say no thanks to all of your negativity and let my own positive arsenal emotions/thoughts flourish among those who wish to accept them.

  188. and whats all this crap about using chelsea and city as a yard stick to our own success??
    fuck them and what they do…
    we judge ourselves by are own acheivements or lack of not by others….

    what a weak arguement and its regularly brought up by people who dont know fuck all or a happy with what weve got….

  189. as for selling players, i hope diaby doesn’t go. i really like seeing those freakish legs striding around the park.

  190. JonJon, Ateeb used Chesk and City as comparisons. They sign “big name” players every season. (50 million for no goals anyone?) we are beating them with our squad of toothless, overpriced youngsters who could care less about playing for arsenal.

  191. ‘Slagging off’, as they say, players who didn’t miss a good chance to score a goal. Or even play on Saturday.

  192. ok so lets use manutd as a comparison..

  193. if nobody ever critisised anything then there would be nobody to prove wrong and if theres nobody to prove wrong then you might as well give up on trying to better yourself…
    mght as well sit in a little conforminst tower and watch the world as it passes you by..

  194. “And fantasy it was, for we were not strong, only aggressive”

    Toni Morrison.

  195. chelsea are 4 points behind city are three..
    with 8 games to go we need to buck our ideas up and worst case scenario is spurs overhauling that 9 point gap, beating us twice in one season and finishing above us..

    compare, compare and compare some more but just like we are in with a chance of the title we are also in with a chance of crashing and burning so we need to start scoring some goals and picking up more than one point per game…

  196. JonJon. Seems a little strange that you need to prove people wrong to better yourself. as for sitting in a conformist tower and watching the world pass me by, i am doing something similar, except instead of a conformist tower it is my own personal universe. I do enjoy sitting and watching things pass by me though. especially when the weather is nice.

  197. i will agree that we need to start scoring some goals. probably be nice if we started that trend in our next match.

  198. that wasnt adressed to you william…
    sorry if it seemed that way.. it was more of a generalisation to be honest…i have mini rants that arent really adressed to anyone sometimes..
    good response though…

    i disagree on the critisism though..critisism is healthy in bringing the best out in people..especially constructed…the ones who stand up and be counted are the ones who are worth it..the ones who dont stand up are either not bothered or not good either case they need to be put in a taxi…..

  199. blackpool will offer a good test…
    they are an up and down side formwise they look shite one minute but the look good the next so its difficult to predict the outcome
    one things for sure though they play an open attacking expansive game so we have the opportunity to knock a few past them..
    just need to keep it tight at the back cos they will pose a threat on the counter

  200. Bradys right foot

    We were ordinary yesterday, lethargic and wasteful but we still should have won at a canter. You have to put the ball in the net, do we convert as many chances as we should for me probably not. Our finishing could improve however the issue seldom raises its head because we create so many chances that one or two always get converted.

    Big Al had two moments but Blackburn created nothing. Kozzer and Squillachi coped well and we notched up another clean sheet. The much maligned defence is actually the best in the league since the start of 2011, its upfront were struggling. Weve conceded 7 goals since the start of January in the league to Uniteds 13 and Chelseas and Man citys 1o. Our defence has been very good infact the third best as it stands, given the Newcastle game accounts for more than half of these goals I don’t think that the pundits or fans give our defence enough credit.

    We have to win every game from now to the end of the season, the last chance saloon is not for the faint hearted but i’ve taken my seat and some comfort from a bottle of vintage 1997/98 run in, roll on blackpool.

  201. Seems YW is doing another live blog with R.S.D. on Monday. Should be really worth joining.

  202. A lot of close chances. Its funny how if one went in everyone would be singing a different song.

    I hope everyone has slept it off and gotten it out of their system, now lets all go to lunch.

  203. We know AW likes to play with 10 midfielders. OK. So then why leave a poor RvP completely exposed up front? RvP lays off beautiful balls to oncoming players. He is no Carroll or Drogba. That does not fit into triangular midfield play. This team sweeps the ball from side to side but there is no incision like the Invincible team where they created triangles through the penalty box Bergkamp to Pires to Henry in a rotating and circular motion. AW the old French lover; plenty of foreplay but no penetration. The answer is simple. Just play a 4-6 formation. So Walcott and RvP spearheading through the center which would have given Blackburn’s central defenders nightmares. Nasri and Arshavin either side. And Fab and Jack running through into the box to create the triangles to break down teams.

  204. Xav, a “poor” RVP?


  205. JJ and Duke have taken over the whole blasted blog today I see!

    Thanks to all of the people who have stood up for the team! as for the rest, show some real support for once in your life.

  206. Hahahahahahahaahaha….

    JonJon, you crack me up. Comedy gold. You’re so dim that you don’t understand why the only way to make a valid and fair judgement of what is going at your own club is to compare what we do with our resources to what Chelsea, ManCity, Spurs and man Utd do with theirs. How stupid does an individual have to be not to understand and grasp such a basic concept?

