Arsenal Need To Fire On All Cylinders From Now On

Premier League action returns this afternoon with the top three all kicking off on the same day for once. Not at the same time, that would be too much drama for the non-televised world to cope with. Arsenal will entertain Blackeye Rovers with some dazzling football whilst no doubt forgetting to mark anyone taller than 5 foot 2 at a set piece.

Rovers have not so much as taken a point on their visits to Arsenal since 2002, with the seven subsequent visits seeing them concede 25 goals in the process. They have never beaten Arsenal in a match played in April with four draws and nine defeats for their efforts. If those were not preying on their minds, a run that has seen them fail to win a Premier League match since beating West Brom in late January certainly will. A continuation of all those runs will be most welcome today.

Arsenal are boosted by the return of many walking wounded. Fàbregas, Walcott, Song, Diaby all come into the squad whilst van Persie and Bendtner have passed fitness tests following knocks, knacks and niggles picked up on their travels. Or maybe travails is more appropriate?

It gives Arsène his strongest squad to choose from in a while. The centre of the defence and the inclusion of Manuel Almunia is not going to be met with universal approval at any time. On the back of his mistake at The Hawthorns, it is being treated with the good grace that you would expect. The virulence of the internet though is unlikely to be reproduced at The Emirates. A solid display is not going to win over doubters but will certainly bring welcome respite this week.

Whilst the cup defeats have no doubt dented confidence a little, Premier League form should rebuild that. More than that, the returning players will provide a balance that has been missing on occasion. One of them, Theo Walcott, is in no doubt about the remainder of the season,

I think this year we’ve got that experience that any failures from the past won’t happen again. There is a confidence in the camp – and I believe we will be champions, I really do believe it.

Walcott offers a contrary view to the media, who believe that the failures are exactly the reason why Arsenal won’t win the league. Either that or very strong desire not to have to eat humble pie for writing the team off. A little at odds with Theo’s statements about confidence later in the interview is this sentence,

We need to win the Premier League.

There is a hint of desperation in that, a touch of personal desire mixed with professional pride and knowing that the club and supporters want this. More than anything, football-related anyway.

For it to be delivered, Arsenal need to fire on all cylinders. The level of performance that we know they are capable of has to be consistently reached for the remaining nine games. Either that a huge reliance on luck. As has been mentioned by all and sundry nine wins and the title returns. Anything less and other results come into play. Which will probably be the case.

Arsenal are capable of brushing aside all-comers. This has been shown before, more than the carelessness which has marred some performances, particularly against clubs lower down the table. In this respect, that there are so many teams involved in the relegation battle helps.

To put that in perspective, Blackburn are 13th this morning. Lose heavily and with the right set of results, they could be bottom of the table on Monday morning. Right set of results to make the scenario work obviously. Honestly, I don’t care if they are or aren’t, I just care if Arsenal win but you get the drift.

Charged up opponents – or knowing that they will be – makes the squad aware that winning is not going to happen just by turning up. Fully fit players returning will give a boost to all, knowing that creativity and defensive stability can be provided from midfield rather than a gap appearing in the middle of the pitch inspires more confidence.

Crucially, a fit squad precludes complacency. Even central defenders know that sub-standard performances can mean that Alex Song drops into their position for a short spell. The pressure is on for good performances all round. Drive and desire will bring them closer to the title.

The team I expect to start this evening is,

Almunia; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy; Fàbregas, Song, Wilshere; Nasri, van Persie, Arshavin

No Walcott in the starting line-up for me. Having been out since picking up an injury against Stoke, I would bring him on as legs tire in the visitors defence. It is key that the players are kept fit, Aaron Ramsey worryingly picking up a groin strain on international duty. Hopefully it is a temporary setback for the Welshman rather than an Eduardo-esque cycle of niggling injuries.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Thank god it’s a proper Saturday!

    If we can keep our concentration for the next few weeks then I believe we will win the title.


  2. Limestonegunner

    I think we will not win the pl. We are atleast 3 played away from doing so.

  3. Come on gunners!its about time

  4. good article, as always YG.

    Today’s game will be what the team need after a gloomy month of March. Blackburn is at the moment performing bad, besides history does not favour them, against us for sure.
    The returning players will be a welcome boost, however 3 of them starting straight away after sometime off injured may have mixed results. It may make them perform well, as they are fresh.. and there’s the chance of being a bit rusty.

    A factor we can never put aside is the referee for today’s game, Dowd !!
    His decisions will help change the outcome of this match, undoubtedly.

  5. If we are to win the title, the fans, particularly those attending the final 4 games at the Emirates, will need to play a vital role.
    They must forget all the past fury over unsatisfactory displays and mistakes, non signings and tactical errors and give 100% support to the team at all times. Let them reserve judgement on the season when it ends. If not and we fall short they need only ponder how much they contributed towards our failure.

  6. Great post by the Yogi Warrior. Back to the epl madness after a much needed break. All cylinders recharged now. COYG!

  7. Borges Spinelli

    Morning Troopers,

    Feels great to resume regular action, Yogi. Can’t wait!

    My line-up:

    Almunia; Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy; Fabregas, Diaby, Song; Nasri, van Persie, Walcott

  8. Borges Spinelli

    I opted for Walcott over Arshavin, ‘cos I believe 5.5 weeks is sufficient enough time, to fully recover from his injury woes and work his badly missed magic. A fatigued Arshavin, who has played 180mins won’t track back to assist the Left-Back, if he starts.

    I’ve also chosen Diaby over Wilshere, for two reasons: (1) physical presence (2) he’s likely to be fresher than Wilshere who has played 159 hard minutes in the last 7 days. My inclination steers me towards utilizing young Jack and the Russian as super-subs roles for greater impact.

  9. Why are refs so good in cricket and so shit in football?

  10. Merson on Soccer Saturday saying Cesc will not be at Arsenal next season,deffo.
    He has gone from legend to cunt.

  11. Good post Yogi.

    I agree with Nicky, if people cannot get behind the team for the run in they have no right to complain (or celebrate) at the end of the season.

  12. George, he has been a c*nt for quite a while now.

  13. Dups,you are right.
    He said” Cesc aint gooana be there ,he aint ,he aintgoona be thereld ld he know ?.”
    How the fuck would
    he know
    P en for WH
    1 0 WH go on

  14. Great start for the Hammers…come on! Do us a favor and beat the Mancs…

  15. Where is the talk of the Mancs weak defense being undone with one long ball…

  16. george rodger

    Unfortunately United are battering WH

  17. HOLY FUCK is it too good to be true…two pens for the Hammers in the first half…come on Noble put it away

  18. Great Pen…no stopping that one

  19. Skywatchingmug

    I’m for ever blowing bubbles!

  20. george rodger

    2 0 WH

    Vidic gets square on and gives a stone waller

  21. As is the norm YW an interesting post,one would not expect anything less . As you have quite rightly stated in strap line, nothing less than firing on all cylinders and full capacity from now until the end of the season is what is required from this Arsenal team.

    The international break will(should) have given all concerned time together and muster a final onslaught.We await with bated breath.West Ham 2-0 up and Green has made a top save from Park… Man U are going to lose of that I’m certain today..

  22. Limestonegunner

    We will win the title, imposter!

  23. Limestonegunner

    Come on hammers! That was a red card on Vidic, no question.

  24. Skywatchingmug

    Vidic is a lucky boy.
    We have had Koscielny sent off, for less this season.

  25. Limestonegunner

    Very lucky, indeed. Could be off now for a whole half down to ten men and suspended for a game. He still might get a second yellow; we’ll see.

  26. Limestonegunner

    Smalling isn’t looking better than Silvestre right now, much less Squillaci.

  27. Limestonegunner

    Bubbles all over Upton Park. An omen? Let’s hope MU’s bubble bursts as as leaders in the title race.

  28. Bradys right foot

    I’m resigned to a 3 – 2 united win, that way ill not get disappointed. If onlty United had a dominant centre half, lmfao.

  29. Bradys right foot

    Mason what a fecking coward.

  30. Limestonegunner

    Where’s the yellow for Vidic? More than lucky.

  31. Funny, West Ham soak up the pressure only to hit United on a counter or with a long ball. Exactly what United do to us.

  32. West Ham need to quit the long ball rubbish now, they are giving the ball away cheaply.

  33. Limestonegunner

    Hammers collapse. Hang on for a draw?

  34. blow wow!

  35. Hope so Limestone!

  36. Two good goals to be truthful!

  37. what a joke!

  38. Limestonegunner

    Well, that’s the same old story.

  39. I felt they would let United in when they kept giving the ball away.

  40. The ref to the rescue for ManU yet again.

    No chance of Vidic receiving the red card he deserved and a soft as fuck pemalty for united.

  41. However some terrible defending from West Ham and they have been toothless without Carlton Cole!

  42. Skywatchingmug

    No husbandry rights for me tonight, the wife has a Hammer induced headache all of a sudden.

  43. We can’t rely on any teams doing us favours. We need to do our selves and that means beating the northern monkeys at the Grove.

  44. We simply must win to render anything that united do meaningless especially our game against them and cannot rely on any favours from those around us. Great news About the returns of Song, Cesc, Theo. Every game from now till the end of the season is a cup final and the crowd must make the Emirates hell for any visiting team. We can do it. COYG.

  45. I take it the manure won?

  46. Bradys right foot

    Mason predictable and cowardly,the respect campaign has to start with the officials respecting the game. Unfortunately Mason and others are simply not up to that and as much as West Ham were architects of their own downfall it would be remiss to disregard the obvious second yellow for Vidic and a terrible penalty descision. How an old red nosed scot can instill such fear in officials is quite beyond me. The truth is that if Vidic had played for any other team he’d have walked and as for the penalty how is that in any plane of reality deliberate handball. The only deliberate thing about it was Masons mind was already made up as he started the second half.

  47. Great post YW:

    I was really hoping we would be ahead of the Manc’s on points when they came to the Emirates. Still can happen but will be tough. We can’t worry about what happens to anyone else and just play our game. No way to control anything but our own result. Need 3 points today.

  48. WithTendulkar out for 18 I’m nervous. Always support India when the Indies are out!

  49. i think those guys from Stoke might do us a favor and keep chelski to a single point. maybe not, 6 minutes of fergie time.

  50. How long before our game?

  51. thirty minutes, m’lady

  52. Chelsea, Totts, Lvp all dropping points. It’s a 2 team race. I want to crush the Rovers today; no one-nil to the Arsenal…today is a statement game.

