Jack Be Nimble And Jens Blames The Defence

The Battle of the Arsenal midfield was won once more by Jack Wilshere as Aaron Ramsey and his Welsh counterparts were overrun, out-passed and generally outplayed by England yesterday.

Fabio Capello summed up Wilshere’s performance,

It’s a normal performance for him but it is incredible how much he has improved in such a short space of time.

The performance of this player during this season has been incredible. He plays like a player who is 28 or 29 years old with 45 caps. I hope there is more to come. A good player is always improving.

Capello has seen enough footballers in his time to have his opinion respected as a matter of course. Personally I would respect him even more if he recognised that Wilshere is in the early stages of his career and could do with a rest. Returning the youngster to his club instead of using him in a meaningless friendly on Tuesday would be a step in the right direction.

The National Associations are so blinkered that they do not wish to recognise their role and responsibilities towards the players. The FA were well aware that they would meet Wales on a Saturday yet have still scheduled their next match on Tuesday.

The objective Fifa had in mind when they set the limits on international weeks was to help the players. For once, their intentions laudable. The FA has chosen to abuse that with this current schedule; their manager is abusing the players by using the same squad for both matches. What can he possibly learn about them in 48 hours time that he did not already know? Why has Capello not chosen an entirely separate squad?

Much is expected of Wilshere, great expectations building for his career, praised by all opponents this season for the maturity of his play. It is something that he needs to replicate off the pitch as well. If Wilshere wants to know what awaits him in his career, he need only look at John Terry, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole.

They have, at some point, all been Media Darlings, be it for being the living embodiment of John Bull, the Greatest English Football Talent or married to the Media’s Queen. They have all suffered – deservedly – as the dogs bit back.

According to Sunday Mirror reporter Steve Stammers, Arsène ‘has read the riot act to Jack Wilshere’ following an incident with a taxi driver. Wenger’s Arsenal over the years, have kept themselves out of the newspapers. It was a far cry from the Arsenal squad of the early 1980s where the drinking culture was such that anyone who had not lost their licence was viewed suspiciously.

Wilshere is the latest Greatest English Football Talent so is of more interest to the media. Being in London saves the expenses in following him. A lot of untruths are going to be written about him over the coming years, he needs to be prepared for that and prepared not to put himself in the position where he can be criticised. No-one expects him to be a monk but streetwise in a different way to that which he is possibly used to.

At the other end of the scale, Jens Lehmann has explained that it was the defence’s fault he was sent off in Paris. According to the German, he brought Eto’o down because he was not used to conceding goals in the Champions League that season.

Had Arsenal not been on a phenomenal run of not allowing opponents to score, Lehmann admitted he would have let the Cameroonean score rather than ankle-tapping him. Spoken like a true goalkeeper. No goal conceded is ever their fault, it was always someone else to blame. I wonder who Manuel is setting up about the second at The Hawthorns?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Who are we going to blame for the cricket ferrago?

  2. Delia---Block 112

    Another game under Ramsey’s belt can’t be bad but LJW’s display emphasised how much ground he needs to make up, to get him back into his pre-injury form .
    Did you catch Sky’s press hacks this morning? Jack must already be their player of the year ! I have never heard such acclaim from the anti Arsenal brigade. Can’t wait for the real football to start next weekend. Fingures crossed everyone returns intact from the” lull” and Cesc, Theo and Song are available for Saturday.
    As always COYRs

  3. You’re right about Capello Yogi. Winning a pointless friendly is more important to him than the welfare of an upcoming player. I expect he will not intervene to stop Pearce picking him for the under 21’s in the summer either. Jack will then get slaughtered for not winning the whole thing for them single-handedly. As for the off the field stuff, lets hope he pays attention to Arsene and curbs his behaviour, or maybe he’s just making an early play for the England captaincy?

  4. Delia, his nationality helps them block out the fact that he is an Arsenal player, because of course his skills have nothing to do with the coaching or the quality of players he trains and plays with on a daily basis!

  5. Yogi

    The site when accessed from iPad is not working well. Can’t get to the bottom of the comments section

  6. That was round one of a long fight. Aaron is a long way from his best yet and can easily become the most effective attacking midfielder in Europe. He will always get more goals than Jack. But to have the best two box-to-box players in Europe will do Arsenal no harm at all in the future! Who cares which one is a bit better than the other anyway!!

  7. Limestonegunner

    Important points, YW. Capello, Pearce, FA are all complicit in exploiting the players. I hope JW recognizes that AW and Arsenal have his welfare and career more responsibly in mind and takes AW’s advice. The hacks who acclaim him in exaggerated terms are ready to pull out the knives at the first opportunity.

  8. My worry is whether Wilshere may suffer burnt-out. Does anyone know a player his age who plays as many games?

  9. Capello has released 6 England players. The chav 3some, Rooney, 2 others but not Wilshere.

    Looks like capello is determined to run Jack into the ground, before Pearce picks him for the U21s and then the Olympic GB team next year.

  10. It doesn’t really matter how many games Jack plays at this point in the season, provided other midfield players are fit. Cesc and Alex will be back shortly and Aaron needs games. The big problem is the U21s tournament. That is a ridiculous decision by Pearce who seems determined to convince even the few who were not already aware that he is a complete and utter prick.