    To you the Da Silva brothers, little Pea, Chris Smalling, who we almost signed, and other players in the ManU second string + the likes of Rooney are a “shower of shit”… I mean think about this for even a minute… Alex Ferguson who has more league titles than any other manager and more European Cups than we have ever won in our history has put together a team that a semi-literate, unintelligent ‘loud mouth’ on the internet considers a “shower of shit”? Who have you coached JonJon? Who did you play for and what did you win?? You were stupid enough to make a hubristic prediction that turned out to be utter rubbish as usual. I told you at the time that playing ManU away at Old trafford was always a big ask, no matter what team they put out, and you said you were being “optimistic”… you were not being optimistic at all you were just being your usual deluded self. So now we have you beating up on the team because of your idiocy. I really feel your pain.

    We had a better team than ManU that day and we really had chances but as is obvious to anyone watching Arsenal at the moment the losses to Barca and Birmingham have clearly affected confidence as has the loss of Djourou and the the two first choice keepers. IT IS TO BE EXPECTED THAT THERE’D BE SOME KIND OF DIP IN CONFIDENCE AND FORM. I didn’t expect to continue foir as long as it has but it is not unprecedented. Even Chelsea with their roaster of experienced winners wentr into a tailspin mid season that they are only just recovering from… the psychological balance in any team sport is a fragile one … the problem is that loud mouth know-nothings like you have no idea what it takes to build a team, sustain a team and finally get that team to win big…. ESPECIALLY WHEN UNINFORMED CLOWNS LIKE YOURSELF SPOUT ALL MANNER OF NEGATIVE GARBAGE THAT FEEDS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE SURROUNDING THE TEAM .

    There’s no worse fool than a fool who knows not that he is a fool… JonJon.

  207. I agree with Brady Right Foot. I would add that we are not scoring enough goals from midfield at the moment and that is the area of the pitch where mental and perhaps physical tiredness seemed to set in quite early in the game.

  208. Joshua you say “losses to Barca and Birmingham have clearly affected confidence” we seem to always have confidence issues with that at the end of the season. Doesn’t that tell us we have a problem and we don’t seem to want to fix it. As a team we cant keep on suffering from the same weakness every season where is the management to deal with that and fix our weaknesses? I think in a way its fair for the fans to vent coz we have been in this situation before

  209. It is not fair at all for ‘fans’ to boo the team at all. We are second in the EPL. In many years of attending games I have never, ever known Arsenal supporters to boo the team when they are in second position with 8 games to go. That is an abject disgrace and I am convinced that it is fuelled by the crippling pessimism on most blog sites.

  210. It is clear from AWs comments that the squad and the management team are aware of the utter cuntishness of Arsenal ‘fans’. Press and media are aware too. Delighted they are. The pricks are feeding them stories. The hacks don’t even have to get out of bed in the morning to write an ‘Arsenal are shit’ article.

    Today is a beautiful day in London but no doubt some of you are utterly pissed off because it might rain sometime over the next year or two. That cloying whinging pessimism cannot be allowed to drag everyone down.

  211. I agree with Frank.

  212. And me with Bob.

  213. Morning Ateeb.

    How’s life?

  214. Morning. Just returned from the dentist. Not so good for now. But apart from that, its good. What about you?

  215. Oh, the usual.

    Rebuilding our house, planting vegetables, cleaning out chickens, shooting squirrels, watching Arsenal. Happy days really.

    Actually we are off to the beach for a few days this afternoon so will be pigging out on burgers and pizzas for a change of diet and walking the foreshore.

    Of course what I’m really looking forward to is the lynching of the Board, the drawing and quartering of Monsieur Wenger and the selling off of his love children to fund the building of a ‘proper’ Arsenal team. You know, one with Fat Sam in charge and Robinson in goal, Cahill in the back four, some ‘grit’ in midfield and a big No. 9 up front.

    Can’t be long now.

  216. Sorry don’t really swallow this “all Arsenal fans are cnuts” argument and that they are responsible for the team’s poor home showings. I wish I could go more, but with a wife and kid to support and an average salary, I’ll leave it to those who can afford to pay the exorbitant prices.
    Fans can be much worse in places like Spain or France, have Barcelona’s won fans stopped them winning things?
    The players also have a duty to get the fan’s going, it’s a two way street. I think booing your own team is moronic though.
    Wenger really is a genuis though – keeping the current Arsenal squad in second place ( for now anyway) on a shoestring budget with little investment is an amazing achievement, but expecting us to win the leauge or CL is unrealistic. Compare our strength in depth in attack and defense to Man ure’s and we come up short, no doubt about it.
    We are still in with a shot at the title, but have a pretty tough run-in, let’s make sure we secure 2nd place.

  217. Continuing from my last post…
    Didn’t Arsene actually come out at one point to say we were after Hazard? He may not have won much but I still think he’s a tidy player. Won’t mind at all of we sign him.

  218. What a pity that we’ve had to discuss belief as well as get it (among all our supporters) back so many times since March! Poor my team, poor us…

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