  53. agreed. I could sure use a good old 5-1 thrash fest, goals coming from all over our squad. c’mon arsenal!

  54. Who was that anonymous, £24m rated defender who was at fault for Stoke’s goal and covered less than a g-string on set pieces?

  55. Limestonegunner

    Is it actually a favor? They go into their matches with United trailing further back in the league and putting more emphasis on the CL. I don’t think this helps us in anything other than holding into second, which is fine, but not our real goal this season. We want to take the title.

  56. Borges Spinelli

    I second that Nola! Hit ’em hard! Hit ’em, hit ’em, hit ’em! Hit ’em to submission! Take no prisoners.


  57. Skywatchingmug

    A good start, full of commitment from the lads will get the crowd going.

  58. Limestonegunner

    Joy for Woy.

  59. fucking lucky Manchester United as always. does any one off your got a link to the games against blackburn rovers today

  60. yeah James check this out mayne. enjoi! i definitely have not missed listening to these stupid ploondits talking about our squad.

  61. India and Sri Lanka tight but gave to switch channels in ten minutes!

  62. anyone watcching FSC. Warren Baffoon just puts our team down for not goign far enough in cup competitions. lol

  63. anybody else got a link. sorry william didnt work for me

  64. Pundits already making excuses. “The ball was to be won” Blahblahblah. The Blackburn player went in hard and that’s he is worse off now is just what that c*nt deserves.

  65. The bump on Nasri’s head looks brutal but he is playing on. Talk about soft French players!

  66. Skywatchingmug


  67. Great save from Almunia!

  68. We dropped our level a bit.

  69. Come on!

  70. AA working hard

  71. Arshavin!! what a tackle!!!

  72. Skywatchingmug

    That tackle from AA should get the crowd going again.

  73. I love those counter attacks. Good catch by the keeper, thrown wide forward to Theo (or Nasri, or Arshavin) and suddenly the opposition is in all sorts of trouble. Too bad it wasn’t rewarded with a goal.

  74. Where the hell is our mid field?

  75. The stadium is quiet!

  76. at least Manuel in commanding form

  77. Skywatchingmug

    Not enough shots on Fat Robinson. He will spill one, he always does.

  78. we are getting close!

  79. we need to lift the tempo

  80. We need to find the full Arsenal fluency again…has been lost for a number of weeks now

  81. We were great for the first 15 but Blackburn looked more dangerous after that. We need to pick it up in the 2nd 1/2

  82. yeah tokala,since the carling cup surrender.

  83. Skywatchingmug

    Hope this don’t turn into a last ten minutes game.

  84. Nasri is concussed. Wenger should sub him for the second half. I thought he should’ve been off the minute he began walking like he got KO’d. That blow was entirely too hard not to have shaken something loose.

    His injury was the reason for the drop in our tempo, by the way.

  85. 45 mins to save our bacon.

  86. That spill by almunia made wilson shake his head in amusement.

  87. Cesc in for Nasri?

  88. Hope Nasri will be ok!

  89. Borges Spinelli

    I doubt very that Nasri is concussed. On the contrary, evidence of his play suggests the opposite.

  90. The ball was deflected, Wilson didnt know that.

  91. Borges Spinelli


  92. Skywatchingmug

    We can try and play through them but we need to keep them honest. At the moment they are sitting behind the ball and are going with our runners. A quick shot or two will have to make them close down the ball carrier and that will give us the option of the pass again and open up space.

  93. passing needs to be a bit sharper

  94. “put balls in between the goalkeeper and the two CB’s and be really agressive about it, they will have a chance to score” that lady’s and gentlemen is the height of professional commentating in today’s game.

  95. great run by Nasri, we have been missing that

  96. Borges Spinelli

    I do wish our full-backs would come up with more effective options. Crossing the ball, aimlessly, to no-one in particular, clearly isn’t working.

  97. You don’t dribble like that if you are concussed

  98. Borges Spinelli

    Exactly @Evil

  99. Jack should have shot that

  100. Borges Spinelli

    I do wish our full-backs would come up with more effective options. Crossing the ball, aimlessly, to no-one in particular, clearly isn’t working.

  101. Can we bring on Cesc for Song? He looks to have picked up a knock

  102. AA off, kinda surprised by that to be honest.

  103. save us cesc.

  104. wtf?

  105. great ball by Cesc

  106. Borges Spinelli

    Why have our fans gone quiet? You’d think we were at a frickin’ funeral or something.

  107. Wilshere looks a little tired, no?

  108. Borges Spinelli

    Yup, he’s not his usual assertive self.

  109. Borges Spinelli


  110. Thats what I am seeing, he looks a step or two off the pace.

  111. Song likely to draw a second yellow!

  112. We need a win badly to get us rolling again.

  113. Skywatchingmug


  114. Not the “statement” we were lookin for

  115. Borges Spinelli

    I reckon Wilshere will be the one to make way for Bendtner.

  116. yet to win since the carling cup horror show. infact every fukin game since has been a horror show.

  117. Skywatchingmug

    Dirty bastard

  118. wow red card!!!

  119. Dowd doing his job for once.

  120. That kind of tackle breaks legs. No, it’s not harsh. It’s proper refereeing.

  121. yea stupid, sloppy and dangerous tackle. What do you expect from a player trained by big Sam

  122. Borges Spinelli

    Douche bag!

  123. ? a bit harsh

  124. WOW I have to admit I laughed at Clichy’s shot, sorry. Great build up before that though, great block by B’Burn’s defender there.

  125. Clichy?

  126. Haha, Nasri looks like an Asian now XD

  127. yea it went across the outside of the box and went out for a throw 🙂

  128. off the line by Robimson!!!

  129. Free kick COYG!!!!

  130. well well. we dont look like scoring.

  131. Skywatchingmug

    Empty seats.

  132. they should be lowering prices next season after another same old wiltering campaign.

  133. We just dont look sharp. Only Walcott and Nasri really caused trouble.

  134. ‘We told you so’

  135. pathetic

  136. useless

  137. we need a jumble sale.

  138. Fucking shite

  139. need to spend some money now Wenger. its crystal clear that you cant win on the cheap.

  140. Yep, the support is fucking shite as per usual.

  141. Wenger is too fucking busy putting up his pictures all over the stadium:

    Arsenalisation? Arsenisation, more like!

  142. See the cling cup WAS important after all, we aint won a game since and we dont fukin look likely too thank fuck chelsea and spurs threw points coz we our priority is top 4.

  143. We lost our fluency weeks ago and cannot regain it…trying to lift he tempo but it falls flat…don’t know the problem (confidence, key injuries..?) but it is starting to look a little too late to find it back…hope things turn quickly

  144. We should’ve taken our chances. At this stage of the season, nothing less than a is good enough, under any circumstance. Very disappointing.

  145. joe called it and we all slagged him off.

  146. Firing on all cylinders is not quite how I’d describe today’s performance….

  147. Yes, we didnt play well but we keep going until the end.

    I dont buy what Suga is selling. All season people have slated our goalies and defense, well no goals were scored. The other usual scapegoats (Diaby and Denilson) did not play so what did you tell us? that Cesc, RVP, Nasri, Song and Wilshere wouldnt be able to break down Blackburn?

  148. Not. Good. Enough.

    Buy, buy or bye, bye!

  149. not bad. for how “horrible” our defence is and how we “struggle” at defending set pieces, our d was solid and we managed a clean sheet. on the offensive end i counted 3 or 4 pretty great chances (wilshere, walcott was through once or twice, and a splurge of headers right at the end there.) que everyone saying we suck for drawing a game in the most competitive league in the world.

  150. ????????????????…………. We must win every game now and pray.The look on the players and fans faces at the end of the game said it all.

  151. paul N we dont keep going till the end, we face the fukin music bruv. this team needs investment.

  152. i feel like busting out a muppet-esqe satirical rant just to make fun of this guy SUGA. when we draw a match you come on here and say things like a child. What about when we win games, what about during the week when we discuss things? we should probably look into buying Gary Cahill. I mean his bolton defense has allowed about 15 more goals than ours, surely he can bring some “confidence” to our back line.

  153. Limestonegunner

    Support was awful. No atmosphere, no lift for the team. They were lifeless and so were the supporters in the stadium. We aren’t going to win anything if we keep playing like this. Three straight draws suggests we are in the doldrums and neither capable of seizing opportunities to make up ground or deal with the pressure of keeping pace. Since the cup defeats we just haven’t seen the response that is needed.

    Maybe there will be some twists and turns ahead, but we need lots of help from ManU’s opponents and a big win against them. Will that fixture be a big game with the title still in the balance? I think our schedule in the league is more difficult, though we don’t have other fixtures to deal with, Tottenham away, Liverpool at home. After Man U, Stoke away. So if we draw to an awful Blackburn… We need a spark to fire us and I thought this game would be it. We can get on track away to Blackpool and must, must win away at Tottenham. That could push us on and fire us to a strong finish. Let’s hope for that.

  154. duke, you need to make up your mind about what you believe. You are up and down all the time. We beat Chelsea and Barcelona and we are all good for you and now you change your tune.

  155. Paul N,

    breaking down teams like this has always been our Achilles heel and it is the manager’s job to eradicate these shortcomings…

    and he is one of the better paid manager’s in the business, time to earn your money or piss off…

    check out the matchday hospitality section on the club’s website (massive pistures of Wenger all over the place) and its pre-recorded message (Hi, it’s Arsene Wenger) – narcism at its worst, absolutely disgusting!

  156. wenger drew the game poor team selection. Players dnt look lyk they really want 2 win. We just flat and there are no excuses 4 that kind of perfomance!

  157. okay Duke. what else are we to do if not go all the way till the end. rufuse to play the rest of our games just because we drew against blackburn? Chelsea drew to stoke, i’m sure they aren’t gunna give up.

  158. william you are the winner of the optimistic bollocks statement. i knew some one would come up with the old,”we got a clean sheet” what a load of meaningless bullshit.

  159. That looked like a team hungry to win a trophy(not)……. Where is the fucking desire, all we needed was a scabby 1-0, we’re gonna piss away our best chance of winning the league for years.

  160. Nonsense Duke, the team has hit a rough patch but so have all other teams. I did not see a team that is not fighting, I saw a team that didnt play well and that wasnt sharp.
    It is you who dont support to the end, everytime something negative happens you come with your doom.