  11. Any unneccesary games Jack has to play, I worry about. I can just imagine Essien doing one of his snide raking challenges down the back of Jack’s achilles. Just like he did to Diaby.

  12. have not had the comfidenc to make any contribution here since the draw @ westbrom which felt like a defeat to me,but am gonna believe till the very end.

  13. Apart from Morgan and Trott, the English Batsmen did not dance about very well.
    Footwork not up to this standard:

    Nasri goals

    (Not a reference to Manuel, there was no odd bounce in the first game against West Brom. Manuel’s ‘fans’ focused their blame game upon the other goals conceded on that distant day. Odd, but there you have it.)

  14. Scotland vs Brazil at the Grove coming up!

  15. I don’t think that Jack is likely to suffer from ‘burn-out’ during a season. He loves playing football and the more games he gets at a high level, the more experience he can add to his considerable ability. Three of four days rest between games is great at his age.

    The big problem for me is playing a whole tournament at a lower level at the end of the season when he is supposed to be having a break from football. It really does nothing for him or us. U21 football is thre to give young players experience because, typically they don’t get enough starts in important games. Jack doesn’t need that though. Pearce though has shown an utter disregard for the player which is a disgraceful example of negligence for an U21 coach and demonstrates why he is a danger to the future of England’s young players. He should be sacked.

  16. I hope they give the seats a good clean after the game, Kenyan gunner. Some of those chaps where skirts with no pants, you know.

  17. The thought of some fat arsed Scotsman otching up his kilt to squat on my beloved seat sickens me.

  18. Frank you’re sick. Hahahahahahaha!

  19. Luke

    iPad. Oooooh, hark at you Mr La-Di-Dah. I’ll see what I can find out about it. The access problem, not the iPad.


  20. I’m sure Michael Owen enjoted playing as often as he did at a young age, no need to ret him. Pity that he is completely fucked now.

    There is a huge risk of Jack being over played and the effects could well be long lasting for him.

  21. At least there’s some good football being played at Emirates this weekend. How I wish Neymar would play for us, but he’ll probably end up at Chelsea.

  22. And he scored. Amazing player.

  23. Mentalist, Neymar would have to bulk up to survive the EPL. At his present size he’d suffer the same fate as Robinho!

  24. I’m not sure, he’s way more talented and determined than Robinho. One season would be enough for him to acclimatise.

    By the way there’s another great youngster in Brazil’s bench, Lucas, aka “the new Walcott”. I’m sure he’s coming in.

  25. Mentalist, Neymar does look the most technically gifted on the pitch and he’s only 19!

  26. Mentalist you got it right the Brazilian Walcott is on!

  27. Chelsea will have to break the bank to get Neymar!

  28. Chamakh-esque penalty in Neymar! Santos refused a €35 million offer from Chelsea last summer.

    Lucas is on but very nervous. He was amazing in the south american U20 in January, even better than Neymar, scored a hat-trick in the final.

  29. Borges Spinelli

    I believe I told you guys a couple of weeks back, that Lucas Moura was aplyer to watch out for. He, Neymar and Paulo Henrique Ganso (he’s cross between rivaldo and kaka. currently recovering from longterm injury) are the 3 future worldwide superstars of our league.

  30. Borges Spinelli

    As we say in Brasil, o futuro ate parece uma brincadeira delirante. #Brasil2014 #CopadoMundo

  31. Borges Spinelli

    Love this comment by Passenal:

    “his nationality helps them block out the fact that he is an Arsenal player, because of course his skills have nothing to do with the coaching or the quality of players he trains and plays with on a daily basis!”

  32. Borges,
    What’s the verdict on Lucas Piazon? Chelsea bought him.

  33. Neymar claiming he had a banana thrown at him and was racially abused at the grove today.

  34. Fifa says 70% of all proffessional footballers are black or partially black. Thats a lot of bananas if we were to target them all! KICK RACISM OUT OF FOOTBALL.

  35. Photo courtesy of Cesc Fabregas. It seems Song, Walcott, Diaby and Cesc could all be fit for Blackburn.


  36. i hate races, not racism

  37. Borges Spinelli


    Lucas Piazon is a gifted young talent and will get better with time. But in my opinion, not so spectacular. We have sooooo many players like him. Both he and Lucas Moura are/were teammates in my home state club. I personally prefer Moura, ‘cos he is MUCH more skillful and menacing on the ball. And crucially, he has been a 1st team regular ever since his debut. Which is not an easy fete to achieve. While Lucas Piazon has never played for the 1st team. Further proof of Moura’s value to his club: recently, he signed a new contract with an €80million buyout clause. To think that a world class player live Dani Alves has the same clause tag, puts it into perspective.

  38. Borges Spinelli

    Here’s a list of a few exciting young players in the Brazilian Serie A: Marcelinho, Luis Felipe, Danilo, Elkeson, Misael, Eron Santos, Neto Berola, Andre Ribeiro, Mauricio Ramos, Eduardo Sasha, Miguel Bianchi, Alan Patrick, Nikao

    PS: scouts get busy.

  39. I dreamt Abou Diaby had repositioned himself as a Kanu/Ibrahimovich-esque goal scorer. Not prolific, but a little bit magical. Not so outlandish I don’t think.

    Loving the photo, Colney. The cavalry are coming…

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