  161. Paul , of course im up and down, thats football. the team showed they were good enough but then they have proved they are not. simple really, they didnt have a better chance of winning something this season and they will end up with nowt. also the way they are losing is proof they have not the mental strenght.

  162. check out the pic:

    pathetic, the club’s logo was a cannon, last time I checked!

  163. SUGA, breaking teams down like that is what we have to do in basically every match, bar when we face barca. When we do win its all business and people expect us to beat blackburn. if we fail to break down 9 men in the box with Santa Cruz dropping back to defend occasionally, wenger sucks and can’t pick a squad.
    Clay- who would you suggest to have started the game?

  164. Our defense was solid. Up front we had a few players lacking sharpness and we payed for it.

  165. paul itisnt me being doomy its the team who are producing doomy results.

  166. Paul N,

    this performance does not deserve anybody’s support!


  167. so now keeping a cleansheet is meaningless eh Duke?

  168. Suga,

    Do not write there.

    Everytime I do, they call me a piece of s**t.

  169. *here not there

  170. william,

    yeah, so we should be happy that Coco the fucking Clown was lucky enough to spill the ball (twice) on the right side of the post then?


  171. No Suga, we have broken down teams and did today, unless you missed some of the chances we had. I am sure you cannot blame Wenger for Wilshere missing that easy chance now can you?

  172. I think suga3 predicted these 4 draws a month back….. Just after we lost the cc final….. Suga also predicted a spanking by utd at the emirates…. Total collapse? Dunno yet sugaaaaa…. We’re still in it albeit not in our hands anymore…. But fucking good call… Ur a soothsayer?

  173. Maciek, you probably are.

    SUGA -“that performance doesn’t deserve anybody’s support” i agree actually. It doesn’t deserve anybody’s support, it deserves YOUR support. after all you are the arsenal fan writing on an arsenal blog.

  174. anyway, I am off, you can wank over having the ‘moral high ground’ and ‘supporting’ a bunch of fucking millionaires who think you are a bunch of mugs til Kingdom come 😆


  175. Pass,pass,pass,………………………pass,pass,pass………………pass.

  176. basically i could argue for all of these in a pro-arsenal manner, but i’m gunna let you fucks complain about things that are out of your control. I’m off to do some math and watch my Chicago White Sox go for two wins in a row.

  177. william. we yes when we need a win to keep our title tilt alive, we have now handed them wanc cunts the title by not being able to beat such piss poor teams as sunderland and west brom. we now need to spend some fukin pat cash.

  178. Duke, you are not consistent in your support. The team didnt play well but they tried hard. Things are no clicking at the moment, even since the CC final, lets hope we can get back on target.

    I cannot see the sense in everytime we get a loss or a draw we turn into a Suga.

    COME ON!

  179. william,

    a Yank? how predictable – funny how most of the ‘holier than thou’ fans are nowhere near putting their money where their mouth is…

    stick to baseball, will you?

  180. you american william? im very suprised how many americans on here who dont give a fuck about winning.

  181. William, are you watching the final four games today?

  182. Dissapointed but never bitter.

  183. tried hard? keep them coming mate, ever considered a career in standup comedy?

  184. and to make things worse i am afraid the Spuds have lady luck on their side as Real Madrid are hitting their worst form of the year, having just lost at home to Gijon…. 😦

  185. Since they can’t blame the defense or the goalkeeper, they were flawless, let’s see who the doomers pour their scorn on today. My money is on them picking on Arshavin, Bendtner or Chamakh. Watch.


    2:0 down, 4:2 up. Arse you watching Arsene.

    We can’t even score against Blackburn.

  187. Was on a high after India’s world cup victory…but the Arsenal draw coupled with a ManU comeback leaves me disappointed…everyone seems to be out of form…

  188. Borges Spinelli

    A homicide is about to go down. Screw these putz who solely turn up to gloat at their team’s expense.

  189. Suga, I am thinking we Arsenal supporters in the US should fly to England to watch Arsenal every week.

    Duke, we all care about winning but does that mean turning on our own when we dont?

    I want to know who is to be blamed, we had all the stars today and we still didnt win. So the same players who we deem good enough for our team, the essential players, you know the stars, are now not good enough?

  190. Look lads the truth is that we have the squad to win the league but we probably won’t. That quite frankly my friends Is down to the manager. True we lack a game changer (radford, George, henry , berkamph etc) however when u leave our best player on the bench and then he comes on and plays like an eddie mcgoldrick??? Then you MUST ask questions of the manager!!!

  191. william we shud hve startd wth height in front. In the 1st half we hd so many crosses that were wasted coz there was no one

  192. It’s the team play and fluency that does not come off, lacks sharpness…not one or two players

  193. Suga, you are right, they didnt try hard, the team wanted to draw.

    You are unique!

  194. Paul N,

    oh, so you are one from across the pond too? thought as much…

    try spending a few hundred quid per season then, you will not know what I am talking about until then!

    who is to be blamed? I’ll tell you who, the manager!

    as much as I am saying this through the gritted teeth, Ferguson pisses pure scotch all over Wenger!

  195. Skywatchingmug

    Disappointing, will have to take time to let it all sink in.
    And then get behind the team for the remaining fixtures.

  196. RVP/Arshavin are our game changers…things just didn’t fall into place

  197. accountability is the word…

  198. you know who is to blame today Paul N….Mr Wenger has to take the blame for trying to win everything on the cheap, its now abundantly clear that we do indeed lack some players with that mental strength. we have looked lost since the cc final . i have never felt so bad as after that loss coz we knew this is excactly what would happen, we look lost out of ideas confused and dazed and its all coz we didnt have thet little bit of experinece in the cup final.

  199. JD? every time Cesc has been “ready” he gets injured again. The hope was to win without having to play Cesc at all. To be trutful apart from a couple of passes he wasnt that good.

    Some of players looked jaded to me, i am wondering if thats why the play looked so disjointed.

  200. I have the impression that despite all the talk, interviews, etc the team has lost belief since that horrible couple of weeks…

  201. I’ve been to almost every away game this season, yet have only ben to abouthalf the home games. Mainly due to the fact that as an experience, it can be sooooo fucking dull and listless. Not the team, but the fucking support. Full of whining cunts.

    At least the American Gooners on here have a pretty good excuse not going to thegames; they live a few 1000 miles away!

  202. something must be wrong for this team not to win fuckall again this season. Wenger now has no choice but to bring a couple of experienced players in.

  203. Say what you want duke but you cannot be depended upon to support the team unless we win every match.

    And Duke, please tell me what cheap players were at fault for this draw, I am waiting?

    Nasri – Captain of French team and best French player if you ask me, Cesc – WC and EC winner, RVP – one of the best players in Holland and the best striker in the PL right now, Walcott and Wilshere – two of the best young players in England, Sagna – starting RB for France, Clichy – Back up LB for france.

    Please tell me who the cheap players are?


  204. It is completely understandable for Gooners to be pissed off. They hvae seen this team throw away games, dropping points all season. The experienceof st James park will sadly live long in my memrory banks!

  205. Paul, none of these have been at their very best today… by far. Any idea why ?

  206. Paul N,

    like I said, the squad is good enough, it’s the manager that is finished!

  207. Duke

    It’s note experience required, it’s desire, will to win. I can think of plenty of experienced players who wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference.


  208. Burn out maybe…too much responsibility on the in form players-RVP/Nasri/Arshavin/Walcott?…Cesc far from his best…backup looks good on paper…but all of them are going through a bad patch

  209. Suga, dont pay then. You pay to support not for trophy rights, and if the product is not up to your liking sit yu blow wow ah yu yard.

    When Wenger holds a gun to your head and makes you buy tickets then tell me about your money, until then I dont care. Its a CHOICE!

  210. Paul N,

    the pictures of Wenger all over the place and today’s performance did it for me, unless the changes are made, the club has just lost itself a few hundred quid next season, simple as that…

  211. Suga

    So you’re a better supporter than anyone else? Presumably that’s why you’ve been looking through the hospitality packages? If you judge someone by the money they spend, presumably you’ve bought a box? No…


  212. even Kenny S. has just said it was over, is he a doomer?

  213. you know what did it for me Paul, thatman utd loss. despicable against that shite. the team has shown its weak minded, what can you say Paul. its just the brutal hard honest truth dont bury your head and take it out on me.

  214. maybe Arsenal needs to sell this lifesuckingly plush ground to Spuds and start all over with a new stadium that doesn’t cater to wealthy fans who sit on their hands or spend the entire match slagging off the players. This club lost it’s soul when it built an expensive mausoleum instead of a ground for the people. I can’t wait to see what it’s like if the club slips down to mid-table and the team plays in front of 25,000 empty seats every week. I guess at least the empty seats wouldn’t boo or heckle the players. This team would have as good or better record it it played all away games where they get actual support.

  215. truth hurts i know. thats why we need some reinforcments. whats wrong with that its clear for all to see.

  216. YW,

    I am not judging the supporters by that, it’s just a pattern that I see: these who call the likes of me cunts the loudest are usually just keyboard warriors living on the other end of the world who have never been to the game once and most of them never will…

    to be fair, I admire their passion, I wish the players had 10% of that!

    funnily enough, I saw the hospitality package pic by accident, by mis-clicking the link on the website 😉


  217. Actually Suga, Kenny S has reason to be listened to. Those who constantly whinge, well, I for one couldn’t give a rats fucking arse what they think.

  218. The manager isnt good enough! I am done with speaking to Suga.

    Tokala, all of our best players were injured and/or on international duty. We could be dealing with a lack of match fitness/sharpness and possibly players are tired.

    Anyway, its a nice sunny day in Houston, TX (Suga), I am think I am going to ride my horse of into the sunset, or something like that.

  219. duke

    Whats the point in buying players? They’d only get injured anyway!

  220. YW the team has desire, is trying hard and it shows (not a good sign actually…) but they don’t seem able to transform that into more pace, penetration, urgency…

  221. suga

    I go to loads of games and I think you’re a cunt. 😀

  222. My dad and grandad used to watch the Arsenal in the 50s, 60s and 70s and they saw some terrible teams never looking close to winning anything, never mind the league, yet that didnt stop them going every game.

    However, I do think that is alot harder to do now mainly due to the fact that it is such a fucking expensive habit to have. To fork out the amount it costs to follow the team, knowing they will end up empty handed again is a big cost to cover, both inancially and emotionally.

  223. I dont care what anyone thinks to tell you the truth. Many were saying Chelsea were out of it and then prior to today they were in it. If we are out of it, United have already won. Many more matches to be played, we are not at our best but I keep hope alive, to do anything else is criminal to me as a supporter.

    Yep, I am going to believe until it is a fact that we are out of the race.

  224. Yogi,

    it’s not about whinging, it’s about realistic assessment – if I can do this, having played a bit of football some years ago, so should the manager who is paid millions…

    Paul N,

    Wenger is tactically inept and his matchday management sucks donkey’s balls – yes, kudos to him for keeping us competitive on a shoestring budget, but we now have resources and he refuses to use them, and that is why I believe he is past it…

  225. Dexter,

    it has to be said that the feeling is mutual 😀

  226. In 1988 we had a team of youngsters on the verge of greatness but we lacked a leader a winner.George went and bought Keven Richardson a double title winner from Everton.He was a major influence in 89.That is what this team we have today lacks EXPERIENCE OF WINNING.Take a look at Man Utds team winners galore.Where are our winners?
    Wenger only has himself to blame for not signing experienced players

    Today was like a friendly match.No fight no passion.Its Utd’s title and that with the worse team under Fergie’s reign.

  227. Tokala, I think a problem is that when we do have a breakthrough we look for an unecessary extra pass. We also dont get enough people in the box on crosses. I also believe we should attack the goal more instead of sometimes looking for a cut back, how many times have we seen the ball flash across the goal and no one is there to tap it in.

    There are some places were we could improve to get those ugly goals to me.

  228. if fighting for the title and getting these thug cunts closer to relegation are not enough of a motivation, then I don’t know what is…

  229. Paul

    No, I don’t think it’s lack of matches. Wenger indicated that Cesc’s problem is that the player isn’t convinced he is fit and is hesitant because of it. No two ways about it, today was a day where the performance was extraordinarily poor by anyone’s standards.


  230. Suga, if he was as inept as you say we wouldnt be where we are.

    You see if what Duke is saying is true that the “cheap” players are not good enough then someone had to coach them up to play to this level. You see.

    This match was all on the players, they didnt play well.

  231. Thing is, we will beat United when they come to the Grove and it will countfor fuck all! Oh the bleedin irony.

  232. Suga

    ‘Realistic assessment’ includes highlighting the positives as well as analysing the negatives. I don’t see much of the former but an absolute welter of the latter. Which means it’s whinging.

    You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink


  233. Paul N,

    Wenger plays the same game whether it is Barca or Leyton Orient, this Arsenal team is like Alfa Romeo, when it goes, it purrs, but is highly prone to defects…

  234. @ yogi 8.13.
    If the team lack desire to win, who’s fault is that?

  235. Its a tricky one today, there are no obvious scapegoats to blame.

  236. I hear you Yogi.

    Who can take the blame for that but the player himself. I am sure he is also not so confident after his backpass.

  237. Suga, what shouldve been done today?

  238. Dexter @ 8:37, true!
    It doesn’t help when the golden child spurns a golden opportunity to score a goal in a 0-0 game.
    I suppose he won’t get heckled on twitter.

  239. YW,

    but I believe there are good points in this team and we don’t really need that much of a change, it’s the Wenger’s unwillingness to make these decisions that is costing us…

    there are good players like Arshavin, who is rumoured to be on his way out in the summer – lunacy or what? I though of him as the modern day Bergy…

    yet, we will keep the duds like Diaby and don’t tell me about his injury, that was FIVE years ago and it’s been about FOUR since he came back…

  240. forget Diaby, he didnt play in this match. What about todays players? the best of the best didnt show up, what should Wenger have done?

  241. Paul N,

    how about switching to 4-4-2? just an idea:

    —– Back four that sadly picks itself —–

    why play Theo against a team that parks the bus if his main attribute is his pace?

  242. I will not ‘forget Diaby’, as he will be here next season, stinking out the place with his big time Charlie attitude!

  243. Who knows what will the table will be like when we meet United. There is nuff more football to be played.

  244. Sharpness, confidence, Blackburn defending for 90mins, and Arsenal not spending. On todays performance I don’t buy that….Wenger got it tactically wrong as the game went on, and that was the main reason we dropped yet again points! Nasri and Walcott off while a tiring Song remained against 10men? Bentdner – our best chance of getting a winning header in the last 10 minutes against a team giving us space and time to cross – out on the wing? Cese, JW and Song all playing too deep, on top of each other and times, when we needed to make space and stretch them? Stuck to 4 at the back with Song holding even in the last 2 minutes against 10men, surely every other manager in the country in need of a win would have just left 1 or 2 at the back and sent a CB up? 3 stickers on the pitch, but we still played 1 in the middle? What the HELL was going on in those 45mins – it was a shambles.

    Good to get a clean sheet though, no thanks to another shaky performance between the posts!

    We are going to have to beat united and drop no more than 2 points to win this title now….still possible

  245. Well Suga, Walcott was the player causing problems today?

  246. I blame Denilson!

  247. as for the piss poor matchday management:

    we have dropped 11 points (13 if you count last game against WBA) due to:

    – complacency (poor motivational skills)
    – not making subs soon enough
    – not reacting to the team imploding trying to be ‘smart’

    shall I go on? seriously, Wenger is VERY limited in that department…

  248. And Eboue…..

  249. On my way home from the game, very disappointing outcome. There was plenty of perspiration, just not enough inspiration today. The defending on long balls, set pieces and corners was a definite positive. But no goals fom 11 shots on target is a poor return. I think I’ll leave it at that.

  250. I do agree that we couldve put two upfront though and he has recenlty however for me, the players were below par. Not sure if any formation wouldve changed as we dont play a stagnant formation at all.

  251. Paul N,

    Theo should be used as impact sub in games like these, depending on whether there is any space for him to exploit or not, IMO…

  252. From not fom!

  253. Suga, we were flying high and beating all comers with the same formation. More than anything else we have hit a bad patch due to a loss of confidence.

  254. “Arsenal Need To Fire On All Cylinders From Now On”

    Did you mean firing blanks Yogi’s? I think you need to be more clear than that 🙂

    I think we are still INIT…Maybe.

  255. Theo has been great all season (when fit) his game isnt about just pace any more. Picking him today was a no brainer.

  256. Borges Spinelli

    @Marlon Do you call Arshavin, Rosicky, Fabregas, RvP, Sagna, Clichy and Squillaci inexperienced? I’d hate to see your definition experience.

  257. Thats enough raking over the embers of another poor result. I’m off to get smashed.

  258. AW comments unusually negative today:
    “It was quite a big concern to see what we have seen today.”

  259. all i can see is the stereo types. they pop up in my head, i say no, but they keep on coming back.

    its the same bloody problems again and again. we are suposed to play beautiful football but why then are we so short of fresh ideas? the same patterns reoccur. it must start on the training pitch. sagna was supplying about 80% of our balls into the box but that is probably out weakest most last ditch tactic.

    there is a agressive edge to other teams that we rarely show. its a man world and we aren’t able to compete like this.

    one man only has 1 pair of eyes, he will always have some form of blind spot unless he is some kind of diety… a fresh and more ruthless perspective must be brought in behind the scenes. i do not ever want to hear that this is another chance for us to show our mental strength. pat rice must be first on the list if its not wenger.

    however I am optimistic about next year with so many new players coming through the ranks……. this must be it though. no more next years.

  260. Paul N,

    it’s the manager’s job to instill this confidence, by carrot, stick, hook or crook, no?

    too much carrot makes the donkey become fat, simples…

    it’s time to make these primadonnas to be PETRIFIED at the very thought of failure!

  261. Fact is, our best, which are some of the best in the world where poor. No one is going to tell me that this was ALL Wenger’s fault. The game was to be won for 90 minutes, not the last 20.

  262. You wanted to go, Suga3, didn’t you? If your support at the stadium is half as good as what your word’s worth, well, pathetic won’t describe it.

    As for the game: simply not good enough. Three points from three games is not the form we need at the end of the season. That we couldn’t score against Blackburn and against Sunderland shows that we are clearly lacking sharpness up front and I am not sure what we can do to regain it. I hoped that the internationals would be enough for the team to recoup, but clearly that was not the case. I am not sure what kind of kick in the arse the team needs to be lifted to playing as usual, but I am sure Arsene will provide it during the week. He needs to do to them on a daily basis what he did during half time at the Liverpool game 2009 when we were trailing 1:0 and came back to win 1:2.

    It sucks massively that it’s not in our own hands anymore, but, in all honesty, I can’t see United not dropping any points until the end. Chelsea will rip them a new one. But the big question remains if we can get back to winning ways. We are the Arsenal, so we do it the hard way, but whoever claims that we are out of it is naive.

  263. and can someone explain to me why do we pump the high balls into the box when we play a team of midgets against a team of fucking giants and less so after introducing two players whose biggest asset is their heading ability?

    and why is Bendy on the right with RvP in the middle when the latter scored one, maybe two headers in his entire career?

    if that is not ineptitude then I don’t know what is…

  264. Suga, when Chelsea had a bad patch was it because the manager wasnt instilling confidence in them, when United lost all those matches was it due to Fergie not doing his job?

    The good thing is, though we have been playing like crap we still havent lost in the PL in the new year. In years past that has seen us start winning.

  265. Paul N,

    it’s the end result that counts mate and the league WAS the most winnable for ages and we will not get a better chance for years to come!

    Chelsea is a team of fucking pensioners, yet they are firmly on our back, and ManYoo have lost a few of their best players and yet they will win the damn thing!

    ‘not losing’ is not good enough, techically, you can go the entire season unbeaten and get relegated with 38 points to your name, no?


    I will go whenever the fuck I wish, as for my support inside the ground, I usually lose my voice, despite some giving me the funny looks…

  266. Marlon.

    Bang on.

  267. james mc daid

    MARLON,our winners are playing in the prem for Chelsea,City,Villa.

  268. Chelsea is a team of pensioners, I thought thats what we needed.

  269. Paul i dont know whether to admire your optimisim or worry about it.

  270. duke, likewise i worry about your constant flip flopping.

  271. our team is raw, talented but we lack them experienced winners, with a viera on the pitch in the cc we would have won, no one to turn to and the occasion got the better ,since then its all been too much pressure. a gilberto silva or a campbell is wht we need to carry these talented youngsters to winning ways.

  272. BS Experienced at winning titles in this country.Only Smalling and Hernandez have not won a premieship at Man Utd.

  273. Well not likewise, I just worry about it.

  274. see paul you have a pop at people who just moan then you have a go at those that do both, you just want everyone to sing and dance about whatever is served up come rain or shine.

  275. Paul N,

    in the ideal world, if I had David Dein to do the talking, I would to the following:

    OUT: Almunia, D******n, Diaby, Rosicky, Bendtner

    IN: top CB, Rodwell, Hazard, Benzema + promote Lansbury & JET

    the above team would piss the league with a manager who is active and does not do fixations on one tactic…

  276. *do the following

    and it’s about £50-55M net spend, which we can afford…

  277. Paul do you understand what football is about. you are american maybe thats is why. what is your first sport? cant be football.

  278. I dont know this but how many titles did many of the invincibles win prior to playing for Arsenal?

    Were many of them winners or did Arsene make them winners?

  279. paul, im consistent in my up and downs depending on results like every proper football fan since the birth of the game, its what it is all about son. highs and lows. and this is a fukin depressing low. if we couldnt even pip this shitteste manc side in historyto the title then…well…its depressing isnt it.

  280. I think three draws after losing to ManU to go of the FA cup, it is time for me to say (listen up here viceologist), …….I TOLD YOU SO!
    Why play a single striker against these PL teams? Playing Five defensive minded players against a lone striker at your own home ground! C’mon, we can do better. Now we have to live with the fact that despite arguably the most gifted side in the league, we still cannot win it. Why take Arsha off, when you need the magic which he only can produce (cue Barca, WBA…) Arsenal players and their management team are a shame.

  281. I did not see the game, so cannot comment, other than the mention that it is usually always the case that when our players come back from international duty they do not play well. It used to be that we lost, but on this occasion we did not. Thus time they were away for 2 weeks, playing a completely different style of football than they play for us. Wenger said that they only came back on FRiday morning, clearly not enough time to to get their attitude back to arsenal-mode.

    I have seen Wenger’s press conference, and clearly he is concerned at the player’s attitude.

    Also what he said about Fabricas’ state of mind is worrying.

    I have felt since the neu camp that he is not the same player anymore. I think that that game was an enormous blow to him, as he was merely a spectator for almost the whole time he was on the pitch and gave away the goal that killed us. I think that he also saw that going to barcelona was not likely to be the crock at the end of the rainbow for him, as he clearly w0uld not fit in as anything other than a fringe squad player.

    His mental attitude is a real problem that needs to be sorted, because, in roder to get anywhere this season, we will need him to play 100%.

    I am trying very hard to remain positive, as are we all, but we need the players to do so, and someone, perhaps, to persuade them to do so.

    I suspect the rot started at St. James’ park and they ahve got to stop it now.

  282. Paul,

    what you have to understand is that when Wenger came, there was a bunch of players here who knew what it means to bleed red and white and they instilled that pride into the newcomers…

    do you think Tony Adams needed any guidance from Wenger on being a winner? or Winterburn? no? how about Dixon then?

    it just so happened that France had that golden all-conquering generation of players and AW brought some in – France won the WC in 1998 and Euros 2 years later, no?

    Wenger also got lucky that Sol landed in his lap – do you think he would be able to pull that off right now? think again…

    as far as his success is concerned, there was one man behind it and that man was David Dein…

  283. Duke, I have Arsenal Jersey from my youth, in the late 70’s? I have watched Liam Brady, Frank Stapleton and Pat Jenning’s play in my youth.

    If you still think I am American, then so be it. Dont know what that has to do with the price of fish anyway. You are so focused on winning that you forget honest support.

  284. Bergy was not Wenger’s purchase either, but Rioch’s…

  285. Paul ,sorry i haven’t been reading for a little while. i’m not sure if i’m gunna watch the final four because i have a full plate of physics and math to do. I’ll probably leave the games on in the background while i work though. its nice supporting teams other than arsenal. I wake up and get all pissy after the match, but then i get to watch some of my inferior yank sports and my mood gets uplifted! gotta love them sports.

  286. Duke, this is you.

    After we beat Barcelona – ” we willconquer the world”
    Now – “Wenger is a cheap skate”

    Thats inbalanced.

  287. Paul N,

    and this is me:

    we beat Barca: ‘we ain’t done nothing yet’

  288. Paul im not really obsessed with winning but i believe this team Should be beating that shit manc team, the fact that we are getting whipped by them is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

  289. the nationality card has been played

  290. My question was how many trophies did the players in the invincible team win prior to coming to Arsenal. How many did Toure, Henry, PV, Pires, Freddie and all of them win.

  291. Paul n stop being so dramatic your starting to sound like my missus.

  292. no, it has not, you just have no idea what it means over here…

  293. it’s pointless, this back and forth amongst arsenal fans,the real place to do the talking is on the pitch,and we have failed miserably.

  294. Duke, the United loss hurt but it was the Barca loss and the way we lost that has gotten us in this funk. That loss cut real deep into the players hearts. Imagine, you are almost there and then its gone in such a silly way.

    Suga, this sounds more like you – “Barca will beat us 10-0”

  295. obviously after the barc win and even after the barca loss, i was full of optimisim for this team but they have crumbled big time under the lightest of pressures really, brum in the cup, piss poor manc team knocked us out now three draws agisnt shite. there is no excuse for our teams results so some thing now needs changing. ie personnel.what other conclusion can there be. keep doing the groundhog day. arent you getting a little pissed off with it paul? now all we are asking for is a couple o fukin quality experienced winners,a little fukin investment.

  296. Paul N,

    really? do I really need to dig this shit up?

    Henry: Ligue 1 + Supercup 1997
    Pires: Coupe de Ligue 1996
    Vieira: nothing
    Ljungberg: Allsvenskan 1997, Svenska Cuppen 1995
    Toure: League in 2001 & 2002

    shall I go on?

  297. You already sound like mind duke, stop your damn moaning!

  298. Paul N,

    bollocks it is like me, it’s not me talking out of my bottom, it’s you…

  299. SUGA- i have no idea what it means ever. you are probably a nice guy, but we have some dissenting opinions. i think that being in 2nd place in the league is a pretty good acheivement, especially in comparison to the other 18 teams that are currently looking at our backsides. You seem to want a sort of catalyst to make this team make the extra leap from being a technical, skillful team to a dominant force. I would agree with that, and would love to watch our team consistently beating other teams with authority. sadly its much easier said than done.

  300. evening..
    another shite result..
    what are they playing at where is this mental strength wenger keeps banging on about??
    theres still time to turn it round but i reckon the titles utd’s and we are fighting to hold onto second..the players just dont want it enough…weve totally lost momentum and wenger cant motivate them…
    shame really..but the script is written every transfer window and every wage rise and every contract extension…
    one things for sure tho..the fans have had enough…

  301. sure, you have to prove your case that we have a bunch of winner, now we have to look at what the players on our current team have won.

    I will dig it up but I am out.

  302. lol @ Suga!

  303. james mc daid

    Paul N,only Tony Adams stood up too Wenger he would never have won anything,just like he has not won an argument since the departure off David Dein,that was the day winning went out off the club.

  304. I know Denilson won a dancing competition in brazil when he was a kid!!

  305. have a great one all!


  306. There is truth to that, Dein strived to make Arsenal a success. wouldnt tolerate all these underacieving seasons.

  307. william,

    it certainly will not be done by the way of repeating the same mistakes, right?

    first of all, we have not finished second yet, and we will not play an easier game between now and our customary little shitty trip to Austria…

    secondly, like I said, if we had a manager worth his salt, we would be top of the league, six points clear and with a game in hand, and a CC to our name, so please forgive me that I consider this season to be an epic fucking fail 😉

  308. James, what the heck are you talking about. The team has been in transition, Arsena had to take a different route because they couldnt keep up financially. If Wenger couldve spent like the other big clubs and bought ready made stars, we would win almost every year.

  309. Take it easy Suga!

  310. Paul,

    thing is that now we have the money to spend, we had a few burning needs, players available and yet we did bugger all…

  311. that game was supposed to be for rocky…
    the crowd sang their heart out for him..
    the players??
    who gives a fuck just give me my contract extention you promised me..

  312. you are definitely excused. do you have a certain manager in mind that would make this team more determined and ruthless? I find that is much easier to argue for yourself when you follow the pattern of, “If we had X, then we would have acheived A, wouldn’t have fucked up B, and would be sitting top of the league” just my opinion though.

  313. william,

    all we need is David Dein back at the club and that’s it – he is about the only person who has any influence on Wenger…

    off the top of my head, Louis van Gaal is available in the summer andthis team seems to be in the serious need of a ‘do you have the balls like me’ moment 😆

  314. and just to give you the idea what it means for paying fans (sorry, it’s a tad long):

    Jerry says:
    April 2, 2011 at 22:02

    Just got back from 1 of my possibly 6/7 games a season, money & wife permitting. On the way up me and my mate were moaning about how Vidic should’ve gone off & Rooney will no doubt get away with swearing at a camera on live lunchtime TV as the FA will again wriggle out of punishing him for disrepute. We bitched about how Manu are constantly given a helping hand and that the sooner Fergie goes the more chance they’ll actually get a player sent off. Oh and how the fuck was Fergie made the patron saint of refs this week, unbelievable?! Ok so they fought back and showed resilience but this aint exactly a good Manu team is it.

    Then we sat through 90 expensive minutes of Arsenal’s finest. Defence aside this was about as good as it gets injury wise and a game against pretty poor opposition as well. Yet apart from the opening 15-20mins I could barely contain my frustration at such a lackluster display from a bunch of spoiled multi millionaire premadona cunts.

    ” WHAT…THE FUCK…ARE THEY PLAYING AT?” Raged a man at half time and he was right, we were heading for yet another last 10 minutes game. Only it didn’t happen this time, we actually fucked it up good and proper this time, bye bye any chance of catching a shit Manc squad let alone dream of winning the worst league since time began. Mathematically it’s still possible of course, if they lose to the Chavs & us & drop a point or 2 elsewhere, which isn’t beyond all hope. What is though is the chances of us getting maximum points in the rest of our games, you’d have to be Norman fucking Wisdom to bet otherwise.

    Nevermind having the players back for half an hour, hows about spending several hours thrashing out something with our board of the stupidly wealthy. About time these bastards stood up, put some serious money in & leaned on Wenger to spent it, not the clubs money but THEIR fucking money. He may be more inclined to play with that and they may take a bit more interest on performance thereafter.

    Getting rid of Wenger would be like Charlton getting rid of Curbishly or Villa with O’Neil, to keep us up there on a relative shoestring should not be under estimated. The Billions of the Russian & Arabs are, this year at least, behind us in the league after all.

    Who better is about to walk in our door when we’ve bugger all to spend. The big names that are often put forward aren’t in the least bit interested in “living within our means”, they’ll only plan to be around for a few years anyway so won’t give a monkeys cock where we get the money from but money they will want, of that make no mistake. It’s often argued that we are punching beyond our weight and perhaps that’s true.

    However what I will say is that when I turn up having traveled fucking miles & made a considerable dent to my wallet I expect a little effort from my team. For all the class we had out there today I got very fucking little back in the way of “mental poxy strength” I must say. Todays dross was about fuckers not being bothered, not being arsed and most certainly not focused on winning a title. This year really was
    there to be won but they couldn’t get their shit together against crap like Blackburn, fucksake you couldn’t of hand picked an easier home game.

    Apologies for the rant, I’m annoyed.

  315. well considering that i’ve been a fan of footy for about 4 years only and have been supporting The Arsenal for about 2 years, i know nothing of this David Dein. I do know that we arguably one of the most skilled teams in the world and its a shame to have to watch the team fall just short of glory over and over. so maybe it is time for a change? i’m not sure if getting rid of Arsene is the way to do it, but playing 2nd fiddle to the likes of Chelski and Man U year after year sure does take its toll on supporting the team.

  316. agreed we need Dein back. goodnight paul.

  317. Paul N,what the heck are you talking about ? i am talking about ADAMS having to give Wenger a lecture at half time on how to play football in England,maybe you did not hear off that little made a winner out off for all this money we where short,that was a myth,what happened was Wenger got carried away with his success and personally went a different route,a route that has failed,miserably,Wenger was never refused money by this club,he admits that himself,he made a mistake,he bought into the hype,thats all.

  318. also you people seem like older men who have incomes and salaries and actual lives. So i understand the part about paying an arm and a leg just to be at the emirates. luckily for me, innernets+laptop=free arsenal 🙂

  319. we could still be playing now and it will be 0-0. we never looked like scoring today, now that is a real downer.

  320. william,

    OK, a bit of a crash course:

    Dein was the only proper football man on this board, bought club’s shares from Hill-Wood for some silly sum ages ago, then he got ousted by the board for willing to bring Kroenke to take over (how funny, eh?), so he sold his shares to Usmanov, as he no longer had any control over his investment…

    proper businessman, and in my opinion Wenger would not have lasted three seasons at Arse if it was not for his wheeling and dealing…

    at this moment, his equivalent at the club is Ivan Gazidis, as far as transfer dealing in Europe, etc, it’s like comparing an Al Capone figure to a spotty oik boyscout, no fucking contest…

  321. James is an Arsenal board member all, he knows all there is to know.

  322. 1 loose cannon

    It alright lads. winning all the remaining fixtures will give us a very good chance but these not so perfect results won’t be bad if Manure drop few too .
    Arsenal V
    blackpool 3pts
    Liverpool 3pts
    Spuds 1pts
    Bolton 3pts
    Manure 3pts
    Stoke 1pt
    V aston Villa 3pts
    Fulham 3pts.

    Manure V

    Fulham 1pt
    Neawcastle 3pts
    Everton 3pts
    Arsenal 0
    Chelsea 1pt
    Blackburn 1pt
    Blackpool 3pts

    Lets hope it is

    Arsenal 79 pts
    Manure 78pts
    Did I do my calculations right?

  323. 1 loose cannon,

    given the Manure’s display against WHU today and our team being perennial chokers, do you seriously think we will take three points against them?

  324. 1 loose cannon, we couldnt even beat man utds c team.

  325. Yogi – what a lot of comments today. I have not seen so many people on here for weeks now. Shame it’s the same old wankers though.

  326. Paul N,you dont have to become a twat about it,only trying to educate you.

  327. 1 loose cannon

    Suga3- I thought the 2 early goals for WHU worked against them. The second half they decide the job was done and they sat deep with one worst defence in the league.
    Duke- The bad run against them will have to end and I just have a feeling and hoping this is the one.

  328. we need to win our games before we start thinking manu will drop points.
    reality is..they are winning..and we are doing the same thing we do every year…falling apart..
    so unless we get our acts together and pull our socks up we can forget about utd and worry about chelsea instead…..
    losing out on the title is one thing but losing 2nd isnt even worth thinking about…

  329. dups,

    I like your avatar, how do you rate the team’s ‘efforts’ to give Rocky something to smile about up there?

  330. Suga – I am answering you this once just to say that I will not answer you again. As far I as I am concerned you do not exist as an Arsenal supporter.

  331. oh rocky rocky…

  332. dups,

    how funny, I think it’s you who is not an Arsenal supporter, but a Wenger loving wanker with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude…

    you are like a wife getting the shit beaten out of her every night by her pisshead husband, but you are too deluded to see the light…

  333. and you should answer my question, it’s pretty fucking rude otherwise…

  334. Rocky Rocastle!!!

    [*] [*] [*]

  335. Surely a disappointing result, but not the end of the world by any means. I wasn’t optimistic all day about us getting 3 points. Federer lost, Sri Lanka Lost, ManU won, so I was expecting my day to get worse, and so it did. But with a game in hand, 7 points can easily be turned over. We’re out of the other competitions, so we can really use that to our advantage. But there can’t be any more slip ups anymore. Got no room for error.

    As for adding players to the squad. Surely, can do with a few creative players. We’ve been let down at times for our lack of creativity this season. But in my opinion, Theo was a big loss, and perhaps no surprise we had our bad run during his absence. Perhaps another pacey winger wouldn’t make us rely on Theo so much.

    As fans, we should only support, until it’s mathematically impossible to win. For now, I think if we hit good form, the title is ours.

  336. Ateeb,

    denial is not a river in Egypt, you know…

  337. Delia---Block 112

    Just back from the match. Another case of missed chances , should have won convincingly but lack of penetration in front of goal has probably ended our PL title aspirations. The crowd put in a great shift today and gave Almunia terrific support ( 2 awful blunders could have been fateful). I thought Arshavin was great in the 1st half until his air miles caught up with him. It was a sad performance from a team which has not recovered from a series of set-backs going back to the debacle at Newcastle. Someone or something needs to pick them up. Over to you Arsene !
    As always COYRs

  338. This chatter about how we need Dein is quite bizarre to me.

    The cunt tried to sell us out, not once, but twice and the 2nd time to a fat Uzbek gangster and people want that oily snale back?

    Shows the level which some are operating at I suppose.

    Oh and that post about how Adams taught wenger to be a winner was hilarious stuff, really funny thanks.

  339. Usmanov would have Wenger’s head on a fucking platter for this failure of a season…

  340. Another season in the shitter.

  341. I don’t hate Diaby, I just think his attitude stinks, and he must be the most expensive player per minute played EVER…

    his best season stats are: 40 games, 6 goals, 7 assists, which is fucking pathetic!

  342. as for selling us out: PHW said he would not want ‘Kroenke’s sort’ at the club, now he is his bitch, how funny, eh?

  343. And you probably wank over that image every night as well you kinky sod!
    I think your hate for Wenger is clouding your judgement here man.
    Usmanov = Vile evil rapist murdering gangster
    Wenger = football manager who aint won shit for a few years
    Did that help?

  344. Dexter,

    and the current board members are what, choir boys? come on…

    come off it, RvP was also accused of rape, remember?

  345. PHW is an old posh twat, who made a faux pas. But his organ of choice is the Daily Star FFS! Dein’s misdemeanours trump that indiscretion a million times

  346. Are you comparing our current board with Usmanov and saying they are as bad?

    Jesus, you are so fucking desperate to hate on wenger and the board. Who else?

  347. fiszmanns no angel either..
    you dont get rich by being sweet and get rich by being manipulative and ruthless, especially when it comes to diamonds…

    thats not a defence of usmanov i think hes a turd and i dont want him at all..

    what i really want is some of those real arsenal lads to come into the team..with real fighting spirit and real arsenal blood…
    i dont wanna see no more overpaid mummys boys come through next year i wanna see the next rocky come through..
    the next tony…
    lets get the passion back in the club and mix it with the talent…

  348. Dexter,

    I think you are just prejudiced because he is not ‘Western’ and that’s it…

    let me think, hmmm, we have a major diamond dealer (Fiszman) on board, then we have Kroenke (Wal-Mart + property), do you think they are angels?

    and once again, it’s not ‘hate’, it’s just asking for them being accountable…

  349. Keep up the fight Sug…

    listen, after today… and Newcastle, Spuds, Sunderland, West Brom, Orient, Leeds, etc etc… someone doesn’t see that there is an issue with this squad, that they still think they are ‘the greatest ever’, then … well, it’s ok.
    Blind faith, undying loyalty is great. I always go into a match expecting to win and hoping for the best.
    However, after something like this, people always ask for proof of what is lacking… well, if they can’t see the examples in the actual results and have to stroke their conscience with “its the refs fault”, “its bad luck”, “its that their goalie was on fire”, “we played better but didnt get the result”.. then they are people who are cool with Parciptation Trophies like my 6 year old daughter gets. Winning doesn’t matter as long as you are happy with well.. the game just being played.
    I’m not Wenger. I don’t get to make the decisions. And I hope that (even though it isn’t in our hands anymore) things fall to us to win it this season… but there is something deficient about this team. Come up with all the excuses you want, but our *home* record is keeping us from the title…. and that should *not* be.

  350. JJ

    In an ideal world the wealth would be spread through out and there would be no pain suffering or war. And Arsenal would win the league every year and the champions league every 2. No need to be greedy now!

    I am not so naive to think our board, or any rich fucker for that matter have no skeletons in the cupboard, but they have been at the club and were when we made the big move that hopefully eventually will mean we compete both financially and on the pitch. I didnt notice any benevolent billionaires willing to help us out then.

    Jon Jon There’d be nothing better for me than seeing our team full of youth academy products and hopefully next season we will have at least one more in the 1st team squad (Lansbury Bartley perhaps)

  351. Usmanov wanted the club to issue £100M worth of new shares, and the rest of the shareholders said ‘no’, you know why?

    because they would have to invest some money or face their share being diluted, as the club’s value does not go up that way, it’s simple maths, really:

    – Kroenke: £29.9M to invest
    – Fiszman: £16.1M to invest
    – Lady Nina: £15.9M to invest
    – pisshead tomato farmer from Kent: 640K to invest

    neither of them could or wanted to invest, which would see Usmanov buy the lot, you do the rest of the maths…

  352. Pfft your arguments are crap mate. I dont recall any of the board having employed top notch lawyers intent on stopping any journalist who dared write any stuff on his dealings. Then again maybe you are in the know and Diamond Fizzyman is up to his eyeballs in some serious shit.

    Kroenke’s wife is wal mart he just married into it BTW. And I aint sure wha to make of Kroenke or his motives TBH.

  353. You are so desperate arent you? Usmanov demanded theat share holders received a dividend, that £100m share issue was pure bollocks, he was hoping to hoover up loads on the cheap.

  354. usmanovs a cock..
    id rather be self sufficient and spend the money we make than be someones play thing…

    yeah dex lansbury defo..bartleys a good call as well
    then theres pingpong and jet…
    they deserve a go…

  355. Dexter,

    you are either incredibly naive, or you are just arguing for the sake of it…

    as far as I am concerned, someone at the top of diamond business is as dirty as any gangster, even worse, as he pretends to be a fucking saint…

    Kroenke is in property business and when it comes to this kind of scale, it’s as bent as anything…

  356. hoover up loads on the cheap? you don’t have much of an idea of stock trading, do you?

  357. What a bunch of fucking retards. Bringing up results like Newcastle, Spuds e.t.c.

    What about Man city, Chavs, Barcelona, teams we did beat this season.

    Care to point out the teams that the Chavs and Manu lost too? Please do, and perhaps then we can have a rational discussion of any kind.

  358. JJ

    Precisely mate, I dont see any need for a sugar daddy, the self sufficient route is fine with me, regardless of who the manager is.

    I would have said Frimpong, but his injury has probably put him back a bit. Real shame that as he could’ve made the same impression as Jack this season and he is a natural cover for Song

  359. Ateeb are you serious? A rational discussion with the likes of Suga. You’re pulling my plonker.

  360. Ateeb,

    That has to be the lamest of all arguments.
    Wow.. we had some good results.
    Guess what? They aren’t doing us any good, and the bad results are costing us the league. Same as the Chavs bad results. It’s about limiting those… and we arent doing that. AT HOME. If you want to concentrate on the fact we beat barca, or the chavs for the first time in a few years.. awesome for you.

  361. I’d like to see Lansbury and Afobe get a chance next season.

  362. suga
    I aint too familiar with the stock market, apart from the fact it is corrupt as fuck!

    The share issue would have enabled Usmanov to potentially pick up shares on the cheap, comparatively that is (like paying £8k a share compared wth £10k) But then again, the fact you are acting like a patronising cunt now is beginning to grate.

    So, give this shit a rest, I despise the idea of Usmanov running our club more than I hate PHW et al.

  363. btw – its Newcastle – twice.. and Sunderland – twice.. and West Brom – twice.

  364. theres nothing wrong with the way we are run..
    the model is perfect we make more than enough money to compete at the highest level with most of our rivals…

    but that money needs to go back into the team…every season…

    wengers included in that he needs to stop mispending the money on bribing players to love us with ridiculously high wages when they are nothing more than average with a cant be arsed attitude and he needs to spent it on players who will make a difference to the team..real winners who want trophies and are paid well because they can win them and have won them…not paid well incase they might win them in 10 years time…

    thats the real problem at the club and its starting to piss everyone off

    rocky would be turning in his grave..

  365. dups,

    how about you try for once? all you do is wank about what a great manager Wenger is (which, if you apply the extent of the credit you tend to give him, is bollocks) and slag off anyone who dares to question that…


    I can’t be bothered with you, you have no idea what you are talking about, there is something called a bit of perspective, come back when you get any…


    Frimpong? pffft…

    decent in three pre-season games against some fifth rate teams in Austria, out of his depth in the Emirates Cup…

  366. afobe
    yes yes yes
    fucking good player…
    bendtner can piss off take his wage demands and his ski’s with him and lets get afobe in running at defences…

  367. I agree the thought of Usmanov having control is unthinkable.

  368. pingpongs got abit of steel in him suga
    hes an arsenal boy..a proper arsenal boy and it wouldnt cost us 40k a week to keep him happy and make him run his bollox off the way we have to pay some others i might mention who have the energy of a geriatric astmatic snail….

  369. suga
    Frimpong was pencilled in to be part of the 1st team squad along with Wilshere and Wilshere didnt look ready when I saw him at Anfield and yet, he is now a maunstay. I thought Wenger had fucked up with jack i didnt think he was ready.

    The same could’ve happened to Frimpong, but we will neverknow.

  370. Dexter,

    let me explain:

    according to Wiki the club is worth £768M, issue of £100M worth of shares would generate proportional number of shares at the current price, which would not be sold in the open market, but amongst the board of directors, otherwise someone else would want a piece of that, which would drive the share price up, not down, based on the most basic law of supply and demand…

    like I said above, this would require other board members to invest proportionally to the percentage owned in order to avoid dilution of their share, here is an example:

    Kroenke: 29.9% of shares out of £768M is about £230M, not investing takes his percentage to about 26.4%

    and so on…

    not being patronising, but do you understand how I arrived at that figure?

  371. JJ

    Frimpong was coming along nicely mate. Fucking shame, if he had developed half as much as Jack this season, we wouldnt have missed Song so much recently.

  372. Busch @ 11.36 I think your correct in your summation….
    To Suga as Busch said keep up the fight…..

    What further legitimate excuses are there? Wenger in his press looked as down as I’ve ever seen him…Maybe just maybe he’s realising that he may have to tweak a few things in the summer…

  373. I have hope for Frimpong, but I don’t know if I am ready for him to deputise Song at this point. (depending on ones feeling of Denilson).

    I’d rather see him loaned out next year to a team he would get a lot of p.t. for.

    Wilshere is a (lucky for us) freak of awesomeness.

  374. I always knew Wilshere was something else, it did not take an Einstein to figure that out…

    as Busch said, he is a freak, it’s a one in a generation kind of gem, like Cesc is in Spain…

  375. Busch
    Frimpong will need a loan now, i think that would be a given considering how long he has been out for.

  376. what weve got to remember is that we are not that far away..
    even without a suga daddy 😉

    there is money there to spend we dont need anyones money we have our own but we do need to spend it..

    just a question suga but what areas do you think we could strengthen in the summer and who would you like???

  377. we need to send Denilson out on loan.

  378. JonJon,


    OUT: Almunia, D******n, Diaby, Rosicky, Bendtner

    IN: top right footed big fuck off CB, Rodwell, Hazard, Benzema + promote Lansbury & JET

  379. D******n out on loan? him being on the club’s books on 01/09 should be a sackable offence 😆

  380. What about Baines. good little player.

  381. Rodwell. Now he is a player I dont understand the hype about. He’s a big fucker, that seems about it.

  382. Cahill’s another player who is hyped to fuckery.

  383. duke

    Baines? You think Clichy is out the door then?

  384. duke,

    I would have Baines if we are selling Clichy (as he is said to be stalling on the new deal and most likely won’t sign)…


    Rodwell, D******n, Rodwell, D******n, Rodwell, D******n, Rodwell, D******n, hmmm…

    more of a ready made than Frimpong, plus he is quite agile for a big fella…

  385. 4 players??
    we wont need a suga daddy for that..not if we sell the others…

    agree we dont need a keeper..ches has it wrapped up..
    cb..yes..cahill or hummels..
    midfielder..yeah but i think with all the young lads we got we need more experience i think rodwells a class act but my shout would be scotty parker..
    hazard defo..we need a trickster on the wings in the overmars mould
    agree we need a finisher to help rvp..a proper finisher…benzemas a good shout but not likely..kevin gamero looks like a young villa..worth a punt i reckon..

    and yeah get those young arsenal lads in….
    oh rocky rocky…..

  386. well he has been stalling his contract negotiations apparently. Baines has a quality freekick and knows where the fukin goal is.

  387. Dexter,

    and I have to agree with you for once, Cahill is pretty average, no way he is worth the price tag slapped on him by Bolton who don’t have that many opportunities to cash in: you can buy a Hazard for that…

  388. suga

    If Rodwell is there simpl,y to replace Denilson, then there must be better players than him out there man, surely? I dont really watch Everton much (at all) and they have been woeful this season, but Rodwell seems to have either plateaued or gone bacwards this season.

  389. Can defend too, ok he looks like a mod but we wont hold that against him.

  390. clichys gone i reckon…

    baines is a good player…can cross and take a mean free kick..dead ball specialist…

    rodwells class…big, tough in tackle and glides across the pitch,. comfy on the ball..i see him more as a cb than a midfielder..

    cahills not pretty..but he knows how to defend..he doesnt piss about he wins the headers and hes quick…a good defender…

  391. JJ,

    I reckon we could get Benzema, he does not play a lot right now and he will play even less when Higuain comes back…

    we need ready made, not another hyped up ‘next XYZ’, IMO…

    Cahill, thanks, but no thanks…

  392. Still a lot to play for. 7 points with a game in hand. What a horrible position to be in, eh?

    Support or fuck off.

    These ‘interesting’ discussions on who to sell the club to, which players need to be dumped, and superstars be bought, can wait till the summers. Frankly, these dialogues are useless any time of the year, since you guys don’t know fuck all about managing a club or a set of players, but I’ll let that go. For now, the team needs us. Don’t see any reason to be so gloomy, we’re in a respectable position. Your bitching ain’t going to change a thing. But your support perhaps, might give the players that extra belief that could set them on a good run.

    Support or Fuck off.

  393. Dexter,

    Everton are in the shit financially, hence we should just raid them – I know it sounds a bit ruthless, but you win nothing by being nice…

    my Toffee mates rate him and I was pretty impressed whenever I watched him play 😉

    who are these players you would like instead then?

  394. hes 23…
    hes got a record like benzema in france…

    and yeah clichys gone..
    baines is a good shout

  395. felliani

  396. Bring in Baines? Why not give Botelho a chance

  397. Have you also forgotten Gibbs?

  398. Gibbs? with the fitness record that would make Diaby blush?

    as for Botelho and Cruise, what are they, 20 years old with zero Prem experience?

  399. dupsf

    I am looking forward to seeing Botelho. He is doing OK at the moment. I am not too sure I like this thing where we loan players out for 3 or more seasons abroad. Doesnt seem too beneficial to anyone, we could do with Botelho being a success there.


    I really havent given it much thought, apart from Hazard. I was hoping for a CB in January but that ship has sailed.

  400. JJ,

    Fellaini is a good shout, not sure if he has stamina to play for us tho…

    every time he played us, he had fuck all left in the tank around 70th minute…

  401. dups. if we want to win things we will need quality ready players, gibbs and bothelo are apprentices, we have enough in our first team already, the reason we keep coming up short.

  402. Seems Baines shares a birthday with Nutty boy. Probably the only thing they have in common because Nutty was a good defender.

  403. JJ,

    Traore is more of a wide left attacking player than a LB, just my opinion…

    he is not even a first choice at Juventus who are currently 8th in Serie A, it’s a non starter, he will end up exactly the same way Sendy did…

  404. Duke – like Baines? Now remind me what position in the table Everton are?

  405. Gibbs looked the real deal last season, but his injuries have stalled his development. He can still be a top player for us though.

  406. traore was tongue in cheek by the way

  407. I’d love Traore to have a future at the club, if for no other reason than sentiment and his knuckle dusting shenanigans at the shit hole!

  408. dups,

    Everton are currently 7th in the table (just behind the biggest boys and Pool) and this is their usual level, plus, they lost Pienaar to Sp*ds and the financial turmoil must have taken its toll…

  409. Dexter – I have this strange feeling it is all a waste of time mentioning players we already have.

  410. dups, there position doesnt mean they are all shit players, granted they have some dross but baines id say is one of their better players, they somehow have a worse injury record then us so they hardly ever have their first team out.

  411. Baines is an average left back who would be crap in a team whose left midfield player gave him no support. So that rules him out of Arsenal then.

  412. dupsf

    I am also looking to see Coquelin back with us too!

  413. Dexter – I was looking forward to seeing Coquelin in our reserves midfield last season. He spent most of the games at right back though.

    Now we cannot watch most reserve games, bloody disgrace.

  414. yeah, because any player that does not play for Arsenal is automatically average, right?

    Baines is a very tidy player, plus, he can score a direct freekick, which we have not done for ages, deffo worth a shout, especially that we could grab a bit of a bargain, like Sp*ds did with Pienaar…

    I could dig up the stats and chalkboards to blow your ridiculous ‘argument’ out of the water, but I can’t be arsed, as you will tell me to fuck off anyway, eh?

  415. Anyone seen him play at Lorient?

  416. I’ve not seen him for Lorient, had some good performances though and a red card too!

    I am not convinced by baines TBH, he is probably a decent pro, but we ought to be aiming a bit higher, IMO. Ideally, Clichy will sign an extension anyway

  417. yeah, very mature, but then again, what else to expect from you, eh?

    what an absolute tool you are…

  418. Dexter,

    OK, what if he doesn’t, and who are these players you would like instead?

  419. Suga – when you can come here on a day we have a good result then you will get a sensible response. As you only come here to gloat after a bad result you deserve a shite response. Now fuck off and do not question me again.

  420. how ya doing dupps? 🙂

  421. “Fighting all over the shop in block 5, that on top of negative, racist and shameful abuse. Sickening.”

    From a gooner at the game.

  422. Sound thanks Colney, how are you?

  423. dups,

    I will question you whenever the fuck I want and there is not a damn thing you can do about it…

    you simply lack any perspective and live in a fucking Wenger la-la land, newsflash mate, our season has just gone tits up like we told you it would…

    gloat? take your fucking meds…

  424. Just go away you small minded retard. I have no interest in anything you type. Your support has been lacking all season so your attitude now is irrelevant.

    Now fuck off.

  425. That is my FINAL comment to you.

  426. Dupps,
    Doing well, can’t complain, gutted about the result earlier today but oh well life goes on. Onto the next game 😀

  427. Exactly Colney. Onto the next game. And then the next season and so on. An Arsenal fan no matter who the players, manager or board are.

  428. don’t cry, little Wengerite, it’s all bon 😆

    fans like you, twats bringing the ‘In Arsene We Trust’ rag to every game are like bloody sheep and if it would be amusing if it was not harming the club I love…

    who are you to question my support for the team you little cunt?

  429. dups that is pretty true. me and this SUGA had a decent chat earlier on, but the fact is that i haven’t seen his name on here for a long time, then he appears today and is all over this page claiming our season is over/i told you so all that bullshit.We definitely would not be hearing all this transfer hoopla doom/gloom had we tucked one of our chances away today. to me this is the same old story with people complaining after a draw/loss.

  430. bored with you, there is no longer anyone sensible to debate with…


  431. These dropped points today were a right pisser for real and it has damaged our chances but as long as its still a mathematical possibility, there is still a chance, a slim one I grant you! But having faith, blind, deluded or whatever is what being a supporter;s all about innit? I mean life is full of enough depressing shit; war, earth quakes an all, no need to add football to that list. The summer is long and with no football, there’s loads of time to wring hands and gnash teeth and vent spleens then!

  432. william,

    but trust me, I am of the opinion that we need to make changes, no matter whether we win or lose particular games, as we have been there before and I know where it is going…

    and believe me, we will be haviong the same convo next year, unless something changes…

  433. suga

    Did you suggest van Gaal as a potential manager to replace our lord and master (haha!) Wenger? Seriously man, I like van gall, but his teams defending would make even the most ardent anti-Wenger doomer pray for Aw’s return! He is also very very antagonistic and would rub every fucker up the wrong way in 5 minutes flat!

    I am not saying that there aint a manager out there we could look to should the need arise, just that old Louis would be a very brave choice, imo.

  434. Dexter it will be a real shame if we do not win the league but it will not be any form of disaster like some people like to make out. Our biggest problem as far as fans can see is that this team does not match up to the Invincible team.

    The sad thing is no team may ever match up to that team. It was a one off season that may never happen again.

  435. Then again, it beats the fuck out of those sad twats who have been calling for Owen fucking Coyle!!!

  436. Time to go. One thing you must do before you die is visit

    After that you’d wish you were dead. 🙂

  437. Dexter,

    I suggest you check out LvG’s list of honours and teams he managed…

    as for the ‘antagonistic’ bit, well, perhaps there is a bit of a need to shake’n’wake a few players here, tell them that they have precisely half of the season to sink or swim?

    I mean, what manager would allow Diaby FOUR years of that crap, let alone give him a new deal? or consider D******n a viable option and reward him with a new contract, even though I could tell you two years ago (exactly when he signed a new deal too) that this won’t fly?

  438. dups,

    oh well, thank you for that nice little plug 😆

    you dead yet?

  439. Coyle is nowhere near ready to manage a team of that calibre, it has Woy Hodgson at Pool written all over it – big fish, small pond…

  440. I#m aware of Van Gaals homours, most of em I reckon, Just that his defensive naivety would be an interesting concept for those who slate Wenger for his defensive short comings to deal with!

  441. Dexter,

    I just don’t buy that – you don’t win as many trophies being shit defensively, we all know that trophy winning teams are built from the back , no?

    besides, give me LvG’s tactical nous and flexibility over AW’s fixation with one formation and throughout the season any day:

    When asked about his system in 2008, van Gaal said: “It’s a footballing philosophy more than a system. A system depends on the players you have. I played 4-3-3 with Ajax, 2-3-2-3 with Barcelona and I can play 4-4-2 with AZ. I’m flexible. The philosophy stays the same though. I don’t think that you can adapt it to every possible situation. You need the right mindset, and it depends on how the players see the coach and vice versa. The coach is the focal point of the team but you need to have an open mind, and so do all the players. Everyone needs to work together to achieve a common goal. Preparing your tactical formation is essential. Each player needs to know where he has to be, and that is why there needs to be mutual understanding because you need absolute discipline. This is a sport played by 22 men, and there are 11 opponents out there playing as a team. Each individual needs to know who he has to beat and be there to support his team-mates.”

  442. Any way all this talk of replacements for AW is pointless as Wenger will still be at the club for 10 years yet.

    Thought I’d leave you with a positive thought for you to dream about suga!! 😀

  443. Dexter,

    seriously, I would not mind, as long as he put winning trophies ahead his poxy little youth project…

    what I mean is that I trust him with the money, I just want him to spend them 😉


  444. Seriously mate, van Gaal’s lack of defensive nous is quite well known. He is more for the attack minded play than anything else. he might have changed, adapted a tad, but his latest team in Germany is hardly a solid unit now!


  445. Has he gone yet? It’s only been 7 hours, 3 laters/laterzzz and one nite.

  446. MD Gunner, I was thinking the same thing, I normally just skip Suga 3 and Jon Jon’s comments, but it seems like they had a serious bout of verbal diahorrea.

    I was at the game yesterday and the team’s performance was poor no doubt about that. To be honest the team deserved the booing a little bit at the end. But that was yesterday, today I am focusing on the next game a have the belief that we can and will do better.

  447. Bring back David Dein, he’d raise some funds from Uzmanov & Kronke with which Wenger would be obliged to spend. To have these 2 financial Goliaths in the club and not use their credit is wasteful, let them underwrite the purchase of 3/4 players and the club can cover the wages, fuck it they could pay the wages for a couple of years as well.

    Dein brought them both in knowing their potential worth, yet the board is happy to keep them virtually inactive so they can be kept away from decisions. Combined they pretty much own the club anyway ffs so hows about we get someone in to harvest them a little.

    I think it’s time Dein was brought back in from the cold, the club needs it and Arsene needs him. No point having Kronkes marketing men (Gazidis etc) around if they’ve little success to work with.

  448. Oh look, a fake’ bentleytheuselesstwat’.

    How amusing.

  449. OMG!

  450. er bentley you twat you are not even in the top four. enjoy the cl this season.

  451. I know you’re hurting Yogi, but a ban? please…

  452. Blackburn’s frst away clean sheet of the season. with ten men. fukin worried where the next win is coming from.


    Today’s post is up. A word of warning: anyone spammed today is not coming out of the bin. If you want to talk, talk. If you want to accuse people of being a ‘spud twat’, you are only interested in starting a row. Simple.